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Today’s Daily Post contains allegations from Blaenau Ffestiniog Town Councillor Mark Thomas that he and his 15 year old son were wrongly arrested and mistreated by North Wales Police officers in connection with the big fire on the mountain that resulted in the evacuation of part of Blaenau Ffestiniog in April.

The Post’s article ends with a quote from Mr Thomas saying: ‘I am meeting with the North Wales Police next month to discuss my complaint. I just want them to be sorry for what they put us through and for whoever started that fire to be held accountable for all the trouble and damage they caused’, followed by the response from Detective Chief Inspector Tim Evans from the North Wales Police Professional Standards Dept: ‘I can confirm that the North Wales Police received complaints relating to this matter, which remain subject to ongoing investigation at this time’.

Readers who are paying attention might recognise Tim Evans’s name from previous posts. Tim was formerly Sgt Tim Evans and in the late 1980s and early 1990s was regularly called upon to interview and/or arrest me by the Top Doctors.

I had no idea that Tim was still in the North Wales Police. I did wonder whether Tim had done a runner and joined another force, because north Wales is heaving with people who have much dirt on Tim re his failure to act on evidence re very serious crime. But then they’ve all achieved promotion on the same basis themselves, so perhaps Tim doesn’t have too much to worry about.

I’ll refresh memories here re Tim Evans and provide a bit more info.

Tim and his colleagues were ordered by the Top Docs to arrest me so often and for such ridiculous offences that in the end Tim et al went beyond the ‘this is a total waste of our time’ bit and were holding conversations with their mates who worked in Ysbyty Gwynedd re what a farce this was. Tim himself told Jeff Crowther, a Nursing Officer at Ysbyty Gwynedd, that the situation was ludicrous, that I was very obviously not ‘dangerous’ or a serious offender and why were the NHS employing ‘all these highly paid doctors and managers’ if they could not cope with someone like me?

Tim and other police officers made representation to Gwynedd Health Authority and discussions were held but to no avail. The demands on the part of Top Docs that I should be arrested continued. In the end, Tim and his mates just saw it as a standing joke and there was much robust comment about the grossly incompetent and mad psychiatrists at Ysbyty Gwynedd who made police statements about me doing things such as ‘walking into a room with a rolled up newspaper and not saying anything to anyone’ or ‘taking a sandwich from the lunch provided by a drug company and asking the docs Are you enjoying the buffet?’

Tim Evans was on record as describing me as a ‘mischievous young woman’ who was essentially harmless. Jeff Crowther, I understand, backed up Tim’s view and yet more Meetings were held at which Jeff, Tim and others maintained that the constant arrests of me were making the Top Docs look vindictive, foolish and were rather bad PR for the psychiatric services. The Top Docs ignored everyone who was telling them this and then upped the stakes.

Tim had a side-kick in those days, a Detective Constable, but I never knew what his name was. One day I was under arrest, yet again and in Bangor Police Station, when Tim and his side-kick came in, took one look at me, pissed themselves laughing and asked the desk Sgt ‘what’s she done now?’

There was another Detective Constable stationed at Bangor Police Station when Tim was there – I never saw him with Tim, but Tim knew who he was, because Tim and the others used to take the piss out of him and call him ‘The Little Fat Man’ – who boasted to me that he and other officers were shagging a nightmare of a girl called Donna Morgan, who moved into my house as a lodger, caused havoc, bounced a cheque for £500 on me, stole everything of value in the house and accused one of the neighbours of sexually harassing her. Donna left me a note telling me not to go to the police because her two friends would give evidence that she had not stolen anything (!) and they would say that I was mad and dangerous as well. I called the police, they subsequently admitted that they knew where Donna was, that she was ‘in hiding from a former boyfriend’ and they would do nothing at all about the matter. The former boyfriend was a man called Hogan, a criminal from Llandudno. Donna threatened me with him as well, but not knowing gangsters in Llandudno the name meant nothing to me.

Donna had grown up in care and unlike most people in that situation, Donna was a good friend of her social worker (in Conwy) and mentioned how supportive she was and Donna only had to ask and she’d help. After I began this blog I was told that Donna was yet another present from the Gang. See previous posts.

After the police refused to act re Donna, I took her to the small claims court. I won and the court issued an order for me to serve on her. So I went to the creche in Bangor University, where I knew that Donna would go to pick up her son, to give her the order. Fran Tate, the Students’ Welfare Officer, ordered the security men to throw me out on the grounds that I was that Dangerous Woman who was Harassing Donna. So I showed the security men the order from the court and poor old Fran instead just had to contact Donna and warn her that I was at the creche so don’t turn up.

Fran Tate worked/had worked in the CAB – Lucille Hughes has for years been one of the senior managers of the CAB in Wales – and since her retirement Fran is back with the CAB. See previous posts.

After excelling as the Students Welfare Officer, a few years down the line Fran Tate became the manager of Student Services at Bangor University. In that capacity, Fran conducted vindictive personal vendettas against students and staff who had crossed her path. Fran had another go at me just after I finished my PhD at Bangor, years after the Donna Morgan business. While I was waiting for a ‘proper’ academic job/funding for postdoc work, I was offered a job supporting students at Bangor with disabilities. Dear old Fran got to hear that I had been offered the job by Ransted, a fly-by-night agency who someone – probably Fran – had subcontracted to find support staff for disabled students and ensured that my job offer was unlawfully withdrawn, on the grounds that I was a Dangerous Nutter.

Had I been so inclined I could have made representation or even taken legal action on a number of grounds including disability discrimination and breaches of data protection, but I was by then aware of the huge problems that Ransted were causing during the execution of their duties, that the support workers for the disabled students were walking out because of problems caused by Fran Tate and that a number of disabled students themselves had complained about the highly inappropriate clueless woman who was responsible for ‘disabled students support’ at Bangor, Tate’s mate Carolyn Donaldson-Hughes. See ‘Disability Support’.

For many years Fran Tate presided over a shite Student Services who colluded with the Gang as students suffered. I’ve been told that Fran was yet another person who bagged her job as a result of Prof Eric Sunderland’s 1984 Big Jobs Giveaway For All Who Knew About That Girl Who Complained About Gwynne, as discussed in previous posts.

Fran was one of the Get Merfyn Out club when Merfyn Jones became VC in 2004. Fran’s story was that Merfyn’s friend had Done A Fiddle With A Fish Farm In Mid-Wales  (if it wasn’t so nasty, it would be 24 hour laughter with this lot) and ooh she was Going To Get Merfyn Out. I don’t know which one of Merfyn’s friends had Done A Fiddle With A Fish Farm, whether it was the Philanderer, or the Drunken Groper, or one of Merfyn’s other unsavoury mates. Who knows? Only Fran, friend of a gang of paedophiles and the Royal Lobotomist.

I’ll have two Old Prunes to follow that please, Fran.

Lucille Hughes

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And a Bitter Lemon to drink. I’ll order that from Miranda’s pal Two Jags Prezza.

Perhaps a Boiled Ham for the weekend?

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

With a Big Wobbly Blancmange for dessert?

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Prezza’s family came from Prestatyn and he lived there until he was four years old . In the mid-1960s, Prezza was at Ruskin College while Matt Arnold, who later became Head of Bryn Estyn, worked as a part-time tutor there. Peter Howarth, who was given a job at Bryn Estyn by Arnold months after Arnold was appointed Head, was one of Arnold’s students at Ruskin. Arnold and Howarth formed a close friendship, worked at Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead together and in 1972 relocated to Bryn Estyn and seriously expanded the party in north Wales. Prezza was the President of the Ruskin Students’ Union, he will have noticed Arnold and Howarth. See post ‘A Study In Tyranny’.

Prezza subsequently did a degree at Hull University, one of the institutions who’s staff facilitated/concealed the Yorkshire ring that morphed into the ring in the North East. Prezza was selected as the Labour candidate for Hull as a result of his knowledge re that ring in some way.

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Prezza served as the MP for Hull East, 1970-2010, as the ring expanded and as scores of future politicians and academics passed through Hull University who Found Out while they were there and built their careers on reassuring everyone that they Knew Nuzzing. See previous posts.

Meet David Hanson MP, Miranda’s former PPS:

Image result for david hanson mp images

David has been the MP for Delyn in north Wales since 1992, after a career Helping People in eg. Scope and addiction organisations. David and his wife Margaret were both Councillors in Cheshire when Dafydd’s Gang operated in Cheshire as well as in north Wales. David’s wife Margaret doubled up as a senior social worker for children and families for Cheshire County Council. Margaret has worked for a trade union and was Chief Exec of Age Concern for North East Wales. In Jan 2014, Margaret was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, after the Gang had forced Merfyn out as Chairman. Margaret has also served as a Councillor in north Wales and Chairs the North Wales Health and Housing Coalition, which ‘aims to reduce health inequalities’.

Margaret is currently researching for a PhD at Chester University, exploring ‘how older men understand and experience the creation of health and wellbeing’. Margaret has been Vice-Chairman of the Betsi Board in the aftermath of the Tawel Fan Scandal at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, the biggest neglect/abuse scandal of the elderly mentally ill that there has ever been in the UK; many of those who were abused (and died) as a result of Tawel Fan were men. No member of staff was disciplined, except for the Angel who blew the whistle, who was sacked and struck off; staff named in the scandal refused to co-operate with the subsequent investigations and the inquests have still not been held on the eight people who died. Although a further 88 deaths have now been referred to the Coroner re Tawel Fan. See previous posts…

Meet Margaret, the Expert In Older Men’s Health Care:

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones:

Margaret Hanson

In 1997 and 1999, Margaret stood as the unsuccessful Labour candidate in Eddisbury. Eddisbury is a seat that can only be won if one is a paedophiles’ friend – it is just down the road from the family seat of the Duke of Westminster – so all candidates for all parties usually have a sound track record in this area. See previous posts.

Eddisbury is currently held by this blog’s old friend Antoinette Sandbach, for the Tories. Antoinette who’s family are big landowners in north Wales, who’s dad Ian Mackeson-Sandbach was the most high ranking Freemason in north Wales and who’s gran Geraldine Sandbach held numerous roles in which she carried out Good Works, including as the President of the Denbigh branch of the Royal College of Midwives.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Antoinette left north Wales when she was a teenager and showed little interest in the region, pursuing a career as a Criminal Barrister in London. She felt the call of the family estate just after I began publishing about the mental health services in north Wales and returned home. After a brief stint working in the office of David Jones MP, the Tory MP for Clwyd West (see ‘The Right Honourable David Jones MP’) – David formerly shared a solicitor’s practice with Elwyn Jones, the Bangor solicitor who was Of The Gang and assisted in the fleecing and framing of Patient F as discussed in previous posts and comments – Antoinette suddenly found herself on the Tory list of candidates for AMs. Bugger me, she was elected months later and in the Senedd before you could say ‘Reinforcements are being called in because Sally Baker is known to be planning a book’.  After a stint as the AM for north Wales, Antoinette defected to the Westminster seat of Eddisbury. I don’t know whether that is because a Daughter Of The Gang was desperately needed in Eddisbury or indeed Westminster, or whether the rich, spoiled Antoinette found life in north Wales and the Assembly not grand enough for her.

The Sandbach family were slave traders. I think that they still might be.

For more info on Margaret Hanson and the Sandbachs, see previous posts. David Hanson in particular features in ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part II’.


Like David Hanson, Tom Watson is also a Hull University graduate who was active in the Hull University Labour Club:

Portrait of Tom Watson in 2018.jpg

Tom has been the Labour MP for West Bromwich East since 2001. Read about Tom in previous posts. Tom, remember that time when Brown had to rescue you from a furious man who wanted to do you physical damage as a result of something unscrupulous that you had done and you were most grateful to Brown because he found a safe room and hid you until Mr Ready To Kill With His Bare Hands had left the premises? Is the problem sorted yet?


One day in 1990, Sgt Tim Evans turned up at my house in Llanllechid to ‘speak to’ me. I wasn’t arrested, it was yet another conversation re ‘We’ve had another complaint from them about you, can you give me your version of events?’ During the conversation, Tim asked ‘Can you afford all of these fines? You must be on a tight budget?’ At the time I was still working at St George’s Hospital Medical School, so although I did have an income, I was paying rent in London on a shared house and the mortgage on my place in Llanllechid, where I stayed whenever possible because I hated London so much.

I think Tim’s question was prompted by him noticing that I didn’t have much furniture and certainly not the usual things that many people take for granted eg. a couch costing two thousand quid, a load of gear in the kitchen such as washing machine, dishwasher etc. While it is true that I couldn’t have afforded that, I wouldn’t have purchased those things anyway. People lived in quarryman’s cottages like mine for generations without packing them full of consumer durables and I knew that a lot of my neighbours had only acquired those things by buying them all on HP, which Brown and I always saw as a way of keeping people yoked to capitalist society and would stop them ever leaving jobs or beginning a new way of life should they ever feel like it. They’re hooked: the bills will be coming in for years; of course they can stop paying but then they’ll lose the materialist goodies that they have come to over-value and believe that they cannot do without.

I prioritised a house in a rural area with a garden, rather than expensive crap that I didn’t need, but a lot of people didn’t seem to realise that, including Tim.

Shortly after Tim turned up at my house and inquired about my financial position, he turned up again after yet another silly complaint about me. At that point I challenged Tim re the constant silly complaints that he and his colleagues knew had no substance. Tim replied by saying ‘Tony Francis has written to the Chief Constable and complained about me, saying that I’m not taking his complaints seriously – you won’t be able to stop me from being sacked will you?’

I was obliged to accompany Tim down to Bangor Police Station, where Tim interviewed me but did not arrest or charge me.

David Owen was the Chief Constable of North Wales when Tony Francis wrote to him, naming Tim Evans and complaining that the Top Docs’ complaints about me were not being ‘taken seriously’. I was told that Francis wrote the letter after Tim had a conversation with the Top Docs and reminded them ‘She has rights as well, we can’t keep arresting her when she hasn’t committed a crime’.

The North Wales Police were rightly given a kicking over their complete failure to investigate the complaints of the kids in care for decades. However that letter to the Chief Constable about Tim Evans after Tim simply dared remind the Top Docs that I had rights, confirmed my belief that the Top Docs were the biggest problem. Their arrogance, their loud squealing if ever they were challenged, their expectation that they would tell that plod what to do and that plod would bloody well do it, was extraordinary.

Brown observed that in north Wales, the Top Docs used the police as their own private army. Sgt Evans had entertained their idiocy for a long time, had indeed interviewed me on every occasion requested after laughable complaints had been made and after he simply stated that they couldn’t arrest me when I simply had not committed any crime, a furious letter was written to the Chief Constable, complaining about Tim Evans. Sgt Evans had not broken any law and I very much doubt that it could have been argued that re the Top Docs’ complaints, he had neglected his duties. So the Chief Constable ordered him to harass a member of the public on the orders of a Top Doc or he’d find himself in trouble.

Documents in my possession demonstrate that when Francis wrote to the Chief Constable and complained about Tim Evans, the BMA and the MDU were giving Francis and his colleagues free advice on how to refuse to investigate my complaints, unlawfully refuse me all NHS treatment and have me arrested for offences that they knew there was no evidence that I had committed. The MDU lawyers and Andrew Park, the crooked Welsh Office lawyer, both wrote letters to Tony and Sadie Francis observing that one problem was that there was absolutely no evidence to back up the florid allegations being made about me. Park’s solution was that a ‘dossier’ should be compiled of ‘the total’ of my ‘activities’, the said dossier relying upon the statements of staff who had been told by Park to lie in the statements that made up the dossier… See previous posts.

The Top Docs in north Wales were worse than the police, far worse.

David Owen refused to co-operate with the North Wales Police 1991-93 investigation into a possible paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire. The Home Secretary -Kenneth Baker and then Ken Clarke – refused to intervene. So hundreds of files were not handed over to the ‘investigating officers’ and the files that were handed over were not sorted, so much time and effort had to be spent doing that and every other obstacle possible was put in the way as well.

The irony was that Ken Clarke had a very poor relationship with the police when he was Home Secretary. His autobiography describes his anger at what he perceived was his personal police officers’ unwarranted intrusion into his personal space as it were, how they never left him alone even when there was no security issue and how it became obvious to Ken that they were snooping and trailing him, listening to his private conversations etc. See post ‘Running The Country – And All That Jazz’.

Well Ken, those officers had quite a lot to worry about at the time re north Wales, but you knew that, you had served in the Dept of Health by then and your war with the BMA resulted in stalemate because they reminded you that you were colluding with the same very serious criminality as they were.

Ken managed to interfere in my own life and the lives of people known to be supportive of me to an impressive extent. See eg. ‘Jennifer’s Diary’. This was considerably assisted by me working in a research team led by Prof Vincent Marks, the brother of the BMA Chairman Dr John Marks when Ken was at war with John Marks while the BMA – usually in the form of A.H. Chadwick aka Tony Chadwick – provided the Top Docs of north Wales with ‘advice’. See previous posts…


I spent much time trying to find info about Chief Constable David Owen when I first began this blog, but he had been erased from the internet. So imagine how pleased I was when Owen died and the Tributes to him appeared, providing info.

24 Jan 2017, The Daily Post:

A former North Wales Police chief constable has died at his home in Llandudno. David Owen CBE, 85, died surrounded by his family following a long illness. Mr Owen, who was born in Betws y Coed in 1931, was the son of a police sergeant.

Could it have been an ancestor of David Owen who was The Missing Link?

See the source image

Perhaps Prof Dawkins can tell us, Dawkins having been educated at Oundle, that favourite school for so many of the grander Gang families and who hit the big time as a Public Intellectual when Dafydd was the subject of so much bad PR re Mary Wynch and then me! See post ‘So Absolutely Sane, Clear, Quick, Intelligent and Safe…’.

Dawkins’ volume ‘The Blind Watchmaker’ really consolidated his reputation. It was published in 1986, the year that the Gang killed my friend and housemate Anne Vernon, a PhD student in the Dept of Zoology at UCNW. For details of zoologists with a direct link to Dafydd, via Sir Cyril Clarke of Liverpool University, Top Doc, amateur zoologist and research fraudster, see ‘A Trail Of Blood’. Some of the academics at UCNW knew Dawkins and his mates.

During his time as a police officer, he served in the Metropolitan Police, in Merseyside and in Dorset.

David Owen will have known the crooks in the Met who were colluding with Dafydd and Gwynne’s Gang as long ago as the 1960s, under Commissioner Joe Simpson (a former Oundle boy), as discussed in previous posts. More importantly re the 1991-93 investigation, David Owen will have known those who were protecting Prof Ollie Brooke of St George’s Hospital Medical School and the London crowd of Top Docs, who were working in partnership with Dafydd and Gwynne. See eg. ‘Oliver!’, ‘Oliver’s Army’ and ‘Too Many Pills’.

Liverpool was run by Dafydd’s Gang anyway and Rob Evans, one of the Gang’s senior members in Gwynedd Social Services, had worked as a Team Leader for Dorset Social Services. See post eg. ‘I Know Nuzzing…’

Then there was the security services plant Paddy Pantsdown who decided that he would give up the good life in Geneva and move to the West Country shortly after the business with Mr Thrope, because what Paddy really wanted to be was the Liberal MP for Yeovil.

See the source image

Before Paddy bagged his dream job, he was a youth worker for Dorset County Council…

Deputy Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard said: “David Owen was a highly respected man within the force, nationally and in the community of North Wales. He had a varied career, serving with

Dr Dafydd Alun JonesDr Dafydd Alun Jones

the Metropolitan Police, Lincolnshire Police and the Merseyside and Dorset forces, before coming home to North Wales.

He was also appointed President of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) in 1990.

“David will be remembered for his strong and effective leadership, and I know from personal experience that he left a positive and lasting impression on all those who served with him.

Image result for que? manuel images

“On behalf of North Wales Police, I wish extend our condolences to his wife Patricia, daughter Gail and sons Philip and Mark. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. The family have asked me to thank the many members of the public who expressed their good wishes to him and to them throughout his recent illness.”

Can I have my NDA please Patricia? I’m sure that the old bastard left a tidy sum. If I’d done what he did, I’d expect to be paid millions.

Former North Wales Police chief constable David Owen CBE who died on January 24 2017

Police Authority Chairman Tudor Hughes (seated) with Chief Constable David Owen on April 29 1989 (right):

Police authority chairman Tudor Hughes (seated) with chief constable David Owen on April 29 1989 (right)

Any information on Tudor Hughes gratefully accepted! Leave a message on the blog or e mail me…

Like everyone else doing everything that they could to ensure that a gang of sex offenders remained in business, David Owen Wanted To Get To The Bottom Of Things, as reported in the Indie,

DAVID OWEN, Chief Constable of North Wales, has backed calls for a public inquiry following a police investigation into allegations of child abuse at children’s homes in North Wales. The investigation, one of the biggest child abuse investigations in Britain, saw 22 police officers making inquiries at 46 children’s homes in Clwyd and 17 in Gwynedd. The homes were under the supervision of social services departments. Mr Owen said an inquiry was necessary to ‘closely examine the areas of responsibility at both political and professional levels’. His move surprised many people in North Wales, as he had rejected earlier advice that an outside police force should be brought in to oversee his own officers’ investigation.

The advice, from Donald Elliott, HM Inspector of Constabulary, was aimed at dispelling local disquiet about the objectivity of the police investigation. Allegations had been made against one serving and two former police officers, but a decision was taken not to prosecute, reportedly because of insufficient evidence.

The Welsh Office has already promised a full public inquiry into the scandal, which has been described as ‘the biggest failure to protect children in British history’.

Official portrait of John Redwood crop 2.jpg

Peter Morrison was seen driving away from Bryn Estyn with a child in his car. Morrison was Thatcher’s friend and political aide/Minister.
In Dec 1984, Thatch had her History-Making Meeting with Gorby:


The Crown Prosecution Service said all files in the case had been considered and advice given. A spokeswoman said trials were pending against four people. Two people have already been convicted on charges resulting from the investigation. One person was acquitted.

Days before David Owen Wanted To Get To The Bottom Of Things in 1993, I had been found guilty by Bangor Magistrates Court of ‘staring at Jackie Brandt in Safeways’, thus causing her ‘alarm and distress’ and I had to part with £60. Brandt’s statement to the police had claimed that I had sworn and screamed at her and she feared imminent violent assault. Under cross-examination in Court, Brandt repeated this allegation, then admitted that I had not actually spoken to her in Safeways, but I had ‘stared’ at her. Brandt then started crying.

No of course nothing at all was said about Brandt’s perjury, only about F and I laughing when she began crying. Oh we were cruel! No wonder I had to cough up £60 for having looked at Jackie. Who had by that time, unlawfully detained me in a psych ward at Ysbyty Gwynedd (see eg. ‘Sex, Lies and No Democracy’), refused to answer any questions at all about that matter, then perjured herself in two separate High Court cases against me in the hope of having me imprisoned, as discussed in eg. ‘The Bitterest Pill’.

Although we were given a bollocking for Laughing At Jackie and Not Taking That Case Seriously by Hergest Unit staff, Sadie Francis wrote a letter to a third party stating that after being found guilty, I had ‘stormed out of the Court swearing’.

See the source image

In Sept or Oct 1993, I wrote to Michael Mansfield QC about the abuse of the law by Gwynedd Social Services. MM wrote me a one-line reply. I have been told that on receiving my letter, MM rang the alarm bells loudly and the word was sent out to Radical Committed Lawyers not to take a case for me against the Gang under any circumstances. It was the price that the Fearless Ones had to pay for the continued assistance of the Top Docs re their other cases in terms of Expert Opinions etc. MM and his colleague who shared Took’s Court Chambers with him at the time, St Helena, are members of Gray’s Inn, as was William Mars-Jones.

The Killing Season: Carter Blake Book 1 (Carter Blake Series) by [Cross, Mason]


Paddy French’s blog – Paddy is an investigative journo who has made TV documentaries and publishes the online investigative magazine ‘Rebecca’ – contains much info about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal that has never appeared in the mainstream media. Paddy French has done a great deal of digging re the role played by Freemasonry in particular. Here’s an example from Paddy’s blog:

THE NORTH WALES Province of freemasonry is a completely closed book.

It refuses to give out copies of its yearbook and these come into the public domain only occasionally. In 1995 a copy came into the hands of journalist Mark Brittain who was Editor of the North Wales Weekly News at the time. He quickly spotted a lodge called Custodes Pacis which was formed in 1983.

MARK BRITTAIN The editor of a local newspaper when a copy of the North Wales provincial yearbook came into his possession. He quickly spotted a police lodge ... The editor of a local newspaper when a copy of the North Wales provincial yearbook came into his possession. He identified a police lodge but found the chief constable unwilling to admit it existed.  Photo: Rebecca Television

He was told many members of Custodes Pacis — it’s Latin for Keepers of the Peace — were serving or retired police officers.

Police lodges are not uncommon. Perhaps the best known is London’s Manor of St James which at one point contained many senior officers of the Metropolitan Police.

In 1995 Brittain wrote to the recently appointed Chief Constable of North Wales, Michael Argent, and asked him for an interview. In his letter, he also asked if the new chief was aware of the lodge. Argent wrote back to agree to an interview but told the journalist he could find no evidence of a police lodge. When Brittain met Argent he told him he had evidence of the lodge’s existence and, after the meeting, sent him the lodge entry from the 1995-96 yearbook. Argent wrote back in April. He now admitted that the lodge list “did indeed contain names known to me and my colleagues although in each case they were retired from the force — in some instances for quite a considerable period.”

Brittain wrote back to ask if he was sure that there were no serving officers. In May 1995 Argent replied and said that further enquiries had been undertaken. “I am reliably informed,” he wrote, “that whilst, as I have suggested to you in my earlier letter, it consists mainly of retired police officers — certainly up to superintendent level — there are only four currently serving officers. Three are identified as constables and the fourth is either a constable or at most a sergeant.”

Brittain says Michael Argent’s story changed three times during this correspondence. The man who was chief constable when Custodes Pacis was set up in 1983 was David Owen. When he gave evidence to the Tribunal, he did not mention the existence of the lodge…

We wrote to David Owen to ask him why he didn’t tell the Tribunal about the lodge. He rang back to say he didn’t want to answer questions.

In September 1997, during the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal hearings, Brittain wrote to the North Wales police authority, which is responsible for the non-policing aspects of the force. The then clerk to the authority, Leon Gibson, wrote back to say that the information about the membership of Custodes Pacis had come from an unnamed lodge member. Gibson added that if the Chief Constable “remembers correctly, there were five, one sergeant and four constables.”

Gibson was also the chief executive of Anglesey County Council at this time. He declined to answer our email asking if he was a mason.

THE BARRISTER who represented North Wales Police at the Tribunal was Andrew Moran, QC. In his opening address, he made it clear that the force felt masonry was an irrelevance. He listed many of the senior policemen who had played a role in the child abuse investigations and said, “I am instructed to add, irrelevant though it should be, that none … is a Freemason.” He added: “Where then, please, we ask is the masonic influence? Freemason[s] at the top of the North Wales Police? There are none … Mason-free zone, we would say.”

In this opening address, he did an unusual thing. He said none of these people “is” a freemason and did not add the usual rider “or has been” when dealing with masonic membership. He therefore left open the question of whether any of these senior officers had ever been masons.

The Report of the Tribunal reported this statement with slightly different but highly significant wording: “At the outset of the Inquiry Counsel for the North Wales Police stated, on the instructions of the Chief Constable, that none of the current or former senior officers from Assistant Chief Constable upwards during the period under review had been a freemason and that the same was true of the relevant Detective Chief Superintendents and Detective Superintendent Ackerley.”

(Ackerley was the Superintendent who headed the major child abuse police inquiry between 1991 and 1993.)

We wrote to Sir Ronald Waterhouse about how the word “is” had changed into “had been.” He never answered the question. During the public hearings of the Tribunal freemasonry was little discussed, as its report makes clear…

Just a few observations. While Mark Brittain’s efforts are appreciated, the ‘North Wales Weekly News’ was just one of the local papers who failed to report any of the abuses of the Gang. Journos sat in Court week after week – I used to see them there – and watched people framed. Reporting was not objective. There were slurs and smears published about defendants and without fail the views of the bent professionals were prioritised in the local press. Lies were published about Dafydd’s status, his experience, even his job title, as well as about other local big wigs.

I have in my documents copies of messages and letters from local journos that were sent to Dafydd and his colleagues after I had written to or phoned newspapers about the Gang. My medical records also contained clippings of things that local papers had published about F and me; even reviews of F’s art exhibitions and letters that we’d written to the press on matters unrelated to the Gang.

As for Leon Gibson, the Chief Exec of Anglesey, being a Mason or not, it wouldn’t have mattered if he wasn’t. The criminal wrongdoing was so serious and it stretched back so many years that virtually everyone was tied into it. The few who weren’t were just terrified.

Leon Gibson served as a Director of a number of companies. He was born in Jan 1944 and was a solicitor. Companies House has the following information on Leon:

Company Appointments – Current and Previous

CompanyName Company Status Role Appointed Appointment Status Assets in latest accounts
ELY (FLATS) LIMITED Active Director 2012-08-10 UNTIL 2014-06-24 RESIGNED

Freemasonry undoubtedly was one of the glues that held the Gang and its mycelia together, but it was much more complex than that. The Freemasonry element however is a good example of the enormous degree of nepotism and cronyism that exemplified the problem. The problem was essentially caused by institutional corruption in professional and public life and the thing that made the structure so bomb-proof was the involvement of the medical establishment.

Not all of those involved were child abusers themselves, but they were weak spineless people who could not stand up against wrongdoing in the way that they all claimed to do so ‘if we ever see anything’. I encountered plenty of colluders who would never have been near a Masonic lodge – if only because they were women who were barred from membership anyway – but their loyalty was to the Gang for numerous other reasons…

One effect of the extensive discussion with regard to the role that bent old coppers who were/are Masons played in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal is that it completely deflected attention away from the Nice Lady Doctors who were often major players. Or indeed the legions of Wimmin’s and Children’s Champs at the centre of the criminality.

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Those To Whom Our Hearts Went Out:

More than a few of this crowd were involved:

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They don’t look like Masons to me…


David Owen was given a good send off:

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Despite David Owen being as obstructive as possible during the 1991-93 police investigation, hundreds of complaints were made about the abuse of kids in care in north Wales, many of them about the Ty’r Felin children’s home in Bangor. A file was sent to the CPS, but the DPP did not mount one prosecution re Ty’r Felin and only four prosecutions re other institutions. They were far too busy prosecuting me for Staring at Jackie Brandt in Safeways (discussed in detail in previous posts).

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See eg. ‘A Future Leader Of The Labour Party?’ and ‘The Mrs Mills Experience’ for further info on the DPP concerned…

See eg. post ‘Accidents Happen’ for info on David Mills, Mrs Mills’s brother-in-law, most well-known for being convicted of accepting a bribe from Silvio Berlusconi and wriggling out of the prison sentence on a technicality.

See posts ‘The London Connection’, Tower Hamlets, Paul Boateng and Tessa Jowell’ and ‘Baroness Tessa Jowell – A Tribute’ for info on Tessa Jowell, Mrs Mills’s sister-in-law…

Then there’s Little Nell, a good friend of this crew… See ‘So Absolutely Sane, Clear, Quick, Intelligent and Safe…’ for specific examples of the exchange of child abusers between Islington and north Wales.

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After I began this blog, I received an e mail informing me that Tim Evans and WPC Jo Bott were questioned during the 1991-93 investigation and replied ‘no comment’ to every question.

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WPC Jo Bott was the Child Protection Officer for Gwynedd. Bott played a key role in ignoring F’s concerns in early 1993 re two child abusers. Bott admitted to F and me that they were known abusers but it had been decided that ‘a case conference wasn’t necessary’ – one of those involved was reported by someone else for attempting to abuse kids again just weeks later, but still no action was taken against him. The reason why F had raised concerns was that his young baby had been placed with the family containing these two men by Gwynedd Social Services after they had made fallacious allegations about F ‘being a risk’.

I later found out that in return for those false allegations, the accusers had been offered two properties in a location of their choice by the North Wales Housing Association without having to do anything as bothersome such as putting their names on a waiting list. It was Gwynedd County Councillor Dafydd Orwig (a retired lecturer from the Normal College in Bangor) who arranged that reward; Jo Bott just had to tell F that although he wasn’t Lying, no-one was going to act on his concerns, that he would never be given access to his baby, although perhaps I would like to apply for access to the baby. I made it clear that particular suggestion was ludicrous and insulting and at that point Jo left the house telling me to ‘leave them alone’ (the family of predators). I had not communicated with them in any way since F was obliged to leave his baby in their care, although I had paid off numerous bills of theirs that they had run up in F’s name, using his personal data. See previous posts for further details, including the collusion of every GP in Bethesda, the Hergest Unit and a few other ne’er do wells who were bribed in various ways to make fallacious allegations about F.

Just before the Waterhouse Inquiry opened, a young man, Martin, who had lodged with the predators himself and witnessed the setting up of F, was found dead in the road near Bethesda. Martin was the single dad of a little girl, to whom Jo Bott had tried to prevent him having access. Jo believed that the little girl was best placed with the same family of predators as F’s baby, although the little girl had been violently assaulted and physically injured within weeks of her birth while in the care of the predators. The person who inflicted the injuries was told by Gwynedd Social Services that she could keep the baby – Martin had applied for custody on the basis that the baby wasn’t safe with the predators – if she just turned up for the custody hearing. Fortunately for the baby she didn’t bother to turn up for the hearing, so Martin was granted custody. After Martin died, his mum and dad brought his little girl up.

The employee of Gwynedd Social Services responsible for ‘Children’s Services’ at the time was Lucille Hughes’s henchman, Gethin Evans. Gethin stars in previous posts; as well as being a leading light in Dwyfor District Council (Dwyfor is an area of Gwynedd, on the Llyn Peninsula), Gethin was an enthusiastic member of the Bangor Quakers. As was Dr Paul Nickson, one of the GPs in Bethesda, who was on board with the conspiracy re F and the baby.

In ‘Sex, Lies and No Democracy’ I discussed how there was a bit of bother after the publication of the Waterhouse Report, when it was realised that Gethin, Who Was So Culpable For So Many Years re the organised abuse in north Wales, had in 1995 been appointed Director of Social Services for Ceredigion. When I wrote that post, all I thought of was Gethin knowing that there would soon be an Inquiry, so he got out quickly; although I did raise the question of WHO appointed Gethin as Director of Social Services in Ceredigion. I have only just twigged that Martin’s death may be the reason why Gethin scarpered. Or did Martin have to die to ensure that Gethin would be OK in his new job? It has also been suggested to me that Martin was a witness to the Gang’s activities in my direction and if I was to be successfully fitted up and sent to live in Broadmoor with Mr Savile, as was the Cunning Plan during 1994-96, Martin would need to be disposed of.

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St Helena knew about the Gang, she knew about St George’s and she knew about Jimmy Savile and what he was doing to patients in Broadmoor, because St Helena Helped Wimmin in Broadmoor throughout the 1980s and 1990s. See posts ‘Eve Was Framed – As Were A Lot Of Other People’ and ‘Close Your Eyes And Make A WISH’. Previous posts have discussed Marilyn, the Big Boss of the ‘Independent Advocacy Association’ in Gwynedd, who colluded 100% with the Gang and refused to support patients making serious complaints, bagging a job as a Wimmin’s Advocate at Broadmoor in the 1990s. Marilyn was given that job after she had a breakdown. Not that it was unreasonable of Marilyn to have had a breakdown; Marilyn’s partner, an Empowered Service User herself, committed suicide.

The Gang ate each other as well as other people.

Image result for cannibals images

I can absolutely understand why readers might have difficulty believing that this madness was ever allowed to begin, yet allowed to continue for decades…

I have been told that it was believed that a bonus to Marilyn being in that role at Broadmoor was that when I turned up as a patient there, the Wimmin’s Advocate would be ready and waiting to Help if I complained…


Tim Evans had lived opposite Mary Wynch in Caernarfon; that will have been before 1979, when Dafydd had Mary wrongly arrested and imprisoned. Tim knew Mary Wynch, he told me so in 1989. We discussed her illegal imprisonment at the hands of Dafydd.

I’m fairly sure that Tim Evans began his career with the North Wales Police; he had certainly been with them a while by 1989. So Tim will have served as a younger officer and been mentored by the endemically corrupt senior officers who worked under the equally corrupt Chief Constable of North Wales, 1974-82, Sir Philip Myers. Meyers grew up in Denbighshire and went to Grove Park School at Wrexham, along with so many of the future local big wigs who concealed the criminality of the Gang and of course was Of The Gang himself. Myers was a very serious problem, a problem that was made much worse when he was appointed as one of Her Maj’s Inspectors of Constabulary in 1982, serving until 1993. Myers was a Freemason and was networked with corrupt senior officers across mainland Britain and in N Ireland.

Myers was an Old Fashioned Bent Cop who managed to hit the headlines regularly. He was known to have bagged the Top Job in north Wales policing by ensuring that Carlo wasn’t blown sky high during the Investiture in 1969. As any fule kno, there were people arrested by the police and detained before Carlo’s big moment, on the grounds that they were Extremists who might blow Carlo up.

One of them was deemed Insane by Dafydd and banged up in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. So it was only logical that Dafydd then became good mates with him and in the 1990s when Dafydd was a permanent feature on Welsh TV, receiving much free PR re his work with Those Drug Addicts That Only Dafydd Can Help, this man falsely represented himself as a Minister of Religion and appeared on TV, wearing a dog collar, calling himself ‘Rev’, telling the world of Dafydd’s Good Works. The Rev was also given access to all areas of the Hergest Unit, where he gained confidential information re named patients and he showed up at AA in Bangor as well.

After the Rev died, his daughter qualified as a social worker at Coleg Menai in Bangor, despite a series of worrying events when she was a student which included her: claiming to be a close friend of various famous people when she wasn’t; arriving at the Hergest Unit on a number of occasions in the company of confused elderly men, demanding that they be sectioned ‘because they are suffering from schizophrenia because of the sheep dip’; and ringing the police, telling them that she was a qualified social worker and ordering them to arrest a woman whom she saw shopping in Bangor shouting at her children. The police flagged up their concerns re this student to Coleg Menai and two tutors at Coleg Menai had already expressed their concern re her suitability to qualify. The student subsequently qualified on the grounds that she was bilingual, the external examiner maintaining that there was such a shortage of Welsh speaking social workers that this student should qualify.

I saw examples of that student’s work; she was virtually illiterate in both Welsh and English, so I’m not sure that the Language argument held water in that case. I suspect that another factor was at work.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

In 1982, even Quintin Hogg aka Lord Hailsham, then Lord Chancellor, one of the Gang’s friends in High Places as were/are most of the extended Hogg family (see previous posts), had to level severe criticism at Myers, after Myers had dismissed a probationary officer, Michael Evans, in the wake of an extraordinarily vindictive campaign – which was a result of mistaken identity anyway – against Evans, culminating in Myers declaring Michael to be a ‘hippy’. Such were the bizarre nature of events that Myers dogs were part of the row and ‘allegations’ were made about Michael Evans’s wife. I can imagine what went on, it is all very much the Gang’s methodology. ‘He kicked my dogs, I saw him do that and that wife of his is having an affair with his own brother, ooh I’ve heard she’s on the game you know, they’re a load of bloody hippies’.

Exactly the same allegations were made about me and it’s all so silly and so nuts that one’s immediate response is to roll around laughing at the very active imaginations of this gang of old paedophiles, but unfortunately their nonsense resulted in wrongful imprisonments and suicides.

Top Cop Myers really made his name when he starred in the John Stalker Affair. Stalker, the Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police,  was asked by John Hermon of the RUC to investigate the shooting dead of six IRA suspects by the RUC – some of whom were unarmed – in 1982. Stalker opened his Inquiry in May 1984.

It has only just been brought to my attention re Stalker that in May 1984, I was sitting my finals at UCNW, having complained about Gwynne and caused ructions of which I had until recently been unaware. I just remember being threatened by Dr D.G.E. Wood and Angel Liz Stables, Gwynne’s partners in crime at the Student Health Centre. I had no idea that I had by then been given a transfusion of infected blood at the C&A Hospital, Bangor, following my complaint about Gwynne (see previous posts and comments after post ‘We Shall Remember Them: Clever Hans’), but the Cunning Plan backfired and I did not develop Hep B or HIV. As Peter Cook said in his spoof of the biased judge who presided over the trial of Mr Thrope re Andrew Newton ‘the so-called hitman’, the Gang ‘can’t even carry out a simple murder plot without cocking the whole thing up’.

Sir Charles Evans, the Principal of UCNW, a former neurosurgeon and a mate of Gwynne’s, Dafydd’s and the murderous surgeons at the C&A Hospital (they transferred to Ysbyty Gwynedd and other hospitals in north Wales when the C&A closed down later in 1984), retired shortly after my encounter with Gwynne and was succeeded by Prof Eric Sunderland. Evans was due to stand down anyway and had been at war with the Gwerin for years (see post ‘Meet The Gwerin!’), but I have only recently been told that Sunderland per se arrived at UCNW in response to Brown and me refusing to withdraw our complaint about Gwynne.

Charles Evans and Eric Sunderland both knew the Chief Constables of North Wales. Gwynedd had few big wigs of that stature and the few that there were knew each other well and hobnobbed. Lord Kenyon, the President of UCNW, 1947-82, was a member of the North Wales Police Authority, as well as many other things, including the Chairman of Clwyd Health Authority, 1974-78 and the highest ranking Freemason in north Wales.

Eric Sunderland was specifically sought out as a long-standing but well-camouflaged Gang member, who originated in Carmarthenshire, studied at Aberystwyth and UCL and then spent virtually his entire career at Durham University, in the heart of the big ring in the North East that had for years been working in partnership with Dafydd and Gwynne. Sunderland held a very senior role at Durham University and was no doubt a useful Gang member, but the Don in the North East ring was Gwynne’s mate Lord John Walton, the Bastard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who ruled over Durham and Newcastle Universities as well as the city of Newcastle. Walton knew Sir Charles Evans as well, Walton being a neurosurgeon, neurologist and psychiatrist. I am virtually 100% certain that with such a combination of ‘specialities’ and being of the vintage that he was, John Walton will have done a bit of lobotomising in his time.

John Walton was President of the BMA, 1980-82 (immediately after Mary Wynch was released from the North Wales Hospital) and President of the GMC, 1982-89. That was why the GMC flatly refused to investigate my complaint about Gwynne, which I made in 1984, just before Sunderland was appointed Principal of UNCW. The GMC did what Sunderland did a few weeks later; wrote me a polite, soothing letter, saying that they were sorry to hear of my ‘disappointment’ with Gwynne but they were unable to take action in this case because of the small print dictating what they could and couldn’t do.

John Walton’s entry for Viz magazine’s ‘Insincere Smiles’ competition:

Walton was still President of the GMC when I made further complaints about Dafydd and other Perjurers I Have Known over the following years. No investigation, yet alone action, in any of the cases.

In June 1983, Miranda had been elected as the Labour MP for Sedgefield. Miranda was helped in bagging the nomination for that safe seat by Ernest Armstrong, Labour MP for North West Durham, 1964-87. Ernest had spent years before he was elected to the Commons as a Sunderland Borough Councillor and he was also Chairman of the Education Committee in Sunderland Borough Council. As a Councillor and an MP, Ernest concealed the ring in the North East, including the role played by Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth when they worked at Axwell Park Approved School, Gateshead, before they both relocated to Bryn Estyn in 1972. See post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’.

Arnold and Howarth were followed to north Wales by other Gang members, including Dr Neil Davies and Prof Bob Woods. See ‘The Newcastle-upon-Tyne Connection’. Previous posts have discussed how numerous kids in care in the North East were sent to children’s homes in north Wales. Brian Roycroft, the Director of Newcastle Social Services recommended the homes in north Wales to his fellow Directors of Social Services in the North East. Roycroft’s own parents had been houseparents in the big NCH group of children’s homes in Frodsham, Cheshire, when Gwynne had been in his younger day. See post ‘He Was Looking At I In A Funny Way…’.

Colin Smart, the one-time Director of Sunderland Social Services, blew the whistle on the huge ring in operation in the region and was forced out of his job and personally ruined. See previous posts.

Dr Neil Davies was a psychiatrist at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and my medical records contain detailed notes made by an Angel, Wendy Gough Hughes, who told Neil Davies that I was being held illegally as a result of a ‘deal’ struck between Dafydd and Superintendent Roberts at Bangor Police Station and she didn’t want anything to do with this. Neil told Wendy that it wasn’t her breaking the law, it was Dafydd, Supt Roberts and him (Neil had interviewed me hours previously and admitted to Wendy that he had not found me ‘sectionable’ and I was indeed being held illegally) and all Wendy had to do was to refuse to release me from the locked ward.

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Wendy Gough Hughes subsequently left Denbigh and worked in Manchester in a senior position in mental health. She died suddenly and unexpectedly, in early middle age, in the summer of 2002, in the care of Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, just after I was forced out of my teaching job at Hillgrove School by the Gang (I taught Wendy’s two children there, but they had no idea that I knew her), as discussed in eg. ‘Thought For The Day’ and just before the Gang perjured themselves which resulted in me being charged with ‘threats to kill’.

The case circulated around the Courts for nearly two years, until the charges were withdrawn on the first day of the trial. Huw Daniel, the corrupt presiding judge, went apeshit when he was told that the charges had been withdrawn; I gained the distinct impression that old Huw was certain that the jury would return a guilty verdict and he’d be sentencing me to a lengthy prison term. Indeed, Alun Davies, then the manager of the Hergest Unit, the man whom I was alleged to have threatened to kill, had told me and a lot of other people that I would be going to prison for seven years. The eight Angels and police officer who had all lied in their statements and turned up at the Court to perjure themselves filed out of the door in silence.

There was no investigation. Not even into how Alun Davies managed to ring the police in 2002 and tell them that his life was in immediate danger from me when he was sitting in a meeting with Sister Hutt’s officials in the Welsh Gov’t and I was sectioned, in a locked ward in the Hergest Unit in Ysbyty Gwynedd hundreds of miles away.

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Shortly after Huw Daniel covered himself in glory in that Court case, Brenda appointed him Lord Lieutenant of Gwynedd; he succeeded Eric Sunderland in the role. Here’s Huw with a Lucky Prize Winner:

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I now have in my possession an e mail written by Patricia Gaskell – who was at the time that I was arrested for ‘threatening to kill Alun Davies’ the solicitor for Ysbyty Gwynedd – and sent to a number of senior staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd asking for ‘more nurses down to the police station to make complaints about [me] please’.

Gaskell had failed to investigate my complaint that four Angels in the Hergest Unit had assaulted and injured me. Gaskell told me that her hands were tied because the four were denying it and there was four of them and one of me. I now have copies of letters that Gaskell wrote to the four telling them that they did not have to answer any questions about the matter or meet me when a professional mediator was called in by Ysbyty Gwynedd and indeed paid for by the North West Wales NHS Trust. The mediator stated that the situation was ‘unmediable’ as a result of the staffs refusal to communicate with me.

After the mediation imploded, the CEO of the North Wales NHS Trust, Keith Thomson, wrote my lawyers and I a letter saying that I had now been classed as a ‘vexatious complainant’ under NHS guidelines and no complaint of mine would ever be investigated again. Not that any were before…

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Some three years ago, I gained documentary evidence of unlawful amendments that were made to the PNC soon after the charges of ‘threats to kill’ were withdrawn. The PNC had been unlawfully accessed and amended to show a record of me pleading guilty to ‘violent disorder’ in front of Huw Daniel at Caernarfon Crown Court. I have never been charged with violent disorder at any time. I wrote to the Legal Dept of the North Wales Police about this a number of times. I have heard nothing back, beyond the first acknowledgement and then another communication saying that they are dealing with it…

By 2003, Patricia Gaskell had resigned as the Ysbyty Gwynedd solicitor and had been appointed as the Manager of the Welsh Risk Pool, the body established by the Welsh Gov’t that authorises the compensation payments to people who have successfully sued the NHS and ‘is responsible for the promotion of good risk management practice.’

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Gaskell’s senior colleague at the Welsh Risk Pool, the CEO, was Gren Kershaw. Kershaw had previously been for many years the CEO of the Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust and it’s successor, the North East Wales NHS Trust. In that capacity, Kershaw was ultimately responsible for Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, including when Wendy Gough Hughes died there. After Denbigh closed down, Dr Neil Davies worked at the Ablett Unit at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.

Gren Kershaw

Gren arrived in north Wales in 1983; he had previously been an NHS manager in Leeds.

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Dee Jones aka Dee Gray, with whom I shared an open plan office when I was doing my PhD was a mate of Gren and was working with Gren and Gaskell on a joint NHS/Bangor University project re risk management in the NHS. Dee was an Angel from Liverpool who as a student nearly succeeded in killing a patient. Not that it mattered, it was ‘dealt with’ and Dee qualified. She later completed a law degree at Liverpool Poly and went on to describe herself in grandiose terms. Dee was sacked from successive jobs but bagged others by reminding people of the wrongdoing that she knew of in the NHS.

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When Dee shared an office with me she really hit the jackpot. She found out about the constant arrests – they were openly discussed – and one day she was in the office when I was showing my PhD supervisor (with whom I had become very friendly, him being incredibly supportive in the face of the NHS-insanity) a copy of a letter written by Alun Davies some years earlier that my lawyer had just acquired. Davies had explained that I had agreed to see Tony Francis once more and everyone was pleased about this because if Gwynedd Health Authority were seen to be taking a ‘caring attitude’ towards me, the chances of a conviction ‘when we next bring a prosecution against her’ will be much greater. The letter had been CC’d to a number of Top Docs and senior managers.

My PhD supervisor was leafing through that as well as other documents obtained by my lawyer and was saying that he could barely believe what he was seeing, this was a ‘criminal conspiracy of huge dimensions’, ‘criminal negligence’ and that the security services must have been involved with this. Dee heard John read Davies’s letter out in gobsmacked tones and she called across the office ‘Alun Davies should be pilloried in the bloody press for this’. Then Dee found out that Keith Thomson had resigned as CEO hours after my lawyer obtained the documents. I found out that Dee immediately paid a visit to a few friends in the NHS, to a few union reps etc and a Cunning Plan was hatched. Dee’s risk management project was, as everyone knew, falling apart because of the complete inability of the senior ‘project team’ to work with each other or complete the simplest tasks,

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so Dee sued Bangor University, naming my PhD supervisor – who was also Dee’s line manager – as being responsible for this, for ‘failing to provide adequate management’.

I presume that no-one mentioned that on every occasion when John did try to advise Dee, she screamed and swore at him and told him that he knew nothing about NHS risk management. We worked in an open plan office, we all witnessed it, but none of us were ever asked about this. Neither I expect did anyone mention that after Brown and I began appearing in the media discussing the mental health services, Dee yelled at me that my complaints about the NHS were ‘damaging’ her career. Or that Dee asked me to plant fallacious damaging stories about Merfyn in the media.

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Or that Dee hurled abuse at her two PhD students whom she was completely unable to supervise (Dee did not have a PhD herself or a record of work of equivalent standing) and another member of staff in the office observed ‘It’s NHS culture isn’t it, that lot are nurses’.

Far from me damaging her career, Dee did really well out of me. She and a corrupt UCU trade union rep cooked up the Cunning Plan and Dee sued Bangor University, walked away with a huge amount of money, a senior job with Public Health Wales and an offer to complete a PhD at Bangor. Without doing any further work, Dee then acquired the PhD. Dee was of course sacked from Public Health Wales after a short while – the usual problems, hurling insults and screaming at colleagues, buggering up everything she touched etc – and set up an Executive Coaching agency, employing her daughter, who had by then completed a degree in Fine Art, as a Consultant. The Executive Coaching Agency – Gray’s – has flogged its services to the BMA, the GMC, to NHS organisations and County Councils all over Wales and a few in England as well. Dee also provided Training on Transformational Change to the Top Doctors of north Wales. Dee was given many thousands of pounds for this, as I found out via a few FoI requests.

Readers who know nothing of matters NHS in north Wales might find this difficult to believe, but it really is true that all one has to do to extract dosh out of the NHS is to utter the phrase ‘I know what they did to Sally Baker and I’ve been passed copies of the stolen documents as well.’ After doing this, one will be effectively asked how much money one wants to shut up.

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One of the few people who hasn’t made a penny out of What Happened To Sally Baker is me. My PhD supervisor and his wife didn’t do too well either, they were both forced out of their jobs at Bangor University after I successfully completed my PhD and Merfyn’s wife was killed by the Top Docs (see eg. posts ‘Murder In Samarkand’ and ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’), so Nerys and Merfyn paid a high price. Aside from that, the sound of loud troughing can still be heard across north Wales and Mark Drakeford continues to fill the trough whenever a few more pigs turn up to join the party.

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For more Dee Jones aka Dr Dee Gray laffs, see post ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’.

See also previous posts for info on Gren, who, along with Mrs Kershaw, also ran a Management Consultancy and flogged their ‘expertise’ to the NHS in north Wales.

Prof Bob Woods, another émigré from Lord John Walton’s empire in Newcastle, arrived in north Wales to take up a senior academic post in the Dept of Psychology at UCNW. Bob Woods has also been responsible for running the Clinical Psychology training at Bangor for many years. Bob’s students undertook placements at Denbigh until the institution closed down.

See the source image

Bob Woods is one of the UK’s foremost Experts on Old Age Psychiatry.

Above image from 2 July 2015: Launching ‘Join Dementia Research’ were Professor Bob Woods, Chris Roberts, who lives with dementia; Prof Mark Drakeford; Vice-Chancellor Prof John G Hughes and Prof Jo Rycroft-Malone of the School of Healthcare Sciences. A nationwide online and telephone service that helps people to take part in dementia research studies launches in Wales today. Join Dementia Research promises to accelerate the pace of dementia research in Wales by allowing people with and without dementia to register their interest in studies, and helping researchers find the right participants at the right time.

Mark Drakeford, Welsh Minister for Health and Social Services will make the announcement during a visit to the Wales Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) at Bangor University.

Professor Drakeford said: Welsh universities and health boards are collaborating in world-class dementia research and I hope that by working with people living with dementia and other volunteers, we can gain a better understanding of this condition. 

In 2012, the Tawel Fan Scandal, the biggest Old Age Psychiatry abuse scandal that the UK has ever experienced, blew up on Tawel Fan Ward at the Ablett Unit. There have been two investigations so far, with which staff at the Ablett refused to co-operate. No-one has been disciplined, although Nicola Kingston, the Angel who blew the whistle on the Tawel Fan Scandal, was sacked, struck off the register and received death threats. See previous posts.

Margaret Hanson

A Proud Legacy:

Drakeford: Bob Woods has, over 30 years, received millions of funding in his capacity as a Dementia Expert. The result was Tawel Fan. Most middle aged ladies living in most villages in north Wales could have told Bob that elderly people with untreated fractures being left to crawl naked on the floor, which was covered in faeces and urine, does not constitute adequate Care. That was what was filmed, undercover, on Tawel Fan Ward.

Jo Rycroft-Malone was a member of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board when Tawel Fan blew up and Jo remained a member of the Board as no staff were disciplined and refused to co-operate with the investigations. See previous posts for details of former Angel Jo’s rigged research, racist bullying of overseas students and numerous conflicts of interest.

Drakeford was the Health Minister when Tawel Fan kicked off and he is now the FM.

See the source image

Two weeks ago, the inquests on the deaths of eight patients who died as a result of Tawel Fan were opened and immediately adjourned. Another 88 deaths have been referred to the Coroner.

Margaret Hanson

In 1987, one of Bob Woods’ former clinical psychology students told me that Dafydd had sexually harassed her, that his sexual abuse of female patients was openly discussed and that Denbigh was so horrific that ‘everyone just gets out of there as soon as they can’.

See the source image

Prof Bob is also a lay preacher.

The person who told me this had Trained at Denbigh and Bangor with Bob and was at that time working as a clin psy at Great Ormond Street. I had that conversation when everyone in the NHS knew what Jimmy Savile was doing, but nothing had appeared in the media about it. See previous posts for the names of people who worked at Great Ormond Street who were facilitating organised abuse…

Jim Callaghan was the Home Secretary when he did everything possible to support Westminster Molester George Thomas’s best mate Leo Abse’s efforts to redesign the legislation re kids in care in the late 1960s. Jim’s wife Audrey Callaghan was on board as well. As a result, the Houghton Committee was established, comprised of stooges. The Committee received Expert Advice from Dafydd’s mates and recommended new legislation which became the Children Act 1975, once Grocer Heath had lost power and Harold Wilson was back in as PM .

Audrey had facilitated organised abuse when she sat on the London County Council and served as a Governor of Great Ormond Street, including for many years Chairman of the Governors. Audrey played a key role in fund-raising for GOSH and when he became PM, Sunny Jim used his position to assist with the fund-raising…

See eg. ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’ for further details.

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In 1974 as soon as Harold Wilson became PM, Leo Abse was raring to go, so Dr Death sped through Parliament the Leo-inspired and Dafydd’s mates-designed Children Act by offering the use of his Private Member’s Bill, as discussed in previous posts. The Children Act 1975 was the legislation used to send hundreds and hundreds of kids into the embrace of John Allen, Dafydd and Gwynne and linked rings…

It was in 1974 that the new Local Authorities came into being after a local gov’t reorganisation. As with every bit of new legislation re the Social Services Depts (eg. that resulting from the Seebohm Committee, as discussed in previous posts), the reorganisation resulted in new Local Authorities being governed and managed by exactly the same old crooks who had failed so dismally to run the previous Local Authorities, but the new structures made the lives of those old crooks easier, gave them more power and made them even less accountable.

Reading the backgrounds of the people who were systematically appointed to the Parliamentary Committees that drove all this through as well as the backgrounds of their ‘advisers’ is surreal. There was not one of them who was not colluding 100% with organised abuse. All of the ‘interested’ politicians and advisers had a track record of running or advising on welfare services that had neglected and abused patients. It was why nothing ever changed for the victims, no matter how much money was handed over To Improve and Develop Services or how the language used to discuss the victims differed.

There is a reason why kids in care are still being grossly neglected and abused and why poor people reap far less benefit from health services than professional people do. In Victorian times we had paupers and old bags selling 12 year olds as virgins to posh men who wanted to have sex with young girls. Today we have ‘hard to reach families’ and CSA. Someone really needs to ask some penetrating questions about why these problems are so entrenched and stubbornly refuse to go away. It is not because of the Genes Of Poor People…

1974 also saw the newly created North Wales Police, formed from the merger of the pre-existing north Wales forces. Philip Myers was the first Chief Constable of the North Wales Police, having previously been Chief Constable of Gwynedd and Deputy Chief Constable of Gwynedd before that.

The 1974 reorganisations that completely poisoned an already toxic well were the result of Grocer Heath’s Gov’t. I haven’t had time to research the matter as much as I’d like yet, but it wasn’t accidental.

There were people in the Grocer’s administration who carefully planned some very inexcusable things and many of those who were there eg. Maurice Macmillan and Anthony Barber, had, like the Grocer himself and of course Thatch, been around in the Macmillan/Douglas Home era, where there was seriously bad behaviour that never became public because the toffs absolutely ruled over the plebs. See previous posts.

See the source image

See the source image

The three comedians pictured above who performed the famous ‘Three British Social Classes’ sketch were part of the crowd who later became rich n famous and hung out with those in the highest echelons who were facilitating or at least colluding with the Gang. Their peer who excelled in that field was of course David Paradine Frost. In some people’s view Frost was a Serious Journo and he was renowned for his celeb wives and friends

See the source image

and indeed his celeb interviews.

See the source image

See the source image

Frost died ‘from a heart problem’ on a cruise ship on 31 Aug 2013 just as it was too far to get Frost back to Southampton for urgent care, while Operation Pallial was apprehending a clutch of elderly bottom-feeding abusers who had formerly worked in children’s homes in north Wales and while Theresa May was carefully rigging the Macur Review of the Waterhouse Inquiry.

In July 2015, Frost’s son Miles, aged 31, died when out jogging, according to Top Docs from the same ‘undiagnosed genetic defect that caused a heart problem’ as his dad.

I stated that David Frost was viewed as a serious journo by ‘some’ people. I never thought of Frost as being a serious journo, partly because he was such a toady to the rich and powerful, partly because I have been an Eye reader for years so had read much piss-taking of David Paradine Frost, but mostly because David Paradine Frost did ‘Through The Keyhole’.

In 1994, just before Dafydd planted the brick that I threw through his glass door at 2 am and the police and the MDU obligingly confirmed this for the High Court in Liverpool in Nov 1994 – although by then they all had known for months that not only had I not thrown the brick, but I could not have thrown the brick because I was known to have been in Bethesda at the time – F and I had a joke at Dafydd’s expense.

F and I had hired a car (we didn’t own one at the time) to spend a weekend going to the beaches, mountains etc on Anglesey and in Gwynedd that are inaccessible by public transport. At one point, F took a photo of me standing at the bottom of Dafydd’s drive, pointing up to his house at the top of the hill and when we got home, we incorporated the photo into a poster with ‘Though The Keyhole – Who Lives In A House Like This?’ written across the top. Then we took the poster into the Hergest Unit and put it up on the wall for the benefit of the other Empowered Service Users. It was greatly appreciated, until the staff saw it and what a fuss there was. Tony Francis ordered the Seizing of the poster and it was secreted in the Angels’ office and we never saw it again…

I have mentioned that the Angels etc had little knowledge of my family’s links to the Tory Party, including to Tory politicians who were still in Cabinet, in the Lords etc, but the security services knew about it…

Previous posts eg. ‘Upper Class Twit Of The Year – Shooting Themselves’ discussed the friendship between one of the Somerset contingent who knew some of what was happening to me at the hands of the Gang and David Kirke, a member of the Oxford Dangerous Sports Club. Kirke was friends with Graham Chapman of Monty Python. Graham who sexually abused underaged boys throughout his adult life, Graham who had trained as a Top Doc with Dafydd’s mates at Bart’s, when Lord Snowdon’s dad, barrister Ronald Armstrong-Jones, was a Governor of Bart’s. Graham who was a regular in Snowdonia because he was a keen climber. Graham who was interviewed by the police re his relationship with a 14 year old boy who had run away from home in Liverpool, so simply did a How Very Dare You and reminded the plod that he was a Top Doc and watched the plod flee. Graham who only ever practiced as a Top Doc for a few months but made damn sure that he stayed on good terms with the crowd at Bart’s until he died… Graham who knew them all at the C&A Hospital in Bangor…

Lord Snowdon’s granddad Robert Armstrong-Jones was a Top Doctor who grew up in Caernarfonshire, went to school in north Wales, studied at UCNW, then trained at Bart’s and worked as a psychiatrist in London. Armstrong-Jones kept his country house near Caernarfon and Lord Snowdon used to stay there even in adult life, with Ma’am Darling and the kids…

Snowdon’s close mate was Prof Roger Gilliatt, a neurologist who knew Gwynne and Lord John Walton. Gilliatt’s dad, Sir William Gilliatt, was the Royal Doc who delivered Carlo and Princess Ann. William Gilliatt taught Gwynne when Gwynne was training at the Middlesex Hospital. Roger Gilliatt trained at the Middlesex as well, but I think he was just a few years younger than Gwynne.

Gilliatt, Snowdon and Mr Thrope were all good pals.

BTW, take a look at the CV of Dr Baba M. Aji, the Walton Centre neurologist who also does stints at Ysbyty Gwynedd and Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Dr Aji trained at the National Hospital for Neurology, Queen’s Square, London.

Roger Gilliatt ran the National Hospital for Neurology at Queen’s Square for years; it wasn’t up to much at Queen’s Square, but gosh once Lord Snowdon’s mate was given a senior job there, no-one dared criticise Queen’s Square… See previous posts.

