The 1995 Club

As any fule kno The 27 Club is a list consisting mostly of popular musicians, artists, or actors who died at age 27, one most recent high profile member being Amy Winehouse.

In this post I introduce an even more worrying phenomenon than The 27 Club ie. The 1995 Club, those Insider witnesses to the Gang who dropped during 1995. Previous posts have frequently mentioned the 1995 Deaths but recently I accessed another useful List that emphasises the very odd things that were happening at the highest levels of British Society in 1995 and in the preceding year ie. Brenda’s 1995 Birthday Honours.

I’ll remind readers that the 1995 Gang Panic was undoubtedly the consequences of John Allen awaiting and standing trial for sexual offences against boys in care in north Wales (Allen was convicted and jailed YET AGAIN on 9 Feb 1995), hot on the heels of the July 1994 jailing of Peter Howarth, who worked at Bryn Estyn and the June 1994 death (‘from an unidentified blood disorder’) of Howarth’s longstanding colleague and friend, Matt Arnold, former Head of Bryn Estyn.

Peter Howarth and Matt Arnold met in the mid-1960s at Ruskin College, Oxford; Arnold was a part-time tutor at Ruskin, Howarth was one of his students. Two Jags Prezza was at Ruskin at the time and served as President of the Ruskin Students’ Union. See ‘A Study In Tyranny’.See the source image As a student at Ruskin, Howarth undertook a student placement at a young persons institution in Richmond, Yorkshire, where Arnold worked. Richmond was a safe Tory seat, held from 1959 by Sir Timothy Kitson. Kitson stood down at the 1983 General Election – by which time the Gang were in full pursuit of me, Brown and our friends – and was succeeded by the man who was immediately appointed Home Secretary by Thatch:See the source imageNot that Thatch appointed a man with no political experience as Home Secretary; Leon, son of a Top Doc, had served as the MP for Cleveland and Whitby, Feb 1974-June 1983. Leon was succeeded as MP for Richmond in 1989 by a future Leader of the Tory Party who was initially talent-spotted as a 16 yr old at the Tory Party conference in 1977: William Hague (cropped).jpgAfter working together in Richmond, Arnold and Howarth worked at Axwell Park Approved School, Gateshead on the site of the ring in the North East that embraced Cleveland and Whitby before relocating to Bryn Estyn, Wrexham in 1973. The vacancies at Bryn Estyn had arisen after one Head was suspended in 1972 and his replacement was killed in a car crash, along with his wife and young son AND the Deputy Head, in early 1973. The MP for Wrexham since 1970 had been Labour’s Tom Ellis, who presumably never noticed the rapid turnover of Bryn Estyn Heads even as the result of the massacre on a road in Cheshire. Tom subsequently defected to the SDP.  Peter Howarth undoubtedly was a paedophile and had been assaulting boys for years but he always maintained that he had taken the rap for people rather grander than him who were never even investigated. One was known to be Sir Peter Morrison, brother of Dame Mary Morrison, Woman-of-the Bedchamber to Brenda, but there were many other names in the ring that no-one has dared confirm.

A quick reminder of some of those who Had Ultimate Responsibility For The 1995 Club:

The PM: 

Home Secretary:See the source image

The Three Secretaries of State for Wales during 1995: Official portrait of Rt Hon John Redwood MP crop 2.jpgSee the source imageWilliam Hague (cropped).jpg

The Two Secretaries of State for the Dept of Health During 1995:Official portrait of Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone crop 2.jpgStephen dorrell mp -nhs confederation annual conferencepercent2c manchester-11july2011 - crop.jpg

One Very Guilty Civil Servant:

The Lord Butler of Brockwell
Official portrait of Lord Butler of Brockwell crop 2.jpg

Lord Butler in 2019
Cabinet Secretary
Head of the Home Civil Service
In office
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
John Major
Tony Blair
Preceded by Sir Robert Armstrong
Succeeded by Sir Richard Wilson
Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister
In office
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Clive Whitmore
Succeeded by Nigel Wicks
Personal details
Born 3 January 1938 (age 82)
Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England, UK
Spouse(s) Gillian Lois Galley (1962-present)
Children 3
Alma mater University College, Oxford

The Leader of Brenda’s Opposition aka The Most Dangerous Man In The World (as identified by Pierre Bourdieu):See the source image

Leader of The Standing Joke:

Up in Bangor, Prof Eric Sunderland (who had relocated to UCNW from Durham University in the immediate aftermath of my 1984 complaint about Gwynne) had decided that he didn’t want to be Principal/VC of Bangor University anymore and was replaced by Prof Roy Evans, who relocated from Cardiff University:

Just as Eric decided in 1994 that he’d had enough of being Principal, the Gang’s loyal henchman of decades standing, Sir William Mars-Jones – the son of a Denbighshire farmer who became a corrupt High Court Judge and security services officer – decided that he didn’t want to be President of Bangor University anymore, having covered the arses of the criminals within from 1982. Thus Sir William handed the role over to the longstanding family friend of the Windbags, Lord Cledwyn Hughes:

Carlo remained Chancellor of Bangor University throughout 1995,  having occupied that role since 1976.


The 1995 Club included (I find another name every few days):

Peter Cook (9 Jan); Sir Nicholas Fairbairn (19 Feb); Viv Stanshall (5 March); Kenny Everett (4 April); Alice Ormsby-Gore, daughter of Lord David Harlech (c 17 April); Lord Arnold Goodman, Harold Wilson’s corrupt legal advisor and friend (12 May); Geoffrey Dickens (17 May); Harold Wilson (24 May); David Ennals (17 June); Bing Spear (9 July); Sir Hugh Dundas, relative of Lord David Dundas, aristo and sudden one-hit wonder pop star of the mid-1970s (10 July); Sir Peter Morrison (13 July); Paul Nunn, mountaineer and close friend of a family member of a psych patient who had been dumped with Gwynne and Dafydd as a young woman and abandoned (8 Aug); Gerry Garcia (9 Aug); Alison Hargreaves, Lady Mountaineer who left a toddler son Tom who disappeared on a mountain himself recently (13 Aug); Alec Douglas-Home (9 Oct); Arthur Bottomley, Labour MP of Harold’s era (3 Nov); Gwyn Alf Williams, Welsh Marxist historian with cult following (16 Nov); Sir Charles Evans (5 Dec); Arthur Mullard (11 Dec); Andrew Olle, high profile Oz TV broadcaster (12 Dec).

A number of other 1995 deaths were highly likely to have been those of Gang associates but I haven’t touched on them on the blog so far thus I’ve left them out of the above list…


Brenda’s June 1995 Birthday Honours list was just so incriminating that I have reproduced it in full here. It is quite a list for readers to work their way through in detail, but It’s Well Worth A Visit.I spotted the names of numerous criminals, readers of this blog will no doubt spot many more not yet known to me. I will only highlight the very obvious Gang’s criminal members in the list, because there are just so many.

Life Peers


Privy Counsellor

  • Robert James Atkins, MP, Member of Parliament for South Ribble and Minister of State for the Environment and the Countryside, Department of the Environment.
  • David John Maclean, MP, Member of Parliament for Penrith and the Border and Minister of State, Home Office.
  • Thomas Galloway, Baron Strathclyde, Government Chief Whip in the House of Lords and Captain of the Honourable Corps of the Gentlemen-at-Arms. See the source imageLord Strathclyde’s grandfather was the man at the centre of the Gay Spies In The Admiralty Scandal that clobbered Supermac just weeks before the Profumo Affair. Lord S’s grandfather, grandmother and his dad all pegged out at fortuitous times of the Gang, within a short space of time, leaving Lord S to inherit.

Knight Bachelor

Diplomatic and Overseas List

The Most Honourable Order of the Bath

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath (GCB)

Civil Division
  • Sir Terence Burns, Permanent Secretary, Her Majesty’s Treasury. Sir Terence knew Tommy Leigh-Pemberton’s dad but I would urge readers to click on the link re Sir Terence because he went onto truly great things after working with Tommy’s dad and bagging a gong in Brenda’s 1995 List Of Shame.

Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath (KCB)

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • Lieutenant General Michael John Dawson Walker, C.B.E. (481887), late The Royal Anglian Regiment
Royal Air Force
  • Air Marshal John Shakespeare Allison, C.B.E., Royal Air Force.
Civil Division
  • David Fell, C.B., Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service. See the source imageReaders will remember that I was friendly with Sir David’s daughter Harriet, when Harriet was a med student at Nottingham University in 1987. Harriet witnessed much abuse and criminality on the part of Top Docs, was treated very badly by them and subsequently gave up medicine. Harriet asked me a lot about Mr Bridgy Celeb who had just made friends with Tommy Leigh-Pemberton, Zany Python Graham etc. Sir David got the hell out of the Civil Service just before the Waterhouse Inquiry opened, leaving with an undisclosed lump sum for retiring early no less…
  • James Moray Stewart, C.B., Second Permanent Secretary, Ministry of DefenceSee the source image

Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB)

Military Division
Royal Navy
  • Rear Admiral Richard Oran Irwin
  • Rear Admiral John Gordon Tolhurst
  • There was a corrupt trafficking GP in Bridgy called Tolhurst. I provided details of his crimes to the relevant people. No reply. I wonder…See the source image
Army. Re Army and MoD: Think Col Keith Brown, aka Brown’s dad. Brown was forced out of his job as Aston University in 1995 after providing more evidence of Dafydd’s attempt to bribe me in Aug 1987.
See the source image
Air Force
Civil Division
  • John Sale Beastall, Grade 3, Her Majesty’s Treasury.
  • James David Prydeaux Bickford, lately Legal Adviser to the Security Service.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Christopher David Butler, Director, Department for National Savings.
  • Clive William Corlett, Deputy Chairman, Her Majesty’s Board of Inland Revenue.
  • Julian Smyth Crozier, Chief Executive, Training and Employment Agency, Department of Economic Development, Northern Ireland.See the source image
  • Antony John Goldman, Grade 3, Department of Transport.
  • Martin Howe, Director, Competition Policy, Office of Fair Trading, Department of Trade and Industry.
  • Roger Tustin Jackling, C.B.E., Grade 2, Ministry of DefenceSee the source image
  • Ian Alistair Johnston, Director General, TEED, Department of Employment.
  • John Duncan Lowe, Crown Agent, Crown Office, Scotland.
  • Miss Dinah Alison Nichols, Grade 2, Department of the Environment.
  • Anthony David Osborne, lately Grade 3, Treasury Solicitor’s Department.See the source image The Treasury Solicitor, under the Home Secretary, finally shafted Mary Wynch in 1994, after Mary Wynch had won every part of her case against the Gang in Court…
  • His Honour Judge James William Rant, Q.C., The Judge Advocate General, Lord Chancellor’s Department. Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Guy Stapleton, Chief Executive, Intervention Board Executive Agency, Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food.
  • Roger Hill Warren, lately Managing Director (Programmes), Defence Research Agency, Ministry of Defence.See the source image
  • Miss Rosemary Jane Wool, Director of Health Care, Prison Service, Home Office. See the source image
  • David Charles Lynn Wroe, Deputy Director, Central Statistical Office.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones Think mortality rates and Class A drug deaths, addiction rates, convictions, seizures etc. Class A drugs were of course the business of the Home Office Drugs Branch, the Mandarin responsible being Bing Spear, until he died in er July 1995, four days before Peter Morrison.See the source image

The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George

Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George (GCMG)

Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG)

  • Gerald Chierici Warner, C.M.G., Deputy Secretary, Cabinet Office Official portrait of Lord Butler of Brockwell crop 2.jpg
  • Roger John Carrick, C.M.G., L.V.O., High Commissioner, Canberra.
  • David Murray Elliott, C.B. Director General (Internal Market), General Secretariat of the Council of European Union. Leon was European Commissioner for External Relations, 23 January 1995-15 September 1999: ‘They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab, I Said No, No, No.’ In July 1995 Dafydd ‘retired’ from the NHS, clutching the NHS contract to provide Substance Abuse Services for north Wales. Dafydd was also providing Substance Abuse Services for the rest of Wales and much of England and Scotland, unofficially at first…
  • Lord Brittan 2011.jpg
  • Andrew Marley Wood, C.M.G., H.M. Ambassador-designate, Moscow

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)

  • Professor John Brand Free, For services to Beekeeping worldwide
  • Michael George Bawden, Head of British Development Division in the Caribbean.
  • Andrew Carter, lately Deputy Governor, Gibraltar.
  • Anthony David Harris, L.V.O., H.M. Ambassador, Abu Dhabi.
  • Thomas George Harris, H.M. Ambassador, Seoul.
  • Gavin Wallace Hewitt, H.M. Ambassador, Zagreb
  • David John Johnson, C.V.O., High Commissioner, Georgetown.
  • Peter Alfred Penfold, O.B.E., Governor of the British Virgin Islands.
  • Ivor Anthony Roberts, Chargé d’Affaires, Belgrade.
  • Michael Godfrey Thickett, Counsellor, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • Michael Charles Wood, lately Counsellor (Legal Adviser) U.K. Mission to the United Nations, New York

Royal Victorian Order

Dames Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (DCVO)

  • The Lady Mary Katharine Mumford, C.V.O., Lady in Waiting to Princess Alexandra, the Honourable Lady Ogilvy. Angus Ogilvy had been a big favourite of the Bridgy Tories in the 1970s.

