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  1. RE: The petrol bomb attack which killed five witnesses to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal is detailed in my post ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’

    Does Conservative peer Michael Dobbs of ‘House of Cards’ fame know the secrets of the North Wales paedophile ring?

    From an online blog comment dated 31 March, 2000:

    “Have yourself and Simon Regan thought of contacting former personal
    aide to Margaret Thatcher, Chief of Staff to the Conservative Party
    and later its deputy chairman and right-hand man to Norman Tebbit
    Michael Dobbs? He wrote an impassioned plea in the Mail On Sunday on
    23 February 1998, urging Sir Ronald Waterhouse to name names …

    Dobbs is in a unique position. Since he will almost certainly have
    been privy to (and be able to prove that he was privy to) the rumoured
    intelligence reports giving chapter and verse on the North Wales saga
    to the Thatcher cabinet, he is in an unassailable position to name the
    abusers, should he choose to do so.

    You never know, when he hears of your continuing attempts to secure
    justice for the victims, he may even be persuaded to assist in your
    ongoing difficulties with the redoubtable Dr. Lewis.”

    Anthony Edwards

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    1. Thanks for this very interesting info. Dodd’s name has popped up frequently in my research – he did of course write House of Cards sometime before that real-life petrol bomb.

      Sir Peter Morrison was Dep Chairman of the Tory Party when Tebbit was Chairman. Leading Tories from that time now admit that they all knew that Morrison was abusing children, that Thatcher had been formally told and simply ignored the warning.

      Some of that lot are still alive and need to be put on trial – witnesses were murdered and at the North Wales Hospital victims of the gang were kept in a fucking cellar and all anyone can say is ‘we didn’t know’.

      1. Alice Beer is a middle-aged TV presenter who has given interviews about ‘feeling much more confident’ now that she’s older.

        Beer was the secretary on Esther’s That’s Life programme when I wrote to Esther about Dafydd Alun Jones and the North Wales Hospital Denbigh when Esther launched her mental health campaign. So it will have been Beer who received my letter and did not reply. I bet that I wasn’t the only person who wrote to Esther/Alice about what was going on either, just as kids being abused in north Wales contacted Childline but were ignored.

        Alice then worked as a researcher on Kilroy. One episode of Kilroy featured Rebecca Teacher, who alleged serious abuse whilst she lived in a community in Gwynedd a few years previously and the refusal of the police or Gwynedd Social Services to help her. Kilroy allowed the leader of the commune and the man whom Rebecca alleged to have abused her, Kevin Teacher, to challenge Rebbeca on live TV, insult her, smear her and denounce her as a liar. Whose idea was that then Alice?

        Rebecca’s story was dropped and forgotten by the media. Then Dafydd Alun Jones appeared on Kilroy being touted as an ‘expert’ in their debates on mental health. Dafydd faciliated the paedophile ring in north Wales and kept patients in a cellar. Who invited him on Alice?

        It was widely known that Kevin Teacher was abusing the kids in his commune and at the time when Dafydd appeared on Kilroy there were mountains of complaints about him.

        After Jill Dando was assasinated Alice gave newspaper interviews about the letters from crazed fans that she and Jill received.

        It is now accepted that Jill was killed by a professional hitman, but before that was admitted, a crazed fan, Barry George, was framed for her murder. One of the people who gave evidence at Barry’s appeal in 2006 was
        Michael Kopelman, Prof of Neuropsychiatry at Kings College and the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. Kopelman disputed other psychiatric evidence that Barry suffered from multiple personality disorders.

        Well done Kopelman. Now perhaps you’d like to blow the whistle on your colleagues who routinely lie when giving evidence and on the abuse that Barry George no doubt experienced when he was in ‘special schools’ as a kid. Do you know why someone chose to frame him in particular, because he didn’t do it and was very obviously incapable of such a crime. And was at a day centre four miles away when the crime was committed.

        Michael Kopelman is a member of Forensic Psychiatry Chambers – as is Prof Nigel Eastman who concealed Dafydd’s criminality in 1991.

        Kopelman is a member of the British Academy of Forensic Sciences, whose Patron is Lord Mackay of Clashfern. Who spent years concealing the wrongdoing of the violent and sexually abusive alcoholic Sir Nicholas Fairbain – an ex boyfriend of Esther – and made Patricia Scotland a QC who then defended a gang of paedophiles at the Waterhouse Inquiry.

