Ian Brockington’s Mischief

Since researching for yesterday’s post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’ and realising that the Top Doctors in north Wales who concealed the paedophile ring that operated in the region over decades had even more friends in high places assisting them than I ever imagined, I’ve followed up on a few things that I should have followed up on before. One of those things is the academic and professional contacts of Dr X (Dr Tony Francis) before he went to work at the North Wales Hospital in the mid 80s. Previous posts have explained how documents that I only acquired earlier this year demonstrate that Tony Francis was involved in very serious wrongdoing, including industrial scale perjury in an attempt to have me imprisoned after I’d complained about the north Wales mental health services.

Francis killed himself a few years ago, after the re-opening of the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, I suspect because he feared – or indeed knew – that the net was closing in on him. (Readers of this blog who follow the comments section will have seen how recently a friend of Tony Francis became very angry with me for naming him.) I have for a while been interested in why Tony Francis ever went to work in a hell-hole like Denbigh. Denbigh was notorious, no way would any ambitious competent psychiatrist ever want to go there to join Dafydd Alun Jones, Gwynne the lobotomist and the paedophiles’ friends. I posed the same question about the arrival of Professor Mark Williams and David Healy in Bangor, but as a previous post explains I suspect that was because they knew that there was no research governance there and they’d be able to publish anything, claim miracles and not be questioned (see post ‘The Biggest Expert Of The Lot’). But they arrived a few years after Francis and they did arrive at a time when Professor Fergus Lowe had embarked on his own bit of empire building in the School of Psychology at Bangor University. Francis arrived when Dafydd still dominated the School of Psychology and was wangling places there for his own children even if they weren’t appropriately qualified, when Gwynne the lobotomist was still causing havoc in the Student Health Centre and before there was really any in-patient psychiatric care at all available in Bangor, it was all still based at te North Wales Hospital Denbigh. I can only think – indeed I’m fairly certain now that I know what Francis was actually doing without the patients’ knowledge – that he disgraced himself in some way in a previous job and that’s why he was cast out into the Evil Darkness that was the North Wales Hospital and the paedophiles. Top Doctors are never cast out for incompetence or poor clinical skills, they are cast out if their senior colleagues believe that they are such a liability that the shit is going to one day hit the fan on their patch, as I witnessed when I worked at St Georges Hospital Medical School. Francis must have been causing a great deal of concern to someone to have been despatched to Denbigh, even if north Wales was desperately in need of new blood and an alternative to Dafydd and Gwynne.

My post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’ named Prof Tim Crow as one of Francis’s previous academic colleagues, but I think that Francis worked with Crow in the 70s. Before arriving in north Wales, Francis worked in Manchester. I have discovered a number of abstracts of publications written before he went to north Wales. A number of those publications, dated 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1983 concern mood disorders and peuperal psychosis and are co-authored with an I.F. Brockington. That is one Professor Ian Brockington who is Emeritus Professor at the University of Birmingham. Brockington describes himself as a neurobiologist on his website – he is a psychiatrist whose research interest is neurobiology. His forte is women’s mental health and one of his most well-known books is ‘Eileithyia’s Mischief’, Eileithyia being the Greek goddess of childbirth and midwifery. In 1993 Brockington was the founder and first Chairman of the section on women’s mental health in the World Psychiatric Association. Between 1983-2001 Brockington was Chair of Psychiatry at the University of Birmingham and was responsible for training thousands of medical students as well as for training many psychiatrists at postgraduate level. Before that he was Senior Lecturer at Manchester between 1975-1982 and it was there that Francis worked with him.

Now one phenomenon that I have noticed in medicine is that although Top Doctors will ensure that a problem is removed from their own patch, not only do they not blow the whistle, but if the problem becomes caught up in a scandal later in their career – as Dafydd did constantly after ‘training’ at the Maudsley – they will deny that they ever spotted a potential problem, lest they are implicated. This is why those charmers at St Georges Hospital Medical School and Springfield Hospital felt able to conceal Dafydd’s criminal activities and misconduct when they were faced with it in 1991. Dafydd had worked with their mate Bob Hobson at the Maudsley and no-one was going to admit that Bob had trained an abusive nutter who then went out into the world and caused chaos. (Lord Robert Winston employed a serial sexual harasser at Hammersmith Hospital – Winston passed him on to St Georges who passed him on to Cardiff. He’s still there.) So if Tony Francis had disgraced himself whilst on Brockington’s team, it is highly likely that Brockington would never let anyone know what had happened even if Francis ended up in hot water subsequently.

So Francis was despatched to north Wales in about 1983. In 1987 I made a very serious complaint which involved Tony Francis, Dafydd Alun Jones and a number of other staff. My complaint included unlawful imprisonment, assault and attempts to bribe and threaten me into dropping my complaint. My post ‘Enter Professor Robert Bluglass CBE’ details how difficult it was to even get that complaint investigated and how there was a complete whitewash when it was investigated. Documents in my possession demonstrate what was going on behind the scenes at the time (detailed in previous posts), including phone calls and letters being exchanged between the Medical Ombudsman for the Welsh Office, Professor Robert Owen and one of Tony Francis’s mates, a GP in Bangor, DGE Wood, who was not part of my complaint in any way and who was no longer my GP. I had no knowledge of these communications at the time. The letters and phone calls were being sent and made to Owen at his home in Colwyn Bay. So all pretty irregular really.

One thing that happened at the hearing into my complaint led by Bluglass was that no part of my complaint involving Tony Francis was dealt with – although Francis was called as a witness. Huge aspects of my complaint about Dafydd weren’t dealt with either, but nothing at all relating to Tony Francis, the conduct of his SHO a Dr Perera, or the social worker who broke the law to do their bidding, Jackie Brandt, was mentioned in the final report. Perera and Brandt were not called as witnesses either. Previous posts have explained how Bluglass had co-authored with Dr Paul Bowden from the Maudsley – who will have known Dafydd’s mate Bob Hobson. I thought that was a salient connection. But at the time that I made that complaint about Tony Francis, the man with whom he had worked for a number of years, Ian Brockington, was the Chair of Psychiatry at Birmingham – Bluglass was the Chair of Forensic Psychiatry at Birmingham at the same time. No wonder Francis wasn’t investigated or even mentioned in Bluglass’s final report.

Brockington is a very big name indeed in women’s mental health. Tony Francis unlawfully detained and then repeatedly perjured himself in an attempt to imprison one woman who had complained about him. He encouraged other people to perjure themselves as well in an attempt to achieve this end. I know of another woman who at about the same time as me also made a complaint against Tony Francis and Jackie Brandt, again that she had been detained unlawfully. Some years later the same young women made another complaint against Tony Francis – she maintained that Tony Francis had exposed himself to her. There were no witnesses to the incident, the young woman was deemed to be psychotic and Francis was cleared. I have no idea at all whether he did do that, but I now have numerous documents demonstrating that Francis and his colleagues broke the law repeatedly, lied constantly and perjured themselves again and again.

Would Professor Brockington now like to tell us what it was that Francis did whilst he was on Brockington’s team that resulted in Francis being cast into the Evil Darkness? If Brockington is going to claim the same sort of sudden memory loss that Robert Bluglass experienced when I confronted him with his wrongdoing a few years ago, perhaps some of the others who worked with Francis and Brockington at the time could enlighten us. Francis’s co-authors on those papers with Brockington were: J.E. Helzer, V.F. Hillier, S. Wainwright, K.F. Cernik, E.M. Schofield, A.R. Downing and C. Keelan. Come on now, Francis did some very naughty things in north Wales – including concealing a paedophile gang, some of whose victims were found dead in suspicious circumstances. Cough.

But Ian Brockington may well have had connections with Dafydd as well as with Francis. Brockington too undertook his training in psychiatry at the Maudsley and is of a similar vintage to Dafydd. Like Dafydd, Brockington spent a few years doing a few other things before taking up psychiatry – Brockington was a cardiologist, whereas Dafydd just got himself thrown out of a chemistry degree – so what’s the betting that their paths crossed at the Maudsley? Even if Brockington did not know Dafydd personally, that stint at the Maudsley will have brought him into contact with many others who were keeping a lid on Dafydd’s crimes – Brockington also worked at the Institute of Psychiatry in 1969, so he’ll have had opportunities for further bonding there.

Brockington’s wife Diana is described as a ‘tribunal judge’. Now that could be employment tribunals – but just imagine if it were mental health tribunals…

Should anyone try to escape the Top Doctors of north Wales by emigrating, hard luck. Brockington, like the Count (see post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’), has contacts abroad as well. He was a visiting prof in Chicago. And he’s done a stint at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital, an institution featured in previous posts.

Brockington’s previous at Manchester may explain something else as well. The protection afforded to the truly lethal Dr Tony Roberts, latterly of the Hergest Unit and one of Francis’s colleagues in north Wales, who managed such a high suicide rate among his patients that it showed up as a statistical outlier – the highest in Wales, the second highest in the whole of England and Wales. Roberts trained at Manchester at the time that Brockington was there – and of course Francis. Tony Roberts was so unpleasant, dangerous and dysfunctional that I don’t think anyone ever questioned why he’d landed a job at the North Wales Hospital, he was obviously virtually unemployable. Despite him being loathed by his colleagues and exterminating patients, the GMC felt it worth their while using a forged document to protect him (see post ‘The General Medical Council And Yet Another Forged Document’).

