Revolutionaries We Have Known

Recent posts and comments have drawn attention to the many 1970s and 80s TV programmes that Fearlessly Exposed various matters but never anything as serious as the criminality with which Gwynne, Dafydd and the Gang were involved because of the presence of the Gang’s mates working on those programmes as Fearless Investigative Journos.

The most obvious Fearless Investigator who was mates with the Gang was Paul Foot, nephew of Footie (see ‘The Bay Of Pigs Invasion’), but readers know that Dafydd’s mate Elwyn Parry Jones worked on the first series of Hard Hitting BBC Series ‘Rough Justice’. Indeed from what I can deduce, ‘Rough Justice’ was a distraction technique after the difficulties thrown up by Mr Thrope and Mary Wynch, to delude everyone into believing that a TV series would go where the criminal justice system didn’t dare and was even prepared to piss Lord Denning off. Lord D was filmed fuming away in a Hampshire accent…. He never mentioned that Elwyn had grown up in Denbighshire and was a big mate of Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist, Lord D’s go-to man for illegal lifelong imprisonment and lobotomies…

The Revolutionaries of Lincoln’s Inn along with Lord Denning who have received many mentions in previous posts were crooked barrister to the Westminster Paedophile Ring George Carman QC, Westminster Swinger Richard Crossman’s father Sir Charles Stafford Crossman, Miranda and Cherie. Thatch was also a member of Lincoln’s Inn.

There are however some more stars of Lincoln’s Inn to whom we need to Pay Tribute:

Benchers take precedence in the Inn according to the order of their call to the Bench, irrespective of any office or honour they may hold. Thus when in 1979 a portrait of five benchers holding high office was commissioned, Margaret Thatcher, then Prime Minister, who was called to the Bar in 1953 and was elected an honorary bencher in 1975, stood 91st in seniority, and the other four, in order of precedence as judges, stood respectively 9th, 11th, 3rd and 28th as benchers.

In addition to the honorary and ordinary benchers, the Inn has a Royal Bencher, H.R.H. Duke of Kent. Previous Royal Benchers of the Inn have included H.R.H. Princess Margaret, H.R.H. Prince Albert, H.M. King George V, H.R.H. Prince George, Duke of Kent, and H.M. Queen Mary, who in November, 1943, became the first woman to be a Bencher of any Inn.

Queen Mary’s brother, the Earl of Athlone, See the source imagewas Chairman of Governors of the Middlesex, where Gwynne Trained and Chancellor of London University, the institution that issued Gwynne’s degrees. Ma’am Darling and her husband used the services of Gwynne and Dafydd, and Lord Snowdon’s best man and good mate Roger Gilliatt Trained at the Middlesex. Roger’s dad was Sir William, who taught at the Middlesex and doubled up as the Royal Doc who delivered Carlo and Princess Anne. Roger became a neurologist and thus joined Gwynne, Gwynne’s partner in crime in Newcastle/Durham Lord John Walton and Sir Charles Evans, Principal of UCNW, as a Top Doc of Brain Disorders, some of which can only be treated by a lobotomy as any fule kno. That crowd worked with/Trained/Mentored Dafydd’s mates at the Walton Centre in Liverpool who ensured that Merfyn’s late wife Nerys didn’t survive as a result of Merfyn, Nerys and their pal the Philanderer having spilt the Gang’s pints on too manySee the source image occasions.

Asa had Big Mates, including John Allen and the Gang, but also that one-time member of the Communist Party of GB, Denis Healey as well as Harold Wilson, who was the subject of allegations that he was a KGB double agent. I have no idea whether Wilson was or not, but Wilson definitely made life very easy for the Westminster Paedophile Ring and rearranged the entire furniture of Gov’t for their benefit. Wilson went to school on the Wirral, on the site of the Gang’s territory, he was educated at Jesus College, Oxford, an institution with strong Welsh connections where many Gang members studied – such as Dafydd’s mate the Bishop of Bangor and Archbishop of Wales Gwilym Williams who was at Jesus College with Wilson – and as an MP Wilson held a seat on the Gang’s manor in the North West of England. Wilson was for a time a don at New College, Oxford, an institution famous for recruiting and employing recruiters of the British security services, including Richard Crossman, Image result for richard crossman imagesone of the most senior ranking members of the security services during the 1960s and 70s, along with Asa Briggs.

Wilson didn’t receive a peerage immediately after he stepped down as PM, because he remained an MP. He did however accept a peerage in 1983, as the Gang began to move in on me. My distant relative by marriage Lord Gnome worked with Harold Wilson as did some of Gnome’s family. One of Gnome’s family graduated from New College, Oxford. See ‘Lord Gnome, My Distant Relative By Marriage’.

Wilson also knew Gnome through the Royal Statistical Society and they both knew Claus Moser.Sir Claus Moser in 1980.jpg In the light of the misuse of huge Gov’t data sets in order to target victims of the Gang, See the source imagethese three being so interested in stats is worrying. The fingers of Claus alone were in many pies; not only was Claus one of Richard Crossman’s LSE crowd, along with Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law 

but Moser’s other positions included:

  • Member, Governing Body, Royal Academy of Music, 1967–1979
  • Director, Central Statistical Office, 1968–1978
  • BBC Music Advisory Committee, 1971–1983Charles Hill 1952.jpg
  • Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Lord Charles Hill of BMA Fame was Chairman of the BBC when Moser was appointed to the BBC Music Advisory Committee…
  • Visiting Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford, 1972–1980
  • Chairman, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, 1974–1987
  • Director, N M Rothschild & Sons, 1978–1990 (Vice-Chairman, 1978–1984)
  • President, Royal Statistical Society, 1978–1980
  • Chairman, Economist Intelligence Unit, 1979–1983
  • Warden of Wadham College, Oxford, 1984–1993
  • Chancellor, Keele University, 1986–2002
  • MM is an alumnus of Keele and held senior office in the Keele Students’ Union: 
  • Trustee, London Philharmonic Orchestra, 1988–2000
  • President, British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1989–1990
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford, 1991–1993, throughout the North Wales Police investigation into the possible existence of a paedophile ring in north Wales and Cheshire that showed no evidence of any such thing. Many members of Gnome’s family were Oxford alumni. Swinging Woy, who had concealed the ring throughout his entire career, was Chancellor of Oxford at the time
  • Chairman, British Museum Development Trust, 1993–2003, later Chairman Emeritus
  • Chancellor, Open University of Israel, 1994–2004

Claus was made a life peer with the title Baron Moser, of Regent’s Park in the London Borough of Camden on 23 June 2001. Other honours included the Albert Medal of the Royal Society of Arts, 1996, Commandeur de l’Ordre National du Mérite (France), 1976; Commander’s Cross, Order of Merit (Germany), 1985.

Moser also received an Honorary Doctorate from Heriot-Watt University in 1995.

Moser died in Switzerland on 4 September 2015, following a stroke.

In 1997 Moser participated in a ceremony to mark the start of construction of the Claus Moser Research Centre at Keele, a research facility for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Moser returned to Keele in June 2008 to participate in the official opening of the £3.5m building.

Harold Wilson’s Top Doc was Joseph Ellis Stone, Baron Stone (born Silverstone; 27 May 1903-17 June 1986). Stone was born in Llanelli in Wales – many members of the Gang came from Llanelli including Lord Elwyn-Jones, Michael Howard and Mandy Rice-Davies came from Llanelli as well – and after qualifying as a Top Doctor at Cardiff University and Westminster Hospital Medical School, Stone worked as a GP in and around Hendon. Stone followed the Cardiff- Westminster Hospital pattern of Training that was popularised by Clement Price Thomas, the Top Doc from Merthyr Tydfil who made his name by operating on King George VI. See ‘Successful Surgery On King George VI’. Dannie and Wilfred Abse followed the same route re Training…

Stone took on a number of patients from Hampstead Garden Suburb, at the time an area popular with lefties who supported Gang members.

During World War II, as a captain in the RAMC, Stone was in the British Army force that liberated Belsen concentration camp, as was Wilfred Abse. Wilfred the Top Doc of the Westminster Paedophile Ring who knew Gwynne and Dafydd. Stone became heavily involved as a Top Doctor in the initial army reaction to the situation they found in Belsen and to the rehabilitation of the prisoners there. Stone was possibly the first British Jewish doctor to enter Belsen after its liberation; Wilfred Abse and a group of Abse’s mates, all Jewish, joined Stone et al. It resulted in Abse et al being beyond criticism for the rest of their careers. Interestingly enough, one of that group became a psychiatrist (as did quite a few of the others) and he tried very hard in the 1960s to highlight the appalling treatment of psych patients in asylums run by his colleagues. His concerns were utterly ignored and he did not become one of the Top Docs Famed For Liberating Belsen. He observed that he couldn’t quite marry the horror at Belsen of which his colleagues never tired of telling people with what they were doing to their own patients.

Stone’s brother-in-law, Sidney Bernstein, was then commissioned by the British Gov’t to make a documentary about the liberation of Belsen and the concentration camps, ‘which may have been influenced by the letters Stone sent home to his wife, Beryl’. Or it may just have been a PR exercise – Wilfred et al were acutely aware that Liberating Belsen made them untouchable. Wilfred benefited from extra cladding by being the Top Doc who Examined Rudolf Hess before Hess was Interrogated. Hess spent the rest of his life incarcerated and took the world by storm when at the age of 93, he ‘committed suicide by hanging’ in Spandau Prison on 17 Aug 1987. A great many people, including me, found it difficult to believe that a 93 yr old former Nazi had chosen to hang himself after all those years and there was a bit of chatter at the time as to what exactly was going on. In my own little world, Wilfred’s brother Leo the bent lawyer and Labour MP for Torfaen had advised on a Cunning Plan to fit me up and imprison me that had unravelled some three weeks before Hess’s suicide; there were rather a lot of witnesses to that unravelling, as well as to Dafydd’s attempt at bribing me days before Hess was found dead.

A lot of Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates did very well out of matters Nazis, although some of their colleagues at the Maudsley had worked with Nazis. NAME surpassed himself by having worked with one of those who was directly responsible for the NAME gas chambers programme. David Maxwell Fyfe aka Dai Bananas aka Lord Kilmuir, the Gang’s own personal Biggus Dickus of a lawyer who’d deal with anyone who crossed the Gang even in minor ways, had led the prosecution at Nuremberg, so no-one argued with him again See the source imagealthough Maxwell Fyfe was known to be corrupt and rather confused re his attitude to homosexuality.

Maxwell Fyfe was Scottish with no Welsh connections; yet in the early 1950s, Churchill the PM gave Home Secretary Maxwell-Fyfe responsibility for Welsh Affairs and then in 1952 made MI5 responsible to the Home Secretary, rather than the PM. So in 1952, as MI5 sent Dafydd off to Liverpool Medical School to train as an accessory to Gwynne and his eventual successor, Maxwell Fyfe the Man Who Brought The Nazis To Justice, was given to Wales. The expanding ring in north Wales and the criminals running the North Wales Hospital had all the protection that they could ever need. Radical Bertrand’s friends the Radical Crawshays found a Little Cottage near Radical Sir Clough et al at Croesor for Radical Bertrand when Radical Bertrand wanted to downsize in the 1950s and by the mid/late 1950s, Radical Bertrand had made his permanent home at the Little Cottage, just as the Nice Young Doctor Dafydd took up his post as Assistant To Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist.

