The Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Connection?

My post ‘A UK Network’ speculated upon possible connections between north Wales and the north east of England. I described how I suspect that the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal did Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales a very big favour by muddying the waters just at the very time when Alison Taylor, Mary Wynch and I were writing to politicians, Ministers and others regarding the criminal activities of welfare professionals in north Wales. At the time I didn’t realise that what I was witnessing and experiencing was a direct result of the paedophile ring in north Wales and I don’t think that Mary did, but Alison was of course a children’s social worker for Gwynedd Social Services who was blowing the whistle on the abuse happening in the children’s homes.

‘A UK Network’ named Dr Neil Davies and Professor Bob Woods as being two senior figures who worked in the mental health services in north Wales for years who had both previously worked in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Neil Davies read medicine at Cambridge and then worked in Newcastle, Bob Woods did his clinical psychology training in Newcastle and worked there afterwards. Bob Woods had also worked at the Institute of Psychiatry before moving to Bangor. Neil Davies was a Consultant Psychiatrist in north Wales (he has now retired) and Professor Bob Woods is a Clinical Psychologist who for many years ran the Clinical Psychology training at Bangor University, working in partnership with the mental health services in north Wales. Bob Woods is Professor of Old Age Psychology at Bangor University and specialises in dementia and Alzheimers.

Neil Davies was for many years a Consultant Psychiatrist in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh – I met him whilst Dafydd unlawfully imprisoned me there in the winter of 1986/87. My post ‘How I Arrived At Denbigh’ details the entries that Neil Davies made upon my medical records in 1986 after being confronted by a nurse who told him that she was most unhappy about being implicated in Dafydd’s illegal activities and the ‘deal’ that he had done with a corrupt policeman at Bangor Police Station, a Superintendent Roberts. Davies reassured her that it wasn’t actually her who was breaking the law or participating in the ‘deal’ (that was the word that Davies actually used on my medical records), all she had to do was to refuse to let me out of the locked ward where I was being unlawfully held.

I met Neil Davies again some years ago. He was then a Consultant at the Ablett Unit, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. I went to see him after my lawyer had conducted a battle for more than a year to get me an appointment at the Ablett Unit, so that I would never have to risk my neck with the dreadful Hergest Unit again. The North West Wales NHS Trust had simply ignored my lawyer’s repeated requests – I don’t know why, because they hated me and the lethal Dr Tony Roberts of the Hergest Unit had made it clear that I could die before I’d receive any support, but no, they just couldn’t find it within them to refer me elsewhere. After a very long battle and my lawyer pointing out repeatedly that denying me care was simply illegal (although breaking the law has never bothered the north Wales mental health services), I did receive an appointment to see Neil Davies.

I remembered Neil Davies from the North Wales Hospital, but when I went to see him we didn’t mention meeting there, although I presumed that he did remember me. When I went to see him at the Ablett, I hadn’t yet gained access to the records that he’d written at Denbigh years earlier, so I knew nothing about these written confessions of illegal incarceration and deals with corrupt police officers. At the Ablett, Neil Davies was very chatty and pleasant – people always find Neil Davies chatty and pleasant, he is not conspicuously deranged like Dafydd – and we actually spent most of the time discussing my publications. I only saw Neil Davies I think about three times when I gave up again – dear old Tony Roberts reared his ugly head once more, throwing hissy fits and ordering junior doctors at the Ablett not to treat me no less, because I was ‘his’ patient, not Neil Davies’s. God knows what was going on, I just gave up with them at that point.

Last year however my lawyer forwarded yet more records to me, including the incriminating records that Neil Davies had compiled at Denbigh. But she also forwarded the records that he had compiled about me when I’d been to see him at the Ablett. I discovered that there had been no official referral. Alun Davies, the corrupt manager of the Hergest Unit, had simply ‘had a word’ with Neil Davies at a meeting about another matter in mid-Wales and asked him if he would see a ‘difficult patient’. I can only imagine what Davies said about me. Furthermore it came as no surprise that there was no appropriate referral – Alun Davies conducts his whole existence on the basis of ‘having a word’ with people (often his corrupt contacts) and if he ever was told that a third party had been critical of the Hergest Unit, his standard response was to bellow ‘I’ll be having a word with them’. He even bellowed that he would be having a word with Edwina Hart the Health Minister when she implemented a policy that he didn’t like.

The records from Neil Davies were illuminating. He had written a letter to my GP after my first appointment mentioning that he’d seen me, but he didn’t realise ‘who she was’ until I started talking about my work. Davies stated that he realised that he ‘knew me by repute’ – presumably he had forgotten completely about the corrupt deal and illegal detention that he had been party to in Denbigh. But then that sort of thing was an everyday occurrence out there.  Now when Neil Davies said that he knew me by repute, he didn’t mean hat he knew me as an academic. Davies meant that he knew me as the woman who had dared to complain about Jones and Denbigh, the women whom the mental health services had spent years trying to imprison because she was so phenomenally dangerous but who had recently completed a PhD and was now appearing in the press commenting about the failing mental health system. I even found copies of some of my academic papers among Davies’s records relating to me (good to know that you thought they were worth keeping Neil!). Davies’s letters to my GP didn’t mention me being a potential axe murderer as most of the correspondence about me usually did, but interestingly he talked about me being a ‘very disordered personality’ (yeh, that’s how I am such a prolific writer Neil, when you’re as mad and as disordered as me you can write even more publications than anyone else). Interestingly enough, in support of his claims of my ‘disordered personality’, the only thing that Davies managed to dredge up was that I had just broken up with someone after a ‘brief relationship’. The brief relationship in question had lasted nine years. Which I think is longer than any of Dafydd’s serial marriages lasted…

What was most telling though was the copy of Neil Davies’s hand-written notes that my lawyer forwarded. At the top of the first sheet of the ‘contemporaneous notes’ that he made during my first appointment with him, Neil Davies had written ‘DAJ issue’. ‘DAJ’ in north Wales psychiatry ALWAYS translates as ‘Dafydd Alun Jones’. In the Hergest Unit, Dr Tony Francis (Dr X) even used to say ‘DAJ’ rather than utter Dafydd’s name. So although we didn’t mention Dafydd during our meeting and although no letter had ever been sent to Davies telling him that when I was younger I had made complaint about Dafydd, he knew that there was a DAJ issue. He also considered it to be so overwhelmingly important that it was the first thing that he wrote down. In doctor speak. Not mentioned again in any official correspondence. Which sums it up really – are you a prolific academic with an out-patients appointment after you happened to have ended a nine year relationship? Well of course you have a ‘disordered personality’ – because you’re the bastard who complained about Dafydd breaking the law and sexually exploiting patients 25 years ago and we know you ‘by repute’.

I have never heard any allegations at all that Neil Davies sexually exploited patients. But he knew all about Dafydd and my records demonstrate that he colluded with Dafydd’s criminality. For all his pleasant manner, Neil Davies’s remedy was the same as everyone else’s – this patient must be discredited…

I have never had any dealings at all with Professor Bob Woods, although I know a number of people who have. However he has been working in north Wales for long enough to be well aware of the history and practices of the mental health services. Although his CV boasts of his status as one of the UK’s leading lights in dementia and Alzheimers, he also works in ‘partnership’ with the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board which was responsible for the abuse and neglect at Tawel Fan, a dementia ward in the Ablett Unit. Tawel Fan was the worst mental health care scandal that the UK had experienced for many years (see post ‘The Tawel Fan Scandal’).

I mentioned in my post ‘The Case Of The King’s Sperm’ that one of the friends and protégés of the crazed psychiatrist and eugenicist Eliot Slater – who with his colleagues Dr Carlos Blacker and Dr Desmond Curran discussed the possibility of asking King George VI to donate sperm in order to artificially inseminate a patient of Curran’s – was Professor Sir Martin Roth. Martin Roth died in 2006 and was a very big name in UK psychiatry – he worked in Newcastle and it was there that he achieved his towering reputation. Roth’s speciality was old age psychiatry, particularly dementia and Alzheimers. I suspect that Martin Roth may have been yet another person who’s status and reputation was used to protect those screwing up so badly in the mental health services in north Wales for decades.

Roth was appointed Professor of Psychological Medicine at Newcastle in 1956, whilst Newcastle was still part of the federal Durham University. He stayed there until 1977. He will have been there when both Neil Davies and Bob Woods worked in Newcastle. Roth established units for child psychiatry, neurosis and psycho-geriatrics. His obituaries tell us that ‘he embraced the discipline of clinical psychology within his department’.

By 1959 Roth had an international reputation and was consulted by WHO (World Health Organisation). In the 60s Roth became known for his pioneering dementia research, demonstrating that the problems with a poor prognosis experienced by many elderly people in psychiatric hospitals attributed to senility and dementia were actually a result of treatable conditions eg. depression or infections. Roth instigated studies with Sir Bernard Tomlinson into Alzheimers and it is claimed that as a result of this, ‘patient care was improved’. Roth and his researchers undoubtedly conducted interesting work into the molecular pathology of Alzheimers, but in view of what happened at Tawel Fan and the standard of ‘care’ meted out to thousands of other elderly people with dementia or Alzheimers, I’m not convinced that Roth’s research has led to an improvement in patient care. Some of the recent scandals in the care of the elderly mentally ill have been as bad as the Ely Hospital Scandal in the late 60s.

In 1964 Roth was a member of the Clinical Research Board of the MRC and Director of the MRC Research Group in psychiatry at Newcastle.

Between 1965-75 Martin Roth was an advisor to the Ministry of Health on mental health and was involved with Keith Joseph in Gov’t plans to replace mental hospitals with units in District General hospitals and community care. Roth was said to have ‘expressed concern about the quality and scope of care, which went unheeded’. I have noted previously how when Denbigh was closed, the abusive practitioners who had been employed at Denbigh were simply re-employed in the new services and most of them carried on with their abusive and/or negligent practices. It wasn’t the building at Denbigh which was the problem. But Bob Woods and Neil Davies have never admitted that, at least publicly.

In 1971 Roth was elected as the first President of the newly created Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Roth was knighted in 1972 whilst he was at Newcastle.

After Roth left Newcastle he continued his Alzheimers research at Cambridge, where he was the first Professor of Psychiatry between 1977-85, then Professor Emeritus. Roth was a Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge from 1977.

Roth was considered to have pioneered psychogeriatrics, but he was also described by Professor Claude  Wischik, a former PhD student of his, as being ‘a leading voice for biological psychiatry and was listened to throughout the world’. However Roth also had interests in anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia.

Along with Willy Mayer-Goss and Eliot Slater, Roth wrote ‘Clinical Psychiatry’, the standard text until well into the 80s. The first edition was published in the mid-50s, but further editions and revisions were published until 1977. Roth was also responsible for Camdex – the Cambridge Examination for Mental Disorders of the Elderly, published in 1988.

