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Be Afraid Fotherington-Heseltine, Be Very Afraid. I have a few other things in the pipeline that I need to finish first but I will be working on this post soon…See the source imageImage result for michael heseltine images

do all!!

and the civil servants – garlick n moseley

Crossman association

The member of the 1995 Club who stood as the Liberal candidate for Bridgy:

Philip George Watkins (5 November 1930-1 June 1995) was an English accountant and Liberal Party politician. He was for many years Treasurer of the Liberal Party and during the 1970s had to endure both the spotlight of the media during the Mr Thrope affair and an investigation into the finances of the party under Thorpe’s leadership.

Philip Watkins was born in Bristol, one of a pair of twin boys. He was orphaned in childhood and he and his twin, Bob, and their brother David were looked after by an uncle and aunt. Watkins read Greats at Brasenose College, Oxford  and was both Treasurer and President of the Oxford University Liberal Club in 1951. After graduation, Watkins went into accountancy, running his own firm.

Watkins was a lifelong and committed Christian, a devout Anglican and a member of the Synod. Watkins fought six General Elections as a Liberal between 1959 and 1974. He contested Bridgwater in 1959, 1964 and 1966. All General Elections in which my grandfather campaigned for the Liberals. I’ve just been told that Watkins was one of the ‘immoral’ Liberals that grandpa used to rail about. Watkins then switched his attention to North Dorset, Frank Byers’ seat, 1945-50. That’s Lisa Nandy’s granddad who as Chief Whip for the Liberals in the Lords was a member of the Secret Inquiry established by the Liberals to investigate Mr Thrope and simply ended up hurling abuse at Norman Scott when Norman gave evidence. Norman walked out, straight into a police station in Chelsea and gave a statement over 30 pages long. Of course the police didn’t act on it but Norman’s statement was part of the mass of evidence against Mr Thrope that now demonstrates how serious the criminality was and how many times complaints and witness statements were simply ignored.

Despite his inability to get into the House of Commons, by 1973 Philip Watkins was being described in the press as one of the Liberal Party’s most powerful men. Devotedly loyal to Mr Thrope, Watkins stayed unswervingly Liberal and took on other responsibilities in the Party. In 1969 Watkins was Chairman of the Liberal Party’s finance and administration board before being elected Treasurer of the Party, in which capacity he served from 1972–77. Philip Watkins was Vice-President of the Liberal Party from 1977 until the merger with the SDP in 1988.

According to Watkins’ wiki entry, ‘By most accounts, Watkins was an effective treasurer, applying rigorous discipline to the party’s expenditure and accounting. The problem Watkins had was that he was never made fully aware of all the income to the party and in particular to certain special funds arranged by Jeremy Thorpe, the details of which were the subject of a special investigation by the party. However it has been alleged that Watkins’ approach to this issue was to accept the status quo rather than probe too deeply and run the risk of finding out what was under the stones. A more charitable explanation was that Watkins found it hard to accept that Liberals, especially those to whom he had given his loyalty, did not share his own high standards. It also seems that Watkins disliked the process of raising funds for the party, particularly from business and business people. One senior party official who worked closely with him recalled that Watkins loathed fund-raising and had once sent back a cheque enclosing a rare and unsolicited donation from the company Cadburys with a statement that the Liberal Party did not accept contributions from business’.

Philip Watkins therefore would have known something about the Financial Irregularities with regard to the Liberal Party when Mr Thrope was Leader that were suspected by everyone, except for Joseph Cantley the Judge who presided over Mr Thrope’s 1979 Old Bailey trial, to be related to paying hitmen, witnesses etc.

Peter Cook’s ‘Entirely A Matter For You’ satire had the judge explaining: ‘Now we turn to the evidence about the money.. It is conceded by the defence that the money arrived. What happened to that we shall never know. That is his affair and it is not for us to pry. It will be a sad day for this country when a leading politician cannot spend his election expenses in any way he sees fit…’.See the source image

Cadburys – Cadbury dynasty of Chancellors/VCs of Aston and Birmingham Universities – outline – See post ‘          ‘.

Cadburys – links to Frys – Jeremy Fry friend/bedfellow of Mr Thrope and Lord Snowdon/Ma’am Darling – Fry lived near Bath – family company based in Bristol

Watkins was member of the National Liberal Club – as was Mr Thrope, even conducting his 1979 General Election campaign from the National Liberal Club while he awaited trial – for many years, having first joined as an undergraduate. Watkins was elected a Vice-Chairman of the Club not long before his death. He served on the executive of the London Liberal Party, being elected President in 1987. Watkins also took on roles in Liberal International, the Liberal Parliamentary Candidates Association and the Electoral Reform Society. Philip Watkins was a founder member of the Liberal Friends of Israel.

Philip Watkins died aged 64 years at Trinity Hospice, Clapham Common on 1 June 1995. He died a Bachelor and was not blessed with children. Watkins had been cared for during his illness by his brothers.


The theme for the generation that were Thatch’s Children:Image result for bros i owe you nothing images

The trouble is Fotherington-Heseltine, you owe us a great deal. You didn’t make any attempt to save our lives no matter what claims are now being made to me re ‘Ooh we were there all the time’. Indeed, but you were there leaving us at the hands of gangsters and not doing anything to stop them. Even when we were violently assaulted in front of your undercover plants. You left us there because of John Smith and the 1995 Club. You Bravely Ran Away and left us with gangsters. Those of us who survived only did so by sheer good luck, because the best that the British state had on offer to Keep Us Safe Bravely Ran Away. At least have the decency to admit it!

I’ll wait for the arrests of the petty criminals from Somerset and north Wales then. I know that the police have been after some of them for many years while they Bravely Ran Away from much more serious criminals. If any prosecutions are mounted in respect of crimes against me, I’ll sabotage the case because this is sheer hypocrisy. If you want to prosecute Huw Daniel or the Top Docs I’ll take a different view, but I have had a lifetime of watching disgusting people in powerful positions abuse those positions and then point the finger at the Little People. Willie Whitelaw did it on a national scale when he wobbled away banging on about Short Sharp Shocks. SOMEONE allowed the Gigglers to cause havoc and it was not people working on farms in Somerset or indeed Hampshire or north Wales.

I’ll wait to hear from the MDU and the most powerful Director of that organisation, Lord Simon Glenarthur. The son of The 3rd Baron Glenarthur, Simon was born into a Scottish mercantile family and was educated at Eton College. Commissioned to the 10th Royal Hussars in 1963, Glenarthur was Aide-de-Camp to the High Commissioner of Aden in 1964 and 1965. Between 1976 and 1980, Simon served as a Major in The Royal Hussars, Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve, and was Captain for British Airways Helicopters between 1976 and 1982.

Lord Glenarthur served in Thatch’s Govt in the Lords, and in 1982 became a Lord-in-waiting (Govt Whip) and became a junior Minister in the DHSS in 1983. It was in that role that Simon closed down the British lab that screened blood products for use by the NHS although he was told very clearly that would leave the NHS reliant on blood products purchased from the US, which were known to be infected and could kill patients if they were used. Simon went ahead and ordered the NHS to use blood products imported from the US and thousands of people have since died after the dear old NHS knowingly Treated them with infected blood products, without warning them. In terms of collective responsibility, Thatch, Ken Clarke and all other Govt Ministers knew about this, and the Labour Party and the union movement did as well because Red Ken had formerly been an NHS lab technician and a member of the union led by Clive Jenkins – the union eventually became MSF – who’s members also knew about the infected blood products. Dr Death knew because when he was a junior Minister in the DHSS some infected blood products from the US were used, but there were also supplies from the UK lab that Glenarthur closed down. Dr Death’s colleagues knew about the infected blood, as did every Top Doc in the UK and many Angels.

The people who did not know were the NHS patients who were given the infected blood products.

Simon then moved to the Home Office before being promoted to the role of Minister of State for Scotland in 1986. His last Ministerial appointment was as Minister of State for in the Foreign Office, 1987-89. Amongst his particular responsibilities were Hong Kong and the UK’s relationship with China.

