The Bloody State We’re In

I continue to research the backgrounds of those colleagues of Rhodri Morgan’s whom he named approvingly in his biography.

Rhodri Morgan was of course unsuccessful in his first attempt at getting himself elected as the leader of the Welsh Labour Party in 1999 and thus as Wales’s first FM. Rhodri writes about this campaign in which he stood – unsuccessfully – against Alun Michael.

Rhodri’s campaign was given £2 k by Mike McCarthy of Rightacres Properties. Rhodri mentions that McCarthy’s solicitor was David Seligman, who was also Rhodri’s solicitor. David Seligman has been a big name in the Labour Party in south Wales for decades, he is one of the many who ‘couldn’t believe’ that George Thomas was a child molester, one of the many who couldn’t believe/didn’t know whilst being close friends with the people who bribed and threatened the victims of George Thomas into silence (see post ‘It Wasn’t On Our Radar’).

Rhodri also received, rather inexplicably, £100 for his campaign from Jilly Cooper. I wouldn’t have thought that a woman who keeps dogs with ridiculous names (satirised by ‘Private Eye’ as ‘my labrador Parker Bowles’) and who has made millions writing books about imaginary upper-class people having extra-marital sex whilst dressed in hunting gear would have much fellow feeling with Rhodri’s ambitions to be FM of Wales. Furthermore Jilly Cooper supports the Conservative Party. £100 isn’t a great deal of money for Jilly Cooper, but it’s still a bit odd that Rhodri Morgan ever even came to her attention.

I haven’t ever actually read any of Jilly Cooper’s books, not even that one that is on sale everywhere with the front cover featuring a picture of some jodhpur-clad buttocks being groped, but I’ve read about them. From what I understand, the only thing Welsh in Jilly’s writing is a character called Gareth Llewellyn, who is a ‘Welsh firebrand’. I expect that he has sex with someone posh, a la Mellors. Who could Jilly have possibly modelled that character on?

Rhodri based the north Wales branch of his leadership campaign in ‘the Labour house owned jointly by John Marek and the MEP for north Wales, Joe Wilson’. So Rhodri’s north Wales arm was situated at the heart of Paedophilia Central in Wrexham. In the midst of the Waterhouse Inquiry. Rhodri and his Mrs Julie didn’t think of popping over to Ewloe to have a word with Sir Ronnie Waterhouse then, even though Julie was a former social worker and Assistant Director of Barnardo’s and some of the Barnardo’s staff had been involved with the abuse of children in north Wales.

John Marek was the famously peculiar Labour MP, 1983-01 and AM for Wrexham, 1999-07, who ended up forming his own party consisting only of himself. Marek’s previous can be read in my post ‘My Arse – It’s Tatifliarious’. Marek was also associated with Forward Wales, a damp squib which evolved from a John Marek initiative. The other leading light in Forward Wales was Ron Davies – Ron joined up once he’d burnt his boats with the Labour Party after the business with Boogie on Clapham Common (see post ‘Cottaging At Castle Gate’).

Marek worked as hard as the rest of them not to know about the paedophile gang causing havoc in his constituency.

Joe Wilson was a Labour MEP for north Wales, 1989-99, and was Vice-Chair, Delegation for relations with Canada, 1992-1994. There is very little information available about Joe Wilson – other than that he was born in Birkenhead and is 80 years of age. So he could well be part of the Liverpool branch of Dafydd’s empire (see post ‘These Sharks Are Crap As Well’).

During his campaign, Rhodri won the votes of UNISON and MSF. Two unions who faithfully provided free legal advice and protection for the paedophiles and their friends when they had been caught abusing their positions or indeed their patients/clients (see post ‘A Very COHSE Relationship With Some Very Nasty People’). The corrupt reps of MSF used their knowledge of the criminal activity and misconduct at St George’s Hospital Medical School for their own gain, not to protect patients.

Rhodri had a cousin in Beddgelert, Nia, who was his hotline to north Wales. So Nia will know about the two Hergest patients who lived in Beddgelert, one who lived in squalor and chaos and who very obviously had been abandoned by the ‘services’. The local Church put considerable effort into trying to support him, but such were his difficulties that the havoc and disturbances to the peace of Beddgelert continued and he was eventually forced out of the village by vigilante action. Whilst Julie and Rhodri spouted crap about empowering service users.

The other patient who lived in Beddgelert killed himself by jumping in front of the train after walking out of the Hergest Unit. This man had been a professional football coach in his 20s and was friendly with a friend of mine. My friend watched the mental health services load this man up with anti-psychotics which left him incapable of doing anything other than sleeping for 18 hours a day. He kept telling my friend that the ‘medication’ had destroyed his life and that he couldn’t carry on like this. He made the mistake of expressing this view to the Angels so they gave him even more. The other thing that this man insisted on doing which really upset the Top Doctors and Angels was to tell people how when he was a teenager living in Birmingham he knew about a paedophile gang in the area who were targeting boys. Thus a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia was made.

Before he died, this man was hospitalised in the Hergest Unit at the same time as my friend. One morning my friend noticed that the man from Beddgelert was in a dreadful state, having just been forcibly dosed up to an even greater extent – he was frothing at the mouth and was in physical pain. He told my friend that he could not live like this any longer. A few hours later he was found dead on the railway track having been hit by a train. When an Angel broke the news of his death to my friend she told him that the trouble with the dead man was that ‘he just wanted to die really’. I wonder why.

There was a great deal of trouble after that young man died. He was a popular figure – the police were furious and neighbours were seething at what they maintained was the serious neglect of a very nice man. His family were distraught and gave an interview to the ‘Daily Post’. They did investigate the possibility of legal action against the North West Wales NHS Trust, but as ever they encountered problems when they tried to do this. A complaint to the GMC was made and a Hergest psychiatrist, a Dr Oberholzer, was I think reprimanded.

The deaths of Hergest patients continued and Oberholzer was also the subject of another serious complaint (see post ‘A Bit More About Those Very Muddy Waters’). He continued to practice.


Rhodri Morgan was beaten in the 1999 leadership campaign by Alun Michael. It was nearly universally agreed upon in Wales that Blair rigged the election because he was so desperate for Alun Michael to be installed as FM. I don’t know WHY Blair was desperate to see Michael as FM rather than Rhodri. Alun Michael was a paedophiles’ friend and Blair’s puppet, but Rhodri was just as much of a paedophiles’ friend. Rhodri was such a wally that he could hardly have led serious opposition to Blair’s New Labour regime in Westminster no matter how much he would have liked to.


Rhodri’s book mentions that during the first elections to the National Assembly in May 1999, Richard Edwards won for Labour in Preseli Pembrokeshire. So Edwards joined the many other paedophiles’ friends as the sun rose on a new dawn for Wales. It was Ron Davies who memorably said on TV after the ‘yes’ campaign won the devolution vote in Sept 1997, ‘Good morning – and it is a very good morning for Wales’. I quite agreed with Ron at the time because I was fed up with Wales being stuffed over by Westminster, but then I didn’t realise that the National Assembly was going to function as yet another home for the paedophiles’ friends.

So who do you want governing you Wales? A bunch of greedy spineless hypocritical paedophiles’ friends in the Senedd with their noses in the trough who have more money and goodies than the rest of you? Or a bunch of greedy spineless hypocritical paedophiles’ friends in Westminster with their noses in an even bigger trough who have even more money than the rest of you as well as even more money than the greedy spineless hypocrital paedophiles’ friends in the Senedd?


Richard Edwards was born in Llanelli. He was educated at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Carmarthen, the University of Swansea and the  University of Birmingham. Edwards is a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and a of dear old UNISON.

Richard Edwards was a Local Government Officer in Hounslow, 1979-81; Lecturer and Researcher, Institute of Local Gov’t Studies, 1981-85; a Freelance Political Researcher, 1985-87; Agent and Researcher to Alan Williams MP, 1987-95; Freelance Political Researcher and Lecturer, 1995-99. Before he was elected as an AM, Edwards was a Councillor on Carmarthen Town Council and was Mayor of Carmarthen,  1997-98. He stood down at the 2003 election.

No wonder Richard Edwards was snapped up as an AM. He grew up in west Wales whilst a paedophile gang operated there – a gang which had links to the gang in north Wales. He went to Swansea University, an institution run by Rhodri Morgan’s friends and relatives (see post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’). After finishing his PhD, Edwards worked for Hounslow – which borders on Richmond-Upon-Thames, the location of another major paedophile gang which operated through the Council’s Social Services at the time (see post ‘Another Episode Of Friends…). After returning to west Wales, Edwards worked for Alan Williams – a longstanding paedophiles’ friend and in his later years a shameless toady to Blair (see post ‘Oh, No! It’s The Pathetic Sharks’).

Edwards was a local Gov’t specialist, a Councillor and a Mayor in west Wales. He will have known about the organised abuse of children which had taken place – and continued to take place –  in every place in which Edwards had lived and worked and he probably knew that the gangs doing it were linked and involved Westminster and Whitehall figures.

Whilst in the Assembly, Edwards was Chair of the Local Government and Environment Committee, then the Environment, Planning and Transport Committee from March 2000.

So Richard, why were the teenaged twins June and Jennifer Gibbons from Pembrokeshire banged up in Broadmoor by the paedophiles’ friends after a few years during the 1970s and early 80s at the hands of the special education and child psychology services in west Wales when they did no more than commit petty crime and tell people that they were prostitutes? Can you also tell us anything about Jennifer’s death ‘from her medication’ days before she was due to be released from Broadmoor? And why did Marjorie Wallace never tell the truth about who had done what to those girls – or breathe a word about Jimmy Savile, until after he died when of course Marjorie told everyone that she knew how unsuitable he was to be running Broadmoor (see post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’). The two patients who committed suicide after Savile abused them must have clean slipped Marjorie’s mind for all those years…

I have wondered for years which high profile friend of Marjorie’s bedfellow Lord Snowdon everybody feared that the Gibbons twins might name or even write about, what with those girls sending off manuscripts to publishers…

The Gibbons twins stopped writing after they’d been imprisoned in Broadmoor because their ‘medication’ for their ‘paranoid schizophrenia’ damaged their eyesight so severely. They did tell Marjorie about this, but a Top Doctor explained to Marj that the Gibbons girls were ‘using their knowledge of medication to manipulate her’.

I was an evil cow as well, Robert Bluglass was horrified to learn, during his cover-up of the criminality of Dafydd et al (see post ‘Enter Professor Robert Bluglass CBE’), that I read psychiatry journals. I was a medical researcher with access to university libraries so it was hardly bloody surprising was it Bluglass. One thing that I did find out from my subversive academic reading was some of the influential names of those in Bluglass’s network which went back as far as his student days at St Andrews.

OOH wicked bitch – and I’d discovered that Dafydd was involved in serious crime to boot…

Richard Edwards will also have known that other longstanding paedophiles’ friend, Nia Griffith, MP for Llanelli (see post ‘The Battle Of The Cowshed’).

I don’t know why Edwards stood down in 2003, but it might have been because he had not been a good enough friend to the paedophiles – he was replaced by Tamsin Dunwoody, who excelled as a paedophiles’ friend and also had the advantage of coming from a whole dynasty of paedophiles’ friends (see post ‘These Sharks Are Crap As Well’).


Someone else mentioned in Rhodri’s book was Christine Gwyther. Gwyther was AM for Carmarthenshire West and South Pembrokeshire, 1999-07. Gwyther achieved notoriety whilst she was the Agriculture Minister under FM Alun Michael. The farmers of Wales – who are nearly all livestock farmers, it being rather difficult to do the arable bit on the slopes of mountains with high rainfall  – did not feel that Christine had their interests at heart when it was discovered that Gwyther was a vegetarian. I can imagine circumstances in which a veggie could fight for Wales’s farmers but it was noticeable that neither Christine Gwyther or Alun Michael managed to win the farmers over.

The farmers have got paedophiles’ friend Lesley Griffiths on their side now. In her role as Agriculture Minister Lesley gave them all a bollocking recently and told them that they didn’t know how to run their own businesses. As a former medical secretary in one of the most dangerous hospitals in Wales – Wrexham Maelor – who spent years in this capacity as well as in her capacity as a Wrexham Councillor ignoring the paedophile gang on her doorstep (see post ‘History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy, Second As Farce’), Lesley is obviously just the person to tell other people that they are not showing enough ‘entrepreneurship’. Unlike John Allen who in 1968 invested in an old building near Wrexham and filled it with youngsters who were in local authority care whilst charging local authorities a great deal of money. The youngsters were then battered and abused by staff and visitors and in their mid-teens were trafficked to gay brothels owned by Allen in London and Brighton. John Allen became a millionaire. If only the hill farmers would show that sort of initiative.

Christine came from west Wales and before she became an AM, she was a Pembrokeshire County Council Development Officer. So like Richard Edwards, Christine Gwyther will know about the paedophiles of west Wales and the rationale behind the destruction of the Gibbons twins. Gwyther will also be able to give us all the lowdown on the corruption in Pembrokeshire County Council, the huge quantities of money and perks enjoyed by the Chief Executive and the subsequent police investigation which did not result in any prosecutions. But then a leading light in Pembrokeshire County Council had for many years sat on the Police Authority (see post ‘ A Major Coup – Or A Complete Disaster?’).

Gwyther was one of two candidates to be nominated for the 2012 election for the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Dyfed Powys Police Region, but mercifully was unsuccessful.


Richard Edwards and Christine Gwyther might also like to tell everyone how Keith Thomson managed to get himself appointed as Chief Executive of the NHS Trust which served west Wales after he resigned as CEO of the North West Wales NHS Trust in 2005, following my lawyer summoning Keith before the High Court in Cardiff where he was told to hand over all my medical records – which he was unlawfully witholding – or face a possible prison sentence for contempt of court (see post ‘The Banality Of Evil’).

After a series of NHS disasters in west Wales, Keith resigned again. Except that he quietly stayed on as an ‘advisor’ to the Board. This was a man, who whilst he was CEO in the NW Wales NHS Trust, presided over a regime which boasted the second highest suicide rate among female patients of any region of England and Wales and who also saw a number of his own staff commit suicide. Then there was Keith’s purchase of a Trust dinner set, made of the finest china and embossed with the Trust’s logo, to be used by members of the Trust Board only – a snip at over £12k. Meanwhile a young epileptic patient ended up in a persistent vegetative state after being admitted to Ysbyty Gwynedd on a Bank Holiday when there were no senior doctors on call and no-one knew how to treat her – she was given the wrong medication. Thomson had refused to waste money employing senior doctors on call at weekends and Bank Holidays. Whilst this happened, the Trust notepaper upon which Thomson wrote insulting letters to me and other patients with serious complaints branding us ‘vexatious complainants’ and announcing that he would not reply to any more of our correspondence, carried the ‘Positive About Disabled People’ logo. Yes, Mr Thomson was so positive about disabled people that he created them. There wasn’t just the epileptic girl, there was also the Hergest patient who had a leg amputated after contracting a hospital acquired infection – no-one had warned him that the ward was infected, he was a self-harmer with open wounds and whoops, bang went that leg of his…

I am still waiting for a clue as to why this madman was ever given the job as CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust in the first place, yet alone allowed to remain there and then be smuggled off down to run the NHS in west Wales after he nearly ended up in prison. I suspect that the words ‘Dafydd and the paedophiles’ will be relevant to the explanation.

Perhaps paedophiles’ friend Jane Hutt would like to explain – Hutt was Health Minister whilst Thomson maimed and killed patients in north west Wales. Dr Brian Gibbons could follow up by telling us why Thomson was then given the opportunity to wreak further death and destruction in west Wales  – he was Health Minister when Thomson sneaked off down there. By the time that happened, I had written to Gibbons telling him that I had evidence of criminal activity in the North West Wales NHS Trust. Gibbons wrote back to tell me that this correspondence was now at an end.

You revolting stupid old git Gibbons, they were running a crime syndicate and people died because of it.


Here’s another name who was in the know – Margaret McDonagh. She was the General Secretary of the Labour Party, 1998-2001, whilst Blair, Alun Michael and Rhodri et al kept the lid on the assaults, crimes and deaths that continued throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry which was of course happening alongside the stupidities of Jane Hutt, Christine Gwythor, Richard Edwards et al.

McDonagh was part of the New Labour leadership inner-circle for the 1997 General Election campaign and was one of the inner-core deciding the official party position on specific issues, including perhaps the NHS policy of ‘frame the witnesses to the activities of Dafydd and the paedophiles and have them banged up’. Or even the killing in a hit and run of another witness whilst Blair was getting ready to be PM.

I knew that young man Maggie and the accessories to the crime as named and detailed previously…

When in 1998, McDonagh became General Secretary of the Labour Party, she had served as Deputy General Secretary for the previous year. She was not always popular with the grassroots and parts of the PLP due to her perceived ‘control-freakery’. Her ‘organisational skills’ came to the fore in the delivery of a second landslide victory at the 2001 General Election. McDonagh was criticised for accepting, without consultation, a £100,000 donation from the ‘Daily Express’ and porn publisher Richard Desmond.


I remember Blair being interviewed by Paxman about that. Paxo recited a list of Dirty Des’s titles – things like ‘Asian Babes’, ‘Big Ones’ etc – and asked Blair if he knew what was in those magazines. Blair winced and said ‘no I don’t’. Do you mean Blair that you have never even had a quick flick through the naughty books – particularly as some of those starring were coerced into it whilst they were kids in care and the people forcing them into the porn trade were protected by the colleagues and mates of your wife?

I don’t mind if folk like Ben Dover and his wife Linzi want to star in such material, they were consenting adults and made a good living at it. The victims of Dafydd and John Allen weren’t and didn’t. Lady Patricia Scotland was never paid a fortune to aggressively cross-examine Ben Dover and Linzi and call them lying criminals – but she did do that to those who had been brutalised and forced into crime by Dafydd and the paedophiles. And you Blair gave her a peerage and put her in the Lord Chancellor’s Dept as a reward and then Gordon appointed her Attorney General.

Dirty Des also has his Television X channel – one of the offerings on Television X is entitled ‘Fill That Crack’.


Another porn baron who goes under the umbrella of being a ‘businessman’ is David Sullivan. Sullivan spent the first ten years of his life in Cardiff – his dad was in the RAF. Sullivan hit the big time as a pornographer in the 1970s, making a great deal of money from porn mags and movies. I have always wondered whether there was a dreadful side to Sullivan’s empire that has been as well-concealed as what was happening in north Wales at that time. Sullivan’s girlfriend was porn star Mary Millington. Mary was found dead in Aug 1979.

After Mary’s death, Sullivan, ever the sensitive soul, continued to make money from his products starring Mary, ie. ‘Mary Millington’s True Blue Confessions’ (1980) and ‘Emmanuelle in Soho’ (1981).

In 1982 Sullivan was convicted of living off immoral earnings and after a successful appeal was released after serving 71 days in prison. Sullivan explained that he did not feel embarrassed about the initial source of his early fortunes. ‘I’ve made a lot of people happy’ he said. ‘If I was an arms manufacturer or a cigarette manufacturer, and my products killed millions of my clients, I’d have a bit of doubt about the whole thing. I was a freedom fighter. I believe in the right of adults to make their own decisions.’

But Sullivan – Mary was dead. And whilst some of your stars and clients were adults making their own decisions, some of them were kids in care who’d been snared by Dafydd and his gang and absolutely no-one would help them at all, no matter how much evidence they had, no matter how many witnesses there were and no matter how many of the victims and witnesses were found dead.

Sullivan owned Birmingham City and West Ham Football Clubs.