Roth is attributed with having done much work on the diagnosis and classification of mental disorders and it is said that it was Roth’s work that in the 1970s led to the task of differentiating between the affective disorders. Roth’s obituary in the Daily Telegraph in Oct 2006 maintains that ‘his greatest contribution lay in his emphasis on categorisation, on clinical diagnosis, on the formulation of reliable and objective systems for describing psychopathology’. How successful were Roth’s efforts? According to the obituary of Roth written by Claude Wischik, Roth emphasised a ‘quantitative scientific approach using mathematics, genetics, experimental biology and physics’. His ‘perceptions were enshrined…in definitions of distinctive forms of illness captured in DSM [the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistics Manual] and ICD [WHO’s International Classification of Disease]’.

I’m not quite sure where Claude has witnessed maths, genetics, experimental biology and physics being utilised in the diagnosis of mental health problems but I have certainly never seen it happening and I don’t know of any other patient who has. What I and most other people I have known observed was diagnoses being made after short superficial interviews and cases of numerous patients receiving a number of different diagnoses over a period of time. Dr Tony Roberts only had one diagnosis – borderline personality disorder. Dafydd only had one diagnosis for private patients – PTSD. Other diagnoses from Dafydd depended upon what was convenient for his purposes at that particular moment – over the course of a few months he told people that I had paranoid schizophrenia, a process psychosis, a disturbed personality disorder and then told me that I had manic depressive insanity. Two years later, after I had complained about him, he agreed with Professor Robert Bluglass that I was criminally insane. Which mathematical equations and laws of physics they used to make those diagnoses I do not know – there are no references to maths and physics on any medical notes of mine. Or even experimental biology and genetics. Whenever I have read DSM I have seen no references to the equations and physics necessary to make any of the diagnoses detailed within. I suspect that all of the psychiatry that I encountered was actually predicated on the Neil Davies methodology ie. ‘DAJ issue’ being the most important symptom to be taken into account.

During Roth’s career, psychiatry did of course come under attack and Roth defended psychiatry against its critics, the most famous of that time being R.D. Laing, Thomas Szasz and Ivan Illich. Roth challenged Szasz’s view that ‘psychiatry merely provides a police and custodial service on behalf of the socio-political establishment to deal with deviancy’. I have to contradict Roth – in north Wales, that is exactly what psychiatry did and Neil Davies and Bob Woods knew it. Critics of Szasz, including Roth, maintain that mental illness is ‘real’ and the problem is how to help. That is perfectly true – I witnessed numerous people in north Wales who were deeply distressed, who were suicidal, who were so clinically depressed that they could not talk, walk any distance or look after themselves or who were living with serious psychotic symptoms. But whether they received ‘care’ or ‘treatment’ and what ‘care’ or ‘treatment’ (or diagnosis) they received had far less to do with their symptoms or degree of distress than the vendettas being conducted against anyone who dared complain about Dafydd and the paedophiles. People were undoubtedly often left to die if they had dared cross the path of those we know and love. A common pattern was incarceration in the North Wales Hospital (when it was still in operation) and if that didn’t shut someone up it was transfer to Risley Remand Centre/prison/secure psychiatric unit, all the way up to the level of Broadmoor/Ashworth/Rampton if necessary. It is clear from my records that this was the course planned for me. Not because I’d assaulted anyone, committed violent offences etc – but because I had complained about Dafydd, Gwynne the lobotomist and Tony Francis (Dr X). This was also the path followed by so many of the children in care in north Wales who were abused by the paedophile ring. There really was no correlation with any degree of illness. After Denbigh closed, the solution was to fail to provide any care and support or indeed basics such as housing and disability benefits, whilst harassing and threatening the patient and then to stand back and wait for them to turn up dead sooner or later.

Professor Anthony Clare interviewed Thomas Szasz on ‘In The Psychiatrist’s Chair’ many years ago and accused Szasz of cruelty in failing to recognise the suffering caused by mental illness – Szasz became very angry with Clare for trying to colonise the moral high ground. Szasz’s ideas certainly can be used to justify cruelty – the Arfon Community Mental Health Team used to quote Szasz when they justified abandoning their clients to suicide – but Dafydd et al have had a ball with conventional psychiatry. Except that of course when it suited them, they started quoting Laing and Szasz…

As for Ivan Illich, Roth claimed that he was ‘a brooding presence in night, like a dysfunctional lighthouse, emitting shafts of darkness to confuse unwary travellers’. Unwary travellers were confused far more by Dafydd facilitating a paedophile ring whilst utilising a network of psychiatrists across the UK – some of them being of international stature – to ensure that he was never held to account (let alone stopped) and that anyone who challenged him was ruined.

I note with some irony that Roth wrote about the use of psychiatry to silence Soviet dissidents…

Roth’s Daily Telegraph obituary maintained that ‘Roth never lost his sympathy for the individual patient or his awareness of the reality of his or her suffering’. I never met Martin Roth, he may have been an excellent, compassionate doctor. However, at least two who had worked in his empire at Newcastle ignored a great deal of suffering indeed…

In 2006 Roth’s former student Claude Wischik noted that ‘the times of vast psychiatric institutions housing populations in excess of 1000 souls in varying degrees of torment and hopelessness are still etched in the collective social consciousness and their residue lives on in the stigma which is still so often attached to mental illness’. I would argue that rather than stigma arising from the population’s collective memory of asylums, it arises from psychiatrists telling third parties that people are ‘criminally insane’ or ‘extremely dangerous’ or indeed merely ‘disordered personalities’ because of a ‘DAJ issue’ many years ago…

In terms of it’s status as a profession, it seems that psychiatry has a lot to be grateful to Martin Roth for. Not only was he the first President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, but his ‘expert early nurture’ was instrumental in it’s ‘robust growth’ into the powerful institution with political muscle that it is today.

Like all medical institutions that want to be taken seriously, the Royal College of Psychiatrists has a very grand office – it is situated in Belgravia. It was Martin Roth who assisted with the acquisition of this very upmarket building. Roth’s Times obituary explains that there was great difficulty in raising the money for the ‘splendid late-Georgian town house, 17 Belgravia Square SW1’, but with the ‘persuasive wiles of Roth, the influence of Lord Goodman and a very substantial gift from the charitable Trust of Marks & Spencer, it was done’. My first thought was what fiddle had Marks & Spencer been involved in, particularly as Arnold Goodman – Harold Wilson’s solicitor who was widely believed to have been a crook – played a role. Lord Goodman acted as legal advisor to Jeremy Thorpe after Thorpe was charged with conspiracy to murder and incitement to kill.

But I have found another article concerning the acquisition of 17 Belgravia Square by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, explaining that the building cost £750,000 (at early 1970s prices) and that ‘the money had to be borrowed and substantial amounts of interest paid’, although there was ‘additional help from generous sponsors’.

So how did a fledgling organisation ever raise and repay that money? £750k was a very great deal of dosh in the early 1970s – 17 Belgravia Square nestles among the residences of relatives of the Royal family. Much of Belgravia is of course owned by one particular relative of the Royal Family – the Duke of Westminster. The Duke of Westminster in the early 70s was Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, Prince Charles’s mate – who is now dead – but was the President of the City of Chester Conservative Association when Sir Peter Morrison was MP for Chester and molesting boys in care in north Wales (see post ‘I Want Serious Money Now Please’). Gerald Cavendish also had a claim on St George’s Hospital Medical School – who concealed Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends’ wrongdoing – because his family provided the money for the charitable Trust which founded St George’s (see post ‘Running The Country – And All That Jazz’).

Not that setting up shop in a palatial building in the poshest part of London was ever what Roth and the Royal College wanted – Roth explained that ‘we didn’t chose to go to a fashionable place but we couldn’t find any other’. Presumably there were no tin sheds in Basildon available when Roth and the Royal College of Psychiatrists went looking for office space, so they were dragged kicking and screaming into Belgravia.

Martin Roth was made a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1996, one of only three psychiatrists ever to have been given such an honour (one of the others was Sigmund Freud).

In his obituary in the British Journal of Psychiatry in April 2007, Roth was described as ‘the most respected and most successful psychiatrist of his generation’. Roth studied medicine at St Mary’s Paddington and although nearly every article available about him stresses his Messianic qualities, his deep compassion for his patients, his inspirational role as a teacher and a scientist, a Special Article in the British Journal of Psychiatry April 2007, ‘Sir Martin Roth: An Appreciation’, explains that Roth stated that his decision to embark upon a career in medicine arose out of ‘the necessity to qualify at something I could make a living at’.

My suspicions that two of the north Wales contingent passing through Roth’s empire helped ensure that the wrongdoing on their patch was concealed in the same way that Dafydd’s stint under Bob Hobson at the Maudsley ensured that no-one ever fessed up to exactly what Dafydd was doing lest the reputation of Hobson took a tumble, were fuelled by a comment of Claude Wischik, Professor of Geratology at Aberdeen, after Roth’s death. Claude observed that he was the last of the ‘Roth-Mafia’, the Professors of Psychiatry trained and inspired by Roth. That’s the problem with medicine – it really does operate as a Mafia, with a network that no-one is allowed to leave or dishonour. If you do, you’ll be sleeping with the fishes. Who ever was going to admit that two of those who had trained at the knee of one of ‘the most successful and most respected psychiatrist of his generation’ were working with old Dafydd who was colluding with organised crime? Far easier to perpetuate the myth that they’re all ’eminent’ up there in north Wales – although for some reason for donkeys years that quiet rural region had a terrifyingly high suicide rate…


Martin Roth was a lifelong friend of Eliot Slater – he who suggested procuring the King’s sperm – and they co-authored together. One account of Roth’s career states that Roth met Eliot Slater when he went to work at the Maudsley, but another account states that Slater invited Roth to come to work at the Maudsley with him. The lack of clarity could be significant because although Roth did work at the Maudsley after he qualified, things did not go smoothly and he left prematurely.

My post ‘The Case Of The King’s Sperm’ provided some details of Slater’s unpleasant notions and running mates. Slater was not simply ‘a man of his time’, he clung on to his fondness for lobotomy long after it had become discredited and when he was younger he had worked with Ernst Rudin, the architect of Hitler’s eugenic sterilization policies. Slater was an enthusiastic eugenicist who worked at the Maudsley/Institute of Psychiatry for decades. He will have been there when Dafydd ‘trained’ at the Maudsley.

Roth credited Slater with being ‘the greatest influence on his intellectual development, firing him with a conviction that scientific method could be used to elucidate clinical psychiatric problems’. Roth was ‘impressed by the scientific integrity and precision of Eliot Slater’s writings’.

Slater went to work at the Maudsley as Senior Registrar to Professor Sir Aubrey Lewis. The Maudsley was considered to be the ‘Mecca of academic psychiatry in the UK’.  One toadying commentator stated that Slater and Lewis were ‘both intellectual titans’ but ‘proved to be incompatible’. Slater himself stated of Aubrey Lewis: ‘at first I was impressed but later I found he poured jars of cold water on people, some of whom gave splendid presentations’. Whether Slater is referring to real or metaphorical jars of cold water I do not know – this lot were so crazy and so arrogant that they would have quite capable of drenching one another when lecturing. Whatever was going on, Slater felt that he had no option other than to leave the Maudsley after only two years. In his own words ‘I felt unhappy and it was clear that I had no future there’.

