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I have finally managed to finish the post ‘A Charming, Uplifting Sound…’. I haven’t proof read it yet, I only hope that there has been no more electronic interference of which I was unaware. I am very sorry about the lengthy delay in completing this post; matters took even longer this morning when I found some info in Hansard re an ineffective sting that the security services carried out with the people traffickers at the North London Poly in 1984 in which Jeremy Corbyn became entangled. The details are all in the post, as well as further extra information.

Thanks to readers for all the links and news stories, I have been keeping an eye on the incoming mail, I’ll be putting it all to good use soon…


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Whoops, just discovered these offspring of Lionel Hersov, member of Dafydd’s network:

    John, an advocate for learning disabled adults; Gregory, a theatre director; Isabelle Mary, a nart gallery curator; and Martin, a media company executive.

    I’ll be adding the info to the post ‘A Charming, Uplifting Sound…’

    1. I just read Hersov biography. How many families would have humoured child psychiatry if they had to pay for it ? The NHS funded a helluva lot of psychodabble damaged childhoods.

      I remember at the local Army cadets there was one cadet corporal who rarely went to school.

      And the sergeant major was bemused at the efforts of the education experts.

      He explained to me one day that the experts seem very dim. He knew where the cadet corporal spent his days. Library. (a) Cos he is fond of the architecture (b) cos he talks like an effin textbook.

      The cadet corporal was self educating and sayeth the sarnt major “This is why he is head and shoulders over all the others who rely on school” I dread to think what cadet cpls education record says “Attachment, anxiety” Blah blah blah. The lady librarians thought he was wonderful well mannered and always helpful in carrying heavy books etc. A model example of the pilot scheme for self education. A first class bullshitter as the sarnt major said Started with him telling his mum teachers had given him day off for his birthday !

      1. People who haven’t received a university education often blame the idiocies of the psy disciplines on a high level of education. They’re wrong; there are academics who knew damn well what rot this all was/is and how very damaging and ineffective it was for kids as well as adults. Whether those people also knew of the vast degree of criminality involved in the psy disciplines I don’t know. I always knew that medicine was bad for corruption and I knew that the biggest problems were in psychiatry as well, but I never imagined anything on this scale until my latest batch of documents arrived and I mapped the networks.

        It explains why every attempt to expose the worst aspects of medicine have been met with the destruction of the person who has tried to do it. There was that writer GF Newman back in the 80s who tried to draw attention to what was happening; GF had exposed other professions, including the police, but once he published his book on the Top Doctors, they really went for his jugular.

        This is a con of the most unimaginable proportions. WHY did no-one ask how two NHS doctors at the heart of this selfless service for troubled children built up a fine art collection worth millions, in early middle age, without inherited money and spent their days partying with the rich n famous and jetting around the globe? How on earth could anyone have believed that they were carrying out psychotherapy with children in Scotland?? They never had time for a start, dealing in Ming vases isn’t something that you squeeze in on a Saturday morning. WHY has no-one ever interrogated the sky high suicide figures for junior docs?? Those are just two obvious pointers that something terrible was going on.

        The security services have failed so seriously here. They knew about this and they knew about it a very long time ago. They should have gone at medicine and law with a sledgehammer while building up a staff of decent honest docs who would provide the ESSENTIAL care for people while these absolute blackmailing bastards were taken down.

        I can understand how the general public could read a story like mine and say ‘no, I just can’t believe that could have happened’, because they have been kept 100% in the dark since the first allegations in the 1960s that psychs were involved in child abuse and serious crime. The psychs were and still are. When the Scientologists lost the libel case in the early 1970s – and because the Scientologists are batty in other domains they were an easy target for the Top Docs – the security services should have begun a massive plan to take that fucking profession down. It is why no junior docs want to do psychiatry; medical students hate psychs and they are all far too frightened to say why…

        My only regret on this blog is that I cannot blog the worst of what these bastards have done, because the damage inflicted to innocent people was just so serious and they could be identified if I supplied details. The snappers at my heels who write the How Very Dare You e mails don’t seem to understand that I am holding back on quite a bit and if they know what’s good for them instead of threatening to sue me, they’ll fuck off.

        But they’re serious criminals aren’t they, I keep forgetting that every time that I receive an ‘ooh that’s my dad you’re talking about’ message. Yeh, your dad who sexually assaulted at least two fifteen yr old girls, now piss off and thank your lucky stars that I care more about their privacy than I do about his reputation…

        You are spot on Richard, the con was perpetrated at tax payers’ expense and usually – although not always – the people who suffered were low income families who were not highly educated. Very, very easy prey; they tend to believe that Docs are effectively regulated, can be held to account and are in the profession for well-motivated reasons. In many cases, they could not be more wrong.

        Just talk to some of those who have tried to pursue cases in the face of the most serious medical negligence/wrongdoing: they cannot believe what they were faced with and how no-one, no-one at all would support them. I am still receiving e mails from people who tell me of the most dreadful experiences with medicine and how they have just had years of lies, second opinions who were mates with the people whom they complained of, lawyer after lawyer after lawyer and judge and ombudsman who were pals with the docs involved in the original case… There is a very obvious pattern.

        You can sue quite successfully in the face of a minor error at the hands of a Top Doc who might have really been doing their best. But you try taking a case against one of the network involved in serious organised crime and you just will not be allowed to win, no matter how many witnesses, or documents or other evidence. Its Lord Denning and his appalling vista…

        10,000 documents over 30 years. My documents tell only one story: serious crime engulfing every agency with which I had contact after Gwynne the lobotomist. I cannot be allowed to win in Court. So I’m going to make this public because this lot have caused so much suffering, I watched it for 30 years. I still hope to uncover the Secret of Gwynne – it involves lobotomies on behalf of Bertrand Russell, very obviously and someone in the Royal Family, but I’d like more info; and I hope that my blog has reassured all those students – and others – who were targeted by that network operating at UCNW that it really wasn’t their fault, this lot were monsters, real monsters and it is a dreadful reflection on the human race that Bangor University – and other colleges in the University of Wales – were teaming with weak, craven staff who would not stand up to these gangsters.

        I have found out the identities of many more of those who were directly involved and have more posts lined up…

        1. I think our experience at Ipswich was more sinister. The parents were listed as the patients and labelling them lacking capacity put the sword of Damocles over them co-operate or your kids will be taken away.

          I do not believe university education was any defence.

          A lad I was in Scouts with was a bad asthmatic. His father an Electricity Board Engineer had been advised not to let his boy have asthma treatment in Suffolk. And he went private. But who advised him?

          It was also a question of faith. The rougher families would scoff at the psychodabblers and walk away and refuse to be intimidated.

          1. Yes, once Dafydd’s gang had someone in their clutches, the whole family were targeted, it is how generation after generation were in the clutches of the Gang. The Gang would whinge about such families, spouting off about ‘thick file families’ and ‘ooh their grandparents were on our books as well’, well that’s because you wrecked their lives and then got your paws on their children…

            I always wanted kids but I am so glad that I didn’t have them. That Gang would have ruined them, it would have been bomb after bomb, fallacious allegations, care proceedings, the lot. I watched them do it to other people in Gwynedd and some 13 years ago I was told that getting people’s children was the ultimate weapon of the Gang and that was what held so many people back from going after those bastards and dealing with them.

            Before I got involved with the Gang and their Help, I could have expected any kids of mine to have been middle class kids with a university education themselves. They wouldn’t have been with the Gang on the loose My kids would have been delinquents, they’d have been taken away from me, pathologised, brought up In Care, it would have been horrific. And then blamed on me. F used to comment that he knew that his son would never have a stable upbringing once the Gang got him, that he would never be taught anything or encouraged culturally and more sadly that he would probably just have a sad upbringing being told lies about his dad. It is most probably what did happen.