Knights Commander of the Royal Victorian Order (KCVO)

Commanders of the Royal Victorian Order (CVO)

Lieutenants of the Royal Victorian Order (LVO)

  • Miss Jane Valerie Joan Astell, M.V.O., Royal Liaison Assistant, British Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Geoffrey Bignell. For personal services to The Prince of Wales.
  • Judith Lynne, Mrs. Hill, Partner, Farrer and Company.
  • Patrick Desmond Christian Jenny Jephson, Private Secretary to The Princess of Wales.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Sean O’Dwyer, Private Secretary to The Prince Edward.
  • Donald Pennington, Senior Press Officer, Central Office of Information (South West).See the source image
  • Priscilla Jane Stephanie, The Honourable Mrs. Roberts, M.V.O., Curator of the Print Room, Windsor Castle.
  • Timothy Willatt Slack, Principal, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park.
  • Wing Commander Neil Thurston, Royal Air Force. Lately Commanding Officer, The Queen’s Flight.

Members of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO)

  • Inspector Kenneth Atmore, Royal and Diplomatic Protection Department, Metropolitan Police.
  • Inspector Brian John Baston, Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department, Metropolitan Police.
  • Captain Anthony John Bull, R.D*., Harbour Master, Port of London Authority.
  • Evelyn Florence, Mrs. Elliott . For personal services to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.
  • Miss Patricia Jane Foye, lately Secretary to the Newspaper Society.
  • Squadron Leader Anthony Howard Guttridge, M.B.E., Royal Air Force. For services to The Queen’s Flight.
  • Squadron Leader Robert Fifield King, Royal Air Force. For services to The Queen’s Flight.
  • Anne Cynthia, Mrs. Lansiaux, lately Secretary to the Librarian, Royal Library, Windsor Castle.
  • Miss Theresa-Mary Morton, Assistant Curator (Exhibitions), Print Room, Windsor Castle.
  • Stuart Cyril Stagey, Senior Clerk, Master of the Household’s Department, Buckingham Palace.
  • Sergeant Brian Thorne, Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department, Metropolitan Police.
  • Arleen Valerie, Mrs. Vince, Lady Clerk, Private Secretary’s Office, Buckingham Palace.
  • Desmond Kenneth Waite, lately Consultant Architect to Sandringham Estate.
  • Miss Janet Ellen Weir, lately Secretary to Defence Services Secretary.
  • Gerald Stanley Wharton, Manager, Ceremonial and Protocol Services, Public Works and Government Services, Canada.
  • Irene Ann, Mrs. White., Private Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan.
  • Sergeant Barry John Wilkinson, Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department, Metropolitan Police.

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE)

Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE)

Diplomatic Service and Overseas List
  • John Walton David Gray, C.M.G., H.M. Ambassador, Brussels.
  • Wilfred Patrick Thesiger, C.B.E., D.S.O. Explorer and author. I wonder why Thesiger in 1995? He was the last of the Great Explorers, See the source image‘discovered’ much of Iraq and lived with the Marsh Arabs. Thesiger had great trouble relating to Wimmin, including Wimmin Explorers and had close relationships with Young Arab Men but in a ‘Wind In The Willows’ homophilic rather than homosexual way. Wimmin just didn’t enter Thesiger’s world See the source imagewhich mattered little when he was young in the early decades of the 20th c but looked odd when he was an older man in the 1990s… Thesiger might well have known Sir Charles Evans and his circle. Mr Bridgy Celeb was rubbing noses with Exmoor-based Explorer Ranulph Fiennes, who’s brother was a surgeon at St George’s.

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

Military Division
  • Captain Richard Geoffrey Hastilow, Royal Navy.
  • Commandant Nursing Officer Jane Titley, R.R.C., Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service.
  • Brigadier John William Martin Kincaid (469036), late Royal Regiment of Artillery.
  • Colonel Maurice Charles Hornby Manners-Smith (485784), late The Royal Green Jackets.
  • Brigadier Rodney Clive Walker (480420), late Royal Regiment of Artillery.
  • Group Captain James Andrew Collier, Royal Air Force.
  • Acting Air Commodore Michael Leonard Feenan, O.B.E., Royal Air Force.
  • Air Commodore Valentine Brinley Howells, Royal Air Force.
Civil Division
  • Donald Watson Adams, Grade 4, Crown Prosecution Service. It was in Feb 1995 that Hefin Davies, Chair of Gwynedd Community Health Trust, consulted the Welsh Office lawyers and Tony Lane from Caernarfon the Trust’s lawyers and asked if there was anything at all that they could find to prosecute me for. Dr Dafydd Alun JonesThe MDU received two letters from Dafydd See the source imageon one day alone in early 1995 re the Extreme Danger that I presented to him and all other NHS Top Docs.
  • Professor Thomas Harry David Arie, Foundation Professor of Health Care of the Elderly, University of Nottingham. For services to Medicine.See the source image
  • George Harvey Bardwell, lately Personnel Director, Benefits Agency. In north Wales anyone who complained about the Gang were unlawfully denied benefits. Dr Dafydd Alun JonesOthers who lied or perjured to order, benefited from Fiddles perpetrated by Gang members.
  • Alan Arthur Bates. Actor. For services to Drama.
  • George Bennett, Corporate Vice President, Motorola. For services to Manufacturing in Scotland.
  • Professor Gordon Purves Blair, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, The Queen’s University of Belfast. For services to Engineering Education. Sir David Fell See the source imagewas a graduate of Queen’s, was honoured by Queen’s, held ceremonial office at Queen’s and his last role in the Civil Service was as Head of the Civil Service in N Ireland. Tom King served as N Ireland Secretary, 3 September 1985-24 July 1989, Official portrait of Lord King of Bridgwater crop 2.jpgwhile Mr Bridgy Celeb bumped into the Rich n Famous  and while I worked at Nottingham with Harriet Fell.
  • Professor Robert Saul Bluglass, See the source imageSee the source imageProfessor of Forensic Psychiatry, University of Birmingham. For services to Medicine. CHIEF PEOPLE TRAFFICKER OF UK MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT. Perjury? That’ll do nicely Sir.See the source imageYes, of course we take American Express as well.See the source image
  • Jonathan A. Bodlender, Chairman, Horwath UK Limited. For services to Tourism.
  • John Robert Bosnell, Grade 5, Foreign and Commonwealth Office. See the source image
  • Professor Frederick John Bourne, Director, Institute for Animal Health. For services to Science.
  • William Powell Bowman, O.B.E., Chairman, Covent Garden Market Authority. For services to the New Covent Garden Market. I do know why this honour was given  but unlike so many who work in the NHS, I don’t break confidentiality…
  • Professor Alasdair Muir Breckenridge – For services to Medicine and to Health Care.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Helen Grace Mary, Lady Brook, President, Brook Advisory Centres. For services to Family Planning.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • David McPherson Broome, O.B.E. For services to Show Jumping. Brenda waited decades to give David Broome a Gong and then he only bagged an OBE. It’ll be something to do with Harvey Smith.
  • Michael John, Baron Brougham and Vaux. For political services.
  • Professor Michael John Bruton. For services to the University of Wales College, Cardiff.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • David Martin Burridge, Director, European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts. For services to Weather Forecasting.
  • Raymond Montague Burton, Vice President, Jewish Museum.See the source image For charitable services to Museums.
  • Alan Calder, Research and Development Manager, Zeneca Specialities. For services to Science.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Edward Arthur John Carr, Chief Executive, CADW.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Robert Angus Clark, Director (Distribution), J. Sainsbury plc, and lately President, Freight Transport Association. For services to the Freight Transport Industry.
  • Andrew John Collier, Chief Education Officer, Lancashire. For services to Education.
  • John William Corrin, Her Majesty’s First Deemster and Deputy Governor, Isle of Man. For services to the Community on the Isle of Man. The secretary in Bodger’s team who had access to the most serious dirt came from the Isle of Man. She thought that Bodger et al were barking mad and criminal but she would have known that they could have flattened her.See the source image In 1995 Prof Patrick Vallance left the employment of St George’s Hospital Medical School, where he had Trained and worked since Qualifying in 1984. Sir Patrick is now Chief Scientific Adviser to the Gov’t. See the source imageAnyone for Coronavirus Panic? In June 1995, Bodger’s colleague Malcolm Pearce was struck off by the GMC for research fraud. Bodger was fully on board as well but Bodger was mates with Royal Circles, Celebs and was the Medical Link To Hollywood – Bodger went to Cowbridge Grammar School a la Sir Anthony Hopkins and they knew each other – so the GMC didn’t summon Bodger before any Committees. Bodger gave evidence against Malcolm. See ‘Now Then…’ There was a Happy Ending; Malcolm knew so much, having worked in Leeds with Jimmy Savile, that he needed to be kept sweet so a job as an adviser on medical negligence cases in a barrister’s Chambers was negotiated for struck-off in disgrace life ruined you know ooh what a shame why ever did he do it? See the source imageMalcolm. Top Docs in London at the time of the scandal told the media that Malcolm was a ‘fine doctor with a fine reputation’ and this totally out of character behaviour was a mystery.
  • Timothy Robert Cutler, Director General, Forestry Commission.
  • Professor Kay Elizabeth Davies, Research Scientist, Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford. For services to Science.
  • Professor Rodney Deane Davies, lately Professor of Physics, University of Manchester and Director, Nuffleld Radio Astronomy Laboratories, Jodrell Bank. For services to Radio Astronomy.
  • Nicholas John Durlacher, Chairman, London International financial Futures Exchange. For services to the Finance Industry.
  • Miss Carol Jacqueline Ellis (Mrs. Gilmore), Q.C., Editor, the Law Reports. For services to the Legal Profession.See the source image
  • James Evans, Council Member, Newspaper Society and Director, Press Standards Board of Finance Ltd. For services to the Newspaper Industry.
  • Colin Foxall, Managing Director, NCM Credit Insurance Ltd. For services to Export Credits.
  • Professor Raoul Norman Franklin, Vice Chancellor, City University, London. For services to Higher Education.
  • Miss Elizabeth Fritsch, Potter. For services to Art.
  • Rex William Gaisford, Director, Development, Amerada Hess Ltd. For services to the Oil Industry.
  • Frederick Gareth Robert Gimblett, O.B.E., Chair, Care Sector Consortium, Occupational Standards Council for Health and Social Care. For services to Health and Social Care.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Gerald Henry Gordon, Q.C., Sheriff of Glasgow and Strathkelvin.
  • Peter William Greenwood, Group Managing Director, Molins pic. For services to Manufacturing Industry.
  • Angela Rae, Mrs. Guillaume. For political service.
  • Major Michael Ernie Sykes Hankinson. For political service.
  • Professor Peter Stanley Harper, Professor and Head, Department of Medical Genetics, University of Wales College of Medicine and Director, Institute of Medical Genetics for Wales. For services to Medicine.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Peter Arthur Hillard Hartley, lately Chairman, Leeds Urban Development Corporation. For services to Urban Regeneration.
  • Anthony Joseph Hazeldine, lately Grade 5 Department of the Environment.
  • Miss Patricia Anne Hodgson (Mrs Donaldson), Director of Policy and Planning, British Broadcasting Corporation. For services to Broadcasting.
  • Cedric Frank Insley. For political service.
  • Peter Jack Jarvis, Chief Executive, Whitbread. For services to the Brewing and Catering Industries.
  • Christopher Francis Jebens, O.B.E., lately Chief Executive. Lautro. For services to the Finance Industry.
  • Jack Jeffery, Chairman and Managing Director, North Surrey Water Ltd. For services to the Water Industry.
  • Jeremy James Jerram, Member, British Railways Board. For services to the Railway Industry.
  • Christopher David Glyn-Jones, Grade 5, Ministry of Defence.See the source image
  • Elisabeth Audrey, Mrs. Jones, O.B.E. For political and public service.
  • Harry Jones, Chairman, Labour Group, Association of District Councils and Leader, Council of Wales Districts. For services to Local Government in Wales.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Sara, Mrs. Jones. For services to Ex-Service Men and Women.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • David Lewis. For charitable services.
  • Robert Charles William Luff, Founder and Director, Robert Luff Charitable Foundation. For charitable services to Medical Research.See the source image
  • Peter James Scott Lumsden, Chairman, Special Trustees, St Thomas’ Hospital, London. For services to Health Care.See the source image
  • Michael Heathcote Mallinson, Chairman, Department of the Environment’s Property Holdings Agency Board. For services to the Property Industry.
  • Terence Francis Mathews, lately Grade 4, Building Societies Commission.
  • James McAdam, Chairman, British Apparel and Textile Confederation. For services to the Textile and Clothing Industries.
  • Thomas Joseph McCool, Chief Executive, Scottish Vocational Education Council. For services to Education.
  • John Blyth McDowall, Executive Director, British Steel. For services to the Steel Industry in Wales.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Rosemary, Mrs. McKenna, President, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities. For services to Local Government in Scotland.
  • Hector John Finlayson McLean, Appointments Secretary to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. For services to the Church of England. In 1995 George Carey, Archbishop of Carey, as well as Carlo, concealed the sex offences committed by Bishop Peter Ball. Carlo provided Ball with a Duchy cottage for his retirement, in Aller, on the Somerset Levels.See the source image
  • Leif Anthony Mills, General Secretary, Banking, Insurance and Finance Union. For services to Industrial Relations and to Training.
  • Kenneth Joseph Minton, Chief Executive and Group Managing Director, Laporte pic. For services to the Chemicals Industry.
  • Robert Michael Nicholls, Director, NHS Executive. For services to Health Care.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Patrick O’Brian, Author. For services to Literature. Patrick had many moons ago, lived in Cwm Croesor. Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • David Joseph O’Dowd, Q.P.M., Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary, Eastern Region. For services to the Police. 
  • Edward O’Neill. For political service.
  • Miss Onora Sylvia O’Neill, Principal, Newnham College, University of Cambridge. For services to Political Philosophy.
  • Professor Derek Ogston, Professor of Medicine and Vice Principal, University of Aberdeen. For services to Medicine and to Education. Dafydd had long standing partners in crime Dr Dafydd Alun Jonesin Aberdeen.
  • Alan William Parker, Film Director. For services to the Film Industry. 
  • Peter Anthony Lawrence Parker, Grade 5, Department of Employment.
  • Brian Harold Pearce, Chairman, Pearce Signs Group. For services to Industry.
  • Martin Roger Perry. For political service.
  • Brian William Petley, Grade 5, National Physical Laboratory, Department of Trade and Industry.
  • Patrick Robert Prenter, Chairman and Managing Director, MacTaggart Scott and Company Ltd. For services to the Defence Industry.
  • Iain Alasdair Robertson, Chief Executive, Highlands and Islands Enterprise. For services to the Highlands and Islands.
  • Alan Walter Rudge, O.B.E., Deputy Group Managing Director, British Telecommunications pic. For services to the Telecommunications Industry.
  • John Henry Russell, Chairman, Japan Trade Advisers. For services to Export.
  • Jonathan Scott, Chairman, Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art and Trustee, Imperial War Museum. For services to Art and to Museums.
  • John Francis Sharpe, Grade 5, Department of Health.
  • David John Shattock, Q.P.M., Chief Constable, Avon and Somerset Constabulary. For services to the Police. 
  • Martin Stephen Shelton, lately Corporation Secretary, British Coal Corporation. For services to the Coal Industry.
  • Bernard David Short, Grade 4, Department for Education.
  • Richard John Simmons. For political and public service.
  • Peter William Smallridge, Director of Social Services, Kent County Council. For services to Social Work.
  • Alan Smith, M.B.E., Chairman, National Advisory Council on Employment of People with Disabilities. For services to the Employment of Disabled People.
  • George Kenneth Smith. For services to Rugby Union Football.
  • Ronald Dennis Neale Somerville, Chairman of Governors, the City Technology College, Kingshurst, Solihull. For services to Education.
  • Robert Edward Spencer, Grade 5, Ministry of Defence.
  • John Maurice Stoddart, Principal and Vice Chancellor, Sheffield Hallam University. For services to Higher Education.
  • Charles Murray Stuart, lately Deputy Chairman, the Audit Commission. For services to the Audit Commission. Consider this: Jeremy Colman joined the National Audit Office (NAO) in 1993, where for 12 years he was responsible for Private Finance Initiatives and Public-private partnerships, before being appointed as the first head of the new Wales Audit Office on 1 April 2005. Colman resigned from his post on 3 February 2010, after an investigation found child porn on his work computer. On 8 February 2010 Colman was arrested and charged with “possessing indecent images”. Colman pleaded guilty to fifteen separate offences and, in November 2010, he was sentenced to eight months in jail. Dr Dafydd Alun Jones Colman was replaced as National Auditor for Wales by Huw Vaughan Thomas, the er CEO of Gwynedd County Council who had himself succeeded Ioan Bowen Rees in that post.
  • John Towers, Chief Executive, Rover Group Ltd. For services to the Motor Manufacturing Industry.
  • Reginald Charles Tyrrell, lately Chairman, National Trust for Scotland. For services to Conservation. 
  • Peter Upton, Director of Operations, Valuation Office Agency, Her Majesty’s Board of Inland Revenue.
  • Charles John Prendergast Vereker, D.L., Leader, Conservative Group, Warwickshire County Council. For services to Local Government.
  • Ernest John Munro Walker, O.B.E., lately Chairman, Health Education Board for Scotland. For services to Health Education in Scotland.
  • Daniel Blair Wallace, M.B.E. For services to the Police.
  • John MacQueen Ward. For services to Industry and to Public Life in Scotland.
  • Miss Judith Weir, Composer. For services to Music.
  • Peter Wetzel, Chairman, Barnsley and Doncaster Training and Enterprise Council. For services to Training.
  • Professor Alan Williams, Livesey Professor and Head, Department of Fuel and Energy, University of Leeds. For services to the Scientific Development of Fuel Chemistry.
  • Anne, Mrs. Williams, Chairman, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food’s North Mercia Regional Panel. For services to Agriculture and to the community in Staffordshire.

