A Reminder To The Amnesiacs Of The UK Police Force And MI5

Before I receive any further bollocks from dissenters who are now So Sorry About What Happened, So Glad That My Name Has Been Cleared and How I So Narrowly Escaped A Lobotomy, may I remind everyone of the letter that Brown wrote in 1984, as Wood continued to confront me with a stony face and flatly refused to investigate my complaint about Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist?

Brown’s letter to Wood contained the following:

‘…Gwynne Williams approached the consultation with considerable prejudice and after a 20 minute meeting in which no rapport was established bandied around psychiatric diagnoses on the basis of discredited psychoanalytic theory… If even half of the first hand accounts of this man’s insensitivity and incompetence are true, he should not be in his current job… Gwynne Williams has caused Sally a great deal of distress and had she seen the more competent Dr Francis in the first place, much of this distress could have been avoided… Loyalty to one’s colleagues is admirable but loyalty can be misplaced and your first duty I feel should be the welfare of your patients…’

Brown wrote the letter after I had seen Tony Francis twice, before Tony began doing and saying a few strange things, became very unpleasant and told bare-faced lies when confronted. Tony’s social skills, in 1984, were so much better than those of his colleagues that they carried him through a great deal.

Brown’s letter also reminded Wood that Brown was a little concerned at some of the comments that Wood had felt able to make about me and that ‘the rarefied atmosphere of dinner parties and squash clubs ill-prepares us for understanding other subcultures..’

The security services knew about that letter, they almost certainly had a copy themselves and just look at what followed. At the time, was Brown a man of 21, looking after his mother, his younger brother and me, on very little income, while gangsters were threatening to murder him, publishing his early academic work and taking on building work to help with our finances? No. According to Wood, Brown was an ‘unemployed sociology student’. I’m only surprised that Wood didn’t mention Brown’s Long Hair And Beard and explain that he was a Layabout.

Brown is still waiting for a reply to his letter.See the source image

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. So details begin to emerge I n Public – a second patient with the assertion of harm. The bereaved policeman should perhaps be a little more circumspect about the reassurance that everything is better and no more patient misadventures leading to death.
    Whilst I can understand the desire for this, the evidence from elsewhere in the NHS is that this is quite simply not true and is premature given an Inquest and criminal enquires are incomplete.
    I wonder if in his professional life he had been so accepting of a pat on the head, but to fair he has a dead wife and doesn’t want to think she died due to clinical incompetence.

      1. I heard about this earlier today. Atrocious, no excuse at all, but I doubt that the father of the baby was told that. I note that although hospital staff were condemned, the latest get-out clause was employed: there were dreadful errors but it can’t be demonstrated that the mother’s death was due to the errors. C-section followed by blood loss of 10 pints? Er sounds like that is pretty much death by NHS to me.

        Why did Bodger tell everyone that he was pro-hospital births? Because as a young man he watched a home delivery after which the mother bled to death from post-partum haemorrhage. That was one of Bodger’s favourite anecdotes. Of course being Bodger, there will have been layers to that story that remain untold.

        Meanwhile there is free PR everywhere for a Radio 4 programme I think today about the US Political Activists who established an abortion service for Wimmin in the 1960s and ooh they’re still active today. The Guardian’s coverage provides the usual background ooh knitting needles and hot baths but then we Wimmin came along… Sadly those Wimmin kept schtum about the activities of Bodger, who was in the US at the time performing unlawful abortions on late-term women and then experimenting on the foetuses before killing them. Their UK pals kept quiet about the butchers of north Wales who were still causing havoc in the 1980s. As with the mental health and counselling arena, the field of Reproductive Rights attracts very odd people. When I was working at Bangor University until about 2011, one of my academic friends there confided in me that when younger, she’d worked voluntarily in an NHS abortion clinic; she told me when she realised that I’d worked in an Obs and Gynae Dept. She was one of the few people who had worked in such circumstances in which I thought ‘Yes, if ever I had had an abortion, you would have been a nice person to have around me’. Most of the other Angels and Top Docs I’d encountered in that line of business I really would not have wanted to rely on. As for the Feminist Activists, er no thanks. So few of these people are actually foregrounding the ‘patient’ as it were, no matter what guff is spouted. Friends of mine who have told me of their own experiences of terminations weren’t treated as they should have been. One of them had a disgusting experience in Bangor that was probably worthy of legal action – or at least a punch in the face of one of the Angels involved – but she was far too distressed to follow the matter up and another friend in England had to tolerate a male Angel letting her know that he was anti-abortion. I have no problem with people who don’t feel that they can support abortion, but if they feel that way, they should not be working with women having terminations if they are unable to control their own emotions.

        Anyway, the Brave Feminists who kept quiet about Bodger et al are on Radio 4 today.