Tony Francis also had links to Cardiff Medical School. He studied there as an undergrad (he was a student there whilst Neil Kinnock was the NUS President there) and in the 70s he was working and publishing with the Dept of Psychological Medicine at Cardiff. This alone will have ensured that he knew what a bloody dreadful reputation the North Wales Hospital Denbigh had, he’ll have heard the stories. Francis published with the team from Cardiff in 1976, 1977 and 1978. Perhaps his colleagues from that time would like to spill the beans. His co-authors were: D.M. Shaw, G.V. Groom, D. Riad-Fahmy, P. Williams, J. Link, E.N. Cole, D. Hughes, S.F. Tidmarsh, A.L. Johnson, A.C. Michalakeas, G.J. Riley and R. Blazek.

In 1979 Francis was the single author of a paper concerning brain structure and schizophreniform psychosis. Which sounds like the sort of work that Time Crow might have been involved with.

My post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’ described the possible links that the founder of SANE, Marjorie Wallace, had with the associates of the Top Doctors in north Wales. Marjorie has inflicted her damage by using her media contacts to provide much misinformation regarding the activities of the Top Doctors. Marjorie has excellent media contacts because she has worked in journalism since the 60s. As well as her relationship with Count Andrew Skarbek who was also a Top Doctor, as I detailed yesterday Marjorie has had relationships with Lord Snowdon and Tom Marjerison. All at the same time. I wrote a bit about Tom yesterday, who was obviously a very big hitter indeed, being the founder of New Scientist and London Weekend Television, but Tom had worked with those at the very top of the tree. One of the co-founders of LWT was David Frost, who provided never ending entertainment for the likes of Peter Cook, but was of course famous for ingratiating himself to just about every British PM and US President of the last forty years. Frost indulged in idiocies such as presenting ‘Through The Keyhole’ which led to me being completely unable for years to believe all the stories about Frost being seriously influential in Gov’t circles, but those stories were true – he toadied to the very best. Frost died a very odd death a few years ago. He was on a cruise ship without his wife which was alleged to have been unusual for Frost, when he had a heart attack. Frost had a lot of bad luck there – the heart attack happened at a time when the ship was at a location where Frost could not be helped, although the sort of ships that Frost travelled on have their own medics on board. Then a few months later Frost’s son died an equally odd death – he was a young man, who collapsed whilst he was out jogging. Both Frost and his son were alleged to have suffered from the same hereditary heart problem, but the Frost family subsequently claimed that no Top Doctors had ever warned them that Frost’s son had the heart problem. Then it was revealed that whatever had caused Frost’s heart attack, it wasn’t his heart defect. These two deaths were so weird that one could almost imagine them happening to people who might have known about the Westminster Paedophile Ring that was being discussed so extensively at the time and who were suspected of being about to investigate or even go public…

Talking of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, I received a very helpful e mail yesterday from a journo providing me with names and details of suspects, victims and accessories. It’ll take me a few days to read it all, but I’ve already spotted a few names that I recognise. Like me, this journo believes that north Wales and Lambeth were the areas of the most intense activity where the providing of youngsters in care for the purposes of sexual exploitation was concerned.

Marjerison did business with another very high profile person when he established LWT as well – Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch was an investor in LWT, but Marjerison fell out with him in a big way, which is what caused Marjerison’s departure from LWT in 1971. Marjerison may have fallen out with Murdoch, but Marjorie was of course a journo on the ‘Sunday Times’ throughout the 80s, when she launched her ‘keep the prisons for the paedophiles’ victims open’ campaign – Murdoch bought the ‘Sunday Times’ and the ‘Times’ in 1981. Murdoch’s press famously did Thatcher’s administrations great favours. Matthew Parris, Thatcher’s former correspondence secretary who waxes lyrical about having sex with ‘willing boys’ in his autobiography (see post ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’) also worked and still works for Murdoch on the ‘Times’. So I don’t think that any publication owned by Mr Murdoch was likely to run an expose of kids in care being sexually abused by public figures, some of whom were close to Thatcher. Indeed his publications might have welcomed journos and articles which distracted from or concealed what was going on.

There is however something much more fascinating about Tom Marjerison than even his work with Frost and Murdoch. That is the stories concerning his involvement with the security services. Although Marjerison spent most of his career in the media, he began life as a physicist and in the 60s was acknowledged as being an expert on Soviet technology. He was the BBC’s source of info for this and made a ‘Panorama’ programme about the Red Army’s ammunition production in Siberia. Merjerison’s obituaries relate anecdotes concerning the making of this programme that cannot be true. In the attempts to portray him as some sort of Super Hero, they explain how when he was in Siberia filming, he won the admiration of the Soviets by drinking even more than they did, swimming in a pool which was covered in thick ice, wore only a ‘light Marks & Spencers suit in -40c temperatures’, evaded his ‘Soviet minders’ and ‘the bugs in his room’. No matter how much of an expert on Soviet technology Marjerison was, he was still a human being and the reason why people in Siberia wrap up well – very well actually, more than any other place on earth, in layers of skins and fur – is that if they don’t do this, they die. History is full of examples of whole armies that died when they attempted to cross what used to be the Soviet Union because they encountered those temperatures in unsuitable clothes. Such as M&S suits. Furthermore, I very much doubt that Merjerison did evade his ‘Soviet minders’ – the Soviet Union in the 1960s was a very harsh place and the consequences of leaving your group would be very high indeed. And how did he know that he evaded the bugs in his room? If the bugs were any good he wouldn’t have found them anyway. So some tall stories were being told in an attempt to convince people that Tom smuggled state secrets out of the Soviet Union for ‘Panorama’. He didn’t. (By the way ‘Panorama’ wouldn’t even tackle the Top Doctors in north Wales let alone the KGB – I know because I offered them the story.)

The same obits lovingly recounted how the Soviets were so impressed by Tom’s Putin-like qualities that the KGB tried to recruit him as a spy by leaving him bottles of vodka in telephone boxes outside of West End theatres. If they really did that, the vodka would be picked up by a passing vagrant, it wouldn’t wait there for Tom to come out of the theatre. But so impressive was Tom that MI5 tried to recruit him as well! But Tom was having none of it – he met with MI5 at the Cumberland Hotel to discuss his future with MI5’s careers officer, but he saw so many other identical meetings going on in the same room at the same time that he turned MI5 down. These stories sound to me very much like the stories that are put about to muddy the waters – and some such stories are put about by people who did work for the security services. But there is other info about Tom available as well. That during the war, when he was still working as a physicist, he did ‘undercover work’ for the war effort, work that ‘continued for several years into peacetime’. So Tom did work for the security services then, which was probably how he got into the Soviet Union to make a documentary. Nothing to do with an M&S suit in the cold climate. Furthermore, Tom was Director of the Nuclear Electric information Group and a consultant for the British Nuclear Industry Forum. The Gov’t wouldn’t have given those jobs out to just anyone. Marjerison was sufficiently good friends with Yuri Gagarin to have accompanied him to a meal at Buck House when Gagarin was invited to meet HM the Queen. Tom’s obituaries also contain references to him being wheeled out to deal with ‘the unions’ at various times in his career.

The reason that I am interested in all this, is that it has now been admitted that Sir Peter Hayman, a diplomat who did work for the British security services, was a convicted paedophile, but was not prosecuted for a number of other offences when he should have been. There are allegations that members of the security services were involved in the Kincora Boys Home scandal and that the security services were involved in concealing the extent of child abuse in north Wales. Tom Marjerison ‘helped’ Marjorie Wallace in her work with SANE. Although Tom and Marjorie didn’t start living together until the mid 80s, they both worked together on the ‘Sunday Times’ for a long while before that and as with Marjorie and Lord Snowdon, they were ‘close’.

Another friend of Marjorie’s that I mentioned in ‘One Dangerous Fucker’ was Mary Kenny, a rather eccentric journalist who has written for Tory supporting publications like the Torygraph and the ‘Spectator’. Mary Kenny is famously idiosyncratic, she was a leading light in the Irish feminist movement in the early 70s but is still very faithful to the Catholic Church in Ireland. I haven’t been able to find any info that suggests that Kenny might be closely associated with anyone complicit with organised child sexual abuse – but the Catholic Church itself isn’t too clean on that whole issue. (I am reading the book that Conrad Black, the former owner of the Torygraph wrote after he was released from prison, which is a mine of info. I’ll be using the info in future posts.)

‘One Dangerous Fucker’ detailed the way in which a close friend of mine was sacked from her job at the Royal Television Society – a friend whose parents had been supporting me in my battles with the north Wales Top Doctors/paedophiles’ friends and who was interested in making a documentary about it. The President of the RTS at the time was Sir Paul Fox. Fox began his career at the BBC in the 1950s and was controller of BBC 1 for six years from 1967. He spanned the height of Jimmy Savile’s abuse at the BBC then. Paul Fox was then head of programmes at Yorkshire TV and was the Managing Director of Yorkshire TV between 1977-88. Fox was Chairman of ITN between 1986-1988 and Managing Director of BBC Network TV between 1988-1991.

