Little Shop Of Horrors

This blog has already featured many people who knew me who used their knowledge of what happened to me at the hands of Dafydd et al for personal gain, often in the shape of securing jobs or promotions. I’m revisiting some of these people in this post, but now I’ll explain the links between them.


Throwback Thursday 'Little Shop of Horrors' (1986)


I’ll begin with Dr Dee Gray – formerly known as Dee Jones – as well as a frequent star of this blog, Meri Huws. Dee and Meri both worked at Bangor University when I did my PhD there and for a few years subsequently as well. I have discussed Dee previously, but not by name. However, what she did was disgusting and the paedophiles’ friends won’t stop squealing, so I’m naming her now.

Dee is a former Angel from Liverpool who shared an open plan office with me and Meri was Head of the Dept of Lifelong Learning. Meri was subsequently appointed PVC for Welsh Language and Cultural Affairs at Bangor, which resulted in comparisons between Meri and Sir Les Patterson, the Cultural Attache. Meri’s promotion also led to even more bawdy jokes circulating than had been doing the rounds previously, as a result of allegations that she had only landed the job as a result of pressure on the University from the Welsh Gov’t after Meri had relationships with Welsh Gov’t Ministers Alun Pugh and Andrew Davies and was rumoured to have had a fling with Rhodri Morgan as well (see post ‘People With Energy’). Regular readers will know that in the 1980s Meri was a ‘community social worker’ for Gwynedd Social Services on the Maesgeirchan estate in Bangor, which was the location of Ty’r Felin children’s home. Kids at Ty’r Felin were severely abused and trafficked to local venues where they were sold for sex and boys were taken to Dolphin Square in London as well (see post ‘Are You Local?’). I suspect that it was Meri’s role in or knowledge of this which was her real source of influence, rather than her multiple flings with people in the Welsh Gov’t, although that will have helped.

Meri was widely loathed by other paedophiles’ friends, but because they are all utterly pathetic and not very good at anything, the whole lot of them rely upon their own and each others’ pasts as paedophiles’ friends to land jobs and research grants. One person who particularly loathed Meri was Dee. Dee was a source of crude comments about Meri – references to Meri’s ‘oral skills’ were made when Meri’s many roles on bodies concerned with the Welsh language were mentioned and it was also observed that Meri was indulging in ‘animal behaviour’ as she tripped over herself in her unsuccessful attempts to bag another man who would have given her career a boost.

The irony was that whilst Dee sat in our office hurling insults at Meri, Dee was manager of a NHS ‘risk assessment’ project in collaboration with the NW Wales NHS Trust, the funding of which had been obtained by Meri. My post ‘Inside Information About A Hergest Unit Death’ discussed how Dee’s colleagues on the risk management project – Patricia Gaskell, the solicitor for Ysbyty Gwynedd and John Bowles, the risk manager for the NW Wales NHS Trust – were two of the very people who were failing to investigate serious complaints and perverting the course of justice and destroying/fabricating evidence in order to secure convictions against patients who had complained. When Dee had project meetings, the drinks and nibbles would be carefully placed on tables next to my desk, so the delightful Mr Bowles would stand next to me reading the papers on my desk, having a good look at what was on my computer screen and listening in to my phone calls.

Whilst I worked in that office, someone rifled through my desk and accessed my computer when I was out of the office. I suspected that it was Dee or an accomplice. Then John McTernan’s brother-in-law stole my computer.

I have covered the excesses of Dee and Gaskell and Bowles in previous posts, as well as Dee’s anger when she saw that Brown and me had appeared in the lay press discussing the slaughter in the mental health services in north Wales. Days after the piece about the mental health services appeared – I had also previously featured in ‘The Guardian’ in an article about HE policy – Dee approached me in private and asked me if I could get an article about Bangor University in the press. I presumed that she meant an article about some aspect of the University’s research – I thought that she was angling for a free plug for her lame NHS propaganda. Er – no. When I asked Dee what she was thinking of, she told me that I ought to write an article about the VC, who was ‘causing so much damage to the university’. This was the VC who had challenged the paedophiles’ friends and who was at that time under full attack from them. I said no and days later Dee screamed at me that me writing about the NHS was damaging her career.

In fact Dee did really well out of me. She was in the office on the day that I was showing a friend the letter that Alun Davies had written and CC’d to Top Docs and other managers in which he detailed his plans to fit me up in court. She called across the office that Alun Davies should be ‘exposed and pilloried in the press’. Then Dee let the NW Wales NHS Trust know that she knew about that letter and screwed a research grant out of them in return for her silence. That was only the beginning. Keith Thomson, the Trust CEO, had resigned the day after my lawyers had subpoenaed him to appear before a judge in the High Court in Cardiff, who had threatened him with prison if he didn’t hand over my medical records. Dee knew about that. She knew about Dr Robert Kehoe, the ‘expert witness’, who lied in his report about me, Brown and some of my colleagues (see post ‘An Expert In Resistant Service Users’). Dee knew about the assaults on and deaths of Hergest patients; about an agreement between the Top Docs and Angels at Ysbyty Gwynedd to refuse a witness to the serious wrongdoing all NHS treatment, although it was acknowledged that this man had a life-threatening condition; and she also knew about the misconduct of the obstetricians and gynaecologists at Ysbyty Gwynedd, which had included a sexual assault on one patient. Dee herself had previously suffered at the hands of the obstetric service of Gwynedd Health Authority. She successfully sued them.

Dee also knew that there was such a serious bullying problem in the School of Healthcare Sciences that at least two members of staff had become ill and had been forced out of their jobs. One, an Angel, Jan Stanley-Smith, then joined the paedophiles’ friends of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team and the other, Professor Fiona Poland, relocated to UEA. Jan and Fiona know much about the paedophiles’ friends and the abuse of patients in north Wales and Fiona’s knowledge of the abuse of vulnerable people stretches back to her days in Manchester in the late 1970s.

Dee sued someone else as well as Gwynedd Health Authority. After her NHS risk management project imploded because neither she, Bowles or Gaskell knew what they were doing, Dee sued Bangor University, because her incompetence and deceit was somehow their fault. The two PhD students whom Dee had failed to supervise who did not get their PhDs were seething and told me that Dee had somehow shafted the University and walked away with a great deal of money, but no-one knew how she did it.

I have recently been told that Dee and some corrupt union reps used their knowledge of what was happening to me at the hands of the NHS as leverage – some Bangor University staff have dual appointments with the University and the NHS. I have also been told that Meri Huws played a role in it all.

Dee then rocked up in a senior role at Public Health Wales. Leading on leadership no less. Only the NHS would ever employ someone to lead on leadership, let alone someone who had been sacked from at least three previous jobs and who, when working as an Angel, had given the wrong advice to a man with diabetes such that he fell into a coma. In her role at Public Health Wales, Dee was given control of some purse strings. She later delighted in telling staff at Bangor University that in this role, Public Health Wales sent her to see the VC of Bangor University. According to Dee, the VC realised that she was now ‘a very important person’ and that ‘he had fear in his eyes’.

Interestingly enough, when Dee turned up, what the VC actually did was tell her that he was too busy to see her and told his PA to send her to see Meri Huws. So as Brown summarised, Dee was sent off to wander the corridors with Meri. Yeh, he had so much fear in his eyes Dee, that he knew just how well a pair of pig-shit thick paedophiles’ friends who have spent their entire lives screwing people over would get on together and he wasn’t going to waste time with either of you.

The Very Important Person subsequently left Public Health Wales under a cloud and set up an ‘executive coaching agency’ – ‘Gray’s Learning’ – and was recently paid thousands of pounds by her old mates at the Betsi for her ‘consultancy’ in teaching Top Doctors about transformational change, learning organisations and, no doubt, leadership. Since I blogged about her executive coaching agency, Dee has disappeared from the internet, but her photo remains so she can be recognised if she is bumped into on a dark night. I think that Dee still lives at Deiniolen should any customers of the executive coaching agency wish to ask for a refund. Dee’s website didn’t explain that she is an Angel who has been sacked three times and who nearly killed a patient, it stated that she was a university senior manager and a Gov’t adviser.


Meri of course had rather bigger ambitions than Dee. Meri’s track record has already featured on this blog, including her unlawful sacking of a member of staff because they dared have a visual impairment. A local psychotherapist who was employed by the Dept of Lifelong Learning sued Meri for unfair dismissal. Meanwhile, Meri et al were running courses in partnership with Dafydd’s charity CAIS. Someone else knew about the numerous complaints from students, the litigation and the failed ‘research projects’ run by Lifelong Learning – the former UCNW Dean of the Faculty of Science Dr Eifion Jones’s daughter, who is Prof Richard Bentall’s ex-wife (see post ‘Interesting Facts’). Richard Bentall had done his degree and PhD at UCNW whilst Dafydd ruled the roost in the Psychology Dept and Richard then returned to take up a Chair of Psychology at Bangor when Prof Fergus Lowe had expanded his empire after overthrowing Dafydd.

Fergus was Senior PVC when Meri was PVC. Fergus befriended Meri, pumped her for info – guess what and who that info was about?? – and then treated her with complete contempt. Meri eventually departed for the greener grass of Trinity St David University, where she joined other paedophiles’ friends, including some former theologians from Bangor University. One of whom was Dr Catrin Haf Williams, who’s father was the clergyman who officiated at the wedding of William and Ffion Hague (see post ‘The Battle Of The Cowshed’).

Trinity St David is located in west Wales, where a paedophile ring operated which had links to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales. By the time that Meri had arrived in a senior job at Trinity St David, Keith Thomson had been appointed CEO of the NHS Trust for Pembrokeshire and Dyfed. Thomson was given that job when Dr Brian Gibbons was Health Minister. The Gibbons who wrote to me telling me that our correspondence was ‘closed’ after I told him that I had evidence of serious criminal activity in the NHS in north Wales. The evidence related to Keith Thomson, amongst others.

