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    1. The latest journal article re matters mental health that Brown and I co-authored is now available to read on the website of the journal ‘Health’.

      On my biography it mentions that I have over 30 years of experience of being a mental health service user. If readers wonder why Brown and I attached such a vomit-inducing comment to our biographies it is because it is now getting very difficult to have an academic article published in the field of mental health let alone raise funds for research unless one of those involved outs themselves as an Empowered Service User. I resisted this for ages but all we got were ‘peer reviewers’ telling us how good the article/project was but ooh it is disgusting that there is not a Service User on the team. We did write back to a few people explaining that I was indeed a Service User and that Brown has many years experience as a carer, but we were of the opinion that people should not be obliged to reveal confidential personal information about themselves in an academic context. We were either ignored or met with a furious response.

      I would very much have preferred to write on my biography that I was victimised by a trafficking gang facilitated by the British state for over 30 yrs, but I don’t think that Sage journals would allow that…

      I keep wondering when people researching or publishing on STIs will have to reveal that one of the team has syphilis… How about it Professor Beresford? It was you who began this gross invasion of privacy wasn’t it, with your demands that you should be afforded a special status by being the Only Professor Who’s An Out Service User and that people who were not Service Users had no right to comment? You are also a former social worker who never mentioned the abuse of clients aren’t you Peter…

      1. Now here’s a funny thing.

        The Service Users Champ Peter Beresford hit the big time at about the same time that the scandals with regard to children in care being abused became painfully public ie. the late 1990s. Peter Beresford was a regular in ‘Community Care’ (the social work in-house magazine) and the pages of ‘Guardian Society’ (aimed at social workers).

        When I was in the Hergest Unit in 2002, I had just registered for a Masters in Education and was fishing around for PhD opportunities. At the time, I was a voluntary patient and they were actually being nice to me to demonstrate that Things Had Changed. I was allowed out to the library where I was using the computer. Beresford had recently been in the media and because he was still relatively new on the scene it hadn’t become quite so obvious that he NEVER discussed the most serious abuses of mental health patients. I e mailed and phoned Beresford and he replied and he was very pleasant. He asked me what the conditions in the Hergest were like and I told him that I was being treated very well and that the staff were supportive of my attempt to return to academia. Which, for those two weeks, they had been.

        I had no more contact with Beresford that summer but within two weeks of me telling him that Hergest had now really got their act together, the trouble started; sectioned, transferred to a locked ward, assaulted by Angels, arrested, the attempt to fit me up for ‘threatening to kill’ Alun Davies, the NHS manager…

        My documents show that all this was planned BEFORE that display of well-meaning support and the exchanges with Peter Beresford… It was all a trap because I had qualified as a teacher and was moving out of the Service Users Gehetto… they needed me back in my cage because I was still talking about Dafydd et al and the Waterhouse Report had just completed the whitewash.

        Years later when I was a post-doc I received a very angry e mail from a friend of Beresford’s asking me why I was publishing what I was about mental health and that did I realise that Beresford could Help me and that I should be working with him? I had by then noticed that Beresford was just not talking about the most serious abuses which was why I never contacted him again. Over the next few days I was bombarded with e mails from Mr Angry demanding to know why I was Rejecting Peter Beresford and the Service Users Movement. (Answer – because they are stooges and it is a scam.)

        After I began this blog I was told that Beresford had links with the north Wales mental health services and forces had United to deal with the problem which was me. I thought surely not… I didn’t say a word on the blog because I thought no matter how much Beresford irritates me, I am not going to make unfounded accusations.

        I am still not accusing Peter Beresford, this may all be coincidental. But a lot of people in social work and a lot of people in Gov’t and high places really really wanted to shut Brown and me up post-Waterhouse.

        If any readers know of any links that Peter Beresford or Suzy Croft his co-author – who I understand is also his wife – have with north Wales do please tell. I do already know about a few links that Peter has with other powerful people who used Service User Involvement as a smokescreen for collusion with abuse…

        The security services were of course still monitoring me when I was in contact with Beresford.

        The name’s Bond, James Bond. And he wasn’t there to Empower Service Users…

        Professor Beresford: out of all the patients who were in Bryn Golau Ward in Denbigh in Dec 1986, I understand that I am the only one who is still alive. They ran a murderous crime empire Peter and you knew that.

        1. My suspicions centre upon Jane Hutt. I have eyes and ears everywhere Jane and I haven’t blogged about many of the links yet. But don’t think that I haven’t noticed. Guy’s Hospital Jane, Guy’s Hospital… LSE, LSE… The Wimmin’s Movement… Possible accomplices’ names have been coming in thick n fast for weeks now.

          A violent wife beating psychiatrist who studied at Guy’s Jane whom everyone knew should not have been allowed to qualify? Who later rocked up at Hergest, claiming to be a Radical Psych with Special Understanding as a result of his own status as a former User? Sadly it all unravelled when he assaulted his wife so badly that she was sectioned herself and his kids had to be taken into care. The GMC refused to act on my complaint about him. His family knew Dafydd…

          RAUS, RAUS, RAUS.

          1. George Thomas, Labour vote puller in south Wales and child molester; tireless supporter of Top Doctors and their charidees.

            Jane Hutt, south Wales Labour Councillor/AM, daughter of a Guy’s Top Doctor, social worker and Wimmin’s Champ.

            Ann Clwyd, south Wales Labour MP, grew up near Denbigh, Wimmin’s Champ. Did (eventually) speak out about abuse of kids in care in north Wales and spoke out about NHS when her own husband was kicked in the teeth as he lay dying. But Ann hasn’t returned to the topic of NHS abuse, no detailed report or stats were produced and not a great deal has changed. But at least Cameron Acted by using the talents of Ann. I was daft enough to think that Ann had her teeth into this. Er, no. She did what everyone has done – realised the scale of the nightmare and retreated.

            Professional people – like Ann’s husband – are now dying like Empowered Service Users. And everyone is terrified.

            It’s because they were all in it up to their necks. There is no-one to Chair the Inquiries, to be the Tasr etc who is not dripping in blood.