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Military Division
  • Commander James Kenneth Dobson, Royal Navy.
  • Commander Marcus Peter Fitzgerald, Royal Navy.
  • Local Lieutenant Colonel Paul Douglas Thomas Irvine, Royal Marines.
  • Commander John Kirkpatrick, Royal Navy.
  • Commander Blair Crinean Murray, Royal Navy.
  • Local Lieutenant Colonel Christopher John Nunn, Royal Marines.
  • Commander Nigel William Sweny, Royal Navy.
  • Commander John Geoffrey Hugh Tighe, Royal Navy.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Michael Edward Bradley (477735), The Green Howards.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Martin Geoffrey Coulson, T.D. (485652), Royal Monmouthshire Engineers, Territorial Army.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Peter John Tyler Maggs (493747), The Royal Logistic Corps.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Francis Leonard Weeks (493568), The Light Infantry.
  • Lieutenant Colonel (now Acting Colonel) Aldwin James Glendinning Wight, M.B.E., M.C. (501023), Welsh Guards.
  • Lieutenant Colonel John David Woolmore, B.E.M. (514358), Intelligence Corps.
  • Wing Commander Timothy Paul Brewer (5201367), Royal Air Force.
  • Wing Commander Jeffrey Donald Bullen (4233114), Royal Air Force.
  • Wing Commander Peter Anthony Coker (8026750), Royal Air Force.
  • Wing Commander Bernard Cecil Cole (0594665), Royal Air Force.
  • Wing Commander Alexander Dickson, M.B.E., A.E. (3143089), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
  • Wing Commander John Kevin Harte (1941975), Royal Air Force.
  • Wing Commander Thomas Paul McDonald (0208581), Royal Air Force.
  • Wing Commander Bruce Martin Wynn (5201237), Royal Air Force.
Civil Division
  • David Harry Adams, Chief Executive, Railways Pension Trustee Company Ltd. for services to the Railway Industry.
  • Ian Allan. For services to Railway Preservation, publishing and to Bridewell Royal Hospital-King Edward’s School, Witley.
  • John Alexander Allen. For services to the Housing Association Movement.
  • Joan, Mrs. Allison. For services to Athletics.
  • William John Arnold, Principal Professional and Technology Officer, Ministry of Defence.
  • Wilfred Lionel Gwyn Ashton, lately divisional veterinary Officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
  • Margaret Anne, Mrs. Ashwell, Member, Food Advisory Committee. For services to Food Policy.
  • John Brian Ashworth, Vice Chairman, Seagram Distillers pic and Chairman, Renfrewshire Enterprise. For services to the Scotch Whisky Industry and to Business.
  • Rodney Aspinwall, Chairman, Aspinwall and Company Ltd. For services to Environmental Management.
  • Mary Eleanor, Mrs. Asprey. For services to the National Missing Persons’ Helpline.
  • Pamela, Mrs. Bader, Member, Thames Valley Enterprise Training and Enterprise Council. For services to Training.
  • Melvyn Barker, Grade 7, Department for Education.
  • Rosemary Vera, Mrs. Barkes. For political and public service.
  • Andrew Smith Barr, Assistant Collector, Her Majesty’s Board of Customs and Excise.
  • Susan, Mrs. Battle, Deputy Chief Executive, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Industry. For services to the Chamber of Commerce Movement.See the source image
  • John Stuart Bevan, Secretary, Association for Colleges. For services to Education.
  • Alexander Wilson Blane, Principal Professional and Technology Officer, Ministry of Defence.
  • John Stuart Bloor, Managing Director, Triumph Motorcycles. For services to the Motorcycle Industry.
  • Elizabeth Ann, Mrs. Boatman. For services to Women’s Golf. Mr Rodgers, my geology teacher at Bridgwater College, was married to Pat, a Professional Lady Golfer.Image result for jimmie mcalpine imagesHazel Elizabeth, Mrs. Bradford. For political and public service.
  • James Braid, Member, Fife Regional Council. For services to Local Government. 
  • Miss Elspeth Livingston Brewis. For services to Health Care for Children.
  • Robert Arthur Brice, D.L. For services to the community in Essex.
  • Douglas William Imrie-Brown. For charitable services, particularly to Rotary International. The Rotary Club in Bridgy was a fest of corrupt local professionals.
  • Professor George William Brown, Professor, Department of Social Policy and Social Staff, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, London. For services to Medical Research. George Brown was a Medical Sociologist who had worked with Gwynne’s mates as a young researcher and in 1995 began publishing papers on Abuse and Depression In Wimmin. Dr Dafydd Alun JonesGeorge was a colleague of Earl Conrad Russell, Bertrand’s son.
  • Richard Henry Bryant, T.D. For services to the community in East Sussex.
  • Michael Haldon Burden, Technical Director, TI Reynolds Rings Ltd. For services to Scientific Engineering.
  • Alan Burgess, Grade 7, Highways Agency, Department of Transport.
  • Elizabeth Kerr, Mrs. Burns, Director, Volunteer Development Scotland. For services to volunteering.
  • Jennifer Margaret, Mrs. Butcher, Assistant Collector, Her Majesty’s Board of Customs and Excise.
  • Miss Mary Rose Winifred Caden, Convener, General Teaching Council for Scotland. For services to Education.
  • David Howard Cairns, lately Secretary General, International Accounting Standards Committee. For services to the Accountancy Profession.
  • James Campbell Cairns, D.F.C., Secretary, Soldiers’, Sailors’ and Airmen’s Families Association, Solihull. For services to Ex Servicemen and Women.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Samuel John Chambers. For services to Relate.
  • Robert John Haylock Chambers, Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. For services to Developing Countries.
  • Frederick John Chapman, lately Chairman, Planning Committee, Birmingham City Council. For services to Local Government.See the source image
  • Robert William Chappell. For services to Optometry.
  • Professor Juliet Cheetham, Director, Social Work Research Centre, University of Stirling. For services to Social Work.
  • David Richard Cleaton. For services to Careers Education.
  • Robert Maxwell Clerk, lately Chairman of Council, Association of Scottish District Salmon Fishery Boards. For services to the Fisheries Industry.
  • John Walford Common. For services to the Shipping Industry, and for charitable services in Northumberland.
  • Lindsay Conway. For services to Social Work.
  • John Corns. For political and public service.
  • Oliver Grant Crichton. For services to the Hotel and Catering Benevolent Association.
  • Professor David Crystal. For services to the English Language and to Linguistics. David Crystal was a London-based academic but lives in Holyhead and holds an honorary Chair at Bangor University.
  • Michael J. Davey, Regional Secretary, Transport and General Workers Union. For services to Industrial Relations. The Ale Twat is a member of the TGWU as are so many others Who Knew. 
  • Allen Robert Leonard Davies, lately Secretary, Civil Litigation Committee, the Law Society. For services to the Legal Profession.See the source image
  • David Kenneth Lewis Davies, Chairman, Cancer Research in Wales. For charitable services to the community in Wales.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Arthur Charles Henry Denny. For services to the De Montfort University, Leicester.See the source image
  • David Henry Duff, Grade 6, Department of Employment.
  • Miss Carol Ann Duffy, Poet. For services to Poetry.
  • Michael Nicholas Duffy, Head Teacher, King Edward VI School, Morpeth, Northumberland. For services to Education.
  • Dennis Dunn, Port Manager, Associated British Ports, Grimsby and Immingham. For services to the Port Industry.
  • Stephen George Dunster, Treasurer, West Glamorgan County Council. For services to Local Government in Wales.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Barbara Carol, Mrs. Eastland. For political and public service.
  • Miss Joan Edmondson, lately Grade 7, Employment Service, Department of Employment.
  • Robert Anthony Cowan Edridge, Marketing Director, Combat Systems Division, BAeSEMA Ltd. For services to the Defence Industry.
  • Clarice Estelle Norton, Mrs. Edwards. For political and public service.
  • John Norman Ellis, lately Secretary, Council of Civil Service Unions. For services to Industrial Relations.
  • Ralph Emery, Vice-President, Canning House. For services to Anglo/Latin American Relations.
  • David Acfield Emms. For services to Education.
  • Richard Kendall Corris Evans, Grade 7, Her Majesty’s Treasury.
  • T. Alun Valentine Evans. For services to the community including Welsh Language and Culture in Powys.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Angus Dune Miller Farquharson, D.L. For services to Forestry and to the community in Aberdeenshire.
  • Sister Pauline Fenton. For services to the community, particularly St Michael and Martin’s Primary School, in Hounslow, Middlesex.
  • Miss Jill Ferguson, Principal, Woking College, Surrey. For services to Education. F came from Woking, it was where he went to schoolwith Rick Parfitt.As any fule kno, Carlo’s fave stars are the Three Degrees, Leonard Cohen and the Quo.
  • John Ferguson, Secretary and Registrar, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. For services to Pharmacy. In 1994/95, the pharmacy at Ysbyty Gwynedd was issuing Class As on the NHS to ‘Dafydd’s patients’ who were arriving at his YG Clinic from England as well as south Wales.
  • Douglas Martin Edward Ferreira, General Manager, Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway. For services to Tourism.
  • Mary Elizabeth, Mrs. Ferris. For services to Education.
  • Donald Gordon Fleet, Regional Director, Opportunities for People with Disabilities. For services to Disabled People.
  • Mavis Alice, Mrs. Foden, Chairman, Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust, West Midlands. For services to Health Care. Colin Berry from Walsall Hospital was Bluglass’s fellow Panel member when Bluglass held his1989 investigation into my complaint about the Gang.
  • Anne Margaret Madaline, Mrs. Footner, Chief Nurse Adviser, Frenchay Healthcare NHS Trust, Bristol. For services to Health Care. I only need mention D.G.E. Wood.
  • Harold Bentley Formstone, Grade 7, Department of Trade and Industry.
  • Robert Jack Forrest, Farmer. For services to Agriculture in Berwickshire.
  • Colin Edward Francis, Grade 7, Welsh Office. 
  • James Albert Fuke. For political service.
  • Hance Fullerton, Chief Executive, Grampian Enterprise Ltd. For services to Business in Grampian. Neil Richard Galbraith, Director of Education and Leisure Services, Western Isles Islands Council and Chairman, Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum. For services to Education.
  • James D. Stiring Gallagher. For services to the Catering Industry.
  • Professor David Ganderton, Chairman, British Pharmacopoeia Commission. For services to the Control of Medicines.
  • Professor David Gardner, Deputy Managing Director and Director of European Projects, Military Aircraft Division, British Aerospace Defence Company. For services to the Defence Industry. Think Westland.
  • Francis Gilhooly, Parliamentary Complaints and Correspondence Manager, Her Majesty’s Board of Inland Revenue.
  • Brian John Gillespie, T.D., D.L. For services to the community in Tyne and Wear.
  • Brian Geoffrey Gleed, Principal Engineer, Project Manager for Safety Assessment of Naval Base Developments, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority. For services to the Defence Industry. The ‘new’ development at Hinkley Point was approved when Cameron was PM. Yet the infrastructure for the ‘new’ Hinkley began to be built in the Bridgy area in 1988.
  • Michael John Gooch, Grade 7, Department of Trade and Industry.
  • John Barrie Gordon, Chairman, North East River Purification Board. For services to the community in Banff and Buchan, Aberdeenshire.
  • John Gott, Chief Commandant, Lancashire Special Constabulary. For services to the Police.
  • Lance Grainger, Grade 6, Department of Transport.
  • Dorothy Mary, Mrs. Greenland, M.B.E. For political and public services.
  • Richard Moran Greensmith, General Manager, Special Network Services, British Telecommunications pic. For services to the Telecommunications Industry.
  • Judith, Mrs. Greenwood, Consultant Community Psychiatrist, Edinburgh Healthcare NHS Trust. For services to Medicine.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Alfred Arthur Grimwade. For services to the Cedarmore Housing Association, Kent.
  • Miss Maggi Hambling, Artist. For services to Art.
  • Miss Susan Hampshire (Lady Kulukundis), President, Dyslexia Institute. For services to Dyslexic People.
  • Penelope Jane, Mrs. Meredith-Hardy, Member, Hertfordshire Probation Committee. For services to the Probation Service.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Professor David William Harkness. For services to Museums.
  • Norman Alexander Harkness, Grade 6, the Trade Mark Registry, the Patent Office, Department of Trade and Industry.
  • Anthony John Hart, D.S.C. For services to Magistracy in the City of London.
  • Nasimulhaq Shahzad Hasnie, Co-ordinator for Equal Opportunities Multi-Cultural Education, Huddersfield Technical College. For services to Education and to Community Relations.
  • John Harold Haynes, Chairman, Haynes Publishing Group pic. For services to Publishing.
  • Joyce Helena, Mrs. Hayward, President, the Attingham Trust. For services to the study of the British Country House.
  • Brian Tate Head, Principal Inspector, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Pollution, Department of the Environment.
  • Colin Douglas Henderson, lately Grade 6, Scottish Office.
  • Louise Ann, Mrs. Henry (Mrs. Maderson), Grade 7, Department of Health.
  • Roderic Morley Hewitt. For services to Forestry.
  • Thomas Albert Hilliard. For charitable services in Surrey.
  • John Michael Hillier, Director of Administration, West Midlands Police. For services to the Police.
  • Anthony John Hirst, Director, the Boat Museum and lately Chairman, Association of Independent Museums. For services to Museums.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Reginald Holland, M.B.E., B.E.M. For services to Disabled Ex-Servicemen and Women.
  • Derek Peter Holley. For political and public service.
  • Miss Doreen Mary Horridge, lately Grade 6, Department of Health.
  • David Morgan Hughes, Chief Conservator (Wales), Forestry Commission.
  • Mohammed Hamid Husain, General Medical Practitioner, Rotherham, South Yorkshire. For services to Medicine.
  • Eileen Isobel Mary, Mrs. Hutton, lately President National Childbirth Trust. Bodger’s mates were involved with the NCT as of course was Brave Wendy et al. For services to Health Care in the Maternity Services.
  • Kazuo Ishiguro, Writer. For services to Literature.
  • Norma Jean, Mrs. Izard. For services to Women’s Cricket.
  • Christopher Robert Jackson, Member, Wales Tourist Board. For services to Tourism in Wales.
  • Malcolm Stuart Jackson, lately Grade 6, Department of Social Security.
  • Ivan Jacobson, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Dundee Royal Infirmary. For services to Medicine. Dundee and St Andrew’s Universities work in partnership re medicine. Students and docs studying/working at St Andrew’s also work in Dundee. As Robert Bluglass did as well as Andrew Black, the son of Sir Douglas Black.
  • Saeed Jaffrey, Actor. For services to Drama.
  • Roy Arthur Jeffreys, Honorary Treasurer, the Royal Society of Chemistry. For services to Science.
  • Kevin John Jenkins, Co-founder and Children and Youth Team Manager, Community Links. For services to Young People.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • William Anthony Jerrett. For services to Medicine in Wales.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Michael John Jewitt, District Inspector, Her Majesty’s Board of Inland Revenue.
