The Crème de la Crème

It is clear that from the very inception of the NHS bad attitudes towards, as well as the neglect and even abuse of, certain groups of people were tolerated within the service, even by those who have been written into history as moving mountains in their efforts to establish the NHS as a result of their desire to see the poor and disadvantaged receive heath care. The politician who achieved hero status as a result of his work regarding the creation of the NHS was of course Nye Bevan, but there is someone else whose name is not well known outside medical and history circles whose reputation stands upon the towering achievement that is the NHS. That man is Sir George Godber.

Sir George Godber was a Top Doctor and civil servant who worked with both William Beveridge and Nye Bevan to establish the NHS and then was Chief Medical Officer, 1960-73. When Godber died in 2009 ‘The Guardians’ obituary described him as a ‘medical lay saint’. No-one seemed to have a bad word to say about Godber, absolutely no-one.

George Godber was born in 1908, went to Bedford Modern School and then read medicine at that educator of so many of the paedophiles’ friends, New College, Oxford (see post ‘A Study In Tyranny’). Godber trained at the London Hospital and London School of Hygiene, qualifying in 1933. We are told that it was Godber’s experience of working on a casualty ward in a municipal hospital in the London Docklands after qualifying where he encountered seriously ill people who were too poor to afford a doctor but too proud to ask for charity that convinced him that a state-funded health service was necessary.

Godber entered public health medicine as a route into the Ministry of Health. He worked as a county medical officer in Surrey and then joined the Ministry of Health as a medical officer in 1939. He was involved in providing health care services during WWII and organised maternity services in the suburbs for evacuees from inner cities. In 1942 with the publication of the Beveridge Report, Godber was part of the team which prepared the ‘Domesday Book’ survey of British hospitals, personally visiting 300 establishments in Yorkshire and the north midlands.

In 1950 George Godber became Deputy Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health and in 1960 he was appointed Chief Medical Officer at the succeeding dept, the DHSS. He remained as CMO until his retirement in 1973. Godber led a very active retirement – he lived to the age of 100, was driving until he was 97 and didn’t experience serious health problems even in old age. He was Chair of the Health Education Council, 1977-78 and seems to have socialised, given interviews, reflected on the past of the NHS and taken a keen interest in developments and plans. It is highly likely that Godber would have been called on informally for help and advice long after his retirement.

So that’s the bare bones of Godber’s career.

Godber was at the helm whilst Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and Dr T. Gwynne Williams at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh illegally imprisoned, lobotomised, shocked and drugged the victims of the paedophile gang as well as people who were gay along with unmarried pregnant women – and in at least one case that I know of, a pregnant woman who was married but who had left her husband against her mother’s wishes. Godber was in post when people in the ‘care’ of Dafydd and Gwynne died under questionable circumstances which went uninvestigated, when they ‘disappeared’ ‘within the system’ after what was supposed to be a brief stay in hospital, when they remained in the hospital for decades for no explicable reason and when they were transferred to high security hospitals and prisons on the ‘evidence’ of people who had demonstrably lied in other cases. Godber was CMO during all those years when the physical and sexual abuse of patients at Denbigh was openly discussed. He was CMO in the 1960s when Dafydd was named in ‘The Times’ after he discharged many seriously ill patients into ‘community care’, only for them to be later discovered in unsuitable accommodation along the north Wales coast, uncared for and in some cases starving and covered in lice. At this time Dafydd was a leading light in MIND, promoting community care.

Godber was also CMO when the Top Doctors of north Wales flatly refused to provide abortion services after the 1967 Abortion Act, thus leading to the St David’s laundry of Bangor (see post ‘Every Sperm In Sacred – Particularly In Scotland’).

Godber’s responsibilities weren’t just to the DHSS. His role as CMO also spanned the Home Office and the Dept of Education and Science and thus included responsibility for approved schools, remand centres, high security hospitals, prisons and other educational institutions. Such establishments were also under the control of Dafydd, Gwynne, the paedophiles and their friends eg. Axwell Park Approved School Gateshead, Bryn Estyn, Risley Remand Centre, Broadmoor, Park Lane/Moss Side/Ashworth.

Did George Godber perhaps not know what was going on? Well it would have been difficult for him to have missed the article about Denbigh in ‘The Times’ – it caused a very great hoo ha, it was considered a major scandal, particularly when it was revealed that no-one, not even the patients themselves, knew that they were going to be transferred ‘into the community’. The story is that one day a number of coaches turned up at the hospital, the patients were loaded up and off they went. The patients who were transported and left to die seem to have been very vulnerable, frail, chronically ill patients. No doubt Dafydd and Gwynne kept the young attractive ones banged up to continue to provide sexual services to the staff and they won’t have dared let out any of the victims of the paedophile gang.

There’s another reason why Godber would have known just how bad Denbigh was. Because in the early 1960s the Health Minister Enoch Powell visited the North Wales Hospital himself. Dafydd and Gwynne’s work was proudly on display and Powell was so appalled at what he saw that he told the reception committee that he would not allow them to do this to people. When he returned to London Powell immediately proposed the closure of all the long stay psychiatric hospitals and made his famous ‘Water Towers’ speech.

When I found out about all this I was certainly intrigued. Not only because dear old Gwynne and Dafydd had impressed Enoch Powell so deeply with their expertise, but by the fact that they had actually invited him in the first place – well they were both crackers, I can only presume that they had spent so many years telling their lies about the wonderful facilities and care on offer at Denbigh that the mad old buggers had come to believe it themselves – and because Denbigh DIDN’T close. Not until 1995. Enoch Powell, a robust man with a big cult following, had been horrified, had determined to put a stop to Dafydd and Gwynne’s activities, had made a speech and ordered a policy change, but bugger all happened. Furthermore, Powell’s interest in the matter stopped. Completely. I contacted the archive at Cambridge University which holds Powell’s papers because I wanted to go through them and read everything relating to Denbigh, but guess what? There are NO references to Denbigh in the Powell papers.

Powell is someone who tore the Tory Party apart over the issue of race, he inspired dockers to march in protest over immigration and when he really wanted to kick the Tories in the knackers he defected to the Ulster Unionist Party. He also regularly confronted Tory grandees like Heseltine on the TV and told them that their policy with regard to the nuclear deterrent was ‘stupid’. Powell was very effective indeed at causing the maximum trouble on issues over which he felt strongly. Yet something had silenced him after he announced his intention to put a stop to Dafydd and Gwynne’s reign of terror – and references to his desire to do this have not been recorded.

Powell never spoke about Denbigh again but he did talk about his time as Health Minister, between 1960-63. He observed that ‘The unnerving discovery every Minister of Health makes at or near the outset of his term of office is that the only subject he is ever destined to discuss with the medical profession is money’. So he wasn’t destined to discuss the abuses of two maniacs in north Wales who were facilitating a paedophile ring.

‘The Daily Telegraph’ obituary of Godber mentioned that Enoch Powell had described Godber as his ‘bodyguard and lightening conductor’.

The Torygraph also explains that Godber ‘helped found and plan the NHS’, had ‘played a leading role in shaping it over its first 35 years’ and that between 1960-73 Godber ‘wielded immense influence as CMO in the Department of Health and Social Security’.

Could Dafydd and Gwynne’s continued survival and gross abuses after the visit from Mr Powell possibly have been down to Sir George Godber?

So what else did Godber’s obituaries say about him? Well they retold the entertaining Top Doctoresque anecdotes that were Godber’s favourites. Godber enjoyed telling people that minutes after the NHS was established in 1948, he was on duty at the Ministry when he received an SOS from a GP who was requesting leeches. Godber thought that this was a hoax, but it transpired not to be – it really was a GP after leeches, to treat an eye injury sustained by the US ambassador. The leech has made an experimental comeback recently under certain circumstances. However leeches had rather gone out of fashion in 1948 and Godber knew that. Nevertheless, the T. Gwynne Williams of general practice had obviously been summoned in an emergency and had called for leeches – which Godber had supplied. We are also told that later in life Godber used to reminisce about newspaper coverage concerning the waste of NHS resources, such as stories that people were asking for cotton wool on prescription and then using it to stuff their cushions or asking for ambulances to take them shopping. Godber’s favourite story was that of the bald prisoner who had persuaded a psychiatrist that he needed a wig – only to escape using his new disguise.

Godber did not reveal that in north Wales there was a crumbling huge asylum costing a fortune to run and employing hundreds of staff which was used as the personal prison of two men who were facilitating a paedophile ring. Neither did he mention the ambulances which were summoned in the dead of night to deliver people who had been arrested unlawfully to the asylum under cover of darkness. Nor did he mention the legal expense incurred as patients who dared complain were dragged through the courts repeatedly on trumped up charges. Godber knew of much more serious abuses of NHS resources than people making cushions, going shopping or indeed escaping prisoners – if indeed any of those things ever did happen.

There is firm evidence that Godber knew that all was not well in the NHS. He implemented the proposal for the confidential inquiry into maternal deaths in 1952. OK – so mothers were dying at a rate that alarmed even this complacent old fart, so he set up a CONFIDENTIAL inquiry. That is, one that the mothers who might be at risk of dying knew nothing about. This inquiry was then used as a model for later confidential inquiries into deaths associated with analgesia and surgical operations. So the Top Doctors were killing people under anaesthetic on the operating table as well but that was kept quiet too. Could there possibly have been a confidential inquiry into Dafydd and Gwynne that no-one knew anything about on Godber’s watch? It wouldn’t surprise me – a MIND worker who didn’t realise that he was talking to a service user with a brain fessed up to me in 1987 that there had been a big investigation into the mental health services in north Wales, that ‘one man had everything sewn up for himself’ and that ‘it was something to do with Freemasonry’. Yes, that was Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends that the man from MIND was talking about. It was something to do with organised crime involving some of Thatcher’s friends as well.

One of Godber’s obituaries tells us that ‘one of [his] strongest publicity campaigns was against promiscuity, venereal disease and unwanted pregnancy’ but that after his retirement Godber admitted ‘limited success’ in this area, because no-one had a clear idea how to teach young people about sex. No-one rescued them from the clutches of a paedophile gang either and they put a stop to Enoch Powell when he wanted to shut down the prison that the paedophiles were using to incarcerate their victims.

Sir Douglas Black claimed that Godber ‘saw and pursued his duty in promoting the rights of others’. Unless they’d been illegally incarcerated by a paedophile gang obviously. Sir Douglas Black played a key role in the development of the NHS himself. In 1974 he became the first Chief Scientist at the DHSS. He was President of the Royal College of Physicians, 1977-83 and President of the BMA. He was commissioned by Jim Callaghan’s Gov’t to lead an investigation into inequalities – the resulting publication, the Black Report, made Thatch very angry.

Fifty years after the creation of the NHS Godber was quoted as saying that ‘we need to provide the most we can for the most people, not everything for the privileged few’. Presumably this only applies once an exception has been made for the salaries of the Top Doctors and the writing off of huge swathes of people who aren’t considered worthy of their very precious time.

On the 60th anniversary of the NHS – 2008 – the BMJ reported that Godber was too frail to attend the anniversary service at Westminster Abbey. I remember the 60th anniversary of the NHS very well. I was still living in north Wales then and the threats and harassment towards me on the part of the paedophiles’ friends had become very public and well-known locally. I phoned the A&E Dept at Ysbyty Gwynedd for advice and help on that evening. I didn’t dare actually go to hospital in person because the last time that I had done that I had been threatened by two male nurses, refused treatment, accused of abusing the staff and the police were called to throw me out. CCTV had recorded the whole scene so my lawyer subsequently requested release of the footage. The Chief Exec of the North West Wales NHS Trust, Martin Jones, admitted destroying the footage – AFTER the Trust had received my complaint. So on the 60th anniversary I rang in order to avoid further attempts to arrest me. Stephen Gallagher, the senior nurse who had previously refused to treat me and made fallacious allegations about me to the police, slammed the phone down on me. I rang back and he slammed it down again. A friend of mine and her husband rang Gallagher and expressed concern about his conduct. They were insulted by him. My friend then told Gallagher that she worked in the hospital herself and she would be making a complaint about him – he responded by making threats to her career. She told him that she had lost her daughter to suicide which is why she took such a dim view of someone with a mood disorder being denied treatment. Gallagher told her to stop being ‘manipulative’. When my friend went into work the next day she was met by a posse of managers who interrogated her and told her that I was ‘using’ her to ‘get at’ the hospital managers. There was a flat denial from Martin Jones to my lawyer that I had ever been refused treatment. It transpired that Gallagher had previously been the subject of a complaint by a doctor and a note had been put on his staff file stating that his competence and integrity could not be relied upon. Another senior nurse involved in the first incident in which I was denied treatment was some years later arrested and charged after another member of staff witnessed him throw a patient in her 80s against a drinks machine and injure her. Then Gallagher found himself under the spotlight yet again after he was the last person to see a patient who was turned away from the A&E Dept without treatment and found dead in the Cathedral Gardens in Bangor hours later. See post ‘Two Dangerous Very Dishonest Nurses’ for the full details of these incidents.