I mentioned in my post ‘History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy, Second As Farce’ that I have in my possession documents demonstrating that e mails sent from me to friends of mine at Bangor University somehow ended up in the hands of the civil servants of the Welsh Gov’t – it seems to have happened when Lesley Griffiths was Health Minister – and that the identity of my friends had been commented upon. This info had been communicated to two corrupt mental health service managers in the Betsi, Dr Adrian Harris and Simon Pyke. There was also a fallacious allegation that I had visited the home of a Welsh Gov’t Minister. God knows who dreamed that one up, but I expect that I went to murder them in cold blood, it’s what I’m usually up to. My e mails to my friends had concerned a vicious unprovoked attack on me – which resulted in injury – by the daughter of a local barrister. The attack was never investigated by the police because when a Top Doc was called to document my injuries, instead of doing that, he sectioned me when he heard who had attacked me. I was taken to Wrexham Maelor Hospital, where they admitted that I had been unlawfully detained – the section papers had not been signed. I was told that I was free to go, so I did (see post ‘Five Find A Mystery (Partially) Illuminated’). Whereupon I was reported missing by the Betsi Board, my mugshot appeared in the ‘Daily Post’ and I was then traced by the police to Cumbria, where I was on a walking holiday. A mental health team from Cumbria were sent to section me but refused to do so (see post ‘The Real Check And Balance – Which Was Ignored’).

One friend whom I e mailed about the assault on me also knew that I and another witness had been threatened by a rogue policeman with a gun. Why might the civil servants and the Betsi have been interested in the identity of my friend I wonder? Someone else knew that I was friends with this man as well – Dee Jones. She asked me who he was one day.

This man shared an office at Bangor University with another member of staff, Jamie Burrows. Jamie’s mum was Mary Burrows, who was the CEO of the Betsi and who came under such sustained attack by the BMA and the paedophiles’ friends that she resigned. My friend told me that Jamie was being treated appallingly at Bangor University because of who his mum was.

Fergus Lowe will have known a great deal about all these matters, but he’s dead so sadly he can’t be arrested and questioned.


As for Meri, not only did she get completely pissed at every University function that she attended, but she would drive back to her home on Anglesey immediately afterwards. On one occasion, a senior member of staff physically removed Meri’s car keys from her to stop her getting into her car bladdered, but most people don’t have the stomach to fight a pissed, screaming Meri, so she was frequently behind the wheel drunk. I witnessed her regularly driving whilst using her mobile phone as well. Was Meri ever prosecuted? Of course not. But then she had previously facilitated a paedophile gang with which the police had colluded. The University police officer was a paedophiles’ friend, as was at least one of the Ysbyty Gwynedd police officers.

Meri did her first degree at Aberystwyth University and claims to have a postgrad social work qualification from Oxford, but no-one is quite sure if this is true. However, because Meri worked as a social worker for Gwynedd in the 1980s, she will know that the Student’s Union Community Action group in UCNW colluded with the abuse of children at Ty’r Felin, because the students volunteering with CA used to work at Ty’f Felin. CA was the wealthiest student society in UCNW, it employed a paid manager and owned and ran a minibus in which the abused kids were ferried around. Perhaps Meri could let us know where all that dosh for CA came from.

One of the leading lights in CA in the late 1970s/early 1980s was an English Lit student called Anita Purkis. Her younger sister Ros was a student at UCNW when I was there. I was friends with Ros, she was my neighbour in hall in the first year. Ros became ill and attempted suicide after an encounter with Gwynne the lobotomist. She ended up in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh under the care of Tony Francis and killed herself a few years ago after years of neglect at the hands of one of Tony Francis’s former colleagues in Manchester. Francis knew that Ros’s sister had been involved with CA.

Meri’s neighbour Prof Bob Woods knew about Meri and the drunk driving. Not that it will have bothered him, Bob Woods is a clinical psychologist colleague of Dafydd and the paedophiles, a bit of drunk driving is neither here nor there.

Bob Woods is a lay preacher. He used to turn up at Penrallt Baptist Church in Bangor to do a turn. Some of the people at Penrallt were very nice, a number of my friends went there. Penrallt was very popular with the staff of Bangor University and local health and social care professionals, so that Church contained a great many people who knew about the paedophile gang but were far too compromised – or frightened – to say a word.


Here’s a few accessories who were regulars at Penrallt: Peter Brindley, the retired head technician from the School of Plant Biology and his wife; Judy and Malcolm Stammers, two former psychiatric social workers and their offspring Ben and Jonathan (see post ‘Feet In Chains’); Joan Beer, the widow of Top Doctor Bill Beer, who was killed in a car crash in Dec 1999, two months before the Waterhouse Report was published (see post ‘The Think It’s All Over – It Is Now’); Neil and Joan Rymer.

Joan Rymer used to work as a teacher at Hillgrove School, which came under serious attack from the paedophile gang and their friends when I worked as a teacher there, after the Headmaster dared challenge Keith Fearns of the Arfon CMHT when Fearns paid him a visit and demanded that he sack me (see post ‘Have The Lambs Stopped Screaming?’). At the same time, another teacher at Hillgrove with whom I was friends who was in a violent marriage discovered that Hillgrove School had been approached by her abusive husband with a Top Doc in tow demanding that she be fired on the grounds that she was a ‘drug addict’. The ‘drugs’ in question were valium, which had been prescribed by the Top Doctor. Shortly after this, I heard Joan Rymer telling her mates in Penrallt that someone was going to sort the Head of Hillgrove School out. They did, the stress of a false accusation and a court case nearly killed him.

‘What would Jesus do?’ asked a recent Penrallt newsletter. Well he wouldn’t have done what Joan Rymer and her friends did.

Joan Rymer’s friend social worker Judy Stammers was mates with paedophiles’ friend and vicious lying social worker Sheila Jenkins, whose husband Prof David Jenkins worked at Bangor University, as well as with Sally Atkinson, who was a teacher at Hillgrove School. Sally was also someone who had the knives out for the Headmaster and his wife – so Sally asked her friend Judy Stammers what could be done about him. The initial plan was to accuse him of failing to implement child protection policies. I heard the plan being formulated in the staff room with another paedophiles’ friend who held a grudge. Sally Atkinson’s father had been a lecturer at the teacher training institute, Bangor Normal College, along with so many other paedophiles’ friends. Meri Huws had lectured at the Normal College.

The cowardly attack on Hillgrove School began in 2002, but continued for a number of years. At the time, Blair was PM and his PPS was the paedophiles’ friend David Hanson (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part II’). David Hanson is married to Margaret Hanson, who is currently Vice-Chair of the Betsi Board. Margaret formerly worked as a family and children’s social worker in Cheshire, when Dafydd et al ran the paedophile gang in north Wales/Cheshire. Margaret was also a Councillor in Cheshire, as was David Hanson.

It was during all this when Brown’s mum was found dead. As was Dr Dafydd Arthur Jones, a member of Meri’s staff who was being badly bullied by Meri and was desperate to escape from the Dept of Lifelong Learning. The paedophiles’ friends knew that I was friends with Dafydd Arthur. He was found dead on a mountain, a fit man who was only in his 40s. Dafydd Arthur went to the same chapel as one of Dafydd’s contacts, the former Deputy Principal of the Normal College. The Principal of the Normal College had been Professor Gareth Roberts, who became Head of the School of Education after the Normal College merged with Bangor University. Meri and Dee worked in Depts which were part of the School of Education.

Neil Rymer, the husband of the arch-plotter Joan Rymer, was, like Prof Gareth Roberts, a mathematician. Neil Rymer had been a lecturer in the UCNW Dept of Maths, which was closed down in a round of Gov’t cuts many years ago.

Another member of staff in the Maths Dept was Dr Jan Abas, who’s daughter Melanie is a Top Doc at the Maudsley. Melanie Abas, her father and her mother knew all about the paedophile gang on her native soil and she featured in my post ‘The Old Devils’.

Some of those who had been put out to grass from the Maths Dept never forgave the University, one being the husband of Gwerfyl Roberts. Gwerfyl is a former Angel who lectured in the School of Healthcare Sciences at Bangor University. The delightful Gwerfyl’s racist bullying and other scams are detailed in my post ‘What Time’s Chaos?’.


The toxic brew at the School of Healthcare Sciences was strengthened by the arrival of Dr Chris Burton – now Prof Chris Burton – a ‘stroke specialist’. Chris Burton was not a complete fool like Gwerfyl et al and he was very contemptuous of her and her pals. Chris had never wanted to work at Bangor, loathed the institution and everyone in it. He took the job there after he had been obliged to leave a number of previous jobs after doing a few things that he should not have. One of Chris Burton’s previous bosses was paedophiles’ friend Professor Mike Nolan, who had previously worked at Ysbyty Gwynedd and Bangor University (see post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’). Chris shafted Nolan, but I suspect that before he did that, Chris Burton had extracted info regarding the paedophile gang from Nolan, which was no doubt how Chris then landed a job at Bangor University when he had become untouchable. Like all the best Angels, Chris had his bullying skills down to a fine art – he left one student suicidal after months of intense victimisation and undermining.

Chris is a high profile out gay and in his youth he earned extra money in various capacities in gay clubs and as a dancer on TV. Chris Burton didn’t know this, but one of the people who’s life he made miserable entertained themselves by watching old video clips of Chris Burton dressed up as a Roman centurion performing with a dance troupe on the 1980s quiz show ‘3-2-1′, which starred a character called Dusty Bin. Chris became known in Bangor as the Dusty Bin Dancer. So that’s the Welsh Gov’ts stroke expert for you.


Another old lag at Bangor University who played the same game as Dee – toadying to Meri in order to gain jobs that he couldn’t do whilst despising her – was Dr Eben Muse. Eben spent a while under Meri’s wing at the Dept of Lifelong Learning, thought that his prospects would be improved in another Dept and when that Head of that Dept was massacred by Fungus for daring to challenge the paedophiles’ friends, Eben returned to the arms of Meri and walked away with the offer of what he thought was another job. Only Meri shafted him and Eben had to beg for shelter  in the School of Creative Studies and Media, where he then tried to wreck the career of one of the best academics in Bangor University. What currency had Eben acquired which enabled him to twist the arms of people and ensure that they continued to employ him in the wake of his track record of mediocrity? Dee Jones et al told him about me of course and the evidence that I had re the paedophile gang. Furthermore Eben’s wife is a teacher in Gwynedd, so Eben and Mrs Muse are implicated in the wrongdoing in a major way.

