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Tomorrow Wiltshire Police are due to publish their report regarding the allegations that Ted Heath sexually abused children. Whatever is in that report, the indications are that the Ted Heath Fan Club will be demanding the Chief Constable of Wiltshire’s head on a plate. The Chief Constable, Mike Veale, is said to be so determined not to be party to a cover-up that he is prepared to stake his career on this matter.

So before Mr Veale is howled down and hung out to dry, I thought that I’d write a post about the man who is still alive – although now very elderly – who knew rather more than he ever let on and who probably still does. The man in question is Lord Robert Armstrong, a retired Mandarin.

Robert Armstrong was Principal Private Secretary to Ted Heath, 1970-75. Between 1979-87 he was Secretary to the Cabinet under Margaret Thatcher. He was elevated to the peerage in 1988 and sits as a cross-bencher. It was Robert Armstrong who, in 1986, coined the phrase ‘economical with the truth’ when he was giving evidence in the Spycatcher trial. Armstrong was a key witness for the British Gov’t, which sought to suppress the publication of the book written by Peter Wright, a former senior member of MI5. Wright’s lawyer at the time was Malcolm Turnbull, who later became the PM of Australia. The British Gov’t were ultimately unsuccessful and Spycatcher was published.

Armstrong was Chancellor of the University of Hull, 1994-2006 and until 2013, the Chairman of the Sir Edward Heath Charitable Fund.

Armstrong has admitted that he knew about the paedophilia of Sir Peter Hayman, the British diplomat who was a member of PIE. Armstrong stated: ‘I was aware of it at the time but I was not concerned with the personal aspect of it’.

It was Armstrong who gave Thatcher a veiled warning not to give Jimmy Savile a knighthood because of the allegations of child sexual abuse swirling around him – advice that Thatcher ignored.

It July 2015, the Mail Online reported that in 1986, the then head of MI5 Sir Antony Duff wrote to Armstrong and told him that an MP had a ‘penchant for small boys’. Armstrong’s response was that ‘at the present stage…the risks of political embarrassment to the Government is rather greater than the security danger’.

In 2015 Armstrong told the Mail Online that ‘if there is evidence it would have been properly examined at the time. I don’t think this is a matter of important people being protected. You  can’t pursue inquiries unless you have evidence on which you can base the enquiry’.

The July 2015 Mail Online article reported that David Cameron promised that there would be no bar on the then current investigations and that ‘the police on their part should then follow the evidence without any uncertainty about how high they can go – they can go as high as they like’. One therefore wonders why so much slurry is currently being poured upon the head of Mike Veale.

The MP ‘with a penchant for small boys’ whom Sir Antony Duff and Armstrong were discussing in 1986 is widely believed to have been Sir Peter Morrison, who was MP for Chester and who was abusing boys in care in north Wales.

As for all this talk of evidence being properly examined at the time and how no important people were being protected and the need for evidence before an enquiry – I have 10,000 documents in my possession demonstrating the most serious criminal activity in the north Wales mental health services, criminal activity related to the sexual abuse of patients and children in care in north Wales. This evidence was concealed by Dr James Earp at the Towers Hospital in Leicester; Dr David Mawson, latterly of Ashworth and Broadmoor Hospitals; Dr Chris Hunter of Cardiff; Professor Robert Bluglass of Birmingham University; Dr Colin Berry of Coventry; Professor Robert Owen of Liverpool University; Andrew Park (the crooked lawyer employed by the Welsh Office) and a whole collection of psychiatrists at St George’s Hospital Medical School/Springfield Hospital including Professor Nigel Eastman, Dr Robin Jacobson, Professor Tom Burns, Dr Alice Levinson and Dr Ruth White, as well as the corrupt occupational health physician at St Georges, Dr Nicky Mitchell-Heggs. Scores of other people and organisations also helped conceal the aforementioned criminal activity. No-one has ever asked to see this evidence – which is why the details are posted up on this blog. Operation Pallial hasn’t been in contact with me and neither has the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse. I am of course now living in hiding as a result of the constant harassment and threats that I received and the serious attempts that were made to harm me. But all Robert Armstrong et al have to do to fill in a substantial part of the picture is to read this blog. Should they require clarification of any details or wish to ask me any questions, they are welcome to e mail me or leave a comment on the blog and I will reply. Other people who’s lives have been ruined by the mental health services have done this, so I wonder why those who claim that allegations of a high level cover-up of VIPs involved in the sexual abuse of children are all stuff and nonsense are incapable of doing the same.

