It Wasn’t On Our Radar

I finished reading Martin Shipton’s book about George Thomas, ‘Political Chameleon’, a few weeks ago. Shipton was given a hard time in an interview on a Welsh radio programme for being so rude about Thomas in his book, although Shipton could actually have been a great deal ruder and really rather restrained himself.

George Thomas was the Labour MP for Cardiff West, 1945-83, Secretary of State for Wales, 1968-70 and Speaker of the Commons, 1976-83. In 1983 Thatcher gave him an hereditary peerage and he became the 1st Viscount Tonypandy. Because George Thomas never married or had children, there wasn’t much point to that particular honour and the title died with him in 1997. Thomas was well known for his Methodism. The Methodist Church was a very powerful institution in Wales during George Thomas’s younger years and his position as a lay preacher and a big name in the Methodist Church  – he became Vice-President of the Methodist Conference in 1959 – gave him great kudos and influence. During the 1950s/60s, Thomas preached in nearly every city in Britain. In 1959 he went on a preaching tour of the US and took a stand against separate churches in Georgia. A black Church Minister stated that Thomas’s ‘face is white, but his heart is as black as ours’ – it is said that Thomas ‘never forgot’ this tribute.

Whilst George Thomas was Speaker, commentators outside of Wales often framed him as a national treasure. There were plenty of references to his Welshness – his accent was very obvious when he was calling for order in the Commons – and people waxed lyrical about this enthusiastic Methodist lay preacher who loved his mam and the Royal Family. As indeed did Jimmy Savile. Friendships across the political divide are common in Parliament, but George Thomas certainly pushed the boat out with regard to this – he was a big mate of Thatcher, who was perceived by many to have wrecked Wales to such an extent that it still hasn’t recovered. Thatcher discusses George Thomas in her book ‘The Downing Street Years’ – she heaps praise on him and explains that the basis of their friendship was their Methodism. (Thatcher occupied a curious position in the Tory Party in that she had been brought up as a Methodist and frequently made reference to this, yet the Tory Party was firmly situated within the Church of England and Thatcher seems to have felt obliged to move towards the Church of England. Not that she liked them very much – there was that comment that she made about the Bishops being ‘cuckoos in the nest’ because some of them showed a dangerous degree of tolerance and concern, she virtually denounced the World Council of Churches as a bunch of Communists in the pay of the Kremlin and then there was that dust-up with the Archbishop of Canterbury because he preferred to deliver a service emphasising peace and reconciliation after the Falklands conflict rather than go goosestepping through London as part of a ‘victory parade’.)

In the Labour Party in Wales however George Thomas was a very divisive figure and was actively hated in many quarters. He had always really riled Plaid and many Welsh speakers because he was extremely hostile to the Welsh language and had a problem with people who dared to speak it and ensure that their children could as well, but Thomas also became a substantial embarrassment and a difficulty for the Labour Party. He was completely opposed to devolution and although many other people in the Welsh Labour Party for many years were as well, Thomas remained rabidly anti-devolution after it had become Labour Party policy. His toadying to the British establishment and the Royal Family was so great that it became a national joke, even at a time when most of the population didn’t advocate dropping a bomb on the House of Lords and were very supportive of the Royal Family, consuming acres of vacuous newsprint about them.

Until quite recently, George Thomas was just another dead man who had once been an important figure in the Labour Party, but over the past few years he has become so notorious that a group of people in south Wales are campaigning to rename the Lord Tonypandy pub on the grounds that Wales would rather forget that this man ever existed. The source of the distress is that it has become clear that George Thomas was a paedophile. Not someone who had sex with his girlfriend when she was a few days short of her sixteenth birthday and he was just about 18, but an all out no holds barred child molester. The most serious complaint involved the rape of a nine year old boy, but there were numerous complaints over many years. In the way in which was obviously routine until very recently in cases of politicians sexually assaulting children, the complainants were ignored or silenced.

Towards the end of his life people felt able to make noises indicating that George Thomas was gay, that nobody had a problem with this but that his position in the Methodist Church and the era in which he grew up dictated that it really did have to be kept quiet. However since George Thomas’s fall from grace numerous people have admitted that he was a vile, intimidating git who shamelessly used his position and friendships with powerful people – including members of the Royal Family – to achieve his own ends. Furthermore, just about everyone in south Wales politics – and further afield as well – knew about this. Something similar happened after Ron Davies was caught with his trousers down – or indeed off – on Clapham Common with Boogie. People came crawling out of the woodwork from every direction maintaining that Ron Davies was a complete bastard who treated people appallingly and that they’d always hated him. It was stressed that people had kept quiet because they were ‘loyal’. Loyalty is a quality that I very much admire and I don’t think that there is nearly enough of it about. However, if someone is serially sexually assaulting other people – yet alone children or teenagers – and then committing even more serious crimes in order to silence their victims, loyalty is sorely misplaced.

Note to the Mafia of Drips: when a sex offender tells you to keep quiet about their offences, you DO NOT do it. OK Lesley/Rhodri/Jane/Drakeford/Julie? You absolutely stand up to them no matter what they do and you continue to stand up to them in every way possible YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. You do not ‘shut your mouth about DA’, you do not ‘go away from here and forget about everything that you have seen’. If Brown and me could withstand the pressure, what exactly was wrong with you? Ooh, I forgot – Brown and me were 21 and didn’t have our noses deep into the Trough of Plenty or entertain delusions that we were suitable people to run a country.

The methods used by George Thomas to silence victims and witnesses were certainly very similar to the methods that I knew to have been employed by Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales. George Thomas’s friend Leo Abse, an aggressively unpleasant lawyer who was Labour MP for Pontypool and then Torfaen, 1958-87, proved most useful. Abse himself talked about ‘homosexual partners’ of Thomas blackmailing him – it seems to have been the case that these were people who had been abused by Thomas who had complained and had either been bribed or threatened into going away by Abse. Abse was known to have been involved in paying one person to begin a new life in Australia and he also boasted that he told a ‘criminal’ who was making allegations against Thomas to leave Cardiff or he’d have him imprisoned for 10 years. The criminal left town and didn’t reappear. Such stories have a familiar ring to them – I knew young people in north Wales who were packed off abroad after discovering rather more than some wanted them to (see post ‘ Just A Language Divide?’). As for the criminal who left town – whenever I made a complaint about the paedophiles’ friends it was stressed that I was a criminal. I did have a conviction – for staring at one of the paedophiles’ friends in Safeways – and had any of their many attempts to frame me for serious offences actually worked, I too would have been in prison for 10 years….

Then of course there was the South Wales Police to whom complaints were being made about George Thomas – but who did not act on the complaints, no matter how serious they were. There were also the railway companies who knew that George Thomas was indecently assaulting boys on his regular journeys between Wales and London – but no action.

As well as the many people in political life who knew that George Thomas was sexually assaulting minors, another group of people knew as well – the Top Doctors. Leo Abse, who protected Thomas for years, came from a legal family with members who were also psychoanalysts and his brother Danny was a Top Doctor – as well as a well known poet – who had trained at the Welsh National School of Medicine, Westminster Hospital Medical School and King’s College, London.

In his book Martin Shipton explains how Leo Abse correlated Thomas’s periods of illness with the times that Thomas feared being exposed. At 6 am one morning in 1984, Leo Abse received a phone call from George Thomas who was in hospital. Thomas was in a dreadful state – it seems that Thomas was actually hospitalised as a result of contracting an STD and really thought that the game was up. It was Abse who negotiated the issuing of a public statement that Thomas had ‘waterworks trouble’ – very common in men of his age – and the ruse worked. Of course the Top Doctors will have known the reason why Thomas was in hospital and many other people in the hospital will have known as well. The Top Doctors have no trouble at all telling bare faced lies when high profile people are receiving treatment for conditions which would be career-death or cause massive embarrassment/scandal if the truth wee to be revealed. I do not think for one minute that the Top Doctors should disclose confidential details regarding their patients, but assistance from the Top Doctors comes at a high price – they’ll happily grovel to those patients and reassure them that they’ll handle everything, but those patients know damn well that they really mustn’t piss the Top Doctors off at any price.

Whilst I worked at St George’s one of the biggest names in light entertainment was a private patient of Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain in the Obs and Gynae Dept where I was working. I don’t think that she had a clue as to the wrongdoing and chaos that prevailed in that dept, but she was definitely useful for providing a bit of PR which went a long way to ensuring that most scandals occurring in that hospital did not hit the media. Even when Chamberlain put his name to a paper based upon a huge research fraud and his colleague and co-author Malcolm Pearce was sacked and struck off, Chamberlain wasn’t (see post ‘I Don’t Believe It!’). Chamberlain had a more powerful network than Pearce, but I suspect that his friendship with the celeb also helped deflect the crap from the media hitting him personally. Whilst I worked in London medical schools I was also provided with details concerning a gynaecological condition affecting a member of the Royal Family at which the Top Doctors were having a good laugh. I mentioned this to Brown as an example of how no-one at all was safe from a knife in the back from the Top Doctors and Brown commented that this Royal personage had probably dared to change doctors, so that was the end of any confidentiality and respect afforded to her.

The celebs whom depend upon the Top Doctors’ silence usually trip over themselves to support Top Doctors’ balls, charity functions etc.

So I was interested to discover that George Thomas went in for supporting medical charities in a big way. The City Hospice in South Wales was originally known as the George Thomas Trust – it found that a change of name was necessary after people finally began admitting publicly what George Thomas actually did in his spare time. Dr Elinor Kapp, a retired child psychiatrist who worked for many years in Gwent and Powys, has been a member of the Board of the Hospice and a volunteer there since it’s foundation. Elinor’s husband was Prof Kenneth Rawnsley, Professor of Psychological Medicine at Cardiff, 1964-85 and President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1981-84. Rawnsley personally knew Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales and spent decades concealing their wrongdoing (see post ‘The Discovery Of A Whole New Galaxy…). Rawnsley will have known that Thomas was molesting children.

I note that George Thomas’s STD crisis and the associated fear that the gaffe would be blown occurred in 1984 – which was the year when threats from Dr DGE Wood and demands that I withdraw my complaint and keep quiet about Gwynne the lobotomist began raining down on my head like there was no tomorrow. Dafydd, Dr Tony Francis (Dr X) and the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales undoubtedly knew about George Thomas’s sex offending – they will have known via their mate and colleague Kenneth Rawnsley as well as through the many other connections detailed on this blog. Dafydd and many of his associates were involved with the Methodist Church (see posts ‘A Serious Moral Collapse’ and ‘Ain’t Nothing Clean – Not Even The Welsh Calvinistic Methodists’) and when the former North Wales Police Superintendent Gordon Anglesea died in prison after being convicted of historical sex offences against children in care in north Wales, the Methodist Church as well as the Police Federation turned out in force at his funeral to give him a good send off.