        In 2014 press reports alleged that Jill Dando had compiled a dossier on a paedophile ring at the BBC in the mid 90s and handed it to BBC management and had been murdered in a revenge attack. The BBC claim to have no evidence of this dossier. But then the BBC had no evidence that Jimmy Savile was a paedophile.

        Jill was shot in April 1999. During the Waterhouse Inquiry, just as the Report began to be written up.

        Jill’s fiance was Alan Farthing, a Top Doctor who is now a very posh Top Doctor. Farthing has a Harley Street practice and in 2008 was appointed surgeon gynaecologist to the Royal Household and delivered Princess Charlotte.

        Sir Peter Morrison, who was a member of the North Wales Paedophile Ring, had a sister Dame Mary who spent her whole life as a Courtier to the HM the Queen.

        Amen Farthing has stated that he does not want the inquiry into Jill’s death re-opened.

        Now that Alice is so much more confident as an older woman, perhaps she could shed some light on these matters.

  2. http://richarddnorth.com/2012/11/paedophile-inquiries-waterhouse-vs-webster/

    RDN aide to Leonard Cheshire at Cavendish early 70s. Institute of Economic Affairs.

    What were the subjects of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP letters to Newton, Ferrers and Mayhew 199o 91 ? Sir John died at his Frobisher House Dolphin Square Home March 91 the effect of which was he never raised inquiry into handling of that correspondence.

    My interest stirs a little when Southwark is mentioned. Will re-read.

    1. I have put your Southwark info re church etc to Winter Key to bear in mind …. I wonder if it gels with the info given to me by an anon ex Bishop of Durham via Christs Cambridge.

  3. Southwark was so obviously a major branch of the paedophile gang run by John Allen, Dafydd etc in north Wales. Scores of Southwark children sent to Bryn Alyn despite complaints of abuse, Ken Livingstone and Simon Hughes signing the early day motion opposing the closure of Garth Angharad, a hell hole in Dolgellau run by the paedophile gang – why ever would two London politicians be interested in that? The Maudsley and its corrupt ‘experts’ located in the area and Dafydds mate Jim Birley of the Maudsley setting up local mental health charities after consultation with David Ennals who led MIND when it had links with paedophiles rights groups and covered for Dafydd.

    Lambeth just down the road with the paedophile gang there with links to north Wales – and employing Tessa Jowell as a child care officer who then worked as a social worker at the Maudsley and the became Deputy Director of MIND.

    It was a well organised oiled machine. Whenever you hear senior police officers discussing organised sexual abuse they make reference to organised networks of professional people in senior positions – all they need to do is get a bit braver and say the name ‘Maudsley Hospital’, because it was undoubtedly a key player beneath all the pompousing.

    1. The Winter Key officers, who visited me, I like. They are New Tricks types retired officers. As you know my interpretation of what was told to me via Christs from Bishop of Durham retd .. is it pointed at Bishop Stockwood and I provisionally reject Katherine Low Settlement as I suspect Durham meant Royal St Katherines.

      At the time I was given this information I still thought Beeches child deaths were 1966 to 1972. It was only last year Dr Liz Davies provided press cuttings showing it was 43 child care deaths 1954 to 1972 in Hackney and Islington care Beeches Ixworth Suffolk. Cerebral Palsy children dying at about 10 times expected mortality rate.

      Two inquests. 41 deaths must have been GP certified and covered up again early 70s in spite of Brodrick Report. Kahans, Trethowan, Joseph, Castle, Warner, Straw as you know seem to be the players on the cover up team.

  4. That David Ennals I see became DHSS Minister April 76 so must have taken over decision to charge me under OSA from Castle. Or even made the decision … wish I could remember dates exactly. That was over the 1975 Panorama exposing Labour discharging mental patients homeless to seaside resort. The OSA action from that occurred just after we had caught the IRA run benefits frauds using a category of single mother claimants. It was Frank Swift of Straight Left who got the DHSS to drop the idea of charging me OSA and he did it PDQ.

    A current issue what happened to lessons learned to seal up the benefits system or exploit the fraud by inventing a detection system (It was undetectable other than info received and seems to have stayed that way !)

    Any more on David Ennals ??

  5. Ennals was a busy man and obviously had a good relationship with Jim Callaghan who kept giving him jobs. Ennals was a junior Minister in the Home Office under Callaghan in 1967 when the Home Office were directly managing approved schools like Axwell Park and Bryn Estyn which were full of abusive staff and then Callaghan made him Sec of State for the DHSS when Callaghan became PM.