As for the investigation that was going to get to the bottom of everything in north Wales, Operation Pallial – which has cost more than £4 million and has so far arrested a grand total of eight old buggers who were all bottom feeding social workers and the like – and the Review of Waterhouse, the Macur Review, which was so heavily redacted that it was meaningless, they were both ordered by someone called Theresa May. She is today making a speech at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester in a desperate bid to try and bring that shambles of a Party together.

Theresa: it is a very unfashionable view at the moment, but I happen to believe that the likes of Peter Morrison and Peter Hayman were very sad men who were actually in need of some sort of help and support to address their penchant for small children. Such help and support is still virtually unavailable for paedophiles, as some who have begged for it have discovered. Molesting children was bad enough. But witnesses were killed.

Do you have any comment Theresa? Particularly as I understand that part of your speech today is going to be concerned with the mental health services – the mental health services which have for decades systematically wiped out the very people whom they are paid to care for and concealed the widespread very serious abuse of children in care across the whole of the UK.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. The Rev. Hubert Brasier was driving his Morris Marina to a nearby church where he was due to conduct the evening Sunday service when he was in collision with a Range Rover on the A40 outside Oxford. Mr Brasier, 64, died of head and spine injuries a few hours later, 12 October 1981.

    A report of the inquest at the time told how the vicar had been trying to cross the busy A40. He “edged forward from the central reservation into the path of a Range Rover”.
    The Range Rover, with a driver and two passengers, tried to brake in time but collided at high speed with the front wing of the Marina. Mr Brasier was rushed to hospital but could not be saved.
    A challenge to your mental health-sudden unexpected death, truly tragic.
    The Range Rover was driven by chartered surveyor Desmond Hampton.
    Oxfordshire Coroner Nicholas Gardiner who recorded a verdict of accidental death said the crossing had to cope with slow local traffic and fast-moving, long-distance traffic,
    adding: “That’s never a good thing as far as road safety is concerned.” The coup d’etat.
    So Desmond was more than okay.

    So back to murdering doctors. This time Eastbourne with the Rev. Brasier as a hospital colleague.
    It’s not right is it ?

  2. What is Theresa may trying to hide about her father?
    The Serial Killer, The Traveller’s Daughter, and the Cover Ups
    Now then, now then let’s go straight to the Community of the Resurrection Seminary School in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.
    In years to come the Community of the Resurrection would become known for the systematic sexual abuse of children at the seminary by the Italian Verona brothers, who were rampant sex offenders in the 1960’s and 1970’s.
    It really upsets me that the same old songs keep getting sung…time for a change.

  3. Theresa has a very bad cold – she will be unable to talk – but she could get her pen out especially as today She has stated that she cares deeply about the lives of children

    1. Of course she cares deeply about the lives of children Lydia, that’s why when she was Home Sec she ordered Operation Pallial whose investigating officers have made no attempt to contact me despite the presence of this website! Why could I not contact them? Because a few days after the inquiry opened I was sectioned – because I maintained that the mental health services were concealing a paedophile ring in north Wales. Indeed I was so ‘very seriously ill’ that I remained sectioned for the best part of a year. The story is in my earlier blog posts. I understand that Theresa is now ordering a review of the Mental Health Act to ‘prevent injustice’. Er, OK, Theresa – that’s a year of my life that I’m not going to get back and now I’m in hiding.

      It was also Theresa who appointed Lady Justice Macur who ‘reviewed’ the Waterhouse Inquiry – and then produced such a heavily redacted report that no-one knew what was in it. Except of course that it exonerated dear old Ronnie Waterhouse and his laughable ‘inquiry’…

  4. Operation Winterkey called on my yesterday. I would like to send them further information.

    As you know Sir John Stradling Thomas MP wrote to Tony NEWTON DHSS minister in 1990. This was about Sir Keith Joseph’s coverups of 1972/73 (Sue Ryder HQ Suffolk deaths and Beeches Ixworth cerebral palsy children deaths in Islington and Hackney care 1954 to 1972 .. 4 Sue Ryder deaths and 43 Beeches child deaths)

    I gave the officers copies of Earl Ferrers (HO Minister for Police) response to Sir John 1990 and a copy of a letter from New Zealand Govt 1972 to the NZ NOK of volunteer Matron McGill who died at Sue Ryder HQ 1972. Matron was a New Zealand citizen. A question being this. In 1972 the Home Office together with Suffolk Chief constable Arthur BURNS was lying to the NZ Govt and NZ PM. But the Home Office had a file which included a copy of the McGill Decd inquest testimony 25th Jan 1972.