Merfyn’s wife Nerys died when the Docs at the Walton Centre ‘could no nothing for her’…

My post ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’ discussed how Lord Snowdon – who spent his entire life in Belgravia except for those visits to the family seat near Caernarfon, where at least sometimes Snowdon took advantage of services provided by Gwynne and Dafydd – after he died, was buried at the church by the sea at Llanfaglan. Nerys was buried there a few years previously, so if Merfyn wanted to visit her grave, he had Lord fucking Snowdon to step over to get there…

See previous posts for details re the Gilliatts, the Armstrong-Joneses and the Royal connections to the Middlesex Hospital, of which the Earl of Athlone (the brother-in-law of King George V) was the Chairman…


Graham Chapman and Frostie were both part of the Footlights crowd and knew each other…

See the source image

At the time of his death, Frost was married to Carina, the daughter of this man:

The Duke of Norfolk
17th Duke of Norfolk Allan Warren.jpg

Portrait by Allan Warren
Earl Marshal
In office
31 January 1975 – 24 June 2002
Monarch Elizabeth II
Preceded by The 16th Duke of Norfolk
Succeeded by The 18th Duke of Norfolk
Personal details
Miles Francis Fitzalan-Howard

(1915-07-21)21 July 1915
49 Eaton Place, London, England

Died 24 June 2002(2002-06-24) (aged 86)
Bacres House, Hambleden, Buckinghamshire, England
Resting place Fitzalan Chapel, Arundel Castle, West Sussex
Citizenship British
Political party Conservative
Anne Constable-Maxwell
(m. 1927; died 2013)
Children 5, including:

Alma mater Christ Church, Oxford
Profession Soldier
Military service
Allegiance  United Kingdom
Branch/service  British Army
Years of service 1936–67
Rank Major General
Commands Director of Service Intelligence
Director of Management and Support Intelligence
1st Armoured Division
Battles/wars Second World War
Awards Companion of the Order of the Bath
Commander of the Order of the British Empire
Military Cross
Miles Francis Stapleton Fitzalan-Howard, 17th Duke of Norfolk, (21 July 1915-24 June 2002) was the eldest son of Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, 3rd Baron Howard of Glossop, and his wife Mona Stapleton, 11th Baroness Beaumont.

Educated at Ampleforth College and Christ Church, Oxford, Miles Fitzalan-Howard was commissioned into the Territorial Army on 3 July 1936 and was subsequently commissioned in the Grenadier Guards on 27 August 1937. Fitzalan-Howard was promoted to Lt Col on 28 February 1955. He was appointed Chief of the British mission to the Soviet forces in Germany in 1957 and received a promotion to Colonel on 24 April 1958.

See the source image

In 1961, Miles Fitzalan-Howard was appointed Commander of the 70th Brigade (King’s African Rifles and the Kenya Regiment), just before Kenyan independence. Miles thus arrived shortly after the Mau Mau uprising and will have been one of those who remained in deep denial re the unacceptability of the response to the Mau Mau uprising which continued to have ramifications even until the 1999 claims for compensation of those who had been tortured. I have discussed the Mau Mau uprising in an earlier post, but here’s a reminder of some of the highlights:

In order to fight the Mau Mau insurgency during the conflict, British troops suspended civil liberties in Kenya. In response to the rebellion, many Kikuyu were forcibly relocated. Between 320,000-450,000 of them were moved into concentration camps. Most of the remainder – more than a million – were held in “enclosed villages”. Although some were Mau Mau guerrillas, most were victims of collective punishment that colonial authorities imposed on large areas of the country. Hundreds of thousands suffered beatings and  sexual assaults during “screenings” intended to extract information about the Mau Mau threat. Later, prisoners suffered even worse mistreatment in an attempt to force them to renounce their allegiance to the insurgency and to obey commands. Significant numbers were murdered. Prisoners were questioned with the help of “slicing off ears, boring holes in eardrums, flogging until death, pouring paraffin over suspects who were then set alight, and burning eardrums with lit cigarettes”. Castration by British troops and denying access to medical aid to the detainees were also widespread and common. Among the detainees who suffered severe mistreatment was Hussein Onyango Obama, the grandfather of Barack Obama, According to his widow, British soldiers forced pins into his fingernails and buttocks and squeezed his testicles between metal rods and two others were castrated.

The historian Robert Edgerton describes the methods used during the emergency: “If a question was not answered to the interrogator’s satisfaction, the subject was beaten and kicked. If that did not lead to the desired confession, and it rarely did, more force was applied. Electric shock was widely used, and so was fire. Women were choked and held under water; gun barrels, beer bottles, and even knives were thrust into their vaginas. Men had beer bottles thrust up their rectums, were dragged behind Land Rovers, whipped, burned and bayoneted… Some police officers did not bother with more time-consuming forms of torture; they simply shot any suspect who refused to answer, then told the next suspect, to dig his own grave. When the grave was finished, the man was asked if he would now be willing to talk.”

One settler’s description of British interrogation: We knew the slow method of torture [at the Mau Mau Investigation Center] was worse than anything we could do. Special Branch there had a way of slowly electrocuting a Kuke—they’d rough up one for days. Once I went personally to drop off one gang member who needed special treatment. I stayed for a few hours to help the boys out, softening him up. Things got a little out of hand. By the time I cut his balls off, he had no ears, and his eyeball, the right one, I think, was hanging out of its socket. Too bad, he died before we got much out of him.

In June 1957, Eric Griffith-Jones, the Attorney General of the British administration in Kenya, wrote to the Governor of Kenya Evelyn Baring, 1st Baron Howick of Glendale, detailing the way the regime of abuse at the colony’s detention camps was being subtly altered. He said that the mistreatment of the detainees is “distressingly reminiscent of conditions in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia”. Despite this, he said that in order for abuse to remain legal, Mau Mau suspects must be beaten mainly on their upper body, “vulnerable parts of the body should not be struck, particularly the spleen, liver or kidneys”, and it was important that “those who administer violence … should remain collected, balanced and dispassionate”. He also reminded the Governor that “If we are going to sin”, he wrote, “we must sin quietly.”

This went on under the British Gov’t that concealed the crimes of Gwynne and, with the support of the security services, identified Dafydd as a suitable person to train up to assist and then succeed Gwynne at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh.

See the source image

The only people who weren’t obliged to sin quietly were Dafydd and Gwynne. The ran a sex abuse gang with added Class A drugs, everyone in responsibility knew exactly what they were doing and in every case it was the witnesses who were silenced by whatever means was needed. This remained the strategy years after I encountered Gwynne.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones

Show Us You Care Ma’am! Let’s have an explanation…

‘Never complain and explain.’ I can certainly see why the Royal Motto included the ‘never explain’ bit, but you have been complaining, you’ve been bellyaching away like there’s no tomorrow, Ooh of course Prince Andrew has never met Jeffrey Epstein, How Very Dare You and Harry and Meghan did the ‘We could all do a little more’ line when they were asked why they’d flown to a climate change and sustainability conference in a private jet; I’ve certainly never flown in a private jet, so I think it is actually Harry who Could Do A Little More rather than everyone else.

William, having Opened His Heart about his Mental Health Problems after his mum went into a tunnel at high speed, Praised the Boys at RAF Valley and the Life Saving Guys at Ysbyty Gwynedd and has now Spoken Out about racist abuse in football. This is the William who’s brother Harry ‘We Could All Do A little More’ Sussex called a fellow officer ‘My little Paki friend’ when he was in the Army, knowing that his mum would have been Proud of him (what for Harry, laying the land mines that she campaigned against?). The William who in 2005 dressed up as a Black Savage for a fancy dress party. Hey Wills, how about donning the same outfit for Mugabe’s funeral, I’m sure that your dad’s pal Fatty Soames will need Royal Representation at that particular event…

William dressed up as a Black Savage, but it was Harry’s outfit for the evening that hit the headlines:

See the source image

I do realise that you were just two young people getting pissed and being a bit dim and lame you’ll have just popped into an over-priced shop and chosen your outfits, but your family’s recent history leaves you in no position at all to bang on to the nation about the Serious Crisis in Mental Health or any of the other Causes that are Close To Your Hearts. Your father ruined my career when I was young, as well as the careers of some of my friends, simply because I complained about a lobotomist who was providing services for, among others, your Uncle Snowdon. Your father was also friends with Jimmy Savile, although the PM and no doubt the Royal Family did know that Savile was a prolific sex offender AND your Marvellous great-grandmother’s Loyal Retainer Backdoor Billy was running a rent boy ring. The brother of your grandmother’s Woman-of-the Bedchamber was molesting kids in care in north Wales…

William, Kate and Peter Morrison’s sister, Dame Mary:

See the source image

This photo was published last year by the Daily Express, alongside an article in which it was explained that Brenda was SHOCKED to hear that the molester’s sister had fallen and broken her ankle…

Please just shut up Princes, you are in no position to Open Your Hearts in order to cling on to your privileges and power, which you have grossly misused, as has your extended family.


Promoted to Brigadier on 1 January 1963, Miles became General Officer Commanding 1st Division on 5 November 1963. He was conformed in the substantive rank of Major-General in February 1964, retroactive to 5 November and with seniority from 10 April 1963.

See the source image

See the source image

Dafydd will remember the time when he was pompousing away to F and repeated ‘You lied, you lied’, only to be told by F ‘I lied, you murdered’. It was a salient point wasn’t it Dafydd?

After relinquishing his command on 5 November 1965, Miles became Director of Management and Support Intelligence at the MoD on 6 January 1966. Appointed a Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB) in Brenda’s 1966 Birthday Honours, Miles was appointed Director of Service Intelligence at the Ministry of Defence on 29 July 1966. He relinquished this appointment on 18 September 1967 and retired the same day, after 31 years of service.

What could have been the reason for Miles’s appointment to such a senior role, followed by a rapid and total exit? I’ll remind readers of a few matters that might be important.

Vice Admiral Sir Norman Egbert Denning, (19 November 1904-27 December 1979) was a Royal Naval and Intelligence Officer at the Admiralty and Defence Intelligence Staff who served as Director of Naval Planning, 1945-56, Director of Naval Intelligence, 1960-64 and Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff for Intelligence, 1964-65. Sir Norman was the brother of Lord Denning, then the Master of the Rolls, who conducted an investigation in the wake of the Profumo Affair that was widely perceived to have been a rather inadequate whitewash, which was published in Oct 1963.

Bill Astor died on 7 March 1966 in the Bahamas; it was ‘his heart’. Bechod. In the wake of Profumo, but before Bill died, Bill’s wife Bronwen Astor was scapegoated by the Astors, denounced as a Welsh slapper and kicked out of Cliveden. Bronwen was the daughter of Sir Alun Pugh, a judge who had grown up in Carmarthenshire. The family home was in Hampstead, but Bronwen went to boarding school in Dolgellau. The family of Ioan Bowen Rees – who as a middle aged solicitor became CEO of Gwynedd County Council and reigned over Peak Paedophilia – lived in Dolgellau; Ioan’s father was a teacher at Dolgellau Grammar School. There was one year in difference between Ioan and Bronwen in age. Ioan’s mum and dad were both graduates of UCNW. Ioan’s dad had been President of the Students’ Union when he had been at UCNW. See previous posts.

Dorothy Macmillan died on 21 May 1966, 20 years before her husband. It was ‘her heart’. Bechod.

It was widely known among the right people that Dorothy and Harold Hadn’t Done It for years and that Dorothy was having a great time with a range of other men, including Lord Bob Boothby, who, as well as conducting a decades long affair with Dorothy, was enjoying Ugandan discussions with many others, including rent boys and Ronnie Kray. This was known to Sir Joe Simpson, Commissioner of the Met, 1958-68, who failed to go after the Krays for years because of Boothby’s network…

Joe Simpson went to Oundle, Sir Clough’s old school. Joe was at Oundle along with Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Sir Kenneth Robinson, the MP for St Pancras North, 1949-70, who served as Wilson’s Minister of Health, 1964-68. Robinson, the son of a Top Doc and an Angel, was also President of the National Association of Mental Health (MIND). Robinson worked very hard to keep Gwynne and Dafydd out of trouble as did Richard Crossman who succeeded Robinson at the DHSS. Crossman was contemptuous of Robinson because he thought that Robinson was dim and his methods of concealing Gwynne and Dafydd’s criminality so transparent that everyone was at risk of being caught…

Harriet’s dad Top Doc John Harman was part of the Oundle network and was at Oundle with Simpson, although Harman might have just been a bit too old to have been at Oundle with Robinson. Dafydd’s old pal David Lewis Davies, Dean of the Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley when Dafydd Trained there, was at Oundle with Robinson.

Before training as a Top Doc, David Lewis Davies read for a humanities degree at St John’s College, Oxford. Think Gwynne and Dafydd’s friend the corrupt Civil Service mandarin Sir Idwal Pugh, Edward du Cann, Kingsley Amis and John Betjeman. Betjeman was a friend of Harold Wilson’s wife Mary and father of Candida Lycett-Green, the Candida who was one of the founders of ‘Private Eye’ which employed Ronnie Waterhouse as a libel reader… Candida was married to fashion guru for gents Rupert Lycett-Green, who fitted out the 1960s Stars such as Terence Stamp and er the Krays… Candida, at least when older, was a friend of Carlo…

Add a dash of Mr Thrope and the less famous matter of my grandfather going apeshit about Edward du Cann being a crook and my immediate family living in the same village as Lord Denning between 1963 and 1966ish, the constituency Tory MP being Denzil Freeth, 1955-64, until Lord Denning forced Freeth to step down after that business of Denzil The Known Poof Being Arrested And Fined When A Copper Caught Him Outside Drunk In His Undies… Denzil was succeeded as the MP for the constituency by David Mitchell, dad of Andrew, star of Plebgate!

Details of all these Wheels Within Wheels or Flies Around A Corrupt Incestuous Shithouse can be read in previous posts…

Harold Wilson was returned as PM on 31 March 1966, two months before Miles, Frost’s future father-in-law, was appointed as the Director of Service Intelligence at the MoD…

When Harold Wilson became PM in 1964, the Westminster Molester George Thomas was appointed as a junior Minister in the Home Dept, under Home Secretary Woy. In April 1966 George Thomas was appointed Minister of State for Wales, under Secretary of State Cledwyn Hughes aka Lord Cledwyn, the Windbags’ friend. Cledwyn served as the Labour MP for Anglesey, 1951-79. Dafydd’s Community Stronghold was on Anglesey, he carried out his ‘research’ there and during the 1960s, Lucille Hughes was the children’s officer for Anglesey. Cledwyn was fully on board with them…

When Cledwyn was Secretary of State for Wales, it was agreed that Health and Social Services would become the responsibility of the Welsh Office. These powers were transferred in 1968, when George Thomas became Secretary of State for Wales, as discussed in previous posts…

George Thomas was also a member of the Welsh Hospitals Board, the body responsible for managing hospitals in Wales, including the North Wales Hospital, Denbigh. In 1969, when the Ely Hospital Scandal blew up, Richard Crossman engineered a huge damage limitation exercise because not only was the violence and neglect at Ely exposed just as Harold Wilson had agreed to hand over responsibility for Health to the Welsh Office, but George Thomas and the other members of the Welsh Hospital Board had been repeatedly told what was happening at Ely, but had simply ignored it. In their defence, staff at Ely Hospital stated that things were much worse at Denbigh, but no-one was saying a word about that. The Welsh Hospital Board ran Denbigh as well… See previous posts…

There had been a scandal at Denbigh, in 1966. It hit ‘The Times’ and Dafydd was named. Under the guise of ‘community care’, Dafydd had ordered a fleet of coaches to arrive at Denbigh, patients who had been incarcerated for years and who had been destroyed by their Care at the hands of Gwynne and Dafydd were herded onto the coaches – they had not been told that this was going to happen and neither had anyone else – and driven to boarding houses on the north Wales coast, where they were ‘rehoused’. They were found weeks later, starving, destitute, lice ridden. Some of them will have died as well, but that wasn’t admitted. There was a huge row but nothing changed. There was no mention of the victims of sex offenders whom Gwynne was lobotomising or of the huge trafficking ring that he and Dafydd were running.

Gwynne and Dafydd, completely untouchable, thanks to the identity of some of those using their services…

Corrupt Civil Service manda-ring Sir Idwal Pugh  – knew Dafydd n Gwynne, knew George Thomas:

Idwal featured in previous posts eg. ‘The Naked Civil Servants’, but he’s so hideous and such a big player, I’ll highlight that which Idwal brought to the party once more.

Sir Idwal Vaughan Pugh (10 February 1918-21 April 2010) was born in Blaenau Ffestiniog to a quarryman and later bus conductor, and a schoolteacher. He was raised by relatives in the Rhondda and educated at Cowbridge Grammar School, which was where Geoffrey Chamberlain went to school. Cowbridge Grammar School. Geoffrey Chamberlain also went to Cowbridge Grammar School. Idwal progressed onto St John’s College, Oxford – Miranda is a graduate of St John’s Oxford – graduating in 1940, whereupon Idwal joined the British Army.

Pugh served in the Royal Army Service Corps before transferring to the 7th Armoured Division (desert rats), with which he served in  North Africa, Sicily and Italy. He served on the staff of Field Marshal Alexander in Caserta. Pugh was demobilised in 1946.

Pugh joined the Ministry of Civil Aviation as an Assistant Principal in 1946, where he organised supplies and chartered aircraft for the Berlin Airlift. He was also a delegate to the International Civil Aviation Organisation in Montreal. Pugh moved to the Ministry of Transport as Assistant Secretary, where he was put in charge of the Road Transport Division in 1956.

Pugh also spent two years as civil air attache in Washington, D.C. before he was promoted in 1959 to Under-Secretary. Pugh moved to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government in 1961, where he remained until 1969, when he became Deputy Secretary.

In 1969, the year after Molester George Thomas became Welsh Secretary, Pugh was appointed Permanent Secretary of the Welsh Office before moving to the much enlarged Dept of the Env’t in 1971 to serve as Second Permanent Secretary with Secretary of State Peter Walker…

Walker was the Man In The City for Dafydd and Gwynne’s Gang and had first joined the fun in the 1950s as a youthful member of the Tory Party, with Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Beata Brookes, Lord David Hunt, Thatch and many more… Peter Walker was a friend of Edward du Cann and Walker’s (and du Cann’s) friend and business partner Jim Slater was a pal of Nigel Lawson…

As a result of his deep roots in the Westminster Paedophile Ring’s hub run by Dafydd and Gwynne, Thatch appointed Walker as Energy Secretary in order to use his knowledge of the ring to flatten the NUM in the 1984-85 strike. Walker then became Welsh Secretary…

See eg. ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part I’ and ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’ for further details of Peter Walker. Peter Walker effectively started the hospice movement in the UK, a bandwagon on which the Gang climbed…

When Walker was Energy Secretary, Nicholas Eden, son of former PM Anthony, had been a Minister under him. Nick Eden was HIV+ and died from AIDS on 17 Aug 1985. Nicholas Eden was another of Dafydd and Gwynne’s customers. See previous posts.

In 1976, Pugh was appointed Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. He was ‘shunned by his former colleagues in Gov’t Depts’ for accepting the role, but obviously not for running a ring procuring kids for a gang of paedophiles.

Not only did Pugh continue to conceal the serious criminality of Gwynne and Dafydd, but he excelled in creative ways of doing so. In March 1978, Pugh ‘modified’ the Ombudsman’s complaints system. Previously, complaints had to be made through a constituent’s MP. Pugh ‘permitted complaints to be made directly to the Ombudsman’s Office. If the complaint was investigable, it would be sent to the relevant MP who would be asked if a full investigation was wanted’.

See the source image

Pugh oversaw a small number of rigged complaints to demonstrate how well his Reforms had worked and that Pugh took no nonsense from anyone. In the case of a number of complaints, Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate David Ennals played the role of Mr Bad Guy, there was a pretence that the DPP might even prosecute the officials involved and Ennals ‘was forced to apologise’. Jack Ashley – father-in-law of Andrew Marr – played a major role in a rigged complaint that Pugh ‘investigated’, re children who had incurred brain damage from whooping cough vaccine. Jack Ashley made a public display of maintaining that Pugh should have been more condemnatory of the Gov’t Depts involved. Pugh maintained that ‘parents were being told everything as far as was reasonably possible and that the report could be used to place pressure for compensation for children who suffered brain damage as a result of vaccination’. 

The biggest laugh was Pugh’s exposure of ‘shocking examples of NHS maladministration. A doctor who discharged a 103-year-old patient at 2am on a winter’s night who subsequently died was called inhuman by Pugh. Pugh found that a consultant had acted wrongly when he sterilised a woman who had gone into hospital for an abortion without her knowledge. A woman was found to have been wrongfully admitted to a hospital under the Mental Health Act 1959 and detained for 29 days longer than she should have been. When Pugh reported, the health authority offered just £150 in compensation, a figure the Select Committee increased to £1,000.’

This was just the tip of the iceberg and Pugh knew it. Meanwhile, in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh…

Idwal Pugh stepped down as Parliamentary Ombudsman and Health Service Commissioner on 31 Dec 1978. Just before before Dafydd and the Gang illegally imprisoned Mary Wynch…. The Gang had already had one go at Mary, that’s why she had gone into hiding, but she was discovered…

Sir Idwal: Criminal Top Docs quaked in their boots at the mention of his name.

See the source image

Sir Idwal: his Calvinistic Methodism ran through everything that he did and he used to quip that God Spoke Welsh. Then how did Lord Snowdon pray for his requirements from Dafydd and Gwynne, those two making much of their Welsh Nonconformity as well? I’m sure that Lord Snowdon of Belgravia for his whole life didn’t speak Welsh. Ma’am Darling took her Christianity as seriously as Dafydd and Gwynne did, although she was C of E. As any fule kno, Ma’am Darling was laid by Group Captain Peter Townsend and wanted to marry him, but it was explained to Ma’am Darling that she would not be able to Take Holy Communion if she married the Group Cap’n, a divorced man.

Horrified at this prospect, Ma’am Darling hopped into bed with the bisexual drug using Anthony Armstrong-Jones and they announced their engagement on 26 February 1960, the day after the Group Cap’n Announced His Intention To Marry Another. No-one had realised, but Ma’am Darling and Armstrong-Jones had been engaged since Oct 1959, but had Kept It A Secret. See ‘Holding The Country To Ransom – Part II’.

The Group Captain’s Intended was, like Ma’am Darling, decades younger than him. Someone used the word ‘nonce’ to me in relation to the Group Cap’n, but I think this is a little unfair. The subject of his affections weren’t 10 years old, they were teenagers, when he was in his 40s. I think ‘trying his luck’, or ‘predator’ would be a fairer description than ‘nonce’. Having said that, I think that very nearly anyone would have made a better husband than Lord Snowdon, except perhaps Dafydd or Gwynne…


LEO ABSE link here – Paul Murphy succeeded Abse’s Parliamentary seat

Official portrait of Lord Murphy of Torfaen crop 2.jpg

Lord Murphy not only knew all about the activities of his predecessor as the MP for Torfaen, Leo Abse (see previous posts), but Murphy, as Secretary of State for Wales took delivery of Ronnie’s Report in Feb 2000 and was delighted to tell the world that there had now been an exhaustive, transparent investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal that had left no stone unturned and although there were a few cavemen and sheepshaggers in north Wales, there Was Never A VIP Paedophile Ring. Furthermore, Ronnie Waterhouse should know because he was a good mate of most of those who facilitated the VIP paedophile ring for which Ronnie found no evidence.

Lord Murphy made a brief come-back as Welsh Secretary, Jan 2008-June 2009, but for some reason Gordon replaced him with Peter Hain, although no-one ever knew why. What was happening to me just before Murphy had his second go at being Welsh Secretary at the hands of the Gang was so extraordinary that I wrote a very frank letter to Mr Hain, who also had two goes at being Welsh Secretary, telling him in no uncertain terms that I was witnessing serious crime on the part of numerous people, including police officers. No, of course I didn’t receive a reply.

The Lord Hain

Official portrait of Lord Hain crop 2.jpg
First Minister of Northern Ireland
In office
6 May 2005 – 8 May 2007
as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by Paul Murphy
Succeeded by Ian Paisley
Secretary of State for Wales
In office
5 June 2009 – 11 May 2010
Prime Minister Gordon Brown
Preceded by Paul Murphy
Succeeded by Cheryl Gillan
In office
24 October 2002 – 24 January 2008
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Gordon Brown
Preceded by Paul Murphy
Succeeded by Paul Murphy
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
In office
28 June 2007 – 24 January 2008
Prime Minister Gordon Brown
Preceded by John Hutton
Succeeded by James Purnell
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
In office
6 May 2005 – 27 June 2007
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by Paul Murphy
Succeeded by Shaun Woodward
Shadow Secretary of State for Wales
In office
11 May 2010 – 15 May 2012
Leader Harriet Harman (Acting)
Ed Miliband
Preceded by Cheryl Gillan
Succeeded by Owen Smith
Leader of the House of Commons
In office
11 June 2003 – 6 May 2005
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by John Reid
Succeeded by Geoff Hoon
Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal
In office
13 June 2003 – 6 May 2005
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by The Lord Williams of Mostyn
Succeeded by Geoff Hoon
Minister of State for Europe
In office
11 June 2001 – 24 October 2002
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by Keith Vaz
Succeeded by Denis MacShane
Minister of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs
In office
28 July 1999 – 24 January 2001

Serving with John Battle
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by Tony Lloyd
Geoff Hoon
Succeeded by Brian Wilson
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales
In office
May 1997 – 28 July 1999
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Preceded by Gwilym Jones
Jonathan Evans
Succeeded by David Hanson
Member of Parliament
for Neath
In office
4 April 1991 – 30 March 2015
Preceded by Donald Coleman
Succeeded by Christina Rees
Personal details
Peter Gerald Hain

16 February 1950 (age 69)
Nairobi, British Kenya

Political party Liberal (Before 1977)
Labour (1977–present)
Alma mater Queen Mary College, University of London
University of Sussex

Lord Hain and his association with the Gang, particularly via the Anti-Apartheid Movement -of which David Ennals served as President, as did his brother John Ennals (see previous posts) – is discussed in previous posts. Lord Hain, I know that you’d have been killed if you’d stayed in South Africa so you had to agree to Harold Wilson’s terms of living in Britain ie. working for the security services, but if you don’t mind me saying I can think of many ways in which you could have been rather more effective at resisting a gang of murdering paedophiles.

Oh well, never mind I’ve exposed them now, you can go in for your prostate operation and not have to worry that you’ve upset the Top Docs. Although of course if the Op is successful Lord Hain, you’ll be left impotent and doubly incontinent, but they don’t flag that bit up. Or the fact that most men having that Op don’t actually need it.

Let’s book Dafydd and Huw Daniel in for Life Saving Prostate Surgery Now! With North Wales’s Own Dr Chris!

Erectile dysfunction
Other names Impotence

Erectile dysfunction.jpg
Cross-section of a flaccid penis
Specialty Urology

Erectile dysfunction (ED): A physical cause can be identified in about 80% of cases. These include cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, neurological problems such as following prostatectomy, hypogonadism and drug side effects. Psychological impotence is where erection or penetration fails due to thoughts or feelings; this is somewhat less frequent, in the order of about 10% of cases. Dafydd Has The Cure in his Sex Therapy Clinics. In psychological impotence, there is a strong response to placebos. So Dafydd was even more unnecessary than he was in every other situation.

There are many treatments, but this is the best known among lay people:

See the source image

As ruthlessly marketed by Oily, Lord Murphy’s former political aide, before Oily decided that he was the Future Leader Of The Labour Party. Oily, please tell us what deals were thrashed out between Pfizer and the Top Docs to ensure that sales of Viagra remained buoyant. Which conditions causing impotence were ignored or even induced by Top Docs to flog those little blue pills?

The Medical Superintendent’s Office of Dafydd’s Imagination:

There are obvious reasons why Gwynne and Dafydd’s patients didn’t look like this after all the Help and it wasn’t anything to do with Genes or failing to learn Bible verses in Welsh when they were kids…

See previous posts for info re Oily. Who knows about Ollie Brooke and the paedophiles, Oily could not have worked in a senior capacity for Pfizer and not received the lowdown.


In April 2009 Hugh Orde announced he was stepping down as Chief Constable of Northern Ireland to become President of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), assuming the position in the following autumn.

Sir Hugh is also the Director of the Police National Assessment Centre.

Hugh also holds a BA in Public Administration from Kent University. As well as the qualification that he picked up from the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester of course…

Hugh is a member of Common Purpose UK. Common Purpose is associated with Miranda and a great many Common Purpose folk hold positions in the NHS. Hamid Ghodse’s widow Barbara is one such person. Hamid (now deceased) was one of the Top Docs at St George’s/Springfield who was facilitating the large scale dealing and distribution of Class A drugs and he knew about the trafficking ring as well. As a junior doc, Hamid worked with Tony Francis. Common Purpose member Barbara Ghodse holds a senior position at St George’s… See previous posts.

Sir Hugh Orde

Sir Hugh Orde.jpg

Orde, speaking at the NHS Confederation Conference in 2012.
Born 27 August 1958 (age 61)

Other names Hugh Stephen Roden Orde
Police career
Country United Kingdom
Department Police Service of Northern Ireland
Rank Chief constable
Awards Order of the British Empire, Queen’s Police Medal

Sir Hugh, I am sure that your job is a difficult one, but you’ve been in the police since 1977; something seems to have gone terribly wrong and even more terribly wrong in the NHS…

Hugh attended the Matrix course in West London 1994/95.

In November 2013 Hugh Orde took up the role of Patron of the police charidee the Police Roll of Honour Trust. He joined Stephen House and Bernard Hogan-Howe as joint Patrons.

I know only one person who went to the Royal Agricultural College Cirencester but I used to know him very well… Nigel Fisher, now based in Kent who was the Master of East Kent Foxhounds. Nigel was Group Estates Manager for Robert Brett and Sons. Robert Brett and Sons have interests in quarrying…

Someone is bound to have tapped Nigel for info re me whether Nigel has realised it or not, Carlo et al are involved…

See the source image

Meet The Safeguarder:

Lucille Hughes

Meet The Upholder Of Law And Order:

See the source image

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

165 thoughts on “The North Wales Police Professional Standards Dept”

  1. OK, I’m trying to write a post about Detective Chief Inspector Tim Evans of the North Wales Police but I’m experiencing massive electronic interference on the blog. I’m going to carry on trying to complete the post and see how far I get. Tim does feature in previous posts, but I decided to write a blog post special about him…

  2. Thanks to readers for the links to the news stories re Babs Windsor handing the petition in to somewhere or other re the Alzheimers Society. Babs famously developed Alzheimers herself sometime ago and a reader has observed that Babs has probably forgotten about a few matters that other people would like her to remember, such as her ex-husband the gangster Ronnie Knight or her friendship wit the Krays.

    Although Babs Has Alzheimers and the hearts of the tabloids are Breaking For Tragic Babs, Babs is still remarkably busy re publicity and fund-raising and she looks just like she did in the days when she did her own hair and make-up. The variety of Alzheimers that Babs has developed seems to have left her with none of the usual symptoms, just a quiet voice when she’s interviewed, as opposed to a screech of ‘Leave it aht’ or a scream followed by a lusty chuckle when Sid James smacks her bum. I’m sure that Babs’s bra still flies off when she’s on a camping holiday as well.

    Babs’s Dementia Care is obviously rather better than that offered by Expert Bob Woods, or Babs would be in the Ablett Unit crawling around the floor in her own turds and urine, stark naked, instead of handing in petitions and giving interviews in a quiet voice.

    Does anyone know who the Top Doc was who Diagnosed Alzheimers in Babs? It can’t be the St George’s bloke who diagnosed Alzheimers and an unfeasibly small brain in Ernest Saunders following the Guinness trial because that Top Doc who identified a New Variant of Alzheimers in Ernest – from which the patient makes a full recovery and goes onto sit on the Boards of huge companies after one has been released early from jail On Compassionate Grounds – is I think dead.

    Obviously if Babs is to make a Full Recovery a la Ernest, she’ll need the Magic Wheelchair of Pinochet, as supplied by the London Clinic. Jack Straw will be able to help as well if Babs should find herself faced with an international arrest warrant.

    Among my messages are reassurances from Dissenting Police Officers who are trying to convince me that things have Changed since the Olden Days of which I am blogging. The Olden Days were so long ago that all the people who hounded me until I left Wales in the Olden Days Of Two Years Ago are all still in their positions and some have been promoted. Look police and MI5, I have always realised that some of you really did hate the Gang, I never ever doubted that. But the bottom line was that nearly all of you weren’t sufficiently concerned about the Gang to help us. You are concerned now, I absolutely understand, because the rot in medicine has become so bad that you and your families are being killed by the bastards. I’m sure that plenty of you were Shocked and Disgusted at what was happening to us, but you only became Shocked and Disgusted enough to want to stop it when your relatives began dying at the hands of Top Docs.

    The police have in recent years had great trouble getting any of the surviving witnesses re north Wales to speak to them. They’re like me; they take the view that you can all just fuck off after decades of what we went through. No-one who lived through it does the I Want Them Held To Account bit; we know that our mates died while screaming for help, justice cannot be done. You knew what was happening to us, you were arresting us when we reported the crimes…

    Tell you what police, just to show how Much Things Have Changed, I’m going to visit my GP – the one whom I have not yet met but who nonetheless has just written a damning report to the DVLA about my Severe Mental Illness which has resulted in my driving licence being taken away and a fuckwit of a GP practice manager screaming at me down the phone that if I want I can complain to the ‘Ombudininiman’ I can – and ask for Counselling To Overcome The Trauma Of Being Targeted By Her Sex Offending Colleagues.

    I’ll report back on the blog…

    1. Well the visit to the GPs certainly showed How Much Things Have Changed.

      No-one would even give me the name of the GP who wrote the DVLA Report on me, whom she has never met let alone treated, on the basis of the comments of a load of sex offenders and corrupt Expert Opinions, after I expressly asked her practice manager to ask her not to write a Report on me when she had no knowledge of me. As I repeatedly asked for her name (all I know is that it was a Lady Doctor who did it) and explained that she had breached all ethical guidelines, good practice and probably the law as well, I was met by a friendly receptionist but one who just repeatedly told me that she did not have access to the info that I wanted!

      A Top Doc then interrupted and told me that I was berating and harassing the staff.

      It was pure Top Doc excellence: while refusing to answer any of my questions that he could so easily have answered, while remaining icily polite re words but not in demeanour, he repeated that he could see that I was ‘upset’ but would I please leave the surgery now. I was fully aware of the game being played, so I told him that he too would be ‘upset’ in these circumstances and that he was ignoring the dreadful – and possibly unlawful – practice of his colleague, who’s name he was refusing to give me.

      Mr Icy Blue Eyes then repeatedly told me to ‘Go Now’, standing with the door held open. After telling me that he was ‘politely’ asking, I asked him if he would thus say ‘please go now’. He snapped that he was not saying ‘please’ to me. The encounter ended with him repeatedly shouting Go Now at me, demanding that I ‘step outside’. I asked him if he wished to log this an NHS Staff Abuse incident and provide an interview with the local paper. He yelled ‘No, Go Now’. I asked if he wanted to call the police. Surprisingly he said that he didn’t. I asked if I could book in for counselling to overcome my trauma. He snapped ‘Are you even a patient at this surgery?’ I replied that I had no idea because he and his colleagues would not provide me with any info…

      Mr Icy Blue Eyes did tell me his name at the beginning of the encounter, he was Dr James doubled barrelled surname. I asked him a few minutes later to repeat his name but he refused. I did say ‘What did you say your name was mate?’ to which he replied ‘I am not your mate’. I told him that I had suspected that.

      Perhaps my regular correspondent Dr Richard Haynes could let me know the small print re the DVLA medical reports. Surely there must be something there about a Top Doc having to have knowledge of a patient re any Report that they sign? I could be a stuffed pumpkin for all Dr Anonymous knew when she wrote that Report. Isn’t it some sort of fraud or deception to give an opinion on a patient whom you have never met, spoken to or communicated with in any way?

      By the way Dr Haynes, I’ve just been on the GMC website and I cannot see a phone number! Have they given up allowing people to ring, is it just e mails only these days, which they then just ignore, no matter how serious the malpractice?

      Mr Icy Blue Eyes reminded me of a fifth year medical student at the Royal Free whom I met in the late 1980s. I had applied for a place there, was shortlisted and interviewed and in an earlier post I discussed how they mentioned something in the interview that they could only have known from Dafydd, Wood or Tony Francis. Not Top Secret info, but they did trip up there, I thought ‘Interesting, they either know Dafydd, Wood or Francis or someone at the Welsh National School of Medicine who knows me’.

      I only found out years later that the Gang very much have a hotline to the Royal Free and even got people jobs there in return for their silence re me and Gwynne. Anyway, all senior academics and Docs in the interview were very pleasant, friendly and chatty. But the hostility from the two medical students ‘involved in the selection process’ – they were forward thinking and democratic at the Royal Free! – was very obvious.

      At first I did my usual, ‘Oh they’re up their own arses and taking liberties with their teeny weeny bit of stooge-power’, but then on the Tour Of The Med School with Mr Icy Blue Eyes it became very obvious that it was being directed towards me. He was deeply unpleasant, met every question that I asked with a rude sarky remark while entertaining all other interviewees as he should if he was doing things properly. I remember him chatting merrily away to everyone else as though he was their bezzie mate.

      Mr Icy Blue Eyes came from Bromley, he was discussing it with the people whom he was not freezing out. I have never been to Bromley in my life but I do know that David Bowie grew up there as I think did Mick Jagger. Chris Jagger, Mick’s brother, went to school in Bromley with someone I know and Jagger’s dad taught athletics to boys in Bromley.

      So if anyone who has been targeted by the Gang is in the hands of a Top Doc with very blue eyes, very blonde/white hair a la Julian Assange, of about 57 yrs old, with a rather cut class accent who comes from Bromley and trained at the Royal Free, get the hell out of there now. He was unpleasant when he was 23, he’s going to be lethal now.

      No of course Dafydd’s mates at the Royal Free didn’t give me a place. My rejection letter praised my academic ability, my intellect and my commitment, but the ‘medical students on the panel felt that other candidates had more to offer to Student Life at the Royal Free’.

      It was about the time of that interview when Duncan Orme, the Student Welfare Officer from UCNW who wet himself when Brown and me took our concerns re Gwynne to him and then agreed to keep quiet for ever after the Gang offered him a career in NHS management, began his NHS graduate management training place at the Royal Free. Duncan had got a Third at UCNW, failed his accountancy exams, but he kept schtum about Gwynne, so obviously he was embraced by the Royal Free.

      Duncan’s career in NHS senior management has been complemented by charidee work. Duncan has been the Head Honcho in a charidee offering services to sexually abused wimmin and trafficking victims. Naturally. See previous posts…

      NB. While Duncan’s career was built on the solid foundations of Keeping His Mouth Shut About Gwynne, before Duncan got that far, he was well-known at UCNW for being one of the few students who’s parents were stinking rich. Orme’s wealth wouldn’t have been noticed at Oxbridge, but it was at Bangor. His dad was something very big in Oil. DGE Wood and Liz the trafficking Angel knew Duncan’s dad, they’d met him.

      1987. Sir Peter Morrison was Minister for Energy. With responsibility for Oil.

  3. Sally
    There is extensive guidance for medical or other healthcare professionals completing a report for the DVLA.

    This is all quite serious and rightly so, with references to the GMC Good Medical Practice and the duty of care re patient confidentiality and population safety. There is clear and easy opportunity to seek professional advice from DVLA Medical Advisors. The DVLA makes decisions solely based on information provided to them. A driver can request copies of medical documents held by the DVLA unless specifically it has been indicated in writing by the individual completing the form that would cause serious harm to the patient.
    There is commentary about relationships with patients not least of which sharing information. Separately we know about the much proclaimed Duty of Candour.
    In my practice a copy of any report would sit within the patient medical record, either a physical paper copy or latterly a scanned copy on the electronic record which can be shared informally or formally with an administrative fee, upon written request.
    Any doctor could complete a report but whether they should is another matter depending on the knowledge or lack thereof a patient.
    The matter of who are you, what is your name and role is straight out of Monty Python.
    I guess the answer must be -Brian, son of God. I drive a red soft top Audi A6, play golf am a pillar of the community, am intrinsically dashing and most definitely born to be in charge. I feel sorry for the support staff forced to deal with the Doctors and forced to wear dark blue with dots nylon tops and skirts which universally they appear not to be consulted over and generally hate.

    1. I am delighted to tell you that the receptionist who was friendly but couldn’t access any of my info was indeed resplendent in nylon, just as you describe.

      In terms of Monty Python, I think it was rather more ‘Is this the right room for an argument?’ Because I certainly got one.

      They know exactly what they are doing and they know that I know. EVERYTHING is designed to ramp up the patient’s anxiety and the first sign of exasperation is met with ‘I can see that you are upset, but please leave the surgery NOW’. Their own law breaking will not be addressed at any time.

      I am sure that you ensure that your voice never rises Richard, but apart from that, I am well-educated and I know what I am doing re these people and I know what they should be doing. Yet every encounter ends up in me being thrown out or even threatened with the police. What can be happening to the hordes of distressed, uneducated, ignorant of the ways of the NHS, people that are going through the doors every day? Well we know. They are lied to, sometimes harmed and leave after the first confrontation feeling like crap too distressed to complain…

      I hate professional people who abuse their positions, it is absolutely inexcusable. Icey Eyes will have been on £100k and he could not even say ‘Ooh I am sorry about this, OK, no problem, let’s get you the info that you need and of course Dr Anonymous I am sure will be happy to meet you to sort this out’.

      They cannot do it and the worse the experience of the patient, the worse the NHS response is. They have guilt written all over them and there is only one reaction when they are faced with undeniable evidence that you really have suffered at their hands: FUCK OFF AND DIE BITCH…

      I’m considering a number of possible events at the moment. Some sort of peaceful protest at the GPs surgery that writes DVLA reports about people whom they have never met and know nothing about? Distributing leaflets to other patients? A sit-in at the GMC office in London?

      I did hope to return to She Who Makes Judgements Without Ever Meeting Me, put on a drippy woman act and explain that I’ve had a bit of bad experience with Someone and with all this media coverage of Human Trafficking, I’d Like To Talk To Someone About It. When the patronising old cow does her insincere smile and asks me to Tell Me What’s Bothering You, I could then give her full glorious details of Gwynne, Dafydd and Others. Details that have not appeared on this blog. And just watch her expression. However, Mr Icy Blue Eyes knows what I look like now and no doubt the alarm will be raised the moment that I walk into the waiting room…

      I can see that I’m going to have to Make An Appointment with another Doc as equally guilty and watch the puddle of urine appear under their chair when it dawns on them who I am talking about… Dafydd and the Royal Lobotomist are famous in Top Doc circles, they will know…

  4. One of my GMC warnings was that I should not be rude to patients. I never was, but I did include in a consultation ‘ of for fucks sake’ which was used to generate the warning . This was literally just before I went to Beverley Police Station to request Humberside Police investigate the death of Dave so I was rather stressed and did advise the Practice Manager immediately after the consultation and apologised. It does seem that very few if any sanctions can be applied against the private businesses that are General Medical Practices.
    I am sorry that you continue to experience bother but it does appear that DVLA should provide your report.

    1. The concept of rudeness is of course in the ear of the beholder and everyone knows that it is possible to be very rude and hurtful to someone without even a mild swear word and with a smile on one’s face. When I had the discussion re swearing with my PhD supervisor – who knew that I was quite renowned for my swearing – he observed that he knew, for example, that I would never swear in front of his elderly mum. And I thought ‘I’m glad John has noticed that, because I don’t swear in front of people who I know really don’t like it and of course I don’t swear in front of old ladies’.

      This blog has become rather more sweary than I ever imagined that it would, because it took a rather different direction to my original plans; I was receiving messages saying ‘Please tell the world what they did to us, because no-one ever would have believed it’, so I did. I was told a few years ago by someone who really had suffered at the hands of the Gang and knew that what they had done was so dreadful that there would never be a prison big enough to put them all in, that someone ought to expose and name all the offenders and then they should have to live for the rest of their lives in their communities with people in the locality knowing exactly what they had done.

      They really did reign supreme; I try never to assume that the offspring of anyone will be ‘just like their parents’, because sometimes it isn’t true, so I watch before jumping to conclusions. The sadness in north Wales is that a lot of the kids of the Gang did treat other people very badly, they certainly sent the message out to other kids that ‘We do what we want and you don’t get a look-in’. Dafydd’s kids were notorious, there were so many accounts of them hurling abuse at patients, divulging confidences, they were infamous, but other kids of the Gang were sometimes pretty nasty as well.

      When I was a student I was always bumping into kids who would say ‘Oh well their mum/dad is so and so, so they’ve got the job’ and after a while I realised that this was not just jealousy, there was much nepotism at work. It was very noticeable with jobs at S4C; again and again, it was one of the S4C big wigs or their friends who’s kid bagged the job. It was even worse than the BBC, I suspect because it was a smaller pool…

      Re the DVLA Report, I know that there will be supposedly a remedy to this, but it might take up much time and energy! I’m finding out so much interesting material re research for the blog that I’m prioritising that at the moment, but I will follow it up because once more it is a gross abuse that needs exposing.

      But the guilty just scarper once they appear on this blog! Or certain of the guilty do. I was going to pay an unannounced visit to some of those we know and love, in possession of my relevant documents, and just do a ‘Now Then…would you like to explain this after all that you said about me?’ But I’ve looked up the names and they’ve GONE! The whole of Bethesda Surgery who kicked people about for years in the 80s and 90s, much of the St George’s crowd, they’ve all decided that they don’t want to be Top Docs anymore… Only Dafydd and Wood left. I’ll have to drop in!

      By the way, thanks for the info that you sent about David Nicholls. I didn’t realise who he was until this evening, I hadn’t read the news, so I’d missed Nicholls confrontation with Jacob Rees-Mogg! I was interested to note that Nicholls had made some big assumptions about Rees-Mogg; ‘I won’t be listening to someone with no medical qualification’, ‘Rees-Mogg knows nothing about peripheral neuropathy’ etc.

      How does Nicholls KNOW that Rees-Mogg doesn’t know? Jacob Rees-Mogg strikes me as the sort of person who would read up on something. You might not agree with his conclusions re policy, but I suspect that he would take the time to acquaint himself. R-M will have a research assistant, it is a huge assumption to assume that R-M does not know anything about peripheral neuropathy!

      If Jacob R-M does want to read up on anything I can only recommend that he reads the info that you’ve sent me on David Nicholls! Then perhaps Jacob could ask Nicholls a few things about his colleagues in neurology/psychiatry in Birmingham. Many of whom were mentored by or worked with one Robert Bluglass… It does not inspire confidence.

      Because R-M is an easy target, he can give people a surprise. One of the Dimblebys had a dig at him for going to Eton. Jacob calmly replied ‘Yes I was there at the same time as your son’. I was very glad to see him respond like that; Eton was neither here nor there in the context of that conversation, it was just a vehicle to have a go at Rees-Mogg. Not a good idea under the circumstances… At least one of the baby Jaggers went to Eton didn’t they and I think Bryan Ferry’s kids might have as well; if not Eton then somewhere nearly as exclusive. Why’s it OK to use Eton as a stick to beat Rees-Mogg with yet no-one would ever say that to a Jagger flouncing down the catwalk or doing whatever the Eton-educated Jagger did??

      1. I was too busy yesterday to follow the continued battle between Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Nicholls in detail – I know that dear old Dame Sally Davies sent Jacob a letter in her capacity as Chief Medical Officer, stressing that Top Doctors were The Most Trusted People In The UK (sadly they are, it is causing big problems because those among them who are involved in serious criminality are untouchable because of the myth that they are all 100% trustable) – and giving Jacob a Telling Off for Being Rude To A Doctor.

        The early Radio 4 news bulletin just now reported that Jacob has apologised and then David Nicholls read out a rude, pompous statement re Jacob and his Dreadful Behaviour. Jacob has emerged from this looking very much better than those foolish grandiose Top Docs, but the Top Docs won’t have realised that. As for Nicholls challenging Jacob to report him to the GMC, well Dafydd hasn’t been struck off yet, so I’m sure that Nicholls is in no danger! I very much doubt that Jacob would bother to waste his time, only to be further insulted by a pack of rude, arrogant fools who cannot cope with someone disagreeing with them.

        Nicholls is spitting blood about a reference that Jacob made to Andrew Wakefield, the discredited ‘anti-vaxxer’ who was struck off for fraudulent research. What Wakefield did was highly irresponsible, but Nicholls needs to consider himself lucky that Jacob is probably too busy to dedicate the rest of his life to Fraudulent Top Docs, because if he did do that, Jacob would start asking the questions that I have on this blog eg. Why was Wakefield struck off and subjected to the full force of the medical establishment’s boot, yet Geoffrey Chamberlain, who perpetrated a far bigger fraud, was not even called before the GMC’s fitness to practice committee? Why did no-one ever publicise the paper that Chamberlain published in which he described unlawfully aborting late gestation foetuses, experimenting on them while they were still alive and then killing them? It was all in the journal, yet no-one mentioned it! Then there is the rest of the research fraud in medicine, masses of it, the buggers have been caught again and again – just look at what David Healy has exposed re clinical trials – but it was Wakefield who’s career was wrecked and who will be forever remembered as the Doc who published nonsense…

        Anyway, yesterday the Top Docs also demanded Huge Taxes On Sweets To Combat Obesity and today its Huge Taxes On Booze to stop drunkenness among the lower orders (it’s all rather Lord Shaftesbury isn’t it, history is littered with examples of well-off people who wanted to stop the plebs getting rat-arsed; anyone want to publicise the data re the level of alcoholism among Top Docs, it is pretty impressive).

        Can the Top Docs explain why the Lower Orders should be deterred from certain activities by prices being ramped up, yet the NHS cannot be deterred from Providing Life-Saving Medicines by Big Pharma boosting the price by 50% after the general public have been made aware that This Drug Can Save Their Lives (the rigged trials data Proves It) and Write To Your MP Demanding That It Is Made Available On The NHS?

        Lord Shaftesbury ran into problems when a gang threw rocks at his windows; I think it was when he prevented gambling… He’d have been horrified by Tessa Jowell’s idea that super-casinos could regenerate the British economy…

        Not long after my early encounters with Dafydd, in one of my letters of complaint I took the piss out of Dafydd’s ham act of a Methodist Welshman who was Shocked and Disgusted re the masses and would therefore illegally imprison them until they knew what was good for them and I mentioned the Lord Shaftesbury anecdote, quipping that if Dafydd wasn’t careful, the Lower Orders of Llangefni would descend upon Talwrn and chuck rocks through his windows a la Lord Shaftesbury…

        That must have been in 1987… 1994: Dafydd planted that brick and told the police that I had thrown it through his glass door at 2 am in the morning and Dafydd knew that it was me because I was the only person who would have done such a thing. That was the ‘evidence’ that Dafydd presented to the High Court in Liverpool on Nov 4 1994, on the basis of which Dafydd obtained an injunction because I was such a danger to his life. In turn, the injunction was used to begin to make a case for sending me to Broadmoor to live with Mr Savile…

        By the time that Dafydd arrived at Liverpool High Court, the MDU – who represented Dafydd in Court – and the police, knew that I had not and could not have thrown the brick. I have documentary evidence of that. I have been told that MI5 knew that the brick had been planted. The staff of Hergest who throughout 1995 and 96 all Collected Evidence of my Dangerousness also knew that I had not thrown the brick…

        So a postgrad student made a joke about Lord Shaftesbury after two Top Docs who were running a trafficking ring propositioned her and then, assisted by many others, unlawfully imprisoned her, forged documentation, threatened and bribed her, etc etc… Seven years later the joke about Lord Shaftesbury was used to begin a series of criminal offences so serious that Dafydd and others should have received a jail sentence for each one of them…

        Jacob, don’t waste your time complaining about David Nicholls to the GMC. Somehow I don’t think that you’ll find satisfaction.

        Just recover the bodies from Denbigh. Excavate the whole site, recover those bodies, date them and confirm that they were killed in the 1970s, 80s and even 90s, not in the 19th century and then ask the world how this ever happened. And stop squealing about the Catholic bog trotters and Magdalen Laundries and How We’d Never Do That Here. Then seize the assets of the BMA, and MDU (proceeds of crime…), dissolve the GMC and take all legal powers away from the medical profession because they just cannot regulate themselves. The profession does not need ‘reform’ or a touch of Diversity and Inclusion, it needs destroying and rebuilding from scratch.

        Unless Dafydd has been removed from the Medical Register in the last week, he is still registered as a Top Doc with a licence to practice.

        ‘Why don’t ewe wear a brief miniskirt to work with smokey grey stockings because that’s my favourite?’

        They used to be called ‘Dirty Old Men’ rather than Experts Who’s Advice Must Be Heeded by the Leader of the House.

        1. I’m still open to offers of an NDA nature if the Top Docs want the agonies to stop. Not that they will, because as any fule kno, once I sign the NDA, bag the dosh and publish anyway, Lord Hain will make a speech in the Lords about my Bravery.

          1. Regarding my anecdote above as to the use that my quip in a letter to Gwynedd Health Authority about Lord Shaftesbury having his windows broken by an angry mob was put… Previous posts have mentioned other odd things re my letters, including, most worryingly, that benign sentence that I wrote about one of the witnesses at Jeffrey Archer’s libel trial (the trial during which Tuppence perjured himself…) being carefully underlined by an unknown hand….

            Then there were the off the cuff comments that I made about Dr Death that seem to have influenced some of Death’s activities…

            I have been noticing more and more odd coincidences re events that followed things that I mentioned in letters to various people, letters which somehow ended being copied and placed in my medical records or of course in the hands of the Digger and George Carman…

            Someone’s asked me if I ‘know about Stephen Fry’. Well, I have certainly wondered about that. Before Stephen Fry became very famous, my mates met him, I think at the Edinburgh Festival. They told me that he was very pleasant, surprisingly self-effacing and was very conscious that he was ex-Footlights, at the time Footlights being seen as rather pompous and elite (Manchester was the OK place to have cut one’s teeth, a la Ben Elton et al). My mates were of course shafted by Michael Grade et al not long after that. Stephen became very, very well-known at the same time and began bagging the best BBC contracts etc. Then came the reports that he was actually insufferably pompous and difficult, was making friends with Carlo and New Labour big wigs…

            I have previously blogged about Stephen Fry becoming the media poster boy for the Insane and making documentaries with Top Docs that actually angered a lot of Empowered Service Users because those documentaries showed the docs as being rather more helpful than they were… Then there was Stephen’s role as PR man for MIND…

            I knew that Stephen knew about me and my mates, but I thought that fame and fortune had come his way because, like everyone else, he agreed to keep quiet about it. I have now been told that it was much, much worse… That every letter that I wrote to anyone was scrutinised by unknown people and everyone who was working with my friends was approached and bribery and corruption followed where possible…

            There are so many examples of this that I don’t have time to list them all here; I had a network of people in science, medicine, biology, the media, leftist politics etc and it seems they were all nobbled, even if they didn’t realise it.

            I want to know who was doing the biz after they had been given my letters. Was it George Carman? He was famous for that technique. George who was the senior colleague of Miranda and Cherie…

            I can’t undo what that lot did and I can’t stop anyone continuing to do it because I don’t have those letters that were stolen and passed around. I’ll just remind you tossers of a few matters.

            I and my friends were targeted by a murderous criminal gang with international links to other gangsters. Top Docs were on the payroll. Think about these deaths:

            David Frost; Miles Frost; Graham Chapman; Chapman’s adopted son; Mel Smith; Rik Mayall; Viv Stanshall; Angharad Rees and virtually every member of her immediate family; Victoria Wood; Rob Buckman; David Bowie; Cilla….

            You are dropping like flies celebs and every death is followed by gasps of how unexpected and sad it was… All of the above were insiders who were witnesses… There are many more examples.

            Michael Mansfield’s daughter was found hanging. As was Tony Francis, who I am told was the key mover and shaker behind suggesting that my letters should be trawled by people unknown for info because I was a sociable young thing who was telling my friends about Dafydd.

            Tony Francis and his wife worked in the team of traffickers based in Manchester immediately before they relocated to north Wales.

            Would Miranda like to explain why Noel and Liam Gallagher were invited to No 10?
            The Manchester music scene really took off in the 1990s. It had been there before, but business really boomed as the allegations of a VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire refused to go away…

            If I was Stephen Fry and Mick Jagger I’d be fucking terrified…

            They’re called Gangsters Stephen. They’re not very nice even if they are Harley Street doctors with a smile on their face and if they get worried, you toadying to them will not improve their clinical practice.

            Robyn Skynner. Psychiatrist who, along with his wife Prue, were part of Dafydd’s network and the traffickers at St George’s. Who in turn were mates with Cilla. Skynner was a good mate of John Cleese…

            Skynner was a very guilty man Mr Cleese, he was in the thick of that Gang. But then so was Graham Chapman.

            How can fame and money have clouded the view of the Cambridge-educated Footlights celebs to such an extent? Brown always observes that Stephen Fry is not the genius that the media promotes him as being; however people like Stephen Fry and Cleese are not completely stupid. They do know what serious organised crime is all about…

            I’ll let the celebs know just what that Gang are capable of. When Tony Francis was seen as being such a liability himself that he needed to be shafted before he landed them all in it, he was driven to a breakdown by fellow Gang members. Not that it will have been difficult, Tony was a very troubled man but no-one protected us from him although they all knew that he was dangerous. Tony then developed a number of unpleasant physical problems, one that was incredibly painful and resulted in him being addicted to opiates. He was treated for that by the appalling Dr Christine Evans, friend of Dafydd and Gwynne, who has recently voluntarily relinquished her licence to practice.

            I know of another health problem that Francis experienced as well, one that he found very difficult and embarrassing that really added to his distress. He had a testicle removed. The Empowered Service Users all knew about this and we felt sorry for him so we didn’t tell anyone. We didn’t realise that we had all been told about it individually and all of us Dangerous Nutters had felt sympathy and not said anything.

            How did we know about Tony’s Cruel Blow in the masculinity region? The Angels and secretaries told us. They told everyone. And he found out that they had. After they’d told everyone that he was Mentally Ill.

            This was the sort of thing that was going on in Ysbyty Gwynedd.

            I look forward to Mark Drakeford giving that lot a few more million because Resources Are The Problem. As well as Dangerous Nutters Attacking Angels of course.

            You celebs and politicians are nuts, you are really fucking mad to remain in denial re people who do that to each other.

            BTW, does anyone know the background to the sudden suicide of Mick’s previous girlfriend?

            Sympathy for the Devil anyone?

            George Carman. Died just after the publication of the Waterhouse Report. Prostate cancer. Bechod. The Docs did their best. Of course they did, they always do…

          2. Thanks to those people who have reminded me of the celeb deaths of George Michael and Dale Winton… Then there was Peter Cook, back in the Great Exodus Of Witnesses in 1995 and the resent spate of deaths in the fashion gurus circle, Isabella Blow, Alexander McQueen and Lucy Helmore who was formerly married to Bryan Ferry as discussed in previous posts. Prof Geoffrey Chamberlain had a foothold in the fashion world, his son was part of Wayne Hemingway’s company Red Or Dead. More than a few of those who knew Chamberlain and his colleagues are now dead and they were never that red in terms of politics anyway, even if they did have their photos taken with Miranda, Gordon and Uncle Harry’s nephew and his mates.

            I will just flag up (again) two more from the Manchester ring who arrived there in 1955 and relocated to the US in 1965: Prof Mervyn Susser and his wife Zena Stein. They were South African and personal friends of Nelson Mandela, that is why they were obliged to leave S Africa. So they joined Dafydd and Gwynne’s mates at Manchester who were concealing Dafydd and Gwynne’s crimes. Dafydd and Gwynne had many close friends among the Anti-Apartheid Movement… If Gwynne had been lobotomising black people they’d have still kept quiet. After all Stompie’s life or indeed death didn’t matter did it, Winnie being all famous and more powerful…

            I know that politics involves compromise but this was bloody ridiculous, just look what it has led to. The left completely lost sight of what it was supposed to be all about. I have just read today’s Morning Star and all the PR articles written by the Old Gits in this week of the TUC conference. The warnings that democracy is under threat (a warning rather too late) and pages of naive rubbish about the root of the Crisis In The NHS. Len M et al, you have not mentioned the medico-legal establishment and the endemic corruption within. The GMC, BMA and MDU are probably the most powerful professional organisations in the UK and you know it Len, that is why you haven’t mentioned them or Harley Street… But then many trade union leaders now receive private health cover as part of their salary package, as do most senior NHS execs. The legacy of the arch hypocrite Lord Clive Jenkins lives on. ‘The working class can kiss my arse…’

            While checking the Medical Register in order to see who has waved a fond farewell to medicine in the wake of this blog gaining a readership, I was interested to note that the Top Doc employed by the MDU who advised Tony and Sadie Francis on how to perjure themselves in Court in an attempt to have me imprisoned for offences that the MDU themselves admitted there was no evidence for is still registered with a licence to practice. Just like Dafydd and DGE Wood.

            Does anyone know who performed Tony Francis’s orchidectomy by the way? Was it his ‘friend’ Dr Chris? And were his medical records sent to his boss, as mine were? It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they were. Tony was treated for his severe depression in Manchester, he certainly wasn’t going to risk his neck in north Wales. He was found hanging by that same neck anyway.

            No wonder Len and the Comrades are not going to write anything about the millionaires who make up the most senior Top Docs in the UK. They wouldn’t dare.

            We have entered an abyss and it was two foul old Top Docs who took us there. A Royal Lobotomist could not be challenged and just look what has happened.

    1. Thanks Richard, I am aware of this campaign following another death of a vulnerable person as a result of serious clinical negligence and judgemental callous rot from Angels and Top Docs. Such deaths are happening all over the UK and unless the family and friends of the deceased kick up a stink, they go unremarked upon…

      Thanks also for the link to the news report of the huge heroin haul; I’ve been busy on the blog this morning so I’d missed it. Dafydd’s supply is being badly interrupted, he’ll be charging a great deal for the recreational chemicals at the moment, the police have intervened. But not at the level of Top Docs, obviously, they’ve got the labourers who are ferrying the goodies about the UK…

      Can I say thanks to people e mailing me with stories and info; people are still asking me to phone them! I’m really sorry, I can’t risk it, I have said this before, but phones can be used to trace my location, that’s why I do everything online. I can understand the people who say that they don’t want to commit info to e mails and they want to talk to me on the phone, but I just can’t risk it. I do understand that by communicating only by e mail that I am asking people who don’t know me to place a lot of trust in me, but I can’t think of any other way of doing it… If people have info, just e mail as much as you feel able to and keep an eye on the blog to see if anything else comes up that touches on your area of interest…

      I’ve had quite a bit about Somerset recently, including Goathurst, a village near where I lived. Goathurst became famous a few years ago when a massive orgy was held in Halswell House there. It was a paying orgy and people from far and wide turned up in Porsches, having hired the venue. When I lived in Somerset, Halswell House was one of the decaying properties that young people who’d gone off the rails dossed down in. Another such place was a fantastic house on the outskirts of Cannington, which, like Halswell House, had been allowed to decay and a load of squatters (or sort of squatters) that one of my mates knew lived there. Brown dropped into the Cannington place once and met a young woman called Jo who was very thin, yellow and shaking constantly. No, it wasn’t Drugs, Jo had renal failure and I imagine is probably dead by now…

      I have been receiving questions about Somerset Social Services. I’m not sure that they were as ever as bad as the north Wales lot, but I did know of two social workers in the Bridgwater area called Alison and Graham in the early 1990s who were either missing the obvious or colluding with crime… Alison and Graham will know what I am talking about, I met them on one occasion and just wondered ‘How can you not see what is happening here?’ All these years later, Alison and Graham must realise that they should have blown the whistle on a few things but I presume that they didn’t!

      Someone’s also asked if I remember Mr O’Hare who taught at Chilton School. Yes, I’ve mentioned him in earlier posts. His son Graham O’ Hare was at Haygrove School with Brown and Lucy O’ Hare was in my class for A level English at Bridgwater College. Their younger son was Tim, who turned up at Bangor as the Prof of Oceanography, as I discussed in a previous post. I was told that it was the Gang – probably Fergus Lowe – who headhunted Tim O’ Hare because Fungus knew that the other O’ Hares knew me. I never ever had a problem with any of the O’ Hares’ children, Lucy seemed very nice although I didn’t know her well, but yes, readers who’ve asked me if I remember Mr O’ Hare not being very nice to kids at Chilton – his own kids would never have been sent to the dump that was Chilton – I do remember that.

      Mr O’ Hare was a remedial teacher and he must have known about some of the unsavoury teachers whom I have blogged about previously. Mr O’ Hare never taught me, me being a swot, but I did experience being in detention with him supervising once. Because it was a detention, it was mostly the remedial kids in there, naughty ones as well and they weren’t going absolutely mad but obviously they were messing around, not wanting to be in detention. Mr O’ Hare became very personal and very nasty with them and I watched as he baited a girl who was having a very hard time.

      She was a bit like me in that she was swotty and quite academic but for some reason when she was about 13 or 14 she began having what were obviously quite serious adolescent problems, although she began being quite nice and friendly towards me at that point (she’d been awful to me before, before she began encountering difficulties she made it clear that I was just a pleb who was far below her). It was the spirit of the Blitz with her, me and a few others, because we had all been targeted by the appalling French teacher, Mr J. Davies, who violently attacked kids and later, at another school, injured a kid so badly that he was banned from teaching.

