One Complaint Against This Blog Withdrawn – More Have Been Made!

Dear readers,

Just a quick message. The complaint made about this blog to my hoster recently (see post ‘Notice To Readers: Possible Threat To The Continued  Existence Of This Blog’) was, my hoster has acknowledged, without foundation. However my hoster has written to warn me that ‘numerous other complaints’ have now been made and although my hoster suspects that they too are without foundation, they are obliged to respond and investigate and if complaints keep being made, they will have to ask me to find another hoster for this blog.

I am reminded of the numerous times that I was wrongfully arrested or the numerous times that complaints about my shocking behaviour were made to a whole variety of people only for investigations to eventually reveal that the complaints were unfounded.

It’s not rocket science everyone. It’s called Standing Up To A Gang Of Murdering Old Sex Offenders. It isn’t easy but that’s only because so many people refuse to do it and join in with their fuckwittery and make ludicrous complaints about the people who do stand up to them.

Now if the paedophiles’ friends will excuse me, I’m just in the middle of another blog post and I do intend to finish it before I worry about the harassment to which my hoster is being subjected.

Anyone for Convictions re FGM and CSA? The problems are so well-known to our Caring Society that they now only need to be referred to in initials-speak, so high is our Awareness and Determination to Stamp Them Out.

There has been another article published in ‘The Guardian’ online re FGM in the last 24 hours. The writer of that article would not be able to identify a girl who had actually undergone FGM if she met one, even after taking a long hard look at her nether regions. Neither could most Top Docs or Angels in the UK who do not work in the area routinely. The ignorance combined with authoritarianism is causing havoc.

Now, I have my post to finish.

Thanks/Diolch yn fawr,

Rhett Baker

Rhett Butler

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Just a quick message to apologise: the post that I was working on yesterday hasn’t been posted up yet. Half of it disappeared last night after I prepared it, a huge chunk of text about the many links that Germaine Greer and her network had with those who colluded with the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Dafydd et al…

    That was odd! The Germaine who was a lecturer at Warwick University when Merfyn the former VC of Bangor University who came under attack from High Places was a student at Warwick.

    I am mentioning it now because I’ve just had an e mail about Chris Woodhead from someone who read an earlier post explaining that I bumped into him in Caernarfon Morrisons. This person hated Chris Woodhead, as, if we were to believe the lay press, every teacher in the UK did.

    When I did teacher training in 2000, I was interested to notice that the teachers at the schools where I did my placements didn’t know who Chris Woodhead was. They certainly didn’t know that it was him implementing the policies which their unions told them to threaten to strike over. The debate was not in the schools, it was among politicians, in the Guardian and Times Education Supplement and among union leaders.

    The reason that I bumped into Chris Woodhead was that after serving as David Blunkett’s henchman, Woodhead moved to Llanfrothen in Gwynedd. I would not have thought that there was anything at all at Llanfrothen for Woodhead, it is a lovely village but not the place that would hold any attraction for Woodhead. Woodhead developed MND as well, there wasn’t even the most basic support services in Gwynedd, so he didn’t go there for the Excellence In Care.

    What there was at Llanfrothen was the family of Merfyn, the VC of Bangor University, who was under serious fire from Blunkett’s mates in Gov’t for spilling the pints of the paedophiles’ friends. Woodhead used to write an education column in The Sunday Times. On one occasion, Woodhead used the column to attack Bangor University and advise that a ‘concerned parent of a student’ sue the institution. It was fairly clear to those of us who knew that it was a set up by someone who wanted to have a go at er the VC of Bangor University.

    At the same time as Chris Woodhead decided that his final years needed to be spent as the neighbour of Merfyn’s elderly parents while he urged stooges to sue their son via Rupert Murdoch’s publications, Dr Duckula Morris, a member of Dafydd’s gang, offered any help she could to a rude man from Scotland, a sociologist of religion, who decided that he needed to conduct a community study of Llanfrothen. I was doing the same thing! I only found out about this because of an insulting e mail that Duckula sent one of my colleagues who was also a friend.

    Can I just repeat the words of my friend Peter Webb, whom I met in Denbigh:

    Why don’t you all fuck off?

    As for you Blunkett, I look forward to the day when you are rushed into an NHS hospital and you too die at the hands of lethal criminal Top Docs in the way that Merfyn’s wife did. It’ll be an even bigger laugh than that affair you had with Kimberley Quinn and the subsequent saga over nanny’s passport and the Little Lad.

    Wake up you stupid gits, it is not a good idea to cosy up to gangsters because you’re frightened that they’ll kill you if you don’t. They kill you anyway and now that they’ve colonised the NHS they wouldn’t know how to treat you even if they wanted to.

    Chris Woodhead died. Had medicine not been riddled with research fraud for decades, someone might have found a way of helping people with MND.

    By the way: should someone not have pointed out to the fuckwits who wrote to the local paper and complained about Merfyn’s salary when he was VC that not only did Merfyn earn far less than most VCs, but he earned less than every corrupt Council leader in Wales, less than every corrupt CEO of an NHS Trust, far less than Woodhead was raking in, less than many of the Top Docs…

    Do you need me to continue paedophiles’ friends? Well I’ve started so I’ll finish as Pompous Pompouson used to say, there’ll be another post up soon. Unless unknown hackers who don’t wish the world to know how many mates of Germaine’s are networked into Dafydd’s network have fun with my blog again.

