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  1. More healthcare stories are leading in the media today.

    A father has been interviewed on the Today Programme – although I missed the main interview with him – about the dreadful treatment being meted out to his daughter with austism who has been placed in a private hospital, although paid for by the state. His daughter is being kept alone, in a cell, where she has been for many months. Yes, I can well believe it, there are a great deal of such cases and on paper, this is described as ‘care’. The reality is that although private hospitals charge thousands of quid a week for such ‘care’, the people on the receiving end are locked in cells alone because no-one can be bothered to put in the effort that is needed to keep them calm and not in distress. Some of the healthcare assistants employed in such places are doing their best, but just go and talk to them and the story is the same: I really wanted to help my clients but I was given no training and was paid so little that I left to work in a supermarket.

    The Medical Directors of these private hospitals are Top Doctors who are paid huge salaries. It is they who are endorsing this ‘care’. The young lady who’s dad is on the Today programme this morning is lucky that she has an articulate dad who has contacted both the Health Secretary and the media. If you are the parent of such a child who is uneducated or an Empowered Service User yourself, you are ignored or even faced with allegations that you have mistreated or abused your child yourself. That soon puts a stop to any complaints.

    Three ‘independent’ think tanks are screaming about the NHS staffing crisis. The three think tanks are our old friends the Kings Fund, the Nuffield Trust and the Health Foundation, all of whom have starred on this blog and who are choc full with the people who have done very nicely out of the dysfunctional NHS and who are part of the problem. I do keep telling everyone, the NHS has been allowed to evolve into a system where cheating, bullying and abuse are rewarded and daring to speak up means that you’ll be out of the door and you’ll never work again. That is the problem and the think tanks know it. When Merfyn Jones was Chairman of the Betsi Board in north Wales, he tried to tackle abusive staff and a prosecution was mounted against an Angel who threw an elderly lady across the room and injured her; that Angel had threatened me some years previously when a different person ran the NHS in north Wales and my complaint was never investigated and counter-allegations were made against me by the Angel. Because Merfyn did things like this and really did try to address the rot and poison which has dominated the NHS in north Wales, Merfyn was faced with a conspiracy from within the ranks of the Top Doctors to withold crucial info from him, allow patients to die, cause a scandal and force his resignation.

    One of those in north Wales who has built her career on the back of keeping quiet about the outrageous neglect and abuse of patients has excellent links with the King’s Fund haven’t you Rhiannon? Then there were all the others who knew that their futures depended upon every one one of them keeping quiet and blaming Merfyn for the carnage…

    1. The BMA are expressing outrage about Crapita cocking up the invitations to women to participate in the cervical screening programme, which as I have repeatedly explained on this blog, has been in a very sorry state since the 1980s and is in no way an effective, smooth running machine which accurately detects pre-cancerous changes and identifies the appropriate people for treatment. The service has been in chaos for years and false positives and false negatives are legion. While I am sure that Crapita have screwed up, the cervical screening programme was in pieces long before Crapita ever got near it. The Top Docs did not say a word. All women are told is ‘now don’t worry my dear, we’ll look after you’ and ‘now don’t be silly, the trouble is that you women are all far too embarrassed about your bodies’.

      Let me tell the Top Docs why women in Gwynedd were ‘not going for screening’. It was because there was one Top Doctor who was sexually assaulting women and the women warned each other. Nothing to do with a load of silly women who had hang-ups, they were trying to avoid sexual assault. The berating and bullying of individual women who dared ‘refuse the invitation’ carried on apace. They were personally challenged by GPs who knew about the sex offender.

      One woman I know said to one such GP that she would only go for a smear test if her husband came in with her. So that happened. But only once. The woman concerned also had endometriosis, she wasn’t well-educated and all she knew was that she had a ‘ladies condition’ that caused her problems. So the next time that she arrived at the GPs surgery with husband/bodyguard in tow, her husband was told by the GP that he would have to leave the room because ‘you’ll bully me if you’re in there and I won’t be able to concentrate’. So the bully left the room. The GP physically hurt his wife, she screamed in pain and was told to shut up or the ‘other patients will think I’m murdering you in here’. The patient left in distress and told me ‘I’m never going back there again’.