      J. Davies was terrible to this girl, even worse than he was to the rest of us and he was dreadful to us. He was, as I discussed in previous posts, grossly abusive to all the kids, but with the girls it was really nasty misogynistic insults. (The boys were kicked and thrown around the classroom.) Davies used to scream insults at this girl constantly, calling her a bitch and a slag (she was all of 14 years old) and one day he ordered her to stand in the bin on the grounds that she was ‘rubbish’. She handled it quite well actually and said ‘OK then’ and went and stood in the bin. We began laughing and someone yelled out to her ‘Well done’, so she began laughing as well. J Davies then snarled across the room that she was a ’14 year old prostitute’.

      God there was a row. Some of the others in the class stood up for her, Davies went nuts, shouting and yelling at everyone who had dared defend her. Her parents were fuming, they went up to the school on the grounds that this was just completely unacceptable, but as ever, WC Francis the Head remained firmly in denial… It was all the fault of the girl.

      It was after that 14 year old prostitute business that I was in detention with her and Mr O’ Hare. One of the boys in detention with us lived near me, he had quite serious academic difficulties and in class he would often mutter and chunder away to himself but fairly benignly. Everyone knew that he did this and no-one ever worried about it. In the detention Mr O’Hare- who knew this boy, because he taught him – heard the boy muttering away and suddenly said to the girl whom J Davies had insulted days before ‘You’re not going to put up with that are you?’ and she said ‘Put up with what?’ and O’ Hare said ‘He just called you a whore’. I was next to the boy and I thought ‘No he didn’t, he absolutely didn’t, he’s just chundering away in a Somerset accent, he hasn’t called her anything’.

      Obviously, in the wake of the row about her being called a prostitute by J Davies, she went nuts and a fight began between her and the boy, with him yelling that he hadn’t said anything… At that point O’ Hare got up and left the classroom! So there was a scrap and then we all walked out of detention. O’ Hare then told WC Francis of the scrap and us leaving detention and ooh it was dreadful. He precipitated and engineered it, I watched it. So the girl who’s parents had made that very serious complaint about J Davies were then told of their daughter’s dreadful behaviour and she was in trouble all over again…

      As far as I remember, not long after that her parents took her away from Chilton, they had just had enough, she was becoming more and more distressed, the school just wouldn’t respond to the disgusting conduct of a small number of teachers, so they decided that it couldn’t continue. They sent her to Haygrove School, but the damage had been done – I also suspect that O’ Hare’s mates at Haygrove did a bit of stirring of the toxic brew – and things did not get any better. I remember Brown telling me that she was put straight into the bottom set at Haygrove – which was ridiculous, she was very bright – and that was it, she just gave up.

      I didn’t see her again after I left Bridgwater, but I was told that she was having a very bad time, as was her younger brother. I think that she might have attempted suicide, I’m fairly sure that I was told that. I have had info that O Hare might have known that I witnessed what he did to that girl and it has got back to the Gang’s contacts in Somerset. I never formally told anyone about it, Chilton was a bear pit, there’d have been no point, but I told Brown and his mum – the girl lived in the same village as the Browns – and Mrs Brown was very sympathetic to kids having a hard time in Bridgwater, she was of the opinion that those schools left a lot to be desired. I told mates at Bangor as well because we all exchanged stories of our schooldays and like my friend who went to Stirling we began to realise what a dreadful school we had been at in Bridgwater… Of course, at Bangor, my Hall and then student house were bugged by the security services…

      I really do find it rather sad that now that I am 57, people are taking an interest in what happened to us in Bridgwater when we were at school. Look, some of us died and went to prison, where was all the concern then? I’ve been told that the girl who was baited by O’ Hare is thought to have been targeted by the ring operating in Bridgwater. Well where were you all? She was 14 and having a terrible time. I don’t remember an ounce of understanding or compassion for her but even I could see when I was 14 that she was seriously distressed and that awful school made it 10 times worse.

      So yeah, Mr O’ Hare was yet another member of the respectable classes in Somerset who expected his own children to be treated rather better than the way in which he treated other people’s kids. I have no idea what Fungus knew about it or what offers were made to Tim O’ Hare re the Chair at Bangor, I didn’t know Tim, he was younger than us. I just realised who the Prof of Ocean Sciences was when I saw his name…

      1. Amendment!! Tim O Hare is a senior academic at Plymouth; he did his Masters, PhD and postdoc work at Bangor. When did Tim turn up at Bangor? In 1987!! He was given funding by NERC as well, I have mentioned in previous posts that NERC really opened the purse strings after Sunderland Adrian Bell etc agreed to trash me. John Farrar was one recipient of much NERC dosh…

        Graham O Hare owns and runs a conservation consultancy in Gloucestershire (Graham is an archaeologist). I haven’t found any trace of Lucy, she may have got married and changed her name…

        Graham and Lucy both went to Lancaster University; Lucy did a lot with the Students Union there, she prioritised it over her academic work. I’m wondering if Lucy works in the welfare sector, politics, activism etc…

  5. Just surfaced from the blog and quickly went over to The Guardian online. There is yet another Shock Horror report about NHS staff facing abuse and violence as ‘routine’. The usual suspects are offering the usual quotes about mad mental patients and druggies. Unison, the BMA etc.

    I’ll wait for some of them to leave a comment on this blog or e mail me! I’d love to discuss the contents of my 10,000 documents with them. I can’t ring the GMC because they no longer make their number public. I expect they had Too Much Abuse after that business with Harold Shipman. They’re all still in counselling and Mindfulness to recover from the relatives of Shipman’s victims who said ‘fuck’ down the phone at them….

  6. You are reporting massive electronic interference with your blog. This is probably why my two attempts to continue our conversation on Accidents Happen have failed. So here are the two versions of the comment that I posted there and are hanging awaiting moderation.

    Declan Howard says:
    August 30, 2019 at 2:33 pm

    I am partially in agreement with your analysis on the UK situation and accept your evidence on large scale systematic abuse within the psychiatric profession and that being within a wider context of systemic criminality. This begs the question of what experiments and what programs were being run. I have not seen evidence that large scale military trauma based mind control programs on children have been running in the UK. There has been some crossover though and I do have memories of military mind control techniques being used in certain restricted access areas. The majority of it was cult stuff though, from a cruel upper crust.
    The ‘pronouncing experts’ you mention are all from America apart from Cathi Morgan, and are all self-identified cult and mind control survivors with the exception of Dr Ross, who is the only one to have gained wider renown. I would be interested to hear your comments on this video by Cathi Morgan who has been mapping the same crime network in the UK from a different set of documentation.

    2) (Rewrite – Comment from last week did not get through.)

    Further to our conversation above, the situation in the UK regarding military mind control is unclear. I accept the analysis regarding a large and powerful criminal network including a degenerate upper crust which practices paedophilia and cruelty (as a result of being degenerates) as well as other criminal, scientific and financial activities including child trafficking through the social services and adoption agencies, and most probably through refugee and commonwealth activities.

    The ‘experts’ I cited all identify as survivors of cult and/or military organised abuse except for Dr Ross who has done excellent disclosure work and achieved some renown. What Dr Ross’s back story might be is also unknown.

    It is a good question to ask what projects, research areas and experiments the scientists/psychiatrists that you encountered were involved in. I presume that this would explain why they were protected.

    There are indications that military mind control is practised in the UK but there are not the number of survivor testimonies to show that it is done on a large scale like in the US and Canada. There clearly is crossover in the scientific/cybernetic/eugenecist/genetecist/social engineering community. I had a brush with military techniques which were used in certain UK restricted access locations. I will post two video links at the end from witness Barry King and survivor/researcher Cathi Morgan both of whose involvement coincided with forming part of a national survey birth sample. Cathi Morgan has been mapping the network using a different document set. I would be interested in your comments on her research.

    Barry King from the VOICE Files BASES 2 Part 1 2012

    Groundbreaking New Evidence in UK Mind Control – Cathi Morgan 2016

    1. Hi
      Thanks very much for taking the trouble to repost your comments; I am so sorry, I definitely did not see them previously, I wasn’t censoring them!

      I will have a look at all of the links that you have sent, but it will have to be later this evening; I just wanted to send this quick initial response…

      I am aware of the military experiments/mind control work, other people have written to me about it; I have very little knowledge of the area myself and I don’t believe that any of those that I came into contact with were involved with it. Dafydd had links with the psychiatrists who advised on the torture of interns in N Ireland, but I think that was the extent of it.

      The psychs whom I encountered had no Special Powers re mind control, their MO was quite simple. They did everything possible to discover what their Patients Who Were Being Helped would find most distressing and then they made damn sure that it happened to them. If patients didn’t Share sufficiently with them, they tapped other people for information, if necessary posing as friends or even setting honeytraps…

      Because I knew that they did this, some of my actions could be seen by third parties as being ‘naive’. I wasn’t, I just was not going to let myself be used by those vile, sadistic criminals by responding to nasty lies, allegations of ‘Ooh do you know what they did/said about you’ etc.

      I have been asked today why I ever fell for the ‘Ooh please don’t give us a bad time’ line of the two coppers who arrested me in London and bent all the rules when returning me to north Wales, as discussed above. It was because for all I knew, they may not have been the main problem. In north Wales and elsewhere, I have heard numerous first hand accounts of the coppers/Angels/probation officers etc whom the others don’t like being left with people who will give them a bad time or even attack them. So when the two cops said to me ‘Look please don’t blame us for this and go on about it all the way back to Bangor’, I did think that they might have just been given the job by an unpleasant boss who had been told by Dafydd that I was a Dangerous Loony…

      When Prof Bluglass conducted that huge cover-up of the Gang’s criminality in 1989, after the ‘hearing’ of my case, Bluglass smugly told me what a bastard I was and ooh poor Dafydd, just look what you put him through… I was fuming, so when Bluglass had finished pompousing and doing the How Very Dare You, I walked up to Dafydd and said ‘One day I will nail you bastards’. Dafydd put on this pathetic face and said ‘If there’s ever anything I can do to help ewe, don’t hesitate to ask’. Alun Davies sat there like the big brainless idiot that he is. Bluglass got up and said in a Very Polite But Rude As Possible Top Docs way ‘Good-bye Sally, it was a pleasure to meet you’ and flounced out of the door.

      Then Dafydd turned to Alun Davies and said ‘I’m sure that Sally would like a lift back to Bangor, she has come on the bus, it has been a tiring day, I’m sure that ewe can do that for her Alun’. Davies nearly crapped himself on the spot and I thought ‘This is so transparent, Dafydd thinks that I’m going to give Davies the worst time that he has ever had on the drive back, so I won’t’.

      Dafydd would have been delighted if I’d clocked Davies one, it would be me the Dangerous Nutter banged up and Dafydd would piss himself laughing because he hated Davies anyway.

      So as we walked to Davies’s car, poor old Davies kept repeating ‘I’m off duty now, I’m off duty’ and I responded ‘I know. I do not blame you for any of this, it is DA Jones who is responsible’. (I hadn’t by then seen all the lies that Davies had written about me, or the forged documents, or the thank you letters sent to him by the Welsh Office and others for rigging the ‘evidence’!)

      So Davies drove me back to Bangor and we chatted away like old friends no less. He even told other people how nice I was… He just didn’t write that in police statements, or on medical records, or on any official files. He wrote that I was dangerous and that he was terrified of me…

      I have discussed this in detail with a small number of others who were targets of the Gang who, like me, were bright and well-educated and we all came to the same conclusion. There really were no Special Powers or Expertise, just a lot of deeply unpleasant people who trawled for information and then used it to cause as much distress as they could. And lied and lied and lied. It absolutely was not rocket science. They also used the Sharing and counselling sessions to extract info as to who had presented a danger to the patients in the past or still did and contacted them to establish diplomatic relations!

      It was the factor that underlay EVERY comment from patients or third parties of ‘How could anyone have ever imagined that would have helped??’ They didn’t want to help, they were doing all that they could to trap targets or, if they were complainants or whistleblowers, to push them over the edge.

      I honestly cannot advise people enough to ignore every bit of ‘Ooh talk to us’. Don’t. Don’t go near them and don’t ever, ever Share. There is absolutely no confidentiality at all, none. Neither is there any unwillingness to pass on what are known to be lies!

      Thanks for the links Declan, I’ll watch them this evening…

      1. It was Tavistock Institute that Dept of Health Commissioned to do research on inmates in UK Leonard Cheshire Homes. I don’t know how prosaic stuff like informed consent was covered.

        The grandiose objective of J G Howells was to develop a “Salutiferous Society”

        I still do not see how giving me aged 8 quinine and ephedrine would help build a self healing society.

        Cathi Morgan teamed up with Angela Power-Disney who is of the “Hoaxstead” group

        I suspect, but do not know, that the ritual abuse hoaxsters were the people at Ixworth 2016 overheard talking about the village haunted by the ghosts of dead children. Seems as if it was hoaxters planning to hijack The Beeches Ixworth history of deaths of children in care. I told Suffolk Chief constable if that hijacking materialises I expect early arrests of the hoaxters.

        But Chiefie does himself no favours as by law he should report to Bury St Edmunds HM Coroner on the 43 child care deaths with a view to their finally being inquiry and inquests.

        1. The Tavistock was up to all sorts, backed by the Dept of Health, Home Office, MoD etc. Informed consent will have not come into anyone’s heads, even today it is often very questionable as to whether informed consent has been obtained in medical research.

          It’s not that I don’t believe that the ‘research’ was carried out, more that I believe that most of it was so mediocre and nonsensical that it did just equate to crudely manipulating people or just distressing them as much as possible! This lot were not usually bright enough to do the subtle clever things that it is often believed that they did.

          I did watch Declan’s links, including the Cathi Morgan material, some of which did involve Angela Power-Disney. That sort of thing is not quite on my wavelength although I do understand that many people would find it very informative. Because I worked in science and medical research, I take a lot of what shocks Cathi et al for granted, such as Docs being eugenicists and the experiments on primates.

          It was absolutely standard practice to carry out the research on primates and yes, Zoologists did it rather than Docs, because they knew about primates! Much of it was cruel and pointless, but that’s what was done for decades and still is being done. As for Docs being eugenicists, that was a totally acceptable view for huge swathes of well-educated people throughout much of the 20th century and for a long while there was nothing controversial about it, it was seen y many as THE best way of fighting disability and poverty.

          People seem to have forgotten that. As with anti-Semitism, fascism, communism, these were much more mainstream and acceptable views than they are now. I used to be so careful as to who I told about my grandfather being one of Mosley’s speechwriters when Mosley was still in the Labour Party and angry with working class unemployment, because most people just didn’t know about that phase of Mosley’s life and I couldn’t be bothered with the shrieks of outrage that I knew would come my way.

          I used to discuss it with close friends like Brown who knew about political history, about the poverty and serious problems in society at the time and how many young people went to political extremes. I was very hesitant to tell my Jewish friend at Bangor because I thought that he might be really hurt by it, but in the end I thought well, we chat about so much and he is very, very well-read, it will be awful if he finds out one day from another source and I haven’t told him. So I told him and he was very accepting, he knew that was a part of British political history and he took the piss over the Battle of Cable Street and said ‘We won that one’. Which of course they did…

          The other thing was General de Gaulle! He’s viewed as the old git who said NON, but the one thing I remember from when I was young was my grandpa admiring de Gaulle. Years later, one of the more erudite Profs at Bangor mentioned that de Gaulle was indeed widely admired and seen as a good leader. That Prof is a Soviet/East European specialist and told me that it wasn’t at all uncommon on his trips to Russia, years after the Soviet Union had collapsed, to hear elderly Russians talking of Stalin as a hero still. He didn’t and I wouldn’t, but one can’t just yell insults without any attempt to have a look at the socio-political situation…

          I would like to see a much greater awareness of historical trends in political and intellectual thought instead of this knee jerk reaction of ‘OMG!! They thought that!!’. They weren’t always doing it because they were bastards (although some of them were); malleable young people who are drawn towards activism do often become involved with movements and ideas that they later reject…

          I did learn something new from Declan’s links though; Cathi Morgan mentioned the Tory MP for Bath who preceded Chris Patten, Edward Browne. I had never heard of him and foolishly had never thought to research who was at Bath pre-Patten. Cathi conducts an interview during which allegations were made about Browne that I have no idea are true or not, but in view of what was going on in Bath when Browne was their MP, he, like so many other MPs, will have known of and concealed the excesses of Jeremy Fry and his mates Lord Snowdon and Ma’am Darling and others… Browne will have known that the Bishop of Bath and Wells was concealing organised abuse as well…

          One of Declan’s links also mentioned one of the mass surveillance experiments conducted with kids during the 1970s; I have been told that I was one of the kids. I know that such ‘research’ did go on, as with medical research, people were certainly never told, Gov’t officials helped themselves to personal data and decided that those kids or those patients would be in the survey.

          I have no idea WHAT they thought they were ‘researching’ re me and the thousands of other kids in the study, my instinct was to laugh! So they studied a kid who’s dad had been targeted by the son of the PM because his own father denounced corruption in the Tory Party, had been bankrupted as a result, the kid was clever and considered outstanding in two small rural primary schools but ended up in a totally crap sink school and was targeted by a spotter for a trafficking gang as her grandpa was dying! I can only wonder where the ‘research’ came in!

          Excuse me if I don’t panic but just hold it all in complete contempt. I am very much more interested in that as a young adult, having survived a difficult youth, I arrived at university with a friend like Brown in tow and we were then pursued by gangsters, as were our friends and no-one, no-one helped us.

          When I was blogging about 1991 above and the constant attempts to have me imprisoned, very public attempts, I remembered that throughout it all, only two people – apart from Brown and my best mate from Somerset of course – said anything helpful, in contrast to the hordes who smugly said ‘Well I wouldn’t like to be in your position’.

          One was a New Age Traveller who’d grown up in care and had been in prison himself, who was living in Bethesda at the time. He just said don’t worry, the screws will absolutely not consider you to be the sort of person who needs a kicking, you will be OK, don’t worry at all, just come out the other side and pick yourself up again. The other person was F, ages before he had moved in with me, who gave me a Survival Guide based on his time in Risley. He also absolutely understood that I was under attack from the Gang, as did the New Age Traveller…

          Where were the legions of Radicals, the activists, the charidees Who Help The Oppressed? Absolutely nowhere to be seen, they were all either mates with the Gang or wetting themselves.

          Brown, F, a New Age Traveller and my friend from Somerset who’s own career was wrecked by Michael Grade et al. It doesn’t say much for society does it? Particularly as kids in care were being battered, raped and murdered at the time.

          I hope that people can understand why I don’t want people prosecuted re my case. The hypocrisy would be too much to tolerate. They can live with this, they can live with knowing that the career and pensions of a gang of paedophiles was prioritised over my freedom, my well-being, indeed my life. You wanted Dafydd and DGE Wood and a crowd of corrupt, murdering, cockney wanker coppers, its who you’ve got.

          1. The Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre conducted 1000 family research. Well if the families were really patients the three psychobabblers were busy boys. Mum dad two kids 4000 patients variously for play therapy, home visits to parents, mum and dad to counsel. Let us say 1333 consultations per week. 166 counselling and play therapy sessions per day. Bollix. So they were conducting social research consistent with the “Educationalist” research of J W Paulley

            The genius of these people was to propose that migraine was aggression expressed in the head and asthma was perfectionism expressed in the chest

            At some point a gut specialist from elsewhere said we have reached a situation in which there are different personality causes to illness of every inch of gut and that is a lot of inches. Paulley was not slowed he was reinforced in his belief psychosomatists aint understood by the wider profession.

            Paulley was having yet another revelation about fear of thunderstorms in childhood being a cause of asthma.

          2. In Paulley’s heyday, there was considerable interest in what can be loosely termed ‘psychosomatic’ medicine. As far as I can work out, it was substantially driven by psychiatrists who occasionally linked up with Docs who were not psychiatrists. Although the psychological/emotional world of ‘patients’ is important, like so much else that psychiatrists colonised, they weren’t very good at dealing with it! Some dreadful misjudgements were made, resulting in patients with serious physical conditions being told that it was All In Their Mind, denied pain relief, appropriate treatment etc.

            There was of course a bit of a repeat performance in the 1980s with the conundrum of ME. There was a case of a teenaged girl in the south of England who died because the Top Docs just would not listen to the girl or her mum that this was not ‘psychological’. The mum was desperate and in the end the Top Docs removed the girl from her mum’s care because they Knew Best. She died, they bloody well killed her because they got it so badly wrong and just would not consider that to be a possibility…

            Top Docs love banging on about how they Treat The Whole Person not just the Symptoms and Brown has taken to saying ‘I wish they would just treat the symptoms’… Indeed, they can’t do the psychological bit, let alone the guru/life coach bit. RD Laing loved observing that Docs had become the new priests… It is time that society became as disillusioned with Docs as it did priests because Docs just cannot perform this new duty, they need to butt out and stick to medicine and do that well… It’s not about being callous or unfeeling towards patients, genuine compassion is essential, but that is still in very short supply while Top Docs judge, moralise, dispense trite advice and feel able to intrude into patients’ lives in a wholly unacceptable way.

            BTW, I’ve had to give up on the post above, some 20,000 words disappeared. I had extensive memories and details blogged of corrupt police officers, details of violent assaults and possible murders committed by corrupt cops, the name of a corrupt Magistrate from Bethesda and his accomplices, info about bribery and corruption in Somerset linked to the Gang in north Wales… It’s all disappeared; I’m not sure how long it appeared on the blog for before it was sabotaged.

            How can anyone continue to bollock on re this nonsense of Bringing Abusers To Justice? No-one wants it done, no-one. All they want is to boast about banging up Asian taxi drivers or geriatric ex social workers and teachers… Names and details of senior Docs and police officers? No thanks, we refused to investigate 30 years ago and now someone’s dared to provide details on a blog, unknown authorities will hack the text with the details that identify the culprits.

            We were left in the hands of gangsters, no-one warned us and now I’ve gone into hiding after guns at dawn, the blog is being hacked. Because the Top Docs are screaming and screaming until they’re sick and are refusing to co-operate, putting patients in danger ‘unless that blog is stopped’…

            So why can I and others who dared challenge the Gang be executed then Docs? Because that is what is going on. It happened to me, it happened to the other person in Gwynedd who really took the Gang on and it happened to Merfyn’s wife. No Treatment For You Three Under Any Circumstances. Two of us are still alive, Nerys died…

            If any readers happen to have caputured and saved the text that has disappeared, could they be good enough to send it to me and I’ll reblog the info… I am just so fed up, it kills my enthusiasm when I spend three days blogging details, correlating dates etc and the whole lot disappears…

  7. Good to hear that Dame Sally Davies’s Advice For Today is Exercise Guidelines: for Women, Pregnant Women, the Elderly and Babies as well no less. I’m waiting for the Dame to announce that Fresh Air Must Be Taken Daily.

    If I wasn’t so busy on the blog I’d begin an Exercise Class For Older Ladies, issue Airtex Shirts and knee-length shorts to everyone who joins up and then lead them in the routines re hula hoops, touching toes, etc. The thing that intrigues me about such Exercise Classes is that one can only benefit if one is quite unfit in the first place. If one is working with people who have been immobile or are very seriously unfit, one can see the logic, but unless the Dame is unusually fit for a woman of her age herself, it might be interesting to order her up a mountain or into a vigorous aerobics/dance class and see how she fares. She might be brilliant, I don’t know the Dame, but I am interested as to who she thinks she is aiming her Daily Radio Doctor messages at. I’m hearing them on Radio 4 who’s audience probably don’t need the Dame’s Good Health for Beginners Guide anyway, they’ll all be totally obsessed with Exercise, Organic Veg etc before they down a bottle of wine in the evening.

    To more important matters. Can my regular correspondent Dr Richard Haynes help out once more I wonder? I have discovered a previously unknown reason for a Top Doc’s name to be removed from the register; ‘for administrative reasons’. Jonathan Miller, Wendy Savage and Lord Bob Winston have had their names removed for administrative reasons! (It’ll be a laugh if Miller and Lord Bob make another TV Doc’s series when their names are off of the register… ‘Fraud In Time’.) Anyway Richard, do you know anything re this ‘administrative reason’ rationale for removing docs from the register? And if their names are removed for such a reason, is it like when Bluglass et al surrendered before they were arrested, a case of The Doctor’s Good Name Remaining Intact? I’d hate the BBC Polymath, the Wimmin’s Champ and Lord Bob to lose their Good Names!

    Readers might be interested to know that Dr Death has voluntarily relinquished his registration! I wonder when Dr Death did that? Perhaps he’d like to voluntarily relinquish his peerage as well as every other role in which he mouths off and tells everyone that he knows better than the rest of us. Well Dr Death won’t be able to rescue us from the Constitutional Crisis if his Good Name isn’t still intact, so I’m glad that the GMC have thought of that bit.

    If any readers know whether the crowd of pompous, criminal scumbags who have starred on the blog made the decision not to be doctors any longer individually in isolation or whether there has been a big conversation, do let me know. For once the MDU and BMA might not have been able to offer advice re Doctors In The Shit because of the documents in my possession with the signatures of MDU and BMA reps all over them…

    I did see a news report declaring that thousands of new docs need to be trained. Perhaps they’re needed to replace the criminals and abusers who’ve recently decided that after a lifetime of How Very Dare You and pompousing, they’ve had enough of medicine…

    If any of those who are no longer on the medical register wish to drop me a line providing their rationale for their actions in relation to me over the last 35 years or so, I’d be interested to hear from them. I’m sure they’ll remember who I am unless they’ve all suddenly been clobbered with the new variant of Alzheimer’s as experienced by Barbara Windsor.

    I trust that dear old Dafydd, DGE Wood and Penketh are still on the register, they were last week…

    1. As of this morning, Dr PW White of the Distalgesic and Booze is still registered with a licence to practice, as is the genocidal Dr ‘Do Nothing’ Roberts who achieved such distinction as the Clinical Director of the Hergest Unit and Dafydd’s son Dyfrig is still a Top Doc!

      The crème de la crème are still in business then, north Wales just wouldn’t be the same without them. There won’t be any good news re an improvement in patient outcomes for the region just yet. Some of the worst mortality rates in Western Europe…

      1. Dear old Donald Wayte, the Most Offensive Pathologist On Earth has surrendered…
        Dim problem Donald, your Good Name remains!

        Donald’s wife Avril is a Trustee of Dafydd’s charidee CAIS…

        1. Vanessa Poeppinghaus who has loyally watched the crime in Ysbyty Gwynedd for decades now and not said a word is still Top Doctoring…

          Are you still denying whistleblowers all effective pain relief Vanessa? And feeding back info to criminal CEOs who are unlawfully arresting patients who have gained evidence that could put the CEO in the dock of the Crown Court that is then used against the patient’s employer no less?

          Vanessa! The Crucial Link in the Let’s Get Merfyn Jones campaign! She nearly crapped herself on the spot when I produced that voice recorder because Vanessa had just heard what her colleagues had said to – or rather screamed at – me…

          No-one’s ever been unlawfully arrested or refused NHS care for life-threatening conditions at Ysbyty Gwynedd have they Vanessa? At least no-one who’s produced evidence of exactly that and who’s employer hasn’t then been hounded out of public life by Vanessa’s friends and colleagues…

          1. I wonder if Vanessa was the Consultant In Charge of A&E that day when I rang to have a conversation with the Angel In Charge of the shift when I had been (yet again) insulted and threatened by Angels, who, when one of her Angel mates recognised my voice when I asked to speak to the Angel In Charge said to the Angels on duty, ‘It’s Sally Baker, she must have recorded us’ and received the response from the Angel In Charge of ‘Oh God, what are we going to say???’

            I’ll tell you what the Angel In Charge did say (not realising that I’d heard the Hand Over Conversation). She took the phone and said ‘Sally, Sally, I just want to tell you that I know it shouldn’t have happened, but we’ve had a really, really difficult shift here today… If you knew… if you knew… the case that we had…. it was a little child Sally… a baby…’ The Angel then began crying…

            After the hamming I told the Angel that I had heard the Hand Over. She put the phone down on me. I was never able to identify which Angel In Charge sunk to this level…

            Ah, the things that they see in their day to day work! It’s so stressful not being able to save lives, particularly when It’s A Child and they’ve done all that they can…

            I wonder if the Angels of Ysbyty Gwynedd A&E qualify for the most Disgusting Angels On Earth Award or whether there is another A&E somewhere who are actually worse than that lot.

    2. Administrative erasure from the Medical Register and consequently the removal of the license to practice is a direct result of non-payment of the GMC annual retention fee. It is not automatic and there is often an informal period of grace but it can be backdated. So it’s a state of can’t pay , won’t pay, don’t want to pay and feel unable to advise that things have moved on. In practical terms it means that you are not subject to any disciplinary actions without clearly demonstrating to all that the kitchen is too hot by pulling the plug yourself.

    3. I think among the patients told “It is all in your mind” were the Suffolk Regt ex POWs, of the Japanese, who attended outreach clinic at Stowmarket where mum was residential caretaker.

      My dad was ambulance driver based at same place and I recall how coy he was about what went on. Sticks in my mind one weekend we returned home and found a doctor cornered in the outside lavvy yard by our trusty Airedale. He was holding his brief case in front of his nethers like a footballer in front of a free kick. He explained he had returned to the clinic at a weekend as he had inadvertently left patient records behind on a desk.

      My dad let him leave. I just knew dad was lying when he told me the man was the outreach chest physician. “Well he’d know where his desk was so how come he was coming out the X ray room dad?” “He’s young to be a specialist dad ?” “Why was he happy to leave clinic unlocked on his way out how come he didn’t ring dad and how did he get in first of all ?”

      “Call the police dad”

      I just know the old fella was lying.

  8. Here’s a minor but telling anecdote that I’ve never thought to make public because it was just another one of those things that Brown and me rolled around laughing at, but in the context of the Top Docs right across north Wales colluding to deny any woman an NHS abortion for any reason (although referrals to the Private Abortionist in Chester who was known to have had a few rather bad outcomes could be obtained on demand from Top Docs as long as people had the money) until about 1990, it is illuminating…

    By the time that we were 18, Brown and I knew of so many kids in Somerset who had been grossly sexually exploited after Top Docs had told them to Be Sensible and take the contraceptive pill (sometimes at the age of 14 or 15), that we avoided that sort of culture and the Top Docs who went with it like the plague. We were also aware of the research re hormonal contraception and took the view ‘We’re not touching it with a barge pole and we don’t want anything to do with the people who hand it out either’. So one day in 1981, just after I’d arrived in Bangor, Brown was visiting and I said to him ‘Oh I’ll get the contraceptives, there’s a chemist’s shop in Upper Bangor’. In the event Brown came with me as well.

    So we walked in and I scanned the shop for the condoms. I couldn’t see them, so in the end I said to the lady behind the counter, ‘Do you have any er contraceptives please, I can’t see where they are’. Hilarious, she bent down and opened a Secret Drawer under the counter, with the condoms in. I barely noticed because I see a lot of weird things and I don’t often think about the meaning, but when we left the shop, Brown said ‘DID YOU SEE THAT??? They’ve hidden the johnnies like they used to in the 1950s, they’re under the bloody counter…’

    Brown then explained that the situation was fairly unusual in 1981 on mainland Britain and he also noted that we had definitely been clocked as Those Two who purchased the condoms and ooh they looked young, Students!! Not Married!!… I found out later that we had indeed been noted, the two who had the nerve to go into the chemist’s and ASK for the condoms…

    Now in the context of what I have dug up when researching for this blog, the condoms under the counter and the noting of Those Who Purchased Them is deeply worrying. I have no problem at all if a chemist’s shop doesn’t want to put its condoms of many colours in the front window, but this was a small town in which a vicious paedophile/trafficking gang was operating, with which every Doc and Angel colluded and in which every Doc tried to Talk Sex to any young person whom they encountered in virtually all circumstances.

    Brown and I were nearly 19 when we had the Condemnatory Contraceptive Experience; we weren’t 14 and we were obviously on excellent terms with each other, I had not been dragged in for supplies against my will by a caveman… It must have been damn near impossible for local young people to feel able to buy condoms in Bangor. What they had to do was consult those appalling predators who were forcing anyone they could into a sex abuse ring…

    I used to wonder why, once I was unfortunate enough to have doings with the Predators, that Top Docs not only Talked Sex constantly but also were obsessed with trying to discuss contraception with me. I was astounded, I just thought ‘I’m an intelligent adult, why on earth are you trying to discuss this with me?? I make these decisions myself (well with Brown actually), why ever would I ask anyone else???’

    It was seriously weird; I can understand if a patient seems not to have the gen on such matters, but when I was THIRTY, living back in Bethesda after having acquired an MSc in medical sciences and worked in an IVF clinic, I was offered ‘contraceptive advice’ by one of the dysfunctionals in Bethesda surgery. I looked at him and said ‘I really don’t think I need it, do you?’ It was Dr Nickson. He then produced a little form and said ‘Oh but can you just sign this to confirm that I’ve given you contraceptive advice?’ I presumed that it was yet another tick box thing that enabled GPs to pick up yet more money for doing their job…

    I did reiterate to Dr Nickson that I didn’t WANT contraceptive advice, if I did I would ask for it…

    Nonetheless Paul Nickson did insist on running through contraceptive choices (Nickson, I was fully aware of every ‘choice’ that you listed, but I also knew of the side-effects that you did not mention). He spontaneously offered the advice that the Femidom (it had only recently become popularised) was ‘like having a crisp packet stuck up your fanny’.

    Paul Nickson is one of the many who has recently voluntarily relinquished his registration.

    It really is very obvious what was going on wasn’t it…

    If I feel like experimenting with a crisp packet, I’ll do it myself, in a venue of my choice and there’s no need to ask for feedback Top Docs… I was never ever interested in discussing such matters with people who just so obviously didn’t know their arses from their elbows or were bonkers or just downright unpleasant.

    1. Dr PW White who is still On The Register (see comment above) was a Top Doc in Menai Bridge in the era of the Condoms Under The Counter.

      Dr PW White was not only notorious re the Distalgesic and Booze, but the 17 yr old teenage girl to whom he prescribed Distalgesic who was drinking like a fish became pregnant. She was uneducated, couldn’t cope with independent living at all and although she hadn’t realised she was pregnant for a while, it was still well within the time limit for a legal termination on a number of grounds. When PW White told her she was pregnant, she freaked and told him that she’d like an abortion. PW White told her that she could not have such a thing, ‘this happens to women all over the world every day’, she had become pregnant, she now had to live With The Consequences Of Her Behaviour.

      About six years ago I met someone who knew her. The baby that was the result of the pregnancy that PW White diagnosed was finally taken into care by the Gang, but not until he was about two and disaster after disaster had occurred. She had gone on to have another three children and had struggled with them. She had ended up as an Empowered Service User who was considered damn near impossible…

      I don’t think that PW White or his colleagues served that girl or her children particularly well. There was no constructive help and advice for her and what with the condoms under the counter, there never had been…

      I would understand if those Top Docs in north Wales had been genuinely ethically opposed to abortion; some people are and instead of making that public very loudly while establishing business arrangements with a dangerous, ‘private’ abortionist in a nearby city, they provide real help for women with an unplanned pregnancy. PW White et al were not acting from any principled stance at all were you PW?

      DGE Wood was given a blow by blow account of PW White’s conduct towards that teenager. He described it as dangerous and shocking, but not to PW White. DGE Wood was friends with PW White.

      That teenager no doubt has been diagnosed with a Severe Personality Disorder. She was Just Impossible, as PW White could have told everyone at the time. PW White who’s son was banged up for serious drugs offences…

      1. Dear Readers,
        I really am very sorry about the delay in finishing the above post, I have received loads of extra info and wanted to get it up, but there have been nothing but delays and interference with my system. I thought that I’d have it finished by now, I was planning A Tribute To Robert Mugabe (think Fatty Soames!), but I’m having such trouble here that I’ll have to forget about that completely…
        I’ll do my best to tidy up what I’ve begun above, but then I’ll have to include the new info in a future post, it’s driving me mad trying to finish this in the face of the IT gremlins…

        1. Here’s another guilty man:

          Sir Roger Sims, Tory MP for Chislehurst, Feb 1974-1997. Sir Roger was PPS for Willie Whitelaw when Willie served in Thatch’s Gov’t and did all that he could to help Dafydd and the Gang as the dead bodies of kids in care were repeatedly found in Risley after the Gang had made fallacious or trivial allegations against them and they had been detained in Risley To Be Assessed And Helped.

          I discovered the existence of Sir Roger while watching an old World In Action from 1977 on the topic of Troubled Naughty Children, who end up in custody. Sir Roger was Concerned. Others featured in the programme were social workers, probation officers and Magistrates in Islington. The children’s ‘delinquency’ was familiar. They had Absconded from children’s homes, were Disturbed and thus Had To Be Detained In Custody.

          Everyone interviewed in that TV programme knew exactly what was happening to those kids and why they kept running away from children’s homes.

          1. Roland Moyle was Even More Concerned than Sir Roger Sims.

            Roland was the Labour MP for Lewisham, 1966-83. On the site of the big south London ring facilitated by Dafydd and Gwynne’s partners at the Maudsley. Roland’s dad was Lord Arthur Moyle, who had also been a Labour MP and Clem Attlee’s PPS.

            Moyle was educated in Bexleyheath and Llanidloes, and at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth and Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he Chaired the Labour Club in 1953. Moyle became a barrister, called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn in 1954, joining William Mars-Jones there.

            Can any readers enlighten me re the passage from Aber to Cambridge taken by the elite of the lawyers who were Of The Gang? Mars-Jones, Lord Elwyn-Jones, Geraint Morgan QC all trod that route… (So did Neil Hamilton at a later date.) Who coughed up the money for the Cambridge degree after Aber? Who spotted and recommended the Aber law students for the Fast Track to the Higher Echelons of the Gang? It was obviously the security services behind it but I’d like to know the people involved if anyone can enlighten me.

            Moyle was an industrial relations consultant and worked as Secretary of the National Joint Industrial Council to the Gas Industry, and National Joint Council in Gas Staffs from 1956 and the sister body in the electrical industry from 1965. He served as a Councillor in the London Borough of Greenwich from 1964 and was President of Greenwich Labour Party.

            In 1969 Roland Moyle was appointed PPS to Home Secretary Sunny Jim, who was er colluding with Dafydd and Gwynne. When Moyle was in that role, Sunny Jim sent the troops into N Ireland and thus Moyle had a ring side seat re Kincora, the torture on interns etc.

            Moyle was have been a very safe pair of hands because when Grocer Heath was elected, Moyle was a participant in talks instigated by William Whitelaw in 1972, as an adviser to the N Ireland Labour Party.

            On returning to office in 1974, Harold Wilson appointed Moyle as a Minister of State for N Ireland, a post held until Wilson’s retirement in 1976, ‘during two of the most bloody and violent years of the 30-year conflict’. Could these matters have been related?

            When Sunny Jim became Labour Leader, Moyle was appointed Minister of State at the Department of Health. It’s Dafydd and Gwynne again.

            Moyle was Deputy Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, 1985-91.

            Arthur Moyle was Clem Attlee’s PPS from 1946 until Attlee’s retirement as Labour Leader and took his seat in the Lords in the month following Roland’s maiden speech, which referred to Wat Tyler and the Peasant’s Revolt…

            Trebles All Around!

            Moyle’s mum and dad grew up in Montgomeryshire and he spent his secondary school years there.

            I’m wondering of Roland Moyle was any relation to Sarah Moyle, with whom I worked at Surrey University, in Prof Vincent Marks’s team. Sarah grew up in south Wales… When I then worked at St George’s I met one of Sarah’s friend’s, who was working in the Dept of Child Health; he had been there when Ollie Brooke had been jailed…

            Sarah had twins and the Top Docs screwed up the delivery in the way that Sarah feared that they would, she detailed the worst case scenario before the birth and the Top Docs did exactly that. Total cock-up. They really are not worth protecting Sarah.

            The World In Action doc was made when Merlyn Rees was Home Secretary. Merlyn Rees was as helpful to the Gang as Woy was. Merlyn Rees’s name is everywhere re the Gang. He was from south Wales, an LSE graduate, an MP for Savile HQ in Leeds, he appointed Dafydd’s mate from the Maudsley to advise on the torture of N Ireland interns, Merlyn Rees did as much as possible to ensure that Dafydd and his mates were Gov’t advisers in every way possible. Rees was a Director of Municipal Mutual who insured Clwyd County Council and the North Wales Police in 1996 when Municipal Mutual paid Cherie’s mate Michael Beloff QC a lot of money to tell them how to ensure that no-one was given access to the Jillings Report.

            Moyle and Merlyn Rees are both dead.

            I’ll wait for the Abusers to be Held To Account then. Can I remind people of the suffering in N Ireland that was undoubtedly increased by the determination of these old gits to conceal Kincora?

            I’m told that Merlyn Knew About Me. I’m impressed. But a lot of people in N Ireland suffered much more that I did. Particularly those who died, after being tortured.

            The World In Action programme was made in the spirit of so many other docs in which terrible conundrums caused by Dafydd and Gwynne were discussed by those who were ensuring that Dafydd and Gwynne continued business as normal. Kilroy and Vincent Kane know what I am talking about.

  9. Tom White was interviewed about the Dangerous Children, to whom he always took a Caring Attitude, although Doctors had assessed them as Dangerous.

    Tom White was Director of Social Services for Coventry, 1970-85. Coventry was the domain of Westminster Swinger Richard Crossman and Dafydd and Gwynne’s partner ring ran the city. It was Colin Berry, an elderly psychiatrist from Coventry, who assisted Bluglass in the Great Cover-Up of 1988-89.

    Tom White later became a Labour Councillor for Henley) and Chief Executive of NCH Action for Children, of which Westminster Molester George Thomas was Patron.

    Perhaps the authors of ‘From self-help to class struggle: revisiting Coventry Community Development Project’s 1970s journey of discovery’, published in ‘Community Development Journal’, Volume 52, Issue 2, April 2017, of which this was the abstract could comment:

    This article examines the experiences of the 1970–1975 Coventry Community Development Project in Hillfields as one of four first wave projects, and charts its avowed three stage shift from a consensual, to a pluralist and finally a class structuralist approach, developing a radical theory and practice that helped to shape the wider UK radical Community Development Project movement. While supporting the main features of the structural approach they developed in their 1975 Final Reports, we also raise critical issues that were of importance at the time, and have continuing relevance for community development in the challenging times we now face.

    The authors were: 1. Mick Carpenter, who was lead researcher for the Hillfields CDP research and Emeritus Professor of Social Policy at the University of Warwick. Mick has been active in community action and research in Coventry since the 1970s. 2. Ben Kyneswood, who was Research Fellow for the Hillfields CDP research and is currently Lecturer in Sociology at Coventry University.

    There is no way that Mick and Ben could have missed what was happening. Kids from Coventry sent to children’s homes in north Wales… They’ll have known about Crossman as well, everyone knew about lustful, groping, Ugandan discussing Crossman.

      1. Originally broadcast on Monday 25th April 1977. Think Mr Thrope, Norman Scott and Mary Wynch.

        Included an interview with Robert Kilroy-Silk, who invited Dafydd onto his show in the 1990s as an Expert and who praised Brilliant Psychiatrist Robyn Skynner on a show that discussed Dangerous Children. They were being raped and buggered Kilroy, but you knew that.

        Kilroy hosted Dafydd and praised Skynner when F and I were making repeated complaints about Dafydd. Kilroy never turned up in Bridgy but then he wouldn’t have been any use, Kilroy had been a Labour MP for Dafydd’s manor and Posh Tories were needed to befriend the Somerset contingent. As well as naff celebs, such as Mike Reid and Tiger Woods.

        Luvvie Ray Burdis starred, Ray who trained at the Anna Scher Theatre in Islington. The kids of Anna Scher certainly did well for themselves in the 1980s; they packed the BBC schedules. Does Little Nell know why?

        Producer was Carol Wilks.
        Exec Producer was Brian Tapping.

        Editor was Ray Fitzwalter. Ray died from cancer bechod in 2016 (Moyle Passed Over in 2017). Chris Mullin, faithful servant of Dafydd’s partner ring in the North East, wrote Ray’s obit for The Guardian:

        Ray Fitzwalter, who has died aged 72 of cancer, was one of the outstanding investigative journalists of his era. In the late 1960s, as a young reporter on the Bradford Telegraph & Argus, he was the first to take an interest in the activities of an obscure Yorkshire architect named John Poulson, triggering what became a national scandal that ended the political career of the former Tory chancellor and home secretary Reginald Maudling.

        In 1970 Fitzwalter joined Granada Television’s flagship documentary programme, World in Action, where he helped to make a series of hard-hitting documentaries on a wide range of issues including corruption in business and local government, as well as an hour-long special on the 1971 slaughter in East Pakistan which led to the birth of Bangladesh.

        In 1976 he became editor of World in Action, over which he presided for the next 17 years, before ending his career with Granada as head of current affairs. Among the programmes he commissioned was a remarkable series of documentaries on the Birmingham pub bombings, which helped to expose one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in British legal history.

        Fitzwalter was born in the Lancashire town of Bury, one of three children of Robert Fitzwalter, a factory worker and Lucy (nee Fox), a seamstress. He passed the 11-plus at the age of nine, went to the local grammar school and later studied economics at the London School of Economics. On leaving university he joined the Telegraph & Argus as a trainee journalist, rising to become deputy news editor. In 1969 he was made young journalist of the year in recognition of his investigative reporting. One of his prizewinning stories involved the exposure of a crooked Bradford estate agent who also happened to be his paper’s biggest advertiser.

        The Poulson affair and the subsequent fallout was the highlight of Fitzwalter’s early years at Granada. In 1973 he made a controversial World in Action documentary entitled The Friends and Influence of John L Poulson, which exposed Poulson’s nationwide network of corrupt relationships with officials at every level of government, local and national.

        This led to a memorable run-in with the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) which, without viewing the programme, banned it. It later emerged that four members of the IBA board had connections with persons who featured in the programme. The result was a huge censorship row. ITV responded by showing a blank screen in place of the advertised programme. Eventually, after a long struggle, the IBA backed down and allowed the film to be broadcast, slightly revised, under the title The Rise and Fall of John Poulson. Poulson was arrested shortly afterwards.

        The following year Fitzwalter helped make a sequel to the Poulson documentary entitled Business in Gozo. This showed how, by employing the services of Maudling, Poulson managed to win a contract to build and equip a 320-bed hospital on the Maltese island of Gozo. The hospital, which was several times larger than could conceivably be justified, was paid for by British overseas aid. In parliament Maudling had been campaigning for greater British aid to Malta without disclosing that he was in the pay of Poulson. Later, when the police began to investigate, he resigned as home secretary and spent the rest of his career fighting a long rear-guard action which included libel writs served in an attempt to gag further inquiries.

        Two other MPs, John Cordle (Conservative) and Albert Roberts (Labour), were also implicated. A select committee set up to investigate the conduct of the three found them guilty of “conduct inconsistent with the standards which the house is entitled to expect from its members”. Cordle resigned his seat, but the Conservative whips mounted a campaign to save Maudling from expulsion and Roberts survived on his coat-tails. In the end the Commons merely “noted” the report. The scandal did, however, lead to the setting up of a register of members’ interests. Altogether 21 associates of Poulson, including nine councillors (notably the former Newcastle city council leader T Dan Smith), and a number of civil servants, were convicted of corruption. Poulson himself was sentenced to seven years in prison. The reluctance of the director of public prosecutions to prosecute Maudling and parliament’s failure to expel him rankled with Fitzwalter for the rest of his life.

        In 1981 he and fellow journalist David Taylor published Web of Corruption, a definitive account of the affair.

        Other memorable programmes included a 1984 challenge to Matthew Parris, then a Conservative MP, to show that he could live on unemployment benefit of £27 a week. He failed and was duly humbled by the experience. In the same year a World in Action reporter secretly filmed a police officer setting up an armed robbery, including supplying a mask and gun, with a view to arresting the “robbers” he had persuaded to take part. A 1988 documentary entitled The Taming of the BBC, offered evidence of the detailed interest that prime minister Margaret Thatcher was taking in the appointment of governors to the corporation.

        Under Fitzwalter’s editorship World in Action won 35 national and international awards, including a Bafta and three accolades from the Royal Television Society. In 1990 Fitzwalter himself was awarded a Bafta for “an outstanding creative contribution to television”.

        By the early 1990s, however, he found himself at odds with the new generation of senior management at Granada who were increasingly obsessed with ratings, cost-cutting and short-term profitability, and had little or no interest in inquiring journalism. He eventually resigned and set up an independent production company, based in Manchester, which over a 10-year period made more than 250 programmes for a variety of outlets, including the BBC and ITV.

        He also became a visiting professor at the International Media Centre at Salford University and chairman of the Campaign for Quality Television, which lobbied for legislation to preserve broadcasting standards from the onslaught of market forces. In 2008 he published The Dream That Died, a book documenting what he regarded as the decline of ITV.

        In person, Fitzwalter was as different from the popular image of the brash TV executive as you could find. A modest, softly spoken man, he never lost either his accent or his northern roots, living for most of his life in or around Bury. His apparent caution masked a steely resolve once he had made up his mind that a subject was worth investigating, and he was not afraid to take on even the mightiest vested interests.

        In 1966, he married Mary Towman, with whom he had three children, Stephen, Matthew and Kathryn. The marriage ended in divorce in 1991. Three years later he married Luise Nandy, (ANY RELATION TO LISA???) who had two daughters, Francesca and Lisa. He is survived by his wife, his children, two granddaughters and four grandsons.

        Raymond Fitzwalter, investigative journalist and total fucking hypocrite who knew that Dafydd and Gwynne were at the centre of T. Dan Smith, Poulson, Maudling, Malta and Gozo; died 4 April 2016.

        So THAT is why Dafydd and Gwynne were never mentioned re T Dan Smith and Poulson; it was Fitzwalter who exposed them which led to their arrest. He couldn’t mention Dafydd and Gwynne because of Savile and other media customers of theirs.

        Why did Fitzwalter go after Poulson and Reggie Maudling in the first place, because they were only bit-players compared to Gwynne and Dafydd?

        Consider this:

        Maudling replaced Selwyn Lloyd as Macmillan’s Chancellor when Mac kicked Selwyn and Gwynne and Dafydd’s other mates out of the Cabinet in July 1962 in the Night Of The Long Knives. Selwyn never forgave Mac or Maudling. Reggie M developed a serious booze problem that the Top Docs couldn’t help with and died in the care of Dafydd’s mates at the Royal Free. Reggie’s son William was found dead at the bottom of a tower block in London in May/June 1999. Suicide of course. No-one saw him fall and his death was not made public until three weeks after his body was found.

        Fitzwalter’s docs about Poulson and Reggie began in 1973. Mary Wynch began her long battle with Dafydd and the Gang in 1973 after the death of her mother in one of Dafydd’s Nursing Homes in 1972…

        I have been a bit slow re Tessa Jowell as well. I just thought that Tessa didn’t know that when a brain tumour gets to the terminal stage, trying silly things like caps shooting small electric shocks through one’s scalp are neither here nor there. Tessa got the Nerys treatment for that brain tumour, although Nerys pissed the Gang off rather more than Tessa.

        Because I have spent so much time insulting Tessa for her roles as the Top Doc’s daughter who was Chair of Camden Social Services, a children’s care officer for Lambeth, a psych social worker for the Maudsley, Deputy Director of MIND and Daft Bint who did whatever Miranda wanted, as well as the wife of Silvio’s mate David Mills and the sister-in-law of bent DPP Dame Barbara, I really have missed the point. Tessa was not just Of The Gang, she was the biggest and best Inside Witness that there was.

        I tell you Dafydd, I am so glad that I was targeted because I was your enemy. Being a friend of yours is just so much more risky.

    1. Lest anyone forgets I fell over serious organised crime in the NHS and the North Yorkshire VIP paedophile ring.
      That will be £2M please Sir Simon based on NHS England not following it’s own policy re NHS whistleblowers and to address the threat by the North East & Cumbria Medical Director. At this point I will ‘collect my cash’ thank you.

        1. I remember Nigel reporting those findings in Poulson Maudling case.

          I don’t think there are any new findings re the Monarchist League (Hervey Marquis of Bristol arms trafficker Ickworth Suffolk) funding of political broadcasting from Radio 270 Scarborough (Produced by Harvey Proctor. Roger Gale MP was a 270 DJ and investor)

          I am no nearer my memory yielding more about Maudlings name cropping up at Clare police station 1971 I seem to recall that he was source of a bit of cash that had just came sarges way.

  10. Thanks for the links Richard, north Wales and Yorkshire were certainly hotspots. Poulson’s association with organised sexual violence/exploitation is still only detailed on the internet, never a word emerged during the big 1970s scandal; I knew why months ago, it was the Dafydd and Gwynne and Westminster Paedophile Ring bit that no-one dared touch, that was why only a tiny bit of the iceberg ever became public knowledge. I had no idea that Ray Fitzwalter the World In Action bloke had engineered the expose to get Reggie Maudling and Poulson as a revenge attack on the part of Dafydd and Gwynne and the Gang though…

    What I find so inexcusable even when one takes into account the scale of the problem and the number and seniority of people involved is the number of murders that have so obviously been committed to keep a lid on it all. There have just been so many deaths attributed to suicide or misadventure that even someone unacquainted with this landscape would think ‘This really could be murder, why has no-one suggested that?’

    I was thinking of Norman Scott this morning, he was the first public target of these bastards. I think he handled himself with a great deal of dignity actually. However, among all the silly homophobia that accompanied the reporting of the case, even as a teenager, I can remember discussing with all sorts of people around Somerset that ‘Jeremy tried to murder him, it wasn’t just a case of Jeremy trying to cover-up his homosexuality, Jeremy had a real go at trying to have Norman killed and now Jeremy has walked away and it’s all one big joke.’ The local baker had a cup of tea in our kitchen after Jeremy was acquitted and said ‘Well they’ll do it all over again now won’t they, they’ll have another go at him…’

    I don’t know what security measures Norman took after the Old Bailey case – he must have taken some, he knew how bloody dangerous that lot were – but no-one seemed to wake up to a huge conspiracy on the part of the state to conceal a serious attempt to murder an entirely innocent man. It took me a long time to realise that I and my friends were in the same category as Norman; we had evidence of something so disgusting that the answer was to wait until we were found dead because that really was the simplest remedy.

    Dafydd was such an idiot that us laughing at him did tend to eclipse the fact that he is a very, very dangerous person and not one Top Doc would stand up for me. People quietly admitted to me verbally that they absolutely accepted what was happening, but they just wet themselves if they thought that they might have to admit this in public or to a third party.

    I feel very angry with all those undercover officers – they know who I am talking about – who did understand the seriousness of the situation and they were in action to help, but Christ, it was too little too late. They had money, resources and manpower and yet it was clear to me that they didn’t dare confront those we know and love publicly because they and their families would be at high risk of death the next time they became ill. Of course I don’t want them to be murdered by the Top Docs, but Brown and me were 20 and it was apparently OK if we were.

    This was not a situation that can be dealt with by asking the GMC to try harder, or by another Public Inquiry Chaired by a corrupt old judge who is crapping themselves because they are 70 and diabetic so they can’t offend the Top Docs either. The GMC, MDU and BMA should have been flattened, they have done this for decades and have shown no intention to change, not after Shipman, not after Savile. Get the message, they are not going to negotiate, they are not going to change, this is a deeply corrupt profession that eats its own members, they need to be fucking well dealt with so that in future, good young doctors can breathe and are not ruined by their fifth year of practice.

    Furthermore, people need to understand that the Gang were so bad, at least in north Wales, that one did not have to tempt any of them to target one in any way. One didn’t have to be doing anything at all to find oneself accused of ‘violence’, ‘aggression’ or being ‘dangerous’. Look at the evidence, just look at it. Kids of 11 who were taken into care because their parents had DIED were gang raped and ended up in prison or dead. Just wake up everyone, this Gang were terrible, really bad and they stopped at nothing to snare or destroy their victims.

    And I don’t want to hear any more bleeding hearts about Women, Sexism, Misogyny either. Yes, Dafydd took a shine to me because he had the hots for me. That should not blind us to the fact that his specialism was a production line for RENT BOYS. It was boys and men who suffered most in north Wales, by 14 they had been battered, injured, gang raped and passed around repulsive old paedophiles. When they were 18, if they didn’t shut up about it, they would be accused of Aggression or even Sexual Violence against a weeping lying Angel or social worker in Court. I saw it again and again.

    The former kid in care who I got to know in Denbigh who was killed there sometime in 1987, Stephen Bagnall, looked terrifying, really frightening. He had a shaved head, he was covered in tattoos (not the sort of tattoos that Brown has) and just looked rough. As soon as he saw me he came up, offered me a fag, although I don’t smoke and made friends with me. The Angels didn’t. I spent the next few weeks watching Angels do all they could to upset Stephen in every way possible, desperate to see him freak out, so they could smugly have him carted off to Risley Remand Centre for Assaulting An Angel. It didn’t work with Stephen, but it did work with another young man.

    Most of the women staff were accomplices. Stop being so naïve everyone, they took orders from male sex offenders more often because they were doing very nicely out of it rather than because they were frightened. And they lied and lied ad lied. There was no Solidarity, not even with other girls or women, if that was claimed, it was yet another ruthless ruse or trap.

    The post that I have prepared but can’t post up features an extract from the Waterhouse Report in which even Ronnie accepts the problems presented by three boys who by the age of 13 had been repeatedly anally raped by Stephen Norris – who served TWO prison sentences for sexually assaulting boys in north Wales – and were then transferred ALL TOGETHER to another children’s home after Norris was jailed. The boys caused havoc, they just tried to have sex with every other kid they came across, at all times.

    The clueless fuckwits in Clwyd Social Services had no idea what to do; the local people were reporting the boys constantly because they were after kids in the local swimming pool, they went after the other kids in their new children’s home, they had been wrecked by what Norris had done to them. Of course everyone knew what Norris was doing to the boys at the time and did nothing. There were Case Conferences, and a Specialist Therapist called in, a Linda Butler – her ‘advice’ was ignored, but no, she didn’t blow the whistle either – the North Wales Police didn’t know how to ‘proceed’ and in the end it was a case of ‘We’ll do nothing’.

    Clwyd knew that whatever they did about those three boys would involve such an admission of guilt on their part that they didn’t dare do anything. Ronnie in his Report went to lengths to details the Failings of Clwyd in this case and provided a long list of Recommendations for such a situation. Ronnie’s mates had employed the people who abused those boys, his mates were the idiots who concealed it and then took no action. At the top of the pyramid was Dafydd, overseeing the Mental Health system that not only Did Nothing, ignored the advice of Linda Butler, but also had a policy of not providing ANY psychosexual counselling for boys or men.

    Men could not get sex therapy on the NHS in north Wales however desperate they were. I know one man who has repeatedly tried to commit suicide because of this. And I know why it is; there were/are so many damaged men in north Wales because of what went on in those children’s homes for decades that no-one, no-one dares provide the therapy – even if they know what they are doing – because of what they will uncover.

    It was pretty dreadful being female around those old perverts, but just take a look at what happened to those boys. It was horrific, really horrific. Perhaps the next politician or journo who wants to scream about Wimmin and Girls and Opposing Sexual Violence against them or indeed Our Wonderful NHS might like to ask themselves what it would be like to be housed in a ‘home’ from the age of 12 where you were forced to have anal sex with groups of men – at gunpoint sometimes – and then filmed while dogs had sex with you. That is what was going on. Any objections would be met by a stay in Risley Remand Centre, beatings every night and your cell mate being murdered (or left to kill themselves) and their body left in the cell with you. Then a transfer to Denbigh without limit of time because Dr Dafydd Alun Jones had declared that you were Extremely Disturbed.

    That was Stephen Bagnall’s life. That was the Help that he received from Dafydd and the Gang. He was eventually killed by them while he was detained in Denbigh, under the Mental Health Act. That is if Dafydd even bothered to sign the paperwork, he probably didn’t. No-one would have unlocked those doors to let Stephen out, as simple as that.

    The GMC, MDU and BMA knew that Dafydd was doing this.

    Well??? Top Docs??

    So it’s time to change the business model. Blame the patients for taking strong opioid/ psychoactive medication and being dependent. It’s the doctors that prescribe them. The Medical Director for North Yorkshire and the Humber with direct responsibility for controlled drugs would not accept evidence of GP drug diversion, subsequently confirmed by CQC over 6 years later. NHS Counter Fraud Services likewise were not interested. The PCT Medical Director was only concerned about how upsetting it all was.The Police were not interested. etc.etc
    So Public Health England Prof ‘ I’m worried’ feels a tad lame to say the least.

    1. There must be serious Resistance from the Top Docs Richard! Everywhere I look media wise – and I’ve just heard yet more on Radio 4’s lunchtime news – there are Wimmin screaming that the NHS needs more money to Help patients. The Radio 4 bulletin that I’ve just heard starred a woman from CR UK explaining that well yes Britain has the worst cancer outcomes (there exists something called a ‘cancer community’ no less) in Western Europe (and worse than Oz and New Zealand as well) but that’s because the Top Docs have not got enough money and then the final line from the CR UK rep was ‘but patients need to go to their Top Doc as soon as they Spot A Sign, it’s Their Responsibility’. That final bit of victim blaming was added after the pleas for more money and the explanation that the waiting lists AFTER the patients had Spoken To Their Doc were the problem. Large scale research fraud for decades on the part of teams funded by CR UK wasn’t mentioned….

      And a reader has just sent me a link to a news item re a Coronation Street story ‘My Cervical Cancer Hell’. It’s to Encourage Wimmin to get screened! Obviously the recent PR efforts on the part of the granddaughter of Dame Viv Duffield, the daughter of a man who used the services provided by Dafydd and Gwynne at the time of Profumo were insufficient, it’s Corrie now!

      That’ll be the Corrie that starred Ken Barlow, who was happy to be Patron of St David’s Hospice in Llandudno, an institution run by the Gang. Readers might like to watch the You Tube video of Peter Kay’s Comic Relief spoof of Is This the Way To Amarillo; it has Peter Kay doing the things that made him so popular and are quite funny eg. a cheap purple suit, doing his flies up on camera, drinking out of a ‘Chorley’ mug etc, but then there is a group dance scene, featuring Ken Barlow, Deirdre and Jimmy Savile! They’re holding hands, hugging, all dancing together…

      I’ll take the latest media response re Wimmin and Cancer as a sign that this blog is kicking the knackers that other boots have not kicked…

      Readers might remember that Deirdre, in real life, was busted for grass. F never got over that, the thing that he remembered most about Deirdre was that she was busted for grass, as in mari-jew-ana…

      If the Corrie crowd were not mates with Dafydd and the Gang, Deirdre would have found that when she was busted for grass, Philip Myers’s officers would have planted coke on her as well. If they were really lucky, like F they’d have received a punch in the face and been fitted up for arson as well…

      Now then. I have mentioned a number of people from F’s days in Surrey who seem to have collaborated with Dafydd’s partners in crime in the south east of England re the conspiracy to shaft F. I have finally found the details of another person whom I am sure, from what F told me, was part of it, but I doubt that F realised that.

      Let me introduce Harold Cheesman, ARCA, RSA, RSPW, who was Head of Painting at Farnham Art College when F came under sustained attack, the attack that was continued by Dafydd when F moved to Bethesda. Cheesman and F hated each other and F told me that others at Farnham, including tutors, warned F that Cheeseman was a very unpleasant man and the students had no idea of some of the matters that Cheesman was concerned with.

      Here’s the spiel re Cheesman that I’ve found on a website (there’s a lovely pic of Cheesman as well, but I can’t reproduce pics in this comments facility of the blog):

      Harold Cheeseman was born in Rye, Sussex in 1915. He was educated at Rye Grammar School. With the help and influence of the artist Paul Nash he was awarded the first ever art scholarship by East Sussex to study at Hastings School of Art, 1932-35, and then went to the Royal College of Art, 1935-1938, where he won the J. Andrew Lloyd Scholarship for landscape painting.

      Otway McCannell the Principal of Farnham School of Art in Surrey , offered him a teaching job shortly after he graduated, but the war intervened before he could take it up.

      He married fellow R.C.A. student Doreen Knight in 1940, and both exhibited at the R.A. for the first time in that year. In the army Harold first served in the Infantry, eventually being commissioned into the Royal Corps of Signals, having become expert in radio technology. He took part in the Normandy landings and the campaign through northern Europe, but found time to make some fine and sensitive drawings of his fellow soldiers. Examples of these are held in the collection of the Imperial War Museum.

      After the war he was offered a teaching post at Farnham School of Art by the current Principal James Hockey. He remained at Farnham, until his retirement, having become Head of Fine Art , Vice Principal and serving on the board of Governors of the, by then, ‘West Surrey College of Art and Design‘.

