The Point Is To Change It

Previous posts and my post ‘Lest We Forget’ discuss the complete destabilisation of Bangor University by Dafydd’s gang and their associates from 2003 onwards, the witch-hunt to which my PhD supervisor and his wife were subjected and the plan to completely shaft the then VC, Merfyn Jones, because I had gained a PhD, was undertaking post-doc work and Brown and I had begun publishing about the excesses of the mental health services. Many paedophiles’ friends who were at each other’s throats united with a common purpose because the criminality that they had all been involved with for years was just so serious. The leader of the pack was Prof Fergus Lowe of the School of Psychology, who had built his career and his power base on overthrowing Dafydd’s influence in the University in the late 1980s and replacing it with his own equally toxic influence (see previous posts eg. ‘He’s Not The Messiah, He’s A Very Naughty Boy’ and ‘Feet In Chains’.)

As described in ‘Lest We Forget’, I realised that things were getting very nasty when I received a message from someone who’s daughter had died in the care of the mental health services in Powys telling me that a TV journo wanted to make a documentary on the appalling state of mental health care in the UK and they were interested in my story, yet the day before filming was due to begin the journo asked me to smear the VC when I was interviewed. When I refused I was told that filming could go ahead when I changed my mind. I heard no more, but I had previously been asked by an Angel who worked at Bangor University to place damaging untrue stories in the press about Merfyn after this Angel read an interview that I had given to a newspaper regarding the mental health services in Gwynedd…

Other gems were me being told that Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, an adviser to the Tory Party, intended to ‘blacken Merfyn’s name’ but he was going to wait until Merfyn’s wife had died before doing so, because it ‘will look bad’ if he did it while Nerys was terminally ill. Why was Nerys dying?? Just the little matter of the Top Docs at the Walton Centre finding that there was ‘nothing that they could do’ with regard to Nerys’s brain tumour. Of course some people do die from brain tumours, but Nerys died at a most convenient time for all those people who had stated that ‘we will get rid of him [Merfyn]’ before Nerys ever became ill. Dafydd’s gang ran the Walton Centre (see previous posts). Nerys had crossed the path of the gang herself in the early 1990s, which had resulted in fallacious allegations being made in ‘The Guardian’ about a senior sociologist at Bangor and Nerys was never forgiven (see post ‘Badlands’). Years later she married Merfyn and when he was appointed VC it was just too much for those we know and love to cope with.

At about the same time that Nerys died, a social worker who had been a colleague of Dafydd’s gang, along with her husband, was singing the praises of the Walton Centre who had successfully treated her for a brain tumour and now she was even back at work!

Ah the doctors they were wonderful!

Nerys and Merfyn were/are not neurosurgeons. How would they have ever known if the Top Docs – Dafydd’s associates – had told a few porkies about Nerys’s condition? Neither could they have relied on the second opinion of any other Top Docs; as experience has shown with me, Brown and two other witnesses, cross the paths of Dafydd and the gang and you will not get effective treatment no matter how ill you are and no Top Doctor at all will admit the truth, even if they keep a civil tongue in their head, a smile on their face and indulge in their very best ‘ooh don’t worry, we’ll look after you dear’. I have 30 years worth of documentation which demonstrates that.

At the same time that Dylan was waiting for Nerys to die so that he could blacken Merfyn’s name, another group of paedophiles’ friends were boasting about their plans to frame Merfyn for a crime.

Just before Nerys died, Fungus was telling Bangor University staff that they could forget about Merfyn now, he was finished and Fungus was in control. Dylan however was seriously pissed off because Merfyn ‘had been on his last legs but because he’s had compassionate leave he’s looking a bit better’.

It was widely known in the University that these things were happening, it was openly discussed. I was told that the RAE results were going to be terrible because so many people had co-ordinated to ensure a poor outcome to embarrass Merfyn, because his strategy was to build Bangor into a university with a solid research base. When Merfyn addressed the staff of the School of Education in his capacity as VC, I watched as, at 3-30 pm, the alarms of the watches of nearly everyone in the room went off simultaneously and they all walked out together, leaving Merfyn, my PhD supervisor and one Professor alone in the room with the post-lecture buffet. Many of those who staged the walk-out had previously worked as teachers in Gwynedd when that paedophile gang caused havoc, particularly among SEN kids. Brown and I had a lovely time with that buffet but if I’d been Merfyn I’d have sacked every one of those bastards. The associates of a gang of paedophiles on £40-50k pa who bugger off home at 3-30 pm and make a point of doing so when the VC has arrived to discuss the future of the University…

After the paedophiles’ friends walked out, an e mail was circulated to everyone in the School of Education from an ex-PE teacher inviting all to a meeting to discuss the very big threat that Merfyn posed to them what with his dangerous ideas of building up the research base of the University. My PhD supervisor turned up to find out what was going on only to find himself barred from entry. Paedophiles’ friends only!!!

Other joys at Bangor University at the time were the Finance Clerks Who Say Ni, who modelled themselves on the Knight Who Say Ni in ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’. None Shall Pass…

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When we were writing big research grant bids which needed to be accompanied by spreadsheets detailing projected staff costs, materials, everything down to the last penny – which takes days and was the job of the finance dept – some of the finance clerks (not all, but enough of them to cause chaos) would simply say ‘you fill in the spreadsheet’ when they were presented with the documentation. They didn’t just do this to post-docs, I saw the delightful Gareth Who Said Ni flatly refuse to complete the spreadsheet needed by a senior Professor. The Finance Clerks Who Said Ni however did manage to fill in the spreadsheets required by Fungus and the Psychologists and Fungus didn’t even have to chop down a tree with a herring or give the Finance Clerks Who Said Ni a shrubbery. Faced with the Finance Clerks Who Said Ni, I completed my own spreadsheets. The procedure was that the bids had to then be signed off by the Chief Accountant. So I went over to his office, only to find that he was ‘in a meeting with the Psychology Dept and will not be available until next week’. By which time the deadline for submitting the bid would have passed. So the Chief Accountant Said Ni as well.

After the Finance Clerks Who Said Ni successfully caused serious problems, the Translators Said Ni. Because Bangor University is bilingual, all public lectures have to be accompanied with Welsh-English translation facilities and I and my colleagues used to do that for our seminars as well. As the paedophiles’ friends became angrier and angrier, we noticed that translators who had been booked weeks in advance either didn’t turn up to the events or turned up so late that we were unable to hold the lecture or seminar. We couldn’t go ahead without the Translators Who Said Ni because it would contravene the bilingual policy.

The Translators didn’t just Say Ni to small seminars held by my colleagues and I. The Translators Said Ni to Merfyn as well and they did it in spectacular style. At one major public lecture given by the VC which had been very heavily advertised and was fairly crucial, all the translating equipment was checked at the start of the lecture, as usual. It was working. Merfyn began giving the lecture – in Welsh – so all the English speakers put their headphones on. My headphones failed first. I signalled to the translator; I was ignored. Then other people’s headphones failed; they were ignored… Then our headphones came back on again, as Merfyn continued speaking. Then, through everyone’s headphones, loud and clear, came the sound of someone having a pee in the bogs next door. There is no way that was an accident, a Translator Who Said Ni took a microphone into the bog with them and ensured that the sound of them piddling was transmitted into everyone’s headphones. Merfyn had no idea what was happening but he noticed the expressions on the faces of those in the lecture and knew that something was going on. Everyone was far too polite to tell him what the Translators Who Said Ni had done, so after the lecture I told him: They recorded themselves pissing in the loos and made sure that the whole audience heard.

A mole has told me that the Translators Who Said Ni staged these happenings particularly when I was at the events. As usual, the desire of the paedophiles’ friends to cause problems for me screwed things up for a lot of other people as well.

OK Finance Clerks and Translators Who Said Ni, now I’m going to tell my readers where this spiteful campaign against me, my PhD supervisor and Merfyn ended up and I look forward to you trying to justify what you all resorted to.


Towards the end of his term as VC, Merfyn was appointed as a member of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. The excesses of the NW Wales NHS Trust, the mortality rate, the litigation and the downright criminality of that Trust (see previous posts) had become so excruciatingly embarrassing that even the Welsh Gov’t could take no more and Edwina Hart, the then Health Minister, dissolved the Trust, along with the other two lethal, disastrous Trusts in north Wales and replaced them with the Betsi.

We cracked open the champagne, literally, foolishly believing that the services of the bunch of crooks and conmen – all associates of Dafydd – who had caused such destruction in the NHS in north Wales would now be dispensed with. Sadly not. Edwina’s past as a trade unionist and politician who had ignored so much criminality on the part of those we know and love meant that she was deeply compromised and couldn’t deal with them. There was a ‘no redundancies’ agreement with the NHS unions and almost every single one of those lying crooked bastards was recycled into the Betsi Board at their previous salary level, although I had given Edwina Hart enough documentary evidence to have had some of them arrested and charged, particularly Martin Jones, the CEO and Elfed Roberts, the Chairman. See previous posts.

Elfed was the only one who was not recycled into the new Betsi; he was given a seat on the Board of the Welsh Ambulance Trust instead. Martin had a job created for him, as the Director of the Workforce. There were ructions, people in north Wales were outraged at these crooks who had overseen such suffering and chaos just being transferred over to the new organisation. The outcome was that they were surrounding Merfyn, who was a new face in the NHS and the new CEO of the Betsi, Mary Burrows.