    It is apparent that in spite of correspondence tracking via Newton at DHSS (For Sir Keith Joseph records 72.73 and Barbara Castle and Ennals records 1974 to 76 ?) that FERRERS had not been presented with either the Home Office file or copies or summaries of the DHSS files.

    And FERRERS letter reveals too that he could not have seen the full contents of Sir John’s letter(s) to Tony NEWTON.

    Sir John died in March 1991 at his Dolphin Square Home while still contemplating raising parliamentary ombudsman inquiry into the handling of his correspondence.

    My understanding is that you reported to Tony Newton re North Wales psychiatric and institutionalised child care abuse before 1988 ??

    I infer that Attorney General Patrick Mayhew was also similarly misled by interference with his mail from Sir John. This was 1990. My understanding is this was when Mayhew authorised legal action against you ?

    1. Richard –
      It was Alison Taylor, the Gwynedd social worker who contacted Tony Newton about the abuse of children in north Wales. Alison contacted scores of other people as well, including Margaret Thatcher.

      I contacted MPs about the abuses in the mental health services – at the time I didn’t realise that those abuses were linked to the concealment of the paedophile ring. I knew that kids were being abused in north Wales, but I just thought that I was coming across them in the mental health services because those kids had developed problems – I didn’t know until later on that they were being diagnosed as psychotic and banged up to discredit them and ensure that their allegations were never investigated.

      I reported bad practice/law breaking/abuse in the mental health services from 1985 onwards. I met Keith Best, then MP for Anglesey directly and Wyn Roberts was the Minister ‘dealing with’ my enquiries. Best and Wyn Roberts were at an early stage – it was after I contacted them that Dr Tony Francis, Dafydd Alun Jones et al really went apehsit and began the very serious criminal activities. The Welsh Office knew about the criminal activities because it was they who set up the ‘investigation’ led by Professor Robert Owen (the Medical Ombudsman for Wales), Robert Bluglass and Colin Berry. I now have copies of letters and records that were circulated around behind the scenes that I did not know existed at the time, clearly demonstrating that everyone involved knew exactly how serious the criminal conduct of the mental health services – which included psychiatric social workers employed by Gwynedd – was. The Welsh Office knew and were using their own corrupt lawyer Andrew Park to harass me and advise Dafydd et al how to avoid being investigated.

      Yes Mayhew authorised legal action against me in 1990. He will have had access to all the letters that I had written – which by then were detailing the most serious abuses in the mental health services – as well as other documents, which included Andrew Park’s admission that there was no evidence for the very serious allegations that Tony Francis had made about me. Presumably Mayhew will also have known that Francis’s own lawyers at Hempsons were urging him not to take legal action against me. Francis was regularly meeting someone from the MDU called Dr Ian Sanderson who was obviously advising him – it was the lawyers that were then employed by Hempsons like Ann Ball who were telling Francis that he was behaving very unreasonably.

  5. My opinion notified to IICSA today is that Suffolk Chief constable COE, at the time and thereafter as more facts became known to him, misled Ulster, Kent, Suffolk and Islington safeguarding from BEFORE the time of his visit to Lord HENNIKER. This visit raised by the redoubtable Liz Davies, now of Islington Survivors, re Peter Righton move to Henniker Estate 1992.

    My opinion is that Suffolk PCC and sole candidate Chief constable concealed this material history from inquiries like CAYACOS and MIDLAND.

    I feel no integrity can attach to inquiries which failed to examine the implications of the death of Sir John Stradling Thomas at Dolphin Square.

    As I understand it the complainant “Darren” (or Michael) re abuse and killings on Henniker Estate has been discredited and there was Henriques Inquiry.

