Inside Information About A Hergest Unit Death

  • I have received an e mail from someone who was an inpatient on a ward at the Hergest Unit when the death of another patient occurred. I have promised my informant that I will provide no information that could lead to them being identified so I cannot publish all the information that they have given me concerning the death, but I will blog as much about the circumstances as is safe for my informant. I will call my informant Z.

The patient who died whilst he was an inpatient at the Hergest Unit was 28 year old Medwyn Jones from Anglesey who died in the Hergest Unit on Nov 9 2014. What I have been told by Z was that Medwyn ‘didn’t die a straightforward death’. Z tells me that the day before he died Medwyn was sitting in a communal TV lounge with other patients – Z noticed that Medwyn’s ‘movements were inconceivably slow’ and that Z had never seen anybody move so slowly. Medwyn then went out into the communal outdoor area with other patients for a smoke. Medwyn sat on a small wall and nearly fell off – another patient caught him as he overbalanced and steadied him. The patient who had caught Medwyn as he lost his balance told Medwyn to go back into the ward before he hurt himself.

The next morning at about the time that Z regularly got up to have a coffee and a smoke with other patients, the hospital alarm went off. The patients were told that Medwyn had been found dead in bed.

Z maintains that another patient in the hospital had been supplying Medwyn with temazapam – although Z doesn’t know the quantities that were being supplied – and that Medwyn was also in receipt of substantial quantities of subutex, a heroin substitute, from the drugs cabinet on the ward which was given to him by the Angels.  Medwyn told Z that he was being given subutex by the staff. On one occasion Z remembered a member of staff asking Medwyn if he felt better ‘after that’ – the staff member was described as ‘fairly bald with a few grey hairs’.

Before Medwyn’s death, Z had been told that fellow patients had been supplying Medwyn with diazepam.

Z is concerned that none of their concerns about Medwyn were mentioned in connection with his death – Z was not asked anything by the police and ‘as far as I know neither were my fellow patients’.

Z cannot remember the name of the ward involved – Z has given me a description of the ward and it definitely wasn’t Taliesin, the locked ward, but it could have been any of the others because they are all virtually identical.

Z’s main concern is the lack of police statements taken from the people who last saw Medwyn alive. Z states that although Medwyn had a drug problem it was not a heroin problem. Z reiterates that ‘his final evening he wasn’t right’, that ‘he should have had more regular observations’ and that ‘people don’t just vomit in their sleep and choke to death unless some kind of gag reflex suppressant is present in the body’.

Z has been a patient at the Hergest Unit and at the Heddfan Unit in Wrexham Maelor. The ‘contrasts are quite stark in terms of professionalism’ and at the Hergest ‘staff didn’t behave as staff’. As far as Medwyn’s death is concerned Z didn’t think that there was a ‘correct investigation’.


The official version of the cause of Medwyn’s death can be read on the website It was reported that the coroner stated that the cause of Medwyn’s death ‘remains a mystery’. The coroner was this blog’s friend Dewi Pritchard-Jones, whose ability to ignore factors suggesting that a death was suspicious or even the result of foul play (see post ‘A Particularly Worrying Death’) is unrivalled. Dewi held the inquest in Caernarfon and maintained that ‘a cocktail of anti-depressant drugs’ which Medwyn had been prescribed ‘must have lowered his bodily function to the extent that it caused aspiration’. According to Dewi a ‘nurse had discovered Mr Jones – a voluntary patient – motionless at 9-45 am on Saturday Nov 9 last year and despite the efforts of a crash team he could not be revived’.

Dewi commented that ‘the previous day he had been in good spirit and had accompanied another patient to a local shop’ and that Medwyn had ‘been monitored by nurses throughout the night’. Dewi gave the cause of death as ‘aspiration of gastric juices’ and stated that ‘there were various theories but he had no real answers to what had happened’. The postmortem had ‘revealed no trace of injections, alcohol or illegal drugs’. Dewi was ‘facing a situation where I do not have a clear explanation of why the aspiration took place’. He returned a narrative verdict – that Mr Jones ‘died from a known but unforeseen side effect of therapeutic treatment’.

The glaring question here – assuming that Dewi didn’t know about the concerns of the other patients – is that how did this happen in a ward where the staff claim to be carrying out regular observations on patients, including throughout the night? But then Hergest is a place where a manic patient choked to death IN THE PRESENCE OF A SENIOR NURSE and at the inquest it was admitted that there was no doctor on call at Hergest and that doctors working in the A&E Dept in Ysbyty Gwynedd ‘were reluctant’ to attend the Hergest Unit if asked.

Medwyn’s death is just one of the many, many deaths of people in the ‘care’ of the Hergest Unit that should never have happened.

Z observed that ‘when somebody dies in hospital I guess the people who run the hospital get away with finding dead bodies without question?’ and that ‘I’m surprised really that they didn’t find chemicals in his body though someone was supplying him’. History does indeed repeat itself – Z’s comments reminded me of the first death that I had knowledge of in the mental health services in north Wales, the circumstances of which had definitely been lied about by at least two people and probably many more. Collusion was involved on the part of the path labs at Ysbyty Gwynedd and the coroner did not follow up many matters that he very obviously should have.

A young woman called Dorothy Griffiths from Holyhead died in one of the psychiatric wards in Ysbyty Gwynedd before the Hergest Unit was opened. I’m fairly sure that Dorothy died in either 1987 or 1988. She drowned in the bath. The official story was that Dorothy was a ‘very disturbed lady’ – like all of the rest of us who complained about the paedophiles’ friends. The Angels on the ward – who of course carry out regular observations of the disturbed ladies – eventually noticed that no -one had seen Dorothy for ages, so a search was begun. No-one could find her but someone noticed that a bathroom was locked. A male nurse broke the door down and found Dorothy inside, having drowned.

The shit absolutely hit the fan and an investigation was launched. The local newspaper subsequently reported that the disturbed lady had been recommended to go to the North Wales Hospital, Denbigh as a long term patient but her parents had fiercely objected – now why might that have been?? So Dorothy had been admitted to Ysbyty Gwynedd instead. A nurse called Jackie Ehlen gave evidence at Dorothy’s inquest and maintained that she had given Dorothy anti-psychotic medication. A junior doctor called Colin Flood also testified that Dorothy had been given anti-psychotic medication, but his evidence conflicted with Jackie Ehlen’s. One of them had said that Dorothy had been given oral medication, the other said that she had received an injection. Neither backed down from their story at the inquest and the conflicting evidence was never resolved. However, Dr Sadie Francis – the wife of Dr Tony Francis (Dr X) – gave evidence at the inquest that the toxicology tests had not shown any anti-psychotic medication in Dorothy’s body ‘which was inexplicable’ because of course Dorothy had received the medication, Jackie and Colin Flood had just testified to that. Faced with the fact that somebody – or everybody – was lying, including possibly the path lab, the coroner didn’t dig any further. Dorothy’s death was just that of another nutter. The coroner did say that he didn’t think that bathrooms in psychiatric units should be lockable though. So that was the solution to staff who had neglected their duties with lethal results and then lied on oath – leave the patients with even less dignity and protection from predatory staff or patients.

I spoke to one of Dorothy’s relatives and I heard a bit more. The news of Dorothy’s death had been broken to her parents by ‘two absolutely awful managers’ from Ysbyty Gwynedd. I’m not sure for certain, but I think that those two will probably have been Alun Davies and Barry Shingles. The managers seriously upset Dorothy’s family. Then a few hours later Dr Sadie Francis arrived at Dorothy’s parents’ home. Sadie spent a long time with them, apologised for Dorothy’s death and told them that if she had been there it would not have happened. Dorothy’s mum said that Sadie was ‘lovely, really good’. No-one was disciplined following Dorothy’s death – which greatly upset her parents. They tried to press for disciplinary action but that was never going to happen.

Before Dorothy’s death, there had been a very, very critical report produced about the psychiatric wards in Ysbyty Gwynedd – Seiriol and Dwynwyn wards. The report stated that the wards were unsafe. Gwynedd Health Authority was in meltdown, effectively bankrupt and a team of management consultants were sent in from the Welsh Office. David Hunt, a junior Minister in the Welsh Office – who later became Secretary of State for Wales –  had personally written to Noreen Edwards, a former Angel who was Chair of the Health Authority. The situation was so bad that there were questions in the House from Dafydd Wigley and Ieuan Wyn Jones that were parried by the paedophiles’ greatest friend Wyn Roberts (see post ‘A Visit To Gwynedd Archives’).

In response to the damning report about Seiriol and Dwynwyn wards, a Psychiatric Services Management Committee was created, consisting of Tony Francis, Barry Shingles and Alun Davies – who had been responsible for the shambles in the first place and who all hated each other, but who always worked together to conceal the abuse of patients and the associated criminality. Barry Shingles was a manager who later killed himself after being shafted by his colleagues who had prevented him from bagging the job of CEO of the North West Wales NHS Trust. The dreadful Keith Thomson (see post ‘Former NHS Managers Keeping A Low(er) Profile’) snaffled that instead. Barry Shingles had been severely clinically depressed for a long while before his suicide. So Barry Shingles was someone else who failed to access appropriate care and treatment in the face of a serious illness. Could Shingles have possibly been given the treatment that was meted out to so many witnesses to the wrongdoing of the paedophiles’ friends, that is no treatment at all or treatment which made his condition worse until the inevitable happened? There was no publicity about Shingles’s suicide so I do not know the circumstances under which he died or who found the body. Tony Francis killed himself more recently just after Operation Pallial re-opened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal.

Although Dorothy’s mum felt very reassured by Sadie, I too was reassured by Sadie on many occasions. Documents released to me last year demonstrate that whilst she – and Tony – were presenting themselves as my protectors and even friends, they were working very hard behind the scenes to have me locked up and they perjured themselves repeatedly in attempts to achieve this. I do not know whether Sadie was coerced into being part of it all – she was in the end treated very badly by the very shitbags with whom she had colluded for so long and took early retirement after being frozen out by her colleagues – but I know of other patients who also felt that Sadie had let them down very badly.

As for the results from the path lab re Dorothy – they can’t necessarily be believed either. The pathologist for north west Wales at the time was Dr Donald Wayte, who was notorious. Wayte’s high points included letting a 15 year old schoolboy join him at work because Wayte was friends with the boy’s mum and the teenager wondered what a dead body etc looked like. Wayte also caused a furore in the London based press by stating on the basis of no evidence at all that most cot deaths were the result of the babies being murdered by their parents. Wayte’s wife Avril was another leading light in the pathology service in north Wales – she might even still work for the Betsi Board. If she doesn’t, then she did until quite recently. Avril is a Trustee of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones’s charity CAIS, along with Lucille Hughes and other paedophiles’ friends.

Dr Colin Flood is now a GP in Llandudno, at the Mostyn House Medical Practice.

Perhaps the police would like to re-open the investigation into Dorothy Griffiths’ death and launch an investigation into the death of Barry Shingles as well.

I got to know Jackie Ehlen myself in 1994. When there was yet another attempt to frame me on the basis of the perjury of staff of the mental health service – in this case on the part of Bridget Lloyd, a CPN with the Arfon Community Mental Health Team, who had previously worked as the senior Angel on Seiriol and Dwynwyn wards. After Lloyd lied to the police about me allegedly ringing her office and threatening her (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – The Scottish Play’), Tony Francis declared me to be too dangerous to be in receipt of the mainstream mental health services and I was told that if I went to Ysbyty Gwynedd I’d be arrested. Two staff with whom I did get along very well and found helpful (a senior nurse and a senior occupational therapist) were ordered by the senior managers of the mental health services in north west Wales not to communicate with me in any way. I found out later that the nurse and occupational therapist were livid about this, made representation about it to the hospital authorities but were basically told to fuck off. Tony Francis ordered that I was to be transferred to the forensic psychiatry team – the senior nurse of which was Jackie Ehlen. I met Jackie Ehlen on many occasions and I found her to be very pleasant. I was found not guilty in Court a few months after I had been arrested and charged and I did not have any further contact with Jackie. I then found out that Tony Francis had written a report for the Court BEFORE the trial, stating that WHEN I was found guilty I should be sent to a secure unit.

When I received my full files from my lawyers last year, I found documents written by Jackie Ehlen in 1994, detailing telephone conversations that she had held with another patient about me of which I had no knowledge. Jackie had received a number of telephone calls from him and had documented some (inaccurate) information that he had given to her. Interestingly enough this patient had also made a number of complaints to Jackie about Tony Francis, telling her that he was ‘incompetent’ and ‘mad’. However compromised and threatened Jackie Ehlen felt by the criminals with whom she was working, she was obviously doing a number of things that she should not have been doing.

Jackie continued to work for the mental health services in north Wales, eventually at a senior level – Bridget Lloyd also bagged herself a senior role. I last saw Jackie about five years ago when I bumped into her in Tescos in Bangor. We had a chat and Jackie told me that she was working for the Betsi and doing a PhD at Bangor University.

A quick google search reveals that Jackie contributed to the Betsi’s Strategic Review of Older People’s Care at the end of 2014 which followed the Tawel Fan scandal. The Betsi commissioned Flynn and Eley Associates Ltd to compile the Report upon which they based their Review. Flynn and Eley Associates Ltd thanked a number of people for their advice when compiling the Report, including Jackie Ehlen. Other people who were thanked included Giles Harborne, Adrian Jones, Simon Pyke and Bob Woods. Giles Harborne is an odious psychiatrist who worked with Dafydd at Denbigh and has spent years treating patients like turds and refused to investigate serious complaints both from me and other people when he was appointed Chief of Staff at the Betsi (see post ‘After The Betsi Came Into Being’). Adrian Jones and Simon Pyke were two mental health services managers in north Wales who took early retirement – somebody quipped a few months ago that they’ll have set up their own consultancy and will now be selling their advice to the Betsi – who lied to patients, lied about patients and who were also in communication with officials in the Welsh Assembly who were smearing patients who had complained about the mental health services to Lesley Grifiths and Mark Drakeford when they were Health Ministers (see post ‘His History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy, Second As Farce’). Bob Woods is Professor Bob Woods, a clinical psychologist at Bangor University who has led the clinical psychology programme in north Wales for decades and concealed all the crap along with the best of them (see post ‘The Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Connection’). Bob Woods’s area of expertise is dementia- so that is why Tawel Fan, the worst scandal involving the abuse of dementia patients that there has been in the UK,  happened on Bob’s patch.

