Old Nick Bites The Dust

BBC News Wales has reported that Nicholas Edwards aka Lord Crickhowell has died at 84 years. I did comment in my post ‘In Memoriam – Professor Robert Owen’ that I’ll be stocking up on champagne because many of the paedophiles’ friends are now approaching the end of the average human lifespan.

Old Nick was Secretary of State for Wales, 1979-87, under Thatcher and has featured regularly on this blog. Old Nick presided over the Welsh Office when its Ministers, civil servants and corrupt lawyer Andrew Park put maximum effort into facilitating and concealing the paedophile ring which operated in north Wales and the associated abuse of psych patients and criminality. Old Nick was Welsh Secretary whilst Mary Wynch and I – and God knows how many others – were unlawfully arrested and imprisoned at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh; whilst Alison Taylor, the social worker who blew the whistle on the abuse of children in care in north Wales, was smeared and had her career destroyed by Gwynedd County Council; and whilst former kids in care and psych patients in north Wales died at a rate of knots with the deaths going uninvestigated.

Old Nick was in post when Dr Tony Francis (Dr X) snapped at me that I could even write to the Secretary of State if I wanted after I complained about the constant lies and misconduct of mental health staff. Old Nick was Secretary of State whilst Francis, Dr Dafydd Alun Jones, Risley Remand Centre, the Mental Health Act Commission and Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authorities entered into an elaborate plan to frame and imprison me for ‘trying to stab a doctor’ (see post ‘Workers Play Time’).

Old Nick was loyally served by the corrupt old bastard Lord Wyn Roberts. For further details see post ‘The Cradle Of Filth’.

Old Nick was Tory MP for Pembrokeshire, 1970-87. So Old Nick is someone else who could have come clean about why June and Jennifer Gibbons from Pembrokeshire were banged up in Broadmoor whilst they were still teenagers (see post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’). I think it highly likely that it was in some way related to the paedophile ring that was operating in west Wales at the time – the one that had links to the gang in north Wales, which in turn had links to the high security hospitals and Jimmy Savile. Savile was abusing patients in Broadmoor whilst Old Nick was in office.

Old Nick was one of those who planned the development of Cardiff Bay at massive expense to the taxpayer and then resigned as Welsh Secretary and joined one of the companies who cashed in on the bonanza when the development was underway (see post ‘Corruption Bay Special’).

Old Nick was Chairman of the National Rivers Authority (NRA) from its inception in 1989 until its merger into the newly created Environment Agency in 1996.

In the 1990s Old Nick was a leading figure in the campaign for a permanent home for the Welsh National Opera in Cardiff. When the plans were rejected by the Government in 1995, he launched a public attack on his former Conservative colleagues. Had the WNO ended up with its own building in Cardiff Bay, Old Nick and his business associates would have been in receipt of even more public funds. 

Old Nick was President of University of Wales, Cardiff.

Old Nick was an alumnus of Trinity College, Cambridge. As were a number of the other civil servants and politicians who concealed the organised sexual abuse of children in Wales and elsewhere. Sir Brian Cubbon was Permanent Secretary in the Home Office, 1979-88 and served three Home Secretaries – Willie Whitelaw, Leon Brittan and for a time, Douglas Hurd. In old age Cubbon joked that the Home Office must have been fit for purpose at the time because he and the three Home Secretaries were all ‘Trinity men’ (as in Trinity College, Cambridge). They all concealed a gang of paedophiles as well (see post ‘Additional Security Measures’). Along with fellow Trinity man Old Nick.


So upon whose grave should I book a ticket to dance next?

Come on Dafydd, do your public duty! You can’t go on for ever and people have been giving me suggestions for months regarding the nature of the celebration that should be held when you turn your toes up.


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. I have discovered a whole cache of fabricated documentation relating to me which was compiled by Alun Davies – an NHS administrator employed by Gwynedd Health Authority who later became manager of the Hergest Unit whilst patients died, were assaulted by staff and fitted up for crimes – and sent to the Welsh Office. The Welsh Office will have known that the documentation was fabricated because of the dates on the letters and the events that the letters from Davies were allegedly referring to. The fabrication of this documentation and collusion on the part of the Welsh Office happened on the watch of Old Nick’s successor as Secretary of State for Wales, Peter Walker. I am just trawling through the documents at the moment to correlate the forged documentation with events involving the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and will be blogging about it all in detail soon.

