Sir Brian Leveson – An Apology

I have been up since 4 am, today being the Summer Solstice and me wanting to see the sunrise. After I watched the sun come up I became embroiled in following up a few matters for future blog posts and thus I didn’t listen to the ‘Today’ programme or read any news online. I therefore missed this morning’s main story until a helpful reader e mailed me earlier.

So Brian Leveson, who starred in my post ‘International Finance, With Grateful Thanks To Gwynne’, has Spoken Out about the grave danger that faces the country’s criminal justice system. Sir Brian, the most senior criminal judge in England and Wales, has expressed “enormous concern” that many crimes are not being prosecuted. Sir Brian, who retires on Friday as Head of Criminal Justice, has warned that ‘the system could collapse without investment’.

Sir Brian wants much more dosh to be given to the endemically corrupt lawyers and judges who allowed the NHS to become infested with serious organised crime and north Wales to be run by a gang of vicious sex offenders which has left the region on its arse.

Sir Brian has expressed concern that many crimes are going unpunished. Indeed Sir Brian, this blog details the numerous serious offences of the Gang and their colleagues, as well as those of your own colleagues in the legal/criminal justice system who witnessed them in action but said nothing or even assisted their criminality. The No Nonsense Judge Huw Daniel managed to break the law himself in open court. As for the criminal justice system being short of resources, I and another Empowered Service User who was targeted by the Gang over a period of decades worked out that the Gang had spent literally millions in litigation dragging us through the courts in serial attempts to imprison us. It was water off a duck’s back to them, the NHS and Social Services are bottomless pits, no expense was spared. They used their own in-house crooked lawyers, they used crooked Welsh Office lawyers, they purchased ‘expertise’ from other lawyers. Then there was the cost of our lawyers to the Legal Aid Board, who unbeknown to us at the time were in cahoots with the Gang as well…

The Gang succeeded in unlawfully imprisoning my friend in HMP Walton on the grounds of false allegations made by the Hergest Unit staff. Once he was in Walton the charges were dropped after Dafydd offered to write an Expert Report testifying that my friend had PTSD from a climbing accident, which would result in my friend being released from Walton, into the Care Of Dafydd. My friend told Dafydd that he didn’t think that he did have PSTD. Dafydd nonetheless wrote a Court Report stating that he did and my friend was released to the Care Of Dafydd’s ‘nursing home’ in Llandudno, Ty Gwyn. The fees were thousands a week and there were no qualified staff available let alone Dafydd. My friend walked out after a few days and heard no more from the police or Courts although residing at Dafydd’s money-spinner was a condition imposed by the Court. My friend smelt so many rats that he tried to acquire the prison paperwork related to his case. Not available…

I won’t even begin to provide a resume of the many other serious miscarriages of justice that resulted from bent judges and lawyers being Of The Gang, just read the blog…

Some interesting facts:

Brian Leveson was born in Liverpool, on 22 June 1949. He was educated at the public school Liverpool College, as was that very good friend of the Gang Lord David Hunt, a lawyer himself. Leveson studied at Merton College, Oxford and was President of the Oxford Law Society.

Leveson was called to the Bar at Middle Temple in 1970. Ronnie Waterhouse was a member of Middle Temple. Ronnie’s rigged Inquiry which concealed the multiple rape and even murder of the victims of the Gang and the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring cost in the region of £17 million quid (at a conservative estimate). Previous posts have discussed the future careers of the mass of lawyers who appeared at the Waterhouse Inquiry to defend the Gang. Many progressed onto stratospheric careers in law and in the judiciary.

Brian Leveson initially practised in Liverpool and took silk in 1986. Dafydd’s Gang ran Liverpool. In 1986 the Gang unlawfully detained me twice, as a result of deals with corrupt police officers and lawyers, whom I have named in previous posts. My friend Anne was killed by the Gang in 1986.

Patient F was fitted up for class A drugs offences and arson by the Gang in 1986. As with my friend in Walton, the most serious charges against F were dropped when he was in Risley Remand Centre and Dafydd had prepared an Expert Report for the Court explaining that F had Paranoid Schizophrenia and would need to be detained in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. When F was transferred to Denbigh, the admitting Angel told him that it was clear that he was better, but they’d keep him in Denbigh ‘for the sake of the Court’.

F had to reappear at a magistrates’ Court in north Wales days later; during the hearing, the defence lawyer made a reference to F ‘now being very much more lucid’ than he had been at the first hearing, which had immediately followed a violent assault on F by a senior officer in either Bethesda or Bangor Police Station. F was returned to Denbigh ‘for the sake of the Court’.

Some three weeks later, days before he was told that Dafydd would be arriving to discharge him, one of Dafydd’s drug patients sold F some amphetamine, within sight of the Angels. Being F and seriously depressed at the time, he took it and it precipitated a drug induced psychosis. Dafydd turned up within hours, announced that F was suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia and F didn’t get out of Denbigh for another year. Even then Dafydd tried to unlawfully stop him leaving and force him into one of his ‘nursing homes’ instead.

Liverpool is on the Northern Circuit and it was Sir John Kay sitting in the High Court in Leeds on the Northern Circuit who in 1990 gave Gwynedd Social Services a High Court injunction against me on the basis of the perjury of two Gang members, one of whom had never met me and the other one who had met me at most two or three times and had unlawfully detained me in 1986. See eg. ‘The Bitterest Pill’. In Nov 1994, a judge in Liverpool High Court gave Dafydd an injunction against me on the basis of perjury and no evidence at all of any wrongdoing; the MDU who were acting for Dafydd knew that he had committed perjury and that there was no evidence. Readers might have noticed that I haven’t yet named the judge who presided over that case. I’m saving it for a

Leveson became a Bencher in 1995, acted as a Recorder between 1988 and 2000 and as a Deputy High Court Judge between 1998 and 2000. In 2000, the year that the Waterhouse Report was published, Leveson was appointed as a Judge of the High Court, Queen’s Bench Division. He served as a Presiding Judge of the Northern Circuit, 2002–2005. In 2006, Leveson was appointed to the new position of Deputy Senior Presiding Judge and, on 2 October 2006, he was appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal. Leveson was promoted to Senior Presiding Judge with effect from 1 January 2007.

While sitting with Lord Justice Mantell in the Court of Appeal in 2002 under the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Woolf (see previous posts for Lord Woolf’s connections to the Gang), Leveson upheld the murder conviction of James Hanratty. There had been constant concerns that James Hanratty, who was hanged on 4 April 1962, was the subject of a grave miscarriage of justice. The Lord Chancellor at the time was David Maxwell Fyfe aka Dai Bananas aka Lord Kilmuir, Dafydd and Gwynne’s Big Mate who was even hired by Gang members to act for them in petty legal disputes in north Wales, lest anyone ever forget that the paedophiles’ friends will not be mocked. Kilmuir as Home Secretary under Churchill in the early 1950s was given responsibility for Welsh Affairs and MI5 were ordered to be responsible to him. In July 1962, Harold Macmillan had such a bellyful of Kilmuir and Dafydd’s other mates that he ejected them from the Cabinet in the Night Of The Long Knives, but they continued causing havoc by blackmailing everyone who had colluded with their criminality. See previous posts.

Rab Butler was the Home Secretary who signed off the death sentence for Hanratty, although there was serious concern about it at the time. Butler spent his life concealing organised abuse, including that of the Gang, both when he was in politics and as Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, in which role he was Carlo’s personal tutor and special mentor, 1968-71. Carlo was Chancellor of UCNW from 1976 onwards, when UCNW constituted a vehicle for Dafydd and Gwynne’s Gang.

Rab Butler did not succeed Harold Macmillan as Leader of the Tory Party and PM when Macmillan resigned in 1963, although he had much support. Alec Douglas-Home – Foreign Secretary when Hanratty was hanged – succeeded instead, as a result of what was widely alleged to be an Old Etonians stitch-up, with the blessing of Lilibet. In 1972, Alec Douglas-Home’s son and heir David married Jane Williams-Wynne, a member of a north Wales family who had long supported the Gang. See previous posts. David Douglas-Home succeeded on 24 Sept 1996, after his father’s death.

In May 1996 The Hague announced that there would be a Public Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. It was in Sept 1996 that The Hague announced that Ronnie Waterhouse would be Chairing it.

Shortly before The Hague announced that Ronnie would be Chair of the Inquiry, Patient F and I were arrested and charged on the basis of the perjury of an Angel who worked with the Gang, Bridget Lloyd. We were cleared in Jan 1997, days after Ronnie opened the Inquiry. The Gwynedd Community Health Trust refused to apologise or amend the accusations on our NHS records that F had made sexually threatening comments to Lloyd over the phone and the she was so frightened that I was going to attack her and ‘her young children’ that she was living in fear and had been issued with a personal alarm by the Trust to carry at all times lest she encounter me. At our trial, the magistrates were told that if I was acquitted, the Trust had prepared a safe house for Lloyd and her family, such would be the danger from me.

Before our trial, Tony Francis had prepared a Court Report for WHEN we were found guilty no less. His recommended that F should be put on probation and that I should be sent to a high security hospital such as Broadmoor. After we were acquitted, F and I walked into Tony Francis’s room and asked for an explanation. Tony started yelling at us, so F said ‘Don’t shout at us, you are supposed to be the psychiatrist here’. Tony yelled even more loudly ‘I have a right to my emotions’.

Image result for manuel fawlty towers queWe walked out of Tony’s office and there was Alun Davies, the corrupt Hergest Unit manager, who had fuelled much of the case. I simply said ‘NOT GUILTY Mr Davies, are we going to receive an apology?’ Davies bellowed that what with me going on at him ‘Some things never change’.