Eben learnt Welsh at the knee of Meri and although his conversational Welsh is good, every Welsh language specialist who knows him maintains that his formal Welsh is nowhere near good enough for the series of jobs as a Welsh language specialist that he has bagged in competition with first language Welsh speakers.

‘We’re the paedophiles’ friends and you can’t get us.’


My post ‘The International Language Of Screaming’ supplied details regarding Prof John Farrar, a now retired plant biologist who spent years working at Bangor University and who was a PVC along with Fungus and Meri. Farrar was a contemporary of the junior lecturer in the School of Plant Biology who was known to be picking up under-aged girls for sex, whose colleagues knew about his activities and were worried that he would be arrested. Farrar hated this man – although Farrar hated everyone – and had explosive rows with him. But not about him having sex with school girls. Farrar was a colleague of Dr Chris Wood, who was married to the corrupt GP Dr D.G.E. Wood, who was facilitating the paedophile/sex trafficking ring in north Wales. As if any lecturer in UCNW was ever going to be investigated for sexually exploiting young people…

Before Farrar retired after keeling over from a heart-attack induced by a particularly dreadful row with Fungus, Farrar’s pride and joy was the Environment Centre Wales at Bangor University. It cost a great deal of money and was very much Farrar’s empire. However there were a number of structural problems due to design faults, but no-one was allowed to mention them when the VIP guest arrived to open the Good Ship Farrar. The VIP concerned was Gordon Brown!

So Bangor University received two visits from New Labour big wigs in rapid succession. Charlie Falconer, who turned up at the behest of Betty Williams, paedophiles’ friend and the former MP for Conwy, 1997-10 (see post ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’) and then Gordon.

Betty was known to be hopeless and the world looked forward to her retirement. However as the big day neared, north Wales was gripped by panic. It transpired that Meri had her eyes on Betty’s seat and was said to have been ripe for selection as a time expired Blair’s babe. The nightmare only stopped when a delegation of local Labour Party activists made representation and firmly stated that Meri was ‘unsuitable’ to be a candidate. They didn’t have to say WHY the pissed, shagging colleague of a paedophile gang was unsuitable – Labour Party HQ knew why. It was for the very reasons that New Labour big wigs wanted her to succeed Betty Williams.


John Farrar’s former wife Stel worked as a Welsh for adults tutor in Meri’s Dept of Lifelong Learning and Farrar and Stel’s son Robin has for some years now held high office in Cymdeithas yr Iaith. Meri used to be Chair of Cymdeithas.


A helpful stranger has assisted me in joining up a few of the dots regarding events at the Agriculture Dept at UCNW in the 1970s, 80s and 90s and the possible reasons why it was a stronghold of the paedophiles’ friends. I knew that it was, but I couldn’t work out WHY. Mary Wynch had worked there as a secretary and had uncovered something so dreadful that Dafydd and the gang unlawfully imprisoned her for a year in 1979. Following that, a new Prof and Head of Dept arrived from Aberdeen University, the dreadful J.B. Owen. Under J.B. Owen’s watchful eye, the farm run by the Agri Dept went bankrupt – and after being bailed out went bankrupt again a few years later – vindictive attacks were launched against staff and students leading to an exodus of students to other Depts and academic standards were laughable. Yet one of this crew, the agricultural economist Prof Richard Howarth, became an adviser to Thatcher (see post ‘The International Language Of Screaming’).

The students who left the Agri Dept in droves did so because they wanted to study agricultural science, as opposed to what the Agri Dept were teaching, which was how to run large estates by extracting the generous Gov’t subsidies which were available at the time. The students who were the children of large landowners, of which there were quite a few, were very happy with what the Agri Dept delivered. The Agri Dept had no time for SSSIs or organic farming or applied biology or indeed anything but how to get those Gov’t subsidies for your estate. J.B. Owen, when still new to the post, gave an interview to ‘Farmer’s Weekly’ in which he said that he wanted ‘graduates with mud on their boots’. What he meant was that he wanted graduates who employed people with mud on their boots – Owen was making a (successful) pitch for the children of large landowners who were a bit more academic than those who went to Seale-Hayne, Harper Adams or the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester.


In the 1980s, estate management was still mostly the preserve of men, so the girls who graduated from the Agri Dept in those days tended to work for ADAS (the Gov’t agricultural advisory service) or agri-chemical companies.


J.B. Owen was a landowner on Anglesey himself and his forefathers had provided the dosh which founded the Agri Dept. Lloyd Tyrell-Kenyon – Lord Kenyon – was President of UCNW, 1947-82 and was a landowner in the north east of Wales. Lord Kenyon’s obituary described him as having done much for agriculture in north Wales. Including I suspect calling J.B. Owen back from Aberdeen University when the paedophile gang sent up the distress flare. Lord Kenyon’s son Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon was sexually abusing at least one boy in the care of the social services in north Wales and later died of HIV/AIDS. Lord Kenyon held leading roles in the NHS in the region, including as Chairman of Clwyd Health Authority for several years during the 1970s. He sat on the North Wales Police Authority, on Flintshire County Council, was a magistrate and was north Wales’s most senior Freemason. Lord Kenyon held many other roles, including that as a Director of Lloyds Bank. For further details see post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’.


Beata Brookes, the Tory MEP for north Wales, 1979-89, was a UCNW graduate, a former social worker for Denbighshire County Council who later sat on Clwyd Social Services Committee and from 1973 was a member of Clwyd Health Authority. Brookes was involved in just about every disability charity or organisation in north Wales. Brookes’s toxic presence in north Wales caused a crisis in the regional Tory Party. She – and her family – farmed in north east Wales. Brookes’s brother was a Freemason who also held office in the NFU and was involved in other organisations associated with farming and countryside sports. To read the details that was the extreme horror of Beata Brookes’s lifetime of helping the unfortunate, see post ‘The Celtic Iron Lady And Yet More Recent History’.


Ian Mackeson Sandbach was another estate farmer in north east Wales. Mackeson Sandbach was the most senior Freemason in north Wales some years after Lord Kenyon held that honour. Mackeson Sandbach’s granddaughter Antoinette Sandbach is a barrister, a former Tory AM and now the Tory MP for Eddisbury in Cheshire. Antoinette’s gran Geraldine was President of the Royal College of Midwives branch in Denbigh. Now there’s a useful job for someone who might want to conceal a sex trafficking and paedophile gang who are banging their victims up in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. See previous posts for full details of the Sandbach clan.


The richest and grandest ‘farmer’ in the region was of course the Duke of Westminster, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor. One of Grosvenor’s estates was in Cheshire. Previous posts have detailed Grosvenor’s connections with St George’s Hospital Medical School when that institution was concealing both Dafydd and the gang in north Wales and a related paedophile gang in south London and how Thatcher’s Gov’t allowed Grosvenor to purchase a piece of real estate in Knightsbridge worth millions for £6k in a deal which involved everyone keeping quiet about Dafydd, the paedophile gang and Thatcher’s friend and Minister Sir Peter Morrison, who was abusing children in north Wales and elsewhere. See post ‘Dates For Your Diary’ for further background on Grosvenor and his family.

Grosvenor was, among many other things: President, Holstein UK & Ireland (formerly British Holstein Society), 1988; President, Institution of Environmental Sciences, 1989-13; Life Governor, Royal Agricultural Society; Vice-President, Royal Smithfield Club, 2004-death; Vice-President, Country Landowners Association, 1999-death.

Grosvenor’s close friend was Carlo, who was Chancellor of UCNW. The sister of Sir Peter Morrison, the Tory MP for Chester who was abusing kids in care, was Dame Mary Morrison, Woman of the Bedchamber to Carlo’s mum HM Lilibet. Grosvenor was President of the City of Chester Constituency Conservative Association. Peter Morrison used to turn up for events in Cheshire held by the farming community.

Carlo was also friendly with the Marquess of Anglesey, whose family were leading lights in the Anglesey Constituency Conservative Party. Every Anglesey MP including Keith Best, Tory MP, 1979-87 and Welsh Office Minister, has concealed the paedophile gang. See post ‘The Cradle Of Filth’.


The Agri Dept at UCNW was a laughing stock, but it served a lot of people very well.


There is a farm shop and cafe/restaurant near Corwen called Rhug Farm Shop. It’s very nice, but far too expensive to be the place where one buys the weekly groceries. The shop is owned by Lord Newborough, who owns much land in north Wales, including land near Corwen and near Caernarfon. Lord Newborough specialises in foodie-things, like salt marsh lamb and he even grazes bison. His farm is organic and as one enters the farm shop, one is greeted by a huge photo of Carlo and Camilla doing a bit of shopping at Lord Newborough’s place. I think that they are mates with him. Lord Newborough calls himself a farmer and he certainly does some interesting things on his land, but Lord Newborough only felt the call of the sheep and the bison when his dad died. Prior to that Lord Newborough worked in global capitalism. You can watch a video in his cafe – or at least you could the last time that I was in there – and it tells you all about Lord Newborough’s adventures in the money markets of places like Hong Kong.

I suspect that Lord Newborough’s dad did very well out of the Tories’ agricultural policies in the 1980s and 90s, as dreamed up by the paedophiles’ friend Richard Howarth.

Fungus will have known all about it; if only the departed were still here to spill the beans.


I have speculated that J.B. Owen was called back to base by the paedophiles’ friends in 1979-80, after the Mary Wynch crisis. My post ‘Now Then…’ discusses Lord Stewart Sutherland, an Aberdeen graduate who in the mid-1960s worked as a lecturer at UCNW, between 1977-90 held senior roles at King’s College London and who was VC of London University, 1990-92, whilst the paedophiles’ friends were up to their eyes in wrongdoing in King’s College and London University.

Stewart Sutherland was appointed as Head of the newly created OFSTED in 1992, ie. Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills. Chris Woodhead succeeded him in 1994 and remained in post until 2000, throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry. Woodhead was appointed by PM John Major, remained in post under Blair and had his term extended by David Blunkett in Blunkett’s capacity as Education Secretary. Chris Woodhead was loathed by many people in education, especially the teaching unions, because he constantly banged on about the evils of ‘progressive’ teaching and maintained that nearly all teachers were hopeless and that it was his job to root them out. So a lot of people squealed with delight when it became public that Chris Woodhead, whilst a teacher at Gordano School in Bristol, had had a relationship with one of his pupils.

