News Flash – Welsh Labour’s New Leader

It has just been announced that Mark Drakeford is the new Leader of Welsh Labour. Drakeford will almost certainly be the next FM of Wales.

Drakeford worked as a social worker for Dyfed Social Services when a paedophile gang operated in Dyfed Social Services.

When Drakeford was Minister for Health, Wales experienced the biggest scandal involving the abuse of mental health patients that the UK has ever seen.

Drakeford’s adult son is currently serving a prison sentence for the prolonged violent ‘punishment’ rape of a young woman.

God help Wales.


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Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

8 thoughts on “News Flash – Welsh Labour’s New Leader”

    1. A dead cert I’d say susanne. Drakeford will systematically appoint the worst and there’s plenty for him to choose from. The Assembly is full of ex-social workers and others who colluded with or were part of Dafydd’s gang and their associates.

      It’ll be a re-run of when the gwerin forced Merfyn out as Chairman of the Betsi. Smug smiles and fierce whispers of ‘well he’s gone now hasn’t he’ and over the following years, complete disaster. It is so sad for Wales, these complete fuckwits are not only nasty, dangerous and criminal, but they can’t even do the senior jobs that they kick everyone else out of the way to do.

      I watched it for years. I watched the gwerin read intelligent accounts of personal experiences that gave every clue as to the criminality, I watched them read reports and reviews and you’d hear them say ‘well she’s wrrrritten this and there’s an awful lot of it…’ and I’d read the same thing and think ‘oh God, just wake up, do you realise what this is pointing to???’

      When I asked what the ‘letters that she has wrrrritten’ – ‘she’ being Dr Sadie Francis – were, back in 1991, I was told ‘oh, just letters about her being verrry concerned’. I obtained those letters years later. They would have been enough to have Sadie in the dock. Letters from Sadie to the MDU, furious that the MDU had told her to leave me alone, to stop Court action against me and that she really did not have grounds for her claims that I was dangerous and should be imprisoned. In other words, evidence of a criminal conspiracy and perjury. Not just ‘letters that she has wrrritten…’

      Look what has happened at the Betsi, just look at it. A combination of the combined forces of Higson, Hanson and Drakeford. It’s a fucking disaster, everyone knows it. So now Drakeford’s decided that he should be FM!

      Don’t they care that they are killing people???

      1. When I finished my PhD, I wrote to Nicky Mitchell-Heggs, the corrupt Occ Health physician at St George’s and Bluglass, telling them that I now had documentation demonstrating their criminality and I intended to publish. I didn’t realise at the time that there was another 10,000 documents to come years later.

        Have received info that Mitchell-Heggs crapped herself and a flurry of e mails to the Guilty were sent out. Then war on Merfyn the VC of Bangor University was declared at the highest levels, including in No 10…

        Any other readers with info, please do let me know…

        1. A few more worrying Events:

          As any fule kno Alastair Campbell is a MIND Ambassador. Alastair and MIND have been conducting a love-in for a few years now. Does anyone know when this began? MIND colluded with Dafydd and the gang from the 1960s, but I noticed Alastair join them much more recently, after I cc’d my 2006 letter to Peter Hain about the criminality in north Wales to Paul Farmer of Rethink. Weeks later Paul Farmer had become CEO of MIND and Alastair seemed to get on board with MIND after that.

          In terms of shafting Merfyn, Cardiff University were involved. Cardiff were known for being grandiose and up their own arses, but things became very personal by about 2009. In 2008 the Welsh Gov’t established an outfit called Beacon for Wales who’s remit was to expand ‘impact’ in universities, a sort of community engagement initiative. My colleague from Bangor Nathan Abrams and I won a Beacon award in the first round of funding. It soon became obvious that a lot of people at Cardiff University were very angry about this.