Maxwell Fyfe’s junior Counsel on the prosecution team at Nuremberg was Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate Lord Elwyn-Jones, Wilson’s Attorney General, 1964-70 and Lord Chancellor, 1974-79. Elwyn-Jones was actually the barrister who did most of the prosecuting, Maxwell Fyfe having absented himself shortly after the prosecution began. Elwyn-Jones was an essential cog in the trafficking machine, linking Wales and London. Elwyn-Jones’s autobiography makes it clear that when he was ‘asked’ to stand as a Labour MP immediately after WW II, he aimed for Plaistow in the East End because his role in the Nuremberg trials stood him in very good stead with the big Jewish population in that constituency. Elwyn’s wife Polly Binder, an Artist, was from Manchester but so taken with the quaint ways of her husband’s constituents that Polly subsequently made a name for herself as an Artist Of East End Culture. Elwyn and Polly’s son social worker Dan is today an Artist Of The East End as well. No-one told the low-income Jewish people who subsequently elected Elwyn Jones that he was a lying crook who was part of criminal gang/sex abuse ring targeting people from their community and should they ever try to publicise the matter, Elwyn and his mates would ensure that they were flattened. As the Editor of the Mirror was in the 1960s when he dared publish the details of some of Lord Bob Boothby’s activities; Harold Wilson’s friend and legal advisor Arnold Goodman ensured that the Editor was removed and Boothby received a pay-out without the bother of a defamation trial. For lesser obstacles than national newspapers, Leo Abse, close friend of Westminster molester George Thomas, was called upon to bribe, threaten, blackmail or fit up complainants.

Elwyn and Polly’s daughter Josephine was a Revolutionary like her parents Elwyn and Polly – HERE –

Elwyn-Jones was Of Gray’s Inn, as were many other Revolutionaries and in DATE, a short documentary was made about the glories of Gray’s Inn. I was familiar with many of the notions discussed eg. the swings and roundabouts where being a female barrister was concerned, the absolute necessity (at least in DATE) of personally knowing someone in Gray’s Inn – preferably a family member – if you wanted to be accepted as a member yourself and the struggle to make a living as a young unknown barrister which made a private income, or at least a generous relative, a near-necessity.

What I didn’t know, was that although Gray’s Inn were delighted to accept as members overseas barristers – who had to pay for the pleasure of being Of Gray’s – barristers who had qualified in many overseas countries, usually Darkies, found that they were not entitled to work in all the areas of practice that other members of Gray’s Inn were. There was built-in racism of an overt kind and the overseas barristers were up in arms about it. Elwyn-Jones blithely explained that their overseas training hadn’t equipped them for certain areas of practice and tch tch we can’t have inadequate barristers let loose. Elwyn didn’t explain why Gray’s Inn didn’t publicise the restriction or why the dosh needed and hoops to be negotiated to become a member were nevertheless exactly the same for overseas barristers or why Gray’s Inn hadn’t been able to make an arrangement to make good the perceived deficits in the overseas initial training.

It reminded me of the public explanations supplied by Top Docs for so many worrying things, in that to a certain extent the facts were being presented, but the many obvious problems that should have been easily addressed weren’t. When one knows what Elwyn and his mates were actually doing, the explanation for the blatant racism and deception with regard to overseas barristers sort of falls into place as the actions of deeply corrupt, elitist, unpleasant people who are treading on everyone while waving their impeccable credentials around.

Elwyn, Labour Lawyer, MP for Poor Jewish People, Welsh Speaker From Ever So Umble Background, Scholarship Boy, Brother of Idris, who played rugby for Wales in the 1920s and died in 1970, a Bachelor who had not been blessed with children. Elwyn, people-trafficker on an international basis who’s very senior position in law and politics took him across the world meeting all sorts of dodgy world leaders. NAMES

Which might well be why some overseas barristers were persisting with the rudeness and intolerance of Gray’s Inn, in the way in which overseas Top Docs continued to pour into the London medical schools bringing high tuition fees with them, in spite of being treated appallingly.

I wondered about some of the Posh Pretty Little Things who were the Young Lady Barristers of Gray’s Inn interviewed on the PR film for Elwyn Jones; I dunno if William Mars-Jones or Elwyn-Jones had many takers, but Michael Mansfield was in great demand.

THAT ONE INTERVIEWED who’s now at the top of Gov’t – Elwyn link!!

As a peacetime GP, Joseph Stone’s patients included Lord Longford, relative of Revolutionary Harriet.Lord Longford’s entire extended family were on board with the Gang and his daughter Lady Antonia –Oxford Blood By Lady Antonia Fraser     . – who was married to Swearing HaroldSee the source image – was a good friend of Conrad, son of Radical Bertrand, who inherited the Earldom after his older brother died.

When Harold Wilson became PM, Joseph Stone became his personal physician. During this period in his career Stone counted a large number of Wilson’s Cabinet as his patients. Let me guess.

Stone travelled widely with the PM and became a very close confidant of his. Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Stone remained a family GP in Hendon during his time as Wilson’s Top Doctor, until a few years before Stone’s death on 17 June 1986, two months after the Gang killed my friend Anne. During his life Stone was regarded as an excellent doctor – no-one would dare say anything else, just as Clement Price Thomas performed a successful operation on King George VI, from which the King never recovered and died months later – and was seen as being very loyal to Wilson.

Stone also had a general practice in Cricklewood Lane, London NW2 for many years ‘serving the local community’.

Stone was knighted in 1970 and later was created a life peer in the 1976 PM’s Resignation Honours, taking the title Baron Stone of Hendon on 24 June 1976.

Stone died in London. He and his wife Beryl had two children, Richard and Adrienne. Stone’s brother was Arnold Silverstone, later Lord Ashdown. In his memory, the Lord Stone Trust was founded. This was later merged with the Lord Ashdown Charitable Settlement to form the Stone Ashdown Trust.

In 2002, Wilson’s former press secretary Joe Haines alleged that Stone had plotted to murder Marcia Falkender in 1975, purportedly to prevent her from revealing that she and Wilson had had an affair; Falkender has rejected Haines’s allegations as “outrageous”. Labour Party politician Bernard Donoughue claimed in a 2011 documentary to have also heard Stone say, “it was in the national interest she be put down”. Controversy and lack of clarity about events during this period were also approached by the BBC 4 DATE drama, The Lavender List. Falkender sued the BBC and won £75,000 and an agreement by the BBC never to show the documentary drama again.

It won’t have been the reputation of Falkender or even of Wilson that had to be upheld; it will have been Stone’s. He was a Top Doc at the centre of serious criminality at the highest levels of Gov’t which, if necessary, lead to the murder of witnesses – including children and vulnerable adults – by Top Docs, sanctioned by the state. The medical establishment has been so integral to the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the associated very serious criminality that it cannot be allowed to be exposed even though the situation has now passed crisis point.

Re the Lavender List – Kagan and the ‘suicide’ of Eric Miller – details

Joseph Stone’s reputation as an ‘excellent’ GP and his Dr Finlay bit Serving The Communities Of Hendon and Cricklewood will have been actively constructed to conceal the blood and guts that was spilt regularly. I know quite enough of what the Gang were getting up to, goodness knows what was happening in the Corridors Of Power in Negotiation With Brenda if someone as dishonest as Harold Wilson was part of the picture. Wilson and Brenda famously got on very well together as PM and Monarch. Cap’n Bob was the Labour MP for Buckingham, 15 October 1964-18 June 1970, when Wilson was PM.See the source image

Hendon South was the constituency of Grocer Heath’s Welsh Secretary, crooked barrister Lord Peter Thomas aka Pedr Paedophilia, Peter-John-Mitchell-Thomas-Baron-Thomas-of-Gwydir.jpgwho held Hendon South, 1970-87, after serving as the MP for Conway, 1951-66, the area in which Gwynne grew up. The organised abuse in the children’s homes in north Wales expanded rapidly on Pedr Paedophilia’s watch as Welsh Secretary; rather more corpses than usual began to turn up and paedophiles arrived to work in north Wales and Cheshire who had loyal service in this domain elsewhere. Pedr Paedophilia married into the theatre, was a keen Eisteddfodwr and flew the flag for the Welsh language. From Hendon South. Pedr Paedophilia grew up in Llanwrst – a Freemason-richpicturesque village, birthplace of so much Gang Royalty – the son of a solicitor who pre-dated Gwynne.

Joseph Stone’s Arnold Silverstone, Baron Ashdown, was a property developer and developed Ashdown House, on Victoria Street, London SW1 who was also involved with the Conservative Party Peter-John-Mitchell-Thomas-Baron-Thomas-of-Gwydir.jpgunder Grocer Heath. Having been knighted in 1964, Silverstone was created Baron Ashdown on 3 January 1975. Died – 27 July 1977 – MR THROPE – Eden?? Selwyn Lloyd??

Joseph Stone’s brother-in-law who made the PR film about the Good Work of Joseph Stone, Wilfred Abse et al in Belsen:

The Lord Bernstein
Baron Bernstein.jpg
Sidney Lewis Bernstein

(1899-01-30)30 January 1899

Died 5 February 1993(1993-02-05) (aged 94)

Nationality British
Occupation Media baron
Known for Founder of Granada Television
Chairman of the Granada Group
Spouse(s) Zoe Farmer (m. 1936; divorced)
Sandra Alexandra Malone (m. 1954; 3 children)

Sidney Lewis Bernstein, (30 January 1899-5 February 1993) was the founding Chairman of the London-based Granada Group and the founder of the Manchester-based Granada Television in 1954. Granada was one of the original four ITA franchisees.

Born in Essex to a Jewish family, Bernstein left school at 15 and he gradually inherited the property portfolio his father had built. Bernstein with his brother Cecil, created a successful circuit of some 60 cinemas – Wilf/Dannie/Leo Abse’s father ran an Independent Cinema in the rough part of Newport, George Thomas was a customer – and theatres.The Bernstein holdings eventually encompassed interests in publishing, real estate, motorway services, retail shops and bowling alleys, as well as the TV-rental business.

Bernstein was a co-founder of the London Film Society in 1925, where he met and befriended the young Alfred Hitchcock, who became a lifelong friend. Bernstein was the first to bring works from the Russian filmmaker Eisenstein, as well as the films of Pudovkin, to London, and sponsored Eisenstein’s trip to Hollywood in the early 1930s. Bernstein ventured into theatre, building an elegant new venue which housed the premiere of Private Lives by Noël Coward, the hit which cemented that playwright’s reputation.

Bernstein was an early anti-fascist.From 1933, when he helped many German actors, such as Peter Lorre, directors, cameramen and other German Jewish and anti-Nazi filmmakers to escape Germany and find work in Britain after they were expelled from the state-run UFA studios when Hitler sacked all Jewish state employees. Bernstein travelled to America frequently during the 1930s, where he met with Hollywood studio executives, organising meetings in support of the anti-fascist causeand, after WW II broke out between Britain and Germany, to support the British against the Nazis. Bernstein joined the newly formed Ministry of Information and continued producing anti-Nazi and pro-British films for the American public during, 1939–1941, when the US remained neutral. By 1943, Bernstein was also a member of SHAEF and worked on films which would help the new Allies, Britain and America, to understand each other.

As the invasion of France loomed, Bernstein brought Alfred Hitchcock back from Hollywood to Britain to work on two short documentary films for the post-invasion French audience. Bernstein heard the first reports of extermination camps and visited Belsen. Again he consulted with Hitchcock to supervise the work of US and British Army cameramen documenting the horrors of the liberated camps, under the working title German Concentration Camps Factual Survey. The original plan was cancelled in July 1945, the Foreign Office claiming that the material was too incendiary in light of the need for post-war co-operation needed from the Germans. Hitchcock had already begun screening and editing film from Allied cameramen and confiscated German documentation in the summer of 1945 when the project was shelved in the Imperial War Museum archives, not to be seen until it was unearthed by film scholars in 1984, after I complained about Gwynne and shown on the BBC as Memory of the Camps in 1985, the year in which I contacted Keith Best about the Gang and Mary Wynch’s successful Appeal to the Master Of The Rolls received coverage in the London-based broadsheets.

