Thanks – But With Serious Reservations

Over the past few weeks I have been given a great deal of information that finally convinced me – I was very sceptical at first – that it is indeed true that I was personally targeted by members of Thatch’s Cabinet from quite a young age because of my grandfather’s denouncement of Edward du Cann’s business practices and the ‘immorality’ of a faction of the Liberal Party.

I have also known for a while that in the early 1980s, the Tory Party was infiltrated by people who very effectively disguised themselves as hard-right ruthless greedy unscrupulous Thatcherites with the aim of destroying that Party. I know who some of them are and I won’t be naming them because I don’t want them or their families to die the next time that they seek medical advice. I am greatly entertained by them and it is interesting that Thatch and her inner circle didn’t notice a thing…

I began receiving info sometime ago that this was done because it had been noted by some what was happening to me at UCNW and then further digging revealed that du Cann and pals had knowingly targeted my grandfather’s favourite grandchild and when he was dying sent a paedophile linked to Dafydd’s Gang after me as the ultimate revenge. I’ve also been told that me ending up in Scum Street Comprehensive full of vindictive teachers who hated me because my family were Tories and where Dafydd’s spotters were in operation wasn’t entirely a coincidence.

I do remember that because of the terrible experiences that one of my siblings had at a Bridgwater school, my grandfather firmly expressed the opinion ‘the others are not going there. No way.’ My grandpa wanted to send me to Millfield, I can remember being shown the bumph that Millfield sent, but then realised that he could never afford it. I presumed for years that grandpa simply never had the money that he imagined that he did, but the info is coming in that money was stolen from him by crooked bankers, accountants etc as soon as he had his stroke and wasn’t in a position to operate as he had previously.

So it seems that a Grand Plan was formulated to destroy the Tory Party because it dawned on people that Thatch’s contingent were so bad that a child had been targeted in the early 1970s because of her grandfather’s opposition to a serious criminal who was a leading light in the Tory Party.

Much as I appreciate the concern, can I make this point: why was the nuclear bomb only planned after the child of a high profile Tory activist was targeted? Gwynne, Dafydd, Edward du Cann et al had been ruining the lives of the plebs since before I was born, didn’t the others who preceded me matter enough?

Gwynne should have been stopped back in the 1950s and Dafydd should never have been allowed to get going in the first place…

The Tory Party bombs knew where the real problem lay; it was the Top Doctors. Brown and I could have done with a bit more help when we were in our early 20s and we began gaining the evidence that would have nailed Gwynne et al and brought down Thatch at the same time… The Top Docs should have been bombed BEFORE Thatch!

BTW, Mr Charles Moore’s book serialised in the Torygraph recently reveals that one of Denis’s close friends was businesswoman Mandy Foreman. She had previously been known as Mandy Rice-Davies and had been mates with Denis for years; Mandy knew the Thatchers well because Thatch was mates with a former politician, John Profumo….

Denis was Vice-Chairman of a company called Attwoods, partly owned by Michael Ashcroft of David Cameron and the allegation re the pig’s head at Oxford fame. Ashcroft also founded and bankrolled ‘Crimestoppers’, the crimefighters who flatly refused to act on direct evidence given to them re Dafydd and his drug dealers in the 1990s. The Chairman of Attwoods was Mandy’s husband Ken Foreman. Denis used to attend board meetings of the parent company in Florida and stay with Mandy and Ken over there. Mandy and Ken also had a flat in Lowndes Square, London and Denis often dropped in. Ken Foreman attended a Christmas party at Chequers; Denis asked Mandy not to attend because Profumo was going to be there, so Ken went alone…

Mr Charles Moore’s book mentions that ‘the press’ never got hold of Mandy’s pre-Mrs Foreman identity. Well that’s weird Mr Charles Moore, because I knew that post-Profumo Mandy had enjoyed a ‘successful career as a businesswoman’ and had married… It’s just that no-one told me that Mandy and her husband were in business with Denis and Michael Ashcroft and they were always nipping over to each others houses to borrow a cup of sugar…

Can Mr Charles Moore tell us what Mandy used the cottage for that she purchased in the Polden Hills, ‘Moon Cottage’ near Cossington, in Tom King’s constituency? Everyone knew that Mandy owned it but ‘didn’t ever live there’. A man who worked for my grandpa’s company bought Moon Cottage off Mandy. That man had a lot of unfortunate things happen to him and died when he was still in middle age, after a few breakdowns. Can Tom King tell us who Dan Lewis’s Top Doctor was and why Dan had such ‘bad luck’ compared to his brother Richard? King knew Richard and Dan, they were both in the Tory Party in Somerset. Knowing what I know now, I’d suggest that Dan was targeted by some unpleasant people…

I think that Dan died when I was still at Bridgwater College. I hadn’t seen him for years, but I remembered him helping me with sparklers at firework nights at my grandpa’s when I was still at Chedzoy School. Dan was much nicer than his brother Richard, or it seemed so to me…

Along with Dan’s other problems, I seem to remember that he lost a lot of money and the Tories of Bridgwater drooled over the decline of Danny Lewis, but well he was always hopeless wasn’t he.

Dan and Richard’s father, Old Dan Lewis, was known in Bridgwater for being a self-made man. He was a railway porter who made a lot of money and was the first person in Bridgwater to have a personalised number plate, LDL 1. It stood for Lewis Dan Lewis 1. It was only when I was older that I was told that Old Dan was an awful man, he was crooked and involved with ‘gambling and prostitutes’.

Richard was old Dan’s favourite son, although Danny was the eldest child.

Moon Cottage is not a million miles away from the village of Chilton Polden. The Principal of Bridgwater College, J.C. Miles, lived at Chilton Polden, as did the predatory teacher who taught me at Chilton Trinity School, Ray Stanlake, who was linked to Dafydd’s Gang.

Tom King I am sure can shed light on the mysteries surrounding Dan Lewis’s bad luck.

Kenneth Stowe –

Lord Robert Armstrong – has admitted that he knew about Morrison, peter Hayman, knew that Michael Havers was blocking prosecutions of VIP molesters

knew about everything, du cann etc

Linked with Duncan Tanner’s death – cardiologists at Ysbyty Gwynedd

Duncan was Queen Mary Univ of London alumnus – Hennessey

Duncan’s friend when he was doing his PhD – NAME?? France, son of the Civil Service Mandarin called France who covered up for Gwynne and Dafydd years ago – France was in the Admiralty before Health??