One of the prosecution lawyers at Hanratty’s trial was Geoffrey Lane, who in 1987 as Lord Chief Justice reduced the paedophile Top Doc from St George’s Hospital Medical School Prof Oliver Brooke’s sentence on appeal and compared Ollie’s collection of kiddie porn to a collection of cigarette cards. See post ‘Oliver!’ Geoffrey Lane made his decision partly on the basis of the many letters that he had received from Top Docs stressing that Ollie was a great guy. Many of those Docs knew that Ollie was a key player in a pan-European paedophile ring and some of them were part of the ring themselves. Geoffrey Lane was the LCJ who appointed Ronnie Waterhouse to some of his exalted positions.

Ollie was jailed on 18 Dec 1986, four days after Dafydd had me wrongfully arrested and unlawfully detained at Denbigh.

Prof Ollie was a good friend of Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain and after Ollie was released on appeal by Geoffrey Lane, Ollie continued to publish with Chamberlain and his other mates from St George’s Hospital Medical School, giving his affiliation as St George’s. The general public and even the rest of the staff at St George’s – one of whom was me – had been told that Ollie’s career was over and he had long gone from St George’s. See post ‘Too Many Pills’.

Cilla was a good friend of Geoffrey Chamberlain. ‘Blind Date’ turned the fortunes of LWT around in the 1990s. It was their most profitable product and it revitalised Cilla’s flagging career, turning Cilla into the UK’s highest profile light entertainment star. Cilla who had been part of the Liverpool pop scene back in the early/mid 1960s when Dafydd and the Gang were supplying the sex workers and the drugs.

Peter Mandelson had worked for LWT before he redesigned the Labour Party as New Labour. Mandelson was hired by the Windbag. Who was Of The Gang and personally knew Tony Francis from their student days in Cardiff. The Windbag’s wife’s parents had been mates with the Gang for decades; Glenys’s dad was a Labour Councillor in Holyhead, who was a longstanding friend of Lord Cledwyn, the Labour MP for Anglesey, 1951-79 and Secretary of State For Wales, 1966-68. Lord Cledwyn colluded with the Gang and served as President of UCNW, 1995-2000 (spanning the Waterhouse Inquiry), succeeding Sir William Mars-Jones, 1982-95.

By the time that he stood trial for murder, Hanratty had experienced Help from Top Docs who had diagnosed frightening things in him such as psychopathy. They were Dafydd’s mates. Every lawyer involved with Hanratty’s case, including the defence lawyers and the lawyers hired by his family after his death in an attempt to clear his name, have been lawyers who have done deals with Dafydd and the Gang. The three Home Office Inquiries held into the case of James Hanratty were held under Woy and Michael Howard, both of whom colluded with Dafydd and the Gang, as discussed in previous posts.

In 2002, Leveson et al were convinced of Hanratty’s guilt as a result of DNA tests carried out on Hanratty’s exhumed corpse. With a forensic science service which is still bedevilled by corruption and still withholds info that may be inconvenient or even makes assertions that cannot be deduced from the evidence available, Leveson probably shouldn’t have been so confident about Hanratty’s guilt, but at least it meant that no questions would be asked about the crowd back in the early 1960s, some of whom were still around and had played a part in the arrest and charging of me in 2002 for ‘threats to kill’ on the basis of the perjury of eight NHS staff and a police officer. The charge was withdrawn on the first day of the trial nearly two years later, by which time I’d lost me job and my home. Huw Daniel still managed to break the law in open court. Daniel’s father J.E. Daniel was a mate of some of those involved in the James Hanratty case.

In 1989 Leveson was the lead prosecution counsel at the trial of comedian Ken Dodd, who spent part of his childhood in north Wales and had connections with the Gang. See ‘My Arse – It’s Tatifliarious!’. Dodd was charged with tax evasion, but was acquitted at Liverpool Crown Court, despite seemingly strong evidence. Ronnie Waterhouse was the Presiding Judge and the trial was memorable for Waterhouse allowing Dodd to tell jokes in the witness box and Ronnie himself laughing at them. It was also suggested that Brian Leveson missed a few obvious opportunities to present a case that would have really clinched it.

Not that it would have mattered. I was being dragged through the Courts myself at the time by the Gang and days after Ken Dodd was acquitted I chatted about the case with Alwyn Jones, my lawyer in Bangor. Alwyn observed that ‘No Court in Liverpool was ever going to convict Ken Dodd’. George Carman QC defended Dodd. Carman was a violent, corrupt, alcoholic who worked on the Northern Circuit until he successfully defended Mr Thrope in 1979 and then relocated to London. Carman colluded with Dafydd and the Gang and he was ready to act for Jimmy Savile if anyone published anything about Savile’s crimes. Savile was part of Dafydd’s network and used to drop in at will to Ashworth, the secure hospital on Merseyside, which was used as one of the Gang’s personal prisons.

It was announced on 13 July 2011 that Leveson would Chair the Public Inquiry into issues of British press culture, practices and ethics raised by the ‘News International’ phone hacking scandal. The Inquiry subsequently revealed the most disgraceful practices on the part of ‘News International’ and the Digger, but no-one told me that at the time the Digger was in possession of letters and documents stolen from my house at various times containing details of the experiences of F, Brown and me at the hands of the Gang and e mails hacked from my computer. Including a photo of my friend’s baby who died as a result of the negligence of the Top Docs in Taunton in 1999, just before the Waterhouse Report was published. My friend who knew what had happened to me at the hands of the Gang and stood by me, which resulted in hassle from Michael Grade, then from the Royal Television Society, then from Gangsters and then the death of her baby.

In 2013 Brian Leveson was appointed as Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University, taking over from Brian May who stepped down at the end of his term. Brian May had succeeded Cherie as Chancellor, the Cherie who, along with her husband Miranda, had once worked with George Carman. The Cherie who grew up in Liverpool when Dafydd’s Gang ran the city, the daughter of two luvvies. Dafydd’s Gang supplied sex workers and drugs to luvvies. Ronnie Waterhouse and his friend and senior colleague Sir William Mars-Jones, another one of Dafydd’s Gang, were both enthusiastic members of the Garrick, a club that attracts members of the legal profession and luvvies.

My post ‘International Finance, With Grateful Thanks To Gwynne’ published a photo of Sir Brian with Brian May. Unfortunately I might have made a mistake which I shall now clarify. I called Sir Brian Leveson ‘Lord Brian Leveson’ in that post, because he is a Lord Justice of Appeal. However the news reports today are referring to him as Sir Brian Leveson. I do apologise if I used the incorrect title Sir Brian.

As for Sir Brian’s concern that there are many people who are not being charged with offences because of the inadequacies of the criminal justice system, he is indeed correct. We screamed and screamed for years as loudly as we could about the serious criminals who were aiming fire at us and in return we were repeatedly arrested ourselves. People suffered and died and nothing can ever put it right, even if they were now to be prosecuted in the recent outbreak of Caring and the desire for Social Justice. Neither will giving even more money to a bunch of crooked professional people make a jot of difference. Their funding should be withdrawn until the whole bloody lot of them have resigned and gone.

If anyone wants to do anything worthwhile at all, they can get out to the North Wales Hospital and recover the bodies that are concealed out there and that will be the end of any claims of Not Knowing and Top Doctors Caring for Dangerous Nutters who Attack Angels.

P.S. Sir Brian: I have been told that I and other Empowered Service Users were filmed by hidden cameras in the bath etc when we were in Denbigh and that the pics were given to Dafydd’s customers who bid for us and paid Dafydd for our services. Because I kept saying no to these fould old Top Docs – I also threw an Angel out of the bathroom when they walked in unannounced, asking me if I wanted ‘help’ in the bath, me being a mere 24 year old adult doing a postgrad degree in medical sciences – I am told that this left Dafydd in a difficult position and he and the Gang were very cross which is why I had so much grief from them. I am also told that the pics of us found their way onto the internet years later. I therefore believe that I am owed Royalties Sir Brian, as are the other Empowered Service Users. Could you Fix It For Us to receive them please?

Thank you/Diolch yn fawr.

Sir Brian Leveson:


Sir Ronnie Waterhouse:

The Common Purpose:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

19 thoughts on “Sir Brian Leveson – An Apology”

  1. I see the Ian Brady case is in the media again. I haven’t had a proper read/listen yet, I’m busy on something else at the moment, but I have had a brief scan. The allegations are that Brady ‘had access’ to teenaged boys when he was banged up. Of course he did, it will have been done deliberately!! How daft are the media commentators? When screws, prison docs etc get pissed off with inmates they put them in with sex offenders! Standard practice. I found out that there were at least two male sex offenders with me in Bryn Golau; no of course I didn’t make a fuss, for a start that was what Dafydd wanted me to do, so obviously, I was showing solidarity with the others, Dafydd was livid… BTW the male sex offenders in Bryn Golau – it is of course highly likely that they’d been framed though – were far less of a problem than Dafydd.

    Oh open your eyes world, psych units, prisons etc are just dumping grounds for the dispossessed and the ‘professionals’ who run them are the most inadequate scumbags you could meet.

    Springfield Hospital: there was a murderer on our ward, a very unpleasant man who’d murdered a woman no less. Another male patient warned me, because he’d seen the murderer making obscene gestures behind my back and he was worried that the murderer was going to attack me. A patient warned me. A kind, public spirited male patient. Not an Angel, not a Doc. The patient who warned me about the lecherous murderer only found out that he was a murderer by subterfuge. No, I’m not going to let on how. Because I very much appreciated that patient’s concern in the face of the negligent abusive staff at St George’s/Springfield. One of the Springfield Top Docs is in the Lords now. Baroness Sheila Hollins. The Clinical Director of Springfield at the time, Rachel Perkins, ended up with a seat on the Equality anmd Human Rights Commission.

    The male patient who protected me is probably dead by now.