Sullivan’s investment company, Conegate, owns property in London including Russell & Bromley’s flagship shopbuildings in Oxford Street.

Sullivan has been a Patron of Prostate Cancer UK for over 15 years. He is an active supporter of the Teenage Cancer Trust along with several other charities nationwide. Sullivan celebrated West Ham’s promotion to the Premier League in May 2012 by donating a five figure sum to a charity for children with autism.


As well as being a porn star, Mary Millington worked as a call girl and in Sullivan’s sex shop in Norbury. She then opened her own shop in Tooting. The shop was raided by the police on numerous occasions and Mary claimed the police threatened her and forced her to pay protection money. In the past she had publicly criticised police raids on sex shops and published the addresses and telephone numbers of Scotland Yard, the DPP and MPs in her magazines. Was Mary perhaps sick of the hypocrisy of these people and did she know rather more about them than was made public?

The accounts of Mary’s final years could have been written by Dafydd. She had always been prone to ‘neurosis and depression’, which was ‘exacerbated by her cocaine habit’. Her mother’s death in 1976 also ‘affected her deeply and her behaviour became unpredictable’, which led to her breaking up with Sullivan.

Mary encountered serious problems following the police raids on her shop. A few months prior to her death, she had received a large tax bill which she was unable to pay. Her ‘kleptomania’ became more pronounced in the last year of her life, with arrests for shoplifting in June 1979 and again for stealing a necklace the day before her death.

Millington committed suicide at the age of 33, by taking an overdose of the tricyclic antidepressant anafranil, along with paracetamol and alcohol, at her home in Surrey. Her husband found her dead in her bed on 19 Aug 1979. She left four suicide notes which were found near her body. In one of them she had written, ‘The police have framed me yet again. They frighten me so much. I can’t face the thought of prison… The Nazi tax man has finished me as well’. In another note, to her solicitor Michael Kaye, Millington wrote ‘the police have killed me with their threats…the police have made my life a misery with frame ups. The tax man has hounded me so much- I will be made bankrupt, he mustn’t get anything of his £200,000 demands. He is a religious maniac’. In another note, to David Sullivan, she wrote: ‘please print in your magazines how much I want porn to be legalised, but the police have beaten me.’

Mary Millington might as well have been living in Bethesda…

The anti-depressant which killed Mary was dispensed to suicidal patients in north Wales. Tricylic anti-depressants are toxic in overdose and you don’t have to take many of them to kill you. So Dafydd and Tony Francis (Dr X) ensured that suicidal patients were given plenty of them but no other meaningful help. The patients were then harassed, threatened, assaulted, framed by the police, made homeless etc. All Dafydd and Francis had to do was to stand back and wait for the inevitable. As Tony Francis wrote on my records as he also busied himself trying to have me locked up on the basis of his perjury- along with the MDU, Hempsons, the BMA and the Welsh Office – ‘this case can only end in tragedy’.

All together now, to quote Brown – ‘it has – for them’.

Dafydd and David Sullivan are still alive and very rich.

There was no evidence found of a criminal conspiracy to conceal widespread sexual abuse of vulnerable people in north Wales. The people who maintained that they were abused could not be believed because they had criminal convictions, drug problems and were mental health patients.

People who knew Mary Millington spoke of what a nice person she was. Just like Jane the porn star who lived in Bethesda and who died of breast cancer during the Waterhouse Inquiry, when the Top Docs were managing to save the lives of so many other women with the same condition.

One of Mary’s films was called ‘Oh, Nurse!’.

Mary Millington starred in the film the Great Rock N Roll Swindle along with the Sex Pistols. Readers of my vintage will remember Sid Vicious killing himself after murdering his girlfriend Nancy Spungeon. Or at least that’s what it was presumed happened. Sid and Nancy both had mental health problems as well as serious drug habits and there seems to have been a great deal of confusion about who did what when. A number of people at the time blamed Malcolm McClaren for the disaster. It was alleged that McClaren was fully aware that he had two unhappy volatile young people on his hands and everything that McClaren did aggravated the situation. McClaren himself freely admitted that the bad publicity surrounding the Sex Pistols and the violence at their gigs did wonders for the marketing and profits. McClaren remained remarkably unconcerned even after Sid and Nancy’s deaths.

McClaren is dead but his partner Dame Viv is still with us. Dame Viv is interested in Saving the Planet and Poor People but Dame Viv is not the sharpest knife in the drawer so doesn’t sound very convincing when she discusses such matters. ‘Private Eye’ have run a number of articles detailing Dame Viv’s tax dodges and her exploitation of unpaid interns.

Malcolm and Dame Viv’s son used to boast of being a pornographer, but latterly he’s repackaged his activities as something more arty.

Sid, Nancy and Mary Millington might not be with us any more, but one person who knew much of what was going on around them before they died was Stuart Goddard aka Adam Ant. Adam Ant hasn’t done as well out of it all as Dame Viv. In fact poor old Adam Ant developed serious mental health problems, was arrested and prosecuted and ended up in the hands of the Top Doctors in a secure unit. Adam found the whole process very distressing, alleged that false allegations had been made about him and tried to tell John Humphrys on the ‘Today’ programme about what had happened to him in the secure unit. When Adam began a sentence with ‘no-one would believe what happens in those places, just let me tell you…’, John Humphrys silenced him.

John – invite Adam/Stuart back on and let him tell us WHAT was going on. Those places do not ‘help’ people, they are run by Top Doctors who are complicit with serious crime and part of the rationale for banging people up in secure units is to ensure that people like you will dismiss anything that they say.

My suspicions that someone wanted to silence Stuart Goddard were reinforced when I read that a Top Doctor involved in Stuart’s ‘care’ had obtained legal powers over him to stop him embarking on a tour or indeed even talking to the media. This was because Stuart didn’t know his own mind and should he be allowed to mouth off to the media he would become so distressed that he would be at risk of suicide. Stuart Goddard has not appeared in the media since.

Now then, now then, guys and gals, let’s just sort this out then, let your Uncle Jimmy who is friends with the Royals and Thatcher, corrupt police officers, corrupt lawyers, Top Doctors and God knows who else just fix it for everyone…

Stuart’s friends were so horrified at what passed for NHS care that they got him into a private unit. That unit will still have been run by crooks, but the physical environment will have been more pleasant.



Mary Millington died young and in despair, but another colleague of David Sullivan’s did very well out of her association with him – Baroness Karen Brady, Cameron’s Ambassador for Small Businesses, role model to women everywhere, all round superstar and game show host who raises one eyebrow. Karen began her career with Saatchi & Saatchi and progressed to selling advertising in Sullivan’s publications. Karen, being one who breaks glass ceilings, is known as the First Lady of Football.

In 2008, David Sullivan and Karen Brady were arrested by the City of London Police, interviewed and released on bail as part of an investigation into corruption in English football. Karen’s male business partners were furious that Karen had been arrested – according to them it was sexism wot was behind it, the police couldn’t bear to see a successful woman…

Karen is Patron of the Life After Stroke Awards and an Ambassador for Well Being for Women. She has also been Cosmopolitan’s Woman of the Year, was named in the category of Woman Who Has Changed The World, was awarded Britain’s Most Inspirational Women by the Breakthrough for Breast Cancer Inspiration Awards and has attended The Queen’s lunch for Women Achievers and Business Leaders.

What would we do without you to show us the way Karen?

I’d love to know who wanted Mary Millington dead.

Karen is a Conservative and now that she is in the Lords she is thinking of a career in politics. She has already hobnobbed with George Osborne and Cameron.

Karen’s buddy on the gameshow on which she raises one eyebrow is dear old Lord Alan Sugar. Lord Alan gave a great deal of money to the Labour Party and Gordon gave him a peerage. A few years later Lord Alan left the Labour Party. Alan is of course a business champion and an entrepreneur. I do not know whether, like Karen, Alan built his success on a porn business which killed the person who underpinned its success, but I do know that when Lord Sugar has tried to run real businesses, those businesses have gone tits up. What Lord Sugar is very good at is things like property speculation and various other methods of accumulating money which aren’t actually predicated on running a business – and of course at blagging away in a Cockney accent, being filmed getting in and out of expensive cars and walking into shiny skyscrapers, telling people why he doesn’t like them and pointing at people whilst saying ‘you’re fired’.

Why does the UK have so many more problems building a successful business culture than many other countries? Probably because we’ve encouraged a whole generation to view Karen Brady and Alan Sugar as ‘role models’.


To return to the lady who took a donation from a pornographer to swell the Labour Party’s coffers. After stepping down from the position of General Secretary following the 2001 General Election, Margaret McDonagh undertook a Harvard University business course and became General Manager of Express Newspapers, which I presume were still owned by Dirty Des.

Margaret is Chair of the Standard Life Charitable Trust. She has been a non-executive director of Standard Life, TBI plc and CareCapital Group plc. 

CareCapital plc describes itself as ‘an investor in and developer of healthcare property in the UK and Germany. It develops healthcare properties, and then lets them to tenants on long term leases providing a cost effective solution to practitioners that is uniquely tailored to their needs. In so doing it captures both the development profit and the long term revenue stream deriving from leasing what then becomes an investment property. CareCapital buys completed properties occasionally in circumstances where there are development opportunities but its main focus is development and then investment. The group’s properties are primarily health centres let to GP practices, dental surgeries, and pharmacies. Most of these properties are intended for the broad NHS sector. In Germany the group has created multi-occupancy neighbourhood clinics providing a variety of care facilities. The group is also seeking opportunities to develop intermediate care facilities, such as community hospitals, within the primary care sector’.

Which sounds suspiciously like a con.

In 2004, McDonagh was given a peerage.

In 2013 McDonagh was appointed Chair of the Smart Meter Central Delivery Body, which then became Smart Energy GB, ‘an independent organisation that aims to inform consumers about smart meters and their national rollout across Great Britain’.

No, I wouldn’t buy a used car from Margaret either.


Margaret’s sister is Siobhain McDonagh, MP for Mitcham and Morden – she and Margaret share a house together in Siobhain’s constituency. If readers are marvelling at how filthy Margaret’s hands are, just take in a few facts about Siobhain:

Siobhain (and Margaret) live in Colliers Wood, just down the road from the Sodom and Gomorrah which is St George’s Hospital Medical School. St George’s covers their patch. Siobhain has lived in the area for a long time and lived there whilst I worked at St George’s, 1989-91 and witnessed their collusion with serious crime (see post ‘Some Very Eminent Psychiatrists From London…’ and ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’).

Siobhain was a clerical officer for the DHSS, 1981–83, a receptionist at the Wandworth Homeless Persons Unit, 1984–86 and a housing adviser from 1986–88. Prior to being elected to Parliament she worked as a Development Manager for Battersea Churches Housing Trust, 1988–97. She served as a councillor on the London Borough of Merton for Colliers Wood, 1982-98, chairing the Housing Committee, 1990-95.

Whilst Siobhan was working for Wandsworth, Wandsworth Social Services – in collaboration with St George’s Academic Dept of Psychiatry and the associated mental health unit Springfield Hospital – were colluding with child abuse, the abuse of mental health patients and with serious drug offences (see posts ‘Some Very Eminent Psychiatrists From London…’ and ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’). St George’s and Wandsworth Social Services were directly involved in concealing the wrongdoing of Dafydd and the paedophiles – although they knew that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients. Wandsworth had direct contact with Lucille Hughes – Dafydd’s mistress and Director of Gwynedd Social Services – who was facilitating the paedophile gang.

St George’s and Wandsworth Social Services were not only concealing child abuse in north Wales. They were concealing an organised gang in south London as well, one member of which was their Professor of Paediatrics, Oliver Brooke (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’). Oliver was a big player in a pan-European paedophile ring and was imprisoned for the possession of child porn in 1986 – whilst Siobhain was sitting on the local Council. The Director of Education for Wandsworth, Donald Naismith, was also named as being an active participant in a paedophile gang (see post ‘Another Episode Of Friends… ‘).

Siobhain will have definitely have known about all this. There were high profile police raids, arrests and convictions and as an insider, Siobhain will have known damn well that only a few of the guilty were prosecuted. Not only were many people left to conduct business as before, but St George’s, Springfield and Wandsworth Council were heaving with their colleagues and mates who had covered up for everyone who hadn’t been charged.

Siobhan’s fellow Merton Councillor at the time, Theresa May, will have known as much as Siobhain about the cesspool.


I am a bit baffled by the McDonaghs living in Colliers Wood. Of course it may have changed since I lived nearby, but I remember Collier’s Wood very well. Partly because there was a truly lovely, good-humoured GP who was based there, who I think must have been the only Top Doc in the area who gave a stuff about his patients. Then I ventured into Colliers Wood myself when I was looking for somewhere to live after responding to an advert and it really blew even my mind in terms of socio-economic disadvantage. Collier’s Wood was not a place where St George’s staff would ever choose to live. I spent about an hour chatting to the man who had advertised the ‘shared house’ – not because I had any intention of living there, but because I wanted to find out what was going on.

The man who placed the advert was a man who was probably in his late 20s. The house was a very run down – to the extent of having a number of missing windows – but sizeable house, but was virtually uninhabitable. The young man was entertaining a number of girls of about 12-14 yrs old there. The girls were charging around the house yelling and screaming and when the noise became too much, the young man would stick his head through the door and try and yell louder than them and tell them to shut up. It transpired that the girls had ‘run away from home’ and the young man explained to me that he ‘looked after them’. Then there were the drugs being openly consumed…

I was gobsmacked by the scene, I had never encountered anything like it. I did my ‘News Of The World’ reporter bit and made my excuses and left. I presumed that the kindly GP whom I had encountered in my work at St George’s was the only GP saintly enough to remain in Collier’s Wood – there didn’t seem to be any others and he worked in a one-doctor practice.

The next day I told my colleagues at St George’s of the extraordinary arrangement that I had witnessed. None of them gave a stuff and cheerily told me that ‘no-one’ lived in Colliers Wood.

A friendly but odd adult man living in a half derelict house with a group of 12 year old runaway girls and feeding them recreational chemicals? Why on earth would the Top Docs at the ‘leading London medical school’ next door ever concern themselves with that? That’s the leading medical school with it’s world class Academic Dept of Psychiatry specialising in young people’s problems.

Would you happen to remember the domestic set-up that I inadvertently stumbled upon Siobhain and Margaret?


Siobhain is now Patron of Leap Forward Employment  – a community interest company that finds work for adults with mental health issues.

Should Jeremy Corbyn become PM, surely Siobhain will be a dead cert for the job as Secretary of State for Health.


After Margaret McDonagh accepted Dirty Des’s dosh, the Labour Party tried to distance themselves and collectively indulged in I Know Nuzzing…. It was stressed by the next General Secretary that even Lord Levy didn’t know that the Party had accepted filthy lucre from a porn baron. Lord Levy is best remembered for having been arrested as part of the Cash for Honours police investigation, so poor old Des must have felt rejected. Whom did Blair appoint as the next General Secretary in Sept 2001 in order to pick up the pieces of Labour’s shattered reputation? A man called David Triesman.


David Triesman was educated at Stationers’ Company School, London; the University of Essex – as was Siobhain McDonagh – and King’s College, Cambridge.

Triesman worked as a Research Officer in Addiction at the Institute of Psychiatry, 1970-74. So Triesman worked at that farcical centre of ‘expertise in addiction’ that was based on laughable research and was run by people who concealed the crimes of Dafydd and many others. When Triesman worked at the Institute of Psychiatry, it was still part of the Maudsley. Dafydd’s many protectors were working there (see post ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’) and his mate Bob Hobson was still there as well, having not yet relocated to Manchester (see post ‘The Mentor’). Tony Francis passed through the Institute of Psychiatry at some point during the early-mid 1970s and Triesman may well have been working there whilst Francis was. Triesman undoubtedly will have been very well-acquainted with Dafydd’s network in south London.

Blair most definitely did not make these appointments of paedophiles’ friends accidentally.

Triesman was then a Senior Lecturer at the Polytechnic of South Bank, 1975-84. It was during those years that some of those involved in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal studied at the South Bank Poly. Triesman was Deputy General Secretary, National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education 1984-93; General Secretary, Association of University Teachers, 1993-2001.

By the time that Triesman was leading unions representing lecturers in FE and HE, not only were the problems that colleges and universities were having dealing with the abuse and horror of what their social work students were witnessing on placement well-known, but a number of lecturing staff were colluding with the abuse of clients by removing or bullying students who were raising concerns. Triesman was Gen Sec of the AUT whilst Blair launched his ‘widening participation’ policy without consulting any of the sociologists who knew about the subject and who could have told Blair how to implement it in a way which would have resulted in the policy working. Triesman will have known that the universities were buckling under the strain of a marketized mass HE system without the infrastructure needed and he will also have known of the sheer number of troubled students with quite serious mental health problems who had been coerced into ‘going on a course’ by mental health professionals who could then tick a box marked ‘recovered, in education or employment’. That box remained ticked even if the students could not cope, developed even greater problems and then withdrew from their course feeling very bad about themselves. Meanwhile university lecturers struggled to support distressed students with personal difficulties and very little money, who had been completely abandoned by the statutory services.

I did part of my PhD on this subject and I witnessed the mess on the ground whilst Blair, Bill Rammell and other grinning wallies reassured the general public that ‘Education, Education, Education’ was an unmitigated success and that the nation’s universities were full of shiny, happy students from disadvantaged backgrounds who were embarking upon careers as barristers or merchant bankers. Lord Adonis – one of the architects of Blair’s HE policy – is now U turning like there is no tomorrow, as the results of Blair’s badly thought out nonsense have come home to roost. Nonsense which was only ever designed to pull the wool over the eyes of the nation and disguise the lack of real opportunities for many young people and the gross failures of the welfare services.

Triesman was a member of the Communist Party before he joined Labour. He is a member of the Reform Club.


After the 1997 General Election Rhodri and Julie Morgan lunched with Chris Blackhurst of the Indie. Blackhurst moved on to become Editor of the Indie, 2011-13. Since 2013 Blackhurst has been Group Content Director of the four titles overseen by Evgeny Lebedev – so Blackhurst now works for the same man as George Osborne. Chris Blackhurst is a law graduate who studied at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. During the 1990s he worked for the ‘Sunday Express’, The Indie on Sunday and was also the Westminster correspondent for the Indie, which was probably how he ended up having lunch with Rhodri and Julie. So Chris Blackhurst will know the enormity of the crimes that Rhodri and Julie were concealing whilst he noshed with them. Blackhurst seems to be a Conservative and supports various initiatives that are close to the Tories hearts, such as grammar schools. But he still never published anything about all those paedophiles’ friends whom Blair appointed to high office.

Rhodri states in his autobiography that the Parliamentary lobby correspondent Michael White of ‘The Guardian’ was ‘more interested’ in Wales than other journos. Michael White also wrote a regular column for Health Service Journal, 1977-17. White, when discussing media self-censorship in March 2011, said, ‘I have always sensed liberal, middle class ill-ease in going after stories about immigration, legal or otherwise, about welfare fraud or the less attractive tribal habits of the working class, which is more easily ignored altogether…’ 

So Michael, what kept you from publishing the best scoop that ‘The Guardian’ would ever have had – a scoop which involved sex, prostitution, drugs and murder among the ‘tribal’ ‘working classes’ as part of the biggest welfare fraud that could be imagined? Or did you keep quiet because the beneficiaries of the welfare fraud were the affluent middle classes who were the readers of Health Service Journal?

