‘The Reality Is, There Is No Problem’

My post ‘Everywoman?’ and the comments that follow it refer to the clique of utterly dreadful people who have occupied senior positions in health and social care in Wales for many years now. This bunch have spent their whole careers playing musical chairs – when they stuff up so badly that they just have to go, they pop up somewhere else in a very similar role, very often at a more senior level. The word ‘incestuous’ really is the only description applicable. Posts ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake’ and ‘I Know Nuzzing…’ detailed how it was this process of recycling incompetent or downright dangerous staff and managers that led to North Wales Child Abuse Scandal of the 70s, 80s and 90s. The Waterhouse Inquiry was supposed to have been the turning point. Of course it wasn’t, because although Ronnie Waterhouse admitted that terrible abuse of children in care had happened and that a paedophile ring was at work in north Wales and Cheshire, he concealed the extent of it and the links with public figures as far away as London, as well as evidence of links to abusers of children in Europe. Waterhouse also ignored the links between the organised abuse of children in north Wales and organised crime involving child porn and hard drugs. Hardly anyone resigned or retired even after Waterhouse – a few of the senior managers simply moved to other regions of the country and continued working, everyone else was bound by a code of silence and carried on in their own sweet way, mostly in north Wales. They continue to live and work there.

So how did Wales’s health and social care sector respond after the public inquiry into the biggest child abuse scandal that there had ever been in the UK? They remained in very deep denial.

The Waterhouse Report was published in 2000. In March 2001 the ‘Guardian’ published a feature on the crisis in the social care sector in Wales. It stated that ‘low morale, poor pay’ and the fear of involvement in ‘departmental failure’ made it difficult to attract social care staff to Wales and that the Waterhouse Report and critical reviews into local authority social services departments were ‘contributing to the problem’. No, it was the presence of a paedophile gang who’s mycelia spread throughout Wales that made it difficult to attract staff. Gwynedd and Clwyd Social Services had been dogged by scandal and allegations of abuse for years. The ‘services’ were so notorious that one social worker whose comments were published who desperately  wanted to escape from the sector in north Wales was quoted as saying ‘I’ve worked for Clwyd. No-one’s going to have me’.

So what comment did Hugh Gardner, the Chair of the Association of Directors of Social Services in Wales, make to the ‘Guardian’? Hugh stated that ‘Waterhouse has not helped…a feeling that there’s a special problem surrounding the integrity of people working in residential care in Wales. The reality is, there’s no problem, but public perception is damaging for morale’.

‘The reality is, there’s no problem’. A vicious paedophile ring had been in operation in the children’s homes in north Wales for at least 30 years – children had been raped, buggered, starved, beaten, used as forced labour and the children’s homes had doubled up as brothels. When the children hit their mid-teens they were trafficked to London and Brighton for sex work. So many former residents of the children’s homes were found dead as young adults that very few are now still alive. Five were killed in one arson attack in 1992. Every agency and organisation in Wales had colluded with the abuse – those kids had tried and tried to raise the alarm but no-one responded, except for Alison Taylor the Gwynedd social worker who blew the whistle and who was then sacked.

The response of the social care establishment in Wales to the crisis in social care was to establish a task and finish group in the Assembly, with the remit to look at recruitment and retention. This group was to be Chaired by Graham Williams, the Chief Inspector of the Social Services Inspectorate of Wales. Another member of the task and finish group was Rhian Huws Williams, the head of CCETSW Cymru (Central Council for the Education and Training of Social Workers) – for the low-down on Rhian Huws Williams, see post ‘Still Lost In Care’. Dominic Macaskill from UNISON, many of whose members work in social care, contributed to the debate – Dominic thought that the main problem was the ‘serious social deprivation’ in Wales. Mario Kraft from Care Forum Wales also sat on the group – he saw the group as a ‘chance to grapple with the recruitment and retention issues’. Mario observed that the outlook for the private sector as well was ‘bleak’.

At this time the Minister for Health and Social Services in Wales was Jane Hutt – a former social worker – a ‘family friend’ of Rhodri Morgan and his wife. Rhodri Morgan was First Minister. Rhodri’s wife Julie is a former social worker. Rhodri’s special advisor was Mark Drakeford – who had worked as a social worker in Dyfed, when they had a problem with abuse in their children’s services. All these people had been involved with social care in Wales BEFORE the Waterhouse Inquiry. They had been in place whilst the abuse was happening – and abuse wasn’t just happening in north Wales. The biggest scandal occurred there, it was particularly dreadful, but there were problems in health and social care right across Wales.

BBC News Wales in 2002 reported that ‘elderly care was in crisis’ – Hugh Gardner, the Vice-Chair of the Association of Directors of Social Services Cymru, maintained that more money was needed.

In Dec 2004 BBC News Wales reported that Hugh Gardner was to be awarded an OBE. A few others did even better. Dr Michael Shooter, a psychiatrist from the Abergavenny area – who was mentioned in a comment in response to one of my blog posts recently – was to be given a CBE, as was Janet Chaplin (the Assistant Chief Probation Officer of the South Wales Probation Service), along with Richard Blair (Director of the Wales Local Gov’t Association aka WLGA), Andrew Cozens (the former President of the Association of Directors of Social Services) and Gloria Mills (the Director of Equal Opportunities at UNISON).

A nice collection of gongs in return for complete failure there.


Did the Assembly task and finish group of 2001 manage to improve matters? It would seem not. ‘Community Care’ in Jan 2005 reported on the dire state of health and social care services in Wales. Chris Davies, the Director of Cardiff Social Services, commented that the Welsh health and social care services were performing worse than their English counterparts but ‘no-one can quite put their finger on why’. Immediately after the publication of the damning Jillings Report in 1996 concerning the abuse of children in care in Clwyd, Clwyd County Council was abolished. John Jevons, the Director of Clwyd Social Services, left Clwyd and took up the position of Director of Social Services in Cardiff.

Our old friend Hugh Gardner also popped up in ‘Community Care’, Jan 2005. It was mentioned that Hugh was the former Director of Social Services for Swansea. Hugh did admit that there was a problem now – the problem was that the Welsh Assembly hadn’t given them enough money.

Swansea Social Services were declared to be not fit for purpose and were put into special measures after the murder of baby Aaron Gilbert in May 2005.

Jon Skone, the Secretary of the Association of Directors of Social Services Wales, was also involved in trying to suggest a remedy to the problem according to ‘Community Care’. Skone began life as a social worker in Neath in the early 80s. The boys from Bryn Estyn who complained about being molested were sent to an even worse place if they didn’t shut up – Neath Farm School. Neath Farm School got a mention in the Waterhouse Report as being so brutal that boys preferred to be beaten and abused at Bryn Estyn than risk being sent there. Skone was a a community development worker in West Glamorgan County Council in the mid-80s, principal social services officer (learning disabilities) for South Glamorgan County Council, 1987-92, Assistant Director, Policy, Planning and Strategic Development for Dyfed County Council 1992-96, Head of Community Care, Pembrokeshire County Council 1996-2000 and was appointed Director of Social Care and Housing for Pembrokeshire County Council in 2000. Jon Skone climbed yet higher. In 2010 Skone received much publicity when he was appointed Director of Social Services in Pembrokeshire AND Director of Hywel Dda Health Board, responsible for the management of Withybush Hospital, the first person in the UK to hold such a double appointment. Skone worked with Trevor Purt at Hywel Dda. Purt left Hywel Dda after public protests regarding the state of the health services and became CEO of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board – where he subsequently resigned after the Tawel Fan scandal which involved the ‘institutional abuse’ of mental health patients.

Skone’s own honeymoon didn’t last long. Skone resigned in 2012 when a child abuse scandal blew up in Pembrokeshire. Not the scandal which involved the paedophile ring in Dyfed/Pembrokeshire, that was another scandal. Skone resigned after children’s care services were described as ‘Victorian’ in a highly critical report which followed an investigation after children were found to be kept in ‘padded time-out rooms’ aka padded cells. Skone then set himself up as a management consultant, advising on social care, health and housing. In 2013 Jon Skone was appointed to the Board of the Care Council for Wales. Skone is also a member of Alder Advice, a collective of advisors to the social care, housing and healthcare sectors.

‘Community Care’ reported that Meryl Gravell, lead member for Social Services at WLGA (Wales Local Gov’t Association) maintained that most services were good but that there was a lack of money. Meryl Gravell is famous on the blogsphere in Wales, the blog Jac O The North is particularly keen on following her adventures and alleged conflicts of interest. Meryl hit the nation’s mainstream media in Feb 2012 after she described staff of Carmarthenshire Council – of which she was leader – and protesters campaigning to stop the proposed closure of the A&E Dept of the Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli as ‘rabble’. She also implied that the Council’s staff were a bunch of lazy gits. Meryl stood down as leader in 2013 after a coalition of Labour and Independent Councillors got together and achieved domination on the Council.

Dear old Graham Williams – who was still the Chief Inspector of the Welsh Social  Services Inspectorate – mentioned the importance of the ‘dissemination of best practice’.

‘Community Care’ commented that this was ‘perhaps the last chance for Wales’s much maligned care sector to begin to recover its reputation’.


By 2005, health and social care services in Wales were supposed to be ‘working together’. Jane Hutt was removed from the role of Minister of Health and Social Services in 2005 in the face of the NHS continuing to sink like a stone and a row about excessively long waiting lists. (Hutt popped up again in 2007 as Minister for Children.) Somebody just as bad, a GP, Dr Brian Gibbons, was now in the role. See post ‘Politicians – And Their Responses’ for the background on the lethal Gibbons, who wrote me a letter simply stating ‘this correspondence is closed’ when I told him that I had evidence of serious criminal conduct on the part of staff and managers in the north Wales NHS and social services.

I have discovered a 2005 document, a ‘Concordant Between Bodies Inspecting, Regulating and Auditing Health and Social Care Services in Wales’. The signatures on this concordant are instructive. They include:

Dr Peter Higson of Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW); Graham Williams of Social Services Inspectorate Wales; Rob Pickford of Care Standards Inspectorate Wales; Gren Kershaw of the Welsh Risk Pool; Terry Rose of HSE; Anna Walker of the Healthcare Commission; Chris Heginbotham of the Mental Health Act Commission; Michael Ponton of NHS Confederation Wales; Peter Jones of the CHCs; Steve Thomas of WLGA. The signatures on the foreword of the Concordant are those of the then two biggest wigs in Wales’s Health and Social Care system, dear old Dr Brian Gibbons and Ann Lloyd, the Head of the Health and Social Care Dept, Chief Exec NHS Wales.

Ann Lloyd CBE has not featured on this blog until now, but she certainly has much to answer for. Lloyd was Chief Exec of NHS Wales 2001-09. So all those deaths and assaults at the Hergest Unit happened on her watch, as did the framing of patients by the staff for crimes that they had not committed – as well as the failure to investigate patients complaints. Ann Lloyd stated that ‘we must never have a mid-Staffs here’ [in Wales]. So that’s what the huge cover-up and harassment and wrongful imprisonment of patients was all about then – Ann didn’t want a mid-Staffs. You had one Ann, by anyone’s standards there was a mid-Staffs in north Wales and now you’ve got this blog to deal with. Ann served under successive Health Ministers Hutt, Gibbons and Edwina Hart. I have detailed previously how Edwina Hart really did try and sort out the NHS in north Wales but was hounded out of her post by the BMA and the paedophiles’ friends. I was also told that the civil service were being as obstructive to Edwina as possible – I wonder if one of those doing the obstructing was Ann Lloyd?

