Let’s Tell Them Shall We

I was intending to begin this post with images of the 1970s/80s adverts in which Leslie Crowther flogged washing powder. One of the adverts was famously used in university courses for purposes of media analysis, the one in which Leslie was surrounded by a crowd of admiring women seeking the Holy Grail of washing powders and Leslie yells out ‘Let’s Tell Them Shall We?’ and recommends the one that Washes Whiter Than White or whichever brand it was that Leslie was paid to flog.

Strangely the internet seems curiously devoid of images of Crowther’s long service on the part of soap powder manufacturers. A pity, because I wanted to have a look at the imagery to add to the standard analysis that Leslie’s adverts were all about a Man telling Women which brand of soap powder to buy. Which of course they were, but more importantly it was about Leslie Crowther telling women which brand of soap powder to purchase, after years of a Man In A Lab Coat advising women on their laundry techniques.

Previous posts have discussed Crowther’s knowledge of the Giggles and the reasons why I think the car crash that nearly killed him and left him wrecked until he did die – circumstances suggest that he was given a final shove then as well – was not an accident. Crowther lived in Bath before it became a mecca for rock stars, celebs and the very wealthy. However even in the 1950s, Bath housed Jeremy Fry, the bisexual Swinger who swung with Mr Thrope, Ma’am Darling and Lord Snowdon. In his later years it was admitted that Lord S was the biological dad of Jeremy’s daughter Polly; Polly was conceived at one of Jeremy’s legendary shagfests at his place in Bath at the time of the announcement of the engagement between Ma’am Darling and Lord S. Jeremy was of the Quaker Fry’s chocolate family, who were based in Bristol.

Leslie Crowther did much work for children’s charidees. His son-in-law was Phil Lynott from ‘Thin Lizzy’ who had a serious drug problem. Crowther did not like Lynott and for some time he refused to have any contact with the daughter of his who had got together with Lynott, although they did later re-establish their relationship. The circumstances of Phil Lynott’s death also suggest that the Top Docs didn’t work too hard to save his life either. In the case of the health problems of both Crowther and Lynott, Crowther’s wife and daughters seem to have been strung along by Top Docs making caring noises while speaking in grave tones but who didn’t do what all Top Docs know should have been done and quickly. See previous posts for further gen on Crowther and Phil Lynott.

The theme that should really sock us in the gob when we look at adverts from that era isn’t any one of the themes that have now been done to death in the analyses ie. the sexism, misogyny, racism etc, it is rather that so much of popular culture was about patronising the working classes. Advertising did this, as did the Consumer Champions – Esther excelled at encouraging the lower orders to make idiots of themselves on prime time TV – and politicians did it as well.

One of the main offenders:See the source image

Remember to vote Labour on Thursday dear!

Look what happened when too many people did for too many years: See the source image

Not that the Labour Party were the only offenders. John Gummer feeding his small daughter a burger in the midst of the BSE crisis and his daughter refusing to eat it became a famous occasion, but Thatch outdid any of her Cabinet. This was one of Thatch’s greatest moments although it received so much less publicity than it deserved:

See the source image As the cameras rolled, Thatch enthused to the journos about the ‘perfectly formed calf’ that she had encountered. If Thatch had ever dropped into the UCNW Zoology Museum, she’d have seen the famous lamb with two heads, not as perfectly formed as the calf or indeed Donald Trelford.See the source image

I noticed long before the public outcry over Savile that he targeted not only kids/young people who were vulnerable in terms of disability or their status as Delinquents or Nutters, but Savile also went for the offspring of more disadvantaged people. TV footage of Savile’s interactions with kids show him behaving in a way in which most professional people would have questioned if their child had been involved. Savile constituently sought out kids who’s own parents were still teenagers or otherwise vulnerable themselves. The occasion on which Savile was physically removed from a cruise ship after behaving unacceptably with a teenager was after complaints from the girl’s middle class affluent parents. Savile was off of that ship within hours, no rubbish about the girl ‘misunderstanding’. He was thrown off and told that he would not be travelling with that cruise company again, ever.

Although of course the question remains as to why that incident didn’t receive wider publicity at the time… See the source imageSee the source image

Someone has also brought my attention to another pillock of yesteryear whom I found very patronising and offensive as a kid, Ed Tosspot Stewart, the DJ who presented the Radio 1 children’s programme at the weekend and also starred on ‘Crackerjack’, with soap powder king Crowther… As with Savile, I used to notice that Tosspot targeted disadvantaged kids – I didn’t use that expression at the time, but I picked up all the indicators, the regional accents of kids ‘from towns’, kids who weren’t very literate and I noticed the sexualised conversations with the kids as well.

I knew that Tosspot’s wife was much younger than him and that he had met her when she was 15 and he was 30 I think, but I also knew that the marriage had lasted so I wondered if he wasn’t Tosspot on the domestic front. I’ve now discovered that not only was Tosspot one of the first intake of DJs for Radio 1 with Savile – he must have witnessed Savile in action because Tosspot did the broadcasts from children’s hospital wards with Savile – but Tosspot grew up in Devon and his father was a Treasury solicitor…

Tosspot was from good Giggling stock then…

While I was trying to find images of Leslie Crowther doing his ‘Let’s tell them shall we?’ bit, I found this washing powder ad from the 1960s, allegedly from East Anglian TV. I don’t remember this brand of washing powder; I’m wondering if the advert is a spoof:

So on the theme of Breaking The Rules and Let’s Tell Them Shall We… I’ll just remind everyone that although when I was a kid Mrs Brady told me that the Levers – who manufactured many of the soap powders – were Socialists who made huge donations to the Labour Party, they were enthusiastic Gigglers as well and did a lot of favours for Thatch as well as Gwynne, Dafydd and Fungus Lowe.


Re Jimmy Savile, Tosspot Stewart et al, Wedgie Benn, in his role as Postmaster General, was central to the Cunning Plan to include the pirate ship radio DJs ie. Savile and his highly exploitative colleagues, into the mainstream BBC in 1967, by Clamping Down Hard on the pirate stations.

Benn’s diaries note how much he liked Lord Charles Hill of BMA propaganda and Giggles, Hill being central to the bringing in of Savile to the Radio 1 fold. When Hill was appointed BBC Chairman in 1967 by Harold Wilson, a number of guvnors resigned because Hill was just so unpleasant and unsuitable for the role . The whole business seems to have been about shoring up the ring at the BBC while giving the impression that the Filth causing Mary Whitehouse such distress was being dealt with.

Whitehouse was a teacher of disadvantaged secondary school girls from Coventry who constantly promoted the idea that Psychiatrists should be those leading Sex Education For Children and Vetting TV programmes. Whitehouse definitely knew about Bluglass and the Gigglers from the West Midlands. The only West Midlands Giggler denounced by Mary was Dr Martin Cole – an academic geneticist rather than a medical doctor – who ran a Sex Therapy Clinic on his credentials as a university lecturer who had worked with young people in a pastoral role for years.

Mary Whitehouse maintained that Cole’s Sex Therapy Clinic was a cover for prostitution. Some of Cole’s staff employed as ‘Surrogates’ for the Therapy were sex workers and I heard first hand accounts from a patient of Martin Cole re this. The Surrogates were breaking all the rules of Cole’s Clinic and were conducting relationships with the patients who had been referred to them while working in the sex trade as well. However from what I was told by this patient, Martin Cole was certainly more honest and less dangerous than Gwynne, Dafydd and Bluglass. That may have only been because not being a Top Doc, Martin Cole was unable to section people, prescribe Class A drugs etc and employ the other methods that made Gwynne and Dafydd’s coercion of vulnerable people into sex work so successful. Martin Cole’s field as an academic, before he took up Sex Therapy for a living, will have meant that he knew some of the biologists at UCNW.

One of Martin Cole’s ventures – a Birmingham abortion clinic for teenagers – was run in partnership with Dr Philip Cauthery, the Top Doc who doubled up as ‘Forum’ magazine’s Editorial Consultant and Aston University’s Student Doc.

‘Forum’ was soft porn aimed at both men and women, repeatedly denounced coercive sex or paedophilia within its pages, but Forum wasn’t too fussy with regard to who utilised the small ads column. A number of police investigations found that some of the adverts were a cover for child porn/paedophilia networks. Ollie Brooke at al were using ‘Forum’ for business purposes.

Philip Cauthery was causing serious problems at Aston. He was incredibly negligent which was why Aston had the highest suicide rate of any UK university and there were great concerns about Cauthery, yet complaints went nowhere. What Cauthery really enjoyed doing was prescribing contraceptive pills because Cauthery was all about Giggles.

Previous posts have discussed the Regime at Aston University while Cauthery was busy as the Student Doc. Sir Freddie Crawford of Organised Crime was appointed VC in 1980, having been headhunted from Stanford University where Crawford had previously migrated. Crawford was big in Freemasonry and in Civic Corruption in Birmingham. He was known as Thatch’s Favourite VC. Why does that not surprise me?

Crawford ignored numerous complaints about one of his Profs, Elwyn Edwards, who had a penchant for inviting male freshers to his rooms, to greet them while wearing a silk gown and nae panties, ply them with drink and try Giggling with them. Elwyn was an ergonomics expert who was one of the biggest names in airplane safety. Elwyn was well in with the RAF and civil aviation authorities so his Ugandan activities were ignored. Prior to his Chair at Aston, Elwyn had spent years working in senior roles at Loughborough University, on the location of the Leicestershire ring. Everyone knew about Elwyn and Boys, he was infamous. Elwyn in turn knew of Important Gigglers. Elwyn died in Oct 1993, I am fairly sure just after I wrote to Michael Mansfield about Gwynedd Social Services and their little ways.

The security services knew that Brown and I knew about Elwyn.

Tebbs will have been well-acquainted with Elwyn Edwards because of Tebbs’ career previous to the House of Commons as a leader of the pilots trade union. Elwyn was such a big name – he was considered to have been substantially responsible for the improvements in aircraft safety – that Tebbs will have known Elwyn before his days at Aston. Elwyn was born in Liverpool but was Welsh…

The Chancellor of Aston while Elwyn Giggled, Sir Freddie, facilitated international crime and received visits from his mates the Mr Bigs in Silicon Valley and Philip Cauthery continued his excesses, was Sir Adrian Cadbury of Quakerism and Ethical Chocolate, Caring For The Workers etc. Sir Adrian’s brother Dominic was Chancellor of Birmingham University, domain of Prof Robert Bluglass, his wife Kerry and their circle of Gigglers.

The Cadburys were serious Gigglers as discussed in previous posts. It only dawned on me recently that throughout the years of Student Grants and others Boycotting Nestle because of Nestle’s strong links with apartheid South Africa, Cadburys were shamelessly touted as the Ethical Alternative. Ah the history of Quakers, Looking After Their Workers etc… It might have once been true but it wasn’t in the 1980s. It was a win-win for Tiny Rowland, ruthless mega-capitalist and the biggest City backer of Gwynne’s Giggles! Tiny’s business Lonrho was based in er Rhodesia and South Africa, he was as Tory as they come, was used by MI6 in the negotiations over Rhodesia and South Africa and was quids in whether people purchased Nestle or Cadburys.

As if things couldn’t get worse, Aston University’s Dept of Psychology had long had a partnership with the Psychology Dept of UCNW, with regard to collaborating on their Pioneering Work in Dyslexia. The Leader at Aston was Prof Margaret Newton and the Leader at UCNW was Prof Tim Miles. Tim’s Original Fieldwork had been conducted on Anglesey in 1966, with SEN children. The Gang targeted SEN children. At the time, Lucille Hughes was the Child Care Officer for Anglesey and Dafydd Oversaw Research on Anglesey and in the Dept of Psychology, which was Brand New in 1966. Tim had previously been part of the Dept of Philosophy, a seriously Giggling Dept, starring Prof Clement Mundle who was networked with the finest Gigglers of Bertrand Russell’s circle. Clement’s Academic Interest was, literally Ghost Hunting. As with the Academics at UCNW who Knew How To Get A Pig Drunk And Kill It With A Sledgehammer (see ‘Cyril…’), Clement was still in action in the early 1980s and would arrive at various parts of UCNW with his ghost hunting equipment after Strange Phenomena had been Reported.

The 1966 Creation Of A Dept Of Psychology at UCNW was yet another vain attempt at detracting from the Giggles and associated excesses, while er expanding the potential for Giggles. Expert Psychologists were now available for Consultation, not simply Mad Old Ghost Hunters.

In the early 1980s there was a UCNW Academic – A Very Clever Man, so I was assured by the old bloke at the bus stop who told me this – who was spreading the news that the Moon Landings were Faked. That was the first time that I had encountered that theory; everyone in Somerset Believed In The Moon Landings, having watched it all on the tele, but the Truth was known by a colleague of the Ghost Hunters and Pig Killers. I never found out who the Very Clever Academic – who surely wore his Gown stained with dog turds around Bangor – was who had Looked Into The Moon Landings and realised that they were a con worthy of er UCNW Academics. I expect that it was Fungus who staged the Apollos, with help from Ron Evans, the crooked lawyer at Gwynedd County Council and Gwynne to forge the documentation. Dafydd planted the Moon Rock samples. The MDU testified that the bits of slate stolen from Penrhyn Quarry by Mates Of Hefin Davies, the Chair of Gwynedd Community Health Trust, were Moon Rocks.

Brown ended up being taught by Margaret Newton; previous posts discussed the matter of me being told that Gnome’s family had a hand in Brown ending up at Aston with serious criminals who were friends of Dafydd over decades…

I would not have believed all this was possible, but it seems that it was all about Macmillan, Lord Denning, Bob Boothby et al before I was born and Thatch becoming PM on the back of concealing the crime.

I presume that the desperate Get Heath Out, Anyone But Heath campaign that the Tory Party held when I was still at junior school was because the Grocer was known to be abusing kids in some way and he just had to be removed with the likes of my grandfather railing?? Grandpa hated Heath, he really loathed him, but then many Tories did. There was real desperation to remove Grocer Heath as PM, out of all proportion to even the Three Day Week and NUM Strike.

The Leaders of the NUM will have known whatever the truth was about Grocer Heath. Furthermore, those Militant NHS Porters in Leeds with whom Mr Savile made friends when Heath was PM definitely would have known whether the Foul Rumours about the Grocer were true. Uncle Jim met Heath and told him that if Jim told These Porters Who Are Friends Of Mine to strike they would bring the NHS to its knees and the Govt too. Ann Dally and Brave Wendy’s mate media Doc Michael O’Donnell led his successful Industrial Action on the part of junior Docs at about the same time. O’Donnell was able to be a total pain in the bum from then on. O’ Donnell who was the son of a Yorkshire Top Doc; O’Donnell the London Top Doc who’s heart was in Yorkshire See the source image and all in it, including Yorkshire Cricket Club.

Hugh Gaitskell’s brother-in-law Hubert Ashton served as Deputy Chairman of governors of the London Hospital when his good friend Dick Crossman was Secretary of State at the DHSS, 1968-70. Hubert was educated at Winchester College a la Dick and then Trinity College, Cambridge. Hubert joined Burmah Oil, then pursued a career in cricket administration before serving as Tory MP for Chelmsford, 1950-64. Ashton was a first class cricket and football player in his youth. Ashton was President of the MCC, 1960-61, the year in which Crossman was Chairman of the Labour Party. Ashton was Deputy Chairman of governors at the London Hospital after his time in the Commons, during the Glory Years when the Krays, Bob Boothby, Gwynne and Dafydd’s Gigglers et al ruled supreme.

Hubert’s brothers were also excellent cricket players, so the whole sporting family went down well with other cricket enthusiasts such as Alec Douglas-Home and Wavell Wakefield, who from 1945 until 1963 was the Tory MP for St Marylebone aka Harley Street Central. Hubert was married to Hugh Gaitskell’s sister Dorothy and he lasted rather longer than Hugh, who died suddenly and expectedly in Jan 1963 as the Profumo Affair built up steam. Hubert died in 1979, in the middle of Mr Thrope’s trial. See ‘It’s The Man In The Pub Again’ and ‘Cyril…’

My Word! See the source image What a bunch of gangsters who should have been disabled there and then, not given Radio 4 programmes to host.

When Ashton stood down as MP for Chelmsford, he was succeeded by Norman St John Stevas, he of the Royal Friendships and spanking parties with little boys that were known about by researchers employed at St George’s when I worked there. See eg. ‘It’s That Man In The Pub Again’.

It should not be forgotten that Hubert Ashton’s predecessor as MP for Chelmsford, 1945-50, was Ernest Millington, as discussed in ‘My Gangland Family’. Millington held the seat for the Common Wealth Party, an eccentric small party that attracted a number of high profile people from across the political spectrum. One leading light in the Common Wealth Party was J.B. Priestly, the Giggler who, with his first wife, were the closest friends of the parents of Giggler Old Nick Edwards, Thatch’s Secretary of State for Wales, 1979-87, who was responsible for the Bryn Golau Peep Show and associated crime. See eg. ‘In The Spirit Of The Goat’.

Ernest Millington lost his seat to Hubert Ashton in 1950. Millington subsequently trained as a teacher and worked in the East End, holding senior roles in teaching and ‘the community’.See the source image

Millington was a friend of Vernon Bartlett, also a member of the Common Wealth Party. Vernon also served as the Labour MP for Bridgy, 1938-50, preceding my grandfather’s friend Sir Gerald Wills. Millington and Vernon Bartlett knew my grandfather and by the time that Vernon was MP for Bridgy, were political opponents of his.

Ernest and Vernon were networked with their Big Mate who had been in the Common Wealth Party, Sir Richard Acland, a Toff from Devon who owned an estate in Somerset as well as Devon. Sir Richard was one of the founders of CND with Bertrand Russell. Sir Richard served as the Liberal MP for Barnstaple, the seat later held by Mr Thrope under the new name of North Devon. Sir Richard spent some years working as a teacher in Wandsworth and in his later working years was a lecturer at what is now Exeter University. The Labour MP who served as Attlee’s Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin, who grew up in Winsford on the Somerset part of Exmoor where Sir Richard owned land, served as the MP for Wandsworth, 1945-50. As a teenager/young man Bevin was active in the trade union movement in Bristol. Bevin knew Gnome as well as Red Benn.

Sir Richard’s family were wealthy, influential and there were a lot of them; his brother Geoffrey served as Chairman of the Liberal Party and both of Sir Richard’s parents were high profile Liberals. Sir Richard was educated at Balliol, as was Maurice Macmillan and they were very probably partners in crime.

Among Sir Richard’s descendants are Piers Dyke Acland, a lawyer and Christopher Acland, the member of rock group Lush who committed suicide. One of the Acland dynasty is a plastic surgeon but references to him disappeared from the internet a few weeks ago.

My post ‘My Gangland Family’ discussed Ernest Millington, Vernon Bartlett and the Aclands in detail. The Aclands are also discussed in other posts eg. ‘Devonshire Cream and Fudge’ and ‘Is It Because I Is Megan?’. Although one running theme is Liberal/Left politics, the thing that caused the Aclands and their friends and colleagues from across the political spectrum to stick together like glue was crime. Because some of them were involved in very serious crime, they were able to rustle up support from many people in their networks who were compromised.

‘My Gangland Family’ also discussed Roger Hollis the DG, of MI5 throughout the later 1950s until 1965, who was accused of being a KGB double agent during Thatch’s time as PM, an accusation that sent Thatch into meltdown. Hollis and his family were all over the West Country and Hollis’s home patch was right in the part of Somerset where we were. Hollis’s family were – like Old Nick’s – a clergy family, some of them Bishops. Hollis had all angles covered because among his relatives were Roman Catholic priests.

Hollis may not have been working for the KGB but he was undoubtedly concealing organised abuse in the Anglican and Catholic Churches. Hollis had a great deal to do with the Dirty Vicar of Bawdrip, J.F. Rigg, who was a hot potato for Thatch because he had been transferred to Bawdrip from Thatch’s home turf of Lincolnshire, and Thatch and Tom King knew about him. As did Mrs Brady, and Thatch and King knew that Mrs Brady knew. Mrs Brady also knew that the Rev Rigg’s crimes were being concealed by the local Top Docs and the Bishop of Bath and Wells. In 1990, Thatch put George Carey’s name forward as Archbishop of Canterbury, partly on the success of Carey’s collusion with organised abusers, including Rigg. The Gang also included Anglican Clergy who were molesters. The stakes were high precisely because these idiots believed that the way to deal with complaints was to promote those who had covered them up. Thus it wasn’t just the Dirty Vicar of Bawdrip at risk, it was the Archbishop of Canterbury and the PM. Of course George Carey also concealed Bishop Peter Ball’s crimes, Ball being a friend of Carlo…

See ‘My Gangland Family’.

When all the functions on my laptop were working properly, I did a bit of digging re Rigg. I think he was a member of a family of Riggs from Cumbria/Lancashire. If he was, Rigg was almost certainly something to do with Willie Whitelaw, who was the MP for Penrith from Ancient Times and was found wherever there were Giggles.

Prof Tim Miles never behaved like Dafydd but I knew for ages that he must have known about the Giggles, he just could not have missed them. Tim Miles was feted in the world of dyslexia, he really was a big name, yet dyslexic kids in the schools in Gwynedd had just as much trouble having their difficulties identified yet alone addressed as kids anywhere else. Hillgrove School, the little private school in Bangor – who took orders from the Gang, but then everyone did – was full of dyslexic kids who’s parents had just given up battling with the local state schools and had withdrawn their kids. Yet there was the flagship Bangor University Dyslexic Unit just down the road, the School of Education at Bangor University was offering MA courses in er SEN and dyslexia…


Mary Whitehouse’s fire was focussed entirely on Martin Cole because Cauthery was a Top Doc and protected by the GMC and MDU et al a la Gwynne. Whitehouse aligned herself consistently with Top Docs whom she knew were facilitating organised abuse and she enjoyed the company of some now discredited religious figures as well, but she went in hot pursuit of their partners in crime who did not benefit from the armour of the medical establishment or organised religion.

See previous posts for info in Whitehouse, Forum, Cauthery, Martin Cole, the Festival Of Light crowd – Cliff, Lord Longford (a close friend of John Profumo) and Malcolm Muggeridge all starred – and the bizarre fellow travellers See the source image of all of these folk.

I can remember claims that Mary Whitehouse wielded far too much influence at the BBC. I now realise that was because, like Charles Hill, she could be waved about as a petit bourgeois moralistic flag to demonstrate that the excessive old Giggler the BBC DG Hugh Carleton Greene had been restrained, while the door was opened to let in Savile and his mates. Charles Hill was a mate of Gwynne and Dafydd’s See the source image who was kicked out of Supermac’s Cabinet in the Night Of The Long Knives in July 1962 who was well-acquainted with Mr Savile long before Radio 1’s establishment.

I mentioned in earlier posts that it was Gwynne and Dafydd’s bestest mates who were kicked out of Supermac’s Cabinet in July 1962. It was because Supermac knew that he was not going to be able to keep the lid on the Giggles for much longer, so he got rid of those most directly linked to Gwynne and Dafydd. There had been the Portland Spy Ring Scandal, the John Vassall Gay Spies In The Admiralty Scandal and Mac knew that with the rumours circulating about Cliveden in the wake of the criminality of Johnny Edgecombe, a gangster who was terrorising Christine Keeler, the Profumo Affair would break very soon.

Johnny Edgecombe was a Jazz musician and a drug dealer. Brave Wendy’s first husband was a Jazz musician – Brave Wendy fuelled the allegations that people didn’t like him because he was Black, but it was far more likely that he was a criminal and not able to pass himself off as a Nice Lady Doctor Helping Poor Wimmin – and Sir Alec Douglas-Home’s nephew Robin thumb-1was a Jazz pianist. Robin’s first wife was 1960s Model Sandra Paul. PaulWhen Robin and Sandra were splitting up, Robin discussed Uganda with Ma’am Darling. Robin ‘committed suicide’ on 5 Oct 1968 after ‘suffering from severe depression’. Sandra got through a few more husbands until she Found Lasting Happiness with a crooked barrister from Llanelli who became Home Secretary, Michael Howard. As Home Secretary Howard, completely finally shafted Mary Wynch who had by then demonstrated that all of her allegations about a ring of corrupt solicitors in cahoots with Dafydd in north Wales were true and Howard was also behind much state crime experienced by F and I as well. Robin’s brother Charles Douglas-Home was Editor of ‘The Times’.See the source image

Although the security services managed the entire Profumo Affair – including the ‘leaks’ and the daring satire that was published by ‘Private Eye’ before names had been named in the press – those kicked out of Cabinet in July 1962 did seem genuinely miffed. Selwyn Lloyd, Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate who was Macmillan’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, never forgave Macmillan and was a total pain to Macmillan for the rest of Lloyd’s life, Lloyd dying nearly 10 years before Macmillan. Charles Hill was given a peerage very shortly after being kicked out because as any fule kno, Hill was a Top Doc and Fings Break. The others who were ejected didn’t go away either; they all festered, Seeking Revenge, particularly on Reggie Maudling who’s entire family were destroyed after he was forced to resign as the Grocer’s Home Secretary in 1972 when it was revealed that Reggie was a business partner of John Poulson, who went to jail as a result of the Web Of Corruption T. Dan Smith-Poulson Scandal. It was the Gwynne and the Gang behind that Web Of Corruption and I’d be interested to know why Reggie was sacrificed because he was no worse than the rest of them.

On 23 Nov 1965, Tony Benn noted in his diary that ‘Home and Selwyn Lloyd are really running the Tory Party’.

Sir Alec Douglas-Home became PM in 1963 after Macmillan resigned, the result of an Old Etonian stitch-up blessed by Brenda. Lord Home was only able to become PM by renouncing his peerage, which Home could only do because Red Benn had paved the way just a few months before. Home was parachuted into very safe Tory seat of Kinross and West Perthshire after the sudden unexpected death of sitting MP Gilmour Leburn. The constituency seems to have been one with a history of Giggles. Lord Home became PM before he renounced his peerage, which was Against The Rules, but Brenda let it through. Once PM, Lord Home renounced his peerage and was elected for Kinross and West Perthshire after he was PM. See eg. ‘It’s That Man In The Pub Again’.

Selwyn Lloyd was a crooked barrister and security services officer, the son of a Welsh dentist. Lloyd was the MP for the Wirral, a family friend of the Lloyd Georges and as a young man was so close to Lady Megan that they were expected to marry by many people. Supermac kicked Selwyn out of the Cabinet in the Night Of The Long Knives in July 1962, along with Dafydd and Gwynne’s other good mates. Selwyn Lloyd remained (supposedly) loyal to Anthony Eden and had an arrangement with Eden re not spilling the truth over the Suez Crisis. Eden died on 14 Jan 1977; circumstances suggest that Eden was given a good shove by the Top Docs who had a history of damaging Eden. Selwyn Lloyd died on 18 May 1978, by which time everyone knew that Mr Thrope was in deep trouble. Mr Thrope, family friend of the Lloyd Georges and godson of Lady Megan, was charged on 4 Aug 1978.

Supermac’s son Maurice was a criminal who fleeced my father and lots of other people, whereas Eden’s son Nicholas was a customer of Gwynne and Dafydd’s, contracted AIDS and died on 17 Aug 1985 as the Gang went absolutely apeshit in my direction. When I encountered Gwynne in Feb 1984, Nicholas Eden was still a Minister in Thatch’s Govt, in the Welsh Office under Peter Walker, a friend and business colleague of Edward du Cann, one of those who was bankrolling the Giggles. Maurice Macmillan died suddenly on 10 March 1984, days after I complained about Gwynne.

Arrangements were made for Dafydd to be well away from Denbigh during 1963, undertaking his Postgrad Training at the Maudsley, enabling him to return to Denbigh to take up the post of Consultant Psychiatrist in 1964, after Lord Denning’s Report had been published, blaming everything on Stephen Ward, Tarts and Whores.See the source image

Giggles had to continue because so many people were utilising the service, including New Kid On The Royal Block, Lord Snowdon.

Hugh Carleton Greene will have been party to the denouncing of himself by Mary Whitehouse because Carleton Greene worked for the security services, as did his brothers, one of whom was novelist Graham Greene. Another brother, Raymond, was a mountaineering Top Doc who knew Sir Charles Evans and another Greene brother worked for the security services in Japan. See previous posts for info in the Greene brothers.

Richard Crossman was Chair of the Labour Party, 1960-61, when the security services planned the Major Operation that would be needed to rescue the disaster caused by Gwynne’s Giggles, kicking off with the Peerages Act because Red Benn wanted to be a Common Man and sit in the Commons. Thus Even Safer Pairs Of Hands such as Lord Home and Lord Hailsham would be able to renounce their peerages and nip into the Commons to run things Properly. Lord Home was needed as PM and he was installed as PM before he’d even renounced his peerage, but Red Benn and Paved The Way and Brenda said it was OK, so Lord Home was installed as PM and then won his Commons seat after the sudden death of the sitting Scottish Giggler, Gilmour Leburn.

Michael Zander, Radical LSE Prof, known to Gnome, was the lawyer who advised Red Benn during 1960-61, which resulted in the Peerages Act 1963. Michael’s brother Luke was a Top Doc who was a Tower Of Strength to Brave Wendy.See the source image

Geoffrey Bing is also mentioned in Benn’s diaries as having assisted Tony Benn in the early days of the peerage battle. Bing was a barrister who was Labour MP for Hornchurch, 1945-55 and who served successively as Constitutional Adviser, Attorney General and Presidential Adviser in Ghana, 1955-66.

On 24 May 1963 Benn’s diaries tell us that after attending Mervyn Stockwood’s 50th birthday party at Bishop’s House in Tooting Bec, ‘We went from there to Elwyn Jones’s flat in Gray’s Inn square where he and Polly Binder live. He is a dear man and she is a tough and delightful woman. They had some Chinese author there and a few others. Elwyn is working with Gerald Gardiner on a book on law reform to be published soon. Apparently they have a scheme for appointing a Vice-Chancellor who would sit in the Commons as Minister of Justice responsible for legal reform. I hope they are getting all this through to Harold Wilson. If we are going to do the job that has to be done quickly, everybody must be ready to carry through some pretty fundamental changes as soon as we get into office. Geoffrey Bing would like to leave Ghana now and would like the woolsack. but I hope it goes to Lynn Ungoed-Thomas who was really forced out of politics by Gaitskell but being a judge could come back that way. Lynn has fire in his belly, like Elwyn – but unlike most lawyers’.

Elwyn Jones – later Lord Elwyn-Jones has featured many times on this blog; he was of course People Trafficker in Chief, a crooked Gang lawyer from Llanelli who studied at Aberystwyth and then Gonville and Caius, Cambridge. Elwyn Jones served as the Labour MP for East End constituencies for many years, doubled up as Wilson’s Attorney General and then served as Lord Chancellor, 1974-79. Elwyn was Recorder for Cardiff, 1960-64 and for Kingston-upon-Thames, 1968-71.

Elwyn was married to Artist Polly Binder from Manchester who loved the East Enders and their quaint ways. Elwyn and Polly’s son Dan became a social worker based in the East End; Dan too moved into life as an Artist. Elwyn and Polly’s daughter married a descendent of William Gladstone and worked for the BBC. As with many Gigglers, the family multiplied and colonised the globe. Previous posts discussed the extended family in detail, including Elwyn and Polly’s grandson Elwyn Gladstone who is based in Canada and is Boss of a Fine Booze company. In his older years Elwyn Jones lived in Brighton, all convenient for keeping an eye on those brothels there owned by John Allen, to which kids in care in north Wales were trafficked.

Elwyn Jones’s deception and lowdown cunning kick-started his political career. After acting as the junior to Gwynne’s Giggler David Maxwell-Fyfe aka Lord Kilmuir at the Nuremburg trials – Elwyn did most of the grafting because Maxwell-Fyfe buggered off not long after the trials began and was barely seen again – when Elwyn was searching for a seat in the Commons for the 1945 General Election, he maxed out on his role in Bringing The Nazis To Justice and deliberately targeted an East End Jewish constituency. Elwyn’s real motive was to get his feet under the table on the manor of the London Hospital where the potential for crime was fantastic. As Churchill’s Home Secretary and Minister for Welsh Affairs, in 1952 Maxwell-Fyfe was given domain over the security services, so Elwyn was well in there.

I do keep forgetting to mention that Gnome’s friend and at one point his boss Clement Attlee did of course serve as the MP for East End constituencies. Attlee who worked as what would now be called a social worker and as PM was responsible for the post-WW II welfare state, which has always served those it employed rather better than those it claimed to be benefiting. Gnome was born in Hoxton, later made famous by the Krays and Gnome also held positions in the Oil industry as well as being a Governor of the Bank of England. The Poor didn’t stand a chance against Gnome and his mates.

Gerald Gardiner was Lord Chancellor, 1964-70. Gardiner was Chairman of the National Campaign for the Abolition of Capital Punishment and the Chancellor of the Open University, 1973-78.

Sir Lynn Ungoed-Thomas was the Labour MP for Llandaff and Barry, 1945-50, then East Leicester, 1950-62. He was Solicitor-General in 1951 and a Chancery Judge, 1962-72. Dick Crossman made off the cuff derogatory comments about ‘these Chancery Judges’ followed by the observation that he knew most of them personally because Dick’s dad Sir Charles Stafford Crossman was one…

Sir Lynn Ungoed-Thomas was part of the George Thomas/Sunny Jim collection of south Wales Labour MPs elected in 1945. Sir Lynn was a bent lawyer from the Land Of Leo Abse, and Barnett and Greville Janner. The Janners migrated from Cardiff to Leicester a la Sir Lynn. Bodger will have known Sir Lynn as well, Bodger being from a Labour family and going to Llandaff Cathedral School, his dad being Secretary to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff. Another branch of famille Bodger were based in Leicester. The clincher is that Sir Lynn was Solicitor-General during David Maxwell-Fyfe’s time as Home Secretary, a time of Peak Giggles and Hidden Bunnies. Why are we not surprised that Sir Lynn was appointed a Judge in 1962? Another good friend of Gwynne in the High Court.

Ungoed-Thomas died in 1972, but his legacy remained and his Fine Reputation was be preserved. It was in 1972 that Bryn Estyn lost a series of Headmasters and a Deputy Head rapidly which resulted in Matt Arnold being appointed in March 1973. In 1972 the Head David Ursell was suspended following complaints about his methods of maintaining discipline. A Mr Goldswain then came and went as a Head and Peter Burton arrived. Peter Burton was killed in a car accident in Cheshire, along with his wife and young son. The Deputy Head was also killed in the crash. Thus Matt Arnold relocated from Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead, part of the huge ring in the North East facilitated by Lord John Walton et al. Matt appointed his longstanding friend and colleague Peter Howarth to a job at Bryn Estyn in Nov 1973.

Geoffrey Bing makes earlier appearances in Benn’s diaries. On 1 Sept 1962, Bing rang Benn. Bing had been in New York making arrangements for a debate in the Security Council on Southern Rhodesia… ‘Geoffrey told me that when the Algerian Prime Minister Ben Bella was visiting Nkrumah in Ghana… he had said that the Africans should not ignore British public opinion and had mentioned the work I had done for the Algerian cause, during their long war against the French. I am lunching with him tomorrow. We have just got a copy of the new record ‘Fool Britannia’ which Peter Sellers, Antony Newley and Joan Collins recorded a few weeks ago in New York. It is all about the Profumo-Keeler-Ward case and is the most biting satirical comment on the state of Britain under the Tories.’

Peter Sellers was a Giggler who used the services of the Gang. In 1995 Maurice Macmillan’s son Alexander married Peter Sellers’s ex-wife Miranda Quarry, a fashion model, who became Miranda Elizabeth Louise Macmillan, Countess of Stockton (1947-20 March 2020). Image result for Miranda Countess of StocktonMiranda’s mother’s second husband was Stormont Mancroft, 2nd Baron Mancroft in 1951. The Mancrofts had Giggles links, most notably Benjamin, 3rd Baron Mancroft, as discussed in previous posts. Ronnie Waterhouse knew Benjamin and his dad…

Miranda was married three times:

  1. Peter Sellers (1970–1974) Image result for peter sellers images
  2. Sir Nicholas Nuttall, 3rd Baronet (1975–1983): they had three daughters: Gytha Miranda Nuttall (b. 1975), Amber Louise Nuttall (b. 1977) and Olympia Jubilee Nuttall (b. 1978)
  3. Alexander Macmillan, 2nd Earl of Stockton (1995–2011)
    The Earl of Stockton
    Alexander Macmillan, Lord Stockton.jpg

    1. See previous posts for gen on Miranda, Alexander Macmillan and their huge network of ex-partners and discussers of Uganda, which includes Brit Eckland and Rod Stewart. There was very little publicity re Miranda’s death last month. See ‘Another One Bites The Dust’.



2 Sept 1963: Benn lunched with Bing and three Ghanaians, a doctor of law, Ekow Daniels, Mr Harry Amanoo, Deputy Secretary to the Ghanaian Foreign Office, and Mr J.A. Afari, Ghanaian High Commissioner in London, to discuss Southern Rhodesia. Benn promised that he’d ‘try to get the issue raised at the Labour conference and would submit a resolution to the Overseas Committee of the NEC when it meets soon. It will also make an excellent subject for my maiden speech in the foreign affairs debate on the Address on the Queen’s speech.’

On 17 Sept 1963 Benn’s draft resolution on Southern Rhodesia was discussed at the Overseas Committee of the NEC. It was based on Benn’s discussions with Bing. Bing and Benn thought that: the Labour Party should pledge to consult with the UN and that the Air Force of the Central African Federation should not be transferred to the control of the Southern Rhodesian Govt. ‘Harold was sympathetic. A special paper to be produced for the NEC when it meets at Scarborough the following week. Harold was anxious that the party should not be identified with the conference in November called by the Movement for Colonial Freedom to discuss a total trade embargo on South Africa. I am a sponsor of this conference and feel strongly that the matter should be studied. On the other hand I don’t want to do anything this coming year which might look like rocking the boat or embarrassing the party.

Dinner with Peter and Liz Shore. Also there were Dick Crossman and Richard Titmuss. There was a most interesting discussion of which I was only a spectator about Labour’s educational policy. Should universities be under the Minister of Education? What are we going to do about integrating the pubic schools? I wondered whether there has been as much preparatory work on these questions as should have been.’

Titmuss was an LSE Prof of Giggles who was married to a social worker. His daughter is Ann Oakley, a Feminist Sociologist who has spent much of her career at Warwick University. Oakeley has received fawning admiration for her work on Wimmin and Housework, Wimmin and Healthcare, Motherhood etc. See eg. ‘Vichy Warwick’. As with Feminist Social Historian Pat Thane who has published on Wimmin and the Welfare State, you won’t read a word about Top Docs and welfare professionals actively facilitating abuse and criminality in Oakeley’s work. Her dad was one of those on board with Gwynne and Dafydd, as was Pat Thane’s PhD supervisor, Titmuss’s friend and colleague, Giggler Brian Abel-Smith. See previous posts.

On 21 Sept 63 Benn and Incontinentia went to the Ghanaian party to celebrate President Nkrumah’s birthday. ‘The High Commissioner Kwesi Armah has a most comfortable house and it was an enjoyable evening. When we got home there was a phone call from New York from Bing’. Bing had just recovered from cerebral malaria…  ‘Tony Crosland came in for a drink – Susan [Crosland] is in Baltimore … he is busy preparing himself [for Labour to be elected] and I think would make an excellent Minister…’

All Brits named in those extracts from Benn’s diaries were facilitating Gwynne and Dafydd’s Giggles. Tiny Rowland, even in the early 1960s, was in Rhodesia and wielding influence and it is now admitted that MI6 used Rowland to assist with the political situation in Rhodesia and South Africa. David Ennals was in the midst of this as well, in his capacity as a leading Anti-Apartheid Activist with international interests.

Tony Crosland was a Westminster Swinger; he was notorious at Oxford, where he had a relationship with Woy. It was Tony Crosland who, as Secretary of State for Education in the mid-1960s, concealed the abuse of children in care in the Sunderland area, in collaboration with Ernest Armstrong, Sunderland Cllr and Chair of Sunderland Borough Council’s Education Committee. Armstrong had previously worked as a teacher in Leeds. The child abusers protected by Crosland and Armstrong included Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth employed at Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead. In 1973 Arnold and Howarth relocated to Bryn Estyn.

Ernest Armstrong served as a Durham Labour MP and was the man who was of such assistance to Miranda when Miranda was looking for a safe Labour seat. Ernest’s own seat was succeeded by his daughter Hilary, a social worker. Hilary was a member of Miranda’s Inner Circle when Miranda was PM and ended up as Baroness Hilary. See previous posts, including ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part II’.

A la Tony Benn and Dr Death, Crosland’s wife was American and literary. See previous posts.

They were building up an international trafficking ring even in the early 1960s. For all the staged satire of ‘Fool Britannia’, all of them were on board with Giggles, as were those other high profile satirists of the era, the recently graduated Cambridge Footlights crowd, Jonathan Miller, Peter Cook,  David Frost et al. William Mars-Jones had been in Footlights when he had been at Cambridge and he had become a sort of elder statesman of Footlights as well as of Gray’s Inn.

This crowd were vain, shallow and ruthless and they had all seen an opportunity.

Now Then. Previous posts have discussed how Gnome’s daughter Penelope Piercy was one of the Civil Service Mandarins in the Ministry of Technology, the Dept set up by Harold Wilson. Wilson created the Dept – known as Mintech – in 1964, in line with his theme of harnessing the White Heat Of Technology. Mintech became a substantial and powerful Dept with responsibilities for some of the most sensitive and secret Govt work, including Britain’s nuclear industry and aviation. Tony Benn served as the Minister of Technology, 1966-70; Gnome’s daughter bagged her CBE in 1968.

Benn served as Postmaster General, 1964-66. Benn’s responsibilities as Postmaster General involved the Secret State because they included communications of the sort that the security services misused when they bugged and intercepted mail etc, as well as the BBC, which has always been dominated by the security services even if the front so to speak was Wogan spouting rubbish on ‘Blankety Blank’. Because Harold Wilson’s administrations were just so sordid and criminal, See the source imagewhatever Benn was getting up to when he was Postmaster General and at Mintech will not have been constructive.

Benn’s PPS when he was Postmaster General was Ioan Lyonel Evans. Giggler Ioan’s life and times are discussed in detail in my post ‘Behind The Scenes With Lord Wigley and Those Perfect Slaves’. Ioan served as MP for Birmingham Yardley, 1964-70, then for Aberdare, which evolved into Cynon Valley, from 1974 until his death in office on 10 Feb 1984. Ioan pegged out in office unexpectedly aged 56 either days before or days after I encountered Gwynne. Ioan grew up in Llanelli, turf of Big Gigglers Jim Griffiths, Lord Elwyn Jones et al, had knowledge of Brum Giggles and best of all had been PPS to Secretary of State for Wales People Trafficker Lord John Morris QC. Ioan knew all about Giggles, Gwynne and UCNW.

Ann Clwyd was selected as the Strong Woman Feminist Labour candidate for the safe seat previously held by Ioan; Ann was duly elected on 3 May 1984. She was at the time the sitting MEP for Mid and West Wales. Ann grew up in Flintshire, went to school in Holywell and Chester, then studied at UCNW, before becoming a journo. Ann married Owen Dryhurst Roberts, who grew up in Newborough on Anglesey, where his dad was Headmaster of the village school. Owen was also a journo who became a big wig at S4C.

S4C was the principal source of ludicrous PR documentaries about Dafydd and his Miracles. S4C were in Dafydd’s house filming him on the occasion on which Dafydd received the phone call from a Brigadier who’s brother the Col had developed Tourette’s syndrome as a result of stress during the Falkland’s conflict and they needed Dafydd to bag them Army Pensions. They were dossing down in a B&B in Holyhead and ringing Dafydd from a phone box. The folk from S4C heard everything that Dafydd said to F. Including that of course he could get them Army Pensions and after F told Dafydd that ‘Money is no object Dr Jones’, Dafydd’s reassurance of ‘I’m here for you and your brother’.

