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  1. I love it when it all links up …
    Vertute et Veritate
    With Courage With Truth
    – this motto most surely applies to you Sally.
    Pocklington School, founded 1514, employed a driver with a casual disregard for the well being of other road users, especially a local GP who insisted on telling all and sundry about allegations of criminal wrongdoing by colleagues. The weaponised minibus did not miss, but did not kill.
    The Trust is fortunate to to count Sir Greg ‘Silent’ Knight as a Trustee, who was not moved to explore my concerns.
    So once again – the abc and d-
    drug diversion, child sexual abuse, trafficking and patient deaths.
    I wonder if ‘call me Mike ‘or ‘it’s all been looked into Paul’ at NHS England (North) regret not taking the opportunity to interrogate the concerns ? Time will tell.

    1. Hee hee, people seem to think that I’m rather braver than I am. Don’t underestimate the cumulative effect that watching a bunch of absolute scumbags terrorise their neighbours and destroy careers and lives for 30 yrs had on me. I just got so absolutely sick of them and hearing the most appalling tales of abuse from people who told me what had happened to them because they knew what those we know and love had done to me – but begged me not to tell anyone, because they had children etc who could be targeted next. Then I was able to recognise the signs when other people were being targeted, even if they were keeping a dignified silence.

      I am told that those we know and love are very, very angry with this blog. GOOD. EXCELLENT. You have finally got what you deserved. You have caused untold misery and suffering and in the case of the Top Docs, the relatives of people whom you have killed or fitted up and sent to prison have had to stand by and watch whilst their loved ones names were dragged through the mud whilst you made another media appearance waxing lyrical about your caring natures and the excellence of the rotten to the core NHS. Well the world knows what is was all about in north Wales now – not about the Welsh language, not about holiday homes, not about hippies or any sort of class war – it was about a paedophile gang who’s associates terrorised everyone into silence.

      It is really terrifying in the way that it all does indeed link up. For years I wondered why utter idiots like Dafydd seemed to convince intelligent people that they were remotely competent, because surely 5 mins in Dafydd’s company would tell you all that you needed to know. I had no idea that the brutality at street level that I watched underpinned so many high profile careers.

      What makes me very sad, no matter how much of a laugh that I’m having exposing them all, is thinking of all those who went before me whom I did not know about. By the time that Dafydd et al came after me, their machine was very well-oiled. As Brown pointed out at the time, no-one who had not done this many times before would ever threaten and abduct a young woman because she had questioned highly inappropriate behaviour of some Top Docs. Neither would they then tell her to drop her complaints or they’d have her imprisoned and then try and bribe her. They were used to doing this regularly and they knew that even those in the highest political office could be relied upon to collude with the most serious crimes. The British state was right behind them. It is worse than the most frightening speculations re the abuses of the British state that used to be published in the New Statesman in the 1980s. Brown and me were 20 and had tripped over the Westminster Paedophile Ring – so they tried to kill us and we were constructed as two dangerous criminals.

      God knows how many young people died alone in Risley Remand Centre when all they’d done was refused to have sex with a lobotomist and his friends. I bet they didn’t all kill themselves either – those screws will have gone in there and strung them up themselves, knowing that there’d be no questions asked about the ‘suicide’ of another dangerous nutter.

      I think I might have worked out how a mad old git like Dafydd gained so much power as a young man in the first place. Dafydd managed to somehow get a place at Liverpool medical school AND funding after he had been thrown out of another university in disgrace. Even in the 50s when entrance to medical school was very much more lax than it is now, someone with Dafydd’s track record and lack of dosh – he wasn’t posh, he was a Bethesda boy – would have found it well-nigh impossible to get a place. But Dafydd discovered wrongdoing in such a high place when he was young that I suspect that no-one ever dared cross him again.

      Was it Windscale Dafydd? Christ you certainly had them all over a barrel once that happened didn’t you.

      I’ll be blogging more shortly…

      1. Regarding the incompetent Doreen, Malcolm Pearce’s secretary at St George’s as discussed in the above post. I’ve just received a cryptic message telling me that matters Doreen were ‘worse’ than I knew about.

        What I remember about Doreen was:
        She was a working class Londoner who had married a ‘rich man’. She was completely uneducated and still had a strong Cockney accent. She was utterly incompetent but was said to be ‘loved’ by Pearce’s ‘private patients’. I think that she was employed as an NHS secretary, although it was only the private patients who mattered.
        She was loaded, absolutely loaded – and so were her family. Her children seemed to be like her – not professionals, not well-educated, but dripping with dosh. Daughters and daughters’ boyfriends all drove Porsches; top of the range clothes, jewellery; exotic very expensive holidays on a regular basis; lifestyles well beyond the affluent middle classes.

