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After hours of difficulty trying to complete my post ‘The North Wales Police Professional Standards Dept’ I have noticed that a huge chunk of text has disappeared. That happened AFTER my web hoster demanded yet more money to keep my blog online…

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Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…


  1. I’ve been asked if I remember a young man from my student days at Bangor who knew me; of course I do, I was very friendly with him! I’m not feeling enthusiastic enough to blog details re the bizarre experiences that we had after yesterday’s mass hack of this blog, lest it all disappears again, but this young man was most famous just before finals for being Referred to that wonderful new hospital Ysbyty Gwynedd, that had just opened to much applause, only to be given a barium enema IN A CORRIDOR. Us being what we were, students, we rolled around laughing. But we did all acknowledge at the same time that ‘this is just dreadful…’

    Bangor only had a very few rich, elite public school educated students, but most students did come from middle class backgrounds and had gone to grammar/minor public/good comps schools. Not many students had the sort of Crazy Teenage Years that Brown and I had experienced. What I remember was all students who had any contact with the welfare services in Bangor saying what how terrible they were. We all knew it, we didn’t understand that a Gang ruled the area and very few people encountered the Gang to the extent that I did, but it was very common to hear students commenting on how dreadful the doctors were, ‘my mum’s told me to go home and see our doctor’.

    When I was taken in to the C&A Hospital to be sutured, my mates were saying to Brown ‘Oh Christ, that hospital is bloody dreadful and Sally’s in there tonight’. What we all knew about was That Girl Who Fell Off Her Bike On Glanrafon Hill who ended up having BOTH legs amputated because of, I think, three completely botched operations at the C&A…

    In terms of targeting students for sex offences, I didn’t meet the disgusting docs until I’d been at Bangor a while, but I do know that there seemed to be people telling local blokes that the students were ripe for sexual exploitation. At the time I just attributed it to idiocy and of course young women do get hassled by blokes whom they are really not interested in; it’s usually harmless and doesn’t get nasty, but there was an entertaining incident in the Cathedral Gardens in Bangor in my first year. A friend of ours was walking through and a ratbag emerged literally from behind a bush, asked her if she was a student and when she said ‘yes’, grabbed hold of her and said ‘Well you’re an easy lay then aren’t you’. Hilarious, she smacked him, really, really hard, then dealt a blow to the solar plexus, he collapsed and was heard to say ‘Fucking ‘ell, she does Kung Fu’, it was brilliant…

    She didn’t do Kung Fu, but she did know where to hit a scumbag if you need enough time to run and as with me and the complaint about Gwynne, I think the motivating factor was that she was just so bloody angry that someone had felt able to do this that she went into action…

    Now I’ve written this blog, a great many inexplicable and bizarre things about my early days in Bangor have fallen into place. There were clues everywhere that something terrible was going on; I saw more clues than other students because I would chat to local people a bit more than the students who were very much in the student bubble and I don’t think I’d been as sheltered as a lot of other students. I was much more laid back about things like getting into conversation with drunks on buses if they weren’t actually unpleasant. I always chatted to the postman in Old Llandegfan because he used to see me going for walks across the fields and he remarked on it. I didn’t have a car, so unless I was in a friend’s car, I was always on foot, on a bike or on a bus and people noticed and a whole variety of people would chat to me. Brown always remarked that a lot of women feel much more threatened by such things than I used to…

    Brown and I also didn’t see disadvantaged people as there to be kicked about by professional people. We were cheeky and piss-taking as young people are, but I think that we realised just how bad the attitudes of the Top Docs etc were towards the plebs, rather than as some students obviously did think, ‘they’re chavs and that’s that, they’re not deserving of respect’.

    There is no mystery as to how that Gang remained in business and out of prison; virtually all people in professional and political life supported them, it was as simple as that. If students passing through for three years caught a glimpse of what was happening and had such bad experiences that they went home if they were ill, there was obviously a major problem.

    Likewise the corrupt police; everyone knew that Tony Jones the racist South African marine geologist who called black students ‘niggers’ had, for a laugh, got some bent coppers with whom he was mates to arrest a student who Jones had fallen out with, keep him in the cells overnight and then release him without charge… We all knew that Tony Jones was very odd and people kept away from him; it is only much more recently that I have been told ‘Well, he was mates with the Gang and there were many suspicions that he was a gay paedophile…’

    The culture in British universities at the time was rather different to the culture that prevails now. We didn’t see ourselves as being entitled to complain unless things were seriously bad; we were lucky to be at university, we were receiving state money to live on, who were we spoiled brats to moan? Even so, there were things at Bangor – particularly in the Dept of Agriculture – that even fairly tame students were outraged about. There were constant formal complaints about the insane, vindictive, incompetent JB Owen and his crew and students who did complain were met with complete hostility and disappeared from Bangor. The rest of us just changed Depts, realising that the old farts in Agri were simply not up to the job. It wasn’t until I read about Mary Wynch, who had been a secretary in the Agri Dept, that I realised that they must have been far worse than just a load of pipe-smoking old idiots who didn’t know what they were doing.

    There were a great many things that the Respectable Classes of Gwynedd were doing that should have been stopped and followed up by prosecutions. But the eccentricities of Gwynedd were always attributed to the hippies, or the mad mountaineers, or the alternative folk or of course The Welsh. I remember reading articles in The Guardian – Jan Morris wrote some of them! – about the funny little ways of the folk of Gwynedd. The butchering bastards who were the highest paid in the region didn’t get a mention. I had no idea at all that those articles were written because I had refused to keep quiet about Gwynne…

    As for the people telling me how shocking it was that people were paid to lie about me, that no-one supported me and ooh your neighbours were shitbags, they should be prosecuted. Well what did anyone expect if the Poshest in the area were offering the plebs goodies and telling them that I was an insane sex worker? And there were a few people who did support me. Look what happened to them; one of them was murdered.

    In 2008, it was openly discussed that the VC of Bangor University would be stuffed over, thrown out of public life and if poss, fitted up for a criminal offence. People who liked Merfyn told me ‘They’ll get him you know, they are absolute bastards and they will get rid of him’. They killed his wife and hounded him out of public life. I don’t remember an article in The Guardian about any of it.

    If that can happen to the VC of the region’s university, how can people at the bottom of the heap in labouring jobs or on benefits be blamed for succumbing to filthy lucre in return for doing appalling things? People should be in prison, but it shouldn’t be the poorest in Gwynedd. It was not they who were organising the crime, sitting in Parliament saying nothing or cluttering up the Garrick, the GMC and the Judges Lodges.

    Dafydd Wigley continues to write his column for the Daily Post. Last week his theme was Lessons From WW II. Lord Wigley told the readers that for evil to flourish it is only necessary for good men to do nothing. Indeed Lord Wigley, but don’t forget Wimmin either, a lot of them kept very quiet, including famous harpists.

    Amber Rudd has resigned from the Tory Party, because she is Shocked and Disgusted at Boris. Readers might like to acquaint themselves with the business dealings and partners of Amber’s dad, Tony Rudd. Tony’s mates have been in quite a lot of trouble, including the one who was a good friend of Thatch. One of his Tony’s pals was denounced as being unfit to be a company director, a la Edward du Cann. He continued in business, being a company director. Another of Tony Rudd’s mates is directly linked to the huge Malaysian money laundering and organised crime scandal that brought down Malaysia’s PM recently. One pal of Tony’s was arrested, charged and is awaiting trial.

    Amber Rudd became a Director of her dad’s company when she was 24 yrs old. She later became Home Secretary.

    ‘You’re nothing but a Young Thug and Society needs to be protected from the likes of you.’ Here’s a job as a Cabinet Minister…

    There is still green paint on the Renault…

  2. This is interesting. Have just been preparing a draft of a future post about Oundle School – I thought that perhaps if I kept away from naming corrupt police officers and detailing my memories of their misconduct, my text might stay on the blog – but the draft disappeared as I began to get to the substance of the post as it were.

    I have another post in the queue that I have nearly finished, that I drafted some two weeks ago, re further details of the horrors of the children’s homes in north Wales as admitted in the Waterhouse Report, with added info re dates and links to other people, including Eileen and Trevor Beasley and Huw Edwards’s dad (Huw of BBC fame). I can’t risk posting it up yet lest it disappears, there is a lot of info in it…

    I’m not sure what to do about this seemingly fatal sabotage of posts. I contemplated purchasing another website under a different ID, but whoever is doing this is rather more IT savvy than I am. I feel like the Roman Catholic father of the dozens of children in Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life, when he realises that he must keep reproducing because every sperm is sacred, but he can’t afford the kids that he has got, so he’s going to sell them for medical experiments because other solutions suggested by the kids eg. ‘Can’t you just have your balls cut off dad?’ would never fool God, God would see through such a cheap trick. I’m fairly sure that if I resort to a Cunning Plan such as a new website, there’ll be another electronic attack within hours…

    I did forget to mention previously, that not only did Thursday’s Daily Post contain Dafydd Wigley’s weekly column dispensing wisdom as ever, but there was an advert for an event that will star ‘internationally respected folk singer Dafydd Iwan’. There was a recent pic of Dafydd Iwan supplied and I was interested to note that Dafydd Iwan is now sporting an impressive comb-over, of the sort known in the 1960s as a ‘Bobby Charlton’ but to my generation as a ‘Robert Robinson’… Henceforth to be known as, of course, a Dafydd Iwan.

    1. The Morning Star has a review of a new biography of John Jenkins, the ‘Welsh Extremist’ who was involved in the armed struggle of the Welsh activist group, MAC (Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru, Movement For Change). MAC were responsible for 20 bombings in the 1960s and John Jenkins was the ‘mastermind’. Jenkins was a Sgt in the British Army and maintained that he was radicalised by the Greek Nationalist uprising against colonial rule in Cyprus. The review of the book in the Morning Star states that MAC used a closed-cell structure, ‘later adopted by the IRA’, that Jenkins ended up in prison and was part of the desire to blow up Carlo at the Investiture.

      The Morning Star reviewer has one thing wrong; it was MAC who learned their tactics from the IRA, rather than the other way round. Dafydd was the MAC contact who went to meet the Republican activists in Ireland to learn at their knee. Dafydd was still at Liverpool Medical School at the time, where he was of course being supported and funded by the British security services…

      I mentioned previously that I was hoping to blog about the Eileen and Trefor Beasley link with Dafydd and the Gang. I have most of the post prepared, but it’ll disappear along with everything else that I’m trying to post up if I do, so I haven’t bothered. I’ll just recommend that everyone reads the new biography of John Jenkins (‘The Reluctant Revolutionary?’, written by Wyn Thomas) and I’ll supply the name of the member of the British Establishment who provided MAC with legal advice when they were bombing; in top secret of course! It was Sir Alun Pugh, the British judge who was the dad of Bronwen, Lady Astor.

      Bronwen went to boarding school in Dolgellau, where Ioan Bowen Rees, the future CEO of Gwynedd County Council, lived. Ioan’s dad was Head of Dolgellau Grammar School and he and his wife were Bangor graduates. Bronwen and Ioan were just one year apart in age.

      So while Sir Alun’s daughter was married to Lord Bill Astor and Dafydd and Gwynne’s network were supplying the sex workers for the parties at Cliveden with the Russian spies, Gov’t Ministers and Royals, MAC were taking free advice from him as to how to not get caught. So who sacrificed John Jenkins then?

      Dafydd and Gwynne were never touched by the long arm of the law, whether they were lobotomising the victims of Royal and aristocratic sex offenders, assisting with a bombing campaign that targeted Carlo or indeed advising on the torture of interns in N Ireland a decade later!

      As Trefor Beasley was a member of MAC, perhaps his grandson Cynog Prys, who lectures at Bangor University, could tell us. Or Cynog’s mum Delyth Prys who also works at Bangor. Or Cynog’s two brothers, they work at Bangor University too! Or Cynog’s uncle, the former Chair of the Welsh Language Board.

      I noted that when Eileen Beasley died, as well as the tribute that Cynog wrote in ‘The Guardian’, other ‘tributes’ to Eileen appeared, whom her family like to believe is the ‘Rosa Parks of Wales’. Cynog’s uncle was quoted in the tributes, but he provided his comments re his mum’s achievements under the name Beasley for some reason, although he never uses that name, he uses the name Meirion Prys.

      Of course, it was known by then that I had left north Wales after shotguns at dawn and that sooner or later I’d publish something but no-one knew quite what… And Cynog also knew that I knew that he had told a friend of mine that she should not have been given a job at Bangor University because she was Polish and ‘the jobs should go to Welsh people’.

      Anyone for Rosa Parks and her brave struggle against racial discrimination?

      I have previously mentioned the colleagues of Delyth Prys who I have been told were involved in forcing me out of jobs, mainly because they knew that I was the one who complained about Gwynne in 1984, but also I am told because they knew that F had been framed, fleeced, falsely accused and a witness murdered, after F blew the whistle on the abuse of kids in care… I’m not going to waste time repeating their names again here, it’s not as if their skulduggery wasn’t known about by everyone but me!

      Cynog’s dad is a social worker.

      Police, I really am not interested in your apologies. You didn’t ‘let me down’ or ‘make a mistake’, for decades you chose to ignore what was happening to me and other people because you prioritised the careers and pensions of a gang of sex offenders. You didn’t make a mistake, you chose to do it because taking on the Top Docs and Westminster Paedophile Ring would be difficult, so I and my friends were sacrificed. You even stood by while THREE murder attempts were made in the direction of Brown’s brother, because as a sixth former, he’d called Gwynne a Hypocritic Oaf…

      I was hoping to blog about another Plaid Hero of the 1950s and 60s, Harri Webb, I’ve just read a fascinating book about him. Harri Webb and his mates tried to orchestrate a Plaid take over of Merthyr Tydfil, because they viewed it as a Labour rotten borough. Which indeed it was. That’s why Dafydd Wigley, Ioan Bowen Rees and others we know and love stood as Plaid candidates for Merthyr; I wondered why that was, I had no idea until I read the Harri Webb biography.

      The biggest vote puller in the south Wales valleys for Labour in those days was of course the Westminster Molester George Thomas. Who was using the services of Dafydd and Gwynne, and Ioan and Dafydd Wigley knew it. George Thomas was hospitalised with an STD in 1984, when I was hitting the roof about Gwynne. It was all covered up by the Top Docs and Westminster.

      George was mates with Thatch. Whom they all hated and would have done anything to get rid of, anything at all…

      Thatch, who had lunch with a member of my family and who’s Cabinet Ministers Tom King and John Biffen were organising the shafting of me, Brown and anyone who supported us, including the one member of my family whom they knew was refusing to have anything to do with the crooks and conmen who were going down to Somerset buying people off.

      Well I can’t blog about Harri, the text will no doubt disappear, but I was entertained to read that in one of his articles, Harri had noted that he and his friends were not like Christine Keeler who was ‘under the British Gov’t’. Christine Keeler was a teenaged girl who was trafficked by Gwynne’s network when she was 15. She was the only one who went to prison; Stephen Ward ‘committed suicide’, having been given a very big push indeed by his Top Doc colleagues. Mandy Rice-Davies, Christine’s pal, was more ruthless than Christine, took the piss out of the silly old men who denied ever having met her, got her hands on some dosh and purchased a house in Tom King’s constituency in Bridgwater.

      Harri Webb had a go at the wrong person. It was his friends who were under the British Gov’t and indeed the British Royal Family.

      Anyone for Rosa Parks?

      Cynog, I don’t think that Rosa Parks would touch you with a barge pole.

      Yma O Hyd!

      1. This lot never noticed that as they repeatedly told me how important they and their family and friends were, they didn’t actually know much about me, apart from the lies that they had all told each other.

        Thatch, her Cabinet and Lord Denning! They had no idea. So they didn’t know that I hated Thatch and her criminal friends and had the gen that could inflict real damage. All they were worried about was Dafydd’s reputation because they had all hitched their fortunes up to him.

        You’ll never make a good sociologist Cynog, in either Welsh or English. Although I know a Polish person who is a very, very good sociologist…

          1. Oh happy day! This news is worthy of a blog post of its very own but it will just disappear like the Oundle post that I began, so I’ll just leave this comment and hope that it remains on the blog:

            The Right Honourable David Jones MP has announced that he is standing down as the MP for Clwyd West at the next election! David, you should never have got near Westminster in the first place, but there’ll be champagne corks popping all over north Wales tonight.

            David, now that you are no longer Serving Your Country, I’m sure that F would like you to tell the police – but not the North Wales Police, they haven’t been much help re this matter – all that you know about the late Elwyn Jones with whom you shared a solicitor’s practice and his role in the framing of F, the fleecing of him and the fallacious allegations made about F to ensure that his baby was never allowed contact with him and was instead placed with a household of abusers.

            Then there’s the death of Martin the lodger who witnessed it all. I read the letters that Elwyn wrote F and I could see how intimidating, smearing and manipulative they were. Furthermore Elwyn knew that I was having to pay bills – about £1000 worth – that had been unlawfully run up in F’s name by the same crew.

            That wasn’t the only criminality with which Elwyn Jones had been involved David as you know… He knew about Bangor Golf Club being used as a networking venue for criminals and he knew about Gwynne the Lobotomist and the depths to which Bangor University sunk re that matter…

            David Jones’s dad owned pharmacies in the Wrexham area. Pharmacies ay he said knowingly, pharmacies ay, near Bryn Estyn ay, nudge nudge wink wink drugs OOH, drugs, OOH, corrupt Home Office Drugs Branch mandarins and Dafydd and John Allen, know what I mean, the name your dad would have known was Bing Spear David, did your dad know about the child porn with added bestiality as well as the drugs?

            David went to the Chester College of Law and it certainly wasn’t all tickety-boo there either. Then there was David’s time as a solicitor in Ruthin (near Denbigh) sharing a practice with Gwynne’s mate Ieuan Wyn Jones… Then David entertained Antoinette Sandbach in his office… Then there’s the knowledge held by David’s wife, an Angel…

            How ever is David Jones still a free man let alone on BBC News resigning his seat?

            I’ll just celebrate by watching Neil Innes performing When A Cabinet Minister Resigns…

            David, could you possibly persuade your friend Antoinette to resign her seat as well? She’s already been kicked out of the Tory Party along with Fatty Soames, it’s not as if anyone wants her in Westminster except for the offenders who are still cluttering the place up…

  3. So Brenda’s suspended Parliament; I heard the near-riot on the radio last night…

    I’m still at a loss to know how to tackle this problem of not being able to put up any new posts when I still have so much more that I want to blog about. It is substantially political history though, I’ve got a few volumes here at home that I want to get through, in particular the biography of Clement Attlee, so I’m going to do a bit of reading… Clem who worked as what would now be called a social worker when abuse was embedded in welfare provision…

    One thing that I need to flag up – I missed it!!! – among the numerous links and networks was Cowbridge Grammar School. Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain went there, as did Anthony Hopkins… Chamberlain was only a bit older than Hopkins…

    I knew that Chamberlain had celeb contacts but I thought that was via Wayne Hemingway with whom his son was in business and Cilla, Chamberlain’s mate. It was very much more Anthony Hopkins, he was the real biggie, even more so than Dafydd’s mate Prof Linford Rees’s daughter’s friendship with Joan Collins et al…

    I knew that someone had persuaded Hopkins to come back from the US and make a big thing of his Welshness at the time of the Waterhouse Report before he buggered off back to the US again, but I didn’t realise that it was Chamberlain…

    It was when I was working at St George’s that one of the Somerset contingent who was already being feted by the degenerate offspring of the worst of the Tory Party found himself surrounded by celebs and being invited onto TV shows…

    People in Bridgwater will know who I’m talking about, the many who had been mistreated by him were just so fucking angry; Brown and me couldn’t work out who was behind it…

    Mike Reid and the EastEnders Gang! Tiger Woods! Bob Mortimer! There was talk of Blind Date as well but he was a bit too old and I think that Cilla may have found a few young women from Somerset flogging stories to the tabloids if they’d risked that…

    I suspected that he had been meeting porn barons as well, of the David Sullivan variety ie. those who crept out of the public sewer and into mainstream capitalism, because I noticed that he seemed to have acquired knowledge of the sums of money involved and that they had no worries at all re the law. You don’t meet such folk when you’re working in the Harley Davidson shop in Bridgwater. Unless of course Alan Yentob drops in…

    I tell you who did drop into the Harley Davidson shop. A Top Doctor. A very rich Top Doc who was working in Saudi and he treated Mr Bridgwater Celeb so badly that Mr Bridgwater Celeb yelled at me (I was still working at St George’s), ‘That man was an animal, a bloody animal’. Yes David, I was working with people like him at St George’s and you were given a great deal of money to keep your mouth shut about their friends, two very big animals in north Wales.

    It’s a bloody good job that Barbara Windsor has got Alzheimers isn’t it.

    Anyone for Cilla being found dead in her holiday home after years racked with pain re a condition that, for women like her, is controllable?

    The Top Docs have no respect for you celebs at all, none. Cannibals all.

    1. Jesus Christ as they say in Bethesda, readers are sending me links telling me that Harriet Harman is going to run for Speaker of the House! Just as I was yelling at the radio this morning in the face of claims that Bercow was the worst Speaker that there has been ‘George Thomas! George Thomas!’

      Harriet; I don’t need to repeat the info on this blog re Harriet and Harriet’s dad and their links to the Gang… Harriet, the one person who won a legal case against MI5 who bugged her phone! Harriet, Harriet, if I do a Woman In Distress bit, could you bag me damages after what was done to me by MI5 as well??? To protect your dad’s mates Harriet!

      Before I had that dreadful shock re Harriet, I planned to ask readers for links/info re Dr Death’s friend Peter Jay, who famously was given the job as US Ambassador by his mate Dr Death and father-in-law Sunny Jim, when Jimmy Carter was US President. Carter was obviously shafted by the security services to make way for Shotgun Ronnie and neoliberalism; think Iranian hostage crisis… (And of course the growth of the US network of Dafydd and Gwynne’s). Were Death and Peter Jay two of those who were quietly working to undermine Carter to introduce the New Era of neoliberalism?

      I’m also interested in the Miracle Cure experienced by Jimmy Carter in 2015; advanced metastatic cancer but Carter was Cured by an expensive drug that had just been launched. Anyone with any knowledge of cancer reading the account of this Medical Miracle will know that it is nonsense. I expect that David Healy has something about it on his blog somewhere, I’ve missed all this what with fighting a Gang and then blogging about them full-time…

      Come on then Death, you were Foreign Secretary, did you put the boot into Carter, everyone knows that the whole Iranian hostage crisis was timed to bring him down and ensure that Shotgun Ronnie arrived to partner Thatch…

      1. Re Dr Death/Dafydd/Gwynne’s network in the US, I hadn’t forgotten: Prof Wilfred Abse.
        As well as Mervyn Susser and the many others…

        I know!! It’s just that I don’t know the details of the shafting of Jimmy Carter…


          Harriet for Speaker! Wimmin, Wimmin, Wimmin, Children In Prrrrisson At Chrissstmasss…

          Paedophiles In Distress, Paedophiles In Distress…

          Hey Harriet, ‘why don’t ewe come to work wearing a brief miniskirt and smokey-grey stockings because that’s my favourite…’ As Dafydd’s former secretary knew, the one who was found DEAD at the foot of a tower block.

          1. In the interests of Wimmin’s mental health I’m wondering if Harriet/Sister Hutt/Julie could recommend a good counsellor for a Woman who was targeted by a Royal Lobotomist and sent to his gang of sex offenders for ‘help’ when she complained, who then planted and fabricated evidence in order to have her banged up with Jimmy Savile.

            As I can no longer complete any new posts for this blog I have time on my hands and am therefore available to Make An Appointment, with my voice recorder concealed about my person. After I’ve recorded the complete fuckwittery which we keep being told isn’t happening, I’ll make it publicly available.

            I’m still waiting for my NDA and no doubt my correspondent Dr Haynes is still waiting for his £2M from his old friend Sir Carpet Slippers.

            Can anyone let me know if the corrupt judge Huw Daniel still lives in the house in the trees near Tal-y-Bont? I’m considering a tour of Gwynedd in order to rate the gurning on a scale of 1 to 10 when I bump into those we know and love. No doubt the staff of Ysbyty Gwynedd will be Saving A Child’s Life when I arrive, it’s what they are usually doing when someone turns up with evidence of serious crime…

            Don’t worry about the insincere smiles or apologies NHS, the money will do nicely. A lot of it please.

            As for those who keep telling me that I would make a good leftie politician, yes I probably would. But I don’t want to be in their camp and should they in the future do what so many other people have done and approach me quietly and tell me that I was right after all and could I help them please, I’ll be saying no. If they ever do join my camp, I’ll walk straight out of it myself.

            Likewise Court cases. One attempt at any trial re crimes against me and I’ll sabotage it. You live with what you lot have done. You wanted Huw Daniel, Dafydd, a Royal Lobotomist and some bigoted people traffickers who believed that they equated to Rosa Parks and you’ve got them. You’ve still got DGE Wood as well. And of course a dim, dysfunctional Royal Family who ran paedophile rings inside the Royal Palaces.

            You had 30 years of opportunities to conduct yourselves properly but it just wasn’t going to happen. And now you’re going to have Harriet, dim daughter of a privileged facilitator of organised abuse, as Speaker. I wish you all the best, at least it’ll be entertaining…

            I note that our former esteemed PMs have attended a memorial service for Paddy Pantsdown, after Paddy sadly expired shortly after being diagnosed with a form of cancer that should never have killed him that quickly weeks after he tweeted his support for The Great Guys In Yeovil Hospital.

            Someone waxed lyrical about Paddy being a diligent soldier throughout his whole life, Serving, but now he can relax and it’s a case of ‘At ease’ Paddy. So I’ll quote Viv Stanshall’s wonderful creation, Sir Henry: ‘You’re not in uniform, I don’t know what I want but I want it now and if I had all the money that I’ve spent on drink, I’d spend it on drink’.

            And of course, ‘there’s no proper name for the back of the knees’.

            Somerset was full of Sir Henrys when Paddy arrived, he’ll have got to know them well. They didn’t like Thatch and the used car salesmen/City spivs who colonised the Tory Party from the 1970s onwards, but I’m not sure that they realised quite how dreadful they were. It’s not as if the international paedophile ring was exposed was it, although many people saw a glimpse of part of it, thinking that they’d just come across some dreadful people and couldn’t understand why they had not been removed from political or professional life…

            All media attention was on Thatch’s hairstyle, handbag and sad Aquascrotum clothes…

            And I’m still looking for that journal article that Dr Death published when he was William Sargant’s research reg, carrying out insane, dangerous experiments that killed many of their patients. It seems to have disappeared from academic databases Dr Death, do you know why this might be? As with Geoffrey Chamberlain’s experiments on illegally aborted, live, late gestation foetuses whom Chamberlain then killed, Dr Death’s unacceptable practices lay in the academic medical literature for decades without anyone printing it off and distributing copies…

            I think I need to look up Uncle Harry’s publications, I have been rather remiss with regard to that…

            So who’ll be the next Insider Witness or Celeb Who Knows to be found dead?

  4. Just been on the Hempsons website, Hempsons being the MDU lawyers who over years provided the solicitors who advised the Drs Francis, Dafydd etc as to how to perjure themselves with the aim of having me imprisoned.

    Hempsons are boasting that they are regulated by the SRA (Solicitors’ Regulation Association). Readers might remember that in Jan of this year, Dr Peter Higson was appointed as a member of the SRA. Peter Higson was formerly a clinical psychologist at Denbigh, then the manager of Denbigh, then the regional manager of the psychiatric services in north Wales, then CEO of Health Inspectorate Wales, then Chairman of the Betsi. Peter also managed to squeeze in being a Director of the North Wales Health Authority and now runs his own Consultancy, offering Psychological Services. Throughout Peter’s time running the NHS in Wales, Hempsons were providing Peter’s Top Doc friends and colleagues with legal advice re me. After Peter failed to investigate my complaints about them.

    Peter’s sister Ruth Hussey was until not long ago Wales’s Chief Medical Officer. Prior to that Ruth worked for the DoH in Whitehall.

    Dr Huw Roberts, Dr Stephen Williams and Prof Vincent Marks have all ‘voluntarily relinquished’ their licences to practice. So their Good Names Remain.

    Can Dr Richard Haynes, my regular correspondent who is so helpful re the small print where Top Docs are concerned, let me know which database/archive would have the gen re Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist and facts such as yr of qualification, membership of professional bodies etc? All info re Gwynne that laypeople normally seek has disappeared, but the hard facts re Gwynne and the basics will be lurking on a database or in a Gov’t archive somewhere. All the patients’ records from Denbigh have been embargoed, but they’re a pack of lies anyway. I want to spend a few weeks doing the digging in archives that I have not yet had time to do…

    BTW Carwen Howell and the Home Office, I will now have time to trawl in detail the hundreds of documents of mine re the ‘pharmacy records’. I’ve seen the obvious on those records but I haven’t done the fine toothcomb bit yet; I’m not David Healy so I couldn’t see as much as someone like he could at first reading, I’ll need to cross-reference with pharmacology texts.

    I have already noticed the bleeding obvious however, such as me being prescribed an anti-cancer drug by Tony Francis. I’ve never had cancer, the drug is not used for any other purpose but it is known to cause mental confusion and eventually will kill someone if they continue taking it. It was used to try to bump off the Shah of Iran.

    Clinical freedom readers, Francis was legally allowed to do that and had I even bothered to have raised the matter with the GMC, their own guidelines would have prevented them from even admonishing him. Same as when that mad psychiatrist in Hellingly Hospital told F ‘I’m sick of you bloody hippies, I’ve got a patient just like you and I put him on morphine, he’s doing very well’. This madman was off on holiday for the next week and told F, who was sectioned and subject to Medication Against His Will, that when he returned from holiday, the Morphine Therapy would begin. F identified (correctly) ‘This man wants to get me hooked on opiates because he’s flogging them to the other patients who are addicts’ and decided that he needed to get out of there and fast.

    The only thing that enabled F to do so was a murder attempt to which he had been subjected by another patient (‘A Teddy boy who was completely psychotic’), so he made an appointment with the temporary doc. Who was a young woman and confirmed that F was not well enough to leave, but the Teddy boy did present a danger to his life and Hellingly had no way of preventing him carrying out another murder attempt on F, which the Teddy boy had obligingly confirmed that he would. So F was discharged. Homeless. He did tell me that the Lady Doctor wasn’t as offensive as the other docs and was distinctive in that she had lovely hair, in two plaits. So F told her that she had ‘a nice pair of plaits’ and she thanked him for the compliment.

    Tony Francis knew that I was au fait with some drugs, so he alternated between using the brand name or chemical name, whichever one he thought that I didn’t know. I also knew at the time that skilfully ‘bad doctor’s handwriting’ was being employed, to enable Francis to have a phone chat with the pharmacy at Ysbyty Gwynedd to clarify the dose… No doubt the dose that I would have raised questions about if I had heard the clarification phone call…

    I just wasn’t Compliant With Treatment, it was a well-known fact. It is probably the reason why I am still alive and blogging.

    Dr Haynes, do you also have gen re docs in Gwynedd who were working as consultants when they did not posses the appropriate qualifications demanded by the GMC for the role? I know the names of some of those doing it, I know the dates concerned and that the GMC colluded, but can you let me know where I can access the data and who exactly was legally responsible for allowing it to happen? And how do I access historical records re Top Docs? Sadie Francis’s grandmother was one of the first women docs to qualify in Britain, she will be famous but I haven’t been able to find out who she was. Surely Harriet will wish to hold her up as a role model for us Wimmin?

    1. Dr Haynes, thanks for the info re WW II propaganda organised by London University; Dafydd’s mate Lord Charles Hill the Radio Doctor was a central figure wasn’t he…

      After reading the article, I’ve just been struck by a memory of mine from the age of about 9. Remember how many articles there were in the British media about girls in N Ireland engaged to British soldiers or Others From The Wrong Side being tarred and feathered? Those articles appeared in women’s magazines in particular, dreadful first hand accounts of traumatised young women. Interestingly they appeared in the very same magazines that featured the most appalling – and sometimes dangerous – advice from the Magazine Doc. Dr Mike Smith being the principal offender.

      When I was older, Brown and I were aghast at the advice dispensed by Dr Mike Smith, although that whole genre of people dispensing advice to wimmin were a little unhinged; Katie Boyle, Dr Miriam, Virginia Ironside, Anna Raeburn, Marje Proops, Irma Kirtz et al. I would have liked to have published on that matter if I’d have had time. But I’ve only just remembered all those tar n feather stories. That was while Dafydd’s mate was advising on the torture of N Ireland interns. And the other matter of Kincora….

      Dr Mike Smith I think is still alive. He was Head Man at the Patients’ Association until not so long ago. Mike, you knew about Kincora. Why weren’t the readers of Woman’s Own told about it? Or about Dafydd and Gwynne?

      One problem page that was famously not worth reading was Mary Marryat in Woman’s Weekly. The nature of the problems were ‘What shall I buy my friend for her golden wedding anniversary?’ A cheeky 17 yr old Brown horrified the Adults when he quipped ‘a three speed vibrator’. Dr Miriam probably recommended that in all seriousness 20 yrs later when she flogged HRT to healthy middle aged women.

      Dr Miriam is Baroness Oona King’s auntie. Dr Miriam was an Angel and then a Top Doc with Dafydd’s partners in crime in Newcastle. Lord John Walton the Lobotomist was Dr Miriam’s ultimate superior. I never did take any notice of Dr Miriam’s advice even before I knew about that.

      Dr Miriam famously interviewed Thatch and it was an utterly vomit-inducing conversation with Thatch going on about her hair, her clothes and people saying Horrid Things about her. And of course being a Working Woman With Two Children. Miriam asked Thatch how she coped. Thatch forgot to say ‘I’m married to a millionaire and I have always employed a full time nanny while I have my photo taken at the sink wearing a silly apron’.

      Gee, how did li’l old Dr Miriam become so famous during the 1980s when Dafydd was running that ring with his pals in Newcastle?

      I’m intrigued as to why it was Tory women who assisted Miriam in the robust promotion of HRT. Thatch, Edwina Currie and Theresa Gorman. It was highly irresponsible because the association with cancer was known, but the old trouts mouthed off about the wonders of HRT at every opportunity. Look at me! I’ve got lovely skin, I’m full of energy (Thatch was on Class As, from Miriam or someone else, that was what drove the three hours only sleep per night) and I’m shaggable at 55.

      What on earth was going on Miriam? Perhaps Miriam’s ex can tell us if Miriam’s lips are sealed. Tom Stoppard. Who is now married to Carlo’s ex, Sabrina Guinness. Or Baroness Oona. Who is mates with Uncle Harry’s nephew. I do hope that Uncle Harry wasn’t behind that irresponsible promotion of HRT Ed, do you know how many more cancers were induced by it?

      Because the Gang’s network stick together, it is most likely that Miriam, Tom and their multiple partners are all on board. There’s quite a few people in that network, including Felicity Kendal whom Tom dispensed with to take up with Sabrina. Felicity who was best known for being photoshopped to give her the appearance of a 15 yr old – and she sort of acted like that in the Good Life, she was the 10 year old girl to her rather daft middle aged husband – and for being in possession of that prize winning bum.

      If people are going to do that sort of thing, surely first prize must go to the Krankies, who’s stage act involved 40 year old Ian Krankie’s wife dressing up as a 10 year old schoolboy. This was the source of much comment in Viz magazine of the ‘If Little Jimmy Krankie is ever jailed, as a grown woman dressed up as a schoolboy she’s going to have a terrible time’ and ‘Little Jimmy Krankie has broken a leg in the stage act, but to which ward has she been admitted, the paediatric or geriatric?’ variety.

      Some years ago the Krankies gave media interviews about their younger years as swingers. I was so interested in this that I discussed it with many people; Brown observed that ‘We only have the Krankies word for it’ when I told him that if I held a swingers party it would never occur to me to invite the Krankies. I made that observation to someone else as well. It was in one of my e mails that was hacked by Miranda’s Policy Adviser. I understand that conclusions were jumped to re the nature of the relationship between the recipient of the e mail and me.

      Miranda: Wendi Deng and Cherie might have the psyches of 13 yr olds who fly into silly jealous rages if another woman chats to their bloke or even makes jokes to him, but I and my friends don’t. Neither does the person who received that e mail. No matter what James Dawson and Gwilym Sion ap Gruffydd told the rest of the world.

      1. Dr Ruth Hussey, Peter Higson’s sister, is still on the Medical Register, with a licence to practice.

        So Dafydd, DGE Wood and Ruth, Three of the Most Guilty, are all hanging on to their licences! Armour in the face of this blog!

        Is Ruth Hussey by any chance on any GMC, BMA or MDU Committees? Ruth enjoys that sort of thing and she is ex-Whitehall and Welsh Gov’t. What’s the betting that Ruth is lurking away On The Committee somewhere? Can people send me any info that they have…


        1. Thanks to the info arriving re the planned attempts on my life. People sending me the info might be surprised to hear that I knew about this. I was I think 254 when I first told people that Dafydd was killing people. I put it in writing, at first to the appropriate authorities and then because of the reaction to my entirely rational warnings backed up by evidence and details, I took the piss. In about 1989 I told a group of five or so Top Docs at Ysbyty Gwynedd. Jeff Crowther was there, Tony Francis was there, Devakumar was there, an unknown female South Asian doc was there and others I didn’t recognise. Francis snapped ‘it’s you who are in distress not us’ and Jeff grabbed me by my ponytail and marched me up to a ward where I was sectioned.

          I knew that Empowered Service Users were dying and I knew people in Risley were, but I didn’t know that at the time kids in care were turning up dead constantly. At no time did I allege that gangs of Satanic worshippers were eating babies in a cellar beneath Parliament and neither did I make statements about Ted Heath castrating boys with Harvey Proctor who was dressed in a robe. I stated that patients were being killed by ‘medication’, that they were disappearing, were being hanged, hit by cars, trains, were being drowned etc. Which they were.

          No-one responded to any of my concerns. So I became remarkably blasé re attempts on my own life. I don’t want any prosecutions. Not because I’m a lovely, forgiving person but because it is insulting. My mates were killed and still no-one gave a stuff. We were all under surveillance by MI5 and no-one can explain why these things still happened to us. No-one is even attempting to explain it.

          Until this country stops electing PMs and Cabinet Ministers who’s solution to people like me is to intercept our mail, hack our computers, tap our phones, steal private correspondence from our homes, read it, amend it, forge documents and misunderstand what they have read because they are stupid, criminal and barking mad, people will not be safe in ‘care’ contexts.

          BTW readers of other people’s mail, I’m wondering if now that you’ve read this blog, you might understand some of what you pretended to be so shocked by. It’s called being a former medical researcher who then becomes a sociologist. Rather than a nutty spouse of a silly old newspaper baron or a New Labour PM. I used to enjoy chatting to my PhD supervisor about the craziness around me and people doing things like watching Big Brother and Bridget Jones etc and I said ‘Why would anyone watch such silly propaganda?’ John replied ‘They are at home with their mates drinking and watching TV for a laugh. You are a sociologist who never switches off’.

          Indeed Miranda and Gordon, and I watched you and your mates without ever stealing your letters or hacking your e mails…

          Now, can Oily Smith tell us how Pfizer not only ensured that sales of Viagra remained high by robustly advertising what Viagra could do for one and ensuring that so many men continued to experience the condition for which Viagra was a solution, after the prize remained high, but also how Pfizer persuaded the Gov’t to allow Viagra to be flogged over the counter without a prescription, thus causing a sales boom.

          Perhaps Oily could use his magic touch to ensure that Imigram is flogged over the counter. At present, Imigram is available only with the permission of a Top Doc although it is one of the only effective migraine tablets for a cohort who have severe unremitting regular migraines. Including those that in a previous era caused people to kill themselves, so serious is the pain. Thus, if you are me and Top Docs flatly refuse to diagnose your migraine, you can’t get it. If, like me, you happen to have a friend with whom you are sharing a house and she witnesses what is happening to you and having experienced the same condition herself, gives you one of her Imigrams and it works, you can then go to your Top Doc and explain and get Imigram!

          Oily may know that the rationale for Imigram being on prescription only is that if taken with one other drug on the market, it can be fatal. Not many people taking Imigram will be taking that other drug, but the warnings are everywhere ON TOP DOCS’ literature but NOT on patients’ literature. The drug that can be fatally neurotoxic with Imigram is stelazine. It is an ‘old fashioned’ anti-psychotic, developed back in the 1950s and Gwynne and Dafydd gave it out like Smarties.

          When I was doing postdoc work at Bangor University and had discovered the joys of Imigram – and it was a joy, I would have had to have stopped work such were my migraines – Richard Tranter, a Top Doc from Hergest, arrived in my office at Bangor, the office that I shared with my Polish friend and colleague, thus requiring her to work elsewhere for the morning, told me that he was heartbroken that I had told the Hergest Unit to fuck off and keep out of my path and issued grave warnings about the consequences of me working like mad and publishing so much.

          After unsuccessfully trying to persuade me to stop work, Richard declared that stelazine would be the only answer if I did insist on carrying on like this. Richard knew that I was taking Imigram because before I just told them all to sod off and keep out of my life, I asked Richard for his advice re the horrendous migraines. He told me to e mail his mate Bob, an American neurologist who worked in Bangor’s School of Psychology. So I dropped Bob a line and told him that I couldn’t see a consultant from Ysbyty Gwynedd because of the huge and high profile problems between me and Ysbyty Gwynedd and the wrongful arrests etc.

          Bob wrote me a friendly e mail telling me that Martin Bracewell was the neurologist to see and that once I’d seen Martin Bracewell, there would be an end to the severe migraine misery…

          I never did contact Bracewell. I found out that he worked for the North West Wales NHS Trust. He was also part of the group of neurologists who worked with Dafydd’s mates at the Walton Centre who had killed Merfyn’s wife Nerys some two years previously. I was later offered a referral to the Walton Centre. No I didn’t go, it is why I am still here to write about all this.

          Richard Tranter is a psychopharmacologist and he knew that Imigram and Stelazine can be fatal. I never did take the combination because well I’m non-compliant and failed to see any rationale for taking Gwynne and Dafydd-like drugs when I had been told some years previously by the Hergest that I was Not Ill, was Just A Bastard and if I wanted to kill myself that was My Choice; having walked away from those absolute nutters, I had no desire to embrace them once more, even if they were turning up to my office uninvited, kicking out my friend and colleague and denouncing me as mad.

          It’s not that I want Tranter, American Bob and Martin Bracewell to Pay For What They Tried To Do To Me. It’s just that a patient with whom I was friends in Denbigh all those years ago was found dead at about the same time. Heart problems, due to Medication, as admitted at the inquest. What the Coroner didn’t mention was that the same member of Hergest staff who constantly used Public Interest Disclosure legislation about the way that I was being (mis)treated by Hergest did the same re the man who was found dead. The whistleblower specifically stated that he was so over-medicated that his life was at risk. Philip Jones, remember the name! I have been told that after Phil died, I was the last surviving patient who had been in Bryn Golau Ward in Dec 1986/Jan 1987. Everyone else is dead, not that most of us were even over 35 yrs old when we were there.

          They killed us. We told people that they were killing us and no-one responded. Instead they tapped my phone, stole my letters, hacked my e mails, tried to lure Brown into honeytraps, killed my friends and bribed people to keep quiet about it all.

          I could not have done more than I did to try to protect myself and other people. It didn’t work. So I do not need to be told that people need to be on trial for trying to kill me. The medical profession were allowed to kill us and received all the help that the state could give them.

          I look forward to Harriet Harman now becoming Speaker. Harriet who’s dad went to Oundle School, with Dafydd’s friends Sir Kenneth Robinson, Prof David Lewis Davies, Sir John Ellis, Mickey Wynn aka Lord Newborough and Sir William Threthowan, as well as many more mentioned on the blog. The Head at Oundle while many of them were there was Bertrand Russell’s friend.

          If readers care to re-read my post about William Threthowan (‘The Discovery Of A Whole New Galaxy…’) they’ll see that Trethowan was a member of the GMC panel who allowed paedophile child psychiatrist Morris Fraser to continue practicing after he was convicted of sex offences against kids. Fraser was based in Belfast and worked with kids at Kincora. He later worked at UCL and Springfield Hospital. The MDU barrister who assisted Fraser at the GMC hearing was Patrick Mayhew, who later became Attorney General and authorised three prosecutions of me for contempt of court on the basis of what he knew was the perjury of Dafydd, Tony Francis and the Gang. Mayhew then became Secretary of State for N Ireland.

          Harriet’s dad was a leading light in the MDU.