I and someone who made a witness statement about the threats and harassment to which he had seen me subjected were told repeatedly that ‘they won’t win’ and ‘when they lose, your life won’t be worth living’. Mary received death threats and I was told by a charming character that ‘we’ll take her out’. NHS union reps turned up to Board meetings and discussed threatening tactics outside in the corridor before the meetings got underway. Martin Jones began a blog, ‘The Workforce Director’s Blog’, which was no more than a vehicle for undermining Mary Burrows; every post was full of veiled insults and threats that were understandable to those of us who knew what was happening behind the scenes. Lies were spread about Mary in the locality and there was race hatred whipped up, Mary being American. I sat in meetings and heard racist insults and abuse directed at Mary.

After some months of sitting as a Betsi Board member, Merfyn resigned as VC. This was because he had been appointed as a SPAD to Leighton Andrews, the Welsh Gov’ts Education Minister and it would have been a conflict of interest for Merfyn to have held both positions. A rumour was sent around the University by the paedophiles’ friends that Merfyn had been embezzling the University funds and that was why he resigned.

After a year of Mary and the Betsi Board doing their best to reign the paedophiles’ friends in, an even bigger mushroom cloud went up when Merfyn was appointed Chairman of the Betsi. What followed was a wonder to behold.

Elfed Roberts began a campaign of terror against Mary and Merfyn when the Menai Deli, a sandwich shop which supplied the WRVS cafe in Ysbyty Gwynedd, lost the contract to Ginsters, a company based in Leicester. Not that is was anything to do with Mary and Merfyn, it was a decision made by WRVS HQ. Elfed’s campaign was based on the alleged ‘discrimination against a small Welsh business’. The small Welsh business in question being the Menai Deli, which happened to be owned by Elfed’s mates. Furthermore, its only contract was with the WRVS cafe in Ysbyty Gwynedd. Elfed’s wife was a leading light in the WRVS in north Wales. The Menai Deli was nothing more than a sub-contractor with regard to the cafe and it had bagged the contract through nepotism, it was not a ‘small Welsh business’, it was a scam. ‘Butty Wars’ was all over the ‘Daily Post’ for weeks and got as far as the London-based newspapers. WRVS HQ were subjected to hate mail and threats and the whole business affected their fund raising. See previous posts. Butty Wars succeeded in making north Wales look dreadful, just a bunch of racist, anti-English neanderthals.

The image of Wales was further tarnished at about the same time when Peter Hain’s house was surrounded by pro-hunting protesters and them telling journalists that Peter Hain ‘isn’t even Welsh, he’s fucking South African’. (I think that he’s Kenyan actually.) By the way liberators, Peter Hain’s mates were blown up and killed when he was in South Africa because he and his friends fought a bunch of racist bastards; Peter Hain was a braver man than you wankers. He came to the UK because he would have been killed if he’d stayed in South Africa. Furthermore, because he still insisted upon defending the rights of black people in South Africa when he was in the UK, someone tried to fit him up for a bank robbery and even after he was cleared, the old git of a Presiding judge insulted him. That judge was Sir Alan King-Hamilton, a friend of Sir Ronnie Waterhouse, Sir Ronnie being the man who concealed the VIP paedophile ring run by Dafydd and the gang.

Oh so you’re going to protest outside Peter Hain’s house because he’s not Welsh?? Why don’t you take a few corrupt judges who assisted a gang of paedophiles along with you, I’d recommend Huw Daniel myself, Huw’s Welsh as well, his dad was one of the founders of Plaid (see post ‘Tan yn Llyn’). Huw Daniel has spent his whole life kicking Welsh people who aren’t as privileged as him in the teeth. Is that to your liking? After you’ve invited a few corrupt Welsh judges to join you outside Peter Hain’s house in your protest re his racial origins, go and get your DNA analysed. No, it won’t show that you are related to the ancient Welsh Princes, no matter what Dafydd Iwan thinks, but you will find that you share over 90% of your DNA with vegetable matter, as does every other human being on the planet. DNA’s like that, it’s not very helpful to racist idiots.

I remember the dear old NF slogan well: ‘Racial purity means national security.’ Unfortunately for the NF, the Brits are one of the most mixed ‘races’ on earth…

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After the cause of Butty Wars was sadly lost, there was an attempt at a repeat performance when a lovely little Welsh company owned by Welsh people in the heart of Wales called Blas ar Fwyd lost its contract to supply the patients’ snacks trolley in Ysbyty Gwynedd with cakes containing even more sugar than Mr Kripling’s cakes. Who owns Blas ar Fwyd?? Dafydd’s son, Deiniol ap Dafydd.

Calon Lan!

Elfed and Dafydd only wanted the best for the patients of Ysbyty Gwynedd, which was why they ignored the sky high mortality rates and flogged the patients butties and snacks produced by businesses owned by their friends and relatives.

I knew someone who kept Elfed under observation during Butty Wars, while Elfed was picketing Ysbyty Gwynedd. Not only did Elfed use his time on the picket line to try to find tenants for one of the bungaloids that he owns, but he went in for making a few new friends on Facebook. However the silly old bugger was new to Facebook and he didn’t put any privacy settings up, so one could network among Elfed’s Facebook friends. Hilarious, there were retired coppers from forces known to have had problems with police corruption and the Chief Accountant of Bangor University was a Facebook friend of one of Elfed’s Facebook friends no less…

When Elfed was Chairman of the NW Wales NHS Trust, he had me repeatedly arrested, on one occasion for having pink hair and calling his car a penismobile. On another occasion Elfed had me arrested for ‘harassment’, the harassment being sending the Trust ‘reams and reams of e mails’. Which I did, I was trying to follow up a complaint that I had made after I’d been refused treatment and threatened by Angels and had been subjected to an attempt to frame me for a crime when I tried to access medical help . If somebody had investigated my complaint I would not have needed to have sent reams and reams of e mails. On that occasion, I was interviewed by a DC Steve Power, who admitted in front of the lawyer who accompanied me to the station, that Elfed had ordered my arrest because he was ‘fed up’ with me. Steve Power then told us that he was retiring in a matter of days anyway and that none of this was to do with him. I was released without charge. See post ‘After The Attempt To Frame Me…’.

I recognised DC Steve Power. He was the officer who some years previously had flatly refused to take down my complaint regarding an Angel and three healthcare assistants who had assaulted and injured me. The lawyer who witnessed DC Power’s taped confession re Elfed ordering my arrest because he was fed up with me was Frances Jones. I asked her to send me copies of Power’s taped confession but I heard no more from her. Frances Jones’s name appears on documents that my lawyers only sent me some three years ago. Frances was one of the lawyers involved in one of the attempts to frame and imprison me on the basis of the perjury of Gwynedd Social Services and Tony Francis et al back in the late 1980s/90s. See previous posts.

I saw Frances Jones again a few months after my arrest. She was sitting behind me at the memorial service for Prof Duncan Tanner, the Director of Research for Bangor University. Duncan died suddenly and unexpectedly in the care of Ysbyty Gwynedd, during a routine procedure that is not considered at all risky. Unless you’re in the hands of Ysbyty Gwynedd of course. At Duncan’s memorial service, a number of people insulted Merfyn. As Frances Jones sat behind me I heard her telling other people that the huge problems in Bangor University were a result of the VC.

No Frances, the problems were the result of the associates of a paedophile gang, who, including you, are a bunch of lying, multifaceted crooked bastards.

One of my friends in north Wales told me that Frances Jones is considered to be an excellent lawyer who is much in favour with ‘the villains of Anglesey’, ‘she gets them off every time’.

Anglesey County Council – located at Llangefni – has been famed for its corruption for many years and children in care on Anglesey were abused. Some Anglesey County Councillors went to prison and returned to their roles as Councillors when they were released.

Regular readers will know that Elfed was previously Acting Deputy Chief Constable of the North Wales Police and was obliged to leave the force under a cloud smelling strongly of corruption (see previous posts). Back in the Good Old Days, Elfed was the Sergeant at Llangefni Police Station on Anglesey. Elfed was one of those coppers at Llangefni who was mates with Dafydd, Dafydd living about four miles away from Llangefni. A veteran of Welsh language protests told me that she and her mates were assaulted by Elfed when they were campaigning.

After Dafydd’s charidee CAIS began providing ‘substance abuse services’ for north Wales, the heroin problem in the region exploded. Particularly in Llangefni. No-one could work out why, Llangefni is a just a small rural market town!


One of the senior managers at Ysbyty Gwynedd who colluded to undermine Mary and Merfyn was Trystan Pritchard. Trystan told someone known to me that he really liked Elfed because Elfed had done so much for the Welsh language. Trystan is a Bangor graduate who, before joining the NHS as a corrupt manager, was a journo. I watched Trystan having a very chummy meetings with a journo days before yet another bad news story about Merfyn hit the local papers. Trystan is a Freemason who is relatively young for the sort of boring corrupt old fart who dresses up in silly gear.


After war was waged with tasty morsels baked by friends and relations of Dafydd, the forces of hell were unleashed upon Mary and Merfyn. Patients were told by Top Doctors to write to their MPs to ‘complain about them’; the appointments system was sabotaged which meant that cancer patients only received urgent appointments through the post AFTER the date of their appointment had passed; the pathology lab test results were screwed up, consistently placing patients in danger and resulting in numerous complaints; rumours were spread around Bangor that Mary and Merfyn had mismanaged the Board’s finances so badly that they were responsible for the Board’s debt (no, the previous Financial Director of the NW Wales NHS Trust stuffed Elfed and Martin over before the Trust was dissolved and the funds disappeared with her); medical records disappeared when Mary tried to investigate serious complaints and staff lied to protect abusive colleagues; and lies were told by the Top Docs, Angels and middle managers about every aspect of patient care and safety, so Mary and Merfyn couldn’t take preventative measures because the info needed was actively witheld from them.