From 1977 to 1982, Lord Glenarthur was Director of Aberdeen and Texas Corporate Finance Ltd and from 1979 to 1982 for ABTEX Computer Systems Ltd. Simon was Senior Executive of Hanson plc, 1989-96; Deputy Chairman of Hanson Pacific Ltd, 1994-98; Director of Whirly Bird Services Ltd, 1995-2004. Simon was consultant to British Aerospace from 1989 to 1999 and President of the National Council for Civil Protection, 1991-2003. For the British Helicopter Advisory Board, Simon was Chairman, 1992-2004 and President from 2004. Lord Glenarthur was Director of Lewis Group in 1993 and 1994, was consultant to Chevron UK Ltd from 1994 to 1997 and Director of Millennium Chemicals from 1996 to 2004. Simon was also consultant to Hanson plc from 1996 to 1999 and to the Imperial Tobacco Group plc from 1996 to 1998. He was Chairman of the European Helicopter Association, 1996-2003 and of the International Federation of Helicopter Associations, 1997-2004. Simon has been governor of the Nuffield Hospitals since 2000. Between 2001 and 2002, Simon was consultant to Audax Trading Ltd, and Director, 2003-05. Since 2001, Simon has been Commissioner of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Since 2002, Simon has been Director of The Medical Defence Union and since 2005 Director of Andax Global.

Glenarthur has been Council member of The Air League since 1994 and was member of the National Employers Liaison Committee for Her Majesty’s Reserve Forces, 1996-2002. Since 2002, Simon has been Chairman of the National Employer Advisory Board for Britain’s Reserve Forces. Simon is Lieutenant of the Royal Company of Archers. Since 2002, Simon has been Honorary Colonel of the 306 Field Hospital and since 2004, Honorary Air Commodore of the 612 (County of Aberdeen) Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force. In 1992, Glenarthur became a Freeman of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators and in 1996 a Liveryman. Having been a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport since 1978, Simon was made a Fellow in 1999. Simon has been a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society since 1992 and a Freeman of the City of London since 1996.

Since 2010, Lord Glenarthur has been governor and a Trustee of King Edward VII’s Hospital Sister Agnes. In his role as governor, Simon wrote to the Australian radio station 2Day FM in the wake of their hoax call to the King Edward VII Hospital concerning the pregnancy of Kate Middleton and the subsequent death of Angel Jacintha Saldanha who took the call. Glenarthur wrote that it was ‘truly appalling’ that the call was approved by radio management before broadcast.

Glenarthur has been married to Susan Barry, a great-granddaughter of the Earl of Dunmore and a great-great-granddaughter of the Earl of Leicester, since 1969; they have one son, Edward Alexander Arthur and one daughter.

Simon, to paraphrase F when he confronted Dafydd about the murder of Mary Wynch’s mother: ‘Now I’m not saying that you were the doctor responsible. But it looks like you did it’.See the source image Simon Glenarthur: He’s not stoned and he’s not beautiful.

The Lord Glenarthur
Official portrait of Lord Glenarthur crop 2.jpg

Parliamentary portrait, 2019 See the source image

See the source image

Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
In office
13 June 1987 – 24 July 1989
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by David Mellor
Succeeded by William Waldegrave
Minister of State for Scotland
In office
10 September 1986 – 13 June 1987
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by The Lord Gray of Contin
Succeeded by Ian Lang
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of state for Home Affairs
In office
27 March 1984 – 10 September 1986
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by The Lord Elton
Succeeded by Douglas Hogg
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health and Social Security
In office
14 June 1983 – 26 March 1985
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by Geoffrey Finsberg
Succeeded by The Baroness Trumpington
Government Whip
In office
27 May 1982 – 10 June 1983
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Preceded by The Lord Cullen of Ashbourne
Succeeded by The Baroness Trumpington
Member of the House of Lords
Lord Temporal
Assumed office
21 June 1977
Hereditary Peerage
Preceded by The 3rd Lord Glenarthur
Personal details
Born October 7, 1944 (age 75)
Political party Conservative 

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Just had the info that Fotherington-Heseltine was yet another working for the security services. It doesn’t surprise me but I am still waiting for SOMEONE to explain why SO MANY undercover officers in so many positions – including in Govt – could not stop DAFYDD.

    People died constantly so what exactly was the point of you all?
    Now as I have done the job that all these people were paid to do – named the people directly responsible for the Westminster Paedophile Ring – can I have payment please?

    No this was not the fault of some farmers in Somerset. This security services were there to stop this sort of thing from happening. They didn’t. Can I have my money please? You were told, by Brown and me, in 1984, what was happening, including the forged documents. Can I have my money please? Can Brown have some money as well, so many people knew that Paul Bates was threatening to murder him and then he tried to.

    Can you spare a few quid for Brown and me then? Most of the other targets are dead, its not as if you have to cough up for them. Including Mrs Brown, so why the police who did fuck all when we were all in such danger – including Mrs Brown – are wasting my time telling me that they want to nail the Doc who killed her I cannot understand.

    I’d like some money though! How about saving on Bringing People To Justice and giving Brown, me and Brown’s brother some money? It’s not as if we were ever paid or treated fairly and a great many people have done very well out of us.

    1. I’ve received more info re Chris Morris the Outrageous Comedian who pissed a lot of people off but wasn’t finally persona non-grata until his did his notorious Paedo-phisles spoof. I’ve mentioned Chris before on the blog, he is a zoology grad and much of his activity was Bristol-based. I knew that Chris was something to do with the Gang but I suspected DGE Wood. I’ve been told that it was actually Tony Francis behind Chris, who’s comedy found a mainstream audience during and just after the Waterhouse Inquiry.

      As ever, it’s interesting, but as with the people who really don’t think that I should still find anything that Python did at all funny – ‘They directly targeted you, they even made friends with abusers to get at you!!’- no matter how unsavoury, ruthless or opportunistic they all were, including Chris Morris, the bigger problem was the Top Doctors and lawyers who backed them up every time. Zany Graham managing to qualify as a Top Doc many moons ago kept him and his mates out of prison. If Tony Francis was known to be doing all this – plus writing the sort of documents that could have put him in prison that were unlawfully withheld from me for decades – then why wasn’t I told, at least? Tony Francis spent a career pumping his patients and people who they knew/had once known for info, then broke all ethics and laws and did huge damage! No-one was told, the MDU even continued to act for Tony AFTER they had told him that he had to stop lying about me stabbing/throttling/murdering people in cold blood, although he didn’t stop lying about me.

      On a few occasions, Tony behaved towards me (and others) in front of witnesses who were not his colleagues, in a very weird, worrying aggressive manner. I now know that this was noticed. No-one said a word. Not a sausage. He even did it to me on Bangor University premises, at a public event, at which Merfyn was the key speaker. I thought ‘Oh I can see what is going on here, they’re all in overdrive at the Hergest now that I’m wandering around called Dr, Tony is trying to get to people, indeed Merfyn, first to make good friends with them’. No, Tony was trying to ruin Merfyn’s career. No-one defended Merfyn, just as no-one said a word when I was standing in the queue to get into Merfyn’s lecture and Tony walked up, physically shoved me OUT OF THE QUEUE, loudly greeting the person to whom I had begun talking with ‘HI, HOW ARE YOU THEN, GOOD TO SEE YOU HERE!!!’. But in 1989 Tony pursued me down the main road in Menai Bridge, with a camera, yelling comments about my bum. Being me I took the piss and shook my bum. That probably went down in triplicate and was sent to the Windbag and George Carman as evidence of my Ways. Tony didn’t get a photo of my bum because his camera wasn’t working. I know that because he told the MDU!!!

      As for the coppers who are now asking me to blog more about various ne’er do wells who hung around with Mr Bridgy Celeb in the days of Jerry Wiggin Who Was Always Drunk getting his young Bill into UCNW ‘because Keith Best was behind the murder of Anne Vernon and that lot have evidence’, well if the coppers know that I suggest that they go and arrest Keith Best… I’m just really, really not one for doing the shock and horror and Traumatised Woman bit. I can’t, I was exhausted on that front by my early 20s, they tried to kill Brown after telling everyone that they would! Get it into your heads, I don’t react to a photo of Jimmy Savile by Triggering, I don’t care how many tired old interviews John Cleese and Eric Idle give to an audience of silly Americans laughing hysterically when those two sadly have lost their abilities, it will never make me pen an article for the Grauniad about the Serious Subject Of Abusers, when NO-ONE will name the Top Docs who were the nuts n bolts of it all. No-one has ever given a hoot for whether I was at all Upset! It doesn’t mean that I want to ever be deliberately offensive to other targets of the Gang, but it does make me sneer at the hypocrisy.

      I briefly wondered the other day re it is always the scapegoats who get caught, so ‘Who then was the real Mr Big at St George’s?’ Silly me, it was Bodger of course. Down at the London Hospital, it was Bodger’s mate Brave Wendy. The two biggest names in the ring, facilitating all of it. Bodger was never ever rude to me himself, in fact Bodger was quite jolly. But Bodger’s colleagues screamed abuse at me, threw things across the lab at me, refused to supervise me or show me how lab equipment worked, poisoned the relationship between me and Patrick Vallance, lied about me… They behaved atrociously and they did towards other people as well.