There is a nice photo of Michael White on his wiki entry, of White ‘Chairing a session for the Health Hotel in 2009’. My first response to the photo was ‘what the hell is the Health Hotel?’, my second was to notice that Michael White looks just like Elfed Roberts, the former Chairman of the NW Wales NHS Trust, who had me arrested for having pink hair and calling his car a penismobile (see post ‘And Now – It’s The Gallery…’).



Another person who gets a mention in Rhodri’s book is the paedophiles’ friends’ associate Rhodri Williams. Rhodri Williams is a former AM, who resigned from the Welsh Gov’t after entering a pub smoking a fag, after the Welsh Gov’t had outlawed smoking in such places. Rhodri’s faux pas caused an impressive row and I always thought that the reaction to his lit cigarette was out of all proportion to the crime committed. The Senedd was choc full of people who had assisted a gang of paedophiles and the extermination of psychiatric patients yet WW III broke out over someone forgetting a newly passed bit of health and safety legislation. In the way that I have always wondered why the BBC hung Frank Bough and his beige cardigan out to dry over the parties with the call girls and coke, yet continued to embrace Jimmy Savile and his funny little ways,  I have always wondered what the real reason was for Rhodri Williams being ousted.

Sadly I cannot draw any conclusions at the moment – virtually every reference to Rhodri Williams has disappeared from the internet, as have references to other people who have been at the centre of the shenanigans detailed on this blog. I can remember that Rhodri was a Plaid AM and that he was something in the Welsh Language Board whilst dear old Meri Huws was involved with that organisation. I seem to remember that he also had links to I think the Methodist Church. I do know that Rhodri is at present Director of Ofcom in Wales…

There is however another Rhodri Williams who is advertising his services online who is of as much interest to me as the people mentioned in Rhodri’s Morgan’s autobiography. That is Rhodri Williams QC of Henderson Chambers, Temple, London.

Rhodri Williams QC specialises in European Union law and local government and administrative law. He is recommended in the areas of local government law (Chambers & Partners), public procurement (Chambers UK) and public and administrative law (Legal 500).

Rhodri specialises in the law of the internal market as it affects the public sector, and, in particular, the EU public procurement regime, but also deals with a wide range of local government issues, including judicial review of post office closures, school re-organisation plans and school transport decisions. He deals with cases involving both local and regional government, including advising the Welsh Assembly Government and other Government Departments and local authorities, in England, Wales and in Northern Ireland. In 2000, he was appointed to the Attorney General’s list of approved Counsel and to the list of the Counsel General to the National Assembly for Wales and has represented the United Kingdom Government on several occasions before the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxemburg. He was called to the Bar in Northern Ireland in 2009.

So Mr Williams, on what tricky matters have you been advising the Welsh Gov’t? Anything related to the legacy of a vicious paedophile ring which has left huge swathes of the Assembly and Wales’s public sector compromised and in a permanent state of terror that a survivor of the carnage in north Wales might one day pop up with the evidence of the serious crime which Sir Ronnie Waterhouse and Lady Justice Julia Macur maintained did not exist?

For God’s sake, just get into your thick skulls that there are so many skeletons in so many cupboards after decades of Dafydd and Lucille, that you were never going to be able to keep it quiet for ever.


Now begin the excavations at the North Wales Hospital and fess up.


The WLGA (Welsh Local Gov’t Association) is an organisation whose members robustly asserted for years that there was no serious problem with organised child abuse either in north Wales or elsewhere (see post ‘The Reality Is, There Is No Problem’). The signature of a leading light of the WLGA can be seen on every lame strategy document which has heralded a plan to ‘turn the services around’ – following yet another disaster resulting in a high profile scandal – alongside the signatures of other leading paedophiles’ friends.

Rhodri Morgan’s autobiography informs us that the WLGA caused considerable problems for the Welsh Gov’t – even the Gov’t led by the paedophiles’ friend which was Rhodri – because the WLGA took the view that they were the real Gov’t of Wales and instructed the Welsh Gov’t. Tom Middlehurst was Chairman of the WLGA, 1997-99 – whilst the Waterhouse Inquiry took evidence.

Middlehurst was leader of Flintshire County Council, 1995-99. Flintshire County Council was been created after Clwyd County Council had been dissolved to ensure that no-one could sue in the aftermath of the Jillings Report (see post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’). Tom had worked for Clwyd County Council since 1971. Flintshire County Council had as many of Dafydd’s mates sitting on it as did Gwynedd County Council – Dafydd’s mates on Gwynedd County Council supported Plaid, whilst the paedophiles’ friends of Flintshire County Council supported Labour. All of them had kept quiet whilst Dafydd supplied children to Thatcher’s Ministers – and others – for sex.

Tom Middlehurst was the saviour of the paedophiles’ folly which was Theatre Clwyd (see post ‘Workers Play Time’) and became the Labour AM for Alyn and Deeside (see post ‘1999-03’).


In a nice bit of recycling, John Jevons, who had presided over the horrors in Clwyd as Director of Social Services (see post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’ and ‘Ain’t Nothing Clean – Not Even The Welsh Calvinistic Methodists’), was welcomed with open arms by Julie Morgan, Sue Essex et al on Cardiff City Council as Director of Social Services for Cardiff after the shit bomb exploded in Clwyd in the summer of 1996. Upon John Jevons’s arrival in Cardiff, a major police investigation was launched into sexual abuse at the by then closed Taff Vale children’s home (see post ‘The Banality Of Evil’).

Richard Card, a regular correspondent to this blog, recently reminded me to take an interest in the University of Buckingham. Richard has knowledge of some very questionable researchers and theorists associated with the University of Buckingham who I am currently following up.
 Max Beloff played a key role in the founding of the University of Buckingham. Max Beloff gave a glowing endorsement to a book written by Ioan Bowen Rees, who was considered to be one of Europe’s leading authorities on local gov’t. Which is staggering really, because Ioan Bowen Rees was the Chief Executive of Gwynedd County Council for years and before that was County Secretary – whilst Dafydd and Lucille Hughes (Ioan’s Director of Social Services) ran a paedophile ring via the children’s homes in Gwynedd.  Prior to running Gwynedd, Ioan was County Secretary for Dyfed County Council – whilst a paedophile operated on his territory. Ioan undoubtedly knew something about the organised abuse and trafficking of children in care. Furthermore, Ioan knew how terrible the ‘services’ provided by his Council were – because he used to live in the same village as me and could hardly have missed some of the near destitute people in the village who were being grossly neglected by Ioan’s Social Services (see post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’).
Max’s son Michael Beloff QC reared his head in 1996, after the compilation of the Jillings Report, following a major investigation into the abuse of children in care in Clwyd. No-one ever read the Jillings Report in full apart from the Council’s insurers and legal advisors. The Report was heavily redacted anyway and on the orders of the insurers was then pulped. The legal advisor for Clwyd’s insurers, Municipal Mutual, had advised Clwyd that if the Jillings Report was made available, Municipal Mutual would withdraw the Council’s cover and the Councillors would be personally liable for damages (see post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’). That legal advisor was Michael Beloff QC.

Michael’s dad Max Beloff was an historian and Conservative peer. From 1974 to 1979, Beloff was Principal of the University College of Buckingham – now the University of Buckingham.

Beloff was born in Islington, was educated at St Paul’s School and then went to Corpus Christi College, Oxford. In 1957 Beloff was appointed Professor of Government and Public Administration at the University of Oxford.

Beloff was a member of the Liberal Party until 1972 but joined the Conservative Party in 1979 after being attracted by the style of conservatism promoted by Margaret Thatcher and Keith Joseph.

In 1974 Beloff gave up his Oxford Chair in favour of the position of Principal at the new University College at Buckingham, with the founding of which he had been closely concerned.

His dedication to his work in the Lords continued right to the end, even though in the past few years it must have been a great strain for him to come up to London from Brighton every week, to spend two or three nights at the Reform Club.

Max Beloff died in 1999, just before the Waterhouse Report was published.

Ioan Bowen Rees, the author of the book which had received such high praise from Max and Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, also died in 1999, in May. So anyone who might have been worrying that Ioan might drop a few people in it when Waterhouse blamed everything on the cave-dwellers of north Wales could rest easy once more.

Max was not the only high achiever in his family. His siblings – Michael’s aunts and uncles – all ended up in very influential positions as well.


Max’s sister Norah Beloff was a journalist and political writer who worked for ‘The Observer’, 1948-78. After graduating from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford in 1940, Beloff worked for the British Foreign Office’s political intelligence department. She moved to Paris in 1944 to work for the British Embassy, staying in Paris after WW II to work for Reuters. Beloff worked for ‘The Economist’, 1946–48 and then ‘The Observer’ as a Paris-based correspondent. She left Paris to cover the Cold War for ‘The Observer’ from Washington, D.C. 1949–51 and Moscow. 

In 1964 Norah Beloff returned to London following her appointment as a political correspondent for ‘The Observer’In this role, she often wrote critical pieces about the Labour Party and Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson unsuccessfully petitioned ‘The Observer’ to dismiss her. Beloff remained in post until 1976 and then worked as a special correspondent. Beloff left ‘The Observer’ in 1978 because of disagreements with its new editor, Donald Trelford. 

Norah Beloff travelled extensively across Europe in her later career and was arrested in Georgia and expelled from Yugoslavia. She was lampooned in ‘Private Eye’ and fought two legal actions against the magazine; she won libel damages of £3,000 but lost a breach of copyright action.

Norah Beloff’s 1997 Independent obituary mentioned that Beloff was supported by David Astor, the owner and editor of ‘The Observer’ because she exposed the extreme left of the Labour Party. ‘The Observer’ was perceived as a left leaning newspaper but supported Ted Heath in his battle against the unions. David Astor had a reputation as a liberal man and a supporter of worthy causes, but accounts of his conduct during the Profumo Affair – which involved his immediate family – suggest that David Astor was capable of some dreadful things if reputations needed to be preserved (see post ‘In Memoriam – Bronwen, Lady Astor’).

Norah Beloff’s obituary observed that she was ‘at heart a Conservative’.

In 1977 when she was in her late 50s, Norah Beloff married Clifford Makins, the sports Editor of ‘The Observer’. It was noted that Norah was remembered as a ‘marvellous aunt’ who ‘kept various branches of family together’.

Michael Beloff having a close relationship with his aunt with excellent media connections could be yet another reason why the media showed so little interest in the bizarre and macabre happenings in north Wales.

My post ‘Two Dangerous Very Dishonest Nurses’  details the aggression, misconduct, lies and danger to patients posed by Stephen Gallagher, a senior nurse at Ysbyty Gwynedd. After witness accounts once more demonstrated the danger that Gallagher and two of his colleagues represented to the general public, an extraordinary story featuring Stephen Gallagher found its way into literally the world’s media, not just the ‘Daily Post’. The story portrayed Gallagher as a life-saving war hero regarding his service with the TA in Afghanistan. It was substantially inaccurate, breached confidence and placed people in danger.

I was used to reading nonsense about the heroes employed in the local NHS in the provincial press, but I was a little surprised that the fairy tale about Gallagher when he was in deep doo doo found its way across the globe. Of course, if someone with links to the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales had an aunt who had been a very well known journalist on an international level, that could provide an explanation.

It might also explain why there was so little media coverage of the numerous serious NHS ‘adverse incidents’ in north Wales, not even during the pre-election debates  which provide such wonderful opportunities for journalists, as pioneered by the Jennifer’s Ear story in 1992. North Wales can beat Jennifer’s Ear hands down. There was the old lady who haemorrhaged to death in a hospital bed in Yysby Gwynedd whilst two Top Doctors refused to treat her because they hated each other so much that they wouldn’t speak to each other; the three patients who had participated in a clinical trial at Ysbyty Gwynedd who were taken very seriously ill and then one of them died; there was the patient in A&E in Wrexham Maelor who died whilst waiting to be seen and when his corpse fell onto the floor, the security man on duty picked it up and put it back onto the chair. It was another 20 mins before someone had the heart to tell him that the patient was dead. The response of the security man was to rage at the patients for not helping the man who died. Where the A&E staff were, no-one managed to explain.

No-one gave those stories to Reuters.


Another of Max’s siblings was John Beloff, who served in the British Army in WWII. He worked in an architect’s office, then studied at London University, graduating in 1952. After a year at the University of Illinois he did a doctorate at Queen’s University Belfast, finishing in 1956. He started work at Edinburgh University in 1962 and stayed there until his retirement. Beloff had been interested in parapsychology from an early age and served as president of the Society for Psychical Research, 1974-76. He was an executor of Arthur Koestler’s will in 1983 and was instrumental in setting up the first UK Chair of parapsychology, the Koestler Parasychology Unit at Edinburgh in 1985.

A number of universities rejected the offer of the funding from Koestler’s will to establish a Chair. By the time that Koestler had died, there had been a number of accounts of his sexual violence towards women – Kostler had violently raped Jill Craigie, Michael Foot’s wife, when she was young – and there was also concern that Koestler had coerced his wife Cynthia into committing suicide with him. Cynthia was much younger than Koestler and was in good health, but was completely dominated by him. For further details of Arthur Koestler, see post ‘Oh, No! It’s The Pathetic Sharks’.


Max’s sister Renee Soskin went to the Royal College of Music and trained for the stage. She married Moses G. Soskin and worked as a speech and drama teacher and as a teacher of drama at the Royal Academy of Music. Renee was MD of a City of London finance house and became a Director of two companies. In 1970 she became the new proprietor of Bury Lawn Independent Day School, a coeducational school in Milton Keynes. The school is now called the Webber Independent School.

Renee was a County of London Magistrate and was Chairman of the Hampstead Liberal Association for four years. In 1958 she was first elected a Member of the Liberal Party Council. Renee was Liberal candidate for the Bedfordshire South division at the 1959 General Election. During the 1959 General Election campaign she featured in a televised Liberal Party Election Broadcast. In 1961 Renee was elected Vice-President of the Women’s Liberal Federation, serving until 1963 and in 1964 was Vice-Chairman of the Women’s Liberal Federation. She was Liberal candidate for the Hampstead division at the 1964 General Election and Liberal candidate again for Hampstead at the 1966 General Election. 

Being active in the Liberal Party in the 1960s, Renee almost certainly knew about the activities of Jeremy Thorpe. She probably knew about the activities of a few other people as well, Hampstead was stuffed to the rafters with affluent politicians, Top Docs, analysts, writers and celebs who were all colluding with a great deal of wrongdoing in high places.


Another one of Max’s siblings was Anne Beloff-Chain, a British biochemist. Anne graduated from University College London in 1942 and then completed a PhD with at Oxford University. She worked at Harvard Medical School, 1946-48. In 1948 Anne married Ernst Boris Chain, another biochemist who had won a Nobel Prize in 1945. She worked at Imperial College, London, 1964–86 and the University of Buckingham, 1986–1991.

In 1964, Beloff-Chain and her husband were recruited by Imperial. She was given a Chair at Imperial in 1983, but left for the University of Buckingham, along with her research team, in 1985. A £250,000 new laboratory was built and in 1986 she was given a Chair at Buckingham.

At Buckingham, Beloff-Chain received funding from the Clore Foundation to establish and head the Department of Biochemistry, where she worked until her death in Dec 1991 at Camden Town.

Sir Ernst Chain was a lifelong friend of Prof Albert Neuberger, who was the father of Lord David Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court, 2012-17.

All three of David Neuberger’s brothers are or were Professors: James Neuberger, Professor of Medicine at the Birmingham University; Michael Neuberger, Professor of Molecular Immunology at Cambridge University; Anthony Neuberger, Professor in Finance at Warwick Business School. 

David Neuberger was educated at Westminster School and studied at Christ Church, Oxford. After graduation, Neuberger worked at the N.M. Rothschild & Sons, 1970-73. Neuberger then trained as a barrister in 1974 and became a QC in 1987. He was a Recorder, 1990-96. Neuberger was then appointed a High Court Judge in the Chancery Division. 

In 2001, David Neuberger was made Supervisory Chancery Judge of Midland, Wales and Chester and of the Western Circuits. He held the post until 12 Jan 2004, when he was appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal and a Privy Councillor.

So David Neuberger was Supervisory Chancery Judge whilst I was being framed and was experiencing the excesses of Judge Huw Daniel, 2002-04, (see post ‘Interesting Happenings In The Legal System’).

Since 2005, Neuberger has been Co-chair (with Richard Susskind) of ITAC (Lord Chancellor’s Information Technology and Courts Committee).

On 11 Jan 2007, David Neuberger succeeded Lord Nicholls as a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary. He was given a peerage in 2007. 

In Oct 2009 Neuberger became Master of the Rolls.

Between 2006-07, Neuberger led an investigation for the Bar Council into widening access to the Bar. He also served on the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions, led by paedophiles’ friend, former Health Secretary Alan Milburn (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part IV’), which reported in July 2009. Other Panel members included Trevor Phillips, head of the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights (see post ‘Radical Leicester And Some Other Free Radicals’), Michael Grade, then the Chairman of ITV – a toady to the brother of Home Secretary Leon Brittan, who concealed the organised abuse of children and a great deal of other crime as well – and Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal.

David Neuberger became President of the Supreme Court in Oct 2012 – he retired in 2017.

David Neuberger’s sister-in-law is Rabbi Julia Neuberger. Julia has a CV which in terms of being a Top Doctors’ and paedophiles’ friend would be difficult to beat.

Julia Neuberger was Chair of Camden and Islington Community Health Services NHS Trust, 1992-97, the site of much carnage and wilful denial of the carnage. The Islington paedophile ring was still very much in business when Julia Chaired that NHS Trust.

From 1997-2004, Julia occupied one of the favourite posts of the apologists for the excesses of the Top Doctors, Chief Executive of the King’s Fund.

Julia’s volumes ‘The Moral State We’re Inwas published in 2005 and is a study of morality and public policy in modern Britain. As someone who Chaired the NHS Trust which not only covered the site of the Islington Child Abuse Scandal but which also had the honour of presiding over the area with the highest suicide rate among women in England and Wales, Julia will know a great deal about ‘morality and public policy’, but I’m not convinced that she has published all that she knows on this matter. Whilst Camden boasted the highest suicide rate for women in England and Wales, second prize was awarded to north west Wales.

Perhaps in her capacity as an expert on morality and public policy, Julia might like to suggest why so many women in Camden and Gwynedd were and probably still are killing themselves. Julia knew that Top Doctor who had personal connections to some of those responsible for the slaughter in north Wales, Dr Death. Julia was such a fan of Dr Death that she stood as the SDP candidate for Tooting in 1983. St George’s Hospital Medical School is located in Tooting and David Hole, the corrupt MSF rep who concealed much wrongdoing at St George’s and used his knowledge for his own advantage, was active in the SDP.

Like Margaret Hodge who was leader of Islington Council whilst the Council’s children’s homes had been infiltrated by paedophiles (see post ‘The London Connection’), Julia is both a Dame and a Baroness.

Julia served as a Liberal Democrat Health spokesperson from 2004-07. In June 2007, Baroness Julia was appointed by the incoming PM Gordon Brown as the Gov’t champion of volunteering. She resigned from the Liberal Democrats upon becoming Senior Rabbi of the West London Synagogue.

In Jan 2013, Julia Neuberger was appointed Chair of an Independent Review of the Liverpool Care Pathway, which after being misunderstood and misused, had resulted in scandal after a number of terminally ill patients had been dosed up and denied water to hasten them on their way. The impartiality of Neuberger’s appointment was questioned by some of the bereaved families, because of her previous endorsement of the Liverpool Care Pathway and her support of the Marie Curie Institute – it was John Ellershaw, the Medical Director of the Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute in Liverpool, who developed the LCP. Ellershaw’s Institute is a partnership between Marie Curie Hospice Liverpool and the University of Liverpool, with a satellite unit at the Royal Liverpool University Hospitals.