Woodhead lived with his former pupil for nine years. They insisted that their relationship had begun after they had left the school, but in 2015, immediately after Woodhead’s death, it was reported that his former wife disputed this version of events and stated that she had been asked to consider a menage a trois with Woodhead’s former pupil when the latter was just 17, a claim in which Woodhead’s former wife was supported by a number of Woodhead’s colleagues at Gordano and Tony Robinson of ‘Blackadder’ fame, who knew the Woodheads in Bristol.

Woodhead didn’t do himself any favours when he stated in 1999 that sexual relationships between teachers and their pupils could be ‘experiential and educative on both sides’.

Someone who did teacher training with me at Bangor University later became involved with one of his sixth formers and resigned his post to cohabit with her. There have been requests for me to name him on this blog, but I don’t know the full circumstances so I’m not going to. Keith Fearns and the paedophiles’ friends made fallacious accusations against me but remained silent about this man who qualified with me, but my former fellow student may have formed a genuine relationship with a girl who was 18 and resigned his post in order to live with her. So at the moment I’m keeping an open mind.


Woodhead went to Selsdon Primary School in South Croyon, then Wallington County Grammar School in Surrey. Later, he went to Bristol University, where he did his first degree and a PGCE.  Woodhead briefly worked as an English teacher at Wallington County Grammar School for Boys. Subsequently, he taught at the Priory School in Shrewsbury, 1969-72, moving to Newent Community School from 1972-74 as assistant Head of English. Woodhead obtained a MA in English from Keele University in 1974. Woodhead’s final teaching position was at Gordano School in Portishead as Head of English. During this period, he was noted for his espousal of ‘progressive’ educational ideology, something he later recanted.

In 1976, Woodhead left teaching, and subsequently moved into teacher education. He worked as a tutor on the PGCE teacher training course at the University of Oxford and held a number of posts in education development, including Deputy Chief Education Officer in Devon, 1988–90, as well as posts in Shropshire and Cornwall, 1990–1. From 1991-93, Woodhead was Chief Executive of the National Curriculum Council and also of the SCAA from 1993-94 (the School Curriculum and Assessment Authority), later replaced by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority), which replaced the National Curriculum Council and the School Examinations and Assessment Council from 1 Oct 1993.

On 2 November 2000 Woodhead announced his resignation.

In Feb 2005, ‘The Guardian’ confirmed that in 1997 Woodhead had over-ruled a unanimous decision by his own inspectors and a subsequent inspection visit by HMI inspectors, to declare that Islington Green School was failing and required special measures. According to the head of the school at the time, ‘the consequences for staff and pupils were catastrophic’.

Woodhead was employed as a columnist for ‘The Daily Telegraph’ and ‘The Sunday Times’ newspapers. In approx 2002 Woodhead was appointed a Professor of Education at the University of Buckingham, long associated with paedophiles’ friends in high places of a right wing persuasion (see post ‘The Bloody State We’re In’).

In 2004 Woodhead became Chairmain of Cognita, a company that owns and runs independent schools. Woodhead and Cognita were reported in the press as having expelled pupils and were accused of ‘milking profits’ and dismissing a whistleblower who accused the company of allowing ineligible teachers to participate in the state run Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

Cognita became embroiled in a sexual abuse scandal when it emerged that one of its teachers at its Southbank International School, had systematically sexually abused at least 60 pupils at the school over a period of years. The man concerned taught at the school from 2009-13. Woodhead was the Chairman of the school board. Hugh Davies QC, who was appointed to look into the scandal, stated that at the school: ‘The structures of governance did not deliver effective supervision of those with operational responsibility for child protection,’ and that child protection policies were not ‘fully understood and/or implemented’ and there was a lack of training among the school’s child protection officers.

Woodhead married again in 2006 and lived in Herefordshire.

Woodhead was knighted in 2011. 

Woodhead was diagnosed with the MND in 2006. He was a Patron of Dignity in Dying and campaigned for an assisted dying law.

Woodhead was on the Advisory Council of the think tank Reform. 


Here are a few observations. My housemate Anne who was killed in a car crash in 1986 caused by the paedophiles’ friends came from the same place as Woodhead and attended Wallington Grammar School for Girls. Anne’s mum was a teacher in the area. Woodhead’s dad was an accountant – so was Anne’s dad. Dafydd, John Allen and the paedophiles had a branch of their gang operating in Shropshire when Woodhead taught there and later held senior roles in education development. Woodhead was at Keele University in 1974. Keele had a problem with paedophiles who were teaching on some of their courses, most notably social work academic Peter Righton, who was a member of PIE and was convicted of child sex offences. Righton worked closely with Barbara Kahan, who concealed child abuse throughout her career, including in Oxfordshire, where she and her Top Doctor husband Vladimir Kahan lived and worked for most of their lives (Always On The Side Of The Children’). The Kahans were there when Woodhead worked at Oxford. Jeremy Thorpe and his associates were still colonising Devon when Woodhead held a senior role in the education service in that county.

Woodhead went to Bristol University, as did D.G.E. Wood and David Hunt, who spent so many years in the Welsh Office concealing the crimes of Wood et al. Wood’s father was a Top Doc near Bristol and Wood grew up there. Woodhead lived in Herefordshire at the same time that Sir Ronnie Waterhouse did. Woodhead was Head of OFTSED throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry and he resigned some months after the Waterhouse Report was published. Woodhead was knighted just before Operation Pallial re-opened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal.

Woodhead, being ambitious, fancying himself as an intellectual with political interests and holding senior positions in education, will undoubtedly have known at least some of the stars whom he found himself in close proximity to.


Towards the end of his life, Woodhead did something even more interesting than living with one of his pupils and mouthing off about the evils of incompetent, progressive teachers. Woodhead went to live in north Wales – in Llanfrothen. I even bumped into him in Morrison’s in Caernarfon. Llanfrothen is the neighbouring village to Croesor, the village featured in my post ‘The Village’, which was a favourite destination for high profile radicals and activists on the left during the middle years of the 20th century. They knew about organised sexual abuse in the region, they knew about Dafydd and Gwynne the lobotomist and a few of the local people in the area had been ruined by Dafydd and Gwynne.

In 2011 Thomas Merfyn Hughes, a social work manager for Gwynedd Social Services who had challenged the paedophiles’ friends – although he was Of Them – and who had also been the election agent of paedophiles’ friend Elfyn Llwyd MP, was found dead near his home in Croesor. Merfyn Hughes’s body was found some time after he died, concealed, in someone else’s garden, at the bottom of an embankment. The explanation supplied for his death at the inquest did not make sense on any level. See post ‘A Particularly Worrying Death’.

I don’t know exactly when Woodhead moved to Llanfrothen, but he was there when he launched an attack on Bangor University in his ‘Sunday Times’ column, which must have been in about 2009-10.

Woodhead claimed to have received a letter from the mother of a law student at Bangor denouncing the dreadful standards at Bangor Law School. Woodhead named and shamed Bangor Law School and a lecturer there. The sins of the lecturer were alleged to include having such a poor grasp of English that he couldn’t be understood. This wasn’t true. The lecturer concerned was Asian, but he was sound academically and his English was good. There was a lecturer in the School of Law who’s English was very poor and there had been complaints, but that was a female Chinese lecturer, so there can’t have just been a simple mis-identification. The law students then revealed that the student who’s mum had complained had gone to so few lectures that she’d barely had time to draw conclusions about the competence of the staff. Some of the law students then made allegations that this girl had been nakedly racist towards other people.

Chris Woodhead then disclosed that the student’s mother was a law lecturer herself, So She Knew and furthermore she was African, so the allegations of racism could not possibly be true. I was very friendly with a Bangor law student at the time and was given full details. It sounded very much as though Woodhead and ‘The Sunday Times’ had set Bangor University up.

The odd thing was that there were huge problems at Bangor Law School, but they were not caused by the man who had been named by Woodhead. The problems were caused by the paedophiles’ friends, who had given places to some highly unsuitable students. These included a former police officer who had criminal convictions and who then offended again and was returned to prison; two female mature students who committed a huge fraud and were sent to prison; a former social worker who just seemed to be completely nuts and spread unpleasant fantasies about the other students; and an associate of Dafydd’s who had served a prison sentence and was defrauding local businesses whilst telling them that he was a barrister. The person who gave these students places was Aled Griffiths aka the Buffet Slayer, who’s wife Joanna Griffiths was Director of Social Services for Conwy, who’s sister Gwen Carrington was Director of Gwynedd Social Services and who’s brother Huw was a grossly incompetent solicitor who spent years sitting in the courts in north Wales watching the paedophile gang fit up their victims. For more details about the branch of the Mafia which is the Slayer’s family, see post ‘Inside Information About A Hergest Unit Death’. The Buffet Slayer had previously been a lecturer at the Normal College. It was alleged that the two women who were jailed for fraud were personal friends of the Buffet Slayer’s sister.

The Slayer’s activities had made the Law School so notorious that law firms were refusing to employ Bangor graduates and the University authorities were tearing their hair out over the havoc presiding. Except for Fungus. I mentioned in a previous post that before I left Bangor, Fungus knew that I was watching the paedophiles’ friends at work and whenever I was engaged in conversation with anyone, Fungus would appear behind me eavesdropping and glowering. Fungus virtually followed me around the University if he saw me with my friend the law student.

It was at this time that I had heard of plans on the part of the paedophiles’ friends to fit the VC up for a criminal offence after his wife had died. The VC originally came from Llanfrothen. Some of his friends and relatives were still living there when Woodhead moved in.


Do you know anything about all of this Cherie and Blair? It all kicked off after John McTernan’s brother-in-law stole my computer and after Dee and Meri had been busy.

Cherie and Blair are friends with Michael Beloff QC. Who’s dad Max was one of the founders of the University of Buckingham (see post ‘The Bloody State We’re In’). Max knew Ioan Bowen-Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council when the paedophile ring operated within the Council’s children’s homes (see post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’). Michael Beloff was the legal adviser to the insurers of Clwyd County Council – he was responsible for ensuring that the Jillings Report was not made available to anyone but the Council’s insurers and lawyers (see post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’). One member of the Jilliings Panel was a social work academic at Keele University.