            First they came for the Empowered Service Users and I did not speak out because I wasn’t an Empowered Service User. So they sent Peter Beresford and Dr Andy Jones along in disguise…

        2. Sally Marvelous work congratulations -I would love to read your publication in total and importantly I hope it is taken note of by those who need to learn from it – hopefully it will end up in relevant libraries One snag -I get this opinion from the reading the introduction only as it is behind a paywall – can you make the whole publication available on your blog?
          Which makes me wonder – has Sage read your blog?! Probably some of your readers will be letting them know of it if not….they will be furious you were able to get it into a serious journal.
          Regarding the odious P Beresford , one of the crowd of those who sold out after making their name in the ‘user movement’ he was a member of Survivors Speak Out during the early days of hope for change – shame he didn’t speak out

          1. Thanks!
            Yes unfortunately most academic publications are now behind a paywall. However Brown puts as many of his publications that he can on his own website in a downloadable format; the publications that I have co-authored with him are available there as well:


            Brown probably hasn’t had time to get our latest one up on his site yet because it has only just been published, but it will be up on there soon.

            We don’t usually get any credit for our mental health stuff; we are too rude about those caring sharing services, although our less critical comments frequently reappear in the publications of those who speak for Service Users to Gov’t, don’t they Rachel Perkins?

            I have no idea whether Sage have read this blog, although I do know that Brown and I were ‘passed over’ for many things because of our rather too outspoken books…

            Survivors Speak Out at one point were genuinely radical and presented a challenge to the whole rotten institution of psychiatry; then Peter Beresford eclipsed all of that…

            Brown and I were critical in isolation of Beresford for a while but we began to meet more and more people who, like us, were really pissed off with what he was doing. He became the Official Spokesman for every Service User in the UK but he wasn’t revealing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

            Peter was the most dangerous of a group of academics who claimed to be the Only Authentic Voice of the Oppressed; he was the most dangerous because the people whom he spoke for were the most vulnerable and were dying while he said nothing. But there was a genre of such folk.

            There was Marion Bowl who seemed to think that she was the only person who could speak for disadvantaged university students and I was in the conference lecture when Dr Lisa McKenzie stood up and told us all ‘I’m not like the rest of you; I’m working class’. I presume that Lisa has discovered by now that sociology is one discipline that attracts a good number of academics who grew up in disadvantaged/unusual/outsider conditions. How Lisa believed that she was the Only Working Class Sociologist on the planet I do not know. The last time that I followed Lisa’s twitter feed she was tweeting things like ‘Who’d be a working class woman academic?’ There’s quite a few of them actually Lisa and their lives are a damn site easier than the lives of late night cleaners…

            The problem is that those who have had the hardest time do not usually advertise it. I know of at least one other academic who was a patient in the North Wales Hospital when he was a teenager and there is at least one academic who was a kid in care in north Wales and who was abused by those we know and love. When that sort of thing has happened to you, you don’t advertise it. Such folk are unusual but they do exist. They felt as insulted as I did by Peter et al…

            Furthermore, I do not want people silenced in the mental health debate just because they are not a Service User. There was a huge problem when Service Users were not heard at all but appointing Peter Beresford as the Universal Voice was not the answer. I judge people on the quality of their input, not on their biographies; I am impressed by the characters of the people who survived Denbigh and being a kid in care in north Wales, but their academic work is so good that it stands on its merits alone.

            Oh yeh, people usually accuse Brown of being public school as well, because he sounds posh. As Brown delights in telling them, no, he went to Scum Street Comprehensive and when he was 15 the careers teacher told his mum that he should work in a wet fish shop. I told my careers teacher that I’d like to do a degree in zoology and was told that I wasn’t clever enough to get into a poly, but I would be OK for agricultural college if I could pass five O levels.

            Get over it Lisa/Marion/Peter, there’s a lot of us about who met idiots when we were young and vulnerable; Brown, Brown’s brother and I derived much entertainment from them. Until I decided to expose Dafydd et al on this blog, I resented the intrusion into my privacy by being obliged to splash ‘I is a Service User’ on every publication, but I was forced into it. It is gross and no-one has dared challenge it. Er – and every bit of research has shown that Service Users HATE being called Service Users. But Peter sez, so that’s what we are…

            But then Yvette Cooper speaks for me because she has ovaries.

            I do wish that they’d all fuck off.

  1. Thanks to everyone for the news stories and to Sharron for her latest e mails, I’ve been out all day, I will get through it all later this evening.

    Yes, I heard about the Tuam babies on the radio. 800 babies in the grounds of the mother n baby home in Ireland.

    A ‘shameful, shameful’ part of Ireland’s past! It couldn’t happen here! It’s the Catholic Church wot did it.

    Anyone ready to excavate the North Wales Hospital Denbigh? Publicise pics of the Dungeon? What about the patients who went in through the doors and disappeared without trace? And all the pregnant women who went there to be ‘assessed’ by Dafydd when they requested an abortion yet were refused anyway and emerged without their babies?

    Get digging everyone. Some of the remains will be from the 1980s not the 1880s.

    We didn’t know! Well that’s weird because I noticed people and babies disappearing without trace or explanation and I have copies of forged documentation claiming that I was a patient in the North Wales Hospital TWO WEEKS after I was physically put on a train to London by Angels, told to shut my mouth about DA and that if I ever came back to north Wales I’d be arrested. What happened when I got to London? A sex offender followed me telling me that he was going to kill me. Had my body turned up, there’d have been no investigation because there were records saying that at the time I was a patient in Denbigh!

    Good thinking Dafydd but the plan unravelled. The murderous nasty did his bit, he was waiting for me but I didn’t react as he expected. I walked down the middle of the road making myself very obvious until I got to my friend’s flat about 2 miles away. Only to find that she and her husband had also been threatened by murderous nasties which they had attributed to NF/fascist activity the Brick Lane area.

    Dafydd’s gang’s London arm operated in the Bethnal Green/Tower Hamlets area. Ken Clarke and the leftist MP Peter Shore worked together to turn a closed hospital in Shore Ditch into an AIDS hospice in the late 1980s. Many of the patients were the rent boys who had been forced into sex work when in care in north Wales and trafficked back to London.