In July 1989 people working for Yorkshire TV approached the social worker who blew the whistle on the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, Alison Taylor, regarding child abuse in north Wales. In September 1989 Alison Taylor and a man who had been in care in north Wales who alleged abuse were filmed extensively for Yorkshire TV. In Feb 1990, Yorkshire TV abandoned the film about child abuse in north Wales for a documentary about another, far smaller, child abuse case. My friend was working at the Royal Television Society at this time. She was dismissed in early 1991, at the same time that I was hounded out of my job at St Georges Hospital Medical School. My friend was subsequently awarded compensation for unfair dismissal. Paul Fox was knighted in 1991.

Top Doctors don’t have to be married to Marjorie Wallace to have media connections. One thing that Top Doctors really enjoy is rubbing noses with Royalty or appearing in the media. I would advise the Royals to be cautious where the Top Doctors are concerned though. The Top Doctors are certainly shameless toadies when they are in the presence of a Royal personage and if a Royal appears at a Top Doctors meeting or conference, no matter how inane the Royal address to the Top Doctors is, the Top Doctors will nod enthusiastically throughout the speech and then clap very vigorously at the end, with that weird expression on their faces that they use specifically for such occasions, a sort of over-determined expression. And of course the Top Doctors are delighted to have a Royal open a new wing of a hospital, it makes their day, it is only bettered when a Royal appears at a Top Doctors Charity Ball. However in the 1990s the gynaecological case history of a member of the Royal Family was being passed around the London hospitals, for the entertainment of everyone. It’s the Top Doctors you know – they’re really not all that they pretend to be.

Top Doctors enjoy hobnobbing with other celebs as well as Royals and one Top Doctor who had connections to those we know and love who became very well known for a celeb connection was the psychiatrist Robin Skynner. Skynner famously co-authored with John Cleese in 1989 and 1993. John Cleese with the BBC career that is. Cleese had been one of Skynner’s clients since 1975 and the books that they wrote together introduced family therapy to a lay audience.

In terms of being in a position to conceal the wrongdoing of Dafydd et al or indeed organised child abuse, Robin Skynner had a CV as good as that of the Count. Skinner qualified as a doctor from UCL in 1952 and trained as a child psychiatrist. He passed his Diploma in Psychological Medicine in 1957 and worked with S.H. Foulkes (originally known as S.H. Fuchs), a psychoanalyst. Foulkes was a pioneer and one of the founders of group analysis in Britain and his official history states that he attracted others who were keen to change the way that mental health patients were dealt with. Now there was a lot of this sort of thing alleged in the 60s, that the new generation of psychiatrists wanted change and I’m sure that many of them did. But change did not happen – psychiatry remained an incredibly abusive, oppressive speciality that was used to silence people who should have been listened to. What did happen though was some very abusive people like Dafydd Alun Jones and Tony Francis learnt the language of therapy and used that to inflict very great damage on people and conceal some real horrors. Skynner was attracted by the early stages of the ‘therapeutic community’ movement – just like Dafydd! In fact Dafydd told Dr Robin Jacobson of St Georges Hospital Medical School/Springfield Hospital in 1991 that he had treated me in a therapeutic community, rather than explaining that I’d been unlawfully arrested after having been threatened by him, illegally imprisoned and then assaulted by the staff. Documents in my possession demonstrate that Jacobson knew that Dafydd was lying and also knew that Dafydd was having sex with patients but no-one challenged Dafydd about any of it. in 1959 Skynner and disciples of Foulkes formed Group Analytic Practice and what followed was the emergence of the Institute of Group Analysis for training in group therapy. In 1977 Skynner formed the Institute for Family Therapy and Chaired this until 1979.

Skynner was the authority on family therapy, so intellectually and academically he was phenomenally influential. But he had the other usual powers of the Top Doctor as well, in terms of his professional network. He was invited to become a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists on it’s formation in 1971. He was then elected a Fellow of the Royal College in 1976. He trained as a child psychiatrist at the Maudsley – where else? Along with the Count and Dafydd and Bob Hobson and the rest of them and at a very similar time. It was at the Maudsley that Skynner met Foulkes. Skynner was the Director of the Woodberry Down Child Guidance Unit and between 1965-1970 was Physician In Charge of the Dept of Psychiatry at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children. In 1970 Skynner gave up child guidance work. From 1971 he held a Senior Tutor post at the Institute of Psychiatry and a post as Honorary Associate Consultant at the Maudsley. So we’ve arrived back at those two establishments again…

Skynner retired from the NHS and from university teaching in 1982, but like the rest of them continued with his private practice. Well it doesn’t just keep the dosh rolling in, it means that one’s still in a position of influence should anyone start publicising anything that a lot of important people would rather they didn’t. S.H. Foulkes, the daddy of them all, worked at Barts Hospital until he retired in 1963, but continued in private practice after that.

Skynner didn’t work alone, he worked with his wife Prudence. Together they became leaders in family therapy and pioneered the development of therapy groups for couples that included groups for bishops of the Church of England and their wives no less. If I had come across this info a few years ago I’d have been a bit non-plussed and wondered why bishops of the C of E and their wives might be particularly in need of family therapy. But in recent months even Radio 4’s ‘Sunday’ programme has simply become one long roll call of bishops who either spent their lives molesting children or concealing other people in the Church who molested children. Skynner and Prudence obviously identified a market long before anyone else knew about this syndrome.

Prudence died in 1987. She was so highly regarded in the field that one London medical school named it’s family therapy unit in honour of her when it opened in 1990. Yes, it was St Georges Hospital Medical School/Springfield Hospital, who one year later were ignoring evidence of Dafydd’s and Tony Francis’s criminal activities and were consulting Lucille Hughes – Dafydd’s mistress and Director of Gwynedd Social Services, who was later named in the Waterhouse Report as colluding with a paedophile gang – for evidence regarding my ‘dangerousness’.

After Prudence died, Skynner entered into a long term relationship with Welsh landscape artist Josh Partridge and they spent much time together at Skynner’s cottage in Wales…

As so many of those we know and love are, Skynner was ‘spiritual’. He had a long association with the Gurdjieff Society. I’ve been on their website and it’s pretty much what I expected – I also note that it involves something called ‘The Fourth Way’. As opposed to Blair and Giddens’s Third Way.

Like many spiritual people whom I have known who have made careers in therapy and analysis – which has tended to include discrediting or even lying about anyone who uncovers the sordid underbelly of the world of the Top Doctors – Skynner seems to have actually been quite a dysfunctional man. He had an incredibly ‘difficult’ childhood and in later life used to quip that his mother called him a lunatic but that he managed to enter psychiatric hospitals by the staff entrance. Skynner was always happy to maintain that he ‘needed treatment’. On a more sober note there were observations that as a bomber pilot during the war Skynner had some very bad experiences which profoundly affected him. There is mention of therapy sessions that were ‘chaotic’, with people screaming at each other and crying. If one is a half-competent Top Doctor it is de rigueur to admit that one has one’s own problems – it’s like having patients’ art work on one’s walls, it shows that you’re not like Gwynne the lobotomist.

Robin Skynner may well have been very genuine in his expressions about all this, but Top Doctors can find admissions of psychological problems or mental illness very useful. It gets them out of trouble. Dafydd was a pioneer in this field, he told absolutely everyone back in the 80s that he suffered from a ‘nervous illness’, for which he received treatment ‘from a doctor in England’. One of my postgrad friends at the time observed that the beauty of this would be that if ever Dafydd was done for misconduct he’d just say ‘oh it’s my nervous illness’ and that friend was spot-on. Likewise Tony Francis had a mood disorder. Now Tony Francis was indeed a very troubled man, but in the months before he killed himself he spent a very long time in hospital in Manchester. (I note that he certainly didn’t use the services provided by his colleagues in north Wales.) When I told my friend Brown about this, he observed that one advantage of being in hospital would be that Francis wouldn’t have to answer any questions. I thought that Brown was being overly cynical at the time, but some time later I had a very interesting conversation with someone who was a neighbour of Francis and knew his wife. This person didn’t know that I had known Francis years before and she didn’t know that I’d ever been a patient of his. But she mentioned that he was suffering so much because of a ‘dreadful woman’ who had complained about him. After a few more sentences it became clear that the person whom she was talking about was me. I didn’t like to mention that I hadn’t even seen Francis for at least four years and that the complaint had been made some twenty years ago and had never been investigated anyway. And I certainly didn’t tell her that Francis and his colleagues had perjured themselves repeatedly and concealed a paedophile gang, because I didn’t have the documents then that I now have. So if a Top Doctor has a mental illness the narrative plays out somewhat differently to when the rest of the world does.

Robyn Skynner on one occasion did something that would be frowned upon by most therapists. He introduced one of his clients – John Cleese – to another therapist, whom Cleese subsequently had a relationship with and then married. That was the American lady whom Cleese divorced a few years ago among much acrimony, publicity and which left him feeling so bitter that he used the divorce as the basis for a comedy tour.

One comment in one of Skynner’s obituaries that is particularly significant was that he ‘worked with adults and children of an unusually wide range of socio-economic status, from the poorest districts of the East End to private practice’. This could apply to anyone working at the Maudsley. The Maudsley’s immediate catchment area is Lambeth. The Lambeth that, along with north Wales, had the biggest problem in the UK with children in care being abused and trafficked by paedophiles. Lambeth Council also sent many children on placement to children’s homes in north Wales. So theoretically, the Count or Dafydd or Bob Hobson or indeed Robin Skynner, could be treating both the trafficked kids and the paedophiles who abused them. If those paedophiles were celebs, people with connections to Westminster or members of the security services, the consequences are obvious.

