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Just days ago a senior member of staff at Bangor University was convicted of internet child porn offences. Dr Ian Connor, described as an ‘Operations Manager’ at Bangor University, was however let off lightly by the ever understanding Judge Huw Rees.

Media reports of the case stated:

Dr Ian Connor was guilty of looking at some of worst kind of abuse images. A university academic who said in online child abuse chats that he wanted to go ‘kiddie hunting’ has been allowed to walk free for court. Dr Ian Connor, 53, had set up a fake Twitter account and used Bangor University’s wi-fi to carry out his crimes. Connor, from Upper Clwyd Street in Ruthin, admitted distributing three indecent images of the worst kind of abuse, and making 41 others which were in the lower seriousness categories.

Judge Huw Rees, sitting at Caernarfon Crown Court, heard Connor had worked in education for years, but was involved in online chat of an “extreme” nature in which he said he wanted to go “kiddie hunting”.

Judge Rees told Connor: “You should be entirely ashamed of your actions as I think you are. Showing any interest in such images creates a demand for further abuse of children.” Judge Rees said Connor had been made redundant, not linked to his arrest, but had a new job. He wasn’t allowed to work in education and his marriage had suffered as a result of his arrest. “Imprisonment is a real option here. It would be a relatively short sentence,” the judge said. But instead he made a community order to tackle Connor’s “perverted lust” for viewing child abuse images. Connor’s barrister said internet perverts would engage in “banter” with no real intention to carry out an act.’.

Judge Huw Rees has come in for criticism recently because of his perceived leniency when sentencing people convicted of child sex offences. Previous posts discussed the recent conviction of Simon Thomas for serious child porn offences. Simon was the Plaid MP for Ceredigion, 2000-20005 and the Plaid AM for Mid and West Wales, 2011-18. Judge Huw Rees was very understanding in Simon’s case, just as he has been with Ian. Simon was given a relatively short suspended prison sentence.

It’s not that I want Ian and Simon to have their knackers cut off, but there seems to be a great degree of protection being afforded to some people – but only some people – who are being convicted of child sex offences. The people receiving protection are people in professional jobs who very obviously have links to Dafydd’s extended network. They absolutely don’t need to be castrated but they do need to be removed from professional positions and that is not happening.

Those involved with  implementing the community order to tackle Ian Connor’s ‘perverted lusts’ will almost certainly be part of Dafydd’s network themselves, as is Huw Daniel, another judge who banged on about the ‘perverted lusts’ of a child sex offender whom he jailed in 1997, during the early part of the Waterhouse Inquiry. During the trial, Huw Daniel lifted a Court Order that the police had obtained preventing the naming of a group of defendants who were awaiting trial; the police argued that if they were identified it would put at risk a big investigation into a paedophile ring that was still underway. Huw Daniel identified them.


I remember Ian Connor well; he arrived to work at Bangor University when I was working there after I finished my PhD. Ian was a very great problem at Bangor University – although no-one ever mentioned anything about him having a sexual interest in children – and a lot of people were wondering why he was ever appointed to, and then allowed to remain in, a job that he very obviously could not do.

At the time, the various different academic Schools at Bangor were grouped into ‘Colleges’ and a ‘College manager’ was appointed to oversee the running of the Colleges; Ian Conner was the College manager for the School in which I worked. The College managers weren’t at the very top of the tree in terms of management at Bangor, but they were senior and they were paid considerably more than many of the academic staff, which caused huge resentment and much discussion of ‘so what is this university about, teaching and research, or management?’

The person blamed for the managerialism was of course Merfyn, the VC. As far as I could work out, Merfyn had indeed wanted to appoint a team of managers because it was clear to him when he became VC that there was, essentially, no effective management or co-ordination. But Merfyn’s wife became very ill, later dying in the care of Dafydd’s mates and as explained in previous posts, the Deputy VC, Fergus Lowe, effectively took over the running of the University while Merfyn took compassionate leave during the time before Nerys’s death. Miranda and the Gwerin were after Merfyn’s blood as a result of Merfyn, his friend and Nerys having spilt the paedophiles’ friends’ pints on more than a few occasions previously (see posts ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’ and ‘Lest We Forget’), but what I didn’t know at the time was that they had gone particularly ape-shit as a result of Merfyn allowing me to complete a PhD at Bangor and then letting me stay on as a member of research staff.

I completed my PhD in the School of Education, a hotbed of anti-Merfyn sentiment. The School of Education was substantially staffed by former school teachers who had worked in north Wales schools while the paedophile gang enjoyed themselves with the collusion of so many working in education in north Wales. My PhD supervisor was not Of Them and was effectively bullied out of his job – as was his wife, who also worked as a senior lecturer in the University – shortly after I finished my PhD. The hands-on kicking of my PhD supervisor was largely done by henchmen Profs John Farrar, Tom Corns and Colin Baker, but the grand design was the work of Fungus and he had given the instructions to the three stooges.

Previous posts have discussed these three old timers and their knowledge of and collusion with the trafficking ring that was operating in Bangor when they were much younger academics, led by Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist and Dr D.G.E. Wood et al at the Student Health Centre. Wood was married to a lecturer in Farrar’s own Dept, Plant Biology and a number of other staff in the Dept of Plant Biology were married/related to/good friends with members of the Gang, including social workers. One of Farrar’s colleagues was having sex with local school girls and this was openly discussed in the Depts of Plant Biology and Zoology and no doubt elsewhere. Farrar himself had an affair with an undergrad, Stel – I have been told that this was not a one-off but I wasn’t around to witness the others – who was then given a job as Farrar’s research assistant when she graduated. Stel later married Farrar, then they divorced, but they both made full use of their knowledge of the criminality of the Gang to advance themselves, including what the Gang did to me.

Tom Corns is married to a now retired social worker for Conwy County Council and their son is a Top Doctor. Colin Baker’s wife worked in Ysbyty Gwynedd and Colin’s career at Bangor began in the Dept of Psychology when it was ruled over by Dafydd. Colin later transferred to the School of Education.

Like so many others in Bangor University, the three stooges had a great deal to fear once I began litigation against the NHS in 2005, the year in which I finished my PhD.

After I finished my PhD, I began working in the School of Social Sciences. That too was a School in which a cohort of paedophiles’ friends worked, but I worked very closely with some really good sociologists who were not Of Them. One of my closest senior colleagues, Graham Day, had spent years being targeted by the Gang, that was common knowledge and everyone knew that it stemmed from the crap that the Gang had thrown at Graham back in the 1990s, when the Gang were under police investigation so were utilising distraction techniques.

The Gang wrongly accused Graham of discriminating against Welsh people when he made appointments in his capacity as Head of Dept and ‘The Guardian’ was kind enough to publish this libel. Merfyn’s late wife Nerys was caught in the cross-fire. See eg. ‘Badlands’. Nerys was also Never Forgiven by the Gang after an article of hers was published in ‘Prospect’ magazine in 1997 alluding to a problem with the sexual harassment/exploitation/assault of a student at Bangor by a member of staff in the halls of residence. The Senior Warden of the halls at the time was Dr Tony Jones, the Oliver Reed of Bangor, around whom worrying allegations re his fondness for ‘boys’ swirled. Whatever Tony Jones did or didn’t do with boys, he was good mates with the Gang, including the Top Docs and local corrupt police officers and he did deals with them to cause problems for people whom he had taken against, of which there were quite a few.

Nerys and Merfyn had grown up in Gwynedd and knew all about the Gang, but I didn’t realise for a long while that they had both been targeted by them many years ago. I realised that Graham knew something about the Gang beyond their dreadful behaviour towards him, but we never discussed it and Graham kept a dignified silence in the face of conduct so vile that he could have sued the University for allowing it.

When I worked at Bangor, the role of the Head of School of Social Sciences rotated between three senior members of staff, all of whom were given serious grief by the Gang.When Ian Connor was appointed College Manager for our College, Graham was once again Head of School. Nerys was dying and Fungus was running the University, also with the agenda of Getting Merfyn Out, but that was because Fungus wanted Merfyn’s job. Fungus was deeply contemptuous of – and hated – the Gang himself but he wasn’t as thick as them and he skilfully used their own criminality to further himself and then use them as his minions. It became evident to me that although Fungus was causing major distress right across Bangor University once Merfyn was off looking after Nerys, every decision that Fungus took which affected the School of Social Sciences would so obviously cause serious damage to the School that it must have been intentional. Fungus was also behind decisions which caused great upset but which people believed that Graham was responsible for…

There were the more obvious Fungus gestures, such as the School of Social Sciences not being given sufficient office space to house the staff – in particular me – and there was always a problem with basic equipment eg. printers breaking down and not being repaired. The School was also housed in a building which was not only falling apart and never repaired, but the office of one of the senior Profs – who was Head of School for an extended period of time – had the windows sealed shut as a result of a cock up of a repair job, so when we had team meetings in his office we were sweltering in the summer, because his radiator would be on full blast as well and whoops there was no way of turning it off! In the winter, the radiator broke down, so when we popped in to see this Prof, he would be muffled up in his scarf and coat, not mentioning the obvious.

I and my immediate colleagues liked Graham and his two senior colleagues and we could see that they were under attack, so we adopted the spirit of the Blitz. One day we went into the office which either boiled one alive or froze one to death and our Prof was sitting at his desk while a bucket next to him collected the water which was dripping through the ceiling. The School secretary later marvelled at his resilience when she told us ‘Ooh he’s good you know, nothing ruffles him, he just rang me and said Brenda, can you bring up a bucket please, there is water coming through my ceiling’.

It was on the back of this aggro and these working conditions that the Prof with the bucket to collect the water coming through his ceiling bagged a huge research grant from the EU for a flagship project and one of his PhD students – the girl who shared my office when I eventually was given an office – won an award for being one of the best 30 sociology PhD students in the world. It never received a mention at Bangor outside of our own small team, but the University website continued to trumpet the achievements of so many in er the School of Psychology, for example when someone HAD PUBLISHED A PAPER!!!!

Furthermore, after Marta had been identified as one of the leading 30 young sociologists in the world, she was told by one of the Gwerin – who had failed his own PhD viva and had to rewrite – that she shouldn’t have been given a job at Bangor because she was Polish. That member of the Gwerin rewrote his thesis with the help of (English) Graham and the (English) Prof with the bucket to collect the water and then enjoyed a salary from a research grant that his (Welsh) supervisor Dr Delyth Morris aka Duckula (a former social worker who had worked with the Gang in Caernarfon) had obtained after she plagiarised my work, the work of an Englisher.

The Gang and the Gwerin didn’t seem to realise that we did know what was going on and it simply made us more determined to support each other rather than start blaming the various Heads of School for what we knew was the result of an attack on them from forces above. One day I was told by one of my colleagues (a German – yes, there were complaints from the Gang that the School of Social Sciences was full of fucking Poles and Germans) that she had just watched the presentations by the two candidates who had applied for the post of our College manager. She said that one man was very, very good and the other was dreadful and had previously been working as a manager at an FE college in north Wales which was notoriously in trouble. This lecturer had been quietly watching the fuckwittery and the undermining of our Heads of School and indeed was suffering herself and she observed ‘I really will not be surprised if they appoint that absolute idiot’. They did, it was Ian Connor.

The appointment of Ian Connor will have been Fungus-led (Fungus was Irish). Ian duly arrived and he certainly was impressive. Ian Connor was the worst manager that could have been invented, he excelled on every level. Rude, bullying, incompetent, refused to discuss or answer e mails about crucial matters, lied constantly and very obviously had no idea how to facilitate the work of a university dept. Ian just being hopeless wouldn’t have mattered had Ian not been responsible for anything, but Fungus ensured that Ian Connor had to be consulted about virtually every decision in the School, no matter how minor. It was a highly effective way at stopping the functioning of the School, far better than sealing the windows in high summer and turning the radiators up or ensuring that the Prof’s office required a bucket to collect the water that was running through the ceiling. For many months, I didn’t have to endure interactions with Ian Conner, because as a member of research staff working in the team led by the Prof with the bucket and Graham, my orders came from them. It was the teaching staff who’s world was really screwed by Ian Connor who was paid £20k pa more than many of them. People were at boiling point, Fungus must have been delighted. So imagine my surprise when the administrative furniture was rearranged and I too was told that I had to discuss such and such with Ian Connor…

It was a surreal experience trying to get any sense out of Ian, I understood straight away why his arrival had resulted in staff crying, going on anti-depressants, screaming at each other, the loss of all goodwill etc…

The final insult to the academic staff who were paid so much less than Ian Connor was that of Ian’s PhD. Ian was academically hopeless but announced his desire to undertake a PhD which of course had been encouraged by those using Ian as a nuclear missile. Ian approached a number of the staff in the School of Social Sciences whom he had treated dreadfully and demanded that they supervise his PhD, which he was actually doing with the Bangor Business School. The social science staff involved persevered but were frank that Ian just did not have the background or even the ability to complete a PhD and wasn’t he supposed to be the full-time College manager anyway?

Ian’s PhD dropped off the radar, so imagine everyone’s surprise when after just two years, during which he had been working full-time and had not taken study leave or conducted any research, it was announced that Ian had written his thesis. I know someone who saw that thesis and they observed ‘It is not up to Master’s level, let alone PhD level, but because Fungus and Bangor Business School are involved he will be given that PhD and what a time bomb it will be’.

We all knew of a few other bombs ticking away in the Business School linked to Prof Ted Gardner aka Papa Smurf (see previous posts eg. ‘Corruption Bay Special’ for a few details of the excesses of Bangor Business School), including a PhD given to a member of a Middle Eastern Royal Family with a dreadful human rights record in spite of no-one having any evidence that this man had ever completed the work needed for a PhD and another PhD which was known to have been plagiarised but when the matter was reported to the awful John Thornton, Papa Smurf’s Big Mate who had once worked for the World Bank and claimed to live in Washington DC no less (obviously commuting from Washington DC to Bangor on the bus), Thornton ordered everyone to shut up about it and just award that PhD. But then Thornton also ordered staff of the Business School to write references for students whom they did not know, on the basis that the provision of a good reference was part of the deal when they registered for the course and paid their fees. I was forwarded the e mail by a mortified member of staff…

Thornton’s: VERY expensive, not good value for money and not really all that they are cracked up to be.

Ferraro Rocher: Small and golden with surprising impact.

Ferrero Rocher - Wikipedia

The other day during a Radio 4 discussion, someone asked the question ‘How can something so small cause so much damage?’ I was intrigued but because I hadn’t been listening properly I wasn’t quite sure what little thing had caused the damage.


The Heads of the School of Social Sciences, including Graham, took the rap for all of Ian Connor’s day to day wrongdoing and mismanagement.

And now Ian has been done for child porn offences. If only Fungus – who in 1987 overthrew Dafydd’s influence in the Dept of Psychology at UCNW and then built his own empire on concealing and colluding with the trafficking ring (see eg. post ‘Feet In Chains’) – had not been found suddenly dead shortly after I left Bangor, I would drop in on him and offer Fungus my congratulations on his choice of College manager.