As for David Blunkett who thought that Woodhead was a jolly good thing – when Blunkett was Home Secretary, he gave a resident of a village near Caernarfon a Citizens Award and she was later awarded an MBE. Her neighbours were horrified. She had carried out vigilante action against people who dared to have mental health problems, had appeared in the local paper commenting on black people who are violent and then one of her family was imprisoned for the rape of a girl under seven yrs old.

It was Blunkett who used his powers as Home Secretary to extend the prison sentence of Howard Hughes from Llandudno, who was convicted of the rape and murder of a little girl called Sophie Hook in the mid-1990s. There was no forensic evidence against Howard Hughes, who has learning disabilities. Many of the people involved in the investigation and trial were paedophiles’ friends. Hughes had previously spent time at Bryn Estyn, where he maintains that he was sexually assaulted. His claim for compensation was turned down on the grounds that he is a convicted murderer. Hughes also spent time in the paedophiles’ prison Garth Angharad near Dolgellau. Hughes is one of three people serving the longest sentences in the UK. There are concerns that he has been the victim of a serious miscarriage of justice. See post ‘News Round Up – And Murder Most Foul’.



So stop squealing paedophiles’ friends, you’ve had a good innings. You’ve lied, you’ve cheated, you’ve plagiarised other people’s work, you smeared innocent people and fitted some of them up for criminal offences and you’ve ignored serious sexual offences and even the murders of witnesses. Furthermore I haven’t finished naming all of you yet.


Some of the cast:

Dr Dee Gray, Transformative Leader and Angel of Death:

Grays Learning » Dr. Dee Gray


The Crack of Doom:

  • Meri Huws | Folly Farm |


Bring that computer back!

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Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

18 thoughts on “Little Shop Of Horrors”

  1. Good to see that the BBC is killing two birds with one stone. Stories about young women of the Windrush generation who became nurses in the NHS are multiplying.

    A little clip of an interview with Prof Nola Ishmael, the first black Director of Nursing (for Greenwich) in the UK and later DoH adviser has appeared. Nola knows that there was prejudice against black nurses but thinks that she rose to the very top by hard work and study.

    Before Nola was Director of Nursing for Greenwich, she was Deputy Director of Nursing for Brent. So I suspect that Nola’s rise to the top was far more likely to have been a function of her keeping her mouth shut about the chaos that led to the death of Jasmine Beckford whilst in the ‘care’ of the NHS and social services in Brent.

    Nola’s specialities are ethnic minority healthcare and children. Jasmine was a little black girl.

    Another Windrush nurse was also featured, now a sweet old lady in Lewisham. She spent her career at St James’s Hospital in Balham and then the hospital with which it merged, which has not been named. St James’s merged with St George’s. So the old lady in Lewisham was a colleague of those who facilitated a paedophile gang. No wonder the BBC didn’t mention who St James’s merged with.

    The elderly ladies are remembering the high standards of the 1950s and just a little bit of racial prejudice. The prejudice was actually appalling and NHS unions often would not take up cases for black staff. There was NF activity in some NHS unions. It is true that in the 1950s and 60s there was emphasis in nurse training on forgetting about your own needs in the face of the patient’s needs and great attention was paid to things like feeding, drinking, wound care, cleanliness etc. Some of the nurses were no doubt very good.

    The problem was that the NHS is incredibly hierarchical and nurses – and junior doctors – were completely oppressed. They absolutely did what they were told even if it was dangerous or illegal. There was no scope to challenge authority. Talk to elderly nurses in a way that makes them feel comfortable to tell you what really happened and you’ll hear the lot. Really, really grim stuff. Illegal abortions, the kidnapping of babies from vulnerable women and the selling of them to other people, medical experiments on patients with no relatives to ask questions and the patients subsequently dying, pissed consultants sexually assaulting patients, a catalogue of Dafydd-like activity. Some of the nurses hated it, they really did feel for the poor sods on the receiving end, but they could do nothing at all but stay silent.

    Those who made Directors of Nursing (or as they would have been on their way up, Matrons) were the most ruthless of the nurses who could deal with the shit without twinges of conscience and use the right wording on documentation to ensure that the kids who were sexually abused whilst in hospital would never be believed and that their abuser could do it again to another kid.

    For God’s sake get real. There was one reason why Jimmy Savile targeted victims in the NHS. It is because if you’re seen to be important, you can do whatever you like and no-one will stop you. Jimmy Savile was extreme, of course not every hospital has an idiot like him. But all hospitals have idiots who are going unchecked and a lot of hospitals have some very dangerous idiots who’s activities are so wrong that the priority of everyone is to ensure that the public never finds out what they are doing.

    1. There is a wailing and a gnashing of teeth in Wales. People are demanding Leanne’s head on a plate on the grounds that she’s hopeless.

      Isn’t this the same Leanne who was being talked up everywhere before, I think it was, the last election? The Leanne who was commended for challenging Nigel Farage re his comments about people who are HIV positive; who had the famous ‘group hug’ with Nicola Sturgeon and Caroline Lucas – well wimmin do that, they hug each other all the time (and eat chocolate and multi-task of course); the Leanne who had an interesting hairstyle which we were told took 60 pins to hold it in place? The Leanne who was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of paedophiles’ friends at Bangor University (who bristled with anger in my direction) who was introduced as a world leader by Dafydd Wigley?

      Leanne is no different now to what she was then. Leanne has done exactly what Plaid elected her to do. She won English speaking Rhondda for Plaid and she bollocked on about wimmin being caring. I have been very rude about Leanne because she knew about the paedophile gang in north Wales and remained silent. But then everyone else did as well. Leanne was supported for the leadership by Dafydd Iwan. A lot of people wanted Leanne because she was a woman and also because she is a a former social worker who led the probation officers union. I know exactly why that part of Leanne’s biography was so appealing to Dafydd Iwan et al.

      The man leading the charge against Leanne is Elfyn Llwyd. Who’s election agent, a social work manager in Gwynedd, was found dead after challenging members of the paedophile gang in north Wales. Elfyn was President of Gwynedd Law Society for years. While virtually every lawyer in Gwynedd colluded with a gang of murdering sex offenders. And Dr Dafydd Alun Jones is a voluble supporter of Plaid who stood as a Plaid candidate on a number of occasions.

      Tell them to piss off Leanne. People are disenchanted because of what ALL politicians have done and the paedophiles’ friends have now turned on you. Their hands are awash with blood. ‘Leave it Leanne, ‘ee ain’t worth it’. Tell Elfyn Llwyd to lead the rotten corpse of Plaid himself and stand back and enjoy the show, because sooner or later a nuclear bomb will explode. What has gone on is so bad that it cannot remain concealed forever.

      Go on Llwyd you fucking crook, if you think you can do better, shove Leanne out of the way and let’s see what happens. Plaid favourites Adam and Rhun have not come forward to challenge Leanne. Very wise, they probably know that the shit bomb is ticking away and it will not be a pretty sight when it splatters the whole of north Wales.

      Meanwhile the Westminster Gov’t have refused to hand over the dosh for the Swansea lagoon. Carolyn Harris, Welsh Labour’s Deputy Leader, is going apeshit. Carolyn, the reason why once again a Westminster Gov’t hostile to Wales has kicked you in the teeth is that you have no leverage at all with them. You could name all their mates in the Lords who colluded with serious crime but you daren’t because the Senedd is also packed with people who colluded with the same crimes. Carolyn herself has campaigned against ‘online abuse against politicians’. Such as this blog and Jac O The North. For God’s sake Carolyn, you’re aspiring to run a country. If you can’t bear it because Jac O The North and his readers howl with laughter at you all down there, what hope have you got of dealing with world events? Try listening to why all these very angry constituents are fuming about you instead of demanding that they be silenced.

      I presume that the dosh for the Swansea lagoon was refused because Edwina Hart didn’t have sex with the right people, I’m told that is how business was being conducted.

      The paedophiles’ friends are certainly colonising the media at the moment – Lisa Nandy’s back in action. That’s Lord Frank Byers’s granddaughter. Frank was the Liberal Party grandee who hurled abuse at Norman Scott when Norman told Byers and others that he was being threatened by Thorpe. Lisa’s mum and dad were both involved with Leicester University when many people in that institution concealed the paedophile ring which involved Greville Janner.

      Much as I’d love to take the piss out of every paedophiles’ friend who is popping up screaming loudly, I need to prioritise blogging about people and deeds whom I have not yet covered.

      Oh and Blair’s disgusted at the state of Welsh Labour. Jesus Christ.

      1. The angels at Ipswich warned steroid patients to move out of Suffolk to get away from steroid Mengele John Paulley. Wards full of people with “Steroids Paulley” on the clip boards but no blue steroid medicalert cards ever given to them to have their own records.

        But they never tried standing up to Paulley. He was busy founding independent uni of Buckingham too with Milk Snatcher.

  2. The Guardian plugging the NHS the other day…

    Doctors’ orders: writers from the medical world on how to cure the NHS

    As the NHS reaches its 70th birthday, former junior doctor Adam Kay, GP Gavin Francis, nurse Christie Watson and others offer their prescriptions for its future health..

    Adam Kay

    “Gawd bless the NHS” might as well be our national anthem. But – love the NHS as much as we all obviously do – just saying it isn’t enough; it’s conversational slacktivism, as pointless as canonising the dead. We need to do something. We need to lobby our elected representatives, we need to go on frequent, noisy protests and ultimately we all need to pay more taxes.

    It would appear Mr Kay has not read your blog Sally, on the other hand maybe he has.

  3. Now the BBC highlighting low level funding for the NHS…

    NHS ‘poor’ on treating deadly illnesses
    By Nick Triggle Health correspondent

    The NHS lags behind other countries when it comes to treating common, life-threatening illnesses, an independent analysis produced for the BBC says.

    The report – to mark the NHS’s 70th birthday – said the UK was a “below-average” performer on preventing deaths from heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

    But it does get less funding than services in the other 18 nations studied, the experts pointed out.

  4. Thanks for all the comments and links.

    Re the Mengele Paulley and the University of Buckingham – it was a strange bunch involved. Generally right wing but Max Beloff was on board too. Beloff was mates with Plaid champ Ioan Bowen Rees who was Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council when the paedophile gang ran the organisation. Beloff seems to have shifted intellectual positions. At one point he was pro a Federal Europe – that line will have gone down well with some of his mates in Plaid – yet Beloff was one of John Major’s fiercest critics re Europe and Maastricht.

