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I have just purchased a copy of Martin Shipton’s biography of George Thomas aka Lord Tonypandy, ‘Political Chameleon, In Search of George Thomas’ for a bit of Christmas reading.

At the very beginning of the book there are comments from Lord Patrick Cormack, former Conservative MP and David Seligman, solicitor and former Chair, Cardiff West Constituency Labour Party. Cormack and Seligman were both friends with George Thomas and although they noticed things that puzzled them – for Seligman it was why George Thomas ever accepted a Viscountcy from Margaret Thatcher, as Thomas had claimed to detest the House of Lords – both Cormack and Seligman refuse to believe the allegations of child abuse that have been levelled at George Thomas.

Although I’ve only just skimmed through a couple of chapters of Shipton’s book, I’ve noticed that Shipton mentions a number of incidents that haven’t received widespread media coverage but did cause concern among people who did know about them, including a complaint made to the South Wales Police that Thomas had raped a nine year old boy, other complaints against Thomas from teenaged boys that Thomas had ‘touched them up’, a young man to whom for some reason Thomas paid a large amount of money in order for him to move to Australia and offers by Thomas’s mate solicitor and fellow Labour MP Leo Abse to ‘deal with’ other people who made allegations against Thomas. At one point Thomas was hospitalised for some type of STD but his hospital stay was repackaged as being for ‘waterworks trouble’. I expect to find out a lot more that I didn’t know when I read Shipton’s book.

I thought that I’d find out a bit more about Seligman and Cormack, who both maintained that their own children loved George Thomas and that they really did not have any concerns about his conduct towards them. Not that paedophiles abuse every child that they come into contact with anyway…

Patrick Cormack was the Conservative MP for Cannock, 1970-74 (he won the seat from Jennie Lee, Nye Bevan’s widow) and then for South Staffordshire, 1974-83. So Cormack was one of the local MPs when the Staffordshire Pindown Scandal was happening, when people who dared complain that children in care were being abused were framed for serious offences themselves and imprisoned, when the police framed the Bridgewater Four for the murder of schoolboy Carl Bridgewater yet ignored the masses of evidence which pointed to ambulanceman Bert Spencer and as things began to go very wrong in the NHS in Staffordshire. Patrick Cormack seems to have missed so much that I’m not in the least bit surprised that he never noticed anything untoward about George Thomas.

Cormack came from Grimsby and as a young man contested that seat whilst Tony Crosland was the sitting Labour MP as well as the Secretary of State for Education and Science. This was the bisexual Tony Crosland who was almost certainly used by Blair’s mate Hilary Armstrong’s father Ernest to conceal the abuse of children at Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead by Peter Howarth, whilst Howarth’s boss Matt Arnold colluded. Arnold and Howarth later relocated to Bryn Estyn where they established a paedophile ring which included Sir Peter Morrison, Tory MP for Chester and Thatcher’s aide.

Cormack graduated from Hull University in 1961 and until 1966 taught at his old school in Lincolnshire, St James’s Choir School. He then worked as an assistant housemaster at Wrekin College, Wellington, Shropshire, 1967-69 and in 1969 became head of Brentwood Grammar School.

Prior to 1970 Cormack was a member of the Bow Group and the Monday Club, although he resigned from both at the end of 1971.

Patrick Cormack was PPS in the DHSS, 1970-73, whilst Sir Keith Joseph was Secretary of State under Ted Heath. So Cormack was in that post whilst the paedophiles’ friend Barbara Kahan was a senior advisor to Joseph in the DHSS re children in care (see post ‘Always On The Side Of The Children’). The Barbara who later Co-Chaired the Inquiry into the Staffordshire Pindown Scandal.

By 1997 Cormack had spent 27 years on the backbenches – suddenly William Hague felt generous enough to promote him to the position of Opposition Deputy Leader of the Commons. The previous year Hague had orchestrated the cover-up into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal which was the Waterhouse Inquiry in his capacity as John Major’s Secretary of State for Wales and in 1997 Sir Ronald Waterhouse had begun taking evidence and the most dire accounts of abuse in the children’s homes in north Wales were finding their way into some media outlets – not many admittedly because there wasn’t quite the sort of interest from the media that one would expect in view of what had gone on…

Patrick Cormack was Chair of the N Ireland Affairs Select Committee, 2005-10.

In 2010 Cormack was given a peerage.

In 2011 Cormack was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Staffordshire.

Patrick Cormack is a committed Christian and was warden at Parliament’s parish church, St Margaret’s of Westminster, 1978-90. But then the STD infected child abusing George Thomas was a Methodist lay preacher.


David Seligman is the former Chair of Cardiff West Constituency Labour Party. In 1983 Seligman stood as the Labour Party candidate for Cardiff West, George Thomas’s former seat, but lost to the Conservative candidate Stefan Terlezki who held the seat until 1987.

Stefan Terlezki was born in what was then part of Poland but is now Western Ukraine and lived under both the Nazi’s and Stalin’s regimes. Terlezki came to Wales and ended up working in hotel management, running establishments in Aberystwyth and Swansea. His political career started in 1968 when he became a member of Cardiff City Council. Stefan was Chair of Cardiff City F.C., 1975-77. In 1989 Thatcher’s Gov’t appointed him the British Gov’t Representative of the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Committee on the basis that he had experienced life under totalitarian regimes. The Labour Party were very angry about this because in the 1970s Terlezki had recommending flogging football hooligans. As the whole lot of them were well aware of what George Thomas got up to I don’t think that any of them were suitable to be representatives on a Human Rights Committee.

Stefan Terlezki lost his seat in 1987 to the Labour candidate Rhodri Morgan. Rhodri originally had his eye on Jim Callaghan’s seat, Cardiff South and Penarth. When Callaghan retired in 1987 Rhodri trotted along to see Mr Big in the Labour Party in south Wales, Lord Jack Brooks, with his masterplan but Jack Brooks told him to take a running jump and suggested that he try for Cardiff West instead.

Jack Brooks was never elected to the Commons but he called most of the shots in the Labour Party in south Wales. Brooks was educated at Coleg Harlech and was Secretary of the Cardiff South East Constituency Labour Party, 1966-84. Brooks was Chair of Cardiff Labour Party from 1968 and was the first leader of the old Cardiff City Council until the Labour Group lost control in 1977, but he returned as leader of South Glamorgan County Council in 1986. Jack Brooks was Jim Callaghan’s election agent, which explains why he bagged a peerage in 1979.