          Threthowan, his dad and his mum were all Top Docs who trained at Guy’s Hospital. Uncle Harry worked at Guys, as did Sister Hutt’s dad. Threthowan’s dad was an orthopaedic surgeon at Guy’s. Dafydd’s mate Prof Robert Owen who organised the cover-up of the Gang’s crimes in 1989 trained at Guys. Robert Owen was an orthopaedic surgeon, the Prof in Liverpool, who was the Welsh Office Medical Ombudsman. It was Owen who appointed the Gang’s mate Robert Bluglass to Chair the Panel who ‘investigated’ my complaint. Trethowan was for years the Prof of Psychiatry at Birmingham University. It was Trethowan who appointed Robert Bluglass to the team in Birmingham; Bluglass later became a Prof at Birmingham himself. By which time Trethowan had taken up a Chair in Oz…

          William Trethowan held many appointments on DHSS Committees and he appointed other members of the ring to influential positions. Before taking up the Chair at Birmingham, Trethowan had worked in Manchester, with the team in the 1950s who concealed Gwynne’s crimes. Trethowan’s junior in Manchester was Kenneth Rawnsley. Who in 1964, was appointed Chair of Psychological Medicine at Cardiff. In that post, Rawnsley was responsible for ‘upholding standards’ at Denbigh. He also negotiated Gwynne and Dafydd’s bonus on top of their salaries. Tony Francis was a medical student and then a junior doc under Rawnsley. Rawnsley’s wife Elinor Kapp was a child psychiatrist who was a friend of Westminster Molester George Thomas. George extracted the dosh from the NHS to build the flagship University/Medical School in Cardiff in return for Rawnsley et al concealing George’s sex offending.

          All this is in previous posts, with many more links re Top Docs and politicians. I’ve just flagged up the most obvious re Harriet’s dad here. Whether those boys at Oundle who were taught by Bertrand’s friend – not that long after Bertrand’s other mate Sir Clough had been to Oundle – genuinely wanted to be Top Docs I am unsure. At least three of those who became Top Docs from that group of Oundle boys originally did degrees in other subjects, so it seems that someone persuaded them to be Top Docs when they were in their 20s… The ring did push unwilling family members into medicine, because Leo Abse’s family forced Dannie to do medicine although Dannie hated it and was so thick that he had terrible trouble in the exams. The ring needed docs and lawyers…

          Academic girls from medical families in those days often became Docs as well, they made up the first substantial wave of women docs who qualified in the 1960s. The daughters who weren’t academic often became social workers. eg. Sister Hutt, Juliet Bingley (although she was a little older), Tessa Jowell… The really posh girls who were a bit dim often became solicitors. Harriet and Sarah Harman for example…

          Please do take the time to plough through previous posts, it is all there and much more besides…

          1. The blog I’m sorry to say is coming to an end. I can’t post up more new posts, the text disappears all the time. I was intending to spend four weeks or so devising a new navigation system because I know that it is getting very difficult to search for some things on the blog that are well-hidden; I’m months behind on tags for posts as well. However I am worried that whoever is preventing me from posting up new posts might extend the sabotage and ensure that the whole blog disappears, so I’m not inclined to spend lots of time improving it in the face of that risk. I will continue to pay for the site, so if the blog does disappear, it’s not because I want it to.

            Although I’ve been scuppered re the blog, my work will continue. I already have a few months of events planned that will of course be an extension of the subject matter of this blog. I intend to get the results of these events out into the public domain but it may not be obvious that it is me doing that; any future websites purchased and developed by me I suspect will come under fire by the unknown source…

            Readers are welcome to e mail me and/or leave comments on the blog. I am still in business as it were, it’s just that I can’t put up any new posts…


      2. Sally
        Doctors are like chickens going to a chicken factory. They have been grown in regulated conditions ( GMC approved primary medical qualification) they are assessed post dispatch ( provisional GMC registration) before being delivered to the outlet ( full GMC registration).
        Training to be a specialist chicken is overseen by the Royal Medical Colleges with Training Programme Directors and Educational Supervisors. The titles have changed over time but the oversight function with relevant documentation including passing professional examinations is retained. The Specialist Advisory Committees (SAC) are the vehicles which ultimately confirm that training to be a fully grown super chicken ( non – sacrificed) is complete.
        A Consultant appointment requires approval from a number of parties all of which keep records – employer, Royal Medical College, NHS. In GP land you need to be on a National Performers List overseen by the NHS which again confirms qualifications, experience and right to work in primary care. The PCO – primary care organisation has morphed over time from Health Authority to Primary Care Group to Primary Care Trust to Clinical Commissioning Group which are all in reality letter head changes, so the paperwork will still be there.
        It is not possible to loose a chicken and to not know where it came from and went to and more importantly what is has done or does.
        The specific Royal Medical Colleges charge an annual substantive fee to maintain your qualifying qualification Fellowship/Membership in Primary Care the Local Medical Committees (LMCs) take a levy to ‘support’ Doctors and maintain their own records of stuff that happens.

  5. Message to Gwendoline:

    Thanks for your comments; I have received them and read all of them. I recognise a lot of the places that you detail as having been the scenes of crime and I know that some people known to me have worked or lived in those places. I am not ignoring your comments, it is just that you have included the names of a number of people and very specifically accused them of certain crimes which you have not backed up by eg. documentation, recorded footage etc. I am not making any judgement as to whether your claims are ‘credible’ or not, it is simply that I will almost certainly be sued or my hoster will be if I publish your comments. Some of those whom you name have sued other people and are associated with the high profile group of people who are spending much money lobbying Gov’t etc re ‘falsely accused’ individuals.

    Re your comments that my blog doesn’t provide specific details of violent crimes, or in your words, ‘gore’. That is deliberate. I am of the opinion that nothing is added by the ‘My Hell’ approach and I am fairly sure that the people whom I knew who were targeted by the Gang would never want details of the vile things that they endured to appear on the internet. I have received documentation from someone that does provide a very personal account, including such details, along with a request that if they are found dead would I please publish it. I will be happy to do that, because they have been of that view for months now and have obviously decided that they do want it made public in the event of their death and will not change their mind.

    One needs to remember that the Gang exerted control over people by breaching confidence. They also sold film footage or pics of their victims being sexually assaulted and passed on written accounts/recordings of people giving details of such incidents to the police as well as to ‘counsellors’ and ‘therapists’ for the purposes of wanking material. Or as Huw Daniel, a paid up member of the Gang, would say ‘to satisfy their perverted lusts’.

    I am absolutely not going to do the Gang’s work for them. As I said to the many terrified people who told me that ‘Dafydd knows things about me and he’ll tell people’, ‘Well I know things about Dafydd’. And now I have told people.

    1. If Lena Henry and her sister, who worked as a secretary in the School of Education at Bangor when I was doing my PhD, wish to apologise for their multiple breaches of confidence and for passing confidential documents around – forged and otherwise – concerning me, don’t bother. I’m not interested. Your conduct speaks for itself as does that of the recipients of the Gossip, including: Colin Baker, Tom Corns, Meri Huws, Prys Morgan Jones, Janet Pritchard, Margaret Ellis-Jones, Cynog Prys’s friends and relatives etc, ad infinitum. You’ve been exposed online now.

      It’s just what Rosa Parks would have wanted, don’t you agree Merfyn?

      I would however be interested to know whether any of you regret that Nerys died because of your ludicrous vendettas, jealousies and erroneous assumptions… Do leave a comment on the blog if you wish and I will be happy to publish it. I wouldn’t want any of you to be misunderstood or unfairly blamed.

      1. I’m wondering what role Dr Corns, Tom Corns’s Top Doc son, played in all of this.

        Tom’s wife Patricia is a retired social worker for Conwy who was known to be highly abusive to Empowered Service Users. I was told that Patricia the Stripper (as her mates in the Bangor University sports clubs called her) was such a problem that she was forced into early retirement. One can only imagine what Patricia the Stripper did if she was too much of a liability for the Gang.

        Tom and the Stripper had two sons and at least one of them, possibly both, are Top Docs. There is a Jonathan Corns on the Medical Register – who qualified at Warwick, Merfyn’s alma mater – who is not licenced to practice for ‘administrative reasons’. A Robert Corns who qualified at the University of Wales is registered with a licence to practice. Robert is a neurologist.

        Tom Corns was a junior lecturer at UCNW back when I complained about Gwynne the Lobotomist. There were numerous complaints about Tom even back then from students, but gosh Tom didn’t just remain in post, he climbed the ladder… As the complaints continued… I have been told that Tom was one of the Lucky Winners of Eric Sunderland’s 1984 Big Jobs Giveaway for all who Knew About That Girl Who Complained About Gwynne.

        Tom, as you were also working in the Dept of English when your colleague Dave Nunn had a breakdown and was the subject of nearly as much malicious gossip as I was and was forced out of his job, can you let me know if you have any info re the whereabouts of Dave? He disappeared from Hergest just days after I showed him the ludicrous affidavit that Dafydd swore into Liverpool High Court about me in Nov 1994, re the planted brick that I chucked through Dafydd’s glass door. Tony Francis tried to have Dave sectioned, but Dave let the Independent Psychiatrists On The Panel know that he had read that affidavit and they decided that Dave wouldn’t be sectioned after all. Dave told us all that he was going on holiday to Switzerland and no-one ever saw him again. Although he was due back from Switzerland in just two weeks or so…

        1. Dave Nunn always told me that the prime Gossip in the Dept of English re him and his Insane Ways was the Dept Secretary, ‘Mu’. (Muriel). Mu was married to Edward Evans, who worked in the University’s HR Dept. Mu and Edward worked at Bangor for years, they were still there when I was being harassed by the Gang as a postdoc. Edward would nervously joke about me writing my memoirs one day, ‘Ooh we all know that you will…’ I hadn’t expected to do it for years Edward, but your mates forced me out of my job and tried to murder me, so I’ve done it rather sooner than I expected!

          Before Edward worked in HR, he worked in the Dept of Zoology. Edward worked in Zoology when the Gang murdered my friend Anne, a PhD student in Zoology. Edward also knew one of the boys who shared our house with Anne and me, David. David was, like Edward, a technician at Bangor University. David was still there when I left Bangor in 2012. In fact David was a union rep for the technicians’ union at Bangor.

          1. I wonder if Edward and/or David knew who was letting themselves into my office and rifling through my documents/computer or opening the mail from my lawyers? I had it sent to my University address because it was being intercepted when I had it sent to my home address.

  6. Then there’s Prof Andrew Edwards. He’s a former police officer who was in the North Wales Police when I was constantly wrongfully arrested and F was fitted up for arson after being violently assaulted by one of Andrew’s colleagues. Then Martin, a witness to crimes against F, was found dead in the road near Bethesda.

    1. Whether this lot were born disgusting or had disgustingness thrust upon them I know not. However the Top Docs did kill Andrew’s friend and senior colleague Duncan. And Andrew does not have sufficient medical knowledge to know when the Top Docs are lying.

      Best of luck when you or your wife next become ill Andrew!!

      Anyone remember how Steve Colclough, one of Tom Corns’s junior colleagues, was found dead in his office just after I left Bangor? Heart attack. Steve was only in his 30s.

      Just as I was leaving Bangor, a technician was found dead on University premises. ‘Industrial accident’.

      Another lecturer was found dead as well, a bloke from languages. But he was found dead at home rather than in the workplace.

      I dunno about this lot but I did notice that copses of staff were turning up in University buildings. No, no-one raised concerns…

      1. Thank you to those who have Solved The Mystery Of HRT and it’s robust promotion by Tory women in Thatch’s era. I have been repeatedly told ‘Amersham’.

        Of course, Amersham, the first industry to be privatised by Thatch. Amersham’s historical roots were in nuclear medicine; Dafydd and Gwynne’s mates who featured in earlier blog posts, Dafydd and Gwynne’s main route to that crowd being via Patrick Blackett who had a second home at Croesor…

        Drug companies being what they are, Amersham was then taken over/merged/split up again etc… It became Pfizer along the way, for whom Oily worked! Readers may remember that Izabella, one cancer researcher with whom I worked at Nottingham – who lived in Leicester – said of Dafydd that he was a ‘wicked nasty man, just keep away from him’. Izabella had worked for Amersham before she worked at Leicester and kept in touch with them all at Amersham. Izabella, like everyone else did when they realised that I had personal experience of Dafydd et al, pumped me for info and then used it to benefit themselves… It was when I was working with Izabella at Nottingham University that I was saying loudly and clearly to the authorities ‘They are killing psych patients in north Wales…’

        The first company to manufacture HRT was Wyeth, before it merged. There was a big scandal with Wyeth and the clinical trials re HRT. Misleading data, misleading claims, ghost written papers… David Healy will know all about it. I knew that a hard sell was happening and I knew that there had been some lies, but I didn’t realise how many.

        There was a secretary at St George’s who was rather saner than most other people there and she and I used to quietly marvel at how bloody dreadful the female staff of St George’s looked who banged on about the wonders of HRT constantly. I was only 30 at the time, but one day I said to her (she was 50 but looked about 35) ‘Would you ever take it?’ and she rolled around laughing and replied ‘Just look at the state of them, I wouldn’t touch it’. I drew the same conclusion myself. I’m 56 now, nearly 57. My bits have not ‘atrophied’, no part of my anatomy has dropped off and Christ no I wouldn’t touch HRT either. Although Thatch recommending it was quite enough to put me off.

        Geoffrey Chamberlain and his wife were two Top Docs who did much to promote HRT and were less than honest in that.

        Amersham had a big plant in Cardiff, which I understand is now owned by GE, GE having taken over the company that took over Amersham…

        Under some conditions, some Big Pharma products do help people, indeed save lives. I’m not someone who thinks that Big Pharma is 100% bad and I hate Luddites towards science. Science is absolutely not the problem; the problem is the huge vested interests, the constant lies and dishonesty and the Top Docs propagating the lies. People don’t trust scientists; I was always interested in the very odd stereotypes of scientists that people held eg. ‘They’re transplanting human heads onto rats’ etc. Sorry everyone, it is the Top Docs who are doing the real damage because no-one believes that some of them are involved in organised crime. Because people trust doctors but not scientists, Big Pharma ensures that their Boards are choc full of Docs… Because they can tell the world how they’re Fighting Cancer To Help Patients…

        The vast majority of politicians are completely out of their depth re this matter. Oily isn’t and neither is Kay Swinburne. They have instead just used their inside knowledge of the dreadful practices in the NHS, in Big Pharma and in the medical establishment to boost their political careers… It is just so much easier than doing what I – or to be fair David Healy to a much greater extent than me – have done and refuse to stop saying ‘They are lying to the world and people are suffering because of it’.

        There have been attempts to stop David Healy practising. It wasn’t because he kept quiet about the trafficking ring that his colleagues operated, it was because David presented evidence of what Big Pharma was doing. None of his vile, abusive colleagues who shagged and assaulted patients, who secretly filmed them in clinics and in wards and who masturbated over secretly recorded ‘therapy sessions’ or who forced children to have sex with animals and filmed it, were ever subjected to the sort of attempts that have been made to get David Healy off of the medical register.

        1. Ever wondered why the Fragrant Mary Archer wasn’t done for perjury along with Tuppence because Mary did perjure herself in July 1987…

          Mary’s a physicist. Think Patrick Blackett and his mates who were at the Cavendish Lab, the Clarendon Lab etc with knowledge of Gwynne and Dafydd, Bertrand Russell, the Cambridge spies and the kiddie fiddlers. Anthony Blunt who was a regular at Kincora…. Lady Mary is a physicist but she has held roles in NHS governance at Addenbrookes for years…

          When I began having serious problems with the Gang, a girl with whom I was very friendly at Bridgwater College was offered a plum job, as was her husband, at Addenbrookes. The letters that she wrote to me when I was at Bangor detailing the cock-ups that she’d witnessed in the Bristol NHS were nicked and given to the Digger and George Carman.

          That girl’s mum, Anne Moore, worked at Cannington Health Centre in Somerset with my Aunty Janet. Janet was one of my relatives who was rather more supportive of me than others. Janet’s husband Peter died from cancer. We just thought it was bad luck. Then Janet began experiencing symptoms of what I thought might be a serious illness. No-one was concerned and the Top Docs at Cannington didn’t seem worried either. At a later point Janet was told that she was terminally ill and nothing could be done. Janet lasted quite a long time after that. Her sisters were really wowed and thought Oh Janet’s defied predictions. No, Janet had been told that nothing could be done when something could have been. Janet was not terminally ill until she had been ignored for a sufficient length of time; then she was.

          Wasn’t she Dr Johnson? Dr Johnson, what were the circumstances of my Uncle Terry’s death? One leg amputated. Then the other! Then dead. Then father… Then Uncle John, who was rash enough to move to Beddgelert at one point…

          Other relatives who were witnesses but didn’t seem to be the ones who were paid off became seriously ill and dropped like flies or became incapacitated, including a Scottish cousin of mine who worked for Beechams the drug company.

          Then there was the husband of a more distant female relative of mine who went to posh girls’ school near Ascot, Heathfield. He became suddenly very ill, couldn’t work and had a lot of problems when they had three children. His wife probably didn’t realise it, but when she was a teenager, she was a witness to part of the ring in Somerset, an old bloke in Fiddington called Arthur Hodgeson who owned a stables that was popular with girls who liked horses. No-one ever heard about Arthur’s molesting ways until after he was dead, then all the former pupils mentioned ‘God he was dreadful, we always knew to go in pairs… ‘

          Even I hadn’t heard about Arthur until after he died but what I do remember about him was that back in the 1970s there had been a series of serious accidents with girls on Arthur’s horses and I think that one of them died. There were more incidents than there should have been of horses bolting and girls being dragged and seriously injured. Although people were less safety conscious then than they are now, they were still careful with kids on horses, it was always checking hats and riding boots and making sure that kids had the basic skills before they went galloping off as beginners. I wondered how Arthur was getting away with it because no other riding school would have…

          Dr Johnson is such a charmer that after my friend’s baby was killed by Musgrove Park Hospital, he told her husband that she wasn’t ‘good breeding material’. That was after he’d attended the baby’s funeral. Those friends of mine who were at Stirling University with Lord Jack McConnell!

          Keith Thomson, one of the disastrous CEOs of the NW Wales NHS Trust had spent time working in NHS management before he returned to the land of his fathers in Bangor. Lord Jack was a Councillor in Stirling for years. It was Thomson who was threatened with jail by the High Court in Cardiff for refusing to hand over my medical records. Miranda was still PM; Jack’s friend Gordon became PM in 2007. When Nerys was left to die by the Top Docs.

          I expect that Gordon will make a pompous Brexit speech soon. Windbag minor is screaming loudly, so is Vaughan Gething, Drakeford, Lynne Neagle, it’s quite something. Harriet for PM!

          Open your eyes everyone, the Top Docs are very nasty people and they are untouchable. Ignorant, thick, brutal, rural GPs in provincial villages. Completely untouchable…

          1. Dr Johnson arrived in Bridgwater in 1979/80. After Mr Thrope. Johnson was of course a nice Young Doctor, but there were complaints about him from Older Women. It was attributed to the Older Women being a bit frosty, even I thought that when I heard it. Dr Johnson was much better with younger patients. Very nice and friendly…

            I heard most about Dr Johnson from teenagers who told me how helpful he was re dishing out the contraceptive pill. It wasn’t until years later that I heard the first account of one of those girls who had grown older and realised that Dr Johnson had done a few things to her that she really did not think should have happened at all…

            One of the Older Women who raised concerns about Johnson back when he was a new arrival in Bridgy was the mother of a medical student at Cardiff. That’s how I found out about Dr J’s very unacceptable conduct in the eyes of older women. Of course that med student never said a word, she knew what happened to me in north Wales and was told that if she wanted to continue in surgery she’d better keep quiet about all of it.

            Then there was Dr Johnson’s Serious Mistakes that had rather tragic outcomes for some patients… Johnson disappeared for a few months, reappeared and told my bereaved friend that she wasn’t good breeding material.

            I don’t want readers to gain the impression that Johnson was only disrespectful to Wimmin. The last anecdote that I heard about Johnson was his attendance at a farmers dinner, when a patient of his told Johnson that he had been diagnosed with a lung condition. Johnson pissed himself laughing in front of the farmers and said ‘Well you’ve fucking had it then haven’t you’. Everyone marvelled at Johnson’s unpleasantness.

            The farmer who had the lung condition was the former partner of a relative of mine. He was also a good mate of Robin Pardoe, brother of the Liberal MP John Pardoe, the one Liberal MP who stood by Mr Thrope to the bitter end. Robin’s daughter Rachel is a psychotherapist, she featured in a previous post. Rachel specialises in child abuse and has worked in south Wales, Bristol and the Tavistock Institute.

            Dr Johnson knows DGE Wood don’t you Dr Johnson? Not that Dr Johnson told any of those people who knew me whom he was insulting or slaughtering that, but I knew it. So did MI5, they had Brian Mere with the lung disease under surveillance because he knew someone who knew me well…

            That crowd knew Paddy Ashdown as well. Paddy who has just pegged out when he shouldn’t have….

            They’re killing you suckers. It’s about Ollie Brooke, Gwynne, Dafydd, Chamberlain etc and they are killing you.

            Who killed Fungus Lowe then Johnson and how? Fungus wouldn’t have trusted any of you further than he’d spit a rat, you wouldn’t be able to do a ‘Now don’t you worry my dear we’ll look after you’ on that old sociopath. How did you get rid of Fungus?

    1. Gosh I’ve found Gwynne the Royal Lobotomists birth certificate from 1911; his parents were farm workers, he had a lot of siblings, his older brother was a farm worker, his older sister was a servant… I presumed that he’d be a Wyn Roberts, the pampered son of a Minister…

      What the biggest question is now is who footed the bill for Gwynne the Lobotomist to gain an education, including at the Middlesex Hospital, rather than Liverpool, the favourite destination of grammar school boys from north Wales? There has to be sleaze here doesn’t there, a kid from a family like that born in 1911 would never have the family background to put him through secondary school yet alone university. The old bastard was in London throughout the 1930s…

      Come on Carlo, tell us how your Brothel Keeper found the money to stay on at school after 12 years old and then find his way to the Middlesex, which at that time was employing Royal Docs, the Chairman of Guvnors being Queen Mary’s brother…

      F used to enjoy doing a Dafydd voice and saying ‘the Jones’s came from peasant stock’ whenever he saw Dafydd waxing lyrical about his origins in the local papers, but it looks as if Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist came from peasant stock as well. But then Backdoor Billy came from Coventry and left school when he was 12… Backdoor Billy bagged his place in the Queen Mum’s heart by running a VIP rent boy ring, which is what Gwynne did, but how did Gwynne get to the Middlesex in the first place?

      I do hope that Gwynne bach didn’t peddle his own arse, but I would not be entirely surprised if he did; I can’t think of any other way in which he could have done what he did. If he was a girl it would be very obvious that he would have been a prostitute, that was how virtually all females made a living if they were in difficult circumstances in those days and it will have been why Gwynne presumed that he could force me into such an existence by wrecking my job prospects… Did Gwynne Learn On The Job as it were re that big rent boy ring?

      Perhaps the descendants of the Rosa Parks of Wales could enlighten us… Or the descendent of whichever Royal Male enjoyed the bottom of the scumbag when he was at a tender age…

      1. Show Us You Care Ma’am!

        Was it Bertie?
        Uncle Dickie?
        The 5th Duke of Westminster?

        Brown and I had discussed the possibility that Gwynne had enjoyed himself with Sailors when he was a ship’s surgeon and he spent the rest of his career over-compensating, but it had never occurred to me that he sold his body to the Royals.

        I think that the Great British Public should be told. For the sake of all those who were killed because of this. Including the lamb to the slaughter who went into a tunnel in Paris at a high speed.

        Cor, I’ve made history. Not that the Daily Mail will publish a word of this, but I’m rather glad about that…

        1. Christ Almighty Martin Jones, you should just have made a fair and reasonable settlement when my lawyers wrote to you with evidence of what your staff had actually done to me at Ysbyty Gwynedd…

          1. Just to let readers know that early this morning I e mailed the GMC and requested a meeting with one of their senior officers on the grounds that I and others are owed an explanation.

            My e mail has been acknowledged via the GMC automatic reply system, but I’ve heard no more….

            I wonder what they’ll say?

  7. Thanks to the reader who has sent me info early this morning.

    I need to point out that it is possible that a forged birth certificate for Gwynne the Lobotomist is in circulation. Which is quite ironic really isn’t it. When I was trawling through the archives re Gwynne yesterday, I did notice that two different birth dates were given for him in different databases, but that can happen. I have found other clues that the birth certificate that I saw may be a forgery; it is a skilful forgery if it is and I have no idea who has produced it or why…

    I wonder if any of those friends and relatives of Gwynne who have forgotten that they ever knew him since I began blogging would like to come forward and clarify the circumstances of Gwynne’s birth, early years and why he went to the Middlesex rather than Liverpool, the usual choice for aspiring docs in north Wales? I’d hate anyone to gain the wrong impression re Gwynne…

    I see that the media have finally woken up to the disaster that PFIs have been for the NHS. Billions and billions pissed up against the wall because Miranda wanted to boast about ‘investing’ in the NHS. Miranda had not invested in the NHS, he had conjured up a very nice money spinner for his mates’ companies. Top Docs knew it, other Labour MPs knew it, as did MPs from other parties. Nobody said a word. Because as any fule kno, the NHS needs lots and lots of money and no-one is allowed to disagree. So slippery old Miranda and Gordon pretended that they were doing this and the Brave Principled Top Docs who Care didn’t publicise what was happening. Not even Uncle Harry, who’s nephew was in the middle of the sordid deal.

    Look at the two London hospitals who received the bonanza and are now huge shiny structures haemorrhaging money while the lame brains who ticked off the deals and were photographed boasting of NHS Investment now can’t afford to staff those hospitals: the Royal London and Barts.

    In many ways they were the two most culpable institutions re the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Furthermore Barts was the hospital associated with Lord Snowdon’s dad and granddad and the Royal London has been facilitating the abuse of those in the East End for generations, but Lord Bob Winston and Wendy Savage had long associations with the Royal London. Wendy and Lord Bob who were Labour Party supporting docs. Wendy who was a leading light in Keep Our NHS Public. Wendy could have Kept The NHS Public if she had chosen to publicise what Dafydd’s partners in crime were doing at the Royal London. Wendy, friend of Geoffrey Chamberlain. But you didn’t publicise any of it did you Wendy?

    I know a few other things about Wendy as well; since I began blogging people have been sending me all sorts about the Feminist Champ…

    The Tories of course wanted to take an axe to the London hospitals back in the 1980s. They knew money was being wasted and that scams were being worked by the Top Docs but of course Wendy et al blackmailed them over the Westminster Paedophile Ring. So although there were mergers – followed by Miranda’s PFI mirage – only one big teaching hospital closed down. The Middlesex. After Gwynne had been written out of history. So not only had the Royal Lobotomist never existed, but neither had the sack of vipers who trained him…

    Much as I am enjoying the results of all this blowing up in the faces of those Who Love The NHS, we must not lose sight here of the general public who have been lied to, fleeced of their taxes and now enjoy the WORST HEALTH OUTCOMES in Western Europe. Even Radio 4 admitted that this morning.

    This is the consequence of a medical profession who would respond to no criticism at all, no matter how serious the crime and a craven political class who knew how many powerful people were in on The Big Lie of Ah the doctors they were wonderful, you can’t complain can you and ooh its only a few bad apples…

    There is one hell of a problem here and if the public knew what has been going on, they’d tear Wendy fucking Savage limb from limb. But as DGE Wood smugly told me in ooh 1984 was it Wendy, when I asked him what the hell was going on with Wendy Savage at the London Hospital and that I was surprised that any patients were still risking their necks there, ‘Most of those patients are completely unaware of the scandal…’

    Indeed. And even among the patients who did know, who Marched To Save Wendy’s Career, I imagine that none of them knew that Wendy was part of a big trafficking ring, led by the Royal Lobotomist and Dafydd… Of which DGE Wood was the key contact at Bangor University…

    Just excavate the North Wales Hospital and recover those bodies.

    People died you fucking monster Wendy, they DIED. And you knew it, as did all those who signed up to your Strong Woman’s Campaign To Save The NHS.

    WOMEN facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring as much as men. Because no-one suspected them. As Wendy and Harriet knew and then they maxed out on it.

    I would be interested to know if the Nasty Male Professor who moved heaven and earth to get Savage out of her job at the Royal London knew that Wendy was Gwynne and Dafydd’s partner in crime and that’s why he wanted her out. I have wondered many times; the problem is that the rot was so extensive and so deep that it is more likely that, as with nearly all scraps between Top Docs, no-one was taking a principled stance, they were all equally guilty but just loathed each other. There is of course the possibility that the Nasty Male Prof knew that a girl at UCNW and her friends had Found Out About Gwynne and were not going to shut up, so Wendy had to go before the whole lot of them came down…

    How could anyone have ever believed that the solution to this was to just keep killing the witnesses and giving money to the killers?

  8. Communique – the Angry Brigade:

    I appreciate the compliments from the Corridor That No Longer Has Any Power. I am delighted to have put the boot into some truly dreadful people. I know how dangerous they were/are and in no way did I want those working undercover to be found dead. It’s just that I would have appreciated a bit more help when I actually needed it. And before quite so many people had been found dead.

    The journal articles that Dr Death and Geoffrey Chamberlain et al had written clearly describing appalling practices were available to anyone who had access to an academic library ie. all politicians, lawyers, Top Docs, researchers and many others. Any one of you could have publicised what they were doing. But no-one did.

    You’ll never convince me that more could not have been done at an earlier stage…

    1. I have just received a visit from the police, after visiting the GPs surgery which supplied a report about me, someone whom they had never met or even communicated with, which has resulted in my driving licence being withheld. I have been told that if I return to that surgery I will be arrested.

      The young female police officer was not unpleasant, but I did notice that she made her excuses and left (in true News Of The World style) after I supplied names of docs whom I knew to have broken the law, facilitated organised abuse or sexually exploited/assaulted patients themselves. I forgot to tell her that here in the house, I have 10,000 documents written and signed by the people who’s names I gave her in which they detailed their own criminality. She did ask me if I’d like to see a counsellor. I told her that the last time I went down that route, I was Referred to a sex offender.

      I did detail very clearly to the police officer the ways in which the GPs surgery had broken the law themselves. They have not been threatened with arrest. I have.

      The police officer interrupted my viewing of old TV docs of Orgreave etc. I ‘ve just watched Michael Mansfield interviewed re the methods that the police used to stitch up miners! When I wrote to MM in 1993, I told him that I was writing to let him know that Gwynedd Social Services were using the legislation passed by Thatch to criminalise striking miners and pickets against patients who had complained about the mental health services… MM wrote me a one-line reply and raised the alarm, warning all Radical Lawyers not to take a case on my behalf….

      I’m being reminded by the NUM footage of many more matters that I intended to blog about but I can’t… I think I will try and just flag up some of the most important names and links on my comments columns, which do still seem to be working without my text disappearing….

      1. Previous posts have discussed Sarah Creighton, who was a junior doc with Chamberlain’s team at St George’s when I worked there. Sarah witnessed everything that I did and much, much more. Sarah is still on the Medical Register with a licence to practice, unlike many other former members of Chamberlain’s team who have surrendered, including two docs with a rather sounder reputation than Sarah had at St George’s.

        When I last blogged about Sarah she was working at UCL. I see that as the crap drowns that institution, Sarah has found a new home either/as well as UCL. Sarah is now a consultant gynae at the very elite Portland Hospital and is now doing her best to look like Anna Wintour.

        This is what Sarah says about herself:

        Sarah Creighton is a consultant gynaecologist and honorary clinical professor at University College London Hospital. She is also the consultant adolescent gynaecologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital London. She specialises in paediatric and adolescent gynaecology and complex congenital and acquired genital anomalies including female genital mutilation. She is a member of the UCLH multidisciplinary service for Disorders of Sex Development. She is a founder member and past Chair of the British Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology (BritSPAG) and a founder member of the Female Genital Mutilation National Clinical Group.
        Research interests:
        Gynaecological and sexual outcomes in girls and women following reconstructive surgery for acquired and congenital genital conditions.

        Sarah worked with a team of docs at St George’s who were trafficking kids and young adults. At least one of Sarah’s colleagues at St George’s had a pal in Harley Street who was performing FGM and I was loudly shouted down in the tea room when I suggested that this was worrying and illegal. Sarah is now working as an FGM specialist and is an ‘expert’ on children’s and adolescent genitalia…

        I was interested to note that one of Sarah’s journal articles deals with the subject of teaching Docs the variation in the appearance of female genitalia. It says it all doesn’t it. I suspect that docs are quite well-acquainted with the range of female genitalia, certainly those docs at St George’s, including the ones who’s day to day work did not involve looking at women’s bits; the degree of shagging taking place left most people with a pretty good idea of the range of genitalia available…

        So either Sarah is publishing redundant nonsense or her colleagues really do not have an understanding of the variation in the appearance of female bits. Presumably they then refer anxious female patients to Sarah’s colleagues who build them a designer vagina. If Sarah is not -like so many of her colleagues – being an utter hypocrite and actually performing genital modification surgery herself after just sort of hinting that her patients bits could do with a bit of a trim as it were, Sarah does know that there is a very buoyant market for this service in private hospitals in London – the Portland will almost certainly be offering or referring for designer vaginas. I’m not aware that Sarah has been particularly pro-active in publicising this.

        I have seen Sarah in women’s mags touted as a Nice Lady Doctor who can Chat To Girls Who Feel Anxious. If they had witnessed what I witnessed Sarah and her colleagues at St George’s doing, they would not be seeking her advice on any matter.

        I am wondering if Sarah is any relation of Harold Creighton, perhaps his daughter, he did have four girls…

        Here’s Harold’s 2003 Torygraph obituary:

        Harold Creighton, who died on Thursday aged 75, was a self-made entrepreneur in the machine tool industry who became proprietor and editor of The Spectator.
        Creighton’s ownership of the weekly magazine from 1967 to 1975 was a period of falling circulation and internal strife. He sacked two editors and parted company with a number of well-known contributors before taking on the editorship himself in 1973; by the end of his tenure the very survival of the magazine was in doubt.
        Nevertheless, he retained The Spectator’s reputation both for intelligent Right-wing comment and for conviviality, and took a brave stance as the only national paper to call for a “no” vote in the 1975 referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the Common Market.

        Harry Creighton was alerted to the fact that The Spectator was for sale in April 1967 by a diary paragraph in the Evening Standard, and was persuaded (by, among others, Lord Boothby over dinner at Wilton’s) to buy it as a launching pad for his political and social ambitions.
        The magazine was then under the editorship of Nigel Lawson and the ownership of the Conservative MP Ian Gilmour; but Gilmour had tired of its losses of around £20,000 a year, and had asked the financier Jim Slater to find him a buyer. Creighton had done business with Slater before, and a deal was quickly put together at a price of £75,000.
        Under arrangements dating from 1928, a new proprietor had to secure the approval of a committee of trustees (to include representatives of the Headmasters’ Conference and the, by then extinct, London County Council) charged with ensuring that the magazine did not fall into the wrong hands.
        Creighton duly went before the committee – whose chairman turned out to have shooting rights over Creighton’s estate near Chichester. Several other potential bidders were in the wings (among them Woodrow Wyatt, George Weidenfeld and at least one wealthy American), but Slater pressed Creighton’s suit and Gilmour was anxious for a swift conclusion.
        Creighton and Lawson (who had tried to put together a bid of his own) did not warm to one another, the latter insisting firmly on editorial independence. Creighton did, however, prevail in a wish to see more financial coverage in the magazine – to attract more financial advertising – and earned the gratitude of his staff by reinstating a dining room in the basement of the magazine’s rambling offices at 99 Gower Street: the designer David Hicks was called in to advise on the colour of the walls. But proprietor and editor could not agree on the colour scheme for the magazine’s cover, Lawson favouring mauve while Creighton pressed in vain for green.
        In 1970, after Lawson was adopted as a parliamentary candidate, Creighton dismissed him, offered the job to Bernard Levin, who turned it down, and finally appointed the political columnist George Gale to the chair. The circulation of the magazine had fallen from 36,000 in 1966 to around 25,000, and it galled Creighton that he was unable to make it run efficiently and profitably like his machine tool businesses: he once told an interviewer that at least “our stapling is a lot better” than that of the rival New Statesman.
        He cut the editorial staff from five to four – while increasing the size of the advertising sales team, to little effect except for a rush of small ads for saunas and massage parlours. Finally, in September 1973 he sacked Gale (though they remained on friendly terms) and took over as editor himself.
        The Spectator’s managing director of that era, George Hutchinson, described Creighton as “not without aptitude, albeit of a somewhat slapdash, capricious sort”. He could be choleric or charming by turns and was immensely hospitable, hosting lunches in Gower Street almost daily. He loved gossip, especially about celebrities and his business acquaintances – about whom he contributed his own column, “Skinflint’s City Diary”.
        At a low ebb in Conservative fortunes, Creighton maintained the magazine’s traditional allegiance, refusing to allow Patrick Cosgrave to write a pre-election leader in February 1974 urging readers to vote Labour. But after that election he dedicated The Spectator to the cause of evicting Edward Heath from the Tory leadership, becoming an ardent supporter of Margaret Thatcher.
        He was even more single-minded in his opposition to British membership of the Common Market, providing office space in Gower Street for the cross-party Get Britain Out campaign group assembled for the June 1975 referendum – which produced a 2:1 majority for staying in.
        But circulation continued to fall – to below the 17,000 figure claimed for 1974. Weekly losses and a run of libel suits had depleted Creighton’s resources. The Gower Street building was crumbling.
        By 1975 Creighton had let it be known that The Spectator was for sale again. It was fortunate both for him and for the magazine that another wealthy businessman with political aspirations – Henry Keswick, chairman of the Hong Kong trading house Jardine Matheson – was prepared to pay him £75,000 for it in August that year.
        Creighton sold 99 Gower Street separately, and the magazine moved to its present home in Doughty Street to be revivified by a new editor, Alexander Chancellor. Some months later, Creighton acknowledged that Chancellor’s Spectator was “very good indeed . . . although I don’t go all the way with his liberalism”.
        Harold Digby Fitzgerald Creighton, the son of a clergyman, was born on September 11 1927 and was educated at Haileybury. After a National Service commission in the Royal Armoured Corps in India and Egypt, and a couple of years in the tin-smelting business in Penang, he returned to London and went into the machine tool business as sales director of a company called M C Layton, dealing in second-hand machinery.
        In 1956 he branched out on his own as Tate Machine Tools, and for a time he also owned a printing works at Fulham. In 1963 he sold Tate for £250,000. He invested in another business in the same trade and two years later, with Jim Slater’s guidance, he effected a reverse takeover to gain control of a Glasgow-based public company, Scottish Machine Tool Corp, of which he became chairman and principal shareholder.
        Creighton was in fact Slater’s first client for this sort of transaction, and Slater’s firm, the investment group Slater Walker, proposed to charge only £1,000 for the service. Creighton told Slater that he obviously knew little about City fee scales, and should charge at least £5,000 – the figure on which they finally agreed.
        Towards the end of his time at The Spectator, Creighton started to develop other publishing ideas in the field of “girlie” magazines. He bought Lilliput, a title which had not been published since 1961, intending to relaunch it with a mixture of short stories and nude pictures to fill a market gap “somewhere between Reveille and Reader’s Digest”; the project never came to fruition. He also invested £10,000 in a new magazine, Cockade, which folded after one issue. In later years, he maintained a portfolio of industrial and other business interests, but was little heard of in the public arena.
        Harry Creighton married, in 1964, Harriet Wallace; they had four daughters.

        Readers might notice how many of Harry’s mates/business partners have featured in previous posts as being part of the Westminster Paedophile Ring; some of them were business partners of Edward du Cann with whom my grandfather did battle. Harry’s mates were those that bankrolled the ring. Harry I notice published porn…

        One reason why docs were/are so useful to organised trafficking, apart from supplying the dishonest expert witness reports, flogging the drugs, doing the How Very Dare You when the police came calling etc and of course the covert filming of patients which were then passed around to possible bidders, is that docs could persuade anxious young women (or men) that they needed unnecessary surgery, of the sort that was ordered by porn merchants. Never mind Jordan, think Lolo Ferrari. Lolo Ferrari became a sort of joke, but what received less publicity was that her ‘cosmetic surgery’ eventually killed her.

        There are people who willingly work in the sex and porn trade and they are not coerced. The problem with the Gang was that they had to force people into it who were absolutely not interested. One of the ways that they did that was by reassuring their distressed young patients – who were distressed because of them – that OF COURSE there was nothing wrong with them; in the next breath there would be comments that absolutely confirmed the patient’s anxieties. Looking at police material that is now distributed to Raise Awareness Of The Signs Of Trafficking, I can identify everything that I witnessed DGE Wood and all of his colleagues doing to patients. Certain staff did exactly the same thing to patients at St George’s. I am always amused when I hear police and others shouting loudly that they Didn’t Understand Trafficking Back In The 1980s and 90s But they Do Now.

        So why was it that Brown identified EVERYTHING that the Gang were doing that constituted er the grooming of their patients for organised abuse? I constantly pointed the idiocy out to the members of the Gang whom I was actually prepared to speak to, not realising that all of them, apart from the Hergest whistleblower, were on board. I was met with nothing but the notion that I was an odd Extreme Feminist and You And Brown Aren’t Like Most People Are You. Well we could see that those ‘professionals’ had some very odd ideas of female ‘beauty’, of gender roles, of what Causes Homosexuality, of Normal Behaviour, of the psychopathology of harmless fetishists and so many other topics…

        I had many conversations with Brown re the fucked upness of so many of the staff in north Wales. There was nearly as much of it at St George’s. Then I watched as their own kids developed eating disorders and addictions…

        Friends would sometimes tell me of the extraordinary things that Docs had said to them and ask me what was going on. The comment that most surprised one friend was when she went to see a Lady Doctor about a problem unrelated to Ladies Bits, only to get into such a conversation. My mate was gobsmacked to be told (although my mate was in her late 20s and an intelligent adult) that perhaps she’d like to take the contraceptive pill on a permanent basis without the usual ‘withdrawal bleed’ (it’s not a ‘real’ period on the pill, it is a withdrawal effect, but a lot of women don’t know that), ‘because some of us Doctors think that periods are the most disgusting, horrible, messy things and we could well do without them’.

        My mate rolled around laughing when she related the tale to me, presuming that she’d encountered a one-off loony in a surgery. I told her that I had heard the same discussion among Professionals in London and in north Wales.

        It’s called Evolution, Lady Docs! Can’t be helped I’m afraid. It’s not Abnormal or Messy or Disgusting, but you are barking mad and should not be saying this sort of thing to patients, many of whom are less robust than my friends and I.

        I could give some truly terrible egs of Advice to those in north Wales, but as I have mentioned in previous posts, what was going on in those ‘clinics’ and ‘therapy sessions’ was just so vile that I don’t think those who passed through the hands (as it were) of the Top Docs need what happened to them advertising. MI5 and Special Branch knew, they recorded the whole bloody lot. But they didn’t stop it.

        The first Stiff Letter that Brown ever wrote to Wood mentioned that Gwynne and Wood didn’t seem to have any understanding of cultures that did not revolve around dinner parties and squash clubs, that they were seeking to intrude and impose in a grossly insensitive way and were unaware of just how distressing their conduct was.

        We didn’t realise at the time that they were running a trafficking/paedophile/porn/bestiality club and their bizarre comments were simply designed to undermine the targets and prevent them from doing the young person’s version of How Very Dare You, ie. ‘You WHAT???’

        All Empowered Service Users in north Wales were very familiar with their friends beginning a sentence with ‘Do you know what he/she SAID???’ Some of us got so fed up that we just took the piss. I have been made aware that our comments were then taken out of context and relayed to third parties as examples of just how deranged we were…

        Two of the better educated Empowered Service Users had conversations with me which resulted in us all concluding ‘these people really are the last ones who should be trying to provide counselling’. They were fucking mad.

        As for old Dafydd, there was the time when he suggested group sex with added animals with me. Recorded by Special Branch, I received a transcript after I began the blog. Dafydd was ‘joking’ of course. I responded with some ripe comments in Dafydd’s direction. I was told that they were recorded for posterity and Shared with many people, even years later, to enable everyone to Marvel at my Shocking Behaviour. No-one was told what Dafydd had suggested first…

        We were all lying. All of us. While the security services recorded what was going on.

        As for the Rape Crisis Counsellors in Gwynedd… No of course I never encountered them by using their ‘services’, but I did know two of them socially. I can only conclude that they did very great damage to anyone who sought advice…

        Angela. I don’t know her surname, but she lived in Talysarn. The other Rape Crisis Counsellor was Helen Milne. She spent years at MIND, freezing out anyone who would not keep silent about the Gang.

