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  1. Well well Sally – the angelic Aled Jones who was mentioned by you only recently – is in the news himself as having behaved inappropriately – how serious that was isn’t clear as yet…perhaps he wasn’t just being used as distraction after all?

    1. Yes I saw the reports yesterday – I was staggered! Oh I think that that he WAS a distraction, but I suspect that Aled became, as Brown’s grandmother would say, ‘too big for his boots’! Aled was not one of the kids who was being abused and told that he was worthless, he was feted, held up as a symbol of all that was good about north Wales youth and led to believe that all this was happening because he was just so talented. He will not have had any understanding that he was from a more privileged group of people than some of the other kids around him and I certainly don’t think he knew why his career was so vigorously promoted – he just knew that he had this wonderful media career on the back of his abilities as a boy singer. The people who surrounded Aled were not posh by English standards, but they did form a local elite in Gwynedd. They ran everything, they told everyone else what to do and they made sure that it was their kids who got all the plum jobs, it was very well known and caused resentment. And a lot of them were ignoring something terrible on their doorstep…

  2. Murphy was NI Sec when Head of Arms Decommissioners Gen de Chasterlain sent a report of concern about Blair’s failure to include poisons and sabotage. And wishing to deploy to Kent re Deal Barracks bombing, paramilitaries and gun supply at civilian gun ranges and 30 years of Kent Plod issues of firearms certificates.

    In the late 90s the Pfizer Development site at Sandwich had a problem. Weld inspectors were refusing to sign off on pipe and vessel welds. Pfizer dumbed down contractual standards to commission the site and took a heap of penalty money off contractors.

    On site former Petbow Generators production welders told weld inspectors how they used to nobble welds on the generators. Kent Police with a long history of protecting Deputy Lord Lt MD of Petbow five Queens Awards to Industry .. decided not to take the weld inspector statement then interview the ex Petbow men. Including about the other matter of end user certs to export alleged arm to middle east certed as genny spares (A matter that may well have been in Sir John Stradling Thomas letters to attorney general 1990.)

    Who was Murphys adviser at NI Office. Welsh windbag Owen Smith. De Chasterlain was blocked. Blunkett whisked Kent Chief constable outa plod. And Owen Smith became an employee of Pfizer.

    1. I wrote a bit about Owen Smith months ago – but I think I put a summary of his career on one of the comments rather than in a post and unfortunately the search engine on my blog doesn’t include comments. Owen seems to have touched down absolutely everywhere in terms of dodgy places. He landed a job with the BBC when his dad Prof Dai Smith – a big name in Welsh Labour history – was working at the BBC and he did a few questionable things when he worked on the Today programme; he wasn’t just working for Pfizer, he was one of their top PR people on a MASSIVE salary whilst Pfizer were busy with dodgy practices and as you say he was gofer to that rather worrying man Paul Murphy.

      As for Owen’s dad Dai, he co-authored a book about the history of the South Wales Miners with Hywel Francis the former MP for Aberavon, a mate of Rhodri Morgan and his network. Who succeeded the Aberavon seat when Hywel stood down? Stephen Kinnock! Kinnock who had not lived in Wales for decades – if indeed he ever did at all – Kinnock who had spent his career in Europe and was married to the PM of Denmark, decided that suddenly he was a child of the valleys. It’s so obvious what is happening – these worthless opportunistic gits all believe that Jeremy Corbyn is going to be toppled and they want to be leader of the Party and PM – Will Straw, Stephen Kinnock, the Yvettes, the Angelas, the whole bloody lot of them. And Stephen Kinnock even returned to a country that he didn’t know but in which his parents wielded much influence to do it!

      As for Owen Smith – I thought all these allegations of misogyny against him because he said that he wanted to smash Theresa May back on her heels and cracked a joke about the bruises showing through the make-up re the Lib Dems and the Tories was the most enormous fuss about nothing, although he did look a bit of a wally when he had himself photographed ‘with two ladies in a sweetshop’ with his arms around them – ‘ooh an important man dropped into the sweetshop!’, but there are many more things about Owen that are quite worrying. He lied about refugee children who were alleged to be attending the school in which his wife teaches and Owen is actually a very wealthy man, not a working class kid from Pontypridd as he likes to pretend. His dad was famous and well-connected by the time that Owen was a kid, Owen is about as deprived as Jess Phillips is. Dunno HOW friendly Dai Smith was with the awful Hywel Francis though – whether they were really good mates or whether they wrote one book together and decided ‘never again’.

      I really wouldn’t mind all the networking and cronyism that this blog has documented if the people involved were geniuses who were working for the greater good, I would applaud it. But they’re not – most of them are as thick as yak shit who are doing it all to feather their own nests whilst they ignore serious abuses. And anyone who challenges them is subjected to a smear campaign – peadophiles send poison pen letters to other peoples employers telling the employer that their employee is a paedophile, drunken gropers accuse other people of being drunken gropers, philanderers accuse other people of being philanderers, people who are gobbling up society’s resources complain about people who accept a pay rise, sociopaths who have sexually abused and killed their patients are described as ‘broken men’ when angry patients ask what action has been taken whilst the broken men in question carry on shagging the patients and embezzling NHS funds, no wonder the electorate are utterly confused and don’t know who or what to vote for.

      I see that there’s an article in the Indie today about the serious abuse of young people in an adolescent mental health unit back in the 90s – there is a comment that the police are now investigating the historic abuse of patients in psychiatric hospitals. So that’s why I’m living in hiding, Dafydd Alun Jones is still Chair of CAIS and Peter Higson is still Chair of the Betsi Board!

  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-41996654

    There is an apparently bizarre case in Kent (well it’s firearms). I emailed the Chief constable to remind him that in the murder case 1996 of 6th Thanet Gun Range member Ken Speakman there was a warrant raid. It appears to have been conducted by Thanet Police without telling the murder case officer Det Supt Biddis. It was on a man called BUSHELL. In Thanet not Gillingham. Looking for Speakmans gun collection.

    On the face of it the Supt in charge of Thanet (Deputy senior CID Deal Barracks bombing) had some information re the name BUSHELL. That he wanted to use to steal the glory. But it now looks as if he got the wrong BUSHELL.

    Then he did not record the information for other officers.

    And this would have been the situation in 2003 when Arms Decommissioners Gen de Chasterlain wanted to deploy to Kent.

    When really plod should have been able to tell arms decommissioners “We have a whisper about a bloke called BUSHELL”…..

    Neither the PCC nor the Chiefie are answering. Mind you neither is the attorney general re Sir John Stradling Thomas mail 1990. IF Nicholas LYELL knew about the crime complaints against PETBOW in Kent and the cover up then he would have had to declare same in Matrix Churchill case ? I have BTW put all this in writing to former Petbow MD. No answer.

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