Prof John Ellershaw has a CV which suggests that he too is an associate of Dafydd and the paedophiles. Ellershaw graduated from the Welsh National School of Medicine, Cardiff in 1984; completed an MA (Wales) 1992; was appointed as the Clinical Director of Palliative Care at Royal Liverpool University Hospital in 1994.

The horrors of the LCP were such that even Top Doctors were involved in the campaign to bring it to an end. I am not suggesting that John Ellershaw ever intended the LCP to be used to wipe out elderly or terminally ill people, but Top Docs themselves alleged that this was happening. Professor Mark Glaser – who was Mo Mowlam’s Top Doc – stated that the LCP ‘was the most corrupt practice in British medicine’ (I’m sorry to tell Prof Glaser that I can think of a few more practices which are as equally corrupt).

Dr Richard Lamerton, a retired Top Doctor who was a pioneer of the Hospice Movement, was a friend of Ellershaw’s and a supporter of the LCP until he saw how it was being used. Richard Homerton observed that ‘To use our knowledge and methods to kill off patients because the doctor doesn’t know how to care for them properly or because the hospital administrator wants the bed cleared is inexcusable. And criminal. I can’t help being reminded that Hitler called these patients ‘useless eaters’.

Perhaps Dr Homerton’s comment could be emblazoned above the entrance of every psych unit in the UK.

In 2013 the results of Neurberger’s Review of the Liverpool Care Pathway was submitted to Gov’t. The Gov’t advised the NHS to no longer use the LCP.

Neurberger was Vice-President of Attend, a charity which ‘supports and expands the roles that volunteers play in creating healthy communities’, 2006-11.

Neuberger was appointed to the board of Irish health insurers Vhi Healthcare for a five-year period from 2005 by Mary Harney, the Tanaiste and Minister for Health and Children.


Recent posts have described in detail some of the serious wrongdoing in the mental health services in north Wales – the abuse and mistreatment of patients by some truly dreadful doctors, the refusal to investigate serious complaints, the forging of documents to conceal wrongdoing or negligence and the framing for criminal offences of patients who had complained or witnessed wrongdoing.

There were two other Angels employed at Ysbyty Gwynedd who knew that this was how business was conducted whom I have not yet mentioned. They worked on the psychiatric wards in Ysbyty Gwynedd in 1991-93 before the Hergest Unit was built – whilst the mental health services were subjected to a damning report.

One of these Angels was called Sharon. I can’t remember her surname but she wasn’t local, she was from Manchester. Sharon pioneered something which later became a distinguishing feature of the mental health services – that of the staff ministering to each other in the face of serious patient neglect. This reached its zenith with the abusive Arfon Community Mental Health Team, many of whose members took days off at a time to practice Mindfulness – whilst their patch had one of the highest suicide rates among patients in the UK.

Sharon wasn’t just your usual common or garden Angel, Sharon had an added extra – she had trained as a hypnotherapist. A lot of Angels these days have trained in complementary therapies and many of them offer to use these techniques with their patients for very genuine reasons and indeed many patients really appreciate it. However Sharon didn’t offer hypnotherapy to patients, Sharon offered it to the other Angels.

Sharon was in great demand as a hypnotherapist for Angels for one main reason – the Angels were nearly all very heavy smokers and were constantly trying to Give Up. Of course if Sharon wished to help her workmates in this, that in itself would not have been a problem. But Sharon was conducting business on the wards, during work hours. Sharon, as the nurse on duty, would sit in the corner of the ward and be visited by various Angels who would have their consultation and hypnotherapy. Whilst patients were ignored. Not just for five minutes, or now and then, but as a matter of routine. Sharon ignored all patients at all times no matter how distressed they were.

It was on Sharon’s ward that I witnessed a man – whom I think was one of Dafydd’s drug patients – walk up to a teenaged girl who was acutely ill and had been sectioned and punch her in the face with no provocation. She cried for hours afterwards and one of the better male nurses went and sat by her to keep her company. The assault wan’t reported to the police and the girl’s parents were not told what had happened either. The man who had hit her was not transferred anywhere else, he remained on the ward and continued to intimidate other patients, although I didn’t see him actually punch anyone else again.

Whilst Sharon worked on that ward, a number of patients were detained illegally and Dafydd tried to persuade a teenage boy to have sex change surgery because the boy was gay. Another young female patient was pregnant by a junior gynaecologist who had arranged for her to have a termination that she did not want but was being coerced into – one of his mates who was also a junior gynaecologist then made her pregnant again and once more she was coerced into an abortion. All the staff knew about this and only one nurse spent time with the young woman to tell her that she did not have to have terminations if she did not want them. I got to know this young woman well and she was literally being passed around the junior doctors. After the second termination, Tony Francis discharged her on the grounds that she was not ‘really’ ill. She continued to experience serious problems and her GP referred her back again. The next excuse was that because she was a student who had graduated she was no longer a resident of Bangor and was therefore not entitled to use the local services. I was shown the letters that this young woman had been sent by Francis. One letter recommended that she should return to live with her father in England and seek help there.

This young woman’s father had severe chronic mental health problems himself and Francis knew about that. She had a mother who lived apart from her father, because her parents were divorced. Where did her mum live? Anglesey. So much for being ‘out of area’.

Someone else knew about this young woman as well – Tony Francis’s wife, Dr Sadie Francis. Because for three weeks or so, the young woman was bounced back and forth between Tony and Sadie Francis, as both of them found excuses not to treat her.

Last year I received an e mail from someone who had lived in Bangor in the early 1990s who told me that gay doctors from Ysbyty Gwynedd were paying local teenaged boys in care for sex.

Another patient on the ward on which Sharon worked was a teenaged boy from Holyhead who was about 14. He was on a ward with adult patients with whom he had nothing in common, he was very isolated and was in Ysbyty Gwynedd for a very long time. This boy told me that Sadie Francis had kept him on a section for 6 months. The Angels were very hostile and aggressive towards him on the grounds that he had a criminal record – he had been done for theft and burglary. He was also in the care of Gwynedd County Council.

Another patient on this ward had been sectioned after ‘causing a lot of trouble’ with his neighbour. This man was furious when he arrived on the ward and was explaining to people quite clearly that he did not understand why he had been taken there by the police. It later transpired that he was a really nice friendly person. Furthermore he was definitely not mentally ill and should never have been sectioned. How did I know? Because I overheard a conversation between two Angels who were discussing how they were going to explain why a perfectly sane man had been arrested and sectioned on the say-so of his neighbour. The solution to the problem was to give him some benign medication – valium – for a couple of days and then tell him that he was ‘better’ and could go. That was what was done – he was a chatty friendly man but not well educated, so didn’t realise that he had been given a near-placebo.

No doubt some medical notes had to be forged to explain it all away.

Some of the horrors described in earlier posts re the psych wards at Ysbyty Gwynedd (see posts ‘Another Case Of Not Knowing?’ and ‘Hospital Hoppers And People Who Are Not Really Ill’) detail incidents that took place on the watch of Sharon the Hypnotherapist.


Another Angel who worked on the same ward as Sharon was called Pam. Pam didn’t ignore the patients in the way that Sharon did, but Pam seemed to be frequently left alone to run the ward single-handedly and would be very obviously rushed off her feet. I didn’t ever see another Angel so much as speak to Pam. The only member of staff whom I ever saw even acknowledge her was Tony Francis. He arrived on the ward one day, when as usual Pam was working her arse off and there was no-one else to be seen and Francis just said ‘all on your own again?’ and walked off.

I am wondering if Pam had been targeted by the paedophiles’ friends for not toeing the party line. Just before I was admitted to Pam and Sharon’s ward – Seiriol Ward – Pam told me that she had been ‘stabbed by a patient’. I was horrified but then Pam explained that she hadn’t been stabbed with a knife, she had been stabbed by a female patient with a pair of scissors. Pam did not need hospital treatment and was not injured. She had been asked by her senior colleagues to press charges against the patient, but had refused. Whilst telling me about it, Pam mysteriously said ‘I wish I had prosecuted her now’, but didn’t explain why. I asked Pam what had happened to the patient who had stabbed her and Pam told me that she had been sent to Bryn Golau Ward in the North Wales Hospital. Bryn Golau was Dafydd’s prison for the victims of the paedophiles.

I can only imagine what the truth behind that stabbing of an Angel was and the crap that was being flung at Pam for refusing to perjure herself and frame a patient.

Pam left Ysbyty Gwynedd before the Hergest Unit opened, as did Sharon.

There was one Angel who worked on the neighbouring Dwynwen Ward – who really was very good, a Scottish nurse who lived near me in Llanllechid. She left Ysbyty Gwynedd as well – to work abroad. Before she left north Wales I heard that she had been subjected to a campaign of harassment at home and had been so worried that she had called the police in. I was told that the Bethesda police had stressed to her that she was not being targeted because she wasn’t Welsh.

No, like most of the aggro in north Wales, it will have been the paedophiles’ friends at work, bugger all to do with ‘Welsh extremists’.

It was at this time that Heidi Humphreys, one of the nurses on Seiriol Ward, was killed in a car crash on her way home to Pwllheli one evening (see post ‘The Sad Story Of The Heidi Humphreys Unit’).


Whilst I was on the ward staffed by Sharon the Hypnotherapist and many others who generally ignored the patients and chatted among themselves I heard a number of interesting things. A common theme was the terrible way in which staff were treated by the Top Docs, particularly by Tony Francis. Patients and staff claimed to have witnessed Francis losing his temper and going absolutely beserk, swearing at them and chucking furniture around. A group of the oppressed entertained each other with the story of a very meek and polite overseas junior doctor whom they alleged had been terrorised by Francis for months. The doctor had arrived at Ysbyty Gwynedd as an SHO and had been promoted. One day Francis was witnessed shouting and swearing at everyone and yelled out ‘where’s that fucking SHO?’, to which a polite meek voice behind him replied ‘I have been a registrar for three months now…’


How much more did I witness then paedophiles’ friends?? You had no idea that I was gathering the evidence did you…You’ll just have to keep following the blog…


Whilst searching for something else recently I came across the 1994 New Year Honours list. There were a number of honours given to people who were closely associated with those we known and love.

A Phyllis Ford who was a fundraiser for the St David’s Hospice Appeal Fund was honoured. St David’s Hospice is in Llandudno and for years has been run by the paedophiles’ friends (see post ‘The CEOs Of St David’s Hospice’). Phyllis appeared on the episode of ‘This Is Your Life’ when the subject of the programme was Ken Dodd and revealed that Ken Dodd had raised a great deal of money for St David’s Hospice and that Ken’s target was to raise £2 million for them. Ken got a round of applause. The audience will have had no idea that St David’s Hospice is run by the paedophiles’ friends of north Wales. I did suspect that Ken Dodd might have had a link to the paedophiles’ friends when I was researching for my post ‘My Arse – It’s Tatifilarious’.  Now it has been confirmed. Which makes the banging up in a secure hospital of Ruth Tagg, Ken’s alleged ‘stalker’, even more worrying than I thought it was.

The paedophiles’ friends of St David’s Hospice are certainly well connected. A comment after one of my previous posts mentioned how Paul Merton, Marcus Brigstocke and Phil Jupitus all rolled up in north Wales to put on a fundraising comedy gig to raise money for St David’s Hospice when the appalling Alun Davies was the CEO, but I didn’t mention that Ken Roache aka Ken Barlow of Coronation Street fame was the Patron of St David’s Hospice whilst Davies was CEO.

So how did a thick, corrupt, document forging, lying git like Alun Davies (see post ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’) gain access to so many high profile celebs?


One of the guests on Ken Dodd’s ‘This Is Your Life’ was Jimmy Tarbuck. When Tarby was the subject of ‘This Is Your Life’, his bessie mates Cilla Black and her husband and manager Bobby Willis appeared. Cilla was a personal friend of Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain who was my head of dept when I worked at St George’s. Chamberlain knew about the paedophile ring operating in south London of which his colleague Professor Oliver Brooke was a member and he knew about Dafydd and the paedophiles. Two years after I left St George’s, Chamberlain was involved in a major research fraud but unlike his colleague Malcolm Pearce, Chamberlain wasn’t struck off although Chamberlain’s name was on the research paper (see post ‘I Don’t Believe It!’). When Chamberlain retired from St George’s, he took up a post lecturing at Swansea University.

After Bobby Willis died, Cilla became a very big mate of Paul O’Grady aka Lily Savage. Cilla went on holiday with Paul O’Grady, as she did with Tarby. Paul O’Grady’s autobiography mentions that he was a social worker in Lambeth before he became famous and among other things, he failed to report the death of a client and squatted in her flat and left other vulnerable clients alone at night when he was on duty whilst he got pissed and had knees-ups with rent boys at local gay clubs.

One of Tarby’s mates was Cliff Richard. Who, like Tarby, was accused of historic sex offences.

Someone who was investigated for historic sex offences as part of Operation Yewtree and who professed his innocence and subsequently wrote a book about it, ‘Under The Yewtree’, was Paul Gambaccini. I read Gambaccini’s book and like Gambaccini’s radio broadcasts it was utter drivel. There was nothing at all about the investigation in there, it wasn’t even an account of My Hell. It was literally a list of all the celebs and posh restaurants that Gambaccini had hung out with or in whilst he was under investigation, accompanied by commentary about his many talents and achievements. Such as knowing what Number 6 was in the Billboard chart in 1967, having learned such useful info by rote.

Gambaccini’s book was so vain and vacuous that I read bits of it out to one of my friends. One memorable sentence in the book was ‘she might not know it, but Joan Collins has been in the same room as me on at least two occasions’. We had a good laugh at Gambaccini’s name-dropping and I didn’t think any more about it until I researched for my post ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’. It was only then that I found out that Prof Linford Rees, the lecherous old Top Doctor who protected Dafydd et al for decades, was the father-in-law of Christopher Cazenove – who starred in ‘Dynasty’ and was a good friend of Joan Collins….

I have not found any links at all between Cliff and Dafydd and the paedophiles. I watched a clip of Cliff on TV explaining that he had forgiven the person who had accused him and goodness me for all Cliff knew the person might need psychiatric treatment. I think that you’ll find Cliff that the ‘psychiatric treatment’ came first – it was how so many vulnerable young people from north Wales ended up being coerced into having sex with so many not very attractive but rich people.

I am currently doing a bit of research on many of the celebs who squealed furiously when the police pointed the finger at them not so long ago. So far I’ve found out that all of them had a link with associates of Dafydd. Might the police have noticed that as well?


The appearance of so many people on past episodes of ‘This Is Your Life’ who might have been in the same room as mates of Dafydd brought to my mind the unlikely subject of a ‘This Is Your Life’ episode in the mid-late 1990s. I was amazed, because someone I knew appeared on there. It was someone who had taught me when I was an undergrad at Bangor – a man called Tony Jones.

I could not fathom why or indeed how on earth Tony Jones turned up on ‘This Is Your Life’. He was an earth scientist, not someone who performed at the London Palladium and no-one who was not an earth scientist, a climber or associated with Bangor University would ever have known who he was. Tony Jones was also a very controversial man because he was nakedly racist and was not above referring to ‘niggers’ in the presence of black students. He had grown up in apartheid South Africa and was proud of it. I watched the programme because I wanted to see whether Tony Jones could actually restrain himself in front of Aspel and the cameras for 30 mins without causing a major diplomatic incident. Tony Jones managed not to hurl racist insults, but one could see that Aspel felt a little out of his depth.

I always got on OK with Tony Jones, but a lot of people did not. He was the warden of one of the male halls and whereas some of the students maintained that he was great and really liked having him around, others hated him. I know of at least one perfectly nice student who was subjected to a hate campaign by Tony Jones and just ended up moving out of hall despite having paid his fees because there was no way of resolving the situation.

The most worrying Tony Jones anecdote that I ever heard was from another student who maintained that Tony Jones was friends with a number of corrupt police officers and that after falling out with a student, for a laugh Tony Jones had got his corrupt mates to arrest the student and keep him in the cells in Bangor Police Station overnight. The cells in Bangor Police Station were a place where anything could and did happen, particularly as Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends ruled the roost there.

Tony Jones was the subject of a certain amount of speculation because he was constantly surrounded by a clique of young men who pursued rather butch activities with him and he very obviously couldn’t cope with women who were not sporty/robust. In about 1998 I was friendly with one of the cleaners in the hall of residence who used to clean Tony Jones’s flat. One day she remarked ‘he’s a bit weird – he likes boys doesn’t he’. I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret this, but nothing more overt was said so I didn’t pursue the matter.

In about 2004 Tony Jones clashed big time with longstanding paedophiles’ friend Fran Tate and she tried to force him out of his job as warden. I was completely on Tony Jones’s side with regard to that particular battle because Fran Tate had already come gunning for me and had gone after a few other people as well. Fran Tate was responsible for the shambles that was ‘disability support’ in the Students Union (see post ‘Disability Support’). Fran mercifully retired and has now made her allegiances clear by joining Lucille Hughes in the management tier of the CAB.

Tony Jones died a few months ago, so he is not able to tell us why he was constructed as a luvvie at about the time that the Waterhouse Inquiry was launched.


Another person who joined Phyllis Ford in bagging a gong in the 1994 New Years Honours list was Dr John Edward Arthur Kenrick, the Chairman of Gwynedd Family Health Services Authority – someone else who has disappeared without trace. However I have found out that the Kenricks are a Welsh family who are descendants of Hywel Dda, the Prince of South Wales. Although some Kenricks lived in other regions of Wales and occasionally married people from England, the family were from Denbighshire. A lot of them were Top Doctors or Ministers of religion. At least one was a Magistrate in Denbigh and another Kenrick lived just down the road from Wrexham, near Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn. It’ll be the old story – Dr John Kenrick’s family will have been involved with the abuse and criminality even if he wasn’t and they’ll have been clinging together like limpets lest the whole lot of them and the reputations of their noble ancestors sink together.

In 1988 when I first began to uncover the seriousness of Dafydd’s wrongdoing and I realised that no-one would grass him up although they all loathed him, one of my friends who I’d been at Bangor University with observed that it will be a case of Dafydd saying ‘if I go down I’ll take the rest of you down with me’. At the time I just thought that Dafydd was shagging the female patients and breaking the law in his attempts to silence them. I didn’t realise that he was the key player in a paedophile ring supplying kids to Westminster paedophiles and which had links to Europe.

So there’ll be a lot more people going down with Dafydd than just a few Top Docs and social workers in north Wales.


Jean Evans of the Kidney Patients Association of North Wales was awarded an MBE in the 2004 New Years Honours. The Kidney Patient’s Association of North Wales evolved from the Kidney Wales organisations that were founded by Professor Sir William Asscher, a paedophiles’ friend who served Cardiff loyally for years and then relocated to St George’s Hospital Medical School, became Dean and then Principal and continued colluding with paedophiles’ friends and serious crime at an even higher level (see post ‘The Paedophiles’ Friends Of Cardiff North’). Jean is still loyally serving the paedophiles’ friends, she is Chairperson of Friends of Renal Care at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.


Stuart Errington, Chairman, National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux, was awarded a CBE. Lucille Hughes has for many years been involved with the senior management of the CAB.

Stuart Grant Errington was born on 23 June 1929.He was the son of Sir Eric Errington and Marjorie Bennett and married Anne Baedeker in June 1954.  Stuart Errington died on 16 Nov 2017 at age 88.