    I have also discovered a number of the most extraordinary documents in the possession of the mental health services in north Wales – including a copy of a job application that I made for a cancer research post in England in Jan 1988.

    The latest documents that I have examined contain the names of many more people who were involved in the concealing of criminality in the mental health services in north Wales – I will be providing full details of everyone who’s name appears on the documents soon.

    1. Documents in my possession show that copies of correspondence naming people who had complained about Dafydd and the North Wales Hospital Denbigh were being CC’d to a female relative of Sir William Mars-Jones – the person named I think is Mars-Jones’s wife. William Mars-Jones was a High Court judge who worked on the corrupt Wales circuit. The biggest laugh of all is that when Mars-Jones died in 1998, his obituaries remembered him as being a judge who was the ‘scourge of bent coppers’ – he imprisoned a load of detectives from the Obscene Publications Squad for accepting bribes from Soho pornographers in the mid-70s. Mars-Jones also claimed to be someone who exposed ‘abuses of state power’ – his ruling in the ABC trial was alleged to expose abuses in MI5.

      So why was a relative of Mars-Jones receiving documentation about me and other people from a bunch of paedophiles’ friends who were concealing Dafydd’s criminal activities?

      More on these documents and Mars-Jones et famille soon.

      1. That is interesting.

        The Obscene Publications Squad trial was a case that seems to have started with planting explosives on a man by Nuneaton Police. He seems to have agreed to become a source to Met Obscene Publications Squad IIRC

        The ABC trial is news to me but also interesting re Cyprus listening posts. I think this would have had implications in Suffolk and Tidworth and Ulster. Worth me bearing in mind anyway

        1. It makes you wonder how many of the alleged bent coppers jailed by Mars-Jones were bent. Likewise how well deserved the praise was that he received for reigning in MI5 in the wake of the ABC trial. I blogged in detail about Mars-Jones in earlier posts – he was present wherever the paedophiles friends were, he was President of Bangor University whilst the place was run by Dafydd and the paedophile gang, he was President of the London Welsh Society when that was used by highly placed paedophiles’ friends to keep the natives in Wales in order, he was a barrister and then judge in north Wales when the paedophile gang just somehow were never nailed and he was a leading light at the Garrick along with others very similar to him.

          My documents also show that Mrs Mars-Jones was receiving copies of correspondence regarding Mental Health Act Commissioners who were registering great concern about the activities of Dafydd and the North Wales Hospital – those Commissioners won’t have known that people like David Ewart at senior levels in the Commission were colluding with Dafydd. It is so obvious that Mrs Mars-Jones was effectively sent a hit list…

          Mars-Jones was considered to have defended the freedom of ‘radical’ journos like Duncan Campbell whom MI5 were after because Campbell kept breaking D lists. I wondered why Duncan Campbell who published so much in New Statesman never uttered a word about the abuses in north Wales or related crime…

  2. Samuel Silkin must also have authorised OSA charges against me 1976 re Panorama expose’ of labour discharging mental patients homeless to seaside resorts and poor standards in private care homes who milked benefits for their inmate fees.

    1. Sam Silkin was the Attorney General who was pressurised by William Mars-Jones to withdraw the authorisation of the defendants in the ABC trial. William Mars-Jones’s obituary in the Guardian observed that a Section 1 prosecution was never mounted again against whistleblowers or journos. Thus Mars-Jones’s reputation as an ‘independent judge’ who stood up to state abuses of power was established. Yet this was a man up to his eyes in the concealing of a paedophile gang and the serious crime which emanated from it.

      A thought occurs to me. Everybody worries about legislation like the Official Secrets Act and maybe back in the 70s the OSA was the weapon of choice to silence people. But that silencing now takes place far more effectively via welfare legislation. For example, people sectioned under the Mental Health Act and part of their ‘care’ being to stop them telling anyone what has happened to them – which is what happened to pop star Adam Ant when he was banged up in a secure unit – people removed against their will to secure facilities using the Mental Incapacity legislation, the family courts operating in complete secrecy, not a word allowed to be published even when people have died in abusive facilities or their families have been imprisoned for trying to draw attention to what has happened. Much much more effective than the OSA.