  • Gareth Jones. For services to the community, particularly Disabled People, in Wales.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Jackie, Mrs. Jenkin-Jones. For political and public service.
  • Janet Eveline, Mrs. Jones. For services to Education and to Women’s Issues.
  • John Lloyd Jones, Chairman, National Farmers’ Union Welsh Council. For services to Agriculture in Wales.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Margaret Catherine, Mrs. Jones, lately Headteacher, Ysgol Pendalar, Caernarfon, Gwynedd. For services to Education.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Sydney Jones, Chief Executive, the Boys’ Brigade. For services to Young People.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • David Graham Keenleside. For services to the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.
  • Michael John Kendrick, Director of Planning and Transportation, Northamptonshire County Council. For services to Road Safety.
  • Arthur Henry William Kennard, I.S.O., President, National Committee of Valuation Tribunals and President, Buckinghamshire Valuation Tribunal. For services to Valuation Tribunals.
  • Joanna Alicia Gore, Mrs. Kennedy, Associate Director, Ove Arup and Partners. For services to Women in Engineering.
  • John Patrick Kennedy. For legal services to the Band Aid Trust.
  • Denis Patrick Gerard Keogh, Deputy Director, Northern Ireland Works Organisation.See the source image
  • Abdul Qadeer Khan, Head, South Yorkshire Waste Regulation Unit. For services to Environmental Protection.
  • Mohammed Akram Khan, Grade 6, Office for Standards in Education.
  • Ronnie King, Q.F.S.M., Chief Fire Officer, Dyfed County Fire Brigade. For services to the Fire Service. Dr Dafydd Alun JonesRonnie knew about F being fitted up for arson in 1986.
  • John Kingdom, Grade 6, Department of the Environment.
  • Rosemary Davina, Lady. Kingsdown, lately President, British Red Cross Society, Kent. For services to the British Red Cross Society.
  • John Neville Knox, Chairman, the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship. For services to the Legal Profession.See the source image
  • Frank Philip Krinks, General Secretary, Civil Service Sports Council.
  • John Colin Leonard Thornton Lee, Area Chairman, Sea Cadet Corps, North West England. For services to Young People.
  • Neville Hall Lee, President, Association of Residential Letting Agents. For services to the Letting Industry.
  • Margaret Clare, Mrs. Lillyman, Headteacher, Millais School, Horsham, West Sussex. For services to Education.
  • James Malcolm Littlewood, Consultant in Paediatrics, St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds. For services to Medicine.
  • Alexander John Bruce-Lockhart. For political and public service.
  • Andrew Usherwood Lyburn, Member, Occupational Pensions Board, for services to Occupational Pensions.
  • Professor George Murray Mackay, Professor in Transport Safety, University of Birmingham. For services to Road and Vehicle Safety.
  • Miss Ruth Mackenzie, Executive Director, Nottingham Playhouse. For services to the Theatre.
  • Jurat Herbert Nicolle Machon. For services to the community in Guernsey.
  • Sheila Stirling, Mrs. Mackay. For political and public service.
  • Bruce David Mackie. For political and public service.
  • Audrey, Mrs. Males, Chief Administrative Nursing Officer, Mid-Glamorgan Health Authority. Dr Dafydd Alun JonesFor services to Nursing.
  • John Henry Martin. For services to the Construction Industry.
  • Samuel Robert Martin. For services to Agriculture.
  • Anthony Phillip Mathers, Director, Armoured Fighting Vehicle Projects, GKN Defence. For services to the Defence Industry.
  • Edward Matthews, lately Director, Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations’ Council and Scottish Refugee Council. For services to Voluntary Organisations.
  • Edward Robert Maun, Principal Scientific Officer, Ministry of Defence.
  • John Hunter Maxwell. For services to the Newspaper Industry and to the community in Cumbria.
  • Ian Malcolm McAlpine. For political and public service.
  • John McFarlane, Executive Director, Standard Chartered pic. For services to the Finance Industry. 
  • Professor John Peter McInerney, Glanely Professor of Agricultural Policy, University of Exeter. For services to Agricultural Economics.
  • James McInnes. For services to the community, particularly the Abbeyfield Society, in Kendal, Cumbria.
  • Miss Sheila Marshall McKechnie. For services to Homeless People.
  • Robert James McKinstry. For services to Architecture.
  • William Pollock McLaren, M.B.E. For services to Broadcasting and to Rugby Union Football.
  • Michael Frederick Messenger, County Librarian and Arts Officer, Hereford and Worcester County Council. For services to Libraries.
  • William John Millar, lately Grade 7, Northern Ireland Office.See the source image
  • Professor Spencer Leonard Millham, Director, Dartington Social Research Unit. For services to Young People.
  • George Mutch Mitchell, Seneschal, the Priory for Wales, Order of St John. For services to the Order of St John.
  • John Cheason Mitchell, Chairman, Working Group on Food and Agriculture for Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. For services to Export.
  • Brian Patrick Monaghan, District Inspector, Her Majesty’s Board of Inland Revenue.
  • John Clive Monks, Chairman, Dental Rates Study Group. For services to the Dental Profession.
  • Miss Joyce Moore, Headteacher, Oswaldtwistle Rhyddings County High School, Lancashire. For services to Education. 
  • Patrick John Moran, Grade 7, Treasury Solicitor’s Department.See the source image
  • Gillian Ann, Mrs. Morbey, Director, SENSE Scotland. For services to Deaf and Blind People.
  • John Anthony Paterson-Morgan, lately Chairman, Advisory Committee for General Commissioner, Acton and Kensington. For services to the General Commissioners for Income Tax.
  • Jonathan Moynihan, Group Chief Executive, PA Consulting. For services to Business.
  • Alexander MacLeod Murray, Director, Department of Medical Physics and Bio-Engineering, Raigmore NHS Trust, Inverness. For services to Science.
  • Neil Warren Murray. For services to the community in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear.
  • James Wilson McDowell Neil, Principal, Dumfries and Galloway College. For services to Education.
  • Janet Blanche, Mrs. Newman. For services to the National Missing Persons’ Helpline.
  • Maureen Edith, Mrs. Nicol. For services to Women’s Issues.
  • James Charles Barton Nock. For political and public service.
  • Alan Norbury, Grade 6, Home Office.See the source image
  • Geoffrey Norman, lately Deputy Secretary of Commissions (Training), Lord Chancellor’s Department.
  • Miss Erica May Norton, Assistant Chief Constable, Leicestershire Constabulary. For services to the Police.See the source image
  • Jerome O’Hea, Chairman, Colt Group Ltd. For services to Business and to Training and Research.
  • Arthur Vernon Oscroft, lately Director of Housing, Nottingham City Council. For services to Housing.
  • Ivor Albert Sydney Owen, lately Parliamentary Correspondent, Financial Times. For services to Journalism. Leon’s brother Samuel Brittan See the source imageworked for the FT as my mate found out when Sam complained to his Big Mate Michael Grade  in 1985 after my mate refused to do a Fiddle for Sam.
  • Wing Commander Alan Geoffrey Page, Royal Air Force (Retd.), D.S.O., D.F.C., Founder, Battle of Britain Memorial Trust.
  • Miss Elaine Paige, Singer and actress. For services to the Musical Theatre.
  • Timothy Vernon Francis Pape, Director General, the Shaw Trust. For services to People with Disabilities.
  • Brian John Perry, lately Director, British Library Research and Development Department.
  • Miss Cheryl Alane Plumridge, Grade 7, Ministry of Defence.
  • Robert Comer Pounder, Vice President, Submarine Old Comrades Association, Merseyside. For services to Ex-Servicemen and Women.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • John William Pratt. For services to Portland College, Nottinghamshire.
  • Eric John Radley. For political and public service.
  • Miss Jennifer Christine Ranson, Grade 7, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
  • Major Ian William Reynolds, T.D., For political service.
  • Geoffrey Vincent Roberts. For services to Blind People in the Forest of Dean.
  • Phyllida Katharine, Mrs. Stewart-Roberts, D.L. For services to the community, particularly the St. John Ambulance, in East Sussex.
  • David Neil Robinson, Co-founder and Director, Community Links. For services to the community.
  • June Rosamond Maxwell, Mrs. Robinson. For political and public service.
  • Joan Elizabeth, Mrs. Ruddock. For services to Industry.
  • Duncan Rutter, T.D., lately Chief Executive, Hotel and Catering Training Company Ltd. For services to Tourism
  • Anthony John Sainsbury. For services to Sport for Disabled People.
  • Philip Salisbury, Managing Director, Peter Brotherhood Ltd. For services to Business in Cambridgeshire.
  • Arthur Saunders, International Manager, Association of British Insurers. For services to the Insurance Industry.
  • William Scott, Managing Director and Chief Executive, Ferguson Shipbuilders Ltd. For services to the Shipbuilding and Engineering Industries.
  • Michael John Sexton, Grade 7, Overseas Development Administration.
  • Graham John Seymour, Senior Principal Valuer, Her Majesty’s Board of Inland Revenue.
  • John Malcolm Shaw, lately Her Majesty’s Senior Inspector of Mechanical Engineering in Mines, Health and Safety Executive, Department of Employment.
  • Elizabeth Ann, Mrs. Sherriff. For political service.
  • Miss Patricia Louise Shove, Principal Scientific Officer, Ministry of Defence.Official portrait of Lord King of Bridgwater crop 2.jpg
  • Ruth, Mrs. Sims, Chief Executive, Mildmay Hospital, Hackney, London. For services to Health Care. The Mildmay features in eg. ‘Apocalypse Now’. It was an AIDS hospice which hid the victims of the Gang in addition to a few celebs who were among the earliest AIDS casualties, run by the Gang’s partners in the East End. Gang associate Labour MP Peter Shore extracted the money for the Mildmay project from Ken Clarke at the Dept of Health when Clarke was conspiring to shaft me. Ange from EastEnders  is one of the celebs who supported the Mildmay.
  • Jolyon Edward Sloggett, Secretary, Institute of Marine Engineers. For services to Marine Engineering.
  • Miss Isobel Smail, lately Member, Castle Morpeth Borough Council, Northumberland. For services to Local Government.
  • Miss Sheila Drew Smith. For services to the Ordnance Survey.
  • Douglas Dempsey Smyth. For services to Health Care.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Colin Snowden, The City Engineer, City of London. For services to the City of London.
  • Malcolm John Hamilton Paul Southgate, Deputy Managing Director, European Passenger Services Ltd. For services to the Railway Industry.
  • The Reverend David Staple, General Secretary, Free Church Federal Council. For services to Ecumenical Relations.
  • Professor Richard Steinitz, Founder and Artistic Director, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. For services to Music.
  • Robert Alexander Stewart, lately Headteacher, Bishopbriggs High School, Strathclyde. For services to Education.
  • John Barry Stiff, Q.F.S.M., lately Firemaster, Dumfries and Galloway Fire Brigade. For services to the Fire Service.
  • Alastair James Struthers, lately Chairman, Caledonian MacBrayne Ltd. For services to Shipping and to Transport in Western Scotland.
  • Harry Swain. For services to the Magistracy in Leeds.
  • Robert Charles Swan. For services to Polar Exploration.
  • Professor Martin Nicholas Sweeting, Managing Director and Chief Executive, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. For services to Space Satellite Technology. I shared a house with two of the members of the Surrey Satellite Group when I worked for Vincent Marks at Surrey University, 1988-89, while Vincent’s brother Dr John Marks did deals with Ken Clarke over me See the source imagebecause Marks and Ken hated each other but neither could win… The two members of the Satellite Group in our house were both Dutch, Victor and Maarten.
  • Robert Nicol Traquair Thin, Consultant Physician, Genito-Urinary Medicine, St. Thomas’ Hospital, London. For services to Medicine. See the source image
  • Hugh Miles Thomas, Senior Partner, Price Waterhouse, Wales. For services to Business in Wales. See the source image One of Bodger’s research team, James, bagged a job at PwC after he found out that I was a witness to the Gang in north Wales. Little Nell went to work for PwC not long after James.
  • Michael Stanley Thornton, lately Chairman, Groundwork Amber Valley, Derbyshire. For services to the Environment.
  • Stanley Todd, President and Chief Executive, Rolls Royce Industries Canada Inc. For services to the Aero Engine Industry.
  • Ronald Arthur Travers. For services to the Leonard Cheshire Foundation and to the Ryder-Cheshire Foundation.
  • Alan John Tuckett, Director, National Institute of Adult Continuing Education. For services to Adult Further Education.
  • Professor Walter Jack Tulley, Chairman, East Surrey Dial-a-Ride. For services to the Mobility of Disabled People.
  • Trevor John Tupper, Senior Financial Policy Adviser, Her Majesty’s Board of Inland Revenue.
  • Peter Turner, Grade 7, Department of Social Security Benefits Agency.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Harold Nelson Twells, Chairman, Export Clubs’ Advisory Committee. For services to Export.
  • Betty Mrs. Underhill, Chairman, Disabled Men’s Industries, Royal British Legion. For services to the Royal British Legion.Dr Dafydd Alun Jones
  • Arthur George Varney, Professional and Technology Superintending Grade, Ministry of Defence.Official portrait of Lord King of Bridgwater crop 2.jpg
  • James Harcourt Vernon. For political and public service.
  • Catherine Mary, The Honourable Mrs. Villiers, Vice President, British Red Cross Society, London. For services to the British Red Cross Society.
  • Geoffrey Michael Montgomery Wakeford. For services to the Worshipful Company of Mercers.
  • Hugh Noel Walker, Grade 7, Department of Health and Social Security.See the source image
  • John Williamson Wallace, Trumpeter. For services to Music.
  • John Dunbar Walsh, Head, Particle Physics Division, Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council. For services to Science.
  • Victor Robin Ware, Credit Director, GE Capital Retailer Financial Services Ltd. For services to the Credit Industry.
  • David Pirie Webster, Chairman, Commonwealth Games Council for Scotland. For services to Sport.
  • Brian Whalley, Principal Lecturer, Civil Service College, Office of Public Service and Science.See the source image
  • John Roy Wilcock, District Inspector, Her Majesty’s Board of Inland Revenue.
  • Harold James Arthur Wilson, lately Director of News and Regional Development, Anglia Television. See the source image For services to Broadcasting.
  • Leslie James Wilson, Managing Director, Bristol Airport pic. For services to the Aviation Industry.
  • Norman Wisdom, Actor and Comedian. For services to Entertainment and for charitable services. The far right naff comedian who lived on the Isle of Man as a tax exile.
  • Anthony Paul Woodhouse, T.D., Grade 7, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
  • Frank Albert Antony Wootton. For services to the Royal Air Force.
  • Edward Addison Wrangham. For services to Flood Defence and the Environment in North East England.
  • David Alfred Wright. For services to the Magistracy in Huddersfield.
  • David Stephen Wright, Chief Medical Officer, British Petroleum Company. For services to Occupational Health.
  • Joan Kathleen, Mrs. Wykes, Chairman, Thames Regional Rivers Advisory Committee, National Rivers Authority. For services to the National Rivers Authority.
  • Robert William Jameson Young, Her Majesty’s Staff Inspector of Schools, Scottish Office.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