      As for the bully who terrorised the Top Doctor, he was, like his wife, an Empowered Service User in the care of the mental health services. He was such a bully that he was one of the Empowered Service Users who was found dead when he was on placement in a ‘nursing home’.

      Perhaps Dr Nicky Heinersdorff remembers these patients??? You knew about your colleague who was sexually assaulting people Heinersdorff and your response was to press gang vulnerable people rather than address the real reason why women were running away as fast as they could.

      Even the women who didn’t have such awful experiences commented on rather more bizarre or surreal incidents. Such as my friend who did ‘respond to the invitation’ but always had a robust take on the idiocies of the Top Docs. She told me that during the smear test, the GP suddenly yelled out ‘do you smoke Mrs XXX?’, to which she replied ‘well not down there I don’t, no’. The GP concerned was another colleague of Dr Heinersdorff’s, but a less offensive one than the man who was causing women to stay away from Top Docs at all costs.

      The interaction between patients and so many Top Docs in north Wales resulted in either the patients having such bad experiences that they were loathe to go near the bastards or they pissed themselves laughing at their excesses.

      But the real problem was Merfyn of course.

      It’s quite simple Top Docs. When patients are treated with dignity and respect, they won’t need to be berated, bullied and press ganged. Patients are quite nice actually, most of them really are normal people. Ask yourselves the real reason why they’re saying no to your ‘screening’, no matter how much your escalate the pressure and scare stories.

      By the way, BMA – of which Nicky Heinersdorff was a member – if you want to go to war on Crapita, why didn’t you do battle re Crapita’s wholly inadequate ‘assessments’ of disabled people for benefits?? Thousands and thousands of people wrongly denied benefits, some became destitute as a result. They were your patients and being left with no money to live on when they were too ill to work was a far bigger threat to their well-being than them refusing a smear test in a programme that was on its knees anyway.

      But then the biggest risk to the health of patients in north Wales was that trafficking gang which was run by Top Doctors which Heinersdorff knew all about…

      Come on then BMA, make yourselves useful, campaign to bring down Crapita and to stop the roll out of Universal Credit.

      1. For the record:-
        I forwarded my comments to Woodie from the Sally Baker having become aware of his elevated status. No reply.
        We played rugby together at Christ’s before he went to Bart’s.
        Dr Mark Sanford-Wood
        BMA General Practitioners Committee Deputy Chair.

        1. Richard, having been a Top Doctor yourself, you know even better than I do the barefaced cheek of these people.

          The Top Docs know most of what I have put up on this blog re the misconduct of their colleagues. One would have thought that they would be so shamed at being publicly faced with the enormity of what they have done, that they would never emerge from their caves again. No. They’re in the media screaming loudly.

          I am receiving more and more messages re ‘ooh do you know what they said about you/told me’, there is so much utter nonsense going back years that it really is best ignored. But it does explain why so many people told me privately ‘God we’d like to see the back of Dr DA Jones but he knows things about me and he’ll tell people’. Yes and what he doesn’t know he just makes up and because the whole region was run by the gang no-one had the guts to say ‘you lie or break confidence about me you old bastard and I’ll have you’.

          We were walking among predators and had no idea of the danger we were in, or at least those of us who were honest hadn’t. I am hearing now that unscrupulous students watched and listened and clicked and then used their knowledge of the gang to personally gain.

          So much of the ‘evidence’ that the gang used to explain what a dangerous criminal I was is farcical. Some of the events Brown and I can remember and Brown was just saying the other day ‘they said what?? This is quite extraordinary.’ The gang used things against us that we screamed with laughter at when they actually happened. We shared a house at Old Llandegfan, it was the usual things, a shared student house. We were mates with a local girl who one day had gone into the shop where there was a well-known mad old gossip and the girl said ‘I’ve just been over to Sally’s but there’s no answer’ and the mad old gossiping bloke with an active imagination said ‘oooh they’re probably in bed with each other, I know what goes on in that house, they’re hopping in and out of bed with each other all day’. Hilarious, we were screaming with laughter and Brown said ‘well I’ve been here months and no-one’s hopped into bed with me yet’, then one of our mates who lived in Caernarfon Road said ‘ooh those rumours that I’ve put around about your house have worked then’, it was just a laugh. It was I am told that it was these sorts of things that the paedophile gang wrote down about me in triplicate and used as evidence.