Ann Clwyd stood as the Labour candidate for Denbigh in 1970 and was backed by people who wanted More Wimmin In Politics. Ann’s previous is discussed in detail in previous blog posts. Strong Woman Ann has not left a comment on this blog to er explain anything really.


Harold Wilson may have been the Alternative to the aristocratic Tories who had led the scandal ridden previous Govts, but Wilson himself was a senior security services officer – there were always accusations that Wilson was a KGB double agent, but he was definitely a criminal which is just as worrying – and Wilson will have been a recruiter when he was a don at New College, Oxford. As was Richard Crossman. Crossman recruited George Godber, who then Trained as a Top Doc at the London Hospital, Helped Nye Create The NHS and served as CMO, 1960-73, which embraced the time when his old mucker Crossman was Secretary of State at the DHSS. Crossman who knew Gnome See the source image and his family. Godber the long-serving Director of the MDU.

Ian Mikardo, an East End Labour MP, 1964-87, after serving as a Reading MP, 1945-59, probably was, as far as I can work out, a KGB double agent. Mik was Chairman of the Labour Party, 1970-71 and one-time Chairman of the Tribune group of MPs. Mikardo was a very odd man; I haven’t finished reading my material about him yet, other things have taken over. Mikardo, who was facilitating Giggles and serious organised crime with fellow East End Labour MPs Peter Shore and Lord Elwyn-Jones, Marched In Support Of Brave Wendy and was Close To Nye.

‘Cyril…’ discusses some of the Staffordshire MPs and other people who colluded with the organised abuse ring in that county which was connected to the Gang and to the Kennedy family in the US. One such MP was Nye’s wife/widow Jennie Lee. When young, Jennie had been a member of the Bertrand Russell fan club. In retirement, Red Mik, who had spent years dining out on his street cred as a Jewish East End enthusiast, retired to Cheshire, the rich land of elite Gigglers such as Peter Morrison and the Duke of Westminster, to whom services were supplied by Gwynne and Dafydd, who also ran the crime scene in the East End.

Benn was Postmaster General and at Mintech when the state had declared war on my grandfather and father. I won’t have the capacity to blog about it in detail – and it would be boring for everyone else as well – but I have already noticed quite a lot re dates and names that explains things that I can remember when I was young or that I know happened. Previous posts have explained that the Permanent Secretary at Mintech was Sir Richard aka Otto Clarke, father of Labour Party bruiser Charles, who was Chief of Staff of the Windbag’s office when the Windbag was Labour Leader. Charles was running things at that office when Tony Francis was leaking confidential/inaccurate/forged documentation about me to the Windbag’s office. Charles served as a Cllr in Hackney See the source image and when he became an MP, it was for a Norwich constituency, where Giggles had long prevailed, having been given a substantial boost by the time that Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate David Ennals spent as an MP for a Norwich constituency. Tony Francis came from Norfolk. Ennals was Sunny Jim’s Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1976-79.

Gnome’s daughter certainly rubbed noses with the best at Mintech. That well-known Person Of Low Morals Lord Mountbatten worked with Mintech in his capacity as Chairman of the National Electronics Research Council. According to Benn’s diaries, the first time that he spoke to Mountbatten was on 16 Nov 1964, when Benn was still Postmaster General. Benn and Incontinentia Buttocks were at the Lord Mayor’s banquet and ‘before dinner Mountbatten came up and I had a long talk to him. it was the first time I had ever spoken to him and he spent the whole time name-dropping. His conversation consisted of a long list of well-known people whom he described by their nicknames and claimed to know very well. For the Uncle of the Queen and an Earl and Admiral of the Fleet, it was astonishing that he wanted to impress’.

I suspect that the Person Of Low Morals was letting Benn know that he was outnumbered, lest Benn really was Red.

‘after that we went in to dinner and sat between Lord Chief Justice Parker and the President of the Admiralty, Probate and Divorce Division and opposite a former Lord Mayor and Cecil King. Lady Parker… is an American woman from Kentucky…’

Cecil King was Chairman of Daily Mirror Newspaper Ltd, 1951-63; Chairman, International Publishing Corporation, 1963-68. King was a Director of the Bank of England, 1965-68. Hugh Cudlipp succeeded King as Chairman of Daily Mirror Newspapers, 1963-68. Cudlipp was Deputy Chairman, then Chairman of the International Publishing Corporation, 1964-73. Cudlipp received his peerage in 1974.

Hugh Cudlipp succeeded Cecil King as Chairman of the Mirror as a result of yet another bit of staged fuckwittery to ensure that Gwynne’s Giggles were not interrupted by anything as trivial as the police and Courts. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Joe Simpson’s excuse for not pursuing the Krays until later in the 1960s was that his hands were tied after the Daily Mirror, in the hands of Cecil King, published a Scurrilous Article about Lord Bob Boothby, and Boothby, acting on the legal advice of crook Lord Arnold Goodman – Harold Wilson’s friend and solicitor – threatened to sue the arse off Cecil. The Mirror coughed up damages before anyone got near a Court, Cecil then resigned as Chairman of the Mirror, supposedly as a consequence of the Damned Good Thrashing that Goodman and Boothby had inflicted. Thus, Joe Simpson declared that Boothby was Now Untouchable and as Boothby was having an affair with Ronnie Kray – and numerous others, as well as for donkey’s years Dorothy Macmillan, Maurice’s mum – Simpson couldn’t go after any of them. The Queen Mum Gawd Bless ‘Er chipped in – she was a friend of Boothby – and told a third party that it wasn’t Boothby who was being protected, it was Dorothy Macmillan, in her capacity as the daughter of a Duke (the Duke of Devonshire). A Duke’s daughter being Too Posh for her common criminal bedfellows and friends to be arrested.

The biggest factor preventing Joe from rounding them all up was that Joe was mates with them, not because a la Gnome he was a dodgy geezer from ‘Oxton himself Who Had Respect For The Krays Who Loved Their Mum, but because Joe was quite an elite copper, an old boy of Oundle School, one of Clough and Bertrand Russell’s circle. Joe was about the same age as those other ex-Oundle boys: Sir Kenneth Robinson (MP for St Pancras North, Wilson’s Minister of Health, 1964-68 and leading light in MIND); Harriet Harman’s Top Doc dad John B. Harman, brother-in-law of Lord Longford – Longford the good friend of John Profumo- and from 1972 President of the MDU; Sir Cyril Clarke, criminal and fraudulent Top Doc at Liverpool University (see ‘A Trail Of Blood…’); David Lewis Davies, Dean of the Maudsley when Dafydd Trained there; Mickey Wynn aka Lord Newborough; Sir Peter Scott, son of Captain Scott of the Antarctic, BBC Wildlife Guru, friend of the Royals and later in his career the Chancellor of Birmingham University when Bluglass was doing so well for himself there. Joe knew all of them well.

If anyone still wanted to argue, Joe Simpson could remind them that he was also a member of Gray’s Inn.

The staged How Very Dare You by Boothby and Goodman in the direction of Cecil King was in 1963; Profumo was exploding but the Giggles had to go on. Of course they had to, there had been so much effort already expended with people renouncing peerages and Dafydd being hidden at the Maudsley during 1963-64 to Train with People Trafficker Bob Hobson there, that everyone had to be reminded that no, the Krays could not be arrested because it’s that naughty old Bob Boothby. Bob didn’t give a bugger about being blamed, he carried on a bit like Dafydd, dining out on his debauchery and appearing on TV chat shows. The BBC were constantly giving Bob Boothby the time of day.

Bob Boothby retained control of his old Aberdeenshire constituency long after he had been given a peerage – by Supermac in 1958 – and was no longer an MP, so when Aberdeen struck North Sea Oil, it was win-win for the London Hospital.

I have mentioned before that Joe Simpson et al were buying a bit of time because the Krays would have to be rounded up eventually, but there was a Mr Big (or more than one) who needed to have his arse covered before the police could collar the Krays and that’s why there was the staged nonsense with Cecil King and Bob Boothby. Although Cecil King was obliged to resign in 1963 as Chairman of the Mirror after the How Very Dare You from Boothby, King was nevertheless Chairman, IPC (International Publishing Corporation), 1963-68. Cudlipp was his Deputy at the Mirror until Cudlipp then succeeded King as Chairman when King resigned. They were good mates. Cecil King was not so disgraced that he could not serve as a Director of the Bank of England, 1965-68 and part-time member of the National Coal Board, 1966-69. King also served as Chairman of the Newspaper Proprietors Association, 1961-68.

Hugh Cudlipp in full: Editor of the Sunday Pictorial, 1937-40 and 1946-49; MD of the Sunday Express, 1950-52; Editorial Director of the Daily Mirror and of the Sunday Pictorial, 1952-63; Joint MD, 1959-63 and Chairman of Odhams Press Ltd, 1961-63; and of Daily Mirror Newspapers Ltd, 1963-68; Deputy Chairman of IPC, 1964-68 and Chairman, 1968-73. Hugh was given a K in 1973 and a peerage in 1974.

Who needed protecting so much that heaven and earth was moved by everyone re the Krays, Bob Boothby et al? It was Maurice Macmillan. Maurice and his pals had tried to set my father up in a serious crime in early 1963 (see ‘Espousing The Interests Of The Labouring Classes’ and ‘Another One Bites The Dust’), hence the peculiar letter to father from Theodore Goddard, Bertrand Russell’s solicitor, followed by visits to father’s farm in Devon by dodgy geezers with suitcases of used notes. Maurice et al were something to do with the Great Train Robbery of that year; it was known at the time that there were Senior Insiders who were never named.

Gerald Gardiner was appointed Lord Chancellor in 1964 but bagged his peerage in 1963. Gerald was the man everyone, Gerald did the biz, was rewarded with his peerage and then appointed as Wilson’s Lord Chancellor, so Gerald would be in place to deal with all those difficult questions and get Maurice safely out of the way before the Krays were rounded up. Gardiner remained in post until 1970, by which time the Krays were under lock and key, bent coppers such as Nipper Read (see ‘Another One Bites the Dust’) were basking in glory, Joe Simpson was dead (died in office on 20 March 1968 after 10 years in post, gosh just before the Krays were nicked on 8 May 1968), as were Dorothy Macmillan, Diana Churchill, Lord Bill Astor, Lady Megan Lloyd George and Gnome.

Frank Soskice was certainly something to do with Maurice Macmillan’s wrongdoing. Soskice has gone down in history as a rotten apple on account of the number of miscarriages of justice that occurred during his time as Wilson’s Home Secretary, but Soskice was succeeded in that role by Woy who wasn’t any better. Soskice was outed as a Freemason before there was quite such a focus on that but other salient factors of Soskice’s biography have received less attention. He was an alumnus of Balliol a la Maurice and was only a few years younger than Maurice. Soskice served as Attlee’s Solicitor General and Attorney General and the Commons seats that he held – Birkenhead East, Sheffield Neepsend and Newport – were all Gang strongholds. Frank Soskice aka Lord Stow Hill:

The Lord Stow Hill
1951-09-25 Van links naar rechts Sven Arntzen (Noorwegen), Frank Soskice (Engeland) en prof. Maurice Bourguin (België) — HGA001050452.jpg

Frank Soskice (middle) with Sven Arntzen (left) and Maurice Bourguin in The Hague, 1951
Lord Privy Seal
In office
23 December 1965 – 6 April 1966
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Frank Pakenham
Succeeded by Frank Pakenham
Home Secretary
In office
18 October 1964 – 23 December 1965 Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Preceded by Henry Brooke
Succeeded by Roy Jenkins
Shadow Home Secretary
In office
15 February 1963 – 18 October 1964
Leader Harold Wilson
Preceded by George Brown
Succeeded by Edward Boyle
Attorney General for England and Wales
In office
24 April 1951 – 26 October 1951
Prime Minister Clement Attlee
Preceded by Sir Hartley Shawcross
Succeeded by Sir Lionel Heald
Solicitor General for England and Wales
In office
4 August 1945 – 24 April 1951
Prime Minister Clement Attlee
Preceded by Sir Walter Monckton
Succeeded by Sir Lynn Ungoed-Thomas
Member of Parliament for Newport
In office
6 July 1956 – 31 March 1966
Preceded by Peter Freeman
Succeeded by Roy Hughes
Member of Parliament for Sheffield Neepsend
In office
23 February 1950 – 26 May 1955
Preceded by Harry Morris
Succeeded by Constituency abolished
Member of Parliament for Birkenhead East
In office
5 July 1945 – 23 February 1950
Preceded by Henry Graham White
Succeeded by Constituency abolished
Personal details
Born 23 July 1902
Died 1 January 1979 (aged 76)
Nationality British
Political party Labour
Alma mater Balliol College, Oxford

Soskice was a close ally of Hugh Gaitskell; he fell out with Wilson and was dogged by poor health, such that in 1968, one of Benn’s diary entries indicated that Soskice could well die. Yet Soskice lasted until 1979, dying when Mr Thrope was awaiting trial, the month before Reggie Maudling died.

Soskice was the Home Secretary responsible for ensuring Govt support for Sydney Silverman’s Private Member’s Bill, passed on 28 Oct 1965, suspending the death sentence in Britain (except for treason) for five years. This reform is often attributed to Woy; the death penalty for murder was abolished in 1969, when Sunny Jim was Home Secretary. Bugger all to do with Woy at any time.

Soskice retired in 1966 and was off to the Lords on 7 June 1966. Gnome who knew Soskice was killed on 7 July 1966, when his motorbike crashed…

George Thomas served as a Home Office Minister under Frank Soskice. Frank’s son David Soskice is a Prof at the LSE. David dines out on his grandfather having been a Russian Revolutionary. As opposed to his dad being a common criminal who protected a gang of old paedophiles bankrolled by, in Grocer Heath’s own words, the Unacceptable Face Of Capitalism. Bang goes David’s reputation as a Man Of The Left. Had your mates not been pursuing me even before I wrote this blog Prof Soskice, I might not have drawn attention to your old dad.

See ‘A Future Leader Of The Labour Party’ and ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’ for further details of Frank and David Soskice’s biographies.

Joe Simpson was succeeded as Met Commissioner by Sir John Waldron, a Wrong ‘Un who held the role of Top London Cop, 1968-72, while Peter and Liz Shore’s Giggling reached new levels. Of course it did, Dick Crossman was running the DHSS. Peter Shore’s Goggling wife Dr Liz was Deputy Chief Medical Officer during the late 1970s and early 1980s, but Liz decided that a Govt Medical Officer’s job in Whitehall was for her after a few years of being a GP in 1962. Liz realised that there was excellent prospects in Giggles as the Giggling at Cliveden reached its peak then. By 1972 Dr Liz hit the level of Senior Medical Officer in the DHSS.

Sir John Waldron was succeeded by Robert Mark who was famous for Cleaning Up the Met, for being loathed by the other Met officers and for first venturing into the Met at an earlier date the request of Woy. It soon became obvious that Robert Mark had not cleaned up the Met at all, but why anyone thought he would after his previous as Chief Constable of Leicestershire I’m not sure. Perhaps corrupt Giggling Woy didn’t want the Met cleaned up. Robert Mark was Met Commissioner, 1972-77, as business boomed for Gwynne, Dafydd and John Allen. Meet Dr Liz Shore the Senior DHSS Medical Officer.

Harold Wilson appointed Gardiner as Lord Chancellor, so Arnold Goodman will have had something to do with it all and with matters Frank Soskice as well. Goodman bagged his peerage in 1965.

At Magdalen College, Oxford, Bob Boothby was the Giggling partner of John Strachey, Clough’s brother-in-law. Strachey died unexpectedly in 1963.

Maurice Macmillan was named as one of those who swindled father and other farmers in 1963 via Maurice’s dodgy company ‘Armchair Pigs’, but Brown pointed out that if Maurice was named, even bigger and better others will not have been. Probably Maurice’s dad.

Some more Lord Gerald Gardiner Facts: born in 1900; attended Harrow School and Magdalen College, Oxford (but was sent down from Oxford); called to the Bar at Inner Temple a la Ronald Armstrong-Jones; Member of the Committee of the Supreme Court Practice and Procedure, 1947-53 and Lord Chancellor’s Law Reform Committee, 1952-63; Chairman of the Bar Council, 1958-59.

In 1959, Gardiner acted for the Daily Mirror in the famous case in which Liberace sued the Mirror for libel after they implied that he was gay. Liberace of course won that case although he was er gay and this was very widely known at the time. Gardiner may well have deliberately thrown the case or it may have been staged to muddy waters…

Gerald Gardiner acted for the defence in the 1960 Lady Chatterley trial, along with crooked Giggling Bloomsbury barrister Lord Jeremy Hutchinson. Jeremy defended some worrying people whom he knew were guilty, including Graham Ovenden, the artist who was a member of the Brotherhood of Ruralists. Ovenden was later jailed for child sexual abuse. Hutchinson Giggled with many as did his Giggling partners, so there was a vast network. Hutchinson’s first wife was Dame Peggy Ashcroft and his second wife June Osborn. When young, June and her close friend both tried to persuade the other one to marry Ted Heath; they were in his circle… See previous posts, including ‘Another One Bites The Dust’.

In the 1930s, Gerald joined the Peace Pledge Union. Lady Megan and her fancyman Philip Noel-Baker were leading lights in that organisation. Another member was Barbara Kahan, the social worker who facilitated abuse throughout her career and was appointed a Govt social work advisor when Heath was PM. Kahan remained at the top of the tree until her death years later. During WW II, Gerald joined the Friends Ambulance Unit and ‘led a 55 strong team assisting refugees in north-west Europe during the last year of the war’.

In 1970, Gerald’s married his second wife Violette Muriel Baker aka Muriel Box, a screenwriter and director. After WW II, her first husband Sydney Box was hired by the Rank Organisation to head Gainsborough Pictures, while Muriel ran the scenario dept, writing scripts, including two for child star Petula Clark. So that was why an ageing Petula enjoyed a late career revival with Ken Clarke’s mate Richard Tennant’s son’s Gay Group the Pet Shop Boys in the late 1980s; I knew that Neil Tennant et al were put up to it by the Gang but I couldn’t find the Petula link… See ‘Jennifer’s Diary’ for details of Neil’s dodgy Uncle Richard and his pals.

Muriel Box also established the feminist publishing house Femina. If I had the dosh I’d establish one called ‘Another Vomit-Bucket Needed Please’.

Gerald Gardiner died on 7 Jan 1990. The Gang brought their first High Court case against me in Feb 1990. Norman Fowler, Secretary of State for Employment, suddenly resigned on 3 Jan 1990, declaring that he wanted to spend more time with his family: it was Norman who coined that excuse. Norman had been Secretary of State for the DHSS, 14 Sept 1981-13 June 1987, during my early battles with the Gang. Norman got fed up of his family after spending more time with them and returned as Chairman of the Tory Party in 1992. Norman was the MP for Nottingham South, 18 June 1970-28 Feb 1974, Land of Crooked Ken Clarke, then for Sutton Coldfield, 28 Feb 1974-14 May 2001. Land of Robert Bluglass.

Diane Underhill, the back-stabbing mature student at Aston who befriended Brown, caused havoc and then bagged herself a job in the Dept of Psychology at UCNW lived in Sutton Coldfield. Brown told me all about her in his letters to me, which were stolen and flogged to George Carman and the Digger. ‘The pale pink librarian has invited me to dinner again at her house in Sutton Coldfield’. Underhill read the death threats that were being sent to Brown by Paul Bates, the man who later tried to kill him.

Never mind Diane, Clinical Psychologist and SDP supporter, it was only an international trafficking ring who murdered my friend while you were toadying to get that job in Bangor with Fungus! Underhill disappeared from the internet a few years ago. Ah well she has her wine to buy and the organic veg for the dinner parties and she DOESN’T WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN THIS!!!

Peter Bottomley, Tory MP husband of Virginia, served as PPS to Norman Fowler when Fowler was at the DHSS. See ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’. Ollie Brooke was jailed in Dec 1986 – and released early by Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane on appeal in May 1987 – on Fowler’s watch.

Muriel Box died on 18 May 1991; the Gang took me to the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand in April 1991. Feminist lawyer St Helena was starring in a case in the neighbouring Court… St Helena’s supporters asked ME for my support for St Helena’s client. While ignoring what was happening to me.

Ronnie Kray, Arnold Goodman and Harold Wilson are all members of the 1995 Club. Goodman and his mate Harold died just days apart.

Cecil King was at the centre of events once more in 1968. He resigned as a Director of the Bank of England on 9 May 1968 the day before his article ‘Enough Is Enough’ appeared in the Daily Mirror. The Krays had been arrested on 8 May 1968. King was no longer Chairman of the Mirror but the Mirror, like the other Labour supporting paper the Sun, was owned by the IPC, of which King was Chairman. King’s article in the Mirror alleged that Britain was ‘threatened by the greatest financial crisis in our history. It is not to be removed by lies about our reserves but by a fresh start under a new leader’.

On 13 May 1970 Dick Crossman had lunch with the Digger, then the new owner of the Sun and the News of the World, after Dick was asked to meet the Digger by Anthony Shrimsley, the Political Editor of the Sun. They were joined for lunch by Larry Lamb, Editor of the Mirror. As the Digger was toadied to by Britain’s Spy Chief who doubled up as a serious sex offender, perhaps now that I have mentioned the depths to which the Digger sunk in terms of Important People I Must Order To Meet Me, the Digger can return the documents that were stolen from my house at various times and sold to him. They fitted people up for robbery Digger, raped children and killed witnesses. Give me my documents back O Sewer Dweller, I don’t care how rich you are.

Anthony Shrimsley was the younger brother of Bernard Shrimsley. Bernard and Anthony were born in London in the 1930s to a Jewish family and were  educated at Kilburn Grammar School. They were evacuated to Northamptonshire, Land of Oundle and Sir Clough during WW II, but asked the police to remove them after they were ‘mistreated’ by their guardians.

Bernard Shrimsley became a messenger at the Press Association in London. In 1948, he was taken on as a trainee at the Southport Guardian. From 1953 until 1968, Bernard worked at the Manchester offices of the Daily Mirror and the Daily Express, and spent a short spell at the Daily Mirror’s London HQ. In 1968 Bernard was appointed Editor of the Liverpool Daily Post, a mouthpiece for Dafydd and the Gang. Bernard was appointed as Deputy Editor of ‘The Sun’ in 1969 and was recommended to The Sun’s new owner the Digger by Larry Lamb, Bernard’s immediate superior. Bernard remained as Deputy Editor of ‘The Sun’ until 1972, when he became Editor. Bernard remained as Editor until 1975 when he became Editor of the News of the Screws (also owned by the Digger), until late April 1980.

Bernard was taken on by Associated Newspapers in 1980 to launch the Mail on Sunday, but Lord Rothermere, the Chairman of Associated, failed to discuss the appointment with Sir David English, the Editor of the Daily Mail, and English made Bernard’s job difficult. Shrimsley was replaced and David English succeeded him in July 1982. By that time Larry Lamb was Editor of the Daily Express and chose Shrimsley as the title’s Assistant Editor, holding the post between 1983 and 1986. After Lamb left the Express, Shrimsley served as the Associate Editor, 1986-96. Bernard advised Sir Jams Goldsmith’s Referendum Party during the 1997 General Election and wrote editorials for the Press Gazette, 1999-2002. Meanwhile, Bernard had become the Chair of the Press Council and served on the D-notice committee.

The D-notice system is a voluntary arrangement by which media outlets are served with a D-notice requesting them not to publish in matters of national security. The press are not legally bound by the system and it has been grossly abused. D-notices were used to keep the activities of Cyril Smith, Peter Morrison and so many others out of the media.

So one of the Digger’s employees who’s first big break was as Editor of the PR organ for Dafydd and Gwynne sat on the D-notice committee. Are we surprised at the blood on the carpet?

They violently assaulted us Digger, got their plonkers out in front of patients, hid in our back gardens while shining torches in our bedroom windows, lied again and again and joked about us having sex with animals. We took the piss and were arrested. Get out of business and public life Digger you vile old git, just sod off out of it.

Bernard Shrimsley’s daughter Amanda was a feature writer for the News of the Screws. Bernard croaked on 9 June 2016. His nephew and niece Robert and Emma are in the newspaper business. Bernard’s grandson Ted Loveday appeared on ‘University Challenge’ in 2015 as a member of the team from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.

Anthony Shrimsley was Political Editor of the Sunday Mirror, The Sun and the Daily Mail and was Editor of Sir Jams’ magazine ‘Now!’ Anthony Shrimsley seems to have died in Nov 1984, the month in which Lord Maelor spontaneously combusted.

12 Oct 1984:See the source image

Cecil King was the nephew of press barons Lord Rothermere and Lord Northcliffe. David Lloyd George and Northcliffe – the owner of the Daily Mail and later of the Times – had courted each other but in 1919 also attacked each other over the terms of peace with Germany. Northcliffe’s brother Lord Rothermere was Northcliffe’s successor at the Mail. Previous posts discussed Rothermere and his dynasty as well as the unfortunate death on 12 Aug 1992 of one of the Lady Rothermeres, Viscountess Rothermere, Patricia Harmsworth aka Bubbles. Bubbles died supposedly of an overdose of prescribed medication at her villa in France, the story being that a maid found Bubbles, dead, after breaking into Bubbles’s locked room. As so often, the official story did not add up and no questions were asked about how Bubbles managed to extract such huge quantities of prescribed medication from three different Top Doctors, who all knew that all three of them were prescribing Bubbles enormous quantities of the same drugs. The Top Docs were expensive Top Docs in London and France; one of the London Top Docs gave evidence at Bubbles’s inquest that indicated that he was either lying or was criminally irresponsible. The reason for Bubbles getting her hands on enough medication to knock an entire racing stables out cold was that she had difficulty sleeping. Bubbles’s husband and their friends were involved in/had knowledge of Giggles in High Places including Royal Places.

I blogged extensively about the death of Bubbles, the extraordinary prescribing habits of her Top Docs and the lies at her inquest ages ago but it all disappeared from the blog. I can only recommend that readers read the obituaries etc for Bubbles and ask themselves whether they believe the account given of the circumstances of her death.

On 10 May 1969, Crossman recorded in his diary that Labour had fared very badly in the borough elections held the previous day; huge losses in Birmingham, Islington, Hackney and Sheffield, but the Labour vote in Coventry had stood up. Crossman received a call from the Coventry Evening Telegraph who stressed that they didn’t want to discuss the election results, but Cecil King. ‘That was the first that I had heard of the demand in the Mirror that Harold Wilson had to go, the revelation of a grave financial crisis concealed by the Treasury and the Bank of England and finally the resignation of Cecil King himself as a Director of the Bank’.

The diary entry continues with Dick having nothing to say to the press and dealing with composing his address to a new dining club organised jointly by the Northampton, North Oxon, South Oxon and Banbury constituency [Labour] Parties. The Oundle Gigglers ran Northamptonshire, and Dick and his mates ran Oxfordshire, so that dining club will have been interesting.

Then Woy (the Chancellor of the Exchequer) rang Dick, in a state because Babs Castle wanted him to repudiate Cecil and assert his confidence in Harold’s leadership, but Woy couldn’t because there was a run on the pound that day and this lot were so distrusted that Woy thought that if he pledged his support for Harold, everyone would believe that he was plotting to overthrow him. So Dick offered to ring Babs and tell her that he would make a speech declaring confidence in Harold as Leader. Babs was OK with that, Dick being an ex-Mirror journo and a member of the Govt, so no plots there. So Dick wrote a brief press release reminding the world that Cecil was the nephew of ‘two megalomaniac press lords who tried to dictate to Prime Ministers’. Dick made sure that Transport House (HQ of the TGWU) would put the press release out for 8-30pm.

It would be many months yet before a megalomaniac press lord ordered Shrimsley to tell that bloody Spy Chief and mate of Gwynne and Dafydd’s to damn well come to lunch at his convenience because the rude Ozzie wanted to Inspect Him. Digger, did you know a fellow Ozzie called Robert Aitkenhead? He was a Seventh Day Adventist, a builder who had become quite wealthy for a rather eccentric and difficult man and he knows where a bloody fortune disappeared that was left in trust for my grandfather and father. Not that Robert admitted to Mrs Brady that he knew where the dosh went; it was in the form of an estate in Hampshire, so I think we can guess who of Lincoln’s Inn  might have had a hand in that not finding its way to the rightful owners.

When Dick addressed the Gigglers of the new dining club he chatted a bit about Cecil King and afterwards was impressed to be told that someone had seen a TV report of Dick’s speech to the club before he had even delivered it; Dick was delighted because it meant that his press release had been circulated to everyone and it caused interest.

11 May 1968. Dick’s speech was the main BBC news story and the lead in most papers, including the Torygraph. The Labour Party were in crisis, Harold was At Risk but Dick was delighted to have stamped on the press. Dick also observed that Cecil’s ‘attack’ on Harold had considerably strengthened Harold’s position which was just what was needed.

13 May 1968: ‘What a stroke of luck Cecil King has been to Harold. As one Tory put it, he was the only flaw in a perfect day of Tory victory news last Friday. At once he provided the positive factor for rebuilding Harold’s reputation. This was confirmed to me when Alma Birk [Alma was the wife of Ellis Birk, lawyer to the Mirror group] rang me up in the greatest distress to tell me how terrible life had been, that the directors were now all working together to try to get rid of Cecil King, that her husband, Ellis, who had been in Paris was now considering whether he should resign from the Mirror board and that she had persuaded him to stay and fight the King influence. She told me that 98% of the letters which the Daily Mirror and the Sun had received were pro-Harold and only 2% pro-King. She was terribly shocked that Sydney Jacobson and Hugh Cudlipp had both accepted the Cecil King line and failed to foresee and warn him of the consequences. Indeed they’d all celebrated with King at a great dinner on Friday night. Despite this, she added, I must understand that there were no enemies of the party at the Daily Mirror…The one thing that the Mirror doesn’t like is failure or being made to look silly and this is what King had done for them over the weekend…’

Sydney Jacobson was Political Editor of the Daily Mirror, 1952-62; Editor of the Daily Herald, 1962-64 and of the Sun, 1964-65; Chairman of Odhams Newspapers, 1968; Editorial Director of IPC, 1968-74 and its Deputy Chairman, 1973-74. Jacobson bagged a peerage in 1975.

If anyone knows whether Sydney is anything to do with Top Doc Robin Jacobson who was facilitating Giggles and crime at St George’s Hospital/Springfield in 1991 and admitted in writing to his colleagues that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients and that Jacobson thought that Tony Francis was too (see ‘The Price Is Right’), please let me know.

Readers may remember Alma from earlier posts discussing Dick and his Court; Alma was described by Dick as a ‘great girl for birth control’. The great girl for birth control had received a life peerage in 1967, while she was sitting on the boss’s knee and giggling. Alma was Chairman of the Health Education Council, 1969-72. She was a Baroness-in-Waiting (Lords Whip) in March-Oct 1974 and in 1974 appointed a junior Minister at the Privy Council Office. Alma was Assistant Editor of ‘Nova’, 1965-69.

Tam Dalyell, Dick’s friend, lodger and fellow criminal, maintained that it was the Mirror’s solicitor Ellis Burke who ‘kept Dick out of the courts’. Dick of course spent years as a Mirror journo and wrote for them when he was in Govt. Tam never told the truth about anything, being a bent old spy of that era, so presumably it wasn’t Ellis who kept Dick out of the Courts, it was Dick himself, he told Lord Gardiner and his father’s colleagues on the bench what to do.

When Woy became Chancellor and held his first At Home in No 11 on 23 May 1968, Dick noted in his diary that ‘all the right people had turned up’, including Hugh Cudlipp, Pam Berry, Ann Fleming and Ted and Babs Castle.

Pam Berry aka Lady Hartwell was a Society Hostess who from 1954 was President of the Incorporated Society of London Fashion Designers and active in the Franco-British Council, working to promote British fashion internationally. Pam was the youngest child of the 1st Earl of Birkenhead. Pam’s dad is not the Lord Birkenhead that was Henry Cohen, the dreadful Top Doc who Ruled Liverpool during Dafydd’s young years as discussed in eg. ‘A Celebration Of Dafydd’s Medical Training’. Henry Cohen was a mere life peer, as common as muck, a grandiose pomposity of a corrupt Top Doc who spotted Dafydd’s potential and forged a bond. Henry held every post in British medicine that would be expected of him, including Chair of the GMC, in 1961 precisely. Another layer of protection for Gwynne and Dafydd while they supplied the Tarts and Sluts for Cliveden events.

Pam’s dad the Earl of Birkenhead in featured in previous posts, assuming that the text hasn’t disappeared. Pam’s dad the 1st Earl was Frederick Edwin Smith, Winston Churchill’s closest friend until Smith Died From Drink, aged 58, in Sept 1930. Smith was born in Birkenhead, the son of an estate agent, barrister and local Tory politician. Smith himself became a well-known Liverpool barrister and then practiced in London. Smith served as Tory MP for Liverpool Walton, 1906-1918. He was Asquith’s Solicitor General, June-Nov 1915 and then his Attorney General, Nov 1915-Jan 1919. In 1919 he was created Baron Birkenhead following his appointment in Jan 1919 as Lord Chancellor by Lloyd George, a post he retained until Oct 1922. Smith became Viscount Birkenhead in 1921; he and Churchill were the leading figures the Lloyd George Coalition which was covered in crap in 1922 when it became evident that the Old Goat had literally flogged honours. Smith was Secretary of State for India, Nov 1924-Oct 1928, under PM Baldwin and George V.

Pam Berry seems to have been one of the key facilitators of the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Pam was one of the Bright Young Things (see previous posts). She sat on the V&A’s Advisory Council, 1973-78; was Chairman of the British Museum Society for four years before becoming a Trustee of the British Museum in 1979. Pam knew museum top dogs Lord Kenyon, Sir Frederic Kenyon, Dame Kathleen Kenyon etc. Pam’s maternal grandfather was Oxfordshire clergyman and classical Oxford scholar Henry Furneaux.

Pam’s brother was Smith’s son, the 2nd Earl, Frederick Winston Furneaux Smith. The 2nd Earl was an historian, educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford, inheriting his fathers peerages in 1930. The 2nd Earl married the Hon Sheila Berry, daughter of the 1st Viscount Camrose, so it was a cosy set-up, what with Pam being married to one of the Berry family too. The 2nd Earl and Sheila had two children, Frederick the 3rd Earl Birkenhead and Lady Juliet  Smith, who became Lady Juliet Townsend.

Frederick William Robin Smith the 3rd Earl was an historian who died from a heart attack on 16 Feb 1985, while playing tennis. Lord David Harlech, who’s sister Katherine Ormsby-Gore was married to Maurice Macmillan, died some two weeks before the 3rd Earl Birkenhead after Lord Harlech had a car accident near Shrewsbury. The 3rd Earl might have been a bunny; he left no heirs, the earldom became extinct and there are no references to him being married.

Lady Juliet Townsend grew up in Northamptonshire of Oundle School and Clough’s Giggles. She was educated at Somerville, Oxford a la Thatch and Lady Veronica Gnome and one of the products of Somerville from Bloomsbury’s Dame Janet Vaughan’s time as Principal. Other posts have explained how that whole network of Somerville Posh Slappers achieved power and influence substantially as the result of Dorothy Hodgkin, Thatch’s chemistry tutor at Somerville, being one of the bedfellows of John Desmond Bernal aka Sage, the Communist security services officer and academic who assisted Crick and Watson with stealing Franklin’s work on the structure of DNA, while freezing Franklin out and preventing her from continuing with DNA work. The plagiarism, fraud, Giggles and wrongdoing on the part of a whole network of Oxbridge, Imperial and Birkbeck academics of that era was so great that not only were a string of unworthy people given Nobels to shut them up (including Hodgkin), but when Thatch began climbing the political ladder, it was party time. Many roads led to Gwynne and Dafydd. See previous posts.

Lady Juliet regularly reviewed children’s books for ‘The Spectator’. In 1968 Lady Juliet published a book on the villages and buildings of Northamptonshire. She was a member of the Campaign to Protect Rural England for nearly 40 years and served as President, 1988-98; Clough was a founder member of the Campaign to Protect Rural Wales.

Lady Juliet served as the Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire, 1998-2014 and as Lady-in-Waiting to Ma’am Darling, 1965-2002. Lady Juliet died on 29 Nov 2014, the month after Bodger and just before Mr Thrope.

Pam’s husband Michael Berry aka Lord Hartwell was educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford. He bagged his peerage in 1968 and was briefly 3rd Viscount Camrose from 1995 before disclaiming the title. Berry was Chairman and Editor in Chief of the Torygraph and Sunday Torygraph, following his brother Seymour Berry, 2nd Viscount Camrose in these jobs. Berry remained in those posts until Conrad Black took over the Torygraph in 1986. Michael Berry was Chairman of Amalgamated Press Ltd, 1954-59. He also was the backer behind the arts review, X magazine.

The 1st Viscount Camrose, William Berry, was from Merthyr Tydfil and published Welsh newspapers before moving onto bigger things. Along with ten other well-wishers, Berry provided financial assistance to Churchill during WW II, which allowed the Churchills to keep Chartwell, their family home, on condition that it would be presented to the nation on their deaths.

‘We own Churchill…’

Michael Berry died on 3 April 2001.

Pam and Michael had four children. Adrian succeeded as 4th Viscount Camrose, educated at Eton and Christ Church. Adrian was science correspondence of the Torygraph, 1977-96, then becoming the Torygraph’s Consulting Editor (Science). Adrian Berry didn’t hold with climate change and sat on the advisory committee of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a climate change denial think tank. Nigel Lawson is also active in the same circles.

Adrian Berry died on 19 April 2016. In 1967 he married Marina, the daughter of Cyrus Sulzberger, a member of the family who owns the New York Times. Adrian and Marina had two children, Jessica and Jonathan, now the 5th Viscount Camrose.

It just got better and better for Gwynne and Dafydd. The 1st Viscount Camrose – the son of a Merthyr Tydfil solicitor – had two brothers. One was Seymour Berry, 1st Baron Buckland. Seymour became a protégé of Welsh industrialist D. A. Thomas aka 1st Viscount Rhondda. After Rhondda joined the Cabinet, Seymour took on more responsibility and became Director of over 60 companies. Seymour acquired John Lysaght Ltd with his brother William Berry (1st Viscount Camrose), D. R. Llewellyn and Lady Rhondda and was Chairman until it became part of Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds, the aerospace company that became known as GKN. Seymour Berry became Chair of GKN in 1927.

GKN featured a lot in Benn’s diaries; at Mintech he had much to do with GKN, so Gnome’s daughter Penelope as Benn’s Mandarin will have as well…

William Berry’s other brother James Gomer Berry, became 1st Viscount Kemsley. James Berry owned Mountain Ash Colliery and founded Kemsley Newspapers, which owned The Sunday Times, The Daily Sketch and The Sunday Graphic. James was Chairman of the Reuters News Agency, 1951-58. One of the journos for Reuters was Nora Beloff, later of The Observer. Nora was a Gang loyalist, the sister of Ioan Bowen Rees’s friend Lord Max Beloff. Max was also mates with Thatch. Nora was the Aunty of Michael Beloff QC, friend/colleague of Miranda and Cherie. Nora’s brother John Beloff was a Ghost Hunting pal of Prof of Ghost Hunting at UCNW, Clement Mundle. Their sister, biochemist Ann Beloff-Chain was married to biochemist Nobel winner Ernst Chain who can be traced to the usual Gigglers. The huge contribution of the entire Beloff family to Gwynne and Dafydd’s crimes are detailed in previous posts.

In 1954 James Berry was part of the Kemsley-Winnick consortium, which won the initial ITV weekend contracts for the Midlands and North of England. In 1959, Kemsley Newspapers were purchased by Lord Roy Herbert Thomson of Fleet, the Canadian press baron who stars in previous posts with his heirs. The purchase was enabled by Thomson’s profits from Scottish Television.

Red Benn’s diary from his time as Wilson’s Postmaster General discussed Lord Roy Thomson, who was at the time the owner of The Times and Sunday Times. On 12 Feb 1965 Benn had lunch with Thomson. In the same diary entry Benn noted that he had received a letter from Ray Mawby, former Tory Assistant Post Master General, asking Benn to provide the evidence on which George Brown ‘had charged the last Govt with falsifying Post Office accounts. This is a very finicky one, as George clearly went wrong and should never had said what he did say. It is all very embarrassing.’

The context of other diary entries suggests that the previous Govt had been falsifying PO accounts but as Wilson et al had continued the wrongdoing, Benn had to pretend that George Brown Had Got This Wrong.

On 23 Feb 1965, Benn noted that he had made a private arrangement to see Harold Wilson that evening ‘because it was the only way that I can get anything done’. Benn lunched with Sir Leon Bagrit, Chairman of Elliot-Automation; Benn had written to him previously and then met him at the lunch with Roy Thomson. Benn and Bagrit discussed the ‘best way in which we could release the energies of the Post Office with the possibility of future development’. The discussion included possible plans for ‘the application of cybernetic techniques’ and plans to ask all ‘our major suppliers if they would think ahead and prepare plans for the development of apparatus that we might be able to use ten or fifteen years hence. This is rather comparable to what the American Post Office did under Kennedy.’

So Benn wasn’t just discussing the preparation for mass surveillance of the British population, he was discussing how this would be done with businesspeople who were involved with crime and organised abuse.

On 17 Nov 1965 Benn travelled to Farnborough in Hampshire, Land Of Lord Denning, where he opened Fleet Building, Lord Thomson’s new HQ ‘which will handle the advertising contract for the telephone directories. He got the contract last July and has set up an enormous organisation to handle it… He will have the best intelligence system in the country and will be able to print out from the computer the most superb and continually corrected information about every profession, occupation, trade and business’. Benn was also told by Thomson that ‘the only way you can tell success is by profit’ and they ‘discussed – entirely without prejudice – the idea of setting up a joint subsidiary company half owned by the Post Office and half by Thomsons to exploit all the possibilities created by the telephone contract’.

So presumably in July 1964, before he ever met Benn, Roy Thomson was given the advertising contract for telephone directories and then discussions followed with an industrialist who was at the same lunch with Thomson and Benn re the mass surveillance of citizens. Thomson’s new HQ at Denning Central was already fully equipped for the purpose.

This would explain why people have been able to give me details of conversations that I had at home in Somerset, in schools, universities, shared houses when I was young, NHS premises etc years ago when there was only one other person and me, and I never told anyone what was said… This is how people knew what the Gang and their accomplices were doing. Had the surveillance been used to stop their serious criminality, it would be arguable that this undercover spying on ordinary everyday people could be justified. It was instead used to conceal crime, smear, discredit and frame witnesses.

I challenge the state to get out to the North Wales Hospital and pull that place apart; bodies will be found, I promise you they are there, including Stephen Bagnall’s. Someone recorded everything that was happening to us there and I have been told that Stephen’s murder days after I and Brown’s brother infiltrated Denbigh in Oct 1987 and found Stephen starving and covered in cuts and bruises asking us to help him, was also recorded. They murdered patients there, just as kids in care and psych patients were murdered in Risley. Recover those bodies and put an end to this nonsense that No-One Knew once and for all.

Neither do I want to hear that it was only me! Benn and Wilson didn’t give contracts to Roy Thomson et al for millions that paid for Roy’s new HQ down the road from Lord Denning just for me. This was abuse of state powers of the most inexcusable kind. Docs running a ring in which kids and patients are serially sexually assaulted? Forging documents? Well we’ll listen in to what the potential witnesses remember and get rid of them if they’re going to be credible in Court should it ever come to that. We’ll also let the Docs concerned send the forged documents to politicians, the press, crooked lawyers…

The genius of Dick Crossman was clearly at work when Benn was Postmaster General…

It is accepted that Wilson’s Govt was a criminal one and that he was personally friends with criminals; Wilson was a senior member of the security services and one whom many people did not trust in any way. His Govt was highly secretive with the famous ‘kitchen cabinet’ of the favoured few only being party to decisions. What no-one discussed when such matters were matters of concern was organised abuse facilitated by the state, of such a serious nature that the state considered it worth murdering witnesses if need be.

