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My post ‘A Message Of Peace For Christmas ‘ discussed how Pat Pottle and Michael Randle, two CND activists who lived at Croesor in Gwynedd for many years and worked for Bertrand Russell and the Committee of 100, helped the double agent George Blake escape from Wormwood Scrubs in 1966, yet weren’t prosecuted until June 1991, shortly after Dafydd’s gang made yet another attempt at imprisoning me on the basis of their perjury. Pat and Michael were prosecuted as a result of pressure from more than 100 Tory MPs. The prosecution occurred when Dafydd and the gang were under pressure as a result of demands that a police investigation should take place into the possibility that a VIP paedophile ring was operating in north Wales/Cheshire. At the same time, the gang was causing havoc at UCNW by launching an offensive against Graham Day, a senior sociologist who was Not Of The Gang, accusing him of racism when making appointments. ‘The Guardian’ assisted by printing a libellous article about Graham. The gang had a field day. See post ‘Badlands’.

My trial too was at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Stand, where Pottle and Randle stood trial, but some two months before theirs. Bertrand Russell and his friends had drawn upon the services of Dafydd et al in a previous generation. See eg. posts ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’.

Among the many rumours surrounding George Blake’s escape were that it had been organised by CND or the KGB, that Vanessa Redgrave had put up the money for it and that Pat and Michael had help from the inside. In ‘A Message Of Peace At Christmas’ I explain why it is fairly clear that the security services themselves, or at least someone linked with them, helped with Blake’s escape. Bertrand Russell’s circle was full of people who had links to the security services and they were assisting Dafydd’s gang because of the presence of prominent members of the British establishment who were directly involved in organised abuse or colluding with it because members of their family and friends were directly involved.

Michael Randle was associated for a long time with the controversial Dept of Peace Studies at Bradford University. Randle did a degree and a PhD with that Dept and then returned to work there as a Research Fellow; he was working in the Dept of Peace Studies before his trial. Randle stepped down when it was confirmed that he would be standing trial, but returned to work at the Dept of Peace Studies at a later date.

The Dept of Peace Studies at Bradford was subjected to an attempt to close it by Thatch and Keith Joseph in the early 1980s, but as we shall see, it not only survived their onslaught but thrived and expanded. The VC of Bradford at the time of the Gov’t row over the Peace Studies Dept was Prof John C. West. Like Sir Melvin Rosser, the former President of Aberystwyth University, the internet seems to have been virtually cleansed of references to John C. West, but I’m not sure when this happened or why. However, Prof West’s portrait appears on a website displaying the work of an artist called Tom Wood, the portrait being dated 1989, so West was still the VC then…

  • Professor John C. West, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bradford

    Tom Wood has painted a lot of portraits of people with senior positions in UK universities.
  • Kenneth O. Morgan (b.1934), Vice-Chancellor (1989–1994)
    Kenneth O. Morgan (b.1934), Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth University (1989 – 1994) 
    Lord Ken is a Labour historian of whom the right wing of the Labour Party is fond, but Lord Ken really hates the Marxist historians because they took the piss out of him in public one day. Lord Ken was married to the late Jane Morgan, the criminologist specialising in ‘child victims of crime’ who grew up in Wrexham and during the course of her career passed through Leicester University, when that institution was run by people covering up for the crimes of Greville Janner and his mates and Oxford University when they were keeping schtum about organised abuse as well. See previous posts eg. ‘A Bit More Paleontology’. Abersytwyth University has a long tradition of producing law graduates who evolved into crooked solicitors, barristers and judges who protected serious criminals, including Dafydd’s gang.
  • Sir Michael Thompson, Vice-Chancellor
    Sir Michael Thompson, Vice-Chancellor, Birmingham University (1987-96)

    Sir Michael Warwick Thompson (born 1 June 1931) was educated at the University of Liverpool; his time there overlapped with Dafydd’s, although Thompson was studying physics. His academic work included early research on atomic collisions. The atomic collisions continued when Thompson was appointed Professor of Experimental Physics at Sussex University in 1965. He remained at Sussex until 1980, during which time he served as PVC and acting VC. Thompson was a Sussex big wig under the regime of Harold Wilson’s mate Asa Briggs, the VC of Sussex University, 1967-76, who worked for the security services and concealed the Brighton end of Dafydd and John Allen’s trafficking ring. Asa opened fire on Merfyn Jones when Merfyn was a Sussex student in 1967 and continued the firing when Merfyn became VC of Bangor University in 2004. See post ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’.

    In 1980 Thompson was appointed VC of the University of East Anglia, remaining in post until 1987 when he was appointed VC of Birmingham University, retiring in 1996. Thompson was VC of Birmingham University when Birmingham School of Medicine employed Dafydd and Tony Francis’s mate Robert Bluglass as Professor of Forensic Medicine and also housed Tony Francis’s mate Professor Ian Brockington. See post ‘Ian Brockington’s Mischief’. Bluglass actively concealed the criminal wrongdoing of Dafydd, Tony Francis and the gang while Thompson was VC. See previous posts eg. ‘Enter Professor Robert Bluglass CBE’.

    Thompson was knighted in 1991, which was the year in which I and three other witnesses to the gang’s crimes had our careers destroyed. In Feb 1991, just after I had been forced out of my job at St George’s Hospital Medical School, Lilibet knighted Peter Morrison, the Tory MP for Chester, who was abusing kids in care in north Wales and elsewhere.

    Professor Thompson is a member of the Athenaeum, as was Jimmy Savile. I’m sure that they enjoyed many happy hours in each other’s company.

    Michael Thompson’s son Paul Warwick Thompson is Rector of the Royal College of Art.

    Tom Wood painted Lord Bob Winston. Twice. Lord Bob knew Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain and his colleagues at St George’s who were concealing the crimes of Dafydd and the gang in north Wales as well as the trafficking ring in south London which was linked to Dafydd’s gang. Lord Bob also knew of much research fraud and bad practice in his own institution of Hammersmith Hospital but kept quiet. Lord Bob was very aware of bad practice in IVF clinics other than his own and the most outrageous scams which were relieving patients of money but said nothing about that either. Here’s Lord Bob in casual dress:
  • Robert Maurice Lipson Winston, Baron Winston

    And here’s Lord Bob in gear appropriate to his role as Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University, 2001-18.

    Lord Robert Winston (b.1940), Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University from 2001


    Lord Bob was succeeded as Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam by St Helena of the Kennedys this year. Like Lord Bob, St Helena for years worked closely with those at St George’s Hospital Medical School who were facilitating the trafficking ring in south London linked to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales/Cheshire. See previous posts eg. ‘Eve Was Framed – As Were A Lot Of Other People’ and ‘Close Your Eyes And Make A WISH’.

    If any readers know why two of the ‘most respected’ Labour peers who both colluded with a pan-European VIP trafficking gang are cluttering up the highest echelons at Sheffield Hallam University, please do let me know.


  • Bradford was the first British university to appoint a Chair of Peace Studies, Adam Curle, in 1973. Charles Thomas William Curle was known as “Adam” after the town where he was born, L’Isle-Adam, north of Paris. Adam Curle was related to members of the Bloomsbury Set, many of whom holidayed or had second homes in Croesor, Gwynedd throughout the middle decades of the 20th century, as a result of Clough Williams-Ellis, a local landowner, marrying Amabel Strachey, a member of the family at the centre of the Bloomsbury Set. See previous posts eg. ‘The Village’, ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’. Adam’s mother was Cordelia Fisher. One of her sisters, Adeline, married the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, who was a friend of Bertrand Russell. Curle was also related to Virginia Woolf and the artist Vanessa Bell. See post ‘The Vermin Club’ for details of their wider network. Curle was also a relation of the historian Frederic William Maitland and the photographer Julia Margaret Cameron. Curle’s father Richard was a journalist, writer and friend of Joseph Conrad of ‘Heart of Darkness’ fame.
    Curle went to school at Charterhouse and then studied anthropology at New College, Oxford, an institution which the British security services favoured when recruiting (see post ‘A Study In Tyranny’). He married Pamela Hobson in 1939 and the couple had two daughters, Christina and Anna, although they divorced some years later. Curle served in the British Army during WW II and towards the end of his time in the Army, he became closely acquainted with the psychological traumas of conflict when working with prisoners of war in the Civil Resettlement Unit. Between 1947-1950, Curle worked at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, London, 1947-50. See previous posts for the rotten foundations of the Tavi and the numerous Top Docs associated with the Tavi, including those who worked with Curle, who concealed organised abuse and trained people who were involved in future scandals.
    Curle subsequently lectured in social psychology at Oxford University and in 1952 was appointed Professor of Education and Psychology at the then University College of the South West of England, which became the University of Exeter. Curle was therefore in Devon during the 1950s, when Plymouth was dominated by Michael Foot’s family, who concealed organised abuse linked to the Westminster Paedophile Ring. See post ‘The Bay Of Pigs Invasion’. Jeremy Thrope was elected the MP for north Devon in 1959 and then the county really saw some action.

    In the later 1950s Curle travelled extensively and while advising the Pakistan Planning Commission on Social Affairs, he met a New Zealand community health worker in East Pakistan, Anne Edie, who became his second wife, with whom he had a third daughter, Deborah. Anne and Adam joined the Quakers while Adam was serving as a Professor of Education at the University of Ghana. In 1962 Curle set up the Harvard Center for Studies in Education and Development at Harvard University and travelled widely, including to Nigeria, Tunisia, Central America and Barbados. Between 1967-70, Curle mediated in the Nigerian Civil War and also in the Pakistan-Indian War.

    In 1973 Curle was appointed as Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford, the Dept being established by Curle and a small number of Quakers. One of the key members of Dafydd’s gang, Owain Gethin Evans, the de facto Head of Children’s Services for Gwynedd County Council throughout most of the time between 1982-95 (see post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’) while the gang did whatever they wanted to kids in care, was a Quaker in Gwynedd, as was Dr Paul Nickson, a GP in Bethesda who actively colluded with the abuse of children and psych patients. Previous posts have detailed other Quakers and institutions run by Quakers outside of north Wales who had links with Quakers in north Wales. Dafydd himself turned up on a Quakers website a few years ago dispensing his wisdom as a Top Doc.

    After Curle retired from Bradford in 1978, under Quaker auspices his “tools for transformation” (including mediation, problem-solving, negotiation, policy analysis, advocacy and nonviolent activism) were put to work in conflict states such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, N Ireland, Sri Lanka and the Balkans. Curle helped set up the Centre for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights, an NGO based in Osijek, Croatia during the Balkans Conflict,  1991-95. In 2000 Curle was the recipient of the Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award.

    Besides Quakerism, Adam Curle had an interest in Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama.

    A great many people involved with Professor Mark Williams’s Mindfulness, which was a research fraud perpetrated by Williams when he worked with Dafydd’s gang in Bangor in the late 1980s (see post ‘The Biggest Expert Of The Lot’), are involved with Buddhism. However I have noticed that the Buddhist contingent are the very people who soon begin asking questions about Mark Williams and raising concerns…


    Adam Curle died in September 2006 in London. He had ‘been ill for about a week with a very virulent leukaemia’. Leukaemia doesn’t usually kill people within a week, it is something which takes a very long time. So it is likely that if Adam did have leukaemia, he had had it for ages and wasn’t told. Or it was something else which killed him. The paedophiles’ friends were beginning to panic again in 2006 because Brown and I had begun appearing in print discussing the mental health services. Over the next three years or so there was an influx of paedophiles’ friends into the Welsh Assembly. See post ‘The Battle Of The Cowshed’.

     Curle’s 2006 obituary in ‘The Guardian’ filled in the picture further:
  • those who knew [Adam] as friends, students, colleagues, peace activists, or simply through reading his books, were inspired by his gentle charisma to spread the values of peace through education and action…he was also innovative and courageous as a peacemaker, pioneering citizen mediation and peace building.

    After the war he worked at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London, helping to resettle British servicemen who had been prisoners of war.

    ...Then came the invitation to lead the new Bradford department – itself the idea of a small group of Quakers.

    Adam retired from Bradford in 1978 but worked on as a peacemaker, often under Quaker auspices, putting into practice the idea that education was concerned with emancipation. This value was also embodied in the principle of “speaking truth to power” asserted by Quakers. 

  • Adam was related to and worked with privileged powerful people who were involved in organised abuse and managed not to speak the truth about this to anyone. He was ‘invited’ to establish that Dept at Bradford in 1973. Bradford was on the turf of a big paedophile/trafficking ring associated with serious organised crime which involved Jimmy Savile; Savile was a visitor to Bryn Estyn and his mates in Yorkshire had close links with Dafydd and the gang in north Wales, who by 1973 were rapidly expanding business. It was in 1973 that Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth relocated from Axwell Park Approved School, part of the ring in the north east of England linked to the Yorkshire ring, to Bryn Estyn. Matt Arnold replaced Peter Burton in March 1973 as Head of Bryn Estyn after Burton had been killed in a road accident, along with his wife, young son and the Deputy Head of Bryn Estyn. Arnold died from an ‘unspecified blood disease’ in June 1994, four days before Howarth’s trial for sexually abusing boys in his care began.
  • In 1973/74, there was a local authority reorganisation in Wales, which was used as an opportunity to increase organised abuse. Ioan Bowen Rees was appointed as County Solicitor for the newly created Dyfed County Council. A ring with links to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales flourished in Dyfed; in 1980 Ioan was appointed Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council and it was then that the party really began. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’


Questions were constantly asked of this lot, it wasn’t as if people were unconcerned about their activities. The response was always the same; after the How Very Dare Yous, concerned people would be reminded that the alleged abusers were Eminent Doctors/Famous Artists/Writers/Posher than the rest of us. Betrand Russell got away with a great deal until the day that he died by simply reminding people that he was Very Clever and also Earl Russell. See previous posts eg. ‘So Who Was Angry About What?’ The same strategy was still being used by Russell’s mates many years after his death. I was introduced to an Alternative Person in Gwynedd some 10 years ago and one of the first things that I was told was ‘she lives in Bertrand Russell’s old house’. It was an interesting talking point, but it was fairly clear from the conversation that followed that the person in question and her mates had no idea about some aspects of Russell’s life. What they did know was that he was a Clever Philosopher and a Peace Activist.

I had this sort of thing thrown at me for years when I raised concerns about people who’s wrongdoing I now know to have been even more serious than I realised. It really is incredibly foolish to believe that someone in possession of a medical degree or who has published philosophy books cannot be involved in wrongdoing. I can certainly understand why people might be gobsmacked to be told that such a person is sexually molesting people on a vast scale and bribing and blackmailing people to keep quiet about it, but when evidence is produced that this is indeed happening and it transpires there have already been numerous complaints of the same nature, an investigation needs to take place. I note with some irony that when Baker and Brown were observed to be Clever and Qualified themselves, everybody DID remind themselves that Clever Qualified people can be Wicked and Manipulative. But not Dafydd obviously.

So in 1973, a PR unit for people involved in organised abuse was set up in Bradford University by Adam Curle, who was supported in this venture by a small group of Quakers.