There is of course a former Top Doctor from the Maudsley who is probably the most well-known media psychiatrist – Anthony Clare. (Raj Parsaud followed hot on his heels but unfortunately Raj was exposed as an outrageous and shameless plagiarist, which he had been for many years but no-one had dared mention it.) Clare is no longer with us, he died in 2007. He qualified as a doctor at University College Dublin in 1966 and after doing his initial training in psychiatry at St Patrick’s Hospital Dublin, he ended up at the Maudsley for five years as a registrar and then senior registrar. In 1976 he became a researcher in general practice at the Institute of Psychiatry, spending six years there. It was during this time that he began broadcasting on Radio 4 and in 1982 he began doing the programme for which he became famous, ‘In The Psychiatrist’s Chair’. He was applauded for getting to the soul of his interviewees and poor old Bob Monkhouse ended up in tears. Clare did of course interview Jimmy Savile – and he didn’t mention You Know What. Savile didn’t end up in tears. It would be unfair to let Clare off the hook by saying that no-one asked Savile the Big Question – which is what everybody claimed after his death – because actually there was one journalist who did ask Savile if he was a paedophile and that was Lyn Barber. I read the interview, it was in I think ‘The Observer’ and it passed pretty much without wider media comment – but Lyn Barber had said to Savile during the interview ‘they say that you like little girls’. And Savile had come out with the usual load of Savilesque meaningless tripe, but Lyn Barber did ask him. In 1983 Clare became Prof and Head of Dept of Psychological Medicine at Barts. In 1989 he returned to Dublin. Many years ago in ‘Private Eye’ an article appeared concerning a scandal that had happened in a hospital over which Clare had responsibility. A woman had been sectioned and detained for three days – because she had started divorce proceedings against her husband. It wasn’t the Maudsley, it was a hospital in Dublin to which Clare had returned to work after 1989. There was a fuss, the woman sued and there was media comment about how embarrassing this was for Anthony Clare. I’d be interested to know how that lady ever managed to make herself heard let alone begin legal proceedings – just look at what was going on in north Wales and indeed St Georges Hospital Medical School/Springfield Hospital at the very same time. So presumably whichever hospital in Dublin it was, it wasn’t involved in concealing a vicious paedophile ring – because if it was it would have been guaranteed complete protection from publicity or legal action.

After Clare died, one of his obituaries mentioned that during the 1990s Clare ‘completely’ ‘turned his back on the media’, refused to do any media work at all and wouldn’t even review a book. Anthony Clare was the ultimate media tart for years and the media loved him. So what happened?

Clare is fondly remembered by other Top Doctors. Prof Peter White, now Emeritus Prof of Psychological Medicine at Queen Mary University London and before that of the Maudsley and Barts, remembered how Anthony Clare had flown from London to Sydney to give a keynote speech just three hours after landing and how during the flight the airline had lost Clare’s slides and notes and that he was also jet-lagged. But Clare had the audience ‘spellbound by a speech in which he used his Irish charm, humour and passion to remind us that so long as we truly listened and put the patient first, all would be well in psychiatry’.

I think that something’s gone wrong somewhere despite Clare having snogged the face off the Blarney Stone.



In recent posts I have mentioned how, like Marjorie Wallace, another ‘mental health campaigner’ in the media ignored correspondence from me regarding the misconduct of the Top Doctors in north Wales back in the 80s – Esther. So my ears pricked up when I heard the allegations that someone had written to Esther about Jimmy Savile when dear old Esther launched Childline, but had been ignored. I had heard allegations that Childline was failing to help children who had contacted them who had been abused whilst ‘in care’.

I have now been sent some information about Esther which is in the public domain but hasn’t received much coverage – it explains a lot. Esther founded Childline in 1986 with her cousin, the wife of Nick Ross, the former presenter of BBC’s ‘Crimewatch’ programme. My correspondent has also told me that Nick Ross’s colleague Jill Dando – who was shot dead by an unknown assassin – was at the time of her murder working on an investigation concerning allegations that people with connections to the BBC were involved in a paedophile ring. Barry George, a man with mental health problems and learning difficulties, was convicted of Jill’s murder but was released from prison when it was demonstrated that a lot of lies had been told and that he’d been fitted up.

The first Chief Exec of Childline that Esther appointed was a controversial and rather rash choice. It was Valerie Howarth, who is now Baroness Valerie Howarth, a cross bencher in the Lords. The appointment was controversial because Howarth was Director of Brent Social Services at the time of the death of Jasmine Beckford, a four year old girl who died as a result of the complete negligence and fuckwittery of Brent Social Services. Jasmine died in 1984 and Howarth was Director between 1982-1986. Furthermore, when Howarth later applied for the job of Director of Cambridgeshire Social Services, she failed to mention that the death of Jasmine had taken place on her watch (although I would have thought that they could have worked that one out). Esther however assured everyone that she knew that Valerie was sound. How did she know this? Because Valerie had trained Esther’s sister Priscilla Taylor, who was a social worker! They were both social workers for Lambeth. Howarth worked for Lambeth between 1963-1982 – she wasn’t just there for a few weeks. No wonder children abused in care found that Childline were not interested. Priscilla told Esther that Valerie was ‘a skilled and experienced social worker’. Who somehow didn’t notice that the kids homes were rife with child molesters. Valerie and Priscilla must have really excelled because Lambeth have now paid out millions in compensation to former residents, many more claims are due to be settled and the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association, a group of people were abused in Lambeth children’s homes in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, have set up an excellent website with the names, details and mugshots of the paedophiles responsible and have published their own report into the matter.

In 2013 Esther wrote an article defending herself, Valerie Howarth and Sharon Shoesmith – who famously presided over Haringey Council at the time of the Baby P scandal. The death of Baby P, Peter Connelly, also involved gobsmacking negligence on the part of a Top Doctor at Great Ormond Street Hospital. She failed to notice that Peter had a broken back. I know somebody who told me that the Top Doctor in question didn’t actually examine Peter. It was admitted that at the time the ‘world leading’ GOSH was in chaos. Esther’s article was a mixture of fury directed at everyone who had levelled criticism at Shoesmith and Howarth, invective at the inadequate – or in Esther’s eyes bad/wicked/evil/manipulative ad infinitum – parents of the children involved and extreme defensiveness. As the defenders of senior social workers who screw up badly often do, Esther made much of the evil genius of such parents who pull the wool over the eyes of skilled and experienced social workers while they torture and murder their children. Such parents are of course not cunning geniuses, in all of the high profile cases of this nature social services had been told again and again by scores of concerned people that there were serious worries about the welfare of the child who later died. The parents were obviously hopelessly inadequate, chaotic and sometimes very brutal but the one thing that they were not was clever or competent. The parents were on low incomes, usually benefits – Shoesmith, Howarth and others at their level are paid hundreds of thousands a year to do an admittedly very difficult job, but part of the reason for the high salary is that they are expected to take responsibility. If they can’t do that and instead just blame the innate wickedness of the ‘service users’ in the face of serious failure, we might as well sack the whole lot of them and save on their salary bill.

Esther also stressed that the talented and wonderful Valerie and Sharon had ended up ‘unemployed’. They don’t stay unemployed for very long Esther, they used their contacts and their numerous excuses to get themselves further highly paid positions. Indeed Valerie landed a job as Chief Exec of Childline because she knew Esther’s sister. Esther uses the example of Valerie being in the Lords as an demonstration of Valerie’s enormous ability. Valerie is of course in the Lords because Esther gave her a job. Valerie’s on the up and up though, despite Lambeth and despite Jasmine. Valerie is on the Board of the Food Standards Agency, she’s a Trustee of ‘a number of children’s charities’, Patron of the Youth Advocacy Scheme, Vice-Chair of the National Care Standards Commission and Secretary to the All Parliamentary Children’s Group. She is a Board member of CAFCASS and in 2008 was Chair of CAFCASS. That is the scandal ridden disasterous CAFCASS which in 2008 was in such chaos that it’s staff were having nervous breakdowns as a result of their working conditions and were leaving posts a matter of months after being appointed, the CAFCASS which subsequently found that no-one wanted to work for them at all.

Esther mentioned in the article that her daughter Miriam was training to be a social worker – and that her daughter was clever, compassionate and dedicated. She won’t be working for Lambeth, Brent or CAFCASS then.


I have previously mentioned to Brown that in the light of how many people I know who have ascended the ladder by gaining knowledge of the wrongdoing of others and silently blackmailing everyone else about it, if I operated on the same principle I’d be President of the World by now. I think it also helps if one conceals organised child sexual abuse in high places, that seems to be the key.

I will soon be naming some more accessories.



Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

25 thoughts on “Ian Brockington’s Mischief”

  1. (1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pergamon_Press

    I think Butterworth Technical was acquired by Maxwell who was funded in this by Hambros Bank (Harry Sporborg ex SOE MI6 Founder of Gladio and Airey’s Neaves fellow founding trustee of Sue Ryder Homes) The MI6/Hambros/Neave angles were “Tube Alloys” and Manhattan Project old boys and UK nuke investors or beneficiaries.

    Maxwell thus acquired Butterworth contract re collating records of Nazi nuke programme.

    (2) Lord Henniker, British Council, allegedly helped arm TARA and Red Hand Commando as early as 1967 via his alleged association with McKeague and McGrath of KINCORA.