Wilson was in the thick of Giggles in many ways but the clincher was Wilson, a don at New College, Oxford, came from Yorkshire, the location of possibly the biggest and most serious organised abuse ring in the UK except perhaps for north Wales. Yorkshire and north Wales Gigglers had been in business for decades by the time that Wilson became Leader of the Labour Party, a Labour Party who’s remit was to keep the established order in place by sham and deceit after the ructions of the previous Tory administrations. Harold continued where Maurice Macmillan’s parents and their friends left off but did it with a Yorkshire accent and a pipe in his mouth.


James Berry died on 6 Feb 1968.

James had seven children. Among them were his youngest son Sir Anthony Berry, the Tory MP who died in the Grand Hotel Brighton bombing on 12 Oct 1984, part of the 1984 Genocide of Insiders. Anthony Berry was Di’s Uncle and Prince William’s Great-Uncle. Berry was Vice-Chamberlain of the Household, 1979-81; Comptroller of the Household, 1981-83; then appointed Treasurer of the Household in 1983. Berry picked up his K in 1983 and at the time of his death he was Thatch’s Chief Whip.

In Sept 1986 – Remember The Date as Thatch would say- Patrick Magee was convicted of the Grand Hotel bombing and received eight life sentences, but was released from prison in 1999 under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

Perhaps Miranda and Lady Veronica Gnome would like to tell us all who really bombed Thatch et al; I have roared with laughter as more info has been arriving saying ‘This was about you again…’ See the source imageIt seems that it was, but it wasn’t done by anyone who wished me well, it will have been Gang on Gang violence. What does anyone expect when two criminals like Gwynne and Dafydd are employed by the British State to deliver sex workers – including children – to VIPs and imprison or kill those who object? Gwynne was still alive when the Grand Hotel was bombed, but he had just been diagnosed with bowel cancer…

The target of the bomb was Thatch and previous posts discussed how the bombers received security services help to ensure those lapses took place that allowed the bomb to end up in Thatch’s bathroom wall in the first place and to ensure that the bombers knew when to detonate the bomb. Thatch missed it by minutes, having gone into the bedroom from the bathroom, so I suspect that there was help there as well; security services operatives working against each other.

Would it have not been so much easier for people to have backed up Brown and me re our complaint about Gwynne? No-one blew the Tories up for us, they left us with those killers for years.

Since Magee’s release, Berry’s daughter Jo held a series of highly publicised meetings with Magee, some of which were filmed for BBC 2’s ‘Everyman’ in Dec 2001. Jo received criticism for this from other victims of IRA killings.

Jo, if you feel like asking to meet me to discuss why your father and his mates did everything possible to facilitate an international paedophile ring which destroyed whole families, don’t bother because I’ll be saying no. You lot need to disappear, not hog the sodding media holding asinine discussions about Forgiveness while the nightmare continues. I wouldn’t have blown your father up myself, it was his own criminal mates who did that, but I’d never have given him the time of day and I certainly wouldn’t have unveiled that lame plaque to him at Sir Anthony Berry House in Enfield, as Berry’s widow and her daughter Sasha did in Oct 2009. Berry’s widow remarried dear old Lord Bernard Donoughue, long-standing Labour Party Pillock as featured in eg. ‘By Popular Demand – Or Request?’

Anthony Berry’s older brother (Geoffrey) Lionel Berry, 2nd Viscount Kemsley was MP for Buckingham, 1943-45. He was Managing Editor of the Daily Sketch and later Deputy Chairman of Kemsley Newspapers Ltd. Lionel married Lady Helene Hay, daughter of William George Montagu Hay, 11th Marquess of Tweedale. One of their daughters was also Pamela Berry. Lionel Berry died on 28 Feb 1999 in Leicestershire…

Lionel was succeeded in the Viscountcy by his nephew Richard Berry, the 3rd Viscount Kemsley. Richard’s father was Anthony Berry’s older brother, Major Denis Gomer Berry (died 30 Sept 1983). Denis’s first wife was Rosemary Leonora Ruth de Rothschild, who’s father was Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, MP for Aylesbury, 1910-22. Lionel de Rothschild was of the N. M. Rothschild & Sons banking house that funded Thatch’s Govt and created Exbury Gardens in Hampshire.

Richard’s maternal grandfather was the son of Arthur Wellesley, the 4th Duke of Wellington. Gerald Wellesley, 7th Duke of Wellington was Chancellor of Southampton University, 1949-62. Gerald Wellesley will have been one of Lord Denning’s crowd.

Pam Berry was a big mate of Dick’s. On 15 May 1968, Pam gave a dinner in honour of Arthur Schlesinger Jr (Prof of History at Harvard, 1954-61; Special Assistant to Presidents JFK and Lyndon Johnson, 1961-64 and from 1966 Prof at the City University of New York), which Dick attended with ‘the usual gang’, including the American Ambassador David Bruce and his wife Evangeline (Bruce was US Ambassador to France, 1949-52; US Under-Secretary of State, 1952-53; Special Representative to the European High Authority for Coal and Steel, 1953-54; US Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, 1957-59 and to the UK, 1961-69; US Representative at the Vietnam Peace Talks in Paris, 1970-71; Chief of the US Mission to the People’s Republic of China,1973-74 and US Ambassador to NATO, 1974-76). Also at the dinner were Tommy and Penelope Balogh (Tommy was one of the economists who advised Wilson; Penelope was a Therapist); Noel and Gabriele Annan (Lord Annan was Provost of UCL)… See previous posts for more info on the Baloghs, the Annans and indeed Pam Berry/Lady Hartwell…

I wonder if the American Ambassador realised that he was enjoying his grub with a gang of old sex offenders/mates of sex offenders.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

On 4 Feb 1969 after the opera at Covent Garden, Dick, the Croslands and Lord Arnold Goodman all ended up at Ann Fleming’s and Dick compared the grandness of the Flemings place to the grandness of Pam Berry’s house. On 14 Oct 1969 Dick lunched at the Ritz with Perry Worsthorne of Sunday Torygraph fame, Perry being a good friend of Pam Berry’s.

Pam Berry opened Dick’s swimming pool at his farm in Oxfordshire on 21 July 1968. On 25 Feb 1969 Dick lunched with Pam Berry ‘who is beginning to look her age’, with Paul and Marigold Johnson, Hugh Massingham and Tommy Balogh. Paul and Marigold were Labour in those days but Paul ended up a big fan of Thatch and in the late 1970s purchased an estate at Over Stowey about five miles down the road from our house. Johnson’s son Cosmo held a girl with whom I went to school and her two young daughters hostage at gunpoint and was treated most lightly by the courts. Cosmo knew Mr Bridgy Celeb’s crowd. Marigold is a psychotherapist. Hugh Massingham was the Observer’s Political Columnist from the 1940s until 1961, when he moved to the Sunday Torygraph, working there until he died in Dec 1971.

On 8 May 1969 Dick was off to lunch with Pam Berry again with Tom Driberg (an Omosexual East End Labour MP who was mates with Bob Boothby, worked for the security services and ended up inflicting much damage on the Labour Party what with his gangster ways), Aiden and Virginia Crawley and Perry Worsthorne. Aidan Crawley was Labour MP for Buckingham, 1945-51 and junior Minister for Air, who crossed the floor to Giggle as Tory MP for West Derbyshire, 1962-67. Crawley was Chairman of LWT, 1967-71 and President, 1971-73. Virginia Cowles was Aidan’s wife’s name used in her day job as a journo.

On 8 July 1969, Pam was hosting dinner again, this time for Kay Graham, the owner of ‘Newsweek’ and the ‘Washington Post’. Arthur Schlesinger had been invited and had brought His Bird along, whom he was hoping to marry. In attendance, with Dick and Incontinentia Crossman, were Isaiah and Lady Berlin. The evening was somewhat spoilt for Dick because he was supposed to be at work ie. in the House for an important vote, so Dick had to keep nipping over the Commons to vote and then at 10pm there was a big row on an adjournment motion. Dick was so fed up that he and Incontinentia went home.

What any of this lot would do if they worked on the tills in the supermarkets owned by their friends and wouldn’t be allowed to go to a dinner party while they were on their shift I’m not sure.

On 21 Dec 1969 Dick was over to Pam’s again, where the guest of honour was Arthur Schlesinger. They must have been desperate to keep in with Arthur. I wonder if Arthur was one of the people who Dafydd’s kids were talking about when they screamed and swore at me down the phone and told me that Dafydd knows Really Famous People and no-one would take any notice of a nutter like me. Obviously not, I’ve never been to one of Pam Berry’s dinners.

Red Benn went to a luncheon at Pam’s as discussed in ‘Cyril…’. Tony Benn went to Pam’s with Benn’s mate Mervyn Stockwood the Gay Swinging Bishop of Southwark on 14 July 1966. The guests were provided with cutlery made from gold. Dick and his wife Incontinentia were at Pam’s luncheon as were David Bruce’s wife and Sidney Bernstein. Bernstein was the Manchester media big wig who founded Granada and brought the world ‘Coronation Street’. Sidney was the brother-in-law of Llanelli-born Lord Joseph Stone, Top Doc to Harold Wilson, Lord Longford and many in the Labour Cabinet. Stone studied at Cardiff University and Qualified at the Westminster Hospital, finally dying on 17 June 1976. Haw Haw Bernstein provided years of loyal service to the Gang of Pathe News-esque films and TV programmes. See previous posts.

Pam and Dick’s friend Ann Fleming later became an in-law of Sir Peter Morrison.

It’s all very well me joking about Dafydd’s Famous Friends, but it really was the same crowd attending all these socials with Pam et al, they were deeply unpleasant people and one of their mates who worked for the Digger was able to decide that their sexual assaults on children had to be kept out of the press for reasons of national security.


Now Then. The early adventures of Alma, wife of the man who was Dick Crossman’s fall guy/the Mirror’s lawyer, took place in Finchley, before Thatch was elected as MP for that constituency in 1959. Alma was Leader of the Labour group on Finchley Borough Council, 1950-53. My post ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’ discussed Sir John Crowder, the MP for Tory MP for Finchley, 1935-59, who preceded Thatch in that seat. John Crowder was one of Lord Denning’s henchmen who was a member of Hampshire County Council, 1931-46.

Sir John Frederick Ellenborough Crowder died on 9 July 1961, two years after Thatch succeeded him in the seat. On October 1961 Thatch was promoted to the frontbench as Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance by Supermac, working under John Boyd-Carpenter, the Tory MP for Kingston-upon-Thames. Thatch was the youngest woman in history to receive such a post and among the first MPs elected in 1959 to be promoted. Thatch of Lincoln’s Inn a la Lord Denning and Richard Crossman. Thatch claimed to have a good relationship with Swinging Bisexual Spy Chief Crossman although he was a political opponent. Crossman was remarkably tolerant with regard to the politics of the people whom he recruited to MI5; he used to ask them which party they fancied joining, as he did when he recruited Alan Barker, who was married to Trumpers.
Barker was a Posh School Master who taught Douglas Hurd at Eton – and remained close to Hurd for the rest of his life – then became Head of the Leys School in Cambridge, before becoming Head of University College School, Hampstead. Trumpers in her capacity as the Head’s wife did the hostess bit for the families of present and old pupils, both at the Leys and at University College School. Both schools had some impressive old pupils. Harold Wilson’s boys went to University College School while Barker was Head and Trumpers regularly entertained Mr and Mrs Wilson. Robin Wilson became a Maths don at Oxford. Christopher and Peter Hitchins went to University College School among many other high profile people.
Barker was Head of the Leys School in Cambridge during the 1960s and as well as being the Head’s wife, Trumpers was active in Tory politics in Cambridgeshire and served as Mayor. Trumpers was resident in Cambridge when Rab Butler was Master of Trinity College and Carlo was a student there. Trumpers was a big mate of Rab and most of the Interesting People whom Trumpers invited to the Leys School to meet the boys were former Tory Party big wigs. Trumpers held many roles, including that of prison visitor for Pentonville, worked with Juvenile Delinquents, Unmarried Mothers and the Mentally Ill, and through such Good Works got to know a man called Jimmy Savile. Trumpers Raised Money for Addenbrookes Hospital. Trumpers also served as a JP but was obliged to resign from the bench when it became known that she had been on excellent terms with the Cambridge Rapist when he was finally convicted. As well as Rab, Trumpers’ path at Cambridge crossed with that of Tuppence and the Fragrant Lady Mary.
Trumpers I am sure knew Gnome’s family.
On the strength of nothing more than a disgraceful record of troughing, abusing her position and local politics in the Tory Party, Thatch gave Trumpers a peerage in 1980, the year in which Mary Wynch finally emerged from extended illegal imprisonment in Denbigh. Trumpers was soon appointed as a junior Minister for Agriculture when Richard Howarth, one of the Experts in the Dept of Agriculture at UCNW who Knew How To Kill A Pig With A Sledgehammer, was appointed as Thatch’s advisor on economics. See ‘Cyril…’
Mary of course had worked as a secretary in the Dept of Agriculture before the Gang, led by her own colleagues, had ruined her. Previous posts have mentioned that not one person from the Dept of Agri (or indeed from UCNW as a whole) defended Mary, even when she made legal history and headlines, although every media report about Mary mentioned this was a respectable propertied woman who had been the secretary to the Prof of Agriculture in UCNW and had exposed something terrible on the part of lawyers and Top Docs in Gwynedd who seemed to have enjoyed the protection of those highest in Govt. I have also mentioned the endless praising of UCNW’s Dept of Agri in the countryside/farming press, a Dept subject to complaint after complaint, with students walking out in their dozens because they did not go to university to be taught by drunken old fools who Knew How To Kill A Pig With A Sledgehammer.
No-one in the media mentioned that Richard Howarth was one of Thatch’s advisers and that the nightmare endured by Mary led straight to his door. I can now see why I might have been steered towards applying for UCNW when I was doing A levels, by people acting under the influence of Gnome’s family; I have been told for months that this was what happened. I’ve also been told that Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, the Chair of the UGC who didn’t close UCNW down as the UGC had promised they would when they had dropped in a few years previously, didn’t even need to do his deal in the summer of 1984 with the Dr Faustus comprised of the Rev/Prof Alwyn Roberts, Eric Sunderland, Carlo and the AUT, agreeing to let UCNW live in return for my friends and I being shafted. It seems that Swinnerton-Dyer, a maths don from Trinity College, Cambridge, knew what he would be agreeing to in 1984 when he replaced Edward Boyle, the previous Chair of the UGC, who had been the man who inflicted a 40% cut in the budget of UCNW in 1980 and told them that you lot are going to disappear completely within the next five years…
Previous posts have discussed Edward Boyle and he features in my ‘Notes and Swearies’ post as being one subject on the blog that needs clarifying, because I couldn’t work out whether it was Boyle or Swinnerton-Dyer who Sold His Soul To Faustus. It was both!! Boyle did intend to shut UCNW down because those who Knew How To Kill A Pig With A Sledgehammer were just so dreadful that they had to go, especially after one of their own staff was abducted, imprisoned and robbed blind by mates of their own colleagues. However the Gnomes knew a girl in Somerset who was doing A levels, being very undermined by her teachers and thus wasn’t going to try to apply for posh universities and wanted to go to a rural area not a city to study…
Edward Boyle was told to stand aside for Sir Peter. Sir Peter had taught the AUT rep at UCNW when he was at Trinity College, who knew that Sir Peter was having Omosexual Relationships with students and that Carlo was ‘AC/DC’ at Trinity. The AUT rep’s dad was a Top Doc at the C&A Hospital in Bangor, a friend of Gwynne and Dafydd, and was running the ring. Thus there was much potential for blackmail but it wasn’t even needed. Because I was there. Edward Boyle was a friend of Thatch from her early days in politics, they were always Stepping Out together when Thatch was casting around for a Good Catch. Boyle served as the Tory MP for Handsworth in Brum, a serious disadvantaged part of the city ignored by people like Boyle. Paul Bates, the man who later tried to kill Brown, lived in Handsworth when the death threats began. After Boyle was blown out of the UGC, he became the VC of Leeds University at Savile HQ. Savile ran Leeds, including the University.
Boyle was in post when a Leeds Prof was told that he would be sacked if he didn’t shut up about William Kerr and Michael Haslam, two Yorkshire psychiatrists who over 20 years raped their patients in the name of Therapy (see previous posts). Boyle was in post when Prof Jane Wynn, a Leeds University paediatrician, gave robust support in the form of Second Opinions to Marietta Higgs et al who caused havoc in Cleveland with their allegations that kids had been molested by their parents or foster parents when the real abusers were Dafydd’s partner ring. See eg. ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas And The Culprits Were Named’.
Boyle was VC when students at Leeds openly discussed the fact that ‘Jimmy Savile is molesting young girls’. If I was told that by Leeds grads in 1988, every Students Union officer and activist at Leeds will have known. Just like Jack Straw did back in the 1960s when Straw was the resident Student Grant at Leeds.
Leeds MPs colluding with Savile and the Giggles included Sir Keith Joseph, a Tory who’s time as a Tory MP reached back to that of Boyle and Profumo. Some two weeks before I arrived at UCNW for Freshers’ Week, Joseph was appointed Secretary of State for Education and Science. I’ll be pursuing the Leeds Skulduggery further in another post but I think that Sadie Francis might have guessed what is coming.
Anyone for Hilary Benn, a Leeds MP who filled a Dead Man Boots when Hilary’s predecessor, Labour MP Derek Fatchett, died in the pub on while drinking with his mates on 9 May 1999. Just Like That. See previous posts.
So then Gnomes. As Dafydd would say, ‘Now ewe know….’ that Edward Boyle’s grandfather was the MP for Taunton… It was in the early years of the 20th century, but just look how you lot carry on, it’s all about your sodding ancestors and Lord Denning was so ancient he probably had a mate who knew Boyle’s grandfather. Who absolutely was not the man who formulated the Laws of Gases, that Boyle actually thought about something other than filling his boots. Although he could well have been a Giggler, many were.
Peter Higson was a UCNW psychology grad who doubled up as a lecturer at UCNW and a research psychologist at Denbigh. Peter had become the General Manager of Denbigh by the time that they were refusing to respond to my complaints in 1987/88. I have copies of documents written by Peter at the time admitting that every law had been broken and now more laws were being broken re their failure to follow procedure re NHS complaints. Peter was further promoted, ended up as Chief Exec of Health Inspectorate Wales when that joke of a body was formed in the early years of the millennium and then returned as Chair of the Betsi Health Board in 2013 after Peter had written a Report recommending that Merfyn should be forced out as Chair. Peter was appointed as a member of Council at Bangor University after Merfyn was forced out as VC.
Peter’s sister Ruth Hussey is a Top Doc who Trained at Liverpool, went into Public Health, worked as a Top Doc in Whitehall and ended up as Chief Medical Officer for Wales, finally retiring in 2016. Not that Ruth has retired, she is On Committees, Giving Advice etc.
Since being discussed at length on this blog, Peter has joined the Solicitors Regulation Authority, lest his friends need him. Peter also runs a consultancy, offering advice on matters psychology. Ruth Hussey was Honoured by Bangor University when Peter was a member of the Council.
Peter and Ruth are local talent, having grown up in Llanrwst. See ‘Topsy and Tim’. I don’t know who their parents were, but Llanrwst was a hotbed of Freemasonry and Gang activity and the Higson/Hussey parents would have to be right hand aides of Gwynne, it will be the only explanation. Even if Peter and Ruth displayed outstanding qualities of ruthlessness, deceit and criminality at Llanrwst Grammar School, the Top Doctors Who Say Ni would not have allowed them to pass had they not been of Good Giggling Stock.
This is an absolute cesspit and Higson and Hussey are only a small part of it. This lot should GO, resign from all their posts and never be given a penny of public funds again. They ran a paedophile/trafficking/drug dealing cartel that is all that they did, there was no mental health service and never had been.
Someone should have asked, when Swinnerton-Dyer did punish UCNW just a little bit, why those who Knew How To Kill A Pig With A Sledgehammer remained but the Depts of Philosophy, Drama and Maths were closed. They can’t possibly have been as bad as the drunken fools in the Dept of Agri. Would Danny Boyle, John Sessions and Frances Barber like to ask what went on, all three studied drama at UCNW and found themselves Famous when the Gang needed PR. It was their Dept that was closed down in 1984/85!
Who was the Prof in the Dept of Agri for whom Mary Wynch worked who needed her ruined? It wasn’t the ghastly J.B. Owen, he was only Prof after Mary was imprisoned, Owen was Called Home from Bob Boothby Central at Aberdeen University because the Gang needed him. See ‘Cyril…’ The Prof for whom Mary worked has never been named. Trumpers knew who he was.
Having performed so well for Thatch as a junior Minister for Agriculture, Trumpers was then appointed a junior Health Minister by Thatch, under Norman Fowler. It was Trumpers who appointed Jimmy Savile to the management task force for Broadmoor in 1987, thus allowing Savile to be promoted to the post of General Manager of Broadmoor a few months later. Years later, when Savile’s crimes were made public and there were angry demands to know How That Ever Happened, it was Edwina Currie who was repeatedly asked what the hell she thought she was doing, being a Health Minister at the time. Currie agreed with Savile’s appointment but she wasn’t actually the person who did the deed. It was Trumpers and no-one said a word. Trumpers was still alive, she didn’t fess up and no-one grassed her up. She even appeared as a star turn on ‘Have I Got News For You’ as a game old bird who Fought Hitler At Bletchley Park and was Marvellous For Her Age.
Trumpers organised abuse and crime, and as a young woman she was sacked from the only job she ever had – a shop assistant in Peter Jones – for assisting theft from the store. She then returned to living off her very rich parents, being unemployable. Her parents who were friends with the Royal Family, a host of aristos including the Astors and Lord Beaverbrook, Harley Street Docs and the people who ran the Windmill Theatre, London’s answer to the Moulin Rouge. Trumpers was a regular at Cliveden during the Giggles that erupted in 1963.
See ’95 Glorious Years’ for the life and times of Trumpers.
I do hope that by now this blog has made it crystal clear just how many people did Know About Savile and his mates Gwynne and Dafydd. 
Re Alan Barker and Dick recruiting Barker at New College, Oxford. As with Thatch, the MO was to recruit MEN to the security services who would then crowbar their female friends and relatives into politics and manipulate them. Trumpers was a dangerous idiot but from a family that was networked with the Royals and the Lloyd Georges, and thus useful.
Thatch was used by Airey Neave – a mate of Mountbatten’s – and by William Shelton and Peter Morrison to take over the leadership of the Tories from Heath. The people who batted so fiercely for Thatch were the Gigglers. Men were under suspicion – especially Heath – so a caring woman was needed. A Woman Leader  could also appeal to the female electorate. This was the 1970s, a lot of women were beginning to enter the workforce and there was  much talk of women being unfairly excluded and oppressed etc. The Labour Party’s image was that of a Party dominated by misogynist old boors who excluded the Ladies unless they wanted them to serve the tea and sarnies when the union meeting stopped for refreshment. Tory women had been running things for much longer than Labour women, because Tory women were married to men who owned things or were The Boss; as their wives, they helped run whatever was owned or managed.
The Labour Party were very slow in understanding that Tory women had run things for years and were well ahead in terms of producing women in political leadership roles. The Labour women banged on about emancipation but didn’t achieve that, whereas the Tory women banged on about a Wife and Mother’s Role while their kids were looked after by the nanny or a boarding school and they got on with Running Something.
I’m not aware that Crossman actually recruited Thatch but many of those who batted for her were part of Crossman’s MI5 crowd. Crossman died prematurely on 5 April 1974 after Top Docs had misled him for some four years re the state of his health. Crossman was considered to have been one big rotten apple in the security services but he didn’t seem to be alone with regard to that. Grocer Heath, who only ever became PM because the BMA shafted Crossman, lost power on 4 March 1974. Thatch became Tory Leader on 11 Feb 1975.
I have received info that Crossman was shafted and in the end killed by the Top Docs and others not because he was dangerous, criminal and leading the Westminster Paedophile Ring but because he was a POOF!! Dick was causing scandal of an Omosexual kind, just as the Grocer looked as though he might.

To return to John Crowder, who provided Thatch with her big chance and died less than two years later. John Crowder was educated at Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford. He worked as an underwriter and was elected a member at Lloyd’s of London. He served in WW I and in WW II. Crowder served as a Hampshire County Councillor 1931-46 and a Fleet Urban District Councillor 1933–46. He was Vice-Chairman of the Aldershot and North Hants Conservative Association from 1930. He won Finchley in 1935 by a majority of 18,040 over Thomas Robertson, who had been Liberal MP for the seat 1923–24. In Parliament, Crowder was an influential member of the 1922 Committee and Second Church Estates Commissioner.

John Pardoe stood as the unsuccessful Liberal candidate for Finchley before he bagged his seat in North Cornwall in 1966. Grandpa had already fallen out with the Pardoes by that time.

Background: Densil Freeth – friend of Grocer Heath – denning etc

Sir Brian Warren – Dame Josephile – HUGH JOLLY!! paediatrician at Charing Cross DATES after working in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset in the 1950s with Mrs Brady and her colleagues

Jolly trained at the London Hospital in the 1940s before taking over the West Country as his clinical domain. D.G.E. Wood’s Bristol-based Top Doc father will have known Hugh Jolly. Jolly’s work at Dartmoor ‘to prepare prisoners for release’ was in reality networking with gangsters; Dartmoor was for serious villains who weren’t often released and they certainly didn’t receive cosy chats from Top Docs to prepare them for anything.

When he returned to London from the West Country, Hugh Jolly worked as the underling to Sir Wilfrid Sheldon, the first Royal Paediatrician who advised Brenda on her children’s health. See eg. ‘Devonshire Cream and Fudge’ and ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’ for info on Jolly and his life and times. The Westminster Paedophile Ring was Jolly and his friends. Hugh Jolly, the media paediatrician of the 1970s.

John Crowder’s son Frederick Petre Crowder, QC (18 July 1919-16 February 1999) was educated at Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford as his father was. He served in the Coldstream Guards from 1939, in North Africa, Italy and Burma. Crowder was called to the Bar at Inner Temple in 1948. Crowder was appointed Recorder of Gravesend in 1960, Chairman of the Hertfordshire Quarter sessions in 1963 – Land Of The Bingleys – and became a QC in 1964. Crowder was elected as Tory MP for the Conservative safe seat of Ruislip-Northwood in 1950. He served until 1979, preceding John Wilkinson.

On 12 July 1948 Crowder married Patricia Winifred Mary Stourton (1924-2007), daughter of William Stourton, 25th Baron Mowbray, by whom he had two sons. Crowder’s brother-in-law Charles Edward Stourton, 23rd Baron Stourton, 27th Baron Segrave, 26th Baron Mowbray CBE (11 March 1923-12 December 2006) sat on the Conservative benches in the House of Lords and was a Conservative Whip in Govt and in Opposition, 1967-80. Charles Stourton aka Lord Mowbray 

Lord Mowbray was educated at Ampleforth College and Christ Church, Oxford. After serving in the Grenadier Guards in WW II, Mowbray left the Army and ran a pig farm on the family estate in Yorkshire. I bet he wasn’t swindled by Maurice Macmillan. Mowbray married Jane de Yarburgh-Bateson, the only child of Lord Deramore, in 1953. They had two sons. His elder son Edward (born 17 April 1953) succeeded him as Lord Mowbray. Mowbray’s wife died in 1998, and in 1999 he married Joan, Lady Holland (née Street), widow of Sir Guy Holland.

Stourton was Gold Stick Officer at Brenda’s Coronation in 1953. He was a Councillor on Nidderdale Rural District Council, 1954-59.

Despite Lord Mowbray’s strong Roman Catholic faith, he took his mother’s side when his parents separated in 1961, in a case that drew significant publicity. His mother was granted a decree of judicial separation on the grounds of her husband’s cruelty. Stourton subsequently took his father to court over disputes concerning the administration of the family estates. The case was later settled. Lord Denning might have had a hand in this case. Denning became famous in the 1960s for being the judge who was sympathetic to Divorced Or Abandoned Women and who ensured that they received a better deal than was previously the case re property, alimony etc. Obviously to benefit from Lord Denning’s Enlightened Attitude, one had to be a Woman who’s ex-husband had property and dosh to be allocated to one.See the source image

Lord Mowbray inherited three baronies when his father died in 1965. Mowbray sat on the Conservative benches and rarely departed from the Conservative Party line. He became an Opposition Whip in 1967 and continued as a Conservative Whip for 13 years until he resigned in 1980. As a Lord-in-Waiting, Mowbray was often called upon to greet visiting heads of state at Heathrow Airport.

Lord Mowbray was twice Chancellor of the Primrose League, from 1975 to 1979 and from 1981 to 1984. The Primrose League was an organisation for spreading Conservative principles in Great Britain, founded in 1883. Among its declared aims were: To Uphold and support God, Queen, and Country, and the Conservative cause. They have a badge:Lord Mowbray was also a Spokesman on the Environment for Grocer Heath’s Gov’t, 1970-74 – in Peter Walker’s Dept – and on Transport, the Environment and the Arts for Thatch’s Govt, 1979-80.

Fotherington-Hezza was also a Minister in Peter Walker’s Dept of the Environment, after serving as the MP for Tavistock in Devon and prior to that, in the early 1960s, purchasing a publishing business established by Maurice Macmillan.

Mowbray sat on the House of Lords Committee of Privileges and was a captain of the House of Lords shooting team.

Mowbray was Vice-President of the British Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and was also its longest-serving Knight. Mowbray also served as President and Delegate of the British and Irish Association of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George under the Grand Master, the Duke of Castro between 1975–2000.

Mowbray became a Director of Securicor in the 1960s. He was Chairman of Thames Estuary Airport Company from 1993.

Lord Charles Mowbray’s son Edward William Stephen Stourton, 27th Baron Mowbray, 28th Baron Segrave and 24th Baron Stourton (born 17 April 1953) was educated at Ampleforth College. On 12 July 1980, he married Penelope Lucy Brunet (now Lady Mowbray), daughter of Dr Peter Cameron Jamieson Brunet. They have five children, one of whom, the Hon (Sarah) Louise Stourton (born 28 February 1982), married in 2011 Harry Aubrey-Fletcher (born 1982), youngest son of Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, 8th Baronet, and a close friend of Prince William since their Eton days.

RAF Valley, Anglesey Everyone: See the source image

Edward Stourton, 27th Baron Mowbray, is not to be confused with his cousin Edward Stourton ie. Ed Stourton the BBC man who does the Radio 4 Sunday programme…

Another one of Lord Denning’s men who was of John Crowder’s circle was George Thomas’s friend, Horace King, a member of Hampshire County Council, 1946-65. Horace, a King’s College Cambridge graduate – think Eric Hobsbawm, Spy Chief Dick et al- ended up in the Commons and was Speaker, 1965-71, while Southampton School of Medicine was planned, built and opened. Horace King was elevated to the Lords in 1971, the year in which Southampton Medical School fully and officially opened. The building of Southampton School of Medicine was part of the Web of Corruption of which a tiny part became public as the T. Dan Smith-Poulson Scandal in the 1970s. The civic corruption was enormous, far greater than was ever admitted and an integral part of it was the trafficking and Giggles fuelled by Gwynne and Dafydd. Dick Crossman was a key figure and the party certainly started when Dick was given responsibility for the DHSS.

I will return to Southampton Medical School per se later in this post. Meanwhile, here’s George Thomas’s mate:

The Lord Maybray-King
Horace King in Bonn, 1966.jpg

King in Bonn, 1966
Speaker of the House of Commons
In office
26 October 1965 – 12 January 1971
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Edward Heath
Preceded by Harry Hylton-Foster
Succeeded by Selwyn Lloyd
Chairman of Ways and Means
In office
3 November 1964 – 26 October 1965
Speaker Harry Hylton-Foster
Preceded by William Anstruther-Gray
Succeeded by Samuel Storey
Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
In office
2 March 1971 – 3 September 1986
Life Peerage
Member of Parliament
for Southampton Itchen
In office
26 May 1955 – 2 March 1971
Preceded by Ralph Morley
Succeeded by Bob Mitchell
Member of Parliament
for Southampton Test
In office
23 February 1950 – 26 May 1955
Preceded by Constituency Created
Succeeded by John Howard
Personal details
Born 25 May 1901
Grangetown, United Kingdom
Died 3 September 1986 (aged 85)
Nationality British
Political party Labour

Fremantle – ARTS COUNCIL – LORD GOODMAN AND JENNIE LEE – Kenneth robinson too – HERE

and the father in law of IDS!!

Read about the whole Hampshire County Council/Lord Denning circle in ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’, including Porchey aka Lord Henry Porchester the 7th Earl of Caernarfon, Brenda’s racing manager, lifelong close friend and when they were younger, her Beau.


At the Lord Mayor’s banquet on 16 Nov 1964, Lady Parker made jokes to Benn about ‘when you are Prime Minister’ and her husband the Lord Chief Justice was in on joke too… Further jokes were made by the LCJ and his wife that when Benn is PM he’ll have all every Archbishop on his side too. Indeed he would, the Archbishops were most useful in perpetrating Giggles and Benn was an old mate of Swinging Bishop of Southwark Mervyn Stockwood. See ‘Cyril…’

LCJ Hubert Parker is not as discussed as much as he should be; Parker of Lincoln’s Inn was appointed as LCJ in 1958 by Harold Macmillan, which says it all really; Parker held the office until 20 April 1971. Parker went to Rugby and in later years was a governor of the school, before Trinity College, Cambridge. At Trinity Parker specialised in geology, intending to go into the oil industry, but decided on law after graduation. Parker therefore knew something about what those in the oil industry knew and will have known many of the big wigs in that field when he was older.

At the Bar, Parker specialised in commercial cases; he became a High court Judge in 1950 and admitted that he found himself presiding over trials in areas of law with which he was unfamiliar. It was therefore logical that in 1954 Parker would be promoted to the Court of Appeal. Parker’s wiki entry tell us that ‘he proved that he had reasonable political judgement in 1957 when heading a tribunal over a minor political scandal connected with the setting of interest rates’. I think we should be told what this banal euphemism is referring to and who’s huge guilty political arse needed covering. Supermac appointed Hubert Parker as Lord Chief Justice the year after Parker had exhibited reasonable political judgement…

As a young barrister, Parker worked in the Chambers of Donald Somervell, who became Lord Somervell of Harrow. Somervell was educated at Harrow; his father Robert Somervell was Master and Bursar of the school. Then Somervell read chemistry at Magdalen, Oxford; he was a member of Inner Temple. Somervell was  Tory MP for Crewe, 1931-45 and Solicitor General and Attorney General, 1933-45. As AG, Somervell oversaw the Abdication Crisis. He was briefly (May-July) Home Secretary in Churchill’s 1945 caretaker Govt and was Recorder of Kingston-upon-Thames, 1940-46.

Gnome’s pal Attlee made Somervell a Lord Justice of Appeal in 1946 and in Oct 1954 Somervell was appointed a Law Lord. He retired in 1960, shortly before his death on 18 Nov 1960, five months after the Top Docs got rid of Nye who had done so much toadying to them but still loathed him.

Somervell’s biography suggests that he was a good friend of Gnome and one of Maurice Macmillan’s circle of Gentleman Thugs, but one who left the planet before the best of the action. His protégé Hubert Parker remained.

On 19 Nov 1964 Benn and Incontinetia went to a party at Mountbatten’s house in Wilton Crescent. Mountbatten ‘introduced me to his son-in-law Lord Brabourne who is a film producer. I had heard of this man and thought I would not like him but in fact he had some ideas on pay-TV which may be worth considering’.

Benn’s remits for at Mintech included the AEA (Atomic Energy Association), thus including the nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point in Somerset – some four miles away from where I lived as a teenager and which employed two of my uncles and many of the dads of the people I went to school with – Wylfa on Anglesey, Trawsfynedd in Gwynedd and Windscale, where Dafydd was employed before he began his Medical Training at Liverpool in 1951.

Patrick Blackett, who had a second home at Croesor, was Chief Scientific Adviser at Mintech. The creation of a Ministry of Technology was Patrick Blackett’s idea in the first place. Blackett was a socialist and suggested the creation of Mintech to Harold Wilson when Wilson was still in opposition; Blackett was supported in his idea for Mintech by his friend C.P. Snow. For many years Snow had been the man responsible for scientific recruitment to the Civil Service which is not a good reflection on C.P. Snow when one considers the irresponsible and unethical ‘science’ that Govt was undertaking, including that on the part of Gwynne, Dafydd and their associates, who were friends with Patrick Blackett. Wilson established Mintech as soon as he took office in Oct 1964. See ‘The Two Cultures Of Organised Abuse’. Blackett bagged his peerage in 1969.

The Economic Adviser to Mintech, 1964-67, was Bruce Williams. Williams was a member of the Advisory Council on Technology until 1967, when he was appointed as VC of the University of Sydney.

Benn’s diary entry for 8 July 66, at the end of his first week at Mintech,  records ‘Otto Clarke is an extremely able man and I foresee many clashes with him. It is really difficult coming into an industrial field of which I have no knowledge at all and trying to make sense of it in time to be able to bring some serious impact on the direction of policy. Thank God Peter Shore is there. I intend to see that he and Edmund Dell are brought into all major discussions and not allow myself to be isolated with my civil servants’.

Peter Shore, a Lad From Liverpool who had been to school with the Beatles, with his wife Dr Liz, a Top Doc at the DHSS – after Dr Liz served as Deputy Chief Medical Officer during the 1970s and 80s, she was then given responsibility for postgrad medical training across huge swathes of London during the 1980s and 90s – were key partners of Gwynne and Dafydd. Peter Shore Marched In Support Of Brave Wendy See the source image with Mik. Shore was also the man who ordered Ken Clarke at the Dept of Health to open the purse in 1987 when the Gang’s accomplices wanted to convert the disused Mildmay Mission Hospital in the East End into an AIDS hospice, to hide the former kids from children’s homes in north Wales as they died. The Fort Knox style security at the Mildmay was justified by the occasional celeb who stayed there; I think one was Freddie Mercury, who died as the Gang were at one of their particularly mad high points with regard to me. See previous posts, including ‘Apocalypse Now’.

I’ve been told that I was used as part of the negotiations on the part of Peter Shore when he held a gun to Ken’s head; I doubt that I was needed though, because I’ve also been told that one Grocer Heath’s activities were in the forefront of the minds of so many of this lot.

Peter Shore and People Trafficker Dr Incontinentia were very good mates with Benn, the cover being that Shore was On The Left Of The Party. The Shores were also good mates with Dick Crossman who just swung wherever he was. Shore, a Trinity College, Cambridge Giggler, was Head of the Research Dept of the Labour Party, 1959-64 and PPS to Harold Wilson, 1965-66. Shore served as Joint Parliamentary Secretary at Mintech, 1966-67, Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, 1967-69; Minister Without Portfolio, 1969-70; Secretary of State for Trade, 1974-76; Secretary of State for the Environment, 1976-79.

Shore was MP for Stepney/Poplar/Bethnal Green, from 1964 until the bastard finally went to the Lords decades later, after all those years of being a good mate of the Krays et al and providing a helping hand re the aggro experienced by my mates when they lived in Bethnal Green for a time from 1986.See the source image Brave Wendy’s Good Name Was Restored in July 1986; Brave Wendy wrote Her True Story in Aug 1986. See the source imageThe month in which I was first unlawfully detained by the Gang!

Hurrah For Labour Lawyer John Hendy QC wot won it for Brave Wendy! Thatch won the General Election in June 1987, on the back of criminals who used their knowledge of me to help themselves and Thatch. Tony Francis was one of them. The Windbag was too thick to see what was happening.

Blackett’s friend Public Intellectual C.P. Snow who became famous for his Two Cultures contribution to debates on academic thought ie. the two cultures of arts and sciences hampering life in general, was Joint Parliamentary Secretary at Mintech, 1964-66. Snow had been the Civil Service Commissioner responsible for Scientific Recruitment, 1940-60. He bagged his peerage in 1964. C.P. Snow and Giggling others in his orbit are discussed in ‘The Two Cultures Of Organised Abuse’.

Dick Marsh, MP for Greenwich, 1959-71, was Joint Parliamentary Secretary at Mintech, 1965-66. Marsh served as Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, 1964-65; Minister of Power, 1966-68; Minister of Transport, 1968-69 and was then dismissed by Wilson. Marsh resigned seat and became Chairman of British Railways Board, 1971-76, preceding Shirl’s old beau Peter Parker in that role, as George Thomas molested unhindered on the trains and in railway stations, and Crewe station became a venue for schoolkids selling sex. This received no publicity at all, unlike the action at King’s Cross. Labour Party Feminist and Strong Woman Gwyneth Dunwoody was the constituency MP for Crewe from 1974 until the old cow pegged out in 2008. Then her daughter Tamsin – who Trained In The NHS – tried to succeed her old mum’s seat. See ‘Cyril…’.

2008: So this is All A Long Time Ago Is It?

Dick Marsh became a life peer in 1981 and left the Labour Party.

Edmund Dell, the MP for Birkenhead and one of Dafydd’s Gang, was Joint Parliamentary Secretary at Mintech, 1966-67; Joint Undersecretary of State at the Dept of Economic Affairs,1967-68; Ministry of State at the Board of Trade, 1968-69; and at Employment and Productivity, 69-70; Secretary of State for Trade in 1974-79. Dell resigned from Govt in 1978 to take up the appointment as Dept Chairman of Guinness Mahon. Dell later joined the SDP. Previous posts about Dell have highlighted parts of his biography that seem to have had a direct effect on my own life.

Edmund Dell was succeeded as MP for Dafydd Central by Frank Field.

John Adams was Controller of Mintech; he had been seconded from the AEA (Atomic Energy Authority). Adams’ plan was to establish a UK Industrial Technology Authority which would link all the research institutes with the AEA, plan the technological goals and provide a proper structure for assessing projects that came up for consideration.

William Penney (see previous posts for further information) was Chairman of the AEA, 1964-67. Penney was Director of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment at Aldermaston and Rector of Imperial College, 1967-73. Penney was given a life peerage in 1967.

William Penney worked on nuclear weapons. Patrick Blackett, who like Penney worked as Imperial College, was a nuclear physicist who was not enthusiastic about nuclear weapons. Bertrand Russell founded CND and was an enthusiastic Aldermaston protestor. Dafydd worked at Windscale for a short time before the security services supported him to Train as Gwynne’s assistant and then successor at Liverpool Medical School, entering in 1952.

Gwynne and Dafydd were providing services in terms of Giggles to so many people that the opposing factions sunk their differences in the name of Giggles. Thus by the late 1980s Imperial College were subsuming many of the London Medical Schools under the Leadership of Lord Brian Flowers who served as Rector of Imperial, because I had passed through Hammersmith Hospital. Gigglers united. Up in UCNW, Prof Wynn Humphrey Davies – a UCNW alumnus and the son of a Liberal Party big wig from north Wales who had worked with Asquith and the Old Goat – had retired from his academic career which had included years at Imperial and was playing a leading role on the UCNW Council as Chair of the Finance Committee and in that capacity was gradually bankrupting UCNW by constantly bailing out the Dept of Agri who employed people who Knew How To Get A Pig Drunk And Kill It With A Sledgehammer and Richard Howarth, one of Thatch’s advisers (see ‘Cyril…’). Trumpers proved useful as well with regard to the excesses of the Dept of Agriculture.

Thus no-one at all was able to unite in the face of the murderous trafficking ring run by Gwynne and Dafydd. CND protestors, people who wanted to nuke Russia, Labour, Liberals and Tories, all backed Dafydd in the face of complaints. When the Top Docs really were causing trouble, Govts tended to appoint nuclear physicists such as Sir Alec Merrison to Chair the Inquiries that were going to resolve the scraps. That didn’t work either, because Dafydd had the dirt of the nuclear industry from the era of er Windscale, Supermac’s Nuclear Secrets etc. Therefore an insane old man who could not be taken seriously in any professional sphere but who led a life of serious crime was not reined in by anyone.