Not only do the advisors to Flynn and Eley Associates have a long track record of deceit and concealing criminality and the abuse of patients, but Flynn, Eley and the Associates themselves are cut from the same cloth. Joanna Griffiths is listed as one of the Associates of Flynn and Eley.

Joanna Griffiths is a member of a family who retain such a stranglehold on the social services in north Wales that they are known as ‘the Mafia’. Joanna is the former Director of Conwy Social Services – she was in post when their children’s services were damned by an external investigation as being seriously crap. Joanna is married to Aled Griffiths aka the Buffet Slayer, a man who was a ‘senior lecturer in law and social sciences’ at Bangor University. The Buffet Slayer was the source of much discontent at Bangor University. He failed to turn up to give his lectures, broke into another lecturer’s office and ‘borrowed’ some books without permission, gatecrashed every free lunch/dinner that there was, bullied and pushed other people around, was utterly incompetent and tried to bribe one of the law students when the student began a case of disability discrimination against one of the Buffet Slayer’s friends. In return for all this, one year at the graduation ceremony Bangor University gave the Buffet Slayer an award for teaching excellence. At the graduation lunch after the ceremony, law students could be heard shrieking ‘I don’t believe it, Aled fucking Griffiths has been given a Teaching Fellowship’. Griffiths himself was at the lunch armed with champagne and his extended family who had come to celebrate his success.

The Buffet Slayer has a twin brother, Huw, who was one of the solicitors working in Gwynedd in the 1980s/90s and who sat in the local magistrates courts watching the paedophiles’ friends frame me and other people.

The Buffet Slayer’s sister is Gwenan Carrington, the equally incompetent former Director of Social Services for Gwynedd County Council. Whilst Gwenan Carrington was Director, Gwynedd Social Services were so spectacularly bad that an external inspection deemed them ‘incapable of improvement’. The inspection report made it quite clear that it was the dreadful management that was responsible, not the front line social workers. After the report was published, everybody took the view ‘at last Carrington will be forced to resign’. She wasn’t. The fuckwit Gwen hung on for a few more years until another bomb went off on her watch and then she announced that she was waving everybody a fond farewell. Just as everyone was about to crack open the champagne, Carrington announced that she had a new job – as Director of Community Services on Anglesey. The Slayer’s family come from Anglesey, his dad was a Methodist Minister there and the Slayer is mates with the infamous dysfunctional crooks that double up as the Councillors on Anglesey. Within two years of Gwenan being appointed as Director, there was a crisis in the old folks home – which were the only ‘community services’ that Anglesey had, things like centres for people with learning disabilities didn’t exist anyway. Anglesey County Council had one of their regular financial crises which meant that they had to ‘cut services’ – the only services left were the old folks homes, so Gwenan flogged them to the private sector. Meanwhile, at least one of the County Councillors had become a millionaire as a result of a development that had sprung up on his fields, after he had received planning permission from Anglesey County Council. Not only that, but he then went to prison for other matters.

One of the many things that had to hushed up at Bangor Law School was how two mature female law students who were prosecuted for a massive financial swindle actually found their way onto a law degree. I was told by the other students that the two women were friends of Gwenan Carrington who only had to have a word with her brother for two places to become available…

Whilst the kids in the care of Conwy Social Services were left neglected and whilst the students at Bangor University waited in vain for the Slayer to arrive to give his lectures, Joanna and Aled enjoyed themselves on regular trips abroad. After arranging one of their jaunts to Germany, Joanna became very distressed because she realised that they would be in Germany for her burfday – the Slayer had promised that they would go to the opera on her burfday. So Joanna and the Slayer flew to Germany, then flew back to Cardiff for a night with a thousand stars – the Slayer went backstage to meet them all – and then they buggered off back to Germany again the next day for the rest of their holiday.

On one occasion after the Slayer got rat arsed at an evening do with his buddies at Bangor Business School, he fell into a hole that some workmen had dug outside of the Management Centre building. Did the Slayer take this as an indication that he had drunk too much? No. He threatened to sue his own mates – whose free dinner he had attended – because the workmen hadn’t put enough cones around the hole. There were plenty of cones there and a barrier of warning ribbon, but the Slayer was so pissed that he just crashed through the lot.

I am confident that if I researched the other names listed as Associates of Flynn and Eley, their records of achievement will be as impressive as that of Joanna Griffiths, but I’m going to have to leave that for another occasion – however it is worth me devoting a bit of space here to Flynn.

Dr Margaret Flynn is the former Chair of Lancashire Safeguarding Adults Board. She carried out the serious case review of Winterbourne View, the hospital which was the centre of a Panorama expose some years ago. Undercover filming revealed young learning disabled adults being slapped, kicked and sworn at by their ‘carers’. It transpired that someone had blown the whistle previously but their concerns had been ignored. At the time of Winterbourne View, the Betsi still had Mary Burrows as the CEO, the Mary who tried to challenge the paedophiles’ friends but who was blamed for their wrongdoing and hounded out herself. I was at the Betsi Board meeting – as an observing member of the public – when Mary announced that after Winterbourne View, she had gone through the records to see if there were any patients of the Betsi who had been placed in establishments run by the company which ran Winterbourne View. There were – they had been placed there by the North West Wales NHS Trust. Presumably whilst Martin Jones was CEO – the Martin who co-ordinated the campaign against Mary and even wrote a blog, the purpose of which was to undermine her. Martin is currently Director of Workforce at the Betsi.

In 2013 Margaret Flynn was commissioned by Carwyn to lead the Review that accompanied Operation Jasmine, the police investigation into a chain of elderly people’s homes in Gwent in south Wales which were owned by a Top Doctor. Appalling neglect had taken place which had resulted in the deaths of some of the residents. The scandal was the worst scandal involving old people’s homes in the private sector that there had been in the UK. It was discussed in at least one academic conference in England to demonstrate how little effective regulation there is in privately owned residential homes. The Top Doctor had become a millionaire as a result of the profits from these homes. The police did bring eventually  charges against the Top Doctor, but some months later he was burgled and during the burglary he was coshed on the head. A medical report subsequently declared him unfit to stand trial. I do not remember the GMC ever placing him under investigation.

After the roaring success of Operation Jasmine, the Health Minister and paedophiles’ friend Mark Drakeford appointed Margaret Flynn as Chair of the newly created National Independent Safeguarding Board. Drakeford also appointed five Board members to help Flynn. One was Keith Towler, the former Children’s Commissioner for Wales. Towler’s glorious career began in South Glamorgan County Council’s social services dept. The South Glamorgan County Council which was packed with paedophiles’ friends including Jane Hutt, Julie Morgan and Drakeford himself. Rhodri Morgan was employed by South Glamorgan County Council and at one point the Rev Bob Morgan, dad of the Baroness of Ely – Eluned Morgan – was the leader of that Council (see post ‘More Than Politics And Local Government’). South Glamorgan County Council collaborated  with Nicholas Edwards aka Lord Crickhowell and his mates on the multi-million pound scam that was Corruption Bay (see post ‘Corruption Bay Special’).

Towler then worked in youth justice – in 1998 he was Head of NACRO (National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders) Cymru. I remember NACRO well. It ran meaningless ‘projects’ for the dispossessed, many of whom were victims of the paedophiles and their friends. One of the ‘project supervisors’ employed by NACRO used to live in the same village as me. He was a petty crook who sexually exploited numerous local girls/young women and then spent a number of years cohabiting with Professor Louis Appleby’s former colleague, Denise Baker-McClearns, who joined him in conducting hate campaigns against anyone who challenged the paedophiles’ friends – whilst both of them were personal friends of a man who had served a prison sentence for child sex offences himself. After deciding that being a NACRO supervisor or any other type of employment was too much like hard work I was told that the former NACRO supervisor  took up cocaine dealing. In 2001 Keith Towler was appointed Director of Crime Reduction for NACRO.

Whilst Towler was Children’s Commissioner for Wales, one of his members of staff alleged that there was a big problem with workplace bullying in his office. She was sacked. She took her case to an employment tribunal during which her fitness as a social worker was questioned by Towler. The allegations were found to be unfounded but she was not reinstated. She had worked as a children’s social worker in north Wales for years. Both she and Towler will have known about the paedophile gang – as indeed will have everyone in the Commissioner’s Office.

Another member of Flynn’s Board appointed by Drakeford was Jan Pickles, a social worker who has worked in Gov’t, for the Third sector, in the probation service and for the NSPCC – everywhere that was dominated by the paedophiles’ friends then. After that, Pickles was involved with domestic abuse work. I seem to remember that Janet Pickles was the person named in Harriet Harman’s autobiography as the friend of Julie Morgan whom Harriet was introduced to…

Drakeford also appointed Rachel Shaw as a member of the Board. Rachel has had a long career working with children, as an Angel, a midwife and a health visitor and led the Safeguarding Children Service for Public Health Wales. Public Health Wales was well known as a repository for those who would have been dismissed from their jobs if they had worked in any organisation other than the NHS. I used to share an office with one such person who began life as an Angel in Liverpool, did a law degree but not very well and then reinvented herself as a ‘risk manager’ for the NHS. She was appointed to lead a risk management project based at Bangor University along with Patricia Gaskell, the manager of the Welsh Risk Pool. Gaskell was the former solicitor for the North West Wales NHS Trust who concealed the abuse of patients and criminal misconduct including assaults on patients by staff (see post ‘Who Is In Need Of Restraining?’). Another leading light in the project was John Bowles, the risk manager for Ysbyty Gwynedd whilst patients were slaughtered, a man who referred to his colleagues as ‘my subordinates’. Bowles and Gaskell used to drop in to our office to visit their colleague and Bowles took every opportunity that was available to him to read whatever documents were on my desk, have a look at my computer screen and ensure that he was within eavesdropping distance when I was making phone calls. This was almost certainly related to the war that the North West Wales NHS Trust were waging on me at the time after Gaskell had failed to investigate my complaints. I found out that Gaskell wasn’t investigating other people’s complaints either when she worked for the Trust. After three years the project imploded, everyone fell out with everyone else in true NHS style, the two PhD students who were part of the project left without Masters degrees let alone PhDs and so few project deliverables had been delivered that the project funders made noises about the return of their money. There was a huge row at a senior level in the University and the glorious leader of this appalling mess, the expert in risk management, became seriously depressed. Unlike your average service user, she didn’t find her life and career destroyed – no, she sued the University although how none of us ever discovered and was then given a job with Public Health Wales. Which she subsequently left under a huge cloud. It was not the end of the line. She set up an executive coaching business no less and over the last couple of years has been commissioned by the Betsi to train their senior doctors in the ways of ‘managing change’ and ‘transformational practice’. I cannot help wondering if the root of her success is related to the knowledge that she has about the wrongdoing of the paedophiles’ friends and her friendship with that very good friend of the paedophiles, the former CEO of the Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust, Gren Kershaw (see posts ‘How Much Do Staff Surveys Really Tell Us?’ and ‘The Reality Is, There Is No Problem’).

I can see great things ahead for the National Independent Safeguarding Board.


Now for a bit more background on a man whom I introduced in my post ‘A Galaxy of Talent’, Ed and David Miliband’s Uncle Harry.

Uncle Harry was Professor Harry Keen who died in April 2013. Uncle Harry was married to Aunt ‘Nan’, Anna, who was Ralph Miliband’s sister. Uncle Harry spent his career in the elite London medical schools, log jammed with Top Doctors who run Harley Street clinics and profitable side-lines in expert witness testimonies alongside their NHS work. Uncle Harry qualified at St Mary’s Paddington on 5 July 1948 – the same day that the NHS came into being! Uncle Harry made much of this for PR purposes. Whenever Uncle Harry and his mates went into battle with the Gov’t – which as I shall explain happened quite regularly – Uncle Harry would remind them that the day that he qualified ‘was the start of his lifelong love of the NHS’. Uncle Harry had a little anecdote that he related which served him well in multiple situations. It concerned him paying a home visit to a poor down-trodden mother of two boys, Billy and Johnny (very obviously rather contrived names), at the dawn of the NHS. Mrs Anonymous – Uncle Harry didn’t invent a name for her – had called him out without realising that we now had an NHS and she didn’t have to pay for the medicine. In her attempt to skimp on the cost, she tried to pull the wool over Uncle Harry’s eyes as a result of her intentions to share one pot of medicine between the two boys although they had different medical needs. Uncle Harry worked out what was going on and was delighted to tell Mrs Name Not Worth Remembering that he could now give her a free prescription for BOTH boys. So the waifs received the appropriate medicines and Uncle Harry left the slum dwelling with a warm glow, safe in the knowledge that he would trot this story out in the event of every BMA pay claim.

Uncle Harry did not explain to the slum dwellers that the BMA had fought tooth and nail against the creation of the NHS and that the only way that Nye Bevan got them to agree to accept it was to ‘stuff their mouths with gold’ and give the Top Doctors enormous power within the NHS that was paying them a bloody fortune out of the taxes of people far less well paid.

