News Round Up, August 24 2017

Recently the Morning Star ran a critique of the notion of ‘Mental Health First Aid’ courses. I was greatly pleased to read it, because I’ve long been of the opinion that ‘Mental Health First Aid’ is dangerous simplistic nonsense and as the Morning Star argued, it is being used to absolve the Gov’t of their responsibilities to people with mental health problems. ‘Mental Health First Aid’ is never going to address the problems of seriously ill people but it could lead to a false level of confidence among the folk who have been ‘trained’ with regard to their ability to solve the problems of people in serious distress and lead to the First Aiders being in danger of seriously screwing up. The Morning Star introduced the old chestnut of ‘more money for mental health services’ – there’s not a lot of point in giving the mental health services more money at the moment, it will just be metaphorically pissed up against the wall along with the rest of the money that they’ve already swallowed. There is no point giving them more money to do more of what doesn’t work. The Morning Star however did make the salient point that the Gov’t would be better off concentrating on matters like suitable housing for people with mental health problems, with which I would completely agree. People are subjected to expensive ‘treatment’ which is frequently ineffective or even abusive, yet their basic needs such as accommodation and income is being ignored.

The Daily Post Online has been brimming over with stories of serious problems regarding homelessness in north east Wales. It was reported that Flintshire Council have put a load of homeless people up in the Pontins Holiday Camp at Prestatyn. Flintshire Council have stated that their homeless service is at ‘breaking point’ – in Sept 2016 there were 1,600 people on the waiting list. Flintshire Council may be at breaking point, but Wrexham County Borough Council has actually broken. An ‘encampment’ of homeless people has been established on the site of the old Grove School in Wrexham – there’s a lot of people there and they’re living in tents. The Council has delivered some portaloos to the site, but Nigel Lewis, the Chairman of Wrexham Town Centre Forum, maintains that the facilities at the encampment are insufficient. He points out that the Third sector and the Council have failed to solve this problem and that a different approach is needed. Mr Lewis wants Wrexham to take a leaf out of Bristol’s book and house the tent-dwellers in shipping containers once winter arrives. Mr Lewis seems to have suggested this because he knows that there’s no chance of houses for any of them. What have we come to when moving into a shipping container is a step up? I know that a creative artist could, with time and a bit of money, probably work on a shipping container and convert it into a unique and interesting home, but I don’t think anyone’s going to do that for the people living on the site of Grove School. I suspect that what will happen is that a job lot of shipping containers – probably acquired on the cheap – will be unceremoniously parked on a brownfield site somewhere and that will be the ‘housing’. Furthermore, it will probably then be argued that anyone living in a shipping container is now ‘housed’ and they’ll never be offered anything else. If they move out of the shipping container, they’ll be deemed to have voluntarily made themselves homeless and they’ll never be allowed on a housing waiting list again.

It’s particularly ironic that these stories have emerged, because earlier on I was browsing through Hansard and I came across the account of the Commons Welsh Affairs sitting of 28 Feb 1984, the annual ‘Welsh Day’. Lord Crickhowell aka Nicholas Edwardes, the then Secretary of State for Wales – star of posts ‘I Want Serious Money Now Please’ and ‘Corruption Bay Special’ – was speaking and being questioned by a number of Welsh MPs. Dafydd Elis-Thomas and other MPs were doing all that they could to tell Edwardes that if the Conservative Gov’t did not start investing in a bigger council house building programme, there would be a crisis in future years. Edwardes, in true Minister-of-Thatcher’s style, was having none of it and boasted about the Tories’ successful housing policies. If you’d built those houses Edwardes, there wouldn’t be people living in tents looking forward to moving into a shipping container when the inclement weather arrives.

Edwardes was also challenged by furious Welsh MPs who were quoting the figures relating to the problems that Wales had encountered since Edwardes became Secretary of State in 1979 in terms of the thousands of people who were unemployed, the number of major employers who had shut shop etc. Edwardes responded by using the discourse of ‘change’, that some businesses would die, some would grow, that failing firms would collapse but nonetheless the economy was growing, that ‘failure and closure go hand in hand with success and growth’ and that Wales had to ‘adapt to change’. Furthermore, under the Tories new technology based businesses would soon be erupting into life all over Wales, just like Silicon Valley. I’m still waiting Nicholas – they haven’t arrived yet. Edwardes’ warned everyone that there would be closures in the south Wales coalfield but they were of course necessary. He was however delighted to announce a huge new investment in the steel works at Port Talbot – although they’re about to go tits-up down there thirty years later under another Tory Gov’t.

Edwardes’ pride and glory though, the enormous ‘investment’ that he banged on about at length to explain how much Thatcher’s Gov’t was doing for Wales, was something that he called the ‘south Cardiff initiative’ – yes, Edwardes was hailing the arrival of Corruption Bay, the massive scam that I have detailed previously on this blog, from which Nicholas Edwardes and some of his friends made a mint because they were directors of the businesses and quangos who were central to the development. My interest in Corruption Bay was aroused by the Welsh blogger Jac O The North who provides full details on his blog – Jac has always argued that Edwardes and his mates had the whole thing planned out years before they joined the contracted companies as Directors and raked in the profits from the publicly funded bonanza themselves. In the light of the comments that Edwardes made in the Commons on Feb 28 1984, it rather looks as though Jac is spot on. All the proposed ingredients are mentioned by Edwardes – the millions and millions of Gov’t dosh that would be available for the ‘initiative’, the availability of dosh from the ‘urban development grant’ and the names of the companies chosen by ABP and LAW to carry out the work. Edwardes trumpets the central theme of the ‘initiative’ as being a ‘collaboration between the public and private sectors’. That’s right Edwardes, you planned the ‘collaboration’ whilst you were in office, you gave the green light to the huge amount of public money that was given to the quangos involved – quangos on which your friends and business partners were sitting – then once work was underway, you resigned from office, shuffled off into the Lords and then joined the Boards of the companies that your mates on the quangos had contracted to do the work.

