Shurely Shome Mishtake

This post takes follow on from my post ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’, which I was unable to finish due to electronic interference and then the jamming of my computer. I’ll provide the info in this post that I intended to provide before I was jammed, with more context and additional information.

‘Holding the Country To Ransom – Part II’ discussed Sir Allan Green, DPP, who was appointed in 1987 and resigned in the autumn of Oct 1991 after being cautioned by police for kerb crawling at King’s Cross. Sir Allan stated that he had stopped his car to ‘talk to’ the sex workers. In the light of Sir Allan’s track record as DPP, him talking to sex workers could have been rather more worrying than him kerb-crawling with the intention of buying sex. Throughout Sir Allan’s time as DPP, the Gang in north Wales constantly fitted up me, as well as others who had complained about their criminal activities and failed to prosecute members of the Gang no matter how serious their offences and how much evidence there was. Green was DPP when the Gang were part of a huge conspiracy to fit me up for ‘attempting to stab a doctor’ which involved many people who it was demonstrated had lied to the police. None of them were investigated but I was charged with causing one of those who had lied to the police ‘alarm and distress’. Then there were the many other unlawful arrests which resulted in me being released without charge after hours in the cells because it transpired that members of the Gang had lied to the police…

While Green was DPP, there were many complaints made by targets of the Gang about them. The complaints went nowhere and people were told to get out of the police station or they’d be arrested themselves. I was told by the Sgt in Menai Bridge Police Station as I entered the station to make a complaint about Tony Francis, who had, in full view of the Sgt, pursued me down the road with a camera taking photos of my bum while commenting on it, that if I actually stepped into the police station, I’d be arrested for breaching the peace. The Sgt was kind enough to tell me then to go and jump off the Menai Suspension Bridge, a popular suicide spot for Empowered Service Users and just a few hundred yards away from the Police Station. I then rang the same station the next day to complain about that Sgt; I spoke to a much nicer officer whom I had met previously when the Gang had me arrested, a man called Kelvin, but Kelvin refused to record my complaint. On other occasions I tried to make complaints about the Gang to Inspector Beedham and Sgt Tim Evans but no, they wouldn’t record my complaints either.

I was by no means alone in having such experiences, it was routine. Patient F was fitted up for class A drugs offences and arson in either 1986 or 1987; even if the original fit-ups had not occurred on Allan Green’s watch, because F was unlawfully detained in Risley Remand Centre – where he witnessed what was probably a murder of an inmate by the screws – and then unlawfully detained in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh for a year before the most serious charges against him were dropped after, in the best north Wales tradition, Court hearings were repeatedly postponed as the defendant’s life fell apart, many of the bizarre events involving F at that time will have taken place when Green was DPP.

Green was DPP when a number of serious complaints against VIP offenders were never pursued, although it has since been admitted that it cannot be explained why. Here’s a press cutting from Green’s time as DPP, which mentions Greville Janner:

Sir Allan Green was a member of Inner Temple, as was Mr Thrope and Lord Michael Havers, who, as Thatch’s Attorney for England and Wales, as well as N Ireland, 6 May 1979-13 June 1987, admitted that he blocked the prosecution of VIP child sex offenders, including that of the diplomat and the (alleged) Deputy Director of MI6 for many years, Sir Peter Hayman. Michael Havers was the Tory MP for Wimbledon, 18 June 1970-11 June 1987. Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain and many other staff of St George’s Hospital who were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring and associated criminality lived in Wimbledon. As did John Moore, who served as Thatch’s Secretary for the DHSS, 13 June 1987-25 July 1988. Havers was Heath’s Solicitor General, 5 Nov 1972-4 March 1974, so the collusion on Michael’s part with Dafydd, Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist and others dates back at least that far.

The collusion with Dafydd and Gwynne re the Havers’ family is inter-generational; Michael Havers’s father Sir Cecil Havers served as a High Court judge, 1951-67. Sir Cecil was a member of Inner Temple, as was Michael’s sister, Lord Justice Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, who concealed the extent of the crimes of Dafydd’s partner gang in the North East when she Chaired the Inquiry into the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal in 1988. See post ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and The Culprits Were Named’. ‘The Guardian’ kept everybody’s spirits up by publishing articles about the Compassionate Lady Judge who had made it in a Man’s World and who, being a Wife And Mother herself, knew what she was doing and ooh when she spoke to those traumatised children, she knew just how to do it. Peter Preston (see previous posts) and co forgot to mention that Butler-Sloss failed to get into Oxford like the rest of her family, went to work as a secretary, but unlike any other secretary on the planet was identified as being High Court Judge material and was plucked from behind her typewriter and sent on the way to her true destination.

Butler-Sloss was one of the eminences who left a glowing tribute to Dafydd’s mate Top Doc child psychiatrist Prof Israel Kolvin on Issy’s website. Issy was one of those who facilitated the ring in the North East and handed many kids over to the care of the Gang in north Wales.  See previous posts. Butler-Sloss was one of the series of Posh Women who was appointed as Chair of the IICSA and who was then rapidly blown out again for being ‘members of the establishment’. It was later revealed that Butler-Sloss, an enthusiastic Anglican, wanted the C of E excluded from IICSA and there was much anger about this.

The IICSA ended up with a Chair who is a Professor of Social Work, who has concealed abuse during her career, who was responsible for the mess that was the Orkney Satanic Panic and who was appointed the most senior social worker in Scotland by FM Jack McConnell. See post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – The Scottish Play’. Jack became FM because he was at Stirling University with my best mate from school, found out what was happening to me at the hands of the Gang and then used the knowledge for his own gain ie. progress through the Scottish Labour Party, while shafting my friend and the man whom she subsequently married, who was also at Stirling with Lord Jack. See previous posts eg. ‘The Turn Of The Screw’.

We have heard a great deal about Abusing Priests from Prof Alexis Jay, but very little about gang raping social workers who took children into care and literally passed them around to others for sex, including to er priests and others, or who wrote reports denouncing people as liars, psychopaths and ‘disturbed’ if they named sex offenders, including priests and then subsequently removed their own children from them often on the basis of fallacious allegations, gossip or rumour.

Why has there been so many problems with the IICSA? Because, as I keep telling people, the problem is so big that there are simply not any lawyers, Top Docs or social workers in senior positions who are not complicit. They simply are not there; people who colluded with organised abuse were systematically promoted, those who spoke out had their careers ruined and those who hated what was going on but could not face what they would have flung at them if they spoke up either languished in junior roles or left and found another career. There aren’t any people at the top of that particular tree with clean hands.

Michael Havers was elevated to the position of Lord Chancellor on 13 June 1987; he only remained in the post until 26 Oct 1987 before standing down as a result of ‘health problems’, so I suspect the real reason was sordid.

Havers was appointed Lord Chancellor at the very point that I received letters from Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authorities telling me that Dafydd would not respond to any of my letters of complaint but did invite me to ‘discuss my concerns’ with him in person at Ysbyty Gwynedd the following month. When I arrived as arranged, Dafydd was not there. A junior doctor was, who told me that he knew nothing about any complaint, but asked me how I was ‘feeling’. I replied that this was not a clinical consultation, I had travelled up from Leicester (where I was then living, with Brown) to discuss a very serious complaint. The doc told me that he was not discussing any complaint, he wanted to know how I was. I yelled at him that I had absolutely had enough of being lied to and pissed about. The police were called, I was arrested and while I was at Bangor Police Station, the junior doc made a statement saying that I had tried to stab him…

Jeff Crowther, the nursing officer who had been in the room at the time, made a witness statement saying that I had not tried to stab anyone. I was still not released and while I was at the police station, a number of other NHS staff rang the police saying that I had threatened to kill them. It became clear to the police that they were lying as well. Yet I was still not released and at midnight Dafydd crashed into my cell, told me ‘I won’t be offering ewe any help tonight, I think ewe should be in  prrrissson’ and then left. The next morning I was charged with causing Tony Francis ‘alarm and distress’ and bailed pending an appearance at Bangor Magistrates Court. I returned to Leicester…

A Top Doc’s Expert Opinion was demanded and somehow I ended up being sent to Dr James Earp in Leicester, one of those concealing the ring in Leicestershire that was directly linked to Dafydd’s Gang. Earp subsequently wrote a Report – but not until 1988 – concealing the criminality of Dafydd et al. See post ‘An Expert From England’.

Michael Havers resigned as Lord Chancellor after I had been charged, after the advice of James Earp had been sought, after Brown had asked my lawyer in Bangor, Alwyn Jones, if charges of perjury could be brought against the Gang only to be told that wouldn’t be possible and after I wrote to the Mental Health Act Commission – YET AGAIN -as well as a number of other parties about the continued events in north Wales. Before Havers stood down, Dafydd rang me up and told me that if I withdrew my complaint he would get me a place at Liverpool Medical School. I rang off at that point. Brown had heard the phone call and subsequently wrote a letter of complaint to Gwynedd Health Authority. He received no reply. We were under surveillance by the security services at the time and they recorded everything. Havers stood down as Lord Chancellor after these events but before Earp compiled his Report for the Court absolving Dafydd et al of all blame.

Documentation in my possession demonstrates that the Home Office – Douglas Hurd was Home Secretary at the time – Risley Remand Centre and the Mental Health Act Commission were all part of a substantial conspiracy that had been planned with Clwyd and Gwynedd Health Authorities shortly before the General Election of June 1987. It could not have all happened without assistance from the highest levels of Gov’t.

Since beginning this blog I have received info that even the jobs that I was offered in medical research were orchestrated at a senior level to make things very difficult for me. The job at the Cancer Research Campaign labs at Nottingham University that I began up in Sept 1987, from which I resigned in Dec 1987 because Prof Robert Baldwin was perpetrating a massive research fraud with Zoma, an American drug company (see post ‘Oh Lordy! It’s CR UK’); the job at Surrey University with Prof Vincent Marks, who was the brother of Dr John Marks, the Chairman of the BMA who was not only one of the Mr Bigs behind the strategy to wreck my career but was also using the shafting of me in his battle with Ken Clarke who joined in with the shafting of me because the crime to be concealed was so serious; and finally the job at St George’s, the HQ of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, which was designed to ensure that I was soon out of medical research for ever.

Dr John Marks is a barrister as well as a Top Doc. He was Chairman of the BMA, 1984-90 ie. from the year that I first encountered Gwynne to 1990, the year in which I was taken to the High Court three times on the basis of the perjury of Marks’s colleagues in north Wales. In Dec 1990 I was arrested once more on the basis of their perjury and forced out of my job at St George’s and indeed medical research altogether. This was the month after Thatch resigned; John Marks and his pal Geoffrey Chamberlain really loathed Thatch. As did Uncle Harry and that whole group of greedy, crooked Top Docs who were members of the Socialist Health Association and had the Labour Party eating out of their hand. See previous posts. Marks and his crew wanted to bring down the Tory Gov’t, that was the ambition. But not by investigating my concerns which would have exposed the Westminster Paedophile Ring and er John Marks’ and his mates’ substantial role in facilitating it. The BMA advised the Gang every step of the way with regard to harassing me, having me framed, refused NHS care etc, the names of the BMA reps and their contribution appears all over my documents, spanning years. They were busiest when John Marks was Chairman of the BMA and Gwynedd Health Authority even paid Tony Francis to go and meet A.H. Chadwick (Dr Tony Chadwick), the BMA rep who was advising on the unsubstantiated allegations and the perjury. On other occasions Tony Chadwick, who was based in Cardiff, travelled up to north Wales to meet Francis and his lying, criminal colleagues, who took to calling themselves ‘BMA psychiatrists’ on the correspondence. There is no doubt as to who the organisation driving the criminality was.

[ image: Dr John Marks: 'Healthcare before the NHS was a disaster']
Dr John Marks: ‘Healthcare before the NHS was a disaster’

Top Tips: MI5 and MI6! Next time that you encounter a witness to gobsmackingly impressive crime that is causing huge problems in terms of a series of corrupt PMs, international crime and terrorism, instead of doing all that you can to destroy that witness and her friends by repeatedly ensuring that they keep landing jobs with the biggest, most corrupt bastards on earth – during which time they STILL blow the whistle consistently – how about realising that they might have a useful contribution to offer?  It will be rather more fruitful than systematically promoting the most corrupt dangerous people to the top of crucial sectors such as law and healthcare.


When Michael Havers stood down as the MP for Wimbledon to take up the post of Lord Chancellor, he was succeeded as the MP for Wimbledon by another Tory, Dr Charles Goodson-Wickes, who retained the seat until 1997.

If Michael Havers serving as the MP for a constituency packed with healthcare professionals and their associates who were facilitating serious organised crime was worrying, Dr Goodson-Wickes gave no-one any cause to sleep more easily. Goodson-Wickes was the MP for Wimbledon when I worked at St George’s and the institution was pervaded by a toxic culture, extreme workplace bullying, research fraud, criminality and patient harm. It tended to be the more senior members of staff at St George’s who lived at Wimbledon on account of the property prices there.

Goodson-Wickes served in the Life Guards in the British Army and in the First Gulf War. Goodson-Wickes was the Principal for two occupational health practices, advising Barclays BankRio Tinto and other multi-national companies, 1980-94.

Rio Tinto owned Anglesey Aluminium, which for many years during the 1970s and 80s was the biggest employer in north Wales. Liz Stables, the Angel who worked at the UCNW Student Health Centre, a friend of Dafydd’s who was part of the trafficking team, worked as the Angel for Anglesey Aluminium before she arrived at the Student Health Centre in 1983-84. I’m wondering why Liz left Anglesey Aluminium; they paid her far more than UCNW did, she remained on very good terms with them, her mates from Anglesey Aluminium were always dropping into the Student Health Centre or ringing her up for a chat and she was very critical of UCNW’s senior management. Liz appeared in the Student Health Centre at the same time as Tony and Sadie Francis appeared in north Wales as part of the influx of Nice Young Doctors to show that Things Had Changed after the Mary Wynch bomb. All of the Nice Young Doctors were fully on board with the Gang, as was Liz, they just had better social skills than Dafydd and Gwynne. Liz replaced a crabby old bag who had worked as the Angel at the Student Health Centre for years; she was so crabby that I didn’t bother to interact with her. One day Liz arrived who was completely different, friendly, chatty and entertaining. But unfortunately another people trafficker. It is clear that Liz was imported into the Student Health Centre for a purpose, but who was behind it and why UCNW then paid her so little that there was an on-going battle I can’t work out.

Goodson-Wickes was a consulting physician for BUPA, 1976-86.

Goodson-Wickes was educated at Charterhouse and Bart’s. He trained at Bart’s when the generation of Top Docs which included the surgeon Reginald Vicks were facilitating organised abuse at Bart’s. Vicks was the father of Dafydd’s  and Gwynne’s High Society social worker friend Lady Juliet Bingley, who married Admiral Sir Alec Bingley. Sir Alec Bingley served with Lord Louis Mountbatten and was au fait with the Ugandan discussions involving Mountbatten and the scandal with the gay spies in the Admiralty. See eg. post ‘The Defence Of The Realm’.

Lady Juliet studied at the LSE when it was full of the Westminster Swinger Richard Crossman’s friends and she undertook her student social work practice with Liverpool Personal Services, with which Dafydd and the Gang had a cosy relationship and after qualifying, worked at Bart’s as a social worker. Lady Juliet, like Richard Crossman and the General Secretary of the TGWU Jack Jones, was a good friend of the former PM of Malta, Dom Mintoff, who was one of the bosses of the Maltese Mafia. See previous posts. Lady Juliet became Chairman of MIND when that organisation was run by Dafydd; her son William became MIND’s Legal Director and then the Chief Exec of the Mental Health Act Commission. The Bingley family provided protection for the Gang in north Wales in every one of the many roles they occupied. See previous posts.

There were a high number of Top Docs in north Wales who trained at Bart’s, it seemed to have been one of the major suppliers of Docs to north Wales, along with Liverpool University, before Cardiff also provided a supply. The trend might well have been encouraged by the grandfather of Lord Snowdon – Lord Snowdon being one of those who used Dafydd and Gwynne’s services – Top Doc and psychiatrist Sir Robert Armstrong-Jones, who grew up in north Wales, having trained at Bart’s. See previous posts.

Goodson-Wickes qualified as a barrister after qualifying as a Top Doc in 1970 and was called to the Bar at Inner Temple in 1972.

While an MP, Goodson-Wickes served as a PPS in the Depts of the Treasury, Environment and Transport. He was an adviser on Public Appointments, Vice-Chairman of the Defence Committee and an Industry and Parliament Trust fellow. After leaving Parliament, Goodson-Wickes served as Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Foreign and Commonwealth Council, 1997–2011.

When in the Army, Goodson-Wickes and served as medical officer in N Ireland, Cyprus and Germany, 1973–77. So he’ll have known about the VIP ring at Kincora Boys’ Home, Belfast, which was being facilitated by, among others, child psychiatrist Dr Morris Fraser. After Morris Fraser appeared in front of the GMC in the mid-1970s in the wake of being convicted of child sex offences, the GMC allowed him to continue practising. Fraser relocated to mainland Britain and worked at UCL and Springfield Hospital. Springfield was the psych unit attached to St George’s Hospital. The ring based at Kincora was alleged to have involved Mountbatten and it had direct links to Dafydd’s Gang in north Wales.

When Dr Morris Fraser appeared in front of the GMC, Patrick Mayhew was one of the barristers who ensured that Fraser was allowed to continue to practice. Mayhew followed Michael Havers as Attorney General, 13 June 1987-10 April 1992. It was Mayhew who authorised the series of High Court prosecutions of me for contempt of court on the basis of the perjury of the Gang during 1990 and 1991 when they demanded my imprisonment. Mayhew had previously worked for the MDU.

The Top Doc members of the Gang were represented in their cases against me by lawyers supplied by the MDU; the MDU officials and their lawyers knew that the Gang had perjured themselves. The MDU advised Tony and Sadie Francis not to take action against me on the grounds that I was not presenting the threat to the Drs Francis that the Drs Francis claimed that I was. The Drs Francis ignored the MDU’s advice, yet the MDU still went ahead with the cases. Before two of the cases against me went ahead, when I was working at St George’s, I spent approx 30 mins on the phone speaking directly to the MDU solicitor Ann Ball, detailing the criminality and abuse of patients that I had witnessed in north Wales. Not only will MI5 have been listening in to that call, but I bet that someone at St George’s was as well. Ann Ball told me that the Drs Francis had reassured her that they knew nothing about any of it. Ann Ball knew that they subsequently perjured themselves.

See my post ‘Gwlad y Menig Gwynion’ for the details of some of those who were Chairmen and Directors of the MDU throughout the years that I battled with them.

The Gang used the same method to imprison Mary that they did in their attempts to have me imprisoned; via allegations of contempt of court. Because Mary and I were so obviously not serious criminals, it would have been very difficult indeed for even courts in north Wales to have imprisoned us for our alleged ‘offences’ without leading to questions. So a combination of Dafydd, allegations of ‘bizarre behaviour’, the imposing of a civil Court Order on the grounds of unsubstantiated allegations and then a request for detention in Risley Remand Centre on the grounds of breaching the Court Order, after which dear old Dafydd would express his deep concern at ‘this bizarre situation’ and offer an Expert Report which diagnosed a severe mental illness. The wrongly arrested person would then be transferred from Risley to Denbigh on a one-year section of the Mental Health Act and that was the end of them. Mary was about the only person who survived the process with her health intact. The Method wrecked Patient F’s life and the lives of many others. Many were never seen again after they entered Denbigh and others died soon after being handed over to Dafydd to be Looked After.

Dafydd literally ran Risley; he pretty much ran Walton Prison, but Risley really was Dafydd’s Domain. It was endemically corrupt, brutal and lawless and Dafydd used it as a personal prison. I cannot find out who the Risley governor was throughout the 1970s and 80s, they have disappeared from history in the way that Gwynne has. Risley was notorious and the 1989 riots were the final nail in the coffin. After the riots, the women’s wing was closed down and the institution was re-opened as a prison rather than a remand centre. What was going on out there was so bad that the world deserves to know who the governor was.

To bring a contempt of court case of this nature, the Attorney General has to give consent. It was Patrick Mayhew with me; with Mary Wynch it was Samuel Silkin. Silkin was a member of the family of Labour lawyers who were very influential during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. See previous posts. Sam Silkin was the MP for Dulwich, on the patch of the ring run by Dafydd’s mates at the Maudsley. The constituency was later held by that very good friend of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Tessa Jowell.

Patrick Mayhew served as John Major’s Secretary of State for N Ireland, 10 April 1992-2 May 1997. He was Solicitor General, 13 June 1983-13 June 1987, while Dafydd and the Gang flouted all laws, including with regard to their conduct towards me and when Michael Havers as AG blocked the prosecution of VIP sex offenders. Mayhew was a member of Middle Temple, along with Ronnie Waterhouse and Greville Janner.

Mayhew died on 25 June 2016. The ‘Irish Post’ mentioned Mayhew in a feature on Irish-born people who had died in 2016.

Patrick Mayhew (right) greets Senator George Mitchell in Belfast (Picture: Alan Lewis/AFP/Getty Images)Patrick Mayhew (right) greets Senator George Mitchell in Belfast.

Patrick Mayhew was the longest-serving Northern Secretary. From Irish Protestant stock in Co. Cork, he became the first secretary of state to meet the Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams (in 1995).

1995 was a year of much action. With regard to me, the MDU were pushing out all the boats to assist the Gang in having me declared insane and dangerous and banged up in a secure unit. In the summer of 1995, the general public were told that Dafydd had retired completely, had no more NHS work and was only involved in a very small amount of private practice and that the North Wales Hospital Denbigh had closed down. None of this was true. Virginia  Bottomley was Secretary of State for Health, 9 April 1992-5 July 1995, while the plan was formulated and the lies were told. Virginia studied at the LSE when Richard Crossman’s mates ran and staffed that institution and worked as a psychiatric social worker. Bottomley was a non-executive Director of BUPA, 2007-13. Ginny’s daughter Cecilia is a gynaecologist who has worked for BUPA. See previous posts eg. ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’, ‘A Solicitor’s Letter From North East Wales MIND’ and ‘The Banality Of Evil’.

A number of people suddenly died in July 1995. Geraint Morgan QC, the Tory MP for Denbigh, 1959-83 died on 2 July 1995. Bing Spear, the corrupt mandarin who was the most senior person in the Home Office Drugs Branch and who had provided outstanding service to Dafydd for decades, died on 9 July 1995 and then Sir Peter Morrison was found dead in his house on 13 July 1995. Brown was sacked from his job at Aston University in July 1995.

Stephen Dorrell was appointed Secretary of State for Health a few days after Geraint Morgan died; thus Dorrell was in place in time for the rest of the July 1995 massacre.

Other witnesses whom we waved goodbye to in 1995 included Peter Cook, who died in his late 50s from liver and other organ problems after years of heavy drinking (9 Jan 1995); Viv Stanshall who spontaneously combusted in bed in his early 50s (5 March 1995) and Lord David Ennals who died suddenly of pancreatic cancer in his mid-70s (17 June 1995).

Cook and Stanshall were part of the Cambridge/Footlights/Python comedy crowd who knew a great deal about the sexual exploitation of minors and organised abuse, not least because Jonathan Miller and Graham Chapman were Top Doctors who had close links to Dafydd’s Gang. Miller’s dad was Emanuel Miller, a child psychiatrist and Miller helped Dafydd’s Gang out with various PR initiatives when investigations and inquiries were underway. Miller’s son worked with one of my friends at the BBC who was forced out of his media career. Chapman sexually abused underaged boys for his entire adult life and was friends with one of the members of the Dangerous Sports Club who tripped over someone known to me in Somerset as Dafydd et al were in pursuit of me and subsequently became very good friends with him. Chapman was the son of a Leicester policeman who grew up in Leicester, trained at Cambridge and Bart’s and made frequent trips to Snowdonia. David Ennals was Campaign Manager, Chairman and President of MIND when Dafydd ran the organisation; a Home Office Minister and a Minister in the DHSS under Richard Crossman and then Babs Castle; and Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1976-79, when Mary Wynch was unlawfully arrested and imprisoned. David Ennals was Chairman of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1960-64. His brother John Ennals subsequently served as Chairman of AAM.

A document dated Aug 1968/Aug 69 written when John Ennals was Chairman of AAM reviewing the activism and planned activism of the AMM, names the Honorary President of AAM as David Steel; Honorary Vice-Presidents as Humphry Berkeley, Sir Dingle Foot, Jeremy Thorpe and Ben Whitaker; the Vice Chairman as Peter Jackson MP; Sponsors as Lord Brockway, Lord Collison, Frank Hooley MP, Trevor Huddleseton (then the Bishop of Stepney), Jack Jones, T.O. Kellock QC and Angus Wilson. Readers will know that many of this names have appeared in previous posts as those of people being involved with initiatives of Dafydd and the Gang eg. Steel, Berkeley, Dingle Foot, Mr Thrope and Jack Jones. When Trevor Huddleston was Bishop of Stepney, a complaint was made to the police that he indecently assaulted two young boys who were his neighbours, Huddleston did not deny that the boys were telling the truth he simply maintained that indecently assaulting them wasn’t actually indecently assaulting them. See previous posts.

I will research the background of the names that are unfamiliar to me that appear on that AAM document.

There were a lot of high profile members of the Liberal Party in the AAM. Ronnie Waterhouse was from a high profile Liberal family and Ronnie best mate from young adulthood onwards was Sir Robin Day, an enthusiastic Liberal barrister who once stood for Parliament as a Liberal candidate.

South Africa was such a high profile and sensitive matter during the years that I was doing battle with the Gang that the involvement of so many of Dafydd’s associates with the AAM will have undoubtedly been the reason why so many people ignored the serious organised crime of which he was at the centre. It would have added to the grief that Patient F received as well; F’s mum was South African and although she emigrated to England as a young woman, her family remained in South Africa.

I can understand why people were committed to bringing down the South African regime but you really didn’t need Dafydd’s mates on board suckers, they will have hijacked your organisation for their own purposes.


One reason why N Ireland Secretaries, including Patrick Mayhew, ended up in such a mess with regard to that role was that they had all concealed serious criminality involving Dafydd, who as a medical student in the 1950s, worked with Irish Republican activists to acquire techniques for use in Dafydd’s Welsh nationalist activism. See post ‘A Network Stretching Back Decades…’. Dafydd knew some of the people who were later involved in the terrorist offences during the Troubles, he was part of the network facilitating the VIP ring at Kincora, he had connections with the out of control members of the police force in N Ireland and he was supplying Patrick Mayhew’s colleagues with underaged sex workers, class A drugs and child porn.

The members of the security services who were using dirty tricks in N Ireland were those who were using dirty tricks to protect Dafydd et al. The psychiatrists involved in the psychological torture of terrorist suspects in N Ireland were colleagues of Dafydd’s who advised those we know and love to cause people like me as much upset as possible. I have received information since beginning this blog that almost every bit of inexplicable serious negligence, every baffling U turn, every bizarre misjudgement, on the part of the Experts, was carried on the orders of people who had been part of the surveillance operation on us and was designed to inflict maximum damage. It certainly explains why I often felt – and knew so many other people who said – of those we know and love ‘how could any competent Doctor/Nurse think that this could ever have been helpful???’

Psych patients would casually observe ‘it’s like they want to torture us’. Indeed they did, I have the evidence. Patient F and I always had suspicions about certain Docs/Angels and F would cheerfully observe ‘Oh they stuck the knife in again just before I left the room’, but the info that I have received recently is basically far too disgusting to blog about in detail. Recordings of people’s sexual activities and preferences ‘shared’ with ‘professionals’ who not only masturbated over it and had a good laugh (I did know about that some time ago, I saw comments that an Angel in north Wales has posted online in response to comments from other NHS staff in north Wales and I knew which of his patients the comments referred to), but then passed the info on to other sex offenders who targeted certain people…

Brown told me ages ago that he was fairly certain that this was going on because of some of the people who befriended him and subsequently turned out to be unhinged, dangerous and caused a great deal of trouble.

Would anyone from the mental health services and BMA like to leave a comment on the blog about this? While politicians in the UK were making noises with regard to how insane South Africa’s ‘no sex between blacks and whites’ laws were and how outrageous the South African police were to spy on people having sex in their own houses, the British security services were doing the very same thing to people who had complained about Dafydd et al and their wider circle of acquaintances, in order to identify possible targets for blackmail, bribery, to lead into traps or even to co-opt into the sex abuse gangs themselves.

There also seemed to have been some sort of system of mass surveillance going on in the UK by the time that Callaghan was PM. For months now I have received transcripts and exerts of transcripts of conversations that took place between my friends and I as well as class discussions when I was at Chilton Trinity School in Bridgwater. The evidence that I have so far points to undercover recording in that school as far back as 1976, when I was 14. Whole conversations have been run past me and I can remember them, the kids who took part, the jokes we made, the circumstances at the time. The details could not have been gained by talking to people even soon after the events at the time. We were all being recorded, at least when we were at school.

I have mentioned that a paedophile/trafficking ring was in operation in Bridgwater at the time and when I was first sent these transcripts I thought ‘Ah, so MI5 were onto it’. Well if they were they really were hopeless. They left us with the ring and years later when I was in UCNW, police stations, Denbigh, Ysbyty Gwynedd, they were still recording everything yet no-one helped. Throughout it all people were regularly found dead. I have been told that I was one of those targeted back when I was at school. So that explains why I am now 56 and in hiding. Because there was just so much action taken to stop these bastards wasn’t there?

At no time was I ever warned that people were befriending me to pass on information to dangerous gangsters. An unpleasant scene took place at the house of a school teacher from Chilton after I had graduated and went to visit him and it was clearly recorded undercover. He was a Somerset contact of the Gang. I had no idea that the whole scenario had been recorded until last year. That man befriended scores of ‘troubled’ children from Chilton, it was his forte and he would drop into their houses and they would go to his. None of us were warned about him, none of us. God knows what he was involved with, I’ve only got part of the story. He’s dead, he died a few years ago. He was the union rep for Chilton Trinity School. Christ Almighty, the union rep. Although I wonder if his own associates gave him a kick in the groin; one of his children died when she was 6 yrs old, in hospital after a riding accident, it’s why I was visiting him.

‘We didn’t know!!’

Well someone was worried enough about him to bug his house, but no-one warned us.

I have been given the names of others who were targeted who were at school with me; some of them, like me, one would have imagined were the most unlikeliest targets for a gang of traffickers, girls who were only interested in horses and farming, not the sort of girls whom one would have thought would have caused a load of professional sex abusers to think that they could be coerced into sex work. We were riding horses and keeping sheepdogs Dafydd you twisted old bastard, what on earth made you think that we’d ever want to work for you???

This lot were recorded in action as long ago as 1976, targeting us, gradually leading us into traps while pretending to be supportive and concerned.

I’m not going to blog anything that will lead to other targets being identified but I think that people need to know exactly why the Top Docs at Hergest wanted to Talk Sex to all the female patients, why, if the patients refused to Talk Sex, they were asked if they’d like to ‘write it down for me instead’ and why if patients consistently questioned this, a Little Woman would be sent their way as a Counsellor. Ella, Penny and others who worked at Hergest need to know what was done with the info that they acquired from patients who had stood up for themselves and had not been shagged by Dafydd and others. As for the Arfon Community Mental Health Team, well even the male patients observed that they were knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. Not ever really erudite and sensitive were you Mr Fearns?


No wonder nothing in N Ireland ever improved. People on the mainland blamed it all on ‘the bloody Irish’ and there were comments about towing N Ireland out to sea to just ‘sink the bloody place’. Meanwhile the security services’ greatest priority was protecting a gang of sex offenders in high places using the services of a sodding Top Doc who personally knew some of those carrying out the terrorism himself. While Dafydd accumulated a huge amount of dosh and Willie Whitelaw, Mayhew, Tom King et al lived in luxury, other people lived with this:


This [the meetings between Patrick Mayhew and Gerry Adams] did not immediately bear fruit but led to further contact, eventually leading to the Good Friday Agreement. Patrick Mayhew died June 25, 2016 aged 85 after suffering from cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

Miranda and Mo et al knew about the years of crap and corruption, built upon the need to conceal a VIP paedophile gang serving the Royal Family.

1996 Miranda, Manchester:

  • Plenty of Top Docs, including Uncle Harry, knew what underpinned this nightmare and why the politicians couldn’t sort it out.

In 2001, the year after Patrick Mayhew’s mate Ronnie Waterhouse thought that he’d concealed the crimes of Mayhew and his mates for ever, Mayhew’s son Tristram founded the company ‘Go Ape’, dedicated to ‘creating adventures, encouraging others to live life more adventurously’. Some of us certainly did that thanks to Tristram’s dad. One of the places in which ‘Go Ape’ are creating adventures is at Moel Famau in the Clwydian hills, which straddle Flintshire and Denbighshire. ‘Go Ape’ often find that local residents and Councils oppose their developments and there have been a few choice spats. However, ‘Go Ape’ will be OK in north Wales as business in the entire region is conducted on people quietly singing ‘I’m going to tell, I’m going to tell…’

‘Now what did ewe say ewe’r name was again? Tristram Mayhew?? Ooh we know a Lord Mayhew, ewe wouldn’t happen to be family would ewe? Of course the Council will want to work with ewe Mr Mayhew. And how is ewe’r father? By the way Ronnie Waterhouse dropped by yesterday with Dr Dafydd Alun Jones…’

Moel Famau is just a few miles from Ewloe where Ronnie held his Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal which of course was just the result of a few local sheepshaggers and of which Tristram’s dad knew nuzzing. Tristram must have held a champagne celebration when he looked at the names of the officials with whom he had to do business when he set up shop at Moel Famau.

One of the former kids in care in north Wales was found hanging from a tree after he’d complained. The north Wales inquest attributed his death to suicide; the location of his suicide was an odd choice, but then that lot were all nuts anyway weren’t they, they were always choosing to die in ways in which no rational person would. Lord Mayhew had far more sense, he died at 86 years old from Parkinson’s and cancer, being someone who wasn’t Chaotic and Dysfunctional and who didn’t make Bad Choices such as getting gang raped in Bryn Estyn at the age of 14, being beaten up by the screws in Risley, followed by death by hanging in the ‘hospital wing’ there. The corrupt old bastard Mayhew died at his home in Kent. It won’t have been a hard-to-let council flat that Mayhew finally bagged after 5 years of living in hostels, B&B accommodation, on floors etc.

The Irish Post also marked the 2016 passing of Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the 6th Duke of Westminster:

Gerald Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster pictured with Prince Charles (Picture: Dave Thompson - WPA Pool/Getty Images)Gerald Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster pictured with his close friend Carlo.

Born Omagh, Co. Tyrone, December 1951. One of the richest men in Britain, the Duke of Westminster owned some of the most expensive real estate in the country. He was brought up on a farm on the island of Ely on Lough Erne, and in later life lamented the fact that the accident of inheritance had taken him away from the placid life of an Ulster beef farmer. He had a long military career in the British Army, reaching the rank of Major General in the North Irish Horse. The Duke of Westminster died August 9 2016 aged 64 of a heart attack.

Gerald spent his early years on his father the 5th Duke’s estate in N Ireland. Gerald was President of the City of Chester Conservative Association when the constituency MP was Peter Morrison. Morrison’s enjoyment of sex with ‘little boys’ was openly discussed in the constituency association and in Chester. People didn’t like it, but they didn’t stop it. The 5th Duke of Westminster, Robert Grosvenor, knew Mountbatten and was possibly involved with Kincora. I received an e mail some months ago alleging that Robert Grosvenor had abused Peter Morrison when Peter was a boy. Gerald Grosvenor wielded much influence at St George’s Hospital because his ancestor had donated the land and dosh which was used to establish the original St George’s Hospital. In middle age Gerald was named in a scandal starring an elite US escort agency that supplied sex workers at incredibly high prices; Gerald was one of their customers. Boys from Bryn Estyn were taken to Gerald’s Cheshire estate, Gerald’s main home as an adult, for ‘work experience’ and refused to return but wouldn’t explain why.