In 1945–46, Bernstein formed Transatlantic Pictures in partnership with Hitchcock. In 1954, Bernstein and Hitchcock dissolved their partnership and in the same year Bernstein won a franchise licence to broadcast commercial TV to the north of England including Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield. Bernstein wanted the north of England as this would not have any detrimental effect on viewers at his theatres which were predominantly in the south of England.

Bernstein ordered the building of the UK’s first completed purpose-built TV studios (BBC Television Centre began construction earlier but was opened four years after Granada’s). Construction of Granada Studios began in 1954.

Granada began broadcasting from Manchester in May 1956. Although Bernstein and his brother Cecil were not enthusiastic about Coronation Street, it was approved and soon become popular. Granada also produced World in Action, Disappearing World and What the Papers Say.

On 3 July 1969 Sidney was created a life peer as Baron Bernstein. In the 1970s, Lord Bernstein relinquished stewardship of the TV company and moved over to the business side of the Granada plc. He retired in 1979 and became Chairman of the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. He was named a Fellow of the British Film Institute and received the International Emmy Directorate Award in 1984, after I complained about Gwynne. Bernstein died on 5 Feb 1993, aged 94. Gwynedd social worker Jackie Brandt lied to the police about F and I shortly after Sidney’s death; we weren’t interviewed or charged until some two weeks after Brandt went to the police. Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon died from AIDS at some point in the first few months of 1993; his dad Lord Kenyon died in May 1993. Fallacious allegations against F in return for goodies for predators were encouraged by the North Wales Police and Gwynedd Social Services in early 1993 and F’s baby was placed with the lying predators. Brandt perjured herself at Bangor Magistrates Court in July or Aug 1993 and admitted lying under cross-examination.

Sidney Bernstein’s first marriage, in November 1936, ended 10 years later in an amicable divorce, with his first wife, Zoe Farmer, eventually marrying Robin Barry, the son of his close friend, Iris Barry, the film curator of the Museum of Modern Art and one of the founders, along with Sidney, of the London Film Society.

Bernstein remarried in 1954, to Canadian-born Sandra Alexandra Malone, with whom he had two children, a son, David, and a daughter Jane I. Wells, as well as adopting his wife’s daughter from a previous marriage, Charlotte-Lynn. This marriage lasted for the rest of his life.

Bernstein’s daughter, Jane I. Wells (not to be confused with the NBC reporter) followed in her father’s footsteps, producing more than 40 short documentaries; she currently lives in New York.

Bernstein was an art collector and paintings from his collection adorned the walls of the Granada Studios. On his death in 1993, he bequeathed part of his collection – which included works by Chagall and Modigliani – to the Manchester Art Gallery.

George Thomas – This Is Your Life – July 1983 – Granada

Corrie –

Ken Barlow – Gail etc

Cherie’s dad married to Elsie Tanner

do obits…

Colleague – Mike Scott

another colleague – Jeremy Isaacs – Michael Grade link

Tony Warren

‘Rough Justice’ was off to a flying start in 1983, by which time I was at UCNW and the Gang had targeted me.

Elwyn Parry Jones’s TV programmes included:

 1977-1982 Panorama (TV Series documentary) (deputy editor – 141 episodes)

Sources Close to the Prime Minister… (1982) … (deputy editor)
Episode dated 1 March 1982 (1982) … (deputy editor)
The Sentence of the Court… (1982) … (deputy editor)
The Life and Soul of the Party (1982) … (deputy editor)
Off the Rails (1982) … (deputy editor)

 1983-1985 Rough Justice (TV Series documentary) (executive producer – 7 episodes)

The Case of the Perfect Proof (1985) … (executive producer – as Elwyn Parry Jones)
The Case of the Tell-tale Tape (1985) … (executive producer – as Elwyn Parry Jones)
The Case of the False Fish (1985) … (executive producer – as Elwyn Parry Jones)
Report 2 (1985) … (executive producer – as Elwyn Parry Jones)
The Case of the Missing Meal (1983) … (executive producer – as Elwyn Parry Jones)

 1980-1985 Panorama (TV Series documentary) (producer – 4 episodes)

Coal’s Unsettled Future (1985) … (producer)
The Lessons of Brixton (1981) … (producer)
Episode dated 17 November 1980 (1980) … (producer)
Nixon on the Russians (1980) … (producer)
 1975 Crisis at ‘The Observer’ (Documentary) (producer)
 1980-1982 Panorama (TV Series documentary)
Himself – Reporter / Himself – Reporter: Dispute at the Times

Episode dated 1 March 1982 (1982) … Himself – Reporter: Dispute at the Times
Who’s Afraid of Rupert Murdoch? (1981) … Himself – Reporter
Episode dated 17 November 1980 (1980) … Himself – Reporter

Readers will notice how many of the subjects of Elwyn’s exposes were on excellent terms with the Gang.

The Fine Legal Mind who assisted the Fearless ‘Rough Justice’ team was Tom Sargant.

Thomas Sargant (1905–1988) was a law reformer who campaigned for the promotion of human rights. Sargant was educated at Highgate School. Sargant, for much of his life a businessman and politician, became increasingly concerned with the impact of the law and legal services upon ordinary people.

In the mid-1950s, Sargant was asked to help mobilise lawyers in support of those accused in treason trials in Hungary and South Africa, and JUSTICE was set up as a result. Tom Sargant became its first Secretary and was a driving force of the organisation until his retirement in 1982. As a result of his commitment, persistence and determination, JUSTICE played a key role in taking up the cause of miscarriage of justice cases. Unless of course the miscarriage of justice was caused by certain people.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Sargant’s tireless campaigning resulted in some 25 people being released, or released early, from prison. Not any of the victims of a gang of sex offenders who were fitted up or indeed even merely accused and who found themselves in Risley Remand Centre obviously, they were left to suffer beatings from the screws on a nightly basis until their dead bodies would be found hanging after they had ‘committed suicide’ in the ‘hospital wing’ while Under Observation in conditions that constituted acceptable medical care, as Mark Carlisle, the constituency Tory MP for Risley, repeatedly reassured everyone prevailed at Risley.Mark Carlisle, Education Secretary

Mark became Lord Carlisle of Bucklow in 1987, the year of the Cunning Plan to fit me up and imprison me in Risley Remand Centre, with which Risley Remand Centre – as well as the Home Office, the North Wales Police, the Welsh Office, Clwyd and Gwynedd Health Authorities, the Mental Health Act Commission and of course the security services – were on board.

As well as serving in posts at the Home Office in which Mark blithely reassured the House that the number of 15 year olds being found dead in Raisley Remand Centre was of no consequence at all and the adequacy of the Medical Care provided was demonstrated by the provision of a visiting Pox Doctor in the absence of all other Care and Treatment, except for huge doses of liquid coshes. Leo Abse was I am told the Brains behind the Cunning Plan Leo-Abse.jpgto frame and imprison me in Risley.

Lord Carlisle was Chairman of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board until 2000. He died in July 2005 at the age of 76, another friend of the Gang who shuffled off this mortal coil in the month in which I was awarded my PhD.

Tom Sargant was instrumental in the establishment of Rough Justice, which led to the release of 18 victims of miscarriages of justice. Tom also played a major role in bringing about other key measures such as the creation of the office of Ombudsman and the establishment of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. In 1966 Tom was awarded an OBE and became a JP. He was made Honorary Master of Laws at Queen’s University Belfast in 1977.

In 1989 the first Thomas Sargant Memorial Lecture was given in his memory and has been given every year since. The lectures are organised by JUSTICE. The 2019 Thomas Sargant Memorial Lecture was delivered by Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws QC, President of the JUSTICE Council. Helena is the Director of the IBA’s Human Rights Institute and a Member of the House of Lords. In addition to being an author and broadcaster, Helena has acted in many prominent criminal cases over the last 30 years.The lecture is titled ‘Law and the Politics of Disruption’ and will be followed by a drinks reception, essential for all such occasions.The event is once again kindly hosted by Norton Rose Fulbright LLP.


Tom Sargant’s daughter was the educationalist Naomi Sargant (1933–2006).

Tom sargant – Rough Justice man – dafydd’s mate who was Brains re Rough Justice – naomi – his daughter – Naomi’s husband – Baron Mackintosh


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The most saintly contemporary Revolutionary Aung San Suu Kyi aka the Lady Of Burma will today be appearing before the International Court of Justice at The Hagueto defend herself – as well as the Burmese Generals – against allegations of genocide with regard to the Rohingya. The Lady already has the required flower in her hair for public appearances, is maintaining that the reports of the Rohingya being slaughtered are inaccurate – the Rohingya are no doubt Lying To Get Compensation – and The Hague cannot impose any punishment on the Lady anyway even if she’s deemed to be guilty, because it was the Burmese Generals wot did it.

Aung San Suu Kyi was born in 1945 in Rangoon, British Burma. Her father, Aung San, allied with the Japanese during World War II. Aung San founded the modern Burmese Army and negotiated Burma’s independence from the UK in 1947; he was assassinated by his rivals in the same year. Aung San Suu Kyi grew up with her mother and two brothers in Rangoon. One brother died at the age of eight, when he drowned in an ornamental lake on the grounds of the house; her elder brother emigrated to San Diego, California, becoming a US citizen. Aung San Suu Kyi was educated in Methodist English High School (now Basic Education High School No. 1 Dagon) for much of her childhood in Burma. She is a Theravada Buddhist.

Suu Kyi’s mother, Khin Kyi, gained prominence as a political figure in the newly formed Burmese Gov’t. She was appointed Burmese Ambassador to India and Nepal in 1960, and Aung San Suu Kyi followed her there. Aung San Suu Kyi studied in the Convent of Jesus and Mary School in New Delhi and graduated from Lady Shri Ram College, a constituent college of the University of Delhi in New Delhi, with a degree in politics in 1964. Suu Kyi continued her education at St Hugh’s College, Oxford, graduating in 1968. One of Gnome’s family is an alumnus of St Hugh’s College, Oxford. After graduating, Suu Kyi lived in New York City with family friend Ma Than E, who was once a popular Burmese pop singer. When living in New York, Suu Kyi worked at the United Nations for three years, primarily on budget matters, writing daily to her future husband, Dr. Michael Aris. On 1 January 1972, Aung San Suu Kyi and Aris, a scholar of Tibetan culture and literature, living abroad in Bhutan, were married. The following year Suu Kyi gave birth to their first son, Alexander Aris, in London; their second son, Kim, was born in 1977.

Between 1985 and 1987, Aung San Suu Kyi was working toward an M.Phil at SOAS, University of London. She was elected as an Honorary Fellow of St Hugh’s in 1990. For two years, she was a Fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS) in Shimla, India. Suu Kyi also worked for the Gov’t of the Union of Burma. She received a doctorate from SOAS in 1985.

In 1988, Aung San Suu Kyi returned to Burma, at first to tend for her ailing mother, but later to lead the pro-democracy movement. Michael Aris’s visit in Christmas 1995 turned out to be the last time that he and Aung San Suu Kyi met, as Aung San Suu Kyi remained in Burma and the Burmese dictatorship denied Aris any further entry visas. Aris was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1997 which was later found to be terminal. Despite appeals from prominent figures and organizations, including the United States, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Pope John Paul II, the Burmese Gov’t would not grant Aris a visa, saying that they did not have the facilities to care for him, and instead urged Aung San Suu Kyi to leave the country to visit him. She was at that time temporarily free from house arrest but was unwilling to depart, fearing that she would be refused re-entry if she left, as she did not trust the military junta’s assurance that she could return.

Aung San Suu Kyi continuously appealed her detention and many nations and figures continued to call for her release and that of 2,100 other political prisoners in the country. On 12 November 2010, days after the junta-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) won elections conducted after a gap of 20 years, the junta finally agreed to sign orders allowing Aung San Suu Kyi’s release and Suu Kyi’s house arrest term came to an end on 13 November 2010.