William James Murray Black, Farms and Estates Director, Scottish Agricultural College, for services to agricultural education.

  • Prof Omar S. Khan , Research Associate, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, for services to historical studies and promotion of cultural exchanges between the United Kingdom, India and Pakistan.

New Zealand

Order of New Zealand (ONZ)

Knight Bachelor

The Most Honourable Order of the Bath

Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB)

Civil Division

The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)

  • Lieutenant General Donald Stuart McIver OBE – NZ Army (Retired), of Lower Hutt. Director, New Zealand Security Intelligence Service.

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE)

Civil Division

Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE)

Civil Division

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

Civil Division
  • Mrs Dianne Jean Armstrong, of Wellington. For services to the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society.
  • Russell Coutts MBE – of Auckland. For services to yachting.
  • Mrs Morva Olwyn Croxson, of Palmerston North. For services to arts and the community.
  • Albert Barrie Downey, of Auckland. For services to business and the community.
  • Graeme James Marsh, of Dunedin. For services to export and the community.
  • Alexander Phillips QSM – of Taumarunui. For services to the Māori people.
  • Mark James Todd MBE – of Moreton-in-Marsh, United Kingdom. For services to equestrian sport.
  • Mrs Beatrice Dorothy Anne Town JP – of Wellington. For services to the community.
  • John Joseph Turei QSM – of Auckland. For services to the Māori people.
  • David Houghton Wale, of Wellington. For services to business management and the community.
  • Mrs Heather Jean White JP – of Te Puke. For services to the community.

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Civil Division
  • Donald Hall Binney – of Auckland. For services to art.
  • John Kenneth Buck – of Havelock North. For services to the wine industry.
  • James Bull – of Hunterville. For services to racing and farming.
  • Bradley William Butterworth – of Auckland. For services to yachting.
  • Leslie Hambleton Cleveland – of Dunedin. For services to the community.
  • Michael Ernest Christopher Cox – of Wellington. For public services.
  • Alister Austen Deans – of Geraldine. For services to art.
  • Miss Joan Marjore Dingley – of Auckland. For services to botany.
  • Dr Alan Robert Edmunds – of Christchurch. For services to the wool industry.
  • Dr Wayne Leonard Edwards – of Palmerston North. For services to education and intercultural programmes.
  • William Clive Edwards – of Auckland. For services to the community.
  • John Noel Keegan – of Auckland. For services to business management and the community.
  • Dr Hylton LeGrice – of Auckland. For service to the community.
  • David Raymond Levene – of Auckland. For services to business and the community.
  • Professor Robert Park – of Christchurch. For services to civil engineering.
  • Mrs Suzanne Lena Prentice – of Invercargill. For services to music.
  • Thomas William Schnackenberg OAM – of Auckland. For services to yachting.
  • Mrs Robin Scholes – of Auckland. For services to the film industry.
Military Division
  • Commander Larry Robbins (G211809) – Royal New Zealand Navy.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

Civil Division
  • Mrs Marie Rose Aubin – of Dunedin. For services to education and the community.
  • Mrs Marilyn Ann Baikie – of Christchurch. For services to the disabled.
  • Tuakana Charlie Carlson – of Wellington. For services to the community.
  • Mrs Susan Winifred Jane Dean Chatfield – of Auckland. For services to the community.
  • Mrs Patricia Maldwyn Clapham JP – of Orewa. For services to the community.
  • Mrs Caryll Lydia Mary Clausen JP – of Feilding. For services to local body and community affairs.
  • Owen Francis Delany – of Taupo. For services to sport.
  • Miss Sandra Helen Edge – of Auckland. For services to netball.
  • Dr Bernard John Forde JP – of Palmerston North. For services to local body and community affairs.
  • Mrs Maureen Clara Fox – of Invercargill. For services to education.
  • Colin Heber Gordge JP – of Morrinsville. For services to farming.
  • Robert Morris Jarrett – of Pukekohe. For services to bowls.
  • Peter Robert Knight – of Christchurch. For services to powerboat sport.
  • Richard Trevor Vincent Linnell – of Kaiwaka. For services to the community.
  • Raymond William Lynskey – of Blenheim. For services to gliding.
  • Mrs Patricia Mary McQuillan – of Auckland. For services to the community.
  • Arthur Dawson Moir JP – of Roxburgh. For services to the community.
  • Dr Peter Charles Molan – of Hamilton. For services to the honey industry.
  • Peter John Montgomery – of Auckland. For services to sports broadcasting.
  • Alan Joseph O’Connell – of Queenstown. For services to sport and the community.
  • George Emile Rennie – of Leeston, Canterbury. For services to farming.
  • Alon Edgar Shaw – of Warkworth. For services to education.
  • Mrs Eileen Margaret Skidmore – of Te Aroha. For services to the community.
  • Raymond Terence Whatmough – Superintendent, New Zealand Police.
Military Division
  • Major Nigel John Murray (T774404) – Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps.
  • Squadron Leader Kenneth Albert James Cunningham (N86814) – Royal New Zealand Air Force.
  • Squadron Leader Graeme Warren Harris (L85294) – Royal New Zealand Air Force (Retired).