  2. Prytherch gobbing in the fire – the only R S Thomas I recall from “O” level English. When ever you get involved in complaints re the NHS you realise you a Prytherch and are ineffective at putting out that fire.

    1. It’s because the fire is fuelled with a gallon of petrol every time that a Prytherch gobs in it.

      The NHS is a wonder to behold. People who don’t map the situation for 30 yrs and read their own and other people’s documents are always left with the feeling of ‘well we would have been listened to if only we had done [insert whatever it was that the complainant hadn’t done]’.

      They would not have been. The situation with the NHS is that there is nothing, nothing at all, that patients can do to effect change. I hate to say this, because I am by nature someone who believes that if you work at something hard enough and in the right way, you will eventually get somewhere, but the NHS is 100% unresponsive. Doesn’t matter how many people die after how many warnings about certain services/staff, it does not respond. Look at every scandal in the NHS since the 60s; the ingredients are the same. Every Report and Review identifies the same failings and proposes the same remedies. Nothing changes.

      The only thing that will shift the situation is for prosecutions to begin. Not the prosecutions of a scapegoat as in the recent case of Dr Bawa-Gharba, but prosecutions of every person with responsibility for serious harm/death, from care assistants who violently assault patients to the Top Docs/senior managers who were warned but failed to act or who lied/misled. It will have to be done carefully to avoid scapegoating the lowest in the pecking order or the person whom the others have set up to be sacrificed, but it needs to be done.

      After a few years of the Dafydds/Peter Higsons/Grace Lewis-Parrys/Angela Hopkins/Martin Jones/Elfed Roberts being escorted off the premises in handcuffs, standing in the dock and then going to prison, their ilk will no longer find the NHS a giant pig trough into which they and their mates can stick their noses with impunity. Then the people who are currently running away from the NHS in despair might just return. Prosecutions at GMC level are also needed. The collusion of that body with criminal doctors has been inexcusable.

      Even now, after so much guff about culture change and learning lessons, in the face of mass deaths or criminality, the way of dealing with criminal Docs remains a gentleman’s discussion with the killer Doc being politely asked if s/he would do anything differently if faced with the same situation again. When Dafydd was asked this after being caught illegally imprisoning someone for the second time, he was honest enough to say that no he wouldn’t. He didn’t. He continued with his life of crime. Over the next ten years, the deaths continued and the complaints poured in. There were more gentleman’s discussions and Dafydd continued in his own sweet way.

      The Harold Shipman case was said to be the GMC’s last chance. The GMC didn’t heed the warning re the danger to the public but they have ensured that no more Shipmans have been brought before them, because they know the size of the public scandal that will ensue. Dr Tony Roberts? Dr Andy Jones? Dafydd? All dangerous doctors, all involved in criminality and misconduct leading to patient harm in north Wales post-Shipman. Not one has been summoned in front of the GMC.

      Just bring these bastards to court, it is not as if there is any lack of evidence.

    1. Thanks very much for this, it brings together much other info that I have read with stuff that is new to me.

      No matter how many unsubstantiated or wild allegations are circulating, it is admitted by everyone that by the 1970s/80s, there was a massive network of child abusers across Britain and that network stretched into Europe as well; the network was based in children’s homes and was concealed by the psychiatric establishment. The biggest cover-ups have been those concerning Kincora and North Wales. Probably because these were the two scandals which involved figures from the Royal Family, because what happened at Kincora was ever worse than on the mainland – it will have been seriously bad because it was linked to the Troubles etc – and North Wales was the main production line for rent boys.

      At the time it was all successfully suppressed by the usual methods but even if people had spoken out, there would still have been disbelief because the man in the street really wouldn’t have believed that a small number of Whitehall/Westminster gents could ever have conducted themselves in such a way. They did and there is now much more discussion of how such men from an earlier generation were brutalised as boys in public schools. It did real damage, wrecked their psycho-sexual development and they did not recover.

      I still maintain that our last taboo which is holding us all back is the complete refusal by the state to admit the mass involvement of Top Doctors. They were in it up to their eye-balls, their collusion is crucial to keeping this all quiet. People don’t care about protecting Anthony Blunt/the Cambridge spies/Enoch Powell/Mountbatten et al any longer; for young people these are historical figures with no bearing on their lives. But people know exactly what will happen if anyone admits that practising Top Docs and those still at the top of that profession were deeply involved in concealing masse abuse of children/vulnerable people and the murders/wrongful imprisonment of witnesses.

      Society has given medicine/the welfare state more and more and more powers. They now underpin everything. Parents confidence in their abilities to care for their own kids has been undermined; ‘talk to your social services for parenting advice’; Docs are presented as the answer to everything even in those arenas where the system has collapsed; ‘ask your GP for talking treatments’, ‘talk to your GP if you are feeling suicidal’ (best of luck with that one…); they are the ‘gateway’ to receiving benefits, support etc for so many people. Yet their profession is rotten to the core. You bet that no-one dares admit what they have been and still are involved with.

      Professor Alexis Jay needs to ask questions about MI5 and Kincora??? Alexis would never do such a thing, she’s a drip of a social worker out of her depth who concealed abuse herself! Why else was she given the task of Chairing the IICSA?? The Shirley Oaks Survivors have already walked out of IICSA after denouncing it as a social workers’ talking shop and pointing out that it was social workers who abused them. Alexis there to Share and Listen To Stories while she wears a faux sympathetic expression while refusing to admit that her own colleagues committed/facilitated these very, very serious crimes. Alexis will be a past master; should any Survivor dare actually name someone, they’ll be interrupted with ‘well I don’t think this is going to take us anywhere positive’ and they’ll be silenced. I am bright and quite brave, I am not a trembling wreck and such techniques were used for years to shut me up in ‘mediations’ and ‘ways forward’ when I was about to discuss the crimes of named people.

      Alexis Jay and her IICSA are going nowhere, that is the point of it.

      It really is the role of the medical profession/welfare services which is the big problem. They are the first to admit that when they were younger and first heard what happened to that generation of upper crust rules in public schools they were horrified. They will admit that they were gobsmacked at how many of their patients were sexually abused – most of them… But they will not admit that the abuse was very frequently committed by their own colleagues, senior colleagues and leaders of their profession.