      I was contacted last week AGAIN by someone desperate for me to blog about their own case which involved them being sexually assaulted by an NHS professional. The professional concerned has been convicted of assaults on other patients. I cannot publish anything about the case which could lead to the identification of the NHS professional or indeed the victim – although the victim wants me to tell their story. I am under an order from the court which dealt with the case – so in the UK at present there is someone who was the victim of a serious sexual assault who is not allowed to tell their story.

      However I am using my holiday to trawl through more of my data. I have discovered more documents which name reams of lawyers and health professionals who were – without my knowledge yet alone permission – invited to meetings about me and CC’d into correspondence about me after I complained about the mental health services. All of these people knew the details of my complaints, other people’s complaints and were party to the documentary evidence re the law breaking and abuses of the mental health services. None of them, absolutely none of them, ever stated ‘Christ look what is happening to patients in north Wales’. Every meeting, every bit of correspondence, every court order and court case, was with a view to stopping me and other patients gaining an investigation into what was happening to us. I am correlating the dates of events with the dates of the police investigations into the north Wales paedophile ring and the Waterhouse Inquiry – very interesting…

      These ‘independent’ people were so well acquainted with each other that some of the ‘official’ communications contained invitations to ‘do lunch’ together and communications to police officers being asked to investigate my ‘crimes’ were sometimes addressed to the police officers using the officers first names – in one case a complaint about me addressed to a police officer in Denbigh began ‘Dear Bob’.

      And Ronnie Waterhouse reckons that he found no evidence of collusion between ‘professionals’.

      I’ll be blogging about all of it when I get back from holiday and I intend to name absolutely everyone.

      1. Excellent. I do not think heavy hand OSA threat to me was about shutting up a whistleblower Panorama etc. I think it was about me trying to get copies of the 1972 DHSS Sir Keith Joseph cover up files re Sue Ryder Cavendish Suffolk. A Section 37 benefits funded shit hole of a care home that I was hoping Panorama might do a follow up on ………

        I suspect now this was closing on Henniker, Ryder, Neave, Sporborg Gladio, Kincora, arming of TARA and Red Hand Commando and snooping on IRA in Suffolk who were snooping on Clement Freud and the above.

        I was just laughing with my wife at Chief constable of Kent .. Pughsley submission to Judge led undercover policing inquiry

        The tactic of undercover policing only works if the UCO is not known or suspected to be a UCO. Thus, the true identity of the UCO, and the methods used by UCOs, cannot be revealed to those under investigation. The moment the UCO is revealed to be a police officer the evidence or intelligence gathering process ends and the effectiveness of the undercover tactic is compromised. There may be a number of other immediate consequences:
        28.1. The particular criminal investigation may be so adversely compromised that it is abandoned or criminals take the enterprise to a third party and law enforcement lose any form of dynamic control of the criminality.
        28.2. The criminal enterprise or act of terrorism being planned may succeed;
        28.3. The UCO may be put at personal risk of harm;
        28.4. Those connected to the UCO, or any Covert Human Intelligence Source (CHIS), may be at personal risk of harm;
        28.5. The ability of the relevant LEA to continue to use equipment ([example redacted]) as covert assets during the course of the relevant operation may be curtailed;
        28.6. Particular types of technology may be revealed into the public domain, rendering future use problematic; and
        28.7. Methods of infiltration or other covert tactics may become compromised.

        He manages to garble on like this for 14 pages.

        But in pondering wtf “Dynamic control of criminality” is my mind called your yesterday post.

        Perhaps, long before Pughsley’s pythonesque jargon was invented, that was what obscene publications squad was actually doing even though on an earner. In control

  3. Fantastic work Ms Baker. Although the subjects and events you describe are heavy in the extreme, your powerful sense of humour shines through, and some of your descriptions of the baddies leave me laughing out loud.

    1. Thanks. What they did was truly dreadful but at the same time they are ludicrous – and I’m not the sort of person who would want to write a misery memoir and promote it with a photo of me with a miserable face referring to ‘my hell’ at the hands of the Top Docs.