Aubrey Lewis was yet another mad eugenicist – he died in 1975. He was born in Australia and qualified as a doctor from the University of Adelaide. He then carried out some anthropological work on Aborigines – it can be assumed that was probably quite unsavoury. He arrived at the Maudsley in 1928 and became Clinical Director in 1936. Lewis was a member of the Eugenics Society and contributed to a 1934 volume ‘The Chances of Morbid Inheritance’, edited by Carlos Blacker (another psychiatrist who was in hot pursuit of the King’s sperm, along with Slater). This book has been described as being ‘remarkable for its total admiration for the German work and workers, including Ernst Rudin’. The ‘German work’ was of course all that eugenic thought that so influenced Hitler and which he put into practice…

In 1946 the Maudsley was designated the Institute of Psychiatry, under the auspices of the University of London. Aubrey Lewis was appointed to the inaugural Chair of Psychiatry at the Institute, which he held until his retirement in 1966. Aubrey’s wiki entry proudly reproduces a quote that stated that it is ‘said that the flowering of British psychiatry after World War II can be attributed to three things: a long humanitarian tradition, the NHS and Aubrey Lewis’.

‘Humanitarian tradition’ is not a phrase that one readily associates with these unhinged adherents to the ideology which excited the Nazis so much. If British psychiatry did any flowering following World war II it could probably be best compared to the blooming of Amorphophallus titanium aka the Corpse Flower, a plant with a giant bloom that smells of rotting flesh.

The Maudsley is nothing if not good at promoting itself. Aubrey Lewis was credited with attracting ‘many of the most promising medical graduates from around the world’. So that’s how Dafydd found himself entering through their doors then.

Aubrey Lewis was a member of the Advisory Committee on Medical Research of WHO.

Lewis had a most effective PR man who worked with him, a psychiatrist called Michael Shepherd, who died in 1995. Shepherd worked with Roth. Shepherd notes that Lewis had an ‘austere appearance’, which was captured in portraits which some people stated made him look ‘mean’. Shepherd however was able to confirm that this was deceiving, Aubrey was a lovely old buffer.

Michael Shepherd was yet another towering figure in British psychiatry – the Maudsley churned them out – who was born in and went to school in Cardiff no less. Shepherd started working in psychiatry at the Maudsley in 1947 and in 1956 joined the staff of the Institute of Psychiatry as a Senior Lecturer. In 1961 he became a Reader at the Institute and in 1967 he was appointed to the Chair of Epidemiological Psychiatry, yet another world first. Shepherd was also a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Maudsley – he spent his whole career at the Maudsley/Institute of Psychiatry except for 1955-56, which he spent at John Hopkins University, Baltimore. So Shepherd will have been another giant who was at the Maudsley when dear old Dafydd ‘trained’ there.

Shepherd was a Founding Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1971. Who knows, perhaps he contributed to the palace in Belgravia for which they had to beg, steal and borrow to fund.

In the late 50s, Shepherd established a GP Research Unit at the Institute of Psychiatry under the auspices of the DHSS. He remained the Director of this Unit until he retired in 1988. Shepherd maintained that the capacity of the mental health services could not be enhanced by an ever-proliferating number of psychiatrists, it could only be enhanced by GPs focussing on the more minor psychiatric problems. Thus Shepherd pressed for better support and training for GPs, rather than more resources for psychiatry which certainly pissed a lot of his psychiatrist colleagues off. Shepherd himself stressed the interpersonal and social aspects of a case and left the epidemiological studies to his team of young researchers.

Enhancing the role of GPs, emphasising the interpersonal and the social – are we talking about a human being for once among all the lobotomising eugenicists that Dafydd rubbed shoulders with? Probably not – I have only found one patient opinion as opposed to the many colleagues of Shepherd who recorded his splendours – the patient spoke of Shepherds ‘chillingly superior glance’. Yes, that probably summed up the extent of his communication skills. ‘You’re a piece of shit and of course no-one’s facilitating a paedophile ring or shagging the patients – now let me introduce you to Dr Gwynne Williams and his ice-pick…’

Michael Shepherd devised a classification system which involved identifying the dreadful Aubrey Lewis as a ‘representative psychiatrist’, whom Shepherd seemed to feel embodied all the elements of one who was great and good in that profession.

Shepherd was the founding Editor of ‘Psychological Medicine’, the go-to journal between 1969-93.

There are hints that Shepherd had help in achieving the status of a Colossus. It was observed that ‘it is important to note that he was served by generations of young research workers whose assistance helped him achieve the epidemiological studies for which he is renowned’. His former student the media psychiatrist Anthony Clare stated that Michael Shepherd was ‘without equal’ in his record of ‘selecting and nurturing young men and women who would go on to fill senior academic posts in Britain and throughout the world’. So they did his research for him – although I bet he still put his own name on the publications and he may even have left theirs off – and if they were lucky he ‘selected and nurtured’ them. There’ll be a lot of senior people who owe their careers to Shepherd – and probably a few who had their careers brought to a sharp stop by him as well. Clare explained that Shepherd ‘identified able and committed doctors in Africa, Asia, South America and East Europe on his travels…he often raised funds for their salaries and took a great personal involvement…securing them a foot on the ladder of academic achievement, whilst helping to maintain the Maudsley’s position as one of the world’s great postgrad centres for teaching and research’. So Shepherd had his paws on the purse strings as well then.

Michael Shepherd sounded as though he wielded a great deal of power in post-war psychiatry. No wonder everyone continued to hail the Maudsley as a fine institution, despite the Nazi sympathisers and pursuers of Royal sperm on which its foundations were built. No-one was going to dare admit the monster that was Dafydd had been spawned down there. Presumably Michael Shepherd didn’t ‘select and nurture’ Dafydd – he sent him back to north Wales when he realised what Dafydd was like. I can’t believe that they didn’t notice what Dafydd was like – there’s no way that he went from competent trainee at the Maudsley to lunatic facilitating a paedophile ring and sexually exploiting the patients the minute that he hit home turf. The attitude will have been what it was at St George’s/Springfield – we know what Dafydd is doing but as long as he’s not doing it on our patch we don’t give a damn.


As I read about the barking mad deeply unpleasant megalomaniacs at the Maudsley, I was struck by how many of them were described as highly cultured men, who loved arts and the ballet, literature, poetry and music and who spent much time pursuing such interests – as well as of course being scientific geniuses who overflowed with compassion for the poor wretches who filled their clinics. No I don’t believe it either.

In 1967 a collection of essays and articles by Aubrey Lewis was published. It was called ‘The State of psychiatry’. That State was an absolute disgrace then and it’s no better now.




Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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    The legal advice re inmate rights is still a secret under Attorney General public interest custodianship

    1. I’ve discovered something else about another advisor to the Dept of Health 1964-78, Professor William Trethowen:

      Trethowen was a member of the GMC panel in 1974 that heard the case against Dr Morris Fraser, the paedophile child psychiatrist. The GMC allowed Fraser to continue practicing. The hearing was just weeks after Fraser pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting three boys in New York. This was the hearing at which Patrick Mayhew was the legal assessor – the Mayhew who years later in his role of Attorney General approved an attempt to imprison me for contempt of court on the basis of the perjury of Dr Tony Francis, after I had made written complaints of the criminal activities of Francis and Dafydd Alun Jones.

      Trethowen was Professor of Psychiatry at Birmingham, 1962-82. So he worked alongside that other esteemed Professor of Psychiatry at Birmingham, Robert Bluglass – who was appointed to investigate my complaints about Dafydd and Tony Francis and covered the whole lot up! Trethowen trained at the Maudsley and was involved in the early development of the Royal College of Psychs – he was their first Chief Examiner and set up the exam for membership.

  2. Thank you again Sally – just to say I have read several accounts by psychiatrists who declared they were terrified of Aubrey but they add a clause letting him of the hook – eg Julian Leff who found him a most congenial sociable man when outside the institute they travelled on the top of a bus together. Those who ‘trained’ under him are still to scared to spell out what a bully he was, J Leff’s parting advice when he retired , handed down to him by an unnamed supervisor , to students was not to allow a service user to walk out of a room behind them. He was Ithink the last director at the nightmare of Friern Barnet institution which has been used in horror movies. Now residential apartments. Whilst there he said he had come across people who actually having Julian they were having relationships you sleazy toad. Julian describes himself as a social psychiatrist. Well there was a so called occupational service set up there in J L’s time – it consisted of people sitting on high wooden stools at a long table counting matches into the boxes (42 in each) There was no talking or distraction as counting would go amiss. Wonder how the contract with that was made with a then well known seller of matches. UCL when it was UCH has a network of GPs trained in the Shepherd style with an amateur interest in psychology..they also had networks with friends/ relatives ex uni buddies working in therapy depts. who needed referrals to justify their existence/funding. People were used for research and training fodder without realising. UCL as you know was a hotbed of eugenics starting with Julian Huxley and Marie Stopes of course was a eugenicist working just down the road . UCL has churned out just the sort of psychiatrists-therapists you describe who perceive themselves to be the crème de la crème. What I cannot understand Sally is – there are psychiatrists who wish to practice with humanity and decency – are they obliged to belong to the coll of psychs which is after all a charity. Is the critical psychiatry network likely to make any difference eventually – or will they all retire to practice privately and write books?

      1. Thanks for this link Richard – yes, they can and do kill people and get away wit it… absolutely terrifying.

        Lydia – don’t know Julian Leff, but the Maudsley, UCH/UCL and St Georges ALL claimed to be centres of excellence/world leaders etc for psychiatry – they were in reality centres of corruption and gross abuses. Three very powerful institutions with international networks, so even after a few scandals the ghastly reality is still not widely known.

        There is a book written about Friern Barnet by the historian Barbara Taylor, ‘The Last Asylum’. She was one of the last patients there before it closed. I really enjoyed Barbara’s book, not the usual misery memoir. At the end of the book she had added her thoughts on the state of mental healthcare today. I don’t know Barbara, but I do get the impression that one reason why she survived psychiatry was that she came from a wealthy family and was able to afford private analysis – she also had some well-educated/middle class friends (like I did) – if one is entirely dependent upon the mental health services one is usually faced with prison or early death.

        In the early 1990s I knew a student nurse at Friern Barnet. She did a placement in a community unit where she witnessed serious abuse – patients injured after being assaulted by staff. The Unit was ‘GP led’. She reported the abuse to her nursing tutors – she was withdrawn from the placement. I bet the violent staff weren’t.

        The occupational therapy that you describe was par for the course in the 1980s. I know someone who had been a patient at the appalling Warlingham Park Hospital in Surrey who was told that if he did not go to the ‘occupational therapy’ in the day centre he would be sectioned. The ‘occupational therapy’ consisted of the patients packing paper towels in boxes for an unidentified company. The patients worked from 9-5 under factory conditions but were not paid. That company will have been paying Warlingham Park for that work. The best tale that I heard re ‘occupational therapy’ in the 1980s was from a friend who was sectioned at the North Wales Hospital in 1983. She was 19 yrs old and her occupational therapy was packing sanitary towels – Dr Whites to be precise. She was not paid either. When she told me this we were reminiscing about Dafydd and Denbigh and yes we were rolling around laughing at some of what happened at Denbigh – Dafydd conducting ward rounds at midnight, the ‘ward rounds’ consisting of him visiting one young female patient (me), getting me out of bed and saying that he wanted to ‘interview’ me. Everyone knew these things were happening, but nobody gave a fuck. The people who were employed in those places are still employed today. The student nurse who supervised the packing of the sanitary towels at Denbigh was a Lena Henry – she became the nurse manager of the Hergest Unit. No wonder nothing ever improves.

