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My post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’ introduced Lord John Krebs to this blog. Lord John Krebs is an ornithologist who’s own research is concerned with the behaviour of birds. I mentioned that Lord John Krebs’s dad, Hans Krebs, was one of the biggest names in 20th century science as a result of discovering the Krebs cycle, the sequence of chemical reactions in cells involved in cellular respiration. Hans Krebs was knighted for discovering the Krebs cycle, but as I explained in my previous post, John Krebs discovered a paedophile ring when he worked as a zoologist at UCNW, which took him even further that his dad went after discovering the Krebs cycle. I did note that John Krebs was not the only person who discovered a paedophile ring in UCNW, a few other people did as well but they had their careers and lives ruined whereas John ended up in the Lords. I mentioned that I suspected that the rather different fate of John Krebs after he discovered a paedophile ring may have been in some way linked to his dad being the Krebs of the Krebs cycle fame. So here’s a bit of background on Hans Krebs. Can readers find someone associated with Miranda hidden in the picture, as ‘Teddy Bear’ comic would have asked in 1970…

Sir Hans Adolf Krebs was a German-born Top Doctor and biochemist. Although he is best known for his discovery of the Krebs cycle, for which he received a Nobel Prize in 1953, Krebs, with Hans Kornberg, also discovered the glyoxylate cycle, a slight variation of the citric acid cycle found in plants, bacteria, protists and fungi. Krebs died in 1981 in Oxford.

Krebs was born in Hildesheim, Germany, to Georg Krebs, an ENT surgeon, and Alma Krebs (née Davidson). He was descended from Jewish-Silesian ancestry. Krebs attended the famous Gymnasium Andreanum in his home town. In September 1918, six months short of completing his secondary school education, Krebs was conscripted into the Imperial German Army and was allowed to take an emergency examination for his high school diploma. The war ended two months later and his conscription ended.

Krebs decided to follow in his father’s footsteps as a Top Doctor and entered the University of Gottingen in December 1918 to study medicine. In 1919 Krebs transferred to the University of Freiburg. In 1923 Krebs published his first scientific paper; he completed his medical course in December of the same year. Krebs then spent one year at the Third Medical Clinic in the University of Berlin obtaining his Doctor of Medicine degree and a medical license. By then Krebs had redirected his career goal away from that of a practising Top Doctor to that of a research biochemist. In 1924 Krebs studied at the Department of Chemistry at the Pathological Institute of the Charité Hospital, in Berlin. He was awarded his MD in 1925 from the University of Hamburg.

In 1926 Hans Krebs joined Otto Heinrich Warburg as a research assistant at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biology in Dahlem, Berlin. In 1930, Warburg urged Krebs to move on and he took up the position of Assistant in the Department of Medicine at the Municipal Hospital in Altona (now part of Hamburg). The next year he moved to the Medical Clinic of the University of Freiburg, where he was in charge of about 40 patients and was at liberty to do his own research. Before a year was over at Freiburg, Krebs, with research student Kurt Henseleit, published their discovery of the urea cycle ie. the Krebs–Henseleit cycle. Together they also developed the Krebs–Henseleit buffer solution, used for studying blood flow in arteries.

Krebs’s life as a respected German scientist came to a halt in 1933 with the rise of Hitler to power. Germany decreed the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, which removed all non-Germans and anti-Nazis from professional occupations. Krebs received his official dismissal from his job in April 1933 and his service was terminated on 1 July 1933. Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins at Cambridge University immediately came to his rescue and persuaded Cambridge to recruit Krebs as Hopkins’ colleague in the Department of Biochemistry. By July 1933 Krebs was settled in Cambridge with financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation.

Hans Krebs was allowed by the German Gov’t to take his equipment and research samples to England, but I don’t know why they permitted this. The equipment and samples were pivotal to Krebs’s later work, especially the manometer developed by Warburg for the measurement of oxygen consumption in tissues, it was the basis for his research. Krebs was appointed as Demonstrator in Biochemistry in 1934 and in 1935 the University of Sheffield offered Krebs the post of Lecturer in Pharmacology. Krebs worked at Sheffield University for 19 years. In 1938, the University of Sheffield opened what is now the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Krebs became its first Head and subsequently Professor in 1945.

In 1943 Krebs took over the running of the Sorby Research Institute, a research facility that operated in Sheffield during and immediately after WW II, closing in 1946. The Institute mostly carried out research into nutrition, an important consideration in wartime Britain. However, other kinds of research was also undertaken and some of the experiments were dangerous and unethical. The volunteers at the Sorby Research Institute were mainly conscientious objectors and I’m unclear as to whether they were coerced into volunteering or how informed they were with regard to the research.

The first Director of the Sorby Research Institute was Kenneth Mellanby, a Royal Society Fellow at Sheffield University. The Sorby began when early in 1941, twelve conscientious objectors were recruited via the Sheffield Pacifist Service Unit for research that would “benefit humanity”. No work that had a direct military application was undertaken since this would not have been acceptable to many conscientious objectors. The establishment was founded on the personal initiative of Mellanby and at first he was free to carry out whatever investigations he chose. Although Mellanby wished to do something for the war effort, the military of the time had no use for biologists. Consequently, Mellanby initiated what he considered useful work himself.

Kenneth Mellanby was an ecologist and entomologist who helped to found Nigeria’s first university, the University of Ibadan and was its first Principal, 1947–1953. On his return to England, Mellanby worked at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and then became Head of the Entomology Department at Rothamstead Experimental Station. In 1961, Mellanby founded and served as Director of Monks Wood Experimental Station, an ecological research centre in Huntingdon, England. Mellanby started the journal ‘Environmental Pollution’ in 1970.

Mellanby rather blotted his copybook by promoting the use of DDT, particularly to combat malaria. On p. 75 of his book The DDT Story, Mellanby wrote:

[The] consumption of smaller doses in the milligram range appears to be quite harmless. I know that I myself, when lecturing about DDT during the years immediately after World War II, frequently consumed a substantial pinch of DDT, to the consternation of the audience, but with no apparent harm to myself, either then or during the next 40 years. 

Kenneth Mellanby died in Dec 1993. I have been told that Mellanby contributed to the effort to ensure that my friends and I who worked in biology/medical research had such difficulty after we graduated from UCNW. The Zoology Dept at UCNW which hosted Hans Krebs’s son John Krebs, who discovered a paedophile ring, had a big interest in entomology… There were also a lot of ecologists working at UCNW while Dafydd’s gang used the institution as a vehicle for the trafficking ring. I have mentioned the most famous of them in previous posts, the Plant Biologist Prof Peter Greig-Smith. I was friends with some of the students on the MSc Ecology course which Greig-Smith used to run virtually single-handedly. Not only was Greig-Smith’s son, also Peter Greig-Smith, a Top Doc in Liverpool with Dafydd’s mates as colleagues – he was a keen birder too and published on ornithology, so he will have known John Krebs who discovered a paedophile ring – but Prof Greig-Smith was formerly of Cambridge University and of the generation from which the British security services recruited. Greig-Smith knew the Cambridge botanist Prof Edred Henry Corner, who was Douglas Hurd’s uncle. See previous posts eg. ‘Additional Security Measures’ for further details of the Greig-Smith UCNW network which protected Dafydd and the gang.

Hurd was Home Secretary, 1985-89, while Dafydd’s gang were committing serious crime with impunity and fitting people like me up. Hurd had previously served as N Ireland Secretary, Sept 1984-Sept 1985, in which capacity he concealed the elite paedophile ring based in the Kincora Boys’ Home, which was linked to gangs on the mainland, including Dafydd et al. Lord Mountbatten and Sir Anthony Blunt were both alleged to have been involved with the abuse at Kincora. Hurd was an MP who was working for the security services. He seems to have had his priorities wrong. When Hurd was at Eton, he had been taught by Alan Barker, Trumpers’ husband and Trumpers boasted about using Barker’s friendship with Hurd to bag her Gov’t appointments. See post ’95 Glorious Years!’ Trumpers and Barker lived in Cambridge during the 1960s and 70s, when the elite trafficking ring was in operation there. Trumpers was friends with Rab Butler who at that time was Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. Carlo was a student at Trinity while Trumpers was hobnobbing and Rab was appointed as Carlo’s special mentor. Somehow Trumpers knew Savile and when she was a junior Health Minister, in the mid-1980s, it was she who appointed Savile to the Broadmoor management task force. See posts ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’.


Some accounts of the experiments at the Sorby Research Institute raise eyebrows today. For example, in order to conduct research into the scabies mite, the volunteers needed to catch scabies and they did this by wearing the used, unwashed underwear of people who had scabies. This elicits the yuk factor very effectively these days, but in the 1940s, zoologists did this sort of thing as a matter of course. Zoologists working in a Gov’t research facility contributing towards the war effort will not have thought twice about wearing the knickers of someone with scabies and I don’t think that it is fair for us to condemn the Sorby for doing that. However, there was other research conducted at the Sorby which was questionable at the time, such as the experiment which required that blood circulation to limbs was cut off with elastic bands and other experiments which involved infecting people with malaria and doing nasty thing to people in order to investigate surgical shock. Although the volunteers who were given malaria could then be doused in DDT, so all’s well that ends well.

There were zoologists who were still carrying on a bit like this at UCNW when I was an undergrad and when John Krebs discovered a paedophile ring. There were things going on at UCNW at the time on the part of the zoologists and biochemists that were Kept Secret. I only got a whiff of them because of two friends of mine who were doing PhDs in the areas which were being Kept Secret. By the 1980s, sensitivities with regard to research on animals had begun to be noticeable, but not usually at places like UCNW. Medical schools and of course Colin Blakemore in particular were targeted (see previous posts), but not many people got very excited about the Zoology Dept at UCNW because it was mostly fish or creepy crawlies under investigation, not furry things with appealing eyes. UCNW admitted to having an Animal House with rabbits, but they didn’t publicise much more.

There was an episode of animal rights leaflets being distributed in 1984 and a very small number of students objected to some of the undergrad dissection practicals. The students were confronted very aggressively by the lecturers and were effectively told to stop moaning or leave university. Except for one student, a mature student called Ruth Manion, who as I explained in my post ‘Yours Truly, Angry Mob’, was led to believe that there was No Cruelty happening. The postdocs helping with the practicals were told to lie to Ruth Manion re animal dissection and research because she was not someone with whom UCNW wanted to tangle. Ruth Manion had fallen out with the Dept of Agriculture big style in her first year, then fell out with the Dept of Plant Biology, yet she wasn’t kicked about like the other students who had done that. Great care was taken not to piss Ruth Manion off. She had a baby a few months before finals and UCNW were very much more accommodating with regard to that as well and even the Top Docs were nice to Ruth Manion. I mentioned in a previous post that another student who became pregnant and refused to be coerced into a visit to the private abortionist in Chester who was risking women’s lives (see post ‘It’s Bachman Turner Overdrive – Not Arf’), was just abandoned by the Student Health Centre and the University, although the father of the baby was incredibly supportive and there was a happy ending for them.

Ruth Manion found out about a few things at UCNW that enabled her to wield a big stick at people and I suspect that one of those things was the presence of a lobotomist sitting in the Student Health Centre, as well as the paedophile ring that John Krebs discovered…

Dr D.G.E. Wood was a key player in the ring and he was married to Dr Chris Wood, a lecturer in the Plant Biology Dept. Other lecturers in Plant Biology as well as other Depts were married to or friends with members of Dafydd’s gang, social workers, Angels etc.

My post ‘Yours Truly, Angry Mob’ mentioned that it was Prof John Harper, another ecologist who worked in the Plant Biology Dept at UCNW, who came to Ruth Manion’s rescue when she fell out with Dafydd’s allies in the Agri Dept. It was only after I began this blog that I discovered that at one of the times when Dafydd et al had sent up the paedophiles in distress flare, Prof Harper had published a ‘ground breaking’ piece of research – this was de rigueur whenever the gang were under investigation – with Prof Eric Sunderland. Sunderland, a posh Welshman from Carmarthenshire, was the Principal of UCNW who had been headhunted in 1984 from Durham University, a stronghold of Dafydd’s partner gang in the north east. Eric Sunderland wasn’t mad and rude as so many of the gang were but it is very obvious to me now that he was a highly effective paedophiles’ friend because he wasn’t mad and rude. Sunderland was a social anthropologist. Although biologists and social scientists are encouraged to work together these days – one of my friends is involved with such work – it is even now considered cutting edge. So it would have been very unusual for Sunderland, who was the Principal anyway, to suddenly start publishing with an ecologist. I was told that Harper was an unscrupulous man who plagiarised his research assistants’ work and did very little himself despite his reputation as a big name in ecology. Those two were up to something and it will have been related to the paedophile ring that John Krebs discovered.

The other thing that the students noticed about Ruth Manion, as well as her falling out with everyone and being treated very carefully, was that she was rather twee and had a lot more money than most people, even mature financially stable people. Ruth Manion was so refined that she ate caviar – the expensive black caviar, not the cut price red caviar that comes out for wedding anniversaries – on biology field trips. My friend Anne witnessed it. Anne was on the coach when the biologists were having their lunch and Ruth Manion was under observation (she was certainly of interest) and another student said to Anne ‘she’s eating little black balls’. Anne checked and Ruth was indeed dining on caviar. Well she didn’t buy that in Bangor. You probably couldn’t have purchased black caviar in Chester in those days, Sir Peter Morrison will have had to have picked up his supply when he was at his main residence in Belgravia.

The Peter Morrison who was abusing kids in care in north Wales. The Tory MP for Chester, Thatcher’s friend and the man who’s sister was Dame Mary Morrison, Woman-of-the-Bedchamber to Lilibet, mother of Carlo, the Chancellor of UCNW. All of whom were members of the black caviar eating classes themselves.

Ruth Manion was spotted by Anne eating caviar on a coach in 1980. At the time Peter Morrison was Lord Commissioner of the Treasury. Douglas Hurd was Minister for Europe. Mary Wynch had been illegally imprisoned by Dafydd and was in consultation with lawyers to begin legal action. Jeremy Thrope – who’s wife Miriam was formerly married to Lilibet’s cousin, the Earl of Harewood and no doubt enjoyed consuming little black balls herself – had months previously walked out of the Old Bailey a free man… Previous posts eg. ‘Meet The Gwerin’ have described the panic and meltdown at UCNW at the time…

By the time that we graduated in 1984, when Ruth once more received business class treatment with regard to all aspects of her life, Peter Morrison was Minister of State at the Dept of Employment. The Secretary of State for Employment was Tom King, who as regular readers will know was the MP for Bridgwater, the constituency in which Brown and I grew up and where many of our relatives and friends still lived. Being concerned with Employment, it was of course logical that Lord King and his network did their best to ensure that Brown and I and those who supported us remained unemployed as often as possible for as long as possible. Scroungers with postgrad degrees and publications!

A Hardworking Member of Society:

The Lord King of Bridgwater
Official portrait of Lord King of Bridgwater crop 2.jpg

Lord King’s wife Jane famously used to make one sausage roll last all evening when she and Tom made a rare appearance in the constituency. Jane’s excuse for this was that she was taking care of her figure. I suspect that it was because Bridgwater Tory Party couldn’t afford the little black balls which will have been the staple fodder for Lady Jane.