      1. Your handling of the plot to cheer up Brum by dosing the water reservoir was masterful Sally.


        I see that sainted Doreen has decided she needs a new judge suitably qualified by agreeing with her version of reality.

        Where to start ? Well I suppose that would depend on whether the Judge views Special Branch snooping on police inquiries as “Undercover policing”. Such a centrally run exercise maintained an unlawful police no go area of Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire Homes. As you know if Sir John Stradling Thomas MP had not died at his Dolphin Square Home March 1991 there would have been parliamentary ombudsman inquiry into the handling of his correspondence, on this very undercover special branch unlawful activity subject, which would have made Chief constable Tony COE Suffolk visit to Lord Henniker in 1992 considerably more problematic. Not least that the 43 uninvestigated child care deaths Beeches Ixworth 1954 to 1972 would almost certainly have been subject of 1995 Islington White Inquiry in spite of the period being subject to the watch of Sandy Marks recently revealed to have been a member of Fallen Angels paedo group.

        Further interest for the judge led inquiry undercover copduggery would be the theft of all Newport Gwent Births Marriages Deaths records circa 1994. Especially given Sir John had written about identity thefts via death registration fraud in Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder Homes suspected by Welsh Regional Crime Squad 1971 72.

        The 1992 Suffolk Chief constable who visited Henniker re Righton and Islington Suffolk Project. He was ex senior Kent till 1989 …… and in 1992 that was where SERCS (Alex Leighton ) was arresting UDA hit men and drugs traffickers. These arrests led to David Norris murder trial April 1993 during first week of which the senior Met witnesses were given a simultaneous duty for a Well Hall Road murder on day 6 of the UDA accused murder trial. Stephen Lawrence.

        COE had visited HENNIKER in 1992 without a thought to the loyalist paramilitary arming alleged connection (TARA Red Hand Commando and Kincora) it seems.

        Following the apartheid regime arming of loyalists UDA etc theme we arrive at the Tutu inquiry 1994 and then the Sunday Times Tim Rayment report 1995 concerning neo Nazi white supremacist “3rd Force” mercenaries who attacked transitional Mandela regime.

        Two of these were the child rapist mercenaries the Parker Twins of Nuneaton. How did they escape from South Africa and what became of them ? Well we should be able to look to the undercover police inquiry for an answer. Were they not “CHIS” during MacPherson Inquiry Covert Human Intelligence Sources for newly formed national crime squad allegedly targeting late Tony Spencer an alleged Midlands drugs criminal. The facts being in 1997 Kent Police Authority had called for inquiry and report re the Kent role in the 3rd Force attack on Mandela. And it was Home Secretary Straw with Kent Chief constable Phillips who suppressed that inquiry and didn’t tell Judge MacPherson they were suppressing inquiry that sort of contained an Alex Leighton Det sgt John Davidson line of inquiry !

        Who knew this inquiry was being suppressed ? Doreen Lawrence and her team. And they kept quiet.

        I have emailed Doreen’s barrister this morning. Just in case I don’t understand. My inkling is we have to tell full truth and not pick which bits to conceal.

        I also emailed Judge led inquiry again.

        1. Thanks for the link Richard.

          Yes I note that Doreen’s basis for wanting a change of judge is that he is elderly, white, upper class and his experiences are nothing like those of whom were spied upon. Well Doreen, I am someone who was also spied on by undercover officers, who befriended me in order to extract info but who did sod all about a gang of sex traffickers led by Top Doctors who had targeted me. I was let down as badly by the ‘radical’ lawyers, activists and politicians as I was by the security services – Michael Mansfield gave his time free of charge to Doreen, he didn’t want to know about what was happening to me and others in north Wales which was every bit as bad as racial violence of the sort that Doreen’s family experienced. I would never presume that someone can’t do their job simply because they are elderly, white and upper class – it is how that judge approaches the matter which is important. Doreen would rightly hit the roof if it were suggested that a younger, black, judge of working class origins would be innately incapable of carrying out their job properly.

          I haven’t heard much news this week because I’m away from wifi and radios most of the time, but I know that the infiltration of activists in the 70s by the security services in the news again – I discussed this in my post ‘My Arse – It’s Tatifilarious’.