      As an artist ‘Harold might have swung over to abstraction, and his reasons for not doing so explain his attitude to art and to his own work.
      Many aspects of the sea and its foreshore led him to experiment with abstract compositions as, later, did the forest interiors of Surrey and Hampshire. He did a quantity of colour-wash drawings and plaster reliefs on board running parallel to his direct figurative landscape paintings. The work that he did at this time suffered from, to use his own words, “a loss of potency”. He found, on the other hand, significance and inspiration in the country around his home and family life.’*

      His work eventually moved from abstraction to landscape painting in watercolour and oils. His practice was, however, to work in the studio away from the motif, having
      made numerous drawings of favourite sites around Rowledge, Farnham and the Alice Holt Forest often over a period of years. He said “You learn nothing from the mere act of observation, because the act of observation distorts the object observed; looking is not enough; the artist must have some idea of what he is looking for.”
      His landscape paintings were, therefore, highly refined and intense abstractions charged with emotion.
      Harold Cheesman’s painting of light and landscape express with deceptive simplicity the inexhaustible diversity of nature. His artistic integrity and unique vision place him firmly in the mainstream of British landscape artists.

      Harold Cheesman exhibited at the Zwemmer Gallery in 1958, and a self-portrait drawing was bought by Dr. Richard Gainsborough, founder-owner of the Art News and Review, and published by the magazine as part of their series ‘Portrait of the Artist’, along with an article by William Calvert. The drawing is now in the Tate Archive.
      In October 1961 a long illustrated article by Michael Chase in The Studio reviewed one of his solo exhibitions at Zwemmer’s. (*extract from this article)
      Harold Cheesman subsequently exhibited at Zwemmer’s in 1962 and 1964, and had further solo exhibitions at the New Grafton Gallery, the Forum Gallery, Brighton, the New Oxford Gallery, the Ashgate Gallery, and the New Ashgate Gallery.
      He also showed at the R.A., the NEAC, A.I.A., the R.W.S., the London Group, Roland, Browse and Delbanco, the Leicester Galleries and the Cassell Gallery, and shared a two-man exhibition which toured in the U.S.A. in 1965. A retrospective exhibition was held at the West Surrey College of Art and Design in 1980.
      He was made a Fellow of the RSA in 1970, and of the RWS in 1974.

      His work is in private collections in the UK, Europe, North and South America, South Africa and Australia, as well as the collections of the Imperial War Museum, Coventry City Art Gallery, Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Guildford House Gallery, the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne and Melbourne City Art Gallery, Australia.
      Ashgate Gallery Farnham, Private View 1968

      Cheesman died in 1982; I remember that after F, as a student, had encountered serious problems and ended up in a hell-hole of a psych hospital, when F returned to Farnham, one of the tutors told him that Cheeseman had keeled over with a heart-attack and the tutors who liked F were of the opinion that it was natural justice.

      F always told me that Cheesman and his other tutors were society artists and undertook commissions for the Posh in London; F knew Artists and celebs when he lived in Surrey, but he wasn’t interested in politics, so he’ll have missed the clues in Cheesman’s biography that Cheesman will have known the Bloomsbury Set and Royals as well. It is highly likely that Cheesman knew Merfyn’s old foe Lord Asa Briggs, one of those who was concealing the Brighton end of Dafydd and Gwynne’s business… The Gang trafficked boys from children’s homes in north Wales to brothels in Brighton…

      Coronation Street scriptwriters, there’s no point you getting cross about this blog and taking orders from the Gang re ‘Ooh we’ll show her, Corrie will do a Cancer Story’. I couldn’t give a stuff what silly trite portrayals of Traumas you show on TV soap operas, you need to take a long hard look at your irresponsibility here…

      After F moved to north Wales, he began a theology degree at Bangor. He withdrew, telling me that the course had little intellectual discussion of theological ideas, it was ‘All New Testament Greek’ and such. The Bangor course was like that, it was very traditional and was for the purpose of training Ministers. Neither of us realised that the Dept of Theology was run by Dafydd’s mates. F remember Dr Eryl Davies as being the only pleasant lecturer in theology. We often discussed Eryl because Eryl had been warden of my hall in my first year, so I knew Eryl as well. Eryl was much nicer than the other theologians, but previous posts have discussed how Eryl and his family were on board with Dafydd and Gwynne nonetheless. I don’t know enough about Eryl to know whether he was willingly on board with Dafydd and Gwynne or there under duress; Eryl’s family were farmers over Denbighshire way, they wouldn’t have dared not been on board…

      Read the accounts of the April 1992 Brighton firebomb that killed five witnesses to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal Corrie scriptwriters. People jumped out of windows and were impaled on railings below, someone hung onto a gutter but the gutter broke and they fell, others were overcome by smoke or incinerated. The man who allegedly ‘confessed’ to the bomb was hit and killed by a lorry days later; one man who survived the firebomb was found dead some time later, having just been brave enough to give evidence against John Allen in Court.

      John Allen has now served three prison sentences for the abuse of boys in care. Allen owned and managed children’s homes in north Wales. AFTER he had served a prison sentence for molesting kids. Soap operas Raising Awareness are neither here nor there in the face of this.

      I’ll just remind the media folk of how many of the EastEnders cast had links with the Gang’s network. Who was savaged in Court by George Carman when she tried to sue a tabloid for libel? Kathy Beale from EastEnders. Carman’s cross-examination was so unpleasant that she collapsed and was carried out of Court attached to oxygen. Carman was that Gang’s lawyer, who was given letters and documents stolen from my house. Just stop being so foolish, smug and naïve media luvvies. These are corrupt professional people involved with serious crime and you can toady to them all that you want re silly Storylines in soap operas, Ooh Mental Illness! A Gay Kiss! Domestic Violence! Mixed Race Marriages! Ill Babies! Ah they’re Showing What It’s Like!!

      Anyone for Michael Grade’s matching red braces and socks?

      Some months ago, an EastEnders actress was found dead; I don’t know her name, she was the one who in the 1980s was the wife of the Turkish man who owned a café. She became famous as a young actress when she starred in Ken Loach’s drama ‘Family Life’, which Roach wrote to promote the ideas of RD Laing. RD who was er mates with the Gang… Read the details of her death. It could have been murder but no, that possibility wasn’t mentioned. I only noticed the news article because there was a big photo of her from the 1980s, holding hands with er Michael Grade…

      Grade, next time you go to Wales and insult the Welsh, I do hope that as before, when you are asked a question that you cannot answer, you have to rely on Merfyn to give you the info. Merfyn, who as any fule kno, is not the Guvnor of the BBC, the real Guvnor of the BBC lives in England.

      1. F’s old art college is now known as the University for the Creative Arts, one of the biggest art colleges in the UK, dominated by the great and not at all good who Miranda and others appointed to run the place. I thought ‘I wonder, as I and my friends are all so much more famous than I ever realised re corrupt old farts who Concealed Dafydd ad Gwynne, might there be anyone we know and love in high office at UCA?’

        Imagine my surprise to see that in 2008, Lloyd Grossman was appointed Chairman of Governors at UCA.

        Now who lives in a house like this???

        2008. The Gang were going apeshit, Nerys was dying under the Care of Dafydd’s mates and Gordon was doing all that he could to get Merfyn out of pubic life.

          1. Just found out that Lloyd Grossman is married to the daughter of film maker David Puttnam. Who is a mate of Michael Grade’s!

            Have they all been to Botney’s place in Bridgy for dinner yet?

            Botney and Julien Temple have founded a thing in Bridgwater called The Engine Room. It’s a café place but also claims to give youngsters a boost if they wish to pursue careers in the media. My two mates who’s media careers were wrecked by Michael Grade and others have told me all about The Engine Room, but I haven’t been there.

            Julien Temple lives in the Quantocks, but unlike Botney, Temple lives in a nice bit of the Quantocks. He’s got a red sandstone farmhouse up there, a lovely place. I used to know when I saw Julien Temple’s kids because they weren’t dressed like other kids who lived in the area… Julien is of course the man who made the Pistols film The Great Rock and Roll Swindle.

            Sid Vicious, Malcolm McClaren, Dame Viv…

            Does Julien know why Adam Ant has been silenced by everyone, including the Top Docs, after he tried to go public on what he and his friends alleged were appalling practices in the mental health unit in London where Adam was sectioned? Adam was hushed by John Humphries on Radio 4, then a Top Doc actually obtained a Court Order preventing Adam from going on tour when he was loudly denouncing what had happened to him at the hands of the Top Docs on the grounds that Adam Didn’t Know His Own Mind and if he went on tour, the strain of a bad reception would cause him to attempt suicide. Adam and his friends were not allowed a right of reply.

            I have followed as much of Adam’s problems with the psych services as I can, although there is now a gagging order in place re Adam and the Top Docs and I would very much like to hear Adam’s side of the story. No-one at all has heard it, although his mates were so distressed at what happened to Adam when he was Cared For by the NHS that they stumped up the dosh to get him into a private hospital. The physical conditions will have been better, but it’s the same network of corrupt Docs running both NHS and private…

            Adam’s gagging order came not long after Cheesman’s old mates/enemies at what was Farnham College of Art received letters from F…

  12. I’ve been asked if I remember the vet in Bridgwater who’s son did zoology at UCNW just before I went there. Yes, I didn’t know the son, but the vet was Keith Smith. A big, old fashioned, butch Somerset farm vet, everyone knew Keith Smith. I think he was in the Tory Party in Bridgy – if he wasn’t, he certainly was mates with lots of them – and I think it was Keith Smith who broke a burglar’s jaw, got fined and became a Bridgy hero. They were all a bit like that in Bridgy, but to be fair the burglar had pissed a great many people off and he was on Keith Smith’s property…

    Keith Smith will have known Maurice Kirk, the ‘flying vet’ whom I have blogged about previously. The Western Daily Press always tried to make a hero of Maurice Kirk as well – his mum was in the Bridgwater Tories – but Maurice Kirk was seriously unhinged in a way that I never heard anyone say that Keith Smith was. Kirk was a vet in Bridgy for years, he was really quite dangerous and crazy. He tangled with the Somerset police, they hated him, but they were as bad as he was, so it was difficult to work out who was in the wrong and what it was all about… Kirk left Bridgy after claiming severe police harassment and went to either Oz or South Wales, before then leaving there after alleging serious police harassment… Then he went to I think the Channel Islands… police harassment again…

    The last I heard, Maurice Kirk was the subject of attempts by Dafydd’s mates in south Wales to have him banged up in Broadmoor. Kirk alleged that they lied in the Expert Opinions. Yes, I believe Kirk there, he might be violent and unhinged, but he had exactly the same experiences as I did with the Gang, they lied, they drew crazy conclusions about Kirk’s ‘mental state’ that could not be possibly be drawn etc.

    Before Dafydd’s friends tried to have Maurice Kirk sent to Broadmoor, he was finally struck off of the vets register for yet another violent assault on someone. He got away with an awful lot before then; there was one case where he just walked up to a man whom he didn’t know on a railway platform and injured him. It went to Court and the barrister summed it up by saying that Mr Kirke had a problem with other people, he just hated them! Indeed, he seems to. Kirk also made disgusting comments at a female barrister in open Court, she took it with great dignity but I didn’t hear any Guardian Wimmin squeal, but that was one occasion on which they should have.

    Maurice Kirk’s mother knew Tom King and the Somerset contingent, at least back in the 1970s. Kirk himself was friends with someone who knew Mr Bridgy Celeb who found himself befriended by Graham Chapman etc. I’m not sure if Mr Bridgy Celeb actually ever met Kirk himself, he might have, he was sociable. I think that Mr Bridgy Celeb might have met Ranulph Fiennes. Fiennes lived on Exmoor; his brother was a surgeon at St George’s and a doc whom I knew told me that Ranulph was just crackers. I dared repeat the comment in front of Mr Bridgy Celeb and he became very irate; he seemed to have personal knowledge of Fiennes, which was likely, they all liked doing overtly butch things, but not butch things that took years of training eg. serious climbing. It was just tombstoning, bungee jumping, catapult firing, etc. Dangerous and pointless, but Tony Francis was most interested in it all.

    1. Just refreshed myself re Ranulph Fiennes’s biog; I forgot how much effort Ranulph put into Raising Money For Cancer after the Gang moved in on Merfyn. Ranulph has many other links to those we know and love as well, I have mentioned most of them in previous posts. What I forgot to mention was of course that Ranulph will have known Sir Charles Evans, Everest Hero and Principal of UCNW when Gwynne the Lobotomist was given free reign in the University and he also knows another Adventurer and National Treasure who had a relative who was left to rot at the hands of Dafydd and the Gang. I have deliberately not named her in the blog but the Hergest crowd will all know who I am talking about. The last time I saw her she was living in a bus shelter. One of the ‘highest needs’ patients. Services Withdrawn and Left to die when the Waterhouse Inquiry opened. At the same time, her Famous Relative was all over the media…

      I have been asked if I realise that the same plan was being implemented for me. I didn’t actually work that out at the time, although Brown and I did know that something very odd was going on. My worry was that Keith Fearns, Dafydd and the sex offenders would see my Famous Relative on TV and establish diplomatic relations as it were. I had no idea that the Gang were behind the Fame!

      We’re Gonna Make You A Star, Star, Star! Well he was rather 1970s. It should have occurred to a media exec somewhere that making a Star of someone who, with his mates, had dug up a corpse from a graveyard and kept the skull as a bedside ornament might backfire in a big way. Then they managed to kill someone. But Miranda and George Carman knew that Brown and I were always worried that would happen. As did all the other people who were passed my e mails and letters…

      Would the people who killed Nerys because Merfyn refused to force me out of Bangor University like to admit that they were er warned that I was very, very worried about Events in Somerset? I stopped trying to raise concerns in the end. Just like I stopped telling people what the Gang were doing. There seemed to be so little point. How many times can one say I AM WORRIED THAT THEY WILL KILL SOMEONE only to be told that one is ‘stressed’ and needs to ‘relax’ a bit more. Before one is arrested three times in one weekend after successive NHS staff have perjured themselves.

      Altogether now, We Didn’t Know! She Never Told Us! OOH What they went through, we had No Idea!

      Mrs Brown was most concerned as well. Before she was found dead.

      Ranulph Fiennes’s wife Ginny died of stomach cancer in 2004. Ginny the witness to many matters. Ranulph was Heartbroken. He subsequently remarried and has Praised The Great Work Of The Top Docs ever since. Ran knows Fings Break.

      1. You stole my letters, you hacked my e mails but No-One Knew.

        Is that loud screaming that I can hear from the accumulated Rosa Parks’s of Wales? Or is it just Michael Grade and Botney maxing out over another dinner at The Ivy?

        1. I was fairly sure that there was going to be a serious violent incident at Winkleigh in Devon as well. It’s why I rang Devon Social Services. Who did nothing but breach confidence and cause a huge fucking row. There was a serious violent incident some months later. The only other people who knew were the two people whom I asked advice, Brown and my PhD supervisor. And of course Miranda and all those people whom Miranda’s policy adviser shared the contents of my inbox with after they hacked my system.

          Miranda knew about the Violent Criminal who’s slapper of a mother targeted the Somerset contingent as well, I was e mailing Brown about it. I knew damn well that she wasn’t ‘the divorced wife of a Rich London Banker who’s son is in prison for insider dealing’. The Rich Banker’s wife ended up carrying out violent assaults herself, threatened to throw a six year old girl in the road and then it was realised that the son who was inside wasn’t Nick Leeson. He was very dangerous. And furthermore he wasn’t inside anymore, they’d let him out.

          But then I knew that David Kirke was not an Oxford Don. He was a conman.

          Just how fucking stupid are you all?

          1. This happened because I complained about criminal doctors.

            I am still waiting to hear from the GMC. I can’t understand why they are so quiet, after all the psychiatrist whom I found in my garden at night shining a torch into my bedroom window was found dead, it’s not as if the GMC will have to hold a fitness to practice hearing in that case.

            I await an NDA.

  13. Julien Temple’s sister is Nina Temple. Nina has for years been a member of the Communist Party of GB. Nina will have known Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law, Eric Hobsbawm, E.P. Thompson et al. And Merfyn.

    Although Nina won’t remember Merfyn, who as any fule kno, is not the Guvnor of the BBC. The Guvnor of the BBC lives in Durleigh, Bridgwater. He moved there when Bridgy became as attractive as Manhattan, all the stars were in Bridgy, including Joe Strummer.

    I’ve heard that Jerry and the Digger are buying a bungalow in Wembdon. You read it here first, not in Ephraim Hardcastle’s column. Or even Jonathan Cainer’s.

    Can the bumpkins have Somerset back please, I think that they have realised that these worthless shallow tossers have not Benefited Bridgy in the way that they was promised.

    1. Another death that I thought could have had more to it than was stated at the time but now I suspect definitely had more to it: David Stephen Rappaport, the actor with dwarfism who played the lead in Terry Gilliam’s film Time Bandits.

      David died on 2 May 1990 from ‘suicide’ after shooting himself. The media coverage at the time referred to serious depression and traumas over a girlfriend. It didn’t sound plausible. In May 1990, Gwynedd Health Authority took me to the High Court on the basis of the Gang’s perjury. I didn’t know at the time, but the ‘case conference’ held and attended by people whom I had never heard of yet alone met had been held a few months earlier, the person of whom I had never heard had declared me to be Insane and Dangerous and a Report had been prepared ready for another planned Court hearing at which I would be incarcerated with Mr Savile… In Feb 1990, Gwynedd Social Services obtained a High Court injunction against me on the basis of the perjury of two social workers who had not ever seen the affidavits that ‘they’ swore and signed. Later in 1990 they tried to have me imprisoned for breaching the injunction after perjuring themselves repeatedly again… There was another outbreak of perjury in Dec 1990 when Tony and Sadie Francis tried again to have me imprisoned…

      The Oxford Dangerous Sports Club had made friends with the Somerset contingent in 1987; Graham Chapman had died in Oct 1989. David Rappaport and Graham Chapman had many mutual friends.

      Rappaport studied psychology at the University of Bristol from 1970. After six months in the US, he returned to the UK to marry his college girlfriend, Jane. They had a son Joe, and Rappaport began working as a teacher. The marriage broke down and Rappaport decided to follow a career as an actor. At this point Rappaport became a resident of ‘Frestonia’, a highly organised squat in north London, that itself would have brought Rappaport into contact with the Gang’s network.

      David Rappaport worked in children’s TV, first coming to public notice in the 1979 BBC series Jigsaw. Rappaport had previously appeared at the Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool (founded by Ken Campbell and Chris Langham in 1976). The Chris Langham who was later done for child porn, who was married to Judith Iscariot from The Life Of Brian.
      In the early 1980s Rappaport was in Tiswas and The Saturday Show. During the mid-80s, Rappaport played in the HTV production of Robin of Sherwood with Jason Connery. The show was filmed in Bristol, where Rappaport had a home. During this time, Rappaport also made himself at home aboard Vivian Stanshall’s ship moored in the Bristol docks. Viv who spontaneously combusted in 1995. From 1986–87, Rappaport played the lead role in the CBS TV series The Wizard. Rappaport also made guest appearances on such shows as The Goodies, The Young Ones, and L.A. Law.

      In 1989, Rappaport was best man at the wedding of Hazel O’Connor. O’Connor hit stardom in the early 1980s and soon after disappeared completely. It was just a few years ago that O’Connor reappeared in the media again and explained that she had had a big legal dispute with her recording company and for decades they legally prevented her from performing or discussing in public why she was not performing. O’Connor is still very obviously not explaining what the dispute was about, or who it was with whom she was in dispute and what they were so frightened of becoming public. Imagine my surprise when I was told recently that the Mystery Of Hazel O Connor is something to do with me… God knows what though, I’m intrigued, but it looks as though Hazel is not going to dare say a word…

      Just before Rappaport’s death, he had been cast and began filming for a role in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Most Toys”. During filming, Rappaport attempted suicide and the scenes he had completed were later discarded when actor Saul Rubinek was hurriedly brought in by producers to replace him.

      On 2 May 1990, ‘Rappaport committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest in Laurel Canyon Park in the San Fernando Valley in California.’

      ‘Rappaport’s death, along with the accident that left Jack Purvis, his co-star, a tetraplegic, were the main reasons why Terry Gilliam decided to shelve the intended sequel to Time Bandits.’

      I imagine that Gilliam was a little worried that he’d be found dead himself if he wasn’t careful…

      I should remind Harriet Harman that her old dad John, who was a leading light in the MDU, was of the Gang’s network and gave evidence in defence of John Bodkin Adams who murdered at least one of his patients and is thought to have murdered hundreds more, died nine days after Dafydd obtained his High Court injunction against me on the grounds of Dafydd’s perjury. Dafydd used the services of the MDU to do that.

      Listening to Peter Hitchens on Any Questions earlier, Hitchens mentioned that his friend Christopher Booker died recently. Christopher Booker was one of the Private Eye crowd; Booker had publicised many abuses of the welfare state, usually that of Social Services Depts, but more recently Booker had been taking an interest in Top Doctors. Booker wasn’t able to publish much about the criminality of the Top Docs because he had been gagged with High Court orders as soon as he began taking an interest in the field. I have never been in contact with Booker, but I know that he knew what had happened to me.

      1. Christine Franey.

        A member of Prof Vincent Marks’s team with whom I worked at Surrey University, when Vincent’s brother John Marks, Chairman of the BMA, was doing battle with Ken Clarke and the Tories and I was the pawn, but I didn’t know that. The BMA at the time were providing Tony Francis et al with advice on how to have me prosecuted for offences that the BMA reps knew that I had not committed.

        I have discussed in previous posts how when I was at Surrey, as well as much low-level grief that I have now been told was the work of the Gang, a violent serial rapist came after me one morning when I was on my way into work. I got away, but he raped and battered the woman who followed me down that footpath. By that time, he’d attacked four or five women after he’d dossed in the Surrey area for three weeks. There was a trial at the Old Bailey and he was jailed. I was interviewed by the Surrey police, had to pick out the rapist at an ID parade etc and the Surrey police were OK, they really were. I had no idea that Mr Rapist was a gift from Dafydd; I have no idea whether the Surrey police knew either.

        The Digger knows all about it because I told Brown all about it in a letter that was stolen and ended up in the possession of the Digger and George Carman. It was in 1988; Cherie was still working in Carman’s Chambers.

        Hiya Cherie!! Did you ever think that this would become public?

        Jeff Crowther the Nursing Officer at Ysbyty Gwynedd knew all about it as well because Jeff was one of those who had done the ‘Ooh we know that Dafydd is a problem, you can write to me if you want’ bit. When my lawyers obtained my medical records, there were all the letters that I’d written to Jeff… They’d all been given to Dafydd, Tony Francis, the MDU, the BMA and the Welsh Office bent lawyer Andrew Park…

        Anthea Hardcastle who worked in Vincent Marks’s team with me came from Cricieth and her close friends were Griff and Sue, the Principal Biochemist at Ysbyty Gwynedd and his wife. Anthea is dead. Died not long ago, cancer, bechod.

        After word got round Surrey University that the rapist Went After A Girl In Vincent Marks’s Team But She Got away, the University was in overdrive. Christine Franey was certainly intrigued and wanted full details from me. I didn’t mind because the rapist didn’t actually get me, but a friend of mine remarked on Christine’s lack of sensitivity when Christine began a discussion of Sex Offences That I Have Known Of in the tea room.

        It wasn’t long after that when Christine was offered a highly paid job as a Clinical Trials manager with a drug company but I can’t remember which one. I have mentioned in previous posts that drug companies liked attractive young women for those jobs because a lot of dining with old blokes and persuading them to do business (drug company business) was involved; the jobs usually went to young women but they did like you to have a PhD because the Top Docs involved in the business transactions had no respect for anyone who wasn’t called Doctor.

        Anyway, Christine bagged that highly paid job not long after the Rapist Business and I remember one of the comments on her leaving card from a colleague was ‘Don’t drop the Vodaphone off the windsurfer’, that being the stereotype of the sort of young female scientists who went to work for drug companies.

        Previous posts have discussed how nearly everyone in Vincent’s team after I left Surrey bagged cushy numbers that had been previously unavailable to them and that Anthea and Anthea’s friend Wynn Aherne (my immediate boss at Surrey) even won a Prize for Cancer Research. It was only last year that I discovered that they had plagiarised my work and given it to Prof Nicola Curtin of Newcastle University- of whom I had never heard and Nicola didn’t ever work with me – who published it with her name on, as well as mine. I knew nothing about that publication…

        Previous posts have flagged up how many people who worked with me and who knew about my battles with Dafydd as well as research fraud kept quiet and were bought off. I have only just remembered that Christine, who took such an interest in the rapist, was the first Lucky Winner…

        I thought of Christine when I found out about Savile bagging his mate a job at Broadmoor, as well as himself. Savile’s mate became CEO of Broadmoor; Alan Franey. Alan Franey had been a senior manager at Leeds General Infirmary. They all knew Dafydd there.

        I have no idea of Christine was anything to do with Alan Franey… Or indeed whether Wynn Aherne was anything to do with Funnywoman Caroline Aherne who was one of the comedians who knew about Dafydd’s network, developed serious problems and died after the Doctors Did All That They Could.

        When I worked at Surrey, Jeremy Kyle was an undergrad there. Not that I knew him.

        The Students’ Union at Surrey knew about the rapist and they knew about me. I was later told that I was much admired for having Got Away. It all had to be played down though. Because after the Rapist Came After Me, I walked into the lab and explained that there was a weird bloke down in the woods and he followed me, that I thought he was going to try something on so I walked out across the field so I was visible to the houses and at that point he turned around and went back into the woods. Anthea and the others told me that there was no point telling security because they were hopeless and wouldn’t do anything anyway. 30 mins later the police arrived saying that the woman behind me on the path had been punched in the face, thrown to the ground and violently raped.

        I didn’t know the folk in the Students’ Union in Surrey, but I think Christine did…
        But then the VC of Surrey knew all about it, so did the AUT and MSF, the two unions who represented staff at the University…

        Ben Elton’s dad knew about it as well because Ben Elton’s dad Prof Lewis Elton worked at Surrey University and was mates with Vincent Marks, Wynn, Anthea etc… Prof Elton was particularly good mates with Daphne Jackson, a female Prof of Engineering at Surrey, who was a Champ for Women In Science. That’s why her friends stole my work and made me redundant after telling me that they was no more funding for me. They raised more funding from my data and gave it to someone else… See previous posts for details of Lewis, Daphne and the crowd. Daphne died just before the first police investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Cancer. Bechod. They did all that they could…

        It was after the Rapist etc that Ben Elton became very, very famous…

        Yes Indeedy, Ben hated Mrs Thatch Ooh he hated Mrs Thatch and he’d have done anything to get rid of her, Ben who liked to redress the gender balance in comedy, little old sensitive Ben…

        Ben who knew my two mates who’s media careers were ruined by Michael Grade, Paul Fox, Jonathan Miller…

        1. The Tory MP for Guildford at the time of the Rapist was David Howell. David, now Lord, Howell, is the dad of Frances, who married George Osborne. Frances and George are now separated, as the shit rains down on George, Call Me Dave and their glorious legacy. Lord Howell’s biography is detailed in previous posts.

          Among his many posts in Gov’t, David Howell was a Minister in the N Ireland Office in Grocer Heath’s Gov’t, 1972-74. Howell will have known about Uncle Dickie and the abuse ring in Kincora and that Top Docs facilitated it. Howell will have known that Gwynne and Dafydd were part of the wider network re Kincora. John Marks knew that Docs were facilitating Kincora and I bet that Vincent Marks did as well.

          DGE Wood was in communication with the Top Docs in Surrey re me when I worked there…

          One thing that everyone at Surrey was conscious of was that Guildford had been the site of the IRA bombings for which innocent people were jailed; the Guildford Four (and the Macguire Seven) also went to prison because of police and criminal justice system corruption, initially in Surrey and then elsewhere. The Brave Lawyers who acted for those wrongly jailed and who eventually secured their release made an agreement with the Top Docs that they would never take a case for me against the Gang.

          As a med student, Dafydd had learned activist (and violent) techniques when he visited Republican activists in Ireland in pursuit of the campaign to stop the building of the Tryweryn Reservoir in north Wales. Dafydd was working for the security services at the time, they were training him up as an unscrupulous Doc to take over from Gwynne in concealing the victims of VIP sex offenders…

          When Howell was a N Ireland Minister, Dafydd’s Top Doc mate Denis Leigh was, like Dafydd, playing many people off at the same time. Denis Leigh pretended to make a sympathetic assessment of a man in custody in N Ireland who had been tortured but a slip of Denis’s pen as it were ensured that no-one was held to account for that man’s mistreatment. Dafydd’s mates were also advising the Grocer’s Gov’t on the best way to torture interns in N Ireland.

          Howell’s predecessor in the N Ireland office under the Grocer, William van Strauzenbee, has been named as one of the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

          The advice re Interrogation Methods from Dafydd et al wasn’t rocket science. You batter people senseless and gang rape them. They did it to kids in care and Empowered Service Users in north Wales.

          1. The VC of Surrey at the time of the Rapist was Professor Anthony Kelly ScD FRS FREng CBE DL. Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of the University of Surrey from 1975 to 1994.

            Anthony Kelly was born in Hillingdon, Middlesex in 1929. He was attracted to Surrey University by Lord Robens, then Chancellor of the University. Robens was the Chairman of the National Coal Board at the time of Aberfan and was Harold Wilson’s fall guy for Aberfan. Robens didn’t suffer; the whole saga was cooked up by Wilson, George Thomas and the same bent lawyers who were protecting Dafydd and Gwynne. Labour couldn’t afford to lose the vote in south Wales, either by the public knowing that George Thomas was a child molester or by them knowing that Labour MPs and Councillors in south Wales knew that the coal tip was unsafe but said nothing because they didn’t want to close the pit. The unemployment would rise…

            See previous posts for details of the fiddle.

            Kelly did his first degree at Reading University and his PhD at Trinity College Cambridge in 1953. He then worked at the University of Illinois and at Birmingham University before spending three years as an Associate Professor of Metallurgy and Materials Science at Northwestern University, Chicago. He returned to Cambridge in 1959 to take up an appointment as a Lecturer and as a Founding Fellow of Churchill College where he was Director of Studies in Natural Sciences until 1967. He then moved to a number of roles in Government science for eight years, becoming Deputy Director of the National Physical Laboratory in 1969. He received an ScD from the University of Cambridge in 1968 and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1973.

            During the 1980s, Surrey University developed a large network of associated institutions awarding Surrey degrees (notably the Roehampton Institute and St. Mary’s College Twickenham, both now universities in their own right. See previous posts for details of one undercover officer who bothered Brown and via that how Brown found out that St Mary’s College Twickenham was giving students degrees on the basis of work that they knew had been plagiarised. That happened when Brown lived in our house on Anglesey with students at Bangor. We were under surveillance and the security services knew that we knew about St Mary’s and were laughing at it.

            In the infamous University Grants Committee (UGC) cuts of 1981, Surrey suffered one of the highest reductions in government funding. It was in 1981 that the UGC told UCNW that next time round they’d close the institution down. Luckily for UCNW, by 1984, I had complained about Gwynne and Eric Sunderland was able to thrash that deal out with Thatch, Carlo and the UGC that UCNW would stay open in return for my career being ruined and the careers of people who supported me. In 1981, UCNW was still run by Sir Charles Evans, Top Doc and Everest Hero, who worked for the security services himself.

            Kelly responded to the cuts in funding at Surrey by closing a number of departments and increasing the University’s income from non-government sources. Vincent Marks was one of the Surrey academics who went in for patenting and developing university companies before that was as common as it is now. When I worked for Vincent, the company that went hand in hand with our team’s work was Guildhay Anti-Sera. I shared a house with two engineers who were part of the Satellite Group at Surrey; they were academics but employed by a University company working on satellites.

            At the time of the effects of the 1981 UGC cuts, Sir Austin Pearce was a PVC at Surrey. Pearce was a former Chairman of British Aerospace. Previous posts have discussed how Heseltine tried to become PM in 1986 by opposing Thatch over Westland Helicopters in Yeovil; a girl who knew me worked at Westland. One company who benefited from the Thatcher Gov’ts solution re Westland was British Aerospace. Dafydd’s mate Sir Anthony Meyer, a Swinger who was a Tory MP in Flintshire and a mate of Heseltine’s, used his knowledge of the Gang and me to gain contracts for the British Aerospace plant in his constituency.

            Part of Surrey University’s strategy in the 1980s was the development of the Surrey Research Park. Anthony Kelly had first conceived the idea during a sabbatical term in Switzerland in 1979 and a small group (including in particular Jerry Leonard, University Treasurer and Leonard Kail, University Secretary) took the development forward. It was at around the same time that Anthony Kelly became the first Chairman of Surrey Satellite Technology. That was the company that my two housemates worked for. Victor and Maarten, they were Dutch. George Carman and the Digger knew about Victor and Maarten because I wrote to Brown and told him all about them and those letters were stolen and given to the Digger and Carman in the 1990s.

            When I moved in with Victor and Maarten, Alun Davies was writing to the Gang telling them that he hadn’t found out where I was living yet, but everyone was making inquiries. I knew nothing about this until my lawyer obtained my medical records years later…

            Surrey was one of the first universities to introduce a staff appraisal scheme in response to the 1985 Jarratt Report and was also one of the first to draw up a strategic plan, long before all universities were required to do so. Anthony Kelly was a strong advocate of the Professional Training year. Kelly ‘had the interests of students at heart and he was meticulous in developing good relationships with the Students’ Union.’

            So I wonder who the SU officers were at Surrey who knew about that Rapist and were mates with Kelly?

            Professor Kelly was elected to the Fellowship of Engineering (now the Royal Academy of Engineering) in 1979, to the National Academy of Engineering of the USA in 1986 and to the Academia Europaea in 1990. He received many international prizes and awards and honorary doctorates from Birmingham, Reading and Surrey, Hanyan University in South Korea and Navarra University in Spain. Kelly received the President’s Award of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2011.

            An international symposium Advanced Materials in the Marketplace (organised by Professor Michael Kelly and Professor Jim Castle) was held at the University in 1994 to mark his retirement. He was Chairman of the Joint Standing Committee on Structural Safety of the Institutions of Civil and Structural Engineering from 1988 to 1998.

            Anthony Kelly was an experienced yachtsman and the Chancellor of Surrey University, HRH The Duke of Kent, admired Kelly’s Captain Pugwash bit in a Tribute when Kelly retired.

            On his retirement from Surrey University, Tony and his wife Christina (who died in 1997, the year that Ronnie Waterhouse opened his Inquiry) returned to live in Cambridge. He became actively involved as a Fellow of Churchill College (having been elected as an Extraordinary Fellow of the College in 1985) and as an Emeritus Professor and Distinguished Research Fellow in Cambridge University’s Department of Materials Science and Technology. Kelly served as President of the Institution of Materials in 1996-97.

            Professor Kelly was for a number of years a Vice-President of the Royal National Institute for the Deaf. He was appointed CBE in 1988 and a Surrey DL in 1993.

            Anthony Kelly died peacefully in his sleep at home on 4 June 2014. Presumably no-one saw Vincent Marks nipping out of the back door. Surrey University extended its sincere condolences to the members of Kelly’s family, Marie-Clare, Paul, Andrew and Steve.

  14. Perhaps Ken Clarke, the BMA, the MDU and the GMC would like to leave a few comments on my blog re a message to the women whom the Guildford Rapist attacked. I got away from Dafydd’s Gift; it was other people who were smashed in the face, bashed on the head and raped.

    Come on Top Docs. I don’t know the names of the women who were attacked, but the police made it known that the injuries were serious. He was a pretty impressive Monster as well, he didn’t date-rape or go after women who were getting pissed in pubs. He attacked women in broad daylight whom he followed into secluded areas.

    I’ll have my NDA while I wait for the comments. Lord John Walton was Chairman of the GMC when the Gift From Dafydd came after me. John and the GMC refused repeatedly to investigate complaint after complaint that I made about Dafydd and the Gang.

    Ken Clark was interviewed a few days ago saying that he was thinking of voting with the Lib Dems. I read earlier that Jo Swinson and the Lib Dems are thinking of a coalition with Plaid. I’m sure that Ken will get on with them like a Cottage On Fire won’t he Dafydd?

    Yma O Hyd!

    1. When I turned up at Bangor to do my PhD and my supervisor and his wife came under sustained attack by the Gang, as did Merfyn, my supervisor mentioned that there were a great many ludicrous legal cases being brought against Bangor University by known shitbags and the University lawyers were caving in every time. It was a while before I found out about Sue Merfyn And Win Bingo and that most of these cases were of people who Knew What Happened To Sally Baker and would like some money please. John my supervisor never told me, I worked it out from other sources.

      I remember John sitting in despair one day at what was happening in the University as another toe rag had just waltzed off with a big cheque thanks to Eileen Tilley the corrupt UCU rep. Eileen who had a problem with Merfyn’s office furniture no less; Merfyn had installed a desk that Eileen told everyone was ‘really vulgar and tasteless’. Merfyn himself didn’t know about that dirty grey thong that Eileen Tilley sported in the changing rooms in front of Other Wimmin, although if he did he probably wouldn’t be so rude as to pass comment. Eileen, do you think that Merfyn used to wear a dirty grey thong to work? He might have, I don’t know, he never removed his trousers in my presence, in spite of the lurid rumours that you and your pals spread about me, but somehow I doubt it.

      John observed that if the ducks on the Menai Strait sued the University, the University would settle in their favour. The ducks would only have to mention my name and the name of Gwynne the Lobotomist and indeed the University would settle. The Treasurer of the University during those happy years of Sue Merfyn And Win Bingo was Elwyn Jones, the bent solicitor who’s father had been Sir Elwyn Jones, Labour MP for Conway and paid up member of Gwynne’s Gang. Elwyn the Treasurer was a lawyer in Bangor who shared a practice with David Jones who has just announced his retirement as the MP for Clwyd West. Elwyn was the lawyer who was central to the framing and fleecing of F… I read the letters that F was sent by Elwyn…

      One member of staff at Bangor, Christine Smart, was highly critical of Merfyn for allegedly not coming clean with the staff re the dire financial state of the University. Christine, the Bingo was paying out so much and so often that Merfyn probably didn’t have time to keep up with the dwindling reserves. Christine was married to Davy Jones, a Prof of Agricultural Sciences. Davy Jones, unlike most other people on earth, tolerated the vile John Farrar, on the grounds that without Farrar, Davy would never have bagged his Chair. Who was one of the lecturers who concealed Gwynne, the ring and the shafting of me and my friends in order to win a substantial win in the Big Jobs Giveaway Of 1984 by Eric Sunderland? One John Farrar. And Farrar shagged and/or insulted so many people that many of them found themselves to be Lucky Winners as well over the years.

      If the services of violent serial rapists are employed, it is hardly surprising that the Bingo paid out for years. Eileen Tilley and her dirty grey thong subsequently completed a PhD on the Terrible Treatment Of Wimmin By Bangor University.

      You want Thongs Gwerin? Well I can give you another Thong anecdote if necessary, so you just get that NDA ready to sign.

      1. Peter Matthews was Chief Constable of Surrey, 1968-82. Matthews was Chief Constable when the Guildford bombs went off which was followed by a series of convictions of innocent people. Matthews had been retired six years when Dafydd sent the gift of a Rapist to Guildford.

        While Matthews was Chief Constable of Surrey, he took over as Head of Operation Countryman, the big investigation into police corruption in the Metropolitan Police. Many of those officers mired in corruption were in partnership with Dafydd’s Gang. Countryman cost millions and millions, uncovered police corruption on a scale so massive that even people who realised that the problem existed were astounded at what Countryman revealed. Nevertheless, only four officers were ever prosecuted. That elicited a view from many that police corruption was so vast that it would take many years to even begin to bring it under control. Before Peter Matthews took over as Head of Operation Countryman, Dorset Police led the investigation. David Owen was a very senior officer in Dorset while his immediate boss led Countryman. Then Owen became Chief Constable of North Wales Police, in which role he refused to co-operate with the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Owen was Chief Constable of North Wales when Dafydd sent his gift to Guildford…

        1. Immediately before Matthews was Chief Constable of Surrey, he was Chief Constable of Suffolk. Matthews was Chief Constable of Suffolk when John Allen was living in Ipswich and took out that lease on a building in north Wales which became the Bryn Alyn Community….

          1. Do I remember the farmer Stuart Briggs who used to live in Cannington? How could I ever forget Stuart Briggs who used to live in Cannington.

            Stuart Briggs was legendary. Most teenagers in the area discovered Stuart Briggs by the time that they were about 14 or 15. Stuart Talked Sex, wherever and whenever he encountered people. Stuart Briggs used the conventional methods eg. stopping in his Range Rover to give lifts if he saw people walking, but Stuart was so enthusiastic that he propositioned people when they were out in the fields walking their dogs, blackberrying etc.

            Stuart was so notorious that he was viewed with humour rather than fear. Stuart Briggs was bisexual ‘because there’s twice as many people to sleep with’. I don’t think that Stuart confined his attention to young people. I knew all about Stuart Briggs by the age of 15 and by then two of my close friends, one male and one female, had both been propositioned by Stuart. Although Stuart was notorious, our conversations about Stuart were kept within our circle of teenagers. So I was astounded to be told when I was 17 by a farmer in his 50s for whom I was working one summer that ‘Stuart will pick anyone up, anyone at all’. It transpired that Stuart was Known For It at Bridgwater Market (in the days when Bridgwater had a market).

            My close friend lived near Stuart and being sociable and a frequenter of pubs and parties, she knew Stuart much better than I did. By the time that we were 18, she was taking a very dim view of Stuart and suspected that he might be a serious problem. After all we were just hearing the anecdotes from the more robust young people who, if they didn’t actually know Stuart, were telling the most extraordinary tales about ‘this farmer that I met, he lives in Cannington’. There will have been other people rather more distressed after an encounter with Stuart.

            The last I heard was that Stuart was living near Bristol. I heard such a serious allegation about him some three years ago that I am not going to repeat it here because I haven’t been provided with documentary or recorded evidence to back it up.

            Anyway, George Carman and the Dirty Digger know about Stuart Briggs. Stuart was such a feature of the Bridgwater landscape that after we went to university, Stuart was mentioned in some of the letters that I wrote to Brown and other friends, the letters that were stolen and given to Carman and the Digger. One of my friends had gone back to Somerset for a visit, had gone to a party and crashed there overnight and Stuart, who had also been at the party, was crashing in the next room. She heard him having sex and because it was Stuart, this was considered worth telling me about. So I wrote and told Brown…

            Stuart will have been referred to in all letters by my friends and I as Squire Briggs. But I’m sure that Miranda and the Digger will have known who Squire Briggs was. It was me and my mates who called Stuart Squire Briggs, it wasn’t his official title. It stemmed from us hearing that Stuart had been drinking in the pub in Cannington and had been outraged at a Pleb and was heard to say ‘Do they think I’m a tenant farmer?’ My mate said to me ‘Well that’s exactly what he is isn’t he, a tenant farmer?’

            No!! Stuart’s family were well above tenant farmers, his mum was a leading light in the Bridgwater Tories and they owned land, they didn’t simply rent. So the combination of Stuart being conscious of his elevated social status as well as his constant propositioning of teenagers, including girls whom he thought were his social inferiors, caused me to suggest to my mate when we were about 16 that we should dress up as milkmaids all Poldark-like and ensure that we were out and about when Stuart was around, thus eliciting the scene of Stuart propositioning us to which we could respond in Demelza style, ‘No thank ee Squire Briggs, Oi’ve ‘eard what ye do with us young wenches’.

            So that is how Stuart came to be known as Squire Briggs, if the Digger is interested. I didn’t realise the extent to which it had caught the imagination of people who knew us until one day I heard an older adult casually refer to Squire Briggs.

            After I began this blog I was told that there were allegations that there was a paedophile/sex abuse ring in Somerset ‘involving farmers who were/are being supplied with children’. If there is, it’ll be Top Docs and social workers at the centre of it. Farmers might be involved because Somerset contains farmers, including farmers like Squire Briggs, but Squire Briggs will not have access to children/young people/other non-consenting sexual partners without being assisted and his activities will need to be concealed by Top Docs and other Trusted Professionals.

            I’ve just listened to a Radio 4 programme about an Evil Paedophile whom R4 Tracked To Bulgaria, where he was Living With The Roma. There was extended discussion of how Ineffective the Law was against Paedophiles and that this man was flagrantly breaching two Court Orders. The matter will be discussed soon at the IICSA. The IICSA that is Chaired by a Prof of Social Work who in her own career has concealed organised abuse. That Prof was appointed as Scotland’s most senior social worker by Jack McConnell, when Lord Jack was Scotland’s FM. That’s the Lord Jack who is a mate of Gordon’s and who went to Stirling University with my best mate from Zummerzet. Who was my proposed partner in crime for the milkmaids business…

            No thank ‘ee Lord Jack, Oi’ve ‘eard what ye got up to at Stirling! Like getting into my friend’s bed when she was in it, without her permission.

            Squire Briggs may be a problem these days, I don’t know. But Squire Briggs was also a figure of fun in the way that Lord Jack and Lord Tom King aren’t. However I know that Top Docs in Bridgwater knew about Squire Briggs. Two social workers, Alison and Graham, did as well. If Squire Briggs is a bigger problem than I realised when I lived in Somerset, it’ll be because Tom King, Alison, Graham, Top Docs and God knows who else decided that Squire Briggs and others were best ignored for some reason.

            As for Radio 4, they didn’t need to go all the way to a Roma community in Bulgaria to see examples of Communities Ignoring Child Abuse. They could pop over to Anglesey and knock on Dafydd’s door. Or have a cup of tea with the GMC. I can’t advise them to bother with the police, the police will probably be far too busy planning to arrest me if I Ignore That Warning and Visit The GPs Surgery That Sent A Libellous Report about me to the DVLA.

            If I find a psychiatrist in my back garden tonight after dark and invite him in for a cup of tea, I’ll expect to be arrested on his orders at least seven times over the next 10 years, with his colleagues perjuring themselves on every occasion. It would make a fascinating programme for Radio 4 but they’ll be far too busy being Shocked and Disgusted by Poor People in Bulgaria who are Harbouring Paedophiles.

  15. Good to see that former Hergest Unit psychiatrist Quasim Ijaz is still on the Medical Register with a licence to practice! Previous posts have detailed the excesses of Ijaz. He was a junior doc at Hergest who was dreadful, even by their standards. Ijaz was so bad that patients were repeatedly heard to ask ‘How did Dr Ijaz ever become a doctor?’ One patient told Ijaz frankly that she did not believe that he was a ‘real doctor’. It was attributed to her Madness and Ijaz sectioned her for another six months when she challenged him in front of other people…

    Ijaz was a real doctor, but what the other patients didn’t know but I did was that Ijaz was one of the Docs at Hergest who was given a job as a consultant although he did not have the professional qualifications and experience to fulfil the GMC criteria for a consultant’s post. But then neither did Sadie Francis. Ijaz worked as a junior doc at Hergest for years and there were many complaints and Tony Francis even had to write letters of apology re Ijaz such was the weight of evidence…

    Ijaz was Francis’s junior doc. When Francis finally imploded and left, Ijaz was told by the NHS managers in north Wales not to bother to apply for Francis’s consultant’s post because he would not get it under any circumstances, even if they had done a fiddle for Sadie. The consultancy was advertised and there was not one application. Well what Doc would want to work at Hergest? They re-advertised. No applicants, not a sausage. They re-advertised again. No, no takers at all. Ijaz was told that he could have the job if he wanted it…

    The GMC have played ball with Ijaz because he knew what had gone on in north Wales re Dafydd, Francis, Sadie, the ring….

    One of Ijaz’s patients who really hated Ijaz one day made a complaint that Ijaz had, in the consultation, ‘Grabbed me by the balls, squeezed them and said Who will believe you now?’ An investigation was held and Ijaz was cleared. It was noted by Sister Ella Fisk that this patient ‘Didn’t like Dr Ijaz’. (No-one did). The patient continued to tell other patients that this had happened. The staff reminded everyone that this man was Ill and Told Lies. Now he was a fantasist, we did all know that, but the trouble with being a fantasist is that if one tells the truth, no-one will believe one.

    Docs in north Wales WERE assaulting patients in bizarre ways. F and I were intrigued by the ‘He grabbed me by the balls’ allegation and F said ‘So what did you do?’ and the Empowered Service User said ‘I had a little cry in the greenhouse’. F replied ‘Well I’d have fucking smacked him in the face’. So F and I and others had a standing joke about ‘I had a little cry in the greenhouse’ after being assaulted by Ijaz.

    Shortly after, F said to Francis ‘Dr Francis, if I grabbed you by the balls, would you smack me in the mouth or would you have a little cry in the greenhouse?’ Francis said ‘Neither, I would section you’. We pissed ourselves laughing, partly at the concept of having a little cry in the greenhouse, but also because we had all been sectioned after Making Wicked Allegations…

    They’re Telling Untruths!

    Well as no complaints were ever genuinely investigated, no-one knows how many Untruths were told on either side…

    1. ‘Sally’s complaints about DA are delusional. She Hates Elderly Men’.

      Well that’s odd, because if one is to use lame psychodynamic explanations, I should be very keen on Elderly Men because when I was young my Main Attachment was to my grandpa.

      Hilarious, when I pointed that out, they had it covered! They called Brown in and had an earnest discussion about the possibility that my grandpa had ‘abused’ me. Oh that’ll be the grandpa who denounced corruption in the Tory Party, who hated Edward du Cann, the du Cann who was one of the City financiers behind Dafydd and Gwynne’s business in the 1960s. The grandpa who, because he challenged a load of crooks in the Tory Party elicited a Revenge Attack on my father from Maurice Macmillan…

      The grandpa who was threatened with being ‘certified’ after he discovered a prostitution racket in the Nuffield Hospital in Taunton, the grandpa who had a problem with what he called ‘immorality’ in the Liberal Party in the West Country…

      I realised at that point that the staff of the Hergest Unit would say anything, anything at all, to deflect criticism…

      I had no idea at the time that grandpa’s foes in the Tory Party were linked to Dafydd and Gwynne, I thought that it was all ancient history and I had no idea that Edward du Cann was at that point blackmailing Michael Howard, The Hague etc… But then I didn’t realise that Edward du Cann was a friend of Tiny Rowland. By the time that I was in my late teens I hated capitalism and money grubbing so much that I refused (rather foolishly) to read the City pages in detail. I was interested in many things but I just loathed the Big Bucks, so I had no idea that du Cann was not a busted flush and that the Tory Party were still entirely dependent on his mates…

      What Brown, F and I did know was that something very, very odd was happening in Somerset, as people involved in serious crime were getting away with pretty much anything, had acquired much money and were also on excellent terms with two Bridgwater social workers…

      My grandpa was a difficult man who pissed a lot of people off. But he certainly never molested me and I’d be surprised if he molested anyone else either. If someone however does make that allegation, I will not threaten to sue the arse off of them because I am not Greville Janner.

      What I do know is that innocent men in north Wales were accused of and fitted up for sex offences if they complained about the Gang of sex offenders who ran the NHS up there.

      Now, perhaps Cherie would like to confirm whether Tony Francis was passing documents about me to George Carman, because I have been told that he was, definitely. I have also been told that BBC Bristol and the BBC Naturalists were taking orders from DGE Wood.

      Cherie, do you know about the Hergest Unit patient who maintained that Tony Francis arrived at her room late one night and exposed himself to her? Tony denied it, the Investigation cleared him and it was mentioned that the girl’s previous boyfriend was called Tony. Her section was extended and she didn’t get out of the hospital for months… The ex-boyfriend’s name was the basis of her Delusions. I knew that girl, yes her ex-boyfriend was called Tony, but she maintained for years that Francis DID do what she alleged.

      I haven’t seen that girl for years. If I did see her now, I could show her all the documents in my possession written by Tony and his colleagues admitting to perjury, conspiracy, forgery etc. Including the document written by a Top Doc from Springfield/St George’s stating that Dafydd was sexually exploiting patients and that he thought that Tony Francis was as well…

      Cherie and Miranda, having read so many documents stolen from my house, do you know why I and others didn’t make as many complaints about Tony as we could or probably should have? The Dangerous Nutters were having some very odd experiences with Tony and when they questioned it, they were reassured that it was them misunderstanding… When Tony became such a liability that it could no longer be concealed, he begged our forgiveness because he was Ill…

      We forgave him. Because we all felt very sorry for him working with that bunch of absolute bastards.

      I even felt sorry for Tony when I heard that he had been found dead. I still do, he was a very troubled man. But he was running a huge trafficking ring, he was very, very dangerous, he manipulated us, he lied, Tony Francis was a serious criminal and a lot of people knew it. I also think that he could well have been murdered.

      I have been told that Tony didn’t just have a thing about us young women who were Harassing and Stalking Him, Tony was keen on er young males as well. My documents don’t contain any evidence of that at all, but they do blow every allegation that was made about me and a number of other patients who were criminalised out of the water…

      Miranda never forgot that the Labour Party were out of office for decades and he knew that Thatch won and retained power by doing deals with people who were keeping the lid on the biggest political scandal for decades: the Westminster Paedophile Ring. It was Gwynne, Dafydd, Geoffrey Chamberlain and Top Docs at the heart of it…So Miranda did anything they asked, anything at all…

      Who killed Brown’s mum and dad then Miranda? They grew up in Durham just down the road from your constituency. The old boys who surrounded Miranda as a young politician knew Keith and Pat…

      Col Brown was of course a Tory and Brown’s mum was sort of pale pink. They used to laugh at Brown and me being Reds because they told us that the Labour Party in the North East took the votes of the locals for granted and did nothing, nothing at all for them. Col Brown loathed Scargill, Clive Jenkins and all the big union barons, as of course did my father. We were always told ‘They’re a load of bloody hypocrites’. They were, but they did so well for themselves by doing deals with the hypocrites in the Tory Party and the British Establishment…

      As for the entertaining e mail that I have received telling me that I haven’t mentioned ‘Brown’s dysfunctional parents’ on this blog. Yes I have. I blogged ages ago about Col Brown having a string of mistresses, that the boys knew about it and met some of them.

      Brown has been frank with his friends throughout his whole life: ‘I never minded my father wanting to lead a selfish life with numerous girlfriends, but I don’t think that he should have married my mother, had children and then lived as if he was a single man…’

      We had no idea what Col Brown got up to, it was a source of endless speculation. He hung out in posh places, spent his time with posh people and would then arrive in Somerset for a few days and be off again. Brown always wondered if Col Brown had a second family somewhere, it was no secret that Brown’s dad was a Charming Cad, it was a standing joke. All we did know was that he seemed to be very well thought of in the Army; Brown always maintained that was because as an officer in the Signals Regiments, what one needed to progress was to be a good conversationalist, chatty, witty and happy to down the brandies with posh people. Col Brown was like that, you could spend an afternoon chatting with him and it was lovely. But it didn’t mean that I was unaware that he was mixing with people who would have hated Brown and me, the bent Chief Constables who were causing havoc… I just didn’t know that they were running a huge paedophile ring in north Wales.

      I think that the Gwerin and the Bridgy contingent now ought to shut up because they really have made themselves look very, very silly re the daft allegations towards Brown, me and our friends. It is very familiar though. Like me, when Brown was younger at school, he was clever and swotty and badly bullied in a Bridgwater bear pit and like me, he found that the other abused, unhappy kids at his school made up ludicrous stories about him in order to Attach Stigma. He told me once that he’d gone into school and one kid had told all the others that they had seen Brown’s dad ‘drunk in Bridgwater’. As Brown said, ‘my father might well have been drunk, but it won’t have been in Bridgwater…’

      Mrs Thatch, Lord Denning and Tiny Rowland Eileen Beasley’s relatives! Now do us all a favour and fuck off, you have caused quite enough misery and suffering with your myopic grandiosity.

      1. On one occasion, when I was having one of my chats with Col Brown, we were discussing psychiatry. Col Brown knew that I’d applied to Cardiff to do medicine but he had no idea that Brown and I had by then tangled with Gwynne and Wood, unless someone else told Col Brown that. Col Brown began talking about an Army dinner that he’d been at, along with a N Ireland psychiatrist. Col Brown told me that the psych was the most bigoted, unpleasant man that he had ever met and he was an excellent recruiter for the IRA, such was his anti-Catholic hatred.

        Some two or three years after, when I was working in Cancer Research and under attack by the Top Docs and Tories/Labour combined, a group of young Irish people were arrested and jailed for Plotting To Murder Tom King, who was then the Sec of State for N Ireland. There was bugger all evidence against them and there was a hullaballoo in the media re a possible miscarriage of justice. The mum of one of them was a well known Irish psychiatrist. They were quietly let out of prison years later but without the big fuss that accompanied the Bravery of those Freed By Michael Mansfield.

        Then there was the arms cache found in a river in Zummerzet. Ooh machine guns, the lot. Some boys who were messing about in the river found it. The Authorities knew what was happening. It was a Plot To Kill Tom King!

        Really??? There was no evidence at all that the arms had been collected and stored in the river for that purpose. If indeed any arms had been stored in the river, instead of being planted there by one of Tom King’s friends…

        Tom, Tom! Remember that Army Christmas party that Col Brown told me about, the one where someone dressed up as Santa and gave all the guests really good presents? Col Brown got a toaster! It was in the Brown’s kitchen! Was it a plot to murder Dafydd, Tom? Conjured up by me perhaps?

        1. BANG!! The Tories were blown sky high at their conference in Brighton…

          Brown and I were at his parents’ house when Tebbs was blown up, we watched it on the TV with Col Brown. He was smoking his pipe and harrumphing as he did. Brown’s brother remarked that it would have been interesting if the IRA had succeeded in killing Thatch. Col Brown gave him a bollocking for even daring to speculate.

          Col Brown had no idea that his house had been bugged by his own friends and colleagues because a young woman who had been targeted by the facilitators of the Westminster Paedophile Ring used to stay over there.

          Why didn’t Thatch work out that the Brighton Bombers had help from someone who was paid to Protect Thatch? How did she think that a huge bomb just happened to slip past security and end up in her bathroom wall? The only reason that the old cow wasn’t blown to bits was that she had literally popped into her bedroom bit just as the bomb exploded. Someone gave the bombers details of Thatch’s routine; she goes up to bed late, gets pissed on spirits, then retires in the early hours (because she kept going on Class As). She’ll be in the bathroom at 2-30 am lads, just set the timer…

          Just to avoid any errors, we’ll have someone planted in the conference to keep the old bag chatting and dancing if she decides to go up earlier. We’ll have a maid in the hotel as well and they’ll let you know when the bat has gone into her suite. Sadly the plants couldn’t actually sit in the bog with Thatch and she went into the bedroom just before the bomb exploded. They probably misjudged the length of time that Thatch would sit on the bog…

          1. Col Brown basically believed that the people who murdered him, murdered his wife and tried to murder his two sons and me always acted in the National Interest. Col Brown thought rather differently to me, but he did have faith that NATO was there to stop a Third World War and that the Labour Party could never be trusted to run the country. Just as so many Tory voters in Somerset believed the same. Labour voters sincerely believed that Labour Cared about the Small People in the way that the Tories didn’t.

            My father thought that Ken Clarke ought to be Leader of the Tory Party. I’m sorry that I didn’t know what you were doing to him at the time Ken of Nottingham Crooks, if I had known I’d have told him.

            And everyone believed that medicine was basically sound, with just a few bad eggs.

            Anyone for an international paedophile ring which murdered children and was facilitated by the Toppest of the Top Docs who were double dealing with the IRA as well as other terrorist groups and organised criminals…

  16. The basics as to how the serious miscarriage of justice suffered by the Guildford Four and Macguire Seven was eventually rectified, but only at the expense of targets of the Gang in north Wales:

    The wrongful convictions occurred in the mid 1970s. Until the late 1980s, the Home Office and everyone else refused to even re-consider the cases. In 1989, detectives from Avon and Somerset Constabulary began to investigate. So when the case was finally re-opened it was by the bent coppers who were in the thick of the deal to silence people in Somerset/allow offenders in that county to remain uninvestigated because of what the Gang were doing to me.

    Avon and Somerset officers found significant pieces of evidence in relation to Surrey Police’s handling of the Guildford Four and their statements. Typed notes from police interviews had been extensively edited. Deletions and additions had been made and the notes had been rearranged. Evidence suggested that the hand-written notes were made after the interviews had been conducted, although the notes presented had been described in court as contemporaneous records. Statements were taken in breach of Judges’ Rules and may well have been inadmissible as evidence. The information was not made available to the DPP or the prosecution and the officers involved had denied under oath that such an interview had happened. Detention records were inconsistent with the times and durations of the claimed interviews, as reported by the Surrey police.

    North Wales Police used all those methods in relation to targets of the Gang.

    Lord Gifford QC represented Paul Hill of the Guildford Four and others were represented by human rights solicitor, Gareth Peirce.

    Lord Gifford knew my former neighbour from Llanllechid. I knew her very well and she witnessed what was happening to me and other people at the hands of the Gang. She knew that patients were abused at Ysbyty Gwynedd and made it known that she knew that patients were not safe, that staff were dishonest and that data was being rigged by the NHS. She knew Lord Gifford because she campaigned for people on death row in Jamaica and the stays of execution were in the hands of the British Privy Council. Lord Gifford was handling the cases. This lady also knew of serious problems at Bangor University, caused by the Gang when they were trying to bring Merfyn down. Her own husband died not long before I left north Wales after guns at dawn. He died after Dr Heinersdorff, the GP on call flatly refused to make a home visit. Dr H lived about 10 minutes up the hill on foot. Dr H had been treating Ronald for many, many years and had full details of his heart condition. Ronald had a heart attack, his wife rang Dr H, Dr H refused to come out. His wife called an ambulance, it eventually arrived and Ronald died 12 days later in hospital. Which suggests that Ronald’s life could have been saved had Dr H not waited for his condition to become fatal. Ronald knew me very well and Dr H knew that Ronald knew me.

    People are telling me that Dr H should be in Court for something in my case that I have not discussed on this blog. Indeed she should; but she should be in Court for her part in the framing and fleecing of F and the subsequent abduction of his baby, the baby being then placed with two known abusers. Then Dr H killed Ronald. I have written to the GMC requesting a meeting re many things including Dr H’s conduct towards me, but in the face of what she did to Ron, it is neither here nor there is it. Someone should have stopped Heinersdorff back in 1993 when she was involved with the shafting of F. F and I are at least still alive. Ronald is not; Ronald and his wife were two of the few people in Rachub who didn’t express their disgust over the conduct of that fucking GPs surgery in Bethesda. One of them died because of the absolute failure of the NHS and regulatory bodies to sort those lethal, greedy bastards at the surgery out.

    The appeal hearing for the Guildford Four had been adjourned to January 1990 at the request of the Guildford Four but once the findings of the Somerset and Avon report were available, the hearing was resumed, with the Crown stating that it did not wish to support the convictions. The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Lane, concluded that, regardless of the impact of the content of the material discovered by Somerset and Avon or the alibis or additional evidence the appellants wished to introduce, the level of duplicity meant that all the police evidence was suspect and the case for the prosecution was unsafe.

    LCJ Lane had in 1987 released Ollie Brooke from prison early. Lane knew that Ollie’s lawyers and colleagues had lied about Ollie’s professional and academic standing and that Ollie was not just a sad old git with a few kiddie porn pics, Ollie was a key member of a pan-European paedophile ring and was importing and exporting child porn on a vast scale. In 1986 F was framed and imprisoned. In 1987 the Gang lied to the police in an attempt to have me imprisoned but the Cunning Plan imploded.

    The Guildford Four were released on 19 October 1989, after having their convictions quashed. At that time, a Case Conference was being arranged in north Wales to discuss my dangerousness. I was living and working in London and knew nothing about it until some five years ago when my lawyer sent me the documentation relating to it. People whom I had never heard of gave evidence against me. I had never heard of the Top Doc who Chaired the case conference. He was a mate of Dafydd’s. His conclusion was that I was so dangerous that I should be sent to Broadmoor and he offered to prepare a Court Report stating that. I was not facing any charges at the time.

    On 12 July 1990, the Home Secretary David Waddington published the Interim Report on the Maguire Case: The Inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the convictions arising out of the bomb attacks in Guildford and Woolwich in 1974, which criticised the trial judge Mr Justice Donaldson and unearthed improprieties in the handling of scientific evidence, declaring the convictions unsound and recommending referral back to the Court of Appeal.

    In July 1990 I was taken to the High Court yet again on the basis of the gang’s perjury.
    Peter Morrison was appointed Thatch’s PPS shortly after my High Court appearance.