When Mary and Merfyn organised a patients’ consultation day with regard to the mental health services, Alun Davies the former manager of the Hergest Unit turned up along with a bunch of henchmen and tried to influence the outcome. The North Wales Community Health Council, ‘the patients voice’, was colonised by Top Doctors and Christine Evans, a retired surgeon, took over as Chair while admitting on her blog that she had taken the position to keep her former surgeon colleagues at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd out of trouble after the Royal College of Surgeons had written a damning report about their misconduct. See previous posts.

The BMA joined in the fun. They mobilised the wider BMA in Wales and also busied themselves locally. A local BMA group specific to North East Wales was formed with a grandiose name; it was actually Philip Banfield and his mates. Philip Banfield is an obstetrician at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd who knows all about Dafydd’s gang, Banfield has been in north Wales for years.

On another occasion the BMA held a meeting in one of the north Wales hospitals with regard to an election which contravened all proper procedures in the run-up to an election. Mary and Merfyn told the BMA that they could not hold such a meeting on NHS premises at a time of ‘purdah’. The BMA got arsey and decamped to an hotel down the road and held their procedure-breaching meeting there.

Unlike Elfed and Martin at the NW Wales NHS Trust, Mary did investigate patients’ complaints. She was up against it because many of the staff of the complaints dept had been inherited from the NW Wales NHS Trust and they continued to insult patients and ignore Mary’s instructions to investigate complaints. The NHS unions continued to protect abusive staff.

On Mary and Merfyn’s watch, Alan Roberts, a senior Angel at Ysbyty Gwynedd, was prosecuted and convicted when he threw a lady in her 80s across the ward and injured her. Roberts mounted a campaign in his defence which was backed by other Angels as well as union reps and student nurses were bullied into supporting him. He took his case to appeal, backed by his union (which I think was the RCN) and won. Roberts didn’t win because he didn’t assault the old lady, he won because it could not be proved that her injuries had resulted from him throwing her across the ward. The old lady wasn’t there to give evidence because she had died. Roberts had also impersonated a police officer which was never addressed.

Roberts ‘the gentle giant’ received much press coverage and after he won his appeal, he told the media that he would be returning to work as an Angel. Roberts’s wife was an intensive care Angel at Ysbyty Gwynedd and She Stood By Him, as did his son, who was a student Angel.

After one of his court hearings, Alan Roberts shook his fist at me as he left. Why did I attend court? Because when the NW Wales NHS Trust was run by Martin and Elfed, Alan Roberts refused to treat me, threatened me and accused me of ‘impersonating a GP’. My subsequent complaint about him was never investigated and Martin told me that it was me who been ‘threatening and aggressive’ to Roberts. So Martin and Elfed ensured that Roberts remained in his job as an Angel, in a senior role, where he later threw an elderly lady patient across the room and injured her. See post ‘Two Dangerous Very Dishonest Nurses’.


After public protests and much ranting in the press over Mary and Merfyn’s alleged plans for the NHS in north Wales – no plans had been finalised, but the paedophiles’ friends spread panic across the region by telling bare-faced lies – Mary and Merfyn held a public meeting, at which they strove to be as honest and transparent as possible. They were met with a baying mob who threatened them with physical violence, in front of the journos, TV cameras and politicians who also attended the meeting. Not one person called for calm and the threats of violence towards Mary and Merfyn were not reported in any media outlet. What was reported was that the whole of north Wales were livid over that dreadful Mary and Merfyn who Weren’t Listening To The People.

I don’t know who the baying mob were, but I don’t think that they constituted The People. I had arrived for the public meeting early and I saw that baying mob disembark from a series of coaches, only to be greeted by a man with an NHS lanyard around his neck yelling cheerfully that ‘this is the day that Mary Burrows gets her P45’ and that today will be the day that they get the bitch out.

After threatening Mary and Merfyn, the baying mob walked out waving their fists and the meeting was closed shortly after. As people filed out of the door, the man who had greeted the coaches went absolutely apeshit. He started screaming at Mary that there would be blood and throwing chairs around the room. He was tended to by someone else who had an NHS lanyard around her neck who dispensed kind words in his moment of trauma. If that man had been an Empowered Service User he would have been arrested, charged and probably remanded in custody.


So who was the problem? A bunch of lying thugs who had facilitated a paedophile gang for years? Of course not, it was Mary and Merfyn as any fule kno. They listed to patients, they investigated complaints, they held public consultations, OF COURSE THEY HAD TO GO!!!


In June 2013, Merfyn and Mary hit the headlines of the London-based media as well as the north Wales media when they resigned after the publication of a damning report about patient care and safety at the Betsi. The report was compiled in the wake of a C difficile outbreak in which patients had died. Merfyn gave interviews and some of them are still available on BBC News Wales archive clips. He reflected on the report which had stated that there had been a breakdown between ‘ward and Board’ at the Betsi and that he and Mary had not been aware of what had been happening at ward level. Merfyn stated that he had to accept that was indeed true, they had not been aware of a number of matters of which they should have been aware. He told the BBC that he had not been able to effect change and he had therefore offered his resignation to the Health Minister Mark Drakeford and Drakeford had accepted it.

Merfyn did not tell the media that there had been a conspiracy to keep crucial information from the Board. He did not tell them that Mary and he had received hate mail and death threats. He did not tell them that I and other people who had complained about the NW Wales NHS Trust had been threatened, assaulted, repeatedly wrongly arrested and unlawfully refused all NHS treatment. Merfyn did not tell them that I had given Drakeford’s predecessor Edwina Hart enough evidence to have Elfed, Martin and a number of Top Docs and Angels arrested and that Edwina had simply refused to act. Neither did Merfyn tell the BBC that when he had been VC of Bangor University, a post-doc was asked to smear him in a documentary about the mental health services and two PhD students who were friends with that post-doc had been followed around University premises by off duty police officers and intimidated.

Perhaps Merfyn should have just said ‘I’m dealing with the associates of a fucking paedophile gang here who have deliberately let patients die in order to force my resignation’, but the BBC probably wouldn’t have broadcast that because Jimmy Savile had been a visitor to Bryn Estyn and one boy alleged that he had been gang-raped while Savile looked on.



The report that condemned Merfyn and Mary was compiled by the WAO (Welsh Audit Office) and HIW (Health Inspectorate Wales).

At the time of the report, the Auditor General for Wales was Huw Vaughan Thomas. Huw Vaughan Thomas was Chief Executive of Gwynedd County Council, 1991-96. Huw was Chief Exec of Gwynedd CC while the paedophile gang were active in Gwynedd’s children’s homes and while employees of Gwynedd Social Services lied about me and other patients to the police and on oath in attempts to secure convictions against us. Huw Vaughan Thomas was Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council when Patient F was denied access to his own baby on the basis of unproven allegations that he was a ‘risk’ to the baby. The baby was brought up in the care of a family with two adult male sex offenders in the household. F and other people raised concerns about one of these offenders and Gwynedd Social Services admitted that he had confessed to indecently assaulting two 10 year old boys. No action was taken against him, not even when he and his friend subsequently offered their services as babysitters and yet more complaints were made about them. F was never given access to his own child and the family whom Gwynedd placed F’s baby with later left the area. F never saw his child again and did not know where he was. See previous posts.

Huw Vaughan Thomas was appointed as Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council in the middle of the North Wales Police’s investigation into the possibility of a VIP paedophile ring in north Wales/Chester. The investigation was closed in 1992 and the police stated that no evidence of any ring had been found.

The child protection officer who denied F access to his child and who refused to even hold a case conference when F raised concerns that his baby could be at risk from the sex offenders in the household where his baby was being raised was Jo Bott. Jo Bott was a former police officer who was subsequently employed by Gwynedd Social Services.

Jo Bott alleged that F’s new wife had been ‘harassing’ the mother of F’s baby and ordered F’s wife to ‘leave her alone’. F’s wife had had no contact with the mother of F’s child since the baby was about two weeks old. The contact then was a visit to deliver clothes and a present for the baby. Because as Jo Bott knew damn well, F’s new wife had been friends with F and his stepchildren for a number of years and had paid for meals and lent the family money when they needed it. Hadn’t she Bott??? In fact the reason that she got to know F was that he found out about the attempts to imprison her on the part of Gwynedd Social Services and the Top Doctors and having been wrongfully imprisoned himself by the same people, F offered advice. F also offered other Empowered Service Users who were being abused and neglected by Jo Bott’s colleagues advice, which was why so many people used to congregate at his house in Bethesda…

Then there was the visit that F received from armed men when he put his house up for sale. No of course he didn’t tell Bott et al, but all the Empowered Service Users knew about it.


After Bott told F’s new wife to leave the mother of F’s baby alone, F’s new wife received nearly £1000 worth of bills from F’s former partner which had been run up in F’s name, along with a demand that she pay them. Then a few weeks later came a demand for some baby equipment. Oh then after that F and his new wife were offered baby photos of the baby that F was not allowed to visit – accompanied by a demand for more money of course…

Leave her alone??? F and his new wife wished that the malicious cow had moved to Jupiter but it really was quite difficult to escape her as the baby was wheeled past their house at regular intervals.

Then there was Martin, a young man who had witnessed everything re F’s baby, who was found dead in the road near Bethesda, at about the time that Huw Vaughan Thomas took up his job as Auditor General for Wales. Martin had witnessed rather more as well, because he was the father of the baby of F’s former partner’s daughter’s baby. Martin applied for custody when he discovered that the mother of his baby was battering the living daylights out of the baby. Gwynedd Social Services told Martin that they would be awarding custody to his former partner if she turned up to the hearing. Fortunately for Martin and his daughter, Mandy couldn’t even be arsed to go to the hearing so Martin was able to bring up his little girl. Until he was found dead that was.