  •  It is not easy to capture in words the deep affection that people formed for this extraordinary man. He was warm, humorous, modest and wise in equal measure. Visitors were welcomed by him and Anne, whether in America, Yorkshire or, in his later years, in retirement in London. Their hospitality was legendary. Both were avid gardeners and grew the vegetables that graced the dishes cooked by Anne, to the delight of their many guests.

The vegetables will no doubt have been organic and ‘oooh the dinner was lovely and we read poetry over that gorgeous bottle of wine… all of us being committed to peace and justice…’ People renowned for their hospitality are able to cultivate a big network of other people who join in with the How Very Dare Yous in the event of questions being asked…

  • In his early years, Adam played the flute, and maintained a love of music throughout his life.
  • Jeremy Thrope was noted for being an excellent violin player. A love of music is another sign of a Sensitive person who by definition wouldn’t ever do anything unpleasant to anyone else.
  • A deeply spiritual man, remaining a Quaker but influenced also by the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism in recent years, he was never pious or doctrinaire…He is survived by Anne, his daughters Christina, Anna and Deborah, and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.
  • ·

The Journal of Conflictology published a tribute to and an account of the life of Adam Curle in 2010, by Tom Woodhouse. Highlights included:

This article presents a biographical account of Adam Curle, focusing especially on the development of his ideas on peace and peace studies and the impact these had on the evolution of the field at the level of theory and of practice. Curle was the founding Professor of the Department of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford in the UK. Appointed to the Chair in 1973, the department launched its teaching and research programmes in 1974.

1974 was the year in which the new County Councils came into being in Wales. 1974 also saw the return of Harold Wilson as PM and Leo Abse and other members of the Westminster Paedophile Ring busied themselves hurrying the Children Act through Parliament which was on the statute books the following year and ensured that hundreds of kids were handed over to Dafydd’s gang, as well of course to other gangs providing ‘care’ for kids. See post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’.

Curle’s influence on the department and his development of a theory and practice of peace and peacemaking is traced and analysed in this article. His theory of peace was based on a synthesis of academic perspectives drawing on psychology, anthropology and development theory, and on the early peace theory of other innovators in the field of peace studies, including Johan Galtung and Kenneth Boulding. His peace practice was based on the experience of large scale conflict in the Nigerian Civil War and the India Pakistan conflict in the 1960s and 1970s, and was distinguished by his use of non-official or track two mediation as a complement to formal diplomacy in such conflicts. His use of mediation was modified later when, in the 1990s, in the context of the civil war in the Balkans, he helped to mobilise support for local people who wished to resist the civil war and to build peaceful communities and cultures of peace. In this way he also pioneered the idea of peace building from below, currently recognised as a leading mode of peacemaking amongst academics and practitioners.

Evidence from Yemen suggests that Adam Curle’s pioneering efforts in terms of peacemaking and conflict resolution have not been very effective.

Yemeni boy checks the damage following a mortar shell attack on the country's flashpoint southern city of Taez on February 3 as clashes between...

Saudi army artillery fire shells towards Yemen from a post close to the SaudiYemeni border in southwestern Saudi Arabia on April 13 2015 Saudi Arabia...

Yemeni soldiers loyal to the Shiite Huthi rebels ride on military vehicles during a parade in the capital Sanaa on October 16 2018 to show support...

The man causing the grief in Syria is of course a Top Doctor who undertook his postgraduate training at a London Medical School. See previous posts.
 …In 1935 he went to Oxford to study history but switched to anthropology

in the course of his first year. He conducted field research in various areas of the Middle East for which he obtained a Diploma in Anthropology,

So Adam didn’t complete his degree and left with a booby prize instead…

and then spent six years, from 1939 to 1945, serving in the Army, and in this period became interested in the work of the Tavistock Institute for Human
Relations, particularly in their approach to the sociopsychological problems of post-war reconstruction…

Despite the hype, the Tavi, like the Maudsley, really were not fussy with regard to the students whom they accepted, principally because those institutions and the disciplines which they were promoting had so little status and respect that all comers were welcome.

His first academic publication was for the Human Relations journal and described the special problems of prisoners of war as they adapted to the strains of returning to normal community. He was awarded a postgraduate degree in anthropology in 1947, worked for the Tavistock Institute on a project on rural decay and was appointed lecturer in social psychology at Oxford in 1950.

It was rather like the Masters degree courses which British universities began offering in a big way in the 1980s for which one did not need a first degree before one enrolled. The rationale was that able older people who had experience in other fields should not have to be treated as if they were teenagers who had just left school, but the desire of HE institutions to acquire bums on seats led to some surreal events. The Tavi was desperate so standards were remarkably flexible.

During this time he became interested in the link between social psychology and education policy, and in 1952, at the age of 36, he was appointed to the Chair of Education and Psychology at the University of Exeter.

Except that it wasn’t yet the University of Exeter; it was aspiring to be and Exeter still had a very questionable reputation in the late 1970s…

Between 1956 and 1959 he served as consultant in Pakistan on issues of education and development policy. Between 1959 and 1961 he was Professor of Education at the University of Ghana, and from 1961 until his appointment to the Chair of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford in 1973, he was Director of the Harvard Centre for Studies in Education and Development…

I only know one academic who has been to Harvard and that is someone who did a lot of very interesting things like join the Committee of 100 as a schoolgirl and end up in Holloway after a CND demo because no-one realised that she was only 15. When she was at postgrad level she won a scholarship to Harvard and after a few months she walked out. She maintained that Harvard has been the centre of a massive amount of undeserved hype, it has a tick box culture of the worst and it is full of people who have brought their way in.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that Grace Lewis-Parry, a member of the Betsi Board who had for years been a particularly dozy senior Angel employed in north Wales where she presided over terrible things, including the sexual assault of female patients by staff, births so badly handled that babies had died and mothers had been left seriously injured – Grace has a background in women’s health – somehow got onto a management course at Harvard. Grace would never have even thought of that herself, I’d be most interested to find out how that was arranged. Just take a look at what has happened at the Betsi since Grace was appointed Board Secretary. It’s enough to justify closing Harvard down.

Uncle Harry’s nephew completed a stint at Harvard:

Official portrait of Edward Miliband crop 2.jpg

Grace only zoomed off to Harvard relatively recently, at about the same time that Uncle Harry’s nephew and his associates were trying to cause a great deal of trouble for anyone who dared point to the genocide in the north Wales NHS. Do you know how a hopelessly incompetent, not very highly qualified Angel who managed NHS services with some of the worst mortality rates in Europe was accepted by Harvard Ed? After I gained documentary evidence and a recording of her refusing to address a serious complaint that I had made, involving staff assaulting me, perjuring themselves and then unlawfully refusing me all medical care?


…during the intensive and searing experiences of the Biafran War he felt a
compelling need to understand more about why these conflicts
happened…Three major studies in which these changed perceptions are hardened into substantial analyses are Education for Liberation,
Making Peace and Mystics and Militants. Making Peace was written in the course of a sabbatical year spent as a visiting research fellow at the Richardson Institute of Conflict and Peace Research in London in 1969-1970…

His time at Harvard saw him concerned with development in over twenty countries in the Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. He was able to draw from his period as an early staff
member of the Tavistock Institute and from two university appointments in psychology.

The grateful Johnny Foreigners in those developing countries will not have been aware of how flaky Curle and his mentors were; they will have been told that an Expert and a British Expert at that was going to show them how things were done. Exactly the same situation prevails today with some UK academics receiving huge grants to Share Knowledge with people in Hot Countries and very questionable knowledge too. Professor Catherine Robinson received millions to dispense words of wisdom in India with regard to suicide prevention. Catherine is a former colleague of Dafydd’s and has spent her entire career working in north Wales which has one of the highest suicide rates in the UK. Catherine works with the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and has done so throughout the many scandals regarding patient neglect and abuse as well as repeated concerns over the number of mental health patients killing themselves. I was not the only person who’s jaw dropped on hearing the news that someone had given Catherine a lot of money on the basis of her expertise in suicide prevention.


…Curle had been deeply involved in the practice of peacemaking. In the 1990s much of this involvement took the form of supporting the activity of the Osijek Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights. Osijek, a town in the Eastern Slavonia province of Croatia, was, with the adjacent town
of Vukovar, the site of the most violent fighting of the Serb Croat War. This involvement with the people of Osijek, who were trying to rebuild a tolerant society while surrounded by enraged and embittered feelings caused by the war, motivated a considerable amount of reflection by Curle on the problems of practical peacemaking. It was apparent, for example, that the model of mediation specified in his book, In the Middle, and distilled from his experiences in the conflicts of the 1970s and 1980s was very difficult to apply on the ground, in the confusion and chaos of the type of conflict epitomised by the wars in former Yugoslavia…

One feature of the Balkans Conflict was en masse sexual assault and gang rape. Brits who had Gone To Help found themselves out of their depth because they didn’t realise that women who had been gang raped weren’t actually Sharing about this, so the stupid buggers who’s Help was deemed to be essential didn’t pick up the codes that were being used by people who had experienced sexual assault. Eventually it dawned on everyone that women in the Balkans hadn’t read ‘Our Bodies Ourselves’ in the 1980s or even ‘Cosmo’, they didn’t discuss the pursuit of G spots and no, they were not going to Share as expected. Adam Curle will not have been the best person to have advised in the Balkans.

I’m glad to say that the experiences of women who were raped and murdered in the Balkans were put to good use though. When ‘The Vagina Monologues’ came to Theatre Gwynedd in Bangor, there was a scene in which one of the talking vaginas described being gang raped in Yugoslavia. Not that I saw it myself, I had no intention of spending money on such exploitative crap, but I heard all about it from an Angel who had been Touched by the performance. She was an Angel who knew about Dafydd and the gang and had acquired a number of well-paid NHS jobs that she could not do by blackmailing people over it all. The icing on the cake was that at the time I knew a young Albanian woman living in Gwynedd who had become very depressed after the birth of her baby. The Angels and Top Docs had no idea that she had been gang raped in the Balkans Conflict as a teenager. They had of course completely missed every clue.

Angels and Top Docs: when an Albanian woman told you that she looked out of her farmhouse in Albania after hearing people crying and saw ‘soldiers killing people’ and then the ‘soldiers came into our house and did bad things to us’, surely even you could have worked out what she meant. Or were you too busy telling her that she had to have the correct sort of car seat fitted before she was allowed to take the baby home, as another one of your newly delivered patients told me?

Three years later the maternity services in north Wales were found to be so dangerous that the Betsi Board was placed in special measures and Bangor University withdrew the student midwives from their placements.

Now don’t you worry my dear, we’ll look after you. Never mind the astronomical mortality rate, you won’t be taking Baby home until we’ve approved the car seat.

God knows what they do to the parents who don’t have a car, I expect that their newborns are taken into care by Safeguarders personally appointed by Jane Hutt and handed over to Dafydd’s gang.


Adam Curle died in Wimbledon, London, on 28 September 2006. His life and work touched many people worldwide and his academic thinking is now firmly embedded in modern peace theory.

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So Curle retired to Wimbledon. That is the area favoured by the more highly paid staff of St George’s Hospital. Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain lived in Wimbledon, as did George Carman QC, the bent lawyer who was concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Miranda was Carman’s pupil and Cherie shared Carman’s Chambers until 1988. They used to go to his garden parties in Wimbledon, even when Miranda was PM.

Michael Mansfield lived just down the road at Wandsworth, another favourite area for St George’s staff, which is expensive but not quite as expensive as Wimbledon. Michael Mansfield and St Helena worked together at Took’s Court Chambers. In 1993, I wrote to Michael Mansfield about the abuse of the law by Gwynedd Social Services to criminalise patients who had complained. I received a one line reply thanking me for my letter.


Adam Curle’s empire lives on. Professor Tom Woodhouse now holds the Adam Curle Chair in Conflict Resolution at the University of Bradford, Department of Peace Studies.


James O’Connell was a high profile colleague of Curle’s at Bradford with whom Michael Randle worked. O’Connell died in 2013 and there are tributes to him all over the internet, so I’ll just reproduce a few extracts here.


The Guardian’s obituary for O’Connell told us:

Professor James O’Connell, who has died aged 87 after a short illness, saw the department of peace studies at Bradford University through a period of intense attacks from Margaret Thatcher’s government in the early 1980s.

I remember the row well. Questions from Gov’t re the Bradford peace studies contingent had actually been raised in the 1970s.

Such was the extent of the political dislike for “appeasement studies” during the cold war that it was the only department in any British university to be investigated by the University Grants Committee (UGC), after considerable pressure from the then education secretary, Sir Keith Joseph.

I have mentioned in previous posts that when Thatch et al went gunning for HE in the 1980s, their principal targets were UCNW, Aston, Bradford and Salford Universities. There was much confusion on the part of the commentariat at the time, because Aston, Bradford and Salford were all universities who did what Thatch wanted universities to do in that they taught huge numbers of science and engineering students. It just didn’t make any sense. Or at least not to people unaware that the priority of all politicians at the time was to keep the Westminster Paedophile Ring under wraps, particularly after it very nearly all unravelled in 1979 with Mr Thrope’s appearance at the Old Bailey – he was of course supported by his wife Miriam, throughout the long and unnecessary ordeal – and the bawdy humour which followed. Miriam’s status as the ex-wife of Lilibet’s cousin did not go unnoticed.

  • Peter Cook's biased judge sketch and its background - YouTube
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But the resulting assessment was positive, and during his 15 years as head (1978-93), James saw the department treble in size while establishing a worldwide reputation.

The UGC could not find anything at all amiss in the Dept which Thatch and Sir Keith were desperate to close down, which had been founded by an associate of Earl Russell and was on the turf of the paedophile gang led by Jimmy Savile and his gangster friends – Jimmy being a good friend of Thatch as well as of Carlo, the Chancellor of UCNW – which also ran the city of Leeds, where Keith Joseph’s constituency was. Malcolm Pearce, the consultant at St George’s Hospital Medical School who was in the thick of the trafficking gang in south London linked to Dafydd, Jimmy et al (see eg. post ‘Oliver!’) came from Leeds and still had links there.


He was born in Cork, where his mother, Agnes (nee Harrington), kept a public house. His father, also James, was away at sea for much of the time, but returned to run the pub when Agnes died in 1935. In November 1942, during the second world war, he was one of 33 crew who were lost when the merchant ship Irish Pine disappeared without trace. Many years later it was determined that the vessel had been torpedoed by U-608, even though Ireland was a neutral state.

James was taught in Gaelic until the age of 16, took his BA and MA degrees at University College Galway and then joined the Society of African Missions, studying at Dromantine College near Newry before being ordained as a Catholic priest in 1952.

James O'Connell joined the Society of African Missions

After further study in Belgium, in 1957 he was awarded a doctorate… and spent the next 18 years in Nigeria. James left the priesthood in 1973 but stayed on in Nigeria as Professor of Government at Ahmadu Bello University.

Before James left the priesthood he’d have found out about the organised abuse in the Catholic Church which spanned entire continents.