Duncan had the shit on them all in south Wales (and elsewhere), Windbag et al – Duncan knew Frances Jones the bent lawyer – don’t know how much Frances Jones will have told Duncan

Robert Owen – his daughter moved to Shapwick just before his first meeting with me re my complaint about Dafydd – in 1988 sometime. Shapwick/Levels crowd – Glitter – Ned Sherrin’s family – Frankie Howard moved down that way as well, he was mates with Cilla – the bent prison guvnor who held the investigation into the Risley Riots -the bent civil servant who worked with Savile etc

Tom King might know something about another matter that involved even more suffering than that caused by the ring run by Edward du Cann who targeted Dan Lewis, my grandfather, my father and Uncle John, me and others…

I’m thinking of the bomb in Enniskillen on 8 Nov 1987 Tom, when you were N Ireland Secretary and the Cunning Plan on the part of the Gang to have me imprisoned for a serious offence in July of that year had fallen apart when the lies of a junior doctor to the police became evident. Dafydd followed that up with a phone conversation when I got back to Chepstow Road in Leicester, a house that I was sharing with Brown and others, including a girl from Bridgwater whom I’d known from Chilton School. Dafydd offered me a place at Liverpool Medical School in return for dropping my complaint about him. I was so gobsmacked that I just ended the call. Brown was listening in and wrote to Gwynedd Health Authority. His letter was ignored as was a follow up letter from Brown…

Because Clwyd and Gwynedd Health Authorities were refusing to investigate my complaints and simply arrested me constantly, after Dafydd’s attempts at bribery I rang Clwyd Health Authority to try and get answers. I was told that no-one was available to answer my questions, certainly not Dafydd. I’d had a bellyful of the constant lies and excuses so I said ‘OK then, when you do finally locate Dafydd, tell him that I have a meeting arranged with a tabloid newspaper tomorrow and I’ll tell them everything that I know about Dafydd’. Dafydd rang me himself within 20 mins. He refused to answer my questions or agree to reply to my letters of complaint. The call ended.

I did not of course have a meeting with a journo planned, I just wanted to see if Dafydd could be contacted if it was necessary. Of course he could, but I had already known that. Dafydd was available 24 hours a day to the right people and Denbigh ALWAYS had a number for him for certain matters. Such as celebs being arrested or urgent calls from crooked professionals or politicians.

It was in the summer of 1987 that I placed my advert in ‘Private Eye’ for info about Dafydd. It seen by many and Dafydd knew who had placed the advert, he joked about it to me. I didn’t realise that the Eye crowd were part of Dafydd’s network.

The Remembrance Day bombing (also known as the Enniskillen bombing or Poppy Day massacre) took place on 8 November 1987 in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. An IRA bomb exploded near the town’s war memorial during a Remembrance Sunday ceremony, which was being held to commemorate British military war dead. Ten civilians and a police officer were killed, many of them elderly, and 63 were injured. The IRA said it had made a mistake and that its target had been the British soldiers parading to the memorial.

The bombing was strongly condemned by all sides and undermined support for the IRA and Sinn Féin. It also facilitated the passing of the Extradition Act, which made it easier to extradite IRA suspects from the Republic of Ireland to the UK. Loyalist paramilitaries responded to the bombing with revenge attacks on Catholic civilians. The bombing is often seen as a turning point in the Troubles, an incident that shook the IRA “to its core” and spurred on new efforts by Irish nationalists towards a political solution to the conflict.

The IRA said that the bombing was an attempt to kill British soldiers. It has also been suggested that it was partly a retaliation for the alleged harassment of Republican memorial services by the security forces. A week before the bombing, the RUC clashed with mourners at the funeral of IRA volunteers Eddie McSheffrey and Paddy Deery. When an IRA gunman fired a three-volley salute over the coffins, police baton charged and fired plastic bullets into the crowd. One of the coffins was knocked to the ground and a number of civilians and officers were injured.

The bombing was thought by the British and Irish security forces to have involved at least two IRA units, from both sides of the border. Although IRA units were given “a degree of operational autonomy” at the time, they believed that such a bombing must have been sanctioned by IRA Northern Command. However, a high-ranking IRA member said that it was suggested by IRA men at the local level and sanctioned by a “middle level” officer.

Denzil McDaniel, author of Enniskillen: The Remembrance Sunday Bombing, later interviewed security and IRA contacts, putting together an account of the bombers’ movements. He wrote that the 40-pound (18 kg) bomb was made in Ballinamore, County Leitrim and brought to Enniskillen by up to 30 IRA volunteers, moving in relay teams to avoid security patrols. It is thought to have taken over 24 hours to transport the bomb. On the night of 7 November, the bomb – hidden in a sports bag – was left at the gable wall inside the town’s Reading Rooms, and set to explode at 10:43 am the next day, minutes before the ceremony was to start. The security forces searched the route of the planned military parade for explosives, but did not search the Reading Rooms as it was thought to be a “secure area”.

The bomb exploded as a parade of UDR soldiers was making its way to the memorial and as people waited for the ceremony to begin. It blew out the wall of the Reading Rooms – where many of the victims were standing -burying them under rubble and hurling masonry towards the gathered crowd.

The dead were Wesley and Bertha Armstrong (aged 62 and 55), Kit and Jessie Johnston (aged 71 and 62), William and Agnes Mullan (aged 74 and 73), John Megaw (67), Alberta Quinton (72), Marie Wilson (20), Samuel Gault (49) and Edward Armstrong (52). Edward Armstrong was a serving RUC officer and Gault had recently left the force. Gordon Wilson, whose daughter Marie died in the blast and who was himself injured, went on to become a peace campaigner and member of Seanad Éireann. The twelfth fatality, Ronnie Hill, died after spending 13 years in a coma. Sixty-three people were injured, including 13 children, some of them permanently. Ulster Unionist politicians Sammy Foster and Jim Dixon were among the crowd; the latter received extensive head injuries but recovered. All the victims were Protestant.