      Chris Morris is not the biggest thing for the world to get cross about. His parents might have been though, they were two Cambridgeshire GPs…

      Re Keith Best, I presume that Tory boy clad in the blue nylon blazer who was his research assistant in Aug 1985 knows something. I don’t even know Tory boy’s name, but I do remember him.

      When these people violently and sexually assaulted other people in front of witnesses, including undercover plants AND were filmed doing that as long ago as the mid-1980s, how can I ever be expected to believe that it was So Difficult dealing with them? If the undercover officers themselves did nothing when they were on the scene, it will be difficult won’t it. If Fotherington-Heseltine was creeping around Devon all wiley-like in the early 1960s Keeping An Eye On Maurice Macmillan but not saying a word while my father was ruined, and did the same in Liverpool when I was a young adult, yes, it’ll be difficult reigning this lot in!
      I was prescribed unnecessary Medication repeatedly which had I taken it would have killed me. I didn’t know on some of those occasions but on one occasion I spotted it instantly. I walked out of the ‘clinic’ and never went back. F was told the usual: I was mad and paranoid ooh she is clever, yes, but she is Mad too! I have given full details of that incident with names, dates etc to Drakeford, Hutt, Morgan and senior people in Wales’s NHS. I haven’t even had a reply. The people responsible are working NOW in the NHS in Wales.
      I will never believe that there was a FairyMI5Undercover Officer ensuring that I didn’t die. There absolutely was not. I’m alive by luck and by Brown and by my knowledge of biomedical sciences acquired before those absolute loonies moved in on me big time. You left us with them MI5, you LEFT US WITH THEM and you knew what was happening to us. The FairyOfficer saved me from Broadmoor and a lobotomy but those things should not have ever been there in the first place! No FairyOfficer stopped those cars from trying to run me off the road at speed, or stopped the violent sex offenders from pursuing me, or saved me from those weird dangerous people on trains or told me to walk out of that clinic before I was fucking killed.
      I know because I was there. The FairyOfficers arrived years later. After so many witnesses had been killed.
      What you did do FairyOfficers was leave me at huge risk for many, many years and one or two of you hoped that one day I’d get so pissed off that I’d publish. Now that is not Saving My Life is it? That is utilising someone who was just lucky enough to stay alive because none of you had put the gangsters out of action.
      They killed Merfyn’s wife after Tony Francis mobilised his network and shoved me out of the queue that day.

      If I was a primary school teacher I’d be telling the world that this is not good enough. Low Marks, Very Poor Work, Must Do Better.
      Now where is my money MDU??

  2. So why didn’t Fotherington-H, during the years of Leadership Challenges, waving of Maces, stomping at Tory conferences, ever take the stage with CHRIST ALMIGHTY look what’s going on in this Party! The Lady’s not for turning but she’s mates with a gang of old paedophiles!!
    Probably because the only MP who ever stood up in public and actually said that – or words to the effect of, as Dafydd would say – received death threats, was told that his name was on a hitman’s list and was found dead in May 1995 when the 1995 Club was accepting members. Geoffrey Dickens hadn’t even mentioned a Top Doc.

    This is how, in Nov 1994, Dafydd was able to submit an affidavit to the High Court in Liverpool explaining that ‘the second defendant’ (F) rang, said nothing but had ‘impersonated the sound of a flatus’. Dafydd also discussed his own anus in the affidavit and explained that F had on one occasion told him to take a deep breath ‘while a device was inserted into my anus and I was instructed to wait for that device to explode’. Dafydd was given his injunction by Justice Cocklecarrot and the affidavit was passed around Bangor police station while coppers took the piss.

    Nothing at all suspicious ever happened in north Wales, there were No Clues and This Has Nothing To Do With Me. Signed Everyone.

  3. Thanks for the info that is still coming in, including about some people whom I knew at school who have featured in previous posts…

    Firstly, the rude comments about Mrs Clap, our teacher at Chedzoy School. ‘Ooh she was a right old ham, you don’t know what was happening behind the scenes’. No, but I know what I and all my classmates saw for the years when we were at Chedzoy School: A very enthusiastic, usually sensitive-to-kids-needs Mrs Clap, doing her absolute best in the face of the two absolute MONSTERS running Chedzoy School, drunken abusive Mrs Fels and her drunken abusive husband. I have blogged about how parents were writing to MPs, to the Education Authority and were withdrawing their kids from Chedzoy because of MRS FELS. I didn’t know anyone who complained about Mrs Clap. We had another very nice teacher as well, but she didn’t stay long, Miss Stamford (or Stanford), a young woman who probably ran away screaming from the Fels’s… Even the governors of Chedzoy School couldn’t shift Fels, although it transpired that theft from the Education Authority as well as all the rest was going on.

    What was Mrs Clap supposed to do with Tom King as the MP who was backing up the crooks all the way and a local Labour Party with a hotline to the top ie. Harold and Sunny Jim, who were also on board with the crooks?? I can remember Mrs Clap personally mopping up the blood on the carpet after Mrs Fels had left kids in pieces AND doing her best with one little girl who’s dad was phenomenally violent, such that she was a wreck at school. Oh a drunken Somerset farmer perhaps? No, one of the Top Dogs at British Cellophane, an engineer who’s wife was an Angel. We were friends with the children, their dad had a yacht at Burnham Yacht Club and invited my father yachting. Father soon realised that this man was best avoided…

    Mrs Clap showed a sensitivity to kids in difficult situations that very few other teachers did. What was she supposed to do in the face of what was going on? She was a young teacher – who had been SMEARED because she had Left Her Husband ooh and he was So Nice, an Architect with the best house in the village as well!! – who had tried teaching at Sydenham School and had been grossly abused by staff and kids who were living in dreadful circumstances themselves – so she took a job at Chedzoy, the little school down the road from where she lived. There would have been no support at all for Mrs Clap had she EVER tried to raise concerns formally – she knew what happened to people who did!! Can I remind everyone that Mrs Astle, who taught us all at Bawdrip Infants, before we all then moved to Chedzoy Juniors – experienced her first son, Max, dying ‘in a glue sniffing accident’; then Max’s brother Jasper was killed when he was knocked off his bike in Bridgy; then their dad Fred Astle was found dead. Suicide. The Astles were a lovely family, people went down their place to ride, play with the St Bernards etc and by the time I was in my mid-20s people were saying ‘God, ALL the Astles are dead, Mrs Astle is the only one left…

    So what the hell was going on with the Astles then?? Did they Ask For That as well somehow? They will have known about Mr Rigg but most of the village did; I never heard anyone accuse the Astles of the sort of thing that Rigg got up to. They knew Ray Stanlake as well, but again everyone did, Stanlake made it his business to know everyone while doing his Caring Teacher bit, it’s what made him so dangerous! I have no idea if the Astles knew what Stanlake was up to…

    Fred Astle worked at Cellophane. I wonder of the entire family of the git with the yacht have been found dead?? Although the worrying thing is that they might have been; something odd happened when I was in my later teens, the git announced that they were moving to Hull and what he said went, so they did. They didn’t know anyone in Hull, the git wanted a bigger yacht and a bigger house that could be purchased in Hull at a lower price. Prezza might know the family!! The last I heard was that when the two children left school, the son became a cabinet maker and the daughter a nurse who then married a Top Doc. Which might not have had a happy ending…

    I remember one of the teachers at Chilton School, the bear pit that damaged so many kids – his own wife taught at Woolavington, a primary in the Poldens, near Mandy Rice-Davies’s house! – declaring that kids from Chedzoy were ‘very strange’. Er he said that after he found out that I had gone to Chedzoy and I had been telling my mates about the Fels’s, who I think had gone from Chedzoy School by then, Mr Fels aka Drunken Lisa being found dead in the school house. Oh well blame it all on those strange kids or Mrs Clap then, that teacher who was in the Labour Party and worked in Chilton School where Fiddler the Deputy Head was on the loose!!

    I don’t remember Strange kids at Chedzoy or Bawdrip. I remember kids who could not have been nicer to have spent my primary school days with. Kids from farms, nearly everyone the kid of a farmer or farm worker, who were the nicest kids one could ever know. There wasn’t a bullying problem among the kids at either school and the snottiest kid in Chedzoy – the only one really – was the daughter of the village policeman! Her mum was nice though, her mum was Tawny Owl who had to work with Brown Owl, the old bat married to Rigg; Tawny Owl’s policeman husband had been told by his bosses in Somerset police that he was not to touch Rigg when he found out that Rigg was abusing kids and he’d be sacked if he did.

