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  1. I recall a young man my dad on ambulance service took to Ipswich mental hospital. The lad was periodically taken in and his train set went with him. But this time a jobsworth forbade the train set.

    The young chap managed to scrawl a letter to his hero Englebert Humperdinck. And the Ipswich Hospital soon got a letter from Humperdinck’s solicitors. Pretty much if the problem is one of cost please advise as Humperdinck will pay. If it is a question of denying the fan his rights we will take action. He got his train set at the hospital with extra gifted features from Humperdinck .

    Interesting is your mention of the Kirkwood Inquiry which would have been sitting when Liz Davies raised the Suffolk Chief constable visit to Lord Henniker Autumn 1992. And you mention the Richard Webster book which tried to discredit North Wales social worker whistle blower Alyson Taylor.

    So pretty much on top of Patrick Mayhew using parliament act to force through Greville Janner war crimes bill. The March 1991 death of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP at his Dolphin Square Home. Mayhew stitching you up. DPP letting Janner off the prosecution hook. Chief constable Tony Coe (ex Kent) visiting Henniker. Leonard Cheshire death 4 years ahead of prognosis. And we know Richard D North Cheshire’s erstwhile aide bigged up the Richard Webster book.

    Small world.

      1. Interesting story re Engelbert, celebs do sometimes come up trumps re acts of kindness without publicity. It’s where Savile fell flat on his face every time – story after story of Savile blanking people who approached him if there were no TV cameras to film the great man doing his acts of charidee…

        I used to read that Tom Baker of Dr Who fame was responsible for some very touching gestures as well, regardless of whether he would receive media coverage.

        When I was a teenager, Rolf Harris came to Bridgwater to open a DIY shop. This was years before anyone had a whiff of Rolf being a molester. Being teenagers and remembering Rolf from when we were children, I and my friends just rolled around laughing at the idea that the biggest celeb that Bridgwater could muster was Rolf, so of course for a laugh we went to see him. We arrived early, got places at the front and had a bird’s eye view, particularly as Rolf was late for the occasion. Being at the front, we saw and heard Rolf’s every move. And Rolf was not very nice. He only bothered to be pleasant and friendly when the journos were present, he didn’t even make up his own jokes, he just repeated the comments that one of us was making as we stood next to him and he was basically a bit of a twat. So we went outside and chatted to Rolf’s chauffeur instead.

        One thing that I do remember about Rolf was that he was very small, a little frail old man. No wonder people laughed when Vanessa Felz claimed that he tried getting into her knickers while she interviewed him or whatever the accusation was; I do accept that sexual assaults can be carried out by weedy looking men and obviously men have different muscle structure which puts even small men at a physical advantage over most women, but honestly, if you’d seen Rolf that day, the idea that Vanessa had a trauma at his hands was a bit laughable… It is much more likely that it was indeed children who were in danger from Rolf.

    1. Re correlating dates: there was so much happening during the latter half of the 1980s and the first half of the 1990s, that I have not had time to correlate everything on this blog. Furthermore, I keep finding more events as well. There was undoubtedly a cover-up being co-ordinated at the highest levels of Gov’t.

      Various moves by Savile in terms of his appointments and responsibilities at Broadmoor map pretty much directly onto the complaints that Alison Taylor and I were making about matters in north Wales; it is terrifying when I look at my documents and the dates of the police statements made about me, the dates of the arrests, the letters to the BMA and MDU, the demands that I should be sent to a high security hospital, such as Broadmoor! One does not need to be a conspiracy theorist to see that a plan was being hatched involving some people in very high places.

      Likewise events involving Professor Oliver Brooke from St George’s and his imprisonment. People in high places really crapped themselves when Brooke was caught which was why the Lord Chief Justice was called upon to get Ollie out of prison. The police admitted that Brooke was a very big name in a pan-European paedophile ring – who were the other Top Docs? Apart from bloody Dafydd of course; I keep reading references to ‘doctors’ who were involved but none of them have been named. Likewise lawyers. Politicians have been named, civil servants, celebs and others, but who were the Top Docs and lawyers? One can see which professions wield most power…

      As for Keith Vaz, who was employed as a lawyer by the three Councils who had some of the biggest paedophile rings operating in their social services depts – I’m only surprised that Gwynedd or Clwyd didn’t employ Vaz – Vaz only joined the Labour Party in 1982. Which was when he began his employment as a lawyer with the Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames… It is so obvious why Vaz has never been removed from public office despite the constant scandals with which he has been associated. But who was it who first suggested to the slimebag that Councils operating VIP sex abuse gangs needed his services and so did the Labour Party?

      1. Furthermore Richard, George Carman QC was about to leave the UK for a job in Hong Kong until he stayed in Leicester when he acted for the paediatrician Leonard Arthur when Arthur stood trial for murdering that Down’s baby in 1981. Carman wasn’t in Leicester long, but something or someone there persuaded him that it would be worth his while remaining in the UK, although Carman had big gaming debts, money worries and felt that his career wasn’t going where he wanted it to.

        Carman’s career took off big time soon afterwards and although he carried on drinking like a fish and gambling, he was earning so much that it didn’t matter anymore.

        A gang of high society old paedophiles’ need YOU George Carman…

        1. Just after I had a good laugh in the above post at The Guardian website publishing a flattering profile of Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, a colleague of Dafydd’s mates, today The Guardian website published an article by Hilary Wainwright who was recently discussed on this blog, along with her numerous links to those who had Covered Up…

          The Guardian Online really went to town a few hours later – an article by Charlie Falconer appeared, berating the Gov’t for knowing about the crisis at HMP Birmingham but not acting. Charlie Falconer knew about quite a few things himself but didn’t act. Or rather he did act, but not in the way that he should.

