The Battle Of The Cowshed

A few days ago a news item on the Radio 4 Today programme discussed how children’s services in Rotherham have been ‘turned around’ since the scandal concerning the en masse sexual abuse of children in care blew up. It was admitted that ‘we’re still not quite there yet’ and that there are still areas needing improvement, but it was stressed that things were very much better. Although things could hardly have got worse.

I have no idea whether anything has really got better in Rotherham’s Children’s Services – people did eventually resign over the scandal (although they all clung on for as long as they possibly could, they certainly weren’t willing to admit that they had wilfully ignored criminal gangs raping kids in care for years) and it might well be true that a clean up has happened and that people who actually know what they are doing are now running the services.

I am not however entirely convinced by the reassurances that all is now well in Rotherham. Rotherham’s Children’s Services were not taken over by organised criminal gangs  because of the fuckwittery of just those few people who resigned. A problem as big as Rotherham will have evolved over many years and virtually everyone involved in the ‘service’ will have been complicit. It was also admitted that in Rotherham, the police had completely ignored what was going on and in some cases had actively colluded – teenagers who had been raped and threatened with immolation by their rapists were told to piss off by the police when they tried to report the serious offences that had been committed against them. The region’s NHS services will also have been fully aware of what was happening to those teenagers, but as usual no-one has mentioned that. The education authorities will have known as well and the Third sector organisations.

As with the activities of the paedophiles and their friends in north Wales, most of Rotherham will have known.

I am also not reassured just because external inspections of Rotherham Children’s Services are now resulting in glowing reports. Inspections of health and social services can provide a fair and accurate reflection, but inspections are equally capable of maintaining that all is well in very troubled, even dangerous, services. When Sharon Shoesmith appeared on the Radio 4 PM programme immediately after the Baby P disaster, one of the first things that she did in her interview with Eddie Mair was to tell him that the shambles over which she presided was a three star service (or it may even have been a four star service). People working in the mental health services in north Wales in the 1990s were telling people that Dafydd and his cellar and the thugs in the Arfon Community Mental Health Team were among ‘the best in Europe’.

These people are not only mad and dishonest but they often personally know the people ‘independently’ inspecting their services.

The Lazarus-like recovery of the Rotherham Children’s Services has been attributed to Ian Thomas, who took up the post of Strategic Director, Children’s and Young Person’s Service in Rotherham Borough Council in Jan 2015. It was Ian Thomas who was interviewed on the Today programme and he was faced with the inevitable questions about the gangs who abused the children being South Asian, the children being white British and why hasn’t he been more vocal about this. Thomas emphasised that the common characteristic of the people who abused the children in Rotherham was that they were abusers. Whilst I was glad to hear him stress this, there is of course another common theme throughout ALL the big UK child care scandals – that the abuse happened to kids in care and social workers knew about it but ignored it. No-one dares mention this. There weren’t any South Asian gangs in north Wales – but there was  a gang of social workers working in collaboration with other professional people…

Who Chaired the Inquiry into the Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal and wrote the subsequent damning Report? Alexis Jay – the social worker who is now Chairing the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse, which is falling apart after lawyers and survivors have walked out. The survivors’ rationale for exiting was that Jay is a social worker, it was social workers who abused them and rather than trying to achieve anything worthwhile Jay has turned the Inquiry into a ‘social workers talking shop’. She’s probably holding regular breaks for Mindfulness sessions. Alexis Jay might gave good reason to preside over a social workers talking shop rather than an Inquiry exposing the criminality and fuckwittery of those employed within the UK Social Services Depts – Jay was the social work senior manager who was responsible for the Orkney Satanic Abuse Scandal (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – The Scottish Play’).

Thomas had spent the previous years as Deputy Chief Executive and Strategic Director of Children’s Services with Derbyshire County Council. Derbyshire Social Services had a problem with child abuse in its child care service in the 1970s and 80s at least and there were connections between some of those who abused children in north Wales and paedophiles in Derbyshire. John Jillings, who carried out in the investigation into child abuse in Clwyd, was the former Director of Derbyshire Social Services. Jillings’s 1996 Report was so damning that Michael Beloff QC, the legal advisor to Clwyd County Council’s insurers, recommended that the Jillings Report should never be released to anyone and that if it was the Council’s insurance should be withdrawn. Councillors were told that if the insurance was withdrawn they would be personally liable for damages if any former kids in care sued, would be bankrupted and lose their homes. Beloff advised that Malcolm King – a Labour Councillor from Wrexham who had asked some very difficult questions about the paedophile gang in north Wales – should be sacked if he ever discovered the contents of the Report and disclosed them. Just for good measure, Clwyd County Council was abolished at the same time as the Jillings Report was submitted. The Jillings Report was pulped but just a few years ago someone actually turned up with a copy and it was made available. It was very, very heavily redacted but the conclusion was that horrific abuse had taken place in north Wales since 1974, had almost certainly dated back well before then as well and that what had happened to children in care was indefensible. However Jillings refused to say whether there was evidence of a paedophile ring at work. For details of the horrors that led to the Jillings Report, the idiots who ran the ‘services’ and the aftermath, see post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake’.

Jillings began his inquiry in 1994. In 1992 five witnesses to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal were killed in a firebombing. The man who allegedly confessed to starting the fire was hit by a lorry and killed days later. One man who survived the fire and claimed that witnesses to the abuse in north Wales were being murdered was subsequently found dead shortly after giving evidence at the 1995 trial of John Allen – the owner and manager of the Bryn Alyn Community and a key figure in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal – days before he was due to receive a payment from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. For details of the firebombing attack, see post ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’.

So perhaps we can understand why no-one could bring themselves to admit that a paedophile ring with links to serious organised crime was in operation in north Wales.

In Nov 2014, whilst Ian Thomas was still working for Derbyshire County Council, he was described as described as having ‘almost 30 years experience in private, voluntary and public sectors including 25 years in local government’ and had ‘worked for Derbyshire County Council since 2006 in a number of senior roles’. The world was told that Ian had presided over a great improvement in Derbyshire Children’s Services, which was reflected in Oftsed reports.

If Ian’s career is as described, he will definitely have come across the sort of criminality in children’s services and local authorities described on this blog. He may well not have participated in it, but he will have known that it was happening. Perhaps Ian is  a real star who is going into corrupt abusive children’s services and cleaning up – but we only have those ‘independent inspections’ to tell us that.

Before working for Derbyshire, Ian was a member of the senior leadership team at Trafford Council – he joined Trafford in 1999. You’ve guessed it – some of those involved in the abuse in north Wales had links with Trafford. It’s OK though – whilst at Trafford, Ian ‘helped transform the performance of social care and housing’ and the ‘social care performance went from weak to excellent’.

Ian is described as a ‘national leader’ within the Association of Directors of Children’s Services – he Chairs their National Resources and Sustainability Committee. My alarm bells are ringing – I know the sort of people who make up the Association of Directors of Children’s Services. They are members of the Mafia of Drips who have spent their careers watching children in their care being abused. If they had identified Ian as being any different from themselves they would not be telling people that he’s a national leader and letting him Chair committees.

Ian has a Masters from Lancaster University in Professional Practice (Children’s Services).  He is a ‘level 7 qualified executive coach and mentor’, which sounds seriously worrying.

Ian’s appointment to Rotherham was ‘welcomed’ by Paul Larkin, leader of Rotherham Borough Council. I very much doubt that was true – between 1997-03, Rotherham Councillors had allowed at least 1,400 teenagers in their care to be plied with alcohol and drugs and then battered and gang raped by serious criminals. The Council will not have been welcoming anyone who looked as though they might get to the bottom of that. Jo Clegg, Chair of the College of Social Work, stated that the ‘College work look forward to supporting Ian and his team in Rotherham’. The College of Social Work is endemically hopeless, if it were anything but endemically hopeless social work would not be in its current sorry state. They will not have looked forward to supporting Ian if he was going to ‘turn around’ the services, they’ll have looked forward to undermining him, blaming him for their own incompetence and negligence and getting him out of there.

In an interview with the Guardian in Dec 2014, Ian Thomas stated that the root of the problems in Rotherham were ‘weak leadership’. I rather gained the impression that it was serious organised crime and corruption in the Council, the police force and just about every other body in Rotherham. Ian goes on to say that  he knew ‘the last person and she’s a lovely woman’ so ‘I have to be careful what I say here’.

That is the crux of the problem. Everyone knows each other and they’ve all got to be careful what they say. I am not suggesting that colleagues should not be friends and I am certainly not suggesting that one should gratuitously kick one’s colleagues in the groin and then insult them in the national press, but if they are allowing a sex trafficking gang to take over the children’s services, one really does have to prioritise the welfare of the children over being careful what one says.

I spent 30 years watching drip after drip respond in an Ian-like way when I told people what was going on in north Wales. Some years ago I met two retired Gwynedd social workers socially through a chapel without realising at first that they had literally worked with the paedophile gang. They did of course know all about Dafydd and made no attempt to defend him at all – they remembered him as a monster whom everybody would have very much liked to have seen the back of. Yet when I named one of those who had attempted to have me arrested by lying to the police, I was met with ‘oh I worked  with her, I liked her’. The woman whom we were discussing was known to be a highly abusive person – her colleague to whom I was talking must have known about the mountain of serious complaints. I was then told that Keith Fearns was ‘decisive’. Keith Fearns was the leader of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team who threatened and abused the clients and perjured themselves in attempts to have people imprisoned. One female social worker who blew the whistle on them alleged that she’d been sexually assaulted by a male colleague in that team. A male nurse alleged that Fearns had physically assaulted him. Another social worker who gave up and left in despair described Fearns as ‘the most abusive professional that I have ever met’.  The decisive Fearns was a very nasty piece of work who was assisting a vicious paedophile gang.

Problems like this cannot be remedied by a mutual cup of Fairtrade coffee and a bit more continuing professional development in mindfulness-based practice. Furthermore, because the professions of health and social care have been allowed to become this dysfunctional, nearly everybody within is part of the Mafia of Drips. A number of people were honest enough to admit to me ‘I know he/she is dreadful, but I’ve got to work with him/her.’ They know that there will be absolutely no support from colleagues if they blow the whistle. Which is why all anybody dares do is describe a criminal sociopath as being ‘decisive’.

The nurse who blew the whistle on the biggest mental healthcare scandal in the UK in recent years has just been sacked and struck off the nursing register for having sex with her own husband. Not one colleague has stuck their head up above the parapet to declare that this is bonkers and dangerous. They’re far too frightened that they’ll be sacked for having sex with their own partners as well.

Let us look at the rest of Ian Thomas’s CV:

Accounts assistant, NSPCC, 1986-87. Finance Officer, London Borough of Newham, 1988-89. Senior Finance Officer(Social Services), London Borough of Tower Hamlets, 1989-92. Finance and Project Officer, Base 51 (health info for Nottingham teenagers), 1992-94. Senior Finance Officer, Derby City Council, 1997-99.

So Ian witnessed the financial transactions of the NSPCC, as well as the London Borough Councils of Newham and Tower Hamlets when they were doing business with John Allen and the Bryn Alyn Community and continued to send children in care into the arms of Allen and his paedophile gang even after complaints and deaths. Ian dispensed health information to teenagers in Nottinghamshire shortly after the Satanic Panic in that city and then he ran the finances of the paedophiles of Derbyshire.

Ian is either Of Them or he is a Master of Disguise.

When Ian was appointed to the post at Rotherham, two of his senior colleagues from Derbyshire County Council went with him. One of those was Mel Meggs, who was appointed Deputy Strategic Director for Children’s and Young Person’s Services for Rotherham Borough Council. Mel joined Rotherham in May 2016.

Mel had been Service Director, Early Help and Safeguarding at Derbyshire County Council (Children’s Services). Mel has ’30 years experience’ in ‘early help and social work’. So she’s been ignoring organised child abuse for a very long while then. At some point Mel was Head of Prevention at Leicester City Council. The Leicester City Council which ignored the paedophile gang numbering Frank Beck and Greville Janner among its members (see posts ‘Radical Leicester And Some Other Free Radicals’). The Leicester City Council which funded a law centre in which a lawyer called Keith Vaz worked – after he had worked as a lawyer for Richmond-Upon-Thames Council and Islington Council, whilst both of those Councils had huge problems with organised paedophile rings operating within their social services (see post ‘Always On The Side Of The Children’).

Keith’s mum was a Councillor on Leicester City Council.

Mel is a member of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services Families, Communities and Young Persons Policy Committee.

Ian Thomas was head hunted for the Rotherham post by Malcolm Newsam, the Children’s Social Care Commissioner who oversees children’s services for Rotherham. Newsam was appointed by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan in 2014 in the wake of the Jay Report.

Yet in 2011 Malcolm Newsam was at the centre of a spat himself. Mail Online reported that Newsam was one of a number of temporary Directors who had been brought in by Kent County Council’s Conservative leader Katherine Kerswell as the Council cut services and oversaw the loss of 1500 jobs. Newsam was being paid 1250k per day.

That is a great deal of money. But – there was a ding dong in north Wales some years ago when it was revealed that a ‘troubleshooter’ sent in to Anglesey County Council by the Welsh Gov’t was being paid a great deal of money. Anglesey County Council was a nightmare, one Councillor had gone to prison, come out again and gone straight back onto the Council, corruption was endemic and had been for decades, local democracy did not exist and neither did any functioning ‘services’. The Welsh Gov’t probably thought that it was worth paying to try to get it sorted out and no sane person would ever work with Anglesey County Council unless they were paid danger money. The troubleshooter deserved the danger money as well, they gave him hell.

Kent is yet another place that has a history of child abuse stretching  years.

Newsam was also sent into the children’s services of Essex and Peterborough to ‘turn them around’.

In the face of all this turning around of services by troubleshooters, one wonders why there are currently police investigations into most local authority children’s services re the abuse of children in care and why so many of the UK’s children’s services are in special measures.

But then again, even the best troubleshooter has an enormous task on their hands if the whole region has colluded with organised crime for years and some of the officials who did so are now sitting in Parliament.

