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  1. Well this is interesting – following my comments about the dysfunction on the part of the senior management team of Holyhead School in the above post, the headmaster of Friars School in Bangor, Neil Foden, is featured on BBC New Wales Online today Speaking Out about the cash crisis in schools. Mr Foden makes comparisons with the NHS and explains that the cash crisis in schools is less visible.

    Whilst I was teaching I never saw anything approaching the chaos, negligence and dishonesty that I have witnessed in the NHS and schools have far less money to throw around than does the NHS. I don’t know enough about the current funding of schools to know whether Neil Foden is correct when he says that there is a financial crisis.

    However, I do know that one head teacher in north Wales knew all about the serious problems at Holyhead School – the leader of the NUT at that time, one Neil Foden. Neil Foden was advising teachers at Holyhead who were tearing their hair out over the mismanagement of the school. The teachers at Holyhead were actually very appreciative of Mr Foden’s support. One Holyhead teacher had been accused of assault by a pupil. Other pupils on the scene at the time made statements claiming that the teacher did not assault the boy – but the Holyhead teacher was charged and taken to court nonetheless. It was Neil Foden who supported him. There was outrage in Holyhead School because the head Margaret Chantrell did not even turn up to the trial. The Holyhead teacher was found not guilty – by that time he had given up on Holyhead School and was working elsewhere, I think at Friars.

    I never worked at Friars School, but I know people who did. Teachers loved working there and always spoke of Neil Foden as being a very supportive head. However I also know five parents of kids with special needs – kids who were not aggressive in class but had other problems – who all maintained that Neil Foden was not at all supportive of kids with difficulties, his answer was to get rid of them. Which was also the philosophy of Ysgol David Hughes on Anglesey. The impression that I always had of Friars and David Hughes is that they served bright kids with no problems very well indeed, but if a pupil didn’t fall into that category they were not wanted.

    Another person who knew about the problems at Holyhead School was the senior teacher at Ysgol David Hughes who was the rep for another other big teaching union – not the NUT, the other one, I can’t remember the name of it. Again, this man was incredibly supportive to teachers and teaching students in Holyhead who were unsupported and scapegoated by Chantrell and Hewitson.

    Perhaps the union reps in north Wales felt that they could not achieve anything by going public about the idiocy of Chantrell and Hewitson and that’s why they worked behind the scenes. I know that sometimes people do have to do this.

    I think we need to ask who it was protecting Margaret Chantrell and Gerald Hewitson as they drove Holyhead School into the ground – as parents refused to send their kids there, as staff left and Hewitson and Chentrell blamed everyone but themselves for the mess.

    The teachers at Holyhead School used to claim that Chantrell spent much of her time away from the school down at the Welsh Assembly and was after a big education job in the Assembly. The Education Ministers standing by and watching whilst Holyhead School completely bit the dust were Jane Davidson and then my friend Jane Hutt… Why does that not surprise me?

    The two Janes: Margret Chantrell knew so little about the school which she was supposed to be running that she accosted a trainee teacher and asked him why he wasn’t in uniform, because she thought that he was a sixth former. On another occasion – in the same term – she entered the staff room at the morning briefing with a notice from Bangor University for the trainee teachers. Chantrell looked around the room blankly and asked ‘do we have any trainee teachers in the school at the moment?’ There were about 12 of us on placement there at the time, but Chantrell had no idea who we were, had never bothered to meet us and furthermore because she didn’t even know who many of her own staff were she did not who was who when she addressed that staff room. You knew how much pressure the teachers at Holyhead School were under and you knew that a teacher had even been up in court after false allegations were made about him assaulting a pupil. Can you explain why this was allowed to happen on your watch?

    Jane Davidson is now the Director of a One World Sustainability Centre at Trinity St David’s University. Hutt is still cluttering up the Senedd bollocking on about equality and diversity.

    The AM for Ynys Mon whilst Chentrell and Hewitson destroyed Holyhead School was paedophiles’ friend Ieuan Wyn Jones. Over to you Ieaun!

    1. The mismanagement at Holyhead School reigned supreme when the Welsh Gov’t launched their widening access to HE policy. This policy was of course the brainchild of Tony Blair but has never worked because Blair refused to take advice from sociologists like Diane Reay who had spent years researching inequalities in education and actually knew what the causes were. But why bother with that when you can just appear on TV saying ‘education, education, education’ and get universities with not very good reputations to place big adverts in publications with working class readerships asking if they would like their children to become doctors and barristers and then con them into registering for the course in substance abuse at Glyndwr University (readers in England – I’m not taking the piss, Glyndwr University ran a course on substance abuse. Supposedly for people who were interested in working with people with addiction problems, but like everything else in north Wales, it was controlled by the paedophiles’ friends, so the course filled up with dealers working for Dafydd’s charity CAIS).