After qualifying, Uncle Harry worked in the Medical Unit at St Mary’s Paddington until 1953. St Mary’s is the traditional birth place of Posh Babies – Prince William was born there. Half of the NHS obs and gynae budget was probably invested into Lindo Wing when Di announced her pregnancy. At the time that William was born there was much dissatisfaction with NHS maternity services which resulted in public protests. Up in Bangor, the St David’s Laundry was still in operation and at the London Hospital there was a civil war taking place between Wendy Savage and her boss (see post ‘The BMA and It’s Ethics’).

Uncle Harry of the Proles was then appointed Senior Clinical Assistant in the Diabetic Dept in King’s College Hospital, where he worked under Dr R.D. Lawrence, better known as Dr Robin Lawrence, who 19 years previously had founded the British Diabetes Association (now Diabetes UK) with his patient H.G. Wells.

If one googles Dr Robin Lawrence, one actually finds news stories about another Dr Robin Lawrence. This Dr Robin Lawrence was a Harley Street psychiatrist who in 2010 was struck off after telling a female patient who consulted him after she had a miscarriage about his sexual fantasies which featured her. Lawrence was subsequently reinstated after a High Court ruling that the decision was ‘unlawful due to unfairness during the GMC hearing and in the decision making process’ and because of ‘procedural and evidential irregularities’. Lawrence was subsequently reinstated on the register.

In 2000 the same Dr Robin Lawrence – then a senior fellow at the Institute of Psychiatry – denied serious professional misconduct at a GMC hearing after recommending to one of his young female patients that she should have sex with him on a regular basis as therapy when she mentioned that she was a virgin who was feeling a bit anxious about having sex for the first time. She had been his patient for three years and had originally consulted him about an eating disorder and her distress after her father had died. Lawrence – a married father of four – downloaded porn from the internet and showed it to her as part of the therapy.

An article in the Independent from Dec 1992 features the same Dr Robin Lawrence who was then working as a psychiatrist at South Western Hospital, Clapham. A woman had been sectioned and held at that hospital on the grounds that she had broken the tiles off the walls of her house and had made a bonfire in her house. It transpired that her power had been cut off after her house was flooded and that the only way that she could keep warm was by making a small fire. She had taken the tiles off her wall to make a safe platform and a surround for the fire. When it was discovered what had actually happened, a Mental Health Review Tribunal released her immediately. Robin Lawrence sectioned her again for six months before she had time to leave the hospital on the grounds that her ‘mental state had deteriorated’ and that he wanted to ‘try a new drug’ with her. The High Court were hearing the case and MIND expressed concerns that if the High Court upheld Lawrence’s actions, it would open up a loop hole in the Mental Health Act.

I am delighted to report that Robin Lawrence is still working as a psychiatrist and is advertising his services online. At the time of the South Western Hospital business, the mental health services in north Wales were far too busy facilitating the paedophile ring to look after any patients. I lived in the same village as a seriously mentally ill man who was also lighting open fires in the derelict school house in which he lived to keep warm. Neighbours were taking him food parcels because he had nothing to eat. Numerous villagers rang Gwynedd Social Services begging them to come out and help him but the please of everyone were ignored (see post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’). Throughout the many years that Robin Lawrence abused his position and shagged his patients, Dafydd did the same in north Wales whilst the GMC ignored every complaint about him and MIND colluded with his criminality and misconduct.

After 7 years at King’s, Uncle Harry spent a year as a researcher at the National Institute for Health in the US. In 1961 he returned to the UK and took up a position as a senior lecturer at Guy’s, an association ‘which would last for the rest of his life’. In 1971 Uncle Harry became the Professor of Human Metabolism at Guy’s and was head of the Academic Unit for Metabolic Medicine. He remained there until his retirement in 1990, after which he was Professor Emeritus -along with Dafydd’s mate Jim Watson, who was concealing organised child sexual abuse with his former colleagues at St George’s who also had a line in the dealing and distribution of drugs (see post ‘A Galaxy of Talent’).

Uncle Harry was active in healthcare policy and in the late 1980s he led an unsuccessful High Court challenge against Secretary of State Ken Clarke’s 1989 NHS reforms. Uncle Harry and the Top Doctors really hated Ken Clarke and he really hated them. As all of them were concealing the paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire, their battles ended in stalemate. There is a bit of a mystery concerning one matter during Ken’s Reign. When St George’s Hospital Medical School relocated to Tooting Broadway in the early 1980s, the old St George’s building and the land upon which it stood at Hyde Park Corner was worth a bomb. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor aka the Duke of Westminster told the Gov’t that he wanted to be given the market value from the sale of the old St George’s site, on the grounds that St George’s had been established as a result of a  money and land gifted by his forebears. Ken Clarke thought that Gerald’s demand was outrageous – Ken wanted the Gov’t to sell the Hyde Park site to the Duke on the grounds that the NHS needed the money more than the Duke of Westminster did. Gerald Grosvenor contacted Thatcher and she was prepared to cave in to the Duke’s demands. For reasons that Ken Clarke doesn’t explain, he managed to persuade Thatcher not to hand millions of pounds over to the Duke of Westminster when she had absolutely no legal obligation to do so and the Hyde Park site was sold to the Duke. Clarke managed to do this when he was just a junior Minister in Health, before he became Secretary of State, but does not explain how he managed to gain the upper hand in a struggle with both Thatcher and the Duke of Westminster. See post ‘Running The Country – And All That Jazz’ for a more detailed account of this.

Gerald Grosvenor was at that time the President of the City of Chester Conservative Association. The Tory MP for Chester was Sir Peter Morrison who was part of Thatcher’s Government and a buddy of Thatcher’s. Morrison was abusing children in care in north Wales and elsewhere, including attending sex parties with them. Thatcher was told about this but appointed Morrison Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party anyway and it was a source of gossip in the Conservative Association of Chester. On one occasion Morrison was seen driving away from Bryn Estyn with a boy in his car. I received an e mail the other day telling me that the boys at Bryn Estyn were sent on work placements at the Grosvenor estate but they used to be very reluctant to return once they’d been there a few times, although none of the boys would explain why they didn’t want to continue to visit the estate.

Gerald Grosvenor suffered from serious anxiety  and unspecified ‘nervous problems’ and was involved in a scandal after he was identified as a customer of a very expensive escort agency in the US (see post ‘I Want Serious Money Now Please’).

Uncle Harry was President of the NHS Support Federation and before his death had been actively campaigning against recent NHS changes. He was Chair of the British Diabetic Association/Diabetes UK, 1990-96 and then Vice-President for the rest of his life.

The website of Diabetes UK explains that it was founded in 1934 ‘by H.G. Wells’ and funds UK-based research into diabetes. In 2011 Diabetes UK gave more than £1 million in research grants and also funded 5 PhD studentships. Diabetes UK runs local support groups across the UK and also organises ‘events’ for people with diabetes.

Since Jan 2013 the Chair of Diabetes UK has been Sir Peter Dixon. For ten years Dixon was a Council member and a Trustee of the NHS Confederation, the body which represents the most senior managers in the NHS. Sir Peter was previously the Chair of UCL Hospitals Foundation Trust and Enfield and Haringey Health Authority. Haringey has been the site of many health and welfare scandals, the most recent high profile one being the murder of Baby P (see post ‘Everywoman?’). Diabetes UK’s website tells us that currently Sir Peter is: Chair of Imperial College Health Partners; Chair of the Anglia Ruskin Partnership; Chair of the South East Coast Ambulance Trust and a Trustee of Pathways, the ‘UK’s leading homeless healthcare charity’. Sir Peter was Chair of the Housing Corporation, 2003-08. His earlier career was in banking, business and finance.

The Vice-Chair of Diabetes UK was Julian Baust who in 2010 retired as Chair and MD of Kodak Ltd. He now works as a management consultant. Julian enjoys a number of ‘country based activities’. So Julian is one of those very rich businessmen who pays several thousand quid for a days shooting in parts of Wales and Scotland where they arrive by helicopter because they are not Uncle Harry’s NHS patients, many of whom will travel by bus.

Sir Harry Burns is a member of the Diabetes UK Board. Sir Harry is a Top Doctor who graduated from Glasgow University in 1974. By 1984 he was a consultant surgeon at the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow. Sir Harry’s work with patients living in the east end of Glasgow gave him an ‘insight into the complex inter-relationships between social and economic status and illness’. In 1994 Sir Harry was appointed Director of Public Health for Great Glasgow Health Board, in which post he ‘continued his research into the social determinants of health’. In 2005 Sir Harry was appointed Chief Medical Officer for Scotland. In April 2014 Sir Harry became Professor of Global Public Health at Strathclyde University, where he pursues his interest ‘into how societies create wellness’. In 2014 First Minister Nicola Sturgeon presented Sir Harry with a lifetime achievement award from the Scottish Government for Public Service.

I had previously attributed the terrible housing that still exists in the east end of Glasgow, the presence of the outrage there that is Parkhead Hospital and the fact that men in Glasgow’s east end have a DECREASING life-span and the shortest life-span among men in the UK – and among most of Europe – to the influence of Sir Harry’s colleague from Glasgow University, Sir Kenneth Calman, paedophiles’ friend and former Chief Medical Officer of Scotland, CMO of England and Wales and dad of Radio 4 comedy favourite Susan Calman (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part IV’). I now realise that it must be a result of Sir Harry’s lifelong career as a leading light in social and health inequalities.

Sir Harry’s fellow Board members include Noah Franklin, the Treasurer of Diabetes UK since July 2011. Noah was Group Finance Director of Volace International Ltd. After graduating from Oxford, Noah Frankin became an accountant with Arthur Andersen and then worked for Whitbread. Franklin moved to Cadbury Schweppes with whom he spent 12 years. Franklin held various roles with Cadbury Schweppes, including those of Finance Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa and MD of Global Business Services.

Thank God we had Uncle Harry, Diabetes UK and the Gov’ts who employed Uncle Harry and his mates as advisors to berate  people on low incomes for boozing too much and eating junk food instead of guacamole. Sir Harry Burns will be able to explain that it is because Poor People are uneducated and ‘unaspirational’. And if they are men it is because They Won’t Visit Their Doctors And Talk About Things. Fortunately if a very wealthy person who drinks far too much and goes under the name of George Best wrecks his liver, Sir Roger Williams is at King’s College Hospital to ensure that that he is prioritised for a liver transplant on the NHS, even if he continues to drink like a fish and breach all the rules whilst remaining on the transplant list.

Noah Franklin has also worked as Chief Finance Officer of a ‘venture developing large scale arable farming in South America’. What could this have been about I wonder – growing the feedstuff for the beef cattle who were then turned into Big Macs perhaps??

Professor Wasim Hanif sits on the Board. He is Professor of Diabetes and Endocrinology, consultant physician and Clinical Director of Diabetes at the University Hospital, Birmingham. Wasim was selected for the King’s Fund Leadership Programme in Diabetes. One wonders how – Wasim’s specialism is diabetes in South Asian populations in the UK, which continue to have high rates of diabetes despite Wasim’s efforts. Wasim had held many Gov’t advisory roles, including at NICE.

Gareth Hoskins is another Board member. Gareth was Executive Director of Legal & General plc. He is also an advisor to Green Park Partners Ltd, a ‘London-based investment and advisory business’.

Board member Helen McCallum retired as DG of Consumers International in 2013. Previously Helen had spent 5 years as Head of Communications in the NHS – before devolution. So Helen knew what was happening in the north Wales mental health services when Dafydd was allowed to ‘retire’ without any of the complaints about him being followed up and was given the contract to provide substance abuse services for north Wales at the same time (see post ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’). McCallum’s success at keeping that sewer out of the media led to her appointment in 1999 as Director of Communications at the Department of Health by the Milibands’ friend Blair – whilst Blair concealed the on-going shite in the NHS and managed the fall-out from the Waterhouse Inquiry. Helen will have known that people were dying at Mid-Staffs as well but she took care not to communicate that to the wrong people – such as people who lived locally who were risking their necks when they went to the local hospital. After her success at the DoH Helen spent 7 years doing her Lord Haw Haw bit at the UK Environment Agency. Perhaps when Tony and then Gordon did the dirty deals behind closed doors that resulted in the new Hinkley Point development being given the go-ahead. Helen is a Trustee of ‘Arts and Minds’, a Cambridgshire charity for people with  mental health problems.

Janice Watson is another member of the Board who has had a career in finance. Janice sat on the Advisory Investment Committee of WHO (World Health Organisation).

Another Board member is Prof Rhys Williams, who retired as Professor of Clinical Endocrinology and Dean of Medicine at Swansea University in 2011. So he’ll have been Dean at Swansea when the awful Frances Rapport was given a Chair in Swansea School of Medicine on the basis of a publication list that would not have flattered a post-doc with two years of research experience. How Frances ever managed to achieve this was discussed the length and breadth of Wales. Jaws hit the ground once again a few years later when despite having achieved no more, Frances announced that she was off to Harvard. Frances became an academic in mid-life, her first career was as Something Arty. Frances is a sensitive soul, she wears silk scarves, writes poetry and wins awards from Arty organisations. Her brother was a big name in social anthropology by the time that Frances decided that she’d like to become a Professor of Social Sciences and her family own a huge building company which seems to have built most of south Wales. Frances’s colleague Rhys was Vice-President of Diabetes International, 2000-06. Previously Rhys was heavily involved with the diabetes division of WHO in Geneva – he still acts as a visiting consultant for WHO. Rhys Williams led the Advisory Group Review of Diabetes Services in 1993 and Chaired the Diabetes UK Wales Advisory Council

The final person listed on this Board of moneyed spivs and hypocrites is Dr Bob Young, who spent over 25 years working as a consultant diabetologist for Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.