Edwardes mentions that the famously corrupt WDA would be building the first centre for advanced technology at Deeside Industrial Park. The plan was for this centre to house Newtech, ‘an organisation for technical research, development and innovation formed jointly by Clwyd County Council and NEWI’. Edwardes stated that Newtech had recently received urban programme backing from the Gov’t. This all sounds very familiar. My post ‘A Vampire At Glyndwr University!’ detailed the backgrounds of the Chancellor and some of the governors at Glyndwr University (previously NEWI). There are multiple conflicts of interest in evidence – there is obviously an extensive game of musical chairs going on in north east Wales, with a network of people log jamming all the positions in the County Councils, the Boards of local companies, the Council of Glyndwr University, the Magistrates Bench etc. The people in those positions today have been circulating around for decades – some of them will have benefited from the investment in Deeside that Edwardes announced in 1984.

Keith Raffan, the Tory MP for Delyn, paid tribute to Edwardes and his colleagues at the Welsh Office regarding the setting up of the Delyn enterprise zone in Flint – there had been over £8.2 million in land reclamation. They had also received an urban programme grant of more than £1 million – much more than the local borough had expected. Raffan felt that this was  confirmation of the ‘excellent management’ of the borough.

But guess what else is recorded in Hansard? That there is a serious financial crisis in Clwyd County Council. They were flat broke and had to dip into their reserves. The situation is so dire that the Council planned an enormous rise in the rates, so high that it caused a row in Parliament. Nonetheless the Chief Executive’s office alone employs 34 staff and redundancies are not suggested. The Chief Exec in 1984 was Mervyn Phillips. Who was in charge of the Clwyd County Council that were running the dreadful mental health services and the children’s homes where children were being abused and trafficked into prostitution. Clwyd County Council were not spending their money on health or the social services. So where was it going? I have previously provided examples on this blog of occasions when funds from Clwyd Council had been embezzled and of Chief Execs of Clwyd who somehow managed to liberate huge sums of money to prop up the charities with which they were involved – which resulted in some of them receiving gongs. For the full details see post ‘Ain’t Nothing Clean – Not Even The Welsh Calvinistic Methodists’. In this post though I will confine myself to mentioning that one of the most serious offenders, Mervyn Phillips, was a Director of Bodelwyddan Castle Trust. Hansard 28 Feb 1984 records angry MPs raising questions about the ‘extravagant amount’ that was spent on Bodelwyddan Castle to transform it into a tourist attraction.

The Welsh Office knew about the paedophile gang that was operating in Clwyd, the wider Tory Party openly discussed the fact that Sir Peter Morrison the MP for Chester was sexually abusing boys and was visiting children’s homes in Clwyd. The Welsh Office were concealing both the abuse of children in north Wales and the abuses of the mental health services who were facilitating the paedophile ring. So Edwardes was faced with a bankrupt Council who ran the children’s homes that were trafficking children into prostitution – to other MPs as well as Morrison. At the same time he was giving huge quantities of public money to businesses on Deeside and in Flint – which were run by some of the same people who ran the Council, the Social Services and the Health Authority that facilitated the paedophile gang. People who also packed the benches of the local Magistrates Courts – no wonder so few of the members of the paedophile gang were convicted but so many of their victims were.

One doesn’t have to be a genius to conclude that the financial mismanagement of the Council and indeed overt theft by people in Clwyd County Council was being overlooked by a Welsh Office who rewarded them with millions in ‘grant aid’ – as long as the criminals in that Council’s ‘children’s services’ continued to supply the fresh meat to the Westminster Paedophile Ring…

One of the names mentioned in Hansard was that of the Under-Secretary of State for Wales, Wyn Roberts. Wyn told the Commons how good the prospects of a child born in 1979 would be, such a babe being born under the reign of Queen Maggie. Unless of course they were taken into care Wyn or found themselves in need of a mental health service… In Feb 1984 Wyn Roberts was plain old Mr. He soon became Sir and eventually became Lord. No-one in north Wales ever understood why Wyn Roberts was thought so highly of that he ended up in the Lords – particularly as he never made it to Secretary of State. It’s not as if he ever addressed the problems of the mental health services that constituents like me took to him. He never even raised concerns about the paedophile gang! Ah – I think I understand…

Another name that I recognised popped up in Hansard as well. Edwardes told the House that the Kidney Research Unit for Wales Foundation and the private sector had been invited to submit tenders alongside NHS proposals for the NHS to operate two proposed dialysis units, one in Carmarthen and one at Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor. The schemes for these units were to be evaluated by one Professor William Asscher, Professor of Renal Medicine at the University of Cardiff Medical School. William Asscher approved the unit for Ysbyty Gwynedd and shortly afterwards landed a senior position in St George’s Hospital Medical School – where I was hounded out of a job in 1991 at the same time as psychiatrists from St George’s Hospital Medical School colluded with psychiatrists in north Wales to have me labelled as ‘dangerous’, although the St George’s psychiatrists were aware that psychiatrists in north Wales were sexually exploiting patients and were involved in criminal activities. One source of information regarding my dangerousness was Lucille Hughes, the Director of Gwynedd Social Services who was later named in the Waterhouse Report as knowing that a paedophile ring was operating in the social services but not acting on that knowledge. Lucille was the mistress of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones – one of the psychiatrists who was sexually exploiting patients, breaking the law and telling St George’s that I was dangerous! The other psychiatrist from north Wales who told St George’s how dangerous I was, was Dr Tony Francis (Dr X). He was a graduate of Cardiff Medical School, had spent a number of years working there post-qualification and worked at Ysbyty Gwynedd whilst William Asscher gave the go-ahead for the renal unit. My post ‘Running The Country – And All That Jazz’ explains how St George’s Hospital was a foundation that had originally been established by a donation from the Duke of Westminster. In the 1980s, the then Duke of Westminster was the president of the City of Chester Conservative Association. The fact that their MP Peter Morrison was molesting children was openly gossiped about among members of the Association (see post ‘It’s The Sun Wot Won It’). It’s a small world – especially if there’s a paedophile ring which is part of an organised criminal gang with international connections supplying children to Westminster figures that needs concealing…