By playing a significant role in redrawing the Nigerian constitution in the aftermath of the Biafran war of the late 1960s, James fell foul of some leading political figures and in 1975 was deported at 24 hours’ notice. Earlier that year he had married Rosemary Khawaja, nee Harris, from a Belfast Protestant family, and on returning to Britain they settled in Belfast, where James was Dean of Arts at the Northern Ireland Polytechnic.

When in Belfast, James will have found out about the elite paedophile ring based at the Kincora Boys’ Home at the time and he probably had heard the names ‘Lord Mountbatten’ and ‘Sir Anthony Blunt’ mentioned in connection with it.

It was chaos and chaos in terms of no exams and ‘unusual freedom’ was questioned in those days.
He was still running things which was hardly surprising in the light of what the Peace Studies was concealing
James hit the jackpot. His strategy was to expand the support-base of Peace Studies in Bradford, to include CND and all those numpties who were Supporting Greenham etc but understood that if they wanted their Funding to continue, they had better not say a word about the abuse of kids and vulnerable people in the care of the local authorities who had Funded This Project or at the hands of the social workers who were also active in their local CND branch or the more committed activists who were busy in END, with E.P. Thompson et al. The E.P. Thompson who, along with so many of his fellow Radicals and Peace Campaigners, lived some or all of the time in Croesor in Gwynedd. See eg. posts ‘The Village’ ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’.
E. P. Thompson
E P Thompson at 1980 protest rally (cropped).JPG
The Making Of The English Working Class – while the Left ignored the criminal gangs who were targeting their children… Give them all a zero hours contract and Parenting Advice from an Expert who’s colleagues ran a paedophile ring…

Professor Judy Hutchings was awarded an OBE in 2011. Here she is with her husband, Lewis, after receiving the award in February 2011 in London. Where the eyes of those who attended the celebration after the gong was handed over were a very long way from the carnage in Gwynedd, where Judy developed and presides over her ‘Incredible Years’ programme for Troubled Children.

North Wales has Mindfulness! North Wales has DBT! North Wales has Suicide Prevention! North Wales has Incredible Years! It’s also got Dafydd and a bunch of criminals running the whole region but that is never mentioned at the Glittering Awards Ceremonies, the Woman of the Year Dinners and at Buck House when the gongs are dispensed.

Can I invite those who attend these Events to just take a walk around Holyhead, Bangor, Bethesda, Caernarfon, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wrexham, Rhyl etc and look at what the Award Winners have actually done to their neighbours??

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The Men in CND were Feminists too:
  • Paul Flynn Labour Party candidate campaigning in city centre for re-election in Newport West constituency South - Stock Image
  • Trafalgar Square, London, UK, Sunday, 7 October 2012. Paul Flynn MP speaking. He was recently expelled from parliament - Stock Image
There were Feminists who were waverers, particularly when they thought that No 10 was a real possibility:
  • Neil And Glenys Kinnock Stock Photos & Neil And Glenys ...
  • Neil Kinnock Stock Photos & Neil Kinnock Stock Images - Alamy
It certainly won’t have been the links of people in Bradford to a gang of paedophiles who were supplying some of Thatch’s friends and Ministers with children for sex.
Shut your mouths everyone, Swinnerton-Dyer’s sorted it. Thatch and Joseph are not going to touch us no matter how much they want to because they’ve been reminded of a few things.
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James…served as President of the Partnership for Theological Education, Manchester, now Luther King House Theological College. 


James was highly critical of the structures of the Roman Catholic church but retained his faith to the end. He is survived by Rosemary, his daughters Sanjida, Sheila and Dee, his son Patrick and three granddaughters.


A tribute to James O’Donnell on ‘Open Democracy’  included the information:

At the time of the Falklands/Malvinas conflict in 1982 there weren’t many universities or think-tanks in the UK providing independent critical analysis of the progress of the war. One was the department of peace studies at Bradford University, which at the time had but a handful of staff and barely a hundred students. Such was the political mood of the day, though, that a classic bit of graffiti on campus read: “they used to hang traitors – now they give them degrees in peace studies”.

Still no-one mentioned the real problem with the Dept of Peace Studies…

A couple of years later, at the height of one of the most dangerous periods of the cold war,

Which as any fule kno was brought to an end by E.P. Thompson, but no-one realised that at the time. See post ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’.

peace studies at Bradford was again under attack, this time directly from Margaret Thatcher’s government. The education ministry, led by Sir Keith Joseph, was putting serious pressure on the University Grants Committee to investigate what was widely viewed as pro-Soviet “appeasement studies”.

The head of the UGC, Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, approached the vice-chancellor at Bradford about looking at the department as part of a normal overview of the university, promising an independent and genuine assessment. This was a very unusual request, possibly unique in the 1980s, as the UGC did not normally go into such detail. The Bradford vice-chancellor agreed – but only if the peace-studies staff would go along with it.

As with investigations into Top Docs, they have to agree to the terms of the investigation…

The head of the department at that time was Professor James O’Connell. He discussed the request with his staff and they agreed. Swinnerton-Dyer and a colleague visited the department, looked at examination scripts, publications and other outputs, and gave peace studies a positive assessment. Thatcher and Joseph were reportedly very annoyed, but the UGC was a lot more independent of government that its modern-day equivalents and there was little they could do about it…

Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, who was Chairman of the UGC, 1983-89, had a rethink regarding his intention to completely close down UCNW in 1984. UCNW did lose a few Depts, including maths, philosophy and drama, but the institution lived on. I have known for a while that this was because Swinnerton-Dyer was reminded that the whole of UCNW was a vehicle for Dafydd’s gang which was supplying the Westminster Paedophile Ring, but more recently I have been told ‘it was you sucker, UCNW agreed to ensure that your career would be fucked within a short while and then they kept schtum about your mate Anne Vernon being killed in spring 1986 and your other friends who’s careers were also ruined and who found gangsters coming after them…’ See previous posts.

Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer
Peter Swinnerton-Dyer.jpegPeter Swinnerton-Dyer at the workshop “Explicit methods in number theory” in Oberwolfach, 2007. ‘Number theory being ‘there are a great many people who’s careers, pensions and even liberty depends upon no-one opening their traps about this’.
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Neil and Glenys Kinnock, 1980s. at Science and Society ...

  • The Viscount Whitelaw
    William Whitelaw in 1963.jpg
     The man who wanted a Short Sharp Shock for Young Thugs! The reasons why the Young Thugs were so out of hand were the gang rapes at gun point and beatings to which they were being subjected…
    Leader of the House of Lords and Lord President of the Council which brings with it the role of visitor to UCNW
    In office
    11 June 1983 – 10 January 1988
  • Willie had previously been Secretary of State for N Ireland under Ted Heath, 24 March 1972 – 2 December 1973.
  • Kincora Willie, Kincora…

Police Chief Claims Sir Edward Heath WAS A Paedophile ...

  • Lord Mountbatten Quotes. QuotesGram

Willie’s first go at being Lord President of the Council was between 20 June 1970 and 7 April 1972. Dafydd was in control of the Dept of Psychology at UCNW then, but Fergus Lowe had just arrived and was plotting as to how he would one day overthrow Dafydd and be crowned King of the Paedophiles himself. See post ‘Feet In Chains’.

Willie served as Home Secretary, 4 May 1979 – 11 June 1983, being appointed as soon as Thatch became PM. That was when Willie appeared in public wobbling with excitement at the notion of giving Young Thugs their Short Sharp Shock. The experiment was abandoned because it was demonstrated to be utterly ineffective. Willie was Home Secretary when Mary Wynch was unlawfully imprisoned by Dafydd and the gang and when she began her legal action against them. He was in post when Brown and I were placed under surveillance and undercover officers moved into our house in the guise of house mates etc…

Willie was a big mate of Thatch’s although he was a Heathite wet left over from the regime which preceded Thatch. As with Ian Gilmour (see post ‘Bernard Levin And Jonathan Miller Talk Bollocks’), people marvelled at how these two old pals of Ted’s survived among Thatch’s circle of hard right monetarists. Simple really. Peter Morrison was a mate of Thatch’s and on the right of the Party, but Peter’s brother Charles, the Tory MP for Devizes, was a pal of Ted’s and a wet. Dame Mary Morrison, their sister, was Woman-of-the-Bedchamber to Lilibet. So Dafydd had the whole spectrum of the Tory Party covered. Dafydd’s a One Nation Tory. Like his mate Ken Clark.

Willie Whitelaw and the Tory Party went back a long wavy. He was elected as the Tory MP for Penrith and The Border in 1955 and held his first Gov’t post under Harold Macmillan as a Lord of the Treasury (Gov’t Whip), 1961-62. Willie was where the action was re Profumo, which starred Bronwen Astor nee Bronwen Pugh, daughter of Sir Alun Pugh, a judge who had grown up in west Wales and who sent Bronwen to boarding school in Dolgellau. There was just one year’s difference in age between Bronwen and Ioan Bowen Rees, who also went to school in Dolgellau and who’s dad taught at Dolgellau Grammar School. Ioan himself went to Oxford – he made it big like Bronwen – but his dad and mum both went to UCNW and his dad had held office in the Students’ Union there.

Willie Whitelaw lived in Cumbria for approx 40 years – he was the MP for Penrith and the Border, 1955-83 – and entertained Savile’s mate Trumpers there. Bulletproof windows were installed in Willie’s country seat when Willie was appointed N Ireland Secretary. It is now widely believed that some of the IRA’s targets were killed because they were involved in organised paedophilia and it might not have been the IRA who assassinated them. Mountbatten is alleged to have been one such person, Ian Gow and Airey Neave are two others. There is suspicion that it was the security services themselves who killed them, the security services warring within their own ranks in a way that would have made the gwerin proud.

William Bingley lived in Cumbria. Bingley, who, when he was Legal Director of MIND, then Chief Exec of the Mental Health Act Commission, colluded with Dafydd and the gang, as did William’s mum, Lady Juliet Bingley, when she was a big wig in MIND. Lady Juliet had cut her teeth in colluding with organised abuse when young as as student at the LSE and during her training as an almoner (social worker) on placement with Liverpool Personal Social Services at about the time that dear old Dafydd and Lucille were at Liverpool University. Lady Juliet got off to a flying start, being the daughter of Reginald Vick, a surgeon at Bart’s, an institution facilitating organised abuse. Lady Juliet subsequently hit the jackpot when she married Admiral Sir Alec Bingley, who was Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Fleet and NATO Commander Allied Forces Mediterranean in 1959 and then Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth and Allied Commander-in-Chief, Channel in 1961 and who served with Lord Louis… Lady Juliet officially joined forces with Dafydd – who was a leading light in MIND – after Sir Alec pegged out in 1972.

Call me old fashioned, but I expect something rather better from the Commander of the NATO Allied Forces than to be a friend of Dafydd’s.

William Bingley died in a fell walking accident in 2011, just as Operation Pallial opened and when there were demands for a review of the Waterhouse Inquiry. Ooh the Top Docs couldn’t save poor old William and he’d just resigned as Chair of North Lancashire NHS Primary Care Trust because he’d been running a scam, after serving as a non-executive Director of Morecambe Bay Primary Care Trust (2000-06) which wiped out all those babies but that was kept quiet for a long time. After William entered the Golden Charidee in the Sky, he was fondly remembered in obituaries as having been a Wonderful Host, along with his wife, a former Angel, at their gorgeous house in Cumbria, where the dinners were legendary and the wine flowed and Important People Met Each Other. I do hope that the veg was organic and home grown.

William Bingley - Telegraph

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And do you know Willie?

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Willie, when you’ve changed out of the baby doll nightie and put some panties on, DO meet Marion, she’s a Mental Health Campaigner, like us, but she’s also given birth to a Tibetan Terrier called Buddy who is employed as her emotional support dog…

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Peter Swinnerton-Dyer was a man who could get things done, being a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, Master of St Catharine’s College, Cambridge and then VC of Cambridge University, 1979-83. I know someone who was a student of Swinnerton-Dyer’s at Cambridge many moons ago and he maintained that Swinnerton-Dyer propositioned undergrads – male undergrads, ‘there weren’t any women there’ – and used to enjoy walking around Trinity College wearing nought but a little towel wrapped around his nether regions to show off his physique, Greek God-like.

Rab Butler, who spent donkey’s years in Tory Cabinets but never became PM, was Master of Trinity, 1965-77. See previous posts. Trumpers was mates with Rab during much of that time because she was based in Cambridge and was busying herself as a Tory Councillor, magistrate, Lady Mayoress, Helping Unmarried Mothers, prison visitor, sitting on Committees and raising money for Addenbrookes Hospital, because the doctors they were wonderful. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’. There was an elite paedophile ring in operation at Cambridge at the time. Carlo was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge, 1967-70 and Rab was appointed as his personal mentor. See previous posts. Thatch gave Trumpers a peerage in 1980 for being no more than a crooked interfering busybody, but there was Mary Wynch to deal with by then and then between 1985 and 1987, Trumpers served as a junior Health Minister, in which capacity Trumpers gave her mate Jimmy Savile a job on the management task force of Broadmoor. See post ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’.


To return to the man who made it clear to Swinnerton-Dyer that Bradford’s Dept of Peace Studies had better be allowed to survive, James O’Connell:

…was head of department for fifteen years from 1978-93 and by the time he retired…Bradford had acquired a worldwide reputation as one of the leading university centres for peace research.

James’s background was distinctive. He was born in Cork in the early years of Ireland’s independent statehood, was educated in Gaelic in his early years, ordained a Catholic priest in 1952 and awarded a PhD from Leuven/Louvain in 1957. He was a member of the Society of African Missions and worked in Nigeria for twenty years, including seven years as professor of government at Ahmadu University in Zaria. He left the priesthood but remained a Catholic for the rest of his life. James wasexpelled from Nigeria in 1975, mainly as a result of getting on the wrong side of politicians for his role in redrawing the constitution after the Biafra war, and was then dean of arts at Northern Ireland Polytechnic for two years before coming to Bradford to succeed Adam Curle in 1978.

At Bradford, as well as facing up to intense external pressures James had the difficult task of trying to combine leading a department that had staff and students heavily involved in activism with fulfilling the academic demands of an often suspicious university…

James’s role in all of this was crucial and it stemmed partly from his own background. As a native of County Cork he had a distance from the British establishment that ensured he was never in awe of it.

He had the dirt on it.

Moreover, his quiet demeanour concealed a tough centre and a determination which surprised many who knew him little, ensuring that he played important roles at Bradford not just as head of peace studies but also variously as dean of faculty and pro-vice-chancellor.

James was holding a stick of dynamite, there’d be no worries about promoting him to senior management.

In addition to his university work James played a key role in the development of a particularly effective NGO, the British American Security Information Council (BASIC), as its longest-serving board member: a clear demonstration of his determination to combine scholarship with support for activism…

Expanding the network.

When he arrived there were six staff, by the time he retired there were twenty-one and a student community from at least thirty countries, in an institution that had become renowned internationally for the quality of its work…

Fungus Lowe in Bangor managed a far more impressive bit of empire building in the School of Psychology after he overthrew Dafydd, but then Carlo wasn’t Chancellor of Bradford and Fungus will have worked harder than O’Connell. Fungus did have a strong work ethic but he was a sociopath so the result wasn’t as positive as it could have been.