    Can someone please just start asking what Tom King was doing throughout all this? Everyone is to blame but Tom King. Ooh its Mrs Clap, ooh its those drunken farmers, ooh its the Astles because they were bohemian and Fred looked after the kids while his wife worked and those kids were both dead by the time they were 18 so that just goes to show…

    Well I’m delighted to hear that the Massacre Of the Innocents in Somerset was sod all to do with one of the biggest hitters in Thatch’s Cabinet. Meet the Secretary of State for Defence Mr Gorbachov, the chaos, murder and havoc in his constituency is all Mrs Clap’s fault. Or those Strange Kids in her school, ooh they’re shockers, they play the recorder and xylophone, they do the Nativity plays and Desmond March got told off for saying Bugger in class. Terrible lot down there.

    Don’t mention Mr Rigg, who is being protected by the Archbish of Bath and Wells, and indeed Canterbury and the Headmaster of Millfield School, the most expensive school in the UK…

    When whole families living on farms in rural Somerset are exterminated it is very difficult to know exactly what might have been going on, but it can’t be argued that any of them ever Deserved It. I know that lies were told about me, my father and grandfather; so all I can do, as is said in Somerset, is speak as I find. Mrs Clap was a nice part of my life when she taught me, things were not easy and Mrs Clap I think handled matters very well. I was clever and boisterous and one of my best mates was as well, so we were probably a handful. Mrs Clap didn’t get nasty, she would say things that are quite interesting with hindsight eg. Sally I know that you can talk and work at the same time but not everyone else can, so can you stop chatting?? There was also the time with the prize giving where I had won more than one prize as I had the year before. Mrs Clap declared publicly that I had won more than one prize again as I had last year so she was sure that I wouldn’t mind if someone else won the science prize instead of me. Er… I think that was actually a really good thing to do. I did win everything all the time and it probably was a very sensible thing to stop resentment building up on the part of other kids and to stop me getting over the top. This was years before it became standard practice among the more sensitive teachers to try and make kids who had difficulty with academic work to not feel so hopeless…

    I have been asked if I remember the General Election at Chedzoy School and the Liberal candidate…
    Hilarious, indeed, I could never forget it. It must have been the Feb 1974 GE. One of my best mates was the son of an NHS shop steward in Bridgy Hospital – Mrs Fels hated his dad and constantly took it out on him and his brother – and this union rep was busy trying to bring down Ted Heath. Obviously I had Mrs Brady lunching with Thatch, so there was a curious situation in a small rural school with two kids talking politics. There were two other boys as well who weren’t from Somerset, really friendly nice boys who also joined in, their mum and dad ‘are Labour but they hate Harold Wilson’. The shop steward at Bridgy hospital hated Harold Wilson as well, but then everyone did.

    Anyway with all this junior school politics going on, Mrs Clap decided to involve the wider class and a school GE was held. Horrendous, I stood as the Tory candidate no less, my best mate was Labour and we needed a Liberal. So one of our friends stood as the Liberal candidate. A reader seems to know about it all as well as the day that Mrs Clap invited the real Liberal candidate to come and give a talk to the kids. I never detected anything malicious in that at all; Mrs Clap’s rationale – I overheard her talking – was that ‘the little girl who is the Tory candidate has a mother who is a leading Somerset Tory, the little boy who is the Labour candidate has a father who is active in the union movement but the other little boy hasn’t got a background like that so I want to balance things’. I absolutely can’t fault that logic.

    Mark, the Liberal candidate at school, was from a Chedzoy farm, I think his dad worked on a farm rather than owned it, he was absolutely out of hisdepth with Dale and me banging on and repeating adults political arguments that we were exposed to daily. I genuinely think it was a very sensitive thing for Mrs Clap to do, it wasn’t Ooh political indoctrination, Mrs Clap had a weird situation on her hands with the school bus drivers laughing about the junior school kids talking politics, singing songs about Harold Wilson, it must have been quite difficult to handle. There was no aggro, the opposing candidates were all good friends and as far as I remember, the whole thing was used to try and help the other kids get a grasp of what a small group of us chatted about constantly. No doubt Dale’s dad hated my family and I doubt that Mrs Brady thought much of Dale’s dad either, but I don’t remember Dale ever saying anything personally unpleasant to me, ever, we were good mates. I went to Dale’s house to tea, his dad was there, he wasn’t at all unpleasant.

    I’ve been told that the bribery and blackmail all went on when I was older when the Gang came after me…

    If Dale’s dad and his union mates were up to no good, well they were just like Tom King then weren’t they?

    As for the real Liberal candidate who came to the school to talk to us and let us ask him questions, well I suppose that he DID know about Mr Thrope, who was riding high at the time, but I have no idea if Mrs Clap knew. Some people did know what Mr Thrope was up to but only people in certain circles. Tom King knew obviously.

    I’m going to see what I can find out about the Liberal candidate today! He was very pleasant to us though even if he was Of Giggles. I was there sporting a huge blue Vote Tom King rosette on my jumper and when I put up my hand the Liberal man said Oh we have a question from the Tory lady, and the adults all pissed themselves laughing… (I asked about the NUM strike.)

    I can promise everyone that whoever that Liberal candidate turns out to be, I absolutely will never stand for election as a Tory again. Although unbelievably I won the Chedzoy School GE Feb 1974 by a landslide, which did surprise me because I though Dale would win.

    My theme is that Somerset at the time was in the grip of some deeply corrupt politicians and local bigwigs. It just is not fair for people to be constantly pointing the finger at the less culpable. I have blogged previously about how Mrs Clap’s son Jonathan ended up as a very high ranking officer in the US forces; its not a career that I would choose but not ALL forces personnel are bastards! I haven’t seen Jonathan since I was 10, I have no idea what he was like as a young adult but as a child, Jonathan was a really friendly nice laid back kid. His sister became ill with depression when she was still in her teens, so there we are, the family will have been vulnerable to the Top bloody Doctors. Who knows what went on once they entered the arena??

    If the UK’s security services were targeting my grandfather because he had challenged the rot in the British state that was directly linked to Tiny Rowland, the biggest capitalist in the world by the 1980s, how can anyone tell me that Mrs Clap should have overthrown the regime? I wish she had but it’s not as if anyone would have helped her is it? She probably just didn’t want her whole family found dead.

    The other person whom I have been asked about is in a different category. I have blogged about her before, a girl at Bridgwater College with us, Ann Symonds. She had been home-schooled for a few years, was very quiet and shy, much posher than most of us and older too, she was 21 when we were 18. I discussed previously how Bridgwater College library was lacking and there was only one copy of the recommended books. Pam Sellars, the mad biology teacher of Giggles and Hate, refused to teach us herself, it was always ‘I’ll tell you what you need to read, you go and get the book from the library and read it’. It was impossible because Sellars would actually let Ann out of class five minutes early, Ann would literally run to the library and borrow the ONE copy of whichever book had been recommended. Ann would then keep the book for weeks and weeks. We ALL noticed, it was deliberate and the irony was that Ann could have afforded to buy the books when we couldn’t. There was representation made by students and their parents but still it continued. Ann was incredibly selfish and we did confront her and say ‘This won’t increase your final grade in the A level but it will damage ours’. She literally laughed in our faces and continued…

    I’ve been told that the Symonds business was deliberate, she’d been sent in to Bridgwater College to put a stop to that bloody girl who’s grandfather caused such trouble for Edward du Cann. Ann’s mum was a social worker…

    Well she didn’t succeed in hampering my final grade, I got a A in biology as quite a few of us did because we were keen biologists, most of us wanted to do biological sciences at university and we negotiated Ann’s bloody mindedness by decamping to Bridgwater library to study and read. It wasn’t just me who was at risk from Ann, there was another girl who’s dad had died, her mum was hard up and they had limited money, so she was working in a shop in Bridgy part time to help her mum. It’s OK, she got an A too, but like me she came under fire when she graduated. The letters that she wrote to me when I was at Bangor were stolen and flogged to George Carman and the Digger.