          When I was working at Bangor University, Charlie arrived to give a public lecture. Charlie had been invited by and shared a platform with the MP for Aberconwy, Betty Williams. Betty had me thrown out of Tesco when I challenged her about the lethal local mental health services when she was out canvassing and she refused to reply to letters from other Empowered Service Users who had been abused. Betty is a former Gwynedd County Councillor – the Gwynedd County Council who’s children’s homes were hosting a paedophile gang.

          I and two lawyers, who were at that time acting for the victims of the trafficking gang, wanted to ask Charlie Falconer why he had cut legal aid to prevent the lawyers continuing their work. The legal aid cuts were so drastic that it nearly put those two lawyers out of business – the only lawyers in Gwynedd who were taking on the gang. We didn’t get to ask Charlie anything. Charlie stated that he couldn’t take questions because he had another engagement. I found out the next day that Charlie had actually rushed off for drinks and nibbles with trusted Professors who could be relied upon to behave themselves.

          While Charlie was in north Wales, Betty took him on a visit to a bakery near Bethesda, a flagship project which was employing young offenders – with which the North Wales Probation Service was involved. The North Wales Probation Service which not only colluded with and concealed Dafydd’s gang, but employed some of the people who were abusing the kids themselves.

          Come on The Guardian Online, surely an interview with Dafydd must be imminent?

        2. Leonard Arthur seems OK he was acquitted . But Carman …. had to be rescued by the judge from Norman Scott playing him like a mouth organ.

          1. No Richard, there were aspects to that baby’s death that a lot of people didn’t understand/realise. The baby was alive and well but had Down’s. Leonard Arthur ordered the Angels to give the baby ‘nursing care only’ and then Arthur gave the baby a regular quantity of opiates to help that baby on his way into the next world. The baby died three days later and bronchopneumonia was given as the cause of death. From what I remember the baby was placed next to an open window, unwrapped. That baby would not have died had Arthur not made damn sure that he was going to die and ordered the Angels to do nothing to save his life. The baby’s parents had told Arthur that they did not wish the baby to survive. So Arthur killed him.

            When Arthur killed that baby, Down’s people were beginning to live longer, healthier lives, not the short, grim existences of 50 yrs previously. The baby was killed because he had Down’s, no other reason.

            It was an Angel who reported Arthur for murder, she was horrified at what had happened. The Angel was roundly insulted, portrayed as a jumped-up know nothing and much was made of the fact that she was anti-abortion. I wish that we had a few more Angels like her, that baby was not in pain, he was not terminally ill, he was killed because his parents and Arthur didn’t think that Down’s people were worth keeping alive.

            At Arthur’s trial, George Carman produced another Angel who claimed that Arthur had saved the life of one of her children. It was her testimony that swung the jury and caused them to believe that Arthur was a kindly old bugger. Carman had a history of doing this sort of thing in trials. He even laid his hands on stolen documents which would suddenly arrive in court in the possession of a well-wisher at a crucial moment. Where did that Angel who claimed that Arthur had saved her son’s life come from?

            The courts in Leicester were corrupt and they were in cahoots with corrupt Top Doctors, that was proved by the case of the man who murdered his wife who managed to escape from the Towers Hospital in Leicester in the 1990s and used a little-known legal loophole which very nearly ensured that he was free for ever. That man had help from the inside, corrupt Top Docs gave evidence at his initial trial for murder, they referred him to James Earp for ‘care’, Earp being the Top Doc who covered up for Dafydd et al in 1987 and then someone within Towers helped him escape. Earp didn’t give a bugger about a murderer escaping, he made that quite clear in his TV interview about it.

            I don’t agree with your perception of Norman at Jeremy’s trial either! Yes the judge did give Carman a very big helping hand with that hilarious biased summing up, but Carman had sunk his teeth into Norman in every way possible AND the jury was rigged. Thorpe had been the Leader of the Liberal Party for years – one member of the jury, it might have been the foreman, was a leading light in the Liberal Party…

  2. Norman Scott destroyed Thorpe. “Bit the pillow” “Mother in room next door” probably all the time knowing that Thorpe did not dare face cross examination.

    1. The trial did destroy Thorpe, yes. But that trial only happened because a hit man shot Norman’s dog dead, then tried to shoot Norman dead, only failing because the gun jammed. The hit man maintained throughout that he had been hired to murder Norman. Peter Bessel, Thorpe’s mate and fellow Liberal MP, testified that Thorpe had openly discussed murdering Norman some years previously. Bessel and Norman produced evidence that Thorpe had paid Norman hush money. Why did Norman accept the money? Because Jeremy had him sacked from every job that Norman obtained – Norman was an experienced horseman and was in demand – and also witheld crucial NI documentation, which made it difficult for Norman to find legal work.

      Norman’s ‘harassment’ of Jeremy simply was a reaction to Jeremy’s constant threats towards and harassment of Norman, coupled with unlawfully witholding legal documents.

      Norman put up with it for years and years. He was also beaten up and mugged by two men who claimed that they were paid by Jeremy.

      Yes, ‘I bit the pillow and cried’ did cause a sensation, but Thorpe bloody well brought that trial upon himself, by his constant hassling of Norman and probably much worse…

      The only reason why Thorpe didn’t testify is that George Carman QC, who acted for Thorpe, advised him not to. Carman knew that the evidence was just so damning, that it was essential to keep Jeremy out of the witness box and turn Norman into a figure of fun instead.