So to all those people who snapped at me that Merfyn was a managerialist who had destroyed the University; no, it was your mate Fungus wot did it, it was Fungus who systematically appointed and then imposed fuckwitted managers on the people whom Fungus wanted to drive out ie. Graham and his senior colleagues because they were supporting me…

The media reports re Ian’s conviction mentioned that Ian now has a new job and will no longer be working ‘in education’. I have been sent other information, which I am assuming is correct: that Ian has been appointed to a senior position with responsibility for Widening Participation in Wales. So Dr Ian Connor of Kiddie Hunting is now responsible for a job in er education, encouraging students from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply for university. Is Ian going to be the best advert to attract the punters?

Previous posts and comments discussed how part of my PhD covered the reasons why Miranda’s Widening Participation strategy fell flat on its face. Because I was researching such matters, I found out a great deal about the badly thought-out chaos which was Miranda’s idea of expanding HE, not all of which I could have included in my thesis or published academically. Such as, that in north Wales – in other regions as well to a certain extent, but it was very obvious in north Wales – the responsibility for Widening Participation was given to people who did not have any knowledge of the sociology or cultural theory needed to understand the lack of applications for HE courses from certain cohorts; furthermore those charged with widening participation responsibilities were virtually all people with a background in social work, community work or counselling. Members of the Gang.

The height of idiocy was achieved when Meri Huws aka the Crack of Doom – a former social worker for Gwynedd Social Services who in the 1980s had responsibility for the patch which covered Ty’r Felin children’s home, where kids were abused and trafficked, including to Dolphin Square – was given responsibility for leading ‘WP’ in north Wales. The Welsh Gov’t – led by FM Rhodri Morgan, who was reputed to be one of the Crack of Doom’s many former bedfellows – provided Meri with a ludicrous orange bus, which was then driven around north Wales with Meri on board, stopping at disadvantaged locations eg. Maesgeirchan (the council estate on which Ty’r Felin was located) in order to allow the Crack of Doom to invite the residents to enrol for a university course in Wimmin’s Studies or History. They were the only courses promoted; of course I went undercover and checked it out, it was hilarious…

So a woman who had acquired the moniker of the Crack of Doom arrived in an orange bus on the council estate where, 30 years earlier, she had played a major role in abusing and trafficking children, to invite the residents – who remembered her – to enrol on a course in Wimmin’s Studies. Guess what?? Participation remained ‘very low’, which demonstrated that there are Barriers To Participation. The biggest Barrier in north Wales was the Crack of Doom.

This fuckwittery cost the Welsh Gov’t a great deal of money and it made a laughing stock of their WP initiative. The Crack of Doom’s bus was called the Hwsbws. Within days I heard people pissing themselves laughing at the Hussybus, for reasons obvious to all of those who knew Meri; within weeks of beginning my PhD I had heard much about Meri and er witnessed a quite entertaining scene at first hand…

I have received another titbit about Bangor University as well; that Linda Evans will be retiring at the end of the year. Linda Evans featured in a previous post. Linda used to be employed as one of the student counsellors at Bangor University. In 2000 when I was doing teacher training at Bangor, I went to see Linda, having been refused all ‘services’ at that point from those we know and love at the Hergest Unit. Linda told me that she could not see me because I was a Hergest patient. I reiterated that no, I wasn’t, the Hergest Unit had made that quite clear… Linda told me firmly that because I was a Hergest patient and had ‘been on medication’ – I wasn’t when I went to see her – she could not see me. A few years later when my lawyer obtained copies of my medical records, I found a letter that Linda Evans had written to Dr Sadie Francis – one of those who was refusing me NHS ‘care’ – at the Hergest Unit immediately after I had seen her. Linda simply wrote Sadie a couple of lines informing her that I had paid a visit to the student counselling service. Sadie had replied to Linda thanking her for that info and asked when Linda was next free because in Sadie’s words ‘We must do lunch sometime, as we are friends and haven’t met for a while’.

I knew another Bangor University teacher training student – much younger than me, she was in her mid-20s – who went to see Linda during the same academic year that I did. When she was 12, this trainee teacher had been targeted by a serious sex offender who was running a big ring in Devon at the time. I was amazed to hear his name again because I recognised it. In 1985, the year after I complained about Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist, a girl I knew from UCNW who had graduated in zoology in 1984 with my cohort had gone to work for this man’s dolphin charidee and had complained to the charidee about him ‘being a bloody pervert’. He admitted groping and harassing her but claimed that she ‘led him on’ after discovering that he had ’emotional problems’. The zoology grad who complained was a friend of Dr D.G.E. Wood and his wife and of Sarah Jenkins, the daughter of Sheila Jenkins, a Gwynedd social worker who was friends with Sadie Francis. They all knew that the zoology grad had complained about the old sleazebag in Devon.

On two occasions, Sheila Jenkins lied to the police about me, demanding that I be arrested; on one of those occasions she made a statement along with Sadie. Sheila Jenkins was married to David Jenkins, an academic at Bangor University.

After the Bangor trainee teacher whom I knew in 2000 told Linda Evans about the ring in Devon that she encountered when she was 12, Linda Evans made it quite clear that she did not want her to return to the counselling ‘service’ again.

Linda Evans, as well as working as a student counsellor in Bangor University, also worked in the Dept of Lifelong Learning. The Head of the Dept of Lifelong Learning was Meri Huws. Linda also had responsibilities for the Widening Participation programme in north Wales. The Dept of Lifelong Learning was a Dept within the School of Education.

Sadie Francis retired from the NHS at about the time that I began my PhD. After ‘retirement’, Sadie continued to do locum work and also sat on the Community Health Council (the ‘patients’ voice’ in north Wales) when the CHC refused to investigate complaints about the mental health services. In retirement, Sadie signed up for a course at Bangor University. In the Dept of Lifelong Learning, Meri and Linda’s Dept! Sadie had worked as a Top Doc with the Gang when Meri had been a social worker in Gwynedd. Dafydd was friends with Nefyn Dodd, the manager of Ty’r Felin children’s home. Meri’s line manager was the Director of Gwynedd Social Services, Lucille Hughes, who was Dafydd’s mistress.

Readers with sufficient interest in these shenanigans will remember that I have blogged in detail about all this previously, so I’ll just highlight a few more of the most obvious links to refresh memories.

When Meri was working as a social worker in Gwynedd, she was also Chair of Cymdeithas yr Iaith aka the Welsh Language Society. Dafydd’s network were involved with Cymdeithas. Stel Farrar, the former UCNW student who married and later divorced John Farrar, was working as a Welsh for adults tutor in the Dept of Lifelong Learning when my senior colleagues were under fire from John Farrar, Fungus and others. Stel and Farrar’s son, Robin, has in recent years held high office with Cymdeithas.

Meri was a student at Aberystwyth University when Carlo was a student there for a term just before his Investiture. Meri has worked at Coleg Menai, Bangor Normal College, in Dublin and after she waved Bangor a fonf farewell she was offered a senior post at Trinity St David University. Meri was then appointed Welsh Language Commissioner. Meri has had relationships with Welsh Gov’t Ministers Andrew Davies and Alun Pugh. See post ‘People With Energy’ for full details of Meri’s adventures.


When I told Brown about Ian Connor’s conviction, Brown observed ‘He must have really wanted to get caught if he was doing it on university computers. But then I suppose some people have a sense of entitlement that means they’re unwilling to consider that the laws which apply to everyone else apply to them.’

Indeed. This lot have a massive sense of entitlement and no fear at all of getting caught because they do exactly what they want, their positions having been achieved on their knowledge of serious criminality. Everyone mentioned above knew what had happened to me and other people at the hands of the Gang and they knew that the cover-up extends to Gov’t levels. They can do anything and they will not have to face the consequences. Ian Connor has not gone to prison – although I accept that it won’t have really been the solution – and he has another professional job in er education. A Gov’t funded initiative no less. Judge Huw Rees was just as understanding when Simon Thomas appeared before him a few months ago. Simon went to Aberystwyth University, worked at Taff-Ely Council, then the National Library of Wales and his father-in-law was a well-known Welsh Minister of Religion…

Ian Conner lives at Ruthin, just down the road from Denbigh, the Ruthin where former Ynys Mon Plaid MP and AM and Deputy FM Ieuan Wyn Jones – who was born in Denbigh and who’s dad was a Minister of Religion at Denbigh –  worked as a lawyer.

Wake up everyone, this is a ring and a very big one which has been in existence for a very long time. This lot are all linked to each other and the people who are not actually abusing people are facilitating the ring and ensuring that the others don’t get caught; one of their functions is to get rid of whistleblowers and witnesses who won’t shut up. Previous posts have explained how, after I began this blog, I was told that it was tutors from the School of Education who were responsible for trying to have me struck off the teaching register after the attempt to imprison me in 2004 on the basis of the extensive perjury of NHS staff imploded.

I have been told that Linda Evans was utilised, that Linda knew that I and the trainee teacher who was a witness to the ring in Devon were friends, that confidentiality was broken and unsubstantiated allegations made. We were both targeted for unpleasantness and harassment from the ‘mentors’ when we were on teacher training placement at Holyhead School, so much so that my friend left Wales to teach in England. We both had the same tutor at Bangor University: the Dean of Education, Prys Morgan Jones. Who worked very closely with Meri Huws and, interestingly enough, also with the mother of Cynog Prys, the PhD student in the School of Social Sciences who told my Polish colleague that she should not have been employed at Bangor, on racial grounds. Meirion Prys Jones, Cynog’s mum’s brother, is the former Chief Exec of the Welsh Language Board. Meri served as a member of the Welsh Language Board along with Meirion and has also served as Chair of the Welsh Language Board. Cynog’s dad is a former social worker…

Previous posts discussed how Gwilym Sion ap Gruffudd , someone networked into the Gang, befriended me when I worked at Bangor University, used my friendship to gain information about me, my battles with the NHS, litigation plans, evidence etc, hacked into my e mail account, downloaded numerous e mails and forwarded them on to members of the Gang. Gwil, like Cynog, had screwed up a PhD which was funded by the Welsh Language Board and was awarded to Gwil when Meri was Chairman of the Welsh Language Board. When it became clear that the PhD was not going to be completed, Gwil bagged yet another load of money from the Welsh Language Board to have yet another ago at another PhD, as well as a lecturing job in the School of Education as a bonus. I have been told that this was his reward for passing on info about me.

By the way Gwil, you still owe me the thousands of quid that I lent you, you still owe my former PhD supervisor the £1000 that he lent you to keep a roof over your head when your fellow Gang members were going to illegally evict you through a rigged Court process and the next time that you become clinically depressed and suicidal and are left to die by the Gang, you won’t be able to come to me and my friends for help as you did before will you? I’m sure that you’ll get all you need from elsewhere Gwil!

The activities of this lot have nothing to do with Welsh language activism or Widening Participation. They are part of an extended network of people involved in serious organised crime and the whole lot of them need to be extracted from every position of influence; they seem to be incapable of responding fairly and honestly to anyone who is not a fucking criminal.

I have named many more of the network again and again in previous posts, both in Bangor University and elsewhere. Perhaps those who are Standing By Victims Of Sexual Assault and Investigating Historic Abuse would like to bloody well deal with them. They are not a secret, one of them merrily downloaded child porn using the Bangor University wi fi after he had spent years in a job that he should never have been given anyway, bagged a PhD that he did not do and then behaved offensively to senior members of staff who’s work he was supposed to be facilitating.

I was entertained to be told that the reason why the Gang flooded into the Widening Participation roles while I was doing my PhD was that I had appeared in ‘The Guardian’ discussing my work. Which shows what a joke they all are; I didn’t need to drive around in an orange bus and ask people who’s lives I’d ruined to come and do a degree in Wimmin’s Studies with me. Furthermore, if I had have wanted to do that, I’d have updated that laughable course and restyled it Gender Theory or something similar. There were further traumas when I completed my PhD in two years, the fastest that a University of Wales student had ever done. Which is why Ian was given a PhD in two years. The difference between me and Ian is that I actually completed a PhD.

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Just piss off out of it you fools, you screw up everything that you touch because you can’t bloody well do it, knowing only blackmail, bribery and corruption. Linda Evans will be stepping down at the end of the year??? Kick her out now, hasn’t she done enough damage? Escort the cow off of the premises in handcuffs and don’t give her a penny more and if there’s one squeak from Eileen Tilley, the corrupt UCU rep at Bangor who was thrashing out all the dirty deals for these gangsters, throw the book at Tilley as well, there’s no shortage of evidence. See previous posts…

One further part of the Grand Design: For years and years, including the year that I did teacher training, there was no counselling of any sort available on the NHS in Gwynedd. Sadie Francis and her colleagues were actually advising patients to register for courses at Bangor University because ‘there’s a counsellor there and that’s the only way that you’ll get counselling in Gwynedd’. What little ‘counselling’ there was in Gwynedd stopped when the Waterhouse Inquiry approached. No-one dared offer a counselling service because of what the clients might want to talk about.

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At the same time, Miranda told mental health teams that Empowered Service Users had to be Socially Included and coerced into registering for Education or Training. Once they had done that, they were discharged from care and categorised as ‘well’, a success story for the NHS. There was no category for the many who couldn’t cope, having been forced into being ‘Socially Included’ and who withdrew from education/training or became ill again and were refused care or even those who killed themselves. If they did succeed at Education or Training and tried to access support from the Bangor University counselling service, there was Linda to flag up who the grasses were and Get Them Out.

I don’t want to hear that this was ‘just what happened to you’. It was a system and, in north Wales, a system designed to maintain the fiction that there was No Evidence of a paedophile ring. Every member of that ring was appointed to a job in Miranda’s new Brave New Cool Cymru and they then shafted everyone who could possibly speak up.

Gruff Rhys: His dad was the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council

Cerys Matthews: Her dad was a Top Doctor in Cardiff who then relocated to West Wales


Footnotes: Wales’s FM Mark Drakeford is a former social worker who worked for Dyfed Social Services when a ring with links to Dafydd was in operation in West Wales ie. the former counties of Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. Meri grew up in West Wales and so did Meirion Prys Jones and his sister, Cynog’s mother. Drakeford’s adult son is currently in prison serving an eight year sentence for a violent rape; he was also convicted of grooming an underaged girl for sex but that was eclipsed by the rape conviction.


Readers have sent me a link to a recent Mail Online report stating that there are far more sexual assaults on children by doctors, social workers and teachers than ‘was known about’. These assaults were known about. They were well known about and people have been systematically appointed to senior positions in those professions on the basis of their ability to conceal those offences. Everyone knew that was how it worked, which is why north Wales is crawling, absolutely crawling, with professional people who think nothing of lying, cheating, fiddling, bribing, blackmailing, perjuring, forging and/or planting evidence against witnesses.

Don’t you agree Merfyn?

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Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

63 thoughts on “Jehova, Jehova, Jehova”

  1. Among the many dirty deals that were done to ensure that accomplices of the Gang were Looked After was the profitable Lie told by Professor Catherine Robinson about the circumstances in which her friend and member of Catherine’s research team Yvonne fell down the stairs of the School of Social Sciences and sustained an injury. A Case For Compensation was made, the Head of Social Sciences was told that Health & Safety had Been Ignored and it was His Fault and Something Had To Be Done. I’m not sure exactly what the deal was, but it was thrashed out while Catherine thrashed out a Chair for herself and funding for a Centre of Mental Health on the back of her keeping quiet about what was happening to me at the hands of the NHS and the failure of the Welsh Gov’t to respond. The funding for Catherine’s Centre came from the NHS and the Welsh Gov’t.

