International Women’s Day! Let Us Celebrate With Jane…

I have probably mentioned in previous posts or comments that some five or six years ago for a while I was a Trustee of a gender equality charidee, WEN Wales (Women’s Equality Network Wales). It wasn’t one of Jane Hutt’s outfits, although WEN did use the Chaware Teg offices for Board meetings. I liked most of my fellow Trustees and the majority of them had a very genuine desire to achieve something constructive. However, a number of them, like me, found the whole Third Sector very constraining and limited.

I was told that there was much ‘bullying’ from the Welsh Gov’t and I failed to understand the reality behind this until WEN produced a report after one Welsh Assembly election which simply noted that there had been a decrease in the number of female AMs and WEN hoped that this wouldn’t detract from attention to women’s issues in the Assembly. Within days an order from Jane Hutt had been sent to WEN to DELETE THAT PARAGRAPH. There was a discussion among the Trustees and people with a lot more experience than me in the ways of Jane Hutt observed that if the paragraph was not deleted, it was highly likely that somehow WEN would suffer, even if none of us put a foot wrong. One Trustee commented that this was exactly why she was becoming very disillusioned with the Wimmin’s Third Sector in Wales; any dissent or even mild disagreement incurred the wrath of Big Jane…

However, if one does as Jane Hutt orders the rewards are substantial. Before Hutt took issue with one line of the WEN report and produced her censor’s pen, WEN received an offer from Hutt, without any prior request from WEN, of dosh to celebrate International Women’s Day. I am someone who is rather jaded at all this celebrating of days dedicated to various groups of people, whether it is women or people with mental health problems, while there are still so many people among those who’s day is being celebrated facing serious problems which are being ignored by everyone, including those doing the celebrating. Call me naive but I have never believed that face-painting and letting off balloons is going to effectively tackle structural inequality, oppression or injustice. Anyway, when were told that Hutt had offered us dosh to Celebrate, I thought oh well, we can put on some nibbles for an event in Cardiff or whatever and at least the guests can have a nice morning.

Imagine my surprise when WEN was told how much dosh Hutt had deemed necessary to Celebrate International Wimmin’s Day: £20k. I nearly had to get the smelling salts out. My response was ‘that is an awful lot of money for a country as poor as Wales to spend celebrating’. There were others who shared my view, particularly those who were at the time working with very, very needy women and were always short of funds to supply those women with basics. It got better. After the Day had been Celebrated, we found out that as a result of a cock-up in communication, we should have received £40k from Hutt. I’m rather glad that we didn’t, it just could never have been justified…

While I was a Trustee, WEN received a great deal of grief from the Welsh Gov’t. They had a hold over WEN to a certain extent because WEN was in receipt of a grant from the Welsh Gov’t, but there was a lot of bellyaching over matters that were unrelated to that grant and the work that it was funding and the Chair of WEN was summoned to appear in front of Hutt’s henchmen/women and on one occasion was given a terrible time, on the basis of erroneous assumptions that had been made.

I’ve recently received info!!! It seems that my presence as a Trustee on the Board of WEN had been noticed by Jane and pals and thus war had been declared. So perhaps Jane can tell us if the dreadful conduct of the first CEO whom I encountered, Lizz Roe, who was appointed days after I joined the Board and her ‘co-ordinator’ Natalie was anything to do with the war. Lies were told, crucial info was witheld from the Trustees, funds went missing, the Pot Of Money to Celebrate International Wimmin’s Day was very inappropriately distributed with money literally being given to Lizz’s friends and Nat then attempted to sue WEN on highly questionable grounds after being encouraged to do this by Lizz. A great deal of money was wasted and a rescue operation to save WEN had to be performed by three Trustees in particular, who did a brilliant job but the stress on them was enormous and they had to neglect their day jobs in order to sort everything out. They were also on the receiving end of offensive messages and hostility from senior people in other Wimmin’s Third Sector organisations in Cardiff. A number of us resigned because we could see that nothing productive was going to result from WEN’s activities with dynamics like this.

No-one could understand Lizz’s behaviour because she had come with excellent references, was an Oxford graduate who had worked for the Fawcett Society and other right-on organisations, but after Lizz left and the scale of her wrongdoing was discovered, the situation was summed up neatly by one of those who cleaned up the crap: ‘she was a bloody sociopath and we’ve had a lucky escape…’

I subsequently discovered that as well as the prestigious Oxford degree and PhD and the jobs with famously PC organisations, Lizz had worked for Coleg Harlech and knew Meri Huws and pals in Gwynedd. So Lizz was an associate of the Gwerin/paedophiles’ friends…

Thanks Sister Jane!

Having been told that WEN found itself under sustained attack once they’d appointed me as a Trustee, I think it is only appropriate that my blog follows Jane’s example and Celebrates International Wimmin’s Day. Because I am not the drippy spoilt daughter of a London Top Doc, I can do rather more than Jane on a lower budget as well, so this Celebration will not cost £40k. Indeed, I have not even applied for a Pot Of Money from Jane and the Welsh Gov’t. Instead, my Celebration is a reminder of the achievements of Wimmin who, like Jane, have made an issue out of being female and/or who have maintained that they were/are Committed To Helping Other Wimmin. Most of those starring have made previous appearances on the blog, readers can refer to previous posts if more info is required.


Jane has established a system of Purple Plaques which are being erected across Wales to commemorate remarkable women. Dafydd once told me that I was a remarkable person (rather than a remarkable woman per se). He told me that in 1987 when he was trying to bribe me into withdrawing my complaint; it came a few months after he told me that I was dangerous, had Paranoid Schizophrenia and then Manic-Depressive Insanity. The diagnosis changed to Remarkable Person. MI5 were tapping my phone at the time, so they know that I’m a Remarkable Person as well. I presume that I am still a Remarkable Person; in 1991 Dafydd told Dr Robin Jacobson of St George’s Hospital Medical School/Springfield Hospital that I was Seductive and Attractive as well. I don’t need to be commemorated by one of Jane’s Purple Plaques though.

Jane’s Purple Plaques are a recent initiative, so far only two have been awarded. One has been erected in the Senedd to commemorate Jane’s mate Val Feld.

BBC News | WALES | Assembly Member Val Feld dies

Val was the daughter of an affluent dentist from Caernarfon. Val went to boarding school when so many other kids from that town/area received a far less expensive education and were targeted by the sex abuse gang, many of whom were colleagues and acquaintances of Val’s dad. Val’s dad knew Gwynne the lobotomist and Dafydd. Val’s life as an Inspirational Woman included a stint with the BBC, then as a feminist activist and senior roles with Shelter, the EOC and then election to the Welsh Assembly as an AM. Throughout it all, Val ignored what the sex abuse gang did to wimmin and children and indeed men. Dafydd and Gwynne weren’t that fussy as to who they targeted, gang members/customers had a wide variety of sexual tastes so anyone under 30 would do and people not desired sexually were destroyed if they got in the way.

Ioan was Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council for many of the years during which Val was in a position to challenge that gang but didn’t. Ioan’s office and HQ was in Caernarfon.

BBC - Blog Cylchgrawn - : Mewn powlen o eira


Jane has very recently awarded a Purple Plaque to Ursula Masson. For the benefit of readers who have never heard of Ursula, she was a Famous Feminist Historian who was born in Merthyr. Ursula was mates with a little clique of Welsh Feminist Historians who are so hostile and excluding to the rest of the world that as they all gradually die off/enter senility they are in danger of becoming extinct. Ursula died from breast cancer a few years ago. If only the mass research fraud and bad practice in medicine had been tackled by now instead of millions of people screaming along with former Welsh Gov’t Health Minister Jane, that they love the NHS and Screening Saves Lives, people like Ursula might have a better prognosis.

Ursula Masson, International Women’s Day, 8th March 2003, The Old Library, Cardiff.

Another Inspirational Woman who cannot be forgotten today is of course dear old Meri aka the Crack of Doom, who’s sidekick Breched was mates with Lizz and bagged some of Jane’s £20k:

Meri Huws | Folly Farm |

Meri is an enthusiastic feminist, her car windscreen always had a few feminist stickers clearly visible as she arrived in the Bangor University staff car park having driven down College Road breaking the speed limit and while shouting at someone down her mobile phone. The feminist stickers were visible the night that Meri got pissed at a University function and had a screaming row with another female member of staff who removed Meri’s car keys to prevent her driving home bladdered.

Meri’s mysterious Wimmin’s Power over so many lay in her career as a Gwynedd community social worker in the 1980s, when Gwynedd community social workers were trafficking the kids from the children’s homes in Gwynedd to the Octagon and the Castle Hotel in Bangor, as well as to other locations such as Dolphin Square, to sell them for sex. And of course because Meri has had sex with so many politicians herself, including, it is rumoured, Rhodri.

Meri might not ever be in receipt of a Purple Plaque, she isn’t on good terms with many of the Wimmin, because Meri hates most people, including men after she’s shagged them, bagged her latest job as a result of that and then dumped them.

Meri was Breched’s boss. Breched is as dysfunctional and hostile to the world as Meri but doesn’t have Meri’s eye-liner. The combination of Meri and Breched pretty much destroyed the Dept of Lifelong Learning at Bangor University. Breched was friends with Lizz Roe and after being one of the lucky WEN winners in Jane’s International Wimmin’s Day bonanza, Breched spent her winnings on a troupe of Nicaraguan Dancers. As the Nicaraguans danced, Empowered Service Users prepared to spend another night sleeping in the Cathedral Gardens in Bangor. Unless they were thrown out and had to take their sleeping bags somewhere else, after a good rummage through the bins outside of Morrisons for the thrown away food. The Nicaraguan Dancers’ fee could have purchased all the homeless Empowered Service Users a portion of fish n chips but no-one suggested that. There was Fairtrade Organic Chocolate on sale at many of the Celebrations however. Women all having a thing about chocolate. It’s our hormones, it isn’t just that we like chocolate.

Imagine my surprise when as I was searching the internet for a pic of Breched, I found a message from Satisfied Customer Breched being used as advert for a pricey removals company in north Wales. Breched and her husband – who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mr Hector of Hector’s House – booked the removals firm in September 2018 to assist them when they moved house from Menai Bridge to Cardiff in November. The company also stored Breched’s furniture for her while she and Mr Hector spent October 2018 on holiday in Australia.

When Merfyn the VC of Bangor University decided that the Dept of Lifelong Learning had embarrassed the University long enough – Meri and Breched had commissioned Dafydd and CAIS to teach courses, they had fucked up a major piece of work so badly that the grant had to be repaid, they had bullied and mistreated staff such that the University was sued – and would be better off closed, Breched’s mates took to the media to Save the Dept. The local newspapers ran features on how Merfyn’s Mismanagement would pull the rug from under so many needy people and that Staff Jobs would be lost. There were a few good tutors in the Dept but Breched and Meri were paying them as little as possible, on casual contracts on an hourly basis. One art tutor was so poor that he was living in a friend’s caravan on Anglesey. Mind you I was living in a caravan on my mate’s farm at the time as well. The only people who were going to lose well-paid jobs if the Dept closed were Breched and her small group of mates.

After the Gwerin declared war on Merfyn, retired members of Dafydd’s gang all began signing up for courses with Meri and Breched.

Breched’s finest hour came when in her capacity as an Inspirational Woman, she was asked by the University of Wales Press to review the manuscript of a book that Brown and I had written. Breched stated that ‘this is a very scholarly well-researched book which will be of great interest to people working in the field. I recommend that it is not published’. I was told by a helpful person at UWP ‘they are monsters, they just blow anyone who is not in their circle out of the water, that is why so many of our titles are so mediocre’. The manuscript was passed on to a Bourdieusian scholar in London who was critical but from a different angle – we had not been intellectual enough from his point of view – but he gave us masses of very helpful guidance which enabled us to publish something that we hope was much more impressive.

Breched and Mr Hector will be living in Cardiff now. They’ve probably gone to Penarth where all the best people live.

Jane Hutt AM (28136581466).jpg

Animal lover Miss Margaret Williiams outside her house in Richards Street Cathays were she lives with her dogs and - Stock Image

Meri is not the only person whom I am celebrating today who worked as a social worker when the profession was infiltrated by paedophiles. Jane was of course a social worker herself and Julie was a social worker in Barry and then Deputy Director of Barnardo’s when Barnardo’s staff were abusing and trafficking kids. Julie Morgan
  • Julie’s greatest claim to fame though is being married to this oaf, who, even as FM, managed to fail to respond to reports of the abuse of kids and vulnerable adults in health and social care settings:
  • Julie is friends with Harriet and made the Welsh Labour Party a laughing stock when Julie invited Harriet to a Welsh Labour Wimmin’s Event in Llandudno. Harriet’s dad John was a Harley Street Top Doctor who facilitated organised abuse as a member of the generation of Top Docs who taught the Docs who really pushed the boat out in terms of organised crime in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
  • Harriet Harman
  • Animal lover Miss Margaret Williiams outside her house in Richards Street Cathays Cardiff were she lives with her - Stock Image
    • Harriet’s friend Miriam sued the BBC for a shed load of cash when she was dropped from the most boring programme on TV, ‘Countryfile’, on the grounds that they had discriminated against her because of her age, Miriam being 53 at the time. Miriam fancied being a Labour MP, like Harriet, so Harriet found a safe Labour seat that would suit Miriam and told the constituency that Miriam was going to be their candidate. They explained that they had already selected a candidate, a local young woman who had spent a few years as a union rep. Miriam threatened to sue on the grounds of age discrimination.
    • Ex-Countryfile host to champion elderly for Labour - ITV News
  •  While Miriam was trying to elbow a democratically selected Woman out of a career in politics, Miriam explained that she would be Labour’s Champion for the elderly. One wonders how the Tawel Fan Scandal at Ysbty Glan Clwyd occurred in north Wales, in which elderly mentally ill patients were left crawling around naked covered in urine and faeces, one with an untreated  broken arm, after Miriam became their champ. Tawel Fan blew up while Mark Drakeford, Rhodri’s friend and former SPAD, was the Welsh Gov’ts Health Minister. No NHS staff were disciplined after Tawel Fan. Except for the nurse who blew the whistle; she was arrested, sacked, received death threats and was then struck off the nursing register.

Wales has a long and fine tradition of Strong Wimmin. There was Augusta Hall aka Lady Llanover, who invented the Welsh National Costume and ordered her servants to wear it.

A more recent Strong Welsh Woman who doubled up as a Labour politician after she’d given up with the Liberal Party was Lady Megan.

Who could Lady Megan be modelling herself on as she relaxes at home in Cricieth?

Lady Megan Lloyd George pictured at her home at Brynawelon near Criccieth June 1964 - Stock Image

  • Lady Megan Lloyd George pictured at her home at Brynawelon near Criccieth June 1964 - Stock Image
Lady Megan was a traditionalist in that she was a Strong Woman In Politics as a result of her famous dad.
Lady Megan was a personal friend of members of Dafydd’s gang. Lady Megan’s descendants came to the aid of Dafydd’s gang some 10 years ago when they demanded the right to continue to kill anyone from north Wales who had spilt the paedophiles’ pints by failing to treat them effectively at the Walton Centre.
Baroness Eirene White was another Strong Woman in the Labour Party in Wales. Eirene spent many happy years as an MP in Flintshire and Minister in Harold Wilson’s Gov’t doing the bidding of Richard Crossman, member and architect of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, when kids in care and psych patients were battered and trafficked. Eirene subsequently held the fort for the ring and Dafydd’s gang in the Lords.
Eirene White, Baroness White - Wikipedia
As with Lady Megan, Baroness Eirene’s dad was the key to her being Inspirational. Eirene’s dad was Thomas Jones aka TJ, Lady Megan’s dad’s enforcer, known as “one of the six most important men in Europe”, “the King of Wales” and “man of a thousand secrets”. TJ founded Coleg Harlech and was President of Abersytwyth University.
While other young women were being lobotomised by Gwynne for refusing to have sex with the gang, Eirene frequently kipped at Lord Astor’s house, Cliveden, TJ being a mate of the Astors. Lord Astor’s third wife Bronwen went to boarding school in Dolgellau when Ioan’s dad taught at the grammar school in Dolgellau. There was only one year’s difference in age between Bronwen and Ioan.
Bronwen Astor
Bill Astor’s first wife was Sarah Norton. Sarah wasn’t up to the mark and as soon as she produced a son, Bill dumped her and moved on to the next one, the one before Bronwen. Sarah Norton had been a pal of Trumpers when they were young and Trumpers liked staying over at Cliveden, so she visited Sarah often. Trumpers continued visiting Cliveden even after Bill Astor had mistreated, used and dumped Sarah, because Trumpers had a great time at Cliveden with the Royals and the Russian spies and the call-girls.
Watch: Baroness Trumpington gives V-sign to colleague in ...
Animal lover Miss Margaret Williiams outside her house in Richards Street Cathays were she lives with her dogs and - Stock Image
Trumpers was mates with Thatch and they shared a Very Special Friend:
  • Celebrity arrests could soar after police discover Jimmy ...
  • Trumpers somehow got to know Savile during her tireless work in Cambridge with Off The Rails Girls, Unmarried Mothers and Mental Patients. Thatch gave Trumpers a peerage In Recognition of her work the year that Mary Wynch got out of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and began legal action against Dafydd and the gang. As any fule kno, Mary was not an Inspirational Strong Woman, she was Mad and Caused A Lot Of Trouble. Thatch later made Trumpers a junior Health Minister and in that capacity, Trumpers appointed Jimmy Savile to the management task force at Broadmoor.

Jimmy had another friend who was an Inspirational Woman:

Jimmy Savile: Esther Rantzen says she believes late TV ...
Here she is looking all dreamy. Perhaps she’s thinking of her former beau, Sir Nicky Fairbairn:
Esther Rantzen – “The jury is no longer out” on Jimmy ...
Although Sir Nicky, as Solicitor General for Scotland, had blocked the prosecution of a group of men who had gang raped a young woman in Glasgow, slashed her to bits with a razor and nearly killed her, on the grounds that the woman was a Nutter and not a credible witness (the men had confessed and the only Psychiatric Treatment that their victim had received was counselling after she had been raped and nearly murdered), had been at the centre of a scandal when one of his mistresses tried to hang herself outside of his house in central London, was a drunken wife beater and was later named as a child molester, Esther knew nothing of any of it and testified that he was only ever Utterly Charming in her presence. I can only assume that Esther wasn’t used to Gentlemen, so her norm was set at this:
I fear that Esther is a Woman Who Makes Bad Choices, as I am sure that her sister Priscilla has told her, Priscilla being a social worker who was employed by Lambeth Borough Council when that Council had been infiltrated by a huge paedophile ring and was also sending kids in care to children’s homes in north Wales.
Esther respected Priscilla’s social work colleagues at Lambeth so much that when Esther established ChildLine, she appointed her sister’s boss, Valerie Howarth, as CEO.
Baroness Valerie, as she became, did suffer a bit of bad publicity when it was revealed that just before Esther gave her the job as CEO of ChildLine, Valerie had been the senior manager responsible for the Safeguarding which had resulted in the murder of a little girl in local authority care. Esther gave Valerie’s critics short shrift and they were subjected to the discourse of ‘there will always be wicked evil sick people who murder children. The fact that my sister and Valerie stood by and watched while being paid a healthy whack to stop this is irrelevant’.
Janet Boateng was one of Priscilla’s colleagues at Lambeth. Janet was Chair of the Social Services Committee when Tyra Henry was murdered in the care of Lambeth. It didn’t hamper Janet, she ended up as the wife of Britain’s High Commissioner for South Africa.
  • Paul and Janet, like social worker and FM Mark Drakeford, have a son who was convicted of and imprisoned for rape.
  • Baroness Tessa was also a social worker who was employed as a child care officer by Lambeth. In addition, Tessa worked as a psychiatric social worker at the Maudsley and as Deputy Director of MIND. Tessa knew Dafydd, Gwynne the lobotomist and the gang. Like Harriet, Tessa’s dad was a Top Doctor.
  • From Downing Street to Harvard Business School: Former ...
Tessa’s husband David was a crooked lawyer who accepted a bribe from Miranda’s mate Silvio. Tessa’s sister-in-law was Mrs Mills, who as DPP received over 100 complaints about the abuse of children in care in north Wales. Mrs Mills did not mount one prosecution.
Animal lover Miss Margaret Williiams outside her house in Richards Street Cathays were she lives with her dogs and - Stock Image
Mrs Mills’s daughter Caroline Corby inherited the gene for being Inspirational – the phenotype is only expressed in Wimmin – from her Inspirational mother and is now Chair of the Parole Board.
Caroline Corby
Tessa’s husband’s brother John – Mrs Mills’s husband and Caroline’s mum –  was very rich, the Director of Finance for Camden Borough Council and a major donor to the Labour Party.
Margaret Hodge with John Mills and wife Dame Barbara Mills
Little Nell Hodge with John and Mrs Mills

The photo above appeared in the ‘Camden New Journal’ some 10 years ago, accompanied by a feature entitled ‘Minister’s tribute to husband: MP praises late lawyer as firm that ‘fights injustice’ celebrates its 32nd birthday’:

TOURISM Minister Margaret Hodge paid a loving tribute to her late husband at a celebration of the leading law firm he helped set up. Henry Hodge, one of the founding partners of Hodge, Jones and Allen (HJA), died of leukaemia in June, aged 68. The firm, formerly based at Camden Road in Camden Town, was marking its 32nd birthday and the official launch of a new office building in North Gower Street, Euston. Ms Hodge said HJA was set up to fight “injustice” and that its creation was her husband’s “proudest achievement”. Henry would have been very pleased to be here tonight,” she said. “He believed in establishing values of efficiency, success and building a reputation. I remember how at the beginning he had an absolute obsession with cash flow – and he was always talking about how payments under legal aid were so slow. He learned about the pressures of running an office.”