When Ann ‘retired’, she stated that ‘mental health [services] need a good going over’. She also believed that ‘services are more accountable and transparent’. The services need a police investigation Ann but you and Gibbons didn’t even respond to patients complaints. At this time the Chief Exec of the Gwynedd CHC was Glanville Owen, who didn’t investigate patients complaints either. Glanville was the Deputy Director of Gwynedd Social Services responsible for children’s homes when the paedophile gang were busy in those homes.

Ann didn’t completely disappear when she left the Welsh NHS full of criminals abusing patients. She became a Commissioner for Health and Social Services in London and spent two days a week there. I suspect that the dead hand of Ann Lloyd is still touching NHS Wales though. I have found a document dated May 2017 which was the minutes of the Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee. The Chair was an Ann Lloyd and the Vice-Chair was Lyn Meadows. Meadows is a member of the Betsi Board and the former corrupt dishonest Director of HR at Bangor University. Before that she was a senior manager of the Welsh Ambulance Service, which was a catastrophe. She was described to me as an ‘evil cow’, a manipulative bully who promoted someone to a managerial post who later ended up in prison for a savage attack on his wife. In a previous life Lyn Meadows was a non-executive director of an NHS organisation on the Wirral. She was named in Hansard and on Frank Field’s blog as having colluded with a fraud with some Top Doctors. More info about Meadows can be found by using the search facility on this blog, I’ve mentioned her often.

In the financial year 2003-04 Ann Lloyd’s salary was given as £125-130k.

When Ann retired, Sir Paul Williams became the Chief Exec of NHS Wales. Paul had been the Chief Exec of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University NHS Trust – which was somewhat scandal ridden itself. Williams had started his career as a clerk in the Welsh NHS and worked his way up over the next 40 years. Details of Paul’s career can be found among the comments that follow my post ‘Wheels Within Wheels Or Flies Drawn To The Same Incestuously Corrupt Shithouse?’ Upon Ann’s retirement, Paul stated that NHS Wales now had opportunities which ‘will be the envy of other healthcare systems’.

OK Paul, that must be why eight years later we have some of the worst health outcomes in Europe and more than one NHS Board in Wales is technically bankrupt.

What about the others who signed the Concordat? Well Peter Higson who was Chief Exec of HIW is well-known to readers of this blog – he concealed the paedophile ring whilst he was the manager of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, ignored abuse of patients and criminal misconduct and he’s now the Chair of the Betsi. Which is in special measures because of institutional abuse in its mental health services.

Graham Williams was still Graham in denial. Rob Pickford of Care Standards Inspectorate Wales started out as a social worker in the Rhondda. He became a child protection officer for Mid-Glamorgan Social Services and then occupied management positions in social services in the Rhondda. Following this he was Assistant Director for Adult Services for Bridgend County Borough Council. Rob just rocketed upwards – he became Director of Social Services for Bridgend and at some point took over Graham Williams’ former remit of Chief Inspector of Care and Social Services. Dear old Graham became Director of NHS, Mid and West Wales Region and then retired. Rob went on to become Director of Social Services, Children and Families in the Welsh Gov’t. In 2013 he was appointed visiting Professor at the University of South Wales and an honorary research fellow at Cardiff University. Rob maintains that his career has been spent ‘supporting people to deliver citizen centred services’. (Higson used to claim on his profile on the HIW website that his career had been dedicated to making life better for the citizen.) Latterly Rob Pickford could be found on the website of the Big Lottery Fund – he is listed as a Wales Committee member, alongside other equally duplicitous people. Rob is also Chair of the Wildlife Trust for south and west Wales.

Gren Kershaw of the Welsh Risk Pool is known to readers of this blog (see post ‘How Much Do Staff Surveys Really Tell Us?’). He was the senior manager of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh in its final days and the CEO of the Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust, 1991-2008. He then took control at the Welsh Risk Pool, where he worked with John Bowles and Patricia Gaskell. Bowles was risk manager at Ysbyty Gwynedd whilst patients were assaulted by staff and died and Gaskell was the hospital solicitor who covered up for and failed to take action against Hergest staff who assaulted patients. Whilst Gren was CEO of Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust he was responsible for Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. There was cover-up after cover-up following serious complaints and the elderly wards were so bad that staff at Glan Clwyd warned their friends not to let their relatives be admitted there. In 2005, Peter Higson in his capacity as CEO of HIW wrote a report on Gren’s mental health services – which included the infamous elderly mentally ill wards – describing them as ‘good and still improving’. Higson and Gren were old mates from their days concealing the paedophile gang at the North Wales Hospital. Gren isn’t Welsh – until the 80s he was an NHS manager in Jimmy Savile’s stomping ground in Yorkshire. After ‘retiring’ from the NHS, Gren set up a management consultancy.

Gren co-authored an article with an Annette Bartley for ‘Asian Hospital and Healthcare Management’ entitled ‘Effective Leadership For Patient Safety – Lessons From Safer Patient Initiative’. Bartley was described as Head of Modernisation, North Wales NHS (Central Division) – which was the later name of the Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust; it gained such a dreadful reputation that a rebranding exercise was undertaken. Annette Bartley was an Angel – presumably one who had spent all or most of her career in north Wales. Bartley became a fellow of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and even spent a year in Boston which was funded by them. She then returned to Gren and north Wales. She did of course set up her own management consultancy. Bartley died in 2016 and a tribute was written to her by the Point of Care Foundation on The Health Foundation’s website. It stated that Annette was a nurse until 2007, but then became a quality advisor, that she had a ‘passion for excellence’ and was ‘an experienced nurse and capable service improver in north Wales’. She was also obviously a very good liar. We are told that Annette had a little anecdote – ‘when the organisation hit a barrier to progress, it brought inspiration and new energy to enable change’.

I can understand that the goons in north Wales all swallowed Annette’s nonsense because like her they’d never dare admit what was happening in their organisation which had hit a barrier to progress, but how did she manage to convince anyone in BOSTON that she was a ‘an experienced improver’?? They’d only needed to have paid a visit to the shambles that was Ysbyty Glan Clwyd…


Anna Walker was the Chief Exec of the Healthcare Commission, 2004-09, until it was subsumed by the CQC after one scandal too many. Walker was a Whitehall civil servant who had worked for the DTI, DEFRA and had been the Director-General at Oftel. Anna was supposed to be all about being a hard taskmaster and inspecting/regulating the NHS in order to effect improvement (she should have just asked the Great Improver Annette for advice) – she didn’t have much joy with the NHS in north Wales. Anna was the daughter of Lord Butterworth, the first Vice-Chancellor of Warwick University and was in the same class as Princess Ann at Benenden. Anna’s husband is Tim Walker, who was the Director-General of the HSE. The HSE that only very, very rarely took the NHS to task, no matter how many times they killed patients. One of Tim’s underlings at the HSE co-signed the Concordat with Anna. Between 2009-16, Anna was the Chair of Young Epilepsy. At about the time that Anna became Chief Exec of the Healthcare Commission, a young woman with epilepsy ended up in a vegetative state after being admitted to Ysbyty Gwynedd. It was a bank holiday and there was no senior doctor on call because Keith Thomson, the CEO of the North West Wales NHS Trust, had refused to pay for senior doctors to cover at weekends and bank holidays. No-one on duty knew how much medication to give her and they got it wrong. She ended up severely brain damaged. Thomson wasn’t sacked and no-one was prosecuted. Thomson did resign in 2005 – hours after my lawyers had him summoned before a High Court judge in Cardiff and ordered him to hand over my medical records which he had been refusing to. Not that Thomson actually retired, although he told the local paper this – Thomson went off quietly to Pembrokeshire and joined the senior management of the NHS Trust down there! He stood down from that post suddenly for unexplained reasons, but was kind enough to tell them all that he’d remain as an advisor to the Board.

Chris Heginbotham of the Mental Health Act Commission – the MHA Commission that failed to investigate abuses of patients in north Wales, lied to patients and had a very chummy relationship over a period of many years with NHS senior managers in north Wales – was formerly Chief Exec at MIND. Heginbotham worked closely with William Bingley, the legal director of MIND whilst Heginbotham was Chief Exec – who also went on to lead the MHA Commission – who admitted to me that he knew the extent of the criminal activities of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones. For more details of Heginbotham’s activities, see post ‘MIND Are Out For Mental Health – But Never For Themselves Of Course’.

Michael Ponton was appointed as Director of the NHS Confederation Wales in 2004. He began working for the NHS in Cardiff in 1962 and moved to England in 1968, where he worked at St Mary’s Hospital Paddington and Leicester General Hospital. In 1974 he returned to Wales as manager of the Morriston Hospital, Swansea. After spending 16 years in senior management roles with West Glamorgan Health Authority, Ponton returned to Morrison in 1985 to manage the revamped hospital. In 1990 he became Managing Director of East Dyfed and Pembrokeshire Health Authorities. In 1996 Ponton was appointed as Chief Exec of Health Promotion Wales. In 1999 he arrived at the newly established Welsh Assembly Gov’t as the senior civil servant supporting the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Ruth Hall, on Health Promotion and Public Health.

Dr Ruth Hall was or still is a member of NICE’s Public Health Advisory Committee, is on the Board of Governors of the Public Policy Institute for Wales and is Joint Chair of the Mid-Wales Healthcare Collaborative. Healthcare services in mid-Wales are notoriously virtually non-existent and two days ago the children’s services in Powys died a death. Ruth penned an entertaining piece for the University of South Wales’s website, entitled ‘Riding The Wave of Success’, in which she urged everyone to ‘enjoy the wave of reflected glory. This particularly applies to the NHS…’

Michael Ponton led the Assembly Strategy ‘Improving Health in Wales’ – he was Director of Health Policy and Development in the Assembly’s Health and Social Services Dept. In 2010 when he retired Ponton became a visiting Professor at the University of South Wales. He was or is a Trustee of Age Concern Cymru as well as Help the Aged in Wales.


A Report on the Implementation and Progress of the Concordat 2005-07 followed a few years later. The signatures on this Report were pretty much the same as the signatures on the Concordat, but there were a few new additions, including that of Dr Finlay Scott, Chief Exec of the GMC. At the time, Finlay was busy trying to explain why Harold Shipman had been allowed to continue practicing although there had been concerns expressed about him many years previously after he was convicted of a drugs offence.

Another new signature was that of Jeremy Colman, the Auditor General for Wales. Jeremy was a civil servant who had worked as the Private Secretary to successive holders of the post of head of the Home Office’s civil service and in the Treasury. Colman had played a leading role in the privatisation of British Airways and the British Airports Authority. In 1988 Colman was Director of investment bank County NatWest. He then became a partner in Price Waterhouse – he was based in Prague, as head of Corporate Finance. Colman joined the National Audit Office in 1993 and was responsible for PFIs and public-private partnerships for 12 years. Colman became head of the Wales Audit Office (WAO) in 2005. He resigned in 2010 after an internal investigation found child porn on his computer. An investigation by South Wales Police followed – Colman was later found guilty of fifteen separate offences of possessing indecent images and was jailed. The only surprise is that he hasn’t turned up on the Board of the Care Council for Wales.

After Colman resigned, Huw Vaughan Thomas was appointed as head of the WAO. Huw Vaughan Thomas was the former Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council, whilst Gwynedd Social Services was host to the paedophile ring and was subject to police investigations. Vaughan Thomas refused to meet Alison Taylor, the social worker who blew the whistle on the paedophile ring, who was subsequently sacked. Vaughan Thomas is involved with numerous worthy causes – full details of Huw’s glorious career and extensive network can be read in my post ‘I Know Nuzzing…’

If any reader knows who sat on the panel that appointed Huw Vaughan Thomas to the WAO, I’d certainly like to hear from them. Huw is still in that post.


