Lord Gnome, My Distant Relative By Marriage

Readers who follow the comments facility on this blog will have known for a few days that I have a Posh Relative, Lady Veronica Piercy, who I understand is now very elderly but still alive and living in Harrow. I have known about my Posh Relative since I was a child, but I’ve only met her on a few occasions. Veronica was a moderately Posh Relative but became a very Posh Relative when in 1964 she married Lord William Piercy,

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

who was in my father’s words ‘her boss, an old man’, Veronica being Lord Piercy’s ‘secretary’. When they married, Veronica was I think in her 30s at most and Lord Piercy was 78.

Until recently all I knew about Veronica was that my father and Uncle John took the piss out of her – when I referred to the ‘posh relatives’, John used to laugh and say ‘Posh, my arse, Veronica just married her boss’ – that Veronica’s husband died in 1966 when he crashed his motorbike on his way into the Lords one day and that Veronica had worked as a probation officer in London. Father maintained that Veronica was doing rather more harm than good in that role and as a teenager I thought ‘Oh it’s father, he can’t bear anything dangerously liberal, yet alone a probation officer who married a Liberal peer and lives in Knightsbridge, it’s just too much’.

When I was 19 or 20, I remembered the example that father always gave re Veronica’s bad judgement and I began to wonder whether father might have had a point. The example was that one of Veronica’s clients: a ‘black lady from a rough part of London, was mentally ill, set fire to a building and went to prison; Veronica took her young son to live with her in Knightsbridge, treated him as her own but then gave him back to his mum when she came out of prison a year later and the shock must have been terrible for him’.

By the time that I was 20, I realised that this was ‘inappropriate’ but it took place in the 1960s or 70s when ideas of ‘good practice’ in probation work were very different. I knew by then that social workers and probation officers of Veronica’s generation often stood accused, like Veronica, of being rather Lady Bountiful, naïve and damaging, and that they were often, like Veronica, well-educated privileged young women who wanted to Help The Poor, their efforts often backfiring.

Toynbee Hall:

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I didn’t know much about the reality of social work practice until I encountered the Gang soon after I began wondering about my Posh Relative. I had until then acquired my knowledge of social work from ‘New Statesman’, ‘New Society’ and ‘The Guardian’ and from my close friend at school who’s dad became a social worker in middle age. I liked my friend’s dad, but I know now that he was rare in social work, as my friend agrees. Clients are very lucky if they have a social worker like my friend’s dad. At first I thought that it was only Gwynedd social workers who were mad, criminal, abusive thugs,

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but I soon realised that the problem was considerably bigger than just Gwynedd,

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although they scored impressively high on the Bloody Awful Social Worker Scale.

See the source image

See the source image

By the time that I was having problems with the Gang, from what I heard from Somerset some of the contingent there seemed to having much more to do with the Posh Relatives – Veronica as well as some others in a similar category – than ever before. Veronica had been a very vague figure when I was growing up, but she seemed to be having rather more contact with the Bridgwater cohort, something that caused my father to do much grumbling accompanied by comments such as ‘What the bloody hell is she coming here again for?’ Uncle John had told me by then that throughout their younger lives, the Posh Relatives really had been unpleasant to my father and John and made it clear that the bumpkins in Somerset were beyond the pale.

There was no love lost between them and the Posh Relatives had nothing in common at all with father and Uncle John. Neither was my Tory grandpa, who waged war on Edward du Cann and the ‘immoral’ Liberals, too fond of them.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpgFather didn’t keep in touch with the Posh Relatives, it was another member of the family who was very keen to maintain contact and certain others followed.

Then I discovered that the Posh Relatives were asking about Brown, which was odd because they barely knew me and had never met him. They had wanted to know which university Brown was at, what he was studying etc. My last meeting with the Posh Relatives was after my granny’s funeral, by which time I was a student at UCNW and I was asked to do the chatting to the relatives bit. I was a bit confused because the Posh Relatives were really quite rude to me but in a very polite way, yet chatted away to everyone else – except for father and Uncle John – like old friends. I put it down to them barely knowing me and me having just been one of ‘the little girls’ of the family whom they vaguely remembered from years ago. I did notice that Veronica eagerly engaged in conversation with Mr Bridgy Celeb, although he was out of his depth on every topic that Veronica introduced and he made a few crude jokes, which were met with gales of good-humoured laughter from Veronica. I thought ‘Oh sod this, I’ll chat to father and Uncle John’, which I did…

I only began thinking about Veronica again when I began this blog and discovered that Gwynne and Dafydd had a big partner gang in London reaching back before the Profumo Affair – Gwynne had joined the party as a medical student at the Middlesex Hospital in the 1930s – and that the Probation Service there were fully on board (see post ‘Only One Died’).

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

I knew that the North Wales Probation Service were Of The Gang, but I had no idea that their colleagues in London were as well. Then informants began telling me that the Posh Relatives could well have caused me a lot of problems, that the jungle drums had begun as soon as I got to UCNW, when the Posh Relatives had realised that I was on the Gang’s territory.

Furthermore, the Dept of Psychology at UCNW had long since worked in partnership with the Dept of Psychology at Aston University, where Brown did his first degree. Until 1987 when Prof Fergus Lowe overthrew Dafydd, Dafydd pulled the strings in the Dept of Psychology at UCNW. Fungus only overthrew by finding out what Dafydd had done to me and my friends, used that against the many colluders

and thus built his own empire, as toxic as Dafydd’s. See eg. ‘Feet In Chains’.

The love-in between UCNW and Aston was based on the dyslexia work of Pioneer Prof Tim Miles at UCNW and Prof Margaret Newton at Aston. Tim and Margaret became famous (see previous posts), but like so much else, the foundations underpinning the work of The First People To Recognise That Dyslexia Was A Condition Not An Excuse For Being Thick was rather shaky. Tim had carried out his original field work with SEN children on Anglesey in 1966; at least some of them were victims of the Gang and Tim must have realised that at some point. Lucille was the childcare officer for Anglesey at the time and Dafydd was involved in all Research on Anglesey. After Tim’s early fieldwork, one of Dafydd’s projects on Anglesey was Research Into Incest, as discussed in previous posts.

Organised abuse had existed on Anglesey for generations and it was concealed by Councillors and successive MPs. The Liberal MP for Anglesey, 1929-51, was Lady Megan Lloyd-George.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Lady Megan was knocked off of her perch in 1951 by the Windbags’ friend Lord Cledwyn, who remained as Anglesey’s MP until 1979

In 1979 Lord Cled was thrown overboard and Keith Best was elected for Anglesey, just as Mary Wynch was illegally imprisoned by Dafydd.

Gang member Ieuan Wyn Jones succeeded Best in June 1987, after Best had been jailed for fraud. All MPs for Anglesey were Of The Gang, but Ieuan was Of The Gang in a more Denbigh grassroots way than the others. Ieuan was born at Denbigh, where his dad was a Methodist Minister. Ieuan’s wife Eirian Llwyd

was an Angel who grew up in Prion, which is a small village on the outskirts of Denbigh, as well as a misfolded protein that causes a range of progressive neurodegenerative disorders in humans and animals, including BSE aka Mad Cow Disease:

Prion diseases
Histology bse.jpg
Microscopic “holes” are characteristic in prion-affected tissue sections, causing the tissue to develop a “spongy” architecture. This causes deterioration of that “spongy” tissue in the brain.
Specialty Infectious disease

The entire town of Denbigh was peopled by staff of the North Wales Hospital or people who’s employment directly depended upon the North Wales Hospital. It was famously an ‘asylum town’, surrounded by hills, farms and little else. There were thousands banged up in Denbigh, but they didn’t have votes.

Ieuan had been trying to get into the Commons for Plaid since 1974 when he was a young solicitor working in Ruthin near Denbigh. Ieuan stood as the candidate for Denbigh in Oct 1974 and May 1979, following Dafydd’s efforts at standing as the Plaid candidate for Denbigh in 1959 and 1964.

Until 1963, when the Dept of Psychology was established at UCNW,

See the source image

Tim Miles was part of the Dept of Philosophy at UCNW. The Dept of Philosophy was a bit of an embarrassment, which I think is why a Dept of Psychology with Real Scientists in it was created.

See the source image

The embarrassment was attributed to one of the philosophers, Clement Mundle, a leading light in the rather eccentric Society for Psychical Research. Clement was not the only peculiar person in that Society, there were many who were of Sir Clough and Bertrand’s crowd. But then so were Dafydd and Gwynne, so UCNW’s embarrassment at Clement the Ghost Hunter was a little dishonest. Clement’s crowd could be traced back decades to some very excessive people who had lived at Croesor and were part of the Welsh Bloomsbury Set, including Arthur Koestler. See previous posts for details of Clement, the Society for Psychical Research, Koestler etc.

Clement was still busy in Bangor when I was an undergrad there, although I never knew him. A retired academic from Bangor told me a few months ago that he remembered Clement arriving at the Dept of Psychology in the early 1980s, with his ghost hunting equipment in search of things that go bump in the night.

Clement Mundle was Scottish. In the early 1980s, UCNW had intended to appoint a Registrar who had was at the time working at Stirling University but that fell through at the last moment. My friend from school – the daughter of the normal social worker – went to Stirling University at the same time as I went to UCNW. We were by then both under surveillance by the security services. We wrote to each other throughout our university years and when the Gang came after me, my friend and the partner who she met at Stirling and later married, stood by me. The man who led the Students’ Union at Stirling University at the time and who turned up in my friend’s bed without her permission capitalised substantially on her friendship with one the Gang’s targets while hanging her and her partner out to dry.

Official portrait of Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale crop 2.jpg

By the 1980s, Arthur Koestler had fallen from grace. Jill Craigie, Footie’s wife, revealed that Koestler had violently raped her when she was a young woman and then other accounts of Koestler’s sexual violence emerged, previously dressed up under the umbrella of Koestler being a free spirit and a ladies’ man etc began to emerge. On 1 March 1983, Koestler committed suicide at the height of the debate re the desirability or otherwise of voluntary euthanasia; his wife Cynthia killed herself with him and it was that which caused so much concern. Cynthia was decades younger than Koestler, was in good health but had been dominated by him for a very long time and it was feared that Koestler had pressurised her into the suicide pact. I can remember the events well, because the Koestler’s suicide pact happened some two months after Brown began receiving visits and murder threats from the Gang’s heavies in Birmingham and Brown had been reading Koestler and following the media debate re the double suicide.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

It was when I mentioned Arthur Koestler’s suicide to my tutor at UCNW, Adrian Bell – as well as the visit to Brown’s room in Hall at Aston by a man armed with a swordstick who trashed Brown’s room and said that he would be returning – that Bell told me ‘things like that don’t happen’ and refused to speak to me again unless I agreed to see D.G.E. Wood. Brown and I had no knowledge of the Gang in north Wales, Koestler’s association with them, or that those bothering Brown at Aston were of a linked gang in Birmingham, let alone that Wood and Isabel Hargreaves, a psychiatric social worker who was the wife of Bell’s colleague Ralph Oxley, were key members of the Gang.

Neither did Brown and I know that the Gang had targeted us on the orders of Edward du Cann, Tom King et al in Somerset, as part of the Dreadful Revenge planned by du Cann years previously after my grandfather played a part in preventing du Cann becoming Tory Leader when Grocer Heath was shoved over the edge in 1975.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Having discovered the depths of the nightmare that is Dafydd and the Gang, I am now wondering whether there was yet more to Koestler’s suicide pact than has ever been revealed. Mary Wynch was on her way to the Master of the Rolls in 1983, Robert Bluglass had rewritten the Mental Health Act to ensure that It Could Never Happen Again and Nice Young Doctors were arriving in north Wales to demonstrate that Things Had Changed. Two of whom were the Drs Francis, who were of the Gang’s network long before they ever arrived in north Wales. Nothing had changed at all, Gwynne had ‘retired’, so was sitting in the Student Health Centre at UCNW.

The Koestlers were Insider witnesses who went back as far as Bertrand’s heyday. Arthur Koestler had lived in Croesor in the late 1940s with an earlier wife, just before Churchill had appointed Gwynne’s mate David Maxwell-Fyfe aka Dai Bananas aka Lord Kilmuir to the role that Miranda gave Mandy ie. In Charge Of Everything. Maxwell Fyfe was Home Secretary, Minister for Welsh Affairs and then in 1952, Churchill ordered that MI5 be answerable to the Home Secretary, rather than the PM.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

In 1952, MI5 launched Dafydd into Liverpool University as a medical student, to train as Gwynne’s eventual successor and also to infiltrate Plaid…


The VC of Aston University, 1980-96, Sir Freddie Crawford, is famous for having been Thatch’s ‘favourite VC’. Freddie took up the post in July 1980; Brown began his degree at Aston in Sept 1980, having accepted the place there months before taking his A levels in June 1980. Brown didn’t go through clearing and although we were a couple by the time that Brown began his degree, Brown had his offer from Aston before we got together in May 1980.

Before Frederick Crawford of Aston became infamous, the most well-known Sir Frederick Crawford (9 March 1906-27 May 1978) was the British colonial administrator: Governor of the Seychelles, 1951-53; Deputy Governor of Kenya, 1953-57 during the Mau Mau uprising and Governor of Uganda, 1957-61.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Sir Frederick being appointed Governor of Uganda:

See the source image

Crawford became a Director of the Anglo-American Corporation and a resident of Rhodesia. Crawford’s passport was withdrawn by the British Gov’t on 9 May 1968, while he was visiting London, because of his implicit support for Rhodesia’s 1965 Unilateral Declaration of Independence, which Britain and the United Nations had deemed illegal.

I have not been able to discover if the former Governor of Uganda is the father of Freddie the Aston Slasher who was in partnership with Sir Charles Evans, Everest Hero, Principal of UCNW and another Governor of Uganda.

Image result for sir charles evans images

The Aston Slasher had been a Prof at Stanford University, California, before he was called to Aston to serve Thatch.

Sir Freddie took orders directly from Thatch and did a great deal of damage at Aston, presiding over the highest student suicide rate of any UK university and hounding Ron Easterby – one of the psychology lecturers who knew Brown – to suicide (see previous posts), in addition to implementing massive UGC-inflicted Cuts to (only certain) academic depts (including psychology, which disappeared and became a Business School). The 40% cut in Aston’s budget inflicted by the UGC at which Freddie simply beamed even broader was imposed in 1984 when the UGC Chairman was Thatch’s other henchman, Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, a mathematician at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Previous posts have explained that in 1981, the UGC under Chairman Edward Boyle (who became VC of Leeds University) cut UCNW’s budget substantially and told Sir Charles that when the UGC next visited, they would close UCNW down. By the time of the next visit, summer 1984, the UGC had replaced Boyle as Chairman with Peter Swinnerton-Dyer. Sir Peter had taught the man who by 1984 was the AUT rep at UCNW when the AUT rep was an undergrad at Cambridge. The AUT rep not only openly discussed Sir Peter’s sexual relationships with male undergrads at Cambridge but also maintained that Carlo – who had been appointed Chancellor of UCNW in 1976 – was ‘AC/DC’ and anyone who had been at Trinity knew that. The AUT rep lived on Anglesey and his father had spent a career as a Top Doc in north Wales, including at the C&A Hospital, Bangor. The AUT rep’s dad had known Dafydd and Gwynne and had been Of The Gang.

See the source image

Fortunately for UCNW and all who sailed in her, by the time that Sir Peter of the UGC visited UCNW to close the place down, Sir Charles Evans had departed – he was due to retire but left in a hurry after Brown and I complained about Gwynne – and was replaced in May 1984 by Prof Eric Sunderland, from Durham University, part of the Gang’s partner ring in the North East, who then served as Governor of Uganda until 1995. Eric Sunderland grew up in Carmarthenshire and was a longstanding member of the Gang before he was Called Home to Uganda in the wake of the paedophiles in distress flares being sent up. Eric, Carlo, the AUT, Thatch and Sir Peter were able to come to an arrangement to allow UCNW to survive in return for my career being trashed, along with those of anyone who supported me.

The bonus ball for everyone working at UCNW in the summer of 1984 was that they all bagged jobs for life in return for Keeping Their Mouths Shut. Not that they did Keep Their Mouths Shut; no-one told Brown or me what the arrangement was, but they told their friends, families and colleagues in other institutions and it was quite a bonanza. Thousands and thousands of ruthless mediocrities who knew about That Girl who had complained about the Royal Lobotomist spent the next few decades singing ‘We’re going to tell, we’re going to tell’ whenever they wanted promotion, a research grant or, as their children grew up, a job for them as well.

See the source image

The official line is that the Rev Alwyn Roberts, PVC of UCNW and Eric Fought Hard To Save UCNW From Sir Peter’s Axe.

As Thatch and her advisors – including those in the security services who were Of Trinity College, Cambridge who could only wail silently ‘Oh God, Carlo, the Royal Lobotomist, Lord Snowdon/Ma’am Darling/Mr Thrope/Roger Gilliatt/Jeremy Fry

Peter Morrison,

See the source image

HIV positive Backdoor Billy and the VIP Paedophile Ring,

Edward du Cann, Tiny Rowland,

Oh God, Please…’ – were telling the UGC and everyone in it exactly what to do, including to replace Edward Boyle with the man who knew the AUT rep at Bangor who’s dad had helped Gwynne and Dafydd govern Uganda, I suspect that the Rev Alwyn and Eric might not have had that much of a mountain to climb.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

So Sir Freddie happily took the hit and Aston was nearly finished off by Sir Peter and the UGC, although Sir Freddie still found a spare £5 million to spend on what Brown called the Vice-Chancellor’s Posh Bit, a ridiculous corridor and suite of offices for Freddie and his henchmen, all plush carpets and smoked glass with gold trimmings.

Brown really took the piss out of the Vice-Chancellor’s Posh Bit and used to give me a tour when I visited Aston. I was worried, thinking ‘Brown’s going to really piss Crawford off by holding his Posh Bit in such open contempt’, but Brown was quite right, we later found out that Crawford was involved in huge civic corruption, serious organised crime

and was of Bluglass and co in Birmingham.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Freddie had an off the rails son who’s Get Out Of Jail card was his dad and helpful Top Doctors who acted as Experts for poor traumatised Crawford junior.

Meanwhile Crawford junior would sit in whichever hospital it was Caring for him, chatting up the Angels and boasting that he never ever got into trouble because of who his dad was. Crawford junior was subsequently found dead in an hotel in Israel; ‘heroin overdose’. It was a death common to many Insider witnesses, including in north Wales. Because so many of them had earlier in their lives been involved with heroin, no-one listened to their mates when they swore blind that the deceased had given up drugs years ago but there were a few other worrying things going on in their lives.

See the source image

See previous posts for further info on St Bob, Peaches, Michael Hutchence and Paula. Paula who grew up in north Wales and went to the primary school in Rowen, the village in which the Gang’s bestest mate Lord Wyn Roberts lived.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

When Sir Freddie’s son was found dead, Brown observed that someone on the local paper in Birmingham must have really hated Sir Freddie, because underneath the headline re Sir Frederick’s Son Found Dead In Hotel Tragedy, they published a photo of Frederick Crawford at a High Society event, in full dinner dress, with a drink in his hand, guffawing.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Here’s Robert Bluglass and a friend at an Old Warwickians Dinner:

See the source image

After the Criminal Cases Review Commission was established in 1997, there was a huge row when Frederick Crawford was appointed as its first Chairman. The row centred mainly on Crawford’s high profile role in Freemasonry. Whether anyone had to spell out that Birmingham had hosted the notoriously corrupt West Midlands Serious Crime Squad, who benefited from Masonic corruption

and had played a substantial role in one of the most famous miscarriages of justice in British legal history, that of the Birmingham Six, I don’t know.

The West Midland Serious Crime Squad were mates with the Gang, made visits to north Wales and framed people from the region for serious offences, including Ali Khan from Caernarfon. See previous posts. It was Chief Constable Sir Ron Hadfield who ‘cleaned up’ the West Midlands Police after the excruciating embarrassment that was the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad and the Birmingham Six, although a Clean Force was not what Brown and others experienced on the ground.

Sir Freddie got his timing perfect though. He stepped down as VC of Aston, leaving the Posh Bit behind him in Aug 1996, days before The Hague announced in the Commons that Ronnie Waterhouse would be Chairing the forthcoming Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Ronnie opened the Inquiry in Jan 1997 just days before F and I were acquitted of charges in Caernarfon Magistrates Court, after the Gang had spent months of 1995-96 hatching a Cunning Plan re convicted me of an offence serious enough to have me sent to live with Mr Savile in Broadmoor. There was much perjury and conspiracy but never any investigation into that. Tony Francis had provided a Court Report with recommendations re the sentencing of F and me weeks before the trial for use WHEN we were found guilty.

Days before Ronnie opened the Inquiry, Ann Hills, who had been one of Lord Snowdon’s mistresses for many years, was found dead dressed in party gear, in a kneeling position on the roof of her London penthouse. Death took place on or about New Year’s Eve 1996. ‘Suicide’.

See the source image

Ann’s dad, Top Doc Elliott Philipp, a cousin of Freud and a facilitator of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, spoke of his daughter’s promiscuity, her Madness –

See the source image

predicated on no more than an overdose that Ann took as a teenager decades previously – and his admiration for Lord Snowdon. The flagging up of Ann’s alleged overdose at 18 was useful, because the notoriously bent Westminster Coroner Paul Knapman (see previous posts), a St George’s graduate, ruled that Ann had died from an overdose on the roof, although any Top Doc and toxicologist would know that she could not have died, particularly that quickly, from the tablets ingested. Meanwhile, Lord S, shattered and racked with guilt as explained in the media and to the Court, had taken up with another old mistress of his, facilitator of the ring and good friend of Gwynne and Dafydd’s,

Marjorie Wallace (see post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’). Lord S and Marjorie styled themselves as Disability Campaigners

See the source image

and went on a UK tour. See ‘An Error Of Judgement?’

When Marjorie established her mental health charidee SANE in 1987, I wrote to her and provided a full account of my experiences at the hands of the Gang and their crimes against other people that I had witnessed. I did not receive a reply.

See the source image

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

The Criminal Cases Review Commission was up and running on 31 March 1997, with Sir Freddie Crawford as Chairman.

Sir Ron Hadfield, recently retired as Chief Constable of the West Midlands Police, acted as an adviser to Ronnie Waterhouse at the Waterhouse Inquiry.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Sir Ron supplied the police officers who interviewed the former kids in care who gave evidence at the Waterhouse Inquiry, to reassure them that the police taking their statements would be Impartial and had No Connection with the North Wales Police

See the source image

who had ignored the kids’ complaints, framed them, taken them back to the abusers when they ran away or in some cases molested the kids themselves.

See the source image

Here’s Dafydd’s friend again, who was also friends with senior West Midlands police officers employed before and after the arrival of Ron Hadfield:

See the source image

Sir Ronald Hadfield
Born 15 July 1939
Died 31 January 2013 (aged 73)
Other names
  • Ron
  • Biffo
Occupation Chief Constable
Employer West Midlands Police
Children Neil Hadfield, Louise Townsend
Relatives Marjorie Cousins (sister), Eleanor Townsend (grandchild), Rebecca Townsend (grandchild), Thomas Hadfield (grandchild), Lucy Hadfield (grandchild)

Sir Ronald Hadfield (15 July 1939- 31 January 2013) was the Chief Constable of the West Midlands Police, June 1990-July 1996. Sir Ron had previously served with Lancashire Constabulary, Greater Manchester Police and Derbyshire Constabulary and was, from 1987 to 1990, Nottinghamshire Police’s Chief Constable.

The Lancashire and Greater Manchester Police had a long and glorious tradition of collaborating with their friends in north Wales and were responsible for some high profile miscarriages of justice (see previous posts eg. ‘Top Of The Cops’, ‘A Stalker’s Network’ and ‘Our Man In Llandegfan’), the flames being fanned by the presence of the big ring in Manchester that had partnered Gwynne and Dafydd at least since the 1950s (see eg. ‘The Logic Of Medicine’ and ‘Our Man In Llandegfan’) and the presence of a certain Liberal MP in Lancashire:

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Derbyshire was the site of an organised abuse ring that exchanged staff with the Gang, which might have been while John Jillings, the former Director of Derbyshire Social Services, who Chaired the Jillings investigation into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council, 1974-94,

admitted that things in Clwyd had been dreadful and dreadful long before 1974 as well,

unbelievably dreadful but no, Jillings refused to speculate on whether there was a paedophile ring in operation in Clwyd with links to other regions of the UK. Derbyshire perhaps. See eg. ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake’.

Previous posts explain how the Labour Party did a great deal of rearranging the furniture to ensure that Wedgie Benn, the former Labour MP for Bristol South East, was elected as the MP for Chesterfield in Derbyshire on 1 March 1984. By 1 March 1984, I had either just encountered Gwynne or was about to do so…

Wedgie Benn’s Bristol South East seat (Wedgie Benn held the seat Nov 1950-Nov 1960 and Aug 1963-June 1983) had disappeared as a result of boundary changes for the 1983 General Election, so he was on the hunt for another safe Labour seat. Benn was beaten by Michael Cocks re the nomination as candidate for the winnable seat of Bristol South  and therefore stood as the Labour candidate for Bristol East in June 1983, but was beaten by the Tory candidate Jonathan Sayeed. See previous posts. The next Labour seat to fall vacant Bristol East Eric Varley was offered the job of Chairman at Coalite plc, a Thatch creation as a result of Privatisation.

Thus Eric’s seat of Chesterfield was up for grabs. Chesterfield were certainly delighted when Veteran Socialist and a resident of the Posh Bit of Westminster for his entire life, Wedgie Benn, wanted to be Their MP.

Eric Varley was born near Chesterfield and left school at 15 to become a craftsman, first in the local iron works and then for the local mining industry. He was active in the NUM and became a Branch Secretary of the NUM in 1955, joining the Labour Party the same year. After a period at Ruskin College, Oxford, Varley won the NUM nomination to be the Labour candidate for his home town, because the sitting Labour MP George Benson was retiring from Parliament. Varley was narrowly selected in June 1963 and duly held the Chesterfield seat in the 1964 General Election.

Varley became an Assistant Whip in 1967 and PPS to the PM Harold Wilson in November 1968. Varley served briefly as a junior Minister under Tony Benn at the Ministry of Technology from 1969. During the Labour Party’s period of opposition in the early 1970s Varley was Chairman of the Trade Union Group of MPs and became spokesman on fuel and power.

The lunch at the Clarence with Thatch took place in the final months of the Grocer’s time as PM, when Thatch was still Education Secretary. Wedgie Benn was a Bristol MP at the time and filled the Somerset Tories with fear…

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Eric Varley was appointed Secretary of State for Energy in March 1974 when Labour returned to power. The appointment of an NUM-sponsored MP helped the Labour Gov’t end the NUM strike which had led to the downfall of Grocer Heath. Varley subsidised the National Coal Board and chose a British design for new nuclear power stations over an American rival and began the procedure to nationalise North Sea oil. During the Common Market referendum Varley advocated a ‘No’ vote but was not prominent in the campaign. Immediately after the referendum, Wilson swapped Varley’s and Benn’s posts, so that Varley was effectively promoted to Secretary of State for Industry. In November 1976 Varley suffered a public defeat when he determined to shut down the loss-making Chrysler car factory: Sunny Jim’s Cabinet forced him to increase its subsidy to keep it open. Varley continued the Govt’s slow nationalisation programme by appointing Michael Edwardes to take over at British Leyland. See previous posts for info on the battle between Red Robbo and Michael Edwardes et al.

When Thatch became PM in 1979, Varley was elected to Footie’s Shadow Cabinet. Varley led Denis Healey‘s campaign for the Party leadership in 1980 and defeated the left-winger Norman Atkinson for the post of Party Treasurer in 1981. Varley served as Opposition Spokesman on Employment and resisted a 1982 attempt by Footie to replace him with the Windbag, whom Varley disliked.

After the Windbag’s election as Party Leader on 2 Oct 1983, Eric Varley announced that he would retire from Parliament at the next General Election. As discussed in previous posts, the Windbag becoming the Labour Party Leader was attributed substantially to the machinations of the scumbag Clive Jenkins, General Secretary of the ASTMS, Clive who revelled in persuading middle class people to become unionised and maintain that they were Oppressed Wage Slaves.

ATMS merged with TASS in 1988 to form MSF ie. the union representing many NHS professionals other than Top Docs or Angels. Clive Jenkins suddenly ‘retired’ in 1988, shortly after the merger which surprised many, because he was still in full flow, having been Chair of the General Council of the TUC, 1987-88. The rich indulged Clive, viewed by many people from across the political spectrum as embodying the worst aspects of the trade union barons of that era, ended up being fleeced by A Lady in his retirement when he embarked on a Bed and Breakfast venture in Tasmania. See previous posts eg. ‘A Very COHSE Relationship With Some Very Nasty People’.

Varley was appointed as Chairman of Coalite plc, a private company manufacturing coal-based products and resigned his seat in January 1984, opening the way for Tony Benn to return to the Commons. Varley served five years at Coalite and later held other directorships.

Following a Labour Party nomination, Varley was created a life peer on 30 May 1990 taking the title Baron Varley.

In May 1990 I appeared at the High Court in Cardiff – one of a whole series of High Court cases brought against me by the Gang in 1990/91 – when Gwynedd Health Authority tried but failed to secure an injunction against me preventing me from even writing to Gwynedd HA to follow up my complaints. Gwynedd HA wasn’t given the injunction, but not only did the presiding judge Sir Malcolm Pill and the two barristers involved, Crispin Masterman and Ian Murphy, ignore documentary evidence of the most serious criminality, but the refusal to issue the injunction just seemed to have been another part of a Cunning Plan to trap me behind closed doors – with the collaboration of the Welsh Office and its bent lawyer Andrew Park – under the Mental Health Act umbrella, rather than in open Court. Malcolm Pill grew up in Cardiff, went to school with Rhodri Morgan, was a member of Gray’s Inn and an old mate of those we know and love. See ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’ and ‘The Bitterest Pill’.

Eric Varley died on 29 July 2008 of cancer at his home; at the time, Gordon Brown and his henchman were doing everything possible to Get Merfyn Out as VC of Bangor University.

I wrote to Wedgie-Benn about the mental health services in north Wales when I was working at Bangor University; Wedgie-Benn sent me a one-line reply telling me that mental health was not his area.

Other Derbyshire MPs included the Beast of Bolsover, Margaret Beckett and her Caravan and for the Tories, Edwina Currie. Edwina, as a Health Minister, thought that appointing Jimmy Savile as General Manager of Broadmoor was a brilliant idea when Savile explained that he would blackmail and threaten those bastard Angels at Broadmoor (who were members of the POA) into stopping their little ways of stealing huge quantities of dosh from the Dept of Health and Home Office. No-one stopped them raping and battering the patients and everyone knew that Savile would be joining that particular party once he took charge at Broadmoor. See ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’ and ‘One Dangerous Fucker’.

The POA were out of control because they knew that Broadmoor, Ashworth and Rampton were full of the victims of Gwynne, Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring, so the POA just did what they wanted and no-one was going to stop them. See ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘Security, Security’.

Wedgie-Benn served the People Of Chesterfield loyally until 2001 when he famously stepped down from the Commons, on the basis that he could achieve more politically outside Parliament. Now that the Waterhouse Report was safely out of the way.

Tony Benn occupied himself from 2001 until his death in 2014 by leading the Stop The War Coalition, one of those involved being Alice ‘I used to be an Angel’ Mahon, the Labour MP for Halifax, who did as much as she could in the late 1990s to bolster the myth that the victims of Dafydd and the Gang being beaten, raped and occasionally murdered in Ashworth Hospital were Dangerous Nutters and the Angels have a Very Difficult Job You Know. See previous posts.

Alice’s robust defence of the Gang came at a time when Tony Francis’s mates running Ashworth were in deep shit after a second Public Inquiry into Ashworth had revealed some terrible things. See ‘Security, Security’. Sadie Francis came from a Yorkshire family, Sadie being the third generation of the family who was a Nice Lady Doctor. Sadie and Tony knew Shirley Summerskill and Shirley’s mum Feminist Pioneer and Nice Lady Doctor Edith. Shirley Summerskill had been the er Labour MP for Halifax before Alice… Shirley had trained at Tommy’s, a hospital who’s staff had an excellent relationship with Tony Benn, who dropped in there regularly. Uncle Harry was a Top Doc at Guy’s, which had merged with Tommy’s in the late 1980s. See previous posts.

When Wedgie-Benn challenged Denis Healey for the Deputy Leadership of the Labour Party – Healey, a Leeds MP from Savile Central, was the Deputy Leader in place – Wedgie-Benn received solid support from NUPE, the union who represented so many of those who were named in the child abuse scandals of the 1980s and 90s. Jeremy Corbyn – a leading light in Stop The War – worked for NUPE before he was elected to the Commons and Jezza backed Wedgie-Benn for Deputy Leader. In north Wales, some of the NUPE reps and shop stewards were guilty of abusing kids in care themselves. See previous posts.

When votes were cast and the result declared on 27 Sept 1981 – just as I had arrived at UCNW for Freshers’ Week – Wedgie-Benn lost to Healey by such a narrow margin that one can imagine how easily the vote could have been rigged…

After Gerald Kaufperson died, his family found that he had left his entire estate to Eric Varley (see ‘The Cradle Of Filth’ and ‘News From Sicily’), although Kaufperson had been married with children

See the source image

and there had not been a family rift.

However the will was invalid because Varley had predeceased Kaufperson by years…

Details of the life and times of the deeply unpleasant Kaufperson have appeared on the blog previously, but more of relevance is jumping out at me as every day passes, so I’ll revisit Gerald here.

Sir Gerald Bernard Kaufman (21 June 1930-26 February 2017) served as MP from 1970 until his death in 2017, first for Manchester Ardwick and then for Manchester Gorton. Gerald was an MP for he Manchester contingent who protected Gwynne and Dafydd as long ago as the 1950s and who supplied the north Wales ring with staff. Dr Tony Roberts and the Drs Francis joined Dafydd and Gwynne’s Gang from jobs as Top Docs in Manchester; within a short while of the Drs Francis leaving Manchester for north Wales, Tony Francis’s boss at Manchester, Ian Brockington, took up a Chair at Birmingham University alongside Robert Bluglass. See ‘Ian Brockington’s Mischief’.

Re others in Manchester who were working in co-operation with Gwynne and Dafydd: think  Greater Manchester Police; bent lawyers and judges in Chambers in Manchester who worked on the Northern Circuit, including Geraint Morgan QC (the Tory MP for Denbigh, 1959-83) and, until he relocated to London after his success with Mr Thrope, George Carman QC; numerous alumni and staff of Manchester University outside of the School of Medicine (eg. Dafydd Wigley and Ian Gow); Isabel Emmett, the social anthropologist from Manchester University who married a man from Croesor and her colleagues, many of whom, like Emmett, were of the Welsh Bloomsbury set as discussed in eg. ‘Vested Interests Or A Common Pool?’.

Prof Greig-Smith of UCNW had, between Cambridge and UNCW, worked at Manchester University (see eg. ‘Our Man In Llandegfan’).

Then there’s the Manchester football scene. Keith Fearns, the perjuring thug who doubled up as the Leader of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team and ran the Bangor Ladies Football Club (see eg. ‘The Joys Of Propaganda’) grew up in Manchester and, as a teenager, was active in Manchester football.

The Manchester music scene

was dominated, like the football, by people who knew about organised abuse, as well as in north Wales and Cheshire.

Previous posts have mentioned Manchester-based comedy and theatre, many of whom Knew.


Kaufperson was born in Leeds, the youngest of seven children, who’s parents were both Polish Jews who moved to England before WW I. Kaufperson was educated at Leeds Grammar School and graduated with a degree in PPE from Queen’s College, Oxford University. Ioan Bowen Rees, Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, went to Queen’s College, Oxford and was virtually the same age as Kaufperson. During Kaufperson’s time at Oxford, he was Secretary of the University Labour Club, where he prevented Rupert Murdoch from standing for office because the Digger broke the Society’s rule against canvassing.

Kaufperson was Assistant General Secretary of the Fabian Society (1954–55), a leader writer on the Daily Mirror (1955–64) and a journalist on the New Statesman (1964–65). Kaufperson was Parliamentary Press Liaison Officer for the Labour Party (1965–70) and eventually became a member of PM Harold Wilson‘s informal “kitchen cabinet”.

Kaufperson became a writer, contributing to BBC’s That Was The Week That Was in 1962 and 1963. Think Footlights, David Frost, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Jonathan Miller etc…

Kaufperson was elected MP for Manchester Ardwick in 1970; he switched constituency to Manchester Gorton at the 1983 General Election, following the major changes in parliamentary boundaries in that year. Kaufperson remained MP for Gorton until his death, notwithstanding considerable demographic changes that resulted in Muslim voters becoming an influential segment of the electorate.

Kaufperson was a junior minister throughout Labour’s time in power from 1974 to 1979, first in the Dept for the Environment (1974–75) under Swinging Woy’s Swinging partner Anthony Crosland, then in the Dept of Industry under Eric Varley (Minister of State, 1975–79). Kaufperson was made a member of the Privy Council in 1978.

Kaufperson Chaired the Select Committee for Culture, Media and Sport, formerly the Select Committee on National Heritage (1992–2005) and was a member of the Parliamentary Committee of the PLP (1980–92), of the Labour Party NEC (1991–92), and of the Royal Commission on House of Lords Reform (1999). In 1997, Kaufman criticised the then Chief Executive of the Royal Opera House Mary Allen over alleged financial misconduct, which ultimately contributed to her tendering her resignation.

Kaufperson voted with the Gov’t for the 2003 invasion of Iraq saying in Parliament “Even though all our hearts are heavy, I have no doubt that it is right to vote with the Government tonight”.

Kaufperson was appointed a Knight Bachelor in Brenda’s 2004 Birthday Honours for services to Parliament.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Kaufman was implicated in the 2009 Parliamentary expenses scandal. He was found to have submitted expense claims that included £8,865 for a 40-inch LCD television, £1,851 for an antique rug imported from New York, and £225 for a rollerball pen. Kaufperson blamed his ‘self-diagnosed’ OCD for his claims, he didn’t even bother to buy an Expert Report from Dafydd, although if Dafydd had provided an Expert Report after 1990, it would have said PTSD. As one Empowered Service User said to me ‘Dafydd’s only got one diagnosis’. I told Brown that the other Top Docs at the Hergest only had a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, but I thought that I’d met about two people at Hergest who’s condition did equate to that so the Hergest was right on those occasions. Brown observed that ‘A stopped clock is right twice a day’.