George Thomas was a member of another powerful group of people who played a major role in concealing the wrongdoing of the paedophiles and their friends in north Wales – the Freemasons. Thomas was initiated into Sapphire Lodge at Penarth in 1944, whilst he was a school teacher living in Tonypandy. He was also a member of Cambrensis Lodge at Cardiff between 1950-53. Although Thomas resigned from Sapphire Lodge in 1965, Thomas continued to have a very close relationship with the Masons.

One of Thomas’s close friends was  Lt Col Arthur Lennox of Cardiff, who was the Grand Treasurer of the Freemasons and who organised a big festival in south Wales in 1968. A letter from Lennox enclosing confidential Masonic information was sent to Thomas three years after George Thomas had left the Masons – Lennox requested that Thomas destroy the minutes of a meeting.

In 1984, when Thomas was in the Lords, Thomas received a reference request from Roger Clarke, Secretary of the Clive Freemasons Lodge in Cardiff, in respect of an application to join the Masons from Raj Aggarwal, who later became Consul for India in Wales. Raj had met Thomas through the Asian Society of Wales.

Raj is a man with so many talents and connections that there is not the scope to detail them all here, so I’ll just mention the highlights. Raj is a pharmacist who studied at the Welsh School of Pharmacy at Cardiff University, 1969-72. He worked for Boots plc in south Wales and then in London.  Raj is a member of the Council for Cardiff University, a member of the Board of the Wales Millennium Centre, the Board of the National Pharmacy Association, the Board of Cardiff Business School and the Board of the Welsh International Business Council. Raj is Chair of Community Pharmacy Wales, a member of the Cardiff and County Club, Radyr Golf Club and the Vale of Glamorgan Golf Club. Raj has worked as the health correspondent for the Western Mail and as a Welsh Gov’t advisor, serving on Health and Pharmacy Committees.

Raj has been – and might still be – the Deputy Lieutenant of South Glamorgan. He boasts of a friendship with Prince Charles.

Most interestingly from my perspective, Raj is a Trustee and was/is Chair of the Kidney Wales Foundation and Donate Wales – George Thomas was also involved with Kidney Foundation Wales. The Kidney Wales Foundation evolved from the organisation established by Top Doctor William Asscher when he was Professor of Medicine at Cardiff. Asscher moved to London and became the Dean and then Principal of St George’s Hospital Medical School. He presided over that institution when there was major research fraud occurring (see post ‘I Don’t Believe It!’) and whilst the institution concealed organised child abuse and serious crime in north Wales as well as in London (see post ‘Some Very Eminent Psychiatrists From London’) and serious drugs offences (see post ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’). The wrongdoing at St George’s was obvious to anyone working within the institution, Asscher undoubtedly knew what was going on. Although Asscher spent the last part of his career in London, he continued to keep a home in south Wales and returned there after he retired. The crooks who ran Gwynedd Health Authority had a particularly high opinion of William Asscher and remained forever grateful to him because he secured the kidney unit at Ysbyty Gwynedd.

Asscher spent many years as a Top Doctor in Cardiff – he will have known about George Thomas and all the senior figures in politics who would do anything to keep Thomas’s activities quiet. Including giving the NHS lots and lots of money and never taking any action against Top Doctors, no matter how dreadfully they are conducting themselves – particularly if one of the Top Doctors who is the subject of much complaint is running the paedophile ring which is supplying the fresh meat to the politicians…

What a convenient arrangement all around!

William Asscher took up his appointment at St George’s in 1988 – the year after Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends put me on a train to London and ordered me never to set foot in north Wales again. When I applied for a job as a research assistant at St George’s in the spring of 1989, I was told that I had not got the job. I then received a telephone call from St George’s telling me that so many good candidates had applied that a special post had been created for me should I wish to take it up. Obviously I thought that this offer was too good to be missed – but I was unaware that one of Dafydd’s mates was running the place and that the purpose of that job offer was to wreck my career and health.

William Asscher retired in 1996 – the year that the Waterhouse Inquiry opened.

In 1983 Ron Davies had been elected as the Labour MP for Caerphilly. The Ron whom everybody loathed and whom it was later admitted had interesting sexual tastes. In 1993 – after my career had been destroyed, after my friends who knew what had happened to me in north Wales had been found dead or had been hounded out of their jobs – Ron was appointed Shadow Secretary State of Wales by Labour leader John Smith. When Blair became PM in 1997, he appointed Ron as Secretary of State for Wales and was just gearing up to install Ron as Wales’s First Minister when Ron was caught with Boogie on Clapham Common…

I’m thinking of opening a book on who will be going to prison, for how long and in which prison they’ll serve their sentences. No doubt they will of course all retain the same Counsel – Cherie Booth QC! Who else would ever represent this lot now??? They won’t be able to rely on installing Huw Daniel as the presiding judge either, he’ll be in the dock along with the rest of them at this rate.

Do you perhaps wish that you hadn’t started all of this Wood?


In June 1985, Commander Michael Higham, the Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England – the most senior Mason in England and Wales – wrote to Thomas addressing him as ‘Brother Lord Tonypandy’. Which suggests that George Thomas was still considered a Mason in every way.

By June 1985, my problems with the paedophiles’ friends were escalating and I had begun to wonder what it was exactly that Wood and Tony Francis were hiding and were so frightened of me discovering.

Commander Michael Higham was Grand Secretary between 1980-89. In March 1998 BBC News reported that Higham was refusing to name Masons who had been involved with serious scandals in the British criminal justice system when he appeared before the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, although the Lodge’s librarian and Communications Officer John Hamill had said that it was ‘probable’ that they would comply with the demands to name the people concerned because the Masons were a law abiding organisation who would not wish to be in contempt of Parliament. It was reported that Chris Mullin, the Chair of the Committee, was asking if there were any Masons who were part of the West Midlands Serious Crimes Squad, the unit which investigated the bombings for which the Birmingham Six were imprisoned or who were involved in the disciplinary hearing concerning the Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester John Stalker, who was removed from the shoot to kill investigation in N Ireland.

Regular readers of this blog will have spotted a few familiar names in the preceding paragraph. Chris Mullin, the Labour MP for Sunderland at the time, fought a very brave battle on behalf of the Birmingham Six and played a key role in securing their release from prison. However Chris Mullin was not as helpful to the victims of the organised paedophile gangs which were operating in children’s homes in Sunderland as well as in other areas of the UK. In his capacity as a member and/or Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Mullin recommended that police inquiries into child abuse should stop and that compensation to children who had been abused should only be paid if a criminal conviction had been secured (see post ‘Another Episode Of Friends’).

Once more we see that whereas various bodies and some individual MPs were prepared to fight for people being abused by the state, the two group of people who were not defended by any fighters for justice were kids in care who were being abused and mental health patients, many of whom were former kids in care who had been abused or had witnessed others being abused. The more that I think about this, the more that I am convinced that it is due to the involvement of the Top Doctors in organised child abuse. The nation is not so in awe of and frightened of paedophiliac gangs of social workers that no-one at all dares touch them. But people in Parliament are very well aware that if you piss the Top Doctors off and imprison a few of them you might not leave a hospital alive – should anyone doubt this, they need only to remember Michael Carr (see post ‘News From Sicily’). This is at the forefront of the mind of every middle-aged, boozing, not very fit politician with type 2 diabetes.

John Stalker gained evidence of a shoot to kill policy in N Ireland as well as evidence of associated serious corruption and was removed from the N Ireland inquiry by James Anderton, the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police. However Greater Manchester Police was riddled with corruption and John Stalker had some very questionable associates himself. Stalker used to drop in to see folk in the North Wales Police whilst that force was colluding with Dafydd and the paedophile gang and also had links with numerous people in north west England, some of whom were known to be corrupt, some of whom were suspected to be corrupt and some who were just very good friends with people who were corrupt (see posts ‘Top Of The Cops’ and ‘A Stalker’s Network’). Elfed Roberts, the former corrupt Chair of the NW Wales NHS Trust and former senior police officer in north Wales (see post ‘Former NHS Managers Of Notoriety Now Keeping A Low(er) Profile’), was Facebook friends with a number of former officers in the Greater Manchester Police.

I have previously discussed how when Dr Dafydd Alun Jones used to make police statements or swear not very truthful affidavits about me, I and my friends used to howl with laughter at Dafydd’s overblown claims and curious turns of phrase and how when I read Stalker’s memoir (entitled most appropriately ‘Stalker’), I noticed an uncanny similarity between those crazed documents dictated by Dafydd and some of the expressions and style of writing used by Stalker. Dafydd and Stalker received very different types of education in different countries and even spoke different first languages – it is a little odd that they both used words and expressions that most of the rest of the English speaking world doesn’t. Stalker wrote that book at the time that Dafydd was busy compiling florid documents about me. Dafydd might be interested to know that a group of Hergest patients rolled around laughing on a bus in Gwynedd one day when someone spotted a notice that said ‘please mind your head when alighting’ –  after observing that no-one actually would ever use such a word except for Dafydd, they speculated that perhaps he had found a new source of income, creating signs for the buses. Dafydd may have been a dangerous serious criminal, but he certainly provided entertainment over the course of many years. He has no idea how many catchphrases he inspired. I really would like to be a fly on the wall if he is ever arrested and questioned – he will be coming out with old favourites such as ‘don’t be so ridiculous’, ‘you don’t expect me to discuss this with a layperson like yourself do you?’, ‘come come, you can’t argue with a psychiatrist’ – the police will be pissing themselves laughing. ‘We’ve got a right one ‘ere Sarge, a sex offender posing as a Top Doctor’. Perhaps the police would like to send the recordings into ‘You’ve Been Framed’.

One thing that I am fairly certain that Stalker did discover whilst he was in N Ireland was what was going on in the Kincora Boy’s Home in Belfast and I strongly suspect that this was why he removed from the shoot to kill inquiry. Nobody in the British Gov’t was going to make much of a fuss if a policy of shoot to kill had been confirmed – it was hardly a secret – but there would have been a great deal of trouble indeed if the happenings at Kincora had been exposed, particularly as the members of Gov’t and High Society who were molesting those boys had links with the members of Gov’t and High Society who were busy molesting kids in other parts of the UK, including in north Wales.

It was confirmed that seven Masons were among the 97 strong West Midlands Serious Crime Squad. A Squad which undoubtedly had links to the British security services as well and probably contained people working for MI5 – one only has to look at who the Squad was fitting up, how much they were getting away with and the co-operation from other corrupt professional people which was forthcoming.

Higham was quoted by the BBC as saying of the Masons that ‘we have a few bad apples and we take charge of them but the rest are jolly decent chaps’. I am sure that not all Masons are child molesters or serious criminals, but the problem was that some of the bad apples were and the Masons didn’t put them out of action or indeed expose them.