Stuart Errington was educated at Rugby and then went to Trinity College, Oxford. He gained the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery. Errington was with Ellerman Lines, 1952-59 and was with Astley Industrial Trust between 1959-70. Errington was a JP for Berkshire in 1970. In 1977 he became MD of Mercantile Credit. Errington was a Director of Barclays Merchant Bank, Barclays Bank UK , Kleinwort Overseas Investment Trust, Northern Electric 1989–96, Nationwide Building Society 1989–97; Errington was Chairman and Chief Executive of Mercantile Group, 1988-89.  He held the office of Deputy Lieutenant of Berkshire in 2000. He lived at Earleywood Lodge in Ascot.

Stuart Errington was also a Director of Municipal Mutual Insurance from 1989. Munipal Mutual Insurance were of course the insurers of Clwyd County Council and employed Michael Beloff QC as their legal advisor – who advised everyone not to make the contents of the Jillings Report available to anyone…Municipal Mutual told Clwyd that if they didn’t follow this advice, the Councillors themselves would be personally liable for paying damages if any of the former kids in the care of Clwyd sued. Municipal Mutual also demanded that Councillor Malcolm King – who had been asking questions about the abuse of children for a long while –  be sacked if he got hold of the Jillings Report and disclosed the contents. Municipal Mutual were also the insurers of the North Wales Police who refused to co-operate with the first investigation into the abuse of children in north Wales. Please see my post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’ for the full story.

So Dafydd and Lucille, why was Stuart Errington prepared to stick his neck out so far to save your skins then?

Stuart Errington had three children – David, Elizabeth and Charles. David went to Rugby. Elizabeth married Jamie Corke and lives in Dorset. Charles went to Rugby, Goldsmith’s and Oxford. He is a derivatives dealer, a designer of a risk analytics software package and a writer. He married Nicole Cauverian, who is a graduate of King’s College and is a TV producer.

Gladys Broomfield, Morris Markowe Unit of the League of Friends, Springfield Hospital, Wandsworth, was also honoured in the New Years Honours of 1994. I can’t find any trace of Gladys, but the Morris Markowe Unit was an annexe to Springfield Hospital, the mental health unit associated with St George’s and was named after the Medical Administrator of Springfield. At the beginning of the 1990s the Wandsworth District Health Authority had the largest deficit in any English Health District and needed to save £9m.  It decided on the early closure of the Unit, which by now had only 54 beds.  The patients were transferred to Springfield Hospital in 1991.

A number of questions come to mind. How did Wandsworth Health Authority end up with the largest deficit of any HA in England in the early 1990s? There was certainly no money being spent on patient care. As with Gwynedd Health Authority and Clwyd County Council – and at present the Betsi Board – care was appalling and the organisation was being used to facilitate organised crime rather than look after patients/clients. So where did the dosh go? What was Gladys doing with the money that she raised? More importantly, why was Gladys honoured when the organisation was in such an appalling mess?


But then why were ANY of these people – who were all involved with facilitating a paedophile ring – honoured at all? The announcement of the honours to be picked up by this bunch was made at the very end of 1993. The police investigation into the possibility of a paedophile ring with links to ‘VIPs’ operating in north Wales took place between 1991-1993. It was stated that no evidence of a paedophile ring had been found and the investigation was closed.

Ah – I think that I understand the flurry of honours for people who worked with the associates of the paedophile ring which did not exist.


In 1994 a ‘reclusive British bachelor’,  Alan Angus – a water rates collector who died at the age of 65 from a heart attack – bequeathed almost £1 m to the Morris Marlowe Unit, which had treated one of his relatives ten years previously. ‘Living in squalor’, Mr Angus was unaware that the Unit had closed in 1991.
So what was the truth behind Mr Angus’s enormous donation to a gang of white-collar criminals? £1 million quid was a great deal of money in 1994 and by 1994 the publicity regarding Springfield Hospital was nothing short of dreadful. There had been a number of murders of staff and patients and a string of sexual assaults on women patients. It was all this that led to a public inquiry a few years later where Springfield was absolutely damned and deemed to be dangerous. Even if they had treated his relative well 10 years previously – which I doubt, Springfield had been run by and for gangsters for years – Mr Angus will probably have known how bloody awful the place was even if he was a recluse. He’d have needed a very kind heart indeed to part with £1 m for the benefit of that bunch of crooks whilst he ‘lived in squalor’. Is it possible that Mr Angus himself was vulnerable and not coping and perhaps a little birdy from Springfield had been in contact with him and persuaded him to write that will leaving such a generous donation?


Dr Donald Irvine, GMC. Donald bagged an knighthood in the New Year’s honours of 1994 and it must have been something to do with successfully ensuring that Dafydd and the paedophiles didn’t all end up in the clink. Not that the Top Doctors were particularly grateful. Irvine was forced out of his role as President of the GMC in May 2001. The other Top Docs were spitting blood that Irvine had tried to implement reforms for the regulation of the Top Doctors as the Gov’t had asked him to. Irvine’s colleagues were adamant that he could fuck off because no-one was going to regulate them. Why the sudden urgency on behalf of Blair and his Health Secretary Alan Milburn to hold the Top Docs to account? It followed the Bristol Heart Surgery Scandal and the Alder Hey Scandal (see post ‘In Memoriam – Professor Robert Owen’) – and then the icing on the cake was a man called Harold Shipman. Alan Milburn could take no more and told the Top Docs that they had to sort themselves out or the Gov’t would. So the Top Docs held a revolution. The Gov’t collectively wet themselves and thus Dafydd is still Chairing his charity CAIS  today.

Donald Irvine had been faced with attempts to oust him previously. In May 1999 GMC member Wendy Savage challenged Sir Donald’s leadership. Savage led the charge against Sir Donald, stating that he had too readily bowed to Gov’t in pushing ahead with the reforms. This was the first time in the history of the GMC that anyone had challenged an incumbent President.

In May 1999 Ronnie Waterhouse was in the process of writing up his Report. Wendy Savage was a good friend of Geoffrey Chamberlain – who at that time was still sitting in the middle of the cesspit that was St George’s… Wendy Savage’s life might have been touched by Dafydd and the paedophiles as well. Wendy Savage became famous in the 1980s when she was suspended after a high profile ding dong with her head of dept. Journalists who knew sod all about what was going on told the world that it was because Wendy Savage was a woman, a feminist, a Top Doctor who promoted natural childbirth, a member of the Labour Party and was married to a black man. People who had personal knowledge of the parties involved knew that it was because Wendy Savage and her boss just really hated each other.

Wendy Savage spent her career working at the London Hospital in Tower Hamlets. Tower Hamlets was one of the boroughs sending kids into the arms of Dafydd and the paedophiles in north Wales (see post ‘Tower Hamlets, Paul Boateng and Tessa Jowell’). Wendy Savage was someone who took time to talk and listen to patients who were living in poverty and getting kicked in the teeth. I bet she had found out what Dafydd et al were up to. Wendy was politically active. So as well as having the reputation of the Top Doctors to preserve, she’ll also have been mindful that an exposure of Dafydd would lead to the exposure of all those Labour boroughs in London who were knowingly sending kids into the embrace of a paedophile gang in north Wales – and of course those Labour politicians who were abusing kids themselves.

Kinnock was leader of the Labour Party at the time – and we know that the Windbag really thought that he was in with a chance of becoming PM as long as he could keep that barrel of crap in north Wales nailed firmly shut. The Windbag even headhunted the noxious Sam Galbraith and begged him to join the Labour Party, so desperate was he to have the Top Docs on side (see post ‘I Warn You…’).


I have previously blogged about John Smith’s unfortunate and unexpected death in May 1994, one month before the head of Bryn Estyn Matt Arnold died of an ‘unspecified blood disease’. Four days after Arnold’s death the trial of Peter Howarth and Paul Wilson began, two members of staff of Bryn Estyn who were charged with sexual and physical assaults on boys (see post ‘The Banality Of Evil’). John Smith died when Barts Hospital could not revive him, after he had a heart attack in his flat at the Barbican (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – The Scottish Play’). John Smith had his first heart attack  on 9 Oct 1988 and was forced to spend three months away from Westminster to recover. On that occasion, he had complained of chest pains the night before and had to be persuaded to cancel a flight to London so that he could go to hospital for a check-up. He was examined at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary  where an EEG was performed. The Top Doctor who examined him told Smith ‘Whatever it is, we don’t think it is your heart’. Then Smith suddenly collapsed and was briefly unconscious before coming around. He spent three days in intensive care before leaving hospital on 20 Oct 1988 and made a full recovery.

Smith made modifications to his lifestyle by going on a 1,000-calories per day diet, cutting down on rich foods and fine wines, giving up smoking and taking up climbing Munros. His weight dropped from 15 stone 5 pounds at the time of the first heart attack, to 12 stone 10 pounds when he returned to Parliament on 23 Jan 1989.

Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, who absolutely reassured Smith that he did not have heart problems days before he keeled over with a heart attack and ended up in intensive care, employed some questionable people. In 1993 Edinburgh Royal Infirmary gave the former Bay City Roller Derek Longmuir a job as a nurse. Longmuir had begun nurse training in 1990 after carrying out voluntary work at the Sick Children’s Hospital in Edinburgh.

In 2000, Longmuir, 49, was sentenced to 300 hours of community service at Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court for possessing child pornography. Longmuir was suspended from his job at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and refused to comment when he left court.

Longmuir had pleaded guilty to having indecent films, videos and photos of children at his Edinburgh home. He also admitted making indecent photos of children at his home in March 1998. Yet his lawyer, Robbie Burnett, told Edinburgh Sheriff Court that Longmuir was ‘not a paedophile and was not someone who engages in child sex nor somebody terribly interested in child porn’. Burnett concluded that ‘he deplores and disapproves of the exploitation of children for any of these purposes’.

Lothian and Borders Police serious crime squad officers found the material after a raid on Derek Longmuir’s home in Sept 1998 following a tip-off. Police seized computers, videos and floppy disks from the house, which were pointed out to the officers by Longmuir. Twenty-two videos and six projector reels were seized which contained child porn. 1,000 images were recovered from the 73 floppy disks confiscated – some of those showed sex involving children. Which is a great deal of child porn to be found in the possession of someone who is not terribly interested in it.

Sheriff Isobel Poole only sentenced Longmuir after receiving psychiatric, social inquiry and community service reports.

Longmuir did have to leave his nursing job after he was convicted, but only because of the fuss that the media made. He was later allowed to continue working as a nurse.


Robbie Burnett, the lawyer who mounted a valiant defence of Derek and his child porn, was educated at George Heriot’s School in Edinburgh and studied law at Edinburgh University. After leaving University, Robbie became an apprentice at Drummond & Co/Drummond Miller, later becoming assistant and then partner in 1978. Robbie left Drummond Miller in 1993 to establish Burnett Christie, which expanded by taking in McCourts in 2003 to become Burnett Christie Knowles McCourts (BKCM).

Robbie Burnett is a former President of the Edinburgh Bar Association and a member of both the Law Society Criminal Committee and the Scottish Criminal Rules Council. He became a Senior Solicitor Advocate in 2009.

The very understanding Sheriff, Isobel Poole, was awarded an OBE in the 2013 New Year Honours List. The award was for services to justice in Scotland and to the community in Edinburgh. Isobel was admitted to the Faculty of Advocates in 1964 and appointed a Sheriff of Lothian & Borders in 1979. She served full time, principally in Edinburgh, until 2007. After that she continued as a part time Sheriff. Isobel Poole is a member of the Scottish Lawyers’ European Group and has also served on the Sheriffs’ Council.


As for John Smith’s widow Elizabeth, she was educated at Hutchesons’ Girls Grammar School and Glasgow University. She is president of Scottish Opera and served as Chairman of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 1995-12. She is also a Governor of the English-Speaking Union and a Board member of the Centre for European Reform.

Elizabeth was given a peerage in Feb 1995. The Baroness has claimed more than £600,000 in expenses since 2002, when she asked a written question to the Ministers.

Presumably Elizabeth knows nearly as much as her late husband did about figures in the Labour Party – including the Party’s leaders – concealing the organised abuse of children and the associated criminality. Elizabeth’s daughter Sarah Smith is a Scottish TV journalist, which might be another reason why we have heard so little about it.


I was listening to the play for voices, ‘Under Milk Wood’, earlier. Dylan Thomas was inspired to write it after he stayed at New Quay in west Wales, but some of the names and phrases in the poem brought back memories of the everyday story of service user folk in north Wales, so here’s a little tribute to Dafydd:

To begin at the beginning…
And all the people of the lulled and dumbfound town are
sleeping now.
Hush, the babies are sleeping, the farmers, the fishers,
the tradesmen and pensioners, cobbler, schoolteacher,
postman and publican, the undertaker and Lucille the fancy woman,
Slob Ingham the drunkard, dressmaker, preacher, Elfed the corrupt policeman, the webfoot
cocklewomen and the tidy wives…

Look. It is night, dumbly, royally winding through the
Coronation cherry trees; going through the graveyard of
Bethesda with winds gloved and folded, and dew doffed;
tumbling by the Sailors Arms*

Time passes. Listen. Time passes.
Come closer now.
Only you can hear the houses sleeping in the streets in the
slow deep salt and silent black, bandaged night. Only you
can see, in the blinded bedrooms, the coms and petticoats
over the chairs, the jugs and basins, the glasses of teeth,
Thou Shalt Not on the wall, and the yellowing dickybird-watching pictures of the dead. Only you can hear and see, behind the
eyes of the sleepers, the movements and countries and mazes
and colours and dismays and rainbows and tunes and wishes
and flight and fall and despairs and big seas of their dreams.
From where you are, you can hear their dreams.


Remember me, Dafydd?

I’m Mavis – found dead after I walked out of the Hergest Unit and no-one noticed that I’d gone until they found my body…

Remember me Dafydd?


I’m Simon – I was a witness to your wrongdoing who developed meningitis and the Top Docs told me that I had flu…I died in Ysbyty Gwynedd at 17 years old…

Dafydd, Dafydd, remember me?


I’m Wayne – I told a friend that the mental health services had ruined my life and I threw myself under a train… after my death an Angel told a friend that I’d wanted to die and that was that…

I’m rattling my chains as well Dafydd…


It’s Delyth Dafydd – I died shortly after the day centre in the Hergest Unit was closed down when I was sent to a mediocore ‘care home’ miles away…

The skull at your ear Dafydd is…


Foxy – found dead after choking to death in another ‘care home’ where I was observed every twenty minutes but my body wasn’t found for more than an hour…


I’m Ann, killed in a head-on car crash which left my former boyfriend brain damaged, after I witnessed what happened to Sally…


Dr Antonio – stabbed myself to death in the heart after months of ill health whilst my colleagues called me a hypochondriac…


I’m Richard – killed myself whilst working as a male midwife at Ysbyty Gwynedd and left a suicide note behind saying that no-one could imagine the sort of things that were happening there…


I’m Lil, worked for Professor Fergus Lowe and was married to a Hergest nurse – I was taken ill and could not be saved by Ysbyty Gwynedd…


I’m Bob – a psychiatrist at Hergest who was taken ill and guess what, I died in the care of Ysbyty Gwynedd as well..


My dad was framed for sex offences and I died at Ysbyty Gwynedd a few years later when they switched off my life-support. Because I was as drunk as a deacon – but actually one of my friends still has the suicide note that I left behind…

UNFORTUNATELY I’M STILL ALIVE – Remember me Dafydd, Dr Devakumar, a BMA psychiatrist and your old buddy – Does anybody want a fight???


I’m Brian – another witness who was killed in a car crash which didn’t involve another vehicle and I was always such a good driver, no-one could explain it…


The son of Lord Cut-Glass, Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon – I was known to be sexually abusing boys in care in Wrexham but nonetheless I had one such boy arrested for ‘theft’ and sent to a detention centre – I died of AIDS in 1993…

Oh diolch yn fawr Dafydd bach, we Cut-Glasses are so grateful for all your help…none of us ever went to prison…we came to a bad end…very enjoyable…


I’m Vince – rang the Hergest Unit late one night and explained that I was suicidal. I was found dead a few hours later.


I’m Martin – found dead on the road near Bethesda after I’d witnessed Gwynedd Social Services denying a father access to his baby after framing him because he reported the abuse of four children and the guilty family did a deal with the paedophiles’ friends…


Dafydd, the no good boyo… Cross his palm with silver – and he’ll do anything..

Time passes…

Praise the Lord, we’re a musical nation – there’s Dafydd Iwan singing a tribute to Dafydd the Brave Welsh Psychiatrist and Elinor Bennett playing her harp and Gruff Rhys and the Super Furries, Gruff Rhys who’s dad was the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council whilst the children’s homes were full of paedophiles…

Then there’s Gossamer Beynon, wife of Leighton Andrews…

And we always think, before we tumble into bed, of all those patients who are dead, dead, dead…

Look mam! – Dafydd is crying, he’s got a nose like strawberries …

Oh no he’s not crying, we were mistaken…he’s pissing himself laughing whilst he counts his money


(I could write a version of the song about people giving Gwennie a penny in return for a kiss in Milk Wood, but in view of what Dafydd, Lucille and John Allen were actually doing to the kids in care, it would end up a lot more unpleasant that Thomas’s original.)


* There is a Sailors Arms in Beaumaris and in the late 1990s two of the barmen there were student nurses at Ysbyty Gwynedd. One was a student psychiatric nurse called Dave who was thrown off the course for reasons that he would not come clean about, but he continued to work as the manager of a truly dreadful EMI home on Anglesey owned by a business associate of Dafydd’s. When on night duty this man would make himself comfortable and sleep throughout the entire shift. I witnessed him pick up an elderly lady who had fallen out of bed and, whilst swearing at her, throw her back onto the bed. On another occasion he described a patient – in front of her – as ‘the creature from the swamp’. Dafydd’s mate who owned the ‘care home’ was under police investigation at the time and was forced to sell the business. It didn’t hinder Dave – the man who hated patients so much was offered a job as a care home manager in Coventry.


NB. To those Who Care, who might wish to accuse me of insensitivity and may well be gearing up for howls of ‘OOOH look what she’s said now’ – perhaps you could remind me of the occasions on which any of you raised concerns about this nightmare? Or indeed let me know who among you has had to flee Wales after a number of attempts to kill you and is now in hiding?



Gems from the ‘Daily Post’ over the last few days –

Lawrence Kenwright, the businessman who wants to turn what is left of the North Wales Hospital into a luxury hotel, has explained that he wants a Victorian asylum theme, with guests being greeted by men in white coats no less.  None of them wore white coats at Denbigh Lawrence, the Angels wore military style uniforms with pips on their shoulders and Dafydd wore filthy old Al Capone suits which didn’t fit him properly. However I am sure that if a VIP had turned up, white coats would have been donned to give the impression that this was actually a hospital.

Various local people have supported Lawrence’s idea on the grounds that it will provide jobs for local people. Lawrence may well find himself inundated with applications from staff of the Betsi, who are now forming an exodus.

Lawrence might not know this, but Dafydd’s son Deiniol ap Dafydd is a foodie who runs a bistro and deli business in Llanrwst, Blas ar Fwyd. Dafydd will no doubt be looking for opportunities to flog Deiniol’s produce, so Lawrence might soon be receiving a phone call.  Deiniol’s puddings and cakes are a bit too sugary for my taste. I met Deiniol at a food fayre once, he had no idea who I was, but he was very pleasant and friendly and fed me sausages. I spent the whole time thinking ‘you don’t know me BUT…’ What made it even more bizarre was that I was with a friend who had ended up in prison as a result of the paedophiles’ friends and who had encountered Dafydd and his ‘nursing homes’ and he was fed morsels by Deiniol as well, but he had no idea at all who Deiniol’s dad was. I had to enlighten him afterwards.