Whether Ian Thomas is a member of the Mafia of Drips or not, there was someone who did do something worthwhile in Rotherham and that was the lawyer who successfully prosecuted many members of the Rotherham gang who terrorised and abused so many underaged girls. This lawyer has recently been retained by the Welsh Gov’t and has stated that he wants Wales to be the safest country in Europe for women. He has a mountain to climb. Should anyone wish to draw his attention to this blog, he’ll find the names of the culprits, the accessories and details of some of the crimes here.

I continue to uncover more members of the Mafia of Drips. Let me introduce Nia Griffith, Labour MP for Llanelli since 2005.

Nia has featured on this blog before, when she was a member of the Welsh Affairs Committee who in 2012 ‘took oral evidence’ from Dafydd’s right hand man Clive Wolfendale, Chief Exec of CAIS, regarding Dafydd and Lucille’s need for many more millions of pounds of pubic money (see post ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’). Before hearing the ‘evidence’ from Clive and others, Nia mentioned that she had just enjoyed ‘hospitality’, ie a lovely free lunch – or it may have been a dinner – from one of the Third sector organisations who were asking her for money, whom Nia noted provided a ‘superb’ quality of care. And superb nosh-ups for politicians as well presumably.

Nia went to Somerville College, Oxford and then did her PGCE at Bangor University (then called UCNW). Nia finished her PGCE in 1980, the year before I began my degree at Bangor.

So Nia will have known about everything that I found out about. She will have known that children in north Wales from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds were being abandoned by both Gwynedd Social Services and the schools and that there were a small number of near destitute quite young children who would actually visit the students halls of residences to go begging. She will have known that Friars School favoured some children from the more middle class families in Bangor and that those kids went on to occupy influential positions in the region, became paedophiles’ friends and formed an influential old boys network which they used to assist each other. Members included Elfed Roberts, former Assistant Chief Constable of North Wales Police and corrupt Chair of the North West Wales NHS Trust and Keith Thomson, former corrupt CEO of the North West Wales NHS Trust (see post ‘Former NHS Managers Of Notoriety Now Keeping A Low(er) Profile’). A member of the Friars network from a previous generation who ably assisted the paedophiles’ friends was Huw Wheldon, Mr Big of the BBC for many years during the 60s and 70s (see post ‘The Creme de la Creme’).

Yet Friars School also served the Maesgeirchan estate on the outskirts of Bangor, where many of those being shafted by the paedophiles’ friends lived. The Ty’r Felin children’s home was located on Maesgeirchan, where serious abuse occurred and where children were trafficked for sex, including down to Dolphin Square in London (see post ‘Are You Local?’). Friars School did not like the kids from families in difficulty, did not want them in the school and did nothing even when the staff knew that the kids were being ill treated or had even been abandoned by their parents. When the kids stopped coming to school no questions were asked.

Whilst I lived in north Wales I spoke to many people from different generations who went to Friars and this two tier system seemed to have operated for decades. Some men over the age of about 50 also described incredibly brutal practices, even in comparison to the education of boys in an era when it was routine to hit them. People have told me of how they were so mercilessly beaten at Friars that they couldn’t learn because they were emotional wrecks. One Jewish man from Anglesey who came to north Wales as a refugee from the Nazis told of how at Friars one particular teacher constantly assaulted him, told him in front of the class that he ought to be sent back to Germany because Mr Hitler knew how to deal with Jews and on one occasion threw him down a fire escape, causing injury. I heard about all this in a public lecture in Bangor and there were a number of other elderly former Friars pupils who all remembered this teacher and testified to his brutality. They told me that his nickname had simply been ‘Mochyn’ (Welsh for ‘pig’).

Nia Griffith trained as a teacher many years after the Jewish refugee was treated so badly, but I knew people who did teacher training in Bangor shortly after Nia – they told me the horror stories of the children who were being mistreated by social workers and of certain schools and teachers who were not conducting themselves as they should. It was like the stories about the North Wales Hospital Denbigh – if you lived in Bangor in the 1980s you heard about it. Of course there were many people who weren’t actually that bothered about what was happening to the plebs, including some trainee teachers.

Nia did not grow up on Maesgeirchan herself. Her father was Professor T. Gwynfor Griffith, a linguist who taught Italian Studies at Manchester University and her mother was Dr Rhiannon Howell. So Nia is from the Welsh speaking middle classes herself and went into teaching, a popular career choice for girls from that section of Welsh society in the 1970s. Some of those people made a substantial contribution to society as well.

Did Nia?

Well she was a language teacher who taught at Queen Elizabeth Cambria School, Carmarthen, as well as at Gowerton Comprehensive in Swansea and was then Head of Languages at Morriston Comprehensive School. She has been an education advisor and worked as an Estyn advisor from 1992. (Estyn is Wales’s equivalent of Ofsted and like Ofsted is deeply unpopular with many teachers, who perceive Estyn inspections to be box ticking exercises with unfairness built in and no reflection of how well a school is really performing.)

Nia was Chair of the Carmarthenshire Youth Project in the 1990s and is a founding member of a local Women’s Aid organisation.

Nia definitely knows about the neglect and abuse of disadvantaged people by the statutory services.

Nia publicly declared herself to be lesbian in a media interview in 2016. However, back at the dawn of time, Nia was married. Her then husband was a social worker. Presumably he lived and worked in west Wales like she did. The west Wales where a paedophile ring operated in the social services. The west Wales where Mark Drakeford also worked as a social worker. The west Wales which is just by Pembrokeshire, where the Gibbons twins grew up who were banged up for years in Broadmoor as teenagers on the grounds that they wouldn’t speak to anyone but each other and then claimed to be prostitutes (see post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’). The twin whom the Top Doctors hated most died ‘from the effects of her medication’ days before she was due to be finally released.

Nia, would you like to tell us the real reason why those girls were incarcerated and give your ex-husband a nudge to encourage him to speak up as well? Perhaps old Drakeford would like to tell all too.

Nia joined the Labour Party in 1981 and is a member of the NUT and USDAW (Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers). She has been the Secretary of the Carmarthenshire County Labour Party, was elected as a Councillor for Carmarthen Town Council in 1987, became Sheriff in 1997 and then Mayor in 1998.

Corruption in Carmarthenshire County Council has spawned a great deal of citizen blogging in west Wales.

So Nia has been in a position for years to raise concerns about those kids in west Wales. She hasn’t said a thing and didn’t even back in the mid-80s when the story of the Gibbons’ twins became known internationally and the paedophiles’ friend Marjorie Wallace built herself a whole new career at their expense.

When Nia became an MP, she found yet another friend with whom she could have raised the matter of June and Jennifer Gibbons or indeed the other kids who suffered at the hands of Nia’s husband’s and Drakeford’s colleagues – Harriet Harman! Nia was Harman’s PPS when Harman was Minister for Women and Equalities. But some Wimmin are of course more equal than others.

And I looked from pig to man and from man to pig and from pig to man again and from Nia to Harriet and from Harriet to Drakeford and from Drakeford to Lesley Griffiths and from Lesley Griffiths to Jane Hutt and then to Brian Gibbons and to Julie Morgan and even to dear departed old Rhodri himself and it was impossible to tell the difference in so far as the whole bloody lot of them had concealed and/or ignored a paedophile gang who murdered witnesses.

Nia was part of the mass shadow front bench resignation in June 2016 in an attempt to bring Jeremy Corbyn down because the resigners thought that he wasn’t going to win a General Election and none of them would ever be in Gov’t. If you’ve got the sort of talents that Nia has obviously you don’t just want to waste time merely serving your constituents, particularly if they’re living with the legacy of a paedophile gang that you’re keeping quiet about. Nia was one of many who changed her mind about Jeremy when it looked as though he was rather more popular than they thought and by Oct 2016 she was back on the shadow front bench as Defence Spokesperson, entertaining the nation because it was obvious that she didn’t have a clue what she was talking about and disagreed with Jeremy over defence policy anyway.

Nia was named and shamed in the 2009 Parliamentary election expenses scandal and was ordered to repay over 4k in wrongly claimed mortgage interest relief. Then she ended up in trouble again for breaching Parliamentary rules regarding the use of Commons stationery for political campaigning.

Nia owns a property in Llanelli, has a home in London and a smallholding in Carmarthenshire – for which she has received Welsh Gov’t funding under the Tir Gofal scheme.

Nia’s official website is currently plastered in NHS campaigning material. One notice urges people to write to NHS Wales to insist that the South Wales Major Trauma Centre is established at Swansea not Cardiff, for the benefit of her constituents. Nia – I know that everyone gets pissed off with everything being in Cardiff, but that probably is the best place for a Major Trauma Centre serving south Wales, just on the basis of demography, transport links and geography. It might be more convenient for your constituents to have the Centre near them, but it isn’t convenient for anyone else.

There are major problems at the University Hospital in Cardiff, but there are at Swansea as well, so Nia would be doing everyone a favour if she spoke up about the dire state of the NHS rather than demanding machines that go ping near her constituency.

Not that Nia shows any indication at all of raising  concerns about the serious problems in the NHS – her website also explains how she is ‘fighting for Prince Philip Hospital’. Nia wants assurances that services will remain at Prince Philip Hospital. Prince Philip Hospital has been the site of a number of very serious scandals involving patient harm and deaths and was also the centre of the very sad business involving Sian Caiach.

Sian Caiach was an orthopaedic surgeon who worked at the Prince Philip Hospital and reported fraudulent activity on the part of some of her colleagues to the Welsh Audit Office – Top Doctors at the Prince Philip were using NHS resources for private patients. Although the Welsh Audit Office found Sian’s allegations to be correct, she was suspended, remained suspended for many years and was eventually sacked and struck off. One of the Top Doctors committing the fraud was promoted, the other continued to practice.

Where were all the people who ‘love the NHS’, who bang on about strong women or their admiration of women who succeed in male dominated professions when Sian was targeted? They were nowhere to be seen.

In 2015 Sian asked the then Health Minister Mark Drakeford to address the issue of NHS Top Doctors exploiting the NHS and its patients in order to personally benefit from private practice. Left-leaning Drakeford who loves the NHS and state-provided welfare services more than anyone else on the planet didn’t ever quite get to grips with that one.

Nia’s local Health Board Hywel Dda is another that is on its knees after years of mismanagement. Nia tells us that ‘I will be keeping a close eye on the situation’. If Nia really wanted advice about the NHS all she needs to do is ask for the opinion of a fellow smallholder in Camarthenshire, Sian Caiach.

The Welsh political blog Jac O The North has recently asked questions about one of Nia’s proteges, Tonia Antoniazzi. Tonia campaigned for Nia and is now MP for the Gower, having been elected in 2017. As Jac’s blog mentioned, Tonia only joined the Labour Party in 2014, so that is rapid progression.

Tonia is from Burry Port, the territory of corrupt Top Doctor Prof Linford Rees who used his medical and film/TV network in south Wales and London to keep the lid on the wrongdoing of Dafydd and the paedophiles (see post ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’). Tonia went to Gorseinon College, then to Exeter University and then to Cardiff University to do her PGCE. Like Nia, she was a language teacher and before her election she was Head of Languages at Bryngwyn School, Llanelli. Which is somewhat inconsistent with Tonia’s claim to have been reliant on the foodbank. Foodbanks will be running out of food for people who’ve had their benefits unlawfully stopped with all these nurses and teachers raiding the supplies.

Tonia’s USP in media interviews is that she used to play for Wales in the Women’s Rugby team.

Tonia seems quite well connected re Welsh politics – one of her brothers is married to Helen Bradley who was formerly Head of News and Research for Plaid Cymru and is now Strategic Communications Lead at Chwarae Teg, the ‘equalities charity’ established by paedophiles’ friend Jane Hutt.

There are two other Antoniazzis who wield a great deal of power in Wales, but I do not know if they are relatives of Tonia – there are a number of families called Antoniazzi in south Wales. Whether they are relatives of Tonia or not, they are worth a mention.

One of these people is Dr Manon Antoniazzi who from Jan 2017 has been Chief Exec and Clerk to the National Assembly, the most senior Assembly Commission employee ie the Principal Accounting Officer. When Manon was appointed she stated that she would ‘champion the Assembly’s reputation within Wales and beyond’. Before Manon was appointed Chief Exec and Clerk, she was Director of Culture, Sport and Tourism for the Welsh Gov’t. In 2016, Sport Wales, a Welsh Gov’t-sponsored body that advises Ministers on sporting matters and also distributes National Lottery funding in Wales, found itself in meltdown. Allegations of conflict of interest and nepotism regarding the awarding of contracts were made – although an investigation by Deloitte later cleared them of wrongdoing. However the Board was accepted to be dysfunctional and the Chairman and Vice-Chair were suspended.

Manon has also been Chief Exec of Visit Wales and before that she had worked for the BBC, S4C and Prince Charles.

Before she  married, Manon was Manon Williams – her sister Ffion is married to William Hague, the man who orchestrated the cover-up of the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal which was the Waterhouse Inquiry. Ffion met Hague when she was working as a civil servant in the Welsh Office, along with all the other civil servants in the Welsh Office who had spent years concealing the abuse and deaths of kids in care and psych patients in north Wales.

Manon was said to have secured the post of Chief Exec and Clerk to the Assembly following a ‘rigorous recruitment process’.

In 2014 Wales Online covered Manon’s wedding to John Antoniazzi. The ceremony was quite exclusive, there were just 18 guests there including Ffion and William Hague, who was at the time Foreign Secretary. So Manon hasn’t disowned them for concealing a paedophile ring who murdered their victims and witnesses.