It is noticeable that the areas of Wales that were suffering so much under Edwardes – represented by some of the angry MPs who were trying to make him understand the damage that his Gov’t was doing – are the areas of Wales that remain wrecked today and are still the subject of regular political discussions regarding the disadvantage found in the communities within them.


Yesterday the Daily Post Online ran a feature on a local hero – a Top Doctor from Denbighshire, Professor Bim Bhowmick. Bim was described as being 77 years old with a ‘long and successful career behind him’. It was mentioned that Bim was a geriatrician and former Medical Director of Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Not only is Ysbyty Glan Clwyd as mismanaged and as riddled with corruption as Ysbyty Gwynedd, but the wards for the elderly have been notorious for years. They are so bad that staff working at YGC warn friends not to allow their relatives to be admitted there. It was the ‘institutional abuse’ of elderly mentally ill patients in Tawel Fan ward in YGC that caused the Welsh Gov’t to place the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board in special measures. Patients were crawling around naked on floors covered in urine and faeces whilst staff swore at them and discussed their sex lives. One patient was found to have a broken arm. It transpired that a nurse had previously raised concerns about conditions on the ward, but had been confronted by a doctor saying that he ‘didn’t want any more complaints’. The case of Tawel Fan was the biggest scandal involving care of the elderly that there has been for many years and the ward has been shut down. The nurse who eventually blew the whistle was sacked. No member of staff involved in abusing the patients has been disciplined or prosecuted.

Perhaps standards of elderly care at YGC have simply slipped since Bim was put out to grass? Not really. My post ‘How Much Do Staff Surveys Really Tell Us?’ details how some years ago a retired professor from Bangor University, Clare Wenger, was so horrified at what she witnessed when she was admitted to a ward for the elderly at YGC that she wrote a detailed report noting every incident of abuse and neglect and sent it to over 100 academic contacts and NHS officials. Clare Wenger was denounced as a stuck up cow doing down our wonderful NHS. Clare Wenger’s specialism was the care  and support of elderly people. Unlike Bim she didn’t work at YGC so didn’t need to lie about conditions there. Furthermore Clare Wenger actually has a track record of high calibre academic research which Bim, for all his ‘long and successful career’, doesn’t seem to have.

In spite of being Medical Director of the worst geriatric services in north Wales – and probably in the whole of Wales – Bim tells a good story and has managed to do alright for himself.

Bim came from a wealthy family in Bengal but left during the troubled time of partition in India. Bim’s family were targeted because they were wealthy and Bim left India before the rest of his family. Bim’s father’s parting words to him were – when Bim was 6 years old – ‘be a good doctor’. When Bim grew up he lived his father’s dream and studied medicine – Bim had to ‘beg’ a friend of his father’s to pay his fees. Bim triumphed and qualified. In 1969 Bim arrived in the UK. A BBC News Online report from July 2006 tells us that in 1974 Bim decided to settle in north Wales and worked as a consultant at HM Stanley Hospital St Asaph. Somehow, although Bim’s a geriatrician, ‘as a young doctor he developed a special interest in stroke care and progressed to become one of Britain’s foremost experts’ and ‘in 1989 he established a stroke rehab unit as YGC’. This is as puzzling as Bim’s expertise in gerontology. Stroke care in Wales as a whole was so bad that some years ago the Welsh Assembly Gov’t imported some stroke specialists from England in order to build a service for Wales. Stroke care in north Wales was the worst of the lot – there was no specialist service. One of the English imports got into a spat with someone because he was unable to deliver a service in Welsh and in his defence commented that ‘at present a service in Japanese would be an improvement because there is no service’. Stroke patients in north Wales had some of the worst outcomes in the UK – they were dropping like flies because they weren’t getting treatment soon enough. In a lot of cases no-one had even diagnosed them correctly.

I am wondering if Bim is rather like Dr Dafydd Alun Jones who told the local newspapers that he was ‘Europe’s leading forensic psychiatrist’ when he wasn’t even a forensic psychiatrist.

For some reason, after excelling in north Wales, in 2006 Bim departed for Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust where he became Clinical Director of Torfaen Intermediate Care Services. Bim retired in 2009.

Bim really did reach the dizziest of heights however. In 2003 Cardiff University offered him a Chair and a Fellowship. He was also offered a Fellowship by Glyndwr University. In 2009 he was given a Lifetime Achievement award from NHS Wales. He was a runner up for the Bevan Prize for his outstanding contribution to the health and wellbeing of the elderly. In 2000 he was awarded an OBE for his contribution to elderly care services in Wales. Bim won the Founder’s Medal from the British Geriatrics Society in 2005.

Bim is now Emeritus Consultant Physician for the elderly in YGC as well as Clinical Director of Medicine and Associate Postgraduate Dean, Wales. He helped initiate and Chairs the Equality and Diversity Committee of the Royal College of Physicians.