Brooks was Deputy Chair of CDDC (Cardiff Bay Development Corporation) – Geoffrey Inkin was Chair. My post ‘Corruption Bay Special’ describes how the development of Cardiff Bay was meticulously planned by a group of people – including some of members of South Glamorgan County Council – who used many millions of taxpayers money to fund the redevelopment of Cardiff Docks, the redevelopment of which benefited businesses that they or their friends had interests in. There is much resentment in Wales concerning the lack of benefit to the rest of Wales from Cardiff Bay – the south Wales valleys are still wrecked and Cardiff Bay doesn’t touch the life of the rest of Wales unless one is an AM and works there. But a small group of people became very rich indeed as a result of Cardiff Bay. Jack Brooks died last year and Wales Online’s tribute to him mentioned that his ‘willingness to work across political boundaries with people like Nicholas Edwards’ was instrumental in the establishment of CBDC. Nicholas Edwards aka Lord Crickhowell was Secretary of State for Wales, 1979-87, under Thatcher and not only made a fortune out of Cardiff Bay but also concealed the criminal activity in north Wales related to the abuse of children and mental health patients.

Jack Brooks determined much of what eventually happened at Cardiff Bay. A lot of people opposed the building of the barrage, but old Jack wanted it and it happened. The proposed building of the new County Hall on Atlantic Wharf was highly controversial but Jack thought that it was a great idea – in 1984 a meeting of the County Labour Party announced that the Labour Group on South Glamorgan County Council had decided to go ahead with the building. A lot of people became very excited when it was proposed that an opera house should be built at Cardiff Bay. The architect Zaha Haddid even got as far as designing one. Jack stated that it would be built over his dead body – the opera house didn’t happen.

Jack lost his seat at the 1993 Council elections.

In 1995 Jack was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of South Glamorgan.

Jack was the Chairman of the Welsh Sports Hall of Fame from 1988 and of Sportsmatch Wales from 1992. He was Vice-Chair of the British Board of Boxing Control in 1999 and 2000 and President from 2004. The former boxer Michael Watson won a negligence case against the Board in 2001 after suffering a serious brain injury in a boxing match with Chris Eubanks – Watson’s damages were huge as a result of there being inadequate medical assistance and no oxygen supply at the match and the Board had to sell their London HQ to raise the compensation. They had to reduce their overheads to avoid bankruptcy and Brooks was instrumental in moving their head office to Cardiff to achieve this. Michael Watson may have suffered a catastrophic brain injury which nearly killed him and left him permanently disabled, but I was delighted to read that Lilibet gave him a gong for his contribution to disabled sport and that he was allowed to hold the torch at the Paralympics. Obviously that’s enough to make up for the loss of a few billion neurones.

I am wondering if Jack Brooks was anything to do with the BMA dropping their campaign against boxing some years ago.The BMA really had it in for boxing and their campaign was gathering a lot of steam – they wanted boxing outlawed. The BMA of course were playing a major role in concealing the paedophile gang in north Wales and the associated Westminster Paedophile Ring, along with the criminal activities in the mental health services. They suddenly fell completely silent about boxing and it is now being once again promoted as harmless fun for boys and young men and as ’empowering’ for young women. I would have thought that Michael Watson nearly dying in the ring would have been all the evidence that the Top Doctors needed.

Jack Brooks was a leading light in the Wales Anti-Apartheid movement with Paul Flynn – Paul Flynn knew about the abuses in north Wales and even appeared on the Vincent Kane show with Dr Dafydd Alun Jones. Flynn challenged dear old Dafydd concerning his idiotic theories about cannabis  psychosis but he never said a word about the paedophile gang that Dafydd and others at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh were concealing. Flynn had stood for election in Denbigh in the 1970s and nearly every person in that town had a job which was dependent upon the North Wales Hospital.


Whilst Jack Brooks Chaired South Glamorgan County Council’s Committee for driving the redevelopment of Cardiff Bay, the Council was led by Bob Morgan. Councillor Bob was actually a Canon in the Church in Wales, the Rev Bob Morgan. The Rev Bob has a daughter who is a Baroness – although no-one quite knows what she did to become a Baroness, except make friends with the first Family of Troughing,the Kinnocks – Eluned Morgan. Eluned has starred on this blog before as well as on the Welsh political blog Jac O The North. The Baroness is fond of telling a deprivation narrative in public – she enjoys advertising the fact that she ‘came from an estate in Ely’, Ely having had a rather rough reputation in previous times particularly in 1991 when the ‘Ely Bread Riots’ kicked off. Ely was a tough place but the Baroness likes to give the impression that she lived in cardboard box in’t middle of road and has become a Baroness because she is an emblem of New Labour’s social mobility. She doesn’t advertise the fact that her dad was the leader of a rotten borough whilst it devised the most enormous scam for fleecing the tax-payer and making some of the Council members and their mates seriously rich. Neither does the Baroness ever explain that her dad did this in cahoots with the likes of Lord Crickhowell – the Baroness probably sits next to him in the House of Lords – Thatcher’s henchman who completely screwed the rest of Wales and concealed a paedophile gang.

A Mystery surrounds the Baroness. She has now been given responsibility for the Welsh language in her capacity as an AM and I suspect that like everything else that the Baroness has been given responsibility for, she hasn’t got the ability to perform the tasks required. The Baroness told the BBC the other day that when she was a girl the other kids threw stones at her school bus because it was a bus taking her to a Welsh medium school. The Baroness used this an anecdote to demonstrate how much hostility existed towards the Welsh language in Cardiff at the time. When the Baroness was a lass, schools in Cardiff were generally English medium (schools in north Wales were Welsh medium) but one group of people who did aspire to send their children to Welsh medium schools were a contingent of Welsh middle class people – because Welsh medium schools were often very good, receiving the support of a lot of committed well-educated parents. I rather suspect that the Baroness’s bus was being stoned by the chavs because she and her fellow travellers were literally being bussed out of Ely because Bob didn’t want the Baroness mixing with the riff raff in the Ely schools. Then someone told me via the comments thread on Jac O The North that the Baroness went to Atlantic College. Atlantic College is a co-educational international school and it charges people a great deal of money to send their kids there. Atlantic College is a great school if you’ve got the money to pay for it, but plebs don’t get through the gates. Stephen Kinnock sent his daughter there and her mum is the Prime Minister of Denmark – although Stephen tried to pretend that his daughter was at a local comp. A few years ago when I was in Armenia I bumped into some Atlantic College students on an archeology trip and the teenager to whom I was chatting had a mum who was a hedge fund manager. I presume that the Baroness braved the stones on the bus to the Welsh medium school until she transferred to Atlantic College. What I’m wondering is how did the Rev Bob ever find the money to pay the fees? Clergymen don’t get paid that much – they’re not really supposed to be living it up at the expense of their neighbours, let alone bussing their kids out a la apartheid and waving through corrupt get rich quick schemes in their capacity as Council leaders. I don’t know if Atlantic College offers scholarships but Eluned has always struck me as a Baroness of Very Little Brain, I doubt that she’d have bagged one.