    Ann didn’t apply to university until she heard that I had applied for Agricultural Science at Bangor. Ann then applied for Agricultural Botany at Aberystwyth. Which certainly surprised me, she had been saying that she wanted to do social work or medicine and made it quite clear that I was an inferior agricultural bumpkin! I have been told that Ann made friends with them all at Aber who did of course know those teaching me at Bangor when I changed course from Agric Science to Agricultural Botany. One of Dafydd’s mates lectured in Agri Bot at Aber; the son of an Angel at Denbigh, the Angel known as Davey Crocket on account of his hat. His daughter was a social worker who ended up working in the Children Commissioner for Wales’s office, was sacked and brought a case of unfair dismissal but lost the case. She was treated unfairly but then if one works with a gang of old paedophiles and asked Dafydd to help out when one is in a mess, one will be disappointed…

    It does look very much like a huge plot and obviously was but that doesn’t mean that I will presume that my friends when we were 10 were Guilty As Charged. Particularly as so many of them suffered so badly at the hands of those we know and love when they were older. There were a lot of babies and children of my former schoolfriends who died in the Somerset hospitals…

    1. The Liberal candidate who came to talk to us in Feb 1974 was a JHG Wyatt. He stood for the Liberals against Tom King in Feb and Oct 1974. I have no idea who he is, I was hoping that the Liberal man might turn out to have been Ming Campbell or someone!

      One needs to ask why none of those who stood against King for any party during the many years in which King was re-elected for Bridgy ever exposed what he was facilitating. I haven’t had time to research all the candidates who kept so silent but I recognise a few surnames among them…

    2. Furthermore, as Dafydd would say ‘Let me explain…’ should anyone now tell me that the serious organised crime is all down to Desmond March because he swore in class. No, I don’t think it will have been. Desmond March’s mum was Mrs March, a dinner lady at Bawdrip School and Mrs March was the best dinner lady imaginable. Unlike the dinner ladies at Chedzoy, Mrs March was brilliant, she did the playground patrols at break time and she was first rate with grazed knees, nose bleeds etc. At one point I had acquired a weird coat – from one of my aunties, a hand me down – that was a sort of 60s reversible coat, one could wear it either way. The other kids couldn’t get over it and were telling me that I had my coat on inside out – obviously I was having a great time reversing the coat every day. Mrs March explained to all that this was a double sided coat, it was never going to be inside out whichever way I wore it. And Mrs March came to the rescue one day when my sister fell off of her bike, at speed, on a hill in Bawdrip. Mrs March was famous for having a big family, I think there were 14 children and I honestly would be amazed if Mrs March or any of the children were behind the crime wave in Somerset. None of them were Secretary of State for N Ireland even if Desmond did swear, so they really will not have been capable of causing the sort of trouble that Tom King did.

      So can we start looking in a different direction for the Guilty Parties? Maybe in the House of Lords rather than the Bawdrip or Chedzoy School playground in the 1960s and 70s?

      1. Well this is weird. I’ve just seen the newsflash about Stirling Moss the racing driver of yesteryear dying. I’ve only ever known one person who met Stirling Moss; it was Mrs Clap of Chedzoy. She came across him at an event when she taught us at Chedzoy School and told us about it in class. I have no idea how many other people would remember it or if Mrs Clap hasn’t mentioned it for years, but whoever was bugging the schools in Somerset in the 1970s would know. They’d have heard it.

        I haven’t had time to look up Stirling Moss before writing this comment, I’m busy working on an Easter Sunday Special post, all I saw was the newsflash popping up on my laptop. Moss would have known many Gigglers of the era though because racing drivers were part of Giggling Society and the coolest Giggling one of all, James Hunt, was a Guy’s – think Sister Hutt’s dad!! – med student who lived near Bodger in Wimbledon and shared an ex wife with Richard Burton. James Hunt gave up drugs and fame and ended up living a lower profile life; he died suddenly in his sleep at a very convenient time for Bodger. Then his brother David, also a racing driver, died unexpectedly as well.

        Let’s have a big hand for the NHS!! I presume that Mrs Clap didn’t break into Stirling’s house and murder him in cold blood no matter what the MDU might suggest.

  4. Leave it up the primary schoolkids and teachers then security services. They can fight gangsters because after all, once the Top Docs killed John Smith and opened the 1995 Club, you had Bravely Run Away.
    I’ve just found a new member of the 1995 Club, a former Liberal candidate for Bridgy! Will be investigating and blogging further soon…

    Can I have my money someone, seeing as I haven’t heard from the MDU yet?

    1. I’ve just been thinking about this very question in relation to Dafydd, Wise Owl!

      You’ll know that Top Docs are very keen on the idea that Empowered Service Users must be flattened – by the law if necessary – for transgressions because if they are allowed to Get Away With It, they’ll not only Do It Again, but they’ll Get Worse!! Because Empowered Service Users are so frequently wrongly accused or the Top Docs get the interpretation so badly wrong, the theory doesn’t usually work when applied to them. However it did work for Dafydd, because Dafydd was no more than a common criminal.

      Dafydd was behind the business with Norman Scott and Jeremy that ended up at the Old Bailey in 1979. Norman, the victim of a very serious crime, was insulted and abused in Court and in the media. That case actually strengthened the Gang, because it sealed George Carman’s reputation and the little crooked shite from Manchester became the Hottest Libel Lawyer in the UK, moved to London and was a Celeb rather than a violent drunk who hung around with gangsters and bent coppers. So then no-one dared reveal Carman’s serious criminality, yet alone that of his clients…

      Because Mr Thrope’s request for the 1979 General Election to be timed to enable him to stand for re-election BEFORE his trial was agreed, the GE was in May, Thatch won as everyone knew she would and Mr Thrope was on trial in June.

      Thatch was a member of Lincoln’s Inn a la Carman, Cherie, Miranda, Mark Piercy, Lord Denning, Lord Widgery and Lord Hailsham. Political differences were irrelevant to that crowd, it was other loyalties that bound them together, including the absolute need to conceal the crimes that they had all been party to that my grandpa had infuriated everyone by when he refused to stop publicly denouncing them.

      I have been reminded when reading Mr Charles Moore’s autobiog of Thatch this morning that her father and his brothers ALL grew up in Northamptonshire. Land of Clough and Oundle. No-one ever mentions that, but those roots will have been as important as Grantham…

      So they’re all in it together although the likes of senior politicians and lawyers will cover their tracks and not have direct involvement.

      Dafydd was the hands on (literally) scumbag of a criminal who was working on the ground. Dafydd got away with Profumo – Stephen Ward was the scapegoat and died – he got away with Norman and then even after he was caught bang to rights re illegally imprisoning Mary Wynch he STILL was not held to account. The year after Dafydd was named in the media when Mary won her appeal, Dafydd abducted and illegally imprisoned me. With added threats, visits to my dorm at midnight and God knows what else. Once more, the only person to be criticised in the investigations was me! For calling Dafydd a wanker. Yet there were WRITTEN ADMISSIONS from Denbigh staff of the serious criminality of Dafydd AND his orders to them to break the law.

      The message to Dafydd could not have been clearer: you can do ANYTHING at all and the entire state will back you up. You have been caught and SUED for kidnapping and imprisoning a respectable professional middle aged woman and stealing her property and there has been no comeback. You have now been caught propositioning, abducting and imprisoning a 24 yr old postgrad at an elite London medical school simply because she challenged indecent suggestions made to her by a lobotomist colleague of yours and then you. We will back you all the way, ruin her career and the career of anyone who dares support her. If necessary we’ll kill them.

      After my imprisonment in Denbigh, MIND became one of the UK’s biggest most powerful charidees with virtually entirely state funding only, a lot of it. Jimmy Savile was given the job of running Broadmoor. And Dafydd’s drug dealing sideline exploded into a huge multimillion pound business.

      Dafydd really did do anything at all that he wanted, he was known in north Wales to be untouchable by the police but I have been told that he was on a UK level as well. This insane incompetent old fool was the Mr Big of organised crime simply because of the history of him and Gwynne that had been concealed by successive PMs and Lord Chancellors.

      It resulted in the VC of a (small) university and some of his senior professors being threatened by gangsters and local thugs because he gave me a job. It beggars belief really, what did the Welsh Govt think they were doing when a VC, a man whom many of them had known and worked with for years, AND HIS FAMILY, were threatened and harassed by thugs and nasties and left without protection? As for some of the senior Profs at Bangor, I realised how serious things were when a student was threatened by a member of the Gang who had gone onto University premises and told her to ‘shut your mouth or we’ll shut it for you’, so one of the Profs wrote to that THUG and told him that he was not to ever enter the premises again, only for the Prof to be told by an accomplice of the thug that they’d ensure that his research funding was stopped. Three years later the ESRC stopped his research funding.

      It is quite extraordinary and the fact that the Welsh Govt allowed this to happen is evidence that they are not capable of running a nation and need to go and go now. They are a danger to the well-being of every citizen in Wales.