The United Nations (UN) attempted to facilitate dialogue between the junta and Aung San Suu Kyi. The results from the UN facilitation were mixed; Razali Ismail, UN special envoy to Burma, met with Aung San Suu Kyi. Ismail resigned from his post the following year, partly because he was denied re-entry to Burma on several occasions. Several years later in 2006, Ibrahim Gambari, UN Undersecretary-General (USG) of Department of Political Affairs, met with Aung San Suu Kyi. He also met with Suu Kyi later the same year. On 2 October 2007 Gambari returned to talk to her again after seeing Than Shwe and other members of the senior leadership in Naypyidaw. The United Nations Working Group for Arbitrary Detention published an Opinion that Aung San Suu Kyi’s deprivation of liberty was arbitrary and in contravention of Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948, and requested that the authorities in Burma set her free, but the authorities ignored the request. On 18 January 2007, the state-run paper New Light of Myanmar accused Suu Kyi of tax evasion for spending her Nobel Prize money outside the country. The accusation followed the defeat of a US-sponsored United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Burma as a threat to international security; the resolution was defeated because of strong opposition from China, which has strong ties with the military junta. In November 2007, it was reported that Aung San Suu Kyi would meet her political allies National League for Democracy along with a Gov’t minister. The ruling junta made the official announcement on state TV and radio just hours after UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari ended his second visit to Burma. However, the process delivered few concrete results.

On 3 July 2009, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon went to Burma to pressure the junta into releasing Aung San Suu Kyi and to institute democratic reform. However, on departing from Burma, Ban Ki-moon said he was “disappointed” with the visit after junta leader Than Shwe refused permission for him to visit Aung San Suu Kyi, citing her ongoing trial.

Mrs. Leah Manning Square, Bilbao, Spain.

Manning welcomed news of the October revolution in Russia, and became a member of the 1917 Club.[citation needed] In peacetime, she became an active speaker on behalf of Labour candidates in elections around the country. She was appointed headmistress of a new experimental Open Air School for undernourished children which Cambridge education authority had established on a farm site, and found this work exceptionally rewarding. In 1929, she served as organising secretary of the National Union of Teachers, becoming its President in 1930.[3]

In 1931, she was elected as MP for Islington East in a by-election on 19 February. She did not support Ramsay MacDonald‘s National Government and stayed in the Labour Party, losing her seat a few months later at the 1931 general election in October. She served on the Labour Party National Executive Committee from 1931 to 1932, and in the 1935 general election unsuccessfully contested Sunderland.[citation needed]

She was meanwhile moving away from her previous strict pacifism towards a more active anti-fascism. At the 1936 Labour Party Conference, several party members, including Ellen Wilkinson, Stafford Cripps, Aneurin Bevan and Charles Trevelyan, argued that military help should be given to the Popular Front of Spain, which fought Francisco Franco and his fascist Nationalist Army. Despite a passionate appeal from Isabel de Palencia, the Labour Party supported the Conservative Government’s policy of non-intervention.[citation needed]

Manning disagreed with the official line and became Secretary of the Spanish Medical Aid Committee. In the spring of 1937, she helped to arrange the evacuation of almost 4,000 Basque children to Britain[4] as well as around 200 adults, accompanying the children on the SS Habana.[5] While there she witnessed the bombing of Guernica. In 1938, Manning returned to Spain, where she wrote a report on the hospitals where British doctors and nurses were working. Back in England, she continued to be involved with the Basque children, visiting them and highlighting their plight. Manning was selected as Labour candidate for Epping and won the seat in the 1945 general election. In Parliament, she was known for her commitment to education.

She was remembered in 2002 by the renaming of a Bilbao square as Plaza de Mrs Leah Manning; a commemorative plaque from the Basque Children of ’37 Association was presented to the British House of Commons.[6]

A room is named in her honour at Homerton College, Cambridge.[7]

A blue plaque is to be erected to Leah Manning in 2019 on the site of the former ragged school in New Street, Cambridge which is now owned by Anglia Ruskin University and is used as their Institute of Music Therapy.

Manning was appointed a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1966. She remained active in educational work (opposing comprehensive schools) and her autobiography (called A Life for Education) was published in 1970. Her last years, before her death at age 91, were spent in the NUT Home for Retired Teachers at Elstree, England.

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The world was told that the North Wales Hospital Denbigh was being emptied of prisoners and closed in the summer of 1995; that was a lie. There were prisoners there until (at least) 2000, but no-one has ever come clean re which prisoners and when the Peep Show did finally close.

In the summer of 1995, Tony Francis et al continued with their attempts to make a case for me to be sent to live with Mr Savile and if possible lobotomised.

Saturday, March 27, 1999 Published at 13:44 GMT

World: Asia-Pacific

Obituary: A courageous and patient man

Michael Aris: Understood the Burmese people came first

Michael Aris, the husband of the Burmese opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has died of prostate cancer on his 53rd birthday.The British academic succumbed after a long illness without realising his wish to see his wife one last time.Described as a “courageous and patient man”, Dr Aris has campaigned tirelessly for Burmese democracy and received hundreds of awards on his wife’s behalf.

[ image: Ms Suu Kyi and Michael Aris]
Ms Suu Kyi and Michael Aris

They included the Nobel Peace Prize she was given in 1991 for her efforts to bring peace and democracy to Burma.A senior research fellow in Tibetan and Himalayan studies at St Antony’s College, Oxford University, he wrote numerous books and articles on Buddhism in Bhutan and Tibet.

The establishment of Oxford’s specialist Tibetan and Himalayan studies centre was his life-long dream.

Visa denied

Dr Aris was born in Cuba, where his father was a career officer with the British Council. His mother was the daughter of a French-Canadian ambassador.

He married Ms Suu Kyi on New Year’s Day 1972 in a simply Buddhist ceremony in England, but it was always on the understanding that they would have to be apart if the Burmese people needed her.

They have two sons, Kim and Alexander.

In the final months of his life, Dr Aris repeatedly attempted to gain a visa to visit his wife in Burma, but his wish was frustrated by the military government’s stalling.

Ms Suu Kyi declined to leave the country after her return there to nurse her mother in 1988, for fear that she would not be readmitted.

Five brief visits

She was placed under house arrest by Burma’s military government in 1989 following anti-government demonstrations that propelled her to the head of the opposition movement.

Mr Aris had only seen his wife on five brief occasions in the last 10 years – the last being in Rangoon for Christmas in 1995 after her release from house arrest.

Appeals by several countries, prominent individuals and organisations were made to the Burmese authorities to allow Mr Aris a visa.

The United States, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and the Pope were among them, but none were successful.


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

49 thoughts on “Revolutionaries We Have Known”

    Not so much about the detail, but the fact that there is a definite suggestion of naughtiness by cardiac surgeons and cardiologists.
    A confounding factor.
    So most cardiac surgeons don’t see gynaecologist as proper surgeons, so the fact that they have been killing large numbers of women and babies in their obstetric practice won’t trouble them merely confirm their surgical inadequacy, but fiddling the trial results around managing left anterior descending stenosis is a bit to close to home given the cardiologists provide the assessment prior to surgery or not. Cardiologists do the stenting.
    The big question is really how much was this worth and is this the start of TopDocs being called out ?

  2. Dear Readers
    I’m experiencing IT problems just as I’m trying to add details to the above post of the close relationships between Aung San Suu Kyi who is starring at The Hague today accused of facilitating genocide and Dafydd’s mate – as well as Peter Hain’s mate – David Ennals. Ennals was mates with Michael Aris, Aung San Suu Kyi’s husband. Aris taught at St John’s College, Oxford, alma mater of many Gang members, Edward du Cann and of course Miranda. Lucille and Sister Hutt’s mate Carwen Wynn Howell was living it up at the UN Beijing 1995 jolly when Aung San Suu Kyi addressed the Wimmin there.

    I had no idea; but it explains why a rather batty woman who used to live near Cricieth who was facilitating organised abuse knew Aung San Suu Kyi from their days at Oxford. The batty one was connected to Prof Mark Williams’s Mindfulness scam. Lady Lavender Patten of Barnes – Chris’s wife – was Patron of Mark Williams’s Oxford Mindfulness Centre, when Chris was Chancellor of Oxford and employing Mark Williams. Lavender is an old mate of Peter Hain’s from their David Ennals and AAM days…

    For goodness sake, how could anyone be so silly as to have let Dafydd’s crowd near the Lady of Burma?? Although it is hardly surprising that she’s ended up at The Hague. One person missing from that particular war crimes court is Dafydd himself.

    If the other Hague, Sister Hutt, the Pink Blancmange et al would like to reply to the e mail that I sent them last night with a few bits of info in, I’m ready and waiting for their replies…

    Can I have my money now please Lord Hain? Aung San Suu Kyi was supported by the British security services after all, no wonder all any member of the Gang had to say was ‘I’m mates with Aung San Suu Kyi/Michael Aris’ and they were untouchable.

    I’ll try and continue with the above post but I might be hampered again…

    So this women has lost trust in doctors. In the spirit of a pre- General Election NHS luv in I thought that I too would remind and share.
    How can the NHS England North Regional Medical Director not be interested in a GP colleague writing to them with concerns about serious organised crime in the NHS?
    It really does beggar belief.
    How can that GP colleague whose signed submission to their employing Medical Director not be dealt with through the NHS Whistleblowing Policy?
    How long does it take to organise a meeting? The answer 4 months with the NHS England Medical Director for the North East & Cumbria. How is it possible for the medical records to ‘go missing’ when they were electronic GP records. The family were unambiguously concerned that their father had been killed by his GP, but at age 94 didn’t want to cause a fuss.
    The same GP that Humberside Police failed to properly investigate, in my view, following my accusation of them killing an administrator/patient coding/informatics colleague with a Coroners Open verdict.
    The Practice that the Care Quality Commission has found to have serious failing in the drugs, including controlled drugs, management systems after myself and a colleague had raised drug diversion and fraud concerns.
    So ‘ keep your head down and collect your cash’.
    No. I voluntarily gave up my license to practice medicine and my livelihood. I have had no employment or income since.
    Loss of faith, but no loss of integrity.

    1. Over the past few days Richard I have sent details of serious organised crime in the NHS and Social Services in e mails to William Hague, Drakeford, Hutt, Julie Morgan, Vaughan Gething and Leeson; no replies. All the crimes of which I provided details are directly relevant to positions held past and present by that crew and were offences, some against children, that could incur prison sentences.

      There is no way that everyone in the NHS, welfare system and politics do not know at least part of the horror… They are now far too frightened to deal with it because they know the bottom line – Docs are murdering squealers. Yet this lot won’t resign either. I honestly don’t mind people being frightened in the face of gangsters, but they need to resign if they can’t stand up to the gangsters in the public services.

      I know that a lot of people in north Wales who’s families were of the Gang and in many ways were of the Gang themselves did deliberately let slip things in my presence because word had got round that I Was That Girl who had caused WW III by challenging Gwynne, they’d all hated him anyway and they knew that I had every intention of publishing the story one day. I haven’t minded doing it, not at all, it’s been a pleasure to expose the bastards. But I don’t want any more dissenters telling me that they stepped in to help because Ooh what happened to you was terrible. No, the Docs were killing their relatives and them, that’s why they needed me. I and my friends were left to die while other people ignored that and bagged the jobs and cars and holidays and houses. We were destitute. They then relied upon me to save their bacon.