Bradford University’s website has a tribute to James O’Connell as well:

Professor O’Connell served as Head of Department of Peace Studies from 1978 to his retirement in 1993 and was a leading figure in the development of the University in the 1980s with periods as Dean of Social Sciences and Pro-Vice Chancellor.  James played a major role in ensuring that the University survived the huge cuts imposed by the University Grants Committee in 1981 but his most enduring legacy lies in the development of Peace Studies at Bradford.

The man who’s charm, diplomacy and steady hand on the tiller was credited with helping steer UCNW through the Swinnerton-Dyer storm that nearly rendered it a shipwreck was Professor Eric Sunderland. Eric calmed the waters by being a well-camouflaged paedophiles’ friend who pandered to the bastards so effectively that they continued running the place. When Eric retired in 1995 he assisted in operating the strings of Professor Roy Evans, the succeeding VC. Krakatoa erupted in 2004 when Merfyn Jones became VC, who had a track record of spilling the paedophiles’ pints, as did his wife and one of his friends (see post ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Point Is To Change It’).

The PVC who actually thrashed out the dirty deal between UCNW and Swinnerton-Dyer was Professor/the Rev Alwyn Roberts, who was among other things, a former Methodist Missionary, a BBC Governor and a Gwynedd County Councillor. See post eg. ‘Meet The Gwerin’, ‘The Wind Of No Change’ and ‘There’s Methodism In this Madness’. Alwyn Roberts also used his knowledge of Dirty Dafydd and the gang to twist Thatch’s arm re matters Welsh language campaigning…

UCNW – and indeed the wider University of Wales of which UCNW was a constituent college – was blessed with Carlo as Chancellor from 1976, when it was obvious that Jeremy Thrope’s alleged hiring of a hitman to kill Norman was a story that could not be suppressed any longer and that things might unravel at great speed if people in the Highest Places Possible didn’t rearrange the furniture. See previous posts.

Bradford University couldn’t boast the heir to the throne as its Chancellor, but it came a good second with Harold Wilson as Chancellor, 1966-85. So Harold was Chancellor during the years that he was PM, while he restructured huge swathes of Gov’t in order to conceal the Westminster Paedophile Ring and beyond that, until the year that Mary Wynch made legal history when the Master of the Rolls gave her the go-ahead to sue Dafydd and the gang. 1985 was also the year in which I first contacted MPs and Ministers about the gang in north Wales. I went to see Keith Best, the Tory MP for Anglesey, in the summer of 1985, just after Mary had appeared in the London broadsheets. I had no idea that Best was a Minister in the Welsh Office who was fully on board with the gang and as I have explained in previous posts, I’m fairly sure that Tony Francis had contacted the Welsh Office as soon as I challenged him, before I got as far as contacting Best myself.

Harold Wilson’s biggest problem in Wales in terms of molesters needing to be protected was George Thomas, the south Wales Labour MP who was elected in the mid-1940s, was appointed Speaker of the House in 1976 and in 1983 was given a Viscountcy. For years Thomas had been a huge vote-puller for the Labour Party in south Wales and he was also a big figure in the Methodist Church. See post ‘There’s Methodism In This Madness’. Harold’s own wife Mary was the daughter of a Nonconformist Minister. See post ‘Come, Friendly Bombs’. Wilson used to begin his General Election campaigns in south Wales, sharing a platform with George Thomas. Thomas was a friend of Thatch as well, despite their political differences. And a big fan of the Royals… Bradford’s Gentle Folk in the Dept of Peace Studies received an added layer of protection with Harold at the top of the University.

Harold Wilson was pals with Lord Asa Briggs who grew up in Keighley, on the outskirts of Bradford, who after Cambridge and work with the intelligence services during WW II, worked at Leeds University and then spent many years at Sussex University, serving as VC, 1967-76. Not only was Asa concealing the Brighton end of Dafydd’s business, but Asa declared war on Merfyn Jones when Merfyn was still an undergrad at Sussex. Asa mobilised with the knives of many other paedophiles’ friends once more years later when Merfyn was appointed VC of Bangor University. See post ‘Anthem For Doomed Youth’).

Harold Wilson was succeeded as Chancellor of Bradford by Sir John Harvey-Jones, 1986-91. Sir Trevor Holdsworth, served as Chancellor, 1992-97; then Baroness Betty Lockwood, 1997-2005 and then Imran Khan, 2005-14. I heard all about Imran Khan from my friend who worked at Bradford, but that’s another story…Bradford University and Bradford the city had some pretty big problems and Imran On Board was a helpful distraction… The huge trafficking ring that operated in Bradford for so long with the knowledge of so many people has become horribly public now Imran. DUH!!

‘Born in Lahore, Pakistan, as a cricketer Imran led Pakistan to numerous victories all over the world before moving into politics. One of his first duties as Chancellor was to lay a foundation stone for the University’s Institute of Cancer Therapies’.

What was happening to psych patients in Bradford, the huge problems in the ‘Health and Warfare’ Dept at Bradford, the con that is the ‘Born In Bradford’ project and the large scale class A drug dealing facilitated by the NHS in Bradford has still to become public. It’s OK though, as Imran confirmed, the doctors they were wonderful.

Imran Khan



Betty Lockwood, Baroness Lockwood (born 22 January 1924), is well worth a visit as they used to say on Blue Peter. ‘On a national and international level she has been heavily involved in promoting equal opportunities for women’. Reading those words are beginning to fill me with dread these days.

Born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, the daughter of a coal miner, Betty Lockwood left Eastborough Girls School at 14, then continued her studies at night school. With the support of a Mary Macarthur Scholarship for working wimmin, she studied at Ruskin College. Betty hasn’t clarified exactly when she studied at Ruskin, which is probably quite sensible of her, because Matt Arnold taught Peter Howarth at Ruskin in the mid-1960s before they ran the massive paedophile ring with Dafydd and John Allen in north Wales. Prezza was at Ruskin with Arnold and Howarth. Arnold and Howarth were not the only people at Ruskin involved with organised abuse. See eg. post ‘A Study In Tyranny’.

After Ruskin, Betty became active in the Labour Party as Regional Wimmin’s Organiser for Yorkshire, then moved to London as the National Wimmin’s Officer for the Labour Party, 1967-75. Betty was instrumental in the creation of the Equal Pay Act 1970. Betty served as the first Chair of the EOC, 1975-83 and was Chair of the European Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, 1982–83.

So perhaps Betty can tell us all why she, along with all the other Wimmin’s Champs previously outed on this blog, said not a word about the cartel of Top Doctors who until about 1990, conspired to make it virtually impossible for women in north Wales to access NHS abortions, thus sending them into the hands of the dangerous private abortionist in Chester or other abortionists who were even more unlawful and dangerous. Then there were the women who couldn’t afford the fee to risk their health who were told that if they wanted an NHS abortion – although they still were going to be refused one – they had to stay at the North Wales Hospital to be ‘assessed’ by Dafydd. None of them emerged with a baby. Other women and not just girls, had their babies abducted by Top Docs. See eg. post ‘It’s Bachman Turner Overdrive – Not Arf’. But Betty didn’t mention the large scale sexploitation of girls in care in north Wales or indeed by Savile’s gang in Yorkshire. Betty kept quiet about the forced marriages and ‘honour’ killings as well, it was only the Labour MP for Keighley, Ann Cryer, who had the guts to speak out about that and was called a racist by the rest of the Labour Party. See previous posts.

Betty, ask yourself why the BNP were winning seats on Bradford Council and ask yourself why Gorgeous George Galloway was elected as MP for Bradford West in 2012. You left people behind Betty, just as Little Nell Hodge left them behind in Barking while the local hospital exterminated patients and the BNP began picking up votes there.

We should not be surprised that Betty remained silent about the appalling suffering of some women and girls in north Wales and elsewhere. Because Betty while was Chair of the EOC, 1975-83, this was the Deputy Chair of the EOC, 1975-79:

Elspeth Howe, Baroness Howe of Idlicote

  •  Baroness Elspeth Howe, relation of Carlo’s wife Camilla, wife of Geoffrey Howe, Thatcher’s right hand man until he threw a wobbler at the end of 1990. Before he was an MP and Cabinet Minister, Howe was a crooked barrister working on the Chester and Wales Circuit, concealing the crimes of Dafydd et al. Howe served as Solicitor General, 1970-72, in Heath’s Gov’t, where he continued to hide the crap.

Elspeth and Geoffrey were lifelong friends of Ronnie Waterhouse and his wife. Howe knew Waterhouse when they were young, years before Howe became an MP. They Howes and Waterhouses went on holiday together regularly, they were the best of mates.

  •  Ronnie Waterhouse enjoyed kipping at Dorneywood when Howe was Chancellor of the Exchequer, but he was a bit pissed off when Howe was demoted to Foreign Secretary because the official residence wasn’t up to Waterhouse standards. Ronnie ensured that the rest of the family enjoyed a bit of life at the top too; when his wife couldn’t make it to a Geoffrey and Elspeth Jolly, Ronnie’s daughter ‘deputised’ for his wife. The rest of us would call it ‘getting your daughter into a Cabinet Minister’s freebie’.

Not that the Waterhouses were the only unacceptable things to find their way into official Gov’t residences during Dafydd’s heyday. Savile spent numerous Christmas’s at Chequers with his pal.

Sad Satan - Nejzvláštnější hororová hra - Paraweb

  • No-one can accuse Elspeth of using her husband to get through the doors of the Lords though. Although she became Lady Elspeth after Geoffrey was Sirred and then Lady all over again when Geoffrey became Baron Howe, Elspeth was given a peerage in own right in June 2001, the year following the publication of the Waterhouse Report. Obsequious press reports quipped that the woman who ignored the gang rape and murder of children was ‘Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady’. The Triple Lady had achieved international significance by being, as well as Betty’s Deputy at the EOC, a JP in Inner London, 1964-2002.
  • Would that be the Inner London of the Boroughs which sent so many kids to children’s homes in north Wales throughout the 1970s and 80s, ignored serious complaints of abuse and then kept quiet when the kids returned to London as sex workers, many of them dying of HIV AIDS in the late 1980s? Yes, it would be. Elspeth was Chairman of the Bench at Camberwell Youth Court. Camberwell is on the doorstep of the Maudsley and the Top Docs of the Maudsley, including Dafydd’s boss Dr Bob Hobson when Dafydd passed through the Maudsley before returning to north Wales and becoming a consultant, were facilitating a sex abuse ring in Camberwell. The business bloomed and under various local authority reorganisations, part of the turf became Southwark Borough Council, which sent huge numbers of kids to children’s homes in north Wales, as part of massive corrupt deals carried out by Bermondsey MPs/Councillors. Peter Tatchell tried to challenge the people involved – Lord Bob Mellish and pals – when he stood for Bermondsey in 1983, but was subjected to a homophobic hate campaign organised by Mellish and co, which was joined by all other political parties, as well as the tabloid press. See post ‘The Battle For The Labour Party’s Soul’. Tatchell was beaten up and received death threats. Betty Lockwood was Chair of the EOC at the time. Equal Opps are about men as well Betty…

The kids in care and Empowered Service Users of Southwark were cursed by layers and layers of paedophiles’ friends. Dafydd’s mate Dr Jim Birley from the Maudsley, who was almost as unhinged as Dafydd but managed to hold many roles at the top of the psychiatry establishment nonetheless, set up various charidees for Empowered Service Users and like Dafydd, was involved with MIND. Jim Birley was mates with Lord David Ennals, who as well as having a long and glorious involvement with MIND alongside Dafydd and the Bingleys, served as a Minister in the Home Office in 1967 when Harold Wilson was PM, as a Minister in the DHSS, 1968-70, under Secretary of State Battling Babs Castle and then as Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1976-79, under PM Jim Callaghan. David Ennals knew exactly what Dafydd was up to from numerous sources and he was a big wig in MIND throughout the years when MIND was associated with the NCCL and campaigns for paedophiles’ rights. Ennals was the Labour MP for Dover, 1964-70 and Norwich North, 1974-83, so all will not have been well in Norwich. Norwich is the location of the University of East Anglia, which was presided over by Bluglass’s mate Michael Thompson…

Parts of the old Camberwell Borough Council were subsumed into Peckham and Dulwich. The Labour MP for Peckham, 1982-97 and Camberwell and Peckham from 1997 until the present moment was/is dear old Harriet, who was the legal officer for the NCCL when the NCCL was campaigning for paedophiles’ rights. Tessa Jowell was Labour MP for Dulwich, 1992-97 and Dulwich and West Norwood, 1997-2015. Tessa was a social worker who worked as a child care officer for Lambeth Borough Council, which oversaw kids in care abused in its own homes and sent them into the arms of Dafydd and John Allen. Tessa also worked as a psychiatric social worker at the Maudsley and served as Deputy Director of MIND during the 1970s. Before being elected as MP for Dulwich, Tessa was Chair of the Camden Borough Council’s Social Services Committee, when kids and psych patients were being abused in Camden.


On 27 February 1978 Elspeth’s mate Betty was elevated to a life peerage and sat in the Lords until her retirement in May 2017. In 1978, Dafydd and the gang were in hot pursuit of Mary Wynch who had gone into hiding before they found her and illegally imprisoned her and it was obvious that Jeremy Thrope was living on borrowed time.

Betty’s connections with Bradford University dated back to 1983, when she became a member of its Council. So Betty joined just after Thatch and Keith Joseph launched their attack and Professor James O’Connell twisted Swinnerton-Dyer’s knackers and reminded him of what was at stake here. Betty became Chancellor in 1997, the year that Elspeth’s pal Ronnie began the Waterhouse Inquiry. Betty remained as Chancellor throughout many of the Bradford adventures of which I heard and then handed over to Imran in 2005.

Betty is Chair of the National Coal Mining Museum for England.

Here she is, down t’ pit:

Here’s Betty’s fellow miner:

Baroness Says That Vegetarians That Eat Fake Meat Are ...


Betty is President of the Yorkshire Arthritis Research Campaign. She is also a member of Soroptimist International, of which Lucille Hughes was/is a leading light, along with a lot of Lucille’s friends. Betty is Patron of the Born In Bradford research project. The Top Doctors probably haven’t told Betty that for years they knew about genetically inherited conditions affecting the children of cousins who married, but have only just begun offering a genetic counselling service. The forced marriages and ‘honour’ violence has been admitted now, but the Top Docs are still keeping schtum about the disproportionately high mortality rate among baby girls in some parts of Bradford.

Betty lists her hobbies as enjoying the Yorkshire Dales and opera. Here she is with her friends at La Scala:

  • Pin by Lynn Kendall on Coal | Pinterest
  • How has the Gold Rush changed Australia – Gold Rush I Luke ...


Betty was succeeded as Chair of the EOC in 1983 by another battler for the everyday woman, Beryl Catherine Platt, Baroness Platt of Writtle, (18 April 1923 – 1 February 2015). Beryl was a Tory who’s background was in engineering and she worked in aeronautics and aviation safety. She retained a strong interest in science and technology, ‘particularly the advancement of women in these fields’.