She added: “Camden Town, as we know, has its vagrant community.
The vagrant community is also known as ‘former kids in care and Empowered Service Users who have been ruthlessly used for sex, abused, trafficked and then abandoned by the Top Docs and social workers who are paid to care for them’.
Much to my disapproval, when the firm was in Camden Town, he gave constant consultancy to them.”
They didn’t benefit from the advice of Sir Henry, the man who once held office with the NCCL when that organisation was fighting for paedophiles’ rights in the way that his other clients did; what can have been going on?
From humble origins, HJA was set up by three ambitious young lawyers first in Camden High Street in 1977, before moving to Camden Road in 1997.
Labour luminaries including former Lord Chancellor Baron Charles Falconer, MP Frank Dobson, businessman John Mills and former Camden Council leader Raj Chada, who is a partner at the company, attended the champagne event. Lord Falconer, a barrister who has often served as a “trouble-shooter” for the firm since it opened, said: “Hodge, Jones and Allen was set up to help people who need a lawyer but cannot necessarily afford one. It has always provided quality representation and it has survived because of that core principle. It has been a disparate group and some exceptionally talented, in particular Henry Hodge and Patrick Allen.” Patrick Allen, a senior partner who co-founded the firm, said: “We have grown from the original three to a firm of 190 but the ethos is still the same – fight injustice and right wrongs.”
Animal lover Miss Margaret Williiams outside her house in Richards Street Cathays were she lives with her dogs and - Stock Image
  • Charlie Falconer gave a public lecture at Bangor University after Miranda and Gordon had opened fire on Merfyn the VC. Charlie had been invited and was accompanied by Betty Williams, the Labour MP for Conwy. Betty was a Gwynedd County Councillor when the kids in the homes run by Gwynedd County Council were being abused and trafficked. At Charlie Falconer’s public lecture, Betty told the audience that Merfyn’s wife was very ill and would die. None of us knew this because Merfyn had been protecting his wife’s privacy. So Betty told everyone anyway. It wasn’t a threat, it was a warning. We’ve got the bitch, she and Merfyn spilt the pints of Dafydd’s mates. Take a hint Baker.
Care for diabetics in north Wales is notoriously bad. I knew someone who is a brittle diabetic who moved to Bangor from London. The staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd did not know what a brittle diabetic was and told her that she wasn’t following her Doctor’s Advice and that was why her diabetes was so unstable. Bob Masters was a diabetic Top Doctor who worked at the Hergest Unit and was a witness to the gang and their crimes. Bob Masters became ill as a result of his diabetes and was admitted to Ysbyty Gwynedd. He ended up in a coma and then died. During, or just before, the Waterhouse Inquiry.
One of my housemates when I was an undergrad also suffered from unstable diabetes and was warned by his Top Docs in Wolverhampton, where he grew up, that it was life-threatening. He became quite ill at university but the Bangor Docs didn’t seem that concerned. I was told recently that this man supplied a false statement to the gang about my alleged habits and also doctored a tape recording of my friend and I that he had been made in our house one night when we were all messing around and that was also used as evidence of my insanity and depravity after my friend who featured on the tape was killed by the gang. I have been told that Peter Jackson was reminded by the Top Docs who asked him to do all this that if he didn’t receive the correct treatment for his diabetes his life would be short and disabling.
Uncle Harry, who’s nephew was Harriet’s adviser and bag carrier, was a specialist in diabetes. Uncle Harry’s nephew went to Haverstock Comprehensive, as did Baroness Oona who is Black and Inspirational – Baroness Oona’s auntie is the Inspirational Dr Miriam who was an Angel in Newcastle-upon-Tyne before she found out what Dafydd’s mate Lord John Walton was doing up there and became Inspirational as a result – and the Inspirational Caroline, daughter of the Inspirational Mrs Mills. Who says kids at comps never achieve? Uncle Harry worked with colleagues and friends of the gang who were Top Docs based in London.
Uncle Harry was a member of the Socialist Health Association, who did it for the Poor. Wendy Savage, a Socialist Feminist Strong Woman who performed repeated abortions on the victims of Dafydd’s partner gang in Tower Hamlets, was also a member of the Socialist Health Association who did it for the Poor.
Wendy Savage.JPG
Wendy Savage is a Governor of the Islington and Camden NHS Foundation Trust. In 2004 it was made public that part of the area served by the Hergest Unit in Gwynedd – the part that was Betty Williams’s constituency – had the second highest suicide rate for Wimmin of any area in England and Wales. Camden had the highest.
Wendy Savage was a friend of Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain of St George’s Hospital Medical School, who was facilitating that Westminster Paedophile Ring. Geoffrey Chamberlain grew up in south Wales; his father was Secretary to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff. Geoffrey Chamberlain was married to Inspirational Strong Woman Professor Jocelyn Chamberlain.
Cervical cancer | The History of Modern Biomedicine


In 1974 Jocelyn Chamberlain was appointed as Senior Lecturer in Community Medicine at UCL. Her primary interest was in disease screening, and in 1978 Jocelyn moved to the Institute of Cancer Research to lead the national trial of breast cancer screening. There was research fraud taking place at the Institute of Cancer Research. Geoffrey Chamberlain was also involved in research fraud.

UCL and the Middlesex – Gwynne’s alma mater – merged during the early 1980s and following that, Professor Michael Adler and his team opened the first UK ward for AIDS in 1987, which was famously visited by the Role Model Di who shook hands with an AIDS patients to Fight The Stigma. No-one mentioned that many of those young men dying of AIDS had contracted it when they were kids in care who were forced into sex work, including many from north Wales.

Michael Adler met the Inspirational Baroness Margaret Jay through their mutual AIDS work and they married.

Official portrait of Baroness Jay of Paddington crop 2.jpg

Inspirational Margaret’s dad was PM Jim Callaghan and her mum was Jim’s wife Audrey. Jim and Audrey both facilitated organised abuse, including at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where Audrey was the Warm and Caring – Wimmin weren’t Passionate and Committed back then but they were Warm and Caring – Chair of Governors and led the fundraising efforts.

Audrey Callaghan.jpg

Rhodri and Julie, when they were young, campaigned for Jim in Cardiff. Strong Woman Julie even went back to Cardiff during term time just after beginning her degree at King’s College, London, to campaign for Sunny Jim.

Rhodri shared a house with a Windbag, who married the Glamorous and Feminist Glenys, a lovely little Welsh girl from Holyhead, who’s mum and dad were Councillors and mates with Dafydd and Gwynne and colluded with the gang, as did so many of their friends.
Socialist Feminist Glenys is now the mother-in-law of Helle, the Seriously Inspirational former PM of Denmark. Beat that deadbeats.
Helle Thorning-Schmidt portrait.jpg
Before the Baroness Margaret was married to Michael Adler, she was married to Peter, who’s mother was the Formidable Lady Peggy:
Lady Peggy’s husband Lord Douglas Jay was a friend of Westminster Swinger Richard Crossman. Peter Mandelson’s granddad Herbert Morrison enlisted Peggy as the leader of a pack of Labour Councillors in the Camden area to ensure that the Westminster Paedophile Ring expanded without a hitch. Peggy’s niece is Strong Woman but Attractive and Ladylike With It, Virginia. Ladylike and Attractive Virginia was a psychiatric social worker who later became a Tory Health Minister and the Secretary of State for the DHSS. Ladylike Baroness Virginia was a True and Loyal Friend to Dafydd and the gang throughout it all.
Virginia Bottomley
Animal lover Miss Margaret Williiams outside her house in Richards Street Cathays were she lives with her dogs and - Stock Image
Camden was a production line for Wimmin who assisted Richard Crossman with his Westminster Paedophile Ring. They included the Formidable Baroness Lena, who’s husband Dr Santo was a member of the Socialist Health Association.
Lena Jeger, Baroness Jeger
  • Here’s Baroness Lena, singing The Red Flag in a comradely manner with Baroness Margaret’s dad and Tony Benn, two men whom she detested:
  • James Callaghan former Prime Minister with Tony Benn and ...

Tony Benn’s wife Caroline was an Inspirational Strong Woman Role Model:

As is his daughter Melissa:

And his granddaughter Emily:

Emily Benn

Generations of Strong Wimmin Socialists who consistently ignored serious crimes committed against the most vulnerable, as long as they were/are committed by Top Docs and welfare professionals! The Strong Wimmin can’t be too careful, they never know when they might need the services of St Tommy’s! It wasn’t for nothing that Granddad Wedgie Benn spent so many hours being filmed taking trays of cups of char into the hospital for the Top Docs and Angels and sitting in roads next to placards emblazoned with the slogan ‘No Cuts’. Wedgie Benn was careful never to be photographed with Dafydd’s mate the Tommy’s Sex Therapist Jim Watson or with the Tommy’s consultants at their Harley Street clinics with their Rollers parked outside.

Animal lover Miss Margaret Williiams outside her house in Richards Street Cathays were she lives with her dogs and - Stock Image
Other Formidable Strong Wimmin of Camden and the Ring were Baroness Bea, who as a Young Married Woman was safely delivered of a Gay Tate Gallery Director and Arts Council Chairman:
Baroness Annie aka Baroness Patricia, who in old age had a secret relationship with a Tory peer who’s wife was a relative of Lord Lucan:
  • Baroness Barbara, who was a Tory variety of Caroline Benn in that she bred successive generations of politicians and activists who took their duties to the Westminster Paedophile Ring and its descendants seriously:
 Animal lover Miss Margaret Williiams outside her house in Richards Street Cathays were she lives with her dogs and - Stock Image
 Shirl , who concealed Dafydd and the gang’s criminality and was friendly with their mate Dr Death, was the daughter of a Pioneering Woman and Role Model:
Regius Professorship Lecture (15648721150).jpg
Shirl’s mum the Pioneering Vera was Posh and a whole variety of things, including an Angel in WW I. Pioneering Vera was so posh that I suspect that things were arranged so as to keep her away from patients who were pox-ridden, crude, foul mouthed Tommies. Nursing was full of class distinctions at the time and it is not completely free of them now.
Brittain shortly after World War I
This Role Model of a Shirley was also a Labour politician – and a Top Doctor to boot – who facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring and another daughter of a Pioneering Woman Role Model.
Dr Shirley was married to a Rotter, who fleeced a number of wealthy women out of their money after telling tall tales about himself and eventually ended up in prison. But not before he had been married to Dr Shirley for many years and had also had a go at being an MP himself.
Dr Shirley’s mum and the Rotter’s one time mother-in-law was Pioneering Role Model Baroness Edith, Top Doctor, Gov’t Minister and one of the founders of the Socialist Health Association:
Baroness Molly was not a Pioneer or even a Role Model for Girls who wanted to be Top Doctors, Baroness Molly was not very much really, but she did work as a social worker when all those kids and psych patients were abused and sometimes even murdered and her husband Michael was a Labour MP and the Windbag’s Health Spokesman.
Baroness Molly parted company with Michael just as Michael became entangled in legal problems with ‘The Observer’, but Molly knows a Good Catch when she meets one and she married Lord Layard, the LSE’s Professor of Happiness, who doubles up as a Gov’t adviser. Looking at Molly, one might wonder ‘what was so appealing to a grandiose LSE Lord?’ until one thinks ‘Ah, north Wales, Lambeth, Islington, international paedophile rings, witnesses found dead, Gov’t Ministers, yes I think I understand now’. Lord Layard’s Happiness agenda is laughable nonsense but it hasn’t held him back. The Lord Layard who is married to Molly.
One person who would not have been able to embrace Baroness Molly’s husband’s Transformational Happiness agenda was Welsh novelist who famously had her Feet In Chains, Kate Roberts. Kate Roberts was really bloody miserable, even after she had left the hardship of Rhosgadfan behind and possibly seriously depressed:
Kate Roberts
Miserable Kate was a teacher who graduated from UCNW, became a Plaid activist and met Morris T. Williams at Plaid meetings and married him. Morris was almost certainly having gay relationships but people didn’t Celebrate being gay in Morris’s day, they just lied about it, especially Kate. Morris and Kate moved to Denbigh in 1935 and bought Gwasg Gee, a publishing house at Denbigh. That certainly gave Kate’s career as a novelist a boost. Morris died in 1946 and Kate continued living at Denbigh, writing, publishing and campaigning for Plaid and Welsh medium education.
Kate was friends with Dafydd’s mate Saunders Lewis and loved corresponding with intellectuals, one of whom was Dr Ernest Jones who knew Gwynne and was the man substantially responsible for introducing Freud’s ideas to Britain.
Dr Ernest Jones, lifelong friend of Sigmund Freud and colleague of Gwynne
Ernest Jones.jpg
Dr Ernest had quite a track record with the ladies. There were complaints with regard to Dr Ernest’s conduct toward female patients and Freud hit the roof when Dr Ernest began a relationship with Freud’s daughter, the Pioneering Dr Anna, who colluded with organised abuse herself, as did her dad and his extended circles of friends and colleagues. Dr Ernest married Welsh composer and musician Morfydd, who died young in unfortunate circumstances:
Morfydd Llwyn Owen – died age 26
Morfydd Llwyn Owen.jpg

Morfydd was not only married to someone who was at the hub of a vast network of organised abuse in High and Low Places, but before she ever got as far as Dr Ernest she had enjoyed some impressive encounters. Morfydd knew Liberal politicians, including Lady Megan’s dad, as well as D.H. Lawrence and his circle and several Russian émigrés, including Prince Felix Yusupov who had been involved in the assassination of Rasputin and Alexis Chodak-Gregory, who proposed marriage.

Morfydd didn’t last long after marrying Dr Ernest, only about a year. Dr Ernest and one of his mates performed emergency abdominal surgery on Morfydd in her parents’ house near Swansea while they were visiting the in-laws and killed her. Morfydd didn’t die as a result of what Dr Ernest was allegedly operating for ie. appendicitis, Morfydd died because Dr Ernest and his mate poisoned her with chloroform. They professed not to have realised that Morfydd, having been ‘deprived of sugar’ due to war time rationing, would have been susceptible to chloroform poisoning and should have been given ether instead. Oh well these things happen.
No-one asked any questions – well it was Dr Ernest wasn’t it – not even in the context of Dr Ernest’s known anger at Morfydd’s Old Fashioned Presbytarianism to which which she stubbornly clung or the strain that Morfydd continuing her musical career in the face of Dr Ernest’s More Important Top Doctoring caused on their marriage. It was all sorted when Morfydd died and a witness to a great deal of wrongdoing was out of the way and Dr Ernest soon remarried.
It was as a result of Dr Ernest’s efforts that psychoanalysis gained respectability and the ban on analysis imposed by bodies such as the BBC was lifted. Old Fashioned Stick In The Muds had Influenced People into believing that analysis was questionable and involved sexually exploiting people but Dr Ernest dispelled those myths and Referrals to Gwynne at Denbigh could then be made without problem. On the NHS as well.
Dr Ernest’s friend Miserable As Fuck Kate died in Denbigh in 1985. Kate was one of the few residents of Denbigh who did not work at the North Wales Hospital for Gwynne and Dafydd. Kate’s role as the marketing manager could be performed from home.
Feet in Chains
Kate’s reputation as Brenhines ein Llên (The Queen of our Literature) enjoyed a huge revival during the North Wales Police investigations into the possible existence of a VIP paedophile ring in north Wales and then again during the Waterhouse Inquiry. Gwasg Gee reprinted all the old favourites and a few bits and pieces of Kate’s that no-one had even heard of previously and there were media features on Kate everywhere. One couldn’t move without being reminded of Kate. Poor bloody Morfydd didn’t get a mention.

Eirian Llwyd (1951-2014) was a Inspirational Woman Welsh Artist who was born and grew up at Prion on the outskirts of Denbigh. Eirian became a Welsh Artist later in life. Eirian’s first career was as an Angel. Eirian nursed in Liverpool, 1969-73 and then worked as a midwife at St Asaph Hospital. Eirian worked with the sex abuse gang and was party to the illegal abortions and abduction of newborns.

In 1974 Inspirational Eirian married Ieuan, who was born in Denbigh and who’s dad had been the Methodist Minister there. Ieuan worked as a solicitor in practices which were framing victims of the gang yet ensuring that the gang’s own criminality went uninvestigated. In 1987 Inspirational Eirian embarked on another career, that of a Plaid Politician’s Wife and between 2007 and 2011, one of Inspirational Eirian’s jobs was Wife Of The Deputy FM.

Multi-tasking Inspirational Eirian knew Meri from their many happy years together in Cymdeithas yr Iaith (the Welsh Language Society) and Inspirational Eirian worked with Jane in Welsh Wimmin’s Aid! Isnpirational Eirian established the Rhyl branch of Welsh Wimmin’s Aid in the 1970s/80s. Perhaps Eirian arranged the illegal abortions on the girls in care!


Your Plaid candidate is a local man who speaks Welsh as his first language. He is married to a Nurse and they have young children.

That particular Plaid candidate wasn’t elected as an MP until 1987, but he first stood as a candidate back in the 1970s for Denbigh.


In March 2000, the month following the publication of the Waterhouse Report, Inspirational Eirian began a new job as Wife Of The Leader Of Plaid.



In 2001, Inspirational Eirian became a Welsh Artist. Print and textiles and that. You know, Arty. Women with scarves and long flowing clothes. In layers. You can buy them from ‘Polly’s’ in Aberystwyth.



Inspirational Welsh Artist Eirian died of breast cancer in 2014 at Ysbyty Gwynedd.

  • Laughter is the Best Medicine
  • 3 Ways Laughter Yoga Helps Hone Leadership Skills

I do hope that Inspirational Eirian’s widower is Having His Prostate Checked Regularly, he could Die Without Screening. I’ll let him know that when the PSA test throws up a false positive and the Top Doctors remove his prostate to Save His Life because Ah they’re wonderful really aren’t they, Inspirational Welsh Artist Eirian’s widower will be impotent and doubly incontinent.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

The stupid git will probably then take a leaf out of Michael Parkinson’s book and star in adverts to promote Prostate Screening.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Inspirational Welsh Artist Eirian was small fry as is her widower and didn’t they know it. They shafted their neighbours for the crumbs from the table of this Strong Woman and her colleagues:
Baroness June Lloyd, Strong Woman and Role Model for Lady Doctors:
Lady June Lloyd of Highbury.jpg
 In 1975, Baroness June was given the new Dept of Paediatrics at St George’s Hospital Medical School to play with and appointed Ollie Brooke, a key member of an international paedophile ring, as the Professor of Paediatrics. The ring was already in place at St George’s, but it had only substantially colonised the Dept of Psychiatry and their mental health unit, Springfield Hospital. The Dept of Obs and Gynae would soon be earning its keep after the appointment of Role Model Professor Jocelyn’s husband Professor Geoffrey as Prof and Head of Dept.
St George’s entrusted the most helpless targets of the gang, those victims who had learning disabilities and were diagnosed with mental health problems to the biggest, safest pair of hands in the whole establishment, devoted Roman Catholic, Sheila, Professor of the Psychiatry of Learning Disability and Top Doctor at St Georges and Springfield Hospital, who is now Baroness Professor Sheila:
Official portrait of Baroness Hollins crop 2.jpg

Baroness Sheila was President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2005 -08, when the NW Wales NHS Trust unlawfully refused to treat me for any condition and ordered my arrest if I attempted to access NHS care. Baroness Sheila was President of the BMA, 2012-13, after Operation Pallial reopened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Tony Francis killed himself in 2012.

Like Dafydd’s mate Lord John Walton, Baroness Sheila became the President of the College of Occupational Therapists and she might still be in post. There was only one genuine whistleblower in the NHS in north Wales and that was an occupational therapist. His team were loyal to him and they too began to follow his example and do their best to protect patients. Before his arrival, the OTs in north Wales followed Doctors Orders to lie about patients in court in order to secure convictions against them. Many efforts were made to find reasons to sack the whistleblower but no reason could be found and he refused to be bullied out of his job although no member of staff but those in his immediate team would speak to him. So then a plan was formulated to Raise Questions re his Professionalism with the College of Occupational Therapists.

Pope Francis appointed Baroness Sheila as a member of the newly created Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. Baroness Sheila is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Centre for Child Protection.

Baroness Sheila is the Chair and founder of ‘Beyond Words’, an organisation that was established in 1989 that publishes books written by Sheila to Communicate In Pictures.

This picture shows what That Man did to you doesn’t it? It was him wasn’t it, it was that Other Patient who Did This, it wasn’t Professor Ollie at all was it? I know that you are severely learning disabled and you can’t talk, so just point to the picture which tells us Who Made You Pregnant when you were In Hospital! Oh I think you’ve pointed to that picture haven’t you! I think you did, yes, that’s right, I thought that was That Man Who Did It. That Nurse lied when she said it was Professor Ollie and Mr Savile didn’t she? And we don’t want Nurses Who Tell Lies Do We?

Eirian Llwyd, artist and wife of Ieuan Wyn Jones, dies ...

Meri Huws | Folly Farm |

Julie Morgan

Here’s Jane, being interviewed by the BBC and publicly stating that workers blacklists, as allegedly used by the building industry, are unacceptable:


Baroness Sheila Who Communicates with people who can’t communicate was given a peerage in 2010. Not long after Brown and I published our first article about my experiences of the mental health services which mentioned the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and the murders of patients at Springfield.

The Baroness Sheila was visited by personal tragedy in 2005 when her pregnant daughter Abigail was stabbed and left paralysed as a result. Baroness Shelia’s Faith carried her through. Which it genuinely does for many people but it is regrettable that Baroness Shelia’s Faith didn’t cause and still hasn’t caused a stirring of her conscience and a statement to the police.