    Not long after Yvonne fell down the stairs Catherine told me that it wasn’t a Health & Safety matter at all, the stairs were one thing in the Social Sciences building that could not be blamed, but Yvonne was going to have to retire early as a result of a serious illness (unrelated to work, but yes, it was a nasty illness and I could understand why Yvonne wanted to give up work) and ‘she needed some money’ so Catherine was going to maintain that the Stairs Were To Blame. Yvonne retired soon after.

    I always liked Yvonne, I never had a problem with her at all and I wouldn’t have wanted her to end up destitute. But she wasn’t going to anyway. Yvonne had a rather nice house on Anglesey where she had been for many years and she kept very upmarket cats, lovely cats, but really posh ones, costing in the region of approx £500 quid per cat.

    Shortly after Yvonne won ‘We know what’s happening to Sally Baker bingo’ I was faced with the gun and had to scarper from north Wales. Not that I was living in a house by then anyway, I was in my mate’s caravan on their farm.

    If anyone wants to know how Yvonne netted her winnings they need to ask the corrupt UCU rep Eileen Tilley and the corrupt HR Director of Bangor University at the time, Lyn Meadows. Catherine was appointed Head of School shortly after and gave Tilley a lecturing job in Social Sciences. When a number of other people were made redundant who really were social scientists rather than librarians who doubled up as corrupt union reps.

    Lyn Meadows was subsequently appointed a non-Executive Director of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, but only after Merfyn had been forced to resign as Chairman. The Betsi funded Catherine’s work.

    Fill yer boots everyone, the criminality in the NHS in north Wales is so serious that all anyone has to do is to make their way along to the right person and take a leaf out of the book of the effeminate Prince in Python and the Holy Grail and sing ‘I’m going to tell, I’m going to tell, I’m going to tell…’ It works every time.

    1. Thanks to the person who’s sent me the BBC report re Chris Davies, the Tory MP for Brecon and Radnor who’s been convicted of fiddling his expenses at Southwark Crown Court. He’s incurred a rather more substantial penalty than Ian Connor received for his child porn past-times. Other parties are demanding his resignation. People in glasshouses…

      Just as I was thinking that it was about time that we had a really good Welsh politician’s scandal of the sort which used to engulf Little Britain’s Sir Norman Fry, who found himself reading out statements to the journos explaining how he went into a public lavatory with a man whom he had never met before to discuss party policy, he slipped, as he did so he inadvertently pulled down the trousers and underwear of the other man and he then accidentally entered the other man or similar scenarios, I realised that Wales has an FM who worked as a social worker for a Social Services Dept in which social workers were abusing their clients and has an adult son serving an 8 yr jail sentence for a violent rape. It’s not as entertaining as anything that Sir Norman Fry ever got up to but it is far far worse.

      And Labour are demanding Chris Davies’s resignation…

      I have briefly seen the other news stories touching on matters that are of interest to this blog: the man who died after being refused sickness benefits, the hundreds of people banged up in secure units where they are being ‘rehabilitated’ no less, the threat by the Criminal Bar association to stage a strike on the part of prosecuting barristers…

      People have been refused sickness benefits for a number of years now in true ‘I, Daniel Blake’ style; there’s a few sympathetic articles in things like The Guardian, but there has not been the mass public outrage that there should be. A Universal Credit system is still in place which is designed to not give people enough to live on. Very obvious lies are being told by Gov’t about the near 100% employment rate that so much of the UK is enjoying; no doubt the box for ’employed’ is ticked by the job centre when someone accepts the zero hours contract which they have been told to accept or they will not be receiving a penny in benefits for many months…

      The situation re psych patients in secure units is far far worse than has been reported.

      As for the barristers, yes, some Legal Aid junior staff are very badly paid but a lot of people have still been nonetheless paid a lot of money for representing clients like me when they had a little secret deal to ignore the serious crime which the clients had walked into when they were er sectioned… If any of those very comfortably off lawyers whom I have named on this blog would like to repay me the money that they were paid by the Legal Aid Board to defend me when they were busy propping up a load of gangsters, I’d be delighted to hear from them, not to receive an apology (because no-one is sorry about any of it) or to be offered Help (Christ no thanks, now I’m not in receipt of Help my life is 10 times better), but just to receive the dosh that you bastards didn’t need, should never have had and I could have really done with…

      Meanwhile if prosecuting counsel go on strike at least those Top Doctors who have a little trafficking and drug dealing business on the side won’t be able to prosecute people who have complained about them for looking at members of the gang when they meet them in supermarkets…

      1. PS. Our friends died. F lost his child as a baby and never saw him again.

        You cannot undo what happened, whether you are writing faux-bleeding heart articles in The Guardian or doing a Little Nell and accusing other people of anti-semitism.

        However I was just thinking last night that I’d like my documents returned that were stolen and given to News International. All those letters that Brown and I wrote to each other when we were younger and of course the photo of my friend’s baby who died at Musgrove Park Hospital.

        It’s real Rebekah Wade n Digger stuff isn’t it, absolutely disgusting. And you were going to try to use that to discredit me should I ever have got as far as a Court case and be facing George Carman who would just happen to have those documents that were stolen from my house years ago…

        My friend’s dead baby. She was called Angel, Murdoch. She was their first baby and they came back to the UK especially to have Angel, after they’d moved abroad having been forced out of their careers in the media by Michael Grade et al. Angel didn’t survive the Taunton Top Docs, so someone nicked her photo from my house because they knew who the baby in the photo was and why she’d died.

        Go on then, go on strike, the whole lot of you, Docs, barristers, Angels, teachers, lecturers, after what has been going on it won’t make that much difference.

        1. I briefly heard on the radio this morning that Ann Widdecombe is offering to lead a Brexit Party in the face of the meltdown of the Tory Party.

          Anne was someone who was due to receive a mention on my post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’, before an unknown agent jammed and froze the whole post. Michael Ancram featured in that post (check the post for the context in which his name was mentioned). Ancram is a Scottish barrister and a member of a vast aristocratic family who are all Catholics. Ancram was a Tory politician who was Deputy Leader of the Tory Party, 2001-05. When Ann Widdecombe was looking for a Tory seat she really ingratiated herself to Michael Ancram and his family, what with them being powerful Tories, very posh and involved in the anti-abortion movement, as was/is Ann Widdecombe.

          I am not someone who believes that people who oppose abortion are Wicked Misogynists, I know some very genuine people who feel very uncomfortable with abortion and provide real help to women who would prefer not to have an abortion but are in difficult circumstances. However I do not number Ann among that cohort. Ann Widdecombe had a deep and meaningful relationship with the Anglesey Tory Party in the 1970s, they really loved her and begged Ann to be their candidate. Widdy was very fond of them as well; she was utterly disrespectful to the Welsh language, denounced Anglesey as being full of sheep and nothing else but ‘zinc’ – she was thinking of Anglesey Aluminium er wrong element Ann -but Widdy loved the Anglesey Tories because they were Opposed To Abortion.

          Ann: they were Opposed To Abortion because they were running a paedophile/trafficking ring who unlawfully denied pregnant women NHS abortions and instead sent them to Dafydd at Denbigh to be ‘assessed’. They were still denied abortions and their babies disappeared. I am waiting for someone to let me know where they went; I know one illegally abducted baby ended up in Cheshire. The Top Docs of north Wales – many of whom lived on Anglesey, including DGE Wood and Dafydd – conspired to unlawfully deny women NHS terminations to force them into the hands of Dafydd and the baby market. If the women had money, they were referred, on demand, to the private abortionist in Chester.

          Some of the ‘women’ caught up in this horror were girls of 13 who had been sexually used while they were ‘in care’.

          How can we bang on about the Irish and their primitive ways and the Magdalene Laundries where the Labour Party, the Liberals AND the SDP not to mention the Tories ALL knew about this? As did that lovely Professor Mark Williams who invented Mindfulness; he was working as a clinical psychologist with Dafydd’s Gang at the time. Where did all the babies go Mark? The Rev Mark, being an Anglican clergyman as well as a clin psy…

          OM!!! Live in the moment, concentrate on the breath and you too can achieve peace while you are in the hands of these demons who have raped you, made you pregnant and are now telling you that no you cannot have an abortion and if you lead a chaotic dysfunctional lifestyle then this is what will happen. Of course if you are made of stern stuff and you say well I didn’t choose this pregnancy but I’ll give this baby a chance, the baby will be forcibly and unlawfully abducted and you will never know what happened to it. Dafydd will have completed the necessary reports and will now want sex himself and to add you to the brothel… Or he’ll tell everyone what has gone on.

          Yes, that was how it worked. Same for women who’s babies had died and had breakdowns. I met some of them and they were still being blackmailed 20 yrs later.

          Totally confidential!!

          No it bloody well wasn’t, but they were too frightened to face those bastards with their far greater crimes…

          So I’ve done it on this blog. Free gift to every woman who ever suffered at the hands of that gang of sex offenders and the Angels who Helped.

          There was nothing principled about any of this Ann, nothing at all. It was a brutal, vile, unlawful trade and the Tories right across north Wales and their pals in Chester – Peter Morrison’s constituency – were in it up to their necks.

          If any of that lot had ever set up housing and care and genuine support for pregnant woman in difficulties – and I know people who have done that – and tackled that bunch of people trafficking Top Docs and social workers, I would be far more prepared to accept their stance on abortion.

          If Widdy did not know the truth behind Anglesey’s Proud Stance, I would be a little more forgiving. She knew damn well what was going on. Widdy never did stand for election as MP for Ynys Mon; she became impatient and dumped them when she saw what she thought was a safer seat coming up sooner, but that went pear shaped…

          Read all about Widdy and her extraordinary double standards in my post ‘Doris Karloff – Honest About Her Expenses But Not Much Else’.

          Anglesey instead ended up with Keith Best the bent barrister and paedophiles’ friend. When Best went to prison for fraud, Ieuan Wyn Jones the bent lawyer from Denbigh was elected for Plaid in 1987. Ieuan who was married to a midwife who er came from Denbigh…. Who Helped women with her work in Wimmin’s Aid!! In the 1970s and the 80s when the trade in abducted babies was booming.

          Anyone for a bit of Bara Brith rather than nasty old Irish potatoes with blight?

          1. Sister Hutt in Cardiff was the Matriarch of Wimmin’s Aid; she ran HQ in south Wales, while all the wimmin in north Wales kept absolutely schtum about what was happening.

            Well Sister Hutt??

            Can you see if you can retrieve the secretly filmed footage of women in ‘clinics’ in north Wales that I have been told is now on the internet? Put there by the sex offending docs whom you all knew were busy, whom women were conned and cheated into consulting if they had heard what was going on and said no, I really am not going near them… I have been told that there are pics, videos, all sorts. The women have no idea at all that they were used for porn. I have been told that there were hidden cameras in Denbigh too, filming female patients.

            Well, Dafydd’s mate Linford Rees was doing the same in London with his patients and the kids in care in the children’s homes in north Wales were used for porn with animals.

            Come on Hutt et al, you have been so voluble about me in the past, where’s your voice now that I’ve gone public on some of the things that were going on?

            Anyone for watching the Vagina Monologues and feeling all sanctimonious, ah the money’s going to Wimmin’s Aid. Yeah, its why I was so rude about the crass voyeurism and I wouldn’t give the bastards a penny.

            Here they come with the collection tin IN PUBLIC so you can’t say no, but ooh that bloody Sally Baker has done it again, she’s Refused To Donate, isn’t that just her all over, well we all know about her don’t we…

            Let’s not forget the blokes while we’re doing Empowerment. Boys of 13 sexually assaulted by groups of men and fitted up for sex offences against women when they were older if they complained. Then forever outcast, particularly by health and social care professionals who know that they are a Risk. Nasty Men!! We’ve heard all about them… Dr Dafydd Alun Jones wrote a report on them…

  2. Dafydd! I’m told that I am in the porn library and that’s why none of you could leave me alone! Er, presumably taken when I was in Denbigh then? Or in the C&A hospital when I was under anaesthetic and given that infected blood transfusion but fortunately didn’t contract anything?

    Can I have copies of the pics please Dafydd? Are there any royalties due to me?

    When you’ve done that, perhaps we can begin to sort out the forged documents, the fabricated PNC showing a criminal record against my name that I didn’t actually incur and so many other things…

    1. With reference to the dreadful John Thornton, latterly of Bangor Business School, who features in the above post.

      Those of us who weren’t Of The Business School used to piss ourselves laughing at John Thornton who lived in Washington DC and was Professor of Global Finance at Bangor. I entertained a group of Cardiff residents with a sense of humour once by telling them that we had a Professor of Global Finance at Bangor, they just fell about, Global Finance at Bangor??? I was confused as well, because I couldn’t understand why anyone tolerated Thornton with his nasty bullying ways and hatred toward Wales, let alone paid the bastard (much more than anyone else as well from what I was told) to insult everyone.

      Thornton surpassed himself at an IWA event that was held at Bangor University. He described himself on the flyer that was sent around with the speaker’s biographies as having worked for the World Bank, as the Director of the Western Hemisphere no less. Yes, it was very very funny, this absolute bastard who sulked and glowered around Bangor had been the Director of the Western Hemisphere. Although it did explain the mess that the Western Hemisphere was in.

      Anyway the Chair of the Event was Merfyn, I just knew what was going to happen, as Merfyn had to introduce the speakers to Important People in the audience, I knew that Merfyn would do his polite Guvnor of the BBC bit and Thornton would be as rude and disrespectful as poss to show everyone that he was so much more Bigger than Bangor. Yes, it happened, Merfyn was there saying ‘This is John Thornton, he’s been with us for two years now, he was previously at the World Bank’ and Thornton could hardly be bothered to grunt ‘hello’ to people. I just thought ‘oh knee him in the knackers Merfyn, knee him in the knackers and tell him to piss off back to the World Bank because we don’t want him here’.

      But Guvnors don’t do that sort of thing, so the Professor of Global Finance was as rude as buggery until his turn to speak came, when he listened to himself. What was the Professor of Global Finance’s solution to the problems of the Welsh economy? It is to turn Wales into a tax haven no less, like the Isle of Man, because Wales is such a shite dump that is the only reason why anyone would ever want to live there according to Thornton.

      Dafydd Wigley sat there looking like thunder, Merfyn looked like he wanted to puke and I just wished that someone would present Thornton with a list of all the wrongdoing in the Business School of which he was at the centre and tell him to go and live on the Isle of Man himself.

      I was told that the reason why Thornton, the Business School and their associated joke of a Management Centre were causing such problems was that the vulgar capitalist bastards over there hated Merfyn, Merfyn being an old leftie. I was also told that the swindles were out of control and one of the people in the thick of it all who had helped set up the Management Centre before Merfyn ever became VC, was Elfed Roberts, the former Deputy Chief Constable of North Wales who was kicked out of the police for corruption, then appointed Chair of the NW Wales NHS Trust and a Governor of Bangor University… Elfed was such a crook that people in the Business School were blackmailing the University over his wrongdoing.