    Ennals will have known about George Thomas abusing kids and he’ll have known about the north Wales gang – Callaghan was mates with the Kinnocks and they knew about it and kept schtum.

    Ennals was Chair and then President of MIND for years and undoubtedly knew about Dafydd and William Bingley covering up Dafydds crimes.

    Ennals was also a bigwig in the UNA – guess who was mates with them? Dafydd!

    Ennals’s brother Martin was Sec Gen of Amnesty for a long time.

    Found a speech of Thatchers yesterday that she made when she was in opposition, praising David Ennals in his role as Health Secretary.

    Ennals son Paul led NCH – National Children’s Home. Some of the paedophile gang in north Wales had previously worked for NCH. Paul Ennals sits on numerous safeguarding committees in places like Haringey where there are long standing problems with the abuse of vulnerable people.

    They all knew, all these Labour folk involved with radical causes.

    Jeremy Corbyn knew about the Islington paedophile gang and his ex Diane Abbott was PR officer for Lambeth where the gang linked to north Wales caused havoc. Jeremy’s right hand man Jon Lansman worked for Tony Benn for years – the Tony Benn who was mates with them all at St Thomas’s and who fobbed me off when I wrote to him about north Wales.

    Margaret Beckett the notorious caravanner is also on the Labour NEC at present – there was a paedophile gang in her neck of the woods in Derbyshire, with links to north Wales. And old Beckett goes back to the era of Callaghan and Kinnock.

    They really are an appalling bunch. They drip their support for the dear old NHS and social services whilst they have spent their careers turning their backs on the victims of serious criminals working within those systems.

    As far as they are concerned you could be in prison under the terms of the Official Secrets Act, I could be dead and the victims of the paedophiles could still be in Dafydd’s cellar. As long as they can sit on their fucking committees and wimmins sections and pledge their support for worthy causes. And demand more money for the NHS of course.

  6. Robin Murray was a great fan of Jim Birley. He has mentioned that Jim and his wife continued attending conferences for years after he had retired – ride on the gravy train any one? Peter Tyrer ex editor journal of psych. described how after Jim had had a manic episode he described it as ‘ most pleasant and wouldn’t have minded if it had gone on longer’. Jim was it seems a great supporter of ‘users’ and sometimes even used his own cash – don’t know what for though as what he should have been doing is speaking out about abuses he must have known about. Maybe that was what cuased the ‘stress’ which led to his illness and not pressure of work after all as stated by Peter… Robin used to carry out brain research into schizophrenia and has issued a mea culpa for ‘his mistakes’ in ignoring the social causes of psychosis – well abuse might at a pinch be described as ‘social’ so still time for more ‘research’ – although Sally’s blog would save him the trouble. Another person recently retired worked on brain research and alzheimers at the Maudsley – Jim should have popped in – anyway psychiatrist Sarah Eaggar has helped to set up the spirituality in psychiatry group at the college which has now been going for decades. It is non denominational but surely compassionate care would include all those who have now been sacrificed at the altar of psychiatry? Sarah is chair of the Janki Foundation which has been involved with promoting compassion in health care for decades . Dinesh ex president of psychs has popped along but neither of them gave the topic of what goes on in the dark side of ‘healthcare’ in UK a mention. The organisation is slightly bonkers, they dress up in white robes and revere the wisdom of certain elders but have not heard anything sinister about them- do a lot of free events -the latest coming up is on the theme of – ‘Who do we trust?’ Free tickets .

  7. The reality is Lydia that none of them can be trusted no matter how much they bang on about users rights, radical psychiatry or spirituality. If they are unable to stomach the gross abuses of patients which are endemic in psychiatry, doctors have only one choice – leave psychiatry for another branch of medicine. I have met doctors and medical students who had always wanted to be psychiatrists and who very soon left for other specialities on the grounds that they just could not be part of what was going on.

    There is absolutely no escaping the abuse of patients if one works in psychiatry. David Healy is an intelligent man who has done excellent work exposing big pharma – whilst patients in the unit in which he works were fitted up for crimes that they had not committed and were denied treatment and left to kill themselves by his unhinged colleagues who were facilitating a paedophile ring.