          Award winners were invited to put on a display in the Senedd and there was also a lunch and a do at a building in Cardiff Bay. It was seriously weird. There were all the award winners, only one team of whom were from Cardiff University, yet the PVC from Cardiff University – I think a Prof Hywel Thomas – stood up and made a speech to all the attendant journos and politicians welcoming them to Cardiff University and then told everyone how great Cardiff University was. Beacon for Wales was supposed to be a pan-Wales initiative, not a Cardiff University one. We weren’t even in Cardiff University. Then Hywel Thomas shoved in front of me at the lunch and pushed me out of the queue. I thought ‘what a rude man’.

          I’ve now been told that Hywel knew who I was as did other big wigs from Cardiff University in attendance.

          Being in complete ignorance at the time, Nathan and I then submitted another bid for funding from Beacon. We didn’t get it, but we were told later by an insider that our bid was considered the best but an order had gone out that Baker and Bangor University must not receive anymore funding from Beacon. Before we were told that, I offered to host a day at Bangor University to explain the idea of impact, invite all other universities and the staff from Beacon. Beacon were delighted and we organised the day. I then received a phone call from a very nervous Beacon member of staff apologising but cancelling the event. A complaint had been made by Cardiff University about the VC of Bangor hosting the Beacon event, Cardiff maintained that this was partisan and any Beacon event should not be held by a specific University.

          The VC of Bangor wasn’t hosting the event, I was organising it and I invited all other universities and community groups. Furthermore, nothing could have been more partisan than Hywel Thomas presenting the previous Beacon award winners day as a Cardiff University event. It was also pretty bloody partisan to blacklist me and my colleagues from receiving funding from Beacon no matter how good our bids were. Furthermore, at the non-partisan Beacon event in Cardiff, Cardiff University had appointed minions to walk up to key guests and introduce Cardiff academics to enable the Cardiff academics to tell the guests all about their ground-breaking research.

          The Beacon for Wales staff were housed in an office on the premises of er Cardiff University, although all Beacon literature stressed that Beacon wasn’t part of Cardiff University. When the Beacon for Wales scheme ground to an end, an insider told me that Cardiff University had really wrecked it, they had bullied the Beacon staff and took the view that Beacon for Wales funding was there to be used by them for outreach work.

          The biggest laugh of all? While at the Beacon for Wales day in south Wales, I got talking to a Cardiff academic who banged on and on about what a bloody waste of time this was and he had been building in impact into his work for years. What was the example of impact that this old boy gave me? That he had given a lecture to an audience of judges. I resisted the temptation to tell him that I’d recently given a lecture to an audience of cleaners.

          There’s Cardiff University for you! Impact??? It’s all about judges!!!

          So why were Cardiff University allowed to hijack the Beacon for Wales initiative for themselves, block Bangor University academics from receiving funding, make fallacious allegations against the VC of Bangor University and bully Beacon staff into cancelling a visit to north Wales??

          Perhaps Mark Drakeford can tell us. He was a Professor at Cardiff University at the time and doubled up as Rhodri Morgan’s SPAD.

          The ‘Morning Star’ today is virtually having orgasms at the idea that Drakeford the Socialist and Friend of Corbyn will be Wales’s next FM. Mark and Jezza can kick off their People’s Tour of the UK with a lecture to an audience of judges. Perhaps those corrupt Welsh judges such as Huw Daniel who colluded with the paedophile gang with which Drakeford also colluded. Or a corrupt English judge such as Little Nell’s late husband Henry Hodge who colluded with the paedophile gang in Islington which Jezza managed to ignore.

          David Evans, a senior officer of a teaching union in Wales, also told the ‘Morning Star’ that he was delighted that Drakeford will be the next FM. I’m fairly sure that is the David Evans who didn’t notice the serial sex abusing of pupils by the late John Owen of Ysgol Rhydefelen. Mid-Glamorgan Education Authority managed to miss Owen’s molesting of pupils for years as well. Including when Mid-Glamorgan Education Authority employed Ron Davies as an adviser. The Ron who was caught with his trousers down in the company of Boogie just as Blair was about to make Ron FM of the new Welsh Assembly.