Bim is a Board Member of the Bevan Commission, which is dedicated to ‘promoting health and health services in Wales’. The Bevan Commission informs us that he has been ‘delivering excellence and innovation in geriatric medicine within the NHS for over 48 years’. So that’s why geriatric care is usually so shite and why geriatrics is the least desirable speciality among medical graduates.

Bim has even invented a model of care – and has called it after himself. It’s the BIM – the Bhowmick Innovative Model, bringing acute medical care to elderly patients in their own homes. It reduces bed blocking and introduces significant savings. It’s also a very well-kept secret, because the last I heard there was a crisis in the care of elderly people at home. Nonetheless Bim won the UK BUPA ‘charity’ medical research prize and was a finalist in the BMJ awards.

In Oct 2015 Bim gave a public lecture as part of a programme organised by Bangor University, Grwp Llandrillo Menai and supported by Public Health Service Wales: ‘The Elderly In Illness: Hospital Or Home Treatment With Dignity’. Well they certainly got that in Tawel Fan – as did Clare Wenger when she was given an enema on an open ward in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd whilst she was on the receiving end of a bit of Bim’s excellence.

Bim is of course a governor of Glyndwr University and a former Deputy Lieutenant of Clwyd. Bim wrote his autobiography a few years ago, ‘You Can’t Climb A Ladder With Your Hands In Your Pockets’. He seems to have climbed one by telling a lot of tall stories and relied on no-one daring to expose him because that would involve admitting the dreadful truth about standards of care at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.


I came across another interesting document today. It dated from 2004 and was a list of the most senior Freemasons in the UK. There have been of course constant allegations that the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal was connected with Masonic activity, although this was denied in the Waterhouse Report and then denied again by Secretary of State for Wales Stephen Crabb after the Macur Review. The rumours persist though – I was told by somebody in MIND in 1987 that the problems caused by Dafydd and co in the mental health services involved Freemasonry and it was admitted that Gordon Anglesea was a Freemason as were a number of the judges and lawyers who have been involved in the inquiries, investigations and trials connected with the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. St George’s Hospital was known to be dominated by Freemasons. Bangor University had it’s own lodge. The lodge in the town of Bangor had a number of police officers and lawyers as members.

So when I found the list of Masons today, I paid close attention to see if I recognised any names from north Wales lodges. I did. An R. Hefin Davies MBE was listed – that is the former Chair of the North West Wales NHS Trust. Out of interest I then searched the Company Director’s register for Hefin Davies’s interests. He has been a director of a number of companies, three of them involved with the slate trade in north Wales. Being a director of companies involved with the slate industry might at first seem a little incompatible with being the Chair of an NHS Trust. But it’s interesting in the light of something that I was told some years ago when I lived near Bethesda. The Penrhyn Slate Quarry is situated near Bethesda and a lot of my former neighbours used to work there or have friends who worked there. There were always a lot of allegations that massive fiddles were being conducted on the part of some of the senior people in the quarry. Eventually I think it was three people who were put on trial for offences like fraud and theft. It wasn’t just a bit of pilfering that had gone on, the people involved were fleecing the quarry in a major way. There was one man who was caught and arrested however who was never charged. This was widely discussed in the village in terms of ‘how the hell has he got away with it when the others are in court’. The man concerned had been driving lorry loads of slate out of the quarry without going over the weigh bridge, he’d been stealing tons of the stuff. After everyone marvelled at no prosecution ever being brought, I was told by someone ‘not only that but he’s now just been given a seat on the Board of the North West Wales NHS Trust’. Hefin was Chairman at the time. Hefin was also Chairman when Ysbyty Gwynedd were slaughtering mental health patients and the staff were perjuring themselves in order to secure criminal convictions against patients who made complaint.

Another name on the list of senior Freemasons in north Wales was that of the Rev Canon Trevor Davies of Colwyn Bay. Another name was Gareth Lloyd Jones, a funeral director in Llanwrst. The Masons obviously do put a bit of business each others way, because Gareth Lloyd Jones organised the funeral of the Provincial Grand Master of North Wales 1990-2004, one Ian Lawrie Mackeson-Sandbach, who died in 2012. When Ian died, donations to the King Edward VII Hospital were requested. I presume that this is the same King Edward VII Hospital mentioned in my post ‘Update On Tainted Blood Scandal – The Culprit’, the hospital with Lord Simon Glenarthur as governor (who is also the Director of the MDU), the Conservative peer who was responsible for the tainted blood scandal which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. Ian’s mother Geraldine – who died in 2001 – was a descendant of the 2nd Baron Penrhyn. Geraldine inherited a Jamaican plantation of 4000 acres and two sizeable estates in north Wales. Geraldine was President of the Denbigh branch of the Royal College of Midwives 1955-75; a member of the governing body of the Church in Wales 1957-67; President of the Royal British Legion Women’s Section; a Magistrate on the Llanwrst Bench 1942-79 and was President of the Juvenile Bench.

So Geraldine and Ian seem to have some medical connections then, as well as a few other connections. The family estate is in the Conwy Valley near Llanwrst. So the Mackeson-Sandbachs could well know Peter Higson, Chair of the Betsi Board – he comes from Llanwrst and his sister is Ruth Hussey, the former Chief Medical Officer for Wales! Geraldine could well have known Dafydd and Gwynne the lobotomist too, with that medical connection to Denbigh – of course Peter Higson worked with Dafydd and Gwynne himself when he was a psychologist and then the manager at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, throughout the years when Dafydd was banging up people who’d complained about the paedophiles’ friends. One of Dafydd’s roles at Denbigh was to ‘assess’ pregnant women who had requested terminations on mental health grounds. The North Wales Hospital was an institution in which female patients were sexually exploited by Dafydd himself, in which unmarried mothers were still incarcerated in the 1980s and in which whilst I was there in 1987 was unlawfully detaining a young woman who had been abducted by three men, held in an attic and sexually assaulted (see post ‘The Distressed Young Woman Who Vanished’). They would have needed a colluding midwife on quite a regular basis wouldn’t they.