Manon and John were married at Lake Como in Italy, one of the most expensive destinations in Europe – Wales Online explained that they were regulars at Lake Como. The romance of it all! A world away from being battered, raped, declared insane and illegally imprisoned in Dafydd’s dungeon…

Manon and John held a wedding party at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. Linford Rees’s famous daughter actress Angharad Rees held an honorary position at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

I have heard a little bit about Ffion and William’s wedding as well. I was told that the man who conducted the ceremony was the father of a truly loathed theologian who used to work at Bangor University, Catrin Haf Williams. The person who told me this had been a theology student at Bangor and had achieved popularity and fame by successfully suing Catrin Haf. Catrin Haf had organised a field trip to the Middle East and told the students that it was obligatory but she would keep the cost as low as possible. She then booked everyone into a very expensive hotel because she wanted to stay there herself and had been offered a substantial discount on her own room if she booked all the students in there as well. The students were forced into penury because of this and they had all had such a bellyful of her intimidation and unpleasantness that the person I knew made a stand and sued her.

Catrin Haf’s partner in crime was her boss Prof Densil Morgan. Shortly after the student won his case against Catrin, Densil brought ridiculous disciplinary charges against the student which was very obviously a revenge attack. The student transferred to Aber to finish his degree – he was not the only person who claimed to have been targeted by Catrin Haf and Densil and forced out of the dept. There were also allegations that Densil was having words in the ears of influential people to prevent students to whom he had taken a dislike from being ordained – Densil is a Nonconformist Minister.

It was Densil who wrote a glowing tribute to J.E. Daniel online. J.E. Daniel was a theologian, Minister and Chairman of Plaid Cymru, 1939-43. He was the father of Huw Daniel, the corrupt judge who was involved in an attempt by the Hergest Unit to frame and imprison me for a serious offence (see post ‘Interesting Happenings In The Legal System’). J.E. Daniel went to Friars School of course.

Perhaps Catrin Haf’s finest hour was the occasion on which she was faced with a distressed student who wanted no more involvement with the thugs of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team – Catrin told the student that if she didn’t accept an appointment with the CMHT, she’d call security and have the student thrown out of the building. Catrin Haf was fully aware of the many serious complaints that students had made about Keith Fearns and co, including threats of violence towards students.

Catrin and Densil had a colleague, Prof Eryl Davies, whom they treated very badly. Eryl never conducted himself in the way that they did, but back in the 1980s Eryl knew some of what was happening in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and he also knew about the drunken lecherous Gordon Farley from the Agriculture Dept sexually harassing the students (see post ‘Not Seen Since The 80s – Carwyn’).

Catrin Haf announced at one point that Bangor wasn’t good enough for her and she was off to Oxford, but unfortunately she returned after less than two years on the grounds that Oxford was full of gits. A mole maintained that Catrin Haf had simply got back what she had given out.

Bangor was mercifully relieved of Catrin and Densil when they relocated to Trinity St David’s University Lampeter, although everybody certainly felt for those in peril at Lampeter. After a few months we heard that Densil and Catrin were up to their usual tricks and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth at Lampeter.


To return to Manon and John Antoniazzi. John Antoniazzi spent 25 years as a senior partner for Deloitte, heading audit for Wales. When he married Manon, John was Chairman of Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone. Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone was established in 2011 and John was Chairman for three years. Edwina Hart, the then Economy Minister, described the Enterprise Zone as aiming to attract ‘financial and professional services firms’. John was advising the Welsh Gov’t on the matter.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have rather more respect for Edwina than for the other Health Ministers in the Welsh Gov’t because she did try very hard to challenge the paedophiles’ friends in the NHS in north Wales. She was subjected to an all out hate campaign co-ordinated by the BMA and eventually stepped down as Health Minister, although I had provided her with enough info to have Martin Jones and Elfed Roberts, the former CEO and Chair of the North West Wales NHS Trust, arrested. I am fairly sure that Edwina was compromised by her previous trade union activism. She is a member of both TGWU and AMICUS and was Chair of the Wales TUC, as was her husband Bob Hart. The union movement has concealed criminal activity and wrongdoing in the NHS and social services on a grand scale for many years. I know how the paedophiles’ friends operate – they blackmail, bribe and smear people and they’ll do it to anyone under all circumstances, including to those who have previously extracted them from the slurry. I very much suspect that Edwina was faced with this, which was why she eventually backed down in the face of the loud squealing from the paedophiles’ friends. I remain grateful that Edwina did at least try.

However, Edwina does seem to have been involved in some less than fair and transparent activities re the Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone when she was Economy Minister. The successes of the Enterprise Zone included the revamping of parts of Cardiff and it was boasted that prestigious companies had ‘been attracted’ to the Tiger economy that was central Cardiff and were ‘bringing jobs’ and ‘investing’. One such success was the arrival of the Business Operations Centre of Deloitte – the former company of John Antoniazzi, the Chairman of the Enterprise Zone.

Among all the talk of investing and bringing jobs, there are clues that the Welsh Gov’t itself was giving these ‘investors’ a lot of money in return for their ‘investment’. I know that this is how Govt’s often tempt businesses to locate to various regions, but there were allegations that Edwina was making decisions regarding as to whom to give dosh on rather questionable grounds.

Edwina utilised the talents of an unpaid advisor, David Goldstone. Goldstone is a very rich man but reassured everyone that he was a selfless old boy at heart and just wanted to help the taxpayer. How one does that by giving large amounts of their money to very rich businesspeople he did not explain. Goldstone made serious money back in the 1970s and has been Chairman of both Cardiff and Swansea City football clubs. Among other things he was founder and Chief Exec of the property firm Regalian, the owner of Lands End and a Board member of Cardiff Airport, which was famously purchased by the Welsh Gov’t in 2013. The Chair of the Board of Cardiff Airport was Lord David Rowe-Beddoe, the ‘Monaco-based businessman’ who was Chair of the famously disreputable WDA and who was involved in the transfer of many millions of taxpayers money into the pockets of a small number of already wealthy people as  result of the development of Cardiff Bay (see post ‘Corruption Bay Special’). Goldstone is also the hon Vice-President of the Royal Albert Hall. Goldstone is an elderly man now and although press interviews with him provide much info about his early life, wax lyrical about his days as Mr Big in Welsh football, talk about how he lives in Mayfair but when he’s in Cardiff he crashes out in the Hilton and how people still flock to him because he’s a lovely old bugger who’s such good company, there is a veil drawn over his career before he became an ‘entrepreneur’. We are simply told that Goldstone was a London based ‘commercial lawyer’.

Football is best known at present for massive levels of corruption at national and international levels and the recent revelations regarding the sexual abuse of boys, sometimes by well known coaches.

Martin Jones has spent years involving himself with junior football clubs in north Wales and I never understood why, because he doesn’t have an altruistic bone in his body. Keith Fearns has for years managed a ladies football team in Gwynedd and no-one has ever believed this to be a benign activity.


People do not make the sort of dosh that David Goldstone has made by prioritising the needs of the taxpayer.

One of Goldstones’s triumphs was his organising a £15 million deal in 2013 through which the Welsh Gov’t acquired offices owned by property developer J.R. Smart in the Capital Quarter scheme. J.R. Smart’s son now works for J.R. Smart, but before he did so, he worked for the Bank of Wales, which was not a bank but an organisation run by a spiv who sold poor people things at high rates of interest. That high profile paedophile the now disgraced former Speaker of the House George Thomas, aka Lord Tonypandy, was involved with the Bank of Wales.

So there was obviously a great deal of money sloshing about in the coffers of the Welsh Gov’t which was available for thrashing out deals with some very rich people.

In 2015 BBC News Wales ran stories regarding the collapse of a hi-tech company called Ideoba. Ideoba was run by Adam Price – now a Plaid AM – and a US finance expert, Andrew Auerbach. Ideoba’s collapse was attributed to the refusal of the Welsh Gov’t to provide it with a loan of just 150k. This is not to suggest that Ideoba was an unsustainable ramshackle affair – information available suggests that it had a sound basis, that it was a small but expanding company and that other investors had come forward and were prepared to invest if the Welsh Gov’t would provide the loan of 150k. The Welsh Gov’t refused, Ideoba collapsed, employees were made redundant and Adam Price personally lost 70k.

Ideoba was the sort of business that the Welsh Gov’t was telling people that it wanted to encourage and support. Instead it allowed the company to collapse for the sake of a 150k loan – whilst Deloitte, who just happened to have connections with the Chairman of the Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone and Economy Minister so close that the phrase ‘conflict of interest’ screams loudly at us all, picked up massive quantities of Gov’t money for doing the Welsh Gov’t the favour of opening a business operations centre, which would no doubt be highly profitable for Deloitte. Deloitte picks up numerous Gov’t contracts and whilst researching for this blog I have constantly come across people formerly of Deloitte who have been given given senior roles in public services for which they are very obviously not qualified.

Andrew R.T. Davies, the leader of the Welsh Conservatives, alleged that Edwina Hart had broken the Ministerial code with regard to the consideration of the loan to Ideabo. It was David Goldstone who advised against a loan being made to Ideabo, yet Goldstone was employed to advise only on property. It was revealed that Goldstone had been involved in discussions about the loan with Edwina and her officials and that he had been given commercially sensitive information that should not have been made available to him. Most damningly, Adam Price’s business partner Andrew Auerbach alleged that he had been told by Goldstone himself that Ideabo had been refused the loan because Price had announced his intentions to stand as  Plaid candidate in the forthcoming Assembly election. Goldstone is a member of the Labour Party.

Improper conduct was strongly denied by the Welsh Gov’t and Goldstone but it was noticed that Goldstone’s contract with the Welsh Gov’t was not renewed in April 2015. Ideabo collapsed in April 2015.

There were constant accusations that Edwina and Goldstone were members of a ‘Swansea Mafia’ – Goldstone was orginally from Swansea, although he made his fortune in London. Goldstone maintained that allegations of being part of a Swansea Mafia were all nonsense and that he hadn’t known Edwina until he found himself sitting opposite her when they were both on the Board of the Wales Millennium Centre. Goldstone explained that she told him that she was from Swansea so he made a point of getting to know her.

Which rather suggests that influential people with connections to Swansea make a point of networking with each other.

Some years ago I did hear of an allegation that Edwina had facilitated Welsh Gov’t funding for someone based on Anglesey in a deal so sordid that even I am not going to give details here – it involved the sort of thing that I need to have witnessed myself or at least have correlated before I publish it. The info came from a community activist who, like many others, were tearing their hair out at the levels of corruption that they were encountering.

The thing that intrigues but worries me is that David Goldstone was appointed a ‘property advisor’ to Edwina whilst she was Health Minister.

Goldstone has also been and might still be a property advisor to the Wales Rugby Union. Tasker Watkins, the one time ‘Greatest Living Welshman’, Presiding Judge of the corrupt Wales and Chester Circuit and great friend to paedophiles and criminal Top Doctors (see post ‘Corruption Bay Special’) was President of the Welsh Rugby Union, 1993-04.

Goldstone has been Chairman of the children’s charity the Thomas Coram Foundation. Many of those who concealed organised child abuse in north Wales and elsewhere have been/are involved with Coram.

It was David Goldstone who built the MI6 HQ in Vauxhall. One would have thought that MI6 would have chosen a property developer with rather less questionable contacts to build their house. But then they knew all about Dafydd and the paedophiles anyway and were key to ensuring that they were neither stopped or prosecuted.


To return to John Antoniazzi. He stepped down from the role of Chair of Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone in 2015 and stated that he would be ‘pursuing new business interests and charitable commitments’.

John Antoniazzi is Chairman of Premier Forest Ltd and a former non-executive Board member of Go Compare. He is a Trustee and Treasurer of the Catholic Archdiocese of Cardiff and Chairman of their Cornerstone Project. John was the founder Chairman of Fareshare Cymru.

John Antoniazzi has ‘supported the work of the NSPCC in Wales’. The NSPCC provided the ‘Helpline’ that was set up at the end of 1991 to ‘support’ the by then adults who had been victims of the north Wales paedophile gang when some of them were eventually put on trial. The Helpline was staffed and managed by the colleagues of the paedophiles (see post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake’). Not many people sought support from the Helpline, but one person who did was found dead.

John is a Trustee of London Music Masters, which provides music tuition for children.

John is also involved with the cancer charity Maggie’s.

John Antoniazzi is the Independent Board Member for Estates on the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. The Independent Board Member for the Third sector is a frequent star of this blog, Sara Moseley, Director of MIND Cymru. Professor Elizabeth Treasure is the Independent Board Member for Universities. Treasure caused havoc among the Top Doctors when she was a senior manager at Cardiff Medical School but so many of the Top Doctors there were completely corrupt that I never worked out if she was sinner or sinned against. She is now VC of Aberystwyth University, another institution which has provided a home for many a paedophiles’ friend (see post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’).

Associate Board Members include Tony Young, Director of Social Services for Cardiff Council and Phil Evans, Director of Social Services for Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board employ Richard Penketh as a consultant gynaecologist. Penketh worked at St George’s Hospital Medical School and was a pathological sexual harasser who managed to have sex with another member of staff in a lab during working hours. Then he failed some professional exams and St George’s stated that they would do what they did with all really bad doctors – they’d ‘send him to Wales’. And they did – and then paedophiles’ friend Brian Gibbons gave Penketh an award for excellence.


Another Antoniazzi also works for the Assembly, Jon Antoniazzi, the Director of Policy, Legislation and Innovation at the Office of Future Generations Commissioner for Wales. That Commissioner is one Sophie Howe.

When I was researching Tonia Antoniazzi, I noticed that the MP for the Gower who preceded her was a Tory, Byron Davies, who did originally come from the Gower but he had spent his adult life in London – futhermore he had been a senior detective in the Met. Davies was in the Met when they all behaved like something out of the TV programme Life On Mars – whilst there was rampant corruption and the organised sexual abuse of children was ignored and actively concealed if complaints involved public figures. Davies only returned to the Gower in 2011 after he retired – where he successfully stood for election to the Welsh Assembly. He remained an AM until 2017. Police officers often do interesting things after they retire, but nonetheless this did seem a bit odd. Then I read a Wales Online article from 2011 profiling the new AMs and something so obvious had happened that it must have been visible from outer space. In 2011 the Assembly received an influx of AMs who had concealed the abuse of children in care. Before readers hurl accusations of conspiracy theories, just bear with me.