So Huw Vaughan Thomas, who presided over this nightmare, had the final say on Merfyn’s performance as Chair of the Betsi Board!!!

For the full background on Huw Vaughan Thomas and his long list of public appointments – Huw has also been Chief Executive of Denbighshire County Council and a member of the Parole Board, among many other things – see post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’.

Huw: presided over a murderous paedophile gang:

Poor leadership a 'barrier' to safety, says watchdog - BBC ...


Why was there was vacancy as the Auditor General for Wales for Huw to step into? The vacancy arose when Jeremy Colman, the former Auditor General for Wales, resigned and was in 2010 jailed for the possession of child porn (see post ‘The Reality Is, There Is No Problem’).


Huw Vaughan Thomas wasn’t the only person who was responsible for those harsh words about Merfyn, I must be fair here. After all, HIW compiled the report in partnership with Huw Vaughan Thomas. The Chief Executive of HIW was Dr Peter Higson. Peter Higson had previously been a clinical psychologist at the North Wales Hospital; the manager of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh and the manager of the mental health services across the whole of north Wales. Peter Higson was a colleague of Dafydd’s and a good friend of Fergus Lowe.

Peter Higson had a little break away from his multiple roles in the NHS as a facilitator of Dafydd’s gang. In the early years of the millennium, Higson was the interim Chief Executive of ELWa, a Welsh quango responsible for education and training. The Chair of ELWa was Enid Rowlands. Who is married to Huw Vaughan Thomas. Enid is a psychology graduate who comes from north Wales! Just like Peter! There was a bit of a row in 2003 when Enid was Chair of ELWa because £2 million found its way into the pockets of a company called Avanti and no-one could explain where the money had gone after that. Enid refused to resign, even when it was revealed that accounting procedures had not been followed and that conflicts of interest had not been declared when Peter was appointed as interim Chief Exec of ELWa, even though Peter was a Director of the North Wales Health Authority and Enid Chaired that Authority!

Enid has clocked up nearly as many public appointments as her husband has. Among other things, Enid was/is Chair of the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority; was a member of the GMC for eight years; was UK Chair of Victim Support; was a member of the North Wales Police Authority; was/is a member of the S4C Authority; was/is a member of BUPA Council. See previous posts, including ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’.

  • Gwasanaethau cyfreithiol i bawb, nid i’r lleiafrif – Golwg360


ELWa eventually disappeared in disgrace although sadly Enid didn’t and Peter Higson was appointed as the Chief Executive of the newly created HIW. In that role, Peter Higson refused to investigate all of my very serious complaints about the North West Wales NHS Trust. But then Peter had, years previously, refused to investigate all of my complaints about Dafydd et al and Gwynedd Social Services.


So, after Merfyn was set up and blown out as Chair of the Betsi, a new Chair was appointed. It was Dr Peter Higson. After Higson took up the Chair of the Betsi Board, HIW was declared to be in such a sorry state that it was ‘not fit for purpose’. Peter Higson was the only Chief Executive that HIW had ever had and he had been there from its creation.

Do any readers know if the creation of HIW might have been the idea of a man called Peter Higson or one of his friends or relatives?

When Peter Higson was appointed Chair of the Betsi Board, Margaret Hanson was appointed as his Vice-Chair. Margaret had previously worked as a children’s and family social work team leader for Cheshire Social Services. Dafydd’s gang operated in Cheshire as well as in north Wales, through the social services. Margaret was also a Councillor in Cheshire. Margaret Hanson is married to David Hanson, the Labour MP for Delyn in north east Wales. David was also a Councillor in Cheshire; Davies was appointed as Miranda’s PPS in 2001, when all those people were yelling in the aftermath of the publication of the Waterhouse Report that Waterhouse had been a huge cover-up. See previous posts for further info about the Hansons.

When Peter and Margaret took over at the Betsi, Margaret commented to the media that she was appalled at the state of the Betsi and she really didn’t know what those previously at the helm had been thinking of.

It is now more than five years since Merfyn and Mary resigned from the Betsi. Mary sadly died of cancer a few years ago, but not before the ‘Daily Mail’ published an article about her, denouncing ‘her shameful legacy’. There has been scandal after scandal after scandal at the Betsi since Mary and Merfyn resigned. There have been allegations of severe staff bullying and an Angel who blew the whistle on the Tawel Fan Scandal, the biggest EMI patient abuse scandal in the history of the UK, received death threats and was sacked by the Board. Not one of the Angels who were filmed undercover swearing at patients who were crawling around naked on floors covered in faeces and urine was disciplined. The Angels gave interviews to the ‘Daily Post’ stating that there was nothing wrong with the care in Tawel Fan ward and that the relatives who complained were ‘troublemakers’. Some of the same Angels were subsequently caught abusing patients in the ward to which they had been transferred after Tawel Fan closed down. None of them have been disciplined.

The obstetric service at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd was found to be so dangerous that a hit squad was sent in from the Welsh Gov’t to ‘turn it around’. There were accusations that the behaviour of one obstetrician was so crazed and intimidating that it had caused meltdown in the service. Phil Banfield is the senior obstetrician at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. The Board was placed in special measures and the first goal of the hit squad was to ‘achieve normality’ in the maternity service. The Board remains in special measures all these years later because normality has still not been achieved.

The abnormality of the obstetric service at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd had obviously been missed by Huw Vaughan Thomas’s wife Enid, who was Chair of the North Wales Health Authority long before Mary and Merfyn got near the Betsi. But Peter Higson, being a Director of the North Wales Health Authority had missed the abnormality along with Enid. But then Peter’s mate Prof Bob Woods from the School of Psychology at Bangor University has been north Wales’s expert in dementia care for decades now, so he must have been something to do with the abnormality at Tawel Fan. Another of Peter’s many roles was that of a lecturer on the clinical psychology course at Bangor University. Bob Woods was Director of that course and before the North Wales Hospital was closed down, clin psy students did their ‘training’ placements under the lecherous eye – and hands – of Dafydd.

Peter Higson is also a member of the Council at Bangor University. After Peter was appointed to the Council, Bangor University awarded Peter’s sister, Dr Ruth Hussey, an honorary degree. Ruth was Chief Medical Officer for Wales, 2012-16. Ruth was CMO for Wales when the Betsi was failing to achieve normality, in spite of the best efforts of the hit squad from the Welsh Gov’t. See post ‘Topsy and Tim’ for further details of Peter And Ruth’s biographies.


Well after Merfyn and Mary resigned, the Betsi Board effectively went bankrupt and the Welsh Gov’t bailed it out. Several times. But still the Board couldn’t manage. The Board has a recruitment crisis in every aspect of its work, no-one wants to work for the NHS in north Wales in any capacity. Litigation against the Board is soaring and the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales has spoken out repeatedly about the worrying number of complaints that he is dealing with about the Betsi. The mortality and suicide rates for north Wales are some of the worst in Europe and have got worse since Mary and Merfyn departed.

Since Mary and Merfyn resigned, the Betsi’s performance, on every measure, has plummeted and the Board has sunk so deeply into the red that it doesn’t make sense for the Welsh Gov’t to talk about giving the Betsi a bail out to enable it to balance the books. The Board is bankrupt, has been for quite some time and it is sinking deeper and deeper and deeper.


The Tory AM Mark Isherwood some months ago made a speech in the Senedd in despair at the state of the Betsi and the patient harm and deaths, ending it with ‘this cannot be allowed to continue’. Vaughan Gething, the Welsh Gov’ts Minister for Health told Mark to stop talking down the NHS.

As for those politicians who sat in silence in that public meeting some six years ago while an organised mob hurled threats and abuse at Merfyn and Mary, they are still in office. One was Darren Millar, the Tory AM for Clwyd West. To be fair to Darren, he is the only politician who in recent years has called for prosecutions with regard to the abuse of patients at the Betsi.

Another of the politicians was Plaid’s Llyr Huws Gruffydd. I had met Llyr before I saw him sit in silence at that meeting. I had previously e mailed him and given him full details of the extended neglect and abuse of a friend of mine at the hands of the mental health services in north Wales. Llyr wrote me a very nice e mail back saying that this sounded shocking. When the mental health services heard that I was writing to politicians, they admitted my, by then, very very ill, suicidal friend to a psych ward in Wrexham Maelor Hospital. Llyr turned up and the Angel in charge told him that there were no problems at all re my friend. Llyr told me that my friend was in safe hands. My friend was discharged the next day and, once more, unlawfully refused NHS care. He became destitute and nearly died some months later. I never heard from Llyr again, although I did e mail him and tell him what was happening to my friend.

The third politician who sat in silence at the public meeting was the Labour AM for the Vale of Clwyd, Ann Jones. Ann Jones regularly comments on her support for the NHS and its wonderful staff. She has never said a word about the escalating horror prevailing at the Betsi since Mary and Merfyn’s departure. But then Ann Jones never said a word about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal despite being on the scene throughout it all. Jones was born and educated in Rhyl, was a Rhyl Town Councillor and a Denbighshire County Councillor. Ann Jones is Deputy Presiding Officer of the Welsh Assembly. I am still on the mailing list for many of the things which I was involved when I was still in Wales and a few days ago I was invited to a Wimmins Event with Ann as a guest speaker. I’ll give that one a miss, I don’t want to be told that Ann is my role model. Even if I did feel in need of a role model, I would not choose Ann.