      Like you Wise Owl, I repeatedly challenged Docs when they lied to me, when they forged documentation and when they perjured themselves in Court. As with Mary Wynch I demonstrated the truth of my allegations. The response was to harass and threaten me even more. So I have now gone public with this blog. They have fallen absolutely silent and will not reply to any e mails, even those detailing serious offences against children and the names and dates of the medical professionals involved.

      This is what underlies my stance that some people find so hard to understand ie. my refusal to wholly blame petty criminals or want them arrested. I want the bent lawyers, judges, politicians and Top Docs arrested. They were absolutely behind this, in the way that Mrs Brady and the Brady Bunch got away with some appalling things because of that lunch with Thatch and the friendships with Tom King et al, and Lady Veronica etc being relatives. Even when I was younger, people in Somerset who knew me well used to observe that certain members of my family should have been arrested and prosecuted. They weren’t and it was because of Thatch. It was Thatcher who should have been exposed and prosecuted, not hailed as the saviour of the bloody nation. That woman was networked into serious common criminals and they received complete immunity from the law because of it.

      Now who is going to compel the MDU to communicate with me re the documentary evidence of very, very serious crime in my possession? I and Brown (and others) spent years confronting people with the lies that were being told by Docs, the criminality that resulted in deaths and I now have the documentation to prove it.

      As more info comes into the blog it is clear that the elements of the security services who did want to stop this lot had plants in even more places than I knew about. They knew just how bad it was, their own plants were making complaints in the guise of patients, Angels etc and they were just trampled over as well.

      MDU, I want answers. You protected Docs committing very serious crimes against patients simply because those worms at the Hergest were able to scuttle around and whisper to their colleagues who Needed To Know that my mother had lunch with Thatch, knew Tom King and ooh there’s a peer in the family and some of them are lawyers who know Denning, Hailsham and Tony Blair. Meanwhile the non-criminal members of my family were accused and smeared. I want answers MDU and I want compensation. The security services have exposed Dafydd time and time again but everyone just took it to be another old druggie who had made a complaint. What the security services didn’t do was come out of hiding and say ‘It’s us you silly fuckers, you’ve been caught, now put an end to it’.

      So I’ll do it instead. You have been caught MDU and I have been told by dissenting police that a whole network of criminals in Somerset have had a ball because Dafydd and Tony Francis agreed to keep me flattened, hidden and hopefully dead prematurely while stitching me and F up in Court. I’ll remind you that WPC Jo Bott sat in my living room and openly threatened me, after telling F that yes his baby was now housed with two known child abusers and no she would not be responding to any complaints from him about it. Bott had six months earlier been at the centre of the investigation into a paedophile ring in north Wales and just replied ‘no comment’ to all questions. The bitch Bott was working with EVERY health n social care ‘professional’ who had anything to do with F as well as me.

      A gang of sex offenders MDU, you backed them up all the way and even gave them barristers to lie about me in Court in efforts to jail me. Witnesses were found dead.

      The MDU needs to have its assets seized, these people are criminals, motivated by nothing but money. Take their money and they will be a problem no longer.

      I also want to know the worst of Gwynne’s crimes. The order went out to ruin me and my friends simply because I’d complained about that disgusting old worm, then the Middlesex Hospital was razed to the ground and all references to him disappeared. Come on, who did he lobotomise and kill who was famous or the relative of a famous person? Gwynne did something really serious that dates back to Macmillan, Profumo and before that even. There were even plants in Denbigh as Angels back in the 70s and I’ve been told ‘It was Gwynne Williams, they were desperate to stop him’. A monster was at Denbigh and that’s why they could only train up another monster (Dafydd) to assist him. No decent doctor could cope with what Gwynne was doing so a common criminal was plucked from the lowlife of Gwynedd and sent to Liverpool University.

      Now FESS UP MDU, you are a very wealthy company and you will tell the truth for once in your sad fucking lives. 10,000 documents are here with me. Brenda can’t argue with the contents and I’m not impressed by the pea brained fool anyway, so don’t waste your ‘Very important people’ line on me.

      May I suggest that as the Middlesex was demolished a la Fred and Rose West’s house, that a Peace Garden be created on the site of the Esteemed institution which Trained Gwynne and Roger Gilliatt??

      And can someone tell me where Gwynne’s nasty family are hiding? He had progeny but they’ve concealed themselves. Unless to be fair his kids hated the old bastard and that’s why they’re not up and screaming How Very Dare You. But someone in Llandudno in the 1920s liked the vile toad enough to pack him off down to the Middlesex, not even Liverpool or Lord Snowdon Central at Barts. The Middlesex, the Royal Hospital of which King George V’s brother-in-law was Chairman!

      You would seem to be rather central to this Ma’am!

      Anyone for Lord Simon Glenarthur, Director of the MDU?

      If readers want to correlate worrying info, just take a look at how many people who were close to Roger Gilliatt and died in suspicious circumstances. There is a pattern. Roger when he was young, not Roger when he was old and in America. Roger when he was young and Lord Snowdon’s best mate. Dangerous business knowing Roger Gilliatt when he was hanging around with Lord S and Mr Thrope. It’s why DGE Wood felt able to tell me that he wanted to throw me down the stairs, why Gwynne couldn’t cope with me challenging him and started forging documents and why Dafydd just abducted me. It’s OK, Lord Denning’s in here somewhere and ooh it’s Snowdon’s reputation at stake…

      The MDU need to tell me who was giving the orders to Dafydd re when to imprison me and when to release me as well because I’ve been told that Dafydd was receiving commands from a Very Important Person. Mrs Brady was one of the conduits but no-one would have ever taken a blind bit of notice of Mrs Brady if she hadn’t have been having trysts with the High n Mighty. Come on MDU and Dafydd, who was it?

      Furthermore as I’m now fed up with the MDU et al failing to explain themselves, I’ll let them know that Mrs Brady knew of a murder committed by the Somerset Tories at a party in the Polden Hills in the 1970s and she also knew that Nicholas Winterton was a Swinger. Angus Ogilvie was in there somewhere as well.

      Explain that lot then Tom King and the MDU.
      Don’t ever do this to anyone again. GO you worthless bastards, RESIGN.

      1. Howzabout that then for names Philanderer? I wonder if Miranda has any regrets yet?

        I’ll have a word with Biggus re further revelations, I’m sure there’ll be some for the MDU!

        1. This is interesting. Not only has more text gone missing from the blog but subtle amendments have appeared in recent comments, once again smearing the non-criminal relatives of mine. Mr Brady? I wrote Mrs Brady…

          I can’t see any news reports of arrests of members of the Lords, the MDU or GMC, so try this for size:
          Half of Somerset knows that some years ago a computer was seized by the police from Mr Bridgy Celeb’s house in an investigation into organised child abuse. The police found unlawful ‘images’. The computer was returned to the owner and no charges were brought. By then Somerset had become well-used to this sort of thing happening. ‘Just mention my name. Signed Thatch.’

          It worked every time!

          It was in 1990 that David Kirke was featured on a Radio 4 investigative documentary and I rang Somerset to say ‘Do you know who is on the radio NOW being exposed as a thief and conman, with the police looking for him??’ I was met with gales of laughter because they knew where Kirke was, were receiving gifts and phone calls from him and thought that the police search was hilarious. I was working for Bodger and a few weeks later I was er arrested, thanks to the MDU.

          Thatch was PM at the time. The knives were out for her led by Fotherington-Hezza, the BMA, Bodger et al but when she was deposed none of that ever let on as to what had been going on.

          It was Thatch, it really was. SHE was the umbrella. She still is because no-one ever busted the myth about the Wonderful Woman Who Saved The Nation.

          To the readers who have said thanks since my last comment; it’s nice of you but you don’t need to! I hate these people, I really do. I watched what they did and they have now had so many chances to quietly retire or come clean. They won’t, they just won’t.

          Just look what happened when they chased Merfyn out of public life. They ALL gave themselves promotion! Just map what happened. Higson returned as Chair of the Health Board, ALL the shitbags in Bangor University and the NHS were promoted, they’re all swanning round with Chairs and jobs as Govt advisers! Apollo was marginalised, other people were bullied and saw people who had plagiarised their work promoted over their heads. People were asking what the hell is going on at Bangor University, the most extraordinary appointments and salaries are being given to awful people…

          Simple. The Gang had got rid of Merfyn and the Philanderer and had read in the press that I had Gone Mad and had Disappeared! So they came right back in and took over, after all the We Didn’t Knows, Ooh we’re so sorry…

          Get your heads around it world, they are criminals with no remorse and never will have any. Organising national Praise and Rounds of Applause for NHS gangsters is not going to change them and neither will a Fundraising Children In Need Concert. Liam Gallagher is organising a Concert with Free Tickets for NHS staff! I wish you all the best with that one Liam, is Gruff Rhys son of Mr Big of Gwynedd Paedophilia going to join you on stage for a duet?

