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  1. A big scandal is emanating from Herefordshire Social Services. It has been admitted that numerous children were taken into ‘care’ illegally and that one child remained in care for eight years and is considered to have been ‘seriously damaged’ by his experiences. His mum did not recognise him when she passed him in the street one day. Parents who complained were told to ‘seek legal advice’. Whoever told them that will have known that the Social Services had access to their own in-house lawyers as well as to a bottomless pit to spend on external lawyers if it looked as though there was trouble coming their way. The parents will have been given legal aid for a few hours of solicitors advice and will then have had to resort to the volunteers working at the CAB.

    The newly appointed Director of Children’s Wellbeing at Herefordshire has reassured us all that ‘new management’ will stop this happening again. He seems to have avoided the issue that social workers BROKE THE LAW, yet no-one has been prosecuted.

    There has been years of mismanagement and problems at Herefordshire Social Services stretching back to the 1980s. Peter Righton the paedophile social work advisor who caused havoc in the 1980s lived in Herefordshire whilst he busied himself with trading in child porn and taking children on visits to Amsterdam. Herefordshire stressed that they didn’t employ him. No, they employed his colleagues and Righton traded in child porn right under their noses.

    This is not a problem that can be resolved by appointing a Director of Wellbeing in Herefordshire.

    1. Thanks very much for this interesting link. I knew that Dodd had Welsh connections and that didn’t surprise me because although people from north Wales are often rude about scousers, there has been a long connection between the two areas. Liverpool used to be known as the capital of north Wales, there was a Welsh community in Liverpool and north Wales exported teachers to Liverpool. The National Eisteddfod went to Wales – the year that Hedd Wyn’s work won just after he’d been killed in WWI, the Eisteddfod was in Birkenhead. I had no idea that Doddy had lived in Wales as a kid and learnt Welsh though…

      I found out yesterday that another famous scouser had been to boarding school in north Wales – John Peel. He went to Woodlands School at Deganwy. The John Peel who was behind the construction of the children of those who facilitated the paedophile gang into rock superstars at the time of the Waterhouse Inquiry as described in my post ‘The International Language Of Screaming’. For years John Peel was a national treasure and not considered to be the sort of idiot that the other Radio 1 DJs were – but since his death much has been revealed that suggests that Peel might have had more street cred than the others but he was nonetheless a highly exploitative man as were many of those whose careers he helped…Take a look at the old footage of the This Is Your Life starring Peel – the roll call of the stars who owe their fame and fortune to Peel is a list of those who were known to have behaved very very badly but who were never questioned under caution. David Bowie for example. I’m not so sure about his later years but when he was young, Bowie really was quite a sleaze bag…Bowie was also very good at cleaning up his image if he thought that it would lose him money – hence his sudden political U turn after that embarrassing period when he embraced facism, which is now rarely mentioned.

        1. Yes I thought that the diddy men were a bit weird, but in a way so was Ken Dodd – his humour was children’s humour wasn’t it, young children’s humour, waving a tickling stick about and little things in fancy dress dancing.

          There are two things that I did admire him for though. He was alleged to really give value for money, he went on for hours and the folk who went to see him loved it. He didn’t need to do that, he could have just done the bare minimum and buggered off.

          The other time was back in the 80s when he was a judge on a talent show, a New Faces or something. All the other judges but Ken Dodd and Lynsey de Paul were so unpleasant to some of the not very good acts, quite unnecessarily. Ken Dodd and de Paul flatly refused to be insulting – they both said that just going up on stage took a great deal of guts and everyone should be given credit for that. I really did admire Ken Dodd and Lynsey de Paul for saying those things – one of the acts had been in tears after a woman called Nina Myscow or something had launched a dreadful personal attack. There was a dance troupe of young women dressed in shorts and leather boots and Nina Myscow was sneering at their ‘dated outfits’, so de Paul said that she thought the outfits were great. Myscow responded by saying ‘with legs like that?’ And de Paul just calmly said ‘yes, with legs like that’. Then Ken Dodd joined in and told the young women that they had done really well and that no-one deserved to be attacked if they were appearing on stage for the first time.
          So I was a bit disappointed when I worked out that Ken might not have been a very nice bloke after all.

          1. By the way, Carol Vorderman came from Rhyl or it might have been Prestatyn and she was there whilst the paedophile gang was causing havoc. Carol wasn’t privileged, I think her mum might have been a single parent, but Carol went to local schools, she wasn’t off in England boarding. Carol couldn’t possibly have missed the hullaballoo about a paedophile ring with connections to VIPs including the BBC…She can’t have missed Savile either.

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