Jimmy Savile was a Devoted Roman Catholic who was given a Papal knighthood. Savile was introduced as a member of the Atheneaum by Cardinal Basil Hume. The Atheneaum is the preferred club for Top Docs and Vice-Chancellors.
I am not someone who believes that all Catholic priests are molesters, but as with working at St George’s/Springfield/North Wales hospitals, one could not have worked with those people and not known about much of their wrongdoing.
Strong Woman Dr Julia Hollyman was a colleague of Baroness Sheila’s at St George’s/Springfield. Strong Woman Julia was loathed by the staff and Geoffrey Chamberlain observed that she should have been a patient not a member of staff. That could be taken as a serious sleight on patients, but it demonstrated the lack of respect afforded to Strong Woman Dr Julia. Someone put Strong Woman Dr Julia in charge of the secure wards at Springfield. Patients were sexually assaulted, raped and a few were murdered. A number of patients became pregnant while at Springfield. A member of staff was murdered. After this record of achievement, Strong Woman Dr Julia resigned. After resigning, Strong Woman Dr Julia was quietly offered a job running Broadmoor. Strong Woman Dr Julia resigned after yet more scandal and then busied herself with charidee work for the disabled and vulnerable and on various Boards, including those of NHS organisations and Housing Associations.
 Lesbian Feminist Disability Champion Dr Rachel Perkins was Clinical Director of Springfield Hospital during the years of the paedophile ring, sexual assaults and murders. Like Strong Woman Julia, Lesbian Feminist Rachel clung on for years but was finally obliged to resign after one scandal too many. Lesbian Feminist Rachel then transformed herself into an Empowered Service User – well she did suffer from Clinical Depression, she explained that it Made Her Empathic towards patients.
Laughter is the Best Medicine
As a result, Lesbian Feminist Rachel was appointed the Board Representative for Empowered Service Users on the St George’s NHS Trust.
As St George’s was hit by scandal after scandal, went bankrupt and was then placed in special measures, Lesbian Feminist Rachel turned up as a Gov’t adviser re the employment of disabled people on the basis of the pioneering work scheme that Rachel had run at Springfield. Rachel had organised a work placement for one young female Empowered Service User as a stripper at Spearmint Rhino. The EHRC subsequently appointed Rachel as the Commissioner representing the disabled.
It is amazing what managing the live action end of the Westminster Paedophile Ring facilitated by Lady Professor Jocelyn and her husband can do for one’s career.
Cervical cancer | The History of Modern Biomedicine
 Animal lover Miss Margaret Williiams outside her house in Richards Street Cathays were she lives with her dogs and - Stock Image
As an extra treat, this Celebratory International Wimmin’s Day Blog Post will pay Special Tribute to three Remarkable Wimmin, who are surely deserving of all the Purple Plaques in the world.
Special Tribute Number 1:
Jean Kennedy McFarlane, Baroness McFarlane of Llandaff (1 April 1926-13 May 2012), who dedicated her life to Nursing. Baroness Jean was born in Cardiff and trained as a nurse, a midwife and as a health visitor before going on to pursue a successful career in nursing teaching and administration. Jean studied sociology at Bedford College, London. It was possible to reach the dizziest of heights on the basis of the most unimpressive achievements if one passed through Bedford College and made friends with the right people, because Conrad, 5th Earl Russell, son of the syphilitic Bertrand who from 1955 onward lived near Cwm Croesor and made use of the services provided by Gwynne and Dafydd, taught at Bedford College.

Bertrand Russell

Bertrand had got through two wives before he fathered Conrad. Bertrand’s first wife was Quaker, Intellectual and Social Reformer, Alys Pearsall Smith.

Alys was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of two prominent figures in the Holiness movement in America and the Higher Life movement in Britain. Alys married Bertrand in 1894 in a Quaker Meeting House. Within five years or so Bertrand was out for a cycle ride when he had one of his Profound Thoughts, that particular thought being that he didn’t really want Alys around anymore.

Alys meanwhile was busy. In 1907 she and her pal established a brand new venture which was the forerunner of Mother and Baby Welfare Centres, the St Pancras Mothers’ and Infants’ Society and an associated School for Mothers (also known as ‘Mothers’ & Babies’ Welcome’). Alys was Chairman and her pal Adele Myer was Vice-Chairman.

Lady Adele Meyer was, like Alys, a campaigner for social reform. Adele was the Editor of a suffrage journal and a philanthropist. Adele Meyer was born in Belsize Park into a Jewish family. She married the wealthy banker Sir Carl Meyer in 1883. Adele did visit the poor, but had other interests as well such as funding operas.

Lady Adele and her two children were models for an award-winning painting by the American painter John Singer Sargent, which was exhibited in 1896. Well Lady Adele has gone so far as to stretch out an arm toward the two kids as they cower behind a posh chair while dressed up to the nines:

Adele Meyer
John Singer Sargent - Mrs Carl Meyer and her Children - Google Art Project.jpg

“Mrs. Carl Meyer and her Children” by John Singer Sargent.

I wonder if Lady Adele visited the poor in that dress or whether, like Polly Toynbee when Polly spent a few days Working As A Cleaner when researching for her no holds barred this is what it’s like to be Poor book, Lady Adele was a Master of Disguise.

Lady Adele was on the more active wing of the suffrage movement and supported women refusing to pay their taxes on the grounds that they had no vote. From 1906 she was a member of the NUWSS, serving on their executive committee and becoming editor of their journal “The Common Cause”.

Alys and Adele’s ‘Mothers and Babies Welcome’ aka the St Pancras School for Mothers provided a range of services aimed at reducing infant mortality. This centre was not the first to provide expectant mothers with meals, weigh babies, provide basic medical advice or attempt to teach ‘mothercraft’ but it does appear to have been the first place in Britain where these services were brought together in one venue. It provided a model for infant welfare centres.

The Wellcome Trust funded a project just a few years ago on the history of the St Pancras School for Mothers and provided photos. The Wellcome Trust was not particularly analytical with regard to the PR for Alys and Adele’s venture that the history project repeated.

The St Pancras School for Mothers won’t have been aimed at women like Alys and Adele because the kids of women of their class weren’t at risk of malnutrition and early death in the way that the kids of St Pancras – which even then was a slum area peopled by prostitutes and tramps etc – were and women of Alys and Adele’s class didn’t look after their own children anyway. They certainly won’t have been dropping into a Centre with them to have them weighed.

Yet the photos of the St Pancras Centre are not photos of the sort of people who would have used the Centre.

A lesson on the cradle

L0007060 The weighing department, Bunting, A school for mothersThe weighing room at the Mothers and Babies Welcome. Image from A School for Mothers by Bunting et al. 1907. Wellcome Image no. L0007060

The reality behind the School for Mothers will have been that it probably was not that helpful to the Poor. Their housing was dreadful, they had no money – I note that there is a fee quoted on the poster inviting mothers to come and have their babies weighed – and the Poor were handing their kids over to places like the Foundling Hospital in Bloomsbury anyway because they could not afford to feed them. The Poor could not have read the notice inviting them to have their baby weighed. None of the Poor will have had a cradle such as the one pictured so lessons on the use of such a cradle will have been pointless. A bit like Jamie Oliver’s TV programmes demonstrating Cheap Meals which need the sort of kitchen equipment to prepare the grub that most people don’t have unless they are enthusiastic cooks with a good disposable income.

Those folk photographed at the baby weigh-in are too well-dressed to be the Poor as well.

Alys and Adele’s venture was probably a rich ladies’ hobby that was not able to assist many people and certainly not those whom it told people that it was assisting. More worryingly, one of the ladies – Alys – was married to a man who was a ruthless sexual predator, even if he was a Famous Thinker and his mates were ruthless sexual predators as well. Whoever carried out that Wellcome project will have known that, but it hasn’t been mentioned.

When that Wellcome project on Alys and Adele was underway, I was researching the recent history of Bertrand Russell and his circle at Cwm Croesor in north Wales. Colleagues at Bangor University knew that I was doing this because I discussed the project in research planning seminars, submitted the plans for ethical approval and applied to the British Academy for funding. I was turned down so I did the research myself anyway unfunded.

Professor Fergus Lowe knew about my planned project because so many squealers were so frightened of what I would find out if I did it that they told Fungus and Fungus at the time was instructing the research support office and all associated staff not to help me prepare grant applications. At the time, Brown, I and a Jewish colleague also prepared a big bid to the Wellcome Trust by ourselves, to investigate a project into the History of Medicine as related to Jewish practices. Every obstacle possible was put in our way, whoops the Chief Accountant who had to sign off the bid was in a meeting with Fungus ALL DAY and then he was on holiday for three weeks, whoops, Renee, another member of staff who’s assistance was crucial, was also off on holiday for three weeks but as a favour she prepared the spreadsheet at home and sent it to me at the final hour: in a format that she knew my computer would not be able to open. So we rang the Wellcome Trust and they said that they’d accept a late application from us. No of course we didn’t get the funding, the Wellcome gave it to the folk who held the Exhibition Of Lies about Bertrand Russell’s wife’s Clinic for Poor Babies instead.

Don’t worry Gwerin, unlike you I do not need to be pampered and pandered to and given lots of money to pursue research projects, I can do it unfunded by myself. So I did.

The Wellcome Trust have previously funded Dafydd’s colleagues to write lies about the history of psychiatry.

Lady Adele was a founder and funder of the London hostel that became Queen Mary College. Lady Meyer died in 1930.

Sir Carl and Lady Adele were the grandparents of Sir Anthony Meyer, the Tory MP for West Flintshire and then Clwyd North West, 1970-92. Sir Anthony was a Tory who was so liberal that after he had served as the MP for Eton and Slough in the mid-1960s and was on the lookout for another seat after losing that one, no Tory constituency would consider him. He ended up in north Wales as a result of a helping hand from Nigel Birch, who was stepping down as the MP for West Flintshire. Their story was that it was one old Etonian helping another. Why a man as posh as Sir Anthony wanted to live in a not very affluent part of north east Wales to which he had no obvious links which was the location of a huge paedophile ring with associated organised crime was not clear.

Sir Anthony liked a party and was notorious for his rather exotic mistress whom he probably met when she was working as a call girl…

Sir Anthony famously stood as a stalking horse in a leadership challenge against Thatch. He knew that he’d never win but the plan was that Heseltine would also stand and win. Heseltine didn’t stand but never explained why and it was another few years before Heseltine did stand in a leadership challenge to Thatch.

If Heseltine wants to tell us all the reason why a man as posh as Sir Anthony wanted to live down the road from Bryn Estyn and Dafydd, a lot of people would like to hear it.

Sir Anthony’s granddad Sir Carl Ferdinand Meyer, 1st Baronet (23 December 1851-18 December 1922) was a British banker and mining magnate. Carl Meyer was born in Hamburg, into a Jewish family, the second son of Siegmund Meyer and Elise Rosa, née Hahn, daughter of Reuben Hahn. In 1883 he married Adele; their son Frank Cecil Meyer was Sir Anthony’s father.

Carl Meyer worked at first for the Rothschild family as their Chief Clerk and negotiator with the De Beers mining group. He then went on to work for De Beers and became Deputy Chairman of the company. Carl Meyer was also Governor of the National Bank of Egypt and member of the Board of numerous other mining companies. He was also a Board member of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC).

Carl Meyer had a great interest in the arts, supportings opera, music and the theatre. In 1909 he donated £70,000 to the Shakespeare National Memorial Theatre, now rebuilt as the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Sir Anthony’s grandmother was a good friend of Bertrand Russell’s wife. The Bertrand who utilised the services of Gwynne before Dafydd arrived on the scene. And then Dafydd when Dafydd joined in the party a few years later.

Anyone fancy dropping their children off at a Russell-Myer Orphanage?


In 1911 Bertrand Russell began a lengthy period of separation from Alys with an affair with Lady Ottoline Morrell. Russell and Lady Ottoline are alleged to have done some interesting things together, including Lady Ottoline doing an S&M dominatrix bit with him.

Lady Ottoline Morrell, 1902

Lady Ottoline was not the only sexual partner that Russell had during his years of separation from Alys; he had simultaneous affairs with a number of women, including the actress Lady Constance Malleson, with whom Russell ‘shared an interest in pacifism’.

Lady Constance Malleson
Portrait of Lady Constance Malleson

Lady Constance travelled extensively throughout her life including visits to the Middle East and Africa, in addition to frequent trips to Scandinavia. Perhaps Lady Constance dropped in on Uganda to discuss pacifism.

Russell also had an affair with Vivienne Haigh-Wood, first wife of T.S. Eliot. Vivienne had a dreadful time at the hands of Toilets and his Radical Bohemian Bloomsbury Group friends and had been primed for this by her nearest and dearest from a young age. Vivienne had multiple fairly serious physical health problems that would have restricted even the most robust of people, yet everyone around her constructed these as signs of Viv’s fuckwittery or bloody-mindedness. Viv was someone who did suffer from a serious menstrual disorder of the kind that is unusual and doesn’t fall into the category of over-blown anxieties that sends women off to purchase packets of pointless Feminax etc, but even serious haemorrhaging on the part of Viv was seen as evidence that she was nothing but a pain in the bum. Then she outraged all of them by ‘insisting on washing her own sheets’. Well they were complete bastards and she’d have never have heard the end of it if she had given them the sheets to wash, so she did it herself. Which was just another sign of her degeneracy.

Viv’s mother Rose Haigh-Wood decided that her daughter was suffering from “moral insanity” – a Top Doctor had of course been commissioned, but it is thought that he diagnosed hysteria – and Rose decided that Viv should not marry or bear children and withdrew the family’s consent to Viv going ahead with a planned marriage. Viv also caused concern by ‘dressing like an actress’. Here she is, looking particularly outrageous and Morally Insane:

Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot

Viv subsequently met and married Toilets, in secret. She was out of the frying pan into the fire. Within days of their marriage Toilets decided that he’d have rather married another one of their circle and Viv was treated dreadfully by Toilets, his family and friends and sexually exploited by Bertrand Russell. Among the archive material relating to Viv there isn’t any firm evidence of the Insanity, the Bloody Mindedness, the All Round Dreadfulness that was attributed to her and in later life Toilets himself admitted that they treated her like shit really but ooh they were young and immature. There is plenty of evidence that supports Toilets’ admission that they were all dreadful to Viv.

The Strong Inspirational Woman Role Model that was Virginia Woolf said of Viv:

Oh – Vivienne! Was there ever such a torture since life began! – to bear her on one’s shoulders, biting, wriggling, raving, scratching, unwholesome, powdered, insane, yet sane to the point of insanity, reading his letters, thrusting herself on us, coming in wavering trembling … This bag of ferrets is what Tom [Eliot] wears round his neck.

Virginia fitted that in around writing about the injustices heaped upon Wimmin, including by Male Top Doctors and her busy social life.

Virginia Woolf
Photograph of Virginia Woolf in 1902; photograph by George Charles Beresford

Toilets abandoned Viv but refused to divorce her. He didn’t tell her that he had abandoned her, he just did and began hiding from her and told his mates not to reveal his whereabouts to her. Meanwhile Toilets got on with other relationships.

One day Viv physically bumped into Toilets while she was out and about. She went to speak to him in what seemed to have been the equivalent of an ‘are we still together then?’ conversation and Toilets told her that he was far too busy to speak to her and legged it. Meanwhile, Toilets and his family and friends took Viv’s attempts to seek him out and have a conversation with him as signs of her increasing madness. What is known is that Viv ended up in an asylum and died there years later in 1947. The details as to how Viv got into the asylum in terms of the precipitating events are sparse, but it is known that Toilets and one of his mates were directly responsible for having her committed and their wider circles of friends were all happy to confirm that they Had No Other Option.

Once Viv was safely in the asylum Bertrand Russell managed to get in there regularly and have sex with her, which suggests that the Safeguarding and High Standards prevailing in that institution – separate men’s and women’s wings, you know what these animals are like! – was, as at the North Wales Hospital, rather different to that which was claimed.

There is not even any certainty as to the cause of Viv’s death in the asylum. It was attributed to heart failure, but also poisoning. The lack of clarity was fuelled by Toilets’ second wife being in possession of crucial documentation to which no-one else was allowed access.

I keep wondering what it was that Viv knew that so many people were desperate to keep quiet. I have read a bit about Viv’s life but not as much as I’d like to have.

As well as Ladies Ottoline and Constance and Viv and the others, Bertrand Russell found time to have a relationship with Dora, who became his second wife, but only after quite a long time.

Dora, Countess Russell
Dora Russell
Dora Black

3 April 1894

Died 31 May 1986 (aged 92)

Porthcurno, Cornwall
Nationality British
Occupation author and social activist

Whereas Bertrand found Alys’s ‘high mindedness and purity’ intolerable and used that as the rationale for a shagfest with others, he found Dora wanting as well. Dora wasn’t a frigid old bat like Alys, Dora, like Russell, extolled the merits of open relationships. Dora herself was monogamous for a while and wasn’t concerned that Russell was polygamous. However eventually Dora did begin a relationship with another man. Russell hit the roof and there was a great deal of trouble. The trouble snowballed over the years and resulted in Russell declaring Dora unfit to be a parent to their son John, although John got on very well with his mother. Poor old Russell certainly suffered from Mad Relatives, when John grew up he turned out to be Mad as well and helpful Top Doctors were often happy to incarcerate John in asylums. John had a daughter, Lucy, with whom John got on well. Russell declared John Unfit to take care of Lucy on the grounds of John being Mad. One symptom of John’s Madness at the time was John alleging that Russell was having sex with John’s wife. Which Russell indeed was. Lucy spent much of her childhood and teenage years living with Russell near Cwm Croesor. Lucy told third parties that she didn’t like the way that Russell kissed her.

When Lucy started university, she acquired a boyfriend. Russell cut her off financially and emotionally. Lucy, like her dad, was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. She became almost destitute and in 1975 in her 20s she was found on fire, in a churchyard in Cornwall. The official line is that Lucy was a Paranoid Schizophrenic who killed herself after setting herself alight. Her relatives claimed that it was a Peace Protest a la the Tibetan monks. Her mates said that she was having a very hard time and no-one helped.

I would be most interested to know if Gwynne the lobotomist or Dafydd ever had any contact with Lucy or indeed her father, because these events have ‘Dafydd and Gwynne’ stamped all over them.

Dora Russell, along with Bertrand, was a CND campaigner as were so many figures on the left of that era, including Michael Foot, who concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring and was very probably an active member of it. Footie was married to Inspirational Role Model and Strong Woman Feminist Film Director Jill Craigie who, with regard to Footie’s Ugandan activities, told him that she understood that he had ‘additional needs’ and she didn’t mind if he fulfilled them but she didn’t want to be told about it.

Conrad Russell, who taught at Bedford College, 1960-79, when Jean the Baroness of Nursing in Llandaff was a student there, was the son of Patricia Russell, Countess Russell (1910–2004), Bertrand’s third wife. Countess Russell was born Marjorie Helen Spence in 1910. She met Bertrand Russell in 1930 when she was a 20 year old undergraduate at Oxford, hired by Dora as a governess. They had an affair and were married at the Midhurst register office in Sussex on 18 January 1936.

Patricia wasn’t up to scratch either and she and Russell had an acrimonious separation in 1949. I have yet to find out whether Russell tried to have her declared mad and incarcerated. Although Conrad became a famous historian and a Lib Dem peer, he admitted to suffering from serious depression when younger and often felt suicidal. Presumably Conrad was not on the receiving end of Help from Dafydd and Gwynne. Or perhaps he was and he had a lucky escape but one which left an impression.

Perhaps Conrad didn’t escape. After worsening health during the 1990s, Conrad died of respiratory failure at Central Middlesex Hospital in 2004, as the Gwerin opened fire on Merfyn. Conrad’s wife Elizabeth Sanders had died in 2003.

Conrad and Elizabeth’s son Nicholas Lyulph Russell, 6th Earl Russell (12 September 1968-17 August 2014), styled Viscount Amberley between 1987 and 2004, didn’t have much luck with his health either. Nicholas died suddenly in Aug 2014, at the age of 45, from a presumed heart attack. However, autopsy later confirmed the cause of death to have been due to a thrombosis. Nicholas was a disability campaigner for the Labour Party and had sat on the NEC as the Disability Rep.

Labour Party: You can increase your credibility among disabled people by refusing to heap praise on Top Docs and Angels who kill them. It might even be a vote winner.

Bertrand’s friends were Sir Clough and Lady Amabel, who lived at Llanfrothen and owned most of the houses in Cwm Croesor. Merfyn’s mum and dad ran the village pub that they rented from Clough.

Clough and Amabel were friends with Eric, who for many years had a second home at Croesor. Eric’s daughter Julia was a Passionate, Committed, Connected Professor of Networking at the LSE. Julia ran a PR company that took on a lot of work for the Labour Party.

Interview with Julia Hobsbawm, Author of Fully Connected

Julia’s friend and business partner was Sarah, who married Gordon Brown.
Sarah Jane Brown

Conrad was friends with Lady Antonia, who was married to Swearing Harold:

Antonia Fraser

Lady Antonia is the daughter of Lord Longford, who is relative of Harriet.


In the 1960s Baroness Jean participated in the RCN research programme “Study of Nursing Care”. Gwynne was lobotomising people when Jean studied Nursing Care. It was the Nurses doing the Caring who described the behaviour that Gwynne wanted documented to justify lobotomising victims of a VIP sex abuse ring. In 1974 Baroness Jean became the holder of the first Chair of Nursing at an English university, Manchester and held the Chair until 1989. Dafydd’s colleagues ran another ring from Manchester University, while Jean held that Chair. In 1974 Dafydd’s old boss and friend from the Maudsley who ran the big ring based there, Dr Bob Hobson, relocated to Manchester University, where he expanded and consolidated the ring at Manchester. Tony Francis worked with Hobson et al immediately before relocating to north Wales in 1982-83.

Baroness Jean served on the Royal Commission on the NHS, 1976–79, Chaired by Sir Alec Merrison. That Royal Commission was set up by Battling Baroness Babs and Dr Death in order to pretend that they were Protecting the NHS, when they knew that by the time the Commission reported, the Labour Party would not be in power and thus the toxic mess that is the ‘National Religion’ would be someone else’s problem. Thatcher’s.

Barbara Castle

Baroness Jean was a Committed Christian and served as a member of the General Synod of the Church of England, 1990-1994. Baroness Jean of Nursing knew that other Committed Christian who held office in the C of E, Lord Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, who devoted her legal career to concealing organised abuse and when she spent her 5 minutes as Chair of IICSA began to make efforts to try to ensure that the C of E was excluded from the Inquiry.

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss is particularly Inspirational because she didn’t have enough qualifications to get into university, so began her working life as a Secretary. Her qualities that were more suited to being one of the UK’s most senior members of the judiciary were soon spotted and thus a door opened into the legal profession. I however suspect that Butler-Sloss had an unfair advantage. Her father and brother were both judges who concealed abuse; it is my belief that the gene for being a High Court Judge Who Covers Up Sexual Abuse In High Places is present in the family and Butler-Sloss inherited it. Butler-Sloss’s grandfather was a solicitor not a High Court Judge and thus I wonder if the gene mutated at some point.


Baroness Jean was created a life peer on 30 July 1979, in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. Mary Wynch was still unlawfully banged up in Denbigh when the Baroness of Nursing Care entered the upper chamber but at least the husband of Lilibet’s cousin’s ex-wife had been acquitted of conspiracy to murder the previous month.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Medicine (Humour)

Baroness Jean was a member of four Select Committees of the Lords. As well as being a Vice President of the League of Nurses at Barts, Baroness Jean was a Fellow of the RCN and a Trustee of numerous charities. In 2005, she was awarded the British Journal of Nursing’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

In 2009, a new building of the University of Manchester was named the Jean McFarlane Building.