          They are so mad and so poisonous that it is almost unimaginable. And it is always the same theme. A paedophile gang dealing in sex n child porn and drugs accused their victims of er sex n drugs n rock n roll.

          Their techniques were known to some of those who advised me at Bangor, I realise that now but my advisers were discreet. I had a few really nice advisers when I was working at Bangor who knew that I was under attack and one day I said I really am fed up of these outrages, I’m going to talk to the media. And they just said ‘no, don’t, Martin Jones is a very, very dangerous man, he is going to plant stories about you in the press if ever you dare go public, we know that, you must hold off’.

          I suspect that they knew that Merfyn was in the cross-hairs of those we know and love but no-one ever told me that. I used to hear the gwerin plotting against Merfyn and insulting him in public and I just thought ‘you lot are mad and furthermore you have no idea of how to behave, Merfyn is never anything but the gentleman to you and there you are snapping and snarling and the minute he’s out of the room it’s ‘we’ll get him, ooh we’ll show him what for’. They were a bunch of neanderthals who constantly mistook decency and good manners for weakness.

          Then I received that phone call from a journo pretending that she was making a film about the abuse of mental health patients and all she really wanted was to smear Merfyn.

          The Top Docs were central to it all, definitely. One day Richard Tranter – who had been given to me as my Top Doctor when I finally said to them oh just fuck off, you’re a bunch of idiots and crooks, I am not interested any more – stopped the consultation and he glared at me and said ‘who is it in the University that you are telling about us?’ And I thought well there’s a confession. So I replied that I had no intention of discussing my contacts with him after the way that the mental health services had abused me. So Tranter repeated ‘who is it? We know that you’re talking to someone senior in the University and you’ve told them what has happened to you’.

          Fucking cheek, interrogating a patient like that who had been violently assaulted, threatened, harassed, had people going to her house at night and trying to get in, poison pen letters to Brown’s boss, the lot…

          Tranter demanding to know who I was confiding in?? Oh sod off Top Docs, I wouldn’t trust you further than I’d spit a rat.

          Well I was threatened with a gun after that, as was someone who had made a witness statement about me being terrorised.

          Waunfawr Surgery were involved as well, I’ve got the documentation. There was a vile abusive GP there called Stephen Williams who everyone hated but another one called Huw Roberts who was always really nice to my face. Well I’ve got the documentation now. Huw Roberts had written the most appalling things about me, oh and Merfyn was mentioned on those notes as well!!! And then there were all the comments flagging up that when I was young I had made ‘allegations’ about Dafydd…. Stephen Williams and Huw Roberts were personal friends of a senior member of staff at Bangor University who I always trusted and respected but I have been told ‘you were conned, the whole lot of them were in it together and they were all gwerin who wanted to get Merfyn.’

          Well I’ve got 10,000 documents. Dafydd knows things about people?? Well I know things about Dafydd and everyone who helped him and what’s more they aren’t just lies and smears that have been made up to discredit someone, I’ve got the info in black and white.

          What is sad Richard, is that like you, I have always tried to approach people in an honest and friendly manner. But a gang of paedophiles just took that as the signal that it was open season on me. I received an e mail the other day telling me that there was a Jewish lecturer at Bangor who seemed to be friends with a known anti-semite and this person couldn’t understand it. I knew the Jewish lecturer that they were referring to, he was one of my friends at Bangor and I guess I know what happened. Like me, the Jewish lecturer is friendly and always tries not to pre-judge people on the grounds of who they are related to or where they come from etc. After all he’s Jewish, he knows about bigotry. But it does mean that he never imagines that someone might be cultivating his friendship to use him while they actually ‘hate Jews’.