A third person resigned along with Merfyn and Mary, that was Dr Lyndon Miles, the Vice-Chair of the Betsi Board. I always found Lyndon very pleasant and approachable and after the threats and abuse at the public meeting, I bumped into him in a cafe and he told me that the Board were getting a very bad time but they were determined to see this through. Two weeks later Lyndon resigned and I think that he resigned before Mary and Merfyn.

Lyndon wasn’t crazed and threatening like the other Top Doctors, but he definitely knew what they were doing and had known for years. Lyndon is a GP and arrived in Bangor in about 1984, when the gang called for reinforcements. The reinforcements were all like Lyndon, they weren’t obviously mad a la Dafydd et al but they colluded with Dafydd and the gang. Lyndon was a GP in the Student Health Centre in UCNW, he worked with Dr D.G.E. Wood, Liz Stables and Gwynne the lobotomist who were facilitating the trafficking ring. Lyndon was the GP of my housemate Anne Vernon when she was killed by the gang. Lyndon was also the GP of the young female psych patient who was used for sex by the junior gynaecologists of Ysbyty Gwynedd, made pregnant twice by them and then coerced into abortions which they had arranged. She was subsequently refused all NHS treatment and told that if she wanted to access care she’d have to move to England. See post ‘Another Case Of Not Knowing?’

Lyndon worked as a GP in north Wales throughout the worst of Dafydd’s gang; he was there during the rapes of the kids in care, the unlawful denial of access to NHS abortions anywhere in north Wales thus forcing women into the hands of the dangerous ‘private’ abortionist in Chester, the framing of victims of the gang, the banging them up in high security hospitals, the constant suspicious deaths and suicides, the forging of records and throughout the Waterhouse Inquiry, Lyndon knew about it all and he has never said a word. He also knew what happened to me. Lyndon also spent years as Vice-Chair of the Gwynedd Local Health Board. Lyndon knows all about the murdering criminal bastards.

Lyndon is now Chair of St David’s Hospice, an institution run entirely by Dafydd’s gang. Alun Davies became Chief Exec of St David’s Hospice when the deaths and suicides of patients and staff at the Hergest Unit meant that even Davies was too embarrassed to remain as the Director of the mental health services for the NW Wales NHS Trust any longer. When Davies retired from St David’s Hospice just a few years ago, Trystan Pritchard was appointed Chief Executive. See post ‘The CEOs of St David’s Hospice’.


It is clear that Dafydd’s gang and their associates did indeed precipitate a situation in which patients died at the Betsi in order to cover Merfyn with crap and force him to resign as Chair.

Perhaps someone needs to hold the following people to account:

The Director of the Pathology labs who knew that infection was raging throughout the hospitals managed by the Board but did not control the situation or keep Merfyn and Mary informed. That person is Dr Avril Wayte. Avril is a member of the Board of Dafydd’s charidee CAIS.

Avril is married to Dr Donald Wayte, a retired pathologist. For years, Donald Wayte was the senior pathologist for north Wales. Highlights of Don’s career included accusing parents, in public, who’s children had died of SIDS of having murdered them on the basis of absolutely no evidence at all and taking the 15 yr old son of a friend of his into the hospital to work with him without gaining permission or ethical clearance from anyone. The teenager had a lovely time, he saw the dead bodies, the lot, thanks to dear old Don.

Don played a key role in many a Nasty Case and an ‘Orrible Murder, what with ruling the roost over the whole of north Wales for many of the years that Dafydd’s gang ran riot, years in which north Wales became famous for its corruption in medico-legal circles, the fitting up of innocent people and the ludicrous explanations for the suspicious deaths of so many victims of and witnesses to the crimes of Dafydd’s gang. People were found hanging, found dead from overdoses, they were hit by cars, they fell out of windows, down embankments, out of trains going at speed, they were killed in fires, there was no end to the untimely and unfortunate deaths of so many in north Wales who had encountered Dafydd et al. The coroner or judge presiding over the trial often relied on the evidence of Dafydd’s mate Don.

Don was the pathologist who gave evidence at the July 1996 trial of Howard Hughes. Hughes was found guilty of the 1995 rape and murder of a little girl called Sophie Hook, who disappeared from a tent in a garden in Llandudno and who’s body was later recovered from the sea. Howard was a wrong ‘un, everyone knew that, especially the police. Howard had a chromosome abnormality which caused him to grow very tall, he is getting on for 7 foot high. Howard also has learning disabilities and cannot read and write, so he could not read the statement that he made to the police. Howard has always denied knowing anything at all about Sophie’s disappearance. He came under suspicion because he was seen on a footpath near the garden from where Sophie disappeared. But nowhere near the time that Sophie disappeared. Furthermore, the garden where Sophie was camping is in a suburban part of Llandudno, so a lot of people were on that path.

The police seemed to know that they were looking for a big man with learning difficulties because they told the world that they were looking for a big brute. They found one shortly after saying that and arrested Howard. They had to release him again because there was absolutely no evidence linking him with the crime. While Howard was out, the police raided his house and most conveniently found child porn. So he was re-arrested. Howard was remanded in custody and when he was in prison on remand, another prisoner, a convicted child sex offender maintained that Howard had confessed to Sophie’s rape and murder. The account that this prisoner gave of Howard’s confession sounded rather like the fantasy of a child sex offender. That statement was the only evidence linking Howard to the Sophie’s disappearance. Everything else was pure speculation, including the allegation of ‘he was seen carrying her dead body’. No he wasn’t. Someone said that they thought that they saw someone who might have been Howard carrying a sack with something in it late one night. But there was no evidence that the person was Howard, if indeed such a person was seen and who knows what was in the sack, if there was a sack, which was far from certain. There was absolutely no evidence against Howard except for the confession of a convicted sex offender who also admitted that sometimes he did make things up but he hadn’t on this occasion.

Dafydd’s mate Don gave an account of the terrible injuries that had been inflicted on Sophie’s body, but true to form, Don didn’t just confine himself to that. Don explained exactly what Howard had done to Sophie. How Don knew this I don’t know, because much of his evidence could not have been extrapolated from the injuries postmortem on a body recovered from the sea, but Don Knew. See previous posts for further details.

When Howard Hughes was sentenced, the world heard the details of his previous, which was terrible, I would be wary of someone with a criminal record like Howard’s. Indeed, I nearly was someone with a criminal record like Howard’s. If every attempt that Dafydd and the gang had made to fit me up had been successful, I would have a criminal record like Howard Hughes. And it would all be a load of cobblers.

Howard was arrested, convicted and imprisoned at the time that Dafydd’s gang repeatedly tried to fit me up for serious offences by planting evidence, committing perjury and I am told, paying people to lie about me. The gang became very busy after 1994, because Brown had sent them yet more evidence of Dafydd trying to bribe me into dropping my complaint about him and I and another patient also had a meeting with two members of the Mental Health Act Commission and told then that serious complaints about Dafydd were not being investigated, including that of him sexually exploiting patients. Our complaints were still not investigated, but we were arrested.

The reason why I am so cautious before screaming for Howard’s knackers on a platter, is that from quite a young age, everyone responsible for Howard’s diagnoses, care and ‘assessments’ were associates of Dafydd and the gang. Howard had also been in Bryn Estyn, where he maintained that he was abused. Howard’s claim for compensation re Bryn Estyn was rejected on the grounds that he had serious criminal convictions. But then most of the boys from Bryn Estyn did, because if they weren’t brutalised and driven mad by being beaten and gang raped, they were fitted up by Dafydd’s gang to discredit them. Howard had also spent time in Garth Angharad, the ‘hospital for mentally abnormal criminals’ near Dolgellau. Except that it wasn’t a hospital at all, it was an isolated building hidden away which was owned by a solicitor who was later struck off for stealing his clients’ money. Before that occurred, the struck off solicitor had owned and managed children’s homes and schools, where the kids had been abused. Even Ronnie Waterhouse didn’t have a good word to say about the owner of Garth Angharad, Paul Hett. See previous posts.

I didn’t know of the existence of Garth Angharad until a few years ago when I received my own files. In the late 1980s, when I was sitting in a London medical school as a postgrad student, a case conference had been held about me in Garth Angharad, without my knowledge, by a man of whom I had never heard, who took evidence about me from people of whom I had never heard. The conclusion was that I was extremely dangerous, capable of murder and should be banged up in a high security hospital as soon as poss. See post ‘The Night Of The (Dr Chris) Hunter’. The reason why the case conference about me was held in Garth Angharad was that the man who held it, Dr Chris Hunter, of whom I had never heard, was visiting Garth Angharad to see one of his patients there. Hunter was a mate of Dafydd’s gang which was why Tony Francis and Dafydd had asked him to hold a case conference about me. Chris Hunter also had patients in Ashworth Hospital – where patients were raped and beaten by Angels, one patient being battered to death – in Whitchurch Hospital and in the Caswell Clinic in Bridgend. All of these places were receptacles for the victims of Dafydd’s gang who complained about him. They were hospitals in name only.


The Top Doctor who used to sit on the Betsi Board as the Top Docs’ representative at the time of Merfyn’s resignation has more than a few questions to answer. I can’t remember his name, but he was rude, awkward as fuck and highly defensive. He refused to co-operate with anything that Merfyn and Mary suggested re improvements in patient care and he took an entrenched position on absolutely everything.