By spring 2011, questions about the possible existence of a Westminster Paedophile Ring would not go away. There was also much discontent in north Wales – I had written to a number of people stating that I intended to publish now that I had possession of the most incriminating documents and that I would be calling for a Pubic Inquiry into the conduct of the mental health services. The Top Doctors and paedophiles’ friends were going apeshit with regard to the arrival at the Betsi Board of a CEO and a number of other senior managers who were challenging their reign of terror. Furthermore, the biggest sex offender and Top Doctors’ friend of the lot, Jimmy Savile, was very obviously on his last legs. Once he was dead, it was inevitable that someone would go public on what he had done, because in UK law one cannot libel the dead. Savile had visited Bryn Estyn and been involved with abuse there.

Now just consider some of the new faces in the Assembly in 2011, along with the senior officer from the Met:

Julie Morgan. Former social worker and Deputy Director of Barnardo’s who kept quiet about child abuse. Wife of Rhodri, whose whole career was predicated on concealing the paedophiles – and who had by now left the Assembly himself.

Antoinette Sandbach – a London barrister who’s father was a key figure in covering up the activities of Dafydd and the paedophiles and whose grandmother also knew what was going on (see post ‘News Round Up, 19 January 2018). Sandbach – like the man from the Met – took the opportunity to bag a seat at Westminster before too long.

Mick Antinow. A lawyer and senior partner in Thompsons, a company that represents trade unions. Antinow began training in 1980. He worked at Thompsons throughout the years that trade unions afforded full protection to abusers. In north Wales some of the abusers were union reps. David Williams, who ‘trained’ at the North Wales Hospital and its dungeon, became the General Secretary for COHSE (see post ‘A Very COHSE Relationship With Some Very Nasty People’).

John Dixon. Had been a Cardiff Councillor for twelve years, whilst abuse had occurred in Cardiff and was a member of the Care Council for Wales – which was packed with paedophiles’ friends and completely failed to protect children and other clients (see post ‘Still Lost In Care’). Dixon was disqualified from office shortly after election because AMs are not permitted to sit on the Care Council for Wales.

Aled Roberts. A solicitor from Wrexham throughout the years that the children in care in Wrexham – primarily in Bryn Estyn and nearby Bryn Alyn – were horrifically abused and everyone in the legal profession and criminal justice system ignored it. Aled had also been a Wrexham Councillor, Leader of Wrexham Council and Mayor of Wrexham. Wrexham Council ran Bryn Estyn. One of my friends went to Aled after he had been unlawfully refused treatment by the mental health services and had ended up paying for private treatment abroad. Aled took three months to reply and said that there was nothing he could do.

Aled was also disqualified from office shortly after he was elected. The rest of the Assembly voted to reinstate him.

Gwyn Price. The former Deputy Leader of Caerphilly County Borough Council – he’d been in post throughout those glorious years when Ron Davies with his moments of madness and hobby of looking for badgers was MP and AM for Caerphilly.

Mike Hedges. Graduate of both Swansea and Cardiff Universities. Councillor on Swansea City Council from 1989 and Councillor on City and County of Swansea Council from 1995. Vice-Chair of Council’s Scrutiny Committee. WLGA spokesman for Social Services. Swansea Social Services were reputed to be dreadful for years but it was denied. Until baby Aaron Gilbert was murdered in 2005. Hedges was non-exec Director of Swansea NHS Trust, 1999-05.

Keith Davies. A teacher, schools inspector and Director of Education in Mid-Glamorgan and Carmarthenshire – paedophile rings operated in both areas. In May 2012, Davies was the centre of a scandal and was investigated for bringing the Assembly into disrepute. He had crawled into the St David’s Hotel at 4-45am pissed, in the company of his ‘female guest’ who was also pissed. Keith’s friend was described as ‘foul mouthed’ and hurled abuse at and threatened hotel staff. Keith attempted to scarper without paying the hotel bill. That was one hell of a night out for a 71 year old man who was married to someone else.

David Rees. Succeeded paedophiles’ friend and corrupt Top Doctor Brian Gibbons. Rees is a member of UNITE and convenor of the UNITE Group of AMs. The UNITE that supported and provided free legal advice to abusers.

Simon Thomas. Aber graduate and was Assistant Curator at the National Library of Wales – so well connected to the old fossils (see post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’). Simon’s father-in-law’s father was the Rev T. Alban Davies, a Welsh preacher and early member of Plaid, so he will have personally known the old fossils J.E. Daniel and Dafydd’s mate Saunders Lewis. Thomas was Policy and Research Officer for Taff-Ely Borough Council, 1992-94. So Thomas arrived there in the aftermath of the Ely Bread Riots.

Lindsay Whittle. Councillor on Caerphilly County Borough Council from 1976 and Council leader 1999-04 and 2008-11. He remained a Councillor after he became an AM. Well the more fingers in the more pies that Ron Davies’s mates have, the better. Caerphilly Council have recently been under investigation for financial misconduct dating back years.

Mark Drakeford. Need I say more?

Jenny Rathbone. Former Islington Councillor, journalist and member of the family who established a charity that supplied the paedophiles with help when some of them were actually caught (see post ‘The Mentor’).

Julie James. Barrister and former civil servant. Worked as a policy lawyer for the London Borough of Camden – Tessa Jowell’s manor and the site of much abuse and neglect of kids in care and psych patients. Also was Assistant Chief Exec of the City and County of Swansea Council.

Llyr Huws Gruffydd. Described one of Dafydd’s dodgy ‘nursing homes’ for people ‘with PTSD’ as a ‘beacon of excellence’. Stated that a psych patient complaining of mistreatment when in the Heddfan Unit was ‘in the right place’ after having a word with the abusive Angel on duty. Days later the patient was discharged and refused further care and support. He ended up suicidal and sleeping rough. Llyr stopped replying to e mails about this patient’s case.

Suzy Davies. Solicitor who had mentored young offenders and worked on children’s and community projects.

There were two other AMs in the 2011 intake who were too young to have been assisting the paedophile gang of north Wales in its hayday, but who definitely have worked with people who did help them – Vaughan Gething, another solicitor who worked for Thompsons and Ken Skates from Wrexham, who has spent his whole life and career surrounded by lying criminals and people in denial.

The arrival of that crew in the Assembly as the anxiety levels of the paedophiles’ friends was going through the roof and when another high level cover-up might have  been called for was not a coincidence.





Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

38 thoughts on “The Battle Of The Cowshed”

  1. Yet another disappearing Top Doctor!

    When I contacted Mary Wynch via the Guardian after she had gone into hiding and we compared notes on Dafydd and the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, Mary told me that whilst she was illegally imprisoned, there was one Top Doctor who used to visit her, discussed the wrongdoing of Dafydd et al and who told her to ‘carry on with your fight’.

    Mary took this Top Doctor at face value and believed that he was being supportive. But then I have been prepared to believe that of a number of people – who had actually just pumped me for info and relayed it straight back to Dafydd and the paedophiles.

    I can remember this Top Doctor’s name – he has never come forward.

    Dr Kieren Lynch, you knew exactly what happened to Mary and you will have witnessed far far more than anyone else knows about. Time to come forward Dr Lynch.

    1. There was a particularly dim nursing assistant who worked on Bryn Golau ward, called Marion. It was always Marion who was left to patronise the unlawfully imprisoned young woman with learning disabilities – also called Marion.

      The patients didn’t like Marion the nursing assistant and an entertaining quarryman from Llanberis used to really take the piss out of her, but she was too thick to realise it.

      One of the other Angels told me that Marion ‘was very kind’.

      It was Marion who suggested that I should be put into the dungeon. That’s how I found out about the dungeon! Poor old Marion obviously wasn’t supposed to have let the cat out of the bag – as soon as she mentioned the dungeon, charge nurse Mike Williams was on the scene to silence the silly old bat.

      Marion was probably in her early 50s at the time and like most of the staff lived nearby. She may well still be alive.

      Anyone fancy tracking Marion down and explaining that illegally imprisoning the victims of a paedophile gang and keeping them in a cellar isn’t tantamount to kindness? If she could be made to understand the enormity of what her senior colleagues had told her to do, Marion would probably co-operate fully with the police.

      The saddest thing is that Marion probably was a lovely woman in many ways – but she wasn’t very bright and was surrounded by Experts telling her that the patients were all ‘dangerous’ and that putting them in a dungeon was what you do with dangerous patients who are saying such terrible things about Top Doctors.

  2. A nurse called Bob who used to do the night shift at Bryn Golau. Told me that before Gwynne and Dafydd loaded the patients up with anti psychotics, he just had to make sure that the patients were more frightened of him than they were of their hallucinations.

    Christ almighty, what did he do to them?

  3. Dr Khalid Siddiqui. An aggressive deeply unpleasant junior doctor at Denbigh who wrote whatever Dafydd told him to write on medical records and police statements, no matter how untruthful it was.

    Siddiqui is still working as a Top Doctor! Five years ago I discovered that he was being used as an ‘independent’ expert in the south of England to assess patients under the Mental Health Act when they had been arrested.

    It really doesn’t fill one with hope does it.

  4. Two more patients who arrived at Bryn Golau and disappeared within hours:

    A young man who was dragged in by the police and ambulance service, terrified and resisting all the way. He was locked in a seclusion cell for the night. When we all got up for breakfast this young man was still in the cell – and they’d taken all of his clothes away – but massively drugged. So the Angels left the door of the cell open. Another patient, Stephen, a victim of the paedophile gang from Wrexham, recognised the young man and told me that they knew each other because the drugged young man was from Wrexham as well. The Angels heard Stephen telling me this.

    The drugged young man disappeared within the next hour. As with all disappearances, no-one saw him leave through the front door and he was never mentioned again. He couldn’t have walked, he had been too heavily drugged. Someone must have carried him out and it wasn’t out of the main entrance.

    Another person turned up as well one night but had disappeared by 10am. A young woman who had tattoos on her hands, which I noticed because it was unusual for women to have tattoos in the late 80s. She too was spotted sitting in a cell but had disappeared just over an hour later after the Angels realised that Stephen and me had spotted her and were puzzling over who she might be.

    1. Neither of these patients can have been transferred to other units under legal procedures because there won’t have been time for any ‘professionals’ to have assessed them. And I bet that they weren’t taken to Bryn Golau legally as well.

      The usual story – illegally arrested, taken to Denbigh, then disappeared as soon as it is realised that somebody has recognised them or realised that a serious crime has probably been committed.

      1. The quarryman from Llanberis whom I made friends with in Bryn Golau – Peter Webb.

        Peter Webb was bright and witty and thought that the Angels and Top Doctors were a bunch of pillocks. He taught me a bit of Welsh and used to tell me about the history of the quarries. And we used to play dominoes.

        The charge nurse in Bryn Golau Mike Williams made a point of telling everyone that he wouldn’t tolerate bad language. So Peter delighted in saying in a very polite manner to Mike Williams ‘Mr Williams, why don’t you fuck off?’

        I thought that this was enormously entertaining, particularly when Mike Williams got so angry at being told to fuck off – but very politely – that he locked Peter Webb in the male dormitory. When Peter was finally let out he observed that he had been a naughty boy again.

        Peter repeatedly politely explained to the Angels that he had been arrested and taken to Bryn Golau months ago but had not even been given a clean shirt. He was ignored.

        Peter had been arrested, like everyone else in Bryn Golau, but like everyone else he wasn’t actually prosecuted. The Angels constantly talked among themselves about Peter having ‘paranoid schizophrenia’. Which was what Dafydd claimed that Mary Wynch suffered from. And indeed me, until he changed his mind. Yet again. And then the tombola was given another spin and a different diagnosis was pulled out.

        Peter told me that he had been picked up by the police and taken to Denbigh because he had been sleeping in a derelict house and the police had been told to arrest him because he had ‘broken into’ the building and was squatting. Peter was homeless but that was because he’d lost the tenancy of his council house in Llanberis – when he was last imprisoned in Denbigh. He had been released with nowhere to go and it seems was arrested again almost immediately and taken back to Denbigh. He was of cause now a ‘homeless chronic paranoid schizophrenic’ who had ‘broken into’ a building. Furthermore he was filthy – he hadn’t changed his clothes for months!

        Dafydd’s rationale for having Mary Wynch arrested, taken to Risley Remand Centre and then banging her up in Denbigh unlawfully for a year, was that she was paranoid schizophrenic who if not contained would break into her mother’s old house and squat in it. The reality was – as later demonstrated in the Court of Appeal – that Mary was living in her mother’s house quite legally because she had inherited it when her mother had died, whilst her mother was in one of Jones’s ‘nursing homes’.

        Mary had at no time broken into and squatted anywhere or even threatened to do so. Like Peter Webb, Mary had ended up homeless and penniless – because Jones had unlawfully detained her, declared her incapable of managing her own property and finances and had fleeced her, in collaboration with a number of crooked solicitors and other Top Doctors with whom he was mates.

        So why did the paedophiles’ friends need to destroy Peter Webb’s life and reputation?

        Perhaps Dr Neil Davies would like to tell us – he was the Top Doctor who maintained that Peter was far too mad to be released.

  5. Professor Tom Rippeth is an oceanographer from Bangor University who for some years now has been really desperate to become a Lib Dem MP. Tom has been regularly wheeled out as the Lib Dem candidate in various constituencies in north Wales, including Wrexham and Delyn.

    Here’s another trip down memory lane! When I was threatened, arrested and illegally imprisoned in Denbigh, some of my old friends from university were still living in the old vicarage that we had shared on Anglesey. After finally escaping the clutches of Dafydd and the paedophiles, I went out to Anglesey to see them. I was told that a new postgraduate from Marine Sciences had moved in and that he was a bit difficult. I hadn’t even heard of him and certainly didn’t know him.

    So imagine my surprise when I turned up to see my mates and this man answered the door to me, slammed it immediately and said – because I heard him from where I was standing outside – ‘get rid of her’. One of my old mates emerged and we went off into Bangor together, where I was told that the new bloke from marine sciences had ordered them not to let me in.

