One thought on “Include Me Out”

  1. I think that Edwina and the Top Docs are trying to fight back again. BBC News Wales Online are carrying a story about a retired psychiatrist Don Williams who carried out earth shattering research into footballers with dementia years ago. Don worked at Cefn Coed Hospital.

    Cefn Coed is a hospital in Swansea. In 2002 there was a huge scandal there regarding the dreadful conditions and the neglect of patients. On your patch Edwina! On your watch Jane Hutt! Whilst Rhodri was FM! Er – time to shut your mouths and put your hands up everyone?

    I have just discovered that Jo Brand used to be an Angel at Cefn Coed. I have always wanted to know where Jo worked – the Jo who is involved with the stooges at MIND and has never said one word about the abuse of psych patients. the Jo who sits on Have I Got News For You mouthing off at Ian Hislop to get one over on ‘the boys’, giving them lectures on what it is to be a woman. A sex trafficking ring Jo – stretching right across Wales, facilitated by your former colleagues. How dare you have a go at Ian Hislop on the grounds of his gender you steaming hypocrite? Private Eye under Ian’s editorship has published articles about the North Wales Paedophile Gang and the deaths of psych patients in the ‘care’ of the mental health services that no other publication would touch.

    Let’s hear it for Jo! She’s a Strong Empowered Woman who’ll take anyone on! Except her own colleagues whilst they ran a people trafficking ring obviously – whilst MIND colluded with them.

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