Beryl Catherine Myatt was born at Leigh-on-Sea in 1923. Platt was educated at Westcliff High School for Girls in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. When WW II broke out, Platt and her family moved away from the coast and she spent a year at Slough High School for Girls (now known as Upton Court Grammar School) where she initially gained entrance to read Mathematics at Cambridge.

In July 1941, the Gov’t announced a state bursary for engineering undergraduates to help the war effort. Platt wanted the dosh, changed her plans and thus studied  Aeronautical Engineering.

When Platt arrived at Girton College, Cambridge, she was one of five women amongst 250 men studying Mechanical Sciences; she was only the ninth woman to be accepted since her original predecessor in WW I. Wartime meant that the course was reduced to an intensive two years, including for Platt three weeks’ experience on the shop floor of the Hawker Aircraft Company. Platt was of the generation where women were not awarded a degree, no matter how well they’d done, in 1943, they still received a ‘Title of degree’. It was not until 1948, that women were admitted to degrees at Cambridge.

Upon graduation in 1943, Platt was advised by C.P. Snow in his role at the Cambridge University Appointments Board (a sort of careers advisory service) to contribute to the war effort and so Platt chose to return to the Hawker factory. This was the beginning of six years of work as a technical assistant in the aviation industry, 1943-49.

Platt’s first job was at Hawkers Experimental Flight Test Department, where she was one of only three women in the Dept. Platt worked on the testing and production of three of RAF fighter planes. After the end of the war, Hawker’s chief designer Sidney Camm offered Platt a continued role at Hawkers but Platt declined, preferring to move from war planes to investigating air safety for British European Airways.

In 1949, Platt married Stewart Sydney Platt, marking the end of her professional career in aeronautical engineering. Platt became a housewife, and a mother of two children, Hon. Roland Francis Platt (b. 1951) and Hon. Victoria Catherine Platt (b.1953). Both her children are chartered accountants.

Once Platt’s children began school she considered a return to the aircraft industry but there were none to be found within range of Writtle, the village where she lived. So like many posh, well-educated women of her generation, Platt plunged into local politics.

Platt’s political career began through her membership of the Parochial Church Council and she was then nominated for a vacancy on Chelmsford Rural District Council in 1956, a role she held until 1974. In 1965, Platt was elected to Essex County Council and held this role until 1968, when she was appointed to the office of Alderman of the Essex County Council, 1969-74. Platt was also appointed Chairman of the Essex County Council, 1971-80.

Platt was created a life peer in 1981. Platt wasn’t quite the offensive criminal that Trumpers was, but like Trumpers, Platt was given a peerage by Thatcher after doing, at least officially, bugger all. Britain was full of ladies who sat on the Church Council and Chaired the County Council at the time, they didn’t all receive peerages. Excuse my cynicism, but Platt received that peerage for something that does not appear in accounts of her biography. I suspect that it was something to do with the abuse ring in the Suffolk/Essex area, which gave rise to John Allen and Dafydd’s business plan to produce child sex workers in north Wales. Allen was in Suffolk, Rab Butler was the Tory MP for nearby Saffron Waldon, 1929-65 and the aristocratic family, the Herveys, have long since had their family seat in the area. John Jermyn Hervey aka Lord Bristol was famously a drug raddled toe rag who infected numerous rent boys with HIV, but John Jermyn was not the only member of his family to meet a sticky end when not very old. His brother Nicholas did as well, who’s lifestyle was nothing like John’s, but Nicholas suffered very badly at the hands of Top Docs. See post ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’.

The obliging and unscrupulous Top Doc in the Suffolk area keeping the lid on the crap was Dr John W. Paulley, who was one of the founders of the University of Buckingham, Thatcher’s dream of a private university. Thatch became Chancellor after the University of Buckingham came into existence. Lord Max Beloff was also heavily involved with the University of Buckingham and many members of the extended Beloff family bagged senior academic positions at the University. Lord Max was mates with Ioan Bowen Rees and Lord Max’ son Michael Beloff QC was a colleague and friend of Cherie and Miranda’s who ensured that the 1996 Jillings Report into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council since 1974 was completely suppressed. See post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’ Lord Max’s sister Norah Beloff was a journo who worked for Reuters and also ‘The Observer’ for many years. Her husband continued to work for ‘The Observer’ after Norah had fallen out with Donald Trelford and left. See previous posts. For information on Lord Max and his family and the University of Buckingham, see post ‘The International Language of Screaming’.


On 24 June 1981, less than a month after joining the Lords Beryl, Platt made her maiden speech on a “subject very close to [her] heart”, that of higher and further education.

Platt was a member of the European Communities Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, 1983-88 and became Chair of the EOC in 1983. In 1984, as a result of encouragement from the Finniston Report, the EOC together with the Engineering Council set up WISE – Women Into Science and Engineering. The initiative was spearheaded by Platt and was established to highlight the career opportunities for girls and women in science and engineering professions.

Beryl Platt almost certainly knew Daphne Jackson, who was President of the Women’s Engineering Society. Daphne Jackson was the first female Professor of Physics in the UK and she spent most of her career at the University of Surrey, her early career having been given a helping hand by Lewis Elton, Ben Elton’s dad, who was also an academic at Surrey. Like Platt, Daphne made a great deal of her support for women in science and engineering and she promoted schemes whereby professional women who had taken career breaks could return to work without losing seniority. As with Beryl, Daphne’s Support For Women was in fact Support For Middle Class Women to go further in their careers. Not all of them however. What did Daphne and her mate Wynn Aherne at Surrey do to me? They stole my work, gave it to one of their mates in Newcastle-upon-Tyne University – a woman of course – who published it with her name on it without me having any idea about this, used it to raise further funds for themselves and told me that my funding had run out. I was made redundant. The biggest irony of all was that Daphne died of cancer in 1991, just two years after they did all this. It was ironic because Daphne wasn’t that old and she had been involved in cancer research fraud with the people who plagiarised my work. Daphne’s obits stressed how she succumbed to the disease that she was ‘helping to fight’ to ‘save other people’. Not quite the real story… See previous posts for further details of Daphne Jackson and Lewis Elton fun..

Platt was an active member of the Lords and between 1990 and 2008 she served on a number of Committees relating to science, technology and engineering, including the Select Committee on Science and Technology. Lord John Walton, the Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who protected Dafydd and the gang for their entire careers (see previous posts), was a member of the Select Committee on Science and Technology, 1992-96 and 1997-2000. Lord Bob Winston Chaired the Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology.
  • From October 2010, Platt was on a leave of absence from the Lords and she died on 1 February 2015.

Platt was a member of the council of the City and Guilds of London Institute, 1974-94. She was a member of the Cambridge University Appointments Board, 1975-79. Platt had been awarded numerous of honorary fellowships and doctorates and was a Fellow of the RSA. She was given the Freedom of the City of London in 1988. Platt was also made a liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Engineers in 1988. She was Vice-President of UMIST, 1984-92 and Chancellor of Middlesex University, 1994-2001.

Compare and Contrast:

The Baroness Platt of Writtle
Baroness Platt of Writtle 2008.jpg


  • Joyce Gould followed Betty Lockwood as National Wimmin’s Officer of the Labour Party, 1975-88. Joyce became a Baroness as well, one obviously does OK for oneself if one spends a few years as the National Wimmin’s Officer of the Labour Party and says nothing at all about the most serious abuse of girls and wimmin at the hands of organised gangs with links to Jimmy Savile.
    • Gould worked as pharmaceutical dispenser, 1952-65, when she was then employed as a clerical worker whilst assisting to organise the ‘Pioneer Women’, 1965-1966. Gould was Assistant Regional Organiser for the Labour Party, 1969-75, Assistant National Agent and Chief Women’s Officer, 1975-85 and then Director of Organisation, 1985-93. Gould was a Committee member of the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination, 1965-75.
    • Joyce Gould was a member of the management committee of the Grand Theatre in Leeds, 1968-72. Theatres, dance halls, entertainment, Savile, Geddit…
    • Joyce was Executive Member of the Joint Committee Against Racism in 1970 and Secretary of the Yorkshire NCCL, 1970-75. NCCL campaigning for paedophiles’ rights, in Yorkshire, ‘owz about that then, now then now then why didn’t anyone stop these silly fuckers at the time…
    •  Joyce Brenda Gould, Baroness Gould of Potternewton (born 29 October 1932) was the daughter of Sydney Manson and his wife Fanny (née Taylor). Joyce was educated at the Roundhay High School for Girls and the Bradford Technical College, where she studied pharmacy. Like Dafydd’s gang in north Wales, the Bradford contingent had and still have a profitable line in distributing and dealing class A drugs.



    • Joyce is a member of the TGWU and GMB. Joyce is rather like Mary Turner, the Labour movement’s wimmin’s hero who was Gen Sec of the GMB from 1997 until her death. Mary the dinner lady who cared so much about wimmin and children while she worked in a Borough of London with Social Services that were riddled with neglect and abuse and one child was slowly starved and battered to death in front of the eyes of Mary’s own colleagues and fellow trade unionists. They didn’t ask any questions before the girl died and they still didn’t ask any after. See post ‘Mary Turner – An Appreciation’. Two stupid vain wimmin who took their orders from some very unpleasant men…
    • On 6 October 1993, Joyce was created a life peer. Just months before, I’d been found guilty of ‘staring at a social worker in Safeways’, the social worker in question being a member of Dafydd’s gang who had perjured herself when she claimed that I screamed and swore at her and that she feared imminent violent attack. She admitted lying when she was in the witness box but there was no investigation…
    •  Joyce was Opposition Whip, 1994–97, whilst also holding positions for the Citizen’s Charter, 1994–96 and Women, 1996–97. She has held positions on various Lords Select Committees: Finance and Staffing (1994–97); European Union Sub-committee C – Environmental Affairs (1994–97); Constitution (2001–05); Speakership of the House (2003); Refreshment (2005-2008) (2012-); Procedure (2008-2009) (2012-2014); Enquiries (2013-2014); Affordable Childcare (2014-); Standing Orders (Private Bills) Committee (2008-). She was Deputy Chair (2002-2012) and Deputy Speaker (2002-2012).
    • Joyce is a member of the Fawcett Society, a past Council member of the Constitution Unit and Vice Chair and Executive member of the Hansard Society.
    • Joyce is President of the Family Planning Association. Previous posts have discussed how many paedophiles’ friends have been involved with the FPA; it was about ensuring that hormonal contraception could be prescribed to underaged girls in care who were being forced into sex work, without questions being asked.
    • Joyce is also Chair of the H Chapman Society. She is a Patron of Yorkshire MESMAC (2008-); UN Women UK, HIV Sport, the Brighton Women’s Centre; Forward (Foundation for Women’s Health Research & Development) and Jo’s Trust. She is Vice President of Speakability (2000-) and President of the Brighton and Hove Fabian Society (2008-) Gould is President of the Mary MacArthur Holiday Trust.
    • Joyce was Chair of the Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV, 2003-2011.In 2007, Gould was appointed to the Board of the Women’s National Commission and shortly after that was made interim Chair . In March 2008, she was appointed as Permanent Chair. She is a past President of the UK charidee Epilepsy Action.In 2006, Gould was made an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists. In 2007 she was made an Hon Fellow British Association for Sexual Health and HIV.

    Malcolm Pearce, the St George’s consultant who was one of those concealing organised abuse in London and in north Wales, grew up in Leeds and retained close contacts with the area.

    Joyce was Secretary of the National Joint Committee of Working Women’s Organisations, 1975-1985. She was Executive member of the Women’s National Commission, 1970-75 and of the Commission on Conduct of Referendums, 1990-94. In 1971, Joyce was a member of the Dept of Employment Women’s Advisory Committee, 1997 -98 of the  Independent Commission on Electoral System. She held the position as Vice President Socialist International Women, 1978–85 and was also a member of the Home Office Committee on Electoral Matters.

  • Joyce Gould: the biggest useful idiot that the Labour Party ever had the good fortune to stumble upon. One who really like being On Committees as well.
  • Joyce published her autobiography in Jan 2016, called ‘The Witchfinder General: A Political Odyssey’

Here’s the Witchfinder General herself thinly disguised in a layer of Wimmin’s Wisdom and the Minutes of the Last Meeting:

Baroness Joyce Gould of Potternewton

Joyce Gould

This photo of the Witchfinder General may be found on the website of Anne Weyman, A Mentor, who describes herself thus: ‘I support Senior and Chief Executives to help promote skills development in areas where executives are less experienced or less comfortable. I also help balance the demands of the job to aid personal and career development.’

Joyce appears on Anne’s website among the ‘endorsements’ testifying to how great Anne is. The first endorsement is this one:

Professor Sir Graeme Catto:

Graeme Catto

Former Chair of the General Medical Council and a man who ignored the crimes of Dafydd et al: I was delighted when Anne was appointed to the General Medical Council. Her clarity of thought and ability to focus on the essential elements of complex issues ensured that her views were influential with her colleagues. As President I knew I could always rely on Anne to make informed comments on sensitive issues in a way that helped us all come to an agreed outcome without rancour. Anne has the ability to encourage less experienced colleagues and always expresses her opinions lucidly and honestly.   She is a great asset to any organisation in which she takes an interest.

Endorsements follow from Sarah Wootton, Chief Exec, Dignity in Dying; David Aaronovitch (he’s been on the Board of the FPA, that’s how he knows Anne); dear old Professor Tanya Byron who tells you how to look after your kids because you certainly can’t do it (Tanya found that Anne was just the role model that she’d been looking for); Sir Nick Partridge, Leading Health care and HIV/AIDS care activist, who worked with Anne when Miranda’s Gov’t gave Anne and Nick £50 million quid in 2000 to design a national strategy for sexual health and HIV (that’ll be why STIs are on the up then, even the old classic gonorrhea; bring back syphilis that what I say, if it was good enough for Bertrand Russell…)

Then Baroness Joyce gives her endorsement of Anne:

I have known Anne for many years as a colleague and friend. Her clarity of thought and passionate commitment to combating prejudice and inequity has been a valuable source of advice and support to me in my work in the House of Lords.  Anne always gets to the core of an issue and finds imaginative and practical routes to achieve changes in public policy.  
As President of FPA I saw first hand her effective leadership in restoring its financial health and establishing FPA at the forefront of influence with government and in the media, ensuring that sexual health had high priority in the public health agenda.  With her vast range of experience no one is better qualified than Anne to mentor chief executives and senior executives.