Kaufperson also said that his condition led him to purchase a pair of Waterford Crystal grapefruit bowls on his parliamentary expenses. Between 2005 and 2007, Kaufperson claimed £28,834 for home improvements. Kaufperson was also challenged over regular claims for “odd jobs”, which he submitted without receipts at a rate of £245 per month, then £5 below the limit for unreceipted expenses, to which he replied by asking why these expenses were being queried. So Kaufperson didn’t even need an Expert Report from Dafydd.

Kaufperson wrote many books and articles. Kaufperson contributed a chapter to a volume about John Hodge, the Labour MP for Manchester Gorton elected in 1906, to Men Who Made Labour, edited by previous stars of this blog Alan Haworth and Diane Hayter.

Kaufperson was an outspoken opponent of hunting with hounds. In 2004, he was assaulted by a group of pro-fox hunting campaigners and said that he was subjected to antisemitic taunts. These Kaufperson said he found ironic as he had recently been accused of being a self-hating Jew by a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Kaufperson, who was a member of the Jewish Labour Movement, formerly Poale Zion, a Zionist group affiliated with the UK Labour Party, was fiercely critical of Israel.

In 2002, Kaufperson called Israeli PM Ariel Sharon “a war criminal” who had reduced Israel to an “international pariah”. Kaufperson once publicly vowed to never again visit Israel, but in 2002 retracted that promise in order to film a BBC TV documentary, The End of the Affair, in which he recounted his youthful infatuation with Israel and his eventual disillusionment.

During Israel’s military operation codenamed Defensive Shield in April 2002, Kaufperson gave a speech to the House of Commons, saying in part:

It is time to remind Sharon that the Star of David belongs to all Jews, not to his repulsive Government. His actions are staining the star of David with blood. The Jewish people, whose gifts to civilised discourse include Einstein and Epstein, Mendelssohn and Mahler, Sergei Eisenstein and Billy Wilder, are now symbolised throughout the world by the blustering bully Ariel Sharon, a war criminal implicated in the murder of Palestinians at the Sabra and Shatila camps and now involved in killing Palestinians once again.

In July 2004, Kaufperson wrote an article in The Guardian entitled “The case for sanctions against Israel: What worked with apartheid can bring peace to the Middle East” in which he proposed economic sanctions against Israel.

Kaufperson criticised Israel for the deaths of British citizens Tom Hurndall and James Miller. In 2006, he called for the Israeli soldiers responsible to be handed over and tried in Britain, or before an international war crimes tribunal and stated that economic sanctions would have to be considered if Israel refused to cooperate.

In June 2009, Kaufperson compared Israel’s “oppression” of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank to South Africa under apartheid and Iran. He described Iran as a “loathsome regime”, but said that, unlike Israel, “at least it keeps its totalitarian theocracy to within its own borders” and that the close proximity of affluent Israeli settlers to impoverished Palestinians was more “heart-rending” than conditions in South Africa during apartheid as the bantustans were “some distance away from the affluent areas”. Kaufperson also said that Israel should follow the lead of the British Armed Forces from their conduct in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

During the Gaza War in January 2009, Kaufperson gave a speech to the House of Commons where he stated: “The present Israeli government ruthlessly and cynically exploits the continuing guilt from Gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust as justification for their murder of Palestinians”. About his own family experience, he said: “My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town. A German soldier shot her dead in her bed. My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza”.

Kaufperson also made a comparison between Hamas members in Gaza and the Jewish resistance during World War II, saying: “The spokeswoman for the Israeli army, Major Leibovich, was asked about the Israeli killing of, at that time, 800 Palestinians. The total is now 1,000. She replied instantly that ‘500 of them were militants’. That was the reply of a Nazi. I suppose the Jews fighting for their lives in the Warsaw ghetto could have been dismissed as militants”. Kaufperson added that “Hamas is a deeply nasty organisation, but it was democratically elected, and it is the only game in town. The boycotting of Hamas, including by our Government, has been a culpable error, from which dreadful consequences have followed”. Kaufperson reminded that the Irgun were considered terrorists and that “Israel was born out of Jewish terrorism”. Kaufperson urged the British Govt “to make clear to the Israeli government that its conduct and policies are unacceptable and to impose a total arms ban on Israel”.

Kaufperson was the leader of a large European parliamentary delegation to Gaza in January 2009 during which he said that Israeli officials who authorised the use of white phosphorus munitions in densely populated Gaza should be tried for war crimes. Kaufperson also called the Israeli blockade of Gaza “evil”.

Following the Gaza flotilla raid, Kaufman called Israel’s actions “a war crime of piracy in international waters, kidnapping and murder, all in pursuit of upholding an illegal blockade on Gaza that amounts to collective punishment”.

Following the 2011 Nakba Day riots when a number of Palestinian refugees were killed during clashes with Israeli security forces as they attempted to breach Israel’s borders as part of protests demanding the implementation of the Palestinian right of return. Kaufman gave a speech criticising Israeli actions, claiming that Palestinians were “slaughtered” and said “the way in which Israeli soldiers maltreat Palestinians is appalling”.

In December 2010, Kaufman criticised a proposed amendment to Britain’s universal jurisdiction law seeking to prevent visiting Israeli officials from being arrested and indicted, claiming that such changes made a mockery of the British legal system. He highlighted the arrest warrant against former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni for her part in the “slaughter” that took place during the Gaza War. Kaufperson also claimed that British Jews were waking up to Israel’s human rights violations and distancing themselves from Israel. Kaufman was berated for his statements by pro-Israel MPs.

As Kaufman stressed Israel’s alleged war crimes and breaches of international law, he faced even more vociferous criticism and the Deputy Speaker of the House had to restore order. Conservative MP Robert Halfon accused Kaufman of using the bill reading for his own political agenda, and stated that his “hatred for Israel knows no bounds”.

Following the 2011 Palestinian bid for United Nations recognition and membership of a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital, Kaufperson wrote:

Along with another Labour MP Martin Linton, Kaufperson accused the Conservative Party of being “too close” to Israel. In 2010, Kaufman said that those parts of the British Conservative party not controlled by Lord Ashcroft are controlled by “right-wing Jewish millionaires”. On 30 March 2011, Kaufperson was caught by a microphone in the Chamber of the House of Commons saying “here we are, the Jews again”, when fellow Jewish Labour MP Louise Ellman rose to speak, for which he apologised.

At a Palestine Return Centre event in Parliament on 27 October 2015, Kaufperson alleged that “Jewish money, Jewish donations to the Conservative Party – as in the general election in May – support from The Jewish Chronicle, all of those things, bias the Conservatives”. He accused Israel of staging recent Palestinian knife attacks as an excuse to kill Palestinians. These comments were originally made on David Collier’s blog, Beyond the Great Divide. Collier had been present at the event and recorded Kaufperson’s speech. John Mann, the Labour MP who is Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism, denounced Kaufman’s comments as “the incoherent ramblings of an ill-informed demagogue”.

The Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, released a statement saying Kaufman’s remarks were “completely unacceptable and deeply regrettable”, further saying: “Such remarks are damaging to community relations, and also do nothing to benefit the Palestinian cause. I have always implacably opposed all forms of racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia.”

Kaufperson acted as Chairman of the Booker Prize judges in 1999.

On 26 February 2017, it was announced that Kaufperson had died after a long illness. Miranda raised Kaufperson’s work and said they had been close friends since Miranda was first elected to the Commons in 1983.

See the source image

  • Kaufperson’s outputs include:
  • The Daily Mirror Spotlight on Trade Unions, by Sydney Jacobson & William Connor, Research by Gerald Kaufman, Daily Mirror Newspapers 1950
  • Fabian Journal No 16 July 1955 (With Margaret Cole), Fabian Society, 1955
  • The Left: A symposium (Editor) Blond 1966
  • To Build the Promised Land, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1973
  • How to be a Minister, Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd, 1980
  • Renewal: Labour’s Britain in the 1980’s, Penguin, 1983
  • My Life in the Silver Screen, Faber & Faber, 1985
  • Inside the Promised Land: Personal View of Todays Israel, Ashgate 1986
  • Meet Me in St. Louis, British Film Institute, 1994
  • Gulliver & Beyond (Contributor), Channel 4 Television, 1996

See the source image


Sir Ron Hadfield was Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police when the Nottingham Satanic Panic took place, revealing the level of lunacy on the part of children’s social workers that exceeded the expectations of even the most seasoned of piss-takers. It was during the Nottingham Satanic Panic that social workers became particularly concerned at the activities of a Mr Poo Pants, as drawn by a small child, presumably still in their anal phase.

Presumably Sir Ron and his Fearless Officers went in pursuit of Mr Poo Pants before A Child Was Harmed.

It was when Sir Ron Hadfield was Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire that the man with the swordstick who held Brown hostage in Hall in Aston in 1983 tried to kill Brown in the middle of Nottingham city centre a few years later, when Brown thought that it was finally safe for him to venture back into the midlands again. Brown’s head was smashed repeatedly on the pavement until a public spirited student saw the scene and pitched in and rescued Brown from the clutches of the madman who police had admitted to Brown was ‘a danger to the public’ in 1983 and then nearly killed the old man who lived upstairs in his block of flats. The man who’s activities Adrian Bell and D.G.E. refused to discuss with me. Well Adrian had previously worked as a Home Office forensic scientist before he taught at UCNW. He told the students that he left that job because of the extent of the corruption. Part of Sir Ron’s whitewash re the Birmingham Six pertained to the Home Office forensic scientists who had lied and lied and lied. In the 1970s, when Bell was a forensic scientist.

Between Sept and Dec 1987, I worked at the Cancer Research Campaign Laboratories at Nottingham University. The Director of the CRC Labs in Nottingham, Robert Baldwin, was perpetrating a big research fraud with an American drug company, Zoma. See previous posts eg. ‘Oh Lordy! It’s CR UK’. Those at the top of the CRC knew what Baldwin was doing, as did researchers leading other teams funded by the CRC and ICRF, swathes of people working in other drug companies – including Boots and  Amersham International – and Top Docs and researchers working in the Queen’s Medical Centre and staff at Nottingham University.

Previous posts have discussed how two medical students at Nottingham with whom I became friendly were horrified at what they were witnessing, both in Baldwin’s Lab and at the Medical School in Nottingham. One of them was the daughter of the Civil Service mandarin Sir David Fell. That was in 1987, so Sir David was administrating Thatch’s Gov’t. This Nottingham barrister and businessman became a Nottingham Tory MP and spent years in Thatch’s and then Major’s Cabinet, including as Secretary of State for the DHSS, Home Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer:

See the source image

See the source image

Sir David Fell’s daughter subsequently withdrew from the medical degree. Some years after I worked at Nottingham, Sir David was appointed to the highest Civil Service position in N Ireland. Sir David was a graduate of Queen’s University, Belfast and will have known about Kincora.

Sir David was/is also a Director of many banks and city institutions and held a senior role at Queen’s University. Fell took ‘early retirement’ in time to be out of the Civil Service by the time that the Waterhouse Inquiry began, as discussed in previous posts.

The VC of Nottingham University who undoubtedly knew about the wrongdoing under his nose was an organic chemist himself, Professor Basil Charles Leicester Weedon (18 July 1923-10 October 2003). Weedon was born in Wimbledon, a favourite place for the more senior staff of St George’s Hospital Medical School to reside and his father was a dentist. During WW II Weedon was evacuated to a farm near Guildford, so almost certainly had long-standing links with Prof Vincent Marks who led the CRC team at Surrey University, Guildford and worked as a Top Doc in the town. Vincent Marks’s team knew what Baldwin was doing at Nottingham, but no-one blew the whistle.

See the source image

Weedon studied at a school in Guildford prior to studying chemistry at Imperial College, London in 1940, so Weedon will have been networked into the gerontocracy who ran Bangor University who were associated with Imperial, that particular crowd being led by Professor Wynn Humphrey Davies, a loyal servant of Gwynne and Dafydd and the son of a north Wales Liberal family. Prof Davies served on Bangor University Council for decades and was also Chair of the Finance Committee.

Wynn Humphrey Davies was born in 1911 in Tufnell Park, north London, into a Welsh-speaking family. His father, Richard Humphrey Davies, who originated from Corris in north Wales, was a prominent Liberal who served as Private Secretary to Lord Gladstone in the early years of the 20th century, and later worked closely with both Asquith and Lloyd George in the Treasury and then in the Liberal Central Association.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Wynn Humphrey Davies was educated at Westminster School and UCNW, from which he graduated in 1933. He was an electrical engineer who worked at Imperial and Queen Mary College, London. See previous posts for info on Prof Wynn and his Liberal MP dad.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Weedon remained at Imperial College studying for a PhD before taking a job with ICI in Blackley, Manchester. Weedon returned to Imperial College in 1947 as a lecturer in organic chemistry and became a Reader in 1955. In 1960 Weedon was appointed the Chair of Organic Chemistry at Queen Mary College. In 1976 he became VC of the University of Nottingham and he held the position until his retirement in 1988. Weedon was a consultant to Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel, Switzerland, 1955-78. Hoffman-La Roche have found themselves at the centre of a number of controversies and one of the most spectacular occurred when Basil Weedon was acting as a consultant to the company, the price-fixing scandal exposed by Stanley Adams in 1973.

Stanley Adams, Roche’s World Product Manager in Basel, contacted the European Economic Community in 1973 with evidence that Roche had been breaking antitrust laws, engaging in price fixing and market sharing for vitamins with its competitors. Roche was fined accordingly, but a ‘bungle’ on the part of the EEC allowed the company to discover that it was Adams who had blown the whistle. He was arrested for unauthorised disclosure – an offence under Swiss law – and imprisoned. His wife, having learnt that he might face decades in jail, committed suicide.

On 25 Nov 2001, ‘The Observer’ published an article about Stanley Adams and the 1973 scandal:

As Brussels blasts the drug giants, the man who took on Roche and was jailed for it talks to Nick Mathiason

Never has the European Commission seen such a serious example of concerted price-fixing between giant corporations. Usually timid, the Commission last week let rip. Some of the world’s biggest drug companies, including giant Swiss pharma, Roche, were fined a record £523 million. Mario Monti, the European Commission’s competition director-general, said that 13 companies illegally colluded to raise the price of vitamin pills and vitamins added to foodstuffs. He added that the cartel could be dubbed ‘Vitamin Inc’ and was the most damaging case the commission had ever investigated, as it continued throughout the entire Nineties and involved substances vital for healthy living.

My Posh Relative William Piercy, 1st Baron Piercy (7 February 1886-7 July 1966) was an economist, civil servant, businessman and financier. He is best remembered as Chairman of the Industrial & Commercial Finance Corporation, 1945-64.

Piercy was the only son of Edward Piercy, of Hoxton in the East End

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

and his second wife Mary Ann Margaret (née Heaford). His father was killed in an industrial accident in 1893. Piercy was educated locally, but left school at the age of 12 to join Pharaoh Gane, timber brokers, as an office boy. Piercy studied at night and in 1910, aged 24, he became a full-time undergraduate student at the LSE. Piercy graduated B.Sc. in 1914 and was for a time a lecturer in history and public administration at the school. Among the Giants Of Leftist Thought at the LSE when Lord Piercy was there, or shortly after, was Harold Laski. Bertrand Russell had already passed through…

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Harold Joseph Laski was the Chairman of the British Labour Party, 1945-46. Laski at first promoted pluralism, emphasising the importance of local voluntary communities such as trade unions. After 1930 he shifted to a Marxist emphasis on class conflict and the need for a workers’ revolution, which he hinted might be violent. Laski’s position angered Labour leaders who promised a nonviolent democratic transformation. Laski’s position on democracy came under further attack from Winston Churchill in the 1945 General Election and the Labour Party had to disavow Laski, its Chairman.

Laski was one of Britain’s most influential intellectual spokesmen for socialism in the interwar years. His teaching greatly inspired students, some of whom later became leaders of newly independent nations in Asia and Africa. Laski was perhaps the most prominent intellectual in the Labour Party, especially for those on the left who shared his trust and hope in Joseph Stalin‘s Soviet Union.

See the source image

Laski was distrusted by the Labour politicians who were in charge, such as PM Clement Attlee, and was never given a major Gov’t position or a peerage.

Harold Laski
Harold Laski 1936.JPG
Harold Joseph Laski

30 June 1893

Manchester, England
Died 24 March 1950 (aged 56)

London, England
Political party Labour
Frida Kerry (m. 1911)
Academic background
Alma mater New College, Oxford
Academic work
School or tradition Socialism
Institutions London School of Economics
Doctoral students
Notable students
Notable works A Grammar of Politics (1925)

Laski was the son of a Manchester Jewish merchant who was a leader of the Jewish community and a Liberal. Laski attended Manchester Grammar School. In 1911, Laski studied eugenics under Karl Pearson for six months. The same year Laski met and married Frida Kerry, a lecturer of eugenics. Laski’s marriage to Frida, a gentile eight years his senior, antagonised his family. Laski repudiated his faith in Judaism, claiming that reason prevented him from believing in God.

After graduating in history from New College, Oxford, Laski worked briefly at the Daily Herald under George Lansbury. Even then, New College was a recruiting ground for the British security services. H.A.L. Fisher was an influential academic at New College, who served in Lloyd George’s Gov’t and was networked to the Stracheys via Fisher’s family who were of the Bloomsbury Group. See ‘The Vermin Club’.

H.A.L. Fisher recruited Westminster Swinger Richard Crossman, Harold Wilson’s DHSS Secretary of State, 1968-70, who became one of the most senior of the British security services agents, as well as the appalling Sir George Godber, a mate of Gwynne’s who became Chief Medical Officer and assisted Gwynne and Dafydd until Godber’s dying day, which was not so long ago because Godber reached 100 yrs old. Godber is written of as a saint who Helped Nye To Bring the NHS Into Being,

See the source image

but he was a ruthless elitist who, as a med student at the Royal London Hospital, became involved with facilitating organised abuse in Gwynne’s day.

Godber’s brother Joseph was the Tory MP for Thatch’s hometown of Grantham, standing down in 1979 after the Godbers had ensured that the old cow had been installed as PM and thus left the scene of the crime. See eg. ‘Our Man In Llandegfan’.

The Godbers both attended Bedford School, an intriguing place that really churned out members of the security services, high ranking Forces Officers and Whitehall mandarins. Paddy Pantsdown was an old boy, as was Geraint Morgan QC, the bent Manchester-based barrister who served as the Tory MP for Denbigh, 1959-83. See eg. ‘Cymro 007’.


Harold Laski’s daughter Diana was born in 1916. In 1916, Laski was also appointed as a lecturer at McGill University in Montreal and began to lecture at Harvard University. He also lectured at Yale, 1919–20. Laski was briefly involved with the founding of The New School for Social Research in 1919. Laski cultivated a large network of American friends centred at Harvard. He was often invited to lecture in America and wrote for The New Republic. Laski became friends with Felix Frankfurter as well as Herbert Croly, Walter Lippmann, Edmund Wilson, and Charles A. Beard. His long friendship with Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes was cemented by weekly letters. Laski knew many powerful figures and claimed to know many more. Critics have often commented on Laski’s repeated exaggerations and self-promotion, which Holmes tolerated.

Laski returned to England in 1920 and began teaching at the LSE. In 1926, he was given a Chair at the LSE. Laski was an executive member of the Fabian Society  1922–1936. In 1936, Laski co-founded the Left Book Club along with publisher Victor Gollancz and John Strachey. Evelyn John St Loe Strachey known as John, was Amabel Williams-Ellis’s brother. After Eton, John Strachey went to Magdalen College, Oxford, where he became close friends with Bob Boothby.

Strachey joined the Labour Party in 1923 and became a close ally of Oswald Mosley, then an up-and-coming Labour politician. My grandfather knew Mosley when grandpa was a young man, at one point he was Mosley’s speechwriter; from what I’ve read, it is quite likely that my grandpa knew John Strachey as well.

In 1925 Mosley and Strachey published the “Birmingham Proposals”, calling for better policies to deal with unemployment. In 1925 Strachey published Revolution by Reason, calling for money-printing, redistribution and state planning. In 1926, during the General Strike, Strachey became Editor of the ILP’s Socialist Review and of The Miner. He was sympathetic to Marxist analysis, but disliked class warfare. When Strachey in 1929 married Esther Murphy (c1899-1962), Mosley was his best man.

Strachey was elected as the Labour MP for Birmingham Aston in 1929 and doubled up as Mosley’s  PPS. In May 1930 Mosley and Strachey resigned over Ramsay MacDonald’s Govt’s unemployment policies. In February 1931 Strachey supported Mosley in founding the New Party, but he resigned in July 1931 when Mosley rejected socialism and close links with the USSR. Mosley subsequently turned to fascism.

By this time Strachey’s marriage had failed, and he renewed an old relationship with Celia Simpson (1900–79). Celia had been sacked from The Spectator – owned by John Strachey’s father, which was how Amabel wrote for that organ – for being too left-wing, having joined the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB); Eric Hobsbawm joined the CPGB in 1936.

In October 1931, Strachey defended his seat at Aston as an independent pro-communist workers’ candidate, but was defeated. He applied to join the CPGB himself but was rejected in the summer of 1932 as an unreliable intellectual. Strachey suffered a nervous breakdown and underwent three years of psychoanalysis.

At the time psychoanalysis in the UK was dominated by a small number of people who became close to Gwynne and Dafydd. One was the Welsh Top Doc Ernest Jones, who was substantially responsible for introducing Freud’s ideas into the UK. Ernest was as dodgy as they come and managed to kill his wife Morfydd when he performed DIY abdominal surgery on her in her parents’ house in south Wales. They’d only been married a year but Ernest was getting a bit fed up of Morfydd and her silly Presbytarian unenlightened ways. Ernest also fell out with Freud over Ernest’s conduct towards Freud’s daughter Anna. For decades Ernest maintained a friendship via correspondence with Welsh novelist Kate Roberts, who grew up near Caernarfon, studied at UCNW, became a teacher, married and then went to live in Denbigh where she and her husband ran Gwasg Gee, the publishing house that they owned. Kate and her husband were Plaid activists who knew Dafydd and Gwynne. Kate’s husband died in the 1950s; Kate continued to live in Denbigh until her death on 4 April 1985. After her death, literature scholars presented convincing evidence that Kate’s husband was gay and always had been

and that Kate was likely to have been a lesbian. See previous posts eg. ‘Feet In Chains’ and ‘Our Man In Llandegfan’.

The other two big names in UK psychoanalysis at the time were relations of John Strachey – James Strachey and his wife Alix. James and Alix translated Freud’s works into English and their translations are still the definitive texts. James and Alix were at the heart of Sir Clough, Bertrand et al and the Bloomsbury Group. See ‘The Vermin Club’.

After obtaining a divorce, John Strachey married Celia on 13 October 1933. They had a son, Charles, in 1934 and a daughter Elizabeth in 1936.

Mosley’s British Union of Fascists (BUF) organized a large rally at the Olympia Hall in London in June 1934. A counter-demonstration was organized, and the rally turned into a violent disturbance in which many were injured. A Committee for Coordinating Anti-Fascist Activities was formed, with Strachey as secretary, sponsored by the World Committee Against War and Fascism (Amsterdam-Pleyel). When the BUF staged another demonstration of 3,000 Fascists in Hyde Park, London on 9 September 1934, Strachey’s committee organized a major counter-demonstration by 20,000 anti-Fascists.

Strachey assisted Victor Gollancz and Harold Laski in founding the Left Book Club in 1936. Strachey was one of the most prolific and widely read British Marxist-Leninist theorists of the 1930s. Strachey criticised the economics of John Maynard Keynes from a Marxist perspective before himself becoming a Keynesian.

Strachey helped launch the Popular Front in December 1936. By 1938 Strachey was persuaded by Keynesianism and the New Deal of American president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Strachey became increasingly unhappy with the Communist movement following the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact and the Soviet Invasion of Finland. In a letter to the New Statesman Strachey claimed the Communists “are prepared, for the sake of the … Soviet Union, to give way to Hitler to any extent, and they are utterly irresponsible as to the consequences to the British people of such unlimited giving away. So long as that remains the case I … can have nothing to do with them.” Strachey broke with the CPGB in April 1940. Someone else remained in.

Image result for eric hobsbawm images

Towards the end of 1940 Strachey joined the RAF and served as an adjutant with No. 87 Squadron RAF, a Hawker Hurricane fighter squadron. Strachey was posted to the Air Ministry as a PR officer in the Directorate of Bombing Operations and made a reputation as an air commentator for the BBC, making official broadcasts about the men of RAF Bomber Command. Which placed John Strachey at the centre of so many of Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates in the RAF and Defence, including Lord Patrick Blackett, a second homer at Croesor and his mates, who’s daughter married a Manchester surgeon. See previous posts.

After returning to the Labour Party, John Strachey was re-elected to Parliament in 1945 initially representing Dundee. Strachey was immediately appointed Under-Secretary of State for Air under Secretary of State for Air, one William Wedgewood-Benn, Tony Benn’s dad.

The Viscount Stansgate
William Wedgewood-Benn.jpg
Secretary of State for India
In office
7 June 1929 – 24 August 1931
Monarch George V
Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald
Preceded by The Viscount Peel
Succeeded by Sir Samuel Hoare, Bt
Secretary of State for Air
In office
3 August 1945 – 4 October 1946
Monarch George VI
Prime Minister Clement Attlee
Preceded by Harold Macmillan
Succeeded by Philip Noel-Baker
Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
In office
20 January 1942 – 17 November 1960
Hereditary Peerage
Succeeded by Tony Benn
Personal details
Born 10 May 1877
Hackney, London
Died 17 November 1960 (aged 83)
Westminster, London
Nationality British
Political party Liberal
Spouse(s) Margaret Holmes
Children 4, including Tony Benn
Parents Sir John Benn, 1st Baronet
Elizabeth Pickstone
Alma mater University College, London
Military career
Allegiance  United Kingdom
Service/branch  Royal Navy
 British Army
 Royal Air Force
Years of service 1914–1918, 1940–1945
Rank Air Commodore
Battles/wars First World War
Second World War

Awards DSO (1917)
DFC (1918)
Bronze Medal of Military Valor (Italy; 1918)

John Strachey is widely credited as having been responsible for ignoring Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris and, by implication, Bomber Command from the Victory Honours List. This may have been retaliation for Harris’ unsuccessful request to have Strachey removed from his wartime post within the Directorate of Bombing Operations due to Strachey’s changeable political persuasions. Strachey was appointed Minister of Food in May 1946 and became a Privy Counsellor that same year.

Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Lord Charles Hill was the Top Doc who worked for the Ministry of Food from 1942 broadcasting Gov’t propaganda using the title ‘The Radio Doctor’. See eg. ‘BMA Calling, BMA Calling…’ Charlie Corkscrew spent years at the top of the BMA, was fully on board with Dafydd and Gwynne and became such a pain in the butt as a Minister in Macmillan’s Gov’t that Supermac kicked him and Gwynne and Dafydd’s other mates out of Gov’t in July 1962 in the Night Of The Long Knives. Corkscrew didn’t go away; he knew so much that a peerage was handed over in 1963, two days before Profumo resigned and Charlie continued causing trouble. Harold Wilson installed him as Chairman of the BBC in 1968, supposedly to ‘clean up the filth’. Which was great for the ring that was operating in the BBC, particularly Dafydd’s mate Savile, who’s career took of when Charlie arrived at the BBC. See previous posts.

Charlie Corkscrew is another saint, having Helped Nye Bring The NHS Into Being. ie. told Nye that he was going to give Docs a lot of money, control over their own pay and conditions and allow them to regulate themselves or Nye was not going to get an NHS.

See the source image

The old bastard Charlie lived until 22 Aug 1989 and I’ve been told that Charlie waded in enthusiastically when he heard about That Girl who had complained about Gwynne and then Even More Doctors.

See the source image

Charlie I note the month after Bluglass Chaired his whitewash re complaint. Bluglass however didn’t send his written Report until Aug 1989. I think that the Report arrived at Clwyd and Gwynedd Health Authorities before Charlie pegged out, but they’ll all have known that Charlie Didn’t Have Long…

Charlie grew up in Southwark – the Borough Council sent scores of kids to north Wales – and trained at the London Hospital dahn the East End with the Krays and Boothby’s gang…

Charles Hill 1952.jpg

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Strachey’s junior Minister in the Ministry for Food was none other than Feminist Pioneer and Hero Dr Edith Summerskill who colluded with organised abuse and criminality, including that of Gwynne and Dafydd. Edith’s daughter Socialist Feminist Shirley and her conman of a husband John Ryman were both Labour MPs who also were of the Gang’s network. Shirley, like her mum a Nice Lady Doctor, knew Tony and Sadie Francis, Dr Death and the rest of the crowd and proved invaluable to the Gang throughout the 1970s and 80s. See ‘Our Man In Llandegfan’.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

On the division of the Dundee constituency, Strachey was elected as Labour MP for Dundee West in February 1950, holding the seat until his death in 1963. He succeeded Manny Shinwell as Secretary of State for War (1950–51). During the Labour Party’s civil war of the early 1950s Strachey tried to be an “insider”, neither Bevanite nor Gaitskellite. He supported Hugh Gaitskell as successor to Clement Attlee as Labour Party Leader in the 1955 leadership election. Strachey was an opponent of CND. In 1963 he supported George Brown for the Party Leadership; the victorious candidate, Harold Wilson, appointed Strachey Shadow Secretary of State for Commonwealth Affairs.

The Profumo Affair took off in public from early 1963. As press headlines became ever more lurid, in advance of the Commons debate on Profumo’s resignation, due 17 June 1963, David Watt in The Spectator defined Macmillan’s position as “an intolerable dilemma from which he can only escape by being proved either ludicrously naïve or incompetent or deceitful- or all three”. Meanwhile, the press speculated about possible Cabinet resignations and several Ministers felt it necessary to demonstrate their loyalty to the PM.

In a BBC interview on 13 June 1963 Gwynne and Dafydd’s old mucker Lord Hailsham denounced Profumo in a manner which, according to The Observers reporter, “had to be seen to be believed”. The Observer that was owned by Lord Bill Astor’s family and edited by Bill’s brother David Astor. Hailsham insisted that “a great party is not to be brought down because of a squalid affair between a woman of easy virtue and a proven liar”.

Lucille Hughes

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Charlie Corkscrew was created a life peer on 13 June 1963 as Baron Hill of Luton, of Harpenden in the County of Hertford. You bet he was, in 1961 Macmillan had been foolish enough to appoint Charlie as Minister for Housing, Local Gov’t and Welsh Affairs…

In the Commons debate on the Profumo Affair on 17 June 1963, Harold Wilson concentrated almost exclusively on the extent to which the PM and his colleagues had been dilatory in not identifying a clear security risk arising from Profumo’s association with Society Osteopath Stephen Ward and his circle.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Macmillan responded that he should not be held culpable for believing a colleague who had repeatedly asserted his innocence. He mentioned the false allegations against Tam Galbraith (Sir Thomas Galloway Dunlop Galbraith, one of those named in the John Vassall Gay Spies in the Admiralty Scandal as discussed in eg. ‘We’ve Been Expecting You…’)

See the source image

and the failure of the security services to share their detailed information with him. In the general debate the sexual aspects of the scandal were fully discussed; Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Nigel Birch, the Tory MP for West Flintshire, referred to Keeler as a “professional prostitute” and asked rhetorically: “What are whores about?” They were about making Nigel Birch, Dafydd, Gwynne, Peter Walker and others a great deal of money and furthermore they provided services for Nigel Birch’s good mate Sir Anthony Meyer, whom Nigel ensured succeeded his seat when Nigel stood down in 1970 and became Lord Rhyl. As a bonus, colluding with Gwynne and Dafydd over the whores provided Meyer – who’s gran Adele had been a close friend of Bertrand Russell’s first wife Alys and the two of them set up the pioneering Mothers and Babies Clinic in St Pancras which was not what they pretended (see post ‘It’s International Women’s Day! Let’s Celebrate With Jane…’) – and his mate Heseltine with some opportunities for Hezza to try to become PM, the first one being the Westland Crisis. See previous posts.

See the source image

Keeler was otherwise branded a “tart” and a “poor little slut”. Stephen Ward was vilified throughout as a likely Soviet agent. No wonder Gwynne and Dafydd got into bed with them, as it were.

Most Tories, whatever their reservations, were supportive of Macmillan, with only Birch suggesting that he should consider retirement. In the subsequent vote on the Govt’s handling of the affair, 27 Tories abstained, reducing the Gov’t’s majority to 69. Several newspapers forecast that Macmillan would soon resign.

After the Parliamentary debate, newspapers published further sensational stories, hinting at widespread immorality within Britain’s governing class.

See the source image

A story emanating from Rice-Davies concerned a naked masked man, who acted as a waiter at sex parties; rumours suggested that he was a Cabinet Minister,

Image result for enoch powell images


See the source image

or possibly a member of the Royal Family

Malcolm Muggeridge in the Sunday Mirror wrote of “The Slow, Sure Death of the Upper Classes”. Sadly not, they just hid for a while and returned with a vengeance in the form of Call Me Dave and his wife Sam, who’s mum remarried Lord Bill Astor’s son after divorcing Sam’s upper-class dad.

See the source image

On 21 June 1963 Macmillan instructed Lord Denning, the Master of the Rolls – who was appointed to the post just in time to deal with the Profumo Affair – to investigate and report on the growing range of rumours. Ward’s committal proceedings began a week later, at Marylebone magistrates’ court, where the Crown’s evidence was fully reported in the press. Ward was committed for trial on charges of “living off the earnings of prostitution” and “procuration of girl under twenty-one” and released on bail. With the Ward case now subjudice, the press pursued related stories. The People reported that Scotland Yard had begun an inquiry, in parallel with Denning’s, into “homosexual practices as well as sexual laxity” among civil servants, military officers and MPs.

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

On 24 June 1963 the Daily Mirror, under a banner heading “Prince Philip and the Profumo Scandal”, dismissed what it termed the “foul rumour” that Benda’s husband had been involved in the affair, without disclosing the nature of the rumour.

See the source image


John Strachey died in Marylebone, London, on 15 July 1963, after a spinal operation, aged 61.

On 28 July 1963, Stephen Ward’s trial opened.

See the source image

By July 1963, my father had been bankrupted by Maurice Macmillan.

I think that we had just about arrived to live in Overton by then, down the lane from Lord Denning’s house, in the village in which Denning had grown up and over which his family ruled supreme. Maurice Macmillan preceded Shirley Summerskill as the MP for Halifax. Sadie Francis’s family came from Yorkshire; her mum and grandmother were Top Docs and I am sure knew Edith Summerskill as well as Shirley. Maurice Macmillan died unexpectedly after a heart operation on 10 March 1984, just after my encounter with Gwynne. The Drs Francis had relocated from Manchester to north Wales in 1983.

John Strachey’s wealth at death was £50,157 and 1s (over £900,000 at 2016 prices).

Stephen Ward, the Society Osteopath who, along with Christine Keeler, was scapegoated for the Profumo Affair, died on 3 Aug 1963. Ward had taken an overdose on 30 July 1963; the next day a guilty verdict against him was returned in absentia. Stephen died in hospital four days later without ever regaining consciousness. ‘Suicide’, but with a very big push from the Top Doctors and all who had sailed in Stephen, including Gwynne and Dafydd, who were the Captains of the Ship.

After Maurice Macmillan’s dad ordered Lord Denning to Investigate re the Profumo Affair on 21 June 1963, Denning’s transparent whitewash of a Report that cleared everyone of wrongdoing, except for Stephen Ward (‘an utterly immoral man’), The Tarts and reassured everyone that the security services weren’t mixed up in this at all was published on 26 Sept 1963.

See the source image

On 20 Oct 1963, Diana, Churchill’s daughter, was found dead from an overdose of barbiturates. ‘Suicide’. Diana was married to Duncan Sandys, a friend and business partner of Edward du Cann. Sandys had been a good friend and a patient of Stephen Ward’s until Sandys realised that he’d never met Stephen or The Tarts.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Sandys was mates with Maurice Macmillan.


While at the LSE in the 1930s, Laski developed a connection with scholars from the Institute for Social Research, aka the Frankfurt School. In 1933, with almost all the institute’s members by now in exile, Laski was among a number of British socialists, including Sidney Webb and R. H. Tawney, to arrange for the establishment of a London office for the institute’s use. After the institute’s move to Columbia University in 1934, Laski was one of its sponsored guest lecturers invited to New York.

Laski ‘was a gifted lecturer, but he would alienate his audience by humiliating people who asked questions. However, he was liked by his students, and was especially influential among Asian and African students who attended the LSE’. One of Laski’s students had nothing but praise for Laski’s teaching:

His lectures taught more, much more than political science. They taught a faith that ideas mattered, that knowledge was important and its pursuit exciting … His seminars taught tolerance, the willingness to listen although one disagreed, the values of ideas being confronted. And it was all immense fun, an exciting game that had meaning, and it was also a sieve of ideas, a gymnastics of the mind carried on with vigour and directed unobtrusively with superb craftsmanship. I think I know now why he gave himself so freely. Partly it was because he was human and warm and that he was so interested in people. But mainly it was because he loved students, and he loved students because they were young.

Because he had a glowing faith that youth was generous and alive, eager and enthusiastic and fresh. That by helping young people he was helping the future and bringing nearer that brave world in which he so passionately believed.

Who was this uncritical admirer? None other than Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law, the Uncle Harry who knew the Summerskills, Gwynne and Dafydd and the Drs Francis as well as so many others we know and love.

Ralph was a fan of Laski, but Clement Attlee wasn’t. Lord Piercy worked as Clement Attlee’s aide when Attlee was PM. I do hope that Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law didn’t bear a grudge!