Gerald was only 64 when he died at the Royal Preston Hospital after the heart attack on his estate, not a good innings for a man of his class. The Top Docs couldn’t prolong the life of Gerald in the way that they could for their old mate Mayhew. Gerald had not enjoyed good health for a while; he suffered a nervous breakdown in 1998, just after the former kids in care had given their accounts to the Waterhouse Inquiry of life in the children’s homes in north Wales only to be called liars. Gerald had knowledge of the extent of the criminality of Mayhew and others and Gerald’s memories went to the grave with him just two months after Mayhew snuffed it. Just as I began this blog.

Gerald was the Patron and President of a whole list of charidees and organisations that Help offenders, addicts, the mentally ill, children etc. Gerald’s daughter Lady Edwina is now continuing Gerald’s Good Work. Lady Edwina is a philanthropist and prison reformer who Talks To and Counsels people who might well have been targeted by sex abuse gangs. Lady Edwina is a co-founder of the Clink Restaurants and the woman behind the charidee One Small Thing. Lady Edwina is married to Dan Snow, the Man On the BBC, who is a descendent of Lloyd George, who’s family ran north Wales for much of the 20th century and were mates with Dafydd, Gwynne, Ronnie Waterhouse, Mr Thrope….See previous posts…

Gerald’s wife, Lady Edwina’s mum, Natalia, is a Director of Alex Moulton Bicycles and was Patron of the Chester Childbirth Appeal, 1997-2007. Throughout those years, there was a high mortality rate among new babies in Chester. The NHS knew why it was: it was because the Countess of Chester Hospital was dangerous. No-one would admit it publicly, no-one would investigate and every parent who lost a baby was told that it was very sad but ooh these things happen. A charidee was established to make everyone feel good about themselves. The care at the Countess of Chester remained substandard and the deaths continued. Some two years ago the police were finally called in to investigate problems at the Countess of Chester Hospital…

Anyone for establishing a children’s charidee in Cwm Taf at the moment? It’ll need a suitably soppy name in the fine tradition of ‘Cuddles’ and a vomit-inducing logo a la that bear with a scarf over it’s eye who promotes ‘Children In Need’ or whatever. Perish the thought that parents should be treated like intelligent adults, told the truth and genuinely engaged by the ‘services’ in an effort to improve matters.

We’re all in one big infant school! I’ve Participated and been Included by tying my own shoelaces this morning.

Surely boys of this age should be sniggering disrespectfully, taking the piss out of passers-by in the street and refusing to be seen with their parents in public?

Natalia is a relation of the British Royal Family herself. Natalia’s mum, Lady Georgina Kennard, was godmother to Prince Andrew; Natalia is godmother to Prince William; and Lady Edwina was the goddaughter of Princess Di, who crashed in that Parisian tunnel just before Lady Edwina’s dad had his nervous breakdown, while the former kids in care were still giving their evidence to the Waterhouse Inquiry. The business of the Duke of Westminster’s family and Carlo’s family being godparents to each others children has now passed down to the next generation, as they have sprogged.


In 1977 Dr Charles Goodson-Wickes was appointed as Silver Stick medical officer, Household Cavalry. He remained a member of Regular Army Reserve of Officers (RARO) until 2000. Goodson-Wickes re-enlisted in 1991 as a Lt Col to serve in the First Gulf War with HQ 7th Armoured Brigade, seeing action in the advance from Saudi Arabia through Iraq to the liberation of Kuwait. Goodson-Wickes was the first sitting member of the Commons to see active service in the armed forces since World War II.

Goodson-Wickes has served as Director of two FSTE 250 companies, Nestor Healthcare Group Plc, 1993-99 and Gyrus Group Plc, 1997-2007 as well as other companies. He is/was the Chief Executive of consultancy company Medarc Ltd and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thomas Greg and Sons Ltd, security printers operating in North and South America, India, China and the Philippines.

Goodson-Wickes was founder Chairman, 1997-99 and now Patron of the Countryside Alliance. Previously he was Chairman of British Field Sports Society, 1994–97 and negotiated the merger with the Countryside Business Group and the Countryside Movement. Goodson-Wickes was Chairman of the Rural Trust from 1999, until that was absorbed into the Prince’s Countryside Fund in 2014. From 1998 to 2007, Goodson-Wickes was Chief Executive of the London Playing Fields Foundation serving as Chairman, 1997-98, as well as a member of the London Sports Board, 2000-03.  Since 2008, Goodson-Wickes has been Vice President of the Great Bustard Group. Since 1990, he has been Vice President of the Ex-Servicemen’s Mental Welfare Society, Combat Stress, who are of course very familiar with Dafydd’s work with ‘veterans suffering from PTSD’. See post ‘Feet In Chains’.

Goodson-Wickes was the Director General of Canning House , 2010–12, the London-based foundation dedicated to the promotion of diplomatic, political, commercial and cultural relations between the UK, Latin America and Iberia. Goodson-Wickes became a Freeman of the City of London in 2014 and in 1999 was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant for Greater London. He was appointed as the Representative Deputy Lieutenant for the London Borough of Islington in 2011.

Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain’s friend Oliver Brooke, the Prof of Paediatrics at St George’s, had his prison sentence cut by Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane on appeal in May 1987. Brooke was released shortly after. He was Mr Big in an international paedophile ring. See previous posts eg. ‘Oliver!’ and ‘Too Many Pills’. Ollie’s successful appeal took place the month before Goodson-Wickes was elected and the month before Michael Havers became Lord Chancellor. Ollie had been jailed in Dec 1986, a couple of days before Dafydd had me wrongfully arrested and unlawfully imprisoned in the North Wales Hospital. Ollie was waiting for his appeal when the conspiracy in High Places to frame me for a serious crime just after the June 1987 General Election was underway.

Ollie was publishing academic articles with St George’s staff when Goodson-Wickes represented Wimbledon, two years after he had come out of prison, although the world had been told that Ollie was finished as a Top Doc, had long gone and was just a bad memory. See post ‘Too Many Pills’.

Lord John Moore, one of Goodson-Wickes’s constituents, was Secretary of State for the DHSS, 13 June 1987-25 July 1988 and Secretary of State for Social Services (after losing the Health brief), 25 July 1988-23 July 1989. John Moore refused to be treated at St George’s when he caught pneumonia in Nov 1987. Moore was admitted to the private Parkside Hospital in Wimbledon instead. He wasn’t going to risk his neck at St George’s, he knew what was happening there because he was one of those concealing it. Moore was once Thatch’s Great Hope, named as a possible future Leader of the Tory Party. Moore was appointed to the DHSS to privatise health and social care and he was frank with regard to his enthusiasm for this. Things fell apart for Moore when he was at the DHSS, he had what seemed to be a nervous breakdown, was sacked from the Cabinet in 1989 and his brief was given to Ken Clarke. Moore never recovered his political oomph. I wonder what happened; Moore was at the DHSS along with Trumpers and Edwina Currie, as well as the boozing, smoking, Hush Puppy wearing Ken Clarke…

John Moore is still alive and as someone who couldn’t cope with the DHSS running a trafficking and drug dealing cartel, perpetrating research fraud at St George’s which involved Oliver Brooke AFTER Brooke had been jailed and supposedly dispensed with, appointing Jimmy Savile to run Broadmoor, giving the 6th Duke of Westminster huge quantities of money as part of a deal which involved wrecking my life etc etc, could John Moore please let us know the details of who planned what and when and where? Gwynne Williams the Royal Lobotomist had pegged out in the latter part of 1986 and much of this was about erasing memories of the old git’s presence on the earth, as well as serious organised crime.

Here are some Interesting Facts about John Moore:

Moore studied at the LSE, 1958-61, was active in student politics and was President of the SU at the LSE. At the LSE, Moore met fellow student Sheila Tillotson and accompanied her back to her native Chicago after the two had graduated. They married and Moore found work as a financial analyst with a Chicago investment bank. Moore became a stockbroker and achieved a senior position at the Chicago office of the Dean Witter brokerage. In Chicago, Moore became a Democratic Party activist and served as a “precinct captain“. Thus he gained experience of American political campaigning which he later applied in the UK. Moore was reportedly much impressed by JFK and ‘adopted him as a role model’.

Moore returned to the UK in 1968 and took up an appointment in London as Chairman of Dean Witter (International). The Moores lived in Wimbledon and had one daughter and two sons. Moore was elected to serve as a Councillor in the London Borough of Merton in 1971; Merton became part of the ‘catchment area’ of St George’s when St George’s relocated from Hyde Park Corner to Tooting in 1980. There was a pre-existing ring in the south London area, including Wandsworth/Merton/Lambeth, that since the 1960s had been facilitated by Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate John Tilley, among others. See eg. ‘Lord Snooty The Third’. John Tilley was a pal of Lord Scarman. See previous posts.

Theresa May served as a Councillor for the London Borough of Merton, 1986-94; she was Chair of the Education Committee, 1988-90 and Deputy Group Leader and Housing Spokesman, 1992-94.

In Oct 1973,  John Moore was adopted as the prospective Conservative candidate for Croydon Central. His wife Sheila acted as his secretary, speech writer and political adviser. She also studied for a law degree and was a local magistrate; a magistrate in an area dominated by professional people facilitating an international trafficking ring with thriving sidelines in class A drugs and child porn… Thatch appointed John Moore as one of five Tory Party Vice-Chairmen in March 1975, shortly after she became Leaderene. Peter Morrison had encouraged Thatch to stand for the leadership and was one of those who was behind her campaign. Moore’s remit was “youth”.

Peter Morrison – the child abuser protected by MI5, the ...

When Thatch became PM in 1979, Moore was appointed junior Minister under Secretary of State for Energy, David – later Lord – Howell. Howell was the Tory MP for Guildford when I worked at the University of Surrey at Guildford for Prof Vincent Marks, bother of Dr John Marks. Howell represented Guildford, 1966-97, before going to the Lords. As well as being a Prof at Surrey University, Vincent Marks practised as a Top Doctor in Guildford. After he retired, Vincent was a mover and shaker in U3A at Haslemere, so he might have lived in Haslemere rather than Guildford. However David Howell’s constituency was packed to the rafters with Civil Service mandarins, bankers and stockbrokers, senior people in the media including the BBC (including Harry Secombe and Angela Ripon), celebs and John Marks’s brother and his Top Doctor colleagues who had as their patients David Howell’s affluent, influential constituents. Is it surprising that with Dr John Marks being the Mr Big behind the BMA’s Cunning Plan to wreck my career that I ended up working for his brother in a part of the world populated with many other people who also had a vested interest in ensuring that the Westminster Paedophile Ring never became public knowledge?

A flange of Goons:

Harry Secombe was born in Swansea and attended Dynevor School, a state grammar school in central Swansea. Previous posts have mentioned old pupils of Dynevor School, many of whom entered public life and the professions in Wales. Old pupils include:


Secombe’s family were Anglicans, belonging to St Thomas Church, Swansea. People of my vintage remember taking the piss out of Harry Secombe for his dedication to appearing on joke-TV programming, including BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’, ITV’s ‘Stars On Sunday’ and worst of all, ‘Highway’.


‘Stars on Sunday’ was famously  presented by Jess Yates, Paula Yates’s dad, except when she was an adult she discovered that Hughie Green was her biological father which upset her greatly. Paula spent her younger years in north Wales and lived in the same village as Dafydd’s Big Mate Lord Wyn Roberts. See previous posts for discussion of Paula’s death after receiving Help from the Top Docs at the Priory, the previous suicide of her partner Michael Hutchence and the subsequent death of her daughter Peaches. The official line is: Paula=overdose; Hutchence=suicide; Peaches=overdose. Those closest to them disputed the verdicts.

Secombe was a special programming consultant to Harlech Television with whom many a pal of the Gang was involved, including Lord Wyn Roberts. Secombe hosted a Thames Television programme in 1979 entitled Cross on the Donkey’s Back. In the latter half of the 1980s, Secombe personally sponsored a football team for boys aged 9–11 in the local West Sutton Little League, ‘Secombe’s Knights’.

In 1990, Secombe was honoured by a second appearance on ‘This Is Your Life’; his first appearance had been in 1958. Previous posts have discussed how Dr Tony Jones, an unknown marine geology lecturer from Bangor University who was a good friend of the Gang, turned up with Aspel on ‘This Is Your Life’ in Jan 1993, a most unlikely star of such a show. The Gang really needed PR at the time what with that recent police investigation…

Harry Secombe was knighted in 1981, as Mary Wynch began litigation and of course in the aftermath of Mr Thrope.

Secombe suffered from peritonitis in 1980. Within two years, taking advice from Top Docs, Secombe had lost five stone in weight. He had a stroke in 1997, from which he made a slow recovery. Secombe was then diagnosed with prostrate cancer in Sept 1998. After suffering a second stroke in 1999, he was forced to abandon his television career, but made a documentary about his condition in the hope of giving encouragement to other sufferers. Secombe had diabetes in the latter part of his life. Secombe died on 11 April 2001 at the age of 79, from prostate cancer, in hospital in Guildford.

Harry Secombe experienced serious health problems during the Waterhouse Inquiry and died the year after the Report was published. Prof Vincent Marks was one of the diabetes specialists in Guildford but he obviously wasn’t able to save Harry’s bacon.

A memorial service to celebrate Secombe’s life was held at  Westminster Abbey on 26 Oct 2001. The Royals turned out in force for the service, including Carlo and representatives of Phil the Greek, Princess Anne, Ma’am Darling and Prince Edward. That’s one hell of a tribute for a man who did little more than make silly noises on the radio with Spike Milligan, sing while laughing loudly and serve as the butt of young people’s humour re light entertainment pseudo-religious programmes.

Haryy Secombe is fondly remembered at the London Welsh Centre, where he opened the bar on St Patrick’s Day (17 March) 1971. The London Welsh Centre has been run by Dafydd’s Big Mates In London for decades, a number of whom served as President, including Sir William Mars-Jones. See previous posts.

Secombe met his wife Myra at the Mumbles Dance hall in 1946. The couple were married from 1948 until his death and had four children:

  • Jennifer Secombe, widow of actor Alex Giannini. Jenny was a BBC publicity commissioner and her father’s agent in his later years. Alex Giannini was a luvvie of the highest order who’s father worked for the European Commission. Giannini rocked up at the paedophiles’ folly, Theatr Clwyd, Mold in 1996, at the world premiere of ‘Double Indemnity’. In 1996, William Hague announced that Ronnie Waterhouse, who’s pal T.M. Haydn Rees, Chief Exec of Clwyd County Council, 1974-77, established Theatr Clwyd, would be Chairing the Public Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, although Ronnie knew that he was going to be doing that at least by early 1995, before William had made the decision. Earlier in 1996, the Jillings Report into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council since 1974 had been given to the Council’s lawyers and insurers. It was never published and Cherie and Miranda’s mate Michael Beloff QC, who was employed as the legal adviser to Municipal Mutual, the insurers of Clwyd (as well as the North Wales Police), ensured that no-one but insurers and lawyers read it and it was then pulped. It was admitted that the Report stated that the abuse of children throughout that time had been serious and completely inexcusable. Michael Beloff’s dad was Lord Max, a friend of Ioan Bowen Rees, who served as Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council. See posts ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake..’, ‘I Know Nuzzing…’
  • Ronnie’s mate Haydn Rees also built Mold Law Courts, where Ronnie himself sat and so many kids in care and Empowered Service Users were prosecuted. Ronnie’s dad knew Haydn well too. Haydn was born in Swansea and finished his education at Swansea Business College. In 1947 Haydn was appointed Assistant Solicitor to Caernarfon County Council. In 1958 he went to Flint County Council in a similar role, becoming County Clerk in 1967 and retaining that post until 1974, when he took the helm at the new Clwyd authority, retiring in 1977. From 1967 to 1977, Haydn was clerk to the North Wales Police Authority. Haydn was a member of the Welsh Arts Council, 1968-77 and served on the Mold Magistrates’ Bench from 1977, becoming Chairman in 1985. From 1977 to 1982 he was Chairman of the Welsh Water Authority. Haydn was a member of the Severn Barrage Committee, 1978-81, a member of the National Water Council, 1977-82 and a part-time member of BSC (Industry) Limited, 1979-83. Hadyn was another person who left us in 1995, Haydn dying in Oct. See post ‘Ain’t Nothing Clean – Not Even the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists’ for more info on Haydn. Haydn the master criminal married Marion Beer; I have yet to discover if she was any relation of the Bill Beer who worked as a Top Doc at Ysbyty Gwynedd and was killed in a car crash shortly after writing a book about the history of the C&A Hospital in Bangor and who was married to Joan Beer, a leading light in Penrallt Baptist Church in Bangor, as featured in previous posts.
  • More about Theatr Clwyd and how it has nearly gone bankrupt a number of times only to suddenly experience a reprieve at the same time as the coffers of Clwyd County Council were mysteriously drained can be read in my post ‘Workers Play Time’.

Alex graduated from East 15 Acting School, as did Kevin Lloyd, the actor who played Tosh Lines in ‘The Bill’. Kevin’s dad came from north Wales and was a policeman. He relocated to Derbyshire, a region which hosted a ring directly linked to Dafydd’s Gang by the 1960s. John Jillings who Chaired the Jillings Investigation was the former Director of Derbyshire Social Services. Jillings admitted that the abuse of kids in care in Clwyd had been dreadful but is thought to have still not admitted the worst. Jillings refused to comment on whether a paedophile ring with links to other parts of the UK was in operation. Kevin died as a result of appalling care in an alcohol detox clinic on the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border on 2 May 1998. His family were distraught, tried to sue and also challenged the clinic’s portrayal of Kevin as an aggressive bastard. Their legal action was not successful.

Kevin’s brother Terry Lloyd was a journo who died on 22 March 2003, while reporting on the 2003 invasion of Iraq for ITN news from the Middle East. Terry was shot by the US military. He was the only journo to die reporting the conflict. A verdict of unlawful killing was returned at the subsequent inquest but there were remarkably few questions asked about Terry’s murder. Both Kevin and Terry had worked as journos in Derbyshire when they were young men. See my post ‘That’s Entertainment’ for further details of their deaths.

Alex married Jenny Secombe in 1998, during the Waterhouse Inquiry. Alex died suddenly of natural causes in Plymouth, an hour before he was due on stage, on 2 Oct 2015, aged 57.

Secombe lived on the Mumbles when he his children were young family. The Mumbles is in the constituency of the Gower and the MP, 1959-72, was Labour’s Ifor Davies, who was a Minister in the Welsh Office when the Windbags’ – and Dafydd’s – mate Lord Cledwyn was Welsh Secretary, 1966-68, under Harold Wilson. George Thomas was a Minister in the Welsh Office at the same time. Ifor was the step great-uncle of Huw Irranca-Davies, who since  2016 has been the Labour AM for Ogmore. Huw was the Labour MP for Ogmore, 2002-16. When an MP, in June 2005 Huw was appointed PPS to Dafydd’s umbrella Tessa Jowell. He had previously served as PPS to Jane Kennedy at the Northern Ireland Office, Jane Kennedy having previous as er a mate of Dafydd’s when she was working in social care and active in the trade union movement in Liverpool before she became an MP. See previous posts. Huw’s constituency of Ogmore was the turf of Dr Dannie Abse… For the impressive history of nepotism in both Huw’s Assembly and Westminster seat, see post ‘News From Sicily’.

Swansea University has been dominated by Rhodri Morgan’s family since the middle years of the 20th century. A well-known Swansea Mafia exists -Edwina Hart, AM for the Gower, 1999-2016, was part of it – who constantly do deals which benefit each other but not always Swansea. Swansea’s NHS is troubled and it’s children’s services were run by idiots for years who were left to do this undisturbed until a scandal resulted from the murder of baby Aaron Gilbert in May 2005. After a Serious Case Review confirmed that Swansea Social Services really had been fuckwits, Swansea Social Services defended themselves by stating that the Evil Criminals who had killed Aaron were now behind bars and it was nuffin to do with them. In 1987 when I lived in London and talked to teenagers who were destitute on the streets I came across some who had run away from children’s homes in er Swansea. One girl was 15. When Edwina Hart was the Welsh Gov’ts Health Minister, 2007-11, I gave her enough evidence of serious criminality in the NHS in north Wales to have the CEO and Chair of the NW Wales NHS Trust arrested, along with a number of Top Docs and Angels. After ordering the CEO and Chair to investigate my complaint, only to be told by them to piss off, Edwina told me that she had done all that she could. I was being harassed, threatened, wrongfully arrested and unlawfully denied all NHS care. I later found out that Edwina had used me as a pawn in a few more deals for personal gain (see previous posts). They really do not know any other way of doing business.

  • Andy Secombe, a voice actor, film actor and author. Born in Mumbles, Andy’s early career included working as a regular for BBC TV children’s programmes, eg. Playschool and Playaway.

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

Andy’s brother-in-law Alex, Jenny’s husband, appeared on TOTP in the early 1980s when he played in a pop group.

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

  • Andy provided voice overs for Star Wars films and in 2005, starred in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Quintessential Phase. Andy also regularly reads books for the RNIB. In March 2017, he starred in three episodes of the third series of  ‘The Missing Hancocks’ for Radio 4; episodes that were originally aired in 1955 in the second series of Hancock’s Half Hour starring Harry Secombe after Tony Hancock had disappeared. In the 2000s, Andy Secombe focused on writing. He has penned five fantasy novels.

David Secombe, a writer and photographer.

  • Katy Secombe, an actress.

Harry Secombe’s older brother was the Rev. Frederick Thomas Secombe and like Harry, Fred was born in Swansea. Fred Secombe was a graduate of St David’s College, Lampeter, which has hosted many members of the Gang. Gwilym Williams, a paid up pal of Dafydd’s who served as Bishop of Bangor, 1957-82 and the Archbishop of Wales, 1971-82, served as Chaplain at St David’s College, Lampeter, 1940-45. See previous posts. Gwilym Williams had so much crap re the Gang procuring sex workers for people in High Places that he was one of those who used it to blackmail Thatch into establishing S4C and passing the Welsh Language Act 1983, both agreements which she attempted to renegade on. Until she was reminded of a few things. See post ‘The Cradle Of Filth’.

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

An ordained Deacon and Vicar in the Church in Wales, Fred served his first assistant curacy in South Wales, later as a vicar. He later moved to St Mary’s Church, Hanwell, as Rector, in west London and was appointed Prebendry of St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

The Rev Fred of ‘We Didn’t Know’ was the author of ten humorous books based on his experiences as a vicar in south Wales. Note the date of publication of Fred’s humorous It Shouldn’t Happen To A Vicar (or indeed a kid in care or an Empowered Service User) volumes:

  • How Green was my Curate (1989)
  • A Curate for all Seasons (1990)
  • Goodbye Curate (1992)
  • Hello Vicar! (1994)
  • A Comedy of Clerical Errors (1995)
  • The Crowning Glory (1996)
  • Pastures New (1997)
  • The Changing Scenes of Life (1998)
  • Mr. Rural Dean (2000)
  • Two Vandals and a Wedding (2001)

Fred died on 8 Dec 2016, shortly before his 98th birthday.

  • A few scenes from Sir Harry’s life before he did the religious programmes for the over 70s:
  •  Prince Charles and Diana Spencer wedding, 29th July 1981. Sir Harry Secombe speaks to an interviewer on the steps - Stock Image

    Prince Charles laughs at Harry Secombe - Stock Image

    April 11, 2001 - Sir Harry Donald Secombe, CBE (8 September 1921 - 11 April 2001) was a Welsh comedian and singer. - Stock Image

Harry starred as Mr Bumble in the 1968 classic ‘Oliver!’.

Bechod, that’s how it was in the Olden Days, ooh they were cruel to those orphans. In 1968, John Allen took out the lease on the building near Wrexham which served as his first children’s home in north Wales; other homes rapidly followed. On 6 April 1968, the molester George Thomas was appointed Secretary of State for Wales and on 1 Nov 1968, King of the Swingers Richard Crossman was appointed Secretary of State for the DHSS. While George Thomas was Welsh Secretary, responsibility for the NHS and Social Services in Wales was given to the Welsh Office. The plans for this had been drawn up by the Windbags’ longtime family friend Lord Cledwyn when he was Welsh Secretary.

Here’s Fagin, who kidnaps children, keeps them in unsuitable conditions, schools them in the art of crime and lets them take the rap when they get caught:

Fagin was played by Ron Evans. Oh no, that’s the crooked solicitor employed by Gwynedd County Council, who worked hard at fitting me up on the orders of Lucille Hughes and then kept that lot out of prison after the Jillings Report was not published. Ron told them all that what they had done was so terrible that none of them must ever say a word about it to anyone. Ron’s daughter became a lawyer, joined the Civil Service and by 2010 she was Peter Mandelson’s right hand woman. She spoke very highly of Mandy, she said that he was a wonderful boss. Fagin was played by of course Ron Moody.

Angela Rippon was born in Oct 1944 in Plymouth. Her father was a Royal Marine and she attended the secondary school in Coburg Street, Plymouth. The Plymouth of Nancy Astor’s constituency, Dr Death’s constituency, the Plymouth ruled by Michael Foot’s extended family. See eg. ‘The Bay Of Pigs Invasion’.

After leaving school at 17, Rippon joined the photographic office of the ‘Western Morning News’ and worked for the Sunday Independent and later, BBC local radio and Westward Television as an Editor. At 21, Rippon began her TV career at BBC South West in Plymouth in 1966, before becoming a reporter for BBC TV news in the mid-1970s. Mr Thrope was the Liberal MP for North Devon, 1959-79 and Michael Heseltine – who grew up in Swansea – served as the Tory MP for Tavistock, 1966-74, after unsuccessfully standing as the Tory candidate for the Gower in 1959. For Heseltine’s attempts to become PM on the basis of his knowledge of Dafydd and the Gang, see posts ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’ and ‘A Legend Lives’.

Rippon first presented a national news programme on BBC 2 in 1974. She was offered a permanent news reading role on the Nine O’ Clock News in 1975. Rippon boasts of being the first female newsreader on British TV but she wasn’t, there were a number before her, but they weren’t regular fixtures on national TV.

Rippon did a dance on the Morecombe and Wise Christmas Show in 1976 and it was blown up out of all proportion as an achievement. Rippon has presented a variety of programmes, including the 1977 Eurovision Song Contest at the Wembley Conference Centre and BBC’s ‘Top Gear’, 1977-79. Rippon appeared briefly on TV-am following its launch in 1983. After a much publicised exit from TV-am (with most of its other founder presenters), she worked as an Arts and Entertainments correspondent for WHDH-TV (then known as WNEV) in Boston, Massachusetts, for a brief period. Rippon co-presented the BBC’s coverage of Charles and Di’s wedding in July 1981 and BBC One’s coverage of the 1979 General Election results. In the mid-1980s, she hosted the quiz show ‘Masterteam’on BBC One and hosted ITV’s revival of the panel game ‘What’s My Line?’,  1989-90. In 1990, Rippon also hosted the game show ‘Matchpoint’. She also became a regular presenter on Radio 2 often sitting in for Jimmy Young – who was best known for presenting a dated radio show which provided listeners with recipes and toadying interviews with Thatch – and presenting a seasonal Friday night show, 1986-89.

From 1990-94, Rippon presented Angela Rippon’s Morning Report, a radio news programme on LBC Newstalk and, later, Angela Rippon’s Drivetime. She was a stand-in newsreader on Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast until 2002. In 2005, Rippon co-hosted a series of Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting for BBC 2 and in April 2006, she toured the UK as a cast member of the musical Anything Goes. In 2007, Rippon became a presenter on BBC One’s  Cash in the Attic. Here’s the source of the Cash:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


In 1997, Rippon presented the Channel 4 show “Game of War”, a programme that re-enacted historic battles with modern-day military commanders re-fighting the battles.


Jeremy Thorpe
1965 Jeremy Thorpe.jpg


Jeremy Thorpe
1965 Jeremy Thorpe.jpg

Two other themes throughout both battles:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

In 2010, Rippon appeared for one night on the ITV show ‘Dancing on Ice’. In March 2011, she appeared with Lenny HenrySamantha Womack and Reggie Yates in a BBC documentary to raise funds for ‘Comic Relief’. It was called Famous, Rich and in the Slums, and showed four celebrities travelling to Kibera in Kenya, Africa’s largest slum.  In 2011 Angela joined ‘The One Show’, presenting a five-minute slot called “Rippon’s Britain”.

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

On 19 November 2011, Rippon appeared on ‘Children in Need’, performing alongside BBC newsreaders Sian WilliamsSusanna ReidSophie Raworth, and Emily Maitlis in a special one-off edition of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

In the same month Rippon worked briefly on Radio 5 Live as a stand-in presenter on the Double Take programme. Rippon was a co-presenter on BBC One’s Holiday Hit Squad in 2013, alongside Joe Crowley and Helen Skelton. The show returned for a second series in March 2014. In 2014, Rippon co-hosted the ITV series ‘Amazing Greys’ alongside Paddy McGuinness. In April 2016, she co-presented BBC One’s How to Stay Young. In 2018, Rippon was a co-presenter of live coverage of Harry and Meghan’s wedding for Channel Seven (Australia), alongside Michael Usher and Melissa Doyle.

In the early 1980s, Rippon wrote a series of children’s books about a character called “Victoria Plum” that was published by Purnell and Sons. Merchandise and a Christmas annual were released following the second series. In 1982, she wrote a book Mark Phillips: The Man and His Horses, about Princess Anne’s then husband. Rippon has since written keep-fit guides for older people, including Stay Active, Stay Supple, Stay Healthy.

Rippon is Patron of the Old Time Dance Society. In 2010, she attended the society’s 25th Anniversary Ball of the Year.

In 2000, Rippon was appointed Chair of English National Ballet. She resigned in late 2003, following complaints and briefings about her leadership style, which was described as “schoolmistressy” and “imperious”.

I’m happy to explain to the English National Ballet that Angela is merely a talentless, sharp elbowed old cow who has done very well for herself initially out of Norman Scott being targeted by Mr Thrope and then out of me being targeted by the Gang. BBC Angela of Devon and then Guildford.

Norman Scott and I ought to bill these leeches for royalties.

In 1967 at the age of 22, Rippon married Christopher Dare, an engineer. They separated in 1989, divorcing later. I have no idea what the reason was but it will be sordid, ruthless and something to do with those we know and love.

Rippon was the subject of This Is Your Life’ in 1981. Mary Wynch… Mr Thrope…

Rippon was appointed CBE in the 2017 New Year Honours for services to dementia care in her role as development lead with Dementia Friendly Communities.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


John and Vincent Marks were Labour Party supporters and of a vintage to have been on board with Richard Crossman et al. The Marks family were Jewish and well-networked with others in the Jewish community, such as the Abses, the Janners, Uncle Harry etc.


When David Howell was elected as the MP for Guildford, his constituents made up the Establishment in Britain. Even the Wind Of Very Little Change took a long time to blow on Guildford. When I lived there in 1988, I could barely believe how very 1950s it was in many ways, although young people had contemporary clothes and banged on about yuppyish pursuits. By 1988, many of the residents of Guildford were seriously wealthy because of the Big Bang. David Howell was going to end up in clover however dismal he was as an MP.

Howell was educated at Eton and King’s College, Cambridge, graduating in 1959. He worked in HM Treasury, 1959-60. Howell then spent four years as a journalist, leader writer and special correspondent on the Daily Torygraph.

People who had been/were loyal regulars on the Torygraph often did very well for themselves under Thatch. Silly old me for years presumed that when Thatch ascended the throne, the time had simply come for these old gits who had been scribbling away in the right wing press and they basically got lucky. Of course not, it doesn’t work like that. It was the Torygraph’s Editor wot was the key to their success, Bill Deedes, butt of many a ‘Private Eye’ joke as a result of Deedes’ Methuselahesque vintage and his slurred speech, as epitomised by the phrase ‘Shurely Shome Mishtake’.

Bill Deedes was a close friend of Thatch and Denis and the ‘Dear Bill’ letters in the Eye were allegedly penned by Denis to Deedes, detailing the adventures of Denis and his friend Maurice at the golf club and car boot sales, discovering that Maurice’s friends were in the Mafia etc. Deedes’ friendship with the Thatchers went back a lot further than I realised.

William Francis Deedes, Baron Deedes (1 June 1913-17 August 2007) was a Tory politician, army officer and journalist. He was the first person in Britain to have been both a member of the Cabinet and the Editor of a major daily newspaper. Deedes was the only son of landowner Herbert William Deeds and his wife, Melesina. His younger sister Margaret Melesina married the 21st Baron FitzWalter. Deedes was brought up in the family home of Saltwood Castle until it was sold in 1925. In 1953 Saltwood Castle was purchased by Lord Kenneth Clark of Civilisation and his appallingly unscrupulous son the Westminster sexual assaulter of underaged girls as well as adult women, the Tory MP Alan Clark, subsequently inherited the Castle and is buried in its grounds.

Alan Clark went to school in Eastbourne and then Eton and graduated from Christ Church, Oxford. Clark joined the Monday Club in 1968 as an avid opponent of the Common Market and was soon Chairman of its Wiltshire branch. The Wiltshire of Peter Morrison’s family seat and a county which was substantially run by the Morrison family. Clark became the Tory MP for Plymouth Sutton in Feb 1974; he preceded Dr Death in the seat, Death playing musical chairs within Plymouth constituencies at one point. Clark was still a member of the Monday Club in May 1975; it is unclear when he let his membership of the club lapse but possibly it was upon becoming a government minister. He continued to address Club events until 1992.

During the subsequent Party leadership contest Clark was urged by Airey Neave to vote for Thatch but he is thought to have favoured Willie Whitelaw. The following year came the free vote on the Common Market and Clark, praising Enoch Powell’s speech, voted against. The next day Clark told the Labour MP Dennis Skinner – an MP for a Derbyshire constituency who had also been at Ruskin College at the same time as the future Head of Bryn Estyn Matt Arnold taught there and while Arnold’s friend and colleague Peter Howarth who in 1994 was jailed for 10 years for sexually abusing boys in care in north Wales was a student of Arnold’s (see post ‘A Study In Tyranny’) – that “I’d rather live in a socialist Britain than one ruled by a lot of foreigners.”

Although Clark was personally liked by Thatch, he was never promoted to the Cabinet, remaining in mid-ranking Ministerial positions during the 1980s. Even Thatch wouldn’t have dared promote Clark to the Cabinet. Clark was pissed at the dispatch box, when he worked at the Dept of Employment with Ken Clark and Peter Morrison he hardly ever made it into work (there’s irony), he lied through his teeth whenever he felt like it, he had sex with the 15 year old daughter of his friend – a South African barrister and judge – as well as with the judge’s wife and his other daughter, he flashed at schoolgirls and followed young women around London if he liked the look of them, waving his dick at them when he got the opportunity. That is just what Alan Clark admitted to.

The Labour MP Clare Short was someone who rightly made a rumpus about Clark being pissed in the Commons, but she never said a word about his molesting or of course about any other MP’s molesting. She certainly knew about it and she knew about Dafydd and the Gang. Clare Short’s husband Alex Lyon had been a Home Office Minister when Dafydd’s criminality was being concealed and facilitated by the Home Office and Clare Short worked in a Civil Service position in the Home Office with the Tory MP Mark Carlisle. Carlisle was the MP who more than any other concealed the dreadful events at Risley Remand Centre for years and years. See post ‘Include Me Out’. Clare Short’s narrative is that she stood for Parliament because she knew that she could do a better job than Carlisle. Before Clare became an MP she knew that Dafydd’s Gang had a partner gang who were running Birmingham and that kids in care from Birmingham were being sent to children’s homes in north Wales.

Clare was the Labour MP for Birmingham Ladywood, 10 June 1983-12 April 2010. That constituency is where Short grew up and it includes Aston University.

Brown was an undergrad at Aston, 1980-83. He was at Aston when the Gang came after us. In Jan 1983, a man commissioned by the Gang held Brown hostage in his room in a hall of residence at Aston after trashing Brown’s room with a swordstick. When he left, he told Brown that he would return and kill him. As soon as I heard about this, I told my tutor at UCNW, Adrian Bell. Adrian looked straight through me and told me that things like that don’t happen. Adrian then ordered me to go to the Student Health Centre and see D.G.E. Wood. I didn’t want to and Adrian began refusing to speak to me unless I saw Wood. So I went to Wood and told him that someone had held Brown hostage with a swordstick and was threatening to kill him. Wood ignored my comments completely.