Laughter is the Best Medicine (Humour)

Baroness McFarlane was the author of a number of studies, notably A Guide to the Practice of Nursing Using the Nursing Process, 1982.

Laughter is the Best Medicine


The passing of Baroness Jean of the Practice of the Nursing Process did not go unnoticed by ‘The Guardian’. One of the Baroness’s old students, June Clark, who learned about Practising the Nursing Process and thus Recommending a Lobotomy For This One, at the Baroness’s knee wrote the obituary:

Jean McFarlane
Animal lover Miss Margaret Williiams outside her house in Richards Street Cathays were she lives with her dogs and - Stock Image
There is of course another Baroness of Llandaff who is every bit as Inspirational, Strong and a Worthy Role Model as Baroness Jean of the Nursing Practice of the Process of the Grand Theory of the Problem Solving of Llandaff.
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Bertrand Russell: the everyday value of philosophy | Clare ...
I am of course thinking of Baroness Ilora Finlay of Llandaff, Top Doctor and former colleague of Tony Francis and other members of the gang, including Mr Big, Sir William Asscher who in 1988 after Ollie the Paedophile Paediatrician of St George’s was jailed, was called to HQ at St George’s to take up the post of Dean/Principal and thus ensure the continued smooth operation of the Westminster Paedophile Ring.
Bertrand Russell: the everyday value of philosophy | Clare ...
Special Tribute Number 2.
Jo Brand, Strong Feminist Comedian who tells the boys where to get off on TV and radio all the time. Jo is always on the side of Wimmin, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her and she’ll take anyone on.

Strong Feminist Jo was born in Wandsworth, the location of the abuse ring based at Springfield Hospital and grew up in Hastings, East Sussex, the county which contained the country residences of so many of the Bloomsbury Group, as well as Sussex University, an institution who’s VC Lord Asa Briggs and other staff concealed organised abuse. John Allen trafficked kids from children’s homes in north Wales to brothels owned by Allen in London and Brighton. Strong Feminist Jo’s mum was a social worker.

Strong Feminist Jo has two brothers and when she was about five years old the family moved to Bendenden. The public school for Posh People who consider themselves Edgy/Liberal/Progressive is located there and there have recently been allegations by former pupils that sexual bullying was rife at Benenden and as a result an upmarket prostitution ring developed. Princess Margaret’s children went to Benenden, as did the psychiatrist Dr Adrianne Reveley, who, along with her Top Doc husband, concealed organised abuse. Adrianne knew Dafydd and the gang, she worked with them at the Maudsley.

After police investigations and inquiries into abuse rings in north Wales and other places were launched, Adrianne became a cheerleader for Benenden, featuring in promotional material and talking to prospective parents and pupils and alumni. Adrianne died in King’s College Hospital in 2017 soon after being diagnosed with an illness that usually takes many years to kill someone. Some years ago Adrianne was employed by the Welsh Gov’ts legal services to provide an Expert Opinion on me. I attended a consultation at Adrianne’s Harley Street practice accompanied by Brown and she tried to persuade me to tell Brown to leave the room halfway through the meeting, after Brown had confirmed that a car had attempted to run us off the road at high speed a few weeks previously. I told Brown to stay in the room. Adrianne followed my instruction to Brown with one question only: what our next book was going to be about. We told her that it was an analysis of neoliberal healthcare with reference to the mental health services. Adrianne ended the meeting. We never received a copy of her report but I later received a letter from the Welsh Gov’t legal services telling me that they were of the opinion that I had never been subjected to clinical negligence at any point throughout my dealings with the mental health services. 

Strong Feminist Jo attended Beneden Village Primary School, Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School, Hastings High School for Girls and Bexhill College. After working in a pub, for Barnardo’s and as a nursing assistant in a residential unit for adults with learning disabilities, Strong Feminist Jo took a joint social science degree with a RMN qualification at Brunel University.

Strong Feminist Jo then worked as a psych nurse for 10 years, at the South London Bethlem Hospital, Cefn Coed Hospital in Swansea and the Maudsley in south London. When Strong Feminist Jo worked at the Maudsley she was a member of COHSE, the NHS union that supported staff who abused patients. David Williams, an Angel who worked at Denbigh when Gwynne was lobotomising, spent the latter part of his career as a COHSE rep and ended up as Assistant General Secretary and then General Secretary. Williams was promoted to the Top Job at COHSE after the 1979-80 Mary Wynch case.

On 25 June 1990, London COHSE and South Yorkshire and East Midlands COHSE held a social at Bridlington, during COHSE Conference week, 25th June to Friday 29th June 1990. It appears on COHSE’s website archive thus:

Night out for Rebels and Reds
Comedy act Jo Brand (COHSE nurse member at the Maudsley hospital, London and then staring in Saturday Night Live), Skint Video, Rebels with a cause and Disco

Probably one of the best COHSE socials ever, certainly with Jo Brand one of the most controversial, which led to formal complaints about her act, as she turned effectively on right wing, sexist delegates who had attended in error. In fact it was the last joint regional social, such was the outcry in Region 12 [ie. South Yorkshire and East Midlands].

So Strong Feminist Jo had Taken On Right Wing Sexist delegates. Jo spent years working with those people, she knew just what they were like. She has at no point challenged their serious criminality and abuse of their patients and Strong Feminist Jo has never spoken about the patient battering Right Wing Sexist bastards with whom she worked for 10 years. Region 12 COHSE delegates worked on Jimmy Savile’s patch and on Greville Janner’s patch.

When Strong Feminist Jo was taking on the Right Wing Sexists, I had just been taken to the High Court for the second time in four months on the basis of the perjury of Top Docs and social workers as part of a huge co-ordinated conspiracy which also relied upon COHSE members keeping quiet about what they had witnessed. Days after Strong Feminist Jo took on David Williams’ Right Wing Sexist members I was back in the High Court once more…

Strong Feminist Jo gave up working with the fun people of COHSE in the mid-1980s and became a comedian instead. In her early days of fame, Strong Feminist Jo made lots of jokes about never being frightened of anyone because she had been a Psychiatric Nurse and there were no insults or terms of abuse that had not already being thrown at her by Patients. I don’t ever remember her using the word ‘dangerous’, but Strong Feminist Jo was full of jolly anecdotes about how six of us had to sit on him you know and Christ I was glad to see that Doctor with the injection. Strong Feminist Jo really did fuel the stereotype of psych wards and clinics being full of crazed people with the strength of 10 who need to be pinned to the floor and Injected every five minutes.

Strong Feminist Jo knows as well as I do that there is not a word of truth in that image. She will have been telling the truth when she said that she was sworn at a lot; Angels do get sworn at. They get sworn at because such distressing things are being done to them by Angels and Top Docs and their views are routinely ignored that there is a great deal of swearing. There is hardly any violence from patients towards staff; I have definitely witnessed more staff on patient violence and so has every other patient that I know.

Can I ask Strong Feminist Jo, who is married to a mental health manager, to explain why she did so much to promote a damaging, untruthful stereotype of psych patients when Brown, Alison Taylor and I were doing all that we could to raise concerns about the sex abuse gang run by Jo’s former colleagues and Mary Wynch was still fighting them in the Courts?

When Strong Feminist Jo began her career in stand-up, she called herself the Incredible Sea Monster. I saw her on TV when I was doing my MSc, so imagine my surprise when, only weeks after I’d moved to Leicester to share Brown’s house in 1987, I saw an advert for the Incredible Sea Monster who was appearing in Leicester.

When the Incredible Sea Monster appeared in Leicester, Dr James Earp was concealing Dafydd’s criminality and Brown and I were under surveillance by the security services. There had been an attempt to frame and imprison me for attempting to stab a doctor in north Wales… The doctor was found to have lied in his police statement. There was no investigation into this.

A man called Greville Janner who lived in Leicester was under police investigation at the time, along with his friend social worker Frank Beck, who not long after Jo entertained the troops at the COHSE gig went to prison for abusing kids in care under the guise of ‘therapy’. It was the biggest police investigation into child abuse that there had ever been and there are allegations that Beck murdered children but was never caught.

Jo Brand

On 28 January 2019 the BBC TV series ‘Imagine’ presented by Alan Yentob – of Kids’ Company fame – documented Jo’s life and career, with contributions from many of her comedy peers, in a programme titled Jo Brand: No Holds Barred.

Indeed not Strong Feminist Jo, nothing has been deemed to be too much to silence witnesses. By the way, are you one of many who Didn’t Know about Jimmy Savile?

Animal lover Miss Margaret Williiams outside her house in Richards Street Cathays were she lives with her dogs and - Stock Image
Special Tribute Number 3.
A previous post which discussed the Westminster Swinger Richard Crossman and many of the other Swingers that Crossman appointed to positions at the DHSS when he was Secretary of State, 1968-70, mentioned that he described one of his colleagues as ‘being a great girl for birth control’. Richard Crossman was most enthusiastic about the idea of getting the whole of the nation’s female population of reproductive age on hormonal contraception, but then so has every Top Doc, social worker and others who have facilitated organised abuse that I know.
I promised that I would soon blog about the great girl for birth control. The great girl for birth control wasn’t a secretary whom spent her days sitting on Crossman’s knee while she Took A Letter, she was Baroness Alma Birk.
The Right Honourable
The Baroness Birk
Personal details
Alma Lillian Wilson

22 September 1917

Brighton, East Sussex

Died 29 December 1996 (aged 79)

Westminster, UK

Nationality British
Political party Labour
Occupation Politician

Alma Lillian Birk, Baroness Birk (née Wilson; 22 September 1917-29 December 1996) was a journalist, Labour politician and Government Minister. Birk was educated at South Hampstead High School and at the LSE. She gained a seat on Finchley Borough Council and served as leader of the Labour Group, 1950-53. In the 1960s she became associate editor of ‘Nova’. During this period the Baroness of Birth Control also sat as a magistrate in an ordinary magistrates’ court and in a matrimonial court.

Birk was created a life peer on 15 September 1967. In her maiden speech she called for an enhanced probation service to help deal with juvenile crime:

I would like to see a bigger probation service, better paid, because a probation officer is sometimes the only person with whom the young person can create a stable relationship, which is absolutely essential.

In 1969 Alma was appointed as Chairman of the Health Education Council. She served as a Baroness in Waiting, March 1974-October 1974. From 1974 to 1979 Alma was a junior Minister in the Dept of the Environment and then became Minister of State in the Privy Council Office in 1979. The Baroness of Birth Control was right in Lilibet’s Privy the year that Mary Wynch was illegally imprisoned in Denbigh and the year that Jeremy Thorpe walked away from the Old Bailey a free man.

Baroness Alma was Chairman of Redbridge Jewish Youth Centre, 1970-96 and on the Executive of the Council of Christians and Jews, 1971-77. She was President of the Association of Art Institutions, 1984-96 and President of the Craft Arts Design Association, 1984-90.

Alma was made a Baroness after she failed repeatedly to get elected to the Commons. Wilson desperately wanted her to add the the scaffolding upholding the Westminster Paedophile Ring, so she was given a peerage to get her into Gov’t.

  • NPG x88631; Alma Lillian Birk, Baroness Birk of Regent's ...
  • Alma Birk (1917-1996) - UK Parliament
  • Alma Lillian Birk, Baroness Birk of Regent's Park by Lewis ...
  • Twenty years of the Baroness Birk Award


Alma married Ellis Birk (1915-2003), a solicitor, the senior partner of City of London law firm Nicholson, Graham & Jones (now merged into K & L Gates LLP) who was also a Director of the Daily Mirror Group, Reed International, Central TV and Wilson Bros (originally set up by Baroness Birk’s family) and other companies. They had two children.

In July 2004, ‘The Guardian’ published this obituary for him:

Ellis Birk, who was a senior board member of the original Mirror Group during the powerhouse days of chairman Cecil King and Hugh Cudlipp, editorial boss of the entire group, and, in his own right, a figure of great influence in old Fleet Street and television, has died aged 88. Indeed, so powerful was Birk’s presence in those days of Mirror supremacy that it was he who played the crucial role in dethroning “The King” following his attempt to remove Harold Wilson from his premiership in 1968.

The story is worth re-telling: Birk was spending time in his home town of Newcastle upon Tyne when Cudlipp, always a close friend and ally, phoned to spell out the contents of the Daily Mirror front page of May 10 1968. Its headline read: “Enough is Enough” – above a sensational piece written and signed by King demanding Wilson’s dismissal by his own government and removal from 10 Downing Street.

Birk’s response to this was instant. He told Cudlipp, “You must stop this, Hugh. If that goes in the paper it will do immense damage to the whole Mirror Group. Cecil must be stopped.” Cudlipp told Birk that it was too late to stop the front-page article and that King had effectively taken command of the paper. Birk’s reaction was devastating: “In that case, King must go – and you, Hugh, must ensure that this happens. If Cecil stays I will resign from the board.”

The rest is history: King was sacked and Birk remained in power. To this day there remains one closely kept secret about that episode: Cudlipp succeeded King as chairman of Mirror Group – yet did not relish the job. Cudlipp, the genius of tabloid journalism, always preferred his role as editorial director and deputy chairman. He wanted Birk to take over King’s role as chairman, leaving him to look after the Mirror Group’s journalism rather than the financial complexities; Cudlipp always confessed he was not suited to that side of Fleet Street. Yet it was Birk who insisted that the chairmanship role must go to Cudlipp. Birk preferred to remain in the background – ever his choice – where his advice, discretion and immense legal skills had already made a significant contribution to sustaining the extraordinary success of the group in the 1960s when the Daily Mirror’s circulation enjoyed world record figures: in 1967 it reached 5,288,137.

Birk had joined the Mirror hierarchy as a board director of the Sunday Pictorial (forerunner of the Sunday Mirror) in 1950. He was a highly skilled lawyer and a senior partner in the city firm of Nicholson, Graham and Jones, having joined them in 1946, after war service. Their clients included Sir John Ellerman, owner of Ellerman shipping lines, and head of one of the then largest conglomerates in the world. Sir John had substantial holdings in the Mirror Group – and his trusted nominee there was Birk, who was emerging as one of the City’s top legal brains. He was also a director of Associated Television in the pioneer days of commercial TV.

The early 1950s was the period that drew Cudlipp and Birk together in a relationship that was to last their lifetime. Cudlipp returned to the Mirror Group from Express Newspapers when King took over in 1952. He became editor of the Sunday Pictorial, where he met Birk. Before long, they formed an unshakeable partnership that matured into a lifebelt for the group, especially at times when King’s megalomania threatened its stability. They secretly nicknamed themselves “the Fire Brigade” – a two-man rescue squad seeking to control (and protect) King. Their “secret” role remained hidden – until King tried to unseat Harold Wilson, at which point all Fleet Street came a touch closer to understanding what was going on behind the closed doors of the Mirror’s old Holborn Circus headquarters. Birk remained an influential force there until Robert Maxwell took over the group in July 1984.

Birk was born in Newcastle, the son of a prosperous banker and financial dealer who was an immigrant from Ritova, Lithuania. His father was a devout Jew and a lay leader of the early Jewish community on Tyneside. The young Ellis found his father’s fervent Zionism overpowering and became an early rebel; he was also deeply influenced by the depression on Tyneside in the early 1930s, which steered him to the left.

Even later, after prep school and Clifton College, and then to Jesus College, Cambridge, where he read classics and law, Ellis spent much of his vacation time working among the unemployed in the mining communities of the north-east. He joined the Labour party and remained a member to the end, describing himself as “a Gaitskellite socialist”.

There always seemed two strands to Birk’s religious commitment: his early rebelliousness, which was encouraged by his love for rugby as well as politics; and his later return to the orthodoxies of his early home environment. Birk was a big man, over 6ft, powerfully built and an outstanding rugby player. But at Clifton College, where he was in Polack’s (Jewish) House, he was barred from Saturday games, so special arrangements were made to enable him to win his school colours – which he did on 15 occasions – and which later led him into the Cambridge University team.

At that stage he was a member of the Jewish Reform community, but later he returned to traditional Judaism. When he was appointed chairman of the Jewish Welfare Board in 1982, he had already served as its treasurer for many years, and with a long record as a founder of numerous Jewish Youth centres – notably the Redbridge Youth and Community Centre, where he chaired the council for 25 years. He was a director of the Jewish Chronicle from 1956, and became chairman of its board in 1987; he was a member of the executive committee and a governor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and chairman of its group of British Friends; he was chairman of the finance and general purposes committee of the Institute of Jewish Affairs; and on the executive of the Council of Christians and Jews.

Birk’s wife, Alma, whom he married in 1939, was a journalist and academic, who became a member of Harold Wilson’s government in 1974 as under secretary of state at the environment ministry. Appointed life baroness in 1967, she died in December 1996. They had a son, David, and daughter Angela, who survive him.

During the war, Birk served with the Royal Artillery, rising from the ranks to major. After D-Day he was appointed instructor in the art of using flame-throwing equipment from tanks – a skill which, perhaps, may have come in useful during his “Fire Brigade” work at the Mirror group in later years.

· Ellis Samuel Birk, lawyer and newspaper, television and business executive, born October 30 1915; died July 3 2004

The Westminster Paedophile Ring, including Dafydd and Gwynne’s gang, had accomplices in every sector of society; they had infiltrated absolutely every part of British life and had developed an international cartel. They were doing very well for themselves by the time that Richard Crossman, who was at the very top of the British security services, was appointed as Secretary of State for the DHSS in 1968. By the time that Crossman left the Gov’t in 1970, he had ensured that the whole of the DHSS was principally geared up to facilitating en masse organised abuse and that it was supported, not counteracted, by the criminal justice system. It is extraordinary, but it undoubtedly happened.
That is why there is so little ‘evidence’ of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and why such strenuous efforts were made to ensure that witnesses did not survive.
Crossland MP.jpg
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
Behind every degenerate sex offending man are a horde of utterly weak, selfish, ruthless, short-sighted Inspirational Wimmin.
Here’s to Cherie, Human Rights, Empowerment and Juggling!
 Animal lover Miss Margaret Williiams outside her house in Richards Street Cathays were she lives with her dogs and - Stock Image
Yesterday I received an e mail from a former UCNW student who in 1980 was referred to Gwynne the lobotomist. Apart from me, this person is the only other patient I know who encountered Gwynne and is still alive. Everyone else has died, even younger people. My correspondent told me that Gwynne was an absolute predator, that many things happened in the consultations that were unacceptable and that Gwynne did him great harm. Yes, I imagine that Gwynne did massive harm, even greater than I had previously imagined.
All traces of Gwynne have been eradicated. This began shortly after his death in the autumn of 1986. Someone really wanted the world to forget that Gwynne had ever existed. Gwynne was around at Denbigh for donkeys years, he ran the place for decades. Before that he was in the Navy as a senior officer and he was one of the Young Gents at the Middlesex Hospital pre-war. He lived in Denbigh. The whole of north Wales knew that old bastard yet no-one now admits to having even met him. He is never referred to in print, in the archives or in retired NHS staff fora.
Gwynne was undoubtedly the person who lobotomised the victims of the trafficking gang if they wouldn’t shut up; I’m not sure if Gwynne shagged patients on the scale that Dafydd did, I suspect that Gwynne was the man who tested the water and then selected the targets who would then be forced into sex work, by any means possible. He will have been every bit as dangerous as Dafydd but I wonder if Gwynne was more acceptable in polite but corrupt company? Dafydd is just so bonkers that he can’t be hidden, he is the Savile of medicine, but I can imagine the vile Gwynne occupying roles such as that of a chapel elder, roles where it was possible to do appalling things as long as one didn’t conduct oneself quite like Dafydd in public.
However I think that Gwynne did something so dreadful that it went beyond lobotomising the poor sods who had fallen foul of the gang. Gwynne did something appalling for someone whom no-one will confront, no-one and people were prepared to kill my friends and I because of it.
I don’t expect any victims of Gwynne, if there are any others alive out there, to e mail me. I can’t imagine that any of them would ever want to discuss their encounter with such an evil man, but I hope if they read this blog they will be reassured that whatever was said about them or done to them, it was him, 100% him, not them, at fault. Anyone who took Gwynne on was trashed, anyone, it was why I have always wanted to expose him.
The old bastard died a long time ago but this matters because layers of people assisted him and they are still in positions of influence. They need to fess up and go, now. All the accomplices.
Ieuan Wyn Jones 2011.jpg
If Ieuan would like to drop me a line and tell me for whom it was that Gwynne did favours so terrible that the whole infrastructure of British society is geared to concealing it, the information will be gratefully received.
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A message to the Biggest Inspiration of All on International Wimmin’s Day, our Female Head of State:

If you don’t mind me saying Ma’am, I think that it is all a little beyond the pale.


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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    Sir Carl Meyer, the husband of Lady Adele Meyer, the friend of Bertrand Russell’s first wife Alys who established the St Pancras Mothers and Babies Centre/School for Mothers, was the grandfather of Sir Anthony Meyer, the Tory MP for Flintshire for years who enjoyed Ugandan discussions and Dafydd’s services and who did deals with Heseltine in order to try and make Heseltine PM. I did think that there would be a link but I was so knackered by the time that I finished the post, I needed a quick break. I’m going to add this info to the post now… So if anyone’s shared the post already and is wondering if the two Meyers are related yes they are…

    1. OK, I’ve added the info to the post.

      If Michael Heseltine is reading this, can he confirm whether his pal Sir Anthony just utilised the girls/women who were supplied by Dafydd and Gwynne or did Sir Anthony’s tastes extend to the boys as well?

      Come on Heseltine, where are you? You were never off the TV at the time that those kids in care in north Wales were being found dead, flicking your blonde mop about, waving the Mace, making lame jokes about ‘The Left’ which you maintained was such a thweat. People were trying to kill me because I didn’t want to have sex old buggers like your mate. You Big Wascal!

      How’s your fuckwit of a daughter Annabelle, The Celeb Journalist? Could she not write a little profile of Dafydd? There’s no designer labels for her to wax lyrical about and Dafydd’s not exactly a Metrosexual, he has green teeth, a good supply of dandruff and his Mafia suits don’t fit him because he sends the various petty criminals on his payroll out to buy them and they keep getting the wrong size, but he leads an interesting life.

      Heseltine, did you pick up the wemit for Wegenerating Liverpool because of your links with Sir Anthony, who’s mate Dafydd’s gang ran that city?

      I’ll wait for the compensation payment then Michael, you’re a rich man and your pals were hounding me out of jobs because of what I knew about them when you were planning your route to the Top.