In the midst of all this, in March 2005 ‘Community Care’ ran an article on Rhodri Morgan’s ‘vision’ for public services in Wales – a vision that was conjured up by his advisor Mark Drakeford. The vision involved rejecting the consumerist model of services that had been adopted in England – all part of Rhodri’s famous placing of ‘clear red water’ between Wales and England. I am completely sympathetic to such ideas – but as we have seen, they cannot be successfully implemented if the whole system is full of corrupt, abusive people who are never removed from their jobs and who are immediately given another senior role if they condescend to resign in the face of major scandal. Flattering words were said in ‘Community Care’ regarding the ‘new way’ of sharing staff and resources. A number of key figures were mentioned, including Paul Elliott, spokesperson for Wales UNISON and David Halse, head of Childcare Commissioning at Pembrokeshire. David was head of Children’s Services in Pembrokeshire, working under Jon Skone.

In Jan 2006, ‘Children and Young People Now’ carried an article on the serious problems in children’s social care services in Wales. One Graham Williams – who was still  Chief Inspector – commented that ‘improving the performance of children’s services must be given immediate priority’. Everyone chipped in as usual. A Sally Ellis was named as the Association of Directors of Social Services lead on children’s services in Wales. Sally Ellis was a Corporate Director in Denbighshire County Council, between 2001-14. The Denbighshire County Council which had problems in all of its ‘services’ and whose education service famously imploded. Sally was, among other things, Director of Social Services for Denbighshire and is described as having held ‘many posts in local gov’t’. What’s the betting that at one point Sally will have been a social worker in north Wales as the paedophile gang raged and the mental health patients were neglected and abused? Sally was also the Director for Modernisation over at Denbighshire – and was or is the local gov’t representative on the Betsi Board! She Chaired the Strategic Improvement Steering Group which dispensed advice to the Health and Social Services Minister in Wales on social care improvement. Sally is also listed on the website of the Public Services Staff Commission as a Commissioner, who provides ‘advice to Welsh Gov’t Ministers and public service organisations’. She also provided advice to the National Institute of Care and Support.

Sally Ellis is a volunteer advisor to Denbighshire CAB. Lucille Hughes, the Director of Gwynedd Social Services who was named in the Waterhouse Report as colluding with the paedophile gang who operated in north Wales, is a senior manager of CAB. Ellis is also Vice-Chair of North Wales Housing aka the North Wales Housing Association. The North Wales Housing Association began the Bangor branch of their empire by fleecing a vulnerable psychiatric patient. They are known for housing drug dealers who intimidate the more vulnerable residents – complaints from the vulnerable residents are ignored. In the 1990s, North Wales Housing used to run a homeless hostel in Bangor. I knew a young woman who was ‘housed’ there. She struck up a close friendship with a young man who was also a resident and one night went along to his room and got into bed with him. He was dead. He had died of an overdose of drugs that he’d been sold whilst he was in the hostel. They young woman who found him was taken to the Hergest Unit and sectioned. Her clothes were removed – and never returned – and she was given a police forensic jump suit to wear. She was detained in the Hergest Unit until after the funeral and the inquest of her dead friend. She was never interviewed about her friend’s death by anyone. There was no investigation into the death. The manager of the hostel on duty the night that the young man died later became Chief Exec of North Wales Housing.

In July 2007, an article appeared in Wales Online explaining that the cost of negligence in the Welsh NHS was going through the roof. Spencer Collier, a solicitor handling such claims, observed that it was ‘the same basic and simple mistakes which keep occurring….very, very simple year one medical school stuff’. Gren Kershaw’s own documents from the Welsh Risk Pool also showed that the same mistakes were being made repeatedly. A Welsh Assembly spokesperson responded by saying that ‘the NHS Redress Measure that has been published today will further encourage a learning culture in the NHS’. At about this time, one of my colleagues at Bangor University was ‘leading a project’ with dear old Gren and the Welsh Risk Pool. Brown and me used to be greatly entertained by this person’s description of the NHS as a ‘learning organisation’. Within two years the project had gone tits up in a major way due to her mismanagement, the two PhD students associated with it didn’t get PhDs, there was talk of the funding body demanding the dosh back from the University and the person who believed that the NHS was a learning organisation was sacked. She later set up a ‘coaching and mentoring business’ and was recently commissioned by the Betsi to ‘train’ their senior doctors. Some months ago, at a Betsi Board meeting whilst yet another disaster was being discussed, the Vice-Chair of the Board, Margaret Hanson, talked about ’embedding the learning’. Margaret is a former social worker who is married to David Hanson, who also worked in the care sector before he became an MP in Wales.

The learning just goes on and on – as do the deaths, the scandals and the abuse.


Another major player between 2006-12 was Tony Jewell, Wales’s Chief Medical Officer. Jewell always looked as though he led a very good life, he was rather tanned and seemed to be in possession of some very expensive teeth. He was a public health specialist and I never worked out whether he was a good advert for his own speciality or whether he was just wealthy enough to afford a very comfortable lifestyle. Many years ago Tony Jewell worked as a GP in inner London for 10 years and was a member of Tower Hamlets Area Health Authority for six years, specifically as the union rep. So he will have known the fuckwits that ran that borough and that they were sending their kids in care on placement to north Wales – where they were abused. Jewell was Secretary to the Support Wendy Savage campaign, so he’ll have known many of the folk mentioned in my post ‘Little Things Hitting Each Other’. Jewell was a Council member of the Socialist Health Organisation, but resigned when he was appointed CMO for Wales. Yorkshire Television produced a documentary on Jewell’s work in the 80s. In the late 1980s Yorkshire Television also filmed Alison Taylor for a planned documentary on child abuse in north Wales children’s homes – but it was suddenly stopped. Jewell was involved in the Inquiry into the death of David ‘Rocky’ Bennett. Rocky was a mental health patient who suffocated whilst being ‘restrained’ by an inexplicably high number of people who were paid ‘to help’. Tony Jewell was President of the UK Association of Directors of Public Health, 2002-06.

Whilst CMO, Tony Jewell created Public Health appointments in every Health Board in Wales. I knew one of the people who landed one of those appointments in the North West Wales NHS Trust. He was a capable senior doctor who had won prizes for his work whilst he was working in London. After working for the North West Wales NHS Trust for a year he began to describe the serious misconduct among his colleagues that he was witnessing. He alleged that he was being bullied in the workplace, became clinically depressed and ended up having a breakdown. He left Tony Jewell’s flagship job and moved to another part of the country to work as a GP – after a leading light in the BMA ensured that nobody got to hear about what had happened to this doctor in Gwynedd. The doctor who had the breakdown also knew about the research fraud that was mindfulness and noticed that the ‘mindfulness practitioners’ in Bangor University were behaving appallingly.

Tony Jewell established NISCHR (National Institute for Social Care and Health Research) in Wales, an organisation that dishes out funding to people who know exactly how bad the social care and mental health services are in Wales, but who never publish a word about it preferring to pursue simplistic surveys and box ticking exercises instead.

Some years ago there was a terrifyingly embarrassing cluster of suicides in Bridgend, which no-one ever managed to get to the bottom of. I always wondered about that particular mystery, but I have now discovered that Jewell ‘defused’ the problem by conjuring up the All Wales Response To Suicide Prevention. Not that it’s prevented any suicides, people are still dropping like lemmings, but at least no-one talks about it anymore, because there’s now a Strategy. The learning will have been embedded.

Tony Jewell retired in 2012, tanned, healthy and still in possession of those splendid teeth. The rest of Wales was on its arse, I’d been hounded out of Gwynedd by the paedophiles’ friends and the nation’s health outcomes were shameful. By this time Lesley Griffiths was Minister for Health and Social Services. Griffiths had been a member of Wrexham Council whilst the paedophile ring raged in the children’s services in Wrexham (see post ‘History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy, Second As Farce’) – all the Councillors except Malcolm King refused to make a nuisance of themselves about this minor matter. Mark Drakeford was appointed as Minister for Health and Social Services after Griffiths – the Drakeford who was once a social worker in Dyfed where children in care were abused, the Drakeford who was Rhodri’s advisor a few years previously – you get the picture. Drakeford was in post when the Tawel Fan scandal blew up and covered him in crap. Tawel Fan ward provided care for EMI patients in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd – Gren Kershaw’s former empire, that beacon of ‘improvement’ that so impressed quality assessors in Boston. The EMI services in Gren’s empire also managed to receive an award for being the best team in the UK from the Royal College of Psychiatrists the year before the horrible truth hit the headlines re Tawel Fan.

After Tony Jewell retired, Dr Ruth Hussey was appointed as CMO for Wales. Ruth Hussey is Peter Higson’s sister. Ruth Hussey picked up an honorary Fellowship from Bangor University – Peter Higson is a member of the Council at Bangor University.


Regular readers will know that although I am very rude about the nest of corrupt vipers that have wrecked the public services in Wales, I always maintain that they have been propped up by even worse equally corrupt incestuous vipers from England. So let’s look at who oversaw this complete mess at the highest level and started the ball rolling from the earliest days of the creation of the Assembly, by simply re-employing and indeed promoting the fucking idiots who had caused so much damage previously.

It was Sir Jon Shortridge, who was Permanent Secretary in the Welsh Office from 1999 and who became Permanent Secretary of the National Assembly for Wales when it was created in May 1999. Shortridge’s predecessor was Rachel Lomax, who has a great deal of explaining to do re the cover-up that was the Waterhouse Inquiry. Further details pertaining to Rachel can be read in my post ‘So Who Was It Exactly Who Appointed The Corrupt Old Bugger?’

Shortridge joined the Welsh Office in 1984. In 1987 he became Private Secretary to Secretaries of State for Wales Nicholas Edwardes aka Lord Crickhowell and then Peter Walker. So Shortridge will have been au fait – and perhaps even organising – the Welsh Office’s cover-up of the abuse of both children in care and mental health patients as detailed in previous posts, by the use of corrupt lawyer Andrew Park and the corrupt Medical Ombudsman, Professor Robert Owen. It was also the Welsh Office’s Social Services Inspectorate that failed to carry out regular inspections of the children’s homes in north Wales, even though they were being told by Alison Taylor that abuse was rampant and some ‘care workers’ from the homes had been convicted of assaults on children. In addition, Alison and me were writing to Ministers in the Welsh Office telling them that there was criminal activity in the social services and mental health services in north Wales. Shortridge will also have been party to the development of Cardiff Bay and the way in which this was used to transfer many millions of taxpayers money to Nicholas Edwardes and his friends and business partners (see post ‘Corruption Bay Special’). In fact between 1988-92 Shortridge was head of the Welsh Office Finance Division, so he’ll have been the person who waved that particular massive scam through. There was a great deal of unhappiness with the Welsh Office in Wales, with allegations of corruption, mismanagement and decisions being taken that were anything but helpful to Wales. In 1995 a Senior Managerial Review of the Welsh Office was undertaken – by Jon Shortridge. Then in 1997, Shortridge was appointed Director of Economic Affairs, responsible for establishing the National Assembly of Wales.

After ensuring the corruption was built into the civil service and public services of Wales from the very beginning, Shortridge retired in 2008. Between 2012-15, Sir Jon Shortridge was Chancellor of the poorest performing university in the UK, that institution riddled with problems, Glyndwr University at Wrexham. My post ‘A Vampire At Glyndwr University!’ identifies and details the backgrounds of the numerous people who facilitated, concealed and colluded with those involved in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal who have held or hold roles governing that institution. I presume that Shortridge is the biggest vampire of the lot.

