Jonathan Wolfe Miller – In Memoriam

I’ve just read on ‘The Guardian’ online that Jonathan Wolfe Miller has died at the age of 85, ‘suffering from Alzheimers’. Whether it was the same variant of Alzheimers from which Barbara Windsor is suffering ie. the variant that causes one to give media interviews but in a very quiet voice having forgotten all matters re which the police might be interested, but other than that than to live life much as before, I don’t know. However Jonathan Wolfe Miller has developed Alzheimers and died very quickly, he was OK not so long ago and I always thought that Alzheimers took a very long time to kill one.

Previous posts have discussed Jonathan Wolfe Miller, his activities and his cosy relationship with the Gang in some detail. ‘The Guardian’ is waxing lyrical today about how Miller hated being called a ‘polymath’ (which was news to me, I always gained the impression that it was Miller himself who put that particular rumour about) and how his poor old democratic heart broke when he looked around Camden and saw how much the place had gone downhill with people wearing ‘eighth-rate black leather clothes’ (I think that Miller was talking about Brown there, tch tch, Brown’s just not Cultured, that’s his problem)and ‘serving Turkish food in a slatternly way’ no less.

I have a friend who worked with William, Jonathan Wolfe Miller’s son, at the BBC, in the drama commissioning dept. My friend was sacked after he refused to take a bribe; William Miller lived to fight another day at the BBC, which says it all really…

I heard a few interesting things about William from my friend; then I read an account of William’s childhood in the Daily Mail years later, given by William himself and I thought ‘Gosh, my friend at the BBC was quite perceptive then’.

Jonathan Wolf Miller, R.I.P.

This Be The Verse

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.

But they were fucked up in their turn
By fools in old-style hats and coats,
Who half the time were soppy-stern
And half at one another’s throats.

Man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Get out as early as you can,
And don’t have any kids yourself.

‘Blessed Are The Big Noses’

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. As the world has waved a fond farewell to Jonathan Miller, Clive James and Gary Rhodes all within the space of 24 hours or so – they all knew something about the Gang, even Gary Rhodes (who worked at the Castle Hotel in Taunton before he was famous), I’m just wondering who and how many will die between now and tomorrow evening…

    Someone’s asked me if it’s true that I knew a boy at Bridgwater College who was shortlisted for a job at Buck House as a servant. Yes, I did. He told us all about his interview, how in Buck House there were little traffic light things that light red if a Royal Personage was coming down the corridor, thus signalling to the serf that they had to stop and wait, not just to let the Royal Personage pass, but to stay concealed so that the Royal Personage didn’t have to clap eyes on serfs who weren’t absolutely necessary eg. serving the grub.

    The only similar thing that I’d ever heard was in the NHS hospitals in Manchester in the early 1980s, if the consultant came onto the ward, the student Angels had to go into the sluice, not being worthy of being in the Top Doc’s presence. Why Jezza believes that the US want to purchase such an organisation I’ll never know. Jezza: the sluice is where they chuck the urine and also where the bodies of the dead babies are unceremoniously dumped before they’re dressed in clothes and put in the Moses basket for the bereaved parents to cuddle before they say goodbye. Although the NHS has only bothered with that bit relatively recently, previous practice included telling the parents that they ‘didn’t want to look at that thing’ if the baby was stillborn or disabled…

    Anyway, yes, a boy with whom I did A Levels at Bridgwater College did have the Buck House interview experience. I wondered why anyone was interested, but it’s been explained to me, I really didn’t work it out: Buck House wouldn’t have just invited anyone, they are very fussy whom they employ as serfs. I remember the boy from Bridgwater did know that, there were a great many applications for the position of Pleb. He was the son of Mr Baxter, who was one of the Deputy Heads at Chilton Trinity School, where the Gang had spotters working. We liked Mr Baxter and the parents did, the general view was that if Mr Baxter had been Head things would have been very different in that school. I used to wonder as a teenager ‘How does Mr Baxter put up with people like Fiddler?’ Now that I am an adult, I know that in a school as troubled as ours was, it was a bit like Ysbyty Gwynedd, no-one with standards would have worked there, they just wouldn’t have been able to tolerate what some of the teachers were doing. Mr Baxter was there for years…

    I never heard any allegations about Mr Baxter at all, he was always viewed as the most sane of a very incompetent, unpleasant bunch, but he did know what some of his colleagues were doing. So yes, the son of the Deputy Head of a school that had an embryonic abuse ring linked to Dafydd was shortlisted for a job at Buck House… It probably was significant wasn’t it.