It was Harold Laski who enabled Ralph to fulfil his ambition to join the Royal Navy. Ralph had been barred because Ralph was Foreign. Laski told Ralph to write to A.V. Alexander and Ralph was in. Albert Victor Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Hillsborough, (1 May 1885-11 January 1965), was a Labour Co-operative politician. He was three times First Lord of the Admiralty, including during the Second World War, and then Minister of Defence under Clement Attlee. A.V. Alexander was born and brought up in Weston-Super-Mare, worked for Somerset County Council’s Education Dept as a young man and before he became active in the Labour Party, was in the Liberals in Somerset. See previous posts.

Harold Laski Fixed It For Ralph.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Uncle Harry’s nephew became very upset when the Daily Mail published an article maintaining that Ed’s dad ‘Hated Britain’. Poor old Ed didn’t dare drop the bombshell that would have silenced the Mail ie. that Ralph was working for the security services… Ralph, like Dafydd, seems to have been recruited by the British security services to infiltrate Places Where Others Could Not.

See the source image

The Mail published another attack as Ed flailed, discussing Ralph’s Evil Legacy. Well yes, but it wasn’t the legacy of Socialism as charged by the Mail, it was Top Docs and serious organised crime.

See the source image

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Thanks Ed!!

Ralph died on 21 May 1994. Just after F and I had met with the Mental Health Act Commission and told them that Dafydd was sexually abusing patients. Our complaint was never investigated but all hell broke loose on the me being Insane and Dangerous front. The CEO of the MHAC was William Bingley, son of Admiral Sir Alec Bingley and his wife Lady Juliet, a Posh Lady social worker who was a graduate of the LSE…

John Smith had keeled over on 12 May 1994; the world awaited Miranda. Before Miranda happened, Matt Arnold, former Head of Bryn Estyn, died from an ‘unidentified blood disease’ and four days later, Arnold’s friend and colleague Peter Howarth stood trial for the sexual abuse of boys in care in north Wales. Howarth was sentenced to 10 years on 8 July 1994. Miranda became Leader on 21 July 1994.

Arnold and Howarth had previously worked at Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead on the site of the big ring in the North East, which was concealed by Miranda’s friends and relations, among others.

See the source image

See the source image

Before that, Arnold and Howarth had worked together in Richmond, Yorkshire, when Howarth undertook his student placement while at Ruskin College, Arnold being his tutor there. Prezza was the President of the Ruskin Students’ Union at the time. Ruskin College hosted many Marxist lecturers active in the New Left who were still cluttering up the pages of ‘New Statesman’ in the 1980s. See ‘A Study In Tyranny’.

Arnold and Howarth relocated to Bryn Estyn in 1972 after the previous Head and his wife and young son, as well as the Deputy Head, were killed in a car crash in Cheshire.

See the source image

The Director of the LSE at when Lord Piercy was a student and then a teacher there was William Pember Reeves (10 February 1857-16 May 1932), a New Zealand politician, historian and poet who promoted social reform. Reeves’s parents were William Reeves, who was a journalist and politician, and Ellen, née Pember. They had migrated from Britain to Canterbury Province in 1857, arriving three weeks before William Pember Reeves was born. William Pember Reeves was educated at a prep school in Christchurch, the local high school and, from 1867 to 1874, Christ’s College Grammar School. Before entering politics, Reeves was a lawyer and journalist. He was editor of the Canterbury Times in 1885 and the Lyttelton Times (1889–1891).

New Zealand Parliament
Years Term Electorate Party
1887–1890 10th St Albans Independent
1890–1893 11th Christchurch Liberal
1893–1896 12th Christchurch Liberal

Reeves represented the Christchurch electorate of St Albans in Parliament from 1887 to 1890, and then Christchurch from 1890 to 1896, when he resigned to take up the post of Agent General. During the premierships of John Ballance (1891–93) and Richard Seddon (1893–1906) Reeves served as Minister of Labour (1892–96), Minister of Education (1891–96), Minister of Justice (1891–92, 1893, 1895–96) and Commissioner of Stamp Duties (1892–96). As Minister of Labour, Reeves introduced the Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act 1894 and the Undesirable Immigrants Exclusion Bill, which, if it had been passed, would have barred poor and Asian immigrants from the country. Reeves’ opposition to the entry of those whom he considered “undesirable” immigrants earned him the nickname “Undesirable Bill” Reeves.

In January 1896 Undesirable Bill left New Zealand for London, where he was Agent General (1896–1905) and High Commissioner (1905–08). In those posts, Undesirable Bill served under monarchs Queen Victoria and Edward VII aka Bertie and under PMs the Marquess of Salisbury and Arthur Balfour.

Previous posts eg. ‘Cymro 007’ explained that the North Wales Hospital Denbigh was built in the latter part of the 19th century, but only after Queen Victoria footed the bill. The Welsh authorities maintained that there was simply not enough pauper lunatics in Wales, let alone north Wales, to justify such an institution and refused to cough up to build it.

However, some years after Denbigh was built, further building work took place, vastly expanding it, such was the demand for ‘beds’. Records show that there was many patients in Denbigh who’s ‘care’ was being paid for by English local authorities. Denbigh is a small town in the middle of a range of hills and in the 19th century would have been very isolated, difficult to get to and the region was Welsh speaking. There would not have been even a steady trickle of English visitors going Insane while popping over to Denbighshire and thus being in need of incarceration, yet alone enough of them to warrant building a whole new wing on an institution that Welsh authorities claimed that there was no need for anyway.

It was known that Denigh had a long and glorious tradition of incarcerating the victims of VIP sex offenders of all varieties and of course hordes of girls and women who had pregnancies inconvenient for other people. Then Gwynne arrived and there was a boom in lobotomies and aversion therapy for gay men, or certain gay men, not Peter Morrison and his mates obviously.

Many of the inmates of Denbigh were the victims of sex offenders from England and they will have been VIP sex offenders as well if someone had gone to the trouble of sending them to north Wales and paying for them to remain hidden there for the rest of their lives. In previous posts I suggested that one likely candidate was Bertie, of the many mistresses, the prostitutes and the alleged father of so many illegitimate children that no-one was sure of the exact number. However even Bertie by himself would not have been able to supply enough victims of sex offences for fill Denbigh; it was obviously a route used by other VIP sex offenders as well who will have moved in Bertie’s circle to have been au fait with that opportunity for hiding the casualties.

I have discussed how Gwynne’s alma mater the Middlesex, by the time Gwynne arrived there to train as a Top Doc in the 1930s, was already well-established re facilitating abuse and was well-positioned to do so because it was located near Soho, when Soho was really Soho, within walking distance of Harley Street and next door to UCH. The two institutions were closely associated and staff popped in and out of the Middlesex and UCH to borrow cups of sugar from their mates next door constantly.

UCH/UCL had as a consulting physician, during the middle years of the 20th century, the King of Medicine, Lord Max Rosenheim. Max was a Bachelor who wasn’t blessed with children and either destroyed the careers of people who crossed him or ensured that those who toadied hit the big time. Lord Max was the most influential President of the Royal College of Physicians that there has ever been, a friend of John Harman, Harriet’s dad. Many of Lord Max’s students and junior Docs became the big names who ran the Westminster Paedophile Ring in the next generation. Geoffrey Chamberlain and his wife Jocelyn passed through Lord Max/UCH’s hands, as did Dame Josephine Barnes, who married Grocer Heath’s close friend and personal physician Sir Brian Warren.

Josephile and Warren facilitated organised abuse, as discussed in previous posts eg. ‘Uncle Harry’s Friends…’

See the source image

Josephile was the member of the Warnock Committee (set up to review matters that had arisen as a result of IVF and associated fertility treatments) who told the other Committee members what to do. Thatch’s Gov’t appointed Mary Warnock as the Chair to enable them to do the ‘Look, we’re not puppets of the IVF industry, the Chair’s an Oxford Moral Philosopher AND a Woman and Mother Of Five’. Warnock was also a silly old bat who was out of her depth re IVF, had colluded with sexual abuse/exploitation in her previous as an Oxford Councillor and Posh Teacher and knew how to follow instructions from Important People while pompousing. Mary Warnock and her husband knew Shirl – Shirl the Somerville alumnus who was at Somerville with Thatch – and Shirl’s husband Bernard, Bernard being an Oxford don who worked for the security services.

See the source image

Dr Death knew Dafydd and Gwynne – as well as Shirley Summerskill – and D.G.E. Wood thought that Dr Death was The Future.

Two other members of the Warnock Committee were Dafydd Wigley and Noreen Edwards, the corrupt people trafficker of a Matron who served as a member – and then Chair – of Gwynedd Health Authority while Dafydd et al did what they wanted. Noreen’s name is all over my documents. When Noreen was Chairman of GHA, there was my complaint re Dafydd et al and many more from other people as well, all of which were ignored. The Health Authority imploded, no-one could explain where the funds had gone and it was unable to ‘provide services’. There was a row in the House in the late 1980s, in which one Dafydd Wigley and Ieuan Wyn Jones asked angry questions of the Welsh Office Minister Wyn Roberts re the gross mismanagement of the Health Authority and a hit squad of management consultants from the Welsh Office was sent in. See eg. ‘A Visit To Gwynedd Archives’.

None of it made no difference at all, even with Welsh Office Minister David Hunt going to Gwynedd to Discuss Matters In Person with Noreen. David Hunt was a good mate of Dafydd and the Gang, he went back to the 1950s with Peter Walker et al in the Young Conservatives, the Peter Walker who was Welsh Secretary when this chaos reigned and Hunt’s boss.

See the source image

Hunt is a lawyer who was at Bristol University at the same time as D.G.E. Wood was training there. After graduation, Hunt spent some five years in the West Country ‘organising for the Conservative Party’, before succeeding Dafydd’s mate Selwyn Lloyd’s seat in the Wirral when Selwyn went to the Lords in 1976. Selwyn was a pal of Edward du Cann and his crowd, as was Peter Walker.

David Hunt was on the scene of the crime when Sir Gerald Wills, the Tory MP for Bridgwater who my grandfather campaigned on behalf of for so many years, suddenly died in office on 31 Oct 1969, thus creating an opportunity for the unprincipled Tom King to become the MP for Bridgwater.

Sir Gerald Wills (3 October 1905-31 October 1969) was MP for Bridgwater from 1950 until his death. Wills was born in Long Ashton, Somerset to a working family, and at 21 was adopted into a wealthy family living in Wiltshire who educated him privately. Wills went to Trinity College, Cambridge to study law and was called to the Bar by the Middle Temple in 1932. Wills was a member of the TA, the Royal Artillery and during WW II he was a Staff member at the Corps’ headquarters. Will was awarded an MBE for his war service in Brenda’s dad’s Birthday Honours in June 1945.

Sir Gerald was appointed an Assistant Government Whip in 1952 and was promoted to be Lord Commissioner of the Treasury in October 1954. He retained this position under Anthony Eden. When Harold Macmillan became PM, he appointed Wills as Comptroller of Her Majesty’s Household (third highest in the Whip’s Office). Wills left office in October 1958, being Knighted to mark his service in Brenda’s 1958 Birthday Honours List.

See the source image

David Hunt was still busy in the West Country Tories when the lunch at the Clarence with Thatch took place in 1974. I bet that the Posh Relatives heard all about that lunch.

Hunt, were you at that lunch by any chance or did you organise it? Tom King wouldn’t shift his arse for anyone and he lived in Peter Morrison-family seat-land of Wiltshire anyway. King barely ever made an appearance in Bridgy, but the Tories were having a desperate recruitment campaign for the Young Tories when the Grocer was PM, I saw the posters and campaign material. It was sad Hunt, absolutely sad, poor quality posters with a pic of a girl in a minidress in a Field Marshall Haig pose, pointing at the viewer of the poster, The Young Conservatives Need You!! Hee hee, it was presumed that one day Hunt… but no, if anyone had wanted me to join the Young Conservatives, a lot more people should have conducted themselves rather differently…

A friend of Dafydd and Gwynne Wants YOU To Join Whatever Will Be There When We’ve Got Rid Of The Grocer! Any objections will be met with a lobotomy…

Hunt, can you explain why Mandy Rice-Davies bought Moon Cottage at Cossington but ‘never lived there’? And why did Dan Lewis, who worked for grandpa, keep getting burgled when he moved into Moon Cottage after Mandy had sold it on? Did you know about the orgy in the Poldens in the early 1970s in which someone was drowned in the swimming pool? And how did people in Bridgy Tories know that Nicholas Winterton was a Swinger when Winterton was an MP for Cheshire? They knew him well enough to describe him as ‘revolting’ as well, so they obviously hadn’t just seen him on the TV.

Mr Revolting, Tory MP for Macclesfield, 1971-2010:

Sir Nicholas Winterton 0992.jpg

Mr Revolting went to school at Rugby, as did Tom King. Mr Revolting is two years older than King. Do you know anything about the Revoltingness Lord King?

See the source image

Rugby is in Warwickshire. There is much friendly rivalry between Warwick School, Bluglass’s former seat of learning – Bluglass enjoys the Old Boys’ dos – and Rugby. The two schools play each other at games and generally have a lot to do with each other.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Mr Revolting’s wife Ann was the Tory MP for Congleton, a Cheshire constituency adjacent to Macclesfield, 1983-2010. Dafydd and Gwynne’s ring extended to Cheshire and Mr and Mrs Revolting will definitely have known about Denbigh and the dreadful Docs of north Wales, because Chester/Cheshire was the escape route re Docs, schools etc from the posh of north Wales. Normal gay men left the CHE (Campaign for Homosexual Equality) Chester branch because they denounced it as a front for paedophilia.

The Revoltings will of course have known about Peter Morrison, MP for Chester, 1974-92, because everyone did and they might well have heard about the gay patients from Cheshire who found themselves in Denbigh on the receiving end of Gwynne’s Aversion Therapy. Dafydd of course held clinics at the Grosvenor Nuffield Hospital in Chester and Lucille was a leading light in the Cheshire branch of Soroptimist International. The Revoltings will know that the inhabitants of the affluent Cheshire stockbroker belt often had boats and second homes in Gwynedd.

Carlo’s close friend, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor aka the 6th Duke of Westminster, lived at his Cheshire estate much of the time and boys from Bryn Estyn were taken there for work experience but refused to return without explaining why. Gerald was President of the City of Chester Conservative Association while the members openly gossiped about Morrison and he was Patron of numerous organisations with which the Gang were involved, as discussed in previous posts.

This blog has received information alleging that Peter Morrison, as a child, was Gerald’s dad’s ‘bitch’, the 5th Duke, Robert Grosvenor, molesting Morrison repeatedly. Robert Grosvenor lived at the family estate in N Ireland, serving as the MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, 2 Sept 1955-15 Oct 1964. Gerald lived at the N Ireland estate himself until he boarded at Sunningdale School.

Tom King served as N Ireland Secretary, 3 September 1985-24 July 1989.

Gerald’s daughter Edwina is now married to TV presenter and journo Dan Snow, a direct descendant of Lloyd George! See previous posts.

Like Gerald Grosvenor, Mr Revolting is a charitable man and is involved with some of the same charidees as Gerald was. Local charities supported by Mr Revolting include the Macclesfield Access Group, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Riding for the Disabled, Macclesfield Handicapped Social Club and the Rossendale Trust. Mr Revolting is a Vice President of the East Cheshire Hospice and a Patron of the local branch of the NSPCC. For 30 years Mr Revolting has been a Patron of the Macclesfield & District Sheep Dog Trials Association. Mr Revolting also helps local organisations such as Age Concern and Macmillan Cancer Care.

Margaret Hanson – Age Concern HERE – David Hanson – Miranda’s PPS, 2001-05.

Margaret and David are former Cheshire Councillors and Margaret was a children’s and families social worker (team leader) for Cheshire County Council, when the Gang were busy in Cheshire. Lucille Hughes was a senior manager in Cheshire Social Services, in the 1970s, before returning to Gwynedd Social Services in a senior role.

Mr Revolting is an honorary member of the Macclesfield & District Lions Club. ALUN DAVIES WAS CHAIR OF BANGOR LIONS for years; I was told that it was no more than a vehicle for Davies’s corruption. Mr Revolting is a supporter of Macclesfield Town F.C. and Macclesfield R.U.F.C.

Mr Revolting is also actively involved with local Scouting and Guiding. He is a Vice President of Cheshire Scout County and Macclesfield and Congleton District Scout Council. He is an Ambassador for Guiding by Girlguiding UK. In recognition of his contribution to Scouting he has been awarded the Medal of Merit for Outstanding Services to the Scout Movement.

For 26 years Mr Revolting was on The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme National Advisory Committee. He is an honorary Vice-President of the Royal College of Midwives. Cheshire midwives knew about the Gang and about the dangerous abortionist in Chester to whom Top Docs in north Wales were referring women on demand as long as they paid, after unlawfully refusing them NHS terminations for any reason. See ‘It’s Bachman Turner Overdrive – Not Arf’. Ella Fisk, the senior Angel at the Hergest Unit, worked as a midwife in Chester during the 1970s.

Babies abducted from women at the St David’s Laundry in Bangor (see post ‘The BMA and It’s Ethics’) and at Denbigh were given to families in Chester, I suspect in return for payment.

Mr Revolting is a freeman of the City of London and also a Past Upper Bailiff and Member of Court of the Worshipful Company of Weavers. As a result of many years supporting St John Ambulance, Winterton is a Serving Brother of the Venerable Order of Saint John. Mr Revolting is Patron/Chairman of the Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Relief Fund, a registered charity.

See the source image

Mrs Revolting was educated at Erdington Grammar School for Girls in Birmingham. Following her election to represent Congleton in 1983, Mrs Revolting was a member of several Select Committees, including Agriculture (1987–1997), the Chairman’s Panel (1992–1998) and the National Drug Strategy (1998–2001), Social Security (2000–2001) and the Unopposed Bills Panel since 1997. Mrs Revolting is a representative of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe and a Patron of Cheshire NSPCC. She is also President of the Congleton Pantomime Society.

Ann Winterton

Mr Revolting worked for Shell-Mex before he entered politics. Shell-Mex wielded much influence at the Royal London Hospital among Dafydd and Gwynne’s partner gang. William Asscher’s dad worked for Shell. Asscher was turned down for places at every other medical school, but was offered a place at the Royal London because of the Shell influence there in the late 1950s.

The key to the Shell influence at the London Hospital seems to have been the network of Sir Henry Thomas Tizard (23 August 1885-9 October 1959), chemist and Rector of Imperial College, who developed the modern “octane rating” used to classify petrol and helped Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates to develop radar in World War II. Tizard formed a close friendship with Frederick Alexander Lindemann, later an influential scientific advisor of Winston Churchill. See previous posts.

Tizard and his wife Kathleen Eleanor had three sons: Sir (John) Peter Mills Tizard KT, who became a Professor of Paediatrics and was part of Ollie Brooke’s network; Richard Henry Tizard (1917–2005), an engineer and senior tutor at Churchill College, Cambridge; and David (b. 1922), a GP in London. Peter Tizard was the main flag bearer, but his brothers were on the Dafydd and Gwynne network as well, as discussed in previous posts.


Alistair Goodlad, a fellow Cheshire Tory MP (Eddisbury) of Sir and Lady Revolting knew about Peter Morrison’s excesses and openly took the piss. Eddisbury, down the road from the Duke of Westminster’s family seat.

The Lord Goodlad
Official portrait of Lord Goodlad crop 2.jpg
British High Commissioner to Australia
In office
1 January 2000 – 1 September 2005
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by Alex Allan
Succeeded by Helen Liddell
Shadow Secretary of State for International Development
In office
30 June 1997 – 1 June 1998
Leader William Hague
Preceded by Clare Short
Succeeded by Gary Streeter
Shadow Leader of the House of Commons
In office
2 May 1997 – 30 June 1997
Leader John Major
Preceded by Ann Taylor
Succeeded by Gillian Shephard
Opposition Chief Whip of the House of Commons
In office
2 May 1997 – 23 June 1997
Leader John Major
Preceded by Donald Dewar
Succeeded by James Arbuthnot
Chief Whip of the House of Commons
Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury
In office
20 July 1995 – 2 May 1997
Prime Minister John Major
Preceded by Richard Ryder
Succeeded by Nick Brown
Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
In office
15 April 1992 – 20 July 1995
Prime Minister John Major
Preceded by The Earl of Caithness
Succeeded by Jeremy Hanley
Deputy Chief Government Whip
Treasurer of the Household
In office
14 July 1990 – 15 April 1992
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
John Major
Preceded by Tristan Garel-Jones
Succeeded by David Heathcoat-Amory
Comptroller of the Household
In office
25 July 1989 – 14 July 1990
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Tristan Garel-Jones
Succeeded by George Young
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Energy
In office
11 September 1984 – 13 June 1987
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Giles Shaw
Succeeded by Michael Spicer
Lord Commissioner of the Treasury
In office
16 February 1982 – 10 September 1984
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Tony Newton
Succeeded by John Major
Assistant Government Whip
In office
9 January 1981 – 5 February 1982]
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Member of Parliament
for Eddisbury
Northwich (1974–1983)
In office
28 February 1974 – 28 June 1999
Preceded by John Foster
Succeeded by Stephen O’Brien
Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
Assumed office
20 July 2005
Life Peerage
Personal details
Born 4 July 1943 (age 76)
Political party Conservative
Spouse(s) Cecilia Hurst
Alma mater King’s College, Cambridge


George Carman QC lived in Cheshire before he relocated to London after successfully defending Mr Thrope. Mr Thrope, the Liberal MP from North Devon.

The Marquess of Salisbury
Robert cecil.jpg
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
In office
25 June 1895 – 11 July 1902
Preceded by The Earl of Rosebery
Succeeded by Arthur Balfour
In office
25 July 1886 – 11 August 1892
Monarch Victoria
Preceded by William Ewart Gladstone
Succeeded by William Ewart Gladstone
In office
23 June 1885 – 28 January 1886
Preceded by William Ewart Gladstone
Succeeded by William Ewart Gladstone
Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal
In office
12 November 1900 – 11 July 1902
Preceded by The Viscount Cross
Succeeded by Arthur Balfour
Leader of the Opposition
In office
11 August 1892 – 22 June 1895
Prime Minister
Preceded by William Ewart Gladstone
Succeeded by The Earl of Rosebery
In office
28 January 1886 – 20 July 1886
Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone
Preceded by William Ewart Gladstone
Succeeded by William Ewart Gladstone
In office
May 1881 – 9 June 1885
Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone
Preceded by The Earl of Beaconsfield
Succeeded by William Ewart Gladstone
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
In office
29 June 1895 – 12 November 1900
Preceded by The Earl of Kimberley
Succeeded by The Marquess of Lansdowne
In office
14 January 1887 – 11 August 1892
Preceded by The Earl of Iddesleigh
Succeeded by The Earl of Rosebery
In office
24 June 1885 – 6 February 1886
Preceded by The Earl Granville
Succeeded by The Earl of Rosebery
In office
2 April 1878 – 28 April 1880
Prime Minister The Earl of Beaconsfield
Preceded by The Earl of Derby
Succeeded by The Earl Granville
Secretary of State for India
In office
21 February 1874 – 2 April 1878
Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli
Preceded by The Duke of Argyll
Succeeded by The Viscount Cranbrook
In office
6 July 1866 – 8 March 1867
Prime Minister The Earl of Derby
Preceded by The Earl de Grey
Succeeded by Sir Stafford Northcote, Bt
Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
In office
12 April 1868 – 22 August 1903
Hereditary Peerage
Preceded by The 2nd Marquess of Salisbury
Succeeded by The 4th Marquess of Salisbury
Member of Parliament
for Stamford
In office
22 August 1853 – 12 April 1868
Preceded by John Charles Herries
Succeeded by Charles Chetwynd-Talbot
Personal details
Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil

(1830-02-03)3 February 1830
Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England

Died 22 August 1903(1903-08-22) (aged 73)
Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England
Resting place St Etheldreda’s Church, Hatfield
Political party Conservative
Georgina Alderson
(m.1857; died 1899)
Children 8, including

Parents James Gascoyne-Cecil, 2nd Marquess of Salisbury (father)
Alma mater Christ Church, Oxford

GLADSTONE – so often crops up in above biog – Gladstone – basics HERE – Hawarden Castle in Flintshire – always been questions about Gladstone’s enthusiasm for talking to young prostitutes in order to Save Them -the rapid expansion of Denbigh coincided with Gladstone’s time as PM.

While Undesirable Bill was in Britain, he became a friend of a number of left-wing intellectuals, such as George Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells, and Sidney and Beatrice Webb, all leading members of the Fabian Society. I haven’t the scope in this post to blog as much as I’d like to about the Webbs; they were close friends of Bertrand Russell and established the LSE. The roots of the organised abuse and dreadful attitude to the Poor that pervaded the NHS and Social Services on which Gwynne and Dafydd maxed out can be traced to the Webbs’ initiatives. The rot at the heart of so much that the Webbs established could not be addressed even in later years when it was spreading rapidly because it was held to be sacred on the left.

William Beveridge followed Undesirable Bill as Director of the LSE, which provided the opportunity of a lifetime for Vera Anstey. Vera wasn’t too bright but William took a shine to her as a Young Thing, which led to Vera’s career as an LSE academic and indeed high office in the wider London University. Vera was a bit of a liberty, but her son Edgar Anstey was an outrage.

Edgar Anstey was a Gov’t Psychologist, one of the first, who then persuaded Gov’ts from Harold Wilson onwards to employ a horde of psychologists for very questionable reasons, including mass surveillance and ‘research’ on the citizens of the UK, including children,

without anyone’s knowledge let alone consent. Edgar was dangerous and unethical and was the man at Gov’t level – including under Richard Crossman’s DHSS – who was giving the go-ahead to Gwynne and Dafydd’s ludicrous ‘research’ as well as that carried out by their stooges at UCNW in the Dept of Psychology (see eg. ‘Pets Win Prizes’),

See the source image

which was no more than a front for organised abuse and trafficking. Edgar and his mates did the most extraordinary things in a nightmare of a Secret State and Edgar’s rise to the top was as a result of his mum Vera being a mate of Beveridge who had long had her feet under the table at the LSE. See ‘So Absolutely Sane, Clear, Quick, Intelligent and Safe…’

I suspect that Edgar Anstey had something to do with a secret No 10 Behavioural Psychology Unit that I was told was established pre-Thatch, to promote Individual Responsibility, years before the world was conned by Richard Thaler’s ‘Nudge’ nonsense. Information has come into the blog suggesting that the recordings of my friends and I at school in Somerset in the 1970s

See the source image

might have been part of Edgar’s crazy surveillance and research.

Individual Responsibility? I’d like to see some of it.

See the source image

I’m still waiting GMC…

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Vera Anstey was brought out of mothballs and Celebrated As A Woman Of The LSE after I applied for British Academy funding to conduct my fieldwork to research the history of Croesor and the Welsh Bloomsbury Group


Undesirable Bill was also a member of the Coefficients dining club of social reformers.

Undesirable Bill in 1925

The Coefficients was a monthly dining club founded in 1902 by Sidney and Beatrice Webb as a forum for British socialist reformers and imperialists of the Edwardian era.

See the source image

The Webbs proposed that the club’s membership reflect the entire gamut of political beliefs, and “proposed to collect politicians from each of the parties”. Representing the Liberal Imperialists were Sir Edward Grey and Richard Burdon Haldane; the Tories were represented by economist William Hewins and Editor of the National Review Leopold Maxse; and the British military was represented by Leo Amery, an “expert on the conditions of the army”, and Carlyon Bellairs, a naval officer.

Bertrand Russell was of course in the Coefficients.

Leo Amery – Peter Walker link

Carlyon – here

H.G. Wells was recruited because he was deemed “capable of original thoughts on every subject” and proved to be “an especially active member”.

The Webbs came up with the idea of the dinner club as a forum for “serious discussions and to formulate or propose political policy”, but shortly after its founding the members “abandoned immediate political goals” but continued to meet and discuss issues of interest. Haldane hosted the first dinner at his home in December 1902.

In 1903 Bertrand Russell, who believed that the Entente cordiale policy would lead to war, resigned from the Coefficients after Edward Grey espoused the policy in a speech. The group was further divided over the issue of Tariff Reform following Joseph Chamberlain‘s resignation as Secretary of State for the Colonies and the increasing dominance of the pro-Unionist membership, which favoured Chamberlain and his tariff reform policies, contributed to the Coefficients dissolution in 1909. Leo Amery would invite those Coefficients supporting reform to form a new club called “The Compatriots”.


Undesirable Bill became Director of the LSE (1908–19) and President of the Anglo-Hellenic League (1913–25). He also headed the committee organising the First Universal Races Congress in London in 1911. Finally, Undesirable Bill was Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of New Zealand from 1917 to 1931.

Undesirable Bill’s more influential writings include his history of New Zealand and he also published a number of poems, such as a “A Colonist in his Garden”.

Undesirable Bill married, in 1885, the feminist Magdalen Stuart Robison, who joined the Fabian Society. They had two daughters, the feminist writer Amber Reeves (born 1887) and Beryl (born 1889), and one son, Fabian Pember Reeves (1895–1917), who was killed in WW I aged 21, as a Flight Lieutenant in the RNAS.

Amber Blanco White (née Reeves; 1 July 1887-26 December 1981) attended Kensington High School and then travelled to Europe to become fluent in French. Reeves then began studying Moral Sciences at Newnham College in 1905. At Cambridge Reeves began to associate with other young women who shared her intellectual enthusiasms and socialist political leanings, forming a lifelong friendship with Eva Spielmann (later Eva Hubback), who became an educationalist. In 1906 Amber founded the Cambridge University Fabian Society (CUFS) with Ben Keeling, a member of the (somewhat inactive) existing Fabian society in the town. CUFS was the first society at Cambridge to enlist women from its founding. Young women met regularly with men as equals and discussed everything from religious beliefs to social evils to sex. Amber graduated in 1908.

H. G. Wells, a friend of Reeves’ parents, was one of the most popular speakers to address the CUFS. After Reeves’ address to the Philosophical Society it was rumoured that she and Wells had gone to Paris for a weekend. Their appearance together at a supper party thrown for fellow Fabian and Governor of Jamaica Sir Sydney Olivier, 1st Baron Olivier was the first open declaration of the romantic relationship between the pair. Wells claimed that Reeves responded to his taste for adventurous eroticism and the “sexual imaginativess” that Wells’s wife Jane could not cope with. Wells maintained that their relationship be kept silent. Once their relationship became well known there were numerous attempts to break it up, particularly from Amber’s mother and from George Rivers Blanco White, a lawyer who would later marry her.

Amber was anxious not to break up Wells’s marriage, though she wanted to have his child. The news that she was pregnant in the spring of 1909 shocked the Reeves family, and the couple fled to Le Touquet-Paris-Plage where they attempted domestic life together. Amber became depressed and after three months the couple decided to leave Le Touquet. Wells took Amber to Boulogne and put her on the ferry to England, while he stayed behind to continue his writing. Amber went to stay with Wells and his wife Jane when they returned to Sandgate. On 7 May 1909, Amber married to Rivers Blanco White. In later life Amber wrote “I did not arrange to marry Rivers, he arranged it with H.G, but I have always thought it the best that could possibly have happened”. On 31 December 1909, Amber gave birth to a daughter, Anna-Jane, who did not learn that her real father was H. G. Wells until she was 18.

Amber was employed by the Ministry of Labour, in charge of a section that dealt with the employment of women. She later took responsibility for women’s wages at the Ministry of Munitions. In 1919, Amber was appointed to the Whitley Council, but in that same year her appointment was terminated. Humber Wolfe, a public servant, wrote to Matthew Nathan, the secretary of the council, pointing out that Amber’s termination was chiefly on the grounds that she was a married woman and that letting her go from the public service was “really stupid”.

By 1921, Amber’s vigour in the women workers’ cause had led her to come up against ex-servicemen who exercised considerable power through their associations. Amber was told that a deputation of MPs had approached the Minister and claimed that no ex-serviceman could sleep in peace while she remained in the Civil Service. She received a dismissal notice and, aside from time with the Ministry of Labour in 1922, that was the end of her Civil Service career.

There was some strain in Amber’s marriage with George Rivers Blanco White. In their youth they were both positive re the free expression of love that was common in their circles at the time, but as they grew older these attitudes were beginning to change. Writing of marriage in her book Worry in Women, Amber stated that if people choose to break ethical codes they had to be prepared to cope with guilt. She also stated that if a wife was unfaithful, she should not tell her husband, writing, “if ever there is a case for a downright lie, this is it”.

During the 1924 General Election campaign, Reeves was asked to speak on behalf of both the Liberal and Labour Party candidates. She choose to support Labour: “The Liberal audiences were nice narrow decent people. They sat upright in rows and clapped their cotton gloves… But when I got to the Labour meetings in the slums, among the costers and the railway men and the women in tenth hand velvet hats – when I saw their pinched grey-and-yellow faces in those steamy halls, I knew all of a sudden that they were my people”. Amber became a member of the Labour Party and supported her husband as the Labour Party candidate for Holland-with-Boston in Lincolnshire, although White failed to win it back.

Amber Reeves remained active in the Fabian Society and by this time many Fabians agreed that there was a need to work through the Parliamentary Labour Party. Amber stood twice as a Labour Party candidate for Hendon, in 1931 and 1935.

For some time Amber Reeves taught at Morley College in London. Initially invited by her friend Eva Hubback to help out, Amber became part of a team of lecturers in 1928, giving classes on ethics and psychology. In 1929, the year after the passing of the Equal Franchise Act which gave women the vote on the same terms as men, Amber was billed by the Fabian Society to lecture on “The New Woman Voters and the Coming Election”. However, she withdrew from this lecture to work on a by-election campaign for her husband in Holland-with-Boston. Amber lectured at Morley for 37 years. In 1946, Amber became acting Principal of Morley College after the death of Eva Hubback.

In July 1960, Amber’s husband Rivers suffered from a stroke which left him paralysed down his right side. Amber was distraught and during the last years of his life she became depressed. When Rivers died on 28 March 1966, Amber was determined to keep living as normally as possible. Although she enjoyed discussing politics and world affairs, Amber felt disillusioned with socialism and supported the Conservatives in the 1970 election, as did the BMA. It was the BMA wot won it for the Grocer after they gave Richard Crossman, the DHSS Secretary a kick for only agreeing to part of their pay claim. Or that is the official story; that the BMA  wanted the Grocer as PM is indisputable. They instructed their members to tell patients that Wilson was Damaging The NHS and in TV debates BMA leaders openly supported the Tories. Sir Brian Warren, an influential Top Doc and a disciple of Lord Max Rosenheim, was the Grocer’s close friend as well as his personal physician.

Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Charlie Corkscrew was Chairman of the BBC at the time of the 1970 General Election and still a leading light in the BMA and British medical establishment.

So Gwynne and Dafydd’s friends wanted the Grocer as PM.

In 1970, Amber believed that the ‘wrong people’ were leading the left. In December 1981, Amber was admitted to a hospital in St John’s Wood and died on 26 December aged 94.

In addition to Anna-Jane, Amber Reeves had two children, Thomas, a patent lawyer, and Justin, an architect. Justin married the evolutionary biologist Conrad Hal Waddington, who knew many of those at UCNW. Conrad knew many other people of the Gang’s network as well. Conrad was educated at Clifton College in Bristol and then Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. Merfyn’s old foe and Harold Wilson’s mate Asa Briggs, who concealed the Brighton end of Gwynne and Dafydd’s rent boy business (see ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’ and ‘The Wizard War’), went to Sidney Sussex, although Asa was younger than Conrad. Asa in turn knew Denis Healey, Asa and Healey both having grown up near Bradford and as adults concealed the abuse and criminality there. In addition, Asa, who had worked in Intelligence at Bletchley Park, was mates with Howard Smith, who in 1979 became Director of MI5.

Conrad taught Moral Science (philosophy a la Bertrand Russell) as well as Zoology. He lectured at Cambridge and was a Fellow of Christ’s College until 1942, which places Conrad in the Cambridge spies circle. Conrad’s friends included Gregory Bateson, Walter Gropius, C. P. Snow, Solly Zuckerman, Joseph Needham, and John Desmond Bernal.

Many of these mates of Conrad’s have featured in previous posts. Bernal was the man who ensured that Crick and Watson won the Nobel Prize for Rosalind Franklin’s work a la the double helix and that Franklin was completely frozen out. Bernal was discussing Uganda with many people, including Dorothy Hodgkin, Thatch’s tutor when Thatch was at Somerville. Hodgkin hated Thatch and she, Bernal and their mates were all Commies anyway, but word got around re the fraudulent Nobel Prize-winning work and many others climbed on the bandwagon. Those directly involved worked at the Cavendish Lab, Cambridge, the OTHER ONE and Birkbeck. Hobsbawm was at Birkbeck at the time and although not a scientist, he knew what had happened… More deception and fraud was perpetrated that led to more Nobel Prizes.

When Thatch became PM there was a great deal at stake. Michael Havers was required, Havers of Inner Temple, as had been Lord Snowdon’s dad.


Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Conrad Waddington worked in ‘operational research’ during WW II and in 1947 was appointed to an academic post at Edinburgh University, where he remained until his death in 1975, with the exception of 1960-61, which he spent at the Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

Conrad’s son from his first marriage was C. Jake Waddington, Prof of Physics at Minnesota. Conrad and Justin’s children are the mathematician Dusa McDuff and anthropologist Caroline Humphrey

Caroline Humphrey is married to Sir Martin Rees – See previous posts.


During WW I, William Piercy worked for the Inland Revenue, was a member of the Allied Provisions Export Commission and a Director of the Ministry of Food. For his services he was made a CBE in 1919. It was a David Lloyd George honour; Lloyd George who is famous for having sold honours or given them out for very unworthy reasons.

David Lloyd George.jpg

Being a recipient of an honour from Lloyd George is a bit like having received an honour from Harold Wilson’s ‘Lavender List’.