            You are right about the rougher families laughing at the psychobollocks and walking away. That’s why Miranda invented Social Inclusion. Look carefully at Miranda’s ideas of Including The Underclass. It wasn’t about allowing them a more fulfilling life, it was about snaring all those dissenters with the Shite: the Parenting Classes and the Sure Start and the Top Docs’ Advice. Inclusion involved telling people that there was something wrong with them, not just that they had less dosh and power than their neighbours. It led to Louise Casey and the Troubled Families Initiative. Er yes, not exactly a success was it Dame Louise.

            Miranda’s Underclass contained a contingent of people that Thatch’s Hippy Convoys did as well: people who were so fed up of being wrecked by the state that they wanted to be Included Out. I knew many of them, being one of them myself for a few years. The sociologist Richard Sennett loves saying in his books ‘I was talking to the janitor…’ in order to demonstrate that he knew what was happening at the bottom. As I used to say to my boss at Bangor ‘Richard Sennett talked to the janitor, I WAS the janitor…’ We had a real laugh over it, my boss being a sociologist who knew what he was talking about rather than someone who’s interest was Social Inclusion and Empowering Service Users and Women. People Committed to those things just hated me.

    1. I don’t know WH Helm, but loads of the Top Docs were into eugenics, it was the mainstream position of possibly most of them throughout much of the middle decades of the 20th century. A few diehards like Lord Platt – who ignored Dafydd and Gwynne although Lord Platt knew what they were doing – remained eugenicists until they died in the 1960s and 70s, even 80s. That was probably why Lord Platt didn’t bother to put a stop to Gwynne; Gwynne was lobotomising the Lower Orders, if the old bastard had lobotomised Bertrand Russell he’d have found himself in boiling water immediately.

      I do know about another Helm though, someone else whom I used to admire but I now believe could have done so much more: Sarah Helm, the journo for the Indie and other outlets. I saw Sarah Helm confront that corrupt old bastard judge Michael Argyll on a live TV debate years ago, she was good, the other twats didn’t dare say a word and Sarah Helm confronted him with the most appalling decisions that Argyll had made, including in a rape case; he’d not jailed the rapist because they’d been in the same regiment.

      Argyll was doing his best Huw Daniel bit, glowering away at Sarah; she stood her ground and revealed the old crook for what he was. I had no idea until years later that Sarah is married to Jonathan Powell, Miranda’s Chief of Staff. Jonathan is the brother of Charles Powell, who worked for Thatch. Both Powells work for the security services and I’m wondering if Sarah does too, what with her books about the intelligence services.

      Christ Almighty Sarah, thanks for confronting Argyll but where were you and your husband for all those years as Miranda systematically gave out peerages and promotions to those who protected Dafydd and the Gang? What about Cherie’s role in it all??? She and Miranda worked for George Carman!! There was a genocide in north Wales while you and Jonathan supped with Miranda, a genocide recorded undercover by the security services…

      1. Jonathan: In future, when you send plants after Brown, F, me and others, can you make them useful competent people, rather than a whole collection of fuckwits? It was no doubt entertaining, but it would have been good to have had some capable people to help us fight a load of gangsters.

        Don’t give me the ‘ooh but we had to remain undercover because the Top Docs would have refused us treatment as well’. Yes they would, but you’d have only been missing out on being told that Screening had shown that you had prostate cancer and thus your poor old prostrate had to be whipped out immediately – probably by Dr Chris as well – therefore rendering you doubly incontinent and impotent pointlessly. F would have preferred to have had his baby and the witness who was found dead in Bethesda would have preferred to have stayed alive and his own little girl would have liked a dad who was alive…

        We didn’t know!!! We only had a PM who had been a pupil barrister to the crook who covered this lot up and a wife who was in the thick of them…

        Just take a look at how much money Miranda gave the Top Docs while they killed our friends…

        1. Jonathan:

          Two useful people while the Gang was trying to set fire to my house and were perjuring themselves in the High Court in an attempt to imprison me were a young New Age Traveller couple who realised that I was under attack by shitbags, were rude to the shitbags when the shitbags tried to befriend and manipulate them and gave me advice on how to survive prison if the Gang’s perjury worked one day. They had both been kids in care and were using false names and identities to ensure that those who Helped never found them again and Included them.

          Bethesda was full of such folk. They were a bloody site more useful than the gangsters who were running the Services. One of the efforts made to Include the New Age Travellers who gave me advice was an offer of a university place. They said no, because they had noticed that so many people were now going to university that it was meaningless. They worked that out, Lord Adonis didn’t.

          You wankers. Empowered Service Users, former kids in care, New Age Travellers, hippies, we all knew what the Top Docs and social workers were doing, all of us did.

          There was no evidence, none at all…

          Just give them all more money, I mean Top Docs are Emigrating because of the Low Pay and what will we all do if they go, I mean we need them so much don’t we…

          And the Sacklers are supposed to be the problem.

  2. I’ve always been very irritated by the the argument that we should just shove more money into the NHS, pay doctors more and all will be well.

    Uh? Why don’t they just leave the NHS then? Do something different. That’s what normal people do if they want more money. Stop bleating about it and do something different. It’s quite simple. The taxpayer has forked out the bill for their lengthy education so lucky them….they can go and do something more lucrative, if they so wish.

    Top docs are indeed a bit of a dilemma. There are great top docs for sure, but there is an underbelly in my opinion who are out to work the system and, worse, pursue agendas that are psycho. If you dare venture into the murky worlds of the medico-legal system it is scary indeed. Out of control egos, game playing as is the legal process, meanwhile the injured patient is hoping there might be some kind of ‘access to justice’ particularly given the sums of money involved. I mean, is it not unreasonable to expect that citizens who have been educated at huge public expense (doctors….lawyers until relatively recently) would not be expected to stick by a rigid code of ethics? They are, after all, supposed to be serving the public, right?

    If they want to emigrate, great! Bye-bye!! A thousand people would be more than happy to take their places and would probably do a much better job.

    1. The biggest problem is that it is the underbelly who have the upper hand. There are plenty of young people going into medicine who want to be good docs and could be, but they are destroyed. The system undoubtedly selects for the worst to take the top jobs. The general public have no idea of how dysfunctional the profession is, so they are very vulnerable to Top Docs’ pleas of staffing crises, resource problems, overwork etc.

      No-one ever mentions among the wailing re the Shortage of Docs that it is the medical profession who control the number of Docs being trained. They will not allow a big increase because they want to keep the numbers low and salaries high. Likewise the bullying of junior docs, the over-work and every other part of the system that causes problems; it is all under the control of the senior Top Docs.

      They have caused virtually every problem that they moan about themselves. Even all this business of ‘demanding patients’, Aggression in the Clinic etc. The NHS has indeed become a site of hostility but if the staff are encouraged to see themselves as victims, to become obsessed with their own needs and see all patients as Bastards and Charidee cases instead of anxious people in pain and frightened, that is what will happen.

      The grumbles about patients ‘demanding’ is a result of the nation being told constantly to Ask Your GP. The population are being told to ask for’services’ that don’t exist. All the time it’s ‘ooh if you’re depressed Ask For Help, It Is There’. No it isn’t. In huge swathes of the UK there is no mental health service even for the most distressed. There needs to be an admission that the system has collapsed and there has just been years of lies about the state of affairs. There were always lies told about the ability and expertise of psychs anyway, but people are now being told that a system is in place when it isn’t. Just like so many women were told about The Birthing Pool or the Home Deliveries. Most of the time those services weren’t there, so women were led to expect a birth that was never going to be available and were then distressed when it all seemed to go pear-shaped.

      Patients are routinely lied to on all levels, it is so embedded within medicine that staff don’t think twice about doing it.

      Re the medico-legal complex, yes, sadly riddled with corruption to a degree of which I was unaware. I knew that it was bad but I didn’t realise that it was a 100% rigged. It is so bad that people like Mary Wynch and me, in the words of those we know and love, Had To Be Stopped. Because we were uncovering something so dreadful that it just could not be allowed to be revealed. Neither is it Just North Wales, a favourite excuse. This rot is complete, throughout the whole medico-legal establishment and it goes right to the top. I refused to have sex with a lobotomist who had links with the Royals and who was running a trafficking ring. So I and my friends who knew about it had to be completely destroyed. It is certainly interesting.