    Then the new bloke invited one of his mates to move in to the old vicarage on Anglesey – a postgrad from oceanography called Tom Rippeth! My mates gradually all moved out.

    Sadly Tom didn’t like living in the old vicarage – he later told someone that it was the worst place he’d ever been in, cold, damp and windswept. That’s a shame Tom, because we lived up there for years and loved it – until some poisonous postgrads from marine sciences and oceonography caused rifts.

    Although of course by the time that Tom and his mates needed somewhere to live, one of my mates from that house had been killed in the car crash which left her ex boyfriend brain damaged and severely disabled.

    Happy days Tom!

    I have been told recently that many of the people who gave me such a hard time after I dared cross the path of Dafydd and the paedophile gang received money in exchange for ensuring that I had nowhere to live or no job. Whether dear old Rippeth and his mates fell into that category or whether they were just a bunch of selfish aggressive bastards I do not know.

    Should Tom ever make it into Westminster he’ll be among friends – the place is full of people who ignored the victims of Dafydd and the serious organised crime with which he was involved.

    Tom’s election addresses can still be found online. In one campaign he used the slogan ‘Liberal Democrats – Open, Tolerant and United’.

  6. When I met Mary Wynch after she’d gone into hiding, she showed me a letter that she had received from an Angel at the North Wales Hospital – like me, the Angel had written to Mary via the Guardian after seeing her featured in there.

    The letter was telling Mary how brave she was and wishing her all the best. Mary told me that she had no intention of replying because she had experience of Dafydd and the gangsters sending ‘sympathisers’ to contact her in an attempt to find out where she was. The letter to Mary was from Menna someone but sadly I can’t remember her surname.

    Back in the summer I received an e mail from a psychiatric nurse in Gwynedd congratulating me on this blog and telling me that he had some info for the blog and asking me to meet him in Gwynedd – in a mental health centre run by the Betsi no less. I explained that I was not in Wales any more and that I couldn’t possibly risk going to Gwynedd. He e mailed back and said that was OK, wherever it was I was living, he would come to my house if I gave him my address! Er – what part of ‘in hiding after attempts to kill me’ did this man not understand?

    I told him that he was welcome to e mail me the info like all my other informants do.

    I never heard another thing.

    I happen to know that the psych nurse concerned has joined the appalling Keith Fearns’ s therapists training group.

    So John Sims, was it Fearns who tasked you with tracking me down? And if so, did he pay you? Or did you do it out of the kindness of your heart? I know that like everyone else you loathe Fearns, but you’re all very frightened of him. Because if he goes to prison a lot more of you will follow him, having all been accessories.

  7. Hilarious – the Guardian website has a feature announcing that they have discovered the existence of two Masonic Lodges at Westminster. I know that I’ve written about the allegations that Freemasonry was involved in the criminality in north Wales, but I had just presumed that the links to corrupt politicians were a result of common or garden corruption, particularly as many of the corrupt politicians involved were wimmin.

    Stephen Knight’s 1984 book about Freemasonry, ‘The Brotherhood’, names numerous people in public life who openly told him that they were Masons and were happy to be identified. Knight uses pseudonyms in other cases. One of his anecdotes involves a ‘peculiar’ doctor who was conducting worrying relationships with his own daughter as well as with other people and who when involved in a court case openly performed the secret Mason in Grief or Distress signal. Following this, the cross examination of this weird – and it is implied – highly abusive doctor became much more gentle. The pseudonym that Knight uses for this doctor is Dr Denbeigh.

    In the 1980s there was a lodge in Bangor to which a number of solicitors and police officers belonged.

    There was a lodge in Bangor University and one lecturer told me that he knew of at least one case of the adult son of a member of that lodge not being investigated by the police for a drink driving offence because of the Masonic link.

    St George’s Hospital Medical School was alleged to have been virtually run by Freemasons – even these days, Freemasons exert a substantial influence in medical schools.

    The Lions charitable organisation is strongly influenced by Freemasonry. Alun Davies, the corrupt former NHS manager in north Wales, was Chair of Bangor Lions.

    Trystan Pritchard, former corrupt NHS junior manager in Ysbyty Gwynedd is a Freemason. Trystan is now Chief Exec of St David’s Hospice in Llandudno. He took over the post when Alun Davies retired from the position a few years ago.

    1. When I finally received my full medical records after my lawyer subpoenaed the CEO of the NW Wales Trust to appear in Court in Cardiff, I found documents relating to a conversation held between Rob Evans and Keith Fearns back in about 1994, after I had complained about Fearns and his colleagues constantly harassing me. Rob Evans was the Assistant Director of Gwynedd Social Services – Evans had been the senior manager for the children’s homes whilst the paedophiles were busy within.

      Evans had asked Fearns what he wanted done with me after I had complained about them. Fearns had replied ‘lock her up’.

      So that’s why there were so many victims of the paedophile gang banged up in Denbigh illegally or languishing in high security hospitals! It was on the orders of Fearns…

      Within weeks of issuing the order, Fearns’s colleague Bridget Lloyd contacted the police and told her that I had made several phone calls to her threatening her and that she was terrified of me. Gwynedd Health Authority told the police that they had given her a personal alarm to carry at all times lest she bump into me and a safe house would be arranged if I was found not guilty.

      I was acquitted. Dunno whether old Bridget took refuge in Fort Knox though. Probably not because I have obtained a copy of a memo that Bridget wrote to the managers of Gwynedd Health Authority hours before she made her statement not the police. The memo says that she only met me once years ago and that she was sure that I wouldn’t recognise her if I saw her.

      1. Endemic serious criminality in the NHS ?

        There’s only one solution – the unions who provided the worthless bastards who did all this with free legal advice and full protection should organise a march through London, waving banners saying Save The NHS and demanding more millions…

        It’s terrible about that Harvey Weinstein isn’t it.

        #Me Too!

    2. Hi Sally,

      just googled Stephen Knight of The Brotherhood – out of curiosity (so i’m sorry if this is a waste of your time – it just caught my eye). he died the year after this book came out. also – he was treated by a doctor from maudsley! (a dr. peter fenwick). for your interest, here’s a link to his orbit:

      I have copied the text of the orbit here (in case you can’t get to it)
      Stephen Knight
      by Richard Whittington-Egan

      Stephen Knight was born, a Wednesday’s child, on September 26th, 1951, at Hainault, Essex. He attended West Hatch Technical High School, at nearby Chigwell, where, in his own words, he was “unsuccessfully educated”, and told by his teachers, “Your future lies in ruin before you.” He was inclined to agree when he took his first job as a trainee showroom salesman for the London Electricity Board.

      But he had already made up his mind that what he really wanted was to be a journalist, and found himself facing the first – and toughest – assignment that any journalist ever has to cope with: getting a foothold in the profession. Determination stood him in good stead. In 1969, aged eighteen, he succeeded in having himself accepted as a trainee junior reporter on the Ilford Pictorial, and when that paper folded about his still-wet ears, contrived a desk place on the Ilford Recorder. Sacked somewhat prematurely from the Recorder, he achieved a smooth, upwardly mobile transition to the Hornchurch Echo, where, at the age of twenty, he was promoted to chief reporter. For a month’s span in 1973, he worked on the East London Advertiser, before rejoining the staff of the Ilford Recorder, where he became chief reporter and subsequently feature-writer-cum-dramatic-critic-cum-book-reviewer.

      Still restless, he parted company again with the Recorder, this time of his own volition, in 1975, to take up a position on the Travel Trade Gazette, but was off on his own travels again in 1976, as a full-time, self-employed writer, following the enormous success of The Final Solution.

      He had meanwhile married Margot Kenrick, acquiring two stepdaughters, Natasha and Nicole, and, in 1977, she bore him a baby daughter of his own, Nanouska. The following year, he, Margot, and Nanouska took a trip to Australia. In August 1978, from Singapore, en route, he sent me a cheerful postcard. Later, he told me that he was scenting the antipodean track of Constance Kent, the young fratricide of Road Hill House, who would, in 1979, stand fully discovered and revealed by Bernard Taylor in his definitive book on the case, Cruelly Murdered, as the one hundred year old Miss Ruth Emilie Kaye, who had died, full of redemptive honours – a congratulatory message from the King and Queen no less – after a career of nursing lepers, on April 10th, 1944, in a rest home in the municipality of Strathfield, New South Wales.

      In 1979 Knight produced his first novel, an Edwardian detective story really, with a supernatural tinge, Requiem at Rogano. He did not, I remember, like the publisher’s choice of title. He told me that he had wanted to call it The Heretics of Rogano. It was generally well received. A satisfactory successor to his Ripper book.

      After all this early-flowering success, the year 1980 was to prove his, as majestic language has it, annus horribilis; and in a most unexpected way. It began low key and innocuously enough, with Knight’s seeing an advertisement which appeared in the London Evening Standard seeking people who suffered from epilepsy to take part in a B.B.C. Horizon programme documentary on the disease. He answered it because he wanted to have an opportunity of talking about the public’s misunderstanding of the illness.

      Three years before – in 1977 – he had started to have epileptic episodes. “When I was ten, I was hit on the head by a cricket bat.” The doctors believed that a consequent area of dead tissue discovered in the brain was the causal factor. Recently, his epileptic fits had been steadily increasing in intensity and duration. “Not knowing why was,” he said, “rather frightening.”

      Stephen Knight ca. 1976
      Martin Freeth, the producer of the Horizon programme, was anxious to show viewers a scan of an epileptic brain, and, knowing that the mark left by the cricket bat accident would show up, chose Knight as the guinea pig. The scanner revealed that this necrotic patch had increased to the size of an egg. Within a week a biopsy had established the diagnosis of a cerebral tumour, and he underwent brain surgery in the Maudsley Hospital, at Denmark Hill, South London.

      He recovered. “I was told that there was only about a five per cent. chance of the tumour ever recurring, as it was very low grade. I translated that at nought per cent. and just carried on living.”

      And there was a happy sequel.

      In his private world things had not been going along too smoothly. Critical differences had blown up between him and his “Belle Marguerite”. In November 1980, it was announced that Lesley Newson, Horizon’s 28-year-old researcher, and Knight would marry when his divorce from his separated wife came through. In the event, though, they never did.

      With six-monthly scans proving clear, Knight went merrily on to write The Brotherhood: The Secret World of the Freemasons, published early in 1984. It was a direct result of his literary Mason-watching, carried out in connection with his Jack the Ripper book. This new work, containing as it did many sensational allegations, among them that the K.G.B. had succeeded in infiltrating Masonry, and with its exposure of the power of the square among the guardians, at all levels, of the law, caused a considerable stir – and most satisfactory sales figures.

      What proved to be his last book, The Killing of Justice Godfrey, another piece of investigative work, also came out in 1984 – in the July. This Knight regarded as his best book. He explained: “When I was thirteen I had the idea of taking an historical mystery and ‘solving’ it in the form of a short story. I approached my history teacher at West Hatch Technical High School, Chigwell – an inspiring man called John Hudson – and asked if he knew a suitable case. He immediately told me to get Who Killed Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey by Alfred Marks from the library. It was, he said, the greatest unsolved murder in English history. Alas, Mr. Marks’ turgid prose proved too much for me and I abandoned the project. But the idea stayed with me and when, ten years later, I finished my book Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution and was casting around for a new subject, Godfrey seemed the obvious choice: the three hundredth anniversary of his death was just three years off. If John Hudson had not hooked me in 1965 it is unlikely this book would ever have been written.” It, too, was well received.

      The Brotherhood was dedicated: “For Ma and Pa, with love.” The Killing of Justice Godfrey introduced a completely novel dedicatee: “For Barbara Mary Land. Love.” No more for Margot. His marriage had ended in divorce.

      The first disquieting hints that something was going wrong with himself came shortly after the publication of The Brotherhood. “I began to get strange symptoms. I developed a curious kind of word blindness – not being able to say the word I wanted, however simple; and my handwriting started to become very, very bad. I thought it was due to over-medication from the drugs I’d been taking for epilepsy.”

      He was in South Carolina, holidaying with his girlfriend, Barbara Mary Land, that summer of 1984, when he suddenly realised that the postcards he was writing home were “indecipherable travesties” of his usual writing. Equally worrying was the fact that he found when he was walking that he was continually stumbling to the right.

      “I telephoned my doctor, Peter Fenwick, at the Maudsley.” Dr. Fenwick told him that if he was getting headaches he must come home immediately. He was. He flew back the next day.

      Knight, who was interviewed in considerable depth by Anne De Courcey, from whose perceptive and sympathetic article in the Standard I quote, told her: “I was so confident I was only suffering from over-medication I’d booked a room at the Gatwick Hilton and a return flight the following afternoon. The first inkling that anything was wrong otherwise was when I was kept waiting while they looked at my scan. It turned out they were comparing it with the previous ones. Then a doctor came into the room and said: ‘I’m afraid there’s a recurrence of the tumour.’”

      The following day Knight saw Dr. Fenwick. “He knew that I always respond best to the truth. I asked him how long I had got. He said: ‘We intend to give you another operation followed by chemotherapy. Even if there’s nil response to either you will have at least two years.’ Although I cried at the time and was very upset, we were actually able to have conversation about what those two years would contain for me.”

      In July 1984 about seventy per cent of the aggressive cancer tumour was removed by operation. The remaining thirty per cent. could not, because of its proximity to speech and movement centres of the brain, be subjected to surgical interference. Chemotherapy for eighteen months was prescribed.

      Every six weeks throughout that autumn, winter and spring Knight went to the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, in leafy Queen Square, Bloomsbury, where, nearly fifty years before, another tragic young writer, Denton Welch, had been a doomed patient. Brain scans and blood tests in the morning. Chemotherapy in the afternoon. Often, after being injected with iodine to boost the scanner’s effectiveness, he would feel sick. “Then I get frightened, because if I’m sick with my head stuck in one position I might choke myself.”

      In October 1984, Knight was painfully honest with Anne De Courcey. “They have now told me frankly there is nothing they can do to save my life, only prolong it. The surgeon who did the operation thinks it more likely I have one year than two.”