I have another story re an encounter with a different offspring of Dafydd’s – it is for a future post.


The ‘Daily Post’ ran a feature comparing house prices in different parts of north Wales. The most expensive house featured was a cottage in Rhosneigr. Rhosneigr is known for its second homes. In fact Duncan Orme, the Bangor University Welfare Officer in 1984, who was the first person whom I met who wet himself at the thought of challenging Gwynne the lobotomist (see post ‘Just A Language Divide?’), has a second home near Rhosneigr. Duncan ended up as Finance Director for an NHS Trust in Staffordshire! Start as you mean to go on Duncan – pursue a whole career ignoring criminality and patient harm and you too can have a second home on Anglesey that none of the locals could afford even as their main residence.

So what was the cheapest home that the Post featured? It was a flat above a shop in Victoria Place, Bethesda. In days gone by, it would have housed a young single person or a service user, but they couldn’t afford it now. The flat was next door to what used to be the Bethesda Surgery, where Drs Gareth Jones, Nicky Heinersdorff, Paul Nickson and John Mithan knew about very nearly everything that I have detailed on this blog yet remained completely silent. Whilst they lived in the best houses in the area and drove the most expensive cars. How about a plaque to the fallen a la the plaque to paedophiles’ friend Val Feld which has recently been attached to the wall of the Senedd (see post ‘Reports Of Death Were Greatly Exaggerated’)? The Tomb of the Unknown Service User in the centre of Bethesda might be more appropriate, the retired GPs couldn’t miss that as they drive past in their expensive cars on their generous pensions whilst they ignore the local graveyards which are full of their victims.

The Post also reported on the gender pay gap in north Wales. Consistent with Theresa May’s bright idea of publishing datasets with absolutely no analysis in her battle against inequality, the ‘Daily Post’ has mentioned that Cartrefi Cymru has only a gender pay gap of 1% – in favour of women. Women who work for this company earn MORE than men. So what is this business that emerges from Theresa’s exercise smelling of roses? Cartrefi Cymru is a chain of homes for people with learning disabilities and severe autism. Some of their clients have physical disabilities as well.

I met one of their managers a couple of years ago, a former Angel from St George’s Hospital Medical School no less. She was, incredibly enough, very impressive. Her attitude was spot on and she had some very good ideas with regard as to how to provide care and support to a group of adult whose difficulties are such that most people find it very difficult – and exhausting – to care for them. However she did admit that the pay offered by Cartrefi  Cymru was pitiful, particularly in return for such a taxing job. Support workers – which make up nearly all of Cartrefi’s staff – are paid the national minimum wage. When I chatted to this lady, the Gov’t had just introduced new regulations to ensure that support workers working night shifts were paid much more. In response to this directive, the senior managers at Cartrefi had redefined everybody’s shifts and hours to ensure that no-one actually received an increase in pay.

The reason why women at Cartrefi Cymru earn more than men is that most of the home managers are Angels and are thus paid a bit more than the support workers, many of whom are male. But no-one gets very much at Cartrefi, despite the dedication and high standards of the lady whom I met.

The shite pay received by Cartrefi Cymru staff is a result of decisions made by the Directors of Cartrefi. One of whom is a Dr Peter Higson, old mate of Dafydd’s and at present Chair of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board…

Peter Higson, although he has now retired from a lifetime of concealing crime in the NHS and is thus in receipt of a fat pension, also receives very generous remuneration for his three days a weeks or whatever Chairing the Betsi – more than most people in north Wales earn in their full time jobs.


The Welsh media are reporting on Rod Liddle insulting the Welsh. As well as suggesting that all sane people would wish to exit Wales as soon as humanly possible, Liddle has made the standard insult about the Welsh language not having any vowels. Paedophiles’ friend Hywel Williams sent out a tweet explaining that the English for ‘ignorant’ has three vowels, whereas the Welsh word for ‘ignorant’ is ‘anwybodus’, which has four vowels. Which is the most sensible  point that I have ever noticed Hywel Williams make – it beats conjuring up lame excuses for the lethal mental health services or begging for a prison to be built in Caernarfon to fill with the the paedophiles’ victims.

Meri Huws has announced that she is now assembling a team to deal with Rod Liddle. Meri, I’m sure that he’s quaking in his boots. I think Rod works or did work at ‘The Spectator’. In terms of a shagfest, Rod and co make Meri look like an amateur.


Theresa has announced another £75 million for prostate cancer research which ‘will save thousands of lives’. There has now been an admission that previous prostrate cancer research was barking up the wrong tree and that the PSI test does not identify men at risk. So Theresa’s given another £75 million to the people who persisted with that particular lie although they knew that their results had not lived up to their subsequent claims.


There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the latest outrage regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Yet again western politicians are fuming impotently over the genocidal ambitions of Bashar al-Assad. Bashar is of course a Top Doctor who spent four years undertaking postgrad work at the Western Eye Hospital in London, immediately before returning to Syria in his capacity as heir apparent. The Western Eye Hospital is run by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, who also employ so many of those cancer experts who are going to save thousands of lives with Theresa’s £75 million quid.

In 2000 Bashar received 99.7% of the vote in a democratic election. He is as popular as that other Top Doctor Dafydd. In the 1990s when I and another patient constantly challenged the Hergest Unit over the presence of Dafydd there, we were told that ‘the patients want to see him, they like him’.


Blair was wheeled out on the ‘Today’ programme this morning to talk about the Good Friday agreement, which people are now claiming is not quite the solution that Blair told everybody that it was. Blair still isn’t fessing up to the role played in the peace process by the deal re the Kincora Boys’ Home. There has never been a full investigation into Kincora and it was specifically excluded from the major inquiry into the abuse of children in N Ireland.

Blair’s mate Mo Mowlam was credited with much of the success of the N Ireland peace process. Mo was the MP for Redcar. Redcar is in Cleveland. Mo was elected as MP on 11 June 1987. Bang in the middle of the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal (see post ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas And The Culprits Were Named’). Mo did not say a word about any of it. Or about the paedophile ring which had been in operation in the area for years and which was working hand in glove with Dafydd.

In 2001 Mo’s seat was succeeded by that very good paedophiles’ friend, Vera Baird (see post ‘Sisters Are Indeed Doing It For Themselves’).

I will write more about Mo soon.



Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

48 thoughts on “The Bloody State We’re In”

  1. Thanks Sally. How significant was Buckingham absorbing other research capacity ?

    I think John and Deirdre Paulley Stockwell Centre is quite small fry.

    I am interested to find out whether John Paulley when an RAF MO in WW2 was at the USA chemical bio warfare establishment for a while. I am not sure if this was Colorado.

    .. But it seems like the Bomber Harris memo 5.1.44 establishing Leonard Cheshire as an “Idiot” betraying every bomber stream he led (IFF radar) Try finding a book or internet reference >>>

    If Paulley had been seconded to USA bio warfare research I don’t think a record now exists.

    1. I really need to do some digging about the University of Buckingham. I heard scare stories about it for years. Even as an undergrad I was told by someone that external examiners were horrified at standards there and that the place was very obviously selling degrees (well most other universities have followed in Buckingham’s footsteps now haven’t they). The right wing press always dismissed such tales as a conspiracy on the part of those with beards who wore sandals – I had no idea that the whole institution was a crazy con associated with the notorious like Max Beloff. Just the snippets that I’ve come across so far suggest a massive subversion of research/theory as part of an obvious political agenda. I presume that it was linked to the neoliberal revolution as begun by the Chicago School in the US? All very carefully planned and bank-rolled, but designed to look like spontaneous evolution of ‘fresh ideas’..

      By the way, did you know Richard Howarth? He was an agricultural economist at Bangor who was moving in Thatcher’s circle in the 80s. He started to become very well known but then disappeared. He MUST have known about the skulduggery in north Wales, he worked in the thick of it.

      I am only waking up to the realisation that just about everyone who ‘made it’ from Wales – esp N Wales – made it by doing a deal that somehow was linked to keeping quiet about Dafydd et al. Remember ‘Cool Cymru’ which began in 1999 – Catatonia, the Super Furries etc, when suddenly Welsh rock music was all the rage? It did wonders for young people in n Wales, they loved it after years of sneers in their direction, but the parents of those musicians and luvvies – Cerys Matthews, Gruff Rhys, etc were paedophiles’ friends, every one of them knew about Dafydd and the gang. No wonder Blair was inviting them all to No 10 to ‘celebrate success’.

      Will be blogging about it all soon.

  2. No to Howarth. Only Bangor we mentioned was Shaun Russell re tragic murder of his family and strange matter of the neo Nazi mercenaries who attacked transitional Mandela regime 1990s. I don’t think the 94 Tutu Inquiry In 1997 Kent Police Authority called for inquiry and report Chief constable refused and Jack Straw refused to compel. By then it was March 99 and when Straw refused to compel that is when Kent Chief constable abruptly left Ulster Rosemary Nelson murder inquiry. Fort Hare Uni and potential eco attack as part of the plan. Sir Ronnie Flanagan RUC had expressed concerns if Straw refused to compel report called for by KPA. Presumably the Deal Barracks terrorist bombing 1989 aspects of call for inquiry. re suspected training of mercenaries and suspected sourcing of bodyguard work to Det sgt Davidson of Lawrence Inquiry for which he was disciplined 1995.

    I think you know CPS Head of Organised Crime took up my complaint recently about failure to disclose the disciplinary as adverse fact to defences at both Lawrence private and CPS prosecutions in the Lawrence case ?

    CPS wrote to Met and NCA. Shortly after that more adverse previously hidden disclosure was made public by Met. CCTV showing man was not Gary Dobson and it was not Gary Dobsons distinctive jacket.
    Raising the question I hope how Roy Greens forensic team managed to find a Lawrence blood spot on Gary’s jacket.

    No doubt an unpopular question as Roy Green was already pretty much discredited IMO on his blood forensics evidence re Dr David Kelly. IMO the history of Green at Kelly Inquiry (Raised by Blair in contravention of UN Minnesota Protocol) was something the jury at 2012 Lawrence murder trial should have deliberated on. But it was not disclosed as adverse fact …

    1. Shaun Russell is an incredibly nice man – despite what happened he never plumbed the depths of ‘ooh cuts his knackers off’ where Michael Stone was concerned. Shaun pointed the finger exactly where it should have been pointed – at those who abused Michael Stone whilst he was a kid in care and the mental health services who screwed up repeatedly, lied about it and then lied about Shaun as well. Because Stone was only ever convicted upon the evidence of a Top Doctor who ‘knew’ that Stone had done it and a statement from a convicted man who really was a sex offender, I always doubted Stone’s guilt – as do now a lot of other people. I wouldn’t be surprise if Shaun did as well, but his wife and daughter had been murdered and he had his other little girl to look after who’d been left brain damaged, I doubt that he had the time or energy to start investigating the lying bastards who run the UK’s infrastructure.

      I see that Doreen Lawrence has very publicly called for an end into the investigation into Stephen’s murder – that was really weird in the light of you raising questions about the convictions and evidence. Do you know anything about Doreen’s sudden change of mind???

      1. Just read today’s Morning Star.

        There is a big advert for a forthcoming event in south Wales, The Methyr Rising Festival. I thought ‘this looks interesting’ – until I saw the names of those involved. Hilarious – speakers include paedophiles’ friends Mark Drakeford and Dawn Bowden as featured on this blog. Well we know how committed to the oppressed they are. Providing the entertainment will be Mike Peters of The Alarm. Mike is known to the wider world as an old rocker, but Mike and his wife Jules live in north Wales and they are certainly good friends of the Betsi Board. They have both had cancer and seem to have no idea that their chances of a good outcome are considerably lower because of the scoundrels whom they loyally raise millions for and provide with good publicity. Mike is probably only alive because he had testicular cancer which has a very low mortality rate anyway. I don’t know Mike Peters, perhaps he is a genuine man with no idea at all of the practices of those whom he so volubly supports, but surely like everyone else in north Wales he can’t have missed the constant NHS scandals and dreadful stories coming from patients?

        I wonder who’ll be providing the refreshments at the Methyr Uprising? Deiniol ap Dafydd and Blas ar Fwyd surely!

        Carolyn Harris is also speaking at the Methyr Rising, Carolyn is a source of entertainment on the Welsh blogosphere and is a contender for the Deputy Leader of the Welsh Labour Party. Who is opposing her? None other than paedophiles’ colleague Julie Morgan! What a bloody choice for Carwyn – an idiot obsessed with trivia or someone who was Assistant Director of Barnardo’s whilst Barnardo’s staff abused kids. All in the name of gender equality!! All that has to happen now is for a male sex offender who self-identifies as a woman to enter the contest and request positive discrimination. In fact it might be worth someone doing that to expose the fuckwittery and hypocrisy inherent.

        BBC News Wales is reporting that the union supporting Julie’s campaign – UNITE of course, one of those bodies who so loyally represented paedophiles’ who had been caught abusing those they were paid to care for – has been caught indulging in dirty tricks. Julie knows nuzzing. Just like she knew nuzzing about her staff beating and buggering children.

        An uprising in Methyr would be a bloody good idea but I don’t think that lot will be leading one. Perhaps whilst Drakeford, Carolyn Harris and Mike Peters are leading the revolution down there – the event is something to do with the Cardiff Communist Party – they could re-open the investigation into the murder of that young woman and her children on the Gurnos estate years ago. They were killed in an arson attack on their house and the culprit was never caught.

        I do hope that the Merthyr Rising Festival is picketed by a group singing the traditional Welsh hymn penned by the Manic Street Preachers ‘If you tolerate this, then your children will be next…’

        How about it Drakeford and Julie? Sing along with the victims of Dafydd and the paedophiles, there’s a lot of us!

        1. Or everyone could sing ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ by the Verve. When Jack Straw went on Desert Island Discs he chose a track by The Verve because it reminded him of his son Will. That’s the Red Prince Will who was caught in a sting flogging cannabis to journalists because they were pretty young things and he walked right into it. Will is now hoping to bag a safe Labour seat and in his spare time he performs with a dance troupe who black up and call themselves ‘The Nutters’.

          It is just so bad that as with the Hergest patients telling people that Dafydd had murdered someone whilst everybody ignored them, all one can do is laugh. Which is what that man from the Mental Health Act Commission did when I and another patient told him about Dafydd shagging the patients.

          ‘Never before in the history of human endeavour have so many been entertained by so few’.

    1. Thanks – will get digging. I have a mountain of stuff to get through re Howarth’s network, the University of Buckingham and Cool Cymru, but it’ll be on my to do list.

      I’ve just purchased a copy of Rowan Williams’ autobiography as well – I do respect Rowan’s intelligence, but I have found out that he knew about Dafydd and the paeds…

    2. Dunno about Ida Darwin at Fulbourne Richard, but this is a really interesting interview. I recognise a few of the names.

      Because I love sociology and it makes so much sense to me I often fall into the way of thinking that why the psy professions have done so much damage to so many people is that their whole discipline is looking for answers in the wrong places. But reading this reminds me of how many sociologists and criminologists have also allowed their work to be used to conceal corruption, crime and wrongdoing.

      I have remarked before that any good community sociologist working in a region where an abuse/sex trafficking gang is operating will definitely see clues as to what is happening. If only because people will ask you for help. They see a friendly face and someone called Dr and believe me, they’ll tell you what has happened to them if you show that you’ll listen.

      This interview just rubs in that it really is true that the way so many people climb to success is by ignoring the blood on the carpet and the screams around them. I remember the Women’s Therapy Centre that is mentioned – one of my mates with an interest in therapy was involved with them and got out quickly, they were just another bunch of damaging nutters who concealed terrible things. Like so many swathes of the ‘people’ disciplines….

      I always think that the reason why I saw so much fraud in medical research was because the money involved was so big. If you’re a literature scholar you’re only after a bit of dosh for your Chaucer work or whatever, but a Top Dr pretending that they’ve got the cure for cancer is going to hit the big time. The same phenomenon has taken over psychology because rubbish like ‘nudge’, ‘mindfulness’ and ‘happiness’ is so convenient for a neoliberal economy with no functioning infrastructure to support people, so the likes of Richard Layard can become a Lord. And it seems that years ago when there was dosh for sociologists the same misconduct and deception was evident. The name Laurie Taylor springs to mind, who did really well out of being a celebrity criminals friend.

      Sadly the fuckwits and fools dominate. Bangor University has had three very very good sociologists pass through its hands. I worked with all three of them and they were great. They were excellent mentors and very good sociologists. They had nothing but shit thrown at them, I do not know how they remained so sane. Lies and rumours were spread about their alleged sexism and elitism and those not understanding what was going on felt anxious about approaching them and never got to know them. Who was behind the shit-throwing? The crooked mediocrities that were the paedophiles’ friends. The Bangor Three never said a word to me about the paedophile gang, but I knew damn well that was who their tormentors were and what motivated them – and no doubt the Bangor Three knew that the same people had been responsible for the harassment and unpleasantness that I was putting up with.

      Well the paedophiles’ friends are being exposed now. Perhaps people will now finally realise what has been going on, who the real villains were and why so many decent people ended up coming under fire.

      In terms of wimmin’s supporters – seeing old Carolyn Harris and Julie Morgan battle it out in Cardiff Bay on the wimmin’s ticket reminds me that only recently I found out that one of the many wimmins organisations in receipt of dosh from Jane Hutt and the sisters knew about the sexual exploitation of women in Cardiff. They had discovered an outdoor shagging spot in the city. Their response was not to wonder whether the women being paid for sex in such insalubrious circumstances were being coerced, but to squeal in disgust. This organisation receives funds for campaigning against human trafficking.

      1. My thinking is it is pointing at some sort of outreach cerebral palsy research from Ida Darwin during the 18 years of 43 cerebral palsy child care deaths in Hackney and Islington care at nearby Beeches Ixworth Suffolk. Which would have placed a Common Law duty on any researcher, who may have engaged with a CP child who died, to report facts to HM Coroner.

  3. Re Doreen. No first I knew was when you told me ! The Parker twin child rapists mercenaries against Mandela Regime seem to have been allegedly safe housed by National Crime Squad during MacPherson Inquiry as assets against a late Midlands drugs criminal Tony Spencer, The National Crime Agency who long since called me officially as a witness to their Stephen Lawrence case corruption inquiry got a wee bit moody recently when I found out about the Parkers and their predecessor unit and put it to them.

    The Parkers were thus it seems held in safe houses beyond reach of the 1997 call for inquiry and report made by Sir John Grugeon Kent Police Authority. IMO The Parkers should have been interviewed re who trained and briefed their mission and that would be relevant to both Lawrence Inquiry and Chillenden Murders Inquiry.

    Doreen has always refused to answer me.

    My understanding is that after the unlawful Mandela interference solicited by Lee Jasper and the Lawrences two weeks after the killing, Det sgt Davidson led the team that arrested Gary Dobson. In the house he told the Dobsons he knew the jacket had not been in Well Hall Road in April. He said household dust from its long cupboard storage would be compelling forensic defence evidence.

    He did not as far as I know mention a CCTV tape showing it was neither Gary nor his jacket !