          It happened to me and other people; not because we were Jewish obviously, but because we saw bad behaviour and said ‘I will never treat people like that’. So the bastards of the universe beat a path to our doors with a sob story, plagiarised our work and told everyone else that we were awful people and ooh don’t have anything to do with them. Because they had a fucking social worker or Top Doc or Angel in the family and they knew that we knew what was going on…

          1. What did I say, not only are the Top Docs cluttering up the media, but that member of the gwerin that is the Tory MP for Clwyd West, David Jones, Cameron’s former Secretary of State for Wales, has his mug all over BBC News Wales Online. Jones is passing comment on the scrapping within the Tory Party over Theresa and Brexit.

            This is a member of the gwerin who for years shared a solicitor’s practice with a CROOK who was an accomplice to a trafficking gang; David Jones sat in the Courts in north Wales and watched as we were fitted up. Hey David do you remember Gwynfor Evans, the Chairman of Bangor Magistrates? Yeh, we knew that he was nobbled as well – remember him finding me guilty although a member of the gang cried in the witness box and admitted that she’d lied to the police about me???

            David, what with your wife being an Angel, would you like to give us the name of the ‘private abortionist’ in Chester whom the Top Docs in north Wales forced women to go to by unlawfully denying them NHS abortions but making ‘referrals’ on demand if anyone had the dosh…

            David and his Angel are opposed to abortion on the grounds of Christian principles. I know some people who are genuine about the same matter, but they weren’t colluding with a trafficking gang who were raping school girls and abducting their babies…

            Where did the babies of the Denbigh patients go then David? Hundreds of them, where are they? Can your friend Antoinette Sandbach tell us, after all her grandmother (or was it her aunt??) was head of the Royal College of Midwives Denbigh branch… The Antoinette who is now a Tory MP for a Cheshire constituency…

            Ooh this one has the eyes of Dr DA!!! Ahhhhgggg Rosemary’s baby….

            How can Theresa May even pretend that she has principles with those two sitting on her side of the Commons??

  2. http://nyenquirer.uk/n-e-yorks-tory-melt-down-begins/
    I wonder if this is anything to do with the VIP Paedophile Ring in North Yorkshire that John Mann MP has spoken about or perhaps the first hand patient testimony that I heard ?
    Note to Mike- you had better hurry up. Organised Crime in the NHS good lord- never and by the way don’t forget to tell Paul ‘no disclosure thank you’ on the way out.
    What a laff.

    1. Richard,
      When Brown and I first began publishing about the insanity of the education system and the NHS, we received an e mail from someone in Yorkshire saying ‘thank God someone is prepared to write about what is actually happening’. We became very good mates and the things that she told me re Yorkshire were the sort of thing that you say. Massive organised crime/corruption abuse in the welfare and education system and a complete conspiracy of silence. She knew all about Savile as well, like you she absolutely assured me ‘this was no secret, we knew, everyone knew’. Then we heard from two academics in London who had read our critique of ‘service user involvement’ and told us yes, it is the same here, there is serious abuse of vulnerable people going on and this service user involvement nonsense is a tick box exercise designed to deny everything.

      Everyone working in the NHS/social services knows at least something about this. It impinges on education particularly when college/universities teach health and welfare courses and join in the conspiracy. It is very, very serious, good students who raise concerns about poor care are hounded out whereas lies are told about students who are not fit to qualify. Can Gov’t really not see how dangerous this is? Postgrad degrees effectively sold to Angels so that they can then became senior managers and call themselves Dr or put MBA after their name to try and hoodwink everyone that all is well in dangerous, troubled services???

      I absolutely forgive laypeople every time when they sometimes say ‘surely this cannot have happened to you, this would never be allowed to go on’; oh yes it did, but those within the system know, they definitely know and everyone remains in denial.

      When Merfyn Jones was VC of Bangor University, he was having to cope with corrupt off-duty police officers and ex-police officers coming onto University premises and threatening staff and PhD students; with the brother-in-law of Blair’s policy adviser stealing equipment from the University because he was after my computer; with someone somehow acquiring a key to my office and letting themselves in and rifling through my paperwork; with lecturers in the nursing dept telling staff not to let me into the building although I was the second supervisor of one of the PhD students over there because I ‘attacked people with knives’; with abusive mental health professionals – after I had told them to just go away and leave me alone – turning up to my office and telling me that they’d come and visit me at work then; I shared my office with my Polish colleague/friend and then I found that the abusive mental health practitioners were asking ‘who the Polish girl who shares Sally’s office is’.