Lord King didn’t live in Bridgwater because it was a bit of a dump. He didn’t even live in Bath. He lived in Wiltshire. I have previously stated on the blog that he lived in Gloucestershire; many apologies, I need to amend that, it was definitely Wiltshire. Which was where Sir Peter Morrison’s family seat was, Sir Peter’s dad being Lord Margadale. Peter’s brother Charles was the Tory MP for Devizes. See previous posts.

Brown remembered the other day that Tom King was not one to waste his time going to constituency events or opening fetes. No, I can’t ever remember seeing a poster anywhere advertising Tom’s presence at a fete. Or indeed anything else. I spent a number of entire days as a child at Tory fund-raising events, Christmas Fairs and the like, in Bridgwater Town Hall and I think that I only ever saw King at one of them and he literally dashed through before the crowds had arrived and buggered off again. Well I stayed all day Tom. I helped put the toys in the sawdust tub for the lucky dip thing AND I hid them properly so that the other kids would have to root around to uncover them; I helped do the teas and the scones – not the sausage rolls, because your fucking wife wasn’t present so she didn’t need to be catered for; my Auntie made big stuffed toys to sell; I helped with that stall where you took a raffle ticket and in exchange got a jar of something which depending on your luck could be jam or something more exciting…

And in return your Gov’t tried to have me assassinated!

When I tell that to the young people of today they don’t believe me.

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Like John Krebs, Ruth Manion might well have discovered a paedophile ring, but I don’t think that she found out about the Secrets of the Zoology Dept though, because those Secrets involved Experiments On Big Mammals eg. calves and if Ruth had have found out she’d have gone apeshit because she was an anti-vivisectionist. Except in the cases of fish, who’s eggs are needed for consumption of course. There were Calves Hidden Away somewhere at UCNW but I never found out where. I knew someone who’s PhD involved experiments on those calves, in collaboration with a Top Doctor from Ysbyty Gwynedd. By the end of his PhD, this student was happy to confirm that They Are A Load Of Bastards at Ysbyty Gwynedd and that he would be leaving the area…

Ah the doctors they were wonderful! Even though they were Keeping Animals In Secret and doing things with which zoology students didn’t want to remain involved. Uncle Harry’s colleagues were very good at keeping the caviar consuming classes happy though.

Here’s some people whom Tom did not try to have murdered, drinking Chateau de Chasselas:

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  • Four Yorkshiremen- Monty Python - YouTube

The sex abuse ring in Yorkshire run by Jimmy Savile and his mates was linked to Dafydd’s ring in north Wales and Savile visited Bryn Estyn. One boy alleged that he was gang raped in Savile’s presence.

The Bridgwater Tories wanted Savile to make a guest appearance at one of their events – well the constituency MP wasn’t going to turn up was he, so Savile would have been the next best thing – but Savile wanted a great deal of money. I think that it was about £20k. That was in about 1972 and the Bridgwater Tories were all very shocked that the man who did so much for charidee wanted so much money, far more than they could scrape together, even with my free labour on the lucky dip bran tub. There must have been many other people who found that Savile would only attend an Event if he was given a great deal of money. Not a word of this ever found its way into the media reports about Savile. But then neither did anything about the sexual assault on kids in hospitals and the pan-European trafficking ring who were was murdering witnesses.


Perhaps Lord John Krebs who discovered a paedophile ring can let us know what Secrets with regard to big sentient mammals it was that his former colleagues at UCNW were keeping? I was told by PhD students that there were Calves Who Were Hidden In Case Of Protests and because they were hidden the calves had no daylight or fresh air. A bit like the victims of the paedophile ring which John Krebs discovered once they were banged up in Dafydd’s Denbigh Dungeon after raising objections.

A Dairy/Veal Farm | Kirby Mountain


To return to the father of John Krebs who discovered the paedophile ring. The MRC funded the research at the Sorby. Hans Krebs took over from Mellanby as Director of the Sorby in 1943; it was in 1944 that the MRC established the MRC Unit for Cell Metabolism Research at Sheffield University and Krebs was appointed the Director. I suspect that Krebs’s activities at the Sorby will have had something to do with the establishment of this MRC Unit. Krebs did so well out of the MRC and his laboratory became so large that it was nicknamed ‘Krebs’s Empire’.

Krebs moved his MRC empire to Oxford University in 1954 and was appointed Whitley Professor of Biochemistry, holding that post until his retirement in 1967. After retirement, Krebs continued his research and took his MRC Unit to the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine at the Radcliffe Infirmary Oxford. 

Sir Charles Evans, the Principal of UCNW for many years between the mid-1950s and 1984, was a neurosurgeon who worked with the young Dafydd’s senior colleagues on Merseyside before he ran UCNW. Sir Charles as a young Top Doc had trained and worked at Oxford. Top Docs love their alumni networks, it doesn’t matter if it was a long time ago, Sir Charles’s mates at Oxford will have been busy with Hans Krebs’s mates at Oxford. Sir Charles became an Everest Hero in 1953 and Hans won a Nobel Prize in the same year! Something would definitely have been arranged in the wake of John Krebs discovering a paedophile ring and on every occasion that Dafydd sent up a distress flare as well.

Wasn’t there another Event in 1953?? I can’t quite remember what it was, but I know that it involved a lot of baroque tastelessness and some degenerates…

  • Matchbox Moko Lesney Coronation Coach real and fake
  • This England: The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Hans Krebs with wife in Stockholm in 1953. I am gratified to see that Mrs Krebs was correctly dressed for the occasion, in so far as she wore gloves which covered the elbow, although I note that she was not wearing a hat.

The Royals could always be relied upon to set an example.

A Dairy/Veal Farm | Kirby Mountain

Krebs met Margaret Cicely Fieldhouse when he moved to Sheffield in 1935. They married on 22 March 1938. Krebs later described his life in Sheffield as “19 happy years”. They had two sons, Paul and John and a daughter, Helen.

Krebs with Clementine Churchill and Frits Zernike in Stockholm in 1953. Being married to Winston, Clementine Churchill knew that a hat was desirable for such occasions, as well as gloves.

Hans Krebs became a British citizen in 1939. Krebs was elected to the Royal Society in 1947. In 1953 Hans Krebs received the Nobel Prize, jointly with Fritz Lipmann of Harvard. Krebs was given the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research in 1953. Krebs was elected Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford, 1954–1967.  The Royal Society awarded him its Royal Medal in 1954 and Copley Medal in 1961. In 1958 Krebs received the Gold Medal of the Netherlands Society for Physics, Medical Science and Surgery. Krebs was knighted in 1958 and was elected Honorary Fellow of Girton College, Cambridge University in 1979. He was the Original Member of the Society for General Microbiology, which conferred him Honorary Membership in 1980. Hans Krebs who discovered the Krebs cycle received an honorary doctorate from 21 universities; John Krebs who discovered a paedophile ring only received 16 honorary doctorates.  However John was given a seat in the Lords, Hans just had to make do with a knighthood.

In May 2017, Krebs’s Nobel Prize medal was auctioned off for £225,000 (around $351,225). The plan was to use the proceeds to found the Sir Hans Krebs Trust which would then provide funding for doctoral students in the biomedical field and support chemists who had to flee their home countries.

The University of Oxford had a building, Hans Krebs Tower, which was occupied by the Department of Biochemistry. It has now been demolished, an action which was commemorated with a photo opportunity:

In 2008 a new building for the Department of Biochemistry was constructed, on which a plaque was placed on 20 May 2013 by the Association of Jewish Refugees. The plaque was unveiled by John, Lord Krebs, who discovered a paedophile ring and the inscription reads:

Professor Sir Hans Krebs FRS 1900 – 1981 Biochemist & discoverer of the Krebs cycle Nobel Prize Winner 1953 worked here 1954 – 1967

Hans Krebs died in 1981, so he was around to help out re the crisis involving Mr Thrope and Mary Wynch, particularly after his son had discovered a paedophile ring.

The University of Sheffield has The Krebs Institute, a biochemical research centre, founded in 1988. The Krebs Institute was founded in the year that my formal complaint about those running the paedophile ring which John Krebs discovered was finally acknowledged by the Welsh Office. It was also the year in which Tony Francis’s psychiatrist pal Dr Peter Mcguire decided that, like me, he was going to begin a career in cancer research, funded by the CRC. Peter Mcguire used his funding to take part in a huge research fraud which blew up in everyone’s faces in 1990 and resulted in the suicide of one of his colleagues, Prof Tim McElwain. See previous posts. In 1988 I was working in the CRC team in the Dept of Biochemistry at the University of Surrey, in a team led by Prof Vincent Marks, the brother of Dr John Marks, the then President of the BMA. The BMA were at war with Ken Clarke in the Dept of Health but it ended in stalemate because both parties were concealing the crimes of Dafydd and the paedophile ring which John Krebs had discovered. The BMA and Ken Clarke sank their differences for the purposes of conspiring against me, a helpful man from the BMA called A.H. Chadwick (aka Dr Andrew Chadwick) providing Tony Francis with free advice as to the best way of fitting me up for criminal offences. See previous posts.

Pity about Prof McElwain wasn’t it Ken?

By 1988, Alison Taylor had been sacked by Gwynedd County Council, but was continuing to raise her concerns about kids in care in north Wales being abused, writing to the DHSS Minister Tony Newton in Feb 1988. Alison also wrote to Carlo, but received a letter telling her that he couldn’t get involved. Carlo was Chancellor of UCNW, who’s staff were facilitating the paedophile ring which John Krebs discovered and were busy colluding with numerous people to ensure that my job with the CRC came to an end after a year. I was made redundant in March 1989 because the funding for my job had run out. Unbeknown to me, my data had been stolen by someone at Surrey and given to Prof Nicola Curtin of Newcastle-upon-Tyne University, who published it under her name on and used it to raise further funding. See previous posts.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne University was an institution which had been colluding with Dafydd et al for decades, as a result of the linked ring in the north east of England, which sent staff and children to north Wales. One enormous umbrella for Dafydd’s gang was the Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Lord John Walton. In 1988, John Walton was President of the GMC and Warden of Green College, Oxford. He bagged his peerage the following year. Walton spent most of his career as a psychiatrist and neurologist at Newcastle-upon-Tyne University, with was associated with Durham University; Newcastle Medical School developed from Durham University, which kindly supplied the well-camouflaged paedophiles’ friend Sir Eric Sunderland for use as Principal of UCNW, after Sir Charles Evans was finally forced to retire. By the time that Eric arrived at UCNW in 1984, he had spent many years in senior roles at Durham University. See previous posts.

In 1988, John Krebs who discovered a paedophile ring was given a Royal Society Research Professorship in the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford.


In 1990 the Federation of European Biochemical Societies instituted the Sir Hans Krebs Lecture and Medal, which was endowed by the Lord Rank Centre for Research. The Society of Friends of Hannover Medical School gives the Sir Hans Krebs Prize, which is worth 10,000 euros. The Biochemical Society offers Krebs Memorial Scholarship to a PhD student working in biochemistry or an allied biomedical science at any British university. As of 2014, the scholarship is worth £18,500 and is given for a year, but is extendable up to three years.

The sex abuse ring in the north east which John Walton and pals were concealing was closely linked with the ring in Yorkshire, which of course was linked to the ring in north Wales. Jimmy Savile, the major player in the Yorkshire ring, not only visited Bryn Estyn but in 1988 had been appointed as General Manager of Broadmoor Hospital by the DoH under Thatcher. The Civil Service mandarin at the DoH with responsibility for mental health services in 1987 was Brian McGinnis, who was later banned from working with children and vulnerable people. McGinnis was succeeded by Cliff Graham, in approx 1988, but I’m not sure exactly when. Cliff Graham was just as unsuitable a person to be a Civil Service mandarin with responsibility for the mental health services as Brian McGinnis was; Cliff Graham had scored political and academic Brownie points by spending a year working with Brian Abel-Smith. See post ‘The Old Devils’. Abel-Smith has featured in my previous posts; he was the LSE state bureaucrat who designed the original flawed economic basis for the NHS, refused to admit how flawed it was and spent the next few decades concealing the crap until even he could not cope with the Top Doctors anymore. As well as telling lies about the NHS, Abel-Smith and his gay partner ran a gents boutique and spent time flying to Italy to pick up the latest gear and flogging it to rock stars. Bing Spear, the corrupt Home Office Drugs Branch mandarin, was most helpful to Dafydd’s gang with regard to oiling the wheels re the gang’s dealing and distribution of class A drugs. See previous posts.

I mentioned that Savile was initially appointed to the Broadmoor management task force by Baroness Jean Trumpington, when she was a junior Health Minister. Trumpers was a woman with many Royal links. Trumpers’ family were friends with David Lloyd George’s family, who were friends with Mr Thrope’s family…

The Secretary of State for Wales in 1988 presiding over children’s homes in north Wales which were never inspected, even after serious complaints had been made and a mental health service which just literally did whatever it wanted, breaking any law that it felt like along the way, was Peter Walker.  Peter Walker had been involved with the Tory Party since the beginning of time and as a Young Conservative in the 1950s found out about the embryonic trade in the trafficking of young people from Wales to provide sexual services to people in England. Walker got to know Beata Brookes, a UCNW graduate who worked as a social worker for Denbighshire County Council. Brookes was a paid up member of Dafydd’s gang and by the 1970s was virtually running the NHS and welfare service in north Wales. Brookes served as a Tory MEP, 1979-89 and caused the Third World War in the 1980s when she tried to bag a seat in the Commons. See previous posts.

Beata’s ambitions caused a serious rift in the Tory Party in Clwyd, because Sir Anthony Meyer, the sitting Tory MP who’s seat Beata was after, hated Brookes and challenged her dodgy practices in Court. Sir Anthony was using the services of Dafydd’s gang himself, so it was once again an everyday story of the gwerin. They all hated each other but were involved in the same criminality, which in the case of Beata and Anthony Meyer couldn’t even be sorted out by Cecil Parkinson at Conservative Central Office because he was colluding with Dafydd’s gang as well. For many years the dreadful Lord Wyn Roberts was the minion at the coal face who deflected the mountain of crap; by 1988 Wyn Roberts had written a meaningless letter in response to my very serious complaint. See previous posts for further details of the extensive mess.

Further armour plating for the paedophile ring which John Krebs discovered was provided by Tony Francis’s old acquaintance from their days as students in Cardiff, a Windbag who doubled up as Leader of the Labour Party. In 1988, the Windbag was still Leader of the Opposition rather than PM, although in his desperation to become PM after the June 1987 General Election, the dear old Windbag had remained schtum about the failed attempt to fit me up for ‘attempting to stab a doctor’. The planning had begun a few weeks before June 1987 and Dafydd et al had received the help of the Mental Health Act Commission, the Home Office with Douglas Hurd in it and Risley Remand Centre, as well as numerous people from Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authorities. See post ‘Hey, Hey DAJ How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?’ for events leading up to all this, the aftermath and the political context of the time.


In a tank Herr Thatchler leads the charge; Jock Steel and Doc “Killer” Owen are helplessly entrenched; and “Fatty” Heffer looks cynically on as “Taffy” Kinnock leads the retreat.