    The convictions of the Maguire Seven were quashed in 1991. In April 1991 the Gang took me to the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand on the basis of yet more perjury…

    Re the Guildford Four and Macguire Seven: Neither the bombings nor the wrongful imprisonment resulted in convictions. The bombings were most likely the work of the Balcombe Street Siege gang, who claimed responsibility. They were already serving life sentences, but were released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. Three British police officers – Thomas Style, John Donaldson and Vernon Attwell – were charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, but each was found not guilty.

    On 9 February 2005, Miranda the PM issued an apology to the families of the eleven people imprisoned for the bombings in Guildford and Woolwich and those related to them who were still alive. He said, in part, “I am very sorry that they were subject to such an ordeal and injustice… they deserve to be completely and publicly exonerated.”

    Miranda was at the time trying to hound Merfyn out of his job as VC. Months later Miranda’s policy adviser’s brother-in-law stole my computer.

    Ronald who was killed by Dr H and his wife hated Miranda; they had knowledge of Miranda’s dad and told me before Miranda became PM that this was not going to end well. So Ronald’s widow probably wouldn’t value an apology from Miranda. Neither would I, because I know that Miranda and Cherie knew what was happening to me as long ago as 1983 and they built their careers on it. So neither of them are in the least bit sorry. The only reason why the Guildford Four and Macguire Seven were ever released is that Miranda, Cherie and pals did deals with corrupt Docs, lawyers and judges and in return sacrificed me and the targets of the Gang in north Wales.

    In 1993, Paul Hill married Courtney Kennedy, a daughter of assassinated American senator Robert F. Kennedy and a niece of assassinated president John F. Kennedy. They had a daughter in 1999 but legally separated in 2006. Their daughter, Saoirse Kennedy Hill, died in August 2019, aged 22, but I don’t know how she died. Or how Paul Hill ended up marrying a Kennedy.

    One of the Guildford Four, Carole Richardson, kept out of the public eye and died in 2012 aged 55. I don’t know the circumstances of her death…

    Sir John Donaldson, the original trial judge, went on to an illustrious judicial career and became Master of the Rolls. Sir John was the man who gave Mary Wynch leave to Appeal to sue Dafydd and the Gang. Sir John had known about Dafydd and Gwynne for years, he was mates with Ronnie Waterhouse. Gareth Peirce the human rights lawyer who represented the members of the Guildford Four that Lord Gifford didn’t knew about Mary Winch. Gareth worked for Birnberg & Birnberg when they represented Mary. Birnberg & Birnberg were I am told warned never to take a case for me if I approached them. Mary’s was the last ever case that would be taken against Dafydd… No-one was allowed to take action against Dafydd again.

    In November 2018 the BBC broadcast a documentary A Great British Injustice: The Maguire Story, with the involvement of surviving members of the Maguire family. Dafydd’s mates were still working for the BBC at the time.

  17. Michael Heseltine has even more explaining to do that I thought.

    Previous posts have discussed Barney Hayhoe, Thatch’s Health Minister who served as Secretary of State Norman Fowler’s Deputy 1985-86. Barney was at the DoH when Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Sir Donald Acheson persuaded Thatch that a public health campaign was needed re AIDS or her friends and colleagues who had been sexually using children or rent boys supplied by Dafydd and Gwynne would die in great numbers. Nicholas Eden, son of Anthony Eden died from AIDS in August 1985. Eden was known to be HIV + and ill when I complained about Gwynne; Gwynne, Dafydd, Wood etc knew Nicholas Eden who used to visit north Wales… Eden remained a Minister in Thatch’s Gov’t until he resigned due to ill health in 1985 months before he died. When I complained about Gwynne in the Spring of 1984, Eden was a Minister under the Energy Secretary Peter Walker, the City link of the Gang, who was mates with Edward du Cann and went back to the 1950s with Dafydd, Gwynne and the Gang.

    Barney Hayhoe was on the Left of the Tory Party, a long-standing member of “Nick’s diner”, the informal group of ultra-moderates Chaired by his friend Nicholas Scott. Nick Scott was denounced by Ann Widdecombe as a hopeless alkie on the level of Charlie Kennedy, a health problem that was ignored as it killed Scott. Hayhoe was a supporter of Grocer Heath on Europe, trade union legislation and the proposed Maplin airport (the constituency he represented for 22 years was close to Heathrow). Despite this, Thatch ‘appreciated his energy in exposing union abuses of power’…

    Bernard John Hayhoe was born in Surrey on August 8 1925. He left Stanley Technical School, South Norwood, at 16 to become a toolroom apprentice, studied at Borough Polytechnic and in 1944 joined the armaments design department of the Ministry of Supply; he moved on in 1954 to the Inspectorate of Armaments.

    Hayhoe was elected the Young Conservatives’ national Chairman in 1952. Peter Walker, David Hunt and Beata Brookes, all key Gang members, were Young Tories later in the 1950s. Hayhoe joined the Conservative Research Department as Grocer Heath took up the Leadership of the Tories in the mid-1960s. That Dept was known to be full of gay Tories, some very predatory, known for their penchant for picking up boys in London and Departmental holidays in Europe at which boys were supplied to provide the entertainment.

    On the eve of the 1970 election, Hayhoe was selected to fight Heston & Isleworth after the sitting Tory, Richard Reader Harris, had been on trial for months on fraud charges connected with the collapse of John Bloom’s Rolls Razor enterprise. The constituency association chose Hayhoe to take his place. However, Harris was cleared of all charges and drove straight to the adoption meeting. After stormy exchanges, Hayhoe defeated Harris by 242 votes to 176; he went on to increase the Conservative majority as Grocer Heath came to power.

    In 1973, James Prior, Leader of the House, made Hayhoe his PPS and Hayhoe was also appointed – as Britain joined the EC – Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Group for Europe. Prior was a lazy, dim Norfolk farmer who admitted that he only ever entered politics after his mates persuaded him that he could feather his own and their nests if he were an MP. Prior ignored an organised abuse ring in East Anglia, facilitated by Dafydd’s mates, including David Ennals. I have no idea if Prior was actively involved; he was so hopeless that he might well have not been capable of organising such activities. Thatcher later made Jim Prior N Ireland Secretary, which was extraordinary. Prior’s son David – also a Tory MP who became Lord Prior – has held roles in the NHS and private Healthcare as well as other things. David Prior has been at the centre of scandal after scandal, but he survives to hold yet another senior appointment. See previous posts.

    Hayhoe just managed to retain his seat in the two general elections of 1974 . Heath appointed him a spokesman on employment . When Thatch ousted Heath, she kept Hayhoe at Employment, under Prior. Hayhoe was appointed as junior Minister for the Army in 1979. Hayhoe attracted most attention when he executed a parachute jump for the Airey Neave Memorial Trust, Airey being the extreme right wing Nutter who worked for the security services, was Thatch’s Mentor and played a major role in her becoming Leader of the Tory Party. Neave was killed by a car bomb that was attributed to Republican terrorists but there are many suggestions that Neave was killed because of his role in facilitating paedophilia and that the US security services may have assisted in assassinating him.

    In 1981 Hayhoe moved to the Civil Service Department as Minister of State. Hayhoe faced heated opposition to Mrs Thatcher’s efforts to curb, then ban, trade union activity at GCHQ. He announced that lie detector tests for staff at Cheltenham would go ahead, then warned them they would be sacked unless they tore up their union cards. He offered a £1,000 “sweetener” to those who complied, but a few dozen stuck to their guns.

    Appointed a Privy Councillor in June 1985, Hayhoe went on holiday to France that September and when on holiday, was appointed Health Minister. His priority as Norman Fowler’s Deputy was rolling out the public information campaign on Aids.

    In September 1986 Mrs Thatcher dropped Hayhoe and nine other sub-Cabinet Ministers. He joined the Defence Select Committee and was knighted. After a year’s silence Hayhoe went on the attack – urging Nigel Lawson to forgo a tax cut in his next Budget and give the money to the NHS, and Thatch to listen to the medical institutions’ demand for action.

    Before Dafydd and Gwynne’s friend and customer Sir Anthony Meyer challenged Thatch for the leadership in the late 1980s, Hayhoe had to deny that he would be a “stalking-horse”. But when Michael Heseltine forced Thatch out a year later, Hayhoe was among his staunchest supporters. Previous posts have discussed how Meyer only stood as a stalking horse because he thought that Heseltine would stand as the real challenger, but Heseltine stood back until the following year.

    Hayhoe left the Commons in 1992. He was created a life peer, and served on the Select Committee on the Public Service. From 1993 to 1995 he Chaired the Guy’s & St Thomas’s NHS Trust. It was while Hayhoe was Chair that the dangerous and violent Andy Jones from Rachub gained a place on the medicine degree at that institution, although Andy’s violence, mental health problems and sexual exploitation were known, including by staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd, where Andy had worked as a porter for a year before being offered the place at Guys and Tommy’s. Andy was my neighbour at the time; he had grown up on Anglesey and his brother was a psychologist at Bangor University. I have been told that I was something to do with Andy getting a place and Dafydd, Tony Francis and Sister Hutt played a role in the negotiations. After Andy qualified, the Hergest Unit gave him a five year contract. There was complaint after complaint about Andy, but as usual no action was taken. I wrote to the GMC and they refused to hold an investigation. Some three years later, Andy’s children were removed from his care on the grounds of severe neglect. His wife was sectioned for her own safety from Andy’s violent attacks. Andy’s first wife had left Andy because of his violence and refused him access to their son because of the risk that Andy presented to him. Still Andy remained on the Medical Register. Andy only disappeared from the Register after I confronted another GP over Andy’s continued presence on the Register.

    Barney Heyhoe was a Health Minister when Nicholas Eden died from AIDS. Previous posts have discussed how Anthony Meyer did some sort of deal with his mate Heseltine over what the Gang were doing to me which resulted in Meyer securing big contracts for Broughton, an aircraft company in his constituency. That resulted from the Westland Affair in 1986, which was the result of Heseltine trying to become Leader of the Tory Party when he found out that someone who knew what the Gang was doing to me worked at Westland (a helicopter company in Yeovil) as well as a number of West Country politicians who were in a position to benefit from dodgy deals. See previous posts eg. ‘Those Who Are Ready To Serve’.

    I have now been told that Nicholas Eden dying from AIDS was yet another factor in the equation. Nicholas enjoyed trips to north Wales during which he partook of the activities which may have resulted in him contracting HIV… It was freely admitted that Eden was gay but there is much less info available as to who his partners were.

    I am told that Adrian Bell, the tutor in the Dept of Plant Biology who was busy writing me bad references and slandering me on the orders of the Gang knew about Nicholas Eden. Presumably Bell knew that Eden’s friends were customers of Gwynne and Dafydd and it was highly likely that Eden was as well. Bell was mates with DGE Wood and a colleague of other Gang members or their spouses/relatives. Including Prof Greig-Smith, who was friends with Douglas Hurd’s Uncle.

    Weeks after complaining about Gwynne, I was knowingly given a transfusion of infected blood at the C&A Hospital in Bangor. Unlike Lord Nicholas, I didn’t contract HIV or even Hep B.

    I do hope that Janet Mitchell who worked at Westland and who’s career benefited greatly from Mr Heseltine’s ambitions and me being the subject of murder attempts thinks that it was all worth it and of course Anthony Meyer’s constituents who worked/work at Broughton. Janet’s son Toby will be grown up now. The Top Docs buggered up Toby’s birth and Janet suffered needlessly. Look on the bright side Janet, Toby wasn’t taken into care by a gang of paedophiles, anally raped regularly and then forced to work as a rent boy by the time that he was 15.

    Barney Hayhoe married, in 1962, Anne Thornton, with whom he had two sons and a daughter.

    Lord Hayhoe, born August 8 1925, died September 7 2013.

    1. After there had been yet more scandal, damning reports, deaths, abuse, failure and huge financial incompetence at Broadmoor Hospital, in 2015 a new Chairman of the West London NHS Trust, which runs Broadmoor, was announced.

      One Tom Hayhoe!

      Thomas Edward George Hayhoe is a Director of health sector organisations in the UK including West London NHS Trust where he is currently Chairman. Tom is a former businessman, student union politician and parliamentary candidate, and an offshore racing sailor. He has lived in Hammersmith in West London since 1982.

      Hayhoe’s childhood was spent on the Isle of Portland, where he attended primary school before secondary education at Woodroffe Comprehensive School in Lyme Regis and St Paul’s School in London. He studied history at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge and received an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

      Hayhoe worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company before joining W H Smith as Head of Group Planning and Development and later working as a merchandise Director in its main retail chain. He then worked with the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre and as an advisor to Coopers & Lybrand before establishing The Brackenbury Group in 1994 as a vehicle to provide management consultancy services and undertake management buy-ins. This was subsequently expanded into retail and consumer consultancy.

      In the mid 1990s Tom was a non-executive director of SLSS (Oyez Stationers). Between 2000 and 2002 he Chaired the board of video games retailer Gamestation through a period of growth that took it from 26 to 70 outlets and negotiated its sale to Blockbuster. In 2011 Tom was appointed strategy advisor at HRV Fit, developer of ithlete, the mobile heart rate variability application.

      Having studied health policy and economics with Professor Alain Enthoven while at Stanford, Hayhoe was invited in 1981 to join the group that developed health policy for Dr Death’s newly formed SDP. In 1985 Hayhoe was appointed to the first of a number of appointments as a lay member, non-executive director and finally Deputy Chairman of health authorities covering the boroughs of Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, and Hounslow in West London, serving until 2000.

      Tom Hayhoe has since served as Chairman of the West London Pathology Consortium (a collaboration between a number of acute hospitals in West London), Chairman of the North West London sub-committee of the Advisory Committee for Clinical Excellence Awards and as a director of MediHome Limited (a provider of out-of-hospital nursing and therapy services).

      Between 2005 and 2010 Tom served as Chairman of Building Better Health West London (a Local Improvement Finance Trust company building community and primary care facilities for the NHS in West London. He was appointed Chairman of West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust in October 2010 and a Trustee of Versus Arthritis (formerly Arthritis Research UK) in 2012.

      In 2015 he became Chairman of West London Mental Health NHS Trust (renamed West London NHS Trust in 2018) which is responsible for local inpatient and community mental health services in the London boroughs of Ealing, Hammersmith and Hounslow, for the Cassel Hospital, and for nationally commissioned high security psychiatric services including Broadmoor Hospital.

      While at Cambridge Tom served as Chairman of the University branch of the Tory Reform Group, was a member of the standing committee of the Cambridge Union Society, and following graduation served as President of Cambridge Students’ Union.

      Hayhoe was a research assistant and adviser to Conservative Party Cabinet Minister Peter Walker before joining the SDP in 1981 with seven other leading younger members of the Conservative Party, including Adair Turner and Anna Soubry. At the 1987 general election Tom contested Wycombe as an SDP candidate.

      Hayhoe is a keen sailor and has competed at national and international levels in a variety of dinghy, keelboat and offshore classes, including Firefly, 470, International 14, J/24, Laser, Laser 5000, Sigma 33, Prima 38 and Class 40 and currently races a National 12, an SB20 and a J/105. He is a former commodore of Ranelagh Sailing Club and Vice Commodore of the Royal Ocean Racing Club. His wife, Natalie Jobling, served as a Trustee of the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, the venue for the sailing events at the 2012 Olympic Games.

      Anyone remember the allegations that a former PM who was a keen sailor was a child abuser, allegations that will not go away but are still being met with How Very Dare You and ‘It would have been impossible, someone would have proof somewhere…’

      Would they? There is barely any evidence that Gwynne ever existed and I have been told that I never met him. As yet another ‘clean up’ measure of the high security hospital which under Barney Hayhoe was used as a prison and slaughterhouse for victims of Dafydd and Gwynne who were procuring children and young people for politicians and others to use sexually, Barney’s son was appointed Chairman. Barney friend of Ted Heath, former employee of the notorious Conservative Research Dept. Barney who’s Chairman son was a pal of Dr Death, Tommy’s trained Dr Death and friend of Dafydd and Gwynne.

      It isn’t so much that PMs are a law unto themselves, it is that the NHS and in particular psychiatry is. They do whatever they want, they forge the records as and when they feel like it and they kill people. Defenders of Ted Heath stress that as PM, too many people would have been aware of his whereabouts at all times for him to have ever been able to have abused kids. While I find the more lurid allegations re Heath unbelievable – Heath was a bad tempered miserable old git, I can’t imagine that any sexual activities of his will have involved big groups of people let alone Satanic Rituals or swinging parties – it is entirely possible that Heath could have been involved in less florid forms of sexual assault (George Thomas definitely was and nothing became public until years after his death) and it is entirely possible that everyone around Heath did conceal it.

      Just look at what was going on; layers and layers of people in responsible positions who did everything possible to conceal Dafydd and Gwynne’s criminality. There are plenty of people on the ground who remember witnessing it but until I wrote this blog, not one word had become public. It’s the Top Docs. Under the umbrellas of confidentiality, acting in the patients’ best interest yet without informing them, having total legal powers over psych patients and colleagues who never ever break ranks no matter how serious the misconduct or criminality, the Top Docs do absolutely anything they feel like to anyone.

      Heath’s friend and personal physician Sir Brian Warren was facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring, as did his wife Josephine Barnes. Dafydd held Sex Therapy Clinics that were drunken shagfests. I interrupted some of them inadvertently. If Ted Heath had an appointment with his doctor, of course his bodyguard and PPS etc would not accompany him.

      Geoffrey Chamberlain was a Top Doc at the pinnacle of his profession, who was mates with Royal Docs, celebs and held constant dinner parties and such like. He and his wife Jocelyn were a Lovely Couple and so many people testified to the Wonderful Evening that they spent at the Chamberlains and they have five Lovely Children! Chamberlain’s widow will be a grandma by now. They were facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Weren’t you Jocelyn?

      The NHS is every bit as bad as the Prison System for being secretive and unaccountable. Furthermore it is run by insiders and successive generations of insiders, like the Hayhoes. If you are not an insider or you raise concerns, you will receive non-stop hassle. I am related to an NHS insider. It’s why the Top Docs found me so frightening and were stupid enough to think that perhaps I might be willing to join in. I wasn’t Top Docs and you were not going to be able to bribe or threaten me into it.

      I know the Insiders Codes, I know how business is done and I know the convincing act that the Insiders put on for the uninitiated. I didn’t however realise for a long while that the Insider phenomenon is all-pervasive, it’s not just the preserve of bad eggs in a few hospitals. It runs throughout the entire UK healthcare system. There are healthcare staff who really do not like what is going on but it is far too big and powerful for them to stop it.

      1. Here’s more evidence re Just How Bad It Is, How It’s All Kept In The Family and Grocer Heath Could Have Got Away With It.

        This is the 2005 Guardian obit of Nicholas Scott, the hopeless drunk who was a good mate of Barney Hayhoe, the Barney who concealed Dafydd and Gwynne’s crimes:

        Sir Nicholas Scott, who has died suddenly aged 71 after suffering a long period of Alzheimer’s disease, was an engaging bon vivant who became a hero of the Tory wets while serving for 31 years as the MP for Paddington (1966-74) and then Chelsea (1974-97). He fought with his characteristic mixture of charm and principle to fend off Margaret Thatcher’s more radical schemes and was the initial host of “Nick’s Diner”, the dining club where wets let off anti-Thatcher steam.
        Nick fought hard to retain a human face for British Conservatism, but his political career ended when he was found flat on his face in the street at the 1996 Tory party conference at Bournemouth. Although he had already been re-adopted for Kensington and Chelsea, he lost a vote of confidence and resigned to make way for Alan Clark. It was a sad end for someone widely admired on almost all sides of politics.

        Nick was one of the stars of the postwar generation of liberal, pro-European Young Conservatives (of whom few, except Ken Clarke, survive), rising to become president of the wets’ organisation, the Tory Reform Group, which he helped to found.Unlike most Young Conservatives of his generation who later made it into the cabinet, Nick had no Oxbridge launching pad. He was born in London, the son of a Metropolitan police inspector married to an Irishwoman. His education was modest: at St Andrew’s primary in Streatham, Clapham College, and then part-time at the City of London College and the City Literary Institute. These were preparation for modest jobs as a salesman, executive or director, first with Shell, then in many firms in the printing trade.

        His political aspirations were first nurtured with two stints as a councillor on Holborn borough council. After fighting Islington South West in 1959 and 1964, he was successful, in 1966, in retaining the Paddington South seat for the Tories. He instantly carved out a niche among liberal Tory MPs, attacking discrimination against foreign students and demanding more nursery education. In 1968 he refused to back the Tory shadow cabinet in its support of Labour home secretary James Callaghan’s limit on the entry of East African Asians with UK passports. He was the first Tory MP sharply to attack Enoch Powell’s 1968 attack on Commonwealth immigrants. He was named parliamentary private secretary to lain Macleod, whose protege he was, a month before Macleod died in 1970.
        Scott retained his principled stand with the 1970 advent of the Heath government, opposing its sale of arms to apartheid South Africa. He mended his fences by supporting EEC entry and, when he became, in 1972, parliamentary private secretary to fellow liberal, home secretary Robert Carr, he went along with Carr’s limits on Uganda Asian entry. His willingness to modify principles to serve governments made him ministerially employable, becoming under secretary to the employment secretary William Whitelaw.
        His career was jeopardised by his loss of Paddington South by 872 votes in February 1974, but he came back as the MP for safe-as-houses Chelsea and Kensington in the following October’s election, which consolidated the second Wilson regime.
        He was named housing spokesman by Ted Heath but, when Margaret Thatcher took over in 1975, he was sacked when he refused a more junior post. He did not appease her initially: he opposed sending sports teams to apartheid South Africa, he proposed voting by PR, he abstained on new immigration restrictions.
        Grumblings, however, began in his constituency because of his political line and his private life – he was a known womaniser. He insisted on a reselection process, which he managed to win by 69 votes to 21.
        Because of his realism as a businessman rather than his moderation, Mrs Thatcher, in 1977, asked him to take charge of the party’s response to youth unemployment. This did not save him from being left out when she formed her first government in 1979. The next year Roy Jenkins and friends invited him to a study group on forming a centre party.
        However, instead of joining the newly formed SDP in 1981, he accompanied James Prior as his education under secretary when Prior formed his handpicked wet government-in-exile as Northern Ireland secretary. After his second year, Scott was also given responsibility for prisons. He denied responsibility for the IRA’s mass breakout from Maze prison and Prior threatened to resign if Scott was sacked.
        In 1986 he was promoted to minister of state, but never won the affection of hard-line Protestants, always insisting they had to share power with Catholics. He also refused to deal with Sinn Féin councillors until they renounced the armed struggle.
        Then, in 1987, after being the longest-serving postwar minister in Northern Ireland, he was allowed to replace John Major as social security minister. It was a harrowing seven-year stint because his own realistic but socially conscious good intentions came into conflict with Mrs Thatcher’s “madcap” ideas and Treasury squeezes.
        It was not helped when his daughter Victoria, a disabled rights campaigner, assailed his clumsily concealed attempted sabotage of a Labour disability rights bill, demanding his resignation. Two months later he lost his post in a ministerial reshuffle. In 1995, John Major knighted him, knowing as his predecessor the bed of nails on which Nick had been reclining.
        Things looked up when he was reselected for the changed but still utterly safe new seat of Kensington and Chelsea despite an incident in which his car shunted into another, trapping a pram containing a three-year-old boy. He walked away, leaving his secretary to cope, but was arrested and breathalysed. He was found guilty of three drink-driving offences.
        After this, it was his compounded tragedy that the police found him flat on his face after an Irish embassy party at the Tory conference. He insisted he had only had two glasses of white wine, which had reacted to painkillers he was taking for a bad back. His friends knew he had a low tolerance for alcohol, but there were too few of those to save him.
        He is survived by his daughter Victoria and son Christopher, from his first marriage to Elizabeth, another daughter having predeceased him; and by his second wife, Cecilia, their son Patrick and daughter Amber.

        I’ll translate:
        Scott was a shagging piss-artist and wherever the posh bits of Gwynne and Dafydd’s trafficking ring was, so was Scott. When Scott’s excesses could no longer be denied or concealed, his services were dispensed with and he was replaced by the lying drunken molester Alan Clark.

        I note that Scott worked for Shell back in the pre-Cambrian. Working for Shell, or having a member of the family who did, was the key to gaining entry to the Royal London Hospital as a med student back in the pre-Cambrian, as explained in previous posts. If you knew someone at Shell you were in, even if you were a duffer. It’s how William Asscher got into the London Hospital, an institution that was facilitating organised abuse in the East End in partnership with Dafydd and Gwynne. Just ask Wendy Savage and Lord Bob Winston…

        I will look up all Scott’s friends and relatives but I probably won’t bother to blog about them here. I have realised that like the NHS in north Wales, for years re Gov’t Ministers, they were virtually ALL on board. Scott was Minister for Social Security, 1987-94. Right at the heart of business as in north Wales Dafydd did what he wanted and people were found dead and down in London it was the same story for the Big Wigs of organised abuse. Scott was succeeded in the post by The Hague. So now I know what made The Hague a Safe Pair Of Hands for the post of Welsh Secretary in 1995, in which role he orchestrated the Waterhouse Inquiry…

        I did look up Scott’s daughter Victoria, the disability activist. I considered ‘She may not be like her dad…’ Victoria is indeed a big name in disability activism, she is involved with RADAR, yet another crap disability activist group that has achieved bugger all. There’s a wonderful transcript online of a Round Table that Victoria and other Concerned People re disability took part in. They include The Hague, Jack Ashley (the first Commons Disability Activist who was deaf and also colluded with the huge abuse ring in his constituency targeting kids and disabled people…) and others we know and love…

        I wondered for years why Disability Activists were always Pathetic Sharks. It took writing this blog for me to realise that the toadying that I noticed everywhere from the Pathetic Sharks to the Big Names in Disability Activism was to the family members of the sex offenders and crooks in Parliament who were ensuring that the disabled had such a bad time. That’s how you get to the Top in Disability Activism. Your family ran the ring!

        Anyone for Marion Janner and that Emotional Support Dog of hers to whom she gave birth?

        Can someone please tell me to whom Peter Beresford is related or which Minister he gained serious dirt on when he was still a social worker, in that era before he was The Only Professor Who Is An Out Service User?

        BTW: Citizens of N Ireland. You have a right to be very, very angry. I have noticed that EVERY Minister who was appointed to the N Ireland Office was either a crook, a sex offender’s friend or just hopeless. N Ireland seems to have been viewed by Westminster in exactly the same way as Wales was; it was a latrine for everyone else to use. Your kids could be used sexually, you could remain poor and every decision taken about you was taken by people who did not give a stuff about the consequences for you and was simply designed to conceal the mountain of crap that had been dumped on you. I’m sorry that I have not had time on the blog to dig further re N Ireland; I have only begun to realise just how dreadfully you have been mistreated by Westminster and those who claimed to be speaking for you. Just like Wales. You and I were shafted by exactly the same people…

  18. Abstract
    A behavioral interactional model (B.I.M.) of the family is described, which is based upon Bertalanffy’s definition of a “system.” The model has a logical structure derived from the formal properties of dyads. The features of dyadic interaction, combined with the “constituent analysis” of protocols, provide a method of analyzing and comparing views about family relationships. The method is illustrated by analyzing two parents’ views of their family

    John R Likorish the twat who answered my GP letter querying wtf Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre was up to dishing out ephedrine and quinine 1958 That is when GP ended my attendance at IFPC But I reckon their talons stayed in my parents for many a year as a dyad of interest.

    I feel confident my parents instructed a solicitor about November 1972 as they wanted to “sue” doctors for all the psychobabble they had endured when raising their family …

    Right into their cybernetics and systems theory. Researching for Cambridge Uni on the unwitting families of Ipswich. What seems characteristic of these people is to be big fish in a small pond and stay in it while wielding broader influence. Paulley Howells Likorish

    1. Latest news from me Richard is that the GMC have replied to my request for a meeting with senior officials. It has been passed to the ‘appropriate authorities’ and they’ll be in touch with me…

      I’ve also had a letter from the GPs practice who wrote a Report for the DVLA declaring me unfit to drive because of my Severe Mental Illness, although they have never met me, treated me or communicated with me…

      They did exactly as I expected. The (still unidentified) GP wrote the Report AFTER I had told the practice manager not to write it until I had at least met this GP and discussed the matter; then as soon as she had sent the Report she wrote to the Family Practitioner Committee and told them to remove my name from their list. I didn’t realise that if a Doc does that, the patient has 14 days to take issue with the matter. So the GP who has committed fraud and deception by providing a Clinical Opinion on a patient whom she knew nothing about at all wrote the letter to me on the day that she took me off of the practice list, but must have waited quite some time before she posted the letter because it has only just arrived and it is now much longer than 14 days and the time limit expired days ago…

      The police have told me that if I go back to that surgery I’ll be arrested. It might actually be worth doing, I might have a sit-in or some such event, but I’ve got a bit of research to do first…

      The other entertainment today has been info that I have been given re the letters that were stolen from my house and passed to the Digger and Miranda’s old boss George Carman. I’ve been told that Carman et al were planning to highlight one letter in particular as evidence of my Loose Living if ever I found anyone to take a case for me against Dafydd et al. The letter is one that one of close male friends wrote to me after we had graduated, but when I was still living on Anglesey. He had left Wales and he wrote with all the news and told me about the city in which he was living. My friend apologised for not having been in touch and explained that he had been very busy and was still settling in. In the letter he said ‘Of course I’d love to have you up here (so to speak!!)’. I am told that Killer Carman was going to use this as Evidence That I Was A Very Loose Woman!

      Let me explain Cherie and Miranda. When we were at UCNW, our house was one of the bases of Bangor Bird Group. So was the house in which our other mates lived, 123 Caernarfon Road in Bangor. ALL birders are constantly subjected to daft comments re the innuendo involved in birding. ‘Oh you spotted a SHAG then??? Did you see any TITS?? Bird watching ay?? Bird watching?? I bet you like watching the TWO LEGGED VARIETY eh???’ It was Bill Oddie who entertained the birding world by responding with ‘ALL birds have two legs. Have you ever seen a bird with four legs?’.

      So in our house we parodied this constantly. It was a satire upon the lame old farts of the Nudge Nudge Wink Wink variety. The innuendo was usually followed by one of us saying ‘So to speak’ or ‘As it were’. That is why my friend told me that he’d love to have me up there (so to speak). It was a JOKE Miranda!!

      Can I also mention Miranda that Brown read the letter. The man who wrote the letter was friends with Brown. And I was friends with that man’s girlfriend. We were all friends together. Had I actually SHAGGED that man, it would have been sod all to do with George Carman, the Gang, Cherie or anyone else. It would have only been the business of that man, me, Brown and that man’s girlfriend. If we had have SHAGGED, it would have been with the knowledge of everyone involved. Not that we did SHAG, but if we had, all partners would have known. Because we’re not Cherie and Wendi Deng, we were not 13 yr olds who Scratched Each Others Eyes Out, we were open and transparent friends and who we were or were not SHAGGING was nothing to do with anyone else.

      However, that letter also contained reference to the threats and blackmail to which our friend had been subjected after he left Bangor. Was Killer Carman going to mention that in Court Cherie? Or not?

      Carman was notorious for this sort of thing, it’s why Gillian Taylforth collapsed in Court after Carman obtained footage of her at a party messing around with a bottle joking about giving ‘good head’ and why Carman finished off the career of a South African journo who had slept with Eugene Terre Blanche. You just try it with me Cherie, you just fucking well try it, I wish you all the best because I have a lot more dirt on your friends, colleagues and network than you have on me. I know what your boss Carman was actually doing himself AND what those sodding Top Docs who were relying on him to conceal their crimes were doing. Gillian Taylforth getting drunk and joking about oral sex is NOTHING compared to what the Gang were doing, nothing at all. She was larking around at a party; she wasn’t forcing children to have sex with her at gunpoint. Furthermore, as far as I can see, the ‘evidence’ that was gathered against me and my friends by the Gang was based on gossip, innuendo, was provided by people who were bribed to lie or was based on forged documentation.

      Personal property was stolen from my house Cherie and it ended up in the possession of your colleagues. I think that is a far greater matter of concern than any piss-taking in letters from my friends. My letters and e mails were NOT for public view, so try explaining how they found their way to the doorsteps of Carman and the Digger. Furthermore, the security services know exactly what I was or wasn’t doing, they had our houses bugged, including our bogs and bedrooms. Er what was it, a peep show for MI5??

      Cherie, guess what? Brown knows the name of every person whom I have ‘slept with’ as it were. All of them Cherie, because after we split up, we stayed very good friends. Such dreadful things were happening to us that Brown and I got used to telling each other pretty much everything. We did go through a phase when things got so terrifying that we did keep things from each other; after a while we began fessing up re just what had happened and both of us concluded ‘I wish you’d told me that because I would have wanted to help’. So we then returned to business as usual, telling each other pretty much everything…

      So you need to know Cherie that I think Brown has probably told me about ALL those honeytraps that the security services sent his way. All the girlfriends who then became increasingly deranged and paranoid about him keeping in touch with me. Obvious really wasn’t it? He was supposed to get rid of me but he didn’t. Although Emma precipitated a heart-attack when he was still only about 40 but he had the good sense not to go to a Top Doc. Then there was Shar, who turned up with a long-lost son who was in Combat 18. Shar who then stood as a BNP candidate as Brown began to become well-known. OOH Brown’s got BNP links!! No, Brown had been targeted by the security services. Perhaps Cherie, you’d like to get Brown his house back? The house worth a bomb that he virtually built single handedly, that he purchased jointly with some free-living eccentrics who spent years cultivating his friendship and then fleeced and cheated him… They were working for the security services.

      MI5 do engage in fuckwittery, it comes with the territory, but you explain that heart-attack Cherie, just explain that. Brown’s health was being damaged, never mind about the brothel that I was supposed to be running. If I had ever have run a brothel I certainly wouldn’t deny it in the face of Killer Carman, indeed I’d remind George of his own friends who were sex workers.

      Now if anyone else wants to mouth off, perhaps some of the many crimes that I have detailed on this blog could be explained…

      As for the man who would have loved to have me (so to speak), he is now an Important Man. Should anyone wish to smear him, I’ll warn them now that they’ll have a hard job because when we knew him he behaved rather better than a lot of other people. He also knew about Anne being killed.

      In terms of SHAG, TITS, TWO LEGGED BIRDS etc, last night I was watching old clips of the arch hypocrite Ben Elton, Ben who became very famous indeed after I’d worked with his dad’s colleagues at Surrey University, including Vincent Marks, brother of BMA Chairman John Marks. I watched one of the routines that popularised Ben, the Keep Sexism Out Of Comedy routine, in which he lists some of the many Lame Old Jokes a la Benny, Bernie etc, ‘Ooh you don’t get many of them to the pound do you’, ‘Ooh are you dipping in the till again Gloria?’, etc etc, where Ben ends up yelling ‘Why don’t women have the best paid jobs in the country? Its because they’re all too busy laughing at their boobs’. Ben then yells Keep Sexism Out Of Comedy and runs off stage, to the sound of wild applause…

      Ben’s dad was one of those who wrecked my career to conceal the Royal Lobotomist. Ben was born in Fitzrovia, London. The Middlesex Hospital, where Gwynne trained and worked throughout the 1930s, was in Fitzrovia. Were you born at the Middlesex Ben? If Ben didn’t know about Gwynne when he was a teenager living in Guildford he bloody well did when I arrived at Surrey University to work with Ben’s dad’s mates. Ben’s dad’s pals were in battle with Ken Clarke, I was the pawn and Surrey University needed that Gov’t funding…

      My mates who were forced out of the media by Michael Grade etc knew Ben when they were young. Ben was part of the crowd from Manchester. When Ben was Young, before I arrived to work at Surrey University, one of Ben’s routines involved taking the piss out of medical students. Ben didn’t like the medics when he was at Manchester University, but medics often don’t get on with the other students, medics are very, very cliquey. Ben hated them didn’t you Ben?

      Ben stopped cracking jokes about the medical students being thick – ‘They need special slowed down Space Invaders hee hee’ – when Ben’s dad sort of realised what was at stake. Manchester Medical School. Tony Francis worked there when Ben was er at Manchester University. Sadie Francis worked there at the same time; Sadie trained at Manchester Medical School. Slowed down Space Invaders Ben? Or Keeping Sexism Out Of Comedy?? Dr Tony Roberts, genocidal maniac of Denbigh and then Hergest Unit, was a student at Manchester Medical School when Ben joked about the Space Invaders for fools. Did you meet Tony Roberts Ben?

      Manchester Medical School were concealing the crimes of Gwynne and Dafydd. As Ben no doubt found out at some point. Why does anyone think so many of those comedians who were part of the Manchester crowd in the late 1970s and 1980s became so successful, that era’s equivalent of Footlights?

      Anyone for the Manchester Music Scene? Er, a 1980s phenomenon wasn’t it?

      Ben was a supporter of Red Wedge. The Young Celebs who Supported The Windbag. I understand that Tony Francis was used as a source of info re who my media friends knew…

      Do us a favour Ben, stay in Australia and don’t come back you prize plonker. By the way Ben, when I was sharing a house with a junior doc and his wife while I worked at St George’s – they were quite sympathetic to what was happening to me although they were staunch Tories – they really loathed you Ben. Ironically, I used to watch your TV programme in 1990 and Di would come through into the sitting room to say goodnight and I’d hear her mutter ‘Jeez I fucking hate him’ quietly when she saw Ben on TV…

      Di, you were quite right about Ben…

      Ben’s mum came from Cheshire and was involved with the C Of E. She was a teacher. Teachers and the clergy in Cheshire were part of the north Wales/Cheshire ring and victims from Cheshire were lobotomised by Gwynne. Ben knew that Peter Morrison was the MP for Chester…

      In his youth, I heard people taking the piss out of Ben and calling him the next Bob Monkhouse. Imagine my surprise when Dame Edna made the same joke in public, after Ben was Rich n Famous. At a Royal Variety Performance wasn’t it Ben?

      Anyone for Botney, Michael Grade and Eric Hobsbawm?

      I can’t stop the Gang’s network lying about me or constantly speculating over who I have or haven’t had sex with, but they need to know that it is making them look a little sordid as well as foolish.

      Does anyone else want to laugh at my friend Biggus?

        1. Yes and Paulley was in Ipswich when John Allen was in Ipswich just before Allen relocated to north Wales to run children’s homes. Paulley’s wife ran that dodgy counselling centre for the Troubled…

          I am more interested in Donald Acheson who also trained at the Middlesex but was a bit younger than Gwynne. Acheson and Gwynne were mates though, med schools are about alumni networks. Acheson’s dad was a Top Doc in Belfast, he knew about Kincora, Mountbatten, the 5th Duke of Westminster etc re the ring in N Ireland. Acheson was the Gov’t Chief Med Officer from 1985 to 1989; Susan Calman’s dad Ken succeeded him. Acheson was THE person who persuaded Thatch to allow the AIDS public education campaign, it was Acheson rather than Norman Fowler who is often credited with it. Acheson told the thick petit bourgeois idiot of a PM that her friends who were having sex with rent boys would bloody well die as well if they didn’t don those condoms…

          Now, I knew that Acheson was CMO just when I was doing battle with the Gang and they received protection from him, but I’ve been told that Acheson’s appointment was because of me. I wouldn’t shut up about Gwynne, so one of his old mates from the Middlesex was promoted to CMO in 1985. I’ve been told that Acheson was co-ordinating much of what was happening to me. Personal orders from Gov’t and Brenda! Before being appointed as Field Marshal in the Top docs war against me, Acheson was Dean of Southampton Medical School, he founded the new medical school in Southampton. The homicidal Dr Heinersdorff in Bethesda trained there when Acheson was Dean and Bruce Ramsay, a boy who was at Bridgwater College when I was, went to Southampton Medical School… There was a junior doc in Chamberlain’s team when I was at St George’s who had been at Southampton with Bruce.

          Southampton/Hampshire was the domain of Lord Denning and his brother Sir Norman, the Royal Navy Intelligence boss. The craven creep Acheson will have been taking orders…

          Although there is always much grovelling re Acheson’s handling of the HIV threat and he is credited with preventing a huge AIDS epidemic – they got him in as CMO at the first sign of trouble re the effects of Gwynne and Dafyfdd’s rent boy production line, there had just been 25 AIDS cases when Acheson took office – but it is admitted by even Acheson’s biggest mates that he lied constantly and was caught out on lies, most famously about BSE. It’s why he rather fell from grace, the old bastard told too many porkies about BSE and he was caught pretending that all was well when it was not.

          Acheson WILL have lied about AIDS, definitely. There is no way that he will have told the truth about something that was terrifying people. What were Acheson’s lies about AIDS?? Did many more people develop AIDS in the UK than were ever admitted? I know that he knew that infected blood was used by the NHS and I’m told that old Donald knew what happened to me that night in the C&A as well as Dafydd and Gwynne’s production line of kiddie sex workers. When I worked at St George’s, the AIDS panic was still at full blast and it was Patrick Vallance (now the Gov’ts Chief Scientist) who told me ‘It’s bollocks, it is difficult to contract HIV unless you inject yourself with it’. Patrick was a better scientist that the dickwits who surrounded him.

          Is it possible that the AIDS explosion in the UK was created through the use of NHS infected blood as much as gay sex??? Because experience in Africa suggested that AIDS wasn’t so strongly linked with gay sex, it was only a ‘gay’ phenomenon in the West…

          Acheson was an epidemiologist and like all senior docs at the time, he knew that from Dr Death’s time as a Minister for Health (in the 1970s) onwards, the NHS used infected blood products, but not on Those Who Mattered. The known risk then was Hep B, people didn’t know about HIV until about 1982/83…

          My correspondent Dr Haynes asked ages ago re the manufacture and promotion of Prep and other HIV measures ‘Who had a vested interest in not stopping the use of NHS infected blood’ because someone definitely allowed that to continue when they could have stopped it…

          This sounds very Grassy Knoll I know, but what if the infected blood was being used without patients’ knowledge re people like me and the other witnesses to sort of deal with the problem as it were? Not only would we snuff it but thanks to Acheson, it would be attributed to our Loose Morals, Rampant Sex, Lives As Prostitutes etc while the Top Docs shouted about their Compassion For Us and Not Being Judgemental…

          Nicholas Eden and Lord Kenyon’s son were two high profile people who died from AIDS, Eden in Aug 1985 and Tyrell-Kenyon in 1993, but they were also two Insider Witnesses. If you’re me, you think of Nicholas Eden as being pretty damn posh, but this was being driven by Royal Needs; Nicholas Eden’s mum and dad did not like Brenda and the Royals; Brenda was known to have been outraged at Anthony and Clarissa Eden’s desire to keep the Royals out of political decisions and they were Rude To Brenda which really caused trouble. Anthony Eden’s health was severely damaged by Dafydd’s mates the Royal Docs Lord Horace Evans and John Hume, they nearly killed Eden and it weakened him forever, such that it was one of the reasons why he was forced to resign and make way for Brenda’s mate Harold Macmillan… The circumstances under which Hume nearly killed Eden are inexplicable as an ‘accident’ and Horace Evans tried to blame Churchill when questions were asked…

          Acheson bagged his K in 1986. Think my mate Anne being killed in April 1986, Ollie Brooke being arrested, convicted and jailed before being rapidly sprung from prison by Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane and me being unlawfully banged up in Denbigh by Dafydd…

          Weeks after I got out of Denbigh, Laurie Wood the then manager of Denbigh was interviewed on the BBC about the Mary Wynch case and asked if there could possibly be another case like Mary’s ie. unlawfully banged up in a psych hospital by Docs ever again. Laurie said ON AIR no, it can never happen again, the NHS is absolutely sure that there are no other such cases in the pipeline. My letter of complaint was WITH LAURIE WOOD at the time! He definitely had received it as well because I’d rung him up to ask why he hadn’t replied and he said in a weary voice ‘I wish that I could reply but I am waiting for Dr Jones who will not give me his response’…

          I then began writing to all sorts telling them that Laurie Wood had lied on air, that the BBC KNEW that he had lied on air but did not challenge him (Acheson was CMO at the time). Laurie Wood was then replaced as Manager of Denbigh by one Dr Peter Higson… Who had been working as a clin psychologist there carrying out ‘research’ with Dafydd and Gwynne!!!

          I’ve got all the documentation…

          I really am wondering whether HIV/AIDS was not what medical science dictated it to be. I have never subscribed to the Conspiracy Theory That HIV was Invented By Scientists To Kill Gay People (I was told that repeatedly by alternative folk); it existed in Africa for years as ‘Slim Disease’ because people wasted away, but for some reason it burgeoned in the West in the late 1980s and the Top Docs lied constantly about the matter. Thabo Mbeki refused to pay for AIDS drugs in South Africa because he maintained that HIV/AIDS could be cured by other methods; I don’t think it could, a lot of Thabo’s citizens died because of that. But the world was definitely not being told the truth about HIV. I suspect that the AIDS deaths in the UK were largely due to NHS infected blood. Were the same blood products used in S Africa?? It was an international business…

          Red Ken knows about the infected NHS blood, he worked in the labs, led the NHS lab technicians’ union AND led the GLC when it sent all those kids to children’s homes in north Wales… It’ll be how Red Ken ended up in the Commons, he was prioritised for that seat in Brent above a local more popular man, it was a rigged selection process…

          As for events in the C&A Hospital that night in 1984, people have been suggesting all sorts, including ‘You dumbo, THEY GANG RAPED YOU’. Well I have no knowledge of it if they did; it’s not that I would ever think that they weren’t capable of it but I’m fairly sure that I would sort have noticed at least a tiny effect! I presumed that the overnight stay in the C&A in seriously worrying circumstances was the first example of porn pics taken without my knowledge actually and passed around, I know that was definitely going on, absolutely. I also wondered whether they had done something like sterilise me without my knowledge actually, they were doing that to people as well and were so fucking sick that it would not be beyond them, but again, I have enough knowledge to have noticed something I think… I am fairly convinced that it was porn and a transfusion of infected blood.

          One dissenting doc has suggested that a possible reason for infecting me with HIV was to cause me to lose weight to a great extent. The pervs in north Wales constantly made comments about my stunning lovely face and ooh you could be a model if you weren’t um er sort ooh well its all that cycling and walking isn’t it… I was quite athletic in my early 20s, not what I classed as athletic but compared to other girls of my age I was. ‘You’ve got those thigh muscles tch tch’. Yes, these were COUNSELLORS, as Brown noticed, they were really not up to the job. That lot were pushing people into the porn and sex trade and I really was not responding to their constant bloody hectoring as they wanted; I have been told that Wood et al had me lined up for Posh Escort work. The Duke of Westminster et al apparently! Did they not think that I might sort of take the piss and cause havoc in such a role??? Oh well they could ensure that I crashed into a tunnel at speed I suppose…

          Infecting people with HIV would cause them to become very thin; what if Acheson et al knew that would happen but the clients would still be fairly safe because the HIV deaths were a result of infected blood not sex?

          Whatever went on in the C&A with me that night, people need to wake up to the reality that these were absolute lying bastards who flouted all laws, received full protection from the highest authorities with Royal Approval and they were definitely forcing people, including children, into VIP sex work and killed witnesses. One does not have to believe that Ted Heath held Satanic Orgies to realise that.

          They were just so used to behaving dreadfully that they just could not deal with complainants, it’s why everything that they did to me backfired on them. They simply didn’t know how to run an NHS or respond to patients’ concerns, it wasn’t on their radar and none of them had been trained or mentored properly. In the case of complaint as any fule kno, you lie to the patient and if that doesn’t work you get nasty and threaten them. If they dare come back again with evidence you section them illegally and Andrew Park the bent Welsh Officer lawyer will remind everyone that they have ‘been in a mental institution’ and thus no complaints need to be investigated! It’s all on my documents.

          If the public knew what they had been up to they’d have been kicked to death in Bangor High Street.

          One bit of entertainment that F indulged in one day was to ring a manager in the Gwynedd Community Health Trust and pose as a very angry man who’s wife had been shagged by Dafydd. It was hysterical, a female NHS manager took the call, fell for it – well they knew that Dafydd was having sex with patients! – and had no idea at all how to talk to Mr Angry. He yelled down the phone ‘Dr Dafydd Alun Jones has been having sex with my wife, I will take you to the highest Court in the land’ and the manager just screamed at him down the phone. They were absolutely fucking clueless. When I finally received my medical records, there was a note about F’s call in there; someone had found out that it was us taking the piss because the other patients were heard laughing about it, but the original messages between managers before they knew that it was F were there as well. The usual instructions: if the gentleman who’s wife has been having sex with Dr Jones rings back, deny all knowledge and do not engage in conversation with him!!!!

          My records were full of references to other peoples complaints because the records of different patients were all muddled up. Again and again, people had alleged that Jones had assaulted them propositioned them, unlawfully sectioned them, lied to the police… There was NEVER any investigations. Laurie Wood, Peter Higson and the Welsh Office just went around the Mulberry bush for months and months, stalling and stalling and then after 18 months, Dafydd would write a note saying that he thought that the ‘matter had blown over’ and Laurie/Higson would then write to the patient reminding them that they were Very Disturbed, Had Been Diagnosed With A Serious Mental Illness and that the complaint had not been upheld after Nurses had reassured managers that nothing inappropriate had taken place at any time!

          It is so obvious that the lid on the huge barrel of crap that was Denbigh has been firmly nailed down until virtually every witness has died. Even the key staff witnesses are getting on in years and many have snuffed it. What was going on out there was absolutely horrific, if this happened to me in the 1980s, what did go on in Bertrand Russell’s heyday? Someone really needs to get out there and tear the building apart to recover the bodies. I am sure that Gwynne killed or lobotomised someone very significant, even more significant than the victims of Royal sex offenders.

          Gwynne and Dafydd specialised in colluding with abusive families against dissenting members of the family, it was their stock in trade. There is at least one aristocrat in north Wales who was passed over for his inheritance because of being deemed ‘mentally unfit’, I’m fairly certain that Dafydd Did The Deed. Gwynne killed someone from a famous family, it’s so obvious. I wonder if they were Royal? The Royal Family did have a habit of banging up inconvenient relatives, there were all those cousins who came to public attention in the 1980s that I took the piss out of and thus Shocked and Disgusted Bluglass so deeply.

          Show Us You Care Ma’am! Fess up you old cow, your whole family is twisted and I was given infected blood because I refused to shag your Household Lobotomist.

          1. Acheson. Belfast origins. Mountbatten and the 5th Duke of Windsor had family seats in N Ireland/Ireland. Perhaps those Irish/N Irish Angels and Docs who worked in the psych services in north Wales in the 1970s/80s could let us know exactly which of the VIP victims were taken over the water and hidden in Denbigh, because I know that some people were.

            Kieran Lynch, Bridget Lloyd and Rea Stanley, you have questions to answer.

          2. In Ipswich there were West Indian gangs who ran prostitution. They were not called Yardies then. We called them Jeetermen

            It was not called “Grooming” then. They called getting care home girls into prostitution “Capturing” and they used older prostitutes to mother the girls into the trade.

            This meant that the Jeetermen knew full well which care homes were abusive with child inmates anxious to escape.

            If John Allen was active in Ipswich I would put money the Jeeters would have followed him to North Wales to exploit the situation. As they were rather better informed than NSPCC or Social Services.

            The Stockwell Centre Colchester involved both John and Deirdre Paulley as did the Ipswich Vocational Training Initiative for GPs.

  19. Donald Acheson’s brother – Note the US links!!

    Roy Malcolm Acheson
    b.18 August 1921 d.2 April 2003
    BA Dublin(1946) BM BCh Oxon(1951) DM(1954) ScD Dublin(1962) MRCP(1962) Hon MA Yale(1964) FRCP(1973) FFCM(1974) FFOM(1984)
    Roy Malcolm Acheson was an eminent epidemiologist who during the course of his career established three university departments, at Yale, the University of London and at Cambridge. He was born in Belfast, the son of Malcolm King Acheson, a medical practitioner, and Dorothy Josephine née Rennoldson, the daughter of the director of a shipbuilding yard. His younger brother, Ernest Donald Acheson later became the chief medical officer of England and Wales. Roy Acheson attended Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh and then, in 1938, went to Trinity College, Dublin, to study medicine. However, part way through his studies, he decided to volunteer for action in the Second World War. In 1940, he joined the North Irish Horse (part of the Royal Armoured Corps) and served in North Africa and Italy. He left the Army as a lieutenant and returned to Trinity, gained his BA, and then went to Brasenose College, Oxford, qualifying in 1951.
    In 1953, while working under Alice Stewart at the Radcliffe Infirmary, he devised the ‘Oxford Method’ for assessing bone growth. In 1955 he began a long association with the Rockefeller Foundation when he received a travelling fellowship to visit the Harvard School of Public Health and Western Reserve University.
    On his return, he became a lecturer in social medicine at Trinity College, Dublin. From 1959, he was a senior lecturer and then reader in social and preventive medicine, a position held jointly between Guy’s Hospital and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
    In 1962, he joined the faculty of Yale University, where he established a division of chronic disease epidemiology. He set up an impressive programme of teaching and training, with a research interest in musculoskeletal diseases, particularly arthritis.
    Ten years later he returned to London, where he set up the Centre for Extension Training in Community Medicine. In 1974, he became professor of health service studies at the University of London, and then, in 1977, foundation professor of community medicine at the new clinical school at Cambridge. He also became a fellow of Churchill College.
    In 1979, he helped launch the Rockefeller Foundation’s International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN) programme by organising its inaugural week-long seminar in Cambridge. This introduced young clinicians from medical schools in the developing world to the possibilities of using epidemiology to evaluate their health services and allocate scarce resources.
    Acheson was an early member of the International Epidemiological Association (IEA), also initiated by the Rockefeller Foundation. He was the organisation’s secretary, planned many of its meetings and seminars, and edited many of the IEA’s publications. He was also an adviser to many other international organisations and agencies, including the Pan American Health Organization, WHO and the US National Institutes of Health.
    He wrote on varied range of medical topics, including growth, gout, osteoarthritis, the prevention of hypertension, medical education and the organisation of medical care.
    Acheson married Fiona Marigo O’Brien, a consultant anaesthetist, in 1950. They divorced in 1990. They had three children – two sons, Malcolm and Vincent, and a daughter, Marigo. At the time of his election to the fellowship of the College in 1973 he listed rugby, squash, tennis and golf among his interests. He died from prostate cancer.

    1. Donald’s brother’s friend and mentor, a Pioneering Lady Doctor; I can imagine the harsh reality that underlies this hagiography:

      Alice Mary Stewart
      b.4 October 1906 d.23 June 2002
      MRCS LRCP(1932) MB BChir Cantab(1935) MRCP(1936) MA MD(1937) FRCP(1946)
      In 1996, a television documentary nominated Alice Stewart as one of the three most influential women scientists of the 20th century. Born into a distinguished medical family, she was the third of eight children, of whom four qualified in medicine. Her mother Lucy Wellburn qualified in 1902 at the Royal Free and married Albert Ernest Naish, a founder member and later president of the British Paediatric Association (now the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health).
      Alice studied at Cambridge and the Royal Free, qualifying in 1932, becoming a member of the College in 1935 and a Fellow in 1946, at that time the first woman under 40 years old to be so elected.
      Originally a physician in London, she was invited to become first assistant to L J Witts in Oxford and in 1947 succeeded John Ryle as director of the Nuffield Institute of Social Medicine there.
      Her early landmark research for the MRC on the exposure of munitions workers to TNT could not be published until the end of the Second World War, but she is best known for her identification of the association of low dose radiation from x-rays during pregnancy with the later development of childhood malignancy. These findings were fiercely opposed by important vested interests, both within the medical profession and in the nuclear industry and government, including the US Atomic Energy Commission. Her seminal paper on this topic was published in 1956 and by the sixties this led to the virtual abandonment of x-rays during pregnancy in favour of the newly developed technique of utrasonography. The wider implications of the precise dangers of low dose radiation in other contexts remained a contentious issue some 50 years later at the time of her death.
      Reaching the obligatory retirement age of 68 at Oxford in 1974, she transferred to Birmingham, where she continued active research for another quarter of a century. She became the recipient of numerous honours and awards and was in constant demand on the international lecture circuit into her nineties. She was a founder member of the Society for Social Medicine and of the International Epidemiological Association and a fellow or member of numerous other distinguished organisations, being an important and pervasive influence in developing the science of epidemiology as a tool for understanding the causes of human disease. Her goal was to switch from cure to prevention and in that she succeeded admirably.
      In 1933 she married Ludovick Stewart, a teacher at Harrow. They had a son who predeceased her and a daughter who is a neuropathologist. The marriage was dissolved in the 1950s.

      They’re a load of lying criminals. Does anyone know if Willie Stewart the neuropathologist at Glasgow is Alice’s grandson? Willie works with Gwen Edwards-Jones who used to work at the Hergest Unit, scarpered at the time of the Waterhouse Inquiry and did very well for herself indeed in Glasgow, particularly for a former colleague of Dafydd! Gwen’s career will have enjoyed a little Royal boost I’m sure… The Top Docs must be worried, Willie’s teamed up with Footie Legend Alan Shearer to publicise Brain Science.

  20. Richard:
    Re your comments that the Yardies would have followed John Allen to north Wales to continue targeting the kids in care for sex work. I have discussed in previous posts how Gwynne and Dafydd’s empire did embrace Yardies but that part of the business was carried out in south London via Dafydd’s mates including John Tilley, the Labour MP for Lambeth Central; Tilley was mates with Lord Scarman and was the person who ensured that Scarman only met and spoke to the right members of the Black Community when Scarman carried out his Inquiry after the Brixton riots. Dafydd’s Liverpool arm will also have had tentacles into the Jamaican/Yardie community. It might be another reason why St Professor Stuart Hall and his buddies tried to damage Brown; Stuart Hall and Paul Gilroy knew of Dafydd and Gwynne through leftist politics, but they may well have known them via the Jamaican community as well.

    The Yardies didn’t follow John Allen to north Wales if only because they would have been instantly spotted; there was no Afro-Caribbean community in north Wales, not at all. There are black/Asian ethnic minorities in north Wales but they tend to be working in Bangor University or the NHS as professionals. There are very few Jamaican docs, even these days; Jamaicans in the NHS worked as Angels or ancillary workers. I have discussed previously their role in Dafydd’s partner gangs in London.

    There is a great deal of institutionalised racism in the NHS, it is dreadful and never openly discussed; one hears about patients being racist towards NHS staff but the white British staff themselves are often appalling. In days gone by, NHS unions refused to represent black and Asian staff, don’t underestimate the shitbaggery, it is unpleasant. From what I saw in London I suspect that the Gang were using the relatives of black NHS staff rather than the staff themselves. I noticed that the first generation Jamaicans who worked in the NHS bore the racist crap stoically; they certainly knew that it was there but they knew that they would not win against it. They were often doing their absolute best to lead ‘respectable’ lives and getting very upset because their children and grandchildren had gone off the rails as it were and were involved with crime.

    I didn’t know that many Jamaicans when I was in London, but I didn’t keep away from them like a lot of white NHS staff. Our neighbours were Jamaican in one house where I lived and we got on with them very well and in Tooting I liked visiting the Jamaican market and used to chat to people down there. I chatted to first generation Jamaican immigrants in Harringay as well, they used to ask me to write the addresses onto their parcels that they were sending back to Jamaica because some of them weren’t that literate.

    I was very friendly with one NHS scientist from a Jamaican background, but he was unusual and very middle class. His first choice of career had been as a Top Doc in the RAF and he began training at Edinburgh Medical School. He told me that the racism in the RAF was dreadful, particularly if you were black and doing officer training and as for Edinburgh Medical School, it was just so bad that he withdrew and did a PhD instead. His fiancee was killed in a car crash when he was at Edinburgh, days before some crucial exams and he did badly. He didn’t even put in for compassionate grounds and when I asked him why, he said that they were such a load of absolute bastards at Edinburgh Medical School that he didn’t want to discuss anything precious like his fiancée with them.

    I took the same view later when I was in the clutches of the Gang in north Wales. I did Share more than I wish that I ever had with the Gang members who had put on a rather better act than Dafydd et al, but there were swathes of my life that those tossers knew nothing about. I really was not going to discuss anything that was important with those scumbags who couldn’t utter two sentences without telling a lie. Brown was my main confident and remained so. I only wish that I’d followed Brown’s advice when I was 24 and kept well away from them because he could see by then that nothing positive was going to come from that lot.

    1. Certainly the Ipswich Jeeters had connections with the pimps in London including one caught and humiliated by the notorious Tankie Challenor. (Bongo Bongo back to the Congo) I was only aware of one white man in with the Jeeters. But as I said the “Capturing” involved older white prostitutes.

      1. Indeed Richard, no-one has ever been afraid to say that old slappers recruited girls as prostitutes. What no-one has dared write about, including all those Historians Of The NHS/Nursing, is that prostitution rings existed in hospitals since the inception of the NHS and were facilitated by senior Angels with the support of Top Docs.

        It was what led to the Carry On type activities in so many hospitals; the very gendered roles of Angels and Docs fuelled the fire, but it undoubtedly stemmed from some Angels doubling up as sex workers. The nearest that you will get to an admission of this is that the London hospitals ‘functioned as Marriage Bureaus’. Ella Fisk didn’t admit that there were prostitution rings in operation, but I knew long before I met Ella that events in hospitals in and outside of London were very much more florid that Doctor-Nurse romances. Very few people who have not worked in hospitals know about it but virtually everyone who has worked in a hospital for any length of time does know. It was one reason why Angels With Brains so often left nursing soon after qualifying. I was told on a number of occasions by disillusioned Angels that ‘They’re just a load of slappers after a doctor’.

        Ironically, Angels at St George’s were banned from some Docs’ parties because ‘We don’t want a load of slaggy nurses coming in to shag doctors’. I even saw a notice advertising one party declaring ‘No nurses’. The reason that the slaggy nurses formed the opinion that their services might be welcomed was that they so often were…

        There is one London-based academic who has published work on prostitution who discussed how many sex workers were former Angels. I heard her on the Moral Maze on Radio 4 and I was so pleased to hear a more level-headed discussion re sex work that I e mailed her. I was still working at Bangor University at the time. No of course I didn’t receive a reply, but I’m sure that my e mail was passed on… Not that I said anything controversial, I just told her that I knew about the phenomenon and I was glad to hear that someone was publishing about it. I did not mention that although some Angels are working in the sex industry of their own free will and there is not a problem with that per se, some Docs were/are facilitating rings and forcing kids in care or vulnerable people into sex work.

        They don’t want to be refused all medical care on the Moral Maze and there’s Casualty, Holby City and so many other programmes to think about…

        Ah your life in their hands! Anyone for a Child In Time? How about a fly on the wall documentary about Bryn Estyn or Denbigh then Lord Bob?? The security services have the footage, just drop them a line.

        I had that Rebekah Wade in the back of the cab once. She was on the phone to George Carman before she then rang a Tragic Mum who’s child had been murdered by Paedophiles. Rebekah offered to run a campaign for a New Law to Cut Their Goolies Off.

        1. Even in the 1950s and 60s there was also a lot of older lesbian Angels who were sexually aggressive towards student nurses. As they were all living in Nurses Homes together, it was a hair-raising atmosphere for the students. Some academics have published interesting work on gays in nursing at a time when homosexuality was illegal, but no-one has yet dared publish the harsh reality, including homosexual Angels at Denbigh assisting Gwynne with his Aversion Therapy and lobotomies of er homosexual patients. But not all homosexual patients of course. Not Gwynne’s customers, just the victims who dared complain.

          I could have told the Gang a great deal about nursing in Taunton in the 1950s, as could Brown and some of my schoolfriends. We all heard about the shenanigans, those of us who had relatives who had worked in hospitals. But I didn’t pass it on to the Gang, so Ella and Tony Francis had no bloody idea at all re what I knew. Although Gwynne’s protectors in the security services knew.

  21. I note that Gareth Thomas the Rugger player who was lauded by Prince Harry and others for Bravely Sharing His HIV status has now angrily made public that he was forced to Share by a tabloid journo putting him in a corner. Would everyone now like to apologise to Gareth, as it seems that he would have preferred not to have Bravely Shared To Fight The Stigma after all. He was forced to sacrifice his privacy so that a load of patronising idiots could spout crap and Support Him.

    Targets of the tabloids might like to take an interest in the savaging of Gillian Taylforth by George Carman in Jan 1994. Gillian and the whole EastEnders lot knew about Savile, Top Docs and the Islington child abuse scandal and I’m wondering why Carman went for Gillian and why her colleagues did not confront Carman en masse. Gillian was left to be savaged very much alone. Was Gillian threatening to go public on something? Because that savaging by Carman served as a Warning.