Some of Benn’s diary entries when he was at Mintech:

11 July 1966: Meal with Peter Shore and Tom Williams [the Labour MP for Hammersmith South] at the Commons. Tom is now engaged in defending one of the gangsters charged with murdering someone at an affray in Mr Smith’s club, Catford and he talked for an hour on gangsterism in Britain. He said that this particular south London gang was strongly entrenched and almost all the restaurants, dance halls, strip clubs and so on in central London were paying protection money to the gang. A lot of this money was going into pirate radios. He said that witnesses to the murder in which his client was involved absolutely refused to give any evidence in court and that one member of the jury had been threatened at midnight. In all he gave the impression that London was in the grip of a gang war quite as serious as that which held Chicago in the 1920s and 30s. His own remedy was virtual abolition of short sentences and the concentration upon serious criminals by means of indeterminate sentences. Later Peter [Shore] came to my room at the Commons and we had a talk about the deteriorating economic situation’.See the source image

Tom Williams QC was terrifying when one considers that in July 1966 he was defending a gangster on a murder charge. Tom Williams was the Labour MP for Hammersmith South, 1949-55 and for Baron’s Court from 1955 until 1961. In 1961 Tom was elected as MP for Warrington, succeeding Dame Edith Summerskill who had been given a peerage. Tom remained as Labour MP for Warrington until 1981 when he was appointed a Circuit Judge.

Warrington was the location of Ridley Remand Centre, the Gang’s personal prison where kids in care as young as ‘under fifteen’ were detained after being fitted up or even merely accused by the Gang. Risley was notorious, the worst prison in Britain, although those there had not been convicted of the offences accused. It was run by the Gang as a vehicle to force targets into sex work or to kill them. From its opening in 1964, there was a steady stream of suicides at Risley, some of which were murders of witnesses by the screws. The stats re deaths were so shameful that the Home Office simply refused to release them for certain categories eg. ‘Male Prisoners Under 15 Years Old’. There were demands to close Risley within four years of it being opened. It was appalling from the start, should never have been built but er stayed in action for years, until the Risley Riots of 1989 forced its recategorization after rebuilding when the inmates simply smashed it to bits. Not the inmates who were Dafydd’s targets but the Real Prisoners there, ie. not those in the Hospital Wing.

Dame Edith was a Pioneering Feminist and Lady Doctor – she Qualified in the early 1920s – from a Gang family who, after years of being a Labour MP for a Fulham constituency, decided that she was on the move and in 1955 became the Labour MP for Warrington. The Dame was the constituency MP when Supermac’s Govt planned and designed Risley which was, even at that stage, part of the Cunning Plan to expand Giggles in north Wales. A prison run effectively by Gwynne and Dafydd to act as a net to catch kids in care who were a bit too resistant and adults who needed forcing into the North Wales Hospital Denbigh as Transfers from Risley because they weren’t sufficiently and obviously mad enough to be transported to Denbigh by the usual procedure. F was such a person in 1986, as was I in July 1987, but the Cunning Plan re me unravelled. When F was in Risley on the hospital wing, he overheard the screws murdering an inmate. Conditions on the hospital wing were far worse than in the rest of Risley. See eg. ‘Include Me Out’.

Once someone had been in Risley for whatever reason, they were finished. If they did ever survive mentally from what was done to them in there, they were inevitably handed over to Dafydd under legal powers who then just wrecked their lives, beginning with illegal detention in Denbigh, usually for a year. It was the Gang’s MO.

The local MPs were 100% on board with the gross abuses at Risley; they represented the staff not the inmates. The MPs concerned were those for Warrington and Runcorn. Warrington: Tom Williams, who was succeeded in 1981 by Doug Hoyle. Runcorn: Dennis Vosper- an old pal of Gwynne and Dafydd from Vosper’s time as Supermac’s Minister of Health – who was given a peerage in 1964, the year in which Risley opened, but who died in 1968.

Vosper was part of the rearranging of the furniture in 1957 to conceal Gwynne’s wrongdoing. Supermac appointed Vosper as Minister for Health when Supermac became PM in Jan 1957; Vosper suddenly resigned as Minister for Health nine months later ‘on Top Docs’ advice’ for health reasons. Vosper was restored to health in 1960, returned to Ministerial rank in the Home Office and sat there throughout the Profumo Affair, while the Minister of Health since 1961, Enoch Powell remained as silent as Vosper. Vosper was succeeded as Minister of Health by Derek Walker-Smith, an MP for a Hertfordshire constituency in the Land Of The Bingleys who in 1983 was suddenly elevated to the Lords (see eg. ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’); Vosper himself had succeeded Robert Turton as Minister of Health. Turton was Tory MP for Thirsk and Malton in Yorkshire, 1929-Feb 1974.Turton was Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of National Insurance, 1951-53; Minister of Pensions, 1953-54; joint junior Minister in the Foreign Office, Oct 1954-Dec 1955 under Foreign Secretary Harold Macmillan and was then Eden’s Minister of Health, Dec 1955-Jan 1957. Turton picked up his K in 1971 and then a life peerage in 1974, becoming Lord Tranmire.

Walker-Smith, Robin Turton and Powell all lasted years into old age, living until the 1990s contributing to the Gang’s attacks on me, but poor old Vosper had long gone. See previous posts.

Dame Edith fled the scene of the Giggles to the Lords in 1961 as part of the 1960-61 Cunning Plan on the part of the security services to Manage and Ensure Continuation Of Giggles, carrying on with the Gang’s work in the Upper House until the Dame died in 198o. Dame Edith was John Strachey’s junior when Strachey was Minister for Food during the 1940s. Strachey died during the Profumo Affair in July 1963, two years after Dame Edith left the scene of the crime at Warrington.

Dennis Vosper was succeeded as MP for Runcorn in Oct 1964 by Tory Mark Carlisle, a bloody nightmare who was of the Gang by the time that he arrived as the constituency MP. Carlisle was a hard right Tory who’s parents were from Manchester. Carlisle and then to Manchester University. He was a leading light in the Young Conservatives in Manchester and did a truly wonderful job in the Commons of never batting an eyelid throughout the years of tragedy and slaughter that blighted Risley. Carlisle doubled up as a Home Office Minister for a time and didn’t flinch as he answered Questions In The House re the deaths of children in Risley. The man who’s stomach was strong enough not to be turned by the Medical Needs of kids of 15 yrs old and psych patients in Risley being met only by a visiting pox doctor and huge doses of anti-psychotics (see ‘Include Me Out’) also served as Secretary of State for Education and Science. Carlisle gave many years of loyal service in the Commons before he went to the Lords. See previous posts.

Carlisle’s Civil Service Mandarin at the Home Office was Clare Short, who is on record as saying that Carlisle was so dreadful that she knew that she could do a better job and that’s why she stood for selection and then election as an MP. Clare was elected for Birmingham Ladywood on 10 June 1983, some six months after the Gang had begun threatening to murder Brown while he was living and studying near the constituency that Clare represented from June 1983, by which time Brown had fled and was living with me on Anglesey. We had been under surveillance for years and the Windbag was elected as Labour Leader in Oct 1983 as a result of the efforts of Clive Jenkins and Moss Evans, using my friends and I as ammo. The Gnomes helped considerably. Little wonder that Gwynne’s old mate Derek Walker-Smith was off to the Lords at that point.

I suspect that a la Ann Clwyd, Clare ended up in the Commons at that time because she was a Strong Woman who was an Insider witness to Giggles who could be relied upon not to upset the applecart.

Clare never ever made public the slaughter at Risley or Gwynne’s Giggles, even throughout all the years of Brave Feminist Campaigning on the matter of Page 3, once the Digger got into the party mood after he lunched with Dick Crossman in 1970. But then Clare was married to Alec Lyon, a Leeds MP who served in the Home Office, was big in the Methodist Church and knew all about Giggling. Previous posts discussed Clare and Alec, and why I believe that Alec’s sudden and serious decline with regard to his mental health had something to do with him being an Insider re Giggles.

The Lord Carlisle of Bucklow:See the source image

Clare Short:See the source image

Tom Williams bagged a K in 1976 – it will have been Gang/Mr Thrope related, as was George Thomas’s appointment as Speaker in that year, succeeding Selwyn Lloyd who er went off to the Lords! – and I’m fairly certain that Tom’s appointment as a Circuit Judge in 1981 was directly related to Mary Wynch and indeed me. Tom Williams was a member of Lincoln’s Inn a la Lords Denning and Hailsham, Dick Crossman’s High Court Judge father, George Carman, Cherie, Miranda, the Hon Mark Piercy and of course Thatch. Tom’s departure from the House in 1981 also gave Woy an opportunity to try for election as the MP for Warrington in his new SDP colours, although Woy was unsuccessful. Previous posts have discussed how Dr Death and the formation for the Council for Social Democracy was all about Giggles being under threat after Mr Thrope and Mary Wynch. Furthermore I had hit adulthood and Brown was in tow.

Other Tom Williams’ activities included his education at University College Cardiff and then at St Catharine’s College, Oxford. St Catharine’s was closely associated with New College, Oxford and also churned out members of the security services, one being Mandy. See ‘A Study In Tyranny’. Tom was President of the South Wales University Students Union in 1939 and was a Baptist Minister and Chaplain with the RAF for returned PoWs. Sunny Jim and his Yorkshire Pudding were Devout Baptists and of course Dafydd wowed the Welsh Baptists’ Union in the 1970s by explaining to them that learning Bible verses in Welsh as a child can prevent a serious moral collapse later in life. See ‘A Serious Moral Collapse’. Williams also served as Bursar and Tutor at Manchester College, Oxford.

Tom Passed Over on 28 Feb 1986, by which time Ollie Brooke was about to be charged if he had not already been.Image result for cyril fletcher images

The ‘south London’ Gang that Tom Williams and Red Benn discussed in 1966 were almost certainly the Krays but Benn disguised their identities in his diaries. These Fearless Politicians knew that they’d be found dead if they challenged Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates just like the Empowered Service Users. Furthermore Benn and his friends were associates of the East End Gang.

Benn’s diary, 16 Sept 1966: ‘I had a talk with Otto Clarke about the carve-up of the Ministry of Aviation and the possible use we might make of Mountbatten on information retrieved. I am rather sceptical of Mountbatten’s value but he is a big name and it might quite useful to link him with Mintech’.

22 Sept 1966: ‘Lord Mountbatten came to see me. He was anxious that the Ministry of Technology should take on the National Electronics Council. This was something we thought of when he gave up the Defence Dept – he being a trained chemical engineer. He had set up this Council and then found out that it was too much for him and he tried to get Frank Cousins to take it on. Frank wouldn’t, so he’s come to get me to do it. There is absolutely no enthusiasm in the office for this because Mountbatten has always worked on the principle that he would only have absolutely top people on his Committee. That is to say Chairmen and Managing Directors of all the major electronic firms and Permanent Secretaries and Ministers. Sir Richard Clarke [Charles’s dad Otto] was very obsequious and smiling and smirking and afterwards I said to him that I thought it had been vey high level waffle. But of course Mountbatten’s name with its royal connection was so compelling that no-one dared to think of standing in his way. No doubt that is how he got such an organisation off the ground’.

An entry for Benn’s diary on 13 June 1965 has a curious comment that Kenneth Rose’s column in the Sunday Torygraph ‘included a paragraph describing how Mountbatten had introduced Charles Eames to Harold Wilson as the man who nearly brought the government down. Thus Harold learned that it was Charles Eames who was in the Crypt with me just before Whitsun’.

This was a reference to an event on 2 June 1965. Benn’s diary recorded that he and Incontinentia had dinner with Charles Eames ‘and Phillis’ at St Stephens Restaurant. ‘He [Charles] said he thought that the United States – with its mixture of rootless emigres – had been best qualified to take advantage of the opportunities created by the scientific revolution when restraints on poverty were removed. For there were no existing restraints imposed by tradition operating against innovation. It is an interesting idea.

Afterwards we walked back to the Commons and I took him to the Crypt. Before I went down there I checked that there was no division and relied upon the man who unlocked the Crypt gate to tell me if a division occurred. We were only there for four or five minutes and then walked through St Stephens Hall. A few minutes later I saw a policeman and he told me that there had been a division a few minutes earlier. Peter Shore said at the same moment ‘it’s a dead heat. 281 to 281.’ At that moment I realised what had happened and dashed into the members lobby where the Chief Whip and some of his colleagues were standing. I said I was in the Crypt and missed the vote. At almost the same moment I heard that Norman Pentland had actually been sitting in the chamber discussing a constituency case and had been locked out and Stanley English had been down in the book stacks where there is no division bell. It was the most appalling moment. Everyone was extremely kind except for George Wigg who turned on me savagely. He cannot resist kicking anybody when they’re down. The day was saved by the vote of the MP in the Chair but it was on the Corporation Tax Clause and could hardly have been more serious.

Charles and Phyllis were deeply shocked and appalled that the government should rest upon such chance. When Caroline [Benn’s wife] got home after midnight, the press were banging on the door – no doubt to check whether I really had been with my wife. I had said this clearly to the lobby journalists but probably they thought they might be on to something else and the fact that Caroline had been with me did not appear in the papers.’

George Wigg served as Paymaster General, 1964-67, with responsibility for advising Harold Wilson on security. Wigg was the Labour MP for Dudley, 1945-67. Wigg was created a life peer in 1967 and became Chairman of the Horserace Betting Levy board.

Wigg was doing some strange things. I have no idea what Benn was doing in the Crypt, although he obviously missed the vote accidentally on purpose and put the Labour Govt’s majority at risk, but much of what Benn did favoured what he called the Establishment and Ruling Class anyway. I’m baffled as to what his friends the Eames were referring to re their idea of a serf class to drive the scientific revolution, it’s not as if any of these pillocks understood the science that they were going to use, that’s why they were reliant on Patrick Blackett et al! Benn et al didn’t know one end of an atom from the other, just as today’s MPs so obviously are out of their depth with the Coronavirus.

George Wigg was in the thick of gathering the dirt on everyone during the Profumo Affair – Wigg went out drinking with the Tarts and Whores in the centre of the scandal – yet Wilson didn’t use the ammo against Macmillan’s Govt that Wigg and Wilson had accumulated. It was George Wigg who in the 1970s had built up the dossier of dirt on Edward du Cann that Shirl boasted about the Labour Party having at its fingertips in time for the Tory leadership election when the Tories wanted to kick Heath out, should du Cann become Leader. That dossier was something to do with grandpa’s allegations about du Cann and the people who had been gathering info on us eg. the Roes, the neighbours who moved in next door to us in the early 1970s who knew about J.F. Rigg the Dirty Vicar and worked at Cellophane where Mr Roe was a shop steward.

The Cellophane that was owned by Courtaulds, of which the Chairman, 1964-71, was Sir Frank Kearton, Benn’s pal and friend of Richard Crossman’s big mate the VC of Warwick University Jack – from 1985 Lord Jack – Butterworth of the Secret Files On Students and Corrupt Deals With US and UK car industry executives. Kearton was for years a member of Council of Warwick University.

Kearton served on the Atomic Energy Association and the CEGB, 1955-81; was the first Chairman of the Industrial Reorganisation Corporation, 1966-68; a member of the Advisory Council on Technology; and the first Chairman of British National Oil Corporation in 1971.

Kearton was a friend of John Peyton, the Tory MP for Yeovil who left the Commons in 1983, for a Better Life in the Lords. Peyton in turn was a friend of Jack Butterworth and all were friends with John Biffen. Peyton was one of the Tories who was mobilised against grandpa, father and it seems my friends and I. Peyton was succeeded in his seat by Paddy Pantsdown.

Lord Jack’s daughter Anna Walker was a Civil Service Mandarin who REMIT HERE and from DATES began running the NHS… Anna’s husband Tim was a Mandarin who’s responsibility was Immigration during New Labour years.

See previous posts for details of Anna and Lord Jack et al.

I don’t know why George Wigg and Shirl bothered; their dossier blocked du Cann’s path but Thatch became Leader instead, backed by Airey Neave (Mountbatten’s friend), Peter Morrison and William Shelton (see ‘Under Suspicion’), key organisers of organised abuse!

Good work Shirl, what a bloody outcome.

It is now widely believed that Airey Neave and Mountbatten were killed because of their role in organised paedophilia, as was Ian Gow, Thatch’s adviser and PPS DATES DETAILS. I’ve been told that all three murders were something to do with me; I can see how Gow’s could have been, he was the MP for Eastbourne, Mary Wynch was in hiding there and I went down to meet her not long before Gow was killed in July 1990, when I was in the thick of a series of High Court cases (see eg. ‘       ‘). Mary and I were, I know now, watched throughout our whole time together.

I suspect that Mountbatten, Neave and Gow were killed by the Gang themselves. The Gang were scrapping among themselves constantly and as with the 1995 Club, they had no qualms about killing Insiders whom they viewed as a risk re leaking the details of the Mr Bigs of that Gang. It’s something to do with the British Royal Family, the Kennedys and Gwynne.

(On 1 March 1967 – by which time Benn was at Mintech – Benn’s diary mentioned that Benn asked Otto Clarke if George Wigg controlled the security services.)

8 June 1965 – entry re Asa and Blackett- HERE


Benn also noted on 13 June 1965 that he had heard that the Beatles had received MBEs. Retired veterans and Army Officers famously returned their own medals when the Fab Four received gongs. I wonder if they knew that Edwin Brammall was kith and kin of Gigglers and that porn pics of Paul McCartney would be left in the disused garage in our garden when I was in my early teens?

On 12 June 1965 Benn’s diary noted that Incontinentia had gone to Robin Day’s wedding celebration party at the Garrick. ‘He has just come back from Australia where he married Katherine Ainsley and this was to give his friends a chance to meet her’.

It’s grandpa’s long-lost half-brother Robert from Oz again, Robert who first appeared in the early 1970s when the Tories were embarking upon their Cunning Plan to install Thatch as Tory Leader, stop Edward du Cann going to prison and bringing the whole pyramid down, who then faded away but was back in contact when I was about 17 although grandpa had been dead for a few years by then. I can’t remember the date when grandpa died, although people have been telling me that it is important; it must have been in 1976 but I do know that the date on his stone in Fiddington Church is wrong by one or two days, I noticed that at the time.

I think that Robert really was grandpa’s half-brother, I don’t think he was a complete imposter – although it’s not beyond possibility – but I’m fairly sure that Robert knew where the missing fortune had gone that he came to the UK to allegedly try to trace. Robert never got in touch with anyone until grandpa was in his late 60s and then spun a story about having been trying to trace him for years. It would have been quite easy, no-one was called Smith and grandpa was quite well known in Somerset.

Liberal Party activist and barrister Robin Day was the closest lifelong friend of Ronnie Waterhouse. Robin Day worked in the same barristers Chambers – those of Frederick Lawton – as Thatch and Airey Neave, but just a few years later. Thatch and Airey Neave were in the Chambers at the same time. Thatch of Lincoln’s Inn a la Miranda and Cherie and their boss George Carman. I suspect that members of Lincoln’s Inn – including Gnome’s grandson the Hon Mark Piercy – know much more about Airey Neave’s assassination than the rest of us do. Anyone for Lord Denning?

Robin Day was mates with Ronnie Waterhouse’s wider circle, including Geoffrey and Elspeth Howe. Day was one of the Gang’s main men in TV and his accomplice on ‘Panorama’ was local Gang journo, Denbighshire born and raised Elwyn Parry. Sunny Jim’s daughter Posh Somerville Slapper Baroness Margaret Jay also worked on ‘Panorama’. Margaret’s first husband was Labour Party big wig Peter Jay, son of Lord Douglas and Lady Peggy Jay of Hampstead Labour Party corruption. Peter’s bestest mate was Dr Death. Margaret’s second husband is Prof Michael Adler, an AIDS specialist whom Margaret met during the course of her own work with AIDS patients, a Cause Close To Margaret’s Heart.

In between Peter Jay and Michael Adler, Margaret had a fling with Carl Bernstein, the journo who exposed Watergate. How about this blog for Deepthroat then Margaret? I know that your old dad did his best to ensure that my activities equated to another sort of Deepthroat so this blog must have come as a bit of a surprise for you. I haven’t even been to Somerville and a la Esther had Dinner In A Very Exclusive Restaurant With A Lovely Older Gentleman. Image result for cyril fletcher images

Whenever Robin Day the Fearless Inquisitor did his Spanish Inquisition bit with Thatch, he politely sat down with her before the Spanish Inquisition and allowed Thatch to read detailed plans of the Spanish Inquisition and to remove all references to anything that she wanted. Day would never even mention anything that Thatch told him not to. Thatch agreed to Torture by Comfy Chair and Soft Cushions only.

Look at old footage of Day on ‘Question Time’; any member of the audience who shows any detailed knowledge of Govt skulduggery is silenced by Day as soon as that becomes clear; he either cuts them off on the grounds of time or he deliberately misinterprets what they say and refuses to return the mic to them. On one occasion, QT came from UCNW, Bangor. It was when the Gang were in pursuit of me. I switched on and imagine my surprise when I recognised a few in the audience; not the jokes of Gang members, but the credible more socially acceptable Interested Members Of The Public who were the Nice Face of the Gang. That audience had obviously been carefully selected.

One member of the QT from UCNW audience was Gay Kennaway, the Posh Lady who had been a mature student in the Dept of Plant Biology when I was there. Gay’s husband Ian was from a titled family in Devon and was the Regional Director of the National Trust for Wales. I had no idea that the Gang ran the NT, but there was bad feeling at UCNW on the part of staff rather than other students as a result of Gay very obviously befriending influential members of staff, even inviting them to the opera while they could stay over at her house  etc. Gay was very friendly with Prof Greig-Smith, our neighbour in Llandegfan, who was working for the security services. See ‘Our Man In Llandegfan’. Greig-Smith’s pal the Cambridge botanist Edred Henry Corner – from a well-known medical family – was Douglas Hurd’s Uncle. Younger students didn’t question Gay’s friendships with staff because we were students and Gay was a Posh Lady, but Brown noticed her targeting certain staff in particular. They were all people whom I now know to have been Important in the Gang.

Gay bagged a First in 1984 and was immediately offered funding to do a PhD with D.G.E. Wood’s wife, who was er Australian. The studentship was not advertised or even publicised among other students before Gay was offered it. Later in her career Gay bagged some impressive jobs in biology, including in the big prestigious institutions in London. I’ve been told that Gay’s knowledge of my encounter with Gwynne oiled the wheels, but I doubt that Gay needed me. Her brother-in-law was a baronet, her husband ran the NT, her husband’s step-mother was even posher than a baronet and Gay was mates with Greig-Smith. Gay’s father was a senior Army Officer and her sons went to Shrewsbury School. The extended family ticked all the right boxes.

Gay’s sons must have been at Shrewsbury School during 1978-79; during that year, John Profumo’s son David taught at Shrewsbury School. See ‘Tom Thumb and Hidden Bunnies’ for info on John and David Profumo.

Gay died just as this blog took off. See previous posts for details of the Kennaways and their world.

Readers have suggested that Gay turning up at UCNW just when I did might not have been a coincidence and I wondered that as well when I researched her family for this blog and found that many of them were aristos from Devon and Somerset. Gay was one of the first people who chatted to me when I arrived at UCNW. Gay’s opening remark to me was a joke about Conservative Party fundraising events and I remember thinking that she had obviously been in attendance at the sort of events with which I was familiar with as a child. Gay wasn’t rude, she was always very pleasant, but it was 1981, Gwynedd, a university and the Tories were loathed. I certainly wasn’t advertising my family’s association with them and I was surprised that Gay did. I just attributed it to her being a Posh Lady with confidence who wouldn’t worry about Peer Pressure See the source image in the way that young students would. I noticed that when Gay rocked up in the QT audience, she took the Tory line.

Robin Day was a regular at the Garrick, along with his good mate, Gang High Court judge, security services man and enforcer Sir William Mars-Jones. Members of the Garrick did that Gang even more favours than members of the Athenauem, the club for Top Docs.


‘Vichy Warwick’ and other posts discussed Admiral Sir Frank Twiss, the father of Roddam Twiss. Roddam ‘made the careers’ of a few 1980s pop stars, including Limahl, using financial backing from Roddam’s big mate Mervyn Greenway, Tiny Rowland’s stockbroker. Mervyn Greenway was the son of the 3rd Baron Greenway. Roddam used his parent’s Dolphin Square flat for the purposes of his liaisons with rent boys; Roddam served a jail sentence for sexually abusing underaged boys. Some years ago Roddam was roundly denounced by the media as a Filthy Pervert a la Jonathan King. Roddam’s activities were obviously unacceptable, but as with Jonathan King, I’m interested in why Roddam was jailed and exposed yet others whom he was in business with weren’t. A close reading of the high profile trials of the Roddams and Kings who were part of bigger networks leads one to conclude that they were prosecuted and subjected to lurid headlines to ensure that if they ever name accomplices who were not prosecuted for some reason, no-one will believe them. Because they’re Filthy Perverts and Criminals Who Lie aren’t they.


Reg denning –

other naval people with frank – and sir norman denning

Christopher Mayhew, Minister of Defence for Royal Navy in 1964, resigned in 1966 ‘in protest against naval cuts’. Mayhew was the Labour MP for Giggling South Norfolk, 1945-50 and for Woolwich East, from 1951 until July 1974, when Mayhew resigned from the Labour Party to join the Liberal Party. Mayhew served as the Liberal MP for Woolwich East for three months. He became a life peer in 1981.

Ernest Bevin, Attlee’s Foreign Secretary, served as the Labour MP for Wandsworth as well as a Woolwich constituency.

DR DEATH – labour mp Plymouth Sutton, 1966-74 and Plymouth Devonport from 1974 – pps to minister of defence administration in 1967; junior minister for defence, – royal navy – 1968-70; from 1974 dr death served as junior minister and then minister of state in the dhss; in 1976 death moved to the foreign office as minister of state; succeeded tony Crosland as foreign secretary in 1977 after crosland’s sudden death.

ED Ingram – posh family from Hampshire – they did know what Ed was doing in Bethesda and Bangor

Mervyn Greenway – HERE



In 1989 Dick Crossman’s close friend and fellow Spy Chief Tam Dalyell published a Book Of Lies about Dick ie. a biography. Dalyell was recruited into the security services by one of the series of very odd mentors he had while he was a student. Tam’s days at university were so weird that he was well-prepared for a life concealing Giggles. Scottish aristo Sir Tam O’The Binns no less moved from the Tory Party to the Labour Party while still a student – anyone for a plant to help the Established Order?- and was also a protégé of the seriously eccentric economist Joan Robinson, who defended the Cultural Revolution in China until the very end, rather as Hobsbawm defended Stalin. See previous posts.

Tam was elected as the Labour MP for West Lothian in 1962, as the Sex N Spies Scandals that dogged – and eventually brought down – Supermac’s Govt – were brewing away nicely and were obviously going to become very public very soon. The security services themselves were prepared and Tam arriving in the Commons was part of that preparation. In 1963, Tam was interviewed by Dick Crossman for a job as his PPS, although Tam didn’t seem to take up the post until 1964. They were such good mates that Tam lived with the Crossmans for 10 years at their London home, Tam’s official status being ‘the lodger’. Effectively Tam lived with Dick, because Incontinentia Buttocks spent nearly all of her time at the family farm in Oxfordshire, only kipping over at their London home at 9 Vincent Square one night a week. Tam used to always ‘look in on Dick’ as Tam went up to bed at gone midnight.


Tam published his Book Of Lies in 1989, the year in which Tam and his mates had designed the Final Solution for me: a job with Bodger, while Bluglass’s July 1989 rigged investigation into my complaint cleared the Gang and blamed their criminality on my Harassment of them. Some weeks before Bluglass’s July 1989 investigation, Tony Francis kicked off the planning of the Secret Case Conference which in Nov 1989 found me to be So Dangerous that I should be sent to live with Mr Savile in Broadmoor. The Secret Case Conference received Evidence about me from people of whom I had never heard and was Chaired by a man of whom I had never heard. The Secret Case Conference was So Secret that I knew nothing of it until some five years ago when I received paperwork relating to it. See ‘The Night Of The (Dr Chris) Hunter’.

After the Secret Case Conference, a Court Report was offered by the Chairman, although I wasn’t facing any legal action. Tam et al had thought of that: within three months, the Gang had brought the first High Court Case of at least eight against me during 1990 and 91 alone, perjury evident in every case.

The ghost of Dick was evident throughout 1989, most obviously in the form of Dr Colin Berry, Bluglass’s side-kick as an Investigator, a psychiatrist from the Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry. Walsgrave was an establishment built as a result of Dick Crossman’s tireless work for his constituents in Coventry. Bluglass was and still is part of High Society in Warwickshire, the rich county in which Coventry is the dumping ground for the dispossessed. The ring in Coventry run by Gwynne and Dafydd supplied the Finest In The Land; Backdoor Billy, the Queen Mum’s Loyal Retainer, was supplied to the Royal Household as a wee lad from Coventry of 12 or 13.

It has been suggested to me that Colin Berry might have been something to do with Pam Berry’s big network of in-laws.

Ioan Evans from who’s death Ann Clwyd benefited features in Dick Crossman’s diary on 2 May 1969, when Ioan was still the MP for Birmingham Yardley. Dick states that on that day the newspapers were reporting on the ‘anti-Wilson ferment’ in the Parliamentary Labour Party. ‘…Names weren’t mentioned but I got them later – Brian Walden, John Mackintosh, the old independents all turning against Harold and saying the only hope was to get rid of the leader’. Dick conducted a visit to hospitals in east London including the King George Hospital at Ilford and Barking Hospital. Later Dick travelled to Birmingham on the train for, among other things, the annual dinner of the Yardley Labour Party. Brian Walden ‘the most brilliant of the young individuals, dashed into the carriage, sat himself down opposite and said ‘You must stop this nonsense. We must throw Harold out. You must take his place’.

Brummie born and bred Walden was once a good Labour man who moved to the right and ended up in Thatch’s circle. See other posts for info on Walden, who was a close friend of John Biffen. Walden died after this blog began gathering readers.

When Dick arrived in Brum on 2 May 1969 the media were waiting – ATV, BBC and the Daily Express – and subsequently ‘I sat down to dinner with Ioan Evans the Welshman, John Silkin’s liberalizing friend, terribly battered and bruised at the loss of John…’

On 3 May 1969, the newspapers were full of coverage of Dick after his previous day’s ‘paragraph’ that he had ‘drafted for the press’ expressing his support for Harold, ‘making a mockery of anybody who thought that Harold could be overthrown. I realized I had made a big impact and done quite a good job without having told Harold or Judith I was going to do it… it shows how politically minded the newspapers are. I had started my speech by mentioning Ioan Evans and speaking about the liberal regime which John Silkin and I had introduced and I added that I knew Bob Mellish very well…’

Mellish moved from hating Dick to getting on with him very well once Dick was appointed Minister for Housing in 1964  – comment

‘All day I spent in Albert Rose’s area at conference with the field workers, psychiatric workers, children’s offices, health visitors, child-guidance officers, doctors and headmasters, discussing Seebohm [Seebohm HERE]… Paul Odgers was there as well. I slipped off at lunchtime to see Dr Rudland, a splendid, old-fashioned doctor with a lovely house and an acre and a half of garden right in the heart of Coventry, who gave me a glass of sherry and shared a bottle of claret with me…’ A footnote in Dick’s diary explains that Rudland was a senior partner in a Coventry general practice; he was appointed Honorary Physician to Brenda in 1958.

This was the Coventry ring in action. It was well-established by 1958 and then greatly expanded by Dick Crossman, Jack Butterworth, Gwynne and Dafydd.

refresh – paul Odgers – Mellish -silkins – all part of the huge civic corruption web re T Dan Smith n Poulson – corruption in govt building, urban development with trafficking as part of the deals

ministry of housing essential part of it – that’s why Wilson appointed dick minister of housing in 1964 not to the Dept of Education and Science as expected

Dame Evelyn Sharp -at housing –  gnomes lot knew her – she was mates with those other two Lady Mandarins – education woman and mildred who worked with DICK – three posh totally corrupt bags who ran everything – details in previous posts

– info from tams book of lies HERE – Richard llewllyn davies – that dinner party – the huge corrupt building contracts with the NHS and New Towns – LUCAN – and his family’s involvement

SHIRL!! and stevenage


MARY WHITEHOUSE – teacher in Coventry when dick was mp


Coventry also produced Donald Trelford who could be relied upon to publish nothing untoward in ‘The Observer’, which was sold to Tiny Rowland in 1983.

The high profile public schools in Warwickshire are Warwick School – Bluglass was educated there and is an enthusiastic member of the old boys’ association – and Rugby. Tom King attended Rugby, as did so many others useful to Gwynne and Dafydd. Warwick School and Rugby played team games against each other as well as against the less well-known independent school attended by Donald Trelford.

Such was the bombing campaign on behalf of the Gang needed in 1989 that Tam published the Book Of Lies to add to the mountains of other lies in 1989, including the publications co-authored by Bodger and others at St George’s with Ollie Brooke, while they were telling me that Ollie was long gone, just a sad blip in the glorious history of St George’s. See ‘Too Many Pills’. Once I was appointed to a permanent post at St George’s, I was of course able to buy a house on a mortgage, being in permanent, stable employment, so in 1989 I did. I had no idea that the Gang’s Men at the Prudential were busy behind the scenes there as well… See previous posts.

The Chairman of the Prudential, 1985-90, was one Lord John Hunt of Tanworth, the former crook of a Cabinet Secretary, 1973-79 who served Grocer Heath, Harold Wilson and Sunny Jim. John Hunt was from Minehead, went to school near Bath and was the first Roman Catholic Cabinet Secretary. Hunt married Cardinal Basil Hume’s sister Madeleine who’s first husband was Sir John Charles, a Durham Top Doc who served as Chief Medical Officer. The Humes were a medical family from Durham/Newcastle. Basil’s dad Sir William Errington Hume, although he worked for a time in London, Ruled Over Durham/Newcastle University before Lord John Walton, Gwynne’s mate who was Chairman of the GMC when I complained about Gwynne in 1984, accepted that baton.

Eric Sunderland who in May 1984 was parachuted into UCNW as Principal to replace Sir Charles Evans because Gwynne and the Gigglers had sent up the distress flare, had spent most of his career at Durham University and by the time he was headhunted to Help at UCNW, was a PVC at Durham.

No-one mentioned to me that Walton was Gwynne’s mate and that Eric was Walton’s mate. What is so great about British Medicine is that everyone is transparent, independent and avoids conflicts of interest. That is why they have ended up in this mess. Next time GMC, try responding to a complaint that you know is serious and grounded in fact, about a man who for at least three decades had facilitated a paedophile ring. You’ll save yourselves a great deal of bother if you don’t rely on dodgy advice.Particularly as Miranda had bagged his Durham seat in 1983.

Basil’s Hume’s brother John Hume was a Top Doc who practiced in Sunderland before moving to London where he joined the Royal Docs’ Team. It was John Hume who made such an elementary error when performing a routine operation of Anthony Eden when Eden was Churchill’s Foreign Secretary which left Eden damaged for life that it was most likely deliberate. John Hume was the junior colleague of Lord Horace Evans CHECK, who later damaged Eden’s health so badly by prescribing Eden amphetamines and not explaining that they were causing the symptoms that were impairing him – Evans gradually upping the dose – that Eden’s resignation as PM in Jan 1957 was substantially a result of that. Hume and Evans played merry hell with Eden’s health after he and his wife Clarissa declared their wish for a Monarchy that did not play a role in politics, and Brenda had complained of their Rudeness and her dislike of them.

Horace Evans blamed John Hume’s damage to Eden on Churchill; he had unnerved John Hume before the operation by stressing how important his patient was and that he should not be er damaged. Why John Hume was quaking in his boots in the face of Eden is inexplicable, because he had known him for years and had previously carried out complex surgery on him successfully. That was why, when Eden was given a choice of three Top Docs for the subsequent minor operation by Evans, Eden chose Hume. Eden trusted him and believed him to be capable. Whoops the knife slipped guv, just like that…

It’s a tried and tested method when dishonest Top Docs are faced with a patient with a brain who has complained in the past, as Tony Francis and Nicky Heinersdorff knew, having filled that role in north Wales. It was how Heinersdorff managed to kill Ronald Key, my former neighbour in Rachub whom Dr H knew had witnessed so much. Dr H had made a few ‘errors of judgement’ before but no-one pursued the matter – although the consequences were very serious – and then Ron died. Dr H removed her name from the Medical Register once she saw herself on this blog, so unless someone prosecutes the evil cow for manslaughter – there is probably enough evidence re Ron to do so – she won’t be facing a GMC hearing of any sort.  I think she’s left Bethesda as well, lest I arrive armed with a hidden voice recorder. Although the security services recorded Dr H in action in her surgery for years and no, she was not stopped. Image result for cyril fletcher images

Horace Evans – from Merthyr –  Monaco?? Check

Basil Hume was a mate of Savile and was the person who in 1984, after the Gwynne Row, bagged Savile membership of the Athenaeum, the club favoured by Top Docs and VCs. When Savile’s offending was finally admitted, the members of the Athenaeum explained that of course the man was a crass oik, ooh we never liked him, but by Club Rules, Basil would have been obliged to resign if Savile’s nomination for membership had been declined and that’s not the British way of doing things.Image result for cyril fletcher images That doesn’t explain why Savile and his mate Alan Franey, the senior manager of Leeds General Infirmary, were offered their jobs running Broadmoor over a series of dinners at the Athenaeum with Civil Service Mandarins, one of which was also attended by Edwina Currie, at the time a Health Minister, although it was Currie’s colleague Trumpers who actually made the appointment re Savile. See ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’, ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’ and ‘The Old Devils’.

Some months after I purchased my house, Bodger asked Society Fuckwit Cathy Wilson if I had successfully completed my er probationary period at work. There was no talk of a probationary period at my interview or in my contract; I was offered a permanent position. I reminded Cathy of this when she mentioned that Bodger had asked her about my probationary period. So Cathy simply began escalating the insults, screaming fits etc in my direction. Although to be fair to Cathy, she behaved like that towards most people, so I wasn’t being Discriminated Against. Cathy would have hated to have done that: her closest friend boasted that her son’s birthday party was the most multicultural one in the street; Cathy’s neighbour was Lady Antonia who, with Swearing Harold, set up that Holland Park Dining Club For Revolution; Cathy was a member of an elite book club who numbered in its circle Angela Carter and Salman Rushdie; and Cathy was a regular at Glyndebourne and West End venues where Racism, Anti-Semitism, Sexism and All Other Forms Of Discrimination Against Manufacturers Of All Dairy Products would have been Called Out.

Just to be extra safe in 1989, Paul Bates, the man who had been threatening to kill Brown since early 1983, found out where Brown was and er tried to kill him. People continued trying to kill Brown’s brother as well. Tam’s pals also sent gangsters after my other two friends who stood by me (see ‘The Turn Of The Screw’).

Those We Lost in 1989 included Zany Python Graham who had befriended Mr Bridgy Celeb some two years previously, but died in Oct, the month before the Secret Case Conference took place. Lord Charles Hill the Top Doc of Gwynne’s Giggles who had worked for the Ministry of Information during rationing, served as the MP for Luton and in Macmillan’s Cabinet but was kicked out in the Night of the Long Knives in July 1962, died in Aug 1989, the very month in which Bluglass submitted his Report to the Welsh Office and Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authorities.

Tam’s Book Of Lies paid substantial attention to that unfortunate business of the Ely Hospital Scandal which began in 1967 but hit the radar of the general public and wider political class in 1968. Dick Crossman engineered the cover-up from start to finish which is evident from his diaries and other sources. Tam’s account of Innocent Dick doing his best in the face of the Ely Scandal is testament to the dishonesty and cowardice of the Gang’s supporters in the security services at the time.

Tam’s Book Of Lies explained that Innocent Dick had no knowledge of what was going on at Ely let alone at the other institutions that were at the centre of similar scandals over the following years. When Innocent Dick did get wind of how bad things were at Ely he was very cross indeed, particularly as he suspected that Sir George Godber and Sir Henry Yellowlees, the Govt’s most senior Medical Officers, and Dame Kathleen Raven, the Chief Nursing Officer, ‘were not being straight with him’ and ‘had a shrewd idea that there was a host of long stay psychiatric hospitals in Britain with a set-up like Ely’.

Dick was a close friend of Godber, had taught Godber at New College, Oxford, where Godber was recruited into the security services by er Dick Crossman and was encouraged by Dick to follow a career in public health, to be kicked off by Godber Training at the London Hospital, See the source image Oil Money and Medical Gangsters Central. The entire rationale seems to have been for the British Security Services to have a bastard like Godber in place to keep an eye on the Creation Of The NHS and that Whitehall, as well as the BMA, could ensure that Nye Followed Orders.

One of the biggest and most well-known bribes offered to the BMA/Top Docs by Nye in order to persuade them to agree to work in the NHS – the BMA was opposed to the NHS until Nye had given their rep/negotiator Charles Wilson, later Lord Charles Moran aka Corkscrew Charlie, everything that he asked for – was the ‘merit’ or ‘distinction’ awards for NHS Consultants. These were bonuses and the highest awards were so substantial that they doubled the NHS salaries of those who received them. The awards were decided in secrecy by a Panel Of Consultants, appointed by Consultants and even the Chairmen of Regional Health Boards didn’t know which of their Consultants had received merit awards. Those receiving the awards were often friends and colleagues of those deciding who received them.

Merit awards were so inexcusable that by the 1990s Top Docs themselves were going apeshit about the inequities within and there was a robust debate in the BMJ. Not only did that debate concentrate on the Acceptable Trimmings ie. the Sexism and Racism embedded within the merit awards, but it was sparked off by two psychiatrists who discovered that they were losing out in a big way compared to some of their colleagues. They Went Public on the Outrage as I began working in medical research and carried on making complaints about the Gang. By the time Robust Debate was underway re merit awards, I had begun starring in the High Court. Those who Led The Debate could be traced to Dafydd et al.

The greatest subtly that the merit awards row ever touched upon was the admission that merit awards were being disproportionally dished out to Consultants working in certain London Hospitals and certain specialities. Translated I suspect that it meant ‘Psychiatrists aren’t doing as well as they want and neither are Top Docs in Ysbyty Gwynedd, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd or Denbigh. It is SO UNFAIR!!!’

Among the Subsequent Scandalous Revelations re merit awards were that Bodger’s colleagues Malcolm Pearce and Stuart Stanton had been awarded the biggest awards possible. Ysbyty Gwynedd Top Docs: They worked with Bodger, he was more powerful in the trafficking ring than you were! Get over it maggots, you played that game and Bodger walked all over you. His heirs in London are still the Lucky Winners, have you seen the sorry state of the NHS in Wales recently BMA Leader Phil Banfield, Dad Of Daughters?

Tam’s Book Of Lies discussed the outrage that was merit awards and claimed that when Innocent Dick became Secretary of State for the DHSS in Nov 1968, the First Thing That He Wanted To Tackle were merit awards. Wise Old Tam advised his old mate that if Innocent Dick did that, he’d have the whole medical profession against him and he’d get nowhere with the Other Inequalities that Dick wanted to tackle. Thus Dick didn’t mention those merit awards and, as we know, was so much more effective in tackling those Other Inequalities for letting the noses remain in the trough.

One of those who ensured that merit awards were part of the Nye’s Deal was George Godber, Godber who had been recruited to the security services by er… now who was it?? Tam failed to remind us in his Book Of Lies.

NYE -unpopular with Top Docs – DEAD IN 1960 – whoops – his people trafficking wife Staffordshire MP Jennie Lee outlived Nye by decades


Godber was Govt CMO (Chief Medical Officer) throughout Innocent Dick’s time as Secretary of State for the DHSS, they worked absolutely hand in hand.