Martin Jones is now Director of the Workforce at the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

BBC News Wales Online reported the other day that Gruff Rhys, the frontman of the rock group the Super Furry Animals, is planning to take part in a concert to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS. Gruff Rhys is the son of Ioan Bowen Rees, who was Chief Executive of Gwynedd County Council whilst it’s Social Services Dept hosted a paedophile ring, perjured themselves in order to frame complainants and ran the toxic Arfon Community Mental Health Team who neglected psychiatric patients so badly that some of them were living rough in the local villages and towns (see post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’) and were even found dead.


George Godber had a fellow civil service mandarin to assist him, Sir Bruce Fraser, who was appointed Permanent Secretary in the DHSS in 1960, when Powell became Health Minister and when Godber was appointed CMO. Fraser had been moved over from the Treasury and Godber’s obituary describes Fraser as therefore ‘not scarred by the experience of setting up the NHS’. Which says a lot about the pitched battle that was fought between the Top Doctors – in the form of the BMA – and the Labour Gov’t when the NHS was established. The BMA did not want the NHS at all and fought tooth and nail to stop it. Hence Nye Bevan’s now notorious method of persuading the Top Doctors to agree to accept the NHS – he would ‘stuff their mouths with gold’. The interests of the patients have never been foregrounded by the NHS – although I accept that there were many genuine people who did campaign for it – and an enormous degree of secrecy pervades every part of the NHS, particularly with regard to patient harm.

Bruce Fraser was born in 1910 and like Godber went to school in Bedford, but to a different school – Bedford School – and then studied at Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1933 he was appointed to the Scottish Office and then to the Treasury in 1936. He was briefly the Minister for Aviation in 1960 and then became the Permanent Secretary at the DHSS. Between 1964-65 Fraser worked in the Dept of Education and Science and then in the Ministry of Land and Resources, 1965-66. He was Comptroller and Auditor General, ie. the head of the Exchequer and Audit Dept (now the National Audit Office), 1966-71.

Sir Bruce Fraser co-authored a classic text for civil servants, ‘The Complete Plain Words’ with Sir Ernest Gower. This was a guide as to how to teach officials and others to write clearly and it was published by HMSO. HMSO did of course produce the guidelines for Gov’t Depts such as the DHSS. When I first began experiencing problems with the mental health services in north Wales I requested a copy of my medical records – by then I had been lied to, lied about, repeatedly threatened and my records had also been crudely doctored (so to speak) after I had complained about Gwynne the lobotomist. I was told that it was illegal for me to access my records – I knew that this was nonsense, so in the end I called at the office of the pen pusher who was at the time Mr Big Pen Pusher in Gwynedd Health Authority, Bernard Rhodes. I had acquired a publication from HMSO in which the guidelines re patient access to medical records was set out. Bernard started lying to me again – he had already done so by letter – so I quoted out of the HMSO publication. Bernard yelled at me that perhaps I’d like to have a conversation with HMSO then – HMSO wrote the publication from which I was quoting for Bernard’s guidance, so there’d be no point in me conversing with HMSO, it wasn’t them that were lying to me. I yelled at Bernard that the NHS was there for the sake of the patients not the doctors. At this point Bernard lost it completely, yelled ‘NO NO NO’ and threw me out of his office (see post ‘Former NHS Managers Of Notoriety Now Keeping A Low(er) Profile’). I now have a copy of a letter that Bernard wrote and cc’d to a number of people after that meeting which stated that ‘the less said to this young lady the better’. Presumably because I had caught them lying and breaking the law. I didn’t realise at the time that the mental health services were facilitating a paedophile ring, participating in serious criminal activities and had been doing so for decades. But Sir Bruce Fraser the man who wrote the guide for officials published by HMSO knew that they were, as did many other people. No-one took any action to stop them.


Earlier today I watched a 1968 episode of ‘Tomorrow’s World’ which featured a few Top Doctors from Godber’s time as CMO – he will have personally known some of them. BBC News Online made the clip available on their website because it has just been the anniversary of Christiaan Barnard performing the first human to human heart transplant – Barnard faced a great deal of opposition from the Top Doctors at the time and ‘Tomorrow’s World’ screened a question and answer session between Barnard and other Top Doctors following the transplant.

In 1968 Dafydd and Gwynne were in their heyday and many, many people in the UK medical establishment and in Gov’t knew just how serious their wrongdoing was. As with authorities who are now being faced with evidence of organised child abuse which they ignored, when the Top Doctors are faced with their wrongdoing of yesteryear, the excuse of ‘ooh society saw things differently then’ tends to be trotted out. No – child molesting has never been acceptable which was why so many people worked so hard to conceal it and even went as far as killing the witnesses. ‘It was different in the 70s’ – well yes the clothes people wore were of a different style and attitudes to things like mixed race marriages and gay relationships were different, but I was alive and kicking in the 70s and at no time do I remember molesting children being considered an OK way to spend one’s time. Likewise no Top Doctor would have publicly endorsed facilitating a paedophile ring, trafficking psychiatric patients into prostitution and illegally imprisoning young women because they have complained about one’s mate’s highly improper behaviour towards them. Would they Dafydd? Or come to think of it neither they would they have endorsed perjury, hounding complainants AND their friends out of jobs, threatening them and then trying to bribe them when the threats didn’t work.

The Top Doctors knew exactly how they should have been conducting business and this is exemplified on the ‘Tomorrow’s World’ clip. Christiaan Barnard is accused of breaching confidentiality, of putting patients at risk, of seeking publicity and thus cheapening medicine and of misrepresenting the success of his surgery. The level of debate was excellent – the Top Doctors certainly knew what they should have been doing and because they were being filmed they did indeed do it, whilst they paid attention and sat up straight in their suits with their ties done up, with freshly applied Brylcreem and a side parting and horn-rimmed specs. Christiaan Barnard was not even running a paedophile gang, but the Top Docs gave him a real grilling.

However the Top Docs gave the game away. They were happy to converse and debate with each other even when they strongly disagreed, but unfortunately someone had let in someone else who was Not A Top Doctor  – one Malcolm Muggeridge. Muggeridge actually raised many very similar points to the Top Doctors but they weren’t going to take that from a bloody journalist. They were consistently rude to him using every technique in their repertoire to undermine him. Muggeridge insisted on completely disgracing himself and the Top Doctors did what they did to me on every occasion when I faced them with evidence of their criminal activities – they all joined forces and refused to answer Muggeridge’s question and they ordered Barnard to ‘ignore that question’ as well. So what had Muggeridge said which outraged the Top Doctors so much? He had asked whether Christiaan Barnard had carried out this very controversial surgery in cape Town in South Africa using a ‘coloured person’ as a donor because of the apartheid regime placing less value on the lives of certain citizens. Christ those Top Doctors did not like that. It was as if Muggeridge had accused them of running a paedophile ring. As I watched the Top Doctors sharply draw in their breath and harrumph away in disgust at Muggeridge daring to suggest such a thing, I remembered how many medical techniques had indeed been pioneered on black people – or on psychiatric patients of course – until everyone was convinced that the technique or treatment was safe. In 1968 black people in South Africa routinely experienced far poorer standards of healthcare than white people. Black and white people did not usually use the same hospitals or even share the same doctors. Furthermore the South African police had a habit of violently assaulting and even killing black people and the Top Doctors were not overly concerned about this. We doctors???? Discriminate against black people???? In apartheid South Africa??? How very dare you. Don’t answer that man.

We doctors??? Lie on your medical records??? Then alter them??? Then threaten you and ensure that you were sacked??? Then illegally imprison you and perjure ourselves in Court?? Then ensure that your friends who know what we did were sacked as well??? Dr Dafydd Alun Jones is having sex with patients??? You’re mad – how very dare you. No we will not communicate with you under any circumstances particularly now that you’re in possession of documents written by us in which we admit that we did everything of which you accused us and a great deal more besides.

The Top Docs don’t like admitting this but in the NHS black patients are far more likely to be sectioned, detained in locked wards and forcibly ‘medicated’. They are also more likely to be killed by staff ‘restraining’ them or to be tasered by the police to ‘calm them down’. This has been the case for many, many years although the Top Docs are of course committed to fighting discrimination and stigma. Not that they’ve ever discriminated against or stigmatised anyone in the first place.

Let’s have a look at some of those who featured on the ‘Tomorrow’s World’ programme who stopped speaking to Muggeridge – simply because he suggested a very real possibility – who were leading figures in medicine whilst Dafydd and Gwynne were being allowed to do whatever they felt like by George Godber.

Lord Robert Platt: Platt was a kidney specialist but is actually most well-known for his debate with George Pickering in the 1940s-50s regarding hypertension. Although Lord Platt was a central figure in the UK medical establishment, he wasn’t your typical Top Doctor and was considered frighteningly liberal. He was born in 1900 in Marylebone and his parents established and ran a co-educational boarding school in Derbyshire – his mother was one of the first women to become one of HM Inspectors of Schools. His uncle was a close friend of Keir Hardie and his cousin had been involved in the Spanish Civil War.

Platt studied medicine at Sheffield University and qualified in 1921. He worked as a physician at the Royal Infirmary Sheffield in the 1930s and built up an extensive private practice at the same time. The Royal College of Physicians ‘Lives of the Fellows’ site explains that Platt became a ‘socialist’ during his war service. He resigned from the BMA in 1947 and never rejoined. Platt was an enthusiastic supporter of the NHS. He was awarded the Chair of Medicine at Manchester University in 1946 and for much of his career he was head of Central Manchester Health Authority. Platt was a member of the Royal Commission on Medical Education and a member of the first working party set up to review the medical staffing of hospitals. He Chaired the Merit Awards Committee and at various times was President of the FPA (Family Planning Association), ASH and the National Society for the Abolition of Cruel Sports. Platt was supportive of women in medicine.

Lord Platt was also President of the Eugenics Society. In the early part of the 20th century eugenics had not yet become toxic and many people considered quite respectable supported eugenics, but as the years passed, eugenics became associated with some rather worrying people (see post ‘The Case Of The King’s Sperm’). I note that Lord Platt was still involved with the Eugenics Society in the mid-60s.

Platt was President of the Royal College of Physicians, 1957-62. The Royal College are most grateful to Lord Platt because he oversaw the relocation of the College into their present Regent’s Park building, in much the same way that the Royal College of Psychiatrists have been forever grateful to the man who bagged them their palatial residence.

Lord Platt sat as a crossbencher after he was given a peerage. It is noted that he spoke on pornography and euthanasia, but the Royal College of Physicians remarks that latterly he supported ‘less progressive concerns’ such as the preservation of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital and opposed the compulsory wearing of seat belts. It’s interesting that the Royal College categorise Lord Platt’s support for the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital as ‘less progressive’. When Camden Area Health Authority announced the closure of that hospital in 1976 it was not a bunch of Neanderthals who campaigned to keep it open, it was feminist groups as well as other women. The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was the only hospital which was for women and staffed entirely by women – women who had previously had bad experiences with men very much appreciated the Elizabeth Garett Anderson. Camden Area Health Authority ignored the protests and closed the hospital in 1979. In 1979 Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and illegally imprisoned Mary Wynch for a year. William Kerr and Michael Haslam were raping and abusing female mental health patients in Yorkshire and were afforded complete protection (see post ‘All The Ingredients Of A Scandal’). John Allen’s paedophile gang and trafficking business in north Wales was booming and was being ably assisted by Dafydd and the mental health services in north Wales. Mental health patients and kids in care in Camden were also being abused and exploited, on the doorstep of Frank Dobson, Tessa Jowell and many others who later became leading lights in the Labour Party under Tony Blair (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part IV’).

Lord Platt was an accomplished cello player and was active in a variety of music organisations.

Lord Platt was rather different to the other Top Doctors of his era. He will have known about horrors like the appalling institutional abuse of vulnerable people by the NHS and was a very powerful figure in an era in which Top Doctors were even more powerful than they are now. But I can find no record of even Lord Platt speaking out against the abuse of certain groups within the NHS. Perhaps he just felt that it was a hill too steep to climb – the Royal College implied that he had evolved into a daft old buffer because he dared support a massively popular hospital providing a much needed service and because he dissented on the seatbelts business. The campaign to make wearing seatbelts a legal obligation was backed by the BMA – and promoted by a man called Jimmy Savile.