Geraldine’s granddaughter – Ian’s daughter – is famous! She’s Antoinette Sandbach, the former Conservative AM for north Wales. Antoinette always used to describe herself as being a ‘farmer’s daughter’. I didn’t quite believe her at the time. The farmer’s daughter always stressed how committed she was to north Wales, particularly of course to the farmers in the region. So imagine my surprise when in 2015 she stood for the safe Tory seat of Eddisbury in Cheshire. She won as well and the next day resigned her seat in the Assembly and now she’s buggered off to Cheshire.

In July 2013 Cheshire Life interviewed Antoinette. It transpires that the farmer’s daughter spent 12 years in London working as a ‘successful criminal barrister’. Cheshire Life asked her why she would ever want to leave such a career for the ‘country roads’ of north Wales and then ‘head for the Assembly’. Antoinette explained that after she gave a speech at a Save the Rhino fundraiser in 2007, a number of people suggested that she entered politics (I don’t quite follow, but never mind). So Antoinette rang the Conservative Office in Colwyn Bay – that’s the office of a former star of this blog, David Jones MP, who was Secretary of State for Wales for a while under Cameron – and within three months Antoinette found herself standing for the Assembly in Delyn! She didn’t win that seat, so she then ‘worked on the family farm for a low wage’ whilst at the same time working part-time for David Jones, putting her legal skills to good use (Jones is a solicitor). Then Antoinette’s name was added to the regional list and she was subsequently elected!

My post ‘The Right Honourable David Jones MP’ details the many connections that David Jones has to the paedophiles’ friends. Like Antoinette, Jones initially entered politics via a seat in the Welsh Assembly – like Antoinette, he then legged it to Westminster at the first opportunity. David Cameron appointed David Jones to the position of Secretary of State for Wales in the months before Cameron announced that there was to be a review of the Waterhouse Inquiry in the aftermath of the constant allegations that Waterhouse was a huge cover-up. So Jones was Secretary of State whilst the discussions as to how to respond to the accusations of a massive, high level cover up of a paedophile ring involving Westminster figures were happening among Cameron’s inner circle. Jones was removed from the post once the Macur Review was well underway. Like Antoinette’s dad, David Jones is a Freemason.

Antoinette’s dad was Provincial Grand Master of North Wales throughout the police inquiries into child abuse in the region – which were alleged to have been hampered by Freemasonry – throughout the Jillings investigation into child abuse (which the police refused to co-operate with) and throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry. Whilst Antoinette’s dad was Provincial Grand Master, witnesses to the activities of the paedophile gang were found dead, the arson attack which killed five people connected to the North Wales Paedophile Ring happened and Gordon Anglesea won his libel case and the young man who gave evidence against him was subsequently found dead. Oh and I and two of my friends who knew what had happened to me at the hands of Dafydd et al were subjected to constant harassment and threats, unlawfully dismissed from various jobs, one of us was subjected to a violent assault and there were two attempts to set fire to my house.

When Cheshire Life interviewed Antoinette she explained that she became a barrister because she wanted to ‘represent those whose voices would otherwise be lost, whether a victim of crime or a wrongly accused defendant’. As a result of the activities of a number of people that your dad knew Antoinette, very many people were victims of crime and wrongly accused defendants. So would you like to explain to us why the ‘farmer’s daughter’ suddenly decided to enter politics in 2007  – because I don’t for one minute believe that it was anything to do with your outstanding performance at the Save the Rhino Society, or your desire to ‘learn about farming’. You had decided that you needed to be in Westminster and your network of Freemasons, lawyers and paedophiles’ friends swung into action immediately.

In 2009 Antoinette’s young baby died. She has talked extensively about how distressing it was, how she was treated as a suspect by the police and how little support there is for parents of babies who die. She made speeches about it in both the Senedd and the Commons and wept buckets as she spoke, invoking applause on both occasions. She now campaigns on that issue. Yet she has never spoken a word about the dreadful state of the NHS in north Wales, even about the maternity services at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd which were so dysfunctional that Bangor University removed their students from midwifery placements there and a hit squad was sent in from the Welsh Gov’t with the aim of ‘achieving normality’. Numerous women had the most distressing experiences there and some lost their babies.

My post ‘A Vampire At Glyndwr University!’ explains how in 2008 a substantial number of the paedophiles’ friends – in their attempt to have Edwina Hart removed from her post as Health Minister as she tried to clean up the NHS in north Wales – submitted ‘evidence’ to the Welsh Affairs Committee in the Commons. When I wrote that post I was wondering who was on that Committee because I suspected that the paedophiles’ friends were appealing to a sympathiser. I found out today that David Jones was on that Committee. The paedophiles’ friends sent up their distress flare just at the time that the farmer’s daughter decided that a lucrative career at the Criminal Bar (so to speak) was not for her and what she really wanted out of life was a ‘low paid job’ learning how to muck out the stock. Which is why she also bagged a job with a friend of the paedophiles’ friends, moved to Cheshire and has a seat in Westminster.


Two more pieces of news from BBC News Wales Online. David Boswell, 56, the Mayor of Pembroke and a Conservative County Councillor, has been charged with historical sex offences – six counts of indecent assault and one count of rape on two different victims who were both aged under 13 at the time. Mr Boswell was in the Army for more than twelve years and is a Marshall for the Royal British Legion.