Henry Yellowlees, another scumbag of a Top Doc, was Godber’s sidekick and succeeded Godber as CMO. Ken Clarke particularly loathed Yellowlees when Ken was at the Dept of Health and declared Yellowlees to be only interested in deciding which Top Docs should receive which gongs. I can believe that, but had Ken Clarke decided to investigate my very serious complaints against the Gang as well as the complaints from many other people – instead of using the machinery of the security services to damage us and anyone who supported us as much as possible, while buying off the criminals with er gongs and jobs –Ken would have been able to bring down Yellowlees and his dreadful circle. In 1989, corrupt barrister Ken – who entered the Commons in 1970, just as Grocer Heath became PM – was even managing to cause havoc with regard to my father’s employment as father approached his final working years. See ‘Jennifer’s Diary’.

Ken was at the Dept of Health when Savile was dining with Ken’s Mandarins at the Athenaeum.

In 1989, letters between officials in Clwyd Health Authority regarding my complaint were being cc’d to Dilys Mars-Jones, a farmer’s wife in Denbighshire who also happened to be the sister-in-law of Sir William Mars-Jones, High Court Judge, leading light at Gray’s Inn as well as the Garrick, the President of UCNW who was working for the security services. Mars-Jones had in 1945 stood as the Labour candidate for Denbigh, but lost. His mates who did bag Commons seats representing the Labour Party that year included Dick Crossman, George Thomas and Sunny Jim.

Dilys was a farmer’s wife but a busy one. Dilys was a Community Leader before that phrase had been coined for unpopular pains in the bum who tell everyone else what to do. Dilys was a Conwy Cllr, active in the Methodist Church, the parish council and numerous other organisations in north east Wales. Her husband David ran the family business – farming, agricultural supplies and haulage – was a Cllr and Mayor of Old Colwyn as well as a Freemason. The Mars-Jones empire is substantial, they are not mere smallholders and there’s a lot of them still running north east Wales. Sir William’s dad ran Denbighshire before him. The Hoosons, the Brookes and the Mars-Jones are the three families who aren’t actually gentry who have run the Giggles for generations in that region of Wales.

William’s son is of course the writer Adam Mars-Jones. Readers who have been following this blog from its earlier days will know that after I blogged about Adam – he published a biography of his father a few years ago which gave hints of an incredibly difficult relationship – I received info telling me that Adam (who is gay and came out years ago as a young man) was ‘known to visit children’s homes in north Wales’. Well, yes, he might have; but I wondered at the time whether, like me, Adam knew what was going on and was pursuing inquiries, as I was when I was spotted by the Gang all over the place…

Now I know that Lord Kenyon’s son Thomas was sexually using kids in care in north Wales, as was Anthony Eden’s son, as was Lord Snowdon and so many others, I suspect that the allegations about Adam may have emanated from his father’s own colleagues. They often worked against each other and Mars-Jones was very unhappy that his son was gay. If the security services were trailing my friends and I, Adam Mars-Jones would not have been left without surveillance for two minutes.

I know that Adam could have published so much more than he has about north Wales, but he had already been told that if he even made a reference in one of his books to one non-controversial legal case with which his father was involved that concerned the Royals, not only would Adam never receive a publishing deal again but the publishers concerned had been warned that every one of their clients would cancel their business arrangements with them leading to certain bankruptcy for the publishers. Furthermore Adam would probably be found dead.

It’s OK Adam, I’ve done it instead. It’s about Gwynne, the Royals and the US Kennedys, although I’m still not quite sure of the details of the enormity of the crimes. I suspect that you do know and much as I’d love to meet you and ask, I don’t want your dead body to turn up.

Tam’s Book Of Lies states that it was Sir Kenneth Robinson, Wilson’s Minister of Health from 1964 until 1968 until Dick was appointed Secretary of State of the newly created DHSS, who appointed Geoffrey Howe to Chair the Ely Inquiry in Sept 1967. Robinson was the son of a Top Doc and one of Sir Clough’s circle of old boys from Oundle who was MP for St Pancras North, the area housing the sex workers who had been used and trafficked by the Hampstead crowd of grandees from across the political spectrum. Robinson was also a big name in MIND, which was run entirely by Gwynne and Dafydd’s friends.

Hugh Gaitskell was a Hampstead resident and the brother-in-law of Hubert Ashton, the Deputy Chairman of the governors of the London Hospital while Dick Crossman was Secretary of State for the DHSS. Remember everyone: Hugh Gaitskell died suddenly and unexpectedly in April 1963 as the Profumo Affair began to take off. Hubert died during Mr Thrope’s trial.See the source image

Kenneth Robinson was a complete stooge. He was told to set up that Ely Inquiry under Howe by Dick. Dick wasn’t yet Secretary of State for the DHSS but Wilson had put him in a sort of intermediate shadow role; of course being Dick, the shadow role was one of giving orders and unofficially running everything that would soon become the DHSS. Crossman micromanaged every stage of the Ely Scandal from its very emergence. Dick was contemptuous of Robinson and complained bitterly that he was an idiot who would land them all in trouble by not managing the Ely Scandal carefully enough…

Robinson was such a stooge that he was used by Dick as the bait in the battle between the Church of Scientology and MIND/the Top Docs that led to a libel action which proved disastrous for the Scientologists. The whole business had been set up by the security services. The Scientologists had complained that psychiatrists were ‘committing crimes against children’ and carrying out dangerous and unethical experiments on patients. They were! The Scientologists were talking in particular about Gwynne, Dafydd, Dr Death’s old friend and boss William Sargant at Tommy’s, and the crowd at the Maudsley. The Scientologists had also infiltrated MIND because they knew that the organisation was run by Dafydd et al and was a front for organised abuse. They were then led into a trap laid by the security services in which they made frank comments – but not untruthful ones – in public and were met by a huge How Very Dare You and legal action. The presiding judge, Lord Edmund-Davies, was a Gang member and the Scientologists lost big-time and never recovered.

Furthermore the hammering of the Scientologists in Court was part of a deal done by the Gang with the judiciary that involved the rigging of the compensation payments to the people caught up in the Aberfan disaster and the rigging of the compensation for the kids who had been damaged by Thalidomide. It was the same old crowd, led by Lord Edmund-Davies, a south Wales-born Gang member of the judiciary. Edmund-Davies grew up in Mountain Ash in the Rhondda, George Thomas HQ.

Edmund-Davies also presided over the trial of the Great Train Robbers. While he made much noise and sent the Ringleaders to jail for many years, Edmund-Davies stage managed the acquittal of the member of the Gang who had the closest links to the corrupt professional people who were behind that robbery. Edmund-Davies also knew about the people involved who were never ever named or interviewed. Obviously they weren’t, it was Maurice Macmillan and Lord Gardiner.

Before Crossman and the security services laid the trap that was the litigation between the Scientologists and MIND/Kenneth Robinson, Dick Crossman took advice from er Lord Gardiner re the difficulties that the Scientologists with their allegations of serious crime and child abuse on the part of psychiatrists (ie. Gwynne and Dafydd) were causing the Govt.

Dick Crossman first heard of Scientology in July 1968. The newly created DHSS had not yet come into being; Kenneth Robinson was still Minister for Health and Dick was sort of shadowing him preparing for the DHSS to come into being in Nov 1968. Dick had a low opinion of Robinson and banged on about how hopeless he was. On 14 July 1968, Crossman wrote in his diary that he had been approached by Robinson

‘about a thing he called Scientology. He told me he wants to publish a White Paper to expose it and asked me to have a look because the Home Secretary [Sunny Jim] who’d backed him at first, has now pulled out.’ Crossman noted that Scientology was ‘an American cult’ with its HQ in East Grinstead. ‘After asking to be shown all the evidence upon which the White Paper is based I find it almost incredible that a Minister and his Civil Servants should be so reckless as to publish a White Paper and to seek mercilessly to expose the Scientologists. It will certainly  advertise them ever more widely and give them the fame they really want. I fear it’ll help more than injure them and anyway governments shouldn’t really produce White Papers on insufficient evidence. That’s my personal view.’

So Dick didn’t believe that there was evidence that the Scientologists were crazed liars then, who – according to Robinson – were kidnapping young adults, brainwashing them and preventing them from leaving the clutches of Scientology. Dick muses on the hopeless way in which he believed that Robinson handled the highly effective exposes by whistleblower Barbara Robb of abuse of elderly people in long-stay institutions and observes that Robinson ‘has done nothing to silence her’. Barbara Robb had published damning evidence of how the elderly were being treated in places like Ely and Denbigh and Crossman knew that Robb could bring the Govt down, because all of her allegations were true. So Crossman subsequently took over the matter from Robinson, appointed his stooge Baroness Bea Serota – a friend of the Gnomes – as a Lords Health Minister who duped Barbara Robb into believing that things had changed and then organised, with David Ennals, Crossman’s Health Minister, a deceptive TV documentary focussing on the wonderful care in an Oxford long stay hospital that Crossman knew was dreadful. Then Crossman appointed poodle Geoffrey Howe to Chair the Independent Inquiry into Ely…

Crossman’s diary continues: ‘Now [Robinson] wants to charge into trouble again by mounting a battle against the Scientologists. Of one thing I’m sure, the public relations of the Ministry of Health are terrible. It has an appallingly bad press office and really faulty relations with the general public.’

comments re Judith Hart – far more professional than Kenneth Robinson – Hart HERE

The Scientologists make their next appearance in Dick’s diary on 18 July 1968: ‘This afternoon I had another meeting with the Minister of Health about Scientology. He was determined to publish his paper although  I warned him that the logical procedure was to set up a committee of inquiry first and have a white paper afterwards. I finally persuaded Kenneth that the proper thing was either, as I would have liked, to hand over all material to the Sunday Mirror, or as he wished to do, to refuse these people work permits in England and to use all our administrative powers to deter them. [Young adult Scientologists from the US were taking jobs in England and when in England, joining the National Association for Mental Health – later known as MIND, changing its name when David Ennals was employed to revamp and rebrand it in the early 1970s- where they gained damning evidence of Gwynne and Dafydd’s Giggles.] Secondly he should set up a full inquiry into the file he collected.’

In the same diary entry, Crossman also commented re his mate Tam Dalyell. There had been a row because Tam had been ‘attacking the PM over Porton Down’ and Tam was ‘already in trouble with the Privileges Committee for a breach of confidence in handing over an early copy of the Science and Technology Select Committee paper to ‘The Observer’. Although he’s my PPS I’m fortunately not taken to be in control of him. He’s regarded as a wild, foot-loose, mad, goofy fellow and this week he carried it a very long way.’

Tam who lodged with Dick and will have been In It Together with him every step of the way. Readers of my age will remember Fearless Tam who banged on and on about the circumstances of the sinking of the Belgrano for years, getting absolutely nowhere but giving the impression that here was an opposition politician who Wasn’t Going To Let Thatch Get Away With It. Giggling Tam was behind Thatch all the way, he was doing all he could to silence our complaints about Gwynne and Dafydd et al because he knew that if Thatch was sunk they all would have been, including his Party Leader Giggler Footie and then Parasite Windbag.

On 26 Aug 1968 the Scientologists raised their heads again in Dick’s diary: ‘I had Kenneth Robinson to see me, about Scientology again. The papers have carried a story, there has been a tremendous build up and the Scientologists have got advertisement. Kenneth had agreed  in July to have a short statement and a Public Inquiry. Now he wants a complete reversal, back to a White Paper. ‘Not on your life’ I said. ‘I won’t ever allow a White Paper because there’s not enough evidence to make it stand up. The only chance of a White Paper is after a Public Inquiry.’

There was such a problem with a complete lack of evidence against the Scientologists. That’s a familiar scenario in Gwynne and Dafydd Land!

‘He seemed quite surprised that I still held this view and I obviously resented his coming back to me in this way. Finally I had to tell him how that in a few months I would be the responsible Minister of the new merged Ministry and therefore it is essential that whatever decision he takes now must be in line with what I shall want to do in Oct.’

Poor old Dick, there was not the evidence to support the Govts allegations against the Scientologists so it had to be Dick’s Methods. Lies, deceit, smears, a rigged Inquiry… Dick who worked with Tam, Bea Serota, David Ennals and er Geoffrey Howe to Solve The Problem Of Abuse Of Patients.

29 Nov 1968: ‘I had an interesting meeting on Scientology. I had discussed this at a meeting in the Ministry and every single person except George Godber had been resolutely against my proposal to substitute a public inquiry for measures against the Scientologists. So I had sent a short message to those colleagues who were vitally affected, the Home Secretary [Sunny Jim], the Secretary of State for Scotland [WHO HE??] and the Attorney General [Elwyn Jones] saying that I wanted to have a public inquiry and asking them to come and talk to me about it. I found they were all opposed too, the Home Secretary for curious reasons. He explained that he was only acting for my predecessor. He hadn’t much liked what Kenneth Robinson had done but now he just wanted to get on with it as fast as he could. Every kind of reason was put up against the inquiry, questions about immigration, about the effect on other religious and quasi-religious orders and so forth, so I switched my line and finally found out that they all agreed that Kenneth Robinson had made a mistake. We all agreed we ought to get out of it but the others thought the best way was to play it down quietly and accept that a public inquiry would be an embarrassment. I had to change my line despite the fact that I had already discussed the possibility of an inquiry with Iain Macleod, who had made out an excellent case to me, pointing out the unfairness of our attitude to Scientology, and asking why we were harassing these particular people. I find his argument completely unanswerable. I have been disappointed on this but not too disappointed.’

{NOTES – in the same diary entries – meeting with hugh cudlipp to discuss popular version of a white paper re soc servs – mark abrams and john harris at meeting – prepare press conference and bbc programme ‘with the experts’ – then a series of regional labour party press conferences – ‘this is a scheme which for four years has been really carefully worked out in detail and much more important, where we have consulted the right vested interests beforehand, briefed them before legislation, brought them right in – the TUC, the CBI, above all the Institute of Actuaries and the Life Association people…’

Mark Abrams: like Crossman, a member of the Psychological Warfare Executive, 1941-46; then Managing Director and later Chairman of Research Services Ltd, 1946-70; Director of Survey Research Unit at the Social Science Research Council from 1970.

John Harris – HERE

PM – Dick went to Birmingham University -to address a meeting of high powered local govt officers, who are on a four month postgrad course at Birmingham University. – students had seized the VCs office – discussions re how much more democratic local councils are than Regional Health Boards – four new Wimmin Labour members of the RHB told Dick that the RHB crushes them, doesn’t want them to see patients or visit hospitals, wants mere presentation etc –

Dick was filling RHBs with his people or keeping the ones already there if he liked them. – 1968 – Bluglass had just begun to climb the ladder in Brum – William Trethowan his boss !! – Trethowan – HERE – Oundle – Guys – GMC – Morris Fraser – Paddy Mayhew

the Warwick tame study re GMC – Dick’s mate Jack Butterworth

VC of Brum – that Top Doc NAME – 1978 smallpox outbreak – covered up – then Peter Scott as Chancellor

my how things haven’t changed

2 Dec 1968 – Parliamentary Questions – Dick ‘shaken’ by Q about Scientology from Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Lord Balniel – thus Dick could now go back to the Home Secretary – Sunny Jim! – and say that Dick really now must be allowed a Public Inquiry into Scientology. Which will suit Lord Balniel, Gwynne and Dafydd down to the ground.

‘Also held a big seminar on medical manpower in preparation for the DHSS reaction to Report of Todd Committee on Medical Education’. The Todd committee had been established in June 1965 under Lord Todd, Prof of Organic Chemistry at Cambridge, 1944-71. The Todd Report was published in 1968 and led to the establishment of new Schools of Medicine, including Southampton, Nottingham and Leicester. Which were all dominated by Gigglers from day one. The Todd Committee and Report was an initiative of Dick Crossman’s LSE mates anyway, including Titmuss.

See ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’ for details of the massive civic corruption of which Crossman was central that led to the building of Southampton Medical School and associated new hospitals; the patient care was dreadful, unethical experiments were being conducted on patients, including disabled children and Lord Denning’s mates on Hampshire County Council were waving it all through. In addition to John Crowder, Horace King and Fremantle discussed earlier in this post, one of Lord Denning’s Biggest Mates running Hampshire CC and indeed the Western World was Lord Alexander Baring  – BP jobs etc HERE

EARL JELLICOE – Southampton UNIVERSITY – resigned from Heath’s Govt in 1973 in the Sex Workers and Drugs Scandal that hit Grocer Heath’s Govt leading to the resignation of Defence Minister Lord Lambton -Gwynne and Dafydd were supplying the Tarts And Whores – Lambton family seat in Durham. Supermac’s constituency, 1924-29 and 1931-45, had been Stockton-on-Tees in the North East – Lambton – daughter Lucinda married to Perry Worsthorne the Sunday Torygraph stalwart – Stowe School – George Melly – See previous posts.

Harold Macmillan’s constituency, 1945-64, was Bromley in Kent. Mick Jagger and David Bowie spent their teenaged years in Bromley when Supermac was the constituency MP. Jagger was an LSE student when the LSE was run and staffed by Dick Crossman’s Gigglers, so I’ve always presumed that was one source of armour for Mick and his mates, but I never knew why Bowie was protected. Before Mick and Bowie began hobnobbing with Royalty on Mustique and sending their kids to Eton, they were at the rather sordid end of Gwynne and Dafydd’s Giggles but have successfully kept witnesses silent as has Bryan Ferry. Ferry who grew up in Durham.

George Jellicoe – inherited his fathers earldom in 1935 – from 1947 until 1961 Jellicoe served in the Foreign Office. Lord in Waiting from 1961-62 and joint Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Housing and Local Govt – from 1962 until 63 Jellicoe was Minister of State at the Home Office under Home Secretary Henry Brooke CHECK. From 1963 to 64 Jellicoe was First Lord of the Admiralty and from April to Oct 1964 he was Minister of Defence for the Royal Navy, under the watchful eye of Sir Norman Denning as the Head of Naval Intelligence. In 1967 Jellicoe became Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Lords and from 1968 until 70 he served as Chairman of the British Advisory Committee on Oil Pollution of the Sea. torey canyon. DATE?? When Grocer Heath became PM in 1970, Jellicoe became Lord Privy Seal and Minister with Responsibility for the Civil Service Dept, holding this post until his resignation in 1973. After his resignation, Jellicoe was a Director of S.G. Warburg & Co.

Donald Acheson – Dean – worked at Middlesex a la Gwynne – Heinersdorff Qualified at Southampton in 1979 – definitely a network of Gigglers that arose from the Todd Report

In Dec 1968, Crossman had also recently met the Dean of Manchester Medical School re Top Doc staffing. The Dean admitted that immigrant docs were being used as juniors for up to eight years, then blocked for promotion. Thus Manchester’s ‘own young men’ were log-jammed. David Ennals was in a mess because he had previously been a Home Office Minister dealing with immigration in which role he ‘allowed in’ 3-4000 more doctors and was now being told that ‘it is not only doing desperate damage to the Commonwealth and to the developing countries but it is not really an advantage to us’.

The same debate exists today. Top Doc numbers are determined by the BMA et al and they have played this game for years: utilise overseas docs to do the work that most home-grown docs don’t want to do and then blame them. It’s the medical establishment: ruthless, exploitative and always ready to blame everyone else when they bugger it all up.

Local people in Gwynedd for years observed that ‘all the doctors at Ysbyty Gwynedd are foreign’. Yes they were/are, because it has such a bad reputation that British grads won’t work there, yet the Leaders Of YG are still as racist as can be towards the Foreign Docs. One excellent Foreign Junior Doc who witnessed abuse of patients at Hergest frankly admitted to me that he couldn’t report it because he was an overseas junior doc who would be sacked and deported if he Reported His Consultants. He was talking about Sadie Francis and Tony Roberts, both Manchester University grads.

In Dec 1968, Lord Robert Platt was Chairman of the Merit Awards Committee. Platt – Giggler – Gwynne n Dafydd – Platt’s wife!! – Platt was Medical King Of Manchester throughout the 1940s, 50s and 60s  – Platt from High Culture/Arts family not medical – Platt’s son Peter ended up as a Prof of Music in Australia.

Lord Platt’s reign over Manchester Medicine hadn’t ended by the time that the early 1960s preparations to continue Giggles were underway. On the political front, Benn began working to enable aristos to enter the Commons, but Top Docs were busy too. Dr Liz Peter Shore’s wife joined the Govt medical service in 1962, Lord Henry Cohen, Dafydd’s big mate became Chairman of the GMC in 1961 and the biggest name in Manchester psychiatry also sprang into action in Manchester in 1961, Hugh Freeman.

My post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’ discussed Dafydd and Tony Francis’s Top Doc colleagues and friends who were facilitating organised abuse in Greater Manchester/Salford, in particular Hugh Freeman, who had led the mental health services in the Greater Manchester area, 1961-88. Like his colleagues in north Wales, Hugh pioneered an excellent service that was the envy of the rest of the UK. Freeman’s propaganda was greatly assisted by him being Editor of the ‘British Journal of Psychiatry’ for many years and Vice-Chair of MIND, 1984-88.

When during the late 1980s/early 1990s, police investigations began into the various paedophile rings operating via the Social Services Depts in the UK, Hugh Freeman took the propaganda to a new level, becoming an historian of psychiatry and managed to get Professor Roy Porter, the biggest name in the history of medicine in the UK and possibly internationally as well, to join Freeman in his Lord Haw-Haw activities. See post ‘The Wrong Set’.

Hugh had a wife; Incontinentia Freeman was Joan, a Prof of Psychology who’s speciality was gifted children. In the early 1960s, Hugh was ably assisted in Manchester in his propaganda and crime by epidemiologist Prof Mervyn Susser and his Incontinentia of a Top Doc, Zena Stein. Mervyn and Incontinentia were South African and anti-apartheid activists. Their rationale for coming to the UK to Giggle was that they were unwelcome in South Africa; they left for the US in the 1960s, probably because Giggles were at risk of exposure re Profumo.

My post ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ discusses the constellation of Manchester academics of that era who were part of the collective effort re Gwynne’s Giggles. They were not all medics and scientists; the social and political scientists and philosophers were shamefully guilty as well and some were personal friends of Bertrand Russell. Manchester social anthropologist Isabel Emmett wrote some fantastic work about north Wales but Isabel must have been a Giggler of the highest order. One of her most famous works was ‘A North Wales Village’, which is a community study of Llanfrothen and Croesor. There are clues to Gwynne and Dafydd in that study but one has to already know about Gwynne and Dafydd to spot them. Emmett married a farmer from Croesor, knew the area very well and was a good sociologist. Her husband was an early activist with Plaid. I’ve wondered for ages if Emmett was working for the security services – obviously she was, but I haven’t worked out whether she hated bloody Gwynne and was carefully Laying Plans; I wondered the same about Hobsbawm. ‘A North Wales Village’ was published in 1964; Isabel was writing it during the Profumo Giggles.

Gwynne and Dafydd needed a somewhat harder kick than people being all subtle. They needed flattening, there and then. A united response would have been appreciated instead of a load of lies being spun about anyone who challenged them even 20 years AFTER Profumo, when a Brylcreemed one was sitting in a Student Health Centre FORGING DOCUMENTS.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? No, a load of bumpkins from Bridgy because we have no respect (as Dafydd once yelled at me down the phone), at least not for old fools and Royal Lobotomists. We’re in the pub and we’ve solved the legal problems…


To prepare for Parliamentary Qs, on DATE Dec 1968, Crossman had lunch with Stephen Swingler, David Ennals and Julian Snow with Ron Matthews ‘to help us as well’.

In the evening, Dick attended the Pilgrim Trust dinner for John Freeman, the Ambassador-designate to Washington. Lord David Harlech of Giggles was in the Chair…

Lord Harlech: Tory MP for Oswestry, 1960-61, succeeded by John Biffen. Junior Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nov 1956-Jan 1957; Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, 1957-61, British Ambassador to Washington, 1961-65. Succeeded as 5th Baron Harlech in 1964; Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Lords, 1966-67. President of the Board of Film Censors and of the Pilgrim Trust from 1965 and Chairman of Harlech TV (HTV). A Giggler who was Maurice Macmillan’s brother-in-law, friends with the Kennedys, Lord Snowdon and Ma’am Darling and who was wiped out prematurely, along with all but two of his children, by the Gang.

18 Dec 1968: Crossman gathered his DHSS officials together because he couldn’t afford another Parliamentary Question Time without having made a decision re a Public Inquiry. Dick suggested to his officials that a potential Chair of any Inquiry could be Sir John Foster. K.A.T. Davey, the Principal Assistant Solicitor at the DHSS – the man who covered the crimes of Gwynne and Dafydd then! – ‘had given me lists of active QCs and pointed out that it was difficult to get them so it really must be John Foster,  unless I am willing to take some kind of colonial Governor. I shall have to talk to the Lord Chancellor about it’.

I can see what was coming! Ooh we don’t want a COLONIAL GUVNOR, as the Lord Chancellor – Gerald Gardiner, FRIEND OF MAURICE MACMILLAN, BOB BOOTHBY and Chief Giggler would agree I’m sure, I mean who else is on this list then?? What about this Foster bloke??

Meanwhile on 21 Dec 1968 there was trouble at mill when one of Gwynne and Dafydd’s big mates, Winston Barnes, VC of Liverpool University since 1963 announced his resignation. Barnes became VC of Liverpool – Beatles and Cilla everyone!! – in the Year Of Profumo and Giggles. Barnes was Prof of Philosophy at Durham University, 1945-59; Prof of Moral Philosophy at Edinburgh University, 1959-63. In 1970 Barnes was Visiting Prof at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and Prof of Philosophy at Manchester University, 1970-73. Thus he was one of the philosophers/social scientists of the Durham and Manchester network who were mates with Bertrand Russell, Isobel Emmett and the crowd in Croesor who knew Prof Eric Sunderland, Principal of UCNW, 1984-94/5. See ‘Vested Interests Or Common Pool?’ and ‘Theatre Of The Absurd’.

A Mandarin called Sir Denis Barnes was working with Crossman in 1968; Denis joined the Ministry of Labour in 1937 and was Permanent Secretary, 1966-68; Permanent Secretary at the Dept of Employment and Pensions, 1968-73 and Chairman of the Manpower Services Commission, 1974-76. Sir Denis led the Dept of Pensions when Crossman and the Gigglers abused the database to access details of targets.

WHO WAS lpool VC pre barnes??


On 22 Dec 1968, Crossman’s diary recorded that John Foster had rung him up about the Scientology Inquiry. Dick had seen Gardiner ‘last Thursday’ and he ‘had been a bit shocked at the idea of a one-man inquiry, remembering the Denning Inquiry into the Profumo affair, but he began to like the idea and when I suggested John Foster he liked that too.’

Sir John Foster: educated at Eton and then New College, Oxford, when Dick Crossman was at New College; a barrister of Inner Temple a la Lord Snowdon’s dad Ronald Armstrong-Jones, Michael Havers and Mr Thrope. Tory MP for Northwich, Cheshire, 1945-Feb 1974; junior Minister at the Commonwealth Relations Office 1951-Oct 54. Foster was a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford from 1924. A Giggler of Distinction. Sir John died on 1 Feb 1982.

‘On Friday I got John Foster to see me in my room at the House and he agreed to my invitation straightaway. I said I suppose you want time to decide. He replied ‘No, no time to decide and it sounded as though he liked the idea, particularly when I said ‘you are always complaining about our Parliamentary investigatory methods. Now I want you to do a bit of investigating yourself.’ However I agreed that I had better check it with Ted Heath and today he told me that Heath strongly objects to his doing it on the grounds that he shouldn’t help the Govt to get off the hook. Foster had said ‘I think the Govt has given me absolute freedom. I am invited to say they are quite wrong if I wish. I said that was fine and I let him write his own letter of invitation. I have just confirmed it with Harold, who is quite pleased. I said ‘Do you think there will be an objection from our backbenchers?’ and he said ‘Well we’ve never known Foster to give an orthodox Conservative report. Scientology one hopes has been cleared up for the moment.’

pages 319 – 342

27 Jan 1969 – scientology n john foster HERE

also –

‘I went off to the Athenaeum for a dinner party with journalists. I had Nigel Lawson and Norman Macrae sitting at my end of the table and Alastair Hetherington, Nicholas Davenport and David Watt at the other with Clifford Jarrett. I think it was useful but we shall see when their pieces appear at the end of the week…’

Nigel Lawson: City Editor of the Sunday Torygraph, 1961-63. Friend of Jim Slater who was a friend and business partner of Edward du Cann and others who bankrolled the Gang, including Peter Walker. Previous posts – MP for Blaby, Feb 1974-92 check – frank beck – greville – Elwyn Edwards!! – David Kirke and Nigella etc –

Nigel was a columnist on FT in 1965 – Sam Brittan !! – Editor of the Spectator, 1966-70, Special Political Adviser at Conservative Party HQ, 1973-74.

Lawson was Special Assistant to the PM, 1963-64. So Lawson was at the side of Alec Douglas-Home after the Cunning Plan on the part of the security services re Giggles, Gwynne and Dafydd saw Home parachuted in as PM soon after Benn had paved the way re renouncing his peerage.

Lawson’s daughter-in-law – Rosa Monckton – granddaughter of Walter Monckton – HERE – GNOME, Mountbatten, Giggles, John Peyton MP for Yeovil who was one at war with grandpa; and other salient facts HERE See eg. ‘       ‘.

John Peyton – good friends with Lord Jack Butterworth, such a good friend that Peyton led the tributes at Lord Jack’s funeral – Peyton – peerage in 1983, Paddy Pantsdown succeeded as MP for Yeovil, thus Yeovil changed from Tory to Liberal. The Gang had advanced towards Brown and I and my friends by then. In 1983 the Drs Francis relocated from Manchester to north Wales.

Rosa Monckton was friends with Di and spent much time with her just before she went into that tunnel in Paris. Rosa gave evidence at the inquest etc into Di and Dodi. So the Lawsons won’t be saying anything about Gwynne’s Giggles now even if they had ever considered grassing up Gwynne and Dafydd. Nigel’s getting on in years and more importantly Dominic and Rosa’s daughter has Down’s syndrome so no-one’s going to be upsetting the Top Docs because Fings Break.

I’m only sorry that Nigel didn’t help us a bit more when we lived in Leicester near his constituency in 1987 and were being bugged by the security services while Dafydd rang me up, threatened and then tried to bribe me in Aug 1987. As the aggro came at us from all directions, including the arrests on the basis of the Gang’s lies and perjury etc. It’s OK Nigel, I understand; you had a house to live in, plenty of dosh and you didn’t want the sort of grief that we were experiencing. So you kept quiet and your daughter-in-law’s friend was killed and now none of you dare say a bloody word. It’s GWYNNE again, the ghost of bloody Gwynne who was busy lobotomising on behalf of Lord Home et al when Nigel was Special Adviser to Home immediately post-Profumo.

You didn’t think of advising Lord Home, Gwynne, Dafydd et al to change their bloody ways then Nige???

They were only a bunch of gangsters who were behind the Great Train Robbery!! Nige was advising Home when Maurice Macmillan et al were busy in grandpa and father’s direction and Nige was cluttering up Leicestershire when Dafydd was trying to bribe me more than 20 years later and then trying to imprison me when I turned down the bribes. Having killed my friend Anne in April 1986, days apart from Mrs Simpson finally pegging out in France. Walter Monckton advised Mrs Simpson’s husband on the abdication crisis and it was Theodore Goddard, Lawyers To Bertrand and Maurice Macmillan’s Gangster Friends who supplied Mrs S’s lawyer re her divorce… Theodore’s principal concern was the difficult matter of the King whom Mrs S intended to marry, rather than shafting Mrs Simpson’s ex for alimony…

It is farcical isn’t it. This is nothing to do with Brenda…Image result for cyril fletcher images

Norman Macrae – here

Hetherington – here



At a time of serious rot in the police force, Edmund-Davies led a Review into police pay and conditions and was responsible for the very high pay enjoyed by the police from the late 1970s onwards. Edmund-Davies knew exactly what he was doing; he was buying off corrupt police officers, in the way in which Innocent Dick et al bought off corrupt Top Docs with merit awards. The corrupt coppers were needed by the Top Docs of the London Hospital and of course by the Gang in north Wales who were rapidly expanding business at the time of Edmund-Davies’s Review. Edmund-Davies bribed the police just when they had excelled with regard to Operation Julie. See ‘They Planned To Put Acid In All The Reservoirs…’

The barrister who defended the Scientologists in the legal action brought against them by Kenneth Robinson/MIND disappeared shortly after the case and was never ever seen again. There was no investigation as to whether he had ended up in a flyover in Birmingham, instead a completely unfounded rumour was put around by one of Ronnie Waterhouse’s mates that the barrister had been seen dining in an expensive restaurant shortly before he disappeared ‘and had probably run off with a client’s money’. No client had made any such allegation and Ronnie’s mate was living it up in the same expensive restaurant, but there we are, the bloke who defended the Scientologists against Gwynne and Dafydd was a Wrong ‘Un.

And my friend Anne and I were prostitutes.

This is the world of Dick and Tam.See the source image

In his Book Of Lies, Tam also claimed that Crossman told him on 12 March 1969 that he would use Ely ‘in the cause of the psychiatrically ill’, because ‘an actual case would galvanize Whitehall and Westminster’ more than ‘many pious speeches’.

To help with the Team Effort, Hampstead’s Baroness Bea Serota was appointed Minister of State for Health. Bea and her husband both grew up in the East End, on the turf of the London Hospital and knew Gnome. Bea had spent a career as a Civil Service Mandarin, met Harold Wilson during the course of her work there, was given a peerage in 1967, soon followed by the role of Chief Whip and then Minister of Health when Dick needed a Safe Pair of Hands.

Bea played a crucial role in the rigged cover-up re Ely, although Tam’s Book Of Lies states that Bea was just furious at the Lies of Godber, Yellowlees and Dame Kathleen, Ooh Bea had no idea of how bad things had been and she would back Dick up all the way to get to the truth. What Bea did do was lie to a genuine whistleblower of the day, Barbara Robb, who had been making a lot of noise about the abuse of long-stay institutionalised patients even before Ely, invite Mrs Robb to the Lords for dinner, introduce her to more lying bastards and reassure her that things would now change. The New Faces to whom Robb had been introduced were old lags of Top Docs who had been appointed to Dick’s new Advisory Committee, in the same spirit as Bea had been given a job as Health Minister. Dick Crossman’s diary admits that Mrs Robb would have brought the Govt down if she had not been duped by Bea…See the source image

Geoffrey Howe and Crossman both spent the rest of their lives praising each other for their impeccable behaviour over the Ely Scandal.

Tam’s Book Of Lies also described Howe’s conduct re Ely as Impeccable and mentions that what really impressed him and Innocent Dick about Howe was that Howe was so obviously not a Tory barrister on the make. Howe had previously been the Tory MP for Bebington on Merseyside on Gang turf but had lost his seat and was thus available for Impeccable Behaviour should the Gang find themselves in trouble. Tam’s Book Of Lies does explain that Impeccable Geoffrey was a little worried over the effect that the Ely Inquiry might have on his career; Impeccable Geoffrey also refused to appear on TV with Crossman after the Ely Report, to answer questions about Public Inquiries. Tam understood all these worries and knew that Impeccable Geoffrey might not want anything he said about Ely to be taken out of context in the future.

Although Impeccable Geoffrey was anxious about the possible consequences of Ely, Tam mentions in his Book Of Lies that on 29 March 1969, Impeccable Geoffrey joined him and Innocent Dick for a drink at Innocent Dick’s office. Impeccable Geoffrey had recently been adopted as the Tory candidate for the safe Tory seat of Reigate in Surrey.

Maurice Macmillan lost his Halifax seat in 1964 and in 1970 was returned to the Commons as the Tory MP for a Surrey seat. After Maurice’s sudden death on 10 March 1984, Virginia Bottomley succeeded Maurice’s seat. Virginia the LSE grad who worked as a psychiatric social worker and for the Child Poverty Action Group and who, after serving as a Health Minister under Ken Clarke, became Secretary of State for Health. Ginny was in post through the excesses of 1994 and in 1995, when Dafydd Retired but didn’t (see eg. ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’) and the North Wales Hospital Denbigh Closed but didn’t. Ginny told as many lies as Tam and just as many corpses who when alive had evidence of Ginny’s lies were found as well.

Ginny who is married to Peter who was PPS to Norman Fowler at the DHSS, 1983-89…

Virginia was/is related to many more politicians of varying hues, including  Peggy Jay, mother of Dr Death’s friend Peter Jay, Peter who married Sunny Jim’s daughter Margaret… Ginny’s daughter Cecilia is a Top Doc, an Obs and Gynae Consultant who works with Bodger’s old crowd in London. Cecilia works for the NHS and privately.

When I worked at Bangor University and the Gang were in hot pursuit of Merfyn the VC, Ginny was employed by Odgers the Headhunting company. CROSSMANS mate Paul Odgers – something to do with Odgers – that dreadful bloke that Odgers gave to Bangor University for the flagship Pontio project – insulted Welsh people and the students, fell out with everyone, had to be sacked because he just couldn’t do the job, then threatened to sue Merfyn, what a bloody nightmare, cost Bangor University a fortune. He was sent as a gift from the Gang…

Paul Odgers was a Mandarin at the Ministry of Education, 1958-67 and in the Office of the First Secretary of State, 1967-68. At that time the First Secretary of State was Michael Stewart. Lord Stewart, as he became, was born in Bromley, the constituency held by Harold Macmillan, Nov 1945-Sept 1964.

Stewart was educated at St John’s College, Oxford a la Edward du Cann, Sir Idwal Pugh, Kingsley Amis and many others in the Gang’s immediate circle. Years later, Miranda was able to lay claim to status as an alumnus of St John’s College, Oxford. Stewart began his career as an official in the Royal Household during 1931; he then worked for the League of Nations and as a school teacher in Merchant Taylor’s School, London, the Cooper’s Company School, Mile End and then at Frome, Somerset. During WW II, Stewart served in the Intelligence Corps. Michael Stewart was Labour MP for Fulham East, 1945-55, Fulham, 1955-64 and Hammersmith and Fulham, 1974-79.

Thus Michael Stewart taught in the East End and Somerset and served for decades as an MP in Fulham, turf of Lady People Trafficker Dame Edith Summerskill and the family of Strong Woman People Trafficker Gwyneth Dunwoody. Edith worked as the junior Minister for John Strachey, during the 1940s; my grandfather knew Strachey, and Edith and Stewart knew Gnome.

Stewart was Wilson’s Secretary of State for Education and Science, Aug 1966-Aug 1967; Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, Aug 1966-Aug 1967; Foreign Secretary, Jan 1965-Aug 1966. Stewart stepped down from the Commons in 1979 and became Lord Stewart on 5 July 1979. Mr Thrope, who’s godmother Megan and her fancyman Philip Noel-Baker were leading lights in the League of Nations, Walked Free From The Old Bailey on 22 June 1979.

Michael Stewart died on 13 March 1990, the month after the Gang took me to the High Court for the first time and perjured themselves all the way as would happen repeatedly throughout the next eighteen months. Lady Megan’s sister Olwen Carey-Evans, the last surviving child of the Old Goat, died on 1 March 1990.

Todgers joined Dick in 1968 when Dick was Lord President of the Council – and therefore visitor for the University of Wales, including UCNW – and moved with Dick to the DHSS. In 1970 Todgers joined the Cabinet Office to serve the Grocer et al and from 1971 until 1975, Todgers was a Deputy Secretary at the Dept of Education and Science, under Secretary of State Thatch and then for a few months, Shirl. Which rather puts Todgers at the scene of a great many crimes.

F grew up in Surrey and spent his young adult years there, in Maurice Macmillan’s and Impeccable Geoffrey’s constituencies. F went to Farnham Art College when Maurice was the constituency MP. Previous posts have discussed the blooming of Farnham Art College and the elevation of staff and managers during the years when F (and I) were being shafted by the Gang and afterwards, when I began publishing… Farnham Art College became West Surrey College of Art and Design and now it is very grand indeed having merged with The Finest in London.

Howe’s dad was a south Wales solicitor who had been one of those who colluded with Gwynne when Gwynne himself was a Nice Young Doctor. Howe and his wife Elspeth – a relative of Camilla – were lifelong friends of Ronnie Waterhouse and the two families holidayed together.

Elspeth – EOC – info from Mr Charles Moores book

After Impeccable Geoffrey’s Ely Report – which was (amended before being) published as a White Paper in yet another highly rigged exercise constructed in Tam’s Book Of Lies as a Brave Act On The Part Of Dick – a working party was set up re long-stay Mental Handicap patients. The hopelessness and insincerity of this lot is reflected constantly in their use of the phrase ‘mental handicap’ (or in Dick’s diaries ‘sub-normal’) to encompass all patients in long-stay institutions. Even in the late 1960s, professionals distinguished between mental handicap, mental illness and geriatrics. Dick et al knew the difference as well, because one of the excuses given for the Ely staff’s brutal abuse of patients was that they had not received Training in Mental Handicap, only Mental Illness. Which was why they were punching patients in the face, beating them up, dragging them outside naked and hosing them down with cold water etc. They learnt that when they were Training as Psychiatric Angels, if they had received Training as Mental Handicap Angels they would have obviously used different Nursing Methods.

No-one even asked why the Angels employed in Ely, a Mental Handicap Hospital, were not Mental Handicap Angels.

George Thomas, who was not only Secretary of State for Wales at the time but also a member of the Welsh Hospital Board that was directly responsible for the management of Ely – and Denbigh – acknowledged that Nursing Methods at Ely were Rather Old Fashioned.

Even more people who Didn’t Know About Ely were the members of the Hospital Management Committee.

The members of Dick and Bea’s Mental Handicap ‘working party external to the DHSS’ were: Eileen Skellern, Superintendent of Nursing at the Royal Bethlem and Maudsley Hospitals; Gerald O’Gorman, Physician Superintendent for the Borocourt Hospital near Reading; Prof Peter Townsend of Essex University and er Geoffrey Howe.

The Royal Bethlem and Maudsley were the source of the problem. That Centre Of Excellence Trained Dafydd and most other Regional Criminals In Psychiatry and was a hub of the criminals who were wheeled out in the event of scandal as Experts to er advise, review etc. Obviously Eileen the Superintendent of Nursing would have vast experience of Psychiatric Nursing Techniques as used at Ely. Yet Dick had appointed her to the working party on Mental Handicap.

I don’t know who Gerald O’Gorman is or what standards at Borocourt Hospital near Reading were like but ooh I reckon that I can have a guess Guv. Here’s some clues: Before he spent years as an East End MP, Labour Party KGB double agent Ian Mikardo was the MP for a Reading constituency. Mik who Marched In Support Of Brave Wendy, alongside his fellow East End MP Giggler Peter Shore, also one of Dick’s security services people. Peter who was married to Dr Liz, a Whitehall Top Doc, serving as Deputy Govt CMO from the latter years of the 1970s until 1984. See the source image

Anyone for Henry Yellowlees and those gongs? Dr Liz became Lady Liz when her husband became Lord Peter. In 1997, six months after the Waterhouse Inquiry opened.

East End KGB Mik retired to Cheshire, Land Of Rich Gigglers.

One Tory MP for a Reading constituency for years was Dafydd’s mate psychiatrist Sir Gerard Vaughan. Sir Gerard also ran the children’s psychiatric clinic at Guy’s, which was on the turf of the same ring that the Giants Of Psychiatry at the Maudsley were facilitating. In the Commons, Vaughan was a hard right Thatcherite and was one of the few Tories who really did try to privatise the NHS. Vaughan was a DHSS Minister in the early years of Thatch’s reign but fell out with Secretary of State Norman Fowler, another one of Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates, so was moved to a role in which Vaughan was Minister for Consumer Affairs. The fur really flew then because Vaughan discovered that Joan Ruddock, the Acceptable Face Of CND, was manager of his local CAB and thus Vaughan threatened to drastically slash CAB’s funding. Vaughan was inundated with furious representation from Tory MPs who supported CAB and Vaughan thus backed down, soon leaving the Commons.

The Gang ran the CAB, Lucille Hughes herself has sat on the management board of CAB for decades now. Ronnie Waterhouse’s autobiography proudly explains how he was responsible for overseeing the establishment of a CAB at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand for defendants without legal representation. I was such a defendant at the Royal Courts of Justice in April 1991 after Ronnie established the invisible CAB at the Royal Courts of Justice that no-one knew about, including me. St Helena was in the neighbouring Court conducting a Test Case for Abused Wimmin ie. Sara Thornton’s first (unsuccessful) appeal against sentence. I should have asked St Helena if she knew where Ronnie’s Secret CAB was.

