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Readers will probably know that among the numerous other beneficial effects of Mindfulness claimed by its inventor, Dafydd’s former colleague Professor Mark Williams, is that it Increases Compassion. That is why the mental health workers who regularly practised Mindfulness, went on Mindfulness retreats and attended/spoke at conferences on Mindfulness facilitated a criminal trafficking gang, oversaw some of the highest rates of suicide in the UK, stood by while their clients became destitute, threatened their clients and perjured themselves in order to secure criminal convictions against their clients.

In recent years, Mark Williams et al have set out to demonstrate that Mindfulness Increases Compassion by the use of brain scans. I’m delighted to report that the research is going well and people have assured me that you can see the Compassion Centre of the brain ‘lighting up’ in those who practice Mindfulness.

The frontal lobe contains most of the dopamine-delicate neurons in the cerebral cortex. The dopamine system is associated with reward, attention, short-term memory tasks, planning, motivation and, in psychiatrists in north Wales and employees of Gwynedd and Clwyd Social Services, it contains the neurons responsible for people trafficking. Being the Vice Centre of the brain, the frontal lobe is commonly coloured red in textbooks:



Many readers will know that Mark Williams’s research fraud was so successful that he duped numerous politicians who had no knowledge of biomedical sciences at all and thus could be fed any old crap into robustly promoting Mindfulness on the grounds that it has the potential to transform society. Mindfulness was invented by Mark Williams while he lived and worked in Gwynedd, which had one of the highest suicide rates in the UK, one of the lowest mean annual average incomes, one of the poorest performing health services and a Social Services which abused and neglected the people whom it was paid to care for. Williams invented Mindfulness in the late 1980s. Gwynedd still has a high suicide rate, a very low mean average annual income and a non-functioning NHS and Social Services, so clearly it is a testament to the transformative powers of Mindfulness.

Chris Ruane, the Labour MP for the Vale of Clwyd, 1997-2015 and from 2017-present, really loves Mindfulness, he wants everyone to have a bit of it and led the Parliamentary Mindfulness charge. Chris’s constituency covers the areas of Denbigh and St Asaph/Bodelwyddan. The Denbigh area is still choc full with people who worked at Dafydd’s Denbigh Dungeon and Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, a truly lethal hospital managed and staffed by associates of Dafydd et al, is located at Bodelwyddan. St Asaph Cathedral had a member of staff who molested kids for years and one of the organists at St Asaph Cathedral was the son of Geoff, the landlord of the Douglas Arms Hotel in Bethesda. Geoff was a Tory and a believer in law n order. Which will be why some of the police officers in north Wales boasted that they beat up local lads and threw them in Llyn Ogwen and when the victims of these violent assaults appeared in court charged with whatever they had been fitted up for, ‘we’d always be OK if Geoff was on the bench’. Some local men were found dead in Llyn Ogwen having ‘drowned while swimming when drunk’. See previous posts.

Chris Ruane doesn’t have any excuses for supporting Williams’s con, Ruane knows north Wales very well and has spent his entire life on the turf of Dafydd’s gang. Ruane attended Ysgol Mair Roman Catholic primary school in Rhyl. He then went to the Blessed Edward Jones RC High School (he was three years above Carol Vorderman). Blessed Ted’s ended up in very, very serious difficulties which culminated in the removal of the Headmaster in approx 2001 amidst a huge scandal; the school became a no-go area for teachers and pupils, people were fleeing while screaming loudly. Ruane graduated from Aberystwyth University in 1979, when that institution was staffed and managed by the paedophiles’ friends. Ruane then obtained an PGCE from Liverpool University in 1980. He was a town Councillor from 1988 and the Chairman of West Clwyd NUT region. Chris Ruane was a primary school teacher from 1982–97 and a Deputy Head from 1991–97.

Chris was elected as a Labour MP five months after the Waterhouse Inquiry opened.

Here’s Chris, he knows nuzzing…

Official portrait of Chris Ruane crop 2.jpg


Chris Ruane contested Clwyd North West in 1992, but was unsuccessful. So Chris was selected as a candidate when the Windbag was Leader of the Labour Party. The Windbag who knew Dafydd’s pal Dr Tony Francis, who was a great promoter of Mindfulness himself.

I am wondering if the effect of Mindfulness on the nation’s politicians is now beginning to manifest itself at last, because The Guardian Online is reporting that Lord Alf Dubs is to launch a cross-party ‘Compassion in Politics’ campaign. Lord Alf’s image is that of a kindly old buffer who has Special Insight into matters humanity because of his well-known status as a child from what was then Czechoslovakia who fled the Nazis. Alf was one of the mainly Jewish children saved by the English stockbroker Nicholas Winton and others on the Kindertransport (Dubs’s father was Jewish). Alf’s father had fled to England the day that the Nazis arrived in Czechoslovakia and young Alf was to meet him at Liverpool Street station. Alf later said that he clearly remembered leaving Prague station at age six and not touching the food pack given to him by his mother for the next two days. His mother was initially denied a visa but was able to join him and his father in London shortly afterwards.

Lord Alf’s True Story is now so well-known that I had forgotten how it first reached the ears of the world and indeed the ears of Alf himself. I refreshed my memory recently. Alf’s True Story was revealed by Esther Rantzen in Feb 1988 in an episode of ‘That’s Life’.


It was in late 1987 or very early in 1988 when I wrote to Esther Rantzen about Dafydd et al and provided her with details of the horrors of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Esther didn’t ring the gas board and neither did the young men with curly hair on her show. She didn’t even read out my letter and make any jokes about deformed root vegetables. Neither did Cyril compose an Odd Ode about Dafydd. Esther did not reply. Why did I write to Esther? Because she had launched a mental health campaign on ‘That’s Life’ and I thought that Esther ought to know what the mental health services in north Wales were actually doing to people.

After Esther launched her mental health campaign, David Scarboro, an actor in East Enders, killed himself in April 1988 and Esther put on her serious face for the TV cameras and maxed out on David’s death. David Scarboro had been treated very badly indeed by a section of the press with which Esther usually had a very chummy relationship. David played the part of ‘Mark Fowler’ and became upset when in 1985, the East Enders storyline dictated that ‘Mark Fowler’ should become a racist. Things came to a head when the script called for a scene in which ‘Mark’ was to deliver racist abuse. Scarboro refused to play the scene. After this it was decided that he should leave the show. His character was abruptly written out of the storyline.

In December 1985, Scarboro briefly returned to the series and subsequently for brief stints in 1986 and 1987, but never on a permanent or on-going basis. Scarboro’s last appearance in the series was in the episode aired on Christmas Day, 1987.

Elements of the UK tabloid press reported that Scarboro had been fired from the show for turning up late for filming and being unco-operative on set. Away from the series Scarboro initiated libel proceedings after several national papers published inaccurate stories about his private life, but the press continued to pursue him and his family. The ‘News of the Screws’ discovered that Scarboro was in a psychiatric unit, besieged it and published photographs of the unit. Scarboro subsequently left the unit because the unit could not protect his privacy and he could no longer get adequate treatment. Inaccurate stories about his condition were published, along with some very, very nasty headlines about the psycho David. David was known to have been distraught at the press coverage and at his inability to receive adequate care.

David died on 27 April 1988. His body was found at the bottom of Beachy Head and the coroner returned an open verdict, although David is always spoken of as having killed himself. A documentary on his life, ‘My Brother David’, was produced by the BBC in 1988, presented by David’s brother Simon. David’s parents left the country soon after their son’s death.


In 1988, Jimmy Savile’s sex offending was never mentioned in the media but in spite of all the We Didn’t Knows – including from Esther – a lot of people did know what Savile was doing.


Jimmy Savile: Esther Rantzen says she believes late TV ...


In 1988 I was told by two people who had been at Leeds University a few years previously that Savile was known to be sexually assaulting ‘young girls’. Two years later someone who’s dad knew Savile via Stoke Mandeville Hospital told me that everyone at Stoke Mandeville was of the opinion that Savile was a ‘twat’ and then in 2000 another person with Stoke Mandeville links told me that Savile was a bloody nightmare and that most of the money ‘raised’ by Savile was wasted on vanity projects, such as the Jimmy Savile Dining Room.

The tabloid press definitely knew what Savile was doing by 1988. They had been given stories but would not publish for fear of litigation.

In 1989, my friend who’s husband worked at the BBC told me that Esther was loathed, the most dreadful workplace bully, ruthless, completely insincere and that ChildLine was widely perceived to be a crude publicity stunt. In those days Esther was being seriously discussed as a potential future DG of the BBC. In 1986 Thatch had personally appointed Marmaduke Hussey as Chairman of the BBC Governors as a result of his close relationship to the Tory Party. Hussey had no previous experience of the BBC and was always seen as Thatcher’s henchman. His had followed a long career with Associated Newspapers, becoming MD; eventually Hussey became Chief Executive and MD of Times Newspapers, 1971-80. Hussey gave up several boardroom appointments when he took up his job at the BBC, but he remained Chairman of the Royal Marsden Hospital until 1998. 

In 1988, the Royal Marsden Hospital, along with a number of other institutions, began perpetrating the cancer research fraud funded by the Cancer Research Campaign and Imperial Cancer Research Fund, which involved Dr Peter Macguire, a former colleague of Dr Tony Francis. The fraud became public in 1990 and resulted in the presumed suicide of one of those involved, Professor Tim McElwain of the Royal Marsden Hospital (see posts ‘Reports Of Death Were Greatly Exaggerated’ and ‘Apocalypse Now’). At the time, I was working for the Cancer Research Campaign myself, at the University of Surrey in a team led by Professor Vincent Marks, the brother of the then President of the BMA, Dr John Marks. John Marks and Ken Clarke were at each others throats at the time. It all ended in stalemate because everyone involved was concealing serious wrongdoing, including that of Dafydd et al, who were procuring children for sex, for, among others, Thatcher’s friend and the then Minister of State for Energy with responsibility for oil, Sir Peter Morrison. Unbeknown to me, when I was working for Vincent Marks, the BMA were providing Tony Francis, Dafydd et al with advice as to how to frame me for serious offences.

The Princess of Wales was Patron of the Royal Marsden Hospital and it was one of the beneficiaries of the publicity stunt in New York which involved Di flogging off some of her clothes in June 1997, not long before she died.

Duke Hussey’s wife, Lady Susan Hussey, is a Woman of the Bedchamber to Lilibet and godmother to Prince William. Sir Peter Morrison’s sister Dame Mary Morrison was also a Woman of the Bedchamber to Lilibet. Susan Hussey is the older sister of William Waldegrave, who in 1988 was a Minister in Thatch’s Gov’t and served as Secretary of State for Health, 1990-92.

Within three months of becoming Chairman of the BBC, Hussey had forced the DG Alasdair Milne to resign. Milne was replaced by someone more acceptable to Thatch, Michael Checkland.

See previous posts for the full background on Hussey and Checkland.

Jimmy Savile was a friend of Thatch’s and spent many weekends at Chequers with her. Savile was also a friend of Carlo’s.


  • Dark Secrets of Westminster: Challenging British Elite ...

David Icke's Official Forums - Saturn Death Cult (SaVile ...


Esther knew that if she wanted to reach stratospheric heights at the BBC she couldn’t afford to piss Jimmy Savile off. Or indeed Dafydd, who was part of the network which Savile was using to procure young people for sex with VIPs.

Alison Taylor wrote to Carlo in about 1988 telling him that kids in care in north Wales were being abused. She received a letter from Carlo’s office stating that he could not become involved. In 1988 Carlo was the Chancellor of UCNW, which was facilitating an arm of Dafydd’s trafficking gang. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster and Carlo’s close friend, owned an estate in Cheshire which was one of the Duke’s main homes. Boys from Bryn Estyn were taken to the Duke’s estate for ‘work experience’ but refused to return again without explaining why.

Jimmy Savile was known to visit Bryn Estyn and one boy maintained that he was raped by a group of men while Savile watched.

In 1988, Savile was one of the senior managers of Broadmoor, along with his pal Alan Franey. Thatcher’s mate Baroness Trumpington aka Trumpers was the Health Minister who appointed Savile to the Broadmoor management task force (see posts ‘Socio-Political Context Of The North Wales Mental Health Services In The 1980s’ and ‘A Pretty Classy Piece Of Operation’).