        If people supplied details to other ‘professionals’, if their relatives were complaining, if they were telling MIND, the ‘Independent Advocacy Service’ AND the security services recorded all the encounters and still nothing was done, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to regurgitate the ‘gore’ on the blog. After all, the Gang stored the whole lot for the purposes of wanking material. No wonder they had business relationships with Henry Creighton.

        One more point, for the slower readers of this blog. Dafydd was just so stomach churning to so many patients, particularly women (Dafydd ran the rent boys business but his own tastes were for young women), that the male friends of those women were really angry and sickened at what was going on. As the Top Docs know, THAT was the reason for the ‘nuisance calls’ that Dafydd received on some occasions from F and two other men. As F told the accumulated group of women after he had hung up on Dafydd ‘Well he knows what it is to be bloody well sexually harassed now doesn’t he. Perhaps he’ll leave you all alone now’.

        Of course Dafydd didn’t. A Meeting was held, not about F or the other blokes who were up in arms, but about me. And my Dangerous Influence on Other Patients. Dafydd explained that he really didn’t want to take this to Court but it should be dealt with by the use of the Mental Health Act, the preferred option being me in a high security hospital, after an initial transfer to a medium secure unit.

        There was only one reason why Dafydd didn’t want me arrested and prosecuted YET AGAIN. It was because the Waterhouse Inquiry was on the way, they couldn’t risk anymore press articles starring me being arrested for ludicrous reasons and they couldn’t risk F or anyone else giving evidence that might even hint at why patients were ringing Dafydd up and taking the piss…

        Oh and by the way, on one occasion, Sadie Francis made a comment that suggested that she might be using her Professional Role to procure patients for her husband. It was only the one comment, but another patient I know maintains that he has much more evidence re Tony and unacceptable inclinations towards patients… This patient has shown me some letters written about them by Tony – it took their lawyer years to get hold of the documents – and they are so worrying that one can only wonder why the other staff that received or read those letters didn’t raise concerns immediately…

        But then some of the letters about me written by Tony and Sadie that I didn’t get hold of until some three years ago would have been enough to have them investigated by the police. Those letters were written before the Waterhouse Inquiry, when the world told Those Boys That They Were Lying To Get Compensation.

        George Carman and the Digger were in possession of the first batch of documents that had been stolen from my house by then.

  9. Sally- please don’t stop this blog. Denbighshire social services have just tried to section me illegally- the truth needs to keep on coming out.

    1. I have no intention of taking the blog offline myself; I’m just issuing warnings that might happen by forces unknown who have done something to my system that is preventing me from writing new posts…

      At present, the comments facility is still working, so I’m adding things here.

      Can I emphasise that I have blogged about a great many matters now, so much that I haven’t always noticed links and connections? Can readers who think that the blog might have anything relevant to them take time to search (I know navigation is difficult), because if someone like you is having trouble with the Gang, there WILL be info that you will find helpful.

      There is now so much on the net about organised abuse, the Top Docs abusing their powers etc that some of what I have touched on eg. the Islington ring, the Leicestershire ring, Lambeth etc as well as north Wales, is very well covered by other blogs. They are rather different to mine in that they don’t contain the info about politicians, civil servants, lawyers etc and of course I don’t think that any of them name Docs apart from Morris Fraser and Ollie Brooke, but some of those blogs have much more info about the London gangs for example. The blogs tend to be different in style to mine with ‘trigger warnings’, adverts for charidees that I consider to have done damage themselves and, for my taste, too many details of assaults and unhappiness, it’s all a bit ‘My Hell’, but the info is there…

      There are also people coming forward blogging about what Dr Death’s old boss William Sargant did to his patients. How Dr Death kept what he and Sargant did quiet throughout Death’s attempts to become PM I cannot understand, but Brown told me a few weeks ago that more and more witnesses (they’ll be very elderly now) have come forward and much of it is on the web…

      1. I’m wondering if the Community In Pain has had enough yet, after having maxed out on the myth of the Dangerous Nutters who Attack Angels for so long.

        I haven’t yet blogged about the time that Tony Francis turned up at our house at 9 pm one night, unannounced. He just dropped in like. F and I didn’t mind, we didn’t realise that it was Tony, it was literally a Dark and Stormy Night and we saw a torch and movement in the garden, so I went out to see who it was. Tony Francis was there flashing a torch into our bedroom window. F said ‘Gosh it’s Tony, do come in’. So he did. He had a cup of tea and a Nice Chat with us, without fully explaining what he was doing in our garden at a late hour. I was told a few days later that a few other staff had mentioned that ‘Tony probably shouldn’t have done that, what if they complain and ask what was going on?’

        Being Dangerous Nutters we didn’t complain. It was only years later when my lawyers obtained my medical records that I found that Tony had enjoyed his cup of tea and chat and the next day documented once more my Extreme Dangerousness. I think it was in 1995 when that happened. Edward du Cann was making loud noises about how he could tell a lot you know, he wasn’t very happy with the Tory Party…

        Then there was the time that I and another Empowered Service User were walking through Carneddi and heard a Domestic in a nearby house. A bloke yelling and screaming at a woman, grabbing her and shaking. I said to my Empowered friend ‘Come on, call the police’. My Empowered friend yelled ‘No, no, he IS the police, if he knows I’ve seen him, he’ll get me’. I went to the phone box and rang Brown. Brown said ‘Call the police NOW’. I said ‘He IS the police’. Brown said ‘Then his colleagues need to know what he is doing’.

        My Empowered friend by now was in a state of near hysteria, begging me Not To Call The Police – well a member of his family had been accused of being a paedophile by the police, after a confrontation with the mental health services – so I walked back up the street, only to see the girl who had been on the receiving end running out of the door and down the road. So at least she was OK that night…

        Then there was the chav of about 17 or 18 – a pal of Ray Tugwell’s family, Ray Tugwell being a man who worked as an admin/clerk at Bangor University, who Raised Money for Ysbyty Gwynedd because his daughter had been ill and Ah the doctors they were wonderful (one of Ray’s daughters is an Angel now and became embroiled in some sort of scandal at The Hospital re Ugandan discussions) – who screamed at every passing (youngish) female that he wanted to fuck them or could they please suck his cock. He was doing it to the teenage girls as well, it became such a problem that the girls didn’t want to walk through Rachub when Mr Predator In Training was sitting on the wall in the square.

        Unfortunately he sat on the wall for hours, so it was difficult to avoid him. On one occasion I had walked past and received the usual offers from him – I was known to be a bit braver than a lot of the other women in that I did brave the square when Mr Predator In Training was on the loose – and I went back and told F that he was at it again. F said that he had absolutely had enough of that shite, so F put on his symbolic leather bikers jacket, marched up to Mr Predator In Training and told him that one more complaint from a girl or woman ‘And I’ll smash your fucking nose into your face OK? Leave them alone’.

        I did expect a visit from the police or vigilante action, but guess what? The females of Rachub had complete peace re Mr Predator In Training. He never ever did it again, even to the teenage girls.

        The problem was that no-one ever confronted him. No-one. Ray Tugwell would come out of his house and witness what was going on and say nothing because Ray’s daughters were friends with Mr Predator In Training. Ray’s daughters didn’t behave like it themselves, but ooh Ray Does So Much For The Hospital, so nothing was said. Until F said it and silenced the bastard.

        This was the sort of crap that was the stuff of everyday life, not because teenaged boys in Rachub were so much worse than they are everywhere else, it was that fucking Gang. Certain people knew that they had 100% protection. Mr Predator In Training went to school with Gruff Rhys, son of Ioan Bowen Rees, CEO of Gwynedd County Council and facilitator of the Gang. Super Furries everyone, Super Furries!! Local talent, local talent, I’m mates with Gruff and Ray’s daughters, Ray Raises Money for the Hospital…

        Hey Gruff, do you remember that bigoted woman who used to go on the Rachub bus, the one who Hated Queers? She was in a minority, the Rachub bus was usually very friendly, but every time a certain young man who was known to be gay got on the bus, Mrs Bigot was heard to say ‘There’s that bloody queer’.

        Mrs Bigot had no idea that it was That Bloody Queer who told me that he had seen Michael Portillo having knees-ups in gay clubs in Manchester and London. He saw the boys whom Gruff’s dad trafficked as well, but I didn’t realise that they were being trafficked, I just thought ‘Ooh there are a few adventurous teens in north Wales…’

        Mrs Bigot didn’t like another Rachub resident either, a woman who was a Lezzer. In fact the Lezzer made Mrs Bigot ‘feel sick’. The Lezzer was also asked to suck a cock, in the middle of Rachub. The Lezzer expressed her Deep Concern re Sexism and Misogyny Among Boys and Men In This Village. The Lezzer was a social worker, who at one point made friends with me, pumped me for all the info she could after telling me that she hated social work and had left it, so corrupt was it, only to take a job as a Social Work Trainer in Conwy once she had found out What I Had Witnessed and raised the alarm…

        I’m sure that the Lezzer had an inkling of why a boy of 10 – it wasn’t even Mr Predator In Training – even had the idea of asking passing women to suck his cock… Just ask Ioan!

        The Lezzer had a Client – a teenaged girl with drug problems – who used to stay over at Dafydd’s house at weekends. The Lezzer was Most Concerned. So Concerned that she felt obliged to find out whether I knew that Dafydd was entertaining teenaged girls at his house for the weekend… The Lezzer feared that Dafydd was Fostering Dependency.

        Rosie, Dafydd was shagging them out there and supplying the Class As… I met the Drug Dealer’s Rottie who resided within and I’m fairly sure there was at least one gun in the house as well. Lest someone else produced a gun to deal with the Rottie…

        When I was told that I had Thrown The Brick Through Dafydd’s glass door at 2 am in the morning, I did mention that surely it would have woken the Rottie… The Rottie never got a mention in the affidavit in Liverpool High Court…

        A wicked person has asked me if it was the Rottie who chewed off Tony Francis’s testicle. No, it was Dr Christine Evans. I should know, I supplied the fava beans and chianti, I’m only surprised that my role in the removal of that testicle and Dr Chris’s Fine Dining didn’t find its way into an affidavit submitted to the High Court.

        1. In June 1999, Dr Chris starred on TV, Channel 5. Dr Chris was used to being grovelled to by Dafydd’s mates in the local media, but Dr Chris must have thought that her boat had come in when Brian Viner wrote a glowing review of Dr Chris for the Indie, referring to her as a ‘hearty surgeon’ and a ‘great British eccentric’. Viner told his readers that in north Wales, Dr Chris is known as the Dick Doctor. Mr Viner needs to know that it is only Dr Chris who calls herself that, in the way that Dave Lee Travis is the only person who calls himself the Hairy Cornflake.

          Brian Viner, Dr Chris was a major link in a gang of sex offenders and paedophiles. Complaint after complaint was made about the abusive, corrupt, crude old cow. Ah, they threw away the mould after they made Dr Chris! They threw away the mould BEFORE they made Dr Chris, how else would she have turned out like that?

          Brian Viner advertised the qualities of the self-styled Dick Doctor seven months before Ronnie published his Report, denying the existence of the VIP sex abuse Gang that Dr Chris was part of. The Gang who’s members ALL received lot of plugs in the mass media and published books/brought out new albums etc during that time. I think that Dr Chris had chewed off Tony’s testicle by then, but he was at least still alive, even if he was in too much of a bad state to shine torches into his patients’ windows at night.

          Oh put a Chelsea Boot into their gobs someone and shut them up once and for all. If Brian Viner had watched the misery and suffering that those bastards inflicted on people who had done nothing at all to deserve it, he wouldn’t be making jokes about Dick Doctors. 14 year old boys ‘in care’ contracted STDs Viner, that’s how dedicated the Dick Doctor was.

          Here’s a suggestion for a new Arts series Botney, ‘Up the arse with Michael Grade’.
          My mates who were forced out of the BBC by Grade et al assured me that the Viz character ‘Roger Mellie The Man On The Tele’ is based on someone at the BBC and everyone at the BBC knows who.

          I remember ‘Spanker’, who caught the imagination of Private Eye back in the 1980s. Spanker was a BBC exec, I think in the drama dept and he was so enthusiastic about spanking that there were complaints from female graduates who had gone for interviews for jobs at the BBC only to be asked by Spanker if they’d join in the fun.

          Spanker was another person whom I mentioned in a letter to Gwynedd Health Authority; Spanker got a mention because at the same time, there was a GP in south London who had asked his female – only female – patients to document their sexual fantasies and he would then spank them as therapy. I’m sure that I do not have to explain to the Community In Pain WHY I was taking the piss out of Spankers in letters to Gwynedd Health Authority. Spankers who had been told by the GMC that there was no problem with their behaviour.

          Before Spanker was given a clean bill of health by the GMC, the Eye published one of their ‘A Doctor Writes Columns’ in which the Doctor is asked ‘As a Doctor, I am often asked, Doctor, have you been spanking your patients again? If the answer is yes, you will soon be an Ex-doctor’. I observed to Gwynedd HA that Private Eye didn’t seem to realise how understanding the GMC were. I didn’t realise that they were mates with Dafydd and Gwynne and knew exactly how understanding the GMC were.

          Part of the evidence for my Dangerousness were my own ‘A Doctor Writes’ columns that I distributed around the Gang’s habitats in Gwynedd. ‘As a Doctor, I am often asked Doctor, have you been writing lies on my medical notes again?’

          Everyone was Shocked and Disgusted.

          1. Paedophiles In Distress, Paedophiles In Distress!

            The police have realised that there is a Crisis re Domestic Violence. Lily Allen has Spoken Out About Sexual Assaults, lest other people Suffer. Sir Dave Brailsford is recovering from prostate cancer, he was So Silly Not To Get Himself Checked Out. Did you got to Dr Chris the Dick Doctor Dave? If you are ‘recovering’, one presumes that your cancer was in the past before the Dick Doctor voluntarily relinquished her licence to practice.

            Sir Dave is one of the Gwynedd Stars, who, like Danny Boyle, became Rich n Famous when Miranda and Gordon declared war on Merfyn.

            Sir Dave grew up in Deiniolen and his dad Steve lectured at UCNW when Gwynne the Lobotomist was busy in the Student Health Centre. One of the butchest, most robust male climbers in north Wales told me that ‘Steve Brailsford is the most sexist man I have ever met’. I knew two retired academics who worked with Steve and they told me that Steve was unpleasant and ‘treated women in sport very badly’.

            Children In Prissson At Christmass, Children, Wimmin, Prostates…

            How about an Awareness Raising Campaign on the part of Gruff Rhys? Get your testes out for Dr Chris! She’ll chew them off and you’ll be found dead a few years later.

            This prostate business is like the Vasectomy Campaign of the 1970s. Parky went on the BBC banging on about how Real Men Get The Snip and there were ties available with pairs of scissors, ‘Ooh I’ve had the snip ladies, I’m Responsible. You can shag me and you won’t get pregnant’.

            Oh please, can everyone just stop discussing their reproductive organs, it’s not as if the cycling son of a Git actually knows anything about prostate cancer, he knows a lot about cycling but not about cancer. Shut your mouth Brailsford junior and ask your dad to tell us why women in his class were treated with contempt and why he, along with the rest of his colleagues, ignored a lobotomist in his place of work.

            Pass it on, Steve Brailsford is a grade A shite, it’s why north Wales was so lukewarm about Sir Dave, they all knew his sodding dad.

            Steve knew Lew Hardy. Lew hated my PhD supervisor and his wife, spread vicious rumours about my PhD supervisor’s and somehow received confidential information about her re a serious health condition… Lew was a Shagger of Students, famous for it. Lew is a sad old bugger, he was one of these blokes who didn’t realise that he was over 60 and just Didn’t Have It Anymore. One of his colleagues used to call Lew ‘Peter Pan’ because when they were young, Lew told people that he’d never get old. I told a friend at Bangor who had been on the receiving end of Lew about the Peter Pan bit and she replied ‘Peter Pan? Have you seen his nose, he’s more Captain Hook’.

            Lew’s nose was as famous as his Shagging Of Students. When I was still working at Bangor, Lew was Shagging Someone Else and a conversation was held between two academics known to me. One asked the other ‘Is Lew shagging __?’ and received the reply that some sort of encounter had occurred, but they weren’t sure if the member had entered as it were. The other academic responded with ‘Lew wouldn’t need his dick, he could just use his nose’.

            The reason why the comment re possible uses for Lew’s nose was so well-received was that Lew and another member of staff both stood for election as Head of Dept (that was when Bangor still elected Head of Dept) and the vote was 50/50. So Lew then held a series of At Homes in which people were bullied and bribed to Vote For Lew in the next round. There was still a great amount of support for the other candidate, so Lew then took advantage of a sailing course at which a number of people attended who did not know the other candidate. So Lew told them that her husband was a thief who couldn’t be trusted.

            Who was the candidate whom Lew felt so threatened by who was married to a Thief Who Couldn’t Be Trusted? It was my PhD supervisor’s wife wasn’t it Lew. My PhD supervisor was the Thief Who Couldn’t Be Trusted. Lew needs to know that I saw the letter of admission that John had been smeared and that there was no substance for the Thief allegations. The letter was written by Lew’s mate Ali Bates. Dr Ali Bates, who was a Top Doc at Ysbyty Gwynedd.

            I presume that it was Dr Ali who passed on the message to Lew and Fungus Lowe that Della had just undergone a major operation, enabling one of them to ring her at home the evening that she came out of hospital and tell her to resign or things were going to get much worse.

            Lew and Brailsford senior. It was the Great Eric Sunderland Jobs Giveaway of 1984, when That Girl Complained About Gwynne wot caused the problem…

            What next? John Farrar as the Face Of A Mental Health Campaign urging Men To Share? John who’s ex wife Stel made a point of telling me that ‘My John hates John Fazey’. Stel was rather pathetic actually despite telling everyone of her many achievements and her prodigious children. Her John had dumped her years ago when he buggered off with (multiple) other women. But then Stel’s John put it about a bit when we were students. Farrar either shouted or swore at students (well me, as well as others)or shagged them (Stel and others). But then one of Farrar’s colleagues was shagging schoolgirls.

            Stel was mates with Dee, although they’ll have fallen out by now. Dee who asked me to plant fallacious smears in the media about Merfyn after Dee saw me interviewed in The Guardian…

            Della didn’t die, she recovered, although she did resign from her job on the grounds that Fungus and Lew were not worth tolerating. Nerys died.

            Anyone care to broadcast that on Radio 4?

            Sir Dave, should the Top Docs do their usual, detect a false positive in your case and unnecessarily remove your prostate, leaving you impotent and doubly incontinent, I will piss myself laughing. John and Della won’t, because unlike you, your dad and your whole circle, Della and John are NICE. They didn’t have to steal my post, hack my e mails etc, because they witnessed what was happening to me and complained to that fucking hospital AND the police. They were ignored. And Nerys died.

            Now do us all a favour and fuck off predators and paedophiles’ friends. If The Guardian want to know what Ioan, Gwynne, Eric, Steve Brailsford et al did to Bangor, they can go and walk around the town. It is on it’s arse. Empty shops, derelict old houses rented out as expensively as possible to students, no facilities, it is dreadful. As any fule kno, it was all Merfyn’s fault. Nothing to do with a gang of sex offenders who had ruled the whole region with a rod of iron for decades.

            Ioan and his glorious legacy. Gruff and Sir Dave do not live in Gwynedd. There isn’t actually much there for you is there Sons Of The great Men? Your dads destroyed the place. It’s the kids who sat next to you in class who’s dads were not Of The Great who are living with the ruins while you two are all international and STILL causing problems back on your home patch by driving out and smearing anyone who dares discuss what went on and is still going on…

            Open your eyes Spoilt Bastards, your celeb friends are dying all over the place after the Docs Couldn’t Do Anymore…

  10. Can I just explain to residents of Somerset that the beauty of breaches of confidence is that those who’s confidence has been breached don’t find out about it? That is why they are able to tell people that there were no breaches of confidence. I knew about the breaches, people in Somerset didn’t. Their confidence was breached constantly, all the time, including by the Celebs who were making friends with them… Top Docs were passing on all sorts, including forged documents.

    If people still cannot understand the nature of Serious Organised Crime involving docs who are people traffickers and international drug dealers after this blog, they are never going to understand it.

    Thanks for telling me where the Torygraph got that story about Tony Benn from though! Er, I do keep telling everyone that the phones and houses of everyone who was in contact with me were bugged…


    As for not writing a book about my life in Somerset, thank your lucky stars that I haven’t…

    Although there will probably be a film about north Wales at some point.

    1. And Barbara Windsor’s got Alzheimers and the Guvnor of the BBC doesn’t live in Wales.

      Don’t even get me started on Silver Service, the readers of the blog have been entertained by enough fuckwittery as it is. Miranda, did you actually listen to those bugged calls yourself??? You must have been a very confused man if you did, Brown and me spent hours shrieking with laughter at the assumptions and confusion…

      Oh dear, thank goodness the Guvnor of the BBC himself wasn’t listening in, only Botney’s friends.

      Don’t you agree Merfyn?

      1. Communique – the Angry Brigade.

        Thanks for the latest message of support from the Corridors Of No Power Anymore.

        My stance has not changed. I don’t want anyone to be bumped off by the Top Docs, I was ready and willing to put the boot into their collective groin. My hope remains that they do not recover from the injury. But you put us through too much for too long. I don’t want you in my camp and if you try to join it, I will leave the camp. You finally woke up to the fact that the Top Docs were killing you. I was happy to do what had to be done as Dafydd would say, but you only woke up when they began killing you. My mates died and if it hadn’t have been for Brown, so would I. You will never ever learn, 30 years of Missed Opportunities demonstrated that you were Shoulder To Shoulder with the Top Docs until they began killing you.

        You need to go, you have all hung onto jobs that you could not do and you have caused a crisis. The plebs will still be dying at the hands of the Top Docs because you are now all on the network of Which Top Docs To Avoid, but the plebs aren’t. You know where the problems are, because Sally Baker warned us all years ago, it’s why she kept being sacked…

        Spineless Unscrupulous Tossers. The world does not need you.

        Should Sister Hutt be persuaded to erect a Purple Plaque in my name I’ll rip the bloody thing off of whichever wall to which it is attached.

        Try a Tomb Of The Unknown Service User instead. Enough of them died to warrant one.

        For something written by someone who tells Untruths, this blog has had quite an impact.

        1. ‘Will you come and join in the demo at Wapping? Murdoch’s breaking the print unions.’


          ‘You’re a fucking Tory that’s your problem.’

          ‘No, I’m somewhat who does not want to save the jobs of the scumbags who kept women and ethnic minorities out of jobs and kept The Sun going throughout the Falklands War, printing lies that kept Thatch in Gov’t…’

          ‘Will You March To Save NHS Jobs?’

          ‘No, they are killing people, lying to the public and until that is admitted, the NHS will be grossly dysfunctional.’

          ‘You fucking bitch, we’re going to organise against you, you’ll never hold a job down, you’ll have dog shit thrown at your door and Brown will be the subject of a murder attempt.’

          ‘Oh bugger, can you help us, the Top Docs have begun killing us…’

          Ah bechod, Cilla’s died, she was a lorra lorra laffs.

          Cilla was as important as the GMC, MDU and BMA in keeping Geoffrey Chamberlain, Dafydd and their mates out of prison…

          1. Shall I just let everyone know that Old Foulbaker’s Almanac does know who is going to be arrested and probably receive a substantial prison sentence once ALL of the politicians, judges, Top Docs etc who facilitated his crimes and kept him out of prison for so long have had their arses covered?

            So you’ll all just have to guess what I agree to allow the be made public via a film or future book won’t you?

            Anyone for a New Politics??

            No, there won’t be a New Politics, because none of you can actually do what is needed to bring it about. And I won’t work with you either because as far as I am concerned, all those judges, politicians and Top Docs are as guilty as the man whom you are planning to move in on. People died, they died and it was the Top Docs wot usually did it. Dafydd and Lucille will be dead soon (unless they are already) and it was they who were at the root of this.

            They Never Faced Justice!

            Well how ever did they get away with that then???

            I’ll have some money please. It’s the only language the Top Docs understand.

            I had that Meri Huws in the back of the cab once. I never dared tell anyone what she was doing.


          1. Hi
            Thanks for your message.
            Erville-Millar’s name may have cropped up in the networks of people whom I am researching, but I don’t have personal knowledge of him. A great many dreadful things went on in Camden but the dreadful things tended to happen to people with no money or influence and because Eric Hobsbawm and so many of Uncle Harry’s mates lived down the road, the travails of their less privileged neighbours didn’t get a mention. Only one part of England and Wales had a higher suicide rate for women than north west Wales – Camden… Says it all really.

            I am quite happy to receive more info from you if you want to send it, but please remember that I have to be careful what I post up on the blog if you can’t back up allegations with documents, recordings etc. It’s not that I don’t believe you, it is just that hordes of lawyers are trawling through this blog and they are waiting for a chance to sue me and indeed my web hoster…


  11. Just found out that Ray Tugwell, the man who rendered teenaged sexual predators in Rachub bomb-proof because of Ray’s Fund Raising For Ysbyty Gwynedd, died in Oct 2016. Three months after I began this blog.

    Ah bechod, the doctors did all that they could. Ray was far too dim to notice when they didn’t.

    1. Tried to post up details of Tom King’s involvement with Dafydd’s mates on the Merseyside Development Corporation last night. The comment disappeared after I’d spent ages correlating dates, naming the guilty parties etc.

      So now that Peter Lilley has entered the Tory Party mass punch-up, can I just ask readers to remind themselves of Lilley’s previous by reading earlier blog posts?

      Lilley, who’s dad was the BBC Personnel Officer; Lilley who was Sec of State for Social Security, 1992-97. Lilley was in post throughout the Hergest Unit madness detailed on this blog. If Lilley would like to explain how F and I found a psychiatrist in our back garden late at night shining his torch into our bedroom window, who came in for a cup of tea when we found him, while he was telling Lilley’s colleagues that he was terrified of me and writing Confidential Reports re the necessity of banging me up in Broadmoor, I’d be interested to hear it.

      Do us a favour Lilley, go and get your prostate checked. Once you’ve been rendered unnecessarily impotent and doubly incontinent you won’t be able to move far from a bog and it will at least severely curtail your activities you big disastrous twat. I took a leaf out of your book and compiled a Little List myself Lilley. Most of those on it have received a mention on the blog, but there were more to come. Whether I’ll be able to name them without text disappearing, I’m not sure…

      Peter Lilley’s dad knew Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates Lord Charles Hill aka Charlie Corkscrew, the Top Doc who smeared Churchill re Churchill’s mental health problems, who was kicked out of Cabinet by Macmillan but who had so much shit on them all re Dafydd and Gwynne that Mac gave him a peerage. Charlie Corkscrew was then appointed Chairman of the BBC by Harold Wilson, to conceal the organised abuse in that organisation that had developed when Peter Lilley’s dad was the Personnel Officer. The problem was so big at the BBC because someone had systematically selected for molesters and then failed to remove them even when they were caught. So who did that then Peter Lilley?

      Dafydd’s drugs empire boomed when Lilley was Sec of State. The pharmacy at Ysbyty Gwynedd was distributing massive quantities of Class A drugs to Dafydd’s ‘patients’ who were coming to his ‘clinic’ from as far away as England. F stood in the middle of the ‘clinic’ and yelled at Ella, the Angel who ran the Day Centre, when Ella told us that were disrupting Dafydd’s ‘clinic’ and that patients ‘liked him’, ‘Of course they like him Ella, he’s giving them drugs’.

      I have hundreds of documents pertaining to the activities of YG’s pharmacy during those years. I will soon be trawling through them in detail.

      Dafydd’s ‘clinics’ were on a Tuesday. F chatted to patients who discussed Dafydd’s business practices with him and I stood outside the door of Dafydd’s office and heard the transactions. I wasn’t intending to eavesdrop, I was waiting outside to go in and demand some answers from Dafydd re his perjury. I heard what was going on. Dafydd was flogging drugs, but in such a way that the NHS was footing the bill. I suspect that the NHS footed the bill until the patient was well and truly hooked, then they had to pay. By that time, they’d do anything to get the money. Such as working for Dafydd in some capacity…

      The ‘patients’ were not spending any longer than 3 mins in those ‘consultations’. They’d go in, Dafydd would ask them what they wanted, give a little chuckle and had them the prescription to take to the YG pharmacy.

      NHS staff knew what was happening, the police knew, Gov’t pharmacists knew and someone at the Home Office knew because Class A drugs were the responsibility of the Home Office.

      Dafydd ‘retired’ in 1995 and part of his retirement deal was that he would continue to provide ‘services’ for ‘substance abuse’. July 1995. Who was Home Secretary in July 1995?

      Anyone for a War On Drugs? Prison works, as any fule kno. That is why in 1995, Dafydd and Tony Francis tried so hard to have me locked inside of one.

      1. The Golden Age of the BBC!

        Spike, Harry Secombe and the Goons! As a teenage Carlo listened in for light relief after yet another day of brutality and buggery at Gordonstoun. I’m reading the toadying biog of Carlo written by Jonathan Dimbleby at the moment. I didn’t realise that Carlo was actually a personal friend of dysfunctional men who made weird noises over the airwaves and sang the Ying Tong song. But he was. Carlo’s Uncle Dickie was a big fan of the Goons as well. The Uncle Dickie, who, along with his wife, was described in an FBI report as ‘persons of low morals’. Dafydd and Gwynne will have popped over to their house immediately on reading that.

        Bore George. A troubled star who Questioned his own sexuality and who had one hell of a drugs problem. Not that it ever held him back that much.

        1. Although the location of the children’s homes supplying the rent boys was substantially Clwyd rather than Gwynedd, the Brains of the ring tended to be in Gwynedd (distraction techniques). Gwynedd County Council, Gwynedd Health Authority and it was UCNW who employed the academics who colluded on such a substantial scale, led by Sir Charles Evans…

          The ring laid its plans for huge expansion in 1968. Business boomed under Ted Heath and Dafydd, Gwynne and John Allen never looked back…

          So we need to look at what went on in UCNW during the late 1960s and 70s in particular. The Depts of Psychology, Zoology and Plant Biology expanded and recruited a lot of younger staff, as opposed to the sort of clapped out old pipe-smokers who peopled the Dept of Agriculture… Fungus arrived at the Dept of Psychology to begin his PhD; it was Fungus who expanded Psychology, it was just a derelict house when he arrived. Fungus is not someone who would have gone from Dublin to a derelict house in Bangor for no good reason. I have been told that Fungus knew that a ring had started and that is why he went to Bangor. I don’t know whether Fungus wanted to join in the floorshow himself as it were, I suspect Fungus had his eye on the huge power that he knew that he could accumulate by gaining dirt on a bunch of perverts with VIP customers…

          But Plant Biology is the one that interests me. In the 1970s, UCNW had THE reputation for botany, after Cambridge. My mates from posher schools than the one that I attended were told by teachers in the early 1980s that if they were applying for botany and didn’t want to go to Cambridge, then UCNW was the place to go. The academic reputation of Plant Biology at UCNW was based very much on Greig-Smith, the bad tempered old git who was mates with Douglas Hurd’s uncle, the Cambridge botanist Edred Corner, himself from a medical family. DGE Wood arrived in Bangor in the 1970s after his wife Christine Happy-Wood bagged a job at UCNW, in the Plant Biology Dept. I don’t know whether Wood wanted to go to Bangor as a doc who was facilitating organised abuse or whether Chris Wood wanted her job as a marine botanist and DGE followed, knowing that he’d find a warm welcome in the ring.

          I am receiving much info related to the targeting of me in particular that I’m not going to put up on the blog. It seems that MI5 knew exactly what was going on in the Tory Party as Revenge for my grandfather declaring Edward du Cann to be a crook and of course as a young man my grandfather had known Oswald Moseley who was a mate of John Strachey of the Bloomsbury Group. Strachey knew Dafydd and Gwynne… No-one stopped what was going on, so although I’d welcome more info from a personal interest point of view, for the blog, I want to prioritise socio-political and historical trends. I really can’t help it if a load of degenerates got the wrong idea – or were deliberately given the wrong idea by MI5 – about Brown and me. I made it clear that I really was not interested in shagging elderly male Top Docs even if Brown had a ‘henna’d plait down to his bum’ and I had ‘pink hair and black nail varnish’. Gwynne had Brylcreem, false teeth and trousers with the crutch down to his knees, we were never going to make a good pair were we.

          It is the Lord President of the Council who serves as the Visitor to UCNW and they will have been on board with UCNW developing that ring and recruiting staff who were useful. That is why, I am told, that Adrian Bell was given a job in Plant Biology. Adrian was a former forensic scientist for the Home Office and he always told us as students that he left that job because the corruption was so serious. So he was either lying or completely spineless. If I’d been given your orders Adrian, I’d have told them to fuck off… But them Sporty Ade the Tortoise had probably framed people himself when he was a forensic scientist, so when his old mates came knocking on his door to use his services again, he won’t have been able to say no. That is how Adrian – who hated Thatch! – helped Thatch win the post-Falklands General Election and the following General Election. She would not have won if two of the adult children of Tory families in Somerset and their friends had not been silenced..

          The Lord President of the Council served as the UCNW visitor and will have been fully au fait with UCNW’s role in expanding the ring. It was Richard Crossman in the late 1960s when Plans Were Laid. Then it was Fred Peart, who began life as a teacher in Durham… Then it was Willie Whitelaw… By then business was booming and it was not going to be stopped.

          I have also been told that the Presidents of the NUS at UCNW and NUS Wales were used to develop the ring and knew exactly what the score was. It was Aled Griffiths aka the Buffet Slayer in particular at UCNW. The Slayer is notorious, he is the son of an Anglesey Minister, who was himself on board with Dafydd and Gwynne. The Slayer’s brother Huw is an incompetent bent lawyer who watched me and others fitted up in the Courts in north Wales for years, his wife Joanna is the now retired Director of Conwy Social Services and his sister Gwenan Carrington is the former Director of Gwynedd Social Services. They are all utterly hopeless and clueless but they are known locally as the Mafia.

          The other former student activist who must know something about this is Ann Beynon, the wife of former Welsh Gov’t Minister for Education Leighton Andrews. Ann and Leighton are both UCNW graduates, were students there in the 1970s and Ann held high office in NUS Wales. Her proud boast is of setting up the first LGBT section in NUS Wales. I have never met Ann Beynon, but I did hear a great deal about her from a relative of hers who hated her. However that man has never conducted himself honestly either, so I am loath to just assume that Beynon’s NUS activities were done to assist Gwynne’s business; for all I know, she may have been genuine and her Cause was hijacked.

          As any fule kno though, Ann was a Governor of Bangor University when Miranda, Gordon and the Gang went after Merfyn. Merfyn stepped down as VC in the end because Leighton asked Merfyn to become his political adviser at the Welsh Assembly. I don’t know whether Leighton did that because he rated Merfyn and Merfyn was glad to escape the sharks circling on his doorstep or whether the other reason that has been suggested to me underlay Leighton’s generous offer.

          I’ll just let Proud Ann and Fearless Leighton know that I have now kicked the killing Doctors in the knackers very hard, so Ann and Leighton don’t have to sit in the corner wetting themselves anymore. Not that I would advise either of them to believe a word that a Top Doc says should they Go To Get Themselves Checked Out…

          If anyone else who has ever declared me to be Mad and Brown Extreme wants us to deal with a terrifying problem that they can’t deal with themselves, do just ask. Although you might get told to take a running jump, we are a little tired of this…

          Don’t bother to ask me if I’d like to Sit On A Committee as a Role Model for other Wimmin a la Ann Beynon because I will of course say no. Not because I am a Tory or because I am Unsisterly, but because I think that you’re all fucking pathetic.

          1. Perhaps Ann and Leighton would like to Follow The Herd at present and discuss their genitalia in the media. To fight the Stigma.

            I have been asked if I remember Jack Sealy. Yes, Jack Sealy was a farm labourer who lived down Bradney Lane, Bawdrip. I used to help Jack feed his cats. Jack fed the cats tinned food and routinely chucked the empty tins in a huge mass of stingers in the corner of the farm yard. I was intrigued to know at which point the tins would present a problem for the growth of the stingers. Big patches of stinging nettles do of course grow on the sites of medieval middens. I learnt that at UNCW; Chris Gliddon Did It in one of his lectures. Chris who’s wife Angie wanted to be the Labour candidate for Anglesey. Angie later worked as a Mental Health Advocate. She Loves The NHS. I’m surprised that there wasn’t the biggest patch of stingers on the planet outside of Angie’s door.

            Anyway, Jack Sealy’s kitchen had that wallpaper with pictures of fruit on it that some people had in the 1970s, grapes etc. Had I understood at the time that Uncle Jack was a gay paedophile, I might have found his choice of wallpaper even more interesting.

            Because Uncle Jack’s taste was for boys rather than girls, I now realise why Jack used me to get one of my close male friends to go down to the farm with me. In fact, Jack might have thought that I was a boy when he first met me; I was a tomboy and would often be mistaken for a boy. I identified Jack as being Not As Other Men when I was 10, but I didn’t realise WHY he was Not As Other Men. I had no idea at all until I was in my late teens and I mentioned Jack Sealy to an adult – who knew that after I went down to Jack’s house, one of my male friends was welcomed with open arms – and they said ‘Well Jack Sealy was homosexual wasn’t he, everyone knew’. That person also knew that Jack had asked me to take my 10 year old MALE friend down to his place and that my friend carried on going to Uncle Jack’s AFTER Jack froze me out and I stopped going there…

            Jack Sealy wasn’t the biggest problem. Tom King was because Tom King knew about that…

            I tried to blog much interesting info about Tom King last night. It disappeared. I wonder if this mention of Jack Sealy will disappear?

  12. I’m surprised that no-one’s dropped me a line about the aptly named Mr Bottomley.

    Mr Bottomley was a Morris Dancer who used to turn up at Bawdrip Village Hall with his fiddle to provide the music for events. My father was very rude about Mr Bottomley, he thought that he was a major irritant, I think because dressing up with bells and dancing in public was something that father couldn’t quite cope with. Mr Bottomley always had a touch of the Jack Sealy about him, but he really took Somerset by storm when I was older because Mr Bottomley Had Turned Into A Woman.

    I knew Brown by then and having picked up a bit of father’s prejudice towards Morris Dancers, I kept telling Brown about the Morris Dancer who had changed sex. Brown used to take the piss out of me and say ‘From your sample of one, it is clear that all Morris Dancers are transsexuals’. Whenever we went past Morris Dancers, Brown would comment that the transsexuals were out and about again.

    Much as I accept Brown’s point about my sample of one ie. Mr Bottomley, Brown did mention the other day that he was impressed by the level of organisation involved in the attempts to shaft us after we confronted Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist and that the jungle drums had certainly worked hard.

    Now then. Mr Bottomley changed gender when that was very unusual. The one person who beat him to it was Jan Morris. Jan Morris of Dafydd and Gwynne’s Gang who was on the 1953 Everest Expedition with Sir Charles Evans. Jan Morris changed her nationality as well as her gender. Jan is now Welsh but Jan began life as a posh English man in Oxford; she went to school in Somerset and knows Somerset very well. She went to school near Bristol.

    Dafydd and Jan’s pal Dr Christine Evans (the ‘Dick Doctor’) pass themselves off as Top Docs sympathetic to people with gender ID problems, rather than ruthless predators who exploit everyone possible.

    I’d be intrigued to know which Doc Mr Bottomley of Somerset knew who was helpful enough to put him on the road to gender realignment surgery, because it was damn near impossible to get that in those days. Jan Morris went to Morocco for her surgery. Jan who worked for the security services.

    The brother of Peter Jackson, a plant biology student at UCNW who shared our house with us and later supplied lies about Brown, my friend Anne and I for the Gang’s propaganda purposes, was a Morris Man. Dr Heinersdorff, one of the butchering GPs in Bethesda, was a Morris Woman. There was of course a lot of hostility to Morris Women in the 1980s, Morris dancing being about Males, Fertility Rites etc. Alan Jackson had a sticker on his car saying ‘Keep the knockers out of Morris’.

    Jeff Crowther, the Nursing Officer at Ysbyty Gwynedd who later worked for Dafydd’s Drugs Team on Anglesey, was married to Lil, a former psych nurse who then became a lecturer in the School of Psychology and shared an office with Dafydd’s daughter. Lil was a mate of Dr H and was also a Morris Woman.

    The Morris Women made big efforts to recruit girls from Bangor University as members during the 1990s.

    I have blogged a lot about Jeff, including his admission to me that Dafydd ‘was a corrupt old bastard but we have mortgages to pay’. Before Jeff came out with that admission, in one conversation where I provided Jeff with all the evidence that I had re Dafydd and Denbigh, Jeff looked very pained and said ‘Look, I know that people have been hit by staff at Denbigh. I know that they’ve been hit. But I do not agree that they have been raped and I do not agree that they’ve been killed’.

    They were hit though. Dim problem, they’ve just been hit.

    I do keep saying this. That Gang did not JUST do this to me; no rational people would have done any of this because a girl of 21 complained about a lobotomist. Likewise, no genuine psychiatric service would have been ‘just hitting’ patients would it Jeff?

    It’s OK everyone. The patients are just being hit. We know, we admit it and one of the Senior Nursing Officers who admitted it was the Model Of Excellence who was wheeled out to the Important Man to present the case for Ysbyty Gwynedd being given responsibility for merging with Bangor University and providing Nursing Degrees. They’re just hitting the patients, so there’s not a problem. Those people in north Wales who didn’t see anything wrong with Just Hitting the patients were later given PhDs and some of them now hold Chairs in Nursing. Such as Fiona Irvine of Birmingham University.

    Anyone fancy getting their testicles out for the camera to Fight the Stigma, Share and Tell Men To Get Checked Out?

    1. It was Roy Evans who was the VC of Bangor who oversaw the expansion of the School of Nursing with it’s Academics who Just Hit the patients. Eric Sunderland lay the foundations. Jeff was wheeled out to Present the Case when Eric was VC. Eric was VC when Jeff’s wife was given the lecturing job in the School of Psychology.

      When Merfyn was VC it was the School of Nothing (as it was known to the rest of the University) that I was told ‘was Merfyn’s biggest problem’. It was full of people who had worked with a Gang of sex offenders who Just Hit their patients. Strutting around calling themselves Experts, with titles like Dr and Prof, bellyaching about Dangerous Nutters.

      1. Would ANYONE have consulted these thugs and idiots about ANYTHING if they had known what they were like, yet alone complex sensitive matter such as Gender ID problems???

        Can we please have an admission of the huge damage that was done? Young people with clinical depression or other textbook problems were sent to these absolute nutters who then spent years spouting utter bollocks about them, diagnosing frightening sounding problems, while trying to force them into the sex trade. They were MAD, Brown and me said it again and again. They didn’t know about medicine, yet alone gender ID, developing sexuality, sociology, etc. They knew fuck all about anything.

        Now send me my NDA bastards, I think that I have presented a convincing case. And no I’m not going to get my boobs out if I see a fucking NHS static caravan parked somewhere urging me to Get Checked Out. Because you’re fucking idiots and people are dying.

        1. Before we waste any more time listening to complex psychodynamic explanations of How The Abused Become Abusers, can I just explain that the reason why generations of the same families/professional groups etc are involved in organised abuse is that it is THE FAMILY BUSINESS!! They know the Docs, the Angels, the social workers, the crooked officials, civil servants, politicians etc to Do the Biz. It isn’t rocket science, it’s just that some of the Abused refuse to take part in such practices and other ruthless predators join in with the party.

          No complex psychological research needed. You just refuse to accept bribes and job offers when they’re offered in return for your collusion. Bangor University is full of people who just did not have the integrity to do that. And the NHS has even more of them….

          It’s OK Jeff. Witnesses were Just Murdered. Including your own wife in the end.

          1. Regarding the Academics in the School of Nothing at Bangor University who provided Training for Student Angels after careers in which they Just Hit the patients, nothing worse than that ie. those Academics who were known to be Merfyn’s biggest problem when he was VC. While Merfyn was VC, Bangor attracted a lot of very bad publicity after a UCU Survey of Bullying In Universities. Bangor came near the top of the League Table of Bullying Universities and there was much comment in the local and national press.

            I witnessed The Conversation from within Bangor University. People like my immediate colleagues and I who worked for good Profs maintained that the media portrayals of Bangor as a ‘bullying institution’ was unfair. We all agreed that there was one big problem but we all knew what it was: it was Fungus Lowe.