It has also been reported that the long running saga of the Chief Exec of Community Health Councils in Wales who was suspended on full pay (£90k pa) for many months without anyone knowing the reason (see post ‘High-Level Shenanigans At The Community Health Councils’) is over. He has now been sacked without anyone knowing the reason. When he was appointed to the post he indicated that he wanted to shake up the CHCs and ensure that they represented a strong voice on the part of patients. Which they certainly didn’t before – in the north Wales CHC most of the members were retired or even still working Top Doctors or the paedophiles’ friends. The day after the sacking without reason of the Chief Exec was reported, there was a bad news story of dissatisfied patients of the Kinmel Bay Medical Practice having to queue up outside the surgery at 8am in order to book an appointment. Geoff Ryall-Harvey the Chief Officer of the North Wales CHC said that it was ‘totally unacceptable’, a ‘longstanding problem’ and that ‘we’d be happy to take on anyone’s complaint concerning this matter’. If it’s a longstanding problem the CHC obviously haven’t been very successful at dealing with it. But then they failed to deal with a genocidal mental health service and an unhinged dangerous maternity service and as a result the Betsi Board virtually collapsed and is in long-term special measures. At least they’ve now sacked the man who wanted to effect change.




Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. You do yorself no favours contributing to fascist Welsh nationalist blogs, you’re an intelligent person and must reaalise that trying to ingratiate yourself with such people is futile.

    Somebody once said you shouldn’t appease a crocodile in the hope it will eat you last.

    1. I do not share many of the political opinions expressed on the Jac O The North blog – neither do all of the other people contributing to Jac’s blog. I began reading his blog because it was the only source of information regarding the Local Authority and Third Sector corruption that I knew to be happening in Wales. Jac’s blog also takes a big interest in the regions of Wales which are rural and Welsh speaking – these communities are ignored by pretty much everyone. It is obvious from my comments on Jac’s blog that I do not share the right wing nationalist sentiments that are often expressed there – but I do think that rural Welsh language communities who have been abandoned by everyone need someone to speak up for them. Jac has identified some real problems – although I do not always agree with his proposed solutions. Likewise, he has identified the most appalling corruption in certain sectors of Welsh society – corruption that is causing vulnerable people to suffer greatly, corruption that is leaving the infrastructure of Wales unable to provide what is needed for it’s citizens. When I first commented on Jac’s blog, I made it clear that I was an English leftie who I would expect him to hate. I thought that he’d refuse to publish my comments. He has published everything that I have ever posted up. Likewise I post up opinions on my blog of people with whom I disagree….

  2. Welsh speaking communities are not ignored they are well indulged as everybody knows.
    My gripe isn’t with your concerns its whom you are sharing them with, surely you must know Jac and his handful of obsessive followers couldn’t care less about corruption, on the contrary if it meant discriminating against English born people they’d support it.

    That blog is written by an immigrant who hasn’t even bothered to make Welsh his default language despite living in a Welsh speaking area for over 30 years. I don’t question your integrity but I do question the wisdom of sharing information with those whose lives are utterly consumed by hatred.


      If you rely on the Indie you could believe the first black man to join Met, Norbert, was 1967. But in fact it was a century earlier long before a sociologist chum of Malc X invented, for propaganda purposes, the myth of institutionalised racism. And long before the “Black Lives Matter” movement was thus spawned.

      Jac o the North does not like the sight of young women carrying placards extolling Black Lives Matter. But has denied himself the opportunity to cite the above facts about the first Met black officer born in Suffolk. Around the time the Suffolk born black man was in Met one of the now famed Det sgt Whicher’s early cases arose. In Suffolk. The Ixworth Gang. Which was a form of class war when the Ixworth lot tumbled on the novel idea of neither starving for England nor dwelling in the workhouse. So ruthless gang it was. You wouldn’t have wanted to be a gamekeeper or a copper trying to thwart that lot. Many of the gang ended up in the colonies in penal servitude.

      Jac o the North, Suffolk history aversion and Welsh Office. I refer of course to the Suffolk Tithe War and the anti English lies presented as fact in History Lessons in Welsh Schools. “The English defeated the Welsh and imposed taxes, called tithes, on the Welsh people to pay for the English Church which the Welsh did not support”. I kid you not the Welsh Office approve this utter right wing taffy bunkum.

      A yesteryear friend of mine prided himself that he was still fighting the Suffolk tithe war. A farmer of the village of Old Newton. His other war is Sizewell nuclear power station. He would conflate the two wars knowing his phone was tapped, particularly at time of Hilda Murrell murder. I imagine some hapless intelligence analyst of Suffolk Police Special Branch awarding likelihood and credibility points to the transcript of a phone conversation about a meeting of Sizewell protestors at the Bishop of Dulwich annual strawberry tea party. Perhaps phoning the Bishop to be told “I have told that bloody bloke wanting his tithe payer rights he will never ever be invited to my strawberry tea parties. He already makes me open long closed churches once a year as it is his tithe right and it is usually to perform a wedding in a quaint setting for one of his rugger pals. But he is never ever going to get in a strawberry tea party. ”

      In Wales I met an English chap who worked for WDA. He lamented about a Welsh academic on the grant aid tafia scam gang that at one meeting Taff the Brain said “We are a nation of poets you English will never understand us” …

      “Well consider about the Cardiff Bay

      Having English money away”

      1. Richard – thanks for the latest info.
        With regard to what is taught in history in schools – there have been many distortions imposed on history lessons from many different angles, both Welsh and anti-Welsh. In England Michael Gove recently personally imposed a history curriculum on schools which has left many parents, teachers and historians seething.
        The WDA was the most appalling scam that served as a very deep trough for some very unscrupulous people. It wasn’t strictly ‘tafia’ either – a number of the beneficiaries were nothing to do with Wales or the Welsh, they were simply rich enough to join in the party. Cardiff Bay was built on taxpayers money rather than English money – it was pre-devolution, so that dosh will have come from taxpayers across the UK. Taxpayers who did not see a return on it…