Mr Benn the Red Knight’s diary entry for 21 Jan 1965 states that he met ‘Sir Harold Banwell, Chairman of the CAB, in the Commons to discuss the ways in which the Post Office might help the social services. I am keen that postmen should carry a reply postcard containing the names of local social services. Linked to this, telephone operators would take down details from those who called to enquire and forward these names to the Citizens Advice Bureau’. Red Benn was Postmaster General at the time, a Cabinet post with responsibility for many matters directly concerned with the security services. When one considers who was pulling the strings of the CAB and the social services, and the degree to which the security services were abusing their powers and personal data – usually to conceal Giggles and criminality on the part of the state – the purpose of Banwell’s visit to Benn and Benn’s Vision For the CAB is worrying.

The business over Nice Joan, CAB and Gerard Vaughan was yet another saga that must have been rigged; it also took place in 1983, when the Gang were in hot pursuit of Brown and I. Ruddock’s leading role in CND meant that she knew all about the many in CND who were complicit with the Gang. Bertrand Russell established CND and loads of his Gigglers were still active in CND in 1983. E.P. Thompson, who had for years kept a second home at Croesor, was the leader of END (European Nuclear Disarmament) and dominated the pages of ‘New Statesman’. In 1983, Brown and I began to be bothered by security services plants who had come into our orbit via ‘New Statesman’.

EP – taught at Warwick University – fell out with Lord Jack Butterworth (and thus Crossman) – Halifax – died Aug 1993 EPs wife Dorothy – Prof at Birmingham University

Nice Joan was a security services plant herself but I’m not sure what her remit was. When Nice Joan entered the Commons, it was as the MP for Dulwich, succeeding Sam Silkin, a Giggler and crook of the Silkin family of Gigglers and crooks. Sam was Attorney General, 1974-79. His brother John was also a Giggling Labour MP. Their brother Arthur was a Civil Servant. Dad Silkin was Giggling Labour lawyer Lewis Silkin. Sam and John were alumni of Trinity Hall Cambridge, as was Norman Fowler, Geoffrey Howe and John Tilley, Labour MP for Lambeth Central, 1978-83, one of Gwynne and Dafydd’s organisers in London. Prior to entering the Commons, Tilley had been Leader of Wandsworth Borough Council and after he lost his seat, Tilley became Chief Economic Adviser to Hackney Borough Council.See the source image

Old Nick’s mate J.B. Priestly was a Trinity College, Cambridge graduate. Previous posts have discussed the source of Trinity Hall, Cambridge alumni so willing to do business with Gwynne and Dafydd: it was Prof Henry Dean, Top Doc and Pathologist, a Giggler of Note. From 1929 to 1954, Henry Dean was Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge (he was a Fellow there since he arrived at Cambridge in 1922) and from 1937 to 1939, Dean was VC of the University of Cambridge. Henry Dean was also Chairman of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (1941-1956), a member of the Medical Research Council (MRC), founder of the East Anglian Pathologists Club, and, from 1920 to 1954, Secretary of the Pathological Society.

I presume that Henry Dean was responsible for some of the extraordinary funding decisions of the MRC of that era, including the Research Units of Aberdeen criminal Top Doc Sir Dugald Baird, who eliminated the Lower Orders by performing illegal abortions on them if they already had two children. That’s the Official Story as provided by Dugald’s mates all these years later; the reality of Dugald will have been far worse. Dugald was busy when Bob Boothby still called the shots in Aberdeen although of course Bob also called the gunshots in the East End. Bob friend of Gwynne and Dafydd, Swinger with the Krays, Maurice Macmillan’s mum Dorothy and many more. Brave Wendy and her mate Dealer To The Royals Dr Ann Dally excused their own activities in the field of illegal abortions by reference to Dugald’s Inspiring Example Of Helping Poor Wimmin. Some of those who Supported Brave Wendy and Gave Evidence On Her Behalf had formerly worked with Dugald.See the source image

THAT Jar in wilsons lab  – HERE

The MRC will still be open to blackmail over its funding of Dugald’s activities. More recent MRC Chiefs such as Colin Blakemore will know all about Dugald. One of the neurosurgeons at Atkinson Morley Hospital – a satellite neurology/psych hospital of St George’s that was on board with Giggles – had worked with Colin Blakemore at Cambridge. This neurosurgeon was very chatty and friendly and used to pop into my lab and tell me all about Colin Blakemore’s Incredibly Cruel Experiments that could not be justified. He was also friends with others in Bodger’s team…

Like Henry Marsh, the St George’s neurosurgeon who is now a Media Favourite, and Harry Hill, a former St George’s neurosurgeon who ran away into comedy but never quite explains why, these three very capable Top Docs may not have ever abused their positions, but they did know what their colleagues were doing. Henry Marsh is married to NAME Fox, a well-known social  anthropologist – Eric Sunderland was one of those, as was Croesor’s own Isabel SPELL Emmett, a friend of Bertrand Russell (see eg. ‘The Theatre Of The Absurd’ and ‘Vested Interests Or Common Pool?’) – and the neurosurgeon who used to visit my lab was married to a school teacher who worked on the location of the ring facilitated by her husband’s colleagues. The Director of Education for Wandsworth Borough Council, Donald Naismith, was an active paedophile. From 1986 until 1992, Theresa May was a Cllr for a neighbouring Council (Merton) served by St George’s and was Chair of the Education Committee.

Among Henry Dean’s proteges was Max Barrett, father of Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett.

Henry Dean married Irene Wilson. Their son Sir Patrick Henry Dean, was Permanent Representative of the UK to the United Nations, 1960-64 and British Ambassador to the US, 1965-69. Succeeding Lord David Harlech. Patrick Dean was also a Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee.

After Rugby School, then Gonville and Caius, Cambridge, Patrick Dean was called to the Bar by Lincoln’s Inn. Lord Elwyn-Jones was an alumnus of Gonville and Caius. Patrick Dean attempted to secure a career at the Bar in London, but was unsuccessful and as a result he joined the Civil Service. Dean became a legal adviser to the Foreign Office, obviously the booby prize when you haven’t made it at the Bar. It couldn’t possibly have been a silly excuse for Lord Denning and Lord Hailsham’s Big Spy mate who was also the son of Crossman’s and George Godber’s mate Henry Dean to adopt a Cunning Disguise as a diplomat. At the Foreign Office, among other roles, Big Spy Patrick Dean served as an adviser during the post war Nuremberg trials of German war criminals – the leading prosecutor was Gang member David Maxwell- Fyfe but because Maxwell-Fyfe buggered off for most of the trials, the man who did the job was People Trafficker in Chief Gang member Lord Elwyn-Jones.

Lord Charles Moran’s son John Wilson aka 2nd Baron Moran, was, like Patrick Dean, a Foreign Office diplomat. John Wilson was a history graduate so it is surprising that after his career in the Foreign Office, Wilson was appointed to numerous senior roles in organisations concerned with the natural sciences, wildlife, ecology, conservation, fisheries etc. Areas in which so many people who knew me well at UCNW were employed. See ‘Notes and Swearies’.

Henry and Irene Dean’s daughter Elizabeth Mary Dean (1910- 2000) married The Ven. John Richardson (Archdeacon of Derby)

For details of Henry Dean, Sir Patrick et al, see post ‘Money Is No Object, Dr Jones’. Just to join a few dots, longstanding Gigglers in Derbyshire with direct links to the Gang included Spencer Le Marchant, Giggling Tory MP for High Peak, a relative by marriage of Mrs Simpson who died in April 1986 just days apart from the Gang killing my friend Anne. Spencer was close friends with both Lord Wyn Roberts and psychiatrist Colin McEvedey, who ‘committed suicide’ days after I received my PhD. McEvedey was the son of a Giggling surgeon; his daughter Allegra runs the LEON chain of restaurants with her business partner Henry Dimbleby, son of David. Colin helped Allegra set up that business. Other Derbyshire political stars are Edwina Currie, Dennis Skinner, Eric Varley and of course Red Benn, who was crowbarred into Varley’s former seat of Chesterfield in March 1984. Sir Hugh Fraser and then Maurice Macmillan pegged out on 6 March and 10 March respectively, days after my complaint about Gwynne. Ann Clwyd stepped down as the MEP for Mid and West Wales on 14 June 1984 because on 3 May 1984 she’d bagged her Commons seat after Ioan Evans croaked on 10 Feb 1984.

George Brown – Labour MP for Belper in Derbyshire, 1945-70.  – Wilson’s main rival for Labour Party leadership after Gaitskell died, Wilson won – we are faced with a choice between a crook and a drunk – – Drunken – peerage in 1970 – resigned from labour party in 1976- later joined the sdp in secret – knew Gnome -brown died DATE See ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’.

George Brown was considered to be the closest Labour MP of the era to JFK. Sir Hugh Fraser’s family were also very friendly with the Kennedys as were the Harlechs…

the Devon MP then West Derbyshire – HERE

In terms of the Ancients, Philip Noel-Baker held a Derbyshire seat for a long time and a Coventry seat before that. Noel-Baker was a Labour MP who knew Dick Crossman and Giggled with many, including Lady Megan. Noel-Baker’s son Francis also entered the Commons and was Labour MP for Swindon. See ‘My Gangland Family’ for details of the action in Swindon under Francis Noel-Baker’s watchful eye. Francis later joined the SDP and then the Tories. The Noel-Bakers owned an estate in Cyprus and Francis’s two learning disabled children grew up there when Noel realised what would happen to them if they were left in the care of the Top Docs in Britain. Gwynne and Dafydd’s Excellence was not for the children of family friends of the Lloyd Georges.

During the pre-WW II years, Innocent Swinging Dick held WEA classes in Staffordshire. AND OTHER PLACES HERE

The Coventry MP before Noel Baker was Archibald Boyd-Carpenter, the father of John Boyd-Carpenter, the Minister who was Thatch’s boss in the Ministry for Pensions from 1961 throughout the Profumo Affair when she made friends with Dick Crossman. Archibald Boyd-Carpenter was Tory MP for Bradford, 1918-23; Coventry, 1924-29 and Chertsey in Surrey, 1931-37. Archibald’s son John Boyd-C was the MP for Kingston-upon-Thames, a town pretty much owned and run by Prof Hugh Bentall, Very Rich Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon of Hammersmith Hospital, who participated in large scale research fraud, bagged his Chair after the previous Prof of Surgery was found dead in his room in the hospital and even then Bentall was only appointed Prof after he’d made a substantial financial donation to Hammersmith. Bentall also played the traditional sport of giving jobs in return for sexual favours and thus his secretary ended up as a senior anatomy lecturer and remained so after Bentall’s retirement, Bentall still running the institution. Bentall’s secretary also knew the details of past episodes when Fings Broke.

In previous posts/comments, I mentioned the phenomenally aggressive and unpleasant staff canteen supervisor at Hammersmith who really was in a league of her own and happily insulted everyone from the lowliest postgrad to Professor Sir Nicholas Wright with impunity. It was of course because the place was utterly corrupt and the canteen supervisor, like the secretaries who had been laid by the Top Docs, knew details re Fings Breaking. My mate and I were delighted to discover that the aggressive canteen supervisor doubled up as a traffic warden in East Acton; I saw her in action and it was as good as the worst stereotype of a Traffic Warden. A reader has seen rather more in this than a good joke: the Traffic Warden had knowledge of serious organised crime in the London medical establishment. She won’t have not been putting that to use in other areas of her life, including in the course of her duties as a Traffic Warden.

I don’t know who employs Traffic Wardens, but because we were under surveillance and my letters to Brown et al were stolen, passed to the Digger, George Carman etc I’ve been told that my benign observations re that Traffic Warden were utilised to cause havoc.

I used to study the Traffic Warden in 1986-87. It is only in the last few months that I have been receiving info that everything I said, wrote and remembered over the years, was used ‘to plan crimes’. That is many years of crime planning, nearly all of it as a result of NHS professionals misusing their positions. So no-one thought to tell me what was happening then?

Hammersmith Hospital is located right next to Wormwood Scrubs and is down the road from the BBC Shepherd’s Bush Centre. There was a lot of BNP activity in White City, in the Hammersmith Hospital area.

If Lord Bob Winston who was the Most Famous Top Doc at Hammersmith and who appeared on TV virtually weekly after I had passed through that establishment had anything to say, I promise Lord Bob that I will listen. Lord Bob employed Richard Penketh as a junior doc before passing Penketh onto Bodger when I worked for Bodger. During his time with Bodger, Penketh acquired a well-established reputation as a sexual harasser of female staff of Lower Orders – not even Angels, Penketh’s speciality was cornering the cleaners, especially the young ones from the far east, in lifts, the sluice etc for a grope – and then hit a high point by having sex with one of my research assistant colleagues in the lab. Then Penketh failed professional exams so badly that he was Referred To The Royal College. I was told by a Doc that Penketh was such a liability that ‘We’ll send him to Wales, where we send all the really bad doctors’. Penketh later rocked up as a Consultant Obs and Gynae at the Cardiff and Ale Trust, where Dr Brian Gibbons, then the Welsh Govt Health Minister, gave Penketh an award for excellence.

Lord Bob didn’t fail to raise concerns re Penketh but he passed him onto Bodger, who was one of the Mr Bigs facilitating an international trafficking ring. Who ensured that he ended up in Cardiff.

Hugh Bentall’s son Richard is now a Famous Clinical Psychologist of a Humanising Variety. As a young clinical psychologist, Richard trained with Dafydd and the crowd at UCNW and Denbigh. Richard married Rhiannon Jones, the daughter of Dr Eifion Jones, the Dean of Science at UCNW, one of those blowing complaints about Gwynne and the Gang out of the water.

John Boyd-Carpenter loyally served the interests of the Bentalls until 1970, when he stepped down as MP for Kingston and was succeeded by Norman Lamont. Norman was MP when Bodger’s pal Ollie Brooke appeared at Kingston Crown Court on child porn charges in Dec 1986 and pleaded guilty but was treated ever so kindly being a sensitive flower, a Caring Doctor who’s Whole Career had been about Helping Children. Lord Elwyn-Jones was Recorder for Cardiff, 1960-64; Recorder for Kingston, 1968-71; Attorney-General, 1964-70; Lord Chancellor, 1974-79.

Anyone know that Traffic Warden who Sally Baker has been laughing about with her friends?

Norman Lamont grew up in Shetland where his dad was the islands surgeon. The family knew another Shetland family who’s son was Sir Douglas Black, Big Top Doc of Manchester who succeeded Lord Platt in that role by 1960s. Black served as Chief Scientific Adviser to the DHSS, 1974-79. Babs Castle, Jack Straw, Brian Abel-Smith, Dr Death and David Ennals all cluttered up the DHSS when Douglas Advised them. Black Trained at St Andrew’s a la Bluglass, as did Black’s son Andrew, a psychiatrist. Black’s daughter Theresa is a Medical Psychotherapist who works on Bluglass’s turf of the West Midlands and specialises in sexual abuse. See ‘The Logic Of Medicine’. Norman Lamont was educated at Loretto School, as were so many other Important People, including Alastair Darling. Previous posts detail the never ceasing nightmare that is the wider network… Made considerably worse by some of the MPs for Shetland and the Orkneys eg. Liberal Jo Grimond, a big pal of Mr Thrope, who married Liberal Royalty Violet Asquith CHECK. See previous posts.


Prof Peter Townsend – HERE – Dick’s LSE circle – ginny – child poverty action grp – FRANK FIELD TOO – DELL – Townsend – Peckham expt – gnome – Bristol – jean corston

The fact that these folk were even appointed as members to the working party by Innocent Dick Crossman suggests that they should probably have all been arrested on arrival at the first meeting.

Tam’s Book Of Lies tells us that the working party caused ‘terrible ructions’ in the DHSS when they tried to work out how much money for research into sub-normality should be spent. In Crossman’s view, Hilda Hedley, the Under-Secretary in charge of the DHSS’s Hospital Section and Godber, ‘had no enthusiasm’, for a joint working party of outsiders and insiders. Hilda Hedley, Remember The Name! The Mandarin directly responsible for Gwynne and Dafydd’s outrages and the Krays’ little arrangement with the DHSS and Hugh Gaitskell’s brother-in-law.See the source image

Tam explained that ‘the Consultants Committee wanted a statutory inspectorate run by themselves or preferably nothing at all’, but ‘fortunately the cause of the mentally ill had gathered such a head of political steam that no-one could shut the Pandora’s box which Crossman had intentionally opened’.

At the time, in Nov 1969, the Senior Permanent Secretary of the DHSS was Sir Clifford Jarrett; the Head of the Home Civil Service was Sir – later Lord –  William Armstrong, who became the Chair of the Midland Bank after he retired. Crooked old Govt employee who over decades facilitated serious organised crime? Just who we need for the Midland Bank!

There was continuity re the Midland Bank; it was the Midland who lent a landed but cash-poor Sir Clough the dosh to build Portmeirion, for which business subsequently boomed after in 1966 and 67 it was used as the setting for the cult TV series ‘The Prisoner’ starring Patrick McGoohan. What Gwynne and Dafydd were interested in was the whole generation of alternative young people that were attracted to north Wales because of that TV series and the relationship with the US film industry that followed from MGM’s involvement in making ‘The Prisoner’.

One of the Directors of the Midland Bank in the Olden Days was William Ormsby-Gore; his son David aka Lord Harlech was a friend of Clough. The Harlech family seat was in Shropshire, as was that of Lord Kenyon. David Harlech stood down as MP for Oswestry and subsequently served as US Ambassador, being in post when JFK was shot. The Harlechs and Kennedys were family friends; David Harlech was friends with Ma’am Darling and Lord Snowdon as well. David Harlech and his dad knew JFK’s dad, the man who had JFK’s sister Rosemary lobotomised for reasons that never became clear. David Harlech and most of his children met untimely and unfortunate ends, including Alice, a member of the 1995 Club, who had been engaged to Eric Clapton in the 1970s. Eric was in a Love Triangle with George Harrison’s wife Patti at the time. One of the two surviving children of David Harlech is Jane, who in her youth numbered Mick Jagger as one of her beaus. As did Ma’am Darling.


John Biffen succeeded David Harlech as the Tory MP for Oswestry. I read yesterday that John Biffen once used the phrase ‘neuralgic’ to describe some act of Thatch that had irritated him. My Granny Ford was the only person whom I knew who used the term ‘neuralgia’. Granny Ford lived a short walk down the road from John Biffen’s family farm; she had lived in the house since the 1930s, when Biffen himself was in residence nearby. Biffen’s mum and dad still lived at the farm when Granny Ford suffered from neuralgia. The farm had been in the Biffen family for so long that it was located on Biffen’s corner. Which can probably be found as such on the OS maps, so long had the Biffens been at Biffen’s corner.

Whether John Biffen also had the experience of ‘the wind coming under that door and blowing around my legs when I am sitting in my chair’ as did Granny Ford in addition to her neuralgia, I don’t expect to ever know. But if he did, John Biffen could use a supply of home-made sausage dogs to keep the wind from coming under the door. Particularly if he was trying to watch ‘The Golden Shot’ on TV at the time.

One day Granny Ford experienced a bigger problem than the wind coming under the door; she was watching ‘Aspel’ and a brick came through the window. It was a present from the nightmare of a Problem Family who had been relocated from Bridgy next to Granny Ford. The entire village was baffled, they were a seriously bad family yet no action was ever taken against them. After I began this blog I was told that the brick throwers were something to do with the Gang’s contacts in Somerset.

John Biffen was Chief Secretary to the Treasury while Impeccable Geoffrey was Thatch’s Chancellor. Impeccable Geoffrey was a very close friend of Leon Brittan.

Had Lord Harlech, Maurice Macmillan, John Biffen et al stayed at home watching ‘The Golden Shot’ and making sausage dogs, rather than trying to run the country and indeed other countries, the world would have been far better off for it. Elspeth should have concerned herself with going to bingo as well, not cluttering up the EOC. There was a bus from Biffen’s corner Elspeth, twice a day, right into Bridgy, where there was bingo. If one didn’t feel like the bright lights of Bridgy, there was whist in most villages.

Dame Kathleen Raven claimed to be so pleased with the exposure of the Ely Scandal – because now the shocking abuse of patients would end – that she’d already appointed two Mental Nursing Officers to survey every psychiatric hospital in Britain. The Dame was sad to report that the Officers were shocked to find shades of Ely in a few institutions but where they did find that, matters were immediately rectified. Of course some of those matters could not be rectified because the Money Wasn’t Available.

Dafydd tried the Resources argument on me once. I told him that if he didn’t have people wrongfully arrested, taken to Denbigh in the middle of the night by ambulance and unlawfully imprisoned for weeks, he’d find that the NHS budget would stretch so much further. Then I quoted my estimate of how much the ambulance alone to cart me off to Denbigh had cost – I’d found a bit of PR published by ambulancemen on strike and worked it out using their figures – and Dafydd snapped that he didn’t accept my costings.

I’ve never even tried to calculate the cost of Lifelong Care – even by the Gang’s standards of Care – of a sex assault victim who has been severely brain damaged by a lobotomist with a remarkably high death rate among his patients.

The Gang’s arguments are sclerotic and haven’t changed over decades. Their criminality is only ever a result of a Lack Of Resources. The victims of their crimes are the problem because they are Using Resources that could be spent on More Deserving People. I have mentioned before the occasion in 1991 just before the Gang took me to the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, when during the consultation that I had with Alwyn Jones, my solicitor in Bangor, Alwyn looked at the mountain of documentation and commented in a rather disapproving tone ‘This is costing the Legal Aid board an absolute fortune you know’. Yes, I had been thinking that myself for ages. What I could not understand was why there had been High Court case after High Court case brought by the Gang on every occasion, not me, and the Gang had been caught perjuring themselves every time, yet no-one was commenting on that. It was me Wasting Resources because the same bunch of liars and thugs perjured themselves in Court repeatedly.

I attended the Royal Courts of Justice alone, no solicitor, no barrister and no-one told me about that CAB that Ronnie Waterhouse had set up in the Royal Courts for defendants who did not have legal representation. Neither did I see any signs or adverts for Ronnie’s CAB. I paid for my own train ticket down to London. Hempsons sent Ann Ball, their Posh Lady Lawyer, down from Manchester for the case. Ann didn’t contribute to the hearing at all, she was just Doing Her Job For Hempsons Clients the Drs Francis, who had already been advised by Ann Ball to drop their case against me because they did not have the evidence for their allegations. The Drs Francis ignored Ann’s advice and the litigation went ahead, a Gala Performance at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, in a neighbouring court to one in which St Helena was starring.


Dame Kathleen was just so pleased that she had the Secretary of State wanting to put a bomb under the system too!

Dame Kathleen had Trained as an Angel at Armstrong Jones Central at Bart’s, where Kathleen’s surgeon brother Ronald had Trained as a Top Doc. Kathleen found that the DHSS needed her as Deputy Chief Nursing Officer and then CNO, in 1958 after she had spent just a few years as Matron in Leeds, where Jimmy Savile was building his empire, assisted by David Williams, a full-time COHSE rep who had Trained as an Angel at Denbigh when Gwynne was a Nice Young Doctor and ended up as General Secretary of COHSE during the 1980s!.

At the time former COHSE rep Jo Brand, a former psych nurse who had worked at the Gang’s establishments Cefn Coed in Swansea and at the Maudsley, had begun to make it big as a Feminist Comedian Calling Out Sexism and Sexual Harassment. Jo did fund raising gigs for COHSE. Jo who’s mum was a social worker and who’s dad committed suicide. Jo who’s husband is a psych Angel at management level.

Jo, who Tells The Boys On HIGNFY where to get off. Jo who turned up to do a star turn in Leicester when I was living there and the Gang were having me arrested.

David Williams was still alive the last time that I looked, so can he let us know who the Celeb Patient was whom Gwynne lobotomised? There were of course several in that category, but Gwynne did something to someone crucial who was hidden at Denbigh years before my friend was murdered because I complained about him. There’s no point readers telling me that ‘It was you sucker, Mrs Brady, Lord Denning, Ted Heath, Thatch, it was YOU’.

No, Gwynne wasn’t invented for me. Whatever the Gnomes were up to, Gwynne was there many years before I was even thought of. Gwynne fell into his own mouth when he encountered me because he was so used to behaving appallingly and not being questioned, as were his mates. I want to know who the VIP victim of a VIP sex offender was upon whom Gwynne built his reputation; that will be how the Gnomes knew him! Gwynne was there to be commissioned years before I was in existence. An entire medical profession don’t start forging documents, murdering witnesses and imprisoning innocent people because I complain about Gwynne. They did it because that was how they had been conducting business for years. As with the Angels of Ely who had been Trained to Care For Psychiatric Patients.

Tam’s Book Of Lies tells how Innocent Dick’s eyes were opened to the scale of the problem after Ely, when, at the urging of Dick’s wife Anne, who insisted that the mentally ill should get a better deal, Innocent Dick ensured that one of his first Ministerial visits as Secretary of State at the DHSS, was to a psychiatric hospital. Incontinentia Buttocks worked for the security services herself; she had been one of the Bletchley Park crowd during WW II and as well  as being ‘an absolutely marvellous wife’ (Dalyell, 1989) to Innocent Dick, Incontinentia doubled up as the secretary for Maurice Edelman, another crooked Coventry Labour MP. See previous posts.

Dick’s Ministerial visit was to Friern Barnet, in London, which was, in the words of Tam, the hospital ‘chosen’ by the DHSS for Dick to visit. Innocent Dick was of course mortified at what he found. Tam’s account has a familiar ring to it: ‘Not by the staff, most of whom seemed to be angels struggling to do their best, but by the conditions under which they were expected to work, as a result of shortages of resources and investment. I never saw Crossman so subdued or shaken, by the stench and the soaking walls, and the consequent treatment of the helpless, incontinent, and usually relationless patients. In his car on the way back… he repeated ‘I am responsible for running the worst kind of Dickensian, Victorian loony bin’. From that moment on, the issue of the mentally ill was at the top of his mental and ministerial in-tray.’

Tam repeats the usual mantra of the trouble being that the mentally ill have no political power, not even a vote.

Now physical conditions in those institutions were dreadful and remained so until they finally began to close in the late 1980s. There were some staff who were trying to do their best, I noticed that even in Denbigh. But this was an utterly monolithic system RUN BY CRIMINALS concealing very serious crime committed by Dick Crossman et al, knowingly facilitated by the Top Docs. The Angels had no clout at all, they were openly disrespected by Top Docs and the good ones who had ever hoped of improving things for patients left, they just did not stay. There was only one way for an Angel to gain power: to join in with the crime and they’d find themselves progressing up the pole very quickly, especially if they held office in the RCN or COHSE.

Anyone for Jo Brand who Tells It Like it Is?

Tam’s patter about the terrible sight that met Innocent Dick’s eyes was repeated by everyone for decades about those institutions. They always remarked on the Stench as well. The reason why so many of the inmates were doubly incontinent was that they had been rendered so by the Help. The lobotomies and the Medication were known to cause incontinence in patients who had not been so before. There were a number of patients who will have been anyway, but it was known that the Treatments caused incontinence. Furthermore because the Angels couldn’t be bothered to take the patients to the bog, the patients were left festering and were hosed down – often literally – twice a day. The plight of those patients that horrified everyone for decades was substantially the result of what had been done to them in those institutions.

As for Resources, look at the stats and the history. The reason why a debate began on the closure of those institutions was that by the late 1950s, there were so many people incarcerated in them that they were costing the NHS a bomb, even to keep them in those dreadful conditions. A huge proportion of NHS dosh was spent running those institutions. It cost a great deal of money for Gwynne to ruin so many lives and that was the impetus for the notion that those institutions should be closed. It was then found that no-one dared because it was all about concealing crime.

Every NHS economist – including Dick’s LSE pal, the Biggest Name in the field, Prof Brian Abel-Smith who was a Governor of the Maudsley when Dafydd was Training there and of the Regional Health Board that ran St George’s at that time as well – knew that whenever dosh was allocated to long-stay patients, including for the development of Community Facilities, it was plundered to spend on More Worthy causes, even when ring-fenced. See ‘The Great Stink’. Abel-Smith was Swinging with and facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring himself.

There wasn’t anyone in authority who was not fully signed up to the criminality.

Friern Barnet was the last asylum to close in England. It remained dreadful to the very end. When I worked at St George’s I shared a flat with a student psychiatric nurse at Friern. She witnessed abuse and assaults on patients at Friern and in an associated GP unit and reported the matter to her nursing tutor. The tutor tried to deny it; Hilda told her ‘The care here is appalling, just appalling’. The tutor replied ‘Perhaps, perhaps’. Hilda was transferred to another placement, the staff whom she grassed up remained in post. Hilda told me that she couldn’t ever go back to work there again ‘Now I’ve grassed them up, I’ve really had it’. That happened in Spring 1989.

I told Brown and other people in letters what Hilda had witnessed. Not only was I under surveillance by Tam et al, but I now know that Hilda was an undercover plant. Their OWN PLANTS were telling them what was going on but the senior echelons ignored the plants. Hilda also knew about Denbigh; she had grown up near Liverpool and the nursing tutors had told them about this ‘terrible hospital in Denbigh’. Hilda even rang up Denbigh and took the piss out of them with me.

I have no idea who Hilda was in terms of police or security services, but she did report abuse of patients and she knew what Dafydd was doing. She also told me that the nursing at Springfield Hospital was terrible and good nurses wouldn’t work there.

ASSCHER – merged Kingston University with St Georges in the 1990s to Improve Nurse Training. Hilda had told me that the nursing at Springfield, the psych unit attached to St Georges was so bad that good nurses wouldn’t work there. Here’s the answer – St George’s will take over the Nurse Training in one of the escape routes at Kingston… Some years after that Cunning Plan a Public Inquiry following murders and rapes of Springfield patients and a member of staff damned Springfield and declared it to be incapable of improvement and needing to be closed.

So, Julie Hollywell the Top Doc who was Director of the Springfield Secure Unit where the worst assaults had taken place, was promoted and appointed to the most senior management role in the NHS Trust that was by then running Broadmoor; Savile was still on the loose in Broadmoor. Rachel Perkins the Clinical Director of Springfield – a Committed Lesbian Feminist – retired on grounds of ill health and was appointed Board member for Service Users at the St George’s NHS Trust. Rachel subsequently joined the EHRC as the member for Disabled People. Rachel’s lesbian partner of many years was one of the Kitzinger Feminist Academics – there are two, both daughters of Childbirth Guru Sheila, a Giggler of an Oxford Anthropologist. Think Bertrand, Eric Sunderland, Henry Marsh’s wife, Isabel Emmett…

A Senior Springfield Angel, Dave Reader, turned up in Gwynedd in the 1990s to work as an Angel and To Do His PhD; Dave was allocated F’s joint key worker at one point but lost interest after F and I were acquitted in Jan 1998 after the Gang’s attempt to frame us. I bumped into Dave later when I was doing my own PhD! I finished mine before Dave finished his. It was Dave who was subsequently given a job as an Independent Inspector for the CQC but it would be. Before his PhD, Dave Reader completed his Masters at Manchester, that had been designed and endorsed by his colleagues at er Bangor.

Dave is nothing if not Trained and Qualified.

Another Senior Angel from Springfield featured in ‘The Guardian’ during the New Labour Years as the latest appointment to the Govts NHS Management Hit Squad who was going to Revolutionise Mental Health Care.

Sally Baker is now doing a PhD and she and Brown have appeared in the media discussing mental health matters. If anyone who worked at Springfield in the 1990s needs a job, just drop Miranda a line, he is waiting to take your call.

Even before that happened, there just wasn’t any room for anyone who was not Of Gwynne and Dafydd. This extraordinary level of organised crime was  nothing to do with Lord Snowdon. Image result for cyril fletcher images

I’ve been told that it was me Talking re Hilda and Friern Barnet that stored up more grief for me from the Gang. I don’t care. Their own plants reported the gross abuse of patients in 1989 and nothing changed. Tam published his Book Of Lies and a huge effort was made to imprison me.

The Health Ministers who are still alive and 100% responsible when this was happening were Ken Clarke and Ginny. Ginny’s remit was the development of Community Care facilities to prepare for the closure of Denbigh. The dosh was allocated. Why wasn’t it spent on the Community Care facilities Ginny? Ken, I WITNESSED a plant, playing the role of a first class psychiatric nursing student, tell the most senior tutor responsible for her course that Angels were going to sleep when on night shift, fast asleep as well, pillows, blankets, curled up for an eight hour kip, and kicking elderly patients on their inner thighs ‘so it won’t show’ so hard that their thighs were black and blue. Hilda noticed when she was bathing the patients; she spent a long time asking one old lady who had done this to her, the old lady was too frightened to say ‘because she’ll be here again tonight and you won’t be here then’. Hilda did find out who did it, because they threatened to smack her one if she Grassed again. It was an Unqualified member of staff who wasn’t on any register to be struck off. The Senior Angels who were on the register denied all knowledge of the assaults. The Unit was a GP Unit so the Health Authority maintained that it was Nuffink To Do With Them. The GPs who ran the Unit could only be held to account by the GMC. Who did nothing.

The patients in the GP Unit were sectioned, they could not leave. If they did, the police would take them back again, just as they did when I ‘escaped’ from Denbigh when I was illegally imprisoned there.

Ken Clarke and Ginny. Remember The Names! Their own plants were reporting assault and battery of patients and were being threatened by the abusive staff for Grassing. You fucking oafs Clarke and Bottomley, whoever would be stupid enough to give you company Directorships? Well the Indie did, Ken sat on the Indie board at the same time as St Helena! Ginny has been a Director of BUPA. For whom her daughter Cecilia has worked.

Andreas Whittam-Smith, the long-serving Editor of Indie had an interest in psychiatry and was part of a Laingian group. Andreas was big in the Anglican Church and his roots were in Chester, including in the Anglican Church there, solidly part of Gwynne’s domain.

No-one in Govt wanted to improve things for patients.

When the asylums finally did close, totally inadequate New Units were built, run and staffed by the same people who had failed to respond to their own plants. The prognosis for long term psych patients is still bleak but the asylum that so horrified Innocent Dick closed years ago.

Tam’s Book Of Lies assumed that readers don’t have any knowledge of Innocent Dick’s previous. Why Innocent Dick was so horrified by the thought of himself running Friern Barnet I don’t know, because when Innocent Dick was an Oxfordshire Cllr, Innocent Dick visited Littlemore Asylum that Innocent Dick described as being something out of a gothic horror novel, with Mad Women in possession of Long Straggly Hair and Long Nails. Dick, it was because they were banged up in the dungeon that you visited and no-one cut their hair or nails or gave them scissors to do it themselves. Unlike you Dick, they didn’t have one house in London, a farm in Oxfordshire and a Govt chauffer to send out to your favourite London shop to buy your Rum Bay Hair Oil as detailed in your diaries.

Innocent Dick was an Oxfordshire Cllr when he was also a New College don and busy recruiting George Godber and Trumpers’ husband to the security services. Innocent Dick continued as the Labour Leader of Oxfordshire Council for the first few years after he was elected as a Coventry MP in 1945.

The ball does really seem to have been in Innocent Dick’s court. Innocent Dick who’s dad was a High Court Judge of Lincoln’s Inn a la Lords Denning and Hailsham and a neighbour of the Attlees.

Another member of Lincoln’s Inn:

Previous posts have discussed how outside the immediate locality of the Dreaming Spires, Fings Broke in Oxford as well. Not only at Littlemore Hospital either. Innocent Dick had knowledge of Cowley Road Hospital in Oxford; Cowley Road was a laugh a minute. Cowley Road, like Littlemore, had been notoriously dreadful when Innocent Dick had been an Oxfordshire Cllr, but as Secretary of State for the DHSS, Innocent Dick had visited Cowley Road Hospital and was delighted to see how much things had improved. So much so that there was even a TV documentary about Cowley Road, to explain in the era of the Ely Scandal that efforts were being made to improve things. Kind Angels were shown on TV giving the Ga-Ga Elderly Patients their refreshments and in public Innocent Dick was bowled over by the excellence of those Angels.

In private, Innocent Dick told people that he dreaded ending up in such a place himself and his own mother, now elderly and frail, was having to tolerate a nursing home that Innocent Dick found terrible. His mother was there because it was the best provision available, standards reached no higher. Innocent Dick mentioned this in his diaries. Tam’s Book Of Lies explains this episode away by lame psychoanalytic theorising that would have done Gwynne and Dafydd proud: Innocent Dick’s Complex Relationship with his mother led to conflicts when she was elderly and in need of care etc.

Not as complicated as that Tam. So little attention had been paid to what Gwynne and Dafydd were doing to people that even a High Court Judge’s son who was Britain’s Spy Chief as well as Secretary of State for the DHSS could not find a good nursing home for his mother. The situation prevails at present in Gwynedd and elsewhere as well. I know Gang accomplices who did not risk their elderly relatives with Gwynedd Social Services; they paid local reliable people to sit with their relatives at home when they were not able to be there themselves. Gang accomplices didn’t send their relatives to Gwynne and Dafydd unless it was to purchase Extra Services as it were. Gwynne and Dafydd were for other people. Gang accomplices won’t complain if a relative is mistreated either, because they know that Fings Break.

During the touting of Cowley Road Hospital as being a place where Great Things were happening, a Lady Doctor called Rosemary Rue bagged a junior post there. Rosemary Rue had been rendered virtually unemployable as a Top Doc, simply because she had crippled legs, to use the parlance of that era. No-one would employ a Doc who was a Cripple. I heard an anecdote that in the 1960s, on a visit to the C&A Hospital in Bangor, Health Minister Enoch Powell demanded to know what ‘that cripple’ was doing in the place; he was a Top Doc who had suffered polio as a boy – as had Lord Snowdon – and was left with a limp. There was open hostility to cripples in that era; one of the comedy duo Flanders and Swann was denied a place at Oxford because he was a cripple, although he was a cripple from war wounds. Tam was a friend of Tess Swann…

So Rosemary was a Real Cripple, although she did manage to move using her own techniques. She could not get a job anywhere really, although she was applying for jobs that didn’t need the Top Doc to walk around extensively. At one point Rosemary took a job as a chemistry teacher. However, after a difficult period of time, Rosemary managed to get a job as a lowly assistant at Cowley Road; it was of course because nobody wanted to work there, although Great Things were happening.

Rosemary struck oil at Cowley Road. Not only did she witness that Great Things were not happening there as advertised by Innocent Dick, but Rosemary, by then the mother of a young child – I think that Rosemary was an Unmarried Mother – was ‘a close friend’ of a Top Doc who was a Darkie and who baby sat her child while Rosemary couldn’t be in her accommodation herself. A Proper White British Doc who worked at Cowley Road was so outraged at a Darkie shagging One Of Our Birds that he violently assaulted the Darkie one night after popping over to Rosemary’s for this purpose. The Darkie received no justice at all, but Rosemary’s career certainly benefited, even with those legs of hers.

Rosemary climbed higher and higher over the next few years, ended up as the Top Doc for the whole of Oxfordshire – Rosemary was an administrator rather than a clinician because of her difficulties walking – and then became the Top Doc on a Regional Health Board/Authority level. Rosemary’s turf covered Oxfordshire and parts of the neighbouring counties. In addition Rosemary became a Role Model and held high office in organisations for Wimmin Docs. When Ken Clarke found that he was unable to control the BMA whom he loathed because they were all facilitating crime together, thus Ken instead shafted me with the help of the BMA, Ken memorably appointed another layer of NHS managers on top of the fuckwits already in place. This was the result of the Griffiths Report, which succeeded in angering everyone, Docs, Angels and NHS managers, because Griffiths and co were Sainsbury’s execs. They couldn’t run the NHS either because no-one can manage gangsters who are in league with the Lord Chancellor, Whitehall, all political parties and the Royals.

One result of Ken’s shake-up was the appointment of a handful of Senior Top Quality Execs that made up the highest layer of NHS management. Rosemary Rue was one of them! Furthermore Rosemary was the ONLY WOMAN!! Although Ken did his best to avoid appointing Top Docs to his New Layer Of Management as they had already given his knackers a good kick, he let Rosemary slip through the net…

Rosemary’s adventures are discussed in eg. ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’ Since I wrote that post, I’ve been told that Rosemary was one of Ken’s Little Helpers re shafting me and my friends. In which case Rosemary was an even sadder more pathetic little Strong Woman than I realised. I had before noticed that she abandoned her Darkie friend who was beaten up, she never blew the whistle on the Giggles either but it now seems that Rosemary used the wrongdoing in my direction to further herself as well.

There was an exchange of Gigglers between Oxford and Bangor – most famously Prof Mark Williams of Mindfulness fame – but the real issue was Innocent Dick’s Giggles with Gwynne and Dafydd, and the Oxfordshire big wigs who were mates of Gwynne, including NAME Fisher, like Rosemary, a senior medical administrator of a Top Doc, who in the 1960s became an Honorary Royal Physician… See previous posts.

Dick Crossmans’s friend – Dame Isobel Graham Bryce – HERE

Dick’s other friend – Desmond Bonham-Carter – Chairman of UCH and of a Regional Health Board

Mark – Torrington

Dick B-C –

The Royal Navy Admiral who was a Bonham Carter

Geoffrey Nicholson


Friern Barnet was yet another institution that had a Special Place In Royal Hearts. It was originally Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum and the pioneering Top Doc who ran it for many years was Robert Armstrong Jones, who was educated at schools in north Wales, then UCNW before he Trained at Bart’s. Robert Armstrong Jones was Lord Snowdon’s grandfather and the Uncle of Sir Thomas Carey-Evans. Sir Thomas was married to the Old Goat’s daughter Olwen and became the Medical Superintendent at Hammersmith Hospital and founded the Royal Postgraduate Medical School there. Prior to that, like his dad, Tom worked as a Top Doc in Blaenau Ffestiniog, including in the Oakeley Quarry Hospital. Tom and his colleagues prescribed lovely things for their patients in the Quarry Hospital, but the patients had to pay for them and couldn’t afford even the diets that Tom and his dad recommended. See ‘Espousing The Interests of The Labouring Classes’.

Like the Old Goat, Tom died in the 1940s, but Olwen lasted until March 1990, the month after the Gang’s first High Court case against me.

When all the action was happening at St George’s and Springfield and the standard of nursing at Springfield was known to be so low that good nurses wouldn’t work there, the Duchess of Kent was the Patron of St George’s. The Duchess is married to Edward, the Duke of Kent, Brenda’s cousin. The Duchess has done well in terms of being a clueless dodgy person given roles that she knows nothing about in order to protect other clueless dodgy people, but the Duke is in a league of his own with regard to such achievements. The Duke of Kent for many years has been one of Britain’s most senior Freemasons, but he is at the top of so many other organisations of National Treasure status that I can only recommend readers refresh their knowledge by reading all about the Duke and Duchess, their offspring and friends in eg. ‘The Price Is Right’ and ‘A Nauseating Sight’.

The Kents have bred like the proverbial rabbits, there are a lot of them and their whole circle so obviously rode on the back of Bodger and his trafficking, celeb friends and relatives. The Kents and co have a high profile in particular in the worlds of medical charidees, fashion and beauty, celebs and er the City.


The Duke and Duchess of Kent’s daughter Lady Helen Taylor worked with the art dealer Karsten Schubert between 1987 and 1991, and was later credited with discovering Young British Artists Rachel Whiteread and Gary Hume. Lady Helen was a fashion ambassador and muse to Giorgio Armani. Lady Helen is a Patron of the CLIC Sargent children’s cancer charity and a Trustee of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Lady Helen’s brother Lord Nicholas Windsor is busy in anti-abortion organisations – the Kents are Roman Catholics – as well as in MIND. Lord Nicholas Windsor’s wife Lady Nicholas Windsor (born Paola Louise Marica Doimi de Lupis) is the daughter of Louis, Prince Frankopan, Count Doimi de Lupis. Louis, Prince Frankopan is a member of the old Croatian and Italian nobility and came to England after WW II when the family fortune was seized by the Yugoslavian Communist Gov’t. Prince Frankopan went to school in the UK and then to Oxford University. Prince Frankopan is a barrister, a member of Middle Temple, along with Ronnie Waterhouse, Paddy Mayhew, Greville Janner, Dame Barbara Mills and others who have been so very helpful to the Gang. Lady Nicholas’s mother, Ingrid Detter, is a distinguished Professor Emeritus of International Law at Stockholm University.