          I’ll wait to hear why that computer was returned to the owner when there was evidence of serious offences on there.

          How are you Edwina, Julie, Sister Hutt and Drakeford? As the traditional Bridgy greeting goes, ‘Alright then?’

          Now I’ve done what the Cabinet, Scotland Yard and C should have done but wouldn’t because they didn’t want the BMA thcweaming and thcweaming until they’re thick, so I’ll look forward to my next job contract. Dog-walking, cleaning the bogs, a bit of part-time gardening. After all, Cynog and Catherine Robinson need the salaried academic jobs!

          Meanwhile I have more blogging to do if that’s OK MDU, I’m waiting to hear from you!

          If any of those terrorised people who discussed Dafydd with me over years and said ‘We can’t do anything about him, he knows things about me and he’ll tell people’ are reading this, as I did tell you at the time, I know things about Dafydd and if he doesn’t fuck off and stop threatening me, I will tell everyone about him…

          Dafydd’s wrongdoing was rather more than an illegitimate baby or a nervous breakdown wasn’t it Dafydd?

          You are in deep trouble MDU but no, I’m sure that you won’t realise it. After all you have never ever been stopped even when you brought down Thatch and then continued backing the international cartel that blossomed because people only had to mention her name!

  5. Wise Owl is going to risk the wroth of How Very Dare You.
    The question of equivalence; are
    NHS staff deaths the same as NHS patient deaths given a similar narrative about systemic failings? Dead babies, mothers, vulnerable adults etc.
    Will there be lessons learned, deeply felt apologies. the promise of an inquiry and the ever present NHS counting by numbers but no resignation or accountability ?

  6. Priti Patel is making noises about violence, organised abuse and trafficking. Well Priti, I have 10,000 documents that demonstrate quite clearly where the problem lies. Can you let me know when you’ve seized the assets of the MDU and GMC, and when you’ve done that, perhaps you could channel the dosh in the direction of people who are on record as having been fleeced by Dafydd et al? Please don’t waste anymore time having a polite conversation with the Leaders Of The Medical Profession re Revalidation or Ethics, kick the fuckers until they don’t move anymore. It’s what they did to patients in Denbigh but the patients weren’t the ones running an international abuse ring.

    Dafydd’s family business the restaurant and deli in Wales is still going strong, Dafydd’s grandson runs it now! It is widely suspected to be a front for money laundering and/or drug distribution. The cops have been quick off the mark there, it’s been going for over 30 yrs now…

    When the security services were bugging us at our house in Llandegfan in 1986 one day we had a conversation about kids we remembered at school. Brown said that at his primary in Taunton, there was a boy called Shane Target who told the other kids that his dad had told him that if someone hits you, you hit them back twice as hard. I said yeh, I was given that advice. Our friend Anne was horrified, having been raised in a gentler atmosphere and said ‘Oh but then they’ll hit you twice as hard again and it’ll escalate’. I said not if you fucking flatten them it won’t. Anne was appalled. Months later the Gang killed Anne. Then they accepted a financial donation from her parents for UCNW while they told everyone that she was a prostitute.

    They should have been flatted after the insults and abuse that poured down on Norman Scott at the Old Bailey, they should have been bombed out of fucking existence.

    They didn’t succeed in killing me, they killed Anne.

    Now GET RID OF THEM Priti Patel, they have massacred people since 1979. We’re not talking about a nation with nuclear weapons here in that everyone will die if we drop a bomb on them, they are a load of pompous, greedy old Docs who don’t know how to treat people anyway. It should not have been up to me to do your job for you Priti, get rid of them now, because they are killing people.

    Now will someone respond to my documents? How about Huw Daniel you corrupt old bastard? What about Lord Justice Roch or Lord Justice Pill? The whole bloody lot of you should be inside.

    Don’t ever tell me that this is the fault of a load of bumpkins. Sort it out Home Office you useless fuckers, and the dissenting police officers can stop trying to manipulate me as well. You haven’t been that effective really have you coppers who are now my neighbours because someone finally woke up to the fact that people had been trying to kill me.


    Hold all the rock concerts in support of the NHS that you want Stars, you are making total idiots of yourselves. It’ll be your kids who will suffer because we have an NHS that just does not work. Why do you think that chaos has resulted from a virus that kills the frail and elderly just as every strain of flu does? It is because the system has collapsed, not because this virus is anything like the early 20th c Spanish flu killer!

    I note that yet another Shock Horror Report has appeared on Guardian online about Men Jailed For Upskirting. Are you sure that they weren’t boys of 12 yrs old Guardian? It’s not acceptable conduct but it’s not really Jimmy Savile is it? Are you sort of over-compensating for not reporting that rather more serious matter? Most women I know would have an immediate answer to an Upskirter. They’d kick him and his camera very hard when he was wasting his time on the floor trying to get a shot of a Bird’s Knickers a la Carry On Nurse in 1970 or whenever that Comedy Classic was made. The cast were substantially molesters, wife-beaters, or gangsters molls and they became national treasures.

    Just as well that Babs Windsor has developed Alzheimers. It was probably diagnosed by Dafydd. He can Diagnose, do the Hands a la Martin Roth and he can probably say ‘It’s for the best’ in a Grave Voice when he’s just pocketed the fee for imprisoning a relative or someone who’s complained about Lord Snowdon’s knob.

    If anyone has a copy of Dafydd’s Price List, please do forward me a copy. Or I suppose that I could always drop my Posh Relative by marriage the Hon Mark Piercy a line, I presume that he’ll have the gen.

    1. They were so confident that they would never ever be held to account that they had all these witty in-jokes that outsiders didn’t understand.

      Read Bodger’s obituaries and wiki. You’ll notice that there is a comment that Bodger’s hobby was ‘carving decoy ducks’. I very much doubt that Bodger was spending hours in his shed making things that the grandchildren would like to play with, it was one of the witty quips. Bodger was the decoy from Ollie and the more obvious molesters Geddit?? Bodger the Sir Lancelot Spratt parody with his tankard with Bodger written on it, his jokes about Rugby and ooh how unusual, Bodger’s son is a Fashion Designer!! And he’s friend’s with Cilla!! Bodger, the decoy.

      It’s the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Hidden In Plain Sight just like Savile! Bodger wasn’t the thick offensive oaf that Savile was, Bodger did know not to lick the arms of women when he visited Buck House and he didn’t ask 5 yr olds to be his girlfriend, but a great many people knew that Bodger was the Mr Big behind the socially unacceptable idiot Dafydd. Every Doc who worked with Bodger knew, yet has anyone ever heard them tell anyone that?

      So who were the guests at Bodger and Jocelyn’s At Homes on the Gower then? I think we should be told, Bodger had retired from London circles and NHS work by then and there will have been only one reason for his At Homes in the Land Of Edwina Hart…

  7. Here’s a name that Fotherington-Hezza might remember from his time as the MP for Tavistock: Droart.

    Mr and Mrs Droart farmed near my father’s farm in the Blackdowns. They were Polish, Mr Droart being a PoW who stayed in England. Like the legendary Mr Notaro, the PoW who built up the now huge building firm in Bridgy, Mr Droart was a PoW who worked on farms in the West Country, worked very hard, lived in very poor accommodation and after years built up a more stable business.

    I met the Droarts when I was a teenager, having no idea that they knew father. I was cycling in the Blackdowns, no idea how near or far I was from our old farm because I was too young to remember there and as I was going down a very steep hill my brakes failed, I came off at speed and landed on my face on the tarmac. I was near the entrance to a farm so I went in to ask if I could use their phone, my bike being wrecked and me being covered in blood. The door was answered by a teenaged girl who immediately got her mum, because unbeknown to me I had a chunk missing out of my chin and the girl thought I’d been shot.

    The family were just so brilliant, they cleaned me up, called an Auntie over who I think was an Angel to sort my wounds out, fed me, found me somewhere to sit while the teenager – Elizabeth – made friends with me. They wanted to take me to Taunton Hospital but I said its OK, I’ll ring my father. I did ring, but my sister answered and according to her later account I was so confused on the phone that she couldn’t understand the address that I’d given her re where I was. So no-one knew where to find me and no-one arrived to fetch me so after hours, I rang again and by that time I could give details of where I was.

