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A lot of info has come in overnight, but I’m having terrible difficulty getting anything at all done on my laptop. I have new links etc but I haven’t even been able to finish off the previous post yet due to major IT interference. I can’t even send out e mails which is a terrible shame because I intend to drop Mark Drakeford a line, the Windbags and Charles Clarke. I believe that they owe me an explanation.

I will try blogging again later on today, there’s no point in persisting with this at present.

Can I have my money please Home Office/Welsh Gov’t and many other agencies? You owe me a great deal and now I want rather more than an apology. An apology would have sufficed until ooh 20 years ago, I didn’t get one, the aggro escalated and then I just wanted a fair settlement but instead people continued trying to murder me. I’ll have the money please, a great deal of it and I’ll share it with Brown and my friends in Somerset who were ruined by Michael Grade and Botney because they dared support me.

Money Please!

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…


  1. PAT THANE. Brian Abel-Smiths PhD student. Another Wimmin’s Champ who built her career on the back of the corpses in north Wales.
    Every neurologist in Newcastle’s flagship medical school up there, all learnt at the knee of John Walton, mate of Gwynne. They all knew about the international trafficking organisation…

    I am still hoping to blog about the Newcastle neurologists in detail if at all possible…
    Then there’s Sheila Kitzinger and her mates who Supported Wendy Savage, Beverley Beech of AIMS, swathes of Childbirth Campaigners, the crowd are still in action, lying to expectant mothers about dear old Wendy and what was the cause of the staged civil war at the London Hospital. It was John Allen’s huge trafficking business, John Allen who’s 78 years of age and on trial at the moment.

    Tell me British State, do you think that you could have done anything differently in Sally Baker’s case with hindsight?

    1. All the Tower Hamlets GPs and midwives Supported Wendy, in particular Anna Livingstone. Radical People’s Champ Anna is still riding on, google her, Anna’s a delight. She leads protests on behalf of The People, she Marches, she Campaigns for the NHS, she’s even on You Tube!

      A huge people trafficking business, that’s what it was all about. Dissenters were imprisoned or lobotomised, but Radical Anna’s placards didn’t explain that.

    ‘struggling with evil embodied by its members’ that’s the Catholic Church in England and Wales. Little comment on the victims. So that’ll be more ‘sorry for the distress and upset’, that well known and empty one liner.
    So St. Williams College and the country res of the most senior Catholic aristo and a narrative about VIP paedophile abuse with a death twist from a patient, himself a Court recognised East and North Yorkshire sexual abuse victim. Maybe John Mann MP could give us an update on where we are ? His self declared assistant phoned me ages ago but then nothing.
    Come on Simon ‘ I don’t recognised that description’ the interest is compounding.

  3. I had a wry smile as Dafydd would say when I heard the Radio 4 report of this on the news earlier Richard. People are Shocked and Disgusted that Vincent Nichols described an abuse victim as ‘deeply manipulative’. Vincent himself has apologised and the onions are out and Angels are crying.

    Hilarious, what is written on the medical records of ALL of those of us who complained about the Gang? ‘Manipulative’. Every single one of us was Manipulative. That was said about us by Docs and Angels who told us that if we didn’t agree to be voluntary patients we would be arrested! Ooh Manipulative!

    Professor Mark Williams took it one stage further, Mark gave seminars to the Gang explaining that they mustn’t call patients manipulative because all humans are manipulative, the staff are just better at it than psych patients. Williams is quite right there but Mark knows all about manipulation because he’s the best of all at it.

    Mark Williams didn’t get his dick out in front of patients a la You Know Who, Mark simply told patients that they were Ruminating if they couldn’t recover from what his colleagues had done to them, or they had to Go With The Breath and Live in The Moment and all would be well. Mark’s moments were nicer to live in than ours, he wasn’t sitting in a cell or having people trying to set his house on fire.

    One of my friends was ‘seeing’ Mark Williams for Therapy for self-harming and he said it was like a long drawn out torture. Neither would Mark acknowledge the fact that my friend had never ever self-harmed before he began Therapy with Mark’s colleagues! He ended up as the worst self-harmer in Hergest, we all watched the process, they drove him completely mad, he’d be suicidal and begging for help and there’d be the idiots telling him that Dr Francis had said that If He Tries To Commit Suicide Again the police have to be called to deal with him because they Don’t Have To Put Up With This…

    Mark was pretty good at manipulating staff as well. One of the team leaders in the Dept of Psychology objected to Mark deliberately underpaying staff and Mark told them that they were a manager now and had to take Management Decisions. Such as faking the research and underpaying the staff.