        No psychiatrists will blow the whistle Lydia, they ALL collude, although they know just how bad things are. Even the critical psychiatrists do not admit how bad it is and some of the things that go on. A very famous critical psychiatrist, Dr Phil Thomas, worked at the Hergest Unit during the Paedophile Years. Phil Thomas wasn’t like Dafydd et al, he obviously knew that terrible things were happening – his answer was to leave. He ended up leaving psychiatry completely and working as an academic. I think that Phil Thomas was a man of integrity, his writing is excellent and I NEVER heard anything bad about him – but God I wish he’d speak out about what he knew was happening in north Wales. He probably has the evidence to put some of them in prison. He knows that I’ve gone public on it – but he has remained silent… Likewise David Healey. He is not a fuckwit like the others at Hergest and he’s taken on Big Pharma – not a word about the abuses and negligence that he saw his own colleagues perpetuating though…

        Psychiatry is in such a bad state that there really is no crème de la crème. There has been no opportunity for a crème de crème to ever develop…

        1. Sally – I see you have doubts about David Healy on the morality front ie although not involved in any actual abuse he has kept silent. I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt as he is running the RxISK project which will be getting him a lot of flak, BUT it seems if people post a suggestion on the blog which he is against he can be quite aggressive. They are in my opinion following the guidelines which encourage any suggestions outside/inside the box. The focus in his replies is on asking for donations and quite harshly criticising a few who have tried to be helpful, I wonder if he and his team have decided already where they want the money from donors to go – it is then a waste of time getting involved in spreading the word. Perhaps it is naïve to trust a project which is seeking evidence of a cure before a prize is given – the ‘cure ‘would need long term follow up to be proven anyway. I notice that the donors so far come almost exclusively from Wales with a breakdown only by gender. It would be interesting to know who is donating as large sums are being asked for as ‘sufferers’ do not have that sort of money. He also made a suggestion that healthy consenting adults would need to be used as’controls’ if an experiment using toxic drugs were to be tested. Even though these drugs are the very ones causing serious sometimes irreversible effects. Surely there needs to be some ethical oversight if that was to be carried out? I know ethics are not a concept many psychiatrists understand but there are limits to acting as a maverick outside the system as well as inside. Am just expressing doubts which I cannot avoid but his attitude towards sufferers is to act in a very paternalistic protective manner advising them to let others do the work of seeking cures. Some will want to do that but all do not want be turned into passive ‘sufferers’ – it helps to become active in seeking possible cures. Have you heard any thing on the grapevine about the RxISK campaign? About £7000 donated so far – the aim is £100,000, would appreciate knowing if anything is going around – I get the impression that it won’t be aired on the RxISK blog

          1. Hi Lydia
            I think it very likely that David Healey will be getting a lot of flak for running the RxSK programme, he has got a lot of flak for most of the things that he has been involved in – I don’t know why, because Healey has done a massive favour for his unscrupulous criminal colleagues by keeping quiet about them. Regarding aggressive replies, I’m not sure that can actually be taken as anything untoward, it may just be robust academic debate. I have been told that I’m a lot friendlier in real life than I sound in my publications – arguing a point can be mistaken as aggression.

            I don’t know anything at all about the donations, either where they are coming from or going to. What I do know is that Healey is a lot less stupid than his colleagues, that the organisation and unit in which he works are in chaos and that if he did want to do anything unscrupulous he would undoubtedly be able to do so and never be questioned. Nothing that comes out of the dear old Hergest Unit or anybody who works there can be relied upon to be honest and transparent.

  3. I am a middle-aged professional man whose life was unravelled when the woman I loved was hideously abused when she became an outpatient at a psychiatric hospital. Since then, I’ve doubted NOTHING I’ve heard about how psychiatry behaves towards vulnerable people. And I have been arrested and charged with multiple public order offences because I drew out and exposed the vicious creep who abused her. Yes, you might say that I’ve been through the psychiatric grinder.

    But what never fails to amaze me is how individuals within the ‘anti-psychiatry’ movement are willing to back-bite and undermine each other, rather than work together against the common enemy. The drug companies and the psychiatric KOLs must fall over themselves with laughter to see how fractured we are, and what a hopelessly un-united front we present against them.

    The RxISK website is not a ‘scam’, or a duplicitous channel to funnel monetary contributions towards an ‘unknown destination’; it is a genuine attempt to provide objective information on drugs to those who really need it, i.e. the ‘service users’. Sufferers of SSRI-induced PSSD are desperate for a cure – this $100,000 ‘prize’ is a lifeline designed to give them both hope and the possibility of a cure.

    How else do you imagine this might be done? By applying for a research grant from Big Pharma or from the RCPysch? Do you think that David Healy is being paid for his RxISK work? Or for running his blog? And if you think he has not challenged his peers, then try reading his blog. You can start with, and then the previous five entries.

    Do you think that it is easy to report a corrupt psychiatrist for misconduct? The official ‘guidelines’ won’t help you, and given that almost all of his/her colleagues will exercise ‘medical omerta’ about any misconduct, you’ll get nowhere. When DH attempted to get the RCPsych to mediate at his own workplace, he found himself under investigation. That is the common fate of ALL healthcare whistleblowers.

    Why don’t you try contacting any of the people who DH represented when they took drug companies to court in the US? And see what they say about him? With his unparalleled knowledge of pharmacology, DH could have gone over to the ‘dark side’ years ago, and become vastly wealthy, as many of his contemporaries did.

    Know anything about Charles Nemeroff or the University of Toronto? Or the RIAT work on Study 329? Have you read DH’s books ‘Let them eat Prozac’, or ‘Pharmageddon’? Taking on drug companies requires a man of uncommon valour – but such men then become easy targets for those sniping from the rear ranks.

    Yes then Lydia – if you think you can do something for PSSD sufferers, then off you go…

    I despair.

    Walter K

    1. Thanks for your comment Walter.

      I am very sorry to hear that you too have experienced what psychiatry does to people – it does not surprise me to hear that you were harassed and framed after taking them on.

      Yes, the anti-psychiatry crowd do spend their time fighting each other. Some of the leading lights in the anti-psychiatry movement had feet of clay and were not above exploiting or abusing people themselves.

      I do not know enough about Rxisk to know exactly what they are up to, although Lydia seems to know a bit about it.

      Walter, I am very well-aware of David Healy’s blog, it is one of the blogs that I read. I know the reality behind the story told on the blog entry that you have referred to and David missed out a few crucial facts when he compiled that blog post. David Healy challenged the wrong people – he challenged the people who were trying to clean up and put an end to the appalling abuses of his colleagues. Some of the Angels named on David’s blog whom he presented as ‘experienced nurses’ who were being ‘bullied’ had track records of lying about patients and neglecting them. They were in no way being ‘bullied by management’, they should have been sacked years ago.

      Yes I know exactly how difficult it is to report colleagues for misconduct and I know what happens to people who do. There has only ever been one whistleblower in the Unit where Healy works and it wasn’t Healy – it was an occupational therapist who undoubtedly saved the lives of a number of patients and he had far more crap thrown at him than David Healy ever did. Healy never leapt to this man’s defence on his blog although he knew exactly what was happening to him. David Healy is doing exactly what you accuse the anti-psychiatrists of doing – he has busied himself with making a name for himself as one who Bravely Speaks Out, whilst failing to show solidarity with any of the patients who tried to raise the alarm or the one member of staff who did. Some years ago, me and my co-author Brown invited both David Healy and Richard Tranter to co-author with us and join an academic freedom network that we wanted to establish. Neither of them would. This was at a time when Brown and me had started appearing in the lay press talking about the abuses in the north Wales mental health system. I was also approached a number of times to appear in TV documentaries. Healy and Tranter knew damn well what was going to happen – that their own abuses (which I did not know about at that time) were going to become public if patients started coming forward.

      I think you will find that David Healy already IS very wealthy. He won a landmark case against a drug company many years ago and was reputed to have won a huge settlement. He has also been in receipt of a very healthy salary for many years. The rest of us have not – we were ruined by Healy’s colleagues.

      Healy does have an excellent knowledge of pharmacology, but he also has an excellent knowledge of the abusive people with whom he has worked for the last 25 years.

      I do know a number of people with personal experience of Healy. I know a man who ended up in prison because Healy ordered the police to arrest him. The man’s crime? Telephoning a nurse and telling her that he was so suicidal that he felt like chopping a gas pipe and blowing up his house. I know another young man who hung himself hours after Healy declared him ‘as sane as you or me’ after the young man’s mum rang for help. Oh and I am in possession of a document which explains that if I turn up at the Hergest Unit asking for help, I am to be refused help and the police must be called to ‘deal with’ me – the instruction came from a Dr David Healy, who was not my consultant and never had been. I know of another person who asked Healy to act as an expert witness in an SSRI case – Healy decided that in that case he could not be sure that the SSRIs had done the damage. That particular man’s case involved Healy’s colleagues breaking the law – Healy made no comment about that at all. As for unparalleled knowledge of pharmacology – Healy’s mate and protégé Richard Tranter (the star of the Misery Memoir on the blog entries of Healy’s which you quote) was a pharmacologist who did his PhD with Healy. At one point Tranter prescribed a combination of drugs for me which was neurotoxic – if I had taken them it could have killed me.

      I presume that you are not from north west Wales Walter. If you were, you too would know that many people are not very happy with Healy – they know that he has been targeted by the agents of Big Pharma, but they also have first hand accounts of his arrogance, his many misjudgements and his callousness towards patients. But the Guardian or Panorama don’t report that when they run yet another article on the ‘brave Dr David Healy’ and they film him on his best behaviour with his Irish lilt, his ageing Cliff Richard look, ooh I wish he was my psychiatrist too…

      I’ll let you know what the rest of us suspect Walter. That Healy is far brighter than the fuckwits around him, that he had the brains to understand the science that could be used to expose Big Pharma and that he knew as a young man that he could really make a name for himself by doing that. Furthermore, he also knew that the dept in the University of Toronto that offered him that job was in receipt of funds from Big Pharma and that is exactly why Healy then gave the lectures criticising the drug company involved. He knew that the job offer would be withdrawn and hey presto he could sue and drum up even more publicity. It was actually a lawyer (not a rich Big Pharma lawyer, but a local lawyer who has fought long and hard to help patients abused by Healy’s colleagues) who told me some years ago that he and other local lawyers suspected Healy of setting the whole thing up. It made Healy’s reputation. As for Richard Tranter – like Healy he is not as thick as his colleagues. But Richard wanted to run the medical school that he hoped would be established in Bangor. Oh Tranter’s wife was a nurse tutor in Bangor – she ignored student nurses telling her of the abuse of patients that they had witnessed on placement. But Richard and Siobhan were just such a lovely couple, holding all those dinner parties at which influential local people would be invited…

      I have detailed much about Healy and Tranters activities on this blog that I presume that you haven’t actually read. Don’t be deceived Walter – David Healy is not quite the defender of the oppressed that he pretends to be. And he is certainly not short of dosh.