At that time, Broadmoor was full of patients who had been abused as kids in care and by the mental health services. Some of those patients were from north Wales, including one person who was mentioned in the Waterhouse Report as having been abused while in care in north Wales. In the late 1980s, Di began making much publicised visits to Broadmoor and Rampton, although the nature of her meetings with the patients and which patients Di met, was kept completely secret for reasons of ‘patient confidentiality’, a la Di’s visits to AIDS wards, among whose patients were rent boys who had been forced into sex work when in care in north Wales (see eg. post ‘The Wretched Of The Earth’). I am all for patient confidentiality, I always felt that Savile’s much publicised visits to children’s wards complete with TV cameras were gross, but the reason for the ‘confidentiality’ at the secure hospitals and the AIDS wards was because many of the patients were the victims of serious crime. The information black-out was to protect the high profile people who had offended against them.

Jimmy Savile also wandered at will at Ashworth Hospital. Ashworth Hospital was part of Dafydd’s domain, was run by Dafydd’s friends and had a dreadful reputation, easily as bad as Broadmoor. See eg. post ‘Security, Security’. One patient was battered to death by the staff at Ashworth – the murder was investigated by Dafydd’s mate and umbrella Professor Robert Bluglass. There were two major inquiries at Ashworth and although it was admitted that the prevailing situation there was horrific, the problems were blamed on Dangerous Mental Patients, not the fact that the institution was run by a trafficking ring and that many of the inmates were victims of that ring.


Esther’s sister Priscilla was a social worker for Lambeth Borough Council. Lambeth had a massive problem with their children’s homes being infiltrated by paedophiles and kids in the care of Lambeth were sent to children’s homes in north Wales, where they were abused and then trafficked back down to London or Brighton. Priscilla’s boss was Valerie – now Baroness – Howarth, whom Esther appointed as CEO of ChildLine. ChildLine ignored phone calls from children in north Wales. One woman also maintains that she told Esther that Savile was abusing children. Esther claims to have no memory of this.

Savile and Esther were involved with the NSPCC. The Duke of Westminster was the Life Vice-President of the NSPCC from 1988 until his death in 2016. Here’s Jimmy with another supporter of the NSPCC:

  • Jimmy Savile sought Margaret Thatcher Stoke Mandeville ...


In north Wales, when the former kids in care were giving evidence regarding the abuse that they had experienced previously, support for them was offered via a Helpline run by the NSPCC, although the witnesses were by then adults. The managers of the NSPCC Helpline were the social workers who had facilitated the trafficking gang. One man who was rash enough to accept support from the NSPCC Helpline was found dead. The Helpline managers reassured themselves that they were covered by their insurance for such an eventually. Not only was the NSPCC Helpline run by the traffickers, but the North Wales Police were given the job of driving the witnesses to the venue where they gave evidence. The North Wales Police who had for years ignored all complaints about the abuse of kids in care and who had arrested the kids themselves if they persisted in complaining and who employed a number of officers who were abusing the kids.


I read the other day that Childline was set up after a conversation between Esther and Michael Grade in 1985. In the account that I read, it was claimed that Michael Grade had put the idea to Esther. In the summer of 1985, my friend worked in the box office at the Edinburgh Fringe. She ended up in hot water with her bosses when she refused to pull strings after Samuel Brittan, a journo with the FT and the brother of Leon Brittan, the then Home Secretary, demanded that she arrange tickets and accommodation for him to visit the Fringe, although everything had sold out weeks ago. Samuel was so irate that he wrote to his Big Mate Michael Grade, who wrote a wonderful letter to Samuel, telling him that he was ‘appalled’ at my friend’s ‘rudeness’ and that Grade would definitely get Samuel tickets ‘even if I have to give you my own’.

You SHALL go to the ball Samuel!

  • Brittan, Sam Biography


The Fairy Godmother himself:

  • Michael Grade


When Leon Brittan was Home Secretary, he was handed a dossier compiled by the Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens which named a number of people, including Westminster figures, who were alleged to be abusing children. Brittan later claimed that he couldn’t remember receiving the dossier. Then Brittan did remember receiving it but couldn’t remember where he had put the dossier. Leon Brittan has been named as one Westminster figure who was possibly children himself. While Brittan was Home Secretary, numerous files relating to organised child abuse went missing from the Home Office. Meanwhile, the criminal activities of Dafydd et al continued unhindered in north Wales. See previous posts.

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A few scenes from life in Britain when Brittan was Home Secretary:

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The friend of mine who so angered Samuel Brittan was my best friend from school, who knew what had been happening to me in north Wales. Her mum was a clinical psychologist and her dad was a social worker and they had advised me after Francis began threatening me in the spring of 1985. My friend’s family lived in Somerset, just down the road from my family and Brown’s family. I now know that I and my friends were under surveillance by the security services by then.


I have mentioned in previous posts that members of my family knew/were known by Somerset MPs Tom King, John Biffen and Edward du Cann (see previous posts). King and Biffen were members of Thatcher’s Cabinet and Peter Morrison was a Minister, 1983-85, under Tom King, when King was Secretary of State for Employment. Other west country MPs who knew people who knew relatives of mine were the Tory Jerry Wiggin and Liberals Paddy Ashdown and John Pardoe (see previous posts).

William Waldegrave’s family seat was and still is at Chewton Mendip in Somerset. Previous posts (eg ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’ and ‘Upper Class Twit Of The Year – Shooting Themselves’) describe how some people in Somerset who knew what had happened to me in north Wales but who did not support me did very well for themselves in terms of career progress and money throughout the late 1980s and the 1990s. One such person received a cheque from Coutts. William Waldegrave was a senior person at Coutts.

Dafydd’s partner-in-crime Dr D.G.E. Wood was from a medical family near Bristol. Over towards the Waldegraves’ neck of the Woods…


My friend who had the dust-up with Samuel Brittan in 1985 was driven out of her job at the Royal Television Society in 1991, just after I was forced out of my job at St George’s Hospital Medical School, after she wanted to make a film about north Wales. Her husband worked in the Drama Commissioning Dept of the BBC and was forced out of his job after his boss yelled at him that he’d make sure that he’d ‘never work in this town again’ when my friend’s husband refused to accept a bribe at work. Weeks later he was transferred to the Religious Broadcasting Unit at Manchester and was soon after made redundant.

The troubles of my two media friends escalated after the summer of 1985 when they moved to London to begin their media careers. They were gradually frozen out by most of their former friends from Stirling University – they had all been part of the circle which included Jack, later Lord, McConnell, who was elected as an MSP in 1999, just before the publication of the Waterhouse Report and then bugger me found himself Scotland’s FM in 2001 (see previous posts) – and they subsequently came under attack from gangsters (see post ‘The Turn Of The Screw’).

Lord Jack’s mate:

Gordon Brown's battle for Britain: 'You have to think ...


In the summer of 1987, I went to see Leicester MIND as well as William Bingley, the Legal Director of MIND at MIND HQ in London and told them what I had witnessed and found out about Dafydd et al. I had no idea that not only was Dafydd involved in MIND himself, but that the organisation had been concealing his wrongdoing as far back as the 1960s. I presume that Bingley rang Dafydd and a few other people as soon as I left his office.


Readers might remember the Radio 4 light entertainment programme ‘Loose Ends’ when Ned Sherrin hosted it during the 1980s. It starred Carol Thatcher and although everybody on ‘Loose Ends’ did their ‘we’re not afraid to push the boundaries’ bit, Thatch had the BBC firmly under her thumb at the time. Emma Freud was also a regular on ‘Loose Ends’ and a ‘Loose Ends’ book published in 1988 describes Emma as being ‘the posh bird who giggles in the background’. Which was indeed all that Emma did on ‘Loose Ends’. But her dad was Radio 4 favourite/Liberal MP Clement Freud… Who has since been unmasked as a sexual predator, including towards underaged girls. Clement’s son was PR guru Matthew Freud. See previous posts. Gee, why ever didn’t we hear about Clement’s sexual assaults on teenagers then Matthew?? Emma Freud is married to Richard Curtis, who, with Ben Elton, wrote ‘Blackadder’. Ben Elton’s dad Lewis Elton was a Prof at Surrey University when I worked there in 1988 (see previous posts for details of Ben, his dad and others in their network). Emma and Richard were very conveniently living in New York during the year that Clement’s lecherous ways made headline news. They were off just before the story broke and then back again after the dust had settled.

Victor Lewis Smith, the film, TV and radio producer, had a regular spot on ‘Loose Ends’ from 1986. Victor Lewis Smith also worked on ‘That’s Life’. Lewis Smith is a York University graduate who presented his own programme on Radio York before joining Radio 4. Yorkshire: Savile ruled the region. Lewis Smith has written for ‘Time Out’, ‘Private Eye’, ‘Mail On Sunday’, ‘Esquire’, ‘Daily Mirror’, ‘The Independent’, ‘Harpers and Queen’ and ‘The Guardian’.

Stephen Fry was a regular on ‘Loose Ends’ in the 1980s. The Stephen Fry of ‘I took cocaine in Buck House, aren’t I naughty’ and ‘I’m friends with Prince Charles as well’ fame; the Stephen Fry who was/is a Labour Luvvie and is President of MIND. Fry rather blotted his copy book with supporters of MIND when he sent out a rude tweet about the self-pity of someone who was Sharing re their experience of sexual abuse. Shortly after the furore, Fry tweeted that his earlier tweet didn’t express his views; although it obviously had 20 mins previously. I don’t know why anyone was surprised that Stephen wasn’t as cuddly and fluffy as they presumed; Fry was born into a fair degree of privilege but believes that it had no effect at all on his later achievements and quips that of course public school didn’t help him, he was expelled from several but still ended up at Cambridge after serving a prison sentence. That is indeed true Stephen, but the difference between you and the people with whom I was banged up in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, was that they were not guilty of the crimes for which they went to prison and no-one gave them a second chance yet alone a place at Cambridge when they came out of jail. Not that they all did come out, quite a few were found dead in prison.

Stephen Fry used to joke that prison wasn’t so bad, he wasn’t raped in the showers by Mr Big. Had Stephen been a kid in care in north Wales rather than the son of a Gov’t scientist, he’d have been raped repeatedly before he ever got as far as prison. And Carlo would not have invited him to Royal premises where Fry could enjoy a few snorts, any plea from Stephen to Carlo for help would have resulted in a letter from Carlo’s office saying that he could not get involved.

Stephen Fry famously made TV programmes about being a manic depressive to enlighten everybody else on the matter. Which seriously pissed off a few manic depressives known to me; they all had the same response: ‘he’s in fucking private clinics in America, just look at what is happening to us..’.

I don’t blame Stephen Fry one bit for not checking into Denbigh or the Hergest Unit, but he didn’t do people with serious mental illness any favours with his Public Information Broadcasts. More of a PR job for the Top Docs really wasn’t it Stephen?

I was amused to find that not long after I blogged about the messy reality of the Top Docs ‘diagnoses’ and ‘cures’ for prostate cancer, Stephen sent out a tweet explaining that he had recently had prostate cancer, his prostate had been removed and how grateful he was to the Top Docs for Saving His Life. Stephen Fry has had a good classical education but he knows bugger all about cancer research and the prevailing practices in that field. However he is intelligent enough to know that he cannot ever know whether the Top Docs did save his life or not, because there is not an identical Stephen Fry who did not have his prostate removed to use as a control. So Stephen is now doubly incontinent and impotent, which if it did save his life was worth it; but he does not know whether his life was saved or not. But I know that the PSA tests are throwing up a lot of false positives…

My friends who’s media careers were ruined used to meet Stephen Fry and Ben Elton at various events!

Stephen Fry Prince Charles Photos - Prince Charles Hosts ...


Jonathan Ross also starred in ‘Loose Ends’ in the late 1980s. The Jonathan who was always an offensive twat but who somehow got away with it for years until he and Russell Brand rang up Andrew Sachs and boasted about Brand shagging Sachs’s granddaughter. There was much shock-horror re the upsetting of a national treasure and a granddad, which eclipsed the rather more unedifying spectacle of Brand bragging about whom he had sex with, when the woman concerned probably just wanted to forget all about the toe rag. Woss and Brand were middle aged men, not 15 years old, so I can’t work out why they were ever received in polite company again.