I now know that Wood and/or Bell got in touch with Aston University in Jan 1983. Prof Tim Miles of the School of Psychology at UCNW carried out research into dyslexia in collaboration with Prof Margaret Newton at Aston. They pioneered dyslexia work and had built their careers on it. Tim Miles knew about the Gang and the School of Psychology was dominated by Dafydd until 1987. Tim’s Pioneering Fieldwork had been carried out on Anglesey in the 1960s. Lucille Hughes was the children’s social worker responsible for Anglesey at the time and Dafydd was carrying out Community Research into incest on Anglesey. The Windbags’ pal Lord Cledwyn was the Labour MP for Anglesey and when Tim made his Fantastic Discoveries among the SEN pupils of Anglesey, Cledwyn was Secretary of State for Wales. Tim Miles had the manner of a lovely old buffer, everyone liked Tim, including me, but he knew about that paedophile ring, as did his side-kick in the Dyslexia Unit at Bangor, Anne Cook. See previous posts for further info on Tim, Anne Cook and Margaret Newton.

After the business with the swordstick, Brown spent as much time as he could at our house on Anglesey and as soon as he sat his finals in 1983, he moved in with my friends and I. Wood never asked anything more about the threats to Brown. When Brown finally returned to the midlands to do his PhD in 1986, the man with the swordstick subsequently tracked him down and tried to murder him by repeatedly smashing Brown’s head on a pavement in the middle of Nottingham. Brown was helped by a passer-by, a student, who probably saved his life. Brown pressed charges and the police told Brown that they knew that his attacker, Paul Bates, was a dangerous man and he had already nearly murdered an elderly neighbour. Bates’s defence in Court was that the old man was senile and his injuries were self-inflicted. Bates was acquitted. When Bates stood trial for the attack on Brown, Bates claimed that Brown had attacked him and he acted in self-defence. The young man who had saved Brown testified that Brown had been the subject of a serious unprovoked attack. Bates’s lawyer accused the young man of being one of Brown’s students and conspiring. Bates was found guilty after it was revealed that the young man was not one of Brown’s students, or even a student at the university where Brown worked. They had never met before the attack.

Brown told me that the solicitor who defended Bates was a posh black man who counted himself as a radical lawyer, but Brown doesn’t remember his name. I wish that I knew who he was…

So Clare Short became the MP for the constituency containing Aston shortly after Brown fled. Adrian Bell had previously worked as a Home Office forensic scientist. He used to tell students that he left the job because the Home Office was completely corrupt.

The VC of Aston, Sir Freddie Crawford, was a friend of Thatcher’s and a leading Freemason who played a substantial role in civic life in Birmingham. He had an off-the-rails son who used to boast that he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it because of who his dad was. Sir Freddie’s son was later found dead in an hotel in Israel.

Aston had a dodgy student Top Doc, Dr Philip Cauthery. He wasn’t quite as bad as Dafydd, but Cauthery was borderline. He was on the Editorial Board of ‘Forum’ magazine – Alistair Campbell used to write the soft porn stories for ‘Forum’ – which kept its own content legal, but an investigation revealed that paedophiles were using Forum’s small ads to contact other like-minded people… The main problem with Cauthery at Aston was that his clinical skills were nearly as bad as Gwynne’s. Students kept trying to commit suicide after an encounter with Cauthery and some of them succeeded. Cauthery had set up the first sex therapy and abortion clinic in Birmingham with Dr Martin Cole. Cole was a geneticist rather than a Top Doc and Mary Whitehouse tried very hard to have Martin Cole prosecuted for running a brothel, on the grounds that his sex therapy clinic was no more than that. I know someone who went to Martin Cole’s clinic in the 1990s and they told me that Martin Cole certainly wasn’t as damaging as the Hergest Unit, but this patient did end up having a relationship with one of the therapists who broke all the rules of the clinic and had previously worked as a high class call girl.

Mary Whitehouse didn’t dare have a go at Cauthery because he was a Top Doc with the dear old BMA and MDU behind him. Ironically, Mary Whitehouse’s campaign to rid Britain of Filth relied very heavily for support from the Top Docs who were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring and protecting Dafydd and Philip Cauthery. She also campaigned with Lord Longford, Squealer, who visited institutions, found out who was witness to what crime and reported back to HQ… See post ‘Comedies Of Menace’.

See previous posts for further info on Cauthery, Cole, Mary Whitehouse, Frederick Crawford and Prof Elwyn Edwards at Aston, who used to invite the male freshers over to his rooms for a welcome drink, greet them while wearing nothing but a silk dressing gown and invite them to participate in rather more than a drink. There were complaints to the University authorities but nothing was done. Elwyn Edwards was in the same Dept as Prof Tim Miles’s friend Margaret Newton.

So Clare Short bagged herself a nice seat in the Commons on the back of gangsters terrorising undergrads. The Leader of the Labour Party at the time was married to a Socialist Feminist, like Clare, who grew up on Anglesey and knew Lord Cledwyn, Dafydd, Tim Miles…17 Best images about Funny Political Moments on Pinterest ...

  • Danger: leftwing leader walks on Brighton beach, and other ...
  • Just What Britain Needs : The Pensive Quill
  • BBC News - Magazine Monitor

Clare Short subsequently led a campaign to ban Page 3 pics. One of the Gang’s sidelines was child porn with added bestiality, as well as porn starring adults and rather more X rated stuff than the Digger’s sad efforts. In 1984, the Octagon nightclub opened in Bangor. The topless model Sam Fox was hired for the opening bash. A picture subsequently appeared in the Bangor and Anglesey Mail of a sad old journo staring at Sam’s boobs. Students soon found that they were not welcome at the Octagon. They were beaten up, routinely. Local people who weren’t bashed to buggery stopped going there because they claimed that the place was full of underage girls waiting for older men to pick them up who were very obviously going to pay them for sex. There was a violent rape of a passer-by near the Octagon and a serious drug problem. Local people wanted it shut down but no, Gwynedd County Council were remarkably unconcerned about the Sodom and Gomorrah that had opened up in Dean Street.

The girls for sale in the Octagon were kids in care who were taken to the Octagon – as well as other venues, including Dophin Square – by Gwynedd social workers. See posts ‘Are You Local?’ and ‘Local Accessories’.

One of the Gwynedd social workers at the time responsible for kids in care in Bangor was Meri Huws and like the other Gwynedd social workers, Meri was employed by the Gwynedd County Council who refused to close the Octagon down. Meri doubled up as the Chair of Cymdeithas yr Iaith at the time. Meri subsequently became a lecturer at Coleg Menai, then in Dublin, then at Bangor Normal College and then at Bangor University. At Bangor University, Meri became Head of the Dept of Lifelong Learning, which was situated in Dean Street, next to the Octagon.

As I know Merfyn will agree.

The people who owned the Octagon were ferocious and intimidated other business people in Bangor. I was told that they were ‘gangsters from Manchester’ but more recently I was told that someone from London owned it. Whatever the names on the books were, it is obvious who was behind that particular business venture.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Meri subsequently became Director of Paper Clips at Trinity St David University (which evolved from St David’s College, Lampeter) and then Welsh Language Commissioner for the Welsh Gov’t. See post ‘People With Energy’ for an account of Meri’s life, times and bedfellows.

Immediately after Clare Short bagged her seat in the House at the June 1983 General Election, Brown’s former tutor at Aston, Guy Cumberbatch, came up to stay at our house on Anglesey for a few days. Guy eventually shafted Brown, in collaboration with some other Radical Academics – including Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law – who knew what was going to happen when Brown discovered the extent and the cause of the Gang’s crimes. Guy and his mates ensured that Brown couldn’t do his PhD at the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at Birmingham University and ended up at Leicester University instead, on the patch of yet another big ring linked to Dafydd’s Gang, where life was made as difficult for Brown as poss. See post ‘Life In Cold Blood’. Guy had lived in Leicester for years, he knew about Greville Janner et al…

Jennifer’s Diary:

Peter Morrison: Minister of State for Employment, 13 June 1983-2 Sep 1985, under Secretary of State Tom King 16 Oct 1983-2 Sept 1985. Alan Clark was a junior Minister at the Dept of Employment under King.

Willie Whitelaw: Home Secretary, 4 May 1979 -11 June 1983; succeeded by Leon Brittan, 11 June 1983-2 Sept 1985; succeeded by Douglas Hurd, 2 Sept 1985-26 Oct 1989. Douglas Hurd’s uncle was Prof Edred Henry Corner, the Cambridge botanist who knew Prof Greig-Smith, Adrian Bell’s senior colleague in the Dept of Plant Biology at UCNW.

Trebles All Around!

In 1986 the Gang killed my housemate Anne. But at least Clare was in Parliament, doing a better job than her former boss Mark Carlisle, who in the 1970s had a flat in Dolphin Square.

Clare was a graduate of Leeds University, at Jimmy Savile HQ. I knew other graduates of Leeds who had heard about Jimmy Savile molesting kids when they were students, so I’m sure that Clare will have known. In 1983, Gren Kershaw, an NHS manager from Leeds, relocated to north Wales, where he joined the heart of the rot, climbing higher and higher, as CEO of the North East Wales NHS Trust, then in a key Welsh Assembly NHS job… When Gren retired he set up a management consultancy and he and his wife now flog their services to the regional NHS which Gren helped wreck. See previous posts.

In 1981 Clare married Alex Lyon, who had been a Home Office Minister. Of course Clare knew about Dafydd.

Clare Short appearing on TV discussion ‘After Dark’, ‘Counting the Cost of a Free Press’ in 1991:

Clare was Shadow Minister for Wimmin under John Smith and then Miranda, 21 Oct 1993-19 Oct 1995. Just look what was happening to one woman – me – at the time…
In 2006 Clare Short declared herself to be ashamed of Miranda’s record. She stood down as an MP in April 2010. Brown and I had begun publishing about the mental health services hadn’t we Clare.

Clark left the Commons in 1992 after Thatch had gone, but was back like a bad penny and returned to Parliament as the Tory MP for Kensington and Chelsea in May 1997. Three months after the opening of the Waterhouse Inquiry. Clark died on 5 Sept 1999 from a brain tumour. So Clark returned to the House in time for the beginning of the Waterhouse Inquiry but was dead five months before it was published. Clark wrote a number of books, including this one:

Bill Deedes was educated at Harrow until after his father suffered heavy financial losses from the 1929 Wall Street Crash, a la Trumpers’ parents.  Deedes was forced to leave school a year early and finish his exams with a tutor. Deedes began his career as a reporter on the Morning Post in 1931, joining the Daily Telegraph when it took over the Post in 1937. Between 1931 and the beginning of the war in 1939, he shared a home in Bethnal Green with his uncle Wyndham Deedes. The Krays were brought up in Betnal Green during the 1930s. Mentioning the Krays in the context of a discussion about Bill Deedes isn’t as ridiculous as it might seem because the Krays hung out with the Tory politician of Deedes’ era, Lord Bob Boothby, indeed Bob Boothby had a relationship with Ronnie Kray. Bob Boothby also had a long-term relationship with Harold Macmillan’s wife Dorothy as well as more casual relationships with a great many other people. See previous posts.

Deedes fought with the British Army in WW II in the 2nd Battalion, Queen’s Westminsters, one of the units of the King’s Royal Rifle Corps.


Deedes was married to Evelyn, who died in May 2004, by whom he had two sons (one of whom died young) and three daughters, Juliet, Jill and Lucy. Deedes was a convinced Christian like his father and he lived on the edge of Romney Marsh, Kent, where his wife kept a menagerie of farm animals. He preferred to use public transport whenever possible.

Bill’s son, Jeremy Deedes, is a Director of the Telegraph Group of companies and was a Director of lobbyists Pelham Bell Pottinger, 2008-12. Jeremy Deedes has been a Director of the Tote, Chairman of ‘The Sportsman’ newspaper, and is currently a Director of Warwick Racecourse. Lucy Deedes is a former Master of Foxhounds and was the first wife of Crispin Money-Coutts, the 9th Baron Latymer. Lucy is the mother of society magician Drummond Money-Coutts.

Deedes came from a family with a ‘tradition of public service’; there had been a Deedes MP in every century since 1600. Deedes was elected as the Tory MP for Ashford in Kent in 1950. Deedes served as a junior Minister under Churchill  for three years and later served in Macmillan’s Cabinet, 13 July 1962-16 October 1964, as Minister without Portfolio. Deedes was in that post during the Profumo Affair, a scandal to which Dafydd and Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist contributed. See posts ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ and ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’. Deedes left the Cabinet in 1964, as Minister of Information and subsequently stood down as an MP at the Oct 1974 General Election.

Deedes was Editor of the Daily Torygraph, 1974-86. He was replaced by Max Hastings as Editor but continued his career as a journalist. Deedes’ tenure as Editor was noted for battles with the print unions.

Deedes was made a life peer in 1986, the year that there was the most enormous panic as a result of Ollie Brooke being investigated, charged and then convicted.

Bill Deedes continued to comment on social and political issues through his newspaper columns up to his death. In his later years, he gained a cult fanbase after two memorable appearances on HIGNFY  becoming, at the age of 88, the oldest guest ever to have appeared on the programme until 2012 when Trumpers appeared at the age of 90. HIGNFY give air time to a lot of Friends of the Gang, such as Strong Woman Jo Brand. The Programme is made by Hat Trick Productions; the movers and shakers behind Hat Trick have shown a high degree of commitment to providing PR for the Gang. See post ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’.

Deedes was a stalwart member of the Carlton Club and was appointed as an ambassador for UNICEF in 1998, running high-profile campaigns against landmines. Deedes continued to write into his 94th year, with his final article, published on 3 August 2007, concerning Darfur.

Deedes died on 17 August 2007 at his home in Kent aged 94, after a short illness.

Deedes and Evelyn Waugh had reported together in 1936, trying to cover the Second Italo-Abyssinian War; Deedes arrived in Addid Ababa aged 22 with almost 600 pounds of luggage. Berhanu Kebele, Ethiopian ambassador to London, pointed out that Deedes’s sharp journalistic instincts ensured Italian excesses were kept in the public eye. 

Bill Deedes regularly played golf with Denis Thatcher.


David Howell succeeded Ronnie Waterhouse’s close friend Geoffrey Howe as editor of Crossbow (the journal of the Bow Group), 1962-64. Howell was Director of the Conservative Political Centre  1964-66, writing and publishing the pamphlet The Conservative Opportunity.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Lord Howell has held numerous roles in Heath’s, Thatch’s and Cameron’s Gov’s, summarised by:

Table to show Ministerial posts held
Post Date
Minister of State (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) (International Energy Policy) May 2010 – Sep 2012
Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Lords Jun 2005 – May 2010
Shadow Minister (Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs) Jul 2000 – May 2010
Secretary of State for Energy May 1979 – Sep 1981
Shadow Minister (Business, Innovation and Skills) Jul 1977 – May 1979
Minister of State (Department of Energy) Jan 1974 – Mar 1974
Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Northern Ireland Office) Mar 1972 – Nov 1972
Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department of Employment) Jan 1971 – Mar 1972
Lord Commissioner (HM Treasury) (Whip) Jun 1970 – Jan 1971
Parliamentary Secretary (Civil Service Department) Jun 1970 – Mar 1972
Table to show Select Committee membership
Committee House Date
Soft Power Committee Lords May 2013 – Mar 2014
Procedure Committee (L) Lords Jun 2005 – Nov 2006
EU Sub-Committee C Lords Dec 1999 – Nov 2000
European Union Committee (L) Lords Dec 1998 – Nov 2000
EU Sub-Committee B Lords Nov 1998 – Nov 1999
Liaison Committee (Commons) Commons Jun 1987 – Mar 1997
Foreign Affairs Committee Commons Feb 1986 – Mar 1997

In 1979 David Howell was also sworn into the Privy Council. Mr Thrope… Mary Wynch… Need I say more.

David Howell wrote Blind Victory: a study in income, wealth and power (1986); The Edge of Now: new questions for democracy in the network age (2000); Out of the Energy Labyrinth’ (with Carole Nakhle) (2007); Old Links and New Ties: Power and Persuasion in the Age of Networks (2013); Empires in Collision; the green versus black struggle for our energy future (2016).Monty Python - Theory on Brontosauruses by Anne Elk (Miss ...

  • Anne Elk's Theory on Brontosauruses

It’s The Thinking Of The New Right! Two running themes: ‘privatise it’ and ‘a voucher system’. I haven’t wasted my time reading David Elk’s outputs, but I’m sure that vouchers will have made an appearance.

Thatch fell out with David Elk when his Theory Of How To Run The Railways went badly wrong and he was sacked from the Cabinet and denounced as a stale old incompetent. David Howell however not only eventually bagged a peerage, but he returned centre stage and was given yet more senior roles, David who was the MP for Guildford while John Marks and Ken Clarke did battle with me in the middle.

David Howell was President of the British Institute of Energy Economics, , 2005-14 and became Chairman of the Windsor Energy Group in 2003. Howell was decorated with the award of Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure of Japan in 2001. If anyone knows what David Howell did for anyone in Japan, please do let me know.

Howell was Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Lords, 2005-10. On the election of the ConDem Gov’t in 2010. Howell was quickly recommended to the Foreign Secretary by the PM Call Me Dave as an enthusiastic advocate of HS2, the only Tory in the Gov’t ‘with the relevant ministerial experience’.

Lord Howell is Chairman of the Lords International Relations Committee and also Chairman of the Commonwealth Societies Association. On 29 Sept 2011 Lord Howell Chaired an ‘important meeting’ of the Eminent Persons Group at the Royal Commonwealth Institute in London with Heads of Gov’t and State being present. Britain took ‘an active part in coming to the rescue in responding to Darfur Crisis in which thousands were victims in the desert civil war of pestilence, famine and destitution’. Before Britain and Lord Howell congratulate themselves too much with regard to that, perhaps they’d care to take a look at what is happening in Sudan at present.

Lord Howell has been a powerful advocate for ‘the lawless nation of Zimbabwe’ to return to the Commonwealth; he revealed the ‘deep undercurrents of feelings within the UK’ which ‘will actively support human rights defenders when fighting for their rights in Commonwealth countries’. Howell has likewise encouraged the application of the new State of South Sudan to join the Commonwealth of Nations when they are ‘fit for purpose’.

Has anyone ever thought of telling Lord Howell to keep his nose out of other countries’ business, the advice dispensed by this sage does not always have a positive outcome.

The Lord Howell of Guildford
Official portrait of Lord Howell of Guildford crop 2.jpg

  • Shurely Shome Mishtake?

Lord Howell has three children; one of them, Frances, is married to a George Osborne, who with luck as good as that enjoyed by Lord Howell, ended up as Chancellor of the Exchequer when Call Me Dave became PM. When George was Chancellor, he gave Dafydd’s charidee CAIS the best part of a million quid from the much trumpeted LIBOR fund, resulting from the surcharge on Naughty Banks; CAIS lied about the purpose for which the dosh would be used and then returned to George for more dosh, on the basis of more lies and George opened the purse strings once more. Shurely Shome Mishtake?

See post ‘George Osborne Enters The Picture’.

Some four years ago, George’s Top Doctor brother Adam, a psychiatrist who trained at Tommy’s, was struck off by the GMC for threatening a patient with whom he had enjoyed a sexual relationship in an attempt to stop her giving evidence against him. Adam’s wife, also a Top Doctor, who, according to Adam, enjoyed threesomes with him and patients, also threatened the girl with whom Adam had sex. The GMC did not go in pursuit of the Nice Lady Doctor Osborne. Shurely…

More recently someone e mailed telling me that it looked as though the GMC were going to have to ask a few questions of that Nice Lady Doctor after all.

The Torygraph didn’t mention anything about Adam Osborne, although the Daily Mail maxed out on the story. Adam had previously appeared in front of the GMC after he unlawfully accessed class A drugs and flogged them to a sex worker. He was allowed to continue practising.

See previous posts for further info on Adam and the Nice Lady Doctor.

George Osborne served as the Tory MP for Tatton, 7 June 2001-3 May 2017. Osborne succeeded Martin Bell, who had won the seat when he stood against the sitting Tory MP Neil Hamilton on an anti-sleaze ticket. Tatton is the neighbouring constituency to the one previously held by Peter Morrison. Osborne took the seat nine years after Morrison stood down and six years after Morrison’s death, but the north Wales/Cheshire ring involved numerous people in the region and many of them will still have been in the professions and/or public life when Osborne won and then held the seat, including the crooked Cheshire Councillors, the Top Docs, lawyers and judges on the Chester and Wales Circuit. We should not forget that George was just down the road from Eaton Hall, Gerald Grosvenor’s Cheshire family seat. George won Tatton when the Waterhouse Report was fresh in everybody’s minds and many angry people were yelling ‘massive cover-up’.

George was Chancellor when the Tory AM Antoinette Sandbach decided that she didn’t want to represent her home patch of north east Wales in the Welsh Assembly anymore, she wanted to nip over to Cheshire and represent the constituency of Eddisbury Westminster. Eddisbury is a seat much favoured by the Gang, paedophiles’ friends are desperate to represent Eddisbury. Like Anglesey or Conwy, one cannot get selected for Eddisbury for any party unless one is the bestest friend of the Gang.

Gerald Grosvenor’s family seat is as close to Eddisbury as it is to Chester. A previous contender for Eddisbury but for the Labour Party was the delightful Margaret Hanson, former Cheshire Councillor and Cheshire children’s and families social worker, later trade unionist, big wig of Age Concern, north Wales County Councillor and Vice-Chairman of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, after Merfyn was forced out as Chairman. Margaret is married to Miranda’s pal and former PPS, David Hanson, the Labour MP for Delyn. David’s previous is as good as his wife’s; worked for Scope, for addiction organisations, served as a Cheshire Councillor and eventually as Miranda’s gofer. See eg. post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’.

Antoinette was the lucky winner at Eddisbury in 2015 and she retains the seat at present. Antoinette’s dad Ian was one of the Mr Bigs of the Gang. Ian was a big landowner in north east Wales, although when Antoinette left her job as a barrister in London in 2005 to respond to Dafydd’s distress flare after Brown and I began publishing, she sold herself in PR terms as a ‘farmer’s daughter’ who had felt the siren call of Hiraeth. Ian was the most senior Freemason in north Wales throughout the years of investigations, inquiries and the murders of witnesses.

Antoinette was born in Hammersmith and her paternal grandmother was Geraldine Mackeson-Sandbach, a prominent landowner who doubled up as the President of the Denbigh branch of the Royal College of Midwives, when the victims of the Gang who were pregnant by their assailants were illegally imprisoned in Denbigh and had their babies abducted. Geraldine also Did A Lot For The Church. Antoinette’s mum, Anne Marie Antoinette of the Dutch Van Lanschot family, married Ian Mackeson-Sandbach in 1967.

Antoinette Sandbach was educated at Nottingham University, the site of so much research fraud and crime by associates of Dafydd’s (see eg. ‘Oh Lordy, It’s CR UK!’ and ‘Vested Interest Or Common Pool?’) and of course is on Ken Clarke’s manor. She practised as a criminal barrister in London for 13 years and was twice elected to the Bar Council in that time.

Antoinette is friends with all the best in north Wales, including the solicitor of choice for the Tory paedophiles’ friends, Freemason David Jones, who served as Call Me Dave’s Secretary of State for Wales, when Theresa was planning how to rig the Macur Review. David Jones shared solicitors’ practices with Ieuan Wyn Jones in Ruthin and Elwyn Jones in Bangor, both bent lawyers at the heart of the Gang and he was a buddy of Lord Wyn Roberts. See post ‘The Right Honourable David Jones MP’.

After so many years of hitching her own fortunes to those of the Gang, Antoinette was bitten on the arse by the Top Docs herself in 2009, when her baby Sam died. She found that the Top Docs were not quite so Ah they were wonderful after all, but she didn’t dare mention them, she had a go at the police instead. Antoinette gave the performance of a lifetime after Sam’s death, both in the Senedd and in Westminster. Hilarious, she cried and howled, went red in the face, screamed with the Pain Of Bereavement as she Remembered and received a round of applause from her fellow troughers on both occasions. The wicked hypocritical cow had shown no interest at all in all the other people who had lost children at the hands of the Gang or indeed the 12 year olds who were forced to have sex with animals while they were filmed and her extended family did all they could to protect the people who did it.

Antoinette, who’s ancestors were involved with the slave trade, as is Antoinette:

Official portrait of Antoinette Sandbach crop 2.jpg

Antoinette worked as a criminal barrister in London while Ollie Brooke and his Top Doc and lawyer mates outwitted that contingent of honest police offers who were busting a gut to put the ring out of action.

Antoinette married Matthew Sherratt, who is described on Antoinette’s wiki entry as ‘a sculptor’, in 2012. Matthew Sherratt Sculptor has a website with spiel that reads something like the Viz parody of ‘My Penis Smells of Apples’, 14 year old Jason from Gateshead’s bit of bus shelter graffiti that memorably won the Turner Prize some years ago. However Matthew Sherratt has another website as well, the website that promotes that other sideline of Matthew’s, his thriving criminal bar practice.

Here’s Antoinette, who worked as a Farm Labourer – yes, that was her job title! – when she waited for that Assembly seat that materialised months after Antoinette turned her back on Life In The Smoke in 2005:

Official portrait of Antoinette Sandbach crop 2.jpg

Good to see you covered in shit Antoinette and more than any Somerset dairy farmer as well.

See previous posts for info on the Mackeson-Sandbach clan in greater detail.

Yet someone else known to me had their life touched by Call Me Dave, but when Dave was Leader of the Opposition rather than a wanker in the Bullingdon Club. It was the daughter of Patient F’s ex-wife! She was still at school in Bethesda at the time, entered a Radio 1 quiz for which the prize was to Meet Dave, won the competition and swanned off down to London in a car sent up to Bethesda by the BBC. I thought it was great actually, she loved it, received full media coverage, interviewed Call Me Dave and caused one hell of a row because no-one realised she was a school girl; it was presumed that Laura was over 18… Laura, I’m glad that you had an exciting time and caused a sensation, but these are bad people who will knife you as well at the drop of a hat. Your home village and the people in it had nothing because of these liars, cheats and gangsters.

Osborne’s former seat of Tatton is now held by the notoriously dreadful Esther McVey, who used to make a living appearing on mindless TV programmes and now graces the Commons with her own brand of simplistic right wing homespun idiocy eg. that starving disabled people by denying them sufficient benefits to live on will Prepare Them For Work. Esther was Call Me Dave’s junior Minister for the Disabled, 2012-13. Esther previously held the Merseyside seat of Wirral West, part of Dafydd’s empire. Esther grew up in Liverpool, where her parents owned a construction business, J. G. McVey & Co. Esther herself has run Liverpool-based businesses. Esther has a degree from Liverpool John Moores University, among other things.

Esther began her media career in the early 1990s, when the North Wales Police launched their investigation into a possible VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire.

Esther was a co-presenter of the Children’s BBC strand But First This in 1991 and subsequently presented and produced a wide range of programmes, co-hosting GMTV,  BBC1’s science entertainment series ‘How Do They Do That?’, 5’s Company, ‘The Heaven and Earth Show’, Shopping City, BBC2’s youth current affairs programme Reportage and Channel 4’s legal series Nothing But The Truth with Ann Widdecombe.

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

McVey took part in Eve Ensler’s ‘The Vagina Monologues’ at the Empire Theatre, Liverpool. Hey Esther, members of Dafydd’s Gang told people how Empowering that particular piece of crass voyeurism was! 

McVey returned to Liverpool and set up her own business, Making It (UK) Ltd, which provided training for SMEs, as well as providing office space for new start-up businesses, which led to Esther founding “Winning Women”, supported by funding from the North West Regional Development Agency. 

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

Esther spent the first two years of her life as a fostered Barnardo’s child. Bechod!

So who’s idea was it to promote this toxic airhead from Dafydd-International, first as a media tart, then as a Winning Woman Empowering Other Wimmin and then as a fucking Cabinet Minister promoting Dafyddesque solutions to disability? Have you ever dropped in at the Cottage Inn, Fiddington yourself Esther??Although you may have met the person from Bridgwater whom Call Me Dave’s mate in the gorilla suit befriended without leaving your media-bubble, because he suddenly found himself being invited onto TV shows! The sort of shows that you presented Esther!! During the early 1990s as well! Perhaps you met him! He met Boris as well as Call Me Dave’s other friends, down at Taunton Cricket Ground.

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

Esther, can I remind you that just because an awful lot of you took part in the wrongdoing and the fuckwittery, it doesn’t make your structure sound. Your structure is built on Dafydd Esther, that is not a good base.

George Osborne was born in Paddington, London. His father is Sir Peter Osborne, 17th Baronet and George will inherit the baronetcy. In 1968, Sir Peter and his brother-in-law Anthony Little co-founded Osborne & Little, a successful manufacturer and retailer of upmarket wall paper and fabrics. It was revealed in 2016 that the firm had made £6 million in a 2004 property deal with a developer from the British Virgin Islands, a tax haven and had not paid any corporation tax for seven years. Osborne’s personal wealth, amassed through inheritance and his business career, has been the subject of controversy during his son’s political career, especially after an interview with ‘The Financial Times’ in which he discussed his “expensive tastes”, such as the purchase of a £19,000 Italian desk.

George’s mother is Felicity Alexandra Loxton-Peacock, the daughter of Hungarian-born artist Clarisse Loxton-Peacock.

Osborne was educated at: Norland Place School, Colet Court and St Paul’s School. He studied at Magdalen College, Oxford, graduating in 1993. Whilst there, Osborne was a member of the Bullingdon Club, along with Boris and Call Me Dave. Osborne also attended Davidson College in North Carolina for a semester.

In 1993, Osborne intended to pursue a career in journalism. He failed to gain places on trainee scenes at ‘The Times’ and ‘The Economist’ and in the end, settled for freelance work on the ‘Peterborough’ diary column in the Torygraph.  One of his Oxford friends, journalist George Bridges, alerted Osborne some time later to a research vacancy at Conservative Central Office. Osborne joined the Conservative Research Dept in 1994 and became head of its Political Section. One of George’s first roles was to go to Blackpool and observe the Oct 1994 Labour Party Conference. 

Osborne as worked as a SPAD to Douglas Hogg at MAFF during the BSE crisis, 1995-97 and in the Political Office at No 10. The Douglas Hogg who, with his dad Quintin Hogg, had concealed so much of the criminality in north Wales and who’s daughter Charlotte did deals with some of those who benefited from her dad and grandfather’s concealing of serious organised crime. See post ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’. Osborne worked on PM John Major’s campaign team in 1997, in the run-up to the  Tory’s defeat at the hands of Miranda. Everyone planned their campaign on the back of the Public Inquiry of which this man was Chair, which had opened four months before the General Election in Ewloe in Flintshire:

George Osborne knew about the crimes of Dafydd and the Gang, including those of which I was the target, from his mates at Oxford and his Dafyddesque Top Doc brother Adam, who will have known just about every Top Doc involved with the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Adam knew many of those whom I encountered at St George’s; he is just one or two years younger that the cohort of medical students that began degrees when I went to work at St George’s. Adam, are you actually part of Dafydd’s Gang yourself? George’s brother shows all the signs of knowing Dafydd.

After the election, George Osborne again considered journalism, approaching ‘The Times’ to be a leader writer, although nothing came of it.

Osborne worked for William Hague, Major’s successor as Tory Leader, as a speechwriter and Political Secretary, 1997-2001. Hague became Tory Leader following his stint as Secretary of State for Wales, the high point of which was Hague organising the Waterhouse Inquiry. It was enough for grateful Tories to elect Hague as their Leader, in preference to Ken Clarke and his Hush Puppies. The voting process which resulted in Hague becoming Leader was as carefully stage-managed as Ronnie’s Inquiry and Ken was seething. The preferences of Parliamentary Tories were given much greater weight that the preferences of the wider Tory Party members in the constituency associations, who overwhelmingly supported Ken and the Hush Puppies. They did not know exactly what Ken Clarke had resorted to at the Dept of Health in his efforts to silence me and finish off John Marks as the same time.

Do you know Ken, my Tory voting father supported YOU for Leader! He died slowly and painfully some years ago at the hands of the Top Docs in Somerset, so I am not able to pay him a visit, with my documentation and e mails and say ‘hey father, remember all that business of Redland closing and you having to relocate to Nottingham?? Well just look who was behind it all…’ See post ‘Jennifer’s Diary’.

It didn’t even solve your biggest problem Ken, John Marks and the BMA; if anything it made them stronger because if anyone had ever found out what you had resorted to in collaboration with them although you loathed each other…

I think that the leftie comedian knew a few of the things that Ken and his Hush Puppies did; Jeremy Hardy made a few interesting comments about Ken before Jeremy died recently.

So Hague triumphed over the Hush Puppies; obviously a great many Parliamentary Tories knew just how much they owed Hague after he fixed it for the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the Gang, but he still must have had something over and above the crooked old barrister from Nottingham and his Hush Puppies. An insider’s view of the dirt, along with his wife and her family’s Ruling Welsh Class links I suspect.

When Hague became Leader he appointed Amanda Plattell as his PR/Press Officer. Read all about Amanda’s background and network that made her so valuable to William throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry in my post ‘Did Glenda Occupy A Key Role In Keeping It All Out Of the Media?’

Dafydd: Crazy Name, Crazy Guy…

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Throughout it all Gideon aka George was at the scene of the crime and there were numerous moles high and low tracking my friends and I.

Osborne helped to prepare Hague for the weekly session of PMQs. Under the subsequent leaderships of Michael Howard and Call Me Dave, Osborne remained on the PMQs team.

Osborne’s school and university contemporary, financier Nathaniel Rothschild, said in October 2008 that Osborne had tried to solicit a £50,000 donation from the Russian aluminium magnate Oleg Deripaska, which would have been a violation of the law against political donations by foreign citizens. Rothschild had hosted Deripaska, Osborne, Mandy and others at a party in his villa in Corfu. The alleged solicitation of a donation occurred on Deripaska’s yacht during the party.

George Osborne strongly supported China’s involvement in sensitive sectors such as Hinkley Point. The then Home Secretary Theresa had been unhappy about Osborne’s gung ho attitude to the Chinese and had objected to the project. It was delayed for final approval after May became PM. In 2015, May’s political adviser Nick Timothy expressed his worry that China was effectively buying Britain’s silence on allegation of Chinese human rights abuse and criticised Call Me Dave and Osborne for “selling our national security to China” without rational concerns and “the Government seems intent on ignoring the evidence and presumably the advice of the security and intelligence agencies.” He warned that the Chinese could use their role in the programme (designing and constructing nuclear reactors) to build weaknesses into computer systems which allow them to shut down Britain’s energy production at will and “…no amount of trade and investment should justify allowing a hostile state easy access to the country’s critical national infrastructure.”

Osborne returned to the backbenches as he was sacked and replaced as Chancellor by Philip Hammond on 13 July 2016, following Theresa’s appointment as PM. Unlike Call Me Dave, Osborne intended to remain an MP and stand for Parliament again in 2020.

In September 2016, Osborne launched the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, a body bringing together business leaders and politicians to promote regional devolution. By October 2016, he was writing a book called Age of Unreason; a diatribe against “populist nationalism”. Osborne’s lucrative speaking engagements for a range of financial institutions since his dismissal as Chancellor helped make him the highest earning MP in 2016. In February 2017 he started a new role as a part-time advisor to BlackRock the world’s largest fund manager, for a salary of £650,000 for a one day a week contract see£650000 The job was approved by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, which stated that during Osborne’s time as Chancellor “there were no specific policy decisions … that would have affected BlackRock” and the Permanent Secretary at the Treasury had “no concerns” about Osborne taking up the role.

In 2017, Osborne became the first Kissinger Fellow at the McCain Institute for International Leadership. While the Institute is based in John McCain‘s home state of Arizona, Osborne will remain in the UK.