My Posh Relative being associated with the movers and shakers behind the expansion of the North Wales Hospital as well as with so many people – including two PMs – notorious for their ruthless sexual exploitation of the peasants as well as others and then Getting Rid Of Them in any way possible if they became a nuisance and then receiving a Lloyd George honour is rather worrying. Years later my Posh Relative’s secretary, decades younger than him who somehow became his wife as well, was working in job in which she must have known of, if not known personally, Gwynne and Dafydd…

See the source image


After the war Piercy became trading General Manager of Harrisons & Crosfield Ltd and joint Managing Director of Pharaoh Gane, and in the early 1930s he was one of the organisers of the first unit trusts. Between 1934 and 1942 Piercy was a member of the London Stock Exchange. During WW II Piercy ‘rendered the Gov’t great service’,

More British fairy talesnotably as Head of the British Petroleum Mission in Washington D.C.,

FDR 1944 Color Portrait.jpg

as Principal Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Supply and the Ministry of Aircraft Production and as Personal Assistant to the Deputy PM Clement Attlee. On 14 November 1945, four months after Attlee had become PM – with Mandy’s dad Herbert Morrison as his Deputy PM – William Piercy was raised to the peerage as Baron Piercy, of Burford in the County of Oxford.

Clement Richard Attlee, 1st Earl Attlee, served as the Labour MP for Limehouse, Nov 1922-Feb 1950 and Walthamstow West, Feb 1950-Dec 1955; Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Oct 1932-Oct 1935; Leader of the Labour Party, Oct 1935-Dec 1955 and as PM, July 1945-Oct 1951.

Attlee is adored by the Uncle Harrys and Shirls of the world because it was his Health Minister Nye who Established the NHS in 1948 and Attlee’s Gov’t who implemented William Beveridge’s ideas of a welfare state in 1946.

Gwynne learnt his trade of sexploitation and genocide of the Poor Who Won’t Do What They Are Told at the Middlesex Hospital in the 1930s when Attlee was near to the very top of the Labour Party and Gwynne and Dafydd’s business partners were well-established in the East End by 1950.

Attlee was born on 3 January 1883 in Putney, the seventh of eight children. His father was Henry Attlee (1841–1908), a solicitor, and his mother was Ellen Bravery Watson (1847–1920), daughter of Thomas Simons Watson, secretary for the Art Union of London. Attlee was educated at Northaw School, a boys’ preparatory school near Pluckley in Kent; Haileybury College; and University College, Oxford, graduating in 1904.

Attlee then trained as a barrister at the Inner Temple – Michael Havers’ dad Sir Cecil, Lord Snowdon’s dad, Attlee made links with the finest who’s children and grandchildren remained among the finest – and was called to the bar in March 1906. He worked for a time at his father’s law firm Druces and Attlee but did not enjoy the work. Attlee also played football for non-League club Fleet. In 1906, Attlee became a volunteer at Haileybury House, a charitable club for working-class boys in Stepney run by his old school and from 1907 to 1909 he served as the club’s manager.

Here’s the obligatory bit re anyone who has anything to do with Establishing The British Welfare State:

‘However, after his shock at the poverty and deprivation he saw while working with the slum children, he came to the view that private charity would never be sufficient to alleviate poverty and that only direct action and income redistribution by the state would have any serious effect. This sparked a process that caused him to convert to socialism. He subsequently joined the Independent Labour Party (ILP) in 1908 and became active in local politics. In 1909, he stood unsuccessfully at his first election, as an ILP candidate for Stepney Borough Council.’

DAFYDD n GWYNNE – ILP contacts

Attlee also worked briefly as a Secretary for Beatrice Webb in 1909, before becoming a Secretary for Toynbee Hall. After his Resignation In Disgrace, John Profumo redeemed himself by Working With The Poor At Toynbee Hall. In 1911, Attlee was employed by the UK Go as an “official explainer” – touring the country to explain Chancellor of the Exchequer David Lloyd George‘s National Insurance Act. He spent the summer of that year touring Essex and Somerset on a bicycle, explaining the Act at public meetings. A year later, Attlee became a lecturer at the LSE and taught there when Gnome was a student.

Attlee returned to local politics in the immediate post-war period, becoming Mayor of the Metropolitan Borough of Stepney in 1919. In 1920, while Mayor, Attlee wrote his first book, The Social Worker, which set out many of the principles that informed his philosophy and that were to later underpin the actions of his government. The book attacked the idea that looking after the poor could be left to voluntary action. On page 30:

In a civilised community, although it may be composed of self-reliant individuals, there will be some persons who will be unable at some period of their lives to look after themselves, and the question of what is to happen to them may be solved in three ways – they may be neglected, they may be cared for by the organised community as of right, or they may be left to the goodwill of individuals in the community.

and went on to say at page 75:

Charity is only possible without loss of dignity between equals. A right established by law, such as that to an old age pension, is less galling than an allowance made by a rich man to a poor one, dependent on his view of the recipient’s character, and terminable at his caprice.

In 1921, George Lansbury, the Labour Mayor of Poplar and future Labour Party leader, launched the Poplar Rates Rebellion; a campaign of disobedience seeking to equalise the poor relief burden across all the London boroughs. Attlee, a personal friend of Lansbury, strongly supported this. However Mandy’s granddad Herbert Morrison, the Labour Mayor of Hackney and one of the main figures in the London Labour Party, strongly denounced Lansbury and the rebellion. During this period, Attlee developed a lifelong dislike of Mandy’s granddad.

Mandy’s granddad and Richard Crossman mobilised the old bags of Hampstead in the 1950s/60s to shore up Labour’s influence in Camden, including Baroness Bea Serota, Peggy Jay et al. See previous posts.

Attlee effectively served as acting Labour Party Leader leader for nine months from December 1933, after Lansbury fractured his thigh in an accident. It was during this period, however, that personal financial problems almost forced Attlee to quit politics altogether. On the verge of resigning from Parliament, Attlee was persuaded to stay by Stafford Cripps, a wealthy socialist, who agreed to make a donation to party funds to pay him an additional salary until Lansbury could take over again.

During 1932–33 Attlee flirted with but then drew back from radicalism, influenced by Stafford Cripps who was then on the radical wing of the Party. Attlee was briefly a member of the Socialist League, which had been formed by former ILP members, who opposed the ILP’s disaffiliation from the main Labour Party in 1932. After looking more closely at Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and even his former colleague Oswald Mosley, leader of the new blackshirt fascist movement in Britain, Attlee retreated from radicalism, and distanced himself from the League. Attlee always supported the crown and as PM was close to Brenda’s dad, King George VI, who, despite that successful surgery performed by Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates, led by Sir Clement Price Thomas, went steadily downhill after the operation and died NUMBER of months later, as discussed in ‘Successful Surgery On King George VI!’. From an UNRELATED CONDITION, as any fule kno.

More British fairy tales

Attlee and King George VI after the 1945 Labour General Election victory:

Princess Brenda, Attlee and an unidentified Posh Lady – presumably Mrs Attlee – with Churchill in Nov 1950:


Attlee met Violet Millar while on a long trip with friends to Italy in 1921. They bonded immediately and were soon engaged, marrying at Christ Church, Hampstead, on 10 January 1922. It would come to be a devoted marriage, with Attlee providing protection and Violet providing a home that was an escape for Attlee from political turmoil.

More British fairy tales

Violet died in 1964, the year following the Profumo Affair, the year that Dafydd became a consultant and Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Sir Kenneth Robinson, the Labour MP for St Pancras North, became Wilson’s Health Minister.

The Attlees had four children:

  • Lady Janet Helen (1923–2019), she married Harold Shipton at Ellesborough Parish Church in 1947.
  • Lady Felicity Ann (1925–2007), married John Harwood at Little Hampden in 1955
  • Martin Richard, Viscount Prestwood, later 2nd Earl Attlee (1927–91)
  • Lady Alison Elizabeth (1930–2016), married Richard Davis at Great Missenden in 1952. Great Missenden is in Buckinghamshire, Stoke Mandeville territory and the location of Cilla’s mansion in which she lived, loving Liverpool so much.
  • Martin Richard Attlee, 2nd Earl Attlee (10 August 1927-27 July 1991) suffered badly from dyslexia and was a poor student. Clement Attlee chose to tackle this issue by having his son educated at Millfield School, which under its founding Headmaster, the educationalist R. J. O. Meyer, was noted for its progressive approach to reading problems. DUNCAN ORME – and others!! See previous posts.
  • Martin Attlee did well enough to study at the school of navigation at what is now the University of Southampton and served from 1945 to 1950 in the Merchant Navy. After a spell working for Iberian Airways, among other companies, Martin eventually joined British Rail’s southern region, working for a long time in its PR dept.
  • Martin Attlee inherited the earldom, which carried with it a seat in the Lords on his father’s death in 1967. For some 14 years, Martin sat on the Labour Party benches, but in 1981 he joined the SDP.
  • See the source image
  • Two of my other posh relatives – not as posh as Veronica, but posher than the poor relations in Somerset – were leading lights in the SDP in Oxford. The SDP relatives were also a greater presence in the lives of the Bridgy contingent after I encountered the Gang.
  • After the SDP opted for merger with the Liberal Party, Attlee was one of the minority who chose to remain in the ‘continuing’ SDP led by Dr Death, standing for that Party in Lord Denning’s territory of Hampshire Central European Parliament by-election in December 1988, where Martin received 5,952 votes (7.7%).

See the source image

  • Martin Richard Attlee, 2nd Earl Attlee died on 27 July 1991 at the age of 63 – us lot all out of our jobs – April 1991 – me at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand – St Helena etc – Pat Pottle and Michael Randle case weeks later – See post ‘A Message Of Peace At Christmas’.
  • The peerage was inherited by Martin’s son John.
  • The Earl Attlee
    Official portrait of Earl Attlee crop 2.jpg
    Government Whip
    In office
    11 May 2010 – 8 April 2014
    Prime Minister David Cameron
    Preceded by The Lord Tunnicliffe
    Succeeded by The Baroness Williams of Trafford
    Member of the House of Lords
    Lord Temporal
    Assumed office
    2 March 1992
    Hereditary Peerage
    Preceded by The 2nd Earl Attlee
    Personal details
    Born 3 October 1956 (age 63)
    Political party Conservative
    Teresa Ahern (m.2008)

    John Richard Attlee, 3rd Earl Attlee (born 3 October 1956), styled Viscount Prestwood, 1967-91, was educated at Stowe School, PERRY ET AL trained with Smiths Industries and worked mainly in materials management. In 1985, Attlee went into business in the field of commercial vehicle recovery and repair. In this connection he is President of the Heavy Transport Association and Patron of the Road Rescue Recovery Association.

    John undertook a tour with the non-governmental organisation British Direct Aid in Bosnia during the winter of 1993–94, and then ran British Direct Aid’s operation in Rwanda for most of 1995. A member of the TA, Attlee served in Bosnia, 1997–1998 and in Iraq in 2003.

    Paddy Pantsdown

    Brown’s father was a senior officer in the TA. Col Brown was found dead after the publication of the Waterhouse Report. See post ‘He Was Looking At I In A Funny Way…’ In some posts I have stated that Brown’s dad was found dead during the Waterhouse Inquiry; it was actually shortly after. There are so many events to correlate that sometimes gremlins slip through and I haven’t yet had time to go through all posts and double check. Apologies.

    Angels of the Gang have been enthusiastic about joining the TA eg. Stephen Gallagher, Andrew Parry, Noreen Edwards and Tina Donnelly as discussed in previous posts.

    Attlee entered the House of Lords in 1992, initially as a crossbencher. Shortly before the General Election of 1997 he joined the Conservative Party. Think Ronnie Waterhouse, The Hague and a tunnel in Paris.

    Attlee is one of the 90 elected hereditary peers that remain in the Lords after the passing of the House of Lords Act 1999, Miranda’s fudge. Look carefully at the biographies of those hereditary peers who remained in the Lords; they all had very direct and close connections with the Westminster Paedophile Ring

    Attlee served as an Opposition Whip. Following the Tory victory in the 2010 General Election,

    See the source image

    Earl Attlee was appointed a Lord-in-Waiting (Gov’t) Whip in the House of Lords. He continued in that role until April 2014, when he left the Gov’t.

    Earl Attlee married Teresa Ahern on 27 September 2008, in the Crypt Chapel of St Mary Undercroft, Palace of Westminster. Lady Attlee is the younger daughter of Mortimer Ahern, of Malvern, Worcestershire. Should Lord Attlee die without a son, the Earldom will become extinct.

  • From 1945 to 1964 Gnome served as Chairman of the Industrial & Commercial Finance Corporation, which was set up to provide means to smaller businesses in the UK. Piercy was a Director of the Bank of England, 1946-56 under Governors Thomas Catto, 1944-49 and Cameron Cobbold, DATES.

Thomas Sivewright Catto, 1st Baron Catto (15 March 1879-23 August 1959)  was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, to William and Isabella Catto. His father died less than a year after Thomas was born and the family returned to their hometown of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. They later moved back to Newcastle and Catto won a scholarship to Heaton School (later Rutherford College of Technology). At the age of fifteen, Catto joined the Gordon Steam Shipping Company as a clerk. In 1898 he became secretary to William Horwood Stuart, managing partner of F. A. Mattievich & Co, based in Batumi and Baku, Russia. In 1904 he was offered the management of the new London office of MacAndrews & Forbes, an American firm with interests in the East, one of whose partners was David Forbes, a fellow Scot with whom he had become friendly in Baku. Catto became a member of the Baltic Exchange. In 1906 Catto went to Smyrna as Forbes’s deputy and travelled extensively in the Near East and Middle East. In 1909 Catto became a Vice-President of the company at their New York office.

During WW I, Catto became involved in the transport of supplies to Russia and then served as the British Admiralty representative on the Russian Commission to the US, 1915-17. From 1917 to 1918 Catto served on the British Food Mission in the US and in 1918 he was appointed Chairman of the Allied Provisions Commission and head of the British Ministry of Food in North America.

Catto did not return to McAndrews & Forbes after the war; instead, in 1919, he became Chairman of the vast Andrew Yule and Company Ltd. of Calcutta, succeeding Sir David Yule. This is now a private company 93.26% owned by the Government of India. Catto and Yule also formed Yule Catto & Company Ltd, which is now known as Yule Catto & Co plc and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 1928 Catto returned to London as a partner in the investment bank Morgan, Grenfell & Co., remaining Chairman of Andrew Yule & Co and Yule Catto & Co until 1940.

In April 1940 Catto was appointed Director-General of Equipment and Stores at the Ministry of Supply and a Director of the Bank of England. In July 1941 Catto moved to become Financial Adviser to the Treasury, under PM WHO. In April 1944 he was elected Governor of the Bank of England and served until February 1949, overseeing the nationalisation of the Bank.

Catto suffered from Parkinson’s disease and died in Holmbury St Mary, Surrey in 1959. His son Stephen succeeded to his title.

Catto was created Baron Catto, of Cairncatto, in 1936 and appointed to the Privy Council in 1947.

Stephen Gordon Catto, 2nd Baron Catto (14 January 1923-3 September 2001), was educated at Eton and Cambridge University. Catto in 1948 joined merchant bank Morgan Grenfell & Co. (where his father had previously been a partner) after four years service in the RAFV. He was appointed a Director in 1957 and Chairman of the bank in 1974. Stephen Catto became Chairman of the group holding company, Morgan Grenfell Holdings, in 1979. Other directorships Stephen held included Yule Catto & Co plc (from 1960, Chairman, 1971-23 May 2000) and Times Newspapers Holdings Ltd.

Cameron Fromanteel “Kim” Cobbold, 1st Baron Cobbold (14 September 1904-1 November 1987) served as Governor of the Bank of England, 1949-61 and as Lord Chamberlain, 1963-71.

Born in London in 1904 to Clement John Fromanteel Cobbold and his wife Stella Willoughby Savile Cameron, Cobbold was educated at Eton and spent one year at King’s College, Cambridge.

Cobbold joined the Bank of England at the invitation of bank Governor Montagu Norman in 1933. Cobbold was appointed Deputy Governor in 1945 and became Governor in 1949. During his tenure he was sworn of the Privy Council (1959) and was created Baron Cobbold, of Knebworth in the County of Hertford (1960).

Cobbold retired as Governor in 1961.

Cobbold subsequently led the Cobbold Commission in 1962 which studied the question of North Borneo and Sarawak’s entry to formed Malaysia. In 1963, Cobbold was appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order and Lord Chamberlain to Brenda. Cobbold served until 1971, and during his tenure the Lord Chamberlain’s theatrical censorship role was abolished (1968) and he was appointed to the Order of the Garter (1970). Cobbold was appointed to be a Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Hertford (1972).

Hertfordshire was the home of the Bingley family and Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Lord Balniel was an MP for a Hertfordshire constituency, as for a time was Shirl.

In 1966, Cobbold received the Grand Decoration in Gold with Sash for Services to the Republic of Austria.

Gnome was Chairman of the Wellcome Trust from 1960 to 1965. I carried out a project with the Wellcome Trust when I was doing my MSc at Hammersmith. The Wellcome Trust in more recent years has become hugely powerful and people in the Gang’s network eg. Sarah Jayne Blakemore and Prof Mark Williams have been in receipt of much dosh from the Wellcome Trust. See previous posts.

People connected with Gnome will have had a great time with regard to squeezing the knackers of people who they wanted to target in universities because the Wellcome is a substantial stream of funding – that grant re Nathan, Brown and me – Fungus ordering the staff of the Research Office at Bangor not to help us prepare the bid – then the Wellcome funded that PR project re the History of Adele Meyer and Alys Russell’s First Mother and Baby Clinic. See post ‘           ‘.

Directors of LSE with whom Gnome and his family were on good terms/had influence after William Pember Reeves included –

William Henry Beveridge, 1st Baron Beveridge, (5 March 1879-16 March 1963), was Director of the LSE, 1919-37,

Beveridge, the eldest son of Henry Beveridge, an Indian Civil Service officer and District Judge, and scholar Annette Ackroyd, was born in Rangpur, British India (now Rangpur, Bangladesh), on 5 March 1879. Beveridge’s mother had, with Elizabeth Malleson, founded the Working Women’s College in Queen Square, London in 1864. She met and married Henry Beveridge in Calcutta where she had gone in 1873 to open a school for Indian girls. William Beveridge was educated at Charterhouse in Surrey, followed by Balliol College at the University of Oxford, where he studied Mathematics and Classics. He later studied law.

While Beveridge’s mother had been a member of the Stourbridge Unitarian community, his father was an early humanist and positivist activist and “an ardent disciple” of the French philosopher Auguste Comte. Comte’s ideas of a secular religion of humanity were a prominent influence in the household and would exert a lasting influence on Beveridge’s thinking.

After leaving university, Beveridge initially became a lawyer. He became interested in the social services and wrote about the subject for the Morning Post newspaper. His interest in the causes of unemployment began in 1903 when he worked at Toynbee Hall. There he worked closely with Sidney Webb and Beatrice Webb and was influenced by their theories of social reform.

In 1908 Beveridge was introduced by Beatrice Webb to Winston Churchill, who had recently been appointed President of the Board of Trade. Churchill invited Beveridge to join the Board of Trade, and he organised the implementation of the national system of labour exchanges and National Insurance. During the WW I Beveridge was involved in mobilising and controlling manpower. After the war, Beveridge was knighted and made Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Food.

In 1919 Beveridge left the Civil Service to become Director of the LSE. Over the next few years he served on several commissions and committees on social policy. He was so highly influenced by the Fabian Society socialists – in particular by Beatrice Webb – that he could be considered one of their number. The Fabians made him a Director of the LSE in 1919, a post he retained until 1937.

In 1933 Beveridge helped set up the Academic Assistance Council. This helped prominent academics who had been dismissed from their posts on grounds of race, religion or political position to escape Nazi persecution. In 1937, Beveridge was appointed Master of University College, Oxford.

Three years later, Ernest Bevin, Minister of Labour in the wartime National government, invited Beveridge to take charge of the Welfare Department of his Ministry. Beveridge refused, but declared an interest in organising British manpower in wartime (Beveridge had come to favour a strong system of centralised planning). Bevin commissioned Beveridge to work on a relatively unimportant manpower survey from June 1940 and so Beveridge became a temporary civil servant. Neither Bevin nor the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry Sir Thomas Phillips liked working with Beveridge as both found him conceited.

His work on manpower culminated in his chairmanship of the Committee on Skilled Men in the Services which reported to the War Cabinet in August and October 1941.

An opportunity for Bevin to ease Beveridge out presented itself in May 1941 when Minister of Health Ernest Brown announced the formation of a committee of officials to survey existing social insurance and allied services, and to make recommendations. Although Brown had made the announcement, the inquiry had largely been urged by Minister without Portfolio Arthur Greenwood, and Bevin suggested to Greenwood making Beveridge chairman of the committee. Beveridge, at first uninterested and seeing the committee as a distraction from his work on manpower, accepted only reluctantly.

Beveridge’s Report to the Parliament on Social Insurance and Allied Services was published in November 1942. It proposed that all people of working age should pay a weekly national insurance contribution. In return, benefits would be paid to people who were sick, unemployed, retired or widowed. Beveridge argued that this system would provide a minimum standard of living. It recommended that the government should find ways of fighting the “five giants on the road of reconstruction” of Want, Disease, Ignorance, Squalor and Idleness. Beveridge included as one of three fundamental assumptions the fact that there would be an NHS of some sort, a policy already being worked on in the Ministry of Health.

Beveridge’s arguments were widely accepted. He appealed to conservatives and other sceptics by arguing that welfare institutions would increase the competitiveness of British industry in the post-war period, not only by shifting labour costs like healthcare and pensions out of corporate ledgers and onto the public account but also by producing healthier, wealthier and thus more motivated and productive workers who would also serve as a great source of demand for British goods.

Beveridge saw full employment (defined as unemployment of no more than 3%) as the pivot of the social welfare programme he expressed in the 1942 report. Full Employment in a Free Society, written in 1944 expressed how this goal might be gained. Alternative measures for achieving it included Keynesian-style fiscal regulation, direct control of manpower, and state control of the means of production. Beveridge believed that the discovery of objective socio-economic laws could solve the problems of society.

Later in 1944, Beveridge, who had recently joined the Liberal Party, was elected to the House of Commons in a by-election. Beveridge briefly served as MP for the constituency of Berwick-upon-Tweed, during which time he was prominent in the Radical Action group, which called for the Party to withdraw from the war-time electoral pact and adopt more radical policies. However, Beveridge lost his seat at the 1945 General Election, when he was defeated by the Conservative candidate, Robert Thorp,.

The following year, Attlee’s new Labour Gov’t began the process of implementing Beveridge’s proposals that provided the basis of the modern Welfare State. Attlee announced he would introduce the Welfare State outlined in the 1942 Beveridge Report. This included the establishment of a NHS in 1948 with taxpayer funded medical treatment for all. A national system of benefits was also introduced to provide “social security” so that the population would be protected from the “cradle to the grave”. Tony Francis talked about Beveridge’s principles on my first appointment with him…

Beveridge’s new system was partly built upon the National Insurance scheme set up by then-Chancellor of the Exchequer and future Liberal PM David Lloyd George in 1911.

In 1946, Beveridge was elevated to the House of Lords as Baron Beveridge, of Tuggal in the County of Northumberland, and eventually became leader of the Liberal Party in the Lords. He was the author of Power and Influence (1953).

Beveridge was the President of the charity Attend (then the National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends) from 1952–1962. COLLUDED WITH ABUSE esp in north Wales – were essential re keeping their traps shut

Beveridge was a member of the Eugenics Society, which promoted the study of methods to ‘improve’ the human race by controlling reproduction. GWYNNE and Dafydd’s mates – at Maudsley and Lord Platt –  In 1909, he proposed that men who could not work should be supported by the state “but with complete and permanent loss of all citizen rights – including not only the franchise but civil freedom and fatherhood.” Whilst director of the LSE, Beveridge attempted to create a Department of Social Biology. Former LSE director John Ashworth speculated that discord between those in favour and those against the serious study of eugenics led to Beveridge’s departure from the LSE in 1937.

In the 1940s, Beveridge credited the Eugenics Society with promoting the children’s allowance, which was incorporated into his 1942 report. However, whilst he held views in support of eugenics, he did not believe the report had any overall “eugenic value”. Professor Danny Dorling of the University of Sheffield says “there is not even the faintest hint” of eugenic thought in the report.

Dennis Sewell states that “On the day the House of Commons met to debate the Beveridge Report in 1943, its author slipped out of the gallery early in the evening to address a meeting of the Eugenics Society at the Mansion House. … His report he was keen to reassure them, was eugenic in intent and would prove so in effect. … The idea of child allowances had been developed within the society with the twin aims of encouraging the educated professional classes to have more children than they currently did and, at the same time, to limit the number of children born to poor households. For both effects to be properly stimulated, the allowance needed to be graded: middle-class parents receiving more generous payments than working-class parents. … The Home Secretary had that very day signalled that the government planned a flat rate of child allowance. But Beveridge, alluding to the problem of an overall declining birth rate, argued that even the flat rate would be eugenic. Nevertheless, he held out hope for the purists.” ‘Sir William made it clear that it was in his view not only possible but desirable that graded family allowance schemes, applicable to families in the higher income brackets, be administered concurrently with his flat rate scheme,’ reported the Eugenics Review.

Lord Beveridge married Jessy Janet, daughter of William Philip and widow of David Mair, in 1942. He died at his home on 16 March 1963, aged 84. His barony became extinct upon his death.

Sir Alexander Carr-Saunders succeeded Beveridge as Director of the LSE.

Sir Alexander Carr-Saunders
Clack and white portrait photograph of an elderly Alexander Carr-Saunders

Portrait of Carr-Saunders c.1960
5th Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science
In office
Preceded by Sir William Beveridge
Succeeded by Sir Sydney Caine
Personal details
Alexander Morris Carr-Saunders

(1886-01-14)14 January 1886
Reigate, Surrey, England

Died 6 October 1966(1966-10-06) (aged 80)
Education Eton College
Alma mater Magdalen College, Oxford
Awards Knight Bachelor (1946)
FBA (1946)
KBE (1957)
Military service
Allegiance  United Kingdom
Branch/service  British Army
Years of service 1914–1918
Rank Captain
Unit Royal Army Service Corps
Battles/wars World War I

Sir Alexander Morris Carr-Saunders was Director of the LSE, 1937-57. Carr-Saunders studied biology at Magdalen College, specialising in zoology. He graduated from Oxford in 1908 and remained for a while working as a demonstrator in comparative anatomy. Carr-Saunders left Oxford in 1910 to join UCL where he studied biometrics under Karl Pearson.

Karl Pearson is credited with Inventing mathematical statistics and he founded the world’s first Dept of Mathematical Stats at UCL in 1911. Pearson, a contemporary of Bertrand Russell at Cambridge, was a protégé of Sir Francis Galton and a proponent of social Darwinism and eugenics.

Karl Pearson and Sir Francis Galton in 19090 or 1910:

Pearson studied numerous academic disciplines in a variety of institutions in an extended university education and also read for the Bar, becoming a member of Inner Temple; Pearson’s father was a London-based QC who was a member of Inner Temple. Karl Pearson never practiced law, but he’ll have known the right people in Inner Temple, such as Michael Havers’ father Sir Cecil, or more importantly Lord Snowdon’s father Ronald Armstrong-Jones.

Karl Pearson held the first Chair of Eugenics at UCL, the Chair being funded by dosh from Galton’s estate after Galton’s death, in accordance with Galton’s wishes. Karl Pearson was a socialist and among his many public lectures were those given to suffragettes.

Karl’s son Egon Sharpe Pearson inherited his dad’s propensity for being a Famous Statistician and indeed for holding the Chair of Stats at UCL; Egon succeeded his dad in that Chair. Egon served as President of the Royal Statistics Society, 1955-56; succeeding Gnome as President…

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Egon Pearson died on 12 June 1980, the month after Brown and I got together. The Posh Relatives could have been good enough to tell me what their interest in Brown, whom they had never met, was all about…

See the source image

Carr-Saunders then read for the Bar and joined Inner Temple. Carr-Saunders saw eugenics as the solution to many social ills; he became the Secretary of the Eugenics Education Society and lived at Toynbee Hall.

When WW I broke in 1914, Carr-Saunders was commissioned into the Royal Army Service Corps. He spent the first year of the war in France on the Western Front and was then posted to Suez.

After the Armistice, Carr-Saunders returned to the Zoology Dept of Oxford University, taking an interest in ecological issues, especially population and overpopulation.

He participated in one of the first Oxford Expeditions to Spitsbergen in the Arctic in 1921 together with Julian Huxley. Huxley and his circle were of Bertrand and the Bloomsbury Group’s network and Carr-Saunders adventures with the Oxford Explorers will have meant that he knew Sir Charles Evans et al.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

During the Spitsbergen expedition Carr-Saunders distilled his early ideas on population dynamics and summarized them in his volume The Population Problem. Prof Greig-Smith and Prof John Harper at UCNW were both ecologists who specialised in population biology and Greig-Smith was one of those who had been at Cambridge with the Cambridge spies who was working for the security services himself and was a mate of Douglas Hurd’s uncle, a Cambridge botanist… See ‘Our Man In Llandegfan’.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Previous posts discussed how in the wake of the Gwynne business, as matters escalated, Eric Sunderland, a social anthropologist and a biologist called Harper, published one-off curious work that was an attempt to bring social anthropology and population biology together, years before it became desirable for academics of different disciplines to work together. I presumed that the Harper was John Harper and this was yet another UCNW/Gang ruse of ‘We’re Leading The Way Up Here Everyone, Ooh Don’t Listen To Her, She’s Mad’ but I noticed the other day that the initial for the Harper who co-authored that work was not that of John Harper. So I wonder what was going on; I haven’t had time to revisit that event but whatever was going on will not have been science and it won’t have been above board.

According the Carr-Saunders, the population problem arose from high reproductive rates among primitive people with low mental and physical qualities and over-population of these lower races endangered the standard of living of races bearing higher qualities.

The success of  Carr-Saunders’s magnum opus The Population Problem resulted in his appointment to the Charles Booth Chair of Social Science at the University of Liverpool in 1923. In 1937, Carr-Saunders was appointed to succeed William Beveridge as Director of the LSE and he held that post until his retirement in 1955. Carr-Saunders served on the Royal Commission on Population, 1944–1949.

Carr-Saunders served as President of the Geographical Association, who held their Annual Conferences at LSE for many decades, during 1947. Eric Sunderland was a leading figure in that organisation.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Carr-Saunders was one of the mentors of the animal ecologist Charles Elton, greatly influencing Elton’s approach toward animal ecology as a “sociology and economy of animals” ZOOLOGY LOT, Lord JOHN KREBS. See ‘The Science Of Animal Behaviour’.

In the 1946 New Year Honours, Carr-Saunders was appointed a Knight Bachelor (Kt); on 12 March 1946 he was knighted by King George VI during a ceremony at Buck House. In 1946, Carr-Saunders was also elected a Fellow of the British Academy and awarded the first Galton medal by the Eugenics Society. In the 1957 New Year Honours, Carr-Saunders was appointed a KBE “for services as Director of the London School of Economics”.

Sir Alexander The Eugenicist who had a problem with the lower races and people who were mentally and physically inferior was Director of the LSE when the LSE employed and educated many of the people with whom Richard Crossman surrounded himself when Crossman played a key role in Harold Wilson’s Gov’t (see ‘Houseparty’). It is the LSE of the 1960s and 70s that people today remember, ‘Mick Jagger’ and ‘the student protests’, but Crossman’s advisors were of a previous generation and it was they, under Sir Alexander the Eugenicist, who conferred a towering reputation on the LSE eg. Brian Abel-Smith and Richard Titmuss. Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Lady Juliet Bingley studied at the LSE when Sir Alexander was Director… Lady Juliet was a key player in MIND for years from the early 1970s onwards.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Alexander Carr-Saunders was not cuddly; he was a Clever Man in an era when Clever Men (and to a lesser extent Clever Women) were allowed to do appalling things to the Lower Orders without ever being held to account. Carr-Saunders was of the batty old zoologists who were still working at Bangor and in other such Depts of Zoology when I was a student. We loved zoology but we derived much entertainment from the zoology lecturers at UCNW because they were from another era, an era in which Scientists applied their Insights regarding Animal Behaviour unproblematically to Humans.

The zoologist Desmond Morris, who knew the Bangor contingent (see previous posts), caught the imagination of the British public during the 1970s but much of what Morris suggested was quite extraordinary. Desmond particularly enjoyed watching people – in particular Young People – Of Different Sexes socialising and became excited over what he very obviously categorised as Mating Rituals. I think it was Desmond who presented a photo of some teenaged boys sitting in a public space and drew attention to their Crotch Displays, the boys under observation wearing Tight Trousers.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

I can imagine that Desmond’s students had quite a lot of fun when Desmond got hot and steamy in the lectures…

The Naked Ape

The Desmond Morris-esque school of thought tended to subscribe to gross stereotypes of gender as well and this trickled down through much of popular culture at the time; it was why on ‘Planet Of The Apes’ in the 1970s, the Lady Apes patted their hair, pouted etc a la sirens in Hollywood movies.

Empowered Service Users in north Wales who had not received an education were just confused when Top Doctors said ridiculous things to them, told them what their underlying motives were for Behaviours that really were sod all to do with the theories being spouted by these loonies who thought that they had done a bit of ethology and/or behavioural psychology, but Brown and I spent a lot of time discussing the idiocy and where the roots of it lay and it was certainly not in intellectual rigour or compassion for fellow human beings.

The Naked Woman

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

The lame stereotyping and idiocy pervaded all tropes. During the Great Gwynne Row in 1984, as well as Gwynne’s frankly libellous comments about me – which became ever more libellous with every bit of forgery of documentation as they sunk deeper and deeper in their own lies – Brown and I also challenged D.G.E. Wood over his ‘letter of referral’ to Gwynne re me. Wood had never expected me to see it, but as Gwynne became increasingly offensive and then indecent, I simply picked up everything re me on his desk that he was drooling over and walked out of the room, taking the paperwork with me. As Brown subsequently wrote to Wood whilst Brown would ‘not normally endorse using methods of subterfuge, the contents of these letters are illuminating’. Even the more benign comments were ludicrous. I was entertained to read that I was ‘anti-any formal establishment especially doctors’ and as for Brown, WELL!! I wrote to Wood and asked him why someone who was ‘anti-any formal establishment’ would be sitting in a university, part of the bourgeois British Establishment, preparing for postgrad work? [My opinion of ‘doctors’ was not as Wood imagined but my God Wood it is certainly low now…] Brown commented that he objected to being classed as a mindless iconoclast simply because he did not leave his critical faculties at the door when he entered Wood’s room to discuss me…

Paedophiles In Distress, Paedophiles In Distress, Is There Anybody There Who Knows These Two Who’ve Caught Us With Our Trousers Down??? Come In Veronica, Come In Veronica…

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

We didn’t even know that they were running a massive trafficking ring and murdering witnesses at the time. When Wood first began glowing at me in silence or yelling after I confronted him with Matters Gwynne and Liz Stables had me thrown out of the Student Health Centre by security ie. that thug from Maesgeirchan called Dewi (see previous posts) I said to Brown ‘What is wrong with them, can they just not apologise and sort this out?’ and Brown said ‘You’ve caught them with their trousers down and they’re bodging…’

Trousers OFF I think, off on many occasions as well, in the women’s dorms at Denbigh, in the children’s homes, on the premises at the C&A Hospital, St David’s Laundry and Ysbyty Gwynedd, trousers off all over Uganda.

We never received a reply from Wood. He’s still on the Medical Register with a licence to practice so perhaps the Capitalist Running Doc could leave a comment of explanation on the blog.

Carr-Saunders will have also known Eric Sunderland via the Geographical Association.

The Naked Woman

Intimate Behavior: A Zoologist's Cla…

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Sir Alexander Carr-Saunders was succeeded as Director of the LSE by Sir Sydney Caine.

Sir Sydney Caine

Sir Sydney Caine, 1964.jpg

Sydney Caine, circa before 1964
Financial Secretary of Hong Kong
In office
9 March 1938 – 16 November 1939
Preceded by Edwin Taylor
Succeeded by Henry R. Butters
Director of the London School of Economics
In office
Preceded by Sir Alexander Carr-Saunders
Succeeded by Sir Walter Adams
Personal details
Born 27 June 1902
Died 2 January 1991 (aged 88)
Alma mater London School of Economics

Sir Sydney Caine (27 June 1902-2 January 1991) was the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, 1937-40. Caine was the Director of the LSE, 1957-67, when it became famous for the Student Radicalism that was the eventual cumulative result of the years of Sir Alexander of Eugenics and Mating Rituals. Caine was an alumnus of the LSE himself

The Naked Ape

and before his appointment as Director of the LSE, Caine was a well-known economist who had acted as a consultant for the World Bank and had worked as a diplomat at the British Embassy in Washington, US. Sir Sydney was the VC of the University of Malaya in Singapore, 1952-57. Sir Sydney was the Chairman of the governing board of the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning, 1963-70.

The Naked Ape

Sydney Caine was succeeded as Director of the LSE by Sir Walter Adams (16 December 1906-21 May 1975), who was educated at  UCL and also lectured in History there, 1926-34. Adams was a Rockefeller Fellow in the US, 1929-30 and the organising secretary of the Second International Congress of the History of Science and Technology in 1931.

Adams served as Secretary of the Academic Assistance Council from 1933 to 1938, and of the LSE, 1938-46; he also served as Deputy Head of the British Political Warfare Mission in the United States from 1942-44, and as Assistant Deputy Director-General of the Political Intelligence Department of the Foreign Office in 1945, under Anthony Eden.

After the war, Adams served as Secretary of the Inter-University Council for Higher Education in the Colonies, 1946-55. Adams was the Principal of the College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (now the University of Zimbabwe), 1955-67 – Adams’s LSE colleague Sir Alexander of Eugenics and Mating Rituals was one of those involved in the establishing of the College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland – and subsequently Director of the LSE, 1967-74.

Some of those who passed through the LSE when Walter Adams was steering the ship:

Jane Hutt AM (28136581466).jpg

See the source image

Walter Adams was appointed OBE in 1945 and Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG) in 1952; he was Knighted in 1970.

Walter Adams was succeeded as Director of the LSE by Ralf Dahrendorf (see previous posts), but I’ll remind readers of the Best Of Dahrendorf.

Ralf Gustav Dahrendorf, Baron Dahrendorf, (1 May 1929-17 June 2009) was a German-British sociologist, philosopher, political scientist, liberal politician and a class conflict theorist.