    2. Welsh speaking communities are only ‘indulged’ in a very limited way in regions of Wales where they are high in number. Rural communities per se right across the UK are increasingly seen by Westminster Gov’ts as where one goes to have fun or where the Chipping Norton set live. There are serious socio-economic problems in rural Welsh speaking communities, I observed it at first hand for twenty five years whilst I lived in them. Even in Wales where the Gov’t is not quite so crazed and greedy as the Westminster Gov’t, there is a massive focus on Cardiff and certain parts of south Wales. I know the region where Jac lives – south Meirionydd – vey well. I might not agree with Jac’s proposed solutions, but the problems that he identifies on his blog – the lack of employment sufficiently well-paid for people to rent let alone buy, the burgeoning of Third sector organisations in receipt of public money but which do not deliver what they are being paid to deliver, the dumping of people with high support needs by English councils who are following a policy of transporting citizens with problems to Wales when Wales doesn’t have the infrastructure to look after them – is happening.
      To be fair I think that Jac and his followers do care about corruption – and although his blog does take a relentlessly hostile stance towards ‘English immigrants’, he has made plenty of references on that blog to local authority corruption in Wales.
      I agree that spending time with people whose lives are consumed with hatred is probably not going to be fruitful – but I think that Jac and his correspondents are actually very angry at what they have seen happening around them, rather than simply being consumed with hatred. And I think that with regard to a number of issues, their anger is understandable. There would be no point in me dismissing Jac and his correspondents as a bunch of anti-English bigots without acquainting myself with the reasons for their anger and why they have been motivated to blog about it all.

  3. I have encountered Jac before but my old memory just aint churning it up for me. It was to do with Dads Army Home Service Force I think. Or Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth.

    When I reported Plessey Torpedoes and Sonar at Newport for falsifying RN tests data and having a wrongly wired factory which was corrupting assembly and test but the taffs were not fit to make electric kettles etc. An English engineer who set up their test system 1976 had quickly quit. The Welsh training courses in electronics were scamming their results. As the English engineer said there are “Retrained” Welsh doing tests who have not even understood Ohms Law. Their passes to work in electronics are a scam.

    I got a job night shift security on South Wales Argus and did their archive for unpublished stuff too. Fascinating. The number of vacant retraining courses in Cardiff. Newport unemployed refusing to travel daily to Cardiff and more money to re-train them close to home in Newport. Dumbing down HNC standards in Newport, Pontypool and Ebbw Vale. And a remark about God help us if the English ever find out how we been spending their money.

    When two MOD folks agreed my Plessey findings 1989 (By that time they had created the need for Thatchers obsolete torp against Belgrano because the modern torps were too unreliable to risk in a war) I was told nothing will be done. Special Areas Reconstruction Act 1936. English skilled workforces laid off and factories relocated in easy travel to work distance of the Welsh. With the valve factory (Cwmbran?) there were WW2 reports including mass observation survey from a communist secretary at the factory. There was management orchestrated falsification of quality control and test records thus supplying crap to the RAF. Plessey from 1976 was continuing the tradition but in the RN supply chain.

    I was told that estimates in WW2 were the Welsh valves had actually contributed more to RAF losses than the Luftwaffe !!

    I was told “Is this the first you knew about this ?” “Yes” “And nothing will be published about Plessey either mate”

    Marconi bought them out rewired the factory and then closed em down 1200 redundancies. Game plays again. Paul Flynn MP weeping crocodile tears in the Commons about losses of jobs of “Highly skilled” people, pants on fire Flynny you lil Welsh twerp. But he wrote me a letter saying what a good job I did as a “Whistleblower”. Talk about Taffs praying on their knees while preying on their neighbour !

    Then some erudite chap topped the WW2 story with a Napoleonic equivalent but that was IIRC about England withdrawing strategically important industry (Rope making or some such) from Wales as they couldn’t be trusted. And Wales wrote an opera to sing in London begging for their jobs back. Sort of “we ever so loyal we are bach gi us a job”. An early Taff Yozzer song.

    1. But you know as well as I do that the sort of scams that you’ve detailed here happen in England as well – you’ve even sent me details of one’s that I didn’t know about! The Welsh do not have a monopoly on corruption – I wrote this blog to make that loud and clear. Whilst I worked in London medical schools I witnessed the most appalling snobbery towards Wales (and towards me for being a graduate of a Welsh university) and I was told that the horrendous things that I had witnessed in the NHS in Wales ‘didn’t happen in England’. Yes they did, but the abuses were more sophisticated and carried out by more sophisticated people. Then when I obtained my files, years later, I discovered that the very same people who said those things to me were actively participating in the cover-up in Wales! And what was happening in Springfield Hospital, run by the academic staff of the psych dept at St Georges, was every bit as bad as at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh.
      The Welsh Office was totally corrupt, but it was ultimately run by politicians from England.
      Regarding your observations on Paul Flynn – he is a hypocritical politician, rather than a hypocritical Welshman. Yes he knew what was happening in north Wales but had stood for election in Denbigh so he wasn’t going to say anything. But remember all those London MPs whose constituencies contained the children’s homes where kids were abused – Islington, Lambeth etc? Does anyone comment on the fact that Ken Livingstone, Margaret Hodge, Diane Abbott, Tessa Jowell et al are English? For some reason if someone is Welsh it is ok to use it against them.