Osborne announced he would be standing down as the MP for Tatton in April 2017, a day after the 2017 General Election was declared. He did not rule out returning to the Commons at some point in the future.

Then still an MP, Osborne was named in March 2017 as the next Editor of the ‘London Evening Standard’, a position which he assumed in May 2017. Critics of his appointment questioned his lack of journalistic experience and his intention to remain MP for Tatton during his tenure with the newspaper, which other MPs said would constitute a conflict of interest and devalued the role of an MP. Osborne was accused of breaking the post-ministerial employment rules of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments by accepting the editorship without the committee’s approval.

‘Private Eye’ subsequently documented in detail the relationship between Osborne and Standard owner Evgeny Lebedev, who appointed Osborne as Editor. During Osborne’s time as Chancellor of the Exchequer he regularly pledged Treasury money to Standard charitable campaigns, such as his offer in 2015 to match readers’ donations by up to £1.5 million to the Standard’s GOSH appeal. GOSH is a hospital which has been run by the Westminster Paedophile Ring for decades, but then George gave money to CAIS. In September 2015, the newspaper ranked Osborne in joint-first place on its annual “Progress 1000” list of the most influential people in London. It has also been highlighted that, as Chancellor, Osborne failed to tackle the advantageous tax status for non-doms, which Lebedev is understood to benefit from, while Lebedev’s paper strongly supported the Tory Party in the 2015 General Election and the Tories’ candidate Zac Goldsmith in the 2016 London Mayoral election. Read about Zac and his family’s close connections to Dafydd’s Gang and Dafydd’s partner network at St George’s and other places in the comments following my post ‘Jehova, Jehova, Jehova’.

In a profile of Osborne published by ‘Esquire’ magazine in September 2017, it was said that Osborne has commented to several staff at the Standard that he will not be satisfied until Theresa May “is chopped up in bags in my freezer”. While Osborne has used macabre imagery about Theresa May in the past, he did not directly comment on the incident, although he was criticised for the alleged remark. An editorial in the Standard, published nearly a week later, was interpreted as Osborne’s apology to Theresa May. It said “harsh words” had been said in connection with the Prime Minister’s Brexit policy, but “intemperate language, even when said in jest” was inappropriate.

Osborne, Dafydd actually used my alleged ‘intemperate language’ as evidence of my ‘severe mental abnormality’ and it was documented and added to the evidence collected to justify me being sent to live with Jimmy Savile. I didn’t even make comments about chopping people up and storing them in the freezer, I had called Dafydd et al ‘wankers’ and they actually used that as evidence that I should be sent to Broadmoor. You supported them you stupid, conceited, dangerous little tosser. They didn’t succeed in housing me with Mr Savile, but they did that to other people, sometimes on the back of no more ‘evidence’ than they had against me. Do you realise WHAT that lot did George??? Children were made to have sex with animals in order for them to flog it as porn. A firebomb was thrown into a party and killed five people; people jumped out of top floor windows to escape and were impaled on railings below (see post ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’), you stupid, greedy little WANKER if I may use such intemperate language. You should not have ever been near a Gov’t post you sociopathic idiot.

In September 2017 George Osborne was named a distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution and Dean’s fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Osborne will specialise in research on international politics and the global economy.


From the election of May 2010 until the reshuffle of 2012, George’s father-in-law Lord Howell served as Minister of State in the Foreign Office in Call Me Dave’s Gov’t, under Foreign Secretary, William Hague. It was Hague who as Welsh Secretary in Major’s Gov’t orchestrated the Waterhouse Inquiry. Obviously William had considerable help with that, but Hague knew a great deal about the criminality in north Wales as a result of him serving as Welsh Secretary, 5 July 1995- 2 May 1997. On 19 Dec 1997 Hague married Ffion Jenkins, a Civil Service mandarin in the Welsh Office when the Welsh Office was doing disgusting things to me in collaboration with the NHS and Social Services, including fabricating documentation and providing legal advice to frame me for criminal offences, which continued when William Hague was Welsh Secretary.

Ffion was born in Llandaff, attended Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf, and then went on to Jesus College, Oxford, a favourite of members and associates of the Gang, Ancient and Modern. Jesus College graduates include Dafydd’s corrupt judge pal Huw Daniel, Huw Daniel’s father J.E. Daniel, Archbishop Gwilym Williams – who was at Jesus College with Harold Wilson – and layers of other paedophiles’ friends and their offspring. Ffion joined the fast track training scheme of the Civil Service after graduating. She belonged to the National Youth Orchestra of Wales and the National Youth Choir.

Ffion met William Hague in 1995, when she became his Private Secretary at the Welsh Office.  Perhaps Ffion and William could explain why, at that time, the crooked Freemason Hefin Davies who doubled up as Chairman of the Gwynedd Community Health Trust was ordering Tony Lane, a lawyer from Caernarfon who had been employed by the Trust, in addition to the bent Welsh Office lawyers, to explore any avenues possible by which I could be prosecuted. I had not committed any offences, but I had complained about Dafydd sexually exploiting patients and had explained once more that my previous very serious complaints about Dafydd from 2004 had STILL not been investigated and neither had his perjury and breach of confidence. The matter was never resolved. The Jillings Investigation was underway at the time. You were running the fucking Welsh Office Hague, you had a responsibility to investigate and your silly little wife knew what was going on as well. The criminality simply continued from your predecessor John Redwood’s watch to yours. Which patients were still in Denbigh after the public were told that it closed in the summer of 1995 then Hague? Because it didn’t close, there were still patients out there, in a crumbing derelict building which the world believed was empty. Didn’t you notice that staff were still employed there, that food and basics were still being paid for?

Hague was the Tory MP for Richmond in North Yorkshire. He succeeded Leon Brittan as MP, who was responsible for concealing the crimes of Dafydd and the Gang back in the 1980s. North Yorkshire has long hosted a sex abuse ring with direct links to Dafydd’s Gang.

Ffion is best known for her biography of David Lloyd George, The Pain and the Privilege: The Women in Lloyd George’s Life. I wonder how much history was omitted from that account. For S4C, Ffion presented the series Mamwlad (2012),Tri Lle (2010) and Dwy Wraig Lloyd George (2009). She has also presented programmes for Radio 3 and Radio 4.

Ffion was a Director of the Outward Bound Trust, 1 April 2009-7 December 2012. She was a Director of Hanson Green, an executive recruitment firm, 11 Dec 2003 until it merged with Directorbank on 1 Feb 2008. Ffion had previously been a director of The Voices Foundation, 23 Sept 1998 until she resigned on 12 July 2005. Ffion Hague is currently a director of Brough Hall Management Company and Brough Park Management Company.

Here’s a touching little piece about Ffion from the BBC, Dec 19, 1997, after Ronnie Waterhouse, highly paid lawyers and the world’s media had told the former kids in care who collapsed while giving accounts of their lives at the hands of the Gang that they were lying gits:

Ffion Jenkins: a passionate Welsh patriot
image: [ Anti-Welsh devolution Tory leader marries passionately patriotic Celt ]
Anti-Welsh devolution Tory leader marries passionately patriotic Celt

Ffion Jenkins, who married the Tory leader William Hague at the Palace of Westminster on Friday, has an impeccable Welsh pedigree. Her father is Chief Executive of the Arts Council of Wales. Her mother is a former Welsh tutor and magistrate. Commentators say they are archetypal members of the Crachach, the Welsh-speaking elite who run Wales’s public institutions and bodies, sometimes known as the “Taffia”. Ffion, known to her friends as “Jolly” Jenkins, met William Hague in 1995 when he was Secretary of State for Wales and she was his Private Secretary.

The seeds of their relationship were apparently planted when Ms Jenkins decided to teach her boss the Welsh National Anthem, not wanting him to repeat the mistake of his predecessor, John Redwood, who had embarrassed himself by having to mouth the words and even making a mess of that. They were both in Wales at the time, and Mr Hague was due to to go to the Royal National Eisteddfod. “Before dinner we thought I had better learn the Welsh national anthem,” Mr Hague was quoted as saying in the Sunday Express. “So we went and sat on the wall overlooking the mountains and she sang to me for about two hours until I could sing back the words. It was on a beautiful summer evening with the sun going down.” But it was another 16 months before he plucked up the courage to ask her out. Four months after that, and three months before the election, he proposed to her. Ms Jenkins is described by her friends as very discreet. Their courtship was kept a virtual secret until the engagement was announced. She is still not giving interviews, but it is believed that unlike her husband-to-be she is persuaded by the idea of Welsh devolution. Welsh is her first language, and she has allegedly made her fiancé learn it, and agree that if they were to have children they would be brought up bi-lingually.

As a schoolgirl, Ffion relaxed by playing the clarinet with the National Youth Orchestra of Wales and singing in the National Youth Choir. She got three A grades in her A-Levels and distinctions in two special papers in English and Welsh at her Cardiff comprehensive school, Ysgol Gyfun Glantaf. She then studied English at Jesus College, Oxford, where her thesis on the writer Thomas Gray was written in Welsh.After graduating, she joined the fast-track stream of the Civil Service. Although known as something of a swot at school and at Oxford, she became a prominent member of the Welsh London singles club SWS – Single, Welsh and Sexy. It is said that for years Ffion Jenkins was in competition with her older sister, Manon. The elder Ms Jenkins is assistant private secretary to the Prince of Wales. According to one Ffion’s friends, when Manon rang her father and found that her sister was engaged to William, she said “OK, fair enough. That’s the end of sibling rivalry.” At 29 and seven years younger than her groom, she will be the youngest wife of a party leader in history. She has given up her career in the civil service, but has been appointed Director of Operations at the Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts, the body that brings together business and the arts.Determined not to sacrifice her career for the life of a politician’s wife, Ms Jenkins will keep her own name after her marriage.

Being a modern couple is definitely the image to which Mr Hague and his bride aspire. They have already shocked many Conservatives, including a disapproving Lady Thatcher, by sleeping in the same room during the party conference this year.

She also famously wore a black lace dress costing £2,000 at the same Blackpool get-together, causing party aides to herald her as the new Liz Hurley. 
But not all their photo-opportunities have had such a good reception. When the couple visited the Notting Hill Carnival, blowing whistles and with William dressed casually but much too impeccably, there was wide agreement that he in particular looked out of place.

Ffion’s sister is Manon Antoniazzi, Chief Exec and Clerk to the National assembly of Wales. Manon is a graduate of St John’s College, Cambridge, like Ronnie Waterhouse and Ronnie’s daughter. Manon worked as a Press Officer at Welsh Water plc and became Head of Press and Public Relations at S4C in 1991. Antoniazzi served as a senior Private Secretary for Carlo, 1994-98 and returned to the Carlo’s household, 2004-12. In 1998 Manon was appointed Director of Communication Services at the National Assembly for Wales. She joined BBC Wales in 2000 as Secretary and Head of Public Affairs, later becoming Director of Nations and Regions; so Manon was at the BBC when Merfyn Jones was Guv’nor for Wales and getting grief from Michael Grade, Miranda, Alistair Campbell et al. Manon was also the Chairman of The Prince’s Trust, Cymru 2001-04.

Double trouble Merfyn! William Hague’s sister-in-law AND Carlo.

In Jan 2012 Manon joined the Board of the Heritage Lottery Fund as Deputy Chair and Chair of the Committee for Wales. Manon was a Director of Manon Bonner Associates Limited, a management consultancy firm, 2012-15. She became the Chief Executive Officer of Visit Wales within the Welsh Gov’t in 2012. Antoniazzi was appointed Chief Executive and Clerk to the National Assembly for Wales, assuming this position in April 2017.

Manon has been on the Advisory Council of the London Philarmonic Orchestra and a Director, 22 May 2012-11 August 2016. She has been Governor of the Royal Shakespeare Company and a member of the Board of Welsh National Opera. 

Manon is married to John Antoniazzi, who spent 25 years as a partner at Deloitte, the multinational financial services firm, heading their audit department in Wales. John Antoniazzi was the inaugural Chairman of the Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone, advising Welsh Gov’t on developments in the city including Callaghan Square and the Capital Quarter. Edwina Hart, after her stint as Health Minister, served as the Welsh Gov’t Minister for the Economy, in which capacity she thrashed out a deal as part of the Cardiff Enterprise Zone funding, which was very beneficial to er Deloitte.

John Antoniazzi rocked up as the Board member responsible for estates of the Cardiff and Vale University NHS Board, which employs as a consultant obs and gynae one Richard Penketh, a serial groper who was a junior doc at St George’s when I worked there. Penketh was such a liability that I was told that ‘we’ll send him to Wales, it’s what we do with all the really bad doctors’. Indeed they did.

Among other things, Antoniazzi is Chairman of Premier Forest Ltd, and a former non-executive Board member of insurance comparison site GoCompare.

 Antoniazzi has served as Trustee and Treasurer of the Catholic Archdiocese of Cardiff and Chairman of its Cornerstone project.  He was founder Chairman of Fareshare Cymru and has also supported the work of the NSPCC in Wales and cancer charidee Maggie’s.  John is also a Trustee of London Music Masters, a charidee providing music tuition to children.
John was the inaugural Chairman of the Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone, advising Welsh Gov’t on developments in the city including Callaghan Square. The root of much of the rot:
  • James Callaghan and Audrey Callaghan from Celebs Who Died ...
  • BBC ON THIS DAY | 5 | 1976: Callaghan is new prime minister
Sunny Jim relaxing on his Sussex farm with the grandkids:


This was for Other People’s grandchildren:THE TRIALS OF GORDON ANGLESEA | REBECCA

Ffion and William Hague were married by the clergyman who is the father of Catrin Haf Williams. Catrin Haf was a theology student and then an academic at Bangor University for many years. A number of Catrin Haf’s colleagues were assisting Dr D.G.E. Wood and Dafydd in facilitating and/or concealing the trafficking ring when I complained about Gwynne in 1984, including Profs Eryl Davies and Densil Morgan. Catrin Haf was still a student in those days but subsequently as a member of staff Catrin Haf was the most frightful bully who’s high point was reached when she ordered the security man to throw a distressed student out of her office when the student refused an appointment with the Arfon Community Mental Health Team. Some years before that, Catrin Haf was successfully sued by a student at a time when that was unusual. Densil followed that up by throwing the student out of Bangor by the use of what I was told was ‘a kangaroo court’. Densil is a Nonconformist Minister who wrote posthumous tributes to the theologian J.E. Daniel, the father of Huw Daniel, the corrupt judge who is mates with Dafydd.

Bangor University were mercifully relieved of Catrin and Densil just before Merfyn stood down as VC, when they defected to Trinity St David University. Catrin and Densil are notorious among theologians and I was told that the theologians at Trinity St David were not looking forward to their arrival, the relocation having been arranged by people at a higher level. After Catrin and Densil arrived at Trinity St David, Densil was appointed Provost. A number of theology staff at Trinity St David subsequently resigned and what was once a thriving Dept seems to be much depleted. See previous posts.

From September 2012 to April 2013, George’s Osborne father-in-law was personal adviser to the William Hague on Energy and Resource Security. Lord Howell has made it clear that he had nothing to do with the 2015 State Visit of the Chinese Chairman or with the deal to build a nuclear power station at Hinkley Point with Chinese involvement, lest anyone ever think that Lord Howell was involved.

Because Lord Howell wasn’t involved in any way at all, he will not be able to explain why the infrastructure for Hinkley was being built way before the go-ahead for the new power station was agreed; why local people weren’t told of the meetings at which objections could be raised; why some Somerset landowners were paid so much more money for land sold for the new power station than neighbouring farmers were paid when their land was purchased compulsory for the nature reserve at Steart, approx 1 mile away. One landowner, Lady Elizabeth Gass, I was told, was paid over one million when she flogged her land for Hinkley.

I used to know Lady Gass. She is a leading Tory in Somerset, owns many of the properties in Stogursey and from when Brown was between 12 until well into adulthood, his family lived for years in a farmhouse owned by Lady Gass. When Col Brown and Brown’s mum split up, Brown’s mum moved to another cottage which she rented off Lady Gass, in the village centre in Stogursey. It was there that she was found dead just after I finished my PhD.

Brown’s mum was chatty and friendly and knew Lady Gass very well.

The latest that I have heard about Hinkley is that there are suspicions that it is going to be used to store nuclear waste from other countries; I am told that there are inexplicable massive excavations going on out there which can only be explained thus. As local people have been lied to constantly about Hinkley, there is a good deal of speculation happening…

Lord Howell won’t know what is going on, not having anything to do with it, but Call Me Dave knows. The Call Me Dave who was at Oxford with the twat in a gorilla suit who was knocking around Stogursey and Fiddington with people who knew what was happening to me and my friends from those villages around Hinkley Point after I complained about Gwynne, Dafydd and the Gang. See post ‘A Fool Among A Feat Of Fools’.

In May 2013, David Howell was appointed President of the Energy Industries Council.


At the Dept of Energy under David Howell, one of John Moore’s main duties was responsibility for the nationalised British coal industry. After the 1983 General Election, Moore was appointed Economic Secretary to the Treasury, under Chancellor Nigel Lawson, who had also worked as a journo for the Torygraph. Moore was charged with fronting Gov’t policy on privatisation. Most notably, Moore oversaw the privatisation of BT in 1984 and then the other big giveaways.

These privatisations were popularised by small parcels of shares in the privatised entities being made available to members of the public at deeply discounted prices, which promoted a form of popular capitalism along the lines of the Dean Witter business model.

Moore joined Thatch’s Cabinet in 1986 as Transport Secretary. His tenure coincided with the privatisation of British Airways. The capsizing of the Herald of Free Enterprise car ferry outside Zeebrugge harbour on 6 March 1987 gave Moore considerable media exposure, but not of a positive nature. Paul Channon succeeded John Moore as Transport Secretary in June 1987 and it was on Channon’s watch that the problems that had accumulated under Moore and others successively blew up in Channon’s face, as trains and buses crashed and boats sunk. In 1986, Paul Channon’s daughter Olivia died from an overdose at a party in Christ Church, Oxford. Olivia’s mates, seeing that she was in a bad way, scarpered and left her to die. The scapegoat was Rosie Johnston who went to prison, the niece of the journo Alexander Chancellor, yet a number of much grander and more culpable people walked away with relatively small fines. See post ‘Is The Party Over Yet?’

John Moore played a prominent role in the 1987 General Election campaign. At the DHSS, Moore’s specific proposals included making private healthcare insurance contributions tax-deductible and allowing Angels’ wage rates to be established by local bargaining rather than by central negotiation. NHS pay rates, including those of Angels, continue to be established by blackmailing rather than bargaining, as every Heath Secretary and PM finds out. Ken Clarke brought an end to a strike by COHSE that looked as though it could end terribly for Thatch by splitting the union. To do this Ken offered members of COHSE who were qualified Angels (in those days, Angels came in two varieties, ‘enrolled’ and ‘registered’; there was massive snobbery involved, the ‘registered’ Angels being the ‘qualified’ ones) a healthy pay rise, but not the unqualified ones. The Qualified Angels forgot that they were Fighting Fatcher’s Cuts, took the money and the strike collapsed.

That’s Ken’s Official Line on how he split unprincipled union members. Ken did offer more dosh to qualified Angels, but there was another factor involved, a substantial one. Mary Wynch, me and Dafydd. The General Secretary of COHSE, 1983-87, was David Williams, who Trained at Denbigh in the days of lobotomies galore. David Williams, who Campaigned Alongside Nye Bevan, Assisted With The Lobotomies during his Training and in 1955 went to work on Jimmy Savile’s turf in Yorkshire as a full time COHSE rep and it was upwards from then on. David Williams was almost at the top of COHSE when Mary Wynch was arrested and imprisoned, but when I came along, David found himself the Top Man in the union that Fought Fatcher. So they grabbed the money and stopped Fighting Fatcher.

  • Strong Woman Jo Brand served as the COHSE rep at the Maudsley before she became a Strong Woman.

The COHSE General Secretary who ended up in the Lords was Hector MacKenzie, rather than Assistant Royal Lobotomist Williams. See previous posts. Hector was the Angel with the shit on Willie Whitelaw in Cumbria; I would have thought that being Assistant Royal Lobotomist would beat having the shit on Willie Whitelaw, but Something Else was involved.

So Ken Clarke won the day, although it cost Thatch a lot in terms of: paying off Angels and others; in selling the old St George’s Hospital at Hyde Park Corner – worth a huge amount of money – to Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor for £6000 (see previous posts); in thrashing out a deal with the CRC to employ a psychiatrist mate of Tony Francis’s as a cancer researcher on a big research fraud which blew up in everyone’s face and resulted in the (alleged) suicide of Prof Tim McElwain (see post ‘Apocalypse Now’); in not closing down UCNW – yes, Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, Chairman of the UGC, had orders to shut the place down but he was reminded of a few things including the necessity of wrecking my career and those of my friends Who Knew About Gwynne (see previous posts) and keeping all those Who Colluded at UCNW in jobs for the rest of their careers, I won’t mention any names but their initials include Fergus Lowe, John Farrar, Catherine Robinson, among a few more hundred – and of course in terms of rolling over every time that the BMA asked for money ever after.

[ image: Dr John Marks: 'Healthcare before the NHS was a disaster']
Dr John Marks: ‘Healthcare before the NHS was a disaster’
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


How much money were you paid for that land for Hinkley Point Lady Gass???

David Cameron official.jpg


Cameron, the Cottage Inn at Fiddington is such a shite dump that even I and my friends didn’t go there after the age of 16; before then we occasionally visited because they let kids in and if we’d earned pocket money haymaking or whatever, we’d go and have a meal – pie and chips – at the Cottage, like real workers. What on earth were your mates doing in there after I encountered Gwynne and Dafydd?

Here’s Mill Farm in Fiddington, a huge holiday complex that has made the owner, Mike Evans, who was a struggling farmer with a few tents on his fields when I was 16, a great deal of money:

There are some people in Somerset who can’t work out how Mike Evans built such a huge business. He is a hard worker, but the Mill Farm phenomenon has been extraordinary. Mike Evans was a difficult man who fell out with everyone and he wasn’t much cop as a farmer. Other farmers too had a few tents like Mike Evans but they never made his sort of dosh. Then when the cars going to Evans’s (by then substantial) holiday site jammed up the lanes and the village didn’t have the infrastructure to cope with the traffic, Mike Evans hired a very expensive QC to flatten local opposition to his plans for further expansion! It worked, Mike got bigger and bigger.

Mike is a Jehova’s Witness and has been for years. My previous posts have discussed how when I was 12, a man with goats moved into a farm cottage near my house and I used to help him with the goats. He was, I found out when I began this blog, a paedophile with links to Dafydd’s Gang who was working as a ‘spotter’. He was also a drug dealer and the police were always after him for that. They ignored the kids – including me – going into his house. I have been told that we were all identified by the police but um er look who Stuart was working for; it was Dafydd’s network…

Stuart’s housemate was a man called Rob. Who when I was 16 became a Jehova’s Witness and got to know Mike Evans very well. Rob married another Jehova’s Witness called June and after I went to Bangor, I was told that June had been asking people in Somerset for my address in Bangor. The last I heard was that Rob and June had a little boy whom I think died and June became seriously ill with depression.

I have no idea whether Rob was ever involved with Dafydd’s network, but he and his mates did hint to me when I was quite young that Stuart was seriously weird; by the time I was 16, they were denouncing him. Stuart was by then living in Wales…

Mike Evans is a ruthless man. Mike knew a man very well who had shared a house with a contact of Dafydd’s and people in Somerset who knew Rob and June knew some of what was happening to me at the hands of Dafydd and the Gang.

What's Abbu's Thought today?: Daylight Robbery PG 12+

This is not about small cultish religions anymore than it is about Jews, or Catholics, or Methodists. It is about a truly stupid amoral professional and political class, who paid off numerous unscrupulous people while they ruined my life and the lives of my small circle of HONEST friends.

Lord King needs to explain himself.

Next time that the granddaughter of one of your local party activists who hated you King says no to a Royal Lobotomist who has been running a paedophile ring since the time of Anthony Eden, do things a little differently and don’t let yourself be dragged into this sort of criminality again. Norman Scott had a mountain of crap thrown at him by the very same people who came after me just five years later at Bangor. It is STILL going on, the children and grandchildren of the originals are the culpable ones now. Greedy little troughers like Call Me Dave and Lord Howell’s son-in-law. You need to go, all of you.

By the way King, Mandy Rice-Davies and Moon Cottage, the place that she purchased near Cossington after Profumo, but ‘never lived there’: what did she use it for? Everyone knew that she owned it. Why would she buy a house near Bridgwater of all places but never live in it? Why did Dan Lewis, who purchased that house in about 1970, keep getting burgled when that sort of thing didn’t happen in Somerset in those days? How did Dan die? Why was his life so troubled? Dan who’s whole family were Bridgwater Tories, who’s dad, old Dan Lewis, was a loathed man, involved with crime and prostitution?

Tom King, Secretary of State for N Ireland, 3 Sept 1985-24 July 1989. Not a good appointment. Thatch followed it up by appointing King Secretary of State for Defence on 24 July 1989, a post he retained in John Major’s Gov’t until 11 April 1992.

Life Of Brian GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

On 8 November 1987, in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, a Provisional IRA time bomb exploded during a parade on Remembrance Day to commemorate victims of World War One. The bomb went off by a cenotaph which was at the heart of the parade. Eleven people (ten civilians, including a pregnant woman, and one serving member of the RUC) were killed and 63 were injured. Former school headmaster Ronnie Hill was seriously injured in the bombing and slipped into a coma two days later, remaining in this condition for more than a decade before his death in December 2000. The IRA eventually apologised for what it claimed had been a mistake and that its target had been the British soldiers parading to the memorial. The unit that carried out the bombing was disbanded. Loyalist paramilitaries responded to the bombing with revenge attacks on Catholics, mostly civilians. Another bomb had been planted at nearby Tullyhommon at a parallel Remembrance Day commemoration but failed to detonate.

Four months after the Enniskillen attacks, three IRA volunteers were shot dead at a Shell petrol station on Winston Churchill Avenue in Gibraltar, the British Overseas Territory attached to the south of Spain. This became known as Operation Flavius. Their funeral at Milltown Cemetery in Belfast was attacked by Michael Stone, a UDA member who threw grenades and fired shots as the coffin was lowered. The attack killed three people, including an IRA volunteer. Stone was jailed for life the following year, but he was freed 11 years later under the Good Friday Agreement.

When two British soldiers, David Howes and Derek Wood, drove into the joint funeral in Andersonstown being held for the three men killed by Stone, they were found to be armed and were captured, taken away and shot dead. This became known as the Corporals killings.

In the 1980s, loyalist paramilitary groups, including the Ulster Volunteer Force, the Ulster Defence Association and Ulster Resistance, imported arms and explosives from South Africa. The weapons obtained were divided between the UDA, the UVF and Ulster Resistance, although some of the weaponry (such as rocket-propelled grenades) were hardly used. In 1987, the Irish People’s Liberation Organisation (IPLO), a breakaway faction of the INLA, engaged in a bloody feud against the INLA which weakened the INLA’s presence in some areas. By 1992, the IPLO was destroyed by the Provisionals for its involvement in drug dealing thus ending the feud.

Around this time republicans alleged that a ‘shoot to kill’ was in operation in Northern Ireland, in which tens of republican paramilitaries and one loyalist paramilitary were killed on active duty, usually by the SAS or RUC.

John Stalker alleged that his investigation into ‘shoot to kill’ was sabotaged by Sir Philip Meyers, the former Chief Constable of North Wales and at the time an HM Inspector of Police, in collaboration with James Anderton, the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester. Meyers presided over a completely rotten force in north Wales for many years and he had been at the top of the Gwynedd Constabulary which preceded the newly created North Wales Police in the early 1970s. Meyers was a mate of Dafydd and Gwynne who built his ‘reputation’ on preventing Carlo being blown to smithereens at the Investiture in 1969.

Three people were arrested and kept in the cells when Carlo was being invested as it were; one of them was transferred to Denbigh, made friends with Dafydd and in the 1990s, starred in TV programmes explaining that if Denbigh was closed down and Dafydd retired, Patients Would Suffer. In one programme, Dafydd’s mate – who called himself Rev and was filmed wearing a dog collar but was not any sort of Rev – used the phrase ‘Welsh boys and girls are going to English prisons’. Indeed they were, Dafydd and the Gang were framing them and making damn sure that they went to English prisons if they complained. One young man who was interviewed and explained that he’d be dead without Dafydd freely told people that he’d been paid to say that. The fake Rev was turning up in the Hergest Unit as well, Patient F and I saw him. He had access to the offices with confidential info, was wandering around the wards, just like Jimmy Savile. Gee everyone, however did Savile Abuse In Plainsight?

One of F’s friends challenged the fake Rev, in public, at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and asked him which Church he was a Rev of exactly. He was thrown out of AA by the fake Rev.

The fake Rev – who was probably Grooming The Nation just like Dafydd’s other mate Savile – died during the Waterhouse Inquiry. He wasn’t that old, but the Rev had been in Denbigh for months and months when Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist was busy with the victims of Lord Snowdon, Bertrand Russell and other VIP sex offenders, so the Rev wasn’t going to last long once that Inquiry had been organised.

Not long after the Waterhouse Report was published, the Rev’s daughter began social work training. She had difficulty with literacy in both English and Welsh (a bilingual illiterate); was a fantasist who claimed to be friends with famous people when she was not; repeatedly arrived at the Hergest Unit in the company of elderly farmers experiencing mental health difficulties and demanded that they be sectioned ‘because they’ve got schizophrenia from the sheep-dip’; she also rang the police and demanded that a woman she had seen in Morrison’s shouting at her daughter should be arrested for child abuse, having told the police that she was a social worker.

There were open discussions at Coleg Menai, Bangor and among the Top Docs as to the danger that the Rev’s daughter would present if she ever qualified. Two of the lecturers at Coleg Menai stated that they would do everything possible to ensure that she didn’t. She qualified and was working as a social worker for Gwynedd by approx 2005, as I was finishing my PhD. I’m fairly sure that she became a psychiatric social worker.

How do I know so much about the fake Rev’s daughter? Because when I was doing a bit of part-time teaching at Coleg Menai, she turned up in my class, before enrolling for the social work diploma. In 2001-02. A friend of Dafydd’s. What a surprise. I was kept briefed after I stopped teaching at Coleg Menai, as the nightmare unfolded.

See previous posts eg. ‘Still Lost In Care’ for information on Social Care Wales, the body that Regulates and Upholds Standards in social work in Wales and its previous incarnations.

When I saw who made up the Board members and read their biographies I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or both.


John Stalker was alleged to be corrupt himself and he certainly had corrupt friends (see post ‘Top Of The Cops’ and ‘A Stalker’s Network’), but so were Meyers and Anderton. George Carman QC pretty much ran Anderton’s force and Dafydd had plenty of mates in there.

It’s Operation Desert Storm and Tom King’s At the Helm!

Desert Storm all kicked off as I was forced out of my job at St George’s, arrested on the demands of the Gang and then ended up in Springfield in the hands of Dafydd’s partners in crime at their London HQ. I watched the war on the TV with the other Empowered Service Users in Springfield.

Hey Sir John Major, do you remember when your stage-act was to do the ever so ‘umble bit and after one of the TV bulletins re the war update, you said ‘God Bless’ at the end?? God Bless?? God Bless?? I was sitting in a psych hospital – although the Top Docs were refusing to speak to me yet alone treat me – which was facilitating an international trafficking ring because I had refused to keep quiet about the abuse of patients and serious crime in north Wales and your Secretary of State for Defence had bagged himself the job because of it… Oh but then so had you. Old Heseltine tried to play the same game, but it was John Major who triumphed!! I haven’t got time to analyse the whole process in this post but I’m working on it Major.


Thatch’s Cabinet Minister John Moore quickly encountered opposition to his plans for privatising the NHS, including from the Royal College of Physicians; the President at the time was  Sir Raymond Hoffenberg (President, 1983-89), who, like everyone else, maxed out on the blackmailing opportunities.

Sir Raymond Hoffenberg (16 March 1923-22 April 2007) was an endocrinologist. Born in South Africa, he was forced to leave in 1968 and settled in the UK, where he was President of the Royal College of Physicians,  1983-89 and President of Wolfson College, Oxford, 1985-93.

After service in the Union Defence Force in North Africa and Italy during WW II, Hoffenberg returned to South Africa to complete his medical training. He was an intern at Groote Schuur Hospital, and then a lecturer at the University of Cape Town Medical School. He married his first wife, Margaret and they lived in Newlands. They had two sons.

Hoffenberg spent some time serving under Albert Schweitzer at Lambarene in French Equatorial Africa (now Gabon), and travelled to the United States in 1957-8 under a Carnegie Fellowship. He was a lecturer at the Department of Medicine at the University of Cape Town from 1955 to 1967. Hoffenberg also continued to practise medicine at Groote Schuur Hospital, where he was involved preparing for Christiaan Barnard‘s first heart transplant operation in 1967. See previous posts for discussion of the controversy that surrounded this.

Hoffenberg ran into political difficulties in South Africa. He opposed the apartheid policies of the National Party and supported Alan Paton‘s Liberal Party which he had joined in 1953. Hoffenberg had been a friend of Paton and of the Party’s Chairman, Peter Brown, since they were students together in Cape Town. He supported the National Union of South African Students, and was Chairman of the Defence and Aid Fund, which funded the defence of those accused of political crimes and supported their families, until it was banned in 1966.

In July 1967, PM John Vorster passed a banning order under the Suppression of Communism Act which prohibited Hoffenberg from all political and social activity for 5 years. Hoffenberg had an ‘international reputation’ as a leading endocrinologist and the banning order led to widespread protest. He and his family were given an “exit permit” to leave South Africa in 1968, on condition that they did not come back. He moved to the UK, where he continued to lend support to the campaign against apartheid. The exiled Oliver Tambo was a patient of Hoffenberg’s for many years.

Hoffenberg worked for the National Medical Health and Research Council at Mill Hill in north London and at New End Hospital in Hampstead, 1968-72. He became Professor of Medicine at Birmingham University in 1972; by that time Dafydd’s mate Prof Robert Bluglass was rising up the ranks at Birmingham and was building up his trafficking team. After Tony Francis had arrived in north Wales from Manchester to add to the reinforcements post-Mary Wynch, when Bluglass wrote the Mental Health Act 1983 to reassure the world that it Could Never Happen Again (Dafydd did it again in 1986, to me, so Bluglass was appointed to investigate and blamed me), Francis’s former boss at Manchester Ian Brockington, was given a Chair at Birmingham University with old Bluglass. Ian Brockington’s specialism was in endocrinology and psychiatry. See post ‘Ian Brockington’s Mischief’.

I’ve been told that Lord Tom King might knowledge of this period of the frantic issuing of senior academic positions to people participating in serious crime.



While Hoffenberg was President of the Royal College of Physicians, 1983-89, he joined in with John marks and publicly disagreed with the Tories’ policy of introducing an internal market into the NHS. The policy was nonsense and added to the chaos because it created a cadre of criminal managers to the cadre of criminal Top Docs (take a look at who bagged the NHS management jobs after the Tories’ ‘restructuring’, it was the most corrupt managers eg. Alun Davies, Peter Higson, Keith Thomson etc), but the Top Docs didn’t actually stop it because everyone was involved with such wrongdoing.

Hoffenberg was appointed KBE in 1984. The year that I complained about Gwynne to the authorities at UCNW and the GMC.



Hoffenberg was President of the International Society for Endocrinology, Chairman of the British Heart Foundation and Chairman of the Medical Campaign Against Nuclear War and later Vice-President of its successor, MEDACT. Not that Hoffenberg needed to have bothered, Dafyd and Gwynne’s mate Bertrand Russell had already averted nuclear war in the early 1960s and then Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law E.P. Thompson averted it all over again in the 1980s, as any fule kno. Or at least Mary Kaldor, daughter of Richard Crossman’s mate Nicky does. See previous posts. That is presuming that Heseltine was wrong when he used to say on ‘Question Time’ that it was us having nukes wot kept the peace. Unless Enoch Powell was right when he said in that crazed manner that he used at all times that it was all due to the balance of power. However I think that it was Pat Arrowsmith who kept us from annihilation when she yelled at Sunny Jim after she stood as the Lunatic Fringe candidate in Cardiff South East in 1979 and polled 3 votes or whatever.