    Re the Evil Of The Catholic Church that Alexis Jay is so enjoying. Cherie and Miranda are silent on this, Cherie the Liverpudlian RC who knew about the RC institutions in Liverpool run by Dafydd’s Gang. Shirl formerly MP for Crosby could tell us a bit about that as well.

    I’m fed up with religions getting a kicking. Of course the RC Church has much to answer for, but who allowed them to get away with this? It was as ever lawyers and Top Docs. Cardinal Basil Hume covered up the biggest and best abuse, Cardinal Hume friend of Savile. Basil wasn’t from a family of priests, Basil’s family were Top Docs in Newcastle and Durham. His brother was a Royal Doc, his dad was one of the Toppest Docs in Newcastle Medical School and his sister’s first husband was Gov’t Chief Medical Officer. Her second husband was the Cabinet Secretary for Harold Wilson and Ted Heath.

    It’s the Docs who are propping it all up, every time. Alexis hasn’t mentioned them yet!

    Tony Francis was a RC. That was not the problem. The problem was that Tony was a Top Doc who was a member of a sex abuse Gang and no-one would touch him because he was a Doc, not because he’d rattle his rosary at them. It was the MDU that Tony rattled at people.

  4. Guardian online! Instead of publishing on a near daily basis a lame article about female genitalia a la 1982 ‘Our Bodies Ourselves’ – another one’s gone up today, ‘Get To Know Your Clitoris!’ – why not just recommend a good anatomy text to your readers? There are plenty available and unlike the ‘research’ that you report on a daily basis, the texts are factually correct, unless of course you use one that dates back to Leonardo or Galen. Your readers will then not need to be patronised or told whether they are ‘normal’.

    I haven’t read The Guardian article on getting to know one’s clitoris because I’m getting rather Mary Whitehouse re The Guardian – ie. I think I know what is in it, I don’t need to read it – but I do hope that The Guardian have explained about the Bulbs of Krause. The Bulbs of Krause are evidence that Freud was wrong about the site of the adult female orgasm. No-one had the guts to tell him…

    Tomorrow ‘The Guardian’ is dragged kicking and screaming into Ancient Greek times and explains that the brain is a radiator to cool the blood and that women are unable to process menstrual blood into semen, which as any fule kno is the difference between men and women.

    Mary Beard will know much more than me about this, as indeed will Boris, but I think it was the Ancient Greeks who thought that inserting a finger up another person’s (well man’s) bum was a jolly joke, a bit like pinching a bum between friends. Don’t tell Dafydd, he’ll start doing it and package it as therapy.

    BTW isn’t all this In Your Face genitalia emanating from The Guardian in danger of Triggering? Or um are there different rules for that? Because I can’t see much difference between what The Guardian believes are Female Liberation articles and other people’s feelings about Jimmy Savile’s mug appearing on the TV. I do hope that the Guardian isn’t Being Insensitive To Victims. Mind you, after they libelled Graham Day because he dared stand up to a gang of paedophiles, I don’t think that we can expect tact and sensitivity from The Guardian.

    It’s not very pleasant really is it Katherine Viner? No wonder you’re losing so much money.

    1. Tom Watson and Charles Clarke will know a lot about the history of medicine. It was one of Brown’s interests when he was a student and we wrote a lot about it in the letters that we sent to each other. The letters that were stolen and passed on to Tom and Charles…

    1. Thanks for this, I hadn’t seen it, I’ve just been adding the names of a few worms from Liverpool University to my previous post…

      It is a familiar story isn’t it. Dangerous Boy threatens people with Knife. Er why? He’d just been pinned to the ground and sexually assaulted by John Allen. He ran away and the police took him back.

      This really is only the tip of the iceberg, this sort of thing was absolutely bog standard for the Caring Ones Who Help in north Wales. They were the most appalling people and there was no-one working in the welfare services, the police or the law who did not know what was going on. Huw Daniel and John Roch should be up in Court with John Allen, those two corrupt as fuck judges bellowing away at us all in Court about us Threatening and Attacking People who Are Helping. I was TOLD by one of corrupt Huw’s own relatives that Huw would never take the Gang on because he was frightened of them!

      Get those fucking doctors up in Court now, they were 100% responsible for John Allen making millions while kids were treated like this. Where are the MDU? Come on then Lord Glenarthur, THIS is what the crooked lawyers employed by the MDU were concealing.