As for Ned Sherrin; er, where shall I start? Originally a barrister, smug, narcisstic and openly gay even back in the days of ‘That Was The Week That Was’ and David Frost etc. So Ned knew all of the Footlights/BBC 1960s crowd, all of whom knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring, Jimmy Savile etc. Some of them, like Jonathan Miller and Graham Chapman, knew about north Wales too…See previous posts.

Ned was the John Biffen of the BBC; the clever son of Somerset farmers who made it big. Like Biffen’s family, I think that Ned’s family were impressed by him even if they privately raised eye-brows. They were fairly mainstream Somerset farmers of their generation, so they must have been a little surprised at Ned’s activities.

Ned went to Sexey’s School at Bruton; yes it was really called that. When I was a teenager, the other schools in Somerset used to play Sexey’s School at team sports, Sexey’s seemed to take team games quite seriously.

I might return to ‘Loose Ends’ in a future post, I am still digging…


So this was the context in which Alf Dubs’s Amazing True Story was revealed and subsequently broadcast by Esther in February 1988. How did Esther get hold of Lord Alf’s True Story? Amazingly enough, that possessor of a big heart Robert Maxwell was the conduit.

It is often reported that Nicholas Winton, Lord Alf’s saviour, ‘suppressed’ his humanitarian exploits for many years. However, Winton mentioned them in his election material while unsuccessfully standing for election to the Maidenhead Town Council in 1954.

Yet Winton’s rescue achievements ‘went unnoticed for half a century, until in 1988 his wife found a detailed scrapbook in their attic, containing lists of the children, including their parents’ names and the names and addresses of the families that took them in. She gave the scrapbook to Elisabeth Maxwell, a Holocaust researcher and wife of media magnate Robert Maxwell…

Mrs Winton handed that scrapbook over to Cap’n Bob’s wife just like that…

Benny Hill | 100 funny jokes by 100 comedians - Comedy


Winton himself could not remember the reason why this was done. Letters were sent to each of these known addresses and 80 of “Winton’s children” were found in Britain.’

One of whom was Alf!

In February 1988, Alf was invited as a member of the audience to ‘That’s Life’. At one point, Nicholas Winton’s scrapbook was shown and his achievements were explained. Esther asked whether anybody in the audience owed their lives to Winton, and if so, to stand – more than two dozen people surrounding Winton rose and applauded. Well fancy them all turning up like that! But would anyone have actually known if they really all had been saved by Winton? I bet that Esther didn’t take the microphone around to each and every one of them. The BBC were always fiddling figures and rigging situations, those standing up could have been anyone. Furthermore, Alf himself didn’t know that he’d been rescued by Winton until Esther told him…

Although a stockbroker, Winton was also ‘an ardent socialist who became close to Labour Party luminaries Nye Bevan, Jennie Lee and Tom Driberg’. Tom Driberg was a controversial figure in the Labour Party, being a bisexual communist with criminal connections. It was later revealed that Driberg had been working for the security services.

Alf Dubbs served as the Labour MP for Battersea South, 1979-83 and then Battersea, 1983-87. In 1988, when Alf’s True Story received all that heart melting coverage, the Windbag was the Leader of the Labour Party. The Windbag who knew Tony Francis and who was married to Glenys, the school teacher from Holyhead. Glenys’s parents had been Labour Party activists and were good mates with Lord Cledwyn, who in his capacity as the MP for Anglesey and Secretary of State for Wales, 1966-68, as well as a member of the Lords, for decades played a major role in concealing the crimes of Gwynne the lobotomist and Dafydd et al (see post ‘The Cradle Of Filth’). Lord Cledwyn, along with Harold Wilson, Jim Callaghan, the Windbags and the rest of the Labour Party, also concealed the sex offending of George Thomas aka Viscount Tonypandy, who despite being a Labour politician, was a mate of Thatch and a big fan of the Royals.


In Dec 1987, Alison Taylor had been sacked by Gwynedd County Council. She had written to Thatch in Jan 1987 about the abuse of kids in care in north Wales and on Feb 28 1988 Alison wrote to Tony Newton, the then Health Minister.  Alison had also reported abuse to the North Wales Police, only to be told that she lacked credibility and was ‘manipulating’ children into making complaints. By Feb 1988, Mary had won her case against Dafydd et al, but they were refusing to pay her the damages that had been agreed.

By Feb 1988, my official complaint against Tony Francis, Gwynedd Social Services, Dafydd et al was lodged with the NHS and was the responsibility of the Medical Ombudsman in the Welsh Office, Professor Robert Owen. Who was one of Dafydd’s mates from the Liverpool branch of Dafydd’s empire. Robert Owen was the Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Liverpool and also worked as a consultant at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital (see post ‘In Memoriam – Professor Robert Owen’). While my complaint was supposedly being handled, the crooked lawyer from the Welsh Office, Andrew Park, was busy advising Dafydd et al on fitting me up…

By Feb 1988, the shit was hitting the fan in Cleveland in the form of the child abuse scandal there, which was the result of the gang operating in the north east of England with direct links to Dafydd et al in north Wales. Lord Justice Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was employed to Chair the whitewash for that matter. See post ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas And The Culprits Were Named’. Butler-Sloss was the sister of Michael Havers, who as Attorney General under Thatcher had blocked the prosecution of a number of well-connected paedophiles, including the diplomat and MI6 officer, Sir Peter Hayman.


Alf Dubs’s constituency of Battersea fell within Wandsworth Borough Council. Wandsworth Council, along with the staff of St George’s Hospital Medical School and Springfield Hospital, were facilitating a big paedophile ring which operated in south London (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’). My documents show that there was a direct link between Wandsworth Social Services and Lucille Hughes of Gwynedd Social Services, Tony Francis and Dafydd. There were also direct links between St George’s/Springfield and Tony Francis and Dafydd. Donald Naismith, the Director of Education for Wandsworth, was known to be an active paedophile who was abusing kids in care. See previous posts.

St George’s Hospital had a close historical link with the Duke of Westminster. The Duke’s ancestors had donated the money and land which had led to the establishment of the original St George’s at Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge. When St George’s relocated to their new building in Tooting Broadway in 1980, the Duke demanded of Thatch that the Hyde Park Corner building – worth a great deal of money – should be returned to him, although it belonged to the Dept of Heath. The Duke was allowed to buy the building back for £6k… See previous posts.

In 1988, the year that Alf’s True Story took the world by storm, Professor Sir William Asscher, who as a Top Doctor in Cardiff for many years concealed organised abuse right across Wales, was appointed Dean of St George’s. When in Wales, Asscher had concealed George Thomas’s offending and the crimes of Dafydd et al. The previous Dean of St George’s had been deposed after Oliver Brooke, the Prof of Paediatrics at St George’s, was imprisoned in 1986 for the possession of child porn. Ollie was a big player in a pan-European paedophile ring. Asscher spent the next eight years concealing the rest of the ring at St George’s/Springfield/Wandsworth, on Alf’s doorstep.

William Asscher’s first name was Adolf but he preferred not to use it. Asscher’s family were Dutch Jews who were deported to Westerbork transit camp, where Asscher’s mother secured their release in 1943 by fabricating claims to be of English descent. The family then came to Britain. See previous posts.

Adolf Asscher was just two years younger than Alf Dubbs.


In 1988, matters regarding the paedophile ring in the Leicestershire area were beginning to gather steam. Investigations were beginning after complaints about, among others, Greville Janner, one of Dubs’s fellow Labour MPs. Janner was a barrister, also Jewish and a leading light in the Jewish community. Janner’s father, Barnett Janner, had held Janner’s Leicester seat before him. Barnett Janner was also a lawyer and leader in the Jewish community who had moved to Leicester from Cardiff when Barnett was younger and in search of a seat.

In the autumn of 1987, Dr James Earp of the Towers Hospital, Leicester, concealed the crimes of Dafydd et al in north Wales. See previous posts.


One high profile lawyer in south Wales in 1988 was Leo Abse, a Jewish lawyer who until June 1987 had been the Labour MP for Torfaen. Abse was a crook and a close friend of George Thomas. Abse admitted threatening and paying people off in order to protect George Thomas (see post ‘It Wasn’t On Our Radar’). Leo Abse’s brother Danny was a poet and worked as a Top Doctor in south Wales. The Abse family all had a keen interest in psychoanalysis. See previous posts.

It was Leo Abse who, virtually single-handedly, was responsible for the Children Act 1975, which resulted in hundreds of kids in care being sent to north Wales (see post ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’). Abse twisted the arms of Jim Callaghan and Dr Death in order to help him achieve this aim. Jim Callaghan had known Glenys Kinnock’s parents as long ago as when Glenys was a schoolgirl in Holyhead. Dr Death personally knew some of the Top Docs in north Wales who were facilitating Dafydd’s gang (see posts ‘Dr Death’ and We’ve Been Expecting You…’). Audrey Callaghan was in on the dinners where Leo Abse persuaded Jim Callaghan to support a rewriting of the legislation with regard to the welfare of children. Audrey had colluded with child abuse when she had sat on the London County Council. In 1969, Audrey Callaghan became the Chair of the Board of Governors of Great Ormond Street Hospital, where Savile dropped in on the kiddies trapped in their hospital beds whenever he felt like it. Audrey continued raising funds for GOSH for the next thirty years. The Princess of Wales was President of GOSH from 1989 and Di was involved with the fund-raising efforts of GOSH.

Leo Abse has been investigated for historical sex offences.

Jim Callaghan hated George Thomas but concealed his activities because Thomas was such a big vote puller in south Wales.  George Thomas was an enthusiastic supporter of medical charidees and also did much for the University Hospital in Cardiff, which was where William Asscher worked. Now which south Wales big wigs with feet in Cardiff and London and interests in medical charidees could have possibly been instrumental in the relocation of William Asscher to St George’s when the wheels very nearly came off the bandwagon after Ollie was jailed??

Here’s a smug old bastard who ensured that no-one would vote Labour for a very long time:

  • Tony Benn on James Callaghan singing - BBC News


Is that a finger part of a hand covered in blood??


Bloody War stock photo

Leo Abse had supporters in the form of the Windbags. The Windbags were quoted in the press as having said of Leo Abse that ‘Leo was courageous, highly principled, very funny and totally unique.’ Leo was also very unpleasant.

The Windbags were friends with Claire Rayner, an Angel who by the 1980s was a regular on the BBC and in the tabloids. Rayner knew about organised abuse of children and vulnerable people at the hands of health and welfare professionals, she knew about Jimmy Savile and remained silent about all of it throughout her entire life (see post ‘The Wretched Of The Earth’). Claire Rayner is a good friend of Helena Kennedy QC.

Helena was a leading light in WISH (Women In Special Hospitals) which was established in the mid-1980s to support female patients in Broadmoor, Ashworth and Rampton. Helena knew that scores of women in those institutions were there for no other reason than that they repeatedly self-harmed or tried to kill themselves as a result of the abuse that they had suffered as kids in care or in the mental health system. Helena said nothing about this and she said nothing about Savile’s offending in Broadmoor either, although two female patients there killed themselves because of Savile’s assaults on them. See post ‘Close Your Eyes And Make A WISH’. For years, Helena worked closely with Professor Nigel Eastman of St George’s/Springfield Hospital (see post ‘Eve Was Framed – As Were A Lot Of Other People’), who was one of those concealing the trafficking ring in south London and who also colluded with Dafydd et al in north Wales (see previous posts).

The Windbag is Wales Patron of the Helena Kennedy Foundation.

Helena Kennedy worked with Claire Rayner on the panel which provided the advice re medical services in HMP Holloway in 1999, when there were great numbers of seriously distressed women in Holloway. The advice provided by Rayner and St Helena was to transfer the women to secure hospitals – where many of them had previously been abused…

The Holloway ‘initiative’ involving Rayner and Kennedy was announced on the day that Miranda’s Prisons Minister Paul Boateng visited Holloway. It was the Windbag who made Paul Boateng a junior Treasury spokesman in 1989.


As a young barrister, Helena Kennedy worked in Took’s Court, Michael Mansfield’s chambers. Mansfield lived in Wandsworth. Mansfield knew what was happening in north Wales and did not respond to it, even when I wrote to him in 1993. Mansfield had handled the trials of some of the men who rioted at Risley Remand Centre in 1989. Mansfield knew that the medical wing at Risley was full of kids in care from north Wales and Dafydd’s patients (see post ‘Include Me Out’). Mansfield didn’t represent them or ever talk about their plight.