Two more endorsement of Anne follow from Rick Stein and Dr Katherine Rake…

    • Baroness Gould of Committees was succeeded as National Wimmin’s Officer for the Labour Party, by Vicky Philips, 1989-92. Vicky Philips qualified as a solicitor in Aug 1996. She is Head of the Employment Rights Unit at Thompson Solicitors. Thompsons are the lawyers who represent trade unions. Thompsons represented the NHS and public sector trade unions who’s members were involved in every big health and care scandal that there has been, including the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Vicky was President of the NUS, 1986-1988. Gwynne the lobotomist pegged out towards the end of 1986. He and his people trafficking pals staffed the Student Health Centre in the SU at UCNW. Gwynne’s colleagues continued to do so after Gwynne had snuffed it. Every NUS sabbatical officer in UCNW knew what was going on at the Student Health Centre and colluded with it, in return for comfortable careers, often in the health and social care sector.
    • Vicky qualified as a solicitor in the same month that William Hague announced the Waterhouse Inquiry. She was Wimmin’s Officer for the Labour Party when the police investigation into a possible paedophile ring in operation in north Wales/Cheshire was underway. ‘No evidence’ of such a ring was found. Vicky was in post when there were two attempts to have me imprisoned on the basis of the perjury of members of the paedophile ring which did not exist, one of those attempts being made at the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand, next door to the Court where St Helena of the Kennedy’s, now a Labour peer, was bringing a Wimmin’s Rights test case involving a woman who had murdered her husband. I hadn’t murdered anyone but St Helena was far too busy working with Professor Nigel Eastman, one of Dafydd’s associates at St George’s Hospital Medical School to worry about what was happening to me…

    Vicky Philips regularly gives talks and lectures on employment law to trade union clients and speaks at events organised by the Institute of Employment Rights. She also writes articles and commentary on employment law matters for Federation News and Equal Opportunities Review.

    Vicky’s brief CV:

    2004–present – Member and Executive Committee Member of the Industrial Law Society

  • 1988–1993 – National Women’s Officer, Labour Party
  • 1986 – 1988 – National President, NUS
  • 1985- 1986 – President (Welfare), NUS
  • 1984–1985 – Member of Executive, NUS. In 1984, Duncan Orme, the NUS Welfare Officer at UCNW, refused to deal with my complaint about Gwynne the lobotomist and told me to withdraw it or ‘you’ll get a bad name for yourself’. Duncan was rewarded for running away with a place on the NHS management training scheme and until recently was Financial Director of one of the Staffordshire NHS Trusts which was exterminating patients and deeply in debt. Duncan got a Third and failed his accountancy exams, but he did conceal a trafficking gang. See previous posts.
  • 1983–1984 – President Students’ Union, University of East Anglia.


Here’s some fireworks to welcome in 2019:

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May there be many more of them…

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

19 thoughts on “Stations of the Crass”

  1. Interesting the Clinic about the postwar involvement with ex POWs. I remember the ex Suffolk Regt POWs of Japanese who attended the POW chest clinic at the Stowmarket clinic where mum was caretaker and where we lived in caretaker flat. I still wonder if they were subject of psychobabble research which proliferated in Suffolk ….

    1. In an earlier post I described how during WW II one of the ultimate psychobabbler’s – who was also facilitating organised abuse and continued to do so until he died not so long ago – got his feet under the table at the Tavi and convinced someone to let him write the selection criteria for Army officer recruitment. So worrying, the Army went from the brutalities of the WW I view of ‘shell shock’ (we’ll torture you in this hospital until you opt to return to the trenches), to taking the advice of the idiots who along with Dafydd turned the welfare system into a shagfest.

      Your use of the word Clinic reminds me of Michel Foucault’s work ‘The Birth of the Clinic’ in which he argued that medicine was used to control the population and for no other purpose. It shouldn’t be like that, but for years medicine was used to control the proles – the big Uncle Harry lie of ‘Nye did this for The Poor’ has pissed me off for a long time – and once Blair got his teeth into it, the control element vastly expanded, although it was always there in terms of psychiatry and Advice For The Poor. From Blair onward, it wasn’t just the medical profession that was corrupt and corrupted further, the whole notion of healthcare was too. All dressed up in Public Health Education and Screening: clinically ineffective nearly all of it and massively increasing Gov’t control over the lives of the citizen.

      Analyse the Public Health Education; it is hilarious, Brown and me used to piss ourselves laughing. Helping People Make Healthier Choices. Then it isn’t a choice is it? And the constant beating of people on very low incomes over the head because they Don’t Eat Properly. They might not have a kitchen in which to prepare the Five A Day… Furthermore have you ever looked at what the middle classes actually do, including the Health Educators? They drink like fish – not the 8 pack cans of cider from Spar, they drink expensive stuff – Angels smoke like there’s no tomorrow, half the NHS workforce is on anti-depressants and tranqs, a lot of them enjoy a good snort of coke, it is simply not true to suggest that it is only the plebs scoffing too much and boozing.

      The screening programmes are based substantially on faked data and the rate of false positives and negatives is astounding; the state of many hospital path labs is too bad to ever be publicised; and the constant threats to wimmin that Cancer will be a certainty if they don’t go along to a dishonest fuckwit for a regular grope is the biggest lie of modern times.

      The total effect is to render a population vulnerable and with no confidence in their abilities to look after themselves or their kids. Top Docs shriek about being bothered by patients with trivial complaints, yet they have encouraged this. ‘Talk to your doctor’. No thanks, I’ve wasted enough of my life doing that; I’ve worked with them, I know they way that they live, I know their contempt for patients and I know how much research is forged…

      It is a real laugh to see successive Gov’ts struggle with stats with show that social mobility is not happening, that the clinical outcomes of UK citizens are worse than much of the rest of Europe, that ‘the progress re cancer that we expected hasn’t been achieved’, that health inequalities are as great as ever…

      It’s not working suckers! Paying highly paid medical professionals to insult and belittle people in poverty is not a successful strategy. Screaming at seriously mentally ill people to Take Responsibility is not going to help them; telling teenagers that they’re all fat and lazy is not going to reduce the incidence of self harm or eating disorders…

      These fuckwits have been given responsibility over more and more of the lives of citizens. They cannot do it. I’m not a ‘roll back the state’ Thatcherite, but this abusive, expensive, bloated welfarism which helps no-one but the people who are paid to implement it should be blown out of the water. There are people living on the street and a Govt claiming that it has to reduce the benefits bill because it ‘can’t afford it’; here’s another few billion for the NHS, on ‘interventions’ which don’t work, on a massively corrupt inefficient system…

      As for ‘mental health services’ I despair. Shut them now and save the money. Reinvest in social support for people too distressed to cope independently, ensure that they all have somewhere to live and an adequate income to live on and a decent quality of life, it will make far more of a difference than the teams of incompetents led by punitive arrogant Top Docs. I accept that there does need to be something for people, but I just look back on the ‘care’ that is dished out and was dished out to me years ago when I did go through a bad time and I marvel. How could they have got it so wrong? Well they were a paedophile gang that’s why, but how could anyone have allowed it to continue?

      Ask people with mental health problems who they find most helpful: they nearly all say the support worker. The support worker is the lowest paid person in the chain but they go to the patient’s houses, they are friendly and they help with the cleaning, they take their client to the supermarket for a big shop (cos the client probably hasn’t got a car and it’s hard doing a big shop if you have to walk/go on the bus), they take the client to the cafe for a cup of tea etc. Just all the things that everyone else takes for granted, but Empowered Service Users often can’t do.

      What happened in north Wales? They cut the support workers. Nearly everyone lost their one really helpful person. The vile Top Docs who had patients arrested remained, the fucking horrible social workers who snapped at everybody that ‘we’re not going to help you with your attitude’ stayed, the mad Talking Treatments that didn’t help many people stayed, the prescription pad continued to be wielded with alacrity, but the poor bloody support workers were given their marching orders. I know why. The support workers were not only showing the others up as idiots but the support workers, not being Trained, didn’t have the BMA and RCN or other professional organisations to represent them. So they were shafted.

      The irony is that these days support workers are often young graduates who are not Trained per se but they are bright and caring and the patients love them. Which doesn’t go down well in a failing, abusive service…

      There are now so many news items appearing re the NHS that I am not bothering to comment on them anymore. But I note that the running themes are the same – the NHS needs more money and no matter what ‘initiatives’ are ‘rolled out’ the recruitment of staff is proving impossible. Politicians are shrieking.

      Politicians: the NHS cannot recruit because it is a corrupt rotten organisation where bullying and blaming someone else rules the day. People will not work in such an organisation, they won’t do it. There’s no point bellyaching on about ‘training’ more staff; there are thousands and thousands of ‘trained’ NHS professionals working in other jobs because they will not go back to the NHS. Not because of the pay, but because it’s horrible and managerialist and brutal and good staff don’t want to abuse and neglect their patients. The more you repeat the mantra that ‘it’s a matter of resources’ while ignoring every ex nurse who says ‘it wasn’t the pay that made me leave’, the more that you continue to appoint ‘whistleblowing champions’ who have spent their careers getting rid of whistleblowers and Safeguarders who have occupied senior roles in services where clients have been abused, the bigger these problems became.

      By the way politicians, just look at the CVs of some of those who are at the top of the NHS/medicine. Just look at where they have worked and when. They nearly all have been in positions of responsibility in services that were dogged by scandal and complaint. It’s not a recipe for success is it? Look at how many at the top worked with David Nicholson and the Staffordshire/midlands contingent; look at how many worked at St George’s; at Bart’s…

      I could go on. Everyone knows where the hubs of corruption were. The people who covered it up were given promotion. They are now running the NHS…

      1. I could point to the same phenomenon in the law.

        Dear old Lady Brenda Hale, President of the Supreme Court, was mouthing off on the Guardian website today about diversity and wimmin. Oh please, give it a rest Brenda.

        The problem Brenda is with you as much as with anyone else. You have been in the system a long long time now. Where were you when I was being dragged through the Courts amidst perjury Brenda? Where were you in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal? You knew what was happening in the Courts in Chester and Wales. You knew that Ronnie Waterhouse was a personal friend of those who organised the abuse in north Wales. You said nothing…

        Brenda is mates with St Helena. Who is mates with Nigel Eastman of St George’s. Who concealed the sex abuse gang in north Wales and in south London.

        Er, Brenda??? Do you remember it all? Because the rest of us will never be able to forget. Those of us who actually survived that is…

        Judge after judge Brenda – they knew exactly what was going on. Not one of you had the guts to speak out. And you’re now President of the Supreme Court. That’s how you got there. So don’t insult us wimmin by banging on about your commitment to Diversity. You are old, white, female, posh and corrupt. It is the corrupt bit that matters. Having someone who is old, white, male, posh and NOT CORRUPT would be far, far better than having you and Helena, who are committed to wimmin and diversity and ignored a gang of sex offenders who waved at you daily in Court.

        Brenda isn’t a member of The Garrick! She’s a member of the Athenaeum. As was Jimmy Savile.

        Do you know Brenda, if I popped into somewhere for a bite to eat and Jimmy Savile was sitting in there, I think that I might just have noticed.

        1. Someone has just e mailed and told me that the mental health services are the Cinderella of the NHS.

          No, that is a lie put about by greedy abusive Top Docs and MIND. There’s nothing Cinderella about that bunch of troughers.

          Cinders worked hard, was useful and didn’t use many resources. If the mental health services were like Cinders, we’d all be a lot better off…

          By the way, why did Cinders WANT to go to the fucking ball anyway?? Can you imagine the sort of people who’d be there? Lady Brenda and St Helena probably, they’d be raising money for MIND or the NSPCC. Along with Ruth Deech.

          1. Can I just put in a word for the Cinders’s ie. cleaners here?

            I used to be a cleaner! My, how the Trained Angels enjoyed rubbing it in that I was a Cleaner whereas once I’d been a Cancer Researcher.

            The cleaners with whom I worked were far, far nicer than my former colleagues at St Georges. Neither were they running a criminal gang. And amazingly enough Angels, I was not the only one among them who had a degree.

            I told you before vile ones – I wasn’t going to behave like you. Put me in a team of cleaners and I’ll chat to them about what YOU are doing to people, because those cleaners knew about those we know and love as well. Put me in the chicken factory in Llangefni and I’ll notice that the machines are illegal, that the workers are having their fingers chopped off and that Ysbyty Gwynedd are covering it up and so is Llangefni Council.

            You’re more than welcome to sneer Angels. I’ve got a brain and I do tend to use it wherever I am and whatever I’m up to. Which is why you all had such a problem with me.

            By the way, although its now quite a few years since I was made redundant and had to go into hiding, my publication list is still better than many of those in senior lecturing jobs.

            Now do us a favour Angels and fuck off. You grovelled to Dafydd and ignored a gang of paedophiles to get jobs as Angels. I didn’t, I’m still more highly qualified and better published than you and now I’ve exposed the lot of you.

            Furthermore my degrees are real ones, they weren’t given to me by the School of Nursing at Manchester University because the NHS paid the course fees and everyone passed because it would make the NHS look bad if the Angels weren’t capable of academic achievement.

  2. Uncle Harry’s nephew – when you were at Harvard, I was doing a bit of cleaning!!

    I’m as well published as your Uncle Harry too Ed…

    Yvette – you boasted that your first job was on a farm driving a tractor at 15 yrs. I drove a tractor when I was 13 yrs old Yvette. And my dad wasn’t the Head of a trade union representing professional highly paid people either.

    1. Brenda Hale was appointed a Law Lord in 2004. The year that eight NHS staff perjured themselves in an attempt to have me imprisoned. The case collapsed on the first day of the trial and the corrupt judge, Huw Daniel, bellowed and roared with fury when he was told that the charges of ‘threats to kill’ had been withdrawn and replaced by a minor public order charge. Daniel gave me the max sentence possible, over 120 hrs community service and made a speech to the Court about the ‘excellent’ staff at Hergest and how the corrupt NHS Hergest Unit manager Alun Davies was my ‘victim’, as were Davies’s family no less, although I’ve never had contact with any of them.

      Huw Daniel, Huw Daniel’s dad and Dafydd were all mates.

      Come on then Brenda, let’s have a comment. I’ve got all the documentation now, showing the extent of the perjury that went on.

      Brenda used to lecture in law at Manchester University and both her first and second husband lectured in law at Manchester. Just after I finished my PhD, Miranda et al put out the order to Get Merfyn (the VC of Bangor University). Because of the refusal of the mental health services in Gwynedd to provide adequate care for students, Merfyn was known to be so worried that he feared that the University could be sued. Just months later, a lawyer from Manchester University gave a media interview offering to represent any student who wanted to sue their university if they had not been able to receive mental health care.

      Did you know anything about this Brenda? Being part of the Mansfield Community, which of course has bred with the Cherie Booth Community? Why was the threat made to sue a university rather than the NHS? It is the NHS that is failing in its duty of care by refusing to care for students. If the A&E had refused to treat a broken leg of a student, would one of your colleagues have offered to sue Merfyn for not setting the fracture?

  3. “The Clinic” Stowmarket was Suffolk Council The ambulance station and Clinic were combined.

    We moved in 1962.

    I had no perception the NHS was just 14 years old. Or that the poor law had not really been killed off. EG Leonard Cheshire who kept the spirit of the workhouse alive and well in care homes in remote stately homes unfit for purpose.

    A lady still ran the Clinic and I dubbed her the formidable Miss Phillipo. I still think she was a charitable care remnant of Poor Law whom no one dared tell about the creation of NHS One particular difficulty was she refused to give up the keys. One of the large storage cupboards carried the sign “Miss Phillipo’s cupboard” which seemed odd as she had the keys to all the cupboards anyway.