Queen’s Service Order

Companions of the Queen’s Service Order for Community Service (QSO)

  • Mrs Elizabeth Desiree Ferguson Baxendine – of Christchurch.
  • The Reverend John Ernest Bowles – of Lower Hutt.
  • Colin Arthur Gilmour-Wilson JP – of Taupo.
  • Mrs Audrey Gwen Harris – of Te Kauwhata.
  • The Reverend Kenneth Gerard Irwin – of Auckland.
  • Archbishop Dionysios Psiachas – of Wellington.
  • The Very Reverend John Oliver Rymer – of Auckland.
  • Mrs Patricia Margaret Teague – of Christchurch.

Companions of the Queen’s Service Order for Public Services (QSO)

  • Dr Elizabeth Ursula Alley – of Wellington.
  • Brian Phillip Najib Corban – of Auckland.
  • Miss Valerie Madeline Lawson (Sister Valerie) – of Lower Hutt.
  • Angus John Macdonald JP – of Ngaruawahia.
  • Colin James McKenzie – of Wellington. Lately Secretary of Labour.
  • Mrs Margaret Moir JP – of Hokitika.
  • Mrs Gladys Joyce Ryan – of Whangarei.
  • David Ernest Walter JP – of Stratford.

Queen’s Service Medal

Queen’s Service Medal for Community Service (QSM)

  • Mrs Sarah Teira Priscilla Ashby JP – of Te Kuiti.
  • Mrs Patricia Irene Ball – of Hamilton.
  • Robert Anthony Leighton Batley – of Taihape.
  • Mrs June Emily Bonnington – of Timaru.
  • Owen Mervyn Brookes JP – of Huntly.
  • Mrs Doreen Elizabeth Burns – of Waiheke Island, Auckland.
  • Mrs Hilda Ngahiraka Rangi Busby – of Tikipunga, Whangarei.
  • Mrs Alice Elizabeth Calder – of Levin.
  • Amie Euphemia Isobel Calvert – of Waikanae.
  • Mrs Rosemary Bridget Chapman – of Christchurch.
  • Mrs Claire Mary Emberson JP – of Auckland.
  • Mrs Esther May Hepburn – of Ashburton.
  • Wiremu Hapi Hunia – of Kawerau.
  • Mrs Joan Gertrude Johnson – of Wellington.
  • Mrs Lorna Monica Leydon – of Lower Hutt.
  • Locksley Clement Lindsay – of Pines Beach, Canterbury.
  • Mrs Joan-Mary Longcroft JP – of Auckland.
  • Noel Albert McMahon – of Auckland.
  • William James McMullan – of Wellington.
  • Bryan Mahony – of Wellington.
  • Norman John Martin – of Hastings.
  • Frederick Lewis Mitchell – of Christchurch.
  • Mrs Phillis Hilda Murphy – of Featherston.
  • Clarence Roland Papps JP – of Takaka.
  • Mrs Eliza Raiha Serjeant – of Maketu.
  • Mrs Mavis Eileen Steffens – of Motueka.
  • Ellen Adrienne, Lady Stewart – of Christchurch.
  • Alan George Tozer – of New Plymouth.
  • Charles Iotua Tuarau – of Lower Hutt.
  • Mrs Esther Taylor Turner – of Kerikeri.
  • Mrs Dorothy Ethel Walker – of Auckland.
  • Mrs Ellen Mary (Ella) Warren – of Dargaville.
  • Mrs Carolyn Georgina Weston – of Invercargill.
  • Mrs Joan Elizabeth Williams – of Auckland.
  • Mrs Lesley Iris Wills – of Matamata.
  • Mrs Eunice Boyce Wilson – of Pukekohe.

Queen’s Service Medal for Public Services (QSM)

  • Charles George Anderson – of Wanganui.
  • Mrs Evelyn Annette Carrington – of Whangarei.
  • Clive Basil Cleland – of Hamilton.
  • Mrs Helen Dashfield – of Masterton.
  • David Peter Ellery – of Rotorua.
  • Mrs Carol June Garland – of Christchurch.
  • Paul Ronald Garland – of Christchurch.
  • Mrs Catherine May Glynn – of Auckland.
  • Malcolm Campbell Grayling – of New Plymouth.
  • Mrs Ruth Jacqualine Hera Harris JP – of Rangiotu Puketotara, Palmerston North.
  • Marsden Alfred Heaslip – of Katikati.
  • Mrs Lorraine Anne Hill – of Russell.
  • Wilfred Jeffs (Bill Sevesi) – of Auckland.
  • Ian Roy Johnson JP – of Te Puke.
  • Mrs Diana Patricia Lenihan – of Invercargill.
  • William James McCabe – of Wainuiomata.
  • Mrs Julie Margaret McKendry JP – of Blenheim.
  • Miss Heather Margaret MacLeod – of Auckland.
  • Ronald Kenneth McSkimming – of Ranfurly, Otago.
  • Mrs Irene Saxon Messenger – of Greymouth.
  • John Bracken Mortimer – of Hamilton.
  • Mrs Margaret Mortimer – of Hamilton.
  • Mrs Catherine Jean Motion – of Thames.
  • Mrs Miriam Harris Murray JP – of Dunedin.
  • Mrs Glenys Patricia Searancke – of Rotorua.
  • Mrs Helen Mary Smith JP – of Porirua.
  • Mrs Heather Jane Te Huia – of Porirua.
  • Mrs Christina Manuhopukia Waihape JP – of Tauranga.
  • William Grigor Walker – of Clinton.
  • Mrs Kathleen Florence Wills JP – of Timaru.
  • Mrs Phillippa Alix Woodward – of Blenheim.
  • William James Davey – Sergeant, New Zealand Police.
  • Ian George Duncan – Senior Constable, New Zealand Police.

Queen’s Fire Service Medal (QFSM)

  • Walter Henry Mills – lately Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade, New Zealand Fire Service.
  • Robert Alexander Morriss – Chief Fire Officer, Te Awamutu Volunteer Fire Brigade, New Zealand Fire Service.
  • Brian Muschamp – Chief Fire Officer, Hawera and Okaiawa Fire Brigades, New Zealand Fire Service.

British Empire Medal (BEM)

Military Division
  • Warrant Officer Class Two Ross Charles Fearon (Q50729) – Royal New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps.
  • Sergeant Darryl Brian Lark (E51363) – of The Corps of Royal New Zealand Engineers.
  • Flight Sergeant Ronald Gregory Cox (X88801) – Royal New Zealand Air Force.
  • Flight Sergeant Calvin Paul Clare (E86300) – Royal New Zealand Air Force (Retired).

Queen’s Police Medal (QPM)

  • John Morris Atkinson Gott – Detective Senior Sergeant, New Zealand Police.

Air Force Cross (AFC)

  • Wing Commander Peter James Stockwell (S85668) – Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air

  • Flight Lieutenant Grant Redvers Withers (W92342) – Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Cook Islands

British Empire Medal (BEM)

Civil Division
  • Mariri Paratainga. For services to the community.
  • The Honourable Raututi Taringa. For services to the community.


The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George

Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George (KCMG)


Knight Bachelor

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Civil Division
  • Orgias Campbell. For services to the development of agriculture.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

  • Miss Elsia Ferguson. For services to the development of youth and sport.
  • Cecil Kendrick Ralph Sylvester. For services to the development of sports.

Papua New Guinea

Knight Bachelor

  • Kenneth Bruce Trezise, O.B.E. For services to business development.

The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)

  • The Honourable Alois Koki, M.P. For services to politics and the community

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE)

  • Dr. Rosalina Violet Kekedo, O.B.E. For services to commerce and sports

Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE)

  • Bishop Getake Gam. For services to the community. (Evangelical Lutheran Church)

Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Timothy Hinchcliffe. For services to justice and the community.

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

  • Ulivian Ameneng. For services to the community.
  • Edward Michael Godden. For services to the Papua New Guinea Electricity Commission.
  • Daniel Lingnoge. For community services.
  • John Andrew Painap. For public service.
  • Noel Sneleksz. For services to the development of maritime training

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

British Empire Medal (BEM)

Solomon Islands

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

  • Chief Inspector Christopher Lawson Fora. For devotion to duty.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

  • Police Constable Joses Fuel. For devotion to duty.
  • Station Sergeant Mitchell Arthur Rakau. For devotion to duty.
  • Station Sergeant Godwin Tesimu. For devotion to duty.

Saint Lucia

The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)

  • Parry Jones HUSBANDS, Q.C. For public and community service.

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

  • Francis St. Juste Leonce. For public services in the field of agriculture.
  • Bernard Cecil Theobalds. For public service in the field of electrification.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

  • Dr. Nicholas Octave Frederick. For public service in the field of education.
  • Gregory Glace. For public service in the field of tourism.
  • Miss Lawrence Martha Priscillia Laurent. For public service in the field of education


The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

  • Seymour Vernon. For services to the community.

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

  • Elijio Panti. For services to the country.

Antigua and Barbuda

The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George

Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George (CMG)

  • Dr. Hayden Thomas. For public service.

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

  • Miss Isalyn Casilla Richards. For public service

Saint Christopher and Nevis

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)

  • Gloria Lelita, Mrs. Anslyn. For services to the community.



  • 1 January –
    • Fred West, the 53-year-old Gloucester builder charged with killing twelve women and children (including two of his own daughters), is found hanged in his cell at Winson Green Prison, Birmingham. He was due to go on trial this year, along with his 41-year-old wife Rosemary, who is charged with ten murders.
    • South Korean industrial giant Daewoo announces plans to build a new car factory in the United Kingdom within the next few years, costing up to £350,000,000 and creating new jobs.
  • 10 January – The British transfer fee record is broken when Manchester United sign striker Andy Cole from Newcastle United in a deal valued at £7,000,000.
  • 20 January – The first MORI poll of 1995 shows that the Conservative Party have cut Labour’s lead in the polls from 39 points to 29.
  • 25 January – Eric Cantona, the French international forward, assaults a spectator after being sent off while playing for Manchester United against Crystal Palace in the FA Premier League.
  • 27 January – Manchester United confirm that Eric Cantona will not play for the first team for the rest of the current football season.


  • 1 February – New domestic electrical appliances must be supplied with an appropriately fused pre-wired plug.
  • 7 February – Rumbelows, the electrical goods retailer and former sponsors of the Football League Cup, closes its 311 stores with the loss of more than 3,000 jobs.
  • 14 February – Sizewell B nuclear power station, the UK’s only commercial pressurised water reactor power station, is first synchronised with the National Grid.
  • 15 February –
    • The manufacturing sector has reported its biggest rise in employment since the Conservatives first came to power sixteen years earlier, although the national unemployment rate rose slightly in January, still being in excess 2,500,000 – it has not been below this mark since late-1991.
    • The England football team’s friendly match against the Republic of Ireland in Dublin is abandoned due to the behaviour of a small number of English fans, believed to be members of far-right activist groups.
  • 16 February – Neil Kinnock, former Leader of the Labour Party, resigns from Parliament after twenty-five years to take up a new role as a European Commissioner, sparking a by-election in his Islwyn constituency in South Wales. Don Touhig retains the seat for Labour, with nearly 70% of the vote.
  • 17 February – The famous MG sports car brand, not seen on a volume sports car since 1980, is revived when the Rover Group unveils the new MGF sports car which will go on sale this autumn.
  • 21 February – George Graham, who has won six major trophies including two league titles in nearly a decade as manager of Arsenal F.C., is sacked over allegations that he accepted illegal payments from an agent when signing two players in 1992.
  • 24 February – The Football Association bans Eric Cantona from football for eight months, meaning that he will not be able to play competitively until after 30 September.
  • 26 February – Barings Bank, the UK’s oldest merchant bank collapses following $1,400,000,000 of losses by rogue trader, Nick Leeson.
  • 28 February – The Diary of Bridget Jones column first published in The Independent.


  • 9 March – The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visit Northern Ireland for the first time since the IRA and Loyalist ceasefire which came into force last year.
  • 20 March – The Queen arrives in Cape Town for the first royal visit to South Africa in nearly fifty years.
  • 23 March – Eric Cantona is sentenced to fourteen days imprisonment at Croydon Crown Court for his assault on a Crystal Palace fan two months ago. He remains free on bail, pending an appeal against his sentence, but if his appeal is unsuccessful he will be the first footballer to be jailed in Britain for An on-field offence. davie cooper footballing genius. tragically dies as he collapses while training.
  • 31 March – Eric Cantona wins his appeal against his prison sentence, which is reduced to a 120-hour community service order.


  • 1 April – Daewoo begins selling cars in the United Kingdom. It offers a two-model range; the Nexia and Espero – updated versions of the 1984 Vauxhall Astra and 1981 Vauxhall Cavalier respectively.
  • 8 April – British-born American national Nicholas Ingram, 31, is executed in Georgia for a murder committed in 1983.
  • 16 April – PhONEday changes all telephone area dialing codes UK-wide.