During his political career, Ralf was a Member of the German Parliament, Parliamentary Secretary of State at the Foreign Office of Germany, European Commissioner for Trade, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Education and Member of the British House of Lords, after he was created a life peer in 1993.

Dahrendorf served as Director of the LSE and Warden of St Antony’s College, University of Oxford. He also served as a Professor of Sociology at a number of universities in Germany and the United Kingdom, and was a Research Professor at the Berlin Social Science Research Center.

Dahrendorf was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1929, the son of Lina and Gustav Dahrendorf and brother of Frank Dahrendorf. Dahrendorf was known for strongly supporting anti-Nazi activities. As a child, Ralf was a member of the Deutsches Jungvolk, the youngest branch of the Hitler Youth. When Ralf was only a teenager, he and his father, an SPD member of the German Parliament, were arrested and sent to concentration camps for their anti-Nazi activities during the Nazi regime. After this, his family moved to Berlin. In 1944, during the last year of the Second World War Ralf was arrested again for engaging in anti-Nazi activities and sent to a concentration camp in Poland. He was released in 1945.

Dahrendorf was married three times. He married his first wife, Vera, in 1954. She was a fellow student at the LSE. Together they had three daughters: Nicola, Alexandra and Daphne Dahrendorf. Nicola Dahrendorf has worked for the United Nations and as the West Africa Regional Conflict Adviser to the UK Government.

From 1980 to 2004, Ralf was married to historian and translator Ellen Dahrendorf (née Ellen Joan Krug), the daughter of Professor James Krug. When he was created a peer in 1993, his wife became known as Lady Dahrendorf. Ellen Dahrendorf, who is Jewish, has served on the Board of the Jewish Institute for Policy Research, been Chair of the British branch of the New Israel Fund, and is a signatory of the Independent Jewish Voices declaration, which is critical of Israeli policies towards the Palestinians.

Ralf Dahrendorf’s first two marriages ended in divorce. In 2004 he married Christiane Dahrendorf, a Top Doctor from Cologne.

Ralf Dahrendorf studied at Hamburg University, 1947-52. After completing his doctorate in sociology at the LSE in 1954, he returned to Germany where, from 1958, he held a succession of Chairs in Sociology, culminating in Konstanz University in 1969. At this early stage in Dahrendorf’s academic career, he took an interest in Marxist theory and wrote his PhD thesis on Karl Marx‘s theory of justice. Starting in the late 1950s, Dahrenforf, like Coser, argued for a “conflict theory approach to sociology.” He continued his academic research at the LSE under Karl Popper as a Leverhulme Research Scholar in 1953–1954, gaining a PhD degree in sociology in 1956. Ralf was a Professor of Sociology in Hamburg (1957–1960), Tübingen (1960–1964) and Konstanz (1966–1969). In 1960, Dahrendorf became a visiting professor of Sociology at Columbia University in New York.

From 1968 to 1969, Dahrendorf was a member of the Parliament of Baden-Württemberg, and also in 1968, his links with Harvard University began. Dahrendorf decided to become a member of the Bundestag in 1969 during the time when Brandt formed his first SPD-FDP Coalition Govt. After joining, he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Foreign Minister. From 1969 to 1970 Dahrendorf was a member of the German Parliament for the Free Democratic Party (the German liberals). From 1969 to 1970 he was also a Parliamentary Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1970 Ralf became a Commissioner in the European Commission in Brussels. He was dedicated to the EU as a guarantor of human rights and liberty.

From 1974 to 1984, Dahrendorf was Director of the LSE, after which he returned to Germany to become Professor of Social Science, Konstanz University (1984–86).

From 1967 to 1970, Dahrendorf was Chairman of the German Sociological Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie), resigning it when he took up his office at Brussels. Between 1976 and 1979 he led the educational sub-committee of the Benson Commission.

In 1986, Ralf Dahrendorf became a Governor of the LSE. From 1987 to 1997, he was Warden of St Antony’s College, Oxford, succeeding the historian Sir Raymond Carr.

In 1982, Dahrendorf was made a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire. In 1988, he acquired British citizenship and became known as Sir Ralf Dahrendorf (as only KBEs who are British subjects are entitled to use that title). In 1993, he was granted a life peerage and was named Baron Dahrendorf. Dahrendorf sat in the House of Lords as a cross-bencher.

Between 2000 and 2006, Dahrendorf served as Chairman of the Judging Panel of the FIRST Award for Responsible Capitalism. He received the FIRST Responsible Capitalism lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. On 11 July 2007, Dahrendorf was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Social Studies.

In January 2005, Ralf was appointed a Research Professor at the Social Science Research Center in Berlin (WZB).

Dahrendorf held dual citizenship in the UK and Germany. After retiring, he lived partially in Germany and partially in the United Kingdom, with one home in London and one in Bonndorf in south-western Germany.

Dahrendorf died in Cologne, Germany, aged 80, on 17 June 2009, after suffering from cancer. He was survived by his third wife, three daughters, and one grandchild.

Dahrendorf was succeeded as Director of the LSE by Indraprasad Gordhanbhai Patel (11 November 1924-17 July 2005), popularly known as I. G. Patel, an Indian economist and a civil servant who served as the fourteenth Governor of the Reserve Bank of India from 1 December 1977 to 15 September 1982.

I.G. Patel served as Director of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and also as Director of the LSE, making him the first person of Indian origin to head a Higher Education institute in the UK and was well known for his formidable intellectual powers in the company of central bankers and economic statesmen such as the “Committee of the Thirty” set up by the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

I. G. Patel also served as Deputy Administrator at United Nations Development Programme headquarters in New York.

Patel studied at the the University of Bombay and went on to King’s College, Cambridge. He subsequently obtained his PhD from Harvard University

Patel was a member of the Indian Economic Service and served in Government of India.

Patel returned to India and joined Baroda College as Professor of Economics and as the Principal in 1949. Eduard Bernstein invited Patel to join the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund in 1950. After five years there, Patel came back to Delhi as Economic Adviser to the Ministry of Finance in 1954 and spent the next 18 years in one or other senior role in the Government of India.

In 1972 Patel became the Deputy Administrator of the UN Development Programme for five years, returning only to take up the position of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. It was during this period marked by turbulence in the foreign exchange markets that Patel played a part in sessions of the Bank for International Settlements. In 1982 Patel was appointed Principal of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

In 1984, the year of the Gwynne business, Patel was appointed as the Director of the LSE.

Patel had to handle student protest about LSE’s investments in South Africa and their support of Winston Silcott, who had been convicted of the murder of a police officer in the Broadwater Farm riots in Tottenham. I lived in Harringay, adjacent to Tottenham, the year after the Tottenham riots. Dafydd’s partner gang operated in Haringey and the day that Dafydd ordered Angels to load me onto a train to London, he rang Haringey Social Services to ‘let them know that you’ll be on their patch’. No, it was not any sort of referral for ‘aftercare’. Furthermore, Stephen Bagnall, who was killed in Denbigh, had relatives in Tottenham and when Stephen was telling me about them I noticed Angel Mark Jones sitting near us obviously taking note of what he was hearing.

Patel handled the students’ protests ‘with tact and firmness’

I. G. Patel.jpg

but also with a sympathetic understanding of students’ concerns about racism.

See the source image

Patel’s initiatives, too, in setting up an innovative inter-departmental forum bore fruit in the Interdisciplinary Management Institute and the Development Studies Institute.

In later life, Patel taught at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara. The post of I.G. Patel Professor of Economics and Government at the LSE as created in his honour; it is currently held by Nicholas Stern.

Patel married Anuradha Dasgupta, daughter of Professor of Economics Amiya Kumar Dasgupta and sister of economist Sir Partha Dasgupta.


Gnome also served as President of the Royal Statistical Society, 1954-55. Gwynne and Dafydd’s network had a heavy presence in the Royal Statistical Society.

Gnome was a Governor of The Peckham Experiment in 1949, as was Uncle Dickie of the Low Morals.


The 1930s building designed by Owen Williams

Gwynne – at Middlesex at the time – Royal Navy during 1940s – Uncle Dickie – Bingley – inc Chamberlain – Edward du Cann

The Pioneer Health Foundation, responsible for the Peckham Experiment continues to exist as a registered charity, the Trustees recognising a need to disseminate the findings and also to keep open the possibility of a further centre or centres opening. Notwithstanding the many changes to society and medicine since the Peckham Experiment, The Pioneer Health Foundation Ltd, believes that the principles identified by Dr George Scott Williamson, who, with his wife Top Doc Innes Pearse, led the Peckham Experiment, are basic to health and are of continuing relevance to society. This includes the valuable evidence produced about the relationship between social and home environment and individual motivation and health.

As part of its activities, the Foundation has launched the “Mary Langman Prize”, an annual award for an essay on “The Relevance of the Peckham Experiment in the 21st Century” that furthers the lessons learnt at the Pioneer Health Centre about the social, emotional and environmental determinants of health. Mary Langman was personal assistant to Scott Williamson and made a bequest to enable such initiatives.

The Peckham Experiment is referred to in the classic science fiction novel Macroscope by Piers Anthony, and it is also mentioned in “Notes Toward the Definition of Culture” by T. S. Eliot during his discussion on education and the family. T. S. Eliot was mates with the Bloomsbury Group and they treated his wife Viv appallingly, admitting this when they were older. Virginia Woolf described Viv as a ‘bag of ferrets’ around ‘poor Tom’s neck’. Viv grew up in a totally unsupportive family who conspired with Eliot and his mates to give her a dreadful time. Viv ended up in an asylum in which she eventually died in suspicious circumstances. The details of Viv being banged up are hazy, but it is known that Eliot was responsible. In the asylum, Viv received visits from Bertrand Russell who had sex with her in there. See post ‘International Women’s Day! Let’s Celebrate With Jane…’.

The surviving archives of the Pioneer Health Centre, which include personal papers of the two Top Docs who led the Pioneer Centre, Scott Williamson and Innes Pearse, are now in the Wellcome Library.

Williamson and Pearse here

Mary Langham here


Lord Gnome married, firstly, Mary Louisa, daughter of Thomas Henry William Pelham, in 1915. They had one son and three daughters. After his first wife’s death in 1953, he married, secondly, Veronica, daughter of Mrs Ann Warham, in 1964. He died in July 1966, aged 80, and was succeeded in the barony by his only son Nicholas Pelham Piercy, 2nd Baron Piercy (1918–1981). Nicholas’s son inherited the title, James William Piercy, 3rd Baron Piercy (b. 1946). The heir presumptive is the present holder’s brother Hon. Mark Edward Pelham Piercy (b. 1953). The heir presumptive’s heir apparent is his son William Nicholas Pelham Piercy (b. 1989).

Veronica didn’t have any children, but Lord Gnome had children with his first wife. This is where it gets interesting. Veronica went to St Paul’s School and Somerville College, Oxford

and Burke’s peerage gives Veronica’s address at one point as being in Yorkshire. Somerville certainly had them all; Margaret Jay went to Somerville as well.

The children of William Piercy, 1st Baron Piercy and Mary Louisa Pelham:

Hon. Joanna Elizabeth Piercy married James Francis Turner, son of Reverend Percy Reginald Turner, on 13 August 1968. Joanna was educated at St. Paul’s Girls’ School, London and at Somerville College, Oxford University.

Joanna Piercy taught at Badminton, the progressive school near Bristol; in 1966 Joanna became Headmistress there. Presumably Joanna was present in 1958, when Badminton School celebrated its centenary with the opening of a new Science Centre by Lady Mountbatten. Dame Sybil Thorndike was President of the school at that time, and a new cantata called “The Crown of the Year” by Michael Tippett was specially commissioned to mark the event. Lord and lady Mountbatten, the Persons of Low Morals were already known to Joanna, her dad Lord Gnome having been a Governor of the Peckham Experiment at the same time as Uncle Dickie. As for Sybil Thorndike, well Ronnie Waterhouse’s family were friends with her.

Joanna Taylor (as she became in 1968) died in 2001.

On 30 Jan 2012 this appeared on the Badminton School website:

At the end of January, well-known artist Lucy Willis, an Old Girl of the school, presented her portrait of ex-headmistress Joanna Turner (nee Piercy) to the current Headmistress, Mrs Jan Scarrow.

Lucy was commissioned by the OBA and the Governors to paint the portrait of the late Headmistress, in order to complete the gallery of ex Head Teachers of the school which can be found displayed in the Dining Hall.

The commission was a difficult one; in the less image-conscious 1950s and 60s it was not unusual for individuals to find being photographed a rare experience, and the school archives found it hard to yield much more than a few old school photographs, showing Miss Piercy as a member of staff (and later from 1966 as Headmistress) as a small figure lined up with all the other staff and pupils. Fortunately her family was able to lend Lucy a rare black and white studio portrait taken around the time of her marriage, after she had left Badminton in 1969 to set up home with her new husband.

Lucy kindly spoke to GCSE and A level Art students on the day she visited and gave a fascinating talk, describing the process of producing a portrait, how she overcame the challenges of turning a black and white photograph into a colour image and outlining her long and distinguished career in art. We were particularly interested by her account of painting with prisoners as Artist in Residence at Shepton Mallet prison, which led to her winning the Royal National Portrait Gallery’s prestigious annual award for her group portrait, At Her Majesty’s Pleasure. Further details of Lucy’s career and examples of her work can be found on her website, http://www.lucywillis.com/.

Many thanks to Lucy, Mrs Scarrow and the Board of Governors, Lavinia Sealy (nee Piercy) and all who helped this project reach completion. The painting will be framed and varnished before joining the others in the Dining Hall.

Tony Francis was found hanged later in 2012.

Lavinia Sealy (nee Piercy) was born the Hon. Lavinia Carolione Piercy, on 24 May 1947. Lavinia Sealy is Lord Gnome’s granddaughter, the daughter of Nicholas Pelham Piercy, 2nd Baron Piercy and Oonagh Lavinia Baylay. Lavinia married Nicholas John Elliot Sealy, son of John Edward Sealy and Joan Ursula Pelham, on 1 May 1971. Nicholas Sealy was educated at Eton and served in the Rifle Brigade. Lavinia was educated at Badminton School and graduated from St. Hugh’s College, Oxford University, in 1969.  In May 1971, Lavinia’s married name became Sealy. Lavinia lived at Timber Hill, Chobham, Surrey.

St Hugh’s alumni include that good friend of Gwynne and Dafydd, Babs Castle; Nicky Morgan the drip of a former Education Secretary; the Lady of Burma who has rather fallen from grace now after that unfortunate business with the Rohingya, who was at St Hugh’s when Lavinia was; and Theresa May!

Richard Hurst is also a graduate of St Hugh’s and is known to the Gang’s friends in showbiz. Born Richard Turner in Surrey, he attended Boston Grammar School and Oakham School before studying at St Hugh’s College, Oxford, and training as a Director at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama – Linford’s daughter Angharad Rees was involved with that institution, as was Sir Anthony Hopkins, who went to Cowbridge Grammar School and knew Geoffrey Chamberlain from there – and the Royal National Theatre Studio.

Hurst was a founding member of the sketch group The Four Horsemen, whose series This Is Pop! was broadcast on BBC Choice. His Edinburgh work has included work with Pegabovine and Girl and Dean, Moon The Loon (a play about Keith Moon), the sell-out children’s shows Potted Potter, Potted Pirates, which he co-wrote, and Silly Billy Bum Breath. In 2004 Hurst directed Bill Hicks: Slight Return, which he co-wrote with Chas Early. The show toured extensively in the UK, including four West End runs, and also appeared in Éire, Belgium and Australia. In 2010 Hurst co-wrote and directed Potted Panto, which opened at the Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh, and subsequently transferred to the Vaudeville Theatre, London, where it was nominated for an Olivier Award for Best Entertainment.

Hurst has also worked extensively with Miranda Hart as a writer, director and script editor. Miranda – who was quite funny for the first five minutes until it became clear that her entire repertoire consisted of jokes about wanted to Be Engaged, jokes about her relationship with her mum and then doing that face at the camera

Image result for Miranda Hart Image Help

– is related to so many who are of Gwynne and the crowd.

Miranda Hart was born on 14 December 1972 in Torquay, Devon, the daughter of Captain David Hart Dyke and Diana Margaret Luce. Miranda’s father was Commanding Officer of HMS Coventry when it was sunk by the Argentinians in the 1982 Falklands conflict

Image result for Miranda Hart Image Help

and he was badly burned in trying to escape the stricken warship.

Hart’s paternal family can be traced through her grandfather, Eric Hart Dyke. Her paternal great-great-great-grandfather was cricketer and Rector Thomas Dyke. Hart’s patrilineal great-great-great-great-grandfather was Sir Percival Hart Dyke, 5th Baronet (1767–1846). Her distant cousin, the 10th and present baronet, Sir David Hart Dyke, lives in Canada. One of her first cousins is plant hunter Tom Hart Dyke, creator of the World of Gardens at Lullingstone Castle.

Hart’s maternal grandfather was Sir William Luce (1907–1977), who was Commander-in-Chief and Governor of Aden (1956–60).

Image result for Miranda Hart Image Help

Her mother’s only sibling is the Lord Luce, a former Tory MP and Minister, later HM Governor and Commander in Chief of Gibraltar (1997–2000) (see previous posts) and Lord Chamberlain of the Royal Household (2000–06).

Image result for Miranda Hart Image Help

Richard’s son, the journalist and author Edward Luce, is one of Miranda Hart’s first cousins.

Richard Luce was a Tory Minister when I was working at Surrey University; one of my friends who stood by me in the face of the Gang worked as a secretary in his office. She was surprised that she passed security vetting because she was a member of the Labour Party and had been a leftist activist. I found out after I began the blog that she had been under surveillance all the time anyway, because she was one of those I confided in re the Gang.

Image result for Miranda Hart Image Help

Re Gibraltar: one of the predators who targeted and fleeced F left north Wales and lived in Gibraltar for a while before returning to north Wales, some five years before Richard Luce became Commander in Chief of Gibraltar. F knew that the official story that the predator was looking for work in Gibraltar was nonsense; he had a history of mistreating children and that was known.

Image result for Miranda Hart Image Help

Hart’s great-uncle, the brother of her maternal grandfather, was Admiral Sir David Luce, who served as First Sea Lord. The father of David and William, Miranda Hart’s great-grandfather, was Rear Admiral John Luce. John’s brother, her great-great-uncle, was Major General Sir Richard Harman Luce, who served as MP for Derby (1924–29).

Miranda Hart’s other maternal great-grandfather (through William’s wife Margaret Napier) was Vice Admiral Sir Trevylyan Napier, who was the Commander-in-Chief, America and West Indies Station (1919–20). His wife, Miranda’s great-grandmother, was Mary Elizabeth Culme-Seymour, daughter of Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, 3rd Baronet, Vice-Admiral of the UK (1901–20). Both the Culme-Seymours were implicated in the Mylius affair.

Miranda Hart is a fourth cousin, twice removed, of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Image result for Miranda Hart Image Help

Their common ancestors were George Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer and his wife Lavinia Spencer, Countess Spencer. Through the 2nd Earl Spencer, both Miranda and Diana descend from Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury.

Hart grew up in Petersfield, Hampshire, Lord and Sir Norman Denning country.

Image result for Miranda Hart Image Help

Miranda was educated at Downe House, near Thatcham, Berkshire, an independent girls’ boarding school. She was a classmate and friend of the sports presenter Clare Balding, who was head girl. Hart attended the University of the West of England in Bristol. Phyllida Parsloe, a social work academic who trained at St George’s when Desmond Curran at St George’s was Treating Perverts like Norman Scott, ended up in very senior governance/management roles at Bristol University and the University of the West of England, as well as Chair of an NHS Trust in Bristol from which Phyllida was obliged to resign after one scandal too many. Phyllida was the partner of Olive Stevenson who may have been even more toxic that Phyllida. After a career of concealing child abuse, including that in Sussex perpetrated by John Allen and the Gang’s partners there, Olive became a Prof of Social Work at Nottingham University, in 1984, the year that I dared complain about Gwynne. See ‘Vested Interests Or Common Pool?’

I suspect that Phyllida knew Lord Gnome’s wife Veronica, they are of a similar vintage and worked in similar fields. Dafydd’s mate Anne Craft, who worked in Gwynedd Supporting victims of the Gang with severe learning disabilities to Explore Their Sexuality and Enjoy Sexual Relationships joined Olive et al at Nottingham University in a senior academic post. Ann’s husband Dr Michael Craft conducted Community Research with Dafydd on Anglesey, one of their Research Interests being Incest. See ‘The Old Devils’.

Lord Piercy 1945.jpg

Lord Jack McConnell was able to benefit from that particular party as well via Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah being at Bristol University with Sarah Jenkins, the daughter of Sheila Jenkins, a particularly vicious Gwynedd social worker. Sarah rented her accommodation on Anglesey from D.G.E. Wood after she graduated… See previous posts.

Image result for Miranda Hart Image Help

Miranda then completed a postgraduate course in Acting at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.

In 2002, Miranda performed a solo show in Edinburgh, and in 2004 she pitched a comedy show to the BBC. At her read-through for BBC executives, Absolutely Fabulous writer and star Jennifer Saunders was present. Jennifer Saunders’ comedy partner Dawn French is one of those who is used as PR by the Gang, French having lived on Anglesey and gone to Holyhead School, as did Mrs Windbag. French and Saunders were part of the wider group of comedians who, like Ben Elton, Stephen Fry etc, knew about the Gang and knew about my two friends having their careers in the media wrecked because of their friendship with me…

Dawn’s ex, Lenny Henry, has been all over the media himself in the last two weeks promoting his autobiography. Central to Dawn and her network of friends/performers is Richard Curtis, who is married to Emma Freud, daughter of celebrity molester Clement. Richard’s ex is Tory Baroness Ann Jenkins, wife of Tory Lord Bernard Jenkin. Bernard is the son of Patrick Jenkin, Thatch’s dreadful Secretary of State for the DHSS who achieved notoriety for stating that if the good Lord had wanted us to have equal rights he would not have created Man and Woman. Even more worryingly, Jenkin facilitated the activities of Gwynne, Dafydd et al. Jenkin was Nicholas Eden’s boss when Eden was dying from AIDS and the Gang who had provided Eden with sexual partners were in pursuit of me.

Curtis together with Lenny Henry are co-founders and co-creators of Comic Relief and Red Nose Day. Curtis is also a founder of Make Poverty History. He organised the Live 8 concerts with Bob Geldof to publicise poverty, particularly in Africa, and pressure G8 leaders to adopt his proposals for ending it. Patrick Jenkin was mates with Ronnie Waterhouse. I have been told that Tony Francis and his communications with the Windbag were the key to the phenomenal success of this group of comedians with direct connections to such a sordid, bloody business based in north Wales of which No-one Knew.

Image result for Miranda Hart Image Help

Richard Hurst co-wrote seventeen episodes of the multi-award-winning Miranda for BBC2, having script edited the first episode. Other television work includes writing three episodes of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl for Tiger Aspect for ITV2/Showtime.

Image result for Miranda Hart Image Help

In March 2013, Bluestone 42, which Hurst co-wrote and co-created with James Cary, was broadcast by the BBC. It was subsequently renewed for its second (2014) and third (2015) seasons.

Richard Hurst has been involved in the National Student Drama Festival in various capacities, since winning the Sunday Times’ Harold Hobson Student Drama Critic Award in 1994 and the RSC Buzz Goodbody Award in 1995. Hurst netted the awards when Matt Arnold died and Peter Howarth went to prison and when Bing Spear, Peter Morrison, David Ennals and all those other Insider witnesses died in 1995. Brown was forced out of his job in July 1995, the month in which Bing and Morrison died.

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One St Hugh’s alumnus who will know the core of the Gang is Prof Dorothy Bishop.

Dorothy Bishop

Professor Dorothy Bishop FBA FMedSci FRS.jpg

Dorothy Bishop at the Royal Society admissions day in London, July 2014
Dorothy Vera Margaret Bishop

14 February 1952 (age 67)

Other names Deevy Bishop
Alma mater
Patrick Rabbitt (m. 1976)


Scientific career
Thesis Comprehension of Grammar Normal and Abnormal Development (1977)
Doctoral advisor Freda Newcombe
Website deevybee.blogspot.co.uk

Image result for Miranda Hart Image Help

Dorothy Vera Margaret Bishop (born 14 February 1952) is a British psychologist specialising in developmental disorders specifically, developmental language impairments. She is Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology and Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, where she has been since 1998. Bishop is Principal Investigator for the Oxford Study of Children’s Communication Impairments (OSCCI). She is a supernumary fellow of St John’s College, Oxford.

Dame Kathleen Kenyon, a leading archaeologist of the Middle East, was Principal of St Hugh’s, 1962-73.

Kathleen Kenyon
WithKathleen Kenyon.jpg

Kenyon at an excavation in 1977
Kathleen Mary Kenyon

5 January 1906

Regent’s Park, London, England, United Kingdom
Died 24 August 1978 (aged 72)

Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Known for Excavation of Tell es-Sultan (Jericho)
Excavation of Jewry Wall
Wheeler-Kenyon method
Academic background
Education St Paul’s Girls’ School
Alma mater Somerville College, Oxford
Academic work
Discipline Archaeology
Sub-discipline Neolithic
Ancient Near East
Archaeological theory
Institutions Institute of Archaeology
St Hugh’s College, Oxford

Dame Kathleen Mary Kenyon (5 January 1906-24 August 1978) was born in Bloomsbury

See the source image

in a house attached to the British Museum, the daughter of Sir Frederic Kenyon, Bible scholar and Director of the British Museum. Kathleen, like so many of her family, worked with and was herself Of The Posh who ruled over the High Culture of Wales from HQ in London. As a young woman Kathleen worked with Sir Mortimer and Tessa Wheeler; Sir Mortimer established the National Museum of Wales but buggered off back to London when a Real Opportunity came up, causing upset in Cardiff. The Mortimers and Kathleen founded the Institute for Archaeology at UCL.

In 1973 Kathleen retired to a village outside Wrexham. The following year, Sir Peter Morrison was elected as the MP for Chester,

Image result for gerald cavendish grosvenor images

In 1973/74 a lunch was held at the Clarence in Bridgwater between Sailor Ted’s Education Secretary Thatch

See the source imageand someone who’s Posh Relative had, like Kathleen, gone to St Paul’s School. Kathleen, Thatch and the Posh Relative were all alumni of Somerville College.

The person who had lunch at the Clarence with Thatch had grown up in a farm labourer’s family in Somerset but when she was 14 had moved in with a Military family in nearby Spaxton to work as a nanny for their two little boys. She lived with the Military family until Major and Mrs Piper were posted to Hong Kong, whereupon she stayed in Somerset and trained as an Angel. The Pipers were, basically, Swingers and from what I heard, Major Piper wasn’t that concerned with what are now called consent issues. Mrs Piper simply proffered advice to his targets by telling them to lock themselves in their room. Before the Pipers moved to Hong Kong they lived in Leicester and Oxford, taking their nanny with them. I had no idea until I was an adult that Leicester and Oxford were the centres of two big rings linked to Dafydd and Gwynne’s Gang; I know not if the Pipers’ nanny ever found out about anything untoward in Leicester or Oxford, but Major Piper and his wife will not have missed the opportunities.

People in the Tories knew that Thatch’s lunch companion had lived in Leicester and Oxford as well, because she liked those towns and used to chat about them to people if they had connections there. One day she mentioned to Brown and I that some of the Tories, at first meeting, mistakenly thought that she had been at THE Oxford, no doubt Somerville…

It’s a mistake easily made. When I lived in Bethesda, the driver of the Bethesda to Bangor bus went to drive buses in Oxford after years of driving in Bethesda and when he returned he said to my friend and I, ‘Oh I’ve been in Oxford for five years’. My mate rolled around laughing and later asked me what he’d been reading…

Whatever the bus driver was doing in Oxford will not have had such disastrous consequences for as many people as the activities of the Somerville crowd. Particularly as one of his sons had as a young man been in the clutches of the Gang and had ended up in Risley, from which he was Rescued By Dafydd, who told the teenager that he loved him and took him on as a Patient. The boy from Risley whom Dafydd loved had a younger brother, Simon, who had not fallen into the hands of the Gang, but was close to his off-the-rails brother. Simon, who knew a great deal of what his brother had been involved with, is dead. He died back in my Bethesda days at 17 years old. Simon was taken ill at home, so his mum called Bethesda Surgery. Dr Nickson declared that he had flu. Simon became much worse, so his mum called the surgery again. Dr Gareth Jones told her it was flu, take two paracetamols and not to bother the surgery again. Simon’s condition worsened and his Oxford bus driving dad took him to A&E at Ysbyty Gwynedd. As they were going through the main entrance, Simon began yelling that he couldn’t see. Simon died shortly after. He had meningitis.

After Simon died, his mum walked into Bethesda Surgery and yelled at the patients not to worry, just take two paracetamols, even if you are dying. Dr Gareth Jones had a shouting match with her, kicked her out of the surgery and explained to the patients – and the rest of Bethesda – that She Felt Guilty. Well the Top Docs certainly didn’t, they couldn’t give a fuck that yet another witness to Dafydd and the Gang had died from clinical negligence.

See the source image

Simon may not have been helped by F and I being very friendly with someone who had helped look after his brother and was very worried about some of what Dafydd was doing. She had also witnessed the scene at the police station when Simon’s brother had been arrested for burgling Dafydd’s mate the corrupt Judge Huw Daniel’s house. He had stolen a camera, freely admitted it, but because of a few other things that he had said at the police station, he wasn’t charged; instead a Mental Health Professional was consulted.

See the source image

‘Now MacDuff’s coming down to see you Dafydd. And when he arrives, I want you to be wearing your baby doll nightie. With nae panties…’

See the source image

F and I didn’t tell anyone of the hilarious account that we were given of events at the police station, but our house was bugged by the security services, so someone knew…

See the source image

Peter Morrison was found dead some two years after we heard about Huw Daniel and his camera. In 1994/95,

when havoc was breaking out in north Wales because F and I had made the complaint about Dafydd sexually exploiting patients to the MHAC, Dafydd was constantly on the TV starring in documentaries re his Wonderful Work With Addicts. Simon’s brother appeared in one such programme, saying that Dafydd had saved his life. He told my friend that he’d been paid to say it.

In 1974, Dame Kathleen became the Honorary Vice-President of Chester Archaeological Society.

See the source image

The archaeologists (and others) at UCNW will have taken orders from Kathleen, particularly as her relative the 5th Baron, Lloyd Kenyon, was President of UCNW, 1947-82

as of course, between 1900 and 1927, was Kathleen’s great-great grandfather, the 4th Baron, Lloyd Kenyon. Kathleen’s grandfather was lawyer and Fellow of All Souls College, John Robert Kenyon,

Kathleen died in Wrexham the year before Lord Kenyon’s son Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon reported a young man in either the care of the Social Services or the care of Dafydd and Gwynne (exactly which is unclear), whom he was sexually exploiting, to the police for ‘robbery’, after spending the night with him. Among the stolen items were porn pics that Thomas had taken of the two of them together. The North Wales Police destroyed the porn pics on the grounds that they were indecent. The boy was sent to a detention centre. Thomas faced no charges although he was much older than the boy and the boy was under the age of consent.

Lord Kenyon was, among many other things: a JP, a member of the North Wales Police Authority, the most senior Freemason in north Wales (Ian Mackeson-Sandbach succeeded him in that position), Chairman of the National Portrait Gallery, a Director of the National Museum of Wales, Chairman of Clwyd Health Authority (and before the creation of Clwyd HA, a governor of the preceding NHS bodies), as detailed in previous posts…

I have only just discovered that Lord Kenyon had his own Masonic Lodge that met at his home near Whitchurch in Shropshire. Furthermore, Lord Kenyon presided over the opening of a new Lodge specifically for police officers in 1984. The year of the Gwynne Row. There is much about Freemasonry and the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal on Paddy French’s excellent blog ‘Rebecca’. Paddy French is a rich seam of info, but he doesn’t flag up that although the Masons were often those at the top or the heart of the big sclerotic organisations that were central to the criminality, the footsoldiers, apart from the police, were not only not Masons but would take the piss out of old male Masons. I’m a female Angel/ social worker/CND activist. I’m not a Mason! No they weren’t, but they knew about the criminality.

I was told by people on the ground who personally concealed assaults on patients and perjured themselves that Dafydd was mixed up in Freemasonry. They of course Never Saw Anything. If the footsoldier was English, another favourite comment was Dafydd’s close proximity to the Gorsedd of the Bards. Yes, Dafydd was of those who wear the robes and wellies and who’s Ancient Tradition was invented by Iolo Morgannwg in DATE, but all those English Angels and social workers were the people who wrote a pack of lies on the patients’ medical records. Dafydd’s dodgy ways with Freemasons and the Gorsedd were discussed with me by Malcolm and Judy Stammers (two English social workers in Bangor who went as far back as Gwynne, Dafydd and the Denbigh Dungeon), Ella Fisk (the Angel who ran the Day Centre at the Hergest Unit) and a Radical Activist in Leicester MIND, as well as others. I never heard anyone claim that Malcolm, Judy and Ella mistreated them but they definitely knew that their colleagues were abusing patients and they were personally friends with some of those who were.

See ‘Events, Dear Boy, Events’ for further info on Kathleen Kenyon and her many powerful friends.

Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon died from AIDS in early 1993. Lord Kenyon died on 16 May 1993. F and I were arrested and charged on the word of the lying Gwynedd social worker Jackie Brandt in between the two deaths. By the time that we faced trial, both Kenyons were dead. Jackie Brandt made her statement to the North Wales Police some two or three weeks before anyone told us. From what I can work out, Brandt made her statement immediately before Thomas died or immediately after.

Ralf Dahrendorf of the Lord Gnome’s alma mater the LSE bagged his peerage in 1993.

Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon was an old pal of Gwynne and Dafydd. The Kenyons have airbrushed much info about them out of history, but a press report from the early 1970s named Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon as having set fire to the YMCA hostel in Birmingham ‘where he was living’ and instead of being jailed Thomas was sent to the secure unit at the North Wales Hospital to be Cared For.

Kathleen Kenyon arrived in north Wales in retirement soon after. Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth relocated from Axwell Park to Bryn Estyn months before Kathleen retired.

See the source image

Lord Kenyon was succeeded as President of UCNW in 1982 by Gwynne and Dafydd’s other mate Sir William Mars-Jones.


See the source image


There is another Lavinia Piercy: Harriet Lavinia Piercy, born on 17 January 1987, the daughter of Hon. Mark Edward Pelham Piercy and Vivian Angela Monier-Williams. The Hon. Mark Edward Pelham Piercy was born on 30 June 1953, the son of Nicholas Pelham Piercy, 2nd Baron Piercy and Oonagh Lavinia Baylay. Mark married Vivian Angela Monier-Williams, daughter of Evelyn Faithfull Monier-Williams, on 31 March 1979.

Evelyn Faithfull Monier-Williams was born on 29 April 1920. He married Maria-Angela Oswald in 1948. Evelyn died on 30 June 2015 and the Torygraph published a touching obituary for him on 24 Aug 2015:

When war broke out, Monier-Williams was awarded a one-year war degree before serving as a field gunner officer in the 8th Army and then in the 50th Northumbrian Division. The war took him to north Africa, Sicily, France, the Low Countries and Germany, where he was stationed in the Rhineland and oversaw the entertainment and welfare of British troop waiting to be demobbed.

Having organised the re-opening of a local theatre, Monier-Williams began putting on operatic performances, through which he met his future wife, Maria-Angela Oswald, a German soprano. His time in the Army also informed his attitude to his judicial work; while in Tunisia he took part in the Battle of the Mareth Line and he was deeply affected by the experience.

His reputation for leniency (and for avoiding giving long prison sentences) was borne from a desire to see offenders and their families given as many opportunities as possible for rehabilitation and the avoidance of repeat offending.

Evelyn Monier WilliamsEvelyn Monier Williams

After the war Monier-Williams practised at the Common Law Bar, joining the same chambers as his father and working on personal injury cases, particularly for trade unions. By the 1960s he was known for being a sympathetic defence counsel with a particular understanding of the needs of children and young people.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

One case involved Monier-Williams acting for the National Union of Students (NUS) in a judicial review of a decision by Oxford University to discipline an undergraduate who had been involved in a protest. As a result he became friends with Jack Straw, the then NUS president.

Jack’s been protecting the Gang for years; as NUS President, as Battling Babs Castle’s sidekick in the DHSS, as Deputy Leader of ILEA, as Little Nell’s sidekick in Islington Borough Council, as MP for Blackburn and of course when Jack played a leading role in Miranda’s Cabinet.

See the source image

Jack is a double act with his wife Alice Perkins, who has spent her career as a Civil Service mandarin, including at various levels of the DHSS, including at the top. Alice can’t have not noticed Gwynne, Dafydd, Jimmy Savile, the genocide etc.

In July 2011 Alice was appointed as the Chairman of Post Office Ltd., a UK state-owned limited company, to lead the Board following the separation of the Post Office from the Royal Mail under the Postal Services Act 2011. So perhaps Alice can explain why letters from my lawyer, in 2011, were opened BEFORE they had been delivered to me by the postman. Every letter from my lawyer, not other letters, just letters from Rachel Vasmer of Walker Smith Way. Not even an attempt at steaming and resealing, just torn open before they were delivered to me.

Alice is an Executive Coach and a partner in the coaching practice of the JCA Group, a member of the Faculty of Meyler Campbell, which provides training for business coaches and has been an external member of the Council of the University of Oxford since 2006. Alice is a member of the Business Advisory Council of the Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford.

Jack’s daughter is a Top Doctor.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

In 1972 he was appointed a circuit judge. He took great pleasure in his work, particularly when matters could be resolved happily. “I am very pleased for you,” he told a couple in a divorce case who had changed their minds after coming across each other in the bar where they first met. “I wish you all good fortune.”

As well as bearing me ‘no ill will’, Dafydd ‘wished me well’ and Bluglass did as well.

Monier-Williams also took on pro bono cases for the National Council of Civil Liberties (now called Liberty)

The notorious NCCL, which was affiliated to paedophiles’ rights groups during the 1970s, when Little Nell’s husband Henry Hodge (who became a judge), Harriet Harperson, Patricia Hewitt, Laurie Taylor’s ex Anna Coote and others we know and love were involved with NCCL. They Didn’t Understand back then in the 1970s, what with paedophiles being So Clever and Cunning and Molesting In Plainsight in er Islington, North Wales, Yorkshire, the North East and at St George’s/Springfield…

and gave free legal advice before the days of legal aid through the Mary Ward Centre.

