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I mentioned in a previous post that I had recently written to Sister Hutt about just some of what had happened to me at the hands of the NHS and Social Services in Wales when Sister Hutt was Welsh Gov’t Health Minister. I provided only an outline, having at the time complained to the North West Wales NHS Trust (who then managed the facilities concerned), the Gwynedd Community Health Council, the GMC and the North Wales Police, yet got nowhere, not even a full investigation into my complaint. Some years later, having finally received copies of my medical records that had been unlawfully withheld from me, I found documentation demonstrating a conspiracy and serious crime far greater than even I had suspected and as the harassment, intimidation and wrongful arrests continued, I wrote to Peter Hain, then Miranda’s Secretary of State for Wales, about matters. I am aware that a number of other people had experiences so bad with the NW Wales NHS Trust that they too wrote to Peter Hain. I did not receive an acknowledgement or a response of any sort from Peter Hain or anyone else.

This is the text of my e mail to Sister Hutt, sent on 24 Oct 2019:

Dear Ms Hutt
Can you please explain why, during your period of service as Health Minister for the Welsh Gov’t, I was: assaulted and injured by four NHS staff whilst detained in a locked ward in the Hergest Unit; denied access to the police to report the assault; arrested and charged myself for ‘threatening to kill’ Alun Davies, the manager of the Hergest Unit, him being in a meeting with your officials in your office when he made numerous calls to the police demanding that I be arrested because of the imminent threat to his life. At least eight NHS staff perjured themselves. The threats to kill charge was withdrawn on the first day of my trial.
While you were Health Minister, I was unlawfully denied access to my medical records. My lawyer subsequently obtained them by summoning the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust before the High Court in Cardiff and among the 10,000 documents released is evidence of serious organised crime, including conspiracy, throughout my many years of dealing with the NHS in Wales and in other regions of the UK. There is also written confirmation that those who repeatedly sectioned me, including when you were Health Minister, were facilitating sexual assaults on patients.
None of my complaints were appropriately investigated at any time.
Should you wish to discuss this with me in person, I would welcome the opportunity, particularly as, so far, the GMC have refused to meet me. So I have had no explanation at all from anyone so far Jane.
After so many years of waiting for answers, I trust that you will reply to this e mail speedily.
Sally Baker


Some one hour after I sent the above message to Sister Hutt (using the e mail address for her supplied on her Welsh Gov’t webpage), I received this e mail from Vaughan Gething’s automated reply service:

Dear Sally Baker

This is a standard acknowledgement confirming receipt of your correspondence to the Welsh Government dated 24/10/2019, your reference . Our reference for this correspondence is TO/VG/08265/19.

Please note that if you have written to more than one Minister you will receive only one response.

We aim to respond to correspondence within 17 working days from the date it is received in the Welsh Government.  This means you should receive a response before 18/11/2019. We will respond via e-mail but it may not be from this e-mail address.

We scan paper correspondence, only retaining the electronic copy for the period stated in our privacy notice.  We retain original hard copies for a maximum of 3 months after we reply.  Anyone wishing to have their correspondence returned must inform us immediately upon receipt of this e-mail.

Where correspondence is part of an organised campaign we may only respond to the organiser and not to you direct.

Information about how the Welsh Government processes correspondence to Ministers can be found here: https://gov.wales/writing-ministers

And the Welsh Government privacy notice can be found here – https://gov.wales/welsh-government-privacy-notice

If you wish to contact us again for any reason, contact details can be found at https://gov.wales/writing-ministers


Yesterday I received the Official Reply to my e mail:

Dear Dr Baker,

Please see attached a response to your email of 24 October.

I also attach a copy of the Putting Things Right leaflet for your information.

Kind Regards


Micaela Woodhead

Busnes Llywodraeth a Corfforaethol/ Government and Corporate Business

Grŵp Iechyd a Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol/ Health and Social Services Group
Llywodraeth Cymru/Welsh Government


This was the text of the attached reply, which was dated 12 November 2019, from Grŵp Iechyd a Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol/Health and Social Services Group, Parc Cathays/Cathays Park,  Caerdydd/Cardiff, CF10 3NQ:

Ein cyf/Our ref TO/VG/08265/19

Sally Baker


Dear Dr Baker,

Thank you for your e-mail of 24 October to Jane Hutt AM regarding your alleged assault at the Hergest Mental Health Unit. Your correspondence has been passed to Vaughan Gething AM, as the Minister responsible for Health and Social Services and I have been asked to respond.