      One Dafydd Wigley was a leading light on the Board of the Management Centre. So had Lord Wigley not been complicit with the Gang, with Elfed’s wrongdoing – Elfed being a mate of Dafydd’s – and the extensive criminality, he would have been able to confront those bastards in the Business School and a twat of the highest order who declared his desire to turn Wales into a tax haven. Presumably so Thornton and his mates could use it as their playground and the natives could cook their breakfasts, clean their bogs etc etc.

      Bangor had to tolerate a bastard like John Thornton who, in the words of one member of staff, was ‘milking this university for all that he can’ because of Dafydd and the Gang’s people trafficking and drugs business. Which, as I have discovered, had links to city firms, via Lord Peter Walker, Jim Slater and Nigel Lawson… See post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’….

      Who’s fault? That old leftie Merfyn of course, who else? Merfyn just couldn’t see how Important the Business School was! The Business School told us that constantly. While they treated their postgrad students so badly that the students came to academics in the School of Social Sciences for mentoring…

      1. Now here’s a puzzle.

        As the War On Merfyn escalated from No 10, the Chair of Council at Bangor University was Lord Mervyn Davies. Lord Davies is from Gwynedd, a Labour politician and a banker no less. He went to Rydal School, which has educated all sorts including Ken Barlow from Coronation Street. There have been historical investigations into the abuse of boys at Rydal.

        Mervyn Davies was Chairman of Standard Chartered PLC between November 2006 and January 2009, having been Chief Executive between 2001 and 2006 and a Director since 1997.

        Since 2010, Davies has held executive roles on the board of Corsair Capital LLC where he is the Chairman and a partner, a private equity investor. Davies is also a non-executive Director of Diageo.

        From 2014, Davies was Chairman of Jack Wills a fashion business. In August 2016 Sky News reported that Davies was to stand down as Jack Wills was taken over in a private equity transaction involving Bluegem taking a minority stake in the company, following reported losses.

        In November 2013, Davies became Chairman of the Garden Bridge Trust. The bridge was intended to be built largely from privately donated funds, but on 26 July 2016 the BBC reported that Davies had approached the Secretary of State for Transport seeking an extension of a £15m government underwriting commitment until September 2017. £37.7m had been spent on preliminary works, but construction of the bridge had not started and was being delayed until the autumn of 2016. However, the project was subsequently further delayed, and construction of the bridge did not start in 2016. In January 2017 the Garden Bridge Trust lodged its accounts with Companies House but was unable to classify itself as a going concern, due to uncertainties about the funding and planning permissions needed for the bridge. Davies insisted that the Garden Bridge Trust expected to start construction “in 2017”, but the project was scrapped in August of that year, having spent taxpayers’ funds of £50m.

        In May 2015 Davies was appointed Deputy Chairman of the LetterOne Group, an investment business in the energy, technology and telecom sectors. He is currently the non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of both L1 Holdings and L1 Investment Holdings.

        Mervyn Davies was made a life peer in 2009, with Ministerial posts in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and in the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. He later held posts in Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and in Trade, Investment and Small Business. Mervyn Davies was in one of those posts when Gordon Brown was PM, but left very quickly, so quickly that there was media discussion as to why, but no-one ever knew. I was still working at Bangor when Lord Mervyn was hired and fired again by Gordon. A member of staff suggested that Gordon was so dodgy that Lord Mervyn may have found his Gov’ts practices unacceptable. I don’t know anything about Lord Mervyn’s own practices so I can’t comment.

        I don’t know Lord Mervyn, I have never spoken to him. But previous posts have discussed how Gordon’s mates like Lord Jack McConnell gained power in the Scottish Labour Party because they were at university with my friends and in turn Gordon fed off them and that Gordon was mates with the Hobsbawms and Uncle Harry’s nephew.

        Someone at Bangor did think that I was supping with Lord Mervyn though and probably told people that: Gwilym ap Gruffudd, who befriended me, extracted information, hacked into my computer and passed the hacked material to those we know and love.

        As Gwil tried to pump me for more and more info, he was desperate to find out who helped me financially when my Legal Aid ran out and also who I was interviewing for the political elites project that I was doing at the time and the Bertrand Russell project. I had offered everyone involved confidentiality so I refused to tell him. He would run names past me demanding to know if ‘it was them’. At one point Gwil got very irate and yelled ‘its Lord Mervyn Davies isn’t it, everyone knows that you went off to meet him’. ‘Everyone’ presumably being the Gwerin and the Gang.

        No Gwil, honestly, I’ve never met Lord Mervyn. But you being a nasty, backstabbing gossip who told the Gwerin and the Gang that I had, might have been the reason for Lord Mervyn being fired by Gordon, who knew about me and perceived me as a very big threat.

        I’m sorry if my misjudgement in maintaining a friendship with a rat of the highest order got you the sack Lord Mervyn.

        I’ll just let Gordon know here that Gwil’s family were members of the Gang, NHS and social service workers and Gwil knew a great deal about the rent boy scene in Cardiff and Chester, including Ugandan discussions of a heterosexual nature. He was blackmailing loads of people; I found out when he sold me his old laptop. It had a great deal of information on that he hadn’t cleaned off. I didn’t even have to hack into anything, it was all there. Gwil was even planning on trying to try and get off with one of Merfyn the VC’s relatives for blackmailing purposes.

        No I haven’t blackmailed anyone over the info on that laptop, I’m not Gwil. I didn’t interview Lord Mervyn and if anyone did throw him out of Gov’t on the basis of a rumour put around by a jealous criminal I can only say that if business had not been routinely conducted on the basis of that sort of conduct for decades, it would never have happened.

        Child porn with bestiality Gordon. Sexual assaults on female patients. Not very nice really was it? You were mates with the people who ensured that it was not stopped, including the Hobsbawms.

        1. Lord Mervyn Davies was something to do with the Gov’t Dept run by Mandelson. Mandy’s right hand woman at the time was the daughter of Ron Evans, the crooked lawyer who worked for Gwynedd County Council and stitched up victims of the Gang – including me, Ron’s name is all over my documents – and kept that lot out of prison. His wife was a lecturer in Bangor University.

          I have been told since writing the comment above that rather than me getting Lord Mervyn the push, it was Lord Mervyn’s doing that I was made redundant!! I haven’t seen any documentation though, so I’ll hold fire for the moment.

          So I’ll just remind everyone that in 2008, when Gordon was PM, Merfyn’s wife died in the ‘care’ of Dafydd’s colleagues.

          It’s what happens when you don’t stand up to gangsters everyone. All you who are Under Cover because it was Such A Big Problem: you didn’t stop them, you left me and others to rot in their hands and they damn well killed Merfyn’s wife. We told you, we told you in 1987 that they were killing the patients and you did not stop them. You left us with them.

  3. Under the Holy Fool Among a Feast of Fools post, I spotted the name Bill Fryer. Rumour has it that this man is undertaking a medicine degree at Bristol University. If so, this raises interesting questions about their admissions procedure, as he’s unlikely to have satisfied the usual competitive process for enrolment.

    1. Yes, several people left comments about this matter in the comments facility following the ‘Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ post earlier this morning, but because the whole post was jammed by unknown sources, I was unable to post the comments up.

      It’ll be DGE Wood and Cameron behind this and of course other people In High Places. Bill Fryer would not have passed the usual entrance criteria for Bristol on a number of levels, the most obvious one being age. Fryer will be well into middle age now and medical schools, although more liberal than they used to be, are loath to admit students older than their mid 30s because of the time taken to complete the training and the feeling that there won’t be much working life in an expensively trained Top Doc if they’re into their 40s by the time they qualify. There are many more aspects to Fryer’s biography that would make medical schools quail.

      DGE Wood and his corrupt network ran Bristol Medical School and Wood made it his business to find out about the person in Somerset whom Fryer made friends with when the Gang were giving me grief. David Hunt also has clout at Bristol University and many others named on this blog. I suspect that Fryer threatened to Tell All if a medical school place or something nice wasn’t forthcoming. Last time that I looked a few years ago Fryer was twatting about in the financial services, but at the spiv end of the spectrum rather than the Very Big Capitalist end.

      Fryer was seriously ill with a psychotic condition when he was younger and ended up in a secure unit; he may have been a twat but when I found out I felt quite sorry for him, I thought ‘oh well, it’ll be Dafydd-land for him now’. Obviously not, well he knows Cameron and threw shit at me didn’t he, so I’m sure that Mr Fryer won’t mind if I let on that his offences and condition were far more serious than anything that I ever was involved with, but then Mr Fryer didn’t refuse to shut up about Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist.

      Fryer’s dad was someone grand but I don’t know who.

      I’m fairly sure that Fryer was still in touch with the Dangerous Sports Club when the Bulgarian bloke was killed…

      Questions need to be asked of Bristol University rather than Bill Fryer per se. And of course of Call Me Dave.

      I only recently realised that Cameron knew Fryer et al. I have mapped many other links to Cameron but it didn’t click that Cameron was an Oxford undergrad – as of course was Boris – when their peers decided that the Cottage Inn Fiddington was the place to be until the other day.

      1. Here’s another of Dodgy Dave’s friends, the MP for Richmond, Zac Goldsmith.

        Zac’s dad was of course Private Eye’s old friend Sir Jams Fishpaste. Among many other things, Sir Jams was a friend of Jim Slater, the crooked asset stripper who was mates with Nigel Lawson and mates with and a business partner of Peter Walker, Thatch’s Cabinet Minister who knew Dafydd and Beata Brookes back in the late 1950s when the trafficking business was embryonic. See post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’. Walker did everything he could to ensure that the Gang remained in business and indeed expanded their enterprise.

        Call Me Dave embraced Zac as an ecologically-minded Tory in 2005 when Call Me Dave became Leader. Zac joined the Richmond Tories and was put on Call Me Dave’s 2010 A list for candidates and Zac was duly elected as MP for Richmond.

        As any fule kno, Richmond-upon-Thames was the location of a big abuse ring linked to the others in the 1980s. The Director of Social Services for Richmond, Louis Minster, was abusing kids in care. The police organised a raid on a house that they knew Minster was using for sex and because they knew that kids would be there, they had to inform social services to look after the kids. The Social Services told Minster that the raid was planned and Minster made himself scarce… Louis Minster had previously worked in Oxfordshire Social Services, where he had been protected by Barbara Kahan and her husband child psych Vladimir Kahan. Babs was a Gov’t social work adviser, to Heath’s Gov’t and then she stayed as a Gov’t adviser for years afterwards… See previous posts for more info.

        Elm Guest House was near Richmond, the notorious B&B frequented by Cyril Smith and allegedly Leon Britain. Peter Morrison enjoyed himself at Richmond as well. See previous posts…

        It was Zac who co-ordinated a cross-party group of MPs to call for an Inquiry into child sex abuse. He co-wrote a letter to the then Home Secretary Theresa May demanding a full independent inquiry with six other MPs: Tim Loughton, Tom Watson, Simon Danczuk, John Hemming, Tessa Munt and Caroline Lucas. Call Me Dave initially rejected the call but was subsequently forced to concede, after 145 further MPs added their names to Goldsmith et al.’s.

        Now we have the stooge Alexis Jay Chairing the Inquiry, the Alexis who is pals with Lord Jack McConnell and the Alexis who concealed abuse and was responsible for the Orkney Satanic Panic.

        If Zac is still keen on finding out who was involved in the Westminster Paedophile Ring, he might care to have a chat with Dr Alice Levinson. Alice lives in Richmond-upon-Thames, is a psychotherapist and runs a private practice there. Alice supervises other therapists and PhD students.

        I remember Alice. Alice worked at Springfield Hospital/St George’s when I was admitted to Springfield in early 1991. Alice read the documentation compiled by her own Top Doc bosses – Alice being a junior doc at the time – that stated that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and that they thought that Tony Francis was too, that Dafydd described me as ‘attractive and seductive’, that I was suicidal because of the constant arrests… Alice spoke to me twice while I was in Springfield for three weeks and like her colleagues, refused to treat me. It was Alice who wrote my ‘discharge letter’. Alice stated that I was not psychotic or deluded but I was suicidal over the constant arrests at the behest of the Gang. As far as Alice was concerned, Dafydd finding me attractive and seductive was my fault. She didn’t actually accuse me of having encouraged Dafydd in any way, but Alice knew that with a problem like this, I should be denied care and referred to the forensic team ‘for containment’ no less. The forensic team was of course St Helena Kennedy’s mate Prof Nigel Eastman, who told me to go back to north Wales because Dafydd knew me and was my doctor.

        I remember Alice being very cold, very posh and very snotty, but I didn’t find her letter until a few years ago when more of my medical files arrived from my lawyers. See previous posts for full details of Alice and her letter…

        That was in 1991 Zac, they were running an international trafficking ring and Alice was part of it. She is living on your doorstep now, running a psychotherapy practice.

        Ah – did Call Me Dave know that Zac?? Is that WHY you were on the A list for er Richmond Park???

        It was Alice’s boss’s friend, another Top Doc at St George’s, who told me that a member of the Royal Family’s gynae notes had been passed around London for everyone’s entertainment. A member of the Royal Family who had split up from her husband and was causing the Firm a lot of trouble…

        Totally confidential!! Her bloody medical records were doing the rounds while she opened hospitals and Supported Charidees. Dear old Jimmy Savile was hobnobbing with her as well. Readers will realise that this can only be one of two Royal ex-wives and no I am not going to say which one. For all their flaws they were both treated like crap.

        Deal with these people someone, JUST DEAL WITH THEM.

        JIMMY SAVILE – WE DIDN’T KNOW. You did, you all bloody did. And everyone wondered what the hell he was doing dispensing marriage guidance to Fergie n Di. He was friends with their people trafficking personal Top Docs, that is why.

        Sir Jams married many times and had a lot of bits on the side as well. Zacs mum was Annabel. I think that I am right in saying that the nightclub Annabel’s was named after her… Er who frequented Annabel’s? The former husband of the lady to whom the Dirty Digger is married and many more in the circle of folk whom Patient F knew a great deal about from his youth. And all the stars who had been in Liverpool in the 1960s when dear old Dafydd was running his business there. Cilla. Mates with Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain at St George’s who was the boss of the Doc who told me about those Royal medical records…

        Zac’s sister Jemima went to Frances Holland School, which is where Ronnie Waterhouse’s daughters went. Marcus Brigstocke’s mum taught there. The Marcus who did a benefit gig to raise money for St David’s Hospice in Llandudno, when Alun Davies was CEO of the hospice. After Davies had failed to have me imprisoned after all that perjury…

        Jemima married Imran Khan. Imran turned up as Chancellor of Bradford University. After I’d been working with two Bradford academics for about two years… It was noticed because we were publishing critical stuff about Miranda’s HE policy. And the mental health services in Bradford were nearly as bad as those in north Wales as well so we began collecting data. Then my friends were sort of elbowed out of their jobs and later I was made redundant.