    In Jan 1994, Peter Howarth who had worked at Bryn Estyn was awaiting trial for sex offences against kids in care in north Wales. His friend and boss Matt Arnold, Head of Bryn Estyn was dying.

    Little Nell was elected as the MP for Barking just as Howarth went to prison and Matt Arnold died in the summer of 1994. Little Nell was afforded that opportunity because Strong Woman Jo Richardson, the MP for Barking, snuffed it, just after Carman finished off Gillian Taylforth in Court. Richardson knew about Dafydd and Gwynne.

    Rebekah Wade, who ended up as the Digger’s right hand woman, had begun working for the News Of The Screws in 1989 and it was in 1994 that Rebekah was in hot pursuit of the Di-James Hewitt story. Di was sneaking off down to Devon to see Hewitt. I knew a girl from Somerset who later had a fling with Hewitt after the romance with Di ended… Lord Jack McConnell knows who that girl is and he’ll have Shared the info.

    In 2000 Rebekah married Ross Kemp, an actor from EastEnders. Rebekah became Editor of the News of the Screws in the same year.

    In 1994 the Gang were forging documentation relating to me on a truly impressive scale, in an attempt to make it look as though my complaint to the Welsh Office back in 1987/88 had been handled as it should have been.

    Geoffrey Chamberlain and Malcolm Pearce committed their research fraud in the first few months of 1994 and were very soon exposed. Chamberlain was mates with the Royal Doc George Pinker who had delivered William and Harry.

    Tony Francis was I am told passing confidential documents to Miranda or Carman about me by 1994. John Smith died after the Top Docs did their best and Miranda found himself Leader of the Labour Party just as Peter Howarth was jailed, days after Matt Arnold died and as Little Nell joined Miranda in the House! Little Nell had been one of the Islington Cllrs who had robustly supported Miranda’s ambitions to become an MP back in the 1980s and then Leader of the Labour Party.

    In 1994, Julia Hobsbawm and Sarah McCaulay, Gordon’s future wife, were busy gathering info on me and others that was passed to the Labour Party. Some of the info was from Tony Francis, who knew the Windbag; Eric Hobsbawm enthusiastically supported the Windbag for some reason best known to Hobsbawm.

    Dafydd and Tony Francis had begin forging documents, planting evidence etc as part of their Cunning Plan to have me sent to Broadmoor. In Nov 1994, Dafydd obtained the injunction against me from Liverpool High Court after declaring that I presented a serious threat to his life. The only non-perjured bit of evidence in Dafydd’s affidavit was a detailed account of a raspberry that F had blown at him down the phone months earlier.

    In Dec 1994 Gordon Anglesea won his libel case against Private Eye and other media outlets after they had, in 1992, alleged that he had sexually abused boys in care in north Wales. Anglesea won £500k in damages. George Carman acted for Private Eye and from what I can work out, deliberately threw the case. He probably didn’t want to be found dead. In Feb 1995, Mark Humphreys, one of the men who had given evidence against Anglesea at the libel trial, was found hanging from the stairwell of the block of flats in Wrexham where he lived.

    In 2016 Anglesea was jailed for the historical sex abuse of boys in care in north Wales.

    In Feb 1994, the Jillings Investigation into the abuse of kids in the care of Clwyd County Council since 1974 was launched.

    Eric Sunderland suddenly announced his retirement as Principal of Bangor University in 1994, although he wasn’t ill, lived another 20 years and continued to play a major role in the University and public life. Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate the bent judge Sir William Mars-Jones stood down as President of UCNW in 1994 and was succeeded by the Windbags’ old pal Lord Cledwyn.

    A great many other events occurred in 1994 as well, those are just the ones that come to mind first.

    I have been told that Miranda expected me to be safely in Broadmoor before he became PM. Probably after lurid headlines re the Evil Genius who had Fooled So Many and even worked as a medical researcher for the history making Top Docs Geoffrey Chamberlain and Malcolm Pearce… Whoops, it all went so badly wrong Miranda.

    If only Lord Robert Kilpatrick were still alive, he could tell us everything, because the GMC were at the centre of all of this.

    If anyone who has had their lives ruined by George Carman, Rebekah Wade, the Digger and their mates finds anything on this blog to be helpful in any way to them, I will be delighted.

    1. The irony is that Kathy Beale starred in the EastEnders Rape storyline in which Kathy was savaged in Court by a Rottweiler of a barrister.

      Ah they showed it just like it is! Did you see it when Chell had the abortion and Arfur had a row with her? Ah it lets people know what its like.

      If Michael Grade wishes to give the go-ahead for BBC to screen the first Gay Kiss followed by Orgy involving coerced kids in care, depraved old Docs and clapped out stars of children’s TV, I for one would be keen to watch it. How about it Lord Grade? Or he could just tell us why Frank Bough was sacked for the prostitutes and cocaine parties but Savile remained in the BBC, as well as of course in the Palace.

  22. Michael Joyce, the man who writes the best letters ever to the Daily Post in which he asks what politicians should be asking about the chaos in the Betsi Health Board in north Wales, has written in again. Mr Joyce has discovered that the Betsi/Welsh Gov’t have parted with much good money in the direction of PwC in order for yet another Report on the sorry state of the Betsi.

    Mr Joyce might like to note my recent observations on the blog re Slackarse, the gay medical researcher who worked at St George’s and knew about the ring there as well as much else eg. Norman St John Stevas’s spanking parties with little boys, ie. that Slackarse found himself a highly paid job with PwCa after he had worked with me for a few months. Little Nell left the embarrassment that was the Islington paedophile ring behind for a job at PwC shortly after Slackarse struck gold with PwC.

    So what exactly was going on at PwC in the early 1990s to cause them to mop up inside witnesses to the Westminster Paedophile Ring?

    Mr Joyce is I am sure bright enough to work out why the Betsi as well as other bits of the NHS call in PwC for ‘consultancy’ purposes so often.

    Re my speculation over the lies that Donald Acheson almost certainly told about HIV/AIDS. I mentioned in an earlier post that part of the Gov’ts response to the AIDS panic was their desire to assess the degree of HIV infection among the population as a whole, as opposed to high risk groups. Thus it was decided that all the women attending an antenatal clinic in an unidentified big hospital in the UK would, when their blood was taken for the standard purposes, be tested for HIV. It was controversial at the time because the women would not be told and even if they tested positive, the result would never be known to them. This was Acheson’s idea. I found out years later that the hospital was St George’s. The antenatal clinic was part of Geoffrey Chamberlain’s domain.

    I used to collect blood samples in that antenatal clinic when Acheson conducted that anonymous screening. I got to know the phlebotomists well, but it was hard getting them on board with my research at first. Why? Because they hated Prof Chamberlain, they had fallen out with him in a very big way. I only found that out after I had worked very, very hard to make friends with them; it was not easy…

    When I was first told by Cathy Wilson, my (alleged) PhD supervisor to collect blood with the phlebotomists, Cathy specifically told me to tell the phlebotomists that I was working with Prof, not Malcolm, because ‘Everyone’s fallen out with Malcolm, it’s Prof that they all like down there.’ I’m fairly sure that Cathy knew that she was making things as difficult for me as possible, because after a couple of weeks, Prof cheerily asked ‘How are you getting on with the phlebotomists?’ and I said ‘They were very difficult at first, but they’re great now’. Prof told me that I had done very well to get them on board because they were very uncooperative down in that antenatal clinic…

    I wonder what else people in the antenatal clinic knew about Chamberlain that they didn’t tell me?

    I told Brown ages ago that I thought that there had to have been a reason why Chamberlain was selected to run the controversial HIV survey. Brown observed that they were all so bloody unethical that it might not be significant. Now I know that Acheson was personally appointed by Thatch as CMO because he was a mate of Dafydd and Gwynne’s and to scupper me, I am sure that Acheson didn’t just choose to run the survey at St George’s as a matter of coincidence. I just can’t work out what was meant to blow up in my face re the HIV testing there. Unless someone was looking for a reason to explain why I might have become infected with HIV, after that blood transfusion at the C&A when I still failed to be forced into sex work by the Gang??? NHS workers had a great time telling everyone that they were At Risk, although Patrick Vallance told me very frankly that they weren’t…

    More St George’s links now.

    Slackarse was very good mates with Cathy’s vile research assistant, the dreadful Mandy Leigh. Mandy was good mates with a variety of aristos as well as Will Travers, the offspring of the Born Free luvvie dynasty. Travers established the Born Free Foundation just as I left St George’s. Will Travers has children himself now and they are luvvies.

    Then there was Michael Havers, Thatch’s Attorney General who admitted blocking the prosecutions of VIP sex offenders; Havers’s sister was Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, who concealed the criminality of Dafydd and Gwynne’s partner ring in the North East. Michael Havers was the MP for Wimbledon, where many of those facilitating the ring at St George’s lived, including Chamberlain. George Carman also lived in Wimbledon.

    Michael is of course the dad of the Dashing Nigel, the posh luvvie who has played many a handsome cad. In Real Life, Nigel put it about a bit and now gives interviews about how he Regrets Hurting People. His dad and his dad’s neighbours ran the bloody Westminster Paedophile Ring, do wake up everybody.

    There’s no evidence of kids and vulnerable people being procured for celebs, absolutely none…

    1. Info re Nigel Havers:

      In the mid-1980s, Havers began an affair with Polly Williams, the daughter of actor Hugh Williams and the sister of his friend, the actor Simon Williams. Havers has written of the depression he experienced trying to choose between his marriage to Carolyn Cox and their young daughter Kate, born in 1977, and his mistress. During this time, Havers consulted a psychiatrist at the Devonshire Hospital in London. Havers and Polly got married in 1989, and the marriage lasted until her death on 24 June 2004.

      On 8 June 2007, Havers married Essex native Georgiana “George” Bronfman in New York City. Bronfman is the former spouse of the late Edgar Bronfman, the mother of Sarah and Clare Bronfman, and is known for her charitable work with noted paleontologist Richard Leakey.

      Just look up Nigel’s partners and their families and networks; tentacles everywhere…

      Havers is the godfather of comedian Jack Whitehall.
      Havers is a supporter of the British Red Cross.

  23. When I worked for Vincent Marks, brother of BMA Chairman John Marks, at Surrey University in 1988-89, some of Vincent’s team were conducting research on HIV/AIDS. Because Donald Acheson had stressed the Risk, unusually for medical research instead of teams competing for dosh, the research programme re HIV/AIDS was co-ordinated across the UK and Vincent’s team were selected to be among the lucky winners. The person who really pissed Vincent’s team off at the time was AIDS denier Peter Duesberg. Deusberg caused a rumpus by saying that he did not believe that HIV caused AIDS and he would inject himself with HIV to prove the point.

    I am someone who does believe that HIV causes AIDS, but I do believe that Donald Acheson told porkies about HIV/AIDS somewhere along the line. Vincent and his brother were crooks and were facilitating serious organised crime. None of this crowd could be believed. Whether Peter Deusberg can either I have no idea, I don’t know him. But here’s a bit of gen on the man who pissed off fraudsters who were running the Westminster Paedophile Ring; of course, if Deusberg was right, the combined force of the International Medical Establishment – which grew from the rotten to the core British Medical Establishment (thousands of junior docs passed through the nightmare that was the north Wales NHS, found out about Dafydd and Gwynne and later returned home and become Leading Top Docs, advising their Gov’ts) – would have just buried Peter Deusberg…

    Peter H. Duesberg (born December 2, 1936) is a German American molecular biologist and a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley. He is known for his early research into genetic aspects of cancer. He played a pivotal role in the AIDS denialism controversy as a proponent of the belief that HIV does not cause AIDS.
    Duesberg received acclaim early in his career for research on oncogenes and cancer. With Peter K. Vogt, he reported in 1970 that a cancer-causing virus of birds had extra genetic material compared with non-cancer-causing viruses, hypothesizing that this material contributed to cancer. At the age of 36, Duesberg was awarded tenure at the University of California, Berkeley, and at 49, he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. He received an Outstanding Investigator Grant from the National Institutes of Health in 1986, and from 1986 to 1987 was a Fogarty scholar-in-residence at the NIH laboratories in Bethesda, Maryland.

    Long considered a contrarian by his scientific colleagues, Duesberg began to gain public notoriety with a March 1987 article in Cancer Research entitled “Retroviruses as Carcinogens and Pathogens: Expectations and Reality”. In this and subsequent writings, Duesberg proposed his hypothesis that AIDS is caused by long-term consumption of recreational drugs or antiretroviral drugs, and that HIV is a harmless passenger virus. In contrast, the scientific consensus is that HIV infection causes AIDS; Duesberg’s HIV/AIDS claims have been addressed and rejected as erroneous by the scientific community. Reviews of his opinions in Nature and Science asserted that they were unpersuasive and based on selective reading of the literature, and that although Duesberg had a right to a dissenting opinion, his failure to fairly review evidence that HIV causes AIDS meant that his opinion lacked credibility.

    Duesberg’s views are cited as major influences on South African HIV/AIDS policy under the administration of Thabo Mbeki, which embraced AIDS denialism. Duesberg served on an advisory panel to Mbeki convened in 2000. The Mbeki administration’s failure to provide antiretroviral drugs in a timely manner, due in part to the influence of AIDS denialism, is thought to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of preventable AIDS deaths and HIV infections in South Africa. Duesberg disputed these findings in an article in the journal Medical Hypotheses, but the journal’s publisher, Elsevier, later retracted Duesberg’s article over accuracy and ethics concerns as well as its rejection during peer review. The incident prompted several complaints to Duesberg’s institution, the University of California, Berkeley, which began a misconduct investigation of Duesberg in 2009. The investigation was dropped in 2010, with university officials finding “insufficient evidence … to support a recommendation for disciplinary action.” They probably didn’t dare in view of what they had been colluding with…

    Let me know when the NDA is ready for me to sign Top Docs/Miranda!

    1. Look, I haven’t the capacity on this blog to follow everything up re Peter Deusberg, HIV etc, but here’s the beginning of the trail:

      Peter K. Vogt, Deusberg’s close colleague:

      Peter K. Vogt (March 10, 1932 in Broumov, Czechoslovakia) is an American molecular biologist, virologist and geneticist. His research focuses on retroviruses and viral and cellular oncogenes.

      Vogt received his undergraduate education in biology at the University of Würzburg and in 1959 was awarded his Ph.D. at the University of Tübingen for work done at the Max Planck Institute for Virology in Tübingen. From 1959 to 1962 Vogt was Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fellow in the laboratory of Harry Rubin at the University of California in Berkeley and started to work on Rous sarcoma virus. He taught microbiology and molecular biology to medical and graduate students at the University of Colorado in Denver (1962-1967) and the University of Washington in Seattle (1967-1971). In 1971, Vogt joined the University of Southern California as Hastings Professor of Microbiology and in 1980 assumed the chairmanship of the Department of Microbiology at the School of Medicine. Since 1993, Vogt has been a Professor at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla. He served as the Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Scripps from 2012 – 2015.

      At the beginning of his scientific career, Vogt studied mechanisms of retroviral cell entry and the role of viral surface proteins in determining host range. He defined related groups of viral surface proteins and their corresponding receptors on the cell surface. During Vogt’s time in Seattle, his focus shifted to the genetics of retroviruses. Together with his associate Kumao Toyoshima, Vogt isolated the first temperature sensitive mutants of a retrovirus and in collaboration with the biochemist Peter Duesberg discovered the first retroviral oncogene, src. Vogt’s work on mutants of the Rous sarcoma virus enabled Michael Bishop and Harold Varmus to isolate DNA sequences that represent the src oncogene and to demonstrate the cellular origin of oncogenes. In his extensive studies on avian retroviruses, Vogt discovered oncogenes that play important roles in human cancers, e.g. myc (in collaboration with Bister and Duesberg), jun (with Maki and Bos) and p3k (with Chang).

      Vogt has received numerous awards, including the Irene Vogeler Prize (1976), the Alexander von Humboldt Award (1984), the Ernst Jung Prize for Medicine (1985), the Robert J. and Claire Pasarow Foundation Medical Research Award (1987), the Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize (1988), the Bristol-Myers Squibb Award (1989), the Charles S. Mott Prize (1991), the Szent-Györgyi Prize for Progress in Cancer Research (2010), the Pezcoller Foundation-AACR International Award for Cancer Research (2013), the IHV Lifetime Achievement Award for Scientific Contributions (2016), and the AICF Prize for Scientific Excellence in Medicine (2017). In 2019 Vogt was awarded the Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize.
      Vogt holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Würzburg (since 1995) and has been elected to several academies, including the National Academy of Sciences USA, the American Philosophical Society, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina and the American Academy of Microbiology.

      Vogt has served on several scientific advisory and editorial boards, e.g., the National Foundation for Cancer Research and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA (since 2000).

      Vogt is also an avid painter. During his time in Würzburg, he studied with the artist Josef Versl.

      1. The two institutions in which Vogt carried out his PhD work are Europe’s finest; the Max Planck Institute is THE European lead in Science and the University of Tubingen is pretty impressive too:

        The University of Tübingen, officially the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen (German: Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen; Latin: Universitas Eberhardina Carolina), is a public research university located in the city of Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
        As one of eleven German Excellence Universities, Tübingen is regularly ranked as one of the best universities in Germany and is especially known as a centre for the study of medicine, law, and theology and religious studies. The University’s noted alumni include numerous presidents, ministers, EU Commissioners and judges of the Federal Constitutional Court. The university is associated with eleven Nobel laureates, especially in the fields of medicine and chemistry.

        The University of Tübingen was founded in 1477 by Count Eberhard V (Eberhard im Bart, 1445–1496), later the first Duke of Württemberg. Its present name was conferred on it in 1769 by Duke Karl Eugen who appended his first name to that of the founder. The university later became the principal university of the kingdom of Württemberg. Today, it is one of nine state universities funded by the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg.

        The University of Tübingen has a history of innovative thought, particularly in theology, in which the university and the Tübinger Stift are famous to this day. Philipp Melanchthon (1497–1560), the prime mover in building the German school system and a chief figure in the Protestant Reformation, helped establish its direction. Among Tübingen’s eminent students (and/or professors) have been the astronomer Johannes Kepler; the economist Horst Köhler (President of Germany); Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), poet Friedrich Hölderlin, and the philosophers Friedrich Schelling and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. “The Tübingen Three” refers to Hölderlin, Hegel and Schelling, who were roommates at the Tübinger Stift. Theologian Helmut Thielicke revived postwar Tübingen when he took over a professorship at the reopened theological faculty in 1947, being made administrative head of the university and President of the Chancellor’s Conference in 1951.
        The university rose to the height of its prominence in the middle of the 19th century with the teachings of poet and civic leader Ludwig Uhland and the Protestant theologian Ferdinand Christian Baur, whose circle, colleagues and students became known as the “Tübingen School”, which pioneered the historical-critical analysis of biblical and early Christian texts.

        The University of Tübingen was the first German university to establish a faculty of natural sciences, in 1863. DNA was discovered in 1868 at the University of Tübingen by Friedrich Miescher. Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, the first female Nobel Prize winner in medicine in Germany, also works at Tübingen. The faculty for economics and business was founded in 1817 as the “Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultät” and was the first of its kind in Germany.

        The University played a leading role in efforts to legitimize the policies of the Third Reich as “scientific”. Even before the victory of the Nazi Party in the general election in March 1933, there were hardly any Jewish faculty and a few Jewish students. Physicist Hans Bethe was dismissed on 20 April 1933 because of “non-Aryan” origin. Religion professor Traugott Konstantin Oesterreich and the mathematician Erich Kamke were forced to take early retirement, probably in both cases the “non-Aryan” origin of their wives. At least 1158 people were sterilized at the University Hospital.

        In 1966, Joseph Ratzinger, who would later become Pope Benedict XVI, was appointed to a chair in dogmatic theology in the Faculty of Catholic Theology at Tübingen, where he was a colleague of Hans Küng.

        ]In 1967, Jürgen Moltmann (b. 1926), one of the most influential Protestant theologians of the 20th century, was appointed Professor of Systematic Theology in the Faculty of Protestant Theology. Drafted in 1944 by Nazi Germany, he was an Allied prisoner of war 1945-1948. He was influenced by his colleague and friend Ernst Bloch, the Marxist philosopher.

        In 1970, the university was restructured into a series of faculties as independent departments of study and research after the manner of French universities.

        In May 2010, Tübingen joined the Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) together with Dartmouth College (USA), Durham University (UK), Queen’s University (Canada), University of Otago (New Zealand), University of Western Australia (Australia) and Uppsala University (Sweden).

        The University of Tübingen undertakes a broad range of research projects in various fields. Among the more prominent ones in the natural sciences are the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research, which focuses on general, cognitive and cellular neurology as well as neurodegeneration, and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Clinical Research, which deals primarily with cell biology in diagnostics and therapy of organ system diseases. In the liberal arts, the University of Tübingen is noteworthy for having the only faculty of rhetoric in Germany – the department was founded by Walter Jens, an important intellectual and literary critic. The university also boasts continued pre-eminence in its centuries-old traditions of research in the fields of philosophy, theology and philology. Since at least the 19th century, Tübingen has been the home of world-class research in prehistoric studies and the study of antiquity, including the study of the ancient Near East; a particular focus of the research in these areas at the University of Tübingen has been Anatolia, e.g., through the continued excavations of the University at Troy.

        German Marxist theorists, including Ernst Bloch. Anyone for Eric Hobsbawm?

        1. Meet some of the staff and alumni of the University of Tubingen:

          Faculty members and alumni who have been awarded with the Nobel Prize:
          William Ramsay (1904, Chemistry)
          Eduard Buchner (1907, Chemistry)
          Karl Ferdinand Braun (1909, Physics)
          Fritz Pregl (1923, Chemistry)
          Adolf Butenandt (1939, Chemistry)
          Hans Bethe (1967, Physics)
          Georg Wittig (1979, Chemistry)
          Hartmut Michel (1988, Chemistry)
          Bert Sakmann (1991, Medicine)
          Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard (1995, Medicine)
          Günter Blobel (1999, Medicine)

          This list also includes alumni of the Tübinger Stift, which is not a part of the University, but has a close relationship with it.

          Marija Gimbutas (1921–1994), archaeologist
          Manfred Korfmann (1942–2005), archaeologist, director of excavations in Troy
          Sir Aurel Stein (1862–1943), archaeologist (PhD 1883)

          Helmut Haussmann, German minister of economy (1988–1991)
          Horst Köhler, director of the IMF (2000–2004) and President of Germany (2004–2010)
          Jürgen Stark, Chief Economist and Member of the Executive Committee of the European Central Bank
          Klaus Töpfer, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive-Director of the United Nations Environment Programme

          Boyo Ockinga, Egyptologist

          Andrzej Ciechanowiecki (1924-2015), Polish economist, antiquarian, gallery owner, collector and philanthropist who restored much of the interior of the Warsaw Castle, flattened by the Wehrmacht during the German occupation of Poland during World War II
          Ernst Boepple (1887–1950), German Nazi official and SS officer executed for war crimes
          Kurt Georg Kiesinger, Chancellor of Germany (1966–1969)
          Rita Süssmuth, President of the German federal parliament (1988–1998)
          Hans Mommsen (1930–2015), historian

          Indology and Hinduism
          Heinrich von Stietencron, Indologist

          Martin Bangemann, German minister of economy (1984–1988) and EU commissioner (1989–1999)
          Herta Däubler-Gmelin, German minister of justice (1998–2002)
          Roman Herzog, President of Germany (1994–1999)
          Philipp Jenninger, President of the German federal parliament (1984–1988)
          Klaus Kinkel, vice-chancellor and minister of foreign affairs of Germany (1993–1998)
          Gebhard Müller, President of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany (1959–1971)
          Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources, Vice President of the Barroso II commission (2010-)
          Carlo Schmid, German politician and one of the “fathers of the constitution”
          Konstantin Freiherr von Neurath, Minister of foreign affairs of Germany (1932–1938)
          Gerhard Anschütz, father of the constitution of the Bundesland Hesse
          Christoph Martin Wieland, (1733-1813), poet
          Jürgen Wöhler (b. 1950), German lawyer and manager
          Gunther Heinrich Freiherr von Berg 1765-1843, Professor of Law, Politician, Legislator, Privy Counsellor

          Medicine/natural sciences/mathematics
          Yousef Al-Abed (b. 1964), chemist
          SM Razaullah Ansari (b. 1932), historian of science
          Alois Alzheimer, psychiatrist and neuropathologist
          Simon Brendle (b. 1981), mathematician
          Victor von Bruns, surgeon
          Rudolf Jakob Camerarius (1665–1721), botanist, physicist
          Theodor Eimer (1843–1898), zoologist and comparative anatomist
          Leonhart Fuchs (1501–1566), botanist, physicist
          Hans Geiger (1882–1945), physicist
          Carl Haeberlin (1870–1954), physician
          Felix Hoppe-Seyler, chemist and physiologist
          Friedrich von Huene (1875–1969), paleontologist
          Johannes Kepler (1571–1630), astronomer
          Karl Meissner (1891–1959), physicist
          Lothar Meyer (1830–1895), chemist
          Hugo von Mohl (1805–1872), botanist
          Friedrich Miescher, biologist
          Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard (b. 1942), biologist
          Hans Schlossberger (1887–1960), immunologist and microbiologist
          Wilhelm Schickard (1592–1635), astronomer
          Bernhard Schölkopf (b. 1968), computer scientist
          Johann Georg Gmelin (1709–1755), botanist
          Bei Shizhang (1903–2009), biologist
          Karl von Vierordt, physiologist (1818–1884)
          Detlef Weigel (b. 1961), biologist

          Kurt Gerstein, SS officer and member of the Institute for Hygiene of the Waffen-SS and Head of Technical Disinfection Services

          Erhard Eppler (b. 1926), German Social Democratic politician and founder of the GTZ
          Eugen Gerstenmaier (1906–1986), President of the German federal parliament (1954–1969)
          Ernst von Herzog (1834–1911), German archaeologist
          Walter Jens (b. 1923), philologist, literature historian and critic
          Hellmuth Karasek (1934-2015), journalist and literary critic
          Adelbert von Keller (1812–1883), German philologist
          Salomon Schweigger (1551–1622), theologian, classical philologist and orientalist
          Martin Walser (b. 1927), writer

          Rabbi David Zvi Hoffmann, Rabbi
          Johannes Reuchlin, humanist and philosopher
          Friedrich Hölderlin, poet
          Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, philosopher
          Alberto Jori, philosopher
          Heinrich Christoph Wilhelm Sigwart, philosopher
          Christoph von Sigwart, philosopher
          Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling, philosopher
          Ernst Bloch, philosopher
          Burghart Schmidt, philosopher
          Otfried Höffe, philosopher
          Julian Nida-Rümelin, philosopher
          Ernst Tugendhat, philosopher
          Manfred Frank, philosopher
          Thomas Sattig, philosopher

          Paul Enck, psychologist specializing in psychosomatic medicine
          Wolfgang Köhler, psychologist
          Robert Zajonc (1923–2008), psychologist

          Ralf Dahrendorf, sociologist, economist, political scientist and politician

          Karl Barth, Swiss, Reformed, one of the most influential Protestant theologians of the 20th century
          Ferdinand Christian Baur, Protestant theologian and historian of early Christianity and the New Testament
          Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Lutheran, one of the most influential Protestant theologians of the 20th century, pastor and opponent of the Nazi Regime
          Rudolf Bultmann, one of the most influential Protestant theologians of the 20th century, famous for existential biblical interpretation
          Gerhard Ebeling, Protestant theologian, former student of Rudolf Bultmann, expert on philosophical hermeneutics
          Johannes Eck (1486–1543), Catholic theologian, counter-Reformer
          David F. Ford, Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Cambridge (since 1991)
          Romano Guardini, Roman Catholic priest, author and academic
          Walter Kasper, Cardinal in the Roman Catholic Church, very influential Roman Catholic theologian of today
          Hans Küng, influential Roman Catholic theologian, critic of Catholic doctrine
          Philipp Melanchthon (1497–1560), Protestant reformer, first systematic theologian of the Protestant Reformation
          Eduard Mörike, Protestant theologian, famous German poet
          Jürgen Moltmann, one of the most influential Protestant theologians of today
          Konrad Raiser, Protestant theologian, former General Secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC)
          Charles-Frédéric Reinhard (1761–1837), Württembergian-born French diplomat, essayist, and politician
          Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling, Protestant theologian, influential philosopher
          Adolf Schlatter, influential Protestant theologian
          David Strauss, very influential Protestant theologian and writer who revolutionized the study of the New Testament
          Paul Tillich, German-American theologian at Harvard University, one of the most influential Protestant theologians of the 20th century
          Miroslav Volf, Christian theologian at Yale University
          Karl Heinrich Weizsäcker, Protestant theologian and chancellor of the University of Tübingen

          “One need merely say ‘Tübingen Seminary’ to understand what German philosophy is at bottom: an insidious theology. The Swabians are the best liars in Germany: they lie innocently.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, 1888

          1. Horst Jaeger was an alumni of the University of Tubingen. Jaeger died last year. He was an Anglophile German businessman who made a major contribution to Anglo-German relations.

            Jaeger was a senior exec with Mannesmann, a German industrial conglomerate. It was originally established as a manufacturer of steel pipes in 1890 under the name “Deutsch-Österreichische Mannesmannröhren-Werke AG”. In the 20th century, Mannesmann expanded into numerous sectors – starting from various steel products and trading to mechanical and electrical engineering, automotive and telecommunications. From 1955, the conglomerate’s management holding with headquarters in Düsseldorf was named Mannesmann AG.

            The particular success of the corporate activities in the area of telecommunications that started in 1990 was the predominant reason for the takeover of Mannesmann by the British telecommunications company Vodafone in 2000 – still one of the largest-ever company takeovers worldwide. Back then, the Mannesmann Group had 130,860 employees worldwide and revenues of €23.27 billion.

            The name Mannesmann ceased to exist in the engineering, automotive and telecommunications sectors soon after Vodafone purchased the company. It lives on in the steel industry, particularly in the steel tube and pipe industry, as the German steel manufacturer Salzgitter AG bought the pipe production division of Mannesmannröhren-Werke AG (today Mannesmannröhren-Werke GmbH), as well as the Mannesmann brand.

            In the first decades of its existence, Mannesmann was a pure manufacturer and therefore highly dependent on third-party deliveries of starting material. To reduce the associated risk, the company started to broaden into a vertically integrated iron and steel group in the first half of the 20th century. The group had its own ore and coal production, steel manufacturers and processors as well as an integrated trading division. In the 1950s Mannesmann established pipe mills in Brazil, Canada and Turkey.

            In 1955, the group’s management holding was renamed Mannesmann AG. The group continued to develop into a highly diversified conglomerate. The corporate sectors engineering and automotive founded in the late 1960s comprised famous companies as e.g. Rexroth, Demag, Dematic, Sachs, VDO, Boge, Kienzle, Krauss-Maffei, Hartmann & Braun and Tally. Within the Mannesmann Group several of these companies evolved into world market leaders in their respective business sectors.

            In 1990, following the liberalization of the German telecommunications market, Mannesmann set up a new business sector and established Germany’s first cellular network carrier in private ownership known as D2 Mannesmann. The network company was called Mannesmann Mobilfunk GmbH. It was the main competitor to Germany’s incumbent carrier, Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile, also known as D1. Additionally, Mannesmann extended its telecommunications division with integrated services covering mobile and fixed network telephony, Internet, and TeleCommerce with companies in Germany, Italy, UK and Austria.

            The Europe-wide telecommunication branch of Mannesmann was extraordinarily successful and so in 1999 the Mannesmann Group hatched a plan to spin off the other divisions. Through a stock exchange flotation under the name of Mannesmann Atecs AG, these industrial divisions were to be combined in a separate enterprise that would be one of the largest companies listed in the German stock index DAX. However, before these plans could materialize, a historic takeover battle lasting several months ended with the acquisition of Mannesmann by the British mobile phone company Vodafone in 2000. On 4 February 2000 Mannesmann’s supervisory board eventually agreed to a takeover price of 190 billion €, which was the largest takeover price ever paid until that date and still is the highest. The telecommunications division of Mannesmann was subsequently incorporated into the Vodafone Group. The other divisions were resold to various companies soon after the deal. The origins of Mannesmann, the pipe production activities of Mannesmannröhren-Werke AG, were sold to Salzgitter AG along with the brand name Mannesmann.

            During the Second World War, when the company was chaired by Nazi party activist Wilhelm Zangen, slave labour was employed at their tube rolling mills. Zangen served four months in prison for his involvement, although he remained a leading figure with Mannesmann until his retirement in 1966.
            In 2000, Mannesmann was acquired by Vodafone Group Plc. in a tax-free exchange of 53.7 Vodafone shares for each share of Mannesmann. This was a controversial takeover, since never before in Germany had a company as large and successful as Mannesmann been acquired in a hostile takeover by a non-German owner. The merger was said to have been engineered in a private deal concluded between Mannesmann’s management and Vodafone. The acquisition was spearheaded by Vodafone’s Chief Executive, Chris Gent, and Goldman Sachs’ Scott Mead, who was then the chief advisor on the deal. The circumstances of the deal and the (not only for German standards) particularly high severance payments awarded to leading managers of the company led in 2004 to a trial at Landgericht Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Regional Court) – the so-called Mannesmann trial. The accused, among others the chairman of the supervisory board at the time of the takeover, Josef Ackermann, and the former CEO of Mannesmann, Klaus Esser, were initially granted a full discharge by the court. However, after revision proceedings, the Bundesgerichtshof Federal Court of Justice overruled the contested judgment and referred the case back for retrial at the Landgericht. On 29 November 2006, the proceedings were terminated, with the defendants agreeing to settlements amounting to millions of euros.

            Under the terms of the takeover deal, Mannesmann sought assurances from Vodafone that the Mannesmann brand and name would be kept under the new owners.[citation needed]This was agreed and the deal was announced. However, not long after this, Vodafone reneged on the deal and rebranded.

            Mannesmann Arcor was a fixed line telephony and internet company. It has been owned solely by Vodafone since May 2008, when Deutsche Bahn (18.17%) and Deutsche Bank (8.18%) sold their shares to Vodafone.

  24. Chris Gent was Chief Exec of Vodaphone in 2000 when he executed the take-over of Mannesmann.

    Christopher Charles Gent
    10 May 1948 (age 71)
    Beckenham, Kent, England
    Lambourn, Berkshire, England

    Director of Vodafone Group plc (1985–96)
    CEO of Vodafone Group plc (1997–2003)
    Non-executive director of
    Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (2003–08)
    Non-executive chairman of GlaxoSmithKline plc (2004–2015)
    Non-executive director of
    Ferrari S.p.A.
    Ex-wife (divorced)
    Kate, Lady Gent (m. 1999)
    2 daughters (via 1st marriage)
    2 sons (via 2nd marriage)
    Official Site of GlaxoSmithKline

    Sir Christopher Charles Gent HonFREng (born 10 May 1948) is a British businessman, He is the former chief executive officer of Vodafone, a British multinational mobile phone company. Until 2015, he served as the non-exec chairman of GlaxoSmithKline, the world’s fourth largest pharmaceutical company.

    Born in 1948 in Bridgemary Hants, Gent was raised in Gosport, Hampshire. He attended Tenison’s School, then a grammar school in Kennington. His father, who had served in the Royal Navy, died when he was at school. He is one of four brothers (Rod, Chris, Jeremy and Pete).
    He first worked for the National Westminster Bank in 1971 as a management trainee, then as a computer services manager at Schroders. In 1979 he became the managing director of Baric, a company owned by ICL and Barclays.
    Gent was widely credited with transforming Vodafone from a small subsidiary of Racal, a British electronics company, into a global giant, and who engineered Vodafone’s 178 billion pound ($212 billion) historic purchase of Germany’s Mannesmann in 2000. He became its managing director in January 1985 and its chief executive officer (taking over from Sir Gerald Whent) in January 1997.
    In 2001, Gent was an advocate of the United Kingdom joining the euro.

    After retiring from Vodafone in July 2003, he was awarded the honorary title of Company’s President for Life on his departure as a mark of his achievement in developing the company, until his resignation from that position in March 2006. The title carried no salary, nor any advisory responsibilities, but was a symbolic link to the business that few former chief executives are allowed to retain.

    He was formerly Chairman of GlaxoSmithKline, a British multinational pharmaceutical company, joining in June 2004, becoming Chairman on 1 January 2005, a position he held until May 2015.
    From October 2005 to October 2006 Gent served on the Tax Reform Commission, established by the then Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP.

    Gent’s reputation for sound executive judgement was called into question following his time as a non-exec at Lehman Brothers. Gent was one of four members of the compensation committee of the board at Lehman Brothers that authorised the payout for its failed CEO, Dick Fuld, who received $34 m in 2007 and $40.5 m in 2006.

    Personal life
    In 2006 he was awarded an honorary degree (Doctor of Laws) from the University of Bath. He received a knighthood for his services to the telecoms industry in the 2001 Queen’s Birthday Honours. He was also appointed as a HonFREng of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2004.
    In March 2007 Gent called for a referendum on London’s hosting of the 2012 Olympics. He was quoted as saying “I cannot see that the long-term economic benefit of hosting the Games outweighs the costs and the horrific burden on the taxpayer, particularly London rate-payers. The cost for them is going to be astronomically high.”

    Gent is an avid sports fan and enjoys golf, skiing and tennis. However, his real passion is cricket, having grown up next door to The Oval and he is well-known to travel long distances to attend matches. He famously instigated the deal with Airtouch whilst on his mobile phone at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Vodafone sponsored the England cricket team for many years until 2007. He married Kate in July 1999 in Wokingham and they have two sons. He has two daughters from a former marriage. He lives in Newbury in Berkshire.

    1. So now we know why there was a skilled forgery purporting to be a letter from me, dated 2002, that made me sound like a Nutter, found in the possession of the GMC.

      We also know why David Cameron’s old pal from Oxford, Dido Harding, a Big Name in Telephones, was given the NHS to play with a few years ago. Dido, I note that you have not made one jot of difference to the NHS.

      What chance did illiterate kids in care and Empowered Service Users have against forces like this?

      Now don’t ever call me a liar again you bastards, because I had the evidence and you knew it.

      I told Biggus Dickus what was going on and he was not very happy about it.

      1. I have been mystified at the mass outbreak of Shock and Disgust directed towards Justin Trudeau that looks as if it will end his career.

        Re the Blacking Up of Justin; in 2005, Prince Harry wore a Nazi uniform to a party and his brother William dressed up as a Black Savage for the same event. There was a bit of a row but they were forgiven and quite quickly too. William and Harry continued to stride the world stage and are now feted as Compassionate Princes in the face of the mountain of evidence that their father, uncle, great uncle and great aunt, grandparents and great-grandmother have done the most appalling things and recently as well.

        Will Straw, Lord Jack’s son, is a member of a dance troupe who call themselves The Nutters. They black up and Will has robustly told people who suggested that this was maybe a little insensitive to take a running jump. The spat passed and Will is still in action.

        It’s not that I think it is a good idea for world leaders to black up, more that the Photos causing such trouble are 20 years old and at the time, there were many people who would not see a problem with that type of fancy dress at a party, even if some cohorts did see blacking up as deeply offensive.

        I keep asking myself what is the REAL dirt that Justin’s political rivals have on him, because whatever it is will be far more serious than Justin making a pillock of himself years ago. It is also clearly so serious that Justin and his advisers cannot deflect it. I know little about Canada, but I know that it does have a rather better reputation than many countries for quality of life, tolerance etc… But Canada does have things like Chase Manhattan bank… David Healy’s expose of Big Pharma/University bad behaviour concerned Toronto and the Canadian medical schools have been party to the sort of research fraud and dishonesty that I have detailed on this blog…

        Justin has been touched by a corruption scandal far more serious than the Shocking photographs but he’s got away with it. His political adviser Gerald Butts was also tainted by the corruption scandal and furthermore Butts was the CEO of World Wildlife Fund Canada, of Phil the Greek fame…

        Surely someone has some real shit on Justin?

        If someone really wants to point a finger at Canada, may I suggest a few places to look, although whether they’ll lead to Justin per se I’m not sure, I haven’t had time to dig yet.

        The son of one of the British MPs who was one of the bestest mates of Dafydd and Gwynne became one of the biggest names in the Canadian music industry, as discussed in previous posts. Gwynne and Dafydd’s umbrellas the Lloyd George/Carey Evans family interbred with Margaret Macmillan, a Canadian academic. Macmillan’s family are associated with Chase Manhattan.

        As for racism, may I suggest that someone exposes the numerous links between Canadian academics and policy makers re language planning and Gwynne and Dafydd’s friends who are the family of the Rosa Parks of Wales? The Rosa Parks of Wales and her friends and relations have for years looked to a Cardiff academic called Colin H. Williams for their intellectual credibility (Rosa’s family didn’t have much of that themselves) and Colin Williams used Quebec as the perfect example of language planning for bilingualism. Rosa Parks’s family were going on jollies to Canada and rubbing noses with people who really did know about language planning, rather than just a bunch of vindictive provincial idiots who used people and then kicked them in the teeth. Interested parties need to look up Welsh Gov’t and Welsh Language Board documentation, it’s all there…

        If Justin can tell me who the rude Canadian was who turned up in the kitchen at Fiddington when the Gang were shafting me I’d be keen to know. You’ll remember him Justin, what with you being all sensitive and Feminist. He’s a big bloke, blondish hair, superficially friendly, but put him in a room of cavemen and his inner Neanderthal emerges. I remember his interest in Kylie Minogue, he wanted to know who that particular ‘broad’ was, after having spent an enjoyable time in Bridgy assessing and pursuing the broads there. The free BnB made available to this hog (hogg?) when he dossed down in Fiddington wasn’t good enough, he complained about the grub. As did his mates, after they all yelled ‘Abbo’ at the black newsreader on the TV.

        One thing I did note re Justin is that he is a direct descendent of the Scottish noble family of Farquhar. One of the Noble Farquhars worked as a Top Doc in the Hergest Unit in about 2000. He was deeply unpleasant and only ended up working as a psych in Gwynedd because the dreadful Terry Maxwell, Dafydd’s mate, had knifed him in the back and thus the Farquhar couldn’t get a desirable Top Doctoring job and ended up in the Hergest as patients and staff were found dead all over the place.

        Farquhar Of The Hergest was engaged to another young doc who was based in north Wales, but he treated her badly and dumped her. She was the GP for Llanfairfechan, the village in Gwynedd that had a very high proportion of NHS staff as residents, because the institution in which Gwynne’s lobotomised victims were hidden was in Llanfairfechan, so it was a bit like Denbigh, virtually every resident a paid up member of the trafficking Gang. They were all the patients of Farquhar’s ex-girlfriend, who was good mates with a female psychiatrist who described the victims of the Gang as ‘evil cows’.

        The former GP of the sex offenders of Llanfairfechan relocated to the Hebrides when Brown and I began publishing about the mental health services. She then bagged a senior post with the Highlands and Islands University, as did her husband, who grew up in Bangor and who’s mum and dad were… Well what do you think they were Justin?

        Surely someone can find some better shit on Justin than embarrassing photos 20 years old? Or is that the problem Justin, is there such serious crap on you out there that you daren’t defend yourself lest someone throws that into the public domain as well?

        I had that Leonard Cohen in the back of the cab once. I was a big fan of Leonard when I was younger, but Leonard too had a link to Gwynne and Dafydd’s network. Of course he did, he was big in the 1960s counterculture and music and was a heroin addict, Leonard could not possibly have avoided Dafydd and Gwynne.

        ‘Give me crack and anal sex/…I have seen the future and it is murder…’ Leonard was quite right, someone should have stopped Dafydd and Gwynne decades ago.

        First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin…

        1. Prof Margaret Macmillan – aunt of TV star Dan Snow (Dan is now married to the daughter of the 6th Duke of Windsor, friend of Carlo and Peter Morrison) – Lloyd George’s great granddaughter, is the daughter of Top Doc Robert Macmillan. This is what Munk’s Roll has to say about Robert Macmillan:

          Robert Laidlaw Macmillan
          b.23 May 1917 d.5 September 2007
          BA Toronto(1938) MD(1941) FRCPC FACP FRCP(1979)
          Robert Laidlaw MacMillan was professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, Canada, and co-founder of the world’s first coronary care unit, at Toronto General Hospital. He was born in Toronto during the First World War, the son of Robert Johnson MacMillan, a physician, and Merle MacMillan née Laidlaw, a nurse. When Robert was around 13, the family spent a year in Europe while his father completed his medical training. With his siblings attended a Swiss lycée and learnt to ski and speak French. When the family returned to Canada, Robert and his brother Hugh were enrolled at the University of Toronto Schools, an elite private school. Robert went on to Trinity College at the University of Toronto, where he gained a degree in biological and medical sciences in 1938 and an MD in 1941.
          In 1942 he joined the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve and was posted on HMCS Prince Robert. He remained on the ship for the rest of the Second World War: for much of the conflict she was the Navy’s largest and most heavily armed vessel.
          At the end of the war in the Pacific, Robert MacMillan was demobilised and continued his studies in the UK, in London and Oxford. He became a member of the Royal College of Physicians in 1947.
          In 1948 he returned to Canada, initially as a senior intern in haematology at Toronto General Hospital, and then as a cardiologist. He became a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada in the same year. He was made an assistant professor in 1965, then an associate professor and senior staff physician in 1968. In 1976 he became professor of medicine and head of the division of general internal medicine at Toronto General Hospital.
          His initial research work was on blood clotting and platelets. In the early 1960s, with his colleague Kenneth Brown, he decided to isolate and closely observe cardiac patients to try to determine the cause of the high mortality rates in supposedly recovering patients. With funding from government research grants and a private donor, in March 1962 the world’s first cardiac care unit was opened in a small four-bedded room provided by the hospital. Here patients were attached to electro-cardiogram machines and closely monitored. After a year, the death rate had fallen by 10 per cent. MacMillan and Brown wrote about the unit in an article in The Lancet (‘Coronary unit: an intensive-care centre for acute myocardial infarction’ Lancet. 1963 Aug 17;2[7303]:349-52).
          Outside medicine, he enjoyed canoeing, mountain climbing, scuba diving, hiking, camping, playing tennis and skiing. He and his wife also had a farm in Vaughan, Ontario.
          In February 1942 he married Eluned (‘Lyn’) Carey Evans, the daughter of Sir Thomas Carey Evans, a surgeon, and the granddaughter of the politician David Lloyd-George. They had five children, Margaret, Ann, Thomas, Robert and David, and 12 grandchildren.

          Two of the Carey Evans family signed the 2008 ‘memorandum’ organised by Dafydd’s mates Huw Thomas (former CEO of Gwynedd Health Authority)and Prof Robert Owen imploring the Welsh Gov’t to continue to oblige neurology patients from north Wales to be referred to Dafydd’s killing colleagues in Liverpool rather than south Wales after they’d finished off Merfyn’s wife…

          The extended Lloyd George clan were on board with Dafydd, Gwynne and Ronnie Waterhouse and of course Mr Thrope was a friend of the Lloyd George/Carey Evans tribe.

          Re Margaret Macmillan’s dad the Top Doc at the University of Toronto: it was the University of Toronto that offered David Healy a Chair back in the days when I and F were regulars at the Hergest Unit and then withdrew the job offer when David continued to discuss the risks and questionable clinical trials data of one of the SSRIs manufactured by the drug company that bankrolled the Dept at Toronto.

          The case made David Healy famous, he sued (for libel I think) and he did win a very big sum in compensation. I was told soon after I began this blog that David Healy gave much of his ‘winnings’ to charidee but I don’t know which charidee. Although David became famous and gained a cult following, he remains very unpopular with Top Docs in north Wales and there have been a number of attempts to stop him practising. I have been critical of David for not publicising what his colleagues were doing to us, but even so, please take note readers:

          David Healy was libelled by the University of Toronto and had a job offer unlawfully withdrawn after he exposed wrongdoing by a drug company that was putting patient lives at risk. David’s colleagues were knowingly transfusing patients with infected blood, were sexually exploiting them, physically assaulted them, perjured themselves in order to have patients convicted of offences that they knew had not been committed, made fallacious allegations in order to remove their children from them, ran a trafficking ring, refused to investigate serious complaints, forged documentation, planted evidence and one of them was found in my back garden at 9 pm at night. Who has been subjected to more than one attempt to have him struck off? David Healy.

          David’s colleagues were also swindling and embezzling from the NHS. To my knowledge, David was not.

          1. A bit more on the Trudeaus.

            Pierre Trudeau was Canada’s PM, 1968-84. Pierre was from Quebec and it was Pierre who did the bilingual language planning bit for Quebec which the Rosa Parks’ of Wales and her clan tried to emulate. Pierre Trudeau studied at the LSE under Harold Laski at about the time that Uncle Harry’s brother-in-law did.

            After Trudeau had a relationship with Barbara Cartland, he went in hot pursuit of 18 year old Margaret Sinclair, who was 30 years younger than him. They married but the marriage was unhappy and Margaret discussed how difficult and soul destroying her life with Pierre was. She was caught smuggling drugs in the PMs luggage, had an affair with Ted Kennedy, Ronnie Wood of the Stones and it is alleged by one of the Stones, Mick Jagger. The Trudeaus eventually divorced.
            Their son Michel, Justin’s brother, was killed by an avalanche in Nov 1998, when Ronnie was drafting the Waterhouse Report, although his body was never found. Pierre Trudeau died on 28 Sept 2000, seven months after Ronnie published his Report, which denied the existence of the VIP paedophile ring that members of the Lloyd George/Carey Evans tribe and Ronnie himself helped to facilitate.

            I began teacher training in Sept 2000. My tutor was Prys Morgan Jones, who’s academic speciality was compiling Welsh language dictionaries. For years Prys has worked closely and co-authored with Delyth Prys, the daughter of Wales’s very own Rosa Parks, friend of Dafydd and Gwynne. One of Prys’s personal friends is Dr Huw Roberts, a GP who was for years based at Waunfawr, who trained at Liverpool University, is part of Dafydd and Gwynne’s network and who has voluntarily removed his name from the Medical Register. Dr Huw Roberts is one of the many who told third parties that David Healy is a maverick who’s views cannot be taken seriously. Unlike Gwynne’s.

            When I was working at Bangor University, Dr Huw Roberts for some reason recorded on my medical records that I had had a screaming row with Merfyn and that such ‘behaviour’ was ‘characteristic’ of me. I have never had a screaming row with Merfyn or indeed with Huw Roberts. Or even Prys or Delyth or the Rosa Parks of Wales herself, although I did meet her. I only found out about Dr Roberts’s extraordinary comments after I’d left Wales at gun point, so I never had the opportunity to ask him what the fuck he was talking about. Now that Huw Roberts has voluntarily requested that his name be removed from the Medical Register, if I did write to the GMC requesting an investigation, they will refuse to hold one because if a Doc relinquishes their registration, the GMC cannot discipline them. Furthermore, The Doctor’s Good Name Remains Intact.

            I wonder if the Top Doc who killed Nerys has relinquished his/her registration? Should he/she have done so, Merfyn will never succeed in having any investigation into Nerys’s demise no matter what he digs up in the future. And of course The Good Name Of The Murderer Will Remain Intact.

            Dafydd is still on the Medical Register. He must be absolutely certain that none of his serious crimes will ever pique the curiosity of the GMC. But then they haven’t since 1957, so Dafydd is probably right to feel confident. When I last saw Dafydd some eight years ago, he was in a very bad state, having trouble walking and wearing two hearing aids. I imagine that he may be bedridden by now, although obviously being in bed will be no barrier to Holding A Clinic. It wasn’t when Dafydd was in his 30s, so it won’t be now.

            From 2002 to 2017, Margaret Trudeau was the honorary president of WaterAid Canada, an Ottawa-based organization dedicated to helping the poorest communities in developing countries build sustainable water supply and sanitation services. In 2014, she visited Mali as an ambassador of WaterAid Canada.
            On May 5, 2006, Trudeau announced she has bipolar disorder. Since then, she advocated for reducing the social stigma of mental illness—bipolar disorder in particular—with speaking engagements across North America. Brown and I had begun publishing on mental health by May 2006.

            In May 2019, Margaret presented the one-woman-show Certain Woman of an Age in Chicago as part of the city’s Wellness Week. She is an honorary patron of the Canadian Mental Health Association. In July 2019, she attended an opening ceremony of WE College in Narok County (Kenya) with the Former Prime Minister of Canada Kim Campbell, The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and Craig Kielburger, a co-founder of WE Charity organization.
            In 2010, Margaret authored Changing My Mind, a book about her personal experience with bipolar disorder.

            Margaret knows more than most people that Fings Break…

            It’s uncanny you know; I once joked to Prys Morgan Jones that when I hit the menopause I would never ever call myself ‘a woman of a certain age’, I would just state that I was 50 or whatever and that I’d also write a Menopause Guide a la Dr Miriam, but my guide would tell Wimmin not to take any notice at all of Menopause Guides, including mine. My e mails were later hacked by Miranda’s friends and that e mail was still in my sent folder.

            Perhaps I’m just old-fashioned, but how does anyone know that Michel was killed in an avalanche if his body has never been found?

    1. Another inexcusable death Richard, but I note that all the emphasis is on Liverpool University’s student welfare system failing. Liverpool University has a medical school running flagship NHS hospitals, including the one that killed Nerys. The Top Docs are paid £100k pa but no, they could not find it within their capabilities to support a young woman who was asking for help. Furthermore, blame is also being directed re ‘the University didn’t tell her parents that she was ill’. I absolutely do not want to suggest that the parents of this student were in any way uncaring, but students of 18 and over are adults and if those dealing with their health problems are not to break the law, they CANNOT tell even caring parents without the students’ permission and that it the correct position. The massive failures in this case were with the NHS in Liverpool; furthermore, if they had been doing their job properly, they would probably have been able to persuade this student to tell her parents. The NHS just didn’t give a damn in this case.

      In north Wales, confidence was breached constantly, to such an extent that there wasn’t any. It caused havoc, absolute havoc. Relatives and others who were known to present a danger to students and patients were contacted without consent, told lies by healthcare staff and in turn were told lies by vindictive relatives and others, which were then passed on to third parties. It was every bit as disgusting as the callous neglect shown towards this young woman in Liverpool.

      Isn’t it noticeable that as the news continues to carry stories of Top Docs’ cock-ups, the reports blame everybody but the Top Docs for the cock-ups? BBC News Wales today has a report about the health of Welsh speaking patients being put at risk by staff who don’t speak Welsh. I am absolutely on board with having Welsh speaking NHS staff but they also need to be not sexually assaulting and killing the patients. Dafydd and Liz Stables (DGE Wood’s partner in crime at the Student Health Centre) were both loud advocates of Welsh speaking NHS staff; the patients would have been safer if those two had spoken Mandarin, the patients would have just ignored everything they said then…

      1. Re The Trudeaus etc:

        Dear old Meri Huws aka the Crack of Doom worked closely with Prys and Delyth on Welsh language planning. The Crack talked non-stop about Quebec although she is far too dim to understand the policies and consequences. The Crack, a former Gwynedd social worker who’s path covered the Ty’r Felin children’s home in Bangor where kids were being trafficked to Dolphin Square, was Head of the Dept of Lifelong Learning, part of the School of Education at Bangor University, when Prys was Dean of Education. The Crack doubled up as the Chair of the Welsh Language Board – Delyth’s brother Meirion was CEO of the Welsh Language Board when the Crack was Chair – and then the Crack became the Welsh Language Commissioner. Delyth and her family loathed the Crack and there was much bad feeling when the Crack bagged that job.

        The Welsh Language Commissioner is now Aled Roberts, a former Lib Dem AM for north Wales. Prior to that Aled was a Wrexham Cllr and Mayor of Wrexham, when all those Wrexham Cllrs Knew Nuzzing about the abuse of kids in the care of Wrexham Council. Prior to that Aled spent decades as a solicitor in er Wrexham. The local lawyers never represented the kids in care but they did represent those who were accused of abusing them. Aled grew up in a village near Wrexham, he knew what was going on. In his capacity as an AM, Aled refused to take up complaints about the NHS, even in cases where patients’ lives were at risk. Who is on Welsh news today taking about the risk to patients’ health as a result of non-Welsh speaking NHS staff? Aled.

        Nerys spoke Welsh and English. The Top Docs still killed her. They kill in either language as Aled knows. It’s why he is not going to dare to cross their path.

        Can I just remind the Champions of the Language in Wales that they have dominated the field since Dafydd and Saunders Lewis began Campaigning in 1962. Well Meri, you’re not doing too well are you? Can we conclude from this that whatever you and your clique are doing is not working, so why don’t you sod off and let someone who knows what they are doing take over? You know as well as I do that there are excellent Welsh language academics and language specialists but you and the Gang elbow them out of the way because they show you up for the idiots that you are.

  25. The Independent Doctors’ Federation, of which Dafydd is a proud member, seems to have been established in 1989. The year that Geoffrey Chamberlain offered me a job with his team as part of the Cunning Plan and the year in which, while I was busy in London working with Chamberlain’s team, a Case Conference was held about me Chaired by a man of whom I had never heard, at which evidence re my Extreme Dangerousness was given by people of whom I had never heard and the Chair – a friend of Dafydd’s and Tony Francis’s although I’d never heard of him – declared me to be Homicidal and in need of a place in Broadmoor. He offered to write a Court Report saying that, although I wasn’t facing any charges at the time. I only found out about this Case Conference some three or four years ago…

    People who don’t like private medicine won’t like the IDF, because it represents Docs working in the private sector. I need to tell readers that it does not matter. Docs from across the political spectrum facilitated organised crime and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Docs who were leading lights in the crime were members of the Socialist Health Association, the Medical Protection Society (they established themselves because they hated the BMA), the Federation of Women Doctors, ALL the Docs societies were involved.

    The finest illustration is of Sir Brian Warren and his wife Dame Josephine Barnes, who both facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Warren was Ted Heath’s personal physician and close friend, hated the NHS, refused to ever work in it and practised privately in Belgravia. Josephine was a Lady Doctor Dedicated to Wimmin’s Health who worked as an NHS consultant at Charing Cross and was President of the Federation of Women Docs. They were both serious criminals.

    Barnes was the member of the Warnock Committee on IVF etc who told the other pomposities on that Committee, including Warnock, what to do, because they didn’t know their arses from their elbows. Why was Mary Warnock appointed to Chair that Committee? Because such was the concern re Frankenstein Scientists that a Lady Philosopher who was Not Of The Frankensteins was appointed to Reassure everyone. The silly old cow took her orders from the wife of Ted Heath’s best friend who was, along with all of her mates, facilitating organised abuse and crime. Josephile Barnes trained at UCL with Lord Max Rosenheim, a friend of Harriet Harman’s dad. Lord Max killed careers of med students and Docs who said no to crime and ensured that the ones who joined in the crime became Eminent Doctors.

    Bob Edwards, who with Patrick Steptoe pioneered IVF, trained at the Dept of Zoology in UCNW back in the 1950s/60s. Steptoe and Edwards were pariahs in medicine until they succeeded re Louise Brown, the first test tube baby and then ALL hospitals wanted an IVF unit because they could charge patients a fortune while framing themselves as Baby Docs! We just want to make People Happy! Que the en masse fleecing of desperate patients…

    Patrick Steptoe never forgave the Top Docs Establishment, he hated the bastards until the day that he died. Steptoe was a Top Doc himself but he fell out with them. Bob Edwards was the Frankenstein Scientist rather than the Top Doc and forgave the Opposition. So much so that Bob Edwards went into business with what used to be the Hallam Medical Centre, some of the most unscrupulous Top Docs in IVF… Bob went into business with them after I’d had an interview at the Hallam Medical Centre for a job, found them to be a little worrying and met their Lab Manager, Sue Avery, who had done her Zoology degree at Bangor, graduating just before I did… There was a Westminster Councillor called Avery, who I think was a relative of Sue’s. He was one of the Councillors facilitating the ring…

    I was shocked when I found out that Bob Edwards had got into bed with the Hallam, because I was under the impression that Edwards was a modest man and not a money grubbing pompous bastard like most of the Top Docs. How did I gain this impression? From the interviews and book ‘written’ by Louise Brown’s parents. I took it at face value because scientists are very often less grandiose than Top Docs, its why scientists laugh at Top Docs and get pissed off with them…

    Steptoe’s clinic was in Oldham. The early IVF work was carried out there because the prestigious Docs in London wouldn’t let Steptoe near their clinics. Oldham was on the location of the ring in Manchester…

    Louise Brown of course was not from Oldham. Her family were from Bristol! The first IVF baby IN THE WORLD was from a Bristol family. Bob Edwards – of UCNW. DGE Wood – of Bristol. Louise was born in 1978.

    Anyone for Mr Thrope, who in 1978 was about to go on trial, Mr Thrope of north Devon, on the branch of the ring that was facilitated by Top Docs in Bristol, Taunton, Bridgwater, Weston-Super-Mare…

    1. Such was the ‘controversial’ nature of IVF that Edwards waited many years for his Nobel Prize and knighthood. Steptoe died before either arrived, because Steptoe died years before Bob Edwards, although they were both of a similar vintage.

      Patrick Steptoe died on 21 March 1988. Days before I was offered the job at Surrey University with Vincent Marks’s CRC team, Vincent brother of BMA Chairman John Marks, who was at the time battling with Ken Clarke and the Tories while BMA ‘reps’ were advising Tony Francis, Dafydd et al on how to frame me for offences and refuse to investigate my complaints…

      Patrick Steptoe trained at St George’s. I have no idea why his colleagues killed him. Other than that he’d fallen out with them. Did they perceive him to be a risk re me if ever I came across him? I was known to be interested in working in IVF at the time…

      Lord Bob Winston might be able to tell us, Lord Bob opposed Steptoe and Edwards all the way, until Louise the Medical Miracle was born, when Lord Bob got on board himself and was soon one of the most famous IVF specialists in the UK! Lord Bob of Hammersmith whom Steptoe REALLY HATED!!! The Hammersmith ruled by Prof Hugh Bentall, who committed research fraud, shagged his mistress and bagged her a job as an anatomy lecturer and who was only given his own Chair after one of his colleagues was found dead in worrying circumstances and Bentall had given a big financial donation to Hammersmith Hospital. Bentall who’s son Richard Trained As A Clinical Psychologist with Dafydd et al at Bangor and who married the daughter of Eifion Jones, the Dean of Science at Bangor… Eifion was a miserable old sod, old enough to have been a miserable young sod when Bob Edwards was busy in the Dept of Zoology at Bangor…

      Can Lord Bob tell us whether Louise Brown’s birth was, like so much else in medicine, another huge research fraud? Or was that the genuine bit, the gates of hell only opening re IVF after Louise was born and there was money to be made? I mean ‘infertile couples to be helped’?

      1. Geoffrey Chamberlain had worked at Hammersmith before he led the ring at St George’s. There was of course a big branch of the ring at Hammersmith… Another big branch was at the Royal London Hospital, where Lord Bob was a med student. They were working with Gwynne and Dafydd’s partner gang in the East End. The Royal London organised the placements of junior docs throughout the south of England and in the West Country…

        After Norman Scott became a nuisance when a young man, Mr Thrope kindly offered to foot the bill for Norman’s mental health care, with Desmond Curran, of St George’s… Desmond specialised in Treating Perverts.

        1. I am told that people are ‘upset’ after reading some of my recent contributions to the blog, particularly the Lift With The Nutter Who Threatened To Murder Me and the extraordinary events in the C&A Hospital late at night in 1984.

          I don’t want anyone to be Upset about this. Because until very recently I was a Dangerous Woman Who Told Wicked Lies, F was a Risk To Children Who Threatened Angels and Abandoned His Baby and Brown was a Known Paedophile. After the Gang had rendered me homeless and jobless (for the first time), I was Someone Who Wouldn’t Live By Normal People’s Rules and Just Wanted To Be With Filthy Disgusting People. A few weeks later a police officer told me to jump off the Menai Suspension Bridge for all he cared, he was there to protect Decent People. He had just witnessed Tony Francis pursuing me down a main road yelling insults at me, taking photos of my bum.

          So don’t you worry about me anyone who Wants Justice For The Victims. You just think about the boy whom F heard murdered by the screws in Risley, the people who were lobotomised and killed by Gwynne after being sexually assaulted by VIPs and all the people who were forced to have sex with Dafydd and then found themselves to be Dangerous Nutters living in Ashworth, Broadmoor or prison, or of course dead.