    I think Mr Baxter’s son was called Chris. I always found him very pleasant at Bridgwater College, although I didn’t know him well and he was in the year above me anyway, but after I went to university, I was told that Chris had become most unpleasant, he’d bagged a job as an estate agent in Bridgy and people couldn’t believe that it was the same Chris…

    Although the more recent revelations about paedophile rings among the servants at the Palace did shock people, I remember hearing a very long time ago, not long after Chris Baxter was interviewed for that job, that the Royal servants were very, very odd people. I didn’t hear about their molesting of boys until I was in my 20s, but there was a stereotype of the servants as being a load of mad old queens who didn’t have to be paid properly because Serving The Royals was such an honour that one doesn’t need paying… If they weren’t being paid – and they weren’t, it was notorious that the servants were paid probably some of the lowest wages in the UK yet they were living in London – one wonders how they made up for the shortfall in their salaries…

    1. Googling Chris Baxter leads one to a BBC radio presenter for Somerset, Glouc and Wiltshire; I’m fairly sure that it is the Chris I knew who went for the interview at Buck House…

      The BBC!! Well Chris, do you want to explain how your seemingly much nicer dad managed to work with a load of absolute bastards for so long?

      Chris didn’t go to Chilton himself, he went to Haygrove. Can’t blame Mr Baxter for not sending his own son to Chilton, no teachers at Chilton sent their own kids there. My father remarked on it constantly, ‘That school is so bad that not one of them sends their own kids there…’ It was true, none of the teachers risked their own kids there. Most of their kids went to Haygrove or King Alfred’s in Highbridge or the schools at Street or Taunton, absolutely none of them sent their kids to Chilton.

    1. Many thanks, I was wondering what was happening at Allen’s trial when I remembered today that it’s still continuing.

      Why do the media reports keep saying that Allen has ‘two previous convictions’ for child abuse, he’s got a list as long as the proverbial arm! It admits in the article above that he’s currently serving a life sentence for sexual abuse of boys! And this is his second – or third! – prison sentence for abusing kids!

      I wondered if Allen’s PNC or other people’s have been altered like mine was. I read another sexual abuse trial article earlier and it referred to the CPS checking a complainants PNC without them knowing, finding that they had convictions – from their childhood no less! – and using that against them. I thought well, the convictions listed aren’t relevant to the case, they weren’t for perjury or fallacious allegations; then I thought I wonder if that’s why my PNC was illegally altered to read ‘violent assault and affray’? That was done when I was doing my PhD and the Gang were in meltdown, so many of the fit-ups had collapsed and I was publishing…

      I knew ages ago that anyone who complained about them was either criminalised or led into a honey-trap, so that could be used in the event of any complaint – they even did it to Brown because he supported me! – but they were so desperate at that trial over which Huw Daniel presided that they’d have done anything at all…

      The north Wales Gang were so extreme because of the Carlo and Gwynne link that nothing was too much effort. I haven’t discussed the constant Christine Keeler-esque traps that they tried to set for me, it was toxic but quite funny. ‘We KNOW about THAT’. Well, yes so do I, I was there, so you KNOW what YOUR PLANT did!!! It’s why I admired Lord Lambton for confronting Robin Day; it was ironic because some of Lambton’s partners were supplied by Dafydd’s business, but Day’s bloody hypocrisy when he spat at Lambton re sleeping with WHORES…. Day, best mate of Ronnie Waterhouse, mate of Mars-Jones, Gwynne and Dafydd…

      They carried on in a very 1962 way in north Wales, I know of many examples of which I won’t discuss because they were traps for other people who never want them made public, but it’s why F and I used to take the piss so much, and of course Brown. Dafydd, in public, with an audience, would do these ham expressions and say ‘Do ewe realise that ewe told a lie to me that day?’ obviously trying to stress and shame a Mental Patient, so we would just scream with laughter and say things like ‘And do ewe realise that ewe told your secretary to come to work wearing smokey grey stockings and a brief miniskirt because that’s ewe’r favourite?’

      Just before I left Bangor University, I was given a load of blackmail ammo that I was told that they were going to try to use against Brown if ever I published. I knew about the ‘revelations’ as did all Brown’s mates, but even so I ran it past Brown to say ‘will you be OK if they do try that?’ and Brown just roared with laughter and said ‘Well I don’t mind, I’ve done nothing that I’m ashamed of…’

      They tried it with F as well years ago, in the police station, so F confronted them and they then fitted him up for arson… It’s why they spread the rumour that F had ‘abandoned’ his baby, they knew that F would be critical of anyone who did that, so they smeared him with it, all of their other blackmail attempts having fallen flat.