Michael Higham received media coverage on other occasions as well. In May 1995, an article appeared in the Indie regarding a huge civil war within the Masons.  The rank and file Masons had got together to try to stop the sale of the Royal Masonic Hospital in west London, which was planned by Higham and the Masons’ charity, the Grand Charity. Alan Lomas, the Governor of the Royal Masonic Hospital and a Freemason since 1951, had issued a High Court writ against Higham and the Grand Charity, alleging that the Grand Lodge had been attempting to subvert running of the hospital since 1981 which had now culminated in Higham and the Grand Lodge’s plans to sell the hospital – Lomas alleged that some of the hospital governors were also in on the subversion and wanted to sell.

The Duke of Kent – who was the President of the hospital as well as England’s most senior Freemason – had commissioned a report from Touche Ross which had been published in 1990 and concluded that to remain viable the hospital would have to abandon its Masonic connections and become a private hospital. The Grand Lodge had responded by saying that in return for the substantial sums that the hospital was receiving from the Grand Charity, it would be required to adopt a new constitution which allowed the Duke to appoint a Chairman and four members of the Board. The proposal was rejected, the Duke resigned as President of the hospital and Prince Michael of Kent – the Provincial Grand Master for Middlesex – resigned as Vice-President. It was revealed that the Financial Director of the hospital was an undischarged bankrupt, that members of the senior management had been dismissed among allegations of misdemeanours and that the staff pension fund was millions of pounds ‘adrift’.

The hospital Governors were led by Vice-Patron Douglas Brooks, who fought to keep the hospital open. The Charity Commission had called in Coopers and Lybrand to act as the receiver and sort out the cash problems.

In Dec 1994, after a mass vote, the Masons voted to close the Royal Masonic Hospital and to wind up the charity running it. Brooks abandoned his efforts to stop the sale which was when Lomas took up cudgels on behalf of the hospital charity and fellow Governors.

In July 1995 the Indie reported that the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee was to investigate the influence of Freemasonry in the police and judiciary and that Higham had offered his co-operation. The Chairman of the Committee at that time was Sir Ivan Lawrence QC, a Tory who in his day job as a barrister had defended some gangland criminals accused – and found guilty – of some particularly vicious murders. It was alleged that the Local Government Ombudsman had investigated Masonic corruption in previous years in the Borough Councils of Hackney and Lambeth. Frank Dobson – former Secretary of State for Health under Blair – managed to ignore a great deal of corruption relating to the abuse of children and mental health patients for many years, in his capacity as a Councillor in Camden, the MP for Holborn and St Pancras and as Health Secretary. Dobbo spent a number of years working as the Assistant Secretary to the Office of the Local Gov’t Ombudsman (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part IV’).

Hackney and Lambeth were both Councils presiding over the serious abuse of children in their care – they also were both Councils which sent children in care on placement to children’s homes in north Wales.

The Local Government Ombudsman obviously didn’t make much headway. In 1999 my friend’s baby died in the care of Musgrove Park Hospital when she should not have – my friend who knew what had happened to me at the hands of the north Wales mental health services and who had already been hounded out of her job at the Royal Television Society when she wanted to make a documentary about north Wales – and her partner was forced out of his job at the BBC in 1994. At the same time, the mental health services in north Wales were making strenuous efforts to imprison me once more on the basis of the perjury of their staff (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – The Scottish Play’). I had been told that I was such a danger to the staff at the Hergest Unit that if I entered Ysbyty Gwynedd I would be arrested – presumably on the basis of yet more perjury – and I had been referred to the forensic psychiatry team. When I finally obtained the documentation relating to all this recently, I discovered that the forensic Angel Jackie Ehlen had taken the trouble to record that my friend’s baby had died. Jackie had been one of the Angels involved in the cover-up into the death of a psych patient in Ysbyty Gwynedd a few years previously which involved a number of people lying at the inquest (see post ‘Inside Information About A Hergest Unit Death’).

Diane Abbott used to work as the Press Officer and PR person for Lambeth Borough Council. She now represents the People of Hackney, as the Radio 4 satire ‘Dead Ringers’ enjoys reminding everyone.

The Indie report mentioned the Manor of St James, a Lodge famous for containing as members only former and serving officers in the ‘C’ division of the Met. Commander Higham explained that there was nothing sinister about Freemasonry, that it was all about benign socialising and that he was a member of the Naval Lodge, for retired and current Naval Officers. (A number of people who worked very hard to conceal the wrongdoing of Dafydd and the paedophiles had served in the Navy – including Jim Callaghan, Sir Alec Bingley and Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain, as of course had Gwynne the lobotomist himself.) It was emphasised that far from being an organisation full of police officers, many police officers joined the Masons in order to meet people who weren’t police officers. Perhaps people who were judges, Top Doctors, lawyers, senior figures in local gov’t etc who might find a friendship with a few police officers who were members of the same secret society dedicated to assisting each other, particularly in times of trouble, useful – such as at times when they had found themselves the subject of complaint after they had sexually assaulted children. The Indie mentioned a Chris Mullin MP who was on the Home Affairs Select Committee and who had campaigned for greater disclosure regarding Masonic membership after it was discovered that a number of the police and lawyers involved in the Birmingham Six case were Freemasons.

Chris – it’s more than twenty years later and Dafydd is still Chairing CAIS,  the Top Doctors are writing lies on the medical notes which was the subject of my initial complaint about Gwynne the lobotomist in 1984 and kids in care are still being trafficked by organised gangs.

My how things haven’t changed.


In Oct 1987 George Thomas accepted an invitation to a reception in London for the Cardiff Masonic Hall Company Ltd – the invitation mentioned ‘colleague Wyn Calvin’.

Wyn Calvin is a veteran Welsh entertainer and comedian who in 1991 became the first Welshman to be elected to the Grand Order of the Water Rats as King Rat. Calvin has also been the Welsh Chairman of the Variety Club of Great Britain and was a founding member of the Noah’s Ark appeal which was launched in 2000 to lobby and raise money for the development of the Children’s Hospital for Wales aka the Children’s Hospital, Cardiff. The Children’s Hospital was opened in 2005 and is located on the site of the University Hospital at the Heath in Cardiff – the Children’s Hospital is managed by the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

There have been a series of scandals at the University Hospital at the Heath – one of the most high profile incidents of serious patient neglect was brought to public attention by Ann Clwyd, the Labour MP for Cynon Valley, who was horrified at the manner of her husband’s death in that hospital. The hospital robustly defended itself and Ann was denounced by the usual vested interests who were livid that she’d dared to level criticism at the national treasure which is the NHS. There has been much wrong at that hospital for many years but the NHS jackboot had ensured that everyone was firmly stamped upon and many matters which should have been made public remained concealed. The Cardiff and Vale University Health Board are the proud employers of the former sexual harasser of St George’s Hospital Medical School, Dr Richard Penketh (see post ‘The Battle Of The Cowshed’).

The second phase of the Children’s Hospital is actually being funded by the Welsh Gov’t and is costing many millions – the Noah’s Ark appeal is just funding a few extras, including of course a machine that goes ping.  Nonetheless, even as Carwyn dispenses the dosh, he is still being drowned out by the sound of angry Top Doctors insisting that the citizens of Wales are dying because of Carwyn’s Cuts – the cuts that currently ensure that almost half of the Welsh Gov’ts budget is being spent on the NHS. If Carwyn doesn’t keep dishing out the dosh, there’ll be the folk involved with the Noah’s Ark appeal – who include Shirley Bassey and Charlotte Church as well as King Rat – to remind everyone that Carwyn is slaying the nation’s children.


It was in about 1987 that Fergus Lowe overthrew Dafydd’s influence in the School of Psychology at Bangor University. Under Fergus the School of Psychology rapidly expanded from – as one of the postgrads from that time observed – a derelict building on its last legs ear-marked for closure to virtually a university in its own right. My post ‘He’s Not The Messiah, He’s A Very Naughty Boy’ detailed some of the very unscrupulous methods which Fergus employed to build his empire, but if someone like Fergus found out that member of the Lords and Thatcher’s friend George Thomas was sexually abusing children – as well as Thatcher’s other friend and PPS/the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party Sir Peter Morrison – the potential for business to boom would be enormous. It also explains why although he was once to described to me as ‘the most hated man in Bangor’, no-one actually confronted Fergus about his enormous wrongdoing – of which there was plenty of evidence – and put him out of action.

In 1990 Michael Higham invited Thomas to attend a touring exhibition in Cardiff Masonic Hall, put on by the Association of Methodist Freemasons.

Between 1990-2004, Ian Lawrie Mackeson-Sandbach was Provincial Grand Master of North Wales. Another member of the Freemasons in north Wales is Hefin Davies, the former Chairman of the NW Wales NHS Trust. Whilst Hefin was Chairman, Hergest patients were abused and some of them died, yet even the most serious of complaints were not investigated. The Tory MP for Clwyd West, David Jones, is also a Freemason – David Jones is a solicitor who spent many years sitting in courts in north Wales watching the paedophiles’ friends fit people up but David said not a word (see post ‘The Right Honourable David Jones MP’). Ian’s daughter Antoinette Sandbach worked as a criminal barrister in London until she heard the call of the land a few years ago and returned to north Wales and took a ‘low paid job’ on a ‘farm’. Antoinette didn’t stay living on the ‘farm’ that is the family’s estate that they inherited from their slave trader ancestors for very long – after a few weeks, she’d landed a job working for David Jones in his constituency office in Colwyn Bay! And before you could say ‘another paedophiles’ friend arrived to provide reinforcements now that there are demands for another inquiry’, Antoinette was on the candidates list for the Assembly and then was elected as an AM. Antoinette legged it for a safe Westminster seat at the first opportunity and now she’s backing old Theresa up in the Commons (see post ‘News Round Up, 19 January 2018’). Another Freemason in Colwyn Bay is former Denbigh nurse Nigel Mannering Berry, who managed the Gwynfa Unit, the adolescent mental health unit in Colwyn Bay where children were raped and violently assaulted (see post ‘Don’t Be Silly, He’s Nice’).


George Thomas opposed the creation of the Welsh Office – it was set up after the 1964 General Election – because he feared that it would open the ‘floodgates of nationalism’. Ironically George Thomas soon became Minister of State and then Secretary of State in the Welsh Office. The first Secretary of State for Wales was Jim Griffiths and he was succeeded by Cledwyn Hughes. Cledwyn Hughes inherited the Welsh Language Bill from Griffiths – it was enacted in 1967 and allowed Welsh language evidence to be heard in courts and also allowed official documentation to be written in Welsh. It was actually Mandelson’s grandfather Herbert Morrison who in his capacity as Home Secretary introduced the Welsh Courts Act in 1942 – the 1967 Act extended the rights in the 1942 Act. Cledwyn Hughes was most enthusiastic in promoting the Welsh language but George Thomas had a very big problem with it and was contemptuous of the 1967 Act. One wonders how George Thomas felt when Lord Wyn Roberts twisted the arms of Thatcher and Willie Whitelaw into allowing the Welsh Language Act 1993 after Roberts was reminded by a few people that Thatcher et al were colluding with politicians who were sexually abusing children in care in Wales (see posts ‘The Cradle Of Filth’ and ‘A Bit More Paleontology’).