      I don’t mind saving bacon, but you lot should have ALL stopped toadying to and doing deals with the Top Docs a long time ago. You should have flattened them instead. You are still not coming out of the closet. Every politician is currently prostating themselves before the NHS gangsters. Ooh a 4 yr old boy sleeping on a Leeds Hospital Floor Mr Boris! Shame On You! Er, if that little boy was on the floor, that is because the MILLIONS that have gone into the NHS in Leeds – have you seen the size of the big hospitals in Leeds? they’re not cottage hospitals – have been embezzled and squandered by Mr Savile’s mates who are still in senior positions in the NHS in the Leeds region. Archbishop John Sentamu’s wife is the Director of an NHS authority in Leeds. Why not ask her why the legacy of Savile has not been dealt with?

      I haven’t yet had time to blog about Leeds, but they’re Simon Leeson’s mates up there. One of them wrote a glowing reference for Richard Neale, the gynae at the centre of the biggest gynae scandal in UK medical history, hundreds of women maimed or dead during botched operations and no-one stopped him. Then there was Kerr and Haslam, the two psychs who over decades raped their female patients. Everyone knew, no-one stopped them. A Prof in Leeds threatened to tell all and was told by Leeds University that he’d be sacked if he did. Jane Wynn, the bonkers paediatrician at the centre of the Cleveland Abuse Scandal, was in Leeds. Jimmy Shroff, a GP trainee with DGE Wood, one of the Gang who then rocked up at St George’s when I was there, then bagged a job as a consultant gynae in Leeds… Malcolm Pearce, Bodgers partner in crime at St George’s, trained at Leeds…

      Yorkshire/Leeds was the centre of a huge ring, controlled by Savile and they exchanged staff with other rings. It was the Docs and senior managers doing it, everyone was either part of it, or terrified.

      Nothing to do with lack of money, the little boy was on the floor because the NHS is run by criminals who very probably ensured that the little boy had to sleep on the floor because there’s an election on Thursday and the Top Docs ALWAYS plant stories before a general election. The little boy’s mum and dad may not have been in on it but that’s what it will have been about.

      Lord Winston’s elderly mother found herself being treated on the floor in the corridor by Lord Winston’s mates at a most convenient time and gosh did Lord Winston milk that, along with all his well-heeled friends in certain factions of the Labour Party.

      BTW, Drakeford is close to Corbyn, they support each other. It is almost certain that Jezza has seen my recent e mails to Drakeford re serious crime in the NHS – including the abuse of a 12 yr old girl by a man of 30 known about by a mental health team who were Sharing with someone who was concealing the abuse – and that’s why Jezza’s heart is breaking at present over a four year old on the floor…

      Drakeford et al should be answering my e mails and telling me why these matters were ignored, but no, it’s people’s hearts breaking once more at election time. Surely Susan Calman should be tap-dancing in support of the SNP while wearing bunnies ears on her head, knowing that no-one will dare mention her old Top Doc dad Sir Ken, who concealed the crimes of Dafydd, Gwynne, Bodger et al…

      I have long since cringed at the children’s charidee in north Wales supported by the Gang, called Cuddles. There’s another one now called Happy Faces. I don’t suppose that anyone dares establish a north Wales children’s charidee called Gang Rape Followed By Lobotomy or Death In Risley.

      1. And can the dissenting police please stop asking me to provide full details of the most serious sex crimes committed by the Top Docs on this blog? They clearly know as much about them as I do, so the question is what were they doing while it was happening?

        Exactly how much more has to go up on this blog before someone says ‘Er, yeh, OK Baker, it was all a little beyond the pale and um we should not have ignored this for decades and then killed the witnesses…’

        Professor Owen Drife is now Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Leeds.
        He was bearded long before hipster fashion and bow tied , I guess it was easier not hanging down and all that.
        He presented himself as a certain medical archetype,-jazz band member, academic, mentor, holder of professional values , Bon viveur etc.etc

      So Matt says that ’whistleblowers provide a vital service for the NHS.’
      So as someone who received an email from me but who failed to respond this feels rather disingenuous. So Matt Hancock I will settle for £2M with no acceptance of liability but an acknowledgment that NHS England did not follow its own Whistleblower Policy. My professional concerns about serious organised crime in the NHS I will leave to you.

  4. Thanks for the links Wise Owl, Owen Drife is the man that I was thinking of, I couldn’t remember his name.
    Look at the dates of the cases – Neale was damaging patients en masse for years, Owen covered up for him in the mid-1990s, then the GMC finally got around to frowning at Owen a few years after that. Owen continued to be a Prof of Obs and Gynae and a Leader Of The Profession.

    The means of doing business is exactly the same today ie. unregulated criminals concealing each others wrongdoing. Neither does this only happen to women patients; I suspect that the only reason why more women than men seem to get clobbered in medical scandals is that too many of them succumb to Top Docs ‘invitations’ for needless screenings and treatments that do more harm than good. It really is not just straightforward sexism in medicine, I witnessed men treated appallingly in the mental health system and any man who dares stand up for a female partner or family member in the face of criminal Top Docs can expect a rough ride as well.

    After nothing changed in the years following Harold Shipman, although Dame Janet Smith’s Inquiry Report declared that the GMC were ‘drinking in the last chance saloon’, I commented to my PhD supervisor that the GMC were clearly getting completely pissed and smashing the pub up now. That was nearly 15 yrs ago. The pub has now been utterly trashed but the GMC have not yet been thrown out and banned. Instead there’s a 4 yr old on the floor because They Need More Money.

    I know that I take the piss out of Posh Women like Dame Janet – she did the Savile Inquiry as well – but my problem is not that they are Posh Women. The problem is the sort of Posh Women they are. Posh Women who conceal the most serious crap are now the first choice to Chair the Inquiry following monumental state disasters re health and social care. Butler-Sloss, Dame Janet (twice) and now we have Professor Alexis; Donna Ockenden is doing nicely out of leading investigations into NHS slaughters as well. They’re Women, so they’re Caring, Wise, Compassionate But Firm With Naughty Children. What they cannot do is stand up to gangsters, but then they’ve only Risen To The Top Of Their Professions because they have colluded with the gangsters for years.

    I don’t ever want a Public Inquiry into my case although it’s a corker, but if someone insists on holding one against my wishes, I want it Chaired by someone like Arthur Mullard. Likewise if the Top Docs succeed in finally killing me, I do not under any circumstances want a Law Passed called Sally’s Law. Please Brown, can you stop that happening if it looks as though it’s on the horizon?

    1. I see that the jury has just convicted John Allen of another load of sexual assaults on boys in his care in north Wales children’s homes in the 1970s and 80s. Allen will be sentenced in Jan but as he’s already serving a life sentence for sexual assaults on boys in care in north Wales, it’s neither here nor there really. John Allen had been convicted of assaults on boys in care before he set up the Bryn Alyn Community and went into business with Gwynne and Dafydd…

      As Ronnie Waterhouse assured us, John Allen was a kind and generous man, there was no big paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire, all those who complained were Lying To Get Compensation. Baroness Patricia Scotland represented the Welsh Office at the Waterhouse Inquiry and made that allegation as she cross-examined the former kids in care. Miranda gave her a peerage.

      John Allen is 78. I complained about Gwynne in 1984 and in 1986 my mate Anne was murdered.

      DGE Wood and Dafydd are still on the Medical Register and I’m still waiting for The Hague, Drakeford et al to reply to my e mails…

    1. The only surprise is that he’s been prosecuted Wise Owl; this bloke was not only doing what a great many Docs were doing but he’s was following the instruction manual. Who devised the ineffective screening for wimmin and girls? Jocelyn Chamberlain, Bodger’s wife and her mates! It was little more than an excuse for en masse groping. Furthermore the reason why celebs like Jade Goody received so much PR was so that pervy docs like this one could use it as a cautionary tale and urge them to participate in the groping sessions!

      They ought to give him a bonus really for doing exactly what the Docs were encouraged to do.

      It’s always a laugh when once in a blue moon one of them is actually prosecuted, but what really needs to be done is for representatives from the GMC, BMA, Govt AND security services to appear in public and admit that they have colluded with very serious crime, on a huge scale, in the NHS. Then withdraw all that funding that is not needed and explain exactly why the general public were treated with such contempt over so many years and why so many lies were told.

      I have been asked about John Allen’s conviction today. Well, if the people who came forward as witnesses feel happy that he’s been convicted, I’m glad for them. For my own part, all I can remember is how many times, in how many ways, I and others told how many people what was going on. No-one helped, no-one was interested, the crime continued, as did the slander towards us. The nastiness and lies continued until the day that I scarpered. No-one told us that people were telling others that I was a prostitute, no-one told me that letters between Brown and me had been flogged to George Carman, no-one told me that people were hacking into my e mails, no-one told me that Merfyn had been targeted because he and the Philanderer had refused to mistreat me, no-one told me anything. I was expected to keep calm while people tried to run me off the road, while people tried to set fire to my house and when I was repeatedly wrongfully arrested, only to be met with idiocies about me being ‘stressed’. Just fuck off all those who are so sorry, fuck off. You couldn’t even confine yourself to intimidating me, you went after anyone who supported me. Too late for apologies, you CHOSE to do this. You could have stopped the crime at any point. You didn’t.

      1. Baroness Patsy Scotland, the barrister for the Welsh Office at the Waterhouse Inquiry, is now Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Nations. It involves a lot of grand dinners with Important Foreigners and Brenda and family.

        Patsy believed that people were Lying To Get Compensation. Has she noticed that John Allen – who OWNED the homes in north Wales that housed hundreds of kids – has today clocked up a load more convictions for the sexual abuse of boys in his care in north Wales? Allen is going back to prison now after the trial, because he’s serving a life sentence for the sexual abuse of boys in his care in north Wales. It doesn’t matter what sentence he gets when he returns for sentencing in Jan because he’s already serving a life sentence. This is I think now Allen’s third or fourth jail sentence for the sexual abuse of boys in care, usually in north Wales, living in the homes that he owned and managed.

        John Allen made literally millions and millions of pounds from the fees paid to him by (usually) English Councils to Care For Troubled Children. The Troubled Children were diagnosed as Troubled by Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates. Then removed from their families and sent to John Allen. It was taxpayers money that funded all of it, the injuries and distress of the kids were ignored by social workers, doctors, magistrates, judges, police officers, teachers, lawyers, Angels etc across north Wales. The homes owned by John Allen were the responsibility of the Welsh Office Social Services Inspectorate who didn’t bother to visit most of them. The Secretary of State for Wales and the Ministers knew that there were many complaints but did nothing. The CPS knew that there were hundreds of complaints but did not mount prosecutions… Every MP and AM in Wales knew that something was terribly wrong in north Wales with kids in care and psych patients.

        Lord Hague is very quiet. Lord Hague who was Welsh Secretary and who’s wife was a senior Civil Servant in the Welsh Office. Before John Allen’s ‘guilty’ verdict was announced, last night I e mailed Lord Hague. I gave him details of the sexual abuse of a 12 yr old girl by a 30 year old man that the Hergest staff knew about, that was concealed by someone with whom the Hergest staff had diplomatic relations. No-one acted, no-one. I also supplied Lord Hague with details of even more serious offences committed by the same people directly related to concealing organised abuse in north Wales.

        I wonder when Baroness Patricia’s next Royal Banquet will be?

        How can Hague, Scotland and everyone else involved with the Waterhouse Inquiry or the Health and Social Services in north Wales during the 1970s, 80s and 90s remain in any professional position or public office? Take a look at the list of lawyers who acted for the ‘accused’ at the Waterhouse Inquiry. Many of them are still practicing. Niclas Parry is now a judge in north Wales.

        Baroness Patsy has since been Attorney General and worked in the Lord Chancellor’s Office (I think when Derry was in post…).

        Than man who owned and managed the homes is clocking up the convictions as the years roll by and the troughers are still at the trough, working up to bigger and better troughs. God knows where Patsy will find a bigger, more gold-plated trough than she has already but there’ll be one somewhere.