A few hours after the blast, the IRA called a radio station and said it had abandoned a 150-pound (68 kg) bomb in Tullyhommon, 20 miles away, after it failed to detonate. That morning, a Remembrance Sunday parade (which included many members of the Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades) had unwittingly gathered near the Tullyhommon bomb. Soldiers and RUC officers had also been there and the IRA said it attempted to trigger the bomb when soldiers were standing beside it. It was defused by security forces and was found to have a command wire leading to a firing point across the border.

The IRA apologised, saying it had made a mistake and that the target had been the UDR soldiers who were parading to the memorial.

Denzil McDaniel, author of Enniskillen: The Remembrance Sunday Bombing, commented: “I don’t believe the IRA set out to specifically kill civilians. I think they made mistakes, probably with their intelligence on the timetable for the service, but the IRA was reckless about civilian life”. RUC Detective Chief Superintendent Norman Baxter said: “Their intention was to inflict casualties. The only mistake in the operation was that the bomb went off before the parade arrived”. Many Irish nationalists and Republicans were horrified by the bombing and described it as a blow to the Republican cause. Sinn Féin’s weekly newspaper, An Phoblacht, criticised the bombing, calling it a “monumental error” that would strengthen the IRA’s opponents. The IRA disbanded the unit responsible.

The bombing led to an outcry among politicians in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. Thatch said: “It’s really desecrating the dead and a blot on mankind”. The Secretary of State for N Ireland, Tom King, denounced the “outrage” in the Commons as did the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Brian Lenihan in Dáil Éireann (the lower house of the Oireachtas, the Republic’s legislature), while in Seanad Éireann Senator Maurice Manning spoke of people’s “total revulsion”. Many public figures used terms such as “barbarism” and “savagery” to describe the bombing.

The bombing was seen by many N Irish Protestants as an attack on them, and loyalist paramilitaries retaliated with attacks on Catholic civilians. The day after, five Catholic teenagers were wounded in a shooting in Belfast and a Protestant teenager was killed by the UDA after being mistaken for a Catholic. In the week after the bombing, there were 14 gun and bomb attacks on Catholics in Belfast.

Irish band U2 were holding a concert in Denver, Colorado the same day. During a performance of their song “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, singer Bono passionately condemned the bombing, stating “fuck the revolution” in his mid-song speech, as well as criticising the armchair republicanism of many Irish-Americans and stating that the majority of people in his country did not want “the revolution”. The footage is included in U2’s rockumentary ‘Rattle and Hum’. Simple Minds scored a number 1 single in the UK with ‘Belfast Child’, inspired by the bomb. So rock stars benefited from that bomb nearly as much as St Bob and Midge Ure benefited from the Ethiopian famine or Tracy Chapman benefited from Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment. Of course, rockers can only benefit from Tragedies if they or those around them have dirt on politicians, the best dirt in those days being anything to do with Thatch’s links to or knowledge of Dafydd et al. So Paula Yates having lived in north Wales as a child and gone to school in Rowen, the village in which the Gang’s good mate Lord Wyn Roberts lived was always useful, as were the Gang’s friends who knew Nelson Mandela and anyone who had the gen on Kincora, Mountbatten or the Duke of Westminster, one of the family estates being in Fermanagh. Robert Grosvenor – MPs – details

At the time of the bomb, the British and Irish Govt’s were negotiating an Extradition Act that would make it easier to extradite IRA suspects from the Republic to the UK. The Act was to come before the Irish parliament less than a month after the bombing. The Irish Gov’t wanted the British to reform the justice system in N Ireland (such as by abolishing “Diplock courts“) before it would pass the Act. Many in the Republic insisted that the Act should only be passed after the reforms took place. However, after the bombing, opposition to the Act dwindled and it was passed by the Irish Parliament, albeit with some changes.

The bombing is often seen as a turning point in the Troubles. It undermined support for the IRA’s campaign, both locally and internationally. Crucially, the Gaddafi regime in Libya withdrew its support and with it the supply of weapons and ammunition to the IRA. The bombing also harmed Sinn Féin’s electoral support. In 1989, in the first local elections held after the bombing, Sinn Féin lost four of its eight seats on Fermanagh District Council and was overtaken by the SDLP as the biggest Irish nationalist party there. It was not until 2001, 14 years after the bombing, that Sinn Féin support returned to its 1985 level. The bombing drove new efforts by Irish nationalists towards a political solution to the conflict. It led to the resumption of talks between Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams and SDLP leader John Hume, paving the way for formal talks between the two parties and the beginnings of the N Ireland peace process. In 1997, Gerry Adams apologised for the bombing on behalf of the Republican movement.

Enniskillen’s Remembrance Day service was re-staged two weeks after the bombing and attended by about 5,000 people, including Thatch. The site of the bomb, which was owned by the  Catholic Church, was rebuilt as The Clinton Centre, a youth hostel, in 2002. The hostel was opened by and named after former US President Bill Clinton.

Under the Thirty Year Rule (my medical notes were obviously subject to the same legislation) a letter sent after the bombing was released by the Irish Government. The author was anonymous but claimed to be working for MI5, and the letter was sent to then Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Brian Lenihan. It claimed that MI5 had advance knowledge of the Remembrance Day bombing but allowed it to go ahead, so that the public could turn against the Provisional IRA and new security measures could be justified.

duke of west

Sheila n tony – – mrs fels etc


aids – acheson

REMEMBER – Kings Cross fire

Pat Finucane?