      There’s no evidence for the Westminster Paedophile Ring!

      Go and dig at Denbigh then. A vile old lobotomist who worked for the Westminster Paedophile Ring was doing something so terrible out there that he’s been written out of history and the people who experienced him have nearly all been found dead.

  2. Bravo
    We await the future, whilst knowing that the past is always present. The weight of knowing must surely crush them all, as time is so unforgiving, such that even death will not release them from their actions.

    1. Wise Owl, I have had so many conversations like this with friends. People hinting that what went on was so terrible that there would be suicides if ever they were exposed. Well Tony Francis topped himself but the others are still all going about their business! Those in Parliament are on my radio every day and Jo Brand the Funnywoman continues to bollock on about the trials of womanhood on Radio 4 light entertainment programmes.

      I was told by someone in the know that Huw Daniel is such an appalling character that he could be debagged in Bangor High Street yet still believe that he is a superior being.

      All they are doing is an en masse How Very Dare You and Liar Liar Pants On Fire. I have to conclude that the Top Docs, social workers and Angels were/are totally without conscience. They are sitting in their bungalows on their NHS pensions sucking their teeth and tut tutting. They are nuts, they always were.

      The comments that some of those concealing the most serious crimes made about vulnerable people whom they were supposed to be looking after were extraordinary. There was a girl at UCNW whom we all knew really was not coping, not at all, she was a nice girl, there was a real problem, we could all see it. DGE Wood and the Health Centre nurse Liz Stables tried to force her to take up a job in Australia no less because she was a witness. She just crumbled but she did get a job as a waitress in Bangor. Stables was going on about how shocking, this girl had a dirty jumper on ooh how can you be a waitress when you’ve got dinner spilt down your top? Well how can you be a nurse and run a fucking sex abuse gang, spread lies about the victims and collude with your vile petty bourgeois friends to force them out of society??

      They were just such horrible people, they had plumbed the depths, the absolute depths, child prostitution, child porn with animals and there they were complaining about ‘dole-ites’, picketing miners, hippies blowing dope and other such threats to society.

      The lies to discredit victims were dreadful as well, I knew that this was happening so I ALWAYS challenged if someone started telling me lies. But they wouldn’t accept it, they’d just shriek that they knew that it was ‘true’. I heard all about Merfyn at a shagfest while his wife was dying, so I said ‘well that’s funny because someone I know has, today, sat on the plane with him from Cardiff and he has gone home now, to Caernarfon to be with Nerys. So how exactly is he at this other lady’s house tonight???’ I was shrieked at that I ‘didn’t know’. Well I knew more than they did.

      I was told bare-faced lies about a young academic at Bangor who was bullied out of three different Depts in the University. I knew her well, she was a close friend of my friend and I witnessed the way that she was being mistreated by the Gwerin. After she had finally been hounded out of the University, another lecturer just poured evil and I said ‘look I don’t know who’s told you this but I know for a fact this is not true’. They shouted at me that they didn’t want to hear about it and walked off. I heard the most extraordinary things about myself as well.

      What can you do with people who, when they are presented with evidence that they have been told lies, just yell and walk off?

      As for the ‘evidence’ presented in Court, well I’ve given many examples already of affidavits which had the whole Hergest Unit pissing themselves, ‘oh well Dafydd’s discussed his anus in the High Court, we’re not sure why but never mind’. Lawyers were not even performing the most elementary checks as to the statements. When I was a student, there was a satirical book doing the rounds called ‘Dr Fegg’s Book of All World Knowledge’, Brown’s brother had a copy. Dr Fegg was an green scaly imposter and he didn’t know anything about medicine and Dr Fegg said the most extraordinary things and his Sunday Best was a Bishop’s outfit. There was text like ‘What is Dr Fegg a doctor OF???’ Anyway, after Tony Francis lied to me the first time and we had a row, I wrote him a letter beginning ‘Dear Dr Fegg’. Years later it turned up in the High Court as evidence! ‘This is a letter that she has written to a colleague of the doctors in north Wales M’Lud’. What, Dr Fegg??? I know that they were bad but were they green and scaly and dressing up as Bishops???

      Even if an MDU crooked barrister hadn’t read Dr Fegg’s Book Of All World Knowledge, they should have been enquiring as to who Dr Fegg WAS. No, they didn’t bother, just grabbed the letter, ooh she wrote this to a Dr Fegg, ooh dangerous harassing woman. It was obvious from the letter that I was taking the piss anyway. But then there were the statements claiming that I had been seen 17 times in one day ‘being threatening’ outside Gwynedd Social Services office. Turned out that I wasn’t in Bangor that day. Neither had they just made a mistake re the date, I hadn’t been in Bangor for weeks, they just fucking lied, to the police, in Court and when they were caught out, ‘oh well we’ll say no more, charges dropped’.

      If anyone else had done the things that the gang did there would have been charges of wasting police time, perjury, conspiracy, perverting the course of justice, there would have been havoc. Not with that lot, just a bit of gurning in the witness box then everyone goes home. And every time it was my fault. My ‘clever way of harassing them’ no less. Yes I was so clever I made them all perjure themselves repeatedly over years. People went to prison on the evidence of those lying bastards and some of them killed themselves in jail. You could not believe a word that any of them said, none of it. As for the medical records, they were forged, altered, destroyed, written in advance, it was just a heap of fucking lies.

      The person who wrote to me about Gwynne has said that they feel awful because they ended up doing such deranged things after he wrecked their psyche. Well whatever they did, they won’t have run a paedophile gang and lobotomised the victims while being paid more than anyone else in north Wales.

      I have a friend who has been shafted by that lot constantly and they drove one of his pals to suicide. He is a really kind pacifist bloke but after his friend committed suicide because of THEM, he just said ‘someone just needs to break their fucking legs for them don’t they’.

      No-one would believe the way that they treated people if they had not witnessed it.

      Contrary to the constant lies told about me, I never ever even attempted to assault any of them, not even Gwynne and Dafydd at their perverted best. Had I known what they were doing to those kids in care I probably would have ripped their knackers off the minute that they tried it on with me and taken my chances in Court. I know that is a very Gary Bushell thing to say, but all of us were making complaints about serious matters only to be shrieked at that there had been no other complaints; we had no idea that there had been MORE THAN 100 COMPLAINTS about kids being raped and buggered and having their bones broken by the colleagues and friends of the people whom we were complaining about.

      This must be the biggest state failure that there has ever been, far worse than the Catholic Church in Ireland.

      1. What is emerging is that concerning an abuser, the late Glen Smith in Kent, there were 18 complaints in 1990s from foster children and all complaints were nil actioned.

        This was at a time KCC Social Services liaising with Kent Police maintained Smiths custody of his own children and of a a step son (I think) and he continued to work for a child nursery and to be a scout leader. It is emerging that his estranged first wife after Dunblane felt prompted to ask for his firearms certificate to be withdrawn by Kent Police and his firearms confiscated warning that he was well capable of repeating Dunblane in Kent.

        Roger Gale MP is calling for a QC led inquiry and looking at opposing parole for Smiths abusive associate Arnold Bracs. Whose first parole hearing is due later this year.

        It is well known now that when Revd Nick Stacey led KCC Social Services 1974 to 1985 he forbade reports of child abuse from being passed to police. His successor was none other than (Lord) Norman Warner. But the nil action of 18 foster child complaints was in the 90s rather implying that nothing had changed since Stacey and Warners times at the helm.

        Not only were abuse complaints covered up but Police armed the abuser.

        In 2014 to her credit Ann Barnes of the Onion Chart PCC Kent did raise inquiry in Kent Police which could not have actually told her that abuser Smith was a firearms cert holder !! Now Chief constable Pughsley does not want to review the review that Ann Barnes raised.

        1. Contrast two articles in today’s Daily Post Richard.

          Front page: Screaming headlines, an OAP has been jailed for his ‘attack on a pregnant policewoman’ at a GP’s surgery in north Wales. As usual it sounds terrible, what with the OAP ‘ranting’ and his ‘assault’ on a pregnant woman expecting twins no less. The small print suggests that this sounds rather like an everyday story of north Wales folk. An angry old man who was pissed about and pissed off, two well-paid professional women making a song and dance out of an ‘assault’ that a lot of people would have just brushed off. ‘He bent two of her fingers back’. Who knows what the truth is amidst hysteria like this; did he mean to bend two of her fingers back? Was he trying to murder her at the time and only got as far as the finger bending? Or did he lose his temper in the face of fuckwittery, stand up and swear and end up being ‘restrained’ and during the melee, fingers were ‘bent back’?

          It may be that this old boy is a vicious old bugger who did try and injure a policewoman but my experience of these matters in north Wales over 30 years suggests that the reality will be a long way from the impression given in Court or in the paper. I say that from the perspective of someone who appeared in newspapers under the headline ‘Scientist in Court’, with details supplied of my ‘harassment’ of members of a trafficking gang and years later, I was the star of a newspaper report which explained to the world that judge Huw Daniel had stated that I saw myself ‘as a victim, but the real victims are Mr Davies and his family’. Mr Davies being the corrupt NHS manager, Alun Davies.

          I do not know Alun Davies’s family and have had no contact with any of them. I do know that they exist because I was told again and again that Davies was bagging jobs for members of his family in the NHS, that they were all corrupt as fuck and one of them had even had a row with another member of staff and told them ‘my uncle is Alun Davies, I’ll have you sacked’.

          Huw Daniel the corrupt judge might be interested to know that I don’t tend to do the victim bit, I take the view that I am damn lucky to be alive, but I do know many, many people who undoubtedly were victims of the trafficking gang of who’s members Huw Daniel was a personal friends.

          The extensive perjury was not reported in the media, neither was the violent assault on me by four Angels. Not being a victim I didn’t even bother to contact the paper and demand a right of reply. However I was subsequently contacted by two other patients who had been fitted up in Court by Alun Davies, so that was useful. The paper printed my address, so the real victims knew where to find me. So did the people who had previously tried to set fire to my house, as Huw Daniel would have known.

          Huw Daniel lives in that big house down in the woods near Tal-y-Bont. I knew the patient of Dafydd’s who burgled Huw years ago, stole a camera, said a few interesting things at the police station and was never charged… Fancy that Huw!

          Why would the No Nonsense Judge not have pressed charges?

          Photographs ay he said knowingly…

          The other report in the Daily Post that caught my attention was a judge ordering the acquittal of a 69 year old former childcare worker from Wrexham on two charges of sexual assault on boys. The man in question has been charged with a string of sexual assaults on boys in care in Wrexham during the 1970s. He says that none of it ever happened. Comments have been made about it being a long time ago and there being no evidence. There will be no evidence because everybody flatly refused to investigate such complaints at the time, so if there was evidence, it has been lost and witnesses may well have died. I have to entertain the possibility that the care worker might indeed be innocent, but bringing charges in 2019 suggests that no-one was particularly interested in bringing them in the 1970s. No-one has waited 40 years to charge that OAP with bending the policewoman’s fingers back have they?

          The case against the care worker continues next week. The presiding judge is Niclas Parry. Old Nick, in the days when he was just a wee solicitor, was one of the lawyers who appeared at the Waterhouse Inquiry. Not on behalf of the former kids in care I stress…

          I will remind readers that the Chief Constable of North Wales, 1974-82, who presided over the worst rot imaginable, was Sir Philip Myers. Myers grew up in Denbighshire and went to Grove School in Wrexham. He worked as a copper in Shropshire, where another ring operated which exchanged paedophiles with the ring in north Wales. Myers was the Chief Constable of Gwynedd, before forces merged and formed the North Wales Police. In 1982 Myers became an HM Inspector of Constabulary, where he remained in 1993. So he didn’t retire until the North Wales Police had finished their investigation into a possible paedophile ring in the region and declared that there was no evidence of one, as DPP Dame Babs Mills refused to mount even one prosecution in the face of over 100 complaints of the abuse of kids in care…

          Sorry to have bothered you, mind how you go Sir!

          The Thatcher Foundation has released a few more gems. Thatch was mates with Barbara Cartland and swapped Royal Jelly with her. God the Tories kept that quiet didn’t they. I knew at the time that all the hot air about Thatch being a Clever Scientist and then a Genius at the Bar was nonsense. The truth is that she struggled with that degree in chemistry, spent a short time after graduation as a bottom feeding food tester for I think Lyons – no she did not ‘invent soft scoop ice-cream’ that was another fairytale put around about her – met a very rich man , Denis, then retrained as a barrister because she had political ambitions by then and being a barrister was going to get her much further in the Tory party than being a food chemist. The thing that was crucial was the rich husband and Denis was seriously rich.

          So I always knew that Thatch was not that bright but they have kept her utter stupidity as well hidden as her friends’ sexual assaults on children. Babs Cartland and Royal Jelly. Weren’t they just national jokes? Thatch also sat in a bath which zapped her with small electrical impulses. Babs Cartland complimented Thatch on ‘looking 20’; not that Thatch did look 20, she looked bloody staid and boring, but the qualities in Thatch that Babs attributed to the Royal Jelly were, as any fule kno, the result of massive doses of HRT and class A drugs from Harley Street to keep the old cow going on 4 hrs sleep per night. I was always told that Thatch was prescribed amphetamine-based goodies but Brown has said that as with Dafydd, it might have been cocaine-based. Both are taken in prescribed forms by people who would never consider themselves to be drug users.

          I mentioned on a comment yesterday that those we know and love are still popping up on Radio 4, so their consciences are not bothering them. Just after writing that, I heard Little Nell Hodge on Today In Parliament claiming to be an ‘anti-tax evasion campaigner’. It’s just as well for Little Nell that Parliament is full of people as dreadful as her because normal people would be screaming with laughter every time that she opened her mouth and claimed to be the victim of anti-semitism or indeed an anti-tax evasion campaigner. They could all just yell in unison ‘what about the paedophile ring that you presided over in Islington you old cow?’

          I’ve had a quick google of Patrick Allen, the lawyer who founded the law firm with Little Nell’s husband Sir Henry. Patrick’s CV boasts of many high profile cases in which he Helped The Oppressed, including some of the women in the Magdalen Laundries in Ireland. Patrick, how about using your talents to secure an excavation of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, it was as bad there you know. And the people responsible were connected to your pal Sir Henry.

          I have mentioned this in earlier posts, but I want to remind readers once again of the Royal Ball that was held at St George’s Hospital in the summer of 1990. It was a very grand do, pricey tickets and usually only consultants got their hands on them, although a few lucky junior docs were invited. Guests of honour were Prince Edward and Nanette Newman. I remember it very well at the time because one of the junior docs in our house went and he and his wife told me all about it.

          I hope that after recent posts I have now convinced people that in the summer of 1990, the paedophile ring facilitated by St George’s was known about at the highest levels of Gov’t and the Docs involved were using their friendships with Docs to the Royals as added protection. During the year that the Royal Ball at St George’s took place, the huge conspiracy to imprison me was underway and there were all those High Court cases, personally authorised by Sir Patrick Mayhew, the Attorney General.

          Edward?? Nanette?? Can you explain why you were so keen to help these worms with their PR?

          Nanette’s daughter is the celeb Emma Forbes, who is a Patron of Great Ormond Street.

          None of them knew about Jimmy Savile of course.

          1. In April 1992, Patrick Mayhew was appointed N Ireland Secretary. In that post, Mayhew concealed Kincora, Shoot To Kill and much else. John Stalker, although very likely not clean himself by a long way, maintained that Mayhew, Philip Myers and the mad James Anderton, Chief Constable of Manchester, all conspired to conceal cover-ups of serious matters in N Ireland. I can believe it and Kincora will have been one of those matters.

            The Top Cops were like the Top Docs, virtually all corrupt and at each others throats.

            Mayhew had previously worked as a barrister for the MDU and as a GMC assessor. It was Mayhew who ensured that paedophile Doc Morris Fraser wasn’t struck off. Fraser worked at Kincora, then at Springfield/St George’s, then at UCL…

          2. on the get stalker campaign was David Phillips the FBI trained later Chief constable of Kent whose arse was kicked off Rosemary Nelson murder invigilation role. Phillips who said neighbourhood policing is pure Enid Blyton and what is required is operational command units of 100 officers (mmm sound familiar something about Romans leaps to mind) and he championed intelligence led policing and targeting.

            I remember an Iranian criminal in Margate got a Christmas card from Kent police assuring him he would be in their thoughts this Christmas. He put it on mantel piece very pleased.

            This was part of targeting the criminal not the crime ….

            Also profiling such as look to see if person avoids personal meetings but chooses to write.

            So I dare say I was condemned as a write too mucher when the reason I write in is for medical reasons I cannot do meetings well after my half hour temporary death of 1972. But I gather that is not a proviso on the FBI course notes Phillips studied.

            In 2003 when Generl de Chasterlain wanted to fetch the arms decommissioners to kent to see what kent plod had been up to with their firearms cert issue and gun range policing duties.

            David Blunkett Home Sec saddled up like two little boys .. galloping in to whisk Phillips outa plod and into an apparent police training civvi role As you know in 2010 Baroness Scotland did a Blunkett to whisk Chief constable Mike Fuller outa Kent Police and into an apparent sinecure at CPS.

            Which is part of the question to CPS about failures to disclose adverse evidence to defences at 2012 Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry. Had Fuller in CPS kept schtum about what he knew ? CPS in handling my complaint quickly pointed out that Fuller no longer works for them !!

            Part of that is that in 1997 Kent Police Authority called for inquiry and report which included what Jack Straw Norman Warner and Babs Castle did at DHSS in 70s when we caught IRA exploiting a benefits loophole to raise huge funds. Did they monitor loophole as a detection link to active IRA in UK ? ? No not as far as I know. Did they close loophole ? Nope.

            Who was Home Sec who refused to compel that inquiry ? Jack Straw. Advised by ? Norman Warner. And this has something to do with Phillips arse leaving (booted off by RUC ?) Rosemary Nelson case 1999. And when Gen de Chasterlain was revisiting this history 2003 that was when Blunkett saddled up “Better ride in and rescue little David who was so helpful back in the day damning Stalker”

  3. In cases where there is a cover-up as big as this lot Richard, however one complains it is used to discredit one. Like you I was a loony who wrote ‘lots of long letters’. The reason why I wrote ‘lots of long letters’ was that I was a witness to serious crime against me and other people for years and years and years. My ‘long letters’ contained details – including names of perpetrators, victims, times, dates, venues – of the most serious offences imaginable. They contained details of attempts to bribe and blackmail me and others. The long letters were sent as formal complaints to the appropriate authorities. They should have formed the basis of a criminal inquiry. Had I just scribbled on the back of an envelope ‘I met this girl and she said she’d been kidnapped and kept in an attic and raped by three men and a doctor was there and now she thinks they’ve given her an STI and she begged me to help her but this Angel heard and dragged her away and then she disappeared from the hospital and I never saw her again’, I would have been told that no-one could possibly investigate as a result of this.

    Some of the long letters that turned up in the documents that my lawyer finally extracted via the High Court after decades were letters that I had sent to various people, including Top Docs and Angels, who had posed as my friends, on the instructions of the gang, to extract info from me. Those long letters are so obviously the writing of a young woman who was experiencing the most terrifying things at the hands of gangsters; I’d forgotten how bad it all was until I re-read them. Yet they were given to High Courts as evidence of my dangerousness and insanity and harassment! It really is very very clear what is going on from all of the long letters…

    There was a massive conspiracy to shut me and my mates up, particularly because the long letters to snakes posing as my friends and supporters contained more and more details as time went on; what was happening to me in London and Leicester and Surrey and to Brown and my friends etc. For God’s sake, the girls among us were being targeted by sex offenders and there were attempts to murder our male friends. Ooh look at this M’Lud, it’s a mad long letter, she writes loads of them.

    Oh excuse me, that mad long letter was written in confidence to someone who had given me all the crap of ‘you can contact me whenever you want, I know that DA is a problem’ etc. Furthermore it is very clear from the long letter that was the situation.

    DGE Wood told me when I graduated and began applying for medical related courses n jobs that he would always be happy to advise. Tony Francis told me the same. I had no fucking idea that they were running a sex trafficking ring and were conspiring with God knows how many people to have me framed and banged up for life. I did have rows with them, it was when I pushed the business of ‘when are you going to investigate re Gwynne?’ and they would just go fucking mad. Afterwards they would make peace – or so I thought – and I’d just think oh God they must have been really stressed that day, that’s why they hit the roof/lied etc.

    These people were absolute sharks, it was a well co-ordinated plan and they kept screwing it up by showing their true colours ie. Wood telling me that he wanted to throw me down the stairs, Francis going crazy, and then when I said OK I’m off, I’m never coming back to this surgery/clinic again, THEY came after me, or sent minions, ooh won’t you come back, they’re so worried…

    The first time that Wood showed himself for what he was I really should have taken more notice. It was after Brown had written his complaint about Gwynne after no-one would respond to mine; Wood didn’t respond to Brown’s complaint either, so I went to Wood and said ‘WHEN is someone going to respond? Look what this man did and now he is libelling me, he has lied repeatedly, he has forged documents, I have places at medical school and on post grad courses being offered and he is saying these things about me, this needs sorting out.’ Wood, for the first time, literally snarled at me and said ‘I am not here to sort out your bloody problems’.

    So I thought RIGHT, how dare he, this man BEGGED me to see him, he begged me to register with this shite surgery, he even summoned Brown to reassure Brown that ooh Sally doesn’t seem to trust me, do tell her I’m on her side and encourage her to come, how dare he imply that I am some sort of mad leech who is demanding all the time’. I responded ‘Right, take my name off your list of patients NOW, I am never returning to this surgery again’. And I left the building.

    Wood refused to remove my name from his list! I know because I rang the Family Practitioners Committee and they told me. So I had to write to the bastard which gave him the opportunity to tell me that he was so sorry that he had upset me, he really did not want me to leave the practice. He then followed me when he saw me in Bangor, ooh how are you, I really do miss you popping in…

    The biggest irony of all was that once they had done their dirty deals behind the scenes, ruined my career etc, I got a letter from the FPC myself telling me that Dr DGE Wood has removed your name from his practice! Oh well job done. Information extracted and given to gangsters, career ruined, fitted up in Court, Wood is not required anymore. Although for years after, Wood was still writing to people telling them that he was my GP and exchanging info with them!

    For God’s sake they were traffickers, no-one watching the whole scenario and reading the documents which were illegally witheld from patients could ever have drawn any other conclusion.