  • 4 May – The Conservative government’s fortunes continue to decline as the local council elections see them in control of a mere eight councils, while Labour control 155 councils and the Liberal Democrats control 45. The Conservatives now have control of no councils in Wales or Scotland.
  • 8 May – The fiftieth anniversary of VE Day is celebrated across Britain.
  • 14 May – Blackburn Rovers become FA Premier League champions, earning them their first top division league title since 1914.
  • 20 May – Everton win the FA Cup with a 1–0 win over Manchester United at Wembley Stadium.
  • 25 May – Roseanna Cunningham wins the Perth by-election for the Scottish National Party, three months after the seat became vacant upon the death of the Conservative MP Sir Nicholas Fairbairn. The Conservative majority has now fallen from 21 seats to 11, in the space of three years since the last general election.


  • 9 June – Andrew Richards, a 26-year-old serial sex offender of West Glamorgan, becomes the first person to be convicted of male rape under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.
  • 14 June – Pauline Clare is appointed as Chief Constable of Lancashire Constabulary, becoming the first woman to hold the office of Chief Constable.
  • 20 June – Arsenal pay a British record fee of £7,500,000 for Inter Milan and Holland striker Dennis Bergkamp.
  • 22 June – In an attempt to reassert his authority, John Major resigns as leader of the Conservative Party (but not as Prime Minister) triggering a leadership election.
  • 23 June – The latest MORI opinion poll shows that Conservative support has reached an 18-month high of 32%, but Labour still have a 22-point lead over them.


  • 3 July – The British football transfer record fee is broken for the third time in six months when Liverpool sign striker Stan Collymore from Nottingham Forest for £8,400,000.
  • 4 July – John Major wins the Conservative Party leadership election, gaining 218 votes to John Redwood‘s 89.
  • 19 July
    • Pensions Act 1995 receives Royal Assent, proposing to phase in a state pension age for women at 65 (equalising it with that for men) over a ten-year period and introducing measures intended to safeguard occupational pension schemes.
    • Unemployment is reported to be on the rise again, though the government denies that it is pointing towards another recession.
  • 23 July – War in Bosnia and Herzegovina: British forces sent to Sarajevo to help relieve the Siege of Sarajevo.
  • 27 July – The Conservative government’s majority is slashed further, to nine seats, as the Liberal Democrats win the Littleborough and Saddleworth seat in Lancashire, two months after it was left vacant by the death of Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens.


  • 16 August – Unemployment is now at 2,315,300 – one of the lowest figures recorded in the last four years.
  • 20 August – BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir London, Europe’s first traditional-style purpose-built Hindu temple (and England’s largest), is inaugurated in Neasden.
  • 26 August – Middlesbrough F.C. move into their new 30,000-seat Riverside Stadium, to replace Ayresome Park which had been their home since 1903. Their new stadium is the largest club stadium to be built in England since the interwar years.



  • 7 October – Conservative MP Alan Howarth defects to Labour, cutting the government’s majority to seven seats.
  • 16 October – Julie Goodyear, who joined the ITV soap opera Coronation Street nearly thirty years ago and had been a regular in the series since 1970, departs from the show.
  • 18 October – Unemployment is now at less than 2,300,000 – its lowest level for more than four years.
  • 20 October – Vauxhall unveils its new Vectra range of large hatchbacks and saloons. The Vectra, which replaces the Cavalier, will be built in Luton and from next year will also be sold as an estate car.
  • 22 October – Brilliant!, an exhibition by the Young British Artists group (who also feature heavily in this year’s British Art Show), opens at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA.
  • 25 October – Singer Cliff Richard receives a knighthood.


  • 16 November –
    • Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother has a hip replacement operation. At ninety-five years of age, she is believed to be the oldest patient to undergo such surgery.
    • Essex teenager Leah Betts dies in hospital four days after slipping into a coma due to taking an ecstasy tablet, sparking a media crusade, backed by Leah’s father and stepmother, against the drug and those supplying it.
  • 17 November
  • 20 November – Diana, Princess of Wales gives a revealing television interview to Martin Bashir on the Panorama programme on BBC One. She discusses her adultery, depression and bulimia, her children, the media and the future of the monarchy in candid detail. An estimated 22.78 million watch the broadcast, the all-time record for a UK current affairs programme.
  • 22 November – Rose West is found guilty of murdering ten women and children, including her 16-year-old daughter Heather and seven-year-old stepdaughter Charmaine, after a trial at Winchester Crown Court. She is sentenced to life imprisonment with a recommendation that she is never released.
  • 24 November – The spy James Bond returns to U.K. cinemas six years after the last film was made, for the seventeenth film GoldenEye, with Irish actor Pierce Brosnan playing the part of Bond, filmed at the newly-created Leavesden Studios.
  • 28 November – Budget: Chancellor Ken Clarke cuts the basic level of income tax to 24p in the pound.
  • 30 November – President of the United States, Bill Clinton visits Northern Ireland.


  • 2 December – “Rogue trader” Nick Leeson is jailed for six-and-a-half years in Singapore on a double fraud charge relating to the recent financial collapse of Barings Bank.
  • 8 December – Head teacher Philip Lawrence is murdered outside St George’s Catholic School in London.
  • 10 December – Joseph Rotblat wins the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • 13 December – A riot takes place in London.
  • 20 December – The Queen writes to the Prince and Princess of Wales three years after their separation, urging them to divorce as soon as possible.
  • 29 December – The Conservative majority now stands at a mere five seats following the defection of MP Emma Nicholson to the Liberal Democrats.
  • 30 December – Altnaharra in the Scottish Highlands matches the lowest temperature UK Weather Record at −27.2oC (−17.0oF).


As we might expect for such a crucial year for the Gang, Portmeirion certainly pushed the boat out re TV and Film Events in 1995:

ITV screened ‘Schofield’s Quest’, with Philip Schofield visiting Portmeirion. Presenter Paul Roseby featured while ‘Prisoner’ society members put on a ‘human chess’ game, with a Rover balloon in evidence. Clough’s grandson Robin Llywelyn described the village and its history.

ITV also screened six one hour shows constituting ‘The Beatles Anthology’, a journey through the lives of the Beatles, their careers and musical output, using Portmeirion locations for some of the filming. The Director was Geoff Wonfor and the interviewer was Jools Holland; Geoff and Jools had both filmed in Portmeirion in 1987 – the year in which Bodger’s mate Ollie Brooke was released early on appeal by Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane – when producing Channel 4’s ‘the laughing prisoner’. Jools returned to Portmeirion for ‘One Foot In The Past’ in 1994. George Harrison,  who spent his 50th birthday at Portmeirion, was interviewed at Portmeirion for this 1995 series.

In 1995 American express launched two TV commercials to show how finance from the company could help launch or maintain a business. using a short video of the editor of Marie Claire magazine making decisions re what to put in the next edition of the magazine, the message was that flexibility and opportunities come with Amex. Shots of Portmeirion were used in the adverts. Around the same time, Ocean Finance were also running a commercial, using Emmerdale actor Fraser Hines, also featuring a quick shot of Portmeirion.

Empowered Service Users knew all about Amex and Ocean Finance. In 1993/94, Brown managed to get me an Amex card, and F and I went into Lunn Poly in Bangor with one of our friends, another Empowered Service User, to book a holiday.

Our friend became Empowered when she worked for Marco Pierre White in London, became distressed at what she witnessed, was Sent Home To Gwynedd by a Top Doc in London and Back Home was unlawfully sectioned by Jackie Brandt, allocated Tony Francis as a Top Doc and remained Empowered for ever after. Repeated complaints from her parents re abuse of their daughter, including that time when Tony got his plonker out in front of her, resulted in further declarations re their daughter’s Paranoid Schizophrenia.

Anyway, us three Empowered ones went into Lunn Poly, and F and I chose a nice deal in Austria and handed over the Amex card. The snotty assistant, who had not been exactly respectful as we looked at the brochures, looked at the Amex card and snapped ‘We don’t take American Express’. Our Empowered friend – who knew Marco Pierre White – retorted with ‘Doesn’t that just say EVERYTHING about Bangor?? They don’t take American Express, how bloody downmarket they all are’. And we three Empowered people left the travel agents that wasn’t good enough for the likes of us.

We found that at the time nowhere at all in Bangor took American Express. So Brown lent us the dosh for our holiday. As for Ocean Finance, I don’t want to remember it, there is a reason why I avoid certain spheres of society… I am sure that Fraser Hines (he was Joe in Emmerdale) doesn’t waste his own time with Ocean Finance, even if Annie Sugden his mum ever let him near such people.


The BBC also used Portmeirion for many scenes for a 1995 episode of ‘2 Point 4 Children’, starring Gary Olsen and Roger Lloyd Pack.

BBC 2’s ‘Working Lunch’, a business news show, looked at the potential problem of overseas companies not investing in Wales and students pursuing educational subjects not germane to their futures, or people staying on to further studies not related to their realistic employment prospects. The reporter from Wales, Sarah Dickens, spoke from Portmeirion and conducted an interview with a WDA representative, linked from the studio by Adrian Chiles. Adrian is married to Jane Garvey, Jennie Murray’s side-kick on ‘Woman’s Hour’. Adrian, the most uninspiring man on TV, was the star of ‘The One Show’, until an even bigger star arrived on that programme, the most uninspiring woman on TV, the Incredible Welsh Talent that is Aber graduate Alex Jones.

Rockers ‘Supergrass’ filmed their promotional video for their song alright at Portmeirion in 1995. The father of drummer Danny is Chris Goffey, a presenter of ‘Top Gear’ from 1987. The video shot at Portmeirion received a later outing in a 2000 documentary about ‘Supergrass’, the year of publication of the Waterhouse Report.See the source image

In 1995, the promotional video for the new Nissan QX was shot at Portmeirion. Robin Llywelyn was interviewed during the video.

In 1995, there were media reports of a forthcoming ‘The Prisoner’ movie. The press reported that Hollywood execs had confirmed that Portmeirion was lined up for a multi-million pound film. Polygram announced plans to shoot the remake of the 60s ‘The Prisoner’ series and there was much excitement re the boost that all this would provide to the north wales economy. Another media report hailed a £40 million revival of the original ‘The Prisoner’ production. The north Wales press also publicised the notion that the Hollywood movie would catapult north Wales into tourism big time. Why these announcements were made in the media is a mystery because none of these projects were ever even begun. However, Portmeirion remained in the spotlight for quite some time as the world waited…

At the time the Gang had declared war on senior sociologist at Bangor University Graham Day and Nerys Patterson, who later married Merfyn the VC, was caught in the crossfire. Graham was libelled by ‘The Guardian’ and Nerys and Merfyn remained forever in the Gang’s crosshairs. See ‘Badlands’. From the early 1990s, rockers who were children of the Gang – eg. Gruff Rhys and Super Furries, and Cerys Matthews and Catatonia – received massive support from Gang partners in the music industry including John Peel, EMI and Polygram and had become international stars by the last year of the Waterhouse Inquiry. See ‘The International Language Of Screaming’.


For the extreme fuckwittery, threats, harassment and unlawful withdrawal of NHS services that F and I experienced in 1995, see eg. ‘The Price Is Right’ and ‘A Letter From North East Wales MIND’. All completely unlawful, based on lies and perjury, backed up by the MDU. International trafficking ring facilitated by the Top Docs and their insurance society? See the source image Prezza’s got a message for everyone bankrupted, rendered destitute, maimed or killed as a result:

See the source image

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. There has been a bit of minor interference wit this post overnight! A few pics of the London Hospital disappeared – the London Hospital was bankrolled by the Oil industry and just look how many Big Names in Oil received gongs from Brenda in 1995… A few dates were altered as well! I’ve amended the mistakes that I’ve spotted. I’ve still got a few more pics to insert in the above post.

    I must thank Brenda for giving so many goodies to Gang members in 1995, the names of those in British Pharmacy appear in the list, the people who were allowing Dafydd to expand his Class A dealing and distribution business vastly in 1995. How no-one noticed all those prescriptions for NHS heroin being issued by Ysbyty Gwynedd in 1994-95 for ‘Dafydd’s patients’ I do not know. Those ‘patients’ were coming from England, they didn’t even have temporary addresses in north Wales, they just turned up to Dafydd’s Tuesday Clinic for their goodies. Previous posts have detailed the absolute chaos resulting, Dafydd trying to have me banned from the Hergest on a Tuesday because I’d found out what was happening, Sister Ella Fisk saying to F ‘They want to see Dafydd, they like him’, F yelling ‘Of course they like him Ella, he’s giving them drugs…’ F and me heard what was happening, Dafydd was just giving out the drugs AND the addicts told us!