Lady Nicholas’s marriage refers to her parents as ‘Don and Donna’. She has one sister, Christina and three brothers, Peter, Nicholas, and Lawrence.

Peter Frankopan (born 22 March 1971) attended Eton College, then completed his first degree at Jesus College, Cambridge before getting his D.Phil at Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Peter is a senior research fellow at Worcester College, Oxford and Director of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research. Peter Frankopan and his wife run an hotel chain, called ‘A Curious Group of Hotels’.

Peter’s wife is Jessica, daughter of Tim Sainsbury. Peter and Jessica have four children and live in Oxford. Peter and Jessica oversee a £14 million trust funded by Jessica’s family’s supermarket fortune.

Tim Sainsbury is the youngest son of Lord Sainsbury. His elder brothers are Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover, a former Chairman of Sainsbury’s, and the late Simon Sainsbury. Lord Sainsbury of Turville, the former Labour Minister for Science, is Tim’s cousin.

Tim Sainsbury was Conservative MP for Hove, 1973-97 and served as Thatch’s junior Minister in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 24 July 1989-23 July 1990, (under Foreign Secretaries John Major and then Douglas Hurd) and held a number of Ministerial posts in Major’s Gov’t, including Minister of State for Trade (1990–92) and Minister for Industry (1992–94). Tim was President of the Hove Conservative Association from 1998 until 2002 and President of the Conservative Friends of Israel from 1997 until 2005. Tim is a Patron of the Tory Reform Group.  In 2019 Tim announced his intention to vote Liberal Democrat at the General Election.

Tim Sainsbury and his two brothers funded an extension to the National Gallery at a cost of around £50 million, which opened in 1991 as the Sainsbury Wing. Tim was Chairman of the Somerset House Trust, 1997-2002 and was President of a £25m campaign for Worcester College, Oxford. Spy Chief Asa Briggs who concealed the Gang’s activities in Brighton in particular held various senior roles at Worcester College. Tim was appointed as a Trustee of the Victoria & Albert Museum on 17 December 2003 and was re-appointed on 17 December 2007.

Tim has two daughters, Camilla (born 1962) and Jessica (born 1970), and two sons, James (born 1962) and Alexander (born 1968). Camilla was married until late 2015 to Shaun Woodward the MP who defected from the Tories to Labour, under circumstances that favoured the Gang. See previous posts for info on Woodward.

Tim Sainsbury joined Sainsbury’s in 1956. When the Company listed on the London Stock Exchange on 12 July 1973, as J Sainsbury plc, his family at the time kept control with an 85% stake. Whilst his cousin, David Sainsbury, inherited his father Robert Sainsbury’s entire 18% shareholding, Tim Sainsbury had to split his father Alan Sainsbury’s 18% stake with his brothers JD Sainsbury and Simon Sainsbury, and so they held 6% each. It is believed that Sir Robert Sainsbury gave David Sainsbury his entire shareholding (rather than split it between David and his three daughters) so that David would have more votes at the table. David only joined Sainsbury’s Personnel Department when he did not get the grades needed to pursue his ambition to become a scientist.

Tim Sainsbury stepped down from the Board in 1983 to further pursue his career in politics. In 1992 his brother JD Sainsbury retired and was succeeded as Chairman and Chief Executive by his cousin, David Sainsbury. Tesco overtook Sainsbury’s to become the UK’s largest supermarket chain in 1995. As a result, it is believed that JD Sainsbury asked Tim to re-join Sainsbury’s as a Non-Executive Director in 1995 to support David. David stepped down in 1998 to pursue a career in politics and in 1999, Tim stepped down as Non-Executive Director, meaning no member of the Sainsbury family now works for the Company. At the time Tim vowed “to remain a major and committed shareholder.” On 13 January 2006, the company was notified that Sir Timothy Sainsbury no longer has a notifiable interest in the company’s issued share capital, such interest now being below 3%. His wife, who had held the other half of his 6% stake, dropped her interest in Sainsbury’s below 3% the previous week.

When Sainsbury’s was the target for takeover bids during 2007, it is believed that Tim was unwilling to sell his remaining stake at any price, wanting to keep the company independent, as opposed to David Sainsbury, who indicated he was willing to let the Sainsbury’s Board open its books for due diligence if someone offered him a price of 600 pence per share or more. As of August 2009, Tim Sainsbury together with his wife were still thought to own just under 3% of the retailer. The Sainsbury family as a whole control approximately 15% of Sainsbury’s.

In the Sunday Times Rich List 2008 Tim’s family fortune was estimated at £1.3 billion.

Lord David Sainsbury of Turville stars in previous posts, which provide substantial details as to Lord David’s acquiring a peerage and then a job as Science Minister in the New Labour Gov’t after he donated an enormous sum to the Labour Party; how Lord David established the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health that curiously promoted New Labour’s policies and was shamelessly plugged throughout NVQ training material for mental health courses in the years around the millennium (students were told repeatedly in the course literature that they could acquire information and resources from the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health); how Lord David closed the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health and began funding whole wings of research institutes carrying out ‘independent’ research into neuroscience/neuropsychology; and how Lord Sainsbury was appointed Chancellor of Cambridge University after giving a massive bung to that institution. UK Health/Science Policy – as ordered by David Sainsbury!

Two of the Duke and Duchess of Kents grandchildren are Lord Patrick Down, a rugger playing aspiring soldier who worked for J.P. Morgan and then became a er fashion designer, and his sister Lady Amelia, a Model who has been declared to be the Most Beautiful Member Of The Royal Family. Now that Di is no longer with us.

Amidst all the Models and Fashion Designers in the Kents/Bodger’s circle were of course Naomi Campbell from Streatham, discovered as a teenager and Plum Sykes, who is married to Toby Rowland, Tiny Rowland’s son. Toby’s business interests are online gambling.

This lot are a bloody nightmare, I don’t have the capacity in this post to reblog the endless horrors; it is all detailed in ‘The Price Is Right’ and ‘A Nauseating Sight’. Since writing those posts I have been told that Tom King knew that I was working at St George’s and he had a great deal to do with that network.

What an appalling man you are Tom King. I’ll warn you that whoever has now accessed those undercover recordings that you and your mates made of me at school, Bridgwater College, UCNW etc is reminding me of all sorts of interesting events and entertainment starring the excesses of your party worker Mrs Brady and her friends! I’m as yet undecided as to how much I will discuss on this blog. Obviously the people who listened to those recordings know how much amusement I and my friends derived from so many matters but there is very serious crime that was concealed as well…

The St George’s events were all on Ken Clarke’s watch…

With regard to the Govt and security services colluding with serious crime that even their own plants were concerned about, the dire situation can be summed up by the New Generation of Leading Psychiatrists in north Wales that in 1983 was represented by Tony Francis. He was known to be dangerous and abusing his position from his earliest arrival in north Wales but patients were not warned and Tony wasn’t stopped. Tony was succeeded by the New Generation represented by Richard Tranter. Richard, like Tony, was in possession of a Lovely Wife who was also a NHS professional. Richard and Siobhan it transpired were two criminals, just like Tony and Sadie. Richard and Siobhan emigrated to New Zealand when Operation Pallial re-opened the criminal investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal.

Good Top Docs won’t work in north Wales. They just won’t do it.


Tam’s Book Of Lies admits that he too, like all MPs was ‘familiar with the problems’ re Ely as a result of a similar institution in his West Lothian constituency.

After the Ely Scandal and the working party, Dick Crossman’s new Advisory Service and the other Safeguards that were put in place to ensure that This Never Happened Again, Gwynne and Dafydd continued as they always had but on an even greater scale. There was never even a DHSS investigation – yet alone one conducted by the police – into Gwynne and Dafydd. Neither did the GMC take any action in the face of so many serious complaints.

Tam’s Book Of Lies has a nice photo of the three Leaders of the newly created DHSS in Nov 1968; they were Innocent Dick with his two right hand men, David Ennals and Stephen Swingler. Ennals is very well-known to readers of his blog by now and Swingler stars in earlier posts. Swingler, the son of a clergyman, was a Labour MP for a Staffordshire constituency from 1945 until Swingler’s sudden death in office in 1969. Swingler, his wife and his extended family were Gigglers and his children are still around, in the form of Older Radicals. Ann – PhD student of Ralph Miliband?? Check – See previous posts.

David Ennals joined the 1995 Club in the summer of that year, pancreatic cancer, bechod, suddenly and such a shock too. Swingler died when he was still working as a Minister for Innocent Dick at the DHSS. Pancreatic cancer, bechod, suddenly and such a shock too. Innocent Dick was very obviously not given the health advice or care that he needed even when he was at the DHSS. He died in April 1974, not of pancreatic cancer amazingly enough but at a not very great age when he should have lasted much longer. Innocent Dick’s son Patrick died in 1975 but I don’t know how. I haven’t found out the name of Innocent Dick’s Oxfordshire GP – Innocent Dick trusted him and believed him to be a nice bloke – but he very obviously was intending to kill Innocent Dick. They’ve been at it for decades. Gwynne and Dafydd just didn’t bother to pretend to be pleasant.

DICKS FIRST TWO WIVES – really damaged by Top Docs – HERE – smeared by Tam


When Harold Wilson created the new DHSS, the entire Health section and Innocent Dick’s suite of offices were located over in Elephant and Castle, a long way from all other organs of Govt, including Wilson and the Cabinet Secretary. Tam’s Book Of Lies quips about Harold sending Innocent Dick into exile. It was in reality an arrangement to allow Innocent Dick to do whatever he wanted re Health with no scrutiny at all and if ever it unravelled everyone could claim that it was nuffink to do with them. The only point of contact was Innocent Dick’s ‘co-ordinating office’ at 70 Whitehall, to co-ordinate Health with Pensions, located at John Adam Street, near Charing Cross. Misuse of confidential Govt data was the order of the day as Gnome’s family knew.


In 1970, Grocer Heath became PM thanks to a BMA campaign on behalf of the Tories who, according to the BMA, were going to Save The NHS from er Dick Crossman. The Grocer’s close friend and personal physician Sir Brian Warren refused to ever work in the NHS, worked in private practice in Belgravia and, with his wife Dame Josephine Barnes – who did undertake NHS work in her capacity as a Consultant Obs and Gynae at Charing Cross – facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Warren’s son-in-law was the Well Known Writer Anthony Holden.

In 1974 Harold Wilson became PM again as a result of hard work in collaboration with the security services to keep the Top Docs on board. The same strategy was used until Thatch became PM in May 1979, after her lunch at the Clarence a few years earlier buggered the chances of Edward du Cann and Maurice Macmillan becoming Leaders of the Tory Party and then PM. Thatch enlisted the help of Big Thinkers in the US to triumph as PM; Thatch had been cultivating them as soon as she became Leader of the Tory Party. She didn’t understand their theories, but John Biffen did, as did Keith Joseph. Keith’s time in Govt, a la Thatch and Willie Whitelaw, went back to Macmillan’s day and the Profumo Affair. By which time Gwynne had been in action for years and Dafydd was sent off down to the Maudsley to organise trade between the criminals there and Denbigh, so I don’t want to hear any crap about it all being me…

What was me was Harold Macmillan becoming an Earl in Feb 1984 – the month in which I encountered Gwynne – after all those years of not wanting to ever become an Earl; Harold died at the end of Dec 1986 while I was illegally imprisoned in the Peep Show. It was also me who was the reason for Lord McAlpine, Thatch’s friend/advisor/fundraiser/Tory Party Treasurer, bagging his peerage in Feb 1984, while Lord A’s relative Jimmy – Chairman of the family construction firm – was living in Denbighshire, being President of Wrexham Golf Club and enjoying himself with kids in care. Maurice Macmillan’s sudden death on 10 March 1984 was something to do with me; Maurice’s dad outlived him and thus Maurice’s son Alexander became Earl Stockton in Dec 1986 when I was in the Peep Show, Maurice only ever having been Viscount Ovenden. The death of Tory MP and Lady Antonia’s ex-husband Sir Hugh Fraser’s death days before Maurice’s death was also something to do with me.

Sir Hugh Fraser, from a Famous Roman Catholic Family who were family friends of another more famous Roman Catholic Family in the US, the Kennedys. Image result for cyril fletcher images

Who drop like lemmings just like the Harlechs.

The steady stream of deaths of Gang Insiders throughout 1984, culminating in Lord Maelor spontaneously combusting in Nov, the month after the Grand Hotel was blown to bits, was something to do with me, as was the explosion in Dickie’s boat yard in Spring 1984 that nearly killed one of D.G.E. Wood’s mates, the Beaumaris dentist Stuart Ferraris.

Not that I committed any of the murders myself, or knew anything about them. It was Gang on Gang violence, with the Top Docs central to it. But if a University with Carlo for a Chancellor is run entirely for the benefit of an international trafficking ring, one undergrad complaining about a vile old lobotomist will lead to such lunacy.

The Nightmare continued with John Major, Miranda, Gordon, Call Me Dave, Theresa… All of them used the same method to Become Leader Of Their Party and PM.See the source image

That was how effective the bomb was that was the Ely Scandal which was welcomed by everyone because it would stop any more abuses of vulnerable patients. Furthermore, as everyone involved made quite clear, Ely was Nothing To Do With Me.

I’ll fess up now. It was ME who was responsible for the Ely Scandal. Of Course I was.

Merfyn and the Philanderer Told Me To Do It.

DICK – the school age heroin addicts at the London hospital etc HERE

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Dear Readers
    Things are progressing so slowly under the New Regime Of Hindrance that I’ve put this post up now with the beginnings of a few really interesting things that I’ve found out, lest the blog disappears again!
    If the blog is still here later today I’ll return and do a bit more blogging…

  2. I tried Search on your blog for John Hadfield of Tavistock. He was involved in training J G Howells who went on to run Cambridge Uni research asset in Ipswich NHS. Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre. Howells was one of the two Ipswich Mengeles with John Paulley.

    1. Hi Richard,
      I blogged extensively about J.G. Howells and his circle – after you had alerted me to his presence! – there was a lot of them, all linked in the Norfolk/Suffolk area, spilling over into their Big Mates in Cambridge. John Allen was busy in Ipswich immediately before he set up business in North Wales. There’s so many of this lot that I forget important matters! The Cambridge crowd were the ultimate protectors of the Ipswich contingent; Rab Butler was a Suffolk MP for years and then Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. When Carlo was at Trinity College, Cambridge…

      Sister Ella Fisk Trained at Fulbourne in Cambridgeshire which was a Centre of Expertise in Psychotherapy but also in er organised abuse. I spent ages wondering whether Ella was undercover when I found out that Mr Big at Fulbourne, Beresford-Davies, was Of Giggles, because Ella definitely wasn’t as barking mad as her colleagues. But if she was undercover she didn’t save many skins! I do remember that although Ella was usually very good, she was just so not-understanding about what F was going through when his baby was hi-jacked and placed with abusers. She actually told him to stop obsessing about it! I just thought Christ, Ella, if your newborn had been stolen, placed with two Known Abusers, and then wheeled past your door every week while they giggled, waved and cat-called at you – when living in luxury with the goodies that you had paid for – could you just forget about it???

      Ella did make some big misjudgements about F, as did a lot of other people. I’m not making them public because it was just such a sordid plan, the info has been coming into me for ages now and it was all based on an assessment of F being the sort of man that actually he wasn’t. Once more that lot believed their own lies about people and then built Cunning Plans on it all! What they did do was render F very vulnerable by fuelling him with lies about my alleged past constantly, and assuring him that without damn near lethal levels of Medication he would spiral into a catastrophic psychotic breakdown. They never told him that he did not set fire to his house in Bethesda that day he went psychotic, someone else did after he left and went into the mountains. Because F is basically open he would freely say ‘God I set fire to the house, I was so ill, I don’t ever want that to happen again’. They ALL knew that F did not set fire to the house. The Gang needed him in prison, declared Mad because F had constantly reported abuse of children by that sodding Gang and as a young man he knew about Mick, The Beatles, Hendrix, Francis Bacon, Hockney et al.

      They all really sniggered when F moved in with me ‘Hee hee her house will be up in flames next’. Well F never did set fire to anywhere did he Slob Ingham you big thick thug? And he didn’t do many of the other things that you all told each other that he did either. What he did do was want me to be with him all the time because of the kicking YOU LOT had given him for so many years. So I did stay with him virtually 24 hrs a day for years and he told me a great deal that all pointed to very serious crime to which he had been a witness. Our house was bugged. So then there was an ever greater determination to hammer both of us because I was listening to his accounts and realised that it wasn’t all nonsense…

      That lot should have been in prison years ago. They are not because they received rock solid protection from the highest echelons.

      At least Living In The Slums With Nutters and Working As A Cleaner meant that I met all the witnesses to the crimes committed by the Gang and their important Friends!!

      Text has disappeared from the blog Richard, I haven’t had time to chart what has gone missing…
      But even if posts have been disrupted, the basics are there.

      It really is very obvious what was going on…

  3. Afternoon All,
    Just added a bit to the above post.
    Who was the man in with the Krays who had to be covered before the Met moved in on them? It woz Maurice Macmillan.
    Who was the Big Lawyer who helped the Krays and the Great Train Robbers who’s never been named although his existence has been acknowledged? It woz Harold Wilson’s Lord Chancellor, Gerald Gardiner. Gerald was behind Gwynne and Dafydd too. Full explanation in the above post.

    Want to know how fucking vicious and nasty the Top Docs, Chilton School and Thatch herself were?
    Re the letter from Theodore Goddard, Bertrand Russell’s solicitor that was sent to father in 1963 trying to entrap him in serious crime. Before Brown, I only ever told one person about it, because it was so extraordinary that I thought no-one would believe me. At Chilton School, my two best mates and I used to ignore the concept of PE lessons because we didn’t want to waste our time with the appalling Jayne Ricketts, and we used to sneak over to a special corner we had in a special room, make ourselves comfortable, light an incense stick and have a good gossip. It was in one of those sessions – only one of my two best mates could make it that day – that I told my friend about the Theodore Goddard letter.

    We were chatting about another girl at school who told us that her dad had left Sicily to get away from the Mafia. My friend said ‘that might be true you know, weird things do happen’. And we opened a conversation about the Most Unbelievable Thing That’s Ever Happened To You. I told her about the Theo Goddard letter and said ‘It looked like someone was trying to set my father up with the bloody Great Train Robbers, but I’ve never told anyone because they’ll laugh but my mother’s still got the letter, she kept it’.

    We finished our chat and returned to the next lesson. Now then. I know now that the school was bugged but I’ve just realise that someone was really worried by that conversation. The next time we went to our special place, our other friend was with us as usual, so we three sat down, lit the joss stick and started chatting. We had only been there about 5 mins when FIDDLER arrived, with backup, Fiddler who was married to the daughter of a Somerset big wig. The first we knew was Fiddler’s smug voice ‘You can put that out NOW’. The joss stick. Then we were marched over to Willie Franco’s office and what a row there was. Final Warning. If you three even fart in Fiddler’s direction you’ll be expelled. Willie Franco tried to expel us days later. We didn’t even have a joss stick and weren’t ski-ving lessons, it was as usual lies. We proved it was lies, Willie Franco tried to expel us anyway, there was havoc. From then on everyone was as arsy as possible BUT my friend’s siblings were targeted as well.

    So that’s what it was all about. Whoever bugged the school knew that I had remembered the letter, had told my mate and they weren’t sure who else I was going to tell. Probably why Anne Vernon was killed after the Gwynne business…

    Mrs Brady and Mr Bridgy Celeb know all about that letter from Theodore and I bet that Veronica Gnome and her stepson the Hon Mark Gnome does as well. As of course will Miranda and Cherie.

    Let me know when you’ve got my dosh ready Lord Glenarthur/the MDU!
    I’ll carry on blogging until I hear from you!! Perhaps a bit of compensation for those two school friends of mine who were targeted as well after I told one of them about Theodore? The school and Bridgwater Mercury declared war on her whole family in a big way, headlines about her dad – no he wasn’t Theodore, he had just kept scrap cars in the garden and the neighbours complained.

    Well now you know neighbours. All because her school friend had a grandfather who stood up to a gang of paedophiles and their mates then tried to frame his son for a robbery and years later her friend told her friend.

    I must have had that conversation just after Thatch became PM. We were booted out just before O levels in June 1979 – Willie Franco’s plan was that we wouldn’t be able to sit them but our parents battled so we just went into the exams. We were still at school in the first part of Mr Thrope’s trial, because we would read all about it in the school library. It was after that there was the row.

    Old Thatch bugging a bunch of school kids! It’ll have been Lord Carrington, he worked for the security services and was helping out in Profumo. Carrington also devised the torture policy in N Ireland.

    Pity about all the deaths isn’t it MDU?
    Anyway, now everyone knows about how no-one knew about Dafydd.

    Don’t come after me again Top Docs. Ever. OK? I’m only from Bridgy and so are my mates but this seems to have ended rather badly for you because I stuck out being derided and sneered at, violently assaulted, fitted up in Court etc without feeling the need to make friends with a load of perverts.

    My money please Lord G.

  4. I don’t want anymore requests to name petty criminals from Somerset or north Wales.
    If anybody needs to be arrested it really is clear who they should be.
    Adrian Bell did it all for the Top Docs and lawyers who’ve been named on this blog repeatedly.
    Why are they still on the loose and the police in pursuit of a nearly 80 year old retired junior lecturer who was following orders?
    Although if the culprits were arrested, the biggest secure unit for geriatrics in the history of the world would need to be built to house them all. Brave Wendy can dispense the cranberry juice and prunes, although her partners in crime might be a little reluctant to follow her advice.
    In these days of a run on bog rolls because of Coronavirus, the geriatric secure unit could be in grave danger of running short of nappies, as the incontinence pads for the severely doubly incontinent are known. In care homes that actually bother to look after the residents properly, male nappies and female nappies are available. For obvious anatomical reasons. So Bluglass and Brave Wendy will have their Needs Attended To, unless the care home is like those run by their mate Dafydd, in which case there will be no incontinence pads at all let alone gendered nappies, no gloves for the staff, and no hot water. And Bluglass and Brave Wendy will be bodily thrown back onto the bed if they fall out of it, amidst much swearing from a carer…
    Anyway I’m glad that this is all the fault of the kids at Chedzoy Junior School in 1972. We must have been terrible…

  5. Many thanks for the info that has poured in since yesterday. I have a great deal to correlate now and I need to bring loose ends together; I seem to have already blogged about many of those who Helped Maurice Macmillan in his life of crime but I didn’t realise it when I wrote those posts. I’ll have to spend a bit of time re-reading carefully…

    Re the latest undercover person who I spotted this morning; in the words of Python ‘Very, Very Witty, Very Witty’.
    It’s not that I don’t appreciate the efforts, but as I identify more and more undercover folk, I can only ask once more, ‘As there were so many of you, why were we left with those absolute monsters for so long?’ You KNEW what they were doing and we were left with them. Not for three weeks or three months but for over 10 years. While they stood up in the High Court and perjured themselves in public again and again. You could and should have got rid of them. We died because you lot did not do enough soon enough. It wasn’t my idea of fun being left with a gang of murdering sex offenders who robbed me and my friends of our property and money, although once that had happened I’ve been very happy to put the boot in on this blog.

    It was only Dafydd. He was a complete idiot and the security services filmed him undercover. There were hundreds of complaints about him backed up by witnesses. I will always accept that it was a difficult situation, but honestly, you really could have done more. Like helped us in 1984, instead of thinking that we could be chewed up and spat out like the other targets?

    And don’t even try and pull Brenda on me. Brenda supporting this lot is neither here nor there. They were very serious criminals and should have been dealt with.

    I’ve also been receiving info as to just how much of what happened to F and me after F began taking the piss out of Dafydd on the phone was Dafydd ordering thugs and nasties to do the street criminal bit. ‘Ooh now you know why no-one dared stand up to him, they knew what would happen’. Perhaps I’m just old fashioned but if Dafydd needed to show me how terrible he could make life for me, it would have been rather more effective if I had actually realised it was him. Because I didn’t get the message, so F and I carried on taking the piss. As F once told Dafydd ‘You’re a failure as a sex fiend’. I understand that Dafydd wasn’t in the eyes of some, but we were rolling around laughing at him so much that he didn’t have the desired effect as it were.

    Anyway Dafydd, you’ll remember that your household did receive a phone call from a man who’s wife had left her tassles at your house and she wanted them back. One of the Dafydd’s family screamed down the phone as loudly as poss ‘FUCK OFF YOU BASTARDS’.

    No-one knew of anything amiss in north Wales, not at all.

    I’m about to start reading in detail about Richard Crossman’s time in the Psychological Warfare Unit in the face of all this ‘Ooh they used manipulative psychological techniques’ talk. Perhaps I’m just old fashioned but I wouldn’t have thought that it required Training in Psychological Warfare to sexually assault children, to frame them for silly offences and have them detained in a hell-hole of a remand centre where they were raped and beaten up by the screws and found hanging dead before they were 16 yrs old, and then added to the statistics of ‘Male Prisoner, Suicide’.

    I’ll be interested to read about Dick’s Training, but after decades of being on the receiving end of his army, I can still detect no more than a bunch of deeply unpleasant criminals. Yes I know people have been telling me that all sorts of nasty offensive conversations that were held in front of me were done by people who had been ordered to do that to Upset Me, but at the time I did think ‘Christ this person is dreadful’, although I didn’t say that very often because I’m not that rude. So now you know Penny Philips and Dee Gray/Jones. You were crass, stupid, unpleasant and mates with a bunch of sex offenders. I just didn’t tell you that in public. Neither did I ever let on how many anecdotes I had heard of your appalling behaviour towards other people as well.

    The psychological warfare is a bit like the Diagnoses. Fuckwittery and lies dressed up as something better. As is Behavioural Psychology: the Therapy will be to inflict as much distress as possible on this Patient to Effect Change. The sky high suicide rate simply confirmed that they had Genetic Problems And Were Not Amenable To Therapy.

    Just a bunch of criminals and why no-one was able to openly say that I will never understand. Some of the criminals had better manners than others, but my 10,000 documents make it obvious that they were just a bunch of criminals.

    Anyone for violently and sexually assaulting a 13 yr old who’s been forcibly admitted under the Mental Health Act to a Therapy Unit because they’ve developed childhood depression? It takes as much wily subtly to do that as it does to breach confidentiality, tell lies about patients, share records that have been forged anyway and then make offensive comments in front of them, referring what you think may have happened to them in the past. I don’t bother to do that which is why I finished a PhD so much more quickly and easily than all those Angels who arrived at Bangor University for postgrad work just after I did.

    And now I’ve written this blog Dr Dee! Let me know when you’ve finally caught up with the rest of us…

  6. So Matt takes’ very, very seriously’ the concerns about …..
    Please fill in the dots.
    This grieving son of a dead TopDoc is rightfully not happy with the failure to act but the political play list does not go beyond expressions of faux emotion.
    So what will it be like when he has to manage the Government response to the extended open letter that is the DrSallyBaker blog?

  7. Re Events at Chilton Trinity School that readers seems to know about that I had forgotten all about, events from my early time at that school when the teachers were delighted to have the grandkids of du Cann’s enemy in their clutches. Much of the nastiness being co-ordinated by John Biffen, who succeeded Lord Harlech as MP for Oswestry.

    Previous posts have mentioned that John Biffen’s autobiography Paid Tribute to the long serving farm worker on the Biffens farm, who’s family I knew well. Biffen boasted of how this man was Biffen’s Eyes and Ears in Otterhampton and Combwich even when Biffen was in the Cabinet. It was either that man’s kids or grandkids who went to school with me, I can’t remember which because they were a big family with grown up kids and much younger ones too.

    I have mentioned that one of the younger daughters was a real laugh on the school bus and as a mother in her 40s she was left completely paralysed, only able to move her eyes, as the result of a Terrible Mistake on the part of a Top Doc. She had married another boy I knew from school, the son of a farmer from Stolford. I was told some two years ago that she’s in a nursing home in Bridgy, been there for years, but her husband goes in all the time to see her.

    Previous posts and comments have mentioned both families and how people they knew were part of Mr Bridgy Celeb’s crowd. I thought that might have been why some members of the family got it in the neck to Shut Them Up. Well it’s been pointed out that it might have started years before, in my early days at Chilton. When I was 13, I acquired a Boyfriend. Not a Proper Grown Up one, but the sort of boyfriends that kids of 13 acquire, most of us had one. We would Meet Them at breaktimes or if a real high point was reached, at Bridgwater Lido, with other friends For A Swim. Anyway my Boyfriend was the older brother of the girl who was later paralysed by the Caring Experts.

    This boy was like the rest of us from the farming villages; old fashioned in dress and hair because we all had parents who loathed teen culture, wouldn’t allow fashionable Clothes (from Etams in Bridgy etc) and just quite pleasant, not a Tough Nut from Bridgy, so he was targeted by those teachers if ever he even committed a minor transgression. Easy targets for Fiddler et al. We were in Integrated Studies – I was in the second year ie. now called Year Eight – and chatting and it was summer so the windows were open. My Boyfriend walked past on his way to another lesson – he was in the third year – and saw me in the class so he knocked on the window and waved. Because the window was open it made a racket and a Vindictive Teacher went apeshit once he realised who the boy was. The teacher wasn’t going to get a mouthful or a furious parent up the school so he gave Martin a really, really bad time. I think the teacher might have even hit Martin; there was a big scene over such a trivial incident and it went right round the school. It was about the same time that Martin and I had planned to push the boat out and Meet At Bridgwater Lido for A Swim, but both of us living miles away from Bridgy and not having the sort of pocket money and social life the kids who lived nearer the town had, our plans were scuppered and Martin sent me a message saying that he couldn’t make it. Now Then.

    Martin’s family knew my family, all parents had been at school together – with John Biffen of course – but I don’t think Martin realised quite how restrictive Mrs Brady was with us re early teenage lives. So Martin told my sister – she had just begun at Chilton School and was in the year below me – to tell me that he couldn’t make it to the Lido as planned. Being my sister, she waited until a meal time when all were gathered, to announce ‘Your BOYFRIEND has told me to tell you that he can’t meet you at the Lido’. Mrs Brady hit the roof at the very notion of a Boyfriend – she wasn’t quite au fait with early teen life in 1976 – and there was another diplomatic incident over nothing very important. So THAT went around the school as well.

    I’d completely forgotten about all of this, but even if people can’t remember the saga, Biffen, King et al knew about it when they were bugging us as young adults because when we were in shared houses etc and chatting about what our schools and lives were like when we were younger, I entertained everyone with the fireworks that went off in Somerset at the idea of me having a Boyfriend, at the age of 13, a boy from the farm down the road who was going to meet me at the Lido.

    Biffen et al were dining out on smears and nasty allegations and my friendship with the boy from that family could have been blown up into something ridiculous, because that is what that Gang did. Never mind the very real crimes of Edward du Cann and a paedophile ring, a paedophile moving in next to us when I was 12 and targeting me, someone leaving child porn and porn pics of Paul McCartney in our disused garage, let’s all start digging over that boy and it must have been bad because that teacher was so angry that he hit him and all the kids remember it!

    The irony is that as detailed in a previous posts, that summer Bridgwater Lido was staked out by a gang of very predatory blokes in their late teens who grabbed a friend of mine and seriously sexually assaulted her. They did it when all the kids who had been part of the French exchange visit were at a social at the Lido supervised by Deputy Head of Chilton Wendy Harris, who didn’t call the police although she was given full details of the assault on the girl who later just fell apart academically, having been so bright and so extrovert. Harris either didn’t know what to do or didn’t want the bad publicity. It was a school trip and that gang of blokes targeted our group and passed themselves off as part of the French party. They weren’t, they were much older but all they had to do was put on fake French accents and they were let into the Lido.

    Wendy Harris was later part of the Get Sally and Her Friends Out Of This School campaign.

    There is one reason why I always remember the dates of that French exchange. It was in 1976 and before the summer when those blokes infiltrated the school trip in the Lido, just before we were preparing to go to France for the first part of the exchange visit, we were in Bridgy with Miss Harris and Mr Chidgey, the other teacher who was coming with us to France, getting our French currency etc. During that meeting I heard Harris saying to Mr Chidgey ‘Have you heard, the Prime Minister’s just resigned. No warning, what is going on’.

    It was Harold Wilson. He left office just like that on 16 March 1976. Insiders had known that he was going to go, it was a security services damage limitation exercise about the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Mr Thrope.

    Previous posts have touched on this: in the months before Harold walked, Red Benn had become very, very friendly with John Biffen and had been nipping off down to Bridgy to attend Labour Party meetings. Lies were told for the reasons behind Benn’s visits to Bridgy. Benn was organising among trade unions, including teachers who were going up to see him in Bristol. Most teachers in Bridgy were Labour and the Headmaster of Chilton was a Labour Cllr in Highbridge. Fiddler was the only one with Tory links, his wife being the daughter of a family of Somerset Tory Party activists who knew Tom King and Mrs Brady.

    Shirl, Secretary of State for Education and Harold had received a file on Somerset Tories, in particular the crimes of Edward du Cann… George Wigg the Big Security Services Man in the Labour Party who had Saved The Day re Profumo had gathered the info, including from people who knew us and who had even spied on us as children because grandpa had refused to shut up about du Cann.

    This was not about Martin and Dot Stone when they were 13 and 14. This was John Biffen, Red Benn and CRIMINALS who sacrificed the lives of people to save their own bacon and that of Lord Snowdon et al.

    Benn’s diaries are full of the names of his accomplices, and they all lead back to the usual suspects, who were pumping nasty little people in Bridgy for dirt on the children of their political opponents.

    Fess up bastards, I liked Dot and Martin, they were my FRIENDS. We were 13. Now you just explain that MDU.

  8. As I haven’t had my money from the MDU yet and the lunchtime news stressed just how EXCELLENT the NHS is – in particular the London Hospital – what with the birth of Boris and Carrie’s baby (I am glad it went well Boris and Carrie, honestly I am, but too often it doesn’t and ignoring the bad experiences of the many people will not improve matters) – I’ll mention a few other matters from Down Memory Lane when Harold Wilson resigned and me and even my friends were under co-ordinated attack from the Gigglers in Somerset – Labour, Tory and Liberal – who were All For Edward Du Cann, millionaire swindler and bankroller of a paedophile ring.

    One of the teachers who accompanied us to France was from Sydenham School, the really tough school in Bridgy on Sydenham estate which was just abandoned by Tom King and the Nice People. I couldn’t quite work out why this teacher was on the trip with us because hardly any kids from Sydenham were on the trip to France; Sydenham estate was so disadvantaged that they didn’t do things like the French exchanges. I knew who the teacher was though from Past Memories and she recognised my surname instantly, and just radiated frostiness. Miss Sibley.

    I knew the name because Mr Bridgy Celeb had gone to Sydenham School four years before – as discussed in previous posts, the kids from Bawdrip and Chedzoy, small farming villages, were sent to the bear pit that was Sydenham and they suffered greatly – and Miss Sibley had been Mr Bridgy Celeb’s form teacher and was completely unable to respond to the unfolding horrors when he was 11 and 12. As with problems in troubled schools when teachers won’t act, everything that happened afterwards made things worse and worse…

    It’s why Mr Bridgy Celeb just stopped going to school after he was about 14. I remember at one point after a broken nose, I think a broken cheek and the theft of a brand new bike that grandpa had given him (so he could cycle to school because it just wasn’t safe for him on the bus), two boys at Sydenham were caned. Well there was retribution after that, which is why Mr Bridgy Celeb decided that school was not the place for him and I think that was a very sensible decision.

    I always presumed that Sibley would have been an utter incompetent who was out of her depth and just flailed. I have recently been told she was also a very unpleasant little woman, who knew that there was an abuse ring in the area, that grandpa had been going apehsit about the local corruption and Sibley and co knew just how not to resolve a serious problem but to make it far, far worse. Although they provided this service for other kids at Sydenham School as well, it wasn’t just Mr Bridgy Celeb who suffered in that school. Miss Sibley was a Labour activist. So how about that time then Miss S when Sydenham School purchased at great expense that collection of exotic creatures, iguanas, pythons, chameleons etc, boasted about The Facilities in the locality and asked Mr Bridgy Celeb if he would like to help look after them when he was 11, being keen on creatures and keeping snakes himself at home? So once he took responsibility for the creatures, imagine his surprise when he went in one morning and all the creatures were dead, having been chopped up into small bits to ensure a long and painful death. Did that get any coverage in the Bridgwater Mercury or with the NUT and Labour Party?? I don’t remember so!

    Miss Sibley didn’t collude with the torture of amphibians – or pupils – on the French trip but she spent a lot of time with one of the girls from our school who was on the trip who spent her whole time writing rather Jackie-ish love letters to an ex back in Bridgy and tear-jerking letters to her mum and dad. She had been placed with a French family who she didn’t get on with, cried constantly, was really homesick, so Miss Sibley sat with her all day and every day reading the slushy mail home to Bridgy and comforting her.

    There was one reason only why that girl got the Best Friend treatment from Sibley: her dad was a member of staff at Chilton School and sat as a Governor of Chilton. There was trouble over conflict of interest but Nobby Clark the Caretaker – for it was he! – an aggressive Cockney who Would Have The Whole Fucking Staff Out On Strike Guv if he was questioned – told his critics to stuff off.

    Nobby was mates with the most abusive teachers at Chilton and was generally unpopular with the kids. His daughter was one of the few kids of staff who went to the school.

    Anyway, Sibley had to tread carefully indeed when Nobby’s daughter was placed with a rather uncaring family in France who couldn’t cope with a tearful teenager and would not react to the pleas of the teachers and behave any differently. Nobby’s daughter spent three weeks in floods of tears and wrote 12 page letters home to her friends and family literally daily because she was having such a hard time. There probably should have been questions raised as to why she had been placed with a family who couldn’t cope with a teenaged girl but as there were a few other disasters as well, the Bridgwater schools couldn’t afford to ask questions.

    The French exchange trips were it seems a bit of a freebie for certain teachers in Bridgy and no doubt for Sibley, standards at Sydenham were so low that I doubt much French was taught. My post ‘I Didn’t Know You Cared’ detailed the biography of J. Gwynfryn Morgan, a Giggler from south Wales who became Gen Sec of the Labour Party in the late 1960s and was busy in Bridgy when Mrs Brady had lunch with Thatch etc. In the 1970s, Morgan left Labour politics and bagged a series of jobs in the European Commission. He married again, a French woman. Being All Principled, Morgan was good mates with Douglas Hurd and David Steel, and campaigned with them for a Yes vote in the 1970s EU referendum.

    Readers might remember that before I went to Chilton, when we still lived at Bawdrip, because of the determination not to send me to Sydenham School, I went to King Alfred’s in Highbridge, the town in which Willie Franco the Welsh Giggler who was Head of Chilton lived and held office as a Labour Cllr; Franco’s daughters went to King Alfred’s. One was in my class and her older sister was known for being very quiet, very isolated and may well have had severe depression. There was an Ongoing Situation at King Alfred’s that caused the kids much entertainment but it shouldn’t have been happening; Mr Humphries the Deputy Head was a little egregious. He had the hots for the French teacher, actually a very popular teacher with the kids, she was very cool for 70s Somerset, wore culottes and had that dyed silver-grey hair that young women favoured at the time. Mr Humphries would just appear in the classroom, once we were all safely sitting with the headphones on doing French, and would feed the cool French teacher mints. It happened so often and with so many classes that it was part of the landscape of King Alfred’s. More worrying Mr Humphries was openly telling people that the Headmaster of King Alfred’s was a hopeless old bugger, Too Soft with the kids, what they needed was a Damned Good Hiding. Mr Humphries managed to say this to parents of prospective pupils and even kept contact with the parents who responded well to such unacceptable conduct. Mr Humphries Bonded with Mrs Brady thus. Mr Humphries never attempted to give me a Damned Good Hiding but he was a rather odd man, even in the eyes of a 12 year old.

    When I was 15 Chilton really pushed the boat out for school trips and a ski-ing trip to Austria was organised. I didn’t have a hope in hell of acquiring the dosh for Austria, it was very expensive, but one of my mates managed to get her parents to agree to send her. Then came the strings: a huge row over the fact that my friend did not have The Right Trousers For Austria. They pocketed her money and the week before the trip they imposed a Rule that jeans and cords were the Wrong Trousers because they’ll Get Wet and Not Dry Out.

    Who imposed the rule? Fiddler! Fiddler who had organised the ski-ing trip to Austria. Fiddler who spoke no languages other than Pompous English (I think he was Welsh but other aspects of Fiddler eclipsed his national identity), but who wanted a free holiday Supervising A School Trip to Austria. As with the school’s accusation that my friend had plagiarised her English coursework because No Pupil At This School Could Have Ever Written An Essay Of This Standard, my mate’s mum and dad had to do battle before she could go to Austria With Those Trousers.

    So how about this then MDU, as it was you propping up these shites – Margaret Rees the Leading Light in Sedgemoor District Council was married to alkie Dr Rees the seriously drunken Bridgy GP and although they weren’t teachers they were behind the Twinning of Bridgy with a town in France and the Rees’s were going on jollies to France with the town’s school teachers. As you felt it worth ruining the lives of people by smears, forged documents, perjury etc MDU, I’ll remind you of Mrs Fiddler’s previous as a Young Thing who’s family were big in the Bridgy Tories.

    Mrs Fiddler who really was as bladdered as buggery on a routine basis, who was found Drunk In That Sports Car Of Hers So Often While Her Baby Was Left At Home By Itself that the baby was removed from Mrs Fiddler’s care. That was before Mrs Fiddler was married to Fiddler, she was married to someone else when Nearly Every Day she’d be found Dead Drunk in that Sports Car of hers, Flopped in front of the wheel, ooh the police were finding her like it constantly.

    Furthermore it was a Red Sports Car, as Red As Those Toenails of hers. She was no better than she ought to be and a Hussy.

    And that is how these vindictive nasty criminals were able to conduct all-out vendettas against kids of 12. Because Mrs Fiddler had a Past: a Past at the time of Mandy Rice Davies buying that house in the Polden Hills, at the time of that person being drowned in the swimming pool at a Tory orgy in the Poldens and when Thatch rocked up to have lunch at the Clarence. Lord David Hunt was looking for a safe seat at the time but before he took over Wirral from Dafydd’s mate Selwyn Lloyd, Hunt worked as an organiser for the Tories in the West Country. Did you organise the orgies in the Poldens Lord Hunt? Because that is where the action was.

    David Hunt is now the Senior Partner in DAC Beachcroft an International Law Firm that handles work for the MDU.
    David Hunt was in the Welsh Office when I was arrested constantly by the Gang who were backed by the MDU.

    Fiddler’s wife’s past glory of being pissed out of her head in the Sports Car was of course exceeded by the activities of Fiddler himself. Mrs Fiddler at least explored Uganda with adults even if she wasn’t married to them but to someone else.

    Do you own this car Sir? May I see your driving licence? Oh, thank you Sir, Mind How You Go Fiddler.

    I await a comment from the MDU on my blog. My e mails are buggered so that’s the only way the Top Docs can contact me.

    1. Footnote:
      I and my mates used to feel quite sorry for Mrs Fiddler being married to Fiddler, it must have been awful. I used to suspect domestic abuse because they called each other Darling in public and would strut through Bridgy on a Saturday morning in their Best, arm in arm all Proper, not like the plebs. On the Austria trip kids reported screaming drunken rows coming from the Fiddlers Quarters and the next morning over breakfast it would be Darling again.

      A fucking nightmare and I suspect that Fiddler was the worst of the two.

