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  1. BBC News Wales is reporting a minor scrap over what members of the Welsh Assembly should be called. It was proposed that they’d be known as MWP (Members of the Welsh Parliament) but some have objected on the grounds that Mwp chimes with twp (‘stupid’ in Welsh) and that they don’t want to ‘look like muppets’. I can’t understand the segue from MWP, or even twp and muppethood, but never mind. What strikes me is that no matter how grand their titles – and as the Welsh Assembly has matured, the titles of everything involved with that institution have become grander and grander – it’ll be the same collection of clapped out ex-social workers and mediocre county councillors who facilitated organised abuse sitting in there…

    1. Thanks to everyone who is e mailing with yet more advice as to who I should be approaching regarding the many unlawful things which have happened to me. Please do keep briefing me. I’m not going to make any more representations about anything – if two judges can break the law in open court and I can be in possession of 10,000 documents detailing serious organised crime over a period of 25 years involving every agency with which I came into contact AND those documents were seen by Theo Huckle QC, then the Counsel General for Wales and still no action was taken, I really don’t think that anyone is going to respond to my representations – but it is very useful to know who was/is supposed to be responsible for which matters and then I can name more guilty parties on this blog.

      Someone has e mailed commenting on the shocking degree of bigotry shown towards those who come into contact with the mental health services even in this day and age of enlightenment and anti-stigma. I have commented many times that the people with the worst attitudes to psych patients are mental health professionals, they exceed all others.

      However, there are some people who do not suffer the sort of deleterious consequences that I and others did. They were ‘referred’, passed through, ‘recovered’ and were never bothered again. Those who, like me, found themselves caught up in a nightmare that lasted decades and who even when we escaped years later were met with gurning HR ‘professionals’ and whispers of ‘well I think that there might be a problem there’, were always people who had witnessed serious crime in high places and would not shut up about it. Even today, the mental health services are undoubtedly used to quash dissent and discredit people who have evidence of serious wrongdoing. All whistleblowers in the NHS have the experience of being sent to a psychiatrist. Many refuse, knowing the game which is being played, only to find that the consultation with a friendly Top Doc becomes obligatory or they will be suspended from work…

      Whistleblowers inevitably find that a Top Doc finds something deeply and terribly wrong with them, even if the whistleblower is managing well… Furthermore the whistleblowers ‘problems’ are not resolved like other peoples, they get worse and worse and worse…

      Once I began my PhD and Brown and I started publishing about the mental health services, my own experiences became ever more farcical. After the attempt described above to imprison me damn nearly worked, Brown said please, walk away, have nothing to do with these people at all, even the ones who seem better than the others or you will end up in prison or dead. So I did. Hilarious. They came after me. I received letters, messages, ‘bumped into’ Angels in Bangor, who all just begged me to return, because while they were delighted that I was ‘doing so well’, they loved me deeply and wanted to offer me the ‘service’ which I so richly deserved and perhaps had not received before. While they were having me arrested, screaming abuse at me and declaring me to be ‘extremely dangerous’ with a ‘homicidal capacity’.

      The zenith came when while walking through Tesco’s car park one day, Lena Henry came up with a beaming grin and said ‘HELLO, how are you’? Fuck off Lena, you repeatedly perjured yourself in an attempt to have me imprisoned… Then I met Lena’s (by then) ex husband in Morrison’s car park – ‘Hello! how are you?? Ooh I hear that you’ve finished a PhD now…’

      Within months I was being arrested again.

      There is no dealing with these people. There are no bridges to be built, no mediations or discussions to be had, no ‘culture changes’ that can ever remedy anything. They were/are criminals, serious ones, who were running a trafficking gang. The whole bloody lot of them should have been arrested many years ago but they weren’t and I doubt that they ever will be, because there is only one response allowed re the NHS – ‘ah, the nurses they were wonderful’…

      BBC News Wales reports this morning that children who have been sexually assaulted are being ‘let down’, that there are very long waits for ‘counselling’, ‘examinations’ etc etc. I shuddered when I read it. Just keep away from them everyone, no matter how severe the problems of you or your nearest and dearest are, don’t touch that lot with a barge pole. They have nothing, nothing at all to offer and will in all cases make any situation worse.

      If any readers know who was Brains behind the attempt to bang me up in 2002 please do tell. The phone calls from Alun Davies to the police telling them that I had threatened to kill him were made from the Welsh Assembly when Davies was there meeting Jane Hutt and her officials. Davies made 8 or 9 phone calls to the police, demanding my arrest and was very angry when the police questioned what on earth was happening. Where was I when I was in imminent danger of slaying Davies as he sat in Jane Hutt’s office? I was sectioned, in the Hergest Unit, in a locked ward. I had just complained of being violently assaulted by four Angels. I had the injuries to prove it but was refused contact with the police to report the matter.