      Then Merfyn had to deal with a member of staff (me) being repeatedly arrested by the Chairman of the NHS Trust who doubled up as a member of the University Council! On one occasion when that Chairman and the Trust CEO were caught bang to rights having sent the police to break into my house to arrest me for ‘making hoax 999 calls’ when I was in bed, trying to phone for medical help in an emergency and it was all witnessed by a friend who had come to help me, after a very sheepish policeman admitted that ‘this wasn’t what I’d been told that it was’ and left my house, the next day I went into work and there, in the office next to the one that I was using that day, were Elfed and Martin (NHS Trust Chairman and CEO) sitting at a table roaring with laughter. For fuck’s sake…

      It was the most serious intimidation, constantly.

      It was madness, sheer madness, it was organised crime and havoc was breaking out. One morning when I was faced with a gun, I just rang one of my senior colleagues who knew what was happening and said ‘look there’s a man with a gun outside’ and he just said ‘OK if you’re too frightened to come to work or you need to leave the area for a few days that’s fine’. I did go to work throughout all of it because as I said to my colleagues these people are going to get me wherever I go, it is the police doing it, there is no point in phoning the sodding police.

      It wasn’t stopped, any of it. All that happened was that Merfyn came under very obvious attack politically from High Places and then when he became Chairman of the Health Board himself there really were fireworks.

      This was serious organised crime, based in the NHS/social services, spilling over into the University and innocent people such as my friends were being threatened by gangsters. Outrageous, absolutely outrageous.

      Look at what is happening in the NHS in north Wales now. Merfyn went five years ago, they can’t blame him anymore, but there is scandal after scandal after scandal, rocketing deaths, complaints, investigations into patient abuse and fraud and embezzlement.

      How can any sane Gov’t tell us that there is not a problem and the Top Docs just need more money?

      Elfed Roberts, Martin Jones and a few more should have been arrested and charged. But no, the politicians who refused to act are sitting in the Senedd and in Westminster. And they/their colleagues are tweeting about their traumas when constituents have sent them ‘sexist’ tweets or taken the piss out of their Welsh accent in the House because ooh it made me feel really bad, it’s bullying isn’t it. Well I was faced with a gun as was a PhD student and the answer was to hound the VC out of public life. I really must get tweeting about being bullied because a Man made some lame comment and called me luv. Try complaining after a fucking people trafficking lobotomist propositions you the Baroness of Ely et al and see what happens. Shotguns at dawn twenty five years later and no arrests. Except for that of me of course, for having pink hair and calling a corrupt ex-copper’s penismobile a penismobile.

      1. And someone with a sense of humour has just sent me a link to an interview with Michelle Obama in which Michelle bonded with HM Lilibet because they both had sore feet and were ‘two tired ladies oppressed by our shoes’.

        If I was Mr Putin I’d invade the UK and the US right now. He won’t find any opposition, the whole political class will be having a foot spa and a cup of peppermint tea. He can just ride in bare-chested on his horse, straight from the tundra, he won’t need to send any nuclear bombs over, he’ll be able to do it all by himself on one horse without a riding hat.

        Vote Wisely – Vote Silly. You Know It Makes Nonsense. A Little Pink Pussy Cat Has Won Every Constituency In The UK.

        Is it surprising that Trump is just so rude about these people???

        1. Time to catch up with a comment on something that happened a few days ago, but I haven’t mentioned it yet because I’ve been busy with other blog posts.

          Michael Parkinson was interviewed on the Today programme a few days ago. Parky’s star has faded now but back in the 1970s and 80s, Parky was one of the Professional Northerners on the BBC that some comedians really took the piss out of. ‘The Not The Nine O Clock News’ team published a book with a page dedicated to Professional Northerners on TV and there was a little song for them to sing which ended in ‘Hear All, See All, Say Nowt/Eat All Drink All Pay Nowt/And If Ever Thou Does Owt For Nowt/Do It On Prime Time TV In A Northern Accent’, which summed it up really.