Pat Arrowsmith helped Bertrand the first time that we were saved from the bomb back in the early 1960s. Pat also worked Dafydd’s mate David Ennals’ brother Martin Ennals’ outfit Amnesty for 24 years up to 1994 and was the organisation’s first ever prisoner of conscience in Britain.

I’m so glad to hear that Pat was the prisoner of conscience and not any of the kids in care who were found dead in Risley Remand Centre before they were 18, after the complained about being violently sexually assaulted.

Look at this for self-sacrifice:

After the Alder Hey organs scandal came to light in 1999, Hoffenberg courted controversy by arguing for the medical benefits from retaining tissue samples from post-mortem examinations. That is not the controversial bit. The controversial bit was Top Docs retaining the organs after lying to the children’s parents about their child’s body being in this here coffin, when various parts of the child were sitting in a jar in the garage of one of the pathologists from Alder Hey. Dafydd’s mate and fellow trafficker Prof Robert Owen was calling the shots at Alder Hey at the time and he knew about those retained organs just as he knew about the paedophile ring in north Wales. Robert Owen was one of the movers and shakers behind Alder Hey’s charidee for children which led to the building of Ronald MacDonald House. Bechod, Ah the doctors they were wonderful! See post ‘In Memoriam – Professor Robert Owen’.

After the death of his first wife in 2005, Hoffenberg married Countess Madeleine Douglas in 2006. He died in Oxford. He was survived by his second wife and his two sons from his first marriage.


John Moore ‘found difficulties in his relationships with senior civil servants. Not all the latter were comfortable with [Moore’s] working day that started at 7 am’. I can imagine the traumas that caused. Moore’s wife Sheila ‘had clashes with civil servants and Moore was privately warned that she did not understand the British way of doing things’. She probably didn’t, but as Brown joked when I expressed horror at the revelations that terrorist suspects in N Ireland had been tortured by order of Lord Carrington et al (see eg. ‘In Memoriam – Lord Carrington’) and commented that I didn’t expect that ‘here’, ‘it’s not the British way of doing things is it’. I had no idea that the same contingent were trying to kill Brown and me at the time and they did later kill Brown’s dad, a man who was Of Them and believed in the concept of the British way of doing things himself. Col Brown organised Lilibet’s 1977 Silver Jubilee celebrations in Bristol, he shouldn’t have fucking well bothered.

What rational person would drive down the road in this:

Col Brown received an OBE for orchestrating the Bristol jamboree and was horrified when he discovered that Cliff Richard was bagging an OBE with him. Cliff the friend of Cilla, the friend of Geoffrey Chamberlain.

Surprise Surprise, here come’s Backdoor Billy, Butler to the Queen Mum, HIV positive and with a taste for rent boys:

In 1977, Sunny Jim was replying on the Lib Lab Pact to prop up his ailing Gov’t and Mr Thrope knew that he was soon going to be charged with a serious offence; the Mr Thrope who had slept with Ma’am Darling and Lord Snowdon and was married to the ex-wife of Lilibet’s cousin.

Crisis, what crisis? If we can’t arrange a Royal Wedding, a Silver Jubilee is the next best thing.

This IS the British way of doing things Shelia, but it shouldn’t be. Not that I want this either:

FOR ALL THOSE INTERESTED IN SIR BRIAN LANSTAFF’S TAINTED BLOOD INQUIRY WHICH HAS JUST OPENED: A 1987 Cabinet Office memo written by John Moore stated that the Gov’t had adopted a policy of not accepting any direct responsibility for the Contaminated Blood Scandal

After leaving the Parliament at the 1992 General Election, Moore held a number of directorships, including with Credit Suisse Asset Management and Rolls Royce plcIn 2010 he retired as Chairman of the Monitor Group.

After leaving the Commons in 1992, Moore picked up his peerage. A BBC feature in Aug 2011 reported that after 20 years in Lords, Moore had still to make his maiden speech and

While he worked behind the scenes as a political operator he was very effective … but he was suddenly thrust into the spotlight in the mammoth task of defending the government on the issues of health and social security … and he just bombed

It is pretty bloody difficult to defend people trafficking, international drug dealing and the murder of witnesses, although some people managed it. Perhaps it was Lord John having knowledge of such serious matters that ensured his future after politics, when his fellow Tories had stuck so many knives into him?

Gerald Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster pictured with Prince Charles (Picture: Dave Thompson - WPA Pool/Getty Images)


Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Here’s a John Marks-inspired BBC gem that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the NHS, on 1 July 1998, mid-Waterhouse Inquiry:

The NHS: ‘One of the greatest achievements in history’

Photo of Dr Arthur Mitchell, N.Ireland GP, by Barry Lewis. Part of touring NHS exhibition

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) came into operation at midnight on the fourth of July 1948. It was the first time anywhere in the world that completely free healthcare was made available on the basis of citizenship rather than the payment of fees or insurance premiums. The service has been beset with problems throughout its lifetime, not least a continuing shortage of cash. But having cared for the nation for half a century, most Britons consider the NHS to have been an outstanding success.

Only 50 years ago, health care was a luxury not everyone could afford. Life in Britain in the 30s and 40s was tough. Every year, thousands died of infectious diseases like pneumonia, meningitis, tuberculosis, diphtheria, and polio. Infant mortality – deaths of children before their first birthday – was around one in 20, and there was little the piecemeal healthcare system of the day could do to improve matters. Against such a background, it is difficult to overstate the impact of the introduction of the National Health Service (NHS). Although medical science was still at a basic stage, the NHS for the first time provided decent healthcare for all – and, at a stroke, transformed the lives of millions.

[ image: Mary Dowlding: 'Queues stretched down the street']
Mary Dowlding: ‘Queues stretched down the street’

Mary Dowlding joined the Warders Medical Surgery in Tonbridge, Kent, as a receptionist on the day the NHS was launched.

“I arrived in the morning and the queue was from the door, down the street and disappeared into the High Street,” she said. “I think they came because they wondered what was happening and they wanted to see if they were going to have free medicine. It was such a relief, particularly to women with young children who could not afford to call the doctor out.” The excitement was understandable. Prior to the reforms, the poor often went without medical treatment, relying instead on dubious – and sometimes dangerous – home remedies or on the charity of doctors who gave their services free to their poorest patients.

Access to a doctor was free to workers, who were on lower pay, but ‘national health insurance’ often did not extend even to their wives or children.

Hospitals charged for services, and although poor people were reimbursed, they had to pay upfront first to receive treatment. The need for free healthcare was widely recognised, but it was impossible to achieve without the support or resources of the state. Throughout the 19th century, philanthropists and social reformers working alone had tried to provide free medical care for the poor, but, without government backing, they were destined merely to scratch the surface of need. The hospitals established by these pioneers dealt mainly with serious illness.

Other demands, such as care of the elderly and mentally ill, were met – at least partially – by local authorities which often ran local municipal hospitals. Provision, however, was patchy, and people were often locked away in forbidding institutions, not always for their own benefit, but to save other people from embarrassment. The Dawson Report of 1920 was the first big step towards a national health service, recommending a comprehensive system under the auspices of a single authority. It was followed by the Royal Commission on National Health Insurance in 1926 which pioneered the idea of a publicly funded health service. The creation of the Emergency Medical Service in Second World War further hastened the pace of change. It was the first time healthcare funding had been taken over by central government.

In 1941, a government-commissioned independent inquiry found healthcare varied vastly across the country. With the voluntary hospitals permanently on the verge of financial collapse and the municipal hospitals almost universally loathed, there was no shortage of pressure for change. The final catalyst for the NHS came with the Beveridge report into social care in 1942. Sir William Beveridge, an eminent economist, identified a national health service as one of three essential elements of a viable social security system.

[ image: Pressure built for major social reform]
Pressure built for major social reform

Two seminal White Papers proposing a national health service followed before health minister Aneurin Bevan steered legislation through the Commons in November, 1946.

After much political manoeuvring, the NHS was launched two years later with the promise that “everybody, irrespective of means, age, sex or occupation shall have equal opportunity to benefit from the best and most up-to-date medical and allied services available.” It added that the services should be comprehensive and free of charge and should promote good health as well as treating sickness and disease.

[ image: Dr John Marks: 'Healthcare before the NHS was a disaster']
Dr John Marks: ‘Healthcare before the NHS was a disaster’

Has the NHS been a success? In purely medical terms the argument seems overwhelming. Men and women are living about 10 years longer on average than they did in 1948 – men to 74 and women to 79.

And during the last 50 years, medical advances have transformed healthcare, from the invention of a vaccine for polio and the birth control pill in the 1950s to laser and keyhole surgery techniques developed over the last 10 years. However, nobody could claim that the great experiment has been without its downsides. When the NHS was introduced in 1948, it sparked a huge surge of demand for medical care from people who had previously been denied access to free treatment. It is a demand which scarcely seems to have abated since 1948 when hospital waiting lists stood at 500,000. Today the figure is over a million. On a typical day, 700,000 people visit their GP, but family doctors complain that approximately a quarter of their time is taken up by turgid paperwork, and they do not have the resources to devote proper time to their patients.

Running costs, too, have soared by fourfold in real terms. Each successive administration has promised to solve the cash shortages that have plagued the NHS, but no politician has been able satisfactorily to match resources to demand.

Despite the drawbacks, however, Dr John Marks, for one, is in no doubt that the NHS has proved its worth.

[ image: Roy Lilley: 'Where are the quality controls?']
Roy Lilley: ‘Where are the quality controls?’

Dr Marks is a former chairman of the British Medical Association (BMA) council, who qualified on NHS day itself.

“The NHS is one of the greatest achievements in history,” he said. “Before that healthcare in this country was a disaster, particularly if you were poor. The unmet needs were not known until the NHS started, and people who had been ill for years and years came forward for help because they did not have to worry about paying for it.” Former NHS trust chairman Roy Lilley disagrees. “A cancer patient is most unlikely to see a cancer specialist, they will be treated by a generalist, unlike most of the rest of Europe and the USA.

[ image: Liverpool GP by Mike Abrahams, Network Photographers. Part of NHS national exhibition]
Liverpool GP by Mike Abrahams, Network Photographers. Part of NHS national exhibition

When you drill down beneath the surface, and ask do we have the same zero defect quality that we have in industry, the answer is that it is not there, and there are very few controls.”

Perhaps the final say should rest with patients themselves. Whatever the financial problems associated with the NHS, polls regularly rate its preservation as the public’s top political priority. On that basis alone, perhaps the NHS truly is the envy of the rest of the world.


The wonderful piece of satire was brought to the world by Niall Dickson, then the BBC Social Affairs Editor. Readers might remember Niall’s name from previous posts. Niall later became CEO of the GMC. When I was being threatened, wrongfully arrested, unlawfully denied NHS care… I wrote and I wrote to Niall Dickson. No response. Ah, well the Waterhouse Report had, as far as Niall was concerned, done the job. I was one of the few survivors lingering on so obviously it would be convenient to all if I just dropped dead. Or was even shot dead.


With regard to John Moore representing Croydon Central as the Tory MP, my post ‘A Trade In People – Between London and North Wales’ provides an account of a family of young adults, Empowered Service Users from Croydon, who, after their widowed mother died a suspicious death in the care of Warlingham Park Hospital near Croydon, were sectioned themselves in Warlingham Park for a very long while, fleeced of their inheritance and relocated to Gwynedd, a place that they had never visited and knew nothing about, by corrupt Top Docs and lawyers in London who had a nice little arrangement in place with corrupt Top Docs in Gwynedd. Warlingham Park, now closed, was the subject to a major investigation after complaints of patients being raped and violently assaulted. I was told that a number of staff actually went to prison.

John Moore succeeded as Tory MP for Croydon Central in April 1992 by Paul Beresford, a Park Lane dentist; most of Thatch’s Cabinet were Beresford’s patients. Beresford had been Leader of Wandsworth Borough Council when Wandsworth ran the trafficking ring in collaboration with St George’s. When I was in Springfield Hospital in early 1991, Wandsworth Social Services were in direct communication with Tony Francis, who told them to speak to Lucille Hughes for evidence of my dangerousness. i have never met Lucille and never received a ‘service’ from her or her social workers, although by the time that she chatted to Wandsworth Social Services, social workers employed by Gwynedd had unlawfully sectioned me twice and perjured themselves in the High Court repeatedly. See eg. ‘Some Big legal Names Enter The Arena’ and ‘The Bitterest Pill’. I never received or requested any ‘services’ from Wandsworth Social Services and I had no knowledge of this communication until some two years ago when my lawyers forwarded me the documentation.

I only ever spoke to Lucille Hughes once and that was on the phone, in the late 1980s. I told her that as Dafyd’s floosie, she should know that I had evidence of serious corruption involving Dafydd and Gwynedd Social Services. Lucille snapped ‘well if you’ve got evidence of corruption then, you’d better go to the police hadn’t you?’ I have documentation showing that by the time I made that call, Lucille, Dafydd and certain officers in the North Wales Place – including Superintendent Roberts at Bangor Police Station – had already had a chat about me and the way in which I could be fitted up.

Lucille Hughes


It was after that call that people tried to kill Brown, his brother and me.

The Director of Education of Wandsworth, Donald Naismith, was known to be abusing kids in care. See previous posts.

Wandsworth, like Wimbledon, was a popular habitat for St George’s staff and David Hole, the corrupt MSF rep who was the Chief Technician for Geoffrey Chamberlain’s Dept, was an SDP Councillor for Wandsworth. This was one of Hole’s fellow residents of Wandsworth at the time:

A young barrister called Tony Blair also lived in Wandsworth before he became an MP in 1983, he shared a flat there with his mate Charlie Falconer.

Rodney Bickerstaffe, the General Secretary of UNISON, condemned John Moore’s use of Parkside Hospital, which was owned by a German private healthcare company. Bickerstaffe banged on about the Secretary of State not having the confidence to use his local NHS hospital. Well Rodney, a lot of the staff didn’t dare risk their necks with certain Top Docs there and there was panic in the locality when Ollie Brooke was jailed, with local people refusing to take their kids to St George’s. Public statements were issued reassuring them that patients were not at risk, that Ollie was a Sad Man and that We Didn’t Know. When those reassurances were issued, Ollie’s mates were still at St George’s running the international paedophile ring of which Ollie was a key member.

The Windbag’s mate Lord Clive Jenkins, the trade union baron and a fellow traveller of Bickerstaffe’s, was so appalled at the grub that one of his pals was served up in an NHS hospital that Jenkins claimed to have ordered extra supplies for him from Fortnum & Mason. I’d ensure that my mates were OK as well – although I probably wouldn’t go as far as Fortnum & Mason in terms of grub – but unlike Clive and the Windbag I don’t lie to people about the state of the NHS and denounce every problem as being the result of Low Pay and Underfunding. Many unions now include private healthcare as part of the salary package for their senior officials. Nearly all the unions representing NHS staff do.

Rodney Kevan Bickerstaffe (6 April 1945-3 October 2017) was General Secretary of NUPE, 1982–93 and UNISON, 1996–2001. UNISON was formed in 1993 when NALGO and NUPE – both unions that represented social workers who had been accused and convicted of abusing children -merged with the patient batterers of COHSE. For details of the lengths that these unions went to in order to protect members involved with very serious criminality, see post ‘A Very COHSE Relationship With Some Very Nasty People’. Bickerstaffe later became president of the UK National Pensioners Convention 2001-05.

Could these two grossly irresponsible former British Army officers with delusions that they are fit and proper people to exercise authority over matters healthcare be in any way related?

Lord Simon Glenarthur:

Dr Charles Goodson-Wicke:

Goodson-Wicke is the great-grandson of Sir Frank Fox, (1874-1960).

In May 1997, the Labour candidate won Wimbledon, which was something of a shock result, even in the context of Miranda’s landslide. It was the first time that Wimbledon had been won by a Labour candidate since 1945. Geoffrey Chamberlain and his network may well have played a major role in that. Chamberlain was a Labour supporter and had an extensive network. He also understood the extent of the serious organised crime that the Waterhouse Inquiry was planned to conceal and he’ll have known that the stakes were high. Chamberlain had celeb connections; his pal Cilla was famous for her love of Thatch and Tory politics, but Chamberlain’s son was Wayne Hemingway’s business partner in the fashion company ‘Red Or Dead’ and there’ll have been mycelia of the sort of young cool business people that Miranda loved. Then there was Michael Mansfield just down the road at Wandsworth… Chamberlain will have had connections to Uncle Harry, via their mutual friend Wendy Savage for a start.

George Carman QC was one of Chamberlain’s neighbours in Wimbledon. Like Chamberlain, Carman held an annual summer garden party. Miranda and Cherie dropped in as PM and wife.

Roger Mark Casale (born 22 May 1960) was the Labour MP for Wimbledon, 1997-2005. When Roger was representing the Party of the NHS, yet another scandal hit the Academic Dept of Obs and Gynae at St George’s and it was closed down. Geoffrey Chamberlain, who had been the Head of Dept, remained working as an NHS consultant at St George’s – Chamberlain had a Harley Street (or more precisely a Wimpole Street) practice as well – until he retired in 2000. Whereupon Chamberlain upped sticks and moved to Swansea, where he had been offered a lecturing job in the history of medicine at Swansea University. Just in time for the publication of the Waterhouse Report! Chamberlain came from south Wales; his father had been the Secretary to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff and Chamberlain went to Llandaff Cathedral School and then Cowbridge Grammar.

Casale was educated at King’s College School, Hurstpierpoint College, Brasenose College, Oxford and John Hopkins University. Since losing his seat, Casale has run his own Parliamentary advisers company, Roger Casale Associates Ltd. In June 2013, Casale founded New Europeans, a pro-EU campaigning group.

In May 2017, Casale resigned from Labour in order to contest the Vauxhall constituency, held by Kate Hoey, a pro-Brexit Labour MP. For this purpose, Casale announced the creation of Yes2Europe as a new political party. Lambeth for Europe, the local pro-EU group, did not endorse Casale, instead opting for the Lib Dem candidate, George Turner. In the end, Casale did not contest the constituency in the 2017 General Election.  

In 2019, Casale joined the Independent Group and became a candidate for the Party in the 2019 European Parliament, contesting the constituency of East of England. 


To return to Sir Allan Green, the DPP who failed to prosecute so many VIP offenders and who resigned after the King’s Cross business and who’s wife was found dead just after the police investigation into a possible paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire was ended, after no evidence of such a thing had been found. Sir Allan Green was appointed as DPP in 1987; it was in the early months of 1987 that the Gang and the Home Office conjured up their Cunning Plan to frame me for a serious offence and have me banged up in Risley, but I don’t know the exact date of Sir Allan’s appointment. Ollie Brooke had been imprisoned in Dec 1986 and was appealing, so obviously an appropriate appointment had to be made at DPP level, lest any more witnesses to Ollie or one of his network came forward. The police had begun investigating a possible ring in Leicester by then as well, so that had to be handled carefully, it was no longer sufficient to rely on the combined forces of the Top Docs, the lawyers, the judges, the Councillors, the social workers, the teachers and the academics of Leicestershire to keep it under wraps. See previous posts. Even after the all the hard work that the parents of Lisa Nandy and even her granddad Sir Frank Byers had put in re concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring.


Here’s Sir Allan Green, bagging his K on 19 March 1991, at Buck House. Lilibet had given Peter Morrison his K in Feb 1991, the month after I was forced out of my job at St George’s and was watching John Major saying ‘God Bless’ to me on TV:

The proud Lady at Sir Allan’s side is Lady Eva, who was found dead at the very end of 1992/beginning of 1993.

After Sir Allan picked up his K but before Lady Eva was found dead, ‘The Guardian’ published an article by Clare Dyer, their legal correspondent. It explained that earlier in the day on which Sir Allan tangled with the police at King’s Cross –  Sir Allan carried on practising as a barrister until he retired in 2013 – he had been one of a crowd in the Groucho Club, Soho, celebrating the publication of two books by the crime-writer Frances Fyfield, who was at the time working for the CPS one day a week. Clare Dyer told us that this was ‘a typical gesture in support of one of his staff’ and that after the celebration, Sir Allen ‘left early for a formal dinner’.

Frances Fyfield (born 18 November 1948) is the pseudonym of Frances Hegarty. Born and brought up in Derbyshire, Hegarty was mostly educated in convent schools before reading English at Newcastle University. After graduating, she took a course in criminal law. She worked initially for the Met and later the CPS. She claims “After a long diet of criminal law, including dangerous dogs, rape, mayhem and much, much murder, the indigestion of pity and fury provoked me to write. I wanted to write romance, but the domestically macabre always got in the way.”

Fyfield has won several awards, including the Crime Writers’ Association Duncan Lawrie Dagger for Blood From Stone in 2008 and the Silver Dagger for Deep Sleep. She also writes psychological thrillers under the name of Frances Hegarty. Fyfield’s novels have been translated into 14 languages and several have been adapted for television. Fyfield’s titles include:

‘Helen West’ Novels

  • A Question of Guilt (1988) – nominated for an Edgar Award
  • Trial by Fire (1990) [US Title: Not That Kind of Place] – Rumpole Award
  • Deep Sleep (1991) – Silver Dagger Award
  • Shadow Play (1993) – Grand Prix de Littérature Policière
  • A Clear Conscience (1994)
  • Without Consent (1996)

‘Sarah Fortune’ Novels

  • Perfectly Pure and Good (1994)

Other Novels

  • Blind Date (1998)
  • Cilla Black kept her love for Scottie Road even when she ...
  • The Nature of the Beast (2001)
  • Midwives Chronicle & Nursing Notes: April 1969 – Midwives ...
  • Seeking Sanctuary (2003)
  • The Art of Drowning (2006)
  • Greville Janner wasn’t prosecuted by Sir Allan Green, although he had been interviewed by the police in 1990 after complaints had been made about him. Janner was accompanied by his solicitor Sir David Napley during the interview and Napley was so certain that Janner would be charged with sex offences against children that Napley had already retained George Carman QC, the bent barrister who colluded with and concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring – and associated serious organised crime – for decades. See posts ‘No Ordinary Methods’ and ‘No Ordinary Methods – Supplementary Post’. Napley and Carman had been the winning combination who got Mr Thrope off at the Old Bailey in 1979. See post ‘My How Things Haven’t Changed’.
  • Janner’s friend, the Leicestershire social worker Frank Beck, was prosecuted by Sir Allan. At the time, the police investigation into the abuse of children in Leicestershire was the biggest investigation of its type that had ever taken place in Britain; north Wales/Cheshire subsequently beat that particular record. Frank Beck was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire. MORRISON. Beck joined the Royal Marines and after leaving the forces, subsequently obtained employment with Northampton Social Services and trained at the Stevenage College of Further Education, where he acquired a CQSW and a Home Office Letter of Recognition in Child Care. Beck was employed by Leicestershire Social Services as a social worker, 1973-March 86. Beck resigned after two male social workers in Leicestershire complained about Beck making sexual advances towards them.
  • Beck subsequently attempted to resurrect his social work career with ‘Reliance Social Care’, an agency supplying staff to Depts of Social Services departments in London. A reference was supplied to them by the Director of Leicestershire Social Services Brian Rice who had replaced Dorothy Edwards as Director of Social Services in 1980. The same reference enabled Beck to gain a post at the Woodcock Hill Children’s Home in Brent and he later moved on to Hertfordshire, where he was accused of sexual relationships with two clients. The complaint that finally led to Beck’s last arrest came from a young mother who had formerly been in Beck’s care at a children’s home in Leicestershire. In 1989, she made disclosures of historical abuse suffered under the Beck regime, whilst attending parent-craft meetings run by her social worker at a nursery in Loughborough. The social worker took these allegations to the police…
  • It led to police taking statements from nearly 400 children in an operation which lasted for two and a half years, conducted by more than 30 police officers. Under the direction of the Leicestershire Constabulary, various other police authorities traced and interviewed former children in care across four continents. On 14 April 1990, police officers arrested Beck at his home in Leicester. On 29 Nov 1991 at Leicester Crown Court, Beck was sentenced to five life-terms for sexual and physical assaults against more than 100 children in his care. He was sentenced to a further 24 years on 17 charges of abuse, including rape. It has also been alleged that in 1977, Beck, with a co-worker, murdered a 12 year old boy, Simon O’Donnell, while they were sexually abusing him. The case never went to Court and the subsequent inquest into O’Donnell’s death concluded that the boy had committed suicide after running away from a children’s home run by Beck.
  • Frank Beck died in Whitemoor Prison, Cambridgeshire , aged 51, on the evening of 31 May 1994, allegedly of a heart attack whilst playing badminton. F and I had met with the Mental Health Act Commission days previously and raised our concerns that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and that serious complaints were not being investigated. The MHAC wrote to the Gwynedd Community Health Trust a number of times between us meeting them and Oct 1994, but they did not actually demand a response to our allegations and they did not ever receive a response. Our concerns went uninvestigated yet again. Immediately after we met with the MHAC, Dafydd planted that brick which he claimed that I had thrown through his glass door in the early hours one night. The North Wales Police and the MDU were happy to document Dafydd’s unfounded allegation as fact and it appeared in the affidavit that Dafydd swore into Liverpool High Court in Nov 1994, although he had been told by then by an Angel and the police that it could not have been me who threw the brick. Liverpool High Court issued an ex-parte injunction against me on the grounds of the lies unsupported by any evidence. That injunction was then used as evidence of my dangerousness…
  • This was how people who even dared complain about that lot were denounced to employers, in the media and in references and Court cases and police records as proven liars, criminals, known paedophiles and prostitutes when they were sort of not…

Brown is still being asked by De Montfort University to have regular enhanced DBS checks on the basis of the poison pen letter that was sent to the senior managers at DMU some seven years ago signed by a person whom no-one has been able to trace, stating that Brown was a ‘known paedophile’ who had ‘committed many offences’ when he worked at Aston but ‘hadn’t been caught’. See post ‘A Nasty Ludicrous Poison Pen Letter’. Brown doesn’t mind, he’s not a paedophile so he doesn’t give a bugger about DBS checks, but this has happened to a Professor with clean hands who has never incurred a frightening sounding psychiatric diagnosis. How were boys in Bryn Estyn or Empowered Service Users ever supposed to have made themselves heard?

Anyone for passing New Laws because an MP has received a rude tweet?

  • Matt Arnold the former Head of Bryn Estyn died on the 9 June 1994. On 13 June 1994, the trial of Arnold’s friend and colleague for sexual assaults on boys in care on north Wales began. Howarth was found guilty in July at about the time that the MDU heard about that brick and Dafydd told his senior colleagues that he would be raising an injunction against me and Tony Francis began writing to everyone re the great danger that I posed to ALL staff but in particular to Dafydd. Howarth was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but died ‘from a heart attack’ in HMP Wakefield on 24 April 1997. Howarth died while Ronnie was taking a sudden short break from the Waterhouse Inquiry for a short holiday in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong Ronnie bumped into Derry Irvine and they enjoyed a meal together. It was just before Miranda became PM but Ronnie mentioned in his autobiography that he and Derry knew that within two or three weeks Derry would be Lord High Chancellor. Whether Derry told Ronnie that he was going to splash out all that dosh on wallpaper as well I don’t know.
    • As a young barrister, Derry joined the Chambers of Sir Morris Finer (see previous posts). Finer was a member of Gray’s Inn – as was Michael Mansfield and Dafydd’s big umbrella Sir William Mars-Jones – and a member of the Society of Labour Lawyers. As a commercial lawyer Finer was involved in several prominent cases, including acting for three of the Beatles, John, George and Ringo and Apple Corps Ltd over the management of the Beatles in 1971.

  • Patient F’s friend used to live next door to Ringo at St George’s Hills in Surrey.  F also maintained that the Beatles had been used for gay sex by people associated with Brian Epstein and that was the clue to their success over and above anything else.

‘Do ewe mean mari-jew-ana?’ ‘No, grass’. ‘I think ewe’d better stay a little longer’.

F told me that Dafydd didn’t know how to spell Jimi Hendrix’s name properly and spelt it ‘Jimmy’. Dafydd was probably far more au fait with Jimi’s requirements re class A drugs and sex workers, Dafydd won’t have made any mistakes there. F and I really were deluding ourselves when we took the piss out of Dafydd for probably liking Herman’s Hermits, before we realised just how deep into crime Dafydd was.

  • Morris Finer was Chairman of the Cinematograph Films Council and a governor and, later, Vice Chairman of the Board of governors of the LSE.
  • Among Derry’s pupil barristers were Miranda and Cherie; at their wedding he dubbed himself “Cupid QC” for having introduced them. In the 1980s Derry became a Recorder and then a Deputy High Court Judge. Derry was a legal adviser to the Labour Party throughout the 1980s and he was given a life peerage on 25 March 1987.
  • By the time that Ronnie dined with Derry in Hong Kong, Miranda and Cherie had previously worked as Derry’s juniors on a city fraud case with Ronnie.

Miranda’s old flatmate from their Wandsworth days Charlie Falconer succeeded Derry as Lord Chancellor on 12 June 2003. By which time I was on bail for ‘threatening to kill Alun Davies’ after some eight NHS staff had perjured themselves as well as a police officer. It was Charlie and his side kick Dame Vera Baird who subsequently cut legal aid for cases against the NHS, Social Services and other state bodies…

Charlie Falconer arrived at Bangor University in 2008 to give a public lecture on the Human Rights Act no less. I and my lawyers were in the audience but Charlie refused to take questions. Blair’s babe Betty Williams, the MP for Conwy who has been part of the Gang since she was in nappies, made a point of telling the audience that Merfyn’s wife was seriously ill and made it clear that it was sort of terminal. Merfyn had kept it quiet in order to give Nerys privacy, but dear old Betty could resist issuing a Warning To Those Who Cross The Gang’s Path. See previous posts.

Frank Beck of Leicestershire and Peter Howarth both maintained that they had been scapegoated and had taken the rap for the crimes of other Important People.

  • In 1983, Frank Beck was elected as a Liberal Councillor for for Blaby, Nigel Lawson’s constituency; Beck was re-elected in 1987. Lawson was Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1 June 1983-26 Oct 1989. Two of those working in the Treasury when Lawson was Chancellor were John Major and Norman Lamont.
  • James Earp, Top Doc in Leicester concealed the criminality of Dafydd and the Gang in 1987-88. See post ‘An Expert From England’. Earp was a senior forensic psych in Leicester who trained other Top Docs and was involved with School of Medicine at Leicester University. Leicester University was completely on board with the organised abuse in Leicester (see previous posts), but the School of Medicine was particularly complicit.
  • The Dean of Leicester Medical School for a number of years until 1989 when he was headhunted to become Chairman of the GMC was Lord Robert Kilpatrick; Kilpatrick was the key facilitator of the ring in Leicester for a long time in terms of Top Docs. Kilpatrick then served as Chairman of the GMC, 1989-95 and in that capacity failed to take any action re Dafydd and the Gang. Kilpatrick also ensured that Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain was never investigated for his part in the major medical research fraud at St George’s which was exposed in 1994 (see post ‘Now Then…’). Kilpatrick had previously been the Dean of Sheffield University School of Medicine and also held senior posts at Dundee and Edinburgh Universities. Kilpatrick was Scottish and grew up in Fife, but he developed a powerful international network and was a huge figure in Medical Mafia, concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring, research fraud and criminality. In retirement Kilpatrick did the elite Top Doctor bit and hung out in St Andrews at the poshest golf club in the world, the Royal and Ancient. See post ‘Remember Girls – Never Get Into A Car With A Stranger!’
  • Kilpatrick became Lord Kilpatrick in Feb 1996, just before the Jillings Report was handed over to the lawyers and insurers of Clwyd County Council to be immediately suppressed.

The ring in Leicester had a key link with Dafydd’s Gang in the form of Rob Evans, a senior manager in Gwynedd Social Services, who carried out his education/training at Leicester University. Rob also passed through Dorset Social Services before joining the Gang. Evans was initially responsible for children’s services in Gwynedd and was then appointed the senior manager responsible for mental health services. Wherever Rob went clients were neglected, abused, assaulted and then arrested on the orders of their assailants. Rob was not one for investigating even the most serious of complaints. At the Waterhouse Inquiry, Rob gave evidence and explained that the mental health services in Gwynedd were among the best in Europe. In spite of this achievement Rob told Ronnie that he would be leaving his job imminently and did not expect to work again. After telling Ronnie of these plans, Rob was appointed Director of Community Services on Anglesey and remained in post for years. Until there were no community services on Anglesey left, apart from the drug dealing Substance Abuse team at Llangefni near Dafydd’s house. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’

Lest any readers believe that the machinations in high places throughout the mid and late 1980s were unlikely to be all linked to Dafydd and the Gang, I think it likely that many of them were. It was the arrest of Ollie Brooke in 1986 that caused the panic, Ollie was one of the Mr Bigs of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, he had international contacts and was a major importer and exporter of child porn. Ollie made the porn, commissioned other people to make it as well and dealt in it. Ollie’s immediate colleagues at St George’s were among those who used Cynthia Payne’s brother at Ambleside Avenue for networking purposes and the police moved in on Cynthia again in the mid-1980s. Charges were brought but they didn’t go very far. See post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’.

Cynthia became a celeb as a result of those charges and TV appearances, including one with Rudolf Nureyev, and films about Cynthia’s life and her sex parties followed eg. ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Personal Services’, portraying the sex parties as good clean, if eccentric, fun. If that had been the extent of it there would have been no problem but Cynthia’s network included people traffickers and gangsters who killed witnesses. See previous posts.

Dafydd et al seemed to have had all eventualities covered: a constant supply of sex workers of both genders and all ages to cater for all tastes and incomes, ‘models’ spanning the whole market, from child porn with animals to adult porn featuring healthy-looking attractive adults. The Gang also stopped at nothing once they’d targeted someone, it was real ‘Blue Velvet’ stuff. Brown made the point that Dafydd and Gwynne’s victims were dying so rapidly – including from AIDS – and ageing so prematurely that they really couldn’t ever get enough to fulfil the demand, which is why they ended up doing ludicrous things like targeting me when I just really was not interested and very obviously was not going to be pushed into working for them no matter what they did.

A cover-up on this scale would have been worth everyone’s while; whole swathes of British society were built on layers and layers of people in public life and the professions colluding with what by then was an international cartel.

Before Nigel Lawson was elected as the MP for Blaby on 28 Feb 1974, he had worked as a journo. My post ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ discussed Nigel Lawson’s friend the dodgy businessman and asset stripper Jim Slater, who, via Lawson, was commissioned to write a column re investment for the Sunday Torygraph after Lawson became the City Editor of that publication in 1961. Jim Slater was also friends with Sir James Goldsmith. See comments after my post ‘Jehova, Jehova, Jehova’ for the links between Sir Jams, his son Zac and those involved in the trafficking ring that stretched right across south London, facilitated by among others, St George’s Hospital Medical School.

In the late 1950s, Jim Slater went into business with Peter Walker, who succeeded Nigel Lawson as Thatch’s Secretary of State for Energy on 11 June 1983, when Lawson was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer. Walker remained in post until 13 June 1987. My post ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part I’ discussed the key role that Peter Walker played in Thatch’s battle with the NUM in 1984-85. Walker was a Tory wet who had been close to Heath and there was much speculation at the time as to why Thatch had introduced Walker to the Cabinet as Energy Secretary.