          Good morning! And what a very good morning for Wales it is too!! We’ve got yet another paedophiles’ friend in the queue to be FM…

          Should Drakeford be caught in a gay honey-trap over the next week, dim problem, there can be another vote and there will be Hutt or Julie Morgan or the Baroness of Ely or Jenny Rathbone or Lesley Griffiths to vote for, there’s no shortage of AMs who colluded with a trafficking gang who could become FM.

          I’ll get on with organising my next Community Event for the dispossessed, an invited audience of Peers of the Realm, members of the Cabinet and Ambassadors. I hear that they are virtually destitute, so I’ll place an order for extra Ferraro Rochers. I always get a few in for special occasions.

          1. And Rhodri Morgan was rude to me in the Senedd when Nathan and I were setting up our display. I thought that he was just lacking in social skills. Well I suppose he was really, perhaps someone should have made that clear to the old meathead.

            Brian Gibbons was there too, he fled when he saw me.

            Brown did quip at the time that what they saw of me at the Senedd that day was not in line with the dangerous woman whom they’d all been told about. No, but they were being told lies and they knew it as well. Didn’t you Drakeford?

            Thick?? Rude??? Corrupt?? Wearing a pair of nylon ankle-swingers and two inches of grey root showing a la Julie Morgan? There’s a place for you in the Senedd.

  1. Regarding Ysgol Rhydefelen and their drama teacher John Owen who molested pupils unhindered for years. John Owen was a drama teacher and writer of S4C dramas for kids/teenagers, including ‘Pam Fi Duw?’ (Why me God?). The Head of Rhydefelen was the father of Ioan Gruffudd, who became a Famous Welsh Actor – among that crowd of Young Welsh Talent, who received so much publicity when the allegations re a massive VIP paedophile ring in north Wales would not go away – who now lives in LA! Ioan shared a house with his pal Matthew Rhys for 8 years; Matthew Rhys also became a Famous Welsh Actor who won an Emmy and he lives in LA too!

    Ioan and Matthew are Patrons of Trust PA, a charidee for spinal injuries and another high profile person involved with the charidee is the relative of someone who was dumped in north Wales and abused by Dafydd et al. That person has been rendered invisible to the world.

    This is why people hate Brown and me or indeed ANYONE who dares point to the slurry pit. Terrible things happened for years and years in north Wales and a selfish elite who’s children and grandchildren now occupy some very powerful positions were part of it. So it’s all hands on deck if ever a whistle is blown.

    I know what this lot did. I lived through it and I saw my friends abused and die. I don’t care how many fucking Emmies have been awarded to quaint Welsh-speaking attractive young actors who now live in LA, I know how and why they receive acres of good PR every time they even fart.

    People e mail me and ask ‘is Wales really full of perverts and molesters?’ No, there are some lovely people in Wales, really lovely people. The problem was that a network of corrupt professional people across the region ran a trafficking ring, no-one stopped them, their power grew and grew and grew and they call all the shots. That was two generations ago, their kids now form the elite and they don’t like it up ’em as the old boy from Dad’s Army used to say.

    Kids from the council estates and from the children’s homes in north Wales didn’t go to fucking youth theatre and then the Welsh School of Music and Drama and then RADA and then move to LA and appear on TV every time that someone blows a whistle. Those kids got nothing, nothing at all. Even if you weren’t one of those kids, if you were like me and some of my friends at Bangor and had done well academically and got into academia, as an adult you’d encounter the gwerin at every turn. Their kids had to get all the jobs even if they were a bit hopeless. Because well they’re entitled aren’t they. It wasn’t about language and nationality either, although that was sometimes used as an excuse; I saw clever Welsh people stuffed over as well.

    It was about troughing, pure and simple. Troughing. Dressed up in other guises.