      As a former medical researcher, I have named former bosses of mine on this blog who were involved themselves. It is not an easy thing to get your head around, because you do think ‘God I always thought that he was a nice old buffer…’ but they really did do this. I have named a lot of my former senior colleagues from Bangor University who undoubtedly colluded. As for those who didn’t – they were all the ones whom I always thought were really nice but for some reason everyone hated them and told me that they were pains in the bum… You bet that they were; they were honest, couldn’t be corrupted and were one very, very big threat…

      Undercover police and MI5 did infiltrate the social services and mental health system, disguised as patients/relatives; they knew just how bad things were. But they didn’t stop it.

      Theresa May is only one of the leading political figures who knew and covered all of this up. They all knew, especially cuddly old Mo Mowlam. As with the Top Docs, anyone who refused to collude was removed or removed themselves from the field. They don’t have anyone who wasn’t part of the cover-up. Except the undercover officers. Who won’t reveal themselves and give evidence because it’s a Secret!

      1. PS. MI5: I know that you were faced with a very big problem. But it was my life which was deliberately wrecked. Whatever you did wasn’t enough and if you had asked my friends and I when we were in our 20s to help nail these bastards we would have said yes, because they were dangerous. You didn’t ask us, you didn’t warn us. You watched while they wrecked our lives. Leave a comment on the blog if you ever want to explain why you did that, because there are a lot of you and you are very well-resourced. You should have been able to sort this one out…

        Look forward to hearing from you Dame Stella or C or X or Dafydd or whatever you call yourself these days.

  3. “I still maintain that our LAST TABOO which is holding us all back is the complete refusal by the state to admit the mass involvement of Top Doctors.”

    … What about the tacit complicity of the royal family?

    The following individuals currently serve as, or have previously served as, Deputy Lords-Lieutenant to the Queen:

    1. Sir Cyril Smith
    2. Captain Peter Stephen Montgomery
    3. General Sir Hugh Beach
    4. Lord Edwin Bramall
    5. Lady Virginia Bottomley
    6. Cllr Robert Davis
    7. Dr Paul Knapman (Dolphin Square coroner)
    8. Dame Shirley Porter
    9. Sir Reginald Sheffield (friend of Derek Laud’s)
    10. Lady Gillian Shephard
    11. Lord David Steel
    12. Lord John Stevens
    13. Dame Fiona Woolf

    Meanwhile, the following individuals serve as Her Majesty’s Privy Councillors:

    1. John Bercow MP
    2. Lord Paul Boateng
    3. Lady Virginia Bottomley
    4. Lady Elizabeth Butler-Sloss
    5. Lord Justice Adrian Fulford (P.I.E.)
    6. Sir Edward Garnier QC
    7. Lord William Hague
    8. Dame Margaret Hodge MP
    9. Dr Julian Lewis MP
    10. Lord Peter Lilley
    11. Dame Julia Macur
    12. David Ogilvy (brother of the late Sir Angus Ogilvy)
    13. Lord Thomas Pendry
    14. Michael Portillo
    15. Sir Malcolm Rifkind QC (cousin of the late Lord Leon Brittan)
    16. Sir Simon Peregrine (judge “defrauded whistle-blower Andrea Davison of her property to keep VIP paedophile evidence from surfacing”)
    17. Lord David Steel
    18. Keith Vaz MP
    19. John Whittingdale MP

    Every “worthy” above is the subject of campaigners’ allegations of involvement in child abuse, trafficking, or cover up; or they are closely related to someone who is the subject of same. Some may very well be innocent. Others will not be.

    But it’s as if involvement in child sex abuse, child trafficking, or covering up sexual abuse is a strong qualification for membership of the the Privy Council or the ranks of Lords Lieutenant.

    What the hell kind of State grants its highest honours and privileges to *alleged* serial paedophiles, child traffickers and paedophile cover-up merchants with such baffling frequency and predictability?

    1. Hi
      Thanks for this list. I agree that it is shocking and totally unacceptable, but I mentioned the last taboo. The names that you have supplied are all out there online – even if they are not in the mainstream media – as being those of suspected/alleged child abusers or people who have concealed/colluded with child abuse. The only Top Docs names in connection with child/vulnerable people abuse, even online, are usually those of Oliver Brooke and Morris Fraser; one or two of the sites dedicated entirely to child abuse exposes mention a very small number of other Top Docs occasionally. Yet the collusion on the part of the medical and psy professions is massive, it is enormous.

      I really do believe that it is easier/more acceptable to name the sort of people whom you have named than to name Top Docs. That is why I specifically mentioned the concept of ‘taboo’. It really is taboo. The medical profession have completely colluded with it all. It was widely reported that Prince Charles was mates with Bishop Peter Ball, allowed Ball to live in one of his houses, gave Ball money and wrote him letters about the ‘ghastly man’ – Ball’s victim whom Ball has assaulted – who was saying such beastly things about Ball. Yet Docs have written medical reports for people like Ball – indeed for Ball – to get them lighter sentences, to even ensure that they are not charged, to get them insurance payments/pensions/benefits and they have written reports to discredit witnesses and the victims of the crimes. Even Prince Charles has not done that.

      Savile’s assaults on NHS patients were very, very widely known in medical circles. People did not like him but no-one grassed him up, no-one.

      The Top Docs are not as grand as the people in the list of names whom you have supplied, but far more of them are equally as guilty. You will not see them named anywhere. Partly because of the power of the medical establishment, but I think partly because the spectre of most of the medical profession being involved with concealing this is so horrible that people just don’t want to go there. Of course, those in the know are also aware that the grasses will not get treated even if they have a life-threatening condition. Which brings us back into the arena of ‘ooh, they’d never do that to patients’. Oh yes they would and they do, I’ve watched it in action. I can name people who have died as a result and it’s only a matter of luck that Brown and I didn’t. We recovered but the Top Docs didn’t expect us to. And they made it crystal clear that they would not under any circumstances be helping us…

      Far, far worse than a bunch of twats in the Privy Council. They don’t treat you for life-threatening illnesses.