I was sorry to read about the situation you describe. However, I hope you will understand that neither the Minister nor his officials are able to intervene in an individual case or complaint as these are matters which must be dealt with by the medical providers responsible in this instance Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

I note from your email that you have previously contacted the health board to raise your concerns and you have taken the correct approach in contacting those involved in your care. The NHS operates a procedure for raising concerns which is managed independently. Therefore, if you remain dissatisfied with the reply from the health board, you may wish to raise your concerns through the ‘Putting Things Right’ process. I have attached a copy of the leaflet which explains the process in more detail.

You may also find it helpful to know a network of Community Health Councils (CHCs) exists in Wales. CHCs provide free, confidential advice and support to patients who have a complaint about NHS services. If you would like to discuss your concerns with the Betsi Cadwaladr CHC, you should contact Geoff Ryall-Harvey, the Chief Officer as follows:

Bangor Office Unit 11 Chestnut Court Parc Menai Bangor Gwynedd LL57 4FH Telephone: 01248 679284 Email: admin@waleschc.org.uk
Wrexham Office Unit 1B and 1D Wilkinson Business Park Clywedog Road South Wrexham LL13 9AE Telephone: 01978 356178 Email: admin@waleschc.org.uk

Yours sincerely

Peter Jones Deputy Director of Operations


Readers may like to read the leaflet ‘Putting Things Right’ and consider the contents of this leaflet in the context of the matters about which I e mailed Sister Hutt. However if they wish to scream with laughter and/or cry at the leaflet that is sent to NHS patients in Wales who have been on the receiving end of serious criminal activity on the part of NHS staff, they’ll have to ask the Welsh Gov’t for a copy, because it was sent to me in pdf form so I can’t copy and paste the contents and it won’t download and allow me to attach it to this blog post.

That’s a terrible shame because the leaflet is just wonderful. It would be flattering to describe it as having been written for primary children; most of the leaflet consists of Welsh Gov’t and NHS logos and the business part of the leaflet is a series of boxes filled with two or three sentences of large type, telling you to Discuss It With Your Doctor, the Health Board, or the CHC.

In smaller font at the end of the leaflet, the address of the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales is provided, but there is no guidance at all explaining the severe limitations of the Ombudsman’s role, his vast discretionary powers re refusing to investigate or the fact that he is the son-in-law of a couple on Anglesey who over decades have played a key role in the Services about which so many people are now raising concerns with the er Ombudsman.

See the source image

The FM of Wales at the time:

The FM’s SPAD for the NHS and Social Services at the time:

BBC News has reported today that although there is not a Welsh Assembly election looming, but a General Election and because Health is devolved in Wales no-one in Dec 2019 will be voting for any politician who is responsible for the NHS in Wales, the NHS in Wales is a hot potato in this General Election and Westminster politicians are planning to descend upon Wales to Campaign. There are of course kith and kin of Westminster politicians and others with political influence outside of Wales in the Welsh Assembly and The Hague’s sister-in-law is (or was) the Chief Exec of the Welsh Assembly.

Step back from the barefaced lies Campaigners and take a long, hard look at the NHS in Wales. It is an absolute disgrace and the spectre of highly paid people from England who are not in any danger from the catastrophe that is the NHS in Wales fighting over How Many More Billions It Needs and Ooh that’s just to catch up after The Cuts (WHAT CUTS??? There haven’t been any Cuts to the NHS, look at the figures) is insulting to the many people in Wales who have now suffered – or watched their families and friends suffer – serious harm, only to be fobbed off with the stupidities exemplified in the responses to my attempted correspondence with Sister Hutt, to which Sister Hutt herself will not condescend to reply.

