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Just think about it O Breakers of Glass Ceilings, after reading previous posts.

Dickie and David, who’s father Sir Frederick was Principal of what became Leicester University, an institution that for decades concealed the abuse ring in Leicestershire, including when Lisa’s dad Dipak Nandy worked there:


A lifelong supporter of Chelsea Football Club, Dickie served as a Director of the club from 1969–1982 and between 1993 and 2008 held the honorary position of Life Vice President. On 30 November 2008 Dickie was honoured with the title of Life President at the club’s stadium, Stamford Bridge.

Dickie was also head of the consortium Dragon International Film Studios, which was constructing a film and television studio complex in Llanilid, Wales, nicknamed “Valleywood”. In March 2008, the project was placed into administration with debts of £15 million and was considered for sale of the assets in 2011. A mooted long-term lease to Fox 21 fell through in 2015, though the facilities continue to be used for filmmaking.



De Montfort University was also on board with the ring. After Brown completed his PhD at Leicester University without being given access to basic facilities yet alone adequate supervision although the ESCR were paying Leicester University for that, Brown taught at Aston University (where he had completed his first degree) and after being forced out of his job in July 1995, the month in which Bing Spear and Peter Morrison were found dead, Brown then began working at De Montfort University in Leicester, previously Leicester Poly. Previous posts have discussed some of those of the gang’s circle who then began finding themselves jobs at DMU or even roles on the governing body or as Chancellor. I have just discovered another such person who had gone under my radar, the 7th Earl of Leicester.

Edward Douglas Coke, 7th Earl of Leicester, CBE, DL (6 May 1936 – 25 April 2015),[1] styled Viscount Coke between 1976 and 1994, was an English nobleman. The Earl of Leicester was one of Norfolk‘s leading figures and played a key role in preserving and modernising the Holkham Estate over the last 40 years.

Lord Leicester was the son of Anthony Coke, 6th Earl of Leicester, and Moyra Joan Crossley, Countess of Leicester. Born in 1936 in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) where his father had settled as a young man before inheriting his title and estate, he spent much of his childhood on a remote farm in South Africa.



His grandfather, a younger son of the 3rd Earl of Leicester, had been killed at Gallipoli a week after providing covering fire for the first troop landings, which took place a hundred years to the day before his grandson’s death.

Holkham Hall, Norfolk

By the 1960s it was clear that Edward Coke’s father was next in line to succeed to the Holkham estate and that he was himself the next heir. In 1965, at the age of 29, Coke came to England and settled in the Holkham area to take up farming and familiarise himself with the estate.

By early 1973 Coke had taken over the management of the estate, which had become severely in need of improvement. Of the 300 houses on the estate, only around thirty had bathrooms, the Hall was still heated by open fires, and, as he later said, the Park Farm was possibly the only loss-making farm in the country. This was the start of a lifelong project to modernise farming, the estate’s buildings, and the Hall, to ensure a viable legacy for future generations. In 1996 he won the Laurent Perrier Award for Conservation, specifically recognising outstanding conservation work carried out to ensure the sustainability of the grey partridge population.

In 1976, following the death of the Thomas Coke, 5th Earl of Leicester and the decision of his father, the 6th Earl of Leicester, to remain in South Africa, the 7th Earl took over full responsibility, as Viscount Coke, for the management of the Holkham Estate. Upon the death of his father in 1994, he became the 7th Earl of Leicester and owner of the estate.

Norfolk – organised abuse -‘The Science Of Animal Behaviour’ – Gwynne and Dafydd’s associates in the UNA – NAMES –

Jim Prior, Thatch’s Cabinet colleague – N Ireland Secretary, DATES, – his son Lord David Prior – outline

Main cheerleader – Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate David Ennals, Labour MP for Norwich, DATES, and Sunny Jim’s Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1976-79, was central to concealing the abuse and criminality in Norfolk. Ennals – AAM – brother John – AAM – brother Martin – AAM – also Amnesty