    1. A Top Doctor who blew the whistle Richard, you are indeed a rare specimen. There are just a few and some are enthusiastic bloggers/tweeters, but none of them are Top Doctors any longer, except for Sian Caiach in Wales who was allowed to return to work in a menial capacity after many years of being off the Medical Register. Sian was previously a consultant surgeon who reported two of her Top Doc colleagues for running a fraud which cost the NHS much dosh. It was admitted that they were guilty. They both kept their jobs and one was promoted. Sian was struck off on the grounds that she had lost the trust of her colleagues – including the two fraudsters…

      Re Wales, there is also a former Cardiff heart surgeon who now works as a cabbie after blowing the whistle on patient safety issues…

      Dafydd remains on the Medical Register.

      UK medicine doesn’t want good docs, it really has no room for them.

  4. York Festival of Ideas 2017
    NHS England: In conversation wth Simon Stevens
    Wednesday 14 June 2017 Ron Cooke Hub

    Simon Stevens & Nicholas Timmins
    WB: organised crime in the NHS ( former GP East Yorks)
    CEO: I don’t recognise that term

    end of conversation, stands up & leaves…

    1. ‘collect your cash & keep your head down’
      Dr Craig Melrose
      Medical Director NHS England North East & Cumbria
      Darlington 14 March 2016

      NB. said to a GP whistleblower who had waited 4 months to discuss organised criminal activity in the NHS.

      1. Operation Goldfinch Richard. A major police investigation into sexual and physical abuse of children in south Wales children’s homes. In 2006 it was reported that £3 million had been paid out to a number of adults who had been abused as kids in the homes in the 1970s and 80s, as a result of a class action brought by a south Wales solicitor. Fears were expressed by lawyers for Cardiff City Council that if the cases continued, the compensation could be unmanageable. Guess what? The cases dried up…

        If kids in care in north Wales made too many complaints or it was found that 14 yrs olds were pregnant and they maintained that this was the result of them being raped by social workers/other professionals, those kids were sent to homes or ‘units’ in south Wales, accompanied by a Top Docs report about them being ‘very disturbed’.

        Who escaped all mention and all accusations in Goldfinch? Who do you think Richard? Top Doctors. Not one mention of why Top Docs in north Wales sent raped, pregnant teenagers from children’s homes in north Wales to homes/units in south Wales, where someone would have known about and ‘dealt with’ the pregnancy.

        The Top Docs involved in north Wales included Dafydd, Tony Francis, DGE Wood et al. Their friends in south Wales – such as Dr Chris Hunter – received the victims.

        Not one word of the key role which Top Docs played. No Top Docs sued. Just a few bottom feeding social workers.

        Familiar story isn’t it?

        After the class action, in terms of the kids homes in Cardiff it was stressed that none of the staff named as abusers worked for Cardiff any longer. The Councillors who sat on the Councils running the homes investigated in Goldfinch were sitting in the Senedd as AMs but that wasn’t mentioned. One of them had served as Health Minister, one was married to the FM, one was the FM’s SPAD…

        Any more politicians care to mention the name of horrible old businessmen as Workplace Bullies while using Parliamentary privilege? And the use of NDAs to silence people is shocking isn’t it. Far better to deny that the mass abuse of vulnerable people and the murders of witnesses took place over decades and to forge the documentation/declare them mad/ arrest them on trumped up charges/not answer their letters if one is Secretary of State etc etc…

        Of course, if medical negligence is alleged, there must be an Independent Expert opinion to support the claim. Written by a friend of the abusers.

        Trebles All Around!

        1. PS. It also helps if the lawyer who has read the 10,000 pages of evidence disappears off the face of the fucking earth two weeks after she has been told that her client and a witness have been threatened at gunpoint, after telling the client that her case will be transferred to a colleague and that colleague then writes to the client to tell them that if they want to continue with this case they’ll have to find another lawyer. To ensure that they do not find another lawyer, the colleague of the disappearing lawyer will tell the client that for some reason she owes them £10k, but if she wishes to go no further with the case, accommodation will be made re that £10k. The particular accommodation being thanking me for paying the £10k when I hadn’t, but had simply written saying ‘I’m sorry, I don’t have £10k, I’m homeless, jobless and in hiding, I obviously can’t continue with this case.’

          If Peter Hain wishes to use Parliamentary privilege to name RACHEL VASMER and WALKER SMITH WAY of Wrexham/Chester for running away from organised crime in the NHS, he can be my guest. Lord Hain might also like to name THEO HUCKLE QC, Counsel General for Wales, as someone who also read the 10,000 pages and saw no evidence of medical negligence. Theo saw no evidence after I was threatened at gunpoint and Rachel disappeared.

          Walker Smith Way have now been taken over by Slater and Gordon. So they’ve all disappeared. Except for Theo, he’s in Doughty Street Chambers with St Helena of the Kennedy and George Clooney’s wife.

          See you in the Lords when you name them Peter, I’ll be in the Strangers Bar or whatever you call it, I’ll want a ring side seat for the Event.

  5. Yes it does . I think that you will find that dragons are not the bad guys, in fact quite the opposite. There main interest is TRUTH.

  6. Rachel Vasmer who specialised in clinical negligence cases is now a District Tribunal Judge sitting in Shrewsbury and was appointed in 2011. Presumably she is still there? Not sure of the timings here (as you dont mention the year) but she is an amputee and has many of her own physical conditions to deal with – was she disabled when she took on your case? If not that could explain the reason why she disappeared. If you were aware of her disabilities, then maybe she moved onto greener pastures with maybe the associated pay increase – appears a little odd as she was very good at her job winning high profile negligence cases but with her physical problems fatique would set in pretty quick so she was probably done in by the end of the day and also at the time had a couple of teenage children to cope with.
    Lawyers dont come cheaply – they gave you a bill for £10k? Could you not initially access legal aid?

    1. Well I’m glad that you’ve found out where Rachel is because after she told me that she was abandoning my case to become a Tribunal judge I couldn’t find out where she had gone! Thanks for telling me where she is.