Whilst George Thomas was Minister of State at the Welsh Office, 1966-68 and then Secretary of State for Wales, 1968-70, the Welsh Office concealed the abuses at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and in the children’s homes in north Wales. Thomas also behaved in an utterly shabby way towards the mining communities of south Wales. When it was proposed to shut the mine at Glyncorrwg – the valley leading to Port Talbot – decisions over pit closures were being handled by the Dept of Fuel and Power, for which John Morris was Parliamentary Secretary. Under Parliamentary protocol Morris wasn’t allowed to decide the fate of a mine in his own constituency, so George Thomas, in his capacity as a Welsh Office Minister, made representation to Lord Robens the Chair of the NCB. Robens refused to give the pit a reprieve. Thomas described Robens as a ‘compassionate and kindly man’. Thomas showed the depths of his own kindness and compassion when, following the Aberfan tragedy, he ordered a huge proportion of the money that had been donated to the Aberfan Disaster Fund to be used to clean up the coal tips lest another few tons of waste fell on a few more buildings wiping everyone out, the NCB not being willing to stump up for this themselves.


Thomas made numerous influential friendships from his earliest years as an adult and used his connections for maximum effect. He was excused service in WWII and instead joined the special police in Tonypandy, serving as a sergeant. Thomas trained as a teacher at University College, Southampton and taught in London and south Wales.

Thomas was the Press and Parliamentary Secretary for the Cardiff Association of Teachers and was an activist in the NUT. In 1942 Thomas joined the NUT executive. He was a friend of Annie Thomas – later Annie Powell – a fellow teacher and NUT activist, who later became well known as a Communist Councillor and the Mayor of Rhondda, 1979-80.

It was Elizabeth Andrews, the women’s organiser for the Labour Party in Wales, who asked Thomas if she could put his name on the candidates list for the Labour Party.

Thomas was originally elected for Cardiff Central in 1945, but boundary changes resulted in the seat becoming Cardiff West in 1950. Thomas was in the House with Herbert Morrison, Mandelson’s grandfather, who was Leader of the Commons and Deputy PM 1945-51. Thomas fell out with Morrison in 1951 when Morrison was Deputy PM and overseeing the Festival of Britain, because Morrison planned to open Battersea Fun Fair on Sundays. After Thomas called Morrison a ‘little Londoner’ in a Commons speech, Morrison wrote to Thomas telling him that he’d never go to Cardiff to speak again.

Thomas was elected in the 1945 General Election in which Labour won a landslide victory which resulted in Clement Attlee becoming PM. However Labour’s election defeat in 1951 resulted in Labour – and George Thomas – being in opposition for 13 years. Throughout that time Thomas continued to build allies and friendships – even with people whose causes he chose not to actually support. In 1954 after the US detonated the H bomb at the Bikini Atoll, a ‘deeply shocked’ Thomas attended the meeting organised by the Labour MP Fenner Brockway, which was effectively the launch of CND. Thomas then attended the formal launch of CND at a rally  in the Royal Albert Hall which was attended by the likes of Tony Benn and Tony Greenwood. Yet George Thomas decided not to actually join CND.

When Hugh Gaitskill died in 1963, Thomas backed Harold Wilson as leader of the Labour Party over his fellow Cardiff MP Jim Callaghan – who knew that Thomas was assaulting minors and who for years, including the years when he was PM, concealed the organised abuse of children in north Wales and elsewhere. Callaghan and Thomas hated each other. Wilson subsequently chose to launch the Labour Party’s 1964 election campaign in Cardiff.

After the 1964 General Election, Thomas was appointed as a junior Minister at the Home Office, responsible for immigration under Home Secretary Frank Soskice, a lawyer and the Labour MP for Newport. In his capacity as a Home Office Minister, in 1964 Thomas facilitated a meeting between Soskice and Peter Bessell – the man who always maintained that Thorpe was having gay relationships with minors including Norman Scott and who gave evidence at Thorpe’s 1979 trial that Thorpe had planned to have Norman killed – concerning Jeremy Thorpe. There are allegations that in 1960, under the Conservative Gov’t, political intervention stopped Thorpe being prosecuted for offences against a minor and that in 1964 in the wake of further allegations, Thorpe was worried that the 1960 case would become public. In 1976 journalists wanted to interview George Thomas about this and Leo Abse stated that Thomas was in a state of terror lest the journalist asked about his own sexuality.


There is evidence that with regard to corrupt business practices, George Thomas was compromised as long ago as April 1963. A letter was sent to Thomas at his home address from W.D. Blakeman and Co, detailing proposals for a big housing development that were to be put to Cardiff City Council and asking to meet a Labour MP to discuss the development and requesting members of the company to join the Labour Party. The development was in the hands of the City Housing Manager. Three months later, another Blakeman scheme concerning the building of homes in the Pentrebane and Trowbridge areas of Cardiff was approved.

George Thomas was a longstanding friend of Julian Hodge, whose business dealings were very questionable indeed. Hodge was basically a money lender – ‘Private Eye’ referred to him as ‘the usurer of the valleys’ – but he is quaintly described in his wiki entry as an ‘entrepreneur and philanthropist’. Hodge acquired a personal fortune of over £60 million and was domiciled in Jersey. In 1970 he instituted the annual Jane Hodge lecture – in memory of his mother – and brought high profile speakers to Cardiff, including the Governor of the Bank of England, Prince Philip and Sheikh Yamani of Opec.

Hodge found himself at the centre of a particularly big row when it was revealed that his business the Hodge Group had lent money to immigrants in Birmingham and Lancashire at interest rates of up to 45%. In 1972 Julian Hodge established the Commercial Bank of Wales, later known as the Julian Hodge Bank. Hodge’s intention was for the Bank to deploy local depositors’ funds to finance industrial regeneration and turn Cardiff into a regional finance centre., although it didn’t quite work out that way. In 1981 the Bank of England refused to grant the Commercial Bank of Wales full banking status, although after Hodge had a hissy fit in 1982 Geoffrey Howe, then Chancellor, ensured that full banking status was conferred. George Thomas, Jim Callaghan and David Ormsby-Gore aka Lord Harlech – who died an untimely death, as have many members of his immediate family since he was killed (see post ’95 Glorious Years ‘) – were founding Directors of the Commercial Bank of Wales.

Julian Hodge really liked bankrolling things and in 1969 he endowed a Chair of Business and Finance at UWIST, the institution which evolved into Cardiff University. Cardiff University’s website currently features the Julian Hodge Institute of Macroeconomics.

George Thomas spent years batting for a knighthood for Julian Hodge and persuaded Callaghan to assist with this. Callaghan wrote to Harold Wilson regarding the Investiture Honours, saying that he wanted to ‘reinforce the pleas George Thomas has made’ for Hodge to be given a knighthood, although Hodge had to wait another year for his K – it was confirmed in June 1970.

Hodge was a Labour Party supporter and financially supported seven Labour MPs. However he really was not fussy with regard to whom he hung out with. He went drinking with Jeffrey Archer in the Carlton Club just before Archer was elected as a Tory MP and let Archer know that he’d given three million to charity.

Sir Archie Lush, the former political agent and friend of Nye Bevan, received a letter from Hodge concerning his support for charity – a copy of the letter was sent to George Thomas. Archie Lush was appointed Chair of the Welsh Hospital Board in 1964 and was responsible for allowing the horrors at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh to continue. Kenneth Rawnsley was Lush’s advisor. In 1969 as the victims of sex offenders were shocked, lobotomised, drugged and held in Dafydd’s dungeon, Archie was awarded a knighthood in the Investiture honours – for services to the social services in Wales.

How on earth has Dafydd managed to avoid ermine and membership of the Privy Council?

George Thomas was obviously thought to have a hotline to Julian Hodge with regard to tapping him for money for charity -the Rev Bob Mogan, the Baroness of Ely’s dad, wrote to Thomas asking for sponsorship for a concert in St David’s Hall in Cardiff connected with the Urdd. For the low down on the Rev Bob and the Baroness, see post ‘More Than Politics And Local Government’.

Hodge and George Thomas even managed to recommend an account at the Commercial Bank of Wales to Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, the Saudi oil Minister, on an occasion when the Sheikh had sent his private jet over to Cardiff to pick up Thomas and Hodge and it needed refuelling. Hodge, his wife Moira and Thomas had made friends with the Sheikh during the summer of 1977 whilst on a ‘religious experience’ together.

Julian Hodge was instrumental in the foundation of the George Thomas Memorial Trust and after Thomas died Hodge wanted to turn his bungalow into a museum or shrine no less. Ted Heath of course left nearly all of his money to himself in his will with instructions that it should be used to turn his house into a museum which was laughable enough, but at least Arundells is big enough for tourists to wander around and look at. George Thomas lived in a bungalow in Cardiff – for many years he famously shared this bungalow with his mother – which I would have thought would have been a major constraint in transforming his home into a museum. However Thomas’s bungalow was at the Heath, very close to the University Hospital, so perhaps the entrance fee could have included a tour of the hospital to marvel at the Top Doctors who had concealed the fact that Thomas was a child molester, who had also managed to kill Lena Zavaroni after performing a lobotomy on her – there wasn’t an admission that they had given her a lobotomy, but look up the details, it was pretty much a lobotomy – and then provided the distressing conditions in which Ann Clwyd’s husband died.

I was recently told by a stranger that a great many people and grandiose institutions in Cardiff were so reluctant to fall out with George Thomas’s mate Mr Moneybags that anyone crossing the path of Dafydd the Facilitator in north Wales would find themselves under attack. Such as a Bangor graduate who took the piss out of Dafydd and the paedophiles.  Ah well the whole lot of them are covered in crap now aren’t they.


For decades George Thomas was close to Gwynoro Jones, the Labour MP for Carmarthen, 1970-74. Thomas and Jones made the warm up speeches for Harold Wilson at Labour rallies in Wales. In 1969 at the best of Callaghan, Jones became the Research and PR Officer for the Labour Party in Wales which involved regular meetings with Thomas at Thomas’s house in Cardiff.

Gwynoro was Parliamentary Secretary to Roy Jenkins in 1974, when Roy Jenkins was Home Secretary and had busied himself concealing the paedophile gang at work in north Wales, as well as much other wrongdoing (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part I’). In 1981 Gwynoro joined Roy in founding the SDP and along with Tom Ellis, then the MP for Wrexham – who worked very hard at not noticing the paedophile gang operating on his doorstep (see post ‘The Celtic Iron Lady And Yet More History’) – formed ‘a strong Welsh voice’ in the UK SDP. Gwynoro was Chair of the SDP in Wales and Chaired the National Committee in Wales of the SDP-Liberal Alliance, 1983-89.