The Health Minister who so willingly accepted Merfyn’s resignation and smugly announced that he would be appointing a replacement, which was Peter Higson was of course this blog’s old friend Mark Drakeford. Drakeford worked as a social worker for Dyfed Social Services when a paedophile gang operated in Dyfed Social Services which had links to Dafydd’s gang. Drakeford served as Rhodri Morgan’s SPAD for years while the slaughter continued apace in north Wales and when serious complaints went uninvestigated. When Drakeford was Health Minister, bombs went off under him constantly, NHS deaths, scandals, corrupt practices, the lot. He refused to accept responsibility for any of it. During that time, I wrote to Drakeford and gave him full details of a medical research fraud that I had witnessed. I did not receive a reply and some three weeks later, Drakeford appeared with members of the team who perpetrated the fraud at a media PR event, promoting the fraud.

Just a few weeks ago, Mark Drakeford’s 31 year old son was sentenced to eight years in prison for the prolonged violent rape of a young woman. Drakeford junior was also charged with grooming a child.


Martin Jones, the Director of the Workforce at the Betsi who hated Merfyn and Mary, was one of the leaders of the lynch mob and after all those scandals at the Betsi was appointed Director of Investigations for NHS Wales. Martin is now the ultimate man for investigating complaints in Wales’s NHS…


The PM when Merfyn was forced out by a bunch of psychopaths who conspired to allow patients die to make him look bad was Lord Snooty the Third. Health is a devolved responsibility, so the Betsi was nothing to do with Lord Snooty the Third, but as previous posts (eg. Lord Snooty The Third) explained, Lord Snooty had a great deal to do with what was going on in north Wales. As indeed did Cherie, Miranda, Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband (see post ‘Lest We Forget’).


The Torygraph, the newspaper most supportive of Lord Snooty the Third, some 10 years ago, ran a flattering report about an Angel from Ysbyty Gwynedd, Stephen Gallagher, who was in the TA and while on duty in Afghanistan, had ‘saved a boy’s life’. The story was substantially untrue, breached confidence and put the lives of the boy and his family at risk. I had made a complaint about Gallagher some months previously, after he had refused to treat me and threatened me. Martin Jones destroyed the CCTV that showed Gallagher doing this. I was told that the senior managers of the NW Wales NHS Trust had given the story about Major Gallagher the War Hero to the Torygraph. I was also told that before he had threatened me, there was already a note on Gallagher’s HR file saying that his competence and integrity could not be relied upon, after a Top Doctor made a complaint about him. Some time after Gallagher appeared in the Torygraph, he threatened me again and two witnesses made a statement detailing what they had seen. One of the witnesses worked at Ysbyty Gwynedd and then Gallagher threatened her. She was subsequently accused of conspiring with me to ‘get’ the Trust Board. There was no investigation into any of the complaints that arose from any of this. See post ‘Two Dangerous, Very Dishonest Nurses’.


For crying out loud, get it into your heads everyone, Dafydd’s gang don’t have and never did have any limits. They fitted complainants up and had them imprisoned for years or banged up in high security hospitals and they murdered witnesses. They have ruled north Wales for decades and what a legacy there is. I thought that they were pretty bloody stupid coming after a young woman with a postgrad degree in medical sciences, but they stop at nothing, nothing at all. They made statements claiming that I had attempted to stab someone. Then admitted that no, I had done no such thing. They made statements saying that I had tried to throttle someone. Then admitted that no, I had done no such thing. They made statements saying that I was known to carry and use weapons. They were not able to show evidence of this. Or of their allegation that I had held an Angel hostage. Or that I have been in prison for attacking someone with a knife. Or that I had sexually assaulted a psychiatrist. Yet no-one would take action against this lot, no-one.

Then in 2013 they let a load of patients die because they wanted to force out a man who had been a VC and Governor of the BBC and who’s wife had died at their hands. I recommend that Merfyn hires a lawyer and obtains copies of his medical records. They probably explain that it was really him who raped that young woman, not Mark Drakeford’s son at all, but what with his wicked ways, Merfyn blamed it all on Drakeford junior.

Just for the record: Merfyn was my ultimate boss for a number of years when I worked at Bangor University. I never ever witnessed him raise his voice to anyone, swear at anyone, lose his temper or even be rude to someone else. I saw him look really fucking exasperated as the paedophiles’ friends insulted him, shouted at him in public and refused to do the jobs for which they were so generously paid while treating staff and students appallingly. He should have broken his code of conduct and fucking well flattened the lot of them.

Now, all the names of those worthless bastards who assisted in the deaths of those patients to force Merfyn to resign please, to me at this blog or via my e mail address and I’ll name every one of them…


Here he is in his well-dressed man disguise, you can tell he’s a wrong ‘un:

  • BBC News - Sport and public service in Wales birthday honours
  • Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board chairman Professor ...



Someone else who’s attempted a well-dressed man disguise:

‘There is no evidence that Dr Jones ever behaved unprofessionally or in any way that was not in the best interests of his patients.’

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Just read the ‘Guardian Online’ report explaining that waiting times for cancer treatment in the UK is now the worst that they have been. £39 million is required immediately, just for a starter. Well there’s a surprise.

    Many of the people quoted in the Guardian Online report have been named on this blog as having colluded with research fraud and wrongdoing or having known what happened to me and used their knowledge to benefit from it.

    Well read the blog post above this comment then Baroness Delyth ‘another £39 million please’ Morgan and you tell me whether the Final Solution to shaft the man who had dared allow me to complete a PhD in his university and then had the nerve to give me a job there – a conspiracy to allow patients to die while he was Chair of an NHS Trust to make him look bad and force him out of public life – was worth the peerage and the job that you should never have had, as well as all the jobs for the other worthless toe rags who couldn’t land the jobs any other way.

    You really are disgusting. By the way Baroness Delyth, who was it in cancer research who told you what happened to me???

    1. Have received an e mail asking me to flag up the potential toxicity with which Merfyn was surrounded in the School of History at Bangor, where he held his Chair. I have mentioned a few of these folk before, but there was one person who could well have been targeted by those we know and love but I didn’t really know him.

      Nia Powell worked in History, her dad was a judge so he really could not have avoided being Of Them.
      Andrew Edwards is a former officer with the North Wales Police.
      Dinah Evans was married to Ron Evans, the crooked solicitor employed by Gwynedd County Council who kept everyone out of prison.

      Now all of the above liked Merfyn, I never heard them say anything nasty about him at all, but as I have found out, their principles and friendship go out of the window if anyone mentions Dafydd and the gang because the stakes are so high. If Merfyn was perceived to have been a threat to them, they’d have been capable of anything.

      When Tony Francis was stuffed over by the rest of Dafydd’s gang, he enrolled for a degree in History at Bangor. Merfyn was widely expected to become the next VC at the time, so until very recently I took the view that Francis was probably trying to ingratiate himself to Merfyn to whisper sweet poison into his ears re me, because I was back in Bangor University then myself. I have since been given info that suggests that Francis was actually taking up history to knife Merfyn, because Francis was well aware that Merfyn was not Of Dafydd’s Gang. After doing his first degree in history, Francis did an MA in Church History, but I don’t know whether he completed it.

      The person who ‘does’ Church History in Bangor is Prof Huw Pryce. Huw Pryce turned up on Melvyn Bragg’s ‘In Our Time’ not so long ago. I do listen to ‘In Our Time’, but it is such an Oxbridge snob-fest that I was a little intrigued as to how Huw from Bangor made it into the green room with Melvyn.

      Melvyn is a big supporter of MIND – I think that he has been President – and is a MIND ambassador. The MIND which for most of its existence has been controlled by Dafydd’s gang and in north Wales is staffed by Dafydd’s gang and works in partnership with Dafydd’s charidee CAIS…

      The historians were all very worried about one of their colleagues when Bangor was under attack from the paedophiles’ friends. A man called Will Griffith used to work in the School of History; he had been there a long time and was very well-liked in the University. I didn’t know him very well – although he did help me with a bit of research when I was a PhD student – but everyone used to say that he was a really nice man. Will was a specialist in the history of the family who owned Penrhyn Castle. Towards the end of his career, Will was widowed and everyone was concerned because he was a family man who had been incredibly close to his wife, there were never any allegations of Dafydd-like domestic horrors. After Will’s wife died, he met another lady who started a relationship with him.

      Then people started to get very very worried because there was a perception that she was predatory and did not have good intentions towards Will. The allegations from Will’s colleagues were that first she isolated Will from his colleagues and then there was real concern because she seemed to be causing a rift between Will and his family. Will’s friends and colleagues wondered if she was after Will’s money, because everyone agreed that this lady had got her claws into Will at a time when he was vulnerable and she really did not seem to be acting in his interests. The last I heard was in about 2009 or so. Will had left Bangor, cut off contact with everyone, even those whom he had known for decades and was fast moving away from his son as well.

      No-one could understand what the hell Will’s new lady was up to. I was told that she ‘was a psychiatrist’ ‘who runs a charity called Chrysalis’. I googled her. She’s not a psychiatrist, she is a clinical psychologist. And she is networked with those we know and love. And no, I don’t think that she was after Will’s money. It was far, far nastier than that…

      Are you going to fess up then Dr Predator??? Who sent you in the direction of Will?? And how many more of the gang moved in on other Bangor staff Who Knew, in the guise of friends/new partners etc???

      1. I’ve received e mails from someone worried that I consider that Howard Hughes might be innocent. This person has told me that Howard is being supported by various human rights groups and the organisation JUSTICE, which she tells me have been infiltrated by members of Dafydd’s network and are supporting the cause of paedophiles.

        I do know about the problems in JUSTICE and some of the other Human Rights groups, I have certainly noticed some of those involved and who their associates are.