Helena Kennedy was President of the National Children’s Bureau (NCB), with which the paedophile social work academic Peter Righton was involved. Righton was employed by Keele University; Mansfield is a Keele graduate.


After discovering his own True Story, Alf Dubs campaigned for Nicholas Winton to be honoured. Winton was knighted in 2002.

Dubs was educated at Cheadle Hulme School, which is in Greater Manchester, near to the wealthy parts of Cheshire eg. Wilmslow, Altrincham. Many of the professional people who concealed Dafydd’s gang which operated in north Wales/Cheshire lived in the Wilmslow/Altrincham area. Dubs studied at the LSE, an institution which educated numerous people who were either involved in the abuse in north Wales/Cheshire or who concealed it. Dubs worked as a local government officer before entering politics. The local government officers trade unions NUPE and NALGO – which merged to form UNISON – contained many people who had been involved with the abuse of children in care. Not only did NUPE and NALGO provide full protection to their members who had abused children, but in some cases – including in north Wales/Cheshire – it was the union reps who had abused the kids. Jeremy Corbyn worked for NUPE before he became an MP and Alun Michael, whom Miranda imposed upon Wales as First Secretary/FM – Michael is another Keele University graduate – also had a deep and meaningful relationship with NUPE.

Dubs lost his Commons seat at the General Election of 1987. From 1988 to 1995, Dubs was Director of the Refugee Council. In 1994, he became a Labour peer. On 9 June 1994, Matt Arnold, the Head of Bryn Estyn, died of an ‘unspecified blood disease’. On 13 June 1994, the trial of Arnold’s friend and colleague at Bryn Estyn, Peter Howarth, for sexually abusing boys in care began. John Smith, the Leader of the Labour Party, had died on 12 May 1994 after Bart’s hospital had been unable to revive him following a heart attack. On 8 July 1994, Peter Howarth was found guilty of child sexual abuse and sentenced to ten years in prison. Miranda became Leader of the Labour Party on 21 July 1994.

Tony Blair in Ukraine - 2018 (MUS7623) (cropped).jpg


Before becoming an MP, Miranda had been a pupil barrister of George Carman QC, the crooked, much-feared barrister who was retained by Jimmy Savile. Cherie worked in Carman’s Chambers until 1988. Before Carman relocated to London after he acted for Jeremy Thorpe at the Old Bailey in 1979, Carman worked in Chambers in Manchester and lived in Cheshire, on Lord Alf Dubs’ old stomping ground. It was the presence of Killer Carman in particular on the planet that caused so many people to feel that they could not print a word about Savile or indeed the rest of the crew, including Dafydd. When Gillian Taylforth, the East Enders actress, sued ‘The Sun’ for libel in Jan 1994, Carman caused her so much distress that Taylforth collapsed in court. The scene was treated as one huge entertaining spectacle. Taylforth lost the case and it cost her a fortune. The Presiding judge was Justice Drake, who had presided over the Dec 1994 trial which resulted when the former North Wales Police senior officer Gordon Anglesea sued ‘Private Eye’ and others for libel after they had published allegations that Anglesea had sexually abused boys in care in north Wales. Anglesea won nearly £400k damages. George Carman QC represented ‘Private Eye’ et al and I believe deliberately threw the case (see posts ‘Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd’ and ‘Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd – A Few Additional Comments’). Shortly after the trial, one of the witnesses, Mark Humphreys, was found dead.

In 2016 Gordon Anglesea was convicted of the historical abuse of boys in care in north Wales and was imprisoned.

George Carman provided legal advice to a number of newspapers, including, for quite some time, to the Mirror. Which employed Miranda’s PR man Alastair Campbell, who doubles up as a MIND ambassador.


For years, people told me repeatedly that if I tried to take on Dafydd et al in court or ever published a word about them, they would produce George Carman QC and I’d be eaten for breakfast. Now I am sure that was true. But I’d like to make the point that the only reason why, after 1987-88, that Carman or someone like him could have devoured me was that by then, Dafydd et al had been allowed to lie and lie and lie – and document those lies as fact and send them to third parties – about me, as well as about my friends who knew what Dafydd et al had done and it would have been those lies that Carman would have relied upon to discredit us. When I first raised concerns about those we know and love, I, Brown, my two media friends and two other academic friends would have made excellent witnesses. We did not have criminal records, we were not alcoholics or addicts and none of us had been involved in sex work, porn etc. None of us had any of the characteristics that were used to discredit every other witness. Furthermore, my medical records were full of written admissions by Dafydd himself, as well as his colleagues, that the most serious crimes had been committed by them. Those documents were unlawfully witheld from me for decades; because the contents would have been enough to put a few people in prison.

The only reason why no-one could find ANYONE considered credible to give evidence against Dafydd et al was that every witness had been systematically trashed, unlawfully, by the forces of the state. I have mentioned many times previously on this blog that I have been made aware that EVERYTHING, from the day that I arrived at UCNW, was recorded by the security services because the whole place was bugged, probably because of the IRA and Welsh activism in UCNW, but also because of the fall-out from Mary Wynch’s case. No-one bugged UCNW – and later St George’s – to protect us. The info gained was used to protect Dafydd et al.

What use is it if MI5 record a gang of people traffickers threatening and intimidating a student who has complained about them and forging documents about her if they do not put a stop to it? What did they think they were doing when they recorded me telling my tutor and Dr D.G.E. Wood that Brown was receiving murder threats, knowing that the idiots Bell and Wood ignored me? The security services, over a period of years, recorded a murdering criminal gang at work. They did not stop them and they did not warn their targets/victims. That is why Killer Carman could put the fear of God into honest witnesses; he knew they all been fitted up and smeared and if anyone challenged him the crooked old bastard would just order a load of lies from members of the gang employed as professional people. Medical records were always an occasion for a party on behalf of the likes of Carman and they’d have had a ball with mine. They were substantially untrue and Carman would have known that, but no-one would have given a stuff.

Carman had such a serious alcohol problem that he employed his own personal Top Doc, who on one occasion set up an intravenous drip when Carman collapsed from alcohol poisoning in court. I bet that none of the ‘not credible’ witnesses to Dafydd et al have ever collapsed in court from alcohol poisoning. I can imagine what would have been said if they did.

Alastair Campbell was for a time as drunk as George Carman. Does that make Alastair someone who is Telling Lies About Top Doctors? No, it makes Alastair a MIND ambassador and the PM’s Press Officer.


It is not true that there was no evidence of a VIP paedophile gang in north Wales/Cheshire, there was mountains of evidence. The full forces of the British state were used to ensure that none of that evidence ever saw the light of day.


As for events in 1994, my documentation shows that while Matt Arnold was dying and Peter Howarth was standing trial and Miranda was busying himself becoming Leader of the Labour Party, those we know and love were carefully planning – yet again – my incarceration in a secure hospital. The plan swung into action after I and another patient had a meeting with two members of the Mental Health Act Commission and told them that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and that serious complaints were not being investigated. We were told by the members of the Commission, in front of nursing officer Jeff Crowther, that they had heard such complaints about Dafydd ‘all before’. Our complaints were never investigated, by the Commission or anyone else. At the time, William Bingley was Chief Exec of the Commission. After we made those complaints, Dafydd et al staged the throwing of a brick through his glass door in the early hours of the morning and claimed that I had done it. On the basis of no evidence at all linking me with this crime which had been staged anyway, details of this were given to the High Court in Liverpool to demonstrate what a danger to Dafydd I was. See posts ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ and ‘The Banality Of Evil’.

That brick has now become part of my ‘history’. Ooh she threw a brick through Dafydd’s door. Er – no, we’ve agreed that she didn’t. But we’ve recorded it all anyway and sworn it in an affidavit to Liverpool High Court. So we know that it happened!

In 1994, the Jillings investigation into the abuse of children in the care of Clwyd County Council since 1974 was underway. The Jillings Report was published in 1996 and concluded that the abuse had been horrific and that the organised abuse of children in north Wales had stretched back way before 1974, probably as far back as the 1940s. Not that anyone but Clwyd County Council’s own insurers and lawyers ever read the Jillings Report. On the advice of Michael Beloff QC, the legal adviser to Municipal Mutual, Clwyd County Council’s insurers – Municipal Mutual also insured the North Wales Police – the report was witheld from everyone, including Clwyd’s own Councillors and subsequently pulped. See post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake…’.

Michael Beloff QC was and is a friend and colleague of Cherie and Beloff was a visitor to Chequers when Miranda became PM. Michael’s dad Lord Max Beloff was a pal of Ioan Bowen Rees, the Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council who oversaw the abuse of kids in the care of Gwynedd. Lord Max was also involved with Thatcher’s fave university, the private University of Buckingham, of which Thatch served as Chancellor. See previous posts.


To return to Lord Alf, the hero of this story. He was given a peerage – in 1994! – and served as a junior Minister in the N Ireland Office, May 1997-Dec 1999, under Secretary of State Mo Mowlam. Who had spent her career in the north east of England, who knew about the trafficking gang up there which had direct links to Dafydd et al in north Wales and who as N Ireland Secretary knew all about the VIP paedophile at Kincora Boys’ Home, which was linked to the other gangs on mainland Britain. Lord Alf would have known about Kincora as well. Mo’s Top Doctor also assisted in the lies about Mo’s health when she developed a brain tumour. Mo was in a ropey state for a long time and it affected her performance when she was in the N Ireland office; this was known but concealed.



While Alf Dubs was still in the Commons, Labour supporting comedian John O’Farrell worked in Dubs’s office and was a Labour activist in Battersea. In his book, Things Can Only Get Better, O’Farrell described the events leading up to Dubs’s shock defeat by the Conservative John Bowis at the 1987 General Election. In 1986, my two friends who were sacked from the Royal Television Society and the BBC in the early 1990s shared a flat in Bethnal Green with some other Stirling University graduates, one of whom was a woman called Julia, who was then John O’Farrell’s girlfriend. Julia was very hostile to me when I shared the flat with them all for a short while in the autumn of 1986 and her ‘bad vibes’ as my friends described the situation continued towards my friends after I had moved out…

I remember it well, Julia sitting there glowering at us without explanation for hours on end. Never mind Julia, your ex did really well out of it, even if I and my two friends ended up with gangsters after us! O’Farrell wrote jokes for Gordon Brown and other New Labour big wigs…

Why did the Leftie cross the road? Er – some gangsters running a VIP trafficking ring were after his girlfriends’ flatmates and the Labour Party were too fucking spineless to speak up…

O’Farrell successfully campaigned for a new state secondary school to be opened in Lambeth – the Lambeth Academy – and became the Chair of Governors from its opening in 2004 until 2012.


Alf served on an Area Health Authority and more recently on a Mental Health Trust. I haven’t found out which ones, but ooh I can make a few guesses. Dubs was Chair of the Broadcasting Standards Commission until December 2003 and had previously been Deputy Chair of the Independent Television Commission. He is a Trustee of the Open University Foundation.

In the past, Dubs has been a local councillor, Chair of the Fabian Society, Chair of Liberty, a Trustee of Action Aid, a Trustee of the Immigration Advisory Service and of a number of other voluntary organisations.

Three patients at the Hergest Unit who were witness to the serious wrongdoing of Dafydd et al were involved with Action Aid.

In it’s previous incarnation, Liberty was the NCCL and there was much embarrassment when all that business of the NCCL supporting paedophiles’ rights in the 1970s appeared in the press some four years ago. Paul Boateng and Helena Kennedy were both leading lights in the NCCL.

Dubs is a Patron of Humanists UK, formerly known as the British Humanist Association. Claire Rayner served as both Vice-President and President of the British Humanist Association and many other paedophiles’ friends have been involved with the BHA (see previous posts).

In the Lords, Dubs has spoken on varied subjects including the National Probation Service and road safety. Dubs was Chair of the Road Safety Foundation. In north Wales, the Probation Service was involved with the organised abuse of children and vulnerable people.

Dubs lists his main home as a cottage in the Lake District in Cumbria, which enabled him to claim over £26,000 of overnight subsistence expenses in 2007/2008, although he has lived in Notting Hill, west London, since 1964. In May 2009, he argued in justification that Lords regard the overnight allowance as a payment in lieu of salary. “We are the only legislators in the world that don’t get paid,” he said. “The overnight thing is quite generous because it compensates for not having a salary. In practice that’s how it works.”