      Call me naive, but I cannot see how anyone thought that reacting to the problem in that way was a good idea. If a PM and the heir to the throne choose to make personal friends of someone like Jimmy Savile and his friend Dafydd, the only answer is to take the PM and heir to one side and simply say ‘if you choose to continue to associate with this gangster who is a serious sex offender, you will have to stand down’. It is not a revolutionary stance, it is a profoundly establishment stance, it is a stance that upholds the office of PM and heir to the throne. Heads of state in democratic nations cannot be friends with people at the centre of serious organised crime.

      A Vice Chancellor’s wife was allowed to die by Top Docs and a whole university came under attack because I was given a place to do a PhD there and then a job as a junior researcher.

      Explain that British state. This has backfired on you in a big way.

  3. It isn’t really relevant but an interesting observation with regards to The Blairs and Medicine. Its all gone very quiet now because it was embarrassing for them but do you remember Cherie’s pathetic and true to form hypocritical foray into (female led) ‘Private Healthcare’. She went into business with a medic and launched ‘Mee Healthcare’ – I think it was 2012 – to much fanfare and PR. Their aim was to open 100 healthcare clinics offering ‘everything under one roof’ – an investment fund was opened with millions poured in from private investors. In 3 years they only managed to open 11 clinics and the company eventually collapsed owing millions of pounds and all investors lost their money. She thought she would profit hugely from healthcare but that certainly backfired on her!

    1. I remember the scam but I didn’t realise that Cherie was at the centre of it. If it was 2012, that was the year when I had to flee and keep travelling after Guns At Dawn, that’s how I missed the details.

      The vain politicians don’t understand that crooked Top Docs will outwit them every time, absolutely every time. Unless the vain politicians are Top Docs themselves eg. Dr Death, John Dunwoody etc, the vain politicians just don’t have a good enough understanding of Docs’ codes and language, culture, values, networks, let alone biomedical knowledge. Even if the vain politician is a clever one who can pick things up quickly, read biomedical research, understand the stats and read the data, they do not have the insider knowledge which is necessary to understand what the Top Docs are up to.

      The Top Docs will always close ranks against other professions, even vain politicians with whom they have gone into business; Top Docs didn’t like Miranda and Cherie, they laughed at them, particularly because they did New Age things and wouldn’t have Leo vaccinated and farted around with Life Coaches and Purifying Waters and Crystals and the like.

      Top Docs, although they’re not above fiddling their research, do Believe In Science and they scream with laughter at people who don’t. They just start howling when someone begins on the Chakras and the Crystals. They can cope better with the Power of Prayer because Christianity is sufficiently embedded within our culture and of course in recent years they’ve been OK with other mainstream religions as well, but the Top Docs do laugh at the New Age Therapies. Its why they thought that Diana was an idiot.

      I laugh at New Age Therapies as well, but unlike the Top Docs I realised years ago that I shouldn’t laugh at those who are falling for them because they have usually done so after the most distressing experiences with the Top Docs. That wasn’t Cherie’s rationale, Cherie is just a pampered idiot, but a lot of people ran away screaming from the Top Docs and mocking them was not going to help.

      One needs to spend time with Top Docs to grasp the weirdness of their profession and it is still weird after all these years. They do dreadful things to each other, there is no collegiate conduct but they always hang together in the face of anyone else. They also are (usually) competent scientists yet are happy to fabricate research on a huge scale and not worry about the effect of this 20 yrs down the line – er, the Progress re Cancer Research stops, no interventions work, no-one knows what to do – and the real laugh is that the Top Docs have a healthy contempt for their own advice. They don’t smoke, but they do everything else and don’t give a stuff; booze, drugs, extreme sleep deprivation, they really don’t care. They also don’t cling onto life when they know that they’ve reached the point where they only have 18 months of frailty and pain left. If necessary they kill themselves because they know what is coming their way. Not for them the ‘ooh is there anything you can try doctor?’, it;s just ‘oh right, I’m buggered, well I’ve had a good innings’.

      Cherie won’t know how to begin to do business with the Top Docs, they’ll have shafted her. I think Richard Branson was sharp enough to know that to do business with Top Docs you have to be Of Them, its why Holly Branson did medicine…

      Wake up everyone, its why the Top Docs had a very big problem with Brown and me. We Believed In Science like they did but we saw what they were doing from the inside and didn’t like their culture and their contempt for their patients. It made us very dangerous. They couldn’t dismiss us as batty New Agers who didn’t understand Difficult Things, they were fucking scared at two old lefties who looked alternative but challenged them and refused to join the party. So they tried to kill us.

      Never do business with the Top Docs. Never. Their loyalty to the Mafia means that they cannot play fairly. Miranda only earned their contempt by giving them lots of money, not their respect.

      There were a great many politically active Top Docs who really hated Dr Death. Any one of them could have finished Death by making public what he and William Sargant did to their patients at Tommy’s. Death would never have bothered anyone again. No-one did it. No-one. They still haven’t.

      Medicine is definitely the most abusive, corrupt profession of the lot. The extent of the problem is reflected in the fact that no-one will admit it and the world upholds the myth that it is the cleanest profession.

      Anything to say Top Docs??? Have you realised yet that you really, really should not have done it?

  4. It was the basis of Jane and Harriet’s magic. Two fuckwits who piss everyone off, wreck everything that they touch, have to find other people to do their jobs for them and are just a disaster. Read the small print: ‘Jane’s father was a London doctor’; ‘Harriet’s father was a London doctor’.

    It’s all that is needed. ‘Ooh I see that you’re from a medical family!!’ This is not, as might be supposed by the uninitiated, the greeting of someone who has simply identified a commonality. It is Code. ‘You know how fucking corrupt we are and you knew we lie and kill when the chips are down. You can name names if ever you get nasty. You are OK with me luv, career in politics, of course!!’

    Harriet – her dad was mates with Lord Max Rosenheim. Jane – her dad was a Prof at Tommy’s.
    Anyone for Dr Death and the Westminster Paedophile Ring?

    PS. Kate Bush. Jimmy Savile was obsessed with the fact that Kate Bush was a Doctor’s Daughter. Listen to the drivel from 1978 when Kate became famous. It’s in every interview and poor old Savile says it constantly, he just can’t forget what Kate’s dad does for a living. I know what that was all about no matter how many Trouts tell people that there’s a special place in hell for…

    1. Thanks to the reader who sent me the archive material re Lord Snowdon.

      So that’s confirmed then: Gwynne was Lobotomist to the Royals who’s services were needed because of Armstrong-Jones’s tastes for sex workers of both genders and class A drugs, including when he and Ma’am Darling crashed out at Armstrong-Jones’s grandfather’s country home near Caernarfon.

      Once someone’s excavated the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and recovered the bodies concealed out there, how about digging up the remains of one dreadful old git from Llanfaglan Church and throwing them in the nearest dustbin, thus relieving Nerys and everyone else in that graveyard of an unsavoury neighbour?

      A case of ‘I Spit On Your Grave’ Ma’am? It’s not as if Lord Snowdon of Belgravia for his Whole Life actually had any attachment to Llanfaglan is it? Phil the Greek hasn’t got long to go, may I suggest a plot (so to speak) at Coetmor Cemetery near Llanllechid? There are quite a few of the victims of the gang out there, including my former neighbour who died after Dr Nicky Heinersdorff refused to visit him when he had a heart attack, although she and her goats lived a 10 minute walk up the hill. Yes, she was on call at the time. Ron died days later and he’s in Coetmor. He and his wife devoted their lives to genuinely helping people having a hard time rather than dressing up in red noses and banging on about their charidee work and Children, Children, Children.