    My understanding is this chap was fostered to a single man at STOWMARKET. I am asking if the inquiry established who his GP was at STOWMARKET. Was it the late Dr Alan LOWER records destroyer associated with research at Ipswich Hospital J W PAULLEY (Educationalist, Institute of Economic Affairs, Corticosteroids, Life event stress and the effect of stress on progress of organic disease … see founders Colchester Stockwell Centre) and J G HOWELLS Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre (An institute on report to IICSA).. HOWELLS was of course a committee colleague of Kenneth MILNER of ASTON HALL at Royal Medico Psychological Soc. Another was the notorious William SARGENT.

    As you know Ipswich Hospital blatantly destroyed all PAULLEY and HOWELLS records when under legal application for disclosure late 1990s.

    If Operation Winter Key is looking at high level cover up then this seems to fit the bill. I am told Dr LOWER was GP to the abusive Oakwood School at STOWMARKET. I do not know if he was also GP to abusive St Georges School Finborough STOWMARKET.-Business partner with abuser Head Derek SLADE was SAWYER Leader ISLINGTON council In retirement LOWER became a lib dem county Cllr (Like Lady HENNIKER .. Lord HENNIKER was a Lib Dem spokesman in House of Lords) leader of council and chair of social services.

    I know that Dr Alan LOWER never forwarded my GP notes for first 24 years of my life when I moved out of Suffolk to Kent 1973.

    Suffolk has a massive history of unethical medical research on unwitting patients (Victims) and it would be irrational to not suspect this in the deaths of 43 cerebral palsy children in care at Beeches Ixworth.

    1. Just read the Guardian’s write up re the Edward Heath report from Wiltshire Police. It mentioned that the Chair of the Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation is a Lord Hunt of Wirral. That’ll be David Hunt – Secretary of State for Wales whilst all the shit about the abuses of the mental health services and children’s services was concealed. For details just use the search facility on my blog.

      People died Hunt. Isn’t is about time that you explained exactly why no-one took any action for so many years whilst we all screamed for help as loudly as we could?

      1. Well done Sally. I better give poor old Operation Winterkey a break now as there will be howls of anguish there with the quantity of “Intelligence” I have sent that I gather they feed into a computer. They were a nice pair of fellas actually sort of “New Tricks” team. Don’t think they got into my Samurai approach “From little know much” and “If you are unsure of the enemy position beat at his corners”.

    2. I went to Christ’s College, Cambridge, m. 1984, at the same time as the son of Michael Nicholson Lord, Baron Framlingham. I met him once on the occasion of the 21st Birthday Party, when he was Conservative MP for Central Suffolk. I recall to this day my palpable distaste on meeting him and wonder why this has stayed with me. his son, now a QC, was clever and good company.
      Suffolk keeps cropping up and Tory whips, Second Deputy Chairman of Ways and Means and Baronial advancement from a modest Mancunian background, be it via agriculture and rugby at Cambridge University, are as common as muck.
      I shall not personally hold my breath for ennoblement, but a few questions might be in order m’Lord.

  6. Sally ,My head is spinning with the amount of work gone into preserving this blog…it’s awesome when shut up or get locked up has been such a real threat for so long. What a shame the fuckwits who call themselves critical psychiatrists have ignored any mention of the abuses they must have read about here and known about in their previous lives – in their latest piece of fuckwittery ‘Reflections on Critical Psychiatry’ by Pat Bracken and -Phil Thomas – mentioned on the blog of course. Readers of the book will benefit more by reading the blogs than any book by so called ‘critical psychiatrists . Seems they are feeling a need to establish academic credentials – it is a turgid tome but with some respectable persons included like Suman Fernando and Sami Timini – who would be better to write without being tainted by the critical psychiatry label.