      In terms of Thorpe’s claims that Norman was a madman who was ‘harassing’ him, the tactics were identical to those used against me by Dafydd et al. I was a wicked witch who ‘wouldn’t leave them alone’. I was actually attempting to pursue serious complaints about people who broke the law constantly and were part of a criminal gang. It is true that I wrote constantly. You bet that I did. Just look at what they were doing…

      By the way, when he was a young man, Norman had a breakdown as a result of the stress of the constant hassle from Thorpe AND Thorpe’s mates. Thorpe then offered to ‘help’ Norman – by sending him to a shrink at good old St George’s, Desmond Curran. Curran did what was required of him – he branded Norman mad. Jeremy then began to plan to have Norman murdered.

      Because of the homophobia of the 1970s and Norman having a past as a ‘male model’, the Thorpe trial was seen as a bit of a laugh, what with biting pillows and letters saying that bunnies will go to France. Underneath all the ribaldry was a case in which a man who had sex with a boy who was under the age of consent subsequently spent decades destroying his life and then tried to have him killed, because the man who had broken the law constantly – Jeremy – wanted to be PM.

      By the way – Thorpe’s first wife died in a car crash. WHOOPS. Thorpe had been having numerous casual gay liaisons long before he married Caroline.

      Thorpe was rotten through and through. His actions can’t just be explained as a man who was caught up in the prejudices of the time, that was actually Norman’s situation. Thorpe was a grade A bastard who would do anything at all to become PM…

      Out of interest, look at those who protected Thorpe, right up until after the trial. They were the same people who protected Dafydd and the gang in north Wales/Cheshire…

      1. There was a deal struck between prosecution and defence not to introduce letters Thorpe had written to other gay lovers. Thorpe would not go into witness box but would concede his homosexual tendencies.

        If Norman had signed on dole his NI record would have linked and he would have got means tested benefits. Or he could have gone to self employment and stamp his own card.

        Six of one half dozen of the other Thorpe and Scott.

        1. Yes that was the deal – but wasn’t the thing in one letter that everyone was desperate to keep out of Court the link between Thorpe and the Royal Family? Wasn’t it the relationship between Thorpe and Lord Snowdon? Thorpe always boasted of having slept with Princess Margaret AND Lord Snowdon and one of the letters demonstrated that. Thorpe’s legal team used that as massive leverage.

          Ah – it might have been Norman’s card that Jeremy kept. It was definitely a crucial thing that was needed back in the 1960s to get your insurance stamp. Jeremy had employed Norman and then refused to give the card back, that was why Norman continued to keep in touch after Jeremy dumped him.

          I think you need to keep in mind that Norman was very much younger than Jeremy when it all began. Norman was 17 or 18, had not had a relationship before, thought that Jeremy genuinely cared for him only to realise that he had been ruthlessly used by Jeremy. If you are 40, you know that in Norman’s position you just put it down to a bad experience with a predator and walk away, but teenagers can’t identify predators and Thorpe was by then an experienced predator. Furthermore Thorpe tried to have Norman killed. All Norman did was grumble about Jeremy and tell people that Thorpe had used him sexually and was now threatening him.

          Norman was the victim, definitely and his reputation was smeared by the tons of mud thrown by Jeremy’s associates. It is even more sinister now we know just what sort of people had it in for Norman – the earlier generation of gangsters whom protected Dafydd. That lot murdered in order to keep jobs as politicians. Norman was a stable boy who had committed no crime. There is no comparison!

          1. Norman could have reported Thorpe to DHSS ?

            There was a reason Wilson used Jack Straw to get Norman’s Newcastle central NI record.

            He did not need his card to sign on for benefits as the benefits admin applied to Newcastle for his NI record.

  3. Ooh I’d forgotten that Jack Straw was involved. Yes, you are right he was. Its hazy but I think that Thorpe used a contact – was it Peter Bessel?? – to contact the DHSS unofficially and access Norman’s details, after telling Norman that Thorpe would sort out the business of the card that Thorpe was hanging onto.

    Didn’t they do this after Norman had been prosecuted for a very minor benefit fraud? Norman was distraught by then and Thorpe et al were very worried that Norman might mention various matters when he appeared in Court. It was a magistrates court in north Devon I think.

    By that time, people in north Devon knew what Thorpe was up to and they knew that Norman was being hassled, threatened and was eventually mugged. Norman used to go in the pub and it was openly discussed.

    1. Don’t be too harsh on Norman Richard. These people would stop at nothing, it was Dafydd’s lot. Look what they did to me and I didn’t even have sex with an MP, I just said no thanks to the people who were supplying the MPs…

      By the way, yesterday my bank account was cleared out. Completely. The people who had my details to take legitimate payment for something are all denying all knowledge. I’m not actually accusing Dafydd et al of this, but because Gov’t corruption is involved, in the way that they accessed Norman’s details, in the past Dafydd’s lot accessed mine. Who’s to say that whoever swiped my money yesterday wasn’t associated with the same syndicate? They sell details, passports, driving licences, Dafydd’s been doing false IDs for ages now.

  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5805793/Jack-Straw-reveals-secret-information-Jeremy-Thorpes-sexual-encounters.html

    My interest is what were Castle, Straw and Warner doing about our finding of IRA defrauding benefits by exploiting a loophole in the benefits system. At exactly that time.

    The loophole was never sealed up. It remained undetectable other than by information received. The system had no means to detect or prevent this fraud.