    2. I’m inclined to agree with you Walter and commented on that very page of Dr Healy’s blog. Such is the maligning of whistleblowers in the BCUHB, Sally myself or anyone outside senior management would not know if DH or other consultants have attempted to raise concerns. I have been given indications at various times that key individuals have or at least acknowledge that they don’t agree with the way things work. DH is publicly stating how he has been subject to petty smearing campaign. There is little hope for anyone else without an alternative income or prestigious background.

      1. Mike – David Healy HAS an alternative income. He will earn a pretty penny from his best-selling books and he won’t be doing all that expert witness work for free. If he is indeed doing all this for nothing, he is welcome to write into this blog and comment. Healy is also in receipt of a large consultants salary – it’ll be nearly £100k – and has received that for the last 25 yrs. And then there’s the settlement from the drug company over the Toronto business. David Healy does not live in a council house or indeed in a quarryman’s cottage like so many of his patients do. He lives in the style of a Top Doctor…The car that he drives cost as much as some of his patients will pay in rent over six months or more. And how do you think David manages to fly over to Canada or America so often? He doesn’t go to Butlins for his holidays either…

        Wake up Walter and Mike, Healy is one of the wealthiest people in north Wales. And who do you think is caring for his patients when he is over in the US, or appearing as the star turn at Hay on Wye or elsewhere? It’s not David…Oh and I have personally witnessed a film crew following David around the Hergest Unit whilst patients were being neglected and abused on the wards down the corridor. But David doesn’t ask the film crew to film what is happening on the wards or talk to the patients – David is the one who is interviewed, in his office, in a different corridor. The corridor which is cleaner and plusher than the wards where the patients are.

        David Healy and Richard Tranter were given the opportunity to join Brown and me in an academic freedom network to blow the whistle years ago. They did not. Tranter, whilst he was my consultant, ordered the occupational therapist who was blowing the whistle off my case. Tranter refused to work with the only real whistleblower. So I could only contact the whistleblower on the basis of friendship. The whistleblower had been threatened with the sack if he had any involvement in my care.

        Look at the dates on those furious blog posts of Healy’s when he claimed to be bullied by management – the ‘management’ concerned were the newly appointed managers of the newly created Betsi Board, including Mary Burrows, the new CEO. Mary was the first senior manager that north Wales had seen in decades who tried to challenge the Top Doctors abuse of patients. Mary received hate mail and was smeared. She has now died. Things got much much worse when the wicked witch Mary was driven out. Healy is still in place.

        Healy’s blog talks of ‘Nobel prize winners’ attending seminars at the Hergest Unit. I witnessed those seminars and I never saw a Nobel prize winner – I did see Dafydd Alun Jones in attendance though, who was facilitating a paedophile ring and sexually exploiting patients.

        Tranter trained at Oxford and knew the psychiatrists/clinical psychologists there – which included Mark Williams, who previously worked at the Hergest Unit and perpetuated the research fraud that was Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Tom Burns, who had known what was going on in north Wales when he worked at St Georges Hospital Medical School previously…

        When David Healy first arrived at Ysbyty Gwynedd many years ago, Dafydd and the other psychs there were concealing the North Wales Paedophile Ring. I and my friends were in despair at what was going on and how much suffering – and how many suicides – there were. But the psyches were so mad and the place was in such chaos that we did used to have a laugh at it all. I was sitting in a room with my friends discussing the neglect and the craziness and Dafydd’s shagging of patients when a youngish man with fashionable floppy hair walked past at a speed. ‘Christ’ my friend screamed ‘it’s bloody Cliff Richard here now’. It was Healy. We all heard how clever he was and how he was a breath of fresh air and was on the side of the patients. We all read his books. And we waited for him to help us. And we waited. And we waited. And we waited. He never did. Patients continued to be abused, arrested and framed in court after the staff perjured themselves. An awful lot of people killed themselves. The CEO of the Trust admitted that complaints of assault of patients by staff were ‘common’. Hergest had one of the highest suicide rates in the UK. And David, as well as Dafydd, became famous – and far richer than the rest of us.

        Didn’t you David?

        David Healy knows me well enough to know that if he wrote into this blog to clarify any of his actions, or to correct anything that I have said that he feels is not fair or to explain why he did nothing to help us whilst for years we screamed for help that I would publish his comments.

        When I finished my PhD and Brown and me were trying to set up the academic freedom network, I e mailed David inviting him to join and I contacted one of his friends, a well-known critical psychiatrist who had left Hergest in despair, inviting him to join as well. He phoned me and we had a long conversation and he was most enthusiastic – he assumed that I was a former member of Hergest staff. I explained that I was a former patient. He started racking his brains as to who I was. I said ‘I’m the woman who used to protest about Dafydd Alun Jones being allowed into the Hergest’ and this man clicked. ‘Were you Tony’s patient Sally?’ ‘Yes, that’s me’. ‘OH! You’ve done a PhD on Bourdieu!!! Ooh, you HAVE done well. Er, no – I um don’t think that I can um join your network…’ The biggest laugh was that before he ran away in terror when he realised who had completed the PhD and was about to start publishing about the north Wales mental health services, this man told me that protesting about Dafydd was the ‘sanest thing anyone did in that place’. Of course he said that, he was a critical psychiatrist. But it didn’t stop him crapping himself when he realised that Brown and me were going to go public.

        1. I know he has Sally that is the point I’m making. If he gets referred to the GMC over petty issues it has a silencing effect on any other staff attempting to confront management. I don’t know how he has directly harmed you but you can’t expect everything to change immediately. I’m fully aware of the leverage they have probably more so than you or anyone because they manipulated my own wife against me. I now 95% certain of this and its still effecting me ie the horribly bizare Hillary Pelper ….Mary Burrows predecessor.
          I also shocked that you think Corbyn and McDonald are different. To me they epitomise everything that enables these people to avoid accountability. In fact this sort make up the core support for Momentum and Corbyn and the ethos the centralised nationalised state knows best and dictates every facet of individuals lives.
          In fills me with complete and abject horror that these extremists dissenters are in charge of Labour . They have blood on their hands with their support and appeasement of terrorist and objectional causes. They certainly don’t tolerate alternative or majority opinion. They will strengthen the power of the medical elite. Corbyn refused to act honourably and resigned as Cameron did. Just like those in charge of Rotherham MBC, Sharron Shoesmith ( Whose ex husband is a convicted paedophile) etc etc. John Mann’s open letter to Corbyn shows he ignored abuse at Islington care homes. He is a life long CND supporter but not offering to go to North Korea as a UN Envoy to secure disarmament preferring to tweet about banning the elected President of the USA from a UK state visit.

          1. Mike – I do accept that if David Healy alone had tried to raise the alarm over what was happening at Hergest the GMC may well have gone after him. But Healy would not have been alone – the occupational therapist was blowing the whistle for years, he documented everything that was going on and he was making Public Interest Disclosures. He was subjected to appalling treatment from virtually all of his colleagues – Healy stood by silently. As for the patients – there were LOADS of us making complaints, consulting lawyers and some of us wrote to Ministers and MPs and of course the GMC, repeatedly. Mike we could not have done more, there was so much concern raised over such a long period of time by so many patients and relatives.

            Healy had the chance to speak out – look at the public platform Healy has had for many, many years. If he could take on Big Pharma – and he did, I have NEVER detracted from his work in that sphere – he could have raised concern about the serious misconduct of his colleagues and the serious neglect that pervaded the whole of the ‘service’ in north west Wales. Not only did Healy stand by in silence but he added to it. In my own case, it is written on my medical records as clear as day – Dr David Healy says that if she approaches Hergest Unit for treatment, the police are to be called to deal with her. Healy was not my consultant, I had no knowledge that this had ever been discussed yet alone documented – oh and I had a serious illness – which Hergest later admitted. Not that there was an apology. What there was, was a manager called Medwyn Williams who stated that ‘mistakes were made but we’ll never treat her again’. (Medwyn Williams later had a nervous breakdown and left his job.) Er – so THEY made the mistakes, I nearly died, I lost years of my life – but it will be me who won’t get any care for the mood disorder that they now admitted existed but that they failed to diagnose and treat, because whoops this has all become a little embarrassing, particularly as I had now begun publishing and appearing in the press. Still David did not pipe up. I have never received an explanation from Healy as to why he was ordering people to refuse to treat me – although I have asked.

            It won’t wash Mike, I know that you weren’t on hand to witness it but this went on for THIRTY YEARS – and it wasn’t just happening to me. Of COURSE Healy had the chance to raise his concerns, again and again. By the way, at one of the mental health units in north Wales there is a plaque to the memory of a patient called Karl Boothroyd. Karl was a young man who became very seriously unwell. His mum called for medical help and two doctors were sent out to ‘assess’ Karl at home. Dr Chris Jones was one and pronounced Karl fine. The other Dr was a Dr David Healy who told Karl’s mum ‘he’s as sane as you or I’. Karl hung himself hours later and it was later accepted that he had been ill and should have been offered care. So now he’s got a fucking plaque. ‘Mistakes were made’. After Karl died Dr Chris Jones left a message on the family’s answering machine saying ‘well I was wrong wasn’t I’. He had a nervous breakdown and left the area. I was told that Healy showed no such self-doubt.

            The whole lot of them were unbelievably dreadful and some of them were concealing a paedophile ring.

            Regarding Corbyn – yes I know about John Mann’s letter to him. I imagine that Jeremy Corbyn actually responded in exactly the same way that you and Walter are responding to me here – ‘surely this can’t be true? Dr David Healy? But he’s famous! No, this can’t have been happening.’ Corbyn strikes me as a very genuine very trusting man – and I imagine that he trusts the wrong people. I suspect that he would find it very difficult indeed to believe that the caring sharing leftie social workers at Islington were running a paedophile gang with links to organised crime. And he probably wouldn’t believe that Councillors like Margaret Hodge knew all about it and were sitting on it.

            I know people in Momentum – they are human beings! Some of them quite nice human beings. I share your reservations about a state that thinks it knows best – a state that won’t listen to it’s citizens does huge damage, you and I have both suffered at the hands of such a state.

            Corbyn and McDonnell are not extremist dissenters. They are articulating ideas that in a previous generation were not considered extremist and were subscribed to by many people. The shift to the right of both the Tories under Thatcher and Labour under Blair has left people believing that socialism is ‘extreme’. Like you, I do not think that anyone should have spoken euphemistically about the IRA’s activities and then framed Martin McGuinness et al as ‘men of peace’. They were not, they killed a lot of innocent people. But Corbyn and McDonnell were not the only people who spoke to the IRA – Thatcher’s Gov’t did it but lied about doing it and Blair’s Gov’t did it. There is mounting evidence that the scandal of Kincora Boys Home – and the other scandals that were linked to it, including north Wales – was suppressed as part of the negotiations to try and stop the civil war in N Ireland.