Dubs is a Vice-President of the Debating Group.


So Lord Alf, how did all that Compassion of yours somehow miss the enormous criminal network with its HQ on your doorstep in Wandsworth which traded in children and vulnerable people? You’ve been the public face of Waifs In Need since 1988. You knew that Ollie at St George’s had been imprisoned and following that there were three high profile scandals at St George’s starring Ollie’s colleagues. Then there were high profile investigations into paedophile rings in Islington, North Wales, Lambeth, Leicester and other places. Your colleague Greville Janner was interviewed under caution with regard to sexual assaults on children in 1990. Don’t tell me that you didn’t notice, because when Greville next appeared in the Commons, he was greeted with a round of applause, so happy were you all to see his his face again.

Lord Alf remained schtum throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry, the more recent revelations re Jimmy Savile and since then the discussions regarding the Westminster Paedophile Ring, including the offending of his fellow Labour peer Viscount Tonypandy.

Ever since Esther discovered Lord Alf’s True Story, at certain times of Peak Distress for Dafydd et al, Lord Alf has been trotted out in the media to remind the world that he was once a Waif who was rescued from Hitler. Little Nell Hodge played the Hitler card the other day when Jeremy Corbyn hurt her feelings; Little Nell was the Leader of Islington Borough Council when the paedophile gang which murdered some of the witnesses operated within that Council. Greville raised the spectre of Hitler as well when he first stood accused; he claimed that the allegations against him were a result of anti-semitism.

Anti-semitism does exist, but we should not allow people who very obviously have questions to answer to muddy the waters by conjuring up images of Hitler which are completely irrelevant to matters under discussion.

Oh, by the way – Esther is Jewish aren’t you Esther?

It is not anti-semitism, this is about NETWORKS which are being utilised. The Jewish network is not the only network that was/is used by this lot, they have used and exploited every network which any of them have ever touched.

The biggest and best network of all at their fingertips is that of the Top Doctors.


Esther felt the full force of the Top Doctors when the BBC and Esther were sued by Dr Sidney Gee in 1984 after Esther featured him on ‘That’s Life!’ in June 1983. Sidney Gee was a ‘weight loss specialist’ who, from what I deduced, certainly had questions to answer. He wasn’t as excessive as Dafydd, but if I wanted to lose weight I would not have gone to Sidney Gee, no matter how desperate I was. Sidney Gee also sued two Top Doctors who appeared on ‘That’s Life’ discussing his treatment of patients, Dr Clemency Mitchell, a GP from Berkshire and Dr Roger Blackwood, a consultant physician at the King Edward Hospital, Windsor. Other defendants were the Chief Presenter of ‘That’s Life’ Gavin Campbell and Gordon Watts, Editor. Gee won the case and it cost the BBC more than a million.

Who acted for Dr Sidney Gee? Er, a Michael Beloff QC…

Esther never touched a Top Doctor again; shortly after Sidney Gee clobbered her, she joined forces with them when she launched her lame anti-child abuse campaign, then her mental health campaign, then her anti-drugs campaign… Child Abuse, Mental Illness, Drug Abuse – can anyone see Dafydd hidden in the picture?

Esther nearly got her fingers burnt again when in 1987, she exposed Holyrood House, a ‘nursing home’ for psych patients in Llandudno, in which patients were being beaten up and abused. Esther named and shamed one Margaret Richards as managing Holyrood House. Esther didn’t mention that all of the patients in Holyrood House had been sent there by one Dafydd Alun Jones and that he knew exactly what was happening to them. Nor did Esther mention the widespread rumours that Margaret Richards was yet another person whom Dafydd was shagging, that she purchased his suits for him – which might have been why they never fitted  – and that she was involved in crime in Llandudno. Esther quietly and very quickly dropped her interest in Holyrood House and returned to ringing the gas board and naming and shaming petty poorly paid officials as Jobsworth of the Month.

Millionaire Top Docs forcing kids and patients into sex work? No, Esther wasn’t going there. However she was happy to provide endless free PR for them.

In 1988 Esther launched another lame show, ‘Hearts Of Gold’. I have mentioned before that for a laugh my friends and I entered Dafydd for ‘Hearts Of Gold’ and asked Esther if Dafydd and his patients could meet Bob Monkhouse because they all loved ‘Bob’s Full House’. We pretended that the letter was from Janice Davies, Dafydd’s lying, crooked Nurse Rached at the North Wales Hospital. We never heard back from ‘Hearts Of Gold’, but years later, I found a copy of my letter to ‘Hearts Of Gold’ in my medical records, with accompanying documentation from those we know and love: Look what she has done now!!! Janice is a Senior Angel at the North Wales Hospital and she has IMPERSONATED Janice!!!

So who was Dafydd’s contact at ‘Hearts Of Gold’ then BBC??

  • Bob Monkhouse's comedy gems found in an old bag | TV ...

Lord Max Beloff was not the only link between Ioan Bowen Rees, the Fiery Welsh Nationalist Who Was Of The Gwerin And Who Hated The English. Ioan – who was incredibly enough an expert on local democracy and even published some highly rated volumes in the field, one of which was highly recommended by Lord Max – co-authored with the Irish historian Owen Dudley Edwards (see post ‘Events, Dear Boy, Events’). Owen Dudley Edwards is the brother of Irish writer Ruth Dudley Edwards. Ruth Dudley Edwards was married to Patrick Cosgrave.

Patrick Cosgrave brought up a Catholic, in poverty in Ireland. Cosgrave rebelled against the severe Catholic piety of his mother and his teachers and acquired a love of British history (or a certain interpretation of it) as a teenager, from reading Kipling, Churchill and Lawrence of Arabia. At University College Dublin, Cosgrave embraced the epithet “West Brit”; at a debate, when an opponent accused him of being “to the Right of Douglas-Home”, Cosgrave retorted that he was “to the Right of Lord Salisbury”. Cosgrave claimed that his grandfather, a warden in Mountjoy Prison, had beaten up Kevin Berry, a Republican rebel executed in 1920. Cosgrave partnered Anthony Clare to win the ‘Irish Times’ debate and the ‘Observer Mace’ debate. 

Anthony Clare was an associate of Dafydd’s from the Maudsley, who colluded with serious crime yet was robustly promoted by the BBC as a Caring Top Doc who’s hands were unsullied with the blood of the barbaric asylum docs from past times.

Patrick Cosgrave did his PhD at Peterhouse at Cambridge, which was renowned as a college where gay male students, along with some of their tutors did interesting things such as dressing up in women’s clothes and adopting girls’ names. Michael Portillo took part in such japes when he was at Peterhouse. Cosgrave was was among the Peterhouse alumni nicknamed “the reactionary chic” by the ‘New Statesman’. 

Having freelanced for Radio Telefis Eireann (RTE) while at UCD, Cosgrave was appointed as their London correspondent in 1968, when the Northern Irish Troubles revived. Cosgrave met all the leading politicians at Westminster, who were then brushing up on their Irish history and Cosgrave provided RTE with the fruits of his contacts. So Cosgrave knew about Kincora and allowed himself to be used by the British state, who ensured that the crime continued and that those responsible were never held to account.

After helping out the Gov’t which caused so much trouble in N Ireland, in 1969, Cosgrave joined the Conservative Research Dept, which was at the time known for being a haven of gay male Tories, some of whom went cruising for boys when in London and enjoyed holidays at a venue in Italy known as the ‘villa of shame’, where, according to Matthew Parris, ‘willing boys’ were supplied. At the Conservative Research Dept, Cosgrave became a Zionist. His job there included briefing Edward Heath on Prime Minister’s Questions, while continuing to write for ‘The Spectator’.

Cosgrave became political editor of ‘The Spectator’ in 1971, where his numerous, often scathing, articles about Heath’s leadership were influential in effecting the change to Thatch. 

In 1975, Cosgrave became Thatch’s advisor while she was Leader of the Opposition. One person who had been key to Thatch becoming Leader of the Tories in 1975 was Peter Morrison. Thatch dropped Cosgrave after winning power in 1979, although as her adviser, he had been viewed as a futire Cabinet Minister. By 1979, Cosgrave’s excessive boozing was impairing his reliability.

Subsequently, Cosgrave was briefly Editor-in-Chief of Tiny Rowland’s Lonrho publications. After this, Cosgrave earned a precarious living as a freelance journalist and by writing books, mainly political biographies. Among other publications, he wrote for ‘The Times’,  ‘The Daily Torygraph’ and ‘The Independent’.

Cosgrave’s 1978 biography of Thatch was faulted for hero-worship. His biography of Enoch Powell, whom he also admired, was made with access to Powell and his correspondence.

Cosgrave obtained a British passport and sometimes attended services of the Church of England, while remaining agnostic. 

Cosgrave married three times and divorced twice. It was his first marriage in 1965 that was to Ruth Dudley Edwards, his fellow student at UCD and, later, Cambridge. He married Norma Green, mother of his daughter Rebecca, in 1974; and Shirley Ward in 1981. Shirley Ward was Secretary of the European Democrats at the European Parliament. 

Patrick Cosgrave had financial problems from the late 1970s and when Norma Green left him in 1980, Rebecca was made a ward of court. I bet that no-one dared entrust Rebecca’s welfare to Gwynedd Social Services. In 1981 the Inland Revenue filed a tax demand for over £10,000 and Cosgrave was declared bankrupt.His debt of £18,700 was discharged in 1985.

Cosgrave died of heart failure at the age of 59 in 2001, the year following the Waterhouse Report. His poor health was exacerbated by heavy drinking and smoking.


The Defender of Fortress Gwynedd Against Thatch:

  •  It’ll be Christmas before too long, so I’ll get ready to drive around Caernarfon equipped with a loud hailer on the car roof, to give everyone a rendering of some traditional Gwynedd County Council hymns and arias, including ‘Yma O Hyd’ and of course ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Me’. See you at the festivities Dafydd Iwan!

Wales International Harp Festival 2018


Now Lord Alf, do us all a favour and spare us your Compassion. We’ve all suffered quite enough at the hands of Mindfulness practitioners. When they spread their Compassion around north Wales, the following scenarios were not unusual:

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This is what you did. All of you. While you bollocked on about Enemies Within, about being the first Kinnock in a Thousand Generations and Caring and Sharing and Prison Works and being Tough On Crime and Tough On The Causes of Crime. The security services knew exactly what was going on and told their political masters, who decided that it was going to continue.
People who went to the police were found dead. Or sometimes their children were.
Now just fuck off, the lot of you. You have caused enormous suffering and it was my friends who died while you troughed. Fuck off and now. You have been exposed for what you are and we don’t need any more of you mouthing off about Compassion or Stigma or Men Who Won’t Share.


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. There’s been a lot in the news over the past couple of days but I’ve been too busy researching and developing blog posts to comment.

    The story which took the broadsheets by storm was ‘The Times’ exclusive yesterday featuring a young woman with autism and severe learning disabilities who was in the care of Manchester City Council AND under the Court of Protection who was placed on a ‘programme’ allowing her to have sex with whoever she wanted at any time at her house during the day time. This was the answer dreamt up by the Court of protection and her ‘carers’ to the previous problem of her being sexually exploited by a range of callous men. So the CoP and the carers decided that if the door of this young woman’s house was open to all shaggers, she would learn that some sexual encounters are unsafe. This was a young women with SEVERE LEARNING DISABILITIES. Does the CoP not understand the definition of ‘learning disabilities’???

    The result was a constant stream of unscrupulous shaggers, some of whom she had never previously met. The carers remained in the house while the sex took place. For an added extra, the young woman was married to a man whom it was acknowledged was caring and concerned for her welfare. He had not been told about the ‘care plan’ and was mortified to learn that when he was not at home, the house had been turned into a knocking shop.

    For once a Top Doctor came up trumps and wrote a lengthy report describing this care plan as dangerous in the extreme and exposing the young woman to pimping, violence or even death and because she had severe learning disabilities, she would not be able to learn from this care plan… The Top Doc’s report was ignored.

    The care company who provided the care package was owned by the Director of Social Services of Manchester who had commissioned the care company.