  4. There is one overwhelming force in the world that dictates everything and that is Nature we are all animals and no matter how civilised and morally superior we pretend we may be it’s going to take a few more millennia before evolution removes our primaeval instincts, corruption and intolerance to difference. The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters illustrates how our emotional response defaults against a logical response. We are pack animals that are programmed to protect our closest herd and reject those that don’t conform or threaten the welfare of the pack/group. I could sight numerous examples in nature of how one animal steals from another or rejects the lame or different. Albino-ism is the classic example and ostracisation of those with it is still evident in human society in East Africa. I once read that the level of a civilization can be determined by the efficiency with which it can kill its fellow being!
    Funny how the expressions “welsh on a bet” “scotch it” “Murphy’s law” came in to being but expressions like “native” or “n*gg** in the wood pile” are taboo yet have similar historical origins. I can’t help but conclude what Richard says has little to do with Taffs but more to do with Union militancy.
    Certain areas of the country have always had a stronger tendency towards this than others, no where more than Liverpool ( the large Irish and Welsh ancestory ?).
    I always remember a lecturer at the old Liverpool Polytechnic referring to the Blue Book London and Liverpool pay rates in the construction industry circa 1940 – 60s. I asked why ? He replied the strength union negotiation. Union intransigence was undoubtedly a factor in the huge decline Liverpool experienced culminating in huge unemployment in the early 1980’s when UK heavy industry and shipping fell into terminal declined after appeasement by the disastrous governments of the 1960’s and 1970’s.
    However the same militant community spirit resulted in the recent admissions of Police culpability and media slander over the cause of the Hillsbrough disaster. The Sun was and still is subject to boycott in Merseyside, I’m of a centre right inclination but never liked it after the initial sick, triumphant head line when the Belgrano was sunk in 1982 and certainly didn’t after the Scouse Hillsbrough libel.
    Hopefully the same militant community spirit in South Wales can hold the Welsh NHS to account ??!??!?
    As a interesting foot note a friend has told me Wrexham rural is unable to allocate him a different psychiatrist so he is stuck with the dizzy Dr Singh who is offering to review everything by including his physical health records. This is the psych who refused to accept my Aspergers diagnosis despite not being qualified to assess autism. I suggested a compromise seeing him with his GP since its just personality differences and misunderstandings of conflicting physical and mental health conditions. I said on a personal basis I find it very difficult to dislike the man because of his very amicable manner which I suspect is the problem in my case….he is trying to please everyone ie his management and colleagues. My friend gets on exceptionally well with his CPN so that mitigates the dislike of Dr Singh.
    To prevail in situations of conflicting interest, you have to have a compromising and very determined personality accepting your going to upset your piers ….risking the alienation of the pack ???? Unfortunately Dr Singh is just too nice a man to do this and the “organ grinders” dictate his practice in preference to “difficult” patients .

    In adverse times the Margaret Thatchers, Tony Blairs and Winston Churchills are what the country needs rather than the social psychopaths frightened yes men. Churchill allied himself, with what we now know is the greatest genocidal monster the world has ever known …Stalin …to stop the rampage of a more overt genocidal killer cult… Hitler and the Nazis. He knew what evil Stalin inflicted by informing the World after WW2 that ” an Iron Curtain is descending over Europe ” his maverick failures were eclipsed by his iron determination in the face of adversity. You will never stop corruption, nepotism, paedophilia, evil etc just contain it.
    Two wrongs never make a right but appeasement perpetuates the wrongs again and again !!

    1. If one believes in the concept of ‘psychopathy’, you’ll find that Tony Blair exhibited just about every personality trait associated with it.
      Margaret Thatcher was a not too bright, ruthless, selfish vindictive woman who could understand nothing but material gain. The story of her cover-up regarding her aides who molested children in north Wales, Cheshire and other locations – a cover-up which involved someone murdering the witnesses – does I think shatter any illusions about her ‘moral values’. But then her desire to keep Cecil Parkinson in the Cabinet after his dreadful treatment of Sarah Keays also told us that. The ‘businessmen’ close to Thatcher ran ‘businesses’ which overlapped with organised crime. God knows what turned Thatcher into the woman that she was, but she is someone whom we really could have done without.
      I know little about Winston Churchill except that he was dreadfully brutalised as a child and as a man had some rather odd characteristics. He famously suffered from severe depression – and although he has a place in history, he was voted out by the electorate. I do not know enough about the details of the circumstances to comment.

  5. Regarding your comment about the psychopathy of politicians -as applied by psychiatrists an article in BJPsych Bulletin Feb 20th describes one of the most arbitrary and harmful labels attached to people often without their knowledge. ie ‘Personality Disorder – Still the Patients Psychiatrists Dislike? There is yet another checklist this one applied to psychiatrists – ‘Attitudes to Personality Disorder Questionaire’ The true outcome to that is probably higher considering the fear of speaking honestly .In fact one GP in N London suggested GPs should flag up this as a possible diagnosis by putting red markers on persons’ files. Relatively Few people overall read their files of course so she didn’t explain whether the marker would disappear if they did successfully gain access to their files. A while ago two psychiatrists were contracted to run courses for ‘Disruptive and Distressed Doctors’ apparently psychiatrist came out tops for psychopathology but whether any TOP Doctors were referred to the course is doubtful.

    1. Doesn’t surprise me that psychiatrists came out top on the dangerous and disruptive doctors score. I used to think it was just north Wales that employed so many made vindictive psychiatrists. It wasn’t. Psychiatrists in leading medical schools are just as mad and lethal but their social skills are much better than the dysfunctional in north Wales. There is a very, very big problem with the sort of people ending up in psychiatry – it puts junior doctors off psychiatry as a career. The problem is going unacknowledged and a lot of very vulnerable people are suffering, indeed dying, as a result.

      I have witnessed senior psychiatrists doing and saying things that no sensible layperson would ever do, let alone someone with alleged skills in communication and dealing with sensitive matters.

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