      Knight had heard of the special attitude that was being taken to cancer at the Bristol Centre, where it was treated without drugs or surgery. He visited it and found himself so impressed with the work being done there that he promptly adopted the fruit and vegetable diet which the Centre advocated. “Apart from the nausea and illness induced by chemotherapy, I feel incredibly healthy,” he announced. “More so than I’ve ever been in my whole life – although I still get a yearning for sausages, bacon and eggs.”

      But he was too clever a young man to lose sight of the fact that he was “treading a very slender tightrope between wanting so much to live that I have been trying all sorts of unorthodox therapies, and at the same time trying to realise that if none of them works I will die – and to come to terms with this. I’ve received such incredible amounts of love, both from expected and unexpected sources, that there are now times when, just for a few seconds, I feel open and accepting to everything. Then I slip back and begin to fret.”

      Stephen Knight spent his last days enjoying himself, living with his girlfriend in his house at Leytonstone. It was large enough for them to have friends visiting them constantly.

      He said: “I always have plots in my head but at the moment I’m not getting round to writing them. I’ve visited several healers – there’s a whole network of people in alternative work, one of whom leads to another. It’s a new world to me, and very exciting. More than anything else, I have taught myself to live in the moment. Even all the blubbering and soul-searching and agonising I did was part of being in the moment. So is thinking, but acceptingly, ‘I don’t know if I shall see another October.’”

      He did not.

      He died in July 1985, while staying with friends at Carradale, in Argyllshire. And that is where he is buried.

      When I last saw him, Stephen Knight was calling himself Swami Puja Debal and explained to me that he was now a follower of the Indian religious leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, having become a Sannyasin after ending his marriage. He had his little daughter, Nanouska, with him, and we all trooped into a small café-bar hard by the London School of Economics. We drank a dish of tea – Indian, of course – together and Nanouska had an ice cream. He wore, I remember, a strange dark corduroy cap – shaped somewhat like one of those that Burke and Hare the body-snatchers wear in old engravings – to hide his hairless, bandaged head. He carried with him an air of finality.

      Perhaps now he knows the answer to the big question. Whatever, let us remember him with charity. He was human. He erred. He was mortal. Spare him that small slice of immortality which is the warmth of his fellows’ remembrance.

      1. some of Peter Fenwick’s wikipedia entry – he doesn’t sound too cool:

        Fenwick is a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, where he studied Natural Science. He obtained his clinical experience at St Thomas’ Hospital.

        Fenwick is a senior lecturer at King’s College, London, where he works as a consultant at the Institute of Psychiatry. He is the Consultant Neuropsychologist at both the Maudsley, and John Radcliffe hospitals, and also provides services for Broadmoor Hospital. He works with the Mental Health Group at the University of Southampton, and holds a visiting professorship at the Riken Neurosciences Institute in Japan.

        Fenwick is the president of the Horizon Research Foundation, an organisation that supports research into end-of-life experiences. He is the President of the British branch of the International Association for Near-Death Studies.

        Fenwick has been part of the editorial board for a number of journals, including the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, the Journal of Consciousness Studies and the Journal of Epilepsy and Behaviour.[1]

        1. Thanks very much for all this bebel. I had come across Peter Fenwick’s name but hadn’t had time to follow it up – it is much appreciated that readers help me out! The Maudsley was and still will be an absolute cess pit – it is terrifying because all the big names in child and mental health come from there.

          Prof Michael Rutter who was at the Maudsley is on my radar, he is one of many with questionable connections who is involved with the Coram Foundation – the Coram have now taken over huge quantities of fostering and adoption work, child and family counselling, legal advice for people whose children have been taken into care etc.

          I really do wish someone would wake up – people like Rutter are advising Govts who then tell the nation’s parents and schools what to do with kids. Don’t tell me that Michael Rutter didn’t notice Dafydd and Bob Hobson shagging the patients when he worked with them, of course he knew what was going on.

          I didn’t know about Stephen Knight’s death but it doesn’t surprise me. The general public have no idea what the medical establishment do to those who catch them out and confront them – they get very, very nasty, as David Healy admitted on his blog. You will find yourself dying of conditions for which other people secure successful treatment or you will be told that for some reason there is no pain relief for your agonising condition when everybody else seems to be prescribed safe effective pain relief.

          This is not me being over-suspicious. There was just about it only one person – apart from the Hergest whistleblower – in the Bangor area who challenged the paedophiles’ friends and he was good friends with another man who challenged them as well. His wife developed a brain tumour, was told by the Walton Centre that it was incurable and died more quickly than any other person with that condition that I knew of. Walton was a hotspot for the paedophiles’ friends, they ran the place.

          The Hergest whistleblower has a long term serious condition – whoops, the treatment on offer from Ysbyty Gwynedd was so much worse than it was for other patients.

          I know people in other areas of the UK whose babies have been born dead because the care during delivery suddenly involved a fatal mistake, whose relatives died painful deaths because the care they were receiving was somehow so much worse than the person’s in the next bed, who pegged out because a serious illness wasn’t diagnosed.

          All these things do occasionally happen – but if you’ve grassed up a Top Doctor they will definitely happen to you and anyone who supports you.

          From my very first encounters with the Top Doctors I was told in menacing tones that if I complained about them I would find that no-one would treat me and ooh I was bound to become seriously ill one day because that is the nature of being human, things go wrong.

          Well deal with this blog then you intimidating criminal bastards.

          Back in the 1980s, GF Newman wrote a book about the appalling malpractice in the NHS which was being concealed. My God that man got grief for daring to do that. Rosenhan, the academic who exposed psychiatry with his paper ‘On Being Sane In Insane Places’, got mountains of shit thrown at him as well.

          It’s the Top Doctors – they don’t like it up ’em.

          A few years ago I watched a Lords debate on the NHS, it was hysterical, peer after peer stood up and explained how of course they knew that the NHS was wonderful, that they had always had the most excellent treatment and they were in no way criticising but they were receiving these letters from angry patients who claimed to have had dreadful experiences… Then Dr Death shut them all up.

          As Brown has observed, Parliament is stuffed full of ageing, overweight boozers with type 2 diabetes who are far too frightened to upset the Top Doctors lest they keel over in the House and have to be taken to St Thomas’s.

          I was reading about Operation Tiberius the other day, the police investigation which resulted in them concluding that serious organised crime had penetrated the police force, the civil service, the legal system, the judiciary and of course the social services. But the NHS wasn’t mentioned – although the police have undoubtedly known for years the info that is going up on this blog.

          No-one dares say it – the medical establishment has become utterly corrupted and one is not safe in their hands. But whatever would happen if it was admitted that Harold Shipman was far, far from being a one off?

  8. Delighted to hear that those demanding much more money for serious organised crime have put their heads together to think about raising yet more dosh for the NHS. Which geniuses are being consulted?

    Clare Gerada, former President of the Royal College of GPs – who’ll know Dafydd’s partner in crime DGE Wood, who is/was Treasurer for the Royal College. Clare is married to Simon Wesseley, who was President of the Royal College of Psychs for years.

    Clare is recommending a system for the NHS modelled on the BBC TV licence. As the licence fee is deeply unpopular and has been a source of national entertainment for years, it will obviously be a sound basis on which to fund the NHS. Perhaps Clare has spotted something that is familiar to her in the BBC model of business – a lack of honesty and transparency, lies told when perceived to be necessary, the employment and protection of sex offenders and enormous salaries paid to not very useful people. Now what other national sacred cow does that remind me of?

    Also David Nicholson – Martin Jones’s old mentor who presided over the Mid Staffs scandal and married an NHS graduate trainee years younger than him who then bagged jobs at a senior level in the NHS on the basis of Nicholson’s references virtually immediately she met him. When Nicholson was forced to stand down as the shit bomb re Mid Staffs exploded, his mouth was stuffed with so much more gold that I’m surprised that even his gob was big enough to accommodate it.

    I seem to remember hearing on the Today programme that it is the Lib Dems who are tapping the minds of these two models of integrity and selfless public service for their advice on NHS funding. Who thought of that then, Tom Rippeth?

    1. Lady Wessley, Clare Gerada GP also did her psychiatric training at the vile Maudsley 1986-1990 as you probably have said Sally . She is/was also training with the Institute of Group Analysis . Just read that she was also Director of primary Care, Nat Governance Support Team 2003-2006 responsible in part for developing the government’s response to the Shipmn Inquiry. There can’t be much she doesn’t know,she has a finger in so many pies together with hubby Simon.. By the way wasn’t Dinesh Bugra on that little team of twonks who think they are the ‘experts’ needed to remodel the NHS? Clare seems to spend more time with her psych mates than GPs these days – are they sick of her…
      PS on the Maudsley again – a friend years ago was getting therapy at the Maudsley for depression. They referred her to a counsellor from Richmond Fellowship who proceeded to make night visits and then sex visits – with a lady who was not in any way in a state to tell him to sod off. The Maudsley gives ‘open lectures’ these days to show how progressive they are. They would need a whole lot more than a lecture if attendees got hold of your blog. Q and A time -Any questions from the floor?

      1. Dinesh Bhugra has fingers in even more pies than Lady and Sir Wesseley.

        One of those pies was Mark William’s Mindfulness Centre at Oxford University – Bhugra was a Patron, as was Lady Lavender Patten of Barnes aka Mrs Chris Patten. Not only was Chris Patten Chancellor of Oxford at the time, but Patten was Chair of the Conservative Party when Thatcher’s mate Sir Peter Morrison was abusing kids in care in north Wales, whilst Mark Williams busied himself with the paedophile gang’s colleagues developing his Mindfulness research fraud when he worked at Bangor.

        Cecil Parkinson was also Chair of the Tory Party – Parkinson was named in the Stephen Knight book as being a Freemason by the way.

        The sexual exploitation of mental health patients by mental health professionals is happening on a substantial scale. I know of so many first hand accounts that are definitely true – and not only from north Wales. Everyone admits that this is a problem with counsellors and psychoanalysts, but people try to pretend that psychiatrists are not doing it. They are – obviously not all of them, there are many who do keep their hands off the patients, but with them it’s the same old problem ie. They absolutely will not admit that their colleagues are doing it. They will throw mud at any patient who makes a complaint, knowing damn well that they are protecting a dangerous doctor. All professions close ranks and protect colleagues, but no-one, no-one else at all, carries on like the Top Doctors.

        Dafydd fessed up to the Top Doctors at St George’s that he wanted to get his leg over me and they actually wrote this down in letters to each other – with the explanation that it was my fault and that I was extremely dangerous.

        They are completely barking mad, why anyone wastes time castigating older judges who suggest that young women shouldn’t get completely bladdered and go home with men that they don’t know when there’s the likes of Dafydd on the loose I cannot understand.

        I await for Robin Jacobson and Nigel Eastman to explain in what way it was my fault that I was unlawfully sectioned in Ysbyty Gwyned by the facilitators of a paedophile gang who then refused to let me go until I’d spoken to Dafydd – yes I did tell them that I did not wish to see this man – who then threatened me and when I next reappeared in north Wales three months later had me unlawfully arrested and imprisoned again – without even seeing me, let alone conducting any sort of ‘assessment’ – and announced that I was now ‘his’ patient and wouldn’t I like to be friends with someone like him. Er – no.

        I was heading for the dungeon along with the rest of Papa Lazarou’s prisoners, but a daft nursing assistant let the plan slip, so arrangements had to be altered. I know what saved my bacon and why I didn’t become one of the disappeared – it was that Brown and me wrote to each other every single day and Papa Dafydd and the paedophiles knew that if my letters stopped, Brown would be asking questions.

        As for ‘there’s no evidence’ of sexual misconduct – before Papa Lazarou abducted me, FIVE patients made statements testifying that he had had sex with them and he had also cohabited with a whole series of young female patients, at one point he lived with two female patients at once.

        Those we know and love actually yelled at me ‘he never touched you’ – well I worked damned hard to make sure that he didn’t!

        What chance did the kids in the children’s homes ever have of being heard if Papa Dafydd did all this to a Masters student at a London medical school who’d never been in trouble with the police in her life and the response on the part of all Top Doctors was to try and make a case for banging me up in a high security hospital?

        Half of north Wales knew what was going on as well as substantial numbers of people at high echelons in the medical establishment in London and in the civil service.

        I haven’t finished yet, I have more people to name. I spent thirty years following complaints procedures and writing polite letters asking people to please wake up to what was happening. Throughout every inquiry and investigation I watched the Mafia of Drips make statements about safeguarding and never again and we didn’t know. Oh yes they did know, but because they just will not tell the truth and come clean, I am going to name everyone, even people whom I have previously not wanted to name in public because they had a misplaced loyalty to colleagues.

        I’m fed up with them, people died and went to prison for crimes that they had never committed and I nearly did as well – and that lot are easing into retirement on their public service pensions and those that have pegged out have silly obituaries published about them with reference to Welsh cakes and their Welsh lilt. Not a mention of a vicious sex trafficking ring and a dungeon.

        As for Diane Abbott and her traumas re receiving insulting tweets – she was the PR officer for Lambeth Council whilst they sent kids in their care to children’s homes in north Wales. How dare she construct herself as an Oppressed Woman because this Cambridge law graduate sitting in Parliament receives abuse on social media from spotty teenagers who are never ever going to meet her in real life? A dungeon Abbott, since when were you ever in danger of being locked in a dungeon after falling into the hands of a paedophile gang? So much for your dedication to The People Of Hackney, their children were packed off to north Wales as well, half of the kids in care in London were dispatched to Papa Dafydd and his mates.

  9. Stuart Stanton, gynaecologist who worked at St George’s Hospital Medical School for years and ran huge private practice. Stanton was a specialist in pelvic floor surgery and other remedies for incontinence problems. Stanton was alleged to be a very rich man.

    Stanton was hated by everyone and every female member of staff who worked with him would comment that if they had pelvic floor problems they certainly wouldn’t let Stanton near them, but they wouldn’t ever actually explain WHY. His secretary once joked in a discussion about affairs with bosses that if she had sex with Stanton she’d be dead before the act was completed.

