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  1. With regard to the journos who are now asking to meet me re making TV programmes, writing articles etc:

    I’m not being rude, but I am not giving interviews or meeting any of you. This is not because I’m A Woman In Pain Who Needs To Share, it is because for over twenty years I and others screamed as loudly as we could that we were being killed. You all knew what was happening and not one of you wanted to know. None of you. All there was were yet more TV programmes in Wales about Dr DA and his wonderful work or another lame Guardian article about Peter Beresford and Service User Empowerment.

    So I’m putting it all up on the blog. There is more to come.

    Every journo who ever pretended that they wanted to run a story asked me not to be too critical about the NHS. Kirsty Hemming wanted me to smear Merfyn. When I refused to, filming was cancelled.

    Neither am I giving documents to journos, absolutely not. The documents are here with me, but on previous occasions when vampires disguised as Friends asked to see my documents or took copies of them I found that they had been used to gain that person promotion at work or other personal benefit or that they had been given to a politician who used the info for their own ends.

    Miranda! Uncle Harry’s nephew! Dylan Jones Evans!

    By the way, do any readers know if that incident a few years ago in which Special Branch swooped on The Guardian and took a hammer to their IT hardware in front of traumatised Guardian head honchos was related to my case? It happened after John McTernan’s brother-in-law made off with my computer and I know that other people accessed my computers and copied e mails and documents. I hope that Cherie and her mates enjoyed reading all the e mails that Brown and I wrote to each other about life at Bangor and DMU, the gwerin, the fuckwittery, the dirt that we had on politicians and celebs, hilarious.

    And you journos pretend that you want a scoop now?? Ha ha, er, might a few people just be a little worried that I’m now going to name everyone who was involved in killing patients in their efforts to shaft Merfyn???

    OOH out of your depth now gwerin!!! Ewe know it was only one who died ooh yes only one ewe know ooh no we don’t know anything about child abuse.. ooh have another slice of bara brith Cledwyn…

    You bunch of fucking hypocrites, you raped children, filmed them having sex with animals and then killed innocent people because Merfyn Had To Go. As for Merfyn’s friend the Philanderer, oh please, whatever the Philanderer did he won’t have been dressed up in a baby doll nightie with nae panties being spanked by a dominatrix at a sex party with 13 year old boys present.

    Brown and me just pissed ourselves after I was told by one member of the gwerin that they would never forgive Merfyn because the father of one of his friends broke a strike 60 years ago and one day they would deal with Merfyn and ‘throw it in his face’. Tears were rolling down our cheeks, Brown was saying ‘how does she think that she can embarrass Merfyn like that???’ I suggested that she could storm a graduation ceremony with the Killer Allegations and Brown said that after the cabaret he’d take the pork pies and sandwiches round to the audience.

    I’d have forgiven this fuckwittery but her not very bright ruthless son then used work plagiarised from me to bag himself a job and then bagged a permanent job on the scheme for reserved lecturing jobs for Welsh language speakers under the Welsh medium virtual Coleg, the Principal of which was, er, Merfyn! Ooh can we have a job please Merfyn? Then we’ll return to kicking you in the teeth again…And we hate all your friends as well, especially that Philanderer. Now if you’ll excuse me, the donkey needs oiling and Dr DA’s coming over with the video camera and some kids in care later on today.

    Talking to journos at this stage would be like talking to the police. Forget it, I’m not going to. You didn’t want us and you didn’t care about what happened to us, that was made quite clear. You wanted articles about Ed and his romancing about Uncle Harry. And now you’ve got the big wally. If you want a change you can always publish an article about the husband of the PM of Denmark. Or Jess of Yardley and NHS Management Consultancy.

    1. Martin Jones spent time as an NHS manager in the region run by the lethal Sir David Nicholson, who presided over the mid-Staffs disaster and enjoyed full protection from Miranda.

      Martin then returned to N Wales where things unravelled on his watch. Then Merfyn was appointed Chair of the new Health Board. There was a conspiracy to let patients die to force Merfyn out. Martin was Director of Workforce and he really hated Merfyn. What was David Nicholson good at? Er presiding over masses of patient deaths and blaming other people. While Miranda protected him.