Furthermore if Bob was a leading light on the Council, the state of Ely will have been something to do with him and his fellow Councillors.

There were a few other illustrious people on or associated with South Glamorgan County Council back in that era. Rhodri Morgan worked as an industrial development officer for them before he was elected to the Commons in 1987. Mark Drakeford (who worked as a social worker in Ely as well as in Dyfed where a paedophile gang raged) was a Councillor, as was this blog’s friend former social worker Jane Hutt – someone else who managed to ignore the criminal abuse of vulnerable people – and Rhodri’s wife Julie Morgan who also worked as a social worker, in Barry.

Alun Michael was a Councillor who worked closely with Jack Brooks – Michael described Brooks as one of the ‘towering influences’ in the development of Cardiff in the 1970/80s. Jack was so fond of Alun Michael that he didn’t snub Michael in the way that he did Rhodri – thus it was Alun Michael who ended up succeeding Jim Callaghan in the Cardiff South and Penarth seat in 1987. Rhodri joined Blair’s shadow environment and then energy team and was then shadow Welsh Affairs spokesman, 1992-97. Blair didn’t make Rhodri a Welsh Office Minister once Labour gained power in 1997. Obviously Rhodri wasn’t doing enough to assist paedophiles – he was merely ignoring them. Blair’s choice of Secretary of State for Wales and First Secretary following devolution was Ron Davies. Being a man who picked up male prostitutes on Clapham Common Ron was obviously Blair’s ideal candidate. Sadly Ron was caught in the company of one prostitute – Boogie – and Blair couldn’t withstand the scandal, so Wales was initially given Alun Michael as First Secretary. Alun Michael is now South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, after all those years of faithful service on a rotten borough whose members lined their own pockets and kept schtum about George Thomas’s activities.

When Rhodri contested Cardiff West in 1987, his Conservative opponent was Ivor Richard. Ivor Richard came from Carmarthenshire, went to school at Llanelli and then at Cheltenham College. After this he studied at Pembroke College, Oxford where he joined the Labour Party and the Fabian Society. Richard was called to the Bar in 1955. He worked as a barrister in London and in 1963 defended – under Lewis Hawser QC, who was a friend of Jeremy Thorpe – Brian Field, a solicitor’s clerk who played an essential role in the conspiracy to commit the Great Train Robbery. Field’s share of the swag was found in Dorking wood. Nevertheless he was acquitted of conspiracy to rob on appeal.

Richard was MP for Baron’s Court, a constituency near Hammersmith and Fulham, 1964-74. It was a marginal constituency which benefited from good media coverage from the BBC TV Centre which was located nearby. Not only were Jimmy Savile’s employers – and protectors – on Ivor Richard’s doorstep, but that bastion of wrongdoing and research fraud Hammersmith Hospital/Royal Postgraduate Medical School is nearby as well.

Richard was briefly an assistant to Denis Healey whilst Healey was Secretary of State for Defence and was then Minister for the Army in 1969. Richard lost his seat in 1974 and was unable to find another nomination because of his pro-EEC stance. In June 1974 Harold Wilson’s Gov’t appointed him the UK Permanent Representative to the UN, a post he held until 1979. In 1980 the Labour Party chose Richard to replace the paedophiles’ friend Roy Jenkins as a European Commissioner – he had responsibility for Employment, Social Policy, Education and Training. In 1985 Richard was appointed Chairman of World Trade Centre Wales Ltd, supposedly to encourage overseas investment in Wales.

Richard was made a life peer in 1990. In 1992 he became leader of the Labour peers and was made a Privy Councillor. In 1997 Richard was appointed Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the Lords – he succeeded that man who did the paedophiles of Wales so many favours, Lord Cledwyn.

Ivor Richard Chaired the Richard Commission, 2002-04, which examined the powers and electoral arrangements of the National Assembly for Wales. The Commission members included: Eira Davies from Wrexham, a member of the Boards of S4C and Coleg Llandrillo Cymru; Tom Jones, Chair of the WCVA; Laura McAllister; Lord Ted Rowlands, former Labour MP for Cardiff North (1966-70), Methyr Tydfil and Rhymney (1972-01) and Welsh Office Minister whilst the Welsh Office concealed the paedophile gang in north Wales; Vivienne Sugar, Chief Executive of the City and County of Swansea; Huw Thomas, former CEO of Denbighshire County Council (whilst a paedophile gang operated in its Dept of Social Services), former CEO of Gwynedd County Council (whilst a paedophile gang operated in its Dept of Social Services), Director of Taro Consultancy Ltd, lay member of the Law Society – please see post ‘ I Know Nuzzing…’ for further details of Huw’s proud record and his extensive appointments which include Auditor General for Wales; Paul Valerio, Lord Mayor of Swansea in 1982, Councillor on City of Swansea Council.

Jack Brooks’s protege was the notorious Russell Goodway. Russell’s head start in politics in the south Wales Labour Party was nearly as good as that enjoyed by the Baroness of Ely. As a 17 year old in the sixth form at Barry Comprehensive, Russell was sent on a secondment to the Labour Party’s HQ to work for Jack Brooks during the General Election campaign of Feb 1974 by the head teacher Teifion Philips, President of the Barry Labour Party. By the time that Jack turned his toes up in 2016, he had been Russell’s comrade, mentor and friend for 42 years.

Russell Goodway was a Councillor for Ely, is the former Lord Mayor of Cardiff and the former CEO of Cardiff Chamber of Commerce. In 1985 he was elected to South Glamorgan County Council and became leader in 1992. At the turn of the 21st century Russell was the highest paid Council leader in Great Britain. South Glamorgan County Council was replaced by Cardiff City Council in 1996 but Russell didn’t stand down as leader of the Labour Group until 2004.

In late 2004 Russell became CEO of Cardiff Chamber of Commerce. In late 2007/08 the Chamber financially collapsed following an overpaid training grant from ELWa of £5000k which could not be repaid due to interest payments totalling £500k and other debts totalling £1 million. Thirty five staff were immediately made redundant and the Chamber was liquidated. ELWa was an Assembly funded public body for post-16 learning whose interim Chief Exec, 2004-05, was Dr Peter Higson, who spent years concealing the criminal activities of the mental health services in north Wales. Obviously after the disaster that was ELWa’s arrangement with the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce, there was only one thing to do with Higson – appoint him Chief Exec of Health Inspectorate Wales, where he wiled away a few more happy years concealing serious wrongdoing in the NHS. When HIW was deemed not fit for purpose, Higson was appointed Chair of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board – which is now in special measures and effectively bankrupt, having hosted the biggest mental health scandal that there has been in recent years in the UK. I look forward to seeing Peter Higson joining the Baroness, Lord Crickhowell, Lord Rowlands, Lord Richard and the rest of the gang in a sound sleep on the benches of the Upper House very soon.