Barbara Young, the CEO of Diabetes UK, described Uncle Harry as ‘one of the greatest defenders of a first-class NHS open to all on equal terms’. That must be why Uncle Harry’s two nephews colluded with other leading lights in New Labour to conceal malpractice and criminality in the NHS, much of it relating to organised child sexual abuse, which resulted in the likes of me and a few others being generally abused and then unlawfully refused NHS treatment. David Miliband has scarpered to America but Ed is still in the UK pledging his support for Angels and the NHS and whiskers on kittens and raindrops on roses, stressing that the NHS and the Top Doctors need even more money. Whenever Ed starts waxing lyrical about the NHS he mentions Uncle Harry, kind wise Uncle Harry who was such an influence on Ed whilst Ed was growing up. Uncle Harry whose colleagues were concealing a paedophile gang and organised crime whilst being paid a great deal of money.

Uncle Harry’s colleague from Guy’s, Professor Giancarlo Viberti, maintained that Uncle Harry was ‘one of the most non-discriminatory people that I have ever met’. No-one ever mentions the extreme discrimination that anyone who challenged Dafydd and the paedophile gang encountered, not even in order to win their battle with Ken Clarke.

Sir George Alberti was a friend and colleague of Uncle Harry’s for 40 years. Between 1985-2002 Sir George was Professor of Medicine at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and then Dean of Medicine (1995-97) there. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Medical School was populated with people who did Dafydd and the paedophiles many favours, particularly Lord John Walton the neurologist (see post ‘Little Things Hitting Each Other’). Professor Bob Woods and Dr Neil Davies who spent years working in the mental health services alongside Dafydd and the paedophiles both previously worked in mental health in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Liam Donaldson, the utterly lacklustre Chief Medical Officer whom Ed and David’s mate Blair appointed, is now Chancellor of the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Liam Donaldson’s principal claim to fame before Blair appointed him CMO was being the Senior Medical Officer of the Health Authority which employed Marietta Higgs and Geoffrey Wyatt, the two bottom inspecting paediatricians who were the cause of the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal. That scandal resulted in over 100 children being unnecessarily taken into care, serious accusations being levelled at innocent people and two suicides by innocent people who had been imprisoned – but at least it successfully muddied the waters regarding the abuse of children by the paedophile gang in north Wales (see post ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas And The Culprits Were Named’), the leading lights of which had previously worked in Gateshead where they had run a paedophile gang, which had been concealed by Ernest Armstrong the Labour MP and the father of Blair’s close mate Hilary Armstrong who succeeded her father in that seat (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’).

The north east of England was a political stronghold of Blair and his mates.

Sir George Alberti was Chair of King’s College Hospital Foundation NHS Trust, 2011-15. King’s College Hospital Foundation Trust was placed in special measures only weeks ago the day after the Chairman Bob Kerslake resigned. Bob was previously head of the Civil Service, 2012-15, so will know a great deal about the wrongdoing concealed by civil servants as described in post ‘Additional Security Measures’. Upon resigning Bob made a tear jerking statement about the cruel Gov’t starving the NHS of funds and how being a man of principle he was therefore resigning. King’s had been heading for disaster for a very long time, but because so many Top Doctors worked there no-one acknowledged what was going on. It was decided that there was no option but to place King’s in special measures as a result of the ‘sheer scale and pace of deterioration’ of its financial situation. King’s College Hospital was the territory of Sir Roger Williams, George Best’s doctor and the location of George Best’s liver transplant, although the public were led to believe that George paid for that transplant to be carried out by the private sector.

Bob Kerslake was recently appointed as an advisor to Jeremy Corbyn on health.


I mentioned the charitable nature of Lord David Sainsbury in my post ‘Security, Security’. Sainsbury is a billionaire who Chaired the Family business – Sainsbury’s, 1992-97. In 1997 he was given a peerage by Tony Blair and in 1998 was appinted the Minister for Science and Innovation. Sainsbury resigned from that post in 2006 but maintained that his resignation had nothing to do with the cash for honours scandal that had recently exploded. In July 2006 David Sainsbury had been the first person to be interviewed in the investigation but Charlie Falconer reassured everyone that Sainsbury’s appointment as Minister had been on merit alone and was entirely unrelated to the dosh that he had given to the Labour Party. So how meritorious was David Sainsbury? Well he had been to Eton and was a graduate of King’s College, Cambridge, had an MBA from Columbia Business School and had run the huge chain of supermarkets that he had inherited by accident of birth. How much had Sainsbury given to the Labour Party? Between 1996-2006 when he resigned his Ministerial position Sainsbury donated £16 million to the Labour Party. His generosity continued after 2006 – Sainsbury was a big fan of Gordon and donated another £2.5 million to the Labour Party during 2007-08. Sainsbury is also associated with the IPPR and Progress. He gave £2 million to Progress between 2001-11. Between Dec 2011-April 2013 Sainsbury gave £390k to Progress and the Movement for Change.

David Sainsbury did not end up in hot water simply because he gave many millions to the Labour Party. The real fuss was made because of a secret loan of £2 million that he’d given the Labour Party. Not that it was secret – Sainsbury admitted misleading the public by not declaring the loan but only ‘unintentionally’. David had declared the loan to his Permanent Secretary at the DTI Sir Brian Bender, but Bender’s office had become ‘confused’ because Sainsbury had made the loan at the same time as he’d made one of his many substantial donations to the Party. Sainsbury was giving Blair so much dosh that understandably the civil servants lost track of what he’d given and when.

Charlie Falconer who was Lord Chancellor at the time stated that individuals who loan money to political parties should not be barred from office, particularly if they are as talented as the enormously wealthy David Sainsbury. However in April 2006 in an interview with the Guardian Charlie admitted that the party loan amendment to the electoral administration bill that was at that time going through Parliament was an attempt to address the ‘considerable’ public concern over secret loans following the cash for honours scandal that had blown up in March 2006. Blair had commissioned retired civil servant Sir Hayden Philips to conduct a review of the funding of political parties to calm the storm. Falconer told the Guardian that he was going to completely rely on Sir Hayden’s opinion and that of course he wasn’t going to tell Hayden what the Gov’t thought it’s conclusions were in advance. So was there a danger of Hayden saying anything that could put Blair et al in a difficult position? Let’s take a look at Sir Hayden’s track record.

Hayden Philips is a graduate of Clare College, Cambridge and of Yale. He joined the civil service as an Assistant Principal in the Home Office in 1967 – when the Home Secretaries were Roy Jenkins (Dec 1965-Nov 1967) and Jim Callaghan (Nov 1967-June 1970). In 1967 the Home Office was directly responsible for the management of Approved Schools such as Axwell Park at Gateshead and Bryn Estyn. In 1967 Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth were working at Axwell Park and a paedophile ring was operating there, which was being concealed by Blair’s mate Ernest Armstrong who was using his friendship with Tony Crosland in Harold Wilson’s Gov’t to do this. In 1973 Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth relocated to Bryn Estyn – where they added to – and no doubt expanded – the paedophile gang which was busy in north Wales. Bryn Estyn was directly managed by the Home Office when Arnold and Howarth took up their jobs there. Hayden remained at the Home Office until 1977. Between 1970-72 he was Economic Advisor and then Principal, 1972-74, under Heath’s Home Secretaries, Reginald Maudling and Robert Carr. Roy Jenkins was Home Secretary, 1974-76 when Hayden Philips was Assistant Secretary at the Home Office and then Principal Private Secretary to Roy.

So Philips served in the Home Office under every Home Secretary that concealed the paedophile ring which originated in Gateshead and then sent two of its leading lights to north Wales to add to the fun there. Roy Jenkins not only concealed institutionalised child sexual abuse but he had an affair with Tony Crosland, who was used to conceal it as well – but then Roy Jenkins did some quite interesting things (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part ‘). Blair used to maintain that Roy Jenkins was his mentor and he did appoint Jenkins to advisor roles.

Roy and Hayden were so fond of each other that when Roy was appointed President of the European Commission in 1977, Hayden went with him as his Deputy Chef de Cabinet.

An article in the Spectator in 2003 about Hayden Philips described Roy Jenkins as Hayden’s ‘first and greatest patron’. Jenkins didn’t like dining alone and the Spectator informs us that when Roy was at the European Commission, 1977-79, Hayden frequently kept him company when he dined, along with the Chef de Cabinet, Crispin Tickell and a more junior member of staff Laura Grenfell. Before long Hayden divorced his first wife Dr Ann Watkins and married Laura. Laura’s father was Lord St Just and her mother was Leslie Carter, the daughter of Conde Nast of New York. Leslie Carter later married Mark Bonham-Carter. Bonham-Carter was the grandson of Liberal PM H.H. Asquith. His sister was married to Jo Grimond the leader of the Liberal Party and Bonham-Carter was an advisor to Grimond throughout his leadership. Bonham-Carter was also for a short time the MP for Torrington in Devon. One thing that Bonham-Carter will have known all about was the activities of Jeremy Thorpe (see post ‘My How Things Haven’t Changed’).

In 1979 Hayden Philips returned to the Home Office as Assistant Secretary whilst Willie Whitelaw was Home Secretary. Whitelaw used his many influential positions to conceal the paedophile ring in north Wales, of which his colleague Sir Peter Morrison was a member. Whilst Willie blathered on about short sharp shocks and young thugs, Peter Morrison was Lord Commissioner of the Treasury and was molesting those young thugs many of whom weren’t young thugs at all but disadvantaged young people who had fallen into the caring hands of the north Wales social services and mental health services. Hayden was Assistant Under-Secretary at the Home Office, 1981-86. So he’ll have known about the extensive wrongdoing at the Home Office under Home Secretaries Willie Whitelaw, Leon Brittan and Douglas Hurd as detailed in my post ‘Additional Security Measures’.

Philips continued his career at the scene of the crimes of Thatcher’s Gov’t. He was appointed Assistant Secretary in the Cabinet Office in 1986 when Robert Armstrong was Cabinet Secretary (see post ‘Additional Security Measures’). Between 1988-92 Philips was Deputy Secretary in the Treasury and then Permanent Secretary in the Department for National Heritage which evolved into the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, 1992 -98. He served under Secretaries of State David Mellor, Peter Brooke, Stephen Dorrell, Virginia Bottomley and Chris Smith. Chris Smith  was the MP for Finsbury Park which was part of Islington. He will have known about about the paedophile ring in the Islington children’s homes.

Hayden was Clerk of the Crown in the Chancery, 1998-04 and Permanent Secretary of the Lord Chancellor’s Dept, which in 2003 became the Dept of Constitutional Affairs. So that’s what Hayden Philips was doing whilst the Waterhouse Inquiry took place, when the Waterhouse Report was published and during the fall-out afterwards. Philips was working for Blair’s mates Derry Irvine and then Charlie Falconer. Philips was the first person who wasn’t a lawyer to head that Dept but he was such an asset that he was asked to stay on past retirement age, which is how he ended up working for Charlie Falconer.

It was noted by the Spectator that Blair’s ‘reforms’ which led to the creation of the Depts of Culture, Media and Sport and Constitutional Affairs was a process which led to the centralising of Whitehall control over huge swathes of the nation’s life. And Hayden Philips was put in control of it.

The Spectator article mentions that Philips had a reputation for shamelessly doing favours for the people in positions above him and that this made him very unpopular in some circles. A ‘high Tory’ was quoted as saying that Philips ‘was an oily little Welshman who thought he was going to be Cabinet Secretary by oiling up to the Labour Party’. I wonder where in Wales Philips came from – there are no references to any Welsh connections in the profiles that I have found of him. But then considering that Hayden Philips was helping to conceal wrongdoing that resulted in the murder of a number of witnesses to serious crime in Wales involving his political masters in London, it might have been very wise of him not to have advertised his Welsh connections.

Hayden lived on his farm near Salisbury in Wiltshire. Sir Peter Morrison’s family seat was in Wiltshire and dear old Ted Heath retired to Salisbury. Hayden was a Lay Canon at Salisbury Cathedral, Chairman of the Fabric Advisor Committee and Deputy Lieutenant of Wiltshire.

Hayden’s other appointments included: Senior Partner and Director of Hanson Westhouse; Director of GSL Ltd and St Just Farms Ltd; member of the Advisory Board of Englefield Capital; Director of Hanson Capital Investments; Chairman of Digital Cinema Funding Partnership.

Philips was appointed a member of the Council of Marlborough College in 1997 and in 2006 became Chairman of the Council. He was Chairman of the National Theatre, 2004-10.

Sir Hayden Philips was Charities Consultant to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, 2004-09.

Philips conducted a review of the honours system in 2004 – so that’s why there has just been the annual row over the deeply unworthy people who received gongs in the New Years Honours list a few days ago. He did the work of His Master Blair in 2006-07 when he conducted his review of funding for political parties and in 2007 Philips Chaired inter-party talks on political funding.

In Jan 2010 Hayden Philips was appointed the Independent Reviewer for the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority). In Nov 2013 Philips was given the job of appointing the Board of the new Press Regulator.

Hayden Philips is a member of Brook’s club and a mate of Peter Hennessey, who has made a career out of crawling to the most deeply unpleasant politicians. I wonder whether Lord Hennessey of the Shameless Toadying will still dine out on his friendships now that a good number of his pals have been named on the internet as doing favours for a gang of paedophiles? Dafydd will be the only person left on the planet sending him dinner invitations.

So Hayden Philips was the man whom Blair appointed to reassure us all that nothing dodgy had gone on during David Sainsbury’s rapid journey from very rich grocer to the Minister for Science and Technology in the House of Lords.