He was elected an Inner Temple bencher in 1967 and in 1988 he became Treasurer of the Inn. In the same year he was instrumental in the posthumous reinstatement of Mahatma Gandhi to the Bar. Gandhi had spent three years as a law student at the Inner Temple (1888-1891) 

but he was expelled in 1922 after his campaign of non-cooperation with the British authorities and subsequent imprisonment.

That sounds a bit like my actions and no-one’s posthumously reinstated me to anywhere.

Monier-Williams was particularly proud of his role in restoring Gandhi’s reputation at the Bar. “I remember looking at the Bench,” he later recalled, “and saying to myself: ‘I wonder if it’s possible to persuade those white-haired old men to bring Gandhi back postmortem… there is no doubt in my mind that he was a very, very great man.’ ”

See the source image

Evelyn Monier-Williams married Maria-Angela Oswald in 1948. She died in 1983. He is survived by a son and a daughter.

Evelyn’s son-in-law Mark Piercy – the 1st Lord Gnome’s grandson – was educated at Shrewsbury School, as was Sir Charles, friend of Gwynne

Image result for sir charles evans images

Richard Ingrams and his mates – who founded ‘Private Eye’ (see eg. ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’) and then employed Ronnie Waterhouse as a libel reader – as well of course as this chancer:

See the source image

See previous posts eg. ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’ and ‘A Legend Lives’ for info on Heseltine.

After Shrewsbury, Mark Piercy went to New College, Oxford University, alma mater of so many who worked for the security services. Wedgie-Benn was a graduate of New College, Oxford. New College don Alan Bullock, one of the recruiters, also reigned over St Catharine’s College, Oxford, which was where Mandy did his degree. See ‘A Study In Tyranny’.

See the source image

In 2011, Mandy’s right hand woman was the daughter of Ron Evans, the crooked lawyer employed by Gwynedd County Council for years who was Brains behind Dafydd and Gwynne’s business. Drop me a line Mandy and we can discuss the many documents in my possession signed by Ron, detailing perjury, conspiracy, fabrication of evidence, forgery on the part of Ron and his colleagues.

Eric Varley sat on the Royal Commission for WHAT, Chaired by Alan Bullock, DATES.

See the source image

The obituary for Varley published by ‘The Guardian’ stated that ‘Varley was appointed energy secretary, the youngest member of a cabinet that included Denis Healey, Roy Jenkins, Michael Foot, Barbara Castle, Shirley Williams, Harold Lever, Tony Benn, Tony Crosland, Merlyn Rees and Jim Callaghan. It was a formidable team…’

Er, yes.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

As the man with his hands on the levers of the British car industry at the time, Varley, pal of Kaufperson and Ruskin College alumnus, like Peter Howarth et al, will have been one of those up to his eyeballs in Lord Jack Butterworth’s dodgy financial arrangements with the car industry in the Midlands when Jack was VC of Warwick University. Jack was a pal of Richard Crossman and Jack, Richard, Warwick University and the Labour Gov’t had slops all over them when in 1970, a group of Warwick students occupied the Registry, broke into the files and discovered not only secret files on themselves but incriminating letters between Lord Jack and his mates in industry in the UK and the US.

The Warwick Events were led by the Chairman of Warwick University’s Socialist Society, who later became Guvnor of the BBC and his friend, who later became a Philanderer. Richard Crossman’s diary noted that the Events had put Harold’s Gov’t in a very difficult position; Lord Jack had been caught red-handed and there could be no excuses made for him, but just look at what those sodding students had done… Richard Crossman and his friends discussed the lecturer at Warwick who had assisted the students, a charismatic, brilliant, rough, tough puff [Get on with it – Ed], E.P. Thompson, the second homer at Croesor who relocated to Halifax, Summerskill territory and died shortly after F and I had made our appearance at Bangor Magistrates’ Court in the summer of 1993 re Jackie Brandt.

EP died in Aug 1993. So that was EP dealt with. EP’s PhD student got his comeuppance when he was Guvnor of the BBC and the Top Docs found that there was just nothing that they could do when his wife became ill… See ‘Murder In Samarkand’ and ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’. The Philanderer hasn’t been found dead from gunshot wounds yet, but Miranda fired a shot across his bows by not giving him a peerage when All The Others got one.

The Philanderer is missing out on dining facilities:

See the source image

EP Thompson died in Aug 1993. I wrote to Michael Mansfield about Gwynedd Social Services just after that. At the time Mike shared Took’s Court Chambers with St Helena. St Helena is friends with Nigel Eastman, Prof (now Emeritus Prof) of Forensic Psychiatry at St George’s/Springfield Hospitals who was told, in writing, by his colleague Robin Jacobson, that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and that Jacobson thought that Tony Francis was as well. Robin wrote that letter to Eastman during the first investigation into the abuse of kids in care in north Wales by the North Wales Police, who concluded that there was not a problem.

Robin Jacobson’s letter was sent shortly after Thatch was deposed. I saw Nigel in Feb 1991 and he told me to go back to north Wales because Dafydd was my doctor. Peter Morrison was Knighted in Feb 1991. Mike is friends with King Arthur who was friends with Wedgie-Benn.

See the source image

St Helena and Mike are members of Gray’s Inn, as was William Mars-Jones, who in 1991 was still President of UCNW. Nigel Eastman is a barrister as well as a Top Doc, but I don’t know of which Inn Nigel is a member. At the end of the North Wales Police investigation re the abuse of kids in care, although over 100 complaints were made and the CPS sent a file to the DPP, there was not one prosecution mounted with regard to Ty’r Felin children’s home in Bangor, although most complaints were made about that institution. Very few prosecutions were mounted at all.

The DPP at the time was Dame Babs, at the heart of Labour Royalty in Camden, sister-in-law of Silvio’s mate David Mills and David’s wife Tessa Jowell. Eric Hobsbawm was a second homer in Croesor who’s main residence was in Hampstead, Camden.

See the source image

Eric’s daughter Julia is a close friend of Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah, so in 2007, Eric found that he was a friend of the PM. Julia Hobsbawm held one of her PR events at Portmeirion Hotel a few years ago and St Helena was the guest of honour. The world had a good laugh when the LSE appointed Julia, who was a bit of a duffer academically, their Prof of Networking.


Gnome’s grandson Mark Piercy is a barrister and a member of Lincoln’s Inn, as were/are these people:

Image result for lord denning images

See the source image

See the source image

Burke’s peerage gave an address for Mark Piercy as 39 Carson Road, London. Mark, if you know anything about the documentation that constituted evidence of the most serious criminality

that ended up in the hands of George Carman and Miranda after it was stolen from my attic by builders in the mid-1990s, do let me know won’t you? Miranda was elected not long afterwards. Likewise Mark, if you know anything about the theft of my computer from Bangor University by John McTernan’s brother-in-law… Or Dee Jones aka Dee Gray asking me to plant fallacious stories about Merfyn in the media after Dee saw a feature on my PhD work in ‘The Guardian’…


Some Old Badmintonians.

The 1st Lord Gnome’s son and heir, Mark Piercy’s dad, was Nicholas Pelham Piercy, 2nd Baron Piercy, born on 23 June 1918. Nicholas married Oonagh Lavinia Baylay, daughter of Major Edward John Lake Baylay and Violet Mary Bingham, on 28 October 1944. Oonagh served as a JP.

Nicholas died on 22 March 1981 at age 62, just before I took my A levels…

Nicholas was educated at Eton and graduated from King’s College, Cambridge. Nicholas fought in WW II, gaining the rank of Lieutenant in the RNVR. Gwynne was a surgeon in the Royal Navy in WW II and others in the Gang’s network who served in the Royal Navy and/or RNVR included Edward du Cann, Geoffrey Chamberlain and David Hunt’s father. Very senior officers included Phil the Greek, Uncle Dickie of the Low Morals and Admiral Sir Alec Bingley. Lord Denning’s brother Sir Norman was for years Head of Naval Intelligence.

Nicholas succeeded as the 2nd Baron Piercy on 7 July 1966, after Lord Gnome crashed his motorbike on the way to the Lords and was killed.

Lord Snowdon’s dad, Ronald Armstrong-Jones of Inner Temple, died on DATE 1966. Ronald and Lord Gnome were part of an exodus in 1966, including Dorothy Macmillan (     ) and Lord Bill Astor (       ).

Ronald’s dad Robert was a Top Doc and psychiatrist who went to school in north Wales, then to UCNW before training as a Top Doc at Bart’s. Robert Armstrong-Jones was from one of the families who dominated north Wales. Ronald had a country home near Caernarfon. Ronald was a Governor of Bart’s and also served as a Lord Chancellor’s visitor ie. one who inspected asylums to ensure that Gwynne wasn’t

lobotomising the victims of VIP sex offenders eg. the sons-in-law of Brenda. Ronald suddenly resigned his role as a lord Chancellor’s visitor on DATE 1963. Ronald’s own Top Doc told him that All The Travelling would be Too Much for him.

pic 63

The children of Nicholas Pelham Piercy, 2nd Baron Piercy and Oonagh Lavinia Baylay, other than Lavinia Carolione Piercy (who became Lavinia Sealy), and the Hon Mark Edward Pelham Piercy are:

The Hon. Charlotte Mary Piercy was educated at Badminton School. She married, firstly, Paolo Emilio Taddei, son of Enrico Taddei, on 14 November 1966 and used the name Taddei. Charlotte and Paolo Emilio Taddei were divorced in 1985. She married, secondly, William Guy David Ropner, son of Sir William Guy Ropner and Margarita Gray, in 1985 and used the name Ropner. Burke’s peerage gives the address of 1 Sunningdale Gardens, Stratford Road, London for her at that time. Charlotte married, thirdly, Richard Mansell Mansell-Jones, son of Arnaud Milward Jones, on 29 October 2018 in Chelsea and used the name Mansell-Jones. Charlotte died on 20 November 2018 at age 71.

Charlotte’s second husband William Guy David Ropner was educated at Harrow and a member of the shipbuilding Ropner family. The family company was founded in 1874 by Sir Robert Ropner in West Hartlepool. The origin of the Ropner fortune was in the North East, the site of the Dafydd and Gwynne’s partner ring.

Sir (Emil Hugo Oscar) Robert Ropner, 1st Baronet (born Röpner; 16 December 1838-26 February 1924) was a German-British shipbuilder, shipowner and politician. Ropner was born in Magdeburg, Province of Saxony, Kingdom of Prussia, the son of Johann Heinrich Röpner and Johanne Christiane Emilie Bessel. He emigrated to England and worked for a coal export concern before building up a fleet of colliers and founding the Ropner Shipping Company in Hartlepool in 1874. In 1888, Robert Ropner acquired a shipyard at Stockton-on-Tees in County Durham. Ropner established a successful shipbuilding firm, which built many trunk deck ships. No longer limited to hauling coal, Ropner also established a company to operate tramp steamers. Although the shipyard went into liquidation soon after WW I, the shipping company continued to operate through both World Wars, despite heavy wartime losses of vessels.

Robert Ropner served as High Sheriff of Durham in 1896 and from 1900 to 1910 represented the constituency of Stockton-on-Tees in the of Commons. Ropner was President of the UK Chamber of Shipping for 1902. Having been knighted in 1902, Ropner was created Baronet of Preston Hall, Stockton-on-Tees, in the County Palatine of Durham, and of Skutterskelfe Hall, Hutton Rudby, in the North Riding of York on 20 August 1904.

Ropner died 26 February 1924, aged 85, and was succeeded in the baronetcy by his eldest son John. His third son William Ropner was the father of the Conservative politician Sir Leonard Ropner, 1st Baronet of Thorp Perrow. Robert Ropner is buried in the family vault at All Saints churchyard, Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire.

Harold Macmillan served as the MP for Stockton-On-Tees, 1924-29 and 1931-45.

Stockton-on-Tees was on the location of the ring in the North East that partnered Dafydd and Gwynne. The neurosurgeon/neurologist/psychiatrist Lord John Walton, a mate of Dafydd and Gwynne’s, let the pack re Top Doctors. Cardinal Basil Hume was a key player, Basil Hume being born into a high profile Top Docs family in Newcastle. Basil’s dad, Sir William Errington Hume was a famous Top Doc and Basil’s brother, also Basil Hume (Cardinal Basil having adopted the name Basil as his priests name, as it were), after a few years practicing in Sunderland went to London to work as a Doc to the Elite. Dr Basil was mates with the Royal Docs who pushed King George V and VI over the edge before they were due to go (see previous posts) and it was Hume who operated on Anthony Eden when Eden was Foreign Secretary, making such a basic error that it could really only have been intentional. It did Eden damage, weakened him for life and contributed to the health problems that forced his resignation as PM in 1957 to make way for Macmillan, a man whom Brenda much preferred; Eden and his wife Clarissa both wanted the Royals to have no part in political decisions. See previous posts. Gwynne and Dafydd provided services to Macmillan’s and Eden’s circle alike, but what made those two really bombproof was the Royal Link to their grim trade.

In 1984, after I complained about Gwynne, as well as that Masonic Lodge especially for policemen being established,

Cardinal Basil Hume introduced Savile as a member of the Athenaeum, the preferred club for Top Docs and VCs.

The Gwynne Row took place from March 1984 onwards. In May 1984, Prof Eric Sunderland arrived as Principal of UCNW from Durham University, where Eric had spent many years eventually becoming a PVC:

Eric knew Lord John Walton who ruled over Durham and Newcastle Universities. Miranda’s father Leo lectured in law at Durham University.

Lord John Hunt of Tanworth, Cabinet Secretary, DATES, was the second husband of Cardinal Hume’s sister Madeleine. Hunt came from Minehead and went to school near Bath. Bath was the stomping ground of Jeremy Fry, Mr Thrope and Lord Snowdon’s friend, who was a bisexual Swinger. When Lord S was elderly, it was revealed that Jeremy Fry’s daughter Polly was Lord S’s biological daughter, who had been conceived when Lord S and Ma’am Darling had just become engaged.

See the source image

The Frys’ place at Bath was known for its shagfests and the fun spread when Bath became a desirable habitat for rock stars, artists, celebs and indeed Civil Service mandarins and wealthy workers in the City. Bath is easily accessible from Bristol, land of D.G.E. Wood, David Hunt et al. The Bristol of Wedgie-Benn’s constituency for so many years. The Fry family are the Chocolate People who’s base was in Bristol. See previous posts.

The two Jeremys and Lord S were very good friends with Roger Gilliatt, the neurologist who’s father Sir William was the Royal Doc who delivered Carlo and Anne. Sir William also taught at the Middlesex Hospital and taught Gwynne. Roger Gilliatt knew Gwynne as well; Roger trained at the Middlesex but some years after Gwynne.

Madeleine’s first husband was Sir John Charles, a Top Doc from Durham, who trained at Newcastle. Charles moved to London in 1944 as Deputy Chief Medical Officer where he assisted Nye and George Godber with the planning/establishment of the NHS.

See the source image

John Charles was appointed Chief Medical Officer in 1950 and retired in 1958, the year after Dafydd qualified.

Lord Lambton! The Grocer – Perry Worsthorne

t dan smith = Poulson – andy n john Cunningham – George chetwynd

In 1997, the Ropner Shipping Company was taken over by Jacobs Holdings Plc.

See the source image

The focus thereafter was more on ship management than direct ownership. The company currently manages the Dart Line fleet of Ro Ro vessels.

Charlotte’s William was the son of Sir William Ropner, the son of (another) William Ropner and Sarah Woolacott Cory. Sir William married Margarita Gray, daughter of Sir William Cresswell Gray, 1st Bt. and Kate Casebourne, on 22 June 1921. Sir William died on 2 May 1971 at age 74. Sir William was educated at Harrow School and fought in WW I, gaining the rank of Major in the Royal Artillery (TA). Sir William was Director of Convoy Section, Ministry of War, 1944-45 and was knighted in 1947. Sir William was President of the Chamber of Shipping, 1950-51. Sir William was Director of Sir R Ropner & Company. He was a JP for the North Riding, Yorkshire.

The grandson of Sir Robert Ropner was Col Sir Leonard Ropner:

Leonard Ropner
Born 26 February 1895
Died 12 October 1977
Nationality England
Occupation Conservative Party politician

Colonel Sir Leonard Ropner, 1st Baronet, (26 February 1895-12 October 1977), was the son of William Ropner, third son of Sir Robert Ropner, 1st Baronet. Sir Leonard was educated at Oatlands, Harrogate and Harrow, obtaining a scholarship to Clare College, Cambridge and took a degree in Political Economy. He was a Director of the family business, Sir R. Ropner and Co., the shipping company.

Leonard Ropner enlisted in 1914 in the Royal Artillery and commanded a battery in France, being awarded the Military Cross in 1919. After WW I he commanded the Durham Heavy Brigade of the Royal Garrison Artillery in the TA in the rank of Major, and was later appointed their Honorary Colonel.

At the 1923 General Election, Leonard Ropner was elected as the Unionist MP for Sedgefield in County Durham,

with a majority of only 6 votes over the sitting Labour MP John Herriotts. Ropner held the seat at the 1924 General Election with a more comfortable majority of 1,416, but lost to Herriotts at the 1929 General Election.

Leonard Ropner returned to the Commons at the  1931 General Election, for the safe Conservative seat of Barkston Ash in West Yorkshire. He represented the constituency until he retired at the 1964 General Election. The seat was succeeded by Michael Alison, a lapdog of Thatch. 

Michael James Hugh Alison (27 June 1926-28 May 2004) was born in Margate and educated at Eton, Wadham College, Oxford and Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Alison was a Councillor on Kensington Borough Council, 1956–59; Maurice Macmillan served as a Kensington Councillor, 1949-53, the Kensington Councillors were the St George’s Hospital crowd. Alison was a  research worker on foreign affairs at that hotbed of closet gayness and predatory conduct towards boys and teenagers, the Conservative Research Department, 1958–64.

Alison was MP for Barkston Ash, 1964-83, until that constituency was abolished and then for the constituency of Selby which replaced it, 1983-97. Alison held various junior ministerial posts under Thatch, including serving as her  PPS and as a Minister of State. From 1987-97 Alison was the Second Church Estates Commissioner.

In 1958 Michael Alison married Sylvia Haigh, with whom he would have two sons and a daughter. His son, James, is a noted Christian theologian and advocate of the acceptance of homosexuals in the Church.


In 1937 Leonard Ropner served as High Sheriff of Durham. In 1952 Leonard was made a baronet of Thorp Perrow in the North Riding of the County of York. The Thorp Perrow estate near Bedale had been bought by his father in 1927. Sir Leonard planted the 85-acre Thorp Perrow Arboretum.

In 2016, The Torygraph published the obituary of Sir John Ropner, Sir Leonard’s son:

Sir John Ropner, who has died aged 78, was the owner of Thorp Perrow, a 100-acre arboretum in North Yorkshire that is considered one of the finest collections of trees in Britain. Situated in the grounds of the 18th-century Thorp Perrow Hall, close to the historic town of Bedale, the arboretum was created by his father, Colonel Sir Leonard Ropner. Its original plantings date to the early 1930s. Sir John Ropner was responsible for the park’s extensive restoration after SirLeonard’s death in the late 1970s and its subsequent success as a commercial concern.

“My father, Sir Leonard, was 32 years old when the estate was bought and it was very soon afterwards that the planning and planting of the arboretum began,” Ropner noted. “I have no idea where this great love for trees came from. I often joke that I wish he had collected French Impressionist pictures.”

In fact, two generations of Ropners created a landscape to match any by Monet or Sisley…There is also a pinetum planted by the hall’s 19th-century owner Lady Augusta Milbank and a 16th-century spring wood. The estate is a horticultural treasure trove, providing a haven for five “National Plant Collections” – comprehensive collections of species – and 67 trees designated as “champion” specimens by the Tree Register of the British Isles. One of the park’s great oaks is reputed to have been planted by Catherine Parr, Henry VIII’s last wife, while she was in residence in the nearby Snape Castle.

Ropner insisted that the arboretum’s charm lay in it being the private passion of gentlemen gardeners. “I think that one of the nicest things about Thorp Perrow arboretum is its slightly amateurish atmosphere,” he said in2014. “It was after all designed and cared for by a man with no previous arboricultural experience. And this I may say remains the case today.” Ropner’s final legacy was to replant the cherry tree avenue, of which he was very proud. “It is but a canvas so paint it well,” he said of the arboretum, “and don’t be afraid of making a mistake.”

John Bruce Woollacott Ropner was born on April 16 1937, the only son of Colonel Sir Leonard Ropner, MC, and his wife Esmé (née Robertson). The couple also had two daughters.

The Ropner fortune was made by Sir Robert Ropner, John’s great-grandfather, a German émigré who founded a successful merchant shipping business in Britain. Thorp Perrow was bought by his son, William Ropner, inthe 1920s who then turned over part of the grounds to his son Leonard to pursue his horticultural interests. The Ropner baronetcy of Thorp Perrow was created in 1951 for Sir Leonard, the Conservative MP for Barkston Ash.

Young John was educated at St Peter’s Court, Eton and St Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire, America, where he attended as part of a rowing scholarship.

After school Ropner did National Service with the 17th/21st Lancers which he enjoyed and made many life long friends during this time. Upon moving to Yorkshire he trained as an accountant with Peat Marwick, before joining Ropner Plc where he finished his career heading up the property division.

Although Ropner and his father were close, Sir Leonard kept the arboretum as his personal realm and by the time of his death in 1977 it had fallen into decline. “The place had become like a Bornean rainforest,” Sir John told The Telegraph’s Stephen Lacey.

Ropner recruited the renowned dendrologist Alan Mitchell, author of ‘A Field Guide to the Trees of Britain and Northern Europe’, to advise on the estate’s future. Mitchell declared that it was essential that the collection be saved, and Ropner was subsequently awarded a grant from the Ministry of the Environment on the condition that the gardens be opened to the public.

“Of course, it was going to soak up money like a sponge,” he observed. “Slowly, we knocked it into shape and added visitor facilities, and more and more of the public began to creep in.” Ropner happily admitted that he “knew nothing about trees” and seized on an offer of help from John Beach, a retired forestry officer. Assistance was later supplemented by a series of curators and volunteers. Ropner added at least 600 species to his father’s surviving 1,000 and opened tea rooms and a bird of prey and mammal centre. He also developed seasonal visitor attractions such as spring snowdrop trails and autumnal foraging for fungi. After retiring from the board of Ropner plc in the late 1990s he admitted that he had happily resigned himself to a life “spent sitting on mowers and tractors”.

In 2005 he devised a scheme in which tourists driving through Yorkshire during the summer months would be allowed free access (and a complimentary cup of tea) to the arboretum to de-stress. “Motorists who feel they are about to boil over on the A1 will be soothed in the depths of the forest,” Ropner said. “Contemplating different types of tree bark, bird song, wild flower or butterfly will undo all known forms of bad temper.”

Ropner – who was well known for his sense of fun and adventure – loved fireworks and regularly fired croquet balls from the cannons in front of the house. He was master of the Bedale hunt and was made High Sheriff of North Yorkshire in 1991. He was never happier than when surrounded by his family.

Ropner married Anne Delme-Radcliffe in 1961. The marriage was later dissolved. He married secondly, Auriol Mackeson-Sandbach in 1970.

Auriol is the daughter of Geraldine Mackeson-Sandbach, who was a friend of Gwynne and Dafydd. The Torygraph published an obituary for Geraldine in July 2001:

Henry Robertson Sandbach, who served as Mayor of Liverpool, was among those whose patronage of the arts and sciences raised the cultural profile of the city. His first wife, Margaret, was a granddaughter of William Roscoe, Whig MP for Liverpool. The Sandbach patronage of the sculptor John Gibson resulted in the notable collection of his works which once adorned Hafodunos.

Through his second marriage to Elizabeth Charlotte Williams, Sandbach came into the Bryngwyn estate with its handsome Palladian-style house designed by Robert Mylne in 1774, and the Old Hope plantation in Jamaica – which had been in the Williams family since the 17th century.

Geraldine Mackeson-Sandbach was born Geraldine Pamela Violet Sandbach on March 10 1909 in London, the only child of Major General A E Sandbach and his wife Ina, a daughter of the second Baron Penrhyn. Maj Gen Sandbach had been General Buller’s Intelligence Officer during the Boer War and was over 50 when his daughter was born.

Bryngwyn was the Sandbaches’ home from the time Geraldine was six, but she also travelled with her parents “following the drum”. She was educated by governesses and the Parents National Education Union and was fluent in French by the age of five – which proved useful when, after the First World War, the family lived briefly in tax exile in Brittany.

Dafydd has had ‘professional’ connections to Brittany for years.

Dafydd held ‘clinics’ in Brittany and many Welsh language specialists have colleagues in Brittany as a result of the minority language interests, the similarities between Welsh and Breton etc.

After moving back to Bryngwyn, Geraldine rode, shot and went to the Guides in Oswestry,

Think Tory MPs for Oswestry, Lord Harlech aka David Ormsby-Gore and John Biffen, with whom my father went to school and who’s family farmed some two miles down the road from my grandfather’s family home, where I lived throughout my teenaged years. See previous posts.

catching the train that halted two fields away from the house. As the train approached a certain corner, she used a pole to hoist the signal for it to stop. In winter, when the lake froze, the whole village would turn out to watch Geraldine’s aunt, Alice Douglas-Pennant, figure skating.

Geraldine’s father was the youngest of three sons. He nevertheless inherited all three properties when his eldest brother died childless in 1928, his middle brother having previously been killed while lion hunting in Africa in 1898.

Maj Gen Sandbach died six months later, however, leaving everything to Geraldine, then 19, with double death duties to pay.

In 1932, Geraldine Sandbach married Captain Graham Lawrie Mackeson of the Irish Guards, and in accordance with the will of her father’s elder brother took the name Mackeson-Sandbach. In the mid 1930s, the Mackeson-Sandbaches sold the house at Hafodunos, reluctantly deciding that its maintenance and that of the terraced gardens was beyond the depleted resources of the estate. Old Hope in Jamaica had meanwhile fallen into the hands of a dissolute and corrupt agent;

rather than providing an income, it too became a drain and it was sold in 1938.

During the Second World War, with Bryngwyn requisitioned by the Army, Geraldine Mackeson-Sandbach ran the farm at Hafodunos and immersed herself in local affairs, including the Denbighshire women’s land army. Her service to the British Red Cross Society spanned almost 70 years; during the war this included work in hospitals, training nurses and the running of blood transfusion units.

For both the Red Cross cadets and the Girl Guides, she provided a permanent campsite on her estate; she loved camping and often did so with the Girl Guides.

After the war, the Mackeson-Sandbaches divided their time between their two estates, farming, planting forestry and running a tree nursery. Bryngwyn was eventually restored in the 1980s by their second daughter Auriol, and after Lawrie Mackeson-Sandbach’s death in 1984, Geraldine had a flat in the house.

Geraldine Mackeson-Sandbach served as a magistrate on the Llanrwst bench from 1942 until 1979; as president of the juvenile bench she was understanding and even-handed.

She was president of the Denbighshire Royal College of Midwives from 1955 until 1975;

a member of the governing body of the Church in Wales from 1957 until 1967 and president for Wales of the Royal British Legion Women’s Section from 1983 until her death.

Standing just under 6 ft, Geraldine Mackeson-Sandbach was a formidable lady with a touch of granite in her character. Her sense of humour and conviviality enlivened the most austere gatherings.

Though a committed smoker – at the age of 11 she would hide her cigarettes under the lavatory seat – and fond of dry Martinis, she always seemed in robust good health and was often the last to leave a party.

See the source image

She is survived by a son and two daughters.

Geraldine Pamela Violet Sandbach was born on 10 March 1909 in London, the daughter of Maj.-Gen. Arthur Edmund Sandbach and Hon. Ina Douglas-Pennant.  The Pennants are the family who owned Penrhyn Castle near Bangor and Penrhyn Quarry at Bethesda; they made their money from the slave trade in the West Indies and in Bethesda. See post ‘Slaves, Perfect Slaves’ for an account of how those who worked for Lord Penrhyn were obliged to vote for him, although it wasn’t in their best interests in many ways. Geraldine married Captain Graham Lawrie Mackeson-Sandbach, son of Henry Mackeson and Ella Cecil Ripley, on 5 October 1932. She died in 2001.
Children of Geraldine Pamela Violet Sandbach and Captain Graham Lawrie Mackeson-Sandbach:
  • Ian Lawrie Mackeson-Sandbach+ b. 14 Jun 1933, d. 26 Sep 2012: Ian was the highest ranking Freemason in north Wales throughout the investigations into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, when so many Freemasons obstructed the investigations in every way possible.
  • Ian is the dad of Antoinette Sandbach, who worked as a Criminal Barrister in London, until I began publishing about her family’s mates in the mental health services, whereupon Antoinette decided that her future lay as a Tory politician in north Wales. She returned to the family estate, giving media interviews about experiencing such hiraeth that she took a job as a ‘low paid farm worker’ – Antoinette was a Single Parent as well – but in reality worked for the bent solicitor David Jones, the Tory MP for Clwyd WHAT (see ‘The Right Honourable David Jones MP’), one of her dad’s Masonic friends
  • and within 20 mins Antoinette found herself standing as a Tory for election to the Senedd, then an AM for north Wales! In spite of Antoinette’s Commitment To Farmers In North Wales she soon buggered off to the richer pickings of Cheshire and the Westminster seat of Eddisbury.

Antoinette Sandbach MP:

Lord William Gnome:

See the source image

See previous posts for info about the slave-trading Geraldine and her Charidee Work for Gwynne and Dafydd, Ian and his Masonic Friends who facilitated a paedophile ring and Antoinette’s numerous deceits and porkies.

Eddisbury is near Eaton Hall, the family seat of the Duke of Westminster, where Carlo’s pal Gerald the 6th Duke made his home as an adult. Gerald went to Harrow School, as did so many of Lord Gnome’s friends and relations… Gerald also held the highest rank possible in the TA, until him being named in a scandal involving very expensive sex workers in an elite US ‘agency’ caused him to resign. Gerald was back before long, in another very senior role in the TA. See previous posts.

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  • Geraldine’s daughter, Ian and Auriol’s sister Rosemary Daphne Mackeson-Sandbach b. 14 Jun 1933, d. 2018.
  • Auriol’s second husband was Lord Adrian Linlithgow, who has been married three times. He married, firstly, Anne Pamela Leveson, daughter of Arthur Edmund Leveson and Margaret Ruth Maude, on 9 January 1968. The couple had two children before divorcing in 1978.
    • Andrew Victor Arthur Charles Hope, Earl of Hopetoun (b. 22 May 1969); married Skye Laurette Bovill, daughter of Major Bristow Charles Bovill and Kerry Anne Reynolds, on 10 July 1993. The couple have four children.
    • Lord Alexander John Adrian Hope (b. 3 February 1971)

    Lord Adrian Linlithgow aka Lord Adrian Hope married, secondly, Peta Carol Binding, daughter of Charles Victor Ormond Binding, in 1980. They had two children. He and Peta Carol Binding were divorced in 1997.

    • Lady Louisa Civienne Hope (b. 16 April 1981)
    • Lord Robert Charles Robin Adrian Hope (b. 17 January 1984)

    Lord Adrian Hope married, thirdly, Auriol Veronica Mackeson-Sandbach. He and Auriol were divorced in 2007.

    Lord Adrian Hope will eventually be succeeded by his eldest son, Andrew, Earl of Hopetoun, married to Skye Bovill, now Countess of Hopetoun. He is a former Page of Honour to the Queen Mum. Lord and Lady Hopetoun take part in Brenda’s carriage procession at Royal Ascot.

  • Lord and Lady Hopetoun live in Hopetoun House and the 4th Marquess lives on the Estate.

Lord Adrian’s first wife Pamela Leveson was in the thick of Gwynne and Dafydd. Anne Pamela Leveson was born on 12 February 1946 at 3 Wilbraham Place, London, the daughter of Arthur Edmund Leveson and Margaret Ruth Maude. She married, firstly, Adrian John Charles Hope on 9 January 1968. Pamela and Adrian John Charles Hope, 4th Marquess of Linlithgow were divorced in 1978.

Pamela married, secondly, William Herbrand Sackville, 11th Earl De La Warr, son of William Herbrand Sackville, 10th Earl De La Warr and Anne Rachel Devas, on 10 August 1978 in London. See previous posts for details about the Earls De La Warr. I’ll just highlight a few things once more.

William Herbrand Sackville, 10th Earl De La Warr(16 October 1921 -9 February 1988) was educated and fought in World War II, attaining the rank of Captain in the Parachute Regiment of the British Army. On 18 May 1946, William Sackville married Anne Rachel Devas (grandniece of a former PM M, Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman).They had three children:

William Herbrand Sackville, 11th Earl De La Warr, born 10 April 1948, who Pamela married.

  • Hon. Thomas Geoffrey Sackville, born 26 October 1950 aka Tom Sackville. Tom Sackville served as the Tory MP for Bolton West, 1983-97.
  • See the source image
  • Tom Sackville was a junior Minister in the DoH, 1992-95,
  • then in the Home Office, 1995-97.
  • Tom Sackville:

Lord Gnome:

Tom Sackville and Luigi Corvaglia (cropped).jpg

Sir Peter Morrison was found dead in his Belgravia house on 13 July 1995, four days after Dafydd’s bent Civil Service mandarin pal Bing Spear, the Home Office Drugs Branch Chief Inspector, died:

  • See the source image
  • Sir William Mars-Jones, bent High Court Judge and Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate, member of Gray’s Inn, served as President of UCNW, 1982-94. Mars-Jones worked for the security services and I am told that his appointment as President of UCNW shortly after I arrived there, when Lord Kenyon stood down as President, was not a coincidence.
  • In 1985 Tom Sackville started All-Party Committee Against Cults and on 20 October 2000 he became first chairman of The Family Survival Trust (formerly Family Action Information Resource, FAIR), an anti-cult organisation.
  • In 1997 Tom ended Gov’t funding for the independent research group Information Network Focus on Religious Movements (Inform). Funds were reinstated in 2000. In his article for The Spectator (2004) Tom accused INFORM and its president Eileen Barker of “refusing to criticise the worst excesses of cult leaders”, and congratulated the Archbishop of Canterbury for declining to become a Patron of INFORM. The allegations were described by INFORM as unfounded.
  • In 2005 Tom was elected as Vice-President of European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Sectarianism (FECRIS), an umbrella organization for anti-cult groups in Europe, and from 2009 he has served as its President.
  • Might Tom have a problem with the Church of Scientology, who did battle with Dafydd and Gwynne back in the late 1960s? I’m not a member Tom, but their allegations that Gwynne and Dafydd were carrying out dangerous research on patients and encouraging ‘crimes against children’ were true.
  • Tom Sackville is the current CEO of the International Federation of Health Plans.In 1979, Tom married Catherine Thérèsa Windsor-Lewis, daughter of Brigadier James Charles Windsor-Lewis. They have two children, Arthur Michael Sackville (b. 1983) and Savannah Elizabeth Sackville (b. 1986), both adopted.
  • Tom was educated at Eton and Lincoln College, Oxford – Theresa May’s husband the banker Philip is an alumnus of Lincoln College – and began his professional career in merchant banking. Tom was Lord Commissioner of the Treasury, 30 Oct 1989-28 Nov 1990.
  • Tom’s sister is Lady Arabella Avice Diana Sackville, born 20 June 1958

In the autumn of 1987, Tom’s dad, William the 10th Earl, offered to sell Ashdown Forest, the real-life setting of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories, to the East Sussex County Council at a below-market price of £1.2 million for the 6,500 acre property. As young children, the future earl and Christopher Robin Milne had played together there. Milne himself joined conservationists to prevent the forest from being sold piecemeal to private owners, and to oppose an application by BP to drill for oil there. The sale to the county council was concluded after the earl’s death, making the forest public land.

Sir Peter Morrison, Minister of State in the Dept of Energy with responsibility for Oil, 11 June 1987-23 July 1990:

See the source image

On 9 February 1988, at age 66, Earl De La Warr died after falling under a train at the St. James’s Park station of the London Underground. An inquest ruled the death to be a suicide, with a jury finding that the earl had been “anxious and upset over hurricane damage to his estate.”

See the source image

Thus, Pamela’s husband, Tom’s brother, became the 11th Earl in Feb 1988. I was offered the interview for my job with Vincent Marks at Surrey University in Feb 1988. Vincent was the brother of Dr John Marks, BMA Chairman and Mr Big of Gwynne, Dafydd and every bit of wrongdoing on the part of the British Medical Establishment. John Marks was a barrister as well as a Top Doc.

See the source imageJohn Marks and and Ken Clarke loathed each other and did battle for years, but as they both were concealing the same serious organised crime,

St-George s-Hospital.jpg

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Image result for gerald cavendish grosvenor images

See the source imageit was a stalemate.

Tom’s dad went under a tube train, but who gives a stuff about that?

From 10 August 1978, Pamela’s married name became Sackville. After her marriage, Anne Pamela Leveson was styled as Countess De La Warr in 1988. The children of Anne Pamela Leveson and William Herbrand Sackville, 11th Earl De La Warr:

Children of Auriol Veronica Mackeson-Sandbach and Sir John Bruce Woollacott Ropner, 2nd Bt:


To return to Sir John Ropner’s obituary: That marriage [between Sir John Ropner and Auriol Mackeson-Sandbach] was also dissolved. He married thirdly, Nicola Agnew, in 1996. She survives him along with two daughters of his first marriage and a son and two daughters of his second marriage. A daughter of his first marriage predeceased him.

His son Henry succeeds in the baronetcy.

Thorp Perrow was recently named by the Royal Horticultural Society as the most important arboretum in the north of England. “Yorkshire is Yorkshire,” Ropner noted in later life. “We get quite cold winters. But it is a good soil and pretty well drained, and lots of wonderful things do grow very well.”