Another Chair of ELWa was former Welsh Office civil servant Steve Martin. After ELWa became a national embarrassment and Steve fessed up to serious mismanagement, he was given a job leading HEFCW. Steve now has a Chair at Cardiff University’s Business School – the Baroness also has a Chair at Cardiff University.

In the light of all this, if anyone has any interesting ideas as to where the Rev Bob might have found those fees to send the Baroness to Atlantic College, please do let me know.

In April 2016 Russell Goodway paid tribute to Jack Brooks in an article on the IWA (Institute of Welsh Affairs) website, explaining that Jack Brooks was ‘more than politics and local government’ – indeed he was, he was large scale municipal corruption and I suspect a concealer of child abuse as well, along with everyone else down there.

Whilst Russell was at school in Barry, his local MP was someone else who will have been rather more than just politics and local gov’t – Tory MP Sir Raymond Gower. Raymond Gower went to Neath Grammar School, Cardiff High School, University College Cardiff and Cardiff School of Law. He qualified as a solicitor in 1944 and in 1964 became a partner in S.R. Freed and Co, Harewood Place, London W1 and also worked as a journalist and a broadcaster. Gower was MP for Barry, 1951-83 and then for the Vale of Glamorgan, 1983-89. He was PPS for Reginald Maudling and John Profumo, so he learnt at the knees of the best.

Gower was the Director of a large number of commercial companies and was Chairman of the Barry Herald, 1955-64. He was a Governor of the National Museum of Wales and the National Library of Wales. Gower was a member of the Courts of University College Cardiff and University College Aberystwyth. He was a member of the Welsh Executive and Council of the UNA (United Nations Association), Chair of the Welsh Conservative MPs Group and in 1966 was appointed Treasurer of the Welsh Parliamentary Group.


George Thomas was raised to the Viscountcy by Margaret Thatcher in 1983. David Seligman may have been loyal enough to Thomas to be baffled as to why he accepted an hereditary peerage but as it has now been admitted by even the Tories that Thatcher’s aide Tory MP for Chester Sir Peter Morrison was abusing children in care in Wales – the Peter Morrison whose sister Dame Mary was a courtier to HM the Queen and whose Constituency Association was headed by the Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster and Prince Charles’s friend – it’s pretty obvious why Thatcher gave him one.

The investiture of Prince Charles in Caernarfon was an idea enthusiastically embraced by George Thomas.



Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Sally you might have already mentioned this but just came across an article on Wales Online 18th June 2017 which exposes the abuse of deaf children in residential ‘homes’ in Landrindod going back to 1953. Julie Morgan ‘used her priviledge to make the allegation at the Senedd regarding accusations of abuse at Llanddrindod Wells School for the deaf’. Wonder why she needed to excercise priviledge..the research has been published.The school closed in 1973. One worker resigned then the whole thing seemed to go dead. What happened during the next 20 years?? ie from 1953 – 1973….Julie stated ‘we don’t condone the covering up of accusations of abuse even those which happened a long time ago’. Many of the ‘we’ as you so often point out, do actually do it. do condone it, and do keep quiet about the massive scandals of abuse in Wales (and elsewhere) . So let’s hope for a better new year! Wishing you a happy Christmas Sally.

    1. Thanks for this info Lydia, I didn’t know about that particular scandal – sentiments from the likes of Julie Morgan that she doesn’t condone the concealing of abuse are worse than meaningless, they are downright lies, she and her cronies have done nothing but condone the concealing of abuse for years!

      Thank you for your Christmas wishes – I am planning a working Christmas, researching the dodgy folk who were involved in the Brady and Hindley case and I’m also researching George Thomas aka Lord Tonypandy’s network – cooeee Julie, that includes you and the late Rhodri!!!

      Am just in the middle of writing a post re the Cleveland Scandal that served as such a useful distraction for Dafydd and the paedophiles in north Wales, it’ll be posted up soon. Have just noticed that old Butler-Sloss’s Report into Cleveland was published in July 1988 – one month before Robert Bluglass and Colin Berry concealed Dafydd’s crimes after I complained. WHAT A LOAD OF CROOKS!!!

      I do hope that Bluglass manages a champagne party at his art gallery Compton Verney this Christmas – if he’s not careful it might be his last Christmas on the outside for a while…There’ll be no more singing in Judi Dench’s choir for old Bluglass if Operation Winter Key picks up on this lot….

  2. Follow your blog with interest as a family relative unfortunately landed up on Tawel Fan.
    Regarding Atlantic College I lived as a child in Barry in the late 70s and remember that South Glamorgan CC gave scholarships to the college and as Bob led the council that would seem to be one of the more likely funding routes?

    1. Thanks for your message.

      I am sorry to hear that your relative was a victim of Tawel Fan. Donna Ockenden’s investigation into that was supposed to have been completed in the autumn but everything’s gone very quiet. The last I heard was that the staff who abused the patients were refusing to co-operate with the investigation – I suspect that every obstacle possible has been put in Donna’s path.

      Thanks for the info about the Atlantic College scholarships – I wondered where the funding for Eluned’s place came from. Atlantic College is a bit like Millfield and I imagine that getting a scholarship would not have been easy, there’d be a great deal of competition. Eluned is a wet blanket as a middle aged Baroness, I can’t imagine that she was a dynamic bright teenager. I was fairly sure that the answer would lie with Bob and his connections.

      1. Just been listening to an interview with Sally Mullally on the ‘Sunday’ programme on Radio 4. ‘Sunday’ is a real laugh these days, it used to be a programme in which Ed Sturton interviewed various people and discussed theology with them, but these days it has become a roll call of which Bishops have been outed as concealing child abuse or even abusing children themselves.

        Well, it’s all going to be different with Sally. Sally has received much press coverage in recent days – she has just been appointed Bishop of London and everyone is getting excited about Sally being the probable next Archbishop of Canterbury. Sally wants to promote diversity and inclusivity! The thing that Sally really flags up though is that until 2004 when she entered the Ministry full-time, Sally was an Angel.

        Sally really maxed out on her status as an Angel in the ‘Sunday’ interview – there was reference after reference to her being ‘a nurse’ and she even reminded the listeners that nurses ‘wash people’s feet’.

        Sally might be Bishop of London but she is a liar. Nurse’s do not ‘wash people’s feet’ – foot care is something that has gone to the dogs in recent years in the NHS, elderly and immobile patients often don’t even have their toe-nails cut and this causes problems. Futhermore if patients do manage to get their feet washed, it won’t be an Angel that does it – the task will be delegated to a healthcare assistant – on 1/3 of the salary of the ‘low paid’ Angels – or a student nurse.