    Drop a bomb on all of them. Institutional corruption runs right the way through the whole lot.
    The Brady story is full of retired prison officers offering their wisdom re the Chilling Brady. Perhaps they’d like to make a few statements about the corrupt prison governors, the corrupt prison Docs, the lies they all told about the innmates etc. Some of them knew Dafydd as well.

    Lord Longford is mentioned. Harriet’s Uncle. Harriet who’s writing the legislation re the Safeguarding of Children at the moment.

    Meanwhile the BMA is taking a stand on Racism. Oh fuck off BMA, just because this blog has dumped a gallon of slurry over you. Andrew Chadwick, your rep who advised Tony Francis on how to fit me up in Court after I’d complained about the Gang, is very much alive and kicking and still has his nose in the Top Docs trough.

    This is not Ancient History; I was a young medical researcher who had complained about a bunch of sex offending Top Docs, so I was abducted and imprisoned by them. The people who did it are alive and working as Docs, lawyers, police officers, Angels etc.

    New legislation re Revenge Porn is planned! Can I just have my Royalties please Dafydd/Carlo/Higson?

  2. A few more questions for Drakeford and his loyal band of supporters including Julie Morgan:

    We have heard much in the media recently about the very real dilemma as to whether men charged of serious sex offences should be named before being charged. Mark Drakeford’s son seemed to enjoy a great deal of media anonymity until days before he was convicted. There were no BBC helicopters flying over Drakeford’s house, no journos at the gates, no references in the media to unidentified senior politician’s relatives having been charged with a serious sexual offence. Drakeford’s son was mentioned in a media article and hours later he was convicted and jailed for eight years of such a serious rape that another offence of grooming a child on Facebook was eclipsed. Guardian Wimmin, I do use the term Serious Rape: it was a violent prolonged ‘punishment rape’ because Drakeford junior was pissed off with the girl concerned. No drink, no drugs, no confusion. A nasty brutal attack that would have destroyed the life of many women. Drakeford’s target is to be commended that she could even withstand a police investigation and trial, particularly as she knew who the rapist’s dad was.

    Drakeford’s son will have been arrested and charged months and months before his trial, particularly as he took advantage of Expert Reports re SEN/mental health. Drakeford’s son was convicted and jailed hours before his dad became FM. I and my friends observed that Mark Drakeford didn’t do what we would have done and say ‘In these circumstances it would not be right for me to take the role of FM’. Drakeford made the minimal noises about his thoughts being with the young woman and wahey, he was FM!!

    Drakeford’s son was almost certainly charged before the Labour Leadership ‘contest’ (coronation) and I bet that the date for his trial was set before then as well. Readers might remember that after Mr Thrope was charged with incitement/conspiracy to to kill, the date of the General Election was changed for Mr Thrope’s benefit. There was quite a row about that. There has not been any questions about Drakeford junior and his trial. Hours before dad was crowned…

    Drakeford knew about Gwynne as well as Dafydd, he goes back that far.

    Look what happened after the Welsh Legal Services received the letter from my lawyers saying that we would sue for clinical negligence and those 10000 documents were released to Theo Huckle et al:

    Theresa May became PM at Westminster. Theresa who was a Councillor for Merton on the patch of St George’s just after the jailing of Ollie Brooke, when I was working there. Jezza became Leader of the Labour Party. Jezza, the MP for Islington who was told by whistleblowing social workers that there was a paedophile ring operating in the kids homes there and that kids had been found killed and who did not respond. Jezza who had previously worked for NUPE the union which represented the social workers of Islington (and north Wales and elsewhere); Jezza who’s election agent was the friend and business partner of a man who was jailed for a series of sex attacks on schoolboys. Then Drakeford became FM of Wales…

    I’m so glad that everything is the fault of Merfyn and the Philanderer!

    Would Julie Morgan like to tell us who it was who co-ordinated Mark Drakeford’s Leadership bid and its milestones with his son’s arrest and trial for rape to ensure that if his son was found guilty it would be difficult to get rid of Drakeford and start again to choose a new Leader? Or is she too busy writing her next speech about Safeguarding All Children and Empowering Service Users?

    Mark Drakeford and Jezza are big supporters of each other…

    As for the obvious that half of Wales observed: not many men in their late 20s suddenly metamorphose into a violent rapist and decide to go on Facebook, disguise themselves as a child and groom another child. Just like that. Did Drakeford’s son perhaps have a bit of previous re unacceptable conduct towards women and girls and for some unfathomable reason stay out of the arms of the law? For the sake of every tramp who has been jailed for drinking in the street while swearing and for that man in Welshpool who appeared in the press under the byline Man Stole Pork Pie And Urinated In Bus Shelter I think we should be told.

    BTW my dog crapped on the pavement in Upper Bangor and I didn’t Clean Up. I couldn’t, it was liquid, horrendous, evil smelling yellow liquid. A group of boys behind me thought it was hysterical. Sorry about that Mark! I won’t be pleading SEN or Mental Health Problems in mitigation, just ownership of a loose bowelled dog.

    1. I have been told that the Gang thought that once Drakeford was FM it was curtains for me.

      The Gang are a real laugh aren’t they, they just don’t learn. Well put an end to her – arrest and section her! Then leave her destitute! THEN she’ll join the brothel when the London end of the Gang move in on her! Oh bugger she’s confronting them all.

      BACK TO BANGOR, SEND HER BACK. Frame F and ban him from his own baby, ooh the smear will be so serious neither of them will be believed again! Oh Fuck, Brown’s now produced MORE evidence. KILL HIM. Oh Christ, a passer by has intervened and saved him from a fatal head injury. Tell the Court that Brown attacked his assailant and the student who saved his life is one of Brown’s students!! Whoops, the student is from a different university, never heard of Brown before…

      The Next Cunning Plan after yet more attempts to fit me up fell apart was for Sadie Francis to pretend to encourage me in a teaching career while a parallel Cunning Plan was formulated to ensure that I’d be turned down for every job except at Hillgrove School, where loads of the parents are Top Docs who would then be told that a Dangerous Nutter was teaching their kids… Followed by another attempt to frame me in Court for a serious offence.

      I’ve been told that the Best Brains of Trinity College Cambridge was commissioned: Prys, the Dean of Ed at Bangor. Well Jane Hutt could never have thought this lot up could she.

      Good thinking Batman, sadly its all unravelled and yes I do know that Mr Porter’s father was the Head Top Doc at Rampton Hospital where patients were beaten to buggery and even murdered. Before the first expose on TV in 1980 as well, I’ve accessed the documentation. It was on your dad’s watch Mr Porter. Where did Gwynne and Dafydd send some of their victims? Er, Rampton.

      I wasn’t going to ever say much about Mr Porter because one of his adult offspring is in the clutches of the Gang; life severely disrupted after being sectioned by Tony Francis when he was at school. He has never escaped the clutches of the Gang. The trouble Mr Porter is that Wendy Gough Hughes was murdered because you allowed these vile people to give you orders. They wrecked your son’s life, they wrecked the life of two other members of your family as well and you could have chosen to support me who was standing up to them. You didn’t and they STILL KILLED Wendy. It’s what gangsters do when you take orders from them. They don’t stop being gangsters.

      It’s University Challenge, Bumpkins have won this round against Trinity College Cambridge!

      The trouble is that is wasn’t just my starter for ten. Merfyn’s wife died and so did Wendy. And of course many more.

      It is absolutely bloody pathetic isn’t it. No I won’t ever work in a university again, so Drakeford’s pals have achieved that. But then if I had been allowed to continue being one of the highest performing junior researchers at Bangor I would by now have a Chair. And I would never have written this blog or begun digging into half of what I have dug up.

      What an absolute bunch of dickwits you are. That’s before the murders are taken into account.

      All it needed in 1984 was an apology Gwerin. I had no idea that Gwynne was the Royal Lobotomist, all I wanted like every other patient on the planet who gets shafted by the NHS was a fucking apology and an assurance that it would never ever happen to anyone else.

      Just look what has happened because you destroyed the life of a 21 year old graduate who had complained about a lobotomist who would be dead two years later.

      Now when you have all given your statements to the police – I think you owe Nerys and Wendy that as well as my friend Anne – someone can give us the names of the people whom Gwynne killed. Because I think they had been assaulted by Bertrand Russell and various Royal Personages.

      You haven’t just got blood on your hands, but gallons of cowshit over your heads that cannot be hosed off. Enjoy your bungalows in retirement!

      1. More Sad Deaths:

        When I worked at Bangor University, there was a real star of a secretary in the School of Social Sciences, Anne Williams. Anne was unusual in that she was one of a cohort of local teenagers who back in the 80s when I was an undergrad had been taken on by UCNW as a work experience kid on the MSC scheme. A lot of them were hopeless and because so many of the ‘supervisors’ in UCNW weren’t interested in training them for anything, most of them left their ‘placement’ after a year and went back on the dole.

        Anne didn’t. She was keen, worked very hard and her supervisor saw her potential. Anne remained as a member of staff in Bangor and years later was allocated to Social Sciences where I was working as a post doc.

        Social Sciences was under attack from Fungus and the Gwerin, the life of me and those who supported me was made as difficult as possible by a number of people. Anne was fantastic. She just did everything, the helping prepare research bids when the Research Office flatly refused to, she did the costs, the spreadsheets – none of which was her job – she helped distressed students and stressed out staff and she also provided cups of tea when people could just take no more of the fuckwittery and went in her office for a chat.

        Anne also knew that Lyn Meadows, the monstrous HR Director who was taking orders from Fungus, was swindling people re salaries, redundancy pay etc and when Meadows had short changed them by as much as £2k, Anne would quietly work out what was due to them and give them the figures…

        Meadows had previously been a senior manager with the Welsh Ambulance Trust and was considered to be one of the reasons why the CEOs kept resigning stating that the Trust was unmanageable due to rampant corruption and workplace bullying. Of course Fungus would find her useful.