On 19/4/84 Thames Television screened an interview with the Windbag conducted by Alastair Burnet, with regard to the NUM strike. The Windbag talked about the intimidation of working miners by striking miners and stressed that intimidation of anyone, under any circumstances, for any reason, is wrong. The Windbag was ignoring physical violence, sexual assault as well as the framing and murder of witnesses in north Wales. Of adults as well as children as young as 12 yrs old. The Windbag’s mate Tony Francis was at the centre of it.

Burnet’s interview also included a discussion about the Windbag’s recent criticism of Thatch’s management of the NHS. The Windbag mentioned ‘the view of the BMA, the Royal Colleges, the nursing professions and the DHSS’. He explained that they all maintained that extra funding was needed for the NHS and that the NHS was ‘very unsafe’ in Mrs Thatcher’s hands. Burnet made the point that Thatch had increased spending on the NHS. Thatch did indeed increase spending on the NHS; she didn’t want to, but she was forced to because those upstanding people in the BMA, the Royal Colleges, the nursing professions and the DHSS all knew that the Top Docs were colluding with the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Thatch simply could not do anything other than hand over the dosh and however much dosh the Top Docs demanded. Because Royal Personages were in the shag fest up to their necks.

The Windbag personally knew Dafydd, Tony Francis, as well as George Thomas, Ron Davies, Leo Abse… er Greville Janner…

Burnet’s interview covered education as well, which the Windbag claimed was his specialist area. Well he was a man with a really bad degree, married to a school teacher from north Wales where many teachers as well as every social worker and Top Doc were remaining silent about a sex abuse gang targeting kids and young people, he yelled ‘NURSES’ repeatedly in his election campaigning and summoned up the Spirit of Nye, OF COURSE education was the Windbag’s specialist area. In 1984, Gwynedd and Clwyd Education Authorities were wilfully ignoring the abuse of children, including special needs children who were targeted in particular. Since 1970, Lord Barry Jones had served as the Labour MP for East Flintshire. Lord Baz was a former teacher who trained at Bangor Normal College, of which the Deputy Principal was a friend of Dafydd’s. See previous posts eg. ‘Thought For The Day’ and ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’. Lord Baz had doubled up as the NUT rep for Flintshire. When havoc and complaint broke out regarding schools in Gwynedd in 1979, the Windbag used it to have a go at Welsh medium teaching. It was a paedophile ring that was the problem, not the Welsh language and the Windbag knew it.

As for FE, er Bangor Technical College was known to be appalling, bloody dreadful. Teachers who worked there freely admitted that they would never send their own kids there. Serious complaints, such as teachers not actually remaining in the class for most of the lesson, were deflected or blocked. The answer to all this? In 1983-84, a new name – Coleg Menai!! – and a renovation of the building, costing a great deal of money. The same useless old farts were employed, the same hopeless Principal remained and the problems continued. In June 1985, the WRONG CHEMICAL SAMPLES for analysis were given to the students in an A level chemistry practical exam, which resulted in every single student failing the A level. Coleg Menai served a purpose though. It ‘trained’ many of the social workers and NHS staff who then went out into the world to keep schtum about the gang which ran north Wales. It was still doing that in 2000 (see post ‘Social Work – Theory’). Then there was Cartrefle College, which also gave out social care/social work qualifications to the thugs who staffed the children’s homes in north Wales. The social work ‘tutors’ at Cartrefle College had a hotline to Lucille Hughes and Nefyn Dodd, the two people whom even the Waterhouse Report admitted were responsible for the abuse of children and would tip them off about any students who were potential whistleblowers. That’s still happening, in north Wales and elsewhere, on social work, nursing and teaching courses. I was identified as a potential whistleblower when I returned to education in 2000…

Cartrefle College became NEWI (the North East Wales Institute of Higher Education) – things will change if we give it a new name! – and then it became Glyndwr University! OF COURSE it would change when it became a university, although the ones who trained the child abusers were now Heads of Dept and sitting on the governing body. Glyndwr was involved in scandal after scandal until it came to the attention of the Home Office not so long ago and had its licence to educate overseas students removed because of an immigration fraud with which Glyndwr had been participating. Glyndwr of course received Investment – millions. For many years the Principal was Mike Scott, who had virtually destroyed De Montfort University when he was a PVC there, so obviously Mike Scott would be given his own university to play with. Mike Scott, back in the dark ages, had done a degree at one of the constituent colleges of the University of Wales, which was facilitating the abuse ring… See previous posts for Mike Scott-related adventures.

Lord Baz Jones was installed as Chancellor of Glyndwr University in 2009. Previously, Lord Baz had been President of NEWI; he was given that job in 2007.

Lord Baz served as the Windbag’s Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, Jan 1989-July 1992…

It wasn’t coincidental was it Windbag? Events involving Lord Baz can be read in previous posts.


When The Krebs Institute was founded at Sheffield University in 1988, the Home Secretary was Douglas Hurd and the Labour MP for Sheffield Brightside, who had been newly elected  in June 1987, was a source of excellent PR for the Windbag’s party in many ways. He was a man who had experienced family tragedy as a boy and was viewed as an intelligent, capable, determined man, a graduate of Sheffield University himself, who had not allowed a severe disability to prevent him from pursuing a career in politics. He also had a nice guide dog who sat next to him on ‘Question Time’ who went to sleep rather than lifted his leg on Robin Day.

Blunkett’s biography of overcoming hardship without casting himself as a victim undoubtedly endeared him to a lot of people and gained the respect of many more. He pissed off disability campaigners by refusing to identify as disabled for many years, but I can understand that position. What was so unforgivable was Blunkett keeping quiet about the widespread neglect and abuse of disabled people. Blunkett kept quiet about that criminal gang in Sheffield as well, with Jimmy Savile at the centre of it. Blunkett had known about the gang for years, because Blunkett had been elected to Sheffield City Council in 1970 and was Leader of Sheffield City Council, 1980-88 and had remained as a member of the Council until 1988. Blunkett also served on South Yorkshire County Council, 1973 -77.

Blunkett knew about Savile and the gang operating in Yorkshire and he knew that they were linked to other gangs, including the one in north Wales.

The Windbag didn’t become PM in June 1987, but Blunkett became an MP, which would not have happened had the north Wales whistleblowers not been silenced, because the Westminster Paedophile Ring would have unravelled… Alison, Mary Wynch and I were the three who did things like keep writing to the GMC and to MPs, but there were many, many complaints from people in north Wales, both about the abuse of children in care and about the mental health services. Previous posts have described how, although Dr D.G.E. Wood bellowed at me that there were no concerns about Gwynne the lobotomist, this was me being completely unreasonable, I knew of two other formal complaints about Gwynne from the parents of students. I alone knew of three students who had attempted suicide after one encounter with Gwynne, goodness knows what had gone on that I didn’t hear about. The situation was so bad, that one day when I was in the Student Health Centre being shouted at by Wood and the Angel employed there, Liz Stables and told to shut up, there were no concerns, it was just me, another student arrived to complain about Gwynne the lobotomist; Gwynne had precipitated yet another suicide attempt…

Brown and I raised our concerns about Gwynne some three weeks or so before the Windbag appeared on TV with Alastair Burnet, emphasising that intimidation of people in any context for any reason is unacceptable. We were threatened by Top Docs after we complained Windbag, overtly threatened, repeatedly…

Gwynne was a disaster, a complete disaster and that was just him on one afternoon a week in the Student Health Centre. I know that in 1987, in one month alone, the GMC received five complaints about Dafydd. Some of the complaints concerned sexual exploitation of patients and deaths.

I knew some of the other people who had complained about Dafydd and Gwynne – over the years I met many, many more – and I knew that I was being lied to when people yelled at me that there had been no other complaints.

Then there were the kids in care becoming pregnant and contracting STIs, the North Wales Police recording ‘hundreds’ of ‘absconsions’ from the children’s homes, the kids sustaining serious injuries including anal injuries…

The Windbag knew about these matters, his wife’s parents were from Holyhead and they had been active in the Labour Party for decades and had concealed the abuse themselves. Glenys’s parents were mates with Lord Cledwyn, who served as the Labour MP for Anglesey, 1951-79 and was one of the gang’s most loyal servants. See previous posts. One couldn’t be a Councillor or politician in north Wales and not know about Dafydd and the gang.

Just to remind you once again Windbag: George Thomas, Greville Janner, Leo Abse, Ron Davies…

Other newly elected Labour MPs in June 1987 who definitely knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring as well as Dafydd and the gang included Rhodri Morgan, Paul Boateng, Diane Abbott, Keith Vaz and Red Ken. Miranda had already bagged his Sedgefield seat on the patch of the gang in the north east in 1983, having previously worked in the Chambers of George Carman QC, the crooked barrister who was mates with many of those involved in the gangs; Cherie worked in Carman’s Chambers until 1988. Carman had established his reputation when he defended Mr Thrope at the Old Bailey in 1979…

When Blunkett led Sheffield City Council it was considered by the Tories to be one of the extreme leftist councils and Blunkett a loony left leader. Although Blunkett always made a point of not overtly trading on being blind, when in debate with his opponents, they very obviously never felt able to be as rude to Blunkett as they were to other loony left politicians. In the 1980s, Blunkett said the sort of things that Tony Benn said, but even Tebbit wouldn’t put the boot into a blind man and there was always a kind comment about the guide dog.

It was all a bit ‘Peters and Lee’, the duo who appeared on ‘Opportunity Knocks’ in the 1970s. After they won, Hughie Green revealed that Peters was blind but had asked that the audience weren’t told because he didn’t want the sympathy vote. It wasn’t too difficult to guess that Peters was blind, because he wore those dark glasses that blind people used to wear in the 1970s and his singing partner led him on by the hand and just in case anyone was still in doubt, Peters ensured that he stared straight ahead of himself while he played the piano. As piss-taking students used to say ‘you’d never guess he was blind would you viewers?’ All Peters needed was the guide dog sitting by the piano, but that would have caused allegations that the clapometer had been rigged.

One can’t even make crass comments about Blunkett not seeing Jimmy Savile, because nobody else saw Jimmy Savile either…

The Lord Blunkett
David Blunkett MP Where Next for Welfare.jpg

While Blunkett served on South Yorkshire County Council, Sheffield’s steel industry declined.

  • Ian Macgregor

My post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’ and previous posts discuss the miraculous way in which the Councillors and MPs of north east Wales, nearly all Labour, managed to extract investment for things like the Deeside Industrial Park from Thatch’s hostile Gov’t in the wake of the 6500 jobs laid off at Shotton Steel in 1980. Bryn Estyn, the Bryn Alyn Community and the North Wales Hospital Denbigh were all in north east Wales. See previous posts for details of how hard people like Lord Baz ‘fought for the people of north east Wales’ and came up with the Investment on Deeside.

I do not know enough about Sheffield to know if Blunkett performed similar miracles after the steel industry collapsed. Blunkett must have done something to have pleased someone in the Labour Party as long ago as the early 1970s, because he was selected as the candidate to fight Sheffield Hallam in 1974, although he wasn’t elected. Wilson was the Labour Leader at the time, the Wilson who was a good pal of the molester George Thomas, the Wilson who’s Minister of Health, 1964-68, Sir Kenneth Robinson, was a big mate of Dafydd’s, the Wilson who rearranged the entire furniture of Gov’t to conceal the Westminster Paedophile Ring, as described in previous posts…

When Blunkett contested Sheffield Hallam in 1974, the sitting Tory MP, Sir John Osborn, held the seat. Osborn was the MP for that constituency, 1959-87. Sir John Holbrook Osborn was educated at Rugby and Trinity Hall, Cambridge. He also served as an MEP, 1975-79. Osborn was knighted in 1983, the year that Brown and I came under attack from the gang and had members of the security services bothering us in various disguises.

Osborn’s time in Parliament dated back to the years which led up to the Profumo Affair, so he’ll have had some knowledge of the Naughtiness in High Places at that time. Bronwen Astor, Bill Astor’s wife at the time of Profumo, was the daughter of Sir Alun Pugh, a Welsh judge. The family lived in Hampstead, but Pugh was from west Wales, remained in touch with Wales and sent Bronwen to boarding school in Dolgellau. The father of Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council during the Paedophile Years, was a Master in Dolgellau Grammar School. There was one year’s difference in age between Ioan and Bronwen. Before Ioan was appointed Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, he was County Secretary of Dyfed County Council in west Wales, where an abuse ring linked to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales operated. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’ There was an embryonic trafficking enterprise involving teenagers from Wales to England before Profumo blew up – it was this that Beata Brookes and Peter Walker tripped over in their Young Conservatives days – and Dafydd knew about this. Lord Brecon and his daughter Lindy Price, who was married to the lawyer Leolin Price, were most helpful to those facilitating the business. The organised sexploitation of young people in west Wales was in place by the time that Carlo went to Aberystwyth University for a term to brush up on Welsh in 1968. See previous posts.

John Osborn lived through the Tory Party years of Ted Heath as well as the early years of Thatch…

Osborn took part in a Parliamentary interviews project, which supplied the following additional info about him:

John Holbrook Osborn was born on 14 December 1922 in Sheffield. He was educated at Rugby School and Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and served in the war in West Africa. He married three times: Molly Suzanne in 1952; Joan Mary MacDermot in 1976; and Patricia Hine in 1989.

Osborn worked in the family business. Chairman of Hillsborough Divisional Young Conservative and Liberal Association from 1949 to 1953, he became Conservative MP for Sheffield Hallam in 1959 and held the seat until 1987. He served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations and for the Colonies from 1963 to 1964. From 1975 to 1979 he was a Member of the European Parliament. During his time as an MP he was a member of several Select Committees, including Science and Technology and Education, Science and Arts. He was knighted in 1983, and retired from Parliament in 1987.

The transcript of the clip includes:

My decision to retire from Parliament? Oh, my Constituency Association had enough of me. Roland Jenkings [sic], before me, didn’t get the support of the Association and I didn’t get the support of the Association. I could have fought my Association and stood with their candidate as an independent and I might have gone back to Parliament on that basis. But I got advised to give up politics while the going is good. It’s no good being a Member of Parliament if your constituency is against you. Some people tried that, but usually burned their fingers and I was able to revert to old interests and old recreations. I played much more golf, much more tennis. And I retired properly.

During the interview, Osborn mentioned that he joined the Young Conservatives as soon as he left Rugby. After Cambridge and WW II, he undertook a management trainee course at the National Foundry College in Wednesbury and served an apprenticeship with a Birmingham firm. Osborn  focused on an industrial career and never set out to become an MP. He was asked to stand as a candidate in Hallam following the retirement of Sir Roland Jennings. There was a belief that the seat was unwinnable. Osborn had very little contact with Jennings, but did receive help and support from the Conservative Party. He was also helped by local benefactors.

Describes working as PPS to Duncan Sandys in Commonwealth Relations Office.

Duncan Sandys was one of those who was happy to be a patient and a friend of Stephen Ward, the osteopath who was the biggest scapegoat in the wake of the Profumo Affair, but once the shit hit the fan, Sandys was one of those who dropped Ward and did the ‘ooh I don’t think that I ever met him’ bit. Stephen Ward is always described as having committed suicide during his trial, but accounts of Ward’s death leave one with no doubt that he was given a shove by the Top Docs. See previous posts. 