      Dafydd might remember Diane Underhill. She was a Posh Woman who was sent Brown’s way when he refused to stop taking an interest in my fate at the hands of the Gang. Half of Leicester was trying to get Brown together with Diane. Brown told me that Diana was all dinner parties and upper middle class people, it would never work. Then he went home one day and she was in his bed, nude, all sort of TV drama, ‘Ooh I’m here to give you a surprise Darling’. I said to Brown what did you do? He said I told her to fuck off, leave me alone and not to ever intrude like that again…

      Diane, being from MI5, made one of their jolly quips; she gave Brown a copy of the Malleas Malficarum (the Hammer of Witches), the medieval Witchfinders Guide that discusses witches cutting off penes and keeping the penes in nests and feeding them on oats. Being Diane, it had a Latin dedication handwritten in flourishy writing. Brown gave the book to me, he knows that I love the medieval literature about witches. It was stolen from my property a few years ago….

      MI5 needed to get it into their heads that Brown and I really were not going to ever not be friends. We weren’t jealous of each other, we were not going to stick knives in each other’s backs and luckily Brown was astute enough to realise that someone seemed to be trying to cause havoc in our personal lives…

      There really is no effort spared. There was/is mountains of evidence against the Gang but kids in care didn’t stand a chance. It’s why John Allen can deny that he’s ever sexually abused anyone!

      I did comment when John Allen’s trial began that there’ll be a few witnesses found dead. Yes, I’ve heard that the bodies have been turning up.

      1. The first time that the police arrested F, they ordered him to strip naked – not that there was any reason for that – then they passed his undies around and sniffed them. So F took the piss out of them. One of them then followed him into the loo or the shower, he challenged them so they smacked him in the face. He responded with ‘That took a real man with the whole police force behind you’.

        As soon as he arrived in Denbigh, it was ‘Take off your clothes’. F said ‘No’. Yell: TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES’. F said ‘The word you need is PLEASE’.

        They did the take off your clothes bit with me. In front of five angels of mixed gender. I said No. They said it again. I said no. I don’t know why they didn’t persist but they immediately moved onto a new game. We want all of your jewellery off, it’s a danger. All I had was hippy bangles and also a ring, a friendship ring from Brown that had been on my finger for some three years, I never took it off. Hilarious, Angels were pulling and tugging and yanking at my finger, I was asking ‘What do you think I’m going to do with a ring that won’t come off???’

        The farce continued for some 10 mins, they realised that the ring was not going anywhere, so they shoved me in a padded cell – even though they don’t have them anymore, ooh they went out years ago, Its Not Like People Think – but didn’t shut the door. So I went straight out again and slept in the corridor for the night.

        At Bluglass’s July 1989 Investigation, because it had been diligently documented on the records that I was Very Disturbed, Violent and Paranoid and had to be Kept In Seclusion, I told Bluglass what had happened that night. He kept trying to tell me that it could not have happened. I said oh yes it did. Then an Angel from Denbigh fessed up that ooh yes, not EVERYTHING I had said was true, but I was kept in a seclusion cell without the door being fastened.

        Bluglass’s cogs were whirring and I was thinking ‘Can’t he see what was going on out there? They kidnapped people, intimidated them and propositioned them constantly’. In his final Report – the one that declared Dafydd to be a Caring Man who could not be expected to tolerate Harassment from me – Bluglass noted that there may be a need for advice on how seclusion rooms are used in the North Wales Hospital, but that is not a matter for this Report…

        Anyway, I’m sure that if any kids really were abused and trafficked in north Wales, all the Checks and Balances and the Safeguarders would have picked it up straight away and made The Children Safe.

        I was a 24 yr old postgrad when the Gang abducted and imprisoned me. There was documentary evidence and witnesses as well.

        It was all resolved so successfully wasn’t it.

        F was in his late 20s when he was wrongfully arrested and illegally imprisoned in Denbigh for a year. He heard what was probably a murder of another patient by the screws in Risley. As with my case, everyone involved with F’s case continued to work in the Services without even having to explain why they did what they did to him.

        Peter Higson, who was a manager at Denbigh both when F and I were unlawfully imprisoned there, has recently retired after a long and glorious NHS management/governance career. Higson sits on the Council of Bangor University, the Solicitors Regulation Authority and as a Trustee for a charidee providing care and housing for learning disabled adults. Higson also runs his own psychology consultancy. His sister was CMO for Wales until three years ago.

        Higson is a member of UNISON or UNITE, I get them muddled. Google him, it is either one or other.

        Power To The People Peter!

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