        Even if Angels did still wash patient’s feet, Sally will not have been the sort of Angel that did that. Because the Angel Sally was actually a civil service mandarin and a toxic one – Sally was the Gov’ts Chief Nursing Officer, 1999-04. So it was Sally who was in post when the Angels at Mid-Staffs not only failed to wash patients’ feet but told them to crap in their beds because they couldn’t be arsed to supply bedpans, swore at them, told receptionists to ‘assess’ patients’ conditions, failed to feed them and left them to drink water out of flower vases. Sally knew that was happening and along with Blair’s other lieutenants – including Andy Burham, Alan Milburn, Alan Johnson and Dr Liam Donaldson – sacked whistleblowers, paid other people off and lied about the soaring death rates in Mid-Staffs.

        Other posts that this Angel turned Bishop has held include the non-executive Director of the English Board of Nursing, Midwifery and Health; non-executive Director of the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust; non-executive Director of the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust and a lay member of King’s College London.

        Sally undertook an Angel’s qualification but she didn’t waste her time being an Angel for very long. She did a combined nursing/degree at the South Bank Poly, worked at the most elitist hospital in the UK – Tommy’s (it serves Westminster and a great deal of shagging goes on between Tommy’s staff and Westminster figures), but she was soon Head of Practice Development at Westminster Hospital, then Director of Nursing at the Chelsea and Westminster, then Deputy CEO and Acting CEO. None of those roles involves ‘washing people’s feet’. They involve sitting in offices, going to meetings and consuming the sumptious buffet provided, dismissing whistleblowers, paying managers a lot of money to conceal the shite, buying in management consultancy because the organisations managers can’t do what they are paid to do and writing carefully worded letters to patients who have been harmed as a result of the negligence of your organisation. And of course ignoring the research fraud that is happening – although as an Angel Sally won’t have had the knowledge to spot all the research fraud that was going on under her anyway.

        Sally is the same age as me – 55 – and she is one of the generation of nurse ‘leaders’ that rendered nursing so toxic that people walked away in their droves from that profession and they are still walking. I had friends from school who went into nursing – some went to the London hospitals alongside Sally – and by their mid-twenties every one of them was telling me horror stories. The stories were the same – we love nursing but what is happening is monstrous, we are not able to look after our patients, we are bullied and kicked about and the people getting promoted alongside us do not give a stuff about the patients, all they want is a job in senior management and an enormous salary. My friends left nursing – Sally landed a job in senior management.

        Sally told the ‘Sunday’ programme that she didn’t agree with accusations that the Church is managerial. Er Sally – they’ve promoted you, that is all the evidence one needs that the Church IS managerial. Sally also told the ‘Sunday’ programme that the Church was changing and taking safeguarding seriously. There’s our clue. The Church’s reputation is in the dirt, scandal after scandal about child abuse and now we have manna from heaven in the form of an Angel – who isn’t in possession of a penis with which she could do anything untoward – who uses cuddly fluffy language and bangs on about washing people’s feet, diversity, inclusivity and safeguarding whilst she knew that people were dying and being abused.

        She’ll be the next Archbishop of Canterbury. By that time nursing will be in an even sorrier state than it is already and so will the Church. But Sally will have reached the top in both of her chosen professions! A woman breaking the glass ceiling – it is becoming a very familiar story.

        Until Sally takes up her new post, she remains the Bishop of Crediton, part of the Diocese of Exeter. I have blogged about the recent troubles of the NHS in Exeter – their Chief Exec narrowly avoided being sent to prison after stealing the dosh (she was a former nurse committed to diversity who’d broken the glass ceiling herself, that was part of the CV that bagged her the job), mental health services are so bad that local people marched through the streets and one young man with schizophrenia was killed by the police, in the police station which is located directly opposite a building of Exeter University which contains a mental health research team carrying out ‘pioneering’ research including mindfulness. Sally won’t have noticed anything amiss at all.

        In 2005 Sally was appointed a Dame. She’ll have been given that for her role in concealing what was going on at Mid-Staffs, not for washing people’s feet.

        My festive food this year does not include a pig in a blanket, but I think that I’ve just heard one interviewed on the radio.

        The Church is now taking on an increasing role in tackling the consequences of mental health problems and Sally will be at the helm. As they say in Bethesda – ‘Jesus Christ’…

        1. When Bishop Sally Mullally was still an NHS manager she was among the highest echelons at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital – which was host to the first HIV/AIDS clinic. What no-one who was involved with the early HIV/AIDS clinics in the 1980s mentioned was the number of patients who had contracted HIV whilst working as rent boys – often whilst they were still kids in the care of social services. Their clients were much older men who sometimes occupied senior positions in society.

          So the Church’s work re sexual exploitation and trafficking will be in safe hands with Sally.

      2. There is good discussion with Martin Shipton regarding George Thomas on Desolation Radio (show 32) which was quite enlightening and which confirmed ny feelings regarding the man.
        Regarding the scholarships I remember being given the chance to apply, based on “O” level results, the first stage being a form which seemed to be in the gift of the headmaster, but in my case it did not appeal in any way.

        1. Thanks for the link, I’ll have a listen to that.

          I will be writing a post on George Thomas – maybe two posts – very soon. He seems to have been a deeply unpleasant man who consistently aligned himself with people who have now been beyond all doubt exposed as being no good at all, including those known to have abused children. So much stuff about Thomas was completely silenced when he was in office although many people really did not like him one bit. I presume that it was because South Wales Labour was so important to Wilson’s and Callaghan’s Gov’ts. Imagine what would have happened if South Wales had turned against the Labour Party.

          Things like scholarships and even university entrance – dependent upon predicted A level grades – were very much in the gift of teachers when I was at school. The system worked fine if you had fair and encouraging teachers, but the potential for abusing their positions was huge. If south Wales worked anything like Somerset – and I bet in many ways that it did – the Baroness would have probably been looked upon very favourably by teachers what with her dad being the Rev Bob and leader of the Council. Kids like that got the best of everything in Somerset – no what how average they were they would be talked up by everyone and presented as absolute geniuses.

  3. From 1987 Broadmoor Hospital had a Chaplain who in 1988 – the year that Jimmy Savile was appointed manager of Broadmoor – became ‘fully responsible’ for Chaplaincy at Broadmoor. This Chaplain retired in 2006 before the revelations about Jimmy Savile – including his sexual assaults on Broadmoor patients which are thought to have resulted in two patients committing suicide – were made public. The Chaplain knew Broadmoor and its practices well – he’d worked there as a ‘nurse’ since 1971.