During the interview Osborn explained that he hoped to pursue the interests of industry through his Parliamentary work and described travelling widely on industrial and Parliamentary business. He found it difficult to balance constituency, Parliamentary and industrial work and faced a conflict of interest between committee work in the Commons and dealing with local issues. Osborn’s maternal grandfather was a Conservative MP, Colonel Sir Arthur Holbrook. Osborn continued as a Non-Executive Director of Samuel Osborn & co, the family firm, while an MP. Osborn’s constituency felt that he was spending too much time on international travel and the constituency became a marginal seat. However, the felt that Osborn was a suitable candidate for overseas work. He never had ambition for high office and was able to pursue his own interests under both Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher’s leadership. He never regretted the decision to retire. Osborn’s interview concluded with a comment about not having provided successor [Irvine Patnick] with advice.

Sir John Osborn died in Dec 2015. He was around a long time to keep the lid on the criminality under his nose while he did bugger all for his constituents, held multiple political jobs, as well as his business interests and did a bit of globetrotting into the bargain.

Small black pigs eat from a wooden trough Stock Photo


Osborn, who enjoyed himself while serious organised crime took over Sheffield, was succeeded in the seat in 1987 by Irvine Patnick, the Tory who coined the phrase ‘Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire’ for Sheffield City Council under Blunkett.

Sir Cyril Irvine Patnick was born in Sheffield and educated at the Central Technical School in Sheffield, followed by Sheffield Poly. A building contractor, Patnick entered politics as a member of Sheffield City Council in 1967 and later of South Yorkshire County Council. Patnick was elected after unsuccessfully contesting Sheffield Hillsborough at the 1970 and 1979 General Elections. During his time as an MP Patnick was a Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury and Deputy Chairman of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Select Committee. He left politics after he lost his seat in 1997 to the Lib Dem Richard Allan.

Patnick was on the right of the Conservative Party. He was against sanctions on apartheid South Africa, voted to reintroduce the death penalty, strongly supported Section 28 and opposed reducing the age of consent for gays. 

Patnick was the Vice-President of Sheffield’s Kingfield Synagogue, life President of Sheffield Jewish Representative Council and a former national Vice-Chairman of the British Maccabi sports and youth organisation.

Patnick was the Chairman of Trustees of The Trust for Research into Freemasonry, a charity established to support the Centre for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism at Sheffield University. This Centre has now died a death; it seems to have been closed down after being embroiled in controversy and many of the links which promise to lead one to gen online are broken.

Patnick was one of the sources for ‘The Sun’ newspaper’s lies about the behaviour of fans at the Hillsborough Disaster in its coverage of April 1989. ‘The Sun’ maintained that fans had assaulted police, urinated on dead and dying fans, had ransacked their pockets and wallets etc. Kelvin MacKenzie, the Editor, robustly defended himself at the time.

In September 2012, the publication of the Report into Hillsborough by the independent panel investigating the disaster confirmed that “the source for these despicable untruths was a Sheffield news agency reporting conversations with South Yorkshire Police and Irvine Patnick, the then MP for Sheffield Hallam”. Earlier, Kelvin had said of his coverage: “It was a fundamental mistake. The mistake was I believed what an MP said”. The Daily Express also carried the story, under the headline “Police Accuse Drunken Fans” and giving Patnick’s views, saying he had told Thatch, whilst escorting her on a tour of the grounds after the tragedy, of the “mayhem caused by drunks” and that policemen had told him that they were “hampered, harassed, punched and kicked”. Following the disclosure of Patnick’s role in the story, Labour MP John Mann wrote to PM David Cameron asking that Patnick be stripped of his K for his “shameful and disgusting behaviour”. Patnick was heavily criticised by the families of the dead, with the Hillsborough Justice Campaign stating that “It needs to be remembered that this man vilified Liverpool and was part of a lying machine which shamefully damaged the reputation of those fans.” In a statement issued through the Conservative Party on 13 September 2012, Patnick accepted “responsibility for passing such information on without asking further questions. So, many years after this tragic event, I am deeply and sincerely sorry for the part I played in adding to the pain and suffering of the victims’ families”.

Sir Irvine Patnick died on 30 December 2012, without ever showing any regret in ignoring the criminal gang operating in South Yorkshire, which he knew was linked to other gangs, including to the one causing havoc in north Wales.

Patnick was awarded his K in 1994. By which time my career in medical research had been destroyed, along with those of three other witnesses to Dafydd and the gang with whom I was friends, my friend Anne had been killed, there had been an attempt to kill Brown and Brown’s brother had emigrated after being the subject of one very serious murder attempt which was followed by some others almost as serious… 

Sir Irvine Patnick


In 9 June 1994, Matt Arnold, the Head of Bryn Estyn, died of ‘an unspecified blood disease’. On 13 June 1994 the trial of his long time friend and colleague Peter Howarth for sexual assaults on boys in care in north Wales opened at Chester Crown Court. On 8 July 1994 Howarth was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

It was during 1994, from June onward, that Dafydd’s gang once more escalated their attempts to have me declared dangerous and banged up in a secure psychiatric hospital. This followed a meeting that I and Patient F held with two members of the Mental Health Act Commission during which we told them that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and that serious complaints against him were not being investigated. Both of them told us that they had heard such complaints about Dafydd many times before and as long ago as the 1960s. Neither the MHAC or Gwynedd Community Health Trust ever investigated our complaints. The MHAC did write to the Trust but failed to act when the Trust failed to investigate or respond appropriately.

In early Nov 1994, Dafydd had obtained a High Court injunction against me from Liverpool High Court on the basis of an affidavit which contained not one true allegation of my ‘harassment’ of him. All allegations referred to phone calls that F had made to Dafydd in which he certainly took the piss, but were not threatening. The only allegation relating to me was that I had thrown a brick through the glass door of Dafydd’s house at 3 am one night. I had not and by the time that Dafydd swore his affidavit into Court, he had been told by an Angel that I could not possibly have been at his house at 3 am that night because I had no access to a car and I was known to have been at my house near Bethesda throughout the night. Since I began this blog I have been told that no-one threw a brick through Dafydd’s door, the brick was planted and the police were subsequently called and told that I was the culprit. Dafydd was not asked to provide any evidence at all that I was responsible, by the police or by the MDU or the MDU lawyers Hempsons who acted for Dafydd. I did not even know that I had been accused until just before the High Court injunction was served on me.

Dafydd also demanded that an alarm system costing £25k be fitted in his office because of the danger that I represented to him. After I wrote to the Trust yet again asking them to investigate my complaint into the constant harassment and lies of Dafydd and others, the response of the Chairman of the Trust was to ask the Trust’s lawyers if there were any more charges that they could bring against me.Tony Francis then demanded a series of reports from forensic mental health specialists with regard to me on the grounds that I was a danger to Dafydd’s life and should be transferred to a secure unit The idea being that this would be done under the Mental Health Act, because those very public Court cases with me on trial involving the obvious perjury on behalf of Dafydd’s gang were becoming rather embarrassing…Although I was so mad that I was in need of being placed in a secure unit, at the same time I was banned from the day centre at the Hergest Unit. Well the other patients there had read that ridiculous injunction and one of them, Dave Nunn, a former lecturer from UCNW, had disappeared shortly after and no-one ever saw him again. See previous posts eg. ‘The Banality Of Evil’…

My post ‘Additional Security Measures’ discussed the first Report re Hillsborough, the Taylor Report, by Lord Peter Taylor, who served as Lord Chief Justice, 1992-96. Thatcher’s Gov’t asked Taylor to write the Report immediately after the Hillsborough Disaster. I discussed discrepancies with regard to dates on the Home Office file and the documents, a note to Douglas Hurd from Sir Clive Whitmore, the Permanent Secretary to the Home Office at the time, which suggests that Peter Taylor is being given advice on what to include in his Report and the fact that the Report which was submitted is not actually signed by Peter Taylor. I can only conclude that Peter Taylor either didn’t write that Report or that someone has been playing fast and loose with dates on documents. An incriminating note from Sir Clive was sent to, among others, David Lidington, Hurd’s special adviser at the Home Office, who then moved with Hurd to the Foreign Office. So Lidington was in the Home Office when Dafydd, Tony Francis et al were forging documents and perjuring themselves in their attempts to have me imprisoned and the Home Office, North Wales Police and Risley Remand Centre were assisting in all this. David Lidington is a member of Theresa May’s Gov’t.

Small black pigs eat from a wooden trough Stock Photo

Blunkett, John Osborn and Irvine Patnick were all local to Sheffield and had lived there for many years, as far back as the 1950s. Readers might remember that Savile’s True Story involved him ‘inventing the disco’ ie. running dance halls and clubs in Yorkshire in the 1950s, which evolved into the Swinging Scene of the 1960s and then the Fuckwittery of the 1970s. After Savile died and it was obvious to even the most loyal of the Mafia of Drips that he was definitely not coming back and he was not going to get George Carman QC – who was also safely dead – to sue the arse off everyone, people began to quietly creep out of the woodwork and admit that Savile ‘wasn’t a very nice man’, that he beat the living daylights of of people at his dances and discos and he did have some unfortunate past-times which involved children or young people locked in places and therefore unable to get away from him.

Esther maintained that She Didn’t Know, in the face of all the others who Never Knew but suddenly remembered that they did know and then the world rose up and demanded that Savile’s grave was removed! That his body should not be Next To Decent People! That all those Commemorative Plaques should Go! Delete those old vids of Top of the Pops, Savile is on them!

It was Rolf next… We don’t want to see Rolf’s name anywhere! It’s disgusting!

What a load of fucking hypocrites. Now, I am waiting for Dafydd to die. Because when Dafydd Passes Over, I know that we will begin to hear just how terrible he was from people who knew him. We are going to hear some very, very unpleasant things. And I do not want to be told by any of those people that they are Sorry or Didn’t Know. I have been telling you all for years and so have other people. We have been sacked, smeared, violently assaulted and people have tried to kill us. If anyone tries to prosecute anyone else for crimes relating to me, I will do my best to derail the trial. Because what has gone on is disgusting and I don’t want anyone to do the Bring Them To Justice bit. They can’t be brought to justice, they were allowed to rape and kill people, including children and they received the full support of the British state. What I want is for someone to recover those bodies from the grounds of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Then I want the BMA, the GMC and the Royal Colleges to explain how those bodies got there. This should be followed by the dissolution of every one of those bodies and the removal of all powers from the medical profession. No more money either. The Top Docs are going to go on strike? Let them. They are a public danger, let that fucking dreadful profession go on strike, sack those that do and keep a skeleton workforce of good brave docs who are appalled at what has been allowed to go on.

There’s a lot of politicians who need to go as well because you haven’t really behaved very nobly have you…



Blunkett became a Party spokesman on local gov’t, joined the Shadow Cabinet in 1992 as Shadow Health Secretary and became Shadow Education Secretary in 1994.

After Labour’s 1997 General Election Blunkett became Secretary of State for Education and Employment. The role of Education Secretary was a vital one in Miranda’s Gov’t, after Miranda famously stated in 1996 that his priorities were “education, education, education”. As Secretary of State, Blunkett pursued conservative reforms, was ready to take on the teaching unions and determined to ensure basic standards of literacy and numeracy. Blunkett stated that he would ensure that more kids would achieve above the average level in maths. Which had every maths teacher rolling in the aisles, because it was clear that Blunkett didn’t understand the definition of average.

Blunkett: more kids CANNOT achieve above the average level in maths. If more kids achieve a higher level in maths, the average itself will be raised. That is the point of an average. You cannot have a situation in which MORE achieve the AVERAGE. Not even with New Labour fiddling the stats.

A key pillar of Blunkett’s work as Education Secretary was the introduction of Sure Start, a Gov’t programme much loved by Polly Toynbee which provided services for pre-school children and their families. In 2011 the Gov’t effectively started the abolition of Sure Start by cutting back drastically on the funds available. Polly protested that these Cuts would harm disadvantaged children because it had been Proven that Sure Start Helps Disadvantaged Children. No, every analysis of Sure Start demonstrated that it had absolutely no effect on any of the parameters measured – the parameters were the ones that Sure Start had been established to Help – with regard to children. What Sure Start was very good at was providing social support to some disadvantaged mothers. It did them a great deal of good and they loved it. It wasn’t however designed to do that. There was also a problem with Sure Start in that more advantaged women enrolled because they too wanted the goodies on offer…

In north Wales, Sure Start, like everything, was hijacked by Dafydd’s gang. Because it involved contact with those we know and love, the most disadvantaged mothers wouldn’t go near it. However, there was a group of vulnerable but tame young women who did make use of Sure Start and I knew some of them. They were approached and asked if they’d like to train as social workers! They had never imagined that they could have any sort of career, so they went for it. After they qualified, they found that if they raised concerns about the endemic abuse and neglect of clients, they would be reminded of the father of their children who had a drug problem or their own hard time when their baby was born and they became ill with severe post-natal depression and they really wouldn’t like this to become widely known would they? Sure Start provided Dafydd’s gang with a supply of nice caring young women who did not dare step out of line and blow the whistle on the most dreadful malpractice. Not even the blackmail of themselves. None of them will ever receive promotion… I suspect that by now, they will have had breakdowns with the stress of working with gangsters and abusers or left the carnage and moved into other jobs.

Blunkett also led the massive expansion in HE. Education, Education, Education. Anyone who worked in HE while Blunkett, Lord Adonis and Miranda put their grandiose plan into action and since then knows the truth behind the cooked books and the lies about ‘excellence’. HE is not quite as bad as the NHS, but if someone doesn’t do something soon it will be. I’m not going to even go here, because Brown and I published extensively on the subject and I’ll never finish the blog post if I go off at this particular tangent. To summarise, Miranda was told by sound academic sociologists that It Wouldn’t Work and indeed it didn’t. Miranda wouldn’t listen and just told lies and now Miranda’s mate Lord Adonis who wouldn’t listen either and just told lies, has admitted that It Didn’t Work and perhaps Miranda’s Reforms should be undone…

I quickly scanned an article yesterday on ‘The Guardian’ online maintaining that if Oxbridge wants to increase its proportion of disadvantaged students, then it Needs A College Especially For Them. Er, weren’t some Oxbridge colleges established for that very purpose anyway? The fact that they are not full of proles suggests that if yet another Oxbridge College For The Disadvantaged is established, that too will go the same way as the others… UCNW likes to think that it was established for the Children Of The Quarrymen. That was part of the rationale, indeed there were scholarships available and there was a desire to see the children of aspiring but unprivileged people receive a university education, but most of the students were drawn from the more privileged groups in Wales at the time. They won’t have been as grand as most of the students at Oxbridge, but UCNW wasn’t heaving with the children of those who occupied the worst jobs in the quarry. The children of the quarry owners or managers might well have been among the student body in greater numbers…That is how class domination works.

UCNW was radical in that it admitted a very big proportion of women as compared to other universities at the time, but no matter what Jane Hutt believes, virtually all those women will only have been radical in that they supported women like themselves to gain a university education. Not many will have been fighting for the servants to bag a degree. It is why university expansion was embraced in the 1960s, so all those people who hadn’t previously gone to university could have a greater chance…After the 1960s expansion in HE, the proportion of people in the relevant age cohort going to university rose to almost 10%… There still weren’t that many children of quarrymen among them, but there were more than before.