      So the numpties in the Welsh Gov’t announced a widening access policy. Hilarious. It was so badly thought out that the people with a genuine interest in this just gave up in despair and walked away. Who was appointed to leading roles in widening access in Wales? It was the paedophiles’ friends of course, who else. For a long while I always presumed that this was because universities who took themselves seriously didn’t really want to waste their time with widening access – after all if you wanted to join the Russell Group which was the only way that a VC would get taken seriously, your university needed academics churning out publications and snaring huge research grants. So the field of ‘outreach widening access’ programmes was very noticeably colonised by former social/welfare workers. But after watching the north Wales situation, a far more sinister picture emerged.

      Widening access programmes did of course involve working with disadvantaged kids and their parents – who were the very people being let down by the welfare services. Is it any wonder that they were shunning encouragement to be ‘included’? An academic called Kim Slack wrote a paper called ‘Include Me Out’, a phrase which summed up the feeling of many of those who had been kicked in the teeth by the people who were now imploring them to enrol at university.

      The self-appointed guru of widening access in north Wales was Meri Huws aka the Crack of Doom, former bedfellow of so many in the Assembly. Meri so obviously knew nothing about the field at all that people made comments like ‘well no-one’s going to waste a good academic doing that, so they’ve given it to her’. Er, no, I think something far worse was happening.

      Meri was responsible for trotting around north Wales visiting people in disadvantaged areas telling them why it would be a good idea for them to enrol on a university course. Meri found that her success rate was incredibly low so she banged on about ‘culture’ and ‘aspiration’ because she’d seen those words somewhere. In the 1980s Meri was a social worker for Gwynedd Social Services when they ran the children’s homes where the kids were battered, raped and trafficked to London and Brighton for sex work. Meri was a community social worker on the Maesgeirchan estate in Bangor – where one of the children’s homes with one of the worst abuse problems was located. Twenty years later the Welsh Assembly paid Meri Huws to travel around Maesgeirchan in a garish orange bus (officially called the Hwsbus, but unofficially known as the Hussybus due to Meri’s presence on board) and patronise her former clients who had been so monstrously abused by her and her colleagues. Well fancy them not wanting to sign up to Meri’s widening access scheme…

      So once more, a paedophiles’ friend was given domain over the people who had been previously damaged by them. If victims of Dafydd and the paedophiles tried to escape deprivation by going to university, they encountered Meri bloody Huws once more. Meri Huws was Head of the Dept of Lifelong Learning in Bangor University – she did a Margaret Chantrell and destroyed it by her mismanagement and fuckwittery – and that Dept was offering ‘modules’ in collaboration with CAIS…

      Meri Huws was deeply unpopular wherever she went and was always dogged by allegations that she was bagging senior roles by dint of her relationships with Rhodri and other males in the Welsh Assembly. The gossip and innuendo provided Wales with much entertainment, but there is a serious point to be made here.

      Why was someone who worked with a paedophile gang ever allowed to rise to a position where she called the shots in a whole area of HE which was working with the victims of the gang in the immediate aftermath of the publication of the Waterhouse Report?

      The Dept of Lifelong Learning was part of Bangor University’s School of Education – nearly all the staff there knew about the problems in Holyhead School. Including one teacher trainer who was married to a man who played such a prominent role in political life in Gwynedd that he was the returning officer for Caernarfon in the General Election. The family were friends with Dafydd Wigley…

      Everyone in health, social care and education in north Wales knew about that paedophile gang.

      It’s not very pleasant is it Meri? Capable, decent people being terrorised into silence or having their careers destroyed if they refused to shut up – because you wanted jobs that you couldn’t do whilst you shagged your way around Wales.

      It’s about time that the hornets nest was given a good kicking.

      1. The Senedd have been hearing from the Chief Inspector of Estyn, Meilyr Rowlands. Everyone – including Meilyr – has agreed that Welsh schools aren’t what they should be and that many school ‘leaders’ are not up to scratch. There’s a nice photo provided by the BBC of Julie Morgan in discussion with Meilyr, both looking worried. Meilyr has known for years about the problems in Welsh schools.

