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Regarding my cousin, his finals results and that PhD place with Stephen Hawking – would you like to fess up everything that you and mum and dad Dunwoody knew about Dafydd and the paedophiles before I out your whole fucking family at some point over the next few days you vile piece of dirt?

Thanks Tamsin!

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Another person who has a bit of explaining to do –

    Norman Graham aka ‘the headmaster’, an obnoxious man who was imposed upon the Psychology Division at Aston University by Thatcher’s friend Sir Frederick Crawford, VC of Aston and Freemason. Norman harassed the staff and extinguished psychology. The Psychology Division at Aston really did suffer whilst Brown was there – and it all happened after Brown and I confronted Gwynne the Lobotomist and the paedophiles’ friends.

    The Headmaster wasn’t a psychologist – he had a background in educational studies. The Headmaster went to school in Sunderland. Which was where the paedophile ring was that had links with Dafydd et al in north Wales!

    The whole Psychology Division suffered under Crawford and the Headmaster, but one member of academic staff, Ron Easterby, fared particularly badly. Ron was forced out of his job between 1983-85 and killed himself in 1989. Which was the year that Paul Bates from Aston tried to fracture Brown’s skull! Many of the staff at Aston were of the opinion that the University treated Ron Easterby so badly that they effectively killed him.

    I met Ron Easterby once, just briefly. It was in 1982 and I’d gone down to visit Brown in Birmingham. We went out to a place called the Arts Lab, which was having a transvestites night. No, were were not busy cross dressing ourselves, we’d gone to the Arts Lab to see some films that they were showing that night and Ron Easterby’s daughter and her friends were in there as well. Ron came to pick his daughter up at the end of the films and saw Brown and came over to say hi.

    This was actually before I’d ever encountered the disgusting Gwynne, Wood and Dafydd et al, but as I mentioned on my early posts when I first started this blog, I think that the paedophiles’ friends had clocked me before I knew that I had encountered them.

    When I went to the Arts Lab I was lodging in a house in Felinheli (which was called Port Dinorwic in those days) and my landlord – who shared the house with me – was a local man in his 20s who had grown up in care until he was adopted by the lady who left him that house in her will when she died. This man had a great deal of trouble – his house caught fire before I had moved in and then it caught fire again a couple of years later. The man’s dog was shot and injured one day and he kept being hounded out of jobs. His girlfriend told me that he was having a lot of ‘bad luck’because he’d grown up in the children’s homes of north Wales. Yes – people used to say that Brown and me were having a lot of bad luck. It’s otherwise known as being targeted by the paedophiles’ friends.

    I was noticed when I moved into the house in Felinheli – because I was English and in those days I used to wear punkish clothes, so people were enquiring who the English girl was who’d moved into the house of the man being targeted by the paedophiles’ friends.

    I now know that the paedophiles’ friends were following me and everyone who knew me and were gaining personal info about all of us from the police national computer, the DVLA, the NHS and other databases. I very much suspect that they had started doing that years before I realised – probably when I moved into the house of the man whom they were targeting in Felinheli.

    What if a paedophiles’ friend had seen us in the Arts Lab chatting to Ron Easterby and his daughter – after all this was a sex abuse gang and back in the 80s places like the Arts Lab on a transvestites night had a lot of people who may have been involved in other things as well as cross dressing.

    So what were you worried that Ron Easterby knew about then Dafydd?

    I only lived in Felinheli for one term, but I did hear two snippets of info whilst I was there. One was that a driving instructor who lived in the village was unpopular locally because he was having sex with school children – I was told that he was thought to be paying them. On another occasion I was on the bus to Bangor one evening and I got chatting with the driver – I was the only passenger and when we were chatting he told me that he and his wife were really shaken up because two men had tried to abduct their 10 year old son. It was classic stranger danger stuff, the boy had been walking on the outskirts of Portdinorwic at the weekend and two men in a car had grabbed him and tried to drag him in. He yelled and kicked up such a fuss that they drove away without him. The bus driver told me that the police had been called and although his son had given a detailed description of the car and the men, nothing seemed to be happening. As the North Wales Police were colluding with a paedophile gang at the time, that is not surprising.

    As for my former landlord – after his house went up in flames for the second time he emigrated to Europe. I last heard of him about six years ago – he was doing fine and his bad luck stopped when he went abroad.

    1. Here’s another bit of bad luck –

      Back at the end of 2006 Brown and me wanted to undertake a major piece of work on the mistreatment of mental health patients and the precise ways by how so many end up in prison. Brown had a colleague at De Montfort called Prof Brian Williams who wanted to have a senior role in the project. Brown knew Brian Williams quite well and Brian was very helpful. We started planning and then a retired probation officer called Roy Bailey who had an honorary fellowship at DMU heard about our plans and said that he’d like to join in – Brown didn’t know Roy Bailey as well as he knew Brian.