Sir John Ropner, born April 16 1937, died February 13 2016

Sir John’s son Sir Henry Ropner is an ex-boyfriend of Princess Kate Middleton, or one of the ‘Cambridges’ as William and Kate now call themselves. Henry was the subject of a Torygraph Dumpster-style report on 17 Jul 2011:

The 29-year-old son of the baronet Sir John Ropner has become engaged to Natasha Sinclair, 29, a businessman’s daughter who once posed as Venus in Country Life.

“I’m absolutely thrilled,” says Henry’s mother, Auriol, Marchioness of Linlithgow. “They’ve been together two and a half years – not long, but long enough to know that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.”

Henry, whose family own a £33.7 million shipping management firm, previously courted Jessica Craig, with whom William once reportedly carried out a pretend “engagement” on his gap year in Kenya. [Shurely ‘Uganda’? – Ed]

The wedding is unlikely to take place at the Ropners’ 1,000-acre estate in Yorkshire, but “wherever the bride wants it to be,” according to Henry’s mother.

The 3rd Lord Gnome, James William Piercy was born on 19 January 1946, the son of Nicholas Pelham Piercy, 2nd Baron Piercy and Oonagh Lavinia Baylay. The 3rd Lord Gnome was educated at Shrewsbury School and graduated from Edinburgh University in 1968. The 3rd Lord Gnome was appointed Associate Member, Institution of Electrical Engineers (A.M.I.E.E.) He succeeded as the 3rd Baron Piercy, of Burford, co. Oxford on 22 March 1981. James Piercy was appointed Fellow, Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (F.C.C.A.). He lived at 36 Richford Street, London, England.

As well as his siblings Lavinia, Charlotte and Mark, James has a sister, the Hon. Henrietta Jane Piercy, born on 17 February 1951. Henrietta was educated at Badminton School and graduated from St. Andrew’s University, Bluglass’s alma mater. From 1985, Henrietta’s married name became Tomba. She lived at 69 Russell Road, Woking, Surrey. F grew up in Woking; his brother – whom F did not get on with – lived in Woking, as did F’s former father-in-law, who conspired with Dafydd et al in 1986 to fit F up for serious offences, before the 1993 conspiracy starring Jackie Brandt.

Henrietta Jane Piercy married, in 1985, Tullio Luigi Giuseppe Tomba
One of William the 1st Lord Gnome’s daughters with Mary Louisa Pelham was the Hon. Priscilla Jane Piercy+ b. 7 Oct 1926. She married Reverend Thomas Fish Taylor, son of Alexander Rattray Taylor, on 18 November 1950. Priscilla and Reverend Thomas Fish Taylor were divorced in 1972. Priscilla was educated at Downe House School, Cold Ash, Thatcham and then the LSE. Priscilla graduated from the LSE during the 1950s, so was there in the midst of Richard Crossman’s crowd, many of whom became advisers to Harold Wilson’s Gov’t (see eg. ‘Houseparty’).
See the source image
See the source image
And so unto the next generation. Richard Titmuss and his wife, Incontinentia Buttocks, a social worker, had a daughter, Ann. Ann Rosamund Oakley (née Titmuss; born 17 January 1944), is a distinguished sociologist, feminist and writer. See the source imageShe is Professor and Founder-Director of the Social Science Research Unit at the UCL Institute of Education. Ann Oakley was born in London and educated at Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls and Somerville College, Oxford, taking her BA in 1965, having married fellow future academic Robin Oakley the previous year. In the next few years Ann Oakley wrote scripts for children’s television and wrote numerous short stories and had two novels rejected by publishers. Returning to formal education at Bedford College, University of London, Ann gained a PhD in 1969. Bedford College pioneered medical sociology and bred a whole generation of Pathetic Sharks who wrote what Dafydd and his mates told them to write. See eg. ‘Sex, Lies and Democracy…’
Bertrand’s son Conrad, the 5th Earl Russell, taught at Bedford College, as did Conrad’s friend Lady Antonia, wife of Swearing Harold and neighbour of Geoffrey Chamberlain’s mate, my supervisor at St George’s, Cathy Wilson.  See previous posts…
From 18 November 1950, Priscilla’s married name became Taylor.
The slummy bit of Lady Antonia’s and Cathy’s neck of the woods:
Children of Hon. Priscilla Jane Piercy and Reverend Thomas Fish Taylor

All I can find out about Priscilla’s children is that Francis went to Millfield School in Somerset – Duncan Orme!!; Francis is a Director of – company names – Helen Taylor is a teacher based in Plymouth who is Director of ‘Jeremiah’s Journey’ and ‘Students and Refugees Together’. In 1988 Bridget Taylor published ‘The Economic and Demographic  Context Of Enclosure: A Case Study From Oxfordshire, circa 1550 to 1850.

The 1st Lord Gnome’s other daughter, the Hon. Penelope Katherine Piercy, died on 27 December 1997 at age 81, unmarried. She was educated at St. Paul’s Girls’ School, London. Penelope was educated at Somerville College, Oxford University.
Penelope was Under-Secretary to the Minister of Technology and while in that post in 1968 bagged a CBE in Brenda’s Birthday Honours. Who was the Minister of Technology for whom Lord Gnome’s daughter was working when she was given a CBE? It was none other than that Principled Socialist, who, with his Socialist Feminist wife, spent a whole lifetime concealing the criminality of Dafydd and Gwynne, but who’d have done anything to Get Rid Of Thatch:


Lest readers believe that at least an attempt was ever made to stop the nightmare, I have found a document detailing the ‘MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE SOCIAL SERVICES COMMITTEE HELD AT THE GUILDHALL, WREXHAM ON TUESDAY, 22 JANUARY 2002’, ie. nearly a year after the publication of the Waterhouse Report, when we were reassured that It Could Never Happen Again, not that much had happened anyway of course, nearly all allegations being made by those who were Lying To Get Compensation.

I think that every name on the document is that of someone who was a key player before the Waterhouse Report and many of the names of the movers and shakers went back years, as did some of their families…

2002 was the year in which I was arrested and charged for Threatening To Kill Alun Davies. Davies phoned the police eight or nine times to explain that I was about to murder him while Davies was sitting in the office of Sister Hutt, the then Welsh Gov’t Minister for Health ad Social Services. 

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At the time, I was sectioned, in a locked ward in Hergest, having been violently assaulted and injured by four Angels and prevented from reporting the assault to the police. It was documented by Hergest staff that I had Attacked Them. Some eight NHS staff subsequently perjured themselves and the charges were withdrawn on the first day of the trial, which was presided over by Huw Daniel. There was no investigation into any of it and my complaints to the NHS were left unresolved.

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Councillor Mrs. S. Wilkinson, Chair

Councillor R. Alun Jenkins, Vice-Chair

Councillor A.C. Bailey Councillor M.C. King
R.J. Dutton, O.B.E. Aled R. Roberts
Ted George David Rogers
Lloyd Kenyon Malcolm Williams

[NB: Councillor M.C. King is Malcom King, the Labour Councillor who more than anyone was viewed as a Loose Cannon re the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, a man who Bravely Spoke Out. King did speak out rather more than anyone else, but Malcolm has however remained very, very quiet about a great deal and still remains quiet. Councillor Aled R. Roberts is Aled the Wrexham solicitor who became a Councillor and then the Lib Dem AM  for north Wales and in that capacity ran away screaming from at least one patient who had been grossly abused by the north Wales mental health services and who asked Aled to help. Aled is now the Welsh Language Commissioner. Lloyd Kenyon is the brother of Thomas and the son and heir of the 5th Baron Lloyd Kenyon;

presumably now the 6th Baron Lloyd Kenyon.]

* Absent

Also Present – Councillors Mrs. J.M. Lowe and J.A. Kelly

Items on the agenda included:


The Chief Social Services Officer submitted a report (CSSO/05/02) to seek Committee’s approval for the implementation of the completed plan for the resettlement of residents from Bryn y Neuadd Hospital, Llanfairfechan, and to update Members on the work undertaken to prepare for the resettlement in Wrexham.

Whilst Members welcomed the resettlement programme, they expressed concerns in respect of the issues of future financial implications for the Authority. They also commented upon the approach of the National Assembly for Wales for obtaining local sites and buildings for resettlement schemes. It was reported that funding was available for 2001/02 but would only be released on final agreement of the plan by the National Assembly for Wales. Image result for jane hutt imagesFurthermore, the North Wales Health Authority had given an assurance that funding would be dedicated to this strategy and made available for future years.

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[NB. Bryn-y-Neuadd is the medium secure psych unit which still houses people who were banged up when Gwynne was in action. Patients are sent to Bryn-y-Neuadd on the basis of decisions made by those we know and love, including the Hergest Top Docs who had lied and perjured themselves in 2002 to have me charged with Threatening To Kill. The North Wales Health Authority is choc a block with those we know and love and always has been, including Peter Higson

See the source image

and Enid Rowlands, who is married to Huw Vaughan Thomas, the CEO of Gwynedd County Council who succeeded Ioan Bowen Rees. Enid and Peter are  good friends. Peter worked at Denbigh until it closed, firstly as a psychologist and then as the manager, after which Peter became CEO of Health Inspectorate Wales. Peter worked with Gwynne in the Olden Days. Peter’s sister Ruth Hussey is a Top Doc who after senior jobs in public health in Liverpool and then a stint in Whitehall, became CMO for Wales. See previous posts eg. ‘Topsy and Tim’ for details.]


 (i) That the Committee’s concerns in respect of future financial implications for the Authority and housing support mechanisms for service users be conveyed to the North Wales Health Authority.

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(ii) That formal agreement be given to the implementation of the Bryn y Neuadd Resettlement Plan.

(iii) To support the Local Plans to enable service users to be successfully resettled to Wrexham.



The Director of Personal Services submitted a report (DPS/05/02) to inform the Committee of the conclusions and recommendations of the Independent Assessment of the North East Wales Registration and Inspection Unit for 2000/01.

Members commented upon the excellent service provided by the North East Wales Registration and Inspection Unit to date. In commenting upon the implications of the Care Standards Act to be implemented from 1 April 2002 and the inception of the Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales in 2002, the Committee emphasised the need for future Member involvement and a reporting mechanism.

[NB. The North East Wales Registration and Inspection Unit is the lame failing outfit that ensures abuse and neglect continues to prevail in the Care Homes of North East Wales. Those we know and love sit on the Unit, some of them doubling up as friends and relations or business partners of those who own the Care Homes or indeed Councillors. The Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales features in earlier posts on this blog. It’s them again! The same crowd who’ve log-jammed positions in Wales for decades. Most of them are the children of the people who were contemporaries of Gwynne…]


 (i) That the positive independent assessment of the North East Wales Registration and Inspection Unit 2000/01, be noted.

(ii) That the outcomes be approved and recommendations of the report be accepted.

(iii) That the Chair on behalf of the Committee write to the management and staff of the North East Wales Registration and Inspection Unit expressing grateful thanks for their work prior to the transfer to the Care Standards Inspectorate in April 2002.

(iv) That the Director of Personal Services submit an information report to a future Meeting on the role and membership of the Care Council for Wales.

[NB. The Care Council for Wales – it’s them again! See previous posts.]



 With reference to Minute 411, November 2001, the Director of Personal Services submitted a report (DPS/07/02) to inform Members of the progress of the development of the pilot project for Wrexham Sheltered Housing with Support.

Members welcomed the development of the first pilot scheme at Springfield, Rhosddu and noted that a second pilot scheme was currently at the planning stage.


 (i) That the implementation of the pilot Wrexham Sheltered Housing with Support at Springfield Sheltered Unit, as detailed in report DPS/07/02 be approved, subject to approval of the necessary resources within the Council’s Revenue Budget for 2003/04, and approval of the Housing Capital Programme.

(ii) That the Director of Personal Services submit a progress report in six months’ time.



The Chief Social Services Officer submitted a report (CSSO/10/02) to bring to Committee’s attention the North Wales Health Authority’s draft document entitled “Strategy for Child and Adolescent Mental Health”, and to approve the Council’s proposed response submitted at Appendix 1 to the report.

Members commented upon the four tier structure of mental health service provision to children and young people. Members expressed concerns in respect of the current inadequacy of funding and support for service provision in Wrexham and the need to create more equitable services across North Wales. Members made reference to the concerns of the Youth Justice Board regarding young offenders who required specialist mental health services and also to the need for preventative work.

[NB. The Youth Justice Board; you’ve guessed it, it’s them…]


(i) To approve the draft response submitted at Appendix 1 to report CSSO/10/02 to the North Wales Health Authority draft consultation document: “Strategy for Child and Adolescent Mental Health”, with the inclusion of Members’ comments in respect of the provision of inadequate financial resources for service provision in Wrexham and the need to create more equitable services across North Wales.

(ii) To write to local Members of Parliament and Assembly Members submitting representations in respect of inadequate funding by the North Wales Health Authority for mental health services for children and young people in Wrexham at the present time.


The Chief Social Services Officer submitted a report (CSSO/12/02) to advise the Committee of the current position on the future provision of a Children’s Rights Service, following the Children’s Society decision to withdraw services in Wales from July 2003.

[The Children’s Society was founded in the late 19th century and is allied to the C of E. In the 1960s, it was one of the biggest adoption agencies in the UK and the Children’s Society was big mate of Gwynne and Dafydd. The Children’s Society played a substantial role in the infrastructure of north Wales that culminated in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal.

The Children’s Society campaigns for changes to laws and policy that affect children. It’s work with young people on the streets culminated in a study in 1999, which called for a nationwide network of safe houses to be set up, and for statutory money to pay for them. This work also fed into a campaign to decriminalise prostitution for under-18s. The charity argued that child prostitution should be seen as a child protection issue, and that police and other agencies should protect children and young people from exploitation. In 1995, The Children’s Society published the first report to highlight child prostitution in this way and the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Association of Directors of Social Services responded by making a public commitment to review the way that they dealt with these children.

On 13 July 1995, Sir Peter Morrison was found dead. Freddie Crawford forced Brown out of his job in the same month, so that was two problems dealt with.

See the source image

 For the Social Services to admit that they will provide a Children’s Rights Service now that the Children’s Society had decided to withdraw services in Wales demonstrates that welfare staff in the region were not respecting children’s rights. Although matters were pretty grim when the Children’s Society were ‘providing services’ in Wales. I suspect that the Children’s Society got the hell out of Wales as a damage limitation exercise, it can’t have been because they were upset about what was going on, it was still their mates running everything.

Some 10 years ago, one senior manager of Wrexham Social Services stated that she wanted a Budget to pay for a Children’s Advocacy Officer. Yet part of a social worker’s job is to er advocate for their clients. They obviously weren’t, so as far as the Social Services were concerned, the solution was to buy in expertise. The expertise that would of course not be allowed to advocate for the children or indeed respect the children’s rights…]


(i) That the Chief Social Services Officer write to the Children’s Society deploring its intention to withdraw services in Wales.

(ii) To approve the principle of consultation on the options for longer-term provision of the service and that a report thereon be submitted in the May/June Committee cycle.

[NB. It was in May/June 2002 that the Gang came after me with a view to fitting me up re Serious Charges again…]

See the source image

(iii) To agree to continue funding the current Children’s Rights Service, in accordance with the existing Service Level Agreement with the Children’s Society until July 2002.




The Chief Social Services Officer submitted a report (CSSO/08/02) for the Committee to note the rota visits to Children’s Homes which had taken place during 2001 and to summarise the issues arising from the rota visitor reports and the responses from Managers.

RESOLVED – That the report and the requirement for monthly visits by Rota Visitors be noted.


With reference to Minute 183, July 2001, the Chief Social Services Officer submitted a report (CSSO/04/02) to provide an update on the progress made in the implementation of the reprovision of services within the Work Opportunities Service during the last six months.

RESOLVED – That the report be noted.


RESOLVED – That the press and public be excluded from the Meeting, during consideration of the following items of business, as it is likely that if they were present, there would be disclosure to them of exempt information, as defined in Paragraphs 1, 6, 7 and 9 of Part l, Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act, 1972 (as amended).


With reference to Minute 414, November 2001, the Chief Social Services Officer submitted a report (CSSO/01/02) to outline the outcome of the consultation process in respect of the option of contracting the residential child care service based at Cherry Hill to an external organisation.

[NB. Cherry Hill children’s home features in previous posts and in the Waterhouse Report. Children at Cherry Hill were abused by staff who had abused kids in their previous positions. Cherry Hill was staffed by old timers who had circulated around the region for years. They stayed working at Cherry Hill after the Waterhouse Report and Ronnie even noted in his Report that those who Didn’t Know that kids were being abused were now running Cherry Hill…]

Members’ comments were noted in respect of the current residential child care service provided at Cherry Hill and the time limitations for implementation of the Authority’s decisions.


 (i) That the process and outcome of the consultation that had taken place with young people, staff and trade unions, be noted.

(ii) That the service be contracted out to an external organisation, subject to the requirements of the Council’s financial regulations.

(iii) To agree to extend the existing contract to the Boys’ and Girls’ Welfare Society due to terminate on 31 March 2002, as an interim temporary measure, for up to a maximum period of three months.

(Councillor R.J. Dutton, OBE declared a personal interest in this matter, pursuant to the Council’s Code of Conduct for Members, as a retired Member of Unison, and took part in the discussion thereon, but did not vote).

UNISON was formed from a merger between NALGO, NUPE and COHSE and all three of those unions represented many who worked at Denbigh and those who starred in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Some of those caught abusing kids were shop stewards for NUPE and NALGO and David Williams, Gwynne’s Assistant Lobotomist in the 1950s, was by the 1980s, Gen Sec of COHSE. See previous posts.

UNISON’s General Secretary in 2002 was Dave Prentis. Dave joined NALGO in 1975 and became Deputy General Secretary in 1990, the year of my multiple High Court appearances. Prentis was UNISON’s Deputy General Secretary since its formation in July 1993, when it was formed from NALGO, NUPE and COHSE. Prentis is still, at present, General Secretary of UNISON. See previous posts.

Dave Prentis
Dave Prentis.JPG

Prentis speaking at the Labour Party Conference in 2002
3rd General Secretary of UNISON
Assumed office
Preceded by Rodney Bickerstaffe
Personal details
David Prentis

May 1948 (age 71)
Leeds, England

Alma mater

Note Leeds, the LSE and Warwick University on Dave’s CV…

Thatch was truly grateful for all your hard work Dave!

See the source image

Anyone for lunch at the Clarence?

See the source image

Don’t worry, another Peter is here to fight for the Oppressed; well for some of them anyway…

Dragged away by the coppers Lord Hain, that brings back memories of my days as an Empowered Service User! Lord Hain was the Secretary of State for Wales who failed to reply to my letter about serious crime in the north Wales NHS… Lord Hain, did a policeman ever knee you in the knackers? That’s what Brown experienced on one demo…


With reference to Minute 416, November 2001, the Chief Social Services Officer submitted a report (CSSO/06/02) to provide Members with a progress report on the Wrenewal Furniture Charity compliance with the Service Level Agreement and to present information collected as part of a comparative exercise between Wrenewal and four other furniture recycling projects.

RESOLVED – That consideration of this matter be deferred, pending the provision of a further report in respect of Wrenewal’s compliance with the Council’s Service Level Agreement, written evidence of Wrenewal’s Insurance Cover and any other appropriate information to a Meeting of this Committee to be held on Tuesday, 5 February 2002 following the Meeting of the Executive Board.


With reference to Minute 773, January 2001, the Chief Social Services Officer submitted a report (CSSO/02/02) to advise the Committee of activity since the previous report in relation to GATE and the provision of short term breaks for people with disabilities.

In commenting upon the report, Members emphasised the need for the involvement of service users in the process of providing a short term break service.

RESOLVED – That the report be noted and that the Chief Social Services Officer be authorised to proceed in contracting for the provision of short term break services for people with disabilities.

Councillor Mrs. S. Wilkinson, Chair.


NB. Wrenewal and GATE are/were two of the hordes of charidees in Wrexham funded virtually entirely by public money who provide ‘services’ to the dispossessed, most of whom have had their lives destroyed by the statutory services that are run by the Big Boys/Girls of Welfare Provision who also sit as Directors of the charidees. All roads lead to Dafydd and Lucille.

Wrexham is now on its knees, it is wrecked, it has the biggest homelessness problem in Wales, one of the biggest drug problems and those we know and love begged for a Titan Prison to be located in Wrexham because the deluded old idiots believed that it would Regenerate The Town. HMP Berwyn has only been open for 10 minutes and it is already one of the most troubled prisons in the UK. There has been a rooftop protest, a hostage-taking, the place is full of drugs and the regional NHS has claimed that it is Facing Challenges Providing Healthcare for the prisoners, most of whom are the er dispossessed who’s lives were ruined by those we know and love…

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

Why did anyone ever think that the outcome would be any different?

Right wing commentators annoy lefties by their fury at the Third Sector Saga in Wrexham, but they are spot on, it is the biggest scam imaginable, although it is certainly not benefiting the Scroungers. Dafydd, Lucille, Higson et al have become very rich on the back of it all. It is entirely the legacy of Gwynne and Dafydd, who back in the 1950s were assisted by Home Secretary David Maxwell-Fyfe aka Lord Kilmuir in ensuring that north east Wales became entirely dominated by a huge trafficking ring, specialising in rent boys. The security services shored the arrangement up and it was Churchill who gave Maxwell-Fyfe all the powers needed to make Gwynne and Dafydd untouchable. I have no idea why Churchill in particular wanted to unleash this horror on north Wales…

Although now that I have provided mountains of evidence re the depths of the crime to which so many people plummeted, can I have MONEY PLEASE? It’s not as if I was ever Lying To Get Compensation was it and I think that to be delivered into the hands of a bunch of sex offending gangsters, forced to stay there and then be subjected to state-sanctioned murder attempts while being offered Therapy by the gangsters is worthy of financial security for the rest of my life. After all, the British state certainly has saved on the Compensation payments of the many other witnesses who were found dead.

Money please. Don’t worry about telling me that Trafficking Is Abhorrent, everyone involved in that massive trafficking ring has always been Shocked and Disgusted and Cared like no-one else did. You can spare me the emotional police officer making the speech on camera about how The Depths Of The Depravity Were Unimaginable as well, I know that, I met Gwynne and Dafydd. The money will do me nicely.

See the source image

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

35 thoughts on “Lord Gnome, My Distant Relative By Marriage”

  1. Dear Readers,
    I was just finishing off this post when some 20 000 words disappeared, so I’ve put the rest up right now and I’m going to reblog what has vanished into thin air. Someone doesn’t want you to know about my distant relative Lord Gnome’s role in the Peckham Experiment and the very dodgy links that the Top Docs who ran the Peckham Experiment had with eugenics, the British Union of Facists etc. Or the involvement of the former VC of Nottingham University with a price fixing scandal with Hoffman La Roche, a suspicious death and a whistleblower who was mates with John Prescott going to prison for trying to have his wife killed…

    I’ll try and get it all back up over the next 24 hours, I know where to look for the info but the whole draft has vanished, so please bear with me while I reblog…

  2. I’ll be working on the above post for a few more days yet; one blessing of so much disappearing is that I’ve noticed a few far more important things that I’d missed previously…

    As the GMC or indeed no-one else have responded to my requests for an explanation, I’ll just let them know that info is now coming in about another matter of which I have long been aware but because I’m not a celeb who goes on TV programmes crying when I find that my great-gran was a Servant who was With Child by a Cad and took to the streets, I haven’t mentioned it.

    Robert from Australia! Robert was my grandpa’s half-brother, the one who grandpa didn’t know existed until I was about 10 and a letter arrived. My grandfather was the son of a wealthy but rather disreputable family and when grandpa was four, his dad ran away with the nanny and then grandpa’s mum left as well deciding that she had better things to do than look after the kids. My grandfather was raised by his older sister – she was 12 when grandpa’s dad and mum abandoned them.

    My grandfather and his sister lived in dire poverty in the East End although the family had been rather grand Scots. It was Brown who observed that grandpa’s sister had probably resorted to sex work to live, there probably won’t have been any other option. Another friend also commented that no matter how heroic the 12 yr old girl was – grandpa remained very loyal to her until she died – the parenting will have been a bit dodgy, she was 12… ‘Shut up and do what I say or I’ll hit you’.

    It was this very difficult beginning that made my grandfather idealistic to the point of rigidity about The Evils Of Divorce, the Importance of Hard Work etc. It also meant that when he made money himself, he wanted granny to have an easy life, so he hired people to do everything – to look after the kids, clean, cook, do the garden etc. So granny knew bugger all about managing the finances etc when grandpa had his stroke and accountants on the payroll of Edward du Cann fiddled like there was no tomorrow and all the dosh disappeared.

    Anyway, when I was 10, Robert from Australia made contact and then came over to Somerset. He was the son of grandpa’s dad who, after dumping his kids, had gone to Australia and had a new family. I never heard what happened to grandpa’s mother, no-one ever made contact. Robert from Australia became quite friendly with grandpa and he came over quite a bit until grandpa died. Robert lived a rather interesting existence, he had a building company but more intriguing was that he was a Seventh Day Adventist who knew the people who had been at the centre of the Dingo Baby Case in Australia and he gave grandpa a lot of info about what he maintained was the framing of the mother of the baby involved.

    Robert was another relative who began making frequent contact with the Bridgy contingent once I’d gone to UCNW and when I was working at St George’s Robert was in contact all the time. It was weird because after grandpa died, things had gone quiet. The one thing that there was much discussion about was Robert’s claim that there was a Trust fund for grandpa left by his father who’d run away with the nanny, a substantial Trust fund and no-one knew where it had gone. Robert claimed that there was an estate in Hampshire, a whole village, that grandpa’s father had owned and it had been left to grandpa and the sister who’d slummed it when they were kids. Robert tried tracing the trail of the missing money but he couldn’t understand a few things that seemed to have gone on…

    There was of course someone who was very interested in the Missing Millions, but it wasn’t father…

    Robert died a few years ago. I never took much notice of the tales of the Missing Millions and my family’s Glorious Past, all I knew was that after grandpa died my life became quite difficult. I knew that father had been shafted by Harold Macmillan’s son the year that I was born, but I had no idea until I began this blog that Gwynne and Dafydd and their mates were involved…

    I am rather more interested in the fact that someone knew about all of this as they bugged and recorded us. But the one thing that no-one did was help Brown and me, F and so many others. Or indeed my father, who spent his last years in agony, being tortured by the Top Docs, while he was intimidated because his house was used as a crash-pad by David Cameron’s twattish contemporaries at Oxford, mates of Tommy Leigh-Pemberton and a whole host of other tossers.

    As for the ‘Ooh, those teachers in Somerset hated you because of your family being Tories’, well I knew at the time that lies were told about grandpa and father but I don’t remember anyone helping me… So now it’s been revealed that those nasty petty bourgeois teachers at Chilton School and Bridgwater College were running a branch of Dafydd’s gang and Everyone Finds Organised Abuse Abhorrent, we can be told the truth about father and grandpa being smeared? It’s a bit late isn’t it, they’re dead.

    The reason that Brown and I took no interest in the money grubbing and the Missing Millions was that we expected to work for a living and achieve financial stability ourselves. That was before we were cheated, robbed and fleeced by the Top Docs and those who Help. When I got that job at Surrey University, my father observed ‘Sally’s the only one of my kids who’s got a proper job, the only one’. He then wondered what the fuck had happened when the other two found themselves in possession of huge amounts of money and I ended up nearly destitute.

    Father’s dead so I can’t tell him that we were hit by the same bunch of Tory gangsters that clobbed grandpa, him and Uncle John. Tory gangsters who WANTED THATCHER IN AND WANTED HER KEPT THERE.

    Now, as so many people sending me info seem to know that something terrible was arranged during the lunch with Thatcher at the Clarence in 1974, instead of screaming at me to grass up allsorts of Little People who were paid off to keep quiet about it, perhaps they can tell me why Stephen Bagnall and others were MURDERED by the people into who’s arms Gwynne tried to force me in 1984…

    It’s the Westminster Paedophile/Trafficking Ring that doesn’t exist. I’m truly impressed that Lord Denning and Thatch thought that I’d be delighted to join in but they did get cross when I refused…

    My grandpa and father told me when I was young to go to university, they didn’t tell me to shag the Duke of Westminster or David Cameron’s father’s friends.

    Gangsters. Dafydd, Gwynne, Wood, David Hunt, Edward du Cann, Ken Clarke, a bunch of gangsters. And Thatch used the whole bloody lot of them to become PM and stay there. Then her partners in crime ousted her and it was Major. Then Miranda. Then Gordon. Then Cameron. Then Theresa… They ALL played the same game, all of them. The Top fucking Doctors told them to jump and whoever jumped highest bagged the job. Its why that big idiot Ed never stopped banging on about Uncle fucking Harry. They are a disgrace Ed and you know it. While you banged on about Uncle fucking Harry and how you went to Haverstock Comp with Baroness Oona, kids in Somerset, north Wales and the rest of the country put up with the sort of substandard crap that I and my friends did. When Brown and I – and others – got to university and did well, we still had to be pushed aside to make room for you lot. Oh just fuck off Ed et al, you have nothing original to say or offer, just look at the mess.

    Now don’t tell me Police that you want the members of my family who colluded with those bastards in jail. You knew what was going on from the late 1980s onward. You could have supported Brown, me and others like father. You didn’t. I made SEVEN appearances in the High Court during 1990/01 alone because I wrote to so many people about that Gang. Father was distraught that I was having High Court injunctions served on me. I could hardly say ‘Father, there’s some really evil Top Docs and social workers after me, they’ve killed people’ could I.

    Now, I’m waiting to hear from the GMC and I also await a public statement that a criminal investigation is to be opened into the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Stephen’s body is there, along with others.

    I’ll ring the gas board and see if they can help.

  3. ‘Ah, we want to clear your name.’

    Er, aren’t you exactly the same people who worked so hard to blacken my name in the first place? Oh, forgot!! The Top Docs are killing your families now, after all that you’ve done for them! Ah, Ieuan’s wife went too young, bechod, she was an Angel who worked with Welsh Wimmin’s Aid…’

    As ye sow, so shall ye reap Ieuan. It’s what happens who you make friends with gangsters because you want to be the MP for Anglesey, while I’m unlawfully arrested and sitting in Bangor police station with Dafydd ordering people to make false allegations about me in the hope that I’ll be found dead in Risley within a few days. Those who made allegations were your wife’s friends you worthless bastard Ieuan.

    She threatened an Angel!! The Angels are terrified! Oh, they’ll be the Angels who killed Stephen Bagnall. Never mind, Ieuan’s in!

    They tried to murder Brown’s brother because he called Gwynne a hypocritic oaf. He was a sixth former who made a joke and they tried to kill him.

    Ah, Taid did so much for the NHS but ah they weren’t there when he needed them, ooh and my sister is a Nurse [Get’s onion out of pocket and cries]

    Oh fuck off you worthless idiots, did any of you ever show one drop of concern for anyone else? You even conspired to give Merfyn a kicking after the Docs had finished his wife off.

  4. I think I’ve just realised what’s happened.

    Out of all the kids in care/Empowered Service Users who’s mums and dads were plebs, Gwynne tried his luck with one who’s grandpa and father had been finished off by his business partners in the 1960s who were also in with Mr Thrope et al. Not that I knew the whole story but the Top Docs have certainly shot themselves in the foot here haven’t they.

    So that’s how it worked: Touch us and we’ll bankrupt you, bankrupt both your sons, steal the Trust Fund that they were due to inherit, send a paedophile after your granddaughter and when that fails, we’ll try and force her into prostitution and grumble vids.

    So what do you do when she and her mates won’t fall for it then Top Docs and all they do is defend the plebs who are in the bin with them who are also being shafted? Oh you try and murder her.

    Now, you lot fess up. Not because of me, but because of the HUNDREDS of complaints that were made about those poor kids in north Wales and the Service Users, hundreds and hundreds of complaints of kids being assaulted, raped, cheated out of their money, forced to have sex with vile people, you fess up now Meri Huws, Dafydd Iwan, Betty Williams and the rest of you. You do not do this to people, it stops here, if you lot had not been so used to doing whatever you wanted, you’d have known better than to try this with me and Brown.

    Get them under arrest NOW someone, never mind an insane old woman in Somerset who had lunch with Thatch, get these people trafficking bastards who lied, perjured, forged documentation and hounded sane intelligent people out of their jobs because those people could see right through them.

    Get those fucking Top Doctors under arrest and now and tell the HUNDREDS of people who complained that this time the complaints will be investigated because a blog has named the people involved. And I’ve got a few more to name as well.

    You do not ever do this to people again Wood, you low ability mediocre pomposity and as for those disgusting Little Women who littered north Wales offering Hand Massages to patients who had been illegally imprisoned and assaulted while maxing out on their status as Angels, take a hint Penny Phillips, you are finished…

    1. Can I ask readers to keep an eye on the developing post above? I’m having terrible trouble trying to add to it, I am getting text up but it disappears without notice!

      Lord Piercy’s kids and grandkids are all over the place; his daughter was a mandarin who worked for Tony Benn in the late 1960s when Richard Crossman was helping Gwynne and Dafydd as much as he could. I had no idea; I was told weeks ago that Benn knew about me and was personally involved in the events, but I thought no, surely not, it must have just been Wedgie Benn doing the usual spineless MP bit when he wrote me a one-line reply to my letter informing him of criminality in the north Wales NHS.

      They really are a bunch of tossers aren’t they. So the person who had lunch at the Clarence with Thatch who, like the rest of the Tory Party in Somerset, thought that Benn was some sort of KGB agent, was busy toadying to the posh relatives, one of who worked for him! Meanwhile Benn who’s Fought Injustice grovelled to them all at Tommy’s, knowing that their mates were wrecking my career. And running a paedophile ring of course.

      The Bridgwater Tories hated Peter Hain as well. Well they’d better rethink that one, Peter could have joined in with grandpa and given Tiny Rowland, du Cann and Lonrho a kick- pretty dreadful business practices in South Africa there Lord Hain! – but ooh Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate David Ennals was big in the AAM, as was Ennals’s brother…

      Lord Hain, friend of Tom King and Thatch! The Orange Lord won’t be mentioning a thing that could have thrown the Tory applecart into the air…. Pity about the rape victims in the Denbigh dungeon wasn’t it Lord Hain.

  5. I see that there’s a Crisis in the Royal Family! William is worried for Harry’s mental health, the strain of providing interviews for toadying journos and tweeting about how bad times can be overcome by Men Sharing, has taken its toll on Harry and Meghan and they’re going to Take A Rest. Thank God for that, a lot of people will be very glad to see the back of Harry and his vacuous Campaigning.

    Oh well William, you know what to do if Harry gets clobbered badly; you tell him that Help Is Out There Bruv, you just need to Share and Not Bottle It Up. If that doesn’t work and neither does the Mindfulness or the Men’s Sheds or any of the other hopeless, patronising advice that Harry himself has been proffering to the afflicted recently, you can always put him in the sporty car and drive him up to Ysbyty Gwynedd for an Assessment at the hands of the Great Guys to whom you gave so much helpful PR when you worked with their mates at RAF Valley, as they slaughtered the local Empowered Service Users. Harry will I am sure be treated rather differently by Vanessa Poeppinghaus and Pauline Cutting, he won’t be threatened by Angels, told to ‘Go on and do it then’ if he’s suicidal or arrested. They’ll all want yet another TV documentary about the Great Guys at Ysbyty Gwynedd…

  6. Thanks to everyone for the info that continues to arrive…
    People are reminding me that although I raised concerns constantly about Gwynne and Dafydd, my early posts on this blog demonstrate that I didn’t realise that EVERYONE was culpable… No, there were people such as Alwyn Jones, the solicitor in Bangor, whom I had no idea were as bent as fuck and ringing up Michael Mansfield to send up the distress flares…

    I will repeat my much-made point! If NO-ONE tells people who is doing what, if documentation is unlawfully withheld from them, how can they ever know??? Those we know and love based their entire construction of me as Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know on their running theme of ‘She is Paranoid, Hostile, Suspicious and Trusts No-One’. That was obviously not true was it? Furthermore they knew it wasn’t true, because after I challenged Gwynne and Dafydd, others pretended to be Nice and even boasted about me Liking and Trusting them, so they could then conspire, lie, trap me etc…

    I try NEVER to prejudge people. It was done to me from my childhood, it was done to Brown, it was done to other friends of mine and I will not do it to other people. I know exactly what was said about us when we were young: ‘The bloody children of some of Somerset’s leading Tories playing at being lefties…’ Well we weren’t. We had seen what some of that lot did to people and we did not like it and it was those around Thatcher doing it as well. It was horrific, we couldn’t actually tell people some of what was happening, it was awful. I had no idea that Tom King et al saw us as such a threat that we had the security services after us, trying to smear the WRONG Tories! I don’t remember anyone at all warning us…

    As for north Wales, I still maintain that some people were far worse than others and some were simply terrified. Yes, nearly everyone in the region were of the Gang, but they were all at each other’s throats and no-one liked Gwynne and Dafydd, no-one. They did their bidding because they were unscrupulous, weak, or simply terrified.

    So where were those on the left? You didn’t want to know us did you? I was the first to be treated like crap because I was in north Wales, but the Stirling lot kicked my friends in the chops because Lord Jack wanted to become FM one day and Uncle Harry’s mates did all they could to shaft Brown because he was cleverer than them and genuine…

    I have read that a whole load of celebs and politicians have begun hacking cases against the tabloids. I’ve been told that this blog might have something to do with it. I wish them the best, the tabloids behaved atrociously, I’d like someone to bankrupt the Digger and put him out of business. I note with some irony that a few names are among the people bringing cases who weren’t particularly supportive to victims of the Gang. Were you Sir Simon Hughes?

    Peter Tatchell has forgiven Simon Hughes for his dreadful hypocrisy but I won’t. Simon knew about Gwynne and Dafydd and the Denbigh Dungeon and all those kids from his constituency being sent up to north Wales didn’t you Simon?

    Now, who’s going to join me in demanding that Denbigh is ripped apart and the bodies recovered? Or will it be the same old story? ‘Ah Taid did so much for the NHS but they weren’t there for him…’ [Gets out onion and cries.]

    People were murdered Simon. Where were you?

    I’ll wait for Lord Jack to be told that he has Prostrate Cancer. You’ll never know if it’s true or not will you Jack?

    You’re a load of invertebrates, but the biggest problem is the Top Docs.