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Peter Jaconelli was a Conservative politician in North Yorkshire. He was a significant figure in regional politics having been a North Yorkshire County Councillor and Scarborough Borough Councillor. He was Chair of the NYCC Planning Committee and in 1971-72 was Mayor of Scarborough greeting Prime Minister Edward Heath on a visit to the Borough. In 1996 he was made Honorary Alderman of the Borough of Scarborough. He was a local businessman who sold ice cream.
    Edward du Cann was an MP 1956-1987, was Conservative Party Chairman 1965-67 and
    Chair of 1922 Committee 1972-1984. In these capacities it is highly likely, especially as the PM knew Peter, that these Conservative politicians and businessmen knew each other.
    North Yorkshire according to John Mann MP has a VIP paedophile ring. Scarborough has a very famous former resident Jimmy Savile who it is thought was the longstanding partner of Peter Jaconelli both of whom are now known to be paedophiles but neither of whom very subject to criminal prosecution in their lifetimes. There has been allegations and Police investigations into Sir Edward Heath. Leon Britton was formerly Conservative MP for Whitby and Scarborough who has been subject to Police investigations.
    Peter Jaconelli spent substantial periods of time at Ampleforth College when Basil Hume (later Cardinal Hume) was Abbot. Ampleforth has been proven to have born witness to historical child sexual abuse by its clergy.
    North Yorkshire Police have apologised for failing to act in a timely fashion in respect of Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile. Jane Kenyon Miller Conservative NYCC and SBC politician has been Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority. She is the daughter of a former West Riding of Yorkshire ‘Chief Executive’ Sir Bernard Kenyon-Miller who tenure was contemporaneous with the Profumo and Poulson scandals. There has not to my knowledge been investigations of historical child sexual abuse into members of the Kenyon-Miller family however there is suggestion of concerns in respect of John Poulson and his guests at his property at Carlton, Pontefract, West Yorkshire

  2. Many thanks for the comments and links Wise Owl, I was planning to blog about some of the very matters that you discuss, in the post above but haven’t had time yet!

    The Poulson Scandal – linked to the T Dan Smith Scandal of course – when it surfaced was all about civic corruption and corrupt business deals, but running throughout was Gwynne, Dafydd and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. That’s why only the tip of the iceberg was ever revealed. Politicians from all parties were in the thick of it as were the senior civil servants like Kenneth Stowe and Robert Armstrong. The depths to which they sank is unfathomable to any sane rational person. It is why that it would have been possible for Heath to have abused kids; I’ve no evidence that he did and he was such a miserable old sod anyway I can’t imagine him doing anything in a group activity, but the defence that he always had bodyguards with him, ooh he had diary secretaries who knew where he was etc doesn’t stand up because they were all utterly corrupt and forged records and documentation anyway.

    I have mentioned in previous posts that Heath’s close friend and personal physician Brian Warren and his wife Josephile Barnes facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Anything can and does happen with Docs who are corrupt, particularly analysts and ‘sex therapists’. In terms of Dafydd, Dafydd’s ‘clinics’ were not quite what one would expect at a clinic – loud party music and booze. Dafydd also held ‘clinics’ at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds. Not only is an hotel a most unlikely place to hold a ‘clinic’, but Jimmy Savile hung out at the Queen’s Hotel, Leeds.

    You mention Jaconelli of Scarborough; two friends of mine in Yorkshire knew him, they said that it was common knowledge that he and Savile were abusing kids.

    Harold Wilson’s Top Doc is alleged to have discussed murdering Marcia Falkender; it has been laughed off ‘oh of course he would never have done it’; ooh don’t be so sure. They undoubtedly did kill people for political reasons and with the big political figures it was usually the Top Docs wot did it. Their colleagues never grass, the general public trust them and no-one dares prosecute them. Look at the circumstances of the deaths of Nye Bevan, Gaitskill, David Ennals and others…

    Nye Bevan was quite a pathetic old bugger; the Top Docs loathed him, viewed him as a jumped up Welsh pleb above his station and he grovelled to them to get them to agree to work in the NHS (they were virtually all opposed to it), gave them all that they wanted and ultimate control over themselves and the NHS, thus building abuse and corruption in from the beginning. The Top Docs never developed any respect for Nye and he for ever had to lie to the public about so many matters that he had caved in over re the Top Docs.

    I knew of seriously bad behaviour in the Tories in Somerset and of course my grandfather railed against it. I was always told that my grandfather never became an MP because he was ‘too rude and too honest’. He was a hard worker and committed, but Sir Gerald Wills was the MP because Sir Gerald could do the PR bit, so grandpa did the backroom stuff.

    I’m not sure because my memories of grandpa stopped when I was 12/13 when he died so I might have got it badly wrong, but I suspect that grandpa was probably a bit like me in that he underestimated just how low so many people will sink and of course, like me, he took on a mighty corrupt machine (Tiny Rowland in his case, the medico-legal establishment in mine) without thinking er yeah, this lot are going to be after my blood for ever and the blood of everyone I value as well…

    I don’t think that grandpa was ever part of organised abuse himself; the problem was that some of his political and business colleagues definitely were and another member of my family was…

    I turned away from the Tories because I knew some of what was going on and it was just so vile; it is ironic that I have received so much crap from people who hated me for being from a Tory family! It doesn’t say much for their integrity does it. But then Brown’s mum and dad turned away from the Labour Party as young adults because they saw so much Labour Party and trade union corruption in County Durham where they grew up.

    Politics and the NHS are in a similar state; they are so bloody rotten that the very people who are needed just won’t have anything to do with any of it at all. All that are left are cheats, liars, scoundrels and undercover plants trying to do the right thing (as opposed to the many security services officers who saw their job as assisting a criminal State) who know that they will be found dead if they are ever identified…

    1. I’ll tell you why there have been no criminal charges and no resignations Wise Owl; it’s because there are so many lies in the story that no-one dares bring charges because of the Niagra Falls that will follow.

      Firstly, this girl is NOT the youngest child to have been placed in a secure unit and whoever wrote this article knows that. I knew a couple who rescued – literally rescued – a girl of 16 from the clutches of Robert Bluglass’s Birmingham ‘clinic’ ie. his locked prison – who had been banged up with Bluglass at the age of 12. Why? Because she had been raped at 6 yrs and er passed around. I’m sure that I don’t need to explain that Bluglass was not doing anything therapeutic to her at all…

      This was a SYSTEM of child abuse and child trafficking that has been in place for many years and has involved the Top Docs and social services. They ALL know what has been going on and most of them were on board. Others are too frightened to say a thing.