Blunkett’s ignorance with regard to education and social sciences hasn’t held him back.

In July 2013, Sheffield University announced that Blunkett had become a Visiting Professor in the Department of Politics, in the world’s first Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics. In 2014, Blunkett was invited to become a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. In May 2015 Blunkett accepted a Chair in Politics in Practice at Sheffield University. In June 2015 Blunkett agreed to become Chairman of the Board of the University of Law. In addition to his other work with charidees, Blunkett was also Chairman of the David Ross Multi Academy Charitable Trust from June 2015 to January 2017. In 2017 Blunkett received an Honorary Doctorate for services to Gov’t and Education from the University of Huddersfield.

Blunkett introduced the teaching of citizenship in schools in 1999, arguing that “We want to ensure that there’s a basis of traditional knowledge that’s available to all children.” Blunkett is currently the President of the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT). Citizenship goes down well in some schools with intakes of more middle class pupils, but gosh it’s a joke in a lot of schools. The teachers hate teaching it, the kids take the piss and from what I saw in Holyhead School in 2000, it was the equivalent of Religious Education when I was at school. It shouldn’t be a joke, it doesn’t have to be a joke, but it is. Because the kids and teachers are all far more worried about getting the exam results that are needed to show that the school isn’t Failing.

Is it not extraordinary that all that is needed now to achieve Chairs and senior positions in education is to have kept quiet about Jimmy Savile? Where that comes in terms of being a good citizen I will leave to Blunkett for clarification. He is after all the expert on such matters.

When Harold Shipman killed himself, Blunkett commented that he’d get the champagne out. So why did you ignore Dafydd then Blunkett?


When he was Education Secretary, Blunkett launched Learning and Skills Councils, created Job Centre Plus and had responsibility for the EOC, as well as establishing the Disability Rights Commission. Ah, so THAT’S why Blunkett ignored the abuse of ill and disabled people by Dafydd’s gang!

When he subsequently became Home Secretary, Blunkett was also responsible for the Commission on Racial Equality – all three of these bodies were incorporated later into the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Which has provided job opportunities for Rachel Perkins and Ann Beynon…

In 1999, Blunkett proposed that sex education should not be pursued until children have left primary school at 11, reportedly arguing that childhood, the “age of innocence”, should not be compromised by “graphic” sex education. In 2000, while attempting to cool opposition to the proposed abolition of Section 28, Blunkett issued guidelines on the importance of ‘family values’ in teaching children sex education.

A paedophile ring under his nose…

Dafydd’s charidee CAIS provides Safeguarding Education for children.

Blunkett is a Vice President of the RNIB and a Vice President of the National Alzheimer’s Society and has close links with a range of other charities (local to Sheffield and nationally) including those relating to substance abuse and breast cancer and is a Patron of the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion.

I have never felt so included as when a gang of paedophiles made fallacious allegations against me in order to have me thrown out of teaching. At least the Philanderer was Included in the kicking when he was named as having let a paedophile remain on the teaching register. Then Merfyn’s wife was Included when she died at the hands of the Top Docs. Merfyn himself was Included a few years later when he was hounded out of public life by Dafydd’s gang. See post ‘The Point Is To Change It’. My PhD supervisor and his wife were Included as well, they got it in the neck for supporting me and ended up taking early retirement to get away from the unpleasantness.

Here’s a few things for Lord Blunkett of Inclusion to consider. The Philanderer once worked down’t pit and I’m fairly sure that his dad did as well. And they lived in a council house. Merfyn’s two grandfathers were quarrymen in Gwynedd. I think that Merfyn’s parents moved into a council house after they gave up running the pub that was owned by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis of the Welsh Bloomsbury Set who so enjoyed the services of Gwynne the lobotomist and Dafydd. See previous posts eg. ‘The Village’, ‘The Vermin Club’ and ‘Captain Swing And His Crew’. As for me Blunkett, well I lost my house during the extended period of time between the gang of paedophiles making fallacious allegations against me and the Philanderer clearing my name. An old lady invited me to lodge with her, but the gang of paedophiles rang her relatives up and told them that a dangerous nutter had moved in with her. The old lady and her daughter told their relatives that they liked me and didn’t want me to move out because they were frightened of two neighbours who had stolen from them and offered to give the old lady’s daughter – who had mental health problems and learning disabilities – ‘sex education’. The gang of paedophiles told the elderly lady that if I continued living in the house, the old lady and her daughter would be refused Services. So two farmers offered to let me live in a caravan on their farm. I loved it there, they were great and I lived there for quite a while. Gwynedd Social Services subsequently put every one of their great-grandchildren on the At Risk register. Their adult grandson was beaten up so badly in Caernarfon that he nearly died from his injuries. His wife’s baby died in the ‘care’ of Ysbyty Gwynedd – well at least that wasn’t one child who was on the At Risk register. I moved into a rented house only to find that it had previously been deemed as unfit for human habitation; the person who rented it to me later revealed that they were friends with a Hergest Unit Angel and asked me to stop telling people what had happened to me at the Hergest Unit. Then I got dog crap thrown at my door. The Top Doctor who lived next door to me admitted that he knew who had done it but he refused to tell me who. He used to work at the Hergest Unit. His wife is training to be a Lady Vicar. They joined the Anglican Church because they were kicked out of the Chapel. I moved out of the house that was unfit for human habitation when the back door fell out of its frame because of the amount of rotten wood and the landlord came over and nailed it shut. I moved into another house in another village and was threatened by yobs. The man living opposite said that they were causing havoc but the local policeman was corrupt and wouldn’t challenge them. That policeman then told me that if I said anything to the yobs, he’d arrest me. A friend told me to get the hell out of there, because not so long ago a girl had been violently raped and nearly died but that policeman refused to investigate and although he was then investigated himself, no action was taken against him. I moved elsewhere only to be threatened with a gun. A policeman was holding it at the time.

Thanks for the Inclusion Blunkett, it’s certainly been an experience.

Blunkett is also a long-standing Patron of The Micro & Anophthalmic Children’s Society, the UK’s only charity supporting families of children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes. Blunkett is also a former Honorary Chair of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA-UK) Advisory Board and was until March 2015, Chairman of the not-for-profit International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA).

In October 2010, Blunkett proposed the creation of a ‘Yorkshire Parliament’ giving autonomy to the historic county with a similar funding formula to the Welsh Assembly’s devolved budget, which would entitle Yorkshire to annual budget of around £24 billion. The Yorkshire Parliament could give it all to Jane Hutt’s baby Chwarae Teg and of course MIND, like the Welsh Gov’t does.

One of Blunkett’s main interests is volunteering and community service. In 2011 he published a pamphlet calling for a National Volunteer Programme, which received a wide range of support, particularly among Third sector organisations. CAIS will be on board I’m sure. Since then, Blunkett has commenced putting together and becoming a founder of the Future For Youth Foundation, which sought to tackle high levels of unemployment in young people and which concluded its work in the summer of 2015.

In September 2012 Blunkett published In Defence of Politics Revisited, where he set out a range of proposals to increase faith in, and improve the working of, democratic politics. I’ve got a very obvious suggestion as to how to begin the long hard journey back to democratic politics Blunkett…

Blunkett sits on the Board of the National Citizen Service Trust, a voluntary community service programme for 16 and 17-year-olds. From 2013 to 2014 Blunkett Chaired a Parliamentary Inquiry with the Charities Aid Foundation into how giving to charidees could be boosted. This reported in June 2014, making recommendations ranging from the inclusion of a ‘social action’ section on UCAS forms to the creation of a post-careers advice service, for those who are retiring but wish to continue giving in their community. This led to the National Citizens Service Act coming into law in 2017.

Oh God, Blunkett’s been responsible for yet more legislation.

Between June 2013 and May 2014, Blunkett led a review into local oversight of schools and the raising of standards for the Labour leader Ed Miliband and the Shadow Education Secretary. Ed will have been keen to ensure that all children achieve above the average standard in maths as well. It’s what Uncle Harry would have wanted. The ‘Blunkett Report’ was published in May 2014 and called for the creation of new independent Directors of School Standards to operate between local authorities. These Directors would focus on bringing greater coherence to the process of school creation, raising standards and improving local accountability.

Accountability? I’d like to see some, particularly with regard to those Cabinet Ministers who were part of Miranda’s Gov’t.

In June 2014, Blunkett announced he would not be contesting the election in the following year, stating that he had realised he would not be returning to the frontbenches. In his letter he wrote: “it is clear that the leadership of the Party wish to see new faces in Ministerial office and a clear break with the past”. Well that was one very welcome spin-off from Jezza and John McDonnell’s takeover.

In 2013, Blunkett joined the Advisory Board of global wealth consultancy Oracle Capital Group, continuing in that role to 2017. Blunkett had found his true home.

In 2017, Blunkett resigned from his role as Chair of the David Ross Education Trust, one of Britain’s largest Multi-Academy Trusts, sponsored by Carphone Warehouse founder David Ross. Blunkett resigned along with several others at the Trust before the publication of a critical Ofsted report reporting unclear governance at the Trust where “trustees did not hold directors and leaders to account with sufficient rigour” and below-average pupil attendance. Not that Blunkett would understand what ‘below average’ meant…

Blunkett was appointed Co-chairman of The Parliamentary Review in 2018 alongside former MP Eric Pickles, after not having held the man from Carphone Warehouse to account with sufficient rigour. Blunkett didn’t hold Jimmy Savile to account let alone the man from Carphone Warehouse.


In January 2009, Blunkett married Margaret Williams, a Top Doctor in Sheffield.

Blunkett has also co-authored a number of publications including Building from the Bottom (1982), published by the Fabian Society and Democracy in Crisis (1987), published by Hogarth, which described the battle between local and central Gov’t in the Thatcher years. He has also contributed chapters to many books relating to politics and social policy and has also produced research papers with the University of Sheffield. Other publications include “Ladders Out of Poverty” in 2006 and “Mutual Action, Common Purpose” in 2009 (relating to the voluntary sector).

Outside politics David Blunkett enjoys a career as a popular conference and after dinner speaker. His booking agency JLA state that his speech topics include “The Political Landscape, Overcoming Adversity, Social Responsibility and Diversity.”  David Blunkett has also given lectures and contributed to debates at the Institute of Art and Ideas. 

Blunkett was featured on the Channel Five documentary series ‘Banged Up’ in 2008. I very nearly was, for a very long time because of the gang of paedophiles whom Blunkett has spent his life ignoring. One victim of Dafydd’s gang who is now banged up for ever such a long time because Blunkett increased his prison sentence to a whole life tariff when Blunkett was Home Secretary is Howard Hughes, who, back at the time of the angry protests that there was a VIP paedophile ring at work in north Wales which had been concealed at the highest levels of Gov’t, was convicted of the murder of Sophie Hook, a little girl in Llandudno. There was no forensic evidence against Howard Hughes, none. He was convicted because the police knew that he was a wrong’ un and a convicted child sex offender made a statement claiming that Hughes had given him details of how he had raped and killed Sophie. Hughes did make a statement to the police himself but because Hughes has learning difficulties and can’t read and write, he has no idea what he said in that statement. A great many people now believe that Howard is the victim of a serious miscarriage of justice. Everyone involved in Howard’s care as a child, in his education and in his care as an adult as well as the investigation into Sophie’s murder was a member of Dafydd’s gang. Howard was in Bryn Estyn when he was a boy and put in a compensation claim for the abuse that he says that he experienced there. It was rejected because he had been convicted of murdering Sophie. See previous posts…


The Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council when Blunkett was Leader was Alan Billings. When in 1993 the Gwynedd social worker Jackie Brant famously perjured herself – for the third time – in relation to yet another complaint that she’d made against me (see previous posts), before she began crying in the witness box and admitted that she’d lied to the police, when the Chairman of the magistrates asked Brandt to give her name, she said ‘Jackie Muriel Billings’. I started laughing and Patient F said ‘Brandt’s regressed to childhood, she thinks that she’s in front of the Headmaster’. I wonder if Jackie Muriel Billings is any relation of Blunkett’s mate?

Alan Roy Billings (born 7 October 1942) is an Anglican priest who is currently the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner. Billings was born in Leicester in 1942. The Leicester which had a long-standing organised abuse problem and which had become part of the Westminster Paedophile Ring by the 1970s with which Greville Janner was involved. By 1987, Top Docs in Leicester were linked with Dafydd’s gang and were concealing their criminality (see post ‘An Expert From England’). In the 1990s, the Kirkwood Inquiry into the Leicester ring admitted that the police, Leicester City Council, Social Services, the education system and the NHS had all colluded with the abuse of kids in care. It was later revealed that Kirkwood had made an agreement with Greville Janner not to name him in the Report.

Billings’s father worked at Imperial Typewriters and his mother at Byfords Hosiery. He was educated at Wyygeston Grammar Schools for Boys, Leicester. Billings studied at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1962-65. He also holds a Certificate in Education from Bristol University and degrees from Leicester University and the New York Theological Seminary. 

Cambridge was of course the centre of an elite ring which became famous as a result of the activities of the Cambridge spies, but the shenanigans in Cambridge continued long after the spies had gone elsewhere. Dr D.G.E. Wood trained at Bristol University and had many corrupt contacts there. Dafydd’s gang’s umbrella Lord David Hunt read law at Bristol at about the same time as Wood was a medical student there and remained in Bristol after graduation ‘helping’ the Tory Party in the south west.

By the time that Billings was Blunkett’s side kick, the gangs across the UK had linked up to form a big pan-European trafficking ring. Billings’s biography would have provided him with ample opportunity to have had contacts with numerous people involved. Rob Evans, Assistant Director of Gwynedd Social Services who oversaw the abuse and neglect of kids in care and psych patients, trained at Leicester. See post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’

Billings trained as a priest at Lincoln Theological College. He was ordained deacon and priest in Leicester Cathedral and was curate at St Mary, Knighton, Leicester. Previous posts have named clergy in Leicestershire who colluded…. Billings was an elected member of Leicester City Council for three years.

Billings served as a parish priest in Sheffield at St Silas, Broomhall and St Mary, Beighton. He then became Head of Religious and Social Studies at Broadway School, Barnsley, before returning to parish ministry as Vicar of St Mary, Walkley. Billings was a member of Sheffield City Council while he served as a parish priest. Billings was Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council, 1975–86 and was a member of the governing body of Sheffield City Polytechnic.

Bear in mind the recent acknowledgement of just how much organised abuse was concealed by the Anglican Church.