    1. The critical psychiatrists know exactly what has been going on, they don’t need to read my blog! They may not behave in the same way as the abusers themselves but they work alongside them and they knew exactly what they get up to. They witness it, they hear about it from patients, they overhear discussions and they also see the records where the most outrageous things are documented. It is a Mafia Lydia, I really do think they dare not speak out even after they’ve left the NHS and are working as academics or authors. They know that they will be pursued – they will be smeared, they may well find trumped up charges being mounted against them, even if they are no longer applying for jobs in the NHS they will find it damn near impossible to get employment, their families and friends will come under fire and they may well find that if they need medical treatment themselves WHOOPS a medical accident happens…

      This is not fantasy, it happens. Just as George Carmen seems to have thrown the libel case in 1994 when he acted for Private Eye against Gordon Anglesea. I think that George was mindful that two years earlier five other witnesses to the north Wales paedophile ring had been burnt to death in a house fire for which no-one was ever convicted. A man who was alleged to have confessed to starting the fire was hit by a lorry and killed days later and a witness who survived the fire and dared say that the witnesses to the north Wales paedophile ring were being murdered was found dead himself shortly afterwards. Who can fail to understand people’s fear in the face of such happenings? But er – aren’t we supposed to have a police force and a judicial system in this country?

  7. sorry Sally – I meant better for those the book is aimed at to read the blog rather than any books–I don’t excuse anybody for keeping silent so we must disagree there – the authors can include something about what is known and in the public domain already without naming names as part of abusive psychiatry history past and present.

    1. Thanks for your comment Lydia. I’m really torn over the question of people speaking out – people died, went to prison unfairly and had their lives destroyed because everyone kept silent and in nearly every case of those who kept schtum I would agree that there was no excuse for not speaking out, but I think that there was a very, very small number who were just so fucking terrified that they didn’t dare. Of course I’m not talking about well-known critical psychiatrists or public figures with financial security who could and should have spoken out – I am thinking of two nurses at the Hergest Unit and indeed one (now deceased) from Denbigh who did seem to be doing their best to protect patients, who I think knew that something terrible was happening but were far too frightened to speak up and knew that they’d just be blown out of the water if they did. I guess that they must feel very bad about it all now – those three did seem to have a conscience. But I don’t think that many others did.

      1. Sally
        The question of why individuals do not speak the truth or just simply express ‘concern’ is one that I have tried to understand. The personal cost of not doing so, being complicit, is huge. No amount of cash, gongs, bongs or otherwise can pay this off. Culture and values is at the core in an organisation. Individually there is a recognisable dynamic between the self and the unconditional (love) which has for many been very lop sided. Both are required for development with a view to balance.
        This all relates to matters of spirit informed by the choice of consciousness and expressed physically.
        For any of those reading this who are unhappy with their personal choices may I humbly suggest that there will be a lesser cost to you to recognise and address it now. I hope that will feel able to do so.

        1. I too find it confusing Richard – I do not know how many of those whom I witnessed ignoring, or colluding with, what we have discussed on this blog can live with themselves. I continue to hope that those who were simply too frightened to speak out or who were in the most junior positions – there were two very nice occupational therapy assistants at the Hergest Unit who were obviously very uncomfortable with what was happening, I imagine that they did not feel that they would ever be heard – will now come forward. But certainly so many of whom I encountered were so utterly callous – indeed some of them were just thugs – that nothing can excuse what they did. At the higher end of the food chain they were just as bad, even if they weren’t actually the ones abusing or assaulting the patients. The gongs are completely meaningless – what does Peter Higson hope to do with that OBE of his anyway? Or indeed Tom Burns and Robert Bluglass with their CBEs?

      2. Sally I am trying to find out what is going on now at Islington Council. As you know their former social worker Dr Liz Davies is perhaps the most well known whistleblower.

        Recently, I think driven by Liz, the press revealed the history of former Cllr Sandy Marks of Islington Council who had been chair of social services. The press revealed Sandy Marks history of involvement with a paedo group “Fallen Angels”.

        So now I am trying to find out what happened next. My natural suspicion is that the leader of the council would have consulted a psychobabbler to make comfort jargon noises or a barrister to make a cunning sleight of hand “Advice”.

        At the moment it looks as if it was a barrister. “Counsel”. And it appears (don’t know yet) that counsel said “Cllr Watts what you need to do is set a platform of assumed integrity. And hope that no one spots it. So you propose a QC led inquiry (Jobs for the counsel boys naturally) and you say its terms of reference are to assess whether Cllr Marks concealment of her paedo group involvements damaged the integrity of the 1995 White Report into Islington Social Services”

        This puts me in mind of our oldest daughter when she was about four. “Dad shall I have one Penguin or two”. Notice how deftly she slipped under the radar to remove the option of having no penguin.