    Likewise Dr Phil Thomas – he has written about the abuses of psychiatry and left NHS psychiatry for academia because he felt unable to treat patients in NHS psychiatry without oppressing them. But Phil Thomas worked at the fucking Hergest Unit as well – he could have made a police statement about what was going on. He didn’t – he just left.

    And guess who’s writing in the Guardian online today? None other than Alys Cole-King, the Betsi’s award winning suicide prevention expert! The Betsi with its astronomical suicide rate, the Alys who worked at Hergest for years…

    Alys is writing about reaching out to suicidal colleagues – yes, they’ve had quite a few staff top themselves at the Betsi, something to do with the lingering presence of those who ran a vicious paedophile ring Alys…

    The Guardian have helpfully provided details of Alys’s CV – she went to school in Denbigh so knew all about Dafydd et al then, then it was off to the Welsh National School of Medicine to learn at the knee of Kenneth Rawnsley and the crooks down there…

    The Guardian might as well interview Dafydd.

    By the way, since writing the post above about Dafydd’s old mentor Bob Hobson, I’ve received info that Bob was shagging the patients as well. That would explain an awful lot.

    Jim Birley was mad and unethical but of course Robin Murray will have been a fan – Jim was President of the BMA, President of the Royal College of Psychs and Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry. No-one was going to fall out with Crazy Jim and his links to child abusers…

  8. No doubt Alys will be blaming the stress of ‘looking after’ those aggressive and violent patients @WE NEED MORE MONEY’ Radical psychiatrists? If they were they wouldn’t be able to tolerate what they know without speaking out.They can find another job with their qualifications unlike those locked up and drugged on psych wards. . Birley and co were obssessed with what went on in Russia – free trips for the equally brain washed youngsters – It’s time Russian researchers came over to investigate what goes on in UK. (Can I recommend a book – A question of Madness by Zhores and Roy Medvedey -How a Russia scientist was put in a soviet mental hospital and how he got out – so many resonances.)

  9. Well no surprises there then re Bob the poet.No doubt Alys will be blaming the stress of ‘looking after’ those aggressive and violent patients @WE NEED MORE MONEY’ Radical psychiatrists? If they were they wouldn’t be able to tolerate what they know without speaking out.They can find another job with their qualifications unlike those locked up and drugged on psych wards. . Birley and co were obssessed with what went on in Russia – free trips for the equally brain washed youngsters – It’s time Russian researchers came over to investigate what goes on in UK. (Can I recommend a book – A question of Madness by Zhores and Roy Medvedey -How a Russia scientist was put in a soviet mental hospital and how he got out – so many resonances.)

    1. The Royal College of Psychs need to explain how they managed to persuade Marks & Spencers to lend them a great deal of cash to purchase a building in Belgrave Square that they couldn’t afford – and ended up moving out of – as their grandiose office. It was Sir Martin Roth who thrashed out the dirty deal on behalf of the Royal College of Patient Shaggers, in his capacity as President. Roth was left to do the deal alone because the rest of the Patient Shaggers thought that it would bankrupt their organisation.

      The MD and Vice-Chair of Marks & Spencer at the time was Michael Sieff – he picked up a knighthood shortly after lending the Patient Shaggers the dosh.

      Sieff’s widow is Lady Elizabeth Haslam – like Bob the Shagger, she’s a poet too. After Sieff died, Elizabeth Haslam established the Michael Sieff Foundation, strapline ‘working together for children’s welfare’.

      Elizabeth organised a conference at Cumberland Lodge – a grand hang out in Windsor Great Park which Elizabeth had access to via her connections with the Queen Mum – after Jasmine Beckford was murdered because she realised that Something Must Be Done. Jasmine was in the care of Brent Social Services when she was killed but her death involved extreme fuckwittery on the part of numerous bodies, including the Top Doctors.

      Sieff died the following year and Lady E expanded her conference into the Foundation. In Nov 2017 the Foundation held its 30 year anniversary celebration at the Reform Club in London.

      For a charity dedicated to children’s welfare the Foundation has some interesting people involved with it. Dear old Lord Laming is a former President and Dr Eileen Vizard of Whittington Health/Tavistock fame is a Trustee. Lord Carlile is a leading light, as is Martin Narey and the Foundation works with the NSPCC and NCB. Prof Jill Tunstill is involved – Jill Tunstill was part of the Jillings team who investigated child abuse in north Wales. They wrote an utterly damning report which was never published in full but they didn’t like to commit themselves to saying whether a paedophile ring was at work. Not surprising really, five witnesses had been killed by a petrol bomb a couple of years before they began their investigation…

      Virtually everyone at the Foundation’s 30th party had been involved in the concealing of organised child abuse or worked in the criminal justice system and spent their lives banging kids up.