            The complaints of bullying in Bangor University were always from either Fungus’s Dept (Psychology) or Meri Huws’s Dept (Lifelong Learning) or from the School of Nothing. These were the Schools/Depts of Bangor University that were staffed and led by the people who had facilitated the paedophile/trafficking ring in the 1980s…

            The bent UCU rep Eileen Tilley literally went around the University informing everyone that the Bullying was the result of Merfyn’s conduct. Eileen also informed other UCU reps of that and the accusation snowballed.

            I wanna tell you (another) story. When Richard Tranter and Ella Fisk from the Hergest Unit insisted on turning up to my office at Bangor University when I had told the Hergest Unit that I was sick of them, I was fed up of being arrested on the basis of their perjury, they had not been there for me when I had been ill when young, they could just sod off and let me get on with my life now that I had recovered no thanks to them and Richard declared me to be at risk of burn-out and insanity if I did not stop working so hard and publishing prolifically, I told Richard that I loved my job and would continue going flat out.

            Thanks to the Gang, I had a research career destroyed, I didn’t work for years, then when I did I had cleaning jobs or care assistant jobs, from which I was sacked once the Gang told my employers that I was Insane and Dangerous and the same happened when I began a teaching career. I was finally away from the nutters of the Hergest Unit and working in a team led by a really supportive Prof. Imagine my surprise when Richard wrote a letter to my GP stating that I was being ‘bullied at work in Bangor University’. When I found out about this letter, I contacted Richard and told him that there was no truth in this and asked him to amend it. He refused. At that point I had no more to do with Richard or his colleagues.

            There were a number of my colleagues who knew about that letter and said that is absolute bollocks, everyone knows that Howard [my Prof] is one of the best Profs to work for… In the end I had a conversation with David Roberts, the University Registrar – who was always very well-liked, Dr Roberts was not a Bullying Man either – and asked him to document that a consultant psychiatrist employed by the NW Wales NHS Trust was libelling my Prof on letters sent to third parties. Dr Roberts made a note…

            One of those who knew that Richard Tranter was documenting lies about Howard’s Bullying Ways on my medical records was Prof Catherine Robinson, who had spent most of her career at Bangor University working for Fungus in the Dept of Psychology. Catherine had a nice chat with me in which she denounced Richard Tranter’s misconduct. Imagine my surprise when weeks later, Catherine refused all further invitations to co-author with Brown and me. Catherine then had very little to do with me again which was weird because at one point we’d been quite good mates…

            After I had been unlawfully sectioned during 2013-14 and I finally got away from the nutters who ran the ring yet again, I found that Catherine had written a book with Richard Tranter and received substantial funding from the NHS in Wales to establish a Centre For Mental Health Research and Practice. Catherine is a Welsh Gov’t adviser on Health and Social Care. Catherine now works at Manchester University. She had a big row with Fungus when she was still at Bangor, because Fungus wanted to transfer Catherine to the School of Nursing. Catherine stated that the School of Nursing was so dysfunctional that she would resign from Bangor rather than work in that School.

            Richard Tranter’s wife Siobhan was an Angel who worked as a tutor in the School of Nothing.

            As for Richard’s libellous letter accusing Howard of bullying me, that was received by Dr Huw Roberts of Waunfawr Surgery. Dr Roberts is a friend of Prys Morgan Jones, the now retired Dean of the School of Education at Bangor University. I have been told that Prys and his colleagues were part of the conspiracy to have me falsely accused and struck off of the teaching register. It was a junior Gov’t Minister who cleared my name. He was a friend of Merfyn’s but I didn’t know that at the time. I only found out when one of Prys’s colleagues spat in my face re the sins of Merfyn’s friends and then someone denounced that Minister as a Philanderer and someone else maintained that he’d Done A Fiddle With A Fish Farm In Mid-Wales.

            Remember the name, Kim Howells! Miranda refused him a peerage and no-one knew why; Kim Howells was about the only Cabinet Minister of Miranda’s who was not given a peerage. I know why it was. It was because Kim and Merfyn stood up to the gang of sex offenders that Miranda and Cherie built their careers upon. Cherie and Miranda’s old boss George Carman gained possession of the letters that, over years, detailed every encounter that I had with that Gang…

            Anyone for Bullying Men In Universities? As opposed to Caring Angels?

  13. With regard to the comment above re the night that F and I found Tony Francis in our garden, shining his torch into our bedroom window and later found out that his colleagues knew what he had done and were worried as to how they would all explain themselves if we made a complaint. Not that we did, we invited him in and he had a cup of tea before spending the next day documenting how Dangerous I was and how I should be banged up in Broadmoor before I murdered someone.

    Tony had a night-time adventure in our back garden in approx. 1995. The Waterhouse Inquiry followed at which there was no mention of the dreadful behaviour of Docs in north Wales and their contribution to the local paedophile ring that Waterhouse admitted was present, but ooh no there was no trace of a VIP ring with links to other parts of the country. After Tony was found in our garden, F and I were arrested on two more occasions on the basis of the perjury of NHS staff, colleagues of Tony’s. Before one of the trials, Francis wrote a Report for the Court for WHEN we were found guilty. He recommended that F should be put on probation and me sent to a secure unit. We were acquitted. The Trust refused to apologise to either of us and Tony had a row with F when F asked him if we were going to receive an apology.

    After those two arrests, in 2002 I was arrested three times in one weekend. After NHS staff lied to the police. On one occasion, as I left the Court in Llangefni, I was arrested on the steps and taken back to the cells to await another Court appearance, because while I was in the Court in Llangefni being acquitted, yet another Angel had told the police that I’d ‘harassed and threatened’ her. I was acquitted. So in the end I found myself facing charges of threats to kill an NHS manager. The case collapsed on the first day of the trial. That was nine years after we found Tony Francis in our back garden and people wondered how they were going to explain this if we complained…

    Four years after Tony was in our garden, my friend’s baby died at the hands of Top Docs at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton. The baby’s death was noted on my medical records by the forensic nurse whom Tony Francis insisted oversee my ‘care’ because I was so Dangerous.

    My friend’s baby was not the only death. Empowered Service Users in north Wales dropped like flies and friends who supported me experienced negative encounter after negative encounter with Docs. Friends were sacked, threatened and a poison pen letter was sent to Brown’s senior managers at De Montfort University stating that he was a known paedophile’.

    In 2008, the NHS arrested me again, three times, all wrongfully. There were no investigations and no apologies.

    I am not going to supply some of the details about sensitive cases that people are demanding that I should to ‘demonstrate that all this is true’.

    Just how bad does it have to be? Is what is on this blog not quite enough? It is farcical that anyone is even trying to maintain that something terrible was not happening in north Wales. As for my correspondent from Somerset who continues to pour bile, they have progressed from an e mail that actually began with ‘HOW DARE YOU’ to the latest one saying that there are so many Untruths on this blog that it would be possible to counteract them all. Which is pretty much what Ronnie Waterhouse said throughout his Inquiry.

    I’m not sure how much worse it’s got to get before we reach an all-agreed Jehovah Jehovah Jehovah situation. As far as I’m concerned, that point was achieved in the mid-1980s.

    Now stop asking me to provide the ‘gore’ that caused so many people in north Wales to commit suicide – except for those who were murdered but denounced as suicides – at the hands of a gang of sex offenders, so I can be told once more that we were all telling Untruths.

    This blog is not Frank McCourt and Angela’s Ashes or David Peltzer and A Child Called It. It is an expose of corrupt professional people and politicians who, even after all these years, cannot admit the enormity of what they did. A sociologist of my acquaintance who had been In Care in north Wales and miraculously survived the experience used to chat to me about the Misery Memoirs. We’d go into supermarkets and see the rows of paperbacks with their front covers with pictures of a child crying and the title of ‘No Daddy No’ or something similar and marvel at how fucking sick it was. My friend had a nice analysis of that genre: it was aimed at women, ‘who would go home and read the voyeuristic crap while drinking a glass of wine’. They are the same people who absolutely refuse to believe that Doctors And Nurses Would Ever Do That and believe that psych units are full of Dangerous Nutters. My friend who watched with me as the Misery Memoir genre burgeoned has a sister who was In Care in north Wales as well. Her sister was a Hergest patient who just attempted suicide constantly. It was attributed to her Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Anyone for Children In Need? The Stars can dress up in a silly outfit and sing a song and then Appeal To The Camera For Viewers To Send Money. They can fit it in around their other charidee commitments eg. St David’s Hospice, CR UK, Macmillan Appeal, the Good Causes are endless…

    No Dafydd No, not the Rottie and Jimmy Savile…

    1. Gosh I forgot. I’ll just remind everyone once more that in 1988 Dafydd hit me. In public, in front of witnesses. He yelled at me and he hit me. So I said ‘Right Jones, it’s finally happened, you have now assaulted me’. Dafydd’s receptionist rang the police and I was arrested. I appeared in Bangor Magistrates Court a few weeks later and I remember the CPS lawyer looking at me over his half-moons and telling the Court that it was an ‘unseemly scene’ and ‘Dr Jones really was frightened; another patient has made a statement explaining that he feared that Dr Jones would be injured’. That was the patient who watched as Dafydd yelled and hit me, the patient who grabbed my coat in an attempt to stop me following Dafydd down to reception where the receptionist was ringing the police shouting ‘We’ve got trouble here, come immediately’. They did have trouble, Dafydd had thumped me. Not that it was ever mentioned in Court.

      But then Stephen Rose dragged me down a corridor and told me that he’d like to beat me up, Slob Ingham dragged me downstairs and along a corridor, Tony Francis pursued me down a main road taking photos of my bum and four Angels assaulted and injured me. This is what they did to us in public in front of witnesses. What do you think was happening in the kids’ homes or in the Dungeon at Denbigh?

  14. Thanks to the person who told me to look up the date of E.P. Thompson’s death.

    It was 28 Aug 1993. Days after I was convicted of staring at Jackie Brandt in Safeways by Bangor Magistrates. The original allegation was very much more serious but it all fell apart when Brandt got her own name wrong in the witness box, admitted that she’d lied to the police and began crying…

    EP was of course one of those who for years had a second home at Croesor… EP who was one of the New Left crowd, with Eric Hobsbawm and Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law…

    I noted many thing about EP’s biography but the date of his death had escaped me… After EP retired/left Croesor etc, he ended up living near Halifax and died there. I have blogged much about Halifax; it was the site of the big ring linked to Dafydd’s Gang. Maurice Macmillan held the seat for the Tories, until he lost it to Labour’s Nice Lady Doctor, the vampire Shirley Summerskill, who was on board with the ring. Shirley was of course the daughter of Pioneering Lady Doc Edith Summerskill.

    Readers will remember that I have mentioned that Nice Lady Doctor Sadie Francis had a grandmother who was one of the first Lady Doctors in the UK. I have been trying and trying to find out who Sadie’s grandmother was, because she’ll have been famous and will have known Edith Summerskill. Sadie and her family came from Yorkshire. Crucial records relating to Sadie have disappeared from all the usual places…

    Perhaps Uncle Harry’s nephew can help me out. Who was Sadie’s grandmother then Ed? The Sadie who, with her husband, were behind that prosecution of me for Staring At Jackie Brandt in Safeways? The Sadie who documented that after I was convicted I ‘stormed out of the Court swearing’. Which is odd because what happened was that when Brandt began crying and fessed up to lying, F and I began laughing, so much so that my lawyer said afterwards ‘If only you hadn’t have begun laughing, you would not have been found guilty…’

    Now don’t you worry EP, Radical Of This Parish, Man Of The Left, Leader of the Anti-Nuclear Movement with a huge following among social workers and Top Docs on the left, we’ll look after you…

    The Top Docs will have done all that they could!

    I reckon it was Uncle Harry wot did it.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me who Sadie’s grandmother was??? Sadie of the Ring, as were her extended family… Surely this calls for one of Sister Hutt’s Purple Plaques?

    Readers may have seen the recent media coverage of Vanessa George, the Nursery Nurse who has been Banned From Devon and Cornwall after Sexually Abusing Babies and Toddlers. I’m going to really piss everyone off here and Raise Questions. The Vanessa George coverage has shades of Evil Myra. Vanessa looks pretty grim in those pictures, a bit miserable, not an attractive young woman with a friendly smile. I have repeatedly stressed on this blog that Wimmin were involved in the organised abuse ring. However as far as I can work out, Wimmin very, very rarely do what Vanessa has been accused of ie. sexually assault babies/children for personal sexual gratification. What the Wimmin do is procure victims for male sex offenders. That’s what Sadie did; that’s what the role of the Little Wimmin was. I really don’t think that they had any interest at all in assaulting anyone to satisfy their perverted lusts as Huw Daniel would say. They are in my experience accomplices, although for many different reasons.

    The Vanessa George case has once more raised the spectre of a Vile Woman, looking a bit rough, who Did The Unthinkable. It was the image that Jackie Brandt et al tried so hard to pin on me. When people who had been told all about the Vile Woman met me and commented that I was rather different to what they had been led to expect, they were taken to one side by Sadie, Jackie et al who explained that I Was Very Clever and Fooled People.

    So now Awareness has been Raised that Wimmin Can Be Abusers as well, the Woman who’s face is everywhere is a poorly qualified low paid woman who doesn’t look up to much. It is not Edith Summerskill’s daughter, she was a Nice Lady Doctor and a Cabinet Minister…

    The Making Of The English Sordid Classes… They’re Poor, they don’t wear Designer Gear, they haven’t Enrolled For A Course and They Don’t Participate. They’re Hard To Reach and they’re probably sex offenders as well, including the Wimmin.

    Brown used to comment that people became completely confused when they met me after having been briefed as to my status as an Empowered Service User because ‘they expect you to be 19 stone with green teeth’. If I had ever Been Compliant With Treatment I would have been…

    I remembered this morning that one of Nerys’s paper was about the social control of women in the Ogwen Valley in (I think) the 19th century.

    The ultimate sanction is that the Top Docs will kill those who ignore the normal methods of social control. They kill the men as well. As EP Thompson has now found out.

    1. Margaret Thatcher knew about the organised abuse of children and vulnerable people. She knew just how low the Gang in north Wales sunk and she knew that witnesses were being murdered as well. I can reassure readers that Thatcher DEFINITELY KNEW. Absolutely.

      Thatcher was of course denounced as a vile woman by plenty of people, but not for the same reasons as Vanessa George. As far as media profiles went, Thatch was well-dressed, never a hair out of place, a Qualified Chemist and a Qualified Barrister, an Amazing Woman who Made History. Thatch facilitated organised sexual abuse and serious organised crime on a massive level by ensuring that it never ever came to public attention, even though that involved endemic corruption.

      Last night I amused myself by watching old news footage of Thatch’s death. I wasn’t able to celebrate at the time myself, I was in hiding after Guns At Dawn. I didn’t have access to a TV but I did read the newspapers at that time. I have now watched footage of the Party that was held in central London after the old cow snuffed it, as well as Charles Moore’s angry protests that the BBC were biased and the footage of people celebrating Thatch’s death was outrageous and the BBC had never been fair to Thatch.

      Mr Charles Moore knows as well as I do that if the BBC had ever broadcast what Thatcher’s close friends Jimmy Savile, Peter Morrison (and others) were doing, Thatch’s career would have ended years before it did. But the BBC didn’t broadcast a word did it Charles. Not even when one of their journos approached me, pretending that he wanted to expose the Gang in north Wales and asked me for details of what I had witnessed…

      1. Thanks to readers for the info re Anthony Clare and his doings. I knew that Clare’s sudden exodus from all media work in 1990 or so was something to do with me but I wasn’t sure what. I’ve been slow once more; it was the Geoffrey Chamberlain connection. The psychiatrists disposed of the witnesses/victims who wouldn’t shut up, but the Big Docs wielding the clout to keep the Westminster Paedophile Ring in business were not psychiatrists because psychiatrists are held in such low esteem by other docs. Mr Big was Geoffrey Chamberlain, in fact it is clear that Chamberlain was Mr Very Big Indeed and it was Chamberlain’s reputation and career that had to be preserved at all costs. So Clare got the hell out of there because roads from Dafydd led very directly to Clare, but not to Chamberlain.

        I presume that Fungus crossing the water from Dublin to Bangor in the early 1970s when Clare was a junior doc at the Maudsley was because Clare’s mates at Dublin had found out from Clare that a big ring was in operation and massive expansion was underway at HQ in north Wales. Opportunities for all!

        Chamberlain’s dad was Secretary to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff and Chamberlain went to Llandaff School and then Cowbridge Grammar before going to UCL. I suspect that Chamberlain’s family was, like Dannie Abse’s family, already involved in organised abuse in south Wales and were sending their kids off to university to become docs and lawyers because that’s what the ring needed…

        Thanks too for the info that Dr Death had connections with the Lloyd George clan in north Wales; I knew that he would somehow but I didn’t know which ones. It seems to be the Carey-Evans branch of the Lloyd George family.

        So who sent Sister Hutt to south Wales in the 1970s to establish Welsh Wimmin’s Aid, another umbrella for the Gang?

        The Westminster Paedophile Ring and serious organised crime. This is very firmly the responsibility of the esteemed medical profession. I always maintained that they were worse than anyone could imagine, but the Top Docs are absolutely at the centre of this.

        I am so looking forward to my meeting with the GMC. It wasn’t just Dafydd and Gwynne whom they refused to take action against although they knew how dangerous they were, was it GMC?

        The GMC. Not just a bunch of pompous old farts, but actively supporting organised crime. Now those journos with whom I discussed the GMC who said things like ‘They’re unbelievable, just unbelievable, the evidence we had yet that lot still wouldn’t act…’ know why no scandal, no matter how big, not even Harold Shipman, ever shifted the GMC. And I hope that people finally take on board my suggestion that the suicide rate among junior docs is high not because of ‘stress’ or ‘exhaustion’ but because they are seeing such terrible things that they can’t live with it.

        Anyone for Uncle Harry?

        Someone had better wake up and soon, because even if the GMC did clean up its act tomorrow, this is a very, very big problem.

        Now get excavating out at Denbigh and begin the seizing of the assets of the BMA and MDU.

        1. Geoffrey Chamberlain died in Oct 2014. Chamberlain was a close mate of Top Doc Arnold Klopper. Klopper was older than Chamberlain; Klopper died on 23 Nov 2014. It was in 2014 that the shit really began to hit the media re the existence of otherwise of the Westminster Paedophile Ring, why no-one had noticed Savile’s activities, who knew what, the role of the NCCL during the 1970s and of course the Macur Review was on the way.

          Extracts from Klopper’s obituary:
          Arnold Klopper, who has died at the age of 92, was professor of reproductive endocrinology at Aberdeen University. He made fundamental advances in research on human fertility… At the same time he was a caring doctor, and a lifelong socialist dedicated to the NHS… Arnold was born in South Africa, the only child of an Afrikaner policeman and a mother of English parentage… Arnold entered the University of Witwatersrand in 1943 to read medicine. During his second year he was outraged by the exclusion of a black student from an anatomy class while white women were present. He organised a strike of medical students and slowed the creeping apartheid in the university. Arnold continued his human rights activities, and in 1945 became president of the National Union of South African Students. While he maintained the union as a non-racial organisation, he was periodically out of favour with the Communist party of South Africa because of his own ideas about socialism. The Labour party fell out with Arnold when he stood as a socialist candidate against the local leader in the Johannesburg city elections, and he was anathema to the Afrikaner National party.

          Arnold graduated in 1947 and specialised in obstetrics and gynaecology. By then he was married to Mary Turvey, a social scientist. When the nationalist government came to power, it was made clear to them that there was no future for their medical and social science in South Africa. By then they were imbued with a vision of a people’s health service, and left to join the British NHS in 1948.

          Arnold was appointed to the British Hospital for Mothers and Babies in south London.
          He went on to hold appointments in London and Edinburgh. In 1956 Sir Dugald Baird set up the Medical Research Council Obstetric Unit at Aberdeen University hospital and invited Arnold to take a leading role.

          Arnold was chairman of Aberdeen CND. Mary stood as a parliamentary Labour candidate, but Arnold later resigned from the Labour party over New Labour policies. He retired in 1987. Mary died in 2005.

          Readers may remember my posts about Dugald Baird. He promoted and practised abortion ‘for socio-economic reasons’ for decades, before the 1967 Abortion Act. Baird aborted the foetuses of so many low income women in the Aberdeen region because he decided that they shouldn’t be breeding (Baird himself had a big family) that it showed up as a statistical outlier. It was known on the part of Top Docs that abortion ‘on demand’ was available in Aberdeen. I suspect that quite often the demand was on the part of Dugald rather than the women. Dafydd’s mate Ann Dally saw Dugald as a role model when Dally carried out illegal abortions at Tommy’s in the 1950s/early 60s, when Dr Death was a med student and then junior doc at Tommy’s.

          Previous posts discussed Ann Dally and her husband Peter. They were the Dafydd of Harley Street; they flogged Class As to wealthy patients. Ma’am Darling and Lord Snowdon were among their patients. The police took a big interest in Ann Dally in the 1980s and she was suspended by the GMC. An enormous campaign to Support The Woman Who Had Been Crucified By the Male Medical Establishment was launched and the Radio 4 twat of a Top Doc Michael O’Donnell was a leading light in the campaign. Ann Dally was given much help by Bing Spear, the corrupt Home Office civil servant who assisted Dafydd so ably until Bing died in July 1995, four days before Peter Morrison was found dead. Ann Dally was reinstated onto the Medical Register and later wrote a book about her traumas. Ann was supported by Dafydd’s mate Wendy Savage, another Victim Of The Male Medical Establishment. Wendy was a close friend of Geoffrey Chamberlain and was facilitating a ring in the East End…. Savage was during the 1980s the Top Doc who was loved by the Labour Party and Opposed Private Medicine. The Dallys worked only in Harley Street as soon as they had finished their training as junior docs…

          Geoffrey Chamberlain made much of his support for the Labour Party. Chamberlain’s father died in Cardiff in 1978. By that time Chamberlain was at a senior level in the London medical scene. Chamberlain’s father – and no doubt Chamberlain – knew George Thomas, Jim Callaghan etc. Callaghan’s wife Audrey was Chair of the Governors at Great Ormond Street and when Sunny Jim became PM he incurred much good PR by using his role to assist GOSH financially. Savile was dropping into GOSH at will. Geoffrey Chamberlain had worked at GOSH.

          Chamberlain’s father came from a big family, although Chamberlain was an only child. Chamberlain’s dad’s family were based in Cardiff, Shrewsbury and Leicester. Three hubs of organised abuse. The Chamberlains knew the Janners, the Abses and many others we know and love.

          When Chamberlain retired from the NHS, he moved to the Gower and lectured at Swansea. He lived on the Gower. Edwina Hart’s territory.

          Klopper’s mate Dugald Baird established a medical sociology unit in Aberdeen. It employed a sociologist who was part of Dafydd’s network.

          Klopper knew Mervyn Susser and Susser’s wife Zena Stein, two other South African Caring Docs Who Hated Apartheid, relocated to Britain and busied themselves in the Anti-Apartheid Movement. Susser and Stein concealed abuse in Manchester, where they worked with Dafydd and Gwynne’s mates during the late 1950s and early 1960s. When Gwynne lobotomised like there was no tomorrow. The Manchester ring concealed Gwynne’s crimes…Bertrand Russell was busy in the Cwm Croesor area at the time and he had mates in Manchester University…

          So every member of the Oppressed had someone to Fight For Their Rights with The Caring Radicals at large. Except for those who were victims of celebrity sex offenders of course. They were imprisoned, lobotomised or killed.

          I can’t understand what is wrong with you lot. The sex offenders who’s crimes were being concealed weren’t just a few old men in flasher’s macs. What was happening was horrific; children being gang raped and forced to have sex with animals (at gunpoint) for the manufacture of porn and much else besides. And what the Top Docs did to silence witnesses was even worse. How could you all drivel and drool (to use Thatch’s phrase) about apartheid, CND, left politics, Wimmin, children, when THIS was happening?

          1. Arnold Klopper’s wife Mary, a social scientist, died in 2005, just after I finished my PhD. Here’s Mary’s obit:

            Mary Klopper, who has died aged 89, had a wealthy and sheltered childhood and went on to become a dedicated campaigner for leftwing and humanitarian causes. She was born in South Africa to a Welsh mother and a liberal-minded manager of a Johannesburg goldmine. She was educated privately by governesses and became fluent in French, Italian and German.
            In the late 1930s she attended University College London and the London School of Economics. Mary, with her command of languages, worked to support German refugees.
            With war in 1939 Mary joined the South African Army Women’s Corps, and was attached to the intelligence corps in Kenya, deciphering Italian coded military communications. After the war she was sent to Italy to find and reward Italian peasants who had sheltered South African prisoners of war.
            On returning to South Africa in 1946, Mary Turvey, as she then was, entered leftwing politics. She had met a medical student, Arnold Klopper, and they married in the late 1940s. Arnold was one of a rare breed of socialist Afrikaaners: he was chairman of the Union of South African Students.
            When the National Party was elected in 1948, and implemented apartheid, Arnold was advised, in view of the number of arrests, to leave South Africa. He was in any case attracted by the dream of all socialist doctors, a national health service, and joined a London hospital as a house surgeon. Mary followed and returned to the LSE to complete her studies, before joining Fenner Brockway as a full timer for the Movement for Colonial Freedom.
            After London came Edinburgh, followed by Aberdeen in 1955. Arnold was by then eminent internationally in obstetrics research. He was chairman of Aberdeen CND. Mary was also active in the city in anti-apartheid and women’s aid. She got 4,513 votes as Labour parliamentary candidate for North Angus and Mearns at the 1964 general election. When Arnold was on a research fellowship in New York she worked with the New York-based leftwing Monthly Review. She was an energetic member of the North of Scotland Hospitals Board.
            The beautiful Sea Cottage at Newtonhill near Aberdeen, where they lived, was seldom empty of visiting South Africans and Ugandans, and leading medical scientists and political activists from many parts of the world. They all benefited from Mary’s powerful intellect and her exceptional skill in the kitchen. She is survived by Arnold.

            Sister Hutt’s dad was a Tommy’s trained London pathologist who spent years as a Prof in, most appropriately, Uganda, before returning to Guy’s.

  15. MSF, the union that wielded huge influence in the NHS and University Depts linked with the NHS, was formed in Jan 1988. I have previously discussed how the MSF reps at St George’s were as corrupt as they come and were very obviously using their knowledge of the criminality of the Top Docs not to challenge it, but for their own personal benefit.

    MSF was created as the Gang began laying plans to get me out of medical research for good and whoever thought up the idea of the mergers that led to MSF did it as the police looked as though they might be closing in on the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Ollie Brooke had been jailed and then released again by Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane, Ann Dally was in the crap as was Wendy Savage. Cynthia Payne was under investigation yet again but there was no prison sentence, no-one dared after Ollie… The Top Docs really were rallying.

    I always took the piss out of MSF – I was of course invited to join it many times because it was ‘the union for us’ just as I began working in medical research – but I was rather put off by the grandiosity and the emphasis that it was ‘the union for PROFESSIONAL people’. The mention of ‘finance’ in the title was quite enough to deter me and when that corrupt MSF rep at St George’s tried to threaten me into joining MSF, I took the view ‘David Hole you can fuck off, I am not going to be threatened by a member of the sodding SDP’.

    At the time I just presumed that MSF was the result of the dreadful Thatcherite 1980s with people bollocking on about being Professional and Smart and Power Dressing. I know now that it was much more. Clive Jenkins was behind it and Jenkins was famously a slime ball who was interested in unionising middle class people because Clive knew that’s where the power would lie. It was Jenkins who was responsible for the machinations that led to the Windbag becoming Leader of the Labour Party.

    I know that MSF was something to do with me and the anxieties of Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring that all could unravel… MSF was a damp squib and a few years after it’s creation it had lost thousands and thousands of members. I can only think that Jenkins and co established MSF with a view to shoring up all the occupational groups who knew about serious crime in the NHS and organised abuse to ensure that none of them blew the whistle. Take a look at the info online re which unions joined MSF; MSF caught EVERYONE who worked in a profession with members who had knowledge of the Gang and their network who wasn’t in the BMA, the RCN etc. The NHS was crawling with scientists and managers who knew what was going on in the NHS and who didn’t like the Top Doctors… MSF neutralised them.

    Scores of Labour MPs were members of MSF.

    If a ginger tosser would like to explain how LABOUR MPs, LABOUR MPs, colluded with such serious crime against members of the public, while he busied himself ranting at Degsy Hatton, I’d be interested to hear.

    In Jan 1988, Cherie was still working in the same Chambers as George Carman. Miranda had his feet under the table at Sedgefield and was in the Windbag’s Shadow Cabinet. It was from 1988 onwards that Miranda began to be spoken of as a Future Leader Of The Labour Party. It’s all in Rhodri Morgan’s autobiography… As are anecdotes of Miranda taking delivery of mysterious documents in brown envelopes hand-delivered from unknown sources that enabled Miranda to silence the fiercest of critics. Miranda, if any of your envelopes contained documents about me from the Windbag’s friend Tony Francis or even the porn pics of me and other targets, can I just remind you that the GMC have not yet explained the forged letter in their possession purporting to be from me and everyone is keeping very quiet about Tony Francis enjoying himself in my garden late at night in 1995, months after you became Leader of the Labour Party.

    I presume that the Windbag’s in-laws knew that Peter Higson, Dafydd’s partner in conducting ‘research’ at Denbigh – Higson who later became Manager Of The Dungeon – in the mid 1970s lived on Anglesey and was therefore a constituent of the Windbags’ friend Cledwyn Hughes…

    1. Thanks to readers who are sending me info about MSF. In particular info about Ron Singer.

      Dr Ron Singer is a favourite of The Guardian. Ron spent many enjoyable hours writing columns for The Guardian, including in 2012, when Dr Ron stressed that the Top docs who were on strike at the time were striking for the most noble of reasons…

      Dr Ron was the Leader of the Medical Practitioners’ Union part of UNITE. UNITE evolved from MSF and the Medical Practitioners’ Union was one of the unions that merged with MSF when Clive Jenkins realised that he needed to gobble up every professional group who might blow the whistle on the Top Docs. The Medical Practitioners’ Union was the Top Docs’ union who found the BMA too stuffy. One had to be a Radical Doc to join the MPU. Not that the MPU was radical enough; like the Socialist Health Association, it’s members knew that ruin would await if they did anything as radical as challenging serious criminality in medicine, so their radicalism was confined to reading The Guardian and New Statesman.

      I note that on Dr Ron’s columns in 2012, it was mentioned that Dr Ron had recently retired after 30 years of working as a GP in Edmonton, north London. Deb Everard, the nightmare of a technician at St George’s, lived in Edmonton and was a Tory Councillor there. Previous posts have discussed Deb at length. It was universally agreed at St George’s that Everard should have been sacked years previously, but she was known to be untouchable because of a mysterious hold that she had over Geoffrey Chamberlain, but no-one would explain to me what it was exactly. Deb herself boasted to me that if ever anyone complained about her, ‘I just go to Prof and he backs me up every time’. The problem was that some of the complaints about Deb were very serious… But she was right. Prof backed her up every time.

      Everard was a Tory, but Chamberlain was Labour and Proud Of It. It was why the corrupt MSF technicians liked him. Prof wasn’t your usual Tory consultant! In the end, Everard did end up in such hot water that she was faced with disciplinary action. MSF backed her all the way and she won. The MSF rep who represented Everard was David Hole, the senior technician in Chamberlain’s Dept, who loathed Everard and openly stated that of course she should go, but Prof backed her up in the face of all complaints.

      In the summer of 1990, Everard became pregnant by her new bloke. He was called George, a man in middle age, who was a senior trade union official. He turned up in the Dept to be introduced to Prof and to join Chamberlain’s social circle. I have no idea what trade union George worked for, I don’t think that anyone mentioned it in front of me. I realise now that was deliberate; I was known as the Grass from north Wales who was resisting all bribery and blackmail and there was no way anyone would have ever told me who George worked for. I wasn’t formally introduced to him, I just happened to be in the Dept when George and Deb were greeting Chamberlain in the corridor, no doubt arranging their attendance at one of Prof’s famous At Homes.

      I can remember what George looked like and I know that George and Deb’s baby was a girl and they called her Danielle.

      Deb and George will know Ron Singer.

      Prof Chamberlain hated Thatch, as did his Top Doc mates. His pal Cilla was of course a big pal of Thatch but Cilla was far too thick to realise that her Harley Street Celeb Doc was Labour and with his mates was mobilising behind the scenes to get rid of Thatch. In Nov 1990, Geoffrey Howe put the boot in and Thatch departed soon afterwards.

      As with the BMA and Ken Clarke, the Top Docs couldn’t actually get rid of the Tories because they were all blackmailing each other over the same criminality. But Chamberlain and his trade unions got rid of Thatch. I only worked that out a few months ago, but politicians and journos knew who had got rid of Thatch. That is why none of them dared stand up to the Top Docs no matter how much they mouthed off about reform.

      Uncle Harry knew that it was the Top Docs wot brought Thatch down. That’s why Ed pinned his entire strategy on flagging up Uncle Harry and his noble work in the NHS. Keeping the lid on that paedophile ring that Chamberlain was running while Thatch was deposed…

      It was the biggest mistake that Ed could have made but the arrogant little tosser had been told that I was banged up in a psychiatric unit ‘seriously ill, she’s been in there a year, she won’t be writing that book now…’

      You really are fucking stupid Ed, you knew that Uncle Harry’s colleagues had fitted me up repeatedly, had perjured themselves, had lied about my Insanity… Did you really think that I WAS completely mad and would never be heard of again???

      1. The MP for Edmonton when I worked at St George’s and the dreadful Deb was living in Edmonton and serving as a Tory Cllr there was Ian Twinn.

        Ian David Twinn CBE (born 26 April 1950) was educated at Cambridge Grammar School, the University of Wales and Reading University. Between 1975 and 83, Twinn worked as a lecturer in Town Planning at the South Bank Poly. Twinn served as MP for Edmonton from 1983 until he lost his seat to Labour’s Andy Love in 1997. Twinn was Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, 1986-88. Twinn was Edmonton’s first Conservative MP in 48 years. Twinn also became the first Conservative in Edmonton to be re-elected for a second term in 1987 and also for third term in 1992.

        In 1999, Twinn was placed fifth on the Conservative Party list for London in the European Parliament elections. The Conservatives secured four seats, but Twinn served briefly as an MEP from 21 October 2003 until the 2004 elections after the resignation of Lord Bethell due to ill health. Twinn was sixth on the Conservative list in those elections and lost his seat because the Conservatives won only three. He was listed eighth in 2008.

        After his time as a politician finally came to an end, Ian Twinn became the Director of Public Affairs for the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers. Ian didn’t leave the House without trying hard; his neighbouring MP was Michael ‘Of Course I’m Not Gay Mrs Thatcher’ Portillo and after Portillo who wasn’t at all gay lost his seat, Twinn had ambitions to have a go in Portillo’s old constituency himself.

        I don’t know how and why the Tories finally dispensed with Ian Twinn. However, I can reveal in Nigel Dumpster style that between 1985 and 1990, when I was working with Deb at St George’s, Ian Twinn served as PPS to Sir Peter Morrison, one of Dafydd’s customers… Morrison organised Thatch’s Leadership campaign in 1990, the failed Leadership campaign. I wonder if Ian Twinn knew that Deb’s mate Geoffrey Chamberlain was busy using every bit of info and contact that he had to bring Thatch down?

        It was one of Geoffrey Chamberlain’s team who discussed the gynaecological condition of a member of the Royal Family in the tea room at St George’s with me. The results had been passed around Top Docs in London to much entertainment. The Royal Lady had fallen foul of The Firm and the knives were out. It was a Lorra Lorra Laffs.

        Show Us You Care Ma’am! Get your arse down to London now, someone’s gone into a tunnel at high speed.

        Miranda, some words are needed about a People’s Princess. Of Hearts.

        1. Fiona Bruce, the Posh Lady Newsreader that Establishment Gentlemen think is Seriously Hot, previously worked in advertising, as does her husband. So they’ll know Ian Twinn.

          Fiona knows a lot else besides, because Fiona’s dad was a senior exec for Unilever. The Unilever who gave Bangor University a great deal of money after Fungus Lowe blackmailed them over the links between Lord Leverhulme aka Philip Lever and Dafydd. The links were very close, Philip Lever had close links to Peter Morrison as well.

          Philip Lever was Chancellor of Liverpool University when Dafydd’s mates were running the place and Dafydd told me that if I dropped my complaint about him, he’d get me a place on the medicine degree there. It was preceded by Dafydd telling me that I was a ‘remarkable person’ and medicine needed ‘robust’ people like me. That was before and after he denounced me as being Criminally Insane. When I failed to take the bait, Dafydd rang off and the next day was back to his usual self and yelled at me that he had no more to say because ‘I spoke to you for 30 minutes yesterday’. As F cheerily parodied ‘I spoke to you for thirty minutes and you still didn’t accept my bribe’. Yes F, that was pretty much the sum of it.

          Fiona Bruce is a Feminist and has starred in adverts for Wimmin’s Aid. She has supported many Good Causes, including the NSPCC. Fiona Knows Nuzzing about Jimmy Savile or Geoffrey Chamberlain.

          Fiona, if you’ve got my NDA ready, I’ll be happy to sign it. I note that many of the BBC programmes on which you worked are ones on which Dafydd’s mates held sway as editors, producers, journos etc.

          1. I don’t know who in Digger’s circle or indeed George Carman’s circle got hold of copies of my letters but I am being asked if I remember a whole variety of things that I wrote to Brown about back in the 1980s.

            Yes, I remember the following:
            The man who picked me up when I was hitch hiking between Port Dinorwic and Bangor who told me that he ‘suffered from thirst’ and drank ’12 to 15 pints’ per night. It was a standing joke between Brown and me for ages.

            The man who picked me up when I was hitching in Pembrokeshire who was pissed and when I asked him where he worked he said ‘Ooh you’ll think I’m horrible if I tell you’. I thought that it might be a nuclear power station or something, but when I did persuade him to tell me, it turned out to be a slaughterhouse.

            There were many other bizarre experiences when I was hitching, including the suicidal man who stopped while we had a conversation.

            People used to warn me about hitching, me being female and I had discussed it with Brown and we agreed that if I was hitching by myself, I’d only ever do so on country roads that I knew well, so if ever I encountered a Nutter, I couldn’t be driven down a motorway for hundreds of miles and I’d know where the next part of the road was that would involve the driver slowing down, thus I could jump out.

            I encountered many odd things when I was hitching and lots of very nice people but I only ever once got the Nutter From Hell. I was hitching home from Bangor University in daylight at about 4 pm. A lorry stopped and I got in. Once I was in and the driver was moving, he began threatening me, swearing at other cars and tried to drive a mini off of the road who pulled out in front of him, but not dangerously. Then he told me that he was going to kill me.

            I knew that he was going to have to go across either the Menai Bridge or the Britannia Bridge – he was on his way to Holyhead – so I decided that as soon as he had to slow down, I was jumping out of the cab. I checked out the handle of the door etc and he began crossing the Menai Bridge. He slowed right down and as he came out the Menai Bridge end of the bridge, I jumped out of the cab. The biggest joke was that there was a policeman standing nearby who saw me exiting the lorry at high speed.

            The copper didn’t say anything to me and I didn’t say anything to him. My legs were shaking after my narrow escape, so I sat on the grass verge for a bit before getting ready to walk back to our house at Llandegfan. Incredibly enough, one of the boys from our house then drove past, saw me, picked me up and gave me a lift back. I told all of my mates what had happened.

            My housemate who was targeted by the Gang after graduation and nearly had his career wrecked was most concerned to hear of what had happened. We discussed whether I should report the lorry driver to the police but I said ‘Well I got away, he didn’t do anything, so there’s bugger all to report’. However I did tell DGE Wood, who I had begin to see by that time. So Wood knew that a Dangerous Nutter in a lorry was on the loose. But then Wood was friends with Dangerous Nutters.

            As for the boy in our house who drove past and found me after I’d escaped from the Dangerous Nutter, it was Pete Jackson, who later agreed to lie about Brown, me and our friend Anne who was killed by the Gang in April 1986. Pete was the one who provided info about my sex n drugs lifestyle and Anne and me being prostitutes to the Gang. I understand that Wood’s mate, Adrian Bell, a tutor in the Dept of Plant Biology, was happy to confirm to third parties that I really was a Shocker, even my housemates knew that.

            In the light of the very unpleasant things that Adrian and his colleagues were doing to us while greeting us like old pals and wishing us all the best in our careers, can he tell us why those two biology students, the two diligent swotty ones who were boyfriend and girlfriend, who graduated with us in 1984 both got Thirds? It was unexpected, they were the only people who got Thirds and they were so upset that they left Bangor the day after the results came out and never contacted any of the Bangor crowd again.

            Brown always says ‘Oh students often overestimate their performance in exams and there’s always upset’; I know that is true but those two Thirds really were inexplicable. Everyone commented on it, it was so odd. I have been given lots of info now suggesting that there was very unpleasant practices going on in UCNW re finals results and Revenge was being taken against certain students. I’m wondering if the two Thirds complained about anything; I have been told that some students received a Punishment Beating for questioning what was happening to me at the hands of the Top Docs, but I didn’t have much to do with the two students who got Thirds and ran…

  16. Someone else who made a rapid exit from the Hergest Unit as the Waterhouse Inquiry approached was a young female occupational therapist; I think that her partner was an OT as well. She was always very pleasant and never abusive herself, but she did know what her colleagues were doing. So she got out of there.

    I can’t remember her name, but in about 1994 she had a baby called Oscar. She and her husband moved to Bath. Where they continued working in the NHS and one of them at least ended up in a senior position.

    Britain is full of people Who Knew about Dafydd and the Gang, full of them. Oscar will be about 25 now. He was born in the lethal NHS in north Wales and his mum and dad knew all about the Gang. Not that anyone remembered anything when the Waterhouse Inquiry began.

    If the police really wanted to Bring Abusers To Justice, all they need to do is trace every member of staff who ever worked for the NHS or Social Services in north Wales and interrogate them. They all knew something. Including Ann Coffey, who’s sitting in the House of Commons.

    Andy Carpenter was an OT at Hergest who worked there for years. Andy was at UCNW when I was; I think Andy did Forestry. Andy and his wife were incredibly nice. But they did know what was going on. When I began my PhD and Brown and I started appearing in the media discussing the mental health services, Andy and his wife emigrated to New Zealand. They continued to work as OTs over there.

    1. The student in our house who supplied the lies about Anne and me working in our brothel received in return a plum job with the RSPB. Pete Jackson became very well known in the birding world, but even as an undergrad was networked with the best. He knew Bill Oddie and the other person he talked about a lot was Tony Soper.

      Tony Soper had a great deal of credibility in terms of being a TV naturalist; it was generally agreed that Soper, unlike Attenborough et al, really did know his stuff. I was amazed to find that Tony Soper is still alive. He’s 90 now. Soper led expeditions too, some impressive ones, across the Arctic and such. Tony Soper would have known Sir Charles Evans and he probably knows Ranulph Fiennes as well.

      Tony Soper spent much of his career based in Bristol/Somerset, with the BBC there….

      1. Tony Soper was mates with Desmond Hawkins, the man who set up the BBC’s Natural History Unit. Much of the BBC’s Natural History Unit’s work took place in Bristol. Hawkins worked with the whole crowd, Sir Peter Scott – part of Dafydd’s network – Attenborough and Johnny Morris, who’s dreadful Animal Magic programme involved Bristol Zoo. Johnny Morris never had the credibility of Tony Soper, but that crowd were all mates. They were all at the BBC when the ring at the BBC was thriving and they will have known about it, including Savile, because they did kids’ TV.

        A previous post discussed Johnny Morris’s death which seemed to have resulted from a Top Docs’ cock-up and the row that erupted when it was discovered that Morris had cut his family out of his will and left all of his dosh to a BBC kids’ TV male colleague. Morris died on 9 May 1999. As did Desmond Hawkins. By that time Ronnie Waterhouse had shown the first draft of his Report to selected insiders.

        Then there was Simon King, a younger BBC naturalist. Bugger me if Simon King wasn’t Somerset associated as well! In fact Simon King was a household name in Bridgy because of his association with the Secret World Badger Centre near Highbridge. They all knew Simon King in Bridgy. Even if they didn’t know Botney, who arrived to live in Bridgy in about 1999. Botney will have been so busy moving to Durleigh that he won’t have had time to go to Johnny Morris’s funeral or indeed Desmond Hawkins’ funeral. Or the funeral of Ioan Bowen Rees, who died on 4 May 1999.

        Dafydd must have been broken hearted to lose so many of his pals at once. William Mars-Jones got in there early to avoid the rush, he snuffed it in Jan 1999.