        I got to know Anne quite well. She was like me and arrived at work by 7-30am. I did that because I am an early bird who works well in the morning. I found out that Anne was doing it because if she caught a later bus she was subjected to such abuse and threats from a local gang that she would arrive at work in tears. So Anne caught the first bus into Bangor.

        Anne lived at Newborough. I used to live some two miles down the road at Malltraeth. On one occasion I was attacked by chavs in Newborough, at 3 pm in front of witnesses. They trashed my car and threatened me with physical violence. Once home I rang the police. At 7 pm a police officer arrived, told me that he had just driven around Newborough but couldn’t see the chavs fitting the detailed description that I had provided at 3-30pm and there was nothing that he could do. He gave me a Crime Number for my insurance company and left.

        Everyone knew what was causing the problem in Newborough, it was Class A drugs, flogged by Dafydd’s gang members. Jeff Crowther was put in charge of the drugs team on Anglesey in the mid-1990s and told all of his mates not to leave their cars unattended in Newborough Forest ‘because my junkies tell me that is their favourite place for breaking into cars’.

        Anne and I exchanged info re the chavs and nasties. She found that the police weren’t interested as well.

        Anne had a lot on her plate. As well as being one of the most helpful secretaries in the University, Anne was the sole carer for her terminally ill dad and her brother with kidney failure. She was the sole carer because as any fule kno, there are no ‘services’ on Anglesey except for that very understanding drugs team located some three miles from Dafydd’s house.

        Before leaving early in the morning to avoid the abuse and possible violence Anne would sort her dad and her brother out and make sure that they had everything they needed until she came home in the evening.

        It was obvious to the whole University that Anne was in very poor health herself. I mentioned to a Gwerin that I was worried about Anne, AND she was caring for her dad and brother alone. I was told ‘She can’t fucking well care for herself, let alone anyone else’.

        Gwerin! When you are holding down a full time job and looking after a terminally ill dad AND a brother with kidney failure AND you are being threatened and harassed whenever you leave your house, you don’t have time to care for yourself! Not for you a long lunch in the veggie café in Bangor with the Angels and social workers, or a Mindfulness retreat or a night in the Grosvenor Hotel in Chester! You’re exhausted for a start and you can’t leave the house for long lest your relatives die.

        Anne always made sure that when she was out, her dad and brother had the phone next to them with the emergency numbers. One day she was in a terrible state. BT had wrongly accused her of not paying the bill and had cut her off. It took her days to get reconnected and that was because she rang and explained that there was a terminally ill man in the house and a seriously ill man too. BT refused to accept that Anne had paid the bill but ‘as a concession’ they reconnected her. Months later they admitted that she had paid her bill.

        A lot of people had trouble with BT at the time, they were in chaos. My PhD supervisor’s phone was off for THREE MONTHS until it was fixed. He was offered £60 compensation for inconvenience. He lived on a farm 1 mile from the nearest village.

        I was billed for a ‘service’ that I hadn’t ordered or received. Took a few months for BT to sort it out.

        Someone I know who’s mum had died months previously received a bill in her name that wasn’t owed. Months later, after having been told that this lady was dead, another communication from BT addressed to the dead lady arrived, asking her if she’d like to ‘return to BT’.

        The Director of BT Wales at the time was Anne Beynon, a graduate of UCNW from Gwynne’s day and a member of Council at Bangor University. Beynon is married to Leighton Andrews, who was the Welsh Gov’t Minister for Education during this chaos.

        Anyway all’s well that ends well, just months after I left Bangor, Anne died. She probably wasn’t even 40 and the whole of Bangor saw her become increasingly ill until she died. If I remember rightly, her dad died before her, then her brother died, then Anne died.

        So now nobody has to bother about any of them.

        The brother of Gwenan Carrington, the crooked incompetent cow who failed to provide ‘services’ on Anglesey, is Aled Griffiths who was a senior lecturer in Bangor University and failed to turn up to his scheduled lectures in Anne’s own School. Griffiths was on three or four times Anne’s salary as was Gwenan. The Top Docs who didn’t notice Anne dying were raking in a lot more.

        Anne Beynon and Leighton have one of the highest household incomes in Wales.

        Lyn Meadows is now a member of the Betsi Board.

        The UCNW lecturer who spotted Anne’s potential when she was a 17 year old was my PhD supervisor. Fungus hounded his wife out of her senior lecturers job and then hounded my PhD supervisor out of his.

        After my PhD supervisor retired early he had a stroke. The GP told him that he had a middle ear infection. He was very ill for weeks, but no, it was a middle ear infection. He had another stroke not long afterwards. The GP who diagnosed that middle ear infection was Gareth Jones from Bethesda Surgery. In the 1990s Gareth was one of those who assisted with the abduction of F’s baby and was one who knew that Gwynne, Dafydd and Tony Francis were sexually exploiting patients. Gareth’s retired now. Well he was 55 and had a huge pension pot and he has overseas bird watching holidays to go on.

        Before Anne pegged out, another member of staff whom I knew at Bangor had a tragedy. Her husband shot himself. He’d been seriously depressed for a long while yet his wife just could not Access Help. Eventually the Anglesey Mental Health Team turned up after the farmer told his wife that he was going to shoot himself. They took his gun away and offered no more help. Hours later he shot himself dead with his other gun that his wife told the mental health team about.

        Bridget Lloyd was a member of the Anglesey Mental Health Team. The Bridget who locked me in a room with Dafydd when I was unlawfully detained and the Bridget who perjured herself in 1996 in an attempt to have F and me imprisoned.

        There is a bench in a garden of Bangor University erected in Anne’s memory.

        I can hear a loud gobbling and squealing sound but I’m not sure whether it is the trough of Gareth Jones, Anne Beynon, Leighton, Meadows, Aled Griffiths or Carrington. I have no idea who has access to the biggest trough.

        1. Re troughs. The leading news item of Radio 4 this morning makes it clear who has the biggest trough of all. It is of course the Top Doctors.

          There is another NHS Crisis, a Crisis so great that it means operations have stopped and it is threatening the very sustainability of the NHS! The Crisis has occurred because the Top Docs have downed tools en masse. They cannot afford to work in the NHS any longer! Not because they are being paid the same wages as the cleaners, but because they are now paid so much and their pensions are so huge that they have moved into one of the highest tax brackets. A la the Bee Gees, Mick Jagger et al the Super Rich Top Docs have found that it is no longer worth their while taking on extra hours, the extra hours that are needed because they rigged the system to cause a backlog of operations…

          The Top Docs have claimed that some of them have received such big tax bills that they’ve had to remortgage their houses. Very grand houses which will not be on mortgages.

          Gangsters everyone. Gangsters. Every PM has stuffed their mouths with more gold every time that the Top Docs have threatened to go on strike. They’re now working to rule because they are so fucking rich that they’re in a super-high tax bracket.

          Why is Dafydd still working then? He is a very rich man indeed. Would he like to give his colleagues the details of his accountants? Why have the super-rich Top Docs not got access to the usual sharp professionals who work for very rich people? Can’t the Digger give them a bit of advice? Or are the Top Docs now richer than the Digger and Jerry?

          So are the Top Docs Doing It For The Poor? Or are they greedy bastards who never ever can get enough and blackmail every dim craven PM over the Top Docs’ own criminality?

          Get out there and arrest a few of them. After I’ve been sent my Royalties AND the compensation that I am owed. 10,000 documents. Tell those bastards to get back to work and seize their assets and stop giving them free PR in the media every time that they stamp their feet. They are not oppressed, they are among the highest paid people in the UK as has now been admitted by themselves. Super-rich. So fucking rich that they have no need to work.

          Rearrange the NHS, cut the crap (as Greg Dyke might say) (and there is masses of crap that is doing no-one any good) and redeploy good hardworking docs – they do exist but are intimidated by the Bastards constantly – and get them staffing a service providing essentials. Protect them from the Bastards in whatever way is necessary and give THEM the rewards that they undoubtedly deserve. Get rid of the Bastards – they are log-jamming EVERY senior role in medicine – and seize the assets of the BMA, GMC and MDU re serious organised crime legislation. Deal with these Bastards because they are not going to go away.

          PS. Dido Harding is not going to be able to fix this. So get rid of her as well.

          1. Now that the Top Docs have all metamorphosed into Naomi Campbell and won’t get out of bed for less than 20K – back in the days of toadying media articles about the supermodels who Support Each Other, there was a wonderful quote from one of the Girls explaining that they all Understood each other and after a hard days work on the catwalk, they would go up to each other and say ‘want some loving, want a hug’ and they’d all have a cuddle a la the Wimmin Politicians Group Hug on that pre-election TV debate featuring Leanne, Nicola et al (God that was embarrassing, how much damage did that do to wimmin politicians??), so there we are Top Docs, there’s your answer, you go up to Dafydd and tell him that you want some loving, you want a hug – I do hope that the NHS PR vehicle that is Casualty comes up with an appropriate story line. Mrs Beecham weeping in that expensive car of hers, while wearing the designer clothes and the killer heels, because the taxman has clobbered her pension pot? Charlie giving one of his Guardian article-speeches in the middle of A&E because he is just So Angry about the Cuts and their effect on The Poor? An Asian Lady Doctor who is in a relationship with a male white porter moaning over the fate of her future pension? Two gay junior doctors weeping because their future is just so dire with these tax arrangements?

            I don’t have a TV so I only see Casualty when I’m at other people’s houses and they’re watching it. I managed to get a glimpse of Casualty a few days ago. There’s an NHS whistleblower storyline. Very topical. An NHS whistleblower who was kicked out of her last job for whistleblowing and has already been in the shit at the hospital in Casualtyhas been rash enough to raise concerns about Mrs Beecham. God there’s going to be trouble now. Mrs Beecham snapped at her senior colleague ‘Are you thinking what I’m thinking? She’s blown the whistle three times now. YES!!! COVERING FOR HERSELF!!!’.