        I went to a lecture yesterday in which the Eminent Speaker showed some slides of 1980s activism, including Greenham Common. I didn’t dare mention how many Greenham Wimmin I knew from north Wales who worked in Health and Welfare and kept quiet about Dafydd’s little business of forcing kids to provide sexual services for Peter Morrison et al! If they’d grassed that up, Heseltine and Thatch would have come to an end immediately… As Lord and Lady Windbag know. No I didn’t say a thing, I didn’t want to cause a rumpus in public and it’s all on the blog anyway… However, someone did tell me something very interesting about the early CND activism and Wales that I didn’t know, which I’ll be following up on the blog soon. It leads to the door of the Windbags if the path is followed, which should not surprise anyone!

        1. These figures are undoubtedly an underestimate of the number of deaths Wise Owl. Furthermore, you’ll have noticed that once more there is the presence of cut n paste phrases in this news item. I remember these phrases being used re eating disorders ‘care’ 30 yrs ago. Patients with such disorders have loudly and clearly articulated for decades that the Therapy was so damaging that it buggered them for years afterwards. Patients who reached their 60s and lived to tell the tale often stated that it wrecked them permanently. I witnessed many times how anorexic patients were treated, it was appalling. There is an argument that if their body weight has dropped to such a level that they are at risk of death within days/weeks, then a degree of coercion is necessary to save their lives – and anorexics that ill will often genuinely believe that they are not about to die from starvation, that they really will DIE if someone doesn’t get nutrition into them – but the way in which they so often remain being emotionally bludgeoned, degraded, intimidated, belittled for the rest of their time as patients just can’t be justified. What it does lead to is a silent aggression, loathing for staff, obedience to rules and then often the patient walks away from Care as soon as they can, buggered for years afterwards. Psychiatric orthodoxy has it that anorexic patients are Very Difficult and Manipulative. As far as I could see that was usually a reaction to the gross manipulation that they were receiving from staff. The patients were often young women who were not given to being overtly rebellious, so the loathing and fury brewed away and it manifested itself as the legendary Deceitfulness and Manipulation Of Staff. Anorexic patients are also notorious for being seriously offensive to Angels when the patients are being forced to eat. Viz magazine once commented that mad old people have all the best insults; this was the theory espoused by a letter into Letterbocks from a reader who’d seen a bag lady yell at a boy cycling on the footpath that he was a ‘dirty white cockcunt’ and the reader observed that no young, rational mind could better such abuse. Well I’ve got news for that Viz reader, anorexics have an excellent line in insults towards staff who tell them that they need to eat and anorexics spend their entire time looking at everybody else’s dimensions.

          I’m sure that being an Angel on the receiving end is difficult, but there doesn’t seem to be any conversations being had anywhere about why care for eating disorders has not advanced, why the same patient cohort is voicing the same criticisms decades later or about the toxic atmosphere in the psych system prevailing with so many staff having serious body image/eating/booze problems themselves and being generally fucked up. So many of them are just not in a position to care for/advice those patients, it’s just a poisonous gas cloud that swirls around everyone in the equation. The environments are hopeless anyway, there is no confidentiality no matter what bollocks is spouted, there are too many staff who try to control or even punish patients by making what they know are grossly insensitive or overtly offensive comments and when the staff themselves chat away about their diets or ooh how much weight they’ve lost/put on and ooh they’re really pleased, what chance do uncertain teens have?

          The biggest laugh that I had occurred when one of the foulest Top Docs at Hergest – yes one who Treated people with eating disorders – was going in for boob implants. She was such a bitch that we all howled with laughter. Had that particular absolute cow not have put so many people through hell, we’d have taken the view that it was a bit sad really and a bit ironic. Their fucked-upness seeps out constantly. Apart from my teeth, I survived the excesses of the Help quite well and it was entertaining when I discovered in middle age that I had acquired a reputation for not looking like people who didn’t know me thought that I would. 19 stone with green teeth as Brown quipped. Yes, that’s the sum of it. During one of the faux outbreaks of peace even Angels commented on how ‘well’ I looked after hitting my mid-40s. Yeh, it’s cos I ignored so much of their fuckwitted advice and I never took up smoking either which is almost obligatory if one is an Empowered Service User. It has never occurred to any of them that such conversations about how glam or otherwise people are looking are probably best avoided completely if one is working in a psych environment with patients around who have had self-image/eating disorders. But they haven’t even got that far. They really are utterly insensitive at best and just sadistic at worst. No wonder they receive mouthfuls from the distressed patients. It’s also interesting that a lot of their own kids develop serious problems… They really are the wrong people to be in those jobs.

          But then we live in a world in which Angels read women’s magazines berating Judy of Richard and Judy fame for having ‘fat ankles’. How the hell one puts on weight around one’s sodding ankles I do not know. If there is a genuine effect it’ll be oedema related, it is not overweight ankles. Most of them are steeped in bollocks with bugger all basic decency towards another human being and the one thing that they just cannot do is let another person just exist on their own terms. It really isn’t as if psych wards are teaming with axe murders despite the myths propagated.