    1. Richard, your anecdote about the coppers sending the criminal a Christmas card brings back memories!

      Back in 1990 when I was having such a bad time at the hands of the people traffickers of St George’s Hospital and those people in Somerset who knew some of what was happening to me at the hands of Dafydd’s gang became inexplicably wealthy, the friend and business partner of one of them, David Kirke, the twat from the Dangerous Sports Club who knew Graham Chapman of Monty Python fame, was featured on a Radio 4 File On Four programme for his fraud and deception crimes. Kirke was a real tosser and one of the things that he did when the cops were after him was to send books with ironic titles – he never paid the book shop bill but Kirke never paid any bills – to his friends and also to the police. The police got one called ‘Catch Me If You Can’ or something. Because Kirke was wanted by the police, they interviewed everyone to whom Kirke had sent a book, including one of the people in Somerset whom I knew. They all covered for Kirke.

      This was while I was being dragged through the High Court constantly, on the basis of the perjury of the gang, with the say-so of Sir Patrick Mayhew.

      Kirke was eventually caught and jailed but got a light sentence because a helpful Top Doc told the Court that he had manic depression. I doubt it, Kirke was a conman of many years standing as my father told everyone at the time.

      So some police at least wanted to nail Kirke. Other people, including the police, were undoubtedly helping him.

      Over the years, I was told by friends in Somerset that Kirke’s Somerset pal had been involved in some very worrying matters. I don’t know how much of it was true, but I was told that people in Bridgwater had alleged that there was concern about his conduct towards young women/girls and no-one could understand why no action had been taken against him. People wouldn’t tell me much because they were worried about upsetting me (I did reassure them that I wouldn’t be upset and that I would never do a How Very Dare You if there were causes for concern), but I was aware that there were rumours and serious allegations.

      In 2004 this man killed someone. Brown and I said well its finally happened, he’s bloody well killed someone, it’ll be prison now. Oh no it wasn’t. Lady Justice Hallett ordered the jury to acquit. A lot of people were outraged and mystified. Brown observed that someone was protecting him. I was told recently that the protection came from corrupt lawyers, Gov’t Ministers, Docs etc who had all been involved in the attacks on me and my friends over Dafydd et al. This man was acquitted just days after Huw Daniel told lies to the press about Alun Davies and his family being my ‘victims’! That was after the attempt to fit me up for ‘threats to kill’ had collapsed after all those NHS workers perjured themselves…

      I received an e mail the other day telling me that the Somerset man had been part of a gang in Bridgwater who had raped girls. The e mail wasn’t nasty or malicious and it contained enough details for me to know that it was from someone who knew Bridgy well and had lived there a long time. I had heard many allegations about this man before but not that particular allegation. I discussed it with Brown and we took the view ‘we don’t know if this allegation is true, but we do know that he has done other things, including killing someone and has been treated inexplicably lightly’.

      Wood et al when posing as my allies used to ask me about that man in Somerset… Robert Bluglass asked me about him when he was supposed to be investigating my complaint about Dafydd and the gang. He wasn’t someone whom I wanted any contact with or wanted to think about but they certainly wanted to know what I remembered about him…

      If that man in Somerset is a serious sex offender Richard, I am sure that those we know and love who were running the ring in north Wales and enjoying the protection of the highest in the land, who were also linked to a ring in Bridgwater as well as in other parts of the UK, were using me as a pawn to protect him. He was protected in return for not saying a word about what was happening to me and we all know that I was supposed to have been found dead or gone to prison… Well they needn’t have bothered, he would never have stood up for me anyway!

      While that man found himself in possession of huge sums of money and socialised with the degenerate offspring of leading Tories, people were trying to set fire to my house, extorting money from me and smearing Brown, F and other people who knew what was happening. I wasn’t even getting the disability benefits to which I was legally entitled at the time. Don’t tell me that the police and those corrupt judges and lawyers weren’t noticing it all…

      As with the serious crime that you talk about Richard, of course the highest echelons of Gov’t knew that this was happening. It is why I maintain that if anyone mounts one case against people who committed crimes against me, I’ll bloody well walk into the Court and sabotage it. They did not want to know when we were under attack from gangsters, they had all those long letters which told them all that they had ever needed to know and they were not fucking interested.

      If other people want to make complaints about crimes against them I’ll understand. They might have a different view to me. If anyone does mount a prosecution, I really do hope that they insist on charges against the corrupt lawyers, Top Docs, judges and Ministers as well. They are the real villains in all this.

      Don’t you agree Huw?

      What did the British state think that it was doing?

      1. Just as I observed that Little Nell and others are still hogging the airwaves, I read that Esther is to star on Desert Island Discs today! Hilarious, I’ll take an hour off from the blog and listen to that one Esther! We can be guaranteed that Esther will bang on about how she Did It For The Children and that if Savile or Nicky Fairbairn are mentioned, She Didn’t Know, but I’ll be listening to hear whether whether Esther mentions that in 1987 she received a letter from me telling her all about Dafydd and Denbigh because Esther did not follow my letter up and I want to know why. There were also allegations that kids in care from north Wales rang ChildLine but their calls were ignored.

        One of my mates used to work at the BBC when Esther was there. Esther was loathed and known as a workplace bully. And er a hypocrite. The friend who worked at the BBC told me in 1987 that a lot of the senior managers were really weird and he was sure that they were ‘into children’. I thought ‘surely not’, but years later it was admitted: there was an abuse ring at the BBC. My friend was sacked from the BBC after he refused to take a bribe. So We Rang The Gas Board and they said ‘it’s nothing to do with us’. Now for an Odd Ode from Cyril…

        Look Esther, if no-one’s ever said this to you before, you really are one stupid patronising cow. You are not a children’s campaigner, you were a colleague of members of a paedophile ring in a corrupt organisation and you will be forever associated with deformed root vegetables, not Campaigning. Furthermore your sister was a social worker for Lambeth when their children’s dept had been infiltrated by paedophiles AND they were doing deals with Dafydd and you then appointed your sister’s boss as CEO of ChildLine after she had been named in a child murder scandal. You have no credibility even if you can still blag your way onto prime time.

        My BBC friend’s wife worked at the Royal Television Society. One of the managers there was convicted of the indecent assault on a 10 yr old boy. Tony Pilgrim, the old fart who ran the RTS, told my mate that ‘it was a pity’ that he’d been caught; not a pity that he’d done it, but a pity that he’d been caught. My mate was unlawfully dismissed a few months later. Do a quick google of the RTS, Esther’s mates are all involved with it, including Michael Grade, who was the man who asked Esther to set up Childline.

        The Michael Grade who demanded my friend’s head on a plate in 1985 when she was working at the Edinburgh Fringe Box Office and refused to do a fiddle to get Grade’s mate Samuel Brittan tickets and hotel accommodation when the tickets and hotels had sold out weeks ago. The Michael Grade who rocked up to a BBC Meet the Guvnors evening in Cardiff when Grade was Chairman, insulted Welsh people and insulted Merfyn as well. Although when someone asked a question needing factual info to answer it the big oaf Grade with his red braces had to ask Merfyn to answer because Ruth Deech, Richard Tait and the other big idiots certainly couldn’t. The Deputy DG Mark Byford was there as well, I shook hands with him over the buffet. Mark’s dad Lawrence Byford was one of the Top Cops who concealed the crap in north Wales.

        Whenever I meet such people I just keep thinking ‘you don’t know me BUT…’ Imagine my surprise when I found out that these people did know of my existence…

        Grade is mates with Richard Tait who was the man behind ‘Nationwide’. Come on Grade and Tait, why did Frank Bough get kicked out for the cocaine and prostitutes yet Savile, Rolf and Stuart Hall remained? Perhaps Esther will reveal all on Desert Island Discs.

        1. Hey Esther, a girl at our school, Ruth Wheeler, went on Jim’ll Fix It. The school which was targeted by the ring with links to the gang in north Wales. Ruth Wheeler bullied one of my friends very badly. Her brother Toby punched my cousin in the face for no good reason. Well my cousin wasn’t a bastard like Toby Wheeler, of course he got a smack in the mouth. That was at Brymore School, where some rather odd things happened back in the 1970s. The Brymore boys had some rather strange teachers, particularly the Headmaster. I also heard about Shanks and another one called Goat.

          She’s Lying To Get Compensation!

          Don’t get me started on Brymore School Ruth Wheeler, I know far more about Brymore than you and your bullying friends ever imagined as you strutted around Bridgwater making lives a misery. What with your brother Giles poncing around Buck House on his horse doing the Trooping of the Colour bit. Which is of course how you got on Jim’s TV show.

          The Wheelers were friends with the Somerset man who became so rich and who walked away from a manslaughter trial in 2004. She told him all about her visit to the BBC and how she met Jim backstage.

          Why did Ray Stanlake of Chilton School have so much influence with regard to which boys from the Bridgwater Schools got Somerset County Council funded places at Brymore? It was known that all you had to do was grovel to Ray Stanlake and you were in. Then there was the poison that Stanlake poured on the heads of one boy’s parents who said ‘look the school is a nightmare, it is not what we were led to believe, our son is being very seriously bullied there’.

          I also know of two very academically able scholarship boys who were told by Brymore that no, you are not getting the same opportunities as the fee paying boys re exam tuition and entry. No-one warned them when they were given those places when they were 13. They were told by Brymore that they could not stay on for A levels, although their performance was excellent. Mr Gibbard the dentist in Bridgwater had a son at Brymore who was doing A levels. I said to Mr Gibbard ‘oh I thought that Brymore didn’t do A levels’. Mr Gibbard laughed and said ‘they do if you pay them’. That was in 1981. I was in discussion with Mr Gibbard because I had applied to UNCW to do Agricultural Science and his son had applied to Aberdeen for the same subject.

          The Flashmans of Brymore used to initiate the new boys – known as The Turds – by making them stand on hot radiators bare foot until they were injured. Then there was the gang rape of a girl in Cannington by a group of Brymore boys in about 1979 which was covered up by Brymore.

          Schools do have bullying and boys’ schools like Brymore can be rife with the most appalling Lord Of The Flies stuff, Brymore wasn’t alone in that regard. My point is that a sex abuse ring was operating in the area, there were complaints, it was all covered up by abusive people and as in north Wales it was their circle who were popping up with Jim on the BBC…

          Whether such things are still happening at Brymore I do not know; the school may be a happier place now.

          1. Esther’s BBC colleagues Cliff and Paul Gambaccuni are in the news as well today, talking about how people accused of sex offences should not be named until they have been charged or found guilty, because false accusations can ruin lives. Yes, they are correct there, that is why after Brown complained about Gwynne the lobotomist and the gang in Birmingham, people were told that he was a paedophile and a sexual harasser. It is why F was smeared with the sexual harasser/questionable sexual behaviour tag as well. I know other men who went to prison for sex crimes after complaining about Dafydd’s gang and I’m fairly sure that they were innocent.

            Cliff and Gambuccini did suffer extreme embarrassment and for what it’s worth, I don’t think that they should have been gossiped about and helicopters allowed to hover over Cliff’s house for no reason, particularly as he was in his other house in Portugal at the time. However their lives have not been ruined, Gambo is back on Radio 4 spouting drivel and Cliff is singing away once more.

            I read Gambo’s book ‘Under The Yew Tree’ which was advertised as being his account of being the subject of a police investigation. It wasn’t. It was a truly bizarre work, a long list of all his celeb friends and his posh flat and all the dinners that he ate in posh restaurants during the investigation. If you don’t believe me, read it, it really is a very odd book. Gambo never stops boasting of his non-achievements: ‘I was of course the youngest DJ to ever get such a job’; ‘Do you know I was asked to be the food critic of Vogue??’ sort of thing. Well I couldn’t give a bugger actually Gambo, I wanted an intelligent account of a police investigation but you did not write one.

            Gambo has admitted that ‘everyone knew’ that Savile was a horrible man and that his sexual interest was in ‘young subnormals’ and Gambo had always stressed that he is not like Jimmy Savile. Apart from being just as boring and narcissistic I’m sure that he isn’t.

            The point Gambo is that you all knew something about a ring of paedophiles and gangsters who murdered witnesses yet you all keep doing I Know Nuzzing. You DID know something, you have admitted that you knew about Savile for a start. Don’t you understand that this is really, really serious, children and young people were being abducted, forced into sex work from children’s homes and psych units and they were killed if they complained? It was an international sex trafficking ring and part of it was at the bloody BBC, that is why people are asking questions and you shouldn’t have all pretended that You Didn’t Know.

            Gambo’s book contains the line ‘Joan Collins may not have known this, but I have been in the same room as her on two occasions’. After I’d finished vomiting, I remembered that Dafydd’s relatives, when they screamed abuse at me, used to say ‘he knows famous people, really famous people, no-one’s going to listen to you NUTTERS’.

            Dafydd was mates with Prof Linford Rees, a Welsh Top Doc who worked in various London hospitals and was a Prof at Barts. Linford used to show photos of his female patients, naked, to his students and junior docs to spice up the lectures. Linford was the father of Poldark actress Angharad Rees. Angharad’s sister was a nurse at Barts and Angharad was married to Christopher Cazenove, who starred in Dynasty, with Joan Collins. Linford lived in Purley and used to have this lot over to his place for parties, along with Top Docs.

            Graham Chapman was known to be sexually abusing underaged boys and Chapman was spared further police investigation after he reminded them that he was a Top Doc. Chapman was a Barts graduate and although he only worked as a Top Doc for a few months, Barts were delighted to have a Famous Old Boy and when he was blind drunk and needed somewhere to kip, Barts would find space for him.

            Chapman was mates with David Kirke who was mates with the man in Somerset.

            Angharad, Christopher and Angharad’s son were all dead by about five years ago. None of them were elderly.

            Rashmi Varma lived at Purley: Varma was a Top Doc who worked at St George’s with Geoffrey Chamberlain, when Chamberlain and his mates were running the trafficking ring and in direct contact with Dafydd and conspiring to have me jailed. Chamberlain was a personal friend of Cilla, who was a close friend of Cliff.

            Cilla was part of the Liverpool scene in the 60s when Dafydd supplied the Liverpool scene with sex workers and drugs. Cilla was also good mates with Lily Savage, who was a Lambeth social worker, illegally squatted in the flat of one of his clients who died and also took his clients out to gay clubs when he was being paid to look after them at home. He didn’t do that because the clients wanted to go to gay clubs, he did it because he wanted to and whereas he usually left them alone in their flats when he popped out clubbing while on duty, some clients blackmailed him and made him take them clubbing. Lily Savage was mates with the rent boys who had been forced into sex work by Dafydd’s gang.

            None of this means that Cliff has sexually assaulted anyone. But it does mean that it is simply not true that none of them knew anything. There are Top Docs, particularly on the London scene, who really love hanging out with celebs. Other Top Docs often don’t like them because they are often perceived to be rather vacuous and unprincipled; everyone knows that they are the Top Docs who have knowledge of and are often involved with sexual exploitation and class A drug dealing.

            Wendy Savage was a Top Doc mate of Chamberlain’s who’s patients were the victims of Dafydd’s partner gang in Tower Hamlets. She was married to a jazz musician.

  4. Cliff has joined the pressure group FAIR (Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform). FAIR was founded by Gambo, Harvey Proctor and Daniel Janner. Daniel is also the Secretary of FAIR.

    Daniel is not a falsely accused individual but he maintains that his dad Greville was/is. Greville was indeed accused of sexually assaulting children and he was interviewed by the police, as was his mate social worker Frank Beck. Beck was sentenced to five life terms in 1991. Greville was never charged and received a round of applause in the House.

    The CPS have now admitted that Greville should have been charged on the evidence available and cannot explain why he wasn’t. Neither can they explain why, when years later Greville was committed to appear before a trial of the facts, after being deemed by Top Docs to be medically unfit to actually stand trial, there were inexplicable delays which resulted in Greville dying before the scheduled hearing of the trial of the facts.

    The CPS do not take the view that Greville was falsely accused. They take the view that he should have been charged but cannot explain why he wasn’t.

    Daniel and Greville co-authored a book years ago, ‘Janner’s Letter Writer’. The book provides advice on how to lie and get away with it and how satisfaction can be gained by bankrupting one’s ‘enemies’. The book explains that one can get away with much wrongdoing if one smiles, is polite and appears to be a nice person.

    Daniel is a QC and like Greville a very wealthy man. Daniel’s sister Laura is a Rabbi and makes frequent appearances on Radio 4 including Thought for the Day. Their other sister Marion believes that she has given birth to a dog called Buddy and is a mental health campaigner who gave an excellence award to the mental health services in north east Wales which were manged and staffed by Dafydd’s gang and had some of the highest suicide rates in the UK. There had been serious complaints about the service and patients had written to MPs and AMs.

    In 1987, the Top Doctors of Leicester who were working with Frank Beck covered up for the criminality of Dafydd’s gang.

    If I was Cliff, the last thing that I’d be doing is supporting any initiative of Daniel Janner’s.

    I do understand that Daniel, Laura and Marion are deeply upset that their father was the subject of allegations that he had molested children. But they seem to believe that those accusing their father are being afforded privilege ti make groundless allegations. The allegations were made three decades ago and the DPP did not mount a prosecution although it is now admitted that they should have. Greville appeared in the House and in all the media as the subject of supportive sympathetic coverage.

    When Greville was interviewed by police, he was accompanied by his lawyer, Sir David Napley, who had George Carman QC waiting by the phone because they were convinced that Greville would be charged. The people accusing Greville had a few hours of legal aid paying for lawyers who were Greville’s colleagues and they were the patients of those Top Docs who covered up for Dafydd who will have supplied the Expert opinions on Greville’s accusers.

    Greville’s accusers grew up in poverty and are living on modest incomes. They have very occasionally appeared on TV where they made their allegations. Daniel I think is a millionaire. Laura is a Cambridge graduate. Daniel and Laura are in the media regularly to stress their dad’s innocence, threaten to sue anyone who accuses him and denounce the previous accusers as ‘fantasists’ and ‘liars’. Even Marion, who thinks that she has given birth to a dog, is the star performer on Radio 4’s All In The Mind and her opinion of the abusers of north east Wales is prioritised over the victims of Dafydd’s gang.

    There are people who have been damaged and ruined in all of this but they are not the Janners.

    1. Can I suggest that in the event of Dafydd forming a support group for distressed celebs who have been Accused By Fantasists, that Cliff, Gambo and Daniel give it a wide berth? It may not do them much good.

      I mentioned in a comment above those Long Letters that I wrote detailing all those crimes of Dafydd’s gang that were subsequently produced in the High Court as evidence of my madness and indeed dangerousness; previous posts have explained that those Long Letters were passed around, without my knowledge, to numerous lawyers in very high places.

      Now here’s a funny thing. I’ve just received a communication asking me if I remember mentioning, only in passing, in one Long Letter a little boy who I went to school with who was killed in a car crash years ago in Bridgwater. Yes, I do remember; he was called Michael Dean and the reason why I remember Michael was that he was the first person whom I knew who was killed in a car crash. We were 1o and it was all very sad; Michael had been having a lift in his older brother’s car, Robert and a car smashed straight into them. Michael was killed and Robert was very seriously injured. He lived but I think that he suffered badly emotionally because he blamed himself for Michael’s death.

      Michael was a little boy who kept having inexplicable close shaves with death before he was killed, really weird ones. One of the more memorable was when Michael nearly died from an unknown toxin, he was really ill, very lucky to live and it was all a bit of a mystery until Mrs Dean was told by a Top Doctor that it was probably food poisoning. The fickle finger of suspicion was pointed at a sausage that Michael had brought from a chip shop in Bridgwater. It was certainly a powerful sausage. When Michael pulled through, the Top Doc advised Mrs Dean to Sue The Chip Shop. Mrs Dean said no, we’re just glad that he’s alive. So Mrs Dean didn’t Lie To Get Compensation, even when encouraged to do so by a Top Doc. That car went head on into Robert and Michael a few months later. They were driving normally, the other car was bombing through at high speed.

      There was another brother as well, Barry Dean. I seem to remember that the Deans might have been something to do with the Bingo in Bridgwater. The Bingo was very profitable for the man who owned it and the underclass of Bridgy spent good money there, including one of my grandmothers.

      The reason that I have been reminded of Michael by a stranger who knew what was in one of those Long Letters was of course the ring in Bridgwater at the time. The school that I attended with Michael, Chedzoy, had kids in who were targeted either there or when they were older. There was one really great teacher at Chedzoy but previous posts have mentioned another one who was an absolute monster and had a drunk for a husband. They were unpopular and unpleasant and were involved in what would now be identified as organised abuse/sexual exploitation.

      I didn’t understand that at the time, I just hated them and I’ll never forget the petty injustices that I witnessed them dishing out, their lies about children when they wanted an excuse to hit or cane them; the little boy who was so frightened of them that he ran away from one thrashing and hid in a cornfield and was thrashed by them again when a well meaning person found him and brought him back; their intimidation of parents who dared complain – well the parents were Farm Labourers and Mrs Fels was a Headmistress – they were vile, really vile.

      I did know even when I was young that the other teachers in the primary schools in the area did not like the Fels’s and wouldn’t have anything to do with them, but Fels received full support from Somerset Education Authority…

      I wonder why that was Tom King???

      The corruption of the Fels’s left an impression on me and of course because they were bonkers, the children took the piss out of them. It was a training for Dafydd-land. The kids called Mr Fels ‘Drunken Lisa’, then he offered some boys pocket money to ‘clear up rubbish’ and it was 100% empty cider bottles, the school shed reeked of cider, well that was mysterious, it must have been those naughty kids! Meanwhile Mrs Fels was so shocked at the teenagers waiting for the secondary school bus swearing that she tape recorded them and complained to the Head of the school. Oh never mid Mrs Fels having sex with teenage boys or Drunken Lisa breaking the arm of a 15 yr old girl who turned him down, the boys are SWEARING!!! There was the embezzling of school funds as well, no Somerset County Council didn’t say a word…

      It was seriously bad,but because it was also ridiculous I did talk about to my mates at university, Brown and I entertained everyone with tales of Life In Bridgy. The only person whom I talked about it to in terms of ‘this was actually serious’ was a clinical psychologist at Denbigh. Not because I wanted to Talk and Share but because I was being threatened constantly by then and he turned up and told me ‘you’re just another nutter, no-one believes what you are saying and you could be in here for the rest of your life, why are you bothering?’ And I told him about the Fels’s and said that after seeing that I would never, ever collude with the abuse of people no matter what threats were made at me and Dafydd really should not have thought that I could be silenced thus. The psychologist went away and hours later Dafydd turned up, told me that I was being discharged and I was put on that train to London, after being threatened all the way to the train station.