Another Top Doctor in the ‘Tomorrow’s World’ audience was Sir Thomas Holmes Sellors, a cardiothoracic surgeon. Sir Thomas went to Oriel College, Oxford and then to the Middlesex Hospital, where he qualified in 1926. He was some ten years older than Gwynne the lobotomist who also qualified at the Middlesex. My post ‘I Don’t Believe It!’ names a few other Middlesex alumni who became very big names in medicine whilst Gwynne and his protégé Dafydd were allowed to wreak havoc in north Wales. Sir Thomas developed open heart surgery units at the Middlesex, Harefield and the National Heart Hospitals. Sir Thomas himself worked at Harefield from the outbreak of WWII util he retired and it was he who put Harefield on the map. Harefield has an international reputation as does its star surgeon Professor Magdi Yacoub. My post ‘I Don’t Believe It!’ discusses some world-leading research conducted by Magdi Yacoub with Professor Julia Polak, who when I worked at Hammersmith Hospital was widely reputed to have been perpetrating research fraud.

Thomas Holmes Sellors was President of the Royal College of Surgeons, 1969-72 and President of the BMA in 1972.

Holmes Sellors was ‘active in the medico-political field’ from the inception of the NHS and he is remembered for having a taste for ‘gracious living’, with homes in London and Buckinghamshire. Holmes Sellors remained active for many years after his retirement and was, among other things, the Chairman and later the President of the Medical Council on Alcoholism. Dr Dafydd Alun Jones was constructed as an ‘alcohol and drugs specialist’ (see post ‘The Evolution Of A Drugs Baron?’).

Thomas Holmes Sellors had a stroke when he was older and  in 1986 spent time in hospital. Sir Reginald Murley, who wrote the tribute to Holmes Sellors on the Royal College of Physicians ‘Lives of the Fellows’ site, remembered that he went to visit Sir Thomas who was ‘chuckling with glee’ whilst reading a tabloid newspaper which he’d only purchased because no other newspapers were available in the hospital. Murley noticed Sir Thomas’s ‘unusual reading matter’ and observed that Holmes Sellors was reading about a ‘house of ill-repute on Ambleside Avenue, Streatham’ and remarked to Murley that ‘I had two respectable maiden aunts who lived there. Heaven knows what they would say if they could read that’. What a pair of jolly old buffers Holmes Sellors and Raymond Murley must have been. It was not mentioned in the ‘Lives of the Fellows’ that the house of ill-repute in question, Cynthia Payne’s brothel, was just down the road from St George’s Hospital Medical School and that a number of consultants were clients of Madam Cyn’s. As were a number of judges, MPs, peers, lawyers and clergymen. After Madam Cyn was first raided in 1978 she went to prison, although none of her customers did. Business continued after her release and she was raided again in 1986, which will have been what Holmes Sellors was reading about. No-one understood quite why but she was treated very much more leniently on that occasion, although it wasn’t because the Courts had become any more liberal or less hypocritical.

In 1986 Oliver Brooke, the Professor of Paediatrics at St George’s, was imprisoned for the possession of huge quantities of child pornography. He was released on appeal after a sympathetic judge commented that his collection of kiddie porn could be compared to a collection of cigarette cards. One of the detectives who worked on the Brooke case later revealed that Brooke was Mr Big in a pan-European paedophile network.

One person who had a great deal of knowledge about the activities at Ambleside Avenue and those who visited the brothel was David Sutch, who lived there himself with Madam Cyn for a while. Sadly he cannot enlighten us now because he hung himself in 1999 – so he was dead before the cover-up that was the Waterhouse Report was published in 2000. David Sutch suffered from manic depression and didn’t seem to get the care that he needed from the colleagues of the brothel’s customers. For more background on Ambleside Avenue and the convenience of David Sutch’s suicide, see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’.

Sir Thomas Holmes Sellors was among the very top of the Top Doctors – he is so revered that the Royal College didn’t just have the usual portrait of him painted, they had a whole sculpture made! There is a bust of this glorious man in the Royal College.

Between 1958-67 Holmes Sellors was Chair of the joint consultants committee, which links the BMA with the representatives of the Royal Colleges. Until I read this I didn’t know exactly what the joint consultants committee was, although I’d long since wondered. I’d wondered because in 1988 when I was told that my complaints about the mental health services in north Wales were finally going to be heard, it was the joint consultants committee who appointed Professor Robert Bluglass to investigate my complaints.

Bluglass ignored every part of my complaint relating to Dr Tony Francis (Dr X) and Gwynedd Social Services and stressed that I had caused a lot of trouble and a lot of people great annoyance, although he had documentary evidence that Dafydd had broken the law and lied repeatedly (see post ‘Enter Professor Robert Bluglass CBE’). No action was taken against anyone. Much more recently I discovered that Bluglass was a close colleague of Professor Ian Brockington – Brockington had been Tony Francis’s boss immediately before Tony Francis relocated to north Wales (see post ‘Ian Brockington’s Mischief’). Some three years after Bluglass blamed my unreasonableness for the wrongdoing of people who were facilitating a paedophile gang, a patient was murdered at Ashworth Hospital. Robert Bluglass was appointed to lead the investigation. He in turn appointed two nurses to help him – one nurse was one of the senior nurses from the Reaside Clinic, the clinic of which Bluglass was clinical director and the other was one of Dafydd’s senior nurses. Not only did Dafydd himself send ‘dangerous’ patients to Ashworth , but after I complained about a nurse who assaulted me whilst I was in Denbigh my complaint was not investigated on the grounds that the nurse concerned, Stephen Rose, had left Denbigh for a job at Park Lane Hospital. Park Lane merged with Moss Side to form Ashworth Hospital. There were a number of inquiries into the very serious problems at Ashworth, including the inquiry led by Bluglass. Problems included patients being violently and sexually assaulted by staff, children being taken into the hospital to visit paedophiles, child porn discovered on the premises and a number of deaths. Things just never seemed to improve, although I’m sure that Bluglass did his best.

I now have documents in my possession which demonstrate that one organisation who provided Tony Francis with advice and support after I complained about the wrongdoing of the mental health services was the BMA. Bluglass, Francis and Dafydd were all members and/or fellows of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Professor Catherine Robinson, one of the ‘suicide experts’ who works for the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, used to be married to a psychologist who worked at Ashworth! Catherine herself worked at Denbigh! Time to make a police statement Catherine rather than simply warning all your former colleagues that I was preparing to publish what I knew?

For some unknown reason, a few years ago Bluglass asked for his name to be removed from the medical register and all references to him disappeared from the internet. He has reappeared online now though. There’s a nice photo of him drinking champagne with his friends and he and his wife Kerry – also a Top Doctor – enjoy themselves singing in an elite choir, the St James’s Singers.  Dame Judi Dench is their Patron. Dame Judi gave an interview recently in which she explained that she didn’t mind getting old but sadly her eye-sight is so bad that she can’t read anymore. She obviously can’t see who’s in her fucking choir either.


This blog has paid attention to wrongdoing and fuckwittery being passed down through the generations. Sir Thomas Holmes Sellors did not let the side down in this regard. He had a son – Sir Patrick Holmes Sellors. Sir Patrick died in 2010 but whilst he was alive he was certainly what my friend Brown would call a ‘highly effective shit’.

Patrick Holmes Sellors studied at Oriel College, Oxford and the Middlesex Hospital, like his father. He became an ophthalmologist and due to his general marvellouness he was appointed as a consultant at dear old St George’s when he was just 31. Sir Patrick was also a consultant at the Royal Marsden Hospital and had an extensive private practice. He was honorary consultant to the King Edward VII Hospital for Officers and for St Luke’s Hospital for the Clergy. In 1974 Sir Patrick was appointed Surgeon Oculist to the Royal Household and in 1980 to HM the Queen herself.

Sir Patrick’s obituaries however tell us that his ‘main skill’ lay in ‘medico-legal work’. He must have been very skilled indeed if that eclipsed his Royal duties – his obits mention how Top Doctors would consult Sir Patrick for ‘help’. Sir Patrick was so good at getting Top Doctors out of trouble that he joined the Council of the MDU in 1977 and remained there until he retired in 2003, whereupon the MDU made him an honorary fellow.

When the Edward VII Hospital incurred all that bad publicity after a nurse killed herself, a glowering Lord Simon Glenarthur was wheeled out to intimidate the press. Simon Glenarthur was Chair of the Hospital – he had also been Director of the MDU since 2002. Simon Glenarthur was the Health Minister responsible for the ‘tainted blood’ scandal which resulted in the death of a great many haemophiliacs, although his name was kept under the radar (see post ‘Update On ‘Tainted Blood’ Scandal – The Culprit’).

It was the MDU who provided Dr Tony Francis and his wife, Dr Sadie Francis, with legal ‘advice’ throughout the years 1987-1995 – and I suspect after that as well – as I was repeatedly arrested and prosecuted on the basis of their perjury and the perjury of their colleagues. I have copies of letters that the MDU lawyers wrote to the Francis’s strongly advising them to cease their litigation against me and telling them that there was not the evidence for the claims that they were making. The Francis’s refused to drop the cases so the MDU went ahead regardless, in the knowledge that the allegations against me were untrue. One of the MDU lawyers, Ann Ball, had an extended telephone conversation with me and I told her myself of the criminal wrongdoing that I had witnessed in north Wales. Anne Ball told me that the Francis’s ‘didn’t know’ about any of it. Yet at that time Anne and her colleagues knew that the Francis’s were lying on oath and encouraging others to lie on oath whilst demanding my imprisonment. I also have copies of letters written by Tony and Sadie Francis cc’d to Dr Ian Sanderson of the MDU, complaining about the ‘threat’ that I presented to them and other staff – the ‘threat’ being that I was writing letters of complaint and arriving at Ysbyty Gwynedd in person when my complaints had not been investigated (see post ‘The Night Of The (Dr Chris) Hunter’). The barrister employed by the MDU in the 1991 attempt to have me imprisoned on the lies of the Francis’s was Sir Robert Francis QC (see post ‘The Sordid Role Of Sir Robert Francis QC’). Robert Francis is considered such a safe pair of hands that he has Chaired many investigations into NHS failures, including the inquiry into the care and treatment of Michael Stone after Stone’s conviction for double murder – Michael Stone has always maintained his innocence and was only ever arrested because a Top Doctor phoned someone and stated his belief that Stone Had Done It after watching the murders discussed on Crimewatch. Stone’s legal team are now back in Court once more with new evidence which they believe demonstrates his innocence. A crucial bit of evidence uncovered by Stone’s legal team previously ‘went missing’ on its way to the forensic labs.

Sir Patrick retired in 2003. At the time of his retirement I had just been charged with ‘threatening to kill’ Alun Davies, the manager of the Hergest Unit, on the basis of numerous NHS staff lying in police statements about me – once again. The police who arrested me said that if I was found guilty I’d be looking at a prison sentence of seven years. The case collapsed two years later when it became clear that I hadn’t threatened to kill anyone (see post ‘Interesting Happenings In The Legal System’). There was no investigation as to why so many people had lied to the police and had turned up to Court to lie in the witness box. Last year I found out that after that case, the PNC had been unlawfully accessed to record a conviction of ‘violent disorder’ against my name and a certificate of indictment had also been forged, stating that I had been found guilty of ‘violent disorder’ (see post ‘Even More Confusion Regarding Those Legal Conundrums’ and ‘An Update On Those Legal Condundrums’). I wrote to the North Wales Police’s legal services about this and am still waiting for their explanation.

Sir Patrick died in St Thomas’s Hospital after being taken ill at an MDU celebratory dinner in 2010. What they were celebrating I do not know but he died after his colleagues’ efforts at medical treatment proved unsuccessful. Which seems like natural justice after Holmes Sellors’ career of ensuring that dangerous, lying, criminal doctors got away with framing innocent people, refusing people treatment even in life threatening situations as well as running paedophile gangs and people trafficking rackets.

Tony Francis killed himself a few years ago when Operation Pallial re-opened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. I was surprised to hear that Sadie Francis had told neighbours that Tony had killed himself because of me no less – namely my ‘harassment’ of him. This presumably was the ‘harassment’ that Sadie’s own MDU lawyers told her to stop telling porkies about many, many years ago. I had not seen let alone communicated with either of the Francis’s for a number of years before Tony Francis’s death. My harassment of criminals aiding a paedophile ring must have had supernatural qualities – what a pity it didn’t cause them to stop their involvement in serious crime twenty years ago.