    (3) Since we knew a Suffolk based “IRA asset acquiring info of use to Soviet” and we know he took an interest in Clement Freud social scene at Walberswick and in Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish. It is reasonable conjecture that he would also have been tasked for information on Henniker (the
    Abusive estate home of Islington Suffolk Project and Peter Righton) and on Lord Stonham Stowmarket (Labour Home Office Northern Ireland Minister 68 69) The IRA asset BTW is now in Suffolk tories signing nomination papers for tory county cllrs and even for Mayor of Stowmarket. A fact I enjoyed pointing out to Suffolk tory PCC Tim Passmore.

    The obit tale of Margerison is a bit Gripping Yarns. Ever since Paperclip and Soviet infiltration of nuke scientists smuggled west the Soviet would have had people (possible assets of avowedly Marxist OIRA) watching his progress.

  2. You really do seem to have an unhealthy level of interest in Dr Tony Francis’ life, Sally. I’m not sure what you hope to gain by spending so much time and energy researching his career in such detail. You have some details wrong but you have obviously invested a great deal in this post – it strikes me as a waste of your research skills and obvious intelligence, which could be of so much benefit to others instead of spending your time making these accusations that serve no purpose other than to distress the family of someone who has died in tragic circumstances. I find that despicable and I’m certain I’m not alone.

    I don’t expect you to agree with me but I will say again for the benefit of your readers that Dr Tony Francis lived his life with the utmost integrity and compassion. He was the last person who would conceal abuse or injustice. In fact I know of several occasions when he has confronted such things with no regard for his own position, only concern and conviction that vulnerable people must not be exploited.

    You and I both know that there is far more to your history with the Francis family than your readers are aware of. I don’t know details because Tony would never have breached confidentiality. I only know what is in the public arena for anyone who cares to Google your previous names. But I do know that the version you present here is disputable and with evidence to disprove it.

    Nobody who knew Dr Tony Francis gives any weight to anything you say. The way he lived his life speaks louder than anything you can accuse him of.

    I think you are in a very dodgy position legally to be making direct accusations that are unfounded. I’m sure you are aware that in law the burden of proof is on you, the one making these allegations. So I would curb this obsession now if I were you and find another focus before you find yourself in hot water.

    1. Thank you for your latest contribution Kate. I have nearly 10,000 documents to back up my allegations. You do not. Should anyone wish to begin legal action against me I am more than happy to produce those documents. I think it significant that no-one has begun legal action against me.
      A number of my readers have observed that you are beginning to look like a bunny boiler.

      1. That’s interesting indeed, after three fairly measured comments from me. It’s also interesting that none have leapt to your defence here.

        Fortunately I’m not terribly concerned with yours or your readers’ opinion of me. More about redressing the balance when someone is casting aspersions on the conduct and character of someone who isn’t around to defend himself.

        You are assuming that I have no evidence for what I’m saying. I don’t believe for a minute that you are able to prove what you are saying, simply because it just isn’t true. But I will be surprised if you aren’t asked to do so in the near future.

        1. If you are not interested in any of us Kate then please go away and leave us alone. Your previous comments were clearly not as ‘measured’ as you believed them to be. If I thought that one of my friends was being unfairly maligned, I too would defend them. But I don’t think that I would do it in the way that you are. What I would do if I really thought that someone was slandering a friend, is contact that person in private and ask them to show me the evidence for their allegations. So if you do that, I promise that I will be very happy to meet you at a mutually convenient time and place and I will show you the documents that my lawyer obtained when she served a High Court order on the North West Wales NHS Trust to extract the medical records of mine that they were refusing to hand over. Those documents contain written evidence of very serious wrongdoing as detailed on this blog and they are signed by Tony Francis himself as well as the other people named on this blog. Stacks of them.
          If you are going to continue to harass me – as of course did so many of Tony Francis’s colleagues – at least make your true nature known and train as a north Wales mental health professional. You’ll even be paid for doing it then.

          1. As an observer it seems to me a case of one person (Kate) holding the late doctor in high esteem. Arising from that there appears to be a begging the question fallacy. It appears like this:

            Kate accepts there are serious matters that merit inquiry.

            The reader is expected to infer that neither Kate nor her good doctor knew about these serious matters when the doctor was alive or, according to her estimation of the doctor’s excellent character, the doctor would have addressed these matters. A hypothesis of double proposition. “The good doctor did not know cos if he had known he would have done something about it”

            Overall a begging the question fallacy. “The doc was good. The doc did not know about wrongdoing. If he had known he would have confronted wrongdoing. The doc was good”

            If the publication is actionable then surely it is put up or shut up time. Civil procedure rules and claim letter etc.

            In about 1999/2000 I spun a Welsh medical negligence solicitor over in complaint to Law Society then Office for Supervision of Solicitors. Graham Miles of Morgan Cole as then was of Cardiff.

            It was over allowing Ipswich Hospital to refuse to disclose records in the massive corticosteroid negligence cases. None of which (1200) got to court. He allowed limitation to expire without seeking protective writ. Then only sought expert opinion after limitation expired. There were “Experts” like Dr Jean Ginsberg charging legal aid £1300 per hour for “Opinions” which all supported barristers like Levene killing legal aid on prediction of Bolam Defence.

            What I put to IICSA, re Royal Medico Psychological Soc, is that when Bolam came into being 1956 the governing bodies etc could pre-plan Bolam Defences as the narcissistic research agenda flourished.

            I am arguing that it was no coincidence that Mengeles at Ipswich, J G Howells and J W Paulley, were associated at the RMPS level with Mengeles like Dr Milner at Aston Hall or William Sargent at St Thomas.

            Reading Sally’s blog I am reminded of my late friend who operated a charter boat from Ramsgate Harbour. He attended a course for skippers and came top of the course drawn from across UK. Ron Cannon the lifeboat master at Ramsgate fount Bill out to shake his hand and congratulate him. Bill said “Trouble is Ron top of a pile of crap is still crap” Ron laughed and laughed.

            When I worked in medical physics in the 80s there was a budget of £1500 a week for spares and project work. Each Friday the chief tech would waddle in with RS catalogue and ask me to order components at random to make spending up to £1500. One week it appears that someone, in the parallel departmentalist overnourished echelons of management, had spotted that since my appointment we had not ordered certain parts.

            I asked the chief tech if my predecessor had anything to do with televisions. Yes ! His family owned TV shops and rented out TVs. So I gently informed Chief tech the chap had been ordering about £700 worth of TV and video components per week.

            The Chief tech interrupted physicist chat. They were responding to oncologist request to recommend osteopaths and homeopaths to treat his own family. And it was decided I should order TV and video parts and wean off over some weeks to head off questions.

            The linear accelerator 100% serviceability was based on it being available office hours four days a week.

            As it happens malnutrition and mortgage arrears compelled me to quit.

            London teaching hospitals top of the pile of NHS crap.

        2. I’ve been a regular contributor on here and always believe there are two sides to every story. I’m most certainly in the top ten of BCUHB’s most awkward persistently complaining patient’s Sally is most certainly no 1. We have both had experience of mental health services but I have not been an inpatient , since they found prison a better alternative or to be correct WCBC social services did. In fact my involvment is the problem ….a refusal give services and when I got a private aspergers/ADD diagnosis they refused to accept it or offer a second opinion until the mental health meausures Wales came into force in 2012. Intead of Asperger the psychiatist in question gave his first definative diagnosis anankanistic personality disorder of course. Prior to this apart from extreme anxiety causing the occasional diassociation/derealisation episode it was all probable because I was functional when these went. Unfortunately derealisation ment risk and my ex-wife suddenly and explicably told me go when I had a breakdown.She worked as a senior OT for WCBC. I now think she was advised to behave in this very callous manner, since I was ostrcised and subject to hate and silience with encoragement to use the domestic violence and harassment laws to shut me up and mistakenly deprive me of possession and property. Sally does’t agree with the way the DV and harassment laws are used to break relationships up criminalise men and deprive them of access or custody of their children! However they are starting to convict females now. My Aspergers diagnosis was confirmed then refuted a second time by a psychiatrist who didn’t want to accept the continuing hate compain and inability to access services or resolve problems with WCBC. Recently a third Aspergers diagnosis has been confirmed with a severe hypothyroid problem …which cases severe depression and lethargy which they convieniently ignored while refusing to accept the previous ones. Oh they have tried to return me to prison and continued to ignore financial abuse and destroy my career.
          All I have ever wanted is a little support correct diagnosis and answers to question about false infomation. I still don’t know what I’am suppose go have done to my ex-wife but now know you should never raise serious concerns again again. Sadly this is envitable when you become labled and ostracized resulting in an accumulation/snowball effect.
          It helps that Sally has posted your comments on here and any blatant inaccuracies are challenged. I don’t think it’s good to smear the reputations of the deceased or alude to organised pedophile rings but history has shown that the Bryn Estyn abuse was wider. Councillor Malcolm King has suffered so strange incidents and he was one of the people that exposed it. The concerns expressed about Jeremy Corbyns support of the IRA armed struggle are numerous other extremist groups on social media have lead to vicious trolling attacks and supporter trivializing it saying him and Mc Donald were instrumental in the NI peace process they weren’t Blair was. This sort of cult seems to pervade the NHS and anyone questioning it is denouced and hounded out just like Angela Eagle by momentum supporters.
          I think Sally wants someone to sue in the same way the Daily Mail outted and challenged the Lawerence killers to. Maybe then we can remove the really rotten apples. With the glass being full no doubt some people are but a vote for Welsh Labour or Corbyn certainly won’t expediate that process. Let’s be honest many people believe 9/11 was an inside job and Cornyn had a higher proportion of that vote than May !!!