      John Allen is 78. Dafydd and Lucille are nearly 90. Peter Higson is in his mid-70s. They all facilitated this.

      Drakeford needs to be dragged out of whatever cave he is currently hiding in and asked to explain.

      I will be writing to a few people, I meant to do it today but I’ve been busy with more info.

      When Lord Hain was Welsh Secretary I wrote to him about the serious criminality that spiralled out from John Allen. I did not get a reply. I shall e mail Hain again and ask him why he ignored my letter. Then there’s Gibbons, Edwina, Theo Huckle and of course Lesley Griffiths who Helps The Mums. What a bunch of twats. I’ll offer to sell them organic onions because they really are going to have to weep buckets on TV if John Allen is jailed AGAIN (in fact I think that he might already be in prison, he was jailed in approx. 2014, I’m wondering if they haven’t been allowed to say that in Court.)

      The witnesses are in their 50s I note. In their 50s. This happened when they were in their mid or early teens or even younger.

      Anyone want to explain why men in their 50s are only being listened to now?

      Geriatric sex offenders on trial because for decades they WERE the welfare state. Their children and grandchildren are now the welfare state. Give them more millions, it’s Resources that are the problem! I do hope the witnesses at Allen’s trial don’t accept any offers of Counselling. It’ll be the offspring of the Gang doing the Therapy!

      Anyway, if the Geriatric Perverts do go to jail, they can be Helped by Edwina, the late Duke of Westminster’s daughter, Dan Snow’s wife. Lady Edwina is a Prison Reformer now that her dad’s mates look as though they might end up in there. Lady E can ensure that there’s a good supply of Complan, prunes, haemorrhoid cream, bed socks, incontinence pads and hot water bottles for the Elderly Offenders. We wouldn’t want them to be found hanging in Risley would we? Lucille needs a new wig as well Lady E, can you see to it?

  5. Readers should know that for weeks now Dissenting Coppers and Others have been telling me that What Happened To Those Kids Was Because Their Families Didn’t Care.

    Oh right, so after DECADES of the ‘They Were Disturbed Children’ discourse that now just does not stand up anymore, it was EVERYONE ELSE but the Top Docs, the social workers and the police! I’m glad that we’ve got that one sorted out.

    Not all of those kids did have uncaring families. Some of them had parents who had died. Some of them had parents who were ill. The kids who were raped and buggered and beaten in Gwynfa Unit were kids with childhood depression, anorexia etc. Gwynne and Dafydd’s forte was of course colluding with abusers whoever those abusers were. They looked very hard for unpleasant people with whom to do business. That’s why they tried to murder Brown, killed my mate Anne, smeared my father and my grandfather and Took Evidence from er criminals who Really Knew Me ooh and they could Tell The Truth about me (and Brown and F of course).

    Oh give it a rest. The British state did this, from its inception the NHS was abusing vulnerable people because there was a trade in underaged and young sex workers, often to be delivered to VIPs. Other VIPs wouldn’t let their own kids be served up to Peter Morrison et al so it was someone else’s kids.

    ‘Mistakes were made but not by us.’ It’s unacceptable to blame the victims of sex offences these days so those we know and love are fishing around for other scapegoats. Just give us our money please, we’ve waited long enough and we’ve gone beyond apologies now. I’ll have my letters back as well that were stolen and given to the Digger, George Carman etc. And the Windbag can tell me what it was that Tony Francis passed onto him. And I want my Royalties for the porn from the Bryn Golau Peep Show. Pay up you bastards.

    1. If we’re going to use the ‘This is all stemmed from Stuart the paedophile spotter for the Gang who moved in to the cottage down the road from you in 1974 when your grandpa was dying’ can someone please tell me exactly what the chain of command was re Edward du Cann and Stuart?

      Someone somewhere seems to know exactly what du Cann did to those who grandpa valued and that du Cann’s mates were also responsible for the surprising absence of dosh in grandpa’s will. Once more, these lying crooks were known to the authorities…

      Du Cann, Lonrho, Tiny Rowland, Duncan Sandys and the unacceptable face of capitalism.

      Furthermore who shot Derek Thorne, the son of Charlie, grandpa’s gardener then? Derek was found shot dead in Kilve. ‘Suicide’. Like buggery it was. Someone murdered Derek. They worked hard at ensuring that Dan Lewis ended up in trouble and dead before he should have been as well.

      Tom King is still alive. Come on King, this seems to lead to your door.

      Don’t mention the Top Doctors, I might have done it once or twice but I think I’ve got away with it.