        Never mind, I’ve got time to investigate Sir Jams now.

        Sir Jams Fishpaste was friends with Lord Lucan, who made his escape while a dead nanny lay in his house and St George’s Hospital wasted time by declaring his wife nuts when she turned up with a head wound alleging that Jams’s pal had tried to kill her.

        Sir Jams died suddenly of pancreatic cancer at his home in France on 18 July 1997, seven months into the Waterhouse Inquiry, when Ronnie Waterhouse was hearing evidence from the former kids in care who were being called liars. Sir Jams. Another one Who Knew who pegged out from pancreatic cancer all of a sudden like. David Ennals, Pat Pottle and the others… There was a lot of pancreatic cancer among the witnesses. The old buggers who were mates with those who ran the ring were clobbered with pancreatic cancer and the kids in care and Empowered Service Users were found hanging.

        When Sir Jams died I was on the list of the er forensic team in Gwynedd and Tony Francis was declaring me to be dangerous. Patient F was being loaded up with so much ‘medication’ that it was seriously affecting his functioning but he wouldn’t listen to me… He kept wondering what was wrong with him. I was refusing to take all the ‘medication’ being suggested which was why I was such a problem. That and my highly developed system of paranoid delusions re Dafydd and the gang of course. And those terrible wicked allegations that I was still making about ‘a deceased doctor’. It was Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist, whom no-one even dared mention anymore.

        July 1997. Miranda was PM and Merfyn’s late wife Nerys had just published that article in Prospect magazine about the sexual ‘incident’ on a female student at Bangor and a member of staff…

        Anyone for a Royal Gynaecologist and Jimmy Savile as a marriage guidance counsellor??

        Things Can Only Get Better!!

        By the way, re Cool Cymru, with Gruff Rhys and Cerys Matthews and other children of the Gang becoming rock stars and being embraced by Miranda:

        Eric Hobsbawm’s daughter: PR lady, in business with Gordon Brown’s wife.
        Eric’s son: businessman, precisely music and the media industry…

        ‘That’s my dad that you’re talking about’.

        Well it was my friends who were found dead Spoilt Bastards, beat that.

        1. It is now well known that before Call Me Dave went for some big prize, either as candidate for Tory MP or the Leadership, a call to Conservative Central Office was made telling them that they were about to meet an extraordinary young man… The call came from Buck House but no-one has ever revealed who made it.

          An extraordinary young man. Inhabiting the same sewer as Backdoor Billy and the rest of them.

          Are you sure that the medical records of Sam Of The Dolphin Tattoo – carried out when Sam was an art student in BRISTOL – are secure Dave???

          Here’s a clue: Call Me Dave – Oxford University and MP for Oxfordshire constituency – Dave’s mum was an Oxford magistrate – Tony Francis had a pal who took up a Chair at Oxford a few years before Dave became Leader, one Mark Williams. Then Tom Burns previously of St George’s joined Mark at the Oxford Dept of Psychiatry…

          Tony Francis knew all about Bill Fryer and his gorilla suit. I didn’t tell him but Ella, the Angel who ran the Day Centre asked me a great deal about the gorilla suit man and his friends…

    1. I know; people just don’t seem to get it!

      Remember Call Me Dave’s credential’s to New Manhood and Supporting the NHS? It was Ivan, his little boy who was born with severe disabilities, needed a great deal of care and died young. I never doubted the seriousness of Ivan’s condition but as I saw all those pics of Ivan and his mum n dad with the Top Docs and Angels beaming broadly accompanied by the headlines of Ah the doctors they were marvellous, I marvelled that no-one had pointed out the obvious ie. that parents with children as disabled as Ivan who did not have the mountains on money possessed by Cam n Sam NEVER had the sort of care for their kids that Ivan had, because the Cams topped it all up with private care. I can absolutely understand why they did that and no I don’t blame them one bit, their child deserved to be as comfortable as possible but I knew people with family members seriously disabled in north Wales and they were left to bloody well suffer…

      The parents developing depression because they couldn’t cope with the burden of care, then there was no bloody care for the parents, I knew of seriously disabled kids who were damaged as a result of the SAME obstetrician at Bangor, whoops another brain damaged baby, we’ll deny all knowledge, give those parents NO support and they’ll be too exhausted and trodden down to take on the Top Doc who was doing it. He emigrated to Oz when he finally killed a baby. He then followed a successful career down there. One of the fathers of the babies who ended up brain damaged was a policeman who said that he’d fucking kill that Doc if he ever saw him again. Only he didn’t ever see him again and the evidence pointing to serious negligence was kept from the policeman until the Doc had emigrated.

      By the way, in terms of the women who were literally abused in labour at St David’s Hospital and at Ysbyty Gwynedd, if a woman went after revenge, I was told that a great deal of rearranging of the furniture went on to ensure that she never met the Doc who had abused her… This even happened to a woman who had a jug of water thrown over her by an Angel when she was in labour…

      Bit like me and Gwynne!! He’s gone, he’s gone, he doesn’t work here any more!! Then why did I see him going up to the Student Health Centre??? He was off up there to hold his clinics…

      The same with Dafydd. Because I and F would not shut up AND we went to the Mental Health Act Commission, they couldn’t do the usual, so Dafydd ‘retired’. Only he didn’t, he was given the contract to provide drug and alcohol services for the whole of north Wales. Then he did the Court reports, the sheltered housing, the care homes, the PTSD, the sex therapy, oh obviously, retired…

      David Cameron did deals with a trafficking gang to get his job and he touted that baby around to show us all how Caring he was.

      1. I’m turning into Thatch a la
        I’m enjoying this, I’m enjoying this!!

        If only someone had told me that the problems that I and my friends were having were literally co-ordinated by that old cow because of Dafydd, Peter Morrison, George Thomas and Savile, I’d have appeared in the House and had a bit of fun myself.

        1. Right. Jonathan Dimbleby. Carlo’s mate.

          Dimbleby was the one who declared that Diana was suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. That diagnosis was given to virtually everyone at Hergest who wasn’t getting better because of the paucity of care. I heard that said about Di BEFORE Dimbleby made it public.

          Which Top Doc was leaking info about Di to smear her??

          Who ‘diagnosed’ her??

          Anyone for a celebrity Top Doc who runs a trafficking ring?? A gynaecologist perhaps??

          Its Geoffrey Chamberlain!!

          Geoffrey’s wife Jocelyn invented the smear testing programme…

          Guess which medical records were being passed around???

          As Rolf Harris would have said ‘Can you tell what it is yet??’

          1. Chamberlain was a Labour Party supporter of the vintage to have been developing his career when Richard Crossman was running things…

            So who diagnosed Di? It’s like Rumpelstiltskin. Was it Tom Burns?? Was it Robin Jacobson? Was it Ruth White? Was it Alice Levinson? Or one of the wider network?

            Di didn’t always see traditional Top Docs. She saw Susie Orbach. Susie didn’t seem to be very effective, but it made Susie’s career…

            Susie, if I heard about the rent boy ring among the servants at Buck House, I’m sure that you noticed a few things out of place.

      2. There weren’t any wolves in North Yorkshire but there are now. The family seat has a new Master and the 14 are no longer in a ring.

        1. Sadie Francis grew up in Yorkshire, where her mother was a Top Doc. Sadie’s gran was a Top Doc as well, one of the first women in Britain to qualify.

          A longstanding paedophile ring in Yorkshire, run by Docs, going back generations…

          Take a look at the news clips in the wake of the Savile Inquiry. NHS big wig after NHS big wig wheeled out in front of the camera wearing their sober face: How he did this in plain sight we do not know. No one person is to blame, it was systemic organisational failure… We apologise to the victims and will do all we can to get to the truth…

          I missed it all at the time. It happened while I had been unlawfully sectioned, after being violently assaulted by a barrister’s daughter in front of witnesses. She walked away from the scene and when I went to report the attack to the police I was sectioned. I was banged up for more than a year altogether, on the grounds of my serious mental illness, which was manifested by me alleging research fraud on the part of Mark Williams and a paedophile ring in north Wales. As I sat in the locked ward, I did see the occasional news report of people being convicted for historical sex assaults on children in north Wales.

          None of my complaints about my unlawful detention for more than a year were investigated by the Welsh Gov’t.

          They knew about Savile, they knew about St George’s, they knew about north Wales. I spent 35 yrs watching it and I repeatedly raised concerns. Never any investigations.

          No-one to blame at all. As my old infant teacher would have said, it was Mr Nobody.

          Anyone for another Public Inquiry?

          1. Here’s another gnat on the bum of humanity but readers will only have heard of her if they read the glossy women’s magazines or listen to youth radio: Dr Petra the Sex Therapist!!

            Dr Petra aka Petra Boyton was, many moons ago, a PhD student of Brown’s. Petra wasn’t up to much as a PhD student, but I’ll leave it there.

            How Dr Petra got to be sex therapist Brown wasn’t sure, because her PhD was nothing to do with that and as far as Brown was aware Dr Petra didn’t do another PhD or indeed very much at all.

            Anyway, up popped Dr Petra, in the glossies, in the lads mags, on the radio. She didn’t give a stuff about Brown even after all the er extra help needed to get her through that PhD, but Brown had been used by so many by then that it was water off a duck’s back. Another ruthless selfish cow.

            Imagine my surprise while when I was doing my PhD or it might have been just after I’d finished, Brown received an e mail out of the blue from Dr Petra, telling him that she was researching work-place bullying and Brown said to me in view of what had happened to me at St George’s, would I like to take part? I said yes because I was always asking people to take part in my own research… So I replied to Petra, giving her the info that she had asked about. I heard nothing. I mentioned it to Brown and observed that this was rather bad, not to say thanks. Brown said that sadly Petra was selfish and rude and he’d mention it to her.

            I then received a truly bizarre and offensive e mail from Dr Petra. Dr Petra told me that she was glad that taking part in her research had helped me. I was straight onto Brown, FUMING. Brown said ‘Oh God, that is the trouble with Petra, she patronises people… Don’t worry about it’.

            I can’t remember if I wrote back to Dr Petra to explain that I had helped her, not the other way around.

            However, I would now like to ask Dr Petra, who put her up to it and to whom did she forward the piece that I wrote about St George’s?

            Not that I told Dr Petra any state secrets. I would never take someone who calls herself Dr Petra the Sex Therapist and appears in lads mags and Cosmo seriously anyway and the one thing that has pissed me off throughout my entire life is foul people who have tried to ingratiate themselves to me and then smugly told other people that I have ‘confided’ in them. There is only one person whom I trust with everything and that is Brown, no matter what an airhead like Dr Petra thinks.

            Now Dr Petra, would you like to pass on to Brown some of the fees that you have earned for touting yourself around as a sex therapist, which I don’t think that you are, but you were able to dupe the readers of lads mags with that title of yours. Do you remember that PhD Petra? And all the um er extra help that you had, a great deal of help from what I remember because poor Petra was a bit stupid and bone fucking idle and not a great deal of work was done was it Petra?

            Petra bagged a number at UCL and did very nicely for herself. Brown was astonished in view of how hopeless she is. But then Fungus Lowe’s mates worked at UCL as does Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, daughter of kitten-blinder Prof Colin and Sarah-Jayne bagged a great deal of dosh from the Wellcome Trust to study Mindfulness with Mark Williams…

  4. Re your comment on Scarborough Mr Wolf:

    Scarborough mental health services are atrocious and they too tell distressed people that the have borderline personality disorders and leave them to kill themselves. One of my friends tried very hard to get help for a seriously distressed person in Scarborough and it was the same familiar tale… GPs flatly refusing to treat them – unlawful but it happens and more than anyone admits – and a hospital claiming that they have nothing to offer.

    Scarborough Hospital has a crap reputation locally and has had for years. Well Savile ran the town didn’t he.

    Remember a few years ago there was a bit on the news about a Top Dr who was a member of ISIS and he was used by ISIS to advise on how to inflict maximum pain on people when they were murdered? The ISIS doctor had previously worked in the UK. Only two hospitals were foolish enough to employ him: Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and Scarborough. My friend from Scarborough rang me up rolling about laughing…

    There was no comment from the NHS in Wales or England.

    By the way, Scarborough now has its own university; its an outpost of Hull University and I hear that it is troubled…

    1. Councillor Thomas W ‘ Tom’ Fox
      Conservative Party Politician, former Mayor of Scarborough Borough Council is not related.
      He does have a former ‘sheep in wolves clothing ‘ life as Chief Inspector Fox of North Yorkshire Police , in charge of policing Scarborough and keeping Peter and Jimmy on side.

    2. Here’s how Confiding In The Top Docs works:

      F had a very low opinion of Top Docs particularly at Bethesda surgery, but like most of Bethesda, he thought that Nicky Heinersdorff was the best Doc there. Dr H had a much better manner than her colleagues who had no idea how to talk to another human being, but Dr H was there to get the info and feed it back to the Gang so they could then inflict maximum damage. Dr H had known F for years, absolutely years and she knew that he had wanted a family with his first wife but that never happened and so he was well-chuffed when he was 40 and the partner who set him up on the orders of the Gang got pregnant. Previous posts have explained how, after F had been fleeced of his money and property, when the baby was two weeks old F was frozen out and false allegations about him were made by the Gang; Dr H was part of that, although F and I didn’t realise that Dr H was involved at the time.

      F told me how he had told Dr H how pleased he was to have become a father at last at 40 and that he just couldn’t believe it that after all that, he had been wrongly accused, on the grounds of no evidence at all, by people who were known to have a track record of dishonesty and that his baby was in a house with two people who it had been admitted had both assaulted children. F said to me ‘I could see that she was very sympathetic, she’s definitely better than the others down there’.

      Now Brown had already told me that he was very worried about Dr H, based on the contents of a letter that she had written about F years previously. So imagine my surprise when, not long after F had said all that to Dr H, WPC Jo Bott, the corrupt child protection officer who was part of the Gang, turned up at our house, sat down and asked ME if I wanted to apply for access to F’s baby. QUE??? The baby was nothing to do with me, his mum was F’s previous partner who had behaved dreadfully anyway, sent one of her mates over to my place to try and intimidate me into giving her money – I had already paid off £1000 worth of bills that she’d run up in F’s name – I could see that this was really bad news and my main priority was to tell F that these were massively exploitative people and he was well out of it. The last thing that I was going to do was walk into the minefield myself.

      So I said ‘no, absolutely not, I don’t want anything to do with any of that family’. Jo Bott didn’t leave the house straight away, she sat there repeating ‘he’s a lovely baby you know, ooh lovely, ooh the nicest baby I’ve seen for a long time’.

      Sort of the Marjorie Dawes of child protection. I ignored the repeated questions of ‘are you sure that you wouldn’t like to express an interest?’

      Bott eventually left. Before she went out of the door she told me to stop harassing F’s ex partner. I had had no contact with F’s ex partner since he had split up with her. The £1000 to pay her bills was sent directly to the people owed the dosh.

      Lovely baby Jo! Lovely lovely baby! Go over and tell the man who YOU AND DR H et al wrongly accused and prevented from ever seeing his own child what a lovely, lovely, lovely baby he is! Then have a go at F’s new partner! She’s a Service User and Female ooh she must be a drip, lovely lovely baby, can we have some more money please while we go on about a lovely lovely baby??