    Re the NHS and the voices popping up to tell us that most who work in there are wonderful. After a lot of thought and further info that I have received recently, I can only conclude that with regard to mental health services, places like north Wales and Springfield were just so bad that no-one with standards could cope and therefore there were not many of them. Even those people whom I always thought were OK in the Hergest Unit I am now being told were not. They were just more competent with their social skills and lies.

    There seem to be only two in the Hergest who worked there long term who were definitely not involved with the abuse of patients – David Healy (although he remained silent about it) and the Hergest whistleblower who was sent to coventry by the whole unit for raising concerns about abuse and safety. Everybody else colluded or got the hell out of there.

    You will not hear the truth in the media from anyone who works in the NHS. The reality is too bad to be made public. People on the left will critique re lack of funds and people on the right will critique re inefficient state service, but no-one will admit to serious crime throughout parts of the system, endorsed at the highest levels.

    I suspect that people knew about Paulley and every other dangerous nutter working in the system. People are making it clear to me that bugging of the state services has been going on for years. I am being given details of meetings and conversations that I held with people – lots of people, Top Docs, other students, academics etc – going back decades. Everyone in those meetings thought that we were alone. When I was made aware of what the security services and special branch was up to, my first thought was I don’t like it, but they were dealing with an international sex trafficking gang run by the NHS and social care services which the police were refusing to take action against.

    Then I was given details of the offices that I sat in with various people begging for help when I was 20 after Brown received murder threats; visits I made to police stations to report crimes against me which were met with threats to arrest me; a consultation with DGE Wood which had been recorded by persons unknown in which he threatened to throw me down the stairs; the madness at St George’s when the associates of a paedophile gang hurled abuse at me for my laziness after I had been at work in the lab until 3 am the previous night.

    All these things happened years ago. The UK state KNEW. They knew exactly what was happening. They did not stop it. They had bugged consulting rooms, wards, outpatients clinics, police stations, universities, absolutely everything. I have been told that in the 1970/80s/90s the security services filmed children going into the homes of paedophiles but this was ignored because ‘other operations’ were prioritised.

    The insane words and threats of Dafydd have been quoted back to me, word for word. OK I did laugh at the memories – the quotes were spot on – but this was a man who was illegally imprisoning people and who’s patients were found dead. There is no doubt about it, the abuse of kids in care and patients was recorded as it happened. Nothing was done. There was a gynaecologist employed at Ysbyty Gwynedd who was known to be sexually assaulting patients in the clinic. It was recorded. Not one woman was warned about that man.

    St George’s was bugged, so the activities of Oliver Brooke with his young patients will have been recorded.

    I do not underestimate the scale of what was happening – corrupt police, corrupt judiciary, dangerous and criminal Top Docs, weak or criminal politicians – but nothing, nothing can justify the danger that the public were left in for 30 yrs. It was known who killed the witnesses who were found dead. I have been told that the identity of the person who killed my friend Anne is known. Murder plots against Brown and me were recorded. And no-one warned us or came to help us.

    Margaret Thatcher and Carlo were personal friends with people active in paedophile gangs. There must be something somewhere that says that if people in such positions have such associates then they must be removed from positions of responsibility.

    I’m just reading about John Major’s Maastricht negotiations with the other European leaders. At the time that he was doing that, Dafydd and John Allen were running a pan-European sex trafficking gang and some of those UK representatives sitting in negotiations with Major were concealing it. Some of the politicians doing favours for Dafydd et al – Beata Brookes, the Windbag and his wife, Leon Brittan and many many more – had tripped over themselves to enter politics at a European level. Where were the cross-border police and crime agencies?

    It beggars belief.

    Service users in north Wales rang Dafydd in the south of France when he was there meeting his criminal accomplices. We rang him and took the piss out of him. All our calls were recorded by the security services. That was in 1993. Dafydd still rides on.

    Perhaps MI5 would now like to tell me what Dafydd was saying to me that day when he was giggling and screaming hysterically down the phone at me in Welsh. I had no Welsh in those days, I didn’t understand a word, but from Dafydd’s demeanour I guessed that he was shouting sexual insults at me. Oh yeh – someone filmed and recorded the day that Dafydd hit me as well, in front of other people, but when no-one saw a thing. And I’ve been given details of the undercover filming of the planting of the evidence and the lying to the police, with the preliminary discussions.

    And I bet that they recorded the screws beating Dafydd’s victims in Risley and stringing them up. After sexually assaulting them.

    In the interests of national security, people continued to die.

    The truth about the NHS? No, we absolutely will not be getting that. There’d be violent protests if even half of what has gone on was admitted. Such as Geoffrey Chamberlain experimenting on and killing those babies – completely suppressed even when it was known that he was mates with and concealing two paedophile gangs. Someone knew what Stuart Stanton was doing in Israel as well but that’s been kept quiet.

    1. John Major’s biography mentions that Sinn Fein alleged that N Ireland Secretary Paddy Mayhew forged and altered documents. That brings back memories – Patrick Mayhew was the Attorney General who authorised the prosecution and attempted imprisonment of me on the basis of Top Docs perjury and – er, forged documents. Mayhew worked for years as a barrister for the MDU, GMC and other Top Docs organisations. It was Mayhew who acted in the fitness to practice case of Dr Morris Fraser, the paedophile psychiatrist from Belfast. Fraser was allowed to continue to practice and later went to work at UCL and Springfield. I’m sure that they gave him a warm welcome.

      The IRA carried out the mortar attack on John Major’s Cabinet in Feb 1991. The month after I and my two friends who were witnesses re Dafydd and north Wales had our careers ruined and when Mayhew made another attempt to have me jailed.

      Documentation relating to the Westminster Paedophile Ring alleges a huge cover up in 1991-92. Part of that cover-up was the destruction of me and my friends – so who else was there? As with the sex trafficking ring in north Wales doing all they could to get me to join them and then it was off to Risley if I said no, I will not have been the only one. I may have been one of the biggest threats – I was a medical researcher with friends who were academics and media professionals – but the scale of the criminality was so serious that I will not have been the only one. Where are the others? I presume that they are dead. Someone somewhere knows who and where they are. Get out to Denbigh and get digging.

      Furthermore, look at the dates and the circumstances of the IRA attacks on Thatcher’s associates. Most of them can be linked to the paedophile ring with links to Kincora. There must have been collusion on the part of some members of the security services with those bombings. Ian Gow, Airey Neave, the Grand Hotel bombing, Mountbatten – all these people would have had top level security. Yet the IRA planted bombs which killed them. The truth was that they were involved with very serious crimes against children of the sort that can leave some people not too worried if the perpetrators are killed. I also suspect that there were some IRA activists who were motivated to fight and even die themselves on the basis of those crimes against children as much as for political ends.

      Whilst this was going on, Gov’ts were involved in negotiations over matters such as Gorbachov and his reforms, the wars against Saddam Hussein etc. How would any of them have been taken seriously if it was known that their mates were sexually abusing and sometimes murdering young people on an industrial scale?

      The people in Somerset who were paid to smear me or simply keep quiet if I was found dead or was imprisoned started receiving huge quantities of dosh in about early 1991. It continued for years. Perhaps David Kirke, the Leigh-Pemberton family and the other criminal tossers linked with the Dangerous Sports Club would like to tell us who donated the dosh. One of those involved was the son of the Governor of the Bank of England, what did he do, print a bit to be dished out to them? I have been given a list of names of people who knew me before I ever went to north Wales who it is suspected were paid to lie about me, Brown and Brown’s brother. Because we had witnessed DAFYDD. So those weak tossers who knew us from Chilton School, Haygrove School and Bridgwater College – fess up. I’m receiving more info about you every day. Somerset was/is True Blue with a dash of LibDem. The relevant politicians were Tom King, John Biffen and Paddy Ashdown. Some of the people who knew me and the Browns knew those three.

      Furthermore in 1988, four young Irish people were jailed for allegedly plotting to murder Tom King. There was no real evidence against them but they received substantial jail sentences. One of the young men’s mother was a prominent Irish Top Doctor – a psychiatrist. She’d have known about Kincora. All references to the case have disappeared from the archives. A D list from the security services at work? Come on King you big wanker, what was that all about?

      By the way, people in Bridgwater used to laugh at your wife Tom – re her attendance at the local buffets put on for Mr Big and his lady wife Jane. Two stuck up bastards who hated Bridgwater, hated everybody in Bridgwater, lived miles away in Gloucestershire, but Tom SO wants a Cabinet position, so he’s got to rub noses with those oiks. Jane was very iffy about getting down with those who milked dairy cows for a living – at the buffets she was SO careful what she ate, I mean she could have put on weight and looked like a Somerset farmer’s wife! So Jane King ‘made one sausage roll last all evening’. Hilarious – if it wasn’t the act of an over-privileged air-head dripping with contempt for the constituents. You should have donated the buffet to the residents of Sydenham estate Jane!

      The King’s Cross Fire. It was supposed to kill me but I was delayed so I missed it. A load of other people were killed instead. You fat-headed greedy little bumpkins, people died.

      I’ll be blogging about the glorious Somerset Tories soon and the dirty deals. Memories of Cllr Margaret Rees and her alcoholic husband Dr Rees are flooding back! Sedgemoor District Council went through extended outrage in the late 70s/early 80s regarding the activities of a group of young people who formed a rock band called Sheep Worrying. One of their numbers was ‘I’m A County Councillor And You Can’t Get Me’. It was about Margaret Rees. Then some of them published a comic which featured Dr Rees pissed. The Bridgwater Tories were outraged that ‘Dr Rees has been portrayed as an alcoholic’. Dr Rees WAS an alcoholic, the old git was bladdered constantly.

      It was farcical, but what we didn’t know at the time was that Tom King was concealing a pan-European paedophile gang and that when he was Employment Secretary, his Minister Peter Morrison was abusing children. King knew though, just as King knew about Kincora.

      1. The drunken Dr Rees will have known about the prostitution ring involving Angels at the Nuffield Hospital in Taunton. And the shenanigans at Tone Vale Hospital. And about Jeremy Thorpe’s doings as well of course, they were assisted by Top Docs lying to discredit Norman Scott.