        Meilyr became Chief Inspector in 2015 – before that he was Estyn’s Strategy Director overseeing school inspections and policy. He joined Estyn in 1999. Before that he Meilyr lectured in the School of Education at Bangor University and at UWIC. Prior to that, Meilyr was an Inspector of primary and secondary schools in Wales – and a secondary science teacher in north Wales. Which places Meilyr squarely on the turf of the paedophile gang when it was busy.

        Not that Meilyr would have been allowed to raise his head above the parapet and ever say anything like ‘Jesus Christ, the Assembly and Welsh civil service are full of paedophiles’ friends’. Because whilst Meilyr was climbing the greasy pole through the ranks of Estyn, he will have been kept on a short leash by the previous Chief Inspector for Estyn, Ann Kean.

        Ann Kean was born in Carmarthen and went to Aberystwyth University to do her first degree and her PGCE. Ann can’t have been that keen on what she saw in Welsh schools because she then went to the LSE to do a degree in social admin and then to UCL and the Courthauld Institute to study History of Art. She then lectured in History of Art at what is now Anglia Ruskin University.

        Ann’s return to Wales came with her appointment as HMI with Estyn. Could Estyn not afford Sir Roy Strong or a really big name in the Arts in England then? The specialist in the History of Art was located in Estyn’s Bangor office for 10 yrs and then in Cardiff. Whilst she was with Estyn, Wales’s answer to Brian Sewell was District Inspector; Managing HMI; Head of Inspection; Strategic Director and finally Chief Inspector.

        In 2015, Ann was at the centre of a storm after she admitted that many Welsh schools were crap and that Estyn had been ‘complacent’. Ann was then given a pay rise, which meant that the Head of Complacency was then pulling in £105k pa.

        The Head of Complacency retired shortly after people blew their tops about her reward for failure. They didn’t realise that Ann had not gone away. After ‘retirement’, Ann continued working for the Welsh civil service. She Chaired the Task and Finish Group for ‘Education Other Than At School’. I haven’t had time to look into that yet, but it sounds suspiciously as though Ann was presiding over a Group looking at parents who had withdrawn their kids from mainstream education – or it could be that Ann’s Group was reviewing those ‘education units’ attached to children’s homes, special units and adolescent mental health units. The places run by the paedophile gang, in which kids were battered, sexually assaulted or if they were lucky were just ignored and neglected.

        If anyone knows how a woman in England working in the field of history of art was parachuted back into Wales in a senior role in Estyn I’d like to hear about it.

        I know why someone might have appointed Ann as Chief Inspector when they did though. Dr Bill Maxwell was Ann’s predecessor as Chief Inspector – Bill arrived at Estyn from Scotland in 2008. So Bill won’t have been a friend of the paedophile gang. And Bill told everyone who would listen that the schools in Wales were in a very sorry state indeed and that the gap between the best and worst performing schools in Wales was increasing. In Feb 2008 BBC Wales reported on Bill’s damning conclusion – so the Education Minister at that time ‘unveiled a framework’ to tackle ‘low standards’. Who was that Education Minister? It was paedophiles’ friend Jane Hutt. Presumably Hutt’s framework was to appoint Ann Kean.

        Like Ann, Jane Hutt went to the LSE – Hutt did her certificate of social work there at about the time that Kean undertook her social admin course! Of course that doesn’t mean that they knew each other at the time – but I’m sure that pair of dipsticks do really enjoy each others company nonetheless.

        Bill Maxwell may not have been a paedophiles’ friend, but there is an offering on the internet which gives a glimpse of how the whole system works. In March 2009 Anna Brychan, Director of NAHT Cymru (the head teachers union for Wales), wrote Bill a chummy letter thanking him for visiting her and her members and discussing with them the new standards that would be measured by Estyn. The text of the letter makes it clear that Bill didn’t merely communicate the new requirements with the NAHT – he NEGOTIATED the requirements with them. One thing that Bill was happy to discuss with the union was the definition of children’s ‘well-being’. Perhaps the agreed definition simply ignored the deleterious effects on the kids of the conduct of a paedophile gang. Anna Brychan has spent years in leading roles in education in Wales and she was at the helm of a ‘leaders in teaching’ organisation in 2001 when John Owen, the drama teacher from Pontypridd, killed himself just before he was due to stand trial for sexually abusing children. Anna stated at the time that fings had changed since Owen molested youngsters in schools. Although Owen died before he stood trial, there was a mass of evidence suggesting that he had molested his pupils for years and that complaints were ignored. Owen was a big name in Welsh language drama in Wales, he was wrote and directed the S4C series ‘Pam Fi Duw?’ Translated, that means ‘Why me God?’ A question that some of his pupils must have asked themselves – numerous complaints about Owen were ignored by the education authorities in Wales, although kids were refusing to go to his classes and one girl ended up suicidal.