      I’ve just added a bit to my ‘Managers Of The Abattoir’ post about the bitch Baroness Eirene White, Labour MP for Flint and mate of Gwynne and Dafydd. She was part of the system, the daughter of a big wig at Aber University, friend of the Astors etc. It’s the Westminster Paedophile Ring, definitely. Civil Servants, politicians, lawyers, but they needed the Top Docs! It was ALL done under the umbrella of ‘disturbed’ kids and young people…

      The info has been coming into me in quantities recently. Children were it seems literally sold when young to members of the ring. They targeted families in difficulty who were in contact with medical professionals, lawyers etc who were in the ring and money was offered in return for an agreement to collect the kids when they were a bit older at some point. Either through the children’s care system – it’s a disturbed kid, send them to north Wales, there’s Doctors and Homes who specialise in them there! – or if the kids couldn’t be picked up that route it was via the mental health system. Wood, Dafydd, Gwynne, were all major players, so were Bodger and co in St George’s, Brave Wendy at the London Hospital, Bluglass in Birmingham, there was a network across the country.

      It is why kids in care were treated so badly and why psychiatry is so crap. The systems were never, ever meant to be anything else than brutalising torture chambers to drive young people mad, make them unemployable, force them into prostitution at the same time as ensuring that they would never, ever be believed if they complained…

      It explains the grief and insanity to which I was subjected when I complained and the more extreme grief and insanity to which I was subjected when I even managed to clock up degrees as well. I have had it confirmed repeatedly that after that, the intention was to murder me, definitely. There were a number of attempts, goodness knows how I’m still alive, but it does explain why no-one would respond to anything that happened to Brown, me or my friends. I had no idea of what I was witnessing, I just saw cruelty to a lot of people so I refused to shut up. It was the Westminster Paedophile/trafficking ring.

      I am receiving the names of more and more people from Somerset who were paid to keep quiet and I have been given the names of the people who were in the inner circle re my own case of being transferred to these dangerous nutters. I’m not blogging about it because the hypocrisy is disgusting. People knew what was happening and said nothing. The first – and only – person in Authority to stand up for me was the Philanderer who cleared my name in 2003. So the Top Docs murdered his best friend’s wife and then hounded him out of public life.

      The world wanted this bunch of shits running things, they’ve got them.

      I’m fed up of being told that I was the only one, I’m fed up of being told lies about grandpa and father, everyone around me when I was young knew who the problem in our family was. Those people then accepted lots of lovely cash to keep quiet about it.

      Now I’m more interested in blogging about the people who organised this at the political level, I’m being entertained by Lord Wyn Roberts and Lord Elwyn-Jones autobiographies at present and I don’t want to waste time on criminals and loonies from Somerset. They were recorded committed all their crimes, no-one helped me or anyone else whom they targeted and I don’t subscribe to the horse manure that pours out of the mouths of people who write for The Guardian. I don’t Share, I don’t Feel the Stigma, I like sociology and history and discussing interesting things with Brown.

      I have named many of those responsible for the atrocious situation on this blog and everyone is pretending that I haven’t done this! The media churns out dross and Why Oh Why articles and people get cross because a photo of Jimmy Savile has slipped through the net somewhere ooh what about the Victims. It really is the most dreadful humbug as Boris would say.

      Some of the guilty are trotting around the UK begging people to vote for them at the moment! Others are pompousing about having found Cures For Cancer and needing more money to Help and begging the general public to visit fanny and prostate inspectors, it is ludicrous. The last thing that anyone will do is arrest the bastards, but I don’t want them to, I want the British state to be forced to face the enormity of what it has done and to fess up that it knew all along…

      And I want my money from Lord Hain for the porn that was made by the VIP sex abuse ring that never existed, although Lord Hain knew some of them very well. Cough up Lord Hain, I want my money.

      I’m about to begin a couple of new posts in the next few days to run parallel with these in development… Text is disappearing, so I’m just doing what I can. Perhaps Lord Hain would like to sponsor my blog. As well as pay me for the porn.

  3. It is also becoming very, very clear Wise Owl that the reason why nothing was said about ANYONE who was a Big Player was the involvement of the Royal Family. They aren’t just a bit thick and dysfunctional as most of us knew and accepted, they’re seriously debauched.

    We seem to still be living in a medieval fiefdom. Ere the Duke of Westmnster would like that one, she’s clever and knows posh people and can have a conversation. Send her to Gwynne… No?? No?? No?? And now THERE’S A COMPLAINT?? AND HER BLOODY BOYFRIEND’S BACKED HER UP? OH FUCK, MURDER HER.

    It is ludicrous and the sooner that fucking family at Buck House have their limbs cut off along with the BMA, the better.

  4. I sent an email to the First Minister of Scotland over a week ago in her capacity as a conviction politician following her comments about whistleblowers in the NHS. To be fair I am resident in England, but given the NHS is a UK wide state activity I thought that she might be interested in an NHS England Medical Director telling me to ‘ collect your cash and keep your head down’ with reference to serious organised crime in the NHS.
    No response. This completely consistent with all the others.

  5. And lest we lose our sense of perspective amidst the cries of Children In Prissson At Chrisssstmas, Ah St Martins In The Fields, Ooh the Homeless, OOH Giles Fraser, Priest and Polemicist, Ah Esther Cares, Silverline, Ooh are You Dating Again After Sexual Abuse or Divorce and you Are Seeking Advice – try Mariella or Bel Mooney – lets just remember that the Top Docs KILLED A VICE CHANCELLORS WIFE because he refused to join in the vendetta against Ah the Victims.

    Now stop the sentimental nonsense idiots, wake up to the scale of the disaster and admit that Brenda, Phil and the kids were never, ever worth doing this for.

    I’ll wait for Band Aid to re-release Do They Know It’s Christmas, it did wonders for Dafydd first time around, they’ll be getting desperate now. Surely a Concert In Tribute To Peaches is due?

      1. The problem is with grandiose idiots who will do anything for the Top Job isn’t it? That is what the evidence points to and ‘The Guardian’ needs to understand that there are a lot of women in that category as well…

        No Top Docs named yet then Wise Owl! Ministers of Religion, politicians and celebs still the hot favourites to be named n shamed but no, no-one will be taking on the BMA at any point soon.