      The Top Docs, the lowest form of life on earth. There’s more to come on this blog as well you bastards, so you just scream even louder. Gangsters in bow ties and stripy suits. Now fuck off and stop cluttering up the media with your constant New Discoveries and pleas for money.

      1. Anyone who is a member of one of Britain’s families that is ‘cursed’, the grandest of which is Lord Harlech’s family: You’re not ‘cursed’, its this bunch of scumbags who’ve been wiping out anyone who spilt their pints and then exacting revenge on their descendants. They don’t always use axe-wielding thugs, the Top Docs and crooked accountants do a brilliant job.

        They need dealing with, this has gone on long enough.

    More GPs promised…. I did not at age 50 retire or resign, was not disciplined or sacked, I voluntarily rescinded my license to practice. A loss of faith – how novel from the how very dare you and collect your cash team. Serious organised crime in the NHS, not much chat about that in the current electioneering.

    1. I am aware of the nonsense Richard but I’m in the throes of another post which is proving bigger than I expected, so I’ve had my nose to the grindstone all day. It’s my birthday tomorrow and my mates are giving me a treat (not the sort of Treat that Dafydd specialises in), so I’ll have a few hours off. The post probably won’t be ready until next week, but it’ll challenge the latest electioneering bribes…

      I had a good laugh at the promise of millions for lots of new GPs. They’ll be the GPs who have become GPs because the salary is now so huge that they can work two days a week and still earn more than many people do in a full time job and who will retire at 55 because the pension pot is enormous. Then they’ll go on a work to rule because they don’t want to pay tax on their pensions and er more GPs will be needed! The medical establishment controls the number of Top Docs trained anyway, they deliberately limit the supply because too many Docs will drive their salaries down! It’s farcical, Boris knows exactly what is behind the GP crisis! Good GPs can’t bear the greedy self-interest and chaos and will not be attracted by this nonsense, like you they’ll hold it in contempt.

      Drakeford announced another £80 million for the Betsi Board yesterday. To deal with orthopaedic waiting lists. Why are they so long in north Wales? Because the orthopaed surgeons all got together a few years ago and conspired to force as many patients as possible to Go Private at the Wrexham Yale Spire Hospital! Everyone knows what they’re up to, people have been pooling intelligence.

      The patients who try and hold out for NHS treatment are deliberately pissed around for so long that they’re in agony. They are then ‘offered’ the chance to go private, with the same consultant, at the Yale in Wrexham, which is less than a mile from Wrexham Maelor NHS Hospital. They walk out of the Maelor, get in the Porsche and nip off down to the Yale. Their NHS secretaries handle the admin for the ‘private patients’, it is even the e mail address/phone number of the NHS secretaries that appears on the Yale website with the ‘private consultants’. I’m fairly sure that the Yale Spire ‘private operations’ are performed in the NHS hospitals, I don’t think the Yale has the full complement of theatres and back up in case of emergencies.

      The Betsi consultants appeared in the media not so long ago stressing that they never tell patients that they can go private and get seen more quickly. No, its the GPs who tell the patients that, so the consultants can pretend that they aren’t inducing the scam!

      Would anyone ever put up with such disgraceful behaviour but the blancmange Drakeford et al? All Socialists who are Opposed To Private Medicine. Until the Top Docs give them a knee in their groin and then they crumble, handing over more millions wailing about Our Hardworking Doctors and Nurses!

      It is fascinating to see just how far the Top Docs will push Drakeford. They’ll bring the Welsh Gov’t down at this rate because there is just no money for anything else in Wales, everything is going on the NHS and it is being embezzled and siphoned off by those we know and love. People in great need still can’t get basic social care to get themselves out of bed and make them breakfast, children are caring for disabled parents, people who like their jobs as carers are leaving because the pay and conditions are so bad that they can’t live on them… All the public services are closing, the bins etc are being cut, the public bogs are all being shut down, everything is closing…

      Here come the Top Docs, the highest paid professionals in Wales and that’s just their basic, not including the Private Fees From the Wrexham Spire!!! The only Top Docs in north Wales are Of The Gang, other docs won’t go there. So Drakeford has found a brilliant way of encouraging serious organised crime and perpetrating the worst NHS standards in the UK!

      It’s a laugh wondering how far Drakeford will drag Wales into the gutter but it is terribly sad for all the decent people who just cannot understand why things are getting worse and worse.