            Ah well, Mrs Beecham’s taking the North Wales Mental Health Services line. Sally Baker has complained about all of us! It’s not us, it’s her!!! In a functioning system, they would have a point worth pursuing. But it is not a functioning system…

            I don’t suppose that I’ll ever find out how the ‘Mrs Beecham is an incompetent lying cow’ storyline ever ends but the BBC script writers are working overtime here. Viewers will know that Mrs Beecham is only such a bitch ecause she Cares so much and has been Hurt in the past (which is what Tony Francis once told Patient F and I about Dafydd, we just roared with laughter), but the whistleblowing junior is a Black Lady Doctor and I think she might be gay as well. This will be a conundrum but however the BBC resolves it, there won’t be any references to endemic corruption and serious organised crime in the NHS.

  3. Recommendations of structural reform of the Police Service of England and Wales.
    That’s nice, but what about Humberside Police Senior Officers ( all of them were sent a file at the same time)and it’s Police and Crime Commissioner ? Can they ? Will they? Organised Crime in the NHS but with very specific examples in East Yorkshire provided by a GP and a Branch Surgery Manager colleague.
    Place your bets!

    1. Richard there is not even an ATTEMPT to tackle this.

      Gangs of paedophiles all over England and Wales targeting children even in rural areas, sending the names of potential targets to the Gang HQ and those kids being followed and targeted even as young adults if they refused to succumb as children? Teachers, social workers, Docs, police, even some academics involved? The criminals filmed and recorded but nothing at all done to protect the targets? Nothing said even when the victims are found dead?

      State sanctioned/organised trafficking and murder Richard. There can be no defence.

      Who has written a blog naming names and putting as much of the story as possible together? One of the kids who was targeted in 1975 ish. I’m not a Top Doc so I work free of charge. No-one has helped me deal with a gang of murdering paedophiles since I was targeted at the age of 12 or 13. It seems that a lot of people knew that I was targeted and it was a revenge attack on my grandfather who was at the time dying.

      I was not the only one, this was an industry. I am just one who somehow managed to stay alive.

      No-one helped us. No-one. All everyone who ignored us is now doing is screaming as loud as they can about their own Suffering and their Caring Natures. And how they need to be given More Money. No, every penny of theirs needs to be taken away from them and their shite ‘services’ which have been run to benefit them NOT those receiving the services.

      I – and indeed Brown, his brother and many others – gained no benefit from our schools, the NHS, the social services etc. We were clever kids who were shafted repeatedly because were clever kids in sink schools that saw their job as producing what used to be called factory fodder and it seems sex workers. And then we tripped over the Westminster Paedophile Ring so people began trying to murder us.

      The nation’s infrastructure is only benefiting those whom it employs and to be fair not always them.

      Come on everyone, wake up, it’s why caring parents with money do all that they can to keep their kids away from the people whom I and my friends encountered. I don’t blame them, not at all, but they need to stop feeding us the line that the rest of us enjoyed a functioning state which looked after and educated us because we did not. I did get an education but I learnt so little at my secondary school that even at 15, I was still doing ‘work’ that my grandfather had taught me when I was 10. I have clocked up degrees but at what a price: of course I am delighted that I have learnt so much at university level but I had no idea that I (and Brown) were being systematically marked down and our careers were being wrecked/hampered because we’d complained about a Royal Lobotomist!

      Extraordinary really; at the age of 12 I was marked out for sex work (walking down the road in my wellies wearing an ancient pair of jodhpurs from a second cousin, cor blimey I was Asking For It) and no-one could ever try and let me do anything else. Before every set of exams I and my parents would be gravely told She Will Fail. I didn’t, I was always one of the highest achievers. So then Marks Were Fiddled to ensure that I didn’t get a First at UCNW or a Distinction in my Masters and the Gang abducted me anyway. I was unlawfully imprisoned, fitted up in Court, filmed covertly for porn, arrested all over again, declared insane… Finally got a PhD and published a few books… Arrested unlawfully again, declared insane… written a blog…

      Oh look Gang, you have made yourselves ridiculous. Again and again, oh bugger she’s hit 90% in the exam, oh bugger the perjurers have been caught, oh bugger she’s excellent at work but we’re going to sack her anyway, oh bugger we’ve hounded her out of one house and now someone else has let her live with them so now we need to intimidate those who have taken her in…

      No wonder I just took the piss out of you.

      I’ve never looked back!!!

      Can I have my Royalties and that HUGE compensation cheque please?

  4. The Today programme is discussing the Labour Party’s use of libel lawyers Carter-Fuck. Why is anyone even surprised that the Labour Party have used a firm of expensive elite lawyers to silence critics?

    Who from the Labour Party is on the Today programme criticising the present leadership’s use of Carter-Fuck? None other than Charlie Falconer! Charlie is lecturing the Today programme listeners on the evils of the strong silencing the weak. Charlie himself altered legal aid rules which didn’t only just result in my legal aid ending but legal aid for all those others in north Wales who were bringing cases against the NHS and social services. Charlie’s legal aid alterations nearly put the only lawyer who was advising Hergest patients out of business. She survived but her effectiveness was drastically curtailed. I rather got the impression that was Charlie’s intention.

    After nearly putting that lawyer out of business, Charlie arrived at Bangor University to give a public lecture on Human Rights. She was in the audience as was I. Charlie refused to answer questions from us or anyone else. However, the Labour MP who had invited Charlie, Blair’s babe Betty Williams, did find time to tell us all that Merfyn’s wife was dying. We didn’t know, Merfyn had kept it quiet to protect his dying wife. So Betty let us know that Fings Break.

    Why does anyone even give Charlie Falconer the time of day? His past is no secret. He shared a flat with Miranda, in Wandsworth when they were junior barristers and when Wandsworth/St George’s were facilitating Dafydd’s partner Gang and running the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Charlie and Miranda couldn’t have missed what was happening particularly as Miranda was a pupil of George Carman QC, the lawyer who was acting for members of the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

    Little Nell has been on Guardian online yet again, discussing her traumas of anti-Semitism. Little Nell, you are not oppressed! Some people suffer dreadfully because of anti-Semitism but you don’t. Little Nell, you are a very rich, very powerful woman who has not even been arrested over the abuse of kids in Islington children’s homes when you were Leader of the Council and knew what was happening. Your husband Sir Henry was a lawyer and judge who was an activist in the NCCL when the NCCL had links to PIE and were arguing for the right for adults to have sex with children, young children as well. Which was what some of your staff in Islington were doing. You are not oppressed Little Nell, not in any way, you spoilt, pampered, indulged RUTHLESS CALLOUS old woman. Show us your diamonds!!

    Even more farcical is the appearance of Dafydd Iwan on BBC News Wales meeting Carlo and telling the world that he has so much more in common with Carlo than he ever realised! I’m sure he does; the not very bright son of a man who was a member of an elite who ruined lives of anyone who dared challenge them. Dafydd Iwan’s family are even referred to as the Gwynedd Royal Family.

    Carlo and Dafydd Iwan both concealed the same criminality; that of Dafydd and Gwynne.

    Can the Two Princes send me my Porn Royalties please?

    Yma O Hyd!

    1. Just re-reading bits of the Waterhouse Report, am seeing more and more now that I am more au fait with the landscape.

      I have discussed in earlier posts that Lady Patricia Scotland was the QC who represented the Welsh Office at the Waterhouse Inquiry – she became a Baroness shortly after the Inquiry opened – and that the crooked Gwynedd County Council solicitor Ron Evans, who’s daughter became a lawyer, civil servant and Peter Mandelson’s right hand woman when Mandy was appointed in charge of everything by Gordon in approx. 2009, acted for the Local Authorities.

      What I didn’t flag up is that two of the solicitors firms at the Inquiry who represented scores of others accused of abusing the kids were Carter Vincent Jones Davies and Walker Smith Way.

      Carter Vincent Jones Davies represented me on every occasion that the Gang came after me until 1995 or so when they stopped doing Legal Aid work. It was Alwyn Jones and Meleri Tudor from Carter Vincent Jones Davies who watched those we know and love perjure themselves repeatedly. Yes Alwyn and Meleri did defend me but they never followed up on any of the perjury or conspiracy. As yet another case collapsed we all just left Court and then I’d be arrested again a few weeks later.

      On one occasion, Tony Francis made very serious allegations against me when he was in the witness box that weren’t relevant to the case, weren’t in response to a Q and were inaccurate. Meleri challenged him; Eyebrows, the bent Chairman of Bangor Magistrates, told Francis that he could not make allegations of that nature, but the point was that he had! The Court had heard it. The case was not stopped. Meleri told me later ‘Francis knew exactly what he was doing when he said that and he knew that he should not have done it’. Yet no-one followed it up. As usual…

      Walker Smith Way were the lawyers who began my negligence case against the NHS more recently; they were the lawyers who in 2005 took the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust to the High Court and asked for his imprisonment if he continued to illegally withhold my records. Keith Thomson wet himself and my records were finally released. Walker Smith Way then used Robert Kehoe the ‘expert witness’ who lied in his report (see previous posts) and it transpired knew a friend of Tony Roberts, one of the psychs who much of our case was directed against. Because of Kehoe’s hostile report, our legal aid was withdrawn and we had to stop the case.

      Because yet more outrages followed, Walker Smith Way took up the case again a few years later. That was when guns were waved around. Rachel Vasmer, the solicitor who had been acting for me, walked off the case after being given a job as a judge. By that time, one witness had rung Rachel and told her that they were withdrawing their statement in favour of me and instead would be providing a statement in favour of the NHS. Rachel’s colleagues then dropped the case and destroyed the 10,000 hard copies of my files without warning me. Luckily I already had most of the copies and I recovered others electronically. Walker Smith Way then disappeared entirely, while I was unlawfully sectioned. They were taken over by Slater and Gordon. Slater and Gordon are representing the Victims at the IICSA!