            The one thing about Corbyn that really does piss me off – I have mentioned it repeatedly on this blog – is his uncritical support for the Top Doctors and Angels. You are quite right, a Gov’t led by Corbyn would compound the domination of the medical elite. Jeremy’s view of the medical profession is of a workforce that supports the NHS, is paid poorly and saves lives. The reality is that there is a good proportion of them who don’t give a stuff about the NHS or its patients, who are very rich and intend to become richer and who are involved in some truly disgusting undemocratic activities. It is they who hold the powerful positions within the profession, not the over-worked modestly paid bullied junior doctors. As when he ignored warnings regarding what Islington social workers were doing, Jeremy is going to cause havoc if he doesn’t wake up to what is happening in parts of the NHS. It’s organised crime Jeremy – it is very, very serious and people are dying.

            By the way Mike, Cameron didn’t resign honourably – he resigned after losing a referendum that he never expected to lose, because he didn’t want to do, in his words, ‘all the hard shit’. The Brexiteers all fucked off when they realised that there was work to be done.

            Can you back up your statement about Sharon Shoesmith’s husband? I haven’t heard that allegation before – I can’t have unsubstantiated allegations on the blog presented as fact, it’ll get me taken offline. Can you send me the info backing it up? Or I’ll have to amend your comment and say something like ‘it is alleged that…’

          2. There has been substantial coverage about Sharon Shoesmiths ex husband




            Corbyn and McDonald supported the armed struggle and a united Ireland. The latter also opposed the Good Friday Agreement. Neither was involved in brokering ceasefires or peace they are just gob shites who sort bad publicity because it was better than none . Both are allowing rampant anti Semitism and the 2017 election was the most hateful on record. Angela Eagle was threatened and intimidated with bricks throw through her constituency office windows when she stood against Corbyn for the leadership. There has also been been a considerable amount of hatred spewed out against more moderate voices on Facebook including de-selection of a moderate Labour Councillor in Rhyl. They are not nice people you never hear them denouncing their beloved NHS or its bureaucratic bullies …just the wealth creators !!!
            This sort of political correct distortion and obfuscation is the hallmark of the way BCUHB discredit complainants and whistle blowers its the insidious way the left operate. The hard right are more overt.
            I’ve been blocked from services even when the Court stipulated that I should accept treatment. Rather than tell me they preferred to prohibit me secretly hoping I would fall into the trap again
            In 2012 a meeting of all health boards in Wales agreed on a standardised protocol for ASD referrals in accordance with the WAG ASD strategy. Regardless of this I have had two ASD diagnosis refuted. In 2012 an mental health advocate told me he had never encountered such a bizarre case as mine and described it as a vendetta. Far sicker people had done far worse and were treated far better. He has worked in Bangor area. I have never been sectioned or an inpatient instead they imprisoned me ….with out bail. Autism is a development condition although some including Sean Clark ( with his MBA!!) call it a mental health problem. Last year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which both physically and mentally depresses you however clinical depression was denied by multiple assessments. A call to EDT in 2015 provoked me to suicide ….I lay down in the road to get run over !!!!! I got up when I considered how selfish it was to inflict this on an innocent stranger…..I’m not going to give the bastards the satisfaction.
            Ten years ago I was the QA Engineer for National Grid on a multi million strategic LNG project occasionally in charge. I own a property outright. In 2001 I suffered a shut down and was admitted to a renal ward with suspect poisoning ….I did not know about the events on the 11th of September until about nine days after. There vexatious actions have cost me tens of thousands, relationships, property and made ne defenceless against assaults and financial abuse. Despite this I’ve pulled many other people back from the brink.
            I believe there is good and bad in us all it just manifests it’s self to a greater or lesser degree usually being dictated by self interest. I don’t hate Dr Anita Pierce for accepting then totally backtracking on my second Aspergers diagnosis like a dithering idiot ….I pity her because she weak and easily manipulated. I would still like to reach some compromise with her. I know who my nemesis is and he is not a psychiatrist he is a retired manager. Healy has fallen foul of managers so that’s commendable, no ones perfect …..even me !!!! I prefer solutions and explanations.
            Believe me Sally if they had wanted you locked up in prison would have been.

          3. Thanks for this Mike, I didn’t know that about Shoesmith – Brown and me researched the case for a book a few years ago, but we concentrated on the idiocies of the decisions made by her staff, her responses to that and then the way in which the case was constructed by other people in the same profession. I wonder if these revelations came just after we finished the book, because I was so knackered by then that I went off on a tour of the Scottish Islands for months and didn’t read anything news-wise for ages.

            I am not denying that there was a great amount of gob-shiting re the left and ‘talking to the IRA’ (although I think the phrase gob-shite describes John McDonnell rather than Corbyn), but that gob-shiting took place across the whole political spectrum, it was only the left who admitted that they were doing it. I did not agree with it at all at the time, it was one thing that the left were doing that I thought was naïve and grossly insulting to the people who had been killed by the IRA and similar organisations, but Thatcher’s Gov’t and then Blair did it as well, but Thatcher lied about it. After the Good Friday Agreement I thought perhaps that I had been wrong and talking to Adams et al had been the way ahead – but more and more is emerging regarding the very, very dirty deal that was alleged to have been done and the dreadful matters that were ignored in order to thrash out the deal, matters that are still causing havoc today but are not in the public domain.

            There is no evidence that the 2017 election was the ‘most hateful on record’, this is a rumour put around by a small number of politicians who have complained about – in one case – ‘being heckled’ and generally being asked some difficult questions by angry constituents. In terms of MPs who HAVE been subjected to threats and insults on social media, it is actually Diane Abbott who analysis showed received by far the most abuse. 40% of all abusive tweets sent to MPs AS A WHOLE were sent to Diane Abbott. Abbott is a complete and utter pillock – and a Grade A hypocrite – but that is not what her detractors tweet. She receives thousands of frankly racist, misogynist abusive messages of pure hate. Furthermore look at the coverage that Jeremy received in the mainstream media after he was elected leader – it was as bad as the mainstream media were allowed to get away with, worse than that to which the press subjected Kinnock in the 80s.

            Whilst I would agree that the travesty that was Shami Chakrabarti’s ‘investigation’ into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party was a joke and her immediate elevation to the Lords was an outrage, the Labour Party is not the only place where anti-Semitism is to be found. I knew a supporter of Plaid who was horribly and overtly anti-Semitic and there has ALWAYS been a contingent in the Tories who are frankly anti-Semitic. One reason why so many Tories hated Thatcher’s Cabinets were the allegations that they were full of ‘Jewish financiers’.

            The brick and Angela Eagle’s office window was never found to be anything to do with Momentum or Corbyn at all. Someone chucked a brick through a window in the building which houses her office – the window was on the other side of the building and I understand that it wasn’t actually even her office window. The building is in an urban setting and you know as well as I that vandalism occurs in such environments. Angela Eagle knowingly allowed herself to be constructed as a ‘woman in fear’ because she wanted a bit of capital for her leadership bid. She was not a woman in fear, Eagle has been in politics for decades, despite that misleading voice of hers she will be as tough as old boots, she really will not have been that traumatised by a bit of vandalism on a building that she was not in at the time.

            I don’t know about the de-selection of the Councillor in Rhyl, but some very odd things go on in Councils in north Wales and it usually has bugger all to do with extremist politics, it is more often related to petty personal vendettas.

            Regarding the crap that was thrown at you, I am prepared to believe every word that you have said. The most appalling things have happened to mental health patients – or those such as you with other problems – and a great deal of misery has resulted. The NHS is institutionally corrupt. You are more than welcome to discuss what has happened to you on this blog. But your faith in the private sector is misplaced – private medicine is just as corrupt, it is corruption in the medical establishment that is causing the problem, not the NHS being a state run organisation. However I do agree that people on the left are blind to what is actually happening in the NHS because it is part of the ‘welfare state’.

            Mike, I know that those we know and love DID manage to frame and imprison you, but believe me, they tried to get me as well – again and again and again. I did wonder how I managed to escape by the skin of my teeth, particularly in 2004 when the rampant corruption was obvious to all – as I stood in the dock I heard court officials saying ‘what the heck is going on in here?’. I was chained to a Group 4 security guard who was obviously expecting to take me off to prison, but she was lovely actually, she just said ‘don’t worry, if you’re sent to prison I’ll be coming with you and I’ll make sure you’re OK’, but even she commented that she didn’t know what on earth was going on but whatever it was it shouldn’t be. It was only many years later that I was told by a mole that the reason why the most serious charges against me suddenly disappeared was that someone had contacted the court and told them that they had witnessed the discussions in the Hergest Unit regarding the best method to frame me and that if I went to prison this person would go public on EVERYTHING that had gone on at the Hergest, including the patient deaths and other prosecutions of patients. The person who did this was not David Healy.

            The managers that David Healy fell foul of were the HONEST managers who tried to clean up – it was them that were hounded out, by the corrupt Top Doctors and their associates. Healy sat in his job for nigh on twenty five years whilst Mad Martin Jones et al mismanaged Ysbyty Gwynedd and wiped out patients – Healy had no problems with any of them… I presume that Healy currently has no problem with Peter Higson and his merry crew of paedophiles’ friends – it’s just that the decades of corruption in the mental health services has now destroyed the Hergest so no doubt Healy et al are still saying ‘oooh look what Mary Burrows has done…’ Mary was the one person who WASN’T a problem.

    3. Blind faith has got many ‘sufferers’ in a situation of irreversible harm Walter. If anybody has doubts they are rather more intelligently airing them than simply acting as an arrogant groupie. David can look after himself very well. Some of the work he is doing is what the ‘profession’ should be doing together with the anti/critical psychiatry crowd . Watch this space. What apart from reading Sally’s blog – are you actually doing apart from sounding off? There will be plenty of people monitoring the blog and all is available for D H to read himself. But if that is how you prefer to waste your time instead of doing something more productive – keep reading and hopefully learning.

      1. Thanks Lydia, it becomes quite wearing when I have to repeatedly explain to people that David Healy really is not a victim, he is a wealthy man who leads a pretty comfortable life and yes, since the early 1990s he really has worked alongside people doing horrific things and not uttered a word. However I do try not to snap or patronise because people outside north west Wales have no idea WHAT has gone on there and David’s books are impressive. It would be quite possible to read what he has written and watch his TV appearances and think that he’s the best thing since sliced bread. But God I wish people would listen to what is said by the patients of the unit that he has worked in for the best part of thirty years. But then they don’t appear on Panorama or have flattering articles written about them in the Guardian.

        It is seriously bizarre how some of those who worked at the Hergest Unit during the Madness Of The Paedophile Years have built reputations as Liberators Of The Oppressed – Mark Williams, David Healy and Phil Thomas. To be fair Phil Thomas ran away screaming and as far as I know had no more links with them but I do wish that he’d make a police statement about what he knew… But those of us who managed to survive the genocide roll around laughing at the profiles that Mark Williams and David have built and their following among the Hay crowd. Christ almighty, what we remember witnessing and actually happening – and there’s old Mark with his beatific smile talking about ‘the breath’ and ‘living in the moment’. God the moments were so bad at the hands of him and his colleagues that you really didn’t want to experience them. And the mad sick social workers whose colleagues were running the paedophile ring all trooping off down to the mountain retreat at Trigonos for their Mindfulness practice and organic food. It’s hardly surprising that no-one from elsewhere can actually believe what went on.