          Parky was a bit of a Dafydd back in those days in that he encouraged people to talk about how women found him irresistible but the evidence was that he was a sad old lech who was misinterpreting the way the women felt about him. There is a vintage clip of Parky drooling over a young Helen Mirren who succeeds in making him look like an utter tosser as he does all that he can to get her to discuss the size of her ‘assets’. He just cannot take a hint and Mirren should probably have just told him that he wasn’t going to ever get near them so hard luck.

          On the Today programme Parky was reminiscing about how great George Best was, in fact Parky’s mate Georgie was the best footballer that there had ever been. Sadly he was also a wife-beating drunk but Parky forgot that bit. Neither did Parky publicise that fiddle that George Best did with Top Doctor Professor Roger Williams of Kings College Hospital when George Best needed a liver transplant having wrecked his original liver with the booze. Empowered Service Users in that state in north Wales were told to sod off and die, ‘it’s your choice’, but George got a transplant. There was a bit of criticism because George made it clear that he carried on boozing while on the waiting list for a new liver, so Roger Williams was wheeled out to explain to the nation that alcoholism is a real illness and shouldn’t be met by a judgemental or punitive response. Perhaps Roger could pop up to Ysbyty Gwynedd and remind them all of that, there have been at least two suicides of alcoholic patients hours after they received a mouthful from an Angel and were refused treatment.

          Roger however did collude with a sleight of hand. Roger stressed that George was a private patient and this was costing a bomb, that’s how Committed George was to Recovery. George had indeed paid for a few hours in Roger’s private consulting room and he did pay for his hospital bed when he was so sodden that emergency care was needed, but George did not pay for his liver and he did not pay for the actual transplant. A liver donated by someone who will have presumed that it was going to an NHS patient found its way into George’s abdominal cavity and what’s more George broke every rule in the book when he was queuing for that liver. He got pissed and went abroad on holiday, so when the call came that a liver was free, George had to fly back to the UK. The hospital knew that he’d flouted all rules including the ‘living near the hospital at all times’ because it was the hospital who rang George at his hotel abroad to tell him to get his bum back to the hospital.

          George carried on boozing when he acquired the new liver. I asked Brown if he thought that George would simply wear out one liver after another and continue with transplants but Brown stated that there was probably a limit as to how many livers George Best could get through. Brown was right, George Best died in spite of the fresh liver.

          Furthermore, George Best was famous for all ‘the girls’ that he shagged back in his heyday and he hung around with Cilla and some of the others who were in the circle of those linked to Dafydd and his associates. It’s not as if George would ever have inquired as to the source of the young women who got pissed with him in nightclubs and were often then thumped.

          Eeh Parky’s recently told us all about having his prostate removed as well, the Top Docs saved his life, he can tell us that. Except that he can’t, because the PSA test is throwing up loads of false positives as I previously explained on this blog. Just before Parky was on Prime Time to tell us all about the Miracles of the Top Docs in his northern accent. If only dear old Wogan was still with us, the Top Docs could wheel that ignorant Tory tosser out as well to explain that he’d had his prostate removed and he’s never looked back.

          1. Parky knows all about another deeply unpleasant person who is touted as a Star as well, one Sharon Osbourne. I know this because the other day I came across a Parky book in a second hand shop in which Parky discusses Celebs I Have Known, one being Sharon.

            Sharon Osbourne has long been known to get away with doing a few things that would land anyone else in a great deal of trouble and indeed boasting about it. Sharon is fond of telling media folk that is is indeed true that she sent a human turd to someone in a Tiffany’s box with a message saying that they had commented that her children eat too much, so eat this. Of course people should not be carrying out personal attacks on Osbourne’s kids, but I can only imagine what would have happened if I or any other target of Dafydd’s gang had sent him a human turd.

            Why am I bringing Dafydd into this? Because Sharon’s dad was Don Arden, a gangster who was in the music business and who managed 1970s Birmingham pop groups, including Slade. Dafydd’s gang provided kids for the Birmingham pop scene…

            Sharon has talked about her father and what a very nasty piece of work he was. People were terrified of Don Arden. Parky in his book remembers how he had a great night on the tiles with Don after they got into a nightclub after a bouncer had tried to stop them. Don persuaded the bouncer by threatening him with a gun. Eeh Parky was impressed.