      Yes, Rachel has quite severe disabilities herself and does use that as a selling point; not that she needs to, Rachel is very bright and a very good lawyer and she knew damn well how serious my case was. Which is why I wasn’t very impressed when I told her that I had been threatened by a police officer with a gun only to be told by her that I should report it to the police! So which one of his mates should I have reported him to then Rachel? One with an even bigger gun???

      Yes, I did get legal aid. It stopped as a result of an Independent Expert Opinion – which turned out to have been written by a mate of someone who worked at the Hergest Unit – but because the wrongdoing actually escalated after we stopped the case, we had enough evidence to begin another case. Which was when guns were produced…

      It was fucking endless Emily, I and everyone who supported me was threatened and harassed non-stop in front of witnesses who were then threatened if they made statements…

      Serious Organised Crime.

      I can understand that Rachel might have thought that she’d get her own head blasted off with a sawn-off if she continued, but she could have just been honest enough to say that this was beyond her capabilities…

      1. The NHS everyone. The fucking NHS. That is what happened when I took on the caring sharing Top Doctors. Guns. Even my lawyers scarpered.

        Wake up, just fucking well wake up.

        1. Emily:
          One factor that may have influenced Rachel in deciding to walk out on my case could well have been her own disabilities. It won’t have been fatigue; as you may know Rachel was left with serious physical problems as a result of clinical negligence when she had an accident as a teenager. Rachel was so seriously buggered up by the Top Doctors then that she needs on-going care and certainly in about 2006 she was talking about yet more major surgery that she would be having over the coming years.

          Rachel knew what Top Docs do to people who piss them off and she knew that if that knife slipped when she was on the operating table there would not be one Top Doc in the UK who would admit what had happened may not have been accidental…

          Rachel not only read for herself the admissions of serious crime on my medical records but she also knew that one ‘expert witness’ had told Rachel that he could not give us his opinion because he knew them at the Hergest Unit, so he recommended another expert witness; who was not only his mate but also had links with the Hergest Unit…Rachel knew that the ‘expert witness’ whom we used and who had been payed a great deal of money not only had links to the Hergest but lied in his report.

          Rachel told me that she was unhappy with what he had done and ‘would never use him again’ but did not make any representations about the lies in the report. She told me never to show anyone the report and never to tell anyone what was in it, because it would be used by the Hergest Unit to discredit me. Even though we could demonstrate that the Expert had lied and lied and lied… I told Rachel that I had no intention of keeping quiet about this dishonest man.

          So Rachel is either someone with a wicked sense of humour who knew that Brown and I would one day expose this network of absolute bastards or she didn’t want to die on the operating table or she was Of Them. Or she was just terrified. The problem is Rachel, that they have carried on killing people and lying about it…

          And the dishonest expert witness – Robert Kehoe – whom Rachel was prepared to keep schtum about – has expanded his business, now has a Harley Street practice and is Medical Director for Cygnet, a US healthcare company who are rapidly expanding and picking up NHS contracts across the UK. Just after Kehoe lied abot Brown and me in his Expert Report, Kehoe’s business partner rocked up at DMU as an academic in DMU’s law school. Then the senior managers at DMU received a letter telling them that Brown was a ‘known paedophile’.

          It was obvious to anyone that by this time my life was at risk and that DMU owed a duty of care to Brown who was being harassed. These facts were acknowledged by no-one, no-one at all.

          In the face of all this I hope that readers can understand my contempt for weak vain politicians who are tweeting Me Too and pledging their support for Wimmin.

  7. I wonder how she would react if you made contact with her? That would tell you a lot about why the walked out on your case. If she refuses to speak with you then know doubt she has been nobbled!

    1. In my younger day Emily I would indeed contact Rachel and ask for clarification. But I have now been lied to and deceived so many times by so many people, including some of those who posed as my friends and supporters and who knifed me with a smile on their face and with excellent manners, that I’m not sure that I would find anything out.

      It is one thing to deal with aggressive loonies like Dafydd who threaten one and boast about having killed patients and got away with it, but how does one judge manipulative liars who have been up to no good without one’s knowledge but who have excellent social skills? If such folk are confronted, they either tell more lies or pretend to be the victim themselves. I have documentation demonstrating much of what went on, but I have received info that a lot of people were very busy on the telephone with regard to damaging me and I don’t have records of all of those calls.

      The name of one person who is alleged to have done this which has been repeatedly given to me recently but whom I haven’t yet mentioned on the blog is Sue Collick, the Secretary to the VC when I worked at Bangor University. I’ve been told that Sue read all of the e mails that I sent to the VC re the threats and harassment of me – I kept him informed because I and other witnesses were threatened in work hours on University premises and my office and computer were repeatedly accessed by unknown people – and that Sue was doing all sorts of favours for all sorts of unpleasant people when the VC was under attack by those we know and love as well.

      Sue Collick was always charm itself to me and I had no idea that she might have been doing this, but she was in a position of huge trust at Bangor and if she had been nobbled the potential for damage would have been enormous. If Sue was accessing info and doing deals with unscrupulous people, it might explain why one day after I rang her and asked her to tell the VC or the Registrar that a car had just tried to run me off the road on my way to work and I told her where I was ringing from, that 10 mins after the call, the same car reappeared and drove straight at me again…

      I got so fed up with it I just decided to include it all on the blog. What else can one do in the face of endemic corruption and people who have the ability to lie convincingly, which some people do have? It is after all how they get into positions of trust in the first place…

      The only bit of dirt that anyone ever had on Sue Collick was that she was having an extra-marital fling with someone in the University which was unknown by most because one of his colleagues was having a more high profile extra-marital fling with someone else, which took the spotlight off Sue’s Ugandan activities. I know about this because Sue had a good laugh about it to someone known to me who remarked on Sue’s ruthless streak.

      Now Sue, was it Fungus who put you up to reading Merfyn’s e mails – the ones which you DID NOT have permission to read – because after Merfyn’s wife died Fungus was telling everyone that they could forget about Merfyn because he was finished, it was Fungus running things now… And Lyn Meadows definitely considered herself to be working for Fungus, as did many other people. I didn’t. I also had more dirt on Fungus than any of you could ever imagine, but I’m not a fuckwit like you so I didn’t try and use it in the way that you all would. DOH!!!! Brown and I like writing books suckers, what else did you think that we would do with the info???