  5. Date for the diary Sally – Actor Michael Sheen on ‘Out of Tredegar’ 11pm R4 next Friday. Tredegar is one of the most dilapidated towns in Wales with houses priced at the lowest in Wales. No GPs can be persuaded to move to work at the Nye Bevan Health Centre -but let’s face it the Bevans didn’t stay long. They ended up in Cliveden Road Chelsea and did sod all for Tredegar. Nye and Jennie have their ashes scattered above a beautiful valley in Trefil near Tredegar ,along the path from the quarry Should bird loving historians fancy a trip. there are a pair of peregrine falcons nesting and breeding in the quarry most years – but shsh don’t tell RSPB.

    1. As with all the Labour Party wimmin who’s ‘role model’ is Barbara Castle, those whose hero is Nye Bevan seem to have forgotten that he was rather unpopular in many quarters when alive – you bet that he didn’t hang around in Tredegar. Nye and Jennie liked the high life; I can live with that, but they lived the high life when knowing that the NHS upon which they built their whole reputations treated the very poorest like crap. The NHS has ALWAYS treated the poorest like crap, I do wish these people would read some history. Likewise the role of the ‘caring wimmin’ – the welfare state traditionally employed middle class women to tell disdavantaged women what to do. Thus the ‘parenting classes’, the ‘nit nurse’, the various ‘clinics’ at which orders were given to the poor.

      Look at ‘Family Planning’ – total control of the lower orders by the middle classes. We’re hearing lots of reminiscences on the BBC at the moment of how the pill was only given to married women in the 1960s. Yes, but like abortions, if you handed your dosh over someone will have dished it out without question. Furthermore ‘Family Planning’ clinics see kids who have been sexually abused. Gosh why didn’t the Family Planing clinic in Sackville Road Bangor ever mention the pregnant and pox infected kids in care that were coming their way so often? Then there were a high number of women in Gwynedd who had problems with IUDs piercing the uterine lining. I know one Bethesda woman who nearly died. A Top Docs wife was one so clobbered as well for once. Now, either that complication from IUDs is far more common than we are told or there was a Top Doc in Bangor who didn’t know what they were doing.

      It really is sickening. Even sexual assaults leading to injury were happening on a frighteningly frequent basis to girls and women in Gwynedd. It was the Top fucking Doctors again. It was known that there were rogue ones taking liberties, but as ever, no-one was warning the plebs. ‘Oooh don’t worry my dear harrumph harrumph, of course we’ll take care of you. Now I’ll just refer you to a lethal old pervert whom none of us let our own wives near’.

      Dafydd et al could not have run that trafficking ring without the collusion of obs and gynaecologists.

      Oh, one more plea. Among all the Me Tooing and the Rape Crisis Centres and Wimmins Aid, let’s not forget that the speciality of Dafydd’s gang was teenaged boys. Completely and utterly forgotten by everyone and frequently fitted up for sex offences themselves if they dared mouth off.

      ‘We must have more convictions in rape cases’. Really??? So if some poor sod is wrongly accused but Jane Hutt et al want ‘more convictions’ as a matter of principle, someone’s not going to get a fair trial are they. How stupid are these people? I cannot imagine that any intelligent person would believe that ‘more convictions’ regardless of context is a sensible way to proceed in any matter.

      As for Nye, I discovered the other day that the lawyer whom Nye used when Nye and two of his mates perjured themselves in a libel case and got away with it was the notorious Gilbert Beyfus QC. Beyfus acted for Liberace when Liberace famously sued after he was accused of being gay and won. Liberace was gay, he had a taste for very young men, treated them callously and died from HIV, so he’ll have infected a few of those young men.

      Beyfus also acted for John Aspinall, the infamous gambler and zoo keeper who’s animals kept munching their keepers, but Aspinall got away with continuing to demand that his dangerous wild animals were treated like kittens because he was very rich. Aspinall also had a weird orientation re women and sex. I think he believed that he was a gorilla with all the lady gorillas around him to be bonked by him until he finally died of exhaustion and old age. Aspinall’s gambling dens were unlawful but he paid off corrupt Metropolitan police officers.

      Aspinall was mates with Lord Lucan as well as with some relatives and friends of the Royal Family, a few who’ve appeared on this blog. It’s fascinating reading about them – they are quite mad and have an endless supply of Top Docs and lawyers to ensure that the excesses continue.

      Ah, Nye and Jennie, socialist heroes! Oh open your bloody eyes and read a bit of history.

      I was charmed the other day to read on BBC online of the adventures of a strong woman and a suffragette who helped during WWII as an older strong woman by ‘finding homes for babies’. Ah – those will have been the babies of the girls and women who had been shagged – or even raped – and abandoned. The babies were usually taken away by force. It was a problem strongly associated with less advantaged women. The rich knew how to look after themselves.


    Norman Tebbit, the former Chairman of the Conservative Party, has announced that he will be boycotting religious services at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, whenever the Reverend Canon Joe Hawes officiates, because the Rev is gay. Lord Tebbit has described him as a “sodomite”, an offensive term …

    Tebbit is part of a dwindling generation that deems loving relationships between adults of the same sex to be offensive. What is really sickening is Tebbit’s toleration of an actual sinner, Sir Peter Morrison MP, who served as his Deputy Chairman back in the 1980s. Morrison was a violent child rapist. We need look no further than official British archive records for proof of Morrison’s proclivities.

    The archives show that on 4 November, 1986, Sir Antony Duff, Director-General of MI5, wrote to Sir Robert Armstrong, Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet Secretary, after allegations of child abuse had been made by separate sources against Morrison. Morrison had been accused (entirely accurately as it transpired) of child abuse. Duff opined that Morrison was only a minor “security danger”.

    After the Morrison memo came to light in July of 2015, Armstrong (famed for his use of the phrase “being economical with the truth”), defended his inaction thus: “Clearly I was aware of it…but I was not concerned with the personal aspect of it, whether he should or should not be pursued. That was something for the police to consider. My concern was implications of national security and international relations”. (BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme)

    Morrison’s successful upward career trajectory could not have been sustained without the support of Tebbit. Instead of being locked up Morrison was able to persist in his abuse of boys including a number of unfortunates at Bryn Estate care home in Wrexham, North Wales.

    What did Lord Tebbit know at the time? Tebbit has revealed that “rumours had got to my ears” that Morrison was a paedophile more than a decade before the truth became public knowledge.

    Another Tory minister, Edwina Currie, noted in her diaries on 24 July 1990 that: “One appointment in the recent [government] reshuffle has attracted a lot of gossip and could be very dangerous. Peter Morrison has become the PM’s PPS. Now he’s what they call “a noted pederast”, with a liking for young boys; he admitted as much to Norman Tebbit when he became deputy chairman of the party, but added, “however, I’m very discreet” – and he must be!”.

    Tebbit denied this stating: “That is about as accurate as you would expect from Edwina Currie”.
    Instead, he stressed that he had asked Morrison about the rumours who – surprise, surprise – denied them.

    At least Tebbit has conceded that there “may well” have been a political cover-up over child abuse taking place at Westminster in the 1980s. “At that time I think most people would have thought that the Establishment, the system, was to be protected and if a few things had gone wrong here and there that it was more important to protect the system than to delve too far into it”.

    He has admitted: “That view, I think, was wrong then and it is spectacularly shown to be wrong because the abuses have grown”. Asked if he thought there had been a “big political cover-up” at the time, he said: “I think there may well have been”.

    1. Yes, I’ve come across all this.

      Norman and the others definitely knew what Morrison et al were up to and concealed it whilst fuming about consenting gay adult relationships.

      The madness at the highest levels of Gov’t and the civil service was exactly the same madness as that which existed at ground level. Dafydd and Gwynne ingratiated themselves to religious congregations and gave gay men aversion therapy to turn them away from the evils of homosexuality whilst supplying boys of 12 and 13 to a gang of paedophiles. Time and again I have been told that perhaps those we know and love ‘got the wrong impression’ about me and Brown because ooh he’s got a weird hairstyle and tattoos and ooh you had pink hair. That hardly justifies trying to murder us, but I would point out that the kids of 12 taken into care and trafficked for sex didn’t have pink hair and tattoos.

      Get over our hairstyles everyone, they were running a paedophile gang and they targeted anyone young, attractive and vulnerable. They then spread vicious rumours about us, fitted us up for crimes and terrorised everyone into excluding us.

      As for defining people as weird – Brown and me encountered that when we were young. The man who drove the bus that took us to Bridgwater College where we did our ‘A’ levels was a bloke called Mick Parkin. He delighted in telling everyone that Brown and me were ‘really strange’. Mick Parkin went to prison for molesting boys of 11 and 12. As Brown said at the time, oh well, the local paedophile thinks we’re strange. When Mick came out of prison he went back to his former job of driving the teenagers to Bridgwater College. At least he didn’t have an untoward hairstyle like Brown.

      What idiocy. But it is this upon which the NHS has built its foundations. That is why we’ve got the NHS that we have. It is why the Dees and the Meris rise to the positions which everyone knows they should never have been given. It is all based on sheer fuckwittery and it’s that which gets people promoted. Everyone else has walked away. Dee will continue to hold training sessions for dangerous NHS practitioners which begin with her writing ‘Learning Organisations’ on a flipchart and then spending an hour talking about transformational change. After the training they’ll all return to their unethical, dangerous practices but be able to add their ‘training’ to their CVs when they apply for promotion. Dee will have been paid thousands for this idiocy, the patients will be told that its their fault if they don’t get better. The ‘service users’ will not get enough benefits to make ends meet and be given a bollocking for not managing their money.

      Anyone for a wine and nibbles do to launch the next NHS risk management project? The trough is deep, plenty there for all snouts to be stuck in.

  7. BBC News Wales is reporting on a woman from Machynlleth who found herself in a relationship with an undercover cop who was gathering info on her activism.

    Yes, Brown and me were befriended by a few of them as well. Their remit was supposed to be preventing crime. They didn’t. They dressed up as various dipsticks and infiltrated service users groups, activist groups, Bangor University and many other institutions. I’m sure that they had a good laugh at Dafydd et al but they didn’t stop Dafydd and the gang. If I can think of dozens of ways in which they could have helped Brown and me, what was wrong with them? They even filmed and recorded the crimes.