Thatch’s Gov’t elicited the clash with the NUM at a time convenient for the Gov’t; they knew that there was going to be a clash, but Thatch’s Gov’t stage managed the whole business, backing down at an earlier date to avoid a strike before they were ready to take on the NUM, then manipulating events to initiate a clash when the Gov’t had everything that they wanted in place, including Peter Walker as Energy Secretary. Commentators at the time and indeed since drew the conclusion that the wet Walker was tolerated because of his knowledge of the battle that Heath had endured with the NUM, which had brought Heath down. The real reason for Walker being utilised was that he had been a pal of Dafydd’s Gang back in the late 1950s when it was Gwynne’s Gang and Dafydd was just climbing on board. Walker was a mate of Dafydd’s fellow trafficker Beata Brookes, the Tory MEP for north Wales, 1979-89 and Beata, along with Dafydd and Lucille Hughes, were substantially responsible for the rapid growth in the criminal activities of the Gang during the 1960s and 70s; Peter Walker was their Mr Big in terms of links to the City of London. Walker knew exactly who was involved with the organised abuse in Wales as well as who was involved in the partner Gangs of Dafydd’s in areas such as Yorkshire and Durham. The organised abuse in Wales and the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring was facilitated by people right across the political spectrum and of course George Thomas, a long-standing Labour stalwart in south Wales, was actually one of the abusers, as well as being a friend of Thatch… Walker knew about the Royals who had utilised the services of Dafydd and Gwynne, the history of the Bertrand Russell and Welsh Bloomsbury Group utilising the Gang’s services and a great deal else besides.

It rendered this pair of pillocks completely impotent, because they had built their own careers solely on their collusion with the Gang:

Neil and Glenys Kinnock, at Science and Society Picture ...

Peter Walker and Thatch’s contingent really had the Windbags over a barrel, because not only had Glenys Windbag’s parents been Of The Gang themselves as Labour Councillors on Anglesey, but the extended famille Windbag’s big mate Cledwyn Hughes – who later became Lord Cledwyn – the Labour MP for Anglesey, 1951-79 and Secretary of State for Wales, 1966-68, was one of the Gang’s big umbrellas in Wales. See eg. ‘The Cradle Of Filth’ and ‘Slaves, Perfect Slaves’. Then there was the Windbag knowing Tony Francis from their time as students in Cardiff. Tony Francis had been part of the Gang’s wider network since he was a junior Doctor in south Wales.

Francis trained at Cardiff with Professor Kenneth Rawnsley, an old buddy of Gwynne and Dafydd’s from the early 1960s – or possibly even before that, Rawnsley being one of the Ancients (see post ‘A Discovery Of A Whole New Galaxy…’). Then Francis ‘trained’ at the Institute of Psychiatry/Maudsley with Dafydd’s old mates (see post ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’), after which Francis rocked up at Manchester University, where Rawnsley had been before he moved to Cardiff in 1966 and where Dafydd’s mate and former boss Dr Bob Hobson, who ran a big ring at the Maudsley for years, had relocated in 1974, to expand the ring in Greater Manchester (see post ‘The Mentor’). After the Mary Wynch explosion of the early 1980s, with Mary beginning legal action and the Gang realising that she meant business, which followed hot on the heels of Mr Thrope entertaining the nation, Tony Francis was one of the Nice Young Doctors recruited in north Wales to show that Things Had Changed. See post ‘Ian Brockington’s Mischief’.

Tony’s wife Sadie was another of the new Nice Young Doctors. Sadie had also been working with the ring in Manchester. Sadie’s mother and grandmother were both Top Doctors; Sadie came from Yorkshire, where there was a ring facilitated by Top Doctors…

I’m also wondering if the rotten-to-the-core NHS manager Alun Davies was drafted into Gwynedd in the wake of Mary Wynch. Davies came from the Rhondda – George Thomas HQ – and he didn’t like north Wales or people from north Wales, he was very bigoted towards them. The NHS isn’t like the Army which posts people to places without consulting them, there is far greater degree of flexibility re moving jobs in the NHS. Davies seemed to arrive at Ysbyty Gwynedd as a bottom feeding pen pusher in about 1983-84, who was rapidly promoted so far above his competence that it simply made people roar with laughter when they weren’t having to deal with the patients who had died as a result of the utter chaos. It was Davies’s reward for being a very, very dishonest man. Davies did anything, anything at all, he was the manager’s version of Dafydd.


The Windbag couldn’t say a thing throughout the NUM 1984-85 strike that Thatch was stage-managing every step of the way with the assistance of the Gang’s accomplice Peter Walker. See post ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part I’. What the Windbag did place all his bets on though, once Thatch had slaughtered the NUM, was winning the 1987 General Election by garnering support from the medical establishment who loathed Thatch. Because there was such concern that I and Brown might throw a spanner in the works by getting ourselves heard re the Gang’s criminality, the Windbag was relying on Tony Francis’s and Dafydd’s Cunning Plan to frame me for a serious offence and have me imprisoned very shortly after the 1987 General Election. The Cunning Plan had been dreamt up and was underway several weeks before the General Election in June, because the Windbag had been swept away with Peter Mandelson’s predictions – backed up by other hopefuls – that Labour were going to win.

boundaries – Omnipleasant

Oh dear, things went from bad to worse. Not only was this the joyous scene in the immediate aftermath of the General Election result:

Margaret Thatcher: never forget the chaos of life before ...When Portsmouth’s 6.57 Crew tried to hijack the general ...

  • Thatcher's 1987 General Election Landslide - 25 Years On ...

But Francis’s and Dafydd’s plan to have me charged and detained in Risley Remand Centre unravelled when Sgt Morgan, a policeman in Bangor Police Station, didn’t tell as many lies as was required. Sgt Morgan paid a high price; the Gang subsequently stitched him up for indecently assaulting a teenaged girl in the police station and he was sacked. My documentation shows that Clwyd and Gwynedd Health Authorities, the Home Office and the Mental Health Act Commission were all in on the conspiracy to frame me. See eg. ‘Hey, Hey, DAJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’


On 11 June 1983, when Peter Walker took over from Lawson as Secretary of State for Energy, Lawson succeeded Geoffrey Howe as Chancellor. Howe had been Chancellor when Peter Morrison was Lord Commissioner of Treasury Morrison, 4 May 1979-5 January 1981. Peter Morrison didn’t surface in another post until 13 June 1983 when he was appointed Minister of Employment… Morrison obviously had to be removed from the Treasury and given to Norman Tebbit at the Dept of Employment who was succeeded as Secretary of State on 10 Oct 1983 by Tom King.

Norman Tebbit was a member of Thatcher’s Gov’t who, like Peter Walker, went back a long way, having been active in the Young Conservatives by the time he was 15 years old. Tebbs and Peter Walker met and got to know each other as teenagers in the Young Conservatives.

Geoffrey Howe, Morrison’s boss at the Treasury, served as Chancellor, 4 May 1979 -11 June 1983. Howe was a barrister from south Wales, like Ronnie Waterhouse a member of Middle Temple and had been a close friend of Ronnie’s since they were in their 20s. The Howes and Waterhouses used to go on holiday together and when Howe held senior posts, including that of Chancellor, Ronnie was a visitor to Howe’s official residences. Howe’s wife Elspeth is a relative of Carlo’s wife Camilla. Howe’s father will have been part of the Gang before Howe; he was a solicitor and coroner in south Wales. Howe worked on the corrupt Chester and Wales Circuit from his earliest days as a barrister and cut his teeth at the Bar by concealing the crimes of Dafydd, Gwynne and the Gang.

Howe was the Tory MP for Bebington on the Wirral, 1964-1966. Dafydd had been appointed a consultant at Denbigh in 1964 and as explained in my posts ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ and ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’, Dafydd and Gwynne had an excellent relationship with Anthony Eden’s and Harold Macmillan’s Gov’ts which preceded Harold Wilson’s. The Gang supplied services to everyone. Liverpool was part of the Gang’s domain, so Howe continued to work for the Gang as an MP, as he had as a barrister. Harold Wilson was the PM of a Labour Gov’t; Howe became Chairman of the backbench committee on social services and was quickly promoted to the front bench, as Opposition Spokesman on Welfare and Labour under the Tory Leader Ted Heath.

Howe returned to the Bar after he lost his seat in 1966. He performed sterling service for the Gang when in 1969, Richard Crossman at the DHSS appointed him to Chair the investigation into the Ely Hospital Scandal. I have discussed this in previous posts and am hoping to cover it in detail soon. The Ely Scandal left Wilson’s Gov’t in a terrible position; the abuse of patients at Ely had been very serious, so much so that everyone, Crossman, the Top Docs, the RCN, everyone, just lied about the degree of cruelty to patients and about not knowing about it previously. They did know about it, there had been complaints to Dame Kathleen Ravens (see previous posts), the Angel at the very top of the RCN and Gov’t officials had even witnessed abuse when they had visited Ely, they knew what had been happening.

Ely presented a massive problem for everyone, because Ely was run by the Welsh Hospital Board, which ran all the hospitals in Wales, including Denbigh. Everyone knew – and Ely even said in their defence – that things were much much worse at Denbigh but no-one was bellyaching about that. No-one did say anything about it either. Crossman appointed Howe to Chair the investigation and a truly impressive cover-up was performed; not only re Ely, but effectively of Denbigh. The horrors continued at Denbigh unmentioned, while the focus was entirely upon that terrible Ely and how Geoffrey Howe had Identified What Went Wrong and that it would now be put right. Howe couldn’t make political capital out of it at any point, because his mates Dafydd and Gwynne were there at Denbigh, being ‘overseen’ by the same Welsh Hospital Board that was in such disgrace over what it had allowed to happen at Ely.

One member of the Welsh Hospital Board was George Thomas, who was Secretary of State for Wales when Howe was appointed to Chair the Ely Inquiry. Crossman was particularly vexed because not only was George Thomas on the culpable Board, but the abuse of patients had happened when George Thomas was still Minister of State in the Welsh Office, under Secretary of State Lord Cledwyn. It was Lord Cledwyn who, as Secretary of State, argued successfully for Health and Social Services in Wales to become the responsibility of the Welsh Office, rather than the DHSS. Lord Cled did that while George Thomas was his Minister of State AND sat on the Wales Hospital Board ignoring complaints of serious cruelty to patients at Ely, including punching, kicking and hosing them down naked outdoors. The DHSS knew that it was happening, the Angels at the RCN knew, the Welsh Office knew. Complete responsibility for the institution housing the poor buggers at Ely was then given to the man who had not given a stuff that they were being battered into oblivion. He also assumed responsibility for Denbigh and those being lobotomised for refusing to have sex with Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates and responsibility for the children’s homes. George Thomas was one of those who was abusing kids procured by Dafydd and Gwynne.

George Thomas was Secretary of State for Wales in 1968 when John Allen took out the lease on the building which became his first children’s home. It was a big one, Allen meant business…

Lord Cledwyn was the man who worked hard to ensure this nightmare scenario: the Windbags’ family friend who introduced Neil Windbag to the big wigs in the Labour Party, including Callaghan. Neil Windbag 20 years later was Leader of the Labour Party and waited for me to be shafted because I had complained about the VERY SAME MAN for which Lord Cledwyn had moved mountains to ensure that he could continue to illegally imprison and lobotomise victims of a sex abuse gang.



No wonder D.G.E. Wood yelled at me in 1986 to leave north Wales, ‘make a new life for yourself a long way from here and forget about everything that has happened at Bangor’.


They’d have done anything to stop Thatch, anything, what with the damage that she did to the NHS…

Another member of the Welsh Hospital Board who worked cheek by Jowell with George Thomas in ensuring that the serious crime continued was Lord Gwilym Prys-Davies, who has starred in previous posts. Prys-Davies came from Gwynedd, studied law at Aberystwyth and was by 1956 working as a solicitor in Pontypridd, the stomping ground of George Thomas, who was by then in the Commons. While a solicitor in Ponty, Prys-Davies ‘pioneered the use of the Welsh language in courts’.

Prys-Davies began his political journey with Plaid and then founded the Welsh Socialist Republican Movement

Prys-Davies subsequently joined the Labour Party and was appointed as a life peer in 1982, being the first member of the  Lords to take his oath in Welsh.

Yma O Hyd!10 Of The Most Bizarre Medical Practices And Theories

  • Do you need a lobotomy? Lobotomy Before and After pics ...

In the Lords, Prys-Davies was the Windbag’s Opposition Frontbench Spokesperson for Health, 1983-87, for Northern Ireland, 1982 -93 and for the Welsh Office, 1987-97. 

The Royal Lobotomist’s Friend retired from the House of Lords on 23 May 2015.


Elspeth Howe is a Wimmin’s Champ who served as Deputy Chairman of the Equal Opportunities Commission  1975-79 and in various other capacities from 1980.

After his triumph Chairing the Ely Inquiry, Howe served as the Tory MP for Reigate, 1970-74 and East Surrey, 1974-92. In 1970, Howe was given a K and he was then Solicitor General, 23 June 1970-5 November 1972, in Ted Heath’s Gov’t. Howe was given his first Cabinet seat in 1972 and as made a Privy Counsellor as well. There must have been a lot of lobotomies in the early 1970s. 

I have mentioned in previous posts that Patient F grew up and lived in Surrey until he moved to Bethesda in the late 1970s. His father-in-law hated F and continued to live in Surrey. The father-in-law who was a society dentist and was mates with Harley Street docs and it seems Dafydd…

Geoffrey Howe, Dafydd’s defender, was Chancellor of the Exchequer, 4 May 1979-11 June 1983. No wonder Mary Wynch saw no justice when she finally got out of Denbigh and no wonder Brown, me and my friends were ignored during 1983 as we told people of the most extraordinary happenings. Patient F found out about the boys in care in Bangor being mistreated while Howe was Chancellor.

Howe was Foreign Secretary, 11 June 1983-24 July 1989. While Howe was Foreign Secretary, F was fitted up by the North Wales Police and Courts for class A drugs offences and arson. He witnessed what was probably a murder in Risley Remand Centre and then spent a year unlawfully detained in Denbigh. By the Foreign Secretary’s mate who was running a trafficking ring. I was also wrongly arrested and unlawfully detained twice by the Foreign Secretary’s mate during this time and of course threatened, assaulted etc. My housemate Anne was murdered by the Gang when their pal was Foreign Secretary.

Howe served as Lord President of the Council, Leader of the Commons, and Deputy PM, 24 July 1989-1 Nov 1990. Lord President of the Council brings with it the role of visitor to UCNW/Bangor University.

Readers will remember some of what was happening to me and other people targeted by the Gang while Howe was Foreign Secretary and then Deputy PM. See eg. ‘The Night Of The (Dr Chris) Hunter’, ‘Some Big Legal Names Enter The Arena’ and ‘The Bitterest Pill’. I will follow up with another post soon providing details and dates of the highlights of the criminality on the part of Geoffrey Howe’s friends.

On 13 Nov 1990, Geoffrey Howe made his resignation speech in the Commons that sparked off the leadership challenge by Heseltine a few days later. Thatcher withdrew from the leadership contest on 22 November. Five days later, Chancellor of the Exchequer John Major was elected Party Leader and thus became PM.

It is generally believed that Thatch was removed by a conspiracy of old gits in the Tory Party and Howe was the man to inflict the deadly blow. All of them were involved in the most serious organised crime; Dafydd and the Gang didn’t stop when Thatch was shoved over the cliff. These were not principled people, any of them.

By the time that Geoffrey Howe gave Thatch a shove, F had already been targeted by the predators who subsequently fleeced him of his money and property and then denied him all contact with his own child from some three weeks after the baby was born as a result of a conspiracy with the Gang. The predators were given information as to when and how to target F.

F’s mum, who had returned to South Africa to live after his dad died when F was still a very young man, developed cancer after F had tangled with the Gang, been unlawfully imprisoned etc. F had split up from his wife – who’s father I think knew Geoffrey Howe or contacts of Howe’s – and his mum was dying. F’s mum was told by the Top Docs that her condition was terminal and was advised to return to the UK if she wanted to see F again before she died. So that’s what she did. I think that F’s mum died in a hospice in England. After her death, F was distraught. He was supposedly in the care of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team but well they were hopeless anyway and F told me many times that he really was just left to rot. The predators turned up to befriend F just at the right moment…

Anyone for criminal Top Doctors with international networks, mates in the security services and in the Cabinet?

The Gang had ruined my career by the time that Howe had moved in for the kill as well…

The battles continued…


Previous posts have explained that although the Gang were committing such serious crimes, rational people would have been very worried indeed if any of it ever leaked out into the public domain and anxieties were particularly high because of George Thomas’s and Sir Peter Morrison’s involvement with the Gang. I have mentioned in previous posts (eg. ‘It Wasn’t On Our Radar’) that at some point in 1984, George Thomas was hospitalised as the result of an STI, Thomas was in a terrible state because he thought that scandal would follow, so the bent lawyer and south Wales MP Leo Abse told a pack of lies to the media re the reason’s for Thomas’s hospital stay and the Top Docs and co backed up the lies. Abse was a member of the Westminster Paedophile Ring himself and his two Top Doc brothers, Wilfred and Dannie, facilitated it. Wilfred was a psychiatrist who was one of Gwynne and Dafydd’s network and Dannie was utterly hopeless as a Top Doc and was far more interested in poetry, the arts and jazz, but continued with his career as a Top Doc.

Dannie didn’t want to do medicine, his older brother Wilf pushed him into it and once he was nearing qualification, Dannie wanted to leave medical school, he really did struggle.  Dannie repeatedly failed his exams; him qualifying as a Top Doc was only as a result of a blatant fiddle. Dannie flunked repeatedly until Westminster Medical School just said that it was OK, he could qualify regardless. Standards in medicine then were very different to what they have been for the last 35 years or so, but I suspect that Dannie passed because of his family’s close friendship with George Thomas. Wilf, Leo and Dannie’s father put huge pressure on Dannie to follow a career as a Top Doc and it was so obviously because they wanted another Top Doc in the family. The extended Abse family contained many lawyers and Top Docs; I’m not sure how many of them were facilitating organised abuse, but it’s fairly obvious that Leo, Wilf and Dannie’s father before them were facilitating abuse, it was how the family came to know George Thomas. Leo was an incredibly difficult aggressive person who was desperate to be President Of The World and he used his position as an MP in every way possible to to expand the ring, which meant being very helpful indeed to Dafydd and Gwynne as well as George Thomas. See post ‘O Jones, O Jones’ for an account of the Abse family and ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’ for a discussion of how Leo Abse was the driver behind the Children Act 1975, which resulted in so many kids being placed in children’s homes in north Wales.

The Gang didn’t just have Peter Morrison and George Thomas to worry about in terms of exposure. Anthony Eden’s son Nicholas Eden was also a Minister in Thatcher’s Gov’t when I encountered and then complained about Gwynne. Gwynne had been lobotomising the victims of VIP sex offenders – eg. Bertrand Russell and Lord Snowdon – when Anthony Eden was PM back in the 1950s. Eden’s Gov’t had concealed Gwynne’s criminality, as described in my posts ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ and ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’. In 1984, Nicholas Eden, who was unmarried and known to be gay, was suffering from AIDS. In March/April 1984, when it all kicked off with Gwynne and I, Nicholas Eden was a junior Minister in the Dept of Energy under Secretary of State Peter Walker; Eden served in that role, 6 January 1983-11 September 1984.

It was in Jan 1983 that the man with the swordstick began giving Brown serious grief. In Feb 1983, a member of the security services moved into our house on Anglesey, disguised as Patricia Margaret Edwards aka Trishles, a teenager on a Manpower Services Commission scheme at UCNW who cost us a great deal of time, effort, energy and money. Trishles was followed by other undercover officers eg. Naomi Grunfeld, Leslie Gore etc, who were just as troublesome and draining. See previous posts eg. ‘He Got On His Bike And Looked For Work’.

The Gang had many links with the security services who were of course protecting the Gang, not their victims. Sir Charles Evans, the Principal of UCNW while this was all happening, had been Deputy Leader of the 1953 Everest team and the Leader had been Lord John Hunt, a senior officer in the security services. See eg. post ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’.

Tom King was Secretary of State for the Environment, 6 January 1983-11 June 1983, when chaos broke out in our lives. The Dept of the Environment was a very important Dept for UCNW because of the importance of the Biological Sciences to the institution at the time. I and most of my friends were students in the Depts of Plant Biology or Zoology. The Dept of the Environment job was King’s first Cabinet position. His predecessor at the Dept of the Environment was Heseltine.

Nicholas Eden subsequently resigned as a Minister on 27 March 1985 and died from AIDS on 17 August 1985. When he resigned from office, Eden was a junior Minister in the Dept of the Environment under Secretary of State Patrick Jenkin; Eden was a junior Minister under Jenkin, 11 September 1984-27 March 1985.

In a future post I will correlate events involving D.G.E. Wood, Tony Francis and me, as well as events involving those two and another Bangor student, also a witness to Gwynne, who killed herself a few years ago. The bizarre experiences that we had with the Gang during the mid-1980s can be clearly mapped onto Nicholas Eden’s appointments, his resignation and death.

Nicholas Eden served as a Lord-in-Waiting aka Chief Whip, 22 Sept 1980-6 Jan 1983. Eden was appointed Chief Whip in the immediate aftermath of Mary Wynch and Mr Thrope. When Nicholas Eden was appointed as junior Minister at the Dept for Energy in Jan 1983, the Secretary of State at Energy was Nigel Lawson. Lawson was Secretary of State for Energy, 14 September 1981-11 June 1983.

When Nicholas Eden moved to the post in the Dept of the Environment under Patrick Jenkin, David Hunt succeeded Eden at the Dept of Energy under Peter Walker the trafficker. David Hunt has featured a great deal on this blog; he was one of the Gang’s stalwarts for many years as a Minister and Secretary of State (twice) at the Welsh Office.

David Hunt was born in 1942, the son of an officer in the RNVR – Alan N. Hunt, he’ll have known about Mountbatten, John Vassall etc and have had a hotline to the security services – who grew up in Glyn Ceiriog in Denbighshire. Hunt was someone else who joined the Young Conservatives early and got off to a head start; Hunt was 20-21 years old at the time of the Profumo Affair, so he’ll have known about Gwynne and Dafydd…

Hunt went to school at Liverpool College, read law at Bristol University and was active in the Tory Party in the West Country during Mr Thrope’s adventures; whatever Hunt was up to in the Tory Party in the South West he was rewarded with an MBE for it in 1973. Hunt will have known what Mandy Rice-Davies did with that house that she purchased at Cossington, he’ll have known some of the Tories that I can remember from my younger years and he’ll have known about the paedophile ring in Bridgwater with links to Dafydd’s Gang as well.

Hunt was elected as the Tory MP for Wirral in 1976, succeeding Dafydd’s mate Selwyn Lloyd, Macmillan’s Chancellor, in that seat. See post ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’. The seat was broken up and Hunt became MP for the new Wirral West constituency in 1983. Hunt remained there until he went to the Lords in 1997, in time for most of the Waterhouse Inquiry. Hunt is a senior partner in the international law firm DAC Beachcroft, which carries out work for the MDU.

Just to make things even more frightening, Hunt became Chairman of the Press Complaints Commission on 17 Oct 2011. In December 2011 he recommended closing the PCC and replacing it with an alternative independent press regulator. Lord Hunt, if you know anything about the documents that were stolen from my house and found their way into the hands of the Digger, documents which demonstrated serious organised crime in the Welsh Office while you ran it, please do get in touch.

Most appropriately, David Hunt is Vice-President of the Holocaust Educational Trust. The highest suicide rates in the UK were to be found in north Wales for years on end.

Official portrait of David Hunt, Baron Hunt of Wirral crop 2.jpg

‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’ discussed Peter Walker’s business activities in the late 1950s with asset stripper and dodgy businessman Jim Slater – Jim Slater was a friend of Nigel Lawson’s, such a good friend that Lawson gave Slater a column re investment on the Sunday Torygraph after Lawson became City Editor in 1961 – Jim Slater was also friends with Sir James Goldsmith – See comments after my post ‘Jehova, Jehova, Jehova’ for the links between Sir Jams, his son Zac and those involved in the trafficking ring that stretched right across south London, facilitated by, among others, St George’s Hospital Medical School.

After Peter Walker retired from politics he returned to the city as Chairman of Kleinwort Benson. Other business positions Walker held included: Chairman of Allianz Insurance plc, Vice Chairman of Dresdner Kleinwort and non-executive Director of ITM Power plc.

Peter Edward Walker, Baron Walker of Worcester, (25 March 1932 -23 June 2010) served in the Cabinet as the Environment Secretary 1970–72, Trade and Industry Secretary, 1972–74), Agriculture Minister, 1979–83, Energy Secretary, 11 June 1983–13 June 87 and Welsh Secretary, 13 June 1987–4 May 90. Walker was MP for Worcester, 1961 -92. He was made a life peer in 1992.

George Ward preceded Walker as the Tory MP for Worcester. Viscount George Ward had a ringside seat throughout the Profumo Affair and he had been at the ringside during the build up to it and was also at the scene of the crimes in Anthony Eden’s Gov’t. George Ward knew exactly what it was that Gwynne was up to when Anthony Eden was PM and what Gwynne and Dafydd’s role in the Profumo Affair was. See post ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’.

Although the role of Welsh Secretary was ostensibly one of the most junior jobs in the Cabinet, Peter Walker claimed it gave him more influence as it gave access to key economic committees. Walker stood down from the Cabinet on 4 May 1990 shortly before Thatch herself was ousted in 1990.

Although Walker had previously been a close ally of Heath’s and was generally considered to be on the left of the Party, he was nevertheless one of the longest-serving Cabinet members in Thatch’s Gov’t. Walker’s 1970 appointment as Secretary of State for the Environment was notable in that he became the world’s first Environment Minister and was thus a source of considerable interest at the 1972 Stockholm Conference.

Peter Walker had a particular interest in promoting hospices. The Gang run all the hospices in north Wales/Cheshire and George Thomas was keen on hospice charidees in south Wales. See previous posts.


My post ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’ discussed Harold Macmillan’s Gov’t, his Ministers and the close and chummy relationship that Dafydd and Gwynne had with a number of them, in particular Selwyn Lloyd. I will discuss this further in a future post. At this point, I want to outline Macmillan’s activities after he was PM.

Macmillan initially refused a peerage when he retired from politics in Sept 1964, a month before the 1964 General Election,  which was won by Harold Wilson. 

Macmillan had been elected Chancellor of Oxford University  in 1960, in a campaign masterminded by Hugh Trevor-Roper, and held this office for the rest of his life, presiding over college events, making speeches and tirelessly raising funds. According to Sir Patrick Neill QC, the VC, Macmillan “would talk late into the night with eager groups of students who were often startled by the radical views he put forward, well into his last decade.”

In retirement Macmillan took up the Chairmanship of his family’s publishing house, Macmillan Publishers, 1964-74. The firm remained in family hands until a majority share was purchased in 1995 by the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group; the imprint, however, persists.

Macmillan burned his diary for the climax of the Suez Affair, supposedly at Eden’s request, although in some historians’ view, more likely to protect his own reputation.

Macmillan became President of the Carlton Club in 1977. Within a few months of becoming President he merged the Carlton and Junior Carlton. Macmillan was also a member of Buck’sPratt’s, the Turf Club and Beefsteak Club  and once commented that White’s was 75% gentlemen and 25% crooks, the perfect combination for a club. Call Me Dave’s father Ian White was Chairman of White’s when Sir Peter Morrison was a member.

In October of 1976 Macmillan called for ‘a Government of National Unity’ including all parties, which could command the public support to resolve the economic crisis. It was in 1976 that panic broke out as it became clear that Mr Thrope sooner or later would face serious charges.

Macmillan continued to travel widely, visiting China in October 1979, where he held talks with senior Vice-Premier Deng Xiaoping

Macmillan found himself drawn more actively into politics after  Thatch became Conservative Leader in February 1975. Macmillan was one of several people who advised Thatch to set up a small War Cabinet to manage the Falklands War. On his advice, Thatch excluded the Treasury from this body. Having first inquired whether Argentina was known to have atomic weapons, Macmillan’s advice was to appoint a senior military adviser, as Pug Ismay had been in WW II;  Admiral Lewin (Chief of the Defence Staff) performed this role. Thatch had already received advice from Frank Cooper (Permanent Under-Secretary for Defence), to exclude the Treasury, not least because of Macmillan’s own behaviour, as Chancellor, in demanding a halt to the Suez operation. Thatch later recalled: ‘I never regretted following Harold Macmillan’s advice. We were never tempted to compromise the security of our forces for financial reasons. Everything we did was governed by military necessity.’ The Falklands War took place at a time of serious economic difficulties in Britain; I presume that the true cost of the campaign was never made public. It is accepted by most commentators that defeating Argentina won Thatch the following General Election. She was widely expected to lose power until the change in the public’s view of Thatch’s capabilities after Argentina surrendered.

With hereditary peerages again being created under Thatch, Macmillan requested the earldom that had been customarily bestowed to departing PMs and on 24 February 1984 he was created Earl of Stockton and Viscount Macmillan of Ovenden. Macmillan is the last PM to have been given an hereditary peerage. He took the title from his former parliamentary seat on the edge of the Durham coalfields and in his maiden speech in the Lords he criticised Thatcher’s handling of NUM strike. Macmillan received an unprecedented standing ovation for his oration, which included the words:

It breaks my heart to see—and I cannot interfere—what is happening in our country today. This terrible strike, by the best men in the world, who beat the Kaiser’s and Hitler’s armies and never gave in. It is pointless and we cannot afford that kind of thing. Then there is the growing division of Conservative prosperity in the south and the ailing north and Midlands. We used to have battles and rows but they were quarrels. Now there is a new kind of wicked hatred that has been brought in by different types of people.

Macmillan had often play-acted being an old man long before real old age set in. As early as 1948 Humphry Berkeley – who was known to Dafydd – wrote of how “he makes a show of being feeble and decrepit”, mentioning how he had suddenly stopped shambling and sprinted for a train. Nigel Fisher related an anecdote of how Macmillan initially greeted him to his house leaning on a stick, but later walked and climbed steps perfectly well, twice acting lame again and fetching his stick when he remembered his “act”. However, in genuine old age he became almost blind, causing him to need sticks and a helping arm.

Macmillan died at Birch Grove, the Macmillan family mansion on the edge of Ashdown Forest near Chelwood Gate in East Sussex four days after Christmas in 1986. His age was 92 years and 322 days. His grandson and heir Alexander said: “In the last 48 hours he was very weak but entirely reasonable and intelligent. His last words were, ‘I think I will go to sleep now’.”

Tributes came from around the world. Outlawed ANC President Oliver Tambo sent his condolences: ‘As South Africans we shall always remember him for his efforts to encourage the apartheid regime to bow to the winds of change that continue to blow in South Africa.’ Commonwealth Secretary-General Sir Shridath Ramphal (part of the Gang’s network, see previous posts) affirmed: “His own leadership in providing from Britain a worthy response to African national consciousness shaped the post-war era and made the modern Commonwealth possible.”

A private funeral for Macmillan was held on 5 January 1987 at St Giles Church, Horsted Keynes, West Sussex, where Harold Macmillan had regularly worshipped and read the lesson. He was buried beside his wife and next to his parents and his son Maurice, who had died in 1984.

The Commons paid its tribute on 12 January 1987. Thatcher said: “In his retirement Harold Macmillan occupied a unique place in the nation’s affections”, while the Windbag struck a more critical note: “Death and distance cannot lend sufficient enchantment to alter the view that the period over which he presided in the 1950s, while certainly and thankfully a period of rising affluence and confidence, was also a time of opportunities missed, of changes avoided. Harold Macmillan was, of course, not solely or even pre-eminently responsible for that. But we cannot but record with frustration the fact that the vigorous and perceptive attacker of the status quo in the 1930s became its emblem for a time in the late 1950s before returning to be its critic in the 1980s.”

A public memorial service, attended by the Lilibet and thousands of mourners, was held on 10 February 1987 in Westminster Abbey. 

I can remember exactly what I was doing on some of the dates specified above; they were key dates on which Dafydd did various bizarre things when I was unlawfully imprisoned in Denbigh… I will provide details in a future post.

Perhaps someone would like to let me know exactly what it was that Gwynne did that was so bad that even I haven’t worked it out yet. I know that witnesses to Sex Crime In High Places many miles away from north Wales were sent to Denbigh, presumably to be lobotomised, but Gwynne did something really spectacular and it seemed to have involved the Kennedy family in the US as well…

Maurice Victor Macmillan, Viscount Macmillan of Ovenden (27 January 1921-10 March 1984) was Harold Macmillan’s only son. He was educated at Eton and Balliol College, Oxford and served with the Sussex Yeomanry in Europe during WW II. Like his father, Maurice was Chairman of Macmillan Publishers, as well as a Director of two news agencies.

Maurice Macmillan served on Kensington Borough Council, 1949-53, then served as the Tory MP for Halifax, 1955-64. Maurice was then elected for Farnham in 1966; the seat became South West Surrey at the 1983 General Election and Maurice retained it until he died in 1984. Maurice served as Economic Secretary to the Treasury, 1963–64, under Chancellor Reginald Maudling in Alec Douglas-Home’s Gov’t; as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, 1970-2, under Chancellor Anthony Barber, as Secretary of State for Employment, 1972–73 and Paymaster General, 1973–74, under Ted Heath. Maurice was made a Privy Counsellor in 1972.

So Maurice Macmillan worked with Chancellors Reginald Maudling and Anthony Barber. Reginald Maudling, when he was Heath’s Home Secretary, resigned after he was named as being involved with John Poulson’s businesses. Poulson and his mate T. Dan Smith had dealings with Dafydd and the Gang, but the trafficking part of the Poulson/T. Dan Smith crime empire was never made public even at the height of the scandal, only the civic corruption was investigated by the police. See previous posts for info on all of these matters. Anthony Barber had been the Minister of Health who had smoothed Dafydd’s way for a promotion to a post as consultant at Denbigh in 1964. Denbigh had a terrible reputation, the dreadful events there were concealed at Gov’t level and Gwynne, Dafydd and the Gang had been involved in the Profumo Affair but not named. See post ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’.

In terms of the Commons seats held by Maurice, Halifax was on the patch of the organised abuse on the turf of Jimmy Savile. Judge James Pickles colluded with the crime in the Halifax area. See eg. post ‘Judge James Pickles’. Patient F went to Farnham Art College in the mid-1970s. See previous posts.

I know something about Maurice Macmillan that a lot of people these days won’t know about. Maurice was a crook, a good old-fashioned crook, who fleeced people via dodgy business deals and none of it gets a mention these days. Maurice Macmillan swindled my father. My father used to farm in the Blackdown Hills in Devon and in about 1962, Maurice and his mates set up a company called something like ‘Armchair Pigs’. They were city gents who approached farmers and asked the farmers to go into business with them. My father was one of them; my father had to breed the pigs and Maurice and his mates had guaranteed to buy the pigs when the pigs were ready for market. A great many farmers were on board, they all bred and grew the pigs at their own expense and then Maurice ran off with the money, didn’t pay any of the farmers; Maurice then declared that the company was no more. It was a big scandal at the time, Harold Macmillan was still PM and Maurice had used his father’s status to encourage the farmers to go into business with him. A lot of farmers lost a great deal of money but Maurice was never held to account.

Viscount Macmillan of Ovenden
Maurice Macmillan 1957.jpg

After Maurice swindled my father, father ended up in very serious financial difficulties. It was the winter that I was born. By the time I was a few months old, my father was about to put the farm up for sale and he received a letter from a solicitor in London of whom he had never heard, Theodore Goddard. That was Bertrand Russell’s solicitor but my father didn’t know that; I only found out last year. Russell used Theodore Goddard to lock up people who had pissed him off on the grounds of their insanity. See previous posts.

The letter from Theodore Goddard simply told my father that they wanted to meet him and he would hear ‘something to your benefit’. When father met the solicitors, they told him that they would give him, in cash, the price of his farm, but they didn’t actually want to buy it off him. They wanted him and his family to clear out of the farm for some eight weeks, not go near the place and not ever ask what it was being used for and by whom. Then he could move back in. They had details of all of my father’s debts, the lot and they told him that they knew that he was going bankrupt but this was a way that he could stop that happening.