          1. I am an officially called witness to National Crime Agency Stephen Lawrence case corruption inquiry. The Daily Mail reported, after the Lawrences met manipulative IRA ally Mandela two weeks after the killing, “The tragedy has been hijacked by activists” Probably the last true word published by Mail in the case.

            Calling the suspects scum etc was not courageous journalism. To sue for libel a person has to have a reputation to lose. The “Scum” had no chance of winning a libel action. It was Daily Mail bullying pure and simple. I raised concerns with CPS last year about failures to disclose adverse facts to defences at both private Lawrence prosecution and CPS prosecution. CPS wrote to Met who then felt prompted to publicly disclose more material they had concealed. This included the CCTV footage showing the distinctive jacket was not Gary Dobsons and it wasn’t Dobson wearing it !!

            With regard to psychiatric diagnosis IMO none should be made until after endocrine system testing.

          2. It’s not so much that I want someone to sue Mike – I want a number of people to face prosecution. The documents in my possession alone demonstrate perjury on an industrial scale, efforts pervert the course of justice, misconduct in public office, unlawful arrest and false imprisonment. Tony Francis is the only one involved who has died, the others are alive and kicking and some of them have not yet retired. I feel that it is just like the situation that Doreen Lawrence found herself in when she actually wrote down the names of the killers of her son and gave them to a senior police officer who folded the piece of paper up smaller and smaller and then threw it in the bin. Except I’m not just offering the names of the guilty parties, I’m offering evidence as well, signed by their own hands!

  3. Thanks for your summing up of the situation re Kate’s comments. The doctor is question was a bloody good actor, had learnt the language of therapy and spirituality and believe me was up to his neck in some very sordid stuff. I suspect that Kate is still friendly with his widow and has a loyalty to the family that is causing her a degree of myopia.
    Regarding the London teaching hospitals – yes there would be revolution if the general public actually knew what goes on in them. But they’ll never find out because they’re stuffed full of people with close connections to the highest echelons of society, people themselves who know that if they carry on concealing the crap they’ll be rewarded with a knighthood or peerage. They really are that shallow.

    1. I am interested, as you know, in Beresford Davies of Fulbourne. He had a private practice in Cambridge. I think for certain professions the “Kindly” fellow offered his “Services” free. Nursing and Police ? I think too he even then wrote to NHS GPs suggesting drugs for patients.

      I wonder whether it was a structure for referral to stitch up voices of dissent.

      In 1971 I think when Royal Medico Psychological became Royal College Prof Thom at Cambridge also shut down the Clark and Beresford Davies regime at Fulbourn.

      1. Furthermore Richard, I’ve found a reference to Beresford Davies offering free therapy to ‘doctors, nurses and men of the cloth’ no less. In recent years the public have been made very aware of what some men of the cloth did and how even more men of the cloth concealed that. Your theory that it was all a fancy way of silencing certain people could well be true. Psychotherapists are very good at working hand in hand with those who drug people and lock them up when needs must.
        There was a nurse at the Hergest Unit who had trained at Fulbourn and unlike the rest of Hergest she did know how to perform CBT. She was lovely actually and cared for the patients in a way that virtually none of the others did. But even she allowed those we know and love to use her considerable abilities to keep the lid on a barrel of shite – although I absolutely understand how fucking awful her superiors were and how difficult it must have been for her working with that shower. But on a number of occasions where I had rock solid evidence of serious wrongdoing she was able to therapise and hypothesise away some real horrors. Now I do accept that this nurse may well not have known JUST how serious the criminal activity was that her senior colleagues were involved in was – indeed even the Hergest whistleblower was shocked when I showed him the latest batch of documents that my lawyers sent through – but like the Hergest whistleblower she did know that things were very wrong. But she did not ever feel able to make a public interest disclosure. The Hergest whistleblower did and of course the PID was ignored and he was then sent to Coventry by the whole place, hauled over the coals numerous times in an attempt to fire him and it was even implied by the dreadful Alun Davies, manager of Hergest, that the whistleblower was behaving improperly with female patients. When I had informed Alun Davies some years previously that Dafydd Alun Jones was doing this, Davies bellowed at me to ‘put up and shut up’. I am also aware that Davies received a number of anonymous letters making allegations regarding Jones’s conduct – I only found out about this because Davies accused me of sending them. I didn’t. But it was the whistle-blower who stood accused of having an untoward interest in ‘young female patients’. Whilst his senior colleagues colluded with a paedophile ring.

          1. I would imagine that it was post 1971. She had trained and worked as a midwife as well and I’m not sure if she did her psyche training before or after midwifery, but because of her age I’d imagine that she did both sometime in the 70s. She’s probably too young to have been nursing before 1971 even as a student. She certainly didn’t seem to have experienced the old style Hattie Jacques type training because she used to make a few insightful comments about the generation of nurses above her who had. She also used to say that a previous generation of psychiatrists were hideous, completely autocratic and very damaging. Yet the ones that she was working with at Hergest were doing terrible things, but with a smile on their faces (most of the time anyway) and rather better manners than their elders.

    2. As I said I am an officially called witness to NCA Stephen Lawrence case corruption inquiry.

      In 1992 Det sgt Alex Leighton of Drugs Section South East Regional Crime Squad arrested UDA hit men and drugs traffickers based in Roger Gale MP North Thanet constituency. These arrests led to the 1993 high security murder trial of UDA terrorists for the killing of London supergrass David Norris. This trial was six days in (UDA brief was Michael Mansfield ) when Stephen Lawrence was killed. Astonishingly the Met senior murder trial witnesses were concurrently deployed as the Lawrence case detectives.

      Mandela was due to visit UK two weeks later. Of course he had an interest in UDA because they were armed by apartheid South Africa. He also had an interest in Roger Gale’s constituency re the murder of Thor WMD chemicals sales director Alan Kidger in South Africa.

      And as far as I know the Kidger murder was the first mention of the WMD threat emerging in middle east ….

      The UK govt wanted to keep Mandela sweet to use his influence with his ally the IRA who had been advising him how to sabotage an oil refinery in South Africa. They wanted Mandela help towards a peace process in Ulster. For the two years before Lawrence killing black activist Lee Jasper with IRA supportive SWP had invented stories and disseminated them in Thamesmead. Fiction about BNP white supremacist youth gangs.

      The Lawrences were allegedly obstructing the murder inquiry by refusing disclosure of Stephen’s school (discipline) record. It may be that girl pupils names were on the record and hence their parental disclosure consent would also have been required.

      At week 1 of the murder inquiry a manager of Cornerstone acted for the Richardson former crime family to give information to the Lawrence case detectives. And this was about pointing the team to drugs pushing at school gates. And I think also at the fact the Well Hall Road bus stop had been scene of a few recent fights between youth drugs gangs. How many times had Stephen Lawrence been to A and E ? How many people had Stephen Lawrence blood on their clothing ?

      My interest is 1995 when Det sgt John Davidson was disciplined for a history of moonlighting as a bodyguard on police time and falsifying his police duty records. Why wasn’t the source of his bodyguard work identified. Was it International Bodyguards Assn who had a client Charlie Kray at Croydon whose associates included Kenny Noye and Clifford Norris.

      Last year I raised concerns with CPS about breaches of disclosure law. Why had Davidsons disciplinary been concealed at both Lawrence private prosecution 1995 and at CPS prosecution 2012.

      The answer for 2012 is that police concealed it from CPS.

      The leader of the magically appearing blood spot forensics team on Dobson’s jacket was Roy Green. Yes the forensics man discredited at Dr David Kelly Inquiry re blood evidence.

      The 2012 trial excused a demoted Met sgt from witness duties as he feared the shame would cause him to kill himself. He had admitted unsealing and tampering with evidence.

      After activist Lee Jasper arranged in 1993 for the oh so humble Lawrences to meet visiting Mandela to solicit unlawful political pressure on police murder inquiry … Det sgt Davidson led the arrest team of Gary Dobson in response to IRA ally Mandela pressure on UK govt.

      In the house Davidson told the Dobsons he knew that it was not Gary Dobson’s jacket in Well Hall Road at time of murder. He seized the jacket and told the Dobsons forensics would rule Gary out by household dust analysis which would show the jacket had been in a wardrobe for many months. But back at the nick the defence forensics was brushed off the jacket.

      After I raised the prosecution non disclosure issue with CPS recently they wrote to Met who then revealed two further concealed matters. Tellingly the CCTV footage showing it was neither Dobsons distinctive jacket nor Dobson at Well Hall Road.

      A point of interest re Mandela IRA ally concealing his interest is the neo Nazi 3rd Force mercenary attack on his transitional regime then preparing in UK allegedly in Roger Gale’s UDA infested North Thanet constituency. The mercenary attack became subject of Desmond Tutu Commission of Inquiry 1994 … one year before Davidsons disciplinary. In 1995 Tim Rayment of Sunday Times dug up bodies of black victims killed in South Africa by the 3rd Force attack. He turned in mercenary Tyrone Chadwick and also held by SA Police were the vile child rapist Parker twins mercs of Nuneaton. It remains a mystery how the three mercs escaped from Mandela regime. There were over 20 black victims and astonishingly Doreen Lawrence happily condoned the history being kept quiet.