          I see that good old Cancer Research UK is demanding that there should be more social stigma attached to obesity on the grounds that it is responsible for 40% of UK cancers. No doubt this statistic is based on research as dodgy as everything else produced by CR UK. So fat bastards just aren’t suffering enough, they need to be insulted and shamed even more. Hey CR UK, how about you run your own version of the Mail Online’s ‘sidebar of shame’ on your website? You too can display photos of celebs on the beach with nasty comments about their ‘cellulite’, or their ‘fat ankles’, or how much weight they’ve put on since they had that last baby! You can get together with a mental health charity and enter into a partnership – you can scream abuse at people on the grounds that they are not perfect enough in the body stakes and when they develop psychological problems and eating disorders, the mental health charities can hold a campaign to ‘raise self-esteem’! It will disguise the fact that the cancer and mental health charities are endemically corrupt and have been participating in research fraud for years and will also detract from the material that I’ve published on this blog regarding your fraud and misconduct.

          Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt has given the NHS in England even more money and has told Carwyn that he needs to do the same in Wales. Yes, with the Top Docs behaving appallingly, with the NHS now having some of the worst clinical outcomes in Europe and with institutionalised discrimination wiping out certain cohorts such as people with learning disabilities and mental health problems decades before their time, more money is obviously what is needed. Thanks for making life for Carwyn even more difficult Jeremy – he already has to deal with a bunch of people who colluded with serious organised crime demanding more than 49% of the Welsh Gov’ts budget, throwing hissy fits and pointing the finger at the alleged greener grass in NHS England…

          Someone told me yet again yesterday that Dafydd et al need to be put on trial and held to account. I told her that there’s no point, they were allowed to commit their crimes over decades and enjoyed the full protection of every part of the British state. Their victims are dead and cannot be brought back.

          However there really does need to be an excavation of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. When those bodies are brought up, we can then ask all those people who maintained that there was no serious problem in north Wales to explain why they ignored the pleas of so many for help. Perhaps then the Top Doctors can be told to shut up and do the jobs for which they are paid more than nearly any other professional group in Wales. And if they don’t want to do that they can go and leave a vacancy for some of the many young people who would dearly like a place to study medicine – and it would be a good idea to select for student doctors who actually LIKE the rest of the human race…

          Jeremy: When people have been involved with serious crime, you don’t give them even more money because you’re frightened of their political power. If you can’t even deal with the neglect and corruption in the NHS, I really don’t think that Mr Putin is going to be taking any notice of Theresa a huffing and a puffing at present. Particularly as George Osborne’s present employer is, er, a Russian oligarch…

          1. Another paedophiles’ friend has bitten the dust. He’ll be in that golden paradise for the corrupt professionals in the sky, with fine wines and lobster on tap for eternity along with the recently departed Old Nick and Professor Robert Owen…

            Namely Lord Ivor Richard. Richard was a Welsh barrister and Labour grandee who knew as much about the wrongdoing of those we known and love as everyone else did. Rhodri Morgan’s memoir really praises up Ivor Richard, Rhodri was well-impressed with him. But Rhodri wasn’t that bright and toadied to absolutely anyone who could conceal the mountain of crap and let Rhodri get on with the important stuff like watching the rugby, sinking a few pints with his mates and taking the dog for a walk. OK, they are all utterly harmless pastimes, but Rhodri seemed to forget that he was supposed to be running a country.

          2. As you know I am an officially called witness to National Crime Agency Stephen Lawrence case corruption inquiry. I do not believe there is any credible evidence the murder was racially motivated. “Instititutionalised Racism” began Home Office existence in 1971 as a red herring concept used in research on police trainees to test for gullibility, malleability and blind compliance. 1971.

            I don’t think anything like enough attention had been given to the bus stop witness who, my understanding is, said the whites were running for the bus. The two blacks collided with them. Lawrence was not targeted by the whites and he was not chased by the whites. After the two blacks collided with the whites he was punched to the ground while Duwayne Brookes arm was restrained. Neither the bus stop nor the bus borne witness saw Lawrence stabbed. They saw him punched to the ground.