Father was of the opinion that these were crooks, serious ones, he’d never encountered people like it in his life and he got the hell out of there. Then they began hassling him. Flash men from London turned up at the farm telling him that he could always change his mind. He put the farm up for sale and as he was preparing to move out, Theodore Goddard’s lot turned up again, with cases of used notes. I was told that they were yelling at him and telling him not to be so daft, he could have the dosh, get out of debt, keep the farm and the nightmare would be over…

Father sold the farm and moved elsewhere. Some time later the Great Train Robbery occurred and the robbers’ hideout was a farm very similar in many ways to my father’s place in Devon. The robbers had paid the farmer to let them hide there. One of the people who helped plan the Great Train Robbery had worked in a solicitor’s office. It was always said that the robbers had help from other insiders who were never revealed. Then there was all the money that was never recovered, the escape of Ronnie Biggs and the apparent powerlessness of the UK authorities to rein him in, as described in previous posts.

The hallmarks of serious organised crime and bent lawyers. Dafydd, Bertrand Russell and Theodore Goddard.

My father never had any evidence that his unpleasant visitors from London were anything to do with Ronald Biggs et al, but then he never knew who Theodore Goddard represented, he wouldn’t have known that Lady Dorothy Macmillan was having an affair with Bob Boothby who in turn was mates with gangsters and that the extended Macmillan clan were involved with criminals. Father just thought that Maurice Macmillan was a one-off and wondered how the hell he’d got away with it all yet served as a Gov’t Minister when farmers like him had gone bankrupt.

Maurice carried out the swindle with  ‘Armchair Pigs’ just before he was appointed to the Treasury under Chancellor Reginald Maudling in Douglas-Home’s Gov’t. Maurice was the Tory MP for Halifax at the time. Labour’s Dr Shirley Summerskill succeeded Maurice in Halifax. I have discussed Shirley previously, she was a Nice Lady Doctor, the daughter of the Feminist Pioneer Lady Doctor and Labour MP Edith Summerskill. Shirley was a Little Woman who was fully on board with the Westminster Paedophile Ring and allowed herself to be used by them. She was Labour Shadow Minister for Health, 1970-74 and a junior Minister in the Home Office throughout the 1974-79 Labour Gov’t, under Home Secretaries Woy Jenkins and Merlyn Rees. Shirley was the gofer while Woy and Merlyn facilitated the trafficking ring in north Wales/Cheshire.

Shirley Summerskill went to Somerville College, Oxford, trained at Tommy’s and was a member of the Socialist Health Association. She was a fellow traveller of Dr Death, Wendy Savage, Uncle Harry etc. Shirley was Of Dafydd and Gwynne. It is likely that Sadie Francis knew Shirley Summerskill personally, Sadie coming from Yorkshire and having both a mother and a grandmother who were Top Docs. Sadie’s grandmother, like Edith Summerskill, was one of the first women Top Docs in Britain. They ran a trafficking ring.

Shirley was married to the notorious Cad John Ryman for many years. Ryman eventually was imprisoned for fleecing wealthy women out of money, but not before he spent over 10 years married to Shirley and served as a Labour MP himself. See previous posts for details.

I suspect that Shirley Summerskill won that Halifax seat at least partly as a result of Maurice’s part in the rip-off which was ‘Armchair Pigs’. There was publicity about it but Maurice just didn’t seem to have to explain himself. Someone then gave him the opportunity to stand as the Tory MP for Farnham in 1966; Farnham was safe Tory country, it will have been known that Maurice would be back in the Commons if he won the nomination for Farnham. When Maurice died in 1984, one Virginia Bottomley succeeded him as the constituency MP. Furthermore, Maurice was succeeded as Chief Secretary to the Treasury by one Patrick Jenkin and by a Willie Whitelaw when he stepped down as Secretary of State for Employment in 1973.

The Tory MP for Farnham who preceded Maurice was Sir Godfrey Nicholson. I covered Sir Godfrey and his offspring – who ended up in the Lords – on this blog recently; Sir Godfrey was one of those who was Chair of a Regional Hospital Board when Richard Crossman was running the DHSS and endemic corruption was the order of the day.

Since I’ve begun this blog, I’ve received info that my father was under attack by this load of shysters because of my grandfather confronting crooks in the Tory Party such as Edward du Cann.

I never mentioned any of this to any Top Docs; I have discussed previously on the blog how they were either so unpleasant that they had no relationship with their patients in spite of their boasting, or they were like Tony Francis in that they could be really very pleasant and chatty but then they’d fly off the handle and behave completely unacceptably. However the security services did know about Theodore Goddard etc, they were mates with people like Bertrand Russell and Maurice Macmillan.

Dafydd will have been told by his mates in high places that I was the offspring of a family who had clashed with his network years ago, but he won’t have known how much I knew or remembered about it. I wonder what Dafydd thought I was going to do if I was on the loose on the day of Harold Macmillan’s memorial service?? Hold a demo or something and ask for my father’s dosh back?

Maurice Macmillan married Katharine Ormsby-Gore, daughter of William Ormsby-Gore, 4th Baron Harlech, on 22 August 1942.

Katharine was Vice-Chairman of the Tory Party in 1968. Her father, the 4th Lord Harlech, was educated at Eton and New College, Oxford, which recruited for the security services. Richard Crossman became a student at New College some years after Lord Harlech. Herbert Albert Laurens ‘H.A.L.’ Fisher (21 March 1865-18 April 1940), an historian and Liberal politician  who served as President of the Board of Education in Lloyd George’s 1916-22 Coalition Gov’t, studied at New College, Oxford and like Richard Crossman, worked there as a don and recruiter for the security services. HAL Fisher was some 20 years older than William Ormsby-Gore and will have served as a mentor/senior colleague to Ormsby-Gore. The Board of Education made influential appointments in Wales, many of whom were the forefathers of the Gang, such as Huw Daniel’s father, J.E. Daniel.

HAL Fisher was a mentor to Richard Crossman; Fisher was part of the Bloomsbury Group and the cousin of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell. He was related to/friends with Welsh Bloomsbury Group of whom Sir Clough and Amabel Williams-Ellis were the centre at Cwm Croesor, who utilised the services provided by Dafydd and Gwynne. Among that crowd were a number of Top Docs/psychoanalysts, including James and Alix Strachey, two leading Freudian analysts. See post ‘The Vermin Club’.

Lord William Harlech served in WW I in military intelligence in the Middle East. By 1916, William Ormsby-Gore had converted to Judaism and was one of the primary figures in the British Gov’t who favoured the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Harlech was recalled to England in 1917 to serve as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Lord Milner and as Assistant Secretary in the War Cabinet headed by PM David Lloyd George and to Sir Mark Sykes. Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann, a personal friend of Harlech’s, took refuge in Harlech’s London home while Weizman was in the capital for the Cabinet approval of the Balfour Declaration. With Weizmann’s approval, Ormsby-Gore was the British military liaison officer with the Zionist mission in the Holy Land, during March-August 1918. After the armistice, Lord Harlech was part of the British delegation to the peace conference at Paris in 1919.

Lord Harlech was the MP for Denbigh Boroughs, 1910-18 and then for Stafford, 1918-38. A friend and colleague of David Lloyd George ruled supreme over Denbigh. That is consistent with my observation that Big Influential Men were always the MPs for this little town in the middle of a range of Welsh Hills, with nothing there but an asylum with a terrifying reputation. David Lloyd George’s appetite for sex – including coercive sex – was such that frequent comparisons were made between him and a goat. David Lloyd George’s family and their friends dominated north Wales throughout much of the 20th century. I wonder if it was a consequence of the activities of David Lloyd George that Denbigh became the institution that received and silenced the victims of sexual assault, both locally and from places many miles away as well?

Lord Harlech held office in the National Gov’t as Postmaster General in 1931, as First Commissioner of Works 1931-36 and as Colonial Secretary  1936-38, resigning, eight days after he entered the Lords, as protest of support of partitioning Palestine after pressure of Arab protests over Jewish immigration. Lord Harlech was a firm protestor against Nazi Germany at that time. During WW II, Lord Harlech was Civil Defence Commissioner for the North-East of England and then High Commissioner to South Africa, 1941-44.

After retiring from politics William Ormsby-Gore served on the board of Midland Bank, the owner of a banking house founded by his family and was chairman of the Bank of West Africa. Ormsby-Gore was Lord Lieutenant of Merionethshire (an area covering Welsh Bloomsbury Group Central), 1938-57. Lord Harlech was Trustee of the National Gallery (with a brief interval) from 1927 and of the Tate, 1945-53, Chairman of the Advisory Committee to the Victoria and Albert Museum and of the Standing Commission on Museums and Galleries, 1948-56. He had an extensive library at his Shropshire home, Brogyntyn near Oswestry, which he downsized after moving out of the mansion in 1955.

William’s son, Maurice Macmillan’s brother-in-law, was David Ormsby-Gore, 5th Baron Harlech, the man who made the Ormsby-Gores glamorous, by serving as the UK Ambassador to the US when JFK was President. After JFK was assassinated, Lord Harlech had a relationship with Jackie Kennedy; he proposed to her but Jackie turned him down and later married Aristotle Onassis.

Although Lord David Harlech made the family glamorous, from David onward, many of the family died young or in tragic and/or suspicious circumstances. David Harlech’s first wife Sylvia died as a result of a car crash on 30 May 1967. David himself died on 26 Jan 1985, after his car crashed near Shrewsbury. David’s son Julian was found dead in 1974, as a result of gunshot wounds; it was presumed that Julian had killed himself. David’s daughter Alice became engaged to Eric Clapton in 1969, although they never married. Alice died in April 1995, from a heroin overdose.

David Harlech’s daughter Jane was alleged to have had an affair with Mick Jagger. David’s son Francis had a difficult life that had all the hallmarks of someone under attack from the Gang. Francis farmed the family estate near Harlech and had a lot of run-ins with the police without ever having done anything very criminal. He was prevented from attending the Lords because of his alleged insanity, which was said to have upset him greatly. Towards the end of his life, when he was in late middle-age, Francis was sectioned. A few years later he was found dead in his farmhouse near Harlech on 1 Feb 2016, from ‘natural causes’. The glaring questions re the death of another Harlech as usual went unasked.

The Harlech family seat is at Shropshire, on the site of the ring linked to the the Gang in the north Wales. Before David Harlech was the US Ambassador, he served as the Tory MP for Oswestry. When his children were teenagers, they hung out with a man whom it was later alleged ran an elite sex abuse ring, supplying young people to rock stars and other celebs.

David Harlech was mates with the best, including Ma’am Darling and Lord Snowdon. Lord Snowdon who’s grandfather Sir Robert Armstrong-Jones grew up in north Wales, was a Top Doc and psychiatrist and kept a country home near Caernarfon. Sir Robert’s son Ronald, Lord Snowdon’s father, was a barrister who also served as a Lord Chancellor’s visitor, a person who was responsible for ensuring that patients in asylums were’t neglected or abused. Sir Ronald suddenly stepped down from that role in 1963, for ‘health reasons’. Sir Ronald underwent an operation in mid-1965 but never recovered from his illness. He returned to the hospital, St Mary’s Paddington, in October 1965, then returned to his home near Caernarfon before Christmas. Ronald died there in late January, at the age of 66. Another witness to Gwynne and Dafydd’s activities dead after receiving the attentions of their colleagues. St Mary’s Hospital Paddington is grandiose and snooty and has a long history of Royal Docs and their colleagues/friends. Clarissa Dickson Wright’s crazed, violent, criminal Royal Top Doc father Arthur worked at St Mary’s. See post ‘Arthur Dickson Wright – An Appreciation’.

The 4th Lord Harlech: President of UCNW, 1940-45.
William Ormsby-Gore, 4th Baron Harlech.jpg


The 5th Lord Harlech
Ambassador Ormsby-Gore at the White House, 1961

Viscount Macmillan of Ovenden
Maurice Macmillan 1957.jpg


This Be The Verse

(Philip Larkin)
They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
    They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
    And add some extra, just for you.
But they were fucked up in their turn
    By fools in old-style hats and coats,
Who half the time were soppy-stern
    And half at one another’s throats.
Man hands on misery to man.
    It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Get out as early as you can,
    And don’t have any kids yourself.
 ‘Do ewe mean mari-jew-ana? How can I help, how can I help?’
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
Annnus Mirabilis
(Philip Larkin)
Sexual intercourse began
In nineteen sixty-three
(which was rather late for me) –
Between the end of the Chatterley ban
And the Beatles’ first LP.Up to then there’d only been
A sort of bargaining,
A wrangle for the ring,
A shame that started at sixteen
And spread to everything.Then all at once the quarrel sank:
Everyone felt the same,
And every life became
A brilliant breaking of the bank,
A quite unlosable game.So life was never better than
In nineteen sixty-three
(Though just too late for me) –
Between the end of the Chatterley ban
And the Beatles’ first LP.
Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


See post ’95 Glorious Years’ for further details of the Ormsby-Gores.

Maurice and Katherine Macmillan had four sons and a daughter:

  • Alexander Daniel Alan Macmillan, 2nd Earl of Stockton (born 10 October 1943)
  • Hon. Joshua Edward Andrew Macmillan (1945–1965)
  • Hon. Adam Julian Robert Macmillan (1948–2016)
  • Hon. Rachel Mary Georgia Macmillan (1955–1987)
  • Hon. David Maurice Benjamin Macmillan (born 1957)

Readers will notice the relatively short life-span of a child of Maurice Macmillan. Rachel Macmillan had a particularly worrying death, which I will return to later in this post.

Maurice Macmillan for a time owned Highgrove House, which is now occupied by Carlo. Upon his father’s elevation to the peerage as Earl of Stockton on 10 February 1984, Macmillan acquired the title Viscount Macmillan of Ovenden. Maurice died suddenly in Westminster, London, on 10 March 1984, aged 63, following a heart operation. His father Harold outlived him by almost three years, dying in December 1986 at the age of 92.

Maurice died just about the time that I had the encounter with Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist; I must have seen Gwynne about one or two weeks after Maurice died…

I don’t quite know what on earth Dafydd et al thought that they were doing but they really are unbelievably stupid.


Maurice Macmillan’s son Alexander has held the title 2nd Earl of Stockton since the death of Harold Macmillan. Alexander Daniel Alan Macmillan, 2nd Earl of Stockton (born 10 October 1943) was educated at Eton, the University of Paris and at Strathclyde University. Alexander was the MEP for the South West of England, 1999-2004. He was one of the hereditary peers to have been excluded from the Lords. Alexander inherited his peerage from his grandfather on his death at the end of 1986, as his father Maurice was already deceased. While I was unlawfully banged up in Denbigh by Dafydd. Note that Alexander was the MEP for the South West of England when the Waterhouse Report was published and during the row that followed it.

At the May 2011 local council elections, Lord Stockton was elected as a Conservative Councillor on South Bucks District Council. Maurice and Harold Macmillan preceded Alexander as Chairman of Macmillan Publishers Ltd., Alexander sold it to the German Holtzbrinck group. In 2004, Alexander’s estimated wealth was £165m. Lord Stockton renovated Hayne Manor in Devon and it sold for several million quite recently. Of course I noticed that my father was living in Devon when Mr Thrope was the MP for north Devon. Why do readers think that I remember Mr Thrope so well? He was a flash git from London that’s why.

On 29 April 2002, Lord Stockton appeared alongside several other relatives of deceased former PMs, as well as the then PM Miranda and the four surviving former PMs for a dinner at Buck House which formed part of the celebrations for Lilibet’s Golden Jubilee.  

Lord Stockton is Vice President of the Royal Crescent Society, Bath.

Lord Alexander Stockton has been married twice:

  • Hélène Birgitte Hamilton, 1970, divorced 1991. There were three children of this marriage:
  • Miranda Quarry (the third wife of Peter Sellers), 23 December 1995, divorced 2011.
  • Peter Sellers and his many wives and friends have so many links to Dafydd’s network that I don’t have the capacity to detail them here. Just follow the links above and marvel at the excesses, the violent and exploitative relationships, the rows over the inheritance of huge quantities of money, the booze and drugs and the deaths at not very great ages despite Ah the doctors they were wonderful. No wonder Dafydd found celebs such fertile terrain.

Daniel Maurice Alan Macmillan, Viscount Macmillan of Ovenden (born 9 October 1974) is a British fashion designer. As the heir apparent to an earldom, he uses his father’s secondary title of Viscount Macmillan of Ovenden. Daniel grew up at Birch Grove, Sussex and was educated at Eton and the Parsons School of Design in New York City. In 2003, Daniel designed and launched the Zoltar fashion label, with Barnzley Armitage as Creative Director. Prior to that, he had his own fashion label, ‘Macvillain’.

In addition to his clothing label, Macmillan has worked as a model, actor, and photographer. Macmillan does not plan to enter the family publishing business; he is heir to a £200 million fortune.

Daniel Macmillan is single, but has become involved in relationships with a number of celebrities: Jade Jagger , former model and British socialite; Sasha Volkova , Ukrainian model, Astrid Munoz , former Puerto Rican model and photographer, Lizzy Bowden , British model (since 2013), Kate Moss , former model and British businessperson.

Daniel will know the people behind the label ‘Red Or Dead’, one of whom was Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain’s son.

There are many things that I came across when writing this post that I want to research further but I’ve noticed that a lot of info that I need to do so has disappeared from the internet. I will however do my best…

I would like to draw attention first to the sad and worrying death of Maurice Macmillan’s daughter Rachel, in April 1987, days before Oliver Brooke’s appeal went before Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane and when Dafydd, Tony Francis et al were conspiring with the Home Office to have me framed for a serious offence and imprisoned.

Rachel’s death was reported on AP News on 24 April thus:

LONDON (AP) Rachel Macmillan, granddaughter of the late former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, probably died from choking on her vomit in her sleep after a night out during which she was mugged at knifepoint, her brother said today. Ms. Macmillan’s brother, publisher Alexander Macmillan, denied a published report that his 31-year-old sister, a former rock band manager, may have died of drugs or alcohol or both.

Ms. Macmillan died Wednesday night in Westminster Hospital. Scotland Yard said a post mortem examination done today failed to establish the cause of Ms. Macmillan’s death.

A Scotland Yard official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: ″The post-mortem has ended and was inconclusive. We are now awaiting results of laboratory tests. But nothing suspicious was found and we are not treating it as a suspicious death.″ An inquest will be held, Scotland Yard said.

Ms. Macmillan was the daughter of former Conservative Cabinet minister Maurice Macmillan, who died in 1984. Maurice Macmillan was the son of Harold Macmillan, who was Conservative prime minister from 1957 to 1963, was made the Earl of Stockton in 1984, and died last Dec. 29 at age 92. The Daily Mail reported Thursday: ″Police… believe that she died… from an overdose of drugs or drink or probably both… Police say they have not ruled out the possibility that she may have taken an overdose after scenes with friends… One detective said: ‘She is known to have been a drug user in the past and had been drinking heavily on the night before her death’.″

Scotland Yard declined to comment on the report.

Ms. Macmillan’s brother, who became the second Earl of Stockton after his grandfather’s death, said his sister was not drunk that night and did not take drugs.

She had been to a West End nightclub and left early Wednesday morning, said 43-year-old Lord Stockton, who is chairman of Macmillan Publishers Ltd. On her way home, she was robbed at knifepoint by three men who took her cash, jewelry and keys after she got into their car, thinking it was a cab, he said. Police said they were seeking three men in connection with the robbery, which they said happened at 4:15 a.m. Wednesday.

Lord Stockton said that after giving a statement to police, Ms. Macmillan contacted another brother, Adam, who drove her to her apartment. Because her keys had been stolen, Ms. Macmillan had to rouse a neighbour to let her into the building, he said. Adam Macmillan left after she told him she planned to take a bath and go to sleep, Lord Stockton said.″I will probably get into trouble with the coroner for preempting the inquest, but my own personal belief is that she choked while she was asleep and suffocated on her own vomit,″ he said. ″It is a very common thing to happen.″ Ms. Macmillan was separated from her Australian husband, record producer Leith Corbett. In 1978, she gave evidence in court which helped to smash a high society drugs ring.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

In 1965, Ms. Macmillan’s brother Joshua died from a mixture of drugs and alcohol in his room at Oxford University. An inquest was told he had been taking heroin and cocaine.

Rachel’s brother Adam who was a witness to this died in 2016.

Nothing suspicious about any of it at all.

‘Mind How You Go Sir.’

When Rachel died in this utterly bog standard way as a result of the sort of thing that happens to everyone on a daily basis – I used to regularly encounter sex offenders and various nasties myself, but since I went into hiding and the Gang have no idea where I am life has been remarkably uneventful – I was doing my MSc at Hammersmith Hospital in the middle of the criminal Top Docs linked to Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring who specialise in trafficking, class A drugs, child porn and research fraud. Rachel had given evidence against the bastards in Court in 1978, the year that Mr Thrope was charged with conspiracy and incitement to murder. Just look what happened to her and people close to her afterwards.

Nothing suspicious here Sarge.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • On 21 May 1987, AP followed up their earlier report about Rachel Macmillan’s death with their report on the result at Rachel’s inquest:

LONDON (AP) Rachel Macmillan, granddaughter of the late Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, died from an accidental overdose of an anti-depressant drug she took after she was mugged, a coroner’s inquest determined Wednesday.

Coroner Dr. Paul Knapman said Ms. Macmillan, 31, who was found dead April 22, had not intended to kill herself. He recorded a verdict of misadventure, or accidental death. The coroner said Ms. Macmillan had taken amitriptyline to help her sleep after being mugged in the early hours of April 22 on her way home from a night on the town. Dr. Richard Shepherd, the pathologist who did the autopsy on Ms. Macmillan, said he found traces of cocaine, but he said the drug did not contribute to her death. The inquest was told that Ms. Macmillan had a long history of alcohol and drug problems.

Ms. Macmillan was the daughter of former Conservative Cabinet minister Maurice Macmillan, who died in 1984. Her grandfather, who became the Earl of Stockton, was Conservative prime minister from 1957 to 1963. He died last Dec. 29 at the age of 92.

Ms. MacMillan was separated from her husband, Australian record producer Leith Corbett.

Amitryptaline is an older style anti-depressant, one of a group known as the tricyclics, which are very toxic in overdose and patients do not need to take that many to achieve an ‘overdose’. One reason why SSRIs were welcomed was that the tricyclics were killing so many patients. If one is a Top Doc who does not want to kill your patients with amitryptaline, you warn your patients very clearly that even as little as seven or eight of these can kill you, that they will cause heart failure, suddenly and nothing can bring you back. To be on the safe side, you don’t give patients lots of amitryptaline at once and some doctors would not give suicidal patients prescriptions of amitryptaline at all, lest they took an over dose.

This is some of what I witnessed re amitryptaline:

Seriously distressed suicidal patients given prescriptions for several weeks worth of amitryptaline with no other support or follow up. Patients who had taken overdoses of amitryptaline wired up to heart monitors which did not work and thus no-one had any idea as to whether they had sustained heart damage. Patients routinely not warned as to the extreme toxity of amitryptaline. Where did I see this? In north Wales, among patients of Tony Francis’s and Dafydd’s. In Denbigh, there were amitryptaline tablets spilt on the floor of the sitting room. Stephen Bagnall, the drugs patient who had been in ‘care’ whom I made friends with in Denbigh, took them ‘to see what happened’. There was no concern shown by the staff at all. It was me who told Stephen about the side-effects.

Amitryptaline causes difficulty swallowing – it stops the production of mucous etc in your mouth and throat – and causes memory loss, quite striking memory loss. It also causes a lot of people to feel incredibly sleepy, so much so that they can find it difficult to continue with paid work.

After I left Wales to work in London when I did try to access NHS treatment I was offered only one thing: amitryptaline. I constantly explained why I did not want it; not only did I get clobbered by all the side-effects to quite a serious degree but it didn’t actually work in terms of controlling depression. It is known to be ineffective in a high proportion of people. I was never offered anything else. Even at St George’s, where they had yelled at me to see the people trafficking occ health physician, Nicky Mitchell-Heggs. I told her ‘it makes me too sleepy to work and it is causing serious memory loss’. M-H told me that the memory loss is temporary, that stops when the drug stops (which is true). I was however not offered anything else. When I was finally forced out of my job at St George’s, the people trafficker who served as the personnel officer, the odious Frank Ball, wrote me a letter telling me that my colleagues had noticed my extreme memory loss and it was causing problems…

Look at the stats for deaths in psych patients over many years; it was amitryptaline doing it. There was a robust debate among good Top Docs and great concern, but not in north Wales or at St George’s. They knew that they were placing their patients at huge risk with a combination of brutal, poor care and a highly toxic prescription.

The coroner at Rachel Macmillan’s inquest was the notorious Dr Paul Knapman who, I was told when I was at Hammersmith, was ‘corrupt’ and wheeled out for difficult celeb deaths. Knapman returned the extraordinary inquest verdict of suicide on Lord Snowdon’s mistress Ann Hills when she was found dead on a rooftop days before the Waterhouse Inquiry opened. Knapman’s done all the best inquests, including Lord Lucan’s nanny, Sandra Rivett. Knapman trained at St George’s. See previous posts…

Rachel’s inquest was reported on 21 May 1987. Ollie Brooke’s successful appeal against his sentence was heard on the 11 May 1987.

Dr Richard Shepherd, the pathologist who carried out the postmortem on Rachel, is as much of a celeb re corpses as Knapman. Shepherd carried out the postmortem on Diana after she went into that tunnel in Paris.

Dr Richard Shepherd is the leading forensic pathologist in the UK and has been involved in the investigation of many high profile deaths. He is a visiting Professor at City University London, Honorary Consultant at The Royal Liverpool Hospital and a registered UK Home Office Forensic Pathologist. With over 25 years of experience, he advised on the management of UK fatalities following 9/11, and was the forensic pathologist expert for the Bloody Sunday Inquiry and the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. He is a member of the Ministerial Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody and also of the Restraint Accreditation Board, and has been a member of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel.

He appears on Channel Five’s Autopsy, where he investigates the mystery and intrigue behind the deaths of high profile celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Michael Hutchence. His book Unnatural Causes (Penguin, 2018), explores Shepherd’s remarkable career from crime scene to court room as his work puts killers behind bars, exonerates the innocent and turns open and shut cases on their heads.

I’ll remind readers here of the death of Olivia Channon, the daughter of Thatch’s Cabinet Minister Paul Channon, in 1986, after she choked on her own vomit following a heroin/champagne/other things overdose. Previous posts have explained that Olivia’s mates saw that she was in trouble and scarpered, leaving her to die. She died in the rooms of a fellow Christ Church Oxford student, Count Gottfried Alexander Leopold von Bismarck-Schönhausen, son of Ferdinand, Prince von Bismarck and grandson of Otto, Prince von Bismarck. Of all the people who were culpable re Olivia, the Count was one of the most culpable. He received an £80 fine from the Oxford Magistrates Court. Call Me Dave’s mum served as a magistrate in Oxford and Call Me Dave was a student at Oxford when Olivia died. The Count was in the Bullingdon Club, alongside Call Me Dave, George Osborne and Boris.

In August 2006, Anthony Casey, 41, fell 20 m (60 ft) from Graf von Bismarck’s Chelsea flat and died. Bismarck was not arrested and the police said there were no drugs found in his flat. An article in the Daily Mail claimed that the incident occurred during a cocaine-fuelled orgy. The coroner’s report had found no alcohol in Casey’s body, but did find a significant amount of cocaine. The coroner was Dr Paul Knapman. The accusation of a ‘gay orgy’ was officially denied by von Bismarck, although Knapman told ‘The Guardian’ that a great deal of sexual paraphernalia was discovered in the flat, including sex toys and lubricants. “In common parlance, in the early hours of the morning, there was a gay orgy going on”, Dr. Knapman told the newspaper. “Nevertheless, this was conducted by consenting males in private.”

On 2 July 2007 Bismarck was found dead in his almost empty £5 million flat, which was in the process of being sold. He was 44 years old. An inquest into the circumstances was opened on 6 July 2007. Sebastien Lucas, the pathologist who carried out the postmortem, said that Bismarck had been injecting cocaine on an hourly basis on the day before his death, and that Bismarck’s body contained the highest level of cocaine that he had ever seen, as well as morphine; he also had liver damage, Hep B, Hep C and HIV.  See post ‘Is The Party Over Yet?’ for gen on Olivia, her family, her death and those involved.

Richard Tranter was a Nice Young Doctor who arrived to work at the Hergest Unit in the early 1990s. Tranter was very obviously less mad and more intelligent than the Top Docs and once more it was presumed that this would be a new dawn for the Hergest Unit. Tranter remained in north Wales, becoming a consultant. By the time that I had finished my PhD, it was clear to me and a few other people that Richard was every bit as a problem as his mad, offensive colleagues, but was very good at covering his tracks. I and other patients accessed documentation that he had compiled about us that was every bit as dishonest as that written by Dafydd but used saner language. Richard emigrated to Australia just before Operation Pallial was launched. Since he left the UK, I have uncovered much evidence that he was every bit as dangerous and dishonest as the best of the Gang in north Wales.

Richard was not a stupid man, he will have known when he applied for the job in north Wales that he would be working on the turf of Dafydd and the Gang. I always wondered why someone like Richard ever would have been prepared to work with the Gang. Someone has just e mailed me pointing out that Richard was a med student at Oxford at the time of the lucrative market in class A drugs facilitated by Top Docs; the medical students were joining in with it. Richard is of the age to have been at Oxford with Call Me Dave…

Before Richard dashed off to Oz in a hurry, he prescribed me a combination of drugs that was not clinically indicated and that I had not asked for. I didn’t take them and when Richard found out about this he was most concerned at me ignoring his advice. I found out after he had gone to Oz that the combination was neurotoxic and could have precipitated a psychosis or brain damage. Every pharmacy guide came with huge warnings; Richard was one of the UK’s leading psychopharmacologists.

I and other patients told Richard repeatedly that we had been threatened, assaulted, wrongly arrested etc. He ignored all of our concerns. He witnessed some of it and refused to document it on our records.

See previous posts for accounts of how Richard wasn’t such a Nice Young Doctor after all, either to me or other witnesses…

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

42 thoughts on “Shurely Shome Mishtake”

  1. Thanks to the person who’s told me that Gwynne and Dafydd et al were supplying sex workers to those in Very High Places Indeed and that even in the 1980s, DGE Wood and Gwynne were spotting UCNW students whom they thought would fetch a good price. Brown observed the other day that they probably had me lined up for shagging businessmen in Manchester for £1000k/night. Hee hee Brown, well according to the latest info I was spotted as potential for rather grander clients than that.

    If I was running a trafficking gang, I don’t think that I would believe that a leftie who was interested in the natural sciences, social sciences and history with an ever bigger leftie of a boyfriend who both took the piss out of the Royals would constitute a suitable target to add to the Brothel For Royal Personages. And I certainly wouldn’t use the services of a 70 yr old lobotomist to try and achieve my ends.

    But I’m not fucking stupid am I.

    1. Just heard the discussion on Radio 4 re the role of Poet Laureate.

      Ted Hughes was appointed Poet Laureate in Dec 1984. The world roared with laughter at the notion that rude acerbic Ted had actually accepted such a role. Parodies of Ted’s poems eg. lines on the birthday of the Queen Mum appeared in Private Eye.

      Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath lived in Devon when my father had all that trouble with Maurice Macmillan and Bertrand Russell’s lawyers at his farm in Devon. Hughes bought his cottage at Tawton in 1961. He had the affair with Assia Wevill there. Plath went back to London – they had previously lived at Primrose Hill, Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law’s territory – where she killed herself (or so it has always been presumed) in Feb 1962.

      Plath was found dead but it was thought that she had expected to be found before she died (she gassed herself) a la a cry for help, because the nanny was expected at the house and I think a Top Doc was as well… But they didn’t turn up. Her detractors took the view that she was nuts and a burden to Ted, her fans took the view that the bastard Ted had driven her to it. Assia Wevill later killed herself, along with her little girl. She became either the worst bitch on earth or another of Ted’s victims, depending on who you were.

      I tended to refrain from assuming that Ted was a bastard as I became older because of some truly abusive people who I found had told third parties that Brown was the cause of my distress when the Gang came after me. Brown was pained as a sort of Ted Hughes by these allies of the Gang…

      Who can ever know what went on between Ted n Sylvia and Ted n Assasia? Their very close friends are probably the only people and they probably kept a dignified silence.

      What is true is that Ted grew up in Yorkshire on the territory of the ring there, that by the 1970s had become a huge problem. Sylvia and Ted were at Cambridge in the 1950s, the Cambridge of the elite abuse ring, academics working for the security services etc. Then it was off to Devon, land of Mr Thrope and farmers being swindled by Maurice Macmillan.

      Poet Laureate in Dec 1984; the Gang in north Wales had Mary Wynch and me to deal with by Dec 1984. Band Aid had their Christmas hit with Do They Know Its Christmas in Dec 1984. Lovely bit of PR there for those movers n shakers in Band Aid who were linked to Dafydd’s network. Such as the Living Saint who’s wife grew up in north Wales, lived in the same village as Dafydd’s mate Lord Wyn Roberts, was years later found dead after her bloke Michael Hutchence was found dead, before daughter was found dead a few years after that.

      In 1984 Ted and Sylvia’s son Nick graduated from Oxford. Nick was a fish ecologist, like some of the zoologists with whom I was friendly at Bangor at that time were. One of the few people who didn’t run away screaming as my problems with the Gang got worse was one of the PhD students at Bangor, a fish behaviourist. He told me that these Docs seemed to be involved with something nasty and I needed to be careful. He’d done his first degree at Liverpool and he knew about corruption in the medical school there. Just before I left Bangor to go to Hammersmith, a nasty whispering campaign began against him. About his ‘appalling attitude to women’ no less. He knew what was going on and wryly observed ‘I take the piss and someone’s taken it out of context’. I knew he took the piss, the first time he was introduced to me he said ‘Someone’s told me that you’re a feminist, but you haven’t got your dungarees on today so you’re OK with me luv’. He was taking the piss. When the Gang moved in on me he was one of my last true friends as everyone melted away. My friend Anne whom the Gang killed in April 1986 was his girlfriend.

      Two of the people who denounced John as a Misogynist Pig were his fellow PhD students in the Dept of Zoology, Mike Howe and Liz Pulford, who later married. Liz Howe’s obituary is on Guardian Online today. Liz has just died from cancer. She was 59. Liz’s obit is written by a senior colleague who I see has previously held a lecturing job at Bangor and obviously has read this blog and knows that Liz knew me when we were young. Liz’s obit waxes lyrical about Liz being a leading naturalist and her conservation work and her idyllic smallholding on Anglesey. The Liz who knew what was happening to me, ran away to begin her idyllic life and denounced someone who stood by me. There was bad feeling between Liz and some of the other PhD zoology students because Liz’s PhD involved cutting up a lot of pregnant amphibians, Liz being an embryologist. It was in the mid-1980s when some students were beginning to question such practices but others just did it because well that was what was done…

      My first thought when I saw Liz’s obit this morning was ‘this is so sad, Liz is someone else who ran away screaming after she saw what the Top Docs and Gang were doing to me who has now died too young because of the fucking Top Docs and their research fraud, ineffective treatments etc and Catherine Duigan, (a friend of Liz’s from the Nature Conservancy Council whom I don’t know), has written this obit to counteract the Naughty Blog which has discussed UCNW’s Zoology Dept of the 1980s…’

      But that was at 6 am this morning when I was half asleep. I’ve just clicked that Liz is another witness who is now dead. Liz knew about Gwynne the Lobotomist, all of our circle knew. They didn’t know that he was the Royal Lobotomist, but they all knew that the awful Top Doc in the Student Health Centre who should have been sacked had upset me and now I was doing battle because of it. Liz knew Anne, whom the Gang killed, very well.

      The last time that I saw Mike, Liz’s husband, was in DGE Wood’s surgery in Bangor. It was during that period of time when Wood was doing me massive damage while being as nice as PIE to my face and telling me not to register with another surgery just because we had fallen out over Gwynne… Mike and Liz were patients of Wood and his colleagues. Their first baby had just been born.

      So which Top Doc ensured that Liz who Knew – or knew at least some of it – didn’t survive?

      Liz’s obit mentions the many community activities that Liz took part in. They’re all run by the Gang but then the whole of north Wales is.

      Cathy Duigan and ‘The Guardian’, you need to be asking yourselves a few questions about the sad death of Liz and its timing, not providing PR for the initiatives of the Gang with which Liz became involved.