What about Sir Brian Bender, the mandarin at the top of the DTI who got into a muddle because Sainsbury was giving the Labour Party so much dosh? Is Bender perhaps a dotty old man who’s not very good with numbers? No. Sir Brian Bender has a first degree and a PhD in physics from Imperial College and he joined the civil service after graduation. After the mergers between the institutions of London University, the London medical schools are all – or it might just be nearly all – now part of Imperial College. So the Top Doctors – including those at Hammersmith Hospital/Royal Postgraduate Medical School who built their careers on very questionable practices – now occupy an even mightier bastion of power and privilege. Just imagine the possibilities if you are a rather hopeless Labour politician who has aspirations to be PM and you have a Uncle who was a Top Doctor networked with that lot!

Sir Brian’s career as a mandarin resulted in him becoming Permanent Secretary at MAFF (later DEFRA), 2000-05 and then at the DTI, 2005-07, when he got all those millions from David Sainsbury that were pouring into the Labour Party’s coffers mixed up. Before that however, Sir Brian was Deputy Head of the European Secretariat at the Cabinet Office, 1994-99. Then Sir Brian was Permanent Secretary at the Cabinet Office, 1999-2000. So THAT’S who Blair trusted with that crucial position at the time of the publication of the Waterhouse Report.

Sir Brian had a notorious boss whilst he was the mandarin at the DTI, later known as the Dept for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform – Peter Mandelson! Peter Mandelson employed another civil servant in that Dept as well but he doesn’t know that I know this. Mandy employed as one of his right hand people a law graduate who grew up on Anglesey. She’s considered quite a star back on Anglesey having done so well for herself. Guess who her dad is? He is Ron Evans, who was the crooked lawyer who was employed by Gwynedd County Council back in the 1980s to conceal the paedophile gang! I have lots and lots of documents with Ron’s name on them, detailing the various plans to fit me up in Court – I also have documents written and signed by Lucille Hughes ordering people to add to Ron’s collection of tall tales about me (see post ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’). Nearly all the documents compiled about me by the paedophiles’ friends were CC’d to Ron Evans, not to his boss Hywel Ellis Hughes who was County Secretary. It was Ron who was the go-to crooked lawyer. In fact Ron Evans stopped that lot going to prison as his daughter will be able to tell you. Ron told them all that what they had all done was so serious and so illegal and so inexcusable that none of them must ever say a bloody word about it to anyone. Did Ron Evans end up in the Lords? No. Something very interesting happened to Ron after he saved everyone’s bacon. Ron became very ill with cancer and then had a serious nervous breakdown. He was handed over to the mental health services – one Bridget Lloyd was involved in his ‘care’ – and he was left to rot. He was never able to work as a lawyer again and his wife could not understand why so little could be done for her seriously ill husband. I’ll tell you why Dinah – because they were a bunch of murdering scumbags and their solution for protecting themselves was to dispose of anybody who had the dirt on them. Ron had mountains of it on all of them and when he became ill and could no longer work as a bent lawyer to keep them out of prison, as far as they were concerned he could be left to die just like the rest of us were.

Now Lloyd – would you like to tell the police what happened to Dorothy Griffiths, to Barry Shingles and tell them who told you you tell that pack of lies to the Court when you tried to have me imprisoned? Perhaps you would also like to tell the police the role that Keith Fearns played in that paedophile ring and what his trips to Eastern Europe with the ‘ladies football team’ were really all about? Furthermore you could come clean about just how many people were being unlawfully banged up in north Wales because most of the ‘sectioned’ patients that I met in Ysbyty Gwynedd or the North Wales Hospital Denbigh were being held illegally. Then there was that German student with anorexia – Sabrina – who was being ‘managed’ by Judy and Malcolm Stammers, your ‘social work colleagues’, both of whom knew what Dafydd and the paedophiles were doing – what did Sabrina know about you all that you were so terrified of her talking about? In case you hadn’t realised, the world is catching up with you, so there’ll be no more bullying vulnerable distressed people by Big Nurse anymore…

An article in the Torygraph in Feb 2009 reported that Sir Brian Bender would be retiring the following month with a pension pot worth £1.85 million, providing him with a hefty lump sum and an income of £75k per annum. In 2008 Brian Bender accepted 52 invitations to corporate functions, including KPMG, BT, Shell, Vodaphone and tickets for him and his wife to attend Wimbledon, the Derby and the Chelsea Flower Show. Brian Bender is currently on the list of ‘Speakers For Schools’. A fine example for the nation’s youth to follow…

In 2015 Bender was appointed Chair of Water UK. He was or still is Chairman of Honda’s European Communication and Consultation Group, Chairman of the Advisory Board of MHP Communications and Board mentor for Criticaleye Group.


David Sainsbury didn’t just bankroll the SDP and the Labour Party. He was pretty keen on the idea of the UK remaining in Europe. In 2016 he donated £2.150 million to the Labour Party’s ‘Remain’ campaign and £2.125 million to the Lib Dems ‘Remain’ campaign. Just for good measure Sainsbury also donated £260k to Progress in 2016.

After so many years of keeping New Labour afloat, Sainsbury announced that he would not be making any more donations to political parties and that he would be concentrating on charidee work – he had previous for this.

In 1967 the Gatsby Charitable Foundation was established by the Sainsbury dynasty. In 1993 David gave £200 million of Sainsbury’s shares to the Gatsby Foundation’s assets.

By 2009 the Gatsby Foundation had given £600 million to charity. In 2009 David allocated another £465 million to the Foundation, which made David Sainsbury the first Briton to give more than £1 billion to charity.

David founded the Sainsbury Management Fellowship in 1987 with the purpose of developing engineers into leaders in industry.

David Sainbury donated £127 million to Cambridge University over a period of 10 years.He donated £45 million the the Cambridge University Botanic Garden in 2005. In 2008 the Gatsby Foundation made a £82 million donation to Cambridge University and in 2011 the Cambridge University Sainsbury Laboratory opened. In 2008 David Sainsbury became a Fellow of the Royal Society and in 2011 Chancellor of Cambridge University. That appointment will have been made purely on merit as I am sure that Charlie Falconer could tell us.

David Sainsbury also dabbles in matters mental health. The Gatsby funded the utterly lame Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, which was vigorously promoted to service users. I could never understand why because there was certainly never anything very exciting said or done by the Centre, but it was presented to service users as a Holy Grail. Imagine my surprise when I began teaching on an NVQ in Mental Health for aspiring care assistants at an FE College in Bangor in 2000 and on virtually every page of the course teaching material there was a shameless plug for the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health. It was a piece of marketing and indoctrination every bit as blatant as the ‘samples’ of baby-related gear that are given out to new mothers in hospitals.

David wound up his Centre for Mental Health a few years ago, but the nations’s service users are not free from his yoke yet. David has put his lucre where the Top Doctors are at – into neuroscience! The Gatsby Foundation have funded the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit at UCL since 1998. The Unit shares a much boasted about building with the Sainsbury-Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuitry and Behaviour. David even funded the 2014 Nobel Prize winner for physiology or medicine – Prof John O’Keefe, the Professor of Cognitive Neurosciences at UCL! Prof O’Keefe and some of his colleagues seem to have disappeared from the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit’s webpage since I first mentioned Lord Sainsbury on this blog a few days ago. Too late Prof O’Keefe – I spotted you and remembered.

Presumably mental health research in the UK is now just a matter of David Sainbury saying ‘I own shrinks…’.

The Parole Board has been in the news today. It has incurred a great deal of bad publicity after it was revealed that John Worboys, a particularly vicious serial rapist, had been released from prison early without his victims being informed. This should not come as a surprise, because the Parole Board is packed with the corrupt Top Doctors who concealed the crimes of Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends (see post ‘Security, Security’). Those in key positions at the time of Worboy’s prosecution and conviction also came under fire when it was revealed that Worboys had committed many, many more rapes and serious offences but no-one bothered to charge him with them. Those who have been named and shamed are Keir Steirmer who was DPP, Baroness Patsy Scotland the first black woman QC and a wonder of the world who was Attorney General and the wimmin’s friend Dame Vera Baird who was Solicitor General. All three have previously featured on this blog as paedophiles’ friends. The man wheeled out to answer difficult questions was Prof Nick Hardwick, the Chair of the Parole Board.

So is Nick a corrupt Top Doctor like so many members of the Parole Board? No, but his credentials are just as good. Nick graduated from Hull University in 1979 – so he will have been at Hull with dear old David Hanson MP, a paedophiles’ friend of the highest order (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part II’). Nick was Chief Exec of Centrepoint, 1986-95, so like the man who established Centrepoint the Rev Ken Leech (see post ‘Radical Leicester – And Some Other Free Radicals’), Nick will have known all about kids from care being trafficked into prostitution because they were Centrepoint’s clientele. In 1992 Nick was seconded to the Dept of the Environment to work as special advisor to Housing Minister Sir George Young under Secretaries of State Michael Heseltine and Michael Howard. Young was a Tory MP between 1974-2015, who seven months after John Major appointed him Minister for Housing and Planning appeared on the Radio 4 Today programme and told the listeners that the homeless are ‘the people you step over when you come out of the opera’. As opposed to these days when the homeless are the disabled people who have had their benefits withdrawn because an unqualified assessor from Crapita has decided that they are malingering, or the people whose tower block has gone up in flames. In 1992 during a Parliamentary discussion concerning the Armley Asbestos Disaster, in response to requests for financial assistance from Gov’t for residual asbestos removal , Young refused, stating that it would not be ‘a justifiable use of public funds’.

Young is an enthusiastic cyclist and was known as the ‘bicycling baronet’. In 1982 he appeared with his young children and Jimmy Savile on a British Rail poster advertising the fact that one could now take one’s bike on the train. Despite his fondness for cycling, in 1987 George Young was banned for drink driving. He crashed into a motorway barrier but continued until he was stopped by the police.

George Young has previously been a churchwarden and a member of a diocesan synod of the Church of England. He is a Patron of the Tory Reform Group.

Between 1995-2003 Nick Hardwick was CEO of the Refugee Council. In 2002 he was appointed head of the IPPC and in July 2010 Nick became Chief Inspector of Prisons. In March 2016 he was appointed Chair of the Parole Board.

Hardwick was Chair of the Housing Ombudsman Service, 2010-13. He is or was Chair of the New Horizon Youth Centre and a Trustee of Prisoners Abroad. Leicester University, that institution which employed so many people who concealed the activities of Frank Beck, Greville Janner and the Leicestershire paedophile ring made Nick an Honorary Visiting Fellow. The University of Leicester website mentions that Nick’s ‘earlier career’ was with NACRO. So that will have been in the early 80s – when NACRO, at least in north Wales, were keeping quiet about the paedophile gang although some of their clients had been the victims of that gang.

Nick is Professor of Criminal Justice at Royal Holloway, University of London.


My post ‘A Galaxy of Talent’ mentioned Top Doctors at Barts who concealed serious wrongdoing, including Linford Rees who had connections to Wales. Graham Chapman of Monty Python fame qualified as a Top Doctor from Barts but left medicine soon after qualifying. Chapman came out as gay long before  it was socially acceptable and was an early member of Gay Liberation. Because he was famous and a zany comedian, Chapman’s often very unacceptable conduct was excused. He was an alcoholic who entertained himself by dipping his penis in people’s drinks in pubs in Highgate where he lived but it was only a Python being madcap so he wasn’t arrested. Something else that Chapman did that was very widely known but went unmentioned was to pick up teenaged boys for sex. Chapman ‘took in’ a teenager from Liverpool who had run away. Chapman was interviewed by the police and basically intimidated the plod by stressing that he was a doctor. There were no further inquiries. Everybody was told that the teenager, John Tomiczec, was 17. He was 13. Chapman knew Snowdonia well and visited regularly because he was a keen climber. There was some connection between John, Chapman and Snowdonia – either John was in Snowdonia when he met Chapman or Chapman took him there which was where Chapman was interviewed by the police. John refused to return to Liverpool and Chapman met John’s father and told him that John wanted to move in with Chapman. This is what happened and Chapman and his partner David Sherlock subsequently adopted him in the early 1970s. John was always introduced as Chapman’s son but it was an open secret that there was a sexual element to their relationship. John had a whale of a time living with Chapman. He appeared in a Python film and Graham let him drink as much as he wanted. Chapman died of cancer in 1989 at 48. John died in 1992.

This blog has mentioned 1992 a lot. Sir Peter Morrison stepped down as an MP at the 1992 General Election which was held on 9 April and a whole host of people who had concealed the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal were elevated to the peerage. Professor Hamid Ghodse at St George’s Hospital Medical School whose colleagues had concealed the criminal atrocities of Tony Francis, Dafydd Aun Jones and Lucille Hughes (see post ‘Some Very Eminent Psychiatrists From London…’) opened his International Centre for Drugs Policy. Ghodse had a connection to Wales.

On 15 March 1992 the police carried out dawn raids in the Wrexham area. 16 men and 1 woman were arrested – all but one had worked at Bryn Estyn. No child porn or evidence of a paedophile ring was found. All but 4 of  the 16 men who had been arrested were released before the end of the day without  charge. Of the others only one made any admissions.

John Major’s Tory Party was re-elected on 9 April.

Less than two weeks later five witnesses to the abuse of children in care in north Wales were killed by fire caused by a petrol bomb (see post ‘The Silence of the Welsh Lambs’). The man who allegedly confessed to starting the fire was found dead days later. One man who survived claimed that victims of the paedophile gang in north Wales were being murdered – he was later found dead after having given evidence, days before he was due to receive a payment from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.

At the time of the police raids in Wrexham the Home Secretary was Kenneth Baker and the Secretary of State for Health was William Waldegrave. At the time of the arson attack which killed the five witnesses the Home Secretary was Ken Clarke and the Secretary of State for Health was Virginia Bottomly.