    The corrupt MSF rep David Hole who specialised in gathering info on people in order to use it against them spent much time trying to find out exactly what Stanton was up to – every conversation that I heard about Stanton suggested that he was doing something very unacceptable indeed. As this was an institution conducting major research frauds and concealing a paedophile ring, I cannot imagine what Stanton was doing.

    There was much merriment when it was discovered that Stanton had been refused entry to one country where he was supposed to gave been attending a conference.

    When the vaginal mesh scandal blew up, I just kept wondering – Stanton? Whether he was involved with that or not I do not know – but there is no effective regulation of Top Doctors so it was entirely predictable that something like the vaginal mesh disaster was going to happen.

    1. For all those female MPs who tell us that the problem is white men and what we need is diversity:

      Another gynaecologist at St George’s was Rashmi Varma, an Indian woman. Varma was a Brahmin and was so conscious of this that she always referred to one of her colleagues simply as ‘Patel’. I thought this might have been done in the spirit in which people always call Brown Brown, because Brown dispensed with his first name years ago whilst still at school. But it was explained to me that it was because Varma was of higher caste than Dr Patel.

      Dr Patel was one of the nicest, sanest people in the Obs and Gynae dept.

      Varma, despite being a female obstetrician, had a far higher rate of medical interventions during the births of her patients than any other consultant at St George’s. The midwives used to comment on this but Varma barely acknowledged that they existed.

      Years after I left St George’s, Varma was headlines of the Daily Mail because she was up in front of the GMC. She stood accused of coercing NHS patients to donate their eggs to private patients. She was cleared and claimed that she was a victim of racism.

      There is much racism in UK medicine and in the practices of the GMC, but after Varma was cleared I met someone from St George’s who reassured me that Varma had been as guilty as fuck and had been making a fortune out of her dodgy practices.

      When I worked at St George’s, Varma would only ever buy semen for the fertility clinic from one London private clinic – I think that it was the Bridge. No-one else could see why she used that particular source because it didn’t seem to be convenient or the best deal. But Varma absolutely insisted.

      Anyone fancy telling us all the nature of the deal that Varma had with that clinic?

  10. Here’s another Angel who could make a police statement:

    Hilda King, who worked as an Angel at Friern Barnet Hospital, north London, in the period just before it closed down. Hilda witnessed assaults on patients by other Angels, Angels who were never held to account. Hilda also knew how dreadful the activities of the Angels at Springfield, the mental health unit linked to St George’s, were. I don’t know whether Hilda knew that they were distributing drugs and concealing a paedophile gang, but she might well have worked it out, she was no fool.

    Hilda knew about someone else as well – she knew about Dafydd. She knew about Denbigh and Dafydd because Hilda had done nurse training in Liverpool and her tutor had told her all about Dafydd and Denbigh. What no-one did was blow the whistle on it all. Even when they saw people like me and the other targets of the paedophile gang in the press after being dragged through court.

    Didn’t ANYONE wonder what was happening when a young woman from BETHESDA appeared at the Royal Courts of Justice in the fucking Strand on the basis of affidavits compiled by Top Doctors and social workers from North Wales at the very time when a police investigation into an alleged paedophile ring in north Wales and Cheshire involving politicians was underway?

    The Guardian and Indie will have noticed me at the Royal Courts. Because on the day that I appeared there was a high profile case in a neighbouring court, which received extensive coverage in the press – the appeal of Sara Thornton, who had been sentenced to a hefty prison sentence for murdering her violent husband, Malcolm Thornton – a police officer.

    When I managed to escape prison yet again because the Top Doctors had sort of lied once more, as I walked out of the Royal Courts I was met with a group of protesting wimmin, yelling ‘Free Sara Thornton’. The world’s media were there.

    One of the barristers working on the Sara Thorton appeal was Helena Kennedy. Helena Kennedy worked closely with Prof Nigel Eastman of St George’s Hospital Medical School – who was one of those who only months previously had concealed the wrongdoing of Dafydd and the paedophiles of north Wales.

    Helena Kennedy was interviewed everywhere explaining that she wanted justice for the wimmin victims of male aggression.

    Up in north Wales, former kids in care were being found dead and Dafydd was keeping Dangerous Patients in the dungeon.

    But Helena and the wimmin didn’t say a word.

    1. Stephen Knight’s 1984 book on Freemasonry, ‘The Brotherhood’ discusses the serious corruption that existed in Wandsworth Council as a result of Freemasonry.

      Wandsworth Council employed the social workers who worked with Nigel Eastman et al in the psych dept at St George’s/Springfield. My documents show correspondence between Lucille Hughes – Dafydd’s mistress and Director of Gwynedd Social Services – and the social workers of Wandsworth/St George’s about me and how dangerous I was.

      I had no idea that such correspondence was happening. I had never asked for any input from any social services in London and had never had any. I have never met or spoken to a social worker from Wandsworth.

      But they knew all about me.

      David Hole, the corrupt MSF rep at St George’s, was involved with the SDP group in Wandsworth. Wandsworth was at the time a Tory led Council.

      The Director of Education for Wandsworth from that era was named as one of the paedophiles who was abusing kids in care at the Elm Guest House. Savile was alleged to be a visitor, as was Cyril Smith and Thatcher’s mate Sir Peter Morrison, MP for Chester, who was also abusing boys at Bryn Estyn.

      Michael Mansfield lived in Wandsworth. Who some few months later received a letter from me giving him info about what was happening to me in north Wales. Was an offer of help forthcoming? Of course it wasn’t.

      1. The trouble with all these allegations of a Westminster Paedophile Ring is that there’s just no evidence at all.

        And for some reason the only witnesses are people who are known to be mad!

        Or who are now dead.

        10,000 documents in my possession detailing names, crimes and plans to stitch me up and send me to prison and/or Broadmoor. 10,000 documents. Which for more than 25 yrs sat in the medical records dept of the North Wales NHS.

        1. Of course the media noticed me when I had to push through Helena and the Wimmin as I left the Royal Courts of Justice – because I was no longer working in London, I had my Bethesda clothes on, a long skirt and a hat. And when I stopped for a Big Mac in a MacDonalds that was near the Royal Courts of Justice, a very cheery man said ‘ooh we’ve got a hippy in here’.

          There had been a hippy in the middle of the Royal Courts, it wasn’t as if anyone could have mistaken me for Helena Kennedy. A hippy accused of bizarre and ridiculous crimes by the people who were running a paedophile ring that was currently under police investigation. And which was found not to exist.

          1. Another Top Doctor at St George’s who concealed the doings of Dafydd and the paedophiles was Prof Tom Burns. Who then went to work at Oxford. With Prof Mark Williams – who had previously worked at Bangor with Dafydd and the paedophiles, where Williams conducted the research fraud which was Mindfulness.

  11. One day after Dafydd and the paedophiles had all testified as to how mad and dangerous I was, Dafydd said to me ‘We are all saying the same thing about you. Do you think that we can really all be wrong?.’ And I said ‘yes, because you’re all mad and you’re all friends with each other’.

    And now I can add ‘because you were all involved with serious crime and the same fucking pan-European paedophile ring’.

  12. In the 1980s there was a lecturer in plant biology at Bangor who was seen in local pubs approaching under-aged girls for sex. He was a regular at the locations where the paedophile gang took the kids in care to sell their services. By 1984 his conduct was openly discussed by his colleagues who were concerned that he was going to be caught, arrested and cause the university a great deal of embarassment.

    The man concerned was John Wilson. I always quite liked John Wilson – he was friendly to the students, was kicked around by other deeply unpleasant people in the university and obviously had some quite serious problems.

    One of John Wilson’s senior colleagues was Chris Wood, the woman who was married to DGE Wood, the GP running the Student Health Centre who was assisting Dafydd and the paedophile gang.

    One of those discussing the disgusting habits of John Wilson was another plant biologist, Adrian Bell. Adrian was a friend of DGE Wood! Adrian was also my tutor -and was the man who recommended that I go and see DGE Wood. The man helping to run the trafficking ring.

    What a bunch of steaming hypocrites.

    John Wilson disappeared from Bangor University some time after I graduated.

    Everyone keeping quiet about what DGE Wood and his mates Gwynne and Dafydd were doing remained in their jobs, no matter what ‘cuts’ on universities were imposed by Gov’t.

    Time to give a police statement Adrian?

    1. Alan Wadden, a lecturer in the School of Psychology in Bangor was the warden of Neuadd Rathbone, which was for years the all female hall of residence. The girls in Rathbone aka Ratbin had usually chosen to live there when they had applied to Bangor as sixth formers because they had parents horrified at the idea that they might live in a room next door to a male creature.

      When the girls in Ratbin arrived at Bangor they decided to live normally despite the best efforts of the gerontocracy running the university. So there was a rebellion. The no men in the hall late at night rule was flouted and one night a fire alarm went off and nearly as many boys as girls had to be evacuated from the building. Ratbin also had a head girl no less, a stooge who did the bidding of the gerontocracy. She was overthrown and ousted in a particularly serious rebellion.

      One person who was mates with many of the students at Bangor was an old boy called Trevor Tunstall. Trevor had been a Denbigh/Hergest patient until Tony Francis announced that Trevor was ‘untreatable’. Although the mental health services did recommend one of Dafydd’s ‘nursing homes’, High Pastures in Llandudno, for him. Trevor realised that he was being fleeced of many thousands of pounds, so he discharged himself and moved back into his place at Cae Llepa. Then the Arfon Community Mental Health Team sent the CPN Slob Ingham over to his place, so Trevor locked the drunken thug out.

      Trevor used to go for walks on Bangor golf course and used to see Slob Ingham, the Top Doctors, NHS managers and other paedophiles’ friends playing golf during working hours – that’s how I found out that Bangor golf club was one of their hubs.

      Trevor was very popular with the students, he was invited to many parties and also frequented the Student’s Union. Someone won a photography competition with their photos of Trevor. He was very fit and cycled everywhere and knew a lot of the hippies at Bethesda because he used to go out cycling in the hills and chat to people whom he met. Trevor was also a regular visitor to Ratbin – the girls in Ratbin would invite him up there. Alan Wadden used to throw Trevor out of Ratbin on the grounds than an elderly man dressed in bizarre outfits who was known to be mad was not a suitable visitor to the girls hall of residence. So as soon as Wadden had buggered off, one of the girls would let Trevor in again.

      That’s the Alan Wadden who was working in the psychology dept substantially influenced by Dafydd, where Dafydd’s daughter was doing a PhD although her degree hadn’t been good enough for her to be offered a place until Dafydd did a fiddle. The psychogy dept that ran the clinical psychology course which used Denbigh as the placement to ‘train’ students.

      According to the mental health services, Trevor was chronically psychotic and incapable. He was in reality a former army officer and architect who had a breakdown when his son died at 12 years old. He had more brains than nearly any employee of the mental health services and he wasn’t facilitating a paedophile ring.

      Trevor used to tell me that Alan Wadden was conspiring with the mental health services to ensure that various unpleasant things happened to him. To my shame, I didn’t take Trevor’s concerns seriously – I presumed that Trevor had just had such a hard time at the hands of Slob Ingham et al that he feared that they had more contacts than they did. When I used to visit Trevor, I didn’t realise that the criminal network of Dafydd and the paedophiles was enormous and pretty much ran Bangor University until quite recently.

      Trevor died a few years ago, but I never found out under what circumstances. But he’s yet another witness no longer with us.

  13. The UK is currently pushing the boat out to mark the centenary of women’s suffrage. The Today programme celebrated by locking all the men out of the studio.

    Not much is being said about the fact that some women were given the right to vote before some men. At one point, if you were a woman with property you had a vote whereas your male servant didn’t.

    So it is good to see that the Daily Post Online is also ignoring class in their coverage of this momentous anniversary. The Post’s cup runneth over because ‘three women from north Wales’ are to be honoured at a celebration in London today!

    The three women ‘campaigners’ are Laura McClaren, her mother Agnes Pochin and Laura’s mother-in-law, Priscilla Bright-McClaren, who we are told ‘joined the fight for equality’ more than one hundred years ago.

    Becky Hitchens of Bodnant Gardens is ‘excited to be telling their story’. I bet she is – because the fighter for equality Laura McClaren was also known as Lady Aberconway of Bodant. Bodnant Gardens is part of the family seat and if Laura can be framed as a fighter for wimmins equality, the tourists will really be going through those turnstiles. Not that it’ll be cheap – Bodnant Gardens are lovely but when I went to see the laburnum arch, not only was I charged a small fortune to get in but then someone tried to pressgang me into joining the National Trust. I got ready to hand over 10 quid or so for my membership only to be told that it was 50. I decided to forget it.

    I think that the Aberconway family still manage Bodnant Gardens, but I believe that the place is officially National Trust now.

    Laura’s parents owned Bodnant Gardens and the house – she inherited it all after four siblings died and her brother was disinherited after a scandal. I don’t know what the scandal was, Bodnant Gardens and the NT don’t advertise that bit.

    Laura married Charles McClaren who was the 1st Baron Aberconway. In 1901 Laura handed the estate to her son Henry on his 21st birthday. In WWI the North Wales fighter for wimmins equality ran a ‘nursing home for officers in her home in Belgrave Square’. Which was a decent thing to do, but it suggests that the North Wales Woman actually considered Belgravia to be her home rather than north Wales – and that house in Belgravia was turned over to accommodate officers in need, not other ranks. Anyone who has read anything about the treatment meted out to the ‘other ranks’ for shellshock will know that they did not end up in Belgrave Square. If they weren’t shot for cowardice, they were tortured and terrorised by Top Doctors until they decided that returning to the Front was a better option that remaining in the hands of the Top Doctors.