    And my other interest is that Mrs Castle must have authorised official secrets act action against me re the 1975 Panorama exposing Labour discharging mental patients homeless to seaside resorts.

    1. Thanks for the link, I’ve been so busy on the blog for ages now that I’ve missed lots that has appeared in the press.

      So Straw claimed that Harold Wilson had a boy scout’s attitude to life and didn’t understand sexual ‘urges’! Er, not only were there allegations that Harold was busy with Marcia Falkender on occasions himself but Harold was a crook and a bright one at that. Even if he had never experienced an ‘urge’ in his life, the crooked old sod knew plenty about corruption, it’s why he was mates with Lord Kagan and was surrounded by dodgy politicians. Furthermore Harold knew that George Thomas was a child molester and that Thomas’s mate Leo Abse was an aggressive bent solicitor who literally wrote what became the Children Act 1975 to supply kids to Dafydd’s gang and others like them.

      Jack Straw was Castle’s adviser, he was Margaret Hodge’s Deputy at Islington, Jack Straw knew that the NHS and social services facilitated organised trafficking gangs for years. Straw is another one who it was suggested was working for the security services. They really weren’t very good at catching Dafydd were they! My God, Dafydd and Lucille were beyond them and the might of the state was instead used to prosecute me, repeatedly, for ludicrous non-crimes. At the request of Sir, then Lord, Patrick Mayhew. I should be flattered that I was ever thought worthy of being targeted by Thatch and her mates I suppose, I thought that the grief was coming from Dafydd and a bunch of daft insane social workers in Gwynedd.

      The abuse of psych patients has been concealed until the present. Dafydd pioneered dumping vulnerable people in seaside resorts to die in the mid-1960s. These days psych patients have been abused and trafficked under the umbrella of Service User Empowerment. Only a fool could not see what Service User Empowerment was all about, it’s a complete con to enable society to abdicate all responsibility for the care of vulnerable people. Yesterday The Guardian Online had an interview with another dipstick who is Head of Learning Disability England who bangs on about ‘self-advocacy’. What if one is a severely learning disabled person who cannot communicate, how on earth do you ‘self-advocate’??? The dipstick had previous as a mental health worker in a region where patients have been abused. Fancy that…

      The biggest laugh that I ever had re people who were advocates for learning disabled people was such a person writing on a powerpoint in terms of ‘rights’ for learning disabled people: ‘we have the right to form relationships which may be harmful to us’. What is the biggest fear of so many parents of young learning disabled people? That they’ll be targeted by unscrupulous ‘friends’…

      Has society collectively had its brain removed? Hasn’t anyone else noticed this dangerous idiocy? First it was Dafydd’s mate Ann Craft helping institutionalised learning disabled people ‘explore their sexuality’, now they have the right to make relationships with people who dupe them and then rape and batter them. If an old man in a mac on a street corner did such things he’d be arrested. Ann Craft got Gov’t funding and a senior job at Nottingham University.

      1. Straw working for MI5 would make sense given the cover ups and suppression of inquiry he did throughout his career. Including acting unlawfully as judge in own cause to corrupt MacPherson Inquiry

        1. Denis Healey was MI5 as well, I’m just digging into him at the moment. What a git he was – I knew that the left always hated him, but my God he had a lot to answer for. Dear old Denis was up to his eye-balls in concealing Dafydd et al. Denis was another big supporter of the NHS which was why his wife Edna went private when she needed an operation. Dafydd being for the rest of us, not for Denis and Edna.

          Do you know the truth behind Tony Benn? There are clues that when he was young Benn was recruited by the security services – they went for clever young lefties. Why didn’t they support him more? Benn was concealing Dafydd and the paedophiles of Westminster along with the best of them, that’s why he was such good mates with the Top Docs at Tommy’s, despite them making a fortune from their Harley Street practices, but Benn ended up marginalised and under attack by the others like Healey etc who were MI5 as well. And what about Benn being selected for Chesterfield when boundary changes ensured that he lost his Bristol seat? Chesterfield was at the heart of the Derbyshire paedophile ring – that lot had links with Dafydd and Benn turned up there just when that gang really needed him… Benn turned down the opportunity of other seats to get in at Chesterfield.

          And was the vote that ensured that Healey won the Deputy Leadership when Benn stood against him rigged? Benn lost by a whisker, Healey was loathed and I’m sure that I remember reading that something dodgy went on…

          Does the Windbag know that he was surrounded by MI5 agents???

          What a laugh, but I’d love to know why they froze Benn out. He was so much more competent than the other fools and fuckwits in the Labour Party, people liked him – or at least those who hadn’t been frightened off by the right wing press did – and he was in no danger of blowing the whistle on Dafydd et al. What was it about Benn that caused the security services to marginalise him when he was one of theirs?

          1. The British security services do not seem to be very good at choosing their staff. Anthony Blunt et al, then Denis Healey who bankrupted the nation and told everyone that he ‘saved the economy’ – well that’s one way of describing going to the IMF with cap in hand in desperation, having to do everything the IMF told him, a scene which so pissed off the electorate that they voted for Thatch – plus all the others who’s hobby was molesting children and keeping Dafydd out of prison.

            I’ll write to the CEO of MI5 and recommend that they just employ service users from now on. Service users won’t sexually assault people so no-one will be dependent upon Dafydd to keep the house of cards in place, they won’t demand the salary of a Cabinet Minister or a gong – unless they’re Marion Janner of course – and they won’t want a house in Belgravia, just a rented flat does for most of them. Furthermore these days they don’t even get benefits, they are sustained by vouchers for the food bank. They really would be much better value for money. At the same time I’ll recommend that public phone boxes are brought back, the phone box in Rachub did us proud for years when we were ringing up Dafydd and he in turn mocked us by boasting of his crimes and his whereabouts in the world at any given moment.