        1. Rik Mayall nearly died in 1998 in a quad bike accident on his farm in Devon. the doctors Ah they were wonderful and Rik survived beyond all expectations. Rik could remember nothing about the accident due to his head injury.

          Rik died in 2014, from a heart attack, after going out jogging.

          Mel Smith, Gruff Rhys’s partner re comedy died from a heart attack in 2013. Mel enjoyed his recreational chemicals.

          This crowd knew about Dafydd, they knew about my friends who the media big wigs forced out of the media and they knew about me.

          Ben Elton emigrated to Australia in 2009. Yes Indeedy, Ben got the hell out of the UK because he knew how much shit was flying around. But then your dad and his mates should never have done any of it should they Ben? Or your Uncle or your mum or the whole bloody lot of your extended family…

          1. Tracey Ullman. Another one of the crowd who Offered Her Support to the Windbag when he tried to become PM by using info supplied to him by Tony Francis.

            Tracey’s husband died in Dec 2013. Prostate cancer. Then her mum died in a house fire in 2014. Accidental death. Tracey’s daughter has worked as an assistant for Harriet Harman.

            I wonder who the next celeb who Loves The NHS to keel over and die will be?

            Tracey et al: Dafydd and Lucille are nearly 90. They haven’t died from the sort of Cancers that Kill Unless You Get Checked Out, they haven’t dropped dead from heart attacks, or overdoses or from cirrhosis after too much booze, or been found shot or drowned or hanged.

            I don’t know about Lucille, but Dafydd has spent years drinking like a fish, ripped to the tits on Class A drugs, flying planes when he was not medically fit to do so and speeding in his Range Rover. He is not only still alive but still on the Medical Register.

            Can you work out why that might be Celebs Who Love The NHS?

  17. Rod Stewart has joined in the crowd admitting that he has had prostate cancer and that other men need to Get Checked.

    Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? Well even if I do Rod, after the Top Docs have unnecessarily removed your prostate, you won’t be able to do much. Unless of course they put one of those implants in your penis. But then your penis will be permanently rigid as it were.

    Rod, of Scottish descent who grew up in north London, Rod of the youth of excess, recreational chemicals, excessive booze, Rod who was Bisexual when David Bowie and Mick Jagger were also Bisexual, although they later forgot about that bit of their biographies when they became seriously rich, bagged gongs and hung out with the aristos. They moved from being bisexual and sleeping with vulnerable young people – some of whom had passed through the hands of Dafydd and Gwynne – to Dating Supermodels. Who are upmarket versions of the same thing really.

    At one point there were some terrible stories appearing in the media about Rod. Some of them came from his servants who had walked out in disgust at what was happening chez Rod. Then the stories stopped. As they did with Bowie and Jagger…

    I did see the story re Gareth Thomas the Rugger Star declaring himself to be HIV positive and thus Sharing. I haven’t bothered to blog about it because one look at Gareth’s CV makes it quite clear who his mates and colleagues are. Anyone for Wrexham Rugby Club, Tasker, Med School Rugby Clubs? DGE Wood was a Rugger Bugger when he was younger.

    The Rugger Buggers used to live in the house that we then rented at Old Llandegfan. We got the house because the Rugger Buggers had wrecked the house and refused to pay the rent. Our landlord, Gwilym Parry-Jones, has since been approached by the Gang to keep quiet about the things that he knew were happening to me. Gwilym who used to lecture at UCNW, his wife Jean used to teach at Coleg Menai. I never smashed up the Parry-Jones’s house and I always paid my rent as well. But I complained about Gwynne and Dafydd, so I got it in the neck, not the Rugger Buggers. We used to get letters coming to our place meant for the Rugger Buggers, from Rugger Buggers at Cardiff University, not realising that the Parry-Jones’s had evicted them. George Carman will have those letters…

    Cherie, you’ll know about the med student at Cardiff who raped that girl won’t you, the Rugger Bugger, who was about to qualify when he assaulted the girl? It was in about 1982, I heard about it from a student at Bangor who lived in Cardiff. The police were called but Cardiff Med School covered it all up and the student rapist qualified as a doc. There was outrage… He’ll have retired now, a whole career in medicine… I wrote and told Brown all about it.

    Presumably Cardiff had to let the bastard qualify because he’ll have had the dirt on George Thomas, Dafydd and Gwynne etc…

    Tasker was President of the Welsh National School of Medicine…

    Anyone for Max Boyce?

    Care Workers for Bryn Estyn were recruited from Wrexham Rugby Club. No-one was able to explain to Ronnie Waterhouse WHY vacancies for social care staff at Bryn Estyn were advertised in Wrexham Rugby Club and nowhere else but they were…

    The Rugger Buggers smashed up the Students Union at Bangor as well. And they chucked someone over the stairwell and he fell three floors and was injured. That happened at about the time that I complained about Gwynne. No, the Rugger Buggers were not Banned From The Students Union, it was me who was Banned.

    But then Ann Beynon knew all about it…

    1. Can I please implore Tom Jones NOT to Get Checked Out. If he loses that prostate, there’ll be no more knickers thrown at him. Or at his friend either.

      Tom Jones from George Thomas Central, the valleys…

      As young people, I and my mates were impressed by the small ads in ‘Forum’ magazine that offered Worn Knickers for sale. What Brown and I wanted to know was how did the Dirty Old Men shelling out good money for Used Knickers know that the knickers had been worn as advertised? How did they know that someone wasn’t just going into M&S and buying up stocks of Briefs and selling them at an inflated price via ‘Forum’? Dafydd’s friend Dr Philip Cauthery was on the Editorial Board of Forum, so perhaps he can enlighten us…

      Ollie Brooke and friends used the small ads of Forum for more worrying purposes than flogging Used Knickers…

      The Trans Experts of Cardiff University were associated with Forum as well.

      Posh Spice is launching a New Line. Not just Beauty, but Wellness/Health as well. Posh wants to be the UK’s answer to Gwyneth Paltrow, which is weird because Gwyneth Paltrow is a figure of fun. Anyway, I read the media releases about Posh’s New Line and it is boasted that there are 30 Shades of Make Up to suit all skin tones. I have scanned the press releases for the Medical Science re Posh’s New Line, but I can’t find any.

      Posh of course is known for her elective C-Sections that were performed at London’s most expensive hospitals. Being about 4 stone with a head bigger than her body, Posh would probably find it nearly impossible to give birth naturally. I’m fairly sure that at least one of Posh’s kids was delivered at the Portland. The Portland Hospital starred on this blog just days ago. Sarah Creighton is their Expert on Designer Vaginas, Sarah who used to work in Geoffrey Chamberlain’s team when the team were running that ring…

      As any fule kno, places like the Portland also offer a service to their delivering mothers that includes pelvic floor surgery and genital tightening/trimming so to speak. You can go in to have the baby and everything else will be done at the same time!

      I look forward to Posh’s New Line offering that service and I expect Posh to provide details of how the surgery will be performed, anaesthetics used etc. I’m sure that Posh knows all about it now she’s begun a career in Medicine, as did Diana when Diana began shagging that heart surgeon and was allowed to breach all ethical principles by popping in to watch surgery. Diana began reading Grey’s Anatomy instead of Barbara Cartland.

      I am entertained to see so many in the media responding to this blog by Ooh we’ll show her, we are Famous and She Is Not! Well no, I’m not going to be invited onto Prime Time BBC, but do keep it up Celebs and Politicians, because I see things worth following up every time that you open your mouths.

      For example, now that Rugger Bugger with links to the Gang Gareth Thomas has Shared about his HIV status, I’m going to see if I can find out who lobbied so hard to promote Prep and make it available on the NHS when disabled people are being denied a visit from a carer to help them go to the bog. I expect that Baroness Margaret Jay aka Jim Callaghan’s daughter and her hubby Prof Michael Adler the HIV Expert might have something to do with it…

      Sir Norman Lamb has demanded that Universities Take Responsibility for Students’ Mental Health. Sir Norman knows that Merfyn feared legal action over this very matter when he was VC of Bangor and Eversheds even made loud noises offering to take a case against a University re this should anyone happen to feel like contacting them. It’s Sue Merfyn And Win Bingo!! Prizes, Prizes, Prizes! The local mental health team are a sex abuse Gang, they’ve killed Merfyn’s wife, Who You Gonna Sue? Merfyn!

      Sir Norman, have you not noticed that the NHS is given millions to Care For The Mentally Ill and it is their legal responsibility. So why are we even suggesting that it is the function of Higher Education? I was terribly let down as a student but that is because OF THE FUCKING TOP DOCTORS, they ran the university AND a sex abuse ring. Norman for years was the MP for a Norfolk constituency. Where Dafydd’s mate David Ennals facilitated organised abuse. Ennals was Sec of state for Health…

      Norman, weren’t you a political aide for Greville Janner when you were younger?

      Can all academics please now learn and perform abdominal surgery along with their numerous other duties. Because the NHS is not there to do its job anymore, although it will carry on demanding far more money than is given to universities. The HE sector has now become a part of the welfare system. I’ve known it for years, Brown and I published a book on that very subject just after I finished my PhD.

      ‘She doesn’t write those publications! It’s all Brown! We Know!’

      ‘My Mother was the Rosa Parks of Wales.’

      I could state the obvious in response if I knew who the Queen of Sheba actually was.

      A huge consignment of Class As has been interrupted on its way from Brazil to the Mafia. Dafydd’s going to be so short of supplies at this rate that he’ll need to draw up a whole new price list. It’s not as is he’ll ever shut shop, he’ll just hike up the prices for the goodies.

      Re the Great Drugs Debate. Should Drugs be Legalised and made the Responsibility of The Doctors and taken out of the hands of Gangsters and Drug Barons? Er… Ysbyty Gwynedd pharmacy in 1995???

      I looked from Pig to Farmer and back to Pig again and then to Top Doctor, Home Secretary and Gangster/Drug Baron. And indeed the Rosa Parks of Wales. I could see no difference…

      1. Thanks to the person who has clarified the transfer of responsibilities for child care in Wales from the Home Office to the Welsh Office. I have previously stated on the blog that the Windbags’ friend Cledwyn Hughes as Secretary of State for Wales successfully lobbied for the transfer of responsibility for Health and Social Services to the Welsh Office and that it was implemented when George Thomas succeeded Cledwyn as Welsh Secretary. However, things being what they are, responsibility for child care per se wasn’t actually transferred from the Home Office to the Welsh Office until 1971.

        The Home Secretary in 1971 was Reginald Maudling, the crook who replaced Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Selwyn Lloyd as Macmillan’s Chancellor when Supermac kicked Dafydd’s mates out of Gov’t in the Night of the Long Knives. The Gang never forgave Reggie; see previous posts for details of his ruination at the hands of the Gang and his death at the hands of the Top Docs at the Royal Free just as Mr Thrope found himself in hot water. Then Reggie’s son William as found dead at the bottom of a tower block in London in May 1999. The official narrative is that William was a spoilt kid gone bad, ‘ruined by drugs’, who ‘committed suicide’. His dad tangled with the Gang. If I had been found dead after any of the close scrapes that I have had, I too would have been known to people who remembered my grandfather locking horns with du Cann et al as a Wrong ‘Un…

        Nothing can bring William Maudling or other targets of that Gang back. So let’s get out to Denbigh now and recover those bodies. We’ll see how much squealing in the media from clapped out celebs and politicians helps then.

        Tom King, you should be under police investigation you worthless turd. Don’t think that I am unaware of who was the principal source of lies, fantasy and general fuckwittery for you and the Gang to do your worst, I have known for a long time and more info is arriving daily but I am not Constance Briscoe aka Miss Pissabed so it’s not going up on the blog.

        Now, in terms of the vigorous promotion of misery memoirs re child abuse that took place as revelations re child abuse rings across the UK became high profile, do any readers know who in publishing robustly promoted that genre, a genre that kids who really had been ill-treated found so offensive?

        Perhaps someone can also give me the name of the genius who told UCU that a ‘bullying survey’ of UK universities would be a good idea, knowing that the results could then be rigged with Bangor coming near the top of the League Table and another barrel of shit thrown at Merfyn…

        Could they be in any way related to the persons who described Prof Howard Davis as a ‘cold male academic’ ‘who can’t speak Welsh’ (Howard spoke English, Welsh, French, German, Russian and a bit of Bulgarian, I HEARD HIM!!!), the persons who told students that Prof Ian Rees Jones was ‘arrogant and doesn’t like Welsh students’ (Ian was from north Wales and Welsh is his first language), the persons who stated that a PhD student identified as one of best PhD students IN THE WORLD was a ‘stupid Polish bitch who should never have been given that job’…

        I could go on forever here; I can only conclude that in the words of that FBI Report about Lord and Lady Mountbatten that they are Persons Of Low Morals to spread such vicious unpleasant lies…

        Brown always told me that when All This Was Thrown In Merfyn Jones’s Face (as I was promised that it would be), he’d be on hand to serve the sandwiches and pork pies as people screamed with laughter at the malice and idiocy of the Persons who were planning all this for Merfyn. I think the time has come for those refreshments…

        Anyone for Brave Welsh Freedom Fighters who use the advice of Posh English Judges Who’s Daughters Are Married To Lord Astor to keep them out of prison? The Lord Astor who’s son is now married to Samantha Cameron’s mum?

        I can only imagine the blackmailing potential that Sir Alun Pugh’s relationship with those Persons provided for future generations…

        Brown and I spent many enjoyable hours roaring with laughter at the excesses, but the sad thing here is that people died and innocent people went to prison.

        Anyone for Rosa Parks?

        BTW, who were Tony Francis’s Welsh teachers? Tony Francis began learning Welsh in the early 1980s and he did become very proficient. After he was discovered in my back garden late at night, enjoyed a cup of tea in my house, yet continued writing reports maintain that I should be sent to Broadmoor lest I murdered him and ordered other people to perjure themselves in order to have me arrested, he was at the level of reading fairly high level Welsh texts. How do I know? Because Tony, who was so terrified of me, I who was so dangerous, lent me Welsh language books when he heard that I was learning Welsh…

        I still have the books that Tony gave me, because when I began my PhD, Tony did another about turn and refused to speak to me. No, I didn’t try and murder him in cold blood, I had no idea at all why one minute he was lending me Welsh books and chatting away and the next he was blanking me. Obviously I know now, it was because he had heard that Brown and I had begun publishing about the mental health services and Tony knew that it was only a matter of time before we found out what he had been doing without our knowledge…

        So Persons Of Low Morals, who murdered that very troubled man, whom you used and who used you in return?

        1. The Welsh Secretary when Reggie handed over responsibility for child care to the Welsh Office was Lord Peter Thomas, a bent barrister who’s dad was a solicitor in Llanwrst. Peter Higson and his sister Ruth Hussey, two key Gang members, grew up in Llanwrst and knew Peter Thomas…

          Who killed Tony Francis then Higson you big slime bag?

  18. Just read the latest on the havoc in the US re Purdue Pharma, the Sacklers and the Opioid Crisis.

    If readers haven’t already done so, read the biographies of the Sacklers who founded the dynasty. They were US psychiatrists who were Giants of the field in the US and wrote much of the ‘research’ on which contemporary psychiatry is now based. They are linked to Dafydd and Gwynne’s mates who emigrated to the US in the 1960s after Colluding With Gwynne and Dafydd…

    The chickens have well and truly come home to roost now. The three Caring Top Doc Sacklers are now dead and their Very Rich descendants who have bankrolled universities, art galleries, research bodies etc across the globe are being vilified and Blamed For The Crisis.

    Stop blaming only the Sacklers. Every Top Doc across the world knows that opioids are addictive. The whole lot of them took part in a massive irresponsible conspiracy and the blame lies with the entire medical establishment. Presumably the Sacklers and their very expensive lawyers will find a way of limiting the damage to their family fortune. The only way that they’ll be able to do that is to shaft their co-conspirators, the various manifestations of the Top Docs… It’ll be an excellent game of dominoes.

    Those bodies are still concealed at Denbigh, waiting to be recovered.

    I haven’t heard from the GMC yet re my request for a meeting. It was 1984 when I first raised the alarm with the GMC. I was 21. I will be 57 in November. Gwynne is still causing havoc.

    1. The Prep For All Gays on request is certainly an interesting story. I haven’t the capacity to blog about it in detail as I would wish, although it is a fantastic bag of crap.

      Here are the Bare Essentials:
      Prep is manufactured by Gilead Sciences. Gilead Sciences was established in 1987 (think Ollie Brooke, Geoffrey Chamberlain, Dafydd, Thatch, Shotgun Ronnie etc) by a Top Doc still in his 20s, Michael Riordan.

      Riordan couldn’t do the science bit himself, so he employed three scientists who could: Peter Dervan, Doug Melton and Harold aka Hal Weintraub. All three have interesting backgrounds and networks, but Hal is the one that stands out for me. Hal spent part of his postdoc training in Francis Crick’s MRC Lab in Cambridge, UK. Readers might remember that not only did Crick steal Franklin’s work to bag the Nobel Prize re the discovery of the structure of DNA but what is much less well-known is that because such a big fraud had been worked on the part of Crick and Watson re the structure of DNA, everyone Who Knew maxed out and there was fraud leading to Nobels all over the place, as explained in previous posts. A chain reaction of impressive dimensions. Leading to a nuclear explosion perhaps???

      Hal’s dead now. He died at only 49 years old, from a particularly aggressive brain tumour. Hal died on 28 March 1995. Three months before Bing Spear and Peter Morrison died. The year that so many other Inside Witnesses died, the year that Tony Francis and the Gang were trying to make a case for me to be banged up and lobotomised. Dafydd ‘retired’ (but he didn’t), Denbigh ‘closed’ (but stayed open), the Gwerin caused havoc at Bangor University and the knives remained out for Nerys ever after… Nerys who had spent much of her career at Harvard, where her ex husband was a Famous Prof.

      Many of those involved with Gilead Sciences studied at Harvard.

      If that is all not incriminating enough, in 1988, Riordan appointed Donald Rumsfeld as Chair of Gilead Sciences. WHY Donald Rumsfeld was considered the right man for that job I haven’t yet found out, but Rumsfeld stood down when he became the Defence Secretary for George Dubya Bush. Not that Donald would ever have forgotten his mates at Gilead Sciences…

      Lord Brian Flowers, Mr Big from London University, will be involved in all this somewhere…

      It was in 1987 that the Rich and Famous began turning up in Bridgwater in impressive quantities. At first it was posh arrogant twats from London and Oxford and over the months and years, many more followed. Imagine my surprise when a Canadian made his way into the kitchen at Fiddington! He met me and to be fair he seemed very much less of a twat that the other twats. As the days went by – they dossed for a while, it wasn’t just a cup of tea – the Canadian became as dreadful as the other twats. After he left, by which time he realised that he had let the front slip as it were, he sent gifts and goodies down to Somerset… I was baffled. I knew that something was going on but I really did not know what…

      I knew that in London, greedy unscrupulous medical researchers were leaving their jobs as lab scientists for the riches of Big Pharma. Now there were of course many greedy unscrupulous people working in labs in universities and the NHS, but as far as I could see the essential characteristic that those bagging drug company jobs needed was to follow any order at all, even more so than in the NHS, if the boss said so. Even if they knew that it was an utterly ridiculous order. It was just the way that Big Pharma worked. The Profs became Chairmen or Vice Presidents and Mr Big Bucks took the Decision On Behalf Of The Company and that was what was done. If exciting lines of research were ordered to be dropped, they were. No quibbling.

      Some medical researchers – like Tory politician Kay Swinburne – did really well if they bagged jobs in the City. There was a postdoc at St George’s who did that. James. I can’t remember his surname. I liked James in that he was chatty, not a Bigot and didn’t have to vent his spleen at his colleagues constantly. However I did know that James would do pretty much anything for money. When he was an undergrad at Kings College, London, James married an American girl who wanted British citizenship. James was gay, but he made a great deal of money by marrying that girl. He’d ‘split up’ with her by the time that I knew James. James was the person who told me that Norman St John Stevas was holding ‘spanking parties with little boys’, that this was widely known and no-one knew how Norman was getting away with it…

      James was much nicer to me than his sociopathic colleagues were, but James watched what they were doing, he had all the dirt on the criminality and the ring at St George’s and he knew what I had witnessed in north Wales as well…

      One day James disappeared from Geoffrey Chamberlain’s team at St George’s. He’d told them to take a running jump and had accepted a highly paid job with PwC. Not that James had a background in finance or accounting at all, but PwC were delighted to have James. That was in 1989/90.

      Little Nell joined PwC when the embarrassment of the Islington Paedophile Ring became too much even for Little Nell.

      Little Nell, did you know James? He was from an Irish-London family, quite tall, blonde, rather trendy and well-networked on the Gay Scene in London. You might have known him by his nickname at St George’s Little Nell; James was affectionately known as ‘Slack Arse’.

      The Digger and George Carman knew all about Slack Arse and Norman St John Stevas, because I wrote to Brown with full details and the letters were stolen and passed on…

      Obviously Slack Arse DID know why St John Stevas was spanking away like there was no tomorrow with no interruption from the police, Slack Arse just didn’t tell me. It’s because Lord St John of Fawsley was a friend of the Queen Mum, who was Marvellous for her age and who’s loyal retainer Backdoor Billy ran the rent boy ring in the Royal Household… Slack Arse had probably shaken every one of them by the hand, as will have Geoffrey Chamberlain. Backdoor Billy died from AIDS.

      You bet that Prep became available, Gilead Sciences made a fortune after Nicholas Eden died from AIDS in 1985 and panic broke out…

      Ah the Doctors they were wonderful!!!

      Recover from this GMC, just try and recover from this you murdering gangsters…

      1. Think Slack Arse was particularly enlightened from Caring NHS professionals? Well the SDP supporting MSF rep made constant references to Slack Arse’s penchant for ‘chocolate’.

        This lot were running a paedophile and trafficking ring while Cilla boasted about her friendship with their Boss and the Boss’s son worked with Wayne Hemingway and life was one long round of name dropping and parties. I was the ‘naive’ one because I just would not join in with the fuckwittery.

        I did notice that after I made it clear to this crew that I didn’t like them and I wasn’t going to be rude back to them at work because the workplace is not the location for petty personal vendettas, but I really would not pass my leisure time with them, it was Slack Arse who used to join me for a coffee in the tea room first thing each morning and chat about north Wales and Molesters We Had Known.

        When I used to chat to Slack Arse, I had heard about Kincora – it was discussed a lot in Private Eye – but I didn’t realise that Kincora was an integral part of the Dafydd-Gwynne and St George’s network. Slack Arse’s family were from Belfast, he knew Belfast well and he will have known all about Kincora. When Dr Morris Fraser, the paedophile child psychiatrist who ‘worked with’ Kincora boys was convicted of child sex offences in the 1970s but the GMC allowed him to continue to practice, Fraser moved to mainland Britain and took a job at Springfield, the psych unit attached to St George’s…

        Paddy Mayhew was the bent MDU barrister who did the biz at the 1970s GMC hearing re Fraser that resulted in Fraser being allowed to continue working as a Top Doc. It was Paddy Mayhew who, as Attorney General in 1990 and 1991, authorised the High Court actions against me for contempt of Court, based on the perjury of Tony Francis and the Gang. The MDU represented the Docs who brought the cases against me; my documents make it quite clear that the MDU knew that Francis et al were perjuring themselves…

        I have been given plenty of evidence that I was offered that job at St George’s at the heart of the Mr Bigs of the Westminster Paedophile Ring to wreck my career and get me out of science for ever.

        In response to people who keep asking why I was so ‘naive’, I didn’t ever expect to be the target of a VIP sex abuse gang led by a Royal Lobotomist with PMs knowing about me! It is not the sort of thing that one does expect to happen. Furthermore, I yelled and yelled and yelled about the wrongdoing that I witnessed, I constantly wrote to the appropriate authorities, to charidees, to campaigners, to MPs, I really could not have done more. I honestly could not have. I was like Alison Taylor, I told people constantly that terrible things were happening in north Wales and people just would not respond. Except to try to murder me and my friends.

        People knew this was happening to me, the Michael Mansfields, the St Helenas, senior academics and police, they knew. Not one lifted a finger to help. People died, that was considered preferable to acting on the concerns raised by Mary Wynch, Alison Taylor and me. Three of us, all pretty much at the same time, pointing the finger at the same people. We were all Mad Women. Clever, Fooling Everyone, but the Top Docs looked into our black hearts and reported back that we were Mad and Toxic. Including the one who arrived in my dorm in Denbigh at midnight to Conduct A Ward Round with just me and the one whom I discovered in my garden at night nine years later, shining a torch into my bedroom window.

        1. Thanks to the reader for the information that I did not need a general anaesthetic when I was sutured in the C&A Hospital; it was I am told a ruse to ensure that I was unconscious when the wrongdoing and the infected blood transfusion was effected.

          It certainly is consistent with my memories of the injury that needed suturing. It was a deep injury but not near a major organ, not abdominal, it was on a limb and I remember thinking at the time ‘This is odd, that this needs a full blown operation under anaesthetic’.

          I remember the sequence of events. I was taken to the C&A Hospital by Liz Stables, DGE Wood’s partner in crime at the Student Heath Centre. We waited a very, very long time in A&E and we were left with a young, nervous, student nurse who did not know what she was doing. Liz noticed too and said to me ‘I know what you’re thinking, don’t say it’. I thought ‘Well I can see that this girl is doing her best but is being ignored by her seniors and is being left to flounder, of course I’m not going to say anything nasty to her’.

          We waited an age and in the end I was called in. A junior house officer – he was ginger and Scottish and very uncommunicative – prodded my limb. I didn’t know what his name was, he barely spoke to me. As he prodded my limb he was very heavy handed and clumsy; I didn’t yell but I did flinch. The Scottish ginger one told an Angel that he wanted the opinion of the consultant.

          The consultant was just going off duty and he dropped into the room where I was on his way out. He didn’t introduce himself either; he was a middle aged man, dark but greying hair and he had a huge bum. An impressively huge bum. The rest of him was quite big but that bum was an identifying feature. He didn’t prod my limb himself or even really look at it, he just said to the Scottish ginger one ‘That’ll need a general anaesthetic’. The big bummed one then said to me ‘You’ll have to stay in OK?’ and he walked out. I sat up to ASK QUESTIONS and Liz Stables cheerfully chipped in with the Angel bit, ‘Right, I’ll settle you in, I know them all here, don’t you worry’. Liz did know them all there, she trained at the C&A and worked there after qualifying. Liz was also a friend of Dafydd although I didn’t know Dafydd then and she knew Gwynne…

          I later found out that as I was Being Settled In, the Angels had been told – by Liz Stables – that I was a Known Psychiatric Case Who Must Not Be Allowed To See Any Notes About Me. How do I know that? Because I saw Angels acting suspiciously so I read my notes when they went out of the room. There were other things that will no doubt have been of interest to me as well but I didn’t have time to peruse them fully…

          I was taken to a ward full of old dears who had broken their hips and there was one girl in there who had been badly injured in a crash and just looked like she wanted to die of tedium, she’d been there months and there was nothing for her, nothing, not even a TV, just a shared TV for the whole ward which she couldn’t see anyway. I never saw Angels being unpleasant to her, but they barely interacted. They’d just go past on their duties and say to her ‘Ooh it is awful for you here isn’t it’. Well obviously, but no-one did anything to make it better…

          I later found out that my mates rang the C&A because they wanted to visit. They were told not to come because I was going to be in surgery within minutes… They told me nothing and I was still there at about midnight when they came and collected me and told me that there’d been a delay because of a car crash that had to take priority. I had no problem with that, but I have recently been told that there was no car crash, it was a lie to ensure that I was in the theatre late at night with only the partners in crime around. There were as I remember, quite a lot of people in the operating theatre which again seemed odd for the sort of injury that it was. They were Docs as well rather than Angels. Fully gowned docs and I cannot think what the ‘official’ roles of so many people were. There were as many of them in there as there used to be for Caesarians at St George’s…

          So Nigel Clay – one of the surgeons who was in the theatre, the only name that I managed to pick up, no-one told me anything – and Liz Stables need to fess up…

          1. Here’s irony. Although the immobile car crash girl couldn’t see the TV in the ward in the C&A, I could. And because the other patients were all old dears who were in the sort of state that Barbara Windsor claims to be these days, I watched the TV in peace. The News. It was the fall-out from Sarah Tisdall. Clive Ponting leaking the Belgrano documents happened just a few weeks later.

            So, as the security services were headline news at the time, can anyone come clean about me being lied to and given an infected blood transfusion because I had complained about the Royal Lobotomist?

            Informants are hinting darkly that something really terrible was going on that night in the C&A. Sorry, but I remain mystified, someone is going to have to give me more info. I did know that I had been lied to repeatedly and I knew that records were fabricated; when I woke up my gown was soaked in blood, drenched and the Angel told me that I’d ‘had a few pints’ of blood. Yet the next day I was repeatedly told that I had not had a transfusion. Wood claimed that my records did not mention a transfusion. They were all completely uncommunicative in the C&A; although I was obviously in full possession of my faculties and asking questions they either told me obvious lies or just didn’t answer.

            If they had done their best to infect me with HIV or Hep B, why did they continue to try to force me into the sex industry? Wouldn’t I have been a bit of a liability? I’m sure that Dafydd didn’t give a damn about his customers catching a dose, after all Nicholas Eden and Lord Kenyon’s son died from AIDS, but Dafydd was pretty desperate to get into my knickers himself, surely even Dafydd didn’t want to develop AIDS???? He knows sod all about medicine but he must know what death is, even Dafydd knows what Death is. Yes, that Death as well, the Death who is interviewed in a toadying manner by Lord Hennessey.

            I await more info if anyone wants to tell more…

  19. Thanks to readers for the info and further questions re my adventure in the C&A Hospital in the Spring of 1984. Someone has told me that Liz Stables rang her buddies at the C&A without my consent after whatever went on in the operating theatre. I do know that Liz rang, but because so many lies were being told that I don’t know when she rang.

    Liz told me that she rang her Angel mates to see how I was in the morning, at about breakfast time. What I remember about that morning was me having breakfast and then not being told anything and getting very bored. It was the usual vague ‘Oh there’ll be a consultant coming to see you before you can go home’ so I waited. No-one arrived and then some Angels turned up, made the bed – good hospital corners were in evidence I’m glad to say! – and being me I then got back on the bed and lay on it reading. An Angel came along and said that she’d ‘Just made that bed’ and I realised Ooh someone’s going to be in here after I’ve gone…

    I hung around (in the chair) revising, because it was finals in about two or three weeks. Then I thought that as no-one would tell me anything, I’d be off. There was much trauma. I walked out of the door, an Angel began shouting that I had not seen the consultant yet, I said well he’s not here, I’ve waited ages and I’ve got finals in three weeks time, the Angel yelled ‘You cannot leave’, I said ‘I am leaving’ and then the consultant appeared and asked ‘What IS going on here?’ I said I am going, I have work to do.

    The Top Doc didn’t give me his name – although I saw him in Leo’s Supermarket in Menai Bridge a couple of weeks later – and looked at the plaster cast that had been put on earlier and said ‘This’ll have to come off and be re-done, it’s been done wrong’. I just thought ‘Oh sod this for a game of soldiers, I am GOING’. The Doc told me that if I didn’t have the plaster cast redone I’d lose the movement of the limb, so I agreed to go back down to the plaster cast room to have it redone.

    After I’d been re-plastered, I was exiting once more and an Angel then said that I couldn’t leave by foot, it had to be in an ambulance. I could think of nothing more ridiculous or embarrassing than getting into a bloody ambulance to be driven a few hundred yards down Glanrafon Hill to the Dept of Plant Biology to pick up my stuff and meet my mates, so I decided that they were just all mad in the C&A and I just walked out, down Glanrafon Hill…

    As I was going up the steps to Plant Biology, I tripped and landed on the plastered limb, but no damage was done. Liz Stables later said ‘Well that’s why they wanted to take you back in an ambulance, you were unsteady after the anaesthetic’, but no, I did just trip.

    Something of interest to me is the close relationship between the C&A Hospital and Bart’s in London; I have discussed this in previous posts. It was the Lord Snowdon influence; Snowdon’s granddad was a Top Doc from north Wales who after studying at UCNW, qualified at Bart’s. Then Snowdon’s dad, a barrister, sat on the Governing body of Bart’s for years. There were a good few Bart’s trained older Top Docs working in the C&A Hospital. I know now that the jungle drums were being beaten loudly between UCNW and the C&A after my adventure; Carlo was the Chancellor of UCNW and Sir Charles Evans, who was just about to step down and make way for Eric Sunderland, was a Top Doc who was mates with the crowd at the C&A. Evans must have stepped down virtually the week (or the previous week) that I was in the C&A because Sunderland took up his new job in May 1984.

    The other thing that I’d like to know more about is whatever fiddle was involved when the C&A Hospital site was flogged to Safeways, who built a supermarket there. The C&A closed down in 1984, just weeks after I had been in there but the building remained for a while, crumbling away as an impressive eyesore. Safeways must have been built in the late 1980s, I think it was definitely there by 1990. Gwynedd Health Authority were nothing more than a complete bunch of crooks, the whole lot of them and so were there masters in the Welsh Office. There is no way that money was not siphoned off into people’s pockets.

    Nicholas Edwards was Secretary of State for Wales when that sale went through; just look at Old Nick’s track record, he was behind the bonanza that was the development of Cardiff Bay. Old Nick was the Cabinet Minster who approved the scheme – funded by millions of taxpayers money – then he resigned from office, lay low and popped up two or three years later as a Director of the companies that bagged the contracts to er develop Cardiff Bay. An outrageous scam. See post eg. ‘Corruption Bay Special’ and ‘Old Nick Bites the Dust’.

    The Gang’s bestest friends Keith Best and the foul old Lord Wyn Roberts were Ministers under Old Nick in the Welsh Office in 1984 when I had my adventure. By the late 1980s, when the Safeways deal was going through, the Minister of State in the Welsh Office was Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate David Hunt; Best had been forced to resign in 1987 after he’d been jailed for fiddling his BT share applications.

    David Hunt is a paid up member of the Gang, has been since the 1950s, he’s a bent lawyer who qualified from Bristol University in the late 1960s; Hunt was a student there when Wood was a med student at Bristol. Then Hunt spent a few years ‘helping’ the Tories in the West Country – think Tom King and Edward du Cann – before becoming the MP for the Wirral in 1976 after Dafydd’s mate Selwyn Lloyd the sitting MP was given a peerage. Hunt is now Lord Hunt and a senior partner at DAC Beachcroft, an ‘international’ law firm that works on behalf of the MDU…

    My post ‘A Visit To Gwynedd Archives’ discussed the row in the House in the late 1980s re the empty coffers of Gwynedd Health Authority just after they’d flogged the C&A site to Safeways! Dafydd Wigley and Ieaun Wyn Jones were asking questions of GHA and the Gang’s bestest mate Lord Wyn Roberts was lying his arse off as usual. David Hunt was despatched to Gwynedd to try to sort out the mess and the Welsh Office sent a team of ‘management consultants’ in… Of course things got no better, GHA et al were running a trafficking gang and stealing the money and the Welsh Office was on board with it all…

    Now this is interesting. In April 1994, the CEO of Safeways, Colin Smith, took advice from McKinseys re the problems facing Safeways. I know McKinseys best as the management consultants who are constantly commissioned to Advise On The NHS. Not that anything ever gets any better… Might the ‘management consultants’ who advised re Gwynedd Health Authority in the late 1980s have been McKinseys? If they weren’t, McKinseys will still have knowledge of the barrel of crap that is the NHS in north Wales, because when the havoc could just not be denied in more recent years, when Edwina Hart was Welsh Gov’t Minister for Health, she spent a bomb on commissioning McKinseys to advise on the NHS in Wales. Things got no better because no-one was prepared to arrest the crooks and conmen who were embezzling, paying off blackmailers, abusing the patients etc. But McKinseys made a bomb out of Edwina – the nightmare that I was enduring at the hands of the NHS in Wales at the time was never resolved – and they will have had access to the swindles and dirt on NHS Wales going back decades… Including that Safeways deal that old Nick negotiated.

    It was when Edwina wasted money with McKinseys that Gordon and No 10 really got nasty with Merfyn… There is a close relationship between McKinseys and New Labour, New Labour was crawling with McKinsey alumni…

    When Edwina spent money on McKinseys like a drunken sailor, Rhodri the Meathead was FM. When the Safeways deal was thrashed out with Gwynedd Health Authority, Rhodri was the newly elected MP for Cardiff West, George Thomas’s former constituency. In the late 1980s, Rhodri was in the Windbag’s Shadow Energy Team with Miranda…

    When Merfyn was under fire as VC of Bangor, one of those who loathed him and was part of the Get Merfyn Out Support Group was a recently retired Bangor academic, who was the son of one of the Top Docs at the C&A Hospital. That academic was for years the AUT rep for UCNW…

    Fill your boots everyone, what is going on at the C&A Hospital is just so bad that we’ll be paid anything at all to keep it quiet…

    1. The CEO of Safeways is ‘Argentinian businessman’ Carlos Criado-Perez. Carlos is married to an Angel, Alison. Alison Works To Alleviate Suffering On An International Scale. Here are extracts from a 2014 Torygraph interview with Alison:

      ‘When I boarded a flight to Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic (CAR), a few weeks ago, I felt calm. This is just the latest in a long series of trips I’ve made with the international aid charity Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). I’ve been to some of the most violent spots on the planet, and I know the drill well. All I take with me is a small bag of personal belongings; some vital medical equipment; a special treat, usually soap or some nice pyjamas, to remind me of my home in the Rutland countryside; and photographs of my three children Sebastian, 31, Nicholas, 29 and Caroline, 27 (you might remember Caroline as the journalist who last year campaigned for women to be represented on the nation’s banknotes).

      This is my second visit to the former French colony, my first being eight years ago. As you read this, I’ll be trying to make a difference in a country that’s been devastated by conflict.

      In my early twenties, I met and married my husband, Carlos Criado-Perez, an Argentinian. I thought life from then on would be lived as the wife of an international businessman and mother to a growing brood. For three decades that was exactly how it played out. From Spain to Brazil and Portugal to Taiwan, I accompanied Carlos as he set up Makro, the Dutch supermarket giant, across the globe. In doing so I joined that elite band of corporate wives who relocate their families every few years to accommodate the careers of their ambitious and successful husbands.

      In fact, for me, this was as fulfilling as a career in itself. I developed the strength and confidence to handle any situation; even landing in Brazil with two small children, one suitcase and no furniture just before Christmas. Nothing fazed me. Until the day, almost 10 years ago now, that my husband took me out to dinner and told me he wanted a divorce in order to start a relationship with another woman.

      I was devastated. I suffered mental anguish, physical sickness and such severe anxiety that I eventually needed professional help. After long and terrible months of hopelessness, I finally decided to retry the only thing that I’d ever felt had rivalled being a wife and mother – nursing.

      I took a post in A & E at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, and there was introduced to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) by an intensive care doctor who suggested I study for a diploma in tropical medicine. I really didn’t think I would go through with it. I just put one foot in front of another and off I went. I got a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of doing the course, but when the lecturers asked people to put their hands up if they intended using it in a developing country, I didn’t.

      I decided to apply for an interview with MSF anyway, on a whim, and was thrilled when I was given a place on their books. Before long, I was asked to go to CAR. The night before my flight left I was very fearful. Apparently others have turned back from as late as the departure lounge, but I went ahead. I spent three weeks in CAR running mobile clinics. We lived in little thatched huts with a bucket shower. I remember it well, because since then I have washed in large dishes, streams and dirty, cold rivers. There was also a safe room where I could sleep if things got rough – I have a very clear memory of learning the French word for gunfire, tirer.
      Despite the tough conditions, the first day I spent working as a nurse gave me a kind of satisfaction that I’d never felt.

      For the first time in years I wasn’t someone’s mother or someone’s wife. I was me; just Ali. My own person. After my divorce I was always worried about going to dinner parties alone. I worried that I didn’t have enough to say for myself. When I was married I had begun to feel like I was only part of a person.

      I have since been on 12 missions for MSF, and now regard myself as fully committed to this extraordinary organisation. There have been very difficult times, but the outcomes are so rewarding. My greatest achievement so far was helping in Nigeria a few years ago. A mining organisation had dug up lead instead of the intended gold and the villagers were covered in a thick shroud of lead dust. Some children had absorbed 700 times the amount that would normally lead to an emergency hospital admission in the UK. An American company donated drugs to absorb the lead and our MSF team must have saved countless lives by distributing them. That, I will never forget.

      My ex-husband thinks I am being selfish because I am a mother, but I would never have chosen this life over motherhood when the children were young. What I wanted to be was a wife and mother first and foremost. But I have felt moments of immense happiness because of my work and I don’t think I could go back.

      I spend as much time with my children as I can, and try to fit work around important events in their lives – I turned down assignments when Caroline sat her finals at Oxford and managed to organise Nicholas’s wedding just ahead of my most recent departure to CAR. The boys are proud of me but I know they worry. My daughter also worries but I feel she has a strong sense of why I do this. She is like me and will get behind a cause.

      I can’t tell them it’s not dangerous, however. I was called back to England from my first trip to CAR when MSF felt my French needed some work: terrifyingly, I had been held at gunpoint at a roadblock and they needed to know my French was good enough in case it happened again.

      Another time, when aid agencies were rescuing survivors of the terrible violence in Misrata, Libya, in 2011, I found myself leading a team of nurses on a ferry that was carrying the injured to Tunisia for treatment. At that point, I felt the need to write to my children telling them how much I loved them – I had an enormous fear that I might not return. But I did come home, and have no regrets. I know that the children believe this is who I am. They have even said that I have come back to them as the mother they originally knew when they were young because of my work.

      Recently, I reread a letter written to me in South Africa by my late father, when I first told him about how much I was enjoying nursing. “This is wonderful news from every point of view,” he wrote. “You are moral, self-disciplined and determined. Mind your halo!” He knew I had it in me more than I did myself.

      That interview just says it all really. Anyone for a pair of Nice Pyjamas and their Favourite Soap? I didn’t have time to pack when I ended up in the C&A Alison! Probably just as well or my Nice Pyjamas would have ended up drenched in blood under mysterious circumstances…

      I won’t say much about Alison’s daughter Caroline C-P here, the whole fucking nation knows about Caroline and her twitter spats and her campaign to get a Picture Of A Woman On Bank Notes. I’m sure that Sister Hutt has erected a Purple Plaque to Caroline somewhere. Caroline went to Oundle, the school that has educated so many members of the Gang since Sir Clough’s day, as well as Keble College Oxford (Keith Best and Peter Morrison went to Keble College Oxford) and the LSE. In 2013 Caroline was named Human Rights Campaigner of the Year by Liberty. Liberty was previously the NCCL, who famously were affiliated to paedophiles’ rights group PIE in the 1970s… When the kids in care in Islington, Lambeth, Leicester and north Wales were being gang raped and infected with HIV…

      Can Caroline’s dad Tell All about the deal between Gwynedd Health Authority, Old Nick and Safeways then?

      1. The Windbag’s Shadow Sec of State for Wales when the Gwynedd Health Authority/Safeways deal was being negotiated was Alan Williams. Alan’s featured on the blog before, but I’ll go over his highlights once more:

        Father of the House
        In office
        5 May 2005 – 6 May 2010

        Shadow Secretary of State for Wales
        In office
        13 July 1987 – 9 January 1989

        Alan John Williams (14 October 1930 – 21 December 2014) was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Swansea West, 1964-2010. He built a reputation for his detailed scrutiny of the ways in which public money was spent.

        Williams was born in Caerphilly, the son of Emlyn, a former miner who became a local government officer, and Violet (née Ross). He was educated at Cardiff High School for Boys (a state grammar school) then Cardiff College of Technology and Commerce when he gained a BSc in economics in 1954 (awarded by the University of London). At University College, Oxford, he studied PPE. He became an economics lecturer at the Welsh College of Advanced Technology then a broadcaster and journalist.

        Alan was selected as the candidate for Swansea West. The constituency, containing the city centre, the university and the relatively prosperous western suburbs, had historically been a marginal one for Labour. Williams captured the seat in 1964, and held it for nearly 46 years. However, it was never entirely safe and Williams had a very tight contest at the 1979 election, in the wake of the “winter of discontent” and divisions in the Welsh Labour Party over devolution. He held on by only 401 votes. His majorities thereafter were more secure but the fact that the Liberal Democrats came close to winning the seat after his retirement in 2010 suggests that he had a substantial personal vote.