      But no-one will communicate with me, my friends were damaged, killed, maimed, bankrupted and I have 10,000 documents that should have put David Hunt and his friends in jail years ago.

      Now what was it that Mrs Fiddler knew about who that enabled her horrible abusive husband and all of his mates to have a ball?

      Mrs Fiddler who was busy in the 60s?

      Anyone for Mandy Rice-Davies and her cottage in the Poldens ‘although she never lived there of course, she just bought it after the Profumo Affair’.

      Someone knows who killed the entire family of Mrs Astle as well, the teacher at Bawdrip School.

  9. I think the Head of King Alfred’s whom Mr Humphries thought was Too Soft and was planning to Overthrow as well was a Mr Edge. The Head of Lower School was Mr Gilroy who was no doubt in Mr Humphries view Too Soft as well because Mr Gilroy didn’t want to Thrash all the kids. There was a female science teacher called Miss Morrish who was rather odd in that she was very good with the first year kids but then became very unpleasant with them within a few months. She taught the remedial kids as well, so it was noted and remarked upon.

    The very unpleasant teacher was a man called Strickland who was appalling really, just terrorised the younger boys. However even with the presence of Humphries and Strickland the sort of chaos that prevailed at Chilton wasn’t evident at King Alfred’s. It’s only now that I’m thinking about it that I know that every teacher at King Alfred’s will have known how dreadful Chilton was, because of Willie Franco’s Standing In The Community in Highbridge, his role as a Labour Cllr and influence in the NUT.

    Just like Top Docs: that one down the road is mad and dangerous, our kids won’t be going there but we’re polite to him nonetheless and he’s in our union so no, we won’t be saying anything.

    I’m fairly sure that Fiddler lived at Durleigh, so I expect that Botney has been to one of Fiddler’s At Homes.

  10. Thanks Wise Owl
    I’d love to read the links that you are sending but my laptop still isn’t functioning properly and I can’t google or click on links!
    The radio news is just lies and nonsense about Coronavirus so I’m completely out of it re the latest news. I can’t even keep up with Insider deaths, although I did hear a couple of days ago that the Aber academic who taught Carlo to speak Welsh had pegged out. This old hypocrite had always Hated The Royals Ewe Know until he realised how deep the trough would be if he taught Carlo Welsh whereupon he changed his mind. I’m waiting to hear if the Crack of Doom has been found dead…

    In fact I’d love to know if Dafydd is still going!! How would I ever know if he died? He won’t be having the state funeral that he’d always planned with this blog on the go. The black horses with plaited manes won’t be towing a carriage through Llangefni with a coffin adorned with flowers spelling ‘Dr DA’ as he had always dreamed of. Such a shame, it would be just like Di’s funeral, we could chuck flowers at the coffin as it passed the Magistrates Courts, the Glanbia Cheese Factory and Chucky Chickens. And we could hire some Wailing Women to mourn.

  11. Sally, you dont dwell much on your opinions re coronavirus. There is so much going on with it, many American Drs and European Drs are actually saying that it is basically a spook and no more deadly than flu. If you look at the statistics, yes I think the mortality rate is about 0.03%. Millions of us have probably been exposed to it and actually had it without realising – there also must be immunity as all those that have recovered wouldnt actually have recovered if there wasnt immunity. Older people with compromised immunity systems are dying, but dont they anyway? Matt Hancock actually said last week at one of the 5pm briefings that 10,000 old people die in care homes every week in normal times – so why a great surprise with these deaths – any bug will spread like wildfire amongst the elderly and enclosed. The ‘lockdown’ is ridiculous and will for sure destroy even more lives. Alcohol consumption has risen 30%, domestic abuse is up, even children attacking their parents has alarmingly risen. How can an ‘off -licence’ be open yet a garden-centre be closed? The former is known to destroy people yet gardening and being outside is known to be good for both mental and physical health. Its really pathetic. How can lots of small businesses and the self-employed be suffering, yet not a single Gov employee has lost their job?
    We know that we need our immune systems functioning on all cylinders and for this we need Vits A,B,C,D (from sunlight, yet we are told to stay in),E, zinc, selenium, etc etc, plus fresh air, exercise and sleep. Why are the Gov not ramming all this info at us and The WHO for that matter (run of course by corrupt Tedros Adhanam)? The World Health Organisation should be ashamed of themselves, they are just a propaganda machine for China and Mr Kill Rates who is now of course its biggest donor as Trump has suspended funding.

    1. Hi
      No, I haven’t said much about Coronavirus; one reason was that the comments that you left on this blog a few weeks ago summed it up so well! There are very obvious lies being told, very obvious major disagreements between ‘experts’ and Govt Ministers who are clearly out of their depth and don’t know which ‘experts’ to listen to!

      It was entirely predictable that in households with domestic abuse people would be put at huge risk if they’ve been ordered not to leave their houses – so why are we so surprised about the admission that people are now in frank danger? – and I also hate to think of the toll that is being taken on the anxiety levels of people who believe the absolute nonsense coming out of Govt. I’m very lucky, I have a garden, a greenhouse and I live in such an isolated place I can go on my bike, out for walks etc without an insane police officer who has been given their orders by an idiot ordering me to not leave my house! But what does anyone think is happening to people in urban areas in flats with no garden? What about people in really bad housing or hostels etc, it’ll be awful for them.

      The one thing that the Coronavirus scare has shown is what a dreadful state the NHS and medical advisory service is in. The NHS has told people that they cannot do the job that they are there to do so Stay At Home and we’re being told to give them rounds of applause and Love The Docs and Angels! It is ludicrous. Well it’s laughable actually but on the sober side, it is an absolute insult to the many people who have been harmed by the NHS.

      Has everyone forgotten that immediately before the virus scare, the media was full of NHS scandals, absolutely full of them? Almost every NHS Board in Wales was in special measures and there was scandal after scandal pouring out of NHS Scotland and England. Those people who were giving interviews in the media about the dreadful way in which they were treated by the NHS haven’t disappeared. Instead they have to be insulted by this sentimental nonsense about us all Sending Kisses To The NHS. Their loved ones are still dead and no-one at all is interested in a robust analysis of just why what we are being told such conflicting nonsense about the virus scare.

      The only thing that I did want to know is what Boris and Carrie have called their baby. It’ll be the only thing coming out of Govt that we can believe at the moment!

  12. But do you think there is a deadly virus or do you think its a cover for something else? I dont know much about 5G but many say that is the real problem. The symptoms are more like altitude sickness than pneumonia caused by respiratory disease. The world economy has literally stopped. Apparently something is kicking off in America – its to do with child abuse.

    1. Emily, in my honest opinion this ‘virus’ is political and monetary. It’s kinda strange that Eurocentric countries seem to be most affected by the ‘crisis’. Bearing I’m mind most EU countries have seen an upsurge in people not best pleased with the EU lawmakers, for eg the UK, France, Italy. Added to that the US has a White House that isnt too keen on the EU either. But with all these ‘wars’ big big companies and individuals will make a killing from whatever taxpayers monies that are made available to fight it. These said companies and individuals won’t lose sleep that the small/medium business may go to the wall……….the bigger beast will just buy up the assets of those of whom hit the wall.

  13. Hi Emily
    My views haven’t really changed since we began our conversation about this when the panic first began ie. I don’t believe that the UK has been clobbered by a virus any more deadly than a flu as per normal! There may have been a deadly virus in China but because China is a secretive authoritarian state we have no idea at all about what has happened there. However I don’t think it’s a good idea to ‘blame China’ because we have an NHS that cannot do it’s basic functions but no-one will admit that! The discourse has become very racist in terms of some sort of mysterious Yellow Peril a la the 1920s.

    It really is very obvious what has happened: there has been some sort of virus of a sort that is not unusual and not deadly. The British politicians were lied to/misled by the medical establishment that has routinely been doing that for years anyway and because someone FEARED that there was a deadly virus in China, there has been chaos. In terms of the global response, the biggest problem is that the British cheats and liars have for years now dominated world medicine. We sent our fraudsters out to train and colonise the world in terms of healthcare and the world has suffered for it. There are a few countries who have not been colonised by our dreadful medical profession, such as er China! Japan tends to be light years ahead of us as well.

    I wouldn’t like to follow China politically but in terms of science, they are probably far better than us. In places like China or Japan, if a Top Doc is caught faking their research the consequences are very harsh. They are out of their careers, publicly disgraced and I think in China professionals have been executed for putting citizens in danger. While I would not recommend physically gunning down the GMC, Britain’s standard response is to cover up the disaster and promote everyone responsible. That is why we are in a mess.

    The virus scare has undoubtedly been used to erase the fact that until four weeks ago when we all were ordered to fall in love with the NHS, the reality was becoming very clear.

    I have noted Emily that although this blog is allegedly causing uproar, there have been no resignations! The usual crowd are filling the media, spouting nonsense, either pompousing or opening their hearts. Victoria Beckham was mentioned this morning; like Branson, this billionaire wanted dosh from the Govt to keep her worthless business going because she doesn’t want to pay her own staff. These are people who have spat in the face of Losers now for years, banging on about their abilities as Businesspeople. They are not Entrepreneurs, they have always been propped up by huge state assistance in various ways, far more than the person in a provincial town with a few staff who do have to work hard and pay their staff themselves.

    Why Victoria thinks that she needs to go public and admit that she Made A Mistake by trying to milk the Govt I don’t know. She needs to just bugger off and disappear because that fortune acquired by her and her husband was built on the sheer misery of a lot of people targeted by those we know and love. As was Branson’s. I have no problem at all with businesspeople per se, absolutely none, but for years now we have seen crooks, cheats, frauds and liars who have made a fortune by piggybacking on criminality or by simply receiving huge contracts from Govt to provide ‘services’ they don’t deliver. Real businesspeople know about this, are furious and have been derided for being small potatoes.

    The media who have for years built up Posh Spice into something that she isn’t have now turned on her because they Understand This Crisis!

    They ALL have filthy hands because no sane person has ever got involved with them!

    There are glimmers of hope throughout the idiocy though. The disaster that is the social care sector is finally getting the attention that it needs, although no-one has yet been brave enough to admit that the reason why the elderly and disabled are kept alive by people popping in twice a day for an hour who are paid the legal minimum and don’t even receive travelling expenses is that the NHS gobbles up every penny, is dominated by very highly paid people who will not stop troughing or admit their limitations. Until those greedy, selfish pompous people admit that the Screening is costing a fortune and Not Saving Lives, admit that they are running huge rackets with Big Pharma, admit that they don’t need to go to another Conference In New York To Share Expertise all paid for by the NHS and admit just how many very highly paid people there are in the NHS contributing nothing – meet our Executive For Transformational Change Ladies and Gentlemen! – there will be no-one to look after people who are just asking for help to get them out of bed in the morning, on the bog, showered and fed breakfast. The general public really do have no idea how much money is being stolen from the NHS or how many goodies some – not all, but some – NHS ‘staff’ enjoy. If one is unscrupulous and senior in the NHS it honestly is not a life of low-paid toil. The same situation prevails in universities; there are hard working excellent people, but everyone who works in those systems knows that you can look around and think ‘This should not be allowed to go on’.

    I also heard an interview with a climate change activist who made a salient point about how ludicrous it will be if the Govt gives millions to the fossil fuel industry to keep a polluting, dangerous show on the road that is unsustainable anyway. The economy being wrecked by a Govt that has been lied to by Top Docs about a virus may actually bring an end to the idiocy that saw affluent people from the west fly to wonderful places to discuss Climate Change in five star hotels or, a la Prince William, fly to the Himalayas to take a photo to show us all the glacier that is melting. If there weren’t already loads of other people flying to the Himalayas to show the glacier melting, I could understand why William’s venture could be worthwhile, but that glacier had received many visits from people who had arrived on the plane to wow at the effects of climate change.

    Climate and public health are important, they should not just be arenas for rich, indulgent ignoramuses to have a holiday, go on tele and spout rubbish about areas of science of which they so obviously knew nothing.

    By the way Emily, I have still not received a penny from the MDU or any communication from the many people named on the blog who treated me and others appallingly! Silence. Although I am still entertained by comments of ‘Christ how have you done it without being sued??’

    10,000 documents. 10,000 documents that should have put them all in jail years ago.

    My usual offer to amend anything on the blog that is inaccurate stands. I don’t want to wrongly accuse or blame and to be honest, the wrongdoing is so serious that I don’t have to wrongly accuse or exaggerate to find material for this blog. You lot behaved appallingly and you know it. If Adrian Bell does go to prison, all that will happen is it’ll be the tale of that Dreadful Man who did it all by himself and OF COURSE his doctor friends had no idea!!

    It is the Top Docs who need to be jailed, along with the lawyers and judges. They had more responsibility for the criminality than even the oafs of movie directors who are finally being named n shamed.

  14. I’ve been asked about a few more Bridgy people who knew me.

    Debbie Sellick. Yes, I was at Chilton with her but didn’t get to know her until we were at Bridgwater College. I got on very well with Debbie when we did get to know each other and she told me that at Chilton she’d been frightened of me because of what she had been told about me… Debbie had a friend called Claire Reed as well who I didn’t get to know until Bridgwater College.

    I have been thinking of Debbie throughout this blog because her mum was a foster carer. I haven’t said anything so far because I have absolutely no evidence at all that Debbie’s mum was ever part of anything awful and I knew foster carers in north Wales and elsewhere who were absolutely flattened when they tried to report abuse or wrongdoing. One woman’s husband was fitted up and imprisoned in Staffs when their foster children told them that a social worker had violently assaulted them. I know that Debbie’s mum fostered kids who went to Chilton and I know that two of them were targeted by highly abusive teachers. I have no idea whether Debbie’s mum knew about that, whether she did know and felt unable to say or do anything or whether she tried to raise concerns and was stamped on. As with honest Top Docs, Angels and social workers, one should not underestimate the intimidation that will be faced if they blow the whistle.

    As with everyone who knew me, no doubt Debbie and her friends will have been approached and pumped for info about me whether they realised it or not.

    Previous posts have discussed how just when the Gang were taking me to the High Court, there was a big investigation into Somerset mental health services and two homes for children hit the news too. It was only recently I was told that it was all Tony Francis; one of my friends who stood by me had parents who worked in mental health in Somerset and Tony didn’t want any credible witnesses popping up at any point to say er yeh, we remember our daughter’s friend, it was bad… So they were smeared. It may have been worse than I knew, their daughter certainly suffered for daring to be friends with me after the Gang moved in.

    There were problems in Somerset Mental Health and Social Services but let’s just say not ALL involved with those services were on board with the crime and some very concerned people were seriously worried. They were told to bugger off because one only needed to mention Thatch’s name…

    Furthermore even when the dodgy element in Somerset Social Services received a welcome boost from being able to drop Thatch’s name, what was going on will not have been as bad as Dafydd and co in north Wales. North Wales, Belfast, the North East, Leicestershire, Yorkshire and parts of London were the hotspots. Nowhere was good because criminals had the upper hand everywhere, but the worst in Somerset did not reach anywhere near what Gwynne and Dafydd did in north Wales. It was so bad and unaccountable there that people were transported to them from England and Ireland to be hidden and occasionally killed. There are bodies hidden at Denbigh, I know there are, and recent bodies as well. I’d be surprised if there are bodies at Tone Vale in Taunton no matter how lacking it was.

    Someone else who I’ve been asked about IS culpable, I remember her well, Lilian Cartwright, stalwart of Somerset Tories! Lilian was I’m sure a magistrate; she was known for dangerous driving and there were comments re she’s not being prosecuted because she’s a magistrate. There was a problem in Somerset with dangerous old dears on the road – my granny was one of them! – and the usual procedure was that the police would ask the relatives to ‘hide the car keys’ or whatever to keep them off the road. In Coultings, the hamlet where we lived, there was granny, and the grandpa of a farming family down the road. They were both too elderly to have ever taken a driving test, both were a total danger on the road but they did only go at about 20 mph. Lilian Cartwright was younger, went faster and did know that she was a danger on the road. She didn’t give a bugger.

    Now Then. The first outraged person re Lilian that I knew was Mr Bridgy Celeb when he was about 18. It seemed that Lilian was being widely discussed by the Youth Of Bridgy and because Lilian was an old buddy of Mrs Brady’s from the Luncheon Club – the visit from Thatch! – Mr Bridgy Celeb became very angry that Lilian just had to Mention Tom King etc to not be charged. Lilian who Sat On The Bench.

    So imagine my surprise when a few years later, Mr Bridgy Celeb palled up with Lilian’s son Stuart! I have mentioned Stuart before; he and his brother Nick went to private schools but I can’t remember where. They lived out near Biffen’s parents, Stert/Stockland somewhere out there, and local kids knew them but not from school. Stuart had academic difficulties and was the butt of jokes as a teen, more so than his brother Nick.

    Stuart was always one for putting his foot in it and talking in the manner of an elderly member of the Tory Party in Somerset, but my fuse with Stuart blew during my time at St George’s when Tory criminals from the Dangerous Sports Club colonised Fiddington and I was told that Stuart had declared that somebody ought to ‘punch me in the mouth’ to bloody well stop me talking. They were SEX OFFENDERS Stuart who were killing witnesses, they weren’t Just The Lads, they were serious criminals running a PAEDOPHILE RING.

    Stuart, being unemployable, was eventually purchased a job in auctioneering by his parents and the last time that I googled him, he was one of the lead auctioneers in Somerset. When I was at St George’s, Nick Cartwright was a junior lecturer at an agricultural college but I can’t remember which one. No-one seemed to have a problem with Nick, he was very quiet and not illustrious like Lilian and Stuart. Nick knew my relations who lived down the road from John Biffen, they were seriously wowed with Nick’s Good Job, equating it to Chief Scientific Officer of the World. He was actually a demonstrator on the first rung; I presume that Nick will now be working in a senior role in Agricultural Education somewhere.

    I am being told ‘Ooh they were a rough lot out at Stert’. Look, I was friends with some of those kids from the farms at Stert, the usual picture is being drawn: bumpkins and hayseeds molesting each other in the cowshed. There was a problem with some ADULTS behaving badly, but the problem rocketed out of all proportion because one of the neighbours who didn’t like the hayseeds became a Cabinet Minister in an utterly corrupt Govt that inflicted real damage upon the people with whom he grew up.

    The kids from Stert and Stolford were absolutely OK, it was they who were bullied by the Bridgy kids for being bumpkins – I can remember the chorus of ‘Here come the CUNT-ry cousins – AND were picked on by teachers who knew that their parents would not complain. They were farmers, they expected the kids to work, the kids didn’t get pocket money and have trendy clothes and if they got into trouble at school, the parents tended to think that the kids had done something wrong. It took a long time to dawn on that group of parents that there were a lot of teachers in Bridgy who were unfit to teach, they weren’t like the teachers at Dr Morgans in 1945!

    John bloody Biffen knew what was happening to those kids though but he wasn’t in the least concerned because they Didn’t Matter.

  15. Lord Glenarthur and the MDU haven’t left a comment on my blog yet so I’ll respond to a few more names that have been run past me.

    Vivien Butt. Bloody hell, Brown and I laughed at Vivien Butt for years. He lived in Combwich and I think he was the milkman there. My first encounter with Vivien Butt was in the summer of 1980, working on a farm near Biffens. I’d just got together with Brown but because I’d organised the holiday job before we really got together I went ahead with it and Brown came down to help as well when I was at work. That’s how Brown too had the Vivien Butt experience! Vivien Butt was really very unsavoury but he was such an idiot at the same time that it was hard to do anything but mock him really. The serious problem was the conversations that Butt was having with kids as young as 12 who wouldn’t have understood that this man was a wally.

    Vivien’s conversation ALL the time, during haymaking, having a break and a cup of tea etc was just sex, but in a ludicrous schoolboy porn mag fantasy way. It was so obvious that he just made it all up as he went along – it was ridiculous, ooh I have 12 girlfriends, ooh I can shag 11 times a night, Ooh I was going across the field and these two naked people jumped out ooh I thought that’s someone’s wife you’re shagging. It was endless and just laughable, BUT he did like chatting away to kids of 12 in this manner. He just made obscene comments at the older girls constantly – including me – who just saw him rather like the Sid the Sexist character in Viz. A complete idiot. I need to mention that Butt was in his 40s at least…

    There was one boy in particular who was in the company of Butt, a boy of about 12 or 13 who was helping that summer; I knew his two older stepsisters from Chilton School. He was Ashley someone, I can’t remember his surname, it was different to his sisters. It wasn’t Ashley who was the problem, he was absolutely fine, it was the nature of the conversations that Butt was holding with him. No responsible adult would have ever behaved in front of Ashley in the way that Vivien Butt did.

    Ashley’s older step-sister Alison went nursing when she left school and I have been asked if I knew that Alison somehow came into lots of money and went to live in Barbados or Bermuda or somewhere. The other step-sister went to London as a nanny with a posh family and there was a right row because the father of the family made her pregnant and she was back in Combwich with the baby. It wasn’t a secret, I felt quite sorry for her, they were all carrying on like it was 1950, Ooh pregnant without being married, instead of thinking well she seems to have been used and dumped in a very ruthless way.

    Anyway, the reason why Brown and I remembered Vivien Butt and his excesses wasn’t just from the farm near Biffens, it was because Vivien Butt turned up in our lives again. Horrendous, after we’d finished on the farm that summer, I thought well I’ll never have to see that big idiot again. Oh I couldn’t believe it, the next summer I think it was, Mrs Brady wanted a load of trees felling and logs chopping, no Brown wasn’t good enough to do it, she was going to get someone from Combwich who was a Real Log Chopper. It was Vivien Butt! We could not believe it, that big wally was at our house just as I was trying to revise for A levels. So we worked hard to steer clear of Vivien Butt, he buggered about with the trees, chopped a few logs, THEN although he was paid by Mrs Brady for his ‘work’, Vivien Butt nicked most of the logs! We watched him do it, he turned up with his trailer and the thieving bastard took most of them.

    Obviously there was no point raising concerns in a serious manner ie. Mrs Brady let that awful man into our garden for weeks then he robbed us blind anyway, but Brown and me did take the piss a lot and Brown would say things like ‘Vivien Butt’s made a fortune out of those logs, he won’t have to do the milkround anymore’.

    Well obviously because we were bugged, Douglas Hurd et al heard it all and for years afterwards we had in-jokes about Vivien Butt. How many hours did he keep it up last night I wonder?? How many girls off the tele has he shagged this week? I never saw the awful Vivien Butt again after 1981, but people have been asking me if I knew how toxic he was. It won’t have been him, he was a big thick idiot, it’ll have been John Biffen et al finding yet another person they could use.

    The one person who the kids in Combwich did take the piss out of who worked with us on the farm with Vivien Butt that year who might have done real damage – again he might not have realised – was an old bloke who had unusually arrived in Combwich to retire from Luton of all places. He had a different accent to everyone else, Brylcreem and nylon jumpers. I don’t know why he went to Combwich, he didn’t know anyone there and he was nothing like Somerset people at all, but he was very friendly and outgoing. He’d worked in a factory in Luton but seemed to have a lot of money; when I was older I thought that he was probably one of the famous cohort who starred in John Goldthorpe’s Affluent Worker sociology studies, they were from Luton. They had a lot more money than factory workers in Somerset – we couldn’t get over this bloke who was a retired factory worker who just seemed to have so much more money and petit bourgeois trappings. But then I’d barely been outside Somerset, I knew sod all about Affluent Workers as studied by Goldthorpe.

    The bloke from Luton did not carry on like Vivien Butt; in fact when kids were cheeky to him he would just walk off tut tutting. I don’t think he found Vivien Butt’s conduct in front of the kids acceptable at all but he wasn’t their granddad, it wasn’t his farm, so he would just walk off and not have to challenge Butt. Now I know the extent to which criminal MPs went to nobble people known to me, I’m wondering about the Luton bloke. The Tory MP for Luton for years was Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate the BMA scumbag Lord Charles Hill. Hill facilitated abuse, he knew Savile and was BBC Chairman, he was an utter shite who caused havoc for me after the Gwynne Row and for my friends. Hill died in Aug 1989, just as Bluglass handed in his Report about my complaint. Charles Hill was in the thick of the Profumo Affair. He won’t have missed a Luton-related opportunity to help Gwynne…

    I’ve been wondering what Hill was up to as Luton MP anyway; he was an awful man, he’ll have been the MP to cause trouble of some sort. Macmillan gave him a peerage in 1963, right in the midst of Profumo… John Goldthorpe’s Affluent Worker studies were the result of his fieldwork in the 1960s. Goldthorpe is really famous, but I did come across info recently indicating that Goldthorpe was one of the famous academics who was in the control of the Gigglers. It will have been Charles Hill, it didn’t occur to me at the time, I just thought Gosh another giant of sociology who toadied to Top Docs…

    For years Goldthorpe was THE sociologist of class. People like Mike Savage are more famous now but Goldthorpe started it all. Goldthorpe with the permission of Lord Charles Hill the Giggler! Hill who er worked for the security services from the 1940s when he was the Radio Doctor for Govt propaganda purposes.

    That Luton bloke arrived in Combwich in 1979. Anyone for Mr Thrope?

    Vivien Butt only had to mention Thatch’s name and no questions would be asked.
    Hey Thatch, Do you want a plug, snurr snurr snurr.

    I seem to remember hearing that Vivien Butt died… His GP was probably one Dr Johnson of Cannington Health Centre, friend of Charles Hill.

  16. I know what’s in Luton – Luton University, for years presided over by the proud VC and Access Champ Prof Les Ebdon!
    Les wrote a piece about mental health for the Times Higher when I was doing my postdoc work, so I wrote to Les and sent him an unpublished paper that Brown and I had co-authored on the subject and told him we had an interest in the matter but please could he not leak the paper, which was still in press.

    Hilarious, Les wrote me a very nice letter thanking me and saying ‘Have no fear, I will not plagiarise your work’. So I told Merfyn and said ‘Has Prof Ebdon contacted you?’ and Merfyn said no and then said that he didn’t even know about this VCs group that Les was leading, using some of my info. I just thought oh well a guvnors life is a busy one, Merfyn won’t get invited to everything.

    Some months later, when Miranda set up his Office Of Fair Access to Help Workers Children, Wimmin and Black People Get To University, Les Ebdon was put in charge. Again I didn’t think twice but because Les had left Luton University, they needed a new VC. Bill Rammell was appointed. I had written to Bill Rammell! He was Miranda’s HE Minister when the Widening Access policy was failing dismally so I wrote asking him if he’d be interested in our data. Rammell wrote back telling me that I would soon see that the New Labour Govt HE Policy would be highly successful. Bill’s policy failed so dismally that it has now been abandoned. Hard luck Bill, telling everyone that it will work didn’t mean that your unworkable policy would er work. Bill’s changed the name of Luton University now as well, because People Were Laughing. It is now called the University of Bedfordshire.

    I have discussed all this in previous posts. I only realised what Miranda had been up to when I found a pic of Prof Les Ebdon shaking hands with one Jimmy Savile, having given Savile an Honorary Doctorate just after I wrote to Les!

    The dreadful reality of Savile was revealed a few years later.

    Les, having grown up in Luton, in a Corporation House, and being so grateful to Luton Authorities for Giving A Boy Like You A Chance as you always told people in your Equality Speeches, did you ever bump into a rather pompous unpleasant Top Doc who worked for the security services and was friends with those who supplied the Tarts and Sluts for Cliveden? And do you know a bloke who worked in a factory in Luton who retired to John Biffen Central in 1979? You’ll recognise him in Somerset Les, he wears man made fibres of primary colours while haymaking.

    We can only be grateful that Les didn’t give Vivien Butt an Honorary PhD.

    Miranda knew about my correspondence to Les and Bill Rammell even if they didn’t contact Miranda first. Because Miranda’s folk hacked my e mails including the e mails that I wrote to Merfyn about Les Ebdon’s activities.

    No I never discussed Vivien Butt with Merfyn, but if anyone wants to spread the rumour that I did they’re welcome. It’s not as if they can look anymore ridiculous than they do already. Go on Botney, hold an At Home in Durleigh and invite a few from Combwich over and tap their memories.

  17. Yes I had noticed what I have now been told – Miranda was totally desperate that a Real Disadvantaged Student was doing a PhD on HE policy and mental health, doing it well, getting published before she had finished her PhD and she was a Real Science grad as well. Poor old Miranda, the Woman Of His Policy Dreams was me, and I was doing my PhD in Merfyn’s university.

    Miranda, it just didn’t matter. You needed to stop ticking boxes, stop the silly stereotyping and start thinking. I didn’t spend my waking hours dwelling on my Identity as a Woman With A Hidden Disability On A Low Income From A Disadvantaged Background. I was thinking about sociology, history and medicine which is what I was keen on. Sadly I had to also deal with death threats and being violently assaulted by people whom you idolised, supplied with huge funding streams and gave more and more power.

    PS Miranda, I only even thought about my disadvantaged background when I was well into adulthood. I took Col Brown’s view: I didn’t grow up with money – Edward du Cann had stolen it all – but I did receive an education; which probably helped keep me alive when I was in the hands of all those caring people. Ironically I received that education from the psychopaths who were fuming that I was able to make use of that education and carried on passing exams despite their best efforts… You are a complete fool Miranda, just leave public life now, you are never going to recover from this you vile creature. And give me my money.

  18. Thank you for remembering my rant of a weeks ago!! And thank you for answering my question. So many statistics coming out now – we know so much more about this virus. I wa speaking to an elderly gent yesterday both his wife and her sister suffering from cancer, all treatments stopped. Hospitals are empty, all the nurses jigging around so he like me no longer ‘claps’ for them on a Thursday eve. So many people just believe the crap they are told and are not questioning anything. Doctors coming forward are being censored on social media platforms. a Swiss study saying that young children do NOT carry or infect others has been completely ignored. We dont get immunity, well of course we do, wouldnt have recovered otherwise, mortality rate 0.03% same as flu, yet we still stay locked down. In New York 15,000 deaths yet in Tokyo with 1mill more people only 100 deaths!!! Oh in NY hospitals get paid a lot of money for a Cv19 patient and even more if they are on a ventilator. One person in a care home tests positive and dies, some more die (as old people do), dont get tested but they must of course be Cv19 deaths. 120,000 tests achieved yesterday which is great the more tests the better – but they need an antibody test too. 65m ish of us or poss 70m of us are still very much alive and kicking lol. I still go out, I dont wear a mask and will not have a vaccine.
    I am so very glad that the so called ‘Victoria Winckler’ situation came to nothing. I thought at the time it sounded weird, I rang their office at the time and the person who wrote the letter didnt apparently exist!!!

  19. It wasn’t a rant Emily, it was a well-argued concise deconstruction of the nonsense that the general public were being told about Coronavirus!

    People tend to be told that they are ‘ranting’ if they present an argument that opposes the dominant opinion of the company in which they are in when that company cannot dispute the argument of the ‘ranter’. If the ranter argues fiercely they will definitely be accused of ranting. A real rant is something different. Furthermore if someone is having a real rant – my father was an expert in the field – it is usually because they feel so strongly about something that it might be worth wondering what is fuelling the rant. I have no problem with ranting at all, probably because I learnt to cope with it young as it were, the only thing that pisses me off is if it is a rant with people not listening to my side of the argument. Interestingly enough, a lot of people do that without ranting! I spend a lot of my time – even with my mates – having to say ‘Hang on, LISTEN, you’ve missed the point/jumped in/wrongly predicted what I’m going to say etc…

    I’ve been considering rants recently now that I’ve begun to unearth some of what happened to father when I was too young to remember, and him being a very angry person makes a lot of sense. I knew that it was all rooted in the Maurice Macmillan business because of his reactions if anyone ever touched on the farm in Devon. I could just see that it must have been really, really bad with a lack of understanding on the part of other people as to what might have happened.

    I recognised the same syndrome in me years later when people would comment on why Brown didn’t own a house, why he had such little money, why he was so outstanding but was working in a low status university. I just used to say ‘Brown had me to look after, for a long time AND he shared his money with me too’. I could hardly begin to go into what had happened to us! Two people – who I liked as well, they weren’t being unpleasant – said ‘Brown has chosen not to save or buy a house, he has been on a professor’s salary for years’. I didn’t say a word but I did think ‘You REALLY don’t know what happened to us, you have no idea at all…’

    I knew that a few seriously bad things had happened to father and I knew that some very vicious lies were told about him, but I didn’t know that people like the security services, the Krays and Bob Boothby were involved. I grew up knowing Ooh Maurice Macmillan swindled us and Edward du Cann was a crook, but I had no idea that these people were, years after exposure, mates with the Royal Family, Chairmen of some of the biggest companies in the world etc!

    I can see why when I was a robust teenager father sometimes just shook his head in despair at me when I was demanding that certain people should be bloody well dealt with NOW, as he repeated look, you can’t touch the bastards, they are the sodding law!! It was father who showed more knowledge of how the C of E worked when the awful reality of Mr Rigg the Dirty Vicar became evident. He told us ‘He will not go, he is a vicar, no-one will get rid of him. If he goes to prison, he will be back as a vicar when he comes out, you will never get rid of a vicar’. He was dead right as well. I don’t know HOW father acquired that inside knowledge of the C of E, but he was the only person who was spot on about what would happen. Rigg was so bad that people really did think that he’d have to go, but he never did! He was there 20 yrs after the delegation went to the Bishop and were told that the Church will deal with it…

    Father was also right about the gross abuses of the state. It was well-known that he kept us away from Top Docs as much as possible – the only exception was stitches for injuries and tetanus jabs, all farmers and gardeners were very aware of tetanus, when I was a kid the older generation could still remember lockjaw, it was not something that one wanted to contract.

    Well just look what they were doing, just look what happened when for the first time in my life, I ended up going to a fucking doctor! Brown told me not to and I had been brought up not to, God tolerating Wood and giving him chances every time he let the mask slip was the biggest mistake I EVER made.

    I had one indication when I was growing up why father Kept Us Away. I once heard that after Maurice fucking Macmillan bankrupted father, he just couldn’t cope and he was in the farmhouse not answering the door or opening the letters – standard response when someone knows that they’ve had it financially – and a Lovely Old Doctor turned up and did the Dafydd bit suggesting that father should be banged up in the equivalent of Denbigh. I don’t know how the eventuality didn’t happen, but the info has been coming into the blog that Maurice et al wanted only one outcome after they robbed us: the whole family smeared a la the Posher victims like the Harlechs and the Maudlings, Ooh all mad you know, all criminals, tch tch. It was because they wanted to smear grandpa and discredit him because he had told everyone that they were a bunch of bloody crooks.

    Father definitely had a degree of knowledge re the gross abuses of the state that other people around me didn’t seem to have. During all the trouble at Chilton School that I have discussed, at one point Mrs Brady claimed that the dreadful Willie Franco told her that I ought to see a psychiatrist! It was probably an educational psychologist, one of my mates was sent to one via the school after that bug heard me telling her about the letter from Theodore Goddard. Father just blew, did a classic rant ‘She is NOT going anywhere near one of them. Just because those teachers can’t run a school properly…’

    I now know that the educational psychology service was being misused in exactly the same way that the mental health service was. This was not about helping distressed kids, this was about discrediting kids who were witness to wrongdoing and at the worst end, targeting kids for organised abuse. Father would never have used those phrases, but he seemed to realise that these people were dishonest and often not what they should be. Standard teaching in the Caring Professions is that parents who carry on like father are Abusers who are Covering Their Tracks. Now in some cases that is true, but what does one do if the Professionals are Abusers and one parent is well-aware of that, but it’s the angry old farmer whom no-one really knows because he’s quite isolated and has had really bad experiences with the Prime Minister’s son?

    I now confuse people even more than father did. I look and sound like a Guardian reader, but I LOATHE the welfare state, I HATE IT. It destroys lives, absolutely wrecks them and is only benefiting pampered corrupt middle class people who are employed to run it. I am however an old leftie who doesn’t oppose the concept of a welfare state at all, I am just fed up with the people who work in it ignoring the damage that it does to so many people who’s opinions can be ignored because they Don’t Matter.

    If ever I had had children, I would undoubtedly have lost them to that gang of sex offenders who stole F’s baby. And no doubt it would have been Written that I was an Abuser too because as any fule kno I was Abused by my father and my grandfather. Er no, I wasn’t, and I repeatedly said that when I was TOLD that I was and asked to SIGN DOCUMENTS saying so. Like the girl in Llanberis who’s dad went to prison because her sister signed the false confession. She refused to and was later found dead.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE WHO HAVE REFUSED TO REPLY TO MY E MAILS telling you that very serious allegations were recorded as fact upon my medical records by Wood and Francis and sent to third parties without my permission or knowledge. It is LIBEL.

    Anyone for a Royal Lobotomist?

    I never expected to make this sort of thing public, but as those libellous and forged documents were sent to newspapers and politicians anyway by the Top Docs, I have decided to go public. Because this is what Gwynne, Dafydd and Tony Francis were doing to people and a lot of other people didn’t survive, let alone end up with a PhD and write a few books.

    I want an explanation Lord Glenarthur and the MDU, this is serious stuff. The deliberate framing of members of a family who were close to the family member who denounced a big businessman and a Tory politician which led to Thatch becoming PM, and God knows how many deaths and miscarriages of justice. You don’t do this to people for years on end and then hide when they get their paws on 10,000 documents that should have put people in jail years ago.

    The Gang destroyed north Wales, they have destroyed it. Get out to Denbigh and recover those bodies and begin to tell the truth re the enormity of the crime. I’m sick of these stupid worms crying when they are caught and then reverting to type 10 mins later when, as usual, they have been let off after Lessons Were Learned.

    Wood was still in his 30s when he made those gross libels about father and sent them to third parties on the grounds of no evidence. He is now over 70. Oh do wake up you stupid idiots, what do you imagine that he has done to other people over the last 40 years??

    DGE Wood – at the Krays’ Service.

    I’ll just remind everyone that nearly 20 years ago, a member of Hergest’s own staff used public interest disclosure legislation (whistleblowing) to raise concerns about staff treating patients with ‘hostility and prejudice’ and documenting ‘gossip and rumour’ as fact and basing decisions on that ‘gossip and rumour’. It was the Hergest whistleblower and he was talking about me. He stated that what was going on was disgusting and he was aware that it was happening to other patients as well. His PID letter was sent to Alun Davies, then the Director of Mental Health Services. Davies wrote back ignoring the content of the PID giving the Hergest whistleblower a bollocking for Using NHS Trust Headed Notepaper when he was writing in a personal capacity. Because as any fule kno, no other member of staff believed that there had been any Inappropriate conduct towards me at all. At any time. Not even when Davies was keeping my medical notes at his house for all those months.

    Can I have my money please Lord Glenarthur, this is all a little beyond the pale isn’t it? You owe me for the porn as well, the porn made in the Peep Show without my permission. Porn Stars of my Calibre are usually highly paid Lord G, the MDU needs to dig deep into it’s pockets for this. This blog is a public service offered free of charge but porn without my permission when I’ve been abducted and imprisoned isn’t.

    Can someone investigate the deaths of the many dead Harlechs and William Maudling as well?

    Harold Macmillan. We had a gangster as a PM and it was Brenda wot wanted him imposed after Eden was forced out by the Royal Doc. Harold’s son ruined my father and tried to frame him for serious crimes while Harold’s son’s mother was having an affair with Bob Boothby, the Queen Mum’s friend.

    I’ve also been told that a murder was committed at the house where I lived as a teenager and no it wasn’t father wot did it. The security services recorded it because they had bugged the place re concerns that a leftie student like me and my friend Brown might be up to all sorts. We certainly weren’t murdering anyone Hurd! I can’t be bothered re the murder; not because I don’t care about the person who I’ve been told was murdered but because I despair of a security services that can record such things and tell me decades later, when they also seem to have recorded assaults on patients, a murder at Denbigh, attempts to set fire to my house, plans to kill my friend Anne…

    Where were you then everyone? Where were you? Oh I remember, at least recently. Miranda was hacking my e mails and demanding that Merfyn should be kicked out as VC!

  20. “Western Europe, which consists of 10 countries (Worldometer’s definition) if you include U.K. and exclude Scandinavia, has a population of 260mil. The 3 countries of North America has about 500 mil. Combined, they represent 9.6% of the global population. This 9.6% of the global population has 67% of total Covid cases and about 80% of global Covid deaths.
    East Asia (China, Taiwan, The Korea’s and Japan) and SE Asia (excluding the Philippines and Indonesia) have 2 billion people (1.7 bil is population of what is called East Asia by Worldometer) or 25% of the global population. They together have 4.1% of all cases and 2.5% of all deaths.
    On a per million basis, the “West” has 2930 cases per million. The ‘West” has 253 deaths per million. “Asia” has 68 cases per million (about 1/50th of “West” and 3 deaths per million (1/85th of West.)
    Putting aside any one of the 5 million theories that can explain this, one that we can safely exclude is “randomness”. Having never looked at these numbers before, it had never occurred to me that this magnitude of difference was remotely plausible.”
    A comment by Michael Rulle at:

    Unbelieveably? there were ‘only’ 9 reported deaths in Beijing and 7 in Shanghai.

  21. Thanks James,
    Useful observations.

    Thank you for including the links in your comment, but I have had to edit them (I haven’t edited anything else); you might not have seen my recent comment that my laptop is not working properly, I can blog and have access to limited functions, but I can’t google, access e mails or click on links. Because in the past people sent links that linked in turn to anti-Semitic abuse and porn, I don’t put any links up at all unless I can read and check them. Even if you have included links in good faith, those links might lead to other links that are not in good faith.

    The only links that I am posting up without reading are those in comments from Dr Richard Haynes and Wise Owl; they have been corresponding with me for ages, I know them well and I can risk putting their links up because they seem to be cautious as well.

    So do leave more comments if you wish, me removing your links is not an attempt to silence you or skew your arguments. Thanks.

  22. James, very interesting figures indeed. As you say 5 million theories out there. Interesting MSM dont discuss such FACTUAL statistics. I heard a clip on Radio 2 news yesterday at 9am – a Dr actually said “if you were not worried about dying this time last year, there is no reason to be worried about dying today” – that was a really comforting bit of common sense BUT I never heard that clip again all day on any MSM, or social media. I would love to know who that Dr was – it was probably a mistake by the BBC and has since been sensored like everything else which threatens to destroy the ‘plan’.

  23. Yes Mick, its very interesting too as it is a big election year in America. Americas chief medical man Tony Fauci took illegal virus research over to China and gave the Chinese Lab £3.7m to meddle with viruses, to make a hybrid, to make it more deadly – errr why would you actually want to do that anyway???? This info is now freely available and there are thousands calling for Fauci to be sacked at the very least. Trump has all this info, he knows the Cabal dont want him around, he wants to open up America again – if the economy is trashed will they vote him in again – well yes i hope they do!! Many people are starting to wake up to the con, falsification of death statistics , thats even going on here. Not sure, due to the NHS system if extra money is paid to a Cv19 victim – it certainly is in USA and even more is handed over if a patient is put on a ventilator. But still the nurses get laid off!! Hospitals are empty here. The Nightingales have no patients, waste of time and resources – if there is a virus of course. Of course nurses here have plenty of time to sing and dance.
    And now they are saying that the old people are dying in care homes. Well is that actually surprising – they do anyway and we all know about bugs and care homes. The Govs slogan ‘stay home, save lives , protect the NHS’ has worked so well that people still dont want to leave their homes – even they have admitted its going to be tough to get people going again. I realise that the magic figure is the R value. But how will anyone know precisely what that is going to be unless every day we test everyone – as of course it will vary in different areas. If it can always stay below 1 then ‘eventually’ the virus will have no hosts left but how long could that take? People need to get out in the fresh air, adapt to it and accept it, if it is actually out there at all. A vaccine with nothing in it could be administered at the moment and the sheep would suddenly all feel happier and start going out again. The lady that I was behind in the supermarket queue was so stressed, nothing I could ever say to her was going to pacify her, very jittery and jumpy and quite frankly petrified. Very sad and there are hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people like her. Social and economic engineering by fear – there is a famous quote “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” – very apt in these crazy times.

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