        Teachers in Wales who are not working for head teachers unions really hate Estyn. They maintain that Estyn inspectors don’t know their arses from their elbows, have only achieved their positions by toadying to the Welsh political establishment and measure performance and standards in an unfair way that does not give a true reflection of who and what is failing. I used to notice that the teachers who were most critical of Estyn were interestingly enough the best teachers who felt very unsupported by the ‘leaders’ of their schools…

        Whilst reading about Ann Kean on the website of the Welsh civil service, another name listed on the same website leapt out at me – that of Elan Closs Stephens. She featured in my post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’. Closs Stephens was appointed Professor of Drama at Aberystwyth University in 1975 by the then Principal of Aber, Goronwy Daniel. Goronwy Daniel was a paedophiles’ friend of the highest order. He had been Permanent Secretary at the Welsh Office for years whilst the Welsh Office concealed the crimes of Dafydd and the paedophiles. Daniel had been Permanent Sec whilst George Thomas was Secretary of State for Wales – whilst Thomas molested under-aged boys himself. Rhodri Morgan worked in the Welsh Office under Goronwy Daniel.

        Daniel was one of the three wise men who visited Willie Whitelaw and twisted his arm over the establishing of S4C – Goronwy just needed to remind Willie of the paedophile gang operating in north Wales which the Tory Gov’t, along with everybody else, was concealing. The gang which boasted Willie’s colleague and Thatcher’s friend Sir Peter Morrison as a member.

        After Willie agreed to a Welsh language fourth channel, Goronwy and Alwyn Roberts – an academic from Bangor University who also achieved a great deal by reminding people that everyone was concealing a paedophile gang – were responsible for appointments to the new S4C Authority. Goronwy was Chairman of S4C, 1981-86, so presumably appointed himself to that role. Elan Closs Stephens later followed in his footsteps – she was Chair of S4C in 1998 and her position was renewed in 2002. Elan was appointed by the Dept of Culture, Media and Sport in Westminster. The Secretaries of State who appointed Closs Stephens were Chris Smith and Tessa Jowell – both of whom ignored paedophile gangs operating under their noses for many years, gangs with links to the Welsh gang.

        Closs Stephens must surely be hoping for a peerage any day now having kept her mouth shut for so long. Among many other things, she has been – Governor of the British Film Institute; Governor of the BBC; Trustee and Chair of the Wales Advisory Committee of the British Council; Chair of Audit and Governance during the refurbishment of the South Bank National Film Theatre; Chair of the Stephens Report re the Arts in Wales; Professor of Communications and Creative Industries at Aber.

        Closs Stephens also Chaired Chwarae Teg, the Third sector organisation founded by Jane Hutt, which ‘promotes the economic development’ of wimmin. It’s certainly promoted the economic development of Jane Hutt and Elan Closs Stephens. Chwarae Teg has been up and running for decades now but the Welsh Gov’t are still having discussions about why wimmin in Wales are so badly paid. Come on Carwyn, set up a Committee Co-chaired by Jane and Elan, we need a solution to this long lasting problem which is confounding everyone.

        Elan Closs Stephens was born and grew up in Paedophilia Central in Gwynedd. She comes from Talysarn and went to Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle – and then to Somerville College Oxford. So Elan wasn’t one of the disadvantaged kids targeted by Dafydd and the paedophiles then.

        The former MP for Arfon, Betty Williams – who provided an excellent service ignoring the paedophile gang for many years – also comes from Talysarn.