    The one sane figure in all this – apart from the Top Doc – was the young woman’s husband. He is Bangladeshi and has now been told that he’s going to be deported anyway…

    This is the sort of idiocy that has been happening under the guise of ‘care’ for vulnerable people for quite some time now. There is of course discussion needed in the case of severely learning disabled people and their right to sexual relationships but only a total fuckwit could have come up with a care plan like this. Indeed a total fuckwit did; he was a judge in the Court of Protection.

    It was by processes such as this that all vulnerable people in all care setting in north Wales were targeted as fresh meat for the sex market.

    BBC News Wales excitedly reported that the waiting time at two Welsh hospitals have improved; they have only improved very slightly and the two hospitals concerned, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and Wrexham Maelor, still have the worst records of any hospitals in Wales, ever. They are record breakers, as Roy Castle would have said…

    Since then, BBC Online have put up a report explaining that the Govt’s ‘flagship mental health programme’ ie. ‘talking treatments’ – which have been shown to be ineffective for many people anyway – has flopped so badly that in many areas of the UK they are not available. One area of the UK which is listed as missing all targets re ‘talking treatments’ is the Betsi in north Wales. Who in the UK embraced and promoted the idea of talking treatments more than anyone? Er, the Welsh Gov’t and the Top Docs/clin psychs of north Wales. It was Mark Williams, David Crossley et al who invented the bloody things. Who was commissioned to for provide talking treatments for the Betsi? MIND and Dafydd’s charidee CAIS.

    There seems to be a common thread running through NHS disaster and suicide in north Wales…

    The Tories are engaged in an impressive civil war and paedophiles’ friends recently featured on this blog such as Guto Bebb and Owen Paterson are baying for Theresa’s blood. Nick Hurd, the Minister for Policing – Nick is the son of that old law-breaker Douglas who allowed Dafydd and the gang free reign in north Wales for so long – is trying to explain away a rise in crime but doesn’t know how to do this.

    Another Tory MP has been in the news re the benefits chaos, ie. Sarah Newton. Sarah was, like Theresa, a Merton Councillor, on the doorstep of St George’s Hospital Medical School, when that institution facilitated a paedophile ring in Merton and the surrounding area. Sarah was formerly Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Wimbledon Conservatives. So she knew the Top Docs and senior managers of St George’s then, Wimbledon was their favoured habitat. In the early 1990s, Sarah was Director of Age Concern England, another organisation that attracted many a vampire…

    The profits of the private medical company Spire have been reported as falling. So all that hard work of the Top Docs in north Wales who have ensured that the waiting times for orthopaedic surgery are so long that people in agony cave in and agree to see the same Top Doc but for a fee in their Spire clinic has been to no avail then.

    And John McDonnell has stated that when Labour gets into Gov’t, he’s going to turn part of Parliament into a Marxist reading room. Which is a lovely idea, should it ever happen perhaps John could send me a ticket to get in there so that I can do a bit of browsing. Can I ask that John also stocks the reading room with other ideologies/theorists as well? It’s nice to read everything, even if one rejects some of the arguments. John, I’ve read quite a bit already, but I’m so busy with this blog that there’s a great deal of stuff that I’ve identified which I have not got around to reading yet. Get the stocks in then, because surely the fuckwittery which provides this blog with such a rich seam to mine cannot continue for ever.

    1. PS. John: can you also arrange reduced train fares for users of the Marxist reading room? London is the foulest place that I have ever had the misfortune to live and work in, so I’ll want to visit on a regular basis rather than actually live near the reading room. Diolch yn fawr John!

      1. Good to see that Dafydd Wigley continues writing his column for the Daily Post. This week he wrote about his holiday in Italy. Gwynedd has I think the second lowest household income of any region in the UK.

        I still receive e mails from the various organisations with which I was sometimes involved when I lived in Wales. The Women’s Archive of Wales have invited me to their event ‘The First World War – Women’s Response’ at the Welsh Assembly. The guest speaker is Dr Dinah Evans. Dinah is married to Ron Evans, the crooked solicitor who was formerly employed by Gwynedd County Council and who was Brains behind the many attempts by Dafydd et al to imprison me. Dinah and Ron’s daughter worked for Peter Mandelson. Oh well it could be worse, I was invited to an event featuring Jane Hutt the other day.

        These Wimmin’s Response To Any Distressing Situation At All? ‘You can fuck off, we’re the paedophiles’ friends and our needs will be prioritised.’

        The Women’s Archive of Wales are putting on a display of original documents from the War. I could put on my own display of original documents from the War that was declared upon me – all the forgeries constructed by Ron Evans and his associates. I’ve got quite a collection.

        1. Thanks to the readers who have sent me the link to the story about the big grooming gang in Huddersfield who’ve just been jailed for more than 100 offences against girls in Yorkshire. I’ve just been listening to Radio 4’s reporting on the case.

          Yes, as my readers have pointed out, once more we’ve been allowed to hear about a grooming gang of South Asian men who targeted white girls. Radio 4 held an interview with a senior police officer who was doing the Enlightened Policeman bit. He reeled off a long list of towns with these problems and admitted that the police had been sound asleep until recently but now they’ve woken up but they don’t understand the cultural factors behind these crimes.

          I just kept thinking of that well known South Asian taxi driver Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and that well-known South Asian owner of a curry house Judge Huw Daniel and how no-one understood the cultural factors behind their offending either. Then there was the contribution made to the grooming gang by the well-known South Asian man Jo Bott, assisted by South Asian men Bridget Lloyd, Jackie Brandt and Sadie Francis. It’s something about South Asian men and their heritage but we don’t know what. A good sociologist is needed but because they are all hounded out of Bangor University, the mystery continues.

          Professor Alexis Jay has written a Report on Huddersfield. I expect that she’s gone off for a Mindfulness retreat now that she’s done that.

          The prosecutor who ‘did’ the Huddersfield case was interviewed, a South Asian man himself. He made some good points and said that this is not a case of lessons being learned, the lessons should not have needed learning and this has happened only because of incompetence. It was refreshing to hear such honesty. I absolutely accept that the prosecutor knows a great deal more about Huddersfield than I do, but I am sceptical re his assertion that this is a problem with men; I am fairly sure that Little Women will have been involved somewhere.

          Furthermore, as I am sure that my regular correspondent Dr Richard Haynes will have noticed, where were the Top Doctors, Angels and social workers in Huddersfield? Because they will have known about this.

          1. All interviewees on Radio 4 stated that we should not fear being called racist and we need to identify the ethnic origins of the gang members.

            Dafydd Alun – Welsh, peasant stock.
            Dafydd Iwan – Welsh, Royalty
            Alun Ffred- Welsh, Royalty
            Dafydd – Welsh
            Gwynne – Welsh
            David – English, of pompous Top Doctor heritage
            Huw – Welsh, but of the finest pedigree, Jesus College, Oxford.
            Lucille – Welsh, of vintage Slapper lineage
            Peter n Ruth – Welsh
            Margaret – English
            David – English
            Enid – Welsh
            Ioan – Welsh
            Huw – Welsh
            Wyn – Welsh
            Ronnie – Welsh
            John – English
            Rhodri – Welsh, of Ale lineage
            Meri – Welsh, of Slapper lineage
            Cledwyn – Welsh
            Neil – of Windbag lineage
            Glenys – of I’ll do anything lineage
            Cledwyn – Welsh.
            Bridget – Irish
            Brian – Irish
            Jane – Mixed English/Welsh, of Top Doctor lineage
            Slob – Drunken English
            Keith – English
            Keith – English
            Martin – English (I think)
            Grace – English (I think)
            Lyn – Scouse
            Edwina – Welsh
            Tom – Drunken Irish
            Jo – English (I think)
            Tony – Mixed English/Welsh
            Sadie – English
            Theo – Welsh
            Lesley – Welsh/English border
            Mark – Not sure actually
            Eluned – of Lords lineage
            Robert – English
            Robert – Welsh
            Robin – English
            Nigel – English
            Helena – Scottish, of Saints
            Michael – English
            Cherie – Scouse
            Miranda – Fettes
            Gordon – Scottish
            Ruth – English
            Nicky – English
            David – English
            Alice – English, posh, of Tommy’s
            James – English
            Margaret – English, of grocers stock
            Sunny Jim and Audrey – God knows
            George – Welsh
            Leo – Welsh/Jewish
            Greville – Jewish
            Adolf – Jewish
            Shirl – of Vera Brittain stock
            Dr Death – of Vampire stock
            Tessa – English, of Top Doctor stock
            Harriet – English, of Blue Blood/Top Doctor stock
            Little Nell – Jewish, of Waif lineage
            Carlo – German/Russian
            Deva – South Asian!! Phew, at last.

            I could continue in this vein for a very long time, but I hope that I’ve demonstrated my point. The cultural background of this gang had one common feature – they were selfish, ruthless bastards who could only get what they wanted by doing disgusting things to other people.

            Radio 4 repeatedly stated that ‘all victims’ were girls.
            The targets of the multi-cultural crew above weren’t. Targets included numerous boys/young men. Specialised market and doubly easy to fit up for an offence against Angels in case of complaint.

          2. Sally
            No one wanted to listen to me in Bridlington about historical child sexual abuse. They had been deaf to my concerns about deaths in Driffield previously and Call me Mike certainly didn’t want to talk about organised crime in the NHS.
            So I was somewhat surprised that Geoff Hutchinson Facilities Manager( Head of Security) at York Museums Trust wanted to hear all about it on Saturday 3 June 2017 at the Eboracum Roman Festival. I was a bit slow on the uptake but I got there in end. He was formerly employed by the Home Office and completely disrupted my day of volunteering. I wonder if he knows Douglas.
            So yes, you cannot sit in the box and no know what happens in an area.

  2. I quite agree Richard, the outbreak of ‘We Didn’t Know’ when the most almighty scandals erupt is farcical. I note that some of the girls targeted by the Huddersfield gang had injuries and abortions, so someone knew.

    Since writing this blog, I do occasionally – although not as often as I expected to – receive a gob full of poison from odd people from the past who spit at me that they ‘didn’t know’ that this was happening to me.

    In north Wales, the situation was so bad that most people knew something; I have always accepted that whereas most people employed in the mental health services/NHS/social services knew just how fucking horrific it was, many other people employed outside those spheres didn’t have the full picture, but most of them knew that something worrying was happening.

    Politicians, councillors and people running the ‘services’ received numerous detailed complaints naming the same people abusing their positions and describing serious crime.

    As for those who passed by on the other side who are now wailing ‘we didn’t know’:

    They saw me repeatedly arrested and dragged through the courts for ludicrous offences, yet they had never seen me carrying out murderous attacks on anyone. They saw me on occasions violently assaulted or threatened in public for no reason. They saw me out of my mind with stress and worry and used this to tell themselves that I needed to ‘calm down’. They saw me gain the highest marks in whatever academic course I undertook and they saw me engage with the work and make friends with other students; yet within months the monster would have been forced out of yet another job despite not actually having done anything wrong. At some points they saw me homeless. They heard other people say that they had seen me being threatened or had even been told themselves that if they ‘colluded with’ me, they too would find that they could not receive ‘services’.

    Well what the fuck did you think was happening to me you worthless lying hypocrites? Did any of you ever witness me carrying out these murderous attacks on people that you all knowingly told each other that I was famous for? No. All you ever saw was me – friendly, chatty, hard working, but sometimes very upset. Because a bunch of gangsters were after me you idiots.

    And what did you all think was happening when yet another Hergest patient was found dead? Christ there was enough of them, it was almost a weekly occurrence.

    Most of you knew that something awful was happening and I presented difficulties for you because I had an unfortunate habit of doing postgrad courses and turning up in universities, rather than sitting outside of Morrisons on a sleeping bag out of my head on booze or drugs asking passers-by for money.

    Oh and just to let you know that I knew how low you could all stoop, there was the other highly competent Bangor sociologist who became persona non-grata as well wasn’t there? She didn’t have the mark of Denbigh branded upon her, but she did upset everybody’s sense of what is right and proper by being from Gwynedd but marrying a black man, buggering off to live in America and returning years later to do battle with those we know and love and then marrying someone else who had dared challenge the paedophiles’ friends. So she was denied NHS treatment when she was ill and everybody put the boot into her widower after she died. The final two fingers up was for the local MP to insult her widower at her funeral and then the whole of Bangor University to say fuck off when a collection was held in her memory.