I have come to expect high levels of fuckwittery from those responsible for running health and care systems – these systems are so dysfunctional that they are designed to ensure that no competent person ever achieves any degree of influence. But under Jon Shortridge, a paedophile was appointed to lead the Wales Audit Office and then after the paedophile was imprisoned, someone who facilitated a paedophile gang was appointed as his successor.

The Westminster Paedophile Ring was alleged to have involved Whitehall civil servants. Children from north Wales children’s homes were trafficked to London for prostitution. Some of the boys from north Wales found themselves visiting apartments at Dolphin Square – the location of the residences of a number of politicians and civil servants.


It is good to know that there is ‘no problem’ and that everyone is ‘riding the wave of success’ – and that Jon Shortridge, having presided over this shameful mess that resulted in so many ruined lives and numerous deaths, ended up with a knighthood.









Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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    1. I’ve come across this Richard D. North who defends Webster before, although I don’t know who Richard D. North IS. As with anyone who maintains that the allegations of abuse of children in north Wales was just baloney, I continue to wonder who Richard D. North actually is as well as who supported Webster’s trashing of Alison Taylor and attempt at yet another cover-up. Someone must have helped Webster financially for his ‘project’, oiled the wheels for the book deal etc. I’d really like to know the names of everyone who was behind him – and who suggested that he ‘investigate’ the Bryn Estyn story in the first place, Webster had no connections to north Wales or child care…

      1. RDN is Institute of Economic Affairs and “Social Affairs Unit” I sent linkie to Operation Winter Key this morning.

        1. It is very tenuous but RDN’s volunteer colleague at Sue Ryder HQ early 70s went on to be librarian Aberystwyth Uni. William Hines.

          1. It’s always worth noting tenuous links – they made be entirely innocent, but those we know and love exploit all their contacts when necessary. And Aber really churned out the law graduates who later evolved into corrupt lawyers and judges on the Chester and Wales Circuit, it was so noticeable that I’ve been wondering what exactly was going on in Aber during those years. It’s not sufficient to take the Anglo view of ‘ooh it’s all the Welshies’ – there are plenty of honest Welsh people including Aber grads, something or someone was at work down there which was corrupting the law students.

          2. Richard – A William Hines co-authored a book with one of the law academics at Aber in 1990 – the book is on the recommended reading list for the Aber law students. Could it be the same William Hines?

          3. By the way, the son of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones studied at Aber – and the son of one of the Denbigh nurses from Dafydd’s regime worked as a academic at Aber (as a biologist I think).

        2. Thanks for the info.
          I have been contacted by someone who had a fight with corrupt Welsh Office officials back in the early 90s when the corrupt Welsh Office lawyer Andrew Park was busy advising Gwynedd Social Services and Gwynedd and Clwyd Health Authorities on how to perjure themselves and pervert the course of justice in their attempts to have me imprisoned. It was also at the time of the death of the five witnesses from north Wales in the arson attack in Brighton. We are comparing our documents – it will have been the same corrupt officials in both of our cases. Shortridge’s lot at the Welsh Office were a truly appalling bunch, not above serious crime, I’m hoping to identify a few more of them.

      2. Sally – re Webster – suggest you look for links with False Memory Society – who were/are attempting to undermine survivors accounts of abuse by accusations that therapists were encouraging the production of false memories and flagged up that those who were speaking out decades ago were after compensation payments. Could be North was a member of FMS?

        1. Hi Lydia
          I did know about Webster’s interest in False Memory – that was the rationale that he gave for writing ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’. But it still doesn’t quite add up. If he wanted to write about False Memory, there are scores of other cases that he could have used in which there was evidence that poor quality ‘therapists’ had manipulated clients, but Bryn Estyn is really not a good example. Not only did most of the kids who were abused there not have any type of ‘therapy’, but Webster mounts a very obvious attack on Alison Taylor – he really insults her – and interprets the actions of Lucille Hughes (who was named even by Waterhouse as colluding with the paedophile ring) in the most naïve way possible. By the time Webster wrote his book, a number of ‘care workers’ in north Wales children’s homes – including Bryn Estyn – were serving prison sentences for abusing kids. Webster’s book is just SO biased that it smacks of doing the paedophiles’ friends a favour. And Webster would only have to have spent a few months talking to locals in north Wales to have found out how bad the children’s services and mental health services were, you couldn’t miss it. Webster prided himself on being a scholarly thorough researcher – there really was a great deal that he didn’t notice…

  1. Yes William Donald Hines. Law librarian. Witness at Matron McGill Decd Inquest Sue Ryder HQ Jan 1972 and alleged perjurer.

    1. That is really worrying – I’ll do a bit more research. There will have been someone – or probably more than one person – at a very senior level at Aber who was facilitating it all, in the same way that the paedophiles’ friends and lobotomist working at Bangor University were made bomb-proof by Sir Charles Evans and William Mars-Jones.

  2. Funny how Webster did not touch Lawrence case. Institutionalised racism started UK life as a red herring concept in research on police trainees 1971. To test for gullibility, malleability and compliance. Mass hysteria definitely played a role in Lawrence case. But it seems to me self limiting as most folks I have spoken to do not believe the motive was “Racist” and they revile Doreen Lawrence as the worst racist in UK. I am confident that Jack STRAW corrupted MacPherson Inquiry. I am confident that the Lawrence team including their lawyers Mansfield and Khan knew STRAW was corrupting MacPherson. I am confident the Lawrence team went along with corruption.

    But what happened is only the weak minded ambitious (Like sociobabblers and Chief constables) queued up to bathe in collective white guilt myth water. In every pub people would mention the name of the killer and reflect police would only catch him if they drop all the racist bollix.

    Webster would have had a field day. Witch hunt. Drop some names of reprehensible lads on police and leave plod to build a case round them. Win win. That gets rid of the awful lads and real killer (Regarded as a bit of a hero in some circles BTW) walks free.

    1. Webster’s choice of Bryn Estyn to ‘investigate’ doesn’t make sense on any level. He was so obviously sent in the direction of Bryn Estyn by someone who wanted to blow Alison Taylor and others who alleged corruption in high places out of the water.

      I’m having an interesting time at the moment, have almost finished reading Michael Mansfield’s memoir – the Michael who is the tireless radical lawyer who didn’t touch anything re abuse of children in care or of psych patients. Mansfield has written the book in a very clever way, he has very obviously omitted all of the info that someone interested in the cases that he talks about needs to get their teeth into the subject matter, but his book provides the names of loads of folk in his network. He entertainingly mentions that he receives loads of letters from desperate people who have uncovered state abuse and he never ignores any of them – the exception must have been the letter that I wrote to him in 1993 about those we know n love in north Wales! I’ll be writing a post about Mike and his radical colleagues soon, I’m just doing a bit more background research on their links.

      I have also only just clicked that Mike will undoubtedly have told someone that I’d written to him, just as researchers from the BBC actually sent copies of the letters that I’d written to (alleged) exposers of abuse working for that organisation to the NHS authorities in north Wales – the letters turned up in my medical files and my lawyer got hold of them. Mike telling his mates that I had the dirt on the paedophiles’ friends just after five witnesses had been killed in an arson attack and when former kids in care were appearing on TV alleging terrible abuse could explain a few things. After all, Helena Kennedy was working with Mike – Helena was mates with and worked with the corrupt Professor Nigel Eastman from St Georges Hospital Medical School who was concealing abuse – and Patricia Scotland who represented the Welsh Office at the Waterhouse Inquiry (not the kids who’d been abused, but the corrupt Gov’t dept who concealed the abuse!) was also a colleague of Mansfields. I always wondered why even Gareth Pierce didn’t take on anything related to north Wales/the Westminster Paedophile Ring, but I think I might have found out why that was as well. This lot defended the Price sisters who boasted about blowing up parts of London, but kids being abused and witnesses being killed – ooh no thanks, not interested…

      There’ll be a post about them all soon…

  3. Mickey Mansfields charity British Irish Rights Watch as was. Registered to educate on Irish situation. I asked charity commission why Mickey and Co do not include sabotage in their curriculum for IRA plans and capability. The CC say the charity had to take reasoned advice. I ask who from ? Gerry Adams ?

  4. When and where was Patricia Scotland a colleague of Mansfield ? I am interested. You know about my judicial review application being stolen from Royal Courts of Justice 2009 ? It re-appeared there five years later one copy missing.

    1. I seem to remember hearing that she was a pupil barrister at his chambers – although I don’t know whether it was with Mansfield himself or with one of his chums like Helena Kennedy. All references to this have disappeared from the web but then as Patsy has been embroiled in scandal after scandal for the last few years I doubt that our radical friends will want to admit to ever having had coffee with her let alone trained her. Use the search engine on my blog to find my posts about Patsy – I wrote three back in the summer, she has so many dodgy connections that I did a series of posts on her.

      I didn’t know about your papers going missing although it doesn’t surprise me. My letters to the Mental Health Act Commission about criminal activity in the north Wales psychiatric services ‘went missing’ – until my lawyer traced them years later, in the possession of the Mental Health Acts Commission, along with very friendly correspondence between them and the NHS authorities in north Wales. The Chair of the MHA Commission at the time was Lord Kamlash Patel, a friend of Patsy’s. Yesterday I was hearing from someone who had a close relative who was effectively murdered by the NHS in Wales of how a load of documents ‘went missing’ from the Welsh Office – documents detailing forensic evidence demonstrating that Top Doctors involved in the death had lied. John Redwood was Secretary of State for Wales at the time.

      An awful lot of people have passed through Mansfield’s chambers. One who came gloriously unstuck was Constance Briscoe, a Black Woman From A Deprived Background Who Succeeded Against All Odds. Briscoe was jailed for perjury and perverting the course of justice – but not before she’d become the First Woman Black Judge, specialising in mental health and child abuse cases of course. I had been following the adventures of Constance for a while, there were so many things that she was involved in that should have set alarm bells ringing in the ears of any sensible person.

      I’ve been reading about the Stephen Lawrence case and Macpherson Inquiry – God it stinks, but you’ve been telling me that for months. Seems you were quite right – and there I was, thinking that Doreen Lawrence was the one honest member of the House of Lords… I’m following up a few lines of research at the moment.

      By the way, Mike Mansfield’s pal, the ever fearless and radical Gareth Pierce who took on the world – she was a senior partner at the solicitors who represented Mary Wynch when Mary successfully sued Dafydd and the paedophiles friends for wrongful imprisonment, just before EVERYONE dropped Mary like a stone and left her to be ruined by Michael Howard at the Home Office. They knew about north Wales and the connections to paedophiles in high places, they all fucking knew. These were radical lawyers who spent time talking to prisoners, to psych patients, to the dispossessed, they will have found out even more than I did and they’ll have received the gossip from other barristers as well. And Mansfield was married to Yvette Vanson, a film producer – many moons ago when she first got together with Mansfield one of my mates knew her. Vanson will have known about the skulduggery at the BBC – and I bet that she knew about Savile as well.

      I’ve got a bit more reading to do, but there’ll be a post soon all about these fucking hypocrites who knew that kids in care were being abused, trafficked into prostitution, unlawfully banged up in psychiatric hospitals if they talked and that some of them were then turning up dead in suspicious circumstances. But who cares, they weren’t people worth knowing from Hampstead or Islington, they were just the kids of not very affluent people in Wales. Oh and the link between this bunch of shits??? CHERIE BOOTH – a ‘friend and mentor’ of so many of them…

      By the way, have you seen the news reports about Max Stafford-Clark, the theatre director who has just resigned in the face of the most appalling allegations of crude, sexual harassment of young women? He makes Harvey Weinstein look like a true gent. Stafford-Clark was named in the comments after my ‘Wheels Within Wheels’ post – his dad was David Stafford-Clark, a particularly nasty Top Doctor who was moralistic and judgemental about his patients…

  5. I phoned Doreen Lawrence adviser Ros Howells to let her know I had applied to Jack Straw to compel the inquiry and report called for by Kent Police Authority. One of the first things she said was “Admit that white people have felt superior for centuries”. I was taken aback. The most blatant racist I ever encountered.