Gwynoro is still very active, he has a You Tube and a blog. The section on his blog detailing his political biography has a lovely collection of photos of Gwynoro with – variously – Stephen Kinnock, Vince Cable, Paddy Ashdown, Dafydd Wigley, Lord Elystan-Morgan and my old favourites Dr Death and Shirl.

Gwynoro Jones was an important ally of Thomas when Thomas was Secretary of State for Wales – whilst Thomas was Secretary of State, Elystan Morgan was a junior Minister in the Home Office, when the Home Office were directly responsible for the management of Bryn Estyn whilst the boys there were abused. Elystan Morgan was a friend of Gwynoro Jones and was a solicitor, barrister and circuit judge on the corrupt Chester and Wales Circuit. Lord Elystan-Morgan was President of Aberystwyth University, 1997-07, the home of many of the paedophiles’ friends (see post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’) – he was appointed President just as the Waterhouse Inquiry got off the ground.

Lord Barry Jones was described as being ‘very close indeed’ to George Thomas and Thomas’s ‘Parliamentary son’. Barry Jones was a teacher who trained at what later became Bangor University – he was President of Flint County NUT. Being President of the NUT in a county in which a paedophile gang was operating would have  resulted in Lord Baz being party to much incriminating information. Lord Baz was MP for East Flintshire, 1970-83 – he succeeded Baroness Eirene White who mixed with many paedophiles’ friends herself (see post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’) – and then for Alyn and Deeside, 1983-87. Baz was a junior Minister in the Welsh Office, 1974-79. So he was in post when the Welsh Office were failing to inspect children’s homes in north Wales whilst the paedophile gang were busy inside them and were ignoring the serious criminality prevailing at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Lord Baz was appointed to the Intelligence and Security Committee by John Major in 1994, where he remained until 2001 – once the Waterhouse cover-up had been safely published. Whereupon Baz became a Lord. He had already been made a member of the Privy Council in 1999. In 2007 Lord Baz became President of NEWI (which became Glyndwr University) whilst the crazed Mike Scott was VC when it was a bizarre and troubled ship – in 2009 Lord Baz was appointed Chancellor. Glyndwr is a university with a very strong affinity indeed for paedophiles’ friends (see post ‘A Vampire At Glyndwr University!’). Baz is also President of the Deeside Business Forum – how is he so successful at persuading Gov’ts to invest there??

George Thomas’s other close friends included Greville Janner, Cyril Smith and Jeremy Thorpe. His pal Leo Abse has also been the subject of an investigation into historical child abuse. George Thomas was a friend of Enoch Powell as well – Powell too was the subject of a complaint of child abuse. When Enoch Powell was Health Minister in 1960 he visited the North Wales Hospital and was so shocked at what he saw that he told them that he would not allow them to do this to people and returned to London promising to shut the institution down. For some reason he dropped that plan very quickly and it was never mentioned again – neither are there any references to it in the archive of his papers. George Thomas was on good enough terms with Jonathan Aitken to dispense advice to him and act as a character witness when Aitken launched his libel action against the Guardian, which eventually led to Aitken’s imprisonment for perjury.

George Thomas became President of the NCH (National Children’s Home) in approx 1984 – he stood down at the end of 1994, by which time it was known as NCH/Action for Children. Many people associated with the NCH are now known to have concealed or colluded with child abuse (see post ‘Always On The Side Of The Children’). Glanville Owen, the senior manager in Gwynedd Social Services with responsibility for children’s homes whilst the paedophile gang operated within them, had previously worked for the NCH (see post ‘I Know Nuzzing’).


Shipton’s book about George Thomas tells us that some people, including former Tory MP Lord Patrick Cormack – a long time friend of Thomas and someone who has been in a position to know a great deal about the abuse of children and vulnerable people – simply do not believe the allegations that Thomas was a child abuser (see post ‘More Than Politics And Local Government’). I do not know what Lord Cormack’s position is now that South Wales Police have admitted that there were complaints about Thomas which were inexplicably not acted upon. Patrick Cormack was the person who facilitated George Thomas’s membership of the Athenaeum, a club popular with Top Doctors and lawyers, including many who have colluded with organised child abuse and criminal activity in psychiatry. Jimmy Savile was a member.

Shipton also quotes Dafydd Wigley, the MP for Caernarfon, 1974-01, and AM for the same constituency, 1999-03. Dafydd Wigley maintains that he really did not have any knowledge of Thomas’s offences. Indeed Wigley states that when he first went to Westminster he was ‘pretty naive’ and he thinks that many other MPs were as well. He told Shipton that not long after he became an MP, there were allegations that children were being abused in Ty’r Felin children’s home in Bangor, but because that home was actually in the constituency of Wyn Roberts ‘it was a matter for Wyn’. Dafydd remembers that ‘there were inquiries but I can’t remember the outcome of it…it was at that time that I first came across the word ‘paedophile’ and I didn’t know the meaning of the word…because it wasn’t on our radar then…’

There are a few points that need to be made in response to Dafydd Wigley’s claims of ‘I Know Nuzzing’. George Thomas’s activities were very widely known about in Westminster and in Wales, both north and south. People other than Dafydd Wigley have now admitted that it was common knowledge that Thomas was continually participating in casual sexual encounters and even as an old man had a taste for much younger men – including the younger men who were employed at Westminster who were sometimes bothered by him. Regarding Dafydd Wigley passing on the concerns to Wyn Roberts, the MP for Conwy – Ty’r Felin was in Roberts’s constituency, but Wyn Roberts and his boss Margaret Thatcher whom he who served slavishly did not have a very good track record when it came to defending the interests of children in care who were being abused and trafficked to London to be used for sex by members of the Tory Party, among others. Ty’r Felin was in Bangor which was in Roberts’s constituency – but the woman whom Waterhouse admitted ignored the paedophile ring who were abusing the children in care in north Wales and who was directly responsible for Ty’r Felin was not in Bangor. Lucille Hughes, the Director of Gwynedd Social Services, was sitting in an office in Caernarfon, just around the corner from Dafydd Wigley’s surgery and about three miles down the road from Dafydd Wigley’s house. As was Lucille’s boss, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, Ioan Bowen Rees. Ioan Bowen Rees was considered an expert in local government and two Plaid politicians consulted him for advice – one being a man called Dafydd Wigley and the other being Gwynfor Evans, who preceded Dafydd Wigley as President of Plaid. Lucille’s Deputy Director of Social Services directly responsible for Ty’r Felin – Glanville Owen – was also sitting in an office in Caernarfon. As was Ron Evans, the crooked lawyer employed by Gwynedd County Council who, in collusion with Lucille – Dr Dafydd Alun Jones’s mistress – and the staff of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team, were trying to fit me up for serious offences. Until about 1987, the Arfon Community Mental Health Team also had their offices in Caernarfon. Furthermore, Dafydd Wigley knew what that lot were doing to me – because I had written to him about it.

Of course Dafydd Wigley had probably had decades of opportunities to ask Dafydd Alun Jones why victims of the paedophile gang were finding themselves in the dungeon at Denbigh – because Dafydd Wigley and Dafydd Alun Jones were both standing as Plaid candidates before Plaid really took off as an electoral force. Dafydd Alun Jones stood as the Plaid candidate for Denbigh in 1959 and 1964. By the time that Dafydd Wigley was passing on matters to Wyn Roberts, he’d had quite a few decades to have a chat with Ioan Bowen Rees as well – Bowen Rees stood as the Plaid candidate for Conwy in 1955 and 1959 and for Methyr Tydfil in 1964. I am fairly sure that Dafydd Wigley and his wife used to live in south Wales before they moved up to Caernarfon – in a place called Methyr Tydfil I seem to remember…

Dafydd Wigley could have loaded up a few rucksacks with explosives, nipped out of his surgery and around the corner and blown the whole bloody lot of them sky high and resolved the problems at Ty’r Felin and in a great many other places for good. He did not do this. He replied to my first letter about the mental health services – he wrote a very nice reply telling me that if he could help at a Parliamentary level he would. I was delighted and my friends were really impressed. The mental health services then came after me again repeatedly and I went through a period of being too ill and too busy trying to keep myself alive and out of prison to write to anyone. When I recovered sufficiently I wrote to Dafydd Wigley again. I did not receive a response.

Dafydd Wigley didn’t always pass matters on to Wyn if they concerned people in Wyn’s constituency. During one General Election campaign, someone canvassing for Wyn Roberts was rash enough to ring my house  -which was located in Roberts’s constituency – and ask if people in the house were going to vote Tory. I didn’t answer the phone, the person whom  I lived with did. He was so outraged at a supporter of the Conservative Party cold calling that he immediately rang the house of another local MP who was not a Tory – Dafydd Wigley. Dafydd Wigley’s wife answered, she was ever so nice and explained that Dafydd was on his way back from London and that she would let him know that there’d been a phone call for him as soon as he got in. I was well impressed when later on that evening Dafydd Wigley rang. I have no idea at all whether he knew whose house he had rung, but the person with whom I lived had a long chat with Dafydd Wigley, who agreed that the Tories ringing up unsuspecting non-Tory households was completely unacceptable.

Lord Wigley – the person to whom you spoke that night had, years before, been beaten up by the North Wales Police, fitted up for serious offences, imprisoned and then packed off to Denbigh, unlawfully. Where – after being left to rot for a very, very long time – Dr Dafydd Alun Jones tried to coerce him into going to live at Holyrood House in Llandudno, the ‘nursing home’ exposed by Esther on That’s Life in about 1987, in which Dafydd’s patients were being beaten up and abused by a bunch of hired thugs from Liverpool. Dafydd was so keen that this man should join those who were having the living daylights kicked out of them in Llandudno that he refused to let this man out of Denbigh – on the grounds that he had nowhere to live. So without telling the Angels, this interned prisoner rang up a mate in Bethesda and that mate wrote to Denbigh – I think that he might have signed himself ‘Dr’ what with him having a PhD just to shut Dafydd up – explaining to Dafydd that this man had accommodation arranged in Bethesda. That was the only reason why that man ever got out of Denbigh – although he was held there completely illegally. This man was one of many who had worked at the children’s homes in north Wales and had witnessed for himself the abuse of the kids – which might well have been why just months later, after having told people what was going on, he received a visit from the North Wales Police.

‘We didn’t know.’

Those kids were screaming for help before they were found dead. They could not have screamed louder if they had tried.

Regarding Dafydd Wigley not remembering the outcome of the inquiry into Ty’r Felin children’s home – Ty’r Felin was discussed in the Waterhouse Report in considerable detail. Even Sir Ronald Waterhouse admitted that children from Ty’r Felin were mercilessly abused, both physically and sexually by Nefyn and June Dodd who ran the place and were forced to work for no pay in local businesses. Ronald Waterhouse also noted that a letter had been sent from Risley Remand Centre to Lucille Hughes in support of Nefyn and June Dodd, purporting to be from a former resident of Ty’r Felin, who was giving evidence at the Inquiry. Waterhouse accepted that the letter was a forgery and declared that he would therefore ignore it and say no more about it. The only surprise is that he didn’t pass it onto Wyn Roberts to deal with.