Not only are we getting more of ‘Holby City’ and ‘Casualty’ but the BBC have announced that they are resurrecting ‘The Darling Buds Of May’ after 30 years! Catherine Zeta-Jones everyone, the pretty one from Swansea!! Swansea!!! Catherine who married the famous Hollywood actor and is WELSH, WELSH, LOVES HER HOME COUNTRY although she has lived in the US for many years, ooh but her little boy is called Dylan, a WELSH name. Not that Welsh, I mean Dylan has to live in America, so he’s not called Prysor or Gwynfor or Gwyndaf or Goronwy, but Dylan, thus the Americans can say ‘Gee are you WELSH???’ rather than ‘WHAT did you say your name was??’ 

Swansea. Edwina Hart is part of the Swansea Mafia, Val Feld plaque.jpgEdwina who as Health Minister screwed up as badly as Sister Hutt when Gangsters came after me but just lied about it instead of refusing to communicate at all. Rhodri Morgan’s family have run Swansea University for generations and after a career of research fraud and running the Westminster Paedophile Ring at St George’s Hospital Medical School in London, in 2000 Bodger Chamberlain then took up a lecturing job at Swansea University and moved to the Gower. Oily’s dad Professor Dai has much to do with Swansea as well and ooh they’ve got the Richard Burton Centre there now… [That’s enough propaganda -Ed.]

What more do politicians need to remain deeply in denial re serious organised crime and the NHS? Perfick!


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

11 thoughts on “Putting Things Right – Perfick”

  1. Do any readers have e mail addresses for Peter Hain or the Top Doc at Ysbyty Gwynedd Simon Leeson? I was hoping to drop them a line with a few questions, but there is a curious absence of contact e mail addresses for them in the usual places.

  2. Thanks, a reader sent me another address for Simon earlier. I did send him a message; I’ve not had a reply from him but neither have I had one of those messages that one receives if one has used a ‘dead’ e mail address.

  3. Thanks to the reader who’s sent me the info about Alison Saunders, former DPP, having just joined Linklater’s and will now be acting as a defence lawyer re ‘business crime’.

    So after many years of loyal service in the CPS, including eventually as DPP, during which time Alison systematically blocked/delayed prosecutions against VIP offenders, including most famously Greville, yet approved prosecutions of the likes of me, Alison is now going to actively defend those we know and love re their business interests, which of course most of them have. Should anyone wish to try referring Alison to her professional body, Alison being a solicitor rather than a barrister, Alison will be judged by Peter Higson, who is now on the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Peter being someone who should have been prosecuted when Alison was at the CPS, there’s enough evidence for that in my files alone.

    I don’t know how many more billion that Jezza and Drakeford think the NHS will need to Put Things Right now that one of the bestest mates of the crooked Top Docs and their pals has joined Linklaters, but I’m sure that there’ll be an announcement within the next 48 hours re yet another Injection Of Cash because of those Cuts. I heard a debate re this matter earlier on the radio, it was even more painful than usual.

    Brexit is to blame ooh the NHS relies upon workers from outside the UK. You bet it does, why do you think no British people will work in it? Jezza’s going to Train More Nurses, thousands of them! Jezza, it won’t make any difference, there is no shortage of nice young people training as Angels already; they leave once they’ve qualified because they don’t want to work with abusers and crooks! There are thousands and thousands of Qualified Angels in the UK at present who will do any job but not that of an Angel in the NHS… You need to address the reasons why the NHS is just haemorrhaging staff…

  4. After my successful appeal to readers for Simon Leeson’s e mail address, I’m wondering if readers with knowledge of Simon can help again.

    Does anyone know why Leeson arrived in north Wales in the early 1990s from Jimmy Savile Central in Yorkshire/Leeds? The NHS manager Gren Kershaw followed exactly the same route in 1983 and Gren evolved into one of the biggest problems that Wales’s NHS had. I think that Simon might be nearly as big a problem as well…

    Simon’s colleague at Leeds, Jimmy Shroff, was a GP trainee in DGE Wood’s practice in Bangor in the 1980s. Then Jimmy Shroff turned up at St George’s just when I was working there! Jimmy subsequently bagged a consultant’s job in Leeds alongside Simon, but poor old Jimmy died suddenly and unexpectedly when Brown and I began publishing on the mental health services. Jimmy was a Bart’s graduate. His widow works as a dietician at the Betsi.

    It really is quite dangerous being Of The Gang, I do hope that Simon doesn’t suddenly find himself terminally ill with only 10 minutes to live. Dafydd is nearly 90, he doesn’t want to go to prison with so much life ahead of him.

