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    1. Thanks Richard, I did see this news item late yesterday but I was so knackered from working on yesterday’s post that I didn’t manage to mention it. So a lawyer in the Welsh Gov’t and a police officer have been done for child sex offences – my first thought when I read the report is why is no-one saying a word about those whom in a previous generation ignored far more serious offences than this but are now sitting in various Parliaments/Chairing NHS bodies/Social Services Inspectorates etc?

      Such as Margaret Hodge, who continues to construct herself as Little Nell, an abused Victorian waif, because the Labour Party have not defined anti-semitism in the exact way that she wants… Did you notice who the lawyers acting for Hodge are? Mishcon de Reya. They acted for Princess Diana. Hodge has refused to apologise to Corbyn for some sleight. Well Hodge refused to apologise to the masses of children who were the victims of a paedophile gang which operated in Islington children’s homes while Hodge ran Islington Council, until one of those victims grew up, became a lawyer and sued her after she denounced him as ‘very disturbed’.

      How can the Labour Party tolerate this? It is undisputed what happened in Islington children’s homes while Hodge led that Council. Hodge is constructing herself as a victim because members of her extended family died in the Holocaust – as did members of the extended families of numerous Jewish people resident in Europe today, the Holocaust affected millions of people, there’s a clue in the name – while no-one holds her to account for her role in very serious crime. It isn’t even as if Hitler is alive n kicking and assembling his armies once more. This is a scrap – over a definition of an ideology which both parties involved agree is unacceptable – between two people who both ignored a criminal gang who murdered some of their victims. Just look at the social problems affecting so many people in the UK, let alone elsewhere, at present. There are people being left destitute because their benefits are insufficient to live on, there is a housing crisis, the NHS is dangerous, nearly every Social Services DEpt is under police investigation for the grooming and trafficking of children in its care, the list is endless…

      What must the general public think of this? Margaret Hodge has employed a lawyer who acts for the Royal Family because of an argument with one of her colleagues. Does Margaret Hodge know that numerous people who are the victims of serious wrongdoing are unable to obtain legal redress because New Labour cut legal aid for such cases?

      It is just disgraceful, absolutely disgusting.

      While Little Nell employs legal advisers to the Royals because Jeremy has hurt her feelings, it has been made public that another faction of the Labour Party have been plotting a coup to overthrow Jeremy. Have they plotted the coup over a few pots of tea in a cafe or at each other’s houses? (They do all have second homes, it’s not as if they’d be short of choice.) No, they’ve all been taking trips down to a lovely farmhouse in Sussex which charges more than £100 per night to plot the coup. Plotters include Chuka, Liz Kendal and Windbag Minor. Hilarious. Chuka with his sharp suits who is traumatised if he’s in a nightclub where C listers have been allowed across the threshold, the Chuka who represents a constituency served by St George’s Hospital. Chuka – it has just been revealed that the heart surgery unit at St George’s is killing more patients than can be explained away as natural wastage, do you think that your constituents might need you? Liz holds a Leicester constituency, so the remains of the Leicester abuse ring are all around her – as are the remains of the south London ring around Chuka.

      As for Windbag Minor, I’ve just been entertaining myself watching old clips of his dad, interviews during the miners’ strike while the Windbag sported a spectacular ginger combover, the Windbag’s performances during election campaigns etc. Does Windbag Minor have any idea of the depths to which his father stooped in his vain attempts to become PM? The ignoring of sheer havoc in north Wales, the Windbag grovelling to the very NHS which facilitated a vicious paedophile gang… But then the Windbag personally knew one of the Top Docs who was a key player and didn’t that Top Doc enjoy boasting to his patients/victims of his link to the Windbag.

      Whoever thought that the Windbag was an appropriate leader for the Labour Party? Well his father-in-law’s mate Lord Cledwyn and the slimeball Clive Jenkins did, we know that, but why was a spanner not thrown into the works by more compus mentis people?

      I’ve just been marvelling at how fucking stupid the Labour Party were and how badly they let us down. There was that very successful re-writing of the English language undertaken by the Tories, the constant references to trade unions being ‘old fashioned’ and the continual association of the Labour Party with losers. These techniques were known to academics and academics like the Glasgow Media Group had published on such matters by then. It was their work that the Tories used, although the Glasgow Media Group had leftist sympathies. Why didn’t the Labour Party make use of the huge body of research which had been written by people sympathetic to them? Why were they so hopeless at challenging the Tories poison and dishonesty? I wouldn’t expect the Windbag and his lady wife, a school teacher from Paedophilia Central, to know of the existence of such work, but surely there must have been people in the Labour Party who did?

      Oh well, all the best with your revolution led by the indulged Windbag Minor, it’ll entertain the nation at least. You’ve obviously all taken a leaf out of the book of Woy Jenkins, politics by claret. I do hope the fine dining down in Sussex meets with your approval. Has the PM of Denmark joined the Red Guards as well?

      1. I quit from IICSA as I do not trust them. The cover-up re 43 cerebral palsy child care deaths in Islington and Hackney care. Operation Winter Key. Presenting Aston Hall as an isolated case. Protection of Lord Henniker etc etc

        1. It doesn’t surprise me. Groups like the Shirley Oaks Survivors walked out ages ago, they stated quite clearly that it was nothing more than a social workers’ talking shop and made the point that it was social workers who were responsible for the crimes, why would the witnesses wish to ‘share their stories’ ‘to achieve closure’ with the colleagues of the criminals? The Shirley Oaks Survivors wanted the offenders named and a degree of transparency.

          The comments of the Shirley Oaks Survivors certainly resonated with me. The vast majority of my very serious complaints against Dafydd and the gang were never even investigated, but when the more minor ones were, the same pathetic response was rolled out – ‘a discussion’ ‘to gain everyone’s point of view’. They were running a bloody trafficking gang and threatening and assaulting patients, how on earth was a ‘discussion’ with such people going to resolve anything? Meanwhile, if patients shouted at an Angel, they found themselves being arrested. Farcical and this was being played out across the UK and the IICSA is based on the same model. That lot should have been in prison, loads of them. It is too late now, this foolishness about bringing people to justice is an insult. My friends are dead, they were murdered whilst screaming for help and the whole world ignored them. Those who ignored their pleas for help, at least the ones who are still alive, have their noses deep in the troughs of Gov’t/the NHS etc…

          We’re hearing about Aston Hall because the Top Doc involved is safely dead. Once Dafydd and Lucille are 6 foot under we’ll all be told how wicked they were but oooh we didn’t know. Everyone knew, everyone. It’s why I was hounded until the day that I left north Wales. Weak hypocrites, the lot of them.

          1. In Gwynedd, the phrase you’d hear is ‘But College Road won’t like that’ – ‘College Road being the offices of the thugs in the Arfon Community Mental Health Team. On a Wales-wide level, as far as Wimmin’s and Service Users’ Causes were concerned, the phrase was ‘But Jane won’t like that’ – Jane being Jane fucking Hutt, monumental drip, paedophiles’ friend and self-appointed Wimmin’s Champ.

            You couldn’t move in north Wales without getting permission from Keith Fearns, Jane Hutt or Meri Huws – or of course dear old Dafydd. Why anyone pandered to this gang of fools I do not know. Fearns is a thug, Hutt is a drip, Meri is a joke and Dafydd is barking mad.

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