      Martin also worked as an NHS manager in Coventry during the years that he was away from north Wales. Colin Berry who concealed Dafydd’s crimes was a Top Doctor in Coventry.

      Estelle Morris the Education Sec when the Dept of Education declared me too dangerous to teach and relied on people who perjured themselves to prove it worked for nearly 20 yrs as a teacher in a comp in Coventry. Estelle was also a Councillor in Warwickshire. Which is where Colin Berry’s partner-in-crime, Dafydd’s mate, Robert Bluglass lives and went to school.

      When the knives were out for me in 2001-03, Estelle’s dad and uncle were alive and Labour big wigs on the former turf of Tony Francis.

      Looks like a conspiracy to me Estelle! Particularly if one throws in a School of Education at Bangor University choc full of former teachers who were colleagues of a paedophile gang, with one lecturer married to a big wig in Gwnedd County Council and the Dean who was at Trinity College Cambridge when Carlo was there being tutored by Mr Tory Party Rab Butler and the joint was swinging with an elite paedophile/trafficking ring.

      Throw in the Headmaster of a small private school in Bangor who’s dad was a Top Doctor from Rampton Hospital who was being threatened by parents of pupils who were being abused – parents who were working as social workers and Top Doctors in a gang of paedophiles…

      Looks like the shit bomb is exploding gwerin… Any of you fancy emigrating now before I blog full details???

      Before you go just make a statement to the police re the people who killed those patients and blamed it on Merfyn…

      1. Just to make things really difficult for Merfyn when he was VC of Bangor University, the University Head of PR had previously worked for the North West Wales NHS Trust. He was an utter twat, very obviously couldn’t do his job and was consistently hostile to the academics.

        I only saw him liven up on one occasion. It was at a rock concert and the Super Furries were playing. The twat was there with his pint and could not contain his excitement at seeing the Super Furries. The Super Furries which are led by Gruff Rhys, who’s dad was Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council while the paedophile ring were busy in the Council’s children’s homes. The twat will have known exactly who Gruff’s dad was and it will have simply made the twat an even bigger admirer.

        God, these people really need a kicking. The misery and suffering that they have caused…

        1. Another Point of Rebellion re the paedophiles’ friends employed by the NHS in north Wales when Merfyn became the Chairman of the Betsi Board was over the tyrant Merfyn wanting the Angels and healthcare assistants to wear uniforms according to their seniority as well as ID badges.

          Oh the traumas that caused. That bastard doesn’t understand that if we wear uniforms it will be Rigid and Patients Will Not Share.

          Er, no. I and other Hergest patients knew exactly why the caring sharing Angels refused to wear uniforms and ID badges. It was because when they swore at or assaulted patients – which was very much more common than was admitted – the patients had no idea who they were or what their job was. Healthcare assistant? Angel? Senior Angel? Angel’s manager? No-one had any idea and thus a complaint could not be made without the patient being accused of making the whole incident up.

          It happened again and again. An unidentified person in casual clothes abusing a patient. The patient would ask who they were. A screech: ‘I’m a Nurse’. I saw at least four violent healthcare assistants squawk that they were a Nurse at the people whom they had abused. If the patients were lucky they’d be given the criminal’s first name but no other info would be forthcoming.

          There was another reason for the Great Rebellion as well. When Martin Jones was CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust, he was breaking the law constantly in terms of running wards with NO qualified Angel on duty. Some of us twigged as to this practice which was yet another reason for Martin to declare war on us. There were whole shifts on wards in Ysbyty Gwynedd where everyone was a healthcare assistant, everyone. Totally illegal and a practice that Martin will have learnt at the knee of Sir David Nicholson when Martin was an NHS manager with the butchers of the midlands.

          The ‘Nurses’ in Hergest refused to wear the uniforms when requested by Merfyn and did ludicrous things with their name badges, like stick them in their pockets or around their waists. When Merfyn insisted that uniforms must be worn, the abusive Angels of Hergest prepared a petition and ORDERED the patients whom they were terrorising to sign it, stating that as patients we Feel Happier with staff who are not in uniforms.

          Where else but in the NHS could anyone behave like this? Girls on Tesco tills refusing to wear their uniforms and IDs so that they could give a customer a slap and not be identified??? It would be instant dismissal.

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