    Do us a favour undercover cops, don’t bother to ‘bring the perpetrators to justice’. I certainly won’t give evidence for you. Because I know that you recorded and watched them as they committed their crimes and you let the Mr Bigs die of old age before you started deciding to bring anyone to justice. The general public were put at serious risk for decades. Even the entertainment that would no doubt result from putting Dafydd and Meri Huws on trial cannot begin to compensate for the way that all this was handled. Does it really matter if Dafydd, Lucille and the Crack of Doom sit in prison for the last few years of their life when so many people have died and the NHS is run by idiots and gangsters?

  8. News in briefs –

    Tony Blair ‘fears for the future of the UK’. A couple of days ago Blair feared for the future of Welsh Labour. I have some more revelations re The Pretty Straight Kind Of Guy and his Camden and Peckham associates coming shortly, so I won’t comment further on his nonsense here.

    Liz Truss has had a go at Michael Gove for his nanny state mentality because Gove is suggesting legislation in his capacity as Environment Secretary. Gove might have gone mad when he was Education Secretary, but his latest suggestions re smoke emissions and plastic pollution are actually quite rational. Can I remind everyone that it was Liz Truss who not so long ago complained about ‘children who could not sit down and concentrate in class’. Were these GCSE candidates? No. Liz was talking about three year olds in nursery school. Liz, the people whom so angered you because they were not ready to participate in learning to train them for their part in the neoliberal economy were only just out of nappies. They were THREE. Some of the highest performing education systems in Europe don’t even begin schooling until the kids are six or even seven. It is a British delusion which dictates that women – or indeed men – are mad and inadequate if they wish to stay at home with young children and that all right thinking people return to work when the baby is three months old and then place the baby in an expensive nursery so that they can begin their day job at 8 am. Exhausted, stressed and unhappy. And if the slappers are on benefit, they’ll be forced back to work after the birth quite speedily after being offered ‘childcare’, so they can then take up a poorly paid job on a till in a supermarket. While another equally poorly paid woman looks after their child. It doesn’t really make sense does it, but it was Cherie and Tony’s idea of feminism.

    The Gov’t has scrapped their idea of building more wimmin’s prisons, because it has finally dawned on them that most wimmin in prison are not serious offenders, but have mental health and/or drug problems and have been in violent relationships. Many of them have been abused as kids in care or in the mental health system too, but that was tactfully not mentioned. Instead of prisons, wimmin’s residential centres will be built. It sounded great, until I heard who would be running the wimmin’s residential centres – it will be the same lame old idiots who have been running the wimmin’s centres, the prisons, the mental health and social services. So don’t expect the outcomes for the wimmin whom they have let down so badly before to be any different. Furthermore, in 10 yrs time, when the outcomes have been shown to be as bad as those of the prison system, we’ll be told that this is what comes of being soft on criminals. Which the Daily Mail is already saying that it is. No, it’s what comes of having pillocks and people who have colluded with or ignored serious crime running the nation’s infrastructure.

    How’s Amanda Platell Daily Mail? The Amanda who writes a column for you, who was William Hague’s Press Officer throughout the years of the Waterhouse Inquiry, the monumental cover-up into a murderous paedophile gang that Hague organised? Perhaps Mail Online could celebrate the new wimmin’s centres with a sidebar of shame special – pics of 14 yr old girls in detention centres being strip searched, accompanied by comments on their ‘curves’, their ‘side boobs’ and remarking that they are now ‘all grown up’.

    As I am sure that Richard Littlejohn will tell us, you couldn’t make it up.

    By the way Gov’t – men’s prisons are also heaving with people who should not be there. The profile of male prisoners is different to that of women prisoners, but one similarity is that they are young and dispossessed, rather than villains. If they’re from north Wales they’ve often been sent down that path by Dafydd and the paedophile gang and Judge Huw Daniel will have done his best to ensure that they have flown off the handle in court by using the info in the reports in front of him to make public comments which are not only untrue but are designed to provoke a response so that he can then jail the volatile young man for contempt. An example – a young man from north Wales who had been abused by the associates of Daniel had only one person in his life whom he’d cared about. His mum. She had been a victim of Dafydd et al herself but her son really was fond of her. So Huw Daniel insulted her in public in the court room. Deal with this blog now then Daniel. Oh and why did no-one take action against the solicitor in Caernarfon who was abusing boys? One of the boys he abused was the young man who’s mum you insulted.

    How Daniel and his family are fine upstanding Roman Catholics! I think that you’d better stop advertising that bit Huw, the RC Church is a little tarnished at the moment.

    The Daily Mirror’s headline is that of GPs who are so stressed with their workload that they cannot cope. OK.

    I ‘ad that Alastair Campbell in the back of the cab once. The MIND ambasador. Alastair was a journo on the Daily Mirror, then worked for Blair. Blair’s policy adviser John McTernan’s brother-in-law nicked my computer. The Daily Mirror employed George Carman QC, Blair’s former pupil master. Carman was a corrupt barrister who knew about Dafydd and the paedophiles and who was retained by Jimmy Savile. The Trinity Mirror Group owned the Daily Post which ran untrue stories about the Betsi Board when the former VC of Bangor University was Chairman of that Board and the paedophile gang were doing everything possible to bring him down. The paedophile gang which was concealed by MIND for years.

    I think we get the picture Daily Mirror.

  9. Newsflash.

    Oh this takes the biscuit. Radio 4’s ‘All In The Mind’, the lame PR vehicle for the mental health services, has just given an award to a north Wales organisation, ‘Kim’. ‘Kim’ is infamous – it is a truly vomit inducing charidee for wimmin – Kim is the acronym for ‘Kindness In Mind’ – which was exposed on this blog in the early days of this blog. Kim encourages gratuitous physical contact constantly, under the umbrella of ‘hugging’ because that is good for everyone. Many of the clients of Kim are wimmin who have a history of sexual assault and are loathe to engage in physical contact. So obviously being approached by complete strangers yelling ‘ooh give us a hug’ is just what they need, particularly in a region where the mental health services ran a sex trafficking ring and groping constituted ‘therapy’.

    Kim offers activities for clients – such as flower arranging and making ornaments for one’s handbag. Men in north east Wales complained that Kim was discriminating against them. I reassured the men that they really were not missing anything.

    Kim claimed to have trialled successful therapy for wimmin in north Wales with ‘borderline personality disorder’. So that’s why so many of them are killing themselves.

    Kim run a cafe in the Heddfan Unit, Wrexham Mealor Hospital. A troubled unit in which clients have died and others have been illegally detained. Wrexham Maelor is run by the Betsi Board, which is now in special measures as a result of institutionalised abuse in their mental health services.

    Who gave the award to the manager of Kim? Marion Janner, the daughter of the child abuser Greville.

    Marion has not mentioned Buddy, her ‘support dog’, but a joke has been made about wimmin service users needing chocolate.

    I hope that readers of this blog have derived as much entertainment from this award as I have. If anyone knows which Angel or Top Doc nominated the paedophiles of north Wales for a Radio 4 award, please do let me know.

  10. What a laugh! What’s your qualifications for expertise about so called borderline personality Kim? You seem to flit around a bit have you passed on what you know to Marion and her dog? Or has he been killed with kindness of the chocolate kind. Are you still having therapy with Anthony Bateman OBE (or CBE) at UCL or St Anne’s or even at home as your Dad used to live around the corner.

    1. It was a real scream – in every sense of the word.

      They just have the thickest carapaces of any crustacean that has ever lived on this planet. I could not believe what I was hearing. I’m chuffed to say that this blog seems to have developed a far greater readership than I ever thought that it would, it is highly likely that Marion and Kim know that they have featured here.

      Dogs have to eat quite a lot of chocolate before it is toxic to them, so unless Buddy the Tibetan Terrier maxes out on the coffee creams at Christmas – or should that be Hanukkah re the Janners – Buddy will live to fight another day. Marion believes that Buddy’s ‘hairy little face’ has brightened up many a psychiatric ward. Marion also refers to herself as Buddy’s mother. If I hadn’t have wasted so much of my life in mental health wards as the paedophiles’ friends just caused more and more damage, I’d go undercover as a service user to experience the joys of Marion and the dog to which she gave birth.

      I should have seen this coming. Marion paid a visit to a dreadful ward run by the paedophiles’ friends in north east Wales not so long ago and recommended the ‘excellent’ staff there. So she’s obviously been developing a deep and meaningful relationship with them for a while.

      In 1987, a psychiatrist in Leicester, Dr James Earp, covered up for the crimes of Dafydd and the paedophiles. Earp also covered up the paedophile gang in Leicestershire of which Marion’s dad was of course nothing to do with, although when he was interviewed by the police in the early 1990s he had George Carman QC on speed dial because everyone assumed that Greville would be charged with child abuse.

      I expect that Rabbi Laura will be doing ‘Thought For The Day’ on the ‘Today’ programme tomorrow. They ought to invite Daniel Janner onto ‘Law In Action’ and make it a full house.

      The Janners ought to appear in panto this Christmas, that’s been the route taken by so many who have fallen under suspicion eg Barrymore and The Krankies.

  11. Good to see that the BBC are doing their best Lord Haw Haw bit for the dear old NHS at 70 – tonight they’re screening ‘Celebrities on the NHS Frontline’. If only poor old Savile was still with us, how much he would have enjoyed it!

    I don’t have a TV so sadly I won’t be able to watch and tick off the vacuous and ruthless who are prepared to participate in this vomit-fest.

    Meanwhile The Guardian are reporting on the death of yet another disabled young man who died in the ‘care’ of Southern Health, after he was forced to move from a home in which he was settled and happy to one which was dangerous and where he died. Hundreds and hundreds of learning disabled and mentally ill people have now died in the care of Southern Health, many of them were sectioned and forced to reside in the death camp because they didn’t know what was good for them.

    I’ll be putting a blog post up to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS myself later tonight. It’ll name another celebrity who found out what happened to me and others at the hands of Dafydd and then built her media career upon it.

    Spoiler – she used to work for the Bridgwater Mercury and cheated in a weight loss celeb special – she’d had a gastric band fitted. ‘Back To Sleep’ eh Anne?? You remained in a sound slumber for years until you grasped that wonderful opportunity in 1983…

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