      Now Jane Hutt, what exactly do you remember about the day in question? Or was it all in a day’s work for you to sit in a meeting with the senior manager of the most troubled NHS Trust in Wales while the suicide rate in the region soars and watch him phone the police claiming that he is about to be murdered by a woman sitting in a locked ward with injuries a few hundred miles away?

      Muppets???? Doesn’t begin to capture you Hutt. Crooked vicious bitch is a rather better start…Woman to Woman Jane!! What with you being the founder of Welsh Wimmin’s Aid and Chwarae Teg and every other con which jettisoned female collaborators of a gang of traffickers into politics on the Wimmins Rights ticket…

      1. Perhaps the Welsh Assembly should now take a leaf out of the book of Macedonia and change the name of Wales, what with those in the Assembly having brought the nation into such disrepute??? With the presence of Hutt and Jenny Rathbone in the Senedd – both social workers from London – may I suggest that Wales is from now on known as ‘Far West Islington Village’? It’ll do wonders for the property prices!

  2. Sally
    Thank you for making me laugh with your truism that all NHS whistleblowers are sent to a Psychiatrist. Yes me too – 3 in total the local NHS plod who to be fair was troubled by my assertion that my GP colleague was a murderer but nevertheless found me to be of sound mind. This did not stop the PCT Medical Director Dr Sue Butler refeffing me to the GMC under health( this means there is no GMC public record of my concerns ) so 2 GMC approved Psychiatrists who found me sane. The best one could manage was me having an ‘ over valued idea’ that being GP criminal activity- drug diversion and murder. The awareness of child sexual abuse & trafficking came later based on patient testimony.
    So thank you again for the laff, it has made my morning.
    Best wishes
    Ex GP & unrecognised whistleblower who did not retire, resign but left the NHS because of a loss of faith.

    1. Hi Richard,

      You were one of the people of whom I was thinking when I wrote the comment. Your experiences were slightly different to my own because being a Top Doctor yourself, they used the GMC to put you out of action – at the same time as the GMC afforded Dafydd full protection – but many of the phrases that you have told me were used in reports about you were used with regard to me. I too had over-valued ideas, I was obsessed, I was on a crusade, but worst of all I was charismatic with an ability to ‘get people on my side’. Which was a little inconsistent with the comments made by the same Expert Witness that I was a screaming bastard who was prone to setting fire to schools when I had rows with my colleagues.

      That particular report was so marvellous – as marvellous as the Queen Mum or Gracie Fields – that I wanted to publish it on this blog, but no, that is illegal. It wasn’t illegal for Dr Robert Kehoe to write a load of shite and make personal attacks on everyone who submitted witness statements in support of me, but it is illegal for me to publish what was sent to third parties and used to deny me legal aid to pursue my case further.

      In the late 1990s when Blair introduced a new tick box category for the mental health services, that of Getting Empowered Service Users into education or employment, Empowered Service Users who had been left to rot for many years and who had been TOLD not to bother to return to work once they had been parked onto invalidity benefit were then pushed en masse onto courses at Bangor University and other places. There was no preparation, most of them couldn’t cope and there was much blood on the carpet. Their subsequent withdrawal from the course and distress was not recorded in any tick box.

      A few of us – those of us who had been in professional jobs before we received all that Help from the trafficking gang – made efforts to return to professional jobs. The box was ticked and we were reassured that people would be delighted to Support Us in these endeavours. Every one of us was bombed out within two or three years; the same reason each time – ooh well there have been problems in the past, we think that there might still be problems. For me and another person who were teachers the process was the same – A Danger To Children. I have now accessed the documentation behind the skulduggery in my case and it is not pretty. The other woman got as far as finding out that Coleg Menai had also received a phone call from the people traffickers of Hergest/Gwynedd Social Services.

      When we attempted to claim benefits, we were told that we couldn’t. Because we were now Better. Sacked, Dangerous but Better. So I got a job washing up in a pub at Waunfawr and lived very happily in a caravan on a farm owned by my mates. I didn’t have a problem with that, I’d rather that than be in the hands of Those Who Helped. But this was then used by those we know and love as proof of my degeneracy. She’s got all those degrees and she’s in the pub washing up! She’s living in a caravan and driving that old heap of a car! Ooh and she goes walking in the mountains with those dogs of hers…

      It was madness, utter madness and in the end it was so fucking mad that people started commenting on it because normal people who were not employed as social workers knew some of what was happening. Nonetheless the non-stop PR continued from Westminster and the then new Welsh Gov’t. It was all just great, thousands and thousands of Empowered Service Users were in college or in work. Meanwhile north Wales had the second highest suicide rate in England and Wales. Only Camden, cradle of New Labour, had more people killing themselves…

      1. It was HUTT!! The first Health Minister to be appointed in the first Welsh Gov’t.

        HUTT. As Thatch once said of William Hague – remember the name, William Hague!!!

        Remember the name, Jane Hutt!! How could any of us ever forget what happened to us when Sister Jane Empowered us all?

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