      1. P.S. Sue and Fungus’s other puppets:

        Fungus was found dead. Fungus didn’t intend to die and he wasn’t in the sort of ropey state that so many of his age – not that he was very old – are in. Think about it dipsticks and ask yourselves if it was worth doing the dirty work to protect a bunch of murdering Top Doctors. I bet that they didn’t actually save the life of your disabled little boy did they Sue, even if that was one of the bargaining chips used?

        1. When you know that they have KILLED someone (Nerys??) you do NOT succumb to them you fucking idiots. You kick them very, very hard and you carry on kicking them until they are no longer in a position to murder people who have crossed their path…

          I have a lot more kicking still to do Top Docs…

  8. Are you referring to the BMA’s symbol Wise Owl, the rod with the serpent coiled around it? A snake – certainly an appropriate symbol.

    The Rod of Asclepius is of healing and medicine isn’t it. Whoever is holding it, it certainly isn’t the Top Doctors and the BMA. While I accept that there are honest docs – and indeed honest docs who have suffered themselves for standing up the bastards who run their profession – as a whole, that profession has been in a terrible state for a very long time. It needs to have all power and responsibility removed from it. I will never forgive them for what has happened; this was no misjudgement or a case of bad apples, the whole barrel is more rotten than anyone could ever imagine.

    Neither should anyone ever fall for ‘We’ve failed, we’re sorry’ if indeed that ever comes. They are not sorry and they didn’t ‘fail’, they deliberately let people die slowly and painfully who had challenged them. These are seriously nasty people and they need a Bigger Boy to obliterate the whole lot of them. Go ahead and let me die of a brain tumour in the future then you fuckers, I’ve written this blog now and I will never regret it. It’s not as if you didn’t leave me to die on every occasion when I was in a life-threatening situation. Go for it wankers, you’ve had your chips now no matter how much you are deluding yourselves…

    They certainly do turn Victim themselves when in a corner Wise Owl. On the morning that Rachel Vasmer summoned Keith Thomson, the CEO of the NW Wales Trust who TERRORISED his staff, in front of a High Court judge who ordered Thomson to hand over my medical records or face prison, Thomson sent us a message begging us to call off the dogs, saying that he was ‘distressed’ by our action…

    Fuck off Thomson, you should have been in prison for a very long time. Instead Brian Gibbons smuggled you out of Gwynedd and put you in charge of the NHS in Pembrokeshire!! Distressed??Distressed??? How distressed were you exactly to have gone and done it all again in west Wales???

    There is only one person who comes out of this with any credit. Brown. I would have died long ago without his eyes and ears and brain.

    This blog is for Foxy, for Angel, for Nerys , for Phil, for Anne, for Ros, for Vince and all the others whom you exterminated Top Docs… I don’t care how distressed any of you are. You deserve everything that is coming your way. You are vile, absolutely vile.

    1. Dr Susan Elizabeth Butler is a BMA hero(ine).
      In her capacity as Medical Director, East Yorkshire Wolds & Coast Primary Care Trust she ‘ informally’ referred a local GP whistleblower to the GMC on mental health grounds despite no evidence to support this action. A Consultant Occupational Physican & Consultant Pyschiatrist had prior to referral reported no problems.
      The crime to accuse a GP colleague of murder, drug diversion, drug dependency and financial fraud.
      You can’t make it up can you Sue.


      1. Confounding factors :-
        Dr X qualified in 1979, Dr Y (X-1) qualified in 1977, Dr Z ( X2) qualified in 1967.
        Dr Butler (n=X+Y+Z) qualified in 1976 from the University of Leeds.
        NB. Dr Y is the brother of Dr X. Dr Z was the Senior Partner of Dr X and Dr Haynes ( the outlier). Dr Z appointed the reference doctor n.
        I hope that is all clear.

        1. The drug dependency of Dr X was accepted as fact but informally dealt with by the PCT, interestingly by referral to the Consultant Occupational Physican who had assessed Dr Haynes.
          It was recommended that subsequently GPs should not be registered as patients of their dispensing practice colleagues.
          Well done Sue.

          1. The claim for injuries following a RTA by Dr X by completing clinical findings on their own medical record under a GP colleagues name ( with their knowledge ) was accepted as fact, but no action was taken by the PCT.
            Well done Sue.

          2. The Care Quality Commission found serious failings in the recording of controlled drugs( years later) at the Branch Surgery.
            Well done Sue.

          3. Humberside Police did find a number of ‘sudden and unexpected deaths’.
            They were reassured.
            Well done Sue.

      2. ‘Mental health’ grounds is the absolutely blog standard excuse used to go gunning for a whistleblower in health/social care contexts. It is why health n social care professionals are the most bigoted group of people in the UK re mental health patients/problems; they work in a context in which a mental health problem, real or imagined/accused, is the end of one’s career and acceptance in polite society.

        I have come across numerous instances of whistleblowers being referred to occ physicians on ‘mental health’ grounds, when everyone admits that there were none.

        My own case at St George’s was one such experience. I did not under any circumstances want to see the occ health physician; I was ‘advised’ to. I ignored the ‘advice’, so I was ordered to. After one meeting with the dreadful Nicky Mitchell-Heggs, I decided that she was a bourgeois idiot – I was 28, doing a PhD and only interested in publishing; Nicky only wanted to talk about two things – the complaints that I’d made about Dafydd et al in north Wales and whether I had a ‘boyfriend’. But throughout my entire younger years, all Top Docs ever wanted to talk about was whether I had a ‘boyfriend’; obviously for Gwynne and Dafydd it was an easy route into trying to discuss sex with female patients, but in the end I got so sick of these wankers that I thought look I’ll just deny all ‘boyfriends’ and see what they do. Hilarious – sort of gurning and confused noises, then the classic – ‘ooh but you’re an attractive girl, surely you must have a BOYFRIEND’, I’d cheerily say ‘ooh no, I’m single’, then it would be ‘ooh well would you like a boyfriend?’ and I’d say ‘no thank you, I’m quite happy’, oh the fucking confusion, hilarious, well I obviously wasn’t a lesbian I mean I was an ‘attractive girl’, how could I have been??, surely I must be shagging someone???? or at least wanting to???