      Lady E describes herself as having a background in welfare work, although she moved to Cyprus to write poetry in 2005.

      The wiki entries for both her and Sieff have disappeared in the last week – although I do remember reading that the extended family are involved with banking, private equity and other activities that one doesn’t readily associate with deprived kids.

      So why did Sieff give the Patient Shaggers and Concealers of Child Sexual Abuse so much dosh back in the 70s? He was a businessman, he’ll have had a damn good reason. And why did his widow then bankroll a charity which is jam packed with people who have spent their careers concealing child abuse? And who was the person involved in Jasmine Beckford’s death who needed this smokescreen?

      NB. It was Jasmine’s death that spurred old Esther into action. The Report into Jasmine’s death happened the same year that Alison Taylor, Mary Wynch and me were making a lot of noise about Dafydd and the paedophiles.

      1. Seems like being rich and famous doesn’t protect one from a suspicious death.

        I’ve been reading about the death of Lady Patricia ‘Bubbles’ Rothermere, wife of Lord Rothermere the owner of the Daily Mail, in Aug 1992.

        Lady Rothermere was found dead slumped on the floor in her bedroom in her villa in Nice by her maid. The inquest was held by this blog’s friend Dr Paul Knapman, the Dewi Pritchard-Jones of Westminster.

        The inquest heard that Bubbles took more than 2000 sleeping tablets with her on holiday to France. Knapman explained that Bubbles was dependent upon sleeping pills and led a ‘busy life’. Death by suicide was ruled out on the grounds that she had shown no signs of depression. Bubbles had twice the prescribed amount of flurazepam in her bloodstream and five times the normal level of antihistamine.

        Knapman returned a verdict of misadventure, stating that Bubbles was ‘incautious’ with medication.

        More than 2000 tablets in 75 containers were found at Bubbles’s villa.

        Who had managed to prescribe Bubbles this much medication? Well one Top Doctor who gave evidence at the inquest was Douglas Rossdale – although Bubbles was seeing at least four Top Doctors in London as well as others in France and New York. You’d have thought that one of them would have been able to ensure that she stayed alive or at least asked a few questions about this extraordinary death, but no, no-one did.

        Douglas Rossdale is the father of the rock singer and celeb Gavin Rossdale.

        1. Aidan Kehoe, currently Chief Exec of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, is up to his neck in trouble with the collapse of Carillion and the subsequent implosion of the new PFI Liverpool hospital which would have fleeced the NHS.

          Aidan was Director of Business Management at Rampton Hospital, Jan 1994-June 1997. Can Aidan explain why at that time Rampton was sending patients to ‘care homes’ in north Wales run by unqualified inappropriate people who mistreated them?

    1. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Pamela Mason was a Top Doctor who advised the DHSS and although the drug dealer to the Royals Dr Ann Dally found her very frosty because Mason didn’t hold with Dally flogging drugs to rich patients, Mason herself was concealing the sexual abuse of underaged people. She knew about the homes for the ‘maladjusted’ that Savile was visiting and she knew that the only reason why those young people had problems was that they had been sexually abused.

      Mason was involved in allowing those youngsters to be forcibly drugged into oblivion by drugs prescribed by Top Doctors as unscrupulous as Dafydd who never even met the young people concerned. There was a big expose about Mason and teenaged girls being drugged when they had complained about being molested a few years ago. A very high proportion of the girls had babies with disabilities which it was suspected were linked to the drugs that they had been given.

      When Dr Death worked for William Sargant he was involved in some very sordid things. How it never came out when he was in front line politics I do not know. Presumably Dr Death just blackmailed them all with the knowledge that they were concealing paedophiles. As was Dr Death.

      Well Dr Death do you fancy telling us about those experiments that William Sargant conducted on patients – the ones in which some people died? You were his assistant – which makes you pretty bloody culpable.

    1. Yes Kendall House featured in the expose – it was C of E. C of E and Catholic establishments have been flagged up in the media as presiding over this type of abuse, but it has actually gone on across the whole of society – scores of people named on this blog were proud members of the British Humanists, so I try hard not to see this as being a problem only of religious organisations, it certainly is not.