        1. Really sorry everyone, as I added info about Aung San Suu Kyi just now, some 10,000 words of text about other Revolutionaries disappeared! I really don’t think that I can be bothered to re-blog it all, only to risk it disappearing again…

    Dead mothers and babies in the Public domain do focus the mind on restoring the confidence of patients and the Public in the oversight of the medical profession. The protestations by the GMC are worthless and the RCOG are shown to be just grubby bastards. It’s a funny article because it came before the full(er) extent of deaths was known, counting being an advanced NHS function not usually employed.

      1. I know that Keith Pearson is telling lies as well Wise Owl! I’ll just tell Keith to have a look at the Medical Register and he’ll find the names Dr Dafydd Alun Jones, DGE Wood and Dr Tony Roberts still on it as Docs registered with a licence to practice. That tells us that nothing at all has changed since Shipman.

    1. This is why no-one in the NHS will whistleblow isn’t it, not even a Sir. Of course one should not knowingly make fallacious or malicious claims about one’s colleagues but I’m not sure that Sir Roger did. As you observe, so did people die or not? One is not allowed to criticise the NHS, full stop. No matter how serious the crime, no matter how many people knew about the ‘failure’, one is only allowed to repeat that the Doctors they were wonderful…

    Wise Owl knows that everyone knew about this doctor. He came a cropper not because of his medical or nursing colleagues blowing the whistle, quite the opposite. He killed the wrong man a professional rugby league player who ex -sanguinated because he didn’t tie off the splenic vein and his family were pissed off. His regular NHS and private anaesthetic consultant was the educational supervisor for all trainee anaesthetists at the hospital. We didn’t know my arse.

    1. Another ‘never again’ case Wise Owl; I note that it all kicked off in the late 1990s and the Never Again took place in 2000. It’s now 2019 and there have been a great many Never Agains since 2000.

      It is just so weird, there is a national blind spot or in the case of those in a position to know, a national terrified spot.

      I had an interesting experience this morning after briefly scanning ‘The Guardian’ online. I didn’t bother to read the usual horseshit about the evils of Boris, the Why Oh Whys or the bit about the woman who’d written about having her labia trimmed no less. The only thing that I read was Philip Pullman’s article re the debasement of society and public life and his memories of growing up in a world of adults who looked out for him, of public libraries, of works of art etc. Brown and I had aspects of that life, two able kids in a rural disadvantaged area who read our ways through libraries – Brown more than I, he is much cleverer than me – and despite the craziness that I have documented on this blog re Somerset life when I was growing up, there were people around whom I did admire, even if I later found out that they had feet of clay. Its about being an able adolescent, you do look at the world around you and notice what people are doing and what is going on.

      What I found so interesting about Philip Pullman’s article is that although it is sensitive and thoughtful and I agree with him completely re the debasement of public life, the callous pursuit of money at all costs, the outrage of the homeless being left to die on the streets and the idea that Gov’t has nothing to do with people being poor, I know that Philip knows just how bad the NHS and welfare system is, yet has never spoken out and doesn’t even in this article. Because Philip is a very close friend of Merfyn Jones, they were best mates at school and have remained close ever since. Philip knows what has happened in north Wales, he knew that Merfyn’s wife was killed by the Top Docs and Philip also knows about Bertrand Russell, Gwynne, Dafydd, the lot. He lived through it for a few years as a boy – his family weren’t Welsh, but his dad moved to work near Harlech and he went to secondary school with Merfyn – and his best mate lived in the village where Bertrand’s victims were being lobotomised by Gwynne…

      When Merfyn was VC of Bangor, Philip Pullman offered his services as a visiting Prof. The big universities like Manchester were boasting of Terry Eagleton, Will Self etc, then bugger me little old Bangor bagged PHILIP PULLMAN!!! Philip did not charge for his services and he really did turn up to Bangor and teach the students; they loved him, reported back that he was really nice, friendly, helpful etc. I sat behind him at a public literature event held at Bangor just before he became visiting Prof and he seemed very nice; the students around me didn’t realise who he was because he wasn’t all grandiose and pompous, but I noticed that he listened carefully to all the speakers – one was my mate, they weren’t famous like Philip Pullman – and was genuinely interested and responsive.

      Philip knew that Bangor University and his friend were under serious attack from the medical establishment and No 10 because Merfyn had refused to join in the vendetta against me. He knew just how bloody dire it all was and that the most appalling malice was raining down on Merfyn from the left as well as the right. Then a nasty article about Philip Pullman appeared in ‘Private Eye’…

      Philip Pullman never – as far as I know – became the target of a real vendetta and as far as I could see his career continued to bloom. But even Philip Pullman who is undoubtedly an intelligent and sensitive man who finds abuse of vulnerable people vile, has not dared speak frankly about the very serious problems in the NHS and what happens to those who spill the Top Docs pints…

      I’m not breaking any confidences about Philip Pullman, it is public knowledge that Merfyn was his best mate at school, they gave interviews together when Philip was appointed visiting Prof and I heard Merfyn talking about Philip and him as boys on Radio 4. Philip has also written about Merfyn’s teenaged Revolutionary phase and them going off to little cafes in north Wales and Merfyn trying to inspire the tourists to Rise Up And Overthrow…

      Philip Pullman’s article urges voters to vote tactically tomorrow and ensure that this bloody awful Govt do not get back in. I wouldn’t vote for them either but I’m not voting for the others instead… They are all just so shameful and so opportunistic and so DISHONEST that people really don’t even have the choice of voting for the Least Worst. Jezza Corbyn knew about the ring in Islington that was linked with Gwynne and Dafydd, he was mates with the union reps that defended them. That lot were of the many who were after Merfyn’s blood. Drakeford has banged on overnight about the sins of Boris and the NHS/Little Boy On The Floor. I have not published the recent e mails that I have sent Drakeford. I haven’t yet decided whether I will or not, I’m concerned about people’s safety if I do and people who’ve been sexually assaulted don’t really want it made public even if they are anonymised; Drakeford has received details of very serious offences against children carried out by people working in the NHS. He has not replied to me. I did tell Drakeford to resign in the light of what he knew about but ignored…

      Philip Pullman might have very good reasons for continuing to have faith in any opposition politicians but I have not.

      BTW, has anyone noticed how little publicity John Allen’s conviction has received?? One small piece on BBC News Wales. That’s the Mr Big of the Westminster Paedophile Ring there, he was owner of the homes where the kids were battered and abused and forced to have sex with Peter Morrison et al and trafficked to Brighton and London. It’s him, Mr Big, he’s a gangster, north Wales lived in fear of him, he’s linked to huge money laundering operations, to paedophile networks in Europe and the US, to child porn on a huge scale, to Class A drugs international dealers. One small piece on BBC News Wales with a photo of him looking like a perv with a sneering face and a few words about groping young boys. People who grassed on that man were found dead, constantly. He’ll still be running the empire from inside prison.

      Oh well never mind, it’s business as normal. Children in prisssson at Chrissstmasss, the homeless, St Martins, Giles Fraser Priest and Polemist, Wimmin, Wimmin, Wimmin, designer vaginas can liberate you…

      I’ll wait to hear about the next death of someone Who Knew about that trafficking empire of John Allen’s and Dafydd’s…

      THE GIRL FROM ROXETTE EVERYONE, THE 80s ROCKER, SHE’S JUST DIED… Read the details. Ah the Doctors tried their best…

      No wonder Philip Pullman’s keeping his mouth shut.

      Drakeford, how can you live with yourself? How do you do it? I know that you’ve read my e mails… It has simply encouraged you as it were… A DEAL WITH TORY SEX OFFENDERS DRAKEFORD, MADE BY YOUR COLLEAGUES TO KEEP COMPLAINTS ABOUT JOHN ALLEN’S BUSINESS QUIET.

      BTW did anyone notice the text that disappeared from this post yesterday? It was the history of Feminist MPs, female, Tory and Labour, who were mates with Nice Lady Doctors who were facilitating organised abuse, in Cheshire and Islington. I can’t be bothered to do it all again, particularly as text about the Lady Of Burma has disappeared as well now.

      Remember the name, as well as William Hague, it’s Edith Summerskill!! Edith was at the centre. I’d like to write a scholarly book about Edith, she was one wicked old bag, but I bet that no publisher would accept it. Edith, mates with John Strachey, fascist then communist, who knew my grandpa and was in turn mates with Bob Boothby, shagger of Ronnie Kray and Dorothy Macmillan. No wonder Edith was sent from Fulham to a seat in Cheshire when Maxwell-Fyfe et al expanded Gwynne’s ring….

      The suffragettes and early feminists were usually close mates with or the partners of men who were sexually abusing people… Posh, bohemian families supplied the early high profile feminists. I’d love to write an in-depth blog about it all but it’ll disappear… Then there were the Ladies Who Saved Those Children From The Spanish Civil War…They were a bit dodgy. And as a reader commented the other day, all those kids who were Saved From The Nazis. What were they saved FOR?? Just look at the names of some of the people who did the saving…

      Anyone for DAVID MAXWELL-FYFE and ELWYN JONES who led the Nuremberg trials and built a people trafficking business on the back of their spotless reputations? Then there was their mate Nice Young Doctor Wilfred Abse who Helped at Belsen, Wilfred who was mates with Gwynne and Dafydd, who’s crooked lawyer brother Leo advised on fitting me up…

      Do wake up everyone. I’ve had a bellyful of these absolute bastards. And they owe me for the porn.

      1. Pankhursts and Manchester. Gwynne’s mates ran the medical establishment in Manchester.

        Eleanor Rathbone and Liverpool. Lord Henry Cohen ran the medical establishment in Liverpool, then took Dafydd under his wing. Eleanor’s descendent Jenny Rathbone is sitting in the Senedd as a Labour AM. Jenny had been a journo and an Islington Councillor but gosh when I began publishing she suddenly decided that it was an AM’s life for her in Wales.

        My disappearing text yesterday led to the doorstep of Eleanor Rathbone.

        I’ve been told that the key to many mysteries lies with Clement Attlee, Gnome’s friend. I’ve got a biography of Attlee but I haven’t managed to read it yet. An officious pen pusher who Helped The Poor after an early career of what would now be called a social worker. Clem built a welfare state on the advice of Posh People who used Poor People as servants and often for sex as well. So the abuse became built in to the new welfare state and the Posh retained the upper hand. It’s why it was all so degrading, the brutal National Assistance regulations, the notion of the undeserving poor as opposed to the clean, deserving poor, the dreadful way in which the Ah the doctors were wonderful actually treated Poor Patients – meat and experimental subjects basically, if you were lucky a few Docs would see Poor People as Poor Wretches – it was not a Giles Fraser-esque business.

        There will have been genuine people, Posh and otherwise, but as today, they’ll have been elbowed out by the grandiose, greedy ones. Its how you become Top Of The Pile, particularly in politics. It’s a good strategy for fighting a war but not for running public services.

        No-one senior in the welfare state today would dare use the sort of language that was used about the Poor in the 1940s and 50s. But look at what is actually happening. The welfare state provides well-paid jobs for substantially middle class people. The most needy cohorts are left without Services and they are dying. It is always the same groups: kids in care, the mentally ill, the learning disabled, the elderly with dementia. Stop the hypocrisy and look at what is happening to those people, 70 yrs after the NHS was established. It is inexcusable. Organ transplants for Sam Galbraith, Dame Julia Polak and Vanessa Poeppinghaus; the elderly dumped naked on a bed and left to die and kids in care/psych patients trafficked and exploited.