      The 10,000 docs that I have include written and signed serious wrongdoing – details of how refuse to answer complaints, how to frame me, instructions to staff to perjure themselves, to lie to me, to lie about me, to smear me, to unlawfully pass on info about me, details of how a High Court case will be rigged, how pressure was put on people to sack me from jobs, admissions that I’d been assaulted and injured by Angels and admissions that Drs Gwynne Williams, Dafydd and Francis were sexually exploiting patients. Shocking stuff.

      Walker Smith Way read that lot (as did Theo Huckle, Counsel General for Wales) by 2012. The docs clearly demonstrate the involvement in serious organised crime of the people whom Walker Smith Way defended a few years previously at the Waterhouse Inquiry. And of course they show the criminality of Ron Evans, one of the lawyers who acted for the accused at the Inquiry.

      Aren’t lawyers supposed to fess up if they know that their clients are guilty? I’m fairly sure that although everyone has a right to representation if accused, if lawyers have evidence of guilt they are supposed to sound the alarm…

      BTW, Mr Justice Pill in Nov 1990 sentenced Stephen Norris, a ‘care worker’ in north Wales, to a short jail term for offences against children. Norris subsequently appeared in Court again charged with more and more serious offences. Even Waterhouse admitted that Norris was a bad, bad man. He raped and buggered children repeatedly, he forced them to have oral sex with him, he groped them in showers, he made comments about the size of their bits, he and Peter Howarth were named as the most serious offenders. Not that Justice Pill thought that in Nov 1990.

      In May 1990, Justice Pill read stacks of letters written by me detailing names, venues and details of offences committed by NHS and social services staff, as well as a few police officers. Justice Pill ignored the contents and said that my letters constituted ‘harassment’ of staff of Gwynedd Health Authority… See post ‘The Bitterest Pill’ for details…

      No-one wanted those responsible for organised abuse in north Wales to be caught, they worked very very hard not to find the evidence.

      Waterhouse consistently dismissed evidence from former kids in care in north Wales that they were taken to houses in England and molested by groups of men and shown child porn. Waterhouse refused to believe this because they had been ‘in psychiatric care’. I bet they had, Dafydd will have been on speed dial.

      My 10,000 docs contain evidence of Dafydd telling docs in London that he knew their colleagues; evidence of DGE Wood ringing up a GP in Hampshire to discuss me no less because he thought that he’d been at med school with that GP; DGE Wood phoning the Welsh Office Ombudsman at his homes to discuss my complaint when Wood had not been named in my complaint and hadn’t been my GP for years…

      They were an international network, of course they would be capable of taking the kids to England for orgies, John Allen took them to the south of France for ‘holidays’…

      1. As for the UNISON strike in Bradford to protest about the privatisation of NHS services, would Bradford UNISON like to provide details of NHS mental health care in the Bradford area over the last few years? It hasn’t been much to boast about has it UNISON? Nearly as bad as north Wales. Because there’s a huge trafficking ring there that was run by Top Docs and the Social Services. That had links to the Gang in north Wales.

        Robert Kehoe the dishonest expert witness works in the Bradford area. Kehoe rakes in a fortune from private work but he’s an NHS consultant as well. The problem is that he is Robert Kehoe, whoever he works for.

        When Robert Kehoe was Clinical Director of Airedale NHS Board, he resigned. After an Angel murdered a few patients.

        Mind out for Mental Health! No to the Cuts! Save our NHS!

        What is UNISON’s stance on the NHS Top Docs who may have to become tax exiles because their pensions are so big?

        UNISON was formed from a merger including NUPE and NALGO. Read the Waterhouse Report. Again and again those who raped and abused kids were reps/shop stewards for NUPE and NALGO. Even Sir Ronnie had to admit that and it wasn’t because he was anti-union. It was because the phenomenon of the abusers themselves being union reps was what helped make those sex offenders untouchable. NUPE only ever refused to represent one social worker in north Wales: Alison Taylor.

        1. I’ve been receiving info for ages asking me why I haven’t paid more attention to Leon Brittan and Richmond in Yorks and the alleged ring there. So sorry everyone, I thought that I didn’t know of any connections, beyond Samuel Brittan pressurising Michael Grade for my friend’s head on a plate in 1985 and of course the rampant Home Office corruption under Leon, but that is standard practice.

          I missed the obvious: Peter Howarth who was eventually jailed for the series of sex assaults on boys in care in north Wales did of course work at Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead before relocating to Bryn Estyn in Nov 1973, I’ve blogged about that. I’ve also blogged about Howarth being a student of Matt Arnold, the Head of Bryn Estyn who offered Howarth the job there, when Arnold taught at Ruskin College. Arnold and Howarth worked at Axwell Park together. Howarth bagged his social care qualification from Ruskin in 1965; his ‘placement’ while on the Ruskin course was with Matt Arnold at Richmond Hill School in Richmond, Yorks…

          Wherever Howarth went there were allegations of him molesting boys. Nothing was ‘proven’ until Bryn Estyn and then only after 20 yrs, but there were complaints about Howarth stretching back into his youth. Every time that he was near boys, there was trouble… He became mates with Arnold at Ruskin College and Arnold was his boss for ever after and gave Howarth every job he had. People raised concerns with Arnold about Howarth constantly. Arnold knew what Howarth was doing.

          Howarth worked at Richmond Hill in approx. 1963-65ish. Leon was MP for Richmond 1983-88, by which time Howarth was at Bryn Estyn. Leon was Home Secretary, 1983-85. I remember it well Leon. Leon was Tory MP for Cleveland and Whitby, 1974-80. So he was elected for a North East constituency just after Howarth and Arnold left for Bryn Estyn. Leon was Minister of State for the Home Office, 1979-81. I was still in Bridgwater then and there was quite enough corruption there. Mr Thrope was acquitted shortly after Leon became Minister of State.

          It is the same names all the time re the cover-up during the 1980s – Brittan, the Hoggs, Patrick Mayhew, Ken Clarke and the Havers family. Around and around like bloody musical chairs.

          Leon, son of a Top Doc. Leon, graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge. Leon, cousin of Malcolm Rifkind and the music producer Mark Ronson. One of Mark Ronson’s stable was Amy Winehouse, whoops another death. Mark’s uncle was Gerald Ronson, of the infamous Heron International which collapsed in the 1990s owing more than £1 billion. Gerald in the 1980s was one of the Guinness Four, of whom the most famous was Ernest Saunders who was let out of prison after one of Dafydd’s mates testified that he had Alzheimers and would soon be dead. Ernest did not have Alzheimers, made a recovery and continued his career in international finance. I could have told the Court that Dafydd’s mate was telling porkies, as could any junior doc. We weren’t asked. See previous posts for details of Ernest and his Top Docs. Gerald Ronson is/was Vice-President of the NSPCC.

          The Brittans and Ronsons are high profile families in the Jewish community and the Ronsons donate much money to Jewish charitable causes. Dr Robert Tresman who used to work at the Hergest was Jewish and was the target of very nasty anti-Semitism. Dr Tresman knew what was happening to us, he knew that his colleagues were facilitating serious crime. He returned to London as the Waterhouse Inquiry got underway. Before becoming a psych Dr Tresman worked as an embryologist, I think at UCL. F and I told Dr Tresman ourselves of our Dafydd-experiences. Dr Tresman lived at Gerlan near Bethesda and he saw those destitute service users.

          Giles Harborne who spent years working at Denbigh, treated patients appallingly and then as Chief Of Staff flatly refused to investigate the most serious of complaints, was Jewish. I never heard anti-Semitism spat at Harborne, I only found out that he was Jewish when I discovered his involvement in art collecting and Jewish community life. Giles moves in refined High Society Jewish circles, outside of north Wales.

          Giles the Art Collector! These people are incredible. Dafydd the millionaire, Giles the Art Collector and Denbigh Angel Mike Williams with his yacht. Then there’s the former Denbigh Angel Haydn with his second home in Florida, also Robin Holden an ex Denbigh/Hergest Angel with his multiple houses that he uses for his holiday cottage business…

          They were people traffickers. No wonder they collected art and owned yachts, it’s a profitable business.

          I don’t want to go to rehab, no, no , no. Amy probably realised what a total con a bed in Dafydd’s detox unit would be.

          After Leon gave up on Richmond and took his business to Europe, The Hague succeeded his seat. The Hague who organised the Waterhouse Inquiry and who married Ffion, the Welsh Office civil servant who helped conceal Dafydd et al and who’s family members are also doing the same.

          The Hague was on the Today programme earlier.

          I don’t know why anyone wrote a TV series about chavs on the make called ‘Shameless’, it ought to be the running title of ‘Today In Parliament’.

          1. Heather Mills has received a big pay out from the Digger for invasion of her privacy.
            Those letters that one of the builders stole from my house and sold to the Digger contained info about life in Bridgwater when Leon Brittan was Minister of State in the Home Office, because the documents sold to the Digger included the letters that Brown and me wrote to each other when we were young. Brown went to university the year before me, so the Digger has all the letters from 1980-81, Brown’s stories of Elwyn Edwards the lecherous gay lecturer at Aston, all the other characters, crime in Birmingham etc. Also the letters between me and Brown when I went to Bangor and Brown was still at Aston. I remember Brown being worried about DGE Wood as long ago as in 1983 and he wrote saying ‘I do hope that you haven’t seen the dreaded doctor again’. The Digger’s got that! The Digger’s got all F’s art college letters, essays etc and the drawings that F did of the other inmates of Risley, fellow prisoners of Dafydd. And the Digger’s got the letters that Brown’s mum sent me and Brown’s brother. The Digger’s got a real haul there. Years of evidence and witness accounts…

            Can I have them back please Digger? And my payment for an invasion of privacy even worse than that of Heather Mills? I was a target like Charlotte Church’s mum, just someone unknown, not in the public eye, nothing to do with the Digger. And he read my fucking letters that I wrote when I was 17 to the boy whom I met in the 6th form.