        By the way I wrote into David’s blog myself last year to ask him if he’d like to offer an explanation as to why he ordered his colleagues to refuse me treatment and have me ‘dealt with’ by the police instead – I had a serious illness and he wasn’t even my consultant. David did not reply. At least I didn’t end up hanging myself like another patient whom David told people not to treat. I have been told that there have been more ‘bad outcomes’ among David’s patients but somehow they are not widely known about…

        David Healy works in a region in which the mental health services for decades have had an utterly callous response to distressed people. They have found multiple ways of inflicting as much misery as possible. David didn’t tell people that they were mad and lock them up. He just told everyone that there was nothing wrong with them, ordered everyone else to refuse them treatment and instructed that if they turned up asking for help again they were to be arrested. The police were tearing their hair out at the Hergest Units flat refusal to care for their patients.

  4. PS Walter – Of course you are angry but Sally provides names to the people she writes about – what about providing the name of the person who abused your wife – that would possibly help to protect others – just in case s/he has been transferred elsewhere – be a shame to lose all that training which led to him to think s/he could get away with it. Being a ‘professional’ by the way makes very little difference to the status of whistleblowers – the ones who trash their lives are also ‘professionals’.

    1. Lydia – I am naming these people because I have documentary evidence of their criminal activity. I paid a very high price for standing up to them – there were two attempts to set fire to my house, my dog was poisoned, my computer was stolen, I was threatened constantly and on another occasion a nasty piece of work tried to get into my house when I was in bed, but was seen off by my dog. There were also a number of occasions on which cars were driven at high speed in my direction very carelessly. I now live at a secret location away from north Wales. Much as I do think that abusive professionals should be named, I can understand if Walter doesn’t dare do that. Oh if he does name them, he’ll probably also find that he and his family will be refused all NHS treatment. Completely illegal, but it’ll happen.

      You’re dead right it’s the professionals who trash professionals who whistleblow. David’s colleagues really fucking hated the occupational therapist who dared whistleblow at Hergest.

      Some years ago, when the senior manager – Mary Burrows – who David complained about so bitterly on his blog repeatedly challenged the corrupt Top Doctors and Paedophiles’ Friends, not only was I told that there was a co-ordinated campaign to Get Mary, but a few months after I was told this, the person who told me received a late night visit at his house from a County councillor. This person was told to stop associating with me because ‘they [ie. Mary and her new managers] won’t win this and when they lose we’ll make sure that your life isn’t worth living’. I presume that in the end this person succumbed to the threats. I stopped contact with them when I discovered that they had tried to lure me to a quiet location on the pretext of meeting me to repay some money that I’d lent them, but they had given the details of where I would be and when to the Paedophiles Friends. I don’t think that they planned to shake me by the hand. More recently another one of the associates of the Top Doctors e mailed me claiming that he had info about corruption in the Hergest Unit for my blog. He wanted to know where I was now living so that he could deliver the info. I explained that no-one knows where I am but he was welcome to e mail details or comment directly on the blog. I never heard another thing.

  5. Sally

    I posted here because I believed that RxISK was being unfairly maligned. If Lydia’s awareness of that site comprises only the PSSD ‘prize’, then she knows marginally more than you admit to knowing. Why don’t you take a close look at RxISK? You will find that other people apart from DH are involved. In fact, it is a massive and complex resource which lists a vast number of drugs and their possible side effects. It is intended to help those of us who have been side-swiped by Big Pharma and ignorant doctors, and to identify possible solutions to issues such as PSSD.

    After reading Lydia’s post, I went back through the RxISK DH replies. And I saw no ‘aggression’ or ‘harsh criticism’. Seems to me that he cannot do anything right, whatever he does.

    Do you think that in order to gain credibility DH should live in a coal bunker and drive a Robin Reliant? He is at the top of his game – why should he not be paid commensurately? He’d be vastly wealthier if he was taking the 30 pieces of silver from drug companies, as many of his peers are.

    You say he rang the police when someone said they were thinking of chopping a gas pipe? What was he supposed to do? A gas explosion doesn’t just destroy a house, it can flatten an entire street…I can just imagine the headlines connected to that possible outcome – “Psychiatrist failed to warn anyone when mentally unwell man threatened to cause explosion, which resulted in X people killed”.

    What on earth would you have done in his shoes??

    And if you think that DH deliberately engineered the outcome of his nearly-job at the University of Toronto – do you also think that Mossad destroyed the Twin Towers? Wish to retain your credibility Sally? Try taking a step backwards…

    Not many universities have facilities or tenured positions which are not funded by drug companies. And for the record, DH did not receive a ‘settlement from a drug company’, as you have stated more than once on here. The drug company in question was Eli Lilly, and his lecture was about the potential of Prozac to induce suicidal ideation. It seems that the now-discredited and disreputable Charles Nemeroff persuaded the University of Toronto to rescind the job offer, as he did not like DH, nor his claims about Prozac. Eli Lilly may NEVER have been involved in that particular incident. The settlement was from the University, and DH donated all of to charity. Try reading up about it.

    Quite how DH might have single-handedly turned around Ysbyty Gwynedd I do not know. It seems to me that ALL mental health institutions contain numerous abusers. What on earth was he supposed to do? The odds are stacked against anyone who attempts to resolve such situations.

    You presume way too much Sally – I have read all of your blog postings, and have been an avid reader for some months now. And I read lots of other blogs, such as Bob Fiddaman, Truthman 30, Katinka Newman, Antidepaware, Leonie Fennel, Mad in America, etc. And meanwhile, I gather adverse information on the institution where my ex was abused, with a view to punching them repeatedly in the online goolies for what they did to us…

    Yours still in despair,


    1. Thanks for taking the time to write again Walter.

      I have read some of the Rxisk material but I don’t follow it closely. I do not dispute and have never disputed David Healy’s expose of the practices employed by Big Pharma.

      Lydia may well have interpreted some of David’s replies as ‘aggressive’ – people have done that to me in the past. People not used to the tone of academic debate do often find it aggressive, although it may well not be meant thus.

      No I don’t believe that David should live in a coal bunker and his choice of car is his business. I was commenting on the difference between David’s lifestyle and the patients whom his followers seem to believe that he is doing great things for. Many of them were so neglected by the ‘community team’ with whom he worked that they ended up destitute. David knew about this. You suggested that he could have become rich had he chosen not to speak out about Big Pharma. I was observing that he already enjoys a pretty amazing lifestyle in comparison with most of north Wales. Property in north Wales is very cheap and it was even more so when Healy relocated to that part of the world. Unemployment in the region was high so people with well-paid secure jobs had a very, very good lifestyle. It’s a beautiful part of the world with mountains and sea. If David Healy didn’t want city lights, the quality of life that he has enjoyed in north Wales has equalled that of many far more affluent people elsewhere.

      Regarding the patient who threatened to chop the gas pipe. I know him very well. I have known him for twenty years. I knew – and everybody else knew – that he stated that he felt so suicidal that he FELT like chopping a gas pipe. Yes if had stated that he had the axe in his hand and was off to do it, Healy would have had a duty to stop it. The patient didn’t say that. When he made that phone call the Hergest Unit had known him for years. He had made numerous suicide attempts but had never even tried to hurt another person. The phone call was made to the nurse who was supposedly providing him with ‘therapy’. What were they supposed to do? They could have TALKED to him or even invited him into see someone. No, the nurse told Healy and Healy demanded that this man be arrested. He was held on remand in Walton Prison – yet all charges were dropped against him. Do you really think that is a sensible way to treat a suicidal man? More recently, the Hergest Unit refused this man all treatment, despite his very serious depression. His partner went to see Healy after yet another suicide attempt and asked ‘what happens now?’ Healy told her ‘he’ll carry on doing this until he kills himself’. I rather got the impression that Healy was standing back waiting for that to happen. The man in question was mistreated appallingly for years and Healy et al were undoubtedly grossly negligent. He ended up paying privately for treatment and going abroad to receive it.

      I have no idea whether Healy engineered the Toronto business or not – but I do know that at least some of the local lawyers who have fought long and hard on behalf of patients who were being abused and/or neglected by Healy and his colleagues think that he did. I don’t know much at all about the circumstances of the Twin Towers. I wasn’t there, I’ve never visited America and I don’t have any wish to. I know what the standard line is and I know that there are a number of other claims being made as well.

      My information that Healy received a settlement in the wake of the Toronto business was based on something Healy put up himself about it on the internet many years ago. I did read up about it, probably a very long time before you did, because I was a patient in the Hergest Unit when it was all happening. bUt strangely enough Walter, some of what was posted up online by David in those early days has disappeared. And Healy’s colleagues won’t talk about it – or at least they wouldn’t at the time. I know because I was one of the patients who asked them about it. Do you think that the patients who were being so grossly neglected and abused weren’t intrigued by the media construction of Healy as a patients champ? Some patients and their relatives went to hear him speak – they could hardly believe that this man was being hailed as a hero, they had been HIS FUCKING PATIENTS Walter, they knew what they had experienced.

      Healy might not have been able to turn Ysbyty Gwynedd around single-handedly – indeed I very much doubt that he could have – but he could certainly have made a far greater contribution to the Hergest Unit than he has. I don’t know if he still has his CV stuck up on his blog, but the copy that he had up there last year makes some extraordinary claims about the Hergest Unit. The most laughable was the claim that Nobel prize winners were regulars at the Hergest Unit, but Healy also talked of an excellent unit, with trainee doctors beating a path to work there. The reality was a unit with one of the highest suicide rates in the UK which was unable to recruit because of its terrible reputation. David’s CV also stated that he had ‘led’ the service there for many years – so presumably the blood on the carpet at Hergest was something to do with his ‘leadership’…

      I can only repeat that I was a patient at that unit for many years and I saw what David Healy and his colleagues actually did – as did many other people whom I know well. I know David Healy – I conclude from your comments that you do not?? Or do you? You seem to prefer to rely on the well crafted media messages about David for your info about him rather than on what patients who had first hand experience of him report.

      1. Stay safe Sally – you are right – even the ‘Walters’ have no real idea of the depth of what can go on in a so called civilised country. I agree, he should be careful about exposing himself . What you have been through is very scary , you deserve the greatest respect for your refusal to be silenced and for the academic work you engage in through research, documentation and publications. There is not another archive like it – historians would be privileged to have use of it in future should you ever allow that – assuming it won’t somehow get shredded.

        1. Thanks for the support Lydia.

          The really disappointing thing is that Walter and his partner have been abused by the psychiatric establishment – so he does know what can happen. Yet he believes that I am a fantasist – even though he claims that he has read this blog. So he has been at liberty to look up all those press reports of deaths and scandals at the Hergest whilst Healy has ‘led’ the ‘service’ there. I wonder how Walter would feel if the person who abused his partner hit fame and fortune and was profiled flatteringly on Panorama and the Guardian, then Walter published what had happened to his partner and him, only to receive e mails from people accusing him of being a fantasist – people who had just watched the abuser on TV and read material that they’d written themselves.