        Williams served under Harold Wilson as Under-Secretary of State for Economic Affairs from 1967 until 1969 and then as a Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Technology until 1970 when Labour lost power. When Labour were returned to power at the February 1974 general election, Williams was made Minister of State at the Department of Prices and Consumer Protection, serving until Wilson left office in 1976. The new PM, James Callaghan, then appointed him as Minister of State at the Department of Industry in which post he served until Labour lost power to Thatcher in the 1979 general election.

        Williams was made a Privy Counsellor in 1977. He was a backbencher from 1989 to 2010, and Chairman of the Liaison Committee from 2001 to 2010. He was a Eurosceptic and was opposed to the devolution settlement that established the National Assembly for Wales.

        Williams was the last MP to question Miranda at PMQs on 27 June 2007. He congratulated Miranda for giving the Labour Party 10 years of government, called him one of the outstanding PMs of his time, and thanked him for making the Labour Party once again the “natural party of government”.

        Williams was the last parliamentary survivor of those who were elected in Wilson’s 1964 election win.

        Williams married (Mary) Patricia Rees in June 1957 in Bedwellty. They had two sons and a daughter, Sian.

        Williams died at the age of 84 on 21 December 2014. He was in a nursing home in London after having a stroke six months prior to his death.

        Communique – The Angry Brigade:
        This old git was a throwback from Harold Wilson’s sack of maggots of which the leading light was Richard Crossman and Gwynne and Dafydd were at the centre. Rhodri Morgan’s family pretty much run Swansea University and have for decades. Edwina Hart is a key figure of the Swansea Mafia.

        Alan Williams’s daughter Sian is a big name in Ladies Football and knows Dafydd and Lucille’s henchman Keith Fearns – who was busy perjuring himself and abusing ‘clients’ when Sian’s dad was the Windbag’s Shadow Welsh Secretary – Fearns having for years been the Manager of the Bangor Ladies Football Team. It is widely accepted that Keith’s Ladies Football Team is a cover for something else and a lot of people would like to know what… Keith’s Ladies are nearly all student social workers and the Team tours exotic locations, often in the former Eastern Bloc.

        Alan Williams was succeeded as the Windbag’s Shadow Welsh Secretary by Lord Baz. Lord Baz aka Barry Jones has starred in previous posts and comments. He grew up in north Wales and went to Hawarden School in Gladstone/Ronnie Waterhouse country. Lord Baz trained as a teacher at the Normal College in Bangor, an institution run and staffed by the Gang and is the former NUT rep for Flintshire. Flintshire was heaving with kids homes where kids were being seriously abused. Not that their teachers noticed anything amiss…

        Lord Baz was Chancellor of Glyndwr University, formerly known as NEWI and before that Cartrefle College, the institution that took orders from Dafydd and Lucille and gave out social care qualifications to sex offenders. Lord Baz and his wife have been part of High Society for years now, they dress up like dogs’ dinners in their capacity as High Sheriffs and God knows what else. It’s incredible where being a mediocre provincial teacher who’s colleagues are part of a gang of paedophiles can lead one. As the Windbag’s wife Glenys, a schoolteacher from Holyhead, knows.

        1. Tim Jepson. He might have retired now, but for many years Tim led the course for teachers of outdoor education at Bangor. Bangor led the field in outdoor education and I’m fairly sure was the first university to offers degrees in that subject.

          There is a great deal of Outward Bound activity in Wales, particularly the north, because of the presence of mountains, rivers, lakes, sea etc. North Wales is a magnet for kids on adventure/outdoor activity holidays. Many people have very happy memories of their time on a school or youth club trip to north Wales where they had a few days of outdoor activities. A few other kids had less happy experiences; the kids in the children’s homes in north Wales repeatedly alleged that they were assaulted when on holidays that the staff had arranged and accompanied them on, often outward bound holidays.

          I doubt that many outward bound instructors are child molesters, but like so much of the teaching profession the complacency is just so great that they don’t notice the obvious. Or if they do, they ignore or dismiss it. I saw it in action when I did teacher training at Bangor… I was taught by Tim Jepson, among others, when I did teacher training. He also was involved in running the Masters that I did after I completed my basic teacher training. I completed the first year, got very high marks (over 90%) and then began discussions re the possibility of doing a PhD. By that time I’d almost finished the MEd. Tim told me not to bother to complete it. His rational was that ‘There’s no point if you’re going to do a PhD’. Which is not strictly true is it Tim? I think that Tim might have had another reason for not being too keen on me cluttering up that Masters…

          I have mentioned before on the blog the bad experiences that some – but not all – Bangor University student teachers had on placement. Most complaints arose from placements at Holyhead School. Glenys’s home patch. The tutors at Bangor admitted to our faces that there were serious problems at Holyhead School but asked us not to Rock The Boat. If there had been attempts to stabilise the boat I’d absolutely understand why the boat should not be rocked. Yet there wasn’t. In the end the boat that was Holyhead School capsized. Hundreds of kids were withdrawn from there by their parents. The Headmistress maintained that there was nothing wrong at the school, it was all those kids, their parents, the student teachers and even many of her own staff… It was actually almost entirely the fault of her and her two fuckwitted Deputy Heads. But no-one said that in any public forum.

          There were other schools in north Wales that were consistently the focus of student teachers having bad experiences. It was just ignored. I was interested to note that for my cohort of student teachers at Bangor, we followed the national trend in that five years after qualifying, nearly half of us had left teaching. It isn’t the kids, it isn’t Low Pay, it is the overwhelming complacency re the problems in many schools that are never addressed. I was intrigued to note that one girl on our course who was considered quite a star and seemed to be well thought of, if indeed not favoured, by the tutors – she was first language Welsh, a chemistry grad with a First and clearly had her pick of jobs in Gwynedd – bagged a job as a science teacher in Ysgol Sir Huw Owen, Caernarfon, the school at which two of the tutors on the teacher training course at Bangor University had worked for years. She resigned after I think one term. She didn’t tell anyone why and she didn’t leave teaching, she simply moved to another school. My landlady’s grandson and his friends went to Ysgol Sir Huw Owen when I was doing teacher training and I heard first hand accounts of very, very worrying matters. Including child abuse and Class A drug dealers in the playground, threatening the kids. I raised concerns re child protection channels. I rather suspect that was the real reason why Tim Jepson didn’t want me back on his Masters…

          Dafydd Wigley’s children went to Ysgol Sir Huw Owen. You’re not allowed to criticise it because as any fule kno, there is no problem… Margaret Ellis Jones, one of the teacher trainers at Bangor (she has now retired) used to teach there. Margaret is married to a man who holds (or held) a senior position in Gwynedd County Council. The GCC that ran Ysgol Sir Huw Owen.

          The madness that prevails in the NHS and Social Services in north Wales does not pervade the schools to the extent that it does the welfare services, but there is a great deal of not noticing things because everyone knows that it will lead to the door of the Gang…

  20. Re people whose relatives worked for Shell colonising the Royal London Hospital, who’s staff from the early 1960s were running a ring in partnership with Dafydd and Gwynne. I should have realised who toadying to Shell could get one far. Shell bankrolled prestigious things in universities a la the Rockefellers.

    Shell funded a Chair in Chemical Engineering at Cambridge University. The first holder of that Chair was Terence Robert Corelli Fox, T.R.C. Fox. Fox was a member of the Atomic Energy Council.

    Fox was born on 2 May 1912 and attended Regent Street Polytechnic Technical School and Jesus College, Cambridge, graduating in 1933. Fox returned to the Engineering Department at Cambridge four years after graduating, having first served a stint as a technical assistant at ICI. He began as a demonstrator and became a fellow of King’s College, Cambridge in 1941. Fox was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the University Officer Training Corps, Royal Signals section, on 3 October 1942, a commission he resigned on 9 February 1946.

    Brown’s dad was a Col in the Royal Signals…

    In 1945, Fox became a lecturer in the Engineering Department at Cambridge. In that same year, on 2 March 1945, the university accepted an endowment to form a chemical engineering department by the Shell Group of Oil Companies, who would also sponsor a department Chair. Though not established in the field, Fox was announced as the first to fill the Chair position in June 1946.

    Those who’s careers Fox supported whilst holding that Chair included Francis Thomas Bacon and his team, when they developed the hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell. Fox remained in the position until 1959, when poor health forced him to retire and was succeeded by Peter Victor Danckwerts.

    According to The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Fox’s poor health was the result of a high stress personality, which led him to “a succession of nervous breakdowns in the early 1950s”. Fox died at the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, Queen’s Square, in London on 5 October 1962.

    Queen’s Square was the hospital that was a bit of a joke until Lord Snowdon’s mate Top Doc Roger Gilliatt went to work there, when it suddenly became a Word Leader. Gilliatt was Snowdon’s best man when he married Ma’am Darling in 1960 after Mr Thrope was barred from the task on account of his boasting that he had slept with Ma’am Darling and Lord Snowdon, and Lord S’s other big mate Jeremy Fry had been convicted of opportuning for immoral purposes.

    Roger Gilliatt was mates with Gwynne and Dafydd, and like Gwynne qualified at the Middlesex Hospital, although I think that Roger was just a few years younger than Gwynne. Roger was the son of Royal Gynaecologist Sir William Gilliatt, who delivered Carlo and Princess Anne. William taught Gwynne…

    The Chairman of the Middlesex was the Earl of Athlone aka Prince Alexander of Teck, brother of Queen Mary, Queen Consort of King George V. Who’s death was hastened by his own Top Doc, as was that of a few other people…

    I very much doubt that the official account of Fox’s nervous breakdowns and death can be believed. However, Fox knew Patrick Blackett who had a second home at Croesor and was part of Bertrand Russell and Sir Clough’s circle when Gwynne lobotomised the victims of VIP sex offenders in the region. Fox held the Chair at Cambridge when Dafydd, who had been working at Windscale, was selected and supported in his medical training at Liverpool by the security services as an assistant and eventual successor to Gwynne. Dafydd began his degree at Liverpool in the early 1950s when Fox had all those nervous breakdowns. Fox retired two years after Dafydd qualified and died when Harold Macmillan knew that the Profumo Affair was going to become public within weeks. Dafydd and Gwynne were at the centre of the Profumo Affair but their names were kept out of the scandal completely. As was that of the member of the Royal Family who was known to be a regular at the Ugandan discussions at Cliveden but who has never been publicly identified. Perhaps when the old bastard dies – it won’t be long, he hasn’t been seen in public for a while now has he – someone might write a Tell All biography of his glorious life of racist insults towards foreigners. Sorry, I mean ‘Right Royal Gaffes’. Gawd Bless Him.

    On 2 March 1963, the T.R.C. Fox Fund was established at Cambridge in tribute to his memory.

    Readers might have noticed that yesterday The Guardian online published the obit of Michael Edwardes, Chair of British Leyland and one of those industrialists that was at the heart of industry in the final years of the 1970s Labour Gov’ts and then the first flush of Thatch. Edwardes knew much of what I have discussed on the blog. He was 88 though; I don’t know the circumstances of his death. This morning, Guardian online has published a obit of Henrietta Garnett who was not 88, she was only 74 and was suddenly clobbered with pancreatic cancer, which has been the cause of the demise of quite a few Insider Witnesses to Dafydd and Gwynne’s network. Henrietta was a younger member of the Bloomsbury Group and an Insider Witness.

    1. Peter Victor Danckwerts was the Shell Prof of Chemical Engineering at Cambridge when William Asscher, who became one of the Toppest of the Top Docs facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring, was offered a place to study medicine at the Royal London Hospital after Asscher’s dad, a former Shell executive, had a word with a pal at the Royal London Hospital. Asscher was an academic duffer who had been rejected for a place at every other medical school to which he had previously applied. Within months of arriving at the Royal London Hospital Medical School, Asscher was hailed as an outstanding student, a reputation that existed for the rest of his career and he graduated with an outstanding results. Asscher was Dean of St George’s when I worked there and I witnessed what Asscher presided over. I was told by a colleague at St George’s that ‘he is an absolute bastard’.

      Danckwerts was Shell Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge, 1959–77, which covered the time of vast expansion of the Westminster Paedophile Ring at the London Hospital. Asscher was a student at the London Hospital during the late 1950s/early 60s. Lord Bob Winston was a med student at the London Hospital at about the same time. Danckwerts was a Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge. Lord Tom King of the Rings studied at Pembroke College, Cambridge during Danckwert’s time as a Fellow there.

      Peter Victor Danckwerts, GC, MBE, FRS (14 October 1916-25 October 1984) was the eldest of five children of Vice-Admiral Victor Hilary Danckwerts and his wife Joyce Middleton. His grandfather was William Otto Adolph Julius Danckwerts, a noted barrister. Danckwerts was educated at Stubbington House School, Winchester College and Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated in 1939.

      Danckwerts was made a sub-lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve at the beginning of WW II, so was in the Royal Navy along with Gwynne, Asscher’s future senior member of staff Geoffrey Chamberlain, Edward du Cann, Alec Bingley and Dafydd’s many other mates.
      After being wounded in action during WW II, Danckwerts was posted to the Combined Operations Headquarters in Whitehall.

      After the war Danckwerts studied chemical engineering, obtaining a Master’s from MIT thanks to a Harkness Fellowship. His return to Britain coincided with a donation to Cambridge University by Shell, which allowed the university to set up a dedicated chemical engineering department under Terence Fox. It might be worth someone digging deeper as to why Danckwerts returned to Britain just as Shell were being so helpful to people who played a key role in organised abuse and serious criminality.

      Danckwerts became a lecturer and researcher, but felt he had insufficient teaching experience to lecture effectively, and as a result left to join the UK Atomic Energy Authority in 1954. Dafydd’s old mates at Windscale were cutting corners and lying at the time that would soon lead to the Windscale fire. They knew about the dangerous practices at the AEA but kept quiet and then concealed the matter because of fears that Eisenhower would not allow Britain a role in the programme to develop nuclear weapons if he knew what was going on in nuclear physics in the UK…

      Dankcwerts left his job t the AEA in 1956 to become professor of chemical engineering science at Imperial College London, a newly created position, where he continued to research as well as teach. The Windscale fire happened on 10 Oct 1957, just months after Dafydd qualified as a Top Doc.

      In 1959 Fox resigned as Shell Professor of Chemical Engineering at Cambridge, and Danckwerts was elected to take his place. As Shell Professor, Danckwerts became a noted international speaker.He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1969 and received honorary degrees from the Universities of Bradford and Loughborough. He received an Honorary Science Doctorate from the University of Bath (1983) and he also gained foreign associateship of the National Academy of Engineering.

      Between 1965 and 1966 Danckwerts served as President of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, and after retiring from the Shell professorship in 1976 became the Executive Editor of Chemical Engineering Science. He died in Cambridge on 25 October 1984, with his wife surviving him. His son from his relationship with Eileen Mitchell, Peter Jonathon Mitchell, lives in Australia.

      By Oct 1984, the Gang’s plans re shafting me were well-advanced. Lord Maelor, who was Bertrand Russell’s, Clough’s and Patrick Blackett’s constituency Labour MP and worse ladies’ clothes when off-duty, spontaneously combusted on 18 Nov 1984. Lord Maelor’s brother Idwal had been the MP for Wrexham, 1955-70 where Bryn Estyn was located. Bryn Estyn, the children’s home alleged to be the site of the worst abuse in north Wales, closed in the autumn of 1984. I have been told that Bryn Estyn was closed after Brown and I refused to shut up about Gwynne. The staff and children at Bryn Estyn were relocated to other homes in north Wales, where business continued as usual. Idwal, Lord Maelor’s brother, had died in 1982.

      I had complained to the GMC about Gwynne by Oct 1984. They told me that my concerns re Gwynne were outside of their remit. They did not tell me that their Chairman was Lord John Walton, Gwynne’s mate. Walton was a neurologist/neurosurgeon/psychiatrist from Newcastle and virtually ran Durham and Newcastle Universities, as well as those cities. Eric Sunderland arrived as the new Principal of UCNW in May 1984 and I wrote to him about Gwynne, after I was threatened by DGE Wood. Eric wrote me a polite soothing letter. Eric had been headhunted by UCNW from his senior role at Durham University, where he had worked since the 1950s, alongside one John Walton…

      Harold Macmillan’s son Maurice, who was part of Gwynne and Dafydd’s network and who had swindled and bankrupted my father in 1962/63 died on 10 March 1984, which was just about the time that I was seeing and then immediately complaining about Gwynne.

      1. Lord Maelor and his brother Idwal had both been school teachers before MPs.

        Idwal stood down as Labour MP for Wrexham in 1970 and was replaced by Tom Ellis. It was in the early 1970s that Heads of Bryn Estyn were forced out, killed in car crashes along with their families and colleagues, thus resulting in Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth relocating from the ring in the North East overseen by Lord John Walton to Bryn Estyn and thus the party really began in north Wales.

        Tom Ellis grew up near Wrexham, went to Ruabon Grammar School, then to the Universities of Wales and Nottingham. Ellis entered the mining industry and became manager of Bersham Colliery. He was President of Wrexham Fabian Society.

        In 1981, Tom Ellis joined Dr Death’s Gang of Four. Tom Ellis, Ednyfed Hudson and Jeffrey Thomas, were the three founders of the Welsh SDP. Ednyfed had previously been the rather flash MP for Conwy who hung out with celebs, but by the time Dr Death was breaking the mould of politics, Ednyfed had relocated to south Wales and was busy in politics in Caerphilly.

        Jeffrey Thomas was a barrister and a member of Gray’s Inn, with Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate William Mars-Jones, as well as Michael Mansfield, St Helena etc.

        Thomas was educated at Abertillery Grammar School and King’s College London, where he was President of the Students Union 1955-56. He was called to the bar by Gray’s Inn in 1957, and was appointed Queen’s Counsel.

        After being defeated by 1,394 votes at Barry in 1966, Thomas was elected as a Labour MP for Abertillery in 1970. In December 1981, he was one of a number of Labour MPs who defected to the new SDP. Thomas’s seat was abolished by boundary changes in 1983, and he stood that year in Cardiff West. He came third with 25.5% of the vote, which may have contributed to the victory of the Conservative Stefan Terlezki in a normally strong Labour seat. Cardiff West was George Thomas’s former seat, the molester supreme having been elevated to the Lords by Thatch, thus leaving a vacancy in the Commons. Stefan Terlezki knew what George Thomas was doing with boys, as did Stefan’s successor in the seat, one Rhodri Morgan.

        Jeffrey Thomas later rejoined the Labour party. He died in Pontypool aged 55 on 17 May 1989. I began working at St George’s towards the end of May 1989, after being offered the job by Geoffrey Chamberlain earlier in May 1989.

        I am sure that the Top Docs did all that they could for their stooge Jeffrey, who died at the age of 55 yrs. Can Dr Death provide us with further details of Jeffrey’s death?

        Rhodri’s wife Julie worked as a social worker in Barry and studied at King’s College London. As a student at King’s, Julie returned home to Cardiff to campaign for Sunny Jim, alongside her future husband, the Windbag and George Thomas the molester.

        1. Jeffrey Thomas was born at Abertillery on 12 November 1933, the son of John James (Jack) Thomas, a local headteacher and Phyllis Thomas, formerly Hile. He was educated at Abertillery Grammar School and King’s College, London. He served as President of the University of London Union, 1955-56. He was called to the bar from Grays Inn in 1957. He served in the army, 1959-61, on national service, as an officer in the Royal Corps of Transport in 1959 (Senior Under-Officer), and he was appointed deputy director of the Army Legal Services, BAOR in 1961. He rose to the rank of major. He acquired a busy criminal practice on the Wales and Chester circuit and later in London. He became a QC in 1974 and a Crown Court Recorder in 1975, serving for over twelve years. He retained a great love for the bar throughout his life.

          Jeffrey Thomas had joined the Labour Party in 1953, he defected to the SDP in 1981, but never felt completely at home in its ranks and re-joined the Labour Party in 1986. He had stood as a Labour candidate for the Barnett UDC and the Hertfordshire CC between 1964 and 1967. He was short-listed as the Labour candidate for the Abertillery by-election of 1965 and stood in Barry in the general election of 1966, where he came within 1394 votes of toppling the sitting Conservative MP Sir Raymond Gower. He served as the Labour MP for his native Abertillery, 1970-83 (as a SDP member from 1981). His majority in the general election of June 1970 was almost 20,000. He also stood, though rather half-heartedly, as the SDP-Alliance candidate for Cardiff West in the general election of 1983. He was a prominent member of the Council of Justice and of the Fabian Society. He was a member of the Select Committee on the Conduct of Members, 1976-77, a PPS, 1976-79, to John Morris, the Secretary of State for Wales, the vice-chair of the UK branch of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, 1979-82, and the chairman of the Welsh Labour Group, 1980-81. In 1979 he was appointed opposition spokesman on Legal Affairs and in 1981-83 he served as SDP spokesman on Legal Affairs. Early in his political career, he had appeared destined for high office but this had somehow eluded him. His constituency was completely lost in the 1983 redistribution and he was left politically homeless. He served as Chairman of the British Caribbean Association and he became a member of the Court of the University of London in 1981. His hobbies were watching rugby football and travelling. His political papers are in the custody of the National Library of Wales – in two groups donated by each of his wives. He lived at 60 Lamont Road, London, and conducted his practice from 3 Temple Gardens, Temple, London. He married (1) in April 1960 Margaret Jenkins B.Sc., the marriage was dissolved in 1982, and (2) Valerie Ellerington in 1987. There were no children of either marriage. He lived with his second wife at Whitebrook near Monmouth in the beautiful Wye Valley. He died of cancer on 17 May 1989.

          Here’s what The Times said when George Thomas’s mate pegged out (George Thomas was a teacher before he became an MP and would have known Jeffrey’s dad; indeed, could Jeffrey and George have been related?):

          Jeffrey Thomas, QC, who died yesterday after a lengthy illness at the age of 55, was Member of Parliament for Abertillery from 1970 to 1983, first for Labour and then for the SDP.
          He will be remembered by those who knew him as a brilliant, generous and passionate Welshman who appeared destined for high office which somehow eluded him.
          Jeffrey Thomas was born in 1933, and was educated at Abertillery Grammar School and King’s College London where he became President of the University of London Union in 1955. In 1957 he was called to the Bar and subsequently did his National Service in the Royal Corps of Transport. He joined the Directorate of Army Legal Services when he served with the rank of Major as Deputy Assistant Director HQ BAOR. He became a QC in 1974.
          In 1966 Thomas contested Barry as a Labour candidate but was not to enter Parliament until 1970 when he won Abertillery with a majority of almost 20,000. He became Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Wales in 1977 and when Labour went into Opposition in 1979 he was one of the opposition spokesmen on legal affairs. The split in the Labour Party which led to the founding of the SDP put Thomas into something of a quandary. He had supported Michael Foot in the leadership elections unlike the other defecting Labour MP’s. He decided not to join the SDP at its inception but resigned his Front Bench position. After the 1981 Labour Party conference when a second wave of Labour MP’s were expected to join the SDP he eventually made the move. He was never happy in the SDP, missing the camaraderie of the Labour Party, and was one of the first of the former MP’s to rejoin the Party. It is probable that this crucial episode in Thomas’s life would never have happened if he had not at that time been going through a period of great emotional strain.
          Thomas took a particular interest in the affairs of the Caribbean and served for a number of years as Chairman of the British Caribbean Association. He was also Vice-Chairman of the British Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in 1979-82.
          In 1960 he married Margaret Jenkins from whom he obtained a divorce in 1982; he subsequently married Valerie Ellerington in 1987, who survives him. There were no children of either marriage.

          Geoffrey Chamberlain’s dad was Secretary to the Lord Mayor of Cardiff and Chamberlain went to Llandaff School and Cowbridge Grammar…

          Asscher held senior posts at Cardiff University before he relocated to St George’s after Ollie Brooke was jailed…

  21. I’ve just tried to post a comment with details of links re Peter Hain, Thabo Mbeki, Miranda and Dafydd and Gwynne’s Gang. It was deleted as soon as I posted it. I’m sorry readers, but I cannot be bothered to try to spend another 30 mins reposting it.

    Just take a look at the date that Thabo became President of S Africa, as power was transferred to black majority rule and compare it to the details provided on this blog re events in north Wales involving F and I at the time as well as political events in the UK. Including the death of John Smith…

    How did they get away with it all?

    1. Lest it’s escaped anyone’s notice, Thabo Mbeki’s wife worked as a psychiatric social worker at Guy’s Hospital, while Dafydd and Gwynne’s mates were running the ring there and Uncle Harry was cluttering up the corridors.

      Sister Hutt, WHO sent you to south Wales to provide yet further protection for a gang of old sex offenders?

      1. Thanks to readers for the latest info re petty offenders whom I’ve known and loved and their Prizes in return for sordid activities. I am interested from a theoretical point of view, but no I can’t be bothered to name anymore of them no matter what they got up to.

        I am well aware of who the most serious criminals in all of this are and most of them did not work in labouring jobs in Somerset or north Wales. They ran nations and led Brave Freedom Fighting Movements. While small potatoes were murdered, including small potatoes who’s murders couldn’t even be justified in the way that Winnie justified Stompie’s.

        Thatch and Denis. Investments in South Africa, opposed sanctions and Mbeki all the way. Thatch wasn’t found hanging in Risley Remand Centre, she died a millionaire in the Ritz. Don’t bother to explain Thabo, you fucking well can’t.

        I must start having a Lorra Lorra Laffs when another one of these amoral bastards dies in agony after the Ah The Doctors They Were Wonderful And Did Everything They Could.

        1. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang was Mbeki’s Health Minister who assured South Africans with AIDS that beetroot juice, garlic and lemon juice were as effective as anti-retrovirals. Manto wasn’t a social worker who Practised Mindfulness For Her Anxiety, she was an obstetrician and gynaecologist. Manto experienced health problems herself in late 2006. Did Manto make herself a nutritious shake from the finest organic beets, cloves of garlic and citrus fruits? Er, no.

          Manto was admitted to the Johannesburg Hospital on 20 February 2007, suffering from anaemia and pleural effusion (an abnormal accumulation of fluid around the lungs). The Department of Health approached President Thabo and asked him to appoint an acting Minister, and on 26 February, Jeff Radebe was appointed acting Health Minister. On 14 March 2007 Tshabalala-Msimang underwent a liver transplant. The stated cause was autoimmune hepatitis with portal hypertension, but the transplant was surrounded by accusations of heavy drinking.

          Manto subsequently recovered and returned to her Ministerial duties until her replacement as Health Minister in 2008, by which time over 300,000 South Africans had died earlier than they would had they been given anti-retrovirals.

          On 16 December 2009, Manto died as a result of complications related to her liver transplant.

          At one point, Manto threatened legal action because a journo had got hold of her medical records.

          I had no idea that Pathetic Sharks were to be found in the ANC as well as in Gwynedd Social Services. The only surprise is that Manto wasn’t offered a job in the NHS in north Wales. But Thabo’s wife worked as a psychiatric social worker for the team at Guy’s led by Dafydd’s mates, so it almost happened.

          Where’s Ann Coffey when you need her?

  22. Re Prince Andrew’s latest How Very Dare You in response to the ‘allegations’ of a woman who maintains that she was coerced into shagging him when she was a teenager, by Cap’n Bob’s daughter.

    I’m not going to provide full details here because I am sick of Britain’s degenerate Royal Family shrieking their How Very Dare Yous in the face of rather damning evidence, but just follow this trail those who are genuinely interested:

    Prince Andrew’s daughter Eugenie is married to Jack Brooksbank, a descendant of Sir Jack Brooksbank, a Royal Toady to Brenda’s ancestors. Jack is a good mate of Harry Conway. Jack and Harry have both been involved in organising piss-ups at London nightclubs frequented by the younger Royals, in particular Mahiki. Jack went to Stowe School, then Bristol University… He has been or is a co-presenter on Five’s ‘Vanessa Show’. Vanessa who’s first husband was a Top Doc who is mates with the St George’s crowd.

    Harry Conway is a twat of the highest order and achieved notoriety for throwing a party in Nov 2007 under the theme of ‘Fuck Off I’m Rich’. Harry when he was younger was named as being part of a fiddle conducted by his dad the Tory MP Derek Conway.

    Derek Conway succeeded Grocer Heath’s seat in Kent in 2001. Before that, Conway was MP for Shrewsbury for years from 1983.

    Shrewsbury, the family home of my neighbour in hall when I was a fresher at UCNW, who was sent to Gwynne, attempted suicide hours later, who’s mum complained – her mum being an Angel in Shrewsbury – only to be reassured by Tony Francis that It Would Never Happen Again. DGE Wood and Liz Stables in the Student Health Centre were rude and insulting about that student after her mum complained and she found it damn near impossible to gain effective healthcare. She graduated but never worked. She ended up in the ‘care’ of Tony Francis’s colleagues in Manchester and was found dead some eight or nine years ago.

    When he was MP for Shrewsbury, Derek Conway was PPS for Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Lord Wyn Roberts.

    Before he got near the Commons, Derek Conway was a Cllr for Newcastle upon Tyne…

    It’s all available online, Derek Conway was Of Dafydd and Gwynne.

    Conway’s predecessor as the MP for Shrewsbury, John Langford-Holt, was a very guilty man as well, but I’m still digging re Langford-Hall. I might put the bare bones up on the blog if I have time, but honestly, this is not difficult to find out, it just doesn’t get flagged up in the Daily Mail as their columnists drool over the fuckwitted partying of the Young Royals…

    I have never met Cap’n Bob’s daughter or indeed Prince Andrew. That’s because I kicked up a stink after encountering the Royal Lobotomist. The Royal Family have been living in the sewer for many years now, one only has to look at who the Royal Doctors are to realise that the Royals aligned themselves with murdering abusers, one doesn’t need to question yet another first hand account of a witness. I really am fed up with the constant How Very Dare Yous. Carlo was Chancellor of a University that ran a fucking trafficking ring and had a lobotomist sitting in its Student Health Centre. The complaints that Brown and I made about that man could and should have been addressed. They weren’t, instead war was declared upon us…

    That is evidence enough.

    Now, when am I going to have my meeting with the GMC? I am waiting.

    When the bottom feeders are finally jailed as a result of the allegations arising from people re the Cap’s daughter and others, I do hope that everyone will remember that they got away with it all because of the unscrupulous, murderous, over-paid, troughing Top Doctorswhom no-one at all would touch, even when two young academics working in the field presented evidence of serious organised crime on the part of the Top Docs.

    By the way, Jack or Harry (I forget which, they all morph into one big twattish whole) now works with a company providing services for rich, empty-headed partygoers that was founded by George Clooney. The George who is married to Amal the Human Rights lawyer. Amal works in Doughty Street Chambers, where her colleagues include St Helena Kennedy and Theo Huckle. Theo who was Counsel General for the Welsh Gov’t and read my 10,000 documents detailing the most serious organised crime and declared that there was no evidence that I’d ever experienced clinical negligence at the hands of this trafficking gang. Theo sent me the communication when I was unlawfully detained in a locked ward, where I remained for many more months. During my time unlawfully imprisoned, my lawyers refused to act for me further and demanded 10,000 quid to transfer my documents to another lawyer. Then the whole firm that had represented me was taken over by a firm acting for the Victims at the IICSA. But who weren’t acting for me…

    Being me, I find this so farcical that it is entertaining. But people died and had their lives ruined. Patient F and all the others with whom I was friends for so many years are not having a laugh writing a blog exposing the bastards. They were destroyed.

    How Very Dare You Ma’am.

    The account of the woman who claims to have been forced into shagging Prince Andrew tells us that after Partying with the Glamourous Ghislaine, Ghislaine woke her up one morning and said ‘Today you will meet a Prince’. I cannot understand why DGE Wood didn’t realise that if ever I had been told that, I’d have pissed myself laughing and told Brown straight away. I wouldn’t have gone to a party with Cap’n Bob’s daughter either. How dim were they? Oh I forgot!!! If you said no, you were transfused with infected blood, unlawfully arrested and sectioned, violently assaulted, rendered jobless and homeless and left on the streets. While everyone was told that you were Lyng To Get Compensation.

    The police know exactly who were involved, so perhaps they can stop asking me for the names of others in Somerset who were involved! Everyone watched them do it, including the er police.

    BTW, the day before yesterday I tried to post up a comment about the property deals in Anglesey (and Florida!) of my former landlord in Old Llandegfan, Gwilym Parry-Jones. The comment disappeared. Gwilym’s daughter Gwen was mentioned in the Daily Post yesterday. Gwen is the CEO of Magnox. She starred on the blog, along with her brother who is a Top Doc at Manchester University, a few months ago. Gwen is still the CEO of Magnox and my comments about her dad’s property deals are disappearing from the blog…

    Liz Stables grew up on Anglesey and her relatives are all over the island. It was the hub of Dafydd’ ring in north Wales.

  23. When we used to go next door to have coffee with Gwen in her parent’s house when Gwen was home from Penrhos College for the weekend, there would often be an obnoxious socially inadequate boy from Beaumaris visiting her. We couldn’t understand why Gwen would be entertaining this boy, until Ceri Butterfield, Gwen’s mate, told us that they all hated this boy, he was very predatory, the girls didn’t feel safe with him but he just foisted himself upon them. All he talked about was the Rugby Club of which he was a member; he was an RAF cadet. He was so weird that I presumed his career with the RAF wouldn’t get very far, because after all the RAF does have some capable people in its ranks.

    Imagine my surprise when a few years later after the Gang had wrecked my career, there was Mr Socially Inadequate Predator in the local paper, having won an RAF award for Excellence!

    I am sure that the CEO of Magnox will remember the name of the RAF Award Winner, after all, her friends were quite frightened of that WITNESS.

    Anyone for Prince William’s heroics in RAF Valley? The Great Guys Of RAF Valley and the Top Docs of Ysbyty Gwynedd got plenty of name checks from William when he lived on Anglesey…Including Andy who worked at RAF Valley, who was given a place at Guy’s Medical School and then a five year contract as a Doc at the Hergest Unit. Violent, wife- beating Dr Andy who had serious breakdowns and who’s children were removed from his care by Gwynedd social Services who um were involved in the deal to get Andy a place at Guys… Dr Andy’s family knew Dafydd.

  24. Show Us You Care Ma’am! Before the victims of that fucking predator who didn’t have dads who were Of The Cylch and thus weren’t bought off after they were harassed/sexually assaulted bludgeon DGE Wood to death. Wood who lived down the road from Gwen and the Predator.

    Gwen’s mum and dad live in Florida now, so they’re in no danger.

    1. A further quick google re Gwen reveals that she has an OBE, is the incoming President of the Nuclear Institute and was appointed CEO of Magnox just the other day. After I blogged about her and how she wanted to do medicine, didn’t get the grades and was offered a place on the physics degree at Manchester University after her dad Gwilym, who had for years been a physics lecturer at UCNW, gave them a ring. Gwilym rang Manchester Medical School as well to try and wangle to deal for Gwen but they told him to sod off. They didn’t a few years later when his son applied to do medicine at Manchester but I had happened by then and so had the murder of my friend Anne…

      I note that after her physics degree at Manchester (Strong Woman Gwen wasn’t that good at physics, she only bagged a mediocre degree) she completed a Masters in Banking and Finance at Bangor University, before embarking on her career as a Lady Nuclear Physicist.

      It was Chairman Designate of Magnox Lawrie Haynes who gave Gwen the job as CEO of Magnox. Just look him up, it isn’t difficult…

      I’ll wait for more announcements from the police re Bringing Abusers To Justice then. I’m not sure how many Opportunities were Missed re me, the number needs as many noughts as the compensation settlement that the British state owes me.

      When I was at Scum Street Comprehensive School in Bridgy, living on the doorstep of Hinkley Point, in geography we were taught that the ideal location for a nuclear power station had a substantial source of water and a low population in the immediate area ‘in case of a serious accident’. Our class all yelled ‘Oh its OK if we go up in a mushroom cloud then’. Our geography teacher forgot to mention that no opportunities at all for local young people, a dishonest MP and a paedophile/trafficking ring in the locality are also necessary. Think Bridgy, north Wales, Cumbria of Willie Whitelaw etc…

      Dafydd. His first ‘career’, after being thrown out of a chemistry degree, was as a ‘nuclear scientist’ at Windscale, thanks to his knowledge of the activities of Patrick Blackett, Bertrand Russell et al at Croesor. Patrick Blackett’s daughter married a surgeon at Manchester. The Top Docs at Manchester back in the 1950s and 60s were the Mr Bigs of Medicine – think Lord Robert Platt – who provided the armour plating for Gwynne…

      Look everyone, I am very happy to have fired the cannon at the Top Docs because they really are disgusting. But while everyone wet themselves until I did this the Top Docs and their criminal accomplices murdered people. It could have been stopped at least by 1984 when Brown and I made a racket about Gwynne. Instead I was given an unnecessary operation under general anaesthetic in the C&A Hospital and transfused with infected blood.

      Don’t tell me that anyone wanted to stop this lot. I had no help at all until, to be fair, Merfyn’s mate cleared my name in 2003/4 when the Gang fitted me up for a criminal offence and then tried to have me struck off the teaching register after the trial collapsed on the first day. So Miranda ensured that Kim Howells didn’t get a peerage and then the Top Docs killed Merfyn’s wife.

      Now where the fuck were you all? People DIED, they DIED, never mind the Top Docs doing all they could to me, OTHERS DIED. Even the mother of the heir to the throne went into a sodding tunnel at high speed. GET RID OF THEM NOW.

      As for Mr – as opposed to Lord – Howells, I imagine that he is greatly relieved not to be sitting in an Upper House full of spineless tossers and predators. It might actually mean that he stays alive and isn’t murdered by the Top Docs of Tommy’s when he gets pissed in the Lords bar and is taken over to A&E for a stomach pump and intravenous drip a la George Carman.

      I look forward to Nigel Evans MP getting his comeuppance. Go on Nigel, get rat-arsed with Uncle Harry’s nephew in the House, really, really paralytic and your mates can take you over to Uncle Harry’s mates for urgent care because we all know that Ah they were wonderful. They’ll kill the whole damn lot of you now that the game looks as though it might be up.

      There was a very clever but shy boy at Bridgwater College with Brown and I who was outstanding mathematically and who used to go to pubs alone and become so intoxicated that it was life-threatening and would then have his stomach pumped at Bridgwater or Taunton Hospitals. Brown knew him much better than I did because he was so quiet. No-one ever asked why he was doing the dangerously heavy drinking bit, because he was bright enough to know that it could kill him. He got a string of As in his A levels but he wasn’t one of those kids who was encouraged to try for Oxbridge although he was outstanding. Like so many of us, he probably wasn’t of the Right Set. I can’t remember which university he did go to, but I imagine that he might well be dead by now. The Top Docs would know exactly how not to save that Hopeless Alkie who had been a Problem since he was 16. Even more risky for him re Top Docs would have been his friendship, albeit at a distance, with Brown…

      I’ve been told that it was known that the lecturers at Bridgwater College were deliberately trying their hardest to screw up the future careers of certain students, including mine. Thanks for not telling me until I began this blog dissenting police officers. I and my friends could have done with that info in 1979, but ah well, at least Lord King achieved what Mr Howells didn’t. A fucking great trafficking ring reaching across the globe, targeting low income or vulnerable kids.

      1. Brown and I noticed when we were at school that for our generation, it was not true that Girls Were Underestimated. Kids who were perceived as ‘clever’ were well-dressed kids with nice neat handwriting and a great many in that category were girls. Boys (and girls) who were outstanding but shy, uncommunicative, scruffy or left blots all over their scrappy exercise books were consistently underestimated or ignored. If they had Somerset accents that was the end for them. I knew schoolteachers (but not at my school) who commented on this consistently and that it was hampering boys in particular because girls tend to be socially more mature than boys by the age of 13. So unless the girls are Slags of course, they are taller, more confident and they have lovely handwriting and keep their books in good order. The boys are just, well!!!

        The academic underperformance of boys and their under-representation at university after Miranda became PM and banged on about Education, Education, Education, was entirely predictable. But Miranda refused to prioritise any of the voices who were explaining why this was happening.

        No problem, we’ve got Strong Wimmin like Gwen and Cherie as Role Models.

        1. Cherie the Outstanding Law Student, QC and Judge.

          Cherie who’s barking mad, made friends with a Life Coach who advised her and Miranda on their rebirthing ceremony, Cherie who Doesn’t Believe In Medical Science, Worries About Her Thighs and got cross that Michelle Obama had more expensive frocks than Cherie had. (Cherie needed frocks because trousers Showed Up Her Problem Area ie. those thighs!!!)

          Can I ask Cherie what she has done about her bingo wings, because they’ll be well on the way now?

          When I mentioned to Brown a few years ago that one day I’d be getting bingo wings at this rate, he asked me ‘On what part of the body does one find bingo wings?’ I was gobsmacked that Brown didn’t know because he knows much more than I do about all sorts and then I wondered that if I had not said ‘arms’, Brown might have been thinking of something that needed Sarah Creighton’s Advice On Surgery For Ladies Bits at the Portland Hospital.

          Imagine my surprise when I discovered that one can have surgery for bingo wings.

          Would Michelle like to let us all in on the Secret of those much admired upper arms of hers that were carefully on show in all the Inspirational Woman photos? I bet there’s not a mention of the clue to Upper Arm Success in that autobiography of hers, ‘Becoming’, Michelle wouldn’t have had time after all that text devoted to her First Kiss with Barack…

          1. Mark Hughes, Labour MP for Durham, 1970-87. Before entering the Commons, Hughes was a lecturer at Newcastle, Manchester and Durham Universities, alongside all those mates of Dafydd and Gwynne’s, including Eric Sunderland.

            Mark Hughes’s family were farmers from the Aberystwyth area and he retired to Aberystwyth. Hughes died in March 1993. Just after Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon and just before Thomas’s dad Lord Kenyon. Mark Hughes died days after F and I were arrested and charged with Harassing Jackie Brandt in Safeways in Bangor. F had just been denied all contact with his own baby after fallacious allegations had been made about him in return for bribes offered by Gwynedd Social Services – whom Brant worked for – and WPC Jo Bott.

            Mark Hughes’s obituary was published by the Indie, written by bent security services officer Tam Dalyell. Just google it and it will become evident that Mark Hughes was an Insider Witness of the highest order…

            Mark and his dad knew Miranda’s dad and no doubt Miranda as well.

          2. Mark Hughes for the first few years of being Durham’s MP got on famously with the Durham Labour Party, but then things became fraught, so fraught that he moved to live in Hertfordshire, the home of Dafydd and Gwynne’s pals the Bingleys and of course in the vicinity of Shirl’s constituency. Hughes’s own father was a Prof of History at Durham…

            Mark Hughes was considered to be the Labour MP most au fait with matters agriculture. He also served as an MEP and became very friendly with the Dutch and Danish Commissioners. Anyone for a Windbag who’s daughter-in-law is the PM of Denmark?

            Although having Welsh Credentials, Mark Hughes served as the PPS to Joel Barnett, inventor of the Barnett Formula, which it is agreed by pretty much everyone left Wales at considerable socio-economic disadvantage as compared to England and Scotland. There were constant promises to revise the Barnett Formula but it just never happened. So Wales stayed on it’s arse and in thrall to a sex abuse Gang who ran the place.

            Mark Hughes was an alkie and there was nothing that the doctors could do for him so bechod he died at a time most convenient for Dafydd…

          3. Can I ask if Greta knew about Gwen’s appointment as CEO of Magnox, the company who have the contract to decommission the nuclear power stations? No? I don’t expect that Greta realised that the whole bloody industry and Gov’t has for decades been taking orders from a Gang of sex offenders and that Gwen’s dad was on board with them did she? But then Greta is only 16 and may be genuine but has no bloody idea of the machinations that are taking place. That’s why the UN and Gov’t Ministers are agreeing to meet her and are giving her Places At The Tables.

            So Greta has mobilised millions of children and teenagers to march through capital cities and provide interviews to journos during which they said things like ‘It’s my future, so the Gov’t has to listen to me’. I am not for one minute suggesting that these kids should not take an interest in policy and activism, I did when I was a teenager, but they are CHILDREN who are completely unaware of just what the UN officials and politicians who are patronising them are getting up to.

            Greta, the big wigs who are Listening To You built their careers upon a vicious gang of sex offenders who raped and sometimes murdered people of your age, including people like you who were bright and interested in the world around you. They are cheats and liars and what they know but you don’t is that the Top Doctors were the most important part of the trafficking organisation and would kill people who presented a serious challenge to them. That is why there is so much Listening going on, but only Listening to people who are not fully au fait with how this lot are conducting themselves…

            When David Cameron was having his Green Phase, a Radio 1 competition was rigged to ensure that the Lucky Winner was the teenaged daughter of F’s first wife. The Prize was a meeting with Cameron who convinced Laura that he was a Genuine Guy who Cared About the Planet and Laura received full media coverage to spread the word. Cameron’s aides had told him who’s Laura’s mum and dad were, the sort of friends that they had and that they were all Greenish. Cameron was also told that the ex-husband of Laura’s mum had witnessed the abuses in north Wales, as had many of his friends, but he had been thrown in a dustbin and called Insane and a Criminal. I have been told that Cameron knew of my position among that network as well…

            Cameron’s dad was part of the ring wasn’t he Cameron, in a previous generation, as were the drip Sam’s family…

            Greta, as you have been so successful in organising world-wide protests – I am impressed, it was pretty good – can you organise a word-wide street party after Phil the Greek dies? It won’t be long now and then after the Event, perhaps he can be buried in Unconsecrated Ground, to ensure that none of the Gang’s victims end up next to the old bastard.