    The Chaplain worked at Broadmoor whilst former kids in care from Wales were banged up in there, whilst June and Jennifer Gibbons the teenagers from west Wales (where a paedophile gang was operating) were banged up in there because they were reluctant to speak but when they did speak they told people that they were prostitutes, whilst numerous patients including one of the Gibbons twins ‘died from the side effects of their medication’, whilst ‘nurses’ embezzled money and assaulted patients, joined the National Front and generally gave the Gov’t nightmares. The Chaplain also worked at Broadmoor whilst Dr David Mawson worked there – David Mawson knew about the crimes of Dafydd Alun Jones but kept quiet about them.

    The Chaplain was given an MBE in 2003 for his outstanding service to the abusers of patients in Broadmoor.

    Who was this Chaplain? It was the Rev Trevor Walt. Would Trevor like to speak to the police about the events that he witnessed in Broadmoor? Trevor’s wife Anne worked at Broadmoor as well – she was senior lecturer in the Education Dept there. After leaving Broadmoor, the Rev Trevor rocked up as the Chaplain of St Helena’s Hospice in Colchester and as the Bishop’s advisor in the Diocese of Chelmsford.

    Trevor is currently an honorary Canon Emeriti at Christ Church, Oxford. So Trevor headed off for the dreaming spires to join Prof Tom Burns and Prof Mark Williams, two other people who colluded with the criminality of Dafydd and the paedophiles in north Wales.

    The website of Christ Church currently has a statement ‘welcoming’ the report by Lord Alex Carlile which ‘re-establishes’ the reputation of Bishop George Bell. George Bell was accused of sexual abuse by someone to whom the Church paid compensation and apologised. Carlile wrote a report explaining that Bell’s accuser wasn’t lying but nonetheless Bell didn’t molest her. Christ Church are most grateful to Carlile after their campaign to clear Bell’s name.

    Christ Church’s website has a section dedicated to ‘fallen alumni’. Do they perhaps have others as well as George Bell?

    1. Prof Malcolm McCulloch worked at Ashworth Hospital on Merseyside, which was the subject of inquiries after patients were murdered, child porn discovered and children were taken into the hospital to visit paedophiles. McCulloch regularly appeared in the tabloids before all this was made public as the psychiatrist proffering pearls of wisdom about Ian Brady.

      Dafydd sent patients who had pissed him off to Ashworth. At least one nurse from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh – Steven Rose – was transferred to a job at Ashworth after a patient (me) made a complaint of assault against him. The complaint was not investigated. One murder of a patient at Ashworth was investigated by a senior nurse who was a colleague of Dafydd’s. One of the investigations into Ashworth was led by Prof Robert Bluglass who some three years previously had concealed Dafydd’s criminality.

      I have found an article that McCulloch wrote in the Oct 1995 issue of Medicine, Science and the Law. The article was co-authored with a Chris Jones and a John Bailey. The Chris Jones was Dr Chris Jones who used to work in north Wales, who knew about Dafydd and the paedophiles but who kept quiet. Chris Jones had a breakdown after a patient died when he screwed up. Could the John Bailey possibly be the former husband of Professor Catherine Robinson, the Catherine Robinson who used to work at the North Wales Hospital who knew about the criminal misconduct of Dafydd and warned other people who had worked with him when she found out that I was going to publish what I knew about Denbigh? John worked at Ashworth – so he’ll know a lot about the abuse of patients and wrongdoing there…

      As for Malcolm McCulloch, like so many people since the exposure of Jimmy Savile and his crimes, he’s disappeared off the face of the earth. Where are you Malcolm? You used to really enjoy appearing in the tabloids spouting crap about the alleged mental processes of Peter Sutcliffe, Ian Brady and other high profile serial killers.

      Some ten years ago Malcolm was Editor of the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology. One of the members of the editorial board was Dr Paul Bowden of the Maudsley. Paul Bowden was someone else who had knowledge of Dafydd’s wrongdoing but who kept quiet about it.

  4. Sally, without your incredible research most of the information about these Members of the Corrupt and Evil Company of Slimeballs would have been lost through the collusion by their fellow slimeballs. One way junior members assist is to write up glowing accounts of their ‘ achievments ‘,in journals and the media. A rather good example being the syncophantic write up in the psychiatric bulletin by S Welsh ex president of the coll of psychs , (2004 ) ie Mike Shooter of Abergavenny . In the psychiatric journal He described another, frail 90 year old, Welsh man, Winford Linford Rees, ex president,1975-78 – as entering the room on the arms of his family members to listen to some lecture ,in terms of wondering ‘if the students present were aware they were in the presence of wisdom’. Well possibly they weren’t in the cohort of students he preferred to teach in the open air years ago and for whom ,whether they wanted them or not, presumably the women where not altogether titillated,he spiced up his lectures by slipping in inappropriate photos of ‘bathing beauties’. Mike must have seen that in other write ups but maybe ….well if Mike has a son making his career in Welsh pychiatry a little greasing up doesn’t hurt Linford Rees took an interest in gynaecology and obstetrics as well as psychiatry . His interest amongst others was focussed on sexual dysfunction, in particular advising that womens’ menstrual pains were a psychosomatic avoidance of becoming ‘real women’ He of course had intimate knowledge of the topic never having had a period himself. He did though have a lovely bedside manner, asking in ‘his gentle lilting welsh voice’ (how often they seem to have this lilting voice in Wales) ‘how are you in your spirits’? The imagination boggles. He was described as permanantly tanned himself and had an interest in physical pursuits, unlike anyone incarcerated in Whitchurch) -along with the obligatary interest in music making of course) – One of his research projects was investigations into body build and psychiatric ratings. Wonder who did the measurements? Just wondering as he seemed to have a collection of photos of ‘bathing beauties’ … was he comparing them..Interestingly this sleazy goat was sitting on the professional conduct committee of the GMC in 1980-84. Bluglass was an elected member of the Coll of psychs 1980 . T Gwynne Williams from N Wales ,’the lobotomist’, was a representative of the Welsh division together with AMP Kellan whose speciality was Brain Sciences ,both of them in 1979-80. Some of Kellam’s research was carried out in the notorious 1000 bedded Whitchurch institution in Cardiff where the highest number of ECT ‘treatments’ in Europe were being carried out. This liitle band of buddies were all in influential positions at the college of psychs and the GMC. at the same time. Some went of to Russia to tell Russian psychiatrists them behave nicely – shame they couldn’t stay there

    1. Lydia, this is hilarious, there is so much for me to research that I hadn’t discovered the ‘bathing beauties’ of Winford Rees! Of course I did have personal experience of his mate the lobotomist T. Gwynne Williams in his capacity as the psychiatrist in the Student Health Centre in Bangor University (then known as UCNW). I had been referred to him by the corrupt GP who worked in Student Heath, Dr DGE Wood, for depression – the lobotomist told me that I had a pretty smile and asked me to undress. I refused so he asked me again. I walked out, made a complaint and that’s when the threats and hounding of Brown and I began. I certainly knew that the lobotomist was a lech, but I didn’t know at that time that he and Dafydd were concealing a bloody paedophile ring.