        Er – can someone let me know if it was serious organised crime a la those boys who killed Stephen Lawrence (or who were alleged to have)?
        St George’s was facilitating sex trafficking and class A drug distribution; Prof Stuart Stanton was obviously involved in something high level with all those trips to Israel; Cilla and the showbiz crowd were personal mates of Geoffrey Chamberlain’s; Prof Oliver Brooke, who was a mate of Chamberlain’s, had been imprisoned for child sex offences but was let out on appeal despite being part of a pan-European paedophile ring.
        What would a filthy rich, thick as two short planks woman like Doreen be doing working as an ‘NHS secretary’ but who’s role was actually to host private patients? Who ‘loved her’ even though she was grossly incompetent and had no conversation?

        Someone was having a lorra lorra laffs somewhere.

        Get the champagne ready – it’ll soon be the 70th anniversary!!! I’ll be writing a few celebratory posts.

        Think it can’t get worse? Sorry those who love the NHS, it can and it will..

      2. Sally – I guess you are talking another nuclear fallout on these pages – people will be worried for you – please don’t put yourself in any danger – you are needed to be around to pop the champagne one day.

        1. Thanks for your concern, but no-one knows where I am and I am a long way from Dafydd and the gang! For the first time in years I have not been threatened or harassed, my neighbours have not been told that I am a danger to their kids, I have not been violently assaulted and then arrested for attacking my assailant, my dog has not been poisoned, cars are not trying to run me over, it’s bliss! I can read, research and get on with this blog.

          Yes I have a few more blog posts planned. I am sure that those we know and love will be ready to lynch me by now, but er, they were in that state after my first complaint about them. They really should not have done any of it. What did they think that I was going to do? They knew what they had done to me and others, they know that I am a published author with interests in healthcare, sociology, history and politics, did they think that I would sit quietly and wait for them to kill me after I took possession of 10,000 documents on which they had detailed their own wrongdoing?

  2. It was CPS Head of Organised Crime who dealt with my complaint of non disclosure of adverse evidence at the two Lawrence prosecutions. Dunno why.

    1. I think that the CPS Head of Organised Crime should be having a word with William Hague – he concealed a great deal of it via the use of the corrupt old twat Ronnie Waterhouse. So how I laughed just now when I heard on the radio that Lord Hague is leading the drive to legalise cannabis. Come on William, the favourite technique of the paedophile gang was to plant resin on someone as an excuse to get them into the police station where the fun and games – including sexual assault – would begin. And what will Dafydd do if he can no longer tell audiences of priests that cannabis is dangerous, whilst selling people Class A drugs?

      If anyone wants to personally lobby Lord Hague over the matter of cannabis, or indeed organised crime, he lives just outside Welshpool at Cyfronydd. His house is that red brickish mansion, it’s up on the hill on the left if you’re going towards Welshpool. If I’d become very rich by covering up the crimes of a gang of paedophiles, I’d want somewhere nicer than that. I don’t know why William and Ffion need so many rooms, they haven’t been blessed with children. Time to downsize Lord Hague? And to piss off out of public life as well, I’m not sure that you have that much to offer.

      Meanwhile the Treasury have fessed up that they’ve run out of money because it’s all been given to the NHS. There’s none left for schools, the police or indeed anything else. I wondered when this would happen. Theresa’s announcing tax rises. So Polly, the Top Docs are refusing to work in the provinces because there isn’t a Harrods in which they can have their beards trimmed or to sell velvet cushions for their dogs but they’ve gobbled up all the money anyway. Your own paper is reporting a huge rise in the number of severely mentally ill rough sleepers dying on the streets in London. No money left, no matter how many marches UNITE lead through London.

      Don’t blame Theresa – she’s given in to the demands of Poll and the Top Docs. She should have kicked them in the knackers so hard that they never recovered and arrested Top Doctors who have involved themselves in crime.

      All this because members of the BMA want their bloody toe nails permed in a luxury spa on a regular basis.

      1. The theme of organised crime seems to appear in many quarters. May I suggest a distinguished panel of John, Simon, Hamish and Russell who may be able to contribute meaningfully to a round table debate, not forgetting Mike,Paul and Simon with a Corporate view and perhaps with a more local perspective David, Simon, Cornelius, Robin,Sue, Helen and Guy.
        I am sure that collectively we would gain a greater understanding of how to deliver world class healthcare

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