    Of course the later disciplinary 1995 against Davidson if disclosed to defence would have made it impossible for CPS to prove Davidson administered the evidence chain. He falsified duty records to go moonlighting you see. So who brushed the defence forensics off Gary Jacket and put it on cell floor next to Lawrence clothing Day One ?

    I am also told there had been earlier fights at that bus stop on recent evenings. Lawrence was no stranger to A and E. And that seems more failure of adverse disclosure as that means blood spatter cannot be isolated to murder event.

    We put a name to Met for killing of Lawrence …. 2001. Motive is not racist. How sound the information is ? Met lost it ??? Very strange as the name was put to my mate due to his interest in paramilitary 6th Thanet Gun Range. I took a wild punt at why that was for NCA to investigate.

    1. What may be driving Doreen exit strategy is the Dr Kelly book that came out recently. I imagine the experts trample over Roy Green forensics. Don’t know if it looks at Tom Mangold WMD book 1997/98 but a source on Basson and Project Coast was bogus ex SAS con man suspected of being source of bodyguard work to Det sgt Davidson.

  4. I love your idea of plaques for the dead and wounded Sally – and your poem which reads so poignantly as a lament . Thanks. Caught an interview with the idiot Caroline prospective deputy FM- playing up her deprivation card – but unfortunately down played any intention to have a mind of her own. – saw her role as handmaiden to the important work of the first minister just as nurses/secretaries etc have been treated historically as serving the egos of doctors. Thought the wimmin of Wales would have moved on …

    1. Diolch! Not that it was my poem, it was Dylan Thomas’s, I just substituted a few words…I was listening to the Under Milk Wood recording performed by Richard Burton from years ago and every two minutes a highly relevant phrase was used. Nothing beats Caradog Pritchard’s ‘One Moonlit Night’ however. Caradog grew up in Bethesda and his mum was banged up in Denbigh for years. He wrote about living in Bethesda in the first part of the 20th century, but there are many familiar themes in that work. My How Things Haven’t Changed.

      Carololyn has been waving her deprivation credentials for some time now.

      The wimmin of Wales – and England, let’s not blame Wales for this – have not moved on. Wimmin who climb to the top in abusive systems will do that by assisting with or colluding with the abuse. There is a debate to be had about how much agency those women have – previous feminist scholarship suggested that they had no choice but to collude because they were victims of oppression as well. I do take the point, but as someone who was repeatedly hauled through courts and nearly imprisoned on the perjury of wimmin, I take the view that it is possible to say NO when you are asked to perjure yourself in order to imprison an innocent person. There was only one reason why wimmin were asked to make the statements about me – it is because I am female, sound middle class and I had a couple of degrees. When I appeared in court I did not look or sound like a dangerous loony and the Top Docs knew it. When the male Top Docs first tried to frame themselves as victims of mine they made fools of themselves, so a stream of Little Women subsequently appeared weeping and claiming to be terrified of me.

      If I had been black and male these worms would have had me in prison years ago. I know men – decent, vulnerable men who are in no way violent – who were framed by them. Put a male psych patient in court up against a simpering Angel lying through her teeth claiming to have been ‘attacked’ by him and he will be convicted. They were good at framing men for sex offences as well. If a dishonoured or dispossessed man is accused of sexual impropriety the allegation tends to stick a lot more easily than if a well dressed professional man with a nice set of teeth is accused.

      In terms of the NHS and social care, the traditional set up has been for middle class women to tell working class women what to do, how to look after their kids etc and that is still pretty much the prevailing situation. I have witnessed female staff treating female patients appallingly disrespectfully. Furthermore the Angels are acutely aware of the need to tread carefully if their patient is a professional woman, particularly a healthcare professional. But a pleb in a tracksuit with a Cofi accent – they can be treated like a turd and no-one will even question it.

      It really pisses me off that people who have caused so much misery and suffering are being hailed as heroes. People are going apeshit about statues of people like Cecil Rhodes at Oxford and there’s a campaign in Bristol to rename things like Colston Hall because of the slave trading which made Colston a rich man, but no-one seems to be onto the fact that so many of our current heroes/heroines ignored the most dreadful things in their journeys to the top as Strong Women or Liberators of the Oppressed. MIND have a William Bingley House in the north of England – Bingley and his mother Lady Juliet built their careers on concealing terrible abuse – and now the dear old Senedd has scored a first by commemorating Val Feld because she was in possession of ovaries and a mate of Jane Hutt. Unbelievably naive fuckwittery. Two testicles bad, two ovaries good. I is a woman, so I can’t possibly have colluded with the wrongdoing.

      It’s tempting to state here that I is a service user, but I hate the term…And half the time Jane Hutt and the Strong Wimmin refused me a service anyway, even in the days when I could have done with one…

  5. Sally -Dylan is a favourite poet since I was a kid but you have honoured him as far as I am concerned I know you were being cynical but do you think the plaques would be a possibility? Or even a memorial of some kind – maybe without names as it’s impossible to ask relatives and friends permission.People leave shrines all over the place these days so it might be a way of remembering those who have died or suffered from contact with so called health and social services. and their allies.

    1. I have discussed this in the past with others who knew just how bad the holocaust was in north Wales. We all felt that something should definitely be done to acknowledge those who lost their lives or were harmed. I didn’t expect to write about it all in a blog, I always intended to write a book and I was going to dedicate the book to those who died, but I’ve ended up telling the story here.

      I have always been worried about hurting the relatives of the dead who have suffered so much already. You might find this hard to believe but there are some even worse things that I have not written about on this blog, because there are people left behind who are still alive who would be able to identify that it was their relative that I had blogged about. I have had to hold back a bit.

      At the moment, my key firm view is that the bodies need to be recovered from the North Wales Hospital. Once that is done, there can be no more ‘we didn’t know’, ‘it wasn’t that bad’, ‘they’re lying to get compensation’, ‘it was the best place for them because they were all mad anyway’. When those bodies have been recovered, the remains dated and an admission that the disappeared died out at that place, in recent years as well and that their deaths were concealed, the Top Docs et al will be forced to face the enormity of their crimes. And I will not have this constructed as a problem with ‘the Welsh’ either. Let us not forget that successive Prime Ministers in Westminster – some of whom were profoundly hostile to Wales – built their careers on keeping this scandal quiet.

      When that has been done, the names of the dead and wrongly imprisoned will have been cleared and people won’t have to feel anxious when they mention someone near to them who ‘went mad’ or killed themselves in prison. Because of what was happening, EVERY declaration of madness or conviction of someone who had fallen into the hands of those bastards has to be questioned.

      I’m just looking into more possible miscarriages of justice at the moment, in particular a conviction of a young man for the murder of a teacher in Tregarth in 1996. I lived nearby at the time and I remember hearing about it. I have just read that there was no forensic evidence at all against the man who was jailed. But he came from Wrexham and was an addict. Almost certainly known to Dafydd and the paedophiles then. I’ll be blogging about those involved soon.

      1. A memorial plaque to 43 child care deaths at Ixworth Suffolk seems like a worthy idea to me.

        Wish I had thought of it.

        1. There certainly needs to be something Richard.

          I’m just digging up who so heavily promoted the musical career of Gruff Rhys and his mates in the Super Furry Animals – Gruff Rhys is the son of Ioan Bowen Rees who was Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council whilst the paedophiles ran riot in Gwynedd children’s homes and psych patients were being fitted up and left to die – sickening, absolutely sickening. The children of the paedophiles and their friends were constructed as musical prodigies just when William Hague could no longer hold off on the demands for a public inquiry into the abuse of kids in north Wales. I was hoping to get the post up later today but it may take a bit longer – I want to do a bit of groundwork and look up the background of some of the really big names who were behind it all. I may have to do a two part investigation – an introductory post and then a follow up one. Gruff Rhys from Bethesda certainly had the Mr Bigs of the music industry behind him when he was in their eyes nowt but a Welsh-speaking sheep shagger from the back of beyond. Gruff Rhys’s music didn’t always sell that well either, but by God, that boy was going to be a star by the time that the Waterhouse Report was published…

        2. I honestly think the time has come to do it for every one – thing is to find a suitable place – whether to put something in local areas which would mean one in just about every county in UK/Ireland and somewhere they couldn’t be taken down. I’ve thought for a long time of doing something on the lines of the shrines left around the country

          1. Well perhaps Dr Carl Clowes would like to organise nationwide shrines to the fallen. Dr Carl is a very influential man in Wales and if you read his contribution to the BMA Cymru Community blog, you’ll be left in no doubt about his ‘commitment to local communities’ – whom of course he wants to ’empower’. I have this morning read a great deal of crap produced by Carl Clowes and I don’t think that I’ve ever seen the words ’empower’ and ’empowerment’ appear so many times in such meaningless pieces of text.

            Carl’s two sons are in the Super Furries with Gruff Rhys and they’ve have all been mates since they were teenagers. Such talented young people! Whilst other less fortunate teenagers from north Wales were being abused and trafficked for sex and died before they were 25. Gruff Rhys actually went to school in Bethesda with some of those kids who were abused by the social workers that his dad employed. How can these people live with themselves?

            Another of their friends Welsh rock star Huw Bunford worked as a teacher in the same school as child molester John Owen. Bunford was head of art, Owen was head of drama. After John Owen was charged, it was admitted that the whole school knew what he had been up to.

            How did they get away with it all?

          2. I emailed Ixworth Parish Council re the 43 Islington and Hackney care deaths there 1954 to 1972. Sound them out. Excellent idea Dr Sally.

  6. I wonder just how many knew about Ian Watkins of the Lost Prophets as well. A snippet from Wiki:

    “On New Year’s Eve 2008, Watkins took part in a concert for Kidney Wales Foundation and stated that his reasons for being involved were as a result of his mother needing a kidney transplant: “Having that direct experience is why I wanted to get more involved with Kidney Wales and organise a fundraising concert on New Year’s Eve.”[6] The concert featured Welsh bands the Blackout, Kids in Glass Houses, and Attack! Attack![ci”

    1. Thanks for reminding us all of the delightful Ian, who is of course now in prison for raping a baby, after the police ignored warnings about him.

      The foundations of Cool Cymru seem to be rotten to the core – the roots can be traced to Ioan Bowen Williams and I suspect Cerys Matthews’ dad assisted as well, he was a Top Doctor in an area where a paedophile gang worked through the welfare services.

      I wasn’t planning to blog about Watkins and the Lost Prophets because their credibility is now in pieces anyway and the case is well-known – but it looks as though I might have to do several posts with regard to the really big movers n shakers behind it all, so perhaps Ian Watkins will feature here soon.

      Ian Watkins was the only one caught raping a baby but these indulged little things of the paedophiles’ friends undoubtedly knew some of the criminality that their parents had been involved with. Ioan Bowen Rees’s children lived in a village where people denied care by the social services which their father ran were living in derelict buildings and killing themselves. I knew a girl the same age as Gruff Rhys who went to school with him. Her mother was an alkie and her dad was an abuser. That girl received no support but the other kids had a wonderful time bullying her. Don’t tell me that Guff and his siblings didn’t notice the kids like that – of course they did, but the whole family didn’t give a shit about them. Gruff’s mother ponced around claiming to be a poet, Ioan banged on about being a champion of small Welsh communities and the common man!!! – and of course all the children were just SOOOOO talented.

      That village was virtually destroyed by Ioan fucking Bowen Rees and his associates – it was a former quarrying hot spot and as the quarry had declined there was very little work and many people in need. The quarry by the way was Penrhyn Quarry. There was a big scandal there after three of the managers were caught stealing slate – not just a few bits for the kitchen floor, but tons of the stuff. They were taking lorry loads out without going over the weighbridge. So everybody stood back to wait for the prison sentences. They didn’t happen. One of those who orchestrated The Brinks Mat Slate Robbery was a Geoff Drake. He turned up as a member of Gwynedd Health Authority. People couldn’t believe it, they were gobsmacked. Oh but the Chair of the Health Authority was the lying crook Hefin Davies, who did his best to have me banged up. Hefin is a Freemason. And was a Director of a Slate Company.

      Well Hefin and Geoff you creeps, you’re all going to be named. I lived up in Llanllechid for years whilst we were all screwed by you and I have not finished yet. Oh and Goeff – I heard about your offer of a charitable donation of £10k to a charity run by a friend of mine. I think we all realised that was going to be hot money with the purpose of setting up someone who had dared to support me.

        1. There is 30 years of it to document – the most serious abuses of vulnerable people by those who were paid to care for them. No-one has ever been held to account and after years of me, along with my lawyers, begging everyone to address the concerns that we were raising, but only ever being met with threats or lies, I thought that it was about time that someone finally made public what has been going on.

          It was Theodore Roosevelt who said ‘speak softly – and carry a big stick’. Ten years ago my lawyer wrote to Martin Jones the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust and told him that if the serious harassment and threats to which I was being subjected did not stop and if my concerns were not investigated, I would publish. Jones’s response was to block me from all NHS treatment and then have me arrested on trumped up charges. Then people tried to kill me.

          So this is my big stick – I have now hit them with it. They were warned, they were given so many opportunities to engage in a meaningful dialogue but they refused. Because they are basically a bunch of crooks.

          Please keep reading. There are more names of the guilty still to be posted up.

        2. There has to be a sea change. If we look at curmudgeonly Lord Denning and his sanctimonious prattle. “No matter how high the law must be above you” All along he was founding trustee of a charity protected from law enforcement by a nursemaid Special Branch. Leonard Cheshire Homes.

          We have a country constitutionally arranged to put some folk above the law. In my experience I encountered this with Leonard Cheshire, Sue Ryder, Airey Neave and Harry Sporborg. The fact that Neave (and Sporborg) were in the group who selected and steered Thatcher to power should give anyone pause to think who believes we ?

          The pivotal office from which the cancer spreads and is nurtured is Attorney General. SECRET custodian of public interest. And look at whom we name in just our experience. Patrick Mayhew previously the GMC legal officer who was on hearing letting convicyed paedo Dr Morris Fraser stay in practice. Mayhew involved in nobbling Dr Sally. Mayhew and war crimes act for Greville Janner at time child abuse charges dropped against Janner 91. Lyell Old Boy of Stowe who denies access to High Court in Matron McGill Decd case to seek quash of suicide verdict. As far as ileac crest bruising and perjury at inquest go … Leonard Cheshire had escaped interview under caution in the charity we later learned was protected by the Branch. And old boy of Stowe Lyell protects old Boy of Stowe and the Branch by absolute secret custodianship of public interest.

          John Morris. During MacPherson Inquiry received complaint of blood sample tampering by Kent Police in a Margate Police custody death. At a time Kent Police for MacPherson had unsealed custody of Lawrence forensics. Morris ordered nothing in writing then HM Coroner dismissed herself in the custody death case and Dover HM Coroner held a new process.

          2009 A judicial review file was stolen from Royal was about to bring this to issue at Canterbury Crown Court in came Attorney General Baroness Scotland and whisked Mike Fuller outa plod and into CPS and no police witnesses turned up at Canterbury. CPS crawled away. of Justice. Mike Fuller Chief constable of Kent did not then face judicial review. As an abuse of process action

          I dunno why there is a powerful history still ongoing of denying inquiry and inquest for the 43 cerebral palsy child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth 1954 to 1972 in Islington and Hackney care.

          The whole country is set up in a way that nurtures the rancid.

          What can the independent inquiry child sexual abuse come up with ? Better multi agency working, better training, lessons learned etc ? blah blah blah

          When I set out to honour my constable oath and pursue justice for Matrn McGill Decd of Sue Ryder/Leonard Cheshire HQ 1972 I came to realise there would need to be Article 2 ECHR incorporated into inquest law and the veto power of Chief constables to refuse complaint against officers must end and the attorney general must stop having secret public interest custodianship power. I was first person to argue for Article 2 inquests. I was involved in getting police complaint law changed to creation of IPCC which ended Chiefie veto. Now the biggie for the masses who suffered hurt then denial of justice in our realm. Attorney General. No secrecy no need for its custodian. And maybe then I can tell a Judge in OPEN COURT about volunteer Matron Mary McGill a retired New Zealand nurse volunteer who worked 143 fee duty hours per week to try to correct appalling care standards at Sue Ryder HQ care home Cavendish Suffolk … whose suicide verdict at secret inquest inside Sue Ryder HQ was arrived at by conspiracy and perjury I allege.

          Along the way the deeply troubling history nearby of 43 cerebral palsy child care deaths began to show linkage to my Sue Ryder case. Suffer little children to come unto an inquest.

          Sally is taking the paedo friend approach and IICSA should embrace it too. It was and is a good career move to turn the blind eye. Every manjack paedo friend must be named. And scorned.

          1. My view exactly Richard – the problem was that Lord Denning wasn’t an old boy with a Hampshire accent, but that he was a grade A hypocrite. The ‘Be ye ever so mighty’ line is great, I used to throw that one at the Top Docs, but the reality was that lot WERE above the law – they killed people and were protected.

            You are quite right that the set-up encourages the rancid, the rancid absolutely dominate the health and welfare sectors.

            You bet it is a good career move to turn a blind eye – but you must remember whilst doing that to denounce paedophiles at every opportunity and call them evil. If you state that paedophiles are sad people, that SOME of them at least are desperate to address what can be a compulsion but that there is no help for them but at the same time you refuse to keep quiet about a sex trafficking ring supplying children to a group of well connected particularly ruthless paedophiles and predators in high places, you will find that you are declared mad n dangerous by the Top Docs and if you still won’t shut up attempts will be made to murder you. Then you write a blog like this…

  7. Jilly Cooper once lived in southwest London near the Elm Guest House in Barnes, during the period when the Elm allegedly operated as a de facto child brothel for senior Tories, celebrities, and staff from Buckingham Palace.

    Cooper alluded to allegations of child sexual abuse at the Elm Guest House in 1984, in her book ‘The Common Years’ (see

    Jilly Cooper told another story about a paedophile ring more recently, in ‘Wicked’, a novel published in 2006. One reader reviewed ‘Wicked’ in this way:

    “Beyond Wicked – Depraved …

    The paedophiliac ring at the end was incredible …
    It absolutely ruined the entire book for me and left me feeling quite sick …
    It was entirely creepy at times and more than a touch sinister.”

    A second reviewer wrote of ‘Wicked’:

    “I found the whole paedophile ring quite disturbing and also the rape/murder of a young girl –

    not because they happened but because they happened in such a dismissive way …

    Since these things do happen and traumatise people’s lives, it seemed very tasteless.”

    A third reviewer commented:

    “Seems even more creepy on a second reading … graphic sex scenes between 13 and 14 year olds and adults.”


    Jilly Cooper’s social circle reportedly includes Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, as well as senior politicians including Michael Portillo.

    1. Thanks for the info – I’ve never read a Jilly Cooper book so I have no idea what is in them, but I’ve read interviews with her and I am aware that she seems to be a crushing snob so I can imagine that she would find value in being mates with the people whom you have named.

      Your account of what is in her books doesn’t surprise me. It is of course possible to write about sexual violence or exploitation without this meaning that one endorses it – scores of people read Lolita, Marquess de Sade, even Kathy Acker and they won’t all be sex offenders but I would imagine that Jilly Copper’s account of such matters is in line with those horrendous books one sees with titles like ‘Please Daddy No’, the covers of which have a picture of a young child with tears on their faces. A pretty sick genre – aimed at female readers who take a highly voyeuristic view of sexual offences whilst at the same time claiming to be horrified and to ‘care about the victims’. A sort of genre that is the equivalent of Esther Rantzen.