      Not only was Ron slaughtered by the local GP, but someone was kind enough to publish an article in the local newsletter explaining that his wife Campaigned On Behalf of Paedophiles. No, she campaigned on behalf of prisoners on death row in Jamaica; the ignoramuses who wrote the newsletter will not have understood that the Privy Council has domain over that, so British lawyers work on those cases. Ron’s wife has spent many years involved with such work and she undoubtedly saved a few lives of people who were framed by a system as rotten as that which prevails on the Chester and Wales Circuit. It’s fairly clear what the real crime committed by Ron and his wife was: they were my former neighbours – good neighbours as well, not the people who tried to set fire to my house or sent a firework through the letter box which exploded in the face of my dog – who witnessed everything that happened to me in the early 1990s at the hands of the gang.

      I look forward to the arrival of the corpse of Phil the Greek at Coetmor.

      1. Jeff Crowther, the Nursing Manager at the Hergest Unit, hated the Royals. He used to sound forth to the other Angels re what a bloody rip off they were.

        Jeff’s wife Lilimore was best mates with Nicky Heinersdorff.

        Jeff’s wife Lil was a former psych nurse who then became a lecturer in the School of Psychology at Bangor University. She died in the care of her colleagues at Ysbyty Gwynedd when she was 40 yrs old. Jeff then received murder threats and had to go into hiding.

        As ye sow, so shall ye reap Jeff. You knew what that lot were doing to us, you failed to blow the whistle and so they kicked you in the knackers as well. It’s what gangsters do. Even Royal ones.

        Any other People Who Hate The Royals want to come forward and admit that they did favours for a vicious paedophile ring with links to the Royals? Ooh my wife has her heart set on that nice bungalow… Ooh the daughter wants a job as a social worker… Ooh my son’s applied to Liverpool to do medicine, Taid knew Dr DA ewe know…

        Professor Catherine Robinson was just a whippersnapper when she shared the office in the School of Psychology with Jeff’s wife…

        Catherine hates paedophiles, they’re so manipulative that they even make friends with single mothers to Gain Access To Children, she told me. Well she shouted it at me, as she stormed out of the room when I suggested that the ‘cut their knackers off’ policy is ineffective. That must be why Catherine toadied to Dafydd and the gang from the minute that she graduated and indeed before that when she was a Nightline volunteer hearing what Gwynne was getting up to in the Student Health Centre…

        Donna Slater, my former colleague at St George’s, hated paedophiles as well. Although she made it quite clear that she thought that I was a mug for challenging the dreadful practices of the Top Docs and others at St George’s and for refusing to get pissed with them at parties and wine club. While they ran the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

        Gwynne and Dafydd provided aversion therapy for homosexuals years after homosexuality was decriminalised. While they ran a trafficking ring supplying boys as young as 12 to male paedophiles.

        There’s nothing like being Shocked and Disgusted is there.

  5. Interesting brief review on Guardian online re the forthcoming TV drama on the case of the Yorkshire Ripper. Being The Guardian it comments on the misogyny of Michael Havers, the AG at the time who commented on the sadness of the case being that some of the women murdered by Sutcliffe were ‘innocent’ women.

    There is another comment from the journo who wrote the review re the putative misogyny of another man involved with the case, who it is said is so unfamiliar with the word misogyny that he pronounces it wrongly and is therefore probably a misogynist himself. I think that I pronounce misogyny in the way that this man does; mispronouncing words (or even simply pronouncing them in a way that is unfamiliar rather than incorrect) does not mean that one’s understanding of that word is wrong. I was one of those teenagers who saw many words written down but I’d never heard them pronounced; I remember reading Descartes when I was 16 and of course I pronounced the name in the joke way – Dess-Cart-ees. People in Bridgwater didn’t discuss Decartes. So I’d never heard his name pronounced until I met Brown a few months later. Brown too had problems in that he encountered words that he had never heard anyone pronounce before, as did his brother…

    In a Welsh lesson some years ago I asked what the Welsh for misogyny was. The Welsh teacher had never heard the English word yet alone the Welsh. Does that make her a misogynist?

    While I would agree that there was misogyny surrounding the Sutcliffe case, there were other factors too that were just as dreadful. The classism was just as obvious as the misogyny. Michael Havers would have been horrified if a woman of his own social class was raped and butchered, but the women whom Sutcliffe killed were usually women at the bottom of the heap. Havers lived in Wimbledon; Sutcliffe’s victims lived in the rough areas of oop north. The shit really hit the fan when Sutcliffe murdered a student at Leeds University; a middle class girl… He was caught soon afterwards.

    Sutcliffe would probably have been in hot water very quickly if he had killed high class call girls. It was the social status of the women which really made them worthless in the eyes of the law, as much as them being sex workers. Not that all of them were; some of them were just women who’d been in the pub and were described in the press as prostitutes… Not being Guardian readers their families didn’t write in and demand an apology. So they became ‘prostitutes’ for ever…

    The Guardian refers to police incompetence. No, it was police corruption. The force was rotten to the core, they had a pretty good idea that Sutcliffe was the culprit but that force was saturated with organised crime, that’s why they didn’t pull Sutcliffe in. The Guardian doesn’t mention that Sutcliffe operated in the Leeds area, where Savile and corrupt officers ran the crime empire which included the sex abuse ring linked to north Wales and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Keith Joseph was one of the constituency MPs, he wasn’t going to say a word.

    Savile. Remember how shocked the world was when Savile was photographed with Sutcliffe in Broadmoor, telling the world that Sutcliffe was his ‘friend’? Whats the betting that Savile knew Sutcliffe from Leeds anyway?

    I have mentioned before that I was told that Savile was molesting kids in 1988 by a fellow medical researcher. She had been a student at Leeds Univ when Sutcliffe was on the loose and killed Jacqueline, the student. The students at Leeds Univ knew about Savile abusing kids. They knew that the police knew but had not arrested him.

    The Sutcliffe case elicited a flurry of wimmin’s writing at the time such as Pat Barker’s ‘Blow Your House Down’, about the grim lives of women at the bottom of the heap and the crap heaped upon them by men and the world around them. I consumed that literature in great volumes as a young woman and I remember it well. I don’t know about Pat Barker per se, but what I did find out over the following years was that numerous people writing in that genre knew about Dafydd, the organised abuse of kids in care, the abuse of psych patients and vulnerable adults and ignored it. Because those people were being abused by the national treasure that is the NHS and welfare state. No-one would defend them.

    There are numerous aspects of the Sutcliffe case that haven’t been explored, not least that the Top Docs involved with his ‘care’ in Broadmoor were all involved in organised abuse and serious organised crime themselves. Helena Kennedy knows them. Sutcliffe was originally sent to prison after a jury rejected the insanity plea – The Guardian hasn’t mentioned that. I imagine that there was heaven and earth moved to get him transferred to Broadmoor because prisoners have many more rights and are believed much more readily than nutters in Broadmoor. Sutcliffe would have been able to name a great many people who were afforded protection and it was necessary to ensure that no-one listened to him, ever. Ever. Not even a deathbed confession 20 yrs later.

    As for Michael Havers’ misogyny: Havers protected gangs of adult men who violently sexually assaulted and murdered boys of 12. I’m sure that Havers hadn’t read much feminist theory, but the over-arching problem was good old solid corruption in high places…

    Havers’ sister Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was presented to the world, including by The Guardian, as a wise, caring, female, glass ceiling busting hero when she Chaired the Cleveland Inquiry. Ah she has such a nice way with the abused children!!! She was a corrupt old cow who concealed the trafficking of kids in the North East by Top Docs – one of whom was another Wise Woman who was good with children – who were mates with Dafydd.

    And Sonia Sutcliffe, Sutcliffe’s wife, played a role in it all as well, a school teacher. There is much evidence that she knew what he was doing. Then there was that business with Sonia, the Daily Mail, Private Eye and the litigation. Sonia won a case against the Eye which nearly bankrupted them and they had to have a whip round…

    Don’t worry The Guardian. I probably don’t know my own mind do I. Bless!!! She’s had Help ewe know…

    1. Oh I see that the Labour Party are not breaking with tradition: Theresa has announced that she is resigning so the Labour Party have all begun scrapping between themselves and Jezza is ‘trying to prevent resignations’. There wouldn’t be any point getting one’s act together to fight an election would there. Anyone for resurrecting Michael Foot for a touch of authenticity?