            Someone else knows about Don Arden as well and they know about the bits that Sharon and Parky haven’t made public – Ozzie Osbourne’s Top Doctors. Ozzie is well dosed up with anti-psychotics and has been for years and he shows the same symptoms that some of the long term Hergest patients do, in that he’s a bit clumsy and befuddled. It is the standard treatment for drug-induced psychosis, which is what Ozzie has or at least had. Ozzie didn’t get like that overnight. Ozzie has had many encounters with Top Docs and before the Osbournes were all American, those Top Docs were Dafydd’s mates in Birmingham. Weren’t they Bluglass?

            Not that Dafydd and Bluglass were ever going to take Ozzie to court for staring at a social worker in Safeways. They’d have found Don Arden’s gun up their bums and they knew it.

            Eeh it’s Pop Idol for some and Risley Remand Centre for others as Parky knows.

  3. Someone’s just sent me the latest guff about the Mindfulness Masters degree being offered by Bangor University, a snip at £12k and has asked me ‘how do they get away with it?’.

    I’d very much like to know. Virtually every academic in Bangor University has laughed at Mindfulness as a grade A con for years now and everyone knew that those courses were no more than a pyramid selling scam. Mark Williams and the team who developed Mindfulness in the 1980s were members of a people trafficking ring and their patients were found dead. Scotland Yard could have gone up to Bangor in 1988 and arrested loads of them and charged them with the most serious offences. But no-one did. One of Mark Williams’s victims from north Wales wrote to the VC of Oxford University a few years ago, where Williams now has a Chair. The man from north Wales did get a reply from Oxford but no-one stopped Williams.

    It is extraordinary.

    Furthermore I have copies of documents which show that staff at Bangor University – among the gwerin who were plotting against Merfyn – were meeting Hergest staff who had perjured themselves in attempts to get me imprisoned, for lunch to discuss me. The same crowd were friends with one Mark Williams.

    I and my colleagues who liked Merfyn and knew some of what was going on just looked on aghast. We saw one of the most corrupt members of the gwerin in the University – a bent lawyer who’s brother was a bent lawyer in Bangor in the old days along with David Jones MP, who’s sister was Director of Gwynedd Social Services when clients were abused and who’s wife was Director of Conwy Social Services where clients were abused – walk up to Merfyn, stand in front of him, block his path and bellow ‘I want a word with you’. I mean how is someone supposed to run a University when that is going on?

    Other members of the gwerin even ranted on about the friends that Merfyn had in his private life and how because they didn’t like them they were going to get Merfyn out of his job. The spite and pettyness, not to mention the crazyness, was a wonder to behold. Every member of that fucking self-styled gwerin was involved with Dafydd’s gang, that was all behind it. The gwerin were at each others throats most of the time anyway, but they could always unite against a common enemy. And at least two of those who mouthed off, in public, about the sins of Merfyn, used him to get research grants and jobs. Being incapable of doing that themselves.

    Someone should have flattened all of them, closed down the Schools of Education, Healthcare Sciences and Law which was where the biggest problems were and just said ‘enough, get out, all of you’. They are like the Top Docs, people have spent decades politely discussing with them, sending in mentoring teams, appraising them, trying to encourage them to change their toxic ways and everyone just gets a bucket of shit in their faces. They ran a paedophile ring, they are not going to change. Do the flying squad politely ask the criminals if they’d mind giving up crime???

    Could anyone ever imagine real gwerin, girls on the tills at Tesco, ever getting away with this? They would be out of the door with a week’s pay and that would be it. One of my mates, a Welsh speaking Welshmen from north Wales, knew them of old, he’d grown up with them and had been taught by them at school, he really used to take the piss. One of the gwerin who really loathed Merfyn, a School of Education gwerin, was a primary school teacher trainer. My mate observed her one day spend an hour teaching some primary school student teachers how to ‘make a noise like the wind’. It was hilarious, tears were running down our cheeks, there we were, living in shoebox in’t middle of the road, on temporary contracts never knowing where the next penny was coming from, writing books and journal articles and research bids, working flat out and she was on a permanent job on about £40k pa making a noise like the wind. And joining in the Revolutionary Council to Rise Up and Overthrow Merfyn.