Time for a visit to the police station Sadie? This time to provide details of who else was involved in the paedophile ring, rather than a statement consisting of a pack of lies about me or indeed any other patient – I was not the only one arrested for ‘threatening’ staff or for other crimes that many people did not believe had been committed. Such as Lee Crabtree – a seriously ill young father who was arrested for ‘attempted robbery’, remanded in Altcourse Prison and who hung himself hours later. The details of Mr Crabtree’s ‘crime’ consisted of him ‘escaping from’ – ie. walking out of – the Hergest Unit whilst in distress and then trying the door of an Angel’s car in a rather ham-fisted getaway attempt. The police took him back into the ward – only to  be told by the Hergest Unit that they would not readmit him and insisted on him being charged with attempted robbery. His wife knew nothing about any of this until Altcourse Prison telephoned her to tell her that he had killed himself and that his ‘property’ (ie. clothes) was still at the Hergest Unit. She rang the Unit and an Angel told her that they were far too busy to go looking for lost property. Well they’ll have been needed down the station to lie their arses off to the police in an attempt to frame the next patient who had dared complain. And to man the hot-line to the MDU.

Tony and Sadie Francis’s son is a lawyer. He specialises in ‘medico-legal’ matters. He represents health and welfare organisations rather than patients who have suffered harm. At one point his CV was boasting of the many thousands of pounds that he had saved one local authority after challenging the provision of patients’ care packages.

At the height of the time of the Francis’s allegations that I was about to murder them in cold blood, a particularly foul police sergeant whom Tony Francis seemed to be on very good terms with told me to jump off the Menai Suspension Bridge because ‘decent’ people didn’t want me near them. This was just months before the five witnesses to the activities of the paedophile gang which operated in north Wales and Cheshire were murdered in an arson attack caused by a decent person chucking a petrol bomb into the building where the witnesses had been invited to a party (see post ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’). I don’t know the name of the Ginger Pig, but he was the Sergeant in Menai Bridge Police Station in 1991. There will be records relating to him and his activities – unless of course they’ve gone up in flames as did the records off all of the children who had ever passed through the Bryn Alyn Community at the start of the Waterhouse Inquiry.


So what about Malcolm Muggeridge, the man who mentioned what is now called institutional racism, who so angered the Top Doctors? The caricature of Muggeridge subscribed to by comedians in the 70s and 80s was always that of a man as old as the hills wringing his hands and banging on about religion. So it was quite a surprise when Jean Seaton’s book ‘Pinkoes and Traitors: The BBC and the Nation 1974-87’ claimed that Muggeridge ‘groped incontinently’. Seaton is the ‘official BBC historian’. She accuses the BBC of being, in years gone by, log jammed with dreadful misogynist men and mentions someone ‘in authority’ who persistently asked young women if he could spank them. I presume that this was ‘Spanker’, a man whose name I have forgotten but who was the subject of a number of ‘Private Eye’ articles in the 1980s – unless of course the BBC were employing more than one man who asked his young female colleagues to participate in spanking sessions with him. Seaton records that after a group of outraged female employees approached the Governors about Spanker’s activities, he was relocated to America in another BBC post which came with a luxurious New York apartment thrown in.

I remember the case of Spanker well, because not long after there was another Spanker who hit the news – only this one was a GP in south London. He had asked a number of women patients to keep diaries of their sexual fantasies, read them with him and in return he spanked them. A number of patients made representation to the GMC. In his defence Spanker explained that he was a Committed Christian and he believed that his treatment was helping these troubled women. During the fitness to practice hearing, ‘Private Eye’ ran their spoof ‘A Doctor Writes’ column making reference to a doctor who is spanking his patients soon finding himself an ex-doctor. Of course because the GMC was involved Spanker didn’t become an ex-doctor, he was allowed to continue practising and probably spanking as well.

Seaton’s book refers to an incident in which Robin Day asked Joan Bakewell ‘do men stare at your breasts when you interview them?’. That’s the Robin Day who was a lifelong friend of Sir Ronnie Waterhouse who concealed rather more serious wrongdoing in north Wales than men staring at Joan’s boobs. I take Seaton’s point that the BBC was crawling with appalling old men who constantly propositioned younger women, but as I discussed in my post ‘A Secret And Forbidding Place To Work’ some of those women exploited that situation for their own benefit. In fact Joan Bakewell herself freely admits that she shagged a lot of people who assisted her career and Esther Rantzen achieved greatness by having an affair with and then marrying Desmond Wilcox. It’s not rocket science and it’s a lot easier than working long hours for years and competing on merit.

Seaton argues that Strong Women at the BBC eventually refused to be walked over and denounced the behaviour of their male colleagues and Changed Things. So that is why the Strong Women all remained silent about Savile, Rolf and Stuart Hall. It must also be why Jo Brand is wheeled out by the BBC constantly – and was again this morning on Radio 4 – as an example of a woman who’s not afraid to take on the Men, as exemplified by her giving Ian Hislop a bollocking on ‘Have I Got News For You’ a few weeks ago. That’s the Jo Brand who is a former psychiatric nurse who is married to a man who still works as a psychiatric nurse and who is an ambassador for MIIND – who has said precisely nothing about the abuse of psychiatric patients by the mental health services. Ian Hislop edits a magazine which regularly highlights cases in which psychiatric patients have been killed whilst in the care of the state. Which is probably why he isn’t a MIND ambassador.

Seaton’s book mentions that George Howard, the Chairman of the BBC Governors 1980-83, attempted to charge the BBC for what was thought to be the use of a prostitute. Seaton’s book does mention Savile – but only in the context of the only discussion about him by the Governors being one concerning how to ration Thatcher’s appearances on his radio and TV programmes.

Seaton’s book was published in 2015 – Dame Janet Smith who led the Public Inquiry into the extent of Savile’s abuse called for witnesses with evidence to come forward early in 2012 , so Seaton would have known what Savile had been up to by the time that she was writing that book. Shortly after Seaton’s book was published she had to offer an apology to the family of Huw Wheldon after she accused him of being one of the BBC gropers. Huw Wheldon came from north Wales, went to Friars School in Bangor and had close links to the paedophiles’ friends.

Malcom Muggeridge famously appeared on the TV programme Friday Night Saturday Morning in 1979 in the company of Mervyn Stockwood to denounce Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

Mervyn Stockwood was the Bishop of Southwark, 1959-80. He came from Bridgend in south Wales – where his father was a solicitor – and then went to Christ’s College, Cambridge, graduating in 1934. Stockwood was the archetypal trendy vicar of his day and in the 1960s created what became known as ‘South Bank religion’. He was a liberal theologian who supported homosexual law reform and he blessed gay relationships, although he claimed to be celibate himself. Mervyn Stockwood, like many clergymen of his time, turned a blind eye to many things. He no doubt kept quiet about much in Southwark but Mervyn Stockwood was the honorary assistant Bishop of Bath and Wells and he kept quiet about a great deal in Somerset as well.

I went to junior school in Somerset with a girl from a church-going family whose dad was a churchwarden. Suddenly the family stopped going to church or indeed having any involvement with the church or village life at all. They were denounced as snobs by the much of the rest of the village, particularly when they took their two daughters away from the local school and sent them to a private school. The vicar remarked on how sad he was to see them turning their backs on the parish. What most people didn’t know was that the sister of the girl who I was in class with had been sexually abused by the vicar. No-one found out until she had a ‘nervous breakdown’ and was hospitalised in Taunton. The vicar went to visit her on the grounds that he was, well, the vicar. The staff let him in whereupon he then molested her in the hospital and was caught red-handed by a nurse. The vicar then rang the girl’s parents and told them that if they prosecuted him he would ensure that the village would discover the identity of their daughter whom he had molested and she would end up in an even worse state than she was already.  The girl’s dad went to the local policeman – only to discover that he had been threatened with disciplinary action himself if he took any action against the vicar at all. It transpired that the girl was by no means the only victim of that vicar. Before anyone had ever discovered that he had molested her, 36 women had complained about him harassing them to the Bishop of Bath and Wells. They had all been told that the Church would deal with it and although some of them knew that the vicar had made a nuisance of himself with other adult women, only three of them knew of the extent of it and they didn’t realise that he was abusing children as well. It was then discovered that the vicar was the biological father of one of the other children in the village and that this was such a common situation that the Church had made financial arrangements for such children and referred to them as ‘children of the Church’ (as opposed to the children of the vicars). It got better. One of the few people who did know about the extent of this vicar’s offending then found out that he had been transferred to the parish in Somerset after behaving in exactly the same way in a parish in Lincolnshire.

As for letting the Church deal with it – the vicar remained as vicar of that parish until he retired nearly twenty years later. His wife continued as Brown Owl of the village Brownie pack and her husband would kindly give lifts to the Brownies when they attended pack meetings. He continued to hold confirmation classes in the rectory, which was how he initially gained access to the girl whom he molested even on hospital premises.

That particular vicar came from a well-known legal family and a number of his relations were barristers and judges.

This was not the only degenerate vicar in Somerset whom I knew of. There was another one in a parish a few miles away who was a man in his mid-fifties married to a woman many years younger than himself – the story was that he had been a teacher and that she had been one of his pupils. What with him being a former teacher, he used to pop into the local primary school to give the kids R.E. lessons. On one occasion he hit one of the boys so hard that he injured him. This man disappeared from the parish a few years later, to the great relief of the local school kids. Not because he was violently assaulting them, but because he had stolen thousands from Church funds. The Bishop explained that he wouldn’t be prosecuted because he was in a difficult situation with that young wife and five children and he was an alcoholic to boot.

All this occurred when I presume Mervyn Stockwood was the Bishop’s assistant. I can only imagine what might have been going on that I never heard about. However I’m glad to say that the Life of Brian did come to the cinema in Bridgwater and we all enjoyed it. A few years later when I made friends with someone who had grown up in Pwllheli he told me that the Life of Brian had been banned there and he’d not yet seen it. Oh well, in Somerset we just had violent, thieving, dirty vicars – so the local teenagers got to see the Life Of Brian. In Gwynedd they had the paedophile gang run by Dafydd and Lucille, so obviously the very idea of screening a blasphemous film would be completely beyond the pale.

The man behind Mervyn Stockwood’s appointment was Geoffrey Fisher, the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1945-61. Fisher was a keen Freemason, the Grand Chaplain in the United Grand Lodge of England. He presided over Princess Elizabeth’s wedding and over her coronation. Fisher retired in 1961 and strongly advised Harold Macmillan against appointing Michael Ramsey as his successor. It is alleged that Fisher told Macmillan that Dr Ramsey was ‘a theologian, a scholar and a man of prayer and therefore is entirely unsuitable as Archbishop of Canterbury. I have known him all my life. I was his headmaster at Repton’. Former pupils at Repton School alleged that Fisher really enjoyed caning boys for no good reason, even by the standards of the time. Macmillan appointed Ramsey as Archbishop anyway.


To return to the man with whom I began this post, Sir George Godber. As with Sir Thomas Holmes Sellors, George Godber’s Top Doctor genes were passed onto the next generation, specifically to his son, Dr Colin Godber.

Colin Godber is a psychogeriatrician who is now a Trustee of Age Concern. He has lived in Hampshire since 1971 – when his dad George will still have been CMO. We are told that Colin Godber was ‘instrumental in the development of mental health services for older people in and around Southampton’. Hampshire mental health services were renamed Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust in 2011. They have been in the news over the last two years or so after it was revealed that hundreds of people had died in their care but the vast majority of the deaths had not been investigated. The Southern Health Scandal only became public as a result of the tenacity of Dr Sara Ryan who refused to be fobbed off with lies or threatened into silence after her son Connor Sparrowhawk drowned in the bath whilst in the care of Southern. Sara received an insulting telephone call from a member of staff at Southern, the son of a Board member sent out a tweet calling her a ‘fucking pest’ after he had read a confidential report containing details od Connor’s case and the psychiatrist responsible for Connor’s ‘care’ referred to Sara as a ‘toxic woman’. Southern were eventually prosecuted by the HSE. Hundreds of people DIED. Southern were prosecuted by the HSE – for, I think, only Connor’s death. After the hundreds of deaths but before Sara kicked up a fuss, the CEO of Southern, Katrina Percy, won an award for ‘CEO of the Year’ from HSJ (Health Services Journal).

Colin Godber retired in 2005 and now provides ‘advocacy between the NHS, local authorities and voluntary services’.

In 2014 the journal ‘Old Age Psychiatry’ published a piece entitled ‘A Psychogeriatrician – The Crème de la Crème’. An intriguing title because psychogeriatrics is the most unpopular and least prestigious of any medical speciality. Jobs are going begging and if they are filled are filled by Top Doctors who for some reason have not been able to secure work elsewhere or overseas doctors. This has been the case for many years. The article opened with a piece written by Lord McColl of Dulwich, a retired surgeon, who related a story about Colin Godber and Professor Simon Lovestone in the Lords debate on ‘Mental and Physical Health: Parity of Esteem’ on Oct 10, 2013.