In DATE Amnesty adopted Nelson Mandela as a prisoner of conscience yet refused to support the Birmingham Six – Brown caused ructions at a public event when he questioned a senior figure from Amnesty about this, because the audience didn’t know. NAME, former TITLE of Amnesty turned up at DMU as senior colleague – openly very hostile to Brown

Dipak worked race relations field – details

Bangor University – ceremony in 2011? or 10?? – hon fellowships for three VIPs – Rhodri Morgan, David Attenborough, Desmond Tutu

Rhodri the Ale Twat very hostile to Merfyn – also audience packed with people not of BU who intimidated me – inc from NW Wales NHS Trust – Martin Jones went to hit me in a corridor which he thought was empty but a colleague of mine didn’t let me out of her sight when we realised that Martin was on the premises and popped out from behind a pillar where she had been discretely watching

who organised the presence of so many people who had been actively involved in intimidating and harassing me and were so hostile to Merfyn – very obvious attempt to sabotage the event

The Earl was passionate about the Hall’s extensive art collection and was a keen patron of the arts, loaning many paintings to galleries and exhibitions both nationally and internationally. One of his last initiatives was to suggest a display (now in preparation) in the Hall about the Magna Carta and the role played by his ancestor the 17th century lawyer, Sir Edward Coke, in preserving its values. With the help of his second wife, Sarah, new vitality was breathed into the Hall by careful repair and refurbishment; open days were transformed by the removal of ropes and the addition of flowers in the state rooms; the Marble Hall hosted classical concerts and staff parties. They deliberately occupied two different wings of the Hall in summer and winter, to maximise use of the whole house.

Leicester married Valeria Phyllis Potter, daughter of Leonard A. Potter, on 28 April 1962. They had three children and six grandchildren.

  • Thomas Edward Coke, 8th Earl of Leicester (6 July 1965) he married Polly Whately on 21 December 1996. They have four children.
  • Lady Laura Jane Elizabeth Coke (14 March 1968) she married Jonathan Paul in 1993. They have two sons:
    • Barnaby Edward Oliver Paul (3 May 1999)
    • Fergus Paul (9 January 2005)
  • The Honourable Rupert Henry John Coke (1975)

They were divorced in 1985. Leicester married secondly Sarah Forde, daughter of Noel Henry Boys Forde, in 1986, her second marriage. The Countess served as High Sheriff of Norfolk, 2013-14.

Alongside overseeing the management of the estate the Earl of Leicester found time to play an active role in public life. Amongst the positions and offices he held were Leader of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk (1980–1985), Chairman of the Council’s Planning Committee (1987–1991), an English Heritage Commissioner, Trustee of the North Norfolk Historic Building Trust, Founder Trustee and Chairman of the De Montfort University Global Education Trust, Trustee of the Royal Anglian Regiment, Chairman of the Country Landowners Association, Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk, President of the Ancient Monuments Society and President of Wells RNLI. He served as President of the Historic Houses Association (HHA), 1998-2003, in which capacity he was appointed a CBE for services to heritage. He continued his work with the HHA as a Patron.

The Earl was an active field sports enthusiast and was proud of Holkham’s reputation as the birthplace of driven shooting. Over the years, as a lover of working dogs, he hosted the Kennel Club’s Retriever Championships and Spaniel Championships on the Holkham Estate. In 1978 he held a country fair in the park to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Sheep Shearings held by his ancestor, the famous farmer, ‘Coke of Norfolk’, and it became the first of many such regular events.

In October 2005, Lord Leicester retired from the active management of the estate and handed over control to his son, Tom, Viscount Coke (who is now the 8th Earl). He moved to another property on the estate in 2006 but continued to take a keen interest in the continuing improvement of the Hall, the estate and its buildings.