    Haven’t these numpties noticed that Dafydd and Lucille live so much longer than their colleagues? It’s hilarious, the mad old Welsh sheepshaggers eg. Cledwyn Williams, Mervyn Phillips, the Mars-Jones’s etc who were/are on the ground in north Wales live years longer than many of the Top Docs. What can be happening to strike so many bright stars down so young?

    Does anyone know where Simon qualified?

  5. Many thanks to readers for the info on Simon’s former colleagues in Leeds and Yorkshire! Very interesting. I might do a blog post special on them soon, there’s easily enough but I’ll have to see what other info comes in and what responses I receive to some e mails that I sent yesterday first.

    Still no clue as to why Simon relocated to north Wales to work with sex offenders though, other than all the links between the Gang and Leeds/Yorkshire that pre-existed…

    I presume that Simon was one of the Top Docs in Leeds/Yorkshire who knew that William Kerr and Michael Haslam were regularly and systematically assaulting and raping their patients but decided that they were best left to get on with it. It must have been home from home for Simon when he left Yorkshire for north Wales!

    1. Thanks to the reader who’s sent me the link to the BBC story re the Top Docs’ latest: the Top Docs of UCH/King’s College have found a Way Of Diagnosing prostate cancer! Readers of this blog will know that for the past few years the Top Docs have been robustly urging Men to Look After their Prostates and Get Screened – Parky has been used in the adverts, a post-humous Bob Monkhouse, Rod Stewart, Tuppence, it’s been all hands to the pump – so of course there has been a Way Of Diagnosing Prostate Cancer as men have been reassured. This blog has been rude enough to consistently maintain that the Way Of Diagnosing Prostate Cancer is highly ineffective, quite frankly dangerous and causing patient harm on a massive scale because so many false positives are being thrown up.

      Don’t listen to her anyone, she’s mad/extreme/a shy prostitute….

      The UCH/King’s contingent now that they have found Their Way Of Diagnosing Prostate Cancer (using an MRI scan) have explained that Their Way is better than the Other Way because the Other Way results in 75% of men being diagnosed with prostate cancer when they don’t have it, yet 15% of men are given the All Clear when they er have prostate cancer. Well I knew that the PSA test was deeply flawed but I’m grateful for UCH/King’s admitting just how deeply flawed. 75% false positives, that’s pretty impressive even for a UK public health Screening programme…. The patient harm that has resulted from that fuckwitted Screening Programme in which the British public have been lied to constantly will have been massive.

      Until UCH/King’s came up with their media release re their New Way – ie. the last few days – Men were still being urged to undergo the Screening in which 75% of them would be told that they had cancer when they did not…

      So is anyone going to explain why Men were being press-ganged via the media, Top Docs, etc to undergo this invasive, ridiculous Screening when indeed it was known how bloody disastrous it was??

      Come on then, which Man who is now doubly incontinent and impotent because they have undergone needless Life Saving Treatment after being wrongly told by the Top Docs that they had cancer as a result of a Screening Test that the Top Docs knew was absolutely useless is going to sue the NHS?? Thousands of blokes have been maimed because of that bloody Screening Programme which was KNOWN to be inflicting huge damage.

      The UCH/King’s team have also fessed up to the harm that the Biopsy after the useless Screening Test causes…

      The UK Gov’t did know about this, yet until a few minutes ago, the ruthless Public Health Campaign continued apace, at great cost.

      Apologise to the Men of the UK NHS. You have been belittling and patronising them for years now, banging on about them Bottling Things Up, trying to scare the living daylights out of them in order to sell this ludicrous, dangerous PSA test which has been as much of scam as the Cervical Screening test developed by those who facilitated organised abuse.

      Yesterday the comedian Rhod Gilbert (from Carmarthenshire) was the face of a new NHS campaign re Male Infertility, called Let’s Talk About Tackle. A nice blokey slogan! Come on Rhod, you’re a man with a sense of humour, surely the obvious slogan is Let’s Talk Bollocks! Rhod indeed did talk bollocks, the Campaign explains that Men don’t like talking about their sperm, Ooh they Won’t Share, but now they Need To Talk and among the advice re Improving Your Chances where high quality sperm production is concerned is Not Smoking, Not Drinking, Taking Exercise and Eating Healthily.