How Dafydd Wigley forgot about the shitstorm that was the Waterhouse Report I do not know. Particularly as Lucille Hughes resigned hours after it was published and appeared on Welsh news snapping at the reporter ‘I am not resigning, I am retiring’.

As for not knowing the word ‘paedophile’ – there is an outside chance that Lord Wigley might not have. But he would have known what the phrases ‘interfering with children’ or ‘child molesting’ meant – which were the phrases usually used pre-1990 to describe what George Thomas was doing.

For the benefit of Lord Wigley, the Welsh word for paedophile is ‘paedoffilydd’ – the plural is ‘paedoffilyddion’. So now you never need to plead ignorance again Lord W!

Dafydd Wigley has had a long and close association with Bangor University and in 2003 was appointed Pro-Chancellor of the University of Wales, of which Bangor was a then a constituent college and had been for decades. Bangor University’s Depts of Social Work and Psychology employed people who were colleagues of the paedophile gang and some of the graduates of those depts worked with the paedophile gang. Dafydd Alun Jones wielded so much influence in the Psychology Dept that his daughter Dwynwen was given a place to do a PhD although her degree wasn’t good enough to have been awarded that place. Dafydd then tried to steal a load of money from the Psychology Dept, but Fergus Lowe put a stop to it, overthrew him and spent the rest of his days blackmailing drug companies with Top Doctors on their Boards, research funding bodies, other universities and hospitals as well as politicians who knew about Dafydd and co but had colluded with him or remained silent.

Dafydd Wigley grew up in north Wales and went to Caernarfon Grammar School – he probably knew the grandfathers of the current crop of paedophiles’ friends…

I still cannot understand how so many people could have been so stupid, so weak and so unscrupulous.


George Thomas died in September 1997. During his final illness he had been treated by Dr Adrian Timothy at Tommy’s. There was a memorial service held at Westminster Abbey for Thomas. Among those present were Jim Callaghan, Tony Blair, William Hague and Prince Charles.

The bodies in the grounds of the North Wales Hospital are unmarked.


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

14 thoughts on “It Wasn’t On Our Radar”

  1. BBC News Wales are reporting on aspects of the miscarriage of justice that resulted from the investigation of the murder of Lynette White in 1988 – I blogged about this a few months ago. Lynette was a teenager who had been forced into prostitution who was brutally murdered. When people were eventually prosecuted for her murder, they were the wrong people – they were not involved in any way but had been fitted up by South Wales Police. The Cardiff Three as they became known were eventually released from prison and it was admitted that the police had behaved appallingly.

    Years later eight former officers from the South Wales Police stood trial for perjury, in the biggest police corruption case there had been in the UK. Another four former officers were due to stand trial. The investigation took six years and cost £30 million quid. During the trial crucial evidence went missing. The trial was stopped and the judge ordered the acquittal of all the former offices. After they had been acquitted, the missing evidence was discovered – in a box along with other evidence, in the office of the senior police officer who was leading the investigation.

    The BBC story reminded us of the other high profile victims of miscarriages of justice as a result of the South Wales Police in the late 80s/early 90s – the Darvell brothers, Jonathan Jones and Annette Hewins were all released on appeal after being convicted of murders which they did not commit.

    In 2003 the Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Sir Anthony Burden, made a written apology re the Cardiff Three.

    Sir Anthony may have known a great deal about the miscarriage of justice that he ended up apologising for, as well as about a few other matters.

    Sir Anthony was Chief Constable of South Wales Police, 1996-03. He was in position at the time of the Waterhouse Inquiry – during which it became clear that there were links between those who abused children in north Wales and people in south Wales. Sir Anthony will have known about the activities of George Thomas – who, like many police officers in south Wales, was a Freemason. Sir Anthony was President of the Association of Chief Police Officers during his time as Chief Constable of South Wales Police – which will have brought him into contact with other senior police officers whose officers had also been involved in wrongdoing, such as those in north Wales who colluded with a paedophile gang.

    Before Sir Anthony was Chief Constable of South Wales Police, he was – from 1994 – Chief Constable of Gwent Constabulary. Gwent covers Caerphilly, Ron Davies’s stomping ground. Ron might have been caught with his trousers off on Clapham Common, but I’m sure that he didn’t go all the way to London on every occasion that he met a rent boy.

    Dr Elinor Kapp who was involved with the George Thomas Trust – now known as the City Hospice for South Wales – worked as a child psychiatrist in Gwent and Powys. Child psychiatrists meet a lot of children who have been abused, even if the child psychiatrists fail to admit what has been going on in cases of high profile abusers. Kapp was married to Professor Kenneth Rawnsley of Cardiff University – Ken was the man who for decades concealed the activities of Dafydd and the paedophiles in north Wales. Ken will have known about George Thomas as well.

    Sir Anthony spent his whole life in the police – he joined as a cadet when he was teenager.

    Sir Anthony spent twenty years serving with the Wiltshire force and eventually achieved high rank with them. Wiltshire was the location of the estates of Sir Peter Morrison’s family. Morrison was abusing kids in care in north Wales.

    Ted Heath lived in Wiltshire as well. Peter Morrison’s brother was a big supporter of Heath, unlike Morrison himself who was a mate of Thatcher.

    When Dafydd and Wood tried to kick me out of Wales, where did they actually expect me to go??? It’s obvious that their network extended right across the UK, so I’m sure that I’d have ended up treading on their toes again. Or was I just supposed to have been found dead in another part of the UK, to ensure that the fickle finger of suspicion wasn’t pointed at them? After all, by 1987 an awful lot of corpses of former kids in care and mental health patients had turned up in north Wales and more and more lies and ludicrous explanations were having to be conjured up to explain the bodies away.

    1. In the mid 1990s I used to go horse riding at the stables near Llanfairfechan. The stables were run by a young woman called Sarah and her family. I think that their surname was Hill or Hills or something similar. The man whom I mentioned in the above post – who had witnessed the abuse of children in care in north Wales and who was then beaten up by the North Wales Police, fitted up by them, imprisoned and then transferred to the embrace of Dafydd for a very long time – used to come with me to the stables. The staff at the Hergest Unit knew that we used to go to the stables because they used to ask me about it.

      Some years ago Sarah was found dead in a stream near the stables. Her dog was found dead nearby. They had both drowned. The inquest was another north Wales farce. It was admitted that the stream had not been deep enough for Sarah to have fallen into and drowned – yet it was also claimed that it had been raining heavily and Sarah must have gone into the stream after her dog and they were both washed away and drowned. In a stream which wasn’t deep enough to have drowned in.

      After this load of hogwash, the time honoured way of explaining away a suspicious death was brought into play – the dear old mental health services were consulted. It was revealed that Sarah had developed a drink problem after her mum died. The inquest heard that Sarah was a right cow who wouldn’t help herself and couldn’t be helped by anyone else, what with her being a dreadful old soak.

      Now when I used to go to that stables, Sarah and her mum provided such a nice atmosphere that there was never any shortage of staff and volunteers to go and help out with the horses. When I was out riding with the volunteers, every one of them said they loved going up to spend a few weeks with Sarah and her mum. People used to describe Sarah and her stables as being like a throwback to an idyllic era, the sort of world portrayed in girls comics like Bunty, where girls just charged around all day on horses or becoming world famous gymnasts.

      So not only did Sarah die in inexplicable circumstances, but her reputation was trashed after she died. Sarah – who was known to have been going for long rides in the hills with me and the man who knew about the criminal wrongdoing of Dafydd and the paedophiles… Of course when people go riding together they chat about all sorts of things.

      1. I only recently found out the degree of interest that the mental health services were taking in what I did with my spare time when I used to go riding at Sarah’s. At the time, I didn’t have a car, so if I wanted to go up to Sarah’s I used to hire a car for the day – the stables was right off any bus route up in the hills and there was no easy bus route between Llanllechid and LLanfairfechan, yet alone to Sarah’s place.

        The Hergest Unit staff would often cheerily ask me ‘ooh did you go riding yesterday’ or whatever and if I said yes, it would be ‘Oh you must have hired a car then’. Many years later when my lawyer finally extracted my full records, I found that every occasion on which the Hergest Unit staff had discovered that I had hired a car and been up to Sarah’s had been lovingly documented. There was also documentation referring to another matter. That one night someone had chucked a brick through Dafydd’s window. Dafydd had rung the police and told them that it was me who had done it, because no-one else in the world would have done such a thing. After Dafydd made his statement, it was explained that a member of Hergest staff had been tasked with finding out whether I had hired a car and if so for what period of time had I hired it and where I had gone in it. Fortunately for me, I had not gone riding or indeed anywhere else during the 24 hour period when dear old Dafydd had a brick chucked through his window. So I didn’t get fitted up for that one.

        Now can we have a real investigation into Sarah’s death – one which does not involve the paedophiles’ friends spouting nonsense and smearing her reputation?

        Note to Penny (Phillips) and Ella (Fisk) – someone killed Sarah and they might have done this as a result of the information that I gave you about the time that I was spending with her. You knew that Dafydd was a lying bastard who was abusing patients and you knew that he was ready to have me framed for throwing that brick through his window – and he used one of you two to gain the info that he was going to need to fit me up. Who did you tell about my visits to Sarah’s place?

    2. Linda Jones. Worked for many years as a secretary at Bangor University supporting the social work course and probably still works there. Linda knew how mad and dysfunctional social work was/is in north Wales and she intentionally participated in smearing the one social work lecturer who was not one of the paedophiles’ friends – Linda was also involved in the attempts to undermine one of the Professors in Bangor University who was under attack from the paedophiles’ friends for being a little too fair and honest for their liking.

      Before working at the University, Linda was a secretary in Gwynedd Health Authority – she was Bernard Rhodes’s secretary and described Bernie as a really good laugh. That is the Bernard Rhodes who was refusing to investigate the most serious complaints about Dafydd and the paedophiles, the Bernard who lied about his seniority and position to people making complaint, the Bernard who told me that NHS was not run for the benefit of the patients – too right it’s not – the Bernard who worked with Linda when the Health Authority was bankrupt and in such a state that a hit squad had been sent in by the Welsh Office to conceal the crap which had exploded in questions in the House.

      Bernard the good laugh was facilitating a paedophile gang Linda. Would you like to make a statement detailing everything that Bernard was doing and include what you know about the other people involved?

      Dr Seren Roberts. Seren is affiliated to the Centre for Mental Health and Society at Bangor University. Seren is a lecturer in mental health in the School of Healthcare Sciences, an honorary research fellow at Swansea University and an honorary research fellow at the Betsi. Seren sits on many local and national committees and is involved with mental health research including into depression, dementia and the physical health of people taking anti-psychotics.