      As for those folk who are asking me who I think will be next leader/PM etc; I have no idea. For the first time in my life, instead of taking an interest in who will be the least worst, I think that anyone on offer will be absolutely dreadful. It really does not matter who takes over. Lidington is a hot favourite: his name is on my documents at the thick of Home Office corruption in the late 1980s. But no-one else has clean hands either. Elect an orangutan, he/she can’t be any worse.

  6. Well as its the anniversary of Jill Dandos death there is a documentary about her murder next week – I wonder if it will actually mention the Savile connection?

    1. After declaring yesterday that my duty is to expose fuckwittery, I am delighted to inform readers of a splendid bit of advanced fuckwittery brought to the world by Dafydd and co, who else?

      BBC News Wales online are running yet another story about the Drugs Menace in north Wales, fuelled by the ‘county lines’ phenomenon. In order to warn kids that drug dealers are using ‘vulnerable children’ as couriers, Theatre Clwyd are putting on performances in local schools. Dafydd’s charidee CAIS are supporting this venture.

      Previous posts have explained how Theatre Clwyd is a splendid theatre in the small town of Mold and was established by Dafydd and Ronnie Waterhouse’s partner-in-crime, TM Hadyn Rees, the former corrupt Chief Exec of Clwyd County Council, who oversaw the children’s homes of Clwyd as the organised abuse bloomed into an international trafficking business. There was bugger all money for anything else in Clwyd, but they did get that fantastic Theatre, which was much enjoyed by Hadyn Rees, his friends and their children. In fact a youth theatre was formed which launched the careers of folk like Rhys Ifans!

      Theatre Clwyd has undergone regular financial crises but has always been saved at the last minute. This frequently coincided with the coffers of Clwyd Council being inexplicably empty, but it was OK, Clwyd was the beneficiary of various bail outs from Gov’t that other Councils never experienced. Things got quite worrying mid-Thatcherism, when rate capping was introduced re high spending Councils. Yes, Clwyd had one of the highest rates in the UK, dear old rural Clwyd, it wasn’t funding black lesbian CND workshops a la the GLC, there were no services to speak of – certainly not for kids in care or Empowered Service Users – so where was the dosh going? No-one could explain. Throughout it all Theatre Clwyd was the jewel in the crown…

      Theatre Clwyd nearly went tits up once again a few years ago, but a Clwyd Councillor was able to call on his pal Terry Hands, a big name from theatre in Liverpool in the 1960s and 70s and Terry came to the rescue…

      I’m only surprised that Cilla didn’t turn up and perform a benefit gig.

      So Theatre Clwyd is touring across schools in north Wales and the photo provided is one of the kids at Dolgellau School watching the Clwyd-CAIS players. Dolgellau was home to many things, including one of the most corrupt probation officers in Wales, one of the most abusive children’s social workers and the incredible Invisible Disabled People’s Homelessness Team of Gwynedd County Council.

      This Team was a group of four or five social workers who had been down at Dolgellau for years with the remit of finding disabled people accommodation. It was quite a revelation when I discovered them a few years ago – no of course they didn’t find me accommodation, Brown and my former PhD supervisor helped with that – after all those years of living in Gwynedd and knowing homeless Empowered Service Users who were kipping on floors, in derelict buildings, in barns, in overcrowded accommodation etc only to be told every time that they asked Gwynedd Social Services if they could apply for accommodation ‘we haven’t got any, that’s that’. No-one I knew had ever known about the Team Of Four/Five in Dolgellau, they were a well-kept secret.

      The Chief Exec of CAIS is interviewed by the BBC, on the Serious Problem of gangs coming into north Wales from Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. Well Dafydd’s had a partnership with them since the early 1970s at least. The Chief Exec of CAIS is Clive Wolfendale, the former Deputy Chief Constable of North Wales. Clive went to work for Dafydd just after the first gun was waved at me some years ago. When Clive’s new job was announced I seemed to be the only person who thought that the Deputy Chief Constable going to work for Dafydd as his CEO was a little worrying. Then I thought well perhaps Mr Wolfendale is undercover and Dafydd is so used to having corrupt coppers on the pay-roll that he hasn’t smelt a rat. That was quite a few years ago now, Clive is still there, the drugs problem in north Wales is booming and indeed getting worse. So if Clive is undercover he’s not very good at it.

      BBC News Wales tells us that:
      David Evans, from North Wales Police and Community Trust (PACT), said: “County lines and knife crime are a continuing scourge on our society and it is vital that we educate our young people to help keep them safe from harm.”

      The theatre company, which runs the project with North Wales PACT and the Scottish Power Foundation, will visit 40 secondary schools across Flintshire, Conwy, Denbighshire, Gwynedd, Anglesey and Wrexham.

      Oh go on Susan Calman, join in the fun and undertake a dancing tour of north Wales sponsored by CAIS. The BBC can broadcast it, you can bang on about being a little Scottish lesbian with your cats who’s ever so nervous at giving a twirl in public. Gruff Rhys and the Super Furries can provide the music. No-one will even ask themselves ‘WTF is going on???’ They’ll all be far too busy yelling ‘we didn’t know’ and ‘they’re lying to get compensation’….

  7. Thanks to readers who have sent me links and archive material re the Sutcliffe investigation, Poulson, T. Dan Smith, Savile etc. I’ll be following up a few links.

    Someone’s sent me an article from the Torygraph, May 2017, yet another piece about Misogyny and Sutcliffe, by feminist journo Joan Smith who extols that we remember the victims and ensure that they Get Justice. Bit too late for the ones who are dead Joan. Joan remembers how she was the only female journo in the room in the mid-1970s when she went up to cover the Ripper case and how Joan was surrounded by a dreadful load of thick policeman in possession of testicles. Yeh, they probably were a bunch of offensive chumps and they’ll have called Joan a bird as well.

    Joan is one of the Wimmin of whom I was thinking when I wrote my earlier comment about the flurry of support by writers and journos for the working class women of the sort who were attacked by Sutcliffe, writers and journos who actually kept as quiet about the mass abuse of kids/vulnerable people at the hands of Dafydd and others as the corrupt Yorkshire police did.

    Joan’s wiki among other things tells us that:
    Joan is a human rights activist, a former chair of the Writers in Prison committee in the English section of International PEN and was the Executive Director of Hacked Off.
    Joan Smith displays a commitment to atheism, feminism (Misogynies: Reflections on Myths and Malice, 1989) and republicanism (Down with the Royals, 2015). She is scornful of popular culture and once gave away her television set to her ex-husband, although she acquired a new set almost a decade later.
    On 15 September 2010, Smith, along with 54 other public figures, signed an open letter published in The Guardian, stating their opposition to Pope Benedict XVI’s state visit to the UK.
    In November 2011, Smith gave evidence to the Leveson Inquiry into press and media standards following the telephone hacking practised by the News of the World. She testified that she considered celebrities thought they could control press content if they put themselves into the public domain when, in reality the opposite was more likely.
    Although Smith was opposed to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, disputing the false claims about the Saddam Hussein regime’s possession of Weapon of mass destruction, she has taken a different view during the Syrian civil war. As a consequence of the Syrian refugee crisis and the 2013 Ghouta attacks using chemical weapons, she has called for military invention.
    Smith is a supporter of the pressure group Republic and a Patron of Humanists UK. In 2015, she was elected chair of Labour Humanists, a group promoting secularist policies and humanist values within the Labour party.

    Smith was married to journalist Francis Wheen between 1985 and 1993.

    On 25 May 2009, during the expenses scandal of 2009 Smith wrote an article for The Guardian titled “I am sick of my country and this hysteria over MPs” objecting to the furore over MPs’ expenses which she cited as an example of bullying in public life, stating that her (then) partner was an (unnamed) MP. Joan’s partner was in fact Denis MacShane, who was er imprisoned for his part in the expenses scandal. Joan split up with him the year that MacShane went to prison. A case of ‘I have never met my husband’ perhaps?