    As my friend Peter Webb – as Welsh speaking quarryman from Llanberis – in Denbigh used to say, ‘Why don’t you all fuck off?’

    I can carry on naming the guilty for as long as Cherie and Tony wheel out their famous American glam friends. I advise the glam friends to keep a very low profile because Cherie and Tony concealed some terrible things and believe me, if you are glam and in America, you really don’t want to be associated with it.

    1. Readers of Viz will be familiar with Spoilt Bastard. Spoilt Bastard is called Timmy, but if Viz had evolved in north Wales rather than in Newcastle, Timmy could have been called Gruff.

      There is nothing Welsh and Democratic about what this lot did. It was simply ‘my dad’s the Chief Exec of the County Council/Top Doctor/local MP/judge/County Councillor [insert one of the few well-paid professional jobs in north Wales], I am entitled to the best’.

      Just like members of the dominant class in England. Their offspring are just sooo talented, that’s why they are filling Oxbridge, nothing to do with social advantage at all. As Stephen Fry observed himself not so long ago. That’s the Stephen who as any fule kno is a genius. Er, he hasn’t managed to work something very obvious out nonetheless…

      By the way, remember Stephen’s TV series ‘The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive?’ I first came across that phrase as the title of really good website that an Empowered Service User created years ago which explained just how shite her ‘care’ was. She was really chuffed because Radio 4 made one of their dramas from her ideas. Then Stephen’s blockbuster came along. It wasn’t half as good as that young woman’s website but guess who got the PR and dosh??? I didn’t even see any acknowledgements as to where they had got the title from.

      Mind you, more than a few gwerin plagiarised my ideas. They were too thick to produce anything worthwhile out of it though, that is one of the drawbacks of having to nick other people’s work…

      1. I’ve previously mentioned the big twat Michael Grade and his close association with paedophiles’ friends and his open rudeness to Merfyn at BBC dos.

        Have been given another BBC name as one of those who joined in the War On Merfyn – Alan Yentob aka Botney. Can’t say it surprises me, Botney has ruled supreme at the BBC for years now with no good reason. All I knew about Botney was that ‘Private Eye’ take the piss out of him, he thinks that he’s arty, the BBC have showered him with money and that he has a house in the Quantocks.

        Just taken a look at Botney’s wiki. He went to Leeds University. Jimmy Savile Central. Mark Byford, another BBC big wig who earned a fortune and no-one could see why, also studied at Leeds University. I know what the source of Byford’s power was – his dad Sir Lawrence was the HM Inspector of Constabulary responsible for the North Wales Police when they helped Dafydd run the paedophile ring. Lawrence was a totally corrupt very senior Top Cop.

        Being all arty and rocking, Botney knew the giants of music who when they were younger were shagging underaged kids, some of them supplied by Dafydd’s gang. Ooh Mr Wyman, meet Mandy, she’s 13…

        Did Botney receive an invitation to Jerry and the Digger’s wedding???

        Botney of course came unstuck in the wake of the disaster which engulfed Kid’s Company, of which he was Chairman. Botney stood in the Today studio while they interviewed Camila B of the turbans.

        Today journos: you have no need to be intimidated by Botney. If he ever tries it again, you just ask him to explain how giving kids from south London money to buy drugs resets their thermostatic emotional regulation mechanisms. Then you just piss yourself laughing when this idiot tells you that Sarah-Jayne Blakemore is currently Proving How It’s Done with brain scans.

        Perhaps someone with a sense of humour from Bridgwater would like to set up a squat in Botney’s second home in the Quantocks. Normal people can’t afford to live in the Quantocks anymore, the area was colonised years ago by journos and media folk from London because Paul Johnson bought an estate at Over Stowey and moved all of his mates in. Then bloody Botney arrived. Go on Bridgy people, pop over to Botney’s and enjoy yourselves, believe me that man does not deserve to have been able to price Somerset people out of their own villages.

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