          I’ll tell you something else as well Upset People. After Nerys was killed by Dafydd’s mates, donations were invited after her death as usual. I and my friend donated but we used the facility on the website to conceal the amount of dosh that we gave. Imagine our surprise when, after donations had closed, we found out the sum total of donations. It was only a few quid more than our donation. I presumed that the final two fingers up to Merfyn after the Gang had killed Nerys was to refuse to donate in her memory. No doubt the info was leaked by Persons Of Low Morals that the Bitch Baker and her Hippy Mate donated.

          So don’t go getting upset about people trying to murder me OK? These fucking monsters were the ones whom you ALL supported in the face of hundreds and hundreds of complaints of serious sexual assault on children as young as 10 years old. When those kids were men in their 20s they were told that THEY were the sex offenders, addicts and criminals.

          Live with it. I don’t know why Dafydd set up the IDF after Brown and me would not shut up, its not as if he needed a corrupt Top Docs organisation, all the Top Docs’ organisations were run by criminals.

          I am so glad that everything is the fault of Merfyn and Kim Howells. I expect that they just wanted to Live With Filthy Disgusting People as well. It would certainly be more preferable to living in the Royal Residences with Backdoor Billy and the paedophile ring and having to entertain Jimmy Savile to afternoon tea.

          1. Those who are Upset and want Abusers Brought To Justice will know that as well as everything else, I and some of my friends were Thieves. Our reputation as Thieves became established when we paid the rent and bills of other people who had lived at our addresses and scarpered. We didn’t realise that the people who were owed the dosh were Of The Gang and couldn’t believe their luck when they received an open response from us and we offered to pay the outstanding bills of those who had done a runner. So word was passed on that we were mugs and could be fleeced, treated like shit etc and would still give people a fair hearing. One of the tradesmen involved procured his own daughter for the ring. This was widely known but I’m not giving details here because she and her siblings went through quite enough. However, the ‘situation’ was discussed with me by a number of people, including a friend of DGE Wood, a friend of Liz Stables and a woman who’s daughter is now an Expert at the Maudsley in Sexual Abuse and Trafficking. Not one of these people showed a jot of concern for the girl and her siblings, they were far too busy being Shocked and Disgusted and denouncing the kids as nuts.

            The biggest laugh is that the mother of Prof Abas the Expert on Trafficking at the Maudsley described the girl’s dad as a ‘cheat and a liar who’s wife has had decades of hell at his hands’. Never mind Rosemary, your daughter got a Chair in Trafficking out of it. It may be that this tradesman swindled the person who moved out of our house leaving us to pay the bill, I have no idea because we were surrounded by such a lot of crooks and liars.

            Brown became a Thief under similar circumstances, as did F.

            So please don’t do the tearful bit now that I’ve made it very public what was happening to us via this blog. Because you all knew, it was how you and your children bagged your jobs and university places. Now stop blaming it all on farm workers, dole-ites, plebs, chavs, hippies, nutters etc. It is what will happen when nearly every professional person in north Wales was colluding with a Gang providing meat for an international trafficking Gang. The HQ of which was and is the London hospitals, including the Maudsley. Isn’t it Melanie Abas?

        2. Jean Purdy was the Angel who was the Third Person re the World’s First Test Tube Baby. Jean’s Contribution was unrecognised until recently, when a flurry of Sister Hutt-like activity caused people to realise that a Woman had been Ignored and thus plaques were erected and a Unit was named after her.

          Jean trained as an Angel at Addenbrookes in Cambridge but didn’t enjoy being a mainstream Angel that much, although the Tributes didn’t explain why. So Jean went to work in Bob Edwards’s lab and beavered away there with Bob and was still working with Bob when Bristolian Louise Brown was born in July 1978. The Gang were in hot pursuit of Mary Wynch.

          Like Rosalind Franklin, Jean was a Woman Who Was Ignored who died years before she was formally Recognised. Jean died in 1985, when the Gang’s anxieties were escalating re me refusing to shut up about Gwynne, Mary Wynch winning her case and appearing in the London-based broadsheets, me contacting Keith Best and the Welsh Office re the Gang and Nicholas Eden dying from AIDS.

          Jean was still in her 30s when she died. Malignant melanoma, Ah the doctors they were wonderful. But as with Patrick Steptoe, Jean knew a great deal and the doctors didn’t trust her to keep her mouth shut.

          Like Franklin, Jean worked with lying, cheating fraudsters who were running a murdering sex abuse ring. Jean is buried in Grantchester, the village in which perjuring Lord Tuppence and his Fragrant wife have lived for years. They’ve probably arranged for 24 hour security around Jean’s grave lest someone exhumes it and carries out toxicity tests on that malignant melanoma, only to find it full of arsenic.

          Lord Tuppence’s Fragrant wife, as any fule kno, has been a major part of Cambridge and Addenbrookes life for decades now, pre and post Tuppence’s prison sentence. Tuppence who grew up in Weston-super-Mare, where his mum was a journo on the local paper, when the local hospital was facilitating the ring…

          Trumpers was also involved with Addenbrookes, as well as with Jimmy Savile. As a young Tuppence, Lord Tuppence worked for the UNA, with which Dafydd’s mates have been involved for decades and a charidee linked to Geoffrey Chamberlain’s mates.

          And of course think Trinity College, Cambridge, Gay Double Agents, Rab Butler, Carlo etc.

  26. The ‘London Review of Books’ this week has a review of a biography of Enoch Powell by Ferdinand Mount. I’m glad to see that Mount challenges many of the myths re Enoch Powell, including his Enormous Intelligence and Fantastic Knowledge of the Classics. Mount provides examples of poor old Enoch Getting His Classical references wrong…

    What a pity that Ferdinand didn’t mention Enoch Powell’s pivotal role in concealing the criminality of Gwynne and Dafydd during his time as Minister of Health, after throwing that decoy in 1961 whereby he publicly declared himself to be Shocked and Disgusted with Gwynne and Dafydd and would be closing them down. Enoch never did, he skilfully made his Radical Speech re closing the asylums to an audience of members of MIND, an organisation run entirely by Dafydd and Gwynne’s mates, knowing that MIND (then still known as the National Association for Mental Health) would raise objections with absolutely everyone re What will happen to those Poor Inmates when Mr Powell closes the only home that they have known for decades?

    It was a salient point but would have only been salient for a few months if adequate preparations for transferring patients to better places had been underway. There weren’t and there still weren’t in 1987 when Denbigh was Ordered To Close by Thatch. Denbigh was still open in 2002, but lies were told about it having closed in 1995. Ring Fenced Budget after Ring Fenced Budget had been provided for Community Care and it was systematically spent by the NHS on other things. No-one stopped this happening.

    Ferdinand Mount was known as being just about the only sociologist whom Thatch could stomach, Ferdinand being of a right wing bent. So what took you so long to counteract the myths about Enoch then Ferdinand? And why have you still not used your many outlets to explain that he concealed Dafydd and Gwynne’s crimes, including, most crucially, throughout the Profumo Affair? Then there was Enoch’s bizarre posturing over N Ireland… Er, anything to do with Kincora perhaps Ferdinand?

    Thanks to readers for the info that continues to arrive re the many unpleasant lies that were told about me by so many. That I am ‘really’ far right politically and a supporter of Enoch myself (it’s in my genes, that right wing grandfather of mine you know!). Well DGE Wood obviously never told anyone that I challenged him when he reminded me of How Clever Enoch Powell was. Neither did Liz Stables when she echoed Enoch’s Wise Thoughts re Black People Not Being Ready To Run Their Own Countries Yet. Then there was Mandy Leigh at St George’s, friend of Will ‘Born Free’ Travers and the luvvies, who brayed at me across the tea room that ‘Enoch was a Very Clever Man’ only for the others in the team room to all agree that He Was Right As Well Wasn’t He.

    The one tea room resident who was most robust in her view that Enoch Was Right, was Doreen, the thick as pig-shit incompetent Secretary for Prof Chamberlain’s and Malcolm’s Private Patients. Doreen’s salary was paid by the NHS, but her duties were for Private Patients, because the Private Patients Love Doreen. Including that Very Special Lady who bloody well kept that lot out of prison, with her Lorra Lorra Laffs and memories of growing up in Scottie Road in Liverpool, Ah Our Cilla Never Changed. Except for living in that mansion in Bucks and hanging out with a load of rich racist shites who were running the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Supported Enoch Powell of course.

    The biggest irony is that I am told that it was Wood and the St George’s crowd who told Uncle Harry’s mates that I am a racist bastard…

    Then there was my well-known anti-semitism I understand, but being me I Cunningly Disguised it by being friends with the one Jewish scholar that there was at Bangor University. ‘She doesn’t seem to realise that having ONE Jewish friend just shows HOW anti-semitic she is!!!’ Er no, it shows that there was only one ‘out’ Jewish scholar at Bangor University. He told me all about other Jewish people in the area but most people didn’t know that they were Jewish because they had concealed it because of anti-semitism from the Gwerin…

    The same for my Polish friend I’m sad to say Gwerin! I was very good mates with my Polish colleague as you all knew, but when she arrived to join our team, she was one of the first Polish people to work at Bangor. One member of the Gwerin gave her a warm welcome by denouncing her as ‘A stupid Polish bitch who can’t even speak Welsh and shouldn’t have been given that job’ (that pearl was from Gwilym Sion ap Gruffudd, a Language and Cultural Diversity Expert, currently On Secondment with the Welsh Gov’t in an advisory capacity) and Cynog Prys, grandson of the Rosa Parks of Wales, told the stupid Polish bitch that she shouldn’t have been given a job at Bangor, the jobs should be reserved for Welsh people. Cynog told the stupid Polish bitch this after he failed his own PhD viva and only passed the rewrite because he was assisted by three English people (the two senior academics who had caused outrage by employing the stupid Polish bitch and of course me…).

    Then there was my use of the words ‘girl’ for young women, ‘old lady’ and ‘elderly people’…

    My sins were just endless.

    Anyway, don’t worry everyone, you know now that the grief stemmed from my right wing old grandfather denouncing the people who later ensured that Thatch became Leader of the Tory Party as crooks and those people bankrupting my father the year after I was born and then when I was 12 and back living at grandpa’s house, literally sending a paedophile to live in the house that was our next nearest neighbour, who targeted me as my grandpa was dying. You’ll be delighted to know that I heard my grandfather screaming in agony all afternoon as he died, the next day I saw his body being taken away by the funeral director and I didn’t tell the paedophile that he’d died until two days later when the man who flogged fruit and veg from a mobile van asked me in front of Stuart how my grandfather was. I had to explain to Mr Pay that grandpa had died. Mr Pay offered his condolences and Stuart told me that it was a good thing really because the world was over-populated.

    Don’t worry about the trafficking ring and the murder attempts anyone, you just think of what the hell you are all going to say to the targets who did not survive that Gang. I’m sure that you’ll be able to explain!

    Not that the victims are the only people whom the Gang killed. I have been told that I was targeted by teachers at Chilton School who didn’t like me because my family were Bloody Tories and the leaders of the pack were Ray Stanlake and Alan Calaminus, two teachers who deliberately befriended me to pass on info to the Gang. They can’t be Brought To Justice because they are both dead. The Top Docs did all that they could…

    So if I was CA Street and Adrian Bell I’d start arranging my funeral now, because their names have been given to me again and again as well. They’ll kill you CA and Adrian, they really are most unpleasant people.

    If anyone tries to prosecute these vile people on my account I have made it clear that I will sabotage the case. You wanted a Gang of murdering sex offenders running the NHS and welfare system, it’s what you’ve got. Just explain to all those who’s lives they ruined what you did and why you did it, because you were under no circumstances going to respond to gangsters in pursuit of my friends and I. Because our families were Bloody Tories. Didn’t Thatch and Tom King know it and milk it for all that they could…

    BTW, if I was Argentina I’d declare war on Gwynedd. Dafydd Iwan, Robyn Lewis et al Supported The Argentinians because of the historical Welsh community in Patagonia. Ah Dafydd and Robyn et al Sympathised Over The Malvinas! They hated Thatch, ooh remember the Belgrano? The Gang were at the time delivering children and vulnerable people to be shagged by Peter Morrison, George Thomas, Nicholas Eden, Lord Kenyon’s son and other mates of Thatch. Thatch’s Gov’t had Brown and I under surveillance and were gearing up for the campaign of terror and the unleashing of Gwynne… That Gang did all that they could to assist.

    Just explain that then GMC, Uncle Harry’s nephew, Freedom Fighters of Gwynedd, Lefties who wrote for the ‘New Statesman’ etc…


  27. Re Gwynne and Dafydd’s pal the corrupt Donald Acheson, Chief Medical Officer, 1985-91 , the originator of the lies re HIV etc. Acheson was from a big medical family originally from I Ireland. There are a lot of Achesons in medicine and other professions and I haven’t got time to blog about them all here. I did look up Malcolm Acheson though, the son of Donald’s Eminent Cambridge Top Doc brother. Malcolm Acheson is a C of E clergyman. In August 1989, Malcolm Acheson’s three little girls died in a ‘blaze’ at the family home, a rectory in Wiltshire. Wiltshire the family seat of Peter Morrison…

    There doesn’t seem to have been quite as many questions asked about a blaze in a vicarage that killed three children as one would expect. When those three girls were killed, I was working at St George’s and Tony Francis et al were busy requesting that Case Conference which was held later in 1989, Chaired by Dafydd’s friend of whom I had never heard who declared me to be a Dangerous Maniac in need of Broadmoor.

    Of course Prof Bluglass had Investigated my complaint about Dafydd and the Gang in July 1989 and found that the Gang were Caring People who could not be expected to put up with Harassment from me. Bluglass’s written Report was sent to Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authority in Aug 1989.

    I was told when I was doing my PhD re the Gang that no-one will take them on ‘because they’ll get your kids if you do’. Yes, it’s what they did to my grandfather when Gwynne ruled and Dafydd was the latest Nice Young Doctor.

    Acheson was still CMO when his nephew’s three children were killed. You bet that no-one will have dared get to the bottom of that vicarage blaze. In 1989, the HIV/AIDS panic was still very much with Britain, Nicholas Eden had died from AIDS, Gwynne was dead and had been air-brushed out of history. Ken Clarke and the Tories were at war with the BMA…

    Just to remind you all, these people are DOCTORS. Acheson was the Toppest Doctor of them all…

    I’ll let Mark Drakeford solve the problem by Sitting Down With The BMA and Increasing Resources then…

    In 1989, Gwynne’s mate Lord John Walton stepped down as the Chairman of the GMC and was replaced by Lord Robert Kilpatrick, who had been headhunted for the job by the GMC. Kilpatrick had been for years the Dean of Leicester Medical School. In 1989 the police investigation into Frank Beck and Greville Janner was underway. Frank Beck was charged, convicted and jailed, but er, not Greville.

    A quick glimpse of the Medical Register last night confirmed that Dafydd and DGE Wood’s names are still on it. Registered with a licence to practice! Wood met Donald Acheson in person and Dafydd was his mate.

    Any objections to the activities of Caring Doctors will be met by three kids being burnt to death.

    Two months after the three girls were burnt to death in the vicarage, Zany Graham Chapman died after Mr Bridgy Celeb had been invited to Say Goodbye at Zany Graham’s deathbed.

    1. Re the reader who’s asked me if I remember Dr Ceri Davies from St George’s: yes, Ceri was a lecturer in anatomy and a complete tosser. I can’t remember if I supplied full details of Ceri Davies in earlier posts but thanks for reminding me of him again. Now that I know that three Mr Bigs of Dafydd and Gwynne’s Gang ruled the Llyn Peninsula – Prof Robert Owen, Robyn Lewis and Gethin Evans – I realise that Ceri Davies’s presence at St George’s will have been worrying.

      Ceri Davies was a mate of Cathy Wilson and Mandy Leigh, Chamberlain’s two accomplices in the labs. Ceri Davies was kept hidden from me, literally, until just before that lot had hounded me out of my job. They invited me to a dinner and Ceri Davies was there. Like all St George’s staff dinners it was painful and an opportunity for everyone to stick knives into each other.

      Ceri was sitting next to me and I tried to make conversation all polite like. He was obviously Welsh so I asked him where he was from. He told me that he was from the Llyn. I said ‘Ooh the Llyn, which village?’ He didn’t answer, but mocked my English accent. So I apologised and asked him if he was first language Welsh. He said yes, so being me, I asked him to translate a phrase that I was curious about. He looked around the dinner table, laughed and said ‘Well I haven’t lived on the Llyn for years, I’ve forgotten my Welsh’.

      QUE??? I realised at that point that Ceri either couldn’t speak Welsh or was pissing about. Ceri then did everything that he could not to speak to me again, although he was sitting next to me.

      What I do remember about Ceri was that his job was to fiddle the marks for the medical students’ anatomy exams because so many of the students would have failed anatomy if Ceri hadn’t have systematically bumped up the marks. I am not someone who hates students and when ALL the students are getting terrible marks, it is usually because the teaching isn’t what it should be. I knew that the medical students hated Cathy Wilson and were complaining about her lectures…

      The interesting thing re Ceri and his anatomy lectures was that one of Ceri’s remits was The Reproductive System. Ceri caused entertainment at the dinner by explaining to everyone that those students were so bloody hopeless that they could not produce a labelled diagram of the female reproductive system and external genitalia. Ceri then added ‘Even the girls couldn’t and they’ve got the genitalia’. So one can only wonder what Ceri was teaching them…

      Ceri was the subject of gossip and jokes among Chamberlain’s team because he had the hots for Isobella, a Spanish physiologist who used to arrive at St George’s periodically to spend a few weeks working with Cathy Wilson and Mandy Leigh. I was intrigued as to what those three were actually getting up to, because the work was ALWAYS done at weekends and no-one else was invited into the inner sanctum as it were. Cathy was the subject of mockery by other academics for not producing any useful research outputs and I was told that she was only ever given a senior academic appointment in that Dept to give the impression that Chamberlain was at the cutting edge of research on endocrinology.

      So I always wondered about the visits from Isobella. She was based in a Spanish university but I can’t remember which one. Isobella was just about the only other overseas researcher whom Cathy and Mandy didn’t hurl racist abuse towards, throw lab equipment at etc, indeed Isobella was very, very friendly with them. I think that Isobella might have lived at Cathy’s palatial residence in Notting Hill Gate when she came to St George’s, they were big mates. Cathy who was the High Society fuckwit working with the Westminster Paedophile Ring…

      According to the gossip in the tea room, Ceri Davies failed in his attempts to get Isobella into bed, although Ceri turned up at the airport on the day of Isobella’s departure of her autumn 1990 visit begging her not to go back to Spain. Isobella told him to sod off and went home.

      I never saw Ceri Davies again and I would not have wanted to. However he obviously does have many questions to answer. As does the Spanish university that employed Isobella.

      Listening to Cerys Matthews on Radio 4 this morning – Cerys’s dad being a Top Doctor who was in the thick of the Gang’s network – I was reminded of Ceri’s patter to the dinner table before I piped up and entered the conversation (or tried to). ‘Ah, I was brought up on Nain’s farm on the Llyn, I never spoke English until I was five, ooh English at school was traumatic…’

      Yma O Hyd!

      I’m just a little Welsh boy from the Llyn working with a collection of racist bastards in London who are running an international trafficking ring… Of course I’ve forgotten every word of my native tongue…

      Cerys told Radio 4 that foraging for Wild Food in London is one of her past-times and she recited a whole list of Edible Plants that one finds in the hedgerows of London. Ah it brought back memories of my days in Tooting, I returned home every night with a bunch of cowslips that I’d picked on the way back through Tooting Broadway. If Cerys really is finding all the plants that she maintains in the hedgerows of London, I can only presume that Cerys lives in Uncle Harry-land near Hampstead Heath, because I never saw a hedgerow in London, there just weren’t any.

      There wasn’t the sort of porcini-mushroom dining as advertised by Cerys this morning on offer in Tooting either, it’s why I used to go to the Jamaican market. The Jamaican market sold fruits and veg, every other shop in Tooting only had Penguin biscuits, Mr Kripling cakes and sugary lemonade. It was called a food desert Cerys, it was an indicator of Poverty and Poor Health. On the doorstep of St George’s, that flagship teaching hospital. Who’s staff lived in Wandsworth and Wimbledon and trafficked their low income patients from Tooting.

      Don’t these people realise how deeply offensive they are? Cerys has taken to speaking with a Welsh accent considerably stronger than she used to have and her wiki bangs on about her childhood hero being Pippi Longstocking. Ah bechod, Fireman Sam, the Snowman, Walking in the Air… Cerys, you are an indulged idiot and most people in Wales (or indeed Tooting) wouldn’t have heard of the foods used in the Fine Dining that you were banging on about this morning, even if they could afford to buy them.

      I’ll wait for Cerys to make a guest appearance at the Labour Party Conference this weekend. She managed to get in a mention of her support for Green issues this morning. Just read Cerys’s wiki entry and that of her husband… They are not exactly examples of anti-consumerism…

      You want Green living? Then be genuine about it, stop buying so much stuff that you do not need. Poor people are good at that, they don’t have the money to waste in the first place.

      I note that Gruff Rhys is lined up to perform at a gig in Bethesda soon, the Gang are pulling out all the stops. He’ll be flying over from the US for that then, before flying back again, because he certainly doesn’t live in Bethesda and hasn’t for years.

      Anyone for Spoilt Bastard of Viz fame?

      1. Anyone for a tax on biccies and cakes? That’ll teach the bastards of Tooting not to live on porcini mushrooms and fail to Forage In The Hedgerows of Inner London for Nutritious Healthy Leaves and Flowers.

        1. The Tory MP for Shrewsbury who preceded Derek Conway, like Conway, hosted a branch of Gwynne and Dafydd’s ring. Furthermore Conway’s predecessor had held the seat since 1945, so the finger points at him. Here’s his obituary, as it appeared in the Indie:

          John Anthony Langford-Holt, politician: born Studdale, Waldershare, Kent 30 June 1916; MP (Conservative) for Shrewsbury 1945-83; Secretary, Conservative Parliamentary Labour Committee 1945-50; Chairman, Anglo-Austrian Society 1960-63, 1971-82; Kt 1962; Chairman, Select Committee on Defence 1979-81; Chancellor, Primrose League 1989-92; married 1944 Elisabeth Newstadtl (marriage dissolved 1950); 1953 Flora Stuart (one son, one daughter; marriage dissolved 1969); 1984 Irene Kerr; died London 23 July 1993.
          THERE WAS one curious side to John Langford-Holt’s application to the Shrewsbury Constituency Conservative Association which led to his becoming MP for Shrewsbury in 1945. Most constituency associations hope that their MP will one day hold office, for office reflects glory on their judgement in selection. Langford-Holt, however, made it absolutely clear that he did not want ministerial office, and would not accept it if it was offered. They none the less went ahead, and gave him the nomination and he served them well for 38 years.

          Langford-Holt had flown during the Second World War, first with a Hurricane squadron based in Norfolk during the Battle of Britain and then as a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm, rising to the rank of lieutenant-commander. He was, for the most part, employed in providing escort and intelligence service during the Battle of the Atlantic to the transatlantic convoys which carried vital American supplies to Britain.

          John Langford-Holt was born in 1916, in Kent, but his parents later moved to Shropshire, the home county of the Holts. Like the rest of his family he was educated at Shrewsbury School. His wartime exploits made him something of a local hero and Shrewsbury seemed the natural constituency to apply for. He succeeded in gaining the Conservative nomination, and won the seat in the Labour landslide in 1945. During the war he had married an attractive Austrian wife, Elisabeth Newstadtl and, while they were divorced in 1950, he retained a lifelong interest in matters Austrian and had two periods of office as Chairman of the Anglo-Austrian Society.

          Langford-Holt’s lack of desire for office in no way implied idleness, nor a desire simply to be a backwoodsman. Comfortably off from his involvement in the family brewing business, Holt’s, he devoted himself with zest and dedication to a bewildering variety of interests, both at home and abroad.
          He was made Secretary of the Conservative Parliamentary Labour Committee immediately upon this election to Parliament. He served on a string of international bodies and, at one time or another, on the Parliamentary Science Committee, the Estimates Committee, the Expenditure Committee, and the Select Committee on Defence. His energy was enormous, his attention to detail exceptional; and his humour infectious.

          But perhaps one of his most interesting undertakings was one that had nothing to do with committees. After the Conservative defeat of 1945, Winston Churchill was melancholy and, after his resignation as prime minister in 1955, he became increasingly feeble. The Tory Whips decided that the great man required constant attention in the House, and physical and social attention when necessary. Thus, they selected a small group of Tory backbenchers to look after him when he was attending Parliament. Langford- Holt was the most assiduous of this group, and he became close to his increasingly irascible and intellectually ineffective hero. He carried out his duties until Churchill was too old and too sick to stay on as a Member of Parliament. And he did so uncomplainingly and cheerfully.

          John Langford-Holt was a remarkable politician. He never sought anything for himself, but looked only to serve the public interest. He loved Parliament, and he loved politics, but he kept his eye on the work in hand, and not on the glittering prizes. He never wrote memoirs, for he felt no need to justify himself. In that he was right, for his life of service justified him.

          So the intelligence services sent John Langford-Holt to the Commons just after WWII and one of his jobs was to protect Churchill. I don’t know what was going on in Shrewsbury in the late 1940s and 50s, but David Maxwell Fyfe, whom Churchill appointed as Home Sec in 1952, did everything to he could to keep Gwynne in business, including grooming Dafydd to assist and then succeed him. Maxwell Fyfe began shoring up the Gang in north Wales from the 1950s. So why was Langford-Holt needed in Shrewsbury five years earlier?

          The family seats of Lord Harlech and Lord Kenyon were in Shropshire.

          1. The first wife of John Langford-Holt was as interesting as he was:

            Elisabeth Rivers-Bulkeley, who has died aged 82, was a pioneer of female emancipation in the financial world as one of the first women elected to membership of the Stock Exchange in London in 1973. Described by the Financial Times as “a name that has struck fear into the hearts of every London broker determined to keep Throgmorton Street an all-male province”, Elisabeth Rivers-Bulkeley was a partner in the firm of Capel-Cure, Garden & Co and a well-known columnist and broadcaster of financial and investment advice for women.
            She had tried and failed to be elected by the Exchange on several previous occasions, because its ruling council preferred to maintain what was often described as a “bastion of misogyny”, declaring as an insuperable obstacle the lack of sufficient “facilities” for women. Also counted against Elisabeth were the facts that she was foreign-born and that her husband was a Lloyd’s underwriter, a business which placed the couple’s capital at risk.
            It was only after the London Stock Exchange merged with Birmingham and other regional exchanges, some of which had had lady members since the Second World War, that the new Stock Exchange (having moved into its modern tower and dropped “London” from its title) permitted women to apply. Elisabeth was one of the first 10 admitted, in a blaze of media attention, on March 26 1973.
            She was born Elisabeth (Liesl) Charlotte Marie Neustadtl in Vienna on April 30 1924. Her father, a car manufacturer, was an anti-Nazi who disappeared in about 1942; Elisabeth returned to Austria after the war to search for him, but there was no trace. As a young girl she was three-times winner of the Women’s Austrian skating championships and later became a superb skier and swimmer, a sport that she practised almost daily until her final illness.
            Elisabeth was educated at St George’s School, Clarens, in Switzerland. At 14 she came to England, en route for her Swiss school, but the Germans invaded Austria and she stayed in England — St George’s having re-established itself at Onslow Hall in Shropshire. When she reached 16 she was deemed an enemy alien and had to report to Shrewsbury police station every time she wanted to ride her bicycle from school into the town.
            On leaving school Elisabeth joined the ATS as a driver, and at 19 she married Lt-Cdr John (later Sir John) Langford-Holt, then the Conservative candidate for Shrewsbury.
            She launched herself enthusiastically into her husband’s campaign. On returning to the police station of her school days, she was met with: “Hello, Miss. Back again? Want another bicycle permit?” But her charm swiftly won the constabulary’s support.
            After her marriage to John Langford-Holt had come to an end in 1951, she married Major Robert Rivers-Bulkeley, who had recently retired from the Scots Guards. For five years the couple farmed in the Scottish Borders, where Elisabeth became a prize-winning pig breeder, giving her pigs a shampoo-and-set with a hair dryer before big shows. But farming was a hard living, and in 1956 the Rivers-Bulkeleys sold up (their by then famous Barnes herd of pigs fetched £4,371 3s at auction) and moved to London.
            In October 1957 Elisabeth joined the stock exchange firm of Hedderwick, Borthwick & Co. Over the next decade she became a successful broker and a media personality, writing columns in The Daily Telegraph on investment and financial management from a woman’s point of view; she received scores of letters from readers telling her that she had changed their lives, in many cases enabling them for the first time to discuss money with their husbands. She also lectured around the country and appeared on television and radio programmes such as Woman’s Hour and The Money Programme. In 1969 she was elected as a registered representative of the New York Stock Exchange after a spell with the Wall Street firm of WE Hutton.
            Vivacious, stylish and very much her own woman — her wardrobe was a mix of Chanel, St Laurent and Marks & Spencer — she garnered affection and admiration wherever she went. She was a real original, as much at ease among the party set on the Riviera, where the Rivers-Bulkeleys had a house at Tourettes sur Loup, or in Annabel’s nightclub in London (of which she was a founder member) as she was among the pinstripes of the City. She seemed to know everyone from Noël Coward to David Hicks, and was admired and fêted by the likes of Gianni Agnelli and George Weidenfeld.
            Elisabeth Rivers-Bulkeley died on December 19. She had no children but was enormously fond of her step-daughter and several god-children. Her husband survives her.

            Surely this Wimmin’s Champ who’s first husband was providing protection for Gwynne and Dafydd is worthy of one of Sister Hutt’s Purple Plaques? Elisabeth was I note a founder member of Sir Jam’s ‘Annabel’ enterprise; Sir Jams who was part of the posh bit of Gwynne and Dafydd’s network.

            Elisabeth’s first husband, Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate, died on 23 July 1993. F and I made our guest appearances in Bangor Magistrates Court in July (or the very beginning of August) 1993 after Jackie Brandt perjured herself, admitted it in the witness box and then began crying. F had by that time been prevented from all contact with his baby and by July 1993, Gwynedd Social Services, Bethesda GPs surgery, the Hergest Unit and the combined lawyers of Bangor were all ignoring F as he repeatedly raised his concerns re the two child abusers in the household in which his baby was living.

            Brandt made her allegations to the police early in 1993, some weeks before anyone told us or the police arrested us. The police only turned up after Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon had died. We didn’t appear for the first Court hearing re the case until Lord Kenyon had died (or was on his deathbed).

            The Bulkeleys are an influential family from Anglesey; I haven’t yet had time to find out of Elisabeth’s second husband was anything to do with them.

          2. The obituary for Elisabeth Rivers-Bulkeley above appeared in the Torygraph. The Torygraph did not mention that Elisabeth’s death caused a sensation because in Feb 2007 she declared her wish to die and went to Dignitas with a friend and the deed was done at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland. The obituaries for Elisabeth that appeared in the Scottish press provide details… I am not aware that the friend who accompanied Elisabeth to Dignitas was prosecuted although her death received much publicity.

  28. Have just conducted a quick search of articles published by Cathy Wilson while I worked in her team. Typical St George’s practice, there are people named as co-authors who I know definitely did not contribute to the work in any way. I was also intrigued to learn that Cathy and Mandy were based at the Robert Barnes Laboratory at St George’s. I worked in the same lab as Cathy and Mandy and I’ve never heard of anywhere as grand as the Robert Barnes Laboratory! I wonder where that was hiding…

    I think that the Isabella whom Ceri Davies was so smitten by is the M.I. Gonzalez who is named on some of Cathy and Mandy’s papers. By 1997 M.I. Gonzalez was working at Bath University… Well there’s a surprise, Isabella was down in a Zummerzet direction by the time that Ronnie Waterhouse opened his Inquiry.

    In 2000 – the year that the Waterhouse Report was published, which was also the year that Chamberlain retired from the NHS, relocated to the Gower and took up a job as a lecturer in the history of medicine at Swansea University (think Rhodri Morgan and Edwina Hart) – Cathy published a paper with Mrs Big in the US, ie. Ana Maria Salicioni of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Ana Maria had done her postdoc work at St George’s…

    I was touched to see that the University of Massachusetts-Amherst proudly declared it’s contribution to the World Wide Climate Protests led by Greta the other day…

    Obviously no-one’s told Greta that people-trafficking Docs and scientists working in London for decades trained younger people who then went across the globe and became Leaders themselves.

    When I worked at Bangor University I was told by a senior academic that ‘the Massachusetts crowd’ dominate the academic world and that smaller universities don’t stand a chance no matter what they do.

    Consider the knackers of the Massachusetts crowd kicked very hard O Senior Academic from Bangor. Cathy Wilson, the fraudsters and people traffickers…

    Perhaps Cerys Matthews would like to make another media appearance to discuss the Fine Dining that is available to any Green Forager living in London. It might not be sufficient in the face of what Cathy and her mates were doing Cerys…

    Of course any journo, blogger or researcher can go right through the publications of those named on this blog and map their networks, it’s all there! But I seem to be the only one prepared to discuss this in a public forum. I can’t think why.

    Now don’t you worry my dear, we’ll look after you!

  29. Just tried to add further info re John Biffen and his links to the Gang. It disappeared as soon as I posted it up. So can I just tell readers that after graduation, Biffen worked for Tube Investments. The CEO of Tube Investments at the time was Lord Plowden. Just look up Lord Plowden’s obituaries and indeed those of his wife Lady Plowden. They have Dafydd and Gwynne links written all over them…

    Lord Plowden was appointed by Woy to the Police Complaints Authority in 1976 and was the man who in the 1980s ensured that Judges, senior civil servants received a hefty pay rise when Thatch stated that public expenditure had to be kept down. Biffen was in the Gov’t at the time. Lord Edwin Plowden had spent much of his career as a Whitehall civil servant.

    If I can’t detail the crimes of John Biffen and Lord Plowden on this blog I am not going to detail any of the latest info about yet more low life in Somerset who were being manipulated by Biffen and Tom King…

    1. Can I just let the GMC know that I’m looking forward to my meeting with them, although they haven’t managed to arrange the meeting yet? Furthermore, if the Senior Academic from Bangor who knew what a problem the Massachusetts Crowd were has any more problems with them, let me know and now that I’ve given the Top Docs the hardest kick in the knackers that they’ve ever had, I will proceed to ripping their knackers off completely. Because I still have evidence and documentation of much more that has not yet gone up on this blog. Don’t I GMC? The GMC also need to know that my recent communication with them still didn’t mention the worst that I have evidence of…

      Be afraid GMC, be very afraid… You should not have colluded with serious organised crime because one day someone was going to have had such a bellyful after years of witnessing the most dreadful activities on the part of the Top Docs, that they were not going to be intimidated.

      Now how did I manage to work with Geoffrey Chamberlain for two years and not know about the wonderful lab that was churning out ground-breaking research re reproductive medicine, not manage to meet the people who’s names were appearing on the papers describing the ground-breaking research that was being undertaken/published when I was working with them and not know that Ollie Brooke who’s life and career had ‘been ruined’ after he was jailed for child sex offences in Dec 1986 was still publishing with Chamberlain and other people who worked in the lab down the corridor from me? It’s a bit like me never having met Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist isn’t it?

      Then there were the many other conundrums eg. Who were Cathy Wilson’s East European family who had so much money, were ‘in business’ and were so influential in London Society? Where did all that money obtained by Doreen – Prof Chamberlain’s NHS Secretary who dealt only with the private patients – and her family come from? Doreen was a working class Londoner, unqualified, as were her daughters and her daughters’ husbands and the whole lot of them were loaded, absolutely loaded. Doreen’s story of wanting to work as an NHS Secretary on £7k per year because she ‘got bored in the house all day’ didn’t really add up. Why did the Private Patients ‘love Doreen’, Doreen who was lazy, stupid, utterly incompetent and rude to people whom she thought didn’t matter? What about the other medical secretary in the Obs and Gynae Dept at St George’s, the Radio 4 yummy mummy from Wimbledon who ‘didn’t need the money but just liked helping the NHS?’ She wasn’t as thick or as offensive as Doreen but she knew that they were a load of frauds and traffickers… Who were Mandy Leigh’s family? Her dad was some sort of Gov’t scientist/senior civil servant and her brother Charles was a seriously rich banker. Mandy’s family were sufficiently grand that Cathy felt it worth grovelling to them… Who was the little Scottish girl nicknamed Sherpa who was mates with Mandy Leigh and was given a place as a graduate student on the medicine degree because her uncle was a Prof at, I think, one of the London med schools? Who was the Prof (of Surgery I think) at St George’s who’s nephew was given a place on the medicine degree at St George’s whilst he was at UCNW with me and made friends with DGE Wood and Liz Stables? Can Ranulph Fiennes the Great Explorer tell us, his brother was/is a surgeon at St George’s…

      Now for the million dollar question re all who were bullied by Mandy Leigh and left their jobs because they could just stomach no more of her dreadful conduct. Why, in spite of Leigh’s grand family, in spite of her hold over Cathy socially and in spite of all those aristos, bankers and others who’s names Mandy dropped constantly, could Mandy not under any circumstances bag a place on a medicine degree, which was what she needed to pursue the sort of career that she wanted? ‘A bad academic record because she dropped out of a degree before completing the physiology degree at King’s College London?’

      Don’t make me laugh, the corruption was so endemic that would never have been a barrier to someone with Mandy’s connections. What had Mandy done when she was in her late teens or early 20s that was just so terrible that the Top Docs had to say no to allowing her into their ranks? It won’t have been refusing to shag the Royal Lobotomist’s customers, Mandy had sex with Top Doc Richard Penketh in the lab – the Robert Barnes Lab no less! – she’d never had said no to a Royal Bonk…

      BTW GMC, I haven’t yet revealed the name of the High Court Judge in Liverpool in Nov 1994 who gave Dafydd an injunction against me on the basis of no more than F blowing a raspberry down the phone at Dafydd months previously. George Carman’s Warning Savaging of Kathy Beale in Court must have happened just after F really began taking the piss out of Dafydd in ways that directly referred to Dafydd’s sexual abuse of patients and staff.

      I haven’t begun making public what my records re the pharmacy at Ysbyty Gwynedd reveal yet either. Class A addicts from across the whole of Wales as well as England were turning up for Dafydd’s ‘Tuesday clinics’ and all of them picked up the goodies from the YG pharmacy. There must have been more heroin and cocaine being dispensed from that pharmacy ON THE NHS on a Tuesday than from any other pharmacy in the UK…

      I look forward to hearing from you GMC. We have so much to discuss. Jeffrey Epstein is nothing compared to you, nothing at all and you know it.

      1. For those who are even slower than me:

        After Ann Dally of Harley Street found herself under police investigation and up in front of the GMC, distributing Class As via the Harley Street elite became more difficult. Dally was reinstated by the GMC, because she made it known that she was the dealer of choice for Ma’am Darling and Lord Snowdon and Lord John Walton, Chair of the GMC wasn’t going to argue with that. (Dally was also mates with the BBC staff Top Doctor.) However Dally had to wind down business as it were and thus the hub of the Class A distribution had to be relocated to somewhere much less suspicious than Harley Street/London.

        It went to north Wales with Dafydd. Dafydd was mates with Bing Spear, the corrupt Home Office civil service mandarin, who was instrumental in saving Ann Dally from removal from the Medical Register (and perhaps prison) in the mid-1980s. Not only would the general public never believe that north Wales was the centre of Class A business in the UK, but Denbigh was there benefiting from 100% protection re illegal activities, patient complaints etc, Carlo was in it up to his eyeballs from his doings re Gwynne and Bangor University, so he will have provided an umbrella. Furthermore the North Wales Police, as well as the criminal justice system in north Wales, were as corrupt as fuck.

        Ysbyty Gwynedd took over from Harley Street as a major outlet for the distribution of Class A drugs. Empowered Service Users knew but F and I were simply arrested after we broadcast such matters, so that problem was solved. It has now been admitted that no Denbigh didn’t close down in 1995, the bits that didn’t close down were the ‘Detox’ and ‘mother and baby’ units. They were open until 2002. If that can piece of info can be believed of course…

        The Class A hub in Scotland was Edinburgh. Edinburgh was the HIV capital of Scotland as well. Everyone in medical research knew it, I was told again and again in the 1980s and I was also told that no-one suspected that it was Edinburgh because Edinburgh is Posh with the Poshest Top Docs; the finger of suspicion pointed at Glasgow constantly…

        Edinburgh had the best trafficking/organised abuse in Scotland as well. Dafydd’s mates Henry and Sula Wolff were the Caring Top Docs who facilitated that bit. The drugs/sex gangster Who Mattered was Tam Paton, manager of the Bay City Rollers. Just ask Midge Ure, Midge knows all about it.

        Kathy Beale and other victims of George Carman may like to know that George became particularly aggressive after F’s calls to Dafydd in which F ‘adopted the pretence of being a Scotsman called MacDuff’, as Dafydd said in his affidavit to Liverpool High Court in 1994 ‘and it is MacDuff’s calls that I find most disturbing’.

        What did MacDuff say to Dafydd? All sorts of interesting things. MacDuff was a gay Scottish doctor who was in love with Dafydd. MacDuff had a rather more level-headed cousin MacGregor who had been to Liverpool Medical School with Dafydd; it must have been true because Dafydd told MacGregor that he remembered him from Liverpool. Anyway, MacDuff wanted to turn the Surgery in Edinburgh into a Gay Sauna, and MacDuff and MacGregor had a huge row about it. So MacGregor rang Dafydd and told him to bloody well stop this outrageous plan, he was supposed to be a bloody psychiatrist so DO SOMETHING MAN…

        Dafydd did do something, he rang the MDU and MacDuff was brought to life in the High Court in Liverpool in Nov 1994 in Dafydd’s affidavit… MacDuff was the reason why I was a threat to Dafydd’s life and should to be sent to Broadmoor.

        The police recorded those calls, so did MI5 and no doubt George Carman was given copies as well. John Smith died after F began the MacDuff and MacGregor scenarios, just after Dafydd contacted the MDU about F and me ‘harassing’ him. Miranda’s former pupil barrister became Leader of the Labour Party.

        For Christ’s sake man, you’re a former Prime Minister with the hand of history on your shoulder, SAY SOMETHING…

        Anyone for a People’s Princess of Hearts who hit a tunnel?

        OF COURSE there wasn’t coke found in Dodi’s possession after the crash, ooh wicked lies…

        It’s who you all wanted running medicine, law and politics everyone. You’ve got ’em…

        1. PS. Lord Plowden’s wife was a relative of Harriet Harman. Harriet’s auntie or great auntie I think… Look it up readers/journos, I have so much to do I’ve not yet had a chance to map the whole Packenham family tree, although when I do have time, I’m sure that it’ll be a Lorra Lorra Laffs.

          When is Lily Savage going to be found dead then? There’s not many left of Cilla’s Intimate Friends who holidayed with her in Barbados and Spain, Lily Savage is just about the last one standing…

          1. I’m always ready to take the piss out of the Top Docs but can people please stop asking me for the gory details that I have refused to post on this blog? Are the Empowered Service Users and all those patients who passed through the hands of the gangsters and traffickers of St George’s, the Maudsley, Guy’s, Tommy’s, the Maudsley, King’s, the London, Bart’s and every other Centre of Excellence not entitled to a degree of privacy? Dafydd and Gwynne forced kids of 13 to have sex with animals while they were filmed for porn. Now how much more detail does anyone need?

            There is a reason why most of the Brave Survivors Speaking Out re Male Abuse are starlets or former starlets who have no problem Opening Their Hearts to the tabloids or ‘Hello’ magazine. Most other people want to try to forget about the perverts and gangsters whom they encountered. Now just admit that there is a huge problem here and St Helena, Trafficking Tsars and Wimmin who Champion Other Wimmin are part of it.

            Sister Hutt, Mark Drakeford et al need to fuck off out of all public roles, not take the stage at the Labour Party conference and bang on about Their Plans For Britain. I know what people in Wales are saying about Drakeford, they have contacted me… He is a disgrace and should never have become an MP let alone FM. But then Drakeford’s predecessors fell into the same category. Julie Morgan has never explained why Rhodri was ‘harassed’ by a Prostitute Telling Lies or Gertie, the well-known cross-dresser who hung out at what is now Cardiff Bay, in the days when it was the docks hosting Shirley Bassey and her friends and family…

            Now please show a bit of sensitivity towards the Victims, rather than banging on endlessly about their Bravery and how they will be Listened To if they Talk and Share. They won’t, they’ve tried it and they want Drakeford et al to fuck off and stop making careers out of what happened to them. They were ignored by everyone for years no matter how loudly they yelled. Risk your own necks with the Top Docs, the rest of us know not to go near the bastards.

  30. Shirley Bassey is a long-lasting Star who’s Welsh roots, like those of Tom Jones and Richard Burton, are well-known and never forgotten. All three of those Stars were of the vintage to have known about George Thomas and perhaps Gwynne and Dafydd as well.

    Shirley was from Tiger Bay when it was, in the sight of people who didn’t live there and wax lyrical, really bloody rough. The red light district of Cardiff was in Tiger Bay and it proudly reminds everyone now that it was a ‘multi-ethnic community’. It was, but there was terrible racism from the rest of Cardiff/Wales, which was exemplified by the famous miscarriage of justice resulting in the hanging of an innocent Somali man from Butetown just before hanging was abolished. He was described in the press as a ‘black savage’. His white wife and kids had a terrible time, although his wife never stopped maintaining his innocence. It was Gwynne and Dafydd’s corrupt lawyer mates who fitted that Somali man up and had him hanged. There was much criminality and murder in Tiger Bay, ‘unsolved’, always attributed to ‘sailors’ who had left port…

    Jim Callaghan knew all about it, he was a constituency MP in the area…

    Shirley Bassey’s troubled younger years are well-known, she’s never tried to conceal them. She had two children young and there were scandals and questions over their parentage. One of Shirley’s daughters was found dead in 1985. ‘Suicide’. Bassey has always maintained that she did not believe that her daughter killed herself. I think that she was quite right to question that assumption, just look what was happening to me re the Gang in 1985 and how many Insider Witnesses were dropping like flies…

    One cohort of people outside of south Wales who had the lowdown on Tiger Bay were healthcare staff in the West Country. A lot of people came across the Severn Bridge to Somerset from south Wales…

    Tiger Bay, like the London docks, was Redeveloped into a Posh Bit. The plans were laid for that in the late 1970s and there was talk at the time of how Thatch was going to flatten working class communities without a thought re where they would be rehoused. The robust discussions about that problem died out during the 1980s. No-one gave a stuff about where the former residents had gone, there was just much PR re Canary Wharf, Cardiff Bay etc. Because nobody at all was discussing organised abuse and the Westminster Paedophile Ring in the 1970s/80s, no-one mentioned that it was many of the targets of that ring who were swept away when Tiger Bay and the London Docklands were developed. As with the Middlesex Hospital, all physical evidence of Gwynne and Dafydd’s partner gang’s turf was destroyed.

    Anyone for Sister Hutt establishing Welsh Wimmin’s Aid in the 1970s, as well as equality charidee Chwarae Teg? Both of those organisations tripped over the victims of Gwynne and Dafydd constantly but if one wanted to be Included and Helped by those Initiatives, you had to keep your mouth shut about what had been going on. Or you found that you were Included Out.

    It was Thatch wot erased all traces of the roots of Gwynne and Dafydd’s enterprise. I wonder who advised her on that, she was far too dim to have conjured up the masterplan herself. Heseltine would know, he was the Cabinet Minister wot regenerated the Slums, being all Caring Conservatism.

    1. Julian Clary has given an interview to ‘The Guardian’ online today in which he does his usual ie. revels in being camp, gay etc.

      In the way that Ben Elton dropped his jokes about those awful medical students with whom he had been at Manchester University once I arrived at Surrey University to work with the Top Docs and their mates who were mates with Ben’s dad and Ben’s dad was told how much was at stake if that girl who’d arrived to work in Vincent Marks’s cancer research team wasn’t shafted, Julian Clary has dropped all the jokes that he used to make about the rampant sexual abuse at his public school. He now just talks about the bullying in general.

      I can remember what Julian used to joke about because I was a big fan of Julian when I was young, back in the days when he was still calling himself The Joan Collins Fan Club (it was ironic). I went to see Julian live in London and he was very good. I told my friends at Surrey University all about it, I was working there at the time. One member of Vincent’s team in particular didn’t realise that Julian was a high camp comedian, she thought that I really had gone to take part in a meeting of the Joan Collins Fan Club, I had to explain who I had gone to see…

      The husband of that member of staff was Steve, a member of the Met Police’s river squad. She told me that most of Steve’s work was fishing bodies out of the Thames. I was quite friendly with her, she was called Helen Henneberry. The last I heard she was a Lib Dem Councillor in Epsom. I liked Helen, but she must have known what her colleagues did without my knowledge ie. plagiarise my work, publish it under their own names and use it to raise funds for themselves after making me redundant because there was no more funding for me…

      The people in north Wales who were telling me that I could write to them because they knew that Dafydd was a problem blah blah knew that I’d gone to see Julian Clary as well because he was making jokes about James Anderton, the homophobic Chief Constable of Greater Manchester and I mentioned it in the letter to north Wales. I didn’t realise that Dafydd was linked to James Anderton and his corrupt officers. Neither did I realise that my letter re the Julian Clary gig had been passed on to Welsh Office lawyers until I received a copy of my full files just a few years ago…

      George Carman QC worked in Chambers in Manchester for years before relocating to London after Mr Thrope Walked Free From The Court.

      Julian Clary’s dad was a police officer and his mum was a probation officer. Julian Clary and his parents knew about the Westminster Paedophile Ring and his parents at least knew of Gwynne and Dafydd’s involvement.

      I went to see Harry Enfield as well when I worked for Vincent Marks, brother of BMA Chairman John Marks, Harry came to Guildford. So perhaps ‘The Guardian’ would like to hurry up and run the interview with Harry about how incredible success just came his way in the mid-1980s when Sally Baker’s mates were working in the media and meeting the alternative comedians and then Sally got a job with friends of Ben’s dad and even greater success came the way of Ben and his mates, just as the media careers of Sally’s mates were finished…

      Remember the names, George Carman, Andrew Park, Leon Brittan, Michael Grade!

      Not everyone liked Julian Clary’s line of comedy. When Julian became famous enough to be on Prime Time BBC, someone I knew in Menai Bridge told me that they thought that he was the most offensive disgusting man on TV and he Should Be Stopped. Who was that? It was a friend of Liz Stables and DGE Wood, the mum of Prof Melanie Abas. Melanie is the Maudsley psychiatrist who went to school with the victims of Dafydd’s Gang.

      Melanie and her mum didn’t like those kids who had been trafficked by Dafydd, they were ‘bonkers’ and it was best not to have anything to do with them, I mean Melanie had trained to be a Top Doc in Birmingham- with Prof Bluglass – and married a Wonderful Man (Jeremy Broadhead) from a Posh Family In Devon. Jeremy was a psychiatrist at the Maudsley. So what else was Melanie going to evolve into but a Nice Lady Doctor who is the Maudsley’s Expert on Sexually Abused Wimmin and People Trafficking…

      Melanie must be in her very late 50s by now. A family friend of DGE Wood and Dafydd who Knew About Gwynne has spent a career as an Expert On Sexual Abuse and Trafficking in a Globally Leading London Hospital. But then Liz Stables’s son Gareth is a Top Doc and the last I heard was working as a consultant in Leicester.

      This needs so much more than a bit of Inclusion and Widening Participation in medicine to rectify, this is a fucking nightmare.

      Can we get much Lower than this lot? Very probably, I’ll just have to see how many tears the GMC shed when I meet them. No doubt their pockets will be well stocked with onions.

      1. Can there be anything other than a Very Big Mess when the most corrupt barrister in the UK who was personal friends with gangsters and corrupt police officers trained the future PM and shared a Chambers with the future PM’s wife?

        George Carman’s friendships with unsavoury people were no secret, but not a word appeared about it in the media. Probably because George Carman was often the barrister of choice for media outlets when someone sued them for libel. If Carman was ever working for the less powerful side, he did a deal with his opponents to throw the case. The evidence of all this is scattered throughout political biographies, diaries, etc. First hand account after first hand account… Cherie was still sharing Chambers with Carman in 1988. Just look at what Dafydd et al were doing in 1988. In Feb/March 1988 I was offered that job at Surrey by John Marks’s brother…

        1. Gosh, this is seriously sinister. Melanie Abas’s husband Jeremy Broadhead trained at Gwynne’s Alma Mater the Middlesex Hospital. I have blogged about Melanie and Jeremy previously (although the info about them might be among the text that has disappeared from my blog, I haven’t checked); I remembered that Melanie and Jeremy had published about repression in China, and worked in Zimbabwe and New Zealand before returning to the UK to take up senior roles in psychiatry but I’d forgotten that Broadhead trained at the Middlesex.

          No wonder Gwynne had post-humous armour plating, there was a great deal of interbreeding between lines of organised abusers going on. I seem to remember that Melanie and Broadhead were announcing their intention to marry in 1989, just as Bluglass was covering up for Dafydd et al. Bluglass who Melanie knew from her days as a med student at Birmingham University. Well! I wonder if a few folk like Bluglass were needed to ensure that the marriage went ahead, because there were ructions beforehand because Jeremy’s family Opposed The Wedding. Why? Well Melanie’s dad was a Paki that’s why and the Broadbents were appalled to think that the grandchildren would be Mixed Race. They weren’t worried that Melanie’s dad was a grade A wally who lectured at UCNW, shagged his students and ignored the presence of the Royal Lobotomist in the Student Health Centre, it was the business of him being a Paki that mattered.

          It is so good to know that the course of love between two people traffickers conquered the Racial Divide. True Barbara Cartland stuff.

          1. Here’s a few more Melanie Abas/Jeremy Broadhead laffs to give interested parties a kick-start and an indication of the rich and deep sewer in which Melanie and Jeremy dwell:

            It was in 1983 that Broadhead published a neuroendocrinology paper (along with many other co-authors) suggesting that they would have had at least some links with Cathy Wilson et al, so similar are the areas of research. Cathy was renowned for getting pissed at conferences and yelling at people to ‘fuck off’. She did it to a Grand Prof on one occasion and he announced ‘I don’t speak to anyone who tells me to fuck off’ and cut Cathy off for ever more. I wonder of Broadhead heard about that? Broadhead’s work in neuroendocrinology in the 1980s was funded by MRC dosh given to the Birmingham NHS. Broadhead and his colleagues were all based in Birmingham, so they’d have been working with Bluglass and almost certainly Ian Brockington, who was Tony Francis’s boss immediately before Francis relocated to north Wales. Brockington had been Francis’s boss at Manchester University, but shortly after Francis went to work with Dafydd, Brockington was given a Chair alongside Bluglass at Birmingham. Brockington’s area is reproductive endocrinology…

            In 1988, Broadhead published in the journal ‘Neurology’ on the pathology of Alzheimers, with J.C. Hedreen. Throughout the 1980s John Hedreen was based at the Dept of Pathology, The John Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore. Hedreen was still there in the mid-1990s but he is now listed as being the Associate Prof of Psychiatry and Pathology at Tufts University School of Medicine. Tufts have even named a lab the Hedreen Lab.

            Now then. Hedreen is an old mate of and has co-authored much with Peter J. Whitehouse, a towering figure in Alzheimers reearch. Whitehouse is currently listed as being the Prof of Neurology at the University of Toronto and the Strategic Adviser at the Baycrest Geriatric Centre. Peter ‘discovered the cholinergic pathways in Alzheimers and related dementias which lead to the development of our current generation drugs to treat these conditions’. Well in that case Prof Whitehouse, I suggest that you start Barbara Windsor on a course of those drugs right now, perhaps then she will recover her memories of her doings with her ex-husband the gangster Ronnie Knight, as well as the Good Times with Ronnie and Reggie, when Dafydd and Gwynne’s partner gang dahn the old East End were doing business with them all.

            Peter Whitehouse was previously ‘clinically active in various hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio’. In 1986 he was appointed to the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio, to develop the University’s Alzheimer’s Research Centre (now known as the University Brain, Health and Memory Centre).

            I invite readers to google the Case Western Reserve University themselves and they can marvel at the glitteringly successful alumni and staff, there’s something for everyone at the Case Western Reserve University. My own favourite is that University’s graduate who bagged the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2017, the man who invented the shite theory that is ‘Nudge’, Richard Thaler. Nudge has of course been embraced by successive British Gov’ts although it very obviously doesn’t work and is little more than an eloborate system of victim-blaming. Thaler was instrumental in developing the British Govts Cabinet’s ‘Behavioural Insights Team’ that really beat low income, badly educated people with a big stick and then poked them in the eye with it if they still didn’t learn the error of their ways.The Behavioural Insights Team has now been privatised, resulting in taxpayer’s money being transferred to a bunch of spivs.

            Fungus Lowe’s crowd at Bangor University loved Nudge, the cretins waved that sodding book of Thaler’s about in public lectures constantly, particularly the health economist Rhiannon Tudor Edwards who’s entire career has consisted of assuring the world that the fraudulent, ineffective ‘interventions’ re Health spewed out by Dafydd’s network are Good Value For Money and should be embraced by Gov’t. Rhiannons dad was a Top Doctor and before she worked at Bangor, Rhiannon worked in Dafydd’s Liverpool empire. Rhiannon did her first degree at York. The location of another ring facilitated by Top Docs linked to Dafydd and Gwynne…

            Richard Thaler is now based at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business…

            There’s more. John Hedreen also worked with Carlos Portera-Cailliau, now the Prof of Neurology at the Brain Research Institute, University of California, LA. Carlos was born and raised in Madrid and graduated from the University of San Diego in the early 1990s. He then trained as a Top Doc at the John Hopkins School of Medicine, and undertook work as a resident at Massachussetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston in 2001. Carlos then worked at Columbia University and after that Cold Spring Harbour University. He joined the University of California, LA in Nov 2004.

            If anyone knows of any Brain Scientists who have not built their careers and Huge Reputations upon Dafydd, Gwynne and Geoffrey Chamberlain’s criminality, please do let me know.

    2. Just checked a few facts. The innocent Somali man from Butetown who was hung for a murder that he didn’t commit was Mahmoud Mattan; he was executed on 3 Sept 1952 and leave to appeal was denied. The Home Secretary at the time was Gwynne and Dafydd’s mate David Maxwell-Fyfe aka Dai Bananas aka Lord Kilmuir. Four witnesses gave evidence in favour of Mahmoud, one witness, a man with a history of violence and crime, gave evidence against him.

      In 1969 the Home Secretary denied Mahmoud’s family permission to attempt to have the conviction overturned. That Home Secretary was Sunny Jim, who throughout his political career assisted Dafydd and Gwynne.

      Mahmoud’s conviction was overturned in Feb 1998 and his family received over £1 million in compensation, the first compensation paid out to a wrongly hanged man. At the time Dafydd and Tony Francis were repeatedly having me arrested because as any fule kno, I was a Danger. The Waterhouse Inquiry was underway. Waterhouse as a junior barrister had toadied to Dai Bananas.

      Mahmoud was executed in what seems like another world now. The Top Docs who were advisers to and friends with those who executed him were still wielding influence when Mahmoud’s name was cleared in 1998. One of them is still alive and on the Medical Register with a licence to practice. The PM and Home Secretary in 1998 built their political careers by concealing the crimes of the ‘professionals’ who stitched up Mahmoud.

      People are still being found dead because of what they knew about the crimes of Dai Bananas mates. Julie Morgan who campaigned for Sunny Jim is sitting in the Senedd as an AM. The Windbag and his wife campaigned for Sunny Jim as well. Their son is battling with Uncle Harry’s nephew in an attempt to look like the next Leader of the Labour Party.

      I’ll wait for my NDA then Miranda.

      1. Sunny Jim had been a Cardiff MP for seven years when Mahmoud was executed.

        How about a rendering of ‘Waiting At The Church’ in tribute to the smug corrupt old bastard then Julie/Windbags?

        Crisis, What Crisis?

        How could there have not been a crisis with that old git as PM?

  31. Uncle Harry’s nephew has delivered a speech to the Labour Party conference re Green issues.

    Has Uncle Harry’s nephew given up flying the flag for the NHS? It might be a good idea if he did; I have just been having a quick read of Uncle Harry’s publications and he co-authored with many sinners known to me. Including Anthony Swerdlow. Swerdlow is an epidemiologist who works at the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden Hospital. Read my previous posts for details of the huge research fraud perpetrated by the Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden that involved Vincent Marks and Tony Francis’s mate Peter Maguire…

    If I was you Ed I’d forget about Uncle Harry. Your dad’s reputation is a bit dodgy as well, have you got any other relatives that you want to dine out on? Any ordinary ones, a farm worker or someone who’s worked in Tesco who hasn’t shafted people, killed them or colluded with a trafficking ring perhaps?

    I have found a link between Uncle Harry and William Asscher, the Don at St George’s, but I’m not sure that I need to spend time highlighting it. The Top Docs may be in a bit of difficulty now, even if they haven’t realised it yet.

  32. Re George Carman’s savaging of the South African journo Jani Allan in the summer of 1992 when Jani tried to sue Channel 4 for libel after they suggested that she had once had an affair with Eugene Terre Blanche. The ‘witness’ to the sex with Jani and Terre Blanche was one Linda Shaw, a journo who was on record as saying that it would be a scream to fit Jani up for gang-banging Nazis. Jani and Terre Blanche denied that they had ever had an affair. Carman was perceived to have won the case for C4 by retiring sexual fantasies from a diary that Jani had kept in 1984 that Carman had somehow gained possession of although no-one quite knew how. The sexual fantasies were irrelevant to the case and did not involve Terre Blanche. Interestingly enough, Jani was ‘under a psychiatrist’ when that diary was compiled…

    After Jani lost the case, her career as a journo in S Africa was pretty much destroyed. A lot of rather unpleasant things had happened to Jani; she had been accused of being a spy, there was suspected involvement of the S African security services in the unpleasant things that came her way and she was subjected to an assassination attempt.

    The Presiding judge over the libel trial was Humphry Potts. Here’s an extract from his 2012 Torygraph obituary:

    Francis Humphrey Potts was born on August 18 1931 and grew up at Penshaw, Co Durham, where his father farmed on the Lambton estate. He attended the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle — which was evacuated to Penrith during the war — where his friends included Peter Taylor, the future Lord Chief Justice, and Geoffrey Bindman, the leading human rights solicitor.
    After reading Law at St Catherine’s Society, Oxford, Potts read for the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn as a Tancred Student and Cholmeley Scholar. He was called in 1955, and entered chambers at 51 Westgate Road, Newcastle, which Taylor had joined the previous year.
    Potts did a mixture of criminal and civil work, much of the latter involving either insurance claims or litigation against factories and the Coal Board. The Bar at Newcastle was then relatively small but enjoying a golden era, and Potts was among a quintet (himself, Taylor, Roderick Smith, Wilfred Steer and Jim Chadwin) known as “The Lions of the North”.
    Potts himself had a commanding presence as an advocate and was utterly fearless in his cross-examination. His capacity to sway a jury lay in good part in the fact that he was a transparently decent man, with a self-deprecating demeanour that was as endearing as it was genuine. He disliked pretension and long-windedness, and could never be accused of either. Though clearly clever and well-informed, he always wore his learning lightly.
    After taking Silk in 1971, Potts followed Taylor down to London, and joined him at the set of chambers headed by George (later Lord Justice) Waller, QC, at 11 King’s Bench Walk in the Temple. He became a Recorder the next year. Following his appointment as a Judge of the High Court, Queen’s Bench Division, he served as Presiding Judge on the North Eastern Circuit from 1988 to 1991.
    Potts’s other high-profile cases on the bench included the 1992 libel trial in which the South African columnist Jani Allan failed to convince the High Court jury that she had not had an affair with the neo-Nazi leader Eugene Terre Blanche.
    In 1999, at the Old Bailey, Potts presided at the trial of the 78-year-old former British Rail ticket inspector Anthony Sawoniuk for the murder of Jews while working as a Nazi collaborator in his native Belarus in 1942.
    Sawoniuk had fled Belarus at the end of the war and had lived incognito in Britain ever since. However, after an extraordinary investigation involving help from the KGB and witnesses from the Belarussian town where the atrocities took place, he was eventually traced to a house in Bermondsey.
    It was the first and only trial in Britain under the War Crimes Act (1991), and involved a trip to Belarus for Potts, counsel and the jury. After being found guilty, Sawoniuk was sentenced by Potts to two life sentences. He died in prison in 2005.
    In 2001, in his last case, Potts refused to approve an application by the fugitive tycoon Asil Nadir to have the fraud charges against him dropped on the ground that he would be unable to receive a fair trial. Potts said that this would be “an affront to the public conscience”. This year Nadir was found guilty of stealing some £29 million from Polly Peck.
    Potts’s other appointments included membership of the Mental Health Review Tribunal from 1984 until 1986, and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board in 1985-1986. He was a member of the Parole Board from 1992 to 1995 and vice-chairman until 1996. He was the first chairman of the Special Immigration Appeals Commission from 1997 until 2001.
    During the Archer trial, Potts was described by one newspaper as looking like “an angry, broad-faced farmer”, yet beneath his occasionally intimidating exterior he was kind and considerate with a sunny, unstuffy disposition which brightened the atmosphere of courtrooms. Though in limited circles he was known as “Porridge Potts”, he was not thought of as an especially heavy sentencer.
    Away from the Law, he was a keen traveller and enjoyed walking and gardening at his home in the Cheviots.
    He married, in 1971, Philippa Margaret Campbell (née Croke). She survives him with their two sons and his two stepsons.