        The reason why I think that we should be very cautious indeed about the conviction of Howard Hughes is that so many people involved in his education, care and treatment, diagnosis and the investigation and his trial were members of Dafydd’s gang. Just look at the institutions and names from Howard’s past. Most of them are on the documents in my possession, with clear evidence that they lied, perjured themselves, fabricated documents, were networked with corrupt members of the judiciary etc. If they did that to me, they’ll have been doing it routinely, no-one conducts themselves like that as a one-off.

        I do accept that people can dupe us and that there is a huge danger that someone guilty of something terrible can successfully use naive campaigners to get themselves off the hook. It does happen, there has been an age-old problem in male prisons of prisoners forming relationships with rather dippy women who have taken welfare jobs in prisons and then helped very violent men escape. Then there are the women who get married to Ronnie Kray etc. No, I can’t understand the attraction either.

        However, the people who told us what a wicked and dangerous man Howard Hughes was are exactly the same people who said that about me, at the same time. That lot were causing havoc in north Wales, absolute havoc and they were in overdrive because the Waterhouse Inquiry was on the way.

        I don’t know Howard Hughes, but I do know many of the names who’s ‘professional opinions’ were relied upon throughout his life and not a word of what any of them say/said can be believed.

        As for the organisations supporting Howard, I do not know what their reasons are. They have been infiltrated by those we know and love but there may well be some genuine people in those organisations as well. Those connected to Dafydd’s network will need to keep up the public front and they can be very good at that.

        Can’t they Dr Lyndon ‘I’m on Merfyn’s side, I’ll be standing up to Dafydd’s gang’ Miles???

        They murdered my housemate Lyndon and she was one of your patients. And nothing can ever justify your collusion over the young psych patient who was being ruthlessly sexually exploited by a whole gang of junior doctors from Ysbyty Gwynedd and who arranged the abortions themselves – because NHS abortions were finally available in north Wales by 1991! – after they repeatedly made her pregnant. Then the denial of all NHS care afterwards… I saw the letters that Sadie and Tony Francis wrote to her, she was my friend, I knew a great deal about what was going on.

        1. In fact that young woman was rather like me wasn’t she Lyndon? Clever, alternative, friendly with loads of off-beat people, knew much of what was going on and quite pretty with long blonde hair…

          The difference was that I kept refusing to have sex with your mates, while my friend said yes to the predatory bastards. Which was why ALL the boats were pushed out to discredit me and Brown. Where is Pippa now by the way? Probably dead years ago. She was ill and you all knew it. So effective treatment was denied, she was sent around in circles and then kept encountering Nice Young Doctors who very convincingly began ‘relationships’ with her, that ended in tears rather quickly, when one of their mates would then appear who wanted a ‘relationship’…

          Ruthless sexual exploitation of vulnerable people. A trafficking ring. Young boys for middle aged/elderly gay men, vulnerable Bangor grads for the Top Doctors and more middle class clients – you earned a lot from the Pippas didn’t you Lyndon, Brown estimated that they were going for at least £1000/night to businessmen in Manchester and London – learning disabled patients for those who just wanted a shag and had no principles at all…

          This matters Lyndon because you and your mates are now at the top of the NHS…

          1. Lisa and Ingrid.

            Remember them Lyndon?? I do. Lisa’s boyfriend found out what was going on and tried to kill himself. A Referral to Dafydd followed…

            Ingrid. The last I saw she was dressed up like a dog’s dinner surrounded by a bunch of lechers – Top Docs among them!!!! – in the restaurant bit of the Gazelle Hotel when the Top Docs favoured that destination in the 1980s… I was working in the kitchen of the Gazelle at the time – well of course I was, I kept saying no to the Top Docs – and I heard the comments made about Ingrid. No-one knew that I knew her. A prostitute??? Er no, a drama student at UCNW who was a bit fragile and a bit insecure who was made an offer she couldn’t refuse…

  2. Tony Francis. Used to go for meals at the Gazelle. With all the other Top Docs from Ysbyty Gwynedd.

    I couldn’t even get away from the ring when I was washing up in the bloody kitchen of the Gazelle. There I was, busy with the plates and a gentleman came in the kitchen to meet that girl whom he saw through the window!! A high ranking officer in the Navy! Hilarious, I felt like doing a Hello Sailor and taking the piss.

    The landlady of the Gazelle, Barbara Moulton, was part of the ring. An ex porn queen from Cheshire who’s ex husband was a detective in Greater Manchester…

    I don’t mind if Barbara wanted to be a porn queen, I don’t mind if Barbara wanted to work as a hooker. But Dafydd’s gang were criminals who were going after children and trying to force people into the gang who just had no interest in it at all…

    1. Yes, when I did the washing up, I used to work by the window and watch who was coming and going.

      I saw everyone who was arriving and leaving the Gazelle, between June 1984 and April 1985…


        One of the Old Guard who was leading the charge against Merfyn when Merfyn was VC.

        Brindley was a Well-Respected Man, he and his family/ancestors were leading lights in the Baptist Church in Bangor. Bindley also spent years working as the Head Technician in Plant Biology with all those folk facilitating Dafydd’s gang as detailed on this blog.

        Brindley accused me of theft once the old bastard. I didn’t get an apology when I cleared my name either…

        1. Then there was the sabotage of certain students projects – Remember my agar plates for my finals project Brindley??? They were being moved AND infected with spores to screw my results up.

          When I mentioned that this was happening, Richard Shattock got very cross and said ‘there is no sabotage in the dept’. Well I’ve since been told that there was, that someone was going into Plant Biology at night and getting up to all sorts in there…

          Not that the Well-Respected Man knew anything about it all of course. Or that prostitution ring.

          1. Ruth Whitbread was the daughter of Dr Bob Whitbread, one of the senior lecturers in Plant Biology.

            Dr Whitbread was a nice man, but he knew what his colleagues were doing. He had a row with Prof Sagar once and said to Sagar ‘you say whether I like it or not, well I don’t like it, I don’t like it one bit’.

            Dr Whitbread probably didn’t like the trafficking ring either, but he knew that the shit would hit the fan if it was ever made public.

            Ruth Whitbread worked for the BBC when she grew up! Her name was appearing on BBC News Online pieces just after the Waterhouse Report!! Ruth seems to have disappeared without trace…

  3. One person who knew EVERYTHING which went on at the Gazelle Hotel in the mid-1980s was a waitress called Api. She was Welsh but I don’t know the origins of her name – English northerners thought that she was called Happy, but she once told me that she was actually Api.

    Api was incredibly hard-working, she worked such long and late shifts at the Gazelle that she had her own room where she slept over. Api had a day job as well – she was a dinner lady in a school in Bangor but I don’t know which one. Api lived in Friddoedd Road, Bangor. She was working flat out to accumulate dosh to go on foreign holidays. Her jobs were all low paid but she was an incredibly hard worker.

    Api was a hard woman. She knew what the landlords the Moultons were up to, she knew about the bits of the trafficking ring that spilt over into the Gazelle and she had no time for any of it but she just ignored the lot, she wanted that money…

    Api knew about absolutely everything and who was involved.

    1. Want to know how bad it was in Bangor???

      The gang Ruled Supreme. Not just in the NHS, Social Services, in education, the charidees, Gwynedd County Council, but in local businesses as well. If you crossed the gang, you’d find yourself going out of business no matter how sound your business was. But if you were a lying shyster, you did really, really well.

      In the early 1990s, two graduates from Bangor University Business School, Matthew Saunders and his
      business partner, a man called Simon, set up a student cafe/restaurant in Bangor, The Fat Cat. I’m not so sure about Simon, but Saunders was nothing but a crook.

      Because there were only greasy spoons in Bangor, when The Fat Cat opened everyone went in. Including Patient F and me. We used to chat to the waitresses who were mostly Bangor students or new grads. After just a few days, F noticed that The Fat Cat had much wall space but nothing to fill it. Simon told F
      that they’d like art on the walls but they couldn’t afford it. F had in storage some eight huge oil canvases that were priced at about £1k each. He had sold one to an interior designer from Bath but as anyone making serious art in north Wales knew, people in north Wales didn’t have the money for that sort of art. What sells in north Wales is pictures of badgers painted on slate because the tourists buy those in the gift shops, or the affluent middle classes splash out for William Selwyn’s pictures of farmers leaning over the gate looking at their sheep. F was broke after having been shafted by the predators and Dafydd’s gang (see previous posts) for daring to challenge social workers about the abuse of boys in the Ty Newydd children’s home in Bangor and he didn’t have a venue in England for displaying his canvases, so they were in storage at a friend’s house.

      So F asked Simon if The Fat Cat would like to display his canvases free of charge in The Fat Cat, price them for sale and take a bit of commission on any sales. Simon and Matthew had a ‘business meeting’ – they never had a conversation, it was always a business meeting – and they were delighted at the offer. Matthew told F that The Fat Cat was opening a branch in Chester which was where people who could afford art hung out and it was arranged that F’s canvases would go on display in the new Chester branch.

      Matthew and Simon arrived with a van big enough for the canvases and off they went to hang in Chester. Three weeks later Simon approached F and told him that there had been a break-in at the Chester branch but the canvases had not been nicked. However, Matthew and Simon had realised that they didn’t have insurance for F’s canvases ‘and they couldn’t afford it’, so they were returning the canvases to F.
      They told F that they would return the canvases within the next week.