      Richard, did you hear Jezza’s plans for hundreds of Sure Start Centres as well? Every bit of research on Sure Start Centres showed that they had no effect at all on any aspect of the children’s development that they were designed to improve. Totally ineffective. The mothers liked Sure Start because it gave them a chance to socialise with other mothers, which is great, but someone ought to be honest enough to say that was the only benefit, they did nothing for the outcomes of the kids at all. Then there were the middle class mums who were sneaking their kids into Sure Start Centres (designed for low income/disadvantaged mothers) because they wanted the mothers’ social club!

      None of the politicians have come up with any original ideas for the wicked problems. Not one of them. There is no original thought there, none. The same stale old rubbish that doesn’t even attract a lot of the voters anymore because the voters just see it as crude election bribes even if they don’t realise that the proposed ‘investment’ ideas have been demonstrated not to work…

      I think that many voters can see through these enormous sums that are being promised; it’s interesting that the Tories are doing it as well. Voters aren’t complete idiots, the sums being bandied about are so big that everyone will be doing the 1980s bit of ‘And where exactly is this money going to come from?’

      It’s even more weird because I can think of a number of ways in which that lot could address the ‘problems’ that they want addressed without spending all that dosh. They just haven’t thought of it and anyway as any fule kno an election campaign is all about shouting that you’re going to give millions to Doctors And Nurses. Er it didn’t work for the Windbag did it.

    1. Thanks for this Mick, I’m so glad to see more people highlighting what it happening. You won’t see much about this in the mainstream media, but there is quite a bit of online info. It is seriously weird, this sort of thing is now touching the lives on a great many people who are basically OK people but on low incomes or more advantaged people who have had contact with the mental health services.

      Contact with the mental health services is a career and life-killer, I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it. Doesn’t matter how minor your ‘problem’ was or what the circumstances were, should unpleasant people in the pay of the British state even years in the future decide that they want to get you the sack, take your kids away or indeed even take possession of your foetus before it has been delivered, the Help that you received will rear its ugly head!

      Your link is right that this exploded under New Labour. Medical and welfare officials were given vastly expanded responsibilities including of areas in which even if they weren’t corrupt they had no expertise. Terrible misjudgements were made resulting in lives being utterly ruined and even if the ‘mistake’ was ever admitted, by that time the consequences could not be undone. Children had been removed and didn’t know their parents, people had committed suicide or spent years in prison or had been destroyed by being incarcerated in appallingly abusive ‘care settings’.

      At the same time, the general public were urged to Ask For Help ooh psychiatry isn’t like people think! It IS, it absolutely is. Institutions like Denbigh no longer exist but the same people who worked and managed those places STILL run the mental health system. Lies and perjury are pretty much the order of the day, contempt for patients and unresponsive ‘services’ that are at best utterly mediocre or at worst downright dangerous are the norm and those running them will never ever admit it when they’ve screwed up.

      It really can be traced to the big paedophile rings of the 70s and 80s, it was the Social Services/mental health services who ran those rings, they infiltrated pretty much the whole of the UK and the same people are at the helm! They’re in all the charidees now as well, that’s why there is no end of Shock Horror when yet another dodgy person is revealed to be Patron of the NSPCC or something. It is a huge problem that Parliament is too frightened to tackle.

      Much of the Screening is just as sinister. At best it is about encouraging a passive, dependent population and much of the Research was fiddled anyway, the success of the Screening programmes is very questionable but a lot of careers depend upon it so no, no-one will be admitting anything in the near future. At worst the Screening is a bloody nightmare. I have known for years that some docs urging their female patients to go for regular Fanny Inspections were definitely doing it for ‘personal gratification’ and I knew of sexual assaults on patients. What I didn’t know until I began this blog is that some of that crowd have actually been covertly filming ‘screening’ and a lot of people then purchase the footage…

      No patient should really have to fear that any type of medical should accompany a genuine risk of a pervert taking liberties but this is happening and to quite a substantial extent as well. It took a while for it to dawn on me, but one of the movers and shakers behind the UK cervical screening programme was Jocelyn Chamberlain, wife of Bodger. Jocelyn was Bodger’s accomplice in that ring… They really were desperate to get into people’s undies, I used to watch and listen aghast…

      Then I realised why no-one EVER told the patients that there was not enough staff in the labs anyway to make the screening programme effective, that no-one was being honest with patients about the number of mistakes, false positives and negatives etc and that the data was all rigged. Had they ever really wanted to effect a cervical cancer screening programme, they would never have done what they did. The effect of what Jocelyn and her mates did do however was to result in thousands and thousands and thousands of perfectly healthy young women with bugger all chance of developing cervical cancer to render themselves very vulnerable to docs and others involved in organised abuse.