    So, Humphry Potts was a mate of Dafydd, Gwynne and Lord John Walton then. Also very probably Miranda’s father. The war criminal who was jailed by Potts was convicted and sentenced under the legislation that one Greville Janner had worked hard to get on the statute books, after that business of him being interviewed by the police for child sex offences…

    Jani Allan’s diary from 1984 that was sent to Carman by a well-wisher disappeared from her possession in 1989. Cherie worked in Carman’s Chambers until 1988 and was working in Carman’s Chambers when Jani wrote that diary while ‘under a Top Doctor’ as it were.

    Carman seems to have done to Jani in Court what Dafydd and the Gang did to me in private without my knowledge. Carman did it all in the summer of 1992, which was after I’d been forced out of my job at St George’s, after Dafydd joked about having group sex with me and animals over the phone, after a series of High Court cases based on the perjury of the Gang had collapsed and after peace had broken out between me and the Drs Francis, with them explaining that the Court cases had been a terrible misunderstanding… Documents in my possession demonstrate that was a ruse, cooked up by the Gang and Alun Davies had written and signed a letter, and then CC’d it to other NHS managers and Top Docs explaining that it was great that I had agreed to see Francis because if the NHS were ‘seen to be taking a caring attitude’ to [me] it would make the chances of a conviction much higher when the NHS next prosecuted me. So Davies knew that there would be another prosecution as indeed there was, in 1993 when Jackie Brandt perjured herself…

    Carman acted for Channel 4 against Jani. The Chief Exec of C4 at the time was Michael Grade.

    I have no idea what an insane old Top Doc encouraged Jani Allan to do when she was ‘treated’ by him, but Gwynne positively asked patients to er write things down for him… I was walking out of the room by the time he was suggesting that, but I know other students did and one of them e mailed me last year explaining that Gwynne was a twisted old bugger who used the material that he had requested against that student. Interestingly enough Tony Francis was very enthusiastic about people writing things down for him as well. In the face of reservations there would be reassurances from everyone that everything was completely ‘confidential’. Which was obviously why Tony Francis sent confidential info about me to er George Carman and why Martin Jones the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust sent copies of my medical notes to Merfyn the VC of Bangor University, when I was working there.

    ‘Ee copies of my medical records sent t’ Vice Chancellor? I were lucky. Member of t’ Royal Family’s gynaecological test results were being passed around St George’s Hospital in’t 1990…

    Prof Chamberlain’s team were indeed drinking Chateau de Chasselier whilst that was happening as well.

    I dunno whether Lord Grade of Matching Braces and Socks would like to send me an NDA now, but if he would, I’ll share the dosh with my friends whom he helped to force out of their media careers just before Carman sunk his fangs into Jani Allan.

    1. Pott’s friend Peter Taylor served as Lord Chief Justice, 28 April 1992-June 1996, when the Gang were constantly dragging me through Courts on the basis of their perjury. Previous posts have detailed the miscarriages of justice which resulted from trials in which Taylor prosecuted when he was a barrister; Taylor prosecuted in the case of Mr Thrope and just seemed to be particularly hopeless at presenting the case but no-one knew why and as any fule kno the judge’s summing up was so laughable the spotlight ended up on the judge not Taylor.

      Peter Taylor wrote the first Report into Hillsborough and previous posts discussed how he amended his Report after receiving orders from the Home Office; furthermore the final Report was not signed by Taylor when ‘he’ submitted it to the Home Office…

      Taylor’s lacklustre prosecution of Mr Thrope took place in 1979. In 1988 Taylor was appointed a Law Lord. That was the year that I was offered the job at Surrey University with Vincent Marks. Vincent was a Top doc who practiced locally, in Guildford. Peter Taylor lived in Guildford. Taylor originally came from Newcastle and practiced as a barrister there as a younger man, when Gwynne’s mate Lord John Walton ran the organised abuse ring in Newcastle/Durham. When I was working at Guildford, Vincent’s brother John Marks, the Chairman of the BMA was doing battle with Ken Clarke. They hated each other but neither of them won because they both concealed the same criminality and the solution was to shaft me instead. Peter Taylor went to Pembroke College, Cambridge with Tom King. When Taylor took instructions from the Home Office re the contents of the ‘independent’ Hillsborough Report, Douglas Hurd was Home Secretary. Hurd’s Uncle knew Prof Greig-Smith, the Prof of the Dept of Plant Biology at UCNW, who were facilitating the Gang’s activities in north Wales and were, without my knowledge, busy writing me bad references and making unfounded allegations about me.

      In 1988 Tony Francis’s mate from Manchester, a psychiatrist called Peter Maguire, decided that he was going to become a cancer researcher instead and even received funding from the CRC to do this. At the time the CRC were funding Vincent’s research at Guildford re the team that I was a member of. Maguire and Vincent’s mates then perpetrated a big research fraud which was exposed in 1990. The local hospital at Guildford was one of the institutions involved in the fraud.

      Peter Taylor’s role as a Law Lord, 1988-92, would have been most helpful to the Gang had they been successful in their plans/attempts in 1989, 1990 and 1991 to have me imprisoned for a serious crime on the basis of the perjury, conspiracy and corruption. Taylor had already fitted up Stefan Kiszko on the basis of the lies of one of Tony Francis’s former colleagues from Manchester, another colleague of Peter Maguire…

      Peter Taylor was a mate of Ronnie Waterhouse’s and was involved in the decision to appoint Ronnie to Chair the Waterhouse Inquiry. Taylor didn’t live to see the results of Ronnie’s efforts. As is so often the case, the Top Docs didn’t serve Peter Taylor as loyally as he served them. Taylor’s wife died in 1995 and he took it very badly. Then poor old Taylor developed cancer. Sadly those well-known Cancer experts with whom Vincent Marks worked couldn’t save Peter Taylor’s bacon. Taylor died in Guildford on 28 April 1997. Miranda became PM days after the key witness and accomplice to so much, Peter Taylor, was dead.

      1. Peter Howarth, a member of staff at Bryn Estyn, one of the few people who was jailed for the abuse of kids in care in north Wales died in HMP Wakefield four days before Taylor.

        In March 1997, Ronnie Waterhouse suddenly suspended the Inquiry, although he’d only opened it three months previously. Ronnie stated that he needed a holiday and nipped over to Hong Kong, where he just happened to bump into Derry Irvine and they met up for a meal, knowing that with a few weeks, Derry would be Lord Chancellor because everyone knew that Miranda would win the General Election. Howarth and Taylor both died just before Ronnie decided that he’d had a good holiday and needed to get back to the UK to resume the Inquiry.

        Howarth always maintained that he had been the scapegoat for many other VIP abusers in north Wales. Howarth had been jailed in 1994. His trial opened in June 1994, days after his mate Matt Arnold, the Head of Bryn Estyn, died from an unspecified blood disease. Howarth was found guilty and jailed three weeks later. Miranda became Leader of the Labour Party just as Howarth was driven away in the Black Maria.

        Until 1972, Howarth and Arnold both worked at Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead, part of the ring concealed by Lord John Walton, Peter Taylor, Miranda’s friend Ernest Armstrong and almost certainly by Miranda’s dad, a lawyer in Durham, as well…

        While Howarth was awaiting/on trial, havoc was breaking out in north Wales, with the Gang conspiring in my direction once more and ‘The Guardian’ declaring war on Graham Day, the sociologist at UCNW who was not Of The Gang.

        Miranda and Cherie, couldn’t you have just asked whoever was issuing the exterminate orders to have killed Dafydd? It really would have been be so much easier.

        1. Tom King and Peter Taylor are among fascinating alumni of Pembroke College. Alumni networks are often used for no constructive purpose and I suspect that Pembroke College Cambridge’s was. Here’s a few Pembroke College, Cambridge grads:

          RAB Butler. Says it all..
          Prof Ian Fleming, organic chemist

          Peter Cooke, Bill Oddie, Eric Idle, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Clive James

          Ted Hughes

          Lawrence ‘Bill Wager and Hugh Ruttledge, mountaineers

          Wavell Wakefield and David MacMyn, Rugby players

          Atma Jayaram, former Director of the Indian Intelligence Bureau

          Alexander Grantham, former Guvnor of Hong Kong

          P.K. van der Byl, Rhodesian Gov’t Minister, an ally of Ian Smith
          Brian Keith-Lucas, dodgy local gov’t official and ‘local politics expert’
          Maurice Dobb, Marxist economist
          Chris Smith and Clive Betts, Labour politicians

          Well there’s something for everyone there who wants to conceal murdering Top Docs and the Westminster Paedophile Ring….

          Tom Harrisson the anthropologist and dabbler in many disciplines who founded the Mass Observation project was a graduate of Pembroke College; Harrisson worked for the security services.
          I love reading the outputs of the Mass Observation, but they were censored – one woman was told to amend her ‘spontaneous diary’ after she observed that a local politicians was sexually using boys from a local Barnardos home – but something odd was happening re Mass Observation. Since I began this blog I have received convincing info that as long ago as the early 1970s, someone was recording everything that was happening in the schools that I attended in the Bridgwater area. This was not related to the surveillance targeted at me when I was older, the schools in that part of Somerset seem to have been part of some sort of Gov’t observation project without anyone knowing. It wasn’t just the hopeless, troubled comprehensives with the embryonic abuse rings, but my tiny rural junior school at Chedzoy was under observation as well back in the early 1970s when thatch was Education Minister.. I’d be interested to know what was actually going on. We had a corrupt MP in Bridgwater and there were terrible problems in the schools, NHS and social services, but no-one stopped it, so whoever was recording us wasn’t doing it to help the citizens of Bridgwater…

          Furthermore Jo Cox was a graduate of Pembroke College. So all the squealers in Parliament might like to ask themselves whether Jo’s murder really was a Brexit-related incident or the result of something else. She studied at a College that produced some very odd people involved in dreadful things. Furthermore the charidees for whom Jo worked were as corrupt as buggery and were facilitating organised crime.

          1. For what it is worth?
            Here R.D. Hall ‘investigates’ the ‘death’ of Jo Cox.
            “This film follows Richard D. Hall’s investigation into the alleged murder of MP Jo Cox which happened on June 16th 2016. Following on from his initial findings presented in a lecture in April 2018, he has searched further for evidence and presents it here for the first time. The film proves beyond reasonable doubt that the official version of events is wholly untrue. Richard presents compelling evidence that the man blamed for the attack was a patsy and played no part in any murder, if indeed there was a murder. The film looks at all the CCTV evidence, witness testimony and physical evidence. Also featured are interviews with witnesses who have been kept out of mainstream media and were not asked to take part in the trial. The film suggests a plausible motive for a highly organised plot to remove Jo Cox from her position of MP. Her departure occurred just one week before the UK Brexit referendum and the film explains why this may have happened. This film contains extensive analysis by statement analyst Peter Hyatt. ”

  33. There’s a lot of coverage of the Portland spy case in the media today. I have read it and will read further but the factor that no-one mentions re the National Archives Opening Their Hearts is that it is being done by the security services so I’m not sure how much we can believe re the Revelations…

    When I was a teenager living near Fiddington there was a crabby old bat living near us who had fallen out with the entire village, Mrs Lonsdale, who was reputed to be the window of the Lonsdale named in the Portland spy case years previously. Mrs Lonsdale was in constant dispute with the neighbouring farmers, she threatened to sue people when that was unusual and she bred posh horses who were nervous because she was so cruel to them. She witnessed a farmer attacked by his bull and stood by mocking instead of going for help. I knew a lady who rented a cottage from Lonsdale and Londsdale fleeced and cheated her; it was the first concrete evidence anyone had re Lonsdale’s business practices because Lonsdale was so aggressive that people just kept away from her. The only other Known Fact was that she had a son called Philip who was killed in a car crash and Lonsdale refused to go to his funeral because relationships between them were very bad…

    I never knew whether Lonsdale was A Spy’s Wife or whether it was just a mad Somerset rumour, but after Lonsdale hurled abuse at Brown and me one day, we carried out what must have been the most genuinely Wicked Crime that we ever committed as opposed to all the lies that were collected about us by the Gang. Lonsdale hated the postman and thus He Shall Not Pass but she wanted her post sent and delivered so she used to put a plastic bag out on her gate for the postman to leave her mail in and in turn she didn’t condescend to go to the post box herself to send letters, she left them in the plastic bag for the postie to collect. Brown used to quip that the postman was of Lower Caste so he wasn’t allowed through Lonsdale’s gate. The lady we knew who was being ripped off by Lonsdale mentioned that the plastic bag arrangement was unlawful re the laws surrounding Brenda’s Mail etc, so who was Lonsdale to accuse and insult other people? One night Brown and I were coming back from a midnight ramble and we passed Lonsdale’s house and she had put her letters in the bag for the postie the next day. I said ‘Let’s have a laugh and read the old cow’s letters’, so we nicked the letters and opened them.

    We nearly keeled over with terror, we thought that it would be a case of ‘Hello Madge, How Are The Kids?’ but the letters were to Lonsdale’s bank manager miles awayfrom Somerset (I can’t remember where), they were all business transactions re her thoroughbreds. We didn’t know what the hell to do, the transcations were worth thousands, we’d opened the letters and knew that if we resealed them and sent them on it might be noticed and we’d be traced, so Brown said ‘Christ, just burn the evidence’. By that time it was about 1 am in the morning, so Brown and I went down to the bottom of the garden, more of a sort of field really and burnt the letters. Then we crushed up the ashes, being anxious teenagers fearing the sound of a police siren at any minute.

    As far as I remember we never told anyone about the business of Lonsdale’s Letters for ages, not even Brown’s brother, because we were so conscious that we had Committed A Crime, but a few years later at Bangor we told some mates. Our house was bugged of course and I’ve been told that Dafydd and the Gang Knew About The Case Of Lonsdale’s Letters and this was used as evidence of my Insanity and Dangerousness.

    Perhaps Dafydd would like to repay the lady who was fleeced by Lonsdale – she was Mrs Alderson – her money? Then there could be compensation for Nancy Small, the neighbouring farmer who was, along with her family, abused and harassed by Mrs Lonsdale. Then posthumous compensation for Mrs Small’s husband Jim who was attacked by the bull when Lonsdale stood by and mocked? Oh then there was the trouble that Mrs Lonsdale caused at Pony Club, shrieking and yelling at the kids and parents…

    I remember hearing allegations that Lonsdale had whacked people with her riding crop as well…

    Don’t let me stand in the way of Justice Dafydd, Mrs Lonsdale did some fairly dreadful things to her neighbours but she seemed to have plenty of money, had one of the best houses in the area and was never ever challenged in the way that anyone else would have been if they had behaved like her. I wonder why not?

    1. With all the focus on the odious Mrs Lonsdale of Bonson, Fiddington, another Lonsdale went below the radar, but this Lonsdale really was dangerous and Of Dafydd, but I only found out the other day when Brown e mailed me his obituary…

      Major General Errol Henry Gerrard Lonsdale of Stogursey, known as General Lonsdale. General Lonsdale lived in one of the few posher houses in the centre of Stogursey and was very elderly. General Lonsdale was famous for pursuing the thugs down the road and threatening to hit them, although he was in his 80s. General Lonsdale had been an Olympic pentathlon champ when he was young. That was all that I knew about General Lonsdale, other than he knew Brown’s mum and dad but just to say hello to, not well. I used to wonder how someone like General Lonsdale lived amidst the organised abuse, crime and deprivation of Stogursey and why he didn’t live in Combe Florey with Auberon Waugh…

      Now then. General Lonsdale died aged 90 in 2003, but Brown only found his obituary in The Scotsman and sent it to me the other day. General Lonsdale was Of Gwynne!

      Errol Lonsdale was born and grew up in Barnard Castle, County Durham, the son of a C of E parson. Errol went to Westminster School, St Catharine’s College, Cambridge and joined the British Army in 1934. In 1938 Lonsdale was posted to the Sudan Defence Force and in 1943-44 he served in the Middle East. General Lonsdale joined the HQ of the 20th Indian Division in Saigon when the Japanese were giving up their occupation. He was Commander of the RASC 1st Commonwealth Division in Korea, 1953-54 and then served in Malaya in the Communist Insurgency. General Lonsdale was Chief of Staff (G4 Logistics) at the NATO HQ of the Northern Army Group in Germany before he was called to the MoD in 1966.

      So General Lonsdale knew Lord and Sir Norman Denning, Sir Alec Bingley and Dafydd and Gwynne’s other mates. Probably Field Marshal Lord Brammall as well…

      Lonsdale was the manager of the British Pentathlon Team at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. He was the Appeals Secretary for the British Olympics Authority, 1969-72 and introduced corporate financial support for the Olympics in 1972. It was also General Lonsdale who introduced an arrangement with Rothman’s fags, in which couplons were placed into the fag packets and the smokers were encouraged to return the coupons, thus the more fags that were smoked the more cash was donated to the BOA. Lonsdale was a member of the Executive Board for the International Union for Modern Pentathlon and Biathlon as well as the President of the Modern Pentathlon Association of GB.

      General Lonsdale married Muriel Payne in 1944 and they had two sons and a daughter.

      One of Gen Lonsdale’s passions was Military Transport and a steam locomotive was named after him in a 1968 ceremony at the Longmoor Military Railway Museum in Hampshire.

      I imagine that Gen Lonsdale’s politics will have been Tory, but the over-riding loyalty to Army officers of Lonsdale’s generation was to King and then Brenda and Country. Lonsdale grew up Posh In Durham – think Gwynne and Lord John Walton – held high rank in some bloody wars against a variety of people in which Natives suffered but that was kept quiet and will have known all the Establishment Forces officers who colluded with Dafydd and Gwynne…

      No wonder Gen Lonsdale wasn’t that bothered about the underclass in Stogursey unless they bothered him, in which case he pursued them down the road threatening to thump them.

      Re the Olympics. What I remember about the 1972 games were the horses – at that age I had no interest in any other Olympic activities. One thing that one member of the Royal Family was very good at was riding, Princess Anne even competed in the Olympics… My PhD supervisor was the coach of one of the rowing teams in the 1972 Olympics, the PhD supervisor who had so much grief after he read those incriminating documents that my lawyer obtained from my medical files in 2005…

      As with Lord Brammall, none of these links mean that General Lonsdale was a child abuser, but they do make it pretty clear that he kept quiet about or concealed people who were. Brown’s dad and mum were found dead and they were Gen Lonsdale’s neighbours…

      Previous posts discuss the grossly incompetent and unethical Top Docs in Somerset when I was living there, one of them being Dr John Constable of Stogursey. Dr Constable lived a few doors down from Gen Lonsdale. I knew when I was still at school that Constable was unpopular and said to be hopeless and that the Educated never wasted their time with him, but Brown found out the other day that Constable was prescribing opiates on repeat for pensioners who didn’t know quite what they were taking. Including Brown’s mum.

      Sir Henry, Sir Herbert Gussett and Sir Bufton Tufton: I can understand that you were trained to fight for Brenda and Country and that is your interpretation of National Security, but Brenda’s mates were involved in serious crime, which makes your loyalty misplaced…

        1. One member of the 1952 Helsinki Olympics pentathlon team managed by General Lonsdale was John Hewitt.

          John Alfred Hewitt (born 6 January 1925, date of death unknown) competed at the 1952 Summer Olympics. A Captain in the Royal Marines, Hewitt married Shirley, daughter of a London dental surgeon living in Devon. Their son is James Hewitt, former Major in the Life Guards and media personality, known for his relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales.

          Show us you care Ma’am! You seem to be at the centre of the network of every dodgy person who has impacted on my life. Ma’am, do you know if General Lonsdale knew that a girl from Cannington who went to school with me had a fling with James Hewitt after Di and James split up? I expect that he did Ma’am, because she was related to someone whom the Gang targeted because of her friendship with me.

          Anyone for a big oaf who used to be Chairman of the BBC? Or a Scottish chancer who went to Stirling University and just happened to find himself FM of Scotland after the Waterhouse Inquiry?

          If anyone is bothered by the Top Docs or the Massachusetts crowd, just drop me a line. I’ve not received an NDA yet from the GMC, Miranda or anyone else, so I’m not gagged as it were.

  34. General Lonsdale was also President of the Institute of Advanced Motoring. The staff at Bridgwater College used to take the piss out of the Principal J.C. Miles because he was a member of the Institute of Advanced Motoring and bothered to put M Inst AM on his headed notepaper…

    Readers will probably know that the British Army conducted themselves with great cruelty during the Malayan Emergency; it wasn’t as bad as the Mau Mau Uprising but they certainly didn’t cover themselves in glory. General Lonsdale arrived on the scene in a senior capacity in the immediate aftermath of the worst cruelty, which had been a consequence of the plans of Lt Gen Harold Briggs, the Army Officer who had been Director of Operations in Malaya until 1951. Service in Malaya ‘took a terrible toll on Briggs’s health and he died in Oct 1952 in Limassol, Cyprus, just as the security services launched Dafydd onto the medicine degree at Liverpool University. Briggs’s plans were put into action by his successor, Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer.

    Templer was credited with defeating the guerrilla rebels in Malaya between 1952 and 1954 in his capacity as British High Commissioner of Malaya, an appointment made by Churchill. General Lonsdale arrived in Malaya just as Templer had quashed the rebellion. Templer was Chief of the Imperial General Staff (the professional Head of the British Army), 1955–58, so he was Lonsdale’s boss… Templer served as PM Anthony Eden’s chief military adviser during the Suez Crisis.

    Templer worked closely with Sir Robert Grainger Ker Thompson during the Malayan Emergency. Thompson was considered an expert in counterinsurgency. After the Malayan Emergency, in September 1961, PM Harold Macmillan appointed Thompson Head of the newly established BRIAM (British Advisory Mission) to South Vietnam and – by extension – Washington, advising President Kennedy. Under Thompson’s leadership, BRIAM put economic pressure on the South Vietnamese Gov’t that Thompson described as a “straight invitation to a coup”. Kennedy was receptive to Thompson’s ideas, but the American military establishment were extremely reluctant to implement them. His warning not to bomb villages went unheeded and his dismissal of American air supremacy was ignored. “The war [will] be won by brains and on foot”, he told Kennedy, but competing interests in Washington and Saigon acted to marginalise Thompson and ultimately his strategies had no real effect on the conflict. He stepped down from BRIAM in 1965 and the organisation, deprived of the man who was essentially its raison d’être, folded up around him. Despite his relatively acrimonious criticism of US policy in Vietnam, Thompson returned to a post assisting the American Gov’t in 1969 when he became a special adviser on “pacification” to President Nixon. Thompson lived until 1992, so was yet another arse who needed to be covered when Brown and I complained about Gwynne and Dafydd.

    Thompson completed an MA at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, the alma mater of Merfyn’s old enemy Lord Asa Briggs, the VC of Sussex University who for years concealed the Brighton end of Dafydd’s, Gwynne’s and John Allen’s business. Thompson’s role in advising re Vietnam will have meant that he will have joined Asa in the How Very Dare You when Merfyn chucked red paint over the US official visiting Sussex University in Feb 1968 as an anti-Vietnam protest…

    I have not yet investigated whether Harold and Asa were members of the same family of Briggs…

    General Lonsdale also knew Major General Roy Urquhart, who served as the General Officer Commanding Malaya (1950–1952) during the Malayan Emergency. Urquhart retired from the Army in 1955 and became an executive in the heavy engineering industry, retiring in 1970.
    Urquhart was a good friend of David Niven and was portrayed in ‘The Moon Is A Balloon’ and was played by Sean Connery.
    Roy Urquhart is the subject of the biography Urquhart of Arnhem by John Baynes.

    Urquhart and his wife Pamela had four children, among them Elspeth Campbell, wife of the former Leader of the Lib Dems Menzies Campbell.
    In his memoirs, Ming says that Urquhart told Elspeth’s first husband, Philip Grant-Suttie, “there’s no need to be formal; just call me General”, and that he also insisted on tasting all the food and champagne for Elspeth and Ming’s’ wedding before paying for it. Urquhart is known to have told his daughter never to trust men who bought half-bottles of wine; Ming bought Elspeth a full bottle on their first date.

    Roy Urquhart died on 13 Dec 1988, so was around to help keep the lid on Mr Thrope and Cyril Smith, as well as Dafydd and Gwynne. Perhaps Ming could tell us all that he and his wife are concealing re these matters.

  35. General Lonsdale, Ming’s father-in-law and the rest obviously knew Field Marshal Montgomery, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe until his retirement in 1958. In spite of Monty’s heroic reputation he had some funny ways, as discussed in an earlier post. What I did not cover in earlier posts were Montgomery’s family.

    Montgomery’s son David is a Tory peer. David Montgomery had two children, Henry David Montgomery and Arabella Montgomery. Henry David went to Seale-Hayne Agricultural College in Newton Abbott, Devon. Seale-Hayne was a very popular choice for young people from Somerset who were interested in agriculture; Ray Stanlake the predatory teacher from my former school, Chilton Trinity in which a ring linked to Dafydd was operating, had been to Seale-Hayne and tried very hard to get me to go there. It was Brown who encouraged me to go to university instead. I didn’t realise until I got to UCNW that there were close links between Seale-Hayne and UCNW. There was also a dentist in Bridgwater called Mr Gibbard who was on that network. Mr Gibbard’s son was at Brymore School – Stanlake was the key to boys from Chilton getting Somerset Education Authority scholarships to Brymore, a fee-paying school (Mr Gibbard’s son was a fee paying pupil), Ray Stanlake was known to be able to blow kids’ applications to Brymore out of the water or persuade the school to offer places to kids whom had been previously rejected. I never worked out how Stanlake had so much influence over the scholarships for Brymore. Readers who follow ‘The Archers’ might remember that years ago that soap opera provided much free PR for Brymore, when Tom Archer announced his intention to go there and Pat and Tony were delighted. The Gang were in hot pursuit of me at the time and I knew that when I was a teenager there was a massive bullying problem at Brymore, some very strange teachers employed there and a gang rape of a girl in Cannington by five Brymore boys which was hushed up…

    Henry Montgomery, at least in 2003, was living in Shropshire, the site of an organised abuse ring linked to the Gang in north Wales.

    Arabella Montgomery married Sir Jeremy Stuart-Smith in 1982. Jeremy is a High Court Judge who was called to the Bar in 1978 at Gray’s Inn, joining Dafydd’s good friend Sir William Mars-Jones, as well as Michael Mansfield and St Helena. Mars-Jones became President of UCNW in 1982. Jeremy was appointed a High Court Judge in 2012 by Lord Chief Justice Igor Judge Igor is a member of Middle Temple, as was Ronnie Waterhouse. In 1987 Igor was Leader of the Midlands Circuit, which was where Ken Clarke’s old Chambers was and Ken remained on good terms with them. Ken began battle with the BMA at about that time and I was used as the football. Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Sir Tasker Watkins was also a member of Middle Temple. Tasker has starred in previous posts; he presided over the Mental Health Tribunal for Wales for years, was President of the Welsh National School of Medicine, led the corrupt Chester and Wales Circuit and of course was a huge figure in Welsh Rugby. Were Tasker not dead, he could have perhaps explained why staff for Bryn Estyn were literally recruited via Wrexham Rugby Club. That’s where the vacancies were advertised, nowhere else… Even the one woman member of care staff at Bryn Estyn was recruited via the Rugby Club. Ioan Bowen Rees, Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council while the ring thrived within the Council’s homes was President of Bethesda Rugby Club. Then there were the Rugger Buggers at UCNW who got away with much demolition and violence, as did the Rugger Buggers at the Welsh National School of Medicine…

    Sir Jeremy Stuart-Smith is the son of Sir Murray Stuart-Smith. Sir Murray, also a High Court Judge, was called to Gray’s Inn in 1952. Mars-Jones had arrived there just a few years previously. Sir Murray was appointed to the High Court in 1981 and became a Lord Justice in the Appeal Court in 1987 the year that Lord Chief Justice Geoffrey Lane released Ollie Brooke from prison early. Sir Murray retired in 2000, but was back in action in 2004 when he was appointed as a Justice in the Court of Appeal of Bermudain 2004; in 2007 Sir Murray was appointed as President of the Court of Appeal of Gibralter.

    Both Jeremy and Murray went to Radley School (see previous posts) and Corpus Christi College.
    Jeremy’s brother Tom Stuart-Smith is a landscape gardner who has undertaken work for Brenda and other members of the Royal Family. Tom studied zoology at Cambridge and graduated at the same time as many of the zoology postgrads whom I knew at UCNW. The zoologists at Cambridge had close links with zoologists at Bangor.

    I’ve only put the bare bones of the biographies of the Gang’s network in these comments, readers are invited to read obituaries etc for much more incriminating info. In terms of the Army officers of General Lonsdale’s vintage, they all endured brutalising experiences at school and in successive wars, experiences that they identified themselves as being dreadful, so they would have been certainly bad. It made them very resilient in battle but it didn’t leave them with sound judgement when they were faced with the ‘problem’ of witnesses to a gang of murderous sex offenders led by Top Docs who were procuring kids for members of the Royal Household and other VIPs…

  36. The Olympic Modern Pentathlon includes show jumping. Princess Snap was in her heyday in 1972…

    I can highly recommend that readers look up General Lonsdale’s mate Avery Brundage, President of the International Olympics Committee, 1952-72 and involved with the Olympics for decades before that. Avery was reviled even by the Sir Herbert Gussetts who ran the Olympics in that era. He was rapidly anti-Semitic and suspected to have been a sympathiser of Hitler. Brundage had Jewish athletes removed from teams at one point because he feared that their success would embarrass Hitler. The 1972 Olympics began with the assassination of eleven members of the Israeli team in a terrorist attack. Many people wanted the games cancelled at that point but Brundage insisted that the show must go on, because it was only Israelis who were killed…

    Brundage was a very rich Chicago businessman who had numerous affairs during his marriage to his first wife and then when in his 80s married a German princess of 37. After Brundage’s death it became clear that he and the German princess had been doing a few interesting things with huge amounts of money.

    The departure of Brundage from the position of President of the IOC was greeted with sighs of relief all around; he was denounced as the Japanese Emperor of the Olympics who was well-past his sell date. Having said that, the Olympics are still not a shining example of sportsmanship and integrity.

    As for the 1972 Olympic sponsorship deal with Rothmans that was arranged by Lonsdale, I note that at the time Rothmans had a plant in Spennymore, Co Durham. General Lonsdale came from Barnard Castle, Co Durham. Brown’s mum and dad came from Durham; Brown’s mum grew up in Spennymore.

    I have forgotten to mention that General Lonsdale was good mates with Lady Elizabeth Gass, the Somerset landowner who has made many millions out of the development of the new Hinkley installation. Lady Gass owned the cottage in which Mrs Brown was found dead, Lady Gass being Mrs Brown’s landlady.

    As Parliament tears itself apart in a truly impressive way and Boris sticks two fingers up to a corrupt foolish judiciary, I note that no-one has dared mention the Top Doctors, although Medical Breakthroughs and Top Doc Debates that I can remember from the 1980s are in the media once again, presented as Fresh New Thinking. They have nothing to offer suckers, nothing at all. They have lied, cheated, faked their research and it has now resulted in a sclerotic discipline led by pompous old idiots who cannot produce anything remotely impressive in the face of a blog that is very rude about them.

    BTW Top Docs, re the Research publicised this morning that men receiving infertility treatment Are At Higher Risk Of Prostate Cancer and Should Be Screened Earlier Than Other Men; are they going to be Screened using the standard Screening Test, ie the test that throws up so many false positives that studies have shown better outcomes for men who refuse Treatment after that Test? Furthermore, when the men undergoing infertility treatment have been Screened and wrongly told that they have prostate cancer and their prostates are removed to Save Their Lives, they’ll be impotent and infertile then anyway won’t they? Oh I forgot; you can them Offer them donor insemination at a price can’t you! Donor insemination used to be known as Artificial Insemination by Donor, AID. The Top Docs then realised that this didn’t sound too good so from henceforth it became referred to as DI. As was carefully explained to me by the dreadful Deb Everard, who worked with the corrupt MSF reps, people traffickers and drug dealers of St George’s who were also concealing patient harm.

    Oh kick the Top Docs into outer space someone and tell the BBC to stop entertaining their squealing. Go on Top Docs, fuck off you lying bastards. I haven’t received any news of my meeting with senior officers of the GMC yet either. In view of the contents of my e mail to them, I really do think that they are obliged to offer me a meeting aren’t you GMC? You ignored my concerns for years and I’ve told you what happened. Now, I’d like a meeting please.

    1. The Guardian has a big interview with Ben Elton, son of Prof Lewis Elton, Vincent Marks’s mate!

      Ooh we’ll show her, Ben, Ben, how about an interview, she’s named you and your dad on that blog?

      Ben I’d be careful if I was you, the Grauniad is also reporting that Ginger Baker (the drummer from ‘Cream’) is critically ill. The people who bugged my house in the 1990s will remember F talking at length about Ginger Baker…

      It was ‘The Guardian’ that published the vindictive attack on Graham Day in the 1990s, accusing Graham of Discriminating Against Welsh People when he made lecturing appointments. Graham even received calls from journos in Oz insulting him and calling him a racist. The Gang used ‘The Guardian’ as their vehicle just a few years after they ran the interview with Mary Wynch. Mary was in hiding and I was desperate to talk to her, so I wrote to ‘The Guardian’ to ask them if they’d put her in touch with me. I think that I told ‘The Guardian’ that I had exactly the same problems as Mary with Dafydd and the North Wales Hospital… ‘The Guardian’ wrote back and told me that I could write a letter to Mary and they’d forward it. Mary subsequently wrote back to me and we met…

      I had previously presumed that ‘The Guardian’ did Dafydd’s dirty work re Graham because of their touching commitment to the NHS, Angels, social workers etc which were Peter Preston’s bread n butter. But of course Preston took orders from the security services, as did Alistair Hetherington, who Chaired the Scott Trust, the owners of ‘The Guardian’. Hetherington who’s dad had been a Prof at Cardiff University, Hetherington who’s Big Mates aimed fire at my mate from school when she was at Stirling University with Lord Jack McConnell after she and her mates wrote a letter to ‘The Scotsman’ re the fiddle that the University did to give Hetherington a Chair. Stirling wanted kudos with the Mr Bigs of media and Thatch, who by then had her own men at the BBC…

      Eric Sunderland the Camouflaged Gang member was Principal of UCNW when it all kicked off re Graham and ‘The Guardian’. Merfyn’s wife Nerys was caught in the crossfire…

      Did Michael Grade, friend of Samuel Brittan brother of Leon, have anything to do with ‘The Guardian’ denouncing Graham as a racist and causing Graham to come under fire from the Gang until the day that he retired decades later? Graham was smeared, insulted, students were told that he gave jobs to Ladies after they had provided sexual favours for him, it was appalling.

      If I was on Twitter, I’d start a new hashtag.


      Sadly I am not on Twitter. Sorry about that Graham, but I do hope that the blog has given them something to think about…

      Graham. Helped the pigshit thick members of the family of the Rosa Parks of Wales to gain academic qualifications re extra mentoring as well, but Graham was far too decent to advertise that. They certainly didn’t admit to anyone that Graham was called upon to help out because they knew that he was a far better sociologist than them and wouldn’t just say ‘After what you did to me? Fuck off…’

      Time that they were told to fuck off I think Graham, by everyone.

    2. Mrs Brown and Col Brown weren’t the only two neighbours of General Lonsdale’s who pegged out.

      For years Stogursey had a famous baker, Mr Lovell. Mr Lovell did brilliant things with dough as it were, he won national awards for baking and there was always a huge silver trophy on display in his window and interesting loaves eg. in the shape of wheatsheaves etc. Mr Lovell’s wife developed severe depression but no-one knew why. She spent months in Tone Vale, the asylum near Taunton. Tone Vale was grim but not as bad as Denbigh; the problem was that Dafydd’s network had tentacles that reached to Tone Vale. As did Edward du Cann and Tom King. Mr Lovell’s wife eventually came out of Tone Vale having Got Better and was found hanging dead a few months later. No-one questioned the assumption of suicide although she seemed to be on the mend.

      Mr Lovell’s bread delivery round spread cross quite a big area of west Somerset, he stopped for a good chinwag at many houses and farms and I know for a fact that he had inside info on Jeremy and Norman. When Jeremy Walked Free From the Court, Mr Lovell freely expressed the opinion that having got away with it, they’d have another go at Norman… Mr Lovell also saved a local lady after she made a suicide attempt, Mr Lovell found her; she had relatives with knowledge of shenanigans in Taunton and Brighton, but I’m not providing more info because she deserves a bit of privacy…

      Mr Lovell had a son who only ever wanted to join the Army, he was a keen Army Cadet and admired Col Brown and General Lonsdale. He was rejected when he applied to join the British Army proper after he left school and no-one ever knew why, it was quite a shock. He was found dead few years later. ‘Suicide’.

      The Lovells lived a few doors down from General Lonsdale in the main street in Stogursey.

      1. Another witness to the pay-offs and bribery in Somerset who’s family members were involved in criminality themselves caused a sensation when the neighbours saw her rather gormless adult daughter appear on daytime TV. I don’t know which show it was, Richard and Judy or something, but people were just ‘How the hell did SHE get on TV??’ Easy, one of her relatives knew that people were being paid to keep quiet about me that’s how. The star of the TV sofa had experienced a rather troubled life when younger, she had lost custody of her son and as a teenager was witness to the paedophile who targeted me when I was 12, although she’ll have never have heard of Edward du Cann…

        Another relative of the daytime TV star was a corrupt trade union official, which didn’t make him popular in Tory Somerset. After he died, his widow caused a sensation when she married a very different sort of man who’s two adult sons were Oxford graduates, one a Headmaster and one a C of E vicar. I thought it an unlikely match but then I thought Oh well perhaps she’s found a good bloke after that bloody awful first one. I have been told now that Mr Respectable with his Oxford graduate children married below him because he knew that his new bride had inside info re me…

        I’m not bothering to provide names on the blog, as ever the whole of Somerset were asking ‘What IS going on?’ when the criminal members of the newly gentrified family remained unbothered by the police; no-one was at all interested in the honest people who were being fleeced and mocked by the scumbags who enjoyed a TV appearance and began holding roles in the local community that everyone knew that they should not have had.

        Go and ask Botney what was going on, he’s Of Their Community now… They won’t have known who Botney was, but they’ll have thought that Durleigh was as posh as one could get. The school of which one of them became a governor is in Durleigh!

        Hey Botney, one of that crowd had a serious gambling problem and money was being stolen to fund his addiction. He wasn’t at the gaming tables a la Lord Lucan and Sir Jams, I think it was more fruit machines and Space Invaders. Thank God Tessa Jowell never opened a Super Casino in Bridgy, he’d have robbed Lloyd’s Bank with its manager who took customers out to lunch and discussed other customers financial affairs with them!

        For all I know he might have been out for a drink with Botney, they could go to the Ship Afloat, that used to be the habitat of a gang of bikers known as the Headhunters. No other residents of Bridgy would go near the Ship Afloat when the Headhunters colonised it, it was untouchable.

        The Headhunters had an initiation ceremony a la the Hells Angels. As with the Hells Angels, it involved their Levi jeans being pissed on and never ever washed, no matter what happened to them; as any fule kno, such Levis are known as Originals. Brown observed the whole culture as manifested by the Bridgy Headhunters and termed it ‘Sleazyrider’. So the Headhunters wore their Originals, they had their badly-treated girlfriends on the Pussy Seat on the back of their bikes and their Ceremonies involved things such as biting the heads off of live small animals. A rival bike gang turned up in Bridgy once and challenged them to a fight and they congregated in the Quantocks, near the Pines. Both gangs had turned up in trucks with guns and axes and such awesome weaponry that they realised that they’d probably kill each other, so a truce was called and they departed without the fight.

        The Bridgwater Police were so pissed off with the Headhunters that at one time there was alleged to be a list of all of their names up in the Police Station as Public Enemies To Be Nailed. Not that they ever were, they became TV celebrities and hung out with David Cameron’s contemporaries who had been at Oxford. It’s amazing what knowing me can do for one.

        Anyway, Dafydd and the Gang heard all about my Dangerousness and Insanity from the Headhunters and their network, those Who Knew Me Best!! Brenda’s Docs know who can provide Reliable Info don’t they Brenda.

        I didn’t realise back in the days of outrage over the activities of the Headhunters that it was Tom King’s reputation that would be tarnished if ever charges were brought, no wonder the hands of the Bridgy Police seemed strangely tied.

        Here’s something extraordinary. I have mentioned in previous posts that on one occasion, one of the Gang’s injunctions based on an affidavit of Perjury was served on me at an address in Fiddington, an address that I had never given any Gang member, so how the MDU got hold of that address I don’t know. At about the same time, such was the Danger that I presented to the Drs Francis that I was ordered by a Court to reside in Somerset and sign on bail daily at Bridgy Police Station until yet another Court case collapsed as it became clear how many lies had been told. They were always very pleasant at the desk in Bridgy Police Station, I never had a problem with them, but I wonder what they thought was going on? They’ll have known who I was and what those people who knew me were involved in re crime…

        Here comes the target of the Royal Lobotomist then! Has she stolen money? No. Harboured a wanted criminal? No. Bitten the heads off of live animals? No. Been done for drink driving numerous times? No. Dug up a corpse from a grave? No. Who’s under arrest and threat of prison? She is of course, the others are on tele and going to Pro Celebrity golf with Tiger Woods and Mike Reid. Or enjoying a paid-for holiday to Japan, a bit of hot air ballooning, a helicopter ride across Somerset, the jollies were endless.

        So no, I don’t want the police to investigate crimes against me, they had the chance when I was popping into the Bridgy Police Station every day signing on bail, they clearly knew what was going on but no-one ever said ‘We are sorry to hear that there are serious organised gangsters after you, can we do anything to help?’

        I have been told that the teacher in Bridgwater who did much to assist the Gang was Janet Taylor, who became Head of Chilton School, the teacher married to a Fireman who was mates with the police etc.

        I can’t be bothered I really can’t, Janet Taylor retired years ago, her vindictive allegations about certain pupils including me were no secret, I just never realised that she was linked to crooked police officers facilitating a sex abuse ring. It’s all a bit too late now isn’t it Mrs Taylor’s corrupt police friends who’s colleagues have been overcome by guilt? Ray Stanlake is dead, Alan Calaminus is dead, I have no idea if Fiddler is dead but if he isn’t, do give him a state funeral a la Thatch, the boys told scores of people what Fiddler was doing but they didn’t matter, they were kids of 12 and Fiddler was married to the daughter of a local high profile Tory…

  37. There was a lot of hot air ballooning for a while, Mr Bridgy Celeb seemed to have met some of the high profile hot air balloonists who were trying to cross the Atlantic or circumnavigate the globe or whatever; they were in competition with Richard Branson.

    I have blogged about Richard Branson’s daughter Holly previously because Holly Branson read medicine at UCL and I know some of whom she will have encountered there…

    Because Richard Branson has been so Rich and Admired for so many years now, people seem to have forgotten that like Jonathan Porritt, Branson received flattering coverage in Conservative broadsheets as a young man although the publications were usually very hostile to people like Porritt and Branson. Porritt is the son of a Famous Top Doc who was very much of the Establishment which has done Porritt no harm… Branson is also the son of a Conseervative family and the first interview that I remember well with him mentioned that Holly had just been born and Branson wasn’t married to Holly’s mother which rather traumatised his parents. Those early interviews with Branson also quoted Branson being very honest in the way in which he made his first heap of Serious Money: Branson committed a tax fraud. He didn’t seem to suffer any negative consequences. I think I have found out why.

    Branson’s dad was a barrister, Ted Branson. Branson’s wiki entry states that his mum and dad helped him repay the tax that he had evaded. I might be misremembering, but I don’t remember that being discussed in those early interviews. Although Ted Branson wielded clout, much more has been written about Branson’s mum, Eve. Eve flags up her previous as a young female WREN, ballet dancer and air hostess. In small print, one can read that after she married, Eve worked as a Military Police Officer and a probation officer… So Eve will have heard at least something about Dafydd and Gwynne then; her barrister husband will have known of them as well.

    Eve launched her autobiography with much song and dance in 2013; when Operation Pallial had begun charging elderly offenders who had abused kids in care in north Wales and in the run-up to the Macur Review…

    Eve was born in Edmonton, the home of Geoffrey Chamberlain’s crooked side-kick of a lab technician Deb Everard. Everard was a Tory Cllr in Edmonton.

  38. Richard Branson’s granddad was a high profile High Court Judge, Sir G.A.H. Branson. I’ve tried to blog about him but the text froze and then disappeared. Details re GAH Branson can be found by googling, he was one of the prosecutors in the Roger Casement treason case; Casement was hung…

    According to the gossip columns, Holly Branson is part of William and Harry’s circle. Will we be seeing you at Beatrice’s wedding then Holly? I do hope that your dad doesn’t roll up to the event with people wearing their Originals who succumb to the temptation to bite the head off of a songbird or small mammal.

    1. For those members of the Labour Party who haven’t quite caught up yet:

      Holly trained at UCL and worked as a junior doc at the Chelsea and Westminster. Geoffrey Chamberlain trained at UCL, his wife Jocelyn was a Prof there. Geoffrey Chamberlain was very much alive and kicking when Holly bagged her place at UCL; he had not long before moved back to south Wales and had his ‘retirement’ job at a lecturer in the history of medicine at Swansea University.

      Chamberlain and his network all worked at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, as did/does Virginia Bottomley’s Top Doc daughter Cecilia. Virginia was instrumental in concealing the crimes of Gwynne and Dafydd and told the world that Denbigh had closed when it hadn’t. Virginia is a former psychiatric social worker.

      Holly qualified as a Top Doc some seven years before Chamberlain died, it really wasn’t a case of them almost missing each other. Holly began medical school the year after the Waterhouse Report was published.

      Holly now works for her dad’s Virgin Healthcare company. Virgin are the private healthcare company that are picking up most of the Gov’t contracts for the contracting out of NHS services. Virgin now provide ‘services’ for swathes of the English NHS.

      Holly made good use of the Chamberlains, but Holly eventually specialised in neurology. They’re the people who ensure that There’s Nothing More That They Can Do if you have a brain tumour or who somehow don’t diagnose serious neurological conditions such as MND, MS or don’t realise that you’re having three day migraines, even if you constantly tell them that you’re having three day migraines and you’re a textbook case.

      So I’ll leave you to fight Private Medicine then OK Labour Party? I’m sure that Uncle Harry’s old mucker Wendy Savage the Socialist Feminist Top Doc who opposed private practice will get onto it straight away. Until Holly reminds Wendy exactly what Chamberlain and his wife and colleagues were doing and what the whole bloody lot of them did to ensure that complaints about Dafydd and Gwynne were never ever investigated and that my career was ruined. You might find that Fearless Wendy backs off a bit then. She doesn’t want to go to prison do you Wendy?

      1. Branson’s mum Eve:

        Eve is a child welfare advocate. She is the Director of the Eve Branson Foundation that ‘provides communities in Morocco with income generating projects and training’.

        Jan Morris had her gender realignment surgery in Morocco, Jan of the security services who was a member of the 1953 Everest Expedition with Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Sir Charles Evans; Jan who’s a pal of Dafydd and Gwynne’s mate Dr Chris, the corrupt surgeon from north Wales who ‘offers’ gender realignment surgery herself. Or she did before she voluntarily removed her name from the medical register.

        Whether Virginia Bottomley is any relation to Mr Bottomley, the transwoman Morris Dancer from Bridgy who, like Jan Morris, was trans when it was still very much a minority sport, I don’t know.

        Eve is also a member of the Board of Directors of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, an organisation that finds missing children. Eve was a founding member of the ICMEC; Richard Branson was the ICMEC’s founding sponsor. Did you come up with the idea for the charidee over a dinner at the Chamberlains’ place Richard?

        1. Well the Labour Wimmin are hurling at Boris over his ‘violent language’ and accusing him of causing them to be at risk of death threats and violence. Now Yvette Cooper’s daughter Ellie has joined in with the mass hysteria and Sent A Tweet…

          Just watch the clips of what Boris actually said. There was nothing at all there to incite hatred or violence. Nothing. Even in response to a Labour Woman shouting and screaming at him, Boris looked a bit baffled and replied ‘That’s humbug’. (The word you needed Boris was ‘bollocks’.) Anna Soubry, a criminal barrister in a previous life, stated that it takes a lot to reduce her to tears and then began crying. Anna has been trembling in her boots for months now, she claimed to have been Harassed by Men and in need of police protection when she was faced with a non-violent political protest…

          What do you all think the general public think of you claiming to be at risk of murder because a posh Tory boy has told you that you are talking humbug? Do you live on the same planet as other people who get burgled and find that the police will not even attempt to investigate because that’s not their job anymore, people who’s kids get mugged or beaten up on public transport on their way home from school, people who’s kids are carrying knives because their area is colonised by gangs and the kids are terrified, people who are racially abused if they’re out and about, people who haven’t got enough money to pay their rent and don’t have the cash for a deposit on another place if they are evicted, people who are living in hostels and have the few possessions that they own stolen because those places are so unsafe?

          Have any of you ever had a real problem? You have not been threatened with murder by Boris, not at any time or in any way. What happened to Jo Cox is entirely unrelated to Boris’s speech that you seem to believe was an order to the public to gun you all down.

          My God, if the average citizen claimed to be at risk of death because a man looked a bit befuddled and said ‘That’s humbug’, they’d be arrested for wasting police time.

          If one of you does get murdered tonight, the rest of you really will have to accept that Boris did not encourage it in any way. He has simply disagreed with you. That is not a criminal offence.

  39. Sally, from many of your previous posts I can ascertain that you are not a fan of our Prime Minister, but thank you for your comments re ‘humbug’. This whole situation is getting out of control – we had a referendum more than 3 years ago – the result has yet to be implemented due to the complete bias that exists in Parliament and the Judiciary. I am quite frankly appalled by it all. I am not sure how you voted and you may not have voted at all which is a shame as I believe everyone, especially women should use their vote – however they feel. Boris Johnson like ALL politicians has his faults but what he is trying to do is actually implement the will of the people and is being thwarted in every direction. And now they bring out Jo Coxs death to get him into trouble. No one should be using her death for political gain – her husband is not whiter than white and the lefty, socialist garbage really is getting out of control. As you say ‘humbug’ was not a reference directly to her death, he doesnt have to apologise for anything – it is the other side of the House who should be apologising for the trouble they are causing. No-one is calling for their heads on a platter – it started with the appalling Jo Brand urging people to throw battery acid at Nigel Farage instead of milkshakes, then we heard the auther Philip Pulman about a month ago searching for a noose and the nearest lampost for Boris!!! We had some bizarre rapper the other night ‘Slowthai’ I think he was called with Boris Johnsons severed head as part of his show. We have protestors outside parliament with banners saying ‘fuck Boris’, Bollocks to Brexit – so how do these wet, wimps in Parliament have the audacity to accuse him of inciting violence and civil unrest by using the words ‘humbug’, ‘surrender’, ‘traitor’, ‘treason’. These people are causing this, they are whipping up trouble. Jacob Rees Moggs children have been terrorised outside of their Somerset home – it barely gets a mention, old Anna Sour-face hears the word ‘humbug’ and she starts crying in The House – please!!!!!! 450 MPs voted Remain and 450 constituencies voted Leave and that is the problem. We have conservative MPs voted in on a 60% vote share walking to the otherside of the House to join The Lib Dums who had less than a 10% share of the vote in that same constituency – that shouldnt be right – there needs to be by-elections left, right and centre. We CANNOT have a 2nd Referendum as Jo Swinson has already stated that if Leave win again she will not accept the result so it is already null and void. Indeed she has even written to The EU asking them NOT to do a deal with Boris – the woman is not fit to be in Parliament. As for The Supreme Court – all 11 of those Judges have links to The EU – one of them, Lord Kerr, even drafted and wrote Article 50 which kicked this whole shambles off, and he wrote it in such a way that it could indeed be reversed. Lady Hale was told back in 2016 not to get involved with anything Brexit related as she was a serious ‘Remainer’. Everything in the last 3 years has been a stitch up – from May (a serious Remainer) being elected to do a job that she didnt even believe in, and being a hopeless even non-existant negotiator – Merkel told her what The EU wanted and she just rolled over and agreed, ‘no-deal’ was never even mentioned to the Benn Bill which yes ‘surrenders’ to The EU and this ridiculous Supreme Court hearing brought by the multi-millionaire Gina Miller and the hypocritical, double standards supremo John Major who himself prorogued Parliament when he was PM to avoid any ‘cash for questions’ embarassment. WE NEED AN ELECTION so we can indeed get onto more important matters affecting everyone in our own country. £1bn a month going to The Corrupt Club – come on people, charity begins at home!! I love Europeans and I have a good friend who is Polish, clever, beautiful and loves our country more than her own, she has been here 15 years and has just been given settled status – she contributes to society probably more so than a lot of British people so no I am not racist just because I am patriotic and voted to LEAVE the grasping, greedy, unelected Commissioners lair! Without our money the EU is sunk and that is the reason why they dont want us to leave, they want to make us vote again in order to get the result they want – they have done this with 3 other countries who dared to stand up to them. Come on GB we are better than this!! Sorry to get political but it needs to be said so thank-you for standing up for Boris in this instance.

    1. No I’m not a fan of Boris (although his sister Rachel is far worse than him!), but I loathe the idea that because Boris is a Tory who has said and done ridiculous things in the past he can therefore be accused of anything and that is OK. Boris did not incite hate or violence in any way during the speech that everyone made such a fuss about. What no-one has highlighted is that in the same way that Cameron and some of Boris’s mates used their status as Posh White Men to gain the upper hand, a collection of utterly unscrupulous (mainly) Labour Party Wimmin are now using their status as Female to behave appallingly while claiming Untouchable Victim status.

      This phenomenon has worried me for a long time. I worked in a university where there were some very nice senior male professors among the shitbags. There were also some ruthless vindictive women who gained the upper hand in that university by successfuly constructing Senior Male Academics as such Bastards By Nature that some of those men could have sued for er bullying and harassment! Not that they ever did… Four of the men targeted were scholars who had a very good grasp of gender and feminism, far better than the trouts who caused such trouble and one of them was a Jewish scholar who was one of the few people in the institution who understood discriminatio and prejudice! They were all smeared, targeted and treated unfairly and were unable to make their voices heard in an institution where ignoramuses had acquired the upper hand because of corruption in previous decades. It was a bloody joke.

      The same thing seems to have happened in Parliament. It is full of people who don’t understand the fundamentals of democracy and they have been therefore unable to deal with a situation in which the general public voted for something but only by a small majority. The place is full of ignorant selfish idiots who know nothing about representation, democracy, or even the ‘sexism and misogyny’ that they scream so loudly about, they do not understand those concepts, it is obvious.

      Neither do they ever consider that an opponent may be genuine in their beliefs; Wimmin are constantly framing Jacob Rees-Mogg as a monster because he is a Roman Catholic who is anti-abortion. He may be very genuine about that, I don’t know him, but I do know other people who are anti-abortion and they are not awful people, they support women who would rather have a baby than an abortion! Likewise Seamus Milne is mocked for being a Commie who was educated at Winchester. Seamus didn’t send himself to Winchester, his dad did. Seamus might be entirely sincere in his left politics, again I don’t know Seamus Milne, but personal abuse should not be levelled at him by people who don’t know him but just notice which school he attended. It is bigoted and unfair.

      Re Brexit, I actually voted Remain. I didn’t feel happy doing so because I see Europe as a bankers club that has attracted a lot of deeply corrupt people – the dear departed French Statesman whom everyone is mourning at present was done for corruption and Christine Lagarde should have gone to prison but you’re not allowed to jail her so she didn’t – but Europe has benefited Wales (particularly farmers) and Universities. I very nearly voted Brexit when a leaflet signed by Peter Mandelson and Cameron was shoved through my door urging me to vote Remain though… What did put me off Brexit was the racism and lies in the campaign… Not that the Remainers were honest either. Neither did the Remainers even consider that disadvantaged people have not benefited from Europe in the way that affluent people have. No-one told poor people in the south Wales valleys that their bridges and roads have all been built with European dosh, all they saw was middle class people banging on about their own kids going to university in Europe and ooh we have a second home there… It must very alienating for people on the dole in Merthyr who were told by Farage et al that the Polish were nicking their jobs and houses…

      No-one was prepared to lead an honest campaign and no-one at all aimed their message at disadvantaged people. But they’ve been ignored for years now, ‘because they don’t vote’. Well they did used to vote before they were abandoned by everyone and blamed for their own poverty. I am told that I have a posh accent and being a leftie I am often faced with the sort of accusations that Seamus Milne is, but I have watched what has happened to disadvantaged people for years now, I lived with them and what was happening was disgusting. They were killed by the NHS and left destitute by the bloated state that claims to help them. It’s why I attract such grief and aggro, I don’t tend to express the views that people expect me to! I’m from a Tory family, I have a PhD in sociology and a Masters in medical sciences and I really don’t like professional people who kick the plebs in the chops, including Labour supporting Top Docs… It meant that I got clobbered by everyone. I don’t care, I will not collude with corrupt people who are abusing their position. Including Labour Wimmin hurling at Boris when, for once, he hadn’t been offensive!

      1. What may emerge is that the supreme court judgment defined the roles of govt and commons thus rendering the “Benn Act” unenforceable !!

        I wonder if you would go into more detail about longitudinal medical research studies and if National Childrens Bureau had a role in this ?

        1. There were many longitudinal medical research studies Richard, I keep coming across more of them! Gov’t datasets were accessed without anyone’s knowledge or consent and many of those involved in the studies should not have been let near another human being; they included Dafydd’s mates and DGE Wood’s colleagues at Bristol University. I have blogged previously about Dafydd’s network using the ‘research’ to identify suitable targets, that definitely went on but what they were supposed to be investigating in the Bridgwater schools I don’t know and unless someone in the know tells me, I’ll probably never find out.

          Even when I was working in research more recently, I witnessed confidential datasets passed around teams and to their mates in different universities, all ethics breached. The problem is worst in health and social care, because of the in-built disrespect for patients. At St George’s I really pissed them off when Malcolm Pearce told me that I had clinical freedom to access patients notes and I said no, I will ask each patient first. I did as well and I had someone yelling at me ‘There is no need to do that, just get the notes’. Meanwhile the patients were reassured that total confidentiality ruled the day! It was just so deceitful and disrespectful and the fact that Chamberlain’s team could not see that said it all.

          It is this attitude that has led to middle-class but not scientifically educated people becoming anti-vaxxers etc, they know that they have been lied to in the past and they don’t trust the word of Top Docs anymore! The proposed solution to parents now refusing to vaccinate their kids is to ban the kids from school and then fine the parents. For God’s sake, invite the parents to a meeting and EXPLAIN the basis of vaccination, explain herd immunity, explain that measles can be very serious, just engage with people and explain. There are only a very small number of people who really are difficult, what is causing these problems is the contempt that the public are being held in. They are adults and their children are not the property of the state, treat them with respect and EXPLAIN why you are asking them to do something.

          On that note I see that Charlotte Church’s plans to open a school for her children and her mates’ children have been scuppered by the Vale of Glamorgan Council. The local AM is Jane Hutt, who really does not have an outstanding record re the welfare of children… The state is damaging people, they know it and they are disengaging, the solution is not a jackboot…

          It wouldn’t surprise me at all if NCH were involved in the studies, NCH was facilitating abuse on a vast scale when George Thomas was Patron and the money was still pouring into their coffers for ‘projects with sexually abused teenagers’ after NHS AND NCH sexual exploitation had been exposed!

          The reason that I moved my own academic interests away from Health and Social Care to theoretical sociology at postdoc level was because Health and Social Care is completely colonised by either abusive or tame people. Critical thinkers do have a go but they are all blown out or give up within two or three years. It is impossible to get anything published in academic journals serving that field that exposes the worst consequences of Gov’t policy. You just cannot get it published. When Brown and I wanted to highlight the gross abuses of the sham that is Service User Involvement, we had to do it in political and cultural sociology journals by discussing it in terms of rebellion/alternative cultures. We could not get a health and social care journal to publish anything about patient abuse, about service user movements colluding with patient abuse and patient harm, they just won’t publish those articles. All they want is another article from a nurse or a social worker about how they’ve pioneered Service User Involvement in yet another hard to reach group. The patients are dying and the suicide rates are soaring but who cares about that!

          You will not find radical or critical voices in Health and Social Care Policy, they are extinguished which is why failing policies remain in place doing great harm…

          Re the unethical studies in Bridgwater schools, the Whitehall and Gov’t big wig from that era who became famous for saying that Whitehall knew better than the citizen what was best for them was of course Lord Douglas Jay. He was a mate of Richard Crossman and they were facilitating Dafydd and Gwynne’s criminality. Douglas Jay was shafting the general public as a member of Harold Wilson’s Gov’t, but his dreadful wife Baroness Peggy only died a few years ago, she ran Hampstead/Camden, including the hospitals and social services. Their son was the awful Peter Jay, Dr Death’s mate. Peter Jay married Jim Callaghan’s daughter and Baroness Margaret Jay became a Health Minister under Miranda! Margaret’s second husband is the AIDS Top Doc Michael Adler. Robert Peston’s dad was mates with the Jays. Another member of that fucking awful family is Virginia Bottomley. ALL of them were involved with concealing the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Douglas died years ago, but his influence didn’t. Arrogant, stupid people who always knew what was good for everyone else and didn’t they do damage… Peston et al controlled the media as well, so there were never any news reports about the disasters that they had unleashed.

          I have no idea why I and my classmates were being observed and studied. It certainly didn’t get anyone very far. Kids like me who entered Chedzoy School as chirpy bright things who liked academic work were still streets ahead of our classmates with academic difficulties when we came out the other end of the education system at 16, no matter how much vindictive teachers tried to denounce as us hopeless. The kids who struggled reached a plateau as they entered secondary school. They learnt no more, hated every minute of school and might as well have not been there. As for the health outcomes of the kids who I was at school with, it is exactly as it has been for decades. The disadvantaged kids had difficult lives, some of them went to prison (not always the most criminal either, just those who couldn’t cope), some of them had children themselves at a young age, some of their children died, people committed suicide etc. Top Doctors like Michael Marmot who boast of their Expertise in health inequalities have made no difference at all because no-one will admit that the institutionalised bigotry within the welfare system is what is causing such poor health outcomes and the inequity in life chances… They need a good kick they really do, it is Marmot who is benefiting from the NHS, not the patronised, criminalised and pathologized lower orders.

        1. Ebbw Vale College got dispensations to lower the standard of HNC yet still call it HNC Engineering. Their idea being to support the grant aided screwdriver economy.

          When you consider that the area was dunked in grant aid since Specials Areas Reconstruction Act 1936 and thereafter including Nuffield Trust. What has resulted ?

          Panasonic told Wales unless they improve educational standards inward investment will dry to a dribble.

          The Plessey sonar and torpedo factory at Newport was a shambles. Retraining courses set up to support the new industries were falsifying their passes. The workforce complied with management orchestrated falsification of factory tests thus defrauding Royal Navy. The site services engineer turned out be an unqualified ex bus conductor.

          In late 1970s RN sea trials had a 100% failure rate of the torpedoes. When an English engineer investigated he found all the torps had the wrong Fairchild chip in but all 100% had been signed off as passing factory test. IE 100% falsified factory tests.

          To find out wtf goes on a good move was get a night security job on South Wales Argus and do their archive of what they didn’t publish. EG A request to keep quiet about number of retraining courses vacant at Cardiff while funding was spent on creating new courses at Newport. The request said don’t let the English know what we are doing with their money !

          A scouser who trained at Cwmbran stadium enrolled on a course at Trades Union Studies. He sat day after day hearing big bad rich poor lil valleys and Churchill and the Rhondda and Rebecca Riots etc. Then he asked if they could cover something topical like the Tox