    Denis MacShane was the Labour MP for Rotherham, 1994-2002. That’s the Rotherham of the massive abuse and trafficking of girls that absolutely everyone knew about but ignored, including the local MP. Denis was also a member of Lilibet’s Privy but was kicked out after he was convicted.

    Before Denis went into politics, he was a journo like Joan. He worked for the BBC, 1969-77. He won’t have noticed Savile cluttering up the corridors of course.

    As I was reading about all those causes to which Joan is so Passionately Committed and her opinions on everything under the sun, I was reminded of the first insight that I had into how the lucky few break into journalism big time. It did of course come from my media pals who were at Stirling with Jack McConnell, the friends who later crossed swords with dear old Michael Grade and William Miller because of their support for me.

    In 1985 or so – the year that Grade went after one of them because she refused to do a fiddle for Grade’s mate Samuel Brittan – she went to a careers thing for young media graduates and placements were on offer for trainee journos for the Sunday Times. She told me about it afterwards and said ‘well we were told that there were great opportunities for women journos and as the evening wore on it became very clear what the deal was: ‘If you shag us we’ll get you a job on the Sunday Times’. My mate refused to shag them so she wasn’t offered a job. But then she was sacked from her job on a film set in 1987 after 3 days because she refused to shag the Director.

    Joan Smith joined the staff of The Sunday Times in 1979 and stayed at the newspaper until 1984. She has had a regular column in The Guardian’s Weekend supplement, also freelancing for the newspaper and has contributed to The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, and the New Statesman.

    How’s the support for the working class women going then Joan? Did you actually meet two of them on one occasion and take field notes?

    Passionate Committed Female Journalism is one big world of Bryony Gordon, Glenda Slag and Polly Filler, even on The Guardian.

    In 2017, Joan Smith was Chair of the Mayor of London’s ‘End Violence Against Women and Girls’ panel. The Mayor was Sadiq Khan, who grew up in Tooting, served as a Tooting Councillor and the local MP and never noticed the huge trafficking ring which was being facilitated by St George’s Hospital in er Tooting and Wandsworth Borough Council, which covered er Tooting. But Michael Mansfield didn’t notice it either and he lived in Wandsworth.

    Not that one branch of Dafydd’s gang will have been of any interest to Joan at all, ie. that production line of boys for male paedophiles including some in the Labour Party when MacShane was an MP. Beaten and gang raped at the age of 12 Joan. If they complained about what had gone on a few years later when they were young men, the most effective way of dealing with them was to tell everyone that they were sex offenders and if necessary fit them up for sex offences. Against Women and Girls. Jail sentence guaranteed, no-one would ever listen to a word that they ever said again and if the Supporting Evidence could be supplied by a female Angel, that was just perfect. I watched them do it.

    Ah there’s a special place in hell reserved for me as an Unsisterly Cow, as the wimmin of the Senedd will be more than happy to confirm.

    Perhaps as someone who’s views must be Taken Seriously, Joan could tell us what she thinks about the latest row re the Probation Service, now that Dame Glenys Stacey has announced that offenders would be better served if the Probation Service were to be taken back into public ownership?

    You won’t find What Sally Baker Says About This in the Guardian, so I’ll enlighten everyone here. It won’t matter if the Probation Service is taken back into public ownership. It was privatised because of the dreadful outcomes. The dreadful outcomes were a result of endemic corruption in the Probation Service. So all the hopeless corrupt probation officers formed themselves into companies and were commissioned by the Gov’t to Provide Services. The outcomes are still terrible, so there’s now a debate re de-privatising them. The one thing that no-one will do is tackle the serious organised crime in the Probation Service.

    Read the biographies of the people who ran the children’s homes in north Wales while the paedophile gang ran riot. Many of them were probation officers. The probation officers in north Wales were known to be totally corrupt when I was still in Wales.

    My friend lived in a flat in Caernarfon next to a young man on probation. Just before his probation officer visited he used to call on my friend to borrow her wine glasses. Because he always had a bottle of wine ready when his probation officer called. After the wine they would have sex. This was no myth, I heard the action one evening as it kicked off when I was at my friend’s place. Other probation officers were flogging drugs to clients; well they had previously worked for Dafydd’s charidee CAIS, so that was inevitable. Others were blackmailing clients.

    One young man received a prison sentence from corrupt Judge Huw Daniel after he had a row with his probation officer when he found out that a solicitor in Caernarfon was sexually abusing boys, had been caught red handed by the police but no charges were brought. Daniel was of the opinion that he had been aggressive and threatening to a – female of course – probation officer. I met this young man when I was on probation myself after Daniel sentenced me to over 100 hours community service for telling the secretary of a corrupt NHS manager that he was a fat idiot. I now have enough documentation to put that NHS manager in prison. It won’t happen.

    Serious organised crime. I uncovered it in the NHS and when the corrupt judge put me on probation I uncovered a load more in the criminal justice system. Because I talk to plebs instead of shagging Sunday Times journos.

    The best anecdote I have re probation officers in north Wales was the one which involved the probation officers getting pissed off with a colleague who was a little too honest for their liking. So they instructed him to drive a client to an appointment in the north of England, on duty alone. They didn’t tell him that the client was suicidal and had told everyone that if he was put in a car he intended to seize the wheel to cause a crash and thus kill himself. No warnings given, no second person in the car. Towards Manchester the suicidal client freaked, seized the wheel and they crashed at high speed. They both survived the crash. The lorry driver whom they smashed into didn’t. The police covered the whole thing up along with the probation service.

    They’re lying to get compensation!!!

    The general public have no bloody idea at all how dangerous and corrupt the Helping Professions are. Joan Smith knows but she’s not telling.

    The woman who ended up leading one probation team in Caernarfon was a former hairdresser who then got a job in an old folk’s home and thought that she’d like to be a social worker. She had no qualifications so entered social work through an access course at Coleg Menai. She struggled and had to resit exams several times but due to a friendship with a tutor there she eventually qualified. She went into the probation service and although utterly hopeless was appointed leader of a team in Caernarfon. I was told that she was only given the job because the problems in the team were so great that no-one else would take it on. She wasn’t warned.

    Once in place there was fuck up after fuck up. The finale of which was the discovery that a serious sex offender had been placed on a course in Coleg Menai and had threatened female lecturers who had been left to teach him alone. The dipstick of a Team Leader hadn’t looked at the criminal records of the ‘clients’ whom she had placed at Coleg Menai; one was a rapist. No-one at Coleg Menai was told. It was as ever all covered up. One lecturer who was threatened by him was married to a clinical psychologist who was covering up so much shit in the mental health services himself that they didn’t say anything either. The solution was to give the Team Leader long term paid sick leave, then early retirement. I later found out that the running theme throughout all of this was that Team Leader, social work tutors, Probation Service, lecturer and clin psych all Knew What Happened To Sally Baker In The Mental Health Services and thus everyone received a nice offer to shut up about the whole mess. Except for me of course, but then they knew from Dafydd’s 1987 attempt that I turned down bribes.

    I’m glad to say that it was so bad that not all the corruption was related to people shafting me. Another FE college in north Wales accepted people who were under the supervision of the Probation Service. One of their clients was a sex offender who followed a female lecturer into the bogs and raped her. Of course it was all covered up, goodness knows what happened to the poor woman who was raped. It was the usually litany of idiocy; a genuinely dangerous man who had never pissed off the corrupt ones so was allowed privileges and freedoms, entered into corrupt deals with them and then attacked someone. The whole system is based on that model of business.

    As for Dame Glenys, she has featured on this blog previously. Dame Glenys is a solicitor who has spent most of her career in public services management. She knows that the layers of fuckwittery and corruption are so deep that debating whether the probation service is publicly or privately run is as pointless as asking whether Dafydd is best employed directly by the NHS or commissioned privately via the Gov’t. He simply should not be there at all and neither should those probation officers or indeed Huw Daniel.