            By the way Dafydd admitted to killing patients in one phone call, just to let us know that he was untouchable.

            It is quite incredible isn’t it. The dispossessed of north Wales were just screaming for help and Alison Taylor, Mary Wynch and me were screaming just as loud ‘look what is going on’. And still the bodies turned up and there was no investigation.

            On the subject of the appalling old politicians of yesteryear who were ‘in power’ throughout all this, I recommend that readers watch some of the archive clips of them. Thatch, the Windbag, Healey, Callaghan, Dr Death, Shirl, it is hilarious, these vile narcisstic thick criminals who did so much harm shouting away at party conferences about how they had the answers. Then after retirement in old age giving endless smug interviews to Peter Hennessey, with Hennessey massaging their egos and telling them what towering political giants they all were.

            I saw Hennessey speak at Bangor. He was interesting, but as the Profs of Sociology observed, Hennessey doesn’t actually understand how politics works. He still subscribes to the Great Man Theory of history, ooh if only Denis had become PM instead of Callaghan it would all have been different. No it wouldn’t, they all came from the same stable, they all were tied together by the same heap of crap and they all grew up under roughly the same school of thought. Thatch made a difference, not because she was Superwoman who only needed 3 hrs sleep a night – she was actually a near alcoholic fuelled by HRT and amphetamines – but because she was used by very rich Americans to launch neoliberalism in Europe. Bugger all to do with running the country properly because she was a housewife.

  5. It would appear that successive governments in their entirety comprised MI5 agents and still do . What on earth is going on? Was very interested to read recently that Selina Scott was invited to ‘join the club’ when she was an undergraduate at a nondescript university reading something totally irrelevant. Now THAT puzzles me. How had she managed to ‘impress’ the recruiting agent who presumably was just passing by whilst she was a lowly undergraduate? More puzzling still, how did she manage to rise to her dizzy heights in TV having refused the offer? What wonderful spotters of potential talent those MI5 recruiters are! I jest.

    1. Even taking into account the fuckwittery and deception that is integral to the business of spying, I remain gobsmacked at just how they were unable to choose the right sort of people for so long. And their failure to control Dafydd and the Top Docs is unforgivable, absolutely unforgivable. There are honest people in medicine, the security services should have identified and cultivated a few many, many years ago and sorted this problem before it got to this level. No-one can tell me that they did not lose control – the nightmare for me and anyone close to me has not stopped, we will never be safe from this bunch of gangsters.

      What was allowed to happen can never, ever be forgiven and the prosecution of geriatric sex offenders who were afforded full protection by the state for decades is an insult. The world needs to face what it did square in the face and just sod off and never, ever give ‘advice’ to people having a hard time again. Brown and I knew that all was not well when we were 20 yr old students, what the fuck was wrong with everyone else?

      1. Yes, the Webster who trashed Alison Taylor and claimed that the allegations of organised abuse in north Wales were a result of Alison persuading people to lie and ‘false memory syndrome’.

        Webster was hilarious, he could have been Robert Bluglass. When Webster found out that Lucille Hughes had personally visited a boy who claimed to have been assaulted, he took this to be an indication that Lucille was a caring woman who followed up all complaints! Lucille threatened me on the phone, as did Dafydd and Dafydd admitted to killing patients, these people were terrible, absolutely terrible and everyone who knew them was well aware of that. Lucille will have threatened that boy, she didn’t visit him to ‘hear his complaint’.

        The security services recorded those phone calls, they had everywhere bugged, they KNEW what was happening, they knew. So how come Brown ended up with someone trying to fracture his skull in broad daylight? How come I was assaulted, targeted by sex offenders, threatened with guns, made destitute again and again? They were absolutely not protecting us, not at all. Why don’t they leak those recordings of my calls with Dafydd and Lucille? It’s all on there, Dafydd laughing madly down the phone, Dafydd screaming and cackling with laughter hurling sexual insults, Dafydd telling me that he had killed and no-one would stop him, telling me that no-one was listening to me and ‘you don’t matter’ hee hee hee. MI5 have the whole bloody lot, as well as Dafydd telling me that he’d fit me up and have me imprisoned and then when I refused to withdraw my complaint, telling me that he’d get me a place at Liverpool medical school and even gave me the name of the Professor who would fiddle it. Brown listened to the phone calls, made a written complaint and then someone tried to kill him.

        Whatever the security services were doing, they were either getting it very badly wrong or they were working for Dafydd. There is no other explanation.

        1. Webster and Scott were same academic year … born between Sept 50 and Aug 51. Webster’s book was highlighted by Richard D North who has security service connections via his work for Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder.

          1. Yes, they undoubtedly knew what was going on even back then and they knew that the Top Doctors’ establishment was absolutely integral to the gross abuses and deaths. They should have brought the medical establishment down, not enter into yet more ‘discussions’ after every patient abuse/en masse deaths scandal. They got it wrong, very very badly wrong. You cannot negotiate with a profession whose highest echelons have been entirely colonised by serious organised white collar criminals.