McColl explained that his own wife had suffered from Alzheimers and he wanted to pay tribute to the Maudsley Hospital who were ‘superb’, especially Professor Simon Lovestone. McColl explained that Lovestone had been inspired to become a psychogeriatrician, who, McColl told the Lords, were ‘the crème de la crème of the psychiatry world’, by one Colin Godber. The story was that Lovestone met Godber and Godber invited him to come and visit one of his patients at home. At the patient’s house, Lovestone witnessed the patient prepare ‘a nice cream tea’ and then play the piano for half an hour. Lovestone later observed that the patient didn’t seem to be much of a patient and Godber explained that the man whom they had visited wasn’t the patient, it was his wife who had been the patient and Godber had been her doctor. She had died some two years ago and on the anniversary of her death, Godber always went to have tea with her widower. Lovestone was so amazed by the experience that he dedicated the rest of his life to psychiatry.

I don’t know how true this story was – like a few other things that have come out of the mouths of Top Doctors and Angels, it is probably more worthy of Enid Blyton than ‘Old Age Psychiatry’. McColl had already told a whopper when he described psychogeriatricians as the ‘crème de la crème’, but he was telling that whopper to a bunch of Lords most of whom will have not known their arses from their elbows re the Top Doctors and their specialities because most of them are politicians who have been put out to grass to the best day centre in the UK – the others who are Top Doctors themselves have spent their careers lying through their teeth in exactly the same way that McColl was, so they weren’t going to blow the gaffe. I do know that EMI patients in Godber’s care will not have been treated to nice cream teas. Particularly if they were in the care of Southern Health.

As for Lord McColl, the man who was happy to kick-start this fantasy on behalf of the Top Doctors – he is of course a Top Doctor himself, the Professor of Surgery at Guy’s Hospital who retired in 1996 and will know damn well the state of mental health care for the elderly. If his own wife really did receive ‘superb’ care, it will have been because as the wife of a Top Doctor who is also sitting in the Lords someone at the Maudsley decided that she was deserving of a rather better service than the rest of the population. Ian McColl is a Tory peer who was given his peerage in 1989 as a result of his work for disabled people – which is so gobsmacking that I’d like to find out more. He was PPS to John Major, 1994-97 – during the years when Major and Hague organised the cover-up into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal… Between 1997-2000 McColl was Shadow Minister for Health and a Trustee and surgeon to Mercy Ships. I don’t think that I’ll dare step aboard one of those if McColl is all that will stand between me and death. McColl recently became an advocate to stop human trafficking and in June 2015 he introduced a Private Members Bill to prohibit the advertising of prostitution.

The Maudsley trained Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and certainly in 1991 Dr Paul Bowden, a leading light at the Maudsley, was still concealing Dafydd’s wrongdoing.

Godber seems to have spent many years perpetuating myths about the NHS and the care it offers. Godber was one of the signatories to a letter in ‘The Guardian’ on 7 April 2015 concerning the Coalition Gov’ts management of the NHS – written the month before the General Election. Godber et al write that ‘as medical and public health professionals our primary concern is for all patients’. Signatories to that letter included:

Dr Gwen Adshead, community psychiatrist: Gwen Adshead is both a forensic psychiatrist and a forensic psychotherapist and from 1996 for a number of years worked as a consultant at Broadmoor. She has been referred to the GMC on a number of occasions and I think that she has been involved in controversy regarding false memory syndrome. Gwen is the proud possessor of a degree in mindfulness based cognitive therapy which does rather destroy her credibiliy; Professor Richard Bentall, clinical psychologist, Liverpool University: Richard Bentall trained at Bangor University and spent many years working in north Wales. He knew exactly how abusive the mental health services were, he knew how many patients were left destitute or committed suicide, he will have known Dafydd and almost certainly Gwynne as well, he knew about the fraud that was mindfulness based cognitive therapy (see post ‘The Biggest Expert of The Lot’) and as a former Professor in the School of Psychology at Bangor University, he’ll have known about the wrongdoing in that School (see post ‘He’s Not The Messiah, He’s A Very Naughty Boy’). Before Richard Bentall waved goodbye to Bangor and popped over to Liverpool, a friend of mine was accidentally cc’d into an e mail from Bentall after my friend raised concerns about practice in mental health research in north Wales. Bentall admitted in the e mail that it was now virtually impossible to recruit people from north Wales for clinical trials for mental health projects – that was because the patients had all had such distressing experiences with the local mental health professionals that there was absolutely no goodwill left and they weren’t going to volunteer for anything. After seeing this e mail, I began to wonder where all those people had come from who according to Bentall’s colleagues in north Wales had taken part in trials and projects which were of course all written up as successes and published….

Other signatories were Dr Clare Gerada, the former Chair of the Royal College of GPs, who is married to Professor Sir Simon Wessley, the former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists; Dr Roger Banks, the former Vice-President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists; Professor Dinash Bhugra, the former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists – Bhugra was Patron of Mark Williams’s Centre for Mindfulness at Oxford University and has been associated with many other questionable things; Professor Allyson Pollock – who for years has said whatever is convenient and whatever will further her own interests and who featured in my post ‘More Summer Reading’; Professor Wendy Savage, who was a friend of Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain who took part in a major research fraud (see post ‘I Don’t Believe It!’) – Wendy Savage also spent a long time as a member of the GMC whilst they ignored dangerous doctors; and none other than dear old Dr David Owen (see post ‘Dr Death’).

‘Our primary concern is for all patients’ – every one of those signatories has remained silent about serious harm to vulnerable people and some of them have been personally close to people involved in scandals or have been at the centre of scandals themselves.


‘The Daily Echo’, 7 Sept 2011 reported that five Southampton doctors had signed a letter calling for the Gov’t to stop their NHS reforms because they would result in ‘irreparable harm to the NHS’. Godber was a signatory. The irreparable harm to the NHS in north Wales had occurred decades before, whilst Godber’s dad ensured that Dafydd and Gwynne remained untouchable. Ironically at the time that Godber signed this letter, the Betsi Board in north Wales did have a CEO, Mary Burrows, who was doing her best to confront the entrenched corruption – the crooks who were still alive whom Godber’s father protected and many of their children and friends hounded her out. Since Mary departed the Board has sunk deeper and deeper into the red, is completely unable to recruit and was put into special measures after the biggest scandal involving the abuse and neglect of elderly mentally ill patients that had yet happened in the UK. The crème de la crème! That’s why patients were filmed undercover crawling around naked on floors covered with urine and faeces, one with an untreated broken arm, whilst nurses swore at them (see posts ‘The Tawel Fan Scandal’ and ‘Update On Tawel Fan Scandal -Sept 16th 2016’). No member of staff was disciplined – except for the nurse who blew the whistle who was suspended, arrested, sacked and received death threats. A member of staff had previously raised concerns but they were told by a psychogeriatrician – obviously a member of the crème de la crème de la crème – to keep quiet and that he ‘didn’t want any more complaints’.

An earlier offering from Godber appeared in ‘The Independent’ on 16 Aug 1994, in which he blasted that ‘the care of the elderly and others with chronic illness’ has been ‘most blatantly betrayed under the smokescreen of the new double-speak of community care’. Godber mentions the ‘lame semantics’ of a previous correspondent and talks about the ‘concerted effort to squeeze much of NHS hospital respite care out of health’. Godber’s analysis of what was happening at the time was quite correct – I watched it myself in north Wales. The patients who had care withdrawn from them when the day hospital at the Hergest Unit closed down, many of whom died, were the very same patients who could remember what Dafydd had done to them decades previously when Godber senior had ignored it all (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part IV’). In 1994 the Jilllings Investigation into the abuse of children in care in north Wales since 1974 was underway. The abuse that had been facilitated by Dafydd and Gwynne whilst George Godber was CMO. When the Jillings Report was submitted in 1996 it was so damning that the Council’s insurers ordered it to be withheld from everyone – even the Council who had commissioned it – because what had happened in north Wales was indefensible. The Report was pulped. To this day the only people who read the full unredacted version were the Council’s insurers and legal advisors. See post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake’ for details.

George Godber retired in 1973. One of his obituaries observed that ‘the shape of the NHS in the mid 1970s was very materially determined by Godber’s influence’. The Jillings Report investigated the abuse of children in north Wales from 1974 onwards  – and the role played by the NHS and other agencies.

Both Godber Major and Godber Minor seem to have been particularly well-versed in the art of the smokescreen of double-speak themselves.



Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. As Jac o the North himself observes in his blog comments 23/11/17 Sally ref your post(s) you do have some ‘incredible stories’.

    1. That’s right Anonymous – and I have the documents to back them up. A number of other people have seen those documents as well. Furthermore because I don’t send snidey anonymous messages to people but instead I talk and listen to them, I have been given documents confirming that I was not the only person having bizarre and unpleasant experiences with the people named on this blog.

      I presume that you are the same Anonymous who made a nuisance of themselves a few weeks ago on this blog?

  2. You are interesting on Stockwood. As you know there is information via Christs from a retired Bishop of Durham in the Matron McGill Decd evidence of which Attorney General has a copy. But it is shoot n scoot scuttlebutt. It points at Stockwood as a line of inquiry common to the Beeches child care home and Sue Ryder HQ. Mentions Katherine Low settlement but I wonder if he meant Royal St Katherines. If only Bishop wasn’t so cowardly and had some bottle and swore a statement eh ?

    1. Don’t know much about Stockwood, have only just begun reading about him. He certainly seems to have been a rather odd man surrounded by a lot of rather odd people. He was a clergyman based in Southwark who prided himself on being down on the streets as it were – of course he knew about the abuse of kids and psych patients, Southwark was a hotspot for such activity.

      1. I wonder if Durham was getting wires crossed Michael de lay Noy etc. But as we try to adhere to disciplines of evidence we know the 43 child care deaths at Beeches did not get inquiry or inquest. So there is no basis to speculate on the circumstances leading to death. But that does seem to be about ten times the death rate for cerebral palsy children in the general population.

        Winter Key have been helpful (I like them) and have clarified to Richard Watts leader Islington Council there is no police impediment to his council having civil duty to look at the deaths in care and apply to Attorney General for inquests.

        Watts has fallen silent. As you know the recent revelation about their former Cllr

        caused Watts to take barrister advice. Unsolicited advice followed from me to whit “Watts ask for your money back”

        So the barrister came up with assume (on the basis of nothing) that Islington White Inquiry 1995 had integrity. If it arises Sally as you are the academic I pass to you the task of explaining “Begging the Question Fallacy” to Anon. On the basis of an assumption which will also appear in the conclusion having never been established as fact .. Islington is ploughing on. To look at whether Cllr Sandy sordid screcy damaged the purported integrity of White Inquiry.

        We know that Islington raised the Chief constable visit to Henniker 1992 ?

        And we know Chief constable COE (Ex Kent) didn’t trouble Islington Suffolk or Ulster (Kincora) safeguarding with the facts that Sir John Stradling Thomas MP (Died Dolphin Square March 1991) had written letters to Tony Newton, Ferrers and Mayhew. And he did not mention oh by the way HM Coroner was on to me had some troubles finding death records GP certified etc for child deaths at Beeches.

        Apparently it is not a criminal offence for Coe to keep his gob shut. But Winter Key (who I like) have said why don’t I make a crime complaint against Coe. Well that is because I aint sure there is a crime to allege. The upshot is Islington in its barrister led begging the question fallcy inquiry should include the Katter of 43 child deaths in care. But they don’t want to.

        That is the situation. The attorney general knows but IMO that may even have made hime more determined not to tell me what was in Sir John’s letters.

        1. I apologise for my typos my fingers are under the influence of steroids for a nasty spate of my war pensioned lung damage.

        2. Richard – Many thanks for the link re new inquiry into Islington. I just don’t have time to keep up with all that’s happening, so it is very good of you to bring my attention to essentials like this.

          Never mind explaining anything to Anonymous, if they are the Anonymous who littered up my blog a few weeks ago I’m not going to waste my time explaining anything to them. They need to get back to their duties on whichever Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board ward employs them and actually take care of their patients.

          Is it not unbelievable that Margaret Hodge sits in Parliament whilst inquiries into paedophile rings in the Council that she led are opened??? Jeremy Corbyn as well sad to say – I used to think that Jeremy was probably one who just wouldn’t believe what the NHS and Social Services were up to under his nose, but Islington was infamous, they had a bunch of gangsters on their patch as bad as John Allen’s lot in north Wales. How can these people sit in the House, appear in the media etc etc? If this was an investigation into any other type of crime, the police would be crawling all over them as key witnesses and in some cases accessories.