    A brisk inspection of the ambulance area and a breezy “Ambulance forecourt is a credit to you”

    Dad asked stalwart old ambulanceman Tom who she was. “Ahh that is Miss Phillipo” said Tom clearly believing he had given sufficient explanation.

    The first triumph seems to have been when mum got the keys to the cleaning cupboard. And the schedule of clinics issued by the council was pinned upon the inside of the cleaning cupboard door. Miss Phillipo’s empire suffered its first reverse.

    The council wrote a directive that an office be prepared for social workers to be based at The Clinic

    This was particularly of interest to school dentist and others based at Clinic primarily because no one knew wtf a social worker is.

    Etiquette as that professionals new to building would ring at front door and be ushered in by caretaker.

    But a male and a female of the new social worker species ignored etiquette. They wandered across ambulance forecourt to go in back gate to clinic. The male snorted back footballer style and spat on to ambulance forecourt. Dad sprinted out and after mentioning “Coughs and sneezes spread diseases” an altercation ensued. Clearly, with light of hindsight, the male sw had been taken in by his one year training (One fifth of a proper apprenticeship as a few clinic professionals observed) namely that “Assertiveness” could act as an alternative to submission. Dad wanted the male SW to clean up the globule. Observation skills seemed lacking in SW too. Dad was 5 foot 6 tall and about the same wide His appearance was akin to a silverback dressed in a blue serge uniform. Anyway the social worker ended up being dragged by his ankles back and forth through the offending sputum.

    It is true that dad’s propensity for violence was on this occasion also an obvious manoeuvre to gain moral high ground. When the roughed up Male SW went to walk on to Clinic the gorilla built martinet said “NO it is Suffolk Regiment POW clinic day. Can’t allow any cross infection risk .. you got snot all over your jacket”

    So SW went direct to police station where a grinning sarge had already began scripting SW
    s statement. Opening line was SW confession to depositing noxious waste. SW stomped out outraged

    I think the clinic consensus was it would never have happened in Miss Phillipo’s day. But that Miss P thoroughly approved of the summary justice dished out to the SW. Standards must be maintained.

    The MOH approved as dad’s disciplinary was to share a bottle of whisky and laugh at MOH joke that Stowmarket ambulance was given too little work and had desperately sought to create their own casualties”.

    1. The reality was Richard that the spirit of the Poor Law infused the new NHS no matter what Uncle Harry’s nephew tells us. From it’s inception, the NHS treated the Poor as plebs who needed to be given orders and judged on every level in every way, whereas professional people were treated with much more respect. Racism was endemic in the NHS, so endemic that the Voices of the Black Nurses of that generation are now carefully edited so as to avoid any admissions that NHS unions also systematically discriminated against black staff. The NHS worker who blew the whistle on the Ely Hospital Scandal in the late 1960s was a black man. He was trashed on the grounds of his colour as well as on every other aspect of him…

      The NHS was as hierarchical as any Army from the outset and that hasn’t changed. No-one who hasn’t worked in the NHS can imagine how mad and elitist it is.

      I cannot support your father’s actions no matter how bad that social worker was! However, social work’s beginnings were weird. They used to be called almoners and being a Lady Almoner – they were virtually all women – was a popular option for the daughters of the posher variety of Top Doctor. It’s why Lady Juliet was an almoner and why the next generation, who were then called social workers, had so many Jane Hutts and Tessa Jowells, the not very bright daughters of doctors.

      The Lady Almoners tended to be seriously posh, not merely middle class and they were rather Lady Bountiful, but because they were so posh they could actually do things like find their clients places to live and jobs etc. I have heard the generation of women who are now dying off talk about being really helped by the Almoner. I doubt that Lady Juliet was much use because she was too busy running the paedophile gang with Dafydd, but if a posh woman of that generation wanted to help a distressed person, they had enough power to do so.

      Something went pear-shaped in the late 60s and early 70s and it was more complex than Left Wing Social Workers. The next generation of social workers did react against the posh Lady Bountifuls certainly, but I know people who are old lefties but not mad n abusive who gave up being social workers when they were young after they realised that they could do nothing to help clients living in poverty and being abused by the state. The ones left behind were the Janes and the Tessas who talked the language of equity but God did they conceal rot…

      A lot has been written about social work being infused with gay rights and thus paedophiles were not identified; that was the excuse for Islington. But not all gay men are paedophiles! People did know the difference and they knew the difference in the 1970s as well. It is just another lame excuse…

      For some reason, social work DID become infiltrated by abusers of both boys and girls in the 1960s and by the 70s it was out of control and none of the spineless tossers who made up most of the profession and Gov’t would stop it, because it was by then gangster-driven. Abuse of kids and psych patients was happening as far back as the 50s but the people doing it gained the upper hand and ended up in control of the system. WHY that happened I haven’t quite worked out. There were good people but they got out, sensing that there was no room for them in such a system.

      The corruption of the welfare state seems to have gone hand in hand with the big names like Brian Abel-Smith, Peter Towsend etc refusing to admit that terrible things were happening and ruthlessly silencing or blowing out of the water all critics. I’m taking a lot of interest in Abel-Smith at the moment; he was a Prof at the LSE, massively influential and ruthlessly concealed horrors. He was gay and definitely concealing organised abuse in the welfare services but whether he was an abuser himself I don’t know. But Abel-Smith at the LSE explains why some of the worst of those involved in the north Wales scandal were LSE grads. I used to wonder how the hell it happened, the LSE takes itself seriously, it wasn’t Cartrefle College; but not being Cartrefle and having Abel-Smith there meant that it was bomb proof and many hid under its wing.

      I mentioned in a previous post that Abel-Smith and co were state bureaucrats, not caring, sharing humane people. They put the reputation of their glorious creation before anything else, ooh Nye n Abel-Smith and the NHS, not a word of could be said against them. Which is a dangerous position. One couldn’t say anything rude about Prof Stuart Hall either which is how he and Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law were able to mobilise leftie academics against Brown.

      Someone e mailed me an article this morning about poverty in the UK in the 1970s. It was actually an article about a photographic exhibition of terrible housing and poverty in Britain the the early 70s, in Toxteth, Glasgow and Manchester. That was years after the creation of the NHS, years after Abel-Smith and Townsend did their big poverty reports, yet there were still people living like that. It was mentioned that the photographer had not been able to find a venue to exhibit at the time. I bet he that hadn’t, because That Wasn’t Happening In Britain in the 1970s, just as there are no photos of the inside of Denbigh from the 1970s and 80s. None. It’s not a coincidence. I tried to take photos and was met with opposition…

      When I first went to north Wales, there was serious poverty in Bangor, Bethesda, Deiniolen etc. Those people were invisible and ignored. Brian Abel-Smith and Nye had eradicated such hardship and that was that. Gwynedd Social Services was there but running a paedophile gang. No-one acknowledged it. Conditions in Denbigh were appalling, no-one admitted that either.

      It was all a big lie. We Did it To Help The Poor. Organised crime took over because no-one was allowed to criticise the big wigs of the welfare state…

      Uncle Harry’s nephews grew up in Primrose Hill, not Bethesda. Neither did they ever see the inside of Denbigh. Privileged people can design a welfare system, I’m not one who thinks that posh people are wrong ‘uns, but privileged people firmly in denial or who lie cannot design a welfare system. Ed even got married after the Daily Mail criticised him for cohabiting with Justine because he thought that the 1950s style bigotry would damage his chances of getting into No 10. He really wasn’t going to admit that vulnerable people were being abused by mates of his Uncle Harry was he?

      1. Dad also roughed up the corgi breeder whose gang lead dogs all crapped in unison outside the patient entrance gate. Corgi man never walked his dogs in that road again.

        Yes nowadays dad would grace the inside of a cell. He was also commandant of the Red Cross in the town. One year a yob kicked a Red Cross nurse flag tray up in her face. That evening dad got the overtime picking the yob up for admission to hospital. He had been bent backwards over railings and hit across diaphragm with a steel bar. As dad said to him on stretcher “You got hit just about where a flag tray would rest against a person. Think on bor”

        It was a changing world then Sally. I think Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre absorbed almoner role and feel sure they got the Stowmarket ambulance job and caretaker job for dad and mum. The previous driver in residence was sacked and the previous caretaker who lived nearby was sacked. I have records (which are as rare as rocking horse manure) of mum asking the centre at her counselling session about her husbands wish to get an ambulance job but not with Ipswich Borough as he could not work with his dad. I also think this was how mum wangled a full grant from council to send older bro to Royal Hospital School (RN Boarding School)

        1. There’s another Corgi breeder who’s been letting her dogs crap over the patients’ entrance as well.

          I know that it’s common parlance to maintain that the world changed at that time, but the changes were material rather than societal eg. people had indoor bogs and bathrooms rather than outside ones. It is of course very nice to have an inside bog and a bathroom and a warm dry house, but in terms of those Corgis crapping everywhere, we still have one hell of a problem.

          Does Britain really want or need a Head of State who ensured that a vicious criminal gang based on people trafficking remained in operation for decades because one of their principle vehicles was the Welsh University of which the heir to the throne was Chancellor? Because that is the sum of it. 100% immunity for very, very serious criminals. All they had to do was call on Carlo, ooh we can’t possibly name these people, they are linked to Carlo. Neither should we forget that the key piece of evidence that would have sent Jeremy Thorpe to prison was not presented in court because of the ’embarrassment’ that it would cause the Queen.

          One doesn’t have to be Dave Spart to believe that this cannot be tolerated.

          1. Society was being changed such as 1967 Labour replacement of common law obligation to report. Misprision of Felony. Those few folk who felt they should report even without common law compulsion became know as “Whistleblowers”.

          2. I absolutely accept your point that laws and guidelines were changing, but it was not effective because it did not change the attitudes or practices as desired and expected.

            Take whistleblowers as an example. They weren’t called that in a previous era but if you look at every NHS/social care scandal exposed by a whistleblower from Ely Hospital in the late 1960s to the most recent exposes, the way of dealing with the whistleblower is identical. They are subjected to a process that discredits them EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN DEMONSTRATED TO BE CORRECT. They are discredited by reference to their level in the organisation – if they are senior, they are a ‘bully’ or ‘in conflict with their colleagues’, if they are junior, they lack understanding and experience; there are always questions raised about their mental health; a fine tooth comb is applied to their work history to find anything, anything at all that can be criticised; false allegations of misconduct are levelled against them; and as with the black man who reported the abuse in Ely, smears based on ethnicity/race are employed if possible, no matter how careful the wording. Colleagues are also encouraged to make complaint about them. They always end up leaving their profession even if fully vindicated, it is made impossible for them to return, even if, as in the case of Dr Sian Caiach, the surgeon in Wales who reported two of her colleagues for swindling the NHS, the criteria for stopping them working is that their colleagues have lost confidence in them. The colleagues who lost confidence in Sian were the two Doctors that she reported for defrauding the NHS. They were indeed guilty, but it was Sian who was sacked and struck off. She did nothing wrong, nothing. She was an NHS Doc who followed procedure to the letter when she discovered that two other Docs were swindling the NHS out of money. They simply refused to work with her and it was Sian who was kicked out.

            In Bangor University, a truly vicious senior nursing lecturer – who had already driven one junior researcher to a breakdown – did exactly the same thing a couple of years later to a PhD student. They went to HR to raise a bullying concern and they were told by HR ‘please don’t make a formal complaint, because she’ll make counter-allegations against you if you do.’ The PhD student had to take time off sick; they had been insulted and abused and the senior lecturer was going to complain about them! That nursing lecturer is now Prof and Director of Nursing at Birmingham University. Two nervous breakdowns, definitely attributable to her. No-one would touch her; lets just get her a big job that she wants and then she’ll go…

            After I had been constantly harassed by a senior member of staff at Bangor University who had even stopped my bloody salary by refusing to sign the appropriate document, I wrote an angry e mail to her. It was angry but it wasn’t threatening and no it wasn’t sweary. She rang my friend, who was one of the UCU reps at Bangor and asked him to support her complaint of bullying against me. He laughed in her face and asked her how a research fellow on a short term contract could bully a Head of Dept who had tried to block her salary. She then ordered another junior member of staff to make a false statement about me bullying them and them being terrified of me. The plot fell apart and they fessed up. There was no come back for any of them, although had they not been caught, I’d have been sacked. Bangor University had pages of anti-bullying policies. They didn’t work in the face of bullying staff! They could terrorise people as easily as they could have done in 1950.

            The first stage of the anti-bullying policy dictated that the person who felt bullied had to sit down with the alleged bully and ‘tell them that you feel bullied’. That is manna from heaven to a good bully. Their target will be jelly by the end of the meeting. They’ll have left their job a few weeks later.

            People are still being sacked from jobs for getting pregnant, for being Foreign, for being ill or for numerous other reasons which have supposedly rendered people unsackable for years. Layers and layers of legislation has changed very little. NHS patients are being harmed by staff who have harmed other patients and there is no accountability. Children are sometimes still mistreated by teachers in the way that teacher trainers will tell you doesn’t happen these days.

            It is about the abuse of power and it is rampant. The legislation to Protect People is written by people who want to ensure that they and their cadre do not lose their power. That is why we have a Completely Different Looking Parliament these days with lots and lots of Wimmin and some ethnic minorities. They are Wimmin and ethnic minorities who have used the power that they have over other people to get into Parliament. Loads of Labour wimmin MPs got in there on wimmin only shortlists, where candidates selected by the local party were actively discriminated against to make room for one of Harriet’s friends. Other things of note: The Asian Woman who represents Wigan is the granddaughter of Lord Frank Byers, the former Liberal leader of the Lords. The Bangladeshi Woman who represents Hampstead and Kilburn is the niece of the former PM of Bangladesh. The Jewish Woman who represents Liverpool Wavertree is the great niece of Lord Manny Shinwell.

            Of course I do not think that people who want to go into politics should be discriminated against if they are from a political dynasty, they might be fantastic at the job. But those three people have presented themselves as having Overcome to get into Parliament. They are three privileged women with powerful well-connected families behind them about which they have remained silent. They might as well be Charles and James Morrison, two MPs who’s dad James was an MP who became Lord Margadale.

            Look at Lady Doctors today. There’s lots of Lady Doctors, gosh things have changed. Lady Doctors today do exactly what female NHS professionals always did: they tell working class women what to do and how to look after their kids and even grumble about the diet that they feed their kids. Lady Doctors respond to Ladies like themselves – well-educated, professional Ladies – in a different way. They are far more likely to warn them of deleterious effects of interventions and they are far less likely to refer them to a doctor like Dafydd. Because the shit will hit the fan if they do.

            My overarching point is that the power structure is as firmly in place as it was before the world changed and it substantially consists of the same layers of people; the very top layer has of course become proportionally much, much richer. Rich these days means very, very rich. Ladies on the FTSE Boards aren’t going to make a jot of difference to the plight of cleaners on zero hours contracts.