      In early 2007 Brian Williams was killed in a freak road accident. A gate went into his windscreen in bad weather. But I’m getting quite used to people who are friends with Brown and me or who are working with us dying in bizarre circumstances.

      Roy Bailed died in 2009 – not in a ludicrous way, but quietly of old age – he was 83.

      Roy Bailey trained in Bristol Probation Service in the 1950s. In the 1960s he was the lead probation officer for Devon and Cornwall. After Roy retired he worked with Save the Children – an organisation that concealed organised abuse. He also worked in N Ireland – so he’ll have known about the Kincora Boy’s Home. In retirement Roy lived near Chester – stamping ground of Sir Peter Morrison, Dafydd and the paedophiles. Roy Bailey was a Christian and established Friends of Historic Chester Churches.

      A few weeks ago it was revealed that a former Bishop of Chester had been a prolific child sex abuser. I’m surprised that anyone actually noticed him among all Dafydd and Lucille’s mates out there.

      Roy Bailey will have known about the lot, including Dafydd et al. Which might explain why he only came to one project meeting but asked to be kept informed about the planned work – he was interested, but didn’t want too much input. Probably just enough to find out what we were planning to do. And whether it would be useful to a few people if yet another one of our friends or colleagues were to be found dead.

      1. Here’s another unlucky person –

        After I finished my PhD I became friendly with another person working at Bangor University, a lecturer in the School of Lifelong Learning, Dafydd Arthur Jones. He was toiling away under the insanity and the yoke of Meri Huws and was desperate to escape. Dafydd Arthur had a series of meetings with me and my former PhD supervisor and we started putting together a possible project which we would all work together on.

        After we had known Dafydd Arthur a few months he was found dead. Alone, on a mountain. He had gone out walking – he was a keen walker – and had not returned. His body was found hours later when a search party was sent out. It was concluded that he must have had some sort of heart problem and collapsed and died – although he was only 48, did not have any known heart problems and was a fit and experienced mountain walker.

        My PhD supervisor was one of the people who witnessed the campaign of terror that was waged against me by the paedophiles’ friends and he made a statement to my lawyer about it – just about at the time when Dafydd Arthur was found dead.

        Meri Huws used to work as a community social worker with Gwynedd Social Services – on Maesgeirchan, where the Ty’r Felin children’s home was, in which children were abused and trafficked to London.

        Dafydd Arthur used to attend the same chapel as the retired Vice-Principal of the Bangor Normal teacher’s training college – she knew Dafydd Alun Jones, but whether she knew that Dafyddd Alun Jones was facilitating a paedophile ring I have no idea. This lady was a leading light in the north Wales UNA and before Dafydd Arthur was found dead she organised a conference about drug abuse. Dafydd Alun Jones was invited as the keynote speaker. I threatened to leaflet the conference and publicise the Mary Wynch case and the conference was cancelled. I received a rather unpleasant phone call from a Tecwen – or it might have been a Tegwen – from the UNA. OK, it was understandable that he wouldn’t be particularly pleased, the UNA conference had just been cancelled because of me – but Tecwen/Tegwen said something in this phone call that only Dafydd Alun Jones could have told him…

        Would anyone from the UNA like to explain what they know about Dafydd Arthur’s death?

    2. Haven’t had time to name anymore accessories today, I am busy working on a post concerning more Pathetic Sharks.

      However I did listen to the Today programme this morning and heard Sarah Montague grilling Damien Green over the incident in which an illegal police raid on Green’s office which resulted in an illegal seizure of Green’s legally held computer with legal images of soft porn on it eventually led to Theresa May forcing Green out of his job. Sarah Montague repeatedly demanded to know whether Green had apologised to Theresa and reminded the world that Green is a man so depraved that he sent an image of a woman in a corset to a female friend saying that he wished he could see her in this.

      Sarah – it’s called ‘messing around with your mates’. When I was doing my PhD I shared an open plan office and very much worse than that was being said and done. In fact one day, when one of the post docs cracked a joke about our boss going swimming in a mink thong, the boss had to plead for us to stop laughing on the grounds that we were all normal people having a laugh but if a certain sort of person came in and wanted to cause problems, we could all be done for sexual harassment. Of our male boss.

      Poor old Damien has of course apologised to Theresa repeatedly for not breaking the law.

      Now would Theresa like to explain why she forced Damien out of his job for being in possession of legal soft porn, yet whilst she was a Councillor for Merton, 1986-92, she ignored a paedophile ring being facilitated by the local hospital, St George’s? In 1987 the Professor of Paediatrics Oliver Brooke was imprisoned after every cupboard in his office in the hospital had been found packed with child porn. Brooke was a key figure in a pan-European paedophile ring. Theresa kept quiet and although Brooke was imprisoned, St George’s continued to facilitate the paedophile gang.

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