      Er, Rhod, none of those factors are responsible for male infertility. The smoking won’t do other organs much good, but the men who join in with the Let’s Talk Bollocks campaign will not find that their Infertility is Cured by eating organic veg and Taking Fresh Air. It will not make a blind bit of difference.

      Rhod why don’t you ask the Top Docs to give you a bit of info about things that really do affect male infertility? Cancer treatment perhaps? Drugs prescribed by Docs for certain other conditions? Mumps in your teenaged years? These are the old classics and one problem that has faced infertility researchers for years now is, that apart from these old favourites, no-one is quite sure what the causes of male infertility are. The tight undies myth has been busted and the scare that drinking water polluted by substances causing the same effect as female hormones on the male testes I think has been challenged as well now. As is often the case, No-One Knows. So why not just admit that and engage in an intelligent conversation with anxious men instead of encouraging them to Talk Bollocks?

      1. Brown sent an e mail earlier after he read the media reports of UCH/King’s College’s New Way Of Diagnosing Prostrate Cancer:

        I see the prostate cancer news is all about speculation rather than something that’s actually any use yet. They want to see if MRI scans are any use as a diagnostic tool. An interesting study in its own right, but a long way from performing a valuable screening function. Even if it does perform better than the proverbial monkey at the typewriter in reducing morbidity, I wonder where they’re going to get all the MRI machines from? There are only a few, in particularly wealthy teaching hospitals and universities, so it’s not something you’ll encounter in an NHS walk in centre anytime soon.

        Brown I think might have stumbled across the rationale underlying the UCH/King’s Discovery; if this can be flogged as Better than the utterly hopeless PSA diagnostic test, the level of anxiety among men now re prostate cancer – it’s often their female partners who are used as a vehicle by the Top Docs to Tell Your Man That This Could Kill Him – can be usefully used as the basis for the Top Docs to demand very expensive MRI scanners in every failing, under-staffed, mismanaged district general hospital in the UK. It’ll be yet more evidence of how Underfunded the NHS is and how many 1000s of lives are BEING LOST because of the Tory Cuts.

        Brown also sent me a 2018 article from the BMJ re a review/analysis of the PSA test that demonstrated that it is crap at reducing mortality. Published last year, but still the hype to Get Men Tested continued…

        1. Having been working so hard on other blog posts, I’ve been a little slow here, but I would like to offer the Welsh Gov’t a Great Idea re Business Investment, Growth, Regeneration and Job Creation for Wales.

          The Welsh Gov’t needs to give one of their enormous subsidies to the company that manufactures MRI scanners to open a big plant (or maybe two) in Wales.

          The company can then employ people re the usual business model ie. low-paid unskilled jobs for local Welsh people whose Councillors, MPs and Business Leaders have bitten the arm off the MRI company to Set Up In Wales, highly-paid managerial/technical/professional jobs to people whom the company have brought in from their HQ outside of Wales, people who hate Wales, who are contemptuous of the Sheepshaggers and who send their kids to an independent school or one of the Welsh medium state schools in Cardiff that attract affluent professionals who think it’s quaint to speak Welsh or want to ingratiate themselves to the Taffia of Cardiff Bay.

          The company can then draw down millions from the taxpayer – not the Top Docs obviously because Vaughan Gething has just agreed that all Top Docs on over £110,000 pa don’t have to pay tax on their bloody huge pension pots that enable them to retire at 55 yrs old on a higher income than Plebs, but people working in Spar, in Co-op etc and of course the workers in the MRI scanners factories themselves will pay tax so that’s handy – and make the MRI scanners for every NHS waiting room in Wales!

          The Top Docs will tell everyone that Thousands Of Lives Will Be Lost without the MRI scanners and when those in the Bay try to rein in the idiocy realising that even Drakeford can’t afford to do this, the media will be happy to accept a story from the Top Docs of a Patient Who Is Dying With Three Young Children.

          The man who’s malignant tumour has been missed by the Top Docs for five years despite all the Screening can appear on breakfast TV with his wife and kids Holding Back The Tears. The kids can show Holly and Philip their Letter To Santa in which they ask for their Daddy To Stay Alive and for Mummy To Stop Crying.