    So I stayed at the Droarts place for ages until father finally got there and it transpired that the Droarts knew my family. I was only over the hill from where our farm had been. The Droarts recognised my surname when I gave it to them. While I was there, Elizabeth chatted away and told me that she wanted to be a linguist – she was 16, two years older than me – and said that her dad had been a PoW, really poor and they’d lived in an old pig house until he built the new house that they were now in. That was actually a standard story for PoWs in Somerset and Devon, they did live in the disused barns and animal sheds. I think Elizabeth told me that they’d moved into the proper house when she was about six. Her dad had been a pig farmer, like my father had been.

    All went well until father and Mrs Brady arrived, then of course there was Stress. The Droarts recognised them instantly and greeted father like an old friend and asked him why he’d just left Devon without saying goodbye to them. Well I doubt that he’d felt able to tell people that Maurice Macmillan had swindled him and Bertrand Russell’s solicitors had tried to trap him into serious crime. Mrs Brady did the meet n greet business, father started giving me a bollocking for not having good brakes on my bike and going off adventuring, but then he saw my missing chin and realised that I’d better get to A&E.

    This is how someone seems to have known about my adventures that day. Taunton A&E were very good, they were cheerful and jolly and stitched me up. Mrs Brady of course knew some of them from when she had worked there. Three years later when I met Brown, he had similar memories of Taunton A&E; in the same year, Brown had fallen over a wheelbarrow in the garden and lost part of his forehead; he’d even had a small skin graft from his arm. I just had the sides of my chin pulled together and stitched. Brown had a theory that the A&E shift in Taunton, when they had just arrived on duty and weren’t knackered and harried by the Top Docs, were always very good with kids who had accidents, which they did seem to be. I had turned up to A&E just as the night shift had arrived.

    Someone seems to have accessed the records of that visit to A&E AND Brown’s records. A reader knows all about it and other people do as well. Including the Gang.

    I’ve been reminded that Mr Droart was a pig farmer, that Maurice Macmillan was doing deals with pig farmers and that the Droarts did very well out of their pigs just as father was pushed into bankruptcy. I very much doubt that the Droarts were knowingly in on anything at least then, but it’s been pointed out to me that they were Polish, PoWs and Maurice, Mr Thrope etc were busy and were crooks and gangsters. Those we know and love knew about my visit to A&E and who had rescued me because our phone was being tapped at the time. Edward du Cann was the MP for Taunton and Govt databases were being unlawfully misused to target people in ways which they never knew. Polish PoWs would be very vulnerable.

    After I was stitched etc and recovering back home, I wrote to Elizabeth and her mum and dad to say thanks for looking after me that day and Elizabeth wrote back, but we didn’t stay in further contact.

    Now Then. I cannot remember exactly when I crashed my bike in Devon but it must have been in 1977. Someone reading this blog is interested because Mr Thrope knew that he was in a lot of trouble by then because guns had been waved at Norman, there was bribery and corruption everywhere and of course porn pics of Paul McCartney were being left in our disused garage which was being visited by local kids without our knowledge because stories of the Wonders Within had spread like wildfire.

    Anyone for a Lib-Lab Pact to keep Sunny Jim’s shaky show on the road?? Mr Benn the Red Knight was parked in Bristol organising yet more fun for us, including via a load of vile hostile teachers in Bridgy who were in partnership with the Gang.

    I am not accusing the Droarts of anything at all, they were really great when they rescued me. But I bet they were somehow approached or nobbled at some point even if they didn’t realise what was going on, because it seems that everyone was.

    Entrapment by crooked Top Docs, lawyers and politicians if people were honest. Entrapment followed by blackmail over the pettiest ‘misdeeds’ while Gwynne and Dafydd ran a paedophile ring and murdered witnesses.

    I had a good laugh this morning when I was reminded of a few of the things that were supposed to Tempt Me as Traps laid by the Gang. From Paul McCartney porn pics to a Lovely Life in London with Bodger and his vain pompous friends.

    As the MDU are clearly reading this blog, can I place my order with Lord Glenarthur re What I Really, Really Want now that it does have to be Oh Shit Compensation Time, 10,000 documents in her possession:

    A settlement big enough for me to share with Brown who had an expensive house STOLEN from him by undercover security services officers, please Lord G. I want enough dosh left over after sharing it with Brown to buy me a little smallholding with dogs, ducks and matching Shetland ponies. And peace to carry on writing and publishing. It is what I have always wanted and if you silly dangerous murdering idiots had not believed that the way forward after I caught you bang to rights re the 10,000 documents back in 2005 was to just mistreat me further and kill a few more witnesses, it is what you should have settled at back then.

    I look forward to hearing from you Lord G. You also need to compensate F and the others whom you robbed blind and who’s lives you wrecked as well.

    May I suggest that people also begin rethinking the disappearance of Genette (or Jenette) Tate, the girl of about 12 or 13 who vanished from a Devon lane in about 1977, while out on her bike. Her bike was found in the lane and no-one ever saw her again. She was like the rest of us, lived in a very quiet rural area, peddled around on her bike and vanished into thin air. The Gang’s partners were busy in the region: corrupt police officers, docs, lawyers.

    When Genette Tate vanished, police looked for a beer-swilling labourer with a builder’s bum, who was obviously a Wrong Un, instead of a local GP. Police, I understand that Dr DGE Wood is now spending much time in Cyprus, where he Holds Clinics. Edward du Cann was also there until he died shortly after I began this blog. They were probably sharing a villa and vineyard with Asil Nadir. Perhaps you need to pop over to Cyprus and have a word with Wood. Dafydd can still be found at Rhianfa, Talwrn, where he has been for decades.

    Meanwhile, North Wales Police are Looking For Clues re heroin dealing, murders, sex offences etc. Hywel Williams MP is appalled and has asked Boris to Allocate Money for the Economic Regeneration of Gwynedd. The Pink Blancmange has given the Betsi an Injection Of Cash. Sister Hutt is drawing up new legislation to tackle Period Poverty.

    Genette Tate remains missing.

  8. Fotherington-Hezza’s out of the traps again, demanding that Boris sack Cummings.

    F-Hezza spent his young years in the thick of the criminals who tried to entrap my father in serious crime and then F-Hezza took his place in Thatch’s Cabinet of criminals.

    F-Hezza worked for the security services. He won’t have liked the Royal Trafficking Ring run by the Royal Lobotomist who killed complainants but F-Hezza didn’t not like them enough to stop them. He was reminded that Fings Break by his Harley Street Doc when F-Hezza had that heart attack just when he was lined up for a rather more successful run at PM than his previous ones.

    F-Hezza ran away like everyone else. And left us with murdering sex offenders.

    F-Hezza, all you and your sec servs colleagues needed to have done was, collectively, stand up and say The BMA and MDU are the key cogs in a murderous international trafficking ring that are targeting children as well as vulnerable adults. None of you could not get it together to do that.

    So I’ve done it. Because the Elites couldn’t. They just could not stand up to Docs who were employed as sex offending killers.

    Can I have my money please F-Hezza? Not just for doing your job, but for the porn that was made without my permission and the Danger Money for walking into that fucking lions’ den and continuing to challenge those worthless bastards when NONE OF YOU who were employed to do so would.

    F-Hezza and all of his utterly ineffective colleagues will have immunity from prosecution. They were upholding National Security but sadly it was a Very Difficult Situation and they Failed.

    So how is it that Brown, I and indeed F, were able to over years and years tell all appropriate authorities exactly what was happening?

    Should any other henchman of a gang of sex offenders wish to try to burn my house down, violently assault me, smash my car to bits in front of two undercover police officers who Couldn’t Break Cover, feel free. You’ve done it all before and it still didn’t cause me to Regret My Failure To Respect To Docs.

    They’re a load of scumbags and I will never stop saying that. So you just pop over to mine one more time OK BMA and my reaction will be what it has been for the past 35 yrs: you tell me lies, forge documentation or assault me and I’ll fucking well tell you and anyone else whom I think needs to know that you are criminals.

    You do not intimidate me OK Docs? Whether you are a pig-shit thick GP sitting in a semi-detached house in Bangor or a Doc in Royal Circles in St George’s, if you are intimidating or vain and silly, I will have an unfortunate habit of taking the piss out of you. Many of those grandiosities who did that to me are now er dead…

    Another one of the small fry is featured in the Post today; a former Conwy Cllr. Died from ‘Coronavirus’.

    Which is probably what F-Hezza is bearing in mind at present. The man who was going to Run The Country and Deal With the Soviet Nuclear Threat. He couldn’t deal with the BMA…

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