            They could have helped me and Brown but they didn’t, although it has been made clear to me that they knew that we were entirely innocent of every vile smear that was directed at us. They just stood by and allowed more and more mud to be thrown at us. At least we survived. Those kids who ended up in Risley Remand Centre after being framed by Dafydd et al because they had complained or refused to have sex with Dafydd, Gwynne and the gang were found dead. ‘Suicide by hanging.’ Not in that fucking place it won’t have been, it’ll have been murder by the screws, constructed as suicide by Dafydd et al who will have fabricated the medical records. They did it to me, I’ve got copies of the forged documents which they made before they knew that their plan would unravel!

          2. Richard Webster ran a book store with his wife in 1977 called, ‘ The ORWELL Bookshop.’
            In 2005 he was shortlisted for the ORWELL prize for his offering of, ” Secrets of Bryn Estyn.’ All false allegations, apparently.
            Many of his books were published by ORWELL press.
            Webster had spent much of 2011 assisting Portuguese contacts to expose the Casa Pia child sexual abuse scandal as a scare, and had been due to publish a history of the affair, Casa Pia. He died in 2011.

  6. Someone footed the bill for Webster’s ‘research’ into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. He spent quite a while doing ‘fieldwork’ in Wales and no-one knew how he was maintaining himself because he didn’t seem to have an income. There were also questions re the publication of the book and the PR which surrounded it.

    As previously detailed on this blog, ‘New Statesman’ published a libellous article by Webster about Alison Taylor. Alison took legal action against them – representing herself – and it was admitted that they knew that the article was libellous but presumed that Alison could never afford to sue, so they went ahead and published. The owner of the ‘New Statesman’ at the time was Blair’s mate and New Labour big wig Geoffrey Robinson, who was also MP for Coventry. Coventry sent kids in care to children’s homes in north Wales and Dr Colin Berry, who along with Robert Bluglass concealed Dafydd et al’s crimes in 1989, was a psychiatrist from Coventry. Berry subsequently turned up as a member of the Parole Board.

    The Labour Party would never admit the truth about kids in care being abused because of the Party targeting welfare workers in election campaigns and because so many of the metropolitan boroughs sending kids to Dafydd and co were Labour-led. What they got away with is staggering. Lambeth alone had a huge abuse problem. Tessa Jowell – children’s social worker in Lambeth. Mandelson – Councillor in Lambeth. Linda Bellos – Leader of Lambeth. Bellos is now an ‘equality adviser’ to public bodies including the Metropolitan Police. Everyone knew how bad it was in Lambeth, how have this lot lived to fight another day?

    Throughout the 1980s the right wing press howled with laughter at the ‘loony left’ policies of Lambeth. They didn’t mention the organised crime and trafficking of children. Linda Bellos et al used to turn up on Question Time, journos at the BBC knew what was happening at Lambeth, not a word about it.

    John Major was also a Lambeth Councillor, as was Red Ken. Paul Boeteng’s wife was as well – she was a social worker too. Esther Rantzen’s sister – a Lambeth social worker. Diane Abbott – former PR/press officer for Lambeth.

    No wonder none of them will hold a unrigged investigation.

    Oh what did Geoffrey Robinson became famous for? Lending Mandelson all that dosh for Mandy’s mortgage, leading to Mandy’s first resignation…

    1. https://orwellpressartpublishing.com/about-orwell-press.php

      Richard Webster was Orwell Press.

      Richard D North was Leonard Cheshire aide at Cavendish early 70s. But says he does not recall an inmate muslim being tranquillised and converted to Catholicism. He doesn’t remember 4 sudden deaths in 6 months 1972 the first appearing to be the 85 year old muslim who was buried as a Polish catholic. The second was volunteer Matron Mary McGill (Possibly … as there remains no proof of identity) drowned in lake. The third was inmate Mr Bronk (Wife alleged medically administered overdose) and the fourth was inmate Mrs Bronk found face down in her bath dying of an overdose.

      Sue Ryder was allegedly a senior member of “Stay Behind” the UK part of GLADIO network with colleague Lord Henniker (Of the Islington Suffolk Project)

      The body of what may have been volunteer Matron McGill had ileac crest bruising which is a sexual abuse indicator. Leonard Cheshire concealed from inquest that he was alone with Miss McGill during the final unaccounted 19 hours.

      Presumably if Webster had lived he would have been mysteriously funded to write on the subject of ileac crest bruising lies.

    1. The notion of false memory was a God-send to the Top Docs who were facilitating organised abuse, including Dafydd and the gang. If a patient complained about Dafydd et al – they were exhibiting false memory, the real culprit was someone else, whichever unfortunate sod whom Dafydd et al wanted to stitch up. I and other Hergest patients witnessed this in action – patients being told that they had been abused by named people, the patient strenuously denying it, only to be told by the gang that they were ‘repressing’ memories of the ‘real abuse’ and that them naming Dafydd or a member of the gang was a ‘false memory’.

      EVERY notion was exploited by Dafydd et al to get themselves off the hook and stitch up or discredit innocent people. As far as I could see ‘borderline personality disorder’ had been invented by abusive Top Docs to ensure that they would never be found guilty of their serious crimes. Nothing that lot said could be believed and they had no expertise in anything at all, none. They had problems themselves which they took out on the patients and their own children had drug problems, eating disorders, mental health problems etc. Some of the mental health staff were domestically violent. This was common knowledge in north Wales.

      No-one should have been referred to them, what they were doing to people was widely known and I await an explanation as to why patients were put in danger for years and years and years. Total irresponsibility on the part of the British state, as was handing children over to the ‘care’ of the social services. No matter what the patients/children’s difficulties were, they were made much, much worse by Dafydd et al, they were good to neither man nor beast.