Lord Leicester died in the early hours of 25 April 2015. He leaves a widow, Sarah, Countess of Leicester, three children, and seven grandchildren.[5]

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. I’m experiencing hampering from an unknown source re finishing my previous posts, so I’ve just begun a new one.
    Progress on all unfinished posts will continue as possible and I’ll let readers know when each one is completed…

  2. Readers familiar with the subject area will know that dear old Lord Wyn Roberts expected to become Secretary of State for Wales after all those years of toadying to Thatch and covering Gwynne and Dafydd’s arse and everyone else expected him to bag that job as well. Wyn never did and although he remained polite in public about it, everyone knew that it was the sort of snub that Eric Sunderland endured with Pain In His Heart when he wasn’t given a K for his loyalty to the Gang. (In view of what Eric did for them, he probably deserved to be PM, they’d have all gone to jail without Eric and UCNW would have closed.) When Wyn died there was a collective howl of Wyn Woz Robbed…

    I’ve just read the old bastard’s autobiography that includes extracts from his diary and it seems that he and everyone else thought that Wyn was a dead cert for the job of Welsh Secretary after the June 1987 General Election. No, Thatch gave it to the Gang’s man in the city, Peter Walker, and Wyn and entourage were fuming. Wyn had spent the last few months helping the Gang with their Cunning Plan re fitting me up for a serious offence and jailing me in Risley. It unravelled in July, but Thatch and Wyn didn’t know that it would… They really thought that I’d be in jail…

    Something happened that changed Thatch’s mind. Walker and Wyn went back to Grocer Heath’s day and they were both loyal servants of the Gang, but Walker was English, not interested in Wales and didn’t ever live in Wales and there was much hostility to him because of that.

    Does anyone know if Wyn missing out was related to possible fears of Wyn being exposed as a child abuser? There were accusations of that, but never concrete evidence. I knew that he was mates with Gwynne and Dafydd, he was in the thick of that Gang and was undoubtedly facilitating serious crime. I’m wondering if the arrest of Ollie Brooke and my complaint made Thatch wary, lest it all unravelled. In the run-up to the June 1987 GE, the Gang were going nuts in my direction, Brown and I were in Leicester, we were bugged by MI5 who heard us telling people what had happened, and they were students at Leicester Univ who told other people… Ollie’s Appeal was heard in May 1987 and his sentence was cut but I think for political reasons he wasn’t released until June… I’ve got to correlate dates in detail, but Thatch arrived in Llandudno in March 1987 for a meeting with Wyn and his ‘supporters’. I imagine that Dafydd could have been there, it was some sort of crisis meeting…

    If any readers know what it was that made Thatch back off, can they let me know? There were also lies told by Top Docs about Nicholas Edwards health, giving Old Nick the reason to stand down to make way for a new Welsh Secretary in June 1987. Edwards wasn’t ill, he lived until I began this blog, he stepped down so that he could become a Director of the companies to benefit from the development of Cardiff Bay, the plan bankrolled by public money that he had pushed through as Welsh Secretary…

    1. BTW, Can someone please PAY ME MY MONEY in these days of compensation payments, Raised Awareness and Trigger Warnings?

      MONEY PLEASE. SIMPLE REALLY, if Lord Brammall can net thousands for being offended, if Leon Brittan’s wife hits the jackpot for being rather upset, can anyone explain why I haven’t had a wad for being targeted by a gang of sex offenders when I was 12, for being systematically victimised by the gang’s accomplices, for being ignored when I warned the whole bloody world of a possible murder, which it seems was committed and concealed, then a few years later there was another one…

      Meanwhile my mate was killed and Brown was the subject of a murder attempt, as was his brother.

      So can the Top Docs stop whinging and screaming and bloody well explain how this happened because it wasn’t orchestrated by Young Thugs or farm workers or old men in flashers macs, this was Top Doctors, given full support by the BMA, MDU, GMC and the UK’s most senior judges…

      BTW if I start wailing on about being triggered, will anyone take the slightest bit of notice? Er no, I don’t think they will actually. But then I Don’t Count do I?

      Here’s a thought. When Esther first discovered Child Sexual Abuse, in order to Lift The Stigma, in one TV show, Esther paraded on screen a series of kids who had been molested. People I knew who were not experts gawped in horror. The kids were publicly identified. Probably further targeted by every paedophile watching.

      Esther, if my friend Peter Webb sitting in Denbigh could identify that it was very unacceptable to have a six yr old on your show reciting the joke Q. ‘How do you make a snooker table laugh?’ A. ‘Tickle it’s balls’. Why couldn’t you? Brown later provided an excellent analysis of how such a scenario was an excellent lesson in teaching paedophiles to engage children in sexualised conversations….