            It is disgusting, just unbelievable. What’s the betting that George Carman had copies as well? Dafydd once snapped at me ‘You don’t matter’. So why did the Digger want my letters then Dafydd?

            All those who were in the classes with me at Bridgwater College who sat with me, were friends with me etc – Rupert Murdoch knows about you all. He knows about the lecturers whom we took the piss out of, he knows about that girl who was raped on the footpath after we warned people that we were being threatened there, he knows about Pam Sellers, CA Street, Miss Black, JC Miles, Mr Rodgers and Mr Bishop who wrongly accused me and tried to have me unjustly expelled, the Digger has all the gen! We were 17 and living on the patch of a sex abuse gang, we had no idea, but the Digger knew.

            The Digger knew what was happening when Brown’s brother went to Newcastle University as well, including that day when a student played a joke on the Most Boring Physics Lecturer On Earth, stood up, took a toy gun out of his pocket and yelled ‘Oh my God I can’t bear this anymore’ and fired. Hilarious, the others thought it was brilliant. The student was labelled dangerous and sent to a Top Doc, one of those whom Dafydd knew who was facilitating the ring…

            The Digger knows all the laughs that we had when we were students! Only he and the Gang were going to use it all as evidence of how Dangerous I was if ever I won a case against the NHS!! The Digger has the letter that I wrote to Brown the day that the Gang killed my friend Anne. Full details. I had to tell Brown that the ink was smeared because I was crying as I wrote it.

            Such dangerous people Murdoch. Students who’s friends were being murdered.

            Can I have my money please Rupert and Jerry? Don’t bother with a News International Official Apology, the money will do.

  5. The Digger’s got all the letters that I wrote to Brown and that he wrote to me while I was at Hammersmith as well and at Surrey.

    Brown’s mum once said of Brown ‘he’s been such a loyal correspondent’. Indeed, Brown wrote to me nearly every day and to his mum every week. Hundreds and hundreds of letters over decades. The Digger has most of them.

    Digger, do you remember how Brown never had enough money to live on because Col Brown wouldn’t give him the parental contribution of the student grant, so Brown used to tell me what cheap food he’d managed to get? ‘I sat on the steps and ate some cheese’. Sometimes Brown would have chips and then he discovered the joy of lentils and he became famous for lentils at every meal and everyone noted that a Barbara Streisand film came out called Lentil or Yentil or something.

    The Digger might have enjoyed reading about the student suicides at Aston as well. The girl in the room above Brown chucked herself out of the window, he saw her body go past and then hit the ground. Aston had the highest suicide rate of any UK university. The Digger knows why, it was because of Philip Cauthery, the Aston Doc. He wasn’t as obviously mad as Dafydd but he was in the Gang in Brum who partnered Dafydd. Meanwhile, Thatch boasted about the achievements of Freddie Crawford, her fave VC at Aston.

    Brown’s mum knew all sorts of people on the quiet. She used to write to Terry Pratchett, she knew him and she wrote to Mick Aston on ‘Time Team’ who starred with the man who became Baldrick on Blackadder.

    1. Lords Darzi, Treisman and Leslie Turnberg have resigned the Labour Party whip on the grounds that the Labour Party is institutionally anti-Semitic. I am relying on dear old Guardian online for my info, so if I’ve missed something crucial I apologise and I’ll wait for the Three Lords to supply more info, but like Little Nell’s claims to have been personally terribly wounded over anti-Semitism, the trauma experienced by the Three Lords would seem to be less than the anti-Semitism experienced by many other people who have become angry about it or indeed those who haven’t gone public and resigned the whip in the Lords if only because they are not in the Lords.

      David Triesman we are told has been targeted by Combat 18 in the past. Combat 18 are a horrible bunch, the security services sent one of them after Brown during the Waterhouse Inquiry, but I don’t think that they have ever been part of the Labour Party or even affiliated to the Labour Party. Combat 18 hate the Labour Party, they are neo-Nazis, even the far right of the Tory Party aren’t bad enough for them.

      Lord Darzi has explained that he is a survivor of the Armenian genocide and thus will always be opposed to any sort of discrimination or racism. The Armenian genocide took place in 1915. Lord Darzi was born in 1960. Does Lord Darzi mean that his parents or rather his grandparents were the survivors of the Armenian genocide?

      Readers might remember that Darzi and Treisman have starred on this blog previously. Their connections to Dafydd’s Gang are so many and go back so far, that I’ll just make a few points (see previous posts for the full details). Treisman worked at the Institute of Psychiatry with Dafydd and Tony Francis’s mates and I think might have been working there when Francis was there himself. That has disappeared from Treisman’s wiki entry but his numerous other roles and relationships with many who were responsible for directly concealing the crimes of the Gang haven’t.

      Treisman was Gen Sec of the AUT, 1993-2001. So he was in post when the Gwerin at Bangor University were causing havoc, absolute havoc, falsely accused a senior academic of racism – this was printed in the Guardian – and gave Merfyn’s wife hell after she dared publish an article in Prospect magazine mentioning inappropriate sexual relationships between staff and students at Bangor. Treisman was Gen Sec when no-one would reign in people like Prof Glyn Williams or Roy King, who literally created a reign of terror. He was Gen Sec when all those abusers flooded into the new School of Nursing and became ‘lecturers’. I heard much about the conduct of the AUT at the time and it does not reflect well on them. But then the institution only survived because in 1984 Eric Sunderland the Principal thrashed out a corrupt deal with Thatch, the UGC and Carlo not to shut Bangor in return for me and my friends having our careers ruined.

      Where was Triesman when Fergus Lowe fabricated research, plagiarised and intimidated people out of jobs? Where was he when abusers who had actually abused patients and many more who had stood by and said nothing were appointed to posts at UCNW where they were then supervising students who were delivering ‘care’ to people who had been abused by their academic mentors? Did Triesman know about Kevin Payne, the Nursing Student at Bangor who at the time was given a special award and appeared in the local paper who then told another patient – who had been sexually used by two junior doctors, both of whom made her pregnant and then arranged abortions themselves although she didn’t want them – that I was Dangerous and that she shouldn’t have anything to do with me? She told me, I complained and he then told my friend that she had got him into trouble so she’d be getting no more Help. She was discharged and refused all NHS care, I saw the letters signed by Tony and Sadie Francis myself.

      A prize winning Angel!! Bangor University’s finest!!

      The shit at Bangor was so bad that Treisman definitely knew about it.

      Treisman is a merchant banker who was Chair of the FA when all those embarrassing revelations re FIFA emerged. He resigned. Treisman was appointed Gen Sec of the Labour Party by Miranda when Labour AMs and MPs refused to respond to what was happening to me and others at the hands of the Gang.

      So David Treisman would seem to be in a similar position to Little Nell. A very rich, very powerful Labour grandee who has been directly involved in people being horribly abused and discriminated against who has now had his poor old heart broken by anti-Semites, but in what way is not clear. If the Labour Party have been anti-Semitic to him, the business with Combat 18 was nothing to do with it.

      Lord Darzi is a Top Doctor who is/was a colleague of many of those who’s crimes are detailed on the blog. Darzi has passed through the Middlesex Hospital, St Marys, Imperial, all the HQs of the Gang’s London network. Miranda appointed Darzi an NHS champ. None of Darzi’s Plans For The NHS worked but then they wouldn’t, because all of them were directed at supporting the fields that he and his colleagues were working in, rather than the dull, unglamorous work that the NHS does with the elderly, the learning disabled, the mentally ill, those with long term chronic diseases etc.

      Darzi is a surgeon who pioneered robotic surgery. It is fascinating stuff, but very expensive and effects only a small number of people. It is great if you’re the one who’s had your surgery carried out by Lord Darzi but Lord Darzi was never going to design healthcare for the millions. Not that Miranda expected him too. Miranda wanted a handsome powerful Top Doc from a big London hospital to wheel out in front of the cameras In Support Of Miranda because the Top Docs had given Miranda a kicking and were causing trouble. All the better that Lord Darzi was Oppressed himself!

      Lord Darzi wasn’t murdered in the Armenian genocide no matter what he says to journos, but his family were displaced. There are many many people with a history similar to Lord Darzi’s, professional families who were caught up in wars and revolutions and had to emigrate. The London hospitals are full of them because many were medical families. Hammersmith Hospital had a good supply of them, there were three such students on my course there, who all objected strongly to the naked racism that was shown towards them by the senior staff at Hammersmith, now part of Imperial. Lord Darzi is one of the most powerful Top Docs at Imperial.

      I could write much more about Lord Darzi the Oppressed but its all in earlier posts.

      Lord Turnberg hasn’t yet starred on the blog. He is a Top Doc too, he was President of the Royal College of Physicians when as ever the Royal College concealed serious crime. Turnberg worked with abusers named on this blog in Manchester and UCH, held many senior roles which involved concealing Dafydd, Gwynne etc and then acted as President of the Medical Protection Society, 1997-2007, which says it all.

      There are people who suffer terribly from anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination but these three wealthy Lords have usually taken the side of the oppressors rather than the oppressed. Why, like Little Nell, they have suddenly found themselves so fragile after years of accumulating wealth, honours, power and status I’m not sure. Why did they never speak out about the appalling racism and snobbery in medicine? Why did they not say a word about the anti-Semitism at Bangor University or the disgraceful treatment shown towards the one Jewish scholar (in terms of his cultural/ethnic background and academic interests) there? He didn’t just get it for being Jewish, he more usually got it in the neck because he was one person who did understand discrimination and defended others who were being shafted. He had no support and he was a union rep. Instead one of the worst workplace bullies in the University asked him to lie about me, in his capacity as union rep. He refused, so another load of crap was thrown at him.