Chris Patten was Chair of the Conservative Party throughout and had organised the Tories election campaign. The Tories had feared losing the election partly because of the perceived crisis of confidence in the criminal justice system. Sir Peter Morrison had previously been Deputy Party Chairman whilst Norman Tebbit was Chairman.

Thatcher’s autobiography ‘The Downing Street Years’ was published in 1993. Among those thanked in the acknowledgements were Sir Peter Morrison.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

34 thoughts on “Inside Information About A Hergest Unit Death”

  1. Condolences to Z and those who knew Medwyn – they will never forget . A death is hard enough to bear but in these circumstances the pain is everlasting. I checked out Inquest as a matter of interest and see that they were involved in the enquiry into Janey Anoniou’s death by suicide. The family had a certain amount of clout as Mike Antoniou was a geneticist and the family had the means to get it publicised – yet one of the most well known ‘user’ reps who ‘worked’ for the coll of psychs was able to kill herself in 2010 whilst on a ward at Northwick Park, supposedly being looked after as a known suicide risk. As a result the policy of ‘duty of care’ was changed but the same old cover ups and ‘lessons learned’ are trotted out still. Vanessa Cameron recently retired CEO of coll of psychs, mentioned in another comment , had published a book together with Janey – sadly many are fooled into becoming token reps but leave when they realise their role is really only to make the org look progressive. Vanessa had rather better ‘treatment’ than Janey but the write up on her retirement in Psych Bulletin in 2106 is a bit hazy. There is another link to the navy as you and Richard point to fairly often . (The Navy Lark? ) It could be the result of cronyism and nepotism as much inherited advantage has been passed down through the centuries never mind decades through placing sons in the navy. -V’s father was posted to USA by the royal navy – and later worked for military intelligence after being funded by the navy at cambridge uni. He ‘moved around various ports along the south coast’ but V left home to work in a bookshop in Oxford as she ‘liked being with clever people’ but was not stable enough to enter higher education. Then left to work in admin at an oxford college – then left in 1972 – ‘to take up a post at the United Nations working on thefirst Middle East Peace Conference ,working with two Russian diplomats, her job being to ensure that all the documents were produced in good english. So very detailed information would have passed by Vanessa. She is nothing but ‘discreet’ a useful qualification at the coll of psychs.Not bad so far for a girl with none of the ususal academic qualifications athough a dad in military intelligence may be useful.- and a Scottish mother who was a committed communist at one time. Her parents later divorced. V then became unwell due to the stress of an unspecified ‘security issue’ (?!) and returned to UK where ‘somehow or other (?!) she found her way to the coll of psychs and at age 32 with no relevant qualifications was given the job of Sec. -the title was later changed to CEO. Here is the Scottish connection (the Welsh one through Ken Rawnsey came later). – Timbury was the Scottish rep and registrar but had previously been in the Coldstream Guards which has ties to Scotland – 1953-55. and maybe V’s family? He was the Scottish rep on the GMC 1980 and chairman of pub policy at the college. He is remembered partly for a love of ‘pleasures of the table’ (so quaint!) and a – wait for it – ‘deep wisdom’. Well he could have done worse than appoint V C to be fair . So the marriage to Jonathan Cameron describes him as a lawer and film maker. He is or was a director at GIG House Films which has a fascinating history should anyone have the inclination to look. His films involve various projects in the NHS and more unusually involve projects across the globe filming the transport of radioactive material – some for use in UK hospitals for diagnostics; a filming of nuclear submarine; D Day Film for the Suffolk regiment and the Royal Navy Alliance museum project. Many of the projects would require high level clearance from the Navy and U.N. Vanessa’s father would not be a ‘Cameron’ presumably unless husband and father have the same surname. So what level he was working on in the navy or military intelligence is unknown. The story has not ended yet as Vanessa is now working part time again in Geneva for the World Psychiatric Association , She also has time for working as a Mental Health Tribunal lay member and has been invited to join the Board for the Global Initiative on Psychiatry dealing with Human Rights – and has ‘another one or two irons in the fire’ Perhaps she could find time to write about what she knows of the abuse of human rights suffered by such as Sally ,Medwyn and Janey and so many many others in the UK during 36 years of working as the CEO at the Royal College of psychiatrists. She sigs off as ‘I won’t be bored!’

    1. Thanks for the info about Vanessa Cameron, I’ll do a bit of research on her background.

      What you say about the death of a service user rep comes as no surprise to me. Those we know and love do not even look after their own even when the minions have given many years of toadying craven service. Barry Shingles the corrupt manager in Ysbyty Gwynedd was found dead, Tony Francis was found dead, the dreadful Marilyn the ‘independent advocate’ found that her partner committed suicide and Marilyn was then shipped out to a job as an ‘independent advocate’ to Broadmoor whilst old Savile managed the place and as I explained in the post above, the crooked lawyer Ron Evans who kept them all out of prison was abandoned when he became seriously ill. Another tame service user and MIND rep in Gwynedd was stuffed over as well – Sue Sayer, who kept obediently silent about all the deaths and criminality, also lost her partner to suicide. This is how the reign of terror works – if the worms even begin to turn they’ll find that they and their nearest and dearest will find it impossible to get NHS care no matter how seriously ill they become.

      I think that it’s about time that I reminded the world of another unexpected death which happened at the very time that Tony Francis and Bridget Lloyd were trying to have me sent to a secure unit on the basis of Lloyd’s perjury – the death of Lilimore Crowther, a former psych nurse who then became a psychology lecturer at Bangor University. Lil was married to Jeff Crowther, a nursing officer who worked at the Hergest Unit.

      I remember the death of Lil well. Because the managers at Gwynedd Health Authority had ordered my key workers not to communicate with me in any way after Lloyd lied to the police and accused me of threatening her, to cover their arses legally the Health Authority had to give me and the person with whom I shared my house – who was also a Hergest patient – some sort of ‘service’. So they allowed Jeff to come out and visit us. Jeff was due at our house on the day that Lil died. He didn’t turn up – he had popped back home before leaving for ours when Lil told him that she had a terrible headache. He went to make her a cup of tea only to find that she had collapsed. Lil was taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd but ooh dear they couldn’t save her, in the way that they are so good at not saving certain people.

      Those we know and love were deeply suspicious of Jeff and accused him of giving me information about Dafydd. He never did, although he definitely knew much of what Dafydd was up to. They also forced him to give evidence against me in Court but it was Jeff’s truthful statement that prevented me from going to prison when Dafydd et al tried to frame me for ‘trying to stab a junior doctor’. They will not have forgiven Jeff for that – they had the whole operation planned, Dafydd was on board, so was Tony Francis, so was Risley Remand Centre, so was Janice Davies from Denbigh, so were the Mental Health Act Commission. The plan was scuppered by Jeff telling the truth and Sgt Morgan in Bangor Police Station refusing to take phone calls from Janice Davies and co at Denbigh who were all ringing up to make allegations that I had threatened them. Shet Morgan also protected me by refusing to let Dr DGE Wood the corrupt GP into the cells to see me. Sgt Morgan then found himself up in court for indecent assault and was found guilty and sacked. Dafydd carried on running the paedophile ring.

      After Lil died Jeff was transferred to the drugs team on Anglesey – Dafydd ran the drugs service. Jeff was then threatened with death by a man so dangerous that Jeff had to go into hiding.

      Not only did Jeff have all the shit on Dafydd and the psychiatric services but Lil worked in the psychology team at Bangor University whilst Fergus Lowe was gradually replacing Dafydd’s corruption with his own corruption. Dafydd’s daughter Dwynwyn was doing her PhD there at the time – Dafydd fiddled her a place although her degree wasn’t good enough for her to be offered a place under normal circumstances. Dafydd then tried to embezzle Catherine Robinson’s salary to fund Dwynwyn’s place at a private college to qualify as a clinical psychologist but Fungus stopped him. Everybody knew that Robinson was the football between Dafydd and Fungus, including Jeff and Lil.

      Nothing in the health and welfare services in north Wales could be believed – not the diagnoses, not the expert witness reports, not the pathologists reports, not the toxicology tests, not the coroner’s reports, absolutely nothing. People died and the same names cropped up repeatedly – Dafydd, Tony and Sadie Francis, Bridget Lloyd, Keith Fearns. Furthermore innocent men were framed for sex offences by using the little women nurses/doctors/social workers to lie and then pretend to be flying to flag for wimmins’s safety – whilst women were sexually exploited by staff.

      What did Robinson retweet yesterday? A slogan urging everyone to ‘Share the Love of the NHS’! Well how many more suspicious deaths do you think that I know about then Catherine? Whilst you’re busy sharing the love I’ve been forced to live in hiding and Dorothy Griffiths and many more are dead, having been branded ‘disturbed’.

      The sadness is Lydia that even if/when this lot are investigated by Operation Pallial it’ll be too late. The paedophile gang operated for years and the people who died can’t be brought back. And everybody knew what was going on.

      Have looked up Prof Kenneth Rawnsley – another Grade A git. Will be blogging about him soon – he ran psychiatry in Wales and was responsible for giving Dafydd’s ‘therapeutic community’ in the cellar of Denbigh the stamp of approval. Rawnsley had contacts in Yorkshire, Manchester, London, the US and New Zealand. Rawnsley carried out LSD experiments on patients although he knew that it would put them at risk and he took LSD and mescaline himself with his friends. And until the early 80s he sat in the Chair of Psych at Cardiff and pompoused at everybody else…

      More on Rawnsley and chums to come soon…

      1. Jesus Christ Lydia – have just read Vanessa Cameron’s Linked In profile. What a dipstick – she tells us that mental health attracts stigma. I think that she means mental illness. Mental illness is stigmatized because Vanessa’s mates at the Royal College of Psychs denounce patients who complain about them as dangerous. Vanessa states that the Royal College has a turnover of 17 million quid. That is a great deal of money to spend on fucking things up badly and concealing child abuse.

        Did you notice John Venables back in the news? He’s been done for possessing child porn – again. When John was 18 he was declared fully rehabilitated after the sterling work of Sue Bailey who became President of the Royal College of Psychs. The other boy who was involved with the killing of James Bulger was declared a psychopath by the Top Docs but has never been in any more trouble.

      2. The ‘corrupt DGE Wood’ was given his MBE in 2012 as you know Sally. Was interested to see what it was awarded for – did he continue working at the student centre? It was for Service to Education and Training in General Practice (and Service to the Community.) Would be even more interested if audits could show what the outcomes to his teaching and practice for both patients and those he taught. (Higson received his MBE during the same cohort of awards). Wood had a change of career just a year later so by 2013 he and Patricia Wood had set up a Company listed as E D G Wood. Two directors ie David ‘s occupation listed as Locum GP and Patricia Woods as Director both resident in N Wales. Address for corr. at their accountants Sanderson Easson Wilmslow, specialists for Medical Locums. His responsible Officer for revalidation is Evan Moore of Betsi Cadwaladr university health board. At age 72 he is still registered to practice by GMC. So no surprises there then – don’t they do well?

        1. Perhaps even more ‘interesting’ to realise the position he was in by 2013 apart from working in Colwyn Bay as a GP, he was Treasurer. Council Rep. Education lead and – iMAP lead for RCGPs N Wales faculty.

          1. Thanks for the info. Wood has been involved in training and inspecting GPs for a long while now. He also has a little number going in Cyprus with the equally greedy and unscrupulous Eamonn Jessup.

            I don’t know Patricia Wood, Wood divorced his first wife which was the wife that I knew.

            Wood is an absolutely disgusting creature – Brown and me were most reluctant for me to see a specialist, so Wood got Brown in and gave him a pep talk about how he knew this really brilliant psychiatrist and he was so worried about me that he needed a second opinion. He planned the whole thing, lied, manipulated, deceived and then said the most appalling things about me because I said no thanks to a 70 yr old lobotomist who was trafficking patients into prostitution and running a paedophile ring.

  2. Vile self serving destructive psychopaths Sally…shame the loving care from the NHS didn’t work with Venables or the stinking creep who is being let out on parole after raping and abusing countless women. Notice also the psychs are out to get Trump labelled – pot calling the kettle black?

    1. Another death whilst the NHS shared the love was that of Dr Bob Masters – psychiatrist at Hergest Unit – sometime in the mid-1990s when all those demands for a public inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal sent the Top Docs a bit mad. Bob Masters was a junior doctor up there so he’ll have had all the shit on Dafydd et al and will have been kicked in the teeth by them constantly as well.

      Bob Masters didn’t stab himself to death through the heart like Dr Antonio – another Hergest psych – did and he wasn’t said to have committed suicide. Bob Masters was a diabetic who went into Ysbyty Gwynedd as a result of complications – and died whilst he was in there. They really are not very good at looking after certain people with manageable conditions are they. Like Lil, Bob was only in early middle age and left a partner and a pre-teen child. Blab about the paedophiles’ friends – your child will lose a parent and your partner will be bringing them up alone.

      Even if people still believe Dafydd’s line that I’m a wicked master genius who spins my evil magic in the direction of Top Doctors, just look at the fucking mortality rates in north Wales for both patients, staff and staff’s families. North west Wales had the second highest suicide rate for women in England and Wales and Denbighshire had the highest suicide rate for men. Hergest had a sky high suicide rate and more staff of Ysbyty Gwynedd must have met untimely deaths than the worst hospital in Rwanda. Am I really the only person who has a grasp of basic stats?

      Then there was the suicide of the junior doctor in the doctors residences in Ysbyty Gwynedd – or alleged suicide. He was completely traumatised because staff were telling each other that he was HIV positive, one of those staff being the hospital Chaplain Wynn – who was thrown out of his parish when he was a Church in Wales vicar for shagging a parishioner. Wynn sits on Ysbyty Gwynedd’s and Bangor University’s ethics committees.