    I can only hope that Merfyn spent some of his pension on a pair of hobnails with steel toecaps so that when he meets a member of the gwerin or indeed Michael Grade, he can deliver a crippling kick to their cerregs and just shut them up. There’s so many of them that it will keep him busy in retirement.

    1. Professor Steve Bruce from Aberdeen University. Why he developed an interest in a community study of Llanfrothen I cannot fathom. However he did have dinner with Duckula.

      Steve Bruce was one of three Scottish academics whom I was told were known as The Three Bastards because they were, well, bastards. Another one of The Three Bastards was Tom Devine. Steve Bruce turned up to give a lecture at Bangor! He was rude to me when I asked a question which as far as I could see was an attempt to disguise the fact that he couldn’t answer the question. Then Tom Devine turned up to give a lecture at Bangor! I can’t remember who the Third Bastard was, but I’m sure that he too will have arrived at Bangor to give a lecture, or popped over to Llanfrothen to ask Merfyn’s mum and dad if he could use their toilet.

      Tom Devine is an SNP adviser. Like Dafydd’s mate Sir Ken Calman. How’s Alex Salmond then Tom?

      They really are all a bunch of absolute shites but one cannot help laughing at their excesses.

    1. Are you of the opinion that those deciding to leave are the people whom Scarborough could well do without? And do you rateir the replacements or are they just the sidekicks of those who have stepped down?

      I have friends in Yorkshire who told me ages ago that the NHS is dreadful there. It has been run by Jimmy Savile’s mates for years so we shouldn’t expect anything else.

      1. Sally
        The shuffling of chairs is exactly that, however I am hopeful that it represents a changing landscape, a new organisational spokesperson who was not in charge when gross criminality was in play in the NHS of North and East Yorkshire but who will reassure the Public about lessons learnt etc. My feelings is that it will be insufficient.

        1. I would echo your sentiments if ever it even looked like there was anything similar happening in north Wales or to be honest in most regions of the NHS in the UK.

          The criminals are weird, they know that they can’t do the job, things in north Wales have plummeted to such depths so rapidly it cannot be hidden any longer, yet they are remain there desperately hanging on to jobs that they can’t do and never could do. It can’t be for the dosh any longer, they have been at the trough for so long now that even they can’t need any more. I return to my Peter Higson theory: the crap that needs concealing is so serious that they daren’t leave their jobs.

          I really do think that someone needs to point out very clearly that as north Wales has been well-saturated with undercover officers for years now in various guises, everywhere has been bugged and tapped, the only explanation is that the plans to commit those murders will have been heard by state agencies yet no-one stopped them. They will have heard the plans to kill my friend Anne, they have been aware of all the traps that witnesses were led into, the deliberate deaths by clinical negligence etc. How can it ever be explained? So many people died, so many. It doesn’t matter that nearly every professional person in north Wales was colluding with the gang, an outside hit squad should have been sent in as a matter of urgency!

          As I have said so often before, at the very least, public warnings should have been issued re the mental health services and children’s homes. If they couldn’t actually make charges stick because the whole of the police and courts were on board with the gang, the only alternative would be to announce publicly that the services were not safe. Didn’t matter how much screaming from the BMA, it would have been the only sensible course.

          Instead the opposite was done. After Oliver Brooke was imprisoned, St George’s reassured the public that Ollie was a one-off and oooh it is safe to bring your children into the hospital and of course Ollie never touched his patients. They were running a pan-European trafficking ring down there, Ollie had two offices and every cupboard in every office was FULL of kiddie porn. None of that ever got into the press.

          No-one was saved, the medical services were so dangerous that it wouldn’t have mattered if they were shut! I always wondered why the technician who raided Ollie’s office and found all the porn wasn’t shafted by the rest of them. She carried on working there. Then I remembered: she wanted to have a family and it was just miscarriage after miscarriage, then serious health problems. She was being ‘looked after’ by St George’s…

          I don’t care what little sagas the security services created in their efforts, I can remember what happened to me, Brown, F and I haven’t put the worst on this blog. They really did not deal with this, they left people to die, knowing that they were being targeted.

          No excuses, none. No point prosecuting anyone, this was state sanctioned murder. Just admit it, get the bodies up from Denbigh then there can be no more nonsense about people not knowing and people slipping through the net. The plebs were not worth keeping alive and Brown and me had to be killed because we weren’t illiterate kids, we had relatives who were connected with the Gov’t.

          I don’t dream of Dafydd et al being in the dock and Facing Justice, I dream of the front page of every broadsheet covered with the names and photos of those who are buried in the grounds of Denbigh as their bodies are recovered. Then the world can do a Now Then… at every worthless bastard of a Top Doc, an Angel, a social worker, a clin psy, a police officer, a lawyer, a judge, County Councillor, a magistrate and let’s just see if anyone believes that They Didn’t Know.

          As for Professor Fungus Lowe being a big problem at Bangor and undermining Merfyn and the university from within, God it was pathetic. Fungus said jump so they nearly all did. Fungus was even dropping into the houses of mental health professionals who were telling each other that he was a ‘true psychopath’. Yes, just like Dafydd. So when he told you to cause chaos, to harass me, to spread nasty rumours around about Merfyn, you did it. You all did it. Because you are weak and stupid.

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