      I’m indebted to ‘The Guardian’ for continuing to publish articles of a grossly insensitive nature in the face of the contents of this blog. You’re supposed to be Sensitive to the likes of me Guardian…

      Can I have my money please everyone? You’ve put me At Risk. Such Serious Risk that I’ve got undercover policeman living next door to me. I needed them 30 yrs ago but they weren’t that interested then.

      I’ll wait to hear a bit more about Listening to Survivors Voices then. Can we reprioritise and pay the compensation first? Lord King, are you there??

  3. After my recent comments on this blog re Constance Briscoe the Mad Black Lady Judge who was planning on cosmetic surgery to have bones in her feet removed because she wanted to wear Little Strappy Sandals being an MI5 sense-of-humour plant in Michael Mansfield’s Chambers as a pupil barrister because MI5 were a little concerned about MM, I’ve received info that Spandex Dave was a plant as well.

    Spandex Dave was a law student at Leicester University in 1987 when I was sharing Brown’s house in Leicester. Spandex Dave was in Rock Soc and was notorious for his Spandex trousers a la the members of Spinal Tap, but even more notorious for having designed a guitar in the design of a pair of testicles and a penis and rigging a system of Fairy Liquid-generated foam that ejaculated from the guitar at the climax of the performance as it were.

    Spandex Dave and the guitar were known far and wide but they did offend the Wimmin of Leicester University, in particular Natasha White the sour cow of a Woman’s Officer whom the wimmin students themselves wanted to remove but Natasha was backed by bastards of that parish. When Brown and I were invited on to Gus MacDonald’s Right To Reply show in 1987 to discuss Bernard Manning and I couldn’t go because I had to go to work at the dreadful CRC Labs in Nottingham University, Natasha muscled in on my place. Brown’s nicer than me and he tolerated Natasha but I heard a great deal about the problems that she was causing from other students… I’ve been told that Natasha cultivated Brown while treating other students like shit in an attempt to paint Brown as one of Natasha’s circle that wouldn’t have done Brown much good.

    It was Frank Beck and Greville’s mates, they had control of the whole of Leicester including the University and the City Council which funded the Wimmin’s Groups… I wondered why Leicester University had so many law students who were a bit like Spandex Dave, sort of rebellious and entertaining, but all of whom said that they’d never enter law as a career. It seems that MI5 had a healthy scattering of plants on the law degree because law, medicine, social work and education at Leicester were particularly useful to Beck and Greville, and the students were being inducted into the ring…

    Lisa Nandy’s dad and his mates taught at Leicester University. They were among the crowd who didn’t like Spandex Dave et al.

    I wonder if MI5 infiltrated the Windsor Suite? The Windsor Suite when Brown was mates with the Windsor Suite crowd was a place in Leicester in which a bunch of Spandex Dave-esque young people gathered and partied. The bog had somehow disappeared, it was just the base left so people who wanted to go to the loo had to aim their nether regions over the hole in the ground. One day one man ripped the cooker off of the wall and chucked it out of the window. Brown said there was a bang and a blue flash, then darkness. So Brown went out, retrieved the cooker and wired it back up again. Anyway, a few years later, the same crowd invited Brown to meet up with them again and he said it was awful, the shack in which everyone had previously partied had now turned into the Windsor Suite and too many of the partygoers had metamorphosed into utterly boring people politely making chit chat over drinks…

    The security services did know that the problem was massive and they knew that the plants who didn’t collude would be frozen out of the professional circles. I know that in north Wales there were plants who were sent in and they joined the Gang and I suspect that the same happened in Leicester. Don’t underestimate just what shit was flung at people who wouldn’t join that Gang. It must have been why they sent in Spandex Dave and his mates to observe at university level but then not have to join the profession of crooks where there was no room to not collude with serious organised crime…

    Is Spandex Dave in Parliament? No, Lisa Nandy is… Particularly now that everyone is so concerned about Sexual Abuse, Wimmin and Trafficking.

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