      Back in London I tried to find out who the psychologist was. I was told by Denbigh that no such person existed and that no psychologist had visited me there.

      Bechod, she doesn’t know her own mind does she!

      Years later when I worked with Professor Catherine Robinson at Bangor University, she and her husband named the psychologist after I described him, they had worked with him and were friends with him. I didn’t tell them that I had told him about the Fels’s, I just mentioned that I had met him.

      Five years ago when my lawyer passed on more of my documents, there were memos to staff telling them I was trying to find out who this psychologist was, that he had been told not to speak to me if I contacted him and would everyone please tell me that they didn’t know who I was talking about. His name was all over the documents. This clin psych also worked in Leicester. He later moved to Norfolk. See previous posts…

      I have been told that the school dentist in Bridgwater was also believed to be involved in the ring. Which explains something. When we were at the school dentists one day, the boys in our group opened a cupboard in the room where we had been told to wait and there were false teeth in there. We were 10, it was a gift, so we got the teeth out and were playing with them. The receptionist came in, went mad, got the dentist and he got really nasty. I was the only one who wasn’t in trouble, being a Girl and therefore obviously innocent of the crime. He hit the boys, shouted at them, ordered them to call him Sir and salute him and then wrote a letter of complaint to Fels…

      I have received messages telling me that it was noticed by Dafydd’s gang that I could remember many details about so many people who were their partners in crime whom I had encountered when I was in Somerset.

      You should have left it Dafydd you fool, I had no idea they were part of a trafficking ring, I just thought that they were entertainment once I’d got away from them…

      Now ewe can’t remember can ewe… ewe were verrry disturrrrbed at the time, ooh dangerous…

      Ewe are so bad at remembering that someone will have to try and kill ewe…

      They’re all Lying To Get Compensation!

  5. Greville Janners War Crimes Bill was being driven through Commons by Paddy Mayhew using Parliament Act 1991.

    I wonder if his barrister son can spot a problem (or two)

    Jurisdiction over certain war crimes.
    Subject to the provisions of this section, proceedings for murder, manslaughter or culpable homicide may be brought against a person in the United Kingdom irrespective of his nationality at the time of the alleged offence if that offence—
    was committed during the period beginning with 1st September 1939 and ending with 5th June 1945 in a place which at the time was part of Germany or under German occupation; and
    constituted a violation of the laws and customs of war.
    No proceedings shall by virtue of this section be brought against any person unless he was on 8th March 1990, or has subsequently become, a British citizen or resident in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man or any of the Channel Islands.
    No proceedings shall by virtue of this section be brought in England and Wales or in Northern Ireland except by or with the consent of the Attorney General or, as the case may be, the Attorney General for Northern Ireland.
    The Schedule to this Act provides a procedure for use instead of committal proceedings where a person is charged in [F2England, Wales or] Northern Ireland with an offence to which this section applies.]

    At the time Sir John Stradling Thomas had raised with Newton, Ferrers and Mayhew a problem about persons who had stolen UK identities This was about a 1971 72 Regional Crime Squad inquiry into identity theft by death registration fraud associated with the Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder charities.

    Now what if such people had been recruited during hostilities for postwar work for UK or GLADIO ? An Ulster stakenife style situation could arise. While enemies they commit war crimes but also at a time they are contracted to us !!

    So you see that little proviso the attorney general can veto embarrassing prosecutions.

    Sir John died at his Dolphin Square Home March 1991. So didn’t get to raise parliamentary ombudsman inquiry.

    But this had and has implications for Chief constable Suffolk visit to Lord Henniker 1992 re paedo Peter Righton moving to estate. Wasn’t Henniker involved with Sue Ryder founders Sporborg and Neave recruiting enemy during hostilities to serve UK or GLADIO postwar. And wasn’t attorney general refusing fiat to Sir John Stradling Thomas MP successor Roger Evans MP barrister who sought access to high court to quash the suicide verdict on volunteer Matron McGill Sue Ryder HQ 1972. An application also citing the 1971 72 Regional Crime Squad identity theft inquiry 1971 72 and the death of the RCS Det sgt who defied special branch threats Wasn’t Sue Ryder SOE a wartime colleague of Henniker At a time Sporborg had his postwar Gladio idea and we started recruiting enemies before armistice ?

    1. Richard,
      If I was the Janners or Little Nell or any of them I really don’t think that I would be queuing up to star in the media, I would just be very grateful that I was leading a comfortable life and was not being questioned myself, as I would if I was Esther.

      Who is allowing these people to pop up whenever they feel like it? Who elected Little Nell Chair of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee? Her hands are dripping in blood, she was sued after she made offensive comments about one of the kids in Islington who had been a victim of a paedophile, why does anyone give her the time of day?

      As for Esther, well I listened to Desert Island Discs earlier and Esther exceeded expectations! A few points:
      Esther stated that ChildLine arose from a That’s Life Childwatch special broadcast in 1986. That was the year that Ollie Brooke was arrested and subsequently jailed. It was Michael Grade who told Esther to set up ChildLine, I wonder who suggested the ChildWatch special? When ChildLine was set up, Norman Fowler the Secretary of State at the DHSS helped bankroll it. Fowler was concealing the criminality of Dafydd et al AND Ollie Brooke and the gang at St George’s.

      Esther discussed her Glorious Career at the BBC and explained how she resigned from jobs with sexist old bosses and demanded a transfer to another Dept, with a boss who was ‘totally gender blind’. Who was that gender blind boss? Dessie Wilcox! He was so gender blind that he began an affair with Esther, it went on for years, Dessie’s wife and daughter hated Esther and Dessie wouldn’t divorce until Esther got pregnant… I accept that it is very difficult to know the truth of such domestic arrangements, but Esther did not do herself any favours there and instead of refusing to discuss it, she now does her manipulative boasting about her Utterly Charming Dessie and her three Wonderful Children and she wished that it ‘could have been different’ re getting together with Dessie.

      Esther mentioned being pals with Matthew Kelly, who was of course investigated for abuse. Matthew was one of the actors in the North West of England who were part of the crowd to whom Dafydd supplied services. She explained that her early career was given a boost by the ‘Welsh Wizard’ John Lloyd. There was a Welsh contingent at the BBC who were mates with Dafydd, Huw Wheldon was the Mr Big of that group and the Deputy Editor of Panorama was another. They protected the gang under all circumstances.

      One of Esther’s choice of discs was Walking In The Air by Aled Jones! That’s the Aled who lived in the same village as me, who went to school with DGE Wood’s children and sat in the same school as kids who were targeted by the gang. The school that Aled went to served kids like him very well, the more privileged kids and a lot of them got into Oxbridge, but in the 80s they just abandoned the kids with problems, they did not want to know. I knew kids who went to that school were were definitely abused, the teachers were not interested in them. One girl had literally been passed around a group of men on Anglesey, it was openly discussed and the school just stated ‘well we know she’s barmy’. Not surprising really was it… I don’t know if any of the teachers were involved in abusing kids themselves, but they definitely knew what was happening and took no interest.

      Look at the dates when Aled became famous and was given recording contracts – they coincide with the gang needing good publicity as the allegations that kids in north Wales were being abused came in thick and fast. Aled sang in Bangor Cathedral, he was ‘spotted’ there. The Bishop of Bangor was in with Dafydd.

      When I first got to know the local teenagers I noticed a lot of resentment to the kids like Aled from the others and I thought ‘oh it’s kids being catty teenagers and they’re fed up that he’s getting all this attention’, but in the end I realised that there was a group of more privileged kids of whom Aled was one – Rhun, who is now the Plaid AM for Anglesey after working for the BBC was another – who were nice kids, I never disliked them, but they really did experience positive discrimination in their favour when they were the last people to need it. They got everything, absolutely everything. The ingredients were: mum or dad a doctor/university lecturer/lawyer/teacher; first language Welsh speaking, academically quite able and an added bonus was if they had a relative in the media or on the Council or a big wig in the Eisteddfod. They were away, they just couldn’t fail if they had that background. I don’t think that it was quite so loaded against the others by the time that I did teacher training in the same school in 2000, but in the 80s it was frankly discriminatory.

      The world thought that Aled was a little rural songbird from the back end of beyond, which compared to kids in Hampstead he was, but he was a privileged kid by Anglesey standards. His school was the best performing state school on Anglesey, probably in the whole of Gwynedd and maybe north Wales; he lived in one of twee-est bits of the twee-est villages on Anglesey. Aled lived just on the outskirts of the bit of the Menai Strait known as millionaire’s row because the houses there really were grand. One of the most corrupt of the Top Docs lived in one of them. Aled went to school with Tony Francis’s kids and DGE Wood’s kids and that cadre of petty bourgeois people were in great need of a positive image of Welsh childhood when someone wrote to media and music big wigs asking them to promote Aled…

      Esther also talked about her own Sexual Abuse as a teenager. Esther ‘remembered’ this in 2011, when she was looking frankly discredited. then gosh Esther Remembers. It was a Family Friend who groped and Esther ran off and spent a while crying. She did tell her mum eventually but her mum adhered to societal norms and told Esther not to make a fuss and they carried on being polite to the Man Who Did It. Never mind Esther, you weren’t gang raped, forced to have sex with animals and then ignored when you rang ChildLine and you obviously recovered sufficiently to have sex with Nicholas Fairbairn and then Dessie. You Pervert Detecting antennae weren’t sufficiently developed to even twitch when Jimmy Savile visited four yr old girls in hospital and asked them if they’d be his girlfriend.

      People have sent me loads of stuff from the internet re Esther. Thanks everyone, I have read it all but some of you might not be aware that those links also have some really crazy anti-semitic stuff about Esther being part of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy that I wouldn’t be happy putting up on the blog. I know that I have blogged about Jewish networks and Jewish communities being exploited by people like Janner and Leo Abse, but someone has been going onto so many of the child abuse blogs just hurling crazed accusations every time that they have seen the name of a Jewish person. It’s causing serious problems so I read everything carefully; I can’t have stuff like that going up on the blog. I do worry that by blogging about Janner et al that I might be fuelling these loonies, but I can’t refuse to investigate certain areas because of that; it would be manna from heaven to Little Nell. So I just go through anything that I’m sent very carefully. I am absolutely of the opinion that child abuse is not a Jewish problem and I don’t think there is anything about Jewish communities that causes them to be more likely to be abusers. I think it is a reflection of legal and medical professional networks playing a major role and Jewish people are over-represented in those professions. And of course in psychoanalysis, because that originated in central European Jewish intellectual circles.

      1. Richard
        Do you know anything about Sir Hugh Orde, the former Top Cop in N Ireland? He had an unusual beginning for a Top Doc, he worked on a farm and then went to the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, but it’s disappeared from his wiki entry and other places. Captain Mark Phillips went there and probably about the time that Orde did. The Duke of Westminster and Sir Peter Morrison’s family and other fun people were involved with Cirencester too. It’s not a normal agricultural college, it was very expensive for years and it was for The Posh. I only ever knew one boy who went there, my friend’s brother, he worked like a dog to save up the fees because he wanted to go into land management and knew that he’d get the best start for that there.

        I’ve received another Q about a boy whom I knew at Chedzoy School; Mark James. Gosh I remember Mark, we were friends. I knew his sister as well, Belinda. Mark had a very sad ending, years after I knew him. He killed himself in prison, he wasn’t very old, he was I think still in his mid-20s. I heard about it soon after and it was when I was targeted by the gang in north Wales. Mark was a boy who became very very upset at what was happening at Chedzoy School. He disappeared from the school when we were about 10 and I never was in the same school as him again.

        The Official Line was that Mark had gone inexplicably beserk and could not be readmitted to the school. By the time that Mark was getting into trouble as a young man, it was blamed on his dad, who had been in prison himself. Their dad was in prison but their mum was lovely, really nice and Belinda was as well. Furthermore I witnessed the episode which led to Mark being expelled and it was Fels and her henchwoman of a dinner lady. They were a pair of spiteful old bags and they had accused me of talking during lunch when I hadn’t. They wrote my name up on the blackboard, along with Mark’s, on the list to miss break. Mark yelled out ‘Sally wasn’t talking’ and the old cows just hit the roof. A child had Answered Back! Then one of them hit him and he blew. He started throwing chairs about, we were all kicked out of the class and he was physically dragged over to his mum’s house. He was completely distraught and because he was 10 and his dad was in prison it was all blamed on Well He’s Like His Dad.

        I don’t know what stress Mark was under at home, but the row at school was, as far as I could see, Mark just not taking it anymore, because those old cows had given us hell for weeks. My cousin had ended up distraught because they’d accused him of stealing, so my auntie had gone to see Fels and found her on the gin at lunchtime; Drunken Lisa had chased a boy around the fish pond for being a Nancy Boy because he’d been playing hopscotch with the girls and the boy bumped into a girl who then fell into the fish pond; then Drunken Lisa tried to stop me playing football with the boys; then Drunken Lisa ordered two girls to sit in the class in their knickers because they’d dared wear trousers to school, the madness was certainly escalating when Mark hit the roof…

        I don’t know how the person who’s contacted me knew that I knew Mark, I never mentioned him in any letters but I did tell Brown when I heard that he’d been found dead in prison and of course we were under surveillance then.

        One thing that I forgot to mention in the comments above re the evidence of my insanity because of Long Letters. I have a copy of a letter that Tony Francis sent to the MDU and BMA which accompanied a copy of a letter that I had sent with the details of serious crimes. Francis had actually said ‘of course the contents of this letter are mundane and not of interest to anyone but I’m sending this as an example of the harassment’…

        Mundane and not of interest. Sexual assault, assault, attempted murder, bribery, blackmail, all at a time when there was a police investigation into an alleged paedophile ring in the region. Lawyers read all that and Francis’s comment. One would have thought that it would have aroused a bit of suspicion really.

        For those people who are as lacking in suspicion as the MDU and BMA lawyers:
        The person who asked me about Mark James mentioned the name Paul Gadd. That’s Gary Glitter. He lived at Wedmore, used to hang around Bridgwater and ended up in Bristol prison for child sex offences…

        1. I am reading Hugh Ordes wiki. There seems to be some matches in time to my reports to Met MI5 and Sir John Stevens. Let me have a think.


        Vera Schallenberg who I was told was a postwar colleague of Lord Henniker and Sue Ryder in running of UK Stay Behind (Gladio) New book about her now.

        This lad got a medal the year IRA sugar bomb hoax (the most serious ever IRA deployment) as caught at Broad oak Kent by Met and West Midlands Police after Jonathan Aitken MP went over Kent plod heads to MI5. But neither Aitken nor I got medals !

        It appears that O Connor went to met around when Labour came to power and Straw set up MacPherson Inquiry for which O Connor ran met macpherson monitoring unit … the unit who stuck undercovers into the Lawrence camp. Would need dates really as I first learned that Kent police authority had called for inquiry and report August 97. But the call may have been during O Connors time in Kent. I gather he was not the ACPO rank who shut down inquiry and thus snubbed KPA call. Tim O Connor.

        But Dennis was Kent when IRA went for mains power distribution and he was kent when former kent acpo rank in command met se London was in charge for two key events

        Disciplinary of Det sgt Davidson 1995

        Death of child patient Guys during failure of hospital PETBOW power system cutting power to life support. Stitched up inquest inquiry which exempted Petbow (Kent) from inquiry.. This is what Aitken went to MI5 aboutn the danger if IRA deployed that our backup power infrastructure would suffer hospital and nuclear critical failures.

        Hugh Orde seems to have moseyed into the Lawrence inquiry fiasco hence seems on scene when Ronnie Flanagan contacted Straw March 99 asking if he would compel the inquiry called by KPA 1997. When Straw refused that is when Chief constable Kent David Phillips was booted off Rosemary Nelson case in Ulster.

        Orde became PSNI Chief May 2002 so was probably already privy to warnings on Queens jubilee security relating to Deal Bombing 89 and the above Lawrence Inquiry related history.

        So he was Chief PSNI when General de Chasterlain sought authority under GFA to deploy arms decommissioners GFA to kent to investigate kent issued firearms certs and lax policing of paramilitary gun ranges.Particularly 6th Thanet Range that Kent Police were trying to keep open 1995 when neighbouring landowner went over their heads home office and mod to get the range shut down at a time orde was deputy chief constable kent.

        De Chasterlain never gained authority o deploy to kent but if he had done so the chief constable would no longer have been Phillips as david Blunkett had galloped in to snatch him into a civilian role in police training.

        I don’t know if that helps your interest in Orde.

  6. I think that the gang have sent up distress flares again!

    A few days ago, Bethan Russell Williams, a member of the Betsi Board, resigned because she feared that ‘lives would be lost’ (Bethan, you’ve been a member of the Betsi Board for a few years now, how have the escalating mortality rates, the highest in Europe for some conditions, escaped your notice???) if vascular surgery services are rearranged as planned and removed from Ysbyty Gwynedd to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Bethan is concerned for the welfare of patients in rural areas to the west of Ysbyty Gwynedd, who would have a long way to travel to YGC.

    Now I am glad that those living in the west of Gwynedd have someone fighting their corner. Their ‘services’ have been third rate, if not non-existent, for many years. However, Bethan knows that, she has known it from the day that she joined that Health Board and she knew it throughout her previous existence as a senior figure in a charidee which remained silent about patient harm and abuse. Bethan is married to a member of Gwynedd County Council, which is not only a conflict of interest but Gwynedd County Council’s services are shameful in the client neglect stakes.

    The problem with being a patient in north Wales is that one is ruthlessly manipulated and indeed lied to as to why your NHS is so crap and never gets any better.

    The vascular surgery ‘services’ in north Wales have been dreadful for years, that is why there have been lengthy discussions re altering the arrangements. The Royal College of Surgeons produced a damning report some five years ago in which they pulled no punches: they stated that the vascular surgery service in north Wales was unacceptably poor and furthermore the blame was firmly laid at the feet of the vascular surgeons themselves. The Royal College stated that the vascular surgeons were making decisions in their interests, not the patients. They were running clinics to suit their own needs and they were even opposing a rearrangement of the service because they didn’t want to have to move house and live in other parts of north Wales. The example given was the vascular surgeons based at YGC who said that they liked living in Clwyd and no they would not be moving house just to provide a service in another part of north Wales. The only politician who picked up on that report and denounced those selfish bloody minded surgeons was Darren Millar who was not afraid to say that it was a disgrace. As ever, the response from everyone else was ah the doctors they are wonderful.

    Now, as any fule kno, the vascular surgeons of north Wales hit the roof when they were challenged and reinforcements were brought in. Sadly for them, the reinforcements were in the form of the sad old bat Dr Christine Evans aka Dr Chris, a retired surgeon from YGC who doubled up as a Councillor and who in that capacity wrote a blog. Dr Chris wrote extensively on her blog about having gone to see her old mates the vascular surgeons of YGC who were in danger of being relocated and that if anyone thinks this was going to happen they’ve underestimated the surgeons of YGC. Dr Chris made it crystal clear that she would back them up all the way in their refusal to agree to any changes in services.

    I say that Dr Chris doubled up as a Councillor. She doubled up as a few other things as well. Dr Chris was ‘retired’ but she still examined and taught surgery. She sat on advisory bodies. In addition to working as a surgeon and a Councillor and pledging to fight for her colleagues to refuse to improve their service, Dr Chris was then appointed as the Chairman of the Community Health Council, the ‘patients voice’. HOW this woman was appointed to that post I’d be interested to know. Dr Chris was in no way the patients’ voice.

    I was still living in north Wales and attending Betsi Board meetings at the time. Merfyn was still Chairman of the Betsi and was the target of the gang in their determined attempt to get him out of public life. At every meeting Dr Chris was rude and overbearing and would not let anyone else speak, either Board members, audience or other CHC reps. Dr Chris did the talking, told the patients what they wanted and told Merfyn and the Board to shut up because everyone listens to them all the time but not to the patients. Well Dr Chris didn’t listen to the patients either.

    Neither did Dr Chris investigate even the most serious complaints about the mental health services which were sent to the CHC. Because Dr Chris was a friend – and the Doctor of – Tony Francis. Tony Francis’s wife Sadie was er a member of the CHC! So Sadie, a retired psychiatrist, was, like Dr Chris, the patients voice! While Sadie, like Dr Chris, still did locum work.

    Patients’ voice??? It was a fucking joke. The CHC was entirely dominated by not even fully retired Top Docs and they were batting for their pals who were in deep trouble as litigation and damning reports flew. I witnessed Dr Chris at three Board meetings arrive at the start of the meeting, say what she had to say, get up and leave within 15 mins of the meeting beginning. She did not return for any other part of the 3 hour Board meeting. On one occasion, another patient passed me a note saying ‘So ‘our rep’ has now left the meeting’…

    Bethan Russell Williams is married to a member of the CHC.

    Dr Chris was mates with Dafydd. She worked for the NHS in the Good Old Days when Dafydd’s gang ran the region unchallenged. She knew about that paedophile ring, she knew about the abuse of vulnerable patients and she knew about the gynaecologists who were sexually assaulting women patients as well. Furthermore I had a friend who was referred to Dr Chris and I heard all about your behaviour in that consultation Dr Chris. Rude, intimidating and crude. Do you think that the women of north Wales weren’t telling each other what you and your colleagues, male and female were doing?

    The only relief re Dr Chris is that she was such a crude old bag that she was a source of entertainment. The women were all warning each other about the two male gynaecologists at YG anyway and then my friend said to me ‘God there’s a woman at YGC who’s even worse than those two bastards’. I didn’t know about Dr Chris in those days, but I was treated to a full description and an impersonation, accompanied by much laughter. And speculation as to whether Dr Chris was man, woman or hermaphrodite.

    Dr Chris has another string to her bow as well. Dr Chris is a leading light in her local ‘community pub’, The Raven. Dr Chris lives near Llandegla, a village in the Clwydian Hills in which no low income person could ever afford to live. A lot of houses have a stables outside, not just with old nags but posh horses. Four wheel drives outside most houses. Brown reckoned that a lot of the residences wouldn’t have even just been inhabited by Dr Chris’s mates, he thought that it will be highly paid people commuting to Cheshire and Manchester. Dr Chris says what goes at The Raven down with the highly paid real ale twats.