          1. Pamela Mason wasn’t directly involved with Kendall House but she was the responsible Medical Officer at the DHSS when it was allowed to happen. Not that it was just Kendall House – the Top Doctors did precisely what they wanted including loading up teenagers who had been sexually assaulted with anti-psychotic drugs and neither Mason or anyone else stopped them.

            The practice was very widespread and there was absolutely no accountability at all.

  10. Mason was Home Office (?) just as the Kendall House psychiatrist described himself. I thought it was Kahan and Trethowan at DHSS with civil servant Celia Hensman.

    1. Yes I think you’re right – I can get confused without double checking because some of them moved between the two depts – Kahan moved from the Home Office to the DHSS and some of the Top Doctors worked for both.

      There was a high degree of collusion between the Home Office and the DHSS in order to conceal abuse and criminality.

      1. BBC News Wales reported this morning that an ambitious agenda for strengthening health care links between India and Wales post-Brexit is being aimed for. One of the Top Doctors commenting is Prof Roy J. Thomas from Swansea, Chief Exec of Kidney Wales.

        Kidney Wales started life in 1967 as Kidney Research Unit Foundation for Wales. At the time there was only one dialysis unit in Wales and that was at Cardiff Royal Infirmary. In 1972 when the University Hospital at the Heath was opened, the KRUF stayed at the CRI and turned itself into an Institute. The Institute was led by Prof William Assher.

        Asscher led a highly successful fund raising campaign and lobbied for more dialysis units across Wales – one was built at Ysbyty Gwynedd in 1985. Ysbyty Gwynedd really loves William Asscher for that, documents from the time are dripping with gratitude towards him.

        In 1986 KRUF was now calling itself the Welsh Kidney Patients Association and was instrumental in setting up Lifeline Wales, a database of organ donors. Diana Princess of Wales launched it.

        William Assher left his job in Cardiff and relocated to London, to St George’s Hospital Medical School, although he continued to keep a home in Glamorgan. Asscher became Sir William Asscher, Dean of St George’s. I worked there whilst Asscher ruled the roost – I had only been there a few weeks when another member of staff helpfully warned me that he was an ‘absolute bastard’.

        Whilst Asscher ran St George’s, the staff in the dept of psychiatry concealed a paedophile ring, one member of which was the Professor of Paediatrics, Oliver Brooke, who went to prison. Brookes’s colleagues in psychiatry also colluded with Asscher’s old mates at Ysbyty Gwynedd to conceal the paedophile ring in north Wales.

        Something else which happened on Asscher’s watch at St George’s was Malcolm Pearce and Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain, two gynaecologists, perpetrating the biggest medical research fraud in UK history.

        Asscher died a couple of years ago.

        So perhaps Prof Roy Thomas, who ‘leads on ethics’ at Swansea, would like to explain how the absolute bastard who was concealing a major European paedophile ring and was overseeing massive research fraud was so successful at fundraising, built a ‘world leading’ unit at Cardiff and managed to enlist the help of the Royal Family.

        The autobiography of the former Speaker of the House George Thomas aka Lord Tonypandy mentions that he was involved with Asscher’s fundraising for kidney research/units. George Thomas is now best known for being the subject of numerous complaints of him sexually assaulting boys, complaints which were not investigated by the police.

        Although George Thomas was a Labour MP, he was friends with Thatcher who praised his Christian commitments’ and Methodism in her autobiography. Thatcher’s autobiography also has an acknowledgement to her friend since 1974 Sir Peter Morrison, the MP for Chester and accounts of the dinners at Chequers with her family which he attended. Peter Morrison was abusing children in care in north Wales and Thatcher was warned about this but ignored it. As did William Asscher.

        There’s nothing quite like leading on ethics is there.

      2. Richard – did you know that Celia Hensman was involved with both the Institute of Psychiatry and the Church of England Children’s Society? That’s a bit worrying in the light of her past activities covering up the deaths of disabled children…

        1. No I did not know that. I have long since asked IICSA to call her.

          That Dr Sally is very interesting information.

          Including re the information of retired Bishop of Durham re Beeches connections with a Christs alumnus bishop and Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish. As a bear in mind/

  11. Also interesting is that Barbara Kahan was with Home Office 1971 when they were conducting research on police trainees. “Institutionalised Racism” was a red herring concept actually used to test trainees for gullibility, malleability and compliance.

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