    2. I am suspicious that false memory has not been levelled at Aston Hall survivors. Given the drugs used by Dr Milner and the use of anaesthetic etc.

      Webster was at Southwold Suffolk. Dr (Professor) Ian Tait was a GP at Aldeburgh. He was involved in the running of the GP “Vocational Training” schemes run by J W and Deirdre Paulley of Ipswich Hospital. This was associated with GP “Training” run by J G Howells of Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre. After working under J W Paulley at Ipswich Hospital postwar I think Tait went o Ipswich Chest clinic which got tied up in referring asthma children to Howells Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre for purported drug free treatment of asthma while the parents were listed as Howells’ patients. So parent(s) would be counselled in one room while child had “Play therapy” with a hands on professional in another room.

      Howells was a colleague of Aston Hall’s Milner and St Thomas William Sargent at Royal Medico Psychological Society. Although Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre is listed by IICSA as historical abusive institution the Police and the IICSA are not pursuing it at all. Even though there are op Midland and Aston Hall lines of inquiry.

      Also at Aldeburgh was Laurens Van der Post and near Southwold was the Clement Freud scene at Walberswick where Anna Freud also lived.

      I wonder who funded the Orwell Press set up ?

      1. False memory seems to have really come into its own in America. The Hergest Unit were misusing several concepts that were misused in America, including ‘borderline personality disorder’. There is a specialist in ‘borderline personality disorder’ in Bangor University School of Psychology, Michaela Swales. She does actually seem to know something about it, yet she never went near the Hergest Unit. One can only assume that she knew that there were scores of people there who had been given that ‘diagnosis’ after complaining about Dafydd and the gang and she wasn’t going to enter that minefield…

        There are certain people who have never been investigated yet were among the worst abusers, including Dafydd of course. It is very clear who was being protected at the highest level.

        The world heard remarkably little about Dr William Sargant’s madness until recently as well – a drug abusing Top Doc who killed some of his patients during dangerous experiments and who’s colleagues had links to Dafydd. I would have thought that was worth a bit of press coverage, particularly when his research registrar Dr Death was elected as a Labour MP, became a junior Health Minister, then Foreign Secretary and then set up the SDP in his quest to be PM! Dr Death might as well have worked at Denbigh, obviously no-one was going to say a word… Surely Peter Hennessey should have mentioned it in all those toadying interviews?

        1. Yes Sargent’s connections to Milner of Aston Hall, Dafydd, Howells of Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre and Cambridge Uni research are seemingly subject of a press black out. Plus an IICSA blind eye and an unlawful police no go area. I don’t recall seeing Home Office Research Unit or Home Office Dr Pamela Mason given press attention either.

          1. Virtually all attention re organised child abuse is focussed on organised religion, especially the Roman Catholic Church. The RC Church could not have got away with what they did if they did not have the help from the good ol’ Top Doctors. Who was it who lied about the cause of the mental distress suffered by the victims? Who ‘treated’ the victims who would not shut up for ‘serious mental illness’? What about the unwanted pregnancies? The STIs? What about the medical reports on the ‘stressed’ clergy/priests etc when they were caught? The ‘therapy groups’ for churchmen/their families? It is the sodding Top Docs at the root of all of it.

            There’ll be a post about Lord Longford on this blog soon. Longford knew what was happening and of course was a leading figure in the RC Church. But look at who he was related to – Top Docs including Harriet Harman’s dad; Lady Antonia Fraser and her media/theatre/writer buddies and a good few lawyers and financiers.

            This is not a problem only involving a few batty old monks, nuns and priests.

            Lord Longford met some of Dafydd’s victims during his long and glorious career prison visiting. Dafydd’s victims won’t have known who Lord Longford was but he knew why they had ended up in the slammer. Lord Longford knew that Ian Brady had committed some murders but not all the murders of which he was accused. Longford knew how extensive police corruption was/is, he knew that prisons and young offenders institutes were full of the victims of Dafydd and similar folk and he knew how bloody rotten the medical profession is. And Lord Longford did not say a word about any of it, he simply stressed that these ‘criminals’ should be forgiven.

            Everyone roared with laughter at Lord Longford and wondered why the ‘silly old fool’ continued to be given access to the corridors of power. Well why do you think? He knew about Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring that’s why.

  7. So now the Pope is being called on to resign over the child sex abuse scandal.
    In England, Wales, Scotland and N Ireland, being Roman Catholic has been a minority sport for hundreds of years. A much more popular sport was being employed as a Top Doc, Angel, social worker, police officer or a member of the related professions. I met many more such folk in north Wales than I ever did priests or nuns. So why the silence about them? Every one of them knew as much about organised abuse as the Pope does.

    Did the Pope ever conduct medical experiments on a foetus of 7 months gestation and then kill the foetus? Probably not. Geoffrey Chamberlain, Cilla’s friend and President of the Royal College of Obs and Gynaes did. He even published the ‘research’.

    Would someone like to remind us all of the suicide stats for north Wales over the last thirty years? In particular those for women in Gwynedd who were patients of one Dr Tony Roberts? A rather more shameful record than the Pope I think you will find.