      No? She hasn’t fallen for this shameless scam?? Ooh let’s do her for harassment!! Not that there has been any harassment, I mean Bott wouldn’t have sat there dangling a lovely, lovely, lovely baby on a rope if there had been would she??

      We heard a bit more about a lovely lovely lovely baby a few months later. We were offered baby photos! We said ‘look get out of it, we are not interested’. Another offer of baby photos came yet a few months after that.. They must have needed a bit more cash…

      Jo Bott was one of those who replied ‘no comment’ to every question that she was asked during the investigation into the North Wales Police investigation into a possible paedophile ring.

      Martin, a witness to the framing of F re the allegations which prevented him from seeing his own baby, was found dead in the road in Bethesda either just before or during the Waterhouse Inquiry.

      I have been sent details of that bizarre meeting that we had with Bott. Someone had bugged the place and they knew what she was doing. That was in 1993.

      They knew. In 1993, someone – presumably the security services – knew what that woman AND everyone who colluded with her were doing.

      So why was Martin found dead? Why were we all left in the hands of these utterly ruthless, sadistic, crazed criminals? To be taken to Court repeatedly because we did not fall for crass scams like being duped into begging to see other people’s children – or in F’s case his own child – in return for giving money to thieves and cheats?

      No-one knew about a gang in north Wales. No-one.

      It’s me that was the problem. Ooh I was a terror. I had a brain and I was not easily intimidated.

      I keep feeling like telling the police to get out there and arrest someone, but there is not a great deal of point. Martin is dead and MI5 probably heard his murder being planned by the police.

      1. Interestingly enough Mr Wolf, Rachub had a Tom as well and I’ve been told that Tom gave a bit of help to Jo Bott and co when Evidence was needed re F’s Risk to his own child.

        Tom lived in a terrace near us but not for long. Tom was a former Bethesda resident who F knew back in the 1980s, but F didn’t like Tom. F maintained that Tom was violent to women and children and when Tom reappeared in Rachub in the early 1990s, he was living with a young woman and her children, which is why F told me about Tom’s Previous. F kept saying ‘don’t go near Tom, he’s bad news, he’s horrible, keep away’. Tom was good mates with Karl, a previous star of this blog. Karl dealt in drugs, quite openly, but the biggest problem with Karl was his sexual exploitation of vulnerable people. F was sure that they had been forced into providing sexual services for Karl and Brown thought that Karl must have been paying them. Karl was exploiting a former Denbigh patient and he used to go to Chester…

        I used to wonder why Karl was never done for dealing because it was no secret, there was a queue of customers at his door every day. I just thought that Karl was bonkers because once he told F ‘the drug squad leave me alone because I police the area for them, I keep the big dealers out’. We spent a long time laughing at the idea that a herpes and AIDS raddled Karl was policing the area for the drug squad. If he was, he wasn’t keeping the crime down very effectively, Malcolm Fox was dealing drugs, one of Slob Ingham’s psych patients was supplying the regulars in the Royal Oak with everything they needed and one of Dafydd’s ‘substance abuse patients’ was doing a roaring trade as well. They were of course all working for the Gang, including Malcolm Fox because his girlfriend was a mental health professional who then married an Anglesey children’s social worker. Complete protection for all of them.

        And of course they knew what was happening to F and me…

        Tom had only been in Rachub a few months when one day we walked into the Hergest day centre and he was sitting there, with a massively bruised face. F asked him if he was OK and Tom snapped ‘of course I’m not, being seen in a place like this’. So F gave him a bollocking for his bigotry; Tom told F that his face was bashed up because he’d ‘been attacked’. We later found out that Tom had been attacked but only after he’d violently attacked a woman and a man had violently attacked him in revenge. Why was Tom in the Hergest?? He’d been told that one Tony Francis would write him a Court report that would keep him out of prison if he pleaded mental health problems.

        Tom went to the Hergest Unit day centre for about 3 weeks. He only went once a week, so that was the sum total of three days. He got the Court report, didn’t go to jail and then left Rachub not long after when his female partner kicked him out for being mad and violent.

        The story of Tom has a twist to it. I’ve received a message asking me if I remember him and did I know that he supplied false evidence about F and possibly me. I do remember Tom but I didn’t know about the evidence. It doesn’t surprise me though. However Tom was not just any old toe rag. The reason why Tom lorded it over the hippyish people in Bethesda was that Tom was either an ex-policeman or an ex-Military policeman. So he’d have got on very well with Jo Bott et al. If Tom had Military links, Dafydd would have been delighted to help him out in his hour of need.

  5. I noted that she’d been murdered after the ‘Lost Boys’ book deal and I immediately thought of Kincora… Was she investigating that?

    If like you or me you have witnessed the pack in action, the pleas of ‘we didn’t know’ and ‘it’s so hard to gain concrete evidence’ are farcical.

    I keep receiving bits and pieces on e mail and ‘ooh did you know that they said this about you as well, do you want to reply on the blog?’ but actually no, I can’t be bothered. I had 35 yrs of lies told about me because I confronted the Royal Lobotomist, I haven’t got time to explain every lie, every sleight and I don’t see why I should even feel that I have to. I have 10,000 documents in their own writing, signed by them, detailing serious crime in every agency that I ever had contact with. Numerous people bagged themselves jobs by simply agreeing to keep quiet about what they witnessed happening to me, why on earth should I stoop to counteracting the constant lies?

    Likewise the worst of their crimes. It’ll make you laugh but I haven’t put the worst here. I’m not going to, I have been told that it was all recorded undercover, all of it, not just me but many more. Everywhere was bugged but it was to protect them not us. I don’t mind publishing all this to expose them and let all their other targets know that it really wasn’t the targets it was THEM, because I had years in north Wales watching people crying for hours over what these bastards had done to them, people who couldn’t stop crying when they talked about the suicide of their offspring or who were telling me how they were violently raped and an Angel went and told all the neighbours, these people were absolutely dreadful. Another favourite was to extract the details out of patients who had been assaulted or put in danger and then go and do a deal with the people who they were trying to escape from.

    I do understand if other people want to prosecute them but I don’t. I’m not having any scumbag smugly tell me that they’ve Brought Them To Justice. They’ll never do that, people like Martin are dead and the people who planned his killing and carried it out are walking around north Wales laughing. They loved wallowing in their criminality, I used to be regularly smirked at, snapped at that my complaints weren’t getting very far were they, have people shove me accidentally on purpose when I was in shops etc. They didn’t understand that I just took the view that it all showed them up for what they were… Scumbags really.

    And believe me they are pathetic, I want all their victims to know that. They are the most weak pathetic snivellers on earth when they are ill, they all want a fucking footspa and a bit of Tixylix, they’re like Victorian Dad in Viz magazine, sadistically torturing other people but having Horlicks and slippers and time off work because they’ve got anxiety. And they all want their daughter to be a social worker or an Angel and another one to do medicine and they’ll damn well kill to get it as well. As for when they actually think they’re in trouble, hilarious, very quietly: ‘Ooh well, I could go to prison couldn’t I.’ They bring out EVERY defence they can. Then its the huge depression if they think that they might actually get banged up – not that they ever do – and I just used to think ‘I have heard you smugly snapping at deeply distressed people ‘well YOU’LL go to prison then won’t you??’ or ‘well you should have thought of that before you did it then’. Does anyone EVER say that to them when they are caught bang to rights? No. Its tea and sympathy and a Court report from Dafydd.

    1. I also received a request to take part in research from Professor John Geddes a Top Doc – psych – at Oxford who contacted me through Brown at about the same time that Dr Petra came knocking. John Geddes wasn’t downright offensive like Petra, but I did know who his colleagues were…

      1. ‘ I have a question..’ says the Catholic Priest.
        No, the politicians know they have a shared problem, a really, really big VIP problem and they don’t know what to do.
        The answer is not in their gift and they should all be very afraid because the truth is coming, whether you like it or not.

          1. Mr Wolf, how fascinated I was this morning to hear on the radio that the Top Docs are threatening to refuse to do the extra work needed to clear the NHS backlog unless their pay is increased, over and above the extra that they are already receiving. Don’t be fooled general public, these are not newly qualified junior docs on £35k pa exhausted and stressed. These are the big boys of the BMA who turn up to meetings with Gov’t officials and tell the Gov’t what to do.

            I’ll just let the Top Docs know that I haven’t published my in-depth post on Dr John Marks, BMA big wig for yrs who stuffed Thatcher and Ken Clarke over, because I’ve been busy with other matters, but its in the pipeline… John Marks the Top Doc AND barrister, so why was he involved in so much crime BMA??

            Before the BMA demand yet more cash for doing the work that has backed up as a result of their own fuckwittery, perhaps they could tell us why Tony Chadwick years ago constantly advised Tony Francis on how to criminalise me by perjury because I had complained about very serious crime. I have the documents. Tony Chadwick is still very much with us and at least a few yrs ago was still working as a BMA negotiator.

            BTW, in the early 1990s, Alwyn Jones, my lawyer in Bangor, told me that Dafydd had pissed so many people off that the Courts in north Wales were beginning to ignore his Expert reports. So Dafydd did the Court reports outside of north Wales and Tony Francis did all the Court reports for north Wales, because no-one had realised just how serious Tony’s crimes were.

            I have received a great deal of info about Tony. I haven’t put it up on the blog because it has not been backed up by documentary evidence, but I have been told in no uncertain terms that Tony was a bad, bad man, as bad as Dafydd but not as old, not as mad and a lot more credible. I have been told that it was widely known by his colleagues. The colleagues who sent us back to him again and again when we raised concerns about him.

            Before I received quite so much info on Tony, I was sent a one-liner which simply said ‘his wife knew about everything except the boys’.

            Tony has an ex-wife somewhere, Sadie was his second wife. No doubt Tony’s first wife could tell a few stories…

            Tony Francis: A Nice Young Doctor who arrived in north Wales after Dafydd had been damaged by the fall-out from Mary Wynch. Tony, a serious offender.
            Dafydd: A Nice Young Doctor who arrived in north Wales as a result of Gwynne the Lobotomist to the Royals leaving a dreadful smell across the region. Dafydd, a serious offender.
            I’m not sure who Gwynne replaced, there was a Colonel someone or other out at Denbigh before Gwynne, but I haven’t been able to access the documentation…

            Anyone for a Top Docs’ strike??
            Tell them to belt up, get back to work and seize the BMA’s assets. Proceeds of serious organised crime. The evidence is all there.

  6. Would the BMA like to explain the relationship between John Marks and his brother Prof Vincent Marks and Michael Marks, the man who yrs ago founded Marks & Spencer? Michael’s son Simon became Lord Marks and Simon had only one son Michael, the 2nd Baron Marks. Israel Sieff only became part of M&S at a later date.

    John and Vincent Marks came from a Jewish family as did Michael Marks.

    Presumably they are all the same extended family and that’s why M& S bankrolled the grandiose Belgravia offices of the Royal College of Psychs in the 1970s and were also involved in Top Doc initiatives…

    Michael Marks founded his business in Leeds. There were also links to Manchester Grammar School..

    Familiar themes.

    Does Cherie know John Marks? I always knew him for his Top Doctoring, but the Mansfield Community will know him far better as a barrister…

    It’s not about ‘Jews’ it’s about money and power and networks. As Little Nell Hodge knows.

    1. Sir Jams Fishpaste was Jewish as well and had a great deal of money indeed. So the flies will have been greatly attracted to that particular turd.

      Tony Francis was not Jewish his mum was a Catholic.

      It’s not just the Catholics either, in spite of what we’re hearing about priests.

      Call Me Dave isn’t Jewish or Catholic or a Top Doc. He’s an unscrupulous rat on the make. That is the running theme…

      1. I’m also wondering if Mark Birley, friend of Sir Jam’s crowd and founder of Annabel’s nightclub, is anything to do with Jim Birley, Dafydd’s crazy old mate who ran the ring at the Maudsley for years and was President of the Royal College of Psychs, although Jim had a psychotic breakdown, went bonkers and it was all a matter of ‘ooh he’s better now’. Er, not really, but then Jim was pretty out to lunch before he was genuinely clobbered by illness.

    1. Wonderful Mr Wolf, I’ve only just had time to watch this clip all the way through!

      A clapped out load of old tossers who pretended that they’d never really met Jimmy Savile right in the thick of it with him.

    1. Furthermore Wilf Proudfoot, Savile’s mate, was PPS to Keith Joseph, employed Christine Hamilton, wife of Neil Hamilton, as his secretary and was also PPS to Paul Bryan, the Tory MP for two Yorkshire constituencies and Minister in Ted Heath’s Gov’t.

      Paul Bryan’s an interesting man. Leading Tory in Macmillan through to Ted Heath’s day, involved in Granada TV and in the founding of Piccadilly Radio, where the BBC journo Nick Robinson cut his teeth in broadcasting. Bryan took Chris Patten on a jolly to Hong Kong.

      Ted Heath gave Paul Bryan a K in 1972.

      Bryan’s daughter was the paediatrician Elizabeth Bryan:

      Elizabeth Mary Bryan was a paediatrician who specialised in multiple births and twins. Elizabeth Bryan was born in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, the eldest of three daughters born to Sir Paul Bryan and Betty Hoyle, a physiotherapist. She was educated at Duncombe Park in Helmsley, and then Benenden School in Kent. She began her medical training at St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School in London, but she left her studies for a year to nurse her mother, who had developed bipolar disorder; she resumed her training at Scarborough General Hospital and qualified with an MBBS in 1966. Bryan trained as a paediatrician at York Hospital and at London’s Hammersmith Hospital. She returned to York in 1975 to work as a senior clinical medical officer. She first became interested in twins in 1973. She gained an MD in 1977 with her thesis on “Serum Immunoglobulins in Twin Pregnancy with Particular Reference to the Fetofetal Transfusion Syndrome”. In 1978, she co-founded the Twins and Multiple Births Association and published guidelines for healthcare workers on managing multiple births. She moved back to London in 1979, becoming a consultant paediatrician at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital. She was a senior research fellow and later a senior lecturer at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, where she taught until 1995. From 1987, she established specialised clinics for twins in London, York and Birmingham. In response to the rise in multiple births caused by the increasing popularity of IVF, she founded the Multiple Births Foundation, a charity that provides support to twins’ families, in 1988. She also campaigned for IVF providers to reduce the number of embryos they implanted, in order to decrease the incidence of multiple births. Bryan was married to Ronald Higgins, an ecologist and diplomat.

      Elizabeth Bryan was president of the Twins and Multiple Births Association from 1978 until 1984, and was a Trustee until 1991. She directed the Multiple Births Foundation from its founding in 1988 until 1998. She was elected president of the International Society for Twin Studies in 1998 and held the position until 2001. She was elected Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in 1989 and was a reader in paediatrics at Imperial College School of Medicine from 1995 until her retirement in 2005.