      The whole thing absolutely stinks Lydia, everybody KNEW what that load of shites were doing yet I and my friends who knew what happened to me had our lives and careers ruined because Brown and me dared complain about a perverted old lobotomist. Neither was I the only complainant – the man was a disaster, there were two attempted suicides that I alone knew of because students were so distressed after encountering him. The authorities in the University knew all about it – the Principal was Sir Charles Evans who was a former neurosurgeon and a mate of the lobotomist, the social work department were employing colleagues of the paedophile gang as tutors and were ‘training’ social workers who then went and worked with the paedophile gang and the psychology dept for many years was dominated by dear old Dr Dafydd Alun Jones who’s conduct with female patients made the lobotomist and Winford Rees with their interests in pretty smiles and bathing beauties look like saints. Honestly, did they really think that undergrads would be interested in 70 yr old men with brylcreem liberally applied and plastic teeth (or in Dafydd’s case rotten teeth)??? God knows what they’d have said if I had ever discussed periods with them, one meeting with the lobotomist and Dafydd left me knowing that nothing at all was to be discussed with those two oafs. Yeh, they had lilting Welsh voices as well – and they spoke ‘the language of heaven’ whilst they locked up the victims of paedophiles as well as undergrads who had rejected their sexual advances. Dafydd kep calling me ‘Sally bach’ – whilst him and Bluglass weren’t telling each other that I would end up in a ward for the criminally insane that was – Dafydd you old fool I am not your bach and never was. In the language of heaven Dafydd – as learnt in Bethesda -you are a bastard bach. Jesus Christ! as my neighbours in Rachub used to say when we discussed the paedophiles’ friends.

      Dafydd the bastard bach was ousted from his position as King of Bangor psychology dept by a more effective but less obviously insane bastard bach, the late Prof Fergus Lowe, in the late 1980s. The official narrative (as I explained in my post ‘He’s Not The Messiah, He’s A Very Naughty Boy’) was that Fergus saved the psychology dept from closure by inviting B.F. Skinner up for a conference, drumming up PR and thus the University didn’t dare shut the psychology dept down. Fungus then ousted Dafydd and took over himself. I don’t know if Fungus ever ran a paedophile ring but he was a cheat, a liar and a plagiarist. He was totally unscrupulous and achieved dominance in the University by silently threatening the whole bloody lot of them with his knowledge that they were concealing a paedophile gang, that the cover-up was perpetuated at Gov’t level and involved framing and jailing the victims or banging them up in asylums and high security hospitals. Fergus knew exactly who had done what, it was why they were all so frightened of him and did his bidding. He’d have had the lot of them in prison themselves if they’d dared cross his path.

      By the way Lydia, I think that Fergus’s former protege Professor Catherine Robinson and Louis Appleby whom I discussed in yesterday’s post ‘Security, Security’ might have gone into an online battle with me! After naming dear old Louis last night as well as providing more details of the wrongdoing in north Wales, earlier today Catherine faithfully retweeted a message from Louis. Louis had sent out a tweet with a photo of today’s Times cover which happens to mention that one GP in the UK is now earning £700k pa. Louis and Catherine – and their partner in crime Rob Poole – are furious that a media war has been launched ‘against the NHS’.

      Catherine/Louis/Rob – it is not ‘against the NHS’. It is against corruption and malpractice in the NHS. Do you actually think it sensible for the medical establishment to take a hostile authoritarian tone towards patients, tell them that they need to stop making appointments to see GPs at the drop of a hat – when in many areas of the country people have to wait 3 weeks to see a GP – and construct patients as a load of piss-artists who are cluttering up casualty? Patients who may well be in receipt of benefits or even relying on food banks or at best on modest incomes? £700k a year. What does this say about priorities? That GP may be the most highly paid but the average salary is still somewhere in the region of £150k. The Daily Mail doesn’t need to wage a propaganda war, people are seething at what is happening. The general public have had years of ‘austerity’ – but the salaries of the Top Docs just keep rising.

      I don’t know how many people are reading Catherine and Louis’s twitter feeds but a lot of people are reading this blog….

      There will be a post with more info about those who featured in my post ‘Security, Security’ and details of a few of the invisible men who were behind the scenes coming soon. There will also be posts about George Thomas aka Lord Tonypandy and his network and a post about the corrupt officers of Greater Manchester Police who did the paedophiles’ friends of north Wales a few favours. I had hoped to have had all this lot up on the blog by now, but I’m a bit behind schedule. Apologies.

      1. If Bluglass has any brain cells that have not been destroyed by all the champagne – ooh a heavy drinker, there’s a case for Poole and Robinson – he’ll have secreted himself somewhere among the treasures in his art gallery Compton Verney by now lest he’s asked to attend an interview at his nearest police station in relation to historical child abuse allegations…

        1. Lydia –
          Is your man with the interest in bathing beauties Ernest Wynford Rees? I’ve found his obituary in the BMJ. He worked for Wessex Regional Health Authority – psychiatry in Somerset was nearly as bad as in north Wales, patients with infectious diseases were crammed in together at Tone Vale Hospital in Taunton because nobody cared if they all got clobbered. A friend of mine from school was treated appallingly there. The death rate is so high that two of the people whom my friend became close to died.
          Rees was a neuropsychiatrist who served in the Navy for a considerable length of time – as did the lobotomist T. Gwynne Williams. They are of similar vintage, I bet they were well-acquainted. By the way, do you know if Jim Callaghan had a direct link with them? Callaghan was a south Wales MP, his Gov’t concealed the abuses in north Wales, that is well known, but Callaghan was in the Navy, that was his career before politics. I bet he had a direct link with Gwynne the lobotomist, people in organisations like the Navy have a massive degree of loyalty to each other even if they know that someone is doing very bad things indeed. Callaghan knew about George Thomas of course – they didn’t like each other, but nothing was said about Thomas and his penchant for young boys…

          1. By the way I wrote to the GMC about Gwynne the lobotomist in 1984. When Wynford was sitting on the GMC committee. They told me that my complaint about Gwynne was outside their remit…

  5. Sally I guessed the band of sleazy slime bags were involved when you were experiencing their revolting shenanigans so looked up some of those you mentioned – it was definely William Linford Llewelyn Rees of the lilting Welsh voice, from Carmarthenshire , daughter actress Angharad and I THINK he had a son who went into medicine so that maybe the one you mention..There were obituaries in several papers, the guardian and maybe independant as well as the idiot Shooter’s piece in psychiatric bulletin. Thank goodness you had the guts to refuse his – what shall we call it – examination? When you sent your complaint to GMC they must have known Rees knew all about it already – yes massive stink. Even after reading your blog none of them contact you directly do they? They just ‘network’ behind the scenes like Lois and his pal Catherine as always. Sorry I don’t know anything about Callaghan will let you know if anything pops up. Whatever has happened to Clare Gerada by the way – she ususally undermines every elected GP president/chair of GPs by taking over the media spot. Thanks again for your marvelous research – T

    1. Oh I must have discovered yet another member of Famille Sleazebag then. I’ll look up William Rees in a minute. Is the actor daughter THE Angharad Rees of Poldark fame? Doesn’t surprise me – the Top Doctors often have relatives in the media/theatre/arts and they exploit their PR abilities as much as poss.