        That lot hated Brown and me because we should have been Of Them. We are not and I will never stop telling people what they did to those without a voice who don’t write articles in The Guardian about having their bloody labia trimmed. BTW, the French can can girls used to hang weights on their labia to stretch them cos the Victorian Gents quite liked that. Ooh Mr Gladstone Sir… Not that you’ll see anything about that in the BBC adaptions of historical events.

        The Moulin Rouge. We Never Close! F used to use that phrase when he took the piss out of Dafydd answering the phone at 3 am lest it was Peter Morrison in the cells needing rescuing.

  7. Will Self’s wife was journo Deborah Orr. She died the other day, she was just a bit older than me. Cancer. Ah the Doctors they did their best…

    Will is a former heroin addict, Will and Deborah Knew About Much and Deborah was one of the many journos who Didn’t Dare Publish. Will at one point detoxed in a place in Somerset that I didn’t even know existed. Will wrote about his rather lacklustre experience there. His wife subsequently died.

    I do keep saying it; yes, some of these people could have been expected to die before they reached old age. But not as many as this.

    Someone needs to clean up medicine and quickly as well because we have already entered the abyss, we are no longer just looking into it. They are killing their patients, I and others have know it for a long while and no-one, no-one dares publicly admit it.

    Does Peter Hain know why an Islington Councillor and journo – the Islington of Little Nell, Miranda, Jack Straw and with Camden the heart of New Labour – who was part of the Rathbone dynasty (the Rathbone charidee provided ‘help’ to social carers in north Wales who abused kids in care) suddenly decided that a constituency in Cardiff needed her as their AM?

    1. After Jenny from Islington arrived in CARDIFF, Dafydd opened a new venture in CARDIFF. Hilarious, even for Dafydd; ‘The Living Room’, a Discreet Service to help Doctors and Professional with er drug problems. Now they know where they can score and tell the GMC that they are a Sick Doctor Under Medical Care if a la George Osborne’s brother, they’re caught flogging Class As to sex workers.

      Dafydd’s like The Goodies when they advertised themselves on their trandem in the 1970s, as being OK for any job, anywhere, any time, any place, just call The Goodies. One of whom, Graeme, was a Doctor of course. And Tim Brooke-Taylor has always been very anal. He still is. Bill Oddie shrieked with laughter during an interview post-Savile’s death and yelled ‘The head of the BBC didn’t know about Jimmy Savile??’ I appreciated his honesty on that matter but then Bill Oddie knew about me in Bangor because he knew birders who knew me… one of whom bagged a job at the BBC. Adrian Barnett. My friend Anne who was murdered was a big fan of Bill Oddie, all birders were. People who knew Anne knew Bill and I think that Peter Jackson, the birding student who sold lies about Anne and me and I am told a doctored tape recording of us taking the piss one day at home, knew Bill Oddie.

      Bill knew Zany Graham who knew David Kirke and Mr Bridgy Celeb.

      In 20001, Brass Eye comedian Chris Morris caused outrage with a spoof TV programme about Paedoph-Isles, how GB was drowning in paedophiles. I never saw the programme, but I remember the row and the many complaints. At the time I didn’t take much notice, but a couple of days ago someone sent me the script and Morris’s CV, asking me if I thought that this was related to my battles with the Gang. Chris Morris’s Paedophiles spoof contained references to rings of paedophiles that it is now known existed; some of them have been jailed eg. in the football clubs. Chris Morris’s Brass Eye programme was screened in 2001, the year following the Waterhouse Report and when the Gang were hatching yet another big plot to fit me up and imprison me. Chris Morris went to Bristol University and in 1987 began working in local radio in Bristol. In 198-87, Mr Bridgy Celeb bumped into David Kirke when Kirke was bungee jumping in er Bristol. Kirke et al were instant friends with Mr Bridgy Celeb in spite of the gulf in social backgrounds, life experiences and indeed age. Chris Morris worked with Peter Cooke, who was part of the Footlights crowd and mates with Zany Graham Chapman who was mates with Kirke and introduced that lot to Mr Bridgy Celeb…

      I have no problem at all with comedians taking the piss out of moral panics, I quite like it. But Chris Morris and his mates knew that there was a gang of er paedophiles who were killing witnesses and had been after my blood for years…

      After Mr Bridgy Celeb bumped into David Kirke, Mr Bridgy Celeb and his circle became acquainted with the most appalling High Society abusers and their mates. On every occasion that I dared go to Somerset there would be more chortling about the latest offensive bastard who had somehow begun rubbing shoulders with people they knew…

      So Chris Morris, who put you up to the paedophiles TV spoof then, when a gang of paedophiles were planning to have yet another go at me, and Mr Bridgy Celeb, with Kirke and the crowd, had gone into business with bungy jumping and then a catapult and er killed someone? They were acquitted on a technicality as ordered by Dame Heather Hallett, weeks after I was clobbered in the Courts for telling the secretary of a corrupt NHS manager who was facilitating a paedophile gang that he was a fat idiot.

      1. Dino the Bulgarian student died in Nov 2002. In Frenchay Hospital in Bristol, after the stunt with the catapult went badly wrong. Mr Bridgy Celeb told the media that there had been no previous problems. Yes there had; a broken arm with one person and a broken pelvis with another. Mr Bridgy Celeb was warned that he was going to kill someone…

        Before Dino died, Mr Bridgy Celeb was invited onto numerous TV shows as a bit of a card and after his friend’s girlfriend broke her pelvis via the catapult, it became a comedy item on Have I Got News For You. Hee hee Ladies would you let your bloke fire you from a catapult?? When Dino died, no-one mentioned that Stella had broken her pelvis and Mr Bridgy Celeb had been told to stop before you fucking well kill someone.

        Jo Brand has been remarkably silent about all this. Jo the former psych nurse who worked with Dafydd’s mates.

        1. The Gang constantly asked me about Mr Bridgy Celeb.
          Even Professor fucking Bluglass asked me about Mr Bridgy Celeb.
          Professor Bluglass who declared me to be ‘seriously irresponsible and dangerous’. It wasn’t me throwing people out of fucking catapults Bluglass as you damn well knew.

          I could say much more but I am beginning to think that no amount of evidence at all will tempt those in authority who knew EXACTLY what was going on to resign from their rather nice numbers or get others out of the corners in which they are sitting, wetting themselves with terror.

          What a bunch of tossers.


            Do you remember the mystery of Janner blanking complaints about pan European private military cadets receiving holocaust denial lectures at 1999 War and Peace Show Kent ?

            The local private cadet group was Roger Gale MP backed “Hitler Youth” Kent Adventure Training Corps. Not a mile politically and personnel wise from League of St George Nazis in area and their cartoonist one Robert Edwards The chap who, according to linkie, held Janner evidence.

          2. Richard,
            I have found out so much related to matters Greville Janner that you told me about when I first began this blog. Because some of it has also appeared – along with fantasy – on Neo-Nazi websites, I didn’t rely on them for my sources. I’ve only recently realised that the clue was in Gwynne’s mates such as David Maxwell-Fyfe and Lord Elwyn-Jones and their role in the Nuremberg Trials. After that they were heroes, who were untouchable and that’s why aspects of British history eg. British collusion with the Nazis, appeasement, Toby Low winning that libel case in the 1980s against Nikolai Tolstoy who dared publish matters on war crimes committed by the British Army etc are not spoken about, at least in lay circles.

            Maxwell Fyfe, Elwyn-Jones and their mates were involved with organised abuse pre-war and families like the Abses, Janners and Bodger’s were as well. They weren’t all Jewish, but after Nuremberg, the party began. Sadly the far-right did try to use the involvement of Jewish people, thus unpleasant headlines such as ‘Jewish sodomist’ (as in the link above). The Jewish link was from those families who exploited the crimes of the Nazis eg. Janner, Abse and of course the legacy of Freud and the Viennese crowd was important.

            I’ve just read Elwyn Jones’s autobiography, he wasn’t Jewish but he targeted abusers in that community to do business with, as did his wife and of course abusers from other communities as well. Elwyn-Jones was terrifying, Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate, Friend Of the Poor Jewish People, mates all over the world. I was planning a blog post about him; I still might try but I’m a bit fed up with disappearing text! Elwyn-Jones was mates with Airey Neave, a far right loony who he was mates with Thatch. This was nothing to do with fighting anti-Semitism, it was a load of deeply unpleasant criminals networking…

            A lot of them were involved with the KGB as well, the old Labourites of the 1940s and 50s. I couldn’t work out why, then it dawned – Churchill worked with Stalin against Hitler. DUH!! I did know that, I knew that when I was a kid from an old volume that I read at my grandpa’s – nowhere else, I was of the generation who were not told that Churchill worked with Stalin – but of course Stalin wouldn’t have just broken all ties would he. The Gov’ts and security services had each other over a barrel. Thus odd and ruthless people who were Labour MPs in Jewish communities in the East End like Ian Mikardo were involved with the Soviets…

            The whole situation was out of control, some of them were abusing kids, there were Royals involved, senior professional people and public servants and they just could not be reigned in…

            It really isn’t about ‘Jewish abusers’, it is about the party that Gwynne’s mates held after Nuremberg…

  8. Leicester City Councillor Castle Ward 1976-81
    Leicestershire County Council Councillor Evington Division 1976-1981
    Derby North MP 1983-97
    East Yorkshire MP 2001-present
    For those not familiar with political biography this represents the political career of Sir Greg ‘Silent’ Knight.
    I wrote to Sir Greg as my constituency MP but was unable to gain support in respect of my concerns of historical child sexual abuse in Bridlington and East Yorkshire.

    1. I caused a rumpus today after a confrontation with some Labour Party campaigners. I told them what I had put in my e mails to Mark Drakeford. No, they didn’t know who he was and Knew Nuzzing about the NHS in Wales. They told me that they were the National Labour Party and did I know that the NHS was underfunded? I gave them a few stats. They stood there repeating that They’d Never Heard Anything About This. I told them that if they were campaigning under a banner saying ‘Save The NHS’ they SHOULD know about this. I was told that now I was just being rude. I asked them if they knew that Jeremy Corby’s election agent from the 1980s was the business partner of a man who was imprisoned for sexual assaults on children. They went apeshit; I mentioned the name Margaret Hodge, all hell broke loose…

      I took refuge in a café. Outside I could hear the loudspeaker – Vote Labour, Vote Labour For the NHS…
      It was as good as the Spitting Image sketch where the Windbag yelled ‘Nurses, Nurses’ down the megaphone and then ‘Black People, Brown People, NURSES, Popular People’ and Fattersley says ‘Popular people?’ only to yell ‘Tory Party, Tory Party’ down the loudspeaker…

      1. As for Tony Francis working on behalf of the Tories re the leaked documents and the slander of the shy prostitute that was me, I’ve been told that Eric Sunderland was as well. Eric being on Brenda’s Secret Service, Carlo being the Chancellor of UCNW.

        I note that there is a claim in the High Court with regard to the 1982 Hyde Park bombing before Mrs Justice Yip at present. I’ve been told that info from my blog has been utilised. Name the sum that you want from Mrs Yip families of the former soldiers, she’s the daughter of Sir John Kay who ignored the perjury in the High Court against me in Feb 1990. Request as many noughts on that cheque as you want, this lot were so corrupt and disgusting I wish you all the best. We were ALL put in danger by stupid, corrupt politicians who were in hoc to a gang of paedophiles led by Gwynne and Dafydd…

  9. The Guardian online has a touching Down Memory Lane piece about Ceausescu’s regime in Romania. He and his wife Elena (who was given a PhD without knowing her arse from her elbow, a la some NHs staff in north Wales ‘because it will make the Trust look better’) were shot on Christmas Day 1989 and the Plucky Brits moved in, saw the Orphanages and Ah the Babies! Anyway, Brits went over with their Expertise – including colleagues and even friends of the Gang – to Help.