    Someone told me earlier today that they didn’t know how you can all live with yourselves. No, I don’t know either. North Wales is wrecked because of you who call all the shots up there, absolutely wrecked and it is very, very sad for everyone else who lives there. But you won’t learn. You can’t make your NHS work, you can’t make your social services work, the highest performers in the University are met with nothing but hostility and obstruction and your County Councils are endemically corrupt and cannot run any services. Dim problem though, as long as you and your mates/family bag the best jobs then as far as you’re concerned, long may it continue.

    This is nothing to do with ‘the Welsh’, although I’m sorry to say that many English migrants do draw that conclusion. It is everything to do with a nasty, selfish, local elite who aren’t very able and who deep down know it, which is why they drive anyone who is able away. Furthermore that elite are pretty weak and pathetic into the bargain; a generation ago they allowed the likes of ‘Dr DA’ and Lucille et al to serve up a generation of disadvantaged kids as a source of child sex workers to Margaret Thatcher’s friends instead of bringing down Thatcher by exposing what was going on. It beggars belief.

    But at least Meri got the highly paid jobs that she couldn’t do and didn’t deserve. Not one of them had the guts to mention why she kept bagging those jobs although they all loathed her…

    Don’t think I’ve finished yet. I’ll be naming more of those who crept away quietly who think that I don’t know what they were party to…

    It was my friends who died you bastards, not yours. Some of them were my WELSH friends as well…

    Yma O Fucking Hyd. It’s why your regional NHS is the most dangerous in the UK suckers.

    And in case you didn’t notice, a few years ago, the Welsh Dept in Bangor University was the worst performing Celtic Studies Dept in the UK. Even Cambridge University’s Celtic Studies in ENGLAND was rated better. Someone must have worked really hard to achieve that. My three first-language Welsh friends from north Wales – all of whom ended up giving up and going elsewhere – observed that it was a national embarrassment but it wouldn’t actually shame anyone into changing anything…They were of course quite right.

    Don’t bother with anymore We Didn’t Knows. The info on this blog makes it crystal clear that most of you did know. But you did very nicely out of the arrangement.

  3. Richard –
    You might be interested to know that I’ve just received another gob full of How Very Dare You poison from someone who Didn’t Know; someone who is not bright enough to understand that when one writes a blog about serious organised crime, one has to protect the identities of victims and their privacy and dignity and that when doing this certain things cannot be mentioned, lest even more people are found dead… DOH!!!

    Not sure that they should have fessed up to stalking other witnesses online either; do they think that I haven’t heard about the very inappropriate e mails that they have been sending to witnesses???

    God is it surprising that yesterday there was another huge trafficking scandal when people are this vile and dim???

    We’ll wait for the next health n welfare disaster to hit the headlines then, which will be followed by the inevitable Why Oh Why pieces in the media and a mass outbreak of ‘we didn’t know’, while abuse is hurled at whistleblowers…

    While doing more digging this morning, I found out that Esther’s Childline received funding from the DoH. Norman Fowler was DHSS Secretary at the time and was instrumental in concealing the shit in north Wales and of course Ollie Brooke et al. Ollie was imprisoned the year that Esther launched ChildLine; Ollie must have been arrested at about the time that Esther and Michael Grade were having conversations about establishing ChildLine…

    1. Esther’s sister was Priscilla Taylor, a social worker in Lambeth. Links between the gangs in London and north Wales – strong links between Lambeth, St George’s/Wandsworth and north Wales…

      Do you have an explanation for all this Caring Esther?

    2. Sally
      Some might be surprised to know that Douglas and four other men where having a chat about how much I know yesterday morning.
      Funny old game.

      1. I too am detecting that certain people are getting concerned.

        My own theory is that some people in authority are taking an interest in what has happened to some of us and who was most culpable among the professional classes, but for one reason only – that the rot in the NHS is now so bad and so deep that no-one’s safety can be assured. Professional people are dying as well now and the families of politicians and others who ignored what happened to the rest of us are finding that their own families cannot get the care that they need. Someone has woken up to the nightmare that you and I screamed about for so long Richard. Serious organised crime has colonised the NHS and very little of medical research can be believed because it has been built on fraud for a good three decades now.

        It doesn’t say much for the political class that a generation of vulnerable people were allowed to be trafficked for sex by the NHS/Social Services and this was concealed at the highest levels, but now it is them dying at the hands of a profession which cannot clean itself up it is AAAGGGHHH HELP!!! We’re going to die like the Empowered Service Users did…

        People are still very confused though Richard – when they get kicked in the teeth by the Top Docs they are horrified, but even now, the rest of us deserved it. The poison this morning received by me reminded me that one of those about whom I have blogged was a drug addict!!! (No, he had damaged himself with psychedelics, that is a different problem, but never mind.) I was reminded of the Waterhouse Inquiry during which person after person told how when they were in children’s homes in north Wales they were raped at gunpoint, they were beaten half to death, they were forced to have sex with groups of men at age 13, they were taken to other parts of the UK and even abroad where they were forced to work in brothels and all that Ronnie Waterhouse and the world could do was scream ‘but they are criminals and addicts!!!’

        It was welfare professionals running the gang, that is why the people whom they trafficked had problems. Furthermore if you didn’t have problems before you met them you soon bloody well did. And if like me you weren’t an ‘addict’ or a ‘sex worker’ or a ‘criminal’, then it was documented that you were anyway. I mean I tried to murder Dafydd, it’s all down in black and white…

        I hoped that I wouldn’t need to mention the obvious – that even if someone IS an addict/criminal/sex worker, you still don’t treat them like that do you???

        The only people who cannot understand How It Happened are the truly dim, or those who were effectively accomplices. The media is reporting that police and others in Huddersfield ‘didn’t receive complaints’. The girls and their families maintain that they were begging for help.

        There are many, many ways of ensuring that one does not hear about a criminal gang. One way is to be a policeman who bawls at the complainants that they deserved it and that the subject of the complaint is a ‘decent person’ so this complaint will not be investigated. At the other end of the spectrum are Top Docs and Angels who close conversations down by saying that they haven’t got long in this appointment so please remember that or that things are really not that bad or that everything is going very well, when the patient is clearly distraught. Then there are scores of intelligent professional people who know what is happening to someone but make every excuse under the sun as to why they are so ‘stressed’. Or one can be so busy hurling insults at the targets of the gang about them being hippies/liars/unemployed/in trouble with the law that those being insulted will never be in a position to say ‘do you realise that someone tried to kill me/my friend yesterday?’

        That might be why 12 year old girls in Huddersfield were ‘not heard’ in social worker parlance. I was a university educated biomedical researcher and if I couldn’t ‘make myself heard’ what chance did illiterate kids in care have???

        PS. Not being heard continued when I was an academic with a PhD. Me to a senior colleague, circa 2011: ‘Last night a man tried to get into my house about midnight. My dog saw him off.’ Colleague: ‘Are you sure? I mean did you have a chair or anything outside that your dog could have mistaken for an intruder?’
        I e mailed another senior colleague re the same incident who replied with ‘Well done your dog’. That senior colleague heard me. The other one didn’t, probably because she was a health and social care researcher who was working with the mental health services…

        Believe me, a lot of people worked overtime not to hear… Their only defence now is to spit poison at those of us who have gone public and remind us once more of what a load of trash we and other witnesses were. Which is what they did when we were 20 and we first told people that we were receiving murder threats…

        1. PS. The senior colleague who DID ‘hear’ me, was described by a social worker colleague of the trafficking gang as a ‘cold male academic’.

          Please wake up everyone, a bunch of gangsters who maxed out on being Inclusive and Empowering systematically gunned down anyone who wasn’t Of Them. If you were a white male Professor you’d really had it. But then the social work ‘academics’ didn’t like me much either and I is a service user with ovaries.

          1. I was told by a young woman with mental health problems and learning disabilities that the man next door had told her that he was going to ‘teach her about sex’. The young woman told me that she hated this man and asked me to get rid of him. The young woman’s mum was a ‘client’ of the services – as was the young woman – and she too told me that the predator next door was frightening them. The young woman had two very controlling aunties who lived outside of north Wales who called the shots. I told Auntie E that the predator had been offering sex education to her vulnerable niece. Auntie E told me that it was her niece’s fault and she didn’t want to hear anymore about it. Auntie E then had a conversation with Gwynedd Social Services and the Hergest Unit that ended in everyone agreeing that I was a Risk.

            Auntie E was a retired Headmistress. Her brother-in-law was a scriptwriter for S4C dramas and part of High Society in Cardiff.

            There will be no record anywhere of the predator and his conduct towards the two vulnerable women in north Wales. There is a record of me being a Risk.

            ‘We didn’t know. We haven’t received any complaints.’

  4. Much of the Radio 4’s ‘Any Questions’ programme earlier this afternoon was concerned with the Huddersfield grooming scandal. Listeners rang up making points such as ‘it was Asian men who were responsible’ and ‘people are afraid to report this sort of crime’.

    As a result of the 1990-92 North Wales Police investigation into child abuse, more than 100 complaints were made about the abuse of children in one home alone in Bangor. A file was sent to the DPP. The CPS took no action. No South Asian men were named as abusers.

    It may well be that such crimes are under-reported but the biggest problem is the flat refusal of the authorities to respond to complaints.

    Only one person who rang ‘Any Answers’ mentioned that of the many senior police officers, Directors of Social Services etc who failed to act, not one has yet lost their pension. This caller was a man who had detailed knowledge of the Rochdale scandal. He was spot on. Even Operation Pallial, which is now bringing to court many of the abusers in north Wales of a previous generation, has so far only prosecuted bottom feeding social care workers and a few teachers. Not one senior manager, not one Top Doc, not one senior police officer, not one lawyer, not one magistrate or judge, no-one at all has been prosecuted for conspiracy, perjury etc.

    The man with inside knowledge re Rochdale also told Radio 4 that whistleblowers don’t last two minutes. I was talking on the phone to a former NHS employee this morning who worked in Gwynedd until about five years ago, who reminisced about the number of times that he used public interest disclosure legislation to raise concerns about the abuse and neglect of patients. Not one of his concerns was acted upon and two of the patients whom he was concerned about died. This man was the only NHS whistleblower in north Wales who was not forced out of his job, but God did his colleagues hate him. For the last 10 yrs of his employment not one of them would speak to him other than to say the bare minimum required on the wards. One senior manager implied that this whistleblower was sexually exploiting patients himself and an ‘expert witness’ recommended that he should face disciplinary action for ‘colluding with patients’ allegations’.

    No-one has any idea of how much crap is thrown at anyone from all directions who dares make public what is going on.

    Guardian online is reporting on all the tweets from politicians and Others Who Care about how we must now believe people when they raise concerns. They might have noticed that today, the man known as ‘Nick’ who alleged serious abuse and criminality of the part of certain politicians has appeared in court charged with making malicious allegations and has been remanded on bail.

    I have no idea whether Nick is telling the truth, is telling part of the truth, is distressed and confused or is simply a malicious liar. Harvey Proctor, one of those named by Nick, is fuming about Nick. If Harvey Proctor is innocent of the allegations levelled at him by Nick, I can understand why he is fuming.

    However, I have 10,000 documents demonstrating quite clearly that numerous Top Docs, Angels, social workers, lawyers and Gov’t officials variously committed perjury and conspired to pervert the course of justice over a period of many years. (No, Harvey Proctor’s name isn’t mentioned on my documents.)

    One charming message sent to me early this morning denounced the claims on this blog as being ‘incredulous’ and with reference to a witness who’s child died at the hands of those we know and love observed that as she has two living children, ‘there were no more dead babies then’.

    This is the sort of thing that happens to people who speak up. I don’t think that I would have written such a message even to someone who had been a member of Dafydd’s gang in relation to the loss of a child, but it is extraordinary what people feel able to say and do to the sort of people who are hailed as ‘brave’ in the rare event of a conviction. If no action is taken by anyone you’re just a lying bastard…

    I can deal with the sort of message that I received this morning because it is the bread and butter of those we know and love. For the first few years that I raised concerns, it was stressed to me constantly that I was an object of derision, or pity. Angels and Top Docs repeatedly told me that I was ‘making a fool’ of myself; that ‘no-one’ believed me; that ‘your complaints aren’t getting very far are they?’; that I was ‘a conspiracy theorist’ and that ‘people are laughing at you behind your back’. When those tactics didn’t work, they moved onto telling people that I was ‘very clever’ but sadly my life had unravelled and what a pity it was that I now had a ‘grudge’ against those who ‘tried so hard to help’. When I still didn’t shut up, I became an evil cow who’s black heart knew no bounds. I was of course doubly evil because of my ‘charisma’, ‘charm’ and ability to ‘get people on her side’.