Billings was a member of the Archbishops’ Commission on Urban Priority Areas which produced the report ‘Faith in the City’ in 1985. Thatch’s Gov’t had became very hostile to the Anglican Church by then and that report caused further aggro. The Church had once been seen as the Tory Party at prayer but during the 1980s, the Gov’t was denouncing the Church as a load of Commies, Tebbit used to be rude to Bishops on ‘Question Time’ and Thatch famously described Bishops as ‘cuckoos in the nest’. There was no shortage of clergy who were frank that they were deeply concerned at what the Tories were doing, at their crass greed and materialism and their willingness to see swathes of Britain in hardship, but like Footie, the Windbag etc, the C of E couldn’t inflict the crippling blow to Thatch by going public on Thatch’s friends Peter Morrison, Jimmy Savile, or Norman St John Stevas etc, because the Church was colluding with the very same criminal activity. Successive Bishops of Bangor as well as many other clergy in Wales were mates with Dafydd and the gang, including Gwilym Williams, who became Archbishop of Wales. See previous posts. Even Rowan Williams of Sensitive Intelligent Thoughtfulness knew what was going on in north Wales…

I continue to be astounded at how very silly all these people were. An international crime syndicate who murdered witnesses was at work and these stupid buggers constantly made excuses as to why the most serious of complaints needed not to be properly investigated or acted upon. As for ‘we didn’t realise how serious this problem was until recently’, well you definitely did realise in places like north Wales, Leicester and Yorkshire, one really couldn’t miss people like Dafydd and Jimmy Savile, claiming to not notice them is the equivalent of not noticing a nuclear missile in one’s back garden.

Billings was Vice Principal of Ripon College, Cuddesdon, Oxford, an Anglican theological college, and Director of the Oxford Institute for Church and Society (1986–92). Billings became Principal of the West Midlands Ministerial Training Course and Acting Principal of Queens College, Birmingham, an ecumenical theological college, 1991-4. He then returned to parish ministry as Vicar of St George’s, Kendal, Cumbria.

Billings was an honorary Senior Research Fellow of Lancaster University and Director of the Centre for Ethics and Religion, 1994-2007, researching ‘the contribution of inter-faith activities towards community cohesion and the attitude of 15 year olds to people of another faith in North West mill towns’.

Billings has held a number of positions in the public sector. He was a Board member of the Funding Agency for Schools (1997-9); a Schools Adjudicator (1999-2006); a member of the Home Office Community Cohesion Panel (2002-4). Billings was a Board member of the Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (2004–11), Chair of the Cumbria Courts Board and a member of the England Committee of the Big Lottery Fund (2007–13).

Billings has been a contributor to BBC Radio 4’s ‘Thought for the Day’. The BBC certainly know how to select the folk to do that, Laura Janner-Klausner has had a go and Anne Atkins is a regular. Laura and Ann both know a great deal about concealing abuse, Laura in Leicester and Anne in north Wales (see post ‘Thought For The Day’).

Billings is a Fellow of the RSA and an Emeritus Canon of Carlisle Cathedral.

In 2014 Billings was selected as the Labour Party candidate for the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner by-election, to replace the former PCC and Rotherham Borough Councillor, Shaun Wright, who was forced out after it became clear that he had been complicit with the trafficking gang in Rotherham. Billings received just over 50% of first preference votes on the first ballot and was elected, although the turnout was 14.8%. Which suggests that in the wake of the revelations that a vicious criminal gang had worked Rotherham for years targeting kids in care and that the police and the Councillors had known all about them, the public were a little disillusioned with elected representatives.

General public: You are quite right to be disillusioned. Can I just point out that the biggest problem is with the Top Doctors and they have STILL not been named as culpable? Who did you think gave the girls abused by the gang in Rotherham contraceptives and abortions? Who saw the injuries on those girls which were so severe that they needed medical treatment? Who was ‘counselling’ those ‘disturbed’ girls ? Some of the girls were seeing child psychiatrists. The girls were being gang raped, left naked on moorland in the middle of the night and one of them was told by the gang that they would set her alight. The girls were terrified, as were their parents; they didn’t just tell the police about this, they told Top Doctors. Top Docs hear much, much more than the police do, because people tell Top Docs things that they do not tell the police. It is the biggest mistake that people are making; the Top Docs cannot be trusted, they are as endemically corrupt as the police and Councillors and furthermore they are refusing healthcare to people who refuse to shut up about this sort of thing… Yet all we ever hear is that a gang of Asian taxi drivers and curry house owners have Done It Again. So have the Top Docs but no-one’s mentioned that…

Now for the entertainment. Alan Billings had the task of holding the South Yorkshire Police force to account during the searching of the home of Sir Cliff Richard and the aftermath of the Professor Alexis Jay and Louise Casey Reports into Child Exploitation in Rotherham and the conclusion of the Hillsborough inquests into the death of 96 men, women and children at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club in 1989. The police were probably astounded that their old pal Alan Billings was asking them questions about matters which he had agreed with them to ignore for years.

Prof Alexis Jay ignored organised abuse herself while she was on her way to being Scotland’s most senior social worker and was also responsible for accusing innocent people of ludicrous crimes which resulted in the Orkney Satanic Abuse Scandal. Alexis was appointed to the Top Job in Scottish social work by FM Jack McConnell, who er concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring and shafted two of my friends in the process, who had been at Stirling University with him. See previous posts.

Whether Alan Billings has yet been tasked with holding South Yorkshire Police to account for colluding with Jimmy Savile for decades – some officers were personal friends of Savile’s and Savile’s flat was the meeting place for one of the police Community Crime Prevention initiatives – I do not know. Alan Billings may not have ever met Jimmy in person, what with Jimmy’s hectic schedule of visiting Carlo and other Royals, spending Christmas at Chequers with Thatch, appearing on TV constantly, raising money for charidee, running Broadmoor and sexually assaulting children and psych patients, Savile might not have been able to fit Alan in.

Alan Billings also helped secure Home Office funding for South Yorkshire Police to continue their investigation into the disappearance of Ben Needham as a toddler on the Greek Island of Kos. How did Alan Billings manage to loosen the purse strings of the Home Office to resurrect that case, which is very old and has no leads, absolutely none…

Billings is seeking to build bridges between the South Yorkshire Police force and the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, agreeing in 2016 that an archivist should be appointed to put the archives in order, employed by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Police! If you remember, Orgreave was that occasion on 18 June 1984 on which you battered the living daylights out of striking miners and then falsified evidence, maintaining that it was you who had been assaulted by them. I remember it well, because one person who told me that ‘those bloody miners should be shot’ was Liz Stables, the Angel who worked in the Student Health Centre. Liz was facilitating the trafficking ring run by Dafydd et al with which you colluded! Shortly after telling me that the miners whom you battered to bits should be shot, Liz had row with me when I once more tried to raise the matter of Gwynne the lobotomist and she told me that she wanted no more to do with me and would never speak to me again. Liz was mates with Dafydd. Liz’s son Gareth, who was at primary school when Liz assisted a gang of traffickers, became a Top Doc and in 2006 was working as a Top Doctor in Leicester.

In preparation for the confrontation with the NUM which Thatch knew was inevitable, Thatch effectively created a national police force; older readers will remember that police from across the UK were mobilised and shunted around the country to police the pickets. Thatch also had special facilities built in the Cabinet Office, which allowed microphones to descend from the ceiling, enabling Thatch and the Cabinet to speak directly with Chief Constables across the UK.

Paedophiles In Distress, Paedophiles In Distress, Brown and Baker are complaining about a gang of sex offenders again…

Call a meeting of COBRA!! Let the microphones descend, Thatch and Leon Brittan want to speak to Sir Philip Myers, HM Inspector of Constabulary NOW. The Sir Philip who, when Chief Constable of North Wales until 1982, was 100% complicit with Dafydd’s gang; some of Myers’s officers were abusing the kids as well as people in custody, including psych and learning disabled patients. When they weren’t fitting up people who had complained about Dafydd and the gang that was. Sir Philip’s successor presided over a force just as bent and he too refused to co-operate  with investigations into the crimes of Dafydd’s gang. See post ‘Top Of the Cops’. Sir Philip would have had a lovely conversation with Leon Brittan when the microphones descended, he could have asked him if the allegations about Brittan abusing kids in care were true and he could also have advised Leon Brittan on the destruction of all those Home Office files concerned with the Westminster Paedophile Ring and organised abuse…

Small black pigs eat from a wooden trough Stock Photo
Sir Philip Myers, the first Chief Constable of North Wales, a force created from the merger of a number of pre-existing corrupt forces.
‘A Copper’s Copper.’
Sir Philip Myers


When the old bastard died, the bent officers of north Wales turned out in force to give him a good send off and carried his coffin on their shoulders:

  • Hundreds turn out for funeral of former chief constable ...
  • Hundreds turn out for funeral of former chief constable ...


I’m sure that Alan Billings will find great success with his building bridges initiative, he spent years building bridges with numerous people involved in a crime syndicate and Yorkshire suffered badly.

In April 2016 the Hillsborough inquests returned verdicts of unlawful killing. South Yorkshire Police and its Chief Constable received immediate criticism as a result of which Billings suspended him, citing an erosion of trust and confidence. This was challenged in the High Court by way of judicial review when the suspension and later dismissal were both found to be unlawful. Billings appointed the Deputy Chief Constable of Durham as the new Chief Constable from November 2016. The Durham which hosted the gang linked to Yorkshire and north Wales, with which the police had colluded…

Billings married Veronica Hardstaff in 2007, a former Labour Councillor on Sheffield City Council and MEP for Lincolnshire and Humberside South, 1994–99. He was previously married to Daphne Thomas, 1966–93 and Linda Woodhead, 1994-2002.

I used to hear a great deal about Professor Linda Woodhead, although I’ve never met her. I was very friendly with a theologian when I worked at Bangor and as any fule kno, a lot of theologians are mad and theologians also treat each other very badly; they are almost the equals of social workers in that respect. So if one knows a theologian who is not mad – the ones who are not mad are usually very nice, they have to be to tolerate their colleagues – one hears some extraordinary things. I used to hear extraordinary things about Linda Woodhead, who since 2006 has been Professor of Sociology of Religion at Lancaster University. I was involved in sociology of religion and I noticed that Linda Woodhead’s work was not that good, yet she had a towering reputation. My theologian friend enlightened me and explained that Linda was pretty hopeless but Linda was a lady with very sharp elbows who knew Very Influential People, but I wasn’t told who. Linda Woodhead published a book on alternative spiritualities some years ago which was held in great contempt by other academics, because the arguments were just so weak and the methodology so flawed. Linda’s whole argument had been based on a limited sample of older affluent people in Cumbria, who were doing things like yoga and Tai Chi, but who were certainly not representative of the general population. When I asked my theologian friend why on earth Linda Woodhead chose that rather rarified ‘community’ in Cumbria for her sample, he explained ‘because she has a second home there and those posh women are her friends’.

Despite this book going down in history as a laughing stock, Linda’s career carried on most impressively. In 2007, the AHRC/ESRC were given a big stream of funding for a Religion and Society Programme. There were a small number of theologians who applied to become Director of the Religion and Society Programme ie. the person who would have a lot of power in determining which academics received funding. One of the applicants was a Professor from Bangor University, who was one of the theologians at war with other theologians. My theologian friend said to me ‘we all know who’s going to be appointed Director, it’ll be Linda Woodhead’. A few weeks later, the announcement was made; Linda of the laughable book based on her posh mates in Cumbria would be leading the decisions re the allocation of funds…

In 2012, at the end of the research programme – no-one from Bangor got a penny did they Linda, although an application from a woman called Baker and her colleagues was rated as alpha plus and worth funding – Linda appeared on BBC News after being asked to explain why she had allocated so many millions to weak projects when other more highly rated projects had been refused funding. It was one of the biggest rows that there had ever been over the mismanagement of academic funds. It didn’t stop Linda, she continued to be invited onto ‘Sunday’ on Radio 4, as one of the UK’s leading sociologists of religion.

Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: judge-led inquiry would be ...

Linda was given millions of pounds to distribute to her friends just two years after her ex-husband’s old mucker David Blunkett resigned as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, after having been Secretary of State for Education and Science and then Home Secretary. Previous posts eg. ‘Lest We Forget’ and ‘The Point Is To Change It’ explained that there was a co-ordinated effort to remove the VC of Bangor University, Merfyn Jones, from his job after he was appointed in 2004. War had been declared because Merfyn, his late wife and one of his friends, the Philanderer, who was a junior Minister in Miranda’s Gov’t, had challenged Dafydd’s gang. No 10 was involved in the Get Merfyn campaign.

Merfyn grew up in Llanfrothen, near Croesor, on the turf of Dafydd’s gang. He watched what they did to people in his community at first hand. While Linda’s ex-husband and Blunkett kept quiet about the activities of their partners-in-crime in South Yorkshire and did very nicely for themselves, as did their ex-wives.

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One of the junior academics at Bangor University came under fire in a big way from other theologians; it was the man who told me about Linda Woodhead. He was headhunted by Warwick University because he was indeed an excellent researcher. Warwick used his publications to boost their RAE results, then made him redundant. He was offered a five year contract at Glyndwr University. While at Glyndwr University, he was accused of ‘inappropriate’ relationships with students. The allegations were not upheld but he was forced out of his job anyway. I do not know where he’s now working. The Glyndwr University which is managed and governed by people who colluded with Dafydd and the gang in previous years. See post ‘A Vampire At Glyndwr University!’

The theologian who has had his career wrecked by those we know and love co-authored publications with me and witnessed what Dafydd and the gang did to me before I fled north Wales. He knew that I and another witness had been threatened at gunpoint. He was also witness to Dafydd’s crimes from three other sources as well, but just as he never broke my confidence, I’m not going to break his…

Linda: My theologian friend never actually told me that it was Blunkett who was doing you so many favours, he simply told me why you had chosen such an inappropriate sample for your silly book and that everyone knew that you were going to be allowed to give all that AHRC/ESRC money to your mates. Neither did he say ‘Linda Woodhead knew about Jimmy Savile and about Dafydd, as well as the Westminster Paedophile Ring because she was married to one of the people who allowed Savile’s empire in Yorkshire to get bigger and bigger and bigger…’

Linda Woodhead MBE
Linda Woodhead.jpg

Linda Jane Pauline Woodhead has been described by Matthew Taylor, Director of the RSA as “one of the world’s leading experts on religion”. 

Matthew was Miranda’s Head of Policy when Miranda was PM. Matthew’s dad is the sociologist Laurie Taylor, who like Linda knew a great deal about Dafydd’s gang but in an earlier era. Matthew’s mum was Anna Coote, who was Deputy Editor of the ‘New Statesman’ and held office with the NCCL when the NCCL was affiliated to PIE and campaigning for paedophiles’ rights. See previous posts for more gen on the Taylor-Coote network.

Linda Woodhead was born in Taunton and grew up in rural Somerset.

Like me, although I was born in Wellington, a smaller town a few miles away from Taunton! Linda is two years younger than me.

Linda attended Bishop Fox’s Comprehensive School in Taunton.

Hey Linda, did you know Heather Pashley? I was at junior school with her and her brother Martin. Their parents were a bit posher than everyone else’s and were part of the group of parents who refused to let their children go to school in Bridgwater, where that paedophile ring with links to Dafydd’s was at work. Heather’s mum and dad wanted her to go to Bishop Fox’s – it was a popular choice for people escaping Bridgwater schools. Heather went to King Alfred’s in Highbridge for quite a while, but I think that she might have passed through Bishop Fox’s as well. Unless they refused her a place.