      The canvases arrived, but there was a canvas missing. A painting that F called ‘The Cat’, a slightly bigger canvas, but worth much more than the others, about £4k. Everyone admired The Cat, F did it with a spray gun, it was a psychedelic cat arching its back and spitting while under attack. It was famous in Bethesda and the response was always ‘cor I’d buy that if I had 4 grand’. Someone else liked The Cat as well, but he didn’t tell F that – it was Matthew! Matthew really, really liked that painting, in fact Matthew told his mates that he liked that painting so much that he wanted it for his new flat in Nottingham! Matthew’s business had suddenly started to do very, very well, he had found an investor to finance another branch of The Fat Cat in Nottingham and Matthew was soon to set up a UK-wide chain of The Fat Cat!

      Although Matthew had found an investor, Matthew told his friends that he wouldn’t actually be buying the painting from F, because Matthew wasn’t going to pay a hippie from Bethesda for a painting. Matthew just wasn’t going to return the painting because, as he told his mates, he knew that F could not afford to take him to Court to get possession of the painting.

      Over the next few months, F repeatedly asked Matthew for The Cat to be returned. There was excuse after excuse. Ooh we’re a bit busy, but it’ll be with you soon. Ooh it was going to be this weekend but whoops something’s cropped up. Then Matthew told F that he had taken The Cat to Nottingham ‘for safe keeping’. F hit the roof. Matthew then told F that if F wanted the painting back, F needed to hire a van and driver and go to Nottingham to collect the painting.

      F went to see Alwyn Jones, the solicitor in Bangor who had recently defended me when Jackie Brandt, the Gwynedd social worker, had taken me to court for ‘staring at her in Safeways’. See previous posts. F told Alwyn ‘he’s stolen my painting’. Alwyn ADMITTED that yes, Saunders had a legal obligation to return the painting. So Alwyn wrote a letter to Saunders. At the time, F really appreciated it, because Alwyn didn’t charge for the letter. But Alwyn knew that F was under serious attack and hadn’t warned us.

      Saunders wrote an insulting letter back, telling F that if he stopped wasting his money on ‘expensive solicitors’ he could use the money to hire a van to retrieve the painting.

      At about the same time, someone I know went to a party at the flat of Matthew The New Sensation On The UK Restaurant Scene. I was told that the guests were all invited to admire a wonderful painting that Matthew had made the centre of his room… This person told someone ‘I know who owns that painting, it is a man in Snowdonia and that painting has been stolen…’ Which is how my friend found out that Matthew knew damn well that F had been shafted and could not get his painting back once it was in Nottingham.

      F went to the Bangor police. They told F that it was not a criminal matter, it was a civil matter and no they could not do a thing. Although just weeks previously they had prosecuted me for staring at a social worker in Safeways who was a member of a paedophile gang and who had perjured herself by claiming that I had screamed and sworn at her and she feared imminent violent attack, then began crying in the witness box and admitted that she’d told a few porkies to the police…

      By that time, Matthew’s staff in Bangor had also discovered that Matthew was a grade A bastard. The waitresses were not being paid, health and safety rules and other legislation was breached and staff were insulted when they tried to obtain the dosh that was owed to them. Matthew was no longer visiting Bangor, he was at Head Office at Nottingham! If he had have shown his face in Bangor, he’d have been lynched…

      Then Matthew and Simon were featured in the media. They had won an award for business and Matthew explained that branches of The Fat Cat would soon be opening all over the UK – as indeed they did – and Matthew wanted to open for business in America as well!

      Matthew the Big Businessman however still had time to personally ring a friend of F’s, a vulnerable man from Bethesda and interrogate him. I heard that call. ‘I’ll be speaking to you again’ said Matthew. Oh no you fucking wouldn’t be Matthew, because I knew what was going on, I knew that you were a very, very nasty piece of work, in fact A CROOK Matthew, a crook who was somehow linked to a trafficking gang in north Wales and Chester, where the local MP Peter Morrison had spent years abusing those boys whom F had dared raise his concerns about.

      Now, who was the ‘investor’ who bankrolled Saunders after Saunders joined in the campaign of hate against F which was in full force by the gang at the time? Why did Simon run away screaming from that business not long after, leaving Matthew as sole Big Cheese? What was the involvement of Wulf Livingstone, who worked for Saunders and who then worked for CAIS, trained as a social worker, joined the Probation Service and then rocked up as a lecturer in social work at Bangor University and then Glyndwr University?

      There was another person who was once a friend of Matthew and Simon’s as well, a man called Phil, another Bangor graduate who did all the carpentry for The Fat Cat in Bangor who then decided that he’d have no involvement with The Fat Cat any longer. I don’t know Phil’s surname, but he’s a good mate of Nick, the man who run’s Surf Lines, the outdoor activities company in Llanberis. I think that Phil is one of those involved with Surf Snowdonia, the big newish place in the Conway Valley which is an artificial surfing beach.

      All of these Bangor Business School grads who knew what happened to F, suddenly finding rich people who wanted to invest in their businesses! It all kicked off in the mid-1990s. The Jillings Investigation, the Waterhouse Inquiry, Prof Eric Sunderland suddenly retiring and yet another paedophiles’ friend Roy Evans arriving in Bangor University as VC…

      Bangor Business School was the place to be! Ooh we hear that there’s great things happening to the graduates there! Well there were if the grads had linked up with a gang of paedophiles…

      The Fat Cat went tits up not so long ago. After all those years of success, the bank suddenly pulled the rug from out under Saunders and he gave furious media interviews about the crimes of those bastards at the bank who had ruined him but poor Matthew couldn’t afford to take them on.

      Oh the irony! I stood outside the closed down branch of The Fat Cat in Wrexham and pissed myself laughing. I only wish that F had known about it all Matthew!!!

      I think that the bank which after years of bankrolling Matthew the paedophiles’ friend had suddenly dropped him was Lloyds. I’m fairly sure that it was Lloyd’s. Lord Kenyon, former President of Bangor University was a Director of Lloyds. Lord Kenyon’s son Thomas was known to be sexually abusing boys in care in Wrexham. Thomas Tyrell-Kenyon died in 1993, just months apart from his dad. Thomas died of HIV/AIDS.

      1. I have received an e mail along the lines of ‘we’re sorry that we believed what was told, we didn’t know the background..’

        Oh fuck off. You didn’t know ‘the background’ because you left me and others for dead after being told poisonous lies by people whom you knew could not be trusted. The only reason why none of you knew the background was that you knew who was after our blood and you ran away fast before asking us the background.

        Fuck off and stew, all of you. I can remember who it was who listened and supported me and the others under attack and I won’t be embracing any other worthless shallow toe rags. You’re only squealing because its now all over the internet that a gang of fucking paedophiles let patients die in order to wreck the reputation of a man who stood up to them and who’s wife then died at their hands. You had your chance and you made your choice as to whom you aligned yourself with. Now fuck off and live with what you have all done.

        More names coming soon paedophiles’ friends!!!

        1. Elinor, the joke of a ‘Press Officer’ in Bangor University. Christ, Elinor was a nightmare, not just with regard to me but with regard to everyone else as well. Rude, obnoxious, very poor communication skills. Elinor must have been about the only member of ‘support staff’ in Bangor University who was not fluent in Welsh. I always presumed that she was first language Welsh, which was the reason for her rather poor grasp of English at the appropriate level. So imagine my surprise when we heard that there had been congratulations all round when Elinor passed her GCSE Welsh! Well I and the staff who were Welsh learners had got nearly that far and many a lot further. Elinor’s exam success led to quips that Elinor was a bilingual illiterate, she couldn’t read and write in Welsh or English…

          Elinor’s usual stance was to flatly refuse to write press releases for any academics at all, even to promote the biggest events. So I wrote my own. I then received a snotty e mail from Elinor demanding that I send my press releases to her first. She massacred them. A senior Prof just looked at what she had done and said ‘she doesn’t seem to understand that we spend our lives writing publications, we do know how to write…’

          After I was interviewed by the media re the appalling state of the mental health services in north Wales – nothing libellous, just academic observations – I received an hysterical e mail from Elinor screaming ‘you are criticising the NHS and the University must not be compromised’. One of my colleagues noted ‘this is the Press Officer who cannot spell or write fluently and who has just written a piece for the local paper about a member of the University’s translation unit who believes that cats can talk to her’. Yes, this happened, one of the Translators Who Said Ni was completely nuts, believed that she could hold conversations with cats and boasted of being known in her village of Penygroes as ‘Helen Miaow’. It was observed by someone with a robust sense of humour that ‘Helen section her now’ might have been more appropriate.

          So how did the poisonous cow Elinor bag that job, in which like so many others she used her position to cause as much bother for Merfyn as possible, to spread gossip and slander, because she took took the view that ‘the sooner he goes the better’? Well Elinor landed the job many, many moons ago after gaining ‘experience’ on the local north Wales newspapers. Which were ruled by Dafydd and the gang.

          As for compromising the University, well Elinor if you hadn’t done that quite effectively yourself
          by failing to do your job, obstructing everybody else when they just said ‘OK I’ll do it myself then’ and then joining the hate campaign against the VC, I think that you probably compromised the University by being involved with a heroin addict who was one of Dafydd’s customers…

          1. Then there was the e mail circulated explaining that a revolution was being planned in north Wales and for some reason one person who had to be targeted by the revolution was that Fat Cat at Bangor University, Merfyn. Interested folk were invited to join in the revolt. Two of those involved with the revolution were an Empowered Service User Representative from Rachub who also had a part-time job in Bangor University teaching English to overseas students, Jan someone or other and Wulf Livingstone, a social work lecturer at Glyndwr University. The Wulf who used to work for Dafydd’s charidee CAIS, then became a social worker and then a probation officer in north Wales…Wulf is an alcohol specialist. Dafydd’s charidee CAIS holds the contract for alcohol services in north Wales.

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