    GMC, I am waiting for you to contact me. We have a lot to talk about.

  7. So why didn’t anyone warn us? Come on, there seems to have been 100s of people who knew about the ring in north Wales. I’m receiving names, transcripts of conversations etc. This began in 1983. It’s now 2019 and I have been called Insane and Criminal ever since, as has anyone who dared stand by me.

    And the dissenting police can stop saying that it was ‘only me’ who stood up to the Gang. It wasn’t! The others were killed. They were MURDERED and it seems that a lot of people know that. Stephen Bagnall tried to stand up to them, loads of people did, they were all those Violent Criminal Drug Addicts who no-one gave a stuff about when they were found dead. F stood up to them so they poisoned him with Medication and told him not to listen to me when I told him WHAT the ‘medication’ was doing to him…


    Now fucking well ARREST THOSE RESPONSIBLE, not for crimes against me because I can’t stomach the hypocrisy, arrest them on behalf of the other survivors who do want to see them banged up. Go on, fucking well do your job police and MI5, don’t just tell me that oooh what happened was disgusting. It was your fucking fault you useless bastards.

  8. Dear Readers,
    I’m very sorry, but I spent hours last night and early this morning adding to this post. It’s all disappeared. I’ll have to have a rethink.
    I’ve tried putting the info up in a series of comments, but it disappeared as well as soon as I wrote them.
    I just can’t be bothered to spend another day blogging about criminal Docs backed up by the security services only to have the text disappear…
    I might just go down to the GMC and demand an explanation if I’m out of action on the blog and I have spare time…

  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-50165998
    Mafia – that’ll be serious organised crime then.
    St. Williams College, Bridlington, Scarborough, Castle Howard etc etc.
    Any one fancy a review of historical child sexual abuse ?asked Dr Haynes of the East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group. No chance.
    What about serious organised crime in the NHS Mike?
    Delay and threat but no whistleblower process for you.
    Come on, make it easy on yourselves. Fess up error of judgement, leave and send the cheque.

  10. Seeing that I just can’t blog what I want to and tidy up the above post Richard, I’ve been reading my 10,000 documents and noting a few dates!

    This info is all in earlier posts, but in some posts I didn’t emphasise dates, I just discussed generalities eg. ‘in August 1987’ or whatever.

    OK then, all those on the left who would have done anything to get rid of the Tories because ooh they were damaging the NHS:

    On 10 Sept 1990, David Hinchliffe, Assistant General Manager of the North Wales Hospital, sent a memo to Dilwyn Griffiths, General Adminstrator of the NW Hospital, telling Dilwyn that on 17 Aug 1990, I had rung Kay Hemsley at the NW Hospital ‘making allegations of a sexual nature’ against Dafydd. Kay was the Mental Health Act Officer for Denbigh. My comments weren’t investigated then, although they were remembered and noted…

    My documents contain a transcript of my comments to Kay; I told her that I presumed that Dafydd would continue to have sex with patients… So my call wasn’t flagged up on paper for some three weeks then…

    My documents also have a copy of Kay’s memo on the day that I made the call; it was on 10 Aug 1990, not 17 Aug 1990.

    So on 12 Sept 1990, David decided that Dilwyn needed to know about my call to Kay a month previously and an innacurate date re the call was given.

    Readers might remember that the Tories were getting a bit fed up of Thatch in Sept 1990…

    But it gets yet more confusing. I have a document showing that Kay only made a formal statement about my call on 11 Oct 1990 and sent it to Dilwyn on 12 Oct 1990, in response to a direct request from Dilwyn asking her to do this in a memo from him dated 8 Oct 1990.

    On 28 Sept 1990, Andrew Park wrote to ‘the General Manager of Clwyd Health Authority’ thanking him for his letter of 18 Sept 1990 and told him that Andrew was ‘sorry to hear that [I] continues to make a nuisance of herself’. Andrew asks for a signed, dated note of the conversation from Kay and an indication of how she knew that the call was from me…

    I have a copy of the letter of 18 Sept 1990 to Park. It begins ‘For The Attention of Mr A J Park’, is unsigned, just a typed ‘for General Manager’ at the end of the letter. In the top right hand corner of the page is ‘Mr D. Griffiths 2015’ (extension number I think). The address to which the letter was sent: Solicitor to Welsh Health Authorities, Crown Buildings, Cathays Park, Cardiff. Again, the only phrase used was that I ‘was making allegations of a sexual nature against Dr DA Jones’.

    I was working at St George’s at the time in Geoffrey Chamberlain’s team. Chamberlain grew up in south Wales and the Dean of St George’s was Sir William Asscher, who, until 1988, had worked at Cardiff University. Asscher knew Tony Francis and Dafydd personally. Asscher kept a country home in the Vale of Glamorgan. St George’s were part of the ring but they really hated Thatch. Chamberlain was Labour and the BMA were desperate to depose Thatch. Tony Francis knew the Windbag. Information was being leaked to people in Bangor University as well; William Mars-Jones was the President and he was a friend of Dafydd and Gwynne and Ronnie Waterhouse. Eric Sunderland was Principal. Carlo was Chancellor. Peter Morrison was Thatch’s PPS and his sister was a Lady in Waiting to Brenda. Mars_jones’s sister in law Dilys was being CC’d into correspondence about me from Clwyd Health Authority.

    On 1 Nov 1990 Geoffrey Howe resigned as Deputy PM. Howe was a lifelong friend of Waterhouse. Howe’s wife is a relative of Camilla. Howe made his resignation speech on 13 Nov 1990, which was seen as being the killer blow to Thatch.

    On 14 Nov 1990, Heseltine made his leadership challenge to Thatch. Peter Morrison was appointed Thatch’s campaign manager.

    Thatch left Downng Street in tears on 28 Nov 1990. When her resignation was announced, there were loud cheers in the labs at St George’s, including from Tory Girl Mandy Leigh.

    It was me wot got rid of her Mandy, so you just leave a ‘thank you’ on this blog. My calls about Dafydd shagging patients were ignored until a Cunning Plan had been hatched by all of those who wanted Thatch out but had to protect Carlo, Morrison and of course Dafydd, Tony Francis and all in the ring….

    William Mars-Jones worked for the security services. He had stood as the Labour candidate forDenbigh in 1945.

    They got rid of Thatch but got Major instead of Heseltine… Who wasn’t flash like Heseltine, but Major had grown up in inner London on the site of Gwynne and Dafydd’s partner ring and had been a Lambeth Councillor. He’d also worked in the Treasury with Peter Morrison.

    In Dec 1990 I was arrested after the Drs Francis perjured themselves, the idea being to have me imprisoned. I was kept in a cell in Streatham Police Station without charge for three days before being driven back to Bangor Police Station, charged and appearing in Court.

    Throughout 1990 I had appeared in the High Court some five times. There had also been an application made to have me detained at Brenda’s pleasure, so Dangerous was I.

    By Feb 1991, I and two of my friends who stood by me had been forced out of our jobs. In Feb there was yet another attempt by the Drs Francis to have me jailed, after more perjury. Peter Morrison bagged his K in the same month.

    In April 1991, it was the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand for me, more perjury, another request to jail me. St Helena was in a neighbouring Court Fighting For Wimmin. But not me, obviously.

  11. In 1990, Peter Walker was Welsh Secretary and David Hunt was his Minister.
    Lord Hunt is a lawyer who is the head honcho of DAC Beachcroft an ‘international law firm’. DAC Beachcroft handles work for the MDU. The MDU represented the Drs Francis and Dafydd throughout 1990, as well as at other times.

    Lord Hunt, can you explain the documentation in my possession, with the address of the Welsh Office written on it, signed by Andrew Park, a lawyer employed by the Welsh Office? Did you help bring down Thatch Lord Hunt? If so, who put you up to it and what was your reward?

    In 1990, Lord Hunt, as a Welsh Office Minister, led a jamboree on College Green outside Parliament that constituted a PR boost for the charidee Kidney Wales. A charidee set up by William Asscher…

  12. Here’s a few more bits and pieces from my 10,000 documents that are worth flagging up:

    I first saw Tony Francis in July 1984. He abrubtly discharged me – and another UCNW student who had complained about Gwynne – in May 1985 with no follow-up. Nicholas Eden was dying from AIDS at the time and had resigned from Thatch’s Gov’t on 27 March 1985. He died in Aug 1985.

    It was on Sept 17 1986 that I was unlawfully detained by Jackie Brandt and Dr Perera who’s English was so poor that he could not communicate with me. I was detained after I had arrived at Ysbyty Gwynedd to ask for a reply to my complaint and my medical records. On 18 Sept 1986, Dafydd arrived – I’d never met him before – tried to Talk Sex and then threatened me when I challenged him…

    It was on Sept 17 1986 that I was unlawfully detained by Jackie Brandt and Dr Perera who’s English was so poor that he could not communicate with me. I was detained after I had arrived at Ysbyty Gwynedd to ask for a reply to my complaint and my medical records. On 18 Sept 1986, Dafydd arrived – I’d never met him before – tried to Talk Sex and then threatened me with arrest when I challenged him…

    Ollie Brooke of St George’s had been charged by then and was awaiting his trial in Dec 1986.

    On 12 Dec 1986 I visited YG in an attempt to get answers. I was declared Insane by Tony Francis who told me that unless I agreed to enter as a voluntary psych patient, I’d be arrested. Obviously I didn’t want to be arrested. Jeff Crowther witnessed the ‘offer’ and came with me to the ward. While we sat there, Jeff’s phone rang. It waas the police, on their way to arrest me, on the orders of Dafydd, who had been rung by Tony Francis…

    My adventures being bounced around YG and then in the police cells, held for an unlawful length of time, are detailed in eg. ‘Hippocratic Oath or Hypocritic Oaf?’ The Hypocritic Oaf Dr Shah thrust his belly into my face in the cells just before midnight on 17 Dec 1986. The documentation confirms that I was admitted to the Bryn Golau Peep Show at Denbigh on 18 Dec 1986; it was the small hours by the time I arrived at the Bryn Golau Peep Show. Ollie pleaded guilty to child porn offences on Dec 18 and was jailed. Previous posts state that I was in Denbigh just before Ollie was jailed; I don’t think I was, it was the same day. The confusion arose because of the length of time that I was passed around and kept in the cells at the station. Ollie pleaded guilty at Kingston Crown Court. Adrian Bell had Kingston links, he did his degree there.

    The Denbigh records state that I left the hospital on Jan 7 1987; that was when I was told to ‘shut my mouth about DA’ and never come back to north Wales again and physically put on a train to London by Angels. The Denbigh records also state that I was ‘formally discharged’ on 25 Jan 1987. Yet a discharge letter exists, signed by a Senior Reg of whom I had never heard yet alone met, dated 9 Feb 1987. If that’s not a big enough laugh, Bluglass’s report also confirms that info. What did Bluglass think was going on??? Er, three different discharge dates, stretching over a period of more than a month??? Not that it was documented anywhere that I was driven to a train station by two (or three) Angels and bodily loaded onto a train…

    Although I left the Peep Show on Jan 7 1987, on 29 Dec 1986 Dafydd, social worker Terence Jamesand a Community Physician for Clwyd Health Authority, Dr Ramiah Ramiah, sectioned me for one month on the grounds that I was Suicidal and Dangerous. I was on the train to London a week later…

    In 1987, Bernard Rhodes, a pompous old senior administrator for Gwynedd Health Authority confirmed in a letter to his colleague in GHA that the decision to refuse me access to my medical records had been taken on advice given to Tony Francis by the MDU. At the time the law stated that patients should only be denied access to their records if it would not be in their best interests and that if access was denied, the patient had to be told why. A copy of a letter from me to Clwyd and Gwynedd HAs reminds them of this. An unknown hand has underlined my sentence in which I reminded the HAs that they had failed to comply with this. Yet they still did not comply with the law and continued to withhold my records.

    On April 27 1987 I wrote to the Mental Health Act Commission after no-one in north Wales would deal with my complaints. The MHAC did receive a reply from Ysbyty Gwynedd but five letters to Denbigh produced no response. The MHAC admitted that when Jackie Brandt had detained me in Sept 1986, she had not completed a social work report. So the detention was unlawful, as well as my detention in the Bryn Golau Peep Show. No action was taken by anyone and the MHAC dropped the matter. Mary Wynch’s case was going through the Courts at the time.

    No-one would investigate or reply to my letters and I was told that I could only deal with the matter by agreeing to see Dafydd in a clinic in YG. The date of July 21 1987 was given as the only option. That date was given BEFORE the June 1987 General Election. Previous posts explain that Dafydd did not turn up to the ‘clinic’, I was met by a junior doc from Denbigh called Ponnampalam who told me that he knew nothing of my complaints, he was there because of my ‘health’. He then alleged that I had tried to stab him and I was arrested. At the police station, Jeff Crowther confirmed that I hadn’t tried to stab anyone. Ponnampalam faced no questions. I was charged with a Public Order offence on the grounds that Tony Francis had been ‘alarmed’ by me. I was bailed to remain in Leicester, where I was living with Brown, until Aug 1987 when I appeared in Bangor Magistrates. Sentance was deferred until 10 Nov 1987 for a Court Report from Dr James Earp in Leicester, one of the Docs facilitating the ring there who knew Dafydd and Gwynne…

    Shortly after July 21 1987, Tony Francis obtained an ex-parte High Court injunction against me, claiming to be in fear of his life, as were his family. It was served on me in Leicester, the work of Hempsons and the MDU. Hempsons sent a telemessage at 7am before they served the injunction later on that day, telling me that Francis was also going to sue me for defamation and that if I contacted him even to discuss this I would be jailed. Luckily Brown was in the house to chat to when this extrraordinary threat arrived. I rang my solicitor later that morning who confirmed that of course Francis didn’t want money from me. So why did Hempsons state clearly in the telemessage at 7am that he did?

    All documentation relating to that High Court action is missing from my files, I only have info that is preserved in my letters to friends…

    After Ponnampalam’s lies blew up in his face in July 1987, Dafydd made that phone call that Brown listened in to in which Dafydd told me that he’d have me detained in Risley Remand Centre. I told him not to be so bloody stupid, I hadn’t done anything and I was in Leicester anyway. The next day Hempsons wrote saying that my continued letters to Gwynedd HA constituted a breach of Francis’s injunction and if I wrote again they would apply to have me jailed. The only people named in the injunction were Francis and his family. Hempsons later admitted that no, I could not be jailed for writing to the Health Authority.

    Days later, Dafydd told me that I’d never win against him, to ‘cut my losses’ and that if I dropped my complaints about him he would get me a place at Liverpool Medical School. Brown heard the call and wrote to the HA a number of times but received no reply.

    Dafydd’s calls and the threat from Hempsons to jail me were in Aug 1987. Thatch was in! So was Ieuan Wyn Jones on Anglesey!

    In previous posts I have said that Dafydd had me arrested after the call re Risley Remand Centre; no, the first arrest and attempt at fitting me up in July 1987 was before Dafydd’s call. I knew that something had happened straight afterwards, it was the Hempsons letter telling me that I’d be jailed. ALL the documentation re Hempsons is missing from my medical records, I’ve pieced together the sequence by reading some copies of letters that I sent with the details on.

    Keith Best, Ieuan’s predecessor, was jailed for fraud in 1986, but Keith was out within days on appeal. Keith was a barrister who knew about the ring and he knew about me.

    It was in Nov 1987 when Brown’s brother and I went out to Denbigh and saw Stephen Bagnall starving and covered in cuts and bruises. I think I have said in posts that it was in the autumn. I’ve found a copy of documentation from me to a third party about it; it was Nov 1987. The Kings Cross Fire occurred on 18 Nov 1987, AFTER our Denbigh visit.

    Stephen Bagnall’s name is mentioned on Bluglass’s 1989 Report as someone whom had been friends with me in the Bryn Golau Peep Show. Stephen had been murdered in Denbigh by then, he was killed shortly after we saw him in the corridor and he asked us to help him.

    After we went to Denbigh in Nov 1987, Alun Davies wrote to his colleagues saying that Dafydd was ‘contemplating bringing the police in’ to deal with my ‘constant phone calls’ to the NHS bodies concerned.

    Old Nick was Welsh Secretary until June 1987. Thatch replaced him with Peter Walker…

  13. They were killing people, even in Denbigh itself and no-one, no-one would respond to complaints.

    The Top Docs, the MDU, Hempsons, the Welsh Office, the High Court. They ALL were told by me that people were being abused and killed. They even named Stephen, a witness, in their own documents.

    Can anyone hear me? Patients were killed in cold blood while a bent Welsh Office lawyer and numerous others, including High Court judges, looked on.

  14. On 20 Nov 1990 after I had tried so many times to pursue my outstanding concerns re the Gang I received an unsigned letter from Clwyd Health Authority with ‘for General Manager’ typed at the bottom, with ‘Mr D Griffiths’ typed in the top right hand corner, stating ‘As I indicated to you on 12 Sept 1989 our file on your complaint has been closed’.

    Mr D Griffiths was Dilwyn,’General Administrator’.

    Heseltine challenged Thatch as Leader on 14 Nov 1990. Thatch left Downing Street on 28 Nov 1990.

    As for 12 Sept 1989, Tony Francis was busy organising the Case Conference about me of which I knew nothing until some four years ago. It was Chaired by a Doc of whom I had never heard, who received evidence from Jackie Brandt, Keith Fearns and others of whom I had never heard and the Chair, Chris Hunter concluded in Nov 1989 that I was Homicidal, Dangerous and in need of being sent to live with Mr Savile in Broadmoor. Hunter offered to write a Report saying so for the Court. I wasn’t facing any charges at the time, but obviously I soon was, because in 1990, Jackie and Keith perjured themselves repeatedly.

  15. On Nov 4 1994 Dafydd obtained his injunction from Liverpool High Court against F and me on the basis of perjury, a planted brick that Dafydd claimed I had thrown through his glass door and F blowing a raspberry down the phone at him months previously.

    I have no idea why, but in 1994, a letter dated Nov 30 1994 was sent to Laurie Wood, CEO of Clwydian Community Care NHS Trust, from Dilwyn, in which Dilwyn told Laurie that he was forwarding a copy of Bluglass’s 1989 Report about Dafydd, me. A Sian had rung Dilwyn to ask for a copy of the Report. There is no indication of why Sian asked for a copy of the Report for Laurie. Peter Higson’s name is mentioned on the documentation.

    Bluglass Chaired the Whitewash on 10 July 1989. Tony Francis was already organising the Case Conference by then.

    At the time of the Whitewash, the Chief Medical Officer for Clwyd Health Authority was Dr Lyn Williams.

    In the latter part of 1994, Brown wrote to Gwynedd HA telling them once again that Dafydd had tried to bribe me into dropping my complaint. Brown did not receive a reply to any of his letters.

  16. Anyone for a bit of Mindfulness? A Hand Massage perhaps? A bit of CBT or Counselling?

    Or have we got a bit beyond that?

    Can you all understand why so many Empowered Service Users were Resistant To Treatment now?
    Their friends were MURDERED and the Therapy was then provided by the people who had er committed the murders or concealed them.

    I’ll wait for the cheque then NHS/Home Office/security services.
    Or do you want me to pop down to the GPs – not that I’m registered with one now, my last encounter resulted in a police officer calling at my place to tell me that I’d be arrested if I went to the surgery again – to Ask For Counselling?

    I am waiting for a comment on the blog from the guilty and an end to the foolish, patronising advice being proferred to those of us who are Empowered. Not leaving us with murdering gangsters would have been far more useful.

    I’ll have the money please Mr Drakeford/Jane Hutt, you are pretty bloody guilty here.

    I e mailed Sister Hutt earlier today asking a few questions. I received an automated reply from Vaughan Gething’s office for some reason, telling me that they’d get back to me within 17 days. The GMC still won’t meet me either.

    I’ll ring the gas board then. Unless Polly Toynbee has any advice for me.

  17. It must be my Trigger. ‘Vile murdering old lobotomist who ran a paedophile gang.’

    I’ll wait for a tweet from William and Harry telling me to Share and that Help Is Out There.
    I’ll have the dosh if that’s OK, Royals. I think that I’m owed a bit don’t you?

  18. Can Brown have some money too please? He kept me alive in the face of attack from gangsters for years and suffered a cracked head, broken cheek bone and a loose tooth at their hands into the bargain.

  19. Have we all heard that Trafficking, Organised Abuse and Child Porn is Abhorrent enough times yet? Abhorrent everyone, Abhorrent!! The police are Disgusted at this Evil Trade. Abhorrent, Abhorrent!

    The police told Radio 4 that the bodies of the Chinese people who were found dead in the lorry will be Treated With Dignity. Well that’s more than Stephen Bagnall’s got, he’s out at Denbigh somewhere after being battered and abused in children’s homes, battered and abused in prisons, then illegally held at Denbigh where the Angels did as much possible to upset him and then they murdered him. Its OK though, the Angel Ingrid told me that Stephen and Those Boys should be grateful to Dafydd because no-one else would bother with them.

  20. Furthermore, the documentation that was compiled for the benefit of bent Welsh Office lawyer Andrew Park provided a false name for at least one Angel with evidence of my ‘dangerousness’. I recognised the conversation that was relayed to Park; Park was told that the Angel was called Mark Welsh. He was Mark Jones and some six years ago I was told by an Empowered Service User that when she was a patient in the Ablett Unit at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, Mark ‘Welsh’ wrestled her to the floor in an act of ‘restraint’. When the Empowered one asked Mark Welsh ‘Why did you do that?’, he replied ‘Because I can’. Yes, that sounded like Mark Jones… It was Mark who was one of a number who told me to ‘shut my mouth about DA’ and also gloated that ‘These complaints of yours aren’t getting very far are they?’

    Throw ’em to the floor and say that they’ve attacked you Mark. Because you can. Just as someone could kill Stephen Bagnall.

    1. I’ll tell you who has got the documents from Hempsons, the Court Cases, the affidavits etc, at least of all the Cases that I actually knew about and attended, as opposed to the Secret Hearing in which it was requested that I be sent to live with Savile at Brenda’s pleasure and lobotomised. George Carman and the Digger. The papers were in the boxes that were stolen from the attic of the house in Water Street, Rachub, where F and I lived in the 1990s.

      Miranda and Cherie worked for Carman so they might be able to tell us who Inherited the Stolen Property that found its way into his hands. The Digger is still alive, as is Jerry. Can you give me my property back please Digger? And do you have the Naughty Pics that were taken of me (and others) in the Bryn Golau Peep Show? Can I have mine back please, with Royalties, so to speak? I know that you used to pay the likes of Sam Fox a bloody pittance in comparison to your profits, but I’ve not only provided the Naughty Pics, I’ve done the world a favour by writing this blog. And it’s all been achieved because of a lunch at the Clarence! Money please Digger, if Thatch hadn’t become PM you’d wouldn’t have busted the unions, moved to Wapping, purchased The Times with John Biffen ensuring that you didn’t have to bother with the Monopolies and Mergers Commission…

      It was all my relatives Rupert! They made you a fucking billionaire AND F knows what your shag-relative Mick got up to before he sent his kids to Eton etc. Don’t you worry about Jerry doing her stylised gestures in public, all Ladylike, they knew the Truth down in Zummerzet and in Bethesda…

      PS. And Mrs Brown Knew About Bryan Ferry, he went to the same school as her.

  21. FAO Harpreet:
    Thanks for your e mail today. I did reply to your first e mail; I’m sorry that you didn’t get my reply. It’s a bit worrying, I wonder if my e mail disappeared into the ether? I didn’t send any confidential info in it, I just let you know that I’m not able to meet because of security concerns, but I’d be happy to chat by e mail…

  22. I’m intrigued to hear that people are stating re me that they’re ‘sorry’. I am mystified as to how anyone can be sorry for a course of action that was followed by numerous people for more than 30 years, consistently, with no let-up, the ‘let-ups’ merely being yet more traps into which to lure me…

    If everyone is so sorry re north Wales, why is the BBC full of interviews with the friends of those we know and love? Radio 4 have just ‘done’ a bit on Lucian Freud. A lady who Knows About Fine Art spoke in a sensitive voice about Lucian and how in this self-portrait he’s entirely naked except for a pair of boots and he is wielding a palet knife… It is moving’. I heard much about Lucian and his mate Francis Bacon from F. It was about excessive drunkenness, heroin, rent boys and general sordidness. F maintained that Bacon and his mates were vile. Now what would have happened if F had appeared in the Hergest Unit wearing nothing but boots, wielding a palet knife?? I think I know…

    All those sorry people might ask themselves why our letters and documents were stolen from our house in Rachub and flogged to George Carman/the Digger and no-one thought to tell us. Our little house in Rachub where we entertained other Empowered Service Users to coffee, where we sang ‘Dafydd where’s your troosers?’, where we were threatened and harassed by Gwynedd social workers, arrested by police after Those Who Are Sorry lied in statements. The house that was bugged and ALL our conversations re those criminals who worked in the NHS and associated services were recorded yet no-one put a stop to any of it.

    I’m also delighted to hear that so many people are Glad That My Name Has Been Cleared. Well this might come as a surprise to Those Who Are Sorry, but I didn’t write this blog to Clear My Name. I had such a low opinion of Those Who Are Sorry that I didn’t give a bugger about their constant idiocies, I caught them red-handed so many times…

    I wrote this blog because of the many other people who were smeared and trampled underfoot by that lot who, unlike me, weren’t able to hold them in contempt. Then there’s the people in public life who’s reputations do matter. Merfyn, smeared and blamed for an NHS disaster that was the fault of a gang of old paedophiles. My PhD supervisor, branded ‘a thief’. Merfyn’s friend, the Philanderer. Eddie Milne, all those years ago shafted by an endemically corrupt Labour Party to make way for the conman husband of Shirley Summerskill in the House.

    If you’re all so fucking sorry WHY haven’t you all resigned?

    If everyone’s so sorry, get out to Denbigh and recover Stephen Bagnall’s body. I read in the Daily Post that the go-ahead has now been given for Denbigh to be ‘redeveloped’ and building will start soon. They’d better vet the navvies, if they start digging up bodies, it’ll be the talk of the pub. Unless of course someone appears with a lot of money… It wouldn’t entirely surprise me, after all I worked in a university alongside hundreds of people who treated me like crap when they knew that they only had their jobs because they’d kept quiet about me and my friends in 1984…

    When I was in Denbigh I got so fed up the lies and hypocrisy that I said to one Angel, Ingrid, after I was told yet again how much they all ‘cared’ about me that none of them gave a stuff about the patients. Ingrid told me that I was insulting her and she walked off in tears. Ingrid was the Angel who told me that Stephen and Those Boys should be grateful to Dafydd because no-one else would bother with them. Her colleagues murdered Stephen a few months later. Ingrid was one who drove me to the train station and put me on the train telling me never to come back to north Wales again.

    You’re not sorry, you are grossly offensive, as are the constant articles in the Guardian proffering advice to the Victims and telling the endless victim narratives of celebs who colluded.

    Now, where is my money all those who are so Sorry? I’ll have my Royalties for the porn, I’ll have a cut of your salaries and pensions that you only achieved by doing deals over me and my dead friends and I’ll have the money that I was cheated out of by so many of you. Should I bump into Polly Toynbee or another journo who writes offensive hypocritical crap I’ll probably slap their chops for them.

    I look forward to some Church Services for the Vietnamese who were found dead in the lorry, now that Trafficking Is So Abhorrent. I’m sure that some candles can be lit and everyone can go Silent And Reflect. Polly can hold a non-religious humanist service for them.

    I’ll be popping in on the GMC, the Senedd and indeed Westminster unannounced at some point without notice, to Monitor The Level Of Regret on the faces of those we know and love when they realise who I am. Little Nell etc will, as Brown always quipped, expect me to be 20 stone with green teeth, me being an Empowered Service User, so I’ll be able to get in to all sorts of places unannounced. It’s why the Gang had to scream desperately after someone had met me and observed ‘She wasn’t quite as I’d been led to expect’ ‘We know, ooh she’s CLEVER, she’s PLAUSIBLE, OOH that’s why she’s SO DANGEROUS’…

    One of Dafydd’s mates was kind enough to yell at me on one occasion ‘You fucking plausible but you’re full of shit, DA’s told us all about you…’ It was when I came across the ‘clinic’ with party music and plenty of booze…

    Light your candles you bastards and reflect because I’ve uncovered a few more interesting things over the last few days…

    1. OK Readers,

      I’ve just tried tidying up the above post but the post is now frozen! I don’t know why, but whoever is tampering with my IT system really doesn’t want you to read about the Peckham Experiment and the people who ran it. I have no idea why, but it’s a shame because the Docs who ran the Pioneer Foundation and their PA Mary Langham are interesting. As is the architect who built the Pioneer Centre. Look them up! They were associated with suffrage, the BUF and Mary Langham and her mates were early members of the Soil Association, pioneering Organic Food etc. It has dropped off of the radar re the media today, but the Organic/Natural Health movement was strongly linked to fascism, in the UK and mainland Europe.

      The leftie sociologist Peter Townshend – of the LSE and in later life Bristol University – knew one of the Top Docs of the Peckham Experiment when he was a boy, but I don’t know which Doc. I’ll do a bit more reading…

    2. Wonderful! My second-hand copy of the 1986 book penned by Dafydd’s mate Wendy Savage arrived earlier today, Wendy’s True Story Of How The Male Medical Establishment Attacked her! Hilarious, as I suspected, there’s a few familiar names in that volume discussing the Brave People Who Stood By Wendy! Er Geoffrey Chamberlain, East End GP Tony Jewell – he migrated to Wales and became Wales’s CMO as people died at the hands of the Gang! – and many more! The names of virtually all Gwynne and Dafydd’s partners in Tower Hamlets are there. Brave Wendy was defended by Hempsons! Why are we not surprised?

      Chamberlain gave Expert Evidence! Calling Hempsons, Calling Hempsons, trafficking ring under threat, Assistance, Assistance…

      I’ll be blogging soon, but there’s a few things in the queue first… Perhaps all those who received praise from Wendy for Supporting Wimmin in her book would like to remove their names from the Medical Register now, every one of you was complicit, up to your bloody eyeballs…

      Wendy, as you go back to the Ancients with Dafydd, do you happen to know which gangster slashed his face with a knife years ago? When Dafydd first drooled over me, I noticed that he had very bad scarring around his mouth, under his beard. The sort of scar that happened in the Krays film when Ronnie or Reggie or someone got the knife and shoved it horizontally into the victim’s maaf and said ‘You’re gonna have the biggest smile in Laahndon’. I took the piss and Mike Williams the Charge Angel in the Bryn Golau Peep Show told me that Dafydd ‘has been assaulted more than any other consultant because he treats the patients that no-one else will’. No, Dafydd was assaulted because he is a gangster and it wasn’t patients who assaulted him, it was his business partners or rivals.

      Who cut Dafydd’s face up then Wendy and why?

      ‘We were in the Blind Beggar Holding A Clinic, all shagging Dorothy MacMillan, when Bob Boothby came in with Ronnie and Reggie, and the red mist descended and Ronnie got this knife and Wendy was just performing the 28th termination on one of The Girls and Dafydd was giving the Commander of the Met Sex Therapy…We were only trying to Help, we’re Doctors you know…’

        1. FAO The Reader Who Has Info On The London Boys’ Remand Home 1963/64:
          Thanks for your e mail. I have replied but because an e mail that I sent to a reader last week disappeared into the ether, I’m leaving thhis comment for you as well, lest you don’t receive my e mail. I am interested in your info. Nothing that you don’t want made public will be made public on this blog or anywhere else. Just give me your intructions if you do decide to send me your material… If you are not receiving my e mails and thus confidentiality has been compromised via that route, you’re welcome to leave a comment on the blog for me; if you don’t want some/all of it to appear on the blog, just make that clear.

          Thanks, Sally

          1. Just finished reading Wendy’s book of her Suffering At The Hands Of The Male Medical Establishment! I think that it was ghosted by one of the stable who writes for Mills and Boon with Wendy acting as Medical Consultant. There’s much about Wendy ‘holding back the tears’, being touched by ‘all the flowers’, quickly dashing off letters to her lawyers late at night after she’s completed her real work of Helping My Patients and making her kids their dinner, her musing that the word ‘uterus’ is terrible really for something ‘that nourishes the unborn’ and how Hurt Wendy is by some of the Expressions that her Male Colleagues Use. Such as ‘uterus’ Wendy??

            Wendy mentions that down at her clinics there are a great many Bangladeshi wimmin only a few of whom would rather die that consult a male doctor, but they certainly prefer a female doc and that’s why Wendy was so useful. We know Wendy, those massively vulnerable women who didn’t speak English and were in absolute poverty had you or no-one, its why that fucking trafficking ring wanted you in that post.

            Can Wendy tell us why so many of the Docs who gave evidence on her behalf were from Bristol/the West Country and knew DGE Wood?

            So Wendy, was that set-up under the cover of a Row About Childbirth Choice co-ordinated by the Medical Establishment when that bloody trafficking ring was in danger of being blown wide open arranged because of Mary Wynch/Alison Taylor/me or was it because investigations had begun into your mate Ollie Brooke at St George’s? The dates could mean either; late 1984/early 1985 was when it all began…

            If any readers want to know who was at the centre of the Westminster Paedophile Ring that never existed read Wendy’s 1986 book. Just about everyone mentioned in there – except for the patients – knew exactly what was going on…

            OK, where’s my compensation then? I’ve exposed nearly all of them now when not one other person had the guts to do it because they didn’t want to be found dead. So my mates were instead.

            Tony Jewell has voluntarily relinquished his licence to practice. I’m delighted Tone, but you’ve only done that to avoid discplinary proceedings haven’t you?

            Could it have been possible to sink lower than this lot? What vile bastards and they received full support from the left and the liberal media.
            March To Support Wendy! AIMS! The Natural Childbirth Trust! Sheila Kitzinger! Katherine Whitehorn! Michael O Donnell! Jeremy Lawrence! Islington District Health Authority! All the pushchairs with the ‘I’m A Savage Baby’ notice attached to them.

            ‘I’m a very serious criminal and I and my mates are going to be in prison if we lose this one…’

            I’ll becoming onto the lot of them soon…

          2. Hempsons refused to represent Savage any longer two months after Anne Vernon was murdered. St Helena recommended a helpful lawyer instead… Brindman and Partners…

            Savage and her pals held their Campaign meetings in Bethnal Green, Vallance Road. Yes it’s Reggie n Ronnie turf, Vallance Road was jusyt down the road from my mates’ flat, the one that they shared with other grads from Stirling University until Lord Jack gave the orders to freeze them out…

            Wendy, do you know who the thugs were who followed my mates home from the tube every night threatening them? Or who sent that serial rapist after me EVERY TIME that I went over to see my mates after I’d got out of Denbigh? He was definitely targeting me, I ended up having to get off at a different tube and walk a different route to avoid him.

            Lovely people. Doctors Who Care. Rapists, traffickers, dealers in child porn…

    1. I haven’t had my cheque yet or even an attempt at an explanation Richard!

      The problem that you and I have is that we refused to keep quiet about serious organised crime on the part of the NHS. People expect villainy and the murder of witnesses if they grass up crime in huge banks in the Middle East re your link above, but they really do have no idea how bad serious crime is in the NHS and among the lawyers who handle medical negligence.

      I am finding the Guardian so offensive that I have gradually stopped bothering to read it. I should be flattered because some of the vomit-inducing hypocrisy and sanctimony seems to be a reaction to this blog, but I don’t think that I can stomach many more vacuous articles about Being A Woman Consultant or whatever has Made Someone Weep this week.

      The liberal media in the UK have done something very curious in recent years in that they have encouraged people to have become very sensitive re using acceptable language and not adopting certain ‘extreme’ political positions yet at the same time they have encouraged a vile brutality towards and the ruthless outing of very disadvantaged people and an extreme victim-blaming stance towards those people. To return to my favourite example, abusive social workers in north Wales were given paid time off for Mindfulness Meditation yet their clients were denied basic NHS care, accommodation and the benefits to which they were legally entitled. For years now, mental health staff in particular have become so obsessed with their own rights, needs and well-being that the terrible conditions that some of their patients are enduring doesn’t even register. Well they’re Service Users aren’t they, they’re Just Like That.

      I don’t have time these days to read David Healy’s outputs regularly, but I did notice that he’d written on one of his blog posts recently that ‘No-one gives a fuck about the poor anymore’. They don’t, they really don’t, it’s horrific. You hear people with comfortable homes – homes that they own as well, not just renting – cars, holidays etc snapping about how they’ve ‘got to live as well you know’. Yet there is not a scrap of sympathy for people who really are in difficult circumstances.

      When I worked at Bangor University, although most students were OK, there were a very small number who were enduring the most incredible hardship. One psychology student was literally living in a tent on Bangor mountain; there were a few others who were getting food out of the bins outside Morrisons. Yet there is wall to wall talk from Gov’t about Support, Hardship Funds, Widening Participation and it is all total crap. Students facing real hardship cannot get anything, I couldn’t when I was doing my PhD, my PhD supervisor lent me the money to rent somewhere acceptable when my shack was deemed unfit for human habitation! I knew others in the same position.

      As for kids in care and psych patients, I despair, the situation is just dire. It really is not that difficult to look after people, there is only a very small cohort who are the Chaotic, Dangerous and Disturbed of popular imagination… The rest of them have been forced into a very unstable lifestyle because of the extreme dysfunction of the ‘services’, it is laughable.

      1. Two news items today: Little Nell has survived deselection and will be running again to represent Barking; and a disastrous Council Leader in south Wales who has been at the centre of so much scandal and the wasting of millions of quid will be offered ‘coaching’ because it is accepted that this CEO does not know how to how to er be the CEO of a Council…

        And a Team Of Psychologists have found that Narcissists do Very Well in the workplace and in politics! Indeed they do, it is why our current models of business and politics have led us to this mess.

        Little Nell has sent out a tweet: ‘Victory’. She still doesn’t get it does she. Little Nell, you are like Drakeford et al, you CAN’T run services for citizens, in your long and glorious life, you have demonstrated that you just can’t do it. It doesn’t matter whether you have achieved Victory Little Nell, you still won’t be able to serve as a competent MP…

        I’m having a day off today, but I’m mid-way through another post…

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