    The BBC is also boasting of the Dutch police re-opening the investigations of a Dutch boy in the late 1990s. I am sure that it was a sad event which may well need reinvestigating, particularly if the Dutch police are anything like the UK police. Anyone for re-opening the investigations into all those deaths of kids in care and psych patients in north Wales since the early 1970s? After all Dafydd cackled and hissed down the phone at me in about 1991 that he’d killed and got away with it. The security services were listening to that call. Ah, so THAT’S why indeed none of them were ever stopped…

    Well the great British public couldn’t be allowed to lose trust in the Top Docs could they, so it all had to be concealed. And more and more people were sent into the arms of not just Dafydd but all his mates who were colluding with him. Just like the case of Prof Ollie Brook in London. Ooh dear, he’s been jailed for child sex offences, thank God we’ve nailed the only Top Doc on earth who’d do such a thing. We won’t mention that the whole bloody lot of them who helped him are still working in the London medical schools and at least one of them was a personal friend of Cilla. These were Docs who were involved with procuring underage kids for celebs to have sex with…

    Operation Yewtree? Stuff and nonsense, the complainants are all fantasists.

    Anyone for interviewing Dr Death under caution? He worked at St Tommy’s as a psych cheek by jowl with those who were colluding with Dafydd, even back then.

    1. Furthermore the grandly titled ‘police surgeons’ who would be called by the police when someone had made a complaint of sexual assault would be the local GPs – who were helping Dafydd facilitate the trafficking ring. DGE Wood was a ‘police surgeon’ in north Wales.

      Look, please don’t get over-exited about the priests, believe me, in non-Catholic countries they were/are neither here nor there as compared to the Top Docs.

      Not heard anyone suggest an excavation of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh yet. Is everyone waiting for Dafydd to die a la Jimmy Savile?

  8. I look forward to your piece on Lord Longford. I am aware of a case in which he personally intervened resulting in early release of an armed robber. Who got out long before his unarmed accomplice.

    The armed robber was first celled up with members of Arif gang and even allegedly with IRA. On the face of it Longford was recruiting sources for police.

    1. I have been horrified re what I have dug up concerning Lord Longford. Not because he campaigned for the release of people like Myra Hindley – I knew about that ages ago and I also knew that Hindley was accused and convicted of some things that she had not done and Dafydd’s accomplices were involved in that trial anyway, how can we ever know how much of what we were told was true? – but because it is very very obvious that Longford found out when he was still very young (probably through his prison visiting) about abuse/serious wrongdoing in high places, including Mountbatten. It was this knowledge that enabled Longford to land jobs that everyone knew that he could not do but simply put him in yet more positions where he found out about more wrongdoing in high places.

      Longford was so influential – in prisons, on the Parole Board, with regard to porn/sex industry legislation – yet throughout it all he played exactly the same game as everyone else ie. keeping it completely quiet that so many sitting in prisons were there because they had been through some sort of abusive state system and had been a witness to too much…

      Longford’s big anti-porn/sex work crusade kicked off in the early 1970s. By then Dafydd and John Allen were well in business. Longford didn’t utter a word although he undoubtedly knew about them. Was the Festival of Light put there as a smokescreen/distraction? Or was it happening anyway and old Longford made damn sure that no light was shone on Dafydd and the gang? It wouldn’t actually surprise me if Dafydd was involved with the Festival Of Light, Dafydd likes taking a high moral stance!

      Mary Whitehouse was the lead in the Festival of Light – Whitehouse was a teacher from Birmingham who really loved the Top Docs and what they had to say about sex and young people. They were the Top Docs like Bluglass who were part of Dafydd’s trafficking ring…

      Longford’s network was huge, absolutely enormous. Extended family, friends, the Lords, loads and loads of them, many in influential positions. All keeping the lid on the barrel of crap.

  9. Uummm I think you will find that Cliff Richard was also heavily involved in The Festival of Light – are we allowed to mention his name ? Yes I think so as we are not the BBC!

    1. Yes, Cliff was involved.

      The BBC was so seriously weird. I was given yet another name a few days ago – Andrew Quarrie (or Quarry?) of religious affairs at the BBC. Someone I know worked with him and was convinced that he was involved with abuse of young people. A lot of old BBC treasures from the 6os and 70s behaved dreadfully generally and were afforded full protection. Spike Milligan became a household name as someone who suffered from manic depression and there was much understanding shown but Milligan was also a total shite in ways that were probably not related to his illness. He treated his wives terribly, I think that domestic violence was involved as well and he refused to acknowledge a child whom he fathered out of wedlock although he knew damn well that the child was his, as did the child (and everyone else) which caused a great deal of distress. Then there was the episode at the BBC one day when Milligan attempted to murder someone by a knife attack – no charges resulted, not an issue of illness, no disciplinary action, he was just allowed to behave like that. Brown remarked that the BBC operated as a sort of gentleman’s club and once you were a member you stayed in.

    1. It is not strange at all. Prof Brown holds a Chair, has responsibilities as Director of Research for his Faculty and is currently directing a number of major research projects as well as keeping up his academic writing. I’m not sure that he actually has the time to spend chatting on my blog. Regarding academic interests concerning matters raised on this blog, Prof Brown and I have a paper in press at the moment re mental health and he is also working on another one re the experiences of unpaid carers of people with mental health problems…

      Anyone familiar with Brown’s work knows where he stands intellectually…

  10. Isnt it strange that all the sarcasm on the blog originates from people known as ‘Anonymous’ – man up (or woman up) and show yourself! What is your point exactly?

    1. Yes, Anon certainly makes some rather odd ‘points’ on the blog, but I’m happy to expose them for the idiot that they are! Perhaps Anon should take the time to read Brown’s many publications – it might take Anon some time because Brown’s written over 100 journal articles and I think something like 20 books, but if Anon bothers to get their teeth into that lot they’ll be left quite clear where Brown stands without Brown having to worry about repeating himself on this blog…

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