    At least making a noise like the wind was harmless, but that lot were all ex-teachers from north Wales in their 50s and 60s… I do not for one minute think that they were the child molesters themselves but they bloody well worked with the molesters, they were in those schools in Gwynedd and Clwyd when that gang caused chaos. They were friends with and related to the Officers and Councillors who refused to co-operate with the investigations into the abuse of kids. And that is the problem. They were just so guilty that they couldn’t afford to embrace other people. It translated into complete hostility to everyone like me and Merfyn and my PhD supervisor and my Welsh speaking friend from north Wales who knew what had gone on. It is so insulting, you just think ‘you are an associate of a gang of paedophiles and you have felt able to do and say these things about us…’

    Well perhaps they’d all like to make their way to the nearest police station and make a noise like the wind while they fess up, because I’ve got more people to name.

    1. One of the gwerin reviewed the manuscript of a book that Brown and me wrote once. She actually said ‘this is a very scholarly well-written well-researched book. I recommend that it is not published’.

      We got a note from the commissioning editor telling us not to worry, she knew this silly old cow of old…

      All they were good for was providing entertainment.

    1. Oh I didn’t know that.

      It is difficult to find out all the bits of info; they are excluded from many of the archived press reports which is a pity because the trivial bits of info really do allow a picture to be built up which points to an obvious pattern of organised abuse.

      I’ve just ordered a book on Bronwen Astor’s life to discover more. The fact that she was the daughter of a Welsh judge who sent her to school in Dolgellau, a town run by Dafydd’s predecessors including the father of Ioan Bowen Rees must be significant. Of course in a previous generation the parents of young women were delighted to see them ‘marry well’, but what seems to have been going on in Wales rather exceeds this. It was a prostitution ring without doubt and I note that when Profumo blew up in Bill Astor’s face, Bronwen was scapegoated and labelled a Welsh slapper who was ‘no better than Many Rice Davies or Christine Keeler’. Oh excuse me, Bill Astor was quite keen to marry Bronwen, his mates only decided that she was the scum of the earth when the Gov’t fell and what was most definitely a Ruling Class had crap all over it. Who do we blame? That Welsh tart of course! Bronwen’s dad will have been quite something in Wales but ooh compared to Harold Macmillan’s mates he wasn’t that impressive…

      I had a conversation with someone this morning who told me that there was definitely a paedophile ring operating in Bridgwater, the town in which I went to school, because Bridgwater schools were full of disadvantaged kids; the ring couldn’t operate in towns like Taunton or Wells because the parents would ask questions. I rather think that someone should be asking questions of Lord Tom King, the MP for Bridgwater throughout that time. King – another Cabinet Minister in Thatcher’s Gov’t, a Gov’t with active paedophiles headed by a PM who was friends with active paedophiles. Of course there was a ring in King’s constituency, they’d have thought Christmas had arrived with him as the local MP…

      King used to be very rude about Bridgwater in private. Ghastly place!!! Gave you a good living didn’t it though King? A mediocre slime ball who ‘wanted a job in Cabinet’ from the minute that you were elected? Someone should have put you to work in the cellophane factory you worthless old bastard, at least you’d have got a slap in the chops if you’d tried to run the trafficking ring from there.

      The Sir Bufton Tuftons and Sir Herbert Gussets of Somerset would have been bloody horrified if they had known what was going on.

      1. Thanks for the prompt anna –

        Just looked up Mandy Rice Davies. I knew that she became a successful businesswoman, but I didn’t know that her third husband was a business contact of Denis Thatcher and that Mandy and her husband holidayed with the Thatchers…

        There is no end to the Thatchers’ sleaze and hypocrisy is there. They will not have worried at all that Christine Keeler went to prison because she embarrassed the Gov’t and that Stephen Ward killed himself and may even have been pushed over the edge and allowed to die by the Top Doctors. No, Thatch holidayed with Mandy because Thatch just loved a winner.

        I have mentioned previously on the blog that Mandy Rice Davies bought a house in the Polden Hills near Bridgwater.

        Any idea why Lord King???

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