    Readers may remember the penchant that some Brits had for Rescuing Romanian orphans. I read the small print a few years later; it was admitted that the Rescuers had frequently handed the Romanian Orphans over to the Social Services because HIV infected kids who had been severely emotionally deprived for their entire infant years who sometimes had severe learning disabilities as well were a bit of a handful and not quite the pet bunnies that people had imagined. The Social Services couldn’t look after reasonably bright UK kids without trafficking them, so I’m wondering if anyone can tell me what happened to the Romanian kids who were handed over to Dafydd’s international trafficking ring in the 1990s? Where are they? There were quite a few of them in spite of the best efforts to conceal the extent of the problem. Why has no-one heard of them as the adults that they will be now?

    I remember the Romanian Revolution well. There was a girl who was a Romanian exile who was mates with some of the lab staff at St George’s who used to drop in and after the Revolution, she turned up in the tea room and said that there was a lot of bad feeling between Romanians in Romania who’d lived under Ceaucescu and fought to overthrow him and those like her who’d got out to the UK. Cathy Wilson was her usual offensive self and commented that the Romanian Revolution only lasted three bloody days, it was hardly suffering. Even the St George’s staff met that observation with a sharp gasp…

    If we are to Remember The Suffering Under Ceausescu, perhaps Brenda can explain what he was doing on the State Visit to Buck House in 1978? Now don’t tell me that you didn’t know what Ceausescu was doing in Romania Brenda, because the exiles held a robust protest in the Mall and the over-the-top golden carriage transporting you and the lovely Nic was diverted so that Nic didn’t have to look at all the bellyaching protestors! Then Brenda gave him an Honorary K…

    There were Diplomatic Relations that preceded Nik’s State visit to the UK. In 1976, Lord Elwyn-Jones, Chief People Trafficker, and his wife Artist Polly, visited Romania on a Diplomatic Mission! They had a wonderful time and Elwyn Jones and Nic appeared together on TV on a lengthy programme. Romanian TV was entirely under the control of the Regime at the time. After all there was the forced pregnancy testing in factories – Romanian women were required to breed and any woman who did not give birth every two years or so was subjected to Gang like-control in order to produce kids. Then Ceausescu began razing all old properties to dust because he liked Modern Things. It was how some of the finest architecture in Europe was destroyed. The UK Gov’t DID know what was going on…

    While Elwyn-Jones ‘was seeing politicians and lawyers’, Polly ‘was visiting folk museums and delivering lectures to several institutions and art schools’. Part of Nic’s regime was cultural construction a la The Invention Of Tradition on a vast scale…

    So Dafydd and Gwynne’s People Trafficker General and his wife Lady Haw-Haw were the advanced guard to make links with two of the most hated and feared dictators in Eastern Europe. Then when they were assassinated, we Saved Romania and brought a few of their babies back to the UK. They were given to the abusers of the British welfare state and they seemed to have disappeared without trace.

    The media interest has disappeared – in fact one of those who secured a Romanian Orphan and I think Gave It Back To The Social Services was a well-known UK journo… There were other accounts of people who’d adopted more than one Romanian orphan and kept one but returned the others… There is no way that the British Care system will have ever cared adequately for disabled HIV infected children who couldn’t communicate. So what happened to them?

    Furthermore, there were more than a few people in north Wales who had turned themselves into charidees popping over to Romania. I knew a few people who were concerned about some of those involved. They were usually linked to the Gang, the NHS and Bangor University. It doesn’t bode well.

    As for the Elenas of the North Wales NHS who bagged postgrad degrees in return for er nothing really, two of the culprits were Gwerfyl Roberts and her mate Fiona Irvine. Both had been Angels working with abusers who turned into University Lecturers once nursing became a degree level subject. They were incapable of postgrad work and once they had been given their own Masters and PhDs to Make The NHS Look Better, they were given PhD students to supervise. The fuckwittery and bullying were so bad that one student had a nervous breakdown and escaped to a job in Liverpool. The student who replaced her was subjected to exactly the same and he became ill, and transferred to another supervisor. When Ron Ipophen, the Post-Graduate Tutor for the School of Nursing retired shortly after, his desk was found to contain letters from students and staff making serious allegations of bullying on Fiona and Gwerfyl’s part. None of the complaints had been dealt with and the activities of those two had been entirely concealed.

    By that time Fiona had been given a Chair of Nursing at Glyndwr University. She then moved on to a Chair at Liverpool, where one of her victims had gone to escape her. After Fiona had pulverised her all over again, Fiona bagged a Chair in Birmingham. Prof Fiona Irvine is now Head of Nursing at Queens Medical Centre, Birmingham University. It has been blackmail all the way…

    As for the dreadful Gwerfyl, she retired soon after her Big Mate Fiona left for richer pastures. Gwerfyl was in the Daily Post last week. She is now a Health Adviser for the Welsh Language Society. Gwerfyl told the Daily Post that the state of the NHS in north Wales really is shocking….

    Another one of Gwerfyl and Fiona’s victims has still not finished their PhD but they are on secondment with the Welsh Gov’t at the moment.

    The Angelic Abusers of North Wales went across the UK once they had received their free gifts of PhDs. I have blogged about Fiona previously, as well as Prof Mike who rocked up at Sheffield. There is also a Professorial Angel at Dundee University who’s colleagues can’t understand why she’s so incompetent and unpleasant. I know why. It’s because a whole cohort of Angels who knew what Gwynne and Dafydd did to me and others during the 1980s and 90s used it to build their careers…

    Anyone got any idea why one of the main sources of trafficked labour, including sex workers, into the UK is er Romania? Organised gangs in Romania seem to have excellent links with partner gangs in the UK. How ever did that happen?

    1. Wise Owl, it could be that yet another offensive insensitive Top Doc just morphed into the rest of them! I have received info about Scarborough Hospital, my friend lives nearby – she told me Savile’s activities in Scarborough WERE known locally well before he died – and Scarborough Hospital has the sort of problems at least re the mistreatment of psych patients that exists in north Wales. I heard first hand anecdotes of utterly callous ‘care’, of deeply distressed patients being left in situations where there suicide was inevitable, it was all very familiar.

      I sometimes wonder what it must be like to live in an area that has not been blighted by a vicious sex abuse gang and to actually have positive experiences with the NHS. I do bear in mind that there are people who just have never witnessed what you and I have witnessed in the NHS and find it hard to believe. I was just pondering earlier on how low some people sunk in north Wales and Bridgwater, but then if you’re facilitating a paedophile ring you’re not going to be a particularly nice person are you?

      I was familiar with newcomers to Bridgwater or Gwynedd saying that they had never encountered such vicious people, what on earth was wrong with them?? It was the bloody Westminster Paedophile Ring targeting disadvantaged people, that’s what it was all about. I was lucky as a teenager because I had my good friend from school – who was later targeted by Michael Grade – Brown and his brother, and they were lights in what was often quite a harsh landscape. I had other mates too, I was always one for having a laugh at school, but those three stuck by me through everything. It took me a while when I was a teenager to realise that those three were not Posh or Soft, they were just NORMAL and hadn’t been brutalised like so many around me had…

    The Diocese of Middlesbrough has a long tradition of pastoral care for vulnerable children, including Romanian ones.
    Sadly it does seem that the record shows Home Office Inspectors recognised the brutality suffered from the outset but it appears no effective action was taken. The later Court record shows decades of sexual abuse in addition to physical injury at St. William’s College there only ever being one General Medical Practice in Market Weighton.
    The footprint pertaining to the institution on the Castle Howard Estate is buried under a golf course.

    The wisdom and depth of insight is really most alarming, really beyond common perception.
    How is that that the Archbishop of Canterbury can be so numb? Has he really not been out and about in the the last few years. I really do suggest that he removes himself from Public life and ponders on his own decisions and actions.
    Spiritual leader my arse.

    1. It is obligatory for people in public life who have colluded with serious crime/organised abuse to raise their deepest concerns about the Vulnerable at present Wise Owl. It is a natural extension of the caring social workers who abused and framed my friends and I in the 1980s/90s going on CND marches and then becoming keen on Mindfulness and Compassionate Therapy. We just howled with laughter, but that showed how Callous, Uncaring and even Dangerous we were.

      Likewise Lisa Nandy is a strong contender to be Labour’s next Leader. Lisa who’s granddad Sir Frank Byers was the man who hurled insults at Norman Scott when Norman told Sir Frank what Mr Thrope had been up to, Lisa who’s dad was an academic at Leicester University when the entire institution was covering for Greville and Frank Beck. I realised this morning that Lisa’s grandfather probably knew my grandfather. My grandfather pissed off Tiny Rowland, Lisa’s granddad benefited from Tiny’s trafficking ring. I’m Dangerous, Lisa’s a Strong Woman.

      If it isn’t Lisa who’s elected it could be Yvette Cooper – her dad was a leader of a union representing middle class people and Yvette has kept schtum about the abuse ring in her Yorkshire constituency – or it may be Angela Raynor. Angela has an Inspirational Backstory; she certainly isn’t as privileged as the others and sometimes Angela Raynor says very sensible things, but then she sort of spoils it by going into a standard public services union rep narrative. I’ve only just found out why: Angela was formerly the UNISON rep for the north west of England. Which has rather disappointed me, because it means that Angela covered up much abuse of vulnerable people…

      The Labour Party are I think about to shoot themselves in the foot big time. They are about to elect their first Woman Leader because the Tories laugh at them for never having had one, but all the Wimmin who have put themselves forward are somewhat lacking and some of them are timebombs. So the Labour Party will soon be notorious for having elected a disastrous Leader Because They Were A Woman. It’ll set feminism back 60 yrs, but the Labour Party will still do this, just watch…

      The Labour Party has a problem with Wimmin but not the problem that everyone thinks. The Labour Party is in reality a very tokenistic Party in every way and it behaves like that towards Wimmin as well. I don’t generally like the brand of Tory Woman that becomes a Minister, but the Labour Party selects if anything even more unpleasant ones; privileged, utterly ruthless Wimmin who have colluded with abusive men yet wave their credentials as Feminists Who Care About The Poor. It’s seriously offensive.

      Anyone for Margaret Hodge?

      1. BTW Wise Owl, I do agree with Archbishop Justin that the Royal Family can’t be expected to be superhuman saints, but they should be able to keep away from serious organised crime and sex offenders…

        I’ll just remind readers that before he became a clergyman, Justin was an executive for the oil industry that was running the London Hospital and the trafficking ring linked to Gwynne and Dafydd that was operating there…

      2. Lord Frank Byers: Born in Wallasey, Cheshire, Gwynne Territory; was mates with Harold Wilson at Oxford; Liberal MP for North Dorset, lost his seat in 1950. Continued to hold office in the Liberal Party, bagged a peerage in 1964, in the fall-out from the Profumo Affair. Became Liberal Chief Whip in the Lords. Died from a heart attack in Feb 1984, days before I was coerced into seeing Gwynne.

        Nice pedigree Lisa! Do your constituents know or do they believe that guff about you being an Oppressed Asian Woman? Lisa’s husband is by profession a PR guru.

        Back in the 80s when Private Eye were still running the Battle for Britain cartoon, as well as Fatty Heffer, Taffy Kinnock and Barmy Benn pitched against Herr Thatchler, there was also Roy Chatterjee, a very obvious Fattersley, coloured in a shade of brown wearing a turban. I asked Brown why the Eye was lampooning Fattersley as a Sikh and Brown told me that it had stemmed from Fattersley making ill-advised comments about identyfing with his constituents, Fattersley being a Fine Diner and a Consumer of Claret while representing Sparkbrook, one of the poorest seats in Birmingham with a high ethnic minority population. Fattersley made no difference to the plight of his constituents at all…

        I can foresee similar pisstaking at the expense of Lisa the Oppressed…

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