    They were running a trafficking gang and Operation Pallial has now confirmed that.

    More than 25 years after the first insults flew, I now receive a message mocking a witness who’s child died.

    Now who’s going to reassure me than a 12 year old kid in care is going to be taken seriously if they allege that they have been abused by a social worker or that a Top Doc or social worker has forced them into sex work?

    As for that children’s home in Bangor which was the cause of over 100 complaints, one of the social workers who’s patch covered that home at the time has variously held jobs as a lecturer in social work/social policy; Head of a Dept at Bangor University; PVC at Bangor University; Chair of the Welsh Language Board; Welsh Language Commissioner for the Welsh Gov’t. She has been the acknowledged ‘other half’ of two Welsh Gov’t Ministers.

    And all UK Gov’ts are ‘committed to fighting sexual exploitation and trafficking’?? Don’t make me laugh.

    1. Sally
      The question of self belief in the face of professional condemnation and repeated failures of those in authority Police, Primary Care Trust becoming Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS Fraud, local MP, NHS England North, Health Service Select Committee, Secretary if State for Health, Prine Minister and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all does represent a ‘ challenging dynamic’ to matters of faith and it did fuck me off but
      Hey ho, it’s to be hoped that I am not shown to be right.

      1. The responses from all directions are unfathomable Richard. It is so obvious what the scale of the problem is; even the Enlightened Policeman on Radio 4 last night talking about Huddersfield was frank that there is one massive problem with trafficking gangs across the whole of the UK and that the gangs have been active for many years, that previously the police were unaware but now they were very much aware, but they ‘didn’t understand’ the phenomenon.

        The phenomenon is that of endemic corruption in all branches of the welfare services. They discovered decades ago that their clients could be targeted by corrupt professionals and an added bonus was the very fact that those being targeted were their clients meant that in the face of complaint their characters could be assassinated by the white collar criminals who had more status and more power than those offended against. No-one challenged this, good professionals were driven out and now it is pretty much the crooks running it.

        People in the hands of the welfare services are ripe for exploitation in every dimension of their lives – sexual, physical, financial, etc. People who have been referred for drug problems can be sold drugs by the professionals and then used as dealers – the added advantage being that if the clients try to escape from the situation, the clients will be shopped and arrested – in the same way that the ‘sex therapy’ clients in north Wales found themselves well and truly trapped after confiding in Dafydd et al. They were blackmailed for the rest of their lives and even their children were. I have been told this repeatedly by people who thought that I didn’t know the methods being used; ‘we would love to see Dr DA imprisoned but he knows things about my family and he’ll tell people…’

        I knew exactly what was happening, I witnessed it, I was told about it many times and Dafydd et al were thick enough to think that I’d fall for the same tactics.

        What is so sad is how many people, even those in professional positions, do not have the guts to challenge such gross behaviour. Apart from the Hergest whistleblower, my PhD supervisor was the first person to my knowledge who did. He told me that he received a shocking phone call from one of those we know and love as soon as I registered for my PhD and he simply took the view that any ‘professional’ who behaved like that was not to be engaged with.

        The lot in north Wales don’t actually understand the policies which they are supposed to be implementing. They have learnt the language and all the lame cliches and phrases are bandied about, but they have no real understanding of the notions of confidentiality, risk assessment/management, safeguarding, they don’t understand these basics let alone anything more nuanced. They’ve been ‘trained’ by the likes of people who were ‘trained’ by Dafydd and if they weren’t killing people you’d just roll around laughing at them.

        The self-belief is indeed impressive. The wreckage is all around them now, it cannot be denied any longer, but no, they continue in their own sweet way.

        But that is how entrenched attitudes work. And of course how would one actually feel about oneself if one admitted what one had been part of? If you’re that disgusting you’re not going to recognise it. In the way that my harasser continues to leave bile and venom on this blog; I had been ignoring them but when they felt able to pass comment about bereaved parents who had lost a child this morning I was hoping that referring to it on this blog might cause them to think that they probably should stay away from the keyboard. No, they’re back again. They don’t get it, they really don’t get it; passing judgement and comment despite being completely ignorant with regard to the content of my 10,000 documents…

        It’s called ‘not knowing your arse from your elbow’ but deciding that you’re going to stick your oar in nonetheless and there is a great deal of it about.

        1. Christ the harasser returned while I was replying to you Richard.

          Why would anyone bother to answer any questions at all posed by someone who has obviously read the whole of this blog which has explained very clearly that this is serious organised crime of a scale that none of us had any idea of until some five years ago, yet continues to hurl insults and demand answers to trivialities???

          Harasser – at one point I actually felt sorry for you. You are miserable, unfulfilled and you were in a violent relationship, that is why I continued with contact. Your only response was to be as rude, insulting and hurtful as possible at every opportunity. So I gave up.

          This blog makes it clear that I and my friends are dealing with serious stuff. Go back to your Daily Mail and your simplistic bigoted view of the world because you clearly cannot grasp the enormity of what is going on here. Every comment that you leave simply demonstrates your extreme ignorance and because of this you would constitute a very real danger to me and other witnesses if any of us were daft enough to have anything to do with you.

          1. I mentioned above that, with the exception of the Hergest whistleblower, the first person who refused to engage with the gang after he received an utterly unprofessional – and probably unlawful – telephone call about me, when I had just registered as his PhD student, was my PhD supervisor. He refused to pander to the vile gits.

            Within weeks my PhD supervisor received a visit from a man who wanted to do a PhD with him. A Craig Barton. Who was Craig? He was and still is an NHS manager in north Wales. When he asked my PhD supervisor to offer him supervision, Barton was working with Alun Davies, the manager at Hergest, who was at the time prosecuting me for ‘threatening to kill’ him.

            Barton was refused a place for PhD registration on the grounds of his comments during his interview, which made it clear that he knew about the abuse of patients but was not and would not be challenging it.

            Craig Barton’s parents were leading lights in the Probation Service in north Wales in the first generation who so ably facilitated Dafydd’s crimes.

            After my PhD supervisor turned down the delightful Craig as a PhD student, a course of workplace bullying was launched against both he and his wife, who was also a senior lecturer at Bangor, by a small number of senior managers. My supervisor and his wife were both forced out of their jobs. I was watching and I logged everything.

            The guilty parties were: Prof Fergus Lowe; Prof Colin Baker; Prof Tom Corns; Prof John Farrar.

            Fungus was the psychopathic Prof of Psychology, who achieved everything that he ever achieved by blackmailing people over Dafydd’s crimes which Fungus had found out all about years previously. Colin Baker’s wife worked for the NHS in north Wales. Tom Corns’s wife was a social worker and his son is a Top Doc. John Farrar’s ex-wife worked for Meri Huws – a former social worker – in the Dept of Lifelong Learning. Farrar taught me when I was an undergrad, he was a Plant Biologist colleague of Chris Wood, who was married to Dr DGE Wood who was facilitating the trafficking ring. Farrar was also a colleague of a lecturer who was known to be shagging school girls.

            Not bagging a PhD didn’t do Craig Barton any harm. Craig went on to be Director of Ysbyty Gwynedd. Which has been in the news constantly over the past two years as a result of patient deaths, the abuse of patients, the worst performance of any hospital in Wales… There has also been a police investigation into Ysbyty Glan Clwyd as a result of financial corruption on the part of the senior managers there.

            In the 1970s Craig graduated in Zoology from Bangor University. When the whole place was run by Dafydd and the traffickers…

  5. BBC News Wales has yet another horror story of the ‘care’ of a young woman with autism after she was removed from her parents by ‘professionals’. Read it and weep…

    For years now, millions and millions has been poured into the coffers of ‘autism experts’ and Simon Baron Cohen has become globally famous for his work on autism. Fungus Lowe at Bangor had links with Baron Cohen and of course Bangor has autism experts as well.

    This blog has detailed the links between the UK autism experts and the paedophiles’ friends.

    The young woman in the news today is one of the casualties.

    As Brown once famously said of an autism expert who remarked in their ‘Report’ on an 8 yr old boy that ‘Josh likes baking cakes’, ‘my granny could have written that and she left school at 12’.

    Take a long hard look at the ‘outcomes’ of the ‘client group’ of these tossers and at what is actually happening to them and ask yourselves if the millions and Baron Cohen’s international fame has provided value for money.

    1. The details of ALL of the abuse scandals leave no-one in any doubt that a great many people knew what was happening.

      I am gobsmacked over the latest Parliamentary twitter flurry from Yvette and the Wimmin, plus a few others. Some Tories have been very rude about Theresa May – and they were very rude – but this has been interpreted by a number of female MPs as tantamount to violence against women. It isn’t. It was rude and not at all how one would like one’s colleagues to behave but none of the male insulters seriously threatened violence towards Theresa. The Theresa who served as a Councillor in an area of London where a trafficking ring operated on her doorstep and who not only ignored it but decades later as Home Secretary, ordered yet another cover-up re the north Wales arm of that trafficking ring.

      I listen to Radio 4 for my info and every day it a reminder of how far the more privileged middle classes are removed from the lives of other people. One of the leading items on the PM programme earlier was a rude, bigoted old man on a airplane who had sworn at another passenger. Cabin crew were interviewed, ooh what did you do, it must have been terrible, this man swore and he was a Racist (the rude old bugger had remarked about his target talking a ‘foreign language’). As with the vitriol hurled at Theresa, it was not pleasant and it is not how I would speak to a fellow passenger, but have any of the outraged ever travelled on a bus or in the second class carriages of a train??? Poor People put up with this sort of crap DAILY on public transport; disabled people are insulted and abused, their rights are denied (eg. being told that they can’t take their wheelchair onto the bus/train etc); and of course patients/clients of the welfare services are sometimes spoken to LIKE THAT by those being paid to ‘help’ them. There is not a flicker of recognition from politicians, just a flat denial that this is happening.

      Oh, furthermore politicians, Esther McVey et al are currently implementing benefit changes – well benefits withdrawals to be precise – that are pushing thousands of people into destitution. It is being done by Theresa May’s Gov’t.

      Snowflake students??? Er, rather a snowflake pampered privileged professional/political class who are outraged when they are on the receiving end of what so many people have to put up with daily…

      Yvette et al – when are you going to defend some women who really do need defending then? Theresa is a woman who occupies the most senior professional position in the country. She is an Oxbridge graduate married to a banker. She is charged with responsibilities re matters such as pressing the nuclear button and you are outraged because some rebels from her own party have been very rude to her.

      Yvette represents a constituency in a part of the UK which has a big longstanding problem with the abuse of vulnerable people and when she was in Gov’t, she was responsible at the DWP for implementing the Welfare Reform Act, which enabled the benefits agency to ‘sanction’ people, leading to cases of incredible hardship. Get your bloody priorities right Yvette, fight for people who need fighting for, not privileged people because they are in possession of the same type of gonads as you.

      1. Here’s one for the Wimmin Who Care and Lord Alf’s Campaign for Compassion.

        Keith Fearns, the abusive leader of the Arfon Mental Health Team who led the charge against so many Empowered Service Users – famous Keith quotes include ‘lock her up’, ‘let them jump off the bridge, I don’t care’ and ‘if the little bastards give me any trouble I’ll section them’) -was, until he suddenly became a social worker in 1979, a milkman on the Maesgeirchan council estate in Bangor. Maesgeirchan was the location of the Ty’r Felin children’s homes where children were abused and sold for sex by their social workers locally and further afield – including at Dolphin Square.

        So how did an abusive milkman living in the vicinity of a children’s home where the kids were being grossly abused ever get the idea that being a social worker was his true vocation?

        Keith was finally dismissed from his job a few years ago, for the serious neglect of clients. It took 30 years for that to happen. What did Keith do after that? He established his own CBT business, went into local schools giving talks about Being A Therapist and even appeared on the BBC news explaining how his CBT approach was so much better than anti-depressants.

        Now Keith’s victims really could do with a helping hand from outraged politicians, but they’ll never get it…

        Keith Fearns was regularly seen having coffee with Hywel Williams, the Plaid MP for Arfon.

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