          If patients are not rude to them back, they seem to think that they haven’t noticed the offensive comments dripping off the tongues of those who care constantly. They never worked out that in spite of the florid allegations made about us in Court constantly, for most of the time we were not as fucking rude as them and yes I could have done a Basil Fawltyesque string of insults towards many of them on many occasions but I didn’t want to play that game within earshot of other patients who had already been subjected to the Fascism Of the Angels and Top Docs. So if the delightful Caring ones are reading this, I’ll just let you know that I noticed your ignorance, your lack of erudition, your lack of qualifications, your lack of political and cultural knowledge, your bigoted notions towards other nationalities, races, minorities, sub-cultures and that a lot of you looked absolutely fucking awful in spite of your comfortable lives and frequent Mindfulness Retreats to deal with the stress of us lot. But I wasn’t ever rude enough to say anything although I certainly felt like it when I watched you snapping at distressed patients that you have the right to do this because you’re an Approved Social Worker, Nurse etc. I was more highly qualified that some of the fucking doctors to whom you were toadying but I preferred the company of the patients whom you were kicking about so disgracefully…

          Take it from me Caring Ones, your deficits were legendary and if you’d have had the sort of Sensitivity and Empathy with the rest of the human race of which you boasted constantly, you’d have known that.

          BTW Wise Owl, re the Coroners issuing notices under that legislation that means the hospital has to tread carefully before they kill another patient using the same means: the Betsi has been on the receiving end of so many of these notices – Prevention of Future Deaths are they called?? – that they must surely have broken all records on a UK basis. Still the deaths continue, often in the same way at the hands of the same people. So the notices would seem to be a bit pointless really.

          I shall have to open some sort of business in which I regularly murder my customers. I wonder how many people I’ll be allowed to kill before I am arrested, rather than issued with a notice from the Coroner to be followed by Nick Bennett the Ombudsman ordering me to pay the relatives of the deceased £500 for not dealing with their complaint quickly enough?

    1. Just like the mental health service Wise Owl. That’s been at breaking/crisis point for years now. Not dangerous, completely buggered and ruining the lives of people who are Helped, but at breaking/crisis point, the remedy being more dosh for the neglectful abusive staff/managers.

      Re the article in your link above, why does the British childcare system carry on referring so many kids to be taken into care? They’ve never been able to look after them and they still can’t, why insist on sending many more thousands of kids into a system in which so many are abused and neglected? Almost every local authority in the UK is currently under police investigation re kids in care being groomed and trafficked! It is the norm, it isn’t the exception. As for Tory peer Michael Farmer’s comments in the article, I would agree that the simple comparison of the academic achievements of kids in care with kids not in care isn’t meaningful if not analysed with greater complexity. But what is undeniable is the consistently dreadful outcomes for kids in care re virtually all criteria. It doesn’t wash to attribute all of that to the kids’ experiences before they were taken into care; careful analysis of the kids biographies demonstrates that the huge problems are in the care system itself. It’s why Neuropsychology is now tying itself up in knots with theories of foetuses in uteri being programmed to commit crimes or epigenetic explanations are being conjured up for why some patients fare so much worse under NHS ‘care’ than others; most of it is nonsense to disguise the serious deficits in state care. Why else has Gov’t been so keen on promoting this sort of research in recent years?

      The same phenomenon can be seen in the mental health system; I (and my friends) all experienced the utter insult of Top Docs and Angels shrieking at us when the Services had cocked up and damaged us ‘You were ill’ or ‘You had difficulties before you were ever referred to us, THAT’S why you were referred’. Er having experienced decades of that lot AND watched what they did to others routinely, I’d argue robustly that whatever difficulties any of us had were made so much worse by THEM. How on earth were Gwynne, Dafydd, Keith Fearns et al EVER supposed to help anyone? It is defensive nonsense from a system that has now been laid bare in its criminality and brutality.

      As Brown always observed ‘they took vulnerable people and by the time that they’d finished with them they were irretrievable’.

      Just look at the documents in my possession, just look at what these people were doing. There should be no more excuses for them at all, over decades there were 100s of complaints. In all cases we were mad, they were right. Even when we had the injuries to prove it. Get out to Denbigh and explain why those concealed bodies murdered and then hid themselves.

      I’ve been told that confidential e mails that I have written to Drakeford, Sister Hutt, The Hague, Simon Leeson, Julie Morgan and Geraldine McSweeney’s PA have been leaked and are now doing the rounds. Good to know that a la medical records confidentiality is a priority! Instead of gossiping and drooling, would anyone like to reply to those e mails because the crimes are quite unpleasant really aren’t they? Those who have helped themselves to my e mails will have noticed that I have repeatedly requested resignations. Come on then, OUT. Those actions cannot be defended can they? Go NOW Hutt, Drakeford, Morgan, Leeson, McSweeney. God knows who’s leaked the e mails, it’s why I never previously have complained about those matters, there is just no end to this is there? GET OUT NOW, YOU ARE NOT FIT TO OCCUPY POSITIONS OF TRUST.

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