      One of his friends from outside of the University, a hippy lady, was under attack by the Gang and had been for years. I knew her from the old days in Bethesda but I had no idea that she was Jewish until recently; she had hidden it because of such bad experiences in the past. Where were the Three Lords? Her children were given such a bad time by one Headmaster in Bangor that she withdrew her youngest from school. Her daughter’s boyfriend was harassed and fitted up by the police. She found herself subject to domestic violence and had no help from the Services or anyone else.

      I never noticed Little Nell, Luciana Berger or the Three Lords give a stuff about any of this.
      Spoilt Bastards is I think the term needed. Greedy, Spoilt Bastards who have found their mates exposed on a blog and are now constructing themselves as Victims. Their forebears were Victims but they are not. Neither have they ever shown any interest at all in assisting people having a hard time, their whole lives have been about snouts in deep troughs. Furthermore Luciana Berger never explained the allegations that she was selected for her seat in Liverpool, to succeed one of Dafydd’s mates, by a rigged ballot. That is why she is loathed in Wavertree, they didn’t even know that she was Jewish until she accused everyone of anti-Semitism.

      But then I didn’t know that Lord Greville Janner was doubly incontinent when he appeared in public until Daniel Janner told us that he was and that forcing a doubly incontinent old man to appear in public was disgraceful. Honestly Daniel, I had no idea that Greville was in nappies when he stood in the Court and yelled out in his posh voice ‘Oh isn’t this wonderful???’, obviously expecting the buffet and wine to be produced at any minute, as was his experience of Grand Buildings. And Alison Saunders ensured that the trial of the facts was delayed until he was dead, so he didn’t have anything to worry about.

      Is Little Nell soon to tell us that she is now using Tena Ladies and it is terrible that she has been subjected to this?

      Think yourselves lucky. Teenage boys in north Wales children’s homes suffered ruptured anuses and were told by Turnberg’s colleagues that they had ‘piles’.

      1. What about a Nuremberg style trial for Dafydd and the Gang? He can do the tears in the witness box, ooh I’m an old man, this is terrible bit.

        The Hergest whistleblower used to observe that if ever anyone exposed this lot, they would be demanding support and sympathy strangely inconsistent with the brutal callous way that they had treated so many others.

        Park your bums on a sumptuous red bench Lords, next to St Helena there, you’ve Suffered. The dining facilities and bar will be open in 20 mins.

        It’s as good as when Thatch cried after Mark was lost in the desert! The Tears Of A Mother! She didn’t shed any when the Belgrano went down or indeed the ships full of Brits. She only cried once more when she was kicked out of Number 10… Bechod.

        1. Working class Jess Philips, daughter of two NHS management consultants, has just tweeted that she watched the Panorama re anti-Semitism and is Shocked and Disgusted, what has the Labour Party come to etc.

          Working class Jess dines out on her previous as having run Wimmin’s Aid in a part of Birmingham.

          I have discussed previously how Welsh Wimmin’s Aid, the baby of Sister Hutt, colluded with and concealed the crimes of Dafydd and the Gang. I had wondered if Wimmin’s Aid in England had been any better, but readers will have read the matter that I dug up about Erin Pizzey, re Erin co-authoring dangerous nonsensical rubbish with one of the Gang’s network in the belief that it was Research Into Domestic Violence.

          Are things any better these days in Wimmin’s Aid in England? Not from what I heard this morning. I’ve just been chatting about why some women in Wales wouldn’t go near Wimmin’s Aid and I was told a few anecdotes from someone who had knowledge of Wimmin’s Aid in Birmingham. I was told that women who felt uncomfortable around excessive Class A drug use might find at least one refuge in Brum very difficult to stay in. Because the local drug dealers maintained that the refuge was on their regular round and the people within were excellent customers.

          That caused me to wonder whether that was one reason why Wimmin’s Aid in north Wales just would not cross Dafydd’s path. They were purchasing the goodies. I’d always put it down to the network of corruption, the Pot Of Money being needed from Sister Hutt and the general toadying. And of course the fact that some of the women and their kids were targets of the Gang and admitting that would have caused Sister Hutt and the Welsh Gov’t multiple traumas.

          Then I heard something even more worrying. That pimps in Brum are deliberately hanging around within reach of Wimmin’s Aid refuges presenting themselves as suitable new male partners for the women. Their rationale isn’t just that the women are lonely, living in difficult conditions and might be vulnerable to predators, it was that being battered women, they had already been ‘softened up’ for the life of violence and aggression that they would endure at the hands of the pimp.

          How is it that my source knew this was happening but Wimmin’s Aid, the mental health services, the counsellors, Social Services etc who are all part of the Wimmin’s Aid fest in Brum don’t?

          Does Working class Jess know about this? I wasn’t told that it was the hostel that she ran, but Working class Jess sat on police committees in Brum, rubbed noses with the civic life big wigs and sat on Home Office committees as well, before she became an MP.

          1. I am increasingly intrigued by recent developments. I’m so busy with the blog and my research/reading that I only really listen to Today In Parliament, bits of the Today programme and quickly scan BBC News and the Guardian online daily, so I’m missing out on detail but I have noticed that in addition to the daily Miracles performed by Top docs, the discovery of Genes for anorexia and many other things, there is now Legislation being passed in all directions, Legislation re domestic abuse, child abuse, suggestions that a Domestic Abuse Commissioner should be appointed etc.

            Who was making the speech re some of this in the Commons? Harriet!! Harriet snapped at the Opposition that their track record on this matter wasn’t too good. Neither Harriet is yours. You say what you believe are the right things, but I have taken a long and hard look at what you actually DO and it is disastrous…

            A brand new multi-million pound Therapy Centre for Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused has opened in north London that will Revolutionise Matters. It is run by Camden Council, the Met, the Tavi and Portman NHS Trust, ALL those who have colluded with er organised abuse…

            The Church in Wales is wading into the Rural Mental Health Crisis and is setting up a Network Of Support.

            Paedophiles’ friends! This blog exposing just how dreadful things are was not written for you to demand millions more pounds and write more legislation that will not work but will provide you and your mates with jobs for the next 10 years!

            But why am I surprised? It is what the paeds’ friends have done for decades. They shut down Denbigh and all went to work in district general hospitals. Things were no better because they were running it. Then there was the travesty of Community Care. It was a disaster because er they were given the jobs. Then there was the Access to Psychological Therapies. No improvement, but look who was doing it…

            Harriet’s badly thought-out Equalities legislation didn’t work so now she’s going to cause yet more havoc re domestic abuse… It’s OK though, it’ll be more dosh for Harriet’s family and friends who are lawyers working in this field.

            What none of this lot will do is admit that they are the problem and fuck off.

            Take the dosh away, it’s the only way of getting rid of them. In the way that the Gang’s jollies re Compassionate Therapy Training stopped when they lost the NHS dosh to pay for them to spend a few days in nice hotels Training while their patients’ committed suicide, this lot will go when the trough is removed.

            Meanwhile 60 Labour peers have placed an advert in the Guardian denouncing Jezza and blaming him for all evils. I’m so glad to hear that it is nothing to do with Miranda, Gordon, Derry, Charlie, Little Nell or any of the multitude of corrupt troughing pigs. It is Jezza and he alone.

            Ursula has become the First Woman to lead the European Commission. A Woman, the First Woman, amazing, who is she?? This amazing Woman who has broken a glass ceiling? The daughter of one of the most powerful families in Germany, which has been one of the most powerful families for hundreds of years that’s who. Very, very rich, a dynasty of Top Docs, lawyers and business people. Ursula’s husband is the son of a very similar family. They are Top Docs. I haven’t had time to blog about Ursula and her husband yet, but they’re on my list…

            As a young woman, Ursula came to the UK because she was an assassination target for the ‘Red Army Faction’. The RAF had no business trying to kill Ursula, but the Red Brigade targeted the class of people who were despised in Germany. The incredibly rich who ran the country, the very elite who were perceived to be rotten to the core. Ursula’s dad and his mates. She’s now running the European Commission but she’s been at Merkel’s side for a long time now. Ursula having ovaries is neither here nor there. Neither is Ursula having seven kids, although in that regard she’s unusual. Ursula’s time as a ‘housewife’ in the US ‘bringing up her kids’ will not have been spent in the way that housewives and mothers known to me spent their time. Because she’s Ursula…

            Christine Lagarde, that well known occupier of the Woman’s Hour Power List, has resigned. I don’t know why. But Woman’s Hour never mention that Christine was found guilty of very serious offences a few years ago re high finance and was sentenced to a prison term. Christine didn’t go to prison not because the conviction was overturned but because you’re not allowed to put Christine in prison.

            The wave of adulation for ruthless women in European High Places followed the business with Dominique Strauss Kahn. I was still trying to get some sense/action out of the GMC at the time and I remember taking the piss and referring to Dafydd Alun Strauss Kahn.

            Now that the Ruthless Ladies have successfully colonised the landscape, who wants to tell me who set Strauss-Kahn up? Because he undoubtedly was set up. He had Dafydd-like propensities but that business with the African maid in the hotel was a sting. No African maid from the background that was claimed for her would have ever gone public about a sexual assault, she wouldn’t have spoken about such matters to anyone outside of her immediate family, let alone appeared in the media, given a statement etc, she would never ever have done it, let alone in the context of her working as a maid for a posh man in an expensive hotel.

            Strauss Kahn said at the time that he’d been set up by political opponents. I think people suspected Sarkozy.

            Who benefited from the outing of Strauss Kahn? Those Ruthless Ladies did. Just take a look at their rise, the media-hype that has surrounded them etc… Take a long hard look at events since Dominique.

            Now who set him up?

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