  8. RE: “Paxo recited a list of Dirty Des’s titles – things like ‘Asian Babes’, ‘Big Ones’ etc – and asked Blair if he knew what was in those magazines. Blair winced and said ‘no I don’t’. Do you mean Blair that you have never even had a quick flick through the naughty books …”

    I don’t intend this to be a homophobic comment and it shouldn’t be misconstrued as such. I just want to point out that the late Clarissa Dickson Wright, who was a trainee at the Bar moving in the same social circles as Blair, has indicated that it was common knowledge that Blair is gay or bisexual.

    “There were a number of the present Cabinet around, Tony Blair for one, ***although we called him Miranda*** in those days, and nobody ever thought how powerful he would become. He was regarded as a poor sad thing with his guitar and ***his rather girlish looks***, and was also considered something of a fantasist; his story about attempting to stow away on a plane to the Caribbean from Edinburgh was a source of great amusement as there were no transatlantic flights from Scotland back then …. Then of course there was Cherie, clever, hungry for success … *** In those days she was very close friends with her head of chambers, Derry Irvine ***”

    (from ‘Spilling the Beans’ by Clarissa Dickson Wright. See

    The implication being that Blair and Cherie would become a couple out of political calculation.

    When politicians don’t publicly and fully disclose their sexual identity and sexual history … their true sexual orientation … their past and present extramarital affairs … past sex with minors, whether that was knowing or unknowing , etc etc. etc. … such politicians are of course open to being controlled, manipulated and blackmailed.

    There is a belief that in just about all countries, the top politicians are permitted to reach the apex of power because they have terrible ‘skeletons’ in their closets (often sexual in nature) that render them easy to control, manipulate and blackmail by the security services/Whips’ offices/political parties/other state and nonstate actors.

    So while politicians being gay should concern nobody, there is a *legitimate* concern if a politician presents a false image of his family life and fears the truth emerging, because it leaves him exposed to blackmailers and a national security risk.

    1. Yes I remember the Miranda allegations from Clarissa. I’ve not read Clarissa’s book but I probably should. The one thing that I do know about Clarissa is that her dad was a Top Doctor who was terrifyingly violent, an utter git and no-one would help the family at all because the other Top Docs closed ranks and had a total conspiracy to protect him. I think threats to section Clarissa’s mum were made if she ever went public on what this shitbag was doing – and it was made quite clear that they were not empty threats either. Clarissa’s school colluded with it all as well.

      Clarissa had the dirt on an awful lot of people but I notice that she never dished it – she will have known about the Westminster Paedophile Ring. I always felt very sorry for Clarissa because her childhood years were dreadful and as a young woman she coped by becoming an alcoholic, but I do wish that she’d taken a swipe at those who needed to be exposed.

      Cherie seems to be a sort of intelligent Princess Di – Cherie obviously does have a brain in there somewhere but she falls for some very odd cons in terms of therapy, spirituality etc. What I do know is that Blair used Cherie’s knowledge of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and who was involved and protecting them to his own advantage.

      I don’t think that politicians should feel obliged to discuss their sexuality or sexual pasts in public at all – I’m fed up of them ‘coming out’, I really do not mind who they have sex with as long as it involves fully consenting adults. I never discuss who I do or don’t have sex with with anyone except close friends – it’s what really traumatised the Top Docs when I was young, they couldn’t handle me blanking them at all. Regarding the potential for blackmail – absolutely, it is a huge problem, but surely that is what the security services are supposed to be there for? Rather than as they seem to have been doing, know about it and protect people who’ve done terrible things, surely they should be discreetly approaching the right people if someone dodgy is on the first rung of the ladder and simply say ‘you cannot have them in a position of responsibility, they are unsuitable’. I do know that members of the Labour Party in Wales did this recently as another bloody time bomb was lining herself up for a safe Labour seat…

  9. There were criminal complaints lodged by multiple men against Cliff Richard.

    “The CPS has carefully reviewed evidence relating to claims of non-recent sexual offences dating between 1958 and 1983 made by four men.”

    South Yorkshire Police said “a further five allegations considered by detectives did not meet the threshold to pass to the CPS.”

    I’m unclear whether those “further five allegations” were made by the same four men whose names were passed to CPS, or by 1-5 additional men, i.e. in addition to the four whose names were passed to CPS.

    Separately, the individuals who reported that Cliff Richard stayed at the Elm Guest House have said they don’t know whether or not Cliff was using that facility in its legal ‘Bed and Breakfast’ function for consensual sex with his adult boyfriend Norman.

    Reportedly the Elm Guest House at the time functioned as a regular ‘Bed and Breakfast’ for consenting gay male couples AND, at different times of the week, an illegal de facto brothel for male paedophiles to prey on vulnerable minors. It is unknown in which context Cliff Richard and his adult boyfriend visited.

    But if we rule out considering the ‘Elm Guest House allegation’, that still leaves us with at least 4 men, and possibly as many as 9 men(?), who have told South Yorkshire Police that Cliff Richard assaulted them when they were minors. Very concerning.

    Further, Cliff’s acquiring of Barbadian citizenship may well have been coincidental, but it was not a good look for that news to emerge while the various allegations against Cliff were being considered by CPS.

    1. The Cliff allegations are among muddy waters. People have always enjoyed maintaining that Cliff must be questionable or concealing something because he claims to have been celibate for such long periods of time, but he well might be – celibate people (including priests) do exist, it is massively narrow minded and disrespectful to believe that people claiming to be celibate they are liars, odd or inadequate. The spate of allegations made about celebs at the time of the Cliff allegations were nearly all made about people who have definitely moved in the circles of other people whom I know were abusing or concealing abuse – but I have found no such links to Cliff. He does have homes in places notorious for people who wish to evade the eye of the British police though – the Algarve and Barbados, but that could be coincidental. Not everybody with a villa in the Algarve is a gangster.

      The Cliff conundrum as far as I am concerned is that how did a celibate Christian ever sustain a career in Cliff’s business for a lifetime without coming across some of what we now know was going on? 1970s and 80s pop was a shallow, tawdry, exploitative business, how did Cliff keep away from that side of it and survive? I gave up on medical research because what I saw going on in Hammersmith Hospital and St George’s was so appalling that no sane person would ever have wanted to be part of it – and they weren’t, the good doctors had all just walked away. Surely Cliff would have felt the same way if he is the sort of man that he would have us believe that he is? Why would he have wanted to spend a lifetime with people like that?

      I wondered if the Elm Guest House might have been run along those lines – some consenting gay couples escaping bigotry but then some abusers as well. I imagine that it was that sort of set-up that made it so hard for people to find out exactly what was going on. I only realised when I was older that the Top Doc pervs of north Wales might have targeted me because when we were young Brown and me visited a few venues which could have been frequented by some of those targeting victims – and I didn’t have a Lady Di hairstyle and buy my clothes from Next, so obviously I was going to say yes to sex with multiple repulsive old idiots wasn’t I…

      1. Additional note: Just caught up with reading all the links that you sent Anonymous. Saw the photo labelled ‘Cliff, singing at Cilla Black’s funeral’. That’ll be the Cilla who was a personal friend of Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain, who was concealing a paedophile gang. The Cilla who holidayed with Lily Savage who was a former social worker for Lambeth and who left vulnerable clients alone at night so he could hang out with rent boys…

        Perhaps Cliff knows rather more than I’ve given him credit for…

        1. Do any readers have any info regarding the reasons why John Peel of ‘ooh I’ve been following school girls in uniform about town again’ was so keen to turn Fergal Sharkey into a star?

          Mr Peel was the BBC figure who was determined to give Ioan Bowen Rees’s son Gruff such a boost that Gruff would find himself worshipped whilst the Waterhouse Inquiry was taking place and then I remembered Fergal from my teenage years. Fergal who was plugged every night by Peel whilst everyone else ignored him, Fergal who was always photographed in black and white wearing his anorak on a street corner in Dublin with a bit of text stressing that he was just a sixth former really and in no way a young man whose mum had at least a few connections who wanted to be a big name and very rich.

          I have no info on Fergal at all, but I do have info on John Peel which suggests that the frantic promotion of the Undertones was probably not an act of altruism on Peel’s part.

          And with regard to my old patch in north west Wales, does anyone know how and why Meri Huws crossed the water for a stint in Dublin after she’d worked for Lucille and the paedophiles? When I worked at Bangor University, Meri-shenanigans were openly discussed as a source of entertainment and everyone mentioned the interlude in Dublin but no-one explained it.

        2. Heard anything about the late Billy Butlin, Sally?

          Until I read the first article below, I’d never have associated Billy Butlin with the words “sex and violence” or the promotion of ram’s heads as prizes. (Ram’s heads, as you probably know, are a symbol fetishized by followers of Aleister Crowley, etc). Jimmy Savile was likewise fascinated by the teachings of Crowley, it has been claimed.

          But I have never stayed at a Butlin’s holiday camp.

          Cliff Richard and royalty are mentioned.

          In the second article, also below, we find Billy Butlin enjoying dinner in the company of Lord Mountbatten and Jimmy Savile.


          Billy Butlin’s empire “flourished on a mixture of sex and violence … each Friday a ram’s head would be awarded to the Redcoat of the Week … The Ministry of Defence used his holiday camps to train soldiers … He befriended members of the Royal Family … Ex-Redcoats include Cliff Richard”


          Jimmy Savile said:

          “At the hotel banqueting hall I sit between Lord Mountbatten and Billy Butlin”

          Reportedly, Billy Butlin was a resident of Jersey, from his retirement in 1968 until his death in 1980. Savile visited the island on numerous occasions (as of course did Edward Heath). A photograph exists of Savile posing with youths outside the notorious Haut de la Garenne children’s home.

          Earlier, Butlin had lived for several years in Hampstead (1947-1951) where Clement Freud also spent his formative years.

          1. Doesn’t surprise me that Billy Butlin was a henchman. He came from nothing and was a self-made millionaire – to do that in those days you probably were not going to be a sensitive soul.

            I’ve never been on holiday to Butlins, but I knew people who worked at the Butlins camp in Minehead in the 70s and at the one in Pwllheli at pretty much the same time and in Pwllheli into the 80s and beyond. Exactly the same stories were told about both – that the staff were so rough n violent that other staff just left after days. Prostitution rackets on the part of female staff, very very rough women, having broken bottle fights, the plates in the kitchen getting deliberately smashed because the staff couldn’t be bothered to wash them up! I knew four people who all tried summer jobs there, broadminded young people not even from comfortable backgrounds and they all just said God don’t ever take a job there.

            Tarby worked in Pwllheli and used to make patronising jokes about the little Welsh girls who worked with him. And a man who came from Rhiw said ‘no local girl would go near that place’ – so Tarby was off in the realms of fantasy then. The staff of the Pwllheli camp used to be rather troubled young Liverpudlians who would sometimes get admitted to Hergest Unit – they would be out of there within days, dumped on Bangor Railway Station, it was so obvious that something was being covered up by Hergest. I presume it was drugs or sexual abuse, something was going on that they didn’t want the rest of us to hear about.

            I can imagine that old Savile would be networked into Butlins. Butlins targeted working class customers, so the star attractions will have been people off the TV, some of whom who have now been uncovered as being very abusive indeed. I remember that Radio 1 roadshow coming to Weston-Super-Mare when I was at school, it was just a shagfest for the highly exploitative morons from Radio 1 who found themselves surrounded by teenaged girls who were precocious but vulnerable. There was a girl in the Bridgwater area who at 14 yrs gave the rest of us details. She shagged a man from that group Dr Hook – Brown just kept saying ‘ooh was it the one with the eye patch who shook the marraccas’, because we didn’t actually take on board how grossly exploitative it was. She was also due to be given one by Leo Sayer but he had to make haste! Those blokes knew that she was only 14, that’s why it was a topic of conversation. Oh – she was in the care of Somerset Social Services as well. Of course she was, who else would have been targeted??

            ‘When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman’ aka ‘When You’re Shagging A 14 yr Old Girl From Chilton Trinity School…’

            Re Alesteir Crowley – I don’t tend to take that sort of thing very seriously because I have known some real wallies who are into such things. However someone back in my Llanllechid days always maintained that there is a contingent of people who use the Alesteir Crowley stuff as an excuse for unpleasant crimes of a sexual nature, he reckoned that he knew people who did this in the south of England – which I suppose is a point. Funnily enough, I’m just researching Alan McGee, the music producer who was the man behind Creation Records – who signed and promoted Gruff Rhys and Super Furry Animals. McGee is into Alesteir Crowley and the occult. I haven’t included that in the draft of the post though, I want to concentrate on who bankrolled and promoted Gruff and co.

  10. This is an informative thread. On the Lawrence case I know what Richardson ex crime family told murder inquiry week one. The information was delivered by a manager of Cornerstone property management who was/is an ex Royal Military Police officer with service against EOKA.

    I do not know what the Richardsons reported to Lambeth inquiries or whether this was when DI Driscoll was on the Lambeth Council paedo inquiry.

    If you think about Richardsons ethics ? You don’t get anything out of them unless it is drugs or nonce ?? IMO

    Yes they tapped Harold Wilson office at 10 Downing Street for South Africa Intelligence. Rascals. But rascals who could find stuff out.

    1. The rascals knew everything Richard, everything. They had been bugging Brown and me and placing us under surveillance for donkeys years, they had Bangor Univ bugged, all phone boxes, police stations, courts, NHS properties, Council offices etc across the whole of north Wales bugged. The rationale must have been putative ‘Welsh extremism’, particularly because of Plaid’s links to Gadaffi, the IRA etc. But for Christ’s sake, whilst they did that they recorded Wood, Gwynne, Lucille, Dafydd et al running the paedophile ring and bloody well stood back and let them continue.

      I cannot fathom. I know that in N Ireland there was a battle between different factions of MI5 which resulted in blood on the carpet, but I cannot forgive them for listening to murder plots against Brown and me – and others who were found dead – and waiting for us to be killed. Thee is no other explanation for what happened. Although it is quite funny to think that MI5 were listening to all the patients’ jokes about Dafydd, the phone calls etc etc…

      No-one who knew was safe from them, no-one. Brown’s dad was a senior Army Officer who was mates with the Chief Constables of Thatcher’s era – he was found dead in bed, suddenly and inexplicably… Because he was Brown’s dad.

      Dafydd and Lucille have survived into old age…

      Have recently been given info that two other spiteful dysfunctionals who caused me such problems in LLanllechid were undercover MI5 – Denise Baker and Donna Morgan. Pair of absolute monsters… Morgan disappeared yrs ago, the dreadful Denise runs that laughable ‘Pay As You Feel Cafe’ in Bethesda and previously gained jobs in the NHS in which she could abuse vulnerable people.

      I left the village because of Denise Baker and the years of poison and malice from her. MI5 – you owe me a house, I liked my little place in Britannia Street…

  11. The abuse trickles down in minor ways which are never officially reported or are laughed off if anyone does have the confidence. One young shy woman was assigned as training fodder to a student who called himself a’therapist’. He had no qualifications in anything but was encouraged in this deception by the department running the scheme. He drove a motorbike and thought this would impress the woman – ‘you don’t see many doctors on motorbikes do you? oooh! She had seen a great deal more than that – and again – he was not a ‘doctor’. Two weeks later he asked if she found the leathers bikers wore sexy. She avoided it by saying it was too butch. But two weeks later he went in wearing knee length bikers boots ,hung the leathers on the door , kept the gloves on his lap. Weeks later again he said that she never talks about sex – wonder why – then asked whether the woman fancied him – no no no – he later joined the practice of a leader of a Balint group who had been in the same dept. There are numerous instances of this kind of behaviour – a GP asking again a shy young woman if she had had a rubber tube pushed up her bum during an examination – the same one asking out of the blue if she wanted contraception …my point being that non entities getting away with petty abusive behaviour which is condoned further up the feeding chain can lead to more serious stuff – and by then they have made their ‘contacts and networks’.

    1. That is indeed exactly how it works. Comments and conduct are trialled to see what the reaction will be – if you are me and you challenge it the minute it happens you are dismissed as oversensitive and a bit bonkers. The people who do not challenge it until they are sexually assaulted are then told that they consented. Patients are in a no-win situation.

      People have to absolutely wake-up. That does not include believing that all men are sexual predators because they are not. It means taking notice when patients feel so concerned at a member of staffs behaviour that they have bothered to mention it to a third party let alone complain about it. It also means not believing that female members of staff cannot possibly be colluding or perpetuating abuse. Most of all it means everyone having a bit of backbone and a bit of integrity and not keeping quiet because they’ve got a comfortable life and they want that to continue.

      I have witnessed the ways in which people who are not abusers discuss sensitive matters with patients/clients – they do not usually get misidentified as molesters. The line is quite clear.

      Dafydd and Gwynne didn’t simply cross the line, they ran a paedophile ring and much of north Wales and most of their colleagues knew that something at least approaching this was going on.

  12. It was the Richardsons who kept South Africa apartheid intelligence sweet, for their diamond mine interests, by bugging 10 Downing Street. They were enterprising people.

  13. The Balin Group information is extremely useful as it is a clear basis for the way John and Deirdre Paulley ran their “Ipswich Vocational Training Initiative for GPs”. This became a basis for, off the Hospital and Off the GP Lloyd George card record, secret prescribing I allege.

    Because the much publicly maligned “Darren”, of huge inquiries into Dolphin Square and Henniker Estate, was as a child fostered to a single Oakwood School and Scouts paedo at Stowmarket I am asking Suffolk Police to renew inquiry. Was his Stowmarket GP a member of the Ipswich Vocational Training Initiative. Was this GP also doctor to Oakwood School and/or nearby St Georges School ?

    I am also grateful to anon who broadened the Elms Guest House explanation.

    1. I am just working on a post re John and Deirdre Paulley, University of Buckingham and the associated network Richard. I expected to have put it up by now, but their whole network contains so many people with worrying pasts that it’s taking me ages to write – I keep having to go off and dig a bit more.

      There are still more of them whom I’ve identified but I’ll have to leave them for a future post.

      1. Sally you are a star. If you come across name of a physio Mrs Hascall she was the relaxation therapy yoga breathing physio. IMO there was definitely something in this yoga but the chances Paulley had explained it are nil. He didn’t even know what Mrs Hascall was teaching. I think they wrote a book together and I would bet the only voice Paulley heard was Paulley !

        1. Ah – I haven’t come across her mentioned by name, but definitely a reference to her role. Paulley sounds as though he was a real Dafydd – working with his own small team of acolytes, doing whatever he wanted without supervision, claiming to be on call 24 hrs a day (that’s the technique that is used to make sure that no other Top Doc comes near your patients no matter how desperate they are to escape).

          By the way Richard, re Buckingham University – I think that I’m found one of those financiers who pulled strings for the empire of Dafydd et al behind the scenes – Sir Martin Jacomb??? Am still digging. The post might not be up until tomorrow, I’ve getting knackered, I’ve been going since 5 am this morning and am flagging! Am covering Bucks University and friends; Jonathan Miller and Cool Cymru…

          Jonathan Miller was a toxic bastard, my friend worked with his son William at the BBC. Didn’t realise what an umbrella old Sir Jonathan was to Dafydd’s network though…

  14. Mrs Thatcher was education secretary who brought Buckingham to reality.

    Getting a small world.

    For the first time I begin to believe my predecessor at Clare Police Station that people had been in and placed listening devices in the warm air heating ducting in the constable bungalow. I just thought it was a hoax to see if we would lower our voices every time we walked by a floor vent. My predecessor and his wife would do a complete Les Dawson every time they went by a heating vent .. you’d be lip reading then their volume returned as they got distance from the vents. I assumed it was a pretty good practical joke.

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