        I’ve just had a message telling me that the response from Top Doc Central when I dared question Gwynne’s disgusting little ways was ‘Oh Christ, it’s one of Denning’s. Get her neutralised and out of the system asap…’

        SO Lord Denning’s targets were sent to GWYNNE!! Ooh now that is the sort of thing that I find really interesting. Brown and I just couldn’t work out why on earth Wood thought that an encounter with Gwynne wasn’t going to blow up in their faces like nothing had before. And Wood worked ever so hard to get me to an offensive old fool who just made people feel like vomiting into a 50 gallon bucket as soon as he opened his mouth.

        So WTF was going on then? We must ask Cherie and Miranda, they were in Lincoln’s Inn with Lord Denning.

        Was it Gwynne’s Navy association that made him the abuser/killer of choice for Lord D’s targets, Lord D’s brother beuing Sir Norman, Director of Naval Intelligence for years?

        Hee hee, I really must go on a tour of the Community In Pain and log the gurning, the faux remorse, the onions that are withdrawn from pockets etc.

        One thing that I should emphasise is the role of Douglas Hurd in all this and that Hurd was it seems one of the Home Secs who flouted all laws on bugging, surveillance etc. Hurd was Home Sec and we were being bugged when Dafydd rang me up in Leicester in 1987 and tried to get me to withdraw my complaint by telling me he’d get me a place at Liverpool Medical School. As he broached the bribery attempt, Dafydd prefaced it with ‘Some of my colleagues would rap me on the knuckles for saying this but…’ For years after, I and friends enjoyed the idea that Dafydd’s colleagues would ‘rap him on the knuckles’ for such blatent criminality and F really went to town and used to enjoy saying in a Dafydd-voice ‘Some of my colleagues would slap me on the buttocks for saying this…’ That was how buttocks came to be introduced into the calls from MacDuff. Then there was the Mark Of The Cain on Dafydd’s buttocks…

        These were the Calls From MacDuff that Dafydd complained to the police about and were referred to in the affidavit to Liverpool High Court. We were still being bugged and Liverpool High Court will have known the origin of the references to buttocks. Liverpool High Court will have known that Liverpool University, it’s medical and law schools were as corrupt as they come and a load of Empowered Service Users were wandering around Bangor going on about how some of Dafydd’s colleagues would SLAP HIM ON THE BUTTOCKS in return for a place at Liverpool University…

        No wonder Fungus Lowe at Bangor University tripped over himself to bleed anyone associated with Liverpool University dry re research funding.

        Dr Death was Chancellor of Liverpool University for ages and Miranda’s mate Drummond Bone was VC. Come on Miranda, we’re gathering dirt on Lord Denining, we want the truth. Lincoln’s Inn, I can feel the hand of history slapping you on your naughty New Labour buttocks Miranda and Mandy, ooh you’re all in trouble now. Does Derry wear a Baby Doll Nightie with nae panties a la Dafydd, Huw Daniel etc?

    So 4668 dead.’Safety incidents’ sounds like something that happens on the London Underground, I wonder how many Inquests were held if any?
    I wonder how many families have taken legal action? I wonder how many doctors or nurses were referred to their regulatory bodies? I wonder what the real number was given that the NHS are not good at counting. The seriously injured life changing stuff don’t even get a mention. Risk management, clinical governance, professional responsibility, appraisal, lessons learned, management oversight- la, la, la -what a load of absolute non-sense. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the dead could speak, feedback and all that. I guess forgiveness if non- intentional, but killed with intention then that’s a bit stickier for all concerned.
    It all feels a bit like the Ghosts of Christmas Past.

      1. And as any fool kno Wise Owl, ‘that patient chose not to live anymore and it can be very hard getting their loved ones to accept that’.

        They’ve lost it Wise Owl, they really have just driven each other completely bonkers by working with themselves for so long.

        1. Furthermore Wise Owl, the one NHS CEO that I did try very hard to work with because she so obviously wasn’t as insane and stupid as her predecessors were, didn’t effect change either. People have told me ‘She really shafted you, her job was to say the right things, apologise, tell you that they’d accept liability and treat you fairly while the Welsh Gov’t and Theo Huckle the Counsel General ensured that you didn’t get a penny and your documents disappeared, as your lawyers company was taken over by another firm…’

          Indeed. So did Mary Burrows benefit if it is true that she was party to me being screwed over? Not really, Mary is dead. Mary was dead within quite a short time of standing down as CEO. Mary died from cancer. She’d had it before, was in remission, seemed to be better, was working as a CEO and whoops, when the Gang told me that Mary would be ‘taken out’ (that was the expression used), Mary died about two years later. Ah bechod the Doctors did their best… Mary even moved to London to Get The Best Doctors. She died. So Merfyn’s wife died and Mary died. Martin Jones, Alun Davies, Elfed and Keith Thomson are all alive and kicking. They booze, they live unhealthy life styles, they’re all older unhealthy men and they are all still alive, even Davies who has had a few big heart attacks. They get the sort of ‘care’ that none of their patients get or indeed anyone who spills their pints.

    1. Good to see that the Labour Party are still desperately clinging on to the notion that the lethal fuckwittery is a consequence of ‘underfunding’. I know that the NHS isn’t good at counting but the Labour Party is even worse. Surely there is someone somewhere in the Labour Party who can add up just how much dosh is being spent on the NHS not just in terms of Capital Funding To Hospitals, but via ALL the hangers-on, there are legions, legions and legions. Even if you work in the NHS or medical research yourself, you will constantly come across something to do with the NHS that you hadn’t previously realised existed that is hoovering up a great deal of money.

      I only knew one person who had the long term psych patient in north Wales experience who had trained as an accountant – I’m hopeless in that sphere, I was able to get to grips with the other insanities well but not the books per se – and like me the Gang dragged him through the Courts constantly on the basis of perjury. We used to discuss at length how many millions – it was millions – had been spent on us two alone in terms of litigation, judges salaries, police n lawyers time, the legal aid for us, prison and secure unit costs for keeping us illegally banged up and keeping us out of our professional jobs on benefits. In about 2012, this accountant began to do the accounts as it were and God it was incredible. He had begun the job when he encountered yet another bastard of a Doc in the cartel in north Wales, so he produced the accounts that he had so far compiled. He was met with a smug reply of ‘If you publish this, you will find that the general public will blame you, a criminal who has wasted public money and our time’. From then on, stories began appearing in the press with the running theme of nutters who couldn’t be helped who were costing the NHS a fortune and ooh the police and ambulances as well.