    You know Stephen Lawrence wore many layers of clothing the night he died. Was it because of his 10 30 PM curfew after which Doreen locked him out ? Yet Doreen expects us to believe Stephen had never encountered police. (In another breath she claims black youths are too frequently stopped by police … yet her son locked out for whole nights and plod never bothered him ? That never encountering police isn’t what I am hearing. Police will not tell us if the Lawrences obstructed murder inquiry by refusing to disclose his school disciplinary record. Were there girl pupil names and allegations involving police on the record and did the girls refuse to disclose.

    My understanding of the trial testimony is that witness 2 at bus stop said the white youths were running for incoming bus. The two blacks playing mock football in street collided with white youths. There was no chase and Lawrence was not targeted. In the melee he was punched to the ground while other white youths restrained Duwayne Brookes arm. Witness saw no stabbing.

    Witness on bus who knew Lawrence. Saw Lawrence punched to ground. He knew the Lawrences and woke them saying Stephen has been beaten up. TWO WITNESSES same account it seems NO STABBING by white youths. BROOKES arm restrained. Why restrain an arm ? KNIFE !! But no one saw a knife.

    I complained to BBC about their latest Crime Watch reconstruction saying they should use sworn trial evidence … as they are misleading the public. But BBC say they did it how Met wanted. Well I had then recently complained to CPS about non disclosure at trial of Det sgt DAVIDSONS 1995 disciplinary (NB The disciplinary Mickey and the Lawrences also concealed at their attempted private prosecution) And CPS had written, about the non disclosure, to Met and NCA (To whom I am a witness) Not long after CPS brought the non disclosure complaint up for me ? Met found and declared more non disclosure they had concealed. The CCTV footage showing it was neither DOBSON nor his jacket.

    When the LAWRENCES with black racist activist LEE JASPER solicited political interference from visiting MANDELA two weeks after the killing .. DAVIDSON was arresting officer of DOBSON. In the house conducting the MANDELA unlawful political pressure arrests .. DAVIDSON told the DOBSONS he already knew it was not Gary DOBSON’s jacket !!! He seized Gary’s jacket. Police later brushed off the household dust whose profile would have been absolute defence forensic.

    Mickey and the Lawrence team always knew if DAVIDSON disciplinary was properly declared to defences then juries would learn he falsified police duty records to cover swanning off moonlighting as a body guard. So plod cannot actually stand up DAVIDSON being on duty after the DOBSONS waved him bye bye. The initial evidence handling chain would be fergled from the off.

    You know that miracle bloodspot forensics was the work of Roy GREEN the scientist discredited in Dr Kelly Inquiry. A demoted met sgt admitted unsealing and tampering with evidence and the Irish nationalist judge, much taken with the stories of white supremacist youths gangs invented by Lee Jasper and his IRA support SWP muckers, (The judge who as a barrister refused to swear allegiance to Queen BTW) Judge was so concerned for welfare of the demoted Met sgt he allegedly didn’t have to tell jury how he nobbled the evidence.

    This seems to be what Doreen Lawrence calls justice. Her late son with his sneer and iconic black power salute and his nights locked out by his mum the fighter for justice who did not trust him with a key to the door.

    1. There are plenty of clues in even Mansfield’s carefully written overview that Stephen Lawrence was indeed not quite the sort of young man that he was portrayed as.

      Mansfield also makes a ‘joke’ about Neville and Doreen – that he kept inadvertently calling them ‘Deville and Noreen’. This is the only such joke in the book. Mansfield always goes out of his way to be right-on, sensitive, careful with his use of language, et etc. That joke stands out like a sore thumb – had he actually had a bellyful of them? Stephen was murdered when corruption in the Met/Scotland Yard was horrendous – I am quite sure that as Mansfield et al maintained, gangsters like Clifford Norris did have dealings with corrupt officers and no doubt the young men convicted of Stephen’s murder were deeply unpleasant people. People in London at the time – I had only left London two years before Stephen’s murder – openly talked of police corruption and the utterly sordid things that were going on. Middle class people too – and they were quite loathe to confront it.

      Whilst I was in Springfield Hospital in 1991 I made friends with a lady in a dreadful state who’d been a patient there for nearly two years. She had been a secretary at Scotland Yard and had been raped by a senior officer there. That hospital – attached to dear old St George’s, the hub of corruption, full of ‘expert ‘witness’ psychiatrists who worked with the police and one who was mates with Mikey’s pal St Helena – knew all about it and were treating her appallingly. Neither had the police themselves been informed of the crime – but of course Springfield proudly boasted of their very own lawyer who was there to give legal advice to patients! Well I saw nothing of this lawyer as the north Wales paedophiles’ friends conspired to have me imprisoned with the full knowledge of St Georges and Springfield and the lady who’d been raped by the man from Scotland Yard saw nothing of this lawyer either.

      I am fairly sure that Doreen Lawrence was a social worker. What if the Lawrence’s knew about something so dreadful that it involved corruption on the part of the police, the judiciary, politicians from across the political spectrum – and the collusion of even the ‘radical’ lawyers? Something that implicated the brand new Blair Gov’t – after all, the MacPherson Inquiry was just about the first thing that Blair and Home Secretary Jack Straw did when Blair took power. It would explain why they had Mike and his whole team running around like blue arsed flies after them without even charging fees for their time and it would explain why Doreen and Mikey had a meeting with the fucking Home Secretary himself after Doreen expressed her reservations about MacPherson – and how Doreen’s reservations then found their way into the press, just to remind old MacPherson that he’d better behave himself.

      You pointed out to me months ago that I’ve been fighting for justice for thirty years now and I’m now in possession of nearly 10,000 documents detailing serious corruption on the part of virtually every state body – but no-one’s put me in the Lords. So how come Deville and Noreen weren’t just subjected to the usual stalling and character assassinations that are de riguour when the little people gain evidence of shit like this? I keep joking that if I followed the business model of so many others I could be President of the World by now with the amount of dirt that I’ve got on the great and good. What if Doreen fancied being President of the World rather than a social worker?

      1. Spot on. Except Lee Jasper and Co were all geared up waiting for the next black murder victim. They had been spreading propaganda on Thamesmead for 2 years. False stories of BNP white supremacist youth gangs etc. they hijacked the tragedy.

        The UDA, whose brief was Mickey, had been arrested at their Margate base 1992. UDA was facing murder trial for killing London supergrass David Norris. Incredibly the senior Met Norris murder trial witnesses became simultaneously Lawrence murder detectives. Wasn’t Doreen away on OU sociology the day Stephen was killed. I don’t think she worked as a social worker.

        trial anti UDA witnesses were made simultaneously the Lawrence case team.

        1. Oh I might have got Doreen’s profession wrong – I thought that she’d done a first degree in social sciences and then worked as a social worker after doing post grad work. Perhaps I’m getting her muddled up with someone else’s case that I’ve read about.

          It’s fairly clear that a lot of people did make capital out of the aftermath of Stephen’s murder and the MacPherson Inquiry. I am not denying for one minute the degree of racism that does exist in society – I have taken an interest in how ethnic minorities are treated by the mental health services and it is grotesque, the sort of naked discrimination exists that most people believe disappeared in the 1970s – but the likes of Constance Briscoe did really well out of the brave campaign of Mansfield and the Lawrences. Constance Briscoe used her position as a black female barrister to conduct herself in a way that would have been subjected to a great deal of scrutiny under other circumstances – and she was actually more of a criminal than many of the people whom she sentenced. She also had a penchant for shagging very wealthy much older white men.

          When I’ve got time I want to research more details of the deaths of ethnic minority people with mental health problems who died that a fuss WAS made about – like Rocky Bennett. Rocky Bennett’s death was only ever investigated because his sister was a doctor, but I seem to remember that the people who choked him to death on the psychiatric ward were police officers. I bet the Radical Defenders only took that case on – it was Sadiq Khan who represented the family – because it was the police not the NHS staff who killed Rocky. The NHS staff do exactly the same thing on a terrifyingly frequent basis, but no-one takes those cases up…The Radical Defenders will know exactly what is happening to black people in the mental health services but we don’t hear much about it.

  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Jasper

    No qualies no use finally opts for sociobabble course to hone his skills at pursuing causes mostly invented in his own head. Hijacks Lawrence case. Puts the spin in .. Lawrence innocent black youth, good student, blah blah. Playdown his parents did not trust him with key to house and would lock him out at his curfew. Promote venomous trial by media of the most heinous layer of white folk but somehow build propaganda case that five amoral white youths ( who may not actually be the murderers) are representative of white folks as a whole.

    Detectives (Around 30 on murder victim David Norris payroll alone) smiling. You can’t go to prison for the bollix concept institutionalised racism. So go along with it as long as no one looks at corruption. The whole thing was a farce. There had been earlier fights at that bus stop. Lawrence was well known at A and E. How many people had Lawrence bloodspatter on clothing that had not come from murder scene.

    The Richardson Crime family week one told Met where to look … the school first and surrounding estate.

    Doreen Lawrence I think had worked in a bank and as a school dinner lady. She had not starved like the miners. (Thank goodness for Sikhs bringing food) She had not faced “Racism” But she had a chip on her shoulder that rubbed off on her black power racist son.

    It is well overdue the stain of Lawrence Inquiry was scrubbed off UK Justice. The real killer convicted. And Howells and Lawrence drummed outa Lords. IMO

    1. I don’t know much at all about Lee Jaspers, but his profile suggests that he played the same game with black politics that a lot of people have with Women’s Issues or Mental Health – they really piss me off but more to the point they do the cause very great damage in the course of elevating themselves. Dear old MIND being a prime example as well as the scores of women in the Labour Party who are all screaming at Jezza that there must be a Woman as leader after him – just as long as it’s them or one of their close friends. There has been a long-standing problem of sexism in parts of the Labour Party and certainly within the trade union movement, but Harriet Harman was absolutely not the answer and neither is Jess Phillips – or Yvette – or Angela – or any of the gang that speak on behalf of those of us with ovaries…

  7. My mate Bill had gone over Chief constable head to close the 6th Thanet Gun Range 1995. Malicious warrant raids. Malicious court cases thrown out by Judges. His son stopped and issued document producers 80 times a year. And senior plod said to Bill “We couldn’t get away with this if you were black.” And another senior plod chipped in “Especially if yer name was f-cking Lawrence”.

    The situation is that no one seems able to bring disciplines of evidence to bear.

    “Duwayne Brookes. Why was your arm restrained by a white youth ? Did you have a weapon in your hand ?”

    “Doreen why won’t you disclose your sainted son’s school discipline records ?”

    “Davidson who was source of your moonlight work as a bodyguard ? Was it the Bodyguards Assn who worked for Charlie Kray an associate of Noye and Clifford Norris ?”

    “Mickey and Doreen why did you conceal Davidsons disciplinary at your attempted private prosecution ?”

    “Mickey, Khan, Doreen and Ros … why did you keep quiet about 3rd force neo Nazi mercenaries attacking yer mate Mandela’s country. And Tim Rayment Sunday Times digging up bodies of some of their black victims. And the Tutu Commission of Inquiry. Strange indeed Doreen that you kept schtum. Perhaps they were the wrong sort of black victim ?”

    “Doreen and Patricia Scotland and fellow black racists. When was the first black police officer in the Met and what ranks did he reach. ”

    “Oh you want a clue cos you aint got a friend to phone Baroness Scotland ?”