      I KNEW that assaults were taking place and I heard one other person at St George’s allude to that as well. One person at St George’s snapped at me that there really was no reason for me to ‘get so bloody heated up’ about this. Oh I think there was actually, because I have by now been told again and again and again what actually HAPPENED to those girls and women, sometimes resulting in injuries. Complaints are met with aggression and denial and women are left never daring to tell anyone but their mates what happened to them…

      I am fed up of being told that I am in the realms of fantasy here, I AM NOT, indeed the landscape is worse than I imagined, since I began this blog I was told about the hidden cameras in the clinics run by the worst. Including in north Wales…

      So what has to happen for people to wake up then? Do women who have experienced assaults have to sacrifice their confidentiality and privacy and appear in the fucking Guardian discussing Their Hell and ooh I can still smell his body a la True Life Jimmy Savile Experiences? Or can they be afforded the confidentiality that they are constantly promised comes with everything Screening? The member of the Royal Family who’s smear test results were being passed around London in the 1990s had no idea that her Screening was so publicly available.

      These people CANNOT be trusted and everyone in Gov’t knows something about this.

      1. It’s shocking the extent of how these corrupt institutions behave and get away with it. Could it be that all the institutions can’t take action against each other due to the fact they are all at it?
        I read somewhere a few yrs ago that councils in England had to reach a quota re adoptions, in order to receive monies from central govt. i.e if they didn’t put a certain amount of kids in care then there would be no readies. If one was motivated by money, and let’s be honest most councils are run by greedy twats, then forging concerns against parents would be a given. Scary stuff. Added to that, the trafficking of kids in institutions that you’ve alluded to sure does need a continuous supply of ‘fresh meat’, which might explain how the above is endorsed.

        1. Yes, that’s how it works. There are circles of professional people who’s co-operation is needed for trade in human beings and they’ve all been at it for decades, they know each other well and their own children have often grown up and joined the family business. It is never ending because of that. If your dad is a farmer no-one thinks twice that you want to be a farmer too, but what if you’re dad or mum is a crooked solicitor who’s in with Dafydd??

          Tony Francis’s son Adrian is a barrister in Manchester, working with his mum and dad’s old mates. Adrian specialises in Medical Matters; not that he works on behalf of patients, Adrian works for NHS and Social Services organisations who have harmed patients! Tony used to tell people that Adrian was a Human Rights lawyer!! Mind you so are Cherie and Charlie Falconer. Adrian probably knows them, Michael Beloff QC got his dad’s mates out of the crap in 1996 and Beloff is mates with Cherie and Miranda.

          This began years ago but it wasn’t helped by the last three decades of awfulness in which the only thing that matters is if you have an expensive suit or shop at the right places. Being poor has become an object for mockery ‘ooh Wetherspoons, ooh Greggs hee hee, well they’ve got more money than you haven’t they, oh well where have all your degrees got you then HUH working in the chicken factory at Llangefni’. Well I wasn’t going to be a fucking Angel working for Dafydd was I MORONS.

          1. The sooner people wise up to these ‘pillars of the community’ the better off the people will be. Unfortunately the peasants keep buying into the system that is shafting them I.e voting for gatekeepers of the state be it Boris Johnston,May,Corbyn or Farage. A peasants revolt is long overdue in blighty.

          2. I don’t get frustrated with the peasants any longer; there are so many lies told, so much skulduggery and so many Wheels Within Wheels that the poor old peasants don’t have a hope in hell of making an informed choice at the ballot box. I used to get cross with the peasants voting for pillocks but gosh no longer. I was relatively well informed but I’ve found out so much more since writing this blog that I don’t think I will ever be rude about a voter’s choice again, they really are not given the info needed. I used to particularly get cross with women who voted for scumbag women on the grounds that they were women who’d help other women but how can they ever know what the Julies and the Janes and the Yvettes and the other Strong Wimmin are up to? No-one’s going to tell them and the men won’t dare because they’ll be accused of being, well, men!

  7. True enough. Perhaps its best if the peasants refused to participate(vote). In that way, if enough numbers did so, the peasants would be refusing to endorse being governed by these twats. At the end of the day these twats need the peasants consent to be governed although the peasants don’t realise that’s the case. If enough rejected the corrupt system they’ve been asked to endorse(vote) then that said system becomes illegitimate and has no authority to govern.

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