      Elizabeth Bryan discovered in 1975 that she carried the BRCA1 gene mutation, which predisposes carriers to ovarian and breast cancer. One of her sisters died from ovarian cancer, while the other developed breast cancer; as a precaution, Bryan had her ovaries removed in 1992 and a double mastectomy in 1992. She was eventually diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in 2005 and underwent surgery and chemotherapy. Bryan died on 21 February 2008.

      Savile’s pal’s daughter Elizabeth Bryan worked with all the best in Top Doctoring then! All those we know and love at Tommy’s, Hammersmith, at Queen Charlotte’s when Geoffrey Chamberlain was there, then later at Imperial College of Research Fraud and Wrongdoing. Elizabeth Bryan worked with Lord Bob Winston.

      In addition, Elizabeth Bryan was from 1981 to 1987 senior clinical medical officer working for Herefordshire Health Authority. Elizabeth Bryan was the founder Chairman of Herefordshire Home Start and for some years Chairman of the national Home Start consultancy management committee. She also worked with a number of support groups concerned with bereavement. Bryan was a Trustee of the British Infertility Counselling Association; an Inspector for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority; and a member of the Committee for the national study of triplets and higher order births.

      Elizabeth’s sister is Felicity Bryan, a British literary agent, founder of Felicity Bryan Associates based in Oxford. She took a degree in History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London University. From 1968 to 1970, Felicity worked with Joe Rogaly on the Financial Times in Washington DC. She then returned to London to write for the American Survey of The Economist. From 1975 to 1979 she wrote the weekly Gardening Column for the London Evening Standard. She has contributed articles to UK newspapers.

      In 1980, with Godfrey Hodgson and Benjamin Bradlee, Felicity founded the Laurence Stern fellowship in memory of her friend Larry Stern. Every year it sends a young British journalist to work on The Washington Post. Alumni include James Naughtie, Lionel Barber, Mary Ann Sieghart, Cathy Newman and Gary Younge. In 1973, Bryan joined the London literary agency Curtis Brown, where she remained for 15 years. By 1988, she had moved with her family to Oxford, saw it as an ideal place for a literary agency. She represents major international authors, including Karen Armstrong, Iain Pears, Rosamunde Pilcher, Matt Ridley, Diarmaid MacCulloch, John Julius Norwich and Edmund de Waal.

      Elizabeth and Felicity’s sister Bernadette Hingley was one of the first women priests in the Church of England.

      Top Doctor Elizabeth Bryan knew about Savile. She knew about me as well, I never met her personally, but she was working with those who forced me out of medical research. Tony and Sadie Francis were the key with regard to that even more than Dafydd; Sadie Francis came from Yorkshire where her mother was a Top Doc.

      It is simply not true that this lot ‘didn’t know’ about Savile. They did and Elizabeth Bryan and her colleagues ensured that Savile was given access to kids and patients to assault.

      As a measure of the Top Docs’ success, Elizabeth Bryan isn’t a good advert. Her mum killed herself; Elizabeth tried IVF herself and it didn’t work; Elizabeth and her sisters were clobbered with/often wiped out by cancer despite doing everything recommended by their esteemed colleagues.

      Of course some illnesses have a poor prognosis, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. But this lot are a load of bloody liars re their knowledge and success and they also facilitated a gang of sex offenders. The saddest thing is that Elizabeth, like her fellow Benenden pupil Adrianne Reveley, another Top Doc who was part of the ring, could well have been given a push by her own colleagues, as could her dead sister the C of E vicar… Look at the dates of their deaths, Dafydd et al were getting worried…

    2. Roger Gale MP ex Radio 270 is currently pursuing a Thanet child abuse case.

      |I did bring my concerns to his attention which are that a registered foster carer, scout master and nursery worker had 18 complaints of abuse made by foster children in mid 1990s all nil actioned by plod and social services at same time as plod nil actioned opposition to the child abuser firearms certificate. Let us demand a QC led inquiry.

      The notorious 6th Thanet Gun Range was always protected by Roger Gale MP

      So will he really call for inquiry touching on himself ?

      270 also yields the Harvey Proctor Marquis of Bristol arms trafficker association back in the day The Marquis up to 1965 death Richard Dimbleby had some clout at BBC it is suggested.

      1. Sally it is uncorroborated information that Hervey the marquis was invester behind Beeches Ixworth

        But as you know I think the line of inquiry re 43 uninvestigated cerebral palsy child care deaths should be IDa Darwin and Cambridge uni medical research primarily. And I don’t want “Troofers” or “Ritual abuse” types hijacking this tragic history.

      2. Roger Gale might well call for an Inquiry into himself Richard, opportunists in the House – or as Yvette Strong Woman Cooper rightly observed the other day, in the Laughing Stock – do indeed call for Inquiries into themselves in the hope that the finger will point at someone else who is equally guilty of the same wrongdoing but will end up covered in all the crap rather than the person who has called for an Inquiry.

        One such prime example was when in 1979 Dafydd Wigley called on Shirl, then Callaghan’s Secretary of State for Education, to hold an Inquiry into Sir Charles Evans’s management of UCNW. UCNW was in meltdown and Mary Wynch, who had been the secretary of the Prof in the Dept of Agriculture, was illegally banged up in Denbigh after having been wrongfully arrested by Dafydd Alun Jones.

        The chaos in UCNW was solely the result of the Gang using the institution as a vehicle for the trafficking gang. Charles Evans was quite happy for this to happen because he was a mate of Gwynne’s and of the Gang. Shirl was of the cohort of MPs who had concealed the Gang and knew damn well what was going on which is why she didn’t hold the Inquiry. The immediate Gang – as opposed to Shirl’s Oxbridge-based cohort -using UCNW for trafficking, were run by Gwynedd County Council who were er mates of Dafydd Wigley.

        Dafydd Alun Jones had stood as a Plaid candidate along with Wigley and his mates – including Ioan Bowen Rees, who became the CEO of Gwynedd County Council shortly after Wigley called for an Inquiry – back in the 1960s. Thus Wigley called for an Inquiry into himself, hoping that the Inquiry would blame the havoc on the elitist confrontational Anglicised surgeon which was Sir Charles or the daft old bat Shirl, part of the Hopeless Labour Gov’t, rather than the jewel in the crown of Y Fro Gymraeg, one Dafydd Wigley. Yma O Hyd!

        They were all responsible for the criminal wrongdoing but as crisis point hit, the finger was being pointed all over the place. Wigley was the first to have the wit to demand an Inquiry thus giving the impression of ooh Mr Wigley knows how bad the shit is at UCNW, he wants to get to the bottom of it. Who served as an adviser to Dafydd Wigley and Gwynfor Evans, the first Plaid MP? Er, that well-known expert in local gov’t and democracy, one Ioan Bowen Rees. Who was also mates with Lord Max Beloff, a pal of Thatcher’s; Lord Max’s son Michael Beloff was a lawyer pal of Cherie and Miranda’s.

        Yma O Hyd!!

        What the silly buggers haven’t worked out because they haven’t read Bourdieu is that we are talking class domination here and Reproduction, Reproduction, Reproduction. Carlo and Lord Snowdon were at the top and remained there; the dimwit Shirl ended up in the Lords and with a Chair at Harvard despite being a dimwit, because her mum was the upper crust Vera Brittan and Shirl married Oxford don Bernard who was in MI5; Sir Charles Evans told them all to piss off because he was posh, had climbed Everest, was also in MI5, didn’t give a damn and wouldn’t be taking orders from plebs like them. He stayed at UCNW until the retirement age of 65.

        As for Dafydd Wigley, he did eventually become Lord but he had an extended fight with Gordon Brown to get that peerage and the Posh Lords see him as a Welsh sheep shagger. His wife plays her harp, although their son did manage to marry Catrin Finch, Harpist to Carlo. Although Catrin only became Harpist to Carlo after the bombs were going off at Bangor all over the place and Brown and I began publishing about Denbigh. Which was actually when Lord Wigley bagged his peerage. So the Wigleys have me to thank for their good fortune.

        Brown and me were howling with laughter yesterday when Brown pointed out that Dafydd Wigley is still writing his Daily Post column in spite of the unfolding horror of this blog. Yesterday’s column was about climate change. Hilarious, years ago when Mad Martin Jones the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust was in meltdown and trying to hit me in public because Brown and I were in print and accessing medical records, yet Martin was still going into work and Board meetings in his CEO mode, Brown said ‘Martin is trying to pretend that this is not happening to him’. Dafydd Wigley is doing the same. As Brown observed it is a remarkably successful strategy, Dafydd Wigley is still writing that column…

        And there is still green paint on the Renault.

        People are asking me if I regret ever going to Bangor. No, I honestly don’t. The ring was international, it had marked me before I left Bridgy and they would have followed me anywhere. Although tangling with gangsters is not something that I would have wished for, the gangsters of north Wales are so dysfunctional that as soon as one has not managed to be murdered once more, they really are a source of entertainment. Not everyone at Bangor is horrible, I had some good mates there and the Gang have no idea of the laughs that we had at their funny little ways…

    1. Thanks to readers for all the information about John Marks, Marks and Spencer and for the articles reminding me when Thatch provided free publicity for Marks & Spencer and the dates on which she did it.

      One reader e mailed me details of a BBC TV programme that was screened in Nov 1995, ‘Doctors In The Dock’. It was the first in a series of six programmes on Top Docs who had ended up in trouble with the GMC, the first episode focusing on gynaecologist Nicholas Siddle. Brown and I were just having a discussion today re that when a Top Doc is thrown to the wolves, even if they have been doing what they shouldn’t, it is always because they have pissed off a powerful colleague and they are made a public display of to reassure the public that Docs Are Regulated. Meanwhile the worst continue.

      As I read about Nicholas Siddle, all I could think was at the time that the documentary about Naughty Nicholas was screened there was much worse going on in north Wales, including the two sexually assaulting gynaecologists in Gwynedd. Of course in Nov 1995, Nicola Davies QC had just finished reviewing the paperwork of the North Wales Police re the abuse of kids in care and would shortly announce that a Public Inquiry was not in the public interest. It was all a charade to make it look as though William Hague was relenting to public demand a few months later when he would announce a Public Inquiry. By the beginning of 1995, Ronnie Waterhouse knew that he would be Chairing the Inquiry and altered his retirement plans…

      So imagine my surprise when I found the following information about the producer of the mini-series providing PR for the Top Docs, Tim Haines:

      Tim Haines is a screenwriter, producer and director who is best known for his work on the BBC popular science shows Walking with Dinosaurs, Walking with Beasts, and Walking with Monsters. He is co-creator and executive producer of the ITV sci-fi drama Primeval, and founder of the production company Impossible Pictures.

      Tim Haines graduated from Bangor University in 1982 with a BSc in Applied Zoology, before beginning a career as a journalist, eventually working for the BBC, and becoming a producer. In 2002, Bangor University awarded him an Honorary Fellowship.

      He is also an author, and has written and co-written many books relating to the television series.

      So Tim did his degree in the same Dept of Bangor University as my friend Anne who was killed by the Gang in 1986! Tim was in the academic year ahead of Anne, she graduated in 1983. Tim will have known many of the postgrads whom I knew and many of the lecturers who did deals to conceal what happened to me, Anne and other witnesses. Tim was at Bangor while Gwynne the lobotomist and DGE Wood ran the trafficking ring from the Student Health Centre. He was there when whichever student it was who died because of Gwynne died.

      Tim really hit the big time when he made Walking with Dinosaurs in 1999. He won a BAFTA and an Emmy and Tim never looked back. 1999; the year before the Waterhouse Report and the year that the Gang killed my friend’s baby, who’s husband and her had been forced out of their media careers by Michael Grade et al, including all BBC work.

      So Tim, who at Bangor put forward your name to make the PR series for the Top Docs then? Did Fergus Lowe have anything to do with it?

      Here’s a few of Tim’s old tutors who knew what was happening re that Gang: Gavin Gatehouse (supervised Anne’s PhD), Malcolm Cherrett (deeply unpopular), Tony Pitcher (supervised Anne’s boyfriend’s PhD), Dr Herbert (a racist shite), Dr Probert (his son hanged himself), Dr Clifford-Jones (his son was a member of an off the rails self-styled ‘Welsh Nationalist’ group), Mr Hobart (his daughter really suffered at the hands of the Gang in later years, she was a neighbour of mine in Rachub in 1995), Dr Rankin (gave at least one female student a PhD place in return for sex)… And of course Dr Bill Hemmings, who’s life was destroyed by the Gang.

      I could go on Tim! Happy memories!!!

      Nov 1995. The lies had been told about Dafydd ‘retiring’ and the North Wales Hospital closing; it was still open. The Gang were doing their best to make a case for me being banged up in Broadmoor with Jimmy Savile because I was just so Dangerous.

      In 1995, Eric Sunderland stepped down as Principal of UCNW for no explicable reason. Eric lived another 20 years, continued to be involved with UCNW and sat on many public bodies, including as the Chair of the Boundary Commission, which recommended the abolition of Clwyd County Council in 1996, when the Jillings Report was published. Eric was replaced as Principal of UCNW by Roy Evans, a PVC from Cardiff University, who rolled over to have his tummy tickled by the Gang on command.

      On 2 July 1995 Geraint Morgan QC, a bent barrister who for nearly 30 yrs was the MP for Denbigh died. On 9 July 1995, Bing Spear, the corrupt Civil Service mandarin who facilitated Dafydd’s drugs empire died. On 13 July 1995, Sir Peter Morrison was found dead. Brown was forced out of his job in the same month.

      Gee, how did Li’l Tim the Bangor grad make it so big???

      Here’s a BBC interview with Tim from April 2008 – 2008 being the year that Merfyn the VC’s wife died in the ‘care’ of Dafydd’s colleagues:

      The former Bangor University student who showed us how to walk with dinosaurs also took millions of television viewers on a six-year space flight around the planets. Tim Haines was executive producer of Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets, a two-part series that was broadcast on BBC One. This drama-documentary series, narrated by David Suchet, took viewers on the ultimate space flight and transported them right to the heart of the European Space Agency’s mission control room. Seen through the eyes of five astronauts on a six-year mission to the new frontiers that make up our solar system, it revealed the spectacle and the dangers of landing on and exploring the exotic worlds of our neighbouring planets. Tim Haines qualified from Bangor University with a BSc in Applied Zoology in 1982. He became a scientific journalist, first on newspapers, then for the BBC World Service and Radio 4, but he sprung to prominence as series producer of the worldwide TV hit Walking with Dinosaurs. He was awarded an honorary fellowship by Bangor University in 2002. Using the latest scientific findings and feature film digital effects, Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets was the ultimate grand tour, brought to life in a beautiful and moving journey packed with peril and excitement. Tim says he found it a very different challenge from bringing prehistoric animals to life: “It’s been a balance between trying to get everything correct – all the sun angles, constellations, colours landscapes etc – and looking dramatic and spectacular. I think we have achieved both.” The accompanying illustrated book, in the form of ‘diaries’ from the astronauts, draws the reader into the reality of a space mission and the experiences of space explorers as they walk on new planets, sail close to the Sun and spend nearly six years away from Earth. The book is packed with over 200 incredible images, including many computer-generated scenes, and facts about all the planets visited.