            Phil, latterly of Cliveden, Loving Husband of Brenda.

  25. Anyone for Stel and Her John? They’re ever so Green, it was a Cause Close To Stel’s John’s heart. Before and after Stel’s John was shagging some students and screaming and swearing at others. Stel is Supportive Of The Welsh Language as well, she didn’t want to be Part Of The Problem, thus she raised Robin in Welsh. I have no problem with that at all, but Stel from Nottingham, Her John and the rest of their friends and relations ignored a murdering paedophile gang while they were busy being Green and Welsh.

    Stel and Her John did all this while Ken Clarke, a bent barrister and Tory MP from Nottingham, concealed the Gang of paedophiles at Gov’t level.

    I could insert another Gwerin-related Thong Anecdote here, but I’m not sure that readers could take much more Gwerin-elicited insanity. Just think William Mathias and the Talent whom he inspired and being paid more than £40k pa 15 yrs ago to Make A Noise Like The Wind.

    1. Would anyone like to trace the Springfield patient and the baby that was removed from her at birth in 1990 because she was Dangerous and Couldn’t Look After The Baby? The midwife was having a bit of trouble because the patient didn’t want any midwife or Top Doc near her. I was on the delivery suite collecting placentas at the time and when they realised that the Nutter From Springfield was going to put up a fight when the baby popped out and they nicked it, excuses were made to get me off of the delivery suite.

      These things didn’t happen once or twice, it was systematic. There were midwives who were very unhappy at what was going on but they felt utterly overwhelmed and they all knew about the midwife who had been hung out to dry by Prof Chamberlain after a woman died in the care of one of Chamberlain’s junior doctors.

      So you just give them all a pay rise OK? A great big pay rise for the Lifesavers who are Helping and who can’t ever seem to stop Empowered Service Users from being found dead, no matter how much Money Is Ring Fenced. You can do that after you’ve all had a little cry at the attempts to kill me before I had reached the age of 21.

  26. I have just tried to post up a comment detailing an attempt at a honeytrap set for Merfyn followed by a vicious rumour in the immediate aftermath of Nerys’s death. The comment disappeared as soon as I tried to post it up. So I’ll just say that it involved a well-known music graduate of Bangor University who was given a PhD without having to do any work for it in return for her efforts, although they were unsuccessful. The unsuccessful honeytrap had studied under William Mathias, who as any fule kno was having sex with his students. William Mathias was a big mate of Dafydd’s Wigley’s wife the harpist Gordon Bennett and Gordon Bennett is a leading light in the William Mathias Centre. Lady Bennett advertises William at every opportunity, although she never refers to his Ugandan discussions with the students. Mathias wrote one of the hymns for Carlo and Diana’s wedding. I don’t think that Mathias penned anything in the wake of Di hitting that tunnel, that was Elton John’s job.

    1. Not that William Mathias would have been able to write a little ditty for Di’s funeral, because William himself was dead by then. William pegged out on 29 July 1992. In the middle of the North Wales Police investigation into the VIP paedophile ring that Mathias had something to do with, that did not exist.

      William was only 57 when the Ah the doctors they were wonderful couldn’t save him. Bechod, the best always go before their time. Or they do if they know Dafydd and Gwynne. William was Head and Prof of Music at UCNW when Gwynne parked his bum in the Student Health Centre.

      At least people admit to remembering William Mathias, no-one’s told Gordon Bennett that she’s never met him.

  27. Can I make the point to people who are telling me that my difficulties with the Gang ‘began because of what happened before you got to Bangor’ that Gwynne and Dafydd’s accomplices targeted my father before I was born? Gwynne was lobotomising away in Denbigh long before I was even thought of. That lot have been causing havoc since the early 1950s…

    I and my friends were targeted by gangsters because my grandfather denounced the gangsters who’s mates were in the Tory Party BEFORE I was born. The British state had a duty to protect us, not do all that it could to assist the gangsters. The enmity shown towards me by adults when I was 12 because of my family’s politics was disgusting yes, but the problem was in place years before that. Gwynne and Dafydd had been exterminating to order for years, that is why they were in place to have a go at me.

    People have got to stop trying to explain this as some sort of one-off failure. It wasn’t because I was an ‘attractive single girl’, or ‘a leftie’ or because Brown and me had alternative hairstyles or clothes. It was a trafficking Gang who acted on the orders of High Society. The Gang were untouchable because of the involvement of Top Doctors. At least my horrible few years working with those crooked lying bastards gave me a view from the inside that has enabled me to write this blog and expose them…

    BTW I was listening to the Radio 4 programme earlier re the dreadful handling of allegations of sexual misconduct by British universities in the event of students’ complaints… There is so much wrong with the whole process that I won’t comment here, but there was a quote from a male student at Warwick University who said that he ‘wouldn’t like to be in possession of a vagina in the firing line’. Had that student been a 10 year old boy in north Wales, his pre-pubescent anus would have been quite enough to make him a worthwhile target for Gwynne and Dafydd’s ring.

    Come on, wake up, Gwynne and Dafydd were completely out of control, ANYONE was targeted, even animals were used in their porn and orgies. They were utterly sick, their activities were well-known and that is why the whole region followed orders from them but made damn sure that members of their own families were not let anywhere near Gwynne or Dafydd. Unless of course the family had done a deal with the Gang to shaft a family member who was a threat to crooks in the family or their network.

    This should have been dealt with by the police even before Mary Wynch’s case. Dafydd and Gwynne should have been jailed years ago. They were not, their victims were instead.

    1. Whoever recorded Tony Francis without his knowledge back in the 1980s has made it known that in order to persuade me to continue seeing him in 1984 they heard him telling me that a lot of patients have reservations about Therapy but no-one is expected to bare their soul. Yes, I remember Francis saying that, he knew how bloody reluctant Brown and I were after the Gwynne experience…

      Indeed I didn’t bare my soul and they were all very cross about it. Not that I needed to, people stole personal documents from my house and gave them to George Carman and the Digger, they disguised themselves as flatmates, honeytraps, colleagues etc, they told me that they knew that Dafydd was a crook and told me to write to them instead and then passed the letters onto Dafydd, the MDU and Welsh Office and Gwynedd County Council lawyers, they hacked my e mails and bugged my house and my phone…

      When the GMC arrange the meeting between them and me, I wonder if they could do what Gwynedd Health Authority so kindly did for Tony Francis when the BMA were providing Francis with advice re framing me/avoiding any investigation into my complaints and pay for my travelling expenses to the meeting? Francis wrote a short rude note to Cedric Davies, one of the Toppest Docs running Gwynedd Health Authority at the time, demanding that GHA pay his travelling expenses down to the BMA office in Cardiff and Cedric sent a grovelling reply saying that he’d jump to it immediately. No doubt Cedric also footed the bill for a locum to cover Francis’s clinical commitments. The patients would have all been told that Dr Francis ‘has been called away urgently’ and being the Angel-Abusing Ambulance-Chasing Bastards that they are, they’ll all have thought that Francis was Saving A Life somewhere and have been most understanding.

      It was a real laff watching David Hole, the corrupt MSF rep at St George’s, interacting with the Top Docs whom he loathed. I witnessed Hole have lunch with one of them and as they finished pudding, Hole said (not ironically either) ‘I expect you’re off to save another life now then?’

      Obviously, it’s why that eclamptic patient died on the ward under the Care of Prof Chamberlain’s team because none of them knew how to look after her….

      1. I’m reading one of Robyn Lewis’s vain, self-congratulatory books at the moment. Lewis is one of Dafydd’s pals, best known in north Wales as a grandiose tosser who revelled in being Archdruid. Lewis worked as a lawyer in Pwhelli for many years and even after retirement gave out many orders to other Gang members.

        One of Robyn’s jolly little anecdotes from his book is That Time He Ended Up In The Cells Overnight Himself. Robyn had been called to see a client who had been arrested and was held in Pwllheli Police Station and after he had consulted with his client, Robyn rang the cell bell to summon the Sgt to let him out. The bell wasn’t working! Furthermore, the Sgt had left the station to pop off home for the night although he was being paid to spend the night in the Station as the custody Sgt and Robyn had no way of summoning help, this being pre-mobile phones! Robyn was livid, absolutely livid, he had to stay in the cell with his client all night until the copper turned up the next morning! Robyn gave that copper a piece of his mind. Robyn joked that after that experience, he always checked that the bell in the cell worked BEFORE he allowed the coppers to lock him in the cell with his client!

        In the same chapter, Robyn makes references to defendants ‘doing away with themselves’ in the cells. Yes Robyn, you know as well as I do that it was very common, in police cells, in Risley and in Liverpool Prison. Stephen Bagnall who I made friends with in Denbigh was shared a cell with a man who killed himself when Stephen was in the cell. Stephen rang and rang before and after the death, but no-one came for hours. Stephen spent several hours in the cell alone with the corpse.

        I have been in many a cell in which the bell didn’t work, in north Wales, as well as in Streatham in Dec 1990 when Tony and Sadie Francis had me arrested yet again on the basis of their perjury. In Streatham I heard an interesting conversation between the corrupt cockney wanker coppers outside. One said to the other ‘Look she’s in there with a scarf, we haven’t taken it off her and she’s supposed to be a suicide risk, shall I go in and get it?’ His mate said ‘Nah, she’s been in there 12 hours now, if she was going to top herself, she’d have done it by now’. I stayed in the cell nearly three days without being interviewed or charged. Every time that I actually saw someone I’d remind them that surely this was illegal. They reassured me that it wasn’t and if I did want to complain they could make an application under the Prevention of Terrorism legislation and that would allow them to keep me for weeks without being charged…

        It was even better when I was taken to Pwhelli Police Station. Us Empowered Service Users knew that if the Gang were really keen to stitch someone up, it was always Pwhelli Police Station to which one was taken. All rules were flouted at Pwhelli in a truly spectacular way. My most bizarre experience was when I was in a cell and asked for the duty solicitor. A man in casual dress turned up with prison tattoos on his knuckles, looked through the cell window and told me that he was the duty solicitor but ‘it wasn’t as easy as that’ when I told him to get me out because I had been arrested on the orders of Top Docs who had not produced a scrap of evidence that I had committed any offences. The tattooed solicitor reappeared at various times over the next 24 hours while I was held illegally without charge. Poor old tattooed knuckles was completely unable to use his Fine Legal Brain to stop the police breaking the law. Perhaps I should have asked to see Robyn Lewis.

        Robyn Lewis has made much of his commitment to ensuring that Courts in Wales function bilingually. Lewis has also joined in the debate re whether defendants are best served by magistrates or a jury. He hasn’t mentioned that Pwhelli was famous as the police station where more laws were broken than any other.

        I was represented by a Pwhelli solicitor once, Robyn Lewis knows him – Richard Robyns. Throughout my encounters with Richard Robyns I thought that he was impressively incompetent. I did notice however that when I told him that I intended to publish what had happened to me – Richard Robyns came into my life after I had begun publishing again – Richard began visibly trembling and said that he hoped that I would find success ‘with that’.

        I now have many more documents relating to Richard Robyns than I did when I had that conversation with him.

        Robyn Lewis has stood for Parliament on a number of occasions. He was Plaid for many years but then fell out with them and stood for the Labour Party. Or it might have been the other way round. But either way, Robyn Lewis had a foot in both camps. Robyn Lewis stood as the candidate for Denbigh back in Gwynne’s heyday.

        The foreword to Robyn’s lame book was written by Jan Morris, who when she was still James Morris, accompanied Sir Charles Evans on the 1953 Everest Expedition. Jan who is also a friend of Dr Chris the Dick Doctor, long-serving member of the Gang. Dr Chris was Tony Francis’s Dick Doctor, it was thanks to Dr Chris that Tony ended up addicted to opiates and minus one testicle. His colleagues ensured that everyone found out about that.

  28. Gosh, ‘The Guardian’ online has just published the obit of their former poetry editor, Al Alvarez. He was another writer of whom I was fond when Wood and Francis were pumping me for info. I didn’t know then that Alvarez went to Oundle School with Clough’s Club, was a keen rock-climber so knew the north Wales contingent via that route as well and was of course part of the Hampstead literary set…

    Anyone for Eric Hobsbawm and Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law? And indeed Eric Sunderland…

    They’re dropping like flies.

    1. Thanks for the latest info everyone re the abuses and indignities heaped upon Empowered Service Users in north Wales. I do know about most of the cases and examples, but I have not blogged about them because I feel that it is just so unfair on those who for years were targeted by the Gang. We knew that people knew what was happening to us and the info that I’m now receiving confirms that…

      Brown and I noticed years ago that all law and policy guidelines were flouted, many Empowered Service Users were not even obtaining the basic benefits to which they were entitled and were rendered destitute, yet others were successfully fiddling; we all knew that the successful fiddlers were doing it in collaboration with the social workers and Top Docs!

      The key phrase was whether people were going to be ‘helped’ or not. I and others who challenged them were repeatedly told that we would not be ‘helped’ because we had ‘upset people’. As one man with a sense of humour yelled ‘Oh she upset a gang of paedophiles 20 years ago she is not going to be helped’. He said that after we realised that Dafydd, Gwynne and Tony Francis had a great deal to do with the paedophile ring; we were falling about laughing because that was the sum of it. ‘Help’ included any NHS treatment for anything and the police actually responding when one was violently assaulted or there was an attempt to burn one’s house down.

      Fragile vulnerable people were abandoned and were left to look after each other, while the Top Docs slowly poisoned them with Medication, that was the reality.

      I have blogged about how we all used to go to F’s place for coffee in 1992 because he proffered advice re those we know and love and who to avoid. F even told people that there was a thing called sickness benefit that they could claim, they didn’t know… Then when F was shafted and rendered destitute by the Gang – well F had blown the whistle on the abuse of boys in care, he knew about George Melly molesting, he had interesting anecdotes re Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix’s death, Denbigh, Risley, the 1960s and 70s in Surrey and London and then he began running a sort of drop-in centre at his house, no wonder they wrecked him! – he moved in with me. The Gang then did all that they could to render me unable to make F feel comfortable after I was patronisingly told by Dr Heinersdorff that we were so good at looking after each other… Just as well really, or we’d have both been dead and without financial help from Brown – over YEARS as well, Brown did what the benefits system was legally obliged to do but wouldn’t – we’d have been sleeping rough…

      The main problem that I had was my attempts to warn the other Empowered Service Users re the damage that was being done by the dreadful ‘prescribing practices’ were undermined by the Top Docs screaming ‘Well we know that she’s clever and worked in cancer research but she’s MAD!!!’ Although the other Empowered Service Users didn’t like many of the Top Docs and they just hated the social workers, they can’t be blamed for not realising that the Docs were literally murdering some of them and deliberately as well. It was rather more likely that I was mad, I do accept that. So it’s interesting to be receiving so much info that confirmed EVERYTHING I used to warn the Empowered ones about.

      Once I escaped from Service Userdom and finished my PhD I was approached by a number of my old neighbours from the Bethesda days who frankly stated ‘You could have sued them for millions after what they did to you, they were telling people that you were dangerous and would kill their kids and encouraging people to take vigilante action against you…’ When I asked WHO exactly had told people this, I was told repeatedly ‘Those bloody social workers and nurses, they told everyone in this village…’

      One of those informants offered to provide a statement to my lawyer when she heard that I was trying to sue the NHS. She was dead within a few months. Then her husband died not long afterwards. Cancer! Ah bechod the doctors didn’t realise… After I began the blog I was told that before the docs slaughtered their parents, all three adult children of that family did deals with the Gang to keep quiet about what happened to me in return for fast-track career success. One son is a builder, the other in a lecturer at Bangor University and their daughter is a senior education adviser in north Wales…

      The only surprise to Brown and I after I began writing this blog is how organised it all was. We knew that we were dealing with endemic corruption and fuckwittery but I didn’t realise that it went as high as the Royal Paedophile Ring. It explains why honest Empowered Service Users could not understand how the only Empowered people who actually received help with benefits, housing etc were those who were flogging Class A drugs, working in the sex trade, involved in criminality etc…

      The high profile of that contingent meant that it was easy to bolster an image of social security fiddlers living it up; I know that was said about F and me because we used to go on trips abroad. It was Brown paying for it all because he was so upset at seeing how the Gang were forcing me to live, he was of the opinion that if he could pay for F and I to see a few nice bits of Europe at bargain prices, he would. Did I tell anyone this? Of course not. Why would I tell vicious gossips my business? In the way that I didn’t discuss my love life with that Gang of perverts, so Mr Carman was told how I was running a brothel.

      The Empowered Service Users of north Wales are owed a lot of money and a very big apology from the corrupt professional classes and the petit bourgeoisie. You are disgusting, really disgusting and you have now been exposed on this blog. Just shut your mouths in future, because you knew that we were being terrorised by gangsters yet you were happy to spread vicious lies about us re matters that you knew you had no first hand knowledge of.

      Ray Tugwell’s dead you silly fuckers, Ray Who Helped The Hospital and who pompoused around Rachub in nylon shirts and beige slacks because he Worked At The University (as a low grade clerk if we’re going to be grandiose about this), the Top Docs killed the bastard when this blog appeared. Sadly they also killed much nicer people as well. Gruff Rhys is an International Rock Star who’s going to drop in to do the Pesda gig and you’ll all worship him… His dad destroyed north Wales, he wrecked the place.

      You lot need to learn a bit of solidarity instead of grovelling to Dafydd and Huw Daniel for crumbs from their table, we had the evidence that would have put those bastards in prison and brought down Thatcher as well, but well we were all just a bunch of mad hippies weren’t we.

      ‘Ooh we know Dafydd Iwan ewe know and he’ll have a word with Alun Ffred, who’s In The Assembly…’ Yeh and your bloody daughter’s a Nurse At The Hospital, it’s why you’re all dying years before you should…

      1. Furthermore Green activists, Ray Tugwell’s clothes of man-made fibres were based on OIL and were therefore contributing to Climate Change. Tugwell was surrounded by sheep, what was wrong with WOOL?? Oh, I forgot. The sheep and cattle burping and farting are Causing Greenhouse Gases and thus Farmers Are Responsible For Climate Change. Just drill for oil in the National Parks then, that is obviously the answer. The Welsh Assembly will soon make grants available to farmers who want to Diversify into Oil Executives. We’ve got one as Archbish of Canterbury, why can’t it be a career option for hill farmers too?

        1. Demi Moore has written a memoir describing how she was Raped At 15. Ah the Stars are Suffering.

          Surely it is time for Prince Harry’s Tell All autobiography in which he discusses the late night visits to his bedroom by Jimmy Savile and Backdoor Billy?

          ‘No Brenda No, Not Uncle Dickie and Lord Snowdon, Please!’

  29. May I suggest that in the face of the legions of paid-up members and toadies to Dafydd and the Top Docs who are now screaming their support for me as loudly as they can and ‘Ooh we were frightened that they’d kill us’, instead of wasting their time explaining why for decades they kicked their fellow humans in the chops in return for a bungalow and a caravan, a class action is now taken against the GMC, MDU and BMA, organisations that undoubtedly played a central role in serious organised crime and led to the deaths of thousands of unsuspecting citizens?

    Michael Mansfield, Cherie Booth, Michael Beloff and St Helena I am sure can offer their services free of charge. It is the least that these Radical Defenders can do after all that they colluded with and after all they know where to find the evidence… The point of being a Health Minister or a Director of the MDU, or BUPA or the Nuffield is to take responsibility for the actions of those in one’s organisation. It was what Simon Glenarthur, Ken Clarke, Virginia Bottomley et al were paid for. They certainly weren’t paid to ignore serious criminality, facilitate trafficking, international drug dealing and the maiming and deaths of thousands of people. If the Sacklers can be sued, why has nothing been said about this lot?

    For anyone who might still find themselves being bothered by Top Docs or the Massachusetts crowd, ponder on this:

    In Dec 1951, Sir Clough’s Plas at Llanfrothen was gutted in the early hours as the result of a ‘chimney fire’. Valuable Family Papers and Documents were burnt to a crisp, which was ironic because Clough had moved them there for safe-keeping, rather than store them in an office or central location. Sir Clough rebuilt the Plas.

    Gwynne was a busy bee in 1951 and Dafydd began his Training at Liverpool Medical School in 1952, with the blessing and support of the security services. In 1952 Churchill ordered that MI5 be made answerable to Gwynne’s mate Dai Bananas aka David Maxwell Fyfe, the Home Secretary. It was at that time that Geraint Morgan QC, a member of MI5, decided that his future lay as a Tory MP in north Wales. Geraint tried unsuccessfully to become Clough’s constituency MP but had to make do with being elected the Tory MP for Denbigh in 1959 instead. Thomas Jones aka Lord Maelor, the north Wales teacher who wore ladies’ clothes when off duty, was elected in 1955 to represent Clough and his friends. Bertrand Russell had been a visitor to Clough et al for years, but in the mid-1950s, Russell’s friends spotted a lovely ‘little cottage’ near Penrhyndeudreath (a Plas) and Russell moved in and used it as his permanent residence.

    Clough’s most famous achievement is the building of Portmeirion, the eccentric Italianate village near Penrhyndeudraeth. Clough was pretty damn rich by most people’s standards, although Eric Hobsbawm was so posh that he thought Clough wasn’t too well off and furthermore that Plas of his was a bit pokey as well. So when Clough decided to build Portmeirion, he needed dosh and the Midland Bank coughed up. Clough was one of five children of a landowner on the Llyn Peninsula and wanting to build Portmeirion was probably quite an unusual desire in those days. But the Midland Bank handed the dosh over, although Clough was an architect of very limited training and experience…

    So what was Clough doing in return for the Midland Bank and for how many years after was the Midland Bank calling in favours from Clough and his friends and family?

    Portmeirion became world famous when it was used to film the cult series ‘The Prisoner’, although ‘The Prisoner’ only ran for a short time in 1967ish. However after ‘The Prisoner’ had been screened, the dosh really began to pour in to Clough’s pocket re the business spin-offs from Portmeirion.

    Although Portmeirion is now a mainstream sport and the place heaves with visitors enjoying ice creams with young kids in tow, from what F told me ‘The Prisoner’ was most loved by young people, hippies, alternatives etc. F and his mates were all big fans when he was young, years before he moved to north Wales, but ‘The Prisoner’ is what they all knew Portmeirion for. Quite a few of them knew about Bertrand Russell as well, but they didn’t know much else about north Wales. Young people involved with rock music, festivals, drugs excess etc…

    Now there was a PR opportunity for Dafydd and Gwynne.

    ‘The Prisoner’ as any fule kno starred Patrick McGoohan. McGoohan was already famous but he became very famous after the series had been broadcast just before John Allen, Dafydd and Gwynne went into production big time with underaged sex workers. What I didn’t realise is that McGoohan wrote ‘The Prisoner’ himself after discussing the idea for a spy series with one Lew Grade…

    Lew Grade bankrolled ‘The Prisoner’…

    McGoohan was part Irish; when he was young he lived in the Leicester area and then Sheffield, where he entered acting and performed at local venues. McGoohan had many showbiz/film/TV links with others as well as Lew Grade and he migrated to California in the mid-1970s. Dafydd cracked open the champagne upon hearing the news. McGoohan died ‘after a brief illness’ in 2009. McGoohan was cremated. His daughter Catherine is an actress.

    ‘The Prisoner’ was remade by the AMC network and broadcast in 2009, not long after Nerys died and when the world and his wife were after Merfyn’s blood. Merfyn who grew up in the pub round the corner from Clough’s too-small Plas, the pub that Merfyn’s parents rented from Clough.

    I wonder how the locals in Croesor felt when the man who provided armour plating for the murderous Royal Lobotomist and his crazed accomplice became even wealthier and his family and friends cool n trendy when his property was used as the film set for a spy-fantasy, but one starring an attractive film-star, rather than a horrid old lobotomist with a liberal coating of Brylcreem wearing trousers with the crutch down by the knees and his bonkers grotesque Nice Young Welsh Speaking Doctor friend Dafydd?

    As one of my friends when I was a teenager said in a different context ‘It all fits in doesn’t it?’, to which someone replied ‘No it’s doesn’t, that’s why his eyes are watering’. No chance of that with Gwynne.

    I’ve never taken as much interest in film n media as someone targeted by Dafydd and Gwynne should have, but I’ll just advise readers to google the networks of Lew, McGoohan, AMC etc. Their tentacles reach everywhere and not just as far as a big wally with matching braces and socks who was Chairman of the BBC before deciding to bugger off to ITV after he’d gone to Cardiff, insulted Welsh people and caused havoc.

    Furthermore, Clough’s proud daughter the Pottery Designer Susan married Euan Cooper-Willis from Stoke-on-Trent. Obviously there were potteries in Stoke-on-Trent which will have done wonders re the crockery flogged by Portmeirion, but there was a big trafficking/organised abuse ring as well, that was directly linked to Dafydd and Gwynne. Keele University colluded with that ring – Michael Mansfield is an alumni of Keele – as did every MP in the region, including Nye Bevan’s wife Jennie Lee and Andrew Marr’s father-in-law Jack Ashley. Andrew Marr of the BBC and his wife Jackie of numerous other media outlets… It all fits in doesn’t it Andrew?

    Clough’s other daughter Charlotte married New Zealander Lindsay Wallace and they lived in NZ. I know nuzzing about them but I should probably start digging.

    Clough died in April 1978, which was when Mr Thrope and his mates admitted that they knew that the game was up and Mr Thrope would soon find himself charged with serious offences. Mr Thrope was charged on 4 Aug 1978 and his first hearing was at Minehead Magistrates Court in Nov 1978.

    Mary Wynch was unlawfully arrested and imprisoned by Dafydd in 1978/79. Eric Hobsbawm decided that he would no longer keep a second home at Cwm Croesor because they were a load of Welsh bastards down there and he acquired another second home down near Brecon/Hay-on-Wye way. George Melly had a home in that region as well, as did others we know and love. But at least they weren’t Welsh Nash.

    Uncle Harry continued his heroics within the NHS and lowe in Dec 1969 an Ed had been born to Nan and Ralph; the Ed went to Haverstock Comp like any other street kid, along with Baroness Oona, niece of Dr Miriam and the rest is history.

    If anyone knows who set fire to Clough’s house in 1951 and why, please let me know.

    1. Re the questions about Jonathan B. Taylor – he was an obnoxious PhD student of Adrian Bell’s. Most undergrads liked most of the postgrads in the Dept of Plant Biology, but Jonathan B. Taylor was awful to us, really unpleasant. He was infamous among the zoology undergrads and postgrads as well, a total git. Jonathan B. Taylor never taught us, I presume he hated the rest of the human race so much that he didn’t volunteer for demonstrating duties. I don’t remember Jonathan B. Taylor having much to do with the other PhD students in Plant Biology either; he used to condescend to speak to the other PhD student of Bells, but I never saw Jonathan B. Taylor in the pub with the others or even really mixing with them. At one point there was a plan to enter UCNW for University Challenge and pander to Jonathan B. Taylor’s ego by asking him to take a place on the team and watch the big idiot fall apart on TV in front of Bamber…

      Just before Jonathan B. Taylor finished his PhD he gave a lecture to the Dept and Prof Greig-Smith waited until Jonathan B. Taylor finished and after all questions had been asked, Greig-Smith snapped at Jonathan B. Taylor that a paper written ‘long, long ago’ (like the 1930s!) had explained everything that Jonathan B. Taylor had written his PhD on. Jonathan B. Taylor went a bit pink and said ‘That is one of many papers that i have not read’. Nevertheless, Jonathan B. Taylor did not refuse a place in the Royal Lobomomist’s brothel, so the Gang did not bother him…

      One thing that I do remember about Jonathan B. Taylor was that he made it known well before he finished his PhD that he did not intend to become a botanist or an academic, which was unusual for Bangor, the biologists who got to PhD level usually wanted to be er biologists. I’m fairly sure that Jonathan B. Taylor was applying for places on Graduate Management Training schemes, because my mates were taking the piss out of the notion that Jonathan B. would one day run M&S…

      When I realised just how many of Bell’s mates had done so well out of Anne being murdered and the Gang coming after us, I thought ‘I bet that Jonathan B. Taylor is running a FTSE company the bastard’, but he had a common name so I was never able to trace him. I wonder if Jonathan B. became an NHS manager like Martin Jones and Great Orme? Jonathan B. finished his PhD just after my dust-up with Wood re Gwynne, so Jonathan B. would be in an excellent position to benefit from it all…

      Where is Jonathan B. Taylor? Show yourself Jonathan, you made your living on the back of the bodies of murdered kids in care and Empowred Service Users…

      Perhaps Superwoman Stel and Her John can tell us where Jonathan B. Taylor is hiding?

      1. Richard and Judy! How fascinating that someone knew about that!

        Yes, F rang the Richard and Judy show and I was gobsmacked when the TV people put him through to a researcher who told F that Richard and Judy would be delighted to hear from him! It was all around the Empowered Service Users of the Hergest that Richard and Judy wanted to hear from F! F did send what Richard and Judy asked to see to the address that the researcher gave to F, he packaged it all up, SPENDING GOOD MONEY on P&P as well Richard and Judy and he never heard another word. It was during the Waterhouse Inquiry as I remember…

        Anyone for Richard and Judy’s Book Club? You can promote the books that I’ve written with Brown if you want R&J, it would make a change from the usual trashy novels written by your mates…

        Didn’t Richard get done for shoplifting, end up being acquitted and then overwhelmed by the Support From Viewers? I never followed the case in detail, was Richard wrongly accused or was the evidence of a Top Doc needed to explain why his shopping bag had the wine and chocs in??? And I think that Chloe, Richard and Judy’s daughter, does something mindless on the back of her parents’ fame as well, I’ve seen pics of her in dayglo lycra, but I can’t remember what it was all about.

      2. After I saw Greig-Smith put the knife into Jonathan B. Taylor in public shortly before Jonathan B’s viva, I told my mates in the privacy of our shared house at Old Llandegfan. The house which was bugged by the security services. Greig-Smith was friends with Douglas Hurd’s Uncle. I have been told that the info re me remembering that Greig-Smith realised that Jonathan B’s PhD was nonsense was relayed back to Those Who Needed To Know and Arrangements Were Made Immediately.

        Douglas Hurd was appointed Home Sec months later and was in post when the Gang made repeated attempts to fit me up…

        I presume that Jonathan B is now a very successful man, in spite of writing a PhD that Greig-Smith knew was shite…

        Carlo was Chancellor of UCNW when Jonathan B’s pre-1930s botanical theory PhD was awarded to Dr Jonathan B.

        1. Hurd was Home Sec when Anne was murdered. Anne who loathed Jonathan B and hatched the notion that he should be entered for University Challenge to show him up for what he was…

          Solution? Greig-Smith advising on a rewrite of Jonathan B’s thesis? No. Just murder Anne.

          1. Traumatised Demi Moore’s Memoir is being serialised somewhere and the latest extract explains that the night before her wedding to Bruce Willis, she ‘snuck out of her own bachelorette party’ (could Demi have just written her memoir in Mandarin, it would be easier for me to translate) and had a shag with her ex, to reassure her that marrying Bruce was a Big Mistake. She married Bruce the next day.

            I loathed the US TV and film culture so I know bugger all about it, but I do know that Bruce Willis starred in a thing called Moonlighting with Cybil Shepherd, who then went on to have twins. How do I know this? Because back in the 1980s I was watching TV with Brown and my leftie mates who didn’t shave their armpits etc and a bloke came on a prime time show and announced that he used to have the hots for Cybil ‘but that was before she had the twins’. Brown et al observed that Cybil had obviously Let Herself Go after those babies…

            I don’t remember any of the starlets who are now screaming loudly challenging any of this offensive crap at the time. They kept quiet about it, became millionaires and wrote crap in the media designed to make other women feel inadequate.

            Now if Demi will excuse me, I’m off to buy some Nice Clothes to disguise my Problem Areas, so I don’t have time to discuss in detail that I’ve discovered that Richard Madeley got off of TWO shoplifting charges by pleading amnesia… Who was your Top Doc then Richard?

  30. So Labour have a plan to rein in Big Pharma! I’d love to know how they’re going to do that when Labour politicians crap themselves at the sight of a Top Doc, roll over to have their tummy tickled and then get the cheque book out as soon as the BMA put in the latest pay claim! Jezza, Big Pharma Boards are packed with Top Docs! Who’s going to take them on then? Brave Wendy Savage? Geoffrey Chamberlain’s widow Jocelyn? Any other mates of Uncle Harry’s who are still alive?

    This will be a repeat of Battling Barbara Castle Taking On Private Medicine. Babs and Dr Death set up a Royal Commission led by a man who told everyone that he was Committed To The NHS – he was a mate of Dafydd and Gwynne’s – and finally produced his Report once Thatch had been elected, as Babs and Dr Death knew that he would. Thatch pissed herself laughing and chucked the Report in the bin, just as she did to Gwynne’s mate Sir Douglas Black’s Brave Report on Inequality…

    You stupid tossers, the Top Docs have given you orders for years, they know that you’re not going to stand up to them. Try ripping their knackers off slowly Jezza and you might just get somewhere. But you won’t. You and Drakeford will Sit Down At The Table with the criminals of the BMA and will get nowhere. You’ll just have to lie to general public once more, which is what the Labour Party has done every time that they have Bravely Taken On the Top Docs. Harley Street and its scams continue unhampered and in return Labour politicians spout crap about Nye. It would be a step forward if the Labour Party began admitting just what sort of a man Nye was.

    Tony Francis was friends with the Windbag. Glenys’s mum and dad’s mate Lord Cledwyn was friends with Dafydd and Gwynne. You’re off to a flying start Labour Party!

    Can Jezza find out who Mrs Walker was who was running the fertility clinic at the Welsh National School of Medicine in the late 1980s? Mrs Walker was Passionate about Equality and Socialist Principles. Sadly she was an incompetent lying cow who was mates with Tony Francis and knew sod all about IVF. I have no idea what Mrs Walker’s first name was, it was never given to me, but there she was in the middle of Labours flagship, University Hospital Cardiff…

    Neither was Mrs Walker the biggest problem in Univ Hosp Cardiff. The child molester George Thomas, the Labour stalwart who was such good mates with them all there, was a fairly major hindrance. Then there was Leo Abse, Paul Murphy, layers and layers of them. Concealing serious criminality and they all Loved The NHS. As did Edwina Hart.

    Top Docs are snobs, utter snobs, even Top Docs who wear their Socialist credentials. The genuine lefties have to keep it very, very quiet, or they are forced out, because they might just blow the whistle on how disadvantaged people are treated…

    By the way, Jezza and the Windbag’s pals, would you like to personally apologise to F for Tony Francis and his ‘Labour’ Top Doc mates bribing unscrupulous neighbours of F into making fallacious allegations about him in 1992/93? Because in 1991, when F was forced to sell his house in Carneddi as a result of the leeches sent his way by Dafydd et al, F had an offer from a man who turned up with two other men who seemed rather unpleasant. F refused their offer although it was a good one because he was worried about his neighbours living next door to these men. He was right to be worried, when he refused their offer, they produced weapons – guns and axes – and tried to threaten F into accepting their offer. I know that people in Carneddi knew about that because one of them told me years later ‘It was very considerate of F to stand up to those awful men to save his neighbours from them’. So some of those neighbours then accepted bribes from social workers and Top Docs to smear F…

    But then F had a bit more guts than many of them anyway. When he was harassed and threatened by a Gang-inspired mob, he faced the whole lot of them and rightly observed ‘I am not going to be threatened by CHILDREN’. Which legally they were; brutalised, abused Gang victims in their mid-teens who were taking orders from the Gang…

    You cannot reign in Big Pharma or private medicine Jezza, you have caved into them for years and they know it.

    Someone might like to ask Jeff Crowther, the Nursing Officer at Ysbyty Gwynedd, what he was up to in the late 1980s when he told his mates that he was going to break the ‘Welsh stranglehold’ on the NHS in Gwynedd by advertising for Angels from England and overseas. Jeff did indeed do that, but the Angels he recruited were just as bad as Dafydd’s Gang. But then as Jeff and his wife and her mate Dr Heinersdorff were running their own scams parallel to Dafydd’s Gang anyway…

    As for Socialist Geoffrey Chamberlain’s mate Cilla, after using her Star Quality to protect Chamberlain et al from the long arm of the law or indeed public exposure, in 1992 Cilla campaigned for John Major… Then there was Cilla’s appearances at Tory fundraising functions…

    Jezza, there has been a Red Chairman of an NHS Board in north Wales. It was Merfyn! The Caring Top Docs hated him and hounded him out. I heard NHS folk insulting Merfyn because of his socialism… And his Red mates as well, the Philanderer, the Drunken Groper, the Father Of Twins…

    The problem was exemplified by Ed staking his entire credibility as Labour Leader on Uncle Harry…

    The nearest that the Labour Party have ever got to having anyone on board at Gov’t level with knowledge of medicine was Dr Death and John Dunwoody. It didn’t end well did it. Their loyalty will always be to other Top Docs Jezza, it is a ruthless brutal profession that has a major problem with endemic corruption. They are greedy and selfish and they will not allow one of their own to sit in a Gov’t and put an end to the party; if any of them tried to do that they know what crap they would face and the campaign of hate that would follow and they just can’t face it…

  31. Here’s something that Labour peer St Helena can help with.

    In April 1991 when St Helena was at the Royal Courts of Justice conducting her first attempt to have Sara Thornton released in St Helena’s guise as a Pioneering Wimmin’s Champ taking a Test Case, as I have discussed in previous posts Tony and Sadie Francis took me to the Royal Courts of Justice in an attempt to have me imprisoned for contempt of court. My case was heard in a neighbouring Court to St Helena’s.

    In contrast to my other appearances in the High Court, the judge was a kindly old buffer who didn’t do the John Roch/Huw Daniel bit of bellowing at me. I had neither solicitor nor barrister to represent me, but the MDU had sent their lawyer Anne Ball who sat opposite me throughout the case looking quizzical. I had previously had a long telephone conversation with Anne in which I detailed the abuses that I had witnessed in north Wales. Anne told me that the Drs Francis had promised her that they knew nuzzing.

    The defendents who were before me in front of the same judge were being done for a huge swindle in which elderly people were relieved of thousands of quid. Like me they didn’t have legal representation. The old judge advised them on points of law himself; I was later told by Alwyn Jones, the solicitor in Bangor, that if a defendent is unrepresented, the judge is obliged to do that. The swindlers were allowed to walk free from the Court to prepare their case before another appearance.

    The old buffer judge didn’t jail me as the Drs Francis requested, but he didn’t advise me on points of law either…

    I left the Court a free woman and was grateful. Anne Ball said not a word to me.

    I don’t know that judge’s name, because among my 10,000 documents there is no copy of the summary of the Court proceedings. There are copies of letters from Anne Ball to the Drs Francis telling them that they really should drop their cases against me, that there was no evidence for their allegations and copies of furious letters back to the MDU from Sadie Francis stressing how Dangerous I was and that as Top Docs, they Knew Better than lawyers…

    That particular Court case did not hit the press. The previous one (just weeks before) did and I was told that the publicity had made the Drs Francis ‘look very bad’… So the MDU assisted them with another case just weeks later, based on yet more perjury, AFTER the MDU had strongly advised them to drop all cases against me… A case that was not reported in any press outlets and for which crucial documents were never handed over, although my lawyer obtained the files after the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust, Keith Thomson, was threatened with jail for contempt of court if he witheld any documentation…

    In April 1991, the North Wales Police investigation into the paedophile ring that didn’t exist had just been launched.

    So St Helena, as someone who will have records of the case that you were conducting for Sara Thornton in the neighbouring Court, would you be good enough to look up the other cases in the Royal Courts of Justice that were held on that day and then I can work out who that judge was, who knew that the entire case before him re me was based on the perjury of two Top Docs from north Wales, who were being backed by the MDU? I doubt that the judge really wanted to treat me fairly, he just knew that if I went to prison, within a short time the whole game would unravel and there would be much attention on the conduct of Top Docs in north Wales, Anne Ball and the MDU…

    Or of course Anne Ball can tell us who the judge was and why the MDU agreed to proceed with another case against me after telling the Drs Francis that they just did not have the evidence…

    Contempt of Court cases have to be approved by the Attorney General. It was Thatch’s buddy Patrick Mayhew, who in the mid-1970s, was a barrister working for the MDU. Mayhew was the lawyer who ensured that paedophile psychiatrist Dr Morris Fraser continued to practice after he was convicted of child sex offences.

    It was in 1991 that F was being forced into penury by the leeches sent in his direction by the Gang…

    Were the documents from that court case never forwarded to anyone? Or did they disappear some time between April 1991 and four years ago?

    Top Docs, this is very, very serious stuff, as I am sure that St Helena knows.

    St Helena, I await your offer to take a fee-free class action against the filthy lying bastards at the MDU. Now don’t even think of throwing the case St Helena, or I’ll set the Top Docs onto you… It’ll be deadly Care and Treatment for you St Helena!

    St Helena is a good mate of Prof Nigel Eastman of Springfield Hospital. After Morris Fraser was not struck off thanks to Paddy Mayhew, Fraser left his place of work in Belfast and relocated to Springfield Hospital…

  32. Mary Wynch won her landmark case against Dafydd in July 1985. It received full coverage in the London-based broadsheets and I read the reports. Tony Francis knew that I had because I’d just clashed with him and I reminded him that one of his colleagues was in very deep trouble…

    Mary was offered compensation when the Gang surrendered in Court and that was reported in the media. What was never reported was that the Gang then just laughed in Mary’s face and told her that if she wanted her dosh, she would have to take them back to Court to enforce payment. They knew that she was destitute, it’s what the case had been about, Jones relieving her of her inheritance and then banging her up in Denbigh! I only found out about that, because I contacted Mary via The Guardian and we met up in 1989…

    So there was full media coverage of Mary winning compensation and all the razmatazz of Bluglass rewriting the Mental Health Act so It Couldn’t Happen Again. It did, in 1986 Dafydd Did It To Me. From what I saw, everyone in Bryn Golau Ward with me in Denbigh was also illegally imprisoned. Dafydd was Doing It Constantly, it was routine. After my complaint had been sent to Laurie Wood, the Manager of Denbigh, in 1987, Laurie was interviewed on Radio 4 and told them that there was definitely no other cases in the pipeline.

    Jeremy Paxman’s former partner made a documentary about Mary in the early 1990s. That was the last that anyone heard. Michael Howard’s minion, when Howard was Home Secretary, made a statement that appeared in Hansard in the mid-1990s stating that Mary had the previous year received a (paltry) sum as full and final settlement re her litigation against the Treasury Solicitor, but this did not mean that the Home Office had accepted that any wrongdoing had occurred.

    Mary had been fleeced and illegally imprisoned by Top Docs and lawyers who were gangsters running an international trafficking ring. She proved every part of her case. The world believed that the Naughty Doc at Denbigh had been Caught, made to Pay and that It Never Happened Again.

    Apologise you bastards at the GMC, MDU and BMA, apologise to all those people who’s lives have been destroyed by you. Not me, because I’m sitting here exposing you and people do know what happened to me even those who won’t admit it; you apologise to all those people who have been cheated out of property, out of careers, who had their children abducted, who were infected with Hep B and HIV deliberately, who were sterilised without their knowledge so that they could be shagged without DNA evidence of a foetus, who were fitted up for serious offences, who were found dead either from murder or suicide and who were filmed for porn in ‘clinics’ without their knowledge. Apologise. They spent their entire lives being called nutters, criminals and addicts when they were victims of a murdering sex abuse Gang led by Top Docs with Royal Approval. I can name at least two dozen, goodness knows how many others there are…

    DGE Wood and Dafydd. They did all that and they are still on the Medical Register, licensed to practice.

  33. Re this morning’s Shock Horror BBC Report about the child brothel in Bangladesh. My initial thought was ‘They’re having a go at the Darkies again, perish the thought that anyone would point the finger at the UK…’

    So let’s meet the BBC on their own terms!