    There will have been more NHS heroin going in and then out of YG than even specialist big clinics at places like the Maudsley. Ooh the NHS heroin is SO carefully regulated, ooh there’s layers of civil servants and pharmacists at the Home Office Keeping A Close Watch. I knew that Carwen Howell, Chief Pharmacist at the Welsh Office was involved but I didn’t know about these others who Brenda Honoured in 1995! Carwen was a big Feminist, she was a Director of WEN, the Women’s Equality Network, a charidee taking orders from Sister Hutt. Carwen, in the course of her pursuit of Wimmin’s Rights, was at the Beijing Conference on the Rights of Wimmin, which as any fule kno was a watershed in Wimmin’s Rights. China takes a very hard line on big time Class A dealing, people convicted of such offences are executed. Carwen got lucky there…

    The name at the Home Office who was a mate of Dafydd and who was bringing the goodies into the UK by the tonne was of course Bing Spear. Bing who died in Cornwall on 9 July 1995. Bing was responsible for the Class As in the West Country that began exploding in the late 1970s/80s. John Cleese’s mate Robin Skynner, Gang member, mate of them all at St George’s as well as mate of Dafydd et al, grew up in and retired to Cornwall. Mr Thrope’s mates were in Cornwall, it was a Liberal stronghold; John Pardoe’s constituency was in Cornwall, so was David Penhaligan’s, David who was killed in a car crash just at the right time a la Mr Thrope’s first wife. Back in the 1960s, John Dunwoody, a mate of Richard Crossman’s and a Top Doc who was big in the Westminster Paedophile Ring, was an MP for Cornwall. Dunwoody was a Doc in Devon, as well as a Devon Cllr, when Maurice Macmillan was swindling my father. John was the husband of the awful Gwyneth – who was also in Devon when father was under attack from the Gang – and the dad of Tamsin who became the AM for Pembrokeshire…

    I’m wondering if Bing, Skynner et al in Cornwall might explain why Cornwall became such a popular place for Celebs to live from the late 1980s onwards. Cornwall never used to be posh, it’s seriously weird that it became the playground of the Royals and Cameron et al and housed Dawn French, Sue Perkins, Richard and Judy etc.

    I knew a bit about Cornwall before that crowd invaded because in the 1960s and 70s it was a popular destination for camping holidays of Brits like us who were broke and didn’t go abroad. If we didn’t go camping in Scotland for our holiday when I was a kid, we went to Cornwall, precisely the Lizard Point, the bit that juts out on the south coast of Cornwall. There was a cliff top camp site there with a path straight down to a sandy beach that was safe for kids and we’d always go there.

    Now Then. There was ONE celeb who lived down in that area of Cornwall years before anyone else; Rodney Bewes, the actor who starred in 1970s BBC Classic Comedy Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads. Rodney Bewes was a big star who suddenly disappeared from TV. No-one ever knew why. He was in Cornwall. I found him there! Not that I said anything to him but one day we were on the beach, not the main beach but a very quiet cove and Rodney Bewes was there with a young woman. Mrs Brady spotted him, while we were paddling. Being Mrs Brady she went over and bothered him. Rodney Bewes looked very frail and ill and when Mrs Brady said Ooh you’re Rodney Bewes aren’t you, he said ‘no, I just look like him’. Did Mrs Brady take the hint? Of course not, its Mrs Brady we’re talking about. So she TOLD him that he was Rodney Bewes, it was just awful, he said ‘yes I am but please don’t tell anyone I’m here’, the poor sod was so obviously in the throes of a breakdown…

    It must have been in about 1972 that happened and I didn’t think much more of it until in the 1980s father had found that the clifftop camp site where we used to go so often had Gone Really Posh, it was very expensive chalets going for thousands a week and happy campers were Not Welcome. Father presumed that it was the work of Donald Edgar Clarkson who was a bit of a joke in our house. Donald Edgar Clarkson was the man who owned the campsite and was potentially a very aggressive businessman, a sort of aspirant Billy Butlin, sunglasses and Bermuda shorts, I’m sure he wasn’t Cornish, he was there milking every penny when Cornwall was still very poor.

    Every time we went to the campsite Donald Edgar Clarkson had expanded; because Cornwall attracted a lot of families from the midlands before they went on the cheap Med holidays in the mid-1970s, Donald Edgar Clarkson was building facilities for people who liked town life, he built a club place with fruit machines, booze etc. No we were not allowed in, BANNED by father and Mrs Brady, but the Club was a source of fascination because we always made friends with the other kids on the campsite and their mums and dads would go into the Club and do Shocking things like have a pint and sing. We knew that Donald Edgar Clarkson was called thus because when he opened the Club, his name was above the door, advertising his booze licence etc.

    Mr Bridgy Celeb sneaked into that Club, being older than us…

    Anyway, the last time that we went to Donald Edgar Clarkson’s was the year before grandpa died I think, when Edward du Cann et al were causing havoc. Because grandpa was in such a bad way and granny was too frail to look after him alone – we all lived in one house – Mrs Brady told father to take us camping while she stayed at home because grandpa was too frail not to be looked after. So off we went to Donald Edgar Clarkson’s.

    There was chaos. Not because we were seriously criminal but because father, being on holiday, spent all his time night fishing because that’s what he liked doing on holiday. So there were three kids in a tent, left to their own devices. Being father, he was as he always had been, he expected us to carry on like adults, we weren’t ever given allowances for being kids and thus crying, getting attached to toys etc. So it never occurred to father when we were camping that year that someone would have to prepare our meals etc and because we never asked him to do so, he didn’t.

    So we lived on pasties and Mr Kripling Apple Pies – and ice creams – purchased from a friendly man called John who owned a shop flogging such wares to tourists. It was Mr Bridgy Celeb who discovered John and his shop and told us to buy our grub from there. Obviously Holiday Pocket Money from grandpa ran out after two days of living it up on junk food from John’s shop, but Mr Bridgy Celeb hit on a source of income. The Corona bottles that the tourists left on the campsite and on the beach that you got money for – from Donald Edgar Clarkson – when you took them back. So we were collecting bottles from the campsite and the beach and doing quite well, but then we Overstretched Ourselves. Simple really, we found out where Donald Edgar Clarkson kept his empty Corona bottles, dozens of them. So we er nicked his bottles, took them back into his shop, got money back on them and lived it up for a few days… But Donald Edgar Clarkson’s staff found out what we were up to…

    Donald Edgar Clarkson was not a happy man. There was further confusion when he reported a ‘long haired yob’ being one of The Three who were working the Corona bottles scam. No it wasn’t Mr Bridgy Celeb, it was my sister, dressed in jeans but with lovely flowing blonde locks. So people were scouring the campsite looking for Three Male Delinquents re Donald’s Corona Bottles. They didn’t find them, so Donald was going apeshit and eventually it sort of dawned; it was the three kids who seemed to be alone in a tent. There wasn’t Three Male Yobs and two of the kids were girls anyway, of 12 yrs and 10 yrs. Then it transpired that they weren’t Home Alone, their father was with them, but was out nightfishing and didn’t even go drinking in the Club, so he certainly wasn’t running a crime racket. So Donald looked a bit silly, particularly as he had called the police… Father told Donald Edgard Clarkson and the police that they were being bloody ridiculous… Anyway there was a row and when Mrs Brady got to hear about it there was an even bigger one.

    Now Then. I never told many people this tale when I was older, but I did wonder when I was a young adult if Donald Edgar Clarkson was into crime himself of some sort because he just wasn’t the sort of businessman that one found in Cornwall, and father found out that Donald Edgar Clarkson became seriously rich and was one of the big names behind the boom in Cornish tourism when the Posh began going there.

    I think that I probably only told one person about all this in the last 15 years and that was when I related the tale of Rodney Bewes and Mrs Brady’s insensitivity when we met him on that beach, and then I had a laugh at the Corona bottles business. The problem will have been to whom I told the anecdotes of us camping in Cornwall; it was Gwilym Sion ap Gruffydd who’s entire family were Of The Gang and who befriended me when I worked at Bangor only to pump me for info as to how much I remembered about Dafydd, Denbigh, what I knew about F’s rich n famous friends etc. Previous posts discussed how Gwil stole my password and downloaded thousands of my e mails and research proposals etc, blackmailed the Gang in return for a lecturing job at Bangor University and is now on secondment with the Welsh Gov’t.

    Gwil, once more you placed someone in very real danger. Rodney Bewes is dead. He died not long after I began this blog you utter idiot. Alan Calaminus the teacher at Chilton School who’s brother was a police officer when Bing Spear was bringing all those goodies into the West Country and Wales died at about the same time as Rodney Bewes. Mr Calaminus’s nephew Paul Calaminus features in previous posts; he is an NHS executive in England, he has worked at the Maudsley and specialises in er drugs n organised abuse.

    I do hope that the part-time lecturing job at Bangor and secondment with the Welsh Govt was worth it Gwil. You’ll remember that Rodney Bewes was a father of three; he had triplets before IVF when triplets were very unusual. That’s what I remembered about him rather than the Blackmailing Potential re organised crime at the BBC and in Cornwall…

    Never mind three kids over-reaching themselves with the Corona bottles because their father spent his entire holiday nightfishing, the Top Doc gangsters killed an actor who retreated from public life because I remembered him lying low in Cornwall…

    1. Just been on the website of the camp site that Donald Edgar Clarkson used to run. It’s not as posh as I thought, David Cameron won’t be staying there, but it is HUGE with caravans and chalets at the expensive end of caravans and chalets. And heated pools for the kids, all things that people who don’t do camping want when they’re on holiday. Lots of luxury caravans for sale as well. Someone’s made a huge investment in that site. Donald Edgar Clarkson is not referred to on the website, the people running it now look rather more savoury than Donald and they advertise themselves as having been there 30 yrs. They must have purchased the site off of Donald! I wonder if he was wearing his Bermudas when they signed the sale agreement.

  2. Hi Sally, if you want ‘posh’ in Cornwall they congregate around Rock and Padstow in their second homes and dine in Rick Steins restaurants. Although Cornwall will always be beautiful it has been ruined for the locals really as they cant afford to buy homes there. The influx of wealth have taken it from them. It is a ‘cheffy’ hotspot as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver were fighting over properties a couple of years ago.
    I think I know of the ‘camp site’ you refer to – is it Kennack Sands? It is a fantastic place with a beautiful safe, sandy beach. I dont think any skullduggery has gone on just someone or a company cashing in on Cornwalls booming tourist industry. Haven Holiday Parks have sprung up throughout Devon, Dorset and Cornwall too. There are two parks I think – Seaview acres and Kennack Sands very close together. With the price of a half decent chalet for the summer holiday I am surprised a family of four can actually afford it to be honest!

    1. Yes, it was Kennack where we went! I’m sorry if my comments re Cornwall were misleading but Cornwall is now SO posh that my memories of Kennack ‘going posh’ are inaccurate in the context of just how posh Cornwall later became!

      I haven’t been to Cornwall for years although I do know that there are world famous chefs etc down there now. I last went there in the early 80s with Brown, we hitch hiked there and camped. We were in a little cove near Newquay. It was just as Newquay was beginning to become seriously problematic; there was a murder there just a few years later, the famous incident in which a gang chased someone over the cliff to their death, causing much comment re ‘this is what Newquay has become’. Newquay was always very commercial but it wasn’t a danger to life and limb…

      I don’t think it is the current owners of Kennack who might have been crooked, it was Donald Edgar Clarkson. There were clues that I now recognise that Donald was dodgy. I’ve metamorphosed into the sort of old bugger who I was surrounded by when I was young who can spot flash people with sharp business practices! Its about being a fish out of water and having access to money and following business practices that no-one else in the area does. Politicians like that when I was a kid were Mr Thrope and Edward du Cann and Donald was a businessman of that ilk. Donald wasn’t just a more enterprising businessman than his neighbours, everything about him in the context of what Cornwall was at the time was questionable. Cornwall used to be really poor back then, there was nothing but the china clay and the tourist activity around the coast. I suspect that Donald was trying to do a Billy Butlin but the 1970s craze for cheap Med holidays scuppered his plans. He was targeting the working class Brummies who used to go to Cornwall, providing more and more things for them, but then they all began going to Spain!

      There was a criminal underbelly to that working class tourism of the 60s and 70s that wasn’t really acknowledged in public. Butlins had prostitution rackets in those camps, kids going for the day to have a go on the funfair would never have known, but there was undoubtedly a big sex work network in those camps, its why the young people from Somerset who got summer jobs at Butlins in Minehead walked out after thee days saying ‘it is dreadful, I’m not working THERE’. I heard the same about the holiday camp at Pwllheli, ‘No local girl would have taken a job there, that’s why the staff came from Liverpool’.

      Think of the nature of holiday camps; locals don’t have much to do with them, there’s a mass influx of people from elsewhere who come for a week then bugger off again, no-one knows who they are, so it is hard to map what might be serious crime developing. I’ve never been to a holiday camp in my life but I’m quite interested now in what was going on in those places in the Good Old Innocent Days before gangsta rap… It was where people now being outed as sex offenders made their careers, Freddie Star, Tarby, all the tossers. Then they met Savile! Look how many were Butlins Redcoats… There was much seediness that pushed over into serious crime. If the local area has a supply of corrupt Cllrs, politicians, professionals etc things can get out of hand very easily.

      People like my parents might have had misconceptions about ‘town people’ and ‘people who go into pubs drinking’, but there was a reason why Local Stars from the West Country like Diana Dors, Joe Meek etc were considered sleazy and dodgy. They were! Dors was mates with gangsters – her husband was found shot dead, ‘suicide’ – and Joe Meek I think was in terrible trouble in London but his brothers on the farm had no bloody idea. They were just gobsmacked when the murder/suicide happened. We now know that from the late 1950s people like the Macmillans had got together with the Krays and dear old Gwynne and Dafydd in a way that NEVER became public and the plebs were just mangled if they were targeted and tried to speak out. When unscrupulous people in High Places trip over bumpkins who don’t quite see the wider picture and who can be paid off or flattered by being friends with celebs and posh people, the result is not a pretty sight.

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