      Tom bagged his honorary fellowship from Bangor in 2002, the year in which the Gang had me arrested for threatening to kill on the basis of their perjury. It will have been members of the Gang who nominated Tim for his fellowship. Paedophiles’ friend Roy Evans was still VC of Bangor in 2002.

      Tim Baines, remember the name! A ruthless, predatory scumbag.

      Tim, being in the media yourself, did you ever come across any of the porn footage which was made from female patients in north Wales, taken secretly by those perverted old docs for whom you provided PR in 1995-96? Or the kiddie porn made from the kids in care?

      Of course Tim Haines Didn’t Know about Jimmy Savile.

      All further info on Tim Haines and his buddies will be gratefully received.

      1. Walking With Predators Tim, Walking With Predators.

        Another predator:

        Dr Lippincott, a dreadful old GP who was practising in Harringay in 1986/87. I registered with him when I moved into Harringay because a pharmacist told me that the other Docs in Harringay were all so bad that Lippincott was the least worse. Lippinncott was in league with Dafydd, who’s partner gang was operating in Harringay. So I deregistered with Lippincott, he got very nasty in public and my reputation was assured… To escape the toxicity of Dafydd and Lippincott I then used a false name and registered elsewhere. That one wasn’t much good either but at least he didn’t pick up the phone and ring Dafydd because he didn’t know who I was.

        Harringay was a poor area – although I always like the Greeks who lived there, they were a very nice bunch – and the NHS and Social Services were just shite. The wider Borough Council, Haringey, hosted the legendary Bernie Grant, who then became the local MP and a number of high profile child deaths occurred there.

        Jeremy Corbyn was a member of the local NHS Authority which covered Harringay.

        Dr Lippincott Jezza!! A horrible, horrible man. Did you know him? Or that other one whom the pharmacist said had killed a few patients but the GMC wouldn’t act?

        Calling Tim Baines, Calling Tim Baines, PR documentary needed…

      1. Tim Baines was probably doing his zoology degree at Bangor at the same time as Sue Avery.

        In 1987 Sue was working in IVF, precisely at the notorious Hallam Medical Centre, where sperm samples were thrown out of the upstairs windows and patients were sold ludicrous ‘treatments’ to increase their chances of success. Sue knew about it all, didn’t like what was going on but said nothing in order to get out of there and bag another job; more recently Sue turned up as Mrs Big in IVF in Birmingham.

        1. Dr Bob Edwards. IVF pioneer. An alumnus of Bangor zoology dept. Later joined forces with er Bridget Mason, the Doc who had run the Hallam Medical Centre; they all had a merry time at the Bourne Hall Clinic.

          Uncle Harry will have known all of them.

          1. Labour have published plans for social care reform, to supply home helps. I am very glad to hear it, but the party of Uncle Harry, Eric Hobsbawm and Geoffrey Chamberlain were being a little disingenuous when their Shadow Minister for Mental Health Barbara Keeley said that the Tories ‘abandoned older people and people with care needs’. Labour did as well Babs, not just now and then but consistently, over many, many years.

            BBC News Wales features a man taking Prep who is of course Fighting The Stigma and stressing that not all men who take Prep are promiscuous. I’m sure that they are not, but my concerns re Prep are that it is an expensive drug, not essential but was prioritised above other things of greater benefit to people because Prep was promoted by a far more powerful lobbying group than people in greater need who were unable to get basics.

            The poor old Welsh Assembly have shot themselves in the foot again now it has been revealed that they have direct links to a Christian organisation featuring a pastor who preaches that homosexuality is a sin. The Assembly might be surprised to hear this, but a lot of Christians DO think that homosexuality is a sin. It is a very difficult one if one is a Christian but wants to take a liberal view because there just er so much in the Bible about homosexuality being sort of very very wrong in God’s eyes as it were. I always think that God should probably have prioritised rather more serious matters that homosexuality, but there we are, it is in the Bible again and again and again Welsh AMs; neither does it follow that Christians who maintain that gay sex is sinful are going to encourage dreadful behaviour or violence against gay people either, it just means that there is a theological issue here that needs to be thought about very deeply and screaming ‘homophobia’ is not going to resolve anything.

            I continue to be impressed at the number of media articles that have appeared and continued to appear about the 16 yr old girl who is addressing Gov’ts re climate change, praising this role model for ‘autism’ and how she is giving hope to autistic people. She is 16, has come to talk about climate change, she is leading a world campaign, her English is brilliant and all anyone can see is her Diagnosis. It’s a Talking Platypus!

            Anyone for Fighting Stigma?

            BTW, Brown asked yesterday ‘Who is behind her campaign? She’s not doing all this by herself’.

  7. Scarborough had a ‘Duchess’
    Savile is not an anagram of either Norfolk or Howard.
    It has a Defence Secretary who likes spiders but not Chinese , maybe Bulgarian or Romanian
    are better. It’s complicated, but is in plain sight. So tricky in fact it needs it’s own GCHQ- (forget Cheltenham Scarborough is where the real ‘intel’ is at) to manage leaks and prevent the same PM again.

    1. The problem was just so big Mr Wolf that every PM there was adopted the same strategy: ‘I will get that job by covering up the heap of serious criminality which surrounds Savile and many others’.

      Not that any of them even stopped to think ‘Would I be any good as PM?’ Of course the answer would be ‘No’, but they’re dim and crooked and entitled so that doesn’t occur to them. There’s all this talk of Wimmin suffering from Imposter Syndrome at the moment if they get given a Good Job. My friend told me that it means they worry that they won’t be able to do the job. That is not Imposter Syndrome, that is being a sensible employee, you think ‘I do hope that I can do this and not let the side down’. For my entire adult life I have watched people like those PMs who suffer from the opposite of Imposter Syndrome; they are useless but nonetheless they cheat, lie and elbow everyone else out of the way to Bag The Job and then relied on the good manners of the rest of us to never say in public ‘you stupid nasty fuckwit, look what you did to get that job and now you can’t do it’. The names are going through my head right now… Er Hammersmith, St George’s, Bangor University, so many of them…

      I’m not even sure anymore that the ‘least worst’ argument applies re PMs. I hated Miranda but I did think that he was marginally preferable to Thatch and at least Miranda’s kids hadn’t been caught bankrolling a military coup a la Mark ‘Stinker’ Thatcher. I am now so cynical that I’m ready to believe that the only reason why such a scandal has not engulfed the Blairs is that Cherie will have been employed as the legal adviser to the person at the centre of it all. Indeed she has been dispensing her advice as a Human Rights barrister to some unpleasant dictators who are er abusing human rights. But then Miranda is friends with them.

    2. In case some readers unfamiliar with the VIP Paedophile Ring in North Yorkshire might not believe a wolf..
      … ‘ believed to be the longest continuous serving site for signal intelligence in the world’
      Well of course it would need to be – got to protect those VIPs.
      Talk about upside down. It does get worse of course, it’s not ‘just’ sexual abuse, but that’s for another day children.

      1. I’m glad that you’ve mentioned that it is rather more than ‘just’sexual abuse. The problem since the Discovery Of Sexual Abuse in the 1980s – it was Discovered by Therapists and Top Doctors once the big paedophile rings in Leicester, Lambeth etc were under investigation and it really took off after Ollie Brooke was investigated (check it all out if you don’t believe me, Esther got on board in 1985-86 and the sky was the limit then) – is that the sheer scale of the criminality that is routinely employed to keep the VIPs involved out of trouble is forgotten about eg. the perjury, fabrication of documentation, planting of evidence, lobotomies, fitting up and incarceration for years – and if necessary – the murder of witnesses is eclipsed.

        Look at the whole media discourse surrounding Savile after it was ‘discovered’ what he had been up to. It ALL centred around ‘ooh he attacked me, I can still smell him…’, ‘ooh I was powerless, oo’d believe me’, ‘it gave me self-esteem problems and I’m still having counselling now’. That was of course the experience of many people but the discussion did not go any further than that. Murders of witnesses? Huge police corruption? Bent members of the security services with misplaced loyalties? Civil war in N Ireland? Rotten to the core Parliament, Whitehall, Royal Household, legal and medical establishment? Implications for world politics including heroin production in countries like Afghanistan? Not a mention.

        I wouldn’t expect anything more from a MIND drop-in centre but I do expect more from the nation’s politicians. Jimmy Savile was not about ‘ooh the smell of ‘is body is still with me’, it is about serious organised crime, right into Buck House.

    3. It’s all very well but..
      should the domestic intelligence service ,MI5, want any help then as a principled wolf I am very happy to do so.
      I will of course know if you are cheating, but my offer is sincere. So there you are a wolf not pretending to be a sheep.
      You already know where I am, so just a little tidying up first.

  8. Here is someone who is ‘doubtful’ re Greta.
    “Date: 23 Jan 2019
    The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: The Political Economy of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex [PART I]”

    Here is part of Greta’s comment on Facebook.
    ‘Many people love to spread rumors saying that I have people ”behind me” or that I’m being ”paid” or ”used” to do what I’m doing. But there is no one ”behind” me except for myself. My parents were as far from climate activists as possible before I made them aware of the situation.
    I am not part of any organization. I sometimes support and cooperate with several NGOs that work with the climate and environment. But I am absolutely independent and I only represent myself. And I do what I do completely for free, I have not received any money or any promise of future payments in any form at all. And nor has anyone linked to me or my family done so.
    And of course it will stay this way. I have not met one single climate activist who is fighting for the climate for money. That idea is completely absurd.
    Furthermore I only travel with permission from my school and my parents pay for tickets and accommodations. . . .
    Ps I was briefly a youth advisor for the board of the non profit foundation “We don’t have time”. It turns out they used my name as part of another branch of their organisation that is a start up business. They have admitted clearly that they did so without the knowledge of me or my family. I no longer have any connection to “We don’t have time”. Nor does anyone in my family. They have deeply apologised for what has happened and I have accepted their apology.’

    1. Many thanks for this.

      Sadly Greta’s refusal to thank the people who have helped her detracts from her achievements. She doesn’t need to be being paid by sinister big business to acknowledge that she has been helped by others. Of course she has, the fact that her mum n dad are paying for her to jet around the fucking world puts her at a considerable advantage.

      I am a little weary of all these people who just did it all on their own ooh its my natural talent wot did it. I watched those of my generation evolve. One of whom was Li’l Emma Thompson ooh a member of Amnesty at 14 yrs old according to her buddy Ben Elton – Ben, son of Prof Lewis Elton of the University, of Surrey who’s mates Profs Daphne Jackson and Vincent Marks concealed the er Westminster Paedophile Ring, but then so did Ben’s uncle who had a Chair at Cambridge.

      Emma who’s dad worked for the BBC, no of course Emma didn’t know about Savile, that’s why Stephen Fry – someone else who Made It On His Own (er dad a Gov’t scientist, if I had done what Stephen had done when he was young, I would not have gone to Cambridge when they let me out of prison, I’d have been in a secure unit with Jimmy Savile) – remembered that Emma was known as Emma Talent at Cambridge!

      Oh its enough to make you vomit, the vain shallow idiots. Emma Talent gatecrashed that highly effective climate change demo in London the other day, the police had arrested that nice pink boat and Emma fucking Talent just had to make an appearance. What did Dame Talent say? She told the young people that her generation had failed. Then piss off back to Hampstead Emma and let them get on with it because they were doing an impressive job.

      Can’t Greta just say thanks to those who have helped and supported her?

      As for Emma Talent et al, Ben might be interested to know that I joined Amnesty at 15 yrs old and Friends of the Earth as well. Two of my pals at dear old Chilton Trinity School in Bridgwater did too. We were viewed as armed revolutionaries which we thought was a reflection of the pillocks who ran Chilton Trinity School.

      As the info has come into this blog, I have discovered that because Bridgy was an area of one of the gangs linked to Dafydd’s, when those we know and love came after us, the security services knew all about our teenage dreams and ‘activism’. FoE and Amnesty shared a building/address linked to the Paedophile Information Exchange and because we were not Emma Talent or Ben or Stephen, our data was accessed, passed around to gangsters and creeps who used it to damage us. I made double trouble for myself by sending off for literature from the NCCL when I was 17. My father was furious, but that was because he thought that they were a bunch of lefties rather than Harriet and Little Nell’s husband with links to PIE…

      By the way Stephen Fry, the corrupt police in Bridgwater hated us so much – not that I’d had any doings with them by then, they knew me via other routes, one being the paedophile who lived near us who let me help with his goats – that the boy who introduced us to Friends of the Earth was fitted up for drugs offences. The Bridgwater police went one better with his brother, a vulnerable young man whom the teachers had hated: a few years later they fitted him up for the sexual assault of a boy. He was beaten up down the Cottage Inn in Fiddington by thugs as a punishment. I was home from Bangor at the time when I heard about it. He sat in a room with me crying and told me exactly WHAT those police had done to him to get that ‘confession’. His family were given such a bad time that the other brother eventually emigrated.

      One of the teachers who had really loathed him at school was part of the ring in Bridgwater linked to Dafydd’s gang…

      Give us a twirl Dame Emma, the fact that none of this ever happened to you is so obviously a reflection of the Talent and Marvellousness that has pervaded your whole being from the day that you were born!

      1. This was all kicking off from 1976 when the worrying man with the goats and his friends arrived in Fiddington. The police knew, the info has been coming into the blog for months now. They knew. But they weren’t interested because after all there was Mr Thrope next door in Devon and saving the bacon of him and his mates was the priority…

        The Avon and Somerset police didn’t even take Norman Scott seriously when someone tried to murder him. If someone had shot Stephen Fry’s dad’s dog and then tried to murder him the police would have listened.

        Oh yeah Emma/Ben/Stephen, my pal at school, my partner in crime re the leftie politics, was forcibly prevented from sitting O levels in 1979 by the teachers. She was too thick, they knew that. She had to do CSEs. Her course work for English was so good that the English teacher passed it around the staff room and asked the other teachers if they believed that a girl at Chilton could have ever written that. They said no. She was accused of copying it and told that she would not be sitting the CSE. Gosh there was a row, her mum and dad up the school, everything. That was the only reason she even did the CSEs.

        Two years later she went to Stirling University my thick as pig shit friend from Bridgy. Where she met Lord Jack McConnell… Whom she found in her bed one night without her permission…

        After Stirling she took a postgrad media course but her career was wrecked by Michael Grade and others because she wanted to make a film about north Wales after what happened to her friend there. But Stephen and Ben know all about it because they met her at Edinburgh and such places and built there own careers on the back of keeping quiet about what happened to her and her husband after they stood by me…

        Gosh so talented you know! Footlights!! And Stephen’s friends with Carlo, yet a supporter of New Labour too.. Emma has a Radical Conscience…

        They’ve done quite enough damage without hijacking other people’s climate protests.

        1. Not that not being thick ever helped at Chilton. I was Clever. That was acknowledged by the time that I’d been at infant school a few weeks and by the time I was 16, That Girl Was Definitely Very Clever, except for those who only heard my Somerset accent and that sort of threw them, but to be fair they were in a minority. Unfortunately Being Very Clever just made me an even bigger problem, not being Emma… How big a problem only became clear when Dafydd and the Gang collected evidence from those in Somerset…

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