      What never received coverage was the NW Wales NHS Trust receiving a visit from the Deputy Chief Constable of North Wales to tell Keith Thomson the CEO that if the police picked up one young woman Hergest patient one more time as being in need of care and safety after Thomson’s Hergest staff had thrown her out of the Hergest SEVEN TIMES IN ONE WEEKEND as soon as the police had taken her in as being in need, that the North Wales Police would bill the Trust for her care. No it wasn’t me, this was what the Hergest were doing to people and it had happened to virtually every corpse that was later found in the sea, in the Strait, under the bridge, on the railway track, in their flats dead… The biggest insult was the response of ‘We didn’t realise how desperate they felt’. Oh yes they did, that lot stood back and waited for the body to be found.

      When my PhD supervisor read just some of the documents that I obtained in 2005, he simply observed ‘The level of criminal negligence documented here is extraordinary’. He found comments in the records noting that no-one needed to worry about my welfare because this patient will kill herself anyway…

      Within months my supervisor and his wife had been forced out of their jobs at Bangor, war was declared on Merfyn and within two years Merfyn’s wife had died at the hands of the Top Docs. Then one of the psychs at Hergest stabbed himself to death in the heart upstairs while his kids had breakfast below. His colleagues told patients that he was just a bloody hypochondriac. The Deputy Chief Constable – presumably the man who had laid it on the line to Keith Thomson – ‘retired’ and went to work as CEO of Dafydd’s charidee CAIS. Richard Brunstrom, the Chief Constable, retired with him and no-one has heard of Mr Brunstrom since. Mr Brunstrom threw Elfed Roberts out of the police for corruption, then the Welsh Gov’t gave Elfed the job as NHS Trust Chairman.

      My accountant friend observed of the Top Cops ‘They don’t want to be found dead do they’. No, that is the bottom line. Richard Tranter emigrated to New Zealand after Tony Francis was found dead because Tranter was worried that he’d be next. Next was actually Michael Mansfield’s daughter…

      Brown was sent the text of an excellent speech made by a member of the Police Federation no less FUMING at the criminal irresponsibility of the mental health services and saying in no uncertain terms that if the police conducted themselves like the mental health services there would be litigation, inquiries, demos and probably street riots. The police do get away with a lot but it’s nothing as to what the psych services get away with, nothing at all…

    1. There’s some familiar faces there Wise Owl! What a laugh, the Chair of NHS England is David Prior, son of the lazy crooked farmer Jim Prior who ignored organised abuse in Norfolk facilitated by Lord Hain and Dafydd’s mate David Ennals and was an utter disaster as Thatch’s N Ireland Secretary. Did Jim Prior even NOTICE the bullets flying and the assassinations of people involved in the Kincora ring???

      Tony Francis grew up in Prior/David Ennals-land… I need to look again at the Prior dynasty, although I’ve blogged about them extensively. I forgot about Francis coming from their turf.

      I’ve received more info that fits in with something that always puzzled me. That day when Dafydd suddenly arrived in the Peep Show, with no warning, after I’d been illegally imprisoned and let me out, putting me on the train to London with Angels telling me to shut my mouth about DA and never to come back to north Wales…

      I knew that the only reason why I didn’t disappear or get killed in Denbigh a la Stephen Bagnall was because Brown wrote every day and I wrote back to him. They all knew that Brown was on the ball and wasn’t going to let me disappear off the radar for even a few days. But I always wondered why Dafydd suddenly let me out at that particular time. I know that the plan was to kill me when I got back to London and make it look like an accident or suicide, but I’ve had more info.

      Hilarious, the name in the frame is Nigel Stennet-Cox, the psychologist who came and had a cup of tea with me the day before Dafydd suddenly let me out. Early posts explained how Stennet-Cox was a witness to the abuses at Denbigh and when I tried to contact him I was told by Denbigh that no psychologist came to see me, ooh you’re mad. When I obtained my notes, there were letters to various people in Denbigh warning them that I was trying to contact Nigel Stennet-Cox, so could everyone tell me that no psychologist came to visit me and tell Stennet-Cox not to speak to me if I tracked him down!

      I’ve been told that I really dropped a bomb during the chat with Nasty Nigel and it went straight back to Dafydd AND Higher Authorities, eliciting the command to get her out of there now, retreat and kill her when there is no link to Denbigh…

      So what did I say? When Nigel said you’re just another nutter and you can be in here for the rest of your life and no-one will listen to a word you say, so why do you keep going, I told him that after what I saw in Somerset I would never let a corrupt old bastard like Dafydd intimidate me. No I didn’t mention grandpa or du Cann, I hadn’t ever thought much about them, I mentioned the Rev Rigg the Dirty Vicar of Bawdrip AND the insane old gits who ran the schools that I attended.

      I told Nasty Nigel that I had spent years watching these ridiculous people turn vulnerable kids into jellies and I would not stand by and watch professional people abuse their positions. I had no idea that the people whom I had a good sneer at to Nigel were linked into the Gang… I have mentioned in a previous post that I only realised when I was older that Rigg was a very serious offender and he will have been a real hot potato because Rigg’s family were a well-known legal family – or at least he told people that they were. I haven’t been able to find out who they were. But Rigg was moved to Bawdrip because of his serious offending in Lincoln, which is I think much posher than Bawdrip was in those days. Lincoln Cathedral etc. And Thatch was from Lincolnshire. Tom King provided a comfortable home for Rigg!!

      The Gang really are over the top aren’t they. I didn’t know the worst re Tiny Rowland, I just remembered a great many people who really mistreated the plebs in Somerset and I won’t stand by and collude with that sort of thing. Some of it was very, very nasty and the Gang’s umbrellas need to bloody well re-think their priorities.