    The Hergest Unit operated on a similar philosophy. I knew of one patient who became so desperate for appropriate support that she held a sit-in at an office in the Hergest. Tony Francis was summoned, who yelled at a nurse to ‘bloody well have her arrested’ and the patient was carted off to Bangor Police Station where she spent the night in the cells. She was never charged with any offence, because she hadn’t committed any offence. Her brother told Brown and me that when she was finally released from the cells, she had said to him ‘I won’t do that again’. No observed Brown, she won’t. She was being seriously neglected, her complaints and requests were ignored and when she held a low level protest she was arrested. The law was broken – but not by her – because she was detained for an unlawful length of time without charge. I bet that she didn’t gave access to a solicitor either.

    Laura’s grandson was Charles, 3rd Baron Aberconway. He became Chairman of the family’s two companies – a shipbuilding firm and a China clay extraction company – when he was young although he was also a barrister. Charles took part in a secret meeting of British businessmen with Herman Goring in Aug 1939. We are told that this meeting was a last ditch attempt to forestall war. Businessmen are not usually used for such purposes and I note that Charles was invited to that meeting because of his role in the family businesses. What’s the betting that Charles was actually trying to flog his ships to the Nazis?

    Charles the 3rd Baron was also good mates with Bertrand Russell. I was reading Russell’s diaries the other day and in the early 60s there are accounts of Russell meeting up with Charles and his wife at Clough’s place Brondanw at Llanfrothen. The Bertrand Russell who was highly sexually exploitative, who somehow gained entry repeatedly to an asylum to have sex with TS Eliot’s wife after she’d been banged up by Eliot, who seriously abused his son John who was later deemed to be a ‘schizophrenic’, who slept with John’s wife and tried to have John certified when John became very angry about this, who used a dodgy lawyer to gain custody of John’s daughter Lucy – who also became a ‘schizophrenic’ and burnt herself to death when she was still young. After Russell cut her off when she acquired a boyfriend. Just after she complained about the manner in which her grandfather had been kissing and touching her.

    A tireless campaigner for peace! Who for some reason was surrounded by family members going mad and killing themselves.

    Charles the 3rd Baron was a JP in Denbighshire from 1946 and the High Sheriff of Denbighshire in 1950.

    So Charles have known about the horrors of the North Wales Hospital then – when the inmates were terrorised and shackled, before they were drugged into oblivion with the wonderful new anti psychotics which became available in the 50s and when all those lobotomies were being performed out there.

    Charles’s second wife – the Lady Aberconway with whom he used to visit Clough and Bertrand Russell – was Ann Bullard. Ann Bullard’s stepson became very well known when he was older, as a completely mad but very entertaining member of the House of Lords, the 7th Earl of Onslow. He was also the 7th Viscount Cranley, the 10th Baron Onslow and the 11th Baronet of West Clandon.

    Lord Onslow used to give media interviews concerning the ways in which his ancestors had inherited their titles, which had of course been ludicrous and often involved shafting another nobleman. Onslow campaigned for reform of the Lords for years – until Blair actually did it and used it as a way to fill the place with the paedophiles’ friends and poor old Onslow was horrified. Of course he was close to many paedophiles’ friends himself, but they were of a better class. Onslow didn’t have to worry personally though – after reform, he was one of the inherited peers who were elected to remain. Which suggests that, as with the others who were elected to remain in the Lords, he had substantial quantities of dirt on many people.

    Onslow’s daughter is Lady Arabella Onslow, a GP. She was featured in the Daily Mail in 2012 after she lost 10 stone in weight in 14 months. Except that if you look at the evidence and the photographs provided, she didn’t. No way. She lost something like four or five stone over many, many years. So why were such obvious lies told about Lady Arabella’s weight loss feat? Well it seems to have been something to do with the Rosemary Conley Slimming Scam and their need to drum up publicity and customers.

    Throughout her interview, Arabella shamelessly plugs the Rosemary Conley Slimming club – and then there’s a photo of her with a new dress, a new hairstyle and high heels, standing in that pose that luvvies are taught to do because it makes you look thinner, you sort of stand at an angle with one leg forward. Not that I’ve ever been taught how to do this, but I have noticed other people doing it. (One of Brown’s favourite quips re luvvies worries that they look fatter than they really are on TV: ‘ooh television puts 15 pounds on you’ ‘ yes, it’s all the BBC dinners’. Not only is Arabella standing in a new outfit in The Pose, but she is swathed in a banner with ‘Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness Magazine Health Professional Slimmer Of The Year 2012′ emblazoned upon it.

    If Arabella is a GP who knows her stuff she will know that research has consistently demonstrated that Rosemary Conley, Slimming World, Weight Watchers etc do not help people lose weight long term. Their diet plans are actively designed so as to ensure short term weight loss followed by weight gain as soon as the customer finishes the plan. Because then they will become upset at gaining weight and sign up again! They also encourage anxiety about food and eating which adds to the problem.

    Arabella however was keeping quiet about something far worse than the Rosemary Conley rip off. Arabella is a GP in Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria. So Arabella knew all about Furness Hospital where mothers and babies were dying because of three mad incompetent midwives and it was all concealed. Arabella will also know about the financial swindles that were taking place in the local Health Board – the Chair of which was paedophiles’ friend William Bingley, formerly bigwig of MIND. Bingley was forced to resign when a resident of Cumbria found out what was going on. He then picked up a Chair in Law and Medical Ethics…

    So Dr Lady Arabella, how much did Rosemary Conley pay you?

  14. Lord Robert Winston has been in the news.

    Lord Bob was deeply traumatised when, travelling on a train in first class, a young woman in his carriage dared to use her mobile phone and have an extended chat. Lord Bob was so furious at her taking such liberties that he not only sent messages out on social media telling the world of this woman’s serious crime, but he then photographed her and sent that out on social media as well, just so everyone knew who she was.

    If Lord Bob was in first class I doubt that the volume of the call would have been that high – it’s quiet in first class, you don’t need to shout down the phone as you have to in a noisy place. It certainly shows what an intolerant old git Lord Bob is. Lord Bob, I get driven mad by the crunching of crisps and the screaming of kids in second class, but actually I identify it as my problem not theirs, so what I do is go and stand in the corridor by the doors for a while until the screaming and crunching has stopped. They have paid for their tickets as well, just as the girl who angered you so much had paid for hers.

    A lot of people have had a go at Lord Bob for shaming the young woman by photographing her and people are wondering why this nice Top Doctor did such a spiteful thing. Well I’ve got a bit of info for all those who think that Lord Bob is a kind old buffer who has behaved dreadfully inexplicably. Lord Bob has done very much worse than this in his time.

    I mentioned yesterday that I am so fed up with the Top Doctors and paedophiles’ friends refusal to come clean and their wall to wall propaganda that I was going to name a few people whom I have so far not been prepared to expose.

    I’m going to name Lord Bob as an Accessory.

    I have mentioned before on this blog that when I worked at St George’s they employed a gynaecologist who was a serial sexual harasser, who cornered submissive cleaners from the Far East in the sluice room and groped them, who had sex with another member of staff in a lab in the medical school during working hours, who seriously pissed everyone off and who then failed his professional exams. I explained that St George’s were openly discussing how they were going to get this gynaecologist out of London because he was such liability and that I was told that as with all really bad doctors, they were going to ‘send him to Wales’. They did – he now works at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. I named him in the above post, he is Richard Penketh and everybody in London knew that he should not have been practicing.

    St George’s was not Penketh’s first job. Before he worked at St George’s he worked at Hammersmith -with Lord Bob! Lord Bob knew what Penketh was like, just as the Maudsley knew what Dafydd was like but no concerns were raised – like Dafydd, Penketh was eventually sent to Wales with glowing references.

    Lord Bob did not just know about Richard Penketh. Lord Bob knew about the mountain of crap at St George’s that I have documented on this blog and I bet he knew about the Professor of Gynaecology at Kings College Hospital who was unpopular with his colleagues because, I was told, he was having sex with his own children.

    So Lord Bob, why did you get rid of Penketh by sending him to St George’s?

    It is standard practice for Top Doctors to do what Lord Bob did and pass the problem on – unless of course they’re a whistleblower, in which case they’ll be destroyed. But Lord Bob was mates with Geoffrey Chamberlain, the Head of Dept and Prof at St George’s. If the Top Doctors are mates, they don’t give each bombs likely to explode at short notice.

    Although Chamberlain was Head of Dept and Prof, I seem to remember that Penketh actually worked for Rashmi Varma’s team. Varma was the corrupt gynaecologist who was running the fertility lab at St George’s which was not doing what it pretended to be doing.

    One thing that everyone knew about Chamberlain was that he and Varma absolutely hated each other.

    There was a registrar who I used to be friendly with at St George’s who was much saner and much brighter than most of the other Top Docs there. She was an excellent people watcher and she told me that Chamberlain would do pretty much anything he could to fire a missile at Rashmi Varma. She used to tell me that behind his Sir Lancelot Spratt image, Chamberlain could be quite nasty and that if ever he told you that he loves you like a brother, you were in really deep shit.

    A couple of weeks later I witnessed Varma and Chamberlain having a tussle over something and Chamberlain actually said ‘now Rashmi, you know that I love you like a brother’.

    And then Richard Penketh arrived…

    1. St George’s employed a ‘fertility nurse’ to carry out the inseminations on the female patients who were attempting to get pregnant using donor sperm.

      The fertility nurse was a very difficult woman who was at war with nearly everyone and there were constant demands that she should be dismissed. I was on the scene when one irate person was told ‘we know that she’s dreadful but she works voluntarily and we don’t want to have to pay someone’.

      It sounds lovely doesn’t it, a nurse who’s prepared to work for no pay out of the goodness of her heart? Some of the patients found out that she didn’t get paid – because she made a point of telling them after she had a particularly big ding dong with the Top Doctors – and this really impressed the patients and had the added bonus of putting the Top Docs demanding her dismissal in a very difficult position.

      I could have told those patients why Sister Betty Raper – a wonderfully appropriate name – was in no position to demand payment. Because Sister Betty Raper wasn’t a Sister. She wasn’t even a qualified nurse. But that OAP who did a bit of fund raising for the hospital really enjoyed on putting a uniform and being called Sister in retirement.

      1. Dr Donna Slater. Assistant Professor at the University of Calagary.

        Donna was a research assistant who worked alongside me at St George’s. She knew about virtually everything that I have detailed here and much, much more because she worked there for longer than I did. She hated them, absolutely hated them, but just wanted to finish her PhD and get out of there.

        Donna knew about Penketh, she knew about the research frauds, the danger that patients were being placed in, the chaos in the hospital and she knew that the Professor of Paediatrics Oliver Brooke was a paedophile. Whether Donna knew that he was just one member of a much bigger European network that St George’s were facilitating I do not know – but she might well have found out about it before I did because Donna did far more socialising than me, heard a lot more of the scandals and also shared a house with a group of medical students who were all horrified at some of what they were seeing on the wards.

        Donna has kept quiet about all of it. I knew that she would, simply because of a few off the cuff remarks that she made to me. One such comment was ‘I’d love to be rich’ – which I didn’t take that seriously at the time until I noticed a few other things… Then there was ‘all’s fair in love and war’, after she had been caught doing something pretty disgusting to someone else. Then there was the constant comments of ‘don’t worry about it’ every time that I had come across yet another unethical, illegal barrel of shit that was placing people in danger down there.

        The really worrying thing was that Donna hated the lot of them but told me that she was going to pretend to like them because well, she wanted to be rich didn’t she.

        Oh yeah and she did keep telling me to forget about what was going on in north Wales. It was a paedophile and sex trafficking ring Donna. With links to the one that was in operation in London – which St George’s were facilitating. And witnesses were being found dead.

        Was it worth keeping quiet about to become an Assistant Professor at Calgary? Surely you can’t have become THAT rich.

        Make a statement – you have information about serious organised crime and by remaining quiet you are an accessory.

        1. Donna spent quite a long while in a relationship with a police officer serving with the South Wales Police -the South Wales Police that was riddled with corruption and was framing innocent people for murders committed by gangsters with connections to corrupt officers. Gangsters who were often involved with paedophile gangs and sex trafficking.

          She got a bit pissed off with the policeman, who did seem to be a bit of a twat and became very friendly with a really nice fourth year medical student. Who spent a lot of his time getting very upset at what was going on around him.

          Donna might not have known this but David Hole, the corrupt MSF rep whose job it was to dig up dirt on Top Doctors to give it to the union for use in their own battles as well as to bully whistleblowers out of their jobs, was working very hard to blow that medical student out of the water and to break up his friendship with Donna.

          Their telephone calls were being monitored and listened to and the Vicious Rumours about this young man had begun. Oh – and he was mad as well. Donna needed to Get Rid Of Him. Because he needed a fucking therapist not a girlfriend.

          So what had that medical student found out about then Hole?

      2. Wish I had known about this. I offered St Thomas to work for nothing so I could be £35 a week better off, than NHS salaray, by claiming social security.

  15. John Antoniazzi was in 1990-91 a partner in Touche Ross in Cardiff, prior to the merger with Deloittes
    I cannot remember whether prior he was partner in Spicer & Oppenheim, prior to that firm being taken over by Touche or whether he was already a partner in Touche.
    Part of his family ran a Italian Restaurant on Caerphilly Road at that time.
    There is a large clan of Antoniazzi’s in Wales as most families originally emirgrated from Bardi in Italy.

    1. Thanks for the info – one of the correspondents to the Jac O The North blog the other day mentioned the villages in Italy from which the Antoniazzi clan came and how they moved into the area around Caerphilly.

      Anyone remember that old classic The Godfather?

      1. John Antoniazzi was one of the few partners in a large firm that treated junior staff in a decent fashion and would willingly spend some time getting to know you. I do not know of his business dealings but he is one of only a few accountant partners I genuinely liked.

        1. Thank you for your comment. I have posted it up because I do not want to be unfair to John Antoniazzi in the face of someone who knows him and wishes to comment.

          I trust that you are aware of the warning that I have placed on the blog re the danger of posting comments here? The account of a correspondent was hacked and the police have not yet resolved the matter.

          People are welcome to comment if they wish, but at the moment there is a risk.

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