      Seren used to work as a nurse at the North Wales Hospital – she ‘trained’ alongside dear old Dafydd and the paedophiles! Then she joined Fungus in the School of Psychology!

      Research into the health of people on anti-psychotics Seren? They were kept in a dungeon and a nearly all of them died…

      Come on Seren, a statement please…

      1. Would any of the many people named on this blog who work in the mental health services in north Wales like to explain why the care given to a patient called Alwyn who was in the psych ward at Ysbyty Gwynedd in about 1992 before the Hergest Unit was opened was so poor? Alwyn was a former teacher who had developed one hell of a drink problem – his memory was so bad that I think he actually had Korsakoff’s syndrome. He didn’t know where he was so they pinned a big notice up saying ‘Alwyn you are in hospital’ – Alwyn only had a recall of about two minutes after which whatever had been said to him had to be said all over again. No-one was afforded any privacy in that place, so everyone heard that Tony Francis had stated that Alwyn had such severe brain damage that he would never recover.

        So what happened to Alwyn? He was eventually housed on Maesgeirchan – with another patient and no live-in staff. On his second day in the house there was a kitchen fire – Alwyn managed to put a pie in the oven but forgot it was in there. This potential catastrophe did not ring any bells. The house share between Alwyn and his house mate continued. Alwyn’s house mate then got beaten up by the neighbours – because they thought that he was a paedophile no less. I know that Dafydd Wigley didn’t know that such things existed but the folk on Maegeirchan did, because the Ty’r Felin children’s home was on the estate and everyone knew that the kids were being abused there.

        After three more weeks or so of sheer chaos, Alwyn’s house mate was sectioned. Following a few weeks in hospital, this man was discharged to completely unsuitable accommodation next to Safeways supermarket – which had an off licence. He started drinking in the way that Alwyn had. On one occasion he saved up for a cheap weekend in Spain – he actually managed to get to Spain but couldn’t remember anything at all because he arrived, got pissed, slept on a beach and only managed to wake up in time to get the plane back again. He died a few months later – he choked on a ham sandwich. His body lay undetected in the unsuitable accommodation – although is was classed as a ‘home’ for the mentally ill, with staff. The staff were supposed to check on him every 20 mins. So staff of Neuadd Deiniol, how come he’d been dead for a lot longer by the time that you found him then?

        I have no idea what happened to Alwyn, I very much doubt that he is still alive. Of course, being a teacher, Alwyn probably knew about the paedophile gang. However his memory was so bad that he’d never have remembered who did what to whom, so why the paedophiles’ friends decided to do everything possible to ensure that his chances of survival were so slim I do not know.

        1. After the day centre at the Hergest Unit was closed down because the Arfon Mental Health Team claimed that it was ‘old fashioned’ and that the patients had to be made to ‘take responsibility’, within about 12 months this is what had happened:

          Alison had become destitute.
          George was spending his days sitting on the pavement in Holyhead – not that he came from Holyhead, he came from Bethesda but he was dumped in Holyhead – pissed and incapable.
          Foxy was dead.
          Delyth was dead.
          Wil appeared to be suffering from severe malnutrition in his ‘nursing home’ in Llandudno – he was from Bethesda as well, so it was only sensible to put him miles away from his relatives…

          Rob Evans, one of the senior managers of the mental health services in Gwynedd, told the Waterhouse Inquiry that the community mental health services in Gwynedd were ‘probably the best in Europe’.

          Rob Evans used to work for the child protection service in north Wales and delivered the kids to the arms of the paedophile gang. Rob got cross with the kids because they kept running away from the paedophiles. So Rob took their shoes away.

          1. Just before the day centre at the Hergest Unit was closed and the holocaust began in earnest – for which Terry Maxwell the Clinical Director of Ysbyty Gwynedd received a merit award and I bet that Alun Davies trousered a performance related bonus as well – there used to be a place in Ysbyty Gwynedd called the heavy workshop. The heavy workshop was a sort of outpost of the occupational therapy dept and a few of the Hergest patients used to go over there and do metalwork and picture framing and a few other things. The heavy workshop was run by a man called Steve who was really helpful and popular with the patients. Steve was particularly helpful to one patient who was an artist who exhibited his work – Steve used to help frame the pictures for not much more than cost price. At the time that Alun Davies and Maxwell were aiming fire at the day centre, Steve very apologetically explained to the artist-patient that he had been told that he was not allowed to frame his pictures any longer, although the patient was paying and covering costs.

            There was another man in the heavy workshop called John who was, essentially, a bastard. He was aggressive towards the patients and they all tried to avoid him and work with Steve instead. Just after the picture framing stopped, Steve disappeared from the heavy workshop without explanation. John was put in charge! People stopped going to the heavy workshop.

            What did you do with Steve then Davies? Was his disappearance perhaps at all related to the fact that he was very helpful to me and others who had dared complain about the abuses of the mental health services?

          2. Another scam being operated at Ysbyty Gwynedd was the voluntary work that a select few Hergest patients were allowed to do at the WRVS shop. Only tame non-complaining folk were ever allowed to do this. I later discovered that like absolutely everything in north Wales, the WRVS shop in that hospital was run by the paedophiles’ friends. The wife of Elfed Roberts – the corrupt Chairman of the NW Wales NHS Trust – said what went in the WRVS. They gave the contracts for the food supplies to their mates and would only let the tamest of service users volunteer there – no doubt because there were so many fiddles underway that they could only risk those under the yoke volunteering.

            Another popular work experience scheme that disappeared in the same way in which Steve was cleared out of the heavy workshop for being rather too helpful and supportive to patients was a community pottery at Carneddi near Bethesda. It was run by a man called Dave who was very well-liked. In true Hergest style, none of us were actually told about the pottery – which had actually been set up with EU funding for the purpose of local mental health patients. Word of mouth got round that there was a really good pottery, so everybody started turning up. Well that wasn’t going to be tolerated – the pottery had its funding terminated and didn’t get anymore. As for MIND, the Samaritans and all the other useless dipsticks who colluded with the paedophiles’ friends – their dosh carried on rolling in.

            So who put Dave and the pottery out of business then?

          3. M. A quiet older man who, when the Hergest really started going downhill in the late 90s, for the first time ever finally blew a gasket at the gross abuses and threw a cup of tea at the wall in despair. Yes, the police were called and the most enormous fuss made. M made a complaint about the appalling conduct of the Angel which had sparked it all off and went to the Community Trust HQ at Bryn y Neuadd to discuss his concerns with a manager. He told me that spoke to a manager – but for once it wasn’t Alun Davies – who simply said to him ‘you’re a psychiatric patient, she’s a nurse, who am I going to believe?’

            Empowering service users!

            Some months after M was met with this response, the Angel whom he had found so offensive was sacked – she’d badly over-stepped the mark in front of so many witnesses that the management couldn’t just ignore the word of an empowered service user.

            Years later I attended a seminar where interviews were being analysed by a group of German social scientists who had visited Bangor and had been told by the social workers in Gwynedd that of course their mental health services were the best in Europe. One of the interviews analysed was with that of a social worker talking about M – there was enough detail in there for me to identify him immediately (yes that’s how bad the social workers are).

            I was interested to hear that the social worker had been greatly upset when M had told the ‘service’ to piss off and asked her not to make him any more appointments. The social worker explained to the Germans that she really was very shocked because in Wales there exists the concept of ‘parchus’ (respectfulness) and she always thought that this man and his wife had held parchus for her. However she realised that their lack of parchus was a result of them being really very difficult people and the man was probably never going to recover anyway, because that was just his personality.

            That interview was a fascinating insight into the psyche of a paedophiles colleague.

          4. Dafydd once yelled at me ‘Any NORMAL woman would have some respect’.

            He’ll be delighted to hear that I still have absolutely dim parchus for him at all.

          5. Here’s a story which raises a few questions.

            For a short while some eight years ago or so I lodged with a man called Howard Jones in Lanrug near Caernarfon. Howard advertised himself as a therapist although he was obviously seriously flaky. I soon found out that he had been struck off from the BACP for professional misconduct – having said that, the crowd at the Arfon Community Mental Health Team were doing far worse and no-one touched them because of their status as paedophiles’ friends.

            At the weekends Howard looked after a severely disabled young woman whom he claimed was his foster daughter. She was about 19, had quite severe epilepsy, learning disabilities and various physical problems. He never quite managed to explain where she went during the week – it was somewhere in Manchester which seemed to be some sort of home for disabled people.

            How did she travel between Manchester and Llanrug? She drove. Yes, a young woman with serious epilepsy drove between Manchester and Llanrug every weekend. I wondered how she’d actually managed to obtain and keep a licence because the DVLA are very strict about epilepsy, so I asked Howard. He helpfully told me that she wasn’t supposed to have a licence but he’d ‘got around that one’. So I can only assume that either a false medical report was used or false ID documents. Because I saw that young woman having seizures on a number of occasions, they happened more than once a week.

            Another mystery involved two visitors who arrived every weekend to visit the young woman but who seemed to have a very fraught relationship with her. I was told that the female half of the couple was this young woman’s previous foster mother. Yet the young woman called her ‘mummy’ and mummy reacted towards the young woman like a guilt ridden biological parent – she arrived laden with expensive gifts and if the young woman told her that she hated her (which she frequently did) mummy would get very upset. Mummy used to arrive with her husband, an older man whom she hadn’t been married to for very long but whom she was now in the process of divorcing.

            I had the shock of my life when mummy and her husband first arrived at the house, because I realised that I knew them. Mummy was Sian Elliot, a lecturer in the School of Education at Bangor University and mummy’s husband was Tony Elliot, the then Dean of the School of Education. Mummy ignored me on every occasion on which she came to the house, but mummy had a well established reputation for doing that sort of thing.

            Mummy left her job at the School of Education and the last that I heard she was training to be an Angel!

            Well mummy, would you care to explain how your ‘foster daughter’ came to be living with a totally irresponsible struck off therapist who would do pretty much anything to extract money out of people and more importantly how she came to obtain a driving licence? Perhaps you’d also like to blow the whistle on the wrongdoing of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team as well, because I know that you knew all about that.

            Could mummy’s now ex-husband Tony Elliot – I presume that they are now divorced, the last update was that he was having an affair with yet another undergrad – spill the beans on what he knows about the paedophile gang as well because he’s been involved in education in north Wales long enough to know about it all.

          6. Someone who could make a statement regarding many years’ worth of wrongdoing at the Hergest Unit is Sandra Phillips, a manager of the mental health services in Gwynedd and Alun Davies’s lackey.

            Sandra Phillips was used to reply to patients’ complaints if they still hadn’t gone away after many months of Davies ignoring the complainant, lying to them or threatening to have them arrested. Sandra didn’t drop herself in it like Davies did – she didn’t actually admit to breaking the law or lying which Davies did on occasions, but Sandra’s practice was every bit as bad as Davies’s. She knew about the deaths, the law breaking, the serious complaints which were ignored, the ruthless bullying of anyone who looked as though they were being dangerously supportive to patients and she will have known about Dafydd as well.