        Talysarn received a lot of bad publicity a few years ago when statistics showed that it had a very high rate of domestic abuse. Talysarn is a village in a really nice valley, but Talysarn itself is very disadvantaged, being a former quarrying village suffering from the aftermath of the death of quarrying. Like a lot of other places in north Wales, it’s a divided village – if you’re middle class and living in the area it’s lovely. If you’re not, things are quite tough. There was also a particularly hopeless policeman there who was frightened to challenge the criminals and threatened to arrest everyone else instead. The shit really hit the fan when a girl from the neighbouring village – Penygroes – was raped and nearly killed and the Plod refused to investigate the complaint. A girl from Penygroes was murdered in a domestic recently – the first man whom the police arrested for her murder was completely innocent…

        Dim problem, Elan refurbished the South Bank and sups with the best. I can hear the Upper House calling you Elan…

    2. Just heard a former Estyn inspector on the Today programme – paedophiles’ friend of many years standing, Nia Griffith MP! Nia is Shadow Defence Spokesperson but doesn’t agree with Jeremy Corbyn on anything. Nia was telling the Radio 4 listeners What Should Be Done About Mr Putin. Nia, you couldn’t stand up to a gang of paedophiles and before you declared yourself to be a lesbian you were married to a man who worked with them. You are a paid-up member of the Mafia of Drips and used your silence to bag a seat in the Commons, I really don’t think that Putin will be quaking in his boots because you’ve told him off. Nia told us all about the wonders of the UK security services – they’ll be the security services who assisted the paedophile gang so ably for so many years, no wonder Nia appreciates them, they kept her husband and his colleagues out of prison.

      I note that the aggro towards Jeremy really took off because he dared mention that most of the top of the range properties in London are owned by Russian oligarchs. The other paedophiles’ friends in the House all bellowed ‘shame’ when Jezza reminded them of this. No, the shame is that members of the Russian mafia have been allowed to colonise London. Everyone knew that this was happening – in fact that spoof column which ran in the Indie a few years ago allegedly written by a vulgar American who only ever noticed how much money other people had characterised the phenomenon perfectly.

      What exactly are any of the bozos in Parliament going to do about Putin when his mates money is keeping London afloat? He must be rolling around laughing – Theresa talking tough, the Theresa who began her political career as a Councillor in a Borough which was served by St George’s Hospital, whilst their Prof of Paediatrics was jailed for child porn offences and his colleagues continued in serious organised crime after he was banged up. And this lot are going to protect us from Putin.

      Good to hear that the nation’s Top Doctors and associates were also given time on the Today programme. A lady from the Royal College of Paediatrics was questioned by John Humphrys about the rising rates of infant mortality in the UK. She admitted that she had no idea what the cause was, but managed to get in that the problem with fat people was that their mothers were fat as well and furthermore folic acid should be added to the nation’s Mother’s Pride. Well it was good to hear the citizens of the UK insulted yet again by a fuckwit who doesn’t know what she is doing but nonetheless is full of yet more advice for the rest of us.

      We were also treated to a lady from UCL who explained that UCL are now carrying out a survey of ‘creativity’ among the population of the UK because ‘creativity’ ‘protects against mental illness’. So what evidence is there for that then UCL? And how precisely do you intend to measure ‘creativity’? According to UCL, if only people would have a hobby, just a craft or something, they would be less likely to develop mental health problems. Well UCL, one of the traditional ways of diagnosing serious mental illness was to note whether patients had lost their interest or were no longer participating in the past-times which they had previously enjoyed. People don’t become ill because they don’t have hobbies – stopping those hobbies is a consequence of their illness. Furthermore, I spent many years in a mental health system in which numerous people were actually very talented in terms of arts, poetry, music etc – not only did it most definitely not stop them becoming ill, but their lives were further wrecked by the mental health services because the one thing that those services wouldn’t do was to ensure that the patients had the basics – enough money to live on and a roof over their heads. Furthermore the ‘services’ kept having the patients arrested which didn’t help matters.

      The reality is that at present no-one has any idea of why exactly some people develop serious mental illness and the Top Docs are equally at sea in terms of the best way of treating them. By all means continue to fund competent researchers to continue to investigate, but the essential thing surely is to make sure that people who have become too ill to function are looked after properly. At present, seriously mentally ill people are left destitute and to die whilst UCL and other institutions are given millions to conduct ludicrous ‘research’ which is predicated on equally ludicrous untested statements, such as ‘creativity protects against mental illness’. Er – doesn’t this fly in the face of what some other ‘research’ told us just a few years ago, ie. that creativity was associated with mental illness and that this was ‘genetic’?? To demonstrate this, the researchers reminded us of the names Van Gogh and Robert Louis Stevenson. I could add the name Richard Dadd to that sample of two… Oh on the basis of that sample of three I think I’ve just discovered that gene – the one which is discovered on a regular basis every time that someone is about to submit a research bid…

      I’m listening to Melvyn Bragg now – Melvyn the MIND Ambassador…

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