          1. This is why we need universal misprision law back by statute to undo Labour social engineering 1967. It takes a village to raise a child not a social worker the village wrongly trusts. It is a recommendation along with qui tam in my submission to IICSA. I am in two parts of that so linked ref numbers. My own experience at Ipswich Hospital 1950s as a child. My submission about cases and law.

  3. I – as well as other people – have recently asked questions on this blog and on the Jac O The North blog about Jane Hutt’s influence over a Third Sector in Wales that is riddled with corruption and fails to deliver. It is established that before becoming an AM – during which time in this role Hutt has ignored the abuse of vulnerable people in sectors like the NHS and social services – Hutt was involved with Chwarae Teg, Women’s Aid, South Glamorgan County Council and before that was a social worker. I have been asking how Hutt managed to launch her ventures and find funding for them.

    BBC News Wales Online this morning have posted up a news piece about the gender pay gap and vintage footage of Chwarae Teg from 1992 featuring a Jane Hutt. Well Jane, you haven’t managed to do much about the gender pay gap have you despite all the funding and the years in Gov’t?? I was glad to see that in the vintage clips there was face-painting going on though – face-painting was obligatory when one was liberating people in Wales, I remember all those MIND celebrations of World Mental Health Day where balloon were let off and face-painting was done, whilst the ‘service users’ killed themselves, were dragged off to prison on the basis of questionable evidence and never managed to get any investigations into their complaints, no matter how serious those complaints were.

    The BBC clip reveals that Jane at Chwarae Teg landed a load of dosh from the Welsh Office in 1992! The Welsh Office which at that time was using its own corrupt lawyer Andrew Park to conceal the abuse of psych patients and indeed to frame them for offences. The Welsh Office which had wilfully ignored evidence that children in care were being terribly abused. 1992 – the year of the investigation conducted by the North Wales Police into child abuse in north Wales, although allegations had been made about their own officers; the year in which the London based media began running stories that there was a paedophile ring operating in north Wales with connections to Westminster; the year in which the Tories won a general election that they never expected to – days before five witnesses to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal were murdered in a firebomb attack. The year that Sir Peter Morrison, Thatcher’s aide and Tory MP for Chester – who it is now acknowledged was abusing boys from north Wales children’s homes – decided to stand down from the Commons.

    So on which date exactly was that funding from the Welsh Office for Chwarae Teg approved? (The general election and mass murder both occurred in April 1992.) Why did a hard right Tory Gov’t with no sympathy at all for organisations like Chwarae Teg stump up the dosh to ex-social worker Jane? The Secretary of State for Wales at the time was David Hunt – who knew all about the wrongdoing in the north Wales NHS because he had been the Minister personally writing letters to the crooks and incompetents in Gwynedd Health Authority in the late 1980s.

    The BBC item also mentions that Chwarae Teg received European funding, although it doesn’t specify when this was. Was the ticket for the gravy train perhaps purchased when the First Family of Troughing, the Kinnocks, rocked up as European Commissioners and MEPs?

  4. Readers will remember that Lady Justice Macur’s Review of the Waterhouse Report was so heavily redacted that it was meaningless to readers. Alun Cairns, Secretary of State for Wales, has just announced that Gordon Anglesea’s name will no longer be redacted from the report, in view of his conviction and death in prison. Yes, Macur actually redacted even Anglesea’s name from her Review and the world has only just found out about this.

    So how many more people who were named by witnesses repeatedly were afforded protection by Macur?

    The biggest laugh is that Cairns and Macur have made references to it being necessary to redact names and info to protect witnesses. Witnesses like me perhaps, who were subjected to years of threats, harassment, wrongful arrest and detention and eventually went underground after lorries and cars started driving towards us at high speed or tried to run us off the road? Or who were trailed and harassed by police officers carrying guns that they should never have had? The witnesses have been so well protected that most of them are dead – I can count the number whom I know for sure to be still alive on the fingers of one hand. And they’re only still alive because all but one of them are now in such a bad way that those we know and love know that they would never be able to stand up in Court and give evidence against them.

      1. Just been watching proceedings live online from the Senedd. I thought about doing a proper review in a post in tribute to our elected representatives, but I’m so busy pursuing other lines of research that I’ll just restrict myself to an extended comment here.

        I logged off after about an hour and a half, but I did watch questions to the First Minister and I observed some interesting dynamics between the others after he left the chamber.

        There was a discussion about borders with Ireland in the event of Brexit, but I’m so fed up of hearing about Brexit – it may be damaging to Wales but it’s what the Welsh people voted for and furthermore there was virtually no campaigning done in Wales on behalf of the remain camp, so the politicians really do only have themselves to blame for this -that I’m not going to move into that territory on the blog.

        Janet Finch-Saunders asked Carwyn a question about the dire lack of perinatal mental health services for women in Wales and raised her eyebrows in disgust when he didn’t answer to her satisfaction. Janet bandied some questionable statistics around (‘up to 1 in 5 mothers’ – well ‘up to’ leaves a lot of room for manoeuvre, it includes ‘none’) and made a reference to the Royal College of Psychiatrists wisdom. Janet – they are the source of the problem. Janet might not know this but a unit for women with perinatal mental health problems opened when the Hergest Unit was built years ago, as a tribute to a nurse called Heidi Humphries who was killed in a car crash. Money was raised in Heidi’s memory, the Unit even received TV coverage when it opened. It stayed open for about three months. It was then closed on the grounds that there wasn’t the staff to run it – although the closure was ‘temporary’. The reason that there wasn’t the staff to run it was that the Hergest was becoming so toxic that the staff were all leaving and no-one would work there. The Unit then doubled up as store room and all the furniture and equipment which had been removed from the other patients’ facilities that had been closed down were dumped in there and then it was converted into a doctors common room. It never re-opened. This was done under the ‘management’ of the appalling Alun Davies, it was done quite openly and protests from patients were ignored. There will be a problem anyway even if Carwyn does manage to find anyone to agree to work with the paedophiles’ friends at the Betsi – because Schools of Nursing and Midwifery stopped teaching students about illnesses like puerperal psychosis. Students are told that it ‘doesn’t happen these days’. It does, but it is not diagnosed and this has led to women who are seriously ill being prosecuted for child cruelty and imprisoned. There was a case not so long ago which involved angry tabloids screaming about an evil mother who had thrown her baby down a rubbish schute. She was seriously ill but it took the prison where she was sent to actually point that out.

        Janet – the collapse of perinatal mental health services happened with the knowledge and endorsement of the Royal College of Psychs. MIND knew that it was happening and they did not say a word – just as MIND in Bangor led by dear old Alison Greenaway (who later became a mental health social worker and witnessed the abuse and neglect of patients at first hand) remained silent over the farce of the Heidi Humphries Unit. That’s the MIND whom you told not to refer too many complaints about the mental health services to you during the election campaign a few years ago.

        AM Rhianon Passmore asked Carwyn a question about investing in teacher recruitment and other ‘initiatives’. She was well-informed and mentioned that she used to be a teacher herself – so she will know that as with nursing, there are thousands of qualified teachers in the UK (and in Wales) who don’t want to work as teachers, at least not in mainstream schools. The problem is not a lack of people willing to enter that profession, it is keeping them in it. There is something driving them away in great numbers and it is not the salary – although Leanne then asked a question about the ‘low pay’ of teachers. Like nurses they are not highly paid, but they are not ‘low paid’. In Wales teachers and nurses earn a good deal more than most of the other people in their communities. Furthermore a lot of them leave and move into other jobs which actually pay less but which they find more rewarding…

        Lynne Neagle asked the FM a question about the serious problems concerning Universal Credit. It was definitely a topic worth raising and Lynne mentioned that she was relying on Torfaen CAB for her info. Which did sound rather like the joke about ‘news from Fishguard’, although if you’re the AM representing Torfaen you need to have local knowledge. What worries me about Lynne’s source of info is that Lucille Hughes, the paedophiles’ friend who was actually named in the Waterhouse Report, is involved with the management of CAB in Wales at a senior level, so the info given out by Torfaen CAB might be questionable.

        There was a discussion about the proposed new prison for south Wales and whether the proposed site was appropriate. Bethan Jenkins proposed some very good reasons as to why it should not be built at the proposed location and Carwyn responded by saying that ‘we will consider whether this land is the right place for this prison’. Carwyn – NO LAND in Wales is the right place for a prison, England have implemented the policies of neoliberal penality, they are banging up thousands of people for ludicrous trivial offences who basically can’t cope under present day capitalism and want to build prisons in Wales in which to warehouse them. Because the good burghers of Buckinghamshire certainly aren’t going to have a prison next to them.

        Neil Hamilton banged on about something – it was probably the wrongdoing of Carwyn, I can’t remember, because whenever I see Neil Hamilton all I do is remember the cash in brown envelopes, the Guardian’s denouncing of him as a liar and a cheat, his ding dong in Court with Al Fayed who I think had been the man who had previously given him the cash in brown envelopes, the tales I heard from someone who was at Aber University with him and remembered him goose-stepping and going on that trip where he was alleged to have met with members of an Italian fascist party and of how he used to attend social events with Sir Peter Morrison the child molester. And of course his wife yelling at Martin Bell ‘who would vote for a man in a white suit’ – well a great many people did Christine and they did it to stop your husband getting back in as their MP. So its very difficult to actually concentrate on the content of what Neil Hamilton ever says.

        After Carwyn had done his bit and left the chamber, this blog’s friend Jane Hutt asked a question about the rural development fund. Jane, you need to be answering questions at the moment, not asking them…

        Suzy Davies enquired about the dementia strategy and was told by Julie James, the leader of the House, that the Health Secretary Vaughan had ‘taken on board a number of issues’. Presumably including the facts that not one of the staff employed by the Betsi who abused the EMI patients in Tawel Fan ever faced disciplinary action, that they were transferred to another ward where some of them then abused EMI patients all over again and they then refused to co-operate with the investigation into their misconduct – but at least the nurse who blew the whistle on the abuse was suspended, arrested, received death threats and was then sacked. Vaughan will be producing his dementia strategy in the new year. In the same way that after I wrote to him some two years ago about the abuses that I had suffered at the hands of the Betsi mental health services, he told me that he had just produced a new mental health strategy which would improve the service. Well Vaughan, the coroner for north west Wales has told the Daily Post today that he’s now dealing with one suicide a week, the Betsi appointed a new director of mental health who’s gone off on long-term sick leave and I received an e mail from a member of Betsi staff the other day saying that the ‘service’ is getting worse, is dangerous and is in chaos.

        Llyr Huws Gruffydd raised the story that’s been in the news in north Wales in the last few days, that of fifteen care homes being below standard and asked why the Community Health Council who in north Wales ‘are very effectively scrutinising’ the health service couldn’t now be given the remit for care homes as well. Llyr – you might not have noticed, but the Betsi Board is north Wales is in special measures, cannot persuade anyone to work for them, is embroiled in several scandals each week, has some of the worst health outcomes in Europe for most conditions and is bankrupt. That is how effective the scrutinising of the CHC has been. The CHC contains a retired surgeon from Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, a retired psych from the Hergest Unit, someone who’s married to a member of the Betsi Board and the former manager of the children’s homes in north Wales who was in place whilst a paedophile gang operated within them. I do not think that the CHC is going to improve the standards of the care homes.

        Once more, Julie Morgan was on form. She raised the problem of bank branches closing down and leaving customers in Wales high and dry – yes it is outrageous, but the banks are not going to take any notice of you Julie, that’s why the bastards feel able to conduct themselves like this. The bankers must be rolling around laughing at the spectre of our Parliaments full of primary teachers and social workers who can’t even defend the population against the abuses of state agencies like the NHS, let alone aggressive bastards like them who sup with Trump and May and tell them what to do. Has a banker ever asked your opinion on any matter Julie? No – because they were probably too busy on the same yacht as George Osborne and Mandelson telling them what to do.

        Julie did however mention that a fantastic new café had opened near her – and it was organic! You don’t get Julie slumming it at Greggs, she’s down the road on the herbal teas. Julie and the other Julie – Julie James – then agreed that the café culture of Wales was thriving and had the potential to underpin the Welsh economy. Someone needs to explain to the two Julies that one cannot actually base a nation’s economy on cafes and nail bars – staffed by the lowest paid people in the country, who often need to claim benefits as well as work in order to make ends meet. I know that it’s nice to go in and have a coffee – indeed I do it myself on a regular basis – but the reason why the likes of the Julies can afford to indulge themselves in organic cafes is that they are highly paid AMs who have the time and the money to do that. Are the Julies proposing some sort of new economic theory – rather than a trickle-down economy a la Thatcher, they want to develop a trickle-up economy, whereby baristas on minimum wage somehow keep the rest of us afloat? It won’t work – backbenchers in the Assembly are on over £65k pa, baristas on zero hours minimum wage can’t keep them afloat. Furthermore, the reason why we can even afford our organic coffee is that it is grown by some very poorly paid farmers in developing countries – and don’t kid yourself that it’s OK if you buy Fair Trade either, because there’s a lot of evidence that Fair Trade keeps them in poverty.