          It’s the same old problem – if someone in receipt of mental health services reports serious wrongdoing, it is maintained that they can’t be believed. Even critical psychiatrists and their supporters will claim that suddenly the patients can’t be believed. Although the critical psychiatrists are claiming to be challenging the whole paradigm. The voices of mental health patients from north Wales have NEVER been heard. Mark Williams’s Mindfulness swept the world and David Healy is an international figure. Why hasn’t anyone asked where the patients are? Didn’t any of the journos who spent so much time interviewing and reporting on the work of Williams and Healy – and some years ago Phil Thomas – notice the constant reports of the deaths of mental health patients in the local papers? Didn’t they notice that statistical data revealed that north Wales had one of the highest suicide rates in the UK? Didn’t they notice that the biggest child abuse scandal in the UK had happened in north Wales and that many of the witnesses had been found dead after experiencing the ‘care’ of the local mental health professionals?

          Walter tells us that he despairs – how does he think that patients in north Wales have felt for the last 30 years? We stood by gobsmacked whilst the world’s media reported the miracles that were alleged to be happening under our noses. None of us saw any miracles – we saw our friends and peers neglected, arrested, framed in Court, commit suicide and those of us who survived did so because we had very supportive friends and family who looked after us themselves or indeed took us many miles away from north Wales to receive the care that the local mental health services would not provide. In the end, some of us took recording devices into the hospital with us because of the abuse that we were receiving. I was told by the hospital authorities that I’d be arrested if I took my recorder in – so what were they so worried about? After this I know at least one other patient who took in a concealed recording device.

          We had not been safe in the North Wales Hospital and we were still not safe in the Hergest Unit Lydia and we all knew it.

          As for this glorious ‘service’ – one of the psychiatrists in Wrexham has now been caught in a police paedophile sting. Wonder if the Guardian will be reporting that? But they managed to miss it when two of Healy’s own colleagues killed themselves – although they were ‘experts’ themselves, surrounded by other ‘experts’. Ah well they must have forgotten to do their Mindfulness Practice. Or failed ‘to take responsibility’ which is what was always said after a patient could finally take no more and killed themselves.

          1. Operation Winterkey will be visiting me next week Sally.

            I wonder if you could tell me what was in front of Patrick Mayhew and when .. at the time he authorised legal action against you. Whether you were alleging patients deaths that had no inquest. Whether the Section 37 care home issues re Mary Wynch were in the mix.

            In 1963 Anthony Blunt was copped as a soviet agent. 3 Years later he told an Ulster contact he had “An exciting new project” (IE for our spooks). It was just before the 1967 Sexual Offences law came in and removed grounds for blackmail re homosexuality that MI5 may theretofore have found useful.

            It would appear that the new blackmail territory would have to be child sexual abuse.

            Allegedly Henniker was already associated with McGrath, TARA, arms shipments and Kincora. Henniker may have been in the chain of command above Blunt.

            In 1974 PIE was created and spread its tentacles internationally.

            In 1992 UDA was finally proscribed and apparently very clumsily Peter Righton moved to live on Henniker Estate Suffolk. Islington safeguarding raised the visit to Henniker by Suffolk Chief constable Coe. He was accompanied by Suffolk safeguarding.

          2. The ‘evidence’ against me presented at the trial were letters that I had written to Dr Tony Fancis (Dr X) about the neglect, abuse and law breaking that was happening in the north Wales mental health services by employees of Gwynedd Social Services, Dafydd Alun Jones and staff of the North Wales Hospital and by Francis himself. I mentioned the unlawful imprisonment of Mary Wynch and myself, the assault on me by Steven Rose an SEN at the North Wales Hospital, Jones’s attempts to bribe and threaten me, Jones’s sexual exploitation of female patients, the failure to investigate my complaints fully – in some cases even at all – and the numerous lies that had been told and documented about me. I now have documents in my possession that support every one of my allegations. I presume that Mayhew would have had sight of the letters that were presented as evidence – those alone should have been enough to cause him not only to question the case against me but to begin an investigation. I do not know whether Mayhew will have had copies of the letters that Francis’s own lawyers wrote to him advising him not to go ahead with legal action against me or the letters written by Andrew Park, the corrupt lawyer at the Welsh Office, which admitted that there was no evidence for the numerous ‘assaults’ that Francis claimed that I had committed. I now have copies of those letters.

            The case against me was brought in the spring of 1991, probably March or April. I have all the documents here and can find the exact date, but it’ll take me ages – there are 10,000 documents on file….

  6. So Mayhew authorised legal action in the months before Sir John Stradling Thomas MP died at his Dolphin Square Home March 1991.

    We know that Regional Crime Squad trawled for information circa 1972 All Wales and West England seeking information and concerns of Coroners/Coroners Officers re death registrations GP certified in care homes focussing on Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire homes.

    It is not known to me why Sir John wrote to Tony Newton in 1990 .. I conjecture that it was to raise Sir Keith Joseph’s, Barbara Castle’s and Ennals’ ministerial files prior to correspondence transfer to Ferrers and Mayhew. IE To collate the RCS inquiry 1971 72, the Panorama 1975 exposing Labour discharging mental patients to homelessness., The Matron McGill Decd case Sue Ryder HQ Suffolk 1972, the suicide verdict on the Welsh RCS Det sgt who defied Special Branch who tried to stop the above trawl for information. Just googling ……

    1. Was Mary Wynch mother an inquest certified death 1972 ?

      You see my drift ? RCS in Wales were trawling for care home death reg malpractice information in the same year Mary Wynch mother died.

      Even if the trawl did not pick up the Wynch case the fact remains Mayhew in 1990/91 knew about the 1972 death of the RCS Det sgt, The Special Branch intimidation of his surviving colleague (ongoing in 1991) and the nature of the 1971 72 RCS inquiries. As you know 93/94 a bizarre burglary stole all Newport Gwent BMD records. What seems to have been the new war crimes unit was in Gwent 92 et seq trawling and removing what remained of the RCS 1971 72 case files.

      1. I’m not sure Richard. What Mary told me herself was:

        That she looked after her elderly mother before Jones had her unlawfully arrested and sectioned. Jones had Mary unlawfully arrested in 1979 but I’m not sure exactly when. Before Mary’s mother died, she had been in a home owned by Jones where Mary alleged that she was neglected. I think Mary did see her mothers body after death, because Mary told me that the body was covered in blisters which Mary was told by someone who knew what Jones was capable of could have been related to a barbiturate overdose. Jones’s CLAIMS were that he had been treating Mary as an outpatient after Mary’s mothers death. Jones is a liar, he lied about ‘seeing and assessing’ me before he had me unlawfully arrested and from what Mary said to me Jones didn’t treat her as an outpatient at all. Jones did what he usually did, he rang up his corrupt friends in the police, demanded Mary be arrested and it was only many, many months later when lawyers were asking questions that Jones started making up cock and bull stories about Mary attending outpatients clinics.

        So I don’t think that Mary’s mum could have died as early as 1972. Part of Jones’s rationale for shafting Mary was to relieve her of the house that she had inherited from her mother – Mary had already complained about a number of crooked solicitors who had been mates of Jones’s before she was arrested. The whole saga will have taken a while before a local crook called on Jones for his help, but I’ve always presumed that Mary’s mother died in the mid-70s.

        Notwithstanding that, I cannot believe that the authorities in Wales will have been unaware of the huge criminal problem that was Jones by 1972. He was running the North Wales Hospital Denbigh by the mid-late 60s and had already appeared in an expose in the Times for dumping all those patients on the north Wales coast where they were later found starving and covered in lice. He was well established in the abusive care home business by the time that he got his hands on Mary’s mother. People will have known about him.

        I suspect that the security services knew about him anyway. Whilst he was still a medical student in Liverpool, Jones made contact with Irish Republican activists to tap their brains whilst Jones was involved in Welsh activism. The security services were very paranoid about ‘Welsh extremists’ when Jones was doing all that, they’ll certainly have known about him. Of course there are constant allegations that in the 70s and 80s there were rogue members of the security services who were involved in child abuse themselves and concealed politicians who were – which leads up to Dafydd being afforded protection because of his role in facilitating the paedophile ring in north Wales… I can’t imagine that any of them will have actually liked the deranged old bugger.

        1. Mary’s mother death 1972 …. The Brodrick Report was 1971 re weaknesses in death certifications and Coroner procedures. (I wonder if the Brodrick Report may have had an influence on Beeches Ixworth to sell up and quit …. )

          I have asked Islington Council to put some matters to the QC leading their proposed inquiry. Arguing that Sir Keith Joseph re Beeches child deaths acted unlawfully in 1972 when he diverted concerns into an inquiry that never looked at the child care deaths.

          The second thing is that in 1992, when Islington safeguarding Dr Liz Davies, raised the Chief constable Suffolk visit to Lord Henniker (Notorious abuser Righton moving to Henniker Estate) BEFORE Righton was even convicted, and moved to Henniker estate, Chief constable COE should have contacted Islington and Hackney Councils. The decision by Suffolk Chief constable COE, to conceal from councils and safeguarding the then recently resurrected concerns of 43 child deaths at Beeches, was taken BEFORE Dr Liz Davies sent in Suffolk safeguarding to accompany Chief constable on Henniker visit.

          I ask that the QC have a squint at Minnesota Protocol 1991 too !!

          1. Christ Richard, you’re right, it WAS 1972. I’ve blogged so much over the last year that I’ve forgotten some of the details and I was busy preparing my latest post when you asked earlier so I didn’t check.

            So Mary fought the corrupt solicitors for seven years before someone sent up the distress flare to Big Dafydd then. One of her cases was against the Public trustee – I wonder if she messed with them BEFORE Dafydd illegally imprisoned her? The Public Trustee is under the domain of the Home Office – they were already using Dafydd to conceal the paedophiles busy in Bryn Estyn, which was under Home office management until 1974. What if Mary had discovered wrongdoing on the part of the Public Trustee as well and they decided that Dafydd would prove useful once more?

  7. As well as appearing in the broadsheets and the Spectator, Mary’s case was also featured in the BBC Two series ‘Taking Liberties’ in an episode called ‘Who Will Listen To Mary Winch’ which was screened on March 5 1991

    March 91 …

    1. I know Richard – I blogged about it all in detail. The programme was screened just as me and my mate were hounded out of our jobs in London… That programme will have been in the process of being made when Nicky Mitchel-Heggs, the corrupt occupational health physician at St Georges, grilled me as to whether I had met Mary and what I knew about the case.

      Then at the very time that the programme was being screened, there was an attempt to put me in prison…

      Nasty people at St Georges. How does it feel to be outed at last then Nicky?? Still enjoying your ski-ing holidays and nights at the opera are you?

      OOOHH it’s not looking too good for the Top Doctors is it…

      It was Jeremy Paxman’s former partner who made the programme as well…

      1. Can’t resist asking whether you’re still getting invited to dinner parties Nicky – or are you persona non-grata now that your role in the concealing of a paedophile ring has been made public?

        Don’t worry love – you can always quaff champagne with Bluglass, Nigel Eastman, Tom Burns et al even if no-one else will speak to you, the whole bloody lot of them were in on it…

        1. I will let this rattle round my noggin for a while. I have got to narrow this down to nail the 1992 Suffolk Chief constable. Operation Winter Key are calling next week.

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