        Anyway, when Mitchell-Heggs started harping on like some sort of Jackie magazine, I thought well this one hasn’t got a brain, I’m not wasting my time here. I was SENT back to her again… She then started sending me to psychiatrists – Top Docs who were facilitating the paedophile gang in south London and who knew Dafydd – and I now have the documentation.

        They could not find anything wrong with me. Furthermore Mitchell-Heggs herself wrote that ‘her behaviour at work is not a problem’. Despite this admission, M-Heggs asked psychiatrists to tell her whether I was ‘a danger to patients’ no less. I’m sure they’d have loved to have said yes, but er no, they couldn’t find any evidence that I was. I was then arrested on the basis of the perjury of the Drs Francis and bail conditions were to stay in Springfield Hospital – where the trafficking ring was being run. Springfield were horrifically negligent, they did not give a fuck about any patients, but I made some good friends with other patients.

        After three weeks I was discharged. I wasn’t told anything, I was just discharged and when I got home there was a letter from St George’s telling me that I had taken ‘an extremely long time off sick’ (3 weeks) and this had caused huge disruption in the lab. The letter made it clear that if I dared go back to work I was going to be treated even worse than I had been. They gave me a nice hint by telling me that they were sure that i wouldn’t want to go back to work and if I left on sickness grounds I’d get a few weeks salary. I’d had enough, I left.

        I now have all the documentation. Springfield noted that I was suicidal and they were good enough to state that this was solely as a result of the extreme stress that I had been placed under by the repeated arrests and attempts to imprison me. They could not see any sign at all that I was psychotic. They admitted in writing that Dafydd and they thought Tony Francis were sexually abusing patients. Their solution was to refuse to have any involvement ‘with the set up in Wales’. I didn’t read these notes for many years. What I was told by Springfield was to go back to north Wales. OK, that was my preferred option, because I really didn’t want to stay another minute in London, I had never met such fucking horrible people in my whole life. I didn’t realise that they were hosting an even bigger and better trafficking ring than Dafydd was.

        Thus the myth was born of me leaving my wonderful job in London because ooh she’s very clever but she has severe mental health problems. That label stuck with me for the rest of my life. The documents say that I was sent to an occ health physician for one reason only – because I had complained about Dafydd and refused to drop my complaints; yes, I was told to do that by my employers at St George’s!

        I did go through a very bad stage after I left London. That was because people tried to set fire to my house and kept threatening me. It was also made clear by the Top Docs that I could be dying in the street and I would not get health care.

        This is what happened. Other witnesses to Dafydd’s gang were murdered. It is disgusting, absolutely disgusting. These things happened to us in plain sight. I know that people are not trying to be upsetting when they say ‘oh God you have had such a shit time’ or ‘oh you must be really brave’, but when they do say things like that, all I can think is ‘other people died. They were murdered. Everyone knew what was happening and no-one, no-one helped.’ They killed us. In broad daylight, as we begged for help. They killed us. They ran us over with cars, they hung people with nooses and said that they’d found their bodies, they drowned people, they overdosed people, they shoved at least one person out of a tower block window, for God’s sake THEY KILLED US. And everyone stood by like dummies.

        We could not make ourselves heard. On one occasion I said to Dr Paul Nickson in the GPs surgery in Bethesda that I was fairly sure that the Francis’s were going to make another attempt at imprisoning me. He cheerfully said ‘oh I’m sure that they’re not’. Two weeks later – more perjury, request for me to be imprisoned for contempt of court…

  9. Sue was not at all troubled that the the Partners were happy to cough up £250,000 for the whistleblowing GP to leave. This became unnecessary as the GMC would sort it out.
    Well done Sue.

  10. Dr Sue showed much compassion for Dr X ‘ at this difficult time’ during their informal one to one interview.
    Well done Sue.

      1. Dr Sue was shipped into the East Riding to be ‘ in charge’ on a daily basis from Pontefract, West Yorkshire.
        Good to have local knowledge of all primary care services and personnel.
        Well done Sue you played your part very well. You are surely a hero(not).

        1. Talking of another Dr Sue, you have reminded me of another mystery.

          Sue Collick, the VC’s Secretary at Bangor, whom I have been told was accessing the VC’s e mails which she was not supposed to be accessing and doing all sorts of disgusting deals with people who were trying to damage the VC on the basis of the info that she was accessing, suddenly acquired a PhD and became Dr Sue Collick. It wasn’t at all unusual for staff at Bangor to register for PhDs, but Fungus Lowe was running a racket and flogging PhDs off to people whom he had deals with, particularly in the Business School. It was openly discussed, academics with standards were very, very worried about what was going on. Sue Collick did not have time to do that PhD, absolutely no way. She was sitting in her office next to Merfyn’s on a full time basis reading things and doing things that she should not have been doing, she had kids as well, she did not have time to do that PhD. She was registered and then POW, a few months later, it was Dr Sue!

          I don’t know how Dr Sue expected to get away with it, she didn’t even pretend to spend a credible amount of time doing it!

          So what was the deal with old Fungus then Dr Sue? If you had the brains to get a real PhD, you’d have known that Fungus was involved in crime so enormous that you really sold yourself short by stuffing Merfyn over for the price of a fake PhD and a pay rise as a PA. Even your BMW was sod all in comparison to the crime involved. Tony Blair was involved Dr Sue you big idiot, you could have got a fucking Rolls Royce.

          Miranda: when Dr Sue was driving her BMW, I was in my Nissan Micra! I don’t mind, writing about you and Cherie on this blog is a good deal more rewarding than a BMW! I can feel the hand of history upon my shoulder Miranda. If you’ve got two brain cells to rub together you will as well!

          Hilarious, Blair will do down in history as launching an attack on the VC of a small Welsh university because a PhD student was a witness to the Westminster Paedophile Ring and people were trying to kill her!

          If I was Bill and Hillary I’d have Miranda photoshopped out of all their pictures.

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