            Baroness Martha Lane Fox! Dot com entrepreneur and all round wonder woman! Er, her dad is Robin Lane Fox, Oxford don of the variety that has cluttered up Oxford for hundreds of years. I don’t mind that, but I don’t like being told that Martha the self-made woman’s achievements are All Her Own Work. She did begin with a head start…

            Robert Peston! Er, son of Lord Peston.

            Huw Edwards! Er, son of Plaid Big Wig and Professor HT Edwards. About as big as one can get in rural Wales.

            I could go on for a very, very long time in this vein…

            I am not entirely unaffected by the syndrome myself. My adult life was wrecked by a bunch of gangsters but until I was 12 I had a robust Tory activist grandfather who talked politics and history to me, taught me French, chess etc and generally encouraged me to go for it. Had I not had those early years with him I probably wouldn’t have gone for the jugular of a disgusting old lobotomist and continued when his mates began threatening me. As a kid I was told to go to university, not have sex with lobotomists and early culture is quite important… It is why there are no kids from north Wales children’s homes sitting in Parliament. No matter how much bollocks is talked about Social Mobility and Diversity.

  4. I do not believe it was Labours intention to improve things. If they had not socio dabbled then the top docs and others you name you would instead be able to accuse of criminal offence. Labour replaced the common law of individual duty without creating any reward or protection for whistleblowers.

    This is why in. my original submission to IICSA I suggested they recommend re introducing qui tam and misprision of felony by statute. To undo Labour socio dabbling, break the monopoly of those who betrayed us (Social Service) and begin to rebalance rights with duties and responsibilities.

    John Reid consultation about restoring qui tam by statute was not about its social safeguarding effect but about safeguarding NHS MOD and Nuclear supply chains against company fraud by empowering and rewarding workforce whistleblowers.

    1. Richard, I must say that I have come to the conclusion that you are right when you say that Labour did not intend to improve things. I am working on a post at the moment and have others in development about key Labour figures who undoubtedly had no intention at all of improving anything, they were ruthless opportunists who simply thought that their route to political success was by climbing aboard the Nye Bevan/Wimmin n Children/Poor People bandwagon.

      I grew up among hard right Tories who used the word ‘socialist’ as a term of abuse. Both my father and my grandfather became very disillusioned with Thatcher et al and maintained that they were a bunch of crooks, a charge that they’d always levelled at Harold Wilson. Brown’s dad was rather more of an Officer and a Gentleman than my father and grandfather, but Col Brown too was most unhappy about Thatch and the crew.

      By the time that we were in our mid-late teens, Brown and our closest friends were lefties. Yet we all noticed the wankers involved in student politics – including Jack McConnell – and by our 20s, Brown and I had given up with the Labour Party. Our friends who were shafted by Jack McConnell later gave up with the Labour Party too. When there was mass disillusionment with Miranda, Brown used to say to me ‘well I never expected the Labour Party to help me anyway’.

      The problem isn’t ‘left wing socio-babble’ Richard, it is complete idiots who don’t understand the social theory that they are misusing and bandying around; they are thick and they are selfish and they are in a Parliament near you.

      I and my friends have through the years met so many people like us. Lefties, often from Tory families, who were shocked at the stupidity and dishonesty and weakness of the people whom we met when we flirted with political activism. At first I thought that the Mafia of Drips just ruled supreme in Wales, but no, the Hampstead crowd are just as bad, just richer and better connected.

      Mainstream people, Tories, Labour and Liberal, would have been outraged if they knew that the way to the top for every one of these troughing bastards had been to collude with a gang of sex offenders and a thoroughly corrupt political and professional elite. It doesn’t matter whether you are a retired coal miner from south Wales or Sir Bufton Tufton from Barking-in-the-Marshes, the chances are that you don’t want your country and NHS run by a load of fucking criminals and there’d be blood in the streets if what has been going on ever became widely known.

      As for the Wimmin’s Champs – I could sock them in the fucking mouth. They were being told in no uncertain terms what was going on. Even if they didn’t care that 12 yr old boys were being gang raped by elderly paedophiles, what about the girls and the wimmin who were being targeted by Dafydd and others like him?? ‘Well we really can’t take on a doctor’. Oh excuse me you stupid cow, you might be too fucking scared to ‘take on a doctor’ – lest you lose your supply of HRT which increases your chance of breast cancer, DOH!!! – but I’m not.

      We are on our own Richard, but Brown and my friends knew that a long time ago. One of my mates was killed and another one’s baby died of wilful negligence at Musgrove Park Hospital. No-one, no-one came to help.

      The wimmin are every bit as bad as the men that they whinged about.

      Come on then Wimmin, leave a comment on this blog. You’ve all gone very quiet. You know who I am, by the time that I was forced into hiding, my case had become quite well known among politicians. I gave ALL of you chance after chance after chance. You sat in the corner and wet yourselves. Your constituents were being trafficked and sexually assaulted IN HOSPITALS and in their own homes and you were told about this. I know the people who wrote to you! They were telling me that in every case you just couldn’t do anything about this.

      You could have written a blog naming the offenders you spineless cows. But now I’ve done it.

      Get them out of Parliament someone. Just get them out.

      1. Just to Labour the point.

        I was abandoned to the gangsters completely until in 2003-04, a MALE junior Gov’t Minister tripped over my case when the paedophile gang asked him to strike my name off the teaching register on the grounds that I was a danger to children. He refused. It cost him his expected place in the Lords and unleashed a campaign to drive his friend Merfyn Jones out of public life.

        Years later, a female social worker asked me in the middle of Porthmadog whether I had seen anything of ‘Merfyn’s sinister friend’ who was ‘a Philanderer’. This social worker wrote a book all about the history of the North Wales Hospital and it’s caring ways.

        Jesus Christ, give me a Philanderer and quickly…

        As all old hippies know, Janis Joplin sang ‘Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz…’

        Oh Lord won’t you buy me a nice little car and a comfy bungalow and I’ll look in the other direction when an Empowered Service User hangs themselves.

        1. I am sure the UK needs a huge examination of NHS.

          From the outset consultants encouraged to research. With no scrutiny or reference to world standards. And no Nuremberg rights observed to tell patients they are researching.

          I am sure what caused my leg disabling rickets late onset was corticosteroids. After a year or so on the night time leg clamps I recall it was my granddad who took me to hospital to refuse further treatment. And I recall the doctor had to come into corridor to examine my knees because Granddad fetched him out while refusing to allow me into consulting room.

          At some point I also fell under J G Howells research. Until our GP caught dad giving me ephedrine and quinine when I was 8 and I didn’t go to Howells clinic again. There again I didn’t go to Ipswich Chest Clinic again either for my asthma. The chest clinic was a feeder to Howells and his idea he could cure child asthma drug free by treating the parents with “Vector Therapy” Yet Howells clinic was prescribing off the record unknown to GP.

          Running through the history was Dr (Professor of General Practice) John Tait who started his Suffolk medical career under John Paulley. And ran GPs training schemes with Paulley (And Howells?)at Ipswich Hospital later in his career when he was an Aldeburgh GP.

          Last week a former president of Royal College of Psychiatry admitted his profession did more harm than good.

          One of the most absurd, to my mind, things is blood pressure readings. A century old arm squeezing device is used. Thank goodness squeeze testing was not extended to throat constriction while listening with a stethoscope for sound of blocking the airway.

          “What was my BP before you squeezed my arm doc ?”

          Similarly “How were my lungs before you made me do a forced expiratory flow test doc ?”

          I am on ancestry uk now. Family tree. Suffolk ancestor 1700s died aged 106. Another ancestor and his wife each died at 102. Late 80s and 90s were pretty commonplace ages at death.

          I am astounded how they managed it without statins and vaccines and blood pressure meds.

          I see that in the 1960s the sugar industry paid American professors to blame cardiovascular disease on fat. Mind boggles. As fat intake was cut antidepressant prescribing grew like a plague.

          1. The NHS is in such a sorry state that no-one DARES give it an examination; this has been the prevailing opinion for many years and the problems have escalated.

            There is huge quantities of laughable poor quality medical research which Top Docs know is laughable poor quality research, but because the criteria for funding research and promotion to the appropriate Committees/Boards and even for the few to the Lords is unrelated to the quality of research, the interventions etc promoted and prioritised by the NHS are not always the appropriate ones. There are situations in which politicking does have to be used to select for certain things and certain people, but in the case of health and social research, it is the data that should take priority. Not which person on which Committee can least afford to be pissed off by Gov’t – Lord Bob Winston and Lord John Walton probably – or who knows which MP. Or in the case of Anthony Giddens, who was working at Leicester University when the place was covering up re Greville Janner and Frank Beck.

            This is a matter of public health and national security. And now that Britain has hitched its fortunes up to the Life Sciences Industry, it is a matter of the industrial strategy of the UK. It was not a good idea to give politicians with no understanding of science or medicine the responsibility to decide what should be available on the NHS. Not that they did decide: they all went to a lecture by Mark Williams who spouted crap and lied about his Miracle and they swallowed it because ooh its better than tablets isn’t it? Not if it doesn’t work and was dreamt up by a gang of sex offenders who were covering their tracks…

            The Top Docs with the sharpest elbows and the best table manners run rings around those idiots in Parliament. The honest Top Docs and scientists won’t partake of the circus and are finding places where their lives are as least painful as possible, which is increasingly not in research and clinical work…

            By the way, I did notice yet another Cancer Story today! There’s another Miracle out of Cambridge which will be in a Clinic near you very soon! And the Big Yin has notified Radio 4 that he knows that the end is nigh what with his Parkinsons. Which is a little odd because we were being told that there was a cure for Parkinsons just around the corner well before the Big Yin stopped his Brave Battle alongside his psychotherapist wife and realised that he was going to die.

            No, I don’t WANT him to die, even though he’s not funny any more, I just want celebs to stop repeating the lies that they have been told by Docs et al in order to extract money or promotion. I don’t want to have to keep encountering people who get very upset with me when I refuse to give to Cancer Research or run a marathon in a pink bra because their mum died from cancer and they think that I am a callous cow. I don’t have time to explain what I witnessed when I worked in Cancer Research or list all the names and all the frauds and all the utterly avoidable suffering that has been caused by the endemic dishonesty in medicine which contributed to their mum’s plight anyway. I just want this mountain of lies to stop.

            By the way, there was another Clever Scientist knighted in the New Years Honours whom I haven’t yet mentioned on the blog who worked with folk involved with cancer research fraud: Sir Melvyn Greaves! I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to blog about Melvyn. Interested readers can just correlate his former colleagues and institutions with people named on this blog who I used to work with. They can do the same for Sir Paul Nurse as well, he hasn’t escaped my notice, but I’ve got a to-do list a mile long.

            The Clue – the Imperial Cancer Research Fund!!! Under Sir Walter Bodmer!! Some naughty, naughty things went on there… Read my previous posts on the matter…

  5. BBC News Wales is reporting that an unidentified man in an unidentified part of north Wales was visited by a drugs gang who colonised his home for a number of days, trapping him inside, while they used the place for their drug deals. BBC News Wales have used a term for this, cuckooing, that it new to me. Sadly I need to inform BBC News Wales that the phenomenon is now at all new to north Wales.

    In approx 2000, I knew an Empowered Service User living in Bethesda who’s flat was taken over by a drugs gang. This man was in the ‘care’ of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team and Bethesda Surgery. He had been in unsuitable accommodation with relatives for years and years, had been on the waiting list for a flat for a good 10 years and as with nearly everyone – except those doing fiddles with the Services, he’d got nowhere. A family crisis rendered him homeless and after a few weeks, the Arfon Team finally came up with a flat in a shared building in Bethesda. He liked it and was delighted to have somewhere to live but after a few weeks told me that he was going to find another place to live because of ‘bad neighbours’. After further conversation I realised that the neighbours weren’t ‘neighbours’ they were drug dealers, nasty ones, who were letting themselves into his flat and he was terrified.

    It was Brown who enlightened me. ‘Dealers are taking over Empowered Service Users flats to use as dens for their dealing’. That, it transpired, was exactly what had happened to this man. In Bethesda. Everyone knew that he was being terrorised. Well I say everyone; the Arfon Team decided that he was ‘being fussy’ after they’d gone to all that trouble ‘helping’ him. They told him that if he moved out of the flat they would categorise him as having made himself voluntarily homeless and would not be ‘helping’ him again. He did move out of the flat, the gang turned up with a sledgehammer and he fled.

    He was homeless until a relative sorted out somewhere for him to live.

    There was another group of people who knew that man was living in terror but was abandoned by the Arfon Team after he fled a gang: the dear old overpaid GPs at Bethesda Surgery. The highest paid people in Bethesda. They used to question this man about every aspect of his life, even a brief liaison that he’d had with a partner – I know why that was, it was because she was a witness to a particular serious bit of criminality on the part of Dafydd et al years ago and Dr Gareth Jones wanted to find out how much she’d told her friend.

    Should Drs Jones, Nickson, Heinersdorff and Mithan be questioned about this? Well when they are, perhaps after that they could explain why they ignored an Empowered Service User who was homeless and malnourished trying to throw herself in front of cars right outside of the surgery, why they ignored three reports of a man of 19 buggering boys of 10 and 11, why they stood by while Gwynedd Social Services made false allegations against an innocent father and placed his child with a family with two sex offenders in the household, why they were knowingly referring women patients to a Top Doc in Ysbyty Gwynedd who was known to be sexually assaulting them and why Heinersdorff when on call refused to pay a home visit to a patient who lived a 10 min walk down the hill from her when he was having a heart attack. He died.

    For a finale, when a patient of Dr Mithan’s was having a miscarriage at 4 or 5 months, her husband rang Mithan only to be told to put a big sheet of polythene on the floor, to let his wife miscarry the foetus onto the sheet and then flush the foetus down the bog.

    It was so bad that when other people heard the story all they could do was comment that most households don’t have a sheet of polythene in the cupboard under the stairs in the event of miscarriage. I wonder who’d have paid the plumbers bill if the foetus had caused a blockage in the U bend?

    Patient F once caused much mirth when he was sitting in the surgery and a new patient said ‘what are the doctors here like?’ And F replied ‘Oh they’re all pretty good except for Mithan’, only to find that Mithan was standing behind him. I laughed even more than I did at Dafydd and one day I was telling another Empowered Service User what F had said. The Empowered Service User observed that F had been far too generous in his assessment because ‘they’re all bloody awful including Mithan’.

    ‘The Guardian’ website is carrying a report from a Top Doc claiming that the NHS will be in chaos this weekend and that the system will collapse. I don’t know how accurate Dr Nick Scrivens’s crystal ball is, but I suspect that there has been a bit of BMA organising behind the scenes to help it along.

    There won’t be a problem in Bethesda. The female patients will at least not be sexually assaulted in the clinic and expectant mothers can just stock up on big polythene sheets and bog cleaner in the event of a miscarriage. Empowered Service Users who are kicked out of their own flats by gangs armed with sledgehammers will be homeless but they are when the NHS isn’t collapsing.

    Scream if you want to go faster BMA! I haven’t finished yet…

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