    The BBC might like to speak to Tulip Siddiq about the child brothel in Bangladesh that has appalled the world. Since 2015 Tulip has been the Labour MP for Hampstead and Kilburn. She succeeded luvvie Glenda Jackson, Glenda mum of Dan Hodges the offensive git who did so much for Miranda.

    Tulip’s grandpa, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, was founding father and the first President of Bangladesh. Tulip’s aunt Sheikh Hasina, is er the PM of Bangladesh. Tulip’s older brother lives in Bangladesh, as do many other members of her extended family.

    Tulip served as a Camden Councillor, 2010-14. She is, among many other things, a governor of the genocidal Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust. In the early years of the millennium, they were the only NHS Trust that had a higher suicide rate among women than north west Wales, as compared to any other NHS Trust in England and Wales…

    Tulip is an Executive Board member of UNITE, a union containing many of Dafydd’s mates, including Peter Higson, who worked as a ‘research psychologist’ with Dafydd and Gwynne, then became the General Manager of Denbigh, then a regional psychiatric services manager for north Wales, then Chief Exec of Health Inspectorate Wales, then Chairman of the Betsi Board after Merfyn was forced out… The suicide rate soared, as it did in Camden…

    In Jan 2019 Peter Higson was appointed to the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, after this blog detailed the dreadful conduct of a solicitor who had threatened to sue me and readers e mailed telling to go to the Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority about the matter…

    Tulip joined the Labour Party at 16. She has worked for Dafydd’s mates at Amnesty International, for the Greater London Authority, for Philip Gould Associates, for Save the Children, as an aide for Baroness Oona, for Sadiq Khan and was Tessa Jowell’s SPAD. Could there be a more shameful CV in terms of organised abuse, criminality and the aftermath of the Westminster Paedophile Ring?

    Tulip worked on Uncle Harry’s nephew’s campaign to become Labour Leader!
    Tulip, do you know a family called Hobsbawm by any chance? They were/are Hampstead Radicals who ignored a Royal Lobotomist who killed their less fortunate neighbours in the villages near their second home in north Wales!

    Tulip was born at St Helier Hospital. St Helier was part of the St George’s network. St Helier was so dangerous that the Top Docs cheerfully referred to it as St Hell. But not in front of patients of course, what the patients got was Now don’t you worry my dear, we’ll look after you…

    The Spoilt Bastard Tulip was the Woman MP who kicked up a fuss about an Unfriendly Parliament because she had to change the date of her elective C section to attend a vote. Tulip suffered a number of medical problems after her Privileged Woman’s Elective C section that were probably the result of the Top Docs cocking up. She was just too ignorant to realise it, although if she had she would not have said a thing would you Tulip…

    Tulip sits on just about every Parliamentary Committee re the Oppressed that there is; Wimmin, BAME, anti-Semitism, the whole bloody lot…

    When Tulip has finished explaining the thriving child brothel in the nation that her family have run from its very creation, as well as the dreadful harm that patients under the care of the NHS Trust of which she is a governor have sustained, perhaps she can tell us all why so many members of Dafydd’s immediate Gang were/are leading lights in charidees helping Wimmin and Children in Asian nations with huge problems of child prostitution and trafficking. I have mentioned a few of them in previous posts: John Perkins, the Bingleys, Huw Thomas. These people were directly involved with a murdering sex gang in north Wales, what on earth are they doing concerning themselves with destitute Wimmin in central and south Asia? They stole the funds in north Wales as well…

    Tulip probably knows a lot about me. She was being lined up for Uncle Harry and Ralph-related high office when the brother-in-law of Miranda’s policy advisor stole my computer and when my e mails were hacked on a number of occasions afterwards as well…

    Tulip, if you have understood my e mails correctly, you will know that I and my friends have a sense of humour, that we take the piss, that no, I was not having an affair with Merfyn no matter how many lies were told about this matter by Dafydd’s friends and you will also have seen the desperate exchanges between me and the NHS as I begged someone to sort out the wrongful arrests, the threats, the assaults, the harassment and intimidation and the flat refusal to provide me with any NHS care at all…

    Anyone for changing the date of their elective C section on the part of one of the biggest hypocrites in London who used that First World Problem as an example of Wimmin’s Oppression? I seem to remember that the Wimmin were outraged that poor Tulip was also Forced To Vote while wearing pyjamas! I’m sure that they were Nice Pyjamas Tulip and I’ll remind you that in north Wales patients were illegally imprisoned in psych units for weeks wearing nothing but El Cheapo pyjamas, they weren’t even supplied with undies. No it was nothing to do with a Lack Of Resources, the Resources were spent on the Spoilt Bastards, who also embezzled NHS dosh.

    How many Wimmin in Bangladesh arrange an elective C section for themselves and have access to Nice Pyjamas? Apart from Tulip’s relatives that is…

    Tulip’s Delivery To Order Baby – Mummy’s got to vote in the House tonight Darling, no you can’t be born when you’re good and ready! – was born at the Royal Free. Dafydd’s mates run that place and it was where Duncan Orme, the Welfare Officer at UCNW, was offered his place on the NHS graduate management training scheme in return for keeping quiet about Gwynne and my complaint.

    Tulip, you are an absolute insult to the human race. Your Oppression re that elective C section and Voting In Your Nice Pyjamas outdid Harriet and that really says something. Perhaps someone with more time than I have can do a bit of digging re the disgusting activities of your proud family, because I imagine that there is an Everest of crap on them. It’s Bangladeshi politics, brutal and bloody, stretching back to Partition which was mishandled by that well-known Person of Low Morals, Uncle Dickie Mountbatten…

    1. In one of the David Dimbleby interviews with Thatch in the 1980s, Dimbleby was quizzing her about her Support For The NHS. Thatch explained that of course she wouldn’t destroy the NHS, because if ever she wanted heart surgery, she’d use the NHS because she couldn’t afford to pay for that herself. Dimbleby snapped ‘So that’s what the NHS is there for is it, aspirins for the rest of us, heart surgery for you?’

      It was a very salient point. It is exactly how the Labour Party views the NHS. Empowered Service Users can be abused, assaulted, prosecuted for Swearing At Angels, illegally detained and die on average 25 years before people who do not have learning disabilities or severe and enduring mental health problems; poor people can have life spans decades shorter than Uncle Harry’s social class; the babies of low income women or teenagers can die from negligence or be forcibly removed at birth on the basis of incompetent corrupt ‘professionals’ opinions. Meanwhile the middle classes who Love The NHS, work in the highest paid jobs in the NHS, receive Prep, Viagra, triple by-pass surgery, elective C-sections and Mindfulness and Counselling for Anxiety. Would you all like a Lavender Foot Spa on the NHS as well? I’m sure that it can be arranged, just remove the funding for the badly paid care assistant’s one hour in the morning to get a disabled or elderly person out of bed, on the bog, showered, dressed and fed breakfast. Your needs are so much greater than theirs aren’t they.

      David Dimbleby knows as well as I do that the reason why even Thatch didn’t Cut The NHS was that the affluent classes do so much better out of it than disadvantaged people do. There’s only a bit of trauma now because the affluent classes themselves have realised that their elderly parents with neurodegenerative illnesses can’t get the social care that they so desperately need. Well stop giving all the dosh to the Top Doctors to pander to Tulip et al then.

      It was in that interview that Thatch told Dimbleby that she was fed up of hearing people ‘drivelling and drooling that they care’. Dimbleby went apeshit and yelled ‘Is that what you think? Drivelling and drooling?’ Thatch then stopped and in her best stage-managed voice stated ‘I’m sorry that I used those words..’

      No-one mentioned Ollie Brooke, or Dafydd or Gwynne. Or the young woman in north Wales who with her friends had the evidence to imprison that lot and bring Thatch down, who were being terrorised by Gangsters while THE WINDBAG et al did indeed drivel and drool. Down in Somerset, some True Blues who knew Tom King, John Biffen and other Tories were finding themselves in possession of a lot more money than usual in return for telling lies about me.

      Anyone for lunch at the Clarence in 1972 or 73 with Mrs Thatcher, who wants to be PM one day but has the good sense not to admit that but instead drivel and drool about how there won’t be a woman PM in her lifetime, but knows that there might be if she can get Edward du Cann over a barrel…

      Just don’t mention the gang rapes of 12 year olds or even the murder of witnesses. Just scream endlessly about the fucking NHS and Ah the doctors they were wonderful. It wos the BMA that publicly supported Ted Heath just before the 1970 General Election and Harold Wilson knew that they won it for Ted. Who appointed Thatch as his Education Secretary, who found herself having lunch at the Clarence and then not long afterwards found Edward du Cann withdrawing his candidacy for Tory Leader and supporting Thatch, who’s campaign was led by Peter Morrison…

      No wonder they tried to kill me, I’m impressed. Sadly it was other people who were murdered just as it was four other women in Guildford who were punched in the face and violently raped when Dafydd sent the nasty after me in 1988. But then a woman with blonde hair was violently attacked on the premises of Bangor University one evening when I worked there. It took me a while to realise that the senior sociologists were so upset and worried because her assailant thought that he was battering the living daylights out of me. It was all kept very hush hush…

      OK Ed, let’s hear it for Uncle Harry, Eric Hobsbawm and the Top Docs. It’ll be a real vote puller won’t it.

      How about my NDA Miranda? There is more to come should I feel like blogging about it.

      1. Of course David Dimbleby’s ‘grilling’ of Thatch didn’t mention Ollie or the biggest problems in the NHS. David’s dad Richard was Of The BBC when Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Top Doc Charles Hill effectively ran the place as well as the ring at the BBC, David’s brother Jonathan was mates with Carlo and Thatch was mates with Jimmy Savile.

        If only the BBC would ‘Inform, Educate and Entertain’, rather than just er Entertain…

        1. There is information to Winterkey suggesting Richard Dimbleby was helpful to Hervey, Marquis of Bristol, plans for “Voice of Freedom” broadcasting

  34. Emma Barnett.
    “The most interesting fact about Emma Barnett is that her exclusive private education was funded by her parents who were pimps and brothel keepers on a large scale, for which both were convicted.”
    ‘she referred to “the most painful chapter of my life” when her father was “imprisoned for living off immoral earnings”.[16] Ian Barnett was jailed for three years and eight months in 2008 after admitting to keeping a string of brothels, controlling prostitution and conspiracy to control brothels.’
    “Police found emails between Mr Barnett and his daughter Emma, talking about his `whores’. ”

    1. Thanks for this.

      It is extraordinary what some people in high profile positions are getting away with isn’t it.
      I’m a big fan of Craig Murray, I went to see him speak when he came to Bangor University, the student Socialist Society invited him. Craig Murray was the Ambassador for Uzbekistan who dared refuse to collude with torture when he was over there, so the British Gov’t recalled him. It was Jack Straw behind it all. Craig was denounced as mad and yes, his wife was smeared by people who weren’t prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt when they were told that he’d married a girl who on paper could have been assumed to have had what used to be called ‘a past’.

      Craig Murray very effectively exposed rot at the heart of Miranda’s Gov’t… I would be surprised if allegations that Craig had smeared Emma Barnett or anyone else were true, he has behaved rather more honestly than many other people…

      In terms of the police acting on evidence that they have found in e mails, the police seem to be rather selective with regard to this! E mails hacked from my system by Miranda and others included evidence of serious crime but this was crime that I’d been yelling about for years and the police arrested me every time that I reminded someone of it.

      I am now being told that the police have some/all of those e mails and are investigating the crimes against me! Well I suggest that the police drop those inquiries now, they are absolutely not going to prosecute anyone in relation to me. So, a paedophile targeted me when I was 12 because of my grandpa’s political enemies? People were paid to lie about me, when I was 18/19 there was an attempt to traffic me and then I was given an infected blood transfusion at the age of 21, followed by more attempts to kill me after I’d been illegally imprisoned by Dafydd? No police, you knew about this at the time and I spent years telling people what was happening to me, you can live with those murderers who tried to kill me because you really did not want to know. You can give my fucking e mails back as well, at no time did I give you or Miranda permission to read them, you give them back and you drop your investigation re me NOW.

      If other targets reading my blog want to make complaint I do not mind at all, they may have different views to me, but no-one, no-one is going to prosecute anyone in relation to crimes against me. Don’t you dare (as it were) tell me that you want justice, you fuck off out of it police, I have had a lifetime of grief because my grandfather stood up to a mate of Tiny Rowland and Thatch used it to become PM, you absolutely fuck off, I was TWELVE and no-one wanted to know. Don’t you tell me when I am 56 that I am brave and principled, I always knew that, my naughty dreadful old grandfather trained me and then Brown took over when I was older. You stood with a load of corrupt white-collar gangsters EVERY TIME, including the Royal Lobotomist who had murdered people.

      Now stuff off police, you wanted the Royal Lobotomist, Uncle Harry and Dafydd, you left me with a load of Gangsters after I complained about the Royal Lobotomist, I do not want to be told – having miraculously survived decades of them and having been put on my feet again by Brown and my friends – that you’re here to help. You aren’t. Piss off, bugger off, sod off. I hate you, you hate me. That’s the way it is. After 40 years of Missed Opportunities, you live with it.

      Go and find justice for F and the many other people who were destroyed, they might feel differently to me, but as far as I am concerned the murdering assaultive bastards of the GMC, BMA and MDU can stand there dripping in slurry now that I have exposed them on this blog. St Helena and Michael Mansfield need to take a class action against them on behalf of OTHER TARGETS, not me.

      I’ll be having a meeting with the GMC because they know as well as I do that they have some very difficult questions to answer. BTW if they’ve forwarded my e mail to them to the police, I’ll do the bastards for breach of confidence. OK GMC? We’re having a meeting right and YOU are going to explain why what I detailed in that e mail happened aren’t you? Because I told people for years what was happening and I was called a paranoid liar. So you GMC are going to meet me and we are going to have a discussion. I might well attend the meeting armed with cucumbers to shove up your rectums when you tell me how very sorry you are that this happened because that apology will be as empty as the apology to the victims of Harold Shipman that took pride of place on your website for so long, WHILE you flatly refused to investigate the genocidal perjuring maniacs of north Wales when I wrote to you about them. And your minions were damn rude to me on the phone as well, my PhD supervisor overheard their fucking insults.

      While we’re on the subject of unlawfully hacked e mails, no doubt Miranda et al became very excited when an e mail of mine to a certain person made a quip re Diana’s comment ‘There were three of us in this marriage’, my observation being that if one took into account all the people whom Di was shagging, there were about 53 of them in that marriage. No, I didn’t tell that person that James Hewitt bonked a girl with whom I’d been to school and who lived near me and I won’t be making her name public (not that the Hewitt affair was any great secret). So eat your heart out Michael Grade you big idiot, it’s amazing what people who are not the guvnor of the BBC get to hear about. Although what with Botney having moved to Bridgy, he might well know all about it, so he can tell Michael Grade himself.

      1. Thank you so much to the readers who have sent me links to news reports of the Royal Engagement, I had missed it being busy on the blog. What wonderful news, another Royal Wedding for the nation to enjoy!

        I’ve been asking Ma’am to Show Us That She Cares for a few weeks now and she’s responded! Beatrice is to marry an Italian Property Tycoon! At this Difficult Time for her dad, having just been named as someone who enjoyed the services provided by Cap’n Bob’s daughter and the late Jeffrey Epstein, Beatrice is able to supply The Firm with their traditional distraction in times of deep shit, a Royal Engagement.

        My only concern is that Phil the Greek may peg out before the Big Day and thus a familiar figure who traditionally graces public Royal occasions to insult foreigners and abuse the toadying journos will be absent. It won’t be the same without him.

        How long before it is revealed that Beatrice’s intended has Mafia connections?

        Has an undercover anarchist bagged a job inside Buck House? It is the only explanation possible for such a dreadfully timed announcement. Brenda is so unaware that after years of loyal service from the Adeane dynasty, Sir Arselicker Burnett, Nicholas Witchell and so many other toadies, Brenda hasn’t noticed that someone’s planted a bomb.

        BTW, re my comments earlier about the 53 people in Di’s marriage. I wondered for years why Di was so distressed about Carlo’s Other Woman when she was having a whale of a time herself in the extra-marital bedhopping dept. Even allowing for Di being 19 when she was railroaded into that marriage, pretty dim, not knowing what she was letting herself in for and having been fed a diet of Barbara Cartland novels, it is a bit weird that Di was that distressed about a mistress. Mistresses are almost de rigour for people of that strata of society, marriage is about heirs and shoring up fortunes, it’s bugger all to do with anything else. Why couldn’t Di just lead her own life, she had the dosh, she’d had the two heirs, what on earth was the problem?

        Backdoor Billy’s rent boy ring and rather more dreadful happenings than a mistress I now presume… I can understand Di being quite distraught about that, it probably came as quite a shock. I was certainly surprised to find out that Di’s husband was behind some of the dreadful things that were happening to me.

        I didn’t know you cared Sir!

        ‘And you Sir, are you in love?’ ‘Er um er thingy whatever In Love means..’

        I think that it probably meant not using the services of a Royal Lobotomist Carlo, or your grandmother employing a paedophile butler with AIDS or your mum enjoying the dedication of a Woman of the Bedchamber who’s brother was a pal of Dafydd and Gwynne’s raping young boys in care in north Wales.

        1. Never mind Sir Arselicker Burnet, someone suggested that I should look at the biography of Alastair Stewart the ubiquitous ITN newsreader, coverer of state occasions, Royal Events, General Elections etc. Thanks for letting me know about Mr Stewart’s interests, he had escaped me completely…

          I’ll just highlight the essentials:
          Stewart graduated from Bristol University shortly after DGE Wood and served as Deputy President of the NUS, 1974-76.
          Stewart began his career in TV in 1976 when he bagged a job with Southern Television, based in Southampton. Southampton Medical School was ruled by Gwynne’s mate Donald Acheson. Southampton and Hampshire general was ruled by Lord and Sir Norman Denning…

          Stewart joined ITN in 1980 and bumbled along until in Sept 1986 he became the face of ITN News at 5-40pm. I was unlawfully detained by the Gang for the first time in Aug 1986. By Sept 1986 Gwynne was either close to death or dead and I began the MSc at Hammersmith Hospital not knowing that it was the domain of the Gang’s London network. Anne was murdered in April 1986 and F was framed and imprisoned in the same year…

          In Dec 1986, Dafydd had me unlawfully arrested and imprisoned and four days later Ollie Brooke of St George’s was jailed for kiddie porn offences, although the Court was never told that he was a major player in a pan-European paedophile ring.

          In May 1989, the month that I began working with Chamberlain’s team at St George’s, Stewart became the face of ITN News at Ten. Alastair Stewart had dominated ITN ever since.

          Alastair Stewart Does A Lot For Charidee. He is Vice-President of NCH Action for Children; Vice-President of Homestart; Patron of the Lord Mayor Treloar College of Disabled Students; Patron of SCOPE, SANE, the medical research charidee HOPE, Crimestoppers Trust, the brain tumour Samantha Dickson Research Trust, Mo Mowlam’s Charitable Trust; Vice-Patron of the Zito Trust and the Mental Health Foundation and a former Trustee of the RAF Museum.

          Alastair, do you happen to sort of know Dafydd by any chance, because you seem to be supporting a great many Causes Close To His Heart.

          SCOPE is certainly pushing the boat out, other Patrons include Cherie, Ben Elton and Richard Herring. Miranda’s former PPS, the Gang’s old mate David Hanson, used to work for SCOPE. Before he pegged out, Carlo’s mate the 6th Duke of Westminster was a Patron of SCOPE as well.

          Info has been coming in to me that Geoffrey Chamberlain enjoyed rock solid protection from Brenda and it was Brenda’s flunkies who were arranging the furniture in 1994 re the big research fraud that had it not been exposed would have made Chamberlain and Malcolm Pearce Medical History Record Breakers, the month that Peter Howarth went on trial for the abuse of boys at Bryn Estyn and the month after his mate Matt Arnold the Head of Bryn Estyn died ‘from an unidentified blood infection’.

          If the Gang’s Cunning Plan had worked, months later Dafydd and the Gang would have had me carted off to a secure unit, the evil genius who had worked for Chamberlain…

          I’m sure that Chamberlain would have waxed lyrical about the dangers of Clever Plausible Women, just like everyone did when Beverly Allitt was Caught Murdering Children, but only after Expert Evidence had been produced by Vincent Marks and the totally discredited Roy Meadow. The Meadow case caused havoc because the Top Docs reassured the world that paediatricians were clever kindly Top Docs who dared Prove that Parents Harm Their Children and Sir Roy was a Good Man, as was his poor maligned colleague David Southall.

          A Letter to The Guardian From Angels and Professions Who Can Vouch For David Southall! You’re a load of criminal bastards, you knew that innocent people were going to prison you spineless Angels, clin psychs and social workers, innocent caring parents crucified by a fucking VIP gang of sex offenders and their supporters…

          Oh well Labour and Jezza are going to Take On Big Pharma and Private Medicine now, I can’t wait to see it happen… Jezza, I’ll let you know now that I could deal with those bastards because I have the inside gen and they know it but there is no way that the Labour Party can. Wendy Savage and Uncle Harry’s friends will give you your orders and you will follow them as ever…

          Re Beverly Allitt’s case, there is much to suggest that she was framed by the senior staff of a dangerous hospital, people died there inexplicably long before Beverly appeared.

          Had Chamberlain and Pearce not been caught re the fraud in 1994, as well as finishing me off, no-one would ever have questioned the fitting up of F and the lies about him being a Risk To Children.

          Furthermore, Chamberlain was appointed President of the Royal College of Obs and Gynae in 1994. Someone probably knew that he was going to be a Record Breaker that year then! It all went so wrong Brenda. Particularly when the witness to the fitting up of F was found dead in the road in Bethesda, although there was no investigation.

          This is a paedophile ring idiots, run by the Royal Docs. It’s not about lots of child abusers on benefits who don’t care about their own kids, this is Dafydd, Carlo, Savile, Snowdon and the Toppest of the Top Docs.

          This is why no-one in the NHS will ever blow the whistle. Go and talk to them, it is a regime of terror, there are good Angels and Top Docs but they are leaving because it is dreadful, they know that if they report misconduct like this, they will never work again, their kids may be taken into care after false allegations are made, that their families will be refused medical care even if it will kill them…

          Beatrice’s Wedding will be the next job then won’t it Alastair Stewart?

          1. Thanks to readers for the info on Beatrice’s intended; I have been slacking, I didn’t bother to read the full info earlier. Beatrice is to marry the son of the lady who is married to David Williams-Ellis. David W-E is the great-nephew of Clough Williams-Ellis, centre of the Ring at Cwm Croesor! Of course that says nothing about David’s stepson at all, he may have no knowledge at all of Clough and pals, but it is sort of extraordinary nonetheless…

            I know that people from similar backgrounds socialise and marry each other, but out of all the posh young men in the world – and it is a matter of the world, Beatrice’s bloke is Italian – Beatrice is getting hitched to someone pretty directly linked to Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist’s customers. Well I suppose Beatrice could have become engaged to a descendant of Bertrand Russell’s if she really wanted to shore up the Royal Links to Gwynne and Dafydd’s circle.

            Before Beatrice’s bloke’s mum married Clough’s great-nephew, she was married to a close friend of David Cameron, who keeled over and died at the Glastonbury Festival in 2011.

  35. Prince Harry – or as he is now known, the male half of the ‘Sussexes’ – has been busy being photographed in Angola and talking to the media yet again of his mum’s Legacy in the landmines area.

    I have no idea which flunky told the big idiot to remind the world of Di and the landmines as part of Brenda’s increasingly desperate PR initiative, but can I remind Harry – and more importantly Brenda and Carlo – that it was after Di was filmed walking on an (alleged) minefield and photographed cuddling kiddies who’s limbs had been blown off by landmines that the knives really came out? Di was dead not long afterwards.

    As I remember, Richard Kay was one journo who really loathed Di and appeared on TV calling her a ‘monster’; British arms manufacturers were spitting blood re the damage that Di could inflict on their industry; another journo called Di a ‘fruitcake’. Even Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was so rude about Di that the day after Di hit a tunnel, Yasmin wrote a tear-jerking column apologising for her ‘harsh words’. Fatty Soames positively frothed at the mouth when Di on a minefield.

    I spent many enjoyable years taking the piss out of Di for Caring about us all and for being Of Hearts, while supping with and shagging the vile Top Docs who were at the same time not above doing and saying truly disgusting things about Di and her family and friends.

    It was clear that what was perceived to be Di’s PR offensive against Carlo and the Firm – the Panorama interview with Bashir where she did the puppy dog eyes to the ceiling frequently, talked about being ‘very let down’ by the Shaggers who had dumped her and then moved on as it were one of them to a girl with whom I went to school, mentioned the 3 people in her marriage, entered the territory of landmines, shagged a Heart Doc and announced her intention to take up cardiology herself after unlawfully being allowed in to watch live surgery, lived it up on the yacht in the Med where she posed for photos in high riders while begging the snappers to leave her alone and then subsequently appeared at the Paris Ritz because she just Wanted To Be Alone And Anonymous – was being orchestrated by an adviser very much sharper and worldly than Di.

    Di would not have known anything about landmines, she would never have thought to get dressed up in designer 1960s Born Free style African White Man gear and be filmed walking next to landmine warning notices while repeating that she wasn’t ‘political’, she was ‘humane’ and ‘compassionate’. Di obviously wasn’t advised by Germaine Greer or she’d have been told that the personal was political – Greer would have told her that campaigning against the arms industry was about as political as one can get as well – so WHO was advising Di? Because whoever was unleashed serious unpleasantness and it led to her death.

    Results of toxicity tests on the body of Henri Paul, Di’s driver who went into that tunnel, were inexplicable; they had been fixed, so a path lab was involved with that. Previous posts have mentioned those involved with Di’s Inquest; Paul Knapman, the corrupt coroner who trained at St George’s and was mates with them all there and Thomas Scott-Baker, who was mates with Dafydd, having done Dafydd a favour re fitting up Susan Brooke at Denbigh back in 1995.

    Michael Mansfield acted for Dodi’s dad in his Grilling That Left No Stone Unturned; MM who knew that Scott-Baker was Of Dafydd and the Gang. Dodi’s dad had beaten Edward du Cann’s pal Tiny Rowland to gain ownership of Harrods some years previously and Tiny was not a happy bunny. Tiny with huge business interests in South Africa and other African nations as well.

    Di died in Aug 1997; Ronnie Waterhouse had almost finished hearing evidence in public from the victims of Dafydd and Gwynne’s mates, who were denounced as lying criminals by the world. I and other witnesses sat in the Hergest Unit, our lives one long round of being arrested and not being able to afford things unless Brown paid for them, unaware that we too were witnesses to matters being investigated by Ronnie.

    So can someone do a bit of digging re WHO was putting Di up to constituting such a threat to the Firm that Fatty Soames told her that ‘accidents happen’ and who involved with the arms industry was behind the fuming when Di began Campaigning? I don’t expect that the British Army were too happy with Di wading into the minefield either, their soldiers had planted quite a lot of them.

    1. Re Miranda who mourned the People’s Princess.

      Miranda resigned as PM on 27 June 2007. Miranda had stated that he intended to hold onto his Parliamentary seat until a later date; his sudden departure was the result of Miranda being offered the job of Middle East envoy for the United Nations, European Union, United States, and Russia. President George Dubya Bush had preliminary talks with Miranda to ask him to take up the envoy role. White House sources stated that “both Israel and the Palestinians had signed up to the proposal”. Miranda resigned as envoy in May 2015.

      Miranda’s policy adviser John McTernan’s brother-in-law stole my computer in late 2005 or early 2006. Brown’s mum was found dead not long afterwards. Then Sarah Flooks, the daughter of one of Brown’s mum’s neighbours – Sarah’s brother Tim was friends with Mr Bridgy Celeb – disappeared in early 2006. Sarah grew up in Stogursey but worked as a Headteacher in London. Sarah’s body was found hidden in undergrowth in Jan 2007. ‘Suicide’.

      No-one explained why the police hadn’t found Sarah’s body when they carried out their extensive search of the undergrowth the year before. Sarah didn’t have personal problems, she was a well-regarded teacher, in a stable very long-term relationship. The excuse that she was ‘stressed’ about a forthcoming school inspection didn’t hold up. Sarah’s mother was a teacher at Stogursey School and knew about organised abuse in the area. Mrs Flooks was a cruel old bag who was hated in Stogursey, but everyone said that Sarah was nothing like her, she really was nice.

      Whoever bugged my house heard Brown and me discussing Mrs Flooks many times, she made Brown’s brother’s life a misery when he was at Stogursey School. The letters from Brown’s mum to me which were among those stolen in the 1990s and given to George Carman and the Digger mentioned Mrs Flooks.

      At about this time of the discovery of Sarah’s body, Carlo made a visit to Bangor University but no-one quite knew why Carlo was coming. The Gang had put a rumour around that Carlo was coming to force Merfyn to resign as VC and one member of the Gang cheerily told me ‘If Merfyn Jones’s blood is going to be on the carpet, I want to be there to see it’. This man had told me many times that Carlo was ‘AC/DC’ at Trinity College, Cambridge and everyone knew it. This Gang member had been at Trinity College himself, where he had been sexually propositioned by Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer. Swinnerton-Dyer became the Chair of the UGC and was in that role in 1984 when Carlo, Swinnerton-Dyer and Eric Sunderland made that deal agreeing that UCNW would not be shut as planned by the UGC in 1981 but would remain open in return for my career being wrecked as well as those of other witnesses.

      The man who had been propositioned by Swinnerton-Dyer had been the AUT rep for UCNW when that deal was thrashed out. He was the son of a Top Doc at the C&A Hospital in Bangor, who had been mates with Dafydd and Gwynne. He also admitted to me that a GP friend of Dafydd’s and DGE Wood’s had raped a patient. I had complained to the GMC and the Mental Health Act Commission about that GP in 1987. No action was taken.

      The son of Gwynne’s Top Doc friend took early retirement from his job at Bangor University after experiencing serious depression. His Top Doc was Tony Francis. He was friends with other members of the Gang as well, including perjuring social worker Sheila Jenkins and Adrian Bell. He was at the scene of the crime when the Gwerin declared war on Graham Day and Merfyn’s wife Nerys was caught in the crossfire. He once told me that UCNW were frightened of Nerys ‘scaling the walls’. Another member of staff from Those Days told me that UCNW didn’t dare employ Nerys in a permanent job or let her win her legal case against UCNW because Nerys knew of much wrongdoing in UCNW ‘and would never have kept her mouth shut’. Merfyn married Nerys after that particular War.

      The son of Gwynne’s friend was an intelligent, witty and well-read man and before I realised who he actually was, I used to enjoy chatting to him. However I knew that he had very bleak times – Tony Francis didn’t seem to be that effective re the serious depression – and sometimes he did quite eccentric things. Such as arriving to watch Carlo address the University hoping that he would see Carlo sack Merfyn. So when he told me that Di was murdered and insiders all knew she had been murdered, I asked ‘Yes but who killed her?’ and he replied ‘The Duke of Edinburgh arranged it, we know’, my response was to think ‘If you believe that Carlo’s dad murdered Di, why the hell are you in the audience enjoying this occasion???’

      In fact I thought that the idea of that man turning up to watch a murderer’s son sacking Merfyn was so entertaining that I made a joke about it. In an e mail. To Merfyn. My inbox was then hacked and a number of people must have read that e mail. Miranda suddenly decided that he didn’t want to be PM anymore not long after that. I only found out later that the man who had turned up to see Merfyn’s blood on the carpet knew Gwynne, that Gwynne and Dafydd were good pals of his dad and that he too was one who would do anything to Protect The Good Names of those murdering, lying Top Docs…

      I have discussed Stuart Stanton, one of Geoffrey Chamberlain’s criminal colleagues at St George’s in previous posts. Stanton was Jewish and went on frequent business trips to Israel. Everyone at St George’s loathed Stanton and was frightened of him. His junior docs and secretary frequently expressed their opinion that they would never, ever consult him in his capacity as a Doc. The corrupt MSF rep spent most of his working day trying to find out whatever Stanton’s ‘business activities’ in Israel were. Everyone knew that Stanton had mistresses in the UK and in Israel and after I began this blog I received info about his appalling treatment of rich but vulnerable women. Stanton was/is a member of many Jewish medical and cultural societies and has worked in Israeli hospitals/medical schools. Other members of Stanton’s network include people close to Miranda. It has been suggested to me that Stanton may have been involved with mercenaries.

      I have been told that Miranda met Stuart Stanton but I have not been given details.

      Miranda, if you and your friends did not go around hacking other people’s e mails and stealing their personal letters and putting two and two together and making 65 because I took the piss and made jokes to Merfyn about mad and vindictive people, I might never ever have realised just how dangerous you all are. Although people trying to murder me should have given me a clue. I was deceived Miranda into thinking that you were all one big joke. Although it is certainly true that you are all so bloody incompetent that you cannot carry out a simple murder plot without cocking the whole thing up. Di obviously came to grief because she was in Paris, not the C&A Hospital or Ysbyty Gwynedd.

      1. Tim Flooks was an agricultural engineer. He went to Seale-Hayne, the same institution that educated Ray Stanlake, the teacher at Chilton who had links with Dafydd and Gwynne.

        Tim was unusual for his cohort not a Tory. He took the piss out of Tories. Not that Tim hesitated to benefit himself from the lies that were told about me by people who were Tories because they knew that I had evidence re the ring in Wales that could have brought Tom King et al down.

        Sarah Flooks was a primary teacher. Was it possible that Sarah had gained evidence of kids in London being abused by Dafydd’s partner ring down there, led by the St George’s crowd and Uncle Harry’s mates?

        Cherie’s colleague in Chambers George Carman lived in Wimbledon, near to the Chamberlains. When Gorgeous George was dying of prostate cancer shortly after the Waterhouse Inquiry, Gordon McVie of the CR UK visited him and CR UK benefited from George’s will. The same people who were networked to Vincent Marks, Tony Francis’s mate Peter Maguire who failed to Save The Life of Lord Chief Justice Peter Taylor.

        I think it might be worth making Cherie and Miranda appointments with Vincent Marks’s mates asap, then the problem might just be resolved. They’ll both have died from cancer within a year.

        1. Perhaps Ken Clarke could be fitted in for Screening as well.

          After Di died, among the Memories of the People’s Princess screened on TV were those of a man who lived in a little council flat place who could hardly believe his luck when Di visited him. I think he was ill or disabled and his mates knew that he was a big admirer of Di and one of them contacted the Palace and anyway, as a surprise Di turned up at his flat. His mates videoed the occasion and the video of Di was played on the Tribute programmes. It was weird; Di appearing in the doorway of this council flat squealing ‘Yah, How are you?’ and giving this bloke a cuddle. Di spoke very much like the Private Eye and Viz parodies of her ‘Hi, I was Like What?? I’m just a chic who wants a bit of loving’

          The man who received the surprise visit from Di lived in Nottingham. Do Tom King and Ken Clarke know anything about that Cilla-esque ‘Surprise Surprise?’ stunt?

  36. The Raping GP of Menai Bridge has recently died; I have just checked the Medical Register. Not that the nightmare will end, he has a wife – a retired Angel – and a Spoilt Bastard of a son who had aspirations to be a luvvie when he was young, so I’m sure that his criminal parents will have bought him into the profession. He probably launched his career at Theatr Clwyd.

    One of the key accomplices of the Gang’s partner ring at St George’s has died recently as well and she was only in middle age.

    The Gang are getting worried then.

    Can DGE Wood explain why he was so critical – and documented this – of the conduct of some of the people in Somerset who’s word re my Insanity and Dangerousness he and the Gang later presented as evidence when they wanted me sent to live with Mr Savile? Perhaps Wood didn’t realise that one of them had worked with his dad’s colleagues when he made his initial Insightful Observations… The story had to be changed later when Wood realised that they could Do Business Together. Sorry Wood, as you know I didn’t really think much of you at first so I never told you about Edward du Cann and the wars of the Tories in Somerset or the lunch at the Clarence. Although the security services knew, but they only told their Man In Talwrn, Dafydd.

    Dafydd was a brilliant cover, no-one would ever have guessed would they, an old loony like Dafydd who crashed his car three times on the way to Denbigh, who turned up in the women’s dorms at midnight, who drove at 60 mph through Llandudno in the Gold Range Rover. Undercover!

    If I had told F in 1993 that Dafydd was 007, there’d have been no end of fun, we would have had a great time. We thought it was pretty good that Dafydd was even employed as any sort of Top Doc, he didn’t know his arse from his elbow. On Her Maj’s Secret Service, Dafydd! The name’s Jones, Dr Dafydd Alun… Shaken or Stirred? Do ewe mean mari-jew-ana???

    1. The late Raping GP worked with Wood’s mate Dr PW White. PW White’s son was jailed for serious drugs offences a few years ago.

      The Raping GP joined the surgery that was previously the domain of Dr Gunter Poeppinnghaus. Gunter I think is dead but Vanessa Poeppinghaus, the A&E Consultant in Ysbyty Gwynedd will be his daughter. Vanessa denies care to the Gang’s victims, although she enjoyed the benefits of a multiple organ transplant (performed at King’s College, London) herself and she Knows Nuzzing when she witnesses colleagues abusing and threatening patients. Vanessa was one of the key Top Docs in north Wales who organised the Get Merfyn Out Campaign.

      A Rapist Vanessa. He was a mate of Dafydd’s, he threatened me in the police station in Bangor in 1986 and he ordered a police officer to break the law further when the police officer told him that what was going on was illegal. Your dad’s colleague Vanessa.

      Vanessa is still on the Medical Register with a license to practice. I’ll mention it when I meet the GMC. Vanessa qualified in Cardiff in 1984. She’ll have known about George Thomas then. She’ll also be one of the few Cardiff graduates who agreed to work in north Wales. Most of them wouldn’t do it, the place was untouchable because of Vanessa’s dad and his mates. Vanessa was one of the Nice Young Doctors who arrived in north Wales in 1984 then to reassure everyone that things had changed after Mary Wynch. The other Nice Young Docs included Tony Francis and Lyndon Miles. Gwynne was still sitting in the Student Health Centre. Nothing had changed at all. The kids of the Gang were beginning their careers, that’s all that was happening.

      Well Vanessa, can you explain the mess and mortality rates that prevail at Ysbyty Gwynedd? You kill more patients than any other docs in Western Europe, you’ve been given billions and still your proud hospital is bankrupt. Vanessa will be about 60 now. Another Long and Glorious Career exterminating vulnerable people.

      How long is this going to be tolerated? The Spoilt Bastards have got kids who have grown up themselves now, Tony Francis’s son is a barrister who defends the NHS and Social Services against claims from patients who have been harmed, Dafydd’s son is a GP on Anglesey and no doubt PW White’s son is out of jail and working in a professional job as well. How about a seat in the Senedd then White junior, they’ll love you down there, your own father wrote your character reference for the judge and no-one mentioned that the Doctor who spoke for you was your dad! You can advise Vaughan on policy!

  37. John Biffen publicly fell out with Thatch after he made critical comments about her on Brian Walden’s ‘Weekend World’ on 11 May 1986. Biffen told Walden that he didn’t think that Thatch would be PM for much longer. Thatch was furious, Bernard Ingham called Biffen a ‘semi-detached’ member of the Cabinet and Biffen was dropped from the Cabinet at the 1987 General Election. Biffen began Thatcher’s reign right behind her, as a fully paid-up monetarist. He was of great help on the ground shafting me and my friends.

    What was the real reason for the rift? None of this lot had any integrity at all, why did Biffen turn on his old pal Thatch? Was it anything to do with Ollie Brooke being charged, the net was closing in on Ollie in Feb 1986. Anne was killed in April 1986, days before Biffen starred on Weekend World…

    Biffen died on 14 Aug 2007 ‘after a short illness’; he had endured renal problems for years. The Dean of St George’s Sir William Asscher was a renal specialist. Asscher was Mr Big of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and reigned in both Cardiff and London. Lord Platt who ruled supreme in Manchester for decades and covered for Gwynne and Dafydd was a renal specialist; Platt’s wife was a psychiatrist. Platt and Asscher trained many of the renal specialists who were at the top of their profession during the 1980s, 90s and at present.

    Platt worked with Sir Douglas Black, another pal of Dafydd and Gwynne’s who spent years working with the Manchester gang. Black grew up in the Shetlands and he knew Norman Lamont’s dad who was the Shetland surgeon…

    I’m being asked about a lot more people whom I knew in Bridgwater before I went to Bangor, again re threats, bribes and blackmail. I do know about the events that I am being asked about, but I’m not going to blog about them, we were teenagers targeted by gangsters with direct links to Thatch’s Gov’t, it is just not fair for me to publicise their teenaged romances and traumas. They are witnesses to crime and I suspect that as things got very nasty when the Gang came after me, some of them will have been quite frightened. I know that Italian Joe’s mum was terrified of some of the unsavoury characters who turned up at the house, but I have no idea whether Joe actually wanted those people at his house or not.

    There was a boy whom I was friendly with at school who was too frightened of Mr Bridgy Celeb and his friends to stand up to them and he emigrated to Australia a few years later. DGE Wood could well have been involved. Before I had any idea of what Wood was involved with, this boy had begun training as a homeopathist. He lent me and my friend some of his homeopathy books and we took the piss out of them, because they were riduculous and I told Wood about one thing in the book in particular; the diagnosis of women with a certain type of ‘character’ as defined by the Humours as ‘invariably bad mothers’. My friend said to me ‘That just says it all doesn’t it…’ and I passed the comment on to Wood. I had no idea that Wood was running Carlo’s brothel, Carlo the homeopathic enthusiast.

    When I moved to Bethesda, Wood recommended Dr Paul Nickson as a GP for me. Not only was Paul part of the ring but Paul Nickson was a homeopath. When I related the ‘bad mothers’ anecdote to Wood, he had a good laugh and dismissed homeopathy as nonsense.

    As for the homeopath with whom I went to school, when he began ‘practising’, he found himself being threatened by a ‘client’ who seemed really quite dangerous. I just presumed that my old schoolfriend was out of his depth, but I wonder if a nasty had been sent his way deliberately?? When we were still at school, his brother was fitted up by the police for sex offences against schoolboys. The teachers at Chilton were very obviously hostile to those two boys, particularly Ray Stanlake, the teacher with links to Dafydd’s Gang.

    Biffen died a few months after my father. The daughter of one of the Biffen’s farm workers who had been close to the Biffens for very many years went to school with me and for years has been completely paralysed, in a nursing home, only able to communicate by moving her eyes. A brain op went wrong. Whoops. It didn’t kill her, just left her in a condition that would ensure that she could never tell anyone about the Bridgy-based crime that she knew of.

    I’ve also been asked if I realise that the ‘problem family’ who were relocated from Bridgwater next to my grandmother and aunties who lived near John Biffen’s parents was probably a gift from Biffen and the Gang. I hadn’t known that, but I do remember the family from hell. It was a bit weird, my grandmother had lived in that house since the 1930s; she and my grandpa were the first tenants of the council house. Their neighbours when I was a kid were Mrs Bryant and Mr Ballam, the houses were a row of old dears who had lived there for decades. They had rows occasionally, but I think that it was after the Ballams’ died that these absolute bastards were given the house next to my grandmother. They were seriously bad, the aggro increased and the police and the Council would not act. The scale of the problem became clear when one of them chucked a brick through my grandmother’s sitting room window, while she was in there watching TV. ‘Aspel’ no less. The brick almost hit her; she was in her 80s at the time. Even after that I don’t think that any action was taken. The bastards from hell moved out in the end, but they were there for a long time. Not many people in Combwich carried on like that, they were extreme. It hadn’t occurred to me that it was at all related to what was happening to me at the time…

    Dr Nickson’s network could have caused problems for the friend of mine who laughed at the homeopathy book as well. Her mother-in-law – of whom she was fond, they got on well – was a Quaker. As was Dr Nickson and Lucille Hughes’s henchman, Gethin Evans. My friend’s mother-in-law died from cancer, then her husband died not long after, a long, drawn out distressing death thanks to the fuckwittery of the Top Docs in Edinburgh… He was a well-known Scottish clergyman and I’ve been told that Prof Mark Williams, a member of the Gang who is a clergyman as well a psychologist, may have used his network in relation to my friend’s in-laws.

    1. Yes I do know that the brother and sister-in-law of a farmer whom I knew well when I was a teenager farmed on the Somerset levels near Ned Sherrin’s family. The sister-in-law had when she was young worked as an Angel in Somerset. They could well have been nobbled by the Gang’s network, but I have no idea if they’d have ever known what was going on. Someone will have to ask Botney.

      I really do think that it needs to be acknowledged that all these folk from Somerset were being manipulated by gangsters with rich friends in Gov’t. If they were bribed or threatened it needs to be asked why this was not dealt with a very long time ago.

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