Linda, Linda, did you know Auberon Waugh’s daughter Daisy? She was at Bishop Fox’s wasn’t she and she’s about our age. Auberon knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring back in the 1960s when he was a right wing journo and a wit on ‘Private Eye’. Daisy became famous soon after I graduated! I went down to London to visit my friend from school – my friend who had her media career destroyed by Michael Grade, Paul Fox and others because she supported me while I was under attack from the gang in north Wales – and she asked ‘do you know this girl from Bishop Fox’s who reckons that she’s a novelist?’ It was Daisy Waugh! There she was, the centre of a gushing feature in the Torygraph!

Here’s Bron, a high profile Tory. The dad of the genius Daisy who became famous while the gangsters who supplied children for sex to Thatcher’s Ministers and others were after my friends and I:

Auberon Waugh

Ronnie Waterhouse used to work as a libel reader for ‘Private Eye’. They were given the Jeremy Thorpe-Norman story in the 1960s but refused to print it.

Linda and Daisy: Thorpe tried to murder Norman. He tried to fucking kill him. Oh, hang on, the gang tried to kill Brown and me as well. And they did kill my friend Anne…

Never mind, Daisy wants a job as a novelist and Linda wants a job as a Professor!

Daisy and Linda:

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Norman, who recently has been named as a Gay Icon:

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  • Former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe dies - BBC News

Brown’s mum used to teach at Bishop Fox’s, but she taught there when it was still a grammar school, before Linda’s time. Brown’s mum was found suddenly and unexpectedly dead in her house in Stogursey in Somerset in 2005. Brown’s dad had been found suddenly and unexpectedly dead during the Waterhouse Inquiry. Brown’s mum and dad split up when Brown was older and Col Brown lived in Bristol with his new wife. Bristol was probably not the safest place for Col Brown to have been living. But then Mrs Brown wasn’t that safe in Stogursey was she Dr MacAdam, particularly after she found that whenever she used her emergency alarm which was connected to the NHS lest she needed to summon help, it was never answered…

Now don’t you worry my dear, we’ll look after you…

When is the British state going to publicly admit that the medical establishment has been in the grip of serious organised crime and is not safe for witnesses?

After hobnobbing with people at Bishop Fox’s who could be used when she was older, Linda went to Richard Huish Sixth Form College in Taunton. That used to be Huish’s Grammar. My friend from junior school Philip Slocombe went there! Like Heather Pashley’s mum, Philip’s mum didn’t want him going to school in Bridgwater. I haven’t been in touch with Philip for years, but I did write to him a few times when I was at UNCW. Philip was doing an accounting degree at, er Sheffield University… I took the piss out of him because he joined the Federation of Conservative Students. Philip’s brother David went back to Bridgwater after he graduated and married a girl whom he’d known at school, Melanie Davies. Melanie’s dad was Gilbert Davies, a policeman! I don’t know if Gilbert Davies was one of the corrupt officers causing havoc in Somerset at the time, but if he wasn’t he’ll have been one of those who was so frightened of what his colleagues were doing that he kept quiet. I know that, because Ann Bradnor’s dad, PC Bradnor from Nether Stowey, told a relative of mine that he’d be found dead if he told anyone what was going on it was so bad…

Class A drug dealing and organised child abuse. Top Doctors from Taunton were involved. The dad of one of the Docs involved – a retired Top Doc himself – told someone else that I know that he was terrified because ‘these people are killers’.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


The last that I heard, David Slocombe was working for Somerset County Council as their Transport Director or something. Gilbert Davies the policeman died a few years ago. He was probably gunned down while buying the groceries in Nether Stowey, because it’s a good 25 years since PC Bradnor was living in fear and those we know and love have still not been stopped.

Never mind that the older generation of professional people in Somerset were petrified as they saw the county engulfed in white collar crime during the 1980s, it was onwards and upwards for Linda! Linda studied Theology and Religious Studies at Emmanuel College, Cambridge and graduated in 1989. Linda undertook her first post as Tutor in Doctrine and Ethics at Ripon College, Cuddeston,Oxford, 1988–1992. In 1992, Linda moved to Lancaster University. She was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by Uppsala University in 2009 and also a Doctor of Letters. Linda was awarded an MBE in the 2013 for rigging the AHRC/ESRC funding stream and helping to put the boot into my theologian friend Emyr.

Linda has been married to Alexander Mercer since 2007 – God knows who he is, I’ll look him up, he’s bound to be Mr Big – and lives between Glasgow and Lancaster. Whether Linda still has her lakeland cottage in one of the most expensive and desirable areas of the UK I don’t know.

Linda Woodhead co-founded the Westminster Faith Debates with former Home Secretary Charles Clarke in 2011. Operation Pallial reopened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal in 2011. The appalling Charles was Home Secretary, 2004-06, succeeding Blunkett. That’s when things really began escalating at Bangor University….

Charles was the Windbag’s loyal minion, working as his researcher and then Chief of Staff, 1981-92, when the Windbag was serving Tony Francis and Dafydd’s gang. Clarke was the Labour MP for Norwich South, 1997-2010, so he knows more than a bit about the excesses of Dafydd’s mate Lord David Ennals and his friends in Norwich and the surrounding area as described in my post ‘The Science of Animal Behaviour’.

Which is probably why on 20 Sept 2010 it was announced that Charles Clarke had been appointed Visiting Professor to the School of Political, Social and International Studies at the University of East Anglia, for an initial period of three years. Since November 2010, Clarke has also been Visiting Professor of Politics and Faith in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University, joining Miss Moneybags of Corruption in the Ivory Towers. Clarke is a Council Member of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Clarke is a non executive Director of LJ Create a company which “sells computer and teaching equipment to schools”.

Charles Clarke introduced the idea of the “too difficult box”, an explanation of why politicians often opt out of taking action to fix many serious political issues. It is focused on UK politics but the book suggests that the principles apply to other countries. Clarke originally expounded his ideas in a series of lectures at the UEA in 2011. In 2014, he launched the book The ‘Too Difficult’ Box: The Big Issues Politicians Can’t Crack. The introduction, conclusion and a chapter on immigration is written by Clarke. The rest of the book contains individual chapters (edited by Clarke) by past or current politicians or political commentators – each chapter covering a specific political issue considered to be in the too difficult box. Some reasons Clarke gives explaining why politicians find some issues too difficult to deal with are: difficulty identifying the problem; difficulty identifying the solution; difficulty working out how to implement difficulty overcoming vested interests; existing legal constraints; the lengthy process required to bring in legislation; and a lack of political energy. Or it could just be that the Top Docs are involved in serious organised crime and Charles doesn’t want to die because he knows damn well that’s what has happened to some witnesses who’ve refused to shut up.

For one who was going to do the work of a murderous state, Charles was off to a good start. Charles was the son of Civil Service mandarin Sir Richard Clarke. Charles Clarke was born in London and attended the fee-paying Highgate School where he was Head Boy.

Highgate School

Lord Snooty/Gallery | Albion British Comics Database Wiki ...

Clarke then read Mathematics and Economics at  King’s College, Cambridge where he also served as the President of the Cambridge Union.

Kings College - Cambridge | Places I've Been-favorite ...

Being the prole that he was, Charles Clarke was a member of the Broad Left faction and served as President of the NUS, 1975-77. Clarke had joined the Labour Party. Clarke was the British representative on the Permanent Commission for the World Youth Festival (Cuba), 1977 -78. I think that Mandy went on the same trip.


My how things have changed:


Charles: the point of being a hairy leftie when you are a student is to Change It, not join the bastards when you finally get into Gov’t. DUH!!!

Che once said ‘let the world change you and you can change the world’. Er, OK Che, I’m still waiting for these big wallies who had your picture on their walls 50 yrs ago to change the world, having followed your advice and allowed the world to change them. They’ve got distracted along the way and have put everything in the ‘too difficult’ box, while they get on with more important things.

Small black pigs eat from a wooden trough Stock Photo

Here’s a clue as to how Lowe Lord Charles was prepared to stoop on his journey to change the world. Lord Charles was elected as a local Councillor in the London Borough of Hackney, being Chair of the Housing Committee and Vice Chair of Economic Development, 1980-86. Not only was Dafydd’s gang in partnership with the local Councillors and MPs in Hackney, sending kids in care into the arms of John Allen and Dafydd’s gang in north Wales and concealing their deaths from AIDS in the mid-late 1980s, after they had returned as rent boys (see eg. post ‘Apocalypse Now’) but it was in 1986 that Dafydd’s partnership gangsters went after my friends when they were living in Bethnal Green and me as well, when I stayed there with them. See previous posts eg. ‘The Turn Of the Screw’.

John Allen and his dummy Lord Charles:

Ray Allen and Lord Charles | Portraits in Celluloid ...

Lord Charles challenge Top Docs who are running a sex abuse gang when he finally becomes Home Secretary? No, he’s not going to do that. He knows that those of us who did were denied painkillers even for cluster headaches and kidney stones and somehow couldn’t access medical care for the most serious of conditions or found that there was ‘nothing they could do’, as Merfyn’s wife found when she became seriously ill and encountered Dafydd’s colleagues at the Walton Centre. She died. Dafydd’s colleagues discovered their astonishing inability to Help – only being one of Europe’s leading neurological centres – after Merfyn’s friend the Philanderer had cleared my name in the wake of the paedophile gang falsely accusing me and trying to have me struck off the teaching register. In 2003-04. When the Secretary of State for Education and Skills was er Charles Clarke. The Philanderer was a junior Minister in the DES and was subsequently named in the media as having let a paedophile remain on the teaching register. No, he had cleared my name after a gang of paedophiles had perjured themselves ALL OVER AGAIN in an attempt to wreck my life and yet another career.

You knew what they were doing Clarke you big lump and you knew when you were a Councillor in Hackney. If you were working undercover against them you were pretty bloody hopeless. My friend Anne is dead, my friend’s baby is dead, Brown’s mum and dad are dead, Merfyn’s wife is dead and as for the mortality stats in disadvantaged areas of the UK… Thousands and thousands of unnecessary deaths because the Top Docs are out of control, they have spent years fabricating research data, nothing works anymore and you just will not deal with them. Ooh you might become ill yourself and if you complain you’ll meet the same fate as Merfyn’s wife. Well you’ll die anyway you stupid sod, they’ve wrecked the NHS and the whole bloody system has collapsed. Are you going to take a leaf out of Robert Mugabe’s book, destroy the nation’s infrastructure, lie about it constantly and then go abroad when you need medical care?

Who was the Chairman of the Labour Party when I was initially wrongly accused, before the Philanderer later cleared my name? Charles Clarke. Who was Home Secretary when eight people, including NHS Angels, a police officer and Top Doctors, perjured themselves in an attempt to have me imprisoned? After four Angels had assaulted and injured me? David Blunkett. Who was Home Secretary when there was no investigation into any of it, even the misconduct of the presiding judge, the corrupt Huw Daniel – who’s dad was friends with Dafydd – and the false allegations that he supplied to journalists with regard to me that later appeared in the media? Blunkett.

Blunkett. Who gave a Good Citizen’s Award to a woman in Gwynedd who intimidated mental health patients and who’s friends threatened people into silence when a member of her family raped a girl of six yrs old. Blunkett.


Blunkett’s associate Linda Woodhead has ‘studied neo-Hinduism, Christianity, spirituality and Islam in Europe. Her work examines the relationship between religions and social change, especially in modern times.’

Some of Linda’s contributions to academia include:

An Introduction to Christianity (2004), Christianity: a very short introduction, (2005) and Religions in the Modern World (2nd ed. 2009) consider the development of religions over time by examining how they confirm or challenge power relations in wider society. Using this approach Woodhead explains why churches have declined in modern Europe but not elsewhere.

The Spiritual Revolution (co-written with Paul Heelas, 2005) is based on the ‘Kendal Project’ – this is the book that Linda wrote after she interviewed the neighbours at her second home – and ‘documented the growth of alternative spirituality and the relative decline of churches and chapels’. Yoga in Kendal. As practised by Linda’s mates. What’s the follow up study going to be then Linda, house prices in Windermere? Organic cafes in Ambleside?

In Religion and Change in Modern Britain (co-edited with Rebecca Catto, 2012) and Everyday Lived Islam in Europe (co-edited with Nadia Jeldtoft et al., 2013) Woodhead showed ‘how new ‘post-confessional’ ways of being religious have eclipsed a traditional ‘Reformation style’ of religion in Britain and more widely since the late 1980s’.

If anyone needs to do a bit of confessing it’s Linda and her ex-husband.

‘Woodhead’s work on religion, identity, and power is developed in articles on religion and gender, Muslim veiling controversies, governance of religious diversity, religion and politics, religion and law. Her conceptual approach to religion is systematised in ‘A Sociology of Religious Emotion’ (co-authored with Ole Riis, 2011) in a schema which integrates religion’s bodily, ritual, emotional and cognitive dimensions.’

Woodhead is a regular feature and comment writer on religion for ‘The Tablet’, ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Observer’. She has appeared on BBC One’s ‘The Big Questions’ and Radio 4 programmes, including PM, ‘Thought for the Day’and ‘Thinking Allowed’. Matthew Taylor’s dad Laurie the paedophiles’ friend does ‘Thinking Allowed’ so Linda will be well-in there. See previous posts for other mates of Dafydd’s gang who have starred on ‘Thinking Allowed’.

Linda has has written a major report for the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Dr Rachel Perkins who was the Clinical Director of Springfield Hospital when the staff there abused patients, facilitated the south London part of Dafydd’s gang and when patients murdered members of staff and each other, sat/sits on the EHRC. As did/does Ann Beynon, a who studied at UCNW when the institution was run by Dafydd and the gang but failed to raise concerns even when she became President of NUS Wales. Ann did however establish GaySoc during that time. GaySoc at UCNW was very strong when I was an undergrad – I am just a few years younger than Ann – and when I first heard other students saying that it was a dreadful group I thought that it was reactionary homophobia and I couldn’t understand it among people of my generation. Then I realised that GaySoc at UCNW was involved with Dafydd’s gang and was, like the Campaign for Homosexual Equality in Chester was alleged to be, a front for organised abuse… Ann Beynon has sat on the Council of Bangor University for many years and is married to Leighton Andrews, who is the former Welsh Gov’t Minister for Education. Leighton is a former UCNW student himself and he’s not as thick as some of the other idiots who have remained silent about Dafydd, so there’s no excuses for Leighton really. Ann Beynon is the Former Chief Exec of BT Wales and is now a big wig on Severn Trent Water. See previous posts for details re Leighton and Ann…

Linda Woodhead was invited to the World Economic Forum summit in Davos in 2013. She probably led them in the Mindfulness sessions that they will have needed to relieve the stress between the drinks and the dinners.


Charles Clarke’s father was the Civil Service mandarin Sir Richard Clarke. Clarke was educated at Christ’s Hospital, London and Clare College, Cambridge, where he was sixth wrangler in 1931. Clarke sat the examinations of the Royal Statistical Society in 1932.

Clarke worked for the British Electrical and Allied Manufacturers’ Association, 1932–33. He was then on the staff of the Financial News (later taken over by the Financial Times) until 1939 and devised the Ordinary Share Index, now the Financial Times Ordinary Share Index.