      The barrel of shit in north Wales was so big and so deep that it would have been impossible for the GMC not to have known. Much as there was no way that I was going to have sex with Gwynne the lobotomist or Dafydd I later became very aware of how deferential and vulnerable most of their victims were. God knows how many young women did say yes – and like the few brave kids who dared complain about the paedophile gang, we just know what the response will have been if they did manage to prove that Gwynne and Dafydd had enjoyed carnal relations. It will have been well this young lady brought it on herself!!! I have seen allegations made about the victims of the north Wales paedophile gang that they were ‘sexually experienced’ and ‘promiscuous’ and ‘tempted’ the ‘care worker’. Indeed Dafydd TOLD Dr Robin Jacobson at St Georges Hospital Medical School that I was ‘attractive and seductive’ – and then Alison Levinson, Jacobson’s registrar, documented on my medical records that ‘boundaries in Wales were not firm enough for her’. I only found Levinson’s documentation last summer. So it was MY fault that two elderly lechers who were running a paedophile ring tried to get their legs over.

      They are nuts Lydia, absolutely nuts and so are the people who defended them. Dafydd and Gwynne could have raped and cut the throats of patients in the middle of a clinic and no-one would have seen anything. It was like the Monty Python satire on the Krays, Doug and Dinsdale Piranah. The Piranah brothers were murderous gangsters who did things like nailing people’s ears to their floor and when people were asked if Doug and Dinsdale had ever done anything to them it would be ‘NO NO NO NO NO NO.’ And as for trying to get care out of the mental health services, that was like dealing with the Knights of Ni, every reason you gave for needing support was never the right one and the goalposts would be shifted constantly. Dafydd – your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries…

      Two defenders of the paedophiles’ friends did contact me and leave messages on the blog – one was someone who had undoubtedly been duped by Tony Francis and genuinely did not know what he had been involved in, but then neither did I until I got the full files last summer, I would have never believed it either. The other person was a GP from Gwynedd who knows exactly what his colleagues got up to. I did put the messages from these two people up on the blog with my response because I don’t think screaming F off at my critics would be fruitful, but to be honest I really have nothing to say to the likes of Catherine Robinson and her network. She abused my friendship, I and other members of staff defended her against some unjust accusations, we did our best to be good colleagues and loyal friends and throughout all of it she pumped me for info to find out what I remembered from Denbigh, what I knew about whom, whose names I could remember and what I had witnessed and what Brown and me intended to do with the info and then she warned those we know and love that I was going to publish. She and Louis are welcome to retweet articles from the Guardian until the cows come home, I am living in lovely place, leading a peaceful life and I suspect that this blog has got a bigger readership than their tweets. My blog is also reaching the people that I want it to, so that’s great.

      Regarding Sunny Jim Callaghan – I’ve found a few connections re the Royal Navy. Am in the middle of a post at the moment which will mention some of them, but I’ll be following that post up with more info.

      1. Bloody hell Lydia, I’ve found Linford Rees – he’ll be Mr Big, he had connections with every pervert who was abusing patients in north Wales. He’ll have been the biggest umbrella in medicine that they had. Some of the accounts of him are really creepy – the photos of the bathing beauties, his ‘attractiveness’, and ‘closeness’ to people and ‘whispers in their ears’ and firm oiled muscles…

        And his children going into the locked wards with him on his rounds – yes Dafydd did that, his kids used to insult and take the piss out of the patients and Dafydd would breach confidence and discuss the patients with his teenaged kids.

        Of course Linford Rees brought psychiatry into the present, not for him the callous treatment of patients, he was a liberator of the oppressed. As is every dead psychiatrist these days, one wonders where exactly they were doing the liberating whilst working in places like Whitchurch Hospital. Somehow the patients still ended up abused or dead and the hospitals of liberation were shut down because they were just so excrutiatingly embarrassing.

        I’m going to write a blog post special on Prof Rees, he is certainly worthy of one.

        Someone has suggested that when Dafydd dies I should write an obituary for him on the blog – a truthful obituary!

  6. He is/was creepy Sally! Look forward to what your research reveals… yes duaghter was the famous actress. I think some of the fear of these psychs includes the thought or just a feeling that something worse, even if unknown ,could be done to them if they refused predatory perving and sexual abuse as you point out,. Even when naive and ignorant of what goes on they wield so much power – it is outrageous that one human being can so misuse it against another – they stink. Dafydd is certainly owed a truthful obituary as do they all – you would have your work cut out there!

    1. Interesting that you should say that people fear things will get worse if they challenge the dodgy/dirty docs – that is exactly what people have told me was the reason why they allowed themselves to be groped/abused/exploited. Another common one I heard was ‘if we complain we won’t get any treatment anywhere’. Do you know what is so sad? Although the NHS absolutely denies that retribution is ever handed out, those people were quite right to be frightened – what they feared most is exactly what was happening to people who complained.

      Did I even go as far as to knee Gwynne and Dafydd in the knackers? No – I politely left the room and made a complaint. And look what happened – harassment, threats, wrongful arrests, hounded out of jobs, even my friends were targeted when I fought back.

      When I worked at Bangor University a sympathiser who knew what was happening to me observed that the ultimate weapon of the paedophiles’ friends was to target people’s children and because I didn’t have kids they couldn’t do that to me – but I was told that was what really ensured that no-one challenged them. Touch us and we’ll get your kids. Back in the 80s and 90s there was an arrangement among the local doctors that their children would not be taken to the paediatrics unit in Ysbyty Gwynedd if they became ill – because the unit was bloody lethal. It was just for other people’s kids. In the same way that if members of the Top Doctors’ own families had mental health problems they certainly did not let them anywhere near Dafydd.

      Everyone suffered at the hands of that lot. I had an e mail a few months ago that summed it up neatly – ‘they fucked everyone over and if you dared challenge them they fucked you over even more’.

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