      Who prepared the neo Nazi mercs in UK allegedly in Thanet ? Surely the paramilitary live fire training front International Bodyguards Assn was a likely suspect ? The same lot who were never investigated as possible source of Davidson’s moonlight work. And strangely though an IBA man was convicted of gun supply for killing of Brinks Matt money launderer Donald Urquhart that inquiry also never looked at for example Det sgt Davidson.

      I think the problem inquiry into Lawrence case corruption is that the Lawrence team were corrupt, Jack Straw corrupted MacPherson Inquiry connived at by Lawrence team and that Stephen was murdered for a motive that was not racist.

      Re UDA and South Africa allegedly when with British Council Lord Henniker as early as 1967 helped arm TARA and Red Hand Commando via his associates McKeague and McGrath of Kincora child home.

      That is Henniker of the Suffolk estate home later to the abusive Islington Suffolk project and Peter Righton. The place EXARO led police a merry distracting chase about ?

      The neo Nazi deployment to South Africa allegedly included to liaise with a SA uni to gain support for an eco attack. Information is that uni was Fort Hare where then recently senior eco systems lecturer was a Dr Shaun Russell .. the poor chap who later in 1996 lost his wife and daughter to the hammer murders at Chillenden Kent.

      The extent of insufficiency of inquiry is enormous.

      In 1997 Kent Police Authority called for inquiry which was suppressed by Jack Straw connived at by Lawrence team. A result of this was that Head of IBA was not exposed as a bogus ex SAS con man and was thus able in 97 and 98 to con Dr David Kelly’s mate Tom Mangold of BBC and source Dr Wouter Basson apartheid regime WMD programme stories to Mangold.

      Doreen Lawrence fighter for justice ? A joke. How long have you been fighting for justice ? Thwarted at every stage. Unless there was a political payoff Doreen Lawrence would now be blogging and bewailing the injustices of UK and being totally ignored.

      I am reasonably confident I know and NCA knows who killed Lawrence and that the motive was not racist.

      “Institutionalised racism” was used as a red herring concept in group research on police trainees in 1971 actually to test for gullibility, malleability and compliance. Home office will not say if this research was signed off by HO psychiatrist Dr Pamela Mason who authorised Dr Milner to conduct chemical coshing experiments on kids at Aston Hall.

      The Lawrence Inquiry was hijacked and used to promote the myth of institutionalised racism to bogus reality by mass hysteria

      Doreen Lawrence is one of the most racist people in UK.

      1. Bore da Richard,
        You’ve mentioned a lot of cases here that I’ve been interested in but haven’t had the time to research. I must say I always took the murder of Stephen Lawrence to be what it was presented as – a racist murder committed by white men, some of whose families were involved in organised crime with corrupt police among their associates. I presumed this because the one thing that I remember when I first went to London as a postgrad at Hammersmith Hospital was how many people there talked about the dreadful conduct of officers in the Met, particularly with regard to racism and the attacking of and framing of black people. I remember being surprised not because I hadn’t heard such allegations before but because the anecdotes were coming from people working and studying in a London medical school, sometimes from very wealthy families. But then there was entrenched racism towards the overseas doctors and students in those medical schools as well. Some of the comments made were appalling eg. ‘the midwives are all really thick especially the black ones’; ‘my Yugoslavian Boris [a consultant referring to a junior doctor from Yugoslavia] is a nice bloke but he smells of pig shit’, ‘they’re only doing this course because when they go back home they get more money on their salaries for having a UK qualification’ etc etc. It was ironic that these overseas graduates had gone to work in London because they believed that they were working in the best medical schools in the world. Who took their money or used their labour and treated them appallingly…
        One far right organisation that is never referred to these days was the League of St George. When Private Eye regularly used to run stories regarding the excesses of Harvey Proctor, one allegation was that a house owned by Proctor was found to be housing the League of St George.
        As for Dr David Kelly – no-one with any degree of knowledge regarding how easy or indeed difficult it is to bleed to death from cuts to the wrist or die of a quantity of paracetamol that is beneath a toxic dose ever believed the official version of the cause of his death. I note that a while ago a group of medics signed a letter to one of the broadsheets confirming that Dr Kelly could not have died in the way in which it was claimed that he did. They were ignored.

        1. The League of Saint George … the “Scurrilous” Searchlight magazine published in 1996 about the role of the LOSG and their mates the VMO (Roger Spinnewijn) in sending 3rd Force mercs to attack Mandela Regime. A merc called Ronnie Deuster gave evidence to the 1994 Desmond Tutu Inquiry alongside Searchlight.

          Deuster was wont to use Royal Temple Yacht Club Ramsgate as a correspondence address.

          The LOSG was IRA supportive. I suspect their one loyalist UDA man Steve Brady with a national front hat on also stirred in areas like Eltham and Thamesmead against SWP for being left wing supporters of IRA.

          When I worked briefly in medical physics in 80s I was surprised that one senior physicist was fully fledged national front. One day, knowing my surprise. he took me into the basement corridor. Trolleys all smashed by negro porters playing trolley dodgems. And under every no smoking sign a negro smoking. Up in waiting room areas white people sitting stoically waiting and black people jumping the queue after shouting and screaming at reception staff. He told me the best lock in the hospital was a radiation hazard sign because the blacks were scared of white man magic.

          We had an Asian tech who hated negroes. And he mocked white people for intermarrying with negroes or even thinking of the blacks as human.

          In apartheid South Africa Dr Basson of Project Coast was reputedly working on germ warfare that would only kill blacks.

          For a while using an alias I thought I was close to getting a girl to come fwd to NCA. She had been underaged when she “knew” Stephen Lawrence at school. She allegedly made complaint of rape and claims Met Plod interviewed Lawrence as a juvenile in front of his parents. And also claims she was far from the only complainant.

          But my impression is the whites tried by Daily Mail were horrible people much disliked so no one cares if they got done for Lawrence. On the other hand if my info is correct there would be much regret if the guy who despatched Lawrence was convicted as so many people see it as justice given the number of times Met turned a blind eye to a certain black youth thug gang.

          From the start activists like Lee Jasper knew if they played it right they could sell Lawrence to middle England. Ambitious to be an architect, diligent student. If you listen to interviews you may hear Doreen prompt Neville to get in the lines “Good student, did well on his architect secondment, wanted to be an architect, innocent black youth, white racist gang”

          And to this day BBC re enactment uses the black racist narrative and not the trial evidence.

          Evidence is that white youths appear to be running for bus. They did not pursue the two black youths nor did they target them. The two black youths larking round in street collided with the running white youths. Lawrence was punched to the ground and Brookes (Judge ruled as an unreliable witness 1995) had his arm restrained IN THE MELEE.

          Both the bus stop witness and the witness aboard incoming bus said they did not see Lawrence stabbed. They were surprised next day to learn it was a murder, Bus witness knew Lawrence and went to the Lawrence house to knock them up after Stephens curfew of 10 30 (Doreen did not trust Stephen with a key to house and if he did not make curfew he was locked out for the night. Yet according to the Lawrences he had never encountered police cos he was such a good boy. A black youth on streets all night cos perfect mummy Doreen locked him out and he never encountered plod ? Pull the other one Saint Doreen.

          And the story that Brookes and Lawrence only chose that bus route at last moment. Funny how one of their associates was on the incoming bus to the bus stop where Brookes and Lawrence were waiting. A bus stop which was scene to recent gang fights.

          The IBA when it founded by unlawful use of Deal Barracks 1976 to 1983 also had links to right wing in Belgium and alleged links to Ramsgate based League of Saint George. Jean Bultot a Belgian prison governor was an instructor for IBA. After Brabant killings and inquiry he fled to south America but told investigating Belgian magistrates the killings were part of protecting a “Pink Ballets” Belgian high echelon military and intelligence paedo ring.

          Charlie Kray used to drop in on the IBA paramilitary training sessions at Croydon.

          The UDA murder victim David Norris supergrass had numerous plod on wages. He would set up drugs warrant raids that would report finding nothing but in fact detectives cleaned out all the drug pushers money. Slicing up about twenty grand apiece on some raids.

          Leighton the arresting officer of UDA Margate 1992 went on to be director of Mayfayre PI Company who allegedly had Det sgt Davidson on wages to supply them police info to flog to Murdoch press. Co director ex Met Lyndsey Hunter went on to be director of RISC where he employed a certain Alexander Litvinenko. Leightons wife was a co director of a security company with the co director of the PI company with that Welsh guy who was killed with an axe in the head 1987 in a pub car park.

          The vile child rapist mercenaries the Parker twins of Nuneaton. Ken Parker arrested around June 97 for thefts of explosives from quarries. Warks plod dug up 50 lbs of gelignite buried next to a rail line at Nuneaton June 1979.

          If you go back a few years at Nuneaton you find a senior cop plating gelignite evidence on a suspect then recruiting him, in exchange for no prosecution, to be a source to Met. This was the real starting point of the infamous corruption inquiry Op Countryman.