      As well as sharing the NHS love Lydia, our friends are foaming at the mouth about Toby Young. Toby is indeed sickening but when he was younger Toby once explained why he had turned against his father’s values. It was because Toby had grown up watching Michael Young and his mates at close quarters publicly praising state services whilst in private dripping with contempt for those who used them – Michael Young et al led affluent lives and did not have to struggle in the way that what are now called service users did. Many of Michael Young’s network have been named on this blog…

      It doesn’t excuse Toby tweeting rubbish about women’s ‘knockers’ and it doesn’t make him suitable to run the Office for Students, but his rejection of his father’s values was more than a mindless rebellion against dad – he felt that Michael Young was a stinking hypocrite.

      1. Heidi Humphreys – psych nurse on Dwynwyn/Seiriol Wards, Ysbyty Gwynedd before Hergest Unit opened. Heidi lived down near Pwllheli and was killed in a car crash on her way home from work one evening. Heidi was the mum of a little boy Sam. When Hergest was built a mother and baby unit was opened named after Heidi. It shut down again within months, was used as a store cupboard and then converted into a doctor’s common room.

        1. Wendy Gough-Hughes – nurse at North Wales Hospital Denbigh when I was illegally incarcerated in there by Dafydd. Wendy kept telling me to write to the Mental Health Act Commission. Wendy was the nurse who detailed on my medical records the deal that Dafydd did with a corrupt senior police officer Roberts in Bangor Police Station to fit me up. Wendy also detailed how she told Dr Neil Davies that the nurses were not happy to be involved with this skulduggery but Neil Davies told her that the nurses just had to not let me out…

          Wendy left Denbigh and became a mental health manager in Manchester. She went on to have two children and told her daughter that she used to work in a ‘really terrible hospital in Denbigh’. Wendy died in 2002 – just when the Hergest tried to frame me for ‘threatening to kill Alun in Davies’. Which involved numerous Angels perjuring themselves. Wendy went into hospital – I think Ysbyty Glam Clwyd – and died unexpectedly whilst she was in there. She was in early middle age with two children.

          As for Dafydd and Lucille who ran the paedophile ring – they’re in their mid-80s and have survived medical interventions…

        2. Merfyn Hughes, former social work manager in Gwynedd and Elfyn Llwyd’s election agent. Merfyn was put in charge of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team and clashed with them when I complained about them.

          Shortly after Brown and me started publishing about the mental health services in north Wales Merfyn was found dead. His body was found at the bottom of an embankment in someone else’s garden in Llanrothen in a concealed location where it had lain for more than a day. Coroner Dewi Pritchard Jones concluded that Merfyn had fallen down the embankment into the garden, decided to go to sleep and had frozen to death in the cold winter night. Like you do.

    1. Want to know why the defender of the oppressed the Guardian never published anything about the paedophile gang in north Wales/Cheshire or what was really happening to mental health patients? Look no further than the man who has just died, Peter Preston, editor of the Guardian, 1975-95. Preston was editor when throughout the Cleveland Scandal the Guardian accompanied every news report about the fuckwittery of the Top Docs with a piece about how many families molest their own children. The Guardian was the mouthpiece of the loonies who caused that crisis and they threw mud at everyone who defended the innocent people who had been accused of very serious crimes.

      Preston employed an advertising exec Gerry Taylor in a senior role at the Guardian. Taylor thrashed out advertising deals with local authorities to fund the Society section of the newspaper. So whilst kids were being raped and trafficked and sometimes killed by the gangsters working in the social services of north Wales, Lambeth, Islington and elsewhere, the Guardian accepted dosh from them.

      In 1983 Sarah Tisdall, a clerk in the Foreign Office, passed documents to the Guardian showing that Thatcher’s Govt were accepting cruise missiles at Greenham. The Guardian published a front page scoop, basked in the glory – and Preston broke the golden rule of journos that you never reveal your source, after he was threatened with jail. He revealed who had given him the info and Sarah went to prison because Preston certainly wasn’t going to.

      Preston previously worked on the Liverpool Daily Post which published the Daily Post which covered north Wales. He knew about Sir Peter Morrison, he knew about the Westminster Paedophile ring and it’s supply of children from north Wales and he’ll have known about Dafydd. He never printed a word about any of it.

      Who would ever have dared leaked documents of the sort now in my possession after what Preston did to Sarah Tisdall?

      1. Predictions are that Theresa May is going to replace Jeremy Hunt, Health Sec, with Ann Milton, MP for Guildford and a ‘former nurse’. Milton featured in my blog post ‘Everywoman?’. Milton is a former Barts nurse – so she’ll know all about Linford Rees and his porn pics of psychiatric patients – who supported Cameron for leader and maintains that Top Doctors should call patients fat not obese cos that’ll teach them. Perhaps a present day Linford could be called upon to shriek ‘I wouldn’t shag you anyway’ in their direction at the same time. That’ll soon get them signing up for Slimming World.

        Milton was Vice-Chair of the Conservative Medical Association and has even managed to make Guildford no longer a safe Tory seat. Those who are sharing the NHS love are going to be begging for Jeremy’s return when Nurse Ann get ‘s her feet under the table…

        1. 1994 was a memorable year. As well as that attempt by Bridget Lloyd and Tony Francis to frame me and have me transferred to a secure unit, as well as being the year that Lil died and her husband went into hiding after threats to his life, my best friend from school – the friend who was unlawfully dismissed from the Royal Television Society when she wanted to make a documentary about what had happened to me in north Wales and whose husband was then hounded out of his job at the BBC – went into Mugrove Park Hospital Taunton to have her first baby after a very healthy pregnancy. The labour was straightforward but my friend’s baby was nearly dead by the time that she was delivered. They switched off her life support machine the next day.

          My friend consulted a private second opinion who told her that the foetal heart trace had shown that the baby had been in distress during the labour and that a Caesarian should have been performed. The second opinion told her not to bother to sue the hospital because he knew that they were all going to lie in the event of an investigation.

          At my friend’s post-natal check-up the GP told her husband that she wasn’t good breeding material. This GP had attended the funeral of the baby. My friend found the counsellor at Taunton hospital so bad that she didn’t make a second appointment.

          Jackie Ehlen the forensic nurse whom Tony Francis had ordered to ‘assess’ me at the time of the fit up noted all this about my friend on my medical notes…

          The consultant who was responsible for my friend’s ‘care’ in Musgrove Park was Robert Fox. The bastard of a GP from Cannington Health Centre was a Dr Johnson. Johnson knew of me – my auntie worked as a medical receptionist in the Health Centre. That particular auntie died of cancer after Brown and me started to publish about the north Wales mental health services. She had gone to her own colleagues about her symptoms. By the time that they diagnosed the cancer it was too late to be treated.

          Just sharing the NHS love…

          1. John Smith died in May 1994. In hospital in Edinburgh. After he could not be revived following a heart attack.When John Smith first consulted Top Doctors about possible heart problems he was told that whatever it is it is not your heart.

            They didn’t make any mistakes with Tony Blair’s heart problems.

          2. Ros Purkis, my neighbour in hall when I was in my first year at Bangor University, had a nervous breakdown at the end of the first year. She was referred to Gwynne the lobotomist who told her that there was nothing wrong with her. She tried to kill herself the next day, was subsequently taken to the North Wales Hospital Denbigh where she spent three months as a patient of Tony Francis. Francis told her mum that Gwynne Williams would never be allowed to do such a thing again. Gwynne Williams worked in the Student Health Centre for five more years and there were further complaints and at least one more attempted suicide. And of course he tried to grope me.

            DGE Wood the corrupt GP who covered up for Gwynne the lobotomist described Ros to a third party as ‘wet’ and Francis stated that she was a ‘weak person’.

            Ros was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ended up in the care of the mental health services in Manchester. She was given a huge dose of haloperidol hours before she was due to fly to Australia to visit her sister and collapsed whilst changing planes at Kuala Lumpar.

            She survived and some months later made a serious suicide attempt after overdosing on a particularly toxic anti-depressant which she had been prescribed. She was in a coma for days, survived but incurred kidney damage. Her mum told her psychiatrist that she was concerned that Ros would do this again and could she therefore be prescribed something less toxic in overdose. Ros was prescribed more of the same drug with which she had nearly managed to kill herself.

            The last time that I spoke to Ros she told me that it was very difficult getting an appointment with the mental health services in Manchester and their attitude was ‘go away, we don’t want to see you’. Ros died a few years ago. She killed herself. Just as there were all those demands to re-open the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal.

            Tony Francis worked as a psychiatrist in Manchester for a number of years immediately before relocating to north Wales.

            Someone else knew about Ros’s time in north Wales – Stockport MIND, who were ‘supporting’ her at the time of her death.

            RIP Ros. Who, unlike me, trusted these scumbags and never dared complain about them even when she realised that they were seriously neglecting her. She was the last patient – apart from me – whom I knew who had encountered Gwynne the lobotomist. The others are all dead.

            Just keep basking in that NHS love…

          3. One group of people at Bangor University who knew all about Gwynne Williams were the students who volunteered on the counselling service Nightline. The Nightliners knew about Ros as well, she went to them for help but being students they were out of their depth and didn’t know what to do. Some of those Nightliners went into the mental health professions and are now middle aged and will understand what was going on back then.

            Professor Catherine Robinson was a Nightliner when she was a psychology student at Bangor.

            The officers of the Students Union also knew about Gwynne the lobotomist. The Welfare Officer Duncan Orme knew because I went to see Duncan after my encounter with the lobotomist. Duncan admitted that he was a disaster and was causing huge problems but that the University didn’t want to ‘take this further’. The last that I heard of Duncan Orme he was the Director of Finance for an NHS Trust in Staffordshire…

          4. There was a student society at Bangor called Community Action who used to help out in the local children’s homes where the paedophile ring was operating.

            Ros Purkis had an older sister who had also gone to university at Bangor who had been in Community Action. Tony Francis knew about this because Ros idolized her sister and used to talk about her a lot. The first thing that Ros would tell anyone about her family was that her older sister read English at Bangor and worked for Community Action.

            Community Action gets a mention in the Waterhouse Report – Ronald Waterhouse mentions the presence of Community Action as a sign that all was well in the Ty’r Felin children’s home.

            Ty’r Felin was the location of some of the most serious abuse and was supplying the kids who were taken to London for sex work. A boy from Ty’r Felin was found in Dolphin Square, the location of the Westminster sex parties which of course never happened and of which there is no evidence.

          5. Philip Jones – a patient who was with me in Denbigh whose family came from Dolgellau. Phil was one of Dafydd’s patients. Phil was bipolar and the crap treatment meant that his condition was never stabilised. Phil was also a patient in Hergest with me in 2002 when Alun Davies et al tried to frame me. The staff knew that I was friendly with Phil and tried to prevent us chatting to each other – the main culprit being a senior nurse called Ann Ward.

            Phil died about two years after that ‘from the side effects of his medication’. Phil was being so overloaded with anti-psychotics that one staff member constantly raised the subject with the Top Docs. He was ignored. There was no investigation into Phil’s death. He was in his mid 50s.

  3. One person who could have done something to prevent at least some of the horrors was the psych you have included in your blog already as yet another who colluded with protecting abusers, if not actually abusing directly himself ie Robin Richard Jacobson while at St Georges. A look at the website of the Independant Drs Federation (formerly forum) highlights the link in the chain a bit more. Daffydd Alun Jones (who seems to spell his name variously as Alan or Alun) is still registered as a member with IDF as well as GMC. But Robin is not recorded on the list of members. . The link being that according to the GMC website the Responsible Officer for Robin is Ian Mackay, a retired (2004 )doctor from Glasgow, ,Dr. Ian Mackay is also the R O for the Independant doctors federation. They are allowed under GMC regulations to have their own R O as long as they conform to GMC regulations. Daffydd is not listed as being validated on either GMC or IDF but simply recorded as a member. There is therefore no knowing when he was required to give up practice? Did Robin tell the IDF that he admitted in correspondence with colleagues that he knew Daffydd was sexually involved with patients?? What has happened to the correspondence which they have a legal duty to keep? Robin ,as you pointed out Sally ,has/may be still does work at the Priory, he is about 70 now. The IDF has acknowledged that they are grateful to the priory for their input into the complaints procedure, maybe other aspects as well. It also seems to be handled by another organisation which is supposed to proviade level of impartiality. Robin has been a director of another private co. Crofton med reports/Borough chambers Ltd where he has been described amongst other talents as a consultant neuropsychiatrist but no info as to where he did that training. He will be almost 70 by now and is still on GMC register. So if anyone is thinking of paying perhaps £250 fee for initial consultation through the IDF (which is charged by another member, Sean Preston )- please do CHECK THE COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE. Especially the section on GUIDANCE FOR MANAGING UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVOUR – by clients of course not doctors. The knots anybody would be tied up in are so clearly weighted against any complainant they would definitely be better of ignoring it altogether and go – where??? The GMC has ok’d their own validation process they wouldn’t have a hope in hell of being successful. Disatisfied customers are advised to go to citizens adviceor the patients organisation! Job well done Robin and Co. who know all about that kind of shenanigans. Robin was or maybe is the chair of the examinations cttee at coll of psychs with reference to EVIDENCE BASED health care . Robin and his chums have some very important evidence which should be shared. So to bring a little smile to end on perhaps you might not know that Jane Hutt as been given another Very Important Post – she has been nominated as the Ambassador for the High Brown Fritillary Butterfly – kid you not!

    1. Thanks for the info Lydia. Didn’t know that about Robin Jacobson – although of course under GMC guidance just about every doctor who had ever been acquainted with Dafydd should have reported him, they all knew that he was sexually involved with patients, which is a serious offence.