    1. There’s another attempt on the part of junior docs to highlight their brutal working conditions. Someone’s produced a report with examples of the crap way in which they are treated including being refused time off when their child is intensive care and being told that they’ll only get time off if the kid dies. Yes, that is standard. As is refusing to give a junior doc time off for their own wedding.

      Well junior docs I wish you all the best with your campaign to stop your torture because when people stop torturing you, you will no longer evolve into insane sadistic consultants who are not fit to practice. I fear however you will have an uphill struggle because I have only just noticed who is Chair of NHS Improvement who has commented on your concerns: it is Dido Harding.

      Dido Harding. Cameron’s mate, the bint who was Chair of TalkTalk and who’s company was at the centre of that huge data breach that Dido was completely unable to resolve. So someone’s given Dido the NHS to play with.

      The person who’s going to sort it all out for the junior docs, Diana Mary “Dido” Harding, Baroness Harding of Winscombe, is a PPE graduate from Oxford and then did an MBA at Harvard. Doesn’t that just fill you with confidence junior docs??? Dido knows what you are going through!! Which is probably why Dido’s comment re the killing fields of the NHS was ‘Junior doctors are the lifeblood of our health service and deserve to be supported by their employers with compassion and care. Many parts of the NHS do this well, but feedback from across the service is that we can and should do better if we are to make the NHS a great place to work, which is exactly what our NHS people plan will seek to do.”

      Dido, you are talking crap. NO part of the NHS supports junior docs ‘with compassion and care’, the culture is more brutal than anything than you can ever imagine, there is a very very long way to go before junior NHS staff are treated with even mild respect, let alone compassion and care. Not that most junior docs would be drivelling away about compassion and care for them anyway, they’d just like a bit of sleep.

      Chris Hopson, Chief Exec of NHS Providers – it just goes on and on doesn’t it, yet another pointless organisation ‘supporting’ the NHS, achieving nothing beyond giving quotes to the media – commented re junior docs that examples of supporting them ‘include the extension of flexible working, free on-site accommodation and counselling services, as well as smaller innovations which make a big difference, such as free meals following night shifts, discounted gym memberships and relaxation spaces.”

      Hopson, free gym membership will make no difference to a junior doc and most of them won’t go near a counselling service. What they need is a guarantee that they will have senior colleagues who will be available for advice as they should be, not leave them adrift, out of their depth yet make it clear that if a patient dies they will be hung out to dry unless they take part in the lies to conceal the cock-up.

      Junior docs are not prepared for being a real doc during their medical school years although Dido probably doesn’t know that. They have NO preparation. They are dropped onto the ward on their first job after qualifying and left to get on with it. Dido has no bloody idea of how the system works. They also often receive great hostility from the Angels because the NHS is a status ridden war zone, Angels get kicked about by Docs, so they take the opportunity to treat the newbies dreadfully.

      Junior docs, if Dido gets on your tits in her capacity as Chair of NHS Improvement, you might be interested to know that she, like Cameron, was one of Vernon Bogdanor’s students at Oxford. Bogdanor was a friend and co-author of Richard Crossman, the Westminster Swinger who concealed sexual abuse of kids in care and psych patients in the NHS.

      Dido has worked for Tesco and Sainsbury – although I never bumped into her on the tills – and is in the Woman’s Hour Power List. If I was a junior doc the latter point alone would probably make me feel like resigning.

      Woman’s Hour favourite Caroline Emma Criado-Perez is featuring on a BBC news website with examples of How The World Isn’t Adapted For Women. The World doesn’t take into account periods and the like. Some of Caroline’s examples are classics, like police uniforms which were indeed very obviously designed for male police offers and the women just had to sort of fit into them. Even I noticed that and I’m not someone who bollocks on about the world not being designed for women.

      Caroline mentions ‘scientific equipment’ as not being built for women. Scientific equipment isn’t usually built for anyone; those plastic protective eye goggles were such a pain in the bum that it was simply easier not to use them. They had the disadvantage of providing an opaque surface in front of your eyes which stopped you from seeing anything clearly. I’m wondering if Caroline might be wearing a pair herself, because among her Facts That Prove That The World Is Not Designed For Women, is the Interesting Fact that medical wisdom dictates that women do not have heart attacks, but they do, ooh yes they do, but doctors don’t believe them because the world is against women.

      Caroline: it’s called Bad Research. Yes, for years and years, it was sincerely believed that women were at a much lower risk of heart attack than men. It wasn’t true. No-one believed this because they were Misogynists. They believed it because as with so much that is taken for granted in Medical Science, it was based on poor research which no-one had ever questioned. You’ll find that the Screening for Ladies Cancers is based on flawed research as well. I look forward to you leading the rout against it all. When you’ve done that, you can start tweeting about the bad/forged research into the many mental health ‘interventions’ which are being robustly promoted. Then you can move onto the deeply flawed Prostate Screening, the shite re ‘healthy’ drinking and eating, the ideal weight guidance etc etc. If you begin tweeting about crap medical research Caroline you’ll never have time to appear on Woman’s Hour again, you’ll be far too busy, because the problem is huge. Perhaps Dido, as a fellow human being who is on the Woman’s Hour Power List, would like to assist you in your battle against bad research, while you both spread compassion and care around the world.

      I’ll await the result of Dido’s NHS People’s Plan. I can hear the junior docs’ howling with laughter already…

      P.S. Dido. The junior docs are scientists, although some of them will be a bit Arty as well. What they are not are management consultants. Your People’s Plan will be written in the sort of language that they simply do not take seriously and it’s just going to piss them off all over again. They really really hate being told what to do by people with MBAs.

      1. How about ordering all junior docs to dress in green Dido? It is Relaxing On The Eye and makes people feel less stressed. I know this because before I encountered the crazed psychs for myself, I had a friend who’s pal at school was ‘under’ a child psychiatrist. This teenager hated her psych and told her mates at school that the psych was nuts and ‘was always dressed in fucking green’. So one day, she asked the psych ‘why do you always wear green?’ And the psych said ‘because it is relaxing on the eye’. The teenager thought that this was hysterical and simply more evidence that the psych was bonkers. The psych was so relaxing on the eye that the teenager ran away from home to avoid seeing her.

        Then there’s the colour co-ordination of the cushions to think about Dido; the nature of the piped music in the Relaxation Areas; the Mindfulness sessions; the work of NHS Improvement is never ending. May I suggest keeping the patients alive and bringing down the suicide rate in junior docs while you’re at it?

  8. Sadly there appears to be an epidemic of dead medical students. They appear so aware and in despair that suicide is the go to position. To say that this is careless on behalf of Medical Schools is grossly understated.
    It took me a long time to loose faith in the NHS despite the brutality of my experience. I am so sorry for these young people and their families. They have been conned about what it is all about. Leadership, compassion, understanding, caring NO just serious organised crime.
    Memo to Mike, Paul and Simon: it’s to be hoped that I will not be shown to be right or you will all be out of a job.

    1. My feelings exactly Richard. The sons of two of my friends both want to do medicine and I always chat to them re how their A levels, applications are going etc, but it is very hard to conceal my feelings of ‘God you have no idea what you are letting yourself in for, please, no tears if you don’t get in, you’ll have had a very lucky escape’.

      As with everything re the NHS, people are refusing to listen to the loud hailer yelling that something is terribly wrong. For over 30 yrs now I have watched bright, lovely young people enter medicine and become increasingly traumatised and brutalised as they progress, until so many of them in middle age are indistinguishable from the absolute bastards whom they swore when they were medical students that they would never turn into. Real Animal Farm stuff. ‘I looked from my former friend to the criminal Freemason concealing patient deaths and criminality back to my former friend and I could see no difference…’

      For decades now young people thinking of going to medical school have been told by a few Earnest Honest ones ‘don’t, don’t, I cannot recommend this profession to anyone, there is something terribly wrong with it that is not going to be fixed in a hurry’. Those voices are drowned out by the PR of the soap operas, the news and the braying of ‘ooh a noble profession, noble profession…’ Every young person thinks ‘oh those telling me not to must have just had something awful happen to them…’

      I have seen the same but rather less intense process with nurses. I sat on a table of Angels who doubled up as tutors at an event at Bangor University a few years ago – it was certainly traumatic, they did all that they could to be as rude to me as possible – and watched them LIE to recent nursing graduates who were in meltdown about the bad practice and abuse that they’d witnessed as students, about the dire problems in the NHS, about the carnage and crisis in the north Wales NHS.