          It will help if the Dying Man previously worked for the NHS himself and After All He Has Done For Others The NHS Now Isn’t There For Him. If he’s been involved with patient neglect and abuse (who might I be thinking of here then #TeamIrfon???) no-one need worry because not a word of that will escape into the media.

          Drakeford will soon agree that every NHS facility in Wales needs an MRI scanner. The staff won’t be there to operate the scanner and after the photo opp has been and gone, the Machine That Goes Ping will be parked in the building abandoned, as was the ONE Scanner that Elfed and Martin spent a bloody fortune on at Ysbyty Gwynedd some years ago when they got jealous of Fugus Lowe’s scanner in Bangor University. That was the scanner that was staffed on a part-time basis by an NHS technician who knew how serious Martin’s criminality was and blackmailed him. As an added extra, this man was also a secretly gay cruiser – he was married with kids – and used to meet gay students from Bangor University in Parc Menai for sex in the car at lunchtime. I waited for the prosecutions re public indecency offences but no it never happened, probably because I expressed my deep concern to Prof Catherine Robinson about events and she blackmailed a few members of the Gang…

          One of the Parc Menai Doggers from those halcyon days is currently on secondment with the Welsh Gov’t.

          After the Welsh Gov’t have spent billions on the MRI scanners investment scheme, the Head Honchos at the MRI company will up sticks and Reinvest in a country where the labour is even cheaper. The Plebs will lose their jobs and be heading for Universal Credit and the food bank. Headlines will accompany this event re the Job Losses. Twats from Cardiff Business Club and the North Wales Economic Forum or whatever it calls itself can then demand that the Welsh Gov’t Now Invests In Regenerating The Economy…

          Then another ruthless global capitalist will be invited to Discuss Investing In Wales while pissing themselves laughing that anyone could ever be so stupid as to interpret this as Investment or indeed Business.

          Of course, during this Business Cycle (it’ll take about 10-15 yrs), Dylan Jones-Evans can list the MRI scanner company in his Fast Growth 50 Best Businesses In Wales PR scheme and they’ll receive an Award at a Glittering Ceremony at Bangor University, sponsored by the dear old Daily Post. Pics of everyone dressed up in bow ties will appear in the er Daily Post.

          It is these days obligatory to have a few Wimmin from the company at the Glittering Ceremony as well, they have to wear rather lame Evening Dresses, displaying their bingo wings (they do know this and they do feel a little self-conscious but such is the jackboot of conformity that Wimmin In Business have lived under during their journey as Entrepreneurs, none of them feel able to say No, I Am Not Doing This). Dylan will give them a Special Mention, being Wimmin in Business.

          1. Readers who doubt the way in which Investment and Business is conducted by the Welsh Gov’t might like to familiarise themselves with the timing of Edwina Hart’s announcement that Wales would now be basing its main Investment in the Life Sciences, Edwina being the Business Minister. It occurred after Theo Huckle QC, the Welsh Consul General, had read the 10,000 incriminating documents now in my possession and had e mailed me telling me that the Welsh Gov’t denied that any negligence had EVER occurred throughout my 30 yrs at the hands of the Gang. I was at the time unlawfully detained under the Mental Health Act in Wrexham Maelor.

            Edwina and Theo undertook a tour of Discussions in the ‘Magic Circle’ of lawyers in London and everyone was made fully aware of which Top Docs Sally Baker had worked with when she was younger and who she knew who had committed huge research frauds. Investment in Wales followed!!

            Theo Huckle is now at Doughty Street Chambers, along with St Helena and George Clooney’s wife, Amal. Doughty Street are Human Rights lawyers.

            Edwina and Theo, if there is now any trials for er the murders that were committed as a result of what the Top Docs concealed, you are going to be in a very difficult position.

            I can only repeat the advice that F once gave Dafydd for a laugh: ‘You’re finished man. You might as well take yourself down to the pier and chuck yourself in’.

            Can we clear the way to the water in the Cardiff Bay/Penarth/Gower area please, the lemmings might need to be leaping off very soon…

            The cliffs at Kilve in Somerset might need to be raised to the level of the Cornish cliffs as well, the Kilve cliffs are low, you won’t die chucking yourself off them, but higher cliffs may well be needed quite soon…

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