            At one point in about 2002 Davies told my key worker – who was the much hated Hergest Whistleblower – that I had to have my appointments with him in the car park. I can’t remember what the rationale was on that occasion, Davies made so many bizarre decisions that unless I go through all of my documents to correlate each incident I can’t always remember. But the Hergest Whistleblower and I both realised this was undoubtedly just more needless harassment of both of us. Davies had threatened to call the police if I dared make representation to him, so I rang Sandra – whose initials had been appearing for years on the top of letters to me from Davies. I explained about the appointments in the car park and Sandra spent about 5 mins trying to justify Davies’s decision. In the end I simply asked her how many gynaecology patients at Ysbyty Gwynedd were being asked to have their appointments in the car park. Sandra giggled and admitted that perhaps that particular idea of Davies’s hadn’t been a very good one.

            On the subject of staff who were gunned down for daring to support patients, I always wondered about the disappearance from north Wales of a nurse called Bethan who used to help run the day centre in the Hergest Unit. In retrospect I realise that Bethan was quite brave for an Angel – she even bothered to take on the Daily Mail once when they published an article complaining about funds being given to a charity which assisted the families of prisoners. Bethan wrote to the editor explaining that prisoners families had not been convicted of anything.

            It must have been in about 1996 when Bethan prevented me from being arrested on the orders of Sheila Jenkins, a social worker from the Arfon Community Mental Health Team. I was waiting for an appointment in the day centre of the Hergest Unit, when a policeman appeared and told me to get out on the grounds that I ‘wasn’t wanted here’. The policeman also told the patient with whom I was sitting to get out as well. I explained that I had an appointment and the bent copper started telling me not to argue with him, get out. The patient with whom I was sitting then stood up and angrily shouted ‘she’s got an appointment’. The plod started radioing for back-up, telling his mates that he wanted help to arrest two people at the Hergest Unit. Bethan heard the sound of the police radios and came running down the corridor, where she saw the policeman getting ready to arrest us. She asked the policeman what was going on and explained to him that both I and the other patient had every right to be where we were and that I had an appointment. The policeman then radioed the boot boys who were on their way to arrest us, muttered something about a ‘misunderstanding’ and buggered off. Bethan apologised and said that she had no idea what it had all been about but she’d make enquiries.

            A letter from me to Davies asking what was going on went unanswered. No-one mentioned the incident again and it was only many months later that I found out what had happened. Sheila Jenkins had arrived at the Hergest Unit to visit a ‘client’ (victim would probably be a more appropriate word), had seen me sitting at the end of the corridor and had returned to her office, rung the police and demanded that I be arrested. She hadn’t told any member of staff in the Hergest Unit that she was going to do this or had done this. I did not actually see her let alone speak to her – but she saw me and that was enough for Sheila.

            By the time that I found out why I and another patient had nearly been arrested for sitting on chairs waiting for an appointment, Bethan had not only left the Hergest Unit – where she had worked for quite a long time and was a key member of staff – but was making preparations to emigrate. She went to Australia after finding a job as a nurse there.

            ‘Nurses are leaving the NHS because they can’t afford to live on their wages’. So obviously Bethan, who lived in Bethesda with her husband and little boy – who was at the local Welsh medium school – who will have been one of the best paid people in Bethesda at that time and who enjoyed a good standard of living, went to the other side of the world where a different language was spoken because she was on skid row. Nothing to do with a colleague of a paedophile gang trying to have two patients arrested in the face of absolutely no offence being committed at all, thus making Bethan’s job impossible.

            So Sandra Phillips, what actually happened to Bethan behind the scenes when she stopped me from being fitted up – yet again – by members of the paedophile gang? And could you possibly locate the police statements that Jenkins and some of her colleagues from the Arfon Team will undoubtedly have made to the police in preparation for my arrest? I’ll be interested to see who told what lies on that occasion.

          7. The Good Old Days!

            During my time as an undergrad at UCNW (Bangor University) I knew – but not well – three girls who had anorexia. One in particular was in a very bad way – she had reached the stage where her body was covered in the fine hair that is a sign of advanced anorexia and the hair on her head had suffered greatly. All the students knew about her very poor health, the students who didn’t know her name just referred to ‘the anorexic girl from agriculture’. This student was known to the lobotomist and the paedophiles’ friends in the Student Health Centre, but I don’t know how much she had to do with them. One of the other two students was in an advanced stage of the condition as well – the nurse at the Student Health Centre had admitted to me that the Student Health Centre were very afraid that she was going to die and then there’d be trouble…

            Whether Gwynne the lobotomist and DGE Wood had tried to coerce these three young women into their sex trafficking ring I do not know. But it was plain from the sight of them that it was yet more evidence that the mental health services in north Wales were a long way from what they should have been.

          8. More ‘Orrible Murders –

            On 25 July 1976 one of Wales’s worst mass murders (because no-one’s excavated the North Wales Hospital yet) took place at the Red Gables Hotel in Penmaenmawr. Four people were shot and killed and the hotel set on fire. The people killed were Linda Simcox, the hotel owner; her young adult daughter Lorna McIntyre and Lorna’s husband Alistair; and a family friend John Green from Texas. Mr Green was found in the downstairs kitchen, Lorna in an upstairs bedroom, Linda in the lounge and Alistair was found dying in the road outside. Alistair, it was said, had escaped from the hotel, had crawled through the gardens to the road for help and had taken his pullover off as he crawled through the gardens. As you do, when you’ve been blasted with a gun along with a few other people and left in a burning hotel. I’m surprised that the North Wales Police didn’t note that he’d put on a clean pair of underpants ready for when they took him to hospital.

            Another person was found shot dead as well, his body was found in the lounge, next to the body of Linda – with an automatic pistol planted conveniently next to it. It was this person wot had done it before turning the gun on ‘imself sarge – Neil Rutherford, who had worked as the gardener and handyman at the Red Gables for eighteen months until about two weeks before the deaths.

            Neil was a 54 yr old ex-submarine commander who had served in WWII and North Korea. Neil was described – as every good mass murderer is after the event – as a quiet man who was rarely seen in company. His local pub was the Alexandra – the landlord Elwyn Froggat mentioned that Neil always drunk alone and the landlord of Bron Eyri, Brian Jones, also knew Neil, but remembered him being fidgety and always looking out of the windows. Another unidentified person told the local press that the Commander – as Neil was known in the village – was a lovely man who always brought them tomatoes, but obviously that bit wasn’t made up by the police and put in the statements.

            The case was closed – it was Neil won dun it – although no-one ever explained why and absolutely no questions were asked at all.

            By July 1976, John Allen’s paedophile business at the Bryn Alyn Community was doing really well and Allen was looking to expand. The boys at Bryn Estyn were being raped and battered, as were kids in care right across Gwynedd and Anglesey. Peter Morrison had been elected as MP for Chester and was molesting children in north Wales and elsewhere. Gwynne the lobotomist and Dafydd were busy at the North Wales Hospital completely unhindered and the dungeon was open for business.

            In 1976 Gordon Anglesea was promoted to the rank of Inspector.

            On 6 Jan 1976 Anthony David Taylor was convicted at Talgarth Magistrates Court for two offences of indecent assault on boys from Bryn Alyn.

            On 11 Jan 1976 15 yr old Janet Coomis was found dead in a field near Flint – she had been raped, anally sexually assaulted and strangled. An 18 yr old gypsy, Noel Jones, was convicted of Janet’s murder and jailed. Just a few weeks ago, Noel’s conviction was overturned and somebody else was imprisoned for Janet’s murder – one can only hope that they haven’t banged up yet another innocent person.

            On 19 Jan 1976 Peter Ashleigh Watts, a 15 yr old from Colwyn Bay, left for Chester to meet a friend. He never arrived but some hours later he was found dying in a street near Euston Station, with internal injuries and a fractured skull. He was dead on arrival at hospital. His clothes had been changed and didn’t fit him and his body had been scrubbed clean.

            At the time of the Red Gables massacre and fire, Jim Callaghan was PM. Callaghan who had spent years covering up organised abuse of children in Wales – Callaghan who had been in the Navy, like Neil Rutherford. Sir Alec Bingley – whose wife Lady Juliet by 1976 was a leading light in MIND, who were concealing the wrongdoing of Dafydd and Gwynne, indeed Dafydd had been active in MIND himself – was also a Navy man. Admiral Sir Alec was Commander in Chief of the Mediterranean fleet for NATO. Gwynne had also been in the Navy!

            At the time of the killings and fire Roy Jenkins was Home Secretary – who like Callaghan had years of sterling service behind him in terms of concealing the child abuse/abuse of psych patients/associated criminality in north Wales. Merlyn Rees took over as Home Sec on Sept 10 – the Merlyn who continued to conceal the abuse of children/psych patients/associated criminality in north Wales.

            The MP for the Conwy constituency in which the Red Gables was situated was Wyn Roberts.

            Lord John Morris was Secretary of State for Wales when all this was going on. Morris was a barrister who read law at Aber and who does not ever seem to have concerned himself with the horrors prevailing in north Wales. Which was probably why years later Blair appointed him Attorney General as soon as Blair became PM, what with the Waterhouse Inquiry underway.

            Blair – a 15 yr old boy from north Wales found dying in a street in London when he was supposed to be meeting his mate in Chester. Five people shot dead in a quiet village in north Wales, the building set alight and it was all blamed on one of the victims in the face of no motive at all. Did you pick up any useful tips when you were a junior in George Carman’s chambers? The Carman who not long after this massacre was selected to get Jeremy Thorpe out of a tight spot?

            I wonder if Elfed Roberts, the corrupt former Chair of the NW Wales NHS Trust, can remember anything about the Red Gables massacre. Elfed was at the time I think still a sergeant in Llangefni – in the police station just a couple of miles down the road from Dafydd’s house. Elfed eventually became acting Assistant Chief Constable but left the North Wales Police after a conversation with Richard Brunstrom about the perks and privileges that Elfed seemed to be enjoying in his capacity as a police officer. When Elfed was Chair of the Trust, the dreadful Trystan Pritchard – who must have been the youngest Freemason in north Wales when he joined and who is now Chief Exec of St David’s Hospice – told people that he really liked Elfed because Elfed had done so much for the Welsh language in the NHS. That’s weird Trystan, because I know a Welsh language protester who told me that Elfed was one of the officers who manhandled her when she was on a language protest.

            Perhaps Trystan can’t quite remember what Elfed actually did or said at all. Because in the case of one of my many complaints about the NW Wales NHS Trust that remained uninvestigated, after Alun Davies refused to answer questions, after Martin Jones refused to answer questions, after Elfed refused to answer questions, Trystan wrote to me – and didn’t answer my questions. When I came face to face with Trystan at a public event some months later, Trystan maintained that he had no recollection of sending me that letter at all.

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