          We stray off your subject. But I am surprised you believe all the manipulative narrative in the Lawrence case. The truth may well be he got up to his known anti white assault tricks at Lewisham. That a chap sickened that Met once again let the six blacks break to 3 pairs to leave area. He followed and he caught one pair of blacks at Well Hall Road. And whether he took a knife that Brookes had been disarmed of by the white youths or whether he had his own knife he sort of asked Lawrence of the iconic black power salute “Who got the handle and who got the blade”. But whatever happened there were more people pleased at his passing than mourning it. Sad.

          1. Racism of all forms is a real nightmare in the NHS and no-one speaks about it. There’s the sort of naked racism from white British towards everyone else that I described in an earlier comment, but like you I too witnessed the racism of Asians towards black people. Far right groups have also sometimes established a toe hold in NHS unions. My posts about Ashworth Hospital described how the POA – to which the ‘nurses’ belonged – was National Front dominated and much more recently there were allegations that a whistleblowing psychiatric nurse in the north of England who was not white British had been unsupported and stuffed over by both the NHS and his own union – the union had been infiltrated by the BNP. The one person that I did see at St Georges blowing up in a waiting room was an Asian (that is not a British Asian) – but it was hardly surprising, he had been kept waiting ages, no-one had spoken to him or explained what was going on and he was very very worried about his wife whom he had brought in. Massive anxiety usually is the reason why patients – of any race/ethnicity – freak out and NHS staff should think about that before they assume that they are simply dealing with a selfish git. Sometimes they are dealing with a selfish git but more often they’re dealing with a worried frightened person.

          2. PS Richard – have just seen on BBC News Wales online that Richard Horwell QC has finished his ‘investigation’ into the alleged police corruption on the part of south Wales police re murder of Lynette White case. I have blogged about this in detail. Horwell has given the police a clean bill of health and has stated that the collapse of the trial of the corrupt officers was as a result of ‘human error’. So the jailing of three innocent men, the pressurising and threatening of vulnerable witnesses, the ‘losing’ of crucial evidence which just happened to turn up after the trial and the death of one of the wrongly imprisoned men for no good reason is not at all suspicious. I presume the officers – who were of course not in the least bit corrupt – will do what they previously threatened to do and sue the police themselves now for daring to put them on trial for corruption.

        2. So no mention of the career ending visit to Bute Town of the Gwent Police Special Branch DI ?

          No mention of Lynette sourcing information to BBC about how girls in care were recruited into prostitution.

          Plus ce change

          1. It’s terrifying isn’t it. Lynette was brave enough to speak to the BBC about being trafficked into prostitution as a teenager, was murdered shortly afterwards, three innocent people were stitched up and sent to prison, a long and hard battle was fought before they were released, the biggest inquiry into police corruption in the UK was held, every single one of the officers investigated retired with pensions intact and we are now told that the whole saga was a result of human error. So no deterrent to future police officers tempted to bend the rules and the officers involved are now out on the loose in south Wales. And no-one can ever expect any kids trafficked into sex work to ever dare speak out again.

  4. I am wondering what J W Paulley (Ipswich Hospital Mengele) was doing as an RAF medical officer in Arkansas during WW2.

    In 1972 nurses at Ipswich Hospital were warning patients to move out of Suffolk if they could to escape the clutches of J W Paulley. There were whole wards of inpatients actually ill from steroid side effects under Paulley. Paulley never issued any patient a blue steroid record card. No one got their own record of dosages.

    You may have encountered the Paulley name if you have heard of Stockwell Centre Colchester.

    What your blog has said to me is that the nurses warning patients about steroid research were risking more than just losing their jobs.

    Paulley and Ian Tait ran “Ipswich Vocational Training Initiative for GPs”. I am confident that at their sessions patients were discussed without their knowledge and prescribing regimes set up which did not appear on Ipswich Hospital records and also appear not to have been recorded on GP Lloyd George card records.

    Paulley was researching the effect of stress on progress of organic disease and also life event stress.

    So he prescribed (off the record) corticosteroid a stress hormone !!

    I rather think that Beresford Davies was involved if only as far as covering for Paulley.

    I have no doubt that J G Howells Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre (“Salutiferous society” “Prophylactic separation of child from mother” “Experiential psychopathology” and such psychobabble) was associated with Paulley research.

    In my case there can be no doubt Howells was dishing out ephedrine and quinine via his patient (My dad) to me without the GP knowing. Dr Peyton caught my dad with the drugs and that was the end of me going for “Play therapy” to J G Howells clinic. I was 8. I think my parents continued as Howells patients. A retired GP at our gym suggested to me that the rickets I had to age 6 was not dietary but was due to research prescribed cortisones. I had crippled legs due to rickets to age 6.

    I wrote elsewhere about the medical negligence solicitor Graham Miles of Cardiff who milked legal aid in the cortisone negligence actions of the 90s. But allowed limitation to expire without a protective writ. And allowed Ipswich Hospital and Suffolk Police (My police service police surgeon records) to refuse to disclose then they blatantly destroyed the records.

    When I got into second guessing Miles and spinning him over in front of Law Society I found that the GP records disclosure was missing records for first 24 years of my life. The last GP to hold the records was Dr Allan LOWER of Stowmarket. A GP involved with Paulley’s “Vocational Training Initiative”. IE When I moved to Kent from Suffolk 1973 Lower never forwarded the GP record outside Suffolk. It went missing.

    So far no doctor (Including one of my FB friends a GP and police surgeon) can figure why Howells would have given quinine to an 8 year old. A little thing about Howells he was a national expert on growing clematis the roots of which are reputedly a natural malaria cure ?

    It would be interesting indeed if the nurse, you knew, had been a West Suffolk midwife.

    1. I don’t think that the nurse that I knew had ever practiced midwifery in West Suffolk – I do know that she was a midwife in the Cheshire area.
      Yes it is a terrible situation, any nurse who blew the whistle in mental health in north Wales would have been destroyed, so the best that they could do was what the lady who was also a midwife did, protect the patients as much as they could. But it’s not enough. Someone HAS to stand up and publicise what is going on. It’s why I began this blog – I know damn well what will be said about me now that I’m doing this and I know that I won’t work in a university again, but quite frankly I don’t give a fuck. I am a good sociologist and I loved being a sociologist but now that I am in possession of literally thousands of documents spanning the thirty years that the mental health services, other agencies and a number of lawyers and judges broke the law or colluded with those who broke the law to conceal a paedophile ring associated with deaths and serious organised crime, I am far more interested in bringing this to public attention. My original plan was to publish a book, but blogs achieve far wider coverage and in situations like this where people are sending me new info, I can add to it as I go along. I am not interested in colluding with a bunch of gangsters or weak professional people who turn a blind eye to such serious shit whilst spouting inanities about fighting ‘stigma’ and ‘inequality’.
      Of course, a nurse in north Wales blew the whistle on the Tawel Fan EMI scandal, the biggest EMI scandal there has been in the UK. She was sacked and then suspended by the NMC. The people who abused those patients are still working for the Betsi Board. And that bunch of fools at Bangor University claiming to be specialists in dementia care – Professor Bob Woods et al – are STILL claiming to be experts in dementia care, despite their ‘partners’ at the Betsi providing that level of abuse. As with the Bangor University School of Nursing – it is an utter scandal that these people are coining in public money in the way of ‘research’ grants. There are very few of them in that School who are good researchers anyway, whilst the effects of their careers can be seen in the scandal ridden local Health Board which is in special measures and currently the subject of two investigations into patient abuse. Likewise the ‘social work tutors’ – most of them had been employed by a social services dept which had a fucking paedophile ring operating within it for God’s sake, didn’t anyone NOTICE??? Didn’t anyone wonder what was going on when social work students who’d reported witnessing client neglect or abuse were then failing their practice placements and being reported to the University as ‘unsuitable’? And people involved in healthcare research have the cheek to maintain that their ‘research’ should be funded rather than the work of theorists, humanities scholars or pure scientists. I have been involved in several areas of academia during my life and I never witnessed the sort of research fraud and appalling practice that I witnessed in health and social care in any other field.
      As for your experiences with unscrupulous and unethical Top Doctors and disappearing medical notes – that is all too common….

  5. It was quite a moment at Plessey Torpedoes Newport 1989.

    Mike on security was ex Regional Crime Squad. He asked me to guess his most sinister case ever in police. I said “IRA?”. “No” he said triumphantly, “Leonard Cheshire Homes”. He told me how the Det sgt in charge in 1972 had been threatened by special branch to drop inquiry. How he defied them and got a suicide verdict seemingly in NW England where he went to liaise with Coroners Officers re deaths in Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire Homes.

    I asked “What did you make of the influx of Polish careworkers ?”

    Mike gasped “How the hell do you know about that”

    “Because Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder lived on my rural beat in Suffolk and I wanted to escalate inquiry into them too”

    Mike “What happened”

    “Well about when your det sgt copped a suicide verdict I died too. In Suffolk. But I got up. I was dead half hour being given CPR by my ambulanceman dad. It was attributed to status asthmaticus. But in fact was due to silbephylline given without prescription. ”

    And then I put together the Welsh RCS findings with my 1972 findings re the charities. And as you know Sir John Stradling Thomas MP wrote to attorney general and police minister. Strange replies implied that Sir John’s letters had been intercepted and amended. Before Sir John could raise parliamentary ombudsman inquiry he died at his Dolphin Square Home. 1991 I do not know if the death was suspicious or not. It headed off a parliamentary ombudsman inquiry.

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