        Counsel is working that one .. he slips under the radar to remove the option that the White Inquiry had no integrity anyway !

        Usually when I point this sort of thing out it is not long before the word vexatious is drawn out to apply to me.

        I have struggled to explain to Cllr Watts, leader Islington Council, that the White Inquiry had terms of reference. Which required that complaints and concerns about Islington child care be collated. And that where inquiry had occurred that be put into synopsis with opinion about whether inquiry was effective. So what happened to 43 child deaths in Islington and Hackney care at Beeches Ixworth Suffolk from 1954 to 72 ? Why didn’t White Inquiry trace the Beeches parental concern group “Compassion” ?

        The history of Beeches child deaths had been resurrected from 1990 with the correspondence of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP followed by his successor Roger Evans MP (A barrister)

        Who knew about HM Coroner running a records check and about the correspondence of two MPs early 1990s?

        Mr COE the Suffolk Chief constable who visited Lord Henniker in 1992 when notorious PIE paedo Peter Righton moved to Henniker Estate Suffolk. Who raised that visit ? Dr Liz Davies of Islington safeguarding. Liz did not know about the Beeches 43 child deaths till I told her earlier this year. She was unable to tell White Inquiry 1995. But Suffolk Chief constable Mr Coe knew. He didn’t tell Islington safeguarding at the time of his Henniker visit (A couple of miles from Beeches Ixworth BTW) And he didn’t tell White Inquiry in 1995.

        Who else knew ? Jack Straw. Indeed when Sir Keith Joseph 1973 whitewash inquiry, re Beeches, reported the minister was Barbara Castle 1974 and her adviser was mmmmm LABOUR ISLINGTON CLLR JACK STRAW.

        Mr COE Suffolk Chief constable from 1989 he was apparently previously with Kent Police. Shortly after his appointment to Suffolk in 89 there was a bloody big baaang at Deal in Kent killing 11 Royal Marines. Kent Plod had nil actioned extensive security warnings against Deal Royal Marines Barracks. Civilian guards with forged Army Records of Service etc. But Mrs Thatcher wanted civilianised barracks security to make economies in defence budget. I am told the zealot civil servant driving this was ? MRS JACK STRAW.

        I am trying to explain to Cllr Watts that the White Inquiry lacked integrity without the fibs of Cllr Sandy Marks of Fallen Angels.

        But that her fibs damaged the integrity of the Chief constable visit to Henniker, the White Inquiry and the Hackney Barrett inquiry.

        I reckon “Counsel” after a good earner for a QC for a year or so foresees a report which concludes that the integrity of White Inquiry was so robust that Cllr Marks murky past and fibs didn’t damage it one itty bit ?

        Operation Winter Key was set up to look at cover ups. It seems to me Islington and Hackney with Jack Straw etc had a doozy of a cover up … of 43 child care deaths. And it is shaping up that when Winterkey looks for the coverup Islington Council will have an integrity inquiry concluding there was no cover up. By the simple expedient of pretending the Beeches child deaths on their watch never happened.

        1. It was Jack Straw’s old mate and boss Tony Blair who told Rebekah Brooks when she sought his advice over the shit barrel that was News of the Screws to set up an inquiry which would clear her, take a step back and then return when the fuss had died down. Which is exactly what Rebekah did. And indeed what Blair did after the difficulty that was Iraq, the WMD etc.

          In terms of the lawyers who were busy with the London Councils which were infested with paedophiles in the 80s, loads of them were friendly with one Cherie Booth… I have blogged quite a bit about them already but I am reading something at the moment that I hope will provide me with enough further info to write another post soon. Because not one of those radical, Haldane Society lawyers TOUCHED anything to do with the organised child sexual abuse in children’s services or the associated abuses in the mental health system, although they definitely knew that it was happening.

          1. I have suggested to Cllr Watts that the QC leading the inquiry could make himself useful by applying for a retrospective article 2 inquest into the 43 deaths. Then we may find out what neglect, abuse and or medical experimentation went on.

            But I fear they’ll twaddle on about the effect of seedy Sandy Marks attending Fallen Angels conferences. Red hot issue. QC on an earner. Meanwhile 43 child deaths continue uninvestigated and unaccounted.

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