        By the way Julies – spend a bit of time watching the folk in coffee shops at work. Not only do they earn bugger all, but they work really hard, they are not allowed any slack at all. The pay and conditions that they experience are not going to do Wales much good if the model is rolled out to underpin the whole economy. It is absolutely not ‘progressive politics’ as you laughingly suggested – it is law wage exploitation of people who cannot find any other work. As for the nail bar next door – that could well be staffed by people who are the victims of human trafficking.

        We had a refreshing blast of honesty from Darren Millar who mentioned that A&E waits in Ysbyty Gwynedd are at present as long as two days and that Ysbyty Glan Clwyd is now the worst performing hospital in Wales. The result of decades of the paedophiles’ friends hounding out honest capable staff, fiddling the stats and suppressing bad news stories whilst telling lies about ‘excellence’ – as well as a succession of health ministers who refused to respond to a system which became increasingly dangerous, dysfunctional and who ignored criminal activities.

        Neil Mc Evoy tried to talk about Yemen and the involvement of the Saudis in that war, but Julie James shut him up by telling him that the Senedd doesn’t have powers over foreign policy. God knows what the Julies and Jane would do if they did, so it might be just as well that their powers don’t extend that far. Jane could apply for a really massive grant from the Saudis, the sky would be the limit, but I don’t think they’d want to cough up for Equalities work Jane, your bid might have to include other outcomes. Such as bombing Yemen.

        Kirsty Williams made a substantial statement concerning her White Paper on the shake-up of post-compulsory education and it was really weird because when she got up to speak, virtually the whole chamber walked out. Kirsty found herself addressing only the male members of the Tory party and a few stragglers. I wondered if her White Paper contained unacceptable controversial measures, but it actually all seemed very thoughtful, addressing real needs. The post-compulsory education system has been murdered by Blair, it is no more than a delusion and it is completely unsustainable. So if any readers know why War on Williams has been declared I’d be interested to hear. The only flaw that I noticed was Kirsty’s references to additional financial support for ‘looked after’ children – which is very helpful if the looked after children actually get that far, but because they are not at all ‘looked after’, there are rather more pressing matters to attend to, such as keeping them out of the hands of pimps and traffickers and ensuring that they have a roof over their heads. Darren Millar mentioned improving access to education for gypsies and travellers – I’m sure that any help would be much appreciated by the few gypsies and travellers who do want to go onto HE, but actually research has shown that most of them are absolutely not interested. It’s a case of what the academic Kim Slack called ‘Include Me Out’. Their whole way of life is under attack, they are not even allowed to live in a caravan rather than a house, why on earth would they be tempted by what’s on offer to them from the people who are causing them so many problems?

        The Baroness sat in silence throughout with a face like a wet weekend. Although I suppose that she could have uttered a few words after I logged out. It’s not much of a contribution from the only person in the history of the world to go to university from Ely. Or as her friend Neil Kinnock might have said, ‘the first Baroness from Ely in a thousand generations to go to university’. By the way Eluned – when your mate Lord Trougher made that speech asking why he was the first Kinnock in a thousand generations to go to university, you could have simply explained to him that ‘a thousand generations’ is a lot longer than a thousand years and that a thousand generations ago he was probably still just nitrogen in the atmosphere, he won’t have even evolved…

  5. I have thought about writing my story. People even encourage me to do so. I dunno the more truth you find the less you fell about relating it to autobiography.

    Things surprise me. Like finding poor law was only just ending as I made my entrance to the world. Then 13 years later we moved from a council house to the free council flat with the ambulance station and county council clinic. Then at 13 I observed in our new welfare state surroundings. ex Suffolk Regt POWs of the Japs who attended a weekly chest outreach clinic. “Mongols” Downs syndrome group day including dinners delivered over the back from the modern school. And in this hive of postwar caring there was the little spinster called by me the formidable Miss Phillipo. No one it seems knew exactly who Miss Phillipo was. She held all the keys. And would pronounce that dad’s hosed down ambulance forecourt was a credit to him before busying off. She had all the cupboard keys. My mums caretaking work came in for jolly praise. Then mum began the campaign to get the keys iteratively off Miss Phillipo.

    My theory is Miss P was of the traditional spinster charity history. And no one mentioned the postwar dream and creation of a welfare state. So she kept turning up rallying the caring troops praising good work smiling her social welfare smile. Then as Miss Phillipo faded away to the new reality. Social workers appeared needing an office. As I think I told you male social worker spat on dad ambulance forecourt dad knocked him our took an MOH bollocking for creating his own casualties and the police and ambulance all had a good laugh at the first social worker. He of the spiut who would not be told “Coughs and sneezes spread diseases”. In a way I was sorry Miss Pp had gone as I wondered if for sparking out a social worker she might have sorted my dad out a medal or even given him the very pistol she inexplicably used as a door stop.

    Then after social workers were created came public servants with titles. And dad spent a lot more time on the phone answering admins. dad would asy “I dunno where this is going to end”… Well now we do and we should have left lone Miss Phillipo with the keys. She did it all and gave oranges to poor people. !!

  6. Do you reckon the dross we have at The Top now are the remnants of a dying breed or will the sprogs they have already reared be just as revolting..answers on a fag packet.

    1. Well I’ve featured a few famous sprogs on this blog recently, such as Harriet’s Joe whose innate talent has led him into a senior role at the IPPR and Will Straw – who spends his time dancing with a troupe who not only black up but go under the name of The Nutters. Surely it is time that MIND denounced Will? Why is Alastair Campbell, that MIND Ambassador who is dedicated to fighting stigma, so quiet? It’s not as if Alastair will be busy laying flowers on Dr David Kelly’s grave, that was all forgotten once the Hutton Report was out of the way.

      To be fair though, the offspring of the New Labour sell-outs haven’t yet matched Mark Thatcher, who tried to organise a military coup in Equatorial Guinea. His idiot-in-crime went to prison but somehow Stinker – I think that’s what Mark was affectionately known as – didn’t end up inside himself. I seem to remember that Stinker was as guilty as fuck and was the one providing the funding. The more that is revealed about the Thatchers and their associates, the more one realises how accurate Private Eye’s ‘Dear Bill’ letter was in the issue in which Denis was alleged to have written ‘I had no idea that those friends of Maurice’s were in the Mafia’.

      Just for the sake of old times, the clerihew that Private Eye published on the occasion of the announcement of Sara Keays’s pregnancy was:

      Sara Keays/Was Hard To Please/When She’d Been Laid/By The Minister For Trade

      What would they have published if it had been widely known among the general public that two of Thatch’s mates – Jimmy Savile and Peter Morrison – were prolific child molesters???

  7. PS Gwen Adshead subject of successful complaint to GMC trained initially at St Georges – since concerns herself with ‘treating’ abusive’ or ‘distressed’ doctors and pontificating on about ‘ethics- keeps them from being struck off – ironic. Her sister ex girl friend of David Cameron is a nun in some weird sect in USA Gwen deals with her own stress not sure what it is caused by as she was made redundant from her last job ,by singing in a choir.

    1. St George’s seems to have been the key production line for dodgy Top Doctors.

      Another Top Doctor who specialises in treating distressed doctors is Adrienne Revelley of Harley Street. One Top Doctor who was due to face a fitness to practice hearing in front of the GMC consulted Adrienne and she helpfully supplied an expert witness report explaining that the Top Doctor had such a phobia of the GMC that he was medically unfit to appear before them. He never faced a tribunal. Adrienne also provided expert witness evidence on the part of the paediatrician who lied about the extent of Baby P’s injuries from which he later died. Adrienne explained that the lying Top Doctor had been destroyed by the whole trauma.

      I met Adrienne once. After my lawyer obtained all my medical records – the 10,000 pages of signed admissions of perjury, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, fabrication of documents, illegal arrest and detention, assault, admissions of flat refusal to provide me with treatment to which I was legally entitled, destruction of CCTV footage which showed me being threatened by Angels etc – she sent them to the corrupt Counsel General for Wales, Theo Huckle. Who asked me to go to see Adrienne Revelley for her ‘opinion’. Brown came with me and he told Adrienne himself that he had witnessed the threats and harassment towards me, that for years I was left seriously ill without appropriate care and that he had been with me when a car driven at high speed had tried to run us off the road, some 10 minutes after we had realised that we had been followed by a member of staff from the Hergest Unit who drew up next to us, got out her mobile phone and appeared to be giving a description of us and our car to someone else. (Member of staff who did this was AVRIL DAVIES.) Adrienne was also given written statements from a number of other people who witnessed the threats towards and harassment of me by NHS/social services staff. Throughout the meeting, Adrienne spoke in a very patronising manner adopting a tone that was I think supposed to be ‘caring’. She also kept trying to get Brown to leave the room. In the end she actually said to me ‘You might find it easier if Professor Brown is not here, it will be less distressing’. So I told her that Professor Brown stays, I was not in the least bit distressed by him, I’d known him since sixth form and he had kept me alive in the face of sustained efforts on the part of the mental health services to try to ensure that I died or at least went to prison.

      I later received a letter from Theo telling me that at no time had I ever been treated negligently by the NHS. No Theo, a paedophile gang just tried to fucking murder me.

      Adrienne Revelley trained a junior doctor who later became very famous – Dr Ben Goldacre, who exposes bad science and poor practice and who is now a Gov’t advisor!

      Crooked Top Doctors like choirs – Professor Robert Bluglass who concealed the wrongdoing of Dafydd and the paedophiles enjoys himself in the St James’s Singers.

    1. Yes and one of the accessories is appearing on the Today programme this morning! Patrick Vallance who worked at St George’s – he’s now the Director of GSK and GSK are making a huge investment in the UK. Radio 4 are interviewing Vallance later on in the programme. Vallance worked with people who perpetrated research fraud and colluded with those we know and love in north Wales who were facilitating the paedophile gang, he passed off a former terrorist from El Salvador as a colleague who was ‘Spanish’ and more – see post ‘A Trabant That Wants To Be A Ferrari…’ From spring 2018 Patrick Vallance will be the UK Gov’ts scientific advisor. Doesn’t that just fill you with confidence?

      1. The Today programme is certainly excelling this morning. They are discussing the Profumo Affair following the death of Christine Keeler and are interviewing former 60s model Sandra Howard about how badly young attractive women were treated in the 60s by predatory men. Sandra Howard is married to Michael Howard, who was the Home Secretary under John Major. It was Michael Howard who was the Home Secretary who finally shafted Mary Wynch and left her ruined, after Dafydd and the paedophiles had fleeced her of her property, illegally imprisoned her for a year and forced her into hiding.

        The Today programme and Sandra are deeply shocked at the hypocrisy behind the pillorying of Christine and remarked how sad it was that she died in poverty. Just like Mary did Sandra. Because she crossed that path of a man who was sexually abusing young female psychiatric patients and running a paedophile ring. And your husband knew all about it.

        Sandra also managed to get in a sleight re Stephen Ward, the osteopath who supplied Trumpers’s mates at Cliveden with call girls – ‘he enjoyed having rich friends’. Stephen Ward paid an even greater price than Christine Keeler. Christine went to prison – Stephen Ward killed himself. At least it is SAID that he killed himself – he was found dead after an overdose. His death happened at a most convenient time for a lot of people.

        The Today programme stated that now Christine has died, there are no survivors of Profumo. There is – Baroness Jean Trumpington aka Trumpers. She is due to edit an edition of the Today programme over Christmas. Trumpers was mates with the Astors and the Cliveden set and was a regular visitor to Cliveden along with Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies, as her autobiography makes clear. Trumpers also knows something about the Cambridge rapist and was the Minister who appointed Jimmy Savile as manager of Broadmoor.

        How good of Sandra Howard to turn up on the radio dispensing her pearls of wisdom about the hypocrisy of the good old days. We didn’t understand…wouldn’t happen now…how it was back then…

        Sandra Howard’s husband was given a fucking peerage after destroying Mary Wynch. He’s spent the last few decades sitting in the Lords with Trumpers.

        Sandra also mentioned that she partied in the 60s with a Georgie Best. That’ll be the wife beating alcoholic George Best who received a liver transplant on the NHS although he carried on drinking whilst he was on the waiting list and buggered off abroad on holiday when he was told that he had to remain in the UK to be eligible. Not that anyone was told that the transplant was carried out on the NHS – a lot of lies were told by Professor Roger Williams, Best’s consultant, to give the media the impression that Best was footing the bill as a private patient.

        The hypocrisy of the 60s was just terrible wasn’t it Sandra.