    The Raven’s a real laugh, the car park is full of notices that read as though they have been written by Dr Chris, ordering everyone about in the name of Being Proud Of Our Community. The Raven is on Trip Adviser and someone left a dreadful review; The Raven wrote a message back telling everyone not to listen to a word of this bad review, so goodness knows what was going on. I think Dr Chris does her community bit behind the bar at The Raven, perhaps a normal person went in, encountered Dr Chris and decided to flag it up on Trip Adviser.

    Dr Chris has other commitments as well!! Yes, Dr Chris crams a great deal of telling people what to do into her life. Dr Chris does charidee work overseas. I would usually see this as laudable, but ooh the Top Docs ruthlessly use that to their own advantage as well. Let Me Tell You About My Latest Trip Overseas! Dr Pauline Cutting, the surgeon in YG A& E, who knew that I was being unlawfully refused treatment by her colleagues and who witnessed me being threatened by them on one occasion Worked As A Surgeon In Palestine. Pauline Cutting got a great deal of kudos from that, indeed I admired her for it until I acquired documentation that clearly showed what Pauline had been party to at YG. Pauline Cutting appeared on TV with Jimmy Savile and I asked her what he was like. I didn’t tell Pauline that I knew from two of my former colleagues in medical research that Savile was known to be abusing kids. Pauline told me that he was a very odd man, but a real Samaritan and genuine about charidee work.

    That’s the Savile who knew Dafydd and used to turn up at Bryn Estyn.

    Dr Chris I’m delighted to say is yet another Top Doc in north Wales colluding with a gang of sex offenders who Operates In A War Zone. I know this because one day when I was waiting to go into a Betsi Board meeting, Dr Chris was standing nearby and she was telling someone that she’d just come back from Syria where she had been operating with one of the big charidees and after witnessing what was happening to the poor sods out there she really felt that the squealing of her colleagues in north Wales was a bit pathetic. When I heard Dr Chris say that I thought that perhaps I’d misjudged her and she was going to lay it on the line to them in the Board meeting. Did she? No. We didn’t hear a word about Syrian suffering and highly paid surgeons in north Wales screaming and screaming until they were sick, Dr Chris gave Merfyn a bollocking on behalf of her colleagues and carried on with the Get Merfyn Out campaign. Because Merfyn had mounted a prosecution against a male Angel who had thrown an elderly lady patient against a vending machine and injured her.

    Ah they’re wonderful really aren’t they!

    Readers will know that when I’m chilling out I listen to Radio 4, not having a TV. Radio 4 is non-stop propaganda but if I’m too tired to read I do listen. They’ve been serialising a book late at night and it is the new book by David Nott, the British surgeon who’s been working in Syria. I heard him again this morning. David Nott is interviewed in a real Gosh You Are So Wonderful way by mindless journos and I’ve noticed that David’s had lots of air time over the last two weeks to tell us all about his selfless work in Syria, where WOMEN AND CHILDREN no less are BEING SHOT, Oh God its terrible, I just Had To Help. As David banged on and on about MY FELLOW DOCTORS, MY FELLOW DOCTORS WHO JUST WANT TO HELP I wonder if he was going to mention that the man dropping those barrel bombs on WOMEN AND CHILDREN is er a Doctor who trained at the Eye Hospital in London and was mates with a great many other London Docs, many of whom were in various fundraising causes with him…

    Yes, David did mention it! But only quickly and he stressed that he’d only ever met al Assad once, a long time ago and it took him a while to realise that the ‘SHO’ (just a minion, wasn’t a consultant you know, ooh no, we’d have never given him a senior job) whom he met that day was the barrel bomber. Dr Nott knew what he had to do though. He had to ring him up and remind him of the Hyppocratic Oath! Fucking hilarious, David Nott might as well ring Dafydd and remind him. David Nott explained to Radio 4 that he thought that for Once In His Life al Assad could Show A Bit Of Humanity. (The murdering bastard was never a problem when he worked in London…)

    No of course Bashir didn’t take any notice of Dr Nott. The bombing continued. After one mercy mission, David had a breakdown. I felt almost sorry for him until he explained that Lilibet helped him recover by inviting him to the palace and letting him cuddle the corgis which allowed him To Let It All Out.

    Can someone let me know if David Nott is an undercover comedian taking the piss out of the Top Doctors, because he’s doing a brilliant job if he is.

    David is a vascular surgeon. The words ‘vascular surgeon’ and ‘operating for charidee in Syria’ began ringing very loud bells, so I’ve just googled David Nott. Imagine my surprise when I found out that he comes from Carmathenshire (there was a big abuse ring there connected to Dafydd’s gang), his dad was an orthopaedic surgeon and his mum was a Welsh Angel. David trained in medicine at Manchester and Liverpool and then worked in the London hospitals. So David worked with Dafydd and Tony Francis’s mates in Manchester and Liverpool and knew Prof Robert Owen, the Prof of Surgery at Liverpool who concealed Dafydd’s criminality and while concealing that ring worked at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. David will also have known the butchers at the Walton Centre, with whom Merfyn’s wife did not survive her encounters.

    In London, David worked at Charing Cross. So he knew about the Gender ID Clinic there that was facilitating abuse, flogging gender reassignment ops to order and nearly killed at least one patient.

    Dr Chris is a poster-monster for sex-change surgery as well, that’s how she knows Jan Morris.

    Jan Morris was on the 1953 Everest expedition with Sir Charles Evans, who allowed UCNW to be used as a vehicle for the trafficking gang when he was Principal. Sir Charles was a surgeon who worked on Merseyside who almost certainly knew Dr Chris.

    Have we got this straight now everyone? The heroic David Nott has worked with the associates of people who facilitated a paedophile ring.

    For once in your life David, do the humane thing and tell us all who has put you up to doing all this. Furthermore if Clare Cheek is involved, tell her to tell us what she and the other Cardiff medics knew about George Thomas, Leo Abse and the gang in north Wales and remind her that she was very anxious about taking up surgery when she was an SHO because of those ‘conferences’ where the surgeons booked prostitutes to entertain them at night, Clare having been brought up a Catholic and not really approving of that sort of thing. You need to find the ideals that you had when you were still in the sixth form Clare, this really has not reflected well on you. Did you ever imagine that you’d be involved with THIS??? No, I don’t think that you did. What happened?

    Now if Top Docs yelling CHILDREN CHILDREN I’M SAVING CHILDREN can keep off the radio for a few hours, I have a blog post to finish…

  7. I’m so sorry everyone, I forgot to mention that David Nott has been at the scene of another crime as well. The Royal Marsden. They were involved with a big cancer research fraud with Tony Francis’s mates.

    David, I think those corgis might need a bit of a cuddle and a few Bonios soon…

  8. Thanks to the reader who has just sent me some additional information about Michael Trickey, who featured on this blog some while ago.

    As well as being Chair of the Audit Committee at Atlantic College, Michael is director of the Wales Public Services 2025 research programme, based at Cardiff Business School, trustee of both the Vale of Glamorgan Music Festival and St Donats Arts Centre. His early career was an academic librarian before becoming policy director of the Arts Council of Wales, moving to become a senior civil servant leading on public service reform in Wales. On retirement, he was appointed Wales Adviser to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and its programmes addressing the root causes of poverty, and has been an external adviser to the Welsh Government on a range of policy matters. He also advises the Citizens Advice network in Wales. He has been a governor of various schools and local bodies.

    Michael Trickey is also known as Mr Jane Hutt. Lucille Hughes has been part of the senior management of CAB in Wales for years now and Ronnie Waterhouse was also involved with CAB governance. Alun Michael’s son Tal was appointed the Chief Exec of Gwynedd CAB not so long ago.

    Re Atlantic College:
    The Windbag’s granddaughter goes/went to Atlantic College, as did the Baroness of Ely. The Baroness is also a member of the governing body of Atlantic College.

    My former GP from Waunfawr Surgery Dr Gruff Penrhyn Jones went to Atlantic College and was very attached to the place, he married a girl whom he was at Atlantic College with and she became an Angel.

    As with my solicitor in Bangor, Alwyn Jones, I always liked Gruff but I was well aware that he worked with utter shitbags. Gruff didn’t behave as the shitbags did, but he very obviously said nothing about their appalling conduct, even when it reached the point of me being unlawfully denied all NHS hospital treatment after I complained about being assaulted and injured by Hergest Unit staff. I was subsequently threatened constantly by NHS staff and told that I’d be arrested for a public order offence or harassment if I even tried to enter Ysbyty Gwynedd for any purpose.

    Weeks later, I rang Ysbyty Gwynedd in an emergency. An Angel screamed abuse at me down the phone. I then rang a friend for help and advice and while I was on the phone to them – this was at 6 am, I was in bed – a police officer charged into my bedroom having broken into the house through the back door and yelled ‘you’ve been making hoax calls to the hospital and I’m here to arrest you’. My friend heard him and demanded that the phone was handed over to him so she could speak to him.

    The policeman became seriously embarrassed when he realised that I had not made hoax calls to anyone. He admitted to my friend that the police had received a call from Ysbyty Gwynedd reporting me for making hoax calls and demanding my arrest. My friend then came over to stay with me as did another friend. Dr Penrhyn Jones turned up; we had not called him but it seems that when Ysbyty Gwynedd’s Cunning Plan to frame me AGAIN – having failed to make charges of ‘threats to kill’ stick a few years previously – had blown up in their face, they rang him.

    Dr Penrhyn Jones knew that:
    I had been unlawfully denied NHS treatment in an emergency
    A fallacious allegation had been made to the police along with a demand to have me arrested instead of treating me in an emergency.

    Dr Penrhyn Jones as ever was very pleasant, but no, there was nothing said about this dreadful set of events in terms of admitting the conspiracy.

    When I returned to work I was told that it was all over Gwynedd that there had been ANOTHER attempt on the part of the NW Wales NHS Trust to frame me.

    My friend who had spoken to the policeman on the phone contacted the police station and they confirmed that they had been told to arrest me by the Trust for making hoax calls. They would not reveal who at the Trust had ordered my arrest.

    My friend wrote to the Chairman of the Trust, Elfed Roberts, raising her extreme concern. Elfed was the former Assistant Chief Constable of North Wales and a member of Bangor University Council. In the 1970s, Elfed was the Sgt at Llangefni Police Station, just down the road from Dafydd’s house. I was told by numerous people that Elfed had been known as a corrupt policeman.

    Elfed wrote a one line reply to my friend, saying that the decision to report me to the police had ‘been an operational decision’. There was no investigation or further explanation.

    When I next saw Gruff, he seemed to know that my friend had written to Elfed and told me ‘she really shouldn’t have done that’. I told him that I was glad that someone had said something in view of what was happening…

    Not long after this, the NW Wales NHS Trust was dissolved. Edwina Hart, the Health Minister, gave Elfed a seat on the Welsh Ambulance Trust although I had given Edwina enough documentary evidence about a series of incidents to have Elfed arrested. On the occasion that the Trust tried to frame me for making hoax calls, as well as Dr Penrhyn Jones an ambulance spontaneously arrived; the policeman had called it to cover his arse… I refused to get in it on the grounds that I simply was not safe with the NHS, they really had blown it this time.

    One of my PhD students at the time had a sister who was a senior manager in the Welsh Ambulance Trust. I was told that within an hour of the attempt to arrest me, it was all over the Ambulance Trust that ‘Elfed Roberts and Martin Jones (the NW Wales NHS Trust CEO) have just tried to have someone wrongfully arrested because she’d made a serious complaint about the Hergest Unit’. The PhD student had been one of those who had come out to see me after the attempt to arrest me, my friend had rung him. He was still at my place when Dr Penrhyn Jones arrived.

    I later found out that when Dr Penrhyn Jones made his record of the morning’s events, he had noted the presence of that PhD student at my house.

    Dr Penrhyn Jones must have qualified as a Top Doctor in the late 60s or early 70s. His dad was a Top Doc from Gwynedd. His dad knew Dafydd and Gwynne the lobotomist.

    Just before I left Wales after being threatened at gunpoint, Dr Penrhyn Jones wrote to me saying that he was moving to Sweden and did not expect to ever practice again in the UK.

    I began seeing Dr Penrhyn Jones when I found out that the two other GPs in that surgery had consistently lied to me in order to conceal the fact that they were denying me NHS treatment and had also lied about me to third parties. They had both trained at Liverpool, Dafydd’s alma mater and were old enough to have worked with Dafydd and Gwynne.

    One of those GPs, Stephen Williams, had not even bothered to pretend to be polite to me. I only ever saw him on one occasion; he refused to treat me and shouted at me that I had caused a lot of trouble with my complaints about the hospital. I hadn’t complained about the curtains, I had complained about being violently assaulted by four NHS staff, injured and then arrested for threatening to kill an NHS manager on the basis of the perjury of eight NHS staff. The case collapsed on the first day of the trial; by that time I had lost my home and my teaching job.

    Then someone reported me to the DES as being unsuitable to teach and demanded that I be struck off the teaching register because of my ’17 years of serious mental illness’. A junior Gov’t Minister cleared my name. He was a friend of Merfyn Jones, the VC of Bangor University and at that point war was declared on Merfyn and his friend. Not long after, Merfyn’s wife became seriously ill. She was referred to Dafydd’s colleagues in Liverpool who told her that there was nothing that they could do. She died. While she was dying, I was openly told by a number of different people that ‘we will force him out (of his job) once she’s dead’. There was also a plan to frame Merfyn for a criminal offence.

    I was told that the communication to the DES about me had been the work of one of my former teacher training tutors in Bangor. All the tutors there had worked as teachers in Gwynedd schools when the paedophile ring was in operation. Margaret Ellis Jones was married to a senior person in Gwynedd County Council. Prys Morgan Jones was a good friend of one Stephen Williams, the GP in Waunfawr…

    When I was assaulted and injured by Hergest staff, Jane Hutt was Health Minister. The EIGHT phone calls from Alun Davies, the manager of the Hergest Unit, which followed my complaint about the assault demanding that I be arrested, initially for telling his secretary that he was a fat idiot and then for threatening to kill him when the police refused to arrest me, were made by Alun Davies while he was in Cardiff in a meeting with Jane Hutt and her officials.

    Jane, do you and Mr Trickey know Dr Gruff Penrhyn Jones of the Atlantic College alumni by any chance? And was it your idea to tell the fat idiot to report me for threats to kill when the police refused to arrest me after Davies made SEVEN phone calls to them, demanding my arrest for telling his secretary that he was a fat idiot?

    I have mentioned that Jane Hutt is a social worker who established Welsh Women’s Aid. Jane’s friend the late Val Feld was a dentist’s daughter from Caernarfon who set up Rhyl Women’s Aid and then became an AM. In a previous post, I explained how when I was just finishing teacher training at Bangor, I was the only applicant for a teaching post at a school in Deeside and after the closing date, I received a call from another student on our course asking me if I had the Head’s contact details because she wanted to ask him if she could apply, even though she’d missed the closing date. I gave her them. She applied, after the closing date and got the job. Her father had worked with the Head’s father in Liverpool docks. She had done a lot of work with Rhyl Women’s Aid.

    Dafydd’s gang run Rhyl. They do the supported housing, the drop-in centres, the drugs advice, the lot. Val Feld did not utter one word about the abuses of Dafydd’s gang throughout her career. Neither has Jane Hutt. That gang abused the kids of women seeking help from Wimmin’s Aid as well as the women.

    Perhaps Jane also knows why, the year that I did teacher training, Gill Dennis, the trainee teachers’ mentor at Holyhead School, recommended that three trainee teachers from Bangor University should all fail the course; me, another student who had blown the whistle on organised abuse and a student with whom we were friends. We had all received A grades for our placements in other schools, but Dennis did try very hard to ensure that we failed. We didn’t, but guess what? We all had great difficulty getting jobs although no-one could explain why…

    There was a student teacher who trained with us whom Holyhead School said was excellent, they liked her so much that they told her that a job was coming up and asked her to apply for it, saying that she would be offered it they were so impressed with her. She didn’t get it. When I asked Dennis why, Dennis snapped ‘she was inappropriately dressed’. In a bikini perhaps?? No. ‘We were disgusted, she wore a jumper instead of a blouse’. It wasn’t a Gyles Brandreth Teddy Bear jumper, it was one of those really stylish ones of very fine wool; she wore it with a suit. It wasn’t good enough for Gill Dennis with her black teeth, nylon slacks and plastic jacket. After we finished our placement, Dennis told us that she’d only agreed to be a mentor for the trainees because she hated Holyhead School so much that she did it in return for a good reference to get a job on the Wirral…

    Do Glenys or Neil Kinnock know why there were so many problems with the student teachers in Holyhead School? The problems after our cohort were so great that some of the students had to be withdrawn. The usual problems: bullying and sexual harassment of the trainees, unfair practice… Stephen Williams friend Prys had retired by then, as had Margaret Ellis Jones. Merfyn was still the VC of course, so it made a major headache for him…

    When are you and ALL of your disgusting, corrupt, DANGEROUS, gangster, trafficking friends going to resign from public life Hutt, you sociopathic lowest form of life on earth? Just go you maggot, go now, you stupid, spoilt lethal bitch who’s father was part of Oliver Brooke’s network…

    There’ll be another post naming some more of Jane’s father’s friends coming soon…


      1. Many apologies, an error slipped into one of the above comments.

        The person who founded Rhyl Wimmin’s Aid was Eirene, Ieuan Wyn Jones’s wife, rather than janes’s mate Val. Although I’m sure that Val helped.

        No I wasn’t Telling Lies To Get Compensation, it’s just that there are so many of these bastards with their fingers in so many pies and so many links with each other and people who have touched my own life that I do sometimes get a detail wrong. However I do always follow it up and amend if I spot it.

        By the way, previous posts have stated that Ma’am Darling’s children went to Benenden but I am also seeing references to them having gone to Bedales… I am just in the process of clarifying…

    1. Ah, that’s where the confusion arose!! Thanks, I am going through such huge quantities of info that sometimes I don’t notice an inconsistency at first reading. The Royals were DEFINITELY packed off to both schools, but different sources have obviously made errors re who went where…

      Both schools appealed to similar folk, posh but Not As Conservative As Other Posh Folk. It is now alleged that there were organised abuse rings at both schools, people are coming forward. Posh kids were targeted as well; very sad, the gangs had all sexual tastes catered for: boys and girls of all ages, all races, posh or plebs.

      Am at present working on a post re the public schools who’s names come up most frequently in connection with the Gang. Kids in schools like mine were targeted as well, but they didn’t then become MPs or the toppest of Top Docs with seats in the Lords to cover up the serious crime committed by the people who gave their careers a head start.

      1. Sue Ryder was at Benenden I think. I will look to see if I can find some papers about Gordonstoun to email to you.

        1. Thanks, the papers have just arrived.

          Haven’t had time to read them yet but what everyone knows about Gordonstoun is that Carlo had a terrible time there, was ferociously bullied and Phil the Greek wouldn’t rescue him. If I know anything about the sort of bullying that happened in boys boarding schools of that era, the ‘bullying’ will have included sexual violence and a lot of it.

          So there’s a load of contemporaries of Carlo’s who Could Tell so they’ll all have been bought off, in the way that people who were at Trinity College, Cambridge with Carlo were and those Aber students when Carlo spent his term there learning Welsh have been.

          Prys Morgan Jones, the former Dean of the School of Education in Bangor, was at Trinity the same time as Carlo.

          Meri Huws aka the Crack of Doom was at Aber when Carlo was there.

          Fess up you sad bastards, I would never have written this blog had so many of you not behaved so disgracefully.

          1. Have a read and I will be interested to see what you make of it. I can try to get the rest if you are interested.

            I also bear in mind that J W Paulley of the Ipswich Mengeles was also a self styled “Educationalist”

  9. Interesting observation Richard. The cult of the ‘educationalist’ has died a death now, but there were some real nutters who sheltered under that umbrella. I haven’t ever had time to properly uncover what was obviously a major scam of the recent past, but I read a few old books by Educationalists in the Bangor University library, which had been purchased by the former Normal College, before it merged with the University.

    These were books aimed at teachers and youth workers and the ones written by the Experts On Troubled Children were written by people who worked in some of the institutions which are now known to have been infested with organised abuse and serious cruelty. One of the books was written by that bloke who ran the Aycliffe Centre in Durham, later exposed as being almost as bad as Bryn Estyn, very very serious abuse. Oh he did wax lyrical about the insanity of the youngsters under his Care and their funny little ways; Make Way For Frank Beck and his Therapy everyone!!! They must have been fast asleep at Bangor University not to have realised who authored some of those books in the library, it was like coming across books written by Savile in there, the abuse had been exposed years before…

    You have probably noticed Richard that Educationalists like the Aycliffe bloke are particularly concerned with the teenagers’ Failure To Discuss Their Growing Bodies With Staff, especially Girls Who Won’t Talk About Menstruation. Call me old fashioned but I wouldn’t talk about such things with a load of old perverts who were abusing my friends, who in their right minds would??? It was all very reminiscent of the Therapy on offer from the likes of Dafydd and the gang but worse, I just kept thinking ‘Christ, these were kids of 13 being gang raped…’

    The professions of teaching/youth work for troubled kids were fully infiltrated by those we know and love by the late 60s/early 70s.

    By the way Richard, do you know what the scrap between the use of the terms ‘educationalist’ and ‘educationist’ was about? I saw a letter in The Guardian years ago from a Michael Young hanger-on, complaining that someone had used the wrong term. What was supposed to be the difference?

    The Educationalists were the Psy disciplines of yesteryear: the maddest people who expanded their remit to cover the whole world and everyone in it. We were all their business and needed to be told by them what was what, what to do and how to lead our lives. All very Foucauldian.

    1. I dunno. I understand that the papers or a copy of them were in possession of a head or former head of BBC Childrens TV which strikes me as a rum sort of recipient of a postwar plan to educate us all, including the future monarch, to our respective postwar places.

      1. It is now admitted that abusers were attracted to the role as ‘children’s entertainers’. The BBC was all Lord Reith-like and banged on about being there to inform and educate etc, so the BBC didn’t have ‘Magpie’, it had Blue Peter, with John Nettleton tells the story of Mozart and Val exploring the Victorian sewers – very apt!! – and those guide dug pups. The BBC will have been tapping into the Expertise of the Child Psychiatrists and Developmental Psychologists ie. Dafydd’s mates, while ITV did the pop stars. Which leaves one wondering how Savile slipped under the radar at the BBC. Shouldn’t he have been on Tiswas??? He could throw buckets of water over girls then. Or beans.

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