      Those harridans sat there with their fake smiles and said to the newly qualified Angels ‘ooh well it will all be sorted out soon’. That was more than 10 years ago. Those lying cows, they knew that there was havoc, absolute havoc. Indeed in one year in north Wales, the NHS could not afford to employ even ONE new graduate nurse. No money AT ALL left – pissed up against the wall as usual – so the newly qualified Angels were told that they could ‘get jobs as healthcare assistants and gain valuable experience’. Most of them had already done that!

      Did those lying trouts in the School of Nursing make any sacrifices to help their young colleagues??? Oh no, they screamed and screamed yet louder for more money, for ‘research funding’ that they couldn’t utilise anyway, not knowing their arses from their elbows. It was just the usual – sod off small fry, you’re not our problem and if you do question us we’ll lie to you…

      You know as well as I do Richard that Dido Harding is never ever going to Improve the NHS.

      Before I left Wales I was pals with a newly qualified nurse and her mates. They were bright and had all already done degrees before beginning nursing and they mapped very carefully the way in which those we know and love were trying to induct them into bad practice. They noticed that the Senior Angels On Placement would take the piss out of them for wearing the correct uniform, having their hair tied back etc. Then there was the ‘banter’ ie. the frank sexual harassment of female students by some male Senior Angels with a view to sex at the end of it. Then there was the ski-iving off work on the part of Senior Angels, taking the students with them, for a coffee or a cooked breakfast mid-morning.

      All designed to drag the students into wrongdoing and of course eventually patient abuse. One of my friends saw a Senior Angel swearing at an old lady who had fallen on the floor and saying ‘get up you lazy old cow’. The Senior Angel told my friend that it might look cruel but its the only way to deal with them. My friend was horrified. Where did this happen? Bryn Hesketh, Colwyn Bay, the elderly person’s unit that a few years later was the centre of a patient abuse scandal. They’d been abusing those patients for years.

      The nursing students also witnessed abuse of patients in the Hergest Unit. One of them raised her concerns with Nursing Tutor Siobhan Tranter. Who was married to psychiatrist Richard Tranter, who in turn was concealing patient abuse at the Hergest Unit. The student didn’t know that. Because she was left unsupported, she withdrew from the course. Before she left, Siobhan Tranter told her to ‘remember to tell everyone how supportive I’ve been as a tutor’. The Tranters emigrated to New Zealand when the bomb went off at the Betsi a few years later.

      A young gay nursing student on placement at the Hergest was subjected to homophobic bullying from Senior Angels. Who won an award from Stonewall for being an LGBT friendly employer?? The Betsi!! I can only wonder who at Stonewall was bribed.

      As for the student Angel whom I knew best who constantly flagged up ALL the abuse that she saw on placement and refused to be drawn into wrongdoing, when she qualified, she was offered a job at the A&E in Ysbyty Gwynedd. The offer was unlawfully withdrawn just before she began work but she never knew why. After I left north Wales at gunpoint I made a clandestine visit to old pals. I went to see my former colleague who had been close to that nurse, Hannah. She was crying. ‘Have you heard, Hannah died yesterday’.

      Hannah had been admitted to Ysbyty Gwynedd with a not too difficult to solve problem. Cock-up after cock-up. Hannah then seriously ill. More cock-ups. Hannah in intensive care. More cock-ups. Hannah on life-support. Hannah brain damaged. Hannah’s life-support switched off.

      Hannah the whistleblower. Dead. Hannah Pragnall, remember the name. Did a degree in English at Bangor University, knew about the abuse of patients, knew about the joke that was ‘Disability Support’ at Bangor University, knew about the plan to Get Merfyn Out, then saw the worst on offer when she trained as an Angel. Hannah was in my house the day that I sustained an injury to my teeth and jaw and as I dripped in blood we rang the A&E for advice. We received a gobful of abuse from the Angel on duty and a refusal to help. That was after I’d given my name…

      I e mailed Mary Burrows, the then CEO of the Besti – Mary, like Merfyn was under fire from the Gwerin/PFs – and Mary e mailed straight back apologising, saying this was inexcusable. Turned out that Mary wasn’t even on duty but was checking e mails anyway. Where was Mary? She was visiting her severely disabled son, who was in a residential unit in England, needing 24 hour care.

      The son that Mary never made capital out of, as abuse was hurled at the ‘overpaid American bitch who doesn’t care about the patients and doesn’t like Welsh people’.

      The overpaid American bitch, like Merfyn, was dealing with the remains of a gang of traffickers. She also had a severely disabled son to think about.

      American bitch. Anyone for anti-racism? One of Dafydd Iwan’s friends had an issue with Mary for being American. Yma O Hyd!! Dafydd Iwan’s International, he supported the Struggles Of Oppressed People Across the World. Strumming that guitar of his while the paedophile gang ran Gwynedd. Or should that be Gwynne-dd. Because Dafydd Iwan Of The People knew about Gwynne, lobotomist to the Royals.

      How about a rendering of your ditty ‘Carlo’ then Dafydd Iwan??? Dafydd Iwan hates the English Prince!! Dr DA’s a true Welsh Patriot!

      Hannah never ever compromised her own standards. Hannah did not survive Ysbyty Gwynedd’s Care.

  9. ‘Our current political structures would be at risk… ‘
    if the Public were aware of the serious organised crime in our NHS.
    Dr Liam Fox
    Radio 4 interview

    1. Dr Liam Fox knows a great deal about matters discussed on this blog. Liam has strong connections to Sir Ken Calman and the gang in Glasgae as well as DGE Wood’s pals at Bristol University.
      See previous posts for info re Liam Fox.

      I was interested to hear a bit on the Today programme this morning in which a senior police officer stated that they were failing dismally on many things but the one thing that they did have under control was serious organised crime. That is why the former Deputy Chief Constable of North Wales is working for Dafydd at CAIS.

      There was also a really bizarre discussion re the difficulties of an electorate who do insist on voting the wrong way eg. to leave Europe. The solution to this is not to demand another referendum to enable the bastards vote for the right thing as so many seem to think at the moment, no, there is a better solution. That is to have a collection of Representatives who Do Not Know Anything about the subject to be decided upon, but once they are selected, they are subjected to a Learning Phase, in which they are Educated About The Matter AND they then vote on behalf of ALL the people in the country!!

      Yes and your Service User Representative will be Meeting With NHS management soon, they are Your Voice and they have been to some Seminars organised by MIND. They will therefore tell Management what YOU the Empowered Service User wants. The Community Health Council, a collection of corrupt retired old Top Docs and Councillors, serves the same function for Grown Ups who are not Mad.

      We’ll forget about general elections then. The stooges are already lined up and no doubt the Learning Phase tutorials are under preparation. Mandy and Lord Adonis are writing them at present. Assisted by Dido.

      Have we entered the Cultural Revolution? Are we being re-educated? They’ll take a leaf out of Pol Pot’s book soon and murder anyone who wears spectacles because it means that they’ve Read Books.

      1. That reminds me You know the GP Ipswich in 1958 Dr Peyton who caught my dad coshing me with quinine and ephedrine apparently issued by J G Howells and Co Ipswich Family Psychiatric centre And Peyton wrote to ask Howells what the hell was going on and that was it for me ever seeing Howells again But I think they kept their claws in my barnardos abuse victim mum and in my dad.

        Some years later Peyton was worked out of his GP practice and took his partners to court and presumably lost. Dunno what the cause was.

        To my mind Peyton was a bit of a hero.

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