        Sandra mentioned that the ‘free love’ of the 60s meant that a lot of young women ended up in dangerous situations. Sandra – genuine ‘free love’ involves mutual consent on the part of everyone involved in the arrangement. As opposed to the activities of the paedophile gang and predatory old Top Doctors whom your husband and his colleagues moved mountains to protect for years. Witnesses died you stupid cow. And unlike Stephen Ward they didn’t even have the pleasure of rich friends – they were just raped by rich people.

    1. Go for it – you will notice that he presided over a lot of worrying matters.

      Richard, do you know anything about Operation Julie? The main action was of course in mid-Wales and I’ve started to look at some of the details of the case – a great many things don’t add up and of course Julie was a nationwide police operation when corruption in the police was causing nightmares for everyone….

    2. Ha dthe same thought Richard! How did Lord Howard and Sandra meet by the way – r4 said she was a model and knew Mandy Rice Davies who seemingly was a bundle of fun – but how did he fit into that scenario? Any news?

    3. Well well – just quickly googled Sandra Howard. Sandra’s first husband was Robin Douglas-Home, nephew of PM Sir Alec. Robin’s younger brother was Charles, editor of The Times. Robin killed himself in 1968 after suffering badly from depression for a long time. Sandra had divorced him by then – their divorce occurred whilst Robin was having an affair with Princess Margaret. Before Robin married Sandra he was involved with another Princess, Princess Margaretha of Sweden – it was alleged that her mother Princess Sybilla forbade them to marry.

      Sandra has also been married to a publicist, then an advertising exec, before she married old Howard.

      Sandra has been photographed by David Bailey and Norman Parkinson and was acquainted with J.F. Kennedy, Frank ‘Mafia connections’ Sinatra and Bob Dylan.

      Sandra was probably at Cliveden as well but doesn’t dare admit it.

      Sandra is involved with the drugs charity Addaction. Sandra do you by any chance know a man called Dafydd who also runs a ‘substance abuse’ charity in north Wales – your husband and his colleagues spent decades destroying the victims of Dafydd’s criminality, yet never touched Dafydd. Dafydd was given the contract for providing ‘substance abuse services’ for north Wales whilst your husband was Home Secretary – it was your husband who whilst ruining the life of Mary Wynch gave Dafydd permission to dish out controlled drugs. Which he did – in huge quantities, to addicts who then sold them to other people including children. Oh – Dafydd and his mistress were running a paedophile gang as well Sandra.

      Michael Howard famously stated that ‘prison works’, if only because if criminals are in prison they can’t be out committing crime. Your theory falls down Howard if innocent people are being fitted up and the serious criminals are afforded protection. Prison might have worked very well if you and your wife’s friends had been inside, rather than the victims of a bunch of gangsters.

  8. More on Home Secretaries:

    Whilst Michael Howard was assisting a paedophile gang in his capacity as Home Secretary, one David Cameron was his special advisor.

    Michael Howard is not the only Home Secretary to have done Dafydd and the paedophile gang a massive favour. I have just discovered the list of new appointments to the Parole Board whom Home Secretary David Blunkett appointed in Nov 2001. They include: Dr David Mawson, Dr Lawrence Chesterman and Dr Chris Hunter! Regular readers will recognise all these names from this blog – they all knew that Dafydd was abusing patients and breaking the law, but they all kept quiet. Chesterman and Hunter were prepared to lie in order to get me locked up – David Mawson wasn’t as offensive as they were, but David Mawson did decide that I was the problem rather than Dafydd.

    Blunkett also appointed a Professor Roy King to the Parole Board. Roy King used to work at Bangor University as a criminologist but he had departed by the time that I was employed there. Memories of him lingered on though – I was told by students and staff repeatedly what an odious unscrupulous man he was and there were allegations of serious workplace bullying and ‘research’ with sex offenders which placed students at risk.

    I noticed that one person already on the Parole Board when Blunkett appointed a few more corrupt Top Doctors was a Dr C. Berry – another person who lied about me when called upon to ‘investigate’ Dafydd’s wrongdoing.

    The only person missing from the hall of shame was Robert Bluglass!

    There were many more names on that list who I think will have been very questionable indeed simply from looking at their institutional affiliations, but I haven’t had time to dig further yet.

    Isn’t it good to know that if you were someone who was framed and imprisoned by the paedophiles’ friends, it would simply be a few more of their friends who decided if you would get parole.

    Chesterman, Mawson, Berry – I think that the police may soon want to speak to you. Hunter was a key witness as well but the old bastard’s dead.

      1. Now that was an interesting anecdote – not because it might have been true but because it appeared in a book about Cameron written by Isobel Oakeshott a scribbler for the Daily Mail which was bankrolled By Lord Ashcroft. The Daily Mail knows all about the paedophiles’ friends and their connections with leading lights in the Tory Party. Lord Ashcroft set up and funded Crimestoppers. In the 1990s when the paedophiles’ friends were causing havoc in north Wales, someone who lived in Gwynedd rang Crimestoppers several times and gave them the full details of some of the crimes committed by the paedophiles’ friends, including a murder and details relating to a drug dealing network. Dafydd had a connection to the crimes reported. Crimestoppers ignored the calls and in the end told the man who made the calls that none of his reports would be investigated.

  9. I may be more interested that Clarke dropped the Home Sec job on him just after Nelson Mandela visit and unlawful interference in Lawrence case. Reckon ale swigging cigar smoking Ken naffed off to be chancellor knowing the activist hijacked Lawrence case could run and run. Only good bit was Det sgt Davidson swatting champagne socialist Lawrence barrister Mansfield with consummate ease.

  10. Have you heard of Terry Armstrong of Kent whose alternative crimewatch fell foul of Ashcroft ?

    I am just drawing Terry’s attention to your comment as he will find that most informative and interesting.

    1. No I haven’t heard of Terry, but I’d be interested to find out more.

      Ashcroft’s ‘Crimewatch’ Board was full of the most appalling people. When Crimewatch refused to respond to someone who had witnessed the most serious crime in north Wales I just presumed that it was some local panel packed with Dafydd’s corrupt police officer friends who were silencing this man, but I had no idea then just how exalted some of the positions of those protecting Dafydd and the paedophiles occupied. The calls in question were made to Crimewatch whilst Michael Howard was Home Sec…

      1. Terry of Triple M media set up an alternative crimewatch and had pretty good advisers like O Connor who I think is ex Head of Flying Squad. Terry went public some time ago he had been abused in childhood. Even though a successful businessman he had flipped and beat up a paedophile. And he lost everything except his marriage and family. They lost their home. But he seems to be back on form now.

        In my opinion it was not just Crimewatch Ashcroft who wanted a monopoly it was police wanted freedom from being second guessed by experts. For example Crimewatch refused to do a broadcast on the David O Leary murder Margate 2008. But Terry did a video. And I was hoping we could do a re-enactment to show the sequence of power cuts at the house leading to the shooting. Police had not done electrical forensics. As you know I is a electrical engineer of dotage.

        I remember an ex DI working for IPCC phoned me. Half hour and she said you can tell all that from power cuts ? Not one intruder but at least two, timeline and causation. I told her if the plod had taken a photo of the consumer unit then four switches of interest yield a Boolean array that can display 16 truths. The piccie would show which truth applies to the tragedy. “Crikey” she said.

        What is not helpful is the police risk assessment which led to a 45 minute response time. And when armed support arrived they forced open the electric gates against their irreversible gearing for ease of parking. I need to know exactly how far ajar the gates were. Then plod didn’t check voters list so did not find out there was another listed resident to whom crime scene house should be handed. So they handed it over to a listed suspect who moved an electrician in as a tenant to change the ruddy wiring !!

        You may see what interesting videos Terry may have made unless stopped .. enter Ashcroft as I understand it.

        1. Whilst I’ve been researching the miscarriages of justice which the paedophiles’ friends have been behind I have of course been struck by the utter nonsense presented as evidence and theory – as with the ‘statistics’ that Roy Meadow quoted in the witness box which led to the jailing of innocent women, anyone with even a basic grounding would have been able to state immediately, ‘no, that is not true’. Hence my latest post on Operation Julie. And of course the ‘evidence’ that convicted the Rev Emyr Owen in 1985 in Tywyn was discreditable by anyone with an A level in biology. So there is a huge problem of Courts full of well-educated people some at least of whom MUST know that utter nonsense is being spouted.

          What I have become very interested in is the complete death of investigative journalism which was the only thing that uncovered some of the abuses of the past eg. the Birmingham Six etc. Until recently I swallowed the standard line that investigative journalism died because of the rise of click bait, vacuous rubbish about celebs being what sells etc. But I have become very aware of how many of the paedophiles’ friends – and others involved with business practices so corrupt that there are links to crime – are sitting on the Boards of big media organisations or if not are actually working for them. It is no coincidence that old favourites like World In Action died a death and that Panorama has been so watered down that it is pointless. What we do have are endless daytime shows presented by geezers with cockney accents or Angela Ripon exposing ‘rip-off Britain’, going after petty crooks or simply people who have fallen on hard times. Organised crime with links to politicians and media barons? Er, no, we won’t be following that up. But then Esther and Panorama managed to not notice Jimmy Savile…

          I had no idea that a git like Ashcroft was behind Crimestoppers until last year – I thought that it was a hotline run by the police! Ashcroft – a man THAT deeply compromised was allowed to present himself as an impartial crimefighter and ignore reports regarding the wrongdoing of his associates. Not just that, but I bet when people like the man whom I knew who grassed up the paedophiles’ friends did ring, all info was carefully noted and passed straight back to the paedophiles’ friends to let them know who’s squealed. I’m absolutely bloody certain that when I wrote to Michael Mansfield, Marjorie Wallace and Esther all those years ago about Dafydd and his abuses that it went straight back to him…All three of them knew about the paedophile gang in north Wales.

  11. Yes. I have sent Michael Stone’s barrister a lot of information. It is frightening but in two cases I am involved with there was absolutely no grounds to convict. Michael Stone and Gary Dobson.

    I have in past couple of years also spoken with mother of Jack Whome who is doing time for Rettendon 3 murder. In fact I have some new information to send off to her or to his lawyers so that reminds me.

    Much of my beef is failure to disclose adverse facts. Rife in the 2012 Stephen Lawrence trial. And anyway Det sgt Davidson (He swatted Mansfield at MacPherson so I have a soft spot for him author note) was subject of both murder trial and Leveson Inquiry at same time and conveniently I think at neither.

  12. Mansfield only seems to get involved late in the day when ‘new evidence’ seems to be revealed. It was probably there all along – can it be that getting Mansfield TOP layer involved provides a good opportunity to ‘open up cases’ before news get out in other ways , with all expressed outrage and drama on cue by Mansfield – chance to get innocent people off by blaming lesser police for incompetence rather than stitch ups?

    1. I was certainly interested in Mansfield’s offer to Chair the IICSA. Mansfield knew all about the organised abuse that the inquiry is failing to expose – he and scores of his radical lawyer colleagues and friends knew just what was going on but they didn’t touch it. No wonder he wanted to get his paws on the levers of the inquiry – if ever the truth of how EVERYONE ignored what was happening in order to build their own careers gets out, it’ll be better than Krakatoa.

    2. I think he is a political mischief man in with Scargill etc. British Irish Rights Watch misleading people about Irish situation.

      1. I don’t mind mischief makers if what is happening is so gross that mischief has to be made to stop it – but the one thing that was quite bad enough in itself but also spawned corruption in politics, rendered the mental health services dangerous and resulted in a number of murders (and very likely more murders than was realised because they were passed off as suicides or accidents), that Mansfield and co knew about but kept absolutely quiet about at best and assisted at worst he didn’t make any mischief over at all.

        1. Scargill came from the heart of Savile and child abuse country. Even more intriguingly, the lady who has stood as the Arfon candidate for Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party – which Mansfield help him establish – in two General Elections is married to a man who’s first wife concealed child abuse and in return was rewarded by going straight to the top of the housing list into some lovely accommodation. The deal was brokered by a Gwynedd County Councillor (Dafydd Orwig) and Gwynedd Social Services as well as the ‘child protection officer’, former policewoman Jo Bott. One other minor point – part of the deal involved pointing the finger at an innocent man who was then denied access to his own child. There were also two attempts to fit him up in Court…

          Nice work Jo! If anyone knew how fucking atrocious all this was it was you – you weren’t as dim as the others involved.

          1. PS. Jo – time to tell your former colleagues in the police what you know about the fatal road accident that resulted in the death of that young man from Tregarth who knew what you all did? Martin. Just in case you can’t remember Jo. I can remember – very well indeed. I heard about his death hours later from another person who knew what you all did and who knew that I knew…

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