      Nick, the son of Ted n Slyvia who like John OOH he’s a Pig, was a fish ecologist, died on 16 March 2009. He was found hanging in his room in Alaska. He’d been very depressed. Many of Nick’s ecologist colleagues over the years of Nick’s career knew Bangor zoologists/biologists.

      Ted Hughes died on 28 Oct 1998. During the Waterhouse Inquiry. After suffering a fatal myocardial infarction (heart attack) on 28 October 1998 while undergoing hospital treatment for colon cancer in Southwark, London.

      In 1970 Ted married Carol Orchard, an Angel and they stayed together until his death, living at Tawton in Devon. Carol Hughes announced in January 2013 that she would write a memoir of their marriage. The Times headlined its story “Hughes’s widow breaks silence to defend his name” and observed that “for more than 40 years she has kept her silence, never once joining in the furious debate that has raged around the late Poet Laureate since the suicide of his first wife, the poet Sylvia Plath.”

      I can understand why Carol didn’t discuss the personal relationship between Ted and Sylvia, I think such matters are best left private. It may be intellectually interesting for feminists and literary folk to speculate, but these are people’s lives, Ted n Sylvia’s kids were alive, it wasn’t anyone else’s business. The thing that really is important is that Ted and Sylvia and their children may have been witnesses to/had knowledge of serious crime. Which could have been the reason behind some of the deaths and the ‘curse’ of the Hughes’. Just like the ‘curse’ of the Lord Harlechs. It’s not a curse, it’s a criminal gang.

      At one point Ted Hughes was cultivating a small farm at Winkleigh in Devon, as part of his work for the charidee Farms for City Kids. Someone in Somerset who knew some of what was happening to me at the hands of the Gang spent a few years living at Winkleigh. If they are still reading this blog I can only hope it has now sunk in just how serious all of this is and that they won’t be sending me any more nasty comments. The person with whom they lived at Winkleigh should have been investigated by the police in view of what he was doing.

      Which Top Docs were treating Liz Howe? Their names please Wood…

        1. I was too busy on this blog to comment on Darren Millar’s speech to the Welsh Tory Conference at Llangollen a few days ago. Darren told the conference that NHS staff needed to be sacked over the matter of the baby deaths at Cwm Taff. Darren has been one of the few politicians in Wales who really has not held back re the NHS. Darren also wrote to the Chief Constable of North Wales demanding action against NHS staff after the Tawel Fan Scandal.

          Before I began working on the blog some 15 hours/day, I used to follow the politicians tweets and when I read Darren’s I thought ‘gosh his politics really do have nothing in common with mine, but at least he has the guts to talk about the horrors in the NHS…’

          Previous posts/comments explained that Mark Isherwood too spoke out about the NHS excesses but more recently I received info that after gaining info re the NHS and its crimes, Mark did a bit of double-dealing with Prof Catherine Robinson of Bangor University for their mutual benefit. I have offered to clarify matters if I receive info that Mark did not do any backhand deals with Catherine, but I haven’t received any further info…

          This blog has made it clear that virtually everyone in north Wales bagged their jobs by keeping quiet/colluding with the Gang. Darren Miller is a lot younger than most of the other politicians and I don’t think that he is Welsh. He became Mayor of Llandudno very young, I think he was in his 20s and before that I think he did a business course at an FE college in north Wales, but I seem to remember reading that Darren spent his younger years somewhere else. So Darren doesn’t go back into the pre-Cambrian with Gwynne and Dafydd. It is probably the reason why he is able to stand apart from them.

          So which politician is going to campaign for the seizing of the BMAs and MDUs assets under the proceeds of crime legislation then? Because that is how bad this is.

          Why didn’t the North Wales Police respond to Darren’s request to prosecute? Was it because so many of the officers also go back to the Pre-Cambrian with Dafydd and Gwynne?

          The Tawel Fan relatives have begun legal action against the Betsi. I wish them all the best and if there’s anything on this blog that might help their case, they can use it with my best wishes. They now need to prepare themselves for the many lawyers who may be in cosy relationships with the Gang without them ever realising it…

          Re Michael Mansfield. Chicken Or Egg? Did Mike become the Most Famous Radical Lawyer because he knew about the ring at St George’s/Wandsworth, where he was living and used his knowledge? OR was MM actually created as the Most Famous Radical Lawyer by the ring? He’s been very useful to them, particularly when he was the Radical Lawyer who represented the prisoners in the 1989 Risley Riots. Mike didn’t represent the kids in care or Empowered Service Users who were in there unlawfully. Mike represented the real criminals who were terrorising the victims of Dafydd. The screws used to tell your clients that the victims of the Gang were nonces Mike. Then your clients would beat them to buggery. For being nonces. On the orders of a gang of er nonces.

          After 3 weeks of Risley Remand Centre Dafydd would turn up and Offer To Help. The help would be a year in Denbigh. F told me ‘he’s a silly old wanker but he did get me out of Risley, I’d have been murdered there’. It was Dafydd who had F framed for arson which is why he ended up in Risley, but F didn’t know that. Neither did I until recently.

          Dafydd. he Helped people whom no-one else would touch. I had that yelled at me in the end. I should be grateful because no other Top Doc would have anything to do with me. Now I’ve got all the documentation which makes it clear why. I was supposed to have been part of the Royal Brothel but I said no and it sort of caused serious problems. The other Top Docs were briefed and coded messages were even left on my medical notes. I’ve cracked the codes!!

          1. Thanks to readers for the news story from the Mail Online re most maternity units having no consultants on site outside normal working hours. I’m so busy following up lines of research that I don’t really have time to do any more than briefly scan the headlines of BBC and The Guardian online these days.

            I can only ask why has the Daily Mail taken so long to publish this? It isn’t news, it is the way that maternity units have been run for decades, it is routine practice. Neither is it by any means the riskiest aspect of patient care. I’m always glad when the media do highlight the risks to the general public, but I’m wondering why there was the conspiracy of silence previously…

            I am amused to hear that after recent blog posts, there is a lot of ‘Oh I didn’t know about THAT’ going on from those we know and love. I presume that they mean ‘Oh we didn’t know that her dad had been fleeced by Harold Macmillan’s son while living near Jeremy Thorpe and her granddad had probably caused the battle by taking on corrupt Tories and ooh well we never knew that one of her relatives had lunch with Thatch…’

            No you didn’t know about any of it you bigoted obnoxious rumour mongers, because I didn’t tell you and you didn’t ask, because you were far too busy telling each other that you knew all about me, because your sister worked at Hergest or ooh so and so remembered me from when I was a student in the 80s. (And complained about the Royal Lobotomist.)

            Of course, I should tell you to in future shut your great big mouths before you pass on vicious gossip and tittle tattle from members of a paedophile gang, but it’s your stock in trade and I know that you won’t change your ways. The silly rumours about Merfyn and Philanderers and Cold Male Academics and Arrogant Professors Who Don’t Like Welsh People will continue. I presume that the cogs in the brain of the rat who smugly told me that he had ‘protection’ will be working overtime at the moment. I wish you all the best with your protection from Alun Ffred and Gwynedd County Council Gwil, excuse me while I piss myself laughing. Have you met my friend Biggus Dickus??

            You big idiots.

            As F once said to an NHS secretary when he was pretending to be a mad old Top Doctor friend of Dafydd’s, after the secretary told him that Dafydd had gone on holiday: ‘Oh, he didn’t tell ME…’

            Well I didn’t tell you lot. Er perhaps because I noticed a bit of provincial silliness?? Such as Jane Hutt might be interested in this? Or people who had been offered protection by Gwynedd County Council? Or people who Know Alun Ffred?? Or who know a Team Leader of some social workers??

            I quake in my boots.

            You have made yourselves look incredibly stupid, but it is not the first time.

  2. Risley Remand Centre was opened in 1966. Within three years the brutality and deaths among the under 18s who had been imprisoned there ON REMAND, not having been found guilty of anything, was so scandalous that the Home Office refused to supply stats.

    How it worked: Gang targeted someone. If they complained about the Gang, they’d be accused of a ludicrous trivial offence, questions would be raised about the sanity. They’d be sent to Risley’s Hospital Wing which was run by Dafydd, for ‘psychiatric assessment’. It would take three or four weeks. They’d be beaten, raped, kept in cells with no lightbulb – F was in the total darkness for 3 days n nights while he listened to the screams of those being beaten – and any sign of distress was met with a huge dose of largactil. No dentistry, no pain relief, no medical treatment, except for a visiting pox doctor and the largactil. People found dead. After three weeks of hell, when people realised that they’d soon be the next one to be found hung, Dafydd turned up with his offer of care… Denbigh for a year. Not as bad as Risley, but still no dentistry, no pain relief, chemical coshes and of course sex with Dafydd and the Gang. Life over by the end of it; destitution or prostitution. If not death in Denbigh.

    The Home Office KNEW that this was going on. Every Minister and Home Secretary knew. And every Minister in the DHSS knew about Denbigh.

    A trafficking gang. Targeting completely innocent young people whom they liked the look of. That was why the people who turned up at the Waterhouse Inquiry looked and sounded like Mad Criminals. They weren’t Mad Criminals before they were Helped By Dafydd.

    Victims from Ireland and London were transferred to Denbigh. Anyone who wouldn’t shut up ended up in Denbigh. HQ of the Royal Lobotomist.

    A lot of people have a lot of questions to answer.

    Recover those bodies from Denbigh.

  3. The patient who told me about his sexual abuse whilst a child at Castle Howard, North Yorkshire whilst in the care of St Williams College, East Yorkshire had an almost identical type of experience as a young adult; in prison, forced psychiatric care with no medical care for his ruptured anus or drug dependency. Lucky to be alive unlike his friend. Very VIP so John Mann MP was correct.

    1. From what I have heard Richard, that experience is fairly typical of those who blows the whistle on one of the Bog Boys of the Ring – Gwynne or Dafydd or someone of that seniority – and won’t succumb to the bribes or threats to shut up.

      People who’s experiences of psychiatry are not as grim usually haven’t got the dirt on someone big. They just get the mediocre not very helpful ‘care’ which doesn’t help them but doesn’t completely destroy them either.

      The only people who have praise through and through for the psy disciplines tend to be the ‘worried well’ who speak the language of therapy themselves, are OK financially and not among the really needy. Now that the mental health services have collapsed completely, they are not getting anything either and it tends to be their voices that are on the media bemoaning the lack of ‘talking treatments’ for their anxiety or whatever. I don’t want them to suffer either, but I have always been struck by the absolute lack of interest/publicity given to people who’s suffering was so much greater.

      The first-hand anecdotes that I heard from F and others were just horrific, absolutely horrific and the stories were consistent, F and others named the same people and the same methods, they really were not making it up. The whole of north Wales were told that these were mad criminals, just as they were told that the kids in the homes for ‘naughty boys’ in north Wales would burgle them if they got the chance and ‘told lies’ about people who ‘helped them’. It’s how a gang of sex abusing Top Docs and social workers ensured that their victims were silenced.

      I was infuriated by the Jimmy Savile ‘how did it happen’ coverage. OK, the viewers at home won’t have known, but so many other people did, so many. They knew that he would be raping Broadmoor patients, all this nonsense ‘ooh we had no idea’. Broadmoor patients tended to be former kids in care who had just been abused again and again and again. Yes they did have difficult behaviours but that was entirely because of what the state had done to them and no, most of them were not murderers either.

      The lie of Caring was perpetrated solely by Top Docs and social workers. There were only two reasons why I survived Dafydd and Gwynne: I had gained an education by the time that I encountered them and I had a friend like Brown. I really pissed off Top Docs and social workers because I always told them that kids from troubled backgrounds were better off if they were never ever near the child care system, as long as they managed to stay alive. Those kids were finished once they were taken into care, finished.

      Gov’t knew, the stats told you all that you needed to know: suicide rates, mental illness, drug addiction, crime, prison, no qualifications. It was because they were being raped and battered ‘in care’ and no-one would admit it, no-one.

      As for the psychiatric services, Brown observed ‘they take people who are vulnerable and make them irretrievable’. Yes, quite true. My friends from places like Hergest always had foibles that other people thought were ‘part of their illness’. No, the foibles were the result of the deeply distressing experiences that they had endured at the hands of the Top Docs. Patients developed all sorts of survival strategies and they were then bludgeoned by those who help in an attempt to get them to give up the survival strategies.

      The Gang hated me because I was always prone to saying ‘just leave them alone will you, if they want to do such and such and it’s not harming anyone bloody well leave them alone.’ ‘Ooh that person won’t sit in a room with others’. Yeh well look what happened when they did. ‘Ooh they won’t mix’. Well look what people are doing to them when they do. ‘Ooh they won’t go near the police’. Oh, might that be because the police battered the living daylights out of them??

      As for ‘ooh we didn’t know that was happening to them’, er well they really did try and tell you all but you didn’t want to know…

      Most people have no idea at all that the Helping is substantially one long torture of varying subtleties. There are genuine mental health staff who do try but they were hounded out of north Wales. It was so bad that anyone with standards just could not cope there.

  4. Douglas Pedley and Caroline Robinson are constituents of Sir Greg Knight Conservative MP for East Yorkshire.
    I myself am a constituent of the same MP who told me to put up or shut up.

    1. ‘Put up and shut up’ was the very expression that Alun Davies bellowed at me when I complained once more about Dafydd sexually exploiting patients…

      It’s from the Westminster Paedophile Ring cut out n keep guide. The stock phrases are ‘put up and shut up’; ‘I used my de-escalation techniques when the patient became aggressive and was a danger to themselves and others’; ‘they had a history of harassing professionals’; ‘these are difficult decisions and we don’t have the benefit of hindsight’; ‘I made an error of judgement’; ‘we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t’…

      When they’ve been caught bang to rights, trousers down (or in Dafydd’s case, trousers off) and there can be no excuse, it is the old favourite ‘we are where we are’.

      I think they are where they are now that you and I are discussing them publicly online Richard.

      They seem to have gone rather quiet!!

  5. Dr Dasari Michael is a Consultative Psychiatrist who as Medical Director of Humber NHS Foundation Trust suspended me for 253 days from work as an out of hours GP in East Yorkshire.
    No basis.

  6. Dr Stewart Burdett is a GP at Church View Surgery, Hedon, East Yorkshire. He was the Clinical Lead for the out of hours service.

  7. Dr Alan Francis is a GP at Manor House Surgery and Chair of the Bridlington Locality Commissioning Group of the East Yorkshire CCG.
    Alan did not want a review of historical child sexual abuse in East Yorkshire and it seemed no one else did apart from me.
    Alan knew all about my concerns, he undertook my GP Appraisal.

  8. Dr Michael Prentice is the Regional Medical Director for NHS England who I wrote to about serious organised crime in the NHS.

  9. Sir Simon Stevens is NHS Chief Executive who did not recognise the term.
    serious organised crime in the NHS.

  10. Dr Sarah Wollaston MP Chair of Health Select Committee and GP did not want to receive evidence of serious organised crime in the NHS.

  11. The Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt MP as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care did not want to know about serious organised crime in the NHS.

    1. Meghan’s had the Royal Baby!!! Only just heard.

      I don’t wish the Royal New Arrival any harm, but I just know that this will be used as a PR opportunity for people dripping in slurry at the moment as memories of the baby’s grandfather’s Brothel and the Royal Lobotomist who Silenced Dissenters appears online.

      Um er it really is er um thingy er appalling. Is Sir Alan Fitztightly of Private Eye legend anywhere on the scene?

      1. Former students and staff of Bangor University who found yourselves being appointed to incredibly senior positions or becoming famous when the investigations and inquiries began:

        Can you please stop removing your CVs, biographies etc from the web? And can you ask your employers etc to stop disabling the links to you on their websites? I am tracing you all at the moment as you have obviously realised and I’m after as much info as poss. It’s not as if any of you Knew About A Sex Abuse Ring in north Wales after all. It was all the fantasies of Criminals After Money. Unlike yourselves, who were Eminent and Successful in your Chosen Fields.

        Don’t you agree Gareth Roberts?? But which Gareth Roberts am I referring to, there is more than one…

        Biggus Dickus had enough of you all in the end, but he’s been watching for a long while.

    2. I was expelled from the Bridge Street Practice Partnership ( in the absence of a Partnership Agreement) in December 2006 for ‘persistent and grave breaches of Partnership etiquette’ by-
      Dr David Wigglesworth
      Dr Simon Towers
      Dr Guy Clarkson
      Dr Cornelius Vincini
      Dr Robin Freeman
      Dr Susan Dale
      Dr Helen Heston
      No that is incorrect, I was expelled because I had fallen over serious organised crime.
      I was a Partner for 5 years and whilst unhappy with a number of aspects of how the Partnership conducted itself at that stage had no proper idea of the extent of wrongdoing.
      I sought reassurance in respect of the death of my administrative colleague and action over the drug diversion, GP drug dependency and fraud.
      The ‘other matters’ specifically another named patient death and the suggestion of a GP being a paedophile came later born of third party testimony.
      Anyone for Serious Organised Crime in the NHS ?

      1. I am sorry Helen – auto correct typo again. It’s Heaton, now Senior Partner at the renamed Practice- the Park Surgery, Driffield.
        I really hope that you stay put as I am looking forward to sending the legal papers at some point. Redress as a whistleblower and a victim of crime.

        1. Again, how could I forgot Dr Jane Taylor, late to the party from being a GP in Scarborough to replace Dr Michael Hardman who had left quickly for Bridlington.
          Anyway her signature nicely helped her to parity, so that’s ok.
          We never discussed Jimmy Savile, not sure which GP was his doctor. Her whole family is medical, GP husband in Scarborough and her dad a Consultant Cardiologist at the Hospital.

          1. Salient point re who was Savile’s GP Richard.

            Dafydd declared himself to be suffering from a ‘nervous illness’ years ago, by 1986. He ‘sees a doctor in England’. I never found out who it was but I was told that it was yet another fix for Dafydd; if he ever looked as though he was in the shit, it was his nervous illness doing it. Whistleblowers get the sack and lose their driving licenses when they’re diagnosed with nervous illnesses, Dafydd get’s an excuse for serious crime.

            Tony Francis was in the hands of Top Docs as well. Dr Steve someone or other, a GP in north Wales and the dreadful Dr Christine Evans, who was one of the Gang anyway.

            GPs in Denbigh and Llanfairfechan, towns in which nearly everyone had worked in the North Wales Hospital/Bryn yn Neuadd, knew that many of their patients were facilitating serious crime. But then so were those GPs.

            I read today that Gwynedd County Council has appointed a new leader, Seimon Glyn. Seimon came under attack from the Welsh Mirror in 2000, for campaigning against second homes and rural decline. That was something sensible that Seimon was doing, there is a big problem in his part of Gwynedd with locals being priced out and no real employment. What the Welsh Mirror did not mention was that Seimon was a children’s/youth social worker for Gwynedd and was one of those who told the Waterhouse Inquiry that he would never cover up for anyone but no, he never saw anything to suggest that kids were being abused.

            In 2000 I told Seimon that the residents of Prestwood Homes Ltd were being horrifically abused and that support workers were being offered jobs with no references and no CRB checks. Seimon was good enough to pose as an unemployed lorry driver, rang Prestwood and admitted to me that they had offered him a job over the phone as a support worker and asked him if he’d consider applying for a job as a home manager. Seimon told me that he was seriously worried about Prestwood.

            I contacted Seimon again a few days later and he told me that he wouldn’t be doing anything about Prestwood because he wanted to concentrate on his work as a Councillor and with Cymuned. It was a friend of mine in Cymuned who advised me to tell Seimon about the abuse at Prestwood; I didn’t know that Seimon was a Gwynedd social worker at the time.

            Prestwood continued and the horror stories continued to circulate. It was believed that Prestwood was a people trafficking organisation. (See previous posts for details.) Prestwood Directors themselves would not tell staff who owned the company. I was told by a third party that it was Dafydd. One of the abusers who doubled up as a Director of Prestwood, in reply to my question ‘Does Dr Dafydd Alun Jones have anything to do with this company?’, snapped ‘He’s there if we need him’.

            The Prestwood clients had all been transferred to Prestwood from either Ashworth or Broadmoor. There were no qualified Angels employed there although prescribed medication was on the premises and being dished out. The residents were mostly young women who had been repeatedly raped. Therapy at Prestwood was to watch hardcore porn while cuddling the two middle-aged lesbians who were the Directors. Trips out for ‘meeting other young people’ were to the nightclubs in Manchester where they were picked up. On one occasion a sex worker from Llandudno was hired to go into a Prestwood Home to ‘provide services’ for a male client.

            Two Prestwood clients threw themselves out of upstairs windows after being told by support workers to bloody well go on and do it then when they had threatened to kill themselves. One client broke her spine, another got away with a broken leg.

            I witnessed the police return an injured client to Prestwood who had run away. Just like the police did to the kids who ran away from the children’s homes.

            Yes, I told the Social Services what was going on. I was threatened during the meeting, asked what I did for a living and told that there were no concerns about Prestwood. I also told Geoff Lees, a lecturer at Coleg Menai, what was happening at Prestwood. Geoff told me that he knew about it. A few months later I was unlawfully dismissed from my teaching job. Geoff then bagged a job as Director of Vale of Clwyd MIND. The Prestwood clients were taken to MIND drop in centres where they told MIND staff that they were being abused. There was no action taken.

            Dafydd’s charidee CAIS works in partnership with MIND. One MIND executive in north Wales is Robin Holden, who worked as an Angel at Denbigh and then as a nurse manager at Hergest. I told staff at Hergest what was happening at Prestwood. I was told that they had already heard.

            When Seimon Glyn worked as a Gwynedd social worker, Dafydd’s mistress Lucille Hughes was his boss.

            People were assaulted, raped, trafficked and found dead. It didn’t matter how many people or who you told, nothing, nothing would be done.

            Croeso i Gwynedd County Council’s new Leader!

            I wonder if Seimon was elected by the Gang after someone read my recent comments about Gwil telling me that he had ‘protection’ from Gwynedd County Council?

            Gwil, David Cameron isn’t going to go to prison for the likes of Seimon. Sadly before the whole lot of you come down because the Council just cannot function any longer there’ll be many more vulnerable people abused by fuckwits.

          2. I’d like to ask Dougie Lumb as he was, now Dr Douglas Moederle-Lumb long-standing Scarborough GP who knows me well enough not to have given me a job, a bit like Dr Hamish Meldrum in Bridlington.
            Anyway Dr Douglas is the ‘ senior professional’ looking after the interests of GPs in Scarborough & Ryedale. He has more titles than you shake a stick at YORLMC- Director, Chief Executive, Liason Officer & Member Scarborough & Ryedale Locality (Savile country).
            He is Chair of the GP Defence Fund, a BMA operation and Trustee of the Cameron Fund, a Medical benevolent charity, whose offices are in BMA House.
            I applied for some cash from them not having much and being Medical but said that my concerns in respect of North Yorkshire should preclude Our Dougie. My application was returned and I was told by the Chief Executive had never existed for the purpose of audit.
            Anyway Dr Douglas is the man to ask about the medical attendant of Jimmy Savile and perhaps Peter Jaconelli in Scarborough.
            Anyone fancy a review of how GPs dealt with historical child sexual abuse in East and North Yorkshire?

  12. The founders of Farms for City Children were Michael Morpurgo and his wife Clare although Ted Hughes was its President. Nethercott House at Iddesleigh is the North Devon base – it isnt too far from Winkleigh though. I dont think Moortown Farm had any connection with Farms for City Children – Carol Orchards (Hughes) father managed it – latterly I think Ted Hughes used the building for writers and poets to stay there but let out the pasture to other farmers.

    1. Thanks for this Emily, I did read up on it all and I noticed Michael Morpurgo’s name, but Ted and Sylvia and their network are just so huge that I knew that it was way beyond the scope of this blog. I was hoping that interested readers would go and dig a bit more. It was a bit like Peter Sellers’ network; fascinating but never ending.

      I don’t wish to imply that the world and his wife are all abusing kids on this blog; my point is that SOME of them undoubtedly were/are, others knew it OR knew about the serious criminality that was taking place and didn’t ask the questions that they should have asked because they were benefiting.

      I saw this at St George’s; I didn’t realise that Geoffrey Chamberlain as Head of Dept was running the Westminster Paedophile Ring, but I did see a lot of very, very worrying things in that Dept and whenever I said ‘er, should we raise concerns?’, the response of everyone was ‘Oh don’t worry about it’. I wasn’t worrying about trivial things, these were serious shortcomings and it indicated that basically anything could happen at St George’s. Just like north Wales. If patients’ records are freely passed around to anyone, if consent for research trials is not sought, if is a toxic workplace bullying culture prevails and if patients are routinely lied to if their baby has been nearly killed during the delivery, something is terribly wrong.

      I return to the beginning re Gwynne the Lobotomist. The initial concerns that Brown and I raised were absolutely not unreasonable concerns. We were polite, we did not accuse without foundation and we did not exaggerate or lie. If two bright young adults, one of whom is a graduate in social sciences himself and has already published, raise concerns in the way that we did, it is absolutely unacceptable to threaten them, lie to them, fabricate documentation, lie all over again and throw them out of the building using a thug of a security guard. No sane person would ever have responded to us in that way, they were truly extraordinary. We could see that they were crapping themselves about something but we couldn’t understand what, although it was clearly to do with Gwynne.

      As for Winkleigh, I have had yet another message from the person who regularly sends messages which utterly miss the point of this blog. I did not accuse the man from Winkleigh of ‘kiddy fiddling’. The man from Winkleigh broke the law in other ways and he was protected by the probation service when he should probably have gone to prison. The person who constantly flies off the handle in response to this blog needs to ask herself how she encountered that man, why there had been such serious problems in the past with him and other women and children and why, with a record like his, more was not done to protect people from him.

      Surely I don’t have to spell it out: it was a bloody trap, he was violent and dangerous and the criminal justice system were protecting HIM not his victims. IT IS AN INTERNATIONAL RING, FACILITATED BY CORRUPT POLICE, TOP DOCS AND SOCIAL SERVICES.

      Please wake up everyone, I’m not bellyaching about people doing a bit of petty crime here, there is a pattern here of certain people committing very serious offences with no come back for them. The common theme is that they are all either involved with OR have knowledge of organised abuse.

      1. People who once lived in Winkleigh:

        A favourite method of setting targets up with dangerous people who have been briefed to dupe them, draw them into a seemingly lovely relationship and then get very very nasty once the target has moved in with them and cannot easily get away is to use a dating agency. A few duds are sent along first and then the charmer – who will not be a charmer but only two or three years down the line – arrives and seems to be just the right man.

        The dating agency ‘Kindred Spirits’ had undoubtedly been infiltrated by people involved in serious organised crime and the Torygraph needs to be outed as being the publication which ran the advert.

        I can’t understand WHY you cannot see what was happening here. Do you not understand how rogue security services officers work? They don’t walk around with a badge on looking like James Bond; they also use other people to do their bidding, skilfully manipulating them. Drunken bully in north Devon with a dreadful track record?? Whole family covering up for him including his lovely ex-wife and daughters? He was the ideal man to use…

        Another person known to you found themselves in a relationship with a violent nutter at about the same time didn’t they? And while that was going on someone befriended me asking about you; I dropped them when I found out that they were involved in petty crime. They knew that I would, they would have been told by their handler that I would not have anything to do with people who were involved in crime. Their purpose I suspect was to find out if I was prepared to take an interest in what was happening to you when you were clearly in danger. The brother-in-law of Blair’s political adviser stole my computer at the same time; people burgled my car and stole lawyers letters, it’s not just about a drunken man in Devon.

        For goodness sake, I can’t make it clearer than I have already, read the blog and think about what you are reading, you’ll find the answer to the questions that puzzle you so much there. Dafydd’s network were across the UK, including in Devon, Somerset etc. They were accessing databases, school records, medical records, the whole lot. They used psychological profilers to advise them on how to set people up etc, they cut their teeth on that in N Ireland. They used Gov’t resources to fight terrorism but they WERE terrorists/gangsters themselves. Dafydd had worked with the IRA in person.

        I am glad that you prosecuted him. But the problem is bigger than just him; the people behind it all are still in action. The Torygraph have some explaining to do.

        1. Paul Johnson: journo associated with the Torygraph. His son Cosmo should have gone to prison over the business with the shotgun and hostages at Bishpool. He didn’t.

          Boris Johnson: Torygraph journo, used his position to access info to give to Darius Guppy, in prison for serious crime, in order for Guppy to have someone beaten up who’d grassed on him.

          Boris: Down Taunton Cricket Club along with someone who just happened to find themselves living with a dangerous loony, after he had found himself befriended by Call Me Dave’s mate in the gorilla suit.

          There is a pattern, former resident of Winkleigh, a very obvious one. Don’t bother to write to me and say ‘Ooh but you’ve accused Blair as well’. I’ve accused the whole bloody lot of them, they were all involved and they didn’t want to go to prison or indeed not be Prime Ministers.

          When things like the Devon farmer happen, you look higher up to see who allowed it to happen. Just as I did when I saw the VC of Bangor University so obviously being undermined by mediocre twats who were supposed to be working for him. I looked upward and saw Rhodri, Miranda, Gordon and Call Me Dave. As well as someone who er um really thinks that things are thingy appalling…

          1. Former Winkleigh resident:
            Yes I know you find it hard to believe, it is why they targeted you. You think that MI5 is about Pussy Galore and men with metal teeth. It isn’t, it is about hordes of people in all sorts of roles throughout society who interpret their role as ‘upholding national security’. It led to a serious problem when some of them believed that meant that they had to protect state figures who were involved in serious crime.

            I cannot spell it out any more than I have already. Now I’m interested in researching for my blog in terms of political history and sociology and I just haven’t got time to waste spoon- feeding someone who treated me with contempt for so many years because I didn’t value money, I was concerned about people who were suffering at the hands of the ‘respectable’ and I lived in poverty rather than sell out. While you sneered at Brown and me because we only had two pairs of jeans instead of a wardrobe of evening dresses and we went on bikes rather than in cars, we witnessed many interesting things which are now falling into place. The Westminster Paedophile Ring.

  13. PS. You didn’t know??

    One of those High Court orders requesting my committal to prison by a gang of sex offenders who had perjured themselves was served on me when I was at your house!! I didn’t tell anyone that I was coming to see you and I had never given anyone your address. The Westminster Paedophile Ring had it and knew where I was!!

    When that bailiff from the High Court turned up I don’t remember any support or concern shown towards me. I remember a screaming row, with abuse hurled at me for being a ‘criminal’.

    And I was supposed to tell you that gangsters were after me???

  14. There are so many interlinking crooks in this story that I have missed something glaring:

    Edward du Cann, whom my grandpa hated, was Economic Secretary to the Treasury in 1962, when Dafydd’s mate Selwyn Lloyd was Chancellor of the Exchequer. My father was being swindled by Maurice Macmillan at the time. Harold Macmillan carried out the Night of the Long Knives in 1962, but the rats were still crawling everywhere.

    Because when I was young Edward du Cann was just someone to be insulted as far as grandpa was concerned, I keep forgetting that du Cann was a big time crook, not just a loathsome old bugger in Somerset. I am taking a closer look at du Cann, his life and network. Roads lead to Dafydd and crooked businessmen and politicians. I’m also correlating a lot of what happened in the months after my grandpa died; my grandmother losing lots of her investments and not realising it, a near fatal car accident on the way home from grandpa’s funeral, that man with the goats who was working for Dafydd saying some very odd things to me when I told him that grandpa had died the day before.

    It’s all the stuff of the Gang. My father will only have been one of many who was shafted by that lot; people like me are interested in historical political events but the relevance for the wider world and the events that directly resulted from it that are not historical… Events in the 1980s, that provided the toadying opportunities for today’s politicians.

    I’m working on a follow up post with details and dates of Dafydd and Gwynne’s criminality during Eden’s and Profumos Govts… The Night of the Long Knives was something to do with them, they were obviously out of control or they did something big and Supermac had to sweep them all out of his Cabinet. All of those who went were Of Dafydd and Gwynne. Events at UCNW at the time were directly related as well…

    I do love political history, apologies to readers who are bored by it but I just find it so much more fascinating than these morons who bang on about Safeguarding and Empowering; its why Social Policy is usually a failure. It is so intellectually unstimulating that only not very bright people who just want to climb a ladder by serving up dross to crooked stupid politicians even though it just doesn’t work usually do it. As Catherine Robinson has discovered.

    1. Yeh, rogue police are cross with me. They keep asking me to name people from Somerset who did nasty things to me, who got in touch with Dafydd etc.

      Look I’m not interested. You left us with the Gang, you didn’t want to know. I’m not doing the job of an endemically corrupt police force for you, sod off. And don’t you dare bring a prosecution in relation to me, you fuck off out of it. My grandpa is dead, my father died an horrific death and I was wrongfully arrested on his deathbed, you did not want to know, fuck off. Just fuck off, you bring a case with me at the centre of it and I’ll arrive in court and sink it.

      Live with what you did. Live with the murdering docs and the troughing politicians who cannot do their jobs, I’m interesting in exposing that, not believing that a load of crooked police officers want to Put It Right. You can’t.

      Anyone for a Royal Baby and Carlo getting excited?

      It’s a sty and Alexis Jay will not make a jot of difference.

  15. Not wanting to kick a man when they are terminally down
    but present Chair of the Scarborough & Ryedale CCG and Filey GP Dr Phil Garnett might be able to shed light on Medical Practice in Scarborough, five years in secondary care with a focus on paediatrics before GP called.
    Man and boy in Filey but I know nothing about Roundstone. The GMC will be closing before opening the case, the medical practitioner hanging onto to the Register, so that’s tidy.
    He loved the pantomime villain.

    1. Dr Guy Clarkson GP has a big GP brother Dr Nigel Clarkson both of whom went to the University of Leeds Medical School. Gwyrch Medical Centre, Abergele is in Wales not East Yorkshire. I do not know Nigel but Guy when ‘broken ‘will have needed all the support he could get, Hero Sue helped but Big Bro is surely best. Guy’s time as Senior Partner was cut short, a pesky CQC Report about medicines management issues and a GMC complaint from a former Branch Surgery Manager about the same might have encouraged him to delist. Nige took his name off at about the same time presumably so they could spend more time together. Nice.

      1. An every day tale of drug diversion; Margaret and Alan ran the local shop, the Stores, Kilham. Nothing fancy, sausage rolls, matches, milk the Driffield Times and your prescription only medicines.
        Yes that’s right left in the local shop for any old Tom, Dick or Harriet to collect for themselves or their nearest and dearest. The right hand side of a prescription, an FP10, details all repeat medicines. These bags of goodies from Nsfferton Brsnch Surgery did not have one and sadly so many things went missing, but a quick call sorted that out. To say anything you wanted is a bit simplistic but not far off.
        So this was how it was when I joined the Bridge Street Practice in 2001. Sue Clarkson was the Branch Surgery Manager and Guy the Nafferton GP. They lived in
        Margaret and Alan built a very big house on Back Lane, they were my neighbours at the back. I gave no thought to how Vintage Tractor Mags became bricks and mortar until recently. After the episode of brokenness and much upset in 2006 The Stores gained a new proprietor, Neil from Portsmouth ex Marines PT Instructor not sure why or how at the time. No revamp, no new lines same as before until closure a few weeks ago.
        Business downturn no more specials on offer, no more keeping an eye. So for the more attuned reader the facts speak for themselves. Success along with the resignations and retirements yes but let’s see what else turns up.

        1. The best one was the modified release tramadol blag. Different Practice -Bedford Surgery dispensing
          to a 90+ year old lady who absolutely and correctly insisted she only took paracetamol. The repeat dispensing of 50 mg becoming 100 mg x100 whilst under my care in Hospital was presumably just business. East Yorkshire NHS Fraud no action.

          1. I really wish that my bankrupted former colleague Dr Henk de Vries a GP with a special interest in drug dependence had not bought a new flat and phoned me out the blue to find out how I was. Henk is really clever but on the spectrum and so does not do empathy. He will it seems do what is required or wanted.

        2. David Hockney used to come and paint in Kilham. The Green Lane with horse chestnut trees but that was before Dead Dominic of Driffield.

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