            Doreen plays the racial offence card to avoid answering if she refused to disclose her son’s school record (IE Obstructing murder inquiry from outset) and to avoid answering why she did not trust her sainted son with a key to the house. Why he had a curfew. Why he was wearing so many layers of clothes.

            Mansfield was defence brief for UDA at the David Norris murder trial which was at Day 6 when Lawrence was killed. He seems to have followed the senior Met David Norris trial witnesses on to Lawrence case which oddly they were allocated at same time as continued anti UDA witness duties.

            IIRC the day after black activist Lee Jasper arranged for Lawrences to meet visiting Mandela two weeks after the killing the unlawful Mandela politically inspired arrests occurred on a day when senior Lawrence case detective was on recall to anti UDA witness duties !!! This would seem to be the day Det sgt Davidson led arrest and evidence seizure team against Gary Dobson. In the house, the Dobsons have told me, Davidson said he knew it was not Gary’s distinctive jacket in Well Hall Road. He seized it and told them household dust forensics would prove it had been in cupboard for many months.

            At the nick the jacket was spread on cell floor along unsealed Lawrence clothing. By the looks of it the jacket was brushed clear of its defence forensics dust in the cell where such dust would settle also on Lawrence clothing. The Met and Mansfield seem to have got around Davidson’s disciplinary by not disclosing to defences at private or CPS prosecution. Davidson was disciplined for moonlight bodyguarding on plod time and falsifying plod duty records. Nice of him to turn up to make the Mandela targeted arrest. But can Met prove he stayed on duty sustaining integrity of evidence handling ? There was no integrity of evidence handling.

            The CPS took this up with Met for me last year and that seems to have also inspired Met to come clean about the CCTV footage showing it is neither Dobson nor his jacket. How long had they kept that quiet ? Since 1993 and it offers the explanation how Davidson in 93 already knew it wasn’t Gary Dobsons jacket seen at Well Hall Road.

            What is interesting me also re Judge led undercover policing inquiry is death of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP at his Dolphin Square Home March 1991. As you know between last two readings of Greville Janners War Crime Bill driven through by Patrick Mayhew. At a time Janner got the old get outa prosecution free card from CPS. Mayhew was also covering up the identity theft inquiry by Welsh RCS 1971 72. I woulda thought that an MI5/Special Branch protected system for acquiring UK identities would be something a judge led inquiry, into undercover stuff, would want to examine in the detail. Brodrick Report. 43 child care deaths Beeches Ixworth Suffolk. etc

            But all we hear is Doreen Doreen. A useful distraction who has a tendency to attention seeking to extol her black racist views.

    1. Thanks for this.

      I must clarify that Adam Mars-Jones’s name does not appear on my documents. I presume that the name of the woman who does is his mum, William Mars-Jones’s wife. I don’t think that it can be anyone else, because William Mars-Jones was originally called William Jones – he changed his name when he was a young lawyer. Adam is gay so he will not have a wife – so Mrs Mars-Jones has got to be William Mars-Jones’s wife.

      The documents in my possession do not make it clear why Mrs Mars-Jones was receiving confidential info relating to complaints about the North Wales Hospital but I am wondering if she might have been a member of Clwyd Health Authority, there is a sentence that is rather clumsily worded which suggests that she might have been.

      Regarding the possibility of the offspring of the Mars-Jones’s visiting children’s homes which doubled up as brothels in north Wales, Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon admitted to the police that he spent the night in the Crest Hotel in Wrexham with a boy in the care of Clwyd Social Services and that they had sex together. Tyrell-Kenyon’s dad was Lord Lloyd Kenyon – senior Freemason, member of the North Wales Police Authority, a Flintshire County Councillor, one time President of Bangor University and he held various positions on local NHS bodies. Thomas was not prosecuted for having sex with an under-aged boy – but the boy was sent to a detention centre after Thomas claimed that the boy had stolen a number of items from him, including polaroid porn pics of them in action. Thomas later died of an AIDS-related

      The boy’s social services records referred to him as being known to be having homosexual sex with Thomas. The boy gave evidence at the Waterhouse Inquiry stating that Thomas ‘used him for sex’ regularly.

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