      Dafydd and the General Medical Register is an on-going mystery. His name has not come up when one has searched it for many years now yet he practised throughout. A message would pop up telling you that you weren’t going to be told if he was on the Register but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t. I never came across this with any other doctor, only Dafydd. Just to confuse things, on the Independent Doctors Federation website, he is listed as David Alun Jones. The corrupt surgeon Robert Owen always called him David Jones as well, so presumably Dafydd Is really David and never officially changed his name. I don’t know why, because loads of people reverted to the Welsh forms of Anglicised names in the 70s and 80s but they usually made the change official.

      Being an ambassador for a butterfly is not the only thing that Jane Hutt is busy with. She is also due to give a talk at the Welsh Women’s Archive on the 40 year history of Welsh Women’s Aid. I wonder how many in the audience will know that she kept quiet about a paedophile gang for about the same length of time.

      1. Here’s another death of someone who had info that would rattle Dafydd and the paedophiles that is now being questioned – that of Brown’s father, Col Keith Brown. I have obtained Brown’s permission to mention this here.

        Brown’s father was an officer in one of the Signals Regiments and years ago was Deputy Lieutenant of Somerset. Brown’s father used to go to functions with some of the worthless scumbags named on this blog such as the corrupt Chief Constables, but he probably didn’t know that they were protecting a gang of paedophiles who were trying to do great harm to his sons and me.

        Keith died in the summer of 2001, after the publication of the Waterhouse Report and when the final few survivors pegged out. He was only 67 and a fit man. He had gone up to bed before his wife fine and healthy and when she went up shortly after him she found Keith dead in bed.

        It would be easy for people to have kept tabs on Keith because of his military activities.

        There have been constant allegations that people with links to the security services concealed the North Wales and Westminster paedophile rings. The paedophiles’ greatest friend Lord Wyn Roberts had worked for the security services. So did William Bingley’s father. So did scores of those politicians whom I have named on this blog.

        I have now found out that a Dr Denis Leigh was part of the Maudsley network who protected Dafydd. Leigh was a consultant at the Maudsley who worked for the security services and was also a consultant psych to the British Army. Leigh was a very odd man who did a lot of inconsistent things.

        Leigh was the psych who was called upon to give an opinion on prisoners due to hang in the late 50s and early 60s. He recommended at least one man to hang who was ill, who had been beaten up by the police and who was probably innocent anyway. Leigh was the first psychiatrist to sit on the Parole Board – at least four psychs on the Parole Board played a direct role in concealing Dafydd’s criminality.

        Leigh opposed the whole of the psychiatric establishment in his defence of Soviet psychiatry’s classification of political dissidents as mentally ill. Yet he also gave evidence to support the case of Sean McKenna, an IRA suspect who had been interned and tortured in 1971. But – McKenna died days after being examined by Leigh and Leigh recorded in writing that it was just as well for him that McKenna hadn’t died just a couple of days before he did.

        The British state in N Ireland was deeply compromised in everything it did as a result of it concealing the abuse of children in the Kinkora Boys Home in Belfast by Whitehall figures and members of the British Army.

        Leigh was a colleague of Kenneth Rawnsley, the Prof of Psychological Medicine in Cardiff who concealed the activities of Dafydd and Tony Francis. I will be writing more about Rawnsley soon.

        Another member of the security services with links to Dafydd and Gwynne the lobotomist was Lord John Hunt, who led the 1953 Everest expedition. Sir Charles Evans was a member of that team – Evans had worked as a neurosurgeon in Liverpool but had to retire when he developed MS and could no longer stand. So he was given the job of Principal of Bangor University, then called UCNW. Evans employed Gwynne the lobotomist in the Student Health Centre and let Dafydd run loose in the psychology dept. Whilst Charles Evans was Principal the social work dept at Bangor employed the paedophiles’ friends and churned out abusive practitioners who then got jobs locally and abused the kids in care.

        John Hunt wrote the Hunt Report which recommended the setting up of the UDR. Which was infiltrated by paramilitaries who murdered Catholics. The British Army and RUC were responsible for vetting volunteers in the UDR. The security services were not so hopeless that they didn’t not know that that they were letting people join who were accessing the weapons to kill Catholics, they just didn’t’t care that much. In the same way that they knew all about Savile and Dafydd but weren’t that concerned that people were being molested and witnesses killed – they prioritised the reputation of the British state.

        By the way, I have previously asked why Enoch Powell did a U turn on his determination to close the North Wales Hospital down in 1960 when he was Health Minister. I have received info that there was at least one allegation that Powell had abused a child. He was also friends with people who definitely had abused kids. So presumably someone explained to Powell that Dafydd and Gwynne were key cogs in the Westminster Paedophile Ring and really must not be put out of business.

        1. Two more people who have information about serious crime – two former Hergest Unit nurses, Rea Stanley and Ella Fisk. Rea and Ella did not abuse patients themselves, I always got the impression that they were trying very hard to look after people whilst working alongside criminal colleagues – but they know how some of those patients were framed or died and who was responsible.

          Rea and Ella were undoubtedly frightened of the ruthless sociopaths who ran the Hergest Unit but they have both retired now and are safe from their clutches. The last time that I saw Rea she that she was sorry about what had happened to me, said it was best not to talk about it and stated crying. I nearly went to prison Rea and people ended up trying to kill me. You and Ella do need to talk about it because other people did go to prison and die…

          1. With regard to my correspondent Lydia’s info that Robin Jacobson the St George’s psychiatrist who failed to report Dafydd for misconduct was employed by Borough Chambers, I note that another director of Borough Chambers is Maurice Lipsedge, Princess Diana’s doctor, who starred in the blog post above.

            The opinion of these ‘expert witnesses’ is meaningless. They’ll say whatever they are paid to say.

        2. This blog is another shocker Sally – I wonder if ‘Brown’s father ever had any inkling that he was being monitored? leading off from what you say about military involvement it reminds me that Vanessa Cameron’s father was in the navy’s web of military intelligence and that her appointment as CEO to Coll of psychs. is very mysterious. As was her appointment to UN in Geneva years ago and again currently since she ‘retired’.

          1. I don’t think that Brown’s father would have suspected that he will have been monitored by people covering up for Dafydd and the paedophiles. He probably will have believed that any monitoring was for his benefit – back in the 70s/80s as a more senior Army Officer he was considered to be at risk from the IRA and he got used to that sort of threat.

            We seem to be dealing with rogue members of the security services here, not just a few thugs like Stephen Gallagher who work in the NHS and who are in the TA. Just imagine the resources you have if you are a member of the intelligence services gone bad – surveillance equipment, access to all databases, international connections, the lot. And it will probably be a while before it dawns on anyone that you’re a rotten apple and by that time massive damage will have been done.

            The reason why successive Govts covered up this barrel of shit will be the usual, the Lord Denning rationale – we cannot possibly afford to admit that the state is this rotten. Even more so in this case, because the crime pervaded the NHS.

            People like me who became ill when we were young were positively encouraged into the hands of Dafydd et al. Again and again Brown and me expressed our reservations. Wood the corrupt GP working in the Bangor Student Health Centre refused to treat me unless I accepted a referral to a ‘specialist’ – and then sent me to a man whom he knew was trafficking young patients into prostitution. When Brown and me complained about him, I was sent to another member of the same gang and then finally to Dafydd, who was organising it all. By which time everybody colluded to maintain that it was me that was the problem.

            Patients are not safe in the NHS, not one person involved in this mess has been held accountable. We are faced with these corrupt criminal bastards waving placards on demos and organising social media campaigns to demand yet more billions for the NHS safe in the knowledge that the general public have no knowledge at all about the extent of the wrongdoing in the NHS. How dare they? A paedophile gang, trafficking young women into prostitution and the importing and distribution of class A drugs, this is not just a bit of over-prescribing that we are talking about.

            How I wish that I had followed Brown’s advice when I was 24 when he said please don’t go back to see any more of them, you will end up dead or in prison. Like others I know who were ill and desperate I kept thinking surely there must be one who isn’t part of this toxic network. There wasn’t, not even in the London hospitals where I was working myself.

            Rotten to the core, absolutely rotten. Neither Brown or myself are in receipt of ‘healthcare’ – we’ll keep it that way, it’s safer – and I’m living in hiding. Meanwhile these silly fuckers are banging on about the Tory ‘cuts’ to the NHS – of which there have been precisely none – and are trying to pretend that this blog doesn’t exist.

            The disgusting Tina Donelly, corrupt Angel of RCN Wales, admitted the other day that 49% of the Welsh Govt budget goes on the NHS. 49% – oh wake up everyone, this could not continue even if they weren’t a bunch of crooks.

    1. Don’t know – can you give me some more info?

      By the way Richard, in terms of rogue members of the security services, have you ever come across any info that they may have deliberately allowed the assasination of Airey Neave or Ian Gow – or indeed allowed the Brighton bomb that nearly finished Thatcher off to slip through the net?

      Have just been researching those with security services links who were protecting Dafydd and the paedophiles and there seems to have been much counter-espionage and people following their own agendas going on…

      1. Yes the IRA asset acquiring information of use to Soviet in Suffolk. He was definitely on to Clement Freud at Walberswick from before he was an MP and definitely into the Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder HQ at Cavendish for gathering information. So yes IRA were spying on Airey Neave and Harry Sporborg charity HQ Sue Ryder Homes. From at least ten years before the assassination. Only Freud connection with Neave I could think of was that they were both on British team at Nuremberg. Since IRA man lived at Stowmarket I would say Lord Stonham of Earl Stonham was a shoe in for attention late 60s (Labour Home Office NI Minister)

        What I have not been able to do is connect him with Henniker Estate and/or Arms trafficker Hervey Marquis of Bristol Ickworth House Suffolk

        You wrote about Gordon Brown appointing a lawyer to MOJ the day before he appointed Jack Straw minister …. ? There is a Cllr pursuing a CSA case of that time I think would be interested in this through Whistleblowers UK.

        It was a strange time 1970s when a rural beat rookie pc knew more than Chief constable or Force Special Branch …… but I think that was because they were simply not paying attention.

        1. Another death of a witness to the criminal negligence of the mental health services in north Wales:

          In 2000 when I was living in a village on Anglesey one of my neighbours was a woman with severe mental health problems who was supposedly under the care of the Anglesey Community Mental Health Team based at Llangefni. She had been seriously ill for many years and was very obviously not coping ‘in the community’. In a scenario very familiar to those of us with knowledge of the mental health services, they just would not take care of this lady, no matter how many neighbours rang the CMHT and asked them if they actually knew what was going on.

          The lady concerned had acquired an enormous menagerie of animals and very obviously was unable to look after them or indeed herself. The CMHT constructed bizarre theories about her acquiring animals in order to manipulate the neighbours and get them to go in to visit her by helping with the animals. The neighbours were constantly told that she ‘had to be made to take responsibility’ and were told not to visit her because then she would soon get over her agoraphobia and leave the house. The animals started dying. Her condition got no better and the chaos continued.

          One neighbour wasn’t from north Wales. He had moved to the village from Yorkshire and could barely believe what he was witnessing. He begged the CMHT to help but to no avail. Because the agoraphobic patient received no home visits and was told that if she wanted to see a health professional she had to go to Llangefni, this man managed to negotiate a way of getting her there and gave her a lift in his car and accompanied her to the appointment with a clinical psychologist. He told me that he could not believe how callous the clin psych was. No help at all was offered to the lady in chaos.

          The man from Yorkshire continued to help out on the grounds that his neighbour would probably be found dead if he didn’t. The Llangefni CMHT then announced that he was part of the problem and that he and the patient who was so scandalous neglected had a co-dependent relationship.

          The man from Yorkshire started writing letters and complaining about what was happening. He told other people that he was not prepared to watch this CMHT kill someone.

          Some two months later I was in the village shop when someone asked me if I knew that the Yorkshireman had died. He had leukaemia. He had had it for a long time but despite visits to the GP, hospital and blood tests, whoops they hadn’t noticed so he had received no treatment at all.

          Dafydd’s son is a GP in the Llangefni area. Bridget Lloyd was a member of the CMHT concerned.

          1. Someone else who knew about the paedophile ring in north Wales as well as the neglect of psych patients so serious that deaths were inevitable –

            Isabel Hargeaves, a former social worker in Gwynedd. Isabel was involved in Mark Williams’s mindfulness fraud. She was married to Ralph Oxley who was an ecologist who worked in the Plant Biology Dept of Bangor University whilst Gwynne the lobotomist and the corrupt GP DGE Wood worked in the Student Health Centre. Ralph was a colleague of Wood’s wife Chris Wood, as well as of Prof Greig-Smith who knew Douglas Hurd’s uncle, the botanist Edred Henry Corner. Ralph knew about the events involving these people described in my post ‘Additional Security Measures’ and I bet that Isabel did as well.

            Isabel and Ralph used to live at Tregarth which was where the commune who called themselves The Teachers had their farm. In the 1990s one of the former children from the commune, Rebecca, appeared on the Kilroy TV programme alleging serious abuse at the hands of the adults in the commune. She told of how she and a friend ran away and went to Bangor police and Gwynedd Social Services for help but were sent back to The Teachers.

            Rebecca was denounced as a liar seeking compensation payments and the media lost interest in her story. Then Dafydd started appearing on Kilroy in his capacity as an ‘expert’.

            In 1981 when I was a first year student at Bangor I was told never to get involved with The Teachers by a local young woman whose mum was a midwife at St Davids Hospital. The young woman told me that The Teachers were cruel to their children.

            In 1989 I was told by a solicitor in Bangor that local people didn’t like The Teachers ‘because they don’t treat their children properly’.

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