      As for Nasty Nigel, I found out years later that Catherine Robinson and John Bailey, psychologists at Bangor University, knew him. I googled him and found out that he’d done his MSc in Leicester and was now retired and living in Norfolk. He likes vintage cars, as does Adrian Bell. When Catherine realised that I knew that Nasty Nige was a witness to serious crime, all traces of him disappeared from the internet. I’m sure that Catherine warned him, she told loads of accomplices that I had clear memories of Denbigh, I knew names and much else that I hadn’t yet published. Nasty Nige resurfaced on the internet after the Gang unlawfully imprisoned me all over again when I was attacked by the barrister’s daughter… I disappeared for about a year and the likes of Catherine just ignored me after they tried pumping my mates for info re my whereabouts and whether I’d found another job… The Gang thought that the coast was clear and they all were given promotions!

      Anyway, Stennet-Cox is the man. He was kept apart from Dafydd, patients weren’t given his name, he was just a friendly man who had a cup of tea with patients and asked them how they kept going after they’d been unlawfully imprisoned by a madman like Dafydd. Then he went straight back and told Dafydd! I knew the Angels were doing that, they were obviously terrified of Dafydd, but I didn’t know WHO Nigel was; I think he told me that he was only on placement at Denbigh, I seem to remember that he posed as a researcher…

      It’s a scream reading all the CVs of these people who worked at Denbigh with their silly fancy job titles; no-one was doing anything there but imprisoning victims of the Gang! For God’s sake if anyone really wants to find out about organised abuse in Wales, all they have to do is take every bugger who has ever worked at Denbigh in for questioning. Some were much worse than others, but the whole place was just there to silence witnesses…

      And just excavate the site, I know there are bodies out there, of course there are. How was this ever allowed to happen? It’s the Olden Days if you’re 16 yrs old but not if you’re 50! People weren’t allowed to do this in 1984, oh by the way, we want to force you into the Royal Brothel, now you’ve refused we’ll kidnap you and murder you! There’s a disgusting old lobotomist and he’s seething that you’ve told him where to get off, he’s running a paedophile ring as well, everyone knows about it, including Thatch and she’s had lunch with a member of your family who also knew Lord Denning, ooh well goodbye then, you’re going to be murdered!

      BTW those on the murder plot have blamed your father for everything and they’ve been given thousands of quid to keep quiet and Radio 4 have rung them and so have the police because they’re also harbouring a wanted criminal, and two social workers from Bridgy are in business with them, Ooh nothing suspicious here Sarge.

      I could say a few things that would remove a few more limbs of the BMA. So I will. After the first business arrangement between the plotters and the Bridgy social workers went so well and Evidence was given to the Gang re my Insanity and Dangerousness, the Bridgy social workers asked the plotters if they’d like to be paid for fostering children! I just said to Brown ‘What the hell is going on???’ Brown was saying ‘The Social Services are like that, they’ll even offer them the money to build an extension on the house to look after the kids.’ Indeed, I later found out that was the plan…

      Fancy fostering a few kids? Well all you have to do is be party to a murder plot, harbour a wanted criminal, tell lies to Dafydd for money, dig up a corpse from a graveyard and keep the skull as a trophy and then fire a Bulgarian student out of a catapult killing him in the process. It’ll all be my fault. Or my father’s or my grandfather’s. Or Mrs Brown’s. No-one else’s, so I’m glad we’ve got that clear now.

      Anyone on for murdering a Vice Chancellor’s wife to follow up?

      If you reckon that you can talk your way out of this BMA, I wish you all the best. You’ll need more than a Royal Guest at your next dinner.

      As for everyone who keeps telling me that this is terrible, surely I want them in prison, no I don’t, it’s bloody ridiculous. It’s so ridiculous that I don’t want them in prison, I want these utter lunatics to stay exactly where they are, I want everyone to carry on sniggering and bribing and laughing at Brown and I and denouncing us as Fucking Stupid Not To Get Millions For This, I want the Angels to shriek that They Didn’t Know and the Top Doctors to carry on pompousing. If Merfyn wants to nail the bastards for killing Nerys I wish him all the best, he’s probably rather more rational than me and views things differently, he hasn’t had to put up with quite so much. Although being VC of a University hosting the Royal Trafficking Ring must have been seriously weird.

  7. Maurice Saatchi and some fellow scumbags have resigned from the Board of Saatchi and Saatchi because of an ‘accounting scandal’. I’m so glad that they never felt the need to resign with regard to their aggressive promotion of utterly unscrupulous politicians who were er actively colluding with a gang of murderous paedophiles. Among the resignations were that of Lord Dobbs, who wrote the political thriller ‘House Of Cards’ about ruthless politicians who are prepared to murder and Sir Michael Peat, a former courtier. Michael Peat has featured on this blog, he knew about Peter Morrison, Norman St John Stevas, Backdoor Billy and surely he must have known about the Persons Of Low Morals Too… He probably knew that Carlo was AC/DC.

    Anyway they’ve resigned. Most of the key figures who facilitated the ring in north Wales have died now, being elderly. All recorded undercover as long ago as when I was a teenager and the bodies were found regularly but don’t worry your pretty little heads about it MI5. Vile old men wanted to have sex with young people who didn’t want to have sex with them so violent assaults and murder had to be employed. Quite understandable. Who were we to say no? Brown deserved that smashed skull and my mate Anne deserved to be killed outright and her close friend brain damaged. Served them right for being my confidants.

    Don’t waste money on any more prosecutions. Give all offenders who are reported to the police a big cheque. Its what you did to John Allen for decades. Dafydd’s still receiving his regular payments as is DGE Wood. Those dead bodies were all Lying To Get Compensation.

    And do remember to be offensive and judgemental about Prostitutes and Porn Stars while you’re about it. Lord Hain, you owe me my money. FOR THE PORN. I DO HOPE THAT YOU ENJOYED IT. FEES PLEASE and stop blaming the small fry, you were the sodding security services. And can people stop trying to make me Shocked and Disgusted over whatever it was that Adrian Bell did or didn’t do, no-one told me until I began this blog, although a lot of people seemed to know, so it doesn’t matter does it? Corrupt ex-forensic scientist? Well most of his victims will be dead now like my friend Anne, so just give him a nice big pension pot, he was only doing what William Mars-Jones told him to.

  8. And don’t give a second thought to that 15 year old boy who was found dying of serious injuries on his way to a train station in north east Wales. The injuries will have been self-inflicted and he’ll have been Lying To Get Compensation.

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