During  WW II, Clarke served in the Ministries of Information, Economic Warfare and Supply and Production, and with the  Combined Production and Resources Board in Washington, 1942–43. He joined the Treasury in 1945 and was its Second Permanent Secretary, 1962–66. Clarke was then Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Aviation in 1966, then at the Ministry of Technology until 1970, retiring from the Civil Service in 1971. From 1973, he was a Vice-President of the Royal Institution. Richard Clarke died in 1975.

In 2004, Charles Clarke became a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society ‘to acknowledge its contribution to education and in memory of his father’, who had been a statistician.

I’ll provide a few clues as to why Charles’s too difficult box is so big. Charles’s dad was one of the Cambridge spies of the 1930s, some of whom achieved fame for being gay and double agents. Charles’s dad, like Bertrand Russell, was a Cambridge mathematician and a wrangler no less and Charles’s dad knew Russell. Russell and others known to Charles’s dad were members of the Welsh Bloomsbury Group who were friends of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis and had second homes in Croesor and used to drink in Merfyn’s parents’ pub. Merfyn knew that some of them were involved in abuse and sexploitation and that they were calling on the services of Dafydd and Gwynne to get them out of trouble if need be. Merfyn doesn’t talk openly about this, but everyone who knows where Merfyn grew up and knows that his own parents weren’t wranglers on the Hearth Rug at Cambridge with Bertrand et al will know that Merfyn knows all about them. Charles Clarke’s father knew Eric Hobsbaswm, who was another second homer at Croesor, who’s daughter Julia and her friend Sarah Macaulay formed a PR company which worked for the Labour Party. Eric Hobsbawm, like Charles’s dad, was not an idiot like the Windbag, but lent his political support to the Windbag’s bandwagon. After the Windbag went nowhere, the great hope was Miranda, who was followed by Gordon. When Gordon was Chancellor of the Exchequer, he married Julia Hobsbawm’s mate Sarah, so in 2007, the Hobsbawms were friends with the PM. Who was doing his best to bring down Merfyn, along with many other paedophiles’ friends, because the whole bloody lot of them were in hock to Dafydd and the gang. See previous posts…

Furthermore, Charles’s dad was a mandarin throughout Profumo, Ted Heath etc. Whether Charles’s dad was a member of the ring and abused children himself I have no idea. But he was friends with them and he concealed their crimes, even the murders.

You really have been incredibly stupid Charles and if you couldn’t sort this out you should have left politics. You are a maths graduate and unlike Blunkett you can count. You saw the datasets relating to the NHS, the suicides and mortality rates and you knew the abyss to which they were pointing. I don’t care whether your dad was a paedophile or not; what I do care about is that a gang of murdering sex offenders now have a grip on the NHS because too many entitled idiots like you wanted to be Cabinet Ministers although you knew that you could not do it.

Just fuck off all of you. You cannot allow people to die because of what you fear will be revealed about your dad or Uncle Harry.


Blunkett was succeeded as Leader of Sheffield City Council by Clive Betts, who I think was the member of Corbyn’s team who got stuck in the mud at Glastonbury and couldn’t get back for a Shadow Cabinet meeting. The Tories and Corbyn’s opponents loved it. I’m of the opinion that Betts really should have organised his festival going to give him plenty of time to get back to work, but being in the mud at Glastonbury is nothing in comparison to colluding with a load of gangsters. Which sadly Clive Betts will have done if he ran Sheffield City Council during the Savile era. But then Jeremy was the MP for Islington while the paedophile gang caused havoc there and he ignored the warnings of whistleblowers. Jeremy had previously worked for NUPE, the union which represented many of those who were involved in the abuse. Jeremy’s former election agent was the business partner of a man who was jailed for the abuse of school boys. Read the previous posts for details…


I haven’t seen any news today, I’ve been busy with the blog since first thing this morning. I did notice yesterday that The Priory Group could be facing a fine of millions after the death of a teenager in their care. There is loud screaming about the deficiencies of private hospitals. I don’t think that The Priory is up to much either, but The Priory is staffed by former NHS Top Docs and Angels, who all trained in the NHS. They have taken their bad practice to The Priory with them. In previous posts I named some of the Top Docs at St George’s who colluded with Dafydd et al and were facilitating the pan-European trafficking ring, who then went to work at The Priory. They included Dr Robin Jacobson and Dr Adrienne Key. Adrienne Key is now the Head of Eating Disorders for The Priory Group. Adrienne Key boasts that she trained at St George’s with Professor Arthur Crisp, a global leader in anorexia. All the St George’s Top Docs claimed to be global leaders. I know why Arthur Crisp had such good recovery rates among his patients. It was because he ordered them to eat and if they were so ill that they just wouldn’t, he discharged them and refused to treat them again. Some of them will have died. The Angels knew that this was how Crisp achieved his wonderful results, it was one of them who told me what he was doing. No-one busted the myth of Crisp the Global Leader. They watched seriously ill teenagers refused treatment and sent home to die. One consequence of sexual abuse for some people are eating disorders. Crisp’s colleagues were running a paedophile ring. Now which patients do readers think were refused treatment by the Global Leader? See previous posts for further information about Jacobson, Adrienne, Crisp et al.

By the way, it was the NHS who sent that girl who died into the care of The Priory, the NHS are commissioning The Priory to provide ‘services’. In the way that they allowed Arthur Crisp to provide ‘services’ until the old git retired and his side-kick Adrienne took over… Who learnt at the knee of Arthur and along with him was facilitating a paedophile ring…

Tom Burns was another psych at St George’s who was facilitating the ring in south London and Tom admitted to me that he believed what I was saying about Dafydd et al. Tom is not working at The Priory. Tom now has a Chair at Oxford University. As does Professor Mark Williams, who was formerly a member of Dafydd’s gang in north Wales.

The result of years of consigning things to the ‘too difficult’ box…


I also noticed that Ed has written some sort of report on how to solve the housing crisis. I hate to tell you this Ed, but if you’ve decided to make housing your forte, rather than the NHS in the wake of my blog posts about your Uncle Harry and his mates, you might have to rethink, because I’ve just taken delivery of Richard Crossman’s Diaries, the famous ones that dished so much dirt on those Labour politicians of your dad’s era that there were attempts from other Labour politicians to prevent their publication…

Meanwhile I’ll wait for a few of the many people who decided that they deserved to be PM but had to keeping putting things in the ‘too difficult’ box to answer a few of The Big Questions…



Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Just heard a small part of the Today programme.

    Figures have been released which show that the NHS is allowing any man who self-identifies as a woman to be treated on a women’s ward. A lot of people are very cross about this. It is the inevitable consequence of a system full of people who bang on about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion as well as Gender and of course Ethics when they have no understanding of these concepts at all.

    I have been on a ward with men who self-identify as wimmin. I didn’t mind because everyone had their own little room for once, so privacy was not an issue and the two people concerned were really nice and one of them became quite a good friend while we were in hospital. However, at the other end of the spectrum, yes, a situation could arise in which a male sex offender who wants access to women and has no ‘issues’ re his own gender but knows that the NHS is so dim that all he has to do is maintain that he self-identifies as a woman and he’ll be through those doors…

    To be fair though, I doubt that the odd sex offender posing as a trans person will be half such a problem in a system which refuses to investigate serious complaints against Top Docs and others and in the event of scandals involving the deaths of hundreds of patients eg. Mid Staffs, promotes the Top Docs and senior managers responsible…

    When I heard the Today item, I thought of the conversations that I used to have with Patient F re the excesses of Dafydd and how F would have said ‘oh Dafydd will self-identify as a woman now and admit himself to Ysbyty Gwynedd’. But Dafydd wouldn’t need to even do that. Dafydd was conducting ward rounds in the women’s dorms at 3 am and no-one questioned it. As we used to sing a la Andy Stewart, ‘Dafydd, where’s your troosers..’

    ‘We didn’t know.’

    By the way world, when I was in Springfield Hospital in 1991, I found out that one patient on our ward was a rapist and another one had murdered a woman. No-one was warned and every night the staff would lock us in and go and have tea with their mates on another ward. We would be locked in with the murderer and rapist from between midnight and 3 am. No staff present at all. Some years later Springfield was the centre of a scandal when it was revealed that patients had been raped. The scandal only emerged after a member of staff was murdered.

    Springfield’s Clinical Director at the time was Rachel Perkins who was subsequently given a seat on the Equality and Human Rights Commission. She was also the Service User Rep on the St George’s Hospital Board.

    Trans-patients are the least of the NHS’s problems. It is a system that just does not know what it is doing.

    There’s a row going on at I think Oxford as well. A bigoted old lecturer who has published work maintaining that homosexuality and pre-marital sex are not acceptable lifestyles has found himself faced with protesting students, accusing him of hate crime. A student was interviewed who put the students’ case very well, then the old bigot was interviewed who stated that he wasn’t inciting violence. They both made salient points. No-one mentioned the Big Issue here. Whilst the lecturer has every right to articulate his opinion, students are now paying thousands and thousands for their degrees. They are not students, they are customers and if they don’t like what’s on offer, they will tell the old boy to go, because they do not wish to buy his product. They also all want to purchase a First…

    Would Lord Adonis and Miranda like to comment, because this is a result of their idea of Education, Education, Education…

    1. It’s all about the Student Satisfaction Survey!

      How do you ensure a good result in the Student Satisfaction Survey? You invite the students to a nosh at which they are given pizza and chocolate brownies and while they’re at the party you hand out the Student Satisfaction Surveys. Your course will come out at the top of the League Table!

      Another Top Tip is to run a very small course eg. with five students. The course can be utterly crap which is why only five students have enrolled, but if the one lecturer running the course toadies to the students sufficiently, they’ll rate the course highly and it will appear at the top of the Sunday Times University Guide! The Digger will not mention that the rating was based on the only five students who enrolled.

      Isn’t that true Catherine Robinson/Gwenda Rhian?

      1. When I worked at Bangor, a Polish girl joined our team and I soon became good friends with her. She was very very sharp and never missed anything, but when I first got to know her I would relate Stories of the Everyday Life of North Wales Folk and I’d notice that her expression was quizzical, but she wouldn’t actually say anything. Months later she said to someone ‘Sally used to tell me things and I would think ‘surely this cannot be. Then I found out that it is’.

        Indeed. And Polish people just come over here to use our NHS, take our jobs and steal the goldfish out of people’s ponds to eat. As Marta knows, she was told these things!

        Surely it cannot be. It is. Believe me, it is.

        1. Here’s one for Miranda.

          Towards the end of my PhD, I attended a conference with my PhD supervisor and Brown on HE policy. We’d already got a few papers out by then on the failures of Miranda’s ‘reforms’ and we’d bagged a contract for a book. At the conference, there were two speakers from Newport University’s careers dept who obviously knew that they had to promote Miranda’s nonsense or it would be curtains for them. The first thing that had Brown and me rolling around was that one of them described himself as an ’employability champion’. His role was to travel around universities, particularly the ex-polys who’s graduates were finding that they could not get the highly paid jobs promised by Miranda and do what job centres do when there are no jobs: blame the person who cannot get the job. They need to be taught how to write a CV, how to Sell Themselves, even advice on clothes and hair is dispensed before anyone will admit that the jobs are not there…

          Anyway the Employability Champion banged on for a while and eventually he explained how he became an Employability Champion. It was because he was made redundant, couldn’t get a job, so went to Newport University offering his services as an Employability Champion. It was very very difficult not to just scream with laughter, but my PhD supervisor kept an eye on Brown and me. I accept the point that the Employability Champion was a good advert for himself, but there are only so many unemployed people who can transform themselves into Employability Champions, soon the market will reach saturation point.

          After the Employability Champion had entertained us, his colleague from Newport did her bit. She told the audience that they now had to remember that their students were customers. She would not have it any other way, as desperate academics tried to question this logic. She insisted Your Students Are Your Customers. In the end my PhD supervisor could bear it no more. As well as his job at Bangor, he ran a smallholding and he said to the Employability Champion’s sidekick ‘the people to whom I sell my sheep are my customers, my students are rather more than that’.

          When we got back to Bangor I told a number of people that I had met an Employability Champion and of course I was saying to them ‘guess how he became an Employability Champion?’ One member of staff guessed correctly – ‘because he didn’t have a job?’ Who was the man who guessed? It was the brother-in-law of John McTernan, Miranda’s policy adviser (the man who later stole my computer).

          The last that I heard, John McTernan’s brother-in-law was working as a senior manager at Glyndwr University, the institution governed by those who concealed the paedophile ring in north Wales. How he got that job I do not know because he left Bangor under a huge cloud and didn’t work for several years afterwards…

          Miranda knew what was happening in HE just as he knew what was happening in the NHS. He just kept lying…

          Merfyn the VC caused great offence on one occasion when he addressed the masses. He uttered the world ’employability’ and started laughing and commented that when he was a student the concept wasn’t discussed and perhaps his own career had been stymied by that. No, Merfyn’s career was stymied because he challenged a gang of paedophiles. Once one does that, no Employability Champion on earth can get one a job…

  2. I have only had time to briefly flick through Vol III of Richard Crossman’s Diaries which arrived yesterday. I have spotted many gems already; I’ll never have time to follow up everything that I want to, but gosh one thing leapt out at me: Brian Abel-Smith was one of the Governors of the Maudsley when Dafydd was ‘training’ there. While Dafydd’s boss Bob Hobson ran a trafficking ring from the Maudsley…

    There is also info about Angels – real ones for once – protesting in front of Crossman while he was Secretary of State at the DHSS, in the wake of the Ely Hospital Scandal, demanding an investigation into ‘all mental homes’. Those Angels knew what was happening to patients in mental homes and they knew why some of them had been put in there. The Angels held that protest in 1969.

    1969. In 1987, Dafydd had the victims of the Westminster Paedophile Ring locked in a dungeon at Denbigh.

    ‘We didn’t know…’

    Brian Abel-Smith flogged his mohair jumpers to Mick Jagger. Dafydd knew Kenneth Robinson the Health Minister and I bet that he knew Abel-Smith as well. I am beginning to realise why two Nutters wandering around Bethesda used to maintain that Mick Jagger had sex with both boys and girls who were ‘groupies’ and was a very unpleasant man. One of those Nutters had passed through Denbigh and claimed that she had been one of the groupies who had indeed had sex with Mick…

    1. Some four weeks ago someone contacted me who had attended a Betsi Board meeting and told me that the Board had admitted that there were staff shortages in the mental health services in the Ysbyty Glan Clwyd area. I told them that the staff shortages will definitely be worse at the Hergest Unit. I was told no, the Board said that the only problem was in the Rhyl/Colwyn Bay area.

      So can anyone explain why I have found out today for certain that there are no doctors at the Hergest Unit and haven’t been for a very, very long time? The entire unit is staffed by locums on two week placements and the bill for this is huge.

      The Welsh Gov’t knew about this. Why hasn’t Mark Drakeford issued a public warning about the danger to patients at the Hergest? No doctors. Not one. Because no-one will go near the place, such is its very very bad reputation.

      ‘Lack of resources’??? Then why is Drakeford spending so much money sustaining the Hergest Unit with a dreadful safety record, no continuity of care and that hasn’t been able to provide any sort of ‘service’ for many years now?

      No doctor will take a job there. The inevitable consequence of a Unit who’s ‘leaders’ facilitated a paedophile ring and refused to treat patients, knowing that they would not survive the night if they were not given a bed…

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