    “A clue is he was from Suffolk, he reached senior rank more than a century before Doreen Lawrence was born”

    How the heck did we manage, with no cobblers about glass ceilings or “Multiculturalism”, all those years ago ?

    1. I don’t mind the cobblers about glass ceilings and multi-culturalism Richard because when these notions are used by people who actually understand power differentials and the domination by certain cohorts of society they are useful – but the problem is that for many years now they have been used by unscrupulous people who already have more power than they like to pretend to further themselves. And it’s also fairly clear that those people don’t understand the theory behind what in their hands has indeed become cobblers…

      It is how Constance Briscoe, a wealthy lawyer and part-time judge, managed to have a cabbie prosecuted after she claimed that he had yelled out of his window at her that she was a ‘black c***’, because according to Constance he couldn’t bear to see a ‘powerful black woman’. There was no evidence at all that the cabbie did do this – he denied it and the only person who heard it was Constance. He ended up in court nonetheless – because he was a cabbie and she was a barrister (who had trained at Mansfield’s Chambers). Does that cabbie know that she was later done for perjury and imprisoned and struck off? Probably not – because he is a cabbie not a barrister. Which is why her word was believed over his in the first place. Because even in the face of glass ceilings and ethnicity, its still social class that matters most.

      1. What I think is that the fella who taught history at Sandhurst was right. Without state education the trenches warfare of WW1 would never have been sustained. I think there was always class and privilege but that it changed form when we created state education. Education took on the role of teaching place over and above teaching expertise. We do not have pursuit of excellence neither do we have advancement by merit.

        Quinn Martin productions was CIA propaganda I think. Quincy was a pathologist who weekly defied officialdom and in between games of poker was the maverick who always delivered justice. Someone cast Doreen Lawrence in that way. The maverick who yet would rise. The justice system that would appear to always win through. “For each wrong a remedy” look even Doreen got her remedy. All cobblers.

        But dangerous cobblers. In our system of law there can be no such thing as racially aggravated crime. Because the principle is that an offence against one in the Common Law is an offence equally against all.

        Booker T Washington said the only reason there are black activists is because there is money in it.

        If you want to see a model of the madness of sociology cult belief. Look at Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre 1950s. A stepping stone to building a “Salutiferous society” with sociologists manipulating invisible vectors between groups adjusting them for force and direction. To play this game sociology divided society to groups (Ethnicities etc) Presumably this was meant to expose gaps between groups which sociologists in “Ways superior to nature” would steam into with their vector adjusting sonic screwdrivers. Cybernetics theory. Systems. Endocrine. Systems Society.

        People now validate themselves “As a”. “As a black youth brought up in London” “As a gay scouser everton supporter Asian british ”

        Everyone has to have a list of their particular difficulties. And while everyone is honing their own labels they are also trying “To raise awareness” and some even set out “To inspire”

        The Police still take constable oaths “To act without fear or favour malice or ill will”. Then off they toddle to “Home Office Key Competency Training”

        “Morning Class we are a sociology led service now. We will now teach you how to police with favour, fear, malice and ill will. We call this by euphemisms “Respect for diversity” “Racially aggravated” “Racist” are examples. Equality under the law is an archaic pre sociology concept. We are far more enlightened now and if you are good class of officers I will show you my sonic invisible vector adjusting screwdriver”

        1. Good sociologists would agree with your critique. It is not sociology that is the problem – it is people who think that they understand it and try and apply it when they do not. One big problem with sociology is that for many years now it has been a subject that less able pupils/students are directed towards if they are considered to be not academic enough for the ‘hard’ subjects – that has produced a lot of not very bright people who think that they know about sociology when they haven’t understood it…

          The people who studied sociology at Oxbridge in the 60s when it was a new degree on offer and attracted high calibre students are very different – a lot of them are very impressive…but we’ve got a real problem now because that generation are retiring and we don’t have enough very high calibre sociologists in the pipeline to replace them.

    1. This is all very useful information, many thanks – I’ll be following up more leads.

      I cannot say that I am in the least but surprised by this – as one of the biggest architects of NHS and mental health failure, OF COURSE Ann Lloyd would find herself leading an inquiry into abuse that she concealed, leading a scandal-ridden health board and ensuring that she is involved in the governance of a ‘charity representing the service users voice’.

      Do you have any info on Lloyd’s relationship with the disgusting Lyn Meadows, who has been a major problem in the NHS for a very long time?

    1. No need to thank me, I really enjoy exposing these scumbags who have caused so much suffering for so many.

      I see from the link to the MIND ‘governance’ that you supplied that the MIND Trustees have nearly all trodden a well worn path – they’ve done the rounds of the other charities which have been blighted by abusive people and corruption eg. Age Concern and CAB. Emrys Elias is a mental health professional himself and has been involved with the ‘care programme approach’, which was just another way of abusing and neglecting vulnerable people. Someone is also involved with The Health Foundation, which is another con pivoting around people who have disgraced themselves whilst working for the NHS. Richard Addy is a former senior employee of the BBC who was in receipt a massive salary – the BBC that remained silent about the abuse of psych patients as well as the activities of Savile (see post ‘A Secret And Forbidding Place To Work?’).

      1. I have been given the name of yet another sinner – Sophie Howe, currently the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales. I have been told that this was a post created especially for Sophie after she failed to find a safe seat for either Westminster or the Assembly.

        Sophie certainly has an incriminating CV.

        She is a lawyer whose father was office manager for Julie Morgan, former social worker and wife of Rhodri.
        Sophie was a Councillor and the Deputy Leader of the opposition on Cardiff County Council, 1999-2008.
        She was legal services manager at the Equal Opportunities Commission, 2001-07.
        Between 2007-08 Sophie was Chair, Councillors Commission Expert Panel, appointed by the Minister for Social Justice and Local Gov’t (if any readers can enlighten me as to the identity of this Minister, I’d be most grateful – it wasn’t Carl Sergeant, he held this remit after 2008).
        Sophie was then an advisor to the Welsh Gov’t on local gov’t, poverty, social justice and equality, 2009-13, the ‘lead advisor’ on the Welsh Gov’ts anti-poverty programme.
        Sophie was then Deputy to Alun Michael, in his capacity as South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner.

        So Sophie has spent her entire career involved with policy failure and the paedophiles’ friends. Who better than Sophie to safeguard the future of the nation’s children?

        1. Here’s another one who spent many years rubbing noses with the paedophiles’ friends –

          Helen Mary Jones, former Plaid AM.
          Helen Mary was project manager for NACRO 1993-94, for Barnardos 1994-96, and was then Deputy Director for the Equalities Opportunities Commission Wales in 1996.
          Helen Mary was on the national committee of Women’s Aid and held offices in UNISON and the TGWU, both organisations which provided legal advice and support to people who in the course of their employment abused vulnerable people.
          Helen Mary was also Chief Exec of Youth Cymru and was a member of the Ministerial Advisory Board that the Welsh Gov’t sent into Pembrokeshire County Council to ‘improve safeguarding’ ie. tackle embedded child abuse.

          As someone who spent years working alongside abusers and those who colluded with them, Helen Mary was obviously in an excellent position to advise…

          1. The mysteries and chaos in Denbighshire County Council continue.

            Dr Mohammed Mehmet, the Chief Exec who was appointed on a ‘temporary’ basis some ten years ago resigned earlier today.
            Mehmet was appointed after the former Council Chief Exec was ousted, which followed on from the ousting of the former Council leader, Rhiannon Hughes and her entire Cabinet.
            If anyone knows how Mehmet secured his post at Denbighshire, please do let me know – he had been Director of Children’s Services in Peterborough and before that Director of Education and Regeneration at dear old Islington. Does Mehmet have friends in New Labour?? At one point whilst ‘working for’ Denbighshire, Mehmet wasn’t even living in Wales…

            How did Mehmet ever end up in north Wales??

            Rhiannon Hughes presided over chaos, particularly in the education services in Denbighshire. If any readers have any info about the bizarre case of Dr Mike Toman the former headmaster of Ysgol Plas Brondyffryn who was forced to resign after odd allegations and public protests, please let me know. From what I saw of Dr Toman, he was one of the few special needs educators in north Wales who actually knew something about special needs and there were parents who maintained that he was fantastic. I have always wondered whether Dr Toman was the subject of a north Wales witch-hunt…

            Rhiannon has had many side-lines. She was a Director of: Mulberry School of English Ltd; Scala Prestatyn Company Ltd; Clwyd Fine Arts Trust; Bodelwyddan Castle Enterprises Ltd; Ectarc Ltd; Ffilm Cymru Wales. Some of these organisations have featured on the blog previously in connection with the paedophiles’ friends.

            One person who watched the chaos in Denbighshire but who said remarkable little was Ann Jones, AM for the Vale of Clwyd. But Ann also kept completely quiet about the slaughter in the north Wales NHS – until she joined the queue of the paedophiles’ friends to put the boot into Mary Burrows, who dared try and clean up a few years ago…

          2. Ann Jones AM was a Rhyl Town Councillor and Denbighshire County Councillor – it explains everything. She cut her teeth with the paedophiles’ friends – any memories of what went on at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh or in the children’s homes in north east Wales then Ann? You grew up and went to school in the area, I’m sure that you heard what was happening…

          3. Public appointments – such as the Chairs of Health Boards – are endorsed and overseen by the Commissioner for Public Appointments for England and Wales.

            The appointment of Peter Higson as Chair of the Betsi Board was overseen by the Commissioner in place between 2011-16, Sir David Normington. Normington had been Permanent Secretary in the Home Office, 2005-11 and was at the helm when John Reid described it as ‘not being fit for purpose’. Normington had been PPS for Tom King when he was Secretary of State for Employment, 1983-84. So not only will Normington have known all about the fiddling of the unemployment statistics at the time, but he’ll have known about Sir Peter Morrison, as all the inner-circle did. Normington was responsible for the arrest of Damian Green MP after Green was suspected of telling the press that the New Labour Gov’t had given licences to illegal workers and that an illegal worker had been employed in Parliament. The CPS did not ever bring charges against Green.

            Readers might be interested in the identity of other Commissioners responsible for the appointment of crooks, fuckwits and paedophiles’ friends in high places.

            The man who began it all, the first Commissioner, appointed in 1995 was Sir Len Peach. Len was Chief Exec of the NHS between 1986-89 – whilst the paedophiles and their mates in the NHS ran riot. Including Dafydd, Higson etc. Peach was originally seconded to the Dept of Health in 1995 to join the NHS Management Board established by Norman Fowler, as Director of Personnel to the Board. In 1992 Peach was appointed Chair of the Police Complaints Authority. Which certainly explains a great deal.

            Between 1999-05 it was Baroness Rennie Fitchie. Rennie was President of the Pennell Institute for Women’s Health in Later Life. In the 1970s she pioneered the training of women and was a bigwig at the Equal Opportunities Commission. Rennie later became Chair of the 2gether NHS Foundation Trust in Gloucestershire and in 2012 was appointed Chancellor of Gloucester University.

            Dame Janet Gaymer was responsible for paedophiles’ friends appointments between 2006-10. Gaymer was an international employment lawyer.

            The current Commissioner is Peter Riddell, the former Assistant Editor of The Times.

            I’m thinking of establishing a ‘Fuckwits of the Century’ award…

          4. Someone else who knows a great deal more than he’s ever let on – and is hoping to be the next First Minister as well – Ken Skates, AM for Clwyd South.

            Ken was born in Wrexham, went to school in Mold, then onto Cambridge to read social and political sciences. After that he became a journalist on the Wrexham based paper The Leader, having done his NVQ in journalism at Yale College Wrexham. Ken also worked freelance for the Daily Express, as well as being the office manager for Mark Tami, the MP for Alyn and Deeside. Tami took over that constituency from the paedophiles’ friend Lord Barry Jones (featured previously on this blog). Tami was National Head of Policy at AMICUS and is a former member of the TUC General Council – so he was involved with those unions who fought for the rights of and supported abusive staff… Tami was one of those named and shamed in the MPs expenses scandal.

            So Ken, having hailed from the town that was the centre of the action in the biggest child abuse scandal in UK history, who is well-networked among the councillors and others who colluded with it and who worked on the newspapers who all knew about it but never reported the truth, will know a great deal about the paedophiles’ friends and the associated abuses of mental health patients.

            Ken gave a media interview at one point explaining that he thought that he’d never get promotion in politics. Why? Because in 2010 Ken, along with a few others in the Assembly, ‘spoke out’ about having mental health problems! Has Ken suffered from severe and enduring mental illness of the sort that put him out of action for years and rendered him vulnerable to abuse from appalling people employed in the welfare services? No. Ken suffered from a touch of anxiety – which he was happy to explain was a result of being a poor little Welsh waif going to Cambridge and being overwhelmed at having to wear a gown and drink wine. Ken – with his 4 As at A level, having been identified at school as being a high flyer – Ken who was reading social and political sciences! Er no – I do not think that Ken would have been over-awed. Ken would have been aware of the social differences between him and some other students, but he’d have taken the view that all the bright state school kids of his generation took who got into Oxbridge ie. I’m here because I am genuinely clever, unlike these public school dickwits who are here as a result of social advantage. Ken made his mental health confession at a time when politicians fessing up to mental health problems gained a great deal of kudos. Which was probably why he did it. I wrote to the politicians who took part in those speeches to thank them for their honesty but to remind them of the abuse that mental health patients who are not politicians were receiving from the mental health services in north Wales. I received a lovely reply from Eluned Parrott. Ken did not respond.

            So there’s a paedophiles’ friend aiming for Carwyn’s job. It just never fucking stops does it.

          5. An old friend of this blog Arfon Jones, North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, has been interviewed by the Daily Post Online regarding his enthusiasm for the notion of a shooting gallery in Wrexham, where addicts can inject their drugs in peace. Arfon states that north Wales has lost the war on drugs (well that’s what happens when you give someone like Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and the paedophiles’ friends at CAIS the ‘contract’ for substance misuse services). Arfon mentioned that he travelled abroad on a fact-finding mission with Ron Hogg, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Durham. Ron too is keen on the idea of shooting galleries and heroin supplied by the state.

            Ron Hogg studied politics at the University of York (1970-73), was a school teacher between 1973-78 and for 18 months was the branch President of the NAS (later the NAS/UWT). He then spent 30 years in the police force, joining Northumbria Police in 1978, where he was responsible for the east end of Newcastle until 1981. Ron then transferred to the Northamptonshire Police where he achieved the rank of Chief Inspector. In 1992 he was appointed Superintendent with the Northumbria Police. He remained with Northumbria Police until 1998 and during that time did a stint as Area Commander and two years with Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, inspecting forces such as the West Midlands. In 1998 Ron was appointed Assistant Chief Constable with Durham Constabulary, where his duties included responsibility for the security of Sedgefield, Tony Blair’s constituency. In 2003 Ron became Deputy Chief Constable with Cleveland police. Ron retired from the police in 2008. He was elected the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner for Durham in 2012.

            Arfon Jones was the junior police officer who chauffeured North Wales police officer Gordon Anglesea to the locations where Anglesea abused boys in care. Anglesea went to prison for sexually abusing boys in care last year. Anglesea was a regular visitor to Bryn Estyn at Wrexham in the 70s and 80s and was repeatedly named by former residents at Bryn Estyn as the man who abused them. Anglesea reached the rank of superintendent. The head of Bryn Estyn from 1973 onwards was Matt Arnold who had previously worked at an approved school in Gateshead. Shortly after Arnold was appointed head of Bryn Estyn, he was joined by his colleague from Gateshead Peter Howarth. Howarth was named repeatedly as being one of the staff who sexually abused boys at Bryn Estyn – Howarth later went to prison for this and like Anglesea died in prison. There were also a number of child sexual abuse scandals in Durham, one of which involved a Labour party worker from Blair’s constituency.

            In 1997 Operation Lancet began investigating allegations against Cleveland Police that drugs were being traded for confessions and that prisoners were assaulted.

            Arfon Jones’s Deputy Commissioner for North Wales, Ann Griffiths, worked as a social worker for Gwynedd Social Services whilst a paedophile ring operated within the social services in north Wales. The director of Gwynedd Social Services at the time was Lucille Hughes, who was named in the Waterhouse Report as knowing that the paedophile ring existed but did not act. Lucille is the former mistress of Dafydd Alun Jones and sits on the Board of CAIS. During the course of the police investigation into the paedophile ring operating in Clwyd children’s homes, Ann Griffiths was appointed to run the Helpline established to ‘support’ witnesses who had been abused in care. The Helpline was supervised by one of the social workers from Clwyd Social Services who had been responsible for child protection whilst the paedophiles had operated in Clwyd children’s homes, including Bryn Estyn. At least one witness ‘supported’ by the Helpline was found dead.

            Further details of connections between North Wales Police and other forces as well as HMIC can be found in my post ‘Top Of The Cops’. Further details of the structure and individuals that allowed paedophiles to run riot in Clwyd children’s homes, the limitations of the police investigation into it all and the joke that was the ‘Helpline’ for the victims of the paedophiles can be read in my post ‘It’s A Piece Of Cake’.

            One of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones’s colleagues at the North Wales Hospital, Dr Neil Davies, previously worked in Newcastle. As did Prof Bob Woods who for many years led the clinical psychology training in north Wales.

          6. Another person who knew a great deal more than they ever spoke about in public – Tom Middlehurst.

            Tom Middlehurst was born in Omskirk, Lancashire and for many years worked as an engineer for the National Coal Board. Between 1971-99, Middlehurst was a local gov’t officer for Flintshire and Clwyd County Councils – so he was there throughout the Paedophile Years. He was a Councillor for Alyn and Deeside District Council, 1986-95; Chair of the Housing Committee, Clwyd County Council,1993-95 and Chair of the Personnel Committee and leader of Flintshire County Council, 1995-99. Middlehurst was Chair of the WLGA, 1997-99.

            Upon the formation of the National Assembly for Wales in 1999, Middlehurst was elected Labour AM for Alyn and Deeside, a seat that he retained until 2003. Under Alun Michael as First Minister – a previous star of this blog – Tom was Minister for Post-16 Education and Training. Middlehurst was also a member of the Welsh Economic Forum.

            Tom has gone down in history as being the person who ‘fought hard to save Theatre Clwyd’ when it was threatened with closure in the mid-90s. The story behind this will soon to be told on this blog…

          7. More sinners:

            Steve Thomas, Chief Exec, WLGA – one of the signatures on the reports reassuring us all that everything was great in NHS Wales as patients were maimed and killed. Steve has been Chief Exec of WGLA since 2003. Prior to joining WLGA Steve occupied senior positions in Caerphilly County Borough Council, 1991-2000.

            Today BBC News Wales reports that a long running dispute involving senior officers with Caerphilly Council has already cost millions and pay-offs for the officers involved are to be negotiated because of the cost of continuing with the investigation. The dispute began in 2012 when it was alleged that the senior officers awarded themselves huge pay rises at a time of a pay-freeze in the Council. The officers involved have been suspended on full pay since 2013. The police launched a criminal investigation but this was stopped in 2015.

            Yesterday Steve Thomas appeared in the Senedd discussing the cuts in council services to the public that will have to be made as a result of The Cuts.

            Whilst researching Steve and his former colleagues in Caerphilly, I came across another interesting biography – that of Carol Lamyman, Director of the Board of Community Health Councils in Wales. Regular readers will have read previous posts and comments on this blog concerning the cronyism and ineffectiveness endemic in the CHCs, as well as their habit of ignoring serious complaints about the NHS. Carol is the mummy of them all:

            Carol was previously the Chief Exec at Carmarthenshire Council – that Council has been at the centre of numerous problems and scandals. Prior to that, Carol was Head of Service Development at NHS Direct Wales. For the majority of the 1990s, Carol was responsible for NSPCC development, in particular national campaigns in Wales, ‘working to instigate innovative services’. So that’s why the children’s services in Wales are famously shite and in the 90s why so many of them had been infiltrated by paedophiles.

            The NSPCC were implicated in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal – yet the NSPCC also ran the Helpline that was provided for witnesses at one of the police inquiries into the same scandal in the early 90s. Jimmy Savile was a ‘supporter’ of the NSPCC. The NSPCC were also implicated in some of the high profile child abuse scandals in England, including at least one death.

          8. More evidence of ‘no problem’:

            BBC News Wales online is reporting that Age Cymru have told BBC Radio Wales that many older carers in Wales don’t have their ‘core needs’ met or receive required assessments. It has been mentioned that the new Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014 is intended to transform the way that social services work in Wales. Meirion Hughes of Age Cymru told the BBC that they are constantly hearing from older people who are finding it difficult to access social care. Meirion states that this is a ‘wake up call’ to the Welsh Gov’t.

            So who are Age Cymru? They were formed in 2009 from a merger between Age Concern Cymru and Help the Aged.

            The Chair is Dr Bernadette Fuge. Dr Fuge was born and bred in Flintshire, trained at the Welsh National School of Medicine in Cardiff, then worked as a community paediatrician and Cardiff GP before joining the Welsh Office in 1990. After devolution, Dr Fuge was Principal Medical Officer; Head of NHS Quality; the first Medical Director of Wales in the National Assembly.

            So Dr Fuge has been among the paedophiles’ friends from her earliest days and made her career with them.

            Fuge was also a Trustee of Age UK and Chair of the Dementia Supportive Communities expert group in the Ageing Well in Wales programme.

            Other Trustees of Age Cymru include:

            Meirion Hughes. Meirion spent thirty years working for Denbighshire County Council – which had the most serious problem with the paedophile gang and abuse of mental health patients, including the elderly ones. Between 1996-2002 Meirion was Director of Social Services and the Deputy/Acting Chief Exec of Denbighshire County Council – he wasn’t just making the tea there. He retired in 2002 and then became Chair of the Denbighshire Local Health Board until 2007. Meirion was also Chair of the Welsh NHS Confederation, a Trustee of the UK wide NHS Confederation, a member of the Welsh Assembly Review of Vulnerable Children in 2006. He Chaired the project Board to establish the Hywel Dda NHS Trust in 2008. Meirion was a member of the Independent Review Panel of Continuing Health Care which reported to the Welsh Assembly Gov’t Ministers in 2009. Between 2012-15 Meirion was the Independent Chair of the Public Consultation Meetings convened by the Betsi Health Board. The meetings that none of the general public knew were happening, but which ‘professionals’ and representatives of the ‘Third sector’ all knew about, so they turned up. These meetings were deemed necessary after the local NHS had gone tits up after Meirion and his mates had seriously mismanaged it for three decades. More recently Meirion has been the Independent Chair for the Public Consultations with Denbighshire County Council’s Social Services regarding the delivery of in house Adult Social Care.
            Meirion lives in Denbighshire! He speaks Welsh. Unfortunately he also speaks the language of social care, of ‘sign posting’, of ‘needs assessments’, of ‘services’, a language completely unintelligible to most people needing the ‘services’ whether their first language is Welsh or English. No wonder the poor buggers can’t ask for what they need, they’re probably requesting a home help three days a week but they’ve got to deal with Meirion and co – the ‘service users’ won’t even make it past the first phone call. But then if Meirion spoke a language that the clients and patients understood his failings would be even more evident.

            Sian Callaghan. She’s from Cardiff and has worked for the parent company of British Gas; has been a senior civil servant in the Office of National Statistics; is a former Committee Member of Shelter Cymru and a Cardiff based housing association. Sian is also a Committee Member for the Big Lottery Fund and sits on the UK funding committee.

            Pam Dodd. In 1994 was appointed Director of Fundraising and Marketing for Ty Hafan, the children’s hospice in Wales. Pam was or is the Wales National Director at the Institute of Fundraising Cymru.

            Peter J.W. Hamilton. Had a career in the RAF, then in the financial services in London. Peter is Head of Fundraising and Strategic Planning at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

            Hugh Irwin. Hugh is from N Ireland, moved to Wales in 1994 and trained as a social worker. He has worked in the health/social care/supported housing sectors. He currently heads up the specialist housing and support arm of the United Welsh Housing Association. Hugh has experience of working with disabled adults, people with mental health problems, substance dependencies and homeless people. He has written and presented evidence for the Welsh Gov’t re the care and accommodation needs of older people.

            Lyn James. He is a former accountant. He has formerly been: Treasurer of the South Wales Police Authority; County Treasurer of Mid-Glamorgan County Council; Dep County Treasurer of Avon County Council; Dep Chief Exec of the Bridgend Unitary Authority. Lyn is currently the Treasurer of Age Cymru.

            Keith Jones. From south east Wales. Keith is the former CEO of a charity supporting older people; former non-executive director in NHS England; the Trustee of two charities in Wales.

            Desmond Perkins. Former Chair of Newydd Housing Association. Des was a member of the Vale of Glamorgan Community Health Council for eight years and Chair for two. He was also the Chair of the Welsh Association of CHCs. Des is a supporter of Dinas Powys Voluntary Concern.

            Hilary Wiseman. Hilary was Head of Diversity UK and Europe for HSBC Bank plc. She established her own management consultancy, sits as a JP and is a former Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Naval Reserve. Hilary lives in Mold – the hub of the paedophiles’ friends.

            The BBC New Wales item certainly is a wake up call to the Welsh Gov’t – Carwyn needs to ignore this bloody lot and sack their mates who are still in paid positions as soon as poss. As for the Social Services and Well-Being Act – of course it won’t improve the way that the social services work. It will have neglect, abuse and fuckwittery built into it because it will have written by the Janes and the Lesleys and the Drakefords after extensive consultations with the paedophiles’ friends. You might as well scrap it now Carwyn.

            BBC News Wales is also running another rather worrying item. 18 year old Conor Dillow-Parlour from Denbighshire is proudly announcing that today he is competing in a beauty pageant – Mr Worldwide in Blackpool no less. Conor has been told by other people how ‘glamorous’ the ‘community’ of male beauty pageants is. 18 months ago Conor entered his first beauty contest and was crowned Mr Worldwide Denbighshire. Conor explains that to get ready for Blackpool he’s got to get busy on his tan, his nails etc. He mentions that under 16s are not allowed to wear make-up. BBC News Wales has provided a photo of Conor in his sleeveless gown.

            Conor’s rationale for participating in beauty pageants is that at school he was verbally, physically and cyber-bullied for being gay, but that doing this has made him feel so much better about himself. He maintains that the pageants are about ‘confidence, fashion, charity work and attitude’.

            Conor won’t remember this, but in the 70s young women were encouraged to go in for this sort of thing and they all used to claim that it was about travel and charity work. They paraded up and down in gowns and swimming costumes whilst a lecherous old man read out their ‘vital statistics’ ie. size of their boobs. The competitions were organised by someone called I think Eric Morley who also had investments in, basically, sleaze. Women like me – but a bit older than I was at the time – found it so fucking offensive that they held public protests and eventually the mainstream TV channels stopped screening these ‘beauty pageants’. Some of the tales that the ‘girls’ who competed in these monstrous competitions told afterwards pivoted around sleazy old men trying to coerce them to have sex with them – rather than pursuing them for the purposes of travel and charity work.

            Such pageants have made a comeback and are now packaged as sources of ’empowerment’ and ‘self-esteem’. Er – Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment in Parliament anyone??

            I quite understand that Conor may well have been given a very bad time by narrow minded bigots, but I doubt that this is the answer.

            Surely someone apart from myself must feel profoundly uncomfortable about these cattle markets being held for teenaged boys in Denbighshire – the centre of a paedophile ring that targeted teenaged boys for decades?

            Conor states that he is using his pageants to raise money for Wrexham Maelor Hospital. Wrexham Maelor is managed by the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. The Chair of that Board is Dr Peter Higson. Who previously managed the North Wales Hospital Denbigh – whose staff concealed the paedophile ring which targeted teenaged boys.

            One doesn’t have to be Richard Littlejohn to find this all deeply unsavoury.

  8. Indeed it is incredibly unsavoury Sally. As was Gough’s comment on the Today programme this a.m. He described being interviewed by the massively over paid John Humphreys as akin to being in Harvey W’s bedroom. Revolting chortles from Humphreys and back up comment to support Gough’s from the ignorant twonk mentioned before on your blog, Neil Kinnock. There is a story breaking over the past few days about sleaze in parliament – shocked reactions and mock outrage including sadly from Jezza – it is already known and been widely reported that young men and women have been subjected to sexual harassment and bullying. Who will be chosen as the fall guy for all of them this time ?- doubt they will all be named and shamed.

    1. Yes I heard Gove and Kinnock this morning – WHY is Kinnock given slots on prime time??? He’s treated like a sage by the media rather than an utter incompetent lining his own pocket. As promised there will be a post about the whole Kinnock clan soon, but it’s in a queue of a few other things that I’m currently following up.

      I find it very worrying that the possible sexploitation of distressed people – male, female or transgender – is currently being tarted up as ’empowerment’.

      I too am waiting for the Parliamentary revelations! Of course people have known about the sexual harassment and bullying in Parliament for ages – Nigel Evans even stood trial after extended bouts of getting bladdered and groping, but walked away from Court hailed as a hero. I suspect that we will all be given the names of a few well known sleaze bags, but I’ll be very interested to see WHO names them. What’s the betting that it will be the self-styled defenders of wimmin, many of whom will have previously colluded with the most appalling abuse of vulnerable people/psych patients/kids in care etc? No doubt Jess Phillips and Yvette Cooper will get in there. If this was going on in the Senedd it would be Jane Hutt and Lesley Griffiths who’d be making noises of outrage – and Mark Drakeford would come out in solidarity with them! I’m waiting to see who pops up with revelations from the House and then I’ll be blogging…

      1. Lydia –
        The BBC are threatening to name n shame their own sexual harassers at any minute. I presume that the Professional Northerner Michael Parkinson will be top of the list. ‘Parky’ was leching for Britain over decades – he even leched during his televised ‘interview’ with a young Helen Mirren in which he did nothing but talk about her boobs.

          1. The Strong Women who’ve come forward so far – Betty Williams and a woman from Radio 5 Live – have stressed that they dealt with the perverts/gropers at the time, they weren’t going to put up with that. So why are they bothering to tell us all about it now, why didn’t they say something years ago – this is not a new debate – and why are they refusing to name the perverts/gropers if they think it was such a major crime?

            Radio 4 has been blasting about it all day. This morning on the Today programme there were a trio of dipsticks interviewed – one of which was Ann Robinson. I can’t stand Ann Robinson myself, the Queen of Mean shrivelled away into nothing the night that her then boss Cap’n Bob disappeared overboard and she rushed into the Mirror building too frightened to make comment to the reporters outside. She re-emerged as a Strong Woman once again as soon as the old bastard’s body was dredged up and she could be assured that he wasn’t coming back – although neither were the billions missing from the Mirror pension funds. Since then Annie has made regular appearances on TV insulting Welsh people. However she almost spoke sense this morning when she pointed out that these are adult women MPs and Ministers we are talking about, they are not teenagers, they are supposed to be running the country.

            What Annie did not expand upon is how fucking opportunistic all this is. I have absolutely every sympathy with women who really are in vulnerable positions who are harassed or coerced into sex, but these are hard as nails, ruthless, sharp elbowed women who will do ANYTHING to climb that greasy pole in politics – and for a lot of them that includes getting bladdered with rather silly old men who like spending time with younger women because it makes them feel a bit better about themselves. The example given in one interview this morning was of a woman who was boozing in a crowd who found a hand on her bum. It was broad daylight, it was a drinking social situation and everyone was fully clothed. OK it was a hand on a bum – but actually what you do is remove that hand or remove your bum away from the hand in question. It is not acceptable for the hand to be placed on the bum without permission I agree but it is not rape and it is far, far less than most everyday women have to put up with. These whingers in Parliament are the same people who are watching disabled people become destitute as a result of ‘benefit reforms’ – and some of them are voting for those reforms – and they are the same people who are receiving desperate e mails in their in boxes from constituents who’s lives have been RUINED by state agencies like the NHS that no longer function. And they are doing sod all. Instead they are relating their own traumas and asking us to feel sorry for them. I know that I’m sounding a bit like Clare Fox here, but the reason that I am so angry is that these dim, spoiled, over-indulged people are for the most part doing so little to help the constituents who really are suffering.

        1. The first one out of the traps to accuse a Tory MP of sexually harassing her is – Betty Williams, former much despised MP for Conwy.

          Betty had me thrown out of Tesco in Bangor whilst she was canvassing in a General Election – because I tried to talk to her about the abuse of mental health patients at the Hergest Unit.
          Betty also ignored a letter from at least one other Hergest patient who had been mistreated by staff there.
          Betty Williams knows exactly how shite health and social care is in north Wales because her own son is learning disabled and had suffered as a result of shite ‘services’ himself. Betty did eventually speak out about this but it took her many, many years.
          Betty Williams lived near Caernarfon – Caernarfon was the HQ of Gwynedd County Council and Gwynedd Social Services, who for years had a paedophile ring operating within them.
          Betty Williams was a Councillor for years before she became an MP.
          As for being sexually harassed – for many years Betty conducted an extra-marital affair with a local man who lived in Gwynedd. I knew a student at Bangor University who as a schoolboy of 15 was friends with one of Betty’s own teenaged children who told me that Betty used to regularly send he and his friend out to buy condoms for her no less.

          North Wales heaves with first hand accounts of Betty’s rudeness, her incompetence and selfishness – and her wilfully ignoring the horror of what was happening to vulnerable people at the hands of the NHS and social services. People who invited Betty to charity functions or opening nights swore blind that they would never invite her back again. The best anecdote that I heard was from someone who had invited Betty to meet some guests from the Far East. One of the guests’ was called Friday (that was his forename). Betty repeatedly called him ‘Gwener’. Gwener is Welsh for Friday. Betty – it is not protecting the Welsh language to translate someone’s fucking name against their wishes. Would you expect me to call someone named Bronwen ‘white breast’?

          Betty’s mug shot appears in my post ‘The Gallery’. Or it did the last time that I looked – I note that two of the other mug shots which I put up there, those of Hywel Williams MP and Prof Mark Williams, the man behind the research fraud that is ‘mindfulness based cognitive therapy’ have disappeared. I wonder if I’ve been hacked again, as I was when I wrote that post about the BMA which disappeared and was replaced by a link to porn…

          Any other politicians who have ignored abuse of mental health patients and/or a paedophile ring want to come forward and name themselves as Victims? Any other well-